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To you we dedicate — a sign of honor and affection . . . To You, Who holds out her hand and says sincerely, " Come, I will help. " To You, Who understands the student who needs your wisdom To You, Who has a warm smile that lights the corridors of Fisher To You, Who has served unselfishly and unceasingly To You, Who has attained the respect and love of the entire graduating class We dedicate our yearbook, the 1963 Beacon, as a sign of honor and affection, to you, MRS. ALICE HURLEY. 2 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE This annual is a history of what you have accomplished at Fisher Junior Col- lege. As each edition of this book comes into my hands at graduation time, I am touched and heartened by the hard work and achievement that each of you has shown. You have worked, possibly suffered and struggled, but you have proved your worth and THE BEACON testifies to your success. The College is proud of this book and of you. We will follow your subsequent career with the interest of parents, proud that we have been a part of your life and your preparation and your triumphs; and interested always in each of you as an individual, for while we remember you as a class, you are an individual and a personal friend. We have faith in you and faith in your future. Sanford L. Fisher, B.S., Ed.M. President 3 EDITORS ' MESSAGE First Row: Judith Scanlan, Activity Editor; Elizabeth Sniegoski, Co-Editor; Phyllis Cohen, Co-Editor; Myra Gershenson, Dormitory Editor. Second Row: Gloria Weiner, Literary Editor; Nan Carmolli, Photography Editor; Gail Watkins, Art Co-Editor; Barbara Vietze, Typing Editor. Absent when picture was taken were Carolyn Long, Social Events Editor; Nancy McLaughlin, Art Co-Editor; Janice Ewen, Business Editor. To the Senior Class: We, the editors of the Beacon, together with the Beacon staff, have worked sin- cerely and diligently to present to the Senior Class the 1963 Beacon. The year- book, we hope, will serve as an everlasting memory of our life at Fisher. Although words and pictures can never express the true meaning of our college life, this book, we hope, will suffice as a remembrance of our teachers, classmates, extra- curricular activities, and social events which have played such an important role in these learning years. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you, the Class of 1963. Very sincerely yours, Phyllis Cohen Elizabeth Sniegoski Co-Editors JOSEPH J. CARTY, LL.B. Treasurer MYRON C. FISHER, JR., B.S. Administrative Dean ALBERT L. FISHER, B.S., ED M. Administrative Dean ROBERTA C. MACDONALD, A.B., M.S.C. Academic Dean EARLENE M. CORNELL, B.S. Administrative Assistant EDITH T. HUGHES Public Relations Director Admissions Director 6 GEORGE AGGANIS, B.S. in ED. Accounting. Electronics Terminology LAURA M. BARNES, A.B., L.L.B. Law, Legal Terminology, and Legal Procedures PAULINE BENDER, B.A., ED M. Medical Lab BURTON L. CUSHING, S.B., ED.M. Physics and Math IE ELAINE F. CHIZOOK, B.S. Shorthand, Transcription, Typing, and Filing CAROL DeANGELIS, A.S., B.S. in ED. Shorthand, Transcription, and Accounting 7 JACQUELINE JUDGE, B.S., EDM. Shorthand, Typing DOROTHY M. KELLY, B.S., M. English, Secretarial Subjects MARY LEARY, B.S., Ed.M Anatomy and Physiology, Lab Techniques DAVID LINDGREN, A.B. Geography of World Affairs 9 ALLEN B. PHIPPS, A.B., ED.M. English Composition, Introduction to Literature, Our Cultural Heritage EDWARD A. POST, A.B., A.M. English, American Literature JANET C. RUSSELL, B.S., M.A. Humanities, English LURA TAYLOR, MUS.B., M.A. Fine Arts MARY A. TONOUGAR, B.S. in ED., ED M., M.A. Spanish, Geography of World Affairs ROSE M. WALL, B.S., ED M. Shorthand, Typing LILA DAVIS WHITING Secretarial Procedures, Shorthand 10 BEULAH SPRAGUE CAROL A. LINDELOV SANDRA NORSKEY Receptionist, Alumnae Secretary Academic Secretary Financial Secretary AUDREY BLAIR CAROLYN B. DENNIS Secretary Admissions Secretary 11 LIZA CARTY, R.N. Nurse LEONA E. JENNINGS Bookstore HARRY P. DAVISON Admissions Counsellor Scotia, New York ELEANOR S. EASTWOOD, A.B. BARBARA RUSSELL Admissions Counsellor Admissions Counsellor York Beach, Maine Oakdale, Connecticut JUNE WARREN McDOWELL Cafeteria MAINTENANCE MEN ALPHONSE GRECO FRED ELLIOTT THORNTON PORTER FREDERICK PRFNDABLE JARFD MANN MALCOLM MacKINNON 12 SARAH MORTIMER HALL — Margaret Cairns, Mary Ann Childs, Miss Hollis, Dorm Mother; Peggy Howell, Jacquie Rowe, Joan Hassell, Joyce Rot- tenberg. ANDREW HALL— Glorianne Perrault, Mrs. McKee, Dorm Mother; Mary Alice Parker, Dolores McGraw, Marge Sturm, Annette Polonsky. Fisher Junior College has truly blessed its students with an oppor- tunity, if need or financial ability is there, to live in dormitories not only equipped with a home-away-from home, but also with a mother- away-from mother. These " temporary " homes are equipped with bed- rooms, living rooms, and lounges. Each room has its own special purpose, and each girl contributes to the warmth and togetherness that is significant of a real home. By living together, the girls in each dormitory learn to grow not only scholastically, but also socially. They come in contact with girls from all over the United States and other foreign countries, including Japan and Iran. With these con- tacts, the girls enjoy the experience of meeting other students of vari- ous races, colors, and creeds, and also the experience of living and learning with all types of people. One girl ' s problem becomes every girl ' s problem and advice is always there to be rejected or accepted. The warmth, sincerity, and concern of each girl for her fellow dormi- tory girls is insurpassable. FLORENCE HALL— Standing: Ruth McCaughey, Social Chairman; Patricia Splaine, Treasurer; Mrs. Hazel Miller, Dorm Mother. Seated: Betty Magoon, Secretary; Jan- ice Sablak, President. Absent: Madelyn Bryant. 14 DORM 104 — Dottie Middle- ton, Mrs. Richwagon, Dorm Mother; Joan Kandarian, Gail Drury, Carol Haynes. There are seven dormitories and each has its own activities, some annual and some extemporaneous, depending on the wishes of the majority. The junior initiation by the seniors always proves to be very exciting for the initiators, but very frightening for the initiated. Never- theless, the occasion is funfilled for all. During the wonderful and holy season of Christmas, the dormitory girls not only plan parties for themselves, but also for those who are less fortunate. Sarah Mor- timer Hall gave their party at the Home for the Aged, Myron Hall for the children of the Juvenile Court, Andrew Hall for the children of Morgan Memorial, and Edmund Hall for the children of the Sal- vation Army. The girls also celebrated Halloween with parties full of dancing and laughter. It was even said that the " spooky spirit " seemed to haunt Florence Hall during that time. EDMUND HALL— Linda Spencer, Mrs. Smith, Dorm Mother; Sue Pierce, Shirley Jackson, Elaine Biel- feld, Carolyn Carlson, Linda Crocker, Carol Tougher. MYRON HALL— Miss Mc- Nevin, Dorm Mother; Linda Crocker, Jean Gnospelius, Anne Knowles, Mary Lou Bar- geron, Dina Hamilton. 15 16 EDMUND HALL— Kathy Iszlai, Nancy Ash, Diane Sibolkin, Elaine Weisman, Penny Kaler, Jeanne Lev- esque. FLORENCE HALL— Laureen Pera, Merrie Ellis, Mary O ' Brien, Rosanne Thibault, Barbara Moses. 17 SARAH MORTIMER HALL — Jane Powell, Elaine Lizza, Marcia Moody, Lois Horvitz, Julie Benkavitch, Carol Lee Saul. CARTY HALL— Nancy Bal- lou, JoAnne Yablonski, Lee Howker, Linda Aaltonen. 3 L ANDREW HALL— Karen Smith, Eva Steiner, Su- san Astle, Janice Wright. Each dormitory has its own special night " out on the town, " so to speak. Edmund Hall and Carty Hall enjoyed a Chinese dinner; Florence Hall, dinner at the Shera- ton Plaza; and Sarah Mortimer Hall, dinner at Steubins. And of course, the girls will never forget their spring outings and beach parties. No party seems " right " unless there is " twisting " and folk singing. Realizing this, the dormitory girls planned their own parties complete with dates, dancing, eating, and near-by college folk-singing groups. Other types of parties were given such as farewell parties for marriage-bound girls and bon voyage parties for European- bound girls. ANDREW HALL— Linda Mason, Julianna Rem- kus, Andrea Yates, Susan Can- natta. 18 EDMUND HALL— Janet Yardley, DORM 104 — Pam Chase, Fatima Cindy Hatch, Susan Hitchcock, Lin- Aram, Marsha Mader, Carole Oliva. da Hill, Marcia Skovron. Each dormitory has its own special memories and feelings of leaving. Edmund Hall is grateful to their house mother, Mrs. Smith, whom they consider " tops. " Florence Hall will never forget the understanding of their house mother, Mrs. Miller. Carty Hall realized that no activity could have been successfully planned without Mrs. Willock. Sarah Mortimer Hall felt that they owed many of their memories to Miss Hollis. Myron Hall gave thanks to Miss McNevin, " a good sport. " Andrew Hall expressed their gratefulness to Mrs. McKee for her guidance and companionship. We leave the memories of the newest Fisher Dormitory for last. This new dormitory known as " 104 " is just beginning to serve its girls, and the girls have expressed a love for their beautiful home and their house mother, Miss Richwagon. And so the dormitory girls leave their home-away-from home and return to their own homes with family and neighborhood friends, but they never really leave be- hind their college and dormitory life at Fisher Junior College. 