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FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE FOUNDED 1903 118 BEACON STREET, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02116 (617) 262-3240 Office of the President BEACON 1975 The theme of this yearbook is PEOPLE. There can be no more appropriate theme; because a yearbook is the record of the activities hopes, dreams, parties, classes, and oxatings which each of you shared with others while at Fisher Junior College. Many months are herein recorded. As I look through, I am again reminded that while we may momentarily have our attention diverted by the joy or emergency of the moment, our lives are on a continuum and are not stagnant. Each of these events represents a moment of your hard work, of a faculty member ' s support, of an hour in the library, or of a new discovery in your world. All these moments add to your understanding of your world and increase your capacity to cope successfully with the I 2 -fife • " ' challenges that will be yours. As you leave with certificates and degrees signifying your accomplishment, and again, through the years as you review, through this yearbook, the many memories of the days at this college, please know that you have the continuing wishes and hopes of all of us in the faculty and staff of the college. We hope that your life will be fruitful, satisfying, and happy for you. Thank you for letting us make a contribution to that future while we were together. Scott A. Fisher President Yet, letting all our grown up pride — Hide all the need inside, 5 ith one person, One very special person, People, people who need people — Are the luckiest people in the world. We ' re children needing other children — Yet, letting all our grown up pride — • Hide all the need inside, Acting more like children, than children. Lovers are very special people, They ' re the luckiest people in the world. With one person, One very special person, A feeling deep in your soul — Says: you were half, now you ' re whole. No more hunger and thirst, But first, be a person who needs people. Oi A Sa People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. reop r the luckiest peop] Senior Dedication As our nurse at Fisher Junior College, Mrs. Berard provides superlative vigilance over our health and well-being. Brusk and arbitrary when needed, tender and understanding when it helps most--the range of her prescriptions always includes counsel and comfort. To you, Mrs. Berard, we dedicate THE BEACON with the memories of the Class of 1975. We give to you a pledge to wear sweaters, overshoes, and to get plenty of sleep as you have prescribed. We have great appreciation for your support of our days at Fisher Junior College, and we leave for you our continuing warm affection in the years to come. ELEANOR M. BERARD, R.N. Director of Health Services and Instructor of Medical Secretarial Program m An understanding of life is the most significant aspect of education, and Mrs. Berard has that rare ability to pass on this awarpness of self and of others. . . Senior Her main concern is for the welfare of her students, and much can be learned from her shared experiences. . . Senior Comforter of our sorrow, and teacher extraordinary. . .Administrator . . . devotes a lot of her time listening and trying to help the students. . . Freshwoman . . . stern when she has to be, but you know you can go to her with whatever problem you may have . . . Senior When she is not in the clinic