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BEACON FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS THE CLASS OF 73 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Cheryl Schoenfeld CO-EDITOR Elizabeth Sobczyk EDITOR ' S MESSAGE The Beacon staff strongly appreciates the help Mrs. Francis has given throughout the academic year. The effort put forth by the members of the Beacon staff is evident within this book. Each book is different, just as each year. This uniqueness is made possible only by cooperation and time . . . Co-Editor Elizabeth Sobczyk Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Dees My house says to me, " Do not leave me, for here dwells your past. " And the road says to me, " Come and follow me, for 1 am your future. " And 1 say to both my house and the road, " 1 have no past, nor have I a future. If 1 stay here, there is a going in my staying; and if 1 go there is a staying in my going. Only love and death change all things. " Kahlil Gibran TO THE CLASS OF 1973 In addressing itself to the horizon, this yearbook as- sumes the perspective of looking into your future. Your time spent at this college and the diverse events of that period are here recorded. They comprise part of that pattern being formed which will more and more assume the description of your horizon in life— your destiny. To me, the most exciting thing about the future and the destiny of each individual is that it is determined by you. Your decisions or lack of them, establish the stepping stones upon which you progress from horizon to horizon. We at Fisher Junior College have at- tempted to provide information, guidance, concepts and procedures by which your decisions, your goals, your achievements may improve daily, weekly, and yearly. Our hope is that your achievements shall be unlimit- ed with joy and success forever. Tomorrow ' s leadership for this world comes from within your midst. Those of you who diligently prepare will be rewarded with great responsibility, have the thrill of challenging op- portunities and will view many, many new horizons. Sincerely, Scott A. Fisher, President This book is now part of all of our pasts. We should look to our future goals and keep our heads up high. In times of troubles try to look towards: BRIGHT HORIZONS We should be glad for distant things, For beauty ' round the bend; For highways that lead on and on With never any end. Be glad for goals just out of reach. The challenge of a star. The glory of a distant light That beckons from afar. For hopes and dreams are built on That enchanted distant mile. And far off bright horizons Make the road today worthwhile. Helen Lowrie Marshall 4 A TRIBUTE We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation and thanks to Mr. Albert Fisher for all the time and undi- vided attention he has given. His guidance and con- cern will certainly leave a lasting impression on every student as she goes on, with his help, to her job or to future schooling. His dedication is greatly admired and appreciated by each and everyone of us. 4 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT SCOTT A. FISHER. A.A., B.A., M B A. President CHARLENE FOURCHER, A S. Secretary OFFICE OF A CADEMIC AFFAIRS JOHN F. BOWLER, A.B., B.S., Ed.M., Ed.U. Academic Dean 7 OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS MARGARETTA BARTON. A.S. Director oj Alumnae Affairs