19 CARTY HALL— Carol Widrow, Mary Ann MYRON HALL — Donna Rice, Helen Kaye, Friel, Dolores Kinkaid, Betsy Elliott. Pat Dickerman, Judy Scanlan. FLORENCE HALL— Suzanne Moors, Ildze Sillers, Marie Hirniak, Emery Gould, Marilyn LaChapelle. 20 MYRON HALL— Lynne Phelps, Chris Ander- son, Donna Cussinori, Nancy Cooper. SARAH MORTIMER HALL— Alice Marmel- stein, Laurajean Long, Lana Steinberg, Becca Murphy, Walda O ' Brien, Arleen Olsen. DORM 104— Lee Kimball, Gale Har- land, Minoo Aram, JoAnne Lubinski. CARTY HALL — Kathi Barosi, Joan Lancas- ter, Vicki Kronenfeld. 21 SARAH MORTIMER HALL— Carol Salonia, Helen Mahoney, Janice Blanchard, Claudia Bartlett, Deanna Pujals, Kathy Belanger. MYRON HALL— Ellie Powers, Barb Grad, Lynn Rondinone, Carolyn Chasse, Phyllis Medieros. ANDREW HALL— Susan Paquin, Pat Gay- nor, Patty Nolan, Jackie Snow, Diana Gion- friddo, Eunice Pearson. DORM 104— Gail Drury, Mary Ann O ' - Brien, Junko Yoshikawa, Flor- ence Chadwick, Marilyn Man- dlestam, Audrey Williams. 23 EDMUND HALL— Carole Smith, Lynn Mac- Kenzie, Mary Doran, Donna Mackinaw, Edie West, Pat Field. FLORENCE HALL— Jane Thomson, Julie Croteau, Diane Elworthy, Jeanne Thompson, Joyce Castner. ANDREW HALL— Naomi Colin, Joan Weis- er, Rita Romano, Mary Ellen Spear, Joan Li- berty, Patricia Boynton. CARTY HALL— Ginny Waide, Claudia Tes- sier, Judy Breck, Lois Cummings. 24 First Row: Arlene Simons, Marcia Kane, Helen Kaye, Ellen Hardy, Camille DeGregorio, Carol Davis, Ruth Potzko. Second Row: Pat Ek, Linda Campbell, Joyce Rottenberg, Carolyn DuBois, Letha Moore, Sue Moors, Madelyn Bryant. Third Row: Helen Tonaszuck, JoAnne Kula, Judy Bernaby, Janice Sablak, Janet Detweiler. BEACON STAFF With the able leadership of the Co-Editors in Chief, and with the guidance of Miss Mele, yearbook advisor, the staff has worked hard to make this yearbook a glowing reminder to both the students and the faculty of our past two years at Fisher. The yearbook is actually a synopsis of all the events, school news, and features of our college life. Fisher is not to be forgotten, and this yearbook is a reminder to all of us. 26 First Row: Barbara Hynes, Ellen Foti, Editor; Mrs. Kelly, Faculty Advisor; Christine Fiu- mara. Second Row: Betty Magoon, Linda Campbell, Myra Gershenson. CHARLES VIEWER One of the nicest traditions at Fisher Junior College is the school newspaper, THE CHARLES VIEWER. All at Fisher know when this publication is being distributed because all over the school expressions of concentration or amusement are observed on the faces of those reading the many interesting short stores, poems, or gossip articles. Miss Ellen Foti heads the staff as Editor-in-Chief under the guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, faculty advisor. The paper ' s main purpose is to publish the literary talents of the students at Fisher, some of whom show definite signs of writing ability. Because the paper is small and is published only three or four times a year, current events are almost entirely eliminated. But, thanks to the members, the latest news of the clubs and dorms is always included, much to the delight of the students. Also of interest to both students and faculty are the articles written by our foreign students concerning their reactions to their college life at Fisher. An able and willing staff and a capable chief assure us that the fine reputation of the paper will always be maintained. 27 First Row: Dina Hamilton, Janet Yardley, Loretta Rufo, Betty Blake, Mrs. Russell, Faculty Adv isor; Linda Spencer, Lynn MacKenzie. Second Row: Nancy Ash, Roberta Seaver, Phyllis Warden, Sue Hitchcock, Janet Hallahan. Missing from picture: Sue Cannatta, Treasurer. The Collegiate Council for the United Nations is a national organization de- signed for the purpose of studying and supporting the United Nations. It strives to fulfill these goals by first, making each campus group a center for studying and understanding the United Nations; and second, by providing a place for the in- formed students to voice their opinions concerning the United Nations. At Fisher, the C. C.U.N, takes steps to fulfill these goals by presenting programs on world affairs in connection with the United Nations. The girls had several speakers during the year, among them, Mr. William Filene speaking on Com- munism, and two speakers from Africa who gave a talk on their homeland. In October, the C. C.U.N, sponsored U.N. Day by presenting a film relating the pur- poses and the functions of the United Nations. Later in the year, six girls were chosen on the basis of special tests to attend the Mid-Atlantic Model General Assembly in Washington D.C. and the local Model General Assembly at Boston University. Through the C.C.U.N., the girls can gain a better understanding of the United Nations, how it affects their lives, and how they can help to support it. COLLEGIATE COUNCIL UNITED NATIONS 2X First Row: Annette Polonsky, Kristin Keeler, President; Mr. Hansen, Faculty Advisor; Clau- dette Prefontaine, Vice President; Mary O ' Brien. Second Row: Kathleen Iszlai, Julie Remkus. DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club opened another successful year under the direction of Mr. Hansen, advisor. The members of the club enjoyed a trip to Northeastern University to attend the play THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH. During the course of the year the club also enjoyed a makeup demonstration, a film on Play Production, and a most interesting tour of the Loew Theater. The highlight of the spring season was the club ' s annual production. Months of practice were rewarded in a professional performance. We hope that the Drama Club of future years will be as much fun and as much of a success as this year ' s drama club. 29 First Row: Janet Yardley, Mary O ' Brien, Ruth Owen, Mr. Siagel, Director; Marilyn Taylor, President; Carol Menton, Roberta Seaver, Claudette Prefontaine. Second Row: Marilyn Hoar, Nancy Ash, Roberta Kropp, Barbara Thorne, Joan Liberty, Virginia Greenlee, Gail Watkins. Third Row: Rosalyn Berman, Linda Pratt, Marsha Galper, Janet Dustan. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Siagel, gave all girls with an interest in music a chance to shine. The Glee Club sang at many of the assemblies; and their selections, including show tunes, popular hits, and old favorites, were en- joyed by all. During the spring, the girls represented Fisher at the " Pops. " On stage and ac- companied by the Symphony Orchestra, the Fisher Glee Club sang forth in their best performance of the year. What a credit to Fisher and what a fond memory of another successful year. CLUB 30 First Row: Carol MacKenzie, Oretta Rondina, Treasurer; Carolyn Chasse, Elaine Lizza, President; Miss Chizook, Faculty Advisor; Mary Anne Childs, Carol Menton. Second Row: Ruth Potzko, Mary O ' Brien, Glorianne Perrault, Ellen Hardy, Margie Sturm. Third Row: Rita Romano, Kay Daly, Joan Hassell, Barbara Landry. NEWMAN CLUB The Fisher Newman Club is a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. Newman Clubs are formed in almost all of the non-Catholic colleges for the purpose of bringing Catholic men and women together to meet other members of the Catholic Faith. The first monthly meeting was a " coke meet " for new junior and senior mem- bers to become acquainted with the club and its members. After the first meeting, the club sponsored a cake sale to raise money for their Washington trip in March. They also sponsored a book sale to raise money for Asian students and made plans for a special service for a needy family. Plans for a Communion breakfast in May were made and carried out. Father Vartzilis gave talks on the Mass and conducted question and answer periods. Under the guidance of Miss Elaine Chizook, faculty advisor, the club is growing and widening its scope to become one of Fisher ' s assets. 31 First Row: Barbara Judkins, Linda Hill, Susan Pierce, Secretary; Mrs. Cornell, Advisor; Pa- tricia Field, President; Linda Crocker, Treasurer; Marcia Skouron, Cathy Martin. Second Row: Betty Magoon, Karen Smith, Barbara Thorne, Susan Astle, Janet Yardley, Carolyn Carlson, Linda Pratt. Third Row: Susan Cannatta, Carole Smith, Carol Tougher, Kathleen Iszlai, Janice Wright, Cynthia Hatch. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Student Christian Movement of New England is the mother organization of the Fisher Junior College Student Christian Association. The association at Fisher has followed the dedication of the New England movement — " A fellowship of student and faculty groups committed to the will of God in building new individuals and a new society according to the growing insights and faith of the cooperating Christian groups " — by greatly enriching the lives of its members. The S.C.A., while trying to help others, helped fill a Thanksgiving basket for the Home for Little Wanderers and presented a film produced by the Home. The Student Christian Association, in connection with the other religious groups, has participated in the weekly meditation services. Under the leadership of Mrs. Cornell, faculty advisor, the Student Christian Association hopes to continue to build the club and the characters of its individual members. 