bandaging our wounds, she is teaching her " medicals " termin- ology, . . . she is one of the nicest ladies I ' ve ever known. . . Senior She ' ll lend a sympathetic ear, but God help you if your Health Form isn ' t in. . . Senior No matter how much it hurts, it always helps to know that someone cares. . . Administrator i MARILYN A. LAYCOB Medical Assistant m CHRISTINE R. LEE Optometric Technician DONNA M. LECONTE International Secretarial LORI Z. LEINBACH General Education 27 KAREN A. RODRIGUES Child Psychiatric Aide Jean Louise Woods Executive Secretarial Joanne E. Williams International Secretarial Sharyn Zigman Optometric Technician • Not Pictured: Jill A. Blankfield Ellen M. Bowen Helena Chow Joyce M. Ciampa Kim Coleman Jeanne L. Compagnone Karen B. Feldman Cheryl L. Harris Jean Kelleher Renee F. Lorrain Elizabeth L. Margolis Janice A.- McGranachan Mary F. McSweeney Gertrude Ann Morris Marianne C. Murphy Jane R. Postel Mary Jo Robinson Elizabeth A. Salini Lesley M. Smith Lorraine M. Smith Suzanne Wire EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL Row 1: A. Hershon, L. Peterson, M. Chang, J. Rubin, B. Cooper. Row 2: K. Blais, D. Masoian, C. Roberts, S. MacLean, D. Krumeich, M. Engber. Row 3: D. Nannis, J. Lagasse, D. Evans, R. Trow, A. Schmidt. LEGAL SECRETARIAL Row 1: L. Maccarone, F. Pasch, E. Eklund, D. Madden, N. Cronin, M. Bergland. Row 2: D. Marsden, S. Cornick, K. Cunningham, K. Wheeler, K. Myers, J. Brillant. INTERNATIONAL SECRETARIAL G. Dupuis, B. Dowling, D. Donald, A. Faye, M. Hunt, C. Hamel, J. Humphrey, J. DiLullo. MEDICAL ASSISTANTS Row 1: J. A. Puttee, S. Cripps, D. Kaplan, L. Kemp, N. Rachins, L. Mailhot, J. Mountz, C. Hurley. Row 2: C. Gelman, R. Morrisette, T. Epstein, G. Creagan, N. Allaire, A. Caruso, L. Weiscopf. Row 3: D. Crosby, B. Stackpole, D. Delman, C. Peabody, L. Tsang, G. DeNovellis, L. Goldwait, A. Cronis. MEDICAL SECRETARIAL Row 1: K. Zola, L. Krause, K. Connel, L. Adamson. Row 2: T. Borge, M. Nester, M. Babcock, L. Gustaf- son. Row 3: M. Baba, R. Nichols, A. Wright. ONE- YEAR SECRETARIAL Row 1: G. Reardon, S. Spadafora, E. Stira. Row 2: D. DeNapoli, L. Polli, M. Couch. OPTOMETRIC TECHNICIAN Row 1: J. Cournoyer, S. Ott, C. Joslyn. Row 2: S. Sargent, D. Delicata, M. Donahue, D. Davock. Row 3: M. Clark, E. Polner, S. Agostino, K. Hehir, T. Eastman. CHILD PSYCHIATRIC AIDE Row 1: R. Hopper, S. O ' Connor, K. Chin. Row 2: S. Bowman, B. Stevens, J. Lamy, L. Share. Row 3:M. Kiley, M. Beal, S. Sheldon, M. Fowle. CHILD STUDY Row 1 : C. Gurliaccio, L. Verrilli, M. Hollanda. Row 2: J. Jac- obson, A. Kazanjian, L. Siskowitz. Row 3: H. Provost, S. Strong, D. Clarke. BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE J. Pask, G. Boudreau LIBERAL ARTS N. Woodcock, B. Walker. RETAIL MERCHANDISING Rowl: S. Leahy, J. Hunter, S. Stiller, E. O ' Con- ner. Row 2: ]. Marra, M. Nelson, E. Hardwick. Row 1: Ellen, Barbara, Diana, Dawn, Donna, Marsha, Mary Jo, Lynn, Ellen. Row 2: Connie, Marilyn, Cheryl, Joan, Jane, Sharon, Wanda, Kathy, Joanne, Suzanne, Liz. Row 3: Julie, Pat, Karen, Jean, Kim, Susan, Roberta, Laura, Debbie, Linda, Jody, Cheryl, Ginny, Sandy, Pat, Denise. Row 4: Elissa, Joanne, Julie, Carol, Maureen, Sue, Lorrain. And What did you do last night? Too bad they don ' t offer a course in Whist! We just had a medical term test One-O-Two SENIORS FRESHMEN Row 1: Debbie, Ginger, Cathy, Lisa, Inessa. Row 2: Sue, Gail, Donna, Joan, Debi, C. C. Row 3: Susan, Cheri, Kathy, Kim, Linda, Martha, Lori. Row 1: