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BEACON 1970 FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE Boston, Massachusetts Co-Editors: Marcia Ellis Patrice RawUck THERE ARE SOME MEN ... SANFORD L. FISHER The graduating class and I are in the same situation. We have come to the end of this part of our lives. From this point you will take a different route and I, too, must go on in another direction to something new. It is not my habit to look back in nostalgia, but it would show a lack of human feeling and perhaps a deficiency in judgment if at these crossroads, one did not pause for a casting up of accounts. I have been the President of Fisher Junior College for . . . years. In that time, by the united efforts of many dedicated people, the College has changed greatly and for the better. My aim in all those years has been the same: to make life richer and more productive for young women like you. My working philosophy was a continu- ation of what I was brought up by my father, the Founder of this College, to live by. He believed that every day, every hour, life requires choices. If the life I live is to be an effective one, I must choose good sense as opposed to foolishness; I must eschew ignorance and make myself learn; I must conquer laziness and make an effort, I must be a man of good will to men. To make a good choice is generally to choose the hard thing. You are not the first to face a hard world. What you can win from it would have no value if it were easy. My situation as I retire from a lifetime of work at the college requires me to take a firm grip on my courage. I recommend this stance to you. 3 . . . WHO SHOULD HA VE MOUNTAINS TO BEAR THEIR NAMES TO TIME. 4 NAME THIS MOUNTAIN AFTER HIM. FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION VS. STUDENTS SPECIAL EVENTS JOHN F. KENNEDY This country is moving and it must not stop. It cannot stop. For this is a time for courage and a time of challenge. Neither conformity nor complacency will do. Neither the fanatics nor the fainthearted are needed. So let us not be petty when our cause is so great. Let us not quarrel amongst ourselves when our nation ' s future is at stake. Let us stand together with renewed confidence in our cause — united in our heritage of the past and our hopes for the future — and determined that this land we love shall lead all mankind into new frontiers of peace and abundance. (To have been delivered at Austin, Texas, Nov. 22, 1963) MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time: the need for men to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. (Speech accepting Nobel Peace Prize, Dec. 11, 1964) ROBERT F. KENNEDY " Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say, why not. " THE JUST MAN SHALL BE IN EVERLASTING REMEMBRANCE. Psalms. 111:7 10 18 SANFORD L. FISHER, President SCOTT A. FISHER 20 26 » « 1 28 29 34 I MARYFUTIA 38 39 NANCY GRIFFIN May you live all the days of your life. 40 44 47 50 DONNA MacLEOD The past is over; the Juture is yet to come. ANN MICHENER Words are the physicians of a mind diseased. JANET MILLER am quick to laugh at everything so as not to have to cry. SHARON MERCER Our sweetest songs are those which are our saddest thoughts. 55 58 64 68 72 74 Carol A. Stein, President Kathleen R. Coffey, Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Marsha Townes, Vice President Mary Warren, Secretary 78 COME Seniors and Freshmen are united at an all-day outing at the Cliff Hotel in Scitu- ate. Arriving at the beach, the day ' s festivities included a scavenger hunt, clam- bake, and being thrown into the ocean. As part of the initiation, the girls had to wear for one week 4 pig-tails in their hair, a sign designating what kind of " Fish " they were and, of course, the Fisher beanie. That evening after returning from an exhausting day, the girls attended a mixer becoming full pledged freshman by the end of the evening. Thanks to all who attended to make the day a success. Good old-fashion clambake. Does the cafe know about this? TOGETHER 82 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 