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19S5 FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE 3 5620 50557557 5 ' 1 1 1 I I ■ I H . H I I ■ I ■ i ■ ■ THE 1965 BEACON FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE 118 BEACON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE This, another Beacon, represents an added chapter in the life and history of Fisher Junior College. Each edition is a reminder that yet another group of young women have run a vigorous race for the past two years, and through hard work and achievement have been able to finish their course. It wa s not easy for most, and the rewards seem to be before you. But, you will find that the struggle for academic survival has produced something good within you and which will nourish you in the years ahead. The College is proud to be able to add your name to its alumnae family and to place this Beacon in our library of growing Fisher tra- dition. Although this class will separate one from the other to justly give individual expression to the interests of each of you, yet you can be sure that each one, individually, will be remembered for what she contributed and as a friend. Along with your parents, we will watch for your suc- cesses and be just as proud that we have had a small part in your preparation and the good things which come your way. I speak for faculty, staff and administration in wishing you every happiness in the years ahead. 2 Dedication To Mrs. Lila Whiting we dedicate this book for the interest, encouragement and inspiration she has given us during our two years at Fisher Junior College. Her smile, patience, and genuine interest in her students are qualities that make us sorry we are losing her. In appreciation and gratitude for all she has done for us, we wish to dedicate this yearbook. 3 Susan Slagle, Editor Editor ' s Message As editor of the 1965 Beacon, I have tried to stim- ulate your memory of the past two years at Fisher and particularly of your Senior year. As you look at this book years from now, I hope you can see the trials and tribulations of our education as well as the joys and successes. In the future we shall look back upon these years at Fisher Junior College as a wonderful part of our lives. My deep appreciation to all those who have helped to make this yearbook possible. Robert Upton, Advisor 4 10 13 PAMELA HARRIS President DAILA STROEMPLE Treasu rer 14 BARBARA JEAN AIRMAN MEDICAL " Born with a gift of laughter " " Barb " Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Glee Club 1: Yearbook 2; House Council 1, Treasurer 2. JUDITH EMELIA ANDERSON LIBERAL ARTS " A sunshine heart and a soul of song. " " Judy " South Yarmouth, Massachusetts WUS 1; Yearbook 2. CAROL JEAN ANDERSON LEGAL " The quiet mind is richer than a crown " Newington, Connecticut Yearbook 2. KATHLEEN JEAN ANDREWS FOREIGN TRADE " Guessed only in part and seen only by I he heart, the goodness and fairness within. " " Kathy " Hingham, Massachusetts CCUN 1, 2; Delegate to National Model General As- sembly. 15 CAROLYN APPLEBY LEGAL " Silence is a fine jewel for a wo nan; it may do good and can do little harm. " Marston Mills, Massachusetts Glee Club 1; Yearbook 2; House Council 1, President 2. DIANE ARSENAULT ELECTRONIC S " Laughter is the most heathful exertion. " Everett, Massachusetts CCUN Secretary 1, Treasurer 2; Delegate to National Model General Assembly. PAULA ELIZABETH BARKER MEDICAL " An acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship. " Hyde Park, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; WUS 2. CHERYL DIANNE BARROLL EXECUTIVE " Compounded of soft-spoken sense and wisdom. " West Roxbury, Massachusetts Talmudims 1, 2. 16 SUSAN BASSETT LEGAL " Opens in each heart a little heaven. " " Sue " West Barnstable, Massachusetts Glee Club 1; Bowling 2; Yearbook 2. KATHLEEN MARIE BEGLEY MEDICAL " The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be a friend. " " Kathy " Westwood, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. BRENDA BETTENCOURT MEDICAL " You have to believe in happiness, or happiness never comes. " " Benny " Lexington, Massachusetts Yearbook 2; Commuters ' Club, Vice President 1, Presi- dent 2. DEBORAH DECKER BILL FOREIGN TRADE " The liveliest effusions of wit and humor. " " Deb " South Deerfield, Massachusetts House Council 1, Treasurer 2. 17 BONNIE CHRISTINE BIXLER LEGAL " With gentle voice and smiles, she leads the crowd. " " Beetle " Ashburnham, Massachusetts House Council 1, President 2. LUCILLE ROSE BONANNO ELECTRONICS " There is nothing more worth winning, but laughter and the love of friends. " Lawrence, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARY SUNDY BONGIORNO FOREIGN TRADE " No limits but the sky. " Wilmington, Massachusetts Glee Club 1; CCUN 1, 2. JOANNE RUTH BOOTH BY EXECUTIVE " A sterling character is worth its weight in gold. " " Jo " Norwalk, Connecticut SGA 1; Newma n Club 1; Glee Club 1; Yearbook 2; Charles Viewer 2. 18 PAMELA JANE BREEDEN EXECUTIVE " Sweet of manner, warm of heart. " " Pam " Wakefield, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, Executive Committee 2. JANICE ROSE BUFFONE LIBERAL ARTS " Gentle is she and of good intent. " " Jan " Westminster, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; House Council 1, Social Chairman 2. SANDRA LEIGH BURGESS EXECUTIVE " A cheerful mood, a pleasant smile, a winning way — and quite in style. " " Sandy " Wellesley, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; Executive Committee 2. JANE RUTH BURKE FOREIGN TRADE " Sociable, friendly, and sweet. " Maiden. Massachusetts CCUN 1, President 2; Delegate to National Model General Assembly. 