Sally, Karen, Nancy, Brenda, Joy, Melanie. Row 2: Linda, Lee-Ann, Devra, Myrna, Rita, Helen, Terry. Row 3: Cindy, Ky, Linda, Kay, Sue, Arlene, Sue Lee, Sandy, Freddy. I HOUSE COUNCIL Suzanne, Mrs. DeFelice, Brenda, Mr. DeFelice- House Parents, Lisa, Cheri, Inessa. We have a special on keys today. Look what I found growing in my dinner! I can ' t wait until the weekend! What month did you say it was? 0 Row 1: Dawn, Julia, Mary, Debbie, Maria, Lorna, Betty. Row 2: Jo-Ann, Pat, Micki, Gail, Kim, Cheryl, Mary, Maria. Row 3: Linda, Cindy, Mary Ann, Maggie, Misako, Liz, Gina. Row 4: Betsy, Gail, Barb, Chellie, Becky, Ruth, Sue, Gail. Are all the dorms this exciting?! I wish it WAS beer! HOUSE COUNCIL Linda, Mickie, Lorna, Mrs. Spinney-Housemother, Betty, Jill (not pictured). Leader of the Pack! 104 - 106 Robert Smith Hall 112- 114 Edmund - Florence Hall Row 1: Mindy, Jill, Susan, Donna, Sheena, Cathy, Sally. Row 2: Janet, Mina, Diane, Bernai, Michelle, Melissa, Diane, Lee Ann, Cheryl, Miriam. Row 3: Judy, Jennifer, Liz, Tina, Julie, Deb, Sheila, Wendy, Netta, Mary Ann, Dorice, Row 4: Chris, Pat, Ellen, Karen, Marcie, Mary, JoAnne, Nancy, Karen, Audrey, Debbie, Posey, Diane, Debbie, Joanne, Tanya. WWWWWelcome! You saw WHAT crawling on the floor? HOUSE COUNCIL JoAnne, Bernai, Mindy, Mrs. Lyman- Housemother, Wendy, Julie, Marj. Watch those legs, Marj! A rare occasion! What went on in your dorm last night? 62 L STUDENT SENATE B. Swirka, L. Hulbutt, L. Maccarone-Vice-President, J. Crosby-President, C. Lyon- Secretary, B. Manna, M. Rumrill, B. Gallop-Treasurer (not pictured). PHI THETA KAPPA Row 1: J. Campbell, L. Lowenste in- President, J. Williams, D. Leconte, D. Wilder, S. Freda, C. Jones. Row 2: J. Parker, S. Phillips-Vice-President, C. Lee, M. Aveni, J. Nestor, C. Wik, P. Vendola, V. Turner. Row 3: S. Zigman, J. Duggan, M. Gyger, K. McWatters, S. McBrayer, J. Pawlowski, M. Dooley, L. Salini, S. Daly, S. Moretti, K. Southworth, J. McKenney, Mrs. Dolan, Advisor. 63 ■ THE CHARLES VIEWER L. Leinbach S. Sheldon K. Myers, Co- Editor S. Cripps B. Lourie, Co-Editor C. Freedman- Editor S. Jutras (not pictured) WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE CLUB Row 1: A. Faye, D. Donald, G. Dupuis. Row 2: Miss Tonougar- Advisor, M. Inokuma, E. Bowen, J. Rubin, J. Burns-President. VOLUNTEER CLUB Row 1: R. Stevens, C. Peabody, M. Baba, L. Hardwick. Row 2: S. Green, H. Sable, Mr. Kellet- Advisor, S. Strong, R. Hopper. 64 DRAMA CLUB GLEE CLUB J. McKenney, Editor; S. O ' Connor, Layout; L. Peterson, Business; M. Rumrill, Lay- out; D. Krumeich, Advertising; M. Hunt, Advertising; D. LaMontagne, Advisor; J. Duggan, Business Manager. Yearbook Staff M. Maloof, Layout Editor; B. Cooper, Layout; M. Kiley, Layout; B. Manna, Layout; D. Mars- den, Photography; P. Nichols, Photography. 66 Ellen Wickham, Photography Editor (Center) Michelle Maloof, Layout Editor Judi Duggan, Business Manager February, 1975 Our last deadline has just been met with our yearbook representative approving the copy for publication. Thinking back over these sometimes tedious but enjoyable months, I remember the PEOPLE who have contributed to the planning, photography, and fund raising. On behalf of the yearbook staff, thank you for all your moral supp ort ■ and patronage. Spring activities and Commencement Week will be featured in the 1975 BEACON Supplement. Deb Krumeich and Melissa Hunt, Advertising Denise LaMontagne, Advisor Julie McKenney, Editor 67 Remember September, 1973. . . Back to