88 PHI THETA KAPPA The Nu Omega Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the National Honor Society for junior Colleges, is employed at Fisher. Phi Theta Kappa girls must obtain a high academic standing. The Phi Theta Kappa tutoring service is available to all Fisher Students. Row 1: S. Hardy, M. Sebring, A. Simard, S. Hosmer, M. Horton, D. Kirby, S. Wildes, L. Shieber, S. Turgeon, K. Sheldon. Row 2: K. Leskowsky, M. DiBerto, E. Maynard, E. Auger, W. Ossoff, G. Greaves, D. Morrone, L. Whitney, N. Malcein. Row 3: J. Rossi, S. Zukowski, L. Frewin, M. Walters. N.M.U.N. SECRETARIAT Row 1: N. Willens, T. Miller, J. Gill. Row 2: Y. Deitel, C. McMahon, S. Jukowski, S. Briggs, L. Gunn, D. Dumont, J. Miller. Row 3: E. Statuto, J. Alderruccio, B. Hanson, D. Giat- tino, D. Morrone. N.M.U.N. GENERAL ASSEMBLY DELEGATES Row 1: J. Robertson, P. Sheehan, D. Easttey. Row 2: V. Hrynyk, C. Murphy, S. Mercer, S. Goldberg, R. Matousek, S. Mercer. 89 THE BEACON Back Row: Phyllis, Kathy, Sheila, Rehane, Carol and Dottie. Front Row: Kathy, Sue, Marcia (Co-Editor), Patrice (Co-Editor), Christie and Claire. The Beacon, your yearbook, is a student project. Many students and especially Co-editors Marcia Ellis and Patrice Rawlick, have devoted time in the hopes of saving a few of your Fisher Memories. We hope that we are able to sum up 1 970 at Fisher with many a pleasant memory for you. C O Carol, Rehane, Christie, ana ciaire. Phyllis, Kathy, Sheila, Kathy, Sue and Dottie. THE CHARLES VIEWER The Charles Viewer, published twice a year, presents original literature by the Fisher Students. Fresh and interesting material is collected to display the fine talents of many students. Many thanks to Judy Marcy for a job well done. Judy (Editor), Cheryl, Lisa, Kathy, Patrice and Janet. 91 GLEE CLUB Lethea Harvie, Elizabeth Auger, Nanette Bains, Joal Tieyer, Kristan Horvath, Shirley Andrews, Carol Endert, Clarinda Spinelli, Maxine Putterman, Mrs. Sewell E. Bowers (Dir.), Karen Leskowsky, Lynda Frewin, Sarah Wildes, Ann Michener. DRAMA CLUB Patrice Rawlick, Sharon Mercer, Carol Bottomley, Mary Warren, Marie Horton, Arlene Sandler, Cheryl Doud, Liza Libbey, Marsha Townes, Claire Kazanjian, Johanne Deep (Pres.), Shirley Zukowski. ECUMENICAL CLUB Kathy Lawrence, Karen Leskowsky, Clarinda Spi- nelli, Elizabeth Auger, Carol Eldert, Kathy Warren, Mr. Kellett, Dianna Mifsud, Audrey Cluff, Louise Lester, Phyllis Rome. 92 SLIMNASTICS Bobbie Hansen, Donna Morrone, Mary Warren, Carol Eldert, Clarinda Spinelli, Anne Fiske, Carol McMahan, Kristen Horvath. HORSEBACK RIDING Leslie Abdon, Liza Libbey, Trudy Larbig, Gina Henry. Christie Preston, Margo Chod, Dianna Mifsud, Audrey Cluff, Marsha Townes, Louise Lester. KARATE 93 SKIT 96 98 105 B T A AKS PARTY FRIDAY NIGHT NORTHEASTERN BENTLEY " FISHER GIRV TK E 108 ONE-O-TWO BEACON Who left the door open? 2:00 Pandemonium. Who ' s going to Brigham ' s? Endless dorm meetings. 4 or the equivalent . . . I don ' t see posters on my walls!! Saturday night front lounge. Who ' s got hot water? I ' m in love . . . " Jerk-off ' ! New house mother, oh no! Room inspection; Thursday, 10:00. Quiet hours. Turn the stereo down. I can ' t find Jesse!! Where ' s the party? Tell him I ' m out. Those were the days and nights. The Perkins Family HOUSE COUNCIL: Sandy, Christie (Treas.), Mrs. Perkins, Kathy, Carol, Shirley (V.P.) Gail, Johanne (Sec.) Tere Tormey (Pres.). 109 ROBERT SMITH HALL This was the year that was . Karate at 2:00 a.m. Blackout at midnight. Shaving cream fights. Musical beds. Eight girls to one bathroom. The ape. Who threw the water? Frustration. Charlie ' s candy store. Pink pills. " Hello, Hello, Hello. " 24 hour freak show. A class president. Women ' s liberation. Friday night card games. Powder fights. Bubble baths. Stringing popcorn. " My girls " The " non-smoker. " Sneaking them out, (or in), " fuf and there will never be another like it. Mrs. Mildred Richwagen HOUSE COUNCIL: Arlene (Freshman Rep.), Andrea (Sec). Charlene (V.P.); Donna (Treas.), Julie (Pres.). 