19 JOANNE PHYLLIS CALDERONE EXECUTIVE " Not quiet nor loud, nor short nor tall, but a pleasant mingling of them all. " Lawrence, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARY FLORENCE CALLAHAN EXECUTIVE " A word in earnest is as good as a speech. " West Concord, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARLENE MAE CANN EXECUTIVE " What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for others. " " Marl " South Essex, Massachusetts Yearbook 2; House Council 1, Vice President 2. ANDREA BARBARA CARDINI MEDICAL " Happiness sneaks through a door you didn ' t know you left open. " " Andi " Lexington, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1 2. 20 JOANNE CAREY FOREIGN TRADE " A leader with soul sincere; in action, faith; in honor, clear. " " Jo " Mattapan, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. PATRICIA ANNE CAREY " A full, rich nature — free to trust. " LEGAL " Candy " Commuters ' Club 1, 2. Chelsea, Massachusetts SANDRA LOUISE CARLSON FOREIGN TRADE " Enthusiasm can be as contagious as measles. " " San " Worcester, Massachusetts KAY LYNN CARTER EXECUTIVE " A smile is a whisper of a laugh. " Dorchester, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 21 VIRGINIA MARY CARUSO ELECTRONICS " A sense of humor is the spice of life. " " Ginny " Everett, Massachusetts SGA 1, Secretary 2; CCUN 1, Vice President 2; Charles Viewer 2; Class Secretary 2. KAREN ARBOUR CATUCCI FOREIGN TRADE " She has a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to do mischief. " " Kari " Plainville, Connecticut JUDITH ANN CHAPMAN " Silence is golden. " " Judy " Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MEDICAL Easton, Massachusetts VIRGINIA CHASE " Light of heart and fancy free. " " Ginny " Commuters ' 1 , 2. LEGAL Randolph. Massachusetts 22 HELEN CHICKLES MEDICAL " you want to create something, you must be some- thing. " Wakefield, Massachusetts JOANNE CHRISTOPHERS EXECUTIVE " Whatever is popular deserves attention. " Nahant, Massachusetts SGA 1, President 2. JANET SUZANNE CLAUSON LEGAL " Efficiency of a practically flawless kind. " " Sue " Milton, Massachusetts Commuters Club 1, 2. CAROL ANN CLEARY FOREIGN TRADE " It ' s good to forgive; it ' s better to forget. " Waterford, Connecticut CCUN 2; House Council 1, 2. 23 LILLIAN ELIZABETH CONTE EXECUTIVE " Gentle and soft-spoken, yet stands out in a crowd. " " Lili-putf Bellerose, New York Newman Club 1, Vice President 2, House Council 1, President 2; Charles Viewer 1, 2. FRANCES ADELAIDE CONTI FOREIGN TRADE " She ' s a volume to one who knows how to read her. " " Frankie " Dorchester, Massachusetts Drama Club 1; Commuters ' Club 2. ANGELIKE CONTOS ELECTRONICS " Ease of manners, sweetness of temper. " " Kiki " Dorchester, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1. PAMELA ANN COURI EXECUTIVE " Loyalty, a virtue which cannot be priced. " " Pam " East Longmeadow, Massachusetts Yearbook 2. 24 PRISCILLA ELINOR CROWN FOREIGN TRADE " Subject to the unpredictable. " Walpole, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. NANCY CURRIER " To try is a battle half won. " EXECUTIVE Arlington, Massachusetts VIRGINIA MARY DACEY LEGAL " She takes a thoughtful, anxious interest in what ' s hap- pening. " " Ginny " Everett, Massachusetts CCUN 1, 2; Charles Viewer 1, Assistant Editor 2. ROSALYN DAVIS " A faithful friend is the best. " " Rozzy " Talmudims 1, 2. EXECUTIVE Mattapan, Massachusetts 25 DIANA ANGELA DePIERO FOREIGN TRADE " Activity and sadness are incompatible. " " Ag " Beverly, Massachusetts CCUN 1, 2; Delegate to National Model General As- sembly. DIANE AUDREY DeSIMONE " Displays distinctive manner. " " Disey " Yearbook 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. FOREIGN TRADE Medford, Massachusetts DOROTHY ANN DiFLUMERI MEDICAL " A smile on her lips; a twinkle in her eyes. " " Dottie " Winthrop, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; WUS 2. DONNA RAE DRECHSLER MEDICAL " A thing worth doing is worth doing well. " Maynard, Massachusetts Glee Club 1; Student Christian Association 2. 26 JOYCE MARIE DUGAN MEDICAL " One good hearty laugh is a bombshell exploding in the right place. " " Joycee " Lexington, Massachusetts Yearbook 2; Commuters Club 1, 2; Charles Viewer 1, 2. DEBORAH BARNES DUNLAP ELECTRONICS " Friendship is constant. " " Debbie " Saratoga Springs, New York Charles Viewer 1; House Council 1; Librarian 2. DIANE IRENE DUPUIS MEDICAL " you wish to please people, you must begin by under- standing them. " " Di " Orleans, Massachusetts DIANE CAROL DZIEWIT LIBERAL ARTS " Good character is human nature in its best form. " " Di " Amsterdam, New York 27 LORRAINE ELIA " Humor springs from happiness. ' EXECUTIVE Dorchester, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. NANCY JANE EMERY FOREIGN TRADE " Her w ays are ways of pleasantness. " Marshfield ' Hills, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; CCUN 1; Yearbook 2. LaDENE LYN EVERETT LEGAL " Her disposition is as friendly as her smile. " " Denie " Washburn, Maine Drama 1, President 2. NANCY ANN FISCHER MEDICAL " She is true to her word, her work, and her friends. " " Nanc " Dover, New Hampshire Newman Club 1; JFK Memorial Committee 1; Dormi- tory Treasurer 2. 