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I J kb? S., x .742 cf' CL., 1956 Eder Gzmmunify .S,cAoo! 3540, .yffinoia m ,am Jh,A,S1A.,J.!6fA CLASSES I4 ACTIVITIES L46 SPORTSL 60 SOCIAL LIFE I 74 ADVERTISING 85 ADMINISTRATION K WM UM, 'bbw jaalancl jancied XVc-'re intent on fun from the tips of our loafcrs or bobby-socks to our pony tails or stubby crew cuts. We're even mysterious. NVQ- have a lingo all our own which covers everything from tlises to dates. Our jeans, moccasins, splfishy shirts, antl hoopsskirts may seem impractical, our dict of hamburgers, potato chips, antl eokes may seem impossible, our itleas of fun may seem improbable, but we wouldnt he normal healthy American kitls minus our high school fads and fancies. ,J Y of Little . it e Dates, dreams, courtesy af' One coke, two straws for and .1 Y A NNW Nu Hot, hep, jivey, the Fisher way. 840 jeafaarea Wea: cgdeas EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Ruth Sampson Dave Gossard Ronnie Camden TYPISTS PHOTOGRAPHERS ARTISTS Thelma Teuscher Coena Blair Dan Cullen Elizabeth Teuscher Lester Hadler Linda Nelson SPORTS EDITORS REPORTERS Curtis Brock Katy Furtney Kent Hauersperger Donna Wilner J LQL'-Q.:---lgl In appreciation, we, the Class of 1956, dedicate The Echo to Mr. Moyer, who we think has given special attention to our class. During our senior year he has been our chief class advisor. We have taken our problems to him, and he has always been ready to aid us in every possible way. Through his help and assistance we bring you readers this year's Echo. g Mr. Moyer, this is yours for the sincerity with which you have served Fisher High School during the past six yC31'Si:" For your guidance and thoughtfulness we gratefully say, "Thank You." I ft 9 2 I I 3 1 J . gl ig ,egg Iv . .. Y , 'X 5 s X25 Z :sv f .M . W W , - A .K-,.gw,. Ngmfrrsvvra-1, ,uf K . . ,Q .1-.W ' 'M' 2.4 K. ,KM ...,. , s-new Another day dawns on our campus, and with it comes a renewed effort to uphold the tra- ditions of the past and build an even Stronger school in the future As time goes by as days add up to weeks and as weeks add up to months, we have been mak- ing Fisher High School what it is. One of the goals of the Echo staff is to record through pictures and wri- ting some of the intangible aspects that have formed the real character of our schoolg the work, the fun, the problems, wr the excitement, and the friendships Superinfen Jenf asgneakd jf: enzbm VIVIAN INGOLD, Secretary. To The Seniors: It has been a pleasure to work with the members of the Class of 1956. We of the faculty trust that you have enjoyed your four years at Fisher High School. Your teachers have done their best to help each one of you to obtain the skills, knowledge, and social graces, so necessary in our modern society. We congratulate you on your ,MGM accomplishments. 6 I , 'eel 4 ,, N ,W E .ft Ml" Dex f ,- rincqna I Ofkrs on 9:-a fu Azfiona To The Seniors: Congratulations! Another major goal is accomplished. Each of you, as graduating seniors, undoubtedly feels most enthusiastic about receiving your diploma. No more high school. This is a natural and normal feeling. As time goes by and as you set your sight on more lofty goals, l hope that you will return to Fisher High for help and guidance at any time you feel we may be able to offer it. Time will also lend credence to the oft heard saying that high school days are the best days of one's life. It is also my hope that you will cherish them in the sense of their value to you to the degree that you will lend your efforts as alumni to make each succeeding senior class just a little better-equipped to meet and master the intricacies of life. My best wishes to each of you. 'Ofwsno 6 imc iN.?,iwt,6!!w! 7 DOROTHY XVELBORN, Setrelary. A: . K .Mg ja cu hy JAMES E. McNAMARA University of Illinois - M. ED. Principal - Social Sladies In his first year as principal of our high school Mr. McNamara has made an excellent beginning in directing the affairs of Fisher High School. ARDEN L. CRAWFORD Eureka College - A.B. Social Studies - Physical Education A real gentleman in the class room and on the athletic field, Mt. Crawford has won the esteem of the student body. ,7eacAer5 5,700 Cgnifklfiue . T. CARROLL MOYER Goshen College - B.A. English - Spanirh Always willing to help, Mr. Moyer is un- doubtedly one of the student's favorite teachers. LUCILLE B. CURRAN University of Colorado - B.A, Englifla - lournalixm Mrs. Curran's interest in journalism has given the students an insight into the vast field of journalism. 61 C ll A g VERNON S. ROCKE University of Illinois - M.S. Superintendent - Nathemarirr Mr. Rocke's patience and understanding have been very valuable in his capacity as superintendent i 'fda of our school. IVAN STEARNS University of Illinois - M.S. Science -- Matlaematiar Mr. Stearns complete interest in the scientific field has made him an invaluable teacher. - .Z4S0afCA 301' .KIOMIEJW - ,.- 1 Q 'ew 2 I we- 1 'E MARJORIE ORR University of Illinois - B.S. Commerce Besides being a co-operative commerce teacher, Mrs. Orr has been a great help to treasurers of organizations, by serving as Activity Fund Treasurer. MARY JANE HINNERS Southern Illinois University - M.S. Home Econofzzicf Mrs. I-Iinner's great knowledge in home eco- nomics has taught her students to realize the value of successful homemaking. a C ll g CLARE S. MACKEY University of Illinois - M.S. Vocal Music To arouse interest in the field of vocal music has been the goal of Mrs. Mackey. JAMES R. ROBERTS University of Illinois - M.S. Instrumental Music Mr. Roberts has instilled enthusiasm in band students that should pay off great dividends in the coming years. . .24 madire 0 mr Di EDWIN W. SAUER University of Illinois -- B.S. Agriculture - Science In his well-equipped Ag department Mr. Sauer gives valuable training to those boys interested in an agricultural vocation. CHARLES DICKISON Bradley University - B.S. lnduririul Art: - Mufhemalicr His patience and eagerness to help others have made Mr. Dickison a well-liked teacher. f:1.....A, DOROTHY B. SHORT Western Illinois College - B.S. Physical Education A teacher who is interested in numerous school activities, Mrs. Shorts enthusiasm is reflect- ed in her students. WILLIAM KOPP Valparaiso University -A.B. Football Coach A sports enthusiast, Mr. Kopp's knowledge and natural skill are of great value in his coaching duties air ay GEORGE W. STANBERY Carnegie Institute of Technology - M.L.S. Director of Library Mr. Stanberys fine organization in the newly- organized library has proven to be worthwhile for all students. ELLEN ZUMW ALT MacMurray College -- . . Art Mrs. Zumwalts understanding with her students has made her a top teacher during her first year of teaching at Fisher High. .S1AoofZZJaro!.7acLA'.4 noghzms Pictured in a regular monthy meeting are: Mr. Liestman. Mr. Cox, Mr. Sepp, Mr. Guynn, Mr. Camden, Superintendent Racke. Mr. Springer, Mr. Zook. Qbev, :lifflalgfr ....,. f n" ' X elf- The Board of Education, representing the people of our school district, is comprised of seven men, who willingly give their time and talents to cope with the major pro- blems of running our school system satisfactorily. It is their duty to determine the policies and procedures of management of our unit schools. With Mr. Camden serving as president of the Board of Education during the school year, the members have strived to improve our school system so that each child may have the best possible opportunity for a good basic education. 12 .S7faW.S7erue5 .S7cAoo K CUSTODI ANS Lurhcr Barrett and Chester Warrenburg. rf"!I"""1!k ...