school. . . away from home. . .seniors. . .roommates. . .All College Outing. . .the food. . .Jeff. . . " Just call me Mar- ilyn " . . . all the rules. . . Father ' s. . . Registration . . . F. U. Football Team. . . Signing Out. . . Col- umbus Day weekend. . . Halloween. . . typing. . . Skit Night. . . subways, buses, trains. . . Turkey Time. . Exams. . . Kris Kringle. . . Christmas va- cation. . . report cards. . . Ms. Barton. . . Phi Theta Kappa. . . door bell duty. . .the mall. . . one over night a week. . . Mr. Toub. . . campusing. ' . . Sgt. Pepper ' s. . . Bill Baird. . . prowlers. . . mixers. . . cur- fews. . .water fights. . . obscene phone calls. . . Mrs. Bickford ' s College Shop. . . Ostereich. . .Jay Peak Ski Trip. . . Valentine ' s Day. . . Yesterdays . . . snow days. . . Student Union . . . Rio De Janiero . . . Pease Air Force Base. . . fire drills. . . getting mail. . . convocations. . . man on the floor. . . Mar- isa. . . St. Patrick ' s Day at Tom Foolery ' s. . . streaking. . . Parents ' Weekend. . . Fisher Night at the Pops. . .Finals. . . Internship. . .mini-courses . . . Lucifers. . . sun roof. . . Spanish Sailors. . . climbing through windows. . . Mr. Mehan. . ■ June, 1974. . . graduation. . . vacation. . . ■ » Remember eptember, 1974. . .Here we are again. . . freshmen. . .All Col- lege Outing rained out. . . food. . .John. . .Father ' s. . .House Council. . .no curfews. . . parietals. . . classes. . . roommates. . . steak and wine. . .shaving cream. . . petitions. . . Boston ' s clubs getting your own phone. . . Emerson men?. . . Thanksgiving. . . Charlie Brown ' s Christmas. . . Glee Club. . . dorm parties. . . Secret Santas-. . . " Think positive " . . . exams. . .Christmas vaca- tion. . .Happy New Year, 1975. . . ordering out. . . Martin Luther King Day. . . Sr. Formal at 57 Club. . . fire drills. . . trouble with parietals. . .Basketball. . . President ' s walks. . . Snack Bar. . .Vets . . . library opens in the p. m. . . . 50 ' s Sock Hop. . .Civil Service Test. . . George ' s Birthday. . . Bermuda. . . Phi Theta Kappa. . . Ping Pong Tournament. . . St. Patrick ' s Day. . .Parents ' Weekend . . . Fashion Show. . . Accreditation. . . Internship. . . Sr. Luncheon ... it ' s getting close. . . good bye PEOPLE, good bye FJC. . .May 31, 1975. I 80 SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Attick Miss Denise I.LaMontagne Miss Margaretta Barton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Leinback, Jr. Mrs. Helen Bickford Mrs. Janet Lyman Dr. George Bounakes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Manna Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Bowen T " J IV 4 I V AM A J Dr. and Mrs. James F. McAndrews Dr. John r . Bowler AM 1AM I 1 A M IS Mr. and Mrs. James J. McKenney Mr. and Mrs. Deane W. Carstensen , Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Merakos Mr. and Mrs. George S. Cnpps AM ¥ 17h.f 1 1 a a Mrs. Lona W. Mullette Mr. Edward P. Delman, Jr. AM T j. f AM Ms. Patricia L. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Rocco D. DeNigris Capt. and Mrs. George B. