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1 : ! s fishep Junior college Boston, nuss. m A v . , " 1 ■ Ui ? - 1 (I) ' w lovci tli cm it Judy L. Johnson — Business Administration ■ Kathleen Lopes — Medical Assistant in Pediatrics Lisa Merrill — Medical Assistant in Pediatrics Karen M. Murphy — Medical Assistant in Pediatrics V. Patricia Orphan - Medical Assistant in Pediatrics Jody Schatz — Medical Assistant in Pediatrics Sandra McNamara — Legal Secretarial Renee Scotland — LegaJ Secretarial Andrea Poriss — Legal Secretarial Diane Sivori — LegaJ Secretarial Carolyn Valley — LegaJ SecretariaJ 33 Theresa Fritts — Optomctric Technician 34 m Stacy Harper — Optometric Technician Deborah Lawton — Optometric Technician Patricia Kelly - Optometric Technician Elaine LeBlanc — Optometric Technician Marie Margarone — Optometric Technician 35 I Linda M. Witkowski — Medico] Assistant in Pediatrics Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Larson 4f) Mrs. Maureen C. Hardin Walter and Patricia McLaughlin Mr. Mrs. Raymond Brown 49 Mr. Mrs. Joseph C. Avellar I AM I am myself I am no one else I am me. I am one person who can stand on two feet, but I am not alone. I am one little piece that stands on this earth. I can reach for the stars if I try, and I can taste the sun. I can find myself in darkness or in light. I am one of God ' s children who stands alone — because I am. Jo-Anne DiFranco Fall 1978 50 Mr. Mrs. Lorenz Geis Mr. Mrs. Arthur B. Harper CLASS WILL I, Pat Kelly, leave Kitty to keep Woogy Puff and Curious George company and also a tape recording of my voice on a slower speed so you can find out what I have been talking about all these months. I, Chris Flowers, leave behind outrageous phone bills, expensive plane tickets, want ads, apartment ads, type- writer paper, and timings along with the pain and joy of making new friends and doing a hell of a lot of growing up - QUICK! The SENIOR OP. TECH ' s leave to the freshmen Op. Tech ' s their secret admirers on the 2nd floor balcony of Opto- metry School " Cherish your yesterdays Dream of your tomorrows But live your todays. " Jo-Anne DiFranco I, Lori BerJind, hereby leave my dark circles to Tracy Hannon, a year and a half ' s supply of soft drinks to Cindy Henneberry, assorted fruit to Laurie Goldman, a sailor ' s hat and an erhpty bathroom stall to Janet Lemire, and last but far from least QSpperfield ' s with unfinished business. I. TERRY FRITTS, bequeath the " Deluxe Edition " to all freshmen members hoping they ' ll give it a go for next year, also my roommate and I leave to the next inhabitants of our dorm room the uncontrollable temperatures with ad- vice to bring several blankets and also a swimsuit. " Drink of the cup of knowledge So that you may cultivate With Increasing profusion The blooms that lie dormant In the human mind. " MARILYN CANTOR I, SANDY McNAMARA, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the legal D T class to anyone who wants to spend 162 hours in anguish and frustration. I, KATHLEEN C. HONG, hereby bequeath to J. Agati all the years forever to hear each others problems, and all the boys left in the world. To Sally Harvey I leave all the explosive Diet Pepsi ' s she wants. To Beth Coleman and Chris Burke I leave the wishes in my heart to have the next 100 years fulfill their dreams ever imagined. To all the Fisher girls of 1979, the best