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Fisher College Libra 3 5620 50557554 2 -1 pis mm .4 ' i m T if] he BEACON 1962 Fisher Junior College .Boston Massachusetts □ □ □ □ V ft 1 1 1 J tk m H A • President ' s Message HOW wonderful to think that just two years ago you entered Fisher without knowing either students or staff members; and yet, as you now complete this formal phase of your education, you have added another dimension to your life — not only through new experiences, but also through a rich association with so many new friendships which will remain with you for life. These experiences have truly carried you from the unknown to the known. Now, as you take your next step into the work-a-day world, where more than ever you are going to be on your own, we have high hopes for you, your growth, and your success. Your progress, you can be sure, will be followed by each member of the College staff, through the Personnel Department as well as through the alumnae bulletin. Our warmest wishes are yours, as you seek the abundant life. Sanford L. Fisher, B.S., Ed.M. President 2 Dedication in Memoriam WE, the class of 1962, dedicate our yearbook to the memory of Mr. Rober t Wilson as a small token of our admiration and respect for him. Mr. Wil- son contributed greatly of his time and energy to his teaching duties; but somehow he managed to give a little part of himself to anyone who could benefit from his interest, experience, and devotion. In recognition of these wonderful attributes and of the many others that would take endless space and time to list, we offer this yearbook with the hope that it will begin to express the deep feelings we have in our hearts for him. Before joining Fisher Junior College as a teacher of accounting, shorthand, and electronics terminology, Mr. Wilson obtained his B.S. degree from the School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance at New York University. He taught at Currie College; was a head economist at the International Petroleum Company in Lima, Peru; was a statistician and personal secretary at the Standard Oil Company in New Jersey; and was a sales representative for the United States Investors Di- versified Services, Inc. By no means was Mr. Wilson concerned only with the scholastic and business phases of life. His love for and interest in people was shown through the various activ- ities such as serving as a counselor scout master; com- missioner of the Boy Scouts of America; and his affili- ations with the YMCA, the Kiwanis, and Key Clubs of Kiwanis. Within the two years Mr. Wilson was at Fisher Jun- ior College, he accomplished many fine things. Under his direction, the electronics course became an essen- tial part of the college. After a student graduated, he wanted her to keep in touch with him. By doing this he was able to obtain new ideas to more adequately corre- late the electronics course with what was expected in the business world. Here again, his interest was shown not only in the academic life of a student but also in her personal success. Even though he was very busy with his teaching ac- tivities, he somehow found the time to be an advisor to both college publications, the Charles Viewer and the Beacon. While under his supervision, these publica- tions became comparable to that of any other college. Together with these worthy projects, it may be said that Mr. Wilson found a challenge and opportunity to " mix " with the students in every phase of academic and social education. " In a world of hurry and turmoil, he was a kindly man — warm, friendly, gentle. He was honest and sin- cere. We shall, all of us who knew him. miss his shy smile, and his friendly presence " 1 1 from the Beacon supplement, 1961 3 Editors ' Message We, the editors of the Beacon, wish to thank all those who have helped us in making and publishing this yearbook: our advisor, Miss Mele, who has lent a helping hand whenever needed; the publisher, for help- ing us with all our problems; our photographer; and the editors and their staffs. They have all worked strenu- ously to make the Beacon a success. Each member has done her share in creating a yearbook of which she would be proud of not only today, but also tomorrow. Many hours have been spent on the Beacon with the desire of making this yearbook different from past years. We hope that you will be pleased with the ar- rangement of the book and sincerely trust that, as the years go by, the Beacon will help you to recall the pleasant memories, friendships, and good times during your two years at Fisher. Barbara Maynard Karen Reida 4 BEACON Editors Seated: Karen Reida, Barbara Maynard, Co-Editors. Standing: Betsy Amenta, Business Edi- tor; Judi Houle, Photography Editor; Sandra Bernier, Lay Out Editor; Gale Daggett, Activi- ties Editor; Sandra Goggin, Literary Editor; Jean Weygand, Typing Editor; Eleanor Green- 1 - berg, Art Editor. 5 MYRON C. FISHER, JR., B.S. Administrative Dean ALBERT L. FISHER, B.S., ED.M. Administrative Dean SCOTT A. FISHER, M.BA. Administrative Assistant Faculty JOSEPH J. CARTY, LL.B. Treasurer ROBERTA C. MACDONALD, EDITH T. HUGHES EARLENE M. CORNELL, B.S. A.B., M.S.C. Public Relations Director Administrative Assistant Academic Dean Admissions Director 6 EDITH C. BOHN CONSTANCE HODGDON BEULAH SPRAGUE Admissions Secretary Personnel Secretary Alumnae Secretary and Staff CAROL S. LINDELOV Academic Secretary LILLIAN MIHOVAN ELIZA CARTY, R.N. LEONA JENNINGS Financial Secretary Nurse Bookstore 7 GEORGE J. AGGANIS, B.S. Electronics, Accounting, Shorthand MIRIAM S. DODGE, B.S. Shorthand, Typewriting, Accounting, Secretarial Procedures AGNES A. FISHER, A. A. English Literature LAURA BARNES, A.B., LL.B. Legal Major, Psychology CARL W. EAMES, JR. International Trade MARION E. FRITZ Typewriting, Filing, Executive Major BURTON CUSHING, S.B., ED.M. Mathematics, Physics RUTH EDDY, TH.B., M.A. Assistant Librarian LAURENCE HANSEN, A.B., M.S. English, Drama, Psychology, Sociology 8 ALICE LONG HURLEY, B.B.A. Accounting, Shorthand, Typewriting MARY LEARY, B.S. Medical Major, Laboratory Techniques PENELOPE MELE, B.S. Shorthand, Typewriting, Secretarial Procedures JACQUELINE C. JUDGE, B.S., ED M. Shorthand, Typewriting DAVID LINDGREN, A.B. Geography THERESE MURPHY Medical Major DOROTHY M. KELLY, B.S., ED.M. English and Secretarial Subjects PHYLLIS MARSHALL, B.S. Social Living JOAN PALMER, B.A. English, Literature 9 JANET C. RUSSELL, B.S. M A. Humanities, English LURA TAYLOR, MUS. B., M.A. Librarian, Fine Arts MARY A. TONOUGAR, B.S., MA., ED.M. Spanish, Geographic Background ROSE M. WALL, B.S., M.S. Typewriting, Shorthand, Secretarial Procedures LILA DAVIS WHITING Secretarial Procedures, Shorthand JUNE WARREN McDOWELL Cafeteria MARK AND DOROTHY GUTHRIE HAROLD DiMUND THORNTON PORTER Maintenance 10 Andrew Hall Living in Andrew Hall these past two years has given the seniors many won- derful memories. Our studies have kept us busy, but our monthly dorm parties are a welcome break in the routine. Our biggest event each year is the Christmas Party we give for underprivileged children from the Salvation Army. The bright glow on the children ' s faces as they received all their gifts really helped to make our holidays more meaningful. This year our piggy bank has turned into a wishing well where we put in our change and our wishes are almost " guaranteed " to come true. The proceeds from the well go towards sending children to the Morgan Memorial Fresh Air Camp. We are still saving our old nylons and clothes to give to the Boston State Mental Hospital where the patients make good use of them. Whist games, study hours, mail calls, one-inch heels, term papers, clothes borrowing, house rules, and telephone calls were all a part of our dorm life we ' ll never forget. We could never show all our appreciation to Mrs. McKee for her guidance, companionship, and the countless little favors she has done for us. The friends we have made, and the wonderful memories we will have are just two of the many reasons why the seniors at Andrew Hall say, " We wouldn ' t trade these past two years for anything! " First row: Roberta Zampieri, Kae Lobdell, Gail Maculewicz, Sandra Butterworth, Sandra Bernier. Second row: Sandra Goggin, Social Chairman; Jane Affleck, Council Member; Ann Rae Tondreault, Treasurer; Mrs. McKee, House Director; Lou Ellen Ladd, President; Hilda Rothenheber, Secretary; Maureen Coleman. Third row: Susannah Poole, Kris Keeler, Margie Sturm, Karen Smith, Lynda Merrow, Glorianne Per- reault, Susan Astle, Polly Thurlow, Phronietta Mela, Janice Wright. Fourth row: Fanny Duhl, Virginia Wedge, Barbara Judkins, Dolores McFall, Kay Daly, Margie Labor, Annette Polonsky. 12 Edmund Hall Edmund Hall holds many fond memories for the girls in the classes of 1962 and 1963. It was during these two years that we made lasting friendships and strengthened the goals for our future. We started off the year by attending various mixers at Northeastern, M. I. T., Boston College, Boston University, Wentworth; and of course, our own Get- Acquainted Mixer. We joined the many school clubs, and looked ahead to the coming year. Edmund entertained Florence at a " come-as-you-are " Halloween Party. Novem- ber saw Edmund ' s first date party, which was a success. The next month brought Christmas time with the trimming of the tree and the dorm. At this time we also went Caroling at the Vuley Nursing Home in Brookline. The girls gave a party to which were invited several children whose excitement put us all in the true spirit of Christmas. We followed this party with our own party and its joke gifts. We celebrated the end of exams with a pre-Sweetheart Dance punch party. The girls then settled down to their second semester schedules. A pleasant vacation was in store for the girls who went to Europe. This in itself was an experience never to be forgotten. Spring came bringing with it shopping sprees, spring mixers, trips to the Es- planade, topped off by Fisher Day at the Pops. Late in the spring, we had our farewell party which ended an unforgettable year in our college life. First row: Patricia Field, Judy Culver, Priscilla Douglass, Carole Smith, Mary Doran. Second row: Gale Daggett, Sandra Bailey, President; Alice Wagner, Social Chairman; Mrs. Lil- lian Smith, House Director; Lucille Rose, Council Member; Linda Paggioli, Council Member; Linda Tenney, Treasurer. Third row: Donna Mackinaw, Diane Sibolkin, Janet Stevens, Joan Groves, Joyce Jenkins, Carolyn Moran, Sandra Norskey. Joyce Rawn, Nancy Kyte, Marlynn Myers, Edna West. Deanna Rollins, Linda Pratt. Fourth row: Judy Decareau, Susan Pierce, Carolyn MacKenzie, Roberta Kropp, Janet Yardley, Linda Spencer, Catherine Martin. 