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeNovellis Mr. and Mrs. John O Connor x M l 4 117 11 T " T . . - „ _ Mr. and Mrs. William E. Duggan AM -1AM y " T 1 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Olsson Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Eddins Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Opidee Mr. Scott A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Ott Ms. Mary W. Frenning Mr. Millard G. Owen AM J X M T T 11 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gallop AM JAM " " ■ j. i-v l t Mr. and Mrs. Gustav C. Pack, Jr. Mr. Charles F. Garrett AM I TLTTTi 1 1 Mr. Joseph J. Pawlowski Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Goodfarb Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rumnll Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Haack ivir. w. ridruy oiewdn Mr. Richard M. Hodgson Dr. Richard M. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Howorth, Jr. Ms. Dorothy S. Tallman Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vanola Mr. Raymond Hurlbutt Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Williams PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Aveni Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. McLaughlin Mr. Charles T. Brillant Mrs. Thelma D. Morrissette Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cornick Mr. Thorton Porter Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. D ' Aprile, Jr. Mrs. Ann S. Puttee Mrs. Nancy Davock Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sabatino Mrs. Lillian R. Debigare Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Scott Dempsey Family I - . . 1 AM T % -1 A M O , , Rev. and Mrs. Raymond M. Scott Mrs. Eleanore A. Fisher Mrs. Spinney Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Fitzgerald A r (wf rxmf Ct Avpnc An 1V1 1 . VJCU1 g,C VV . OlCVCIloUIl Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Freda Family Mr. and Mrs. John T. Thorburn Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Hopper Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Welch The Kosden Family ivir. ana Mrs. naroia w. wiiuer Mrs. Rita W. Maloof ut, ana m rs. i jeorge j . i oung DONORS Mrs. Sue Cardello Mrs. Jacqueline Judge Mr. and Mrs. Murray B. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Gerard L. Provost Mr. Peter T. Coffin Mr. Richard S. Rachins Mr. John P. Creagan Mr. Emanuel B. Salon Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeSantis Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schmidt Mrs. Daniel J. Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Irving Share Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gelman Student Government Association Mr. and Mrs. Gilio Gurliaccio Ms. Valerie Tabeek Mr. and Mrs. Sumner D. Hershon Mr. and Mrs. D. Joseph Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hoover Mr. WaldenG. Whitham YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT ASTOR THEATRE 176 Tremont Street Boston, MA 542-5030 83 84 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1975 MALDEN PATTERN WORKS Manufacturers of Models Wood and Metal Patterns 86 SENIOR DIRECTORY MARIA AVEN1 25 Concord Ave.. Belmont. MA 02178 Phi Thela Kappa, Accreditation Com LOUISE A. BALICH 296 Summer St.. Arlington, MA 02 174 MAR I AS BETTEN 32 Vallev Hill Dr . Worcester, MA 01602 GAIL EMERSON BIXBY Champnev St.. Groton. MA 01450 Skit Night JILL A. BLANKFELD 124 Englewood Dr . New Haven, CT065I5 KAREN A. BORGESON 12 Meadowlark Way. Billenca, MA 01821 ELLEN MILLISENT DUNBAR BOWEN 760 Morton St., Mattapan. MA02126 World Affairs Council. International Club. Pan American Society JOANNA BARBARA BURNS 7 Wellington Ave.. Somerville. MA 02145 International Club Treas.. World University Pres.. Phi Theta Kappa DIANE E. BRANCATO 12 Milo Dr . Branford. CT 06405 Mass. College of Optometry . Student Council. Drama Club c JULIE M CAMPBELL 105 Grafton St., Arlington. MA 