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THE 1964 BEACON FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE 118 BEACON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE |[ Hearty congratulations to you in the completion of your two years at Fisher. The educational road you have been required to travel has neces- sitated constant climbing on your part. The trail has not always been clear, and frequently you wondered whether it was really worth the effort. 1 might even go so far as to say that several have even con- sidered giving up. But, with patience and perseverance, you have now reached a point in your life where you can look back and look around you with genuine pride. You are not the same young woman you were two short years ago; you know much more. You sense your relationship in the scheme of life. You are qualified to contribute of your talents and resources in many important and needful ways. A new fast-moving, ever-changing world is waiting for you. You will have to run to keep up. But with your preparation you should enjoy to the fullest the new days and years that lie ahead. We at Fisher thank you for permitting us to have been a part of your life. humbly we dedicate TO HONOR An excellent teacher Who has been also an understanding friend, One whose constant encouragement has inspired us always to strive for perfection: We of the Class of 1 964 proudly dedicate this BEACON to Mrs. Marion Fritz. 3 CLAUDIA BARTLETT Co-Editor KATHY BELANGER Co-Editor EDITORS ' MESSAGE C We as editors of the 1964 BEACON have tried to present to you an honest look at your two years at Fisher and especially at your Senior year. As you glance through these pages years from now, we want you to see the rough times as well as the good times, for life is made up of joy and sadness, fun and hard work, disappoint- ment and success. We hope you will derive as much pleasure seeing your memories of Fisher on paper as we had putting them there. To the Faculty, deep appreciation; to the Seniors, a wish for the attainment of your highest goals. MRS. ALICE HURLEY Advisor they lay the foundation upon which we build our future from these individuals we gat ier knowledge i CAROL DeANGLEIS, A.S., B.S. Shorthand, Transcription and Accounting BURTON L. GUSHING, B.S., Ed.M. Physics and Mathematics IRVING DORESS, B.A.. M A. Sociology, Psychology and English 7 8 n e fill our cups ALLEN B. PHIPPS. A.M., Ed.M. EDWARD A. POST, A.B.. A.M. English Composition, Introduction to English, American Literature Literature, Our Cultural Heritage 9 to overflowing with Icnowiedge from their experiences we learn. JARED MANN, THORNTON PORTFR. ALPHONSE GRECCO, FRHDHRIC K PRFNOABI.H, FRFDHRIC K ELLIOT 12 fisher has prepared us LINDA MARY AALTONEN ELECTRONICS " Sweet thoughts are mirrored in her face and every move- ment is a orat e. " " Lin " Fitchburg, Massachusetts Dormitory House Council 1. Treasurer 2. MARY JEAN ADAMS EXECUTIVE " A willing heart, a helping hand, always ready on demand. " " Dee Dee " Waterbury, Vermont Dormitory House Council 1, President 2. CHRISTINE ANDERSON LEGAL " A thing worth doing is worth doing well. " " Chris " Bristol, Connecticut Newman Club I. 2; Dormitory House Council 1, President 2; Yearbook 2. NANCY LOUISE ANDERSON FOREIGN TRADE " Climb high, climb far; your goal the sky, your aim the stars. " " Nance " Wakefield, Massachusetts Glee Club 1, 2; W.U.S. I, Treasurer 2. to go forth NANCY ELLEN ASH LEGAL " mutlers not how long you live, but how well. " " Nancy " Vernon, New York Glee Club I; C.C. U.N. 2. ARTEMIS M. ATAMIAN LEGAL " Vim, vigor and vitality: pep, poise and personality. " " Artie " Watertown, Massachusetts Student Government I, 2. MARY ALICE BARKER " Neither storm nor breaker can overwhelm her. " Dormitory House Council 1, Vice President 2. MEDICAL Union, Maine JUDITH A. BARRAR FOREIGN TRADE " Character is like a rifle, it shoots as high as you aim it. " " Judy " Wakefield, Massachusetts Glee Club 2; Yearbook 2; W.U.S. 1, 2. 16 carrying with us CLAUDIA PAULINE BARTLETT LEGAL " Her little month is never still for talk she must and talk she will.- " Sam " Concord, New Hampshire Glee Club 1, 2; Student Christian 2; Yearbook Editor 2: Charles Viewer 2. MAXINE J. BEJTLICH LEGAL " She is certain to he seen where fun and mischief beam. " " Max " Lynn, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Commuters Club 1, 2; Yearbook 2. KATHLEEN ANN BELANGER ELECTRONICS " A face that wins friends and a personality that keeps them. " " Kath " Dover, New Hampshire Newman Club 1, 2; Dormitory House Council 1, President 2, Sarah Mortimer Hall; Social Committee 2; Yearbook Editor 2. CORA JOY BELLAVANCE MEDICAL " Silence gives grace to a woman. " " Cora " Mansfield, Massachusetts Student Christian 2. 17 ideals ANN LORETTE BENT LEGAL " Devilish manner in spile of her size. " " Anna " Milton, Massachusetts Newman Club 1; Commuters Club, Chairman of Fund rais- ing 2; Yearbook 2. SANDRA MAY BERG LEGAL " I ' ll defend anyone ' s right to agree with me. " " Sandy " North Wilmington, Massachusetts ROSALYN BERMAN MEDICAL " I ' ve made it a practice to put all my worries down in the bottom of my heart, then sit on the lid and smile. " " Rozy " Brighton, Massachusetts Glee Club 1, 2; Talmudims I; Commuters Club 2. KATHERINF BF.ZFMES " She walks in heaiily as the night. ' " Kay " Commuters Club 2; Yearbook 2. EXECUTIVE Peabody, Massachusetts 18 and principles ELAINE S. BIELFELD EXECUTIVE " Where there ' s fun she ' s always in it, never still for half a minute. " Worcester Massachusetts Talmudims 1. 2. JANICE E. BLANCHARD LEGAL " God made her small in order to do a more choice bit of workmanship. " " Jan " Concord, New Hampshire Student Christian 2; Dormitory House Council . 2. LINDA CHERYL BOYAR MEDICAL " With a smile and dimples galore, she ' ll really gain what she ' s aiming for. " Taunton, Massachusetts LOUISE M. BOYNE FOREIGN TRADE " We are here to add what we can to, not to get what we can from, life. " Weymouth, Massachusetts W.U.S. 1, 2. 