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..Ill J „ 1 J L IZIIIZICZDCIDC: " II 1 II IC ][ZDC 1 1 Z3L Z3[ J -DC [Z3 11 — — ic—ic « ■»»» ■ M »» M ]rz] zicz: DCZZIC FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS MYDE SPENCER NANCY DAVIS CO-EDITORS EDITOR ' S MESSAGE Only you and I can help the sun to rise each morning. If we don ' t it may drench itself out in sorrow. A. Camus The BEACON staff wish to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Alice Hurley for her help throughout the year. The long hours that were spent in organizing this yearbook is evident. To all the members of the BEACON staff, thank you for your cooperation and help. Myde Spencer, Editor Nancy Davis, Co-Editor 2 To The Class of 1972 Your class is unique in the history of this college. The faces and names in this book are unique and your contributions to our society and world will also be unique. For many years you have been preparing yourself to assume responsibihty and leadership. The skills and talents which you have discovered and developed are on the threshold of full application. Each of you will be tested and retested by life ' s challenges in the years to come. As your president. I have appreciated and enjoyed our short association. I have been pleased with the vigor with which you have pursued and achieved accomplishment after accomplishment. Ahead of you are tasks to be done, rewards to earn, joys to experience, worlds to discover, and opportunities to enrich the lives of oth- ers. We at Fisher hope that your education here has broadened your scope of understanding and helped you become better prepared to demonstrate judgment and wisdom throughout your Hfe. We will watch each one of you with interest. All of us send with you our best wishes for success in all your endeavors. Sincerely, Scott A. Fisher, President 3 MEMORIAM Myron C. Fisher " In one sense there is no death. The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond his departure. He lives on in your Ufe and in the Uves of all who knew him. " Angelo Patri Warren McDowell " Not as a ladder from Earth to Heaven, not as a witness to any creed, But simple service simply given to his own kind in their common need. " Rudyard KipUng 4 THIS YEARBOOK IS DEDICATED TO THE INDIVIDUAL WITHIN YOU If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau OFFICE of the PRESIDENT Scott A. Fisher, A.A., B.A., M.B.A. President Charlene Fourcher Secretarv OFFICE of ACADEMIC AFFAIRS John A. Bowler, A.B., B.S., Ed.M., Ed.D. Academic Dean Suzanne Forrest Secretary 8 OFFICE of STUDENT AFFAIRS Richard E. Borngen, A.B., B.D. Director of Student Activities Margaretta Barton Director of A lumnae Affairs and Secretary Constance Hodgdon Secretary 9 OFFICE of ADMISSIONS Ruth Harte W. Hardy Stewart, B.A. Director Pamela Ratti Secretary FINANCIAL OFFICE Dan M. Carr, B.B.A. Comptroller Althea Southgate Assistant to the Comptroller 10 FOOD SERVICES Cafeteria Staff i Student Union Staff STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Eleanor M. Berard. R.N. 11 Camera Shy Lillian Smith Library Assistant Dr. Peter Saltzman, A.B., M.D. Social Science Helene Kane French Paula Tirrell, B.S.Ed., English, Literature M.A. David Kremgold, B.A., B.D., M.F.A. An James Oestereich, B.A., M.A. Humanities, Fine Arts Dr. Frank Kozol, O.D., Ph.D. Massachusetts College of Optometry Dr. Norman Wallis, O.D., Ph.D. Massachusetts College of Optometry Liason Officer 17 18 CANDY APPLEBY Legal Secretary Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy. ALFREDA BARTKUS Legal Secretary To see a world in a grain of sand, And a Heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour. TERRY ALBIZER Medical Secretary " I ' ll walk where my nature would be leading . . . " JUDITH BOYLE Executive Secretary 20 JENNIFER CARROLL General Education Understanding can