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Fisher Colleae Libran THE B E A C O N 1960 FISHER JUNIOR COLLEGE Boston Massachusetts DEDICATION One who dedicates; one who is dedicated Our college yearbook is symbolic of the most treasured years of our life. It is only fitting, therefore, that our dedication be presented to a person who has influenced us not only to strive for academic excellence, but for personal character excellence as well. The halls of Fisher are filled with the gratitude of students who proclaim your loyalty and integrity. This opportunity affords the ideal time for the Senior Class to express its personal gratitude to you whom we highly respect as a teacher; deeply cherish as a friend. We proudly and most sincerely dedicate this yearbook to you, Mrs. Judge. May God Bless You. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Recently a family visited the College offices. The father was a foreman at a large indus- trial plant which hired thousands of people. He wanted his daughter to have the best possible education. The right junior college was of the utmost importance. This family had already visited three other institutions when another administrator in charge of personnel called the father aside and inquired if he had visited Fisher. The Director of Personnel urged that an appointment be made, primarily because of the outstanding record made by each Fisher graduate employed by that firm. The girl stood out as a qualified young woman, not only needed, but wanted, because of her superior attitudes, ap- preciations and skills. Each of you, as you make your initial steps into the various professions and industries, car- ries the same opportunity to add to the lustre and reputation of the College by your integrity, skill and sense of responsibility. Each year as this yearbook is opened from time to time, you may be sure that you will stand out in our memory for the record you made here. You will not be forgotten. In fact, each member of our staff will watch with sincere interest the progress you make as reports come to us from month to month. Standards have been set and met. The working tools are in your hands. We wish you God ' s direction and blessing in the new life before you. SANFORD L. FISHER, b.s., ed.m. President FACULTY JOSEPH J. CARTY, LL.B. Treasurer MYRON C. FISHER, JR. B.S. in Ed. Administrative Dean MRS. ELIZA CARTY, R.N. Nurse ALBERT L. FISHER, B.S. in Ed., Ed.M. Administrative Dean ROBERTA C. MACDONALD A.B., M.S.C. Academic Dean MRS. EDITH T. HUGHES Public Relations Director Admissions Director STAFF LAURA M. BARNES, A.B., LL.B. English, Legal Major, Psychology AGNES ADAMS FISHER, A .A. English, Literature ROSE M. GARABEDIAN, B.S., M.S Shorthand, Typewriting, Filing, Secretarial Procedures BURTON CUSHING, S.B., Ed.M. Mathematics, Electronics Major MIRIAM L. DODGE, B.S. in Ed. Shorthand, Typewriting, Accounting, Secretarial Procedures MARION E. FRITZ Typewriting, Filing, Executive Major FAUD ABU ZAYYAD M.A., Ph.D. International Trade LAURENCE A. HANSEN, A.B., M.S. English, Drama, Psychology ALICE LONG HURLEY, B.B.A. Accounting, Shorthand, Typewriting, Secretarial Procedures JACQUELINE C. JUDGE B.S. in Ed., Ed.M. Shorthand, Typewriting, English, Filing MARY LEARY, B.S. Medical Major, Anatomy, Physiology PHYLLIS MARSHALL, B.S. Social Living PENELOPE MELE B.S. in Bus. Ed. Shorthand, Typing, Secretarial Procedures THERESE MURPHY Medical Major JANET C. RUSSELL, B.S., M.A. Humanities, English, Music Appreciation LURA TAYLOR, Mus.B., M.A. Librarian, Music Appreciation, Fine Arts MARY A. TONOUGAR, B.S. in Ed.. M.A. in Tchg., Ed.M. Spanish, Geographic Background LILA DAVIS WHITING Secretarial Procedures, Shorthand JUNE WARREN MCDOWELL Cafeteria MARK DOROTHY GUTHRIE HAROLD DlMUND THORNTON PORTER MICHAEL NEE Maintenance JANICE ABRAMS " Little Bits " " With a smile and dimples galore, She ' ll really gain what she ' s aiming for. " Legal Major. Commuters ' Club, Hostess at Fashion Show and President ' s Tea. 90 Vern- dale Street, Brookline, Mass. SUSAN EMERSON ALLEN " Sue " " My book and heart shall never part. " Foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club, Commuters ' Club, fashion Show Model, Yearbook Staff, Hostess for open house, Usherette at Ice Follies. 48 Church Street, Wey- mouth, Mass. CATHERINE ALLISON " Cathy " " The warm, champagny , old-particular, Brandy-punchy feel- ing. " Electronics Major. Stu- dent Government, Rainbow Girls, Commuters ' Club. 28 Whiton Ave- nue, Quincy, Mass. JUDITH CLARE ANDERSON " Judy " " A quiet girl you think you see, But you don ' t know how noisy our Judy can be. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club, Year- book Staff. 48 Oriole Street, West Roxbury, Mass. JUDITH IRENE ANDERSON " Judy " " A combination of brains and style, Knowing Judy is really worthwhile. " Medical Major. Glee Club. 22 Jenny hind Street, North East on, Mass. EDNA KATHERINE BAKER " Kathy " " It matters not how long you live, but how well. " Legal Ma- jor. House council, Hostess at Mixer and President ' s Tea. 27 Hill- crest Road, East Weymouth, Mass. LORRAINE HOPE BANKER " Laurie " " She moves like a god- dess and looks like a queen. " Legal Major. Yearbook Staff. 2612 First Avenue, Schenectady, New York. CAROL ANNE BANNISTER " Carol " " A gentle disposition wins for itself many friends. " Legal Major. Student Government, Com- muters ' Club, Hostess at Open House and President ' s Tea. 16 O ' Neil Drive, Westboro, Mass. JUDITH BARDEN " Judy " " A heart of gold and full of fun is she. " Executive Major. Glee Club, Newspaper staff, Span- ish Club, Yearbook staff, Hostess at Mixer. 92 River Street, Moosup, Connecticut. PRISCILLA JILL BENTLEY " Jill " " Personality plus. " Elec- tronics Alajor. Commuters ' Club, Chairman of Governing Committee. 118 Winter Street, Saugus, Mass. ARCANGELA BISCEGLIA " Connie " " Full of life and mischief too. " Electronics Major. Junior and Senior Class President, Glee Club, Newman Club, Dramatic Club, Fash- ion Show Model, Chairman of An- drew Hall, Student Government. Ill Florence Avenue, Rye, New York. AUDREY VERNE BLINDERMAN " Audie " " As merry as the day is long. " Foreign Trade Major. Glee Club, Spanish Club. 76 Gro- san Avenue, Quincy, Mass. DOROTHY ALTA BOTKIN " Dotty " " Friendly and carefree is she. " Electronics Major. Dormi- tory House Council, Secretary. Ill Hillside Avenue, Falmouth, Maine. JANICE IRENE BOTTI " Jan " " Gentleness and sincerity first of all. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club, Newman Club, Newspaper staff, Hostess at Fashion Show and President ' s Tea. 7050 Adams Street, Dorchester, Mass. ELAINE F. BRAVERMAN " Lainey " " Softly speaks, sweetly smiles. " Executive Major. Juni- or Class Treasurer, Hostess at Dad and Daughter Night. 244 Lyman Road, Milton, Mass. BETTY ANN BROWN " Betty " " The perfect lady at all times. " Executive Major. Com- muters ' Club, Hostess at Fashion Show and Open House. 20 Clifton Street, Quincy, Mass. CAROL ANN CARNEY " Carol " " A merry heart is welcome anywhere. " Foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club, Commuters ' Club, Entertainment Committee for Senior Dad and Daughter Night. 298 Main Street, Wakefield, Mass. MARILYN JOSEPHINE CAUSE " Marilyn " " Her rewards will be high and her troubles few, for Marilyn knows the right things to do. " Le- gal Major. Newman Club, Year- book staff. 683 Lynnfield Street, Lynn, Mass. MARGUERITE F. CHIANGO " Margie " " Sincerity, consideration and modesty — with these she ' ll go far. " Legal Major. Newman Club, Commuters ' Club, Yearbook staff, Hostess at Open House. 40 Atherton Street, Quincy, Mass. GAIL PATRICIA CLARK " Gigi " " Keep cool, it will be all won a hundred years hence. " For- eign Trade Major. Spanish Club, fashion Show Model. 37 Prichard Avenue, Somerville, Mass. JOYCE CAROLYN CRAFTS " Jo " " Personality plus, that radi- ates spirit and loads of fun in every- thing. " Executive Major. New- man Club. 20 Moore Street, Somerville, Mass. CAROL MAE CROOME " Carol " " Never judge a book by its cover. " Executive Major. Glee Club, Organist at assemblies. 764 Veteran ' s Memorial Parkway, East Providence, R. I. CHRISTINE FRANCES CROWELL " Christine " " Gay, but with dig- nity. " Foreign Trade Major. 14 James Street, Rockland, Mass. CAROL ANN DeANGELIS " Carol " " And so she makes music wherever she goes. " Executive Ma- jor. Newman Club Treasurer, Com- muters ' Club, Yearbook staff. 