19 highly valued PATRICIA HELVI BOYNTON LEGAL " She believes speech is golden; so she saves hers. " Portsmouth, New Hampshire Yearbook 2. SUSAN C. BRADLEY " She quietly surpasses. " " Sue " Newman Club 2. LEGAL Hyde Park, Massachusetts 20 and practiced JOANNE ELIZABETH BRUNO MEDICAL " What ' s life without a laugh. " Belmont, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. JANE DENISE CAMMEYER " Dynamite wrapped in a small package. " EXECUTIVE " Baby Jane " Newman Club 2. Stonington, Connecticut SUSAN MARIE CANNATTA MEDICAL " Good things come in small packages. " " Sue " Cromwell, Connecticut Student Christian 1; C. C.U.N. Treasurer 1, 2; Dormitory House Council Secretary 2 . CAROLYN ANN CARLSON MEDICAL " Sincerity, consideration and modesty — with these she ' ll go far. " " Carol " Woodcliflf Lake, New Jersey Student Christian 1, Vice President 2. 21 by us. MEREDITH ELIZABETH CARLSON MEDICAL " A gentle disposition wins for itself many friends. " " Merrie " Hingham, Massachusetts Student Christian 2; Yearbook 2. MAUREEN C. CASEY EXECUTIVE " A quiet little miss is she, hut as likeable a girl as she can be. " " Mo " Lynn, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. 22 always we will remember BARBARA CHRISTIAN MEDICAL " She profits most who serves best. " ' Barb " Brookline, Massachusetts Student Government 1; Commuters Club 2. CONSTANCE A. CLARK " Her ways are the ways of a woman. " Connie " LEGAL Braintree, Massachusetts LINDA ANN CROCKER FOREIGN TRADE " It is better to be small and shine than he tall and cast a shadow. " " Crock " Manchester, New Hampshire Student Christian Secretary 1; W.U.S. 2. DONNA J. CURRY EXECUTIVE " There is no wisdom like frankness. " Lawrence, Massachusetts Student Christian 2; Commuters Club 1. 23 fisher junior college ANNE CURTIS " They say she ' s quiet, but " " Anna " Commuters Club 1; Student Government 2. EXECUTIVE Lynn, Massachusetts SANDRA GALE CUTLER " A sense of humor is the spice of life. " " Sandy " Talmudims L 2. LEGAL Newton, Massachusetts LINDA L. DARLING ELECTRONICS " Silence is more musical than any other song. " " Lin " Brandon, Vermont Dormitory House Council — Sarah Mortimer Hall 1, Treasurer 2; Social Committee 2. PATRICIA HONORE DICKERMAN MEDICAL " There ' s no argument equal la a happy smile. " " Pat " Round Lake, New York Drama Club Treasurer-Secretary 1, 2; Dormitory House Council 1, Social Chairman 2; Anecdotal History 1, 2. 24 and its students 25 JANET LEAH DUSTON EXECUTIVE " A lass with quaint and quiet ways, may fortune bring her happy days. " " Jan " Hampstead, New Hampshire Glee Club 1, President 2; Dormitory House Council, Vice President 2. MERRIE ELAINE ELLIS EXECUTIVE " Personality is not measured in stature. " " Joe " Westboro, Massachusetts Yearbook 2. 26 gone are our DEVERIE ANNE ELSESSER EXECUTIVE " Keep cool, it will all he won a hundred years hence. " " Dev " Peoria, Illinois Glee Club; Student Christian I; Dormitory House Council Social Chairman 2. BARBARA A. FARINEAU EXECUTIVE " Quietness and confidence shall he your strength. " " Frizbie " Wakefield, Massachusetts Newman Club 1; Commuters Club 1, 2; Chairman of Refresh- ment Committee — Commuters Club. YVETTE R. FERLAND FOREIGN TRADE " Quiet and petite, this maiden sweet. " Bellingham, Massachusetts Drama Club 2; World University Service Co-Chairman 1, 2; Library 2. JOANNE MARILYN FIUMARA MEDICAL " Goodness is that which the hand, the head, and the heart go together. " Winchester, Massachusetts Newman Club 2; Student Government 2; Yearbook 2. 27 carefree days MARSHA LYNNE GALPFR LEGAL " What ' s life for if not for fun. " " Marcy " Salem, Massachusetts Cilce Club 1, 2; Talmiidims I, 2; Class Officer, Secretary 1, 2; Yearbook 2; Charles Viewer 2; Mother-Daughter Tea 1; Fa- ther-Daughter Tea, Chairman I. 28 of learning PATRICIA ANN GAYNOR " Great oaks from little acorns grow. " " Pat " Newman Club 1, 2; Charles Viewer 2. MEDICAL Marlboro, Massachusetts GAIL J. GIANATASSIO MEDICAL " Success, remember, is the reward of toil. " " Gail " Everett, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Commuters Club 1, 2; Yearbook 2. BEVERLY LOIS GOWEN EXECUTIVE " Not too quiet, not too loud, yet never unnoticed in a crowd. " " Bubbles " Belmont, Massachusetts Yearbook 2. 29 and enjoyment ANN MARIE GRACEFFA MEDICAL " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " " Annie " Maynard, Massachusetts VIRGINIA V. GREENLEE LEGAL " Silence is golden, but noise is more fun. " " Ginny " New Haven, Connecticut Glee Club 1, 2; Yearbook 2. SUSAN HANSBURY " A mighty spirit fills that little frame. " Sue " LEGAL Beverly, Massachusetts ELIZABETH GALE HARLAND " is the quiet worker who succeeds. " " Lizzy " Glee Club 1, 2. LIBERAL ARTS Westerly, Rhode Island 30 we 11 go forth. 31 never forgetting NANCY LEE HOWKER LEGAL " Her rewards will be high and her troubles few, for Nan knows the right things to do. " " Nan " York, Maine Dormitory House Council 1, 2. NANCY GAIL INGALLS ELECTRONICS " A sporting spirit and jovial heart. " Methuen, Massachusetts Class Treasurer I, 2; Yearbook 2; W.U.S. 2; Usherette for Graduation 1963. 32 one basic thought DOROTHY JUNE IRVING MEDICAL " am a woman of peace, yet I stand for my rights. " " Dottie " Braintree, Massachusetts Commuters Club 1; Yearbook 2. KATHLEEN ANN ISZLAI EXECUTIVE " At a glance you ' d think her shy — but she ' s full of it, twixt you and I. " " Kathy " Hamden, Connecticut Student Christian 1; Drama Club 1, Vice President 2. MARGARET ELLEN JACKSON MEDICAL " Fun, laughter, mischief all day, life ' s too short to be anything but gay. " Brighton, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. CLAIRE ANN JEFFERY " He who treads softly goes far. ' EXECUTIVE Walpole, Massachusetts 33 that citizens are not born. CLAIRE E. JONES LEGAL " One can mark her merry nature by the twinkle in her eye. " Stoneham, Massachusetts Student Government 1, Secretary 2; Dormitory House Coun- cil — Sarah Mortimer Hall 1, Secretary 2; Social Committee 2; Usherette at Graduation 1. MICHELE JANET KAHAN MEDICAL " Here ' s a girl who ' s nice to know, plenty of pep, plenty of go. " Middletown, Connecticut Talmudims 1, 2; C.C.U.N. 1; Charles Viewer 1. 