02174 Phi Theta Kappa ELLEN JOY CARSTENSEN 33 Ridgewood Lane, Melrose, MA 02176 CATHERINE E CHAMPAGNE 122 Altamont Ave.. Melrose. MA 02176 Phi Theta Kappa. Tennis HELENA KIT-W AH CHOU 665 Tremont St.. Boston. MA 021 18 World University Service JOYCE CIAMPA 35 Wickford St.. Saugus, MA 01906 DEBORAH ANN CLARK 222 Beacon St.. Boston. MA 02166 SUSAN M. COFFIN 9 Nelson Ave.. Wakefield. MAOI880 Commuters Club KIM COLEMAN 114-31 179th St., St. Albans. L.I. .NY 11434 Basketball, International Club, Volleyball JEANNE L COMPAGNONE 898 Saratoga St.. E. Boston. MA02128 M ARIET. COSTANZO 71 Winter St.. Arlington. MA 02174 Phi Theta Kappa. Commuters Club MARGARET FALLON COUCH 19 Woodland Rd„ Andover. MA 0 18 10 JULIET CROSBY 18 Melbourne St.. Dorchester, MA 02124 Student Senate Pres., Commuters Club. Student Activities Com. D SUSAN M. DALY 281 Reedsdale Rd.. Milton. MA 02186 Phi Theta Kappa LINDA JEAN D ' APRILE 126 Frederick St.. Forestville, CT 06010 Volunteer Club KAREN ROSE DEBIGARE 1 34 Webster Ct„ New ington, CT 06 1 1 1 World University Service Pres., Glee Club, Charles Viewer, House Council Pres. MARGERY L DEMPSEY 108 Henry St.. Cambridge. MA 02 139 DIANE DeNAPOLI 648 Summer St., Arlington. MA 02174 MARY JO DENIGRIS 19 Hickory Hill. Manchester. MA 01944 Commuters Club DIANE DEVLIN 373 Walnut St.. Abington. MA 02351 Glee Club, Commuter Rep., Drama Club, Yearbook, Ski Club, Accreditation Com. CHRISTINE ANN DeVORE 1036 Merlin Dr.. Schenectady, NY 12309 Drama Club. Glee Club, House Council MAUREEN DOOLEY 15 Dreeme St.. Saugus, MA 01906 Phi Theta Kappa, Ski Club. Senior Class Sec. DIANA R. D ' ORSI 22 Forest Ave.. Everett, MA 02 149 Project Com., Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa JUDITH ANNE DUGGAN 29 Kings Rd , Canton, MA 02021 Yearbook, Basketball. Accreditation Com . Ski Club, Phi Theta Kappa DIANE EDMANDS Claybrook Rd., Dover, MA 02030 JOAN T EVERSON 1706 Main St.. Glastonbury . CT 06033 Phi Theta Kappa, Accreditation Com KAREN B. FELDMAN 36 Sunflower Rd., Holbrook. MA 02343 LAURIE JEAN FISHER 18 Pigeon Hill St.. Rockport, MA 01966 Charles Viewer SUZANNE M FREDA 121 Summer St., Medford, MA 02 1 55 CHERYL MARCY FREEDM AN 57 Midvale Rd.. Hartsdale, NY 10530 Freshman Class Pres., Student Senate, Charles Viewer Edi- tor, Drama Club, House Council. Accreditation Com. BETSY A. GALLOP 1 Kinsman Ct . Ipswich. MA 01938 JANE L GARRETT 8 Frank St.. Wakefield, MA 01880 Phi Theta Kappa, Commuters Club NANCY J.GOGGIN 67 Quimby St.. Augusta. ME 04330 AUDREY HALENEGOODFARB Strawberry Hill Rd.. Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 Accreditation Com., Phi Theta Kappa SUSAN A.GREEN 24 Maynard St.. West Newton. MA02165 Volunteer Club, Glee Club, Parents ' Weekend MARTHA PRATTGYGER 21 Elm St.. Bridgton. ME04009 Phi Theta Kappa, Volunteer Club H SANDRA A HAACK 4215 University Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030 DAWN G HARDACKER 12 Steele St., Stoneham. MA 02180 CHERYL L HARRIS 705 Vandever Ave., Wilmington. DE 19802 Basketball. Volleyball JOAN M HARRIS 5 Weise Rd.. Scotia, NY 12302 LAURA J HARRIS 20A Crawford St., Dorchester, MA 02121 DIANE JOYCE HOWORTH 125 FairoaksLane.Cohasset, MA 02025 Commuters Club, Student Activities Club LORNA HURLBUTT 6 Maple St., Groveton, NH 03582 Drama Club, Football, Student Senate, House Council MINDY M ISAACS 45 Morns Rd.. West Orange. NJ 07052 House Council. Basketball. Volunteer Work WENDY L.JOHNSON 20 Mars Dr.. Shrewsbury. MA 01545 Freshman Class Pres., Glee Club, House Council, Student