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liable of (Eontent Abdication 4 president ' s Jltassage 6 JVdminbtration and Jfacnltjj 7 junior 17 oston 63 Bormitorie 68 (ttlttb and JVctilrities 77 resfymen 99 Candid 114 JVdiiertbing 123 jlenior Jirettor 133 DEDICATION We, the Class of 1967 dedicate the BEACON to Mr. John D. McPeake. During his short term at Fisher, Mr. Mc- Peake, a dedicated instructor of Sociology and Psychology, has also demonstrated the qualities of a gentleman and a scholar. He has exhibited his insatiable intellectual and professional curi- osity through his previous research in psycho- pharmacology, and is presently continuing this work in the field of hypnotic research. As advisor to the SGA, Mr. McPeake has had the opportunity to work side by side with the students and has become an invaluable liai- son between the students and the faculty. In gratitude for his work at Fisher, we are proud to dedicate our yearbook to the man who, we feel, best symbolizes our times. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Your yearbook is a treasure-house of memories for you to- day and for all your future. For me, the yearbook is a con- crete record of what has been done in the months that your class has been with us; your joys, your growth, and your accomplishments. Every picture and every word in it has significance for these are the " footprints in the sands of time " that show that you have passed this way and have gone on to a larger life. At Fisher Junior College we rejoice at your arrival here, and we rejoice too when we see, in this book, that your being here has added immeasurably to your capacity for work and for happiness. In this book you are always young, always hopeful, always eager. May this be so throughout your life. SANFORD L. FISHER President 6 ADMINISTRATION ROBERTA C. MacDONALD Ph D Academic Dean BARBARA D. CHAPIN CAROL L. LeBLANC, A.S. SUSAN LITTLEFIELD, A.S. Secretary Secretary Receptionist 7 ONE-O-EIGHT MYRON C. FISHER, JR., B.S. in Ed. Administrative Dean Campus Development and Food Services ALTHEA SOUTHGATE Assistant to the Comptroller DAN CARR, B.B.A. Comptroller ELENA KIRIOS, A S. Secretary 8 ELEANOR M. BERARD, R.N. Nurse, Medical Terminology Medical Office Procedures FACULTY EMILY P. BISHOP Speech CAROLEANN BREADY, B.S., M.Ed. Typing, Shorthand International Major ROSE M. CHACRAN, B.S., M.S. Typing, Shorthand BURTON CUSHING, S.B., Ed.M. Mathematics, Physics CAROL DeANGELIS, A S., B.S. Accounting, Shorthand Typewriting 12 CLAIRE DeBAIG, A.B. French MURIEL T. FAHEY, B.S., Ed.M. Shorthand, Typewriting ROBERT H. FLEESON, B.A. English, Literature MARION E. FRITZ Typewriting SYLVIA FURBER, B.S., M A. English, Literature ALICE LONG HURLEY, B.B.A. Accounting, Shorthand Typewriting 13 ML JACQUELINE JUDGE, B.S. in Ed., Ed.M. Shorthand DOROTHY M. KELLY, B.S., Ed.M. English, Secretarial Procedures Executive Major EDWARD A. POST, A.B., A.M. JANET C. RUSSELL, B.S., M.A. English, Literature History ROBERT UPTON, B.S., M.S. Accounting, Electronics Major JAMES VAUGHN, B.B.A., M.B.A., LL.B. Economics, International Trade - RUTH G. WEISS, A.B. Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Laboratory Techniques MARIA MUSALEN, A.B. Spanish " A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. " The Education of Henry Adams 16 18 19 JACQUELYN BAUMER Electronics " A light heart lives long. " KAREN BELISLE Liberal Arts " We must laugh and we must sing. We are blessed with everything. " LINDA BELFORTI Electronics " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " MARGARET BEEBE International Studies " Of manners gentle, of affections mild. " KATHLEEN BELL Electronics " And yet a spirit still, and bright. With something of an angel light. " Hi 20 22 25 26 FRANCES DUNN Executive " Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens are. " KATHLEEN FERRIERO International Studies " A kind heart is the fountain of gladness. " BEVERLY FEARER Legal " The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself. " JANE EYRE Legal " What lies beyond that quiet exterior? " DIANE FIALKOSKY Executive " Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. " 30 LORETTA FLIGHT International Studies " A perfect woman nobly planned, to warm, to comfort, and command. " DOROTHY FOSS Medical Assistant " Thou. hast the sweetest face I have looked on. " MARGARET FLYNN Medical " Thoughtless of beauty, she w Beauty ' s self. " LINDA FORD International Studies " She walks the waters like a thing of life, And seems to dare the elements of strife. " MARJORIE FRANK Executive " You shall see her as a friend 31 TOBY FREEDMAN SHERRILL FREEMAN Executive Executive " Whose eyes glow, like sparks of fire, befriend thee. " SUSAN GAMER International Studies " Doubling her pleasures, and her PAMELA GALVIN anc j a that ' s best of dark and cares dividing. " International Studies bright. " " A merry heart that laughs at care. " 32 NORMA GARRISON Liberal Arts " hare promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. " THERESA GIANSIRACUSA Medical " Good nature, like a bee, collects honey from every herb. " LINDA GENTHNER Medical " So eager for the future come what may. " FERN GERARDY Medical Assistant " She said little, but to the purpose. " KAREN GIBSON International Studies " Silence, when there is nothing to be said, is the eloquence of discretion. " 33 PATRICIA GIDLEY Executive " She lights a conflagration with her smile. " JEANMARIE GROLEAU Executive " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. " PAMELA GLIDDEN Medical Assistant " How hard it is to hide the sparks of nature. " JOAN GILMAN Electronics " Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. " DIANE GUARINO Medical " She is pretty to walk with, and wittx to talk with. " 34 JOANNE HEALY Electronics " There is no fear in love; but, perfect love casteth out fear. ' JANE HETER Medical Assistant " Her smile — her look— her way Of speaking gently. " NANCY HEATH Executive " A good disposition is worth more than gold. " BRENDA HEDDEN Medical " Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres. Thy knotted and combed locks to part. " LURANA HILL Liberal Arts " What is originality? It is being oneself. " 36 LINDA HOLCOMBE Executive " A girl to whom was given so much of heaven, so much of earth. " JUDITH HOOD Medical " From contemplation one may become wise. " JEAN HOLLINGS Medical Assistant " Those eyes soft and capacious as a cloudless sky. " MAUREEN HOLLAND Medical Assistant " Good humor is sunshine of the mind. " MARGARET HOUGHTON International Studies " Tis better to be small and shine, than large and cast a shadow. " 37 38 CYNTHIA JOHNSON DIANE JOHNSON " What should I say when it is better to say nothing. " Medical Assistant " Wherever she goes, frivolity follows. " 39 40 LILIA LORBES Executive " She ' s beautiful; and therefore to be wooed. She is a woman; therefore to be won. " DIANE LOMNICKI Medical " The smile that is worth the praise of the earth. " DONA LYONS Executive " Like a dainty Dresden figurine. 43 PHYLLIS MAYO Liberal Arts " The power which dazzles mortal eyes is oft perserve ranee in disguise. " 45 ■ • ELIZABETH MORSE Executive " They are never alone that are accompanied by noble thoughts. HELEN NAVONIS Legal " What is precious is never to be forgotten. " DIANNE MUTHER Legal My mind can be a sailor, when this body is confined to land. " BARBARA MYERS Legal " You have to believe in happiness or happiness never comes. " MARCIA NEEDLE International Studies " am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. " 47 JOYCE ODONNELL Executive " Wit is the only wall between us and the dark. " MARTHA OLSON International Studies " It ' s nice to be natural, if you ' re naturally nice. " LINDA OLHSON International Studies " My best praise is that 1 am her friend. " KATHLEEN O ' DONNELL International Studies " . . . an angel of all light. " SUSAN O ' NEIL Executive " She was ever fair and never proud. ' 48 DONNA PAUQUETTE International Studies " That nameless grace that waves in every tree. " JOANNE PERNITCHI Executive " And her tongue raced like a squirrel in the park. " DEBORAH PEASE Liberal Arts " Good humor is food for the soul: DIANE PELLERIN Executive " Skill and confidence are an unconquered army. " SUSAN PERRY International Studies " She is sensible and quite discreet, with winning ways and manners sweet. " 49 ARLENE RABINOVITZ Medical " The shadow that you throw assumes the majesty that is your mind. " SUSAN ROBERTSON Legal " Reject no one and debase nothing; This is all-around intellect. " SHAWNA RIFFLEY International Studies " An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. " DIANE RAUDING International Studies " She is capable of imagining all, arranging all, and doing everything. SU SAN ROGERS International Studies " Dimpled cheeks, brown hair. Just the kind of girl who ' s rare. " 51 SUSAN ROOKS Executive " Dark eyes — eternal souls of pride. ANN SCARIMONTIOS Executive " Born for success slie seemed with grace to win, with heart to hold. " NANCY ROSENDALE Executive " Altliough she looks gentle and shy, mischief twinkles in her eye. " SHARON ROWAN Executive " Nothing is impossible to the willing heart. " ANNE SHADRAKE Liberal Arts " Imagination is to see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. " SUSAN STODDER Electronics " Her smile is her halo. ' KAREN STORMS Executive " She is our daytime and our summer weather. " LINDA STONEHOUSE Executive " For softness she, and sweet attractive grace. " CHRISTINE STOLZ Executive " The vital glow. " JANET STRATH Medical " She looked a little wistfully, then went her sunshine way. " 55 SYLVIA WACHSNER International Studies " Don ' t leave for tomorrow what you can accomplish today. " WENDY WHITTEMORE Medical " She hath a daily beauty in her life. JOAN WEST Executive " Lovely and quick, tiny and neat. " PATRICIA WASSEL International Studies " Nothing is so strong as gentleness. ' LESLIE WHONE Electronics " A merry heart goes all the day. " 58 True friendship is of royal lineage. It is of the same kith and breeding as loyalty and self-forgetting devo- tion and proceeds upon a higher principle even than they. For loyalty may be blind, and friendship must not be; devotion may sacrifice principles of right choice which friendship must guard with an excellent and watchful care . . . The object of love is to serve, not to win. WOODROW WILSON 62 Onward and Upward. mm All is calm. All is bright. Let there be light. 64 A look at the new Boston. 