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Fisher College Librar 3 5620 50557540 1 ' 1 Fisher Junior College 118 Beacon Street Boston 16, Massachusetts SANFORD FISHER President 3 [President s 11 Lessage Once agair you come to the close of a chapter of your life — the completion of your formulized full-time education. May I, however, remind you that personal preparation is part of life itself. It is not marked by months or years, but simply within the span of your own years. It is an endless process. Thus you are challenged by such fundamental truths as the story of the talents. Faith in one ' s self; the willingness to try, and the overcoming of fear are not the least of these. And, you can also be sure that so long as you give your level best your surprises will be unending. From you is expected some worthy contribution toward further progress in social, economic, cultural, and spiritual areas. The road is steep but with many unusual opportunities. Doing what you can and making everything you touch or influence just a little bit better than you found it assures " Progress " , your most precious heritage. The future is yours, to do with what you will. Your opportunities are limited only by your own desires and the sincerity of your efforts. To each of you my personal well-wishes as well as heart- felt thanks for your part in our college growth and successes. And now as you go your way may I extend this old Gaelic blessing: " May the roads rise with you. And the winds be always at your back. And may the Lord hold you In the hollow of his hand. " SANFORD L. FISHER President 4 Must have been a good one nior Glu Id ffi cers Elena Pasquale Patricia Russell Julie Hoffer MARJORIE BARTER Medico Glee Club 1; House Council 1; House President 2; Student Council 2; Moth- ers ' Tec Committee. " Her ways ore ways of pleasantness. " PATRICIA BAKER Executive Glee Club 1. " She holds a lot of mischief for such a little person. " SANDRA ATKINSON Beginners ' House Treasury. " Vivacity is life ' s sunshine. ' NANCY BARNICLE Executive Secretary 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Student Council 2; Fashion Show; Chairman Mothers ' Tea 1; Junior Prom Commit- tee 1. " Who am I to describe a thing of such beauty? " CAROL BARTEL Beginners ' Commuters ' Club. " Joy is not in things it is in us. ' SYLVIA BARNARD Foreign Trade Spanish Club 1; Commuters ' Club 2. " A cheery smile, a bonny eye, a pleasing tongue. " 14 15 ANN CARBONI Legal ' And her face so fair stirr ' d with her dream, as rose leaves. " JUDITH BULLARD Executive Commuters ' Club 1; Glee Club 1. " Life is not life without delight. ' JOANNE BROWN Finishing Riding Club. " Good sense and good nature are never separated. " ANN CANTON Legal Fashion Shov . " A heart and a crown of gold. " JOAN CABANA Executive Spanish Club; Home Residence Club. " Tis better to be small and shine, than to be large and cast a shadow. " ALICE BYRNE Beginners ' ' Wit is the flower of imagination. " 18 ug lil y . JEAN CORNETTA Executive Commuters ' Club 1. " Her smile has made a thousand friends. " DIANE CASTANO Medical Commuters ' Club 1, 2. " A smile for each, o friend to all BARBARA CARDELLO Legof Student Council 1, 2; Home Resident Club 1. " I care not what the world thinks; I have my own opinions. " CLAIRE CONNELLY Executive ' She quietly surpasses. " VIRGINIA COLAS Medical Modern Dance Club 1; Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club. " A friend in need Is a friend indeed. " ELAINE CHASSE f xecuf ve ' In action, faithful; and in honor, clear. " ' •. ' V- SARA DORRANCE Finishing Dorm Council; Year Book Staff. " Absence makes the heart grow fonder. " JUDITH DELLA BARBA Finishing Senior Class Vice-President; Fisher Flashes. " Still water runs deep. " ANN DELANY Legal Student Council 1, 2; Fashion Show Committee. " To know her is to like her always! " MARY DOLAN Executive Spanish Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1. " A bit of sophistication in her glance. " MARY DONAGHY Medical Commuters ' Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1. " Sincerity is an openness of heart; we find it in very few people. " ALICE DEWHIRST Foreign Trade Glee Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 1; Queen Fisher 1; Home Residence 1, 2. " Always a merry smile and a happy heart. " 21 MARTHA