135 Cook Avenue, Chelsea, Mass. ROSALIND ANNE DeCARLO " Ros " " Charlie " " A vivacious red- head with a personality to match. " Executive Major. Commuters ' Club, Newman Club, Glee Club, Usherette at Ice Follies. 68 Richmond Road, Belmont, Mass. RUTH AURELIA DERWISH " Ruthie " " Only through hard work and toil can one attain her goal. " Executive Major. Com- muters ' Club, Yearbook staff, Drama Club, Hostess for Open House. Groton Road, North Shirley, Mass. JANICE LORRAINE DEXTER " Janice " " Merry as a lark. " For- eign Trade Major. Commuters ' Club, Newspaper staff. 13 Mont- gomery Street, Saugus, Mass. NANCY LIBERA DiBENEDETTO " Charlie " " Always alert, with a smile ready. " Foreign Trade Ma- jor. Drama Club, Glee Club, News- paper staff, Yearbook staff. Fashion Show Model. 393 Cherry Street, West Newton, Mass. JANE ANN DiMAIO " Jane " " She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think of. " Electronics Ma- jor. Commuters ' Club, Newman Club. 320 Curwin Circle, Lynn, Mass. LINDA VAUGHAN DUFRESNE " Linda Lou ' 1 " Vim, vigor and vi- tality, Pep, poise and personality. " Executive Major. Commuters ' Club, Student Government, President; Glee Club, Hostess at Mixer and President ' s Tea, Newspaper staff. 120 South Street, Northborough, Mass. NANCY DIANA EATON " Nancy " " Quiet, neat and oh, so sweet. " Executive Major. News- paper staff, Co?nmuters ' Club, Fashion Show Model. 9 Calvin Street, Lex- ington, Mass. ELIZABETH W. EPPLER " Betty " " A quiet little miss is she, but as likeable a girl as she can be. " Executive Major. Dormitory House Council. 1256 Boulevard, West Hartford 7, Conn. DIANA CONCHETTA FARULLA " Diana " " A merry heart radiates cheerfulness. " Medical Major. Newman Club. 4 Craigie Street, Sotnerville, Mass. SYBIL ROCHELLE FELDMAN " Syb " " No taper is needed to light the mischief in her eyes. " Execu- tive Major. Commuters ' Club. 78 Hawthorn Street, Chelsea, Mass. MARGARET JEAN FLEMING " Peggie " " Her real ivealth is in honest friendship. " Executive Ma- jor. Commuters ' Club. 10 Centre Street, Lexington, Mass. BRENDA GAIL FOSTER " Brenda " " A thousand friends suf- fice thee not. " Executive Major. House President, House Council, Stu- dent Government. 3 Glendale Road, Augusta, Maine. ANN MARIE FOX " Nancy " " Beneath her countenance lies a soul of friendly mischief. " Legal Major. Newman Club, House Council, 231 Leavitt Street, Hing- ham, Mass. ROBERTA EVELYN FRANK " Bobbie " " It ' s nice to be natural when one is naturally nice. " Medi- cal Major. Commuters ' Club. Evelyn Road, Everett, Mass. LOIS ELAINE GAMMELL " Lois " " Ready, willing and able. " Legal Major. Student Govern- ment Social Chairman, Commuters ' Club. 24 Michael Street, Arlington, Mass. DOROTHY ANN GARLAND " Dottie " " A sparkling personality and natural grace, Has put Dottie in her place. " Medical Major. Com- muters ' Club, Yearbook staff, Rain- bow Club. 29 Puritan Road, Ar- lington, Mass. CATHERINE MARIE GASSON " Cathy " " Her ways are ways of Pleasantness. " Electronics Major. Fashion Show Model, Hostess at Presi- dent ' s Tea. 33 Church Street, Mans- field, Mass. ELEANOR SUSAN GAWRONSKI ' ' Ellie " " Sugar and spice and all things nice. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club, Spanish Club. 1122 Bedford Street, North Abington, Mass. RUBY TERESA GILBEAUX " Rub " " Mischief sparkles in her eyes, and her laughter never dies. " Executive Major. Treasurer and President of Spanish Club, Fashion Show Model, Graduation Usherette, Junior Class Vice-President, Glee Club, Newman Club. 56 Hollander Street, Roxbury, Mass. DONNA LOUISE GLINSKI " Donna " " Speech is great, but si- lence is greater. " Medical Major. Fashion Shoiv Model, Hostess at Mixer and President ' s Tea, House Council, House President, Student Government. 44 Rouville Avenue, Gardner, Mass. BARBARA ANNE GORMAN " Barbara " " A pleasing smile, a cheerful word. " Executive Major. Hostess at Mixer, Rainbow Club. 73 Thaxter Road, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. SANDRA ELAINE GRAVES " Sandy " " Quiet and neat, pleasant to meet. " Executive Major. Fash- ion Show Model, Dormitory Secre- tary. 21 Summer Street, Halloivell, Maine. DIANA HALL " Diana " " She is sweet, quiet, and pleasant. " Medical Major. Com- muters ' Club, Yearbook staff, Hostess and Usherette at Fashion Show. Everett Street, Arlington, Mass. ROSEMARY GAIL HALL " Rosie " " Whenever she smiles, per- sonality beams. " Executive Major. Fashion Show Model. 61 Mon- roe Avenue, Brock port. New York. LINDA MAE HANSCOM " Linda " " Serene amidst the savage waves. " Executive Major. Dorm- itory House Council. North Water- boro, Maine. SUSAN LEE HARDIN " Sue " " Keep your face to the sun- shine and you cannot see the shadow. " Executive Major. Hostess at Mixer and Open House, Hostess at Fashion Show. Wright Road, Can- ton Center, Connecticut. CAROL ANN HATFIELD " Carol " " Fun and laughter are all around her. " Medical Major. House Council, President ' s Tea Host- ess. Middlesex Road, Tyngsboro, Mass. MARY LINDA HEALY ' ' Linda " " A sweet girl who ' s lots of fun will have no worries in time to come. " Executive Major. Glee Club. 42 Hudson Street, Milton, Mass. SANDRA EMMA HEPWORTH " Sandy " " A friendly smile, and a friendly way. " Legal Major. Fashion Shoiv Model, Yearbook staff, Commuters ' Club, Hostess at Open House, Entertainment Committee for Senior Dad and Daughter Night. 154 Walnut Street, Stoughton, Mass. MARY ESTHER HILDRETH " Mary " " Silence is golden and oh, so sweet. " Executive Major. Home Residence Club. Canterbury, New Hampshire. PATRICIA LEE HULTMAN " Pat " " Through seas of dreams, life ' s siveetest joys are enfolded for you. " Medical Major. Hostess. 53 Russell Street, Manchester, Connecticut. MYRA ROSLYN JENNINGS " Myra " " Fun and Fancy Free. " Executive Major. Newspaper staff, Commuters ' Club, Rainbow Club, Ju- nior Prom Committee. 28 Ledge- u ood Road, Wakefield, Mass. ANNETTE LILLIAN JOHNSTON " Annette " " A southern belle is she, and from her face glows a radiant friendliness. " Legal Major. So- cial Chairman of Sarah Mortimer Hall, Junior Dad and Daughter Night Hostess, Wardrobe Mistress for Fash- ion Show. 2504 Augusto Road, Greenville, South Carolina. BARBARA ANN JUDGE " Barbi " " I ' ve made it a practice to put all my worries down in the bot- tom of my heart, then sit on the lid and smile. " Legal Major. New- man Club, Yearbook staff. 10 Woodbine Street, Bryantville, Alass. VIRGINIA ANN KEHOE " Ginny " " Vivaciousness is the gift of ivomen. " Legal Major. Drama Club Treasurer, fashion Show Model, Theme Committee Chairman for Seni- or Dad and Daughter Night. 4 Walnut Street, Wakefield, Mass. JOYCE ARLENE KOSKI " Joyce " " Politeness costs nothing and gains everything. " Electronics Major. Home Residence Club. Main Street, Westminster, Mass. DEANNA SYBIL LERNER " Dee " " The secret of success is constancy to purpose. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club, Year- book staff, Drama Club, Ticket Com- mittee for Mother and Daughter Tea. 25 Oak Street, Peabody, Mass. CAROL ANN LINDELOV " Liudy " " Beware; I may yet be famous. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club, Bowling Club. 39 Chesbrough Road, West Roxbury, Mass. RITA TERESA LOFTUS " Rita " " Eull of vigor, lots of pep, Rita ' s a girl who ' s right in step. " Executive Major. Commuters ' Club, Newman Club Secretary, Yearbook staff, Usherette at Ice Capades. 32 Fairmont Street, Arlington, Mass. ELAINE LOLOS " Naki " " A sunshine heart and a soul of song. " Executive Major. Spanish Club, Refreshment Chairman, Yearbook staff, Drama Club. 108 Hemenway Street, Boston, Mass. GRACE LOUISE LUDWIG " Grace " " Quiet, conservative, but always pleasant. " Executive Major. 354 Webster Street, Needham Heights, Mass. CATHERINE PATRICIA LYNCH " Pat " " Happy am I; from care I ' m jree, Why aren ' t they all contented like me. " Medical Major. Com- muters ' Club, Newman Club. 129 Whiting Avenue, Dedham, Mass. CLAIRE RENA MAHEUX " Claire " " With a wish to do and a will to try. " Foreign Trade Ma- jor. Spanish Club, Newspaper staff, Social Worker, Fashion Show Model, House Council. 31 Opechee St., Laconia, Uew Hampshire. ALEXANDRA MARIE MANDYCZ " Saudi " " Her beauty is a joy for- ever. " Executive Major. Fashion Show Model, Senior Class Treasurer. 