--J--v 4 ' 'F " 13 BUS DRIVERS Earl Hcwcnlinc, Dun Fairfield, Clarcncc Ralph, Ralph Kesler. Mcrlc Slu-ppurrl, :lml Bob Hedrick. vnu., C,AlflTTI?RlA LADIITS Mrs. Wilsrvrm, Mrs. Zwk, Mrx. Alrlync, Mrs Rankin, aml Mrs. Duvall. I wx B E 5 v.,v'l".1't 'ie . , if' ... , ' Nwgut, 4' t y 3'-W As time passed on, we students learned to know each other quite well. We discovered that the typical student had many friends, was active in numerous activities, did well in most of his classes, was loyal to his school and is sure to do as well in the vocation of his choice as he has done here at Fisher High School, Gener- ally good -natured, fun-loving, quick to laugh and quick to com- plainl-that sums up the average Fisher student. We shall never forget our hap- py associations with our fellow- students during the year, 1956. CLASS OFFICERS: Linda Nelson, Student Council Repre.ger1lati1'e.' Dave Gossard, Vire-Prerident: Gary Craven, Reporter: Everett Heiser, Preridentx Ruth Sampson, Secretary: Katy Furtney, Treat- urer. .9nfro :lu cing me Sen iorfi As we entered the door of Fisher High School at the beginning of this year, it was difficult for us to realize that this was "the begirzrzirzg of lbe emi of our high .rcbool career." We had entered this same door, several years ago, as typical "green frerlomerzf' As time passed by, we matured-physically, mentally, and socially. And now. as we are about to close the chapter of our life entitled "High School Duyrf' we find ourselves far different young people as a result of our school experiences. In the following informal pictures of the seniors, we have depicted a typical day in the life of a high school student from the time he crawls out of bed in the morning until the time he sneaks into his room at night. I6 COEN A BLOSSOM BLAIR "Blot" Coena's talents in home economics have won her many honors and awards. Clan Secretary 2: Girlr' Chorus I, 2, 3, Prexident 2. Secretary 3: Mixed Chorur 1, 2, 3. -l: G'.A.A. I, 2. 3, 4. Prerident 4: F.H.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary -l,' Student Coinzril 3,' Stunt Show 1, 2,' Operetta 2, 4: Pep Club 4.' Yearbook Staff 4: junior Play 3: Senior Play 4,' Angler Staff 2. 3,' Librarian 2. 5. 4 'b ' t, L -. ,Mi.k,y,t al' 1 " , In . XV? l Q EUGENE BOYD HDDCJI With His natural wit and acting ability, Doc contributed greatly to the success of our senior play, "Girl Crazy." Barketball 1,' Football 3, 4: Induktrial Artf Club 3. 4,' Stunt Night If junior Play 3,' Senior Play 4. 17 CURTIS BROCK "Curt" Curtis' skill in farm knowledge and mechanics was recognized when he was selected as District winner of the FFA Mechanics Award. Clan Vice-Prefident 2,' F.F.A. I, 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 2,' Basketball I, 2, 3, 4,' Track 4,' Mixed Cborux I. 2. 3, 4, Treaxurer 4: Operetta 2. -45 Imluxtrial Art! Club 3, 4,' Senior Play 4,' Yearbook Staff 4. 401 SRM! RAKES -f-'N RONALD CAMDEN rrwebbu Throughout Ronnie's four years of high school he has shown outstanding leadership ability, earning the coveted S.A.R. award. Clair l'r'e5izlw1f 2. if Spauiib Club 2, 3. Preiizlent 35 F.F,fl. 1, 2, 3, 4, Trean- urer 4: Baxkeilmll I. 2. if Alixecl Cborzn If Stun! lvlghl 1, 2,' Football 3, 4l.' L0llL'7'Ill:lIl'.l' Club 5, -l. Seweffzry JV: Track 2. 3. J: Student Council 4, Prefl- rlwll Yearlmok Slalf 4: Senior Play 4: S.fl,R. fizrarzl' 4. 18 . e . xmmnaw GARY R. CRAVEN HG1'd1!yH Serving as student director of both our junior and senior plays, Gary's wonderful assistance helped to make them both a big success. Clan Rcporlcf' -if Slim! Night I, 25 Mixed Clmmy 2: 3. 4: Editor of Angler 4: junior Playa 3: Senior Play 4. w tai ! DANIEL P. CULLEN ffDdnH Wfhen Dan transferred from LaRose High School during his junior year, our class gained a "topnotch" artist. Baxkelball 3. 4: Football -1: Senior Play 4: Iridiutriul Arty Club 4: Yearbook Staff Artixl 4, I9 the future. K af" 4 JAMES DIXON HJ im" Jim's interest in mechanics should help him become a success in Mixed Cborur 2,' Track 2,' lndurtrial Am Club 4, Secretary 4: Senior Play 4, KATHERINE ARLENE FURTNEY rrKatyH As cheerleader, Katy has contributed pep and enthusiasm to the team's spirit for the past four years. Clan Trearurer 45 Girlr' Cborur I. 2. 3, Reporter 2,' Mixed Cborur 1, 2, 3. Trearurer 3,' F.H,A. 1, 2, 3,' G.A.A. I. 2, 3,' Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Slum' Night 1, 2,' Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4,' Operetta 2,' Student Librarian 2, 3,' Homecoming Queen 4,' Pep Club 41 Angler Staff 31 junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Yearbook Staff 4. 20 'Ula DAVID LEE GOSSARD "Dave" Everyone will remember Dave for his outstanding ability in sports, music, and in the many other school activities in which he has participated. Clan Prerident I,' Lettermank Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Reporter 3,' Barketball 1, 2, 3, 4,' Football 1, 2, 3, 4,' Track I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Cborux I, 2,' Operetta 2,' Stunt Night I: junior Play 3: Yearbook Staff Arrislanl Editor 4. LESTER I-IADLER "Butch" A wonderful dancer, Butch is always a favorite dance partner with the girls. Band 1, 2, 3, 4,' Mixed Cham: I, 2, 3, 4, Preridenl 4: Operetta 2, 4,' F.F.A. 1: junior Play 3,' Yearbook Staff 4. 21 KENT HAUERSPERGER "Hambone" Kent's repertoire of fitting jokes and his dry sense of humor have kept all the seniors wondering what to expect next. Football Manager 1, 2,' Track I ,' Leltermank Club 2, 3. 4,' Induftrial Educa- tion Club 3, 4,' Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4.' Yearbook Staff 4: Stun! Night 1, 2,' Mixed Cboru: 1. xx mv..- EL , I EVERETT LEE HEISER "Deacon" Everett came through his senior year to become one of Fisher's best all-around athletes. Clan l're.rider11 45 Claw Vice-Prefidenl 2: Le1lerman'J Club 3. 4, Prexident 4,' Student Council 3. 4. Tvearurer 4: Barketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 4,' Track 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. I. 2, 3. 4: Indurtrial Art: Club 3. 4: junior Play 3: Senior Play 4. 22 ,iallsailnva na emu-v fn- rw' i CHARLES HENNIGH "Charlie" A "brain" in geometry, Charles' geometry grades have been the envy of just about every struggling geometry student. ..,z':v-aj lr ' gi, ' KAREN KAY LIESTMAN ffTubH Karen is known by her schoolmates to be an active and enthusi- astic member of many extra-curricular activities. G,A.A. I, 2, 3, -7. Treamrcr I".H.A, I, 2. 3. -J: Band I, 2. 3. -if .llixwl Cborui I, 2. 3. 4: Sllfderlf Crmmtil 3. SC'l'fC'ft17'-1' 4: Girly' Cl707'll,F I, .?.' Slim! Club 4. 23 Niglof I. 2: Uperella 2. -if Ilwliur Plan 3: Sblliflf Wm -if I.i1m1rir1r1 3, if PUD RICHARD MARTIN frRicbll Richard's friendly personality and winning smile made him one of the most "easy-going" fellows in our class. Track 2, 3, 4,' Football 3, 4,' Baxhetball 2,' Stunt Night 2,' Lettermanir Club 3, 4: Senior Play 4,' lndurtrial Art: Club 3, 4. LINDA LEE NELSON ffTilU Linda's many accomplishments were climaxed by her receiving the leading role in "Girl Crazy" and being chosen Valedictorian of our class. Clary Secretary-Treayurer If Clan Treaxurer 2, 3,' Clan Student Council Rep- refentative 4," Girlx' Choruf I, 2, 3, President 1, Secretary 2, Reporter 3,' Mixed Charm I, 2, 3,' Operetta 2,' F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Reporter 2,' G.A.A.,1, 2, 3,' Angler Staff 2, 3,' junior Play 3,' Pep Club 4,' Yearbook Staff 4,' Senior Play 4 ,' Valedictorian 4. 24 RUTH ELLEN SAMPSON fIRufuJI! Ruth's eagerness and very hard work as our yearbook editor has won her top rating on our list. Clan Serretary 4: F.H.A. 2: Girlr' Chorur I. 2,' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2: Operelta 2: Stunt Night 2,' junior Play 3,' Librarian 3,' Angler Staff 2, Editor 2: Pep Club 4,' Track Queen 4: Yearbook Staff Editor 4,' Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. JUNE STAPPENBECK lr-Iunyu A friend to one and all, june was selected as the most courteous girl of her class. F.H.A. 1, 2. 