of luck and all the stars in the skies to help them reach their goals. Smile and be happy, for what is life but to live, and what is living without a smile. I will always remember the good times, close friends and the International classmates who made life at Fisher fun. Thanks to S.C., I.C., C.B., and Mom and Dad. V. Joannda Stephenson We, the WACKERS of Fisher Junior College, leave Mrs. Arnold our vaccum, and hope she has as much fun in it as we did!!! ELAINE LeBLANC leaves Pat " FULL! " The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he of she is going. by David Starr Jordan SANDRA CENNERAZZO SUZANNE DESPRES leaves a clean table in the cafeteria. SUE THOMAS leaves for Harvard Square. I, KIM LOMBARD, do hereby leave " Spin " me, ma ' s jum- prope to Sara, and one empty telephone line for North Carolina calls. To my dorm buddies I leave as " Mother Hen " and hope they can make it home from those M.I.T. parties without me! To Tracey H. I leave my love and hope it will always serve as a guide to get rid of " biddie ' s " . Last but not least I leave a pair of glasses for Mr. Perkins and all the others who ruined their eyesight on me. Finally I leave FJC two years wiser and a lot happier than when I came, Thanks! " Smile and you shall be smiled at; Love and you shall be loved. " ELLEN CELLINI STACY HARPER leaves with Sue " Q " Thomas to hang the forest poster elsewhere How desperately difficult it is to be honest with one self. It is much easier to be honest with other people. by Edward F. Benson CHERYL BLUM I, BETSY ANDREWS, being of sound mind and body do solemnly bequeath a Regina ' s pepperoni pizza with extra oil to anybody who wants to try it, a year ' s supply of " something to eat " (apples) to Kyle Bolduc, projects that I kept putting off, and chapters that should have been read. But most important of all I leave FJC with a life-time ' s treasure of friends. We leave to Dr. Laudon a lifesize picture of ourselves. PAT KELLY STACY HARPER " Success is the ability to accomplish goals you have set for yourself, not the ones others have set for you. " JUDY JOHNSON Mary Benedict L. Margarone 51 Scott A. Fisher, President To the Class of 1979: Education is a process designed to add value to every aspect of your life. The enrichment of understanding, knowledge, and philosophy becomes interwoven with your thinking, behavior and performance. You become better equipped to meet the challenges of your life, to attain greater accomplishments, and live a happier, healthier existence. Your time at Fisher Junior College is short. Dedicated faculty members and support staff have brought their energy and concern, to bear for you and your future. We thank you for allowing us to participate in the strengthening and nourishing of your devel- opment. Benjaman Disraeli, prime minister of England said, " The Secret of Success in Life is for a person to be ready when their opportunities come. " You have diligently prepared yourself. Now we at Fisher Junior College say goodbye with our warnest wishes for many opportunities and much success. Sincerely, Mr. Mrs. Clarence Lombard, Jr. 52 Kathleen David Currier Scott A. Fisher President Dr. Rodney }. Hinkle Academic Dean Peter Mitchell Admissions Director Roberta Riel Director of Public Relations Candace Dodge Secretary to the Dean Eleanor Connelly Receptionist Elizabeth Little Vice-President for