608 South Broadway, Salem, New Hampshire. MARGARET M. MARCUCELLA " Margaret " " Much wisdom often goes with fewest words. " Executive Major. Newman Club, Commuters ' Club. 17 Hathaway Street, Boston, Mass. JANET LUCILLE MATTOZZI " Jan " " A quiet disposition is often the sign of a good friend. " Medical Major. Commuters ' Club, Newman Club. 5 Curve Street, Dedham, Mass. PATRICIA LOUISE MILLS " Pat " " A willing heart, a helping hand, always ready on demand. " foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club, House President, House Coun- cil, Fashion Show Model, Student Government, Editor of the News- paper, Hostess at Mixer and Presi- dent ' s Tea. 48 North Avenue, Westport, Conn. CAROL ANN MODICA " Carol " " A sparkling personality and natural grace Has put Carol in her place. " Medical Alajor. Com- muters ' Club, V ice-President and President , Co-editor of Newspaper, Yearbook staff, Newman Club, Host- ess at Open House, Tea, and Com- muters ' Club dance, Student Govern- ment. S Oak Hill Road, Saugns, Mass. RUTH DOROTHY MORIN " Ruthie " " A charming virtue fol- lows her about " Executive Major. Dorm President, Student Govern- ment, Newman Club. 4 Bodivell Avenue, Salem, New Hampshire. BARBARA ANN MORLEY ' " Barbara " " She may be quiet, may be shy; but see the mischief in her eye. " Electronics Major. Com- muters ' 1 Club. 443 Clapboardtree Street, W estwood, Mass. IRENE J. MOUZAR " Irene " " Assurance is two-thirds of success. " Executive Major. 1147 W ashington Street, Holliston, Mass. MARILYN R. NARDELLA " Marilyn " " Dark eyes dancing with delight. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Newspaper staff, Year- book staff, Fall Frolic Publicity Com- mittee. 90 Ashcroft Road, Medford, Mass. ILSE IDA NAUJOKS " Use " " A laughing eye and a ten- der smile. " Executive Major. Fashion Show Model, Hostess at Presi- dent ' s Tea, Yearbook staff. 5 Fram- ingham Road, Marlboro, Mass. SANDRA LEE NETTO " Sandy " " Never still for half a minute. " Legal Major. Fashion Show Model, Yearbook staff. Daves- ville Road, East Falmouth, Mass. JUDITH ANNE NICOLAI " Jay " " Not as quiet as you might think. " Foreign Trade Major. Newspaper staff, Drama Club (Pro- gram Committee), Spanish Club Presi - dent, Hostess at Mixer, Student Gov- ernment, Fashion Show Model, Drama Club President. W ashington Street, Sherborn, Mass. MARILYN E. O ' CONNOR " Marilyn " " She ' s not a flower, not a pearl; but just a wonderful all- around girl. " Electronics Major. Newman Club, Commuters ' Club, Yearbook staff. 26 Nowell Road, Melrose 76, Mass. RUTH PACKARD " Penny " " Quiet when necessary, talkative at times; But Penny ' s the girl who has friends at all times. " Medical Major. Commuters ' Club, Fashion Show Model. 101 Loivell Street, Reading, Mass. ANGELA CONSTANCE PAPPAS " Angie " " Light of heart, gay of spirits. " Foreign Trade Major. Senior Class Secretary, Hostess at Mixer and President ' s Tea, Yearbook staff, House Council, Rainbow Club. 265 Lincoln Street, Stoughton, Mass. MARIE ELIZABETH PERRY " Marie " " Marie ' s quietness cannot conceal her cheerful smile. " Medi- cal Major. 16 Joyce Avenue, Whit- man, Mass. DIANE PAPPAS " Diane " " So helpful, so sweet, a loyal friend. Success will be hers with this winning blend. " Legal Ma- jor. Editor of the Yearbook, Com- muters ' Club. 6 Sheldon Road, Peabody, Mass. JANICE O. PHANEUF " Jan " " Can we ever have too much of a good thing? " Legal Major. Hostess at Mixer. RFD No. 3, Staf- ford Springs, Connecticut ELAINE RUTH PIERCE " Elaine " " Brains, personality, and looks galore, Elaine has this and a little more. " Medical Major. Fashion Shoiv Model, Queen of Junior Prom. 583 Neponset Street, Nor- wood, Alass. LILIAS C. PIERPONT " Cammy " " A loyal friend and earnest student. " Medical Major. Fashion Shoiv Model, Hostess at President ' s Tea and Mother and Daughter Tea, Commuters ' Club. Saunders Road, Norwood, Mass. JEAN MARIE PORTER " Jean " " Mix a cupful of charm and a pound full of fame, Phis a dash of mischief and you ' ll spell Jean ' s name. " Electronics Alajor. Newman Club, Commuters ' Club, Yearbook staff, Newspaper staff. 85 Pinkert Street, Medford, Mass. CYNTHIA JEAN PUTNAM " Cyn " " The quiet do the best in the world. " Electronics Alajor. Commuters ' Club, Newspaper staff, Rainbow Club, Junior Prom com- mittee, Usherette for Fashion Show. 20 Pine Street, Wakefield, Mass. SHEILA DOROTHEA QUINN " Sheila " " Neat and sweet and all the rest. " Foreign Trade Major. Council House President, Student Government. 7 Boie Avenue, Ames- bury, A ass. LINDA JEAN RAYEN " Linda " " Bright-eyed, ready to help. " Executive Major. Com- muters ' Club. 121 Bright Road, Belmont, Mass. MARGARET ANNE REARDON " Anne " " A likeable manner, a friendly smile. " Executive Major. Hostess at President ' s Tea, New- man Club, Commuters ' Club, Social Chairman, Usherette at Ice Follies, Yearbook staff. 1581 Center Street, Roslindale, Mass. PATRICIA MARY REGINA " Pat " " Open-minded, frank and fair, she ' s a girl without a care. " Legal Major. Dorm Social Chair- man, Drama Club. 37 Common- wealth Avenue, Newington, Conn. ELENA MARIE RIDIKAS " Elena " " Softly speaks and sweetly smiles. " Foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club. 13 Melville Avenue, Norwood, Mass. RUTH DOLORES ROSENBERG " Ruthie " " She is happiness boiling over and running down both sides of the pot. " Medical Major. Stu- dent Government, Yearbook staff sec- retary, Commuters ' Club, Hostess for Mixer and President ' s Tea, News- paper staff. 537 Beach Street, Re- vere, Mass. LINDA L. SABATINELLI " Sabat " " Like pensive beauty she smiles in her radiance. " Foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club, Fash- ion Show, Yearbook staff. Milford Street, Mendon, Massachusetts. LYNN MAY SADINSKY " Lynn " " Full of fun, full of glee, a successful girl she ' s sure to be. " Medical Major. House Council, Dormitory Social Director, Fashion Show Model. 42 Fanning Avenue, Norwich, Connecticut. NANCY SARKISIAN " Nancy " " Full of enthusiasm; ready for fun. " Electronics Major. Commuters ' Club Treasurer and Se- retary, Student Government Secretary, Fashion Show Model, Hostess at Presi- dent ' s Tea and Fisher Mixer. 53 Warren Street, Arlington, Massachu- setts. GIULIANA GILDA SAVINI " Julie " " With the ivorld at her feet, she ' ll go far. " Foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club, Vice-presi- dent, Newman Club, Commuters ' Club, Fashion Show. IS Oakland Street, Medford, Massachusetts. SALLY GRAY SCHREITER " Sal " " She may appear quiet, but look again. " Legal Major. Dorm- itory Treasurer, Drama Club. 262 Main Street, Walpole, Massachusetts. SYLVIA JOAN SEARS " Syl " " Always the life of the party. " Legal Major. Dormitory Treasurer, Hostess at Fisher Mixer. 645 Park Street, Attleboro, Massachu- JANET LOUISE SEAVEY " Jan " " A heart with room for every joy. " Executive Major. Rainbow Club, Yearbook staff, Usher- ette at Fashion Show, Hostess at Fash- ion Show. 93 Arlington Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts. THELMA BENNER SEQUEIRA " Tbel " " Not too quiet, not too loud, yet never unnoticed in a crowd. " Executive Major. Drama Club. Converse Road, Marion, Massa- chusetts. MARIANNE SHAW " Marianne " " Look beneath the surface; let the quality of a thing not its worth escape thee. " Execu- tive Major. 26 Elvir Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. JUDITH ELLEN SHEDD " Judy " " A girl of few words and many thoughts. " Executive Major. Fashion Show. 82 Boston Road, Che n sfo rd, Massachusetts. JUDITH ANN SHIPPEE " Judy " " Silence is deep as eternity; speech is shallow as time. " Legal Major. Drama Club, Rainbow Club, Yearbook Staff. 35 Smith Drive, W estwood, Massachusetts. ANNE ROSALIE SOUTHWORTH " Anne " " Moderation is best, and to avoid all extremes. " Executive Major. Hostess for President ' s Tea, House Council. 27 Palm Street, Concord, New Hampshire. GLENDA ELLEN SUPINO " Glenda " " Pretty to look at, de- lightful to see, Glenda ' s a girl known to both you and to me. " Electronics Major. Yearbook staff, Commuters ' Club, Usherette at Fashion Show. 7 Cole Road, Danvers, Mass. HELEN ANNE SWANSON " Helen " " A friend you will always recall. " Electronics Major. Com- muters ' Club. 62 Polley Lane, East Walpole, Mass. JUNE SHIRLEE TABER " June " " Happy and gay she goes on her way. " Electronics Major. Fashion Show Model, Spanish Club. 20 Bridgton Street, North Wind- ham, Maine. MARIAN UPTON TERRY " Upty " " Cute and sweet, quiet and neat. " Medical Major. 