and Secretary Secretary Al.Bl.K 111 ISIII K. A A.. B.S.. I d M Registrar ami Dircc tor of Student Scrvues 8 OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS W. HARDY STEWART, B.A. Director of Admissions SUSAN SARACENO, A S. Secretary FINANCIAL OFFICE DAN M. CARR, B.B.A. Comptroller HELEN BICKFORD College Shop Manager ALTHEA B. SOUTHGATE Assistant to the Comptroller BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES DAVID B. MEEHAN Director of Buildings and Facilities CUSTODIAL STAFF FOOD SERVICES MARCIA DEARBORN Director of Food Services MARISA CASTALUCCI Student Union Food Services 10 i ROGER i:. LHVINE. B.S. Social Scicin c .lAMI S .1. ()i:SI I Kl K II. H.A.. M A. Iliiiihiiiiiic . I ' inc I )is 14 DAVID P. TOUB. B.S.. M A. Psychology. Sociologv THOMAS W. TRAYtRS. B.S., M.Ed. Bioloi y MARY A. TONOUGAR. B.S.Ed., M.A.T.. Ed.M. Geo raph y. Spanish CAMERA SHY Louise S. Apfelbaum Scott A. Babcock Karyn Bairounaus Allan I. Bezan Israel Birnbaum Frank Kozol James D. Manganello Eiiinor E. Pedersen Peter Saltzman Mary K. Scott Jean Shohan Ruth E. Shore James R. Skahan, Jr. 15 SUZANNE BILODEAU Medical Assistant Senior Class Secretary PATRICIA ANN BEMIS Medical Assistant Phi Theta Kappa PAULA BUCKLHY Executive Seereiarv Commuter Club 20 CAROL ANN CIMINA ChiU Siudv StiKlciit SLMiale 22 23 LINDA DELL OKI ANO Legal Secretary Commuter Club 24 DEBORAH L. DOHERTY Pre-Tcaching Glee Club. Inter Dormitory Council, House Council Secretary and Treasurer. Student Volunteers President 25 MARY DOWD Legal Secrelarv Commuter Club DIANE EOVINE Child Siiuiv PA I KICIA DUNN Medical SccrcKirv 26 SALLY lACOVLLLI Pre-Teaching Phi Thcta Kappa. FJC Football. Sccretary-Carty Hall. Inlerdormitory Council 30 GAIL KOLBE hucrnalional Sccrelarv Commuter Club 32 JOANNE KUZDZOL General Education SUSAN LEONARD Optomelric Technician 33 BARBARA LOPES A dinii}islrative A ssistant Glee Club, Drama Club President, Dormilorv President. Activities Committee, Yearbook Staff JOANNL LI ITLE Legal Secretary Glee Club PATRICIA ANN MAHER Executive Secretary Yearbook Staff 34 STEPHANIE MARINO Executive Secretary Commuter Club 35 HARRIIil MHYHR Child Study Commuter Ckib 36 PAULA ROBINSON Administrative Assistant 39 MONA SHAPIRO Child Studv Student Senate President. Drama Club, Phi Theta Kappa 41 JOAN WHITNEY Oplomeiric Technician Commuter Club 45 ADRIENNE ZUPPE Executive Secretary Freshman Class Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, Parents Night CAMERA SHY OLUFUNMILAYO ADESANYA VIRGINIA BABCOCK PATRICIA BELLEVUE SUSAN BERG COLLEEN CAREY ELLEN CARLIN JOAN CARREIRO SONGCHITRA CHOWPRADITH SARA COSTELLO JUDITH CRAWFORD WOUDNESH EWNETU MAXINE GOODWIN CAROLYN HUBBARD JANIS LATORRE PATRICIA LEFAS JOANNE LEONARD SUSAN LEONARD DIANE MARINO JANET MARLOWE DEBORAH MARTEL SUSAN MONTGOMERY NORMA SALVUCCI MARY TEWKSBURY DIANE WITHERELL 47 ' here ' s I he ilooi! 48 Elaine Hicks Elizabeth Sobczyk President Vice-President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS A DMINISTRA TI VE A SSI ST A NT BEHA VIORAL SCIENCE M. Carroll, C. Stefanakas, L. Frank. Not Pictured: N. Gorham, K. Trembowler, D. Alexopoulos. J. Harp, E. Polowczyk. Not Pictured: D. Brown, B. Ginzel. CHILD STUDY Row I: L. Emery, N. Gulash, S. Casey, D. Bothe, S. Brown. Row 2: B. Maron, G. Flaherty. S. Nastro, W. Fogg. Not Pictured: D. Carter, J. Spellmeyer, N. Potter, N. Thomas, M. Lynch, K. MacCarthy, E. Margolis, P. Olsen, L. Sancetta, J. Steen. CHILD