3, 4,' Band I.' Girlr' Cborux 2,' Mixed Cborur 2. 3. 4: Operetta 2,' Senior Play 4. 25 - mm if ELIZABETH ANN TEUSCHER "Liz" Elizabeth's talent at the piano has been ably displayed as pianist for the operetta and Mixed Chorus, and she has been most helpful as accompanist for many vocal contestants. Clan Student Council Repreterllalive 2,' Clan Reporter 3,' Clan Secretary 3. Girlr' Cborux I, 2, 3,' Mixed Cborui I, 2, 3. 4. Reporter I, Treaxurer 2, Sec- retary 3, Siudent Council 4: Operetla 2. 4: junior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Yearbook Staff 4,' Pep Club 4. .2 THELMA MARIE TEUSCHER "Tweet" Thelma's pleasant personality and qualities of good citizenship were responsible for her being given the D.A.R. award. Girls' Cborux I, 2, 3,' Mixed Cborut I, 2, 3, 4,' Operelta-2, 4,' Spanifb Club I,' Slum Sbou' 2,' Srudent Council 2, 3,' Librarian 3: junior Play 3,' Senior Play 4,' Yearbook Staff 4,' Pep Club 4,' D.A.R. 4,' Salutatorian 4. 26 EUGENE WHEELER "Wheel" Bubbling over with fun and enthusiasm "Wheel" will long be remembered by all of his classmates. Clan Vice-Prexident I,' Barhethall 1, 2, 3, 4,' Trash 1, 2: Football 2, 3, 4,' In- durtrial Arif Club 3. 4: Lettermanlf Club 3, 4. 3: Senior Play 4: Student Council Vice-Prefidenr 4. Vice Preridenl 4,' Junior Play JI' 1 vf DONNA MARIE WILNER flD0nU Donna was a great asset to the success of both the junior and senior play. Mixed Chorux I, 2. 3, 4,' Girlr' Chorus 1, 2,' Slunz Night I: Operetla 2: Junior Play 3: Pep Club 4: Senior Play -if Yearbook Staff 4. 27 1 I DARRELL WILSON "Willie" Darre1l's ability and excellence in football were proven when he was elected captain of the '55 football team. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4,' Track 2,' Stunt Night If Lettermank Club 2, 3, 4,' Junior Play 3,' Senior Play 4: Student Council 3, 4: lnduxtrial Art: Club 3, 4. CLASS FLOWER - CARNATION. CLASS COLORS-BLUE AND WHITE. CLASS MOTTO-LOOK FORWARD WITH HOPE FOR TOMORROW. 28 CLASS OFFICERS: Shirley Roberts, Vice-Pretizlenl: Ruth Emerson, Treaturer: Marilyn Bernett, Reporzerf James Horsch, Pretidenlg Pat Cullen, Secretary: Eugene Banner, Student Council Rep- rexenmtire. ,9nfrocJucin9 me yuniors "Look Out! Here come the jolly j1miorf!" For some reason high school juniors have always been known as a "jolly gang" and our class has more than lived up to its name. But don't get the wrong ideag we have our serious moments, too. Our year, filled with many wonderful experiences, will long live in our memories. We will never forget the fun we had in practicing and staging our junior play. Planning the prom and acting as host to the senior class at that event was the other high-spot of our year. 29 BARBARA ALBIN SHIRLEY ALBRECHT EUGENE BANNER MARILYN BERNETT DAVID BRUNS LINDA CLAUDIN unior5 kk what , m ADW PAT CULLEN SHIRLEY DIXON BILL DUKE RUTH EMERSON JO ANN FINK LELAND GOOD we-":S"' 'H-.f Nw' I SANDRA LAMMLE SHIRLEY MARTIN DONNA MCCOY NEDRA MORGAN LINDA OSBORNE HAROLD QUINN MARY JOYCE HATTON CALLENE HICKS ROGER I-IIESER JAMES HORSCH DELMAR HUFF MARIS KNOX BETTY REINHART SHIRLEY ROBERTS ROBERT ROSENBECK JANICE STACEY LYLE WHEELER Sfage Sfru CL Ju n iors core u ccead The climax has passed and everyone relaxes as the curtain falls on our first dramatic production, "The Brain Storm." CLASS OFFICERS: Linda Bayler, Pferidentx Helen Kesler, Secretaryg Larry Lutz, Reporter: Merolcl Hinton, Trearurerg Damian Apke, Sludenl Council Reprerenlarivef Paul Bermingham CNot on picturej, Vice-Prexidenz. .Qlfroalucing jde Sopdomorea "Silly ropbomorer !" That's our title. But how could we have earned such a name? Oh, you do know us pretty well? Then I guess the answer is obvious. We sophomores entered Fisher High School this year with a more relaxed feeling than we had last year. We contributed our share to athletic teams and to all other extra-curricular activities. Numerous class projects have united our class and have given us the experience we will be able to use as we take our place among the leaders of our student body during the next two years. 33 DAMIAN APKE LINDA BAYLER ROBERT BEATTY PAUL BERMINGHAM ALVIN BODE DEAN CARMIEN 52pAomore5 34 MARY A. CENDER BETTY DEPAEPE PAUL DEPAEPE JUDY DRENNAN ' GAIL FAIRFIELD ROBERT FURTNE-Y Gila- ,Y WNW-4 JUDY HIESER MEROLD HINTON PHYLLIS HUFF CHARLES ISAACS HELEN KESLER NORMA KNELL DELMAR GOOD DAVID GRIFFET DELORAS GRIFFET A ,f,. V V14i 0 K Y E Q ' Q , JUDY GUYNN .A A MARY HANSENS STEVE HAUERSPERGER .SDOPAOIROPQJ 35 LARRY LUTZ JAMES MAY NORMA MCCLURE JOHN OYER KENNETH QUINN SHARON RANKIN Sopkomorea 36 REBECCA ROST VIRGINIA SCHABR RALPH SPECHT LILA SPRJNGER GUY STAPPENBECK VIRGINIA TATE J 5 A. if wwf lr tl Y . .fait NWN Q DOROTHY ZOOK 50,94 CAQEPLCI Jerri Spur edln , , GLEN TROTTER NANCY UNZICKER TOM UNZICKER ROBERT VIOODMANSEE JOHN DAVID ZEHR RONNY ZEHR Il Judy, Sharon, and Gail cheered our Fresh-Soph basketball team on to two tournament championships. ff .reefs CLASS OFFICERS: Darrell Oyer, Preridentf Norman Delaney, Vice-Prexident: Justine Derweiler, Reporter, Nelda Hicks, Treaxurerg John Teuscher, Secretaryy Patty Zook, Student Council Repre- Jentative. 4 v .ynfroalucing i .7Ae jreadmen I I We're called "Green Frerhmeny and that's exactly how we felt when we entered Fisher High School during that first week in September. We knew we had a lot to learn, but we did our best trying to adjust ourselves to our new surroundings. As the weeks went by, we felt more at ease and before long we knew we would like our surroundings for the next four years. We had heard many rumors about Initiation Day and, even though it proved to be fun, we were all glad after it had become history. 38 .2 . . . 1 1 kk E. 1 1' 1 Q, ,.:. , L - I If- A -f mf ,, Nz. xx A , R gfeif Linen ROBERT ALBIN DARRELL BAYLER RICHARD BEATTY DAVID BIRKEY RICHARD BIRKEY VIRGINIA BIRKEY GERALD BLAIR EDITH comw NADINE COTTERELL 5. 5' LYLE COX NORMAN DELANEY DONNA DEPAEPE 39 JUSTINE DETWEILER NANCY DIXON MARY EMERSON JERRY FERGUSON BELINDA FRANKLIN LINDA GILBERT jI'05Aln9ll Nm 40 LOREN GOOD KAREN GRIESER LOWELL I-IEISER NELDA HICKS JANE ANN HINNERS LANET HINTON JUNIOR MAYBERRY DARRELL OYER BUDDIE PHILLIPS GENE SEPP LANA SHAW BETTY SOMMER jl'25Aln0ll ROBERTA HOFFSTATTER BARTON HOLCOMB DAVID HUDSPATH MARY HUGHEY RAY JOHNSTON DEAN LINDEMAN H JOHN TEUSCHER BILLY WHITE LEON WILLIAMS ROY WOODMANSEE DANNY ZEHR SCOTT ZEI-IR i1w ' Xia Q: 3' ,,gf.,Q I 'lfrnv' iiwfmw ff PATTY zoox eaimen joy Schoofolw From the look on jerry's face, he must be eagerly "drinking in" the Wonderful tales of life at Fisher High, as told by Sharon, an experienced sophomore. Pondering over a physics pro- blem are Dave, Eugene, and jim. . D4 can v oo znnumvx ..,. .f ewan -mmm 1 - GOVERNM' 'GTS earn ing n E' un The goal of our English class is to learn how to speak and write correctly. Here Shirley, Linda, and Betty are studying words and their meanings. Dean and Edith are studying the organization of local governments in civics class. 43 MA mm Gene, Danny, and Lyle gain practical knowledge for their work on the farm in their agriculture class. Harold and Bob try to locate that "far-away place" they are studying about in history. Through practice and more practice Janice and Shirley gain speed in their fYPif18- Q n M 250019 "Y Cuando Llegue Em Presi- dente" is a mystery only Spanish students can solve. Virginia and Delores are interested in a Spanish magazine. 