14 Valley Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. GERALDINE AVIS TROMBLEY " Gerry " " With never a care in the world. " Electronics Major. Fashion Show Model. Chapman Road, Pr esq ue Isle, Maine. MARY ALICE VANDERVOORT " Mary Al " " Gifted with beauty is the lass, smiling and gay — alone in her class. " Medical Major. Dormi- tory House Council. 26 Lenox Place, Middletown, New York. MARY CAROLE WALKER " Mary " " A devilish manner in spite of her size. " Executive Ma- jor. Fashion Show Model. 4 Dartmouth Road, Woodsville, New Hampshire. MYRNA SANDRA WEISNER " Myrnsie " " May she sit on a tack of success and rise rapidly. " Legal Major. Yearbook staff, Hostess at Mixer and Open House, Prom Com- mittee, Newspaper staff. 168 Wi- bird Street, Portsmouth, New Hamp- shire. NANCY I. WENSTROM " Nanc " " A friendly lass, of spirit true. " Foreign Trade Major. Spanish Club, Newspaper staff. 39 Phillips Avenue, Norwood, Mass. JOAN WHITCOMB " Joanie " " Good things come in small packages. " Executive Ma- jor. Fashion Show Model. 22 Park Avenue, Claremont, New Hamp- shire. JOANNE MARIE WHITE " Joanne " " Lovely eyes and a smile to match, These make Jo quite a catch. " Electronics Major. New- man Club V ice-President and Presi- dent, Commuters ' Club. 41 Buck- ingham Road, Wollaston 70, Mass. BARBARA LEIGH WIGGIN " Barb " " Plenty of action, plus a dash of wit, Because of both, Barb ' s always a hit. " Medical Major. Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Vice-President, Usherette at Fashion Show, Commuters ' Club, Yearbook staff, Rainbow Club. 17 Forest Street, Danvers, Mass. RUTH ELLEN WILLIS " Ruthie " " Not quiet, nor loud, nor short, nor tall; but a pleasant ming- ling of them all. " Foreign Trade Major. Student Government, Host- ess at Mixer, Home Residence Club President, Fashion Show Model, Ticket Chairman for Spanish Club, Chairman of Props for the Drama Club. Tea Street, Charlemont, Mass. PHYLLIS JOAN ZARELLA " Phyllis " " A good disposition is tuore valuable than gold. " Legal Major. 55 Cooper Street, Boston, Mass. INGRID ANNE MARIE ZEILER " Ing " " Some, the few, have charm for all. " Foreign Trade Major. Glee Club, Spanish Club, Ticket Com- mittee for Junior Prom, Home Resi- dence Club, Drama Club, Vice-Presi- dent of Spanish Club. 601 Sherman Parkway, New Haven, Conn. THOUGHTS AT GRADUATION The final day of our life at Fisher has arrived — Commencement Day. As I sit here on the stage wearing my cap and gown, I look around and ponder about the future of my fellow classmates. Where will we find ourselves in five years? What will we be doing? As the present fades into the future, I can see Carol DeAngelis instrucing a roomful of conscientious students. To be sure, Virginia Kehoe, Eleanor Gawronski, Jackie Wolons, and Cynthia Putnam will be by their husbands ' side watching their new color T.V. sets. There is Barbi Judge and Marilyn Cause splashing around in that refreshing Miami surf only to later sunbath on the patio of their " sumptuous " apartment. The missile age will, no doubt, be more advanced with Barbara Morley and Carol Lindelov polishing the nose cones in California that were designed by Joanne White and Glenda Supino. Diana Grant, Marguerite Chiango, Phyllis Zarella, and Janice Abrams are work- ing in Perry Mason ' s office??? Thanks to the combined effort of Ruth Rosenberg, Barbara Wiggin, Pat Lynch, and Dawn Bliss, we now have a new vaccine that will prevent the common cold. In many key cities of the world we may find a successful Fisher girl from the foreign trade course like Audrey Blinderman, Elena Ridikas, Nancy Wenstrom, and Gail Clark. I ' m sure that Elaine Braverman, Linda Healey, Ruth Derwish, Linda Rayen, and Helen Swanson will have just opened a charge account in Sachs Fifth Avenue due to their high status in their secretarial careers. There is an enthusiastic wave from Marion Terry aboard the Queen Elizabeth as it sails once again for Europe. I see that Giuliana Savini does justice to her new stewardess uniform as she boards the P. A. A. I visualize both Betty Ann Brown and Christine Crowell in New York, Chris- tine as a top fashion model, and Betty as a private secretary in one of New York ' s major model agencies. I wonder if five years will find Sandra Hepworth still waiting to be discovered and if our musketeers, Ruby Gilbeaux, Ingrid Zeiler, and Elaine Lolos will still be traveling along life ' s road together? As my mind slowly wanders back into the present, I find myself looking into the eyes of Margaret Fleming. They seem to be saying, " Of all the classes I have had at Fisher, the one I will never forget is our psychology class. " You ' re right, Peggy, and I know that Sybil Feldman and Janice Phaneuf will never forget it either. This brings to mind other unforgettable moments — the time, in our Junior year, Jean Porter caused such an uproar with her red dress; or the time that the medicals, Janet Mattozzi, Diana Farulla, and Roberta Frank, experimented with the ten little bottles; or the many times that we teased Ruth Willis because she came from such a small town. And now as I receive my diploma, I realize that no matter where we go or what we do, we will never forget the training that we received here at Fisher. A student CLASS WILL We, the members of the class of I960 of Fisher Junior College being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath our earthly possessions to all members of the Junior Class who we hope will honor and cherish them always. Sue Allen bequeaths the library to all noisy juniors . . . Judy C. Anderson and Penny Packard leave their red hair to inflame the hearts of all college boys . . . Jill Bentley gives up a week end pass to West Point . . . To all reticent juniors, Rosalind DeCarlo leaves her constant chatter . . . Carol Bannister leaves her sunny smile for all teachers on blue Monday . . . Lois Gammel entrusts her shorthand records to Mrs. Judge . . . Dottie Garland, Nancy Sarkisian, Rita Loftus, and Diana Hall just leave Arlington . . . For all those who are slow typists Judy I. Anderson and Pauline Theroux pass on their desirable typing speeds . . . Nancy Eaton leaves her quiet manner to the delight of all teachers . . . Linda Dufresne willingly donates her school spirit for the success of next year ' s class . . . Elaine Pierce and Lilias Pierpont leave their diamonds to any hopeful juniors . . . For the many girls who have classes in Room 35, Grace Ludwig donates a warm sweater . . . Mary Hildreth leaves the tape recorder to some junior and hopes the same good results are obtained . . . Myra Jennings imparts some of her vast knowledge of history to others in Mrs. Russell ' s class . . . Catherine Gasson allows her magnetic laughter to ring happily throughout the school . . . To the Drama Club Nancy DiBenedetto leaves her coaching ability to inspire future Thespians . . . Diane Pappas leaves the talkative publisher of the yearbook to next year ' s editor . . . Ann Reardon and Margaret Marcucella re- linquish their parking space to any other little car that can fit into it . . . Carol Modica and Janice Dexter donate the fare to all those who commute to Saugus via the Mystic River Bridge . . . Carol Carney leaves her enthusiastic acceptance of the no-cut system . . . To brighten the lives of all teachers, Joyce Crafts leaves her spontaneous wit . . . Jane DiMaio leaves her big brown eyes to bewitch all handsome college boys . . . Deanna Lerner and Use Naujoks dispose of their typing erasers saying that they type so accurately they don ' t need them anymore . . . Marie Perry leaves her laboratory ability to delight all doctors . . . Janice Botti and Marilyn O ' Connor leave their physics homework to Mr. Cushing be- cause they might be the only ones he gets . . . Marilyn Nardella endows her " pixie " haircut to non-hair setters. In execution thereof, we, the undersigned, as representatives of the Senior Class, hope to carry out the wishes of our fellow classmates to the best of our ability. Signed this fourth day of June, nineteen hundred and sixty. ORM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Connie Bisceglia, President; Barbara Wiggin, Vice-president. Standing: Angela Pappas, Secretary; Alexandra Mandycz, Treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Connie Bisceglia, President; Barbara Wiggin, Secretary; Elaine Bra- verman, Treasurer; Ruby Gilbeaux, Vice-president. YEARBOOK STAFF Front Row: Ruth Rosenberg, Secretary; Sandra Hepworth, Marguerite