Administration Margaretta Arnold Director of Student Services Mr. Mrs. Albert Tazzaboni 54 Mr. Mrs. Edward J. O ' Leary r Robert Simpson Financial Aid Director Marie Devins Assistant Director of Admissions Kathleen O ' Connor Administrative Assistant for Admissions Wynne Worcester Admissions Secretary Rose W. Chacran Administrative Assistant -Career Counseling Lois Davis Comptroller Ruth K. Hart Administrative Assistant-Placement Irene C. Checkovitch Registrar Mr. Mrs. William Greenier Joy Schonberger 55 Richard Borngen Helen Bickford Purchasing Manager College Shop Manager Mr. Mayo, Ted, Bill, Jim, Thornton, Robert Custodians Mr. Mrs. R. Wayne Thompson Mr. Mrs. Brenton V. Schofirld Rose Blake Psychology Glen Cooper Life Science Cynthia Collins Fashion Merchandising Robert Dubow Mathematics and Science Dorothy Hird Executive Secretarial Faculty Mary Detweiler French and English Paul Garcia Labs Barbara Gearing Head of Child Study Program 58 Nancy Ready Head of Fashion Merchandising Department Leslie Cohen Head of Medical Assistant Program Angelo LoMascolo Marketing and Management Patricia Brown Legal Secretarial Program Augustino Cacicio Accounting and Management Carole Calo English and Fine Arts Faculty Dan Carr Head of Business Secretarial Department Myrna Ysaguirre International Secretarial Program Denise LaMontagne Typewriting Dr. Norman Kellett Philosophy and History 59 Madeleine Giroux Dr. Mary Scott Elizabeth Dice Medical Secretarial Program Optometry Spanish and English Robert Murphy Ruth Shore Anita Krembold Fashion Merchandising Head of the English Department English Medical Assistants and Pediatrics Row 1 - Left to Right: L. Hardy, K. Furness. S. Tremblay, L. Charest, T. Hannan. Row 2 — R. Ellis, D. Goolishian, C. Durkin, J. Williams, M. Rivera, N. Felch. Children ' s Psychiatric Aide Legal Secretarial M. Ghiringhelli, S. Simmons, N. McDonald, D. Greenier Row 1 - D. Denno, L. Rosenthal, C. McGowan, L. Rogers Row 2 - S. Merlino, L. Elden, M. Finnegan, P. Grilli Mary L Detweiler 62 Mr. and Mrs. Robert |ohnson Optometric Technician Row 1 - J. Gendreau, C. Fulco, C. Jewkes, C. Alboth, K. Burke, K. Cummings, S. DiMercurio Row 2 - S. Bradley, K. Chan, P. Cross, K. Stanton, P. Plante, D. Rowell, . J. Forrette, D. Avellani, D. Murphy, J. Monaghan, L. Kerr, P. Kelley Mr and Mrs. Chester Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Hector T. Looby 63 Medical Secretarial I: 1 0 Row 1 — K. White, F. Mayer. Row 2 - P. Roy, J. Derosa, C. Plow Child Study J. Lemire, V. Clark, L. Goldman Executive Secretarial Row 1 — A. Fenton, P. Doucet, M. Brown, J. Russo Row 2 — C. Hagopian, M. Alcorn, J. Hinchliffe, D. Proulx, S. Leonard, L. Godkey. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Orabona 64 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Monks The McNamaras Dr. and Mrs. Lester Janoff 65 Fashion Merchandising Front Row L to R: P. Riley, S. Droney, Second Row L to R: C. Wright, M. Tracey, J. Ferrara, K, George, T. Wenning, Third Row L to R: A. Cohen, D. Harrison, M. Joyce, A. Papineau, P. Carr Fashion Merchandising Front Row L. To R.: B. Rohan, C. Maloy, Second Row L. To R.: M. Green, E. Ojala, A. Nee, P. Doran, M. Dattoli, Third Row L. To R.: R. Simon, L. Koegler, E. Harvey, A. Slant, Y. Sandford, B. Gemmel, J. Scannell. Back Row L. To R.: N. Conroy, L, Kmiffen, L. Tredo, G. Razzaboni. Front Row L. To R.: f. Berson, C. Rubin. Second