13 Florence Hall This year Florence Hall has really had a variety of activities — mixers, parties, proms, and the old study routine (of course!). Our first social activity in the fall was a dorm party to which we invited boys from the surrounding colleges. The twist proved to be the hit of the evening. Florence Hall was entertained at Halloween by Edmund Hall, and we all had a great time just sitting around singing or learning new names. This year at Christmas we tried something new to celebrate the season. We invited our dates to a party at which we decorated the tree, sang carols, danced, ate, played cards, and just had a fabulous time! The New Year brings more activities— school dances, theater parties, teas, etc. — that Florence Hall is looking forward to. Dear old Florence always finishes the year with a bang — a picnic at the beach where we " blow " the rest of our dorm money and all get burnt to a crisp. We hope that the weather will cooperate again this year. When June " rolls " around, we will look back on these memories and many more— initiation (the onions), water fights, one inch heels, nylons. We ' ll find them hard to forget! First row: Nancy Boone, Barbara Swift, Susan Brown, Judy Palma Giardino, Bette Magoon, Janice Sablak, Linda Homer, Leach, Marie Hirniak. Second row: Eileen Brenerman, Kathy Mrs. Hazel Miller, House Director; Marsha DollofF, Patricia Gardner, Social Chairman; Sally Hines, Council Member; Splaine, Janet Detweiler, Janice Ewen. Fourth row: Janet Kathy Larson, President; Lynne Streiber, Secretary; Colleen Miller, Suzanne Moors, Dorothy Purda, Jean Witham, Joyce Love, Treasurer; Beverley Mitchell, Marcia Dillon. Third row: Castner, Dorothy Stimpfel, Madelyn Bryant. 14 Myron Hall Myron Hall will always have a special place in the heart of each of the ten seniors who will be graduating in June ' 62. Upon our arrival, how we all quivered and quaked at the sight of our " superior " seniors and even each other. However, with the help and guidance so willingly offered by our housemother, Miss McNevin, Myron Hall soon became our " home away from home. " It is doubtless that we ' ll ever forget our snowbound days, the fraternity parties with a certain B. U. fraternity, the numerous mixers, our dorm party of ' 61 in Marlboro, the Christmas parties for our little friends, and the relaxing whist games before, after, and during exams. Also the " call of the wild " — our buzzers, the joy of duties, fire drills, and freezing walks to dinner. These are only a few of the many memories that we will be sharing of Fisher Junior College and Myron Hall. First row: Donna Rice, Anne Knowles, Lynn Rondinone, Phyllis Medeiros, Linda Currie, Nancy Cooper. Second row: Beverly Cleathero, Council Member; Judith Cronig, Council Member; Linda Giles, Treasurer; Barbara Maynard, President; Carolyn Chasse, Secretary; Sandra Jackson, Council Member; Betsy Amenta, Social Chairman. Third row: Dina Hamilton, Council Member; Alexandra Mela, Jean Gnospelius, Veronica Davis, Ellen Powers, Linda Crocker, A. Carolyn DuBois, Linda Campbell, Barbara Grad, Mary Lou Bargeron, Council Member. Fourth row: Karen Reida, Patricia Kahian, Mary Telles, Florence Moyes, Elizabeth Steeves, Diana Ricciardi, Sharon Barstow. Missing: Donna Caldara. 15 Sarah Mortimer Hall For the fifteen Seniors of the Class of ' 62 who have made old " 86 " their home for two years, Sarah Mortimer Hall holds many happy memories. Not only has each of us made many new friends here, but we have all enjoyed many good times together. How could anyone ever forget our Christmas party for the Salvation Army youngsters; the times we have been the cause of seven or eight bright red fire engines lined up on Marlborough Street; our dorm party at Steuben ' s; our nu- merous pigeon friends on our front steps; OR, mail call, study hours, campuses, Whist games in the smoker, our " Loss Vegas " telephone, or our ever-empty Pepsi machine. Never, though, could we forget the understanding patience of our House Mother, Miss Hollis. We certainly will always remember these two wonderful years. First row: Joan Hasscll, Judy Cole, Joan Mason, Kathie O ' Brien, Rebecca Murphy, Judy Villa, Lois Horvitz. Fourth Bassler, Helen Omer. Second row: Carolyn Winsten, Treasurer; row: Jane Butterworth, Myra Gershenson, Julianne Benka- Lois Silton, Council Member; Mercie Locke, Secretary; Miss H. vitch, Merrily Ceder, Elaine Lizza, Jean Weygand, Dartha Louise Hollis. House Director; Donna DeHaven, President; Brown, Nancy McLaughlin. Fifth row: Carol Saul, Margaret Marilyn Bacon, Council Member; Jayne Stankiewicz, Social Cairns, Jacqueline Rowe, Cecile Duerr, Valerie Maynard, Chairman. Third row: Janice Columbus, Margaret Howell, Linda Welles, Joyce Rottenberg, Caryl Robinson. Vicki Walcntuk, Marcia Moody, Barbara Duncan, Walda 16 Carty Hall Carty Hall, the newest of Fisher ' s six dormitories, is in its first year of operation. Dedicated to Mr. Joseph Carty, who has served the college for fifty years, it houses twenty-eight girls, all Juniors, and contains a modern cafeteria on the lowest of its six floors where girls from all the dormitories take their meals. The main living room on the first floor is the loveliest room in the house. The furniture, which finally arrived in November, is both comfortable and decora- tive. Visitors to the dorm are always impressed with the beauty of our living room. In contrast, the lounge where we do not entertain our guests is located on the second floor. It is the noisiest, most crowded, most comfortable, smokiest, and untidiest room in the house. It has that " lived in " look. The lounge has seen nu- merous crooked card games played, furious house meetings held, grotesque sweaters made by love-soaked knitters, and occasionally a book has been " cracked. " This room is really our " home away from home. " Carty Hall is off and running on its career as a dormitory. Having been so enthusiastically (or is it " boisterously " ) christened, it is ready to endure the fiery forces of femininity for generations and generations to come. First row: Joan Kandarian, Virginia Waide, Lois Cummings, Smith, Dorothy Middleton, Sandra Melanson, Sandra Farrar, Elaine Polito. Second row: Katherine M. Skovron, Nancy Mary Eacmen, Carol Widrow, Joan Lancaster, Jacqueline La- Z. Hoffecker, Betsy Elliott, Social Chairman; Patricia Raf- Plante, Jean Coffin, Pamela Brown, Dolores Kinkaid, Joanne ferty, Secretary; Anna Friel, President; Patricia Couto, Treas- Yablonski, Eleanor Smith, Deborah Morrison, urer; Vicki Kronenfeld, Diane Spaniol. Third row: Carolyn 17 Beauty before pleasure. Hard up, Judy! No Fisher rule for this? 18 19 Florence Hall gets " Misty " at Blinstrub ' s. First row: Linda Paggioli, Letha Moore, Treasurer; Merrily Ceder, Secretary; Jayne Stank- iewicz, President; Jane Butterworth, Vice President; Carolyn Winsten. Second row: Janice Sablak, Caryl Robinson, Jane Anderson, Diane Hunt, Sandra Goggin. Third row: Anne Knowles, Kathryn Daly, Janet Hallahan. Student Government Association Every student at Fisher Junior College is a member of the Student Government Association, which is directed by a Council made up of elected representatives and the presidents of all Fisher organizations. Student Government plans programs which involve students and broadens their intellectual horizons, sets up regulations whereby students may govern them- selves to the greater satisfaction of the majority and the school, and involves itself in activities and issues that confront the student as a citizen in order to make him more responsible to the society of which he is a part. Included among this year ' s various programs were assisting students at registra- tion time and helping them with problems of adjustment, a Get-Acquainted Dance, the Traditional student body Christmas party, conducting junior and senior class elections, a Faculty luncheon, participating in several philanthropic projects, spon- soring speakers, and sending delegates to NSA conferences. In addition to initiating activities of its own, the Association also works with other organizations of the College. The members have steadfastly encouraged high standards of conduct and scholarship, and functioned well because of the firm support of the entire student body. 22 First row: Marilyn Bacon, Gail Maculewicz, Lucille Rose, Hilda Rothenheber, Lou Ellen Ladd, Norma Kaplan, Ina Wasserstram, Eileen Nally, Elizabeth Steeves, Judy Cronig, Sandra Jackson, Kathie Bassler. Second row: Marcia Dillon, Judy Leach, Colleen Love, Roberta Zampieri, Alice Wagner, Janet Stevens, Janet LaGreca, Linda ' Tenney, Nancy Kyte, Janet Gripper, Eileen Brenerman. Third row: Gail Hodgdon, Katherine Mer anian, Carol Kourtz, Merrily Ceder, Pat Bevilaqua, Janet Rudokas, Natalie Gesek, Bernadette Dubois. With Barbara Maynard and Karen Reida as Co-Editors, and all the other hard-working staff members, the BEACON this year is sure to be a great me- morial for both faculty members and the student body. Under the friendly and helpful advice of our advisor, Miss Mele, we are sure our yearbook this year will certainly be a keepsake to everyone. We have tried to cover all the important school news and features reminding its participants, throughout, of all the hap- penings and events during the preceding two years. Beacon 23 Standing: Karen Smith, Nancy Z. Hoffecker. Seated: Brenda D ' Orazio, Linda Finneran, Editor; Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, Advisor. Charles Viewer One of the nicest traditions at Fisher Junior College is the school newspaper, the CHARLES VIEWER. All at Fisher know when this publication is being distributed, because all over the school expressions of concentration or amusement are observed on the faces of those reading one of the many interesting articles. Miss Linda Finneran heads the busy staff as Editor-in-Chief. Just as busy as Linda is the faculty advisor of the paper, Mrs. Dorothy Kelly. The paper ' s main objective is to report the news — past, present, and future. And report the news it does, but it does much more besides. Poignant interpreta- tion of some event or happening, prominent in the lives of Fisher Junior College students, is reflected by an editorial that is thought provoking and causes the administration and faculty to take notice of its meaning. An able and willing staff and a capable chief insure that this year, as in other years, the fine reputation of the paper will be maintained. 