67 ONE-O-TWO FLORENCE HALL 71 ANDREW HALL MARGARET FLYNN Editor-in-chief DIANE RAUDING Co-editor Sylvia Furber, Advisor BEACON STAFF 77 Cfjarle£ Volume 8 Number 1 Boston, Massachusetts FISHER JUNIOR COLLEG Also spreading on college campuses is the use of known Communists as speakers— bu , campu s 10WS mi- Behind all this concern is a growing file of evidence that is being gathered by- Government officials and agencies. This evidence shows that: lo Known Communists often jf ing roles in campus demon j 2. Several student organiz active in demonstrations infiltrated by Communists having close links to Co£ One of the most active orgar opposing U. S. policy in Vietnai fist group known as the Commit violent Action. Also active in picketing a tions against U. S. policy i the Worker 1 s World Party, actin ; youth affiliate, Youth Ag Fascism. Members of one or another izations are known by federa have played roias in most protests against U. S. fore college campuses. In the montn of May alone there were protest meetings of one kind or another on at least 20 campuses scattered from coast to coast and including some of the country ' s leading colleges and universities,, This official, however expressed a view you hear repeated by many who have been follow- ing the campus situation closely. He said: ming d keep -SPEED ttempt- lcteris- the var- with the h flow of xf all im- set dead- at is factory, ious situa- ™rio set solu- tion or formula. Tj J fj |?be up to us to think quickly and logical It is the ability to handle new and dif- ferent situations that separates the typist from the secretary. 78 PHI THETA KAPPA 79 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION SUSAN ROBERTSON, President FRAN WILLOUGHBY, Vice President ANN SCARIMONTIOS, Secretary PENNY FOSTER, Treasurer Diane Moody Martha Serena Rowe MRS. LOUISE SAMUELS, Advisor The Student Christian Movement of New England is the mother organization of our SCA. The club tries to enrich the lives of its members by " building new individuals and a new society according to the growing insight and faith of the cooperating Christian groups. " In pursuance of this aim, the members collected clothing, toys, and games for a Christmas box for the children at the Home for Little Wanderers and joined in the various holiday services. Money was raised to purchase a Bible which was pre- sented to President Fisher to be used at convocations. 80 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is designed to bring together Catholic students who attend nonsectarian colleges. Throughout the year, various sales were held to raise money for charity baskets and the underprivileged, under the counsel of Father Arthur A. Brown, spiritual advisor, and Miss Carol DeAngelis, faculty advisor. Members of the Newman Club at Fisher represented the school at meetings with the Newman Apostolate. Numerous speakers have lectured on issues vital to the Catholic Church and its followers. MADELINE ANGELILLO, President JOAN FERRERO, Vice President Ellen Brigida Joan Broderick Jacqueline Daniels Mary Dickson Sandra Dulinski Nancy Heath PATRICIA WASSEL, Secretary PAT MANDLE, Treasurer Sue Hensel Vivian Joubert Maureen Logue Joyce O ' Donnell Laura Thomas Mary Wilson 81 TALMIDIMS LEE CUTLER, President TOBY FREEDMAN, Vice President VICKI COOPER, Secretary KAREN WOOLF, Treasurer Eileen Brown Abby Colby Beverly Fearer Libby Kraus Helene Lovett Marni Shore Barbara Slarsky Anita Solov Eileen Young The members of the Talmidims work together to create a better understanding of Judaism and to further closer ties with other reli- gious groups. This year the members presented a Chanukah program and a cake sale. They also conducted a Hootenany and a Scholarship drive. 82 DRAMA CLUB VIRGINIA LAMBERTON, President Vivian Joubert PAULETTE BLAIS, Vice President Susan Karmelourz WENDY DINNERMAN, Secretary Linda LaCroix NANCY ROSENDALE, Treasurer Linda Long Madeline Angelillo Carolyn Madsen Sherry Barnes Toni Marchionni Jane Bishop Diana Moody Becky Bortz Elizabeth Moore Sally Buck Marsha Needle Diane Bulcroft Ruth Nelson Abby Colby Victoria Rhodes Joanne Curland Georgette Schadt Mary Dickson Pamela Simpkins Bonnie Dixon Cheryl Smith Robin Fink Mary Jane Stella Dawn Foss Nancy Warren Linda Garabedian Calloway Wight Cherlyn Hubbard The members of Drama Club, directed by Mrs. Emily P. Bishop, are primarily concerned with furthering the interest of dramatics, experi- menting with acting, and learning to appreciate plays and their writers. To them, a sincere interest in drama and a capacity for having fun is more important in their club ' s success than talent. Among this year ' s projects were two plays presented to the student body and participation in the Parents ' Night production. 83 COMMUTERS ' Representing 143 of our commuting students, the Commuters ' Club experienced another ve ry successful year, highlighted by the ski trip, which it sponsored to North Conway, New Hampshire. The Com- muters ' Club led off their season with a mixer featuring two talented bands. A raffle was held to benefit the Scholarship Fund. The May clambake added the perfect finish to an enjoyable year. 84 WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE WUS, an international students ' organization, aids colleges and universities around the world. One of the most successful projects conducted by the Fisher Junior College club was the drive for books launched in the early fall. Several cartons of books were shipped to underdeveloped countries to be used as educational material. Under the guidance of Miss Mary Tonougar, club advisor, lectures and social activities with guests from foreign countries have been enjoyed by the members throughout the year. 86 COLLEGIATE COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS LURANA HILL, President PHYLLIS WOJCIECKOWSKI, Head of Secretariat PHYLLIS WOJCIECKOWSKI, Senior Vice President JEAN HUNTINGTON, Junior Vice President LINDA VISBAL, Junior Vice President ANELE MAZULAITIS, Treasurer ELEANOR BUCKLEY, Special Assistant MRS. JANET RUSSELL, Advisor The Collegiate Council for the United Nations is a national organization which studies and supports the United Nations; for example, through a UNICEF drive in October. The members in their local organizations discuss the problems and issues confronting the United Nations and throughout the year have representatives of different countries as guest speakers. Each year, members from the local chapters are selected to represent their schools each of which is assigned one of the U.N. countries for a Model General Assembly in New York City. This year Fisher ' s CCUN represented Cuba. Also, ten Fisher students worked as secretaries in the Model General Assembly Secre- tariat for the Harvard students who were this year ' s hosts. The Secretariat workers received a standing ovation from the 1300 students and faculty attending the Model General Assembly banquet. 