Row: R. Menz, L. Webster, T. Geis, B. Flanagan, L. O ' Brien, C. McCarty. Third Row: D. Mercier, D. Chambers 66 Mr. and Mrs. Laurence D. Collins Benoit and Beatrice Lemire Bob and Helen Law-ton 67 Row 1: Left to Right: J. Forrette, R. Robinson, L. Koegler, C. Frisina, T. Szandrocha Row 2: A. Newton. S. Lobunchongsook, A. Fenton, C. Maloy, E. Ojala, L. Lallier, D. Koehl Row 3: S. Lobunchongsook, P. Crowley, R. Simon, K. Iagrossi, B. Rohan, L. Gokey, C. Wright, M. Tracey, M. Green, C. Alboth, K. George Row 4: A. Papineau, S. McNamara, A. Poriss, V. Clark, K. Sweeney, A. Liss, L. Gonzalaz, J. Flaherty Row 5: A. Osborne, A. Shrine, K. McKenny. D. Gilkey, S. McCormick, L. Devlin, S. Buckinsky, B. Andrews, C. Hebden, R. Ward. Left to Right: S. Buckinsky, C. Hebden, S. McNamara, B. Andrews, L. Devlin, K. Lagrossi. V ■I " Kyle, Buddy, Nancy Bolduc, Resident Director and Jenna Mr. and Mrs. Irving A Francis 68 Bob and June Smith 104-106 Row 1: J. Lemire, N. Felch, S. Blake Row 2: K. Lombard, M. Hickey, L. Hardy, S. Trembley, L. Rogers, T. Hannon Row 3: V. Rowell, T. Fritts, C. Valley, T. Avellar, D. Sivori, A. Farmer, S. White, Row 4: L. Goldman, L. Berlind, C. Henneberry, L. Pellett, M, Ibsen, P. Carpentier, P. Kelly, J. Klimn. Mrs. Rosemond Spinney, Resident Director Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Merlino 69 112 -114 Row 1: E. Hardin, J. Evans, N. English, S. Seagal, H. Anderson, B. Keegan, P. Molina, D. Greenier, N. McDonald. Row 2: K. Rosinoski, A. Kujawski, J. Burphy, D, Pina, M. Janssen, A. Janoff, J. Calderone, K. Murphy, E. O ' Donnell, D. LaMonica, S. Leonard, M. Alcorn. Row 3: M. Joyce, M. Boyne, S. Bucchen, S. Malmgren, P. Young, V. Rochette, L. Sandberg, N. Gautraud, C. Sassoon, J. Hinchliffe. House Council-Front: S. Malmgren, D. Greenier, Back: B. Keegan, J. Burphy, E. Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Carlton M. Smith 70 Scott A. Fisher 131 -133 Row 1: Left to Right-K. Harrison, G. Chasse, J. Schatz, L. Merrill, L. Elden, K. White, C. Rubin, A. Saxby. Row 2: S. Kramer, C. Morris, T. Wood, M. Rivera, C. Smith, B. Brown, M. Kesselli, A. Slant, P. Smiley. Row 3: A. Pellerin, J. Robinson, L. Kern, I. Rudy, T. Larsen, P. Carr, J. Ellison, K. McGowen, A. Ohl, C. Forbes, C. Holcomb, Row 4: S. Bucci, H. Sanford, S. Bennett, N. Conroy, C. Strout, C. Strassner, E. Harvey, R. Scotland, S. Harper, B. Viola. Sandra Kramer, Resident Director Denise I. LaMontagne Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Floto 71 Park Plaza Row 1: M. Miller, J. Lundquist, J. Ferrara, G. Jones. Row 2: J. Gendreau, P. Miller, P. Coughlan. T. Wenning, D. Chambers, A. Loosigian. Row 3: D. Mercier, D. Knox, T. Marcisz, M. Wurdig, L. Kniffen, L. Forrister, B. Animashaun. Row 1: A. Miluszusky, M. McCarthy, D. Ford, S. Rocha. C. Flowers, M. Mitchell, C. Springhetti, E. Steets, , J. Berson. Row 2: L. Ross, Y. Murray. D. Coley, L. Carritte, J. Lane, K. Brown, L. Lyford. House Council-P. Coughlan, S. Rocha, C. Flowers, T. Marcisz, D. Chambers. Lucille Ohl Sonerson 72 Mr. Mrs. )ames Cennerazzo Commuters Mr. and Mrs. Carl Raser Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Harvev 75 Freshmen Class Officers Ann Fenton, Liz Collins President, Lisa Rosenthal Student Senate Front Left to Right; Liz Boyd, Michelle Currier, Lisa Rosenthal. Back; Jarsea Burphy, Holly Anderson, Kathy Rusinaski, Liz Collins, Cindy