1 6 Y! 5 , I. Problems, problems, and more problems- Nedra, Delmar, and Callene seem to be quite involved in this geom- etry problem. Engaged in one of the many useful phases of home economics, Jane and Karen are learning how to use a sewing machine. ii -5535 Time passed rapidly our many campus organizations began their schedules of activities. Club meetings, band and chorus concerts, class plays, FHA Week, a minstrel show, an operetta, parties- these and numerous other activities kept our spare moments well occupied. Fisher students have always been known as happy, eager, and active teen- agers. In our classes we do our best, and in our campus activities we find a well- balanced program to fit the needs of every student. We have learned much through our campus activities-how to meet new situations, how to accept re- how to work with others Senior Lxdcfora preaenf Hgh! Gaz? , , In the gay setting of a Western Dude Ranch, the popular comedy "Girl Crazy" was acted out on the high school stage. Included in the play were many tense and humorous situations typical of western comedies. CAST OF CHARACTERS JAKE, a caretaker .,..,,.., ...A,uu D an Cullen DANNY CHURCHILL ,..- ff'Darrell Wilson LOUIE, Taxi driver ,,.,,, c.e. L ....a G ene Boyd CACTUS, A cowboy ..,,,,,,aa Kent Hauersperger LUCKY, A cowboy LL,. LLLLLLRichard Martin PETE, MexicanLLLLLL L. LLLLEugene Wheeler LANK, A killer LLLL LLL LL LLLEverett Heiser MOLLY, postmixtrexsn LLLLLL... -L.LLLinda Nelson VACATIONERS AT THE RANCH: TESSLLLLL LLLL LLLLLLLLL LL LLLDonna Wilner ROSE ..,. .L L LLL Katy Furtney BETTYL -L L LLLLKaren Liestman JAN ETL L L L LLLLLL L.Coena Blair LAURA L LL L L L Ljune Stappenbeck SALLY LLLL L LL L L L L LLL LThelma Teuscher BABSLLL L L L L LL L LLLL LLLL E lizabeth Teuscher SAM MASON, playboy LLLL L LL L ,Ronnie Camden EAGLEROCK, an Indian- LLLLLL LLL L LCurt Brock LIEUTENANT CADDIGANL LL L L Ljirn Dixon Directed by Mrs. Curran and Mr. Moyer. 48 Lin S MMORETTE . ti Shi da Claudm an 50 . nt rlCY Marti EGJIJ 615 ear Q Q H Q Preyident Eugene Banner Vice-Prefidem Maris Knox Serremry Coena Blair Trearurer , , David Bruns Council Reprerematire john Oyer The whistle blows, the baton is raised, and drums give the clownbeat. We pre- sent the Fisher High School Band with Mr. Roberts as its able conductor. The band provided music at football and basketball games, gave several public concerts, and participated in an assembly program. In the District Contest held at Arcola on April 7 the band climaxed its year by receiving a rating of excellent, P U0 N,,,N-.Nw CHEERLEADERS PEP CLUB The varsity cheerleaders, Norma Mc- Clure, Helen Kesler, Linda Bayler, and Katy Furtney, with the backing of Fishers most loyal fans, the Pep Club, were the sparks that kindled victory in many instances this year. With their enthusiastic backing, Fisher athletes te- ceived an added impetus to "play out their hearts" for their Alma Mater. may WSF' MIXED CHORUS The night of April 10 brought a climax to our year's activities with the presentation of the operetta, "An Old Kentucky Garden." Romance, comedy, mystery, festivity-all were found in this operetta based on the life of Stephen Foster and containing many of his well-loved songs. 6Aoruaea reaenf . Prerident ....n n,.. Le ster Hadler Vice-Pfwiden! , . ,..--,James Horsch Seffefdfy vf.... ,,.. K aren Liestman Tfmwef -gg - -t . ..t. Curtis Brock Reiwflef ---------.Y ,.... E ugene Banner Council Repreremazive .n ,-,- Elizabeth Teuscher , , 1 ,L 'u M nn- uenon iaa, migos Members of the Spanish Circle include: F1-mn Ron-, Mr. Moyer, Spm1,mr.' Gail Fairfield Helen Kesler, Paul Bermingham, Virginia Tate, Delmar Good. Sammi Rout Judy Hieser Mans Knox Ruth Emerson, Ronnie Camden, Ray Johnston, Eugene Banner, John Uyer. Delores Griffet Marilyn Bernett. President Vice-Rrerident , Secretary Trearu fer Reporter , Student Counfif Reprcrenlatiz 'e Delmar Good , David Bruns , , Virginia Tate ,Paul Bermingham ,Helen Kesler Gail Fairfield Club meetings were held every month, during which plans were made for our numerous projects. Sponsoring a Homecoming Queen candidate, making our float enjoying a Spanish Christmas fiesta, taking a club trip to Chicago, practicing and pre senting "The Sbowboat Mi1z.rzrel"-all of these activities helped unite us Spanish students into a literal 'SPANISH CIRCLE' laanbd pergrmj 6 ssdowgoaf mn5fref, , Guy minsrrel melodies :md dance rou- tines filled the gym on the evening of February 25, when the Spanish Circle performed "The Showbont Minstrel." Included in the program were many favorite minstrel songs sung by the chorus with organ accompaniment by Eugene Banner. SHOV BOAT CDE 1- 4' --in -wg-vY4i.." gf -.-Y-H -Q., Side-splitting skits interspersed the musical numbers. Adding real spice to the show were the antics of Fstupitlo, the educated horse. mm, .MWM e 55 3. gnjoya any .fdcfiuifiea F.F.A. Members - From Row: E. Banner, G. Trotter, R. Beatty, D. Zehr, D. Birkey, R. Beatty, G. Sepp, C. Brock, S. Zehr. Second Row: Mr. Sauer, Spomorf J. Oyer, R. Zehr, N. Delaney, J. Teuscher, M. Hinton, L. Heiser, B. Holcomb, G. Stappenbeck, H. Quinn, K. Quinn. Third Row: R. Rosenbeck, D. Carmien, B. Furtney, P. Bermingham, D. Griffer, C. Isaacs, E. Heiser, J. Horsch, R. Camden, D. Good, L. Good, J. Zehr. Fourth Row: D. Lindeman, J. Blair, R. Woodmansee, A. Bode, L. Cox, L. Good. President ..... ,..., J arnes Horsch Vice-Prerident --- du.. Curtis Brock Secretary .... .... E ugene Banner Trearurer cc- ..... Ronnie Camden Reporter ...,., ,L .... Robert Rosenbeck Council Representative- ,..... -James Horsch Highlighting our year's activities was the annual Father-Son Banquet with its sumptuous meal and interesting program. Prior to this, during the year, the FFA sponsored and participated in many other events. Throughout the year numerous field trips were taken to see various projects and get up-to-date information on agri- culture techniques. Included in these projects were judging contests and livestock shows. 56 3. .NGJ Kahne? Gal' 1 ,,t,iQi flflikef its t r ,. QXXBY sf :Ar Jflhiii rl If F.H.A. Members: Front Row, H. Kesler, J. Stappenbeck, C. Blair, R. Emerson, L. Osborne, C. Hicks, M. Cender, K. Liestman, S. Rankin, V. Tate, J. Drennan. Second Row: M. Hughey, B. Sommer, S. Lammle, B. Albin, M. Hansens, B. DePaepe, 1. Guynn, P. Cullen, M. Bernetr, J. Fink, S. Roberts, Mrs. Hinners, Spomor. Third Row: B. Franklin, L. Gilbert, N. Cotterell, M. Emerson, E. Coffin, J. Hinners, L. Hinton, P. Zook, J. Detweiler, G. Fairfield, N. Morgan, D. Zook, L. Bayler. Prerident ,.... .. - A - Linda Osborne Vice-Prexident Y - c - - -Callene Hicks Secretary L... ..,, M ary Cender Treasurer - .... Ruth Emerson Reporter - ...Y .- ..,,. -. - ,L,, Justine Derweiler Council Reprerentative- - - , - - - Marilyn Bernett With the "FHA Rare Bowl" being our theme, we enjoyed another active year filled with interesting and varied activities. Each month featured an outstanding event with some of the activities including a chicken barbecue open to the public, a Mother- Daughter Tea, a Family Night featuring a por-luck supper and program, and a Christmas party with gift exchange. The most important week in our year's activities was FHA Week during which time FHA girls showed in different ways what it means to be a member of The Future Homemakers of America. 57 l .yncluafriaf H X giclucafion 0 5 05 l-.e Cums , Bill Du' ' Dan U. VC!! nmf' lames Dliifl' Hauefgfiiiitlmansec' A V . SP0 ' ' jet, . MY. Dggkgltkxn Everetnlfiellxavberwx ROY ROHM A X D ' hymn 4 1 . bers include Griilei- Rlihailjle Whecxeri . 