PSYCHIATRIC AIDE Row 1: K. Karas, P. Olsen, A. Brackett. Row 2: C. Bothe, A. Allaire, B. Pinto, K. Kelliher, P. Neault. Row 3: J. Steen, C. Beitz, M. Marazzi. M. Rivers, J. Coccia. CHILD PS YCHIA TRIC A IDE EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL Row 1: L. Call, J. Bagarella, J. Karabashian, A. Pelekasis, P. Heenan. Row 2: D. Moreau, W. Saver, M. Sullivan. Not Pictured: P. Amuzzini, C. Bennett, A. Chan, P. Doherty, A. Ward, S. Ranne, E. Zevitas. Row 1: J. Pearl, D. Murphy. Row 2: P. Buckley, K. Miller, T. Suchodoldski, M. Shone, A. Melody. Row 3: C. Vasquez, L. Todd, S. Orenberg, C. Cinelh. Not Pictured: C. Mooney, K. MacCarthy, M. McClosky, M. Rueshe, V. Bujold, J. Callahan, S. Herhhy, F. Jacobs, L. Martin, A. Viau, S. Wiechman, C. Shovan, C. Tetreau, V. Smith, C. Webster. 55 MEDICAL ASSISTANT LEGAL SECRETARIAL Row I: L. Czark, S. Brooker, M. Perron. Row 2: S. Fraser, M. Fischer, E. Erikson, A. Herrington, M. Wesolowski. Row 3: J. Aveni, S. Swanson, A. Card, M. Seger. Not Pictured: A. Berma, A. Feathers, D. Fur- tado, S. Larivee, N. Needle, E. Nyangasi, T. Silva, J. Lauricella. 56 INTERNA TIONA L SECRETA RIA L Row 1: J. Gillis, J. Taschler. P. Corcoran, D. Donald- son. Row 2: T. Gates. M. Dawson. M. Kelley, A. Parkhurst. L. Beaudry, Row 3; K. Malas, K. Russo, E. Fitzgerald, C. Perkins. J. Cennerazzo, C. Belleville. Not Pictured: J. Davis, G. Smith. MEDICAL SECRETARIAL OPTOMETRIC TECHNICIANS Row 1: S. Goering. M. Caturano, S. Leone, S. Greenwood, L. French. Row 2: P. CuUinane, A. M. D ' Orsi, E. Weiner, D. Morvillo, K. Nilsen. C. Murphy. Not Pictured: J. Cuoco, J. A. Sikorski, N. Warshoff. Row 1: K. Meagher, S. Cavanaugh, R. Hayes, T. Mchvoy. J. LaShoto. Row 2: G. Righton, M. Driscoll. Not Pictured: K. Adams, A. Cannon, J. Dudley, S. Kaner. 57 RETAIL MERCHANDISING Row 1: L. Landis, T. Green, C. Pongetti. Row 2: M. Eagan, S. Harris. Not Pictured: K. Baker, S. Borden, M. Staley. ONE-YEAR SECRETARIAL Row I: P. Bellevue, C. Spiros, M. Tewksbury, S. Pritchard, J. Marlowe. Row 2: N. O ' Connell, M. Goodman, D. Conlan, C. Hubbard, L. Berman. Not Pictured: J. Crawford, S. Montgomery. CAMERA SHY L. Lindsay, G. Rapoport, General Education 58 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS ONE-O- TWO BE A CON Row I: C. Regan, N. Greenberg, Eileen, T. McEvoy, L. Sancetta, B. Ginzel, R. Kellett. Row 2: L. Martin, T. Suchodolski, S. Harris, M. Rivers, C. Tetreau, B. Summerfield, S. Brown. Row 3: P. Olsen, G. Rapoport, J. Carpenter, J. Brooker, P. Buckley, K. Kelliher, S. Cavanaugh, A. Allaire, E. Weiner. 62 Pa ' ? ONE-O-FOUR BEACON Row 1: D. Witherell, J. Kuzdzol, N. Warshoff. A. Brackett, J. Todd, J. Taschler, Cristie. K. Malas, J. Karabashian, P. Rankins. Row 2: C. Bothe, A. Viau, N. Pinto, D. Fellows, J. A. Sikorski, M. Goodman, W. Fogg, D. Bothe, S. Berg. Row 3: S. Lesser, D. Doherty, K. Russo, N. Gorham, G. Righton, P. Heenan, M. Seger, H. Polowczyk, C. Vazquez, T. Green, S. Orenberg, C. Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Moody, S. Nastro, L. Lindsay. S. Chowpradith. sating. Peggy Heenan, Joanne Taschler. Row 2: Lillian Lindsay, Debbie Doherty, Cristie, Diane Witherell, Pam. Mr. and Mrs. Moody and Cristie. 