28 DONNA FITZSIMMONS LEGAL " A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. " Middleboro, Massachusetts SARAH FLORA LEGAL " Vivacious and pleasant. " Bethel, Connecticut Glee Club 1; Student Christian Association 1; CCUN 2; Charles Viewer 1, 2. FIDELES BEVERLY FLORKOSKI LEGAL " The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool. " " Fiddy " Midletown, Connecticut Sailing Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. JANICE MARIE FLYNN " Beauty comes from within. ' Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MEDICAL Winthrop, Massachusetts 29 ■ CHARLENE FOURCHER FOREIGN TRADE " Knowledge of itself is riches. " " Fouch " Fairhaven, Massachusetts Glee Club 1; Sailing Club 1; Student Christian Associa- tion 2; Yearbook 2; Tennis 2. JUDITH MARIA FRANZOSA EXECUTIVE " A pleasant mixture of intelligence and popularity . " " Judi " South Acton, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; Tennis 1. ARLENE HILDA FRIEDMAN LIBERAL ARTS " Company is an everlasting pleasure. " " Nene " Mattapan, Massachusetts Talmudims 1, 2. JANICE FRIER ELECTRONICS " Good nature is the beauty of the mind. " " Jan " Lynn, Massachusetts Charles Viewer 1; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 30 I ■ mi m JOYCE ANNE GAGNE EXECUTIVE " A good heart is worth gold. " " Joy " Fitchburg, Massachusetts JANE MARIE GALLIVAN MEDICAL " As merry as the day is long. " " BooBoo " Milton, Massachusetts Class Treasurer 1, Class Vice President 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 31 CAROLE VICKERS GELL EXECUTIVE " Her voice is ever gentle, soft, and low. " " Vicki " Somerset, Massachusetts DENA JILL GOODMAN MEDICAL " So small, so sweet, so sparkling bright. " Nashua, New Hampshire Sailing Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Talmudims 1, 2. HARRIET AUDREY GORDON " With a smile to greet you. " " Gordie " LEGAL Chelsea, Massachusetts JUDITH ANN GOSLEE LIBERAL ARTS " Filled with goodness and knowledge. " " Judy " Wapping, Connecticut House Council 1, Secretary 2; Newman Club 1, Secre- tary 2. 32 ANTOINETTE MARIE GRAGLIA LEGAL " Always true, patient, and kind. " " Toni " Lexington, Massachusetts Scholarship Com mittee 1; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARY LEE GUNN MEDICAL " Sweetness in Iter words and smiles. " " Pinky " Berlin, New Hampshire Newman Club Treasurer 1; House Council 1, 2. KAREN ANN HANSON MEDICAL " Quietly she goes her way, does her share with little to say. " East Bridgewater, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. DIANE MARIE HARNEY LEGAL " Life is just a bowl of cherries. " Milton, Massachusetts CCUN Vice President 1 ; Commuters ' Club 2. 33 PAMELA LEE HARRIS FOREIGN TRADE " We love her for her laughs, her looks, her friendly ways. " " Pam " Waterford, New York Class Vice President 1, Class President 2; Glee Club 1; Student Christian Association 1. FRIEDA PATRICIA HAYES FOREIGN TRADE " Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm. " " Fred " South Deerfield, Massachusetts Glee Club 1. MARY ROSE HEBERT EXECUTIVE " We all live in the hope of pleasing somebody. " Rutland, Vermont CAROL JEAN HENRIKSON " Good nature brings many friends. ' Yearbook 2; Sailing 1, 2. MEDICAL Holden, Massachusetts 34 SHIRLEY FRANCES HESELTON MEDICAL " Time to be happy is now. " " Shirl " Meriden, Connecticut Yearbook 2; Sailing Club 1, 2. CYNTHIA ANN HETNIK " To live life well is her aim. " " Cindi " Drama Club 1; Newman Club 2. LEGAL Otter River, Massachusetts CHRISTINE HIGGINS EXECUTIVE " It seems so easy to be good natured. " " Chris " Lynn, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; SGA 1, 2; Charles Viewer 1, Edi- tor 2. RUTH-ANN HIGGINS MEDICAL " She values her friends more than her possessions. " " Sandy " Waltham, Massachusetts Sailing Club 1; Senior Prom Committee 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 35 ROCHELLE ANNE HUMPHREY MEDICAL " It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. " Roslindale, Massachusetts Student Christian Association 1; Commuters ' Club 2; Glee Club 1. 2. PHYLLIS ELAINE JACOBS EXECUTIVE " Pleasantness has its own rewards. " West Roxbury, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 2. 36 DONNA MARIE JACOBSEN EXECUTIVE " A joke, a laugh, and a lot of humor. " •Jake " Rochester, New Hampshire Sailing Club 1. DIANA SANDRA JOHANNSSON MEDICAL " A kind and gentle heart she has to comfort any friend. " " Di " Winter Haven. Florida Drama Club 2; Yearbook 2; House Council 1, Social Chairman 2. ILENE JOHNSON LEGAL " Happiness is like a sunbeam. " " Stretch " Ma nchester, New Hampshire Commuters ' Club 1 ; Scholarship Fund Committee 2. LESLIE RUTHE JOHNSON LEGAL " Sincerity and gaiety in one friendly person. " " Les " Bedford, Massachusetts Dormitory Social Chairman 2. 37 NORMA ED LA JOHNSON EXECUTIVE " Sometimes quiet, sometimes a riot. " New Britain, Connecticut Glee Club 1, 2. JANET KATHRYN JONES EXECUTIVE " The will to be, the will to do. " " Jan " Natick, Massachusetts House Council, Secretary 2; Charles Viewer I, 2. JANET MARIE KHOURY ELECTRONICS " What mystery lies within dark eyes. " " Jan " Somerville, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; Charles Viewer 1. MARY ANN KLACHAN " High aims form high characters. ' " Mimi " CCUN 2. EXECUTIVE Ontario, Canada 38 BETSEY BAKER KNAPP ELECTRONICS " A welcomed addition to any group. " North Conway, New Hampshire Commuters ' Club 1, 2. KATHLEEN KOSAKOWSKI LEGAL " A sure success she will be, for she does all things efficiently. " " Kathi " New Britain, Connecticut Glee Club 1; Yearbook 2; Newman Club 1; President 2. CAROLYN ANN KUPCHUN LEGAL " On her best accomplishment, it is hard to tell — she does so many things so well. " " Carol " Nashua, New Hampshire Glee Club 1; Newman Club 1; Yearbook 2; House Council 1, Secretary 2. MICHELLE LAMARRE EXECUTIVE " The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed. " Arlington, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; SGA 2. 