Chiango, Ann Reardon, Picture Editor; Diane Pappas, Editor; Judith Shippee, Picture Editor; Barbara Judge, Elaine Lolos, Use Naujoks, Marilyn Cause. Back Row: Deanna Lerner, Literary Staff; Judy Anderson, Rita Loftus, Jean Porter, Carol Modica, Carol DeAngelis, Dorothy Garland, Diana Hall, Mr. R. Wilson, Advisor; Sue Allen, Nancy DiBenedetto, Ruth Derwish, Angela Pappas, Judith Barden, Myrna Weisner, Janet Seavey, Barbara Wiggin, Glenda Supino. NEWSPAPER STAFF Seated: Linda Dufresne, Sharon Turnbull, Joan Raffaelle. Second Row: Carol Modica, Co-editor; Pat Mills, Co-editor; D. Keeney, J. Botti, N. DiBenedetto, J. Nicolai. Third Rotv: Mr. Robert Wilson, Ad- visor; C. DeAngelis, G. Osborn, S. Janutolo, M. Jennings, P. Barbour, M. Tibbetts, P. Theroux, R. Ro- senberg. PULL QUI STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION First Row: Cathy Allison, Ruth Rosenberg, Karsen Faulkner, Vice-president; Linda Dufresne, President; Nancy Sarkisian, Secretary; Sandy Dall, Treasurer; Lois Gammell, Carol Bannister. Second Row: Carol Modica, Patricia Mills, Carol Mandell, Brenda Foster, Sheila Quinn, Miriam Tibbitts, Anita Phillips, Sheila Parr, Judy Nicolai. Third Row: Ruth Morin, Sharon Caswell, Sandy Moore, Donna Glinski, Ruth Willis, Joan Raffelle, Ankine Avakian, Regina Scotti. DRAMA CLUB Because there were a few enthusiastic souls among the student body at Fisher Junior College who believe " the play ' s the thing, " a group under the guidance of Mr. Laurence Hansen started the Drama Club. The Club ' s first speaker was Mrs. June Mitchell of Emerson College who gave an exuberant and entertaining talk on choric- speech. Later in the year we had the extreme pleasure of hearing Dr. Murray Yaeger of Boston University who spoke on the direction of plays. A memorable experience was the Club ' s theatre party to see " Moon For The Misbegotten " at the Charles Street Playhouse. During the winter, the Club has been engaged in a challenging undertaking — the production of Frederico Garcia Lorca ' s famous Spanish tragedy, " The House of Bernarda Alba. " This has certainly been a successful, inspirational, and educational year for drama! 1 w STUDENT GOVERNMENT We have at Fisher a group of elected students whose goal is principally the promotion of democratic ideals. On reaching college, our first plateau, the reality of the world in which we live forces itself upon us. We become mature enough to understand that justice and democracy must be formulated within the college in such a way that the entire student body will be stimulated by its purpose, standards, and most of all, its necessity. The Student Government Association has this as its primary aim so that every girl may apply the ideals of our Student Government to her personal and college life. The Student Government Association acts principally as an educative organ- ization and interpretive group. Loyalty, sincerity, cooperation — these personal qualities must be embodied within us in order to achieve our ends. Being on the threshold of adulthood, we realize that self-government is not a gift; but instead, it is the price dearly paid for in lives. We aspire to use this realization to stimulate the thoughts and actions of college students in such a way that they will benefit the world! DRAMA CLUB First Row: Ruth Derwish, Regina Scotti, Lila Soldani, Judy Nicolai, President; Nancy DiBenedetto, Nancy Bosch, Janet Goldstein. Second Row: Jill Fortin, Sherid Peterson, Joanne Cosenza, Lois Cruick- shank, Elaine Lolos, Mr. L. Hansen, Advisor; Judith Shippee, Cecile Siuda, Janet Hoyt, Paula Segal. Third Ron:- Elinor Chorney, Betsy Bloom, Joanne Rafifaell, Ruth Willis, Mary Ann Badalamenti, Julie Chester, Sally Schreiter, Sandra Netto, Wilma Cohen. RAINBOW GIRLS First Row: Judy Anderson, Sue Allen, Dorothy Garland, Myra Jennings, President; Barbara Gorman, Janet Seavey. Second Row: Geraldine Osborn, Diana Graves, Judith Shippee, Sandra Kellogg, Betty Ann Locke. Third Row: Dorothy Keeney, Susan Pelton, Carol Magoun, Amy Badger, Linda Rogers. RAINBOW CLUB The Rainbow Club is a new club that was instituted this year under the guidance of our advisor, Mrs. Constance Hodgdon. The activities included a tea in March for the Rainbow members of the incoming Juniors, as well as for the 1959 graduating class. The charity project of the club was to help the children of County Creek, Kentucky. Our only wish for the followers of this year ' s graduating class is to keep the club going in years to follow. The officers were: Myra Jennings, President; and Janet Mann, Secretary-Treasurer. HOME RESIDENCE CLUB The Home Residence Club held meetings throughout the year to discuss problems and activities. They enjoyed a splendid evening on October 21 when Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher accompanied the girls to a dinner at Nino Biagi ' s. After dinner, the girls went to see the showing of PORGY AND BESS. The purpose of this event was to ac- quaint the girls with each other. At our November meeting, Carole Neumeyer was elected Vice- President. For our January activity, the girls went to see BEN HUR. HOME RESIDENCE CLUB First Roiv: Carol Neumeyer, Linda Martin, Sherid Peterson. Second Row: Susan Pelton, Clara Hennes- sey, Ruth Willis, President; Cecile Suida, Martha Murphy. Third Row: Ingrid Zeiler, Judy Elderkin, Sandra Philip. Absent: Virginia Perkins, Pauline Theroux, Jean-Terry Roberts, Valerie Smiaroski. THE SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, under the capable direction of Miss Mary Tonoguar, enjoyed a year of educational as well as pleasurable activi- ties, such as color films of Mexico and Spain, a guest speaker from Peru, guided tour through the Harvard University Spanish Museum, and an evening out to see Jose Greco and his famous Spanish dancers. The club also enjoyed a musical Christmas party, where they were entertained by a Latin America combo — music, dancing, and songs. To bring a bit of Old Mexico to Fisher, the members of the Spanish Club sponsored an old fashioned costumed Mexican fiesta with Spanish music and dancing; thus, a full and active year was enjoyed by all its members. SPANISH CLUB First Row: Jacqueline Wolons, Ingrid Zeiler, Vice President; Miss Tonougar, Advisor; Ruby Gilbeaux, President; Anne Marie Tardanico, Elaine Lolos. Second Row: Mary Hildreth, Elena Ridikas, Lila Soldani, Teresa Roberts, Albertina Morris. Third Ron:- Ruth Pariseau, Ruth Willis, Nancy Wenstrom, Bayna Boothby. COMMUTERS ' CLUB First Row: Sandra Dall, Treasurer; Nancy Sarkisian, Secretary, Mrs. Judge, Advisor; Carol Modica, Presi- dent; Jean Nadeau, Vice-president. Second Row: Jean Porter, Linda Dufresne, Diana Hall, Dorothy Garland, Rosalind De Carlo, Sybil Feldman, Roberta Frank, Grace Torrisi. Third Row: Carol Bannis- ter, Susan Allen, Janice Botti, Cynthia Putnam, Rita Loftus, Janice Paratore, Virginia Los, Ann Shea. Fourth Row: Carol Magoun, Marilyn O ' Connor, Margaret Marcucella, Judith Anderson, Janice Dexter, Marguerite Chiango, Diane Pappas, Eleanor Johnson. Fifth Row: Nancy Warrington, Carol De An- gelis, Ruth Rosenberg, Terry Shea, Betty Ann Brown, Ann Reardon, Myra Jennings, Miriam Tibbetts, Linda Thomas. The Commuters ' Club is comprised of over seventy-five ambitious students who travel to and from Boston daily. Since it is difficult for the commuters to become acquainted with one another because of residence in localities far and near, the Commuters ' Club enables the girls to become better acquainted with one another by working together in social activities and worthwhile projects. Among the activities for the year 1959-1960 were a dinner at Blinstrubs with Johnny Mathias, a Christmas party, a ski week end in North Conway, a mixer, a pot luck supper, and a theater party. Although the Commuters ' Club is primarily a social group, it undertakes many worthy projects. At Christmas time each girl brought in some canned goods, and the Project Committee made up attractive food baskets which were delivered to needy families in the Boston area. Funds for a scholarship were raised, and a deserving Junior was the recipient. The officers were Carol Modica, President; Jean Nadeau, Vice President; Nancy Sarkisian, Secretary; Sandra Dahl, Treasurer; and Mrs. Judge, Advisor. Tuesday afternoons, half a hundred voices could be heard singing in the ballroom under the direction and guidance of the talented Mr. Laurence Hansen. Every week the girls practiced to perfect a wide variety of selec- tions which they presented at different times throughout the year, such as Christmas, Dad and Daughter Night, and at various assemblies. Their performances were always superb and added enjoyment to college life. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, under the expert guidance of Father Baer, got started in full bloom around the first of November. We met every other Wednesday at the League of Catholic Women Building, at 1 Arlington Street. Father Baer gave many interesting talks and led in discussion groups. Sometimes he brought along his slides to make the meetings more interesting. Sister Margaret Mary, M.M.M., from Nigeria gave a very interesting talk on her mission work and life. The officers for the year were: Joanne White, President; Jean DeNute, Vice-President; Carol DeAngeles, Treasurer; and Denise Cote, Secretary. GLEE CLUB First Row: Joane Raffealle, Wilma Cohen, Sharon Caswell, Muriel Kadis, Pat Barbour, Mary Lou Moyna- han, Laurance Hansen, Director; Sandra Moore, Sharon Avery, Rae Wellington, Anna Copson, Sandy Kellogg. Second Row: Helen Callahan, Amy Badger, Janet Goldstein, Sue Pelton, Bobbie Weinstein, Regina Scotti, Marlene Cohen, Joyce Bossi, Audrey Layton, Sherry Turnbull, Cynthia Chronopoulos, Ellie Safrine, Elaine Silverman, Sandra Carter, Carol Neumeyer, Carol Superson, Merry Buchanan, Doris Cody, Diana Graves, Francis Sheriff, Jerry Osborn, Judy Skehan, Janet Knapp. NEWMAN CLUB First Row: Jean Porter, Carol DeAngelis, Treasurer, Joanne White, President; Fr. Robert Baer; Jeane DeNute, Vice-president; Denise Cote, Secretary; Marilyn Cause. Second Row: Janice Botti, Joyce Crafts, Marie Clement, Marilyn Nardella, Marilyn O ' Connor, Ann Hickey. Third Ron: Pat Barbour, Mary Lou Moynahan, Ruth Morin, Jedy Skehan, Deanna Wilson. ANDREW HALL Floor: Anne Garland, Judy Nicolai, Sandy Mandycz, Judy Barden, Connie Bisceglia, Social Chairman; Linda Sabatinelli, Carol Croome. First Row: Claire Gedutis, Sharon Avery, Merry Buchanan, Pat Mills, President; Mrs. McKee, House Mother; Mary Alice Vandervoort, Treasurer; Carol Hatfield, Secretary; Nancy Fox. Second Row: Mary Ann Scannell, Rae Wellington, Pat Barbour, Carol Mandell, Judy Curtis, Carol Superson, Sue Lowe, Judy Slawson. Third Row: Judy Gordon, Arleen Elias, Sharon Turn- bull, Linda Marold, Brenda Allison, Judy Skehan, Mary Lou Moynahan, Tanya Maniatty. ANDREW HALL Life at Andrew Hall is always exciting. Everyone is busy in the morning performing vari- ous duties and getting ready for the day ' s classes. As soon as school is over, Anne Garland rushes home to tell her roommates of her eventful day and to learn of theirs. The phone is always ringing — this time it ' s for Connie Bisceglia. What! Breaking another date? Her roommate, Nancy Fox, keeps everyone in stitches with her very cute and comical expressions. It ' s only Monday, and Carol Croome is already preparing for her week end at home. In a rush, Carol? Pat Mills is always ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Someone ' s running down the stairs — oh, it ' s Sandi Mandyzc. She has kept her date waiting too long and must hurry. The week ends are always filled with excitement for Mary Alice Vandervoort as she keeps them free for someone special. On the fourth floor you ' ll see Judy Nicolai reading up on the latest theater news; some day she wishes to act on the stage. Dinner ready, we all wan- dered off to the dining room. In comes Judy Barden letting in all the cold air. Late again, Carol Hatfield, server of her table, must rush around from table to table to get the food that is miss- ing from hers. The table at which Linda Sabatinelli sits is always in an uproar with the humorous jokes she tells. The enjoyable meal being over, everyone in the dorm relaxes before going up to their rooms for study hours. All the seniors are looking forward to Senior week when the juniors take over and perform all our duties. EDMUND HALL The favorite gathering spot for Edmund Hall seniors is the house president ' s room — No. 42 where Brenda Foster and Sandra Graves make good hostesses every night before study hours. Sandy is seated on her bed knitting one more beautiful sweater while Brenda is getting com- fortable in her slip for study hours. Anne Southworth, of course, is right at home rummaging through the drawers for the eyebrow pencil in order to excel on the art of make up. Running in and out, who else but Janet Seavey. Doing what? Annoying people again, generally. As the hi-fi is turned on, Claire Maheux with her bongo drums and Irene Mouzar wander in to her their favorite album " South Pacific. " Where is Judy Shippee? She ' s been studying for a law quiz in her own room next door, but here she comes now with her notes to study while lis- tening idly to the music. Linda Hanscom is playing the piano while being accompanied by a few juniors who sing a chorus. Sandy Netto and Thelma Sequeira are arguing loudly in the Third floor hall as the phone rings. " Got it on third! " is echoed through the halls, and Thelma lifts the receiver of the extension. As Sally Schreiter comes to take her call, she trips over her roommate, June Tabor, who was peacefully reading the newest novel while sitting on the top of the third floor stairs. The scene changes as the buzzer rings for study hours, and one by one, they all retreat to their own rooms, to meet again at 9:30 to pick up where they left off. EDMUND HALL First Row: Claire Maheux, Linda Hanscom, Mrs. Cook, House Mother; Brenda Foster, Anne South- worth, Sandra Netto. Second Row: June Tabor, Ruth Levine, Beverly Sullivan, Janet Seavey, Sandra Graves, Irene Mouzar, Judith Shippee, Thelma Sequeira, Diane Sullivan, Linda Smith, Sally Schreiter. Third Row: Judy Crotty, Jill Fortin, Ann Lamothe, Sue Taipale, Geneva St. Pierre, Judy Walker, Bonnie Fraize, Roberta Elman, Judy Hoyt, Glorian Damous, Jeanne Donnelly, Nancy Bosch, Dianne Smith. FLORENCE HALL First Row: J. Shedd, M. Shaw, S. Hardin, M. Walker. Second Row: J. Phaneuf, L. Sadinsky, E. Eppler, S. Quinn, K. Baker, L. Banker. Third Ron .- B. Ryder, C. Grocki, P. Rogers, C. Sawyer, M. Czuckrey, K. Tibbetts, K. Adelson, M. Nichols. Fourth Row: S. Lehr, J. Kauppinen, P. Tunewicz, S. Gedutis, L. Karkane, M. Lincoln, D. Scussell. FLORENCE HALL Once again the Seniors of Florence Hall are gathered in the living room to watch their favorite intellectual program, " Huckleberry Hound. " But someone is missing. Oh, here she comes now. Jan Phaneuf had to run back downstairs for a deck of cards. Evidently, Jan, Sheila Quinn, Lorraine Banker, and Marianne Shaw are going to play Whist during the commercials. Of course, that bright smile coming through the door can only belong to Betty Eppler, who is also sporting a bright, sparkling ring on that all-important finger. Sue Hardin is only occasionally watching the " mices " and Jinks since she is trying to concentrate and hurriedly get her homework done. This can only mean that Dave, her fiance, will be calling for Sue after study hours. Sue ' s roommate, Joan Whitcomb, is either mumbling encouragement to Sue or grumbling in her own despair at not being able to make a dent in her homework. Is that a wail I hear from Lynn Sadinsky? As our social chairman, Lynn even finds it necessary to give up watching Yogi Bear ' s antics to answer the phone to make social arrange- ments for Florence Hall. Mary Walker and Judy Shedd seem to be debating which college they should honor with their presence this weekend. Kathy Baker also looks perplexed. Here it is Thursday night and she has a date for Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night only. Cheer up Kathy! A few Juniors are seated around the room. Well, girls, next year when you are Seniors, it will be your job to teach the juniors the wonders of watching " Huckleberry Hound " ; and as Seniors, you will also have the privilege of the front-row seats. SARAH MORTIMER HALL The Bluebird of Happiness was really gracious to the eight seniors at " 86 " , better known to us as Porthole S. M. H. or Thete House (Hewo Phate House) sound familiar anybody? We ' ll always remember our great times and parties together, especially those after-midnight deals in Room 6. One thing we ' ll never forget is our early lunch period in the rear of Cafe No. 3 and Bar- bara Gorman ' s radiant smile ... no matter how hard the day ahead or past had been . . . Did his ship come in yet, Barb? Lots of luck! Another