accommodate change, and when people are free to change, and the earth is viewed as a dynamic but balanced system, there can be peace. ELLEN CONATHAN Liberal Arts If you don ' t think about it, it doesn ' t hurt. LINDA CINCOTTA Legal Secretary Life is the art of drawing without an era- ser. NANCY DAVIS Behavioral Science Be aware then that tomorrow is only tomorrow and there is nothing to fear except the coming of another day. 21 22 EILEEN DICKINSON Legal Secretary GRACE DOHERTY Medical Assistant Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ADELE DONAHUE Legal Secretary You have, to make the good times yourself, take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right, for the ones that aren ' t so good. SUSAN DEROCHE Legal Secretary We ' re children needing other children and yet letting our grown-up pride, hide all the need inside, acting more hke children, than children. 23 WOUDNESH EWNETU Executive Secretary ANN FERNALD Medical Assistant So much of life ahead: We ' ll find a place where there ' s room to grow; And, yes, we ' ve just begun. DIANA LEE ERICKSON General Education Being a woman is a terribly difficult task since it consists principally in dealing with men. MARY JANE FINNEGAN Administrative Assistant The most completely lost of all days is one on which we have not laughed. 24 JUDI GARCIA Pre-teaching 25 JANET GELDREICH Pre-teaching He only is a well-made man who has a good determination. ALISON GRAY General Education Where ever you go, there you are! CINDY QUAY Administrative Assistant The main thing in life— is not to be afraid to be human. JOAN HANSEN Medical Secretary But when the sun goes down and them bright hghts shine, my daytime has just begun. 26 WENDY HARVEY General Education PEGGY HELLER Administrative Assistant Walk on a rainbow trail; Walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, ever a rainbow trail. CAROLYN HORWATH General Education CAROL HOWE Executive Secretary Come on people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to Love one another Right Now. 27 MANINA JONES Pre-teaching I fled from the tigers, I fled the flees What got me at last? Mediocrities. BARBARA HUCKSAM Executive Secretary VICTORIA JORDAN Pre-teaching JOAN KELSO General Education Far away there in the sunsiune are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but 1 can look up ancj see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. 28 PHYLLIS KIRK International Secretary You are what you are— not what others think you are. JOANNE KODWYCK Medical Secretary Today is the first day of the rest of your Ufe. CAROL KNOWLTON Executive Secretary MISUZU KOJIMA Administrative Assistant If you don ' t believe in happiness, you never find it. 29 DEBBI KRACHT Legal Secretary What I ' ve gained from being with you I c»uldn ' t say- but any need for knowing anyone but you is what I ' ve lost. PAMELA KRUEGER International Secretary I knew who I was when I got up this morning but I must have changed several times since then. MARLENE KRIEGSMAN Pre-teaching The most I can do for my friend is simply be her friend. VICKIE LACOMBE Liberal Arts 30 DENISE LAVELY Behavioral Science Generosity is not in giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is in giving me that which you need more than I do. LORETTA LEAVITT Legal Secretary If I can stop one heart from breaking, ease one Ufe the aching, I shall not live in vain. MARY LeCLAIR Executive Secretary CHRISTINE LESSUCK General Education 31 MAUREEN LORDAN Medical Secrelary CAROL-ANN MacDONALD Executive Secretary 32 DONNA MAHONEY Liberal Arts Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come true. DOROTHY MARTINELLI Executive Secretary STEPHANIE MOGLIA Pre-teaching My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep; the more I give to thee. The more I have, for both are infinite. LESLEY MOORE Behavioral Science 33 DONNA MOREA Medical Assistant If anyone should ask me to give a reason why I loved my friend, there could be only one answer: " Because he was he. Because I was I. " MARILYN MULLER Pre-teaching Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. SHEILA MURPHY Legal Secretary Love comes as birth does. Knowing its own time. CHERYL NELSON International Secretary People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. 