Strassner, Ann Fenton 78 Henry and Rena Kari Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hebden Glee CJub Front; Trisha Kelley, Back; Carlene Alboth, Denise Scott, Terry Fritts, John Vice-Director Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wurdig Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Coley 79 Commimters Club Front: Sally Simmons, Liz Collins. Kathy Stanton, Sally Harvey, Mr. Mitchell. Kathy Beauregard. Lisa Rosenthal, Sandra Eknoian Back: Suzanne Depres. Patricia Grill, Marie Ghiringhelli. Michelle Currier, Donna Peddell, Linda Furnari, Brenda Sue Harrington. Beth MacEwen, Lisa Fortinallis, Maureen Lynch. Dorina Proulx International Club Front: Karen Hanlon, Carole Springhetti, Julie Lunt Back: Julie Calderone, Joannda Stephenson, Michelle Currier. Eileen Kelley, Lori Ross, Sandra Cennerazzo, Debbie Knox, Ivana Cattaneo, Teresa Pratt — Chairman Phi Theta Kappa Row 1: Mary Leigh Alcorn, Dawn Greenier, Sandra Merlino. Dianna Denno, Brenda Sue Harrington — President, Michelle Currier — Vice President, Tracy Avellar — Treasurer, Sue Thomas — Secretary Row 2: Sue Tremblay, Gayle Razzaboni, Katherine lagrossi. Jackie Gendreau, Pat Kelly, Karen Hanlon. Terry Fritts, Betsy Thompson. Julie Caldarone. Carlene Alboth, Ann Fenton, Karen Burke, Lori Rogers. Wendy Peterson, Jo-Ellen Hinchliffe, Jean Managhan, Marilyn Cantor, Row 3: Karen White, Diane Ford, Patli Grilli. Pat Riley, Carolyn Maloy, Sara Blake, Janet Lemire. Dorina Proulx Roberta E. Riel 80 Mr. Mrs. Durkin Yearbook Staff Layout Brenda Sue Harrington Beth MacEwen Lisa Smith Donna Peddell Linda Furnari Kathy Beauregard Sandy McNamara Photography Glen Cooper Jarsea Burphy Copy Terry Fritts Patricia Kelly Lori Berlind Laurie Goldman Carolyn Valley Guylaine Chasse Betsy Andrews CaJJigraphy Marie Margarone Elaine Ojala 81 Skit Night Best Actress — Sara White Best Supporting Actress — Eileen Harvey Best Ham — Marcia Ibsen James and Olimpia Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Andrews, . Jr. 83 The Christmas Party Ruth Klizuhcth Shore HB Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Lallinr Senior Awards Luncheon C;h;iros Lohunchongsook 92 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ojala Wine and Cheese Party Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott Colonel Edward S. Saxby 93 Mr. and Mrs. Owen McKenney Madeleine Giroux 95 Directory AGATI, JANET M. 34 Clewley Road Medford, MA 02155 ANDERSON, HOLLY B. 28 Fallon Drive No. Haven, CT 06473 ANDREWS. ELIZABETH P. Cider Hill Road York, ME 03909 ANIMASHAUN, OLABISI S. 20 Eniasoro Beyioku Street Burulere, Lagos-State, Nigeria ARROYO, ANNE 54 Congress Ave. Chelsea, MA 02156 AVELLANI, RENATA 8 Mt. Pleasant Street Somerville, MA 02145 AVELLAR, TRACY L. 2295 Main Street So. Chatham, MA 02659 BAKER, PAMELA }. 21 Theodore Street Boston, MA 02124 BALICH, JOYCE E. 296 Summer Street Arlington, MA 02174 BARKER, MARYANN 56 Middlesex Road Stoneham, MA 02180 BEAUREGARD, KATHLEEN E. 118 Blaisdell Street Haverhill, MA 01830 BERLIND, LORI J. Crescent Street Hill, NH 03243 BERTONE, MARIA C. 69 East Street Franklin, MA 02038 BLUM, CHERYL A. 141 Pierce Street Maiden, MA 02148 BOYNE, MARY M. 26 Cray Terrace Fanwood, NJ 07023 BRATHWAITE, SHARON M. 39 Tremont Street Cambridge, MA 02139 BROMBERG, SUSAN E. 47 Harold Street Sharon, MA 02067 BROWN, ELIZABETH T. 4755 Highland Drive Willoughby, OH 44094 