113 Rochelle, Carol, Wendy, Kathy, Arlene, Betsy, Joanne, Carol, Chris, Maxine, Joan, Rosario. FLORENCE HALL Mrs. Helen Murray HOUSE COUNCIL: Linda (Treas.), Dorothy (Pres.), Kathy, (Social Chaimian), Maria (Sec). REMEMBER 1942 N. U. Track Team Snowball Fights The Cow Curfews Tom Jones " Where are my . . . " Knocking on third back Beanies Chickenpox and Hong Kong Flu Wet phone calls on third Fire Drills Sue, another negligee? Doris, phone call on first or third. Chester Chicken Man " No smoking in rooms " The diamond plague Alec Food Phantom Scrabble and anagrams emptying wastebaskets 116 Rivet Maybelline Merle ' s mink Doorbell Fisher Junior College Each other. Isn ' t she cute? Linda, Lee, Larrie, Judy, Margaret, Pat, Lisa, Ginger, Diane. 117 I Oh, what the heck. I ' m sorry. Oh, my god! How interesting. What a bummer. Bogus. WOW Oh, yah. You know, it ' s really . . . Hey What a hastle Dynamite!!! Guess who I saw today? Really? Does anyone have a dime? Someone wanna make some Popcorn? Where ' s the pill? Did he call? A one ringer?!! Who could that be? HOUSE COUNCIL: Joanne (Social Chairman), Ellen (Sec), Bobbie (Social Chairman), Brenda (Pres.), Joya (Treas.), Debbie (V.P.). 119 EDMUND HALL Mrs. Rosamond Spinney Mrs. Mary MacKellar ANDREW HALL Where are we goink? What would happen if Patrice lost her Maalox? Spilfy! What would happen if Andrew Hall ever lost another house mother? If the fire drill breaks, Ronnie, would you blow your nose over the intercom? What would happen if Marlene ever went to Filene ' s basement again? Are there any soul brothers there? What do you mean eight fire engines? C. D. P. Well page 34 in the handbook says . . . That ' s not the record player, it ' s Liza. Which is more important: my eye make-up or my appendix? Cordial invitation to Mary Anne ' s for afternoon " tea. " Happiness is Billy. I heard you laughing, Kris Horvath. Trudy, could I buy a piece of paper? The Mutha. B. W. has a what in her room? How come Gerri ' s dog can ' t read? What do you mean Joan locked the fourth floor phone? Neato-pa- zeeto! Maybe just one more hand. Well that will get me half way to Penn State. Quiet down girls. Pizza man for Rosie O ' Grady. I got it at Tello ' s. Barbara knows every Tom, Dick and Jerry. Where ' s the flood alarm? Where ' s the flood alarm? What do you mean my desk is messy? Booo! Are you going to Eng Lit, Mimi? Swanie ' s sweat pants. Cheryl, you know that house on Peyton Place? Oh no! NO— Wendy ' s not here this weekend. . . . Cakky and Clay tie . . . A. K. S. I ' ve had lot ' s of experience! The BOX! What was M. F. really doing in the house mother ' s room?? Mrs. Regan, we love you! HOUSE COUNCIL: Cheryl (V.P.), Joan (Sec), Gerri (Treas.), Judy (Pres.), Cathy (Social Chairman). 122 183 BEACON HOUSE COUNCIL: Nance (V.P.), Mary (Treas.), Claire (Pres.), Shirley (Sec). Moby . . . did you see Tom today? ... see ya next Thursday . . . it ' s either Arizona or Vermont . . . does this look all right together? . . . where ' s Cheri?!! . . . " the Clique " . . . what ' s up kid? . . . John Lennon . . . you ' ll be " punished " . . . Rehane, really you ' re normal! . . . the silent stairs . . . Mary, the soda machine ' s empty — again . . . who put those mops against the door! . . . quiet down— NOW! . . . first impressions . . . fourth floor sleep-ins . . . Claire, Peter ' s here . . . " the closet " ... I don ' t get it . . . Hey Jude . . . Dick. Mrs. Anne Mahoney 125 Kathy. Beth, Mary Jane, Linda, Diane, Nanette, Jane, Charlene, Ann, Catherine, Clarinda, Carol, Pamela, and Elizabeth. 