34 35 SUZANNE PHILLIPS Executive Secretary SHARON PIANTEDOSI Medical Assistant Secret of life is in taking each day and making the most of each minute. ROSEMARY PEARSON Executive Secretary If you have a bit of sorrow, don ' t complain ... for if we do not have the darkness, we do not appreciate the Hght. CHRISI INL POSCHEN Behavioral Science The most completely lost of all days is the one on which we have not laughed. 36 KRISTINE RABIS Medical Assistant JOYCE QUAIL Medical Secretary Go placidly amid the noise and haste, to remember what peace there may be in silence . . . SHELLEY REAGAN Pre-teaching SUSAN RICKER Administrative Assistant Let the morning time drop all its petals on me. Life, I love you. All is groovy. 37 MARY RIDLEY Pre-teaching Lose your dreams, and you will lose your mind. KATHLEEN RINEHART International Secretarv Happiness means twice as much when you can share it. SUSAN ROSENBERG Legal Secretary The world should know how warm two hands in one coat pocket feel on a cold night, or how a gentle hand can soothe all the anger from a fist. SUSAN SCARPATI Pre-teaching 39 SUSAN SPADAFORA Executive Secretary MYDE SPENCER Executive Secretary A happy smile costs nothing, but means so much. SHELLEY SOUZA Liberal Arts . . . he learned love. He was answered. Open your eyes. Realize, the way it ' s been. Open your mind. You will find, the way it ' s been. Open your heart . . . That ' s a start. LINDA STEINBAUER General Education 40 LILLIAN STERN Executive Secretary He who hesitates, is lost! PHYLLIS STONE Liberal A rts The water continually flowed and flowed and yet it was always there; it was always the same and yet every moment it was new. f ■ BARBARA STRULLER Pre-teaching JUDY THORNTON Legal Secretary The supreme happiness of hfe is the conviction that we are loved— loved for ourselves; rather, loved in spite of ourselves. 41 MARIE TOSCANO Liberal Arts Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go. Life is a barren field. Frozen with snow. MARYLEE TREBACH Pre-ieaching The love in your heart wasn ' t put there to stay. Love isn ' t love till you give it away. CARA TRINDER International Secretary I will reveal to you a- love potion, without medicine, without herbs, without any witch ' s magic; If you want to be loved, then LOVE. NORA URDANETA Administrative Assistant A smile is nothing but gives much. 42 ARJA VEIJALAINEN Pre-teaching SANDY VIRTUE Medical Assistant . . . And remember my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others. JUDY WAITE Administrative Assistant My joy, my grief, my hope, did all within this circle move. LINDA WHITCOMB Pre-teaching 43 JACQUELINE WILLIAMS Pre-teaching If you want something bad enough, you let it run free. If it comes back to you then it ' s yours. If it doesn ' t then you never had it any- way. KATHRYN WILLIAMS General Education The most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed. DEBORAH WORTHYLAKE Executive Secretary NANCY YATES International Secretary Nothing lasts longer than a happy memory. 