1" Lllubkmggrreu Vlxgtgzxep Secogivlioi BYOC , ne Gene 0 k. Exme Lutz, i n. Qfuxrti Unzlclief, Larry O Praridenl . , , , , Gene Boyd Vit'G-PVCHIIEIII , , Darrell Wilson Secretary james Dixon Tr8dJI1r'0r' HLarfy Lutz Refwrler Kent Hauersperger Cnlnzrif RL'f77'L'J'L'PIfdffI'6' Darrell Wilson Composed of boys who are enrolled in the Industrial Arts Department, our club was made up of sixteen busy fellows. Our year's activities included planning and mak- ing a Homecoming float, taking field trips, enjoying several social affairs-a swimming party at the YMCA and a skating party co-sponsored by the GAA and our club. 58 LIBRARY AIDES KEEP 0 Yfwwatss11mmxma1ra ' f Q i award ou nci ace:i SCA00! progkms St'-lden t Katy F Gund' In me C ,Utpne embers Cf, J Y, Mr- are: F Emerohn OYCI, Sp Rocke, .Yponm mm Ron' E son' Paffy Z ud Apke. Ja rl 'yeffiui Verert Hfis l I rn ,. , er, , 0011, Marilyn B es Horsch, D 011, Lmda Ba I Eugene Wh emen, fifrell Wil Ver, Gail l eeler, RO , son, Eugen BFa1rfi5-ld El- Ume Camde 6 anner 1 lgabeth Il, f Linda Teusfh NCISQH h , Ruth LIBRARY IN ORDER Preridenz -,-, .,Ronnie Camden Vice-Preridenz .Eugene Wheeler Secretary Ka Furtney TY Treaxuref ,,Everett Heiser The Student Council, consisting of elected repre- sentatives from classes and organizations, serves as a clear- ing house for student body problems. Discussing and solving these problems as well as planning for the future is the task of the Student Council. The big project sponsored by our organization this year was the Homecoming Week activities. Several as- sembly programs were also sponsored by the council. 59 4 D 4 m 4 I Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher 13 7 19 6 19 12 13 7 Football Squad: Front Row, R. Johnston, J. Oyer, L. Lutz, B. Rosenbeck, D. Lindeman, G. Blair, J. May. Second Row: S. Zehr, G. Boyd, D. Bayler, L. Cox, D. Carmien, B. Albin, E. Wheeler, Mr. Kopp, Coach. Third Row: G. Stappenbeck, D. Griffer, M. Hinton, D. Gossard, E. Heiser, D. Wilson, R. Camden, R. Martin, D. Hudspath. THE SEASON'S RECORD SCORING SUMMARY Milford 33 Scorer: PAT TOTAL Farmer City 21 D. Gossard 4 70 Sr. Joseph 7 D. Wilson 0 12 Mahomet 19 R. Camden 0 6 LeRoy 26 B. Albin 0 6 Octavia 59 E. Heiser 1 1 Heyworth 25 D. Bayler 1 1 Saybrook 48 6 96 joofda ffseaaon When the Fisher football squad took the field against Milford on the evening of September 16, a new era in the history of football at Fisher High School was begun. Even though Fisher had become a 6-man football power-house in recent years, it was evident that the transition to 11-man football would necessitate a rebuilding program. Before the season started Coach Kopp predicted, "We have a lot to learn, and l've no idea how rapidly we'll catch on. I expect it will take a while to catch up with the teams which have been playing football for years. Teamwork is what we're working on this year." The first two defeats at the hands of Milford and Farmer City were obviously the result of inex- perience. Against Milford, lack of defense was the deciding factor. In the Farmer City tilt improve- ment in that department was seen as the Bunnies held the Farmers scoreless in the second half while scoring a touchdown. The season's lone varsity victory came in the third game as Fisher triumphed over St. joseph, 19-7, with Dave Gossard breaking loose time after time, accounting for Fisher's 19 points. The next two games were the most disappoint- ing ones to lose-the first to Mahomet and the second, a heartbreaking 26-19 defeat by LeRoy. Once again lack of defense was mainly responsible for defeat although in these games the boys began to pick up downfield blocks for the runners. Even though the final three games against the veteran Octavia, Heyworth, and Saybrook-Arrow- smith squads ended in defeats, the fighting Bunnies showed streaks of good, spirited play against their more powerful and experienced opponents. Playing outstanding football during their final year at F.H.S. were the following seniors: Dave Gossard, Darrell Wilson, Ronnie Camden, Gene Boyd, Eugene Wheeler, Richard Martin, and Everett Heiser. jQaflll'0.5 3000! WOFL Coach Kopp gives Captain Wilson instructions before game time. A bright spot in the picture was several vic- tories by the Freshman-Sophomore football team. Since a big majority of the players our for football this season were freshmen and sophomores, the prospects for the coming seasons appear to be brighter. Although the Won-Lost column was not im- pressive, our gridders can rightly feel proud of the courageous teamwork displayed during this rebuild- ing season. JP' ,, M .M Qi if 1 f as . iff' ll Qi! A 'JE Q K 'Q .1 if 25" '- L, :,. IA -:-.J w 1 v 1 A fe H 'ax ,H ,. A-' . ANN ,ff M M fmfi., - 'Q V A . f ina .gig Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Varsity Squad Members: Front Row, Mr. Crawford, Coacbf Jim Horsch, Darrell Wilson, Dan Cullen, Everett Heiser, Dave Gossard. Second Row: Curtis Brock, Bob Albin, Delmar Huff, Darrell Bayler, Lyle Wheeler, Eugene Wheeler, Dean Carmien. THE SEASON'S RECORD 54 68 47 70 67 66 64 61 62 60 48 69 71 71 57 51 71 84 67 67 44 73 80 67 77 43 Won 15 LeRoy ABL Octavia Piper City Mahomer Sr. Joseph Heyworth Deland-Weldon Unity Mansfield Rantoul LeRoy Homer University High Ogden St. joseph Homer Mahomet Saybrook Mansfield Farmer City Sr. Joseph Ogden Deland-Weldon University High Roberts-Thawville Los: 11 SCORING SUMMARY Searon'r Scorer: FG FT ,TOTAL D. Gossard 120 95 335 E. Heiser 114 78 306 J. Horsch 100 82 282 E. Wheeler 94 67 255 D Cullen 89 30 208 D. Carmien 45 24 114 D. Wilson 28 24 80 C. Brock 19 6 44 L. Wheeler 12 3 27 B. Albin 2 2 6 R. Camden 0 2 2 D. Huff 0 1 1 623 414 1660 Ewfefgaffdgquad jam The Fisher cagemen made their basketball de- but a successful outing by downing LeRoy, 54-43. In their opening tilt the Bunnies, playing under their new coach, Mr. Crawford, proved that their scrappy, determined play would afford tough opposition for all their foes. After defeats at the hands of ABL and Octavia, the Bunnies bounded back to trounce Piper City and Mahomet by wide margins with Coach Crawford using every player on his varsity team in these games. Fisher split the remaining four games before the Christmas vacation losing to St. Joseph and Deland-Weldon but topping Heyworth and Unity. The highlight of the season came in County Tournament play when the Bunnies advanced to the finals only to lose out to the St. joseph power- house. The first hurdle overcome by the Bunnies in their march to the County finals was Homer which succumbed, 71-49. The rejuvenated cagemen gave another stellar performance in routing Univer- sity High, 71-46. With their victory over Ogden came the final game of the tournament against highly-touted St. joseph. The Indians lived up to their class and downed Fisher, 71-51. The Bunnies, however, played excellent ball throughout the tour- nament and were proud with the second place trophy. Fisher's top performer in the tournament was Dave Gossard, who led the tourney's scorers with a total of 72 points in the four games. Dave's 35 points in the Homer victory was just 4 points shy of the Tournament record. Following tournament play the Bunnies con- tinued playing inspired basketball by topping Homer and Mahomet for the second time by huge scores. Fisher next faced four formidable foes losing to Say- brook, bouncing back to defeat a favored Mansfield team, and then losing to Farmer City and St. joseph again. The Mansfield fracas was an airtight thriller with Fisher squeezing through to a 67-63 win. The Bunnies showed real strength in their next three top-heavy victories over Ogden, Deland- Weldon, and University High. The cagers ended Coach Crawford their season by losing to Roberts-Thawville, one of East Central Illinois's top teams. The season featured real teamwork, as the scoring record indicates. Playing an important role in the respectable season's record of 15 victories against ll defeats were the six senior cagemen- Dave Gossard, Everett Heiser, Eugene Wheeler, Dan Cullen, Darrell Wilson, and Curtis Brock. With another year's experience, next year's team, headed by Jim Horsch, Dean Carmien, Lyle Wheeler, and other