34 but made. SYLVIA L. KOSHIVAS MEDICAL " Calm but not serious, quiet hut not idle. " Medway, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. JACQUELINE LOUISE LA COSTE " A finger in every pie. " LEGAL " Jackie " Newman Club 2. West Hartford, Connecticut JEANNE MARIE LEVESQUE EXECUTIVE " ' .V nice to he natural when you ' re naturally nice. " North Chelmsford, Massachusetts C.C.U.N. 1; W.U.S. 1, 2. BEVERLY MYRNA LEVY " An honest mind and happy future plans. " MEDICAL " Bev " Talmudims 1, 2; Commuters Club . Newton, Massachusetts 35 SUSAN MARY LITTLEFIELD FOREIGN TRADE " Sometimes grave, sometimes gay; you like her immediately any old way. " " Sue " Waterbury, Vermont JO ANNE LUBINSKI " Quiet, conservative, but always pleasant. " " Jo " MEDICAL Brandon, Vermont 36 cooperation. HELEN D. MAHONEY " Full of life and mischief too. ' FOREI GN TRADE Lynn, Massachusetts MARY ELLEN MALONEY " A quiet tongue shows a wise head. " FOREIGN TRADE Watertown, Massachusetts MARILYN CARYL MANDELSTAM LIBERAL ARTS " A modest girl never pursues a man, nor does a mousetrap pursue a mouse. " " Mandy " Hyannis, Massachusetts MARILYN JEAN MANZELLI ELECTRONICS " seems so easy to be good natured. " " Mai " Watertown, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Yearbook, Chairman of Activity Com- mittee 2. 37 willingness to work M. ALICE MARMELSTEIN EXECUTIVE " A modern girl with big brown eyes and personality twice her size. " ■ ' Marmel " Utica, New York Dormitory House Council 1, 2; Student Christian 1; Social Committee 2; Yearbook, Chairman Senior Section 2. EVANGELINE RENEE MAVRIS FOREIGN TRADE " Gentle in manner strong in performance. " " Vangie " Lynn, Massachusetts Student Government 1, 2; Commuters Club 2; Charles Viewer 1, Editor 2. RUTH ANN McCAUGHEY MEDICAL " We love her for her laugh, her looks, her friendly ways. " " Ruthie " Waterville, Maine Glee Club 2; Dormitory House Council Treasurer 1, Pres- ident 2. MADELYN MARIE McGARRAHAN " She is kind us she is fair. " LEGAL " Maddie " Commuters Club 1, 2; Yearbook 2. Winchester, Massachusetts 38 and mature attitudes SANDRA G. MONTESANO MEDICAL " She that perpetually overflows with kindness will always be cheerful. " " Sandy " Chelsea, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; W.U.S. 1; Commuters Club 2. CAROL ANN NILES LEGAL " Tall and cheery, full of fun, she makes friends with everyone. " " Carol " Braintree, Massachusetts 39 reign MARGARET ELIZABETH O ' LEARY FOREIGN TRADE " Gay, but with dii nity. " " Peggy " Winchester, Massachusetts Yearbook 2; W.U.S. Co-Chairman 1, 2. CAROLE ANN OLIVA LEGAL " She ' s the kind that puts the pep in pepper. " Fitchburg, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Student Government 1, 2; Drama Club 1, 2; C.C.U.N. 1, 2; Charles Viewer 1. ARLEEN ELIZABETH OLSEN EXECUTIVE " There ' s only a slight difference between keeping your chin up and sticking your neck out, but it ' s worth knowing. " Richmond, Massachusetts MARILYN OLSON MEDICAL " Her ways are ways of and all her paths are peace. " " Mai " Wilmington, Massachusetts 40 in synonymous PAMELA CURTIS PAINE MEDICAL " Brains, personality and looks galore, Parn has this and a little more. " " Pam " West Newton, Massachusetts Usherette for Graduation, 1963. ELIZABETH ANN PANSUK " Of calm and cheerful disposition. " " Liz " Newman Club 1, 2; Charles Viewer 2. EXECUTIVE Arlington, Massachusetts PRISCILLA A. PATTERSON " A pert little miss, full of pep. " LEGAL Portsmouth, New Hampshire Mother-Daughter Tea Committee 1. EUNICE YVETTE PEARSON EXECUTIVE " Without the splendors of art, life would be lost. " Chelmsford, Massachusetts Charles Viewer 2. 41 JUDITH ANN PERRY MEDICAL " A woman she seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. " " Judy " Stoneham, Massachusetts Glee Club 2; Commuters Club 2. MARILYN DOLORES PIGNATO EXECUTIVE " Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhood. " Saugus, Massachusetts C.C.U.N. 1, 2; Charles Viewer Co-Editor 2; Mother and Daughter Tea Committee 1. JUDITH POLONSKY LEGAL " She ' s not a flower, not a pearl; but just a wonderful all around girl. " " Juds " Brocton, Massachusetts Talmudims, Secretary 1, Treasurer 2; Dormitory House Coun- cil, Secretary 2. SHIRLEY A. POOLER FOREIGN TRADE " Her disposition is as friendly as her smile. " " Shirl " Walpoie, Massachusetts Drama Club 2; Dormitory House Council 1; Mother and Daughter Tea 1; W.U.S. 2; Anecdotal History 1, 2. 42 all leading JUDITH ELLEN PRATT LEGAL " After the verb to love the verb to help is best. " " Judd " Damariscotta, Maine Glee Club 2; Student Government Vice President 1, President 2; Usherette for Graduation 1. 43 toward a well-balanced person. ROSANNE ELIZABETH PUTNAM " She loves to live and lives to love. " " Bunni " LEGAL Springfield, Vermont JULIANNA MARY REMKUS LEGAL " Devoted, anxious, generous, and with her whole heart ' s wel- come in her smile. " " Julie " East Schodack, New York Newman Club 1, 2; Drama Club 1; C.C.U.N. 1; Dormitory House Council President 2; W.U.S. 1. AGNES THERESA REPPUCCI MEDICAL " A smile on her lips: a twinkle in her eyes. " Boston, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Student Government 2; Commuters Club 1 PATRICIA ANN RICE EXECUTIVE " A hit of laughter, a hit of fun makes life pleasant for every- one. " " Pat " Springfield, Vermont Glee Club 2; Class Vice President 2; Dormitory House Council I, Treasurer 2; Yearbook 2; Charles Viewer 2. 