63 112-114 Row 1: J. Dudley. A. Melody, S. Walsh, M. Shapiro, N. Barroll, S. Brooker, R, Rome. Row 2: D. Conlan, A. Card, C. Flanagan, C. Beitz, S. Goering, C. Smith, J. Rothschild, S. Leonard. Row 3: D. Marrow, S. Pritchard, M. Eagan, A. Parkhurst, S. Leone, N. O ' Connell, B. Maron, G. Flaherty, E. Rybka, L. Call, L. Czark, D. Spiros, C. Pongetti, J. LaBrie, E. David. 64 131-133 Row 1: K. Karas, T. Skarren, J. Saunders, D. Donaldson, D. Walker, B. Kebede, S. lacovelli, P. Meyer, D. Tichy, T. Curtis, E. Nyangasi, D. Brown. ?ci»v 2: S. Swanson, N. Gulash, K. Miller, J. Davis, B. Cook, K. MacCarthy, L. Johnson, B. Lopes. Mrs. Clark and Jennifer. 65 66 Do you have form no. XLQ56LM?? 68 PHI THETA KAPPA Row 1: K. Scalley. M. Aurelia, J. Fredo, A. Zuppe. L. Morrison, D. Doherty. Row 2: S. Keshishian, S. Julick. E. St. Germaine, Secretary. B. Nuttall. President. C. Chapin, Vice-President, L. Nazaretian, D. McAuliffe. Row 3: P. Bemis. V. Tabeek, C. Winans, R. Halpern, C. Flanagan, R. Wilhelmson. M. Shapiro, K. Smith. Noi Pictured: E. CarHn, C. Carey, J. Carreiro, D. Brennon, S. lacovelU, L. Johnson, N. Salvucci. PHI THETA KAPPA LUNCHEON 69 STUDENT A CTIVITIES " the Charles viewer Row 1: A. Card, J. Pearl. Row 2: L. Landis, M. Eagan, K. Stefa- nakas, L. Sobczyk. STUDENT SENA TE Row I: E. Hicks. J. Chandler. C. Cimina, A. M. D ' Orsi, Row 2: M. Driscoll, D. Shepherd, B. Dubow, Advisor. N. Gorham, M. Caturano. Not Pk lured: M. Craig, Secretary, F. Jacobs, S. Leonard, C. Schoenfeld. 70 WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE Row 1: B. Cahill. J. Karabashian, Vice-President, S. Keshishian, President, Joan Spellmeyer. C. Chapin. Treasurer. Row 2: M. Wesolowski, P. Neault, M. Kelley, E. Fitzgerald, C. Hubbard, M. Rivers. VOLUNTEER SERVICE CLUB GLEE CLUB Row 1: P. Bemis, H. Brooker, D. Doherty, Mr. Kellet, Advisor, C. Chapin, R. Tutunjian, A. Herman. Row 2: R. Wilhelmson. L. Dell ' Orfano, A. Parkhurst, A. Melody, M. Eagan, G. Rapoport, P. Buckley, V. Tabeek. Row 1: J. Brooker, J. Taschler, D. Doherty, A. Herrington, D. Tichy, N. Hall, L. Martin, N. Pinto. Row 2: E. Hicks. T. McEvoy, S. Brown, J. Kuzdzol, D. Marrow, N. O ' Connell, K. Miller, S. Swanson, K. Karas. Row 3: L. Sancetta, B. Summerneld, G. Rapoport, A. Parkhurst, M. Eagan, C. Chapin, T. Gates, S. Leone, A. Cannon, A. Melody, P. Buckley, D. Spiros. 71 YEARBOOK STAFF Debby Shepherd, Layout Editor M Saunder. Photography Editor Clare Chapin. Business Manager 72 w DRAMA CLUB Row 1: J. Brooker. L. Martin. L. Morrison, K. Karas, S. Brooker, J. Chandler, C. Catanzano. Row 2: E. Hicks, P. Heenan, A. Cannon. C. Winans. T. Gates, M. Eagan. M. Shapiro, M. Craig, T. Curtis. SKI CLUB Row I: J. Lauricella, S. Keshishian, N. Gulash, J. Traschler, P. Corcoran. Row 2: A. Brackett, H. Polowczyk, Miss Barton, Advisor, Miss Fourcher, Advisor, M. Rivers, J. Saunders. Row 3: G. Koibc, S. Larivee, N. Gorham, C. Webster. M. A. .lohnson. L. DeirOrfano, P. Butler. 74 SKIT NIGHT FJC FOOTBALL Row I: M. Craig, G. Rapoport, V. Babcock. S. lacovelli, J. Harpe, B. Nuttall. Row 2: J. Oestereich, Assistant Coach, D. Meehan, Assistant Coach, .h. Sobczyk. C. Schoenfeld, F. Jacobs, B. Dubow, Head Coach, D. Toub, Assistant Coach, Not Pictured: R. Levine, Assistant Coach, A. Fuentes, J. Chandler, K. Baker, N. Gulash, N. Gorham, P. Olsen, S. Borden, H. Polowczyk, P. Buckley, M. Eagan, S. Herlihy, N. Warshoff. Looking on from the bench. That ' s a rookie for ya! Don ' t worry Nancy, it ' s only a game. 76 CHRISTMA S IN FA IR YLA ND 78 81 PARENTS England 82 SENIOR