44 SHANNON YOUNG General Education In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. ELLIE ZOLADZ Administrative Assistant But if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again. Look a round The grass is high, the fields are ripe. It ' s the springtime of my life. ! Camera Shy Seniors J. Aliberti A. Kidder D. Bassett C. Kirby E. Blank A. Kuhlke L. Chandler C. Maslowsk M. Clabby B. Mason H. Coram J. Matthews P. Cort D. Mercuri M. Deveney D. Pascucci A. Dickman J. Rando J. Fragale J. Shute V. Grella B. Smith M. Henderson A. Tetreault J. Homer V. Woodger D. Hutchinson 45 Senior Class Officers Candy Appleby, President (right) Susan Ricker, Vice-President (missing) Sandy Virtue, Secretary (center) Loretta Leavitt, Treasurer (left) Robert Dubow, Advisor (missing) 47 D. Dipietro D. Doherty D. Doherty D. Eovine J. Essex F. Evans E. Gehrig J. Gingerella N. Greenberg T. Henes t. Hicki D. Hosier L. Johnson M. Johnson S. JuUch J. Klauer N. Knapp G. Kolbe A. Donze M. Dowd P. Dunn G. Farnsworth D. Farrell D. Fellows A. Fuentes J. GalUnaro K. Gagne R. Halpem P. Harkins G. Hekimian C. Hudey S. lacovelli J. Jablon L. Karpinski S. Keshishian R. Kellett J. Kuzdzol J. Labne S. Leonard 51 A S. Seidman S. Stagliano V. Tabeek R. Weinstein D. Williams M. Shapiro L. Sloan B. Stone D. Stone 1. Tarv E. TernuUo N. Toombs P. Weldon S. Welles C. Winans C. Winkler K. Smith J. Strekofsky D. Tichy K. Trembowler R. Tutunjian J. Whimey S. Winsor R. Smith S. Strickland C. Theobald S. Walsh D. Witherell E. Sobczyk D. Sweeney C. Thompson R Webber R. Wilhelmson C. Williams M. V ' onachen C. Yeh C. Young D. Zaza A. Zuppe 53 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Jane Chandler, President Sandra Keshishian, Vice-President Elizabeth Peterson, Secretary Adrienne Zuppe, Treasurer Roger Levine, Advisor 54 ONE-O-TWO BEACON 56 Back Row. Left lo Right: S. Phillips, D. Kracht. Back Row, Left to Right: S. Ricker, J. Hansen. C. Mo- S. Souza. Front Row. Left to Right: A. Donze, naco, D. Longo. Front Row, Left to Right: N. Levin. S. S. Moglia, N. Davis. Missing: A. Palmer, M. Walsh. A. Gray. Missing: C. Flannagan, M. Craig. Kojima, M. Leyman, S. Strickland. 57 ONE-O-FOUR HOUSE COUNCIL. Back Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Maxwell (House Mother); C. Williams; Nora Urdaneta. Front Row. Left 10 Right: C. Chapin; Jackie Wil- liams; Phyllis Stone. Left 10 Right: V. Grella; L. Chandler; C. Williams; S. Crowley; N. Urdaneta; R. Solomon. Left to Right: S. Berg; M. Jones; .1. Williams; R Stone; J. Perney; S. Scarpati; J. Quinlan. 58 112-114 59 112-114 131-133 HOUSE COUNCIL: Mrs. Downs, Seppl, Robin Offil (Vice-President). Shane Fitzgerald (President), Karen Del- fino. Back Row: M. Johnson, D. Tichy, R. Offit, C. Curtis, K. Dell ' ino, S. Fitzgerald, Seppl. Front Row: C. Winnans, N. Andrade. I. Tary. S. lacovelli, L. Morrison, L. Johnson. 61 The Football Team was a big first for F.J.C. The team didn ' t break any records, but its spirit and en- thusiasm was tops. With the help of Robert Dubow, Jim Oestereich, and Coach Roger Levine, the team had a great and fun-fiUed season. ACTIVITIES 67 BIG-LITTLE SISTER OUTING Show off!! Do you think I can hit it?? What is she swinging at? I ' ll get it. 69 PHI THETA KAPPA: M. Jones, C. Kirby, (President); P. Stone, S. Scarpati, P. Kirk, S. Phillips, D. Morea, D. Kracht, A. Fernald, E. Zoladz, M. Ridley, S. Rosenberg, R. Pearson, J. Williams. DRAMA CLUB: Front Row. Left to Right: B. Gray, N. Levin, U. Kracht, C. Reagan. Back Row, Left to Right: A. Garr, S. Virtue, C. Chapin, S. Phillips, S. Moglia, (President); J. Kelso. 74 W.U.S.: Seated: J. Waite, (President); C. Chap- in. Standing: L. Stern, S. Keshishian. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION: First Row: S. Leonard, C. Menge, N. Toombs. Second Row: J. Chandler, L. Stern, D. Sweeney, E. St. Germaine, A. Garr, (President). Third Row: D. Morea, A. Bar- tkus, L. Sobczyk, A. Fernald, S. Fitzgerald, J. Kelso, Mr. Trayers. 