32 First Row: Fanny Duhl, Helen Kaye, Treasurer; Judy Polonsky, Secretary; Marcia Kane, President; Miss Tonougar, Faculty Advisor; Roberta Ross, Vice President; Gloria Weiner, Maxine Adelman. Second Row: Arlene Simons, Joyce Rottenberg, Eva Steiner, Lois Horvitz, Phyllis Cohen, Janet Cohen, Diane Nadell. Third Row: Marcia Galper, Joyce Rubin, Myra Gershenson, Elaine Weisman, Elaine Bielfield, Annette Polonsky. TALMUDIMS This is the third year of the Talmudims at Fisher. The purpose of the club is to create a better understanding of Judaism and to help in furthering closer ties with other religious groups. In November, the Talmudims sponsored a talk given by Mr. Paul Fink, who spoke on " Young People in a Young Country. " After the lecture, there was a general discussion period in which the girls questioned Mr. Fink on conditions in Israel. Each month the Talmudims held a worship service; and in December, they combined with the other two religious groups in an inter-faith service. In April the Talmudims re-created a Passover service in honor of the Jewish holiday, Passover. At the end of the year, the girls went out for a " night out with the girls " to the movies and to dinner. The Talmudims have created a religious club combined with a social life and truly upholds Fisher tradition. 33 First Row: Barbara Hynes, Deborah Robbins, Treasurer; Janet Hallahan, Secretary; Letha Moore, President; Judy Pratt, Vice President; Christine Fiumara, Kay Daly. Second Row: Walda O ' Brien, Claire Jones, Linda Campbell, Margie Sturm, Judy Scanlan, Barbara Moses. Third Row: Rita Romano, Karen Spaneas, Evangeline Mavris, Elaine Belocas. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Every member of the student body belongs to the Student Government Associ- ation; but the power to run this government is delegated to the elected Student Council and the presidents of all clubs and organizations. The S.G.A. acts as a bridge between the administration, the faculty, and the student body to promote cooperation and understanding, to represent the interests of the students, and to assist in the observance of the traditions of the college. The S.G.A. is in charge of many of the social activities at Fisher. It sponsored the annual Fisher Mixer, conducted elections for the junior S.G.A. council mem- bers and for class officers, published the annual Christmas address book, spon- sored the annual Christmas party, and served at the Faculty and Administration Luncheon. The Student Government Association is the medium through which the students, the faculty, and the administration can establish a happier, more rewarding rela- tionship. 34 First Row: Roberta Seaver, Phyllis Warden, Betty O ' Brien, President; Ruth Owen, Secretary; Betty Sniegoski, Carol Davis. Second Row: Joanne Kula, Judy Bernaby, Maxine Bejtlich, Ellen Hardy, Olive Lavangie, Maureen Cunningham, Letha Moore. Third Row: Hel en Tonas- zuck, Camille DeGregorio, Ruth Potzko, Mary Wallace King. COMMUTERS ' CLUB The Commuters ' Club enables the commuting students to become better ac- quainted with one another by providing them with entertainment and social activi- ties. In addition, it strives to help other people by sponsoring worth-while projects. This year the club has more than fulfilled its purpose. In December, the club engaged in a project to help a needy family enjoy a wonderful Christmas; and in the spring, the Club presented a worthy junior commuter with a $100 scholarship on the basis of good scholastic rating. There were a number of social activities provided for the girls. In January, the girls attended a thrilling hockey game. Ed Barry, golf professional at the Pine Meadows Country Club in Lexington, taught all interested girls the essentials of golf. The annual golf tournament was held at the Country Club followed by a di nner and the presentation of awards. March brought the annual ski trip, and all the joys of the winter season were enjoyed in three wonderful days. Just as the dormitories provide a place for the resident girls to form lasting friendships, the Commuters ' Club gives the commuting girls the same opportunity. 35 It ' s GOO D!!!!! Traditionally, the first event of each school year was the Get- Acquainted Outing, which was held at Cedar Hill, in Waltham. Com- ing as it did in the first week of classes, the picnic afforded a good opportunity for the Juniors to meet one another, for the Senior sisters to get acquainted with their little sisters and help them with any questions or problems they might have, and for everyone to have an afternoon of fun and relaxation. Leaving Fisher shortly after noon, we arrived at Cedar Hill in no time. The afternoon was filled with games of softball, volleyball, hiking, and the limbo. After much energy had been expended, a giant cook-out was held, where everything from hot dogs to chocolate bars was consumed. Square dancing lessons were held in the hall after eating. Soon after, we boarded the buses to return to school, ready to settle down to the more serious aspects of college life. Hup, Two, Three, Four 38 Keep It Up! 39 Keep Smiling. With the music of the Aeolian Trio in the back- ground, we, as Juniors, enjoyed our first social function at Fisher — The President ' s Tea. The purpose of this tea, held each year, is to ac- quaint the new students with the faculty, the school, and, most important, with each other. After receiving a name card, each girl was indi- vidually introduced to Mr. Sanford Fisher in his office and then proceeded to the ballroom to enjoy cakes and cookies of every variety and to meet and talk with her teachers. The President ' s Tea served to draw each girl more closely into the Fisher family and to feel at home — certainly a wonderful way to start a college career. Let ' s Be Sociable. 40 How Do You Do? Our Junior Mother and Daughter Tea, which was held in late May in the lounge of 108 and in the President ' s office at 1 1 8 Beacon, proved to be one of our most successful undertakings. Coming at such a time, the tea was a temporary relief from studying and also an afternoon of carefree gaiety before the drudg- ery of final examinations. This event provided the mothers with an opportun- ity to meet and chat informally with the faculty, to see the school buildings, particularly 108 Beacon, which was completed in our Junior year, and to visit the dormitories which are their daughters ' " homes away from home. " The tea, held in a warm and friendly manner, was a happy event for the students and assured the mothers that their daughters were receiving an edu- cation in a very pleasant atmosphere. All Little Goodies Sitting In A Row. 41 Ruff— Ruff. Boys, boys, boys — lots of them came to the annual Get-Acquainted Dance sponsored by the Student Government Association. The dance was held at the Y.W.C.A. and was really a success both socially and financially. For the first time, the hall was decorated for this dance. The decorations con- sisted of streamers and enormous bunches of balloons scattered throughout the entire room. Balloon faces — girls with red hair and men with bowties — were the decorations on the wall. During intermission everyone was entertained by a singing group from the Harvard Hasty Pudding Club. This group was called the Krokodiles, and they presented a series of folk songs and university songs. Of course the main attraction at this dance was boys — and they were boys from Harvard, M.I.T., B.U., B.C., Northeastern, and various other colleges in the area. It really was a success, for there were three boys to each girl. 43 A nig ht to remember. Perhaps the most successful social event of our Jun- ior year was the Sweetheart Dance, which was held on February 9, 1962, at the Parker House Roof. To the music of Jerry Davis and his band, we danced, while snow swirled outside, contributing an eerie back- ground to the setting of the dance. A snowball dance, the " twist, " and a grand march preceded the highlight of the evening, which was the crowning of Miss Suzanne Moors as the Sweetheart Queen. Dancing was enjoyed until the magic hour of mid- night, when " Goodnight Ladies " signalled the end of a most enjoyable evening. 