39 40 PATRICIA LEPRI LEGAL " Her highest hopes shall be fulfilled. " " Pat " Norwood, Masachusetts LORRAINE BARBON LEVIN MEDICAL " Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. " " Lanie " Chelsea, Massachusetts SGA 2; Talmudims 1, President 2. MAXINE JOAN LOCKE ELECTRONICS " W here there is music there can ' t be mischief. " West Roxbury, Massachusetts Talmudims 1, 2; Glee Club 1, President 2. ARLENE BETTY LUDENSKY MEDICAL " Well done is better than well said. " Brighton, Massachusetts Talmudims 1, 2. 41 42 DONA MARIE MARINILLI MEDICAL " Seriousness and merriment are near neighbors. " Quincy, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1. LINDA MARQUIS FOREIGN TRADE " Confidence is a feeling you have before you understand the situation. " Beverly Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; WUS 1. 43 44 JEAN MARIE MORRISSEY FOREIGN TRADE " Quiet but mischievous. " " Bean " Lake Grove, New York Drama Club 2; Yearbook 2. BEVERLY ANN MORSE FOREIGN TRADE " Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind. " " Bev " Lynn, Massachusetts Student Christian Association 1, 2. ELEANOR CHASE MORSE EXECUTIVE " Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. " " Ellen " South Lancaster, Massachusetts Glee Club I; House Council 1, President 2. ADELINE MOSEK EXECUTIVE " Sweet thoughts, sweet deeds, sweet girl. " " Addie " Manchester, New Hampshire House Council 1, 2. 45 BARBARA MAR OGINZ MF.DICAL " The world is made for fun and frolic. " " Boobra " Magnolia, Massachusetts Talmudims 2; Yearbook 2. 46 47 ANNE MARIE QUINTAL EXECUTIVE " Sincerity leads to success. " " Annie " Hopkinton, Massachusetts Glee Club 1. DONNA LEE RAIN FOREIGN TRADE " Few things are necessary to make the wise happy. " Lynn, Massachusetts Sailing Club I; Yearbook 2; Glee Club 1, 2; House Council 1, Vice President 2. 4H PHYLLIS LEONA RAISMAN MEDICAL " A deceiving air of innocence. " " Phyl " Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Talmudims 1; Treasurer 2. ANN VERLA RAMSEY EXECUTIVE " A friendly disposition will carry you far. " Cambridge, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. SUSAN CYNTHIA RAND " Open-minded, frank and fair. " " Susie " LEGAL Essex, Massachusetts JUDITH FITZ RANDOLPH LEGAL " The more you know her, the better you like her. " " Judi " Highland Park, New Jersey Dormitory Social Chairman 2; Glee Club 1, 2. 49 BARBARA LEE RAYNES LEGAL " Quiet, unassuming, and likeable. " " Barb " Ashby, Massachusetts House Council Treasurer 2; Yearbook staff 2; Sailing 1, 2. JANNETTE CAROL READER LEGAL " She is liked everywhere, all of the time. " Billerica, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Scholarship Committee 1, 2. MARIA M. RIBEIRO FOREIGN TRADE " Whatever she gives, she gives the best. " Gloucester, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. SUSAN EDYTHE RICHARDSON MEDICAL " There is no greater virtue than cheerfulness. " " Sue " Beverly, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 50 CAROL JEAN RILEY FOREIGN TRADE " Her charms are many, her faults hardly any. " •Rile " Quincy, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARCIA ELIZABETH RILEY EXECUTIVE " A radiant smile and eyes aglow. " " Rile " East Braintree, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1. EILEEN PATRICIA ROURKE MEDICAL " A soft voice is a hard argument. " Newton Highlands, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. CONSTANCE M. RUGGERI MEDICAL " Good nature is the beauty of the mind. " " Connie " Watertown, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 51 52 SUSAN TRACY SCHULTZE EXECUTIVE " Sincerity shines in her eyes. " " Sue " Old Tappan, New Jersey Yearbook 2. SUSAN JEAN SELLARS " A heart as big as her smile. " " Sue " Charles Viewer 1; WUS 1, 2. FOREIGN TRADE Reading, Massachusetts RONNEY ANN SHAW FOREIGN TRADE " A girl in whom the spirit of adventure runs high. " Exeter, New Hampshire JANICE CAROL SHOUP EXECUTIVE " A silent yet helping hand. " " Jan " Glastonbury, Connecticut Glee Club 1; Student Christian Association 1, President 2; House Council 1. 2. 53 LAURA W. SHRAY EXECUTIVE " Happiness seems made to be shared. " " Laurie " Chelsea, Massachusetts Talmudim 1; Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club 2; Tennis 2. SUSAN CLAIRE SLAGLE FOREIGN TRADE " Care and diligence bring rich rewards. " " Sue " Ridgefield Park, New Jersey Yearbook Editor 2; Drama Club 1, Vice President 2; House Council 1, President 2. LORRAINE IRENE SLOVINSKI EXECUTIVE " A friend to gain; a friend to remain. " " Laurie " Bristol, Connecticut Drama Club 2. SANDRA ANN SMITH LIBERAL ARTS " is not how long but how well we live. " " Sandy " Mattapan, Massachusetts Talmudim 1; CCUN 2. 54 ELAINE MARY STANTON EXECUTIVE " She has a friend for every smile and a smile for every friend. " " Laine " Watertown, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. DONNA RAE STAPLES EXECUTIVE " Smiles are sunbeams, light, and joy. " " Emette " Presque Isle, Maine DONNA ELIZABETH STILL EXECUTIVE " is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. " Manchester, New Hampshire Glee Club 1; Student Christian Association 2. VIRGINIA MARY STOUT LIBERAL ARTS " Those who bring happiness to the lives of others can- not keep it from themselves. " " Ginny " Milton, Massachusetts Class President 1; SGA 2; Commuters ' Club Treasurer 1, Secretary 2. 