75 I INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL: Back Row, Left to Right: K. Delfino, R. Offit, P. Stone, N. Davis, C. Chapin, N. Levin, D. Kracht. Middle Row: S. Virtue, D. Morea, Co- Presidents Joan Kelso, and Share Fitzgerald, J. Williams. Front Row: C. Nelson, K. Williams, R. Pear- son, F. deBordenave ECUMENICAL COUNCIL: M. Jones, R. Solo- mon, N. Kellett. YEARBOOK STAFF: Left to Right: Nancy Davis and Myde Spencer. (Co-Editors); C. Chapin, M. Kojima. A. Palmer, A. Bartkus, L. Leavitt, C. Rea- gan, J. Saunders. 76 CLASS WILL We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Two, being of questionably sound mind and body, do leave the following precious, and well-deserved gifts to the below named in the hope that they may put them to good use. WE THEREFORE AND HEREAFTER, DO LEAVE: Louise S. Apfelbaum a copy of Romeo and Juliet written in pig latin. Eleanor M. Berard a glass of warm water and salt. Emily P. Bishop a stuttering parrot in hopes that she may help it. John F. Bowler a life-time internship at F.J.C. where he can really put his education to work. Rose M. Chacran a package of carbon paper. Robert M. Dubow a slap stick and a laughing bag. Albert Fisher a resume. Scott Fisher a gold filled doorbell. Susan L. Fisher a shorthand pad. Judith Greene a set of gym shorts. AUce J. Hurley a typing eraser and a copy of the yearbook. Jacquehne Judge the fastest hand in the East. Helene Kane ten French lessons. Norman L. Kellett a history book that repeats itself. Francis Kelly a family James P. Kindregan a book entitled Combined Works of Case Studies. David A. Kremgold a set of finger paints. Roger Levine a book on hand signals. David Meahan a thank you. James Oestereich a pair of pink satin ballet shppers for next year ' s skit night. Elhnor E. Pedersen a free tour of the B.P.L. Peter Saltzman a set of all Dr. Spock ' s literature. Ruth E. Shore a dictionary of improper and unallowed grammar. Christine Sweeney a husband who is a good typist, stenographer and accountant. Paula Tirrell a copy of The Sensuous Woman. Mary A. Tonougar a Spanish Fly— oh we mean Flea. David P. Toub a book on how to organize your life in order to get tests corrected and returned in a week ' s time. Thomas W. Trayers a culture of Mr. Dubow ' s throat cells. James A. Vaughn an underdeveloped country to develop. Ruth Weiss a dart board with a picture of " you know who " on it. THE FOLLOWING DO ALSO LEAVE: I, Joan Hansen, do leave Fisher " on the wagon. " We, Joan Kelso and Cindy Guay, bequeath a genuine gold telephone engraved " Property of Jerry Adams, aUas Jim Davis, alias Joe Strate, and with fond memories!! L Susan Ricker, do leave feeling groovy. L Susan Rosenberg, do leave a parking meter for a commuter. We, the seniors from the football team will leave our great sportsmanship, enthusiasm, strong arms, great running power, tough center power, to next year ' s team. I, Adele Donahue, do leave a reserved parking space for Fisher students on Beacon and Berkley Streets for the school year. I, Robin Solomon, do hereby leave Fisher with more frolics and genial spirits, Yipiee!!!! In witness, whereof hereunto therefore, we have hereby declared this as the last will and final testament of the Class of 1972, Fisher Junior College, and we hereunto inscribed our names and affix our seal in this, the Year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Two. 77 X PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Davis Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Moglia Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Appleby Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Felix Cincotta Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Day Mr. and Mrs. John DeBordenave Mr. and Mrs. Charles French Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hosier Compliments of The Freshmen Class Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bruskin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burge Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Butler Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Conathan " Awake, Arise or Forever be Fallen. " Gladys Coomber Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dome Mr. and Mrs. William Fernald Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Flanagan Mrs. Alfred P. Garr Mr. and Mrs. Murray Greenberg Joseph and Ria Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Wendell N. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. James Heller Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Johnson Mr and Mrs. Wallace Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kirk Mr. and Mrs. A bin A. Klauer Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walters " From the Parents of Myde Spencer " The R. Kruegers Mr. and Mrs. Eugene T. Matthews Normand C. and Pauline Noel Mr. and Mrs. Howard Offit Mr. and Mrs. Irving Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Steinbauer Ernest Toombs Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kracht Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Kuzdzol Mr. and Mrs. Harley H. Leavitt Mr. and Mrs. George Lessuck Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Little Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Marino Lucille Martel " Lucille ' s Beauty Salon " Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. McDermott " Best Wishes to All " from Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Meyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. O ' Leary Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Peterson, Jr. Harold Schnee Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Seidman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shapiro Mr and Mrs. Joseph Spadafora Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Stagliano Mr. Dominic Toscano Mr. and Mrs. Donald Virtue Mr. and Mrs. David Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Young, Jr. 78 " Our best wishes. " Lee and Phil Balsam Mary and Domenick Grella Mr. and Mrs. George Tabeek Mrs. Richard H. Bemis Mr. and Mrs. James F. Crowley Mrs. Geldreich Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeRoche Mrs. Phyllis Roy Martin, Edith, and Lillian Stern Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tichy N. L. K. " You owe it to yourself! " Cindy Steve, Joan Bill. " Life is like a psychotic warthog. It doesn ' t make any sense, and it ' s not supposed to, either. " -Maryann Everywhere Faithful Ricker for Freshman Rep., House Council, Student Gov- ernment, V. P. ... or bust! The B. Y.G. Hello from Sugar Mountain-get me out of here! CM.C. Don ' t let it bring you down . . . Judy Boyle Sunshine is always with Jay David and Anna, May 3, 1968-1 found him!!! Joanne Little-School, school Woe! ! My best to you always. Jacqueline C. Judge Dr. James A. Vaughn Robert M. Dubow-Best Wishes Helen G. Bickford Eleanor M. Berard, R.N. Sharon from Brighton Ellinor Pedersen To a great class— Julie Greene Fare Thee Well. M. A. Tonougar Albert L. Fisher Just Keep Smiling- Mary Harnish Dean Bowler Bozo and Suzi Strange Meet you in Tokyo— Missy Goodbye to F.J. C. It was a unique two years. Nancy Davis, Pres. of " 102 " Squish Squash Best Wishes, Linda Francis Cheryl Dees: " Go Home Lillian! " " Harpers Bazaar " Life is Hell, Nobody ever gets out of it alive. Mr. Trayers With Best of Wishes, Emily Bishop I think of success, so I hope you will. Woudnesh Ewnetu " Did Ralph call me? " Marie- " Tea Toast " Mary Sunshine Myde- " I just love Shorthand! ! " Be a good friend, and the world will smile with you. Love Lil Elaine Degan Fisher girls should be: Faithful, mpeccable, Special, ard Working as none else has or ever will, Fverready, ?espectable-To make My aim our fame. The Evans Are you a member of the F.F. Club? 79 SENIOR DIRECTORY TERESE A ALBIZER. 7 NewhaU Road, Lynnfield. MA 01940 JANE E ALIBERTI. 24 Sutlon Avenue. Ponsmouth NH 03801 CANDICE A. APPLEBY. 269 Main Street. Saugus. MA 01906 ALFREDA N. BARTKUS. 