44 we know PATRICIA M. RICHARDS LEGAL " Fond of fun, as fond can be. " " Richards " Wakefield, Massachusetts Newman Club 1; Commuters Club 1, President 2. JUDITH ANN ROMANO MEDICAL " can be good as I please, if I please to be good. " " Judy " Revere, Massachusetts Commuters Club. RITA MARIE ROMANO FOREIGN TRADE " Good nature and common sense must join. " East Norwalk, Connecticut Newman Club 1, 2; Student Government 1, 2. ORETTA MARIA RONDINA FOREIGN TRADE " She ' s here, there, and everywhere. " " Ret " New Britain, Connecticut Newman Club Treasurer 1, President 2; Dormitory House Council 2. 45 that education ROBERTA JOAN ROSS EXECUTIVE " Good nature brings many friends. " " Roby " Riverdale, New York Talmudims Vice President 1, President 2; Dormitory House Council 1, 2. 46 is a never-ending cycle PAMELA RUGG " Joy is not in things, it is in us. ' " Pam " Drama Club 1, President 2. FOREIGN TRADE Arlington, Massachusetts BEVERLY ANN RYER LEGAL " She ' s always smiling, always neat, just fits the saying, ' short and sweet. ' " " Bev " Arlington, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Yearbook 2. CAROL ANN SALONIA LEGAL " Like an atom bomb; small, but wow, what power! " Cromwell, Connecticut Newman Club Advertising Chairman 2; Sarah Mortimer Hall Social Chairman 1, 2; Yearbook 2; Social Committee Chair- man 2. BETTY LORRAINE SANKUS ELECTRONICS " Moderation is best, and to avoid all extreme. " Brockton, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. 47 by which we are able to become CHRISTINE FRANCES SAPORITI FOREIGN TRADE " Look into her eyes and you see an angel; look a little longer and you see a little imp. " " Chris " Braintree, Massachusetts Newman Club 1; C.C.U.N. 1, 2. MARILYN ANN SARNO MEDICAL " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman. " Boston, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2. PATRICIA MAE SEWELL " She may look quiet, but look again. " " Pat " Commuters Club 1; Yearbook 2. EXECUTIVE Billerica, Massachusetts SANDRA RUTH SHEPARD ELECTRONICS " .She is true to her word, her work and her friends. " " Sandy " Chelsea, Massachusetts Talmudims 1, 2; Student Government 2; Commuters Club 1; Charles Viewer 2; Chairman of Mother and Daughter Tea 1; W.U.S. 1. 48 worthwhile human beings. ILZE SILLERS " Her beauty is a jewel forever. " " Liz " Glee Club 2; Drama Club 2; Yearbook 2. LEGAL H Vernon, Connecticut ■ CAROL ANN SIMPSON MEDICAL " Quietly she goes her way, does her share with little to say. " Lynn, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. 49 those of us who are nearly finished ROSEMARIE S. SREBNICK MEDICAL " Good things are twice as good when they are small. " " Rosie " Somerville, Massachusetts Newman Club 2. LANA H. STEINBERG " Man has a will, hut woman has her way. " Talmudims Secretary 2. EXECUTIVE Lowell, Massachusetts 51 have worked together JANET H. STROPLE ELECTRONICS " Not quiet, nor loud, nor short, nor tall: hut a pleasant min- gling of them all. " " Janet " Mansfield, Massachusetts Commuters Club 1, 2. MAUREEN MONA SULLIVAN EXECUTIVE " She ' s a favorite, can ' t you see, with lots of pep and person- ality. " " Mae " Brighton, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Commuters Club 1, 2, Project Committee I. CAROL ANN TATE MEDICAL " Life is most jolly. " Milton, Massachusetts Commuters Club Social Committee 1, Projects Committee 2. CLAUDIA J. TESSIER MEDICAL " May you ride in the sea of ambition and land on the .shore of success. " Athol, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2; Dormitory House Council 1, President 2. 52 1 in close harmony JANE LOUISE THOMSON FOREIGN TRADE " You can tell she ' s not shy by the twinkle in her eye. " " Janie " Warsaw, New York Glee Club 1, 2; C.C.U.N. Vice President 2; Yearbook 2. KAREN ANN THORNTON LEGAL " Silence is a true friend that never betrays. " " Casey " Norwood, Massachusetts Newman Club 1, 2, Vice President 1. 53 and were active CAROL E. VIDEN MEDICAL ELAINE M. WEISMAN MEDICAL " I can resist everything but temptation. " " Work is work and must be done, yet as I work I have my " Videen " Braintree, Massachusetts fun. " Commuters Club 2; Yearbook 2. Beverly, Massachusetts Talmudims 2; Dormitory House Council, Social Chairman. JUNKO YOSHIKAWA FOREIGN TRADE AUDREY WILLIAMS MEDICAL " Real worth requires no interpreter. " " Pleasantness has its own rewards. " Yokohama, Japan Wilton, New Hampshire Hostess at President ' s Tea 1; C. C.U.N. 1, 2. 54 throughout the years. JUDITH ANN YOUNGSTROM EXECUTIVE " Mischief is so much fun. " " Judy " Brockton, Massachusetts Commuters Club 2. Hail to you, our Alma Mater Let our voices join in praise To the school whose inspiration Will direct us all our days. As we stand before Life ' s portal You have given us a key To unlock the great world before us; And to you we ' ll loyal be. When the moment comes for parting And we bid these halls good-bye We will take with us forever Thoughts of you that never die. Alma Mater, as we leave you We hold bright in memory Our days at the college we cherish. In our hearts you ' ll ever be. 55 in memoriam we govern ourselves. First Row: Rita Romano, Artemis Atamian, Renee Mavris, Joanne Fiumara, Lucille Johnson. Third Row: Virginia Caruso, Judith Pratt, President, Claire Jones, Agnes Reppucci. Second Joanne Boothby. Row: Christine Higgins, Sandra Shepard, Evangeline Mavris, STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION C Every member of the student body belongs to the Student Govern- ment Association; but the power to run this government is delegated to the elected Student Council and the presidents of all clubs and organizations. The S.G.A. acts as a bridge between the administra- tion, the faculty, and the student body to promote cooperation and understanding, to represent the interests of the students, and to assist in the observance of the traditions of the college. 