24 First row: Jean Weygand, Social Chairman; Janet LaGreca, Education Chairman; Dolores Kinkaid, Vice President; Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, Advisor; Helen Omer, President; Joan Hassell, Vice President; Lynne Streiber, Secretary; Judy Leach, Publicity Chairman. Second row: Carolyn Chasse, Rae Tondreault, Sandra Farrar, Noreen O ' Day, Hilda Rothenheber, Elaine Lizza, Janet Rudokas, Mary Andrade, Sandra Jackson. Third row: Bernadette Dubois, Maureen Driscoll, Patricia Kahian, Janice Sablak, Sally Parsons, Palma Giardino. The Fisher Newman Club is a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. Newman Clubs are formed in almost all of the non-Catholic colleges for the purpose of bringing all of the Catholic men and women together to meet other members of the Catholic faith. At monthly meetings the officers and committee chairmen presented specially planned programs, such as Inter-faith Meditations, informative films, and inter- esting speakers, at which Catholic students united in furthering their devotion and practice in their Faith. At its first meeting, Miss M. Virginia Morrissey spoke to us on the Catholic Career Woman. Our Chaplain, Rev. William Sullivan, presented several theological discussions and collegiate-Cana conferences which were very successful. In November, three delegates participated in the Leadership Weekend held at the Carmelite Junior Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts, at which they learned how to make their club a successful one. In January, the Fisher Newmanites were hostesses to the Council Meeting of the Newman Federation of the Archdiocese of Boston. Under the guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, faculty advisor, the Club is growing and widening its scope to become another one of Fisher ' s assets. Newman 25 First row: Mercie Locke, Alice Wagner, Publicity Chairman, Dorothy Middleton, Treasurer; Merrily Ceder, President; Linda Giles, Activities Chairman; Linda Paggioli, Program Chair- man; Donna DeHaven. Second row: Joan Mason, Joyce Castner, Colleen Love, Joan Kan- darian, Susan Lawson, Beverly Cleathero. Sandra Bernier, Barbara Belcher, Joan Groves. Third row: Bette Magoon, Susannah Poole, Lois Cummings, Janet Stevens, Judy Culver, Donna Caldara, Marilyn Bacon, Virginia Waide, Joan Fullonton. Student Christian Association The Student Christian Movement in New England is the mother organization of the Fisher Junior College Student Christian Association. The Association at Fisher has followed the dedication of the New England Movement — " A fellowship of student and faculty groups committed to the will of God in building new individuals and a new society according to the growing insights and faith of the cooperating Christian groups " — by greatly enriching the lives of its members. The S. C. A. has been the host to many interesting speakers. Among these was the Reverend Bloy. His talk on the freedom rides, of which he was a participant, gave many of us a new knowledge of the racial problem in our own country. Also, the Association has enjoyed films on a variety of subjects. One of the most rewarding of these was the film " Africa and Schweitzer. " The highlight of the year was perhaps the help we were able to give to Reverend Gardner, of St. Stephen ' s Church in the South End. Many members received grateful thanks from the rectory as well as a new personal inner-faith. The Student Christian Association, in cooperation with the Newman Club and the Talmudims, has been the sponsor of weekly vesper services. These Morning Watch services, as they are known on campus, have been an added inspiration to all who attended. 26 First row: Norma Kaplan, Ronna Alpert, Treasurer; Marcia Kane, Vice President; Helaine Abrams, President; Helen Kaye, Secretary; Gloria Weiner. Second row: Vicki Kronenfeld, Myra Gershenson, Phyllis Cohen, Marsha Goldstein, Janet Cohen, Eileen Zides, Marsha Greene. Third row: Eileen Brenerman, Eleanor Greenberg, Annette Polonsky, Maxine Adel- man, Fanny Duhl, Susan Silbert. Talmudins The Talmudims ' , in their second year at Fisher, purpose is to give us a better understanding of Judaism and to communicate with and to be informed of the other religious groups. The Talmudims try to gain a clearer understanding of the ideals of true Judaism, to strengthen our faith in the One God, in our great leaders, Moses and the Prophet; to appreciate the laws and commandments given us by these leaders, and to obey these commandments in daily life. In February, the Talmudims sponsored a Rabbi who spoke to the girls informa- tively about the forming of the Talmudims and also of the goals, drawbacks, and success of each individual. During the early spring, the Talmudims visited a synagogue for the purpose of having a Oneg Shabboth, which is a religious service followed by Israeli dancing. The Talmudims hope that the classes will continue to uphold the tradition established last year and this year, and that the organization will become a perman- ent and valuable part of Fisher College activities. 27 First row: Mary Andrade, Maureen Driscoll, Secretary; Susan Silbert, Junior Vice President; Nancy Kyte, President; Donna Caldara, Senior Vice President; Emma Nicolar, Treasurer; Joan Groves. Second row: Elizabeth Goodman, Janet Yardley, Linda LeFavour, Catherine Cricchio, Dale Zanchi, Janet LaGreca. Third row: Nancy Brown, Dorothy Tromba, Elizabeth Blake, Joan Fullonton, Marilyn Bacon. International Relations Club The International Relations Club strives to bring an interest in other lands to the students of Fisher. It is the aim of the IRC to make available to its members, and to the school as a whole, programs which will lead to a more complete knowledge of the cultural, political, economic, and social life of the various na- tions of the world. This year the IRC conducted a " Trick or Treat for UNICEF " collection. Shortly afterward an International Food sale was held to raise money to send to CARE for Thanksgiving in India. Mr. Sweet of BOAC showed a film of Africa and spoke to the IRC in the early part of November. Trips to the French and British consulates in Boston were sponsored and proved to be very informative to the students who attended. In the early spring Mrs. Ali Radpay showed slides of her homeland, Iran, and brought a clearer insight of the cultural, social and political life of that country to her audience. In March, six members were chosen on a basis of special tests to attend the Model General Assembly at the United Nations in New York as representatives of Iceland and to help these students participate in this worth-while project, the IRC sponsored a gift party in February. At the end of its second year, the International Relations Club is looking for- ward to an expansion of its program and a broadening of its field of activity in the years to come. 28 First row: Diane Stevens, Pat Bevilaqua, Linda Finneran, Ina Wasserstram, Mrs. Jacqueline Judge, Advisor; Gail Hodgdon, President; Ruth Owen, Treasurer; Eileen Nally, Secretary; Nancy Brown, Pat Anderson, Katherine Meranian, Pat Monahan. Second row: Janet Rudokas, Doris Webber, Natalie Gesek, Carol Kourtz, Betty Sniegoski, Kathleen Swain, Norma Kaplan, Eleanor Greenberg, Bernadette Dubois, Mary Andrade. Third row: Brenda D ' Orazio, Elizabeth Goodman, Judith Houle, Janet LaGreca, Linda LeFavour, Marilyn Taylor, Carol Conlin, Sandra Spadea, Jane McGrath. Fourth row: Mary Carty, Hughena MacDonald, Lucille Hamel, Anne Hannigan, Roberta Seaver, Mary Nourse. Commuters ' Club The purpose of the Commuters ' Club is to provide entertainment and social activities for the commuting students in order that they may become better ac- quainted with one another. This club also does all that it can to help others by promoting and carrying out worth-while projects. This year the club has fulfilled its purpose. In order to enable a needy Indian family in Maine to enjoy Christmas, the members donated food, toys, and clothing. The Commuters ' Club also gave a $100 scholarship to a junior commuter who had a good scholastic rating. As far as social activities are concerned, Mrs. Judge, the advisor, and the officers provided the opportunity to enjoy a number of wonderful times. In November there was an evening at Blinstrub ' s, whe re the club members were entertained by the Four Lads. Again, as last year, the members became proficient at golf after taking the golf lessons that were taught by Ed Barry, the golf professional at the Pine Meadows Country Club in Lexington. The annual golf tournament was held at the Country Club, which was followed by a dinner and the presentation of awards. The highlight of the year was the ski trip, where the members spent three days enjoying all of the activities of the season. As the dormitory provides lasting friendships for the dorm student, so the Com- muters ' Club provides the opportunity for the commuting student to make lasting friendships. 29 30 31 First row: Helen Omer, Accompanist; Janet LaGreca, President; Beverley Mitchell, Ac- companist; Pat Bevilaqua, Secretary. Second row: Betsy Richards, Judy Leach, Lucille Hamel. Third row: Marsha Olive, Virginia Waide, Patricia Rafferty. Fourth row: Sandra Melanson, Joan Lancaster, Nancy Z. HofFecker. Fifth row: Kathleen Gardner, Lucille Rose, Janet Yardley. Sixth row: Alice Wagner, Joan Groves, Roberta Seaver. Seventh row: Marsha Dolloff, Betty Sniegoski, Barbara Duncan. Eighth row: Ruth Owens, Janet Gripper, Kather- ine Meranian. Ninth row: Gale Daggett, Marilyn Taylor, Susan Lawson, Walda O ' Brien, Natalie Gesek, Mr. Louis Siegel, Director. Glee Club The Glee Club, under the enthusiastic direction of Mr. Siegel, provided over- whelming interest among girls of past and varied experience. Many of the selections were hit tunes from recent Broadway shows, classic standards, fun songs, and spiritual hymns which were sung at the monthly as- semblies. Officers for the 1961-1962 season are Janet La Greca, President; and Patricia Bevilaqua, Secretary. Accompanists are Helen Omer and Beverly Mitchell. 32 Seated: Natalie Folsom. Pamela Boyington. Standing: Eileen Zides, Mr. Laurence Hansen, Advisor; Carol Conlin. Hunt Club The activities of the Hunt Club created a number of horse lovers at Fisher this year. Once each week the girls used the services of Mr. William Wright, a horse breeder and trainer and outstanding expert on equitation in the New England area. The classes were held at the New England School of Equitation where the girls learned how to walk, trot, and canter their horses. Then they approached the problem of the Hunt Field with an extent of jumping. The field trips for the Fox Hunt were held in this area along with a ride through the New England country- side. The club is sponsored by Mr. Hansen. 