87 GLEE CLUB SANDRA HALL, President MRS. DORIS SOLOMON, Advisor Mary Coppola Linda Cushing Sandy Cushing Kathy Czepiel Leslie Damon Wendy Dinnerman Carmen Doe Lorell Emerson Norma Garrison Jean Goss Jean Hollings Janet Maselli Diana Moody Martha Olson Sue Ellen Patten Shawna Riffley Martha Serena Roe Sue Rogers Hennie Skowronski Jean Huntington Linda Zampaglione The Girl ' s Glee Club, under the able direction of Mrs. Doris Solo- mon, displayed great promise at a convocation early last fall. They proved themselves when they sang two selections at the Christmas Program. They also sang " I Left My Heart in San Francisco " at the annual Parent ' s Night Variety Show and provided an entertaining night for all. 88 ART CLUB MRS. ALICE HURLEY, Advisor Pamela Galvin Kathy Bates Linda Gibbons Catherine Charron Marcia Gilman Genie Duncan Jane Hannabury 89 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION LINDA BELFORTI, President LINDA GREENE, Vice President KATHY BELL, Secretary VICKI BURTON, Treasurer MEMBERS ACADEMIC COMMITTEE SUE ROGERS, Chairman JOAN WEST, Secretary Debbie Bates Judy Coye Vicki Joubert Pam Miller Callaway Wight Debbie Bates Sharon Bergeron Terry Bourque Joan Broderick Eileen Brown Judy Coye Toby Freedman Vivian Joubert Deborah Kaler Judith Hill Susan LaBarre Ginny Lamberton Anele Mazulaitus Cindy Merrill Pamela Miller Kathy Morin Joyce O ' Donnell Joanne Pagnini Susan Rogers Joan West Cindy White Callaway Wight MR. JOHN McPEAKE, Advisor The members of SGA, under the guidance of Mr. John McPeake, are pledged to administer the powers granted them and to cooperate with the authorities of the college as well as the students. It represents the interests of the student body in matters concerning their welfare, and it works to assist the observance of customs and traditions at Fisher. This year, among other things, it sponsored a Christ- mas party and took up a collection for the children in Korea and the men in Vietnam. It also sponsored an interesting lecture series starting with " E.S.P. " by Russ Burgess. 90 92 94 PARENT ' S NIGHT 1967 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Lynne Ace Jeanne Adams Judy Altholz Lorraine Anderson Dolores Andrus Chelmsford, Mass. Hanover, Mass. West Hartford, Conn. Maiden, Mass. Barre, Vt. .MaryAnn Annaian Sandra Anthony Laura Anziano Janet Barker Pamela Barnard Lawrence, Mass. Fairfield, Conn. Trumbull, Conn. Amherst, N. H. Limerick, Me. Sharon Barnes Nancy Beal Nancy Bean Marcia Benson Linda Berstene Mill River, Mass. Randolph, Mass. Spring City, Pa. West Paris, Me. Norwalk, Conn. Donna Bevan Sarah Blake Donna Bonomo Rebecca Bortz Patricia Bould Gloucester, N. J. Jackson, N. H. Lynn, Mass. Bcthcsda, Md. Westbury, Long Island, N. Y. 100 Theresa Bourque Stoneham, Mass. Therese Brienzo Lynn, Mass. Sally Briggs Kingston, N. H. Ellen Brigida Plymouth, Mass. Kathleen Brinkmeyer Cheshire, Conn. Eileen Brown Winthrop, Mass. Sally Buck Colebrook, N. H. Susan Burns Stoughton, Mass. Carol Burpee Goffstown, N. H. Victoria Burton Manchester, Mass. Darby Busse Shrewsbury, N.J. Christine Calabrese Stoughton, Mass. Andrea Campbell Stoneham, Mass. Virginia Cannon Braintree, Mass. Lorraine Caristo East Boston, Mass. Susan Carroll Winchester, Mass. H9BHHMHBMHI Karen Casey Melrose, Mass . Nancy Castleton Rockland, Mass. Anne Chamberlin Brattleboro, Vt. Barbara Charos Melrose, Mass. 101 Catherine Charron Adrienne Chaskes Carole Chu Charlene Cocchiara Abby Colby Pittsfield, N. H. Brockton. Mass. Brookline, Mass. Waltham, Mass. Deal, N. J. Gail Connick Linda Connick Judy Cool Mary-Elizabeth Coppola Carol Couch Somers, Conn. Somers, Conn. Manchester, Mass. Bradford, Mass. Andover, Mass. Janet Coughanour Susan Courage Mary Cox Judith Coye Joanne Curland Braintree, Mass. Burlington, Mass. Watertown, Mass. West Concord, Mass. Norwich, Conn. Linda Cushing Sandra dishing Kathryn Czepiel Almaza Dagher Kathryn Dee Shrewsbury, Mass. Shrewsbury, Mass. Middlctown, Conn. Beirut, Lebanon Portland, Conn. 102 Lorraine Dee West Concord, Mass. Bonnie Dixon Old Lyme, Conn. Genie Duncan Presque Isle, Me. Cherie Faucher Rutland, Mass. Denise Dessauvages Esmond, R. D. Carmen Doe South Ryegate, Vt. Gloria Therese Duran Pios 6 Caracas, Venezuela Judith Ferguson Andover, Mass. Mary Dickson Amesbury, Mass. Jane Donald Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada Djenane Elie Port-au-Prince, Haiti Janet Ferree Latham, N. Y. Wendy Dinnerman Portsmouth, N. H. Sylvia Dubreuil Winnisquam, N. H. Lorell Lea Emerson Lochmere, N. H. Joan Ferrero Bloomfield, Conn. Donna Disch Butler, N. J. Karen Duensing Wayne, N J. Amanda Ewing Bedford, N. Y. Elinor Robin Fink New York, N. Y. 103 Elizabeth Fink Cohasset. Mass. Nancy Gard Reading. Mas ' -. Marcia Gilman Wakefield, Mass. I W i Jean Fowler No. Billerica. Mass. Nancy Gay Brockport, N. Y. Rhona Gilman Hull, Mass. Gail Fishman Waterbury, Conn. Yanick Gabriel Port-au-Prince, Haiti Joyce Geanoulis Ipswich, Mass. Terry Goreham Lynn, Mass. Barbara Fletcher Lynnfield, Mass. Linda Garabedian Salem, N. H. Linda Gibbons