44 It is every young girl ' s dream to go to Europe, and for a fortunate group of girls their wish came true while they were students at Fisher. In both our Junior and Senior years, the College sponsored a Spring Tour of five European countries. Luceren, Switzerland; Amsterdam, Holland; and Heidelberg, Germany were three of the stops on the tour. Perhaps the most interesting places in the tour were London, England and Paris, France. In London, the girls were thrilled by the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the straight, tall Bobbies, who rarely speak, and the many local pubs. Off we go . . . Paris, the mecca of fashion, was exciting with its always interesting Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, and the sidewalk cafes. With visions of German beer, Dutch tulips, London smog, and Parisian clothes whirling in their heads, the girls were forced to return, after their brief sojourn in Europe, to the stark reality of life and studying. But those two weeks of fas- cination will always remain a very happy memory. 46 How ' s the weather up there? 47 All the world ' s a stage . . . Each year, the Drama Club presents a play for the benefit of the entire student body, parents, and friends. Under the astute direction of Mr. Laurence Hansen, the club consistently deserves credit for their fine performances. In the Spring of our Junior year, the Drama Club staged a three-act play, entitled " Ladies in Retirement. " A suspenseful murder mystery, the play was very well received by the audience. The play was presented on three consecutive nights in the ballroom of the school and was acted on a stage in the center of the room, thus allowing it to be viewed from all four sides. Members of our class who participated in the play, Kristin Keeler, and Clau- dette Prefontaine, gave excellent performances, and they deserved credit for the many hours they dedicated to the production. " Ladies in Retirement " certainly was an excellent effort by the Drama Club and proved to be extremely entertaining to all of us. 49 A Diabetes Fair was held on Novem- ber 19 by the senior Medicals. Each group of approximately five girls chose a particular phase of diabetes and pre- sented posters and model illustrations. All of the projects were interesting and even taught Mrs. Leary some things she had not known. Some of the projects were so well done that they were pre- sented at a conference of the American Diabetes Association; and Fisher Junior College Medicals were the subject of an article in the American Diabetes Asso- ciation Newsletter that is sent to sub- scribers interested in the disease. Each project was attractive and in- formative; but the star of the show was " Cindy, " a puppy, connected with one of the projects. Cindy won the hearts of everyone with her brown eyes and jaunty red bow. On the night of November 19, par- ents and friends of the Medicals were invited to see the projects. After coffee and dessert, everyone was privileged to listen to an informative speech by a Doc- tor. The Long Journey Let Me See!!!!!! 50 VICKY MOUTSOS 14 Walnut Park; Roxbury, Mass. Vik Foreign Trade " I ' ll serve you with my whole heart. " Senior Class President; Commuters ' Club; Collegiate Council for United Nations; President ' s Tea Hostess; Graduation Usherette. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT 52 GAIL J. WATKINS 22 Hinckley Road; Tewksbury, Mass. Gail Executive " No limits but the sky. " Get-Acquainted Dance Committee 1; Sweetheart Dance Committee 1 ; Mother and Daughter Tea 1 ; The Beacon 2; Class Secretary 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. SECRETARY TREASURER JANE ANDERSON 138 Bellingham Avenue; Revere, Mass. Jane " Sociable, friendly and sweet. " Executive Student Government Association 1 ; Mother and Daughter Tea Committee 1 ; Sweetheart Dance Com- mittee 1 ; Treasurer 2. 53 54 SUSAN ASTLE 16 Crestline Circle; Beverly, Mass. Sue Executive " A quiet manner hides her gayest mood. " Student Christian Association; The Beacon; Open House Hostess; Father and Daughter Night Commit- tee; March of Dimes Hostess; Heart Fund Hostess. BARBARA ARSENAULT 29 Hiawatha Avenue; Waltham, Mass. Barb Legal " Fun, laughter, mischief all day, life ' s too short to be anything than gay. " Newman Club 2; The Beacon Literary Staff 2; Com- muters ' Club 2. NANCY JANE BALLOU 8 Hillcrest; White River Junction, Vt. Nan Medical " Light of heart and fancy free. " Newman Club 1 ; Glee Club 1 ; Senior Dad and Daughter Night. 55 MARY LOU BARGERON 24 Linden Street; Orange, Mass. M-L Medical " Think ill of nothing — Speak ill of none. " Dorm House Council 1, 2. MARGARETTA BARTON 67 South Street; Plainville, Mass. Gretta " Her own special manner. " Commuters ' Club 1,2; Open House Hostess. Legal JULIANNE BENKAV1TCH 165 Union Street; Norwood, Mass. Mi Legal " A friendly manner of a carefree soul. " Glee Club 1; Newman Club 1, 2; Senior Activity Committee. 56 DIANNE V. BERBERIAN 40 Fordham Street; Arlington 74, Mass. Dianne Medical " Ease of manners, sweetness of temper. " Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1. BARBARA ANN BISHOP 96 Chestnut Street; Wilmington, Mass. Barbie Medical " A face that wins friends and a personality that keeps them. " JUDITH MARIE BERNABY North Danville Road; Kingston, N. H. Judy Legal " A disposition sweet has she. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Mother and Daughter Day 2; Collegiate Council for United Nations 2; The Beacon 2. 57 ELIZABETH RUTH BLAKE 20 Martin Street; West Roxbury, Mass. Betty Medical " Talking and laughter are her brightest virtues. " Glee Club 1; Collegiate Council for United Nations 1, Secretary 2. PAMELA BOYINGTON 45 Speen Street; Natick, Mass. Pam Executive " A compound of frolic and fun. " Glee Club 1, Secretary 2; Hunt Club 1; College Mixer Ticket Committee 1; Dad and Daughter Night Com- mittee 1. PAMELA E. BROWN Lancaster Avenue; Lunenberg, Mass. Pam " I love all beauteous things. " Executive 58 MADELYN J. BRYANT Jeanette Drive; Chatham, Mass. Maddie " I always look to the bright side. " Legal Glee Club 1; The Beacon staff 2; Tennis Club I, 2; Dorm Social Chairman 2. CHRISTINE BUKER 43 Francis Avenue; West Bridgewater, Mass. Chris " Personality is not measured in stature. " Medical Commuters ' Club 1 ; Chairman of Activity Committee 2. KATHERINE CAGGIANO 246 Mystic Valley Pky.; Arlington, Mass. Kathie " I chatter, chatter as I go. " Medical Commuters 1 Club 1; Newman Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1; The Charles Viewer 1 . 59 JUDITH MARY CALVI 72 Blossom Street; Bradford, Mass. Judi Medical " The mildest manner and gentlest heart. " Newman Club 1, 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARGARET-ELLEN CAIRNS 206 Waverly Road; North Andover, Mass. Marge Medical " A host of knowledge. " Student Christian Association 1 ; Dorm House Council 2. LINDA LEE CAMPBELL 24 Brookdale Road; Natick, Mass. Lin Medical " Displays distinctive manner. " Open House Hostess 1, 2; Get-Acquainted Dance Hostess 1, 2; Student Government Association 2; The Beacon Typing Committee 2; Senior Activity Commit- tee; The Charles Viewer 2; Decoration Committee Get Acquainted Dance 2; Library Assistant 1; Ice Capade Hostess; Ice Follies Hostess; Server Diabetes Fair 2; Registration 2; Entertainment Committee Christmas Party 2. 60 NAN CARMOLLI 24 Eastern Avenue; Barre, Vt. Carmello Medical " Good nature is the beauty of the mind. " Yearbook Staff, Editor of Photography Staff. JOYCE CASTNER 182 Chesterfield Drive; Rochester, N. Y. Hosay Legal " Life without fun is not life. " Glee Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1; Tennis Club 1, 2. MARY JUDITH CARTY 5 1 Chestnut Street; Franklin, Mass. Mary Executive " In quietness lies hidden friendship. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Collegiate Council for United Nations 2; Newman Club 2. 61 CAROLYN CHASSE Box 8; Wells, Maine Chcis Executive " She houses a great store of happiness. " Newman Club 1, Secretary 2; Dorm Secretary 1, 2; Glee Club 1. MARY ANN CHILDS 1 76 Tower Hill Road; Osterville, Mass. Moe Legal " A rare compound of sincerity and fun. " Newman Club 1,2; House Council 1; President, Sarah Mortimer Hall 2; Senior Activity Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Open House Hostess; Ice Capades Hostess; Student Government Association 2. SANDRA CHENEY 20 Central Avenue; Revere, Mass. Sandi Medical " Happy and gay she goes on her way. " The Beacon Layout Staff 2; Commuters ' Club 2. 62 JANET COHEN One Grace Street; Maiden, Mass. J. J. Executive " Nothing is rarer than true good nature. " Talmudims 1, 2; Refreshment Committee for Talmu- dims. JEAN A. COFFIN 18 Columbia Road; North Andover, Mass. jeanie Executive " And so she makes music wherever she goes. " PHYLLIS COHEN One Grace Street; Maiden, Mass. Phyllis Medical " Her thoughts and her conduct are her own. " Talmudims 1, 2; Commuters ' Club; The Beacon Co- Editor; Hostess at President ' s Tea 2. 