members of the tournament winning Fresh-Soph team, should be just as success- ful as its predecessors. DAN CULLEN EVERETT HEISER DELMAR HUFF CURTIS BROCK DEAN CARMIEN 68 olleffermen . FRESH - SOPH TEAM . Fresh-Soph Squad: Frrml Rout L. Cox, M. Hinton, B, Albin, Semin! Run: R. Johnston, j. Blair, D. Apke, L. Williams, B. White. After ren victories against ten defeats during the regular sea- son, the Fresh-Soph team caught fire mowing down all their rivals in two tournaments and copping both the Sangamon Valley Championship ancl the Illini Val- ley title. SAO w . . COPS CHAMPIONSHIPS and W, . Q ' 'SSS P. Bermingham, R. Zehr, VI. May, Baylor, N. Delaney. Second Rout Ilurlsparh, D. Oyer, J. Zehr, Mr. Ko Conch. Tournament Scores Snngamon Valley Fisher 53 Octavia Fisher 49 Mansfield Fisher 52 Farmer City Illini Valley Fisher 53 University High Fisher 68 Homer Fisher 54 ABI. D. D. PP' 46 47 43 40 42 48 DAVE GOSSARD LYLE WHEELIZR DARRELL XVILSON ,IIM HORSCH EUGENE VU H EELITR Y! - ,. ggi v ,ii Track Squad Members: Firyt Row, jim May, Robert Woodmansee, Ray Johnston, Bob Albin, Scott Zehr, Leon Williams, Buddie Phillips, Mr. Crawford, Coach. Second Row: Merold Hin- ton, Dean Carmien, Everett Heiser, Dave Gossard, Ronnie Camden, Richard Martin, Curtis Brock. TEAMS FISHER'S MEET PARTICIPATING POSITION Triangular at 3 2 University High Triangular at 5 2 LeRoy Illini Valley Meet at 6 2 Illini Field, Urbana County Track Meet at 7 4 Rantoul Sangamon Valley Meet 8 2 at LeRoy 70 The 1956 edition of Fisher's track team began its schedule by taking second place in two triangular meets. In the first meet Danville Schlarman edged Fisher 57-54 with University High coming in third. Everett Heiser was high scorer for Fisher in this meet winning 15 points. Fisher succumbed to Farmer City in the second meet with LeRoy placing third. In the two conference meets Fisher' copped sec- ond place with a fourth place showing in the County Meet. Everett Heiser excelled in hurdle events, Dave Gossard starred in short running events, and Ronnie Camden did outstanding work in the high jump. CMJCF- en mining? i Q?-if ..... r--Q ' HIGH JUMP Q HURDLES 880-YARD RELAY Showing their prowess in the various track and field events are Ronnie Camden, Jim May, Bob Albin, 'Everett Heiser, Dave Gossard, and Richard Martin. 71 SHOT - PUT 4 LETTERMENS CLUB Comprised of major letter winners as players or managers of football, basketball, or track, this year's Lertermen's Club included the following mem- bers-Front, Left to Right Eugene Wheeler, Eu- gene Banner, Ronnie Camden, Mr. Crawford, Spon- sor, Kent Hauersperger, Everett Heiser, Darrell Wilson, Richard Martin, Dave Gossard. Campus .x4fALf1k Organ izafiona GIRLS SHOW ATHLETIC PROWESS GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION F0110 OPM al' fl G.A.A. Members: Fr-on! Roni. L. Osborne, S. Roberts, K. Licstman, CI. Blair, L. Bayler, N. Unzicker. j. Guynn, J. Fink. Semud Roni: N. Cotterell, M. Hughey, I.. Shaw, M. Be-rnett, P. Cullen, 1. Drennan. H. Kesler, G. Fairfield, N. McClure, S. Rankin, S. Lummle. Third Razr: L. Gilbert, B. Franklin, L. Hinton, R. Hoffstatter, D. Grllfet. M. Hansens, I-. Clautlin, J. Stacey, B. Albin, Mrs. Short, Sponfor. Prexident - Vice-Pretident . Secretary .. . Trearurer . R eporzer . Counril Reprexeniatire . . . Coena Blair Linda Bayler Shirley Roberts Karen Liestman . JoAnn Fink Linda Bayler Swimming, skating, basketball, volleyball, softball, badminton, gymnastics-all of these are sports enjoyed by GAA girls this year. A highlight of our activities this spring was an overnight camping trip made by 17 members. A luncheon was held in May at which time GAA awards were given out. -did '7 .. .. im .4 1 We enjoyed some of our happiest hours during those unforgettable school social events. XVe eagerly planned for Homecoming, the Sweetheart Ball, the Prom- and before we knew it, the Commencement activities heralded the end of our school year. From all of these events we have stored away pleasant memo- ries which we will fondly recollect long after high school days have gone by. In every IC- spect this has been a full, memorable year. Wfe have learned many things, we have solved important problems, we have had fun, we have formed many friendships. An unforgettable Chapter in our memories will be FISHER HIGH SCHOOL-l956 f K V' , e Q 5 N . om ecoming jadfiuified Popularity campaigns for Queen candidates, clever posters, colorful floats, bonfire pep rally, snake dance, big football game-all of these led up to the exciting mo- ment Fisher students and alumni were anticipating during Homecoming Week from October 17 to October 21. The climax to this most festive week of the school year came at 11 o'clock on Friday evening, when Katy Furtney and Darrell Wilson were crowned Queen and King, in the gaily-decorated gym. Included in the Homecoming Court are: Top, Lefl to Right. Darrell Wil- son, Katy- Furtneyg Merold Hinton, Karen Liestman, David Griffet, Eliza- beth Teuscherg Dave Gossard, Shirley Robertsg Dan Cullen, Pat Culleng Ev- erett Heiser, Marilyn Bernettg Richard Martin, Linda Osborneg Ronnie Cam- den, Linda Clauding Gene Boyd, Norma McClureg jim May, Ruth Sampsong Eugene Wheeler, Linda Bayler. 77 'rn HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS will? omecomblg jzmfa X Gwwcl Lcd by flonrs carrying the band and football squad, rhc Homecoming parade wus 21 thrilling spectacle ro thc more rlmn 600 persons who saw ir. Picrurcrl below are four of the ten floats that parti- ciputcd. 5 QE .... s l 2 ll M rl ll l r Mixed Chorus Float 5 s 5 W I W G,A.A. Float , Dl.ll:.EN Sweefdmrf gafa .xdfgzir Our gym was transformed into a fairyland ballroom on February 18 as the FHA and FFA co-spon- sored the Sweetheart Ball. QUEEN LINDA OSBORNE MJ uw 1 ' I HONOR LINDA BAYLER HELEN KESLER U - Jo ANN PINK J' wk q 5 all ,X 'K During the three hours of danc- ing to the organ melodies of Eu- gene Banner, the King and Queen of the Ball were crowned. KING RONNI E CAMDEN COURT EVERETT HEISER CHARLES ISAACS PAUL BERMINGHAM E il- ,hui lf .. l'l' O ' v', ' ,. .---QTL..-O t.,.,.p,,-,: .x4,J' .f Zell. ,JJ Q .1o'f'."'iif40!" 0 -' .qp...,.. . '. -- -30 -o-1 - . if , S- AP. ' .x 'I 4 lu .'l " 'f .. rf-us'.0. prom . . The junior-Senior Prom was held in the Garden Room of the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel on May 18. The evenings enter- tainment centered around the theme of "Holiday Inn." . .. lf -I . "' TQPQ: Q! . ,- V .-' '. ,-n.'.f. . . . ' . w 5, Q K. A . V. 0 . NL.R'.b?6..a..'.6..! .4 1"'-,0 ' Tl r ig' ,0,, 5. fb' 'if' 0 Q . . . .x .. . . .. vit ul 5 e ' 4 0 ' f' " r Z qv, .--+:r.!' H , .asm - 1 o 'ion Y .','f".f ' t .- -"J ' '. C 0 Z- Q . Q I ' ' ' ' ' ' .nf 01.9.5 fgx,.'iFfr:l.0 4 . ,gf oo".-Rf. be -. nz: 1' j I . ' ' F l.: - 1 ' 1 4' l 'Ao In Q . "his Q , . , R' ,' 7- 560, T' S 1? ,rig-t',1Al.llV.2' k rf .Q ' Y MARILYN BERNETT-EVERETT HEISElg'f " " A n. l 1-vt s.:f?f' - Q- I, Q R me ' ....:3!Ia? ' .s.nLs. PM 5 Qwj asifa Q .05 t A"gg.g'Oi..,-A0 q.Qg..',dV: V Q Q ,503 stnslin .ug . . I . p -,ji . . . 3 ffl! n ' . 0 ,Q ' 0- 'H g .' 4 Q, 'qt .1 . QQ: I 0 Q'-E'-' ft ' t Q'-' Pfi L' ' I silo 0 . .5 V. n ' .8 -. 5 6 , 'K' F o Q si '.'.1', ,'..,y N' ' . . '? 's.o V of X ' . I , V 9 ' ' 'o U' 'v W- 'rg-r -:rtrA.vm-t . t ' .1 f. t.:"i 55 ith ,' 'A 4 A .L .L . ' O V. li ' 1 .0 ,u . -' '61 fu- - Q n e-v,':,1.-2.- it!-. ' 4 'wi . IA! CALLIZNE HICKS-DARRELL WILSON -.owvg-frf ' '-4:0701 lf?-fortlzt-',-T U lfqx'-' 80 -I . , .Inf -' H' 4 . '-r P Q. tl ., U ,', ' 1 1. it .ga c ' ea' . Q-14, 'pf QUEEN KATY FURTNEY . Mean .S?0Cl2'lf..!4Ctillitl0.5 After the banquet had been served, the group danced to the music of joe Huff- man's orchestra. Dan Cullen and Katy Furtney were voted King and Queen of the festive occasion. Twivuvnv- Vx il' il Q .v N. . - K -Q o 1 N.: s.n,p"" D . P K w bi' ' P af'- L,'- t.,.