BUCCHERI, SHARON A. 19 Arnold Road Stoneham, MA 02180 BUCCI, SHARON A. Overhill Street Yorktown Hts, NY 10598 BUCHINSKY, SHARON 34 Piper Cross Road W. Springfield, MA 01089 BUCKLEY, JOY M. 32 Warren Street Newburyport, MA 01950 BURKE, CHRISTINE C. 12 Harris Road Medford, MA 02155 BURPHY, JARSEA G. 78 Lynch St., PO Box 784 Monrovia, Liberia CALDARONE, JULIE A. 21 Carolyn Drive Danvers, MA 01923 CANTOR, MARILYN T. 29 Adams Street Belmont, MA 02178 CARMICHAEL, SHEILA M. 14 Valley Road Woburn, MA 01801 CARPENTIER, PAULA J. 17 Parlin Street Skowhegan, ME 04976 CARRITTE, LEESA M. 64 Shady Glen Lane Somers, CT 06071 CATTANEO, IVANA 1 North Square Boston, MA 02113 CELLINI, ELLEN E. 249 Granteville Raod Chelmsford, MA 01824 CENNERAZZO, SANDRA D. 15 Winter Street Woburn, MA 01801 CHAN, KAM N. 77 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02111 CHASSE, GUYLAINE T. Putnam Drive Lake Carmel, NY 10512 COLAGEO, JANET M. 159 Dana Ave Hyde Park, MA 02136 COLEMAN, BETH A. 108 Pine Street Danvers, MA 01923 CONLON, PATRICIA A. 40 Eleanor Street Chelsea, MA 02150 CONNOLLY, MARY B. 1422 River Street Hyde Park, MA 02136 COUGHLAN, PATRICIA M. 245 Arbor Road Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 CURRIER, MICHELLE M. 93 Old Andover Rd. No. Reading, MA 01864 DANGELO, LORRAINE T. 153 Main Street Medfield, MA 02052 DELMAN, MARYELLEN 50 Fairwood Road So. Yarmouth, MA 02664 DELUCA, DEBRA L. South Shaker Road Harvard, MA 01451 DESIMONE, LINDA M. 124 Plymouth Road Bellingham, MA 02019 DESPRES, SUZANNE M. 23 Westbourne Terr., Apt 1 Brookline, MA 02146 Irene Checkovich 98 Ruth K. Harte DEVLIN, ELIZABETH C. 63 Stanley Ave. Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706 DIFRANCO, JO-ANNE 22 Pondview Road Arlington, MA 02174 DIVINCENZO, CATERINA 22 Fleet Street Boston, MA 02113 DRUMMEY, DEBORAH A. Glenview Drive Harvard, MA 01451 DUGGAN, EILEEN M. 288 Central Street Saugus, MA 01906 EKNOIAN, SANDRA R. 4815 Washington Street West Roxbury, MA 02132 ENGLISH, NANCY L. 59 Fairfield Street Needham, MA 02192 EVANS, JULIE E. 31 Hodges Ave. Wellesley, MA 02181 FARMER, ALICIA R. 14 Lydia Ct. Searington. NY 11507 FINUCANE, JEAN M. 692 Beacon St. Newton, MA 02159 FITZPATRICK, JILL M. 53 Partridge Lane Belmont, MA 02178 FLAHERTY, JUDITH C. 1 Michael Road Beverly, MA 01915 FLEISCHMAN, DYANNE R. 124 Thornton Road Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 FLOWERS, CHRISTINE 401 E. Cherry Street Wenonah, NJ 08090 FONSECA, CATHLEEN A. 99 Summer Street Kingston, MA 02364 FORMAN, LORRIE JEANNE 26 Allston Street Allston, MA 02134 FORRISTER, LISA A. 38 Hialeah Ave. W. Yarmouth, MA 02673 FORTINALLIS, LISA M. 39 Stonehill Road Hyde Park, MA 02136 FOTHERGILL, JEAN C. 62 Fellsway West Somerville, MA 02145 FRANCIS, SUSAN E. 11 Forest Street Danvers, M A 01923 FRITTS, THERESA M. RD 3, Box 170 Cooperstown, NY 13326 FURNARI, LINDA M. 115 Beach Street Belmont, MA 02178 GARLAND, JANICE GAIL 45 Lake Shore Drive Haworth, NJ 07641 GAUTRAUD, NICOLE A. 3 Burroughs Road Lexington, MA 02173 GAWLOCKI, ELLEN J. 20 Simmons Road Nahant, MA 01908 GEORGE, SUSAN MARIE 5 Douglas Ave. Beverly, MA 01915 GETCHELL, MELANIE D. 6 Laurine Road Danvers, MA 01923 GONZALEZ, LILLIAN 448 Bolton Ave. Bronx, NY 10473 GIAMBRONE, RITA 166 Hichborn Street Revere, MA 02151 HACKETT, DIANA M. 192 Briarcliff Ave. Chatham, MA 02633 HANLON, KAREN K. 180 Main St., Apt 4301 Kinswood Park