55 MARY BARBARA STRAUBE FOREIGN TRADE " A purpose is the eternal condition of success. " Cambridge. Massachusetts WUS 1; Yearbook 2. DAILA STROEMPLE LEGAL " A willing worker with a ready hand. " " Di " Boston, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; Drama Club 2; Class Treasurer 2; Scholarship Committee 1, Chairman 2. MARILYN LEE STUART EXECUTIVE " The fountain of beauty is the heart. " " Lynn " Baldwinville, Massachusetts JFK Memorial Library Committee 1; Student Christian Association 2; Yearbook 2. ROBERTA ANNE TARBY EXECUTIVE ' Where there ' s fun she ' s always in it, never still for half a minute. " " Bobbie " Portsmouth, New Hampshire 56 PHYLLIS HELENE TAYLOR MEDICAL " Sunny disposition is the very soul of success. " " Phyl " Chelsea, Massachusetts Charles Viewer 1; SGA 1; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. LUCILLE ANN TESSITORE EXECUTIVE " In our string of friends, no pearl so bright. " " Tess " Lawrence, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1, 2. KATHERINE ELLEN THIBADEAU MEDICAL " Happiness is a state of mind. " " Tibsy " Norwell, Massachusetts Class Secretary 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. CANDACE ANNE TOLVO EXECUTIVE " Where the willingness is strong, the difficulties cannot be great. " " Candi " Grosvenordale, Connecticut Class Secretary 1; House Council I, President 2. 57 No picture available NANCY ELIZABETH WALLMAN MEDICAL " Calm but not serious, quiet but not idle. " " Nance " Sudbury, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; Drama Club Treasurer 2. 58 MARY LOUISE WALTHER FOREIGN TRADE " Deeds not words shall speak. " " Mary Lou " Methuen, Massachusetts Yearbook 2; Newman Club 1, 2; House Council 1, Sec- retary 2. CAROLYN LOUISE WASHBURN ELECTRONICS " Quiet and neat, pleasant to meet. " " Lyn " Brockton, Massachusetts Commuters ' Club 1; CCUN 2: Glee Club 2. LINDA LUCELE WHITE MEDICAL " She may be quiet but look again. " " Lint " Waterbury, Connecticut Student Christian Association 1. CAROLE ANN WILSON FOREIGN TRADE " Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined. " " Willie " Roxbury, Massachusetts 59 First Row: Lorraine Levin, Virginia Caruso, June Thompson, Joanne Christophers, President, Barbara Ann Burton, Michelle LaMar, Virginia Stout. Second Row: Elena Kirios, Roberta Stoller, Elaine DiMascio, Christine Blatsos, Renee Mavris, Andrea Crechko, Carol Preston, Deborah Linaberry, Janine Duguay. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The members of the Student Government Associa- tion are pledged to administer the powers granted them and to cooperate with the authorities of the college as well as the students. It represents the interests of the student body in mat- ters concerning their welfare, and it works to assist the observance of the customs and traditions at Fisher. 62 YEARBOOK STAFF With the guidance of Mr. Robert Upton, yearbook advisor, the Beacon staff has tried to make this year- book a reminder to the students of their past two years at Fisher. 11 f j First Row: Jean Morrissey, Linda Price, Barbara Aikman, Susan Bassett, Candace Tolvo, Susan SJagle, Editor, Virginia Murphey, Carol Henrikson, Joanne Boothby, Carol Anderson. Second Row: Shirley Heselton, Donna Rain, Carolyn Appleby, Kathi Kosakowski, Mary Walther, Anne Quintal, Carolyn Kupchun, Diana Johannsson, Charlene Fourcher, Barbara Oginz, Pamela Couri. 63 First Row: Dorothy Machakos, Virginia Caruso, Bertha Noonan, Christine Higgins, Editor, Jane Mcintosh, Renee Mavris, Linda Bourgault. Second Row: Roberta Stoller, Judith Ortins, Catherine Venetsanakos, Florence Flain, Christine Blatsos, Marianne Chakoutis, Caroline Barretto, Carol Judge. CHARLES VIEWER STAFF The Charles Viewer is edited by Christine Higgins under the able guidance of Miss Anne Winters, faculty advisor. The staff does a fine job in informing the student body of events happening at Fisher. 64 TALMUDINS The members of the Talmudims work together to create a better understanding of Judaism and to further closer ties with other religious groups. After four years at Fisher, the Talmudims have greatly added a religious club with a social life. First Row: Dena Goodman, Phyllis Raisman, Treasurer, Paula Max, Vice-president, Lorraine Levin, President, Arlene Ludensky, Secretary, Maxine Locke, Cheryl Barroll. Second Row: Frances Gamer, Maria Silva, Rosalyn Davis, Arlene Friedman. 65 Commuters First Row: P. Breedan, F. Frain, K. Buol, Vice-President; B. Bettencourt, President; V. Stout, Secretary; P. Weeks, Treasurer; A. Cardini, E. Tolstuk. Second Row: Mrs. Leary and Mrs. Hughes, Advisors; K. DeVincent, J. Dugan, S. Smart, S. Maidrand, N. Tullock, S. Johnson, J. Lindsey, S. O ' CIair, M. Dwyer, S. Krause, S. Haywood, R. Humphrey. 66 Club First Row: O. Courousis, E. Bezemes, J. Thompson, V. Chase, C. Davis, E. Woodworth, S. Haley. Second Row: J. Chapman, K. Hanson, C. Perkins, K. Begley, D. Sundwall, P. Taylor, M. Messina, L. Bonnano, J. Kelley, R. Pearsal. 67 First Row: Yvette Gamache, Mary Ann Furman, Kathi Kosakowski, President, Judith Goslee, Virginia Murphy. Second Row: Elizabeth Laraway, Catherine Thibault, Rita Deschaine, Cath- erine DeLorenzo, Sandra Lyman. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, a member of the National Fed- eration of Newman Clubs, is for Catholic students in nonsectarian colleges. Our club ' s purpose is to bring Catholic men and women together to discuss such matters as marriage, the Bible, and evolution. The Newman Club has become to be one of Fisher ' s many assets. 