-4.-.y,?g9',i4. Z , , . . . , . 1 s KING ' DAN CULLEN C 54 I fx 'A Sk Zim 4 mmencement g o sf A n 'yi 'oh the traditional on May 31 to bring our high 15' 4 l X 44? 'wif f . W and Cir 82 Culnsranceu fwenry-three to an end. seniors I , 1' up the aifliev ' "' 4 walked Wm! gm hbn, K!! A ' w- "-fqf A. g"'--.Mr N ' I 5- E fi Thelma. Teuscher DAR Award i p, f -if z , Q .5 """ uf Lxx! M xc in 'lc x k MP - 'T L, 4, was wah mnled :mf ,swf -f ,wg W fx! Q A., 5,- wf - Fit . 5355? 1i'1,iaAff 'ls ,L H, 7- ,wwf A . ,Q- Q .fm If . ii fi-if I A S nf 1 5 V ik fx 490 2,1 AW Ski G' :S W if it X 5 A . :N 'fx at ,,i 045,15 4 Q v W. 3 -,W if ,P ,gssf AK 5 '5 A if ff WD ME S M , 3 .0 . few 3 r , Q It L axfffifk 'L X kL,g L,m.,, My Q wif' ,L m gs ww N 3 if P A wins ::5 ,,... ,g,. , VM VR? Mfmw .M If Ly! K , - K .,.' Q Av lfffk ,,pqm ,g ' t X , . . hi. g 'j' ' ' My ,Q Q -. Q K mi? 1 X1 MMM' W ,wmv ff' ,Q,Hx,, A M. QW my M ,six 5 Q . s Our town may not have a huge business section, but what we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality. The business establish- ments in the Fisher area as well as those in Champaign, Urbana, Rantoul, and Gibson City, and many other surrounding towns have always been most helpful in backing "The Echo" and other school projects. They have shown an interest in the wel- fare and the progress of our school system. For their thoughtfulness and aid in boosting this year's annual, the Yearbook Staff gives its sincere thanks to the businesses whose ads appear on the pages that follow .... THE MODERN FUEL WHEREVER You ARE" CENDER GAS COMPANY hx W w Bufane and Propane Gas Heating and Cooking - Tractor and Truck Conversion Route 47 - Phone 127 Gibson City, Illinois 86 DEWEY STATE BANK Complete Banking Service Member F D I C Dewey, Illinois ' fl I Elf 1? Ji ' v., P V . NN E 5 -H K HQ N. 4 ,R "BEST WIS!-IES FOR THE FUTURE" ROGERS CHEVROLET COMPKNY Rantoul, Illinois Compliments of Heiser 81, lngold Fisher, Illinois Economy Implements, Inc. Ford Tractors - Dearborn Equipment 'I307 E. University Avenue Urbana, Illinois fJW"'b iw COUNTRY CHARM DAIRY sAc:KETT's FURNITURE "Mi'eS F'eS"e"' Wk Phone 142 Gibson City, Illinois 'II9 E. University Avenue Phone 5216 Champaign, Illinois 88 Seo rs Roebuck 8x Compony D. W. RALPH AND SONS I Champaign, Illinois Qt, X51 fad BUDD'S CAFE Fountain - Grille - Lunches Downtown Fisher 89 Custom Butchering and Processing Phone 292 Fisher, lllinois .W Compliments of Illicano Construction Compony Urbana, Illinois AL DANIELS STUDIO First National Bank Member F.D.l.C. Rantoul, lllinois On U of I Campus 612 East Green Street a L. F. SWANSON AND SON Well Drilling Contractors Phone 330 Gibson City, lllinois 5 L Courkeou FISHER FARMERS' Grain and Coal Company Grains - Coal - Feeds - Seeds Phone 330 Fisher, Illinois ANDERSON 5 S ANDERSQN an toes D TEENS R ""f0-fl iii....,s I Cl 7725 f yankee! "Champaign's Friendly Bank" The First National Bank in Champaign Member F. .xxx Rantoul Motor Sales, Inc Your Friendly Chrysler - Plymouth Dealer 225 South Meyers Rantoul, Illinois ' 4' J J D"'C' Al ha Coal 81 M t ' l p a erla Co. 30 Main Street Champaign, Illinois 91 25 E. Springfield Champaign, Illinois LEO R GOSSARD Masonry Contractor Phone 190 p iments of 'Bloomington Stock Yards" KENNETT, MURRAY AND COMPANY W. Miller Street at G.M. and O. Bloomington, Illinois MP' W ebl 80 Kgxqfl THE COMMERCIAL BANK Of Champaign RALPH'S "lGA" MARKET Member F.D.I.C. Groceries and Meats Phone 360 Fisher, Illinois Champaign, Illinois 92 Springer Implement Co. Allis Chalmers Service Fisher, Illinois Qkff gf FOWLER STATE BANK We appreciate your patronage." Member of, F.D.l.C. Rontoul, Illinois 93 - Kindest Wishes To Our Friends In Fisher- JEFFERSON CAFETERIA Bloomington, Illinois MEADOW GQLD Milk - Ice Cream' - Butter Champaign, Illinois The Wings Restaurant Rantoul, Illinois Best Wishes From The Champaign National Bank THE LEROY STATE BANK Member F.D.l.C. Leroy, Illinois 'Xllwwbl Building Service Company Bellflower, Illinois Phone I or 4 94 I Stutzmon Buick 81 GMC Ossie's Bowling Lones F""'e' CNY' "'i""iS Lester ond Ruth Lommle Gibson City, Illinois Q 41 Q Whittaker Jewelrv 133 West Main entlond Donry Products Cox Gibson Stor-Light Roller Club Rantoul, Illinois West Side Cool ond Lumber Co. 'I'I'I'I W. Merkel' St. Young Motor Sales Bloomington, Illinois 214 S. Market Sf. """""' """"'S Rolston's 5c To Sl Store 95 LeRoy, Illinois Hugheys IGA Market S C ABBCTT 84 SONS Flo ers for all occas ons Champaign Illinois Complments of DR E E SMUCKER I Fisher, Illinois I 1 Dewey, Illinois w i I C I HULETT Rantoul, Illinois 9 Swcceecl o Noble Brothers Seeds Gibson City, Illinois Harshbarger Implement Co. Farm Implements and Supplies Urbana' Illmm Watches - Diamonds - Luggage Champaign, Illinois Litchfield Hardware Rantoul, Illinois 96 RANTOUL DRIVE-IN and HOME THEATERS Rontoul, Illinois 'Ta . If S. S. Kresges Company Bloomington, Illinois THE CENTURY CAFE T05 South Century Rantoul, Illinois A. ond M. Drive-In Gibson City, Illinois 6211, 404. H ' E " "2 Rontoul, Illinois Joseph Kuhn 81 Compony Men's, and Boys' Clothing Champaign, Illinois Home Furnishings - Clothing 97 Champaign, Illinois Gibson CIW, Illinois Johnson s Ace Horclwore s If s - LYLE SHEPPARD Ma athon Products W. B. Reod 81 Co. Bl mingt n lllin is I e ervice Downtown Rantoul I' Fisher, Illinois Urbono Furniture Co zo -ro w M s 8 . ain t. Urbana, Illinois rw C or U' 0 65 lie JAKE AND KATE'S CAFE AND TAP Gibson City, Illinois STAR CLEANERS 'S3,i?."2'i.3f"ii1E'L'.EL' o. c. wlms co. 15 Main Street Champaign, Illinois DR. L. O. SALE Fisher, Illinois 98 A D Huck Sfuehm oncl Son oslern Illinois Telephone C Royol Oil oncl Gos 326 S th Sa ga Ct III' H H Rantoul, Illinois Fisher, Illinois 1 ' Co. ou n mon Gibson i y, mois Jjqp N4 4, XZ? CJ a,.,fq PHILLIPS LIVESTOCK Colhoun s Dolry Service 614 S Sa ga Cty III S . .ii sr, . V. W if SH Ze .ff First Nofionol Bonk Paxton, Illinois Teppers Chino Slore N wi Hops Service Sfohon 99 F h Ill Urbana, Illinois I o 201 . a nut Champaign, Illinois ' I O . n mon Ave. Gibson i , inois I . . U is er, inois 0yer Trucking 'Service Fisher Illinois Lewis 8, Company Van's Insurance Agency Champaign's Leading Department Store 'I0'I N Church St Gibson Cnty Illinois First National Bank Gibson City, Illinois Fred L Kroner D D S 312 Illinois Bldg Orville s Please U Freeze Gibson City Illinois O I I O I Champaign, Illinois I own I owcllcl owl Bruehl Body Shop Gibson City, Illinois CLAY DOOLEY 210 W. Front St. I Bloomington, Illinois , Y "DADDY HAS IT!" THE REXALL STORE Fisher, Illinois KlNG'S KASTLE Rantoul, Illinois CompI'ments of G W Wlssmlller D C CZ I . . , . . Rantoul, Illinois Dona Hudelson, Inc. O QQ! 5 J "WK f People's Cafe Rantoul, Illinois WHITE LINE Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Fur Storage 723 S. Neil Sf. Champaign, Ill CompI'ments of THE HARRY GILL CO, Mobeoly 81 Klenner Store I Urbana, Illinois inois inois Bloomington, lll lOl Allied Gas Co. A" Ranloul Launclro-Malic E c WHILE-U-WAIT DR. SEYMOUR LANDA Champaign, Illinois Prod ucers Sloc kya rds of QW' 12 Ji' S- acl' Q Se W c., Maginn Office Equipment CO so s in s' in sf. 6 ou ix Champaign, Illinois I Henry Hager Lumber Co. Rosech-Zeller, Inc. Branch Office Fisher, Illinois Farmers Merchants Nahonal Bank Q Paxton, Illinois Gibson City, Illinois 102 Cozy Corner Cafe THE FISHER REPORTER Fisk" "'I"'is Fisher, Illinois WATERS 5C to Sl.00 Store NF' gnmmq Rantoul Illinois f ,fyour Hometown NewSIO6Perf, Rontoul, Illinois COmP'fmef1fS of vAN's suPPLY co 'AIN 'I w A ,. W if ii- w :F eozofl. 