DEAN ELLIOTT Finishing ' A friendly smile for everyone. ' CAROL DOYLE Medico Student Council 1, 2; Fashion Show; Mothers ' Tea; Date Bureau; Dance Committees; Dad and Daughter ' s Night. " None but herself could be her parallel! " JEAN DOUGLAS Executive Home Residence Club. " The giver mokes the gift precious! ' JANE E. DUSTIN Finishing ' Good nature is one of the richest fruits of personality. " ELAINE ELFMAN Finishing ' Good sense and good nature are never separated. " BEVERLY DREW Executive Glee Club 1, 2; Dorm Councils 1, 2; Date Bureau; Queen Fishers 1; Riding Club 2. " Moonlight in — New Hampshire " 22 CALISTA HARRIS Execufive Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club. " Always there when called. ' KARIN GROGER Medical Commuters ' Club 1, 2. " If you want to be treated like an adult, act like an adult. " SALLY GREENE Medical Glee Club 2; Riding Club 2; Bowling Team 2; Mothers ' Tea. " Look into her eyes and you see an angel; look a little longer and you see a little imp. " JUDITH HALL Legal Home Residence Club. " A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. " DOROTHY HANSON Legal Commuters ' Club 1; Fashion Show 1. " Deeds survive the doers. " JOAN GROVER Finis ling " A slight color tints her cheeks. ' 25 CAROLE HORTE Executive Glee Club 1, 2; Queen Fishers 1; Vice President 1; Fashion Show Chairman; Mothers ' Tea; President 2; Student Council 1; Yearbook Staff; Dad and Daughter ' s Night. " No one knows what she con do until she has done it! " NANCY HOLYOKE Finishing Commuters ' Club; Riding Club. " Quiet, yet we know she is there. ' 26 27 JANET LANE Foreign Trade Glee Club 1, 2; Bowling Club 2; Rid- ing Club 2; Dorm Committees. " As merry as the day is long. " JANICE KELLEY Executive Fashion Show; Dad and Daughter Night. " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low — an excellent thing in women. " ANN KELLY Executive " Gay as the day is long. JOAN KINDER Legal Dorm Council 1; Student Council 2; Dad and Daughter ' s Night — Chair- man. " Gleaming eyes, charming smile, she ' s our little Miss Worthwhile. " LYDIA KIMBALL Medical Glee Club 1, 2; Queen Fishers 1; Fish- er Flashes 2. " Sincerity gives wings to power. " MILDRED KELLY Medical Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club. " Life is not so short but there is time for courtesy. " 28 PATRICIA McMAHON Finishing Riding Club; Yearbook Staff. " My heart is fixed on one. ' HELEN LORING Medical Home Residence 1, 2-President; Glee Club 2. " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. " CONSTANCE LANPHERE Finishing " Happy am 1 " LILA MacDONALD Beginning Glee Club; Riding Club; Commuters ' Club. " The habit of looking on the back side of every event is worth more than a thousand pounds a year! " NANCY MALONI Medical Glee Club 1; Commuters ' Club 1. " From whose eyelids as they gazed dropped love. " MARCIA LYNCH Medico Yearbook Staff; Commuters ' Club 2; Glee Club 1. " Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths ore peace. " 29 31 ELLORA RAYMOND Executive Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Dorm Council 1, 2; Fisher Flashes — Editor 2. " Little friends may prove great friends. JUDITH POWERS Beginners ' " So sweet, so fair, so loads of fun; she ' s liked by all, disliked by none. " JACQUELINE POOLE Finishing ' Rather quiet, but full of fun. ' BETTY LOU PRINCE Beginners ' " An honest mind and happy future plans. " SALLY JEAN RAINEY Beginners ' Riding Club. " Jeanie with the light brown hair. ' ' MARGARET PREISS ExecufiVe Glee Club 1; Dorm Council 2. " Kindl iness is invincible, provided only it be genuine. " 33 VIRGINIA ROWELL f xecufiVe Glee Club 1; House Council 2. " Sincerity is an openness of heart to be desired. " LEE SAUNDERS Executive Glee Club 1; Prom Committee 1; Year- book Editor; Mothers ' Tea. " She takes the breath of men away; who gaze upon her unaware! " NORA ROURKE Executive Commuters ' Club 2. " A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature. " 34 SANDRA SNEIDER Legal Commuters ' Club 1; Riding Club 2. " A wink ' s as good as a nod. " KATHERINE SLATTERY Medico ' Friends she has many; enemies, not any. " BERNADETTE SIMONS Finishing Riding Club. " Her ways ore ways of pleasantness. ' MARSHALYNE SMITH Finishing " A kind and gentle heart she hod. To comfort friends and foes. " V SUSAN SMITH Executive