Senate, Activity Com. SHERYL LYNN JONES 33 Knott St., Attleboro, MA 02703 Phi Theta Kappa SALLY A JUTRAS 17 Louisburg Sq., Boston. MA 02 116 Football K KATHLEEN KEADY 23 Congress St., Wilmington, MA 01887 JEAN KELLEHER 43 Bradwood St., Roslindale, MA 02131 SUZAN KELLY 23 Boston Ave., Somerville. MA 021 14 PATRICIA A KIDDIE 30 Kilsythe Rd., Arlington, MA 02174 JANICE M KINIRY 19 Osborne Rd., Arlington, MA 02174 MICHELEG KOSDEN 308 N. Gladstone Ave., Margate, NJ 08402 PATRICIA KUTZKO 4 Pleasant St.. Fayville, MA 01745 MARILYN A LAYCOB 35 Nevada St.. Winthrop. MA 02152 Accreditation Com., Commuters Club DONNA MARIE LECONTE 12 Woodcrest Rd., Whippany, NJ 07981 Phi Theta Kappa CHRISTINE R LEE South Bolton Rd., Bolton, MA 01 740 Phi Theta Kappa LORI Z LEINBACH 2404 Bell Dr., Reading, PA 19609 Charles Viewer Art Editor, Glee Club, World University Ser v ice LISA ELLEN LEVINE 213 Mohegan Dr., W Hartford, CT 061 17 House Council V.P. CAROLYN C. LINK 246 Highhrook Ave., Pelham, NY 10803 Skit Night PATRICIA LONG III Rockwell St., Maiden. MA 02148 Commuters Club, Glee Club, Parents ' Weekend RENEE F LORRAIN 30 Charles St., S. Glens Falls, NY 12801 87 LYNNE ANN LOWENSTEIN 70Cutter Hill Rd.. Arlington. MA02174 Phi Thela Kappa Pres.. Basketball. Drama Club. Commuters Club CARRIE L LYON 123 Center St.. Randolph. MA 02368 Commuters Club Pres.. Student Senate Sec, Student Activi- ties Com. M ELIZABETH JEANNE MACKAY 22 Wyndhurst Dr.. Holden. MA 01520 Drama Club, Yearbook MICHELE H M ALOOF 88 Evans St.. Waterto-vn, M A 02 1 72 Yearbook Commuters Club, Student Senate BERN Al THERESA MANNA 71 Marguerite Ave.. Bloomfield, CT 06002 Glee Club, Student Senate, Drama Club, House Council Pres., Yearbook, Skit Night, Parents ' Weekend DONNA MANZELL1 Lincoln Rd.. Lincoln. MAOI773 ELIZABETH L MARGOLIS 55 Fern Dr., Roslyn, NY 11576 SHEENA L McANDREWS 10 Manor Lane, W. Hartford. CT 06107 Glee Club MARYSUSAN McBRAYER 605 Country Rd.. Avon. CT0600I Phi Theta Kappa JANICE A. McGRANACHAN 5 Niles St.. Brighton. MA 02135 JULIANNE M. McKENNEY Candlewood Isle, New Fairfield, CT 068 10 Yearbook Editor, Basketball. House Council Sec. Ski Club. Phi Theta Kappa, Glee Club, Drama Club linda m. Mclaughlin 4 Fairway Dr., Canton, MA 0202 1 MARY F. McSWEENEY 225 Newbury St., Boston. MA 021 16 KAREN ELLEN McWATTERS 36 Norcross St., Arlington, MA 02174 Glee Club, Phi Theta Kappa, World University Service Yearbook. Commuters Club VENETTA D MERAKOS 4 Dartmouth St., Peabody. MA 01960 Glee Club SUSAN M MIGLIORE 41 Gregory Rd . Wakefield. MA 01880 Commuters Club DAVA MILES 8 Metcalf Ave., Ashland, MA0I721 INESSA MIRANSK1 1928 Chapel St., New Haven, CT 06515 SANDRA E MORETTI 44 Warren St.. Cambridge, MA 02 14 1 GERTRUDE ANN MORRIS 203 Harvard St.. Cambridge, MA 02139 MARIANNE C MURPHY 1 36 Arnold Rd., Norwood, MA 02062 PATRICIA L MURRAY 8 Harding Ct . Melrose, MA 02176 Skit Night. Drama Club N JOAN N NESTOR 2 Forrester St.. Salem, M A 01970 Phi Theta Kappa, Accreditation Com. LINDA S. NOLL 10 Wildwood Circle. Larchmonl, NY 10538 DEBORAH L OLSSON 62 Ledgewood Dr., Glastonbury, CT 06033 BARBARA O ' NEILL 14 Montgomery Ave.. Somerville. MA 02 145 MARILYN E OPIDEE 1(1 Pumping Station Rd , Peabody, MA 01960 JACQUELYN R ORR 21 W Elm Terrace Brockton, MA 02401 SUSAN OWEN 39 Reed St., Lexington. MA 02173 P CYNTHIA ANN PACK 4 West Bard Ave., Red Hook. NY 12571 JOANNE PARKER 8 Penn Rd., Winchester. MA 01890 Phi Theta Kappa JO-ANNE ELIZABETH PAWLOWSKI 27 Oak Ridge St., Ludlow, MA 01056 Drama Club, Ski