thing we ' ll never forget is the cute " rebel " from South Carolina, Annette Johnston, who read " Teach yourself Italian, " and later Spanish in her spare time. (Whenever that was . . . between her many dates and snowing jobbers). When we think of " Ya ' ll " , we also think of her roommate, Ruthie Morin, saying, " We ' ll laugh " or " Boy, could I go for a piece of fudge " and the next minute saying, " I ' m starting my diet to- morrow. " I can still hear Myrnsie Weisner saying, " I know he ' J.1 never call me again " or " What do you think of him??? " Don ' t worry, Myrnsie, I know you ' ll hook one of the top ten " Batches " in the Back Bay section, before long! Remember the Devens romances, Rosie Hall? Fun, but nothing lasts forever. . . . You ' re still the queen of our PALACE. I can still see Patty Hultman on Friday and Saturday nights trudging up the stairs loaded down with Standard Equipment for the " Hope Chest. " Hey, Dotty Botkin, how come you start- ed shaking hands " lefty " after the dance??? Best of luck! Our own Brenda Richmond (Miss Kissey-Face) always seemed to have some kind of a problem. SERIOUSLY, though, I know that you and Stan will be very happy together. All in all, we can honestly say that we ' ve had two wonderful years together. SARAH MORTIMER HALL First Row: Annette Johnston, Barbara Gorman, Brenda Richmond, Louise Hallis, House Mother; Ruth Morin, Dorothy Botkin, Patricia Hultman, Myrna Weisner, Rosemary Hall. Second Ron 1 : Sandra Harper, Janet Marsh, Dorothy Keeney, Sally Williams, Barbara Sloan, Janet Knapp, Melinda Nills, Christine Pekenia, Judy Schwartz, Marie Clement, Denise Cote, Lynn Keefe, Marcia Niawrg, Mary Ann Bodlad- menti, Sherry Peark, Martha Praetor, Bayna Boothby, Wilma Jones, Ethel Danielski. Third Row: Irene Pensky, Karen Fox, Susan Janutlo, Sandra Kellogg, Anne Hickey, Bonnie Berehan, Pat Trybulski, Lynda Plummer, Mary Ann Renqutti. MYRON HALL Since this was the first year of Myron Hall ' s existence, its inhabitants have set examples for future Myron Hall girls. It has also left us, her first inhabitants, with many happy memo- ries. We will always remember our favorite pastime — our after-dinner, all senior gabfest. Gerry Trombley would usually be trying to teach Joyce Koski a part of her vast ( ? ) French vocabulary. (Is Koski — French?) Whenever the telephone rang, Sylvia Sears would usually be the first to jump up to answer it. The school trip to Mexico was always a source of conversation to Cathy Allison and Pat Regina. Donna Glinsky was forever interrupting them and trying to get their attention. It seemed Donna felt that a few lessons of the cha-cha would help them get acquainted on their Mexico trip. Mary Hildreth, our quiet one, was always taking careful note of everything that was being said. Just at curfew time, as the girls were drifting slowly to their rooms, in would come Angie Pappas showing her new bottle of perfume. Such was life at Myron Hall. MYRON HALL Sitting: Geraldine Trombley, Angela Pappas, Sylvia Sears, Treasurer; Mary Hildreth, Patricia Regina. First Row: Judith Wilcox, Betty Lou Brown, Sarah Dunbar, Miss May McNevin, House Mother; Don- na Glinski, Joan Knapp, Diana Graves, Jacqueline Guzzardo, House President. Second Roiv: Paula Segal, Sally Brown, Linda Asunmaa, Donna Torno, Phyllis Ginty, Suzanne Curtis, Karsen Faulkner, Secretary; Geraldine Osborn. Third Row: Ruth Pariseau, Dorothy Kaiser, Amy Badger, Cynthia Thomson, Barbara Gentile, Jacqueline Gomarlo, Julia Chester, Marcia Shiro. JUNIOR DIRECTORY KATHERINE ADELSON 12 Winthrop Street, Holyoke BRENDA M. ALLISON 8 Grove Street, Lancaster, New Hampshire GAIL AMBLER South Main Street, Bellingham LINDA M. ASUNMAA 1 3 Warwick Road, Gardner ANKINE AVAKIAN 19 Basswood Street, Lawrence SHARON C. AVERY Woodstock, New Hampshire MARY ANN BADALAMENTI HO North Road, Nutley 10, New Jersey AMY M. BADGER 18 Pleasant Street, Saugus DIANA K. BAKS 38 Light Street, Lynn EVELYN A. BALLERINO 55 Faneuil Street, Brighton PATRICIA J. BARBOUR North Street, Plymouth, Connecticut PATRICIA BARNICLE 1 1 Pond Street, Cohasset JANE BARRY 21 Doris Drive, Abington PAULA E. BARSOOK 6} Goodale Road, Mattapan LOIS BERRIS 77 Shepherd Road, Medford BONNIE BERRY 327 Dundee Drive, Cleveland, Ohio CAROLYN E. BLATCHFORD 57 Howard Street, Melrose BETSEY A. BLOOM 187 Walcott Road, Brookline BAYNA BOOTH BY 4 8 Court Street, Auburn, Maine NANCY F. BOSCH Main Street, East Quogue, Long Island, New York JOYCE E. BOSSI 2 East Foster Street, Melrose LORETTA R. BOYLE 17 Garden Street, Medford ROSE M. BRODEUR 60 Crest Road, Lynnfield Center BETTY LOU BROWN R.F.D. No. 1, Easton, Maine MARGARET E. BROWN 26 Kent Street, Quincy SALLY JO BROWN R.F.D. No. 1, Easton, Maine NANCY BRUCE 19 Springhill Road, Hyde Park BONNIE G. BUCHAN 10 Flint Street, Chelmsford MEREDITH A. BUCHANAN 75 Common Street, Watertown 72 HELEN M. CALLAHAN 680 Winthrop Avenue, Beachmont SHEILA F. CAMPBELL 22 Mears Avenue, Quincy CONSTANCE CARINO 44 Belcher Street, Winthrop SANDRA H. CARTER 82 Gillander Avenue, Auburn, Maine N. CARYL CASSESE 25 Holten Street, Peabody SHARON L. CASWELL 41 Fottler Road, Mattapan GENEVIEVE P. CHAMPY 59 Avon Street, Lawrence JULIA M. CHESTER South Rd., Farmington, Conn. (Mail: Elmwood 10, Conn. ) ELINOR M. CHORNEY 15 Tennis Road, Mattapan CYNTHIA J. CHRONOPOULOS 1 5 Winter Street, Melrose MARIE G. CLEMENT Forest Street, Marlboro IRENE COCOTAS 51 Western Avenue, Gloucester JEAN E. CODINHA 145 Prospect Street, Gloucester MARLENE J. COHEN 6 Laurel Street, Chelsea WILMA COHEN 116 Winthrop Road, Brookline NANCY COLLYER 29 Buchanan Circle, Lynn LYNN E. CONLAN 117 Dunham Street, Attleboro ANNA M. COPSON 40 Barbara Road, Waltham JOANNE COSENZA 14 Evergreen Road, Reading DENISE J. COTE 85 Upper Main Street, Morrisville, Vermont DORIS C. COTE 137 Franklin Street, Milton JUDITH CROTTY 49 Sudbury Street, Maynard LOIS A. CRUICKSHANK 18 Pleasant Avenue, Whalom, Fitchburg JUDY H. CURTIS 59 Chapin Rd., Barrington, R. I. SUZANNE CURTIS Hosmer Street, Marlboro MARY CZUCKREY Race Brook Road, Orange, Connecticut SANDRA DALL 80 Prescott Street, Reading GLORIAN DAMOUS 16 Lombard Street, Lowell ETHEL DANIELSKI North Road, Townshend, Vermont JOAN P. DePIPPO 85 St. Andrew Road, East Boston SHEILA DILLON 2 3 Woodstock Avenue, Brighton JUDITH M. DINERMAN 18 Wiltshirs Road, Brighton JEANNE DONNELLY Box 303, Falmouth MARY DONOHUE 511 Ash Street, Brockton SARAH E. DUNBAR Parallel Street, Harwich JANET L. DUNCAN 16 Dufton Court, North Andover JUDITH M. ELDERKIN Redington Cottage, Hinckley, Maine ARLEEN L. ELIAS 58 Florence Avenue, Lawrence ROBERTA ELMAN 55 Lorway Avenue, Sydney, Nova Scotia MARION J. ENGDAHL 165 Robbins Street, Milton KATHERINE A. ERRERA 152 Scituate Street, Arlington DOROTHY FARRELL Codier Lane, Sudbury KARSEN G. FAULKNER Delanson, New York MAURA FLAHERTY 107 Winsor Avenue, Watertown DONNA R. FLOWERS 188 Orchard Street, Watertown CYNTHIA J. FORTIN 300 Gilford Avenue, Laconia, New Hampshire KAREN FOX 66 Hilldale Road, West Hartford, Connecticut BONNIE J. FRAIZE 1 6 Coleman Avenue, Spencerport, New York CLAIRE GEDUTIS 554 North Street, Bridgewater SANDRA GEDUTIS 1396 Plymouth Street, Bridgewater BARBARA A. GENTILE 63 Riverside Drive, Utica, New York DONNA GIBSON 242 Harvard Street, Wollaston SANDRA GILBERT 661 Adams Street, Dorchester PHYLLIS A. GINTY 23 Crockett Street, Rochester, New Hampshire SANDRA L. GIORLANDO 11 Overlook Road, Quincy CHARLOTTE GLINA 6 Lorna Road, Mattapan 26 ELAINE GOLDSTEIN 67 Kingsdale Street, Dorchester JANET L. GOLDSTEIN 10 Orange Street, Chelsea JACQUELINE GOMARLO West Swanzey, New Hampshire JUDITH A. GORDON 27 Hamilton Avenue, Haverhill DIANA R. GRAVES Box 85, Rumney, New Hampshire ARLENE F. GREENBLATT 19 Warren Avenue, Maiden CYNTHIA GROCKI 6 Frederick Lane, Adams JUDITH GUTHRIE 264 O ' Callaghan Way, South Boston JACQUELINE GUZZARDO 632 Herkimer Road. Utica, New York SANDRA R. HARPER 402 Cobain Road, Greenfield JANET M. HARRINGTON 137 Lincoln Street, West Medway MARY HARRIS 17 Hurlcroft Avenue, Dorchester CLARA HENNESSEY Main Road, West Falmouth ANNE I. HICKEY 6 Douglas Road, Chelmsford JUDITH HORTON 181 Copeland Street, Brockton JUDITH W. HOYT 6 Maple Street, Shelburne Falls SUSAN M. JANUTOLO Great Plain, Danbury, Connecticut ELEANOR JOHNSON 1 Curve Street, Wakefield WILMA JONES 89 Burlington Avenue, Wilmington MURIEL KADIS 120 Woodcliff Road, Newton Highlands DOROTHY M. KAISER 123 South Main Street, Penacook, New Hampshire LINDA H. KARKANE