Bedford, N. H. Leah Gorham Duxbury, Mass. Alicia Ford Hamden, Conn. Mary Ann Garaventa Haverhill, Mass. Stephanie Gillman Forest Hills, N. Y. Jean Marie Goss Kittery, Me. 104 Linda Graff Susan Gray Linda Green Phyllis Green Marsha Griffin Chelsea. Mass. Reading. Mass. Randolph. Mass. Katonah, N. Y. East Longmeadow, Mass. Heidi Grifkin Elizabeth Hagerty Beverly Hall Mary Elizabeth Hall Jane Hannabury Maiden, Mass. Monroe, Conn. No. Abington, Mass. Newcastle, Me. Melrose, Mass. Lindsay Hanson Cynthia Harlow Deborah Hawthorne Maureen Hayes Joan Hearne Lynnfield, Mass. Newton, Conn. Branford, Conn. Fairfield, Conn. Hamilton, Mass. Judith Hemmerly Suzanne Hensel Judith Hill Nancy Mae Holland Gail Hopley Buzzards Bay, Mass. New Hartford, N. Y. Revere, Mass. Woburn, Mass. Cincinnati, O. 105 Betty Jean Houtte Cherylyn Hubbard Jane Hughes Jean Huntington Ellen Hurley No. Andover, Mass. Portsmouth, N. H. Vallejo, Calif. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Stratford, Conn. Jeanette Hyatt Joan Imhof Judith Jackman Nancy Jacobs Nancy Jarvis Dorchester, Mass. Paramus, N. J. Chatham, Mass. Roslyn, N. Y. Fitchburg, Mass. Melissa Jelm Donna Jenkins Beulah-Mae Jesseman Marie Johnson Jaclynn Jones Akron, O. Groveland, Mass. Franconia, N. H. No. Quincy, Mass. Hull, Mass. Eileen Kiloy Dianne Klingerman Carolene Kloiber Libby Kraus Ilze Kvelums Boston, Mass. Bound Brook, N. J. New Britain, Conn. Stratford, Conn. Halifax, Mass. Susan Labarre Suzanne Lancaster Frances Lappin Janice Larson Phyllis Laurendeau Lynn, Mass. Georgetown, Mass. Providence, R. I. Canton, Mass. Wakefield, Mass. Judith Lazarus Karen Lee Monique Legare Betty Jane Lindo Judith Lobovits Chelsea, Mass. Cromwell, Conn. Montreal, Quebec, Guatemala City, Bridgeport, Conn. Canada Guatemala, C.A. Anne Logue Maureen Logue Linda Long Marie Louzan Helene Lovett Woburn, Mass. Woburn, Mass. West Chester, Pa. Wakefield, Mass. Lynn, Mass. 107 Mary Lyddane Linda Lyman Patricia Lyon Kathryn MacDonald Susan MacDonald Washington, D. C. No. Attleboro. Mass. Wallingford. Conn. Nashua. N. H. 92 Vaueresson, France Patricia Mandle Virginia Maniates Toni Marchionne Marta McDaniel Sandra McKenney New Rochelle, N. Y. Lynn, Mass. Royersford, Pa. Port Chester, N. Y. Dexter, Me. Linda Medeiros Susan Mercer Pamela Miller Gladys Molina Tcaticket, Mass. Reading. Mass. Rockland, Mass. Caracas, Venezuela 108 Diana Moody Linda Moore Wendy Moore Kathleen Morin Cynthia Moruzzi Pine Plains, N. Y. Portsmouth, N. H. Saugus, Mass. Guilford, Me. Hyannis, Mass. Kathleen Murray Helena Myhajczuk Constance Nelson Hermione Nelson Nancy Nelson Berwick, Me. New Britain, Conn. Lakeside, Conn. Castle Creek, N. Y. Marion, Mass. Beverly Newman Linda Newton Carol Nichols Janet Oakley Eileen O ' Keefe Melrose, Mass. East Hartford, Conn. Canton, Mass. Fairfield, Conn. Pawcatuck, Conn. Maureen O ' Brien Beverlee, Olson Rosemary Oteri Jo Ann Pagnini Barbara Partridge Maiden, Mass. Westwood, Mass. Watertown, Mass. Walpole, Mass. Manchester, Me. 109 Sue Ellen Patten Charron Pelletier Vivien Pepi Susan Perry Linda Pillsbury New Castle, N. H. Billerica, Mass. Medford, Mass. Wakefield, Mass. New Castle, N. H. Carla Pizon Algide Plausinaitis Judith Post Leslie Potter Kathryn Powell Mapleview, N. Y. Brockton, Mass. Wapping, Conn. Portland, Me. Wakefield, Mass. Judy Price Susan Rabkin Elizabeth Radack Lynn Rawson Doris Rent Portsmouth, N. H. Cherry Hill, N. J. Manchester, Mass. Concord, Mass. Braintree, Mass. Phyllis Rcposa Cheryl Rettig Victoria Rhodes Sybil Richards Cathy Richards, n Plymouth, Mass. Holbrook, Mass. Trenton, N. J. Dexter, Me. Falmouth, Mass. 110 Jean Riley Waquoit, Mass. Janis Sacre Norwood, Mass. Susan Schanfenbil Lawrence, Mass. Marilyn Shore Glace Bay, N. S. Geraldine Ring Melrose, Mass. Bayla Sallop Revere, Mass. Linda Schofield Norwood, Mass. Gail Sigillo Lawrence, Mass. Paula Roberts Stafford Springs, Conn. Karen Sarkisian Watertown, Mass. Gina Anita Scott Kettwig 4307, Germany Beverly Skotnicki Canton, Mass. Martha Roe Norwalk, Conn. Andrea Saunders Roslyn, N. Y. Polly Sharp Ontario, Canada i Barbara Slarskey Ayer, Mass. Kathleen Rose Marblehead, Mass. Georgette Schadt Sea Bright, N. J. Betsy Sheppard Roxbury, Mass. Cheryl Smith Northford, Conn. Ill Pamela Smith Sandra Smith Anita Solov Susan Soule Pamela Spaulding Merrimac, Mass. Salem, N. H. Lynn, Mass. Canton, Mass. Schenectady, N. Y. Paulene Spero Carolyn Start Patricia Stinson Linda Taber Arland Tate Stoneham, Mass. Melrose, Mass. Kennebunk, Me. Staten Island, N. Y. Saco, Me. Jennifer Taylor Carol Tedesco Beverly Thomas Laura Thomas Sally Thomson Lynnfield, Mass. W. Groton, Mass. Duxbury, Mass. Riverside, Conn. Amesbury, Mass. Nancy Thornley Cynthia Tilden Barbara Trinchera Janice Trumbour Sandra Tulinski Waterford, Conn. Lynnfield, Mass. Canton, Mass. Necdham, Mass. Stamford, Conn. 112 Susan Twist Mary Jane Uryase Karen Vergados Linda Visbal Pamela Vitkin Lawrence, Mass. Meriden, Conn. Andover, Mass. Stamford, Conn. Harrison. N. Y. Gwendolyn Walko Janie Walters Donna Walukevich Nancy Wafren Marcy Weingart Cohoes, N. Y. Trenton, N. J. Haverhill, Mass. Riverside, Conn. Maiden, Mass. Mary Wilson Vicki Wilson Deborah Winn Christine Wolfe Linda Zampaglione Winchester, Mass. Long Valley, N. J. Woburn, Mass. Concord, Mass. Torrington, Conn. 113 It ' s almost 3:30! 117 118 391 BOYLSTON ST. 