DIRECTORY FUNMI ADESANYA, Concord Road, Lincoln, MA 01773 BRENDA ALLEN, 233 Mass Avenue, Apt. 215, Arlington, MA 02174 AMY ANDLER, 39 Ballard Street, Newton Centre, MA 02159 MADELINE AURELIA, 20 Fremont Street, Arlington, MA 02174 VIRGINIA BABCOCK, Division Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963 NANCY BARROLL, 40 Niles Road, Randolph, MA 20368 PATRICIA BELLEVUE, 27 Hazel Street, Saugus, MA 01906 PATRICIA BEMIS, 70 Trowbridge Street, Belmont, MA 02178 SUSAN BERG, 19 Smith Road, Rockport, MA 01966 ALISA BERMAN, 71 Egmont Street, Brookhne, MA 02146 SUZANNE BILODEAU, 2 Nursery Street, Beverly, MA 01915 DEBORAH BRENNON, 20 Chelmsford Street, Chelmsford, MA 01804 GAIL BRYCE, 540 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180 PAULA BUCKLEY, 570 Canton Street, Stoughton, MA 02072 PAULA BUTLER, 4 Milk Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 ELLEN CARLIN, 39 Grandview Avenue, Lexington, MA 02173 JOAN CARREIRO, 36 Plainfield Avenue, Maiden, MA 02151 KATHLEEN CATANZANO, 42 Taylor Street, Maiden, MA 02148 JANE CHANDLER, P O Box 32, Mendenhall, PA 19357 CLARE CHAPIN, 1722 Hill Street, Suffield, CT 06078 SONGCHITRA CHOWPRADITH, 654 Petkasem Road, Bangkok, Thailand CAROL CIMINA, 36 Butler Avenue, Stoneham, MA 02180 DEBORAH CONLAN, Old Green Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 SARA COSTELLO, 141 Hillside Road, Franklin, MA 02038 STEPHANIE CRAIG, 29 Patton Road, Wellesley, MA 02181 JUDITH CRAWFORD, 19 Unice Circle, Wakefield, MA 01880 CHRISTINE CURTIS, 494 Brunswick Road, Toy, NY 12180 ELAINE DAVID, 55 Marmion Way, Rockport, MA 01966 LINDA DELL ORFANO, 104 Beechwood Avenue, Watertown, MA 02172 PATRICE DEVIN, 597 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, MA 02025 DEBORAH DIPIETRO, 153 Locust Street, Winthrop, MA 02152 DEBORAH DOHERTY, 161 Highland Street, Taunton, MA 02780 MARY DOWD, 882 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324 PATRICIA DUNN, 7 Ken Kostka Drive, North Attleboro, MA 02760 DIANE EOVINE, 97 Puritan Road, Somerville, MA 02145 DEBORAH FELLOWS, 4660 Ralston Street, Columbus, OH 43214 COLLEEN FLANAGAN, 115 Highland Street, Luenburg, MA 01462 JANET FREDO, 144 Overlook Road, Arlington, MA 02174 MARTHA FRENCH, 102-12 S Main Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03894 ANITA FUENTES, 940 Parker Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 01730 ELLEN GEHRIG, 4 Grey Birch Road, Ashland, MA 01721 MAXINE GOODMAN, 35 Pleasant Point Drive, Portsmount, NH 03801 NANCY GREENBERG, 82 Withington Road, Newton, MA 02160 RACHEL HALPERN, 112 Gilbert Street, Maiden, MA 02148 PATRICIA HARKINS, 244 Stevens Mills Road, Auburn, ME 04210 ELAINE HICKS, 114-108 228th Street, Cambria Heights, NY 11411 CAROLYN HUBBARD, 1 14 Arborway Drive, Scituate, MA 02066 CAROL HURLEY, 52 Estabrook Road, Quincy, MA 02170 SALLY lACOVELLI, 148 Kendall Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850 LAUREN JOHNSON, 7 Montello Street, Brockton, MA 02401 MARY ANN JOHNSON, 19 Russell Street, Winthrop, MA 02152 SUSAN JULICK, 26 Wingate Drive, Livingston, NY 07039 ROSEMARY KELLETT, 542 Trapelo Road, Waltham, MA 02154 SANDRA KESHISHIAN, 7 Segmor Road, Arlington, MA 02174 86 GAIL KOLBE, 1 Castle Heights Road, Andover, MA 01810 JOANNE KUZDZOL, 1273 East Street, Mansfield, MA 02048 JOY LaBRIE. 