130 SENIOR ANTHONY ' S WEEK Leslie Abdon — winner of the Alumnae Scholarship Class Gift 132 SENIOR PROM GRADUATION 138 CLASS DIRECTORY Leslie Abdon 230 Maverick Street East Boston, Massachusetts 02128 Joanne Alderuccio 119 High Street Torrington, Connecticut 06790 Elizabeth Auger 27 Donald Avenue Holden, Massachusetts 01520 Deborah Beal 68 Marlborough Street, Apt. 10 Boston, Massachusetts 02 1 1 6 Karen Bean Lovell Maine 04051 Beverly Beeley 55 Moody Street North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 Gerri Bernstein 8 Cardinal Drive East Hartford, Connecticut 061 18 Carol Bottomley 190 Rocklawn Avenue Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703 Suzanne Briggs 13 Streeter Lane Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703 Lynne Brown Box 23 Alder Creek, New York 13301 Marilyn Brown RED 2 Averill Park, New York 12018 Barbara Burton 363 Main Street Amesbury, Massachusetts Linda Carnevale 135 Fenley Street Revere, Massachusetts 02151 Janet Carr 33 Dana Road Concord, Massachusetts 01742 Lisa Carr 1204 2501 Westward San Antonio, Texas 78227 Judy Castoaldi 5 Puritan Drive Schenectady, New York 12306 Susan Catizone 55 Montvale Road Woburn, Massachusetts 01801 Margo Chod 217 Emerald Street Maiden, Massachusetts 02180 Brenda Chu c o Mr. John L. Espy Chung Chi College Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong MaryAnne Cummings 87 Russell Road Framingham, Massachusetts 01701 Johanne Deep 1 Appleblossom Lane Danbury, Connecticut 06810 Ida DeNardis 15 Blue View Road West Roxbury, Massachusetts 02132 MaryAnne DiBerto 15 Holton Street West Medford, Massachusetts 02155 Candace Dodge 22 Belmont Court, Apt. 3 Brockton, Massachusetts 02402 MaryEllen Dolan 27 Chase Street Danvers, Massachusetts 01923 Cheryl Doud A-34 Turf Mobile Court Cemetery Road Mechaniciville, New York 12118 Dolores Dumont 1 1 Taylor Street Salem, New Hampshire 03079 Denise Easttey 195 Lincoln Street Abington, Massachusetts 02351 Marlene Fitzpatrick 2 Pembroke Terrace Danbury, Connecticut 06810 Jane Flounders 23 Bel Air Road Hingham, Massachusetts 02043 Lynda Frewin P.O. Box 358 North Windham, Maine 04002 Mary Futia Interlaken Road Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 Carol Gelb 122 Clay Hill Road Stamford, Connecticut 06902 Catherine Giampaolo 1 5 Rosecliff Terrace Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131 Joan Glynn 6 1 Bryant Drive Livingston, New Jersey 07039 Gail Greaves 86 Fortuna Drive Fairfield, Connecticut 06430 Nancy Griffin 1090 Farmington Avenue West Hartford, Connecticut 06107 Ann Gustafson Burkboard Lane Marlborough, Connecticut 06424 Wendy Hamilton 6 Lathrop Avenue Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 Nancy Hanna 244 Robinson Street Hudson, New York 12534 141 Ann Hansen 542 Webster Street Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050 Roberta Hansen 6 Henmar Drive Closter, New Jersey 07624 Sheila Hardy 7 Edwin Avenue Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 Lethea Harvie 34 Arnold Road Hingham, Massachusetts 02043 Regina Henry Owen Drive, Box 343 Stonington, Connecticut 06378 Tamiko Hirose 23-8, 2 Chome Joyoto Kofu City Yamanashi JAPAN 400 Sarah Hitchings Oakwood Cottage, Diton Street Newport, Rhode Island 02840 Marie L. Horton 33 Woodleigh Avenue Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301 Susan Hosmer 122 Massachusetts Avenue South Portland, Maine 04106 MaryJane Huron Chestnut Hill Road Colchester, Connecticut 06415 Brenda Jackson 36 Ballard vale Road Andover, Massachusetts 01810 Catherine Jellison 22 Church Street York Beach, Maine 03910 Geraldine Joy 1 1 Fitch Street North Haven, Connecticut 06473 Claire J. Kazanjian 1 1 6 Trowbridge Place Naugatuck, Connecticut 06770 Constance Kinncaley 3 1 Frothingham Street Milton, Massachusetts 02187 Donna Kirby 215 Wildwood Street Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887 Susan Koelsch 14 Greenbriar Road Canton, Massachusetts 02021 Hiltrude Larbig 3 1 0 Roncroff Drive North Tonawanda, New York 14120 Julie Laughlin 7 Housatonic Avenue Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824 Katherine Lawrence Stonccrest Avenue White River Junction, Vermont 05001 Martha Lazo Avcnida Cuba 304 Guayaquil, Ecuador, S.A. Karen Leskowsky 1481 Grand Boulevard Schenectady, New York 12308 Arlene Libby 3 1 9 Tappan Street Brookline, Massachusetts 02146 Beth B. Libby Box 236 Damariscotta, Maine 04543 Linda MacArthur Union Street Oneida, New York 13421 Sally MacKenzie 37 Bellamy Road Dover, New Hampshire 03820 Donna MacLeod 98 Chester Street, Apt. 15 Allston, Massachusetts Judy Marcy Old Kents Hill Road Readfield, Maine 04355 Elyse Massicotte 32 Church Street