58 we publish a yearly history YEARBOOK STAFF ([ With the able leadership of the BEACON Co-Editors, and with the guidance of Mrs. Alice Hurley, yearbook advisor, the staff has worked very hard to make this annual a glowing reminder to both the students and faculty of our past two years at Fisher. First Row: Marilyn Manzelli, Kathleen Belanger, Editor, Claudia Row: Jane Thomson, Claire Jones, Ilze Sillers, Virginia Green- Bartlett, Editor, Alice Marmelstein, Carol Salonia. Second lee, Linda Darling. 59 with many long hours of work. First Row: Gale Harland, Sandra Row: Virginia Caruso, Renee Mavris, Shepard, Evangeline Mavris. Editor, Christine Higgins, Dierdre Coghlan, Sarah Flora, Patricia Gaynor. Second Mary Maloney, Susan Sellars. CHARLES VIEWER STAFF ( One of the nicest traditions at Fisher is the school newspaper, THE CHARLES VIEWER. Evangeline Mavris heads the staff as Editor-in-Chief under the guid- ance of Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, faculty advisor. An able and willing stafT and a capable chief assure us that the fine reputation of the paper will always be maintained. 60 we work for the college. SOCIAL COMMITTEE C The Social Committee is a newly-founded organization at Fisher. The committee is headed by five capable senior girls whose job is to plan and organize all the social, cultural, and intellectual activities of the college. Under the leadership of Mr. Albert Fisher and Mrs. Sylvia Hatch, the Social Committee has done a great deal for the students at Fisher. Linda Darling, Alice Marmelstein, Carol Salonia, Kathleen Belanger, Claire Jones. 61 I giving freely of our time. First Row: Joyce Dugan, Maureen Sullivan, Virginia Stout, Brenda Bettencourt, Patricia Richards. President, Diane Di- Mauro, Ann Bent, Barbara Farineau, Carol Tate. Second Row: Suzanne Clauson, Jeanette Bova, Joyce Kelly, Lucille Bonanno, Renee Mavris, Virginia Caruso, Kathleen Smith, Lorraine Elia. Third Row: Judith Chapman, Antoinette Graglia, Christine Higgins, Kay Carter, Michelle Lamarre, Lucille Tessitore, Joanne Calderone, Jane Gallivan. COMMUTERS CLUB ([ The Commuters ' Club enables the commuting students to become better acquainted with one another by providing them with entertain- ment and social activities. In addition, it strives to help other people by sponsoring worth-while projects. Just as the dormitories provide a place for the resident girls to form lasting friendships, the Commuters ' Club gives the commuting girls the same opportunities. 62 we have clubs TALMUDIMS f This is the third year of the Talmudims at Fisher. The purpose of the club is to create a better understanding of Judaism and to help in furthering closer ties with other religious groups. The Talmudims have created a religious club combined with a social life that truly upholds Fisher tradition. First Row: Judith Polonsky. Roberta Ross, President. Mr. Irvin Third Row: Dena Goodman, Maxine Locke. Laura Shray, Leta Dor ess, Advisor, Marsha Miller, Lana Steinberg. Second Row: Maltz. Sandra Shepard, Sandra Cutler, Elaine Bielfeld, Sheryl Bender. 63 in which the opportunity is given First Row: Kathleen Belanger, Carol Salonia, Barbara Breslin. Lillian Conte, Oretta Rondina, President, Mary Lee Gunn, Patricia Gaynor, Rita Romano, Letitia Lionetta. Second Row: Elaine French, Julianna Remkus, Joan Liberty, Elizabeth Pan- suk, Agnes Reppucci, Joanne Boothby, Marilyn Manzelli, Marilyn Sarno. Third Row: Liane Niederhuber, Kathleen Kosa- kowski, Mary Walther, Carolyn Kupchun, Judy Goslee, Nancy Fischer, Emily Terrill. NEWMAN CLUB f The Fisher Newman Club is a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. Newman Clubs are formed in almost ail of the non-Catholic colleges for the purpose of bringing Catholic men and women together to meet other members of the Catholic faith. Under the guidance of Miss Elaine Chizook, faculty advisor, the club is growing and widening its scope to become one of Fisher ' s assets. 64 to express our own thoughts. STUDENT CHRISTIAN f The Student Christian Movement of New England is the mother organization of the Fisher Junior College Student Christian Associ- ation. The Association at Fisher has followed the dedication of the New England movement — " A fellowship of student aiid faculty groups committed to the will of God in building new individuals and a new society according to the growing insights and faith of the cooperating Christian groups " — by greatly enriching the lives of its members. Under the guidance of Mr. Albert Fisher, the SCA hopes to continue to build the club and the characters of its individuals. First Row: Linda Hill, Elizabeth Chase, Carolyn Carlson, Izola ela Harris. Missing when photo was taken is Cynthia Hatch, Schroeder, Carol Tougher, Sarah Flora. Second Row: Janice President. Shoup, Beverly Morse, Deirdre Coghlan, Ellen Cowing, Pam- 65 music enlivens us First Row: Eleanor Morse, Joan Liberty, Heidi Mustakis, Carolyn Kallis, Janet Duston, President, Virginia Greenlee, Judith Pratt. Jane Thomson. Mary-Ellen Spear. Second Row: Judith Garland, Rochelle Humphrey, Elizabeth Chase, Car- olyn Appleby, Barbara Aikman, Janice Shoup, Joanne Boothby, Norma Johnson, Judith Randolph, Ingrid Johnson, Dena Good- man. Third Row: Kathleen Kosakowski, Anne Quintal, Charlene Fourcher, Donna Dreschler, Carolyn Kupchun, Deborah Dun- lap, Donna Rain, Sarah Flora, Fideles Florkoski, Maxine Locke, Donna Still, Mary Bongiorno, Susan Bassett. GLEE CLUB C The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Jay Clark, gave all girls with an interest in music a chance to shine. The Glee Club sang at many of the assemblies; and their selec- tions, including show tunes, popular hits, and old favorites, were enjoyed by all. 66 by doing and learning. DRAMA ([ The Drama had another successful year under the guidance of Miss Elaine Chizook, faculty advisor. The Drama Club gives those girls with acting ability a chance to express themselves. The girls have performed for the student body at the invitational seminars held in the President ' s office this year. We hope that the Drama Club of future years will be as much fun and as much of a success as this year ' s drama club. YveUe Ferland, Kathleen Iszlai, Pamela Rugg, President, Rhonda Berwald, Frances Conti. 