1 W - if ff C? Q! XSL 3.1 Higgins Moior Co. 116 w. sme sr. Pmon, nl. Barkers Borloer Shop DEKE BARKER Compliments of Eisimenger 84 Hinmon Gibson City, Illinois Co-Op Locker Service Fisher Illinois 103 l Q . I, X! U 'L .5 1 Fisher, Illinois Johnson Motor Service Gibson City Illinois Compliments of RANTOUL DRUGS Jomes T. Moore Fisher, Illinois Rantoul Illinois Teppers Hcirclwore Urbana Illinois You're Always Welcome At Gordin s Grocery Quality Food ancl Choice Meats Across from I C Depot LOTUS GRAIN AND COAL CO Lotus Illinois Fisher Lumber Compony Fisher, Illinois Arends ond Sons - John Deere Implements Gibson City, Illinois The First National Bank of Thomasboro, Illinois Reliable Furniture Co DR R D RANKIN cf J' 9,2 16,11 Champaign, Illinois Compliments of Gibson iy, Illinois Corn Belt Mills, Inc. Gibson City, Illinois :Qty Q64 O ig in 'gt Ben Overstreet and Son Paxton Illinois ' Springer Motor Sales Rantoul, Illinois JCNES .MOTOR SALES Gibson City, Illinois Dodge - Plymouth Dealers 105 SKOGMOS Gibson City, Illinois BLUM'S IRVL GOSSERS' 124-126'North.NeiI Champaign, llIInoIs Fisher, Illinois Oli's Shoe Store Paxton, Illinois SMHJOWH af OZJGLQ of we 0Zal'L5 ompliments of P LOISOII CI0lh'n9 C0 FAIRFIELD HARDWARE 8. ELECTRIC Cw Ill Fisher, Illinois Gibson Federal Savings BIRKEYIS and Loan Association "H'C' ' New 'def' Gibson csfy, Illinois F's"e" "'i"0iS 106 W-Q .., 4 ,A at ary: 1 I 'J 'a,?i,.lQq A' 4' A W, 'il , 1 1 4 Qs ,U v ,Muir , 3 sl R-v 1-if t .554 F., L A 'flag ' it Qiauhpnign 9, X Q, Fisher Y Q i Urlinu 'K M I' 1,1 wk' .V ii-flcroy as , ,. unroul wiv Gibson City Gibson City Gibson ibson, Ci!-yslg .xdufogi-alaA.4 108 340 jlltufe ECLOIL5 We have reached the end of our high school days, but we are going into the future with determination and with gratitude for the rich experiences that were ours at Fisher High School. We bid you welcome, future grads. Follow in the path we have taken. 109 Albin, Barbara - .......... 30 39 62 65 Albin, Robert ..,H... Apke, Damian - - - - - - - - Albrecht, Shirley - - - - - ------ 30 7 Ferguson, Jerry ,,e, 3 J 1 9 9 1 Banner, Eugene .... - 30, 43, 55, 56, 59, 72 Bayler, Darrell 3...Y3..eY3.. 39 Bayler, Linda .... 33, 34, 51, 57 Beatty, Richard .r............... Beatty, Robert 3,..e3, -. ..A.... - Bermingham, Paul ------- 34, 54 Bernett, Marilyn .,,, 29, 30, 49, 73, 77, 80 Birkey, David ---- ....,... --- Birkey, Richard ..3. . --- cc.. ---- Birkey, Virginia ..A...c,... Blair, Coena --- 2, 17, 46, 48, 52 Blair, Gerald - -, 3,.... --- 39, 42 Bode, Alvin --- - ,........ ------ Boyd, Gene A... ---- 17 48 58 Brock, Curtis .,r. 2, 48, 52, 68, 70, 91, 99 Bruns, David ------ - ...W - 14 Camden, Ronnie .,., 18, 48, 62, 64, 70, 71, 72, 79, 82, Carmien, Dean ,,.. -- 56 62 Cender, Mary -,. ,,,2 - Claudin, Linda --- 30 Coffin, Edith .....2.... Cotterell, Nadine ,,., Cox L le , y ..,. - ----- Craven, Gary ....,.. Crawford, Mr. Arden L. Cullen, Dan -- 2, 19, 81, 86 Cullen, Pat --------- Curran, Mrs. Lucille ,... . Delaney, Norman --- DePaepe, Betty --- DePaepe, Donna -- DePaepe, Paul ...AL. Derweiler, Justine ..,L Dickison, Mr. Charles Dixon, James .2....., Dixon, Nancy ....,, Dixon, Shirley .... Drennan, Judy --- Duke, Bill ----- -----gi5- 3677 77755 58, Zalif 756 16 8 577760, 29 J -7755 Emerson, Mary ,.,,........,211. 1 29 30 49 Emerson, Ruth --- , 57, 59, 81 9 J 7 Fairfield, Gail --- 34, 37, 52, 54, Fink, JoAnn .,r2. ,......,. 3 0 57, 73, Franklin, Belinda --.. ,.L,,r.r....... 40, 57, Furtney, Katy .1v, 2, 16, 20, 48, 59, 76, 80, 88 Furtney, Robert 1,2, - ....... ---- 34, G Gilbert, Linda --- ........1...... 40, 57, Good, Delmar --- .2.,, 14, 35, 52, 54, 55, Good, Leland .....,.. .,.. 3 O, 49, 52, 56, Good, Loren ....2 ......,...... 4 0, 52, Gossard, David -- 21, 46, 62, 64, 69, 70, 71, 72, 77, 102 Grieser, Karen ----. ------------------ 40, Griffet, David --- 35, 56, 58, 62, 64, Griffet, Delores ---- 35, 45, 54, 55, Guynn, Judy ---- ----.-------.-- 35, 57, Hadler, Lester ---- -, --- 21, 52, Hansens, Mary ----- ------.-.- 3 5, 57, Hatton, Mary ------.--------...-----.--.. Hauersperger, Kent ------- 2, 22, 58, 72, Hauersperger, Steve --- --------- ------ 3 5, Heiser, Everett -- 16, 22, 48, 56, 59, 60, 65, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 77, 79, 89 Heiser, Lowell ---------- --- ----------- 40, Hennigh, Charles ---- ------ ---- - - 23, Hicks, Callene ---- --- 31, 57, 78, Hicks, Nelda ---- ----- 14, 38, Hieser, Judy --.- --- 53, 54, Hieser, Roger ------- 1 - -------- 31, Hinners, Jane Ann ---------------- 40, 45, Hinners, Mrs. Mary Jane -----------.---- 9, Hinton, Lanet ---------- 40, 52, 57, 73, Hinton, Merold -- 33, 35, 56, 62, 68, 70, Hoffstatter, Roberta ------------ 52, 53, Holcomb, Barton ---.--- ------ ------ 4 1 , Horsch, James --- 1, 29, 31, 43, 49, 52, 59, 60, 67, 69, 78, 81 Hudsparh, David --------------- 62, 65, Huff, Delmar ----------- --- 31, 49, 67, Huff, Phyllis --- ---- ---. ----- - 3 5, Hughey, Mary .--..--..-.------ 52, 57, I Isaacs, Charles -- -------- 35 56 J Johnston, Ray --- --------- 41 62 68 K Kesler, Helen - 33, 35, 51, 52, 54 57 73, Knell, Norma --------------------,-.---- Knox, Maris ----------- 31, 50 53 54 Kopp, Mr. William ---------.-- 62 63 L Lammle, Sandra --------- 31, 52 57, 73, Liestman, Karen -- 1, 23 48, 52, 73, 77, 99 Lindeman, Dean ------------ --- 43, 56, Lutz, Larry ----- --- 36, 58, M Trotter, Glen M-- ---- Unzicker, Nancy -M M -- 14, 37, Unzicker, Tom --- ....... ..... - --- Wheeler, Eugene .... 67, 69, 72, 77, 97 Wheeler, Lyle ........ White, Billy .....,... Williams, Leon ..,., 48, 58, 59, 60, --,,- 1, 32 Wilner, Donna ......,... 2, 27, 48 Wilson, Darrell -- 28, 67, 69, 72, 76, 77, Woodmansee, Robert Woodmansee, Roy ...2... Mackey, Mrs. Clare ................ 10 52 Martin, Richard -- 24, 48, 58, 62, 64, 70, 71, 77, 90 Martin, Shirley ...,............ 31, 50 52 May, james ..... --.. 3 6 62, 65, 69 70 71 Mayberry, Junior ..................... 41 McClure, Norma ............... 36 51 73 McCoy, Donna ............ ..... 3 1 52 McNamara, Mr. james E. -- .......... -- Morgan, Nedra ......... ..... 3 1 45 49 Moyer, Mr. T. Carroll ......... 3, 8 48 54 N Nelson, Linda -- 2, 16, 24, 46, 48, 59, 81 83, O Orr, Mrs. Marjorie .....,........,......... Osborne, Linda ..... 31, 57, 73, 77, 78 79, Oyer, Darrell ....e.............. 1 38 41 Oyer, John --- .... 36, 52, 54, 55 56 59 P Phillips, Buddie ...... .... - --- 41 Q Quinn, Harold .......e. Quinn, Kenneth ........ R Rankin, Sharon ...,.. Reinhart, Betty ....-. Roberts, Mr. james -- -- --.- 31 ------ 36, 37 I 44 42 32 56 36 57 43 3 I Roberts, Shirley -- 14, 29, 32, 43, 49, 57, 73, 78, 98 Rocke, Mr. Vernon S. ......-........ 6, 9, Rosenbeck, Robert ..... --- 32, 44, 49, 56, Rost, Rebecca ......,... .............,. S Sampson, Ruth ....... 2, 16, 25, 52, 77, 78, Sauer, Mr. Edwin W. ......1.......... 10, Schaer, Virginia ...................... 56, Sepp, Gene ........ --- 41, 44, Shaw, Lana ............ .... 4 1, Short, Mrs. Dorothy --- .,... - 11, Sommer, Betty ........ --- 41, 52, Specht, Ralph .......... ........,.... Springer, Lila ...... .. ..............,,..., Stacey, Janice .............. 14, 32, 44, 53, Stanbery, Mr. George W: .............. 11, Stappenbeck, Guy ................. 36, 56, Stappenbeck, June .......... 25, 48, 52, 57, Stearns, Mr. Ivan ........ T Tate, Virginia ............. 36, Teuscher, Elizabeth --- 2, 26, 46, 48, 87 Teuscher, john .... .... Teuscher, Thekna ..... 2, 26, 46, 45, 48, 54, 52, 38, 52, 55, 59, 42, 83, Zehr, Danny ......... Zehr, john David .... Zehr, Ronny ..... Zehr, Scott ..... Zook Dorothy ..... Zook Patty ...... Zumwalt, Mrs. Ellen 58, 59, 60, 93 --ffffffii 14, 42, 52, --,- 38 37, 73, 37 62, 52, 78 62 63, 56 42 44 56 56 62 57 57 67 42, 68, v Qilv Xl INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY -HOME OFFICE Kansas City l , K ' Q ,

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