R.F.D. No. 1, Gardner JOANNE KAUPPINEN 293 Parker Street, Gardner ELLEN M. KEEFE 312 Antietam Street, Fort Devens DOROTHY KEENEY 490 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, Connecticut JANE E. KELLEY 25 Bella Vista Avenue, Mansfield SANDRA J. KELLOGG 173 North Westfield Street, Feeding Hills WILMA L. KENNEDY 33 Thurston Road, Newton Upper Falls JANET M. KNAPP 77 Union Street, North Easton JOAN A. KNAPP 5 Cricket Drive, Meriden, Connecticut SHIRLEY A. KNOWLES 495 Rantoul Street, Beverly EVELYN H. KRISTIANSEN 178 Walnut Street, Abington SANDRA I. LaBONTE Sewall ' s Bridge, York Village, Maine ANN M. LAMOTHE 77 Cherry Street, Spencer AUDREY T. LAYTON 34 County Road, Chelsea JANETTE A. LEACH 60 Herbert Street, Framingham SARAH L. LEHR Woodacres Farm, Moraine Street, Marshfield RUTH G. LEVINE 808 West Ford Street, Lowell MARIE E. LINCOLN 311 Market Street, Rockland BETTY ANN LOCKE 9 Hutchins Circle, Lynnfield VIRGINIA A. LOS 3 Linebrook Road, Ipswich SUSAN LOWE 17 Moore Avenue, Worcester JANET MacKAY 26 Westmount Avenue, West Roxbury CAROL L. MAGOUN 27 Brookline Street, North Abington CAROL MAGRATH 47 Gilbert Road, Belmont AUDREY MALCOLM 9 Vernon Street, Maynard CAROLE E. MANDELL 142 Chestnut Street, Willimantic, Connecticut TANYA K. MANIATTY 10 Forest Avenue, Greenfield JANET C. MANN 6 Tapley Road, Lynnfield ADRIANNE MANSON 332 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill LINDA A. MAROLD 47 Second Avenue, Little Falls, New Jersey JANET M. MARSH 2160 Guilderland Avenue, Schenectady, New York LINDA MARTIN Box 27, Buckland NANCY McCRENSKY 1 1 Ballard Terrace, Lexington 73 MARIE E. MELDON 57 Marshall Street, North Quincy MELINDA MILLS 35 Gleason Street, Thomaston, Maine SANDRA MOORE 47 Nahant Avenue, Revere ALBERTINA J. MORRIS 71 Lake Avenue, Lynn MARGERY MORRISON 43 Weston Road, Reading MARCIA C. MOWRY 294 Davis Street, Greenfield MARY LOUISE E. MOYNAHAN 3 Aaron Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut MARTHA MURPHY R.D. No. 2, 1, Old Street Road, Kennett Sq., Pennsylvania BARBARA NADEAU 7 Connelly Avenue, Saugus CAROLE A. NEUMEYER 1504 Rudolph Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania MARCIA NICHOLS 62 Old Road, Westport, Connecticut GERALDINE O. OSBORN 14 Genevieve Road, East Weymouth SANDRA OWEN 88 Westover St., West Roxbury JANICE PARATORE 51 Thorndike Street, Arlington RUTH A. PARISEAU Farmers Row, Groton SHEILA PARR 13 Western Avenue, Wakefield SHERRY PEARL 30 Buttonwood Lane, Peabody CHRISTINE L. PEKENIA 80 Overland Road, Greenfield ELAINE PELLETIER 1 17 Lafayette St., Marblehead, Mass. SUSAN F. PELTON 30 Elm Avenue, Fairhaven IRENE M. PENSKI 539 Pequoig Avenue, Athol VIRGINIA A. PERKINS 517 First Avenue, West Haven, Connecticut SHERID PETERSON Plane Road, Nabnassett SANDRA PHILIP 5 Vine Street, Northfield, Vermont LINDA M. PLUMMER 26 Sutherland Street, Andover MARTHA PROCTOR 10 Webster Street, Milford, New Hampshire JOAN A. RAFFAELLE 73 Betts Road, Belmont MARY ANN RENZULLI 3 Renzulli Drive, Westport, Connecticut CONSTANCE RIZZO 27 Meadowview Road, Foxboro JEAN-TERRY ROBERTS Jacksonville, Vermont LINDA M. ROGERS Withington Road, Newtonville PATRICIA A. ROGERS Everett Street, Middleboro FRANCES M. RORK 96 Beechnut Road, Westwood BETSY RYDER Barlows Landing Road, Pocasset ELEANOR A. SAFRINE 14 Parlee Road, Chelmsford GENEVA T. ST. PIERRE 12 Harrison Street, Van Buren, Maine CYNTHIA SAWYER 7 Birch Street, Derry, New Hampshire MARY ANN SCANNELL 25 Stoneleigh Road, Worcester 6 JUDITH M. SCHWARTZ WEINSTEIN 35 Grosvenor Park, Lynn REGINA SCOTTI 129 Radcliff Road, Belmont DIANE M. SCUSSELL Curtis Street, Stafford Springs, Connecticut PAULA E. SEGAL 139 Court Street, Plymouth ANNE SEYMOUR 60 Cordis Street, Wakefield ANNA T. SHEA 33 Grossman Street, Quincy ANNE SHEA 76 Bay State Road, Belmont FRANCES SHERRIFF 41 Birby Street, Revere VIRGINIA SHINOPOULOS 52 Mercier Avenue, Dorchester MARCIA A. SHIRO 20 Linden Street, Lawrence SANDRA R. SHUMAN 95 Boylston Street, Maiden BEVERLY. A. SIEDLISKI 36 Rodman Avenue, Shirley ELAINE H. SILVERMAN 5 Parker Street, Chelsea BARBARA J. SIMONS 25 Robinhood Road, Natick CECILE SIUDA 53 Parker Street, Lawrence JUDITH SKEHAN 39 Nettleton Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut JUDITH M. SLAWSON 33 Sherrill Lane, New Hartford, N. Y. BARBARA E. SLOAN 534 Long Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut VALERIE SMIAROSKI Mill Village Road, Deerfield DIANNE SMITH 348 Division Street, Amsterdam, New York LINDA D. SMITH 14 Babcock Avenue, North Weymouth PATRICIA A. SMITH 16 Woodland St., Methuen LILA L. SOLDANI 227 Central Street, Foxboro JUDITH A. SOLLOWS 10 Hartshorn Street, Reading BEVERLY J. SULLIVAN 3 Swifts Beach Road, Wareham DIANE C. SULLIVAN 3 Swifts Beach Road, Wareham CAROLE A. SUPERSON 7 Bassett Road, R.D. 1, Box 96, Holyoke GLORIA L. TABER 92 Wilson Avenue, Weymouth SUSAN E. TAIPALE 865 Washington Street, Holliston ANNMARIE TARDANICO 1168 Washington St., Canton ELIZABETH TAYLOR 53 Chapman Street, Canton LORETTA TAYLOR 23 Chester Avenue, Chelsea LYNDA THOMAS 20 Arrowhead Trail, Ipswich CYNTHIA A. THOMPSON 27 Mason Street, Salem KARLA TIBBETTS Main Street, Union, New Hampshire MIRIAM P. TIBBETTS 95 Beaver Avenue, Lynnfield Center ROBERTA TOMER 9 Prospect Street, Danvers DONNA L. TORNO 131 Martin Street, Holyoke GRACE TORRISI 562 Prospect Street, Methuen ELINOR B. TOWER 44 Ripley Road, Cohasset PATRICIA TRYBULSKI Westminster, Vermont ANN TUNEWICZ 38 Walnut Street, Bridgewater SHARON TURNBULL 2034 Guilderland Avenue, Schenectady 6, New THERESA USTASZEWSKI 9 River Street Place, Lynn JUDITH WALKER 27 Outlook Road, Wakefield HELANE WARBURTON 241 Nahanton Street, Newton Center MARIANNE WARD 25 Speedwell St., Dorchester NANCY WARRINGTON 35 Pierce Street, Arlington RHODENA D. WATT 20 Birchbrow Avenue, North Weymouth ROBERTA WEINSTEIN 42 Addington Road, Brookline RAE E. WELLINGTON 271 Grove Avenue, Leominster JUNE A. WESSELLS 30 Fairview Avenue, Arlington 74 JUDITH P. WILCOX Main Street, Westminster SALLY A. WILLIAMS County Road, Cataumet DEANNA F. WILSON 25 Pond Street, South Braintree CAROL YORK 15 Palmer Street, Watertown 72 PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Gus Abrams Mr. Mrs. H. Glenn Allen Mr. Mrs. Robert Allison Mr. Mrs. William Anderson Mr. Mrs. Walter Banker Mr. Mrs. Dexter Bannister Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bently Mr. Mrs. John Botti Mr. Mrs. James Cause Mr. Mrs. Frank M. Chiango Mr. Mrs. H. Howard Croome, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Daniel De Carlo Mr. Mrs. Irving E. Dexter Mr. Mrs. Vincent Di Benedetto Mr. Mrs. Earl T. Dufresne Mr. Mrs. Gordon E. Eaton Mr. Mrs. Eugene Eppler Mrs. Anna Evans Mr. Mrs. A. Feldman Mrs. Nelson T. Fleming Mr. Mrs. Stanley P. Foster Mr. Mrs. Samuel Frank Mr. Mrs. Harold B. Gammell Mr. Mrs. Arthur Garland Mr. Mrs. Sherman Garland Dr. Mrs. Anthony Gasson Mr. Mrs. Michael Gawronski Mr. Mrs. Joseph Glinski Mr. Mrs. Edward Hall Mr. John E. Hanscom Mr. Alfred J. Hanson Mr. Mrs. Carlyle V. Hatfield Mr. Mrs. Leonard Hepworth Mr. Richard A. Hultman Mr. Mrs. Roland Judge Mr. Mrs. Harry Lerner Mr. Mrs. Gustav Lindelov Mr. Mrs. James Ludwig Mr. Mrs. Alek Mandycz Mr. Mrs. Henry Marcucella Mr. Mrs. Guido Mattozzi Mr. Mrs. Homer B. Mills Mr. Mrs. Frank Morley Mr. Mrs. Valere E. Morin Mr. Mrs. Ralph Nardella Mr. Mrs. Fritz Naujoks Mr. Mrs. Don Nicolai Mr. Mrs. Frederick O ' Connor Mr. Mrs. Dana Packard Mr. Mrs. Alexander Pappas Mr. Mrs. George Pappas Mr. Mrs. Stanley B. Pierce Mr. Mrs. Melvin C. Putnam Mrs. William Reardon Mr. Mrs. Alfred Regina Mr. Mrs. Charles Richmond Mr. Mrs. Bernard Rosenberg Mr. Mrs. Ralph Schreiter Mr. Mrs. Charles L. Sears Mr. Mrs. Raymond Seavey Mr. Mrs. Lionel Sequeira Mr. Mrs. Carlton E. Shaw Mr. Mrs. Harry L. Shedd, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Frances N. Southwo Mr. Mrs. Evald A. Swanson Mr. Mrs. George W. Taber Mr. Mrs. Ray Trombley Mr. Mrs. Wax Weisner Mr. Mrs. Otis Wenstrom Mr. Mrs. Robert S. White Mr. Mrs. Dana Wiggin Mr. Mrs. Dawes F. Wolons X :5 - 5 ' - - 5 ' " v5 " - 5 ' 5 " ) k -O ' - v?-- t ?- - 5 - -£ - i t S?- ?-: •jC C ' -C - x- v 5 5 x 5 -. - X Complete Photographic Service To The 1960 BEACON SARGENT STUDIO 110 EAST STREET WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS ARTHUR MacGIBBON PRINTER PUBLISHER BOSTON !

Suggestions in the Fisher College - Beacon Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

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