63 JANICE MAE COLUMBUS 4 Beech Street; Baldwinville, Mass. Jan Executive " Sweet of manner, warm of heart. " Fund Raising Committee, Senior Class; Newman Club. ELLEN MARIE CONNORS 28 Rock Avenue; Lynn, Mass. Ellen " A merry heart is welcome anywhere. " Newman Club 1 . Medical NANCY COOPER 17 Elm Street; Nassau, N. Y. Nance " A smile is worth a thousand words. " Legal 64 PATRICIA ANN COUTO 59 Davis Straits; Falmouth, Mass. Pat Executive " Her wit makes things sunny. " Newman Club 2; Dorm House Council 1, 2, Treasurer. PATRICIA CROWLEY 166 Granite Avenue; Milton, Mass. Pat " A quiet word, a quiet way. " Newman Club 2. LINDA LOUISE CROCKER Mill Way; Barnstable, Mass. Lin Executive " Laughing eyes, blonde hair, a smiling face, with never a care. " Dorm House Council 2. Legal 65 JANE CUMMINGS 95 Glenburn Road; Arlington, Mass. Janie Executive " With a smile to greet you. " Newman Club 2. MAUREEN CUNNINGHAM 51 Sunnybank Avenue; Rockland, Mass. Moe Legal " She that is thoughtful is kind. " Commuters ' Club I, 2; Student Christian Association 2; Project Committee Commuters ' Club 2; Senior Ac- tivity Committee 2. LOIS CUMMINGS Folsom Road; Center Ossipee, N. H. Mutt Medical " Not quiet, nor loud, nor short, nor tall; but a pleasant mingling of them all. " Student Christian Association 1, 2; Dorm House Council. 66 KATHRYN ELLEN DALY 51 Talcott Avenue; West Springfield, Mass. Kay Executive " The will to be, the will to do. " Student Government Association 1, 2; Newman Club 2; The Charles Viewer 2; President ' s Tea Hostess 2; Open House Hostess 2. LINDA WALKER CURRIE 17 Mason Avenue; North Billerica, Mass. Lin Foreign Trade " Cute and sweet, quiet and neat. " CAROL DAVIS Elm Street; Groton, Mass. Carol Medical " A constant friend is a thing rare to find. " Commuters ' Club 2; The Beacon 2. 67 JANET EILEEN DETWEILER Callowhill Marshall Streets; Perkasie, Pa. Dwid Medical " It ' s nice to be natural, when you ' re naturally nice. " The Beacon 2; Ice Follies Hostess 1. VERONICA A. DAVIS Pomfret Road R.F.D. 1; Putnam, Conn. Ronnie Legal " The seal of courtesy, wit, grace and charm. " Newman Club 1 , 2. CAROL ELLEN DiBENEDETTO 393 Cherry Street; West Newton, Mass. Carol Executive " Studious in work; but when her work is done, she is full of smiles and ready for fun. " President Junior Class 1; Chairman of Sweetheart Dance Committee 1; The Beacon 2; Graduation Usherette 1; Glee Club 2; European Trip 1; Dad and Daughter Night 1 . 68 CAMILLE DiGREGORIO 83 Robin Hood Road; Stoneham, Mass. Camy Medical " God made her small in order to do a more choice bit of workmanship. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Newman Club 2; The Beacon Literary Staff 2. 69 A. CAROLYN DuBOIS 1 7 Sherbrooke Street; Springfield, Mass. Lynn Executive " Quiet, neat, and oh so sweet. " Newman Club 1; Typing Staff The Beacon 2; Class Activity Committee 2; Hostess, Get-Acquainted Dance 2; Hostess, Open House 2; Hostess, Ice Capades 1; Hostess, Ice Follies 1 ; European Trip 2. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT 1424 Pierce Street; Birmingham, Mich. Betsy Foreign Trade " A good laugh is sunshine. " Social Chairman, Carty Hall 1. FANNY DUHL P.O. Box 3109; Quito, Ecuador Fanny Legal " No matter what others may be, she will always be herself. " Talmudims 1, 2. 70 SANDRA GLEE FARRAR 28 Mt. Desert Street; Bar Harbor, Maine Sandy Executive " ft is the quiet worker who succeeds. " Newman Club 1 . JANICE JEANNE EWEN 32 John Street; Attleboro, Mass. Janice Executive " From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. " Business Editor, The Beacon 2. PATRICIA MAE FIELD 180 North Avenue; Attleboro, Mass. Patsy Medical " Full of vigor, lots of pep, Pat ' s a girl right in step. " Student Christian Association, Vice-President 1. Presi- dent 2; Student Government Association 2; European Trip I; Hostess, President ' s Tea 2; Hostess, Open House 2; Publicity Committee 2. 71 CYNTHIA E. FISCHBACH 200 Tremont Street; Mansfield, Mass. Cindy " Pleasant to meet, charming to know. " Medical Commuters ' Club 1,2; Mother and Daughter Tea 1; Fund-Raising Committee 2. CAROLYN FISCHER 458 Matfield Street; West Bridgewater, Mass. Fish Medical " Not as quiet as you might think. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Senior Activity Committee 2. CHRISTINE ANN F1UMARA 49 Adams Street; Medford, Mass. Chris Electronics " Always happy, never sad; sometimes naughty, never bad. " The Charles Viewer 1, 2; Sweetheart Dance Commit- tee 1 ; Student Government Association 2. 72 NATALIE FOLSOM 1576 North Shore Road; Revere, Mass. Lassie " I can resist anything but temptation. " Hunt Club 1,2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. Executive MARY ANN FRIEL 15 Pine Street; Brattleboro, Vt. ELLEN MARIE FOTI 21 Batchelder Avenue; Peabody, Mass. Ellen Electronics " If hard work means success, she will win. " Commuters ' Club 1; The Charles Viewer 1, Editor-in- Chief 2; Newman Club 2. Anna Legal " Only through hard work and toil can one obtain her goal. " Newman Club 1,2; Glee Club 1; House President 1, 2. 73 MARY K. GALVIN 340 Albion Street; Wakefield, Mass. Mary Kay Legal " It ' s not that I like to study less, I like fun more. " Newman Club; Commuters ' Club. JEAN GNOSPELIUS 25 Arnold Road; North Quincy, Mass. Jean Executive " Whatever she gives, she gives the best. " Dorm House Council 1,2; Treasurer, Myron Hall. MYRA GERSHENSON 93 Dartmouth Street; Portland, Maine Meera Medical " Open-minded, frank and fair. " Talmudims 1, 2; The Charles Viewer 2; Dormitory Editor, The Beacon. 74 CAROL GUINETTE 127 Circuit Avenue; Weymouth, Mass. Carol Executive " The sunshine of her heart is in her face. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2; Tennis Club 2. VIRGINIA I. GOLDEN 15 Andrew Street; Arlington, Mass. Ginger Executive " Delightful to know. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2. JANET HALLAHAN 1 36 Lindbergh Avenue; Needham Heights, Mass. Janet Foreign Trade " Full of fun, full of glee, a successful girl she ' s sure to be. " Student Government Association 1, Secretary 2; Col- legiate Council for United Nations 2; International Relations Club 1 ; Chairman of Social Committee 2. 75 ELLEN DANIELLE HARDY 105 Pleasant Street; Woburn, Mass. Van Legal " Youthful, jest, and jollity. " Newman Club 1,2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; The Bea- con 2; Activity Committee 2; Mother and Daughter Tea. DINA G. HAMILTON 14 Quince Street; Nantucket Island, Mass. Dina Executive " She has a heart with room for joy. " Dorm House Council, Myron Hall 1; House President, Myron Hall 2; Collegiate Coun cil for United Nations 2. JOAN LUCILLE HASSELL " Chrispeen " Euclid Avenue; Pembroke, Bermuda Joannie Legal " Eager to contend. " Newman Club 1, 2, Vice-President 1; Ice Capadcs Hostess; Dorm House Council 1, 2; Class Fund Rais- ing Committee 2. 76 ELIZABETH MARIE HEFFERNAN 57 Highland Road; Somerville, Mass. Betty Legal " A vivacious redhead with a personality to match. " Newman Club 1,2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MARIE CHRISTINE HIRNIAK 28 Cottage Street; New Haven, Conn. Peanut Medical " Small of stature, large of heart. " Newman Club 1 ; The Charles Viewer, Dorm Editor 1,2; The Beacon Photography Staff 2; Hostess, Mixer. MARGARET C. HILLIS 59 Everett Street; Arlington, Mass. Peggy Medical " Quiet and sweet, pleasing to meet. " Glee Club 1 ; Commuters ' Club 1. 77 LOIS ANN HORVITZ 30 Junior Street; New Bedford, Mass. Lolly- Ann Legal " Never still for half a minute. " Talmudims; Glee Club. SUSAN ELDRIDGE HULL 1 1 8 West Emerson Street, Emerson Arms; Melrose, Mass. Sue Executive " So helpful, so sweet, a loyal friend. Success will be hers with this winning blend. " The Charles Viewer 1, 2, Art Editor I; Fall Mixer Hostess 2. MARGARET FRANCES HOWELL 1 133 Woodbury Avenue; Portsmouth, N. H. Peggy Foreign Trade " She ' s not a flower, not a pearl; but just an all around girl. " The Beacon Activity Staff 2; World University Service Committee; Dorm House Council, Secretary; Publicity Chairman of Senior Class. 78 BARBARA HYNES 84 John Street; Reading, Mass. Barb Executive " A happy smile costs nothing but means so much. " Student Government I, 2; The Charles Viewer 1, 2; Newman Club 2. BARBARA JEAN JUDKINS Box 246; Rangeley, Maine B. J. Medical " A quiet exterior conceals much. " Student Christian Association 1, 2; Ice Follies Hostess 1; Dormitory Social Chairman 2; Senior Activity Com- mittee 2; The Charles Viewer 2; European Trip 1. PATRICIA KAHIAN 866 Center Street; Middleboro, Mass. Patty Medical " It is not how long but how well we live. " Newman Club 2; Drama Club 2. 79 JOAN KANDARIAN 1699 Asylum Avenue; West Hartford, Conn. Joan Foreign Trade " A soul of power, a wall of lofty thoughts. " Student Christian Association 1; House President 2. PENELOPE L. KALER 69 Waldo Avenue; Rockland, Maine Penny Executive " She looks on life with quiet eyes. " MARCIA LINDA KANE 84 Audubon Road; Milton, Mass. Marcia Medical " There ' s not a joy in all the world that you will not find within her. " Talmudims Vice-President 1, President 2; The Beacon 2; Student Government Association 2; Graduation Usherette I; President ' s Tea Hostess 2; Open House Hostess 2. 80 HELEN ANN KAYE 25 Shetland Road; Marblehead, Mass. Helen Executive " A sunny nature wins lasting friends. " Charles Viewer I; Talmudims 1, 2, Secretary-Treas- urer; The Beacon 2; Collegiate Council for United Nations 2. DOLORES KINKAID 10 Mason Avenue; Portsmouth, N. H. Dolores Legal " Personality and looks galore, Dolores has this and a little more. " Newman Club 1, 2. KRISTIN JANET KEELER 242 East Street; Wrentham, Mass. Kris Legal " It ' s good to live and learn. " European Tour 1; " Ladies in Retirement " 1; Drama Club 1, President 2; Graduation Usherette 1; Presi- dent ' s Tea Hostess 2; Ice Capades Hostess 1; Ice Follies Hostess 1 . 