Bridgewater, MA 02324 HARDIN, EILEEN M. 53 Oxbow Road Needham, MA 02192 HARPER, STACY L. 3 Algonquin Road Danvers, MA 01923 HARRINGTON, BRENDA S. Breezy Lane Chester, VT 05143 HARRISON, KIMBERLY R. 1007 Clifton Terrace Kinston, NC 28501 HARVEY, SALLY A. Grand View Drive Plymouth, MA 02360 HEBDEN, CONI 3 Hilldale PI. Ashland, MA 01721 HEINEN, MARY 34a Irving St. Cambridge, MA 12138 HICKEY, MARY 79 Church St. Syosset, N.Y. 11791 HOLCOMB, CONSTANCE 75 St. Marc Lane Fairfield, CT 06430 HONG, KATHLEEN 32 Albion St. Melrose, MA 02176 HOUHOULIS, CAROL 11 Easton St. Allston, MA 02134 HUTASINGH, PREMRUDEE 860 Harrison Ave. Apt. 4-812, Box 54 Boston, MA 02116 IAGROSSI, KATHRYN 10 Glenoch Rd. Waterbury, CT 06706 IBSEN, MARCIA 370 Skiff St. North Haven, CT. 06517 Elizabeth V. Little Myrna Ysaguirre 99 JACQUES, CHRISTINE 78 Pleasant St. Winthrop, MA. 02152 JANOFF, ANDREA 60 Dinsmore Ave. 220 Framingham, MA 01701 JANSSENS, MIEBETH 24 Wall St. Stonington, CT. 06378 JESORALDO, LINDA 2 Trull Circle Saugus, MA. 01906 JIRAPONGPHAN, PUNNAVADEE 702 Boylston St. Newton Highlands, MA. 02161 JOHNSON, JUDY 103 Wellington Hill, St. Mattapan, MA. 02126 KARI, MARY 82 Sachem St. Wollaston, MA. 02170 KATZ, JOAN 15 Claflin Rd. 2 Brookline, MA 02146 KEEGAN, BRENDA Second Ave. Cavendish Heights Devonshire, Bermuda KELLEY, EILEEN 4 Blanchard Ave. Everett, MA 02149 KELLY, PATRICIA 112 Overlook Ave. Peekskill, N.Y. 10566 KING, LAUREL 14 Briggs Ave. Newburyport, MA 01950 KLIMM, JEAN-MARIE 16 Antlers Rd. South Yarmouth, MA. 02664 KOEHL, DENISE 12 August Rd. Simsbury, CT. 06070 KUJAWSKI, AINA 468 Washington St. Norwell, MA. 02061 LABELLE BARBARA 54 Cherry St. Marshfield, MA. 02020 LALLIER, LINDA 177 Walsh Ave. Newington, CT. 06111 LAMONACA, DIANE 5 Angel PI. North HAven, CT. 06473 LAROCQUE, DENISE MCDANIEL 435 Essex St. Saugus,MA. 01906 LAURENZA, LESLIE 3 Flint Circle Andover, MA 01810 LAWTON, DEBORAH 203 Milton St. Wollaston, MA. 02170 LEBLANC, ELAINE 5lCovell St. New Bedford, MA. 02745 LISS, ANDREA 1641 Willard Ave. Newington, CT. 06111 LITTLE, MELINDA 40 Judge Rd. Lynn, MA 01904 LOMBARD, KIM Box 421 Wells, ME. 04090 LOOBY, JOANNE 12 Beckler Ave. South Boston, MA. 02127 LOPES BRENDA 40 Francis St. Boston, MA 02115 LOPES, KATHLEEN 40 Francis St. Boston, MA 02115 MACEWEN, BETH 28 Thornton Rd. Needham, MA 02192 MALMGREN, SONJA Route 6A Barnstable, MA 02630 MARGARONE, MARIE 31 Kevin Rd. Milton, MA 02186 MARSINELLI, TONI 28 West St. Everett, MA. 02149 MARTIN, JANICE 29 % Mt. Vernon St. Saugus, MA 01906 MCGAULEY, CATHLEEN 11 Lucien Rd. Bristol, CT. 06010 MCLAUGHLIN, PAULA 66 Loring Rd. Winthrop, MA. 02152 MCNALLY, BRICEIDA 165 Lott St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226 MCNAMARA, SANDRA Marilyn Rd. Billerica, MA. 01821 MERRILL, LISA P.O. Box C 24 Academy Ave. Hampton, N.H. 03842 MILUSZUSKY, ANNETTE 504 Edella Rd. Clarks Summit, PA. 18411 MORGAN, LISA Fawn Hill Dr. Westbrook, CT. 06498 MOSCA, DIANA 107 Strafford St. Berlin, N.H. 03570 MURPHY, KAREN 16 Mcintosh Rd. Chelmsford, MA. 01824 MURPHY, MARCIA 136 Arnold Rd. Norwood, MA 02062 MURPHY, MAUREEN 51 Eileen Dr. Braintree, MA. 02184 OBRIEN, MAUREEN 168 E. Woodcrest Dr. Melrose, MA. 02176 ODONNELL, EILEEN 59 Ferry Rd. Newburyport, MA. 01950 OHL, ANNE 1 Shawnee Trail Venetia, PA. 15367 Edwina Mosher 100 Mr. and Mrs. Jamos W. Murphy OLEARY, CAROL 8 Dartmouth Terrace. Holyoke, MA. 01040 ORPHAN, PATRICIA 26 Brooks Rd. RFD 1 Buzzards Bay, MA. 02532 PEDDELL, DONNA 236 Hovendon Ave. Brockton, MA. 02404 PELLERIN, ANGELA 82 Stonemill Rd. Storrs, CT. 06268 PELLETT, LISA 8431 NW. 18th St. Pembroke Pines, FL. 33024 PEREZ, CLARA 1150 Taylor Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10472 PERLEY, SUSAN 116 Goodrich Rd. 