49 Lincoln Street. Cambridge. MA 02141 DOROTHEA H BASSETT. Sound View Road. Somerset. Bermuda ELIZABETH E. BLANK. 294 Clyde Street, Brookline. MA 02167 JUDITH A. BOYLE 5 Sunrise Avenue, Stoneham, MA 02180 JENNIFER J. CARROLL. 1331 Keyes Avenue, Schenectady, NY 12309 LESLIE A. CHANDLER, Candlewood Hill Road. Higganum. CT 06441 MARILYN CLABBY 102 Jessie Drive. W. Haven. CT 06516 ELLEN CONATHAN. 576 Washington Street. Duxbury. MA 02332 HELEN P CORAM. 403 Old Tarrytovvn Road. White Plains. NY 10603 PATRICIA A CORT. 12 Park Avenue. Red Hook. NY 12571 NANCY DAVIS 223 North Broadway. Salem. NH 03079 ELAINE MARIE DEGAN. 18 Livesey Road. Squantum, MA 02171 KAREN DELFINO. 3 Dewitt Drive. Bristol. CT 06010 SUSAN A. DeROCHE. 71 Castle Dnve. Stratford. CT 06497 MARY J. DEVENEY. 59 Forest Avenue. Greenfield. MA 01301 ROSANNE DiCESARE. 179 Bradford Street. Everett. MA 02149 EILEEN M. DICKINSON. 72 Lelland Road. Stoughlon, MA 02072 AMY E. DICKMAN. 59 Fenimore Drive. Harrison. NY 10528 GRACE P DOHERTY. 1 1 Zamora Court. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 ADELE M DONAHUE, 5 Dodge Avenue, Georgetown, MA 01830 WOUDNESH EWNETU, 77 Walden Street. No. Cambndge. MA 02140 DIANA L. ERICKSON. 519 So. Wilbur Avenue. Sayre. PA 18840 ANN E. FERNALD. 34 Park Street. Gardiner. MA 04345 IVIARY JANE FINNEGAN. 69 Grove Street. Winchester. MA 01890 SHAYNE S FITZGERALD. 183 Rogers Avenue. MUford. CT 06460 JOANNE FRAGALE. 270 Hollywood Avenue. Long Branch. NJ 07740 RUTH C. FRIZELL. 10 Phillips Une. Darien. CT 06820 JUDITH ANN GARCIA. 419 Thompkins Gardens. Mamaroneck. NY 10543 ALFREDA GARR. 44 Eastwood Street. Buffalo. NY 14208 JANET S. GELDREICH. 64 Clark Street, Maiden, MA 02148 ALISON E. GRAY, 3 Oark Street, E. Falmouth, MA 02536 VALARIE A. GRELLA, 27 Harrison Avenue, Glen Cove. NY 11542 CYNTHIA L GUAY. Mile HUl Road. Laconia. NH 03246 JOAN HANSEN. 6 Henmar Dnve. Closter. NJ 07624 WENDY J. HARVEY. 145 Highland Avenue. Winchester. MA 01890 PEGGY A. HELLER. 1048 Ridgewood Dnve. Highland Park, IL 60035 MAIDA A. HENDERSON. 33 Oakvale Road. Framingham, MA 01701 JOAN C HOMER, Cushman Road, WalerviUe, ME 04901 CAROLYN M. HORWATH, 7 Shelly Dnve, Hackeltstovm, NJ 07840 CAROL ELAINE HOWE, 4 Peari Street, Belmont, MA 02178 BARBARA A. HUCKSAM, 76 Winthrop Avenue, Braintree, MA 02185 DEBORAH A. HUTCHINSON, 130 Cherry Street, Hellertown, PA 18055 MANINA G. JONES, The WUIows-Hardscrabble Road, No. Salem, NY 10560 JOAN E KELSO, 265 Pine Street, Lockport, NY 14094 ALLISON KIDDER, 25 Auburn Street, Franklin, NH 03235 CAROLE A. KIRBY, Gillette France S.A., Boite Postale 26, 74 Annecy France PHYLLIS L. KIRK, 3 Pleasant Terrace, Boonton, NJ 07005 CAROL D. KNOWLTON, 86 Oak Street, Stoneham, MA 02180 JOANNE KODWYCK, 27 Cherry Street, Newburyport, MA 01950 MISUZU KOJIMA, 3 5 21 Chuo Nanano-ku, Tokyo, Japan DEBORAH KRACHT. 335 Stanley Street, No. Tonawanda, NY 14120 MARLENE KRIEGSMAN. 10 Odessa Road. Mahopac. NY 10541 PAMELA KRUEGER. 29 Palisade Blvd.. Demarest. NY 07627 ANN KUHLKE. 406 34th Street. Virgmia Beach. VA 23451 VICKIE LACOMBE. 34 Brookside Road. Bedford. MA 01730 DENISE LAVELY. 22 Summer Street. Andover. MA 01810 LORETTA LEAVITT. 4 Four Acre Dnve. BurUngton. MA 01803 MARY LeCLAIR. 62 Richfield Road. Arimgton. MA 02174 CHRISTINE LESSUCK. 45 Chicasaw Dnve. Oakland, NJ 07436 NANCY LEVIN, 914 Coach Drive, W. Deal, NJ, 07712 CYNTHIA LITTLE, 40 Judge Road. Lynn. 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You have given us a key To unlock the great world before us; And to you we ' ll loyal be. When the moment comes for parting And we bid these halls good-bye We will take with us forever Thoughts of you that never die. Alma Mater, as we leave you We hold bright in memory Giving fame to the name of Fisher in our hearts you ' ll always be. © 0 0 0 96

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