81 KARLYN INGRID KLASSON 954 Washington Street; Weymouth, Mass. Ingie Executive " Full of enthusiasm; ready for fun. " Student Government Association 1; Open House Host- ess 2; Dance Committee I; Activity Committee 2. VICKI KRONENFELD 108 Davis Avenue; Auburn, Maine Vicki Medical " She ' s happy, she ' s gay, she ' s full of fun, she has a smile for everyone. " Talmudims 1 , 2. ANNE MARIE KNOWLES RR 1, Box 172; Orleans, Mass. Little Annie " Life is what you make it. " Legal Student Government Association 1, 2; Library Assist- ant 2; Activity Committee 2; Dorm House Council, Myron Hall. 82 JOANNE D. KULA 6 Lawrence Street; Woburn, Mass. Joanne Electronics " To us she gives her laughter and her jest. " Commuters ' Club 1,2; The Beacon 2. ROBERTA J. KROPP 169 Sanders Avenue; Lowell, Mass. Bobbi Executive " A sweet girl who ' s lots of fun will have no worries in time to come. " Glee Club 2. SHIRLEY JANE LADNER 1 1 Ashland Place; Melrose, Mass. Shirl Legal " Full of life and mischief too. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 83 JOAN E. LANCASTER 7 Standish Road; Lynnfield, Mass. Joannie Foreign Trade " This lass is sweet, with smile so neat. " Glee Club 1 ; Student Christian Association 1 . BARBARA LANDRY Wall Street; Dexter, Maine Barbi Legal " I ' ve made it a practice to put all my worries down in the bottom of my heart, then sit on the lid and smile. " Newman Club 1,2; Glee Club 1. JACQUELINE LaPLANTE 25 Liberty Avenue; Lawrence, Mass. Jackie Executive " Silence is golden, but noise is more fun. " Commuters ' Club 1 ; Newman Club. 84 OLIVE LAVANGIE 69 Stanley Avenue; Medford, Mass. Ollie Electronics " Good cheer is no hindrance to a good life. " Newman Club 2; Commuters ' Club 2. CAROLYN M. LONG 176 Reedsdale Road; Milton, Mass. Carolyn Executive " A full rich nature, free to trust. " Junior Class Treasurer; Sweetheart Dance Committee 1; The Charles Viewer 2; Mother and Daughter Tea 1 ; The Beacon Social Editor 2. ELAINE VERONICA LIZZA 196 Anstice Street; Oyster Bay, N. Y. Liz Legal " Full of good meaning and good wishes. " Newman Club 1, President 2. 85 HUGHENA MacDONALD 57 Cross Street; Franklin, Mass. Ena " She smiles to make you happy. " Foreign Trade Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Collegiate Council for United Nations 2. JUDITH ANN MacDOUGALL 36 Taylor Avenue; Dedham, Mass. Judy " A grain of gaiety seasons everything. " The Beacon 2. Medical CAROLYN MacKENZIE 105 Juniper Drive; Norwood, Mass. Lynn " The essence of humor is sensibility. " Medical Glee Club 1; Publicity Committee 2; International Relations Club 1; Collegiate Council for United Na- tions 2; Open House Hostess 2; Newman Club 2. X6 BETTE MAGOON 298 Copeland Street; Brockton, Mass. Goonie Medical " A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness. " Student Christian Association 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; The Beacon 2; House Council 2; The Charles Viewer 2; Tennis Club 1,2; Hostess 2. DONNA LYNNE MACKINAW 14 Merrimack Street; Penacook, N. H. Donna Executive " Plenty of action, plus a dash of wit; because of both, Donna ' s always a hit. " Fall Mixer Hostess 1; Newman Club 2; Open House Hostess 2. CLAIRE MANFREDI 44 Oakland Avenue; Arlington, Mass. Claire Electronics " Here ' s a girl who ' s nice to know, plenty of pep, plenty of go. " 87 " It requires less effort to smile than to frown. " Student Christian Association Chaplain 2; Hostess, Get Acquainted Dance 1; Ice Follies Hostess 1. RUTH MARGARET McCANN Larch Row; Hamilton, Mass. Ruth Executive " Affection warm and faith sincere. " Commuters ' Club 2; Newman Club 2. 88 KATHLEEN McCARTHY 623 Main Street; Watertown, Mass. Kathy Medical " Mischief sparkles in her eyes, and her laughter never dies. " Newman Club 1 . DOLORES McFALL 1631 Steuben Street; Utica, N. Y. Dee Medical " A willing heart, a helpful hand, always ready on demand. " President Andrew Hall; House Council 1, 2; Student Government Association 2; Ice Follies Hostess 1. ELLEN URSULA McDONOUGH 105 Milford Street; West Medway, Mass. El Executive " Good nature without disguise. " Newman Club; Dorm Council, Carty Hall. 89 I Medical MARIANNE McKIEL 57 Colonial Drive; Arlington, Mass. Marianne " A comely lass. " Glee Club. PHYLLIS MEDEIROS 79 Kilmer Avenue; Taunton, Mass. Phyl Executive " A pert little miss, full of pep. " Newman Club; The Charles Viewer; The Beacon. nancy Mclaughlin 635 Lincoln Avenue; Portsmouth, N. H. Nance Foreign Trade " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " Senior Activity Committee 2; Senior Prom Committee; The Beacon, Art Co-editor 2; World University Service 2; Choir 1. 90 CAROL A. MENTON 180 Florence Street; Roslindale, Mass. Carey " Always ready for work and pleasure. " Legal Glee Club 1, 2; Senior Activity Committee; Newman Club 1, 2. SANDRA MELANSON 1 1 Great Road; Maynard, Mass. Sam Executive " She may have lots of fun, it ' s true; but she ' s on the job when there ' s work to do. " Glee Club 1 ; Newman Club 1. DOROTHY ANN MIDDLETON 18 Middleton Drive; New Fairfield, Conn. Dottie, Middie Executive " Good nature and common sense must join. " Student Christian Association, Treasurer 1, 2; Dorm House Council, Treasurer 1, 2. 91 CAROL ANN MITCHELL 3 Lewis Street; Newton, Mass. MARCIA M. MOODY 47 Moody Street; North Andover, Mass. Marcia Legal " Beauty lives in kindness. " Student Christian Association 1. Mitch Medical " Here mischief and humor dwell together. " LETHA MOORE 298 Brookline Street; Needham 92, Mass. Letha Medical " Personality plus, she radiates intelligence and loads of fun in everything she does. " President ' s Tea Hostess 2; Graduation Usherette; Student Government Association, Treasurer 1 , Presi- dent 2; The Beacon, Literary Staff, Lay-out Staff; Junior Mother and Daughter Tea Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Commuters ' Club 1,2; Refreshment Committee; Collegiate Council for the United Nations 2; Senior Class Activities Committee; Senior Class Publicity Committee; Mixer Committee 1, 2; N.S.A. Representative; European Trip. 92 SUZANNE MOORS 200 Stillwater Avenue; Old Town, Maine Suev Executive " Simplicity of character is the natural result of pro- found thoughts. " The Beacon, Photography Staff. DEBORAH MAY MORRISON 144 Wellsville Street; Bolivar, N. Y. Debbie " Natural Charms that warm all hearts. " Legal Drama Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 2; Mother and Daughter Tea Hostess; Usher, Pan Amer- ican Society; Hostess, Carty Hall Dedication. BARBARA MOSES P.O. Box 1042; Nassau, Bahamas Moses Executive " Wondrously active and bright as a light. " Newman Club; Student Government Association. 93 FLORENCE E. MOYES 77 Saunders Street; Lawrence, Mass. Florrie Executive " The years teach much which the days never know. " Newman Club 1,2. 94 ELLEN MARIE NAZZARO 34 Cottage Street; Belmont, Mass. Ellen Electronics " The happiest business in the world is that of making friends. " Newman Club 2; Commuters ' Club 2. 95 IRENE NICHOLAS 175 Granite Avenue; Milton, Mass. Irene Executive " Silence is more musical than any other song. " Commuters ' Club. JANICE ANN NICOSIA 3 North Square; Boston, Mass. Jan Medical " Her air, her manners; all who saw admired. " Newman Club 1,2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; The Bea- con, Lay-Out Staff, Senior Activity Staff. BETTY O ' BRIEN 23 W. Sigourney Street; Lynn, Mass. Bete " So sweet are her charms. " Legal Commuters ' Club, Vice-President 1, President 2; Glee Club 1; Student Government Association 2; Inter- national Relations Club 1. 96 MARY O ' BRIEN Lindberg Avenue; Randolph, Mass. Mary Legal " Little friends may prove great friends. " Drama Club 2; Glee Club 2; Newman Club 2; Senior Activity Committee. JOAN MARIE OSENTON 70 Meadowbrook Road; Chestnut Hill, Mass. Joan Executive " Life is not life at all without delight. " Commuters ' Club 1; The Beacon, Social Staff. WALDA MARIE O ' BRIEN 55 George Street; South Dartmouth, Mass. Irish Medical " A happy blending of sweetness and gaiety. " Newman Club, Social Chairman 1, 2; Student Govern- ment Association 2; Senior Activity Committee. 97 RUTH ELIZABETH OWEN 5 Winthrop Street; West Boylston, Mass. Rut hie " The sparkling courtesy and vital ity of youth. " Legal Commuters ' Club Treasurer 1, Secretary 2; Glee Club 1, 2. SANDRA MARIE PAGANELLI 77 So. Kimball Street; Bradford, Mass. Sandy Executive " Cheerful as a bird, always seen and always heard. " Commuters ' Club 1 ; Newman Club. JANE LEE PEASE 43 Peirce Street; Arlington, Mass. J an e Electronics " Sweet in goodly fellowship. " Commuters ' Club 1 ; The Beacon 2. 98 GLORIANNE I. PERREAULT Cedar Land Road; East Orleans, Mass. Glory " Pleasant is she, and full of good intent. " Legal Newman Club 2; The Beacon; Senior Activity Com- mittee; Hostess, House Council. 