Glee Club 1; Student Council 2; Fash- ion Show; Dorm Council 1, 2; House President 2. " Profound sincerity is the basis of talent, as character. " CAROL SMITH Executive Commuters ' Club 1. " A merry heart moketh a cheerful countenance. " 36 JOANNE SYLVIA f xecu ve ' Quietness and confidence shall be your strength. " CONNIE SWEETSER legal Glee Club 1, 2; Dance Bond 1; Queen Fishers; Fisher Flashes 1; Student Council 2; Bowling Team, Florence Hall 2; Dorm Council 2. " Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. " MARIE SPADARO Executive Fisher Flashes 1, 2; Commuters ' Club — President 2; Spanish Club 1; Stu- dent Council 2; Prom Committee; Fashion Show. " The great instrument of moral good is the imagination. " BARBARA STOEHRER Medico " Confidence is the companion of success. " MARILYN VARNERIN Legal Student Council 1, 2; Commuters ' Club 2. " Appearances are deceitful, for mischief dwells withini " ELLEN TOTAS f xecutive Dorm Council 1, 2; Prom Committee 1; Dad and Daughter ' s Night. " Pleasant is she and full of good intent. " CAROLYN TORGERSON Finishing ' Her voice is ever soft, gentle and low. " GLENICE UPTON Executive Dorm Council 1, 2; Orchestra 1; Glee Club 1; Prom Committee. " I will find a way or make one! " JEAN TRANTEN Medical Fashion Show. " The magic of a pretty face! ' ROBERTA TOWERS Medical ' Friendship is the reward of friendship. " 38 RUTH YOUNG ALISON WYNOTT Finishing Foreign Trade Good nature brings many friends. " Spanish Club 1; Glee Club 1; Fisher Flashes; Bowling Club 2; Mothers ' Tea. " Mischief sparkles in her eyes, and her laughter never dies. " Camera Shy Classmate ANN BLANCHARD Medical ' Small and cute; long may she reign. " 40 ' ■■■J How can you smile! 44 Won ' t you join us ' " The three Angels " No ashes on the floor — please! 53 59 60 " Happy feet? " i recto ty Deborah Katie Abdou, Wallace Road, Rockport, Massachusetts Marie Georgette Accomando, 72 Atlantic Street, Winthrop, Massachusetts Mary Ellen Allen, 185 Curve Street, Dedham, Massachusetts Sonia Victoria Alvarenga, 2-25 13 Street, Guatemala Donna Marie Arcidiacono, 24 Quincy Street, Methuen, Massachusetts Dorothy Arris, 93 North State Street, Concord, New Hampshire Sandra Yeuell Atkinson, 175 Union Street, Springfield, Vermont Patricia Anne Baker, 22 Standish Avenue, Plymouth, Massachusetts Sylvia Joyce Barnard, 65 Western Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts Nancy Gertrude Barnicle, 65 Gellette Road, Fairhaven, Massachusetts Carol Theresa Bartel, 316 Canton Street, Stoughton, Massachusetts Marjorie Louise Barter, 5 Lincoln Street, Gloversville, New York Victoria Anne Beasty, 314 Fayette Street, Quincy, Massachusetts Joan Gail Bennett, 124 Larch Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts Joan Elizabeth Bennett, 127 Pembroke Street, Kingston, Massachusetts Virginia Marie Bennett, 282 Highland Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts Joan Ruth Benson, 107 Berwick Road, Attleboro, Massachusetts Adele Bernstein, 20 King Street, Peabody, Massachusetts Alice Ann Berry, Nobleboro, Maine Elizabeth Ann Billings, 47 River Street, Houlton, Maine Nancy Ruth Black, 95 Eastwood Circuit, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Carol Ann Blokney, 32 Washington Street, Peabody, Massachusetts Ann Evans Blanchard, 10 Ithaca Circle, Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts Jane Faraday Blanchard, Vanceboro, Maine Sandra Jean Blomberg, 234 Ash Street, Waltham, Massachusetts Gaynel Merriam Bonney, 28 Park Street, Both, Maine Ann Rose Borgioli, 112 Sigourney Street, Revere, Massachusetts Marilyn Ruth Bowmar, 33 East Bacon Street, Plainville, Massachusetts Beverly Ann Braley, 7 High Street, Hallowell, Maine Barbara Ann Britton, Broad Street, Barre, Massachusetts Marcia Jane Brooks, 8 Francis Avenue, Notick, Massachusetts Joanne Claire Brown, 7 Moreland Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts Judith Ann Bullord, 9 Common Street, Quincy 69, Massachusetts Alice Louise Byrne, 10 Garfield Avenue, Norwood, Massachusets Joan Frances Cabana, 19 Sixth Street, Onset, Massachusetts Ann Catherine Canton, 43 School Street, Lincoln, New Hampshire Ann Rita Carboni, West Lane, Ridgefield, Connecticut Barbara Mary Cardello, 16 Garfield Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts Diane Rosalie Castano, 79 Park