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Day or Evening classes Moderate tuition Call or write Miss Nashe 266-0068 267-5882 480 Commonwealth Ave. (Kenmore Square) Boston 124 000000000 BOAC TOOK GOOD CARE OF US. " Boston Office: 76 Arlington Street Telephone: HA 6-4105 Services operated for BOAC-CUNARD by BOAC 125 Fly TWA London Paris Lisbon Madrid Rome 8 Channels of Stereophonic Sound Choice of 5 Delicious Entrees Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco For Reservations Call your Travel Agent or TWA at CO 7-7200 126 Compliments of H. W. FOOTE CO., INC. THE REYNOLDS PAINTING CONTRACTORS MANUFACTURING CO. Blank Books • School Papers • Pads Tablets • Paper Jobbers Dealers for Pittsburgh Paints Benjamin Moore Paints Also California Paints Artists ' Supplies Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040 tzu wesiern wc. ongnton STadium 2-8094 HARVARD FLOORCRAFT COMPANY Neal Ceramic Tile Corporation Flooring Engineers Carpeting, Ceramic Tile, Resilient Tile 77 Pleasant Street Cambridge, Massachusetts TR 6-0600 127 PETER VENETO SONS, INC. Contractors Builders 140 Shirley Street Roxbury, Mass. Phone: Highlands 5-8221 128 Telephone CA pitol 7-9200 S. S. PIERCE Importers Grocers Since 1831 America ' s Pacesetter for First Quality Foods And Convenient Service DOLE BAILEY, INC. MEATS A HISTORY OF QUALITY AND SERVICE SINCE 1868 19-24 NEW FANEUIL HALL MARKET BOSTON 9, MASS. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1967 Compliments of the ROYAL TYPEWRITER COMPANY, INC. A DIVISION OF LITTON INDUSTRIES 129 CONGRATULATES THE 1967 GRADUATING CLASS OF FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE Designers and Manufacturers J. RICHARD O ' NEIL CO., INC. 282 Franklin Street Cambridge, Mass. 02 1 39 High School and College Rings Coat of Arms — Service Awards — Diamond Rings — High School and College Rings — 130 mga Photographic Service To The 1967 BEACON SARGENT STUDIO 110 East Street Weymouth, Massachusetts 131 UNIVERSITY TRAVEL COMPANY Tel: 864-7800 N.Y. Tel: WA 5-0305 18 BRATTLE STREET CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS Teletype: 617.499.9175 Coble: UTRAV TWA 1967 STUDENT TOURS 1967 E U RO P E a votre service AIR FAVORITE TOUR 6 Departures, 38 days on land, $870.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, HOLLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, FRANCE 44 days EB by steamer WB by air $1,393.00 39 days RT by air $1,380.90 HELLENIC TOUR 2 Departures, 45 days on land, $1,065.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, HOLLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, YUGOSLAVIA, GREECE, FRANCE 51 days EB by steamer WB by air $1,588.00 46 days RT by air $1,575.90 FIESTA TOUR 4 Departures, 50 days on land, $1,295.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, HOLLAND, BERLIN, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, YUGOSLAVIA, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL 66 days EB by steamer WB by air $1,818.00 61 days RT by air $1,821.30 CONTINENTAL TOUR 1 Departure, 21 days on land Visiting: ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE 3 weeks RT by air $845.00 ISRAEL ADVENTURE TOUR 1 Departure, 40 days on land, $920.00 Visiting: ISRAEL, GREECE, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE 41 days RT by air $1,455.00 (based on 40 passenger group fare) DISCOVERY TOUR 2 Departures, 45 days on land, $1,055.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, DENMARK, BERLIN, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, YUGOSLAVIA, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE 51 days EB by steamer WB by air $1,578.00 46 days RT by air $1,565.10 COMPREHENSIVE TOUR 2 Departures, 67 days on land, $1,499.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, SCANDINAVIA, BERLIN, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, YUGOSLAVIA, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL 73 days EB by steamer WB by air $2,022.00 68 days RT by air $2,025.30 ole ' tour 2 Departures, 21 days on land Visiting: FRANCE, SPAIN, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL 3 weeks RT by air $699.00 GRAND TOUR 6 Departures, 45 days on land, $985.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, HOLLAND, BERLIN, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, YUGOSLAVIA, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE 51 days EB by steamer WB by air $1,508.00 46 days RT by air $1,495.10 HOLIDAY TOUR 2 Departures, 52 days on land, $1,188.00 Visiting: ENGLAND, SCANDINAVIA, BERLIN, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, YUGOSLAVIA, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE 58 days EB by steamer WB by air $1,711.00 53 days RT by air $1,698.90 CIVILIZATION TOUR 1 Departure, 21 days on land Visiting: GREECE, ITALY, FRANCE 3 weeks RT by air $999.00 IBERIAN EXTENSION 2 Departures, 16 days on land, $325.00 Visiting: SPAIN, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL Available on Favorite Tour, Grand Tour, Hel- lenic Tour, Discovery Tour and Holiday Tour. Here at UTRAV we have been planning and sending Student Groups to Europe for forty years. Each year our group members pass on to us their suggestions about the places, hotels, sights, guides and fun features they like best. They also tell us how much time they want for planned activities, and how much time they want free. Combining these first-hand suggestions with our own professional know-how, we feel we can offer the finest pro- gram of student tours available. 