68 STUDENT CHRISTIAN The Student Christian Movement of New England is the mother organization of the Fisher Junior College Student Christian Association. The SCA tries to enrich the lives of its members by " building new individuals and a new society according to the growing insight and faith of the cooperating Christian groups. " The club hopes to build and mold the character of the members. First Row: Margaret Woodman, Secretary, Janice Shoup, President, Linda Walker, Treasurer. Second Row: Marjorie Jackson, Debra Walker, Judith Ruggles, Izola Schroeder. 69 First Row: Catherine Thibault, Olesia Wons, Carolyn Washburn, Rochelle Humphrey, Maxine Locke, President, Judith Garland, Judith Randolph, Norma Johnson, Fideles Florkowki. Sec- ond Row: Sharon Dingley, Carolyn Lewis, Heidi Bronk, Karen Asunmoa, Dianne Batulevitz, Rita Deschaine, Mary Ann Furman, Virginia Caird, Judy Beck, Diane Hutchins. Third Row: Marjorie Jackson, Teresa Shafer, Brenda Durepo, Debra Walker, Judith Foster, Martha Hickin, Roberta Wentland, Darlene Morris. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Jerry Clark, sang at many assemblies throughout the year. This year the girls excel in harmony and tone, creating a pleasurable atmosphere. 70 DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club, under the guidance of Miss Elaine Chizook, performs for the student body in various in- vitational seminars. Their performances bring both in- spiration and joy to all who attend. This year the Drama Club has presented a one-act play as well as seminars. ! 0 f 1 F Pi Firs flow: Karen Hannon, Mary Marnane, Susan Slagle, Vice-president, LaDene Everett, President, Daila Stroemple, Judith Beck, Linda Turffs. Second Row: Shirley Kaufman, Mar- jorie Cohen, Janine Duguay, Carole Hack, Paula Bergeron, Patricia McGovern, Sandra Ly- man. 71 First Row: Olesia Wons, Mary Klachan, Christine Blatsos, Jr. Vice-president, Virginia Caruso, Sr. Vice-president, Jane Burke, President, Diane Arsenault, Treasurer, Diane De Piero, Secre- tary, Mary Bongiorno. Second Row: Carolyn LeMay, Janice Buffone, Patricia Sullivan, Judith Ortins, Carolyn Washburn, Carol Phillips, Carol Berstrom. Third Row: Marianne Chakoutis, Muriel Powers, Catherine Venetsanakos, Andrea Crechko. COLLEGIATE COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS The Collegiate Council of the United Nations is a national organization which studies and supports the United Nations. The girls discuss the problems that confront the United Nations and voice their opinions on these subjects. Each year members of the Fisher Junior College CCUN are chosen to represent their school as delegates to a Model General Assembly in New York. 72 WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE The World University Service, an international stu- dents organization, aids colleges and universities on the other side of the world by sponsoring projects. WUS at Fisher Junior College has helped many un- developed areas. These projects have been widely sup- ported. 75 Carty Hall Carolyn Appleby, President Marlene Cann, Vice-president Barbara Aikman, Treasurer Janet Jones, Social Chairman 76 77 Edmund Hall Izola Schroeder, President Adeline Mozek, Vice-president Carol Kupchun, Secretary Janice Shoup, Social Chairman 78 80 Florence Hall 82 Myron Hall Eleanor Morse, President Judith Goslee, Vice-president Carol Clearly, Secretary Mary Gunn, Social Chairman 83 Robert Smith Hall Susan Slagle, President Jane Mcintosh, Secretary Carol Henrikson, Treasurer Diana Johannsson, Social Chairman 85 I 86 Sarah Mortimer Hall Barbara Raynes, President Carolyn Lewis, Vice-president Beryl Skulsky, Secretary Catherine Thibault, Treasurer Mary Jane Newlon, Social Chairman 8X 89 90 92 93 95 97 98 99 101 102 Directory Barbara Aikman Carol Anderson Judith Anderson Kathleen Andrews Carolyn Appleby Diane Arsenault Paula Barker Cheryl Barroll Susan Bassett Kathleen Begley Brenda Bettencourt Deborah Bill Bonnie Bixler Lucille Bonanno Mary Bongiorno Joanne Boothby Pamela Breeden Janice Buffone Sandra Burgess Jane Burke Joanne Calderone Mary Callahan Marlene Cann Andrea Cardini Joanne Carey Patricia Carey Sandra Carlson Kay Carter Virginia Caruso Karen Catucci Judith Chapman Virginia Chase Helen Chickles Joanne Christophers Janet Clauson Carol Cleary Lillian Conte Frances Conti Angelike Contos Pamela Couri 2087 Hopewell Rd., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 193 Hartford Ave., Newington, Connecticut 20 Turtle Cove Rd., South Yarmouth, Massachusetts 41 Kimball Beach Rd., Hingham, Massachusetts River Rd., Marston Mills, Massachusetts 45 Shirley St., Everett, Massachusetts Six Mt. Pleasant St., Hyde Park, Massachusetts 17 Cass Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts 131 Main St., West Barnstable, Massachusetts 574 Pond St., Westwood, Massachusetts Two Hill St., Lexington, Massachusetts 289 Main St., South Deerfield, Massachusetts Corey Hill Rd., Ashburnham, Massachusetts 1 15 Union St., Lawrence, Massachusetts 44 Park St., North Wilmington, Massachusetts 16 Devon Ave., Norwalk, Connecticut Eight Hillcrest Rd., Wakefield, Massachusetts Nichols St., Westminster, Massachusetts 57 Madison Rd., Wellesley Hill, Massachusetts 24 Page St., Maiden, Massachusetts 12 Katherine St., Lawrence, Massachusetts Six Elm Place, West Concord, Massachusetts School St., South Essex, Massachusetts 332 Lowell St., Lexington, Massachusetts 236 River St., Mattapapan, Massachusetts 481 Broadway, Chelsea, Massachusetts 36 Moreland St., Worcester, Massachusetts 49 Linden St., Dorchester, Massachusetts 51 Pearl St., Everett, Massachusetts 108 Rockwell Ave., Plainville, Connecticut 65 Turnpike St., Eastondale, Massachusetts 748 South Main St., Randolph, Massachusetts 17 Armonry St., Wakefield, Massachusetts 31 Valley Rd., Nahant, Massachusetts 21 Fuller ' s Lane, Milton, Massachusetts 44 Brill