33 First row: Kris Keeler, Carol Conlin, Program Chairman; Sheila Cooperman, Secretary; Betsy Richards. Second row: Mary Andrade, Marsha Goldstein, Mr. Laurence Hansen, Advisor; Linda Finneran, Patricia Kahian, Nancy Z. Hoffecker. Upon the opening of the first year of the recognition of the Drama Club, a trip to the Charles Playhouse, which presented GREAT GOD BROWN, was enjoyed by all the members. Among other activities enjoyed by the members was a talk by Mrs. Hurley on Art, which deeply inspired the girls to take advantage of their hidden qualities. The Club is also planning a spring production as its main highlight. We hope the following years will prove to be as successful and enjoyable as the present. Drama 34 For most of us we believed we were really here when, and only when, we waved out last good-bye to our family and friends. The expressions on our eager faces were mirrored wherever we turned. It wasn ' t long, however, before we began seeking new friends and were being sought by others. Acquaintances became friends; and with friends came laughter, new ideas, and fresh outlooks. The classrooms brought new subjects, new teachers, and a lot to be learned. " What you don ' t learn to do at Fisher! " Cedar Hill has been the scene of two very successful outings for the class of 1962. This annual outing is part of the orientation program of the College. Each year the girls have enjoyed a cookout and competitive sports. With the rhythmic clapping and singing of spectators, the girls demonstrated their agility in a game called the " limbo. " However, we cannot overlook the softball games with Mr. Sanford, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Agganis as umpires. Virginia Reel anyone? Of course, the badminton and volleyball teams also made their entrance. Furthermore, the colorful, surrounding woods provided a pleasant atmosphere for the more " earthy " individual. This is merely a prelude to the coming activities that the girls will cherish after they have completed their two years. 36 " Where are the boys? " Each year at Fisher the students have an opportunity to run for a class office or for the Student Government Association. Here is an opening for the students to have a say in the running of their class activities. As soon as nomination papers are filled out, the campaign is on. Each candidate is encouraged to use her imagination on the election posters in order to capture the attention of the student body. Everywhere one looks the walls are decorated by gay posters of all shapes and sizes. Each student is urged to participate. Because the competition is keen and strong, the school tingles with excitement as " Election Day " approaches. " Who won? " 37 " What happened to the Eifel Tower? " December 9, 1960, was an evening, which I am sure, our fathers will never forget. It was our Junior Dad and Daughter Dinner held here at the College. To begin with, each girl and her father went to a dormitory where they were fed a tasty roast beef dinner. After eating, everyone went to the school where French pastries were served for dessert. Touring the school and meet- ing our instructors made a big hit with our Dads. For the climax of the evening at New England Mutual Hall, we were entertained with a guided tour of France. All in all, Junior Dad and Daugh- ter Night was really a success and everyone found it difficult to say " Bon Soir. " 38 " That ' s the library? " The annual ski trip held by the Commuters ' Club proved just as exciting as in previous years. Istvan ' s Motel provided our food and lodging for the weekend, and Mount Snow provided the excitement. A heated out-door swimming pool, an in-door skating rink, a sun deck, and husky rides kept the non-skier fully occupied. No one can ever forget the all night fireside chat or Mrs. Carty being called into action with the first cas- ualty. Everything went exactly as planned as all the activities of the Commuters ' Club do. In January of 1961 Fisher Junior College attended My Fair Lady. For many of us it was our first experi- ence at seeing a professional play and we found it very entertaining. Long will we remember Mr. Doolittle and the way he stole the show with " Get Me to the Church on Time. " After seeing the colorful dancing and hearing the lyrical music of this show, most of us came away saying " Wouldn ' t It Be Loverly to see My Fair Lady again. " 39 On the third of " Heart Month " in our Junior year we held the annual " Sweetheart Dance " at the Parker House Roof. Dreamy expressions revealed true con- fessions as the girls and their escorts danced their way to the stars. Additional entertainment was provided by a former student, Miss Elaine Cirnao, " and the band played on. " One of the final activities highlighting 1961 was the Junior Prom on April 29. Dancing was enjoyed by everyone from 8:00 to 12:00 under the dim lights and beautiful setting of the ballroom. Miniature stuffed puppies with a banner inscribed " Junior Prom 1961 " were distributed to the participants in memory of one of the most unforgettable and most cherished evenings enjoyed during the two years at Fisher. After many long hours and rehearsals in preparation for their spring production, the Drama Club enjoyed a successful performance of Separate Tables. Anyone who attended the play will agree that it was a very enjoyable evening. 40 Mother-Daughter Tea, 1961. The Terrace Room of the Statler Hilton Hotel was the setting of a most gracious and pleasant " Mother and Daughter Luncheon " on the thirteenth of May, 1961. Following a delightful luncheon, we were presented a fashion showing of the latest styles. The occasion was a colorful one in both spirit and costume. Mother-Daughter Tea, 1961. 41 Fisher girls at the Pops. A night to remember — the date, November 18, 1961; the setting, the Bay State Room of the Statler Hilton Hotel; the occasion, the Harvest Moon Dance! Little needs to be said about enjoyment, the stars in the eyes of the girls who danced by were proof of the " pudding " to us. " Who else was up there with Glenn? " 42 " Let ' s twist again . . . " " How will we ever auction all these items! " On one of the coldest nights of the winter just before the Christmas vacation began, the Senior class of Fisher Junior College sponsored an auction. The auction culminated a long campaign that had Seniors searching in attics, cellars, and cor- ners for everything and anything that could be donated. Brenda D ' Orazio, as chairman, and the members of the Activities Committee worked many hours to assure the success of this project. 43 " What am I bid for this lovely item? " Wednesday night, December 13, 1961, revealed a great many items that would cause the words — " Go- ing once, going twice, going three times, sold " — to re- sound in the Fisher ballroom. Everyone present was gathered into the atmosphere of the affair and a lot of fun and furious bidding were the order of the evening. DAPHNE 5 HE I " Don ' t just hold it, eat it! " 44 " My, Hilda, how you have changed! " A Diabetes Fair was held the week of November 13 by the Senior Medicals. Each group of approximately four girls chose a particular phase of diabetes and presented posters and model illustrations. The main attraction of Diabetes Week at Fisher was " Hilda Diabetic. " Hilda is a full-sized female model who represented diabetes in pregnancy. One night was set aside for the parents of the Medicals to see the exhibition of the Diabetes projects. An enjoyable night was brought to an end with coffee and dessert served by Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Leary. A good time was had by all! 45 46 " Christmas should come more often. ' ' The annual theater party presented by the College took place on January 8, 1962. The play chosen was the spectacular The Music Man, starring Forrest Tucker. The girls seemed to bask in the glamour and in- triguing spell that only a theater can cast. However, the captivating charms of Mr. Tucker might be given more credit th an meets the eye. Interfaith Christmas Service, Talmudims. As we near graduation, we shall not forget the memories, hopes and dreams that we carried with us through our years at Fisher. Some of them have al- ready been fulfilled; some are just beginning to be realized. 48 s E N I O R S SANDRA JAYNE SMITH 36 College Road; Burlington, Mass. " They are not queens who sit on thrones, but they who know how to govern. " " Sandi " Electronics Junior Class Vice-President; The Beacon Staff. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CATHERINE L. CRICCHIO 114 Woodland, Lawrence, Mass. " She that perpetually overflows with kindness will always be cheerful. " " Kay- Foreign Trade International Relations Club 2; Commuters ' Club 2; The Bea- con Staff; Prom Committee; Publicity Committee; Fund-Rais- ing Committee. 50 MARY E. ANDRADE 281 Highland Avenue; Somerville, Mass. " She liouses a great store of happiness. ' " Mary " Foreign Trade Junior Class Secretary; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Drama Club 2; Newman Club 2; The Beacon Staff. SECRETARY TREASURER SANDRA JEAN SPADEA 586 Manley Street; West Bridgewater, Mass. " A cheerful good nature and a sunny smile. " " Sandy " Legal Junior Class Treasurer; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1; Dance Committee. 51 HELAINE GAIL ABRAMS 45 Hamilton Street; Dorchester 21, Mass. " A pert little miss, full of pep. " " Lainey " Medical Talmudims, President 2, Vice-President 1; Student Govern- ment Association 2. JANE MARY AFFLECK 2610 Main Street; Glastonbury, Conn. " Full of good meaning and good wishes. ' " Janie " Foreign Trade The Beacon Staff 2; Prom Committee; House Council, Vice- President 2; Collector for March of Dimes. RONNA LEE ALPERT 10 Lambert Avenue; Chelsea, Mass. " It ' s a woman ' s world. ' -Ron " Legal Talmudims, Treasurer 2, Secretary 1; Commuters ' Club; The Beacon Art Staff; Graduation Usherette. 52 MARY ELIZABETH AMENTA 127 Russell Street; Middletown, Conn. " Like an atom bomb: small, but wow, what power! " " Betsy " Executive Glee Club; Dormitory Social Chairman; The Beacon, Business Editor; Hostess for Mixer. PATRICIA R. ANDERSON 20 Perkins Street; Stoneham, Mass. " Sweetness, goodness, in her person shine. " " Pat " Executive Commuters ' Club 1, Project Committee Chairman 2; Prom Committee; Thanksgiving Dance Committee; Hostess for Mixer. NANCY ANN AVEDIAN 44 Keenan Street; Watertown, Mass. " Silence is golden, but noise is more fun. " " Nancy " Executive Commuters ' Club; The Beacon Staff; Prom Committee; The Charles Viewer Representative. 