Club, Phi Theta Kappa DONNA IRENE PERRY l9Gardner St., Arlington. MA02174 Glee Club, World University Service, Commuters Club SUZANNE L PHILLIPS 81 N.James St., Peekskill, NY 10566 House Council Sec, Phi Theta Kappa, Glee Club, Volunteei Club MARSHA LEE PINTO 52 Hesseltine Ave . Melrose, MA 02176 LINDA A. POLLI 40 Dianne Rd.. Medford. MA 021 55 JANE R POSTEL 47 W. Central Blvd., Pali sades Park, NJ 07650 Glee Club DEBORAH A PUGLIANO 2706 Soper Ave., Baldwin, NY 1 1510 Phi Theta Kappa R GAIL ANNE REARDON 8 Westgate Lane. Cohasset, MA 02025 DIANE REINHALTER 560 Summer St., Abington. MA 02351 Glee Club MARY JO ROBINSON 30-09 49th St., Woodside, NY 11377 Yoga, Volleyball KAREN A RODRIGUES 35 Highland St., Milford, MA 01757 MARJOR1E ELIZABETH RUMRILL 32 East State St., Gloversville, NY 12078 Yearbook, Glee Club Pres., Parents ' Weekend, Skit Night. Student Senate, House Council V.P. s MARY ANN SABATINO 44 Toner Rd., Boonton. NJ 07005 DIANE SABBIA 41 Irvington Rd., W. Somerville. MA 02 144 JANE ELLEN SAMPSON 410 Court St., Plymouth, MA 02360 Commuters Club ELIZABETH A SALINI 8 Willard Ave., Medford, MA 02155 KATHY ANN SCOTT 9 Church St., Milford, MA 01757 Glee Club, Yearbook, Parents ' Weekend MARIANNE T. SCOTT 1 Ellen Dr., Terryville, CT 06786 LINDA L SILTANEN 16 Curve St., Lexington, MA 02173 LESLEY M. SMITH 7 Carol Ave., Brighton, MA 02135 LORRAINE M SMITH 48 Supple Rd., Dorchester. MA 02 1 2 1 KIMBERLY A. SOUTHWORTH 122 Prospect St.. Marshfield. MA 02051 Phi Theta Kappa SUSAN JEANNE SPADAFOR A 290 Laurel St.. Melrose. MA 02176 JOANNE STEVENSON 1 1 Summer St., Sharon, M A 02067 ELISSA MARIA ST1RA 2 Dell Drive, Wilmington. MA 01887 Commuters Club. Parents ' Weekend KAREN A SULLIVAN 17 Hillside Terrace Mansfield, MA 02048 ROBERTA T.SULLIVAN 70 Gooch St., Melrose, MA 02176 VALERIE JU ANITA SUTHERLAND 86 Bristol St., Cambridge, MA 02 1 39 Drama Club. Basketball BEVERLY R SWARTZ 247 Ocean St., Lynn. MA 01902 Glee Club, Commuters Club, Drama Club ELIZABETH ANN SW1RKA 76 Robinson St.. Lynn, MA 01905 Senior Class Pres., Student Senate, Drama Club, Glee Club T DEBRA THORBURN 20 Allston St.. Dorchester, MA 02 1 24 VIRGINIA ANN TURNER 4 Ledgewood Dr., Canton, MA 02021 Phi Theta Kappa u DONNA J UHR1G 73 Simpson St., Framingham. MA 01701 Commuters Club V DONNA VANOLA 96 Woodland Ave., Neptune City, NJ 07753 Yearbook, Ski Night PATRICIA A VENDOLA 136 Estes St., Everett, MA 02149 w KATHERINE MARIE WALLACE 24 Virginia St., Somerville, MA 02145 Ski Club VIRGINIA VICTORIA WELCH 17 Montgomery Parkway, Branford. CT 06405 Freshman Class V.P., Student Senate SANDRA J. WHITE 26 Boswell Rd., Reading, MA 01867 Phi Theta Kappa. Commuters Club, Glee Club WANDA WHITHAM 21 Cedar St., Dedham, MA 02026 Phi Theta Kappa ELEANOR A WICKHAM 17 Josselyn Ave., Duxbury, MA 02332 Commuters Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Yearbook, Accredita- tion Com. CHERYLANN WIK 51 Wentworth St., Dedham. MA 02026 Phi Theta Kappa DIANE J. WILDER 15 Pearl St., Canton, NY 13617 Drama Club, Ski Club, Phi Theta Kappa JOANNE EL A YNE WILLIAMS 10 Webster St., Arlington, MA 02 174 Phi Theta Kappa Sec-Treas. SUZANNE WIRE 69 Elm St., Apt. 1, Cambridge. MA 02139 JEAN LOUISL WOODS 40 Appleton St., Saugus, MA 01906 z SHARYN ELAYNEZIGMAN 14 Ridgefield Dr.. Framingham. MA 01701 Phi Theta Kappa 88 Bermuda Is Another World February 28 — March 8 Internship April 28 — May 23 Fashion Show Sunday, April 5 Senior Retailing Students On The Floor

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