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Holliston, MA 01746 SCOTLAND, RENE 485 1st Ave. New York, N.Y. 10016 SCOTT, DENISE 37 Fremont St. Bridgeport, CT. 06605 SHEFFIELD, NADINE 483-5 th Ave. Troy, N.Y. 12182 SIVORI, DIANE 70 Cranberry Lane Cheshire, CT. 06410 SLATTERY, JULIE 21 Ordway Rd. Wellesley, MA. 02181 SMITH, CHERYL 51 Phillips St. Hanover, MA. 02339 SMITH, DIANNE 24 Hearthstone Dr. Medfield, MA. 02052 SMITH, SANDRA 12 Hovey St. Kennebunk, ME. 04043 STEPHENSON, VESTA J. 34 Hamlet St. Newton Center, MA. 02159 SUTHERLAND, DORINA 24 Rawson Ave. Lexington, MA. 02173 SWEENEY, KATHLEEN 88 Russett Rd. West Roxbury, MA. 02132 SZANDROCHA, TRACEY 412 Chestnut St. New Britain, CT. 06051 THOMAS, SUSAN 6 Cornell Rd. Danvers, MA. 01923 THOMPSON, BETSY 201 North Main St. Raynham, MA. 02768 TITUS, JUDITH 537 Cambridge Pike Concord, MA. 01742 TOBIAS, MELISSA 14 Cottage Ct. Newburyport, MA. 01950 VALLEY, CAROLYN 43 Central St. Gardiner, ME. 04345 VERDERAME, LYNDA ANN 24 Grove St. Shelton, CT. 06484 WALLIS, ELLEN 146 Western Ave. Lynn, MA. 01904 WHITE, KATHLEEN 67 Washington St. Hanover, MA. 02339 WHITE, SARA 20 Hemlock Rd. Brunswick, ME. 04011 WILSON, TERESA Seymour St. Berkley, MA. 02780 WITKOWSKI, LINDA MARIE West Thompson Rd. Putnam, CT. 06260 YOUNG, PAMELA 33 River St. Woodstock, VT. 05091 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kelly, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Kellett 101 A Classic Salute to the Class of ' 79 Classic Hotels Limited Boston, Massachusetts (617)426-2199 The Boston Park Plaza Hotel The Lenox Hotel The Copley Square Hotel Best Wishes to the Class of 79 from The Offset Co., Inc. 13 Stanhope Street Boston, Mass. 267-8443 Specialists in design printing Serving Fisher Junior College and the entire Boston area for 30 years Suffolk Franklin Savings Bank. Maybe we can help. A Mutual Savings Bank Member. FDIC DIFM 1 Charles St. Monday - Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday and Friday. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Servomation Corporation Wishes the best of luck to the Class of 1979 102 Congratulations C lass of 1979 from The Eddy-Rucker-Nickels Company 4 Brattle Street Cambridge Our fiftieth anniversary year Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 Phi Theta Kappa REFLECTIONS Let us reflect for a moment now on all our days spent dreaming of how our college days might turn out to be and whether or not we would get that degree Well, it looks as if we have made it through although many are quite sad and blue at the thought of going their separate ways but How could we have been more amazed once we realized our present knowledge was bestowed from our success at Fisher Jr. College 103 The trustees to Fisher Junior College extend their congratulations to the graduates of 1979 Thomas J. Ahern, Jr. James H. Henson Daniel E. Callanan Peter B. Post Donald C. Dolben Granville K. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Burphy Mrs. Patricia A. Carr 104 Barbara R. Gearing 9

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