53 MARILYN EDITH BACON 12 Temple Street; West Boylston, Mass. " It is a friendly heart that has many friends. " " Mai " Legal Golf Club 1; International Relations Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 2; The Beacon, Typing Staff 2; Dormi- tory House Council 2. SANDRA JEAN BAILEY 5 Western Avenue; Lynn, Mass. ' Without love and laughter, there is no joy. " ' Sandy " Executive Dormitory House Council 1; Charles Viewer, Business Man- ager 1; Literary Club, President 1; President ' s Tea, Hostess 2; Dormitory President 2; Student Government Association 2; Senior Class Fund-Raising Committee 2; Prom Commit- tee; The Beacon, Activities Committee. ELIN MARIE BARTLEY 476 Prospect Street; Methuen, Mass. " To hear her speak and sweetly smile, you were in paradise the while. " " Elin " Commuters ' Club. Medical 54 KATHIE HELENE BASSLER 28 West Rocks Road; Norwalk, Conn. " Her ways are ways of pleasantness. " " Kathie " Electronics Glee Club; The Beacon Staff; Dance Committee; Prom Com- mittee. BARBARA M. BELCHER 911 Pleasant Street; E. Weymouth, Mass. " To do easily what is difficult for others is a mark of talent. " " Barbara " Medical Commuters ' Club; Student Christian Association. Glee Club; Student Christian Association; The Beacon Lay- out Editor. " Stillness of person and steadiness of features are signal marks of good breeding. " " Sandy " SANDRA BERNIER Linden Street; Exeter, N. H. Executive 55 PATRICIA ANN BEVILAQUA 85 Franklin Street; Wrentham, Mass. " Goodness is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together. " " Pat " Electronics Commuters ' Club, Governing Committee 2, Social Commit- tee 1; Glee Club, Secretary 1, 2; Junior Dad and Daughter Night Committee; The Beacon, Business and Activities Staffs; Senior Prom Committee; Fund-Raising Committee; Golf Club; Student Government Dance Committee. NANCY MAE BOONE 1015 Candia Road, Manchester, N. H. " At a glance you ' d think her shy — but she ' s full of it, twixt you and I. " ' Nancy-Mae " Foreign Trade International Relations Club 1, 2, Treasurer 1; The Beacon Staff; Hunt Club 1. ELLEN BRAZELL 1 13 Main Street; Athol, Mass. " There is no wisdom like frankness. " " Ellen " Medical International Relations Club; Newman Club. 56 EILEEN SHEILA BRENERMAN 122 North Street; Portland, Maine " Good nature and common sense must join. " " Eileen " Medical Talmudims; International Relations Club; Glee Club; The Bea- con Staff. DARTHA JEANNE BROWN 159 Summer Street; Dover-Foxcroft, Maine " Of calm and cheerful disposition. " " Brownie " Student Christian Association. Legal 57 58 GAY CARROLL 30 Maple Street; Walpole, Mass. " may look busy, but I am confused. " " Gazie " Glee Club; Hunt Club; Commuters ' Club. Foreign Trade MERRILY GAIL CEDER 8 Wander Lane, Wantagh, N. Y. " The days of our youth are the days of our glory. " " Merrily " Electronics Student Government Association 1, Secretary 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, Publicity Chairman 1, President 2; Mixer Hostess; Open House Hostess; March of Dimes Host- ess; The Beacon, Layout Committee. JUDY ANN CESATI 3 Conry Crescent; Jamaica Plain, Mass. " The years teach much which the days never know. " " Judy " Executive Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Prom Committee I. 59 BEVERLY ANNE CLEATHERO 7 Brook Street; Taunton, Mass. " Her air, her manners; all who saw admired. " " Bev " Executive The Beacon, Business Committee; House Council; Student Christian Association 2, Treasurer 1; Glee Club; Ice Capades Hostess; Golf Club; Ice Follies Hostess; Senior Prom Com- mittee. GRETEL JUDITH COLE Garnet Street; Sunapee, N. H. " Willi a smile to greet you. " " Judy " Legal Student Government Association; International Relations Club. i MAUREEN ANNE COLEMAN 132 Edson Avenue; Waterbury, Conn. " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman. " " Matir " Electronics Class President 1; Sweetheart Dance Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Newman Club; International Relations Club; Glee Club; Father and Daughter Night Hostess. 61 JUDITH ADAMS CRONIG William Street; Vineyard Haven, Mass. " Man has a will, but woman has her way. " " Judy " Medical Open House Hostess; The Beacon, Photography; House Coun- cil; Mixer Committee. JUDITH ANN CULVER 28 Florence Street; Dalton, Mass. " Fun, laughter, mischief all day, life ' s too short to be anything but gay. " ' Judi ' Foreign Trade Glee Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2; Prom Committee; March of Dimes Collector. GALE DAGGETT 175 Fairmount Street; Lowell, Mass. " One of the greatest pleasures in life is conversation. " " Gale " Electronics Glee Club; International Relations Club; The Beacon, Activ- ities Editor; Mixer Hostess; Prom Committee; Thanksgiving Dance Chairman; Golf Club. 62 DONNA ELAINE DEHAVEN Kennebunk Road; Alfred, Maine ' A smile for all, frowns for none. " ' Donna " Medical Student Christian Association 1, President 2; Ice Capades Association 2; Open House Award. , Secretary 2; House Council Hostess; Student Government Hostess; Fisher Scholarship MARSHA ELAINE DOLLOFF 73 Walnut Street; Hyannis, Mass. " A sunny nature wins lasting friends. " " Marsh " Executive Glee Club I, 2. 63 BRENDA DORAZIO 30 Mabel Street; Lynn, Mass. " Was ever a heart more human. " " Bren " Executive Commuters ' Club; Charles Viewer, Feature Editor; Alumnae Committee; Fund-Raising Committee; Commuters ' Club; In- ternational Relations Club. PRISCILLA ANN DOUGLASS Sanbornville; New Hampshire " Her quiet manner is indeed a pearl to be treasured. " " Priscilla " Legal The Charles Viewer, Student Christian Association; Get-Ac- quainted Dance Committee; Assistant Librarian. 64 BERNADETTE MARIE DUBOIS 17 Greenville Street; Billerica, Mass. " is the quiet worker who succeeds. " " Bernie " Le S al International Relations Club; Newman Club; Commuters ' Club; The Beacon, Typing Staff. BARBARA ELAINE DUNCAN 27 Pearl Street; Franklin. N. H. " It ' s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. " " Barbie " Legal Newman Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Senior Dance Committee; Senior Prom Committee. LINDA ANN FINNERAN 24 Governors Road; Milton, Mass. " I ' d rather be right than be president. " Linda " Legal Drama Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; The Charles Viewer, Editor-in-Chief; Swimming 1. 65 JOAN FRANCES FULLONTON 16 Piper Road; South Acton, Mass. " She ' s a favorite, can ' t you see, with lots of pep and person- ality. " " Joan " Medical International Relations Club 2; Student Christian Association 2. ELEANOR MARIE GALLIVAN Lake Street; Kingston, Mass. " Sincerity, truth, faithfulness come into the very essence of friendship. " " Elly " Legal Commuters ' Club; Prom Committee; Dance Committee. 66 NATALIE ANN GESEK 85 Elmwood Avenue; Lynn, Mass. ' What ' s life without a laugh? " ' Nat " Electronics Glee Club; Publicity Committee, The Beacon; Commuters ' Club. LINDA MAY GILES 310 High Street; Gardner, Mass. ' There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. " ' Lin " Electronics Student Christian Association 1, Activities Chairman 2; The Beacon, Layout Staff; Thanksgiving Dance Committee; Prom Committee; Senior Dad and Daughter Night Committee; Dormitory Treasurer; Hostess of Ice Follies; Open House Hostess; Hostess of Ice Capades. 67 SANDRA LEE GOGGIN 21 Hall Avenue; Nashua, N. H. " Gaze into her eyes and you will see an angel; Gaze a little longer and you will see an imp. " " Sandi " Medical Glee Club 1, 2; Student Government Association 1, 2; Chairman S.G.A. Constitution Committee; The Charles View- er, Dormitory News Editor; Dormitory Social Chairman; The Beacon, Literary Editor; March of Dimes Hostess. MARSHA GOLDSTEIN Wheatland Street; Peabody, Mass. " Never can there be sadness in her company. " " Marsha " Executive Commuters ' Club; Drama Club; Talmudims; The Charles Viewer 1; The Beacon. CAROLE RAE GOODE 52 Kenduskeag Avenue; Bangor, Maine " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " " Carole " The Beacon; Prom Committee. Medical 68 ELIZABETH ANN GOODMAN 9 School Street; Hull, Mass. " To her virtues very kind. " " Liz " Foreign Trade Commuters ' Club: International Relations Club. ELEANOR E. GREENBERG 33 Woolson Street; Mattapan, Mass. " They are rich who have so true a friend. " " Ellie " Medical Commuters ' Club; Talmudims; Publicity Committee; The Bea- con, Art Editor. MARSHA GREENE 3 1 Lambert Avenue; Chelsea, Mass. " Inner sunshine warms not only the owner, but all who come in contact with it. " " Marshmallow " Commuters ' Club; Talmudims; The Beacon. Legal 69 JANET RUTH GRIPPER 1 1 Kent Street; Saugus, Mass. " Speech is silver; silence is gold. " " Jan " Executive Glee Club 2; International Relations Club I; The Beacon Staff. JOAN FRANCES GROVES 876 Ashford Avenue; Condado, Santurce, Puerto Rico. ' Truly generous is truly wise. " ' Joan " Electronics International Relations Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Drama Club 1; Student Christian Association 1, 2; Hostess at Ice Capades and Ice Follies 1; United Nations Trip 2; Pan American So- ciety 2. DONNA WOOD HALL 460 Central Avenue; Needham Heights, Mass. " Strongest minds are often those of whom the noisy world hears least. " " Donna ' Electronics 70 LUCILLE ELEANOR HAMEL Box 65; St. Johnsbury Center, Vt. " Quietly she goes her way, does her share with little to say. " " Cile " or " Lucy " Legal Glee Club 1, 2; Commuters ' Club 2. 71 SALLY R. HINES 33 Monroe Street; North Abington, Mass. " A girl of few words and many thoughts. " " Slimes " Executive Glee Club; Dormitory Council; Student Christian Association. 72 JUDITH ANN HOULE 32 Holten Street; Danvers, Mass. ' Sociable, friendly, and sweet. ' " Judi " Medical Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association; The Beacon, Photography Editor; March of Dimes Hostess at Ice Capades, 1. DIANE LOUISE HUNT 35 Draper Avenue; Arlington 34, Mass. " Beauty is a power, a smile its sword. " " Diane " Medical Student Government Association 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Commut- ers ' Club 1, 2; March of Dimes Hostess. SANDRA LARPvAINE JACKSON 10 Cardinal Drive; Springfield, Vt. " Happy and sweet with a personality that can ' t be beat. " " Sandi " Foreign Trade Newman Club; Thanksgiving Dance Committee; Prom Com- mittee; Junior Dad and Daughter Night Hostess; Dormitory House Council; The Beacon, Literary Staff; Open House Hostess. 73 JOYCE GRACE JENKINS Brunswick Avenue; Fort Fairfield, Maine " silence is golden; she ' ll never get rich. " " Joyce " Legal Glee Club; Newman Club; International Relations Club; The Beacon Staff. LORETTA LEE JOHNSTON 86 Dudley Street; Presque Isle, Maine. " Poised and dignified is she, yet full of fun as she can be. " " Loretta " Legal Drama Club; Student Christian Association; Prom Commit- tee; The Beacon Staff. NORMA KAPLAN 67 Tudor Street; Lynn, Mass. " The essence of humor is sensibility. ' " Norm " Medical Commuters ' Club; The Beacon, Literary Staff; International Relations Club 1; Talmudims, Social Chairman. 