132 SENIOR DIRECTORY AJEMAN, CHARLENE ANGELILLO, MADELINE ARCHER, JOAN AVERILL, DIANE BAKER, MEREDITH BARRETT, VICTORIA BARTAS, CYNTHIA BATES, DEBORAH BATES, KATHLEEN BATTAGLIOLI, GRACE BAUMER, JACQUELYN BEEBE, MARGARET BELFORTI, LINDA BELISLE, KAREN BELL. KATHLEEN BERARDINO, CHRISTINE BERGERON. SHARON BISHOP, JAINE BLAIS, PAULETTE BLANCHETTE, KATHLEEN BOURNE, CANDACE BROADBENT, ROSEMARY BRODERICK, JOAN BROWN, KATHRYN BRUSINSKI, LINDA BUCKLEY. ELEANOR BULCROFT, DIANE BURGESS, CHRISTINE BURIAN, BARBARA CAHN. DONNA CALABRESE, CHERYL CALABRO, LINDA CAPPELLO, JANE CARRIER, JUDITH CERUOLO, ROSEMARY CHASE. DEBORAH CHESTER, NATALIE CLARK, JOYCE COHEN, SHEILA COMPLIS, PAMELA CONNOLLY, MARY CONSTANTINE, DIANE COOPER, BERYL CORBETT, VIRGINIA COVE, CAROL CRUZ, SANDRA CUTLER, LEE DAGOSTINO, MARY DAMON, LESLIE DANIELS, JACQUELYN DANOS, ESTHER DAVIS, MARGUERITE DAVISON, MARY DELANO, CHRISTINE DeMARCHENA, NADYA DEMBIA, LORRAINE DEMPSEY, ADELE DeRITTER, BARBARA DeSANTIS, LINDA DEVINE, CAROLYN DRAPER, LYNNE DUFFY, LOUISE DUNN, FRANCES DUPUIS, JEANNE EYRE, JANE FEARER, BEVERLY FERRIERO, KATHLEEN FIALKOSKY, DIANE FLIGHT, LORETTA FLYNN, MARGARET FORD, LINDA FOSS, DOROTHY FRANK, MARJORIE FREEDMAN, TOBY FREEMAN, SHERRILL GAGE, BARBARA GALVIN, PAMELA 873 Union Street, Rockland, Mass. 02370 800 Pleasantville Rd., Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 01510 138 Willard Circle, Islington, Mass. 02091 State Rd. Edgartown, Mass. 02539 25 South Mast Rd., Goffstown, New Hampshire 304 West Fairview Ave., Langhorne, Penna. 58 Hastings Ave., Keene, New Hampshire 153 West Washington St., Hanson, Mass. 02341 Bigelow Rd., New Fairfield, Conn. 41 Gaskins Rd., Milton, Mass. 02186 103 White Village Dr., Rochester, N.Y. 14625 273 Oak St., Winsted, Conn. 374 South Main St., Hopedale, Mass. Silva St., Edgartown, Mass. 02539 19 Rose Circle, Peabody, Mass. 01960 8 Hawthorne St., Everett, Mass. 02149 I Bergeron Circle, Biddeford, Maine 04005 P. O. Box 3, Merrimac, Mass. Mt. Vernon St., Dover, N.H. 03820 Box F, Gilmanton, N.H. Lake Katonah, R.F.D. 1, Katonah, N.Y. 39 Larch Rd., Briarcliff Manor. N.Y. 01510 381 Baker Street, West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Nate Whipple Highway, Cumberland, R.I. 4 Himoor Circle, Randolph, Mass. 594 Canton St., Stoughton, Mass. 02072 67 North Main St., Salem, N.H. 14 Regatta Rd., North Weymouth, Mass. 02119 23 Lenox St., East Haven, Conn. 406 Burlington Ave., Bradley Beach, N.J. 07720 15 Grant Ave., Belmont, Mass. 02178 18 Ellis Place, Ossining, N.Y. 41 Canal St., Green Harbor, Mass. 02041 1234 Campbell Rd., Wantagh, N.Y. 11794 442 Central St., Saugus, Mass. 67 Larrabee St., East Hartford, Conn. 158 Boylston St., Brockton, Mass. 354 Broadway, Lynn, Mass. 01904 127 Coolidge St., Brookline, Mass. 02146 7 Owencroft Rd., Dorchester, Mass. 02124 5 Deer St., Rutl and, Vt. 05701 52 Samoset Ave., Hull, Mass. 353 East St., Sharon, Mass. 42 Katy Hatch Rd. Falmouth, Mass. I I Furman Rd., Hamden, Conn. 29 Great Meadow Rd., Danbury, Conn. 608 Bay Rd., Stoughton, Mass. Exeter Rose Farms, Exeter, N.H. 1 Lake St., Hopedale, Mass. 01747 83 New Hartford St., New York Mills, N.Y. 13417 14 Flax Mill Lane, Milford, Conn. 20 Bosworth St., Beverly, Mass. 1 Scott Ave., Fort Leavenworth, Kan. R.F.D. 2, Putnam, Conn. 06260 Schout BijNacht Doormanweg, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles 9 Highwood Rd., Ramsey, N.J. 37 Moss Street, Pawcatuck, Conn. 14 Hilton Ave., Midland Park, N.J. 779 Bunker Hill Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 28 Fairway Dr., West Newton, Mass. 02165 Highland St., Wilton, N.H. 03086 36 Davis Rd. Stoughton, Mass. Panorama Dr., Brewster, N.Y. 10509 10 Hunt Street, Brockton, Mass. 02401 441 Winthrop St., Torrington, Conn. 06790 21 Connolly St., Randolph, Mass. 02368 15 Walnut St., Beverly, Mass. Scott Ave., Burlington, Mass. 216 Pleasant St., Pembroke, Mass. 14 Lincoln St., North Haven, Conn. Whitford Circle, Marshfield, Mass. 93 Harvard Rd., Littleton, Mass. 01460 6 Nob Hill Rd. Apt. 6B1, New London, Conn. 57 Kimball Rd., Chelsea, Mass. 524 Hickory Grove Rd., Horseheads, N.Y. 232 Sinclair Place, Westfield, N.J. 243 O ' Connell Dr., East Hartford, Conn. 133 GAMER. SUSAN GARBER. KAREN GARRISON, NORMA GENTHNER, LINDA GERARDY, FERN GIANSIRACUSA, THERESA GIBSON, KAREN GIDLEY, PATRICIA GILMAN, JOAN GLIDDEN, PAMELA GROLEAU, JEANMARIE GUARINO, DIANE GUILMETTE, CAROLE HACKWELL, VIRGINIA HALL, SANDRA HALVORSON, SHERRY HART, MAI A HEALY, JOANNE HEATH, NANCY HEDDEN, BRENDA HETER, JANE HILL, LURANA HOLCOMBE, LINDA HOLLAND, MAUREEN HOLLINGS, JEAN HOOD, JUDITH HOUGHTON, MARGARET HOW, MARGARET HUDAK, MARGARET HULBERT, SUSAN HUSSELBEE, PAMELA JOHN, CATHY JOHNSON, CYNTHIA JOHNSON, DIANE JOUBERT, VIVIEN KARAMBELAS, JEAN KARAMBELAS, JOAN KEANS, CHERYL KEMPFER, SARA KING, CYNTHIA KING, DIANE KOKORAS, THEODORA KOWALEWSKI, ELAINE KRAPPE, NANCY KREWSON, LESLIE LACROIX, LINDA LAMB, KATHLEEN LAMBERTON, VIRGINIA LANDRY, VIRGINIA LANZILLOTTA, PAULA LASSELLE, JOANNE LATTORA, MARGARET LAWRENCE, LINDA LEVINE, JOYCE LOMNICKI, DIANE LORBES, LILIA LYONS, DONA MacDONALD, DIANNE mann, linda mann, susan marini, marie maselli, janet mathews, mary mayo, phyllis mazulaitis, anele mcintyre, catherine Mclaughlin, anne McNAMARA, CANDACE McVEY, JUDY MERRILL, CYNTHIA MIRANDA, ELISA MORRIS, KATHERYN MORSE, ELIZABETH MUTHER, DIANNE MYERS, BARBARA NAVONIS, HELEN NEEDLE, MARCIA 185 Old Mill Road, Middletown, Conn. Centre Bridge Rd., Lancaster, Mass. 01523 4317 Post Rd., East Greenwich, R.I. Medomak, Maine 04551 287 Page Street, Avon, Mass. 22 Harlow St., Saugus, Mass. 01906 5 First Parish Rd., Canton, Mass. 61 Edinboro Rd., Quincy, Mass. 02169 1 1 Fox Hill Rd., Nahant, Mass. High St., Newcastle, Maine 1 Congress St., Newburyport, Mass. 31 Sweetser Terrace, Lynn, Mass. 01904 Dunstable Rd., Tyngsboro, Mass. 15 Coughlin Rd., North Easton, Mass. Vacation Lane, Harwich, Mass. 14 Twelfth St., Berling, N.H. Newcastle, Maine 315 Harwood Ave., Littleton, Mass. 01460 2 Sunset Dr., St. Johnsbury, Vt. 05819 36 Morris Ave., Mt. Tabor, N.J. 07878 18 Griffin Rd., Peabody, Mass. 12 Cedarview Rd., Ipswich, Mass. 913 Edgewood Avenue, Trenton, N.J. 26 Highland St., Canton, Mass. 784 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River, N.J. 44 Russell St., Quincy, Mass. Star Route, Derby, Vt. Mill Road, Whitehouse, N.J. 24 Winthrop Court, Milford, Conn. 51 Lowland St., Holliston, Mass. 01746 2 Ivy Lane, Sherborn, Mass. 60 Oak Street, Manchester, N.H. 180 Oak St., Winsted, Conn. 06098 29 Woodbury St., Gloucester, Mass. 95 Butternut Lane, Methuen, Mass. 117 Groveland St., Haverhill, Mass. 117 Groveland St., Haverhill, Mass. 283 Falmouth Rd., Falmouth, Maine 1252 Butztown Rd., Bethlehem, Penna. 