67 we study languages and cultures First Row: Nancy Ash, Susan Cannatta, Susan Hitchcock, Pres- ond Row: Diana Dobson, Diane Dziewit, Suzanne Zverblis, ident, Jane Thomson, Diane Harney, Christine Forrester. Sec- Mary Bongiorno, Dorothea Patsas. COLLEGIATE COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS The Collegiate Council for the United Nations is a national organi- zation designed for the purpose of studying and supporting the United Nations. It strives to fulfill these goals by first, making each campus group a center for studying and understanding the United Nations; and second, by providing a place for the informed students to voice their opinions concerning the United Nations. Through the C.C.U.N., the girls can gain a better understanding of the United Nations, how it afl " ects their lives, and how they can help to support it. 68 to better understand ourselves and others. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE ([ The World University Service is an international students-helping- students organization. Colleges and universities all over the world sponsor projects, the proceeds of which help another college or uni- versity on the other side of the world. The students of the WUS organization in Fisher Junior College became interested in the needs in India from a talk by a WUS field representative who visited India, Miss Judith Nicholson. Her enthu- siasm spread through Fisher, and the projects for ' 63- ' 64 have been widely supported. First Row: Nancy Anderson, Margaret O ' Leary. Yvette Ferland, Nancy Ingalls. Second Row: Bertha Noonan, Judith Barrar, Susan Sellars. 69 70 living together Standing: Mary Alice Barker, Joan Liberty, Deborah Bill. Seated: Julianna Remkus, Susan Cannatta, Mrs. Ethel McKee. ANDREW HALL Top to Bottom: Mary Walther, Bonne Bixler, Lillian Conte, Elaine F.mlct, Funice Pearson, Leta Maltz, Patricia Gaynor. 72 we encounter 73 many new and varied experiences. Left to Right: Claudia Tessier, Mrs. Marie Willock, Judith Breck, Nancy Howker, Linda Aaltonen. CARTY HALL Left to Right: Gail Silverman, Tina Herschderfer, Linda Pell, Susan Littlefield, Janet Jones. 74 sharing, Gcnnanii Left to Right: Donna Fitzsimmons, Roberta Tarby, Judith Wallin, Deborah Dunlap, Donna Jacobsen. Standing;: Carolyn Appleby, Barbara Aikman, Liicinda Porter, Carolyn Pierce. Susan Bassett. Seated: Bonolyn Walker. Left to Right: Karen Catucci, Donna Staples, Carol Anderson, Sandra Carlson, Mary Hebert, Marlene Cann. 75 understanding, Left to Right: Roberta Ross, Judith Polonsky, Janice Blanchard, Carol Tougher, Mrs. Lillian Smith, Cynthia Hatch. EDMUND HALL Standing: Meredith Carlson. Kathleen Iszlai. Izola Schroeder, Adeline Mozek, Carolyn Carlson, Linda Hill. 76 cooperating, Left to Right: Nancy Fischer, Elaine Weisman, Elaine Bielfeld, Linda Crocker, Susan Hitchcock, Jeanne Levesque, Joanne Boothby, Kathleen Kosakowski. Lejt to Right: Suzanne O ' Clair, Jan- ice Shoup, Beverly Morse, Carolyn Kupchun, Claudia Bartlett, Nancy Ash. 77 living, Left to Right: Pamela Hill, Ruth McCaughey, Mrs. Hazel Miller, Patricia Rice, Janet Duston. F L O R B N C E Left to Right: Merrie Ellis, Linda Darling, Claire Jones. HALL 78 laughing, On the Stairs: Alice Marmelstein, Kathleen Belanger. Left to Right: Linda Price, Charlene Fourcher, Carol Salonia, Anne Quintal. Left to Right: Marsha Galper, Ilze Sillers, Christine Forrester, Sheila Stone, Donna Still, Donna Rain. Left to Right: Fideles Florkoski, Norma Johnson, Judith Garland, Dena Good- man, Judith Randolph, Ingrid Johnson, Diane Dziewit. 79 working Left to Right: Miss May McNevin, Holly Easterbrooks, Oretta Rondina, Patricia Dickerman, Christine Anderson. MYRON HALL Left to Right: Linda White, Dorothea Patsas. Flien Cowing, Deirdre Coghlan, Donna Drechsler, Barbara Rayncs Diane Dupiiis. 80 playing, and studying, ROBERT SMITH HALL Left to Right: Mary Jean Adams, Mrs. Mildred Rich- wagen, Deverie Elsesser, Florence Chadwick, Gail Drury. Left to Right: CaTo Henrickson, Pirkko Lee, Jo Anne l.ubinski. Diana Johanns- son, Marilyn Hoar, Susan Slagle, Marsha Miller, Junko Yoshikawa, Shirley Heselton. 82 Lejt to Right: Linda Boyar, Joan Potter, Bernadette Vargas, Audrey Williams, Carole Oliva, Michele Kahan, Jean Morrissey, Gale Harland. Left to Right: Pamela Couri, Barbara Oginy, Karen Nickerson, Judith Anderson, Jane Mcintosh, Joan Weinberg, Marilyn Stuart. 83 a successful future. 87 89 which have passed, 90 bring back Any questions. Ma? Give him some sugar; let ' s see what happens. 91 a smile. and work we ' ve done through two whole years just past Let ' s have a hootenanny. 95 it hurts to say, DIRECTORY Linda Aaltonen Mary Jean Adams Christine Anderson Nancy Anderson Nancy Ash Artemis Atamian Mary Alice Barker Judith Barrar Claudia Bartlett Maxine Bejtlich Kathleen Belanger Cora-Joy Bellavance Ann Bent Sandra Berg Rosalyn Berman Katherine Bezemes Elaine Bielfeld Janice Blanchard Linda Boyar Louise Boyne Patricia Boynton Susan Bradley Judith Breck Barbara Breslin Patricia Brooks Joanne Bruno Jane Cammeyer Susan Cannatta Carolyn Carlson Meredith Carlson Maureen Casey Donna Cassinari Florence Chadwick Barbara Christian Constance Clark Linda Crocker Donna Curry Anne Curtis Sandra Cutler Linda Darling Patricia Dickerman Frances DiFranco Diane DiMauro Diana Dobson Barbara Donlan Gail Drury Janet Duston Merrie Ellis Sara Ellis Deverie Elsesser Barbara Farineau 10 Nutting St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts 1 1 Swasey Ct., Waterbury, Vermont Pinehurst Rd., RFD 3, Bristol, Connecticut 68 Cedar St., Wakefield, Massachusetts Box 