74 SHEILA ANNE KELLEY 15 Edison Avenue; Dedham, Mass. " Conversation is the vent of character as well as of thought. " " Sheila " Foreign Trade Commuters ' Club; International Relations Club. CAROL ANN KOURTZ 80 Parkland Avenue; Lynn, Mass. " Mild, kind, fair to look upon. " " Carol " Medical Newman Club; Commuters ' Club; International Relations Club; 1; The Beacon Staff. NANCY KYTE RD 3, Powerville Road; Boonton, N. J. " Studious in school, but when her work is done . . . " " Nance " Electronics Student Government Association 2; International Relations Club 1, President 2; Swimming Club; Senior Class Fund-Rais- ing Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Thanksgiving Dance Committee 2; Junior Dad and Daughter Night Committee; Mixer Committee 1; The Beacon, Business Staff; March of Dunes nosiess at Ice Capades; Heart Fund Hostess at Ice Follies. 75 LOU ELLEN LADD 1 Turkey Hill Road; Newburyport, Mass. " Always happy, full of fun, her sparkling smile makes friends of all. " " Lou " Executive Glee Club 1; House Council 1, 2; House President, Andrew Hall; The Beacon Staff; Senior Prom Committee; Student Government Association. JANET LAGRECA 32 Frankfort Street; East Boston 28, Mass. " Sweet of manner, warm of heart. " " Janet " Legal Glee Club 1, President 2; The Beacon Staff; International Re- lations Club; Commuters ' Club; Newman Club; Golf Club; Dance Committees. 76 SUSAN CLARK LAWSON 7 Keene Street; Stoneham, Mass. " The friendly manner of a carefree soul. " " Sue " Glee Club; Student Christian Association. Medical JUDITH ANN LEACH 26 Carpenter Street; Attleboro, Mass. " Here ' s a girl who ' s nice to know, plenty of pep, plenty of go. " " Judy " Medical Glee Club 1, 2; Newman Club, Publicity Chairman 2; The Beacon Staff; S. G. A. Mixer Hostess; March of Dimes Host- ess. LINDA LEFAVOUR 1 14 Broadway; Saugus, Mass. " A smile that lights the day ' s gloom. ' " Linda " Commuters ' Club. Foreign Trade 77 MARCIA LOIS LEVINE 92 Bellingham Street; Chelsea, Mass. " Graceful to sight and elegant to thought. " " Marcia " Electronics Commuters ' Club; Golf Club; Talmudims Club; Glee Club; The Beacon Staff. KAREN L. LOBDELL 38 Westlawn Road; Portland, Maine. " am a woman of peace, yet I stand firm for my rights. " " Kae " Legal International Relations Club; Glee Club; Student Christian Association; Junior Dad and Daughter Committee. 78 COLLEEN MARIE LOVE 20 Arlington Street; Leominster, Mass. " Wit is the flower of imagination. ' " Colleen " Legal The Beacon Staff; Student Christian Association; House Coun- cil; Treasurer of Florence Hall. GAIL PATRICIA MACULEWICZ 83 Union Street; East Bridgewater, Mass. " A face that wins friends and a personality that keeps them. " " Gail " Medical Glee Club; International Relations Club; The Beacon Staff; Prom Committee; Hostess for March of Dimes. JOAN LOIS MASON 48 Arlington Street; Leominster, Mass. ' No wealth is like the quiet mind. " " Joannie " Medical International Relations Club; The Beacon Staff; Student Chris- tian Association; Junior Dad and Daughter Night Hostess; Golf Club; Hostess for March of Dimes and Cancer Fund. 79 BARBARA ANN MAYNARD South Street; Milford, N. H. " She started to sing as she tackled the thing that couldn ' t be done, and she did it. " •Barb " Legal Open House Hostess 1 ; The Beacon Staff, Editor; Student Chris- tian Association 1 ; House Council; House President 2, Myron Hall; House Secretary 1; March of Dimes Hostess; S. G. A. Scholarship; Fisher Scholarship. priscilla Mcdonald 268 Laurel Street; Melrose 76, Mass. " What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness. " " Priscilla " Medical LINDA JANE McDORMAND 24 Carson Street; Weymouth, Mass. " Politeness is the result of good sense and good nature. " " Linda " Executive Student Christian Association; Commuters ' Club; Thanksgiv- ing Dance Committee; Fund Raising Committee. 80 JOANNE McGARVEY 661 Central; Stoughton, Mass. " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " " jo " Medical Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 2. JANE JOSEPHINE McGRATH 299 Granite Avenue; Milton, Mass. " A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power. " " Jane " Executive International Relations Club; Drama Club, President 2; Com- muters ' Club; The Charles Viewer. KATHERINE MERANIAN 155 Center Street; Methuen, Mass. " Great oaks from little acorns grow. " " Kathy " Legal Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; The Beacon Staff. 81 BEVERLEY ANNE MITCHELL Rangeley, Maine. " Beneath her silence is sincerity. " " Bev " Legal Glee Club; International Relations Club. MARILYN MITCHELL 201 Speen Street; Natick, Mass. " Fond of fun, as fond can be. " " Mitch " Executive Commuters ' Club; Alumnae Committee; Harvest Dance Com- mittee. 82 CAROLYN LOUISE MORAN 28 Lawrence Street; Fitchburg, Mass. " Laugh hard, play hard, and enjoy life to the fullest. " " Carol " Executive International Relations Club; Glee Club; Get-Acquainted Dance Committee; Golf Club. 83 EMMA M. NICOLAR Taylor Point Road; Pembroke, Mass. " What ' s life for, if not for fun? " " Emma " Foreign Trade International Relations Club, Treasurer. SANDRA ANN NORSKEY 168 Pleasant Street; Otter River, Mass. " She ' s the kind that puts the pep in pepper. " " Sandy " Executive International Relations Club; Swimming Club; Newman Club; Thanksgiving Dance Committee; Senior Prom Committee. MARY EMILY NOURSE 470 Central Street; Saugus, Mass. " It ' s nice to be natural, when you ' re naturally nice. " " Mary " Medical Commuters ' Club; Senior Prom Dance Committee 2. 84 NOREEN ESTHER O ' DAY 18 June Street; East Walpole, Mass. " She is true to her word, her work, and her friends. " " Noreen " Medical Newman Club. HELEN ANNE OMER 30 Gardner Street; Portsmouth, N. H. " The heaven of each is hut what each desires. " " Helen " Foreign Trade Glee Club Accompanist; Newman Club, President; Student Government Association; Open House Hostess. 85 LINDA LEE PAGGIOLI Birch Mountain Road; Manchester, Conn. " A leader with soul sincere; in action faithful, in honor clear. " " Linda " Legal Student Government Association, Treasurer; House Council, Edmund Hall; Student Christian Association; Golf Club; Prom Committee Program Committee, Chairman. SALLY THERESA PARSONS 31 Wolcott Avenue; East Walpole, Mass. " Talking and laughter, her brightest virtues. " " Sally " Newman Club 1, 2. 86 BARBARA PERNOKAS 278 Washington Street; Woburn, Mass. " With a twinkle in her eyes and laughter in her heart. " " Barbara " Medical Commuters ' Club; Swimming; The Beacon Staff, Publicity Committee. JANET LOUISE PORTER 529 Park Avenue; Revere 51, Mass. " A worthy smile is worth more than gold. " " Jan " Newman Club; Commuters ' Club. Executive PATRICIA ELLEN PYNN 4 Hamilton Road; Bedford, Mass. " Work fascinates me; I could sit and watch it for hours. " " Pat " Medical Commuters ' Club 1, 2. 87 JOYCE ELLEN RAWN 27 Chandler; Maynard, Mass. " Silence is a fence around wisdom. " " Joyce " Electronics Glee Club 1; Jr. Mixer Dance Committee; Student Christian Association; The Charles Viewer Staff. 88 ELIZABETH JEAN RICHARDS 15 Quarry Lane; Milton, Mass. " Those who bring sunshine into the hearts of others cannot keep it from themselves. " " Betsy " Medical International Relations Club; Swimming; Drama Club; Glee Club; The Beacon Staff, Publicity Committee. LUCILLE MAY ROSE 23 Lakeview Avenue; South Braintree, Mass. " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. " " Lucy " Legal Newman Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2; House Council Secretary; The Beacon Staff. 89 HILDA BARBARA ROTHENHEBER 5 Riding Club Road; Troy, N. Y. " It ' s good to be merry and wise. It ' s good to be honest and true. " " Thelma " Executive Newman Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; House Council 1, Secre- tary, 2; Golf Club; Mixer Hostess; The Beacon, Activities Committee; Dad and Daughter Night Committee. JANET ANN RUDOKAS 64 Webster Street; Lynn, Mass. " She may look quiet, but look again. " Newman Club; The Beacon, Business Staff; Commuters ' Club; Mixer Hostess; Prom Committee; Thanksgiving Dance Com- mittee. LOIS DIANE SILTON 42 Travis Road; Natick, Mass. " Pleasantness has its own rewards. " International Relations Club 1, 2; Talmudims 1; House Coun- cil 2; 77ft ' Beacon, Business Staff. 90 IRENE E. SIUDA 53 Parker Street; Lawrence, Mass. " Mischief is so much fun. " " Irene " Executive Drama Club 1, 2; International Relations Club. JAYNE M. STANKIEWICZ 95 Merchants Avenue; Taftville, Conn. ' She is kind as she is fair. ' " J ante " Legal Student Government Association, Vice-President 1, President 2; Newman Club, Treasurer 1; International Relations Club; The Beacon, Activities Committee; Dormitory Social Chair- man; N.S.A. Representative. ELIZABETH THORUNN STEEVES 22925 Miriam Way; Colton, California " A friend to many, a smile to all. " " Liz " Foreign Trade International Relations Club; Open House Hostess; The Bea- con Staff; Senior Prom Committee; Mother and Daughter Tea Hostess 1; March of Dimes Hostess. 91 M. DIANE STEVENS 25 Winthrop Street; Stoneham, Mass. " Her armor is her honest thought, and simple truth her utmost skill. " " Diane " Foreign Trade International Relations Club; Commuters ' Club, Social Com- mittee; Mixer Hostess; President ' s Tea Hostess; Prom Com- mittee; Commuters ' Club Scholarship. KATHLEEN STEWART 10 Chelmsford Street; Lawrence, Mass. " Sincerity, consideration and modesty. " " Kathy " Commuters ' Club; Newman Club. HP Legal 92 JUDITH ANN STIMBERIS 124 Bellevue Road; Squantum, Mass. " A mind full of knowledge is a mind that never fails. " " Judy " Commuters ' Club. LYNNE ILLSA STREIBER 8 Hartford Street; So. Hadley Falls, Mass. " Not too shy, not too bold, but with a heart as good as gold. " " lllsa " Executive Newman Club, Secretary 1, 2; International Relations Club 1; Dormitory House Council, Secretary 2. KATHERINE NORA SULLIVAN 5 Walker Street; Somerville, Mass. " When guilty women begin to blush it is a sign of grace. " " Kay " Executive Newman Club. 93 BARBARA BRADFORD SWIFT Franklin Street; Duxbury, Mass. " Laughter around the eyes means warmth in the heart. " " Swifty " Executive LINDA LUISE TENNEY 4 Huron Road; West Acton, Mass. " Sometimes grave, sometimes gay; you like her immediately , any old way. " International Relations Club 1, 2; The Charles Viewer 1, 2; House Treasurer; Mixer Hostess; The Beacon, Literary Staff; March of Dimes Hostess. 