25 Pine St., East Northfield, Mass. 01361 257 Walnut, St., Braintree, Mass. 10 Martinack Ave., Peabody, Mass. 01960 41 Edwards St., Bridgeport, Conn. 3 Lake Rd., North Branford, Conn. 20 Dover Rd., Millis, Mass. 289 Pelham St., Methum, Mass. 428 Mt. Vernon St., Lawrence, Mass. 19 Maplewood Drive, Northport, N.Y. 1414 Washington St., Braintree, Mass. 75 Dwelley St., Pembroke, Mass. 62 Windsor St., Randolph, Maine 100 Wadhams Rd., Bloomfield, Conn. 218 Front St., Winchendon, Mass. 25 Rye Ridge Parkway, West Hartford, Conn. 06117 293 Church St., Amsterdam, N.Y. 12010 64 Inman St., Cambridge, Mass. 1 1 Gardner St., Waltham, Mass. 31 Orchard St., East Braintree, Mass. 02184 2 Cottage Rd., Old Saybrook, Conn. 29 Davis St., Holyoke, Mass. 121 North Jackson Ave., Endicott, N.Y. 55 Park Rd., Chelmsford, Mass. 01824 4 Gardner St., Allston, Mass. 13 Fidelis Way, Apt. 501, Brighton, Mass. 02135 Echo Lake Rd., Watertown, Conn. 26 Nichols Ave., Avon, Mass. Old Common Rd., Lancaster, Mass. Lakeview Ave., Winthrop, Maine 34 Morningside Dr., Laconia, N.H. 139 South Street, Portsmouth, N.H. 03801 P.O. Box 571, Panama, Republic of Panama Bradford St.,, Wiscasset, Maine 18 Grove St., Delmar, N.Y. 12054 208 Washington St., Holliston, Mass. 55 Maria Lane, Reading, Mass. 01867 22 Jordan Rd., Chelmsford, Mass. 01863 17 Riverside Place, Walpole, Mass. 134 w ODONNELL, JOYCE ODONNELL, KATHLEEN O ' KEEFE, MARDA OLHSON, LINDA OLSON, MARTHA O ' NEIL, SUSAN PAUQUETTE, DONNA PEASE, DEBORAH PELLERIN, DIANE PENROD, JEANNE PERNITCHI, JOANNE PERRY. SUSAN PETERSON, PHYLLIS PIERCE, CAROL PORTER, SUZANNE POWERS, JOANNE PUTNAM, BETH RABINOVITZ, ARLENE RAUDING, DIANE RIFFLEY, SHAWNA ROBERTSON, SUSAN ROGERS, SUSAN ROOKS, SUSAN ROSENDALE, NANCY ROWAN, SHARON SANDERS, DEBORAH SCARIMONTIOS, ANN SHADRAKE, ANNE SHEA, JUDY SIKORSKI, DONNA SILVIO, CAROL SIMPKINS, PAMELA SKOWRONSKI, HENRIETTA SLATE, BETH SMALLIS, HARRIET SMITH, LOIS SNYDAL, MARJORIE SOUZA, LINDA STELLA, MARY STODDER, SUSAN STOLZ, CHRISTINE STONEHOUSE, LINDA STORMS, KAREN STRATH, JANET STUKE, PAMELA SULLIVAN, CATHLEEN SUTHERLAND, SHARYN TACK, SHIRLEY TAYLOR, LINDA THOMAS, SUZANNE THOMPSON, ELLEN TOMASI, LYDIA VanGEMERT, MARSHA VIGLIONE, JUDITH VOCI, PAMELA WACHSNER, SYLVIA WASSEL, PATRICIA WEST, JOAN WHITTEMORE, WENDY WHONE, LESLIE WILLIS, CLAIRE WILSON, MARY WOJCIECHOWSKI, PHYLLIS WOOLF, KAREN WRIGHT, MILDRED WU, LILY YOUNG, EILEEN ZAITLIN, SANDRA Lily Wu ' s home address: No. 2 Lane, 151 Yung Ho Road Sec. 1 Yung Ho Village Taipei, Formosa 53 Irving St., Waltham, Mass. 91 Prescott St., Medford, Mass. 1130 West Giaconda, Tucson, Ariz. Bay Road, South Duxbury, Mass. Maple St., Enfield, N.H. 83 Endicott Ave., Revere, Mass. 13 Quaker St., Granville, N.Y. 383 Woodland St., Bristol, Conn. 295 Burlington Ave., Wilmington, Mass. 01887 121 Summer St., Waltham, Mass. 75 Aborn St., Peabody, Mass. 01960 149 Court St., Laconia, N.H. 91 Shiretown Rd., Dedham, Mass. 2 Clift St., Mystic, Conn. 06355 122 Walnut St., Abington, Mass. 02351 Orchard Ave., Raynham, Mass. 1141 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven, Conn. 16 Will Sawyer St., Peabody, Mass. 36 Birch St., North Quincy, Mass. 02171 Hays Rd. R.D. 1, Castleton, N.Y. 28 Everett St., Lynn, Mass. 01904 42 St. Lukes Place, Montclair, N.J. 07042 19 Seaview Ave., Marblehead, Mass. Box 215, Lawrence, Mass. 1 1 Kellogg St., Clinton, Mass. 435 East 79th St., New York, N.Y. 2 Northend St., Peabody, Mass. 295 North Boulevard, Salisbury, Mass. 67 Hillside St., Presque Isle, Maine Smith Rd., East Haddam, Conn. 16 Hamblin Rd., Waltham, Mass. 02154 159 Andover Rd., Billerica, Mass. 124 Curtiss St., Union City, Conn. 06772 19 Pine Dr., Woodbury, N.Y. 2 Kings Hill Rd., Peabody, Mass. Sunset Ave., Chester, Conn. 06412 24 Lawrence St., Rockville, Conn. 57 Holly Tree Lane, New Bedford, Mass. 86 Knollwood Rd., Norwell, Mass. 11 Bonad Rd., Stoneham, Mass. 02180 3 South Helderberg Parkway, Slingerlands, N.Y. 12159 49 Shepard Rd., Braintree, Mass. 232 Smith Ave., Kingston, N.Y. 12401 45 Holland Rd., Melrose, Mass. 02176 116 Bonham Rd., Dedham, Mass. 02026 180 Columbia Boulevard, Waterbury, Conn. Hotchkiss Lane, Madison, Conn. Route 88 North, Newark, N.Y. 14513 6 Batchelder Ave., Peabody, Mass. 23 Providence Ave., Falmouth, Maine 04105 959 Middle St. Bath, Maine 34 Mohawk Rd., Canton, Mass. 960 Main St., Lynnfield, Mass. 100 Newbury Ave., Methuen, Mass. 159 Pearl St., Brockton, Mass. 10 de Agosto 551, Quito, Ecuador 34 Purdon Ave., Lynn, Mass. RFD Massachusetts Ave., Boxboro, Mass. 39 Raymond St., Manchester, Mass. 3 Longshore Ave., South Norwalk, Conn. 18835 385 Common St., Walpole, Mass. 02081 49 Aldrich St., Granby, Mass. 01033 43 Vine St., Ansonia, Conn. 159 Dartmouth St., Portland, Maine 9 Caroline St., Burlington, Mass. 25 Hillwood Rd., East Brunswick, N.J. 46 Sprague St., Maiden, Mass. 02148 49 Cleveland St., Saco, Maine 135

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