99 SUSAN PIERCE 5 Center Hill Road; Kingston, Mass. Sue Legal " The mildest mannered of them all. " Get-Acquainted Mixer Hostess 1 ; Open House Hostess 2; Dorm House Council Treasurer 2; Student Christian Association 2. ELAINE POLITO 1 308 Kathleen Street; Utica, N. Y. Elaine " A sunlight of good cheer. " Newman Club 1. Legal ANNETTE POLONSKY 390 Forest Avenue; Brockton, Mass. Annette " A winning way, a pleasant smile. " Legal Talmudims I, 2; The Beacon 2; Dorm House Council 1,2; Drama Club 2. 100 KATHLEEN POREMBSKI 35 Lawrence Street; Milford, Mass. Kathy Executive " She walks through sunny avenues. " Commuters ' Club; Newman Club. 101 LINDA PRATT Church Street; Damariscotta, Maine Linda Executive " Life is worth nothing without music. " Glee Club 2; Student Christian Association 2. CLAUDETTE PREFONTAINE 7 Evergreen Road; Plainville, Mass. Clem Legal " Good things are twice as good when they are small. " Drama Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1,2; Commuters ' Club. BETSY REYNOLDS 1 76 Watson Road; Belmont, Mass. Bets Electronics " Full of the devil. " Commuters ' Club; Student Christian Association. 102 DONNA RICE 31 Litchfield Street; Springfield, Vt. Donna Executive " Happy am I, from care I am free. " Get-Acquainted Dance Hostess 1; Glee Club 1. LOIS ROGERS 123 Salem Street; Reading, Mass. Lois Foreign Trade " The sweetest soul that was ever looked upon by human eyes. " The Charles Viewer 1 ; Commuters ' Club. LYNN RONDINONE 61 Kitts Lane; Newington, Conn. Lynn Medical " Are less — less bright the stars of the night than the eyes of a radiant girl? " Glee Club 1; The Charles Viewer 2; Newman Club 1, 2. 103 JACQUELINE ROWE South Street; South Freeport, Maine Jacquie Executive " What is there hidden in the heart of a rose? " Dorm House Council; Fund-Raising Committee. JOYCE ROTTENBERG 66 Marston Avenue; Portsmouth, N. H. Joyce Executive " One can mark her merry nature by the twinkle in her eye. " The Beacon 2; Talmudims 1,2; Dorm House Council 2. LORETTA RUFO 6 Theurer Park; Watertown, Mass. Loretta " Serene through the day. " Collegiate Council for the United Nations 2. Legal 104 IRENE RUSHLOW 30 Pine Street; Attleboro, Mass. If ene Medical " To know her is to love her. " Newman Club 1. BEVERLY SARGENT 177 Lexington Street; Watertown, Mass. Bevy Executive " A sparkling personality gladdens so many a heart. " Drama Club 1 ; The Beacon 2. JANICE SABLAK 14 Highland Street; West Warren, Mass. Senorita Medical " Gentle manners and a gracious air. " The Beacon, Business Staff 2; House President 2; Student Government Association 1, 2; Newman Club 1,2; Ice Follies Hostess 1. 105 ■ v " 7« CAROL LEE SAUL 417 Southwest 17 Street; Richmond, Ind. Toad Electronics " True beauty resides in things unseen. " The Beacon, Lay-Out Editor 2; Glee Club 1; Student Christian Association 1. MARYANN SEARS 21 Russell Road; Dedham, Mass. Maryann Executive " Quiet, friendly, and always sincere. " Newman Club 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. JUDITH SCANLAN 7 Bowden Street; Marblehead, Mass. Judy Legal " Exceptionally happy, exceptionally fine — a combina- tion hard to out show. " The Charles Viewer Staff 1; Student Government As- sociation 2; The Beacon, Activities Editor 2; Collegiate Council for the United Nations 2. 106 JANICE SEELEY 9 Foster Street; Danvers, Mass. Jan Medical " Never can there be sadness in her company. " Newman Club 1; International Relations Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1 . ROBERTA SEAVER 6 Congress Street; Stoneham, Mass. Bobbie Foreign Trade " A merry heart goes all day. " Glee Club 1, 2; Collegiate Council for the United Nations 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. DIANE SIBOLKIN 35 Wayne Street; Portland, Maine Diane Executive " Echoes of laughter. " Drama Club; Collegiate Council for the United Nations. 107 ARLENE SIMONS 54 Vernon Street; Brookline, Mass. A rlene Medical " Then she will talk; goodness, how she will talk. " The Beacon 2; Talmudims 2. SUSAN SILBERT 79 Sprague Street; Maiden, Mass. Susan Foreign Trade " Social, cheerful, and serene. " International Relations Club, Vice-President 1; Tal- mudims 1, 2; Commuters ' Club 1; Drama Club 1, 2. KATHERINE SKOVRON 27 Plummer Avenue; Newburyport, Mass. Marci Executive " She takes life as it comes. " Glee Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2. 108 CAROLE SMITH 5 Bangor Street; Gorham, N. H. Kdrolee Executive " It is better to be small and shy than be tall and cast a shadow. " Student Christian Association 2; Junior Dance Hostess 1; Open House Hostess 2; Ice Follies Hostess 1. ELEANOR SMITH 415 East Housatonic Street; Dalton, Mass. Gi Gi Foreign Trade " She may appear quiet, but look again. " Student Christian Association; Glee Club; Open House Hostess. GERONA SMITH Gerrish Island; Kittery Point, Maine Gerry " No man is an island. " Commuters ' Club 1 ; The Beacon 2. Medical 109 KAREN SMITH 14 Babcock Avenue; North Weymouth, Mass. Karen Executive " In life you should aim your arrow high. " Student Christian Association 2; The Beacon Staff; The Charles Viewer; Open House Hostess. ELIZABETH SNIEGOSKI 17 Houghton Street; Lynn, Mass. Betty Medical " Ever loyal, ever true to the work she has to do. " The Beacon, Co-Editor; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Open House Hostess 2; March of Dimes Hostess I; Glee Club 1 ; President ' s Tea Hostess 2; Student Govern- ment Association 2; European Trip 2. 110 LINDA SPENCER 267 North Main Street; Cochituate, Mass. Linda Executive " She that is thoughtful is kind. " Student Christian Association 1; International Rela- tions Club I; Collegiate Council for the United Na- tions 2. i Ml PATRICIA ANN SPLAINE 536 Worcester Street; Southbridge, Mass. Pat Medical " How easy it is to be happy. " Dorm House Council Treasurer, Florence Hall 2. EVA STEINER Calama 153; Quito, Ecuador Eva Executive " The sweetness of her disposition charms the soul. " Talmudims 2. Ill GERDA STUDENT 8 Jordan Avenue; Lawrence, Mass. Gerda Foreign Trade " Good sense is one of Life ' s Blessings. " Collegiate Council for United Nations 2. MARGARET ANN STURM 372 Farmington Avenue; Kensington, Conn. Margie Executive " True to her word, her work, and her friends. " House Council 1, 2; Student Government Association 2; Newman Club 2; European Trip 1. MARILYN VIRGINIA TAYLOR 21 Curve Road; Stoneham, Mass. Mai Executive " Serene and resolute and self-possessed. " Glee Club 1, President 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 112 BARBARA JOAN THOMAS 259 Ames Street; Brockton, Mass. Barbie Medical " Pleasant is she, and full of good intent. " Newman Club 1,2; Commuters ' Club 2; The Beacon 2; Drama Club 1. HELEN MARIE TONASZUCK 1 16 Durbeck Road; Rockland, Mass. Toni Electronics " Fine manners belong to her. " Mother and Daughter Tea Hostess 1 ; Dance Commit- tee 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Typist, The Beacon 2. BARBARA JANE THORNE 36 Cole Avenue; Millis, Mass. Barbara Executive " She possesses airs and grace. " Commuters ' Club 1; Glee Club 2; Student Christian Association 2. 113 ■ DOROTHY A. TROMBA 1 1 Gilmore Street; Quincy, Mass. Dottie " Serenity is a virtue. " Foreign Trade International Relations Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; The Beacon 2. SUSAN W. TUTTLE 209 Highland Street; Brockton, Mass. Sue Legal " Never underestimate the power of a woman. " Commuters ' Club 1, 2. MAUREEN PATRICIA USIS 54 Holmes Road; Dedham, Mass. Maureen Legal " Never separated are good sense and good nature. " Mother and Daughter Tea Committee 1 ; Lay-out StafT, The Beacon 2. 114 VICKI L. WALENTUK Holliston Street; Medway, Mass. Vicki Legal " A light heart lives long. " Student Christian Association 1 ; Social Chairman, Sarah Mortimer Hall. 115 NANCY JANE WALSH 1 1 Pine Ridge Road; Wakefield, Mass. Nancy Medical " When once you know her, you will never forget her. " Business Staff, The Beacon 2. PHYLLIS S. WARDEN 22 Catalina Road; Lynn, Mass. Phyl Foreign Trade " Lovely to look at, delightful to know. " Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 2. VIRGINIA LYNN WEDGE 415 Nonopoge Road; Fairfield, Conn. Ginny " Just the kind whose nature never varies. " Medical Student Christian Association; Ice Follies Hostess 1; Dormitory functions. 116 GLORIA JEAN WEINER 1 1 1 Lanark Road; Brighton, Mass. Glo Medical " A true friend is forever a friend. " Talmudims 1, 2; Open House Hoste ss 1, 2; Literary Editor, The Beacon 2. LINDA RUTH WELLES Welles Road; Talcottville, Conn. Wellesy Executive " A finger in every pie. " Student Christian Association 1, 2. DIANNE WELCH 14 Pearl Street; Belmont, Mass. Diane Medical " She treads life ' s pathway with a carefree mind. " Commuters ' Club; Student Christian Association. 117 EDNA-ANN WEST 33 Woodleigh Avenue; Greenfield, Mass. Edie Medical " Nothing is impossible to a willing spirit. " Student Christian Association 1, 2; House Council 1, 2; Collegiate Council for United Nations 2. CAROL WIDROW 22 Lawrence Street; Watertown, Mass. Carol Executive " It is good to be merry and wise; it is good to be honest and true. " Talmudims 1,2; The Beacon 2; Mother and Daughter Tea Hostess 1 . GERALYN FRANCES WILLIAMS 52 Neponsct Road; Quincy, Mass. Gerri " A happy heart is sure to shine. " Executive Collegiate Council for United Nations 2; Student Christian Association 2; Glee Club 2. 