94 EDNA LOUISE TORGERSON 541 Randolph Avenue; Milton 86, Mass. " Good nature and common sense must join. " " Edna " Electronics International Relations Club; Commuters ' Club; Student Christian Association. IRIS TUBIN 6 Fitzhenry Sq., Revere, Mass. " My only failure in life was to be ambitious. " " I " Legal International Relations Club; The Beacon Staff; Prom Com- mittee; Fund-Raising Committee; Commuters ' Club. JUDITH MARY VILLA New London Turnpike; Glastonbury, Conn. " The friendly manner of a carefree soul. " " Jutes " Executive Newman Club; International Relations Club. 95 ALICE M. WAGNER 36 Division Street; Fort Plain, N. Y. " expect to go through this world only once — so why not en- joy it? " " A I " Electronics Glee Club 1, 2; House Council 1, 2; House Social Chairman 1, 2; Student Christian Association 2; Father-Daughter Night Hostess 1 ; The Beacon Staff; Ice Capades Hostess. 96 JEAN MARIE WEYGAND 9 Bloomfield Avenue; Middleboro, Mass. " Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success. " " Jeanie " Legal The Beacon, Typing Editor; Hunt Club 1; Glee Club 2; New- man Club, Social Chairman 2; Fisher Scholarship Award. SUSAN MARGARET WHITE 50 Thaxter Avenue; Abington, Mass. ' She knows most who knows she knows little. " " Sue " Executi CLAIRE L. WINDT 23 Summer Street; Wakefield, Mass. " A constant friend is a thing rare to find. " " Claire " Prom Committee. Medical 97 MARGARET JULIE YOUNG 15 Elsie Street; Everett 49, Mass. " Calm but not serious, quiet but not idle. " " Peggy " Commuters ' Club; Newman Club. Legal ROBERTA LEE ZAMPIERI 30 Nelson Street; Barre, Vermont. " Here ' s to the girl with the heart and a smile that makes life worthwhile. " ' Berta " Legal Glee Club; International Relations Club; The Beacon Staff; Prom Committee; March of Dimes Hostess. 98 DIANE ELIZABETH ZONFRELLI 218 Whiting Avenue; Dedham, Mass. " A merry heart is welcome anywhere. " " Diane " Medical Commuters ' Club; Hostess. Alma Mater Hail to you, our Alma Mater Let our voices join in praise To the school, whose inspiration Will direct us all our days. As we stand before life ' s portals We will take from you the key, Giving fame to the name of Fisher; In our hearts you ' ll always be. When the moment comes for parting And we bid these halls good-bye, We will take with us forever Thoughts of you that never die. To the school, we leave behind us We will pledge a love that ' s true; With a tear and a cheer for Fisher — Alma Mater, we love you. (Words and Music by Harvey Davies) 99 Class Will LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE We, the members of the Class of 1962 of Fisher Junior College, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make our last will and testament, giving and bequeathing the following: TO THE ADMINISTRATION: To Mr. Sanford Fisher, his own " private " office To Mr. Myron Fisher, six trouble-free dorms To Mr. Albert Fisher, superior students to recommend for jobs To Mr. Carty, charge plates for every store in Boston To Mr. Scott Fisher, an error-proof adding machine To Miss Macdonald, a student who never changes her schedule To Mrs. Cornell, a student who is never late for class To Mrs. Hughes, a portable hotel for the students who go on class trips To Mrs. Hodgdon, ready-and-waiting employment for all graduates To Mrs. Bohn, twenty-five girls a week who want to work in the office To Mrs. Sprague, alumnae who never change their addresses To Miss Lindelov, a 1,000-page shorthand notebook and a lifetime pen To Mrs. Mihovan, all tuition money in on time TO THE FACULTY: To Mr. Agganis, a copy of " The Ten Best Ways to Embezzle " To Mrs. Barnes, a law book written to her perfection To Mr. Cushing, a 7-sided cube To Mrs. Dodge, a room full of top-notch shorthand students To Mr. Eames, a suitcase full of travel maps To Mrs. Eddy, all the overdue library books To Agnes Adams Fisher, an automatic attendance taker To Mrs. Fritz, an album entitled " Typing Records for All Occasions " To Mr. Hansen, all-season pass ticket to Red Sox baseball games To Mrs. Hurley, a gold-plated sign saying " Never, Never, Never " To Mrs. Judge, her own private parking space To Mrs. Kelly, a little red wagon to carry all her books To Mrs. Leary, a new supply of " surprise solution " to dip our pens in To Mr. Lindgren, the ninth world region To Mrs. Marshall, a closet full of basic dresses To Miss Mele, all next year ' s yearbook material in on schedule 100 To Mrs. Murphy, twenty-five free piano lessons with Van Cliburn To Miss Palmer, the latest edition of Chubby Checker ' s new twist album To Mrs. Russell, the fourth step of a revolutionary pattern To Miss Taylor, rubber-soled heels for everyone who enters the library To Miss Tonougar, an open-air classroom To Miss Wall, a problem-free Student Government To Mrs. Whiting, a student who can take shorthand at 250 w.a.m. TO THE STAFF: To Mrs. Carty, the trials and tribulations of " home-sick " students To Mrs. Jennings, an empty lost and found box To June and Warren McDowell, twenty-five new recipes for peanut butter and jelly To the janitors, cafeteria 3 full of ashless ashtrays To Andrew Hall, a noiseless washing machine To Carty Hall, a covering for the " untouchable " wallpaper To Edmund Hall, a heated underground tunnel to the new cafeteria To Florence Hall, engraved invitations to all their parties next year To Myron Hall, a Pepsi machine that never runs out To Sarah Mortimer Hall, faultless wiring To the Commuters, a chartered MTA commuter train To the Electronics Majors, slide rules that never fail To the Executive Majors, jobs with rising young diplomats To the Foreign Trade Majors, travel tickets to all continents To the Legal Majors, promising young lawyers To the Medical Majors, Dr. Casey and Dr. Kildare To the Student Government, a college full of students who own nothing but one- inch heels To Fisher, we leave To the typewriters, fingers which never hit the wrong keys To the cafeterias, spill-less trays To the Juniors, all the best wishes from the Seniors IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands this Second day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two. Signed and acknowledged by us: Sandra P. Butterworth Sandra L. Goggin Gail P. Maculewicz Roberta L. Zampieri 101 Junior Directory MAXINE ADELMAN 23 Ellsworth Avenue, Brockton PHYLLIS M. AGRILLO 14 Westland Road, Watertown 72 JANE ANNE ANDERSON 138 Bellingham Avenue, Revere 51 BALVA APRANS 26 Abbott Street, Beverly BARBARA E. ARSENAULT 29 Hiawatha Avenue, Waltham 54 SUSAN ASTLE 56 Rainbow Avenue, Dracut SHARON L. BABB 2 Windemere Park, Manchester NANCY J. BALLOU 8 Hillcrest, White River Junction, Vermont CYNTHIA M. BANCROFT 201 Mill Street, Haverhill MARY LOU BARGERON 24 Linden Street, Orange SHARON E. BARSTOW Riverbend Drive, Mystic, Connecticut MARGARET BARTON 27 South Street, Plainville JULIANNE M. BENKAVITCH 165 Union Street, Norwood DIANE V. BERBERIAN 40 Fordham Street, Arlington 74 BARBARA ANN BISHOP 96 Chestnut Street, Wilmington ELIZABETH R. BLAKE 20 Martin Street, W. Roxbury 32 PAMELA BOYINGTON 45 Speen Street, Natick CAROLE M. BRIGHAM 46 Fairmount Avenue, Haverhill PAMELA E. BROWN 16 Tomahawk Drive, Tewksbury MADELYN J. BRYANT 137 Myrtle Street, Lowell CHRISTINE BUKER 43 Francis Avenue, W. Bridgewater CYNTHIA A. BURNS 24 Middle Street, Beverly JANE L. BUTTERWORTH Little Harbor Road, Portsmouth, New Hampshire KATHERINE G. CAGGIANO 246 Mystic Valley Parkway, Arlington 74 MARGARET-ELLEN CAIRNS 206 Waverly Road, North Andover JUDITH M. CALVI 72 Blossom Street, Bradford LINDA L. CAMPBELL 24 Brookdale Road, Natick NAN S. CARMOLLI 24 Eastern Avenue, Barre, Vermont MARY J. CARTY 51 Chestnut Street, Franklin JOYCE C. CASTNER 182 Chesterfield Drive, Rochester 12, New York CAROLYN M. CHASSE 252 Maine Street, Sanford, Maine SANDRA L. CHENEY 20 Central Avenue, Revere 51 MARY A. CHILDS 176 Tower Hill Road, Osterville JOYCE D. CHILINGARIAN 76 Mt. Vernon East, East Weymouth 89 ELEANOR M. CHRISTOPHER 14 Shaw Avenue, Rockland, Maine JEAN A. COFFIN 18 Columbia Road, North Andover JANET COHEN 1 Grace Street, Maiden 48 PHYLLIS COHEN 1 Grace Street, Maiden 48 JANICE M. COLUMBUS 4 Beech, Baldwinville ELLEN M. CONNORS 148 Hamilton Avenue, Lynn NANCY R. COOPER 17 Elm Street, Nassau, New York SHEILA M. COOPERMAN 91 University Road, Brookline 46 PATRICIA A. COUTO 59 Davis Straits, Falmouth LINDA L. CROCKER Mill Way, Barnstable PATRICIA A. CROWLEY 166 Granite Avenue, Milton 86 JAME F. CUMMINGS 95 Glenburn Road, Arlington 74 LOIS A. CUMMINGS Folsom Road, Center Ossipee, New Hampshire MAUREEN CUNNINGHAM 51 Sunnybank Avenue, Rockland LINDA W. CURRIE 17 Mason Avenue, North Billerica KATHRYN E. DALY 685 Elm Street, W. Springfield CAROL DAVIS Elm Street, Groton VERONICA A. DAVIS Pomfret Road, Putnam, Connecticut JUDITH A. DECAREAU 55 Lake Drive, South Hamilton JANET E. DETWEILER Callowhill Marshall Streets, Perkasie, Pennsylvania CAROL E. DiBENEDETTO 393 Cherry Street, West Newton 65 CAMILLE J. DiGREGORIO 83 Robin Hood Road, Stoneham PATRICIA A. DONOHUE 59 Dartmouth Street, Everett 49 MARY G. DORAN 149 Central Park Drive, Holyoke CAROLYN A. DuBOIS 17 Sherbrooke Street, Springfield 4 CECILE L. DUERR 36 Warren Avenue, Mystic, Connecticut 102 FANNY D. DUHL P.O. Box 3109, Carrion 527, Quito, Ecuador MARY M. EACMEN 55 Limerick Street, Gardner PATRICIA I. EK 67 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton PERMELIA ELDRIDGE Center Ossipee, New Hampshire ELIZABETH ELLIOTT 1424 Pierce, Birmingham, Michigan JANICE J. EWEN 32 John Street, Attleboro SANDRA G. FARRAR 28 Mt. Desert Street, Bar Harbor, Maine PATRICIA M. FIELD 62 Tanager Road, Attleboro CYNTHIA E. FISCHBACK 200 Tremont Street, Mansfield CAROLYN E. FISCHER 458 Matfield Street, W. Bridgewater CHRISTINE A. FIUMARA 49 Adams Street, Medford 55 NATALIE A. FOLSOM 1576 North Shore Road, Revere 51 ELLEN M. FOTI 21 Batchelder Avenue, Peabody MARY A. FRIEL 15 Pine Street, Brattleboro, Vermont MARY K. GALVIN 340 Albion Street, Wakefield PAULA E. GENDRON 1 17 Main Street, Sanford, Maine MYRA GERSHENSON 93 Dartmouth, Portland, Maine PALMA M. GIARDINO 612 East Garden, Rome, New York JEAN GNOSPELIUS 25 Arnold Road, North Quincy 71 VIRGINIA I. GOLDEN 15 Andrew Street, Arlington 74 BARBARA L. GRAD 58 Main Street, Meredith, New Hampshire CAROL A. GUINETTE 127 Circuit Avenue, Weymouth 88 JANET E. H ALLAH AN 136 Lindbergh Avenue, Needham Heights 94 DINA G. HAMILTON 14 Quince Street, Nantucket ELLEN D. HARDY 105 Pleasant Street, Woburn JOAN L. HASSELL Euclio Avenue, Pembroke 25, Bermuda ELIZABETH M. HEFFERNAN 57 Highland Road, Somerville 44 MARGARET C. HILLIS 59 Everett Street, Arlington 74 MARIE C. HIRNIAK 28 Cottage Street, New Haven 1 1, Connecticut NANCY Z. HOFFECKER North Main Street, Lyndonville, Vermont LOIS A. HORVITZ 30 Junior Street, New Bedford MARGARET F. HOWELL 1 133 Woodbury Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire ELAINE M. HUGHES 29 Sunnyside Park, Saugus SUSAN E. HULL 246 Walnut, Reading BARBARA R. HYNES 84 John Street, Reading EILEEN C. JACOBUCCI 362 Hatherly Road, Scituate LINDA L. JOHNSON 193 E. Lothrop, Beverly BARBARA J. JUDKINS Box 246, Rangeley, Maine PATRICIA F. KAHIAN 866 Center Street, Middleboro JOAN