Ave., Waterford, Connecticut 85-03 247th St., Bellerose, New York 131 Wrentham St., Dorchester, Massachusetts 15 Aspinwall Rd., Dorchester, Massachusetts 338 Westwood Ave., East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 104 Priscilla Crown Nancy Currier Virginia Dacey Rosalyn Davis Diana DePiero Diane De Simone Dorothy DiFlumeri Donna Drechsler Joyce Dugan Deborah Dunlap Diane Dziewit Jean Elia Nancy Emery LaDene Everett Nancy Fischer Donna Fitzsimmons Sarah Flora Fideles Florkoski Janice Flynn Charlene Fourcher Judith Franzosa Ar lene Friedman Janice Frier Joyce Gagne Jane Gallivan Frances Gamer Judith Garland Carole Gell Dena Goodman Harriet Gordon Judith Goslee Antoinette Graglia Mary Gunn Karen Hanson Diane Harney Pamela Harris Frieda Hayes Mary Hebert Carol Henrikson Shirley Heselton Cynthia Hetnik Christine Higgins Clarice Holden Susan Horn Rochelle Humphrey Phyllis Jacobs 309 North St., Walpole, Massachusetts 38 Robbins Rd., Arlington, Massachusetts 21 Russell St., Everett, Massachusetts 27 Greendale Rd., Mattapan, Massachusetts 12 Odell Ave., Beverly, Massachusetts 44 Bonner Ave., Medford, Massachusetts 214 Court Rd., Winthrop, Massachusetts 14 Summer Hill Rd., Maynard Massachusetts Two Stevens Rd., Lexington, Massachusetts 28 Seward St., Saratoga Springs, New York R.D. 4, Box 43, Amsterdam, New York 27 Paisley Park, Dorchester, Massachusetts Off Pleasant St., Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts 266 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton, Massachusetts 17 Hull Ave., Dover, New Hampshire 12 Mitchell St., Middleboro, Massachusetts 23 Judd Ave., Bethel, Connecticut 20 Summit Place, Middletown, Connecticut 61 Emerson Rd., Winthrop, Massachusetts 13 Deane St., Fairhaven, Massachusetts One Brucewood Rd., South Acton, Massachusetts Seven Hosmer St., Mattapan, Massachusetts 58 B Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 196 Bemis Rd., Fitchburg, Massachusetts 135 Elm St., Milton, Massachusetts 38 Mattapan St., Boston, Massachusetts Chandler St., Tewksbury, Massachusetts 400 Luther Ave., Somerset, Massachusetts 19 Raymond St., Nashua, New Hampshire 183 Congress Ave., Chelsea, Massachusetts 152 Beelzebub Rd., Wapping, Connecticut 30 Fairbanks Rd., Lexington, Massachusetts 1808 Main St., Berlin, New Hampshire 509 West St., East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 18 Glendale Rd., Milton, Massachusetts R.D. 1, Box 131, Waterford, New York 233 Main St., South Deerfield, Massachusetts 30 Crescent St., Rutland, Vermont 36 Harrington Drive, Holden, Massachusetts 766 Broad St., Meriden, Connecticut Main St., Otter River, Massachusetts 61 Parkland Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts 1075 Highland Ave., Needham, Massachusetts 29 Glen Rd., Granby, Connecticut 27 Arborough Rd., Roslindale, Massachusetts 145 Greaton Rd., West Roxbury, Massachusetts 105 Donna Jacobsen Diana Johannsson Leslie Johnson Norma Johnson Janet Jones Mary Ann Klachan Kathleen Kosakowski Carolyn Kupchun Michelle Lamarre Elizabeth Lang Virginia LeBlanc Pirkko Lee Carolyn LeMay Patricia Lepri Lorraine Levin Maxine Locke Arlene Ludensky Dorothy Machakos Leta Malta Ruth Mannis Sandra Margeson Dona Marinilli Linda Marquis Ellen Marshall Carol Mason Renee Mavris Paula Max Jane Mcintosh Paula Mezzetti Jean Morrissey Beverly Morse Eleanor Morse Adeline Mozek Virginia Murphy Betha Noonan Suzanne O ' Clair Barbara Oginz Patricia Oropallo Dorothea Patsas Christime Perkins Carol Phillips Carolyn Pierce Linda Price Anne Quintal Donna Rain Phyllis Raisman Box 174, Chamberlain St., Rochester, New Hampshire 1009 N. Lake Howard Dr., Winter Haven, Florida 41 1 Davis Rd., Bedford, Massachusetts 125 Commonwealth Ave., New Britain, Connecticut 12 Sheridan St., Natick, Massachusetts R. 4, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada 114 Amherst St., New Britain, Connecticut 15 Grand Ave., Nashua, New Hampshire 66 Mystic St., Arlington, Massachusetts 44 Signal Hill Trail, Sparta, New Jersey Four Sherman Rd., Stoneham, Massachusetts Lower Pikes Hill Rd., Norway, Maine 55 Rothesay Ave., Craighall Park, Johannesburg, South Africa 1 10 Albermarle Rd., Norwood, Massachusetts 128 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, Massachusetts 43 Cricket Lane, West Roxbury, Massachusetts 153 Chiswick Rd., Brighton, Massachusetts 33 Linden Rd., Peabody, Massachusetts 32 Scott Rd., Brockton, Massachusetts 22 Bassett St., Lynn, Massachusetts 24 Cobleigh St., Westwood, Massachusetts 60 Elm St., Quincy, Massachusetts 57 Sohier Rd., Beverly, Massachusetts 1 1 Appletree Lane, Lexington, Massachusetts 41 Stark Rd., Worcester, Massachusetts 48 South Common St., Lynn, Massachusetts 48 Cummongs Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts Railroad Ave., Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts 169 Mill St., Westwood, Massachusetts 1 1 Alma Ave., Lake Grove, New York 167 Allen Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts Bolton Rd., South Lancaster, Massachusetts 210 Manchester St., Manchester, New Hampshire Broad Cove Drive, R.F.D. 7, Concord, New Hampshire 24 Warren St., Beverly, Massachusetts 209 Highland Ave., Winchester, Massachusetts Flume Rd., Magnolia, Massachusetts 1 14 Stoddard Rd., Waterbury, Connecticut 805 Montgomery St., Manchester, New Hampshire Five Hunt Ave., Braintree, Massachusetts 433 Broadway, Lynn, Massachusetts 122 Scotland St., W. Bridgewater, Massachusetts Point Connett, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts 56 Main St., Hopkinton, Massachusetts 25 Eastern Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts 78 Audubon