118 LINDA ELLEN WILSON 1075 Washington Street; Gloucester, Mass. Lin " A little sweet, a very nice. " Commuters ' Club 2 little spice make Medical the combination JANICE MARSHA WRIGHT 45 Maitland Street; New Bedford, Mass. Jan Executive " Poised and dignified is she, yet full of fun as she can be. " Student Christian Association; Senior Activities; Mother and Daughter Tea 1 ; The Beacon, Dormitory Staff; Open House Hostess; Ice Follies Hostess; Ice Capades Hostess. JOANNE H. YABLONSKI 2 1 7 Conant Street; Gardner, Mass. Jo Legal " A manner quiet and refined is not so very easy to find. " Drama Club 1 ; Newman Club, Treasurer 1 ; Senior Dad and Daughter Night Committee 2. 119 DALE ZANCHI Lowell Road; Westford, Mass. Dale Executive " My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night. But ah, my joes, and, oh, my friends — gives a lovely light. " Commuters 1 Club 1 ; Dance Committees 1 ; The Beacon 2; Mother and Daughter Tea 1. JANET I. YARDLEY 9 Dailey Avenue; North Easton, Mass. Jan Foreign Trade " A willing worker, good and true; everyone is proud of you. " Glee Club 1; International Relations Club 1; Ice Follies Hostess 1; Glee Club Accompanist 2; Collegiate Council for United Nations 2; Student Christian Asso- ciation 2. THE ALMA MATER Hail to you, our Alma Mater Let our voices join in praise To the school whose inspiration Will direct us all our days. As wc stand before Life ' s portal You have given us a key To unlock the great world before us; And to you we ' ll loyal be. When the moment comes for parting And we bid these halls good-bye Wc will take with us forever Thoughts of you that never die. Alma Mater, as we leave you We hold bright in memory Our days at the college we cherish. In our hearts you ' ll ever be. 120 CLASS WILL LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE We, the members of the Class of 1963 of Fisher Junior College, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make our last will and testament, giving and bequeath- ing the following: To Mr. Sanford Fisher, we bequeath the hope that some day Beacon Street will become Fisher Street . . . To Mr. Myron Fisher, a two-way wrist radio for quick contact ... To Mr. Albert Fisher, a calendar with two Wednesdays in each week ... To Mr. Carty, a visit from Michael Anthony ... To Miss MacDonald, a year of no complaints ... To Mrs. Cornell, a self-pouring tea service ... To Mrs. Hughes, our own private airport for our own private take-off ... To Mrs. Hodgdon, an uninterrupted day ... To Mrs. Sprague, a record entitled, " Please Check the Elevator Door. " . . . To Miss Lindelov, a pen that won ' t run dry . . . To Mrs. Mihovan, a new office for her new po- sition ... To Miss Norsky, all tuition money in on time ... To Miss Dennis, one million filing cards . . . To Mrs. Blair, a helicopter to get to and from Marshfield ... To Mr. Agganis, a double for repre- sentation at teas ... To Mrs. Barnes, a seat in the Supreme Court ... To Miss Chizook, a year ' s supply of Chap Stick ... To Mr. Cushing, a class of stu- dents with all " A ' s " ... To Miss DeAngelis, thirty- five students for the 1964 Ski Trip ... To Mr. Eames, his own traveling guide ... To Mrs. Fisher, a lifetime ticket to Chaucer ' s Plays ... To Mrs. Fritz, a typing class that will learn that accuracy is more important than speed ... To Mr. Hansen, a gold plated piano ... To Mrs. Hurley, an automatic plug puller ... To Mrs. Judge, free lessons from Arnold Palmer ... To Mrs. Kelly, a personal secretary . . . To Mrs. Leary, a new method of teaching ... To Mr. Lindgren, a semester ' s supply of quizes . . . To Miss Mele, a trouble-free yearbook ... To Mrs. Murphy, a class within normal limits ... To Mr. Phipps, a Perry Como sweater to go with his Perry Como personality ... To Mr. Post, a grammatical Junior class ... To Mrs. Russell, a summer home on the French Riviera ... To Miss Taylor, her own art gallery ... To Miss Tonougar, an automatic window opener ... To Miss Wall, the latest edition of " Rose Wall ' s Fashions. " ... To Mrs. Whiting, a student that mastered theory ... To Mrs. Carty, extra pep pills for her busy day ... To Mrs. Eddy, a new wing to the library ... To Mrs. Jennings, a student with the correct change ... To Mr. Seigal, five hundred girls to sing in the Glee Club ... To Mr. Mrs. McDowell, a larger cafeteria for a larger student body ... To the 1964 graduating class, an " F less " senior year, and fulfillment of their endeavors. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands this First day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three. Signed and acknowledged by us: Gloria Weiner Marcia Kane Carol Davis Camille DeGregorio Barbara Thomas 121 PATRONS A yf _ O A f " PI " l_ J t i .. _ ._ Mr. Mrs. Richard Bargeron A yf i 4 P™ 1 A K 1 — 1 1 1 Mr. Mrs. Frank McFall A if " D A K A J T 1 • a 1 Mr. Mrs. Adam Benkavitch Mr. Mrs. Robert McLaughlin Mr. Mrs. Frank Bishop A If 1 4 riil » ■ . Mr. Mrs. Thomas Menton A yf i 1 X l l l • . Mr. Mrs. John Boyington Mr. Mrs Richard Mitchell X K O A iff T T 1 Mr. Mrs. Henry Calvi Mr. Mrs. Raymond Moore A jff D A A ' " l • " I II- Mr. Mrs. Gino Carmolli A If O A If P™ 1 a. A 4 Mr. Mrs. Forest Moors Mr. Mrs. Daniel P. Carty A it i 1 4 r l 1 1 • a if • Mr. Mrs. Phillips Morrison Mr. Mrs. Francis Childs A yf O X iff A a AiC Mr. Mrs. Antonios Moutsos A If O A If A J 1 nr Mr. Mrs. Andrew Coffin A yf i 1 4 T 1A T Mr. Mrs. Joseph Moyes A jff l ' 4 A yf ™i l_ Mr. Mrs. Max Cohen A f _ XT A If " L Mrs. Norman Murphy Mr. Mrs. Michael Connors A yf — P X If — 7 ' t XT Mr. Mrs. Vincent Nazzaro Mr. Mrs. David Crocker A yf _ P A yf — „ A . I XT ' Mr. Mrs. Anthony Nicosia Mr. Mrs. Henry Crowley Mr. Mrs. Randolph Owen Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Currie Mr. Mrs. Angelo Paganelli Mrs. Beatrice Daly A T P A if T „ • ¥ " A • J • Mr. Mrs. Louis Picardi 1 P A yf _ I ' _„ ... „ T a. . 1 Mr. Mrs. Emerson Detweiler J„ p Ayf„„ A 11 a. PV T Mr. Mrs. Albert Pierce, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Vincent DiBenedetto Mr. Mrs. Donald Rice A yff _ p A ff — pi 1_ . T T l -v _ _ Mr. Mrs. Robert H. Doran Mr. Mrs. Samuel Rottenberg A K l 1 1 Ayr P " v 1_ 1 Mr. Mrs. Maurice Duhl A If — P A f _ ... P» „ .1 P» Mr. Mrs. Paul Rowe A yf O A yf r» 1_ a 1 Mr. Mrs. Robert Ek A _ p A If T " . A p L 1 Mr. Mrs. David Rushlow A yf P A P ll Mr. Mrs. George Elliott A Jf — P A yf— „ P7„ O LI 1 Mr. Mrs. rrancis Sablak A Jt o i r i j p -1 Mr. Mrs. Donald Ewen Mr. Mrs. Frederick Saul Mrs. Margaret E. Farrar Mr. Mrs. Mark Seaver Mr. Mrs. Emu Hschbach A If — Q A yf _ . . T ' _ , 1 O " L. 1 1 , 1 Mr. Mrs. rred Sibolkm Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Fischer A yf A f 17 " O Mrs. Mary K. Smith Mr. Mrs. John H. Folsom Mr. Mrs. rreston omith Mr. Mrs. Dominic Foti Mr. Mrs. John Sniegoski Mr. Mrs. John Friel Mr. Mrs. Albert Spencer Mr. Mrs. William Hassell Mr. Mrs. James Splaine Mr. Mrs. Jerimiah Hynes Mr. Mrs. Herman Steine Mr. Frank Kaler Mr. Mrs. Eugene Sturm Mr. Mrs. Arthur Kinkaid, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Millard Taylor Mr. Mrs. Herbert Klasson Mrs. Helen Thomas Mr. Mrs. James Knowles Mr. Mrs. Louis Thorne Mr. Mrs. Leon Kropp Mr. Mrs. Walter Tonaszuck Mr. Mrs. John Kula Mrs. Esther Tromba Mr. Mrs. Joseph Lancaster Mr. Mrs. Stanley Usis Mr. Mrs. Edmund Landry Mr. Mrs. Frank Vietze Mr. Mrs. John MacKenzie Mr. Mrs. John Warden Mrs. Thelma Marques Mr. Mrs. William Wedge Mr. Mrs. Arthur Yardley 122 Complete Photographic Service To The 1963 Beacon SARGENT STUDIO 110 EAST STREET WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 123 ■ The art of being a non-conformist or why many perceptive yearbook staffs prefer a very distinguished publishing house Retaining one ' s individuality is not easy in these days of mass production and stand- ardization. This is especially true of year- book publishing, in which mass production methods have the tendency to force one to buy just what the other fellow buys. Making of soap or soup or salad dress- ing by mass methods is one thing. But it is quite another to attempt to produce a creative yearbook by trying to squeeze it into some pre conceived mold. It just can ' t be done that way. The Wm. J. Keller firm brings together highly trained craftsmen, the very finest papers and ink of superlative quality. Add to these a unique service plan built around the individual school, and, finally, produc- tion by the Velvatone process, which Keller perfected especially for the printing of yearbooks, and you have a truly distin- guished performance. And a yearbook with singular character and individuality . . . we call it " THE LOOK OF THE BOOK. " The yearbook you are presently leafing through is the product of the Keller custom program. If you would care to see other examples of " THE LOOK OF THE BOOK " as produced by Wm. J. Keller, get in touch with us now. WM. J. KELLER INC. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, N. Y. Roswell Farnham 1 Berwick Road Lexington 73, Massachusetts Phone: VO 2-1928 Area Code: 617 ■

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