KANDARIAN 1699 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford 7, Connecticut MARCIA L. KANE 84 Audubon Road, Milton 87 HELEN A. KAYE 25 Shetland Road, Marblehead KRISTIN J. KEELER 242 East, Wrentham DOLORES A. KINKAID 10 Mason Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire KARLYN I. KLASSON 954 Washington Street, Weymouth 89 ANNE M. KNOWLES Country Road, Orleans MARLENE KRAEZ 215 Tappan Street, Brookline 44 VICKI J. KRONENFELD 108 Davis Avenue, Auburn, Maine ROBERTA J. KROPP 169 Sanders Avenue, Lowell JOANNE D. KULA 6 Lawrence Street, Woburn MARJORIE A. LABER East Mountain, Newport, New Hampshire PAULETTE A. LaCOUTURE 54 Westwood Road, Medford 55 SHIRLEY J. LADNER 28 Rowe Street, Melrose 76 JOAN E. LANCASTER 7 Standish Road, Lynnfield BARBARA M. LANDRY Wall, Dexter 3, Maine JACQUELINE I. LaPLANTE 25 Liberty Avenue, Lawrence ELAINE V. LIZZA 196 Anstice Street, Oyster Bay, New York CAROLYN M. LONG 176 Reedsdale Road, Milton 86 VALARIE A. LOPEZ 20 Anawan Avenue, Saugus CHARLOTTE M. LOWERY 21 Claflin Place, Newtonville 60 HUGHINA M. MacDONALD 57 Cross Street, Franklin JUDITH A. MacDOUGALL 36 Taylor Avenue, Dedham CAROLYN A. MacKENZIE 7 Oak Lane, Gorham, Maine DONNA L. MACKINAW 14 Merrimack Street, Penacook, New Hampshire 103 BETTE MAGOON 298 Copeland Street, Brockton 45 CLAIRE S. MANFREDI 44 Oakland Avenue, Arlington 74 GLORIA A. MARQUES 14 Craigie Street, Somerville 43 CATHERINE M. MARTIN 158 Main Street, Gardiner, Maine ANN L. MASON 6 Seabury Place, Waterbury, Vermont VALERIE I. MAYNARD 227 Washington Avenue, Somerset KATHLEEN M. McCARTHY 623 Main Street, Watertown 72 patricia e. McCarthy 102 Williams Avenue, Lynn ellen u. Mcdonough 105 Milford Street, W. Medway DOLORES J. McFALL 1631 Steuben Street, Utica 3, New York MARIANNE McKIEL 57 Colonial Drive, Arlington 74 nancy Mclaughlin 635 Lincoln Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire PHYLLIS M. MEDEIROS 79 Kilmer Avenue, Taunton ALEXANDRA MELA 4 Ipsilanti Street, Athens, Greece PHRONIETTA K. MELA 4 Ipsilanti Street, Athens, Greece SANDRA A. MELANSON 1 1 Great Road, Maynard CAROL A. MENTON 180 Florence Street, Roslindale 31 LYNDA J. MERROW 125 Harvard Street, Auburn, Maine DOROTHY A. MIDDLETON R.D. 3, Middleton Drive, New Fairfield, Connecticut JANET MILLER 51 Williams Street, Noank, Connecticut CAROL A. MITCHELL 3 Lewis Street, Newton 58 MARCIA M. MOODY 47 Moody Street, North Andover DONNA M. MOORE 81 Purchase Street, Milford LETHA R. MOORE 298 Brookline Street, Needham 92 SUZANNE C. MOORS 200 Stillwater Avenue, Old Town, Maine DEBORAH M. MORRISON 144 Wellsville Street, Bolivar, New York BARBARA L. MOSES P.O. Box 1042, Montrose Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas VICKY S. MOUTSOS 14 Walnut Park, Roxbury 19 FLORENCE E. MOY ES 77 Saunders Street, Lawrence REBECCA H. MURPHY 19 South Chestnut Street, Augusta, Maine DIANE R. NADELL 168 Belmont Street, Maiden 48 ELLEN M. NAZZARO 34 Cottage Street, Belmont 78 NANCY E. NEWMAN 322 Matfield Street, W. Bridgewater CAROL C. NG 359 So. Main Street, Fall River IRENE NICHOLAS 175 Granite Avenue, Milton 86 JANICE A. NICOSIA 3 North Square, Boston 13 NANCY NUTTON Overlook Avenue, Gloucester BETTY E. O ' BRIEN 23 West Sigourney, Lynn MARY P. O ' BRIEN 9 Soren Street, Randolph WALDA M. O ' BRIEN 55 George Street, South Dartmouth JOAN M. OSENTON 70 Meadowbrook Road, Chestnut Hill 67 VIRGINIA E. OTIS 3 Colonial Road, Woburn RUTH E. OWEN 62 Green Street, Stoneham 80 SANDRA M. PAGANELLI 77 So. Kimball, Haverhill GLORIANNE PERREAULT Cedar Land Road, East Orleans DONNA J. PETERSON 10 Hersom Street, Watertown 72 LOUISE M. PICARDI 350 Summer Street, East Boston 28 SUSAN W. PIERCE 5 Center Hill Road, Kingston ANNETTE POLONSKY 390 Forest Avenue, Brockton ELAINE M. POLITO 1129 Albany, Utica 3, New York SUSANNAH POOLE 319 E. Water Street, Rockland KATHLEEN M. POREMBSKI 35 Lawrence Street, Milford RUTH A. POTZKO 1 03 Brookings Street, Medford 55 ELLEN C. POWERS Main Street, Bolton LINDA E. PRATT Damariscotta, Maine CLAUDETTE E. PREFONTAINE 7 Evergreen Road, Plainville DOROTHY A. PURDA Putney Road, Brattleboro, Vermont PATRICIA A. RAFFERTY R.D. 2, Box 176, Zena Road, Kingston, New York BETSY REYNOLDS 176 Watson Road, Belmont 78 MARILYN J. RICCI 34 Hancock, Brockton 12 DONNA M. RICE 3 1 Litchfield Street, Springfield, Vermont CARYL P. ROBINSON 71 W. Merrimack Street, Manchester, New Hampshire LOIS D. ROGERS 123 Salem Street, Reading DEANNA L. ROLLINS 114 Sherwood Circle, E. Bridgewater 104 LYNN W. RONDINONE 61 Kitts Lane, Newington 11, Connecticut JOYCE D. ROTTENBERG 66 Marston Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire JACQUELINE ROWE Harrasgeket Avenue, Box 96, S. Freeport, Maine LORETTA A. RUFO 6 Theurer, Watertown 72 IRENE D. RUSHLOW 30 Pine Street, Attleboro JANICE F. SABLAK 14 Highland, W. Warren SHEILA M. SALVUCCI 33 Lyons Street, Quincy 69 BEVERLY J. SARGENT 177 Lexington, Watertown 72 CAROL L. SAUL 417 S. W. 17 Street, Richmond, Indiana JUDITH C. SCANLON 7 Bowden, Marblehead MARY ANN L. SEARS 21 Russell Road, Dedham ROBERTA M. SEAVER 6 Congress Street, Stoneham 80 JANICE H. SEELEY 9 Foster Street, Danvers CYNTHIA E. SHERMAN 82 Mt. Vernon Street, Maiden DIANE M. SIBOLKIN 34 Richardson Street, Portland, Maine SUSAN J. SILBERT 79 Sprague, Maiden 48 ARLENE M. SIMONS 54 Vernon Street, Brookline 46 KATHERINE M. SKOVRON 27 Plummer Avenue, Newburyport CAROLE E. SMITH 5 Bangor Street, Gorham, New Hampshire CAROLYN E. SMITH Taunton Street, North Lakeville ELEANOR R. SMITH 199 Pomeroy Avenue, Pittsfield GERONA M. SMITH Gerrish Island, Kittery Point, Maine JOANNE E. SMITH 20 Smiths Lane, Kingston KAREN B. SMITH 14 Babcock Avenue, No. Weymouth 91 ELIZABETH SNIEGOSKI 17 Houghton Street, Lynn DIANE H. SPANIOL Albany Road, Pittsfield LINDA SPENCER No. Main Street, Cochituate PATRICIA A. SPLAINE 536 Worcester Street, Southbridge DOROTHY H. STIMPFEL 137 Copley Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey GERDA STUDENT 8 Jordan Avenue, Lawrence MARGARET A. STURM 372 Farmington Avenue, Kensington, Connecticut KATHLEEN L. SWAIN 30 Myrtle Street, Saugus MARILYN V. TAYLOR 21 Curve Road, Stoneham 80 MARY O. TELLES Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs BARBARA B. TERHUNE 940 Village Street, West Medway BARBARA J. THOMAS 259 Ames Street, Brockton 18 BARBARA J. THORNE 36 Cole Avenue, Millis PAULINE J. THURLOW 4 Gibbs Avenue, Bridgton, Maine HELEN M. TONASZUCK 116 Durbeck Road, Rockland DOROTHY A. TROMBA Gilmore Street, Quincy 70 SUSAN W. TUTTLE 209 Highland Street, Brockton 19 MAUREEN P. USIS 54 Holmes Road, Dedham BARBARA E. VI ETZE 48 Pleasant Street, E. Walpole VIRGINIA L. WAIDE I I Lester Street, E. Longmeadow VICKI L. M. WALENTUK Holliston, Medway PHYLLIS S. WARDEN 22 Catalina Road, Lynn GAIL J. W ATKINS 22 Hinckley Road, Tewksbury VIRGINIA L. WEDGE 55 Vernon Street, Bridgeport 8, Connecticut GLORIA J. WEINER I I I Lanark Road, Brighton 35 DIANNE WELCH 14 Pearl Street, Belmont 78 LINDA R. WELLES Welles Road, Talcottville, Connecticut EDNA-ANN WEST 33 Woodleigh Avenue, Greenfield LORRAINE R. WETHERELL 56 Magrame Square, Lynn CAROL E. WIDROW 46 Warren Avenue, Lewiston, Maine GERALYN F. WILLIAMS 52 Neponset Road, Quincy 69 LINDA E. WILSON 1075 Washington Street, Gloucester JEAN L. WITHAM 106 Waldo Avenue, Rockland, Maine JANICE M. WRIGHT 45 Maitland Street, New Bedford JOANNE H. YABLONSKI 217 Conant, Gardner JANET I. YARDLEY 9 Dailey Avenue, North Easton DALE N. ZANCHI Lowell Road, Nabnassett EILEEN M. ZIDES 186 Callender Street, Dorchester 24 105 Patrons Mr. William G. Affleck Mr. Mrs. I. M. Amenta Mr. Mrs. Manuel Andrade Nancy Avedian Mr. Mrs. Howard H. Bailey Mr. Mrs. Donald Belcher Mr. Mrs. Carl B. Berg Mr. Mrs. Alexander J. Bernier Mrs. Grace E. Bevilaqua Mr. Mrs. Robert Brown Mr. Mrs. F. H. Butterworth Mr. Mrs. George Cleathero Mr. Mrs. Donald Cole Mr. Mrs. W. W. Conlin Mrs. Rose M. Cricchio Mr. Mrs. Robert Cronig Mr. Edwin J. Culver Mr. Earle F. Daggett Mr. George P. Dubois Mr. Mrs. Thomas W. Finneran Mr. Mrs. Malcom Fullonton Mr. Mrs. Albert Gesek Mr. Mrs. John O. Giles Mr. Mrs. Robert Goggin Mrs. Margaret L. Hines Mr. Mrs. Robert C. Hodgdon Dana L. Homer Mr. Cyril L. Hunt Mr. Mrs. Alexander Jackson Mrs. Delmar L. Jenkins Mrs. Frances Kaplan Mr. Daniel J. Kelley Mr. Mrs. Earle L. Kyte Mr. Laurence K. Ladd A. J. LaGreca Mr. Mrs. Donald A. Lawson Mrs. Ethel Lobdell Mr. Mrs. Peer A. Locke Mr. Mrs. Joseph Love Mrs. C. Kenneth McDonald Mr. Mrs. John McDormand Mr. Mrs. Paul B. Meranian Mr. Mrs. David A. Mitchell Mr. Mrs. Frank Pellegrino Mr. Mrs. Raymond B. Pynn Mr. Mrs. Willard R. Rawn Mr. Mrs. Eino A. Reida Mr. Mrs. Paul Ricciardi Mr. Mrs. Valentine Rothenheber Mr. Mrs. Alphonse P. Rudokas Mr. Mrs. Ray M. Sargent Mr. Alexander J. Smith Mr. Walter Stankiewicz Col. Mrs. Jerome I. Steeves Mrs. Marcella Stevens Mr. Mrs. Leroy F. Stevens Mr. William A. Stewart, Jr. Mr. Carl S. Tenney Mr. Mrs. Raymond Tondreault Mr. Mrs. Tage B. Torgerson Mrs. Ethel M. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weygand Mr. Mrs. Francis A. White Dr. Mrs. Edward A. Winsten Mrs. Margaret M. Young Mr. Mrs. Libero Zampieri 106 X ?- -0 - - - - j Cr - - C -C up -£r v - - - S - x x -i x 5 -. - ■sy ? ' j?-, v5 X 9 Complete Photographic Service To The 1962 BEACON SARGENT STUDIO 110 EAST STREET WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 107 idea man . . . the Keller yearbook representa tive ROSWELL FARNHAM To the casual reader a yearbook is often simply an " album " of pictures with accompanying identi- fications and enough written text to fill up the re- maining holes on the pages. Merely ink on paper . . . though nice to own and enjoy. But to the staff and the adviser the yearbook means much more. For yearbook work comprises a multitude of details: Layout, Art, Photography, Copy, Typography, Covers and Binding (not to mention the small detail of money-raising). Highly technical and often confusing, these details are at the very least time-consuming and a source of anxiety to a staff unless the publisher ' s repre- sentative is company-trained to give needed help and suggestions. All representatives for Wm. J. Keller Inc. are skilled in the many facets of yearbook work, hav- ing at their finger-tips the answers to yearbook problems as well as a multitude o f ideas for new graphic arts special effects, to enable the staff to produce a yearbook that is different and attractive. Your Keller salesman is more than a technical ad- viser, he is a " clearing-house " of yearbook ideas. Wm. J. Keller Inc. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, New York 108

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Fisher College - Beacon Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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