Drive, Newton, Massachusetts 106 Ann Ramsey (Mrs.) Susan Rand Judith Randolph Barbara Raynes Jannette Reader Maria Ribeiro Susan Richardson Carol Riley Marcia Riley Eileen Rourke Constance Ruggeri Joyce Sadinsky Inez Sadur Sandra Sarikas Izola Schroeder Susan Schultze Susan Sellars Ronney Shaw Janice Shoup Laura Shray Susan Slagle Lorraine Slovinski Sandra Smith Elaine Stanton Donna Staples Donna Still Virginia Stout Mary Straube Daila Stroemple Marilyn Stuart Roberta Tarby Phyllis Taylor Lucille Tessitore Katherine Thibodeau Candace Tolvo Bernadette Vargas Bonolyn Walker Deborah Walker Nancy Wallman Mary Walther Carolyn Washburn Linda White Carole Wilson Olesia Wons Phoebe Woodward Suzanne Zverblis 69A Grosier Rd., Cambridge, Massachusetts 1 Main St., Essex, Massachusetts 109 North Tenth Ave., Highland Park, New Jersey Erickson Rd., Ashby, Massachusetts 28 Woodbury Rd., Billerica, Massachusetts 35 Contennial Ave., Gloucester, Massachusetts Eight Scott St., Beverly, Massachusetts 28 Shoreham St., Quincy, Massachusetts 42 Oak St., East Braintree, Massachusetts 263 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 135 Palfrey St., Watertown, Massachusetts 209 McKinley Ave., Ext., Norwich, Connecticut 12 Evergreen Drive, Beverly, Massachusetts Nine Flintlock Lane, Medfield, Massachusetts Springfield Rd., Charlestown, New Hampshire 16 Haring Drive, Old Tappan, New Jersey 74 Causeway Rd., Reading, Massachusetts 40 Lincoln St., Exeter, New Hampshire 44 Old Village Rd., Glastonbury, Connecticut 30 Summit St., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 90 East Rd., Bristol, Connecticut 97 Hazelton St., Mattapan, Massachusetts 98 Jensen St., Watertown, Massachusetts Eight Wilson St., Presque Isle, Maine 192 Mammoth Rd., Manchester, New Hampshire Three Hoy Terrace, Milton, Massachusetts 109 Inman St., Cambridge, Massachusetts 130 Day St., Boston, Massachusetts 34 Winchester St., Baldwinville, Massachusetts 53 Taft Rd., Portsmouth, New Hampshire 125 Willow St., Chelsea, Massachusetts 245 High St., Lawrence, Massachusetts 140 High St., Norwell, Massachusetts P. O. Box 27, Grosvenordale, Connecticut 1536 Somerset Ave., Taunton, Massachusetts Three Wallace Rd., Exeter, New Hampshir e 29 East St., Hingham, Massachusetts Six Walkup Rd., Sudbury, Massachusetts 151 Tyler St., Methuen, Massachusetts 22 Lenox St., Brockton, Massachusetts 9 Aron Ave., Waterbury, Connecticut 151 Homestead St., Roxbury, Massachusetts 425 Sprague St., Dedham, Massachusetts 47 Howland ' s Lane, Kingston, Massachusetts 28 Lantern Lane, Burlington, Massachusetts 107 Class Will To Mrs. Berard we leave Doctor Laird. To Miss Chizook we leave a Mercedes Benz to take a trip to Mexico. To Mr. Cushing we leave our shocking ability. To Miss DeAngelis we leave age, to distinguish her from the students. To Mrs. Eldridge we leave a class of efficient spellers. To Mrs. Fisher we leave an automatic window opener. To Mrs. Fritz we leave a loud bell that can be heard in the back of the room. To Mrs. Judge we leave a personalized copy of Diamond Jubilee. To Mrs. Kelly we leave a good volume of short stories. To Mrs. Hurley we leave a good-sport award. To Mrs. Leary we leave a class which won ' t break cover slips. To Mr. McPeake we leave a pace-making machine to save the soles of his shoes. To Mr. Phipps we leave a circle pin with an arrow through it, designating concept, category. To Mr. Post we leave an original, significant, and informative sentence. To Mrs. Raney we leave a class of all " A " students. To Mrs. Russell we leave a chronological outline from Java man to 1965. To Mr. Suarez we leave a complete unabridged English dictionary to aid him. To Miss Taylor we leave a key to St. Sophia ' s Church to avoid further embarrassment. To Miss Tonougar we leave a perfect record for every student in the Language Lab. To Mr. Upton we leave a golden plaque enscribed " NEVER SAY DIE! " To Mr. Vaughan we leave all the ice cream he can consume. To Miss Wall we leave a recording of " Keep your eyes on the copy, girls. " To Mrs. Whiting we leave a set of new dictating materials to encourage her. To Mrs. Weiss we leave an application for the winter skiing Olympics. To Miss Winters we leave expert feature writers for the Charles Viewer. To Miss Chambers we leave a fully-equipped gymnasium. To Mr. Clark we leave a new set of cansonets. To Mrs. Eddy we leave doors to her " private " room. To Mr. Albert, Mr. Myron, and Mr. Sanford we leave a boat for the " Three Jolly Fishermen. " To Mrs. Hatch we leave a revised edition of the Student Handbook. To Mrs. Hughes we leave a credit card for any European airlines. To Mrs. Sprague we leave a full-organized stockroom. To Mr. Carty we leave a class which won ' t return books. To Mrs. Jennings we leave enough change. To Miss Dennis we leave a busy and fruitful year. To Miss Gill we leave a prospective student who doesn ' t want to tour the school. To Mrs. LeBlanc we leave a class satisfied with schedules. To Miss Norsky we leave a vacation. To Mrs. Hodgdon we leave enough jobs for all the girls. To the House Directors we leave a dorm full of cooperative girls. To the maintenance men we leave ice-free sidewalks. To Jerry and Thornton we leave a day without being paged. To Mr. and Mrs. McDowell we leave enough food for girls to have seconds. LINDA PRICE DONNA RAIN CHARLENE FOURCHER 108 » This book printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of UthO; graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other priming firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. I

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