310, RD 1, Vernon, New York 47 Irma Ave., Watertown, Massachusetts Union, Maine 31 Armory St., Wakefield, Massachusetts 40 Noyes St., Concord, New Hampshire 40 Stonewood Lane, Lynn, Massachusetts 435 Dover Point Rd., Do ver, New Hampshire 128 South Ave., Attleboro, Massachusetts 1112 Brook Rd., Milton, Massachusetts Nickerson Ave., North Wilmington, Massachusetts 39 Strathmore Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 55 Tracey St., Peabody, Massachusetts 1 1 Rustic Dr., Worcester, Massachusetts RFD 2, Concord, New Hampshire 215 High St., Taunton, Massachusetts 64 Welland Rd., Weymouth, Massachusetts 1549 Islington Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 68 Bradlee St., Hyde Park, Massachusetts 9 Myrtle St., Milford, New Hampshire 33 Wave Ave., Wakefield, Massachusetts 330 Salem St., Wakefield, Massachusetts 18 Trowbridge St., Belmont, Massachusetts 137 Water St., Stonington, Connecticut 28 Oakwood Manor, Cromwell, Connecticut 12 James St., WoodclifT Lake, New Jersey 13 Bayberry Rd., Hingham, Massachusetts 103 Euclid Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts 12 Cedar St., Westboro, Massachusetts 55 Manor Drive, Cheshire, Connecticut 1065 Beacon St., Brookline, Massachusetts 19 Sycamore Rd., South Braintree, Massachusetts 306 Pearl St., Manchester, New Hampshire 597 Haverhill St., Lawrence, Massachusetts 26 Range Heights Ter., Lynn, Massachusetts 27 June Lane, Newton, Massachusetts 61 Carver Street, Brandon, Vermont Washington Ave., Round Lake, New York 22 Pondview Rd., Arlington, Massachusetts 6 Cristofaro St., Wakefield, Massachusetts Sydney Rd., Reserve, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 18 Bella Vista Ave., Mansfield, Massachusetts 350 North Main St., Orange, Massachusetts Main St., Hampstead, New Hampshire Bowman St., Westboro, Massachusetts 31 Mills Ter., Nahant, Massachusetts 4949 Grand View Drive, Peoria, Illinois 58 Jordan Ave., Wakefield, Massachusetts 99 Yvette Ferland 61 Prospect St., Bellingham, Massachusetts Joanne Fiumara 40 High Street, Winchester, Massachusetts Christine Forrester 58 Auburn St., Waltham, Massachusetts Elaine French 4 Pleasant St., Farmington, New Hampshire Donna Gagner 21 Linwood St., Arlington, Massachusetts Marsha Galper 2 Linden St. Salem Massachusetts Patricia Gaynor 190 East Main St., Marlboro, Massachusetts Gail Gianatassio 47 Kinsman St., Everett, Massachusetts Carol Glendenning 287 Massachusetts Ave., North Andover, Massachusetts Beverly Gowen 41 Worcester St., Belmont Massachusetts Ann Graceffa 28 McKinley St., Maynard, Massachusetts Virginia Greenlee 266 Dixwell Ave. New Haven Connecticut Susan Hansbury 8 Lakeview Ave., Beverly, Massachusetts Elizabeth Harland RED 2, Westerly, Rhode Island Cynthia Hatch 83 Madeline St., Portland, Maine Linda Hill RED 1, Plymouth, New Hampshire Pamela Hill 10 Pearl St., Montpelier, Vermont Susan Hitchcock Manchester Depot, Vermont Marilyn Hoar 1 1 Pearce Ave., Houton, Maine Paula Howard 29 Walnut Ter., Arlington, Massachusetts Nancy Howker 14 Elm Drive, York, Maine Nancy Ingalls 106 Pleasant View St., Methuen, Massachusetts Dorothy Irving 169 Arnold St., Braintree, Massachusetts Kathleen Iszlai 69 Barraclough Ave., Hamden, Connecticut Margaret Jackson 86 Foster St., Brighton, Massachusetts Claire Jeffery 63 Lake Ave., Walpole, Massachusetts Claire Jones 41 Spring St., Stoneham, Massachusetts Michele Kahan 55 Clover St., Middletown, Connecticut Joyce Kelly 25 Hazel St., Milton, Massachusetts Mary King 61 New Park St., Lynn, Massachusetts Sylvia Koshivas Pearl Street, Medway, Massachusetts Jacqueline LaCoste 3 1 Crescent St., West Hartford, Connecticut Jeanne Levesque 2 1 Arbor Rd. North Chelmsford Massachusetts Beverly Levy 25 Botsford Rd., Newton, Massachusetts Joan Liberty 15 Coolidge St., Lincoln, New Hampshire Letitia Lionetta 98 Palmer Street, Arlington, Massachusetts Susan Littlefield 81 South Maine St., Waterbury, Vermont JoAnne Lubinski 2 Rossiter St., Brandon, Vt. Helen Mahoney 31 Adler St., Lynn, Massachusetts Mary Maloney 75 Lexington St. Watertown, Massachusetts Marilyn Mandelstam 70 Lincoln Rd., Hyannis, Massachusetts M. Alice Marmelstein 1525 Howard Avenue, Utica, New York Evangeline Mavris 48 South Common St., Lynn, Massachusetts Ruth McCaughey 65 Johnson Heights, Watcrville, Maine Madelyn McGarrahan 25 Glen Green, Winchester, Massachusetts Claire McMullen 63 Grandview Ave., Watertown, Massachusetts Lois Mello 19 Hanford Rd., Stoneham, Massachusetts Sandra Montesano 32 Warren Ave., Chelsea, Massachusetts Carol Niles 1 Soper Hou ' ie Lane, Braintree, Massachusetts Lorraine O ' Brien 44 Custer St., Rockland, Massachusetts Carole Oliva 10 Mountain Ave., Fitchburg, Massachusetts Arleen Olsen Summit Rd., Richmond, Massachusetts Marilyn Olson 6 Lowell Street., Wilmington, Massachusetts Pamela Paine 245 Highland Ave., West Newton, Massachusetts Elizabeth Pansuk 65 Park St., Arlington, Massachusetts 100 Priscilla Patterson Newington Rd., Portsmouth, New Hampshire Eunice Pearson 174 North Road, Chelmsford, Massachusetts Judith Perry 37 West Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts Marilyn Pignato 58 Winter St., Saugus, Massachusetts Judith Polonsky 390 Forest Ave., Brockton, Massachusetts Shirley Pooler 27 Clark Ave., Walpole, Massachusetts Anita Poor 64 Bacheller St., Lynn, Massachusetts Jane Powell 16 Carlin St., Norwalk, Connecticut Judith Pratt Church St., Damariscotta, Maine Rosanne Putnam Box 436, RED 1 , Springfield, Vermont Julianna Remkus Hoags Corners Road, East Schodack, New York Agnes Reppucci 10 Garden Court St., Boston, Massachusetts Patricia Rice 31 Litchfield St., Springfield, Vermont Patricia Richards 12 West Water St., Wakefield, Massachusetts Judith Romano 201 Bellingham Ave., Revere, Massachusetts Rita Romano 24 Wallace Ave., East Norwalk, Connecticut Oretta Rondina 21 Sterling St., New Britain, Connecticut Margaret Roper 64 Halifax