Road, Brockton, Massachusetts Mary Elaine Chasse, Damariscotta, Maine Virginia Cleopatra Colas, 54 Court Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts Claire Ann Connelly, 97 Allerton Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts Jean Ann Cornetta, 69 East Central Street, Franklin, Massachusetts Anne Marie Cosgrove, 18 Maynard Street, Arlington, Massachusetts Renita Marie Crimmins, 19 Spring Street, Augusta, Maine Nancy Crocker, Chestnut Street, South Duxbury, Massachusetts Claire Marie Cummings, 15A Parsons Street, Brighton, Massachusetts Rosalind Dantzker, 79 Central Street, Gardiner, Maine Elaine Davis, 36 Dale Avenue, Quincy, Massachusetts Elizabeth Ann Dawes, 34 Lake Auburn Avenue, Auburn, Maine Ann Elizabeth Delony, 141 Highland Avenue, Marlboro, Massachusetts Judith Ann Delia Borba, 14 Mill Street, Quincy, Massachusetts Alice Wood Dewhirst, 7 Grove Street, Groveland, Massachusetts Mary Winifred Dolon, 44 School Street, Rockport, Massachusetts Mary Frances Donaghy, 6 Weld Hill Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Sara Jane Dorrance, 3 Newland Avenue, Augusta, Maine Jean Ann Douglas, 89 South Main Street, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 61 I rectory Carol Elizabeth Doyle, 55 Caledonian Avenue, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Beatrice Beverly Drew, Greenville, Maine Jane Eliza beth Dustin, WoocJ Road, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts Elaine Elfman, 74 American Legion Highway, Boston, Massachusets Martha D. Elliott, 6 Chandler Street, Somerville, Massachusetts Norma Starr Farquhar, Block Street, Abington, Massachusetts Patricia Ann Forrell, 184 Franklin Street, Wrentham, Massachusetts Kkincy Louise Feldman, 5 ' 2 Prospect Street, Rockport, Massachusetts Janet Carol Fienemann, Milton, Vermont Rosemorie Fontano, 413 Main Street, Clinton, Massachusetts Marie Rosalyn Forte, 42 Stewart Street, Quincy, Massachusetts Hazel Maxine Fultz, 48 Walden Street, Concord, Massachusetts Roberta Marie Garrohan, 18 Brookfield Road, Woltham, Massachusetts Dolores Mary Germain, 157 County Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts Marilyn M. Gifford, East Bethel, Vermont Anne Phyllis Goldsmith, 240 Linwood Street, New Britain, Connecticut Muriel B. Goldstein, 620 V alk Hill Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts Sally Greene, 52 Roberts Avenue, Rutland, Vermont Karin Erna Groger, 6 Centre Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts Joan Frances Grover, 7 Witham Street, Springvale, Maine Judith Anne Hall, Pleasant Street, Freeport, Maine Dorothy Hanson, 10 Lakeview Place, Lynn, Massachusetts Calista Betty Harris, 25 Bow Street, Beverly, Massachusetts Winifred Edna Hathaway, 67 Washington Street, Taunton, Massachusetts Rosalyn June Helfen, 26 Ridgeview Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts Nancy Founce Holyoke, 95 Church Street, Marlborough, Massachusetts Judith Watson Horgan, 53 Jefferson Drive, Norwood, Massachusetts Carol L. Horte, 127 Pleasant Street, Whitman, Massachusetts Marilyn Joyce Hughes, 17 Main Street, Lyndonville, Vermont Phyllis Isenberg, 64 Garland Street, Chelsea, Massachusetts Anna Marie Ivanyi, Edgemere Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts Mildred Patricia Jackson, Prospect Street, Alstead, New Hampshire June Lois Jennings, Bryer Lane, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts Judith Carol Johnson, 223 Bolton Street, Marlboro, Massachusetts Nancy Celia Joyce, 20 Harding Avenue, Belmont, Massachusetts Eleanor Merrill Kalem, 387 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts Janice Ann Kelley, Scudder Avenue, Hyannisporf, Massachusetts Ann Marie Kelly, 235 Market Street, Amsterdam, New York Mildred Ann K elly, 39 Cedar Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts Lydia Marie Kimball, Post Road, Wells, Maine Joan Florence Kinder, 231 Lakeside Avenue, Marlboro, Massachusetts Janet Patricia Lane, 154 Maine Avenue, Gardiner, Maine Constance Lee Lanphere, 135 North Main Street, Dolgeville, New York Helen Williams Loring, 177 Main Street, Kingston, Massachusetts Marcia Diane Lynch, 96 Second Street, Medford, Massachusetts Lilo Joan Macdonald, 23 Milton Road, North Quincy, Massachusetts Patricia Ann McMahon, 65 Scammell Street, Quincy, Massachusetts Nancy Louise Maloni, 124 Water