North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 Rehane Matousek RED 1 Patterson, New York 12563 Elaine Maynard One Christian Hill Road Wauregan, Connecticut 06387 Sandra Mercer 1 0 Farwell Avenue Hyde Park, Massachusetts 02136 Sharon Mercer 6 1 Andrew Avenue Oakland, New Jersey 07436 Ann Michener 10 Riverside Drive Westport, Connecticut 06880 Janet L. Miller 1289 Highland Avenue Fall River, Massachusetts 02720 Doris Miranda Box 571 Panama, " 1 " Panama Charlene MoUoy 9 1 Brookside Circle Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109 Donna Morgan 45 Montrose Drive Delmar, New York 12054 Donna Morrone Forest View Road Northford, Connecticut 06472 Mary-Emily Morse Box 3352 New London, New Hampshire 03257 Sharon Nelson East Stoneham Maine 04231 Kathy Newman 70 Kingston Avenue White Plains, New York 10604 Diana M. Noel 563 North Broadway Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830 Nancy Noroian 1 74 Lewis Road Belmont, Massachusetts 02178 Anne O ' Neil 52 Hall Road Caston, Connecticut Charlene Oxx 214 Eustis Avenue Newport, Rhode Island 02840 Karen Palsulich 16 Woodland Road Franklin, New Jersey 07416 Susan Pevear RFD 1 King Street Sebago Lake, Maine 04075 Brenda Pierce County Street West Wareham, Massachusetts 02576 Christie Preston 45 Corning Street Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 Janet Price 36 Upland Road Sharon, Massachusetts 02067 Bonnie Pybus 4 1 West Woodbridge Road North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 Jena G. Ramsey 151 Daggett Street Moosup, Connecticut 06354 Jan Raulerson 48 Palmer Place Leonia, New Jersey 07605 Patrice Ann Rawlick 50 Seneca Road New Haven, Connecticut 06515 Jane Reynolds 323 West Street Needham, Massachusetts 02194 Judy Richard 576 Central Avenue Dover, New Hampshire 03820 Joanne Roguski 73 Birdsey Avenue Middletown, Connecticut 0645 1 Phyllis Rome 850 Clinton Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604 Janet Rossi 18 Woodland Road West Medford, Massachusetts 02155 Martha Sebring 183 Prospect Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 Wendy Ossoff 8 Sunset Drive Swampscott, Massachusetts 01907 Mary Sheehan 1399 Commonwealth Avenue Allston, Massachusetts Patricia Sheehan 136 Brooks Street Brighton, Massachusetts 02135 Kathleen Sheldon Worcester Road Townsend, Massachusetts 01469 Lynn Shieber 19 Highland Street Newington, Connecticut 06111 Ellen Shields 85 Whitman Avenue Whitman, Massachusetts 02382 Deborah Siliva 58 Kaufman Road Riverton, Rhode Island 02898 Andrea Simard 32 Watson Avenue Leominster, Massachusetts 01453 Ellen Statuto 4 Schuyler Road Allendale, New Jersey 07401 Dorothy Staudinger 25 KnoUwood Lane Wayland, Massachusetts 01778 Nancy Strohsahl 122 Market Street Saugerties, New York 12477 Linda Swalm 21 Sterling Street Medford, Massachusetts 02155 Laraine Tabeek 20 Dartmouth Avenue Dedham, Massachusetts 02026 Joan Taber 1 5 Ocean Avenue Riverside, Rhode Island 02915 Nancy Tiano 281 Lawsbrook Road West Concord, Massachusetts 01781 Tere Tormey 2139 East Avenue, Apt. A Rochester, New York Jill Tremblay 8 Eastgate Lane Higham, Massachusetts 20243 Suzanne Turgeon 301 2 West High Street Somersworth, New Hampshire 03878 Joya Van Gasbeck 35 Bagley Road Southington Connecticut 06489 Marsha Watters 59 King Street Abington, Massachusetts 02351 Linda Whitney 268 High Plain Road Andover, Massachusetts 01810 Sarah Wildes Pier Road, Box 116 Cape Porpoise, Maine 04014 Sandra Wilson 1 1 Tudor Street Methuen, Massachusetts 01844 Shirley Zukowski 2 1 Reservoir Road Leeds, Massachusetts 01053 143 ALMA MATER HYMN Hail to you, our Alma Mater Let our voices join in praise To the school whose inspiration Will direct us all our days. As we stand before life ' s portal You have given us a key To unlock the great world before us; And to you we ' ll loyal be. When the moment comes for parting And we bid these halls good-bye We will take with us forever Thoughts of you that never die. Alma Mater, as we leave you We hold bright in memory Giving fame to the name of Fisher In our hearts you ' ll always be. 144

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