St., Boston, Massachusetts Roberta Ross 5800 Arlington Ave., Riverdale, New York Mary Rostanzo 14 Morton St., Watertown, Massachusetts Joyce Rubin 200 Locust St., Springfield, Massachusetts Pamela Rugg 16 Spring St., Arlington, Massachusetts Beverly Ryer 15 Lakeview St., Arlington, Massachusetts Carol Salonia 78 South St., Cromwell, Connecticut Betty Sankus 23 Dutchland St., Brockton, Massachusetts Christine Saporiti 24 Wilmarth Rd., Braintree, Massachusetts Marilyn Sarno 47a North Margin St., Boston, Massachusetts Patricia Sewell Bridge St., Billerica, Massachusetts Sandra Shepard 88 Willow St., Chelsea, Massachusetts Ilze Sillers 19 Ironwood Drive, Vernon, Connecticut Carol Simpson 9 Otis St., Lynn, Massachusetts Beverly Smith 121 Nahatan St., Westwood, Massachusetts Kathleen Smith 217 Elm St., North Easton, Massachusetts Jacqueline Snow 13 Riverside Ct., Laconia, New Hampshire Louise Soldani 92 Russell St., Everett, Massachusetts Karen Spaneas 41 Egerton Rd., Arlington, Massachusetts MaryEllen Spear 33 Rice Ave., Kittery, Maine Rosemarie Srebnick 104 Bailey Rd., Somerville, Massachusetts Lana Steinberg 48 Gertrude Ave., Lowell, Massachusetts Carol Stewart Western Ave., Essex, Massachusetts Sheila Stone Bridge St., East Dennis, Massachusetts Janet Strople 35 Spring St., Mansfield, Massachusetts Maureen Sullivan 21 Bentley St., Brighton, Massachusetts Carol Tate 108 Blue Hill Ave., Milton, Massachusetts Claudia Tessier 419 Main St., Athol, Massachusetts Jane Thomson Dale Rd., Warsaw, New York Karen Thornton 141 East Cross St., Norwood, Massachusetts M. Carol Tougher 87 Glendale Ave., Albany, New York Lorraine Vendice 31 Thesda St., Arlington, Massachusetts Carol Viden 61 Holmes St., Braintree, Massachusetts Elaine Weisman 10 Lawnbank Rd., Beverly, Massachusetts Audrey Williams Abbott Hill Rd., Wilton, New Hampshire Junko Yoshikawa 92, 3-chome, Minami-saiwai-cho, Nishi-ku Yokohama-city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Honshu, Japan Judith Youngstrom 190 Manomet St., Brockton, Massachusetts 101 to those who have given us so much CLASS WILL To Mr. Agganis we leave a book entitled HOW TO DISCOURAGE ROMANTIC NOTIONS. To Mrs. Barnes the legal class leaves all of their left over commas and semicolons. To Miss Chizook we leave an adding machine with good judgment. To Mr. Cushing we leave enough dry cell batteries to go around in the lab. To Miss DeAngelis we leave a request that escalators be installed so she won ' t have to use the stairs when she can ' t find anyone to ride the elevator with her. To Mr. Doress we leave some lubricant for his squeaky shoes. To Mrs. Eldridge we leave a class of prospective lawyers. To Mrs. Fisher we leave a humorous joke to tell. To Mrs. Fritz we leave our multitude of unacceptable timed writings. To Mrs. Hurley we leave ten complimentary copies of the 1964 BEACON. To Mrs. Judge we leave a recording of the following: " A word accented on the last syllable, ending in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, the final consonant is doubled when adding ' ing ' . " To Mrs. Kelly we leave a string of beads guaranteed not to break. To Mrs. Leary we leave a senior class that does not discourage the juniors. To Mrs. Murphy we leave all the fresh air in Boston — if she can find it. To Mr. Phipps we leave " just a wee bit of an " appointment book to keep track of his extracurricular activities. To Mr. Post we leave every bit of his analytic rhetoric! To Mrs. Russell we leave all of our who, what, when, where, why and how. To Miss Taylor we leave a collection of films in cinemascope. To Miss Tonougar wc leave a vivid selection of scarves. To Miss Wall we leave an automatic clapping device. To Mrs. Weiss we leave a course on " How Not To Scare Your Students Into Flunking. " To Mrs. Whiting we leave all our A ' s in shorthand. 102 we leave so little. To Mr. Carty we leave a million-doilar smile. To Mrs. Jennings we leave a year ' s supply of pre-counted paper. To Mrs. Carty we leave an endle-ss supply of pink pills. To Mr. Albert we leave peace and relaxation, for we feel we are now old enough to take the responsibility for our own activities. To Mr. Myron we leave a new tie. To Mr. Sanford we leave a new secretary (one of his proteges). To Mrs. Hatch we leave a seamstress to lengthen all the girls ' skirts. To Mrs. Hughes we leave a Bermuda trip for college week. Thanks to Miss Macdonald — we leave. To Mrs. Eddy we leave a book entitled, HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LIGHTING FACILITIES. To Miss Dennis we leave an innumerable number of appointments for prospective students. To Miss Gill we leave much happiness. To Mrs. Hodgdon we leave a vacation. To Miss Lindelov we leave all our ranks to file away forever. To Miss Norskey we leave the student body making weekly tuition payments. To Mrs. Sprague we leave a can of de-icer for her eaves. To the House Directors we leave our thanks for the help they have given us during our two years. To the maintenance men we leave no overflowing trash barrels to empty. To Jerry and Thornton we leave all our broken radios, clogged drains, leaky ceilings, heavy trucks to be moved, busted buzzers, etc. To Mr. and Mrs. McDowell we leave as the best group of Seniors they claim they have ever fed. NANCY ASH KATHY ISZLAI 103 good luck and God Bless you all When the books close and the last bell rings, And carefree days are lost to mundane things — When nostalgia strikes and your memory wanes — And you remember the faces but not the names — Pick up your yearbook and leaf it through, And remember the days so dear to you. Compliments of your Editors IQ gt This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of In W k graphic printini;. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., BufTalo, N No other priming firm is authorized to use the Velvatone mellu

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