81 Bowditch Avenue, Peabody, MA 01960 JANIS LaTORRE, 11 Waverly Avenue, Newton, MA 02158 PATRICIA LEFAS, 56 Selwyn Street, Roslindale, MA 02131 SUSAN LEONARD, Washington Street, East Bridgewater, MA 02333 JOANNE LITTLE, 301 Belmont Street, WoUaston, MA 02170 MABEL LIU, 337 Huntington Avenue apt 510, Boston, MA 021 15 BARBARA LOPES, 640 So. First Street, New Bedford, MA 02744 PATRICIA MAHER, 64A MT Pleasant Street, Woburn, MA 01801 KATHLEEN MARCHETTI, 43 Eliot Road, Arlington, MA 02174 DIANNE MARINO, 13 Hildegarde Street, Randolph. MA STEPHANIE MARINO, 46 Gold Cliff Road, Maiden, MA 02148 JANET MARLOWE, 37 Leshe Road, Belmont, MA 02178 DEBORAH MARTEL, 1 1 East Union Street, Goffstown, HN 03045 DIANNE McAULlFFE, 5 Marion Avenue, Norwood, MA 02062 JUSTINE McAULlFFE, 28 Bradstreet Road, North Andover, MA 01845 JEAN MITCHELL, 109 Hamilton Road, Wrentham, MA 02093 SUSAN MONTGOMERY, 19 Drury Lane, Wakefield, MA 01880 LINDA MORRISON, Harrison Avenue, Williamstown, MA 02167 LINDA NAZARETIAN, 31 Hosmer Street, Watertown, MA 02172 BEVERLY NUTTALL, 36 Glen Road, Winchester, MA 01890 NANCY O ' CONNELL, 28 Franklin Road, Mendham, NJ 07945 VIRGINIA O ' CONNOR, P O Box 156, Waqudit, MA 02536 JANET PERKINS, 102 Dana Road, Reading, MA 01867 SUSAN PRITCHARD, 1 1 1 Morton Drive, Ramsey, NJ 07446 PHYLLIS RANKINS, 37 W all Street, Middletown, CT 06457 CARROLL ANN REGAN, Main Street, Remsenburg, NY 11960 PAULA ROBINSON, 2 Aberdeen Road, Arlington, MA 02174 RANDI ROME, 63 Lovelace Drive, West Hartford, CT 061 17 JANE ROTHSCHILD, 2115 Rosemont Drive, Montgomery, AL 36111 ELLEN ST. GERMAINE, 1 1 Fairview Street, Gardiner, ME 04345 NORMA SALVUCCI, 294 Great Plain Road, Needham, MA 02192 JUDITH SAUNDERS, Sycamore Drive, Newburgh, NY 12550 KAREN SCALLEY, 47 Harrison Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801 CHERYL SCHOENFELD, 396 Hatherly Road, North Scituate, MA 02060 MONA SHAPIRO, 630 Pine Lane, East Meadow, NY 11554 KANDI SMITH, 69 East Tioga Street, Spencer, NY 14883 LIZ SOBCZYK, 40 Chickatawbut Street, Dorchester, MA 02122 SUSAN STAGLIANO, 9 State Street, Westboro, MA 01581 DEBRA SPIROS, 1699 Lander Road, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124 JANICE STREKOFSKY, 6 Oakwood Avenue, Saugus, MA 01906 VALARIE TABEEK, 20 Dartmouth Avenue, Dedham, MA 02026 MARY TEWKSBURY, 73 Summer Street, Saugus, MA 01906 DIANE TICHY, 15 Maple Street, Lebanon, NJ 08833 ANGELA TONETTI, 46 Ashcroft Road, Medford, MA 02155 ROBERTA TUTUNJIAN, 18 Century Lane, Milton, MA 02186 SARAH WALSH, 35 Church Street, Holliston, MA 01746 PATRICIA WELDON, 1 Scott Drive, Peabody, MA 01960 JOAN WITNEY, 16 Fabyan Street, Arlington, MA 02174 RUTH WILHELMSON, 10 Pleasant Garden Road, Canton, MA 02021 DEBORAH WILLIAMS, 76 Wood Street, Concord, MA 01742 CAROL WINANS, 51 Kirk Drive, Rochester, NY 14610 DIANA WITHERELL, 12 Grove Street, Rochester, NH 03867 ADRIENNE ZUPPE, 57 Leitha Drive, Waltham, MA 02154 87 THE ALMA MATER Hail to you, our Alma Mater Let our voices join in praise To the school whose inspiration Will direct us all our days. As we stand before Life ' s portal You have given us a key To unlock the great world before us; And to you we ' ll loyal be. When the moment comes for parting And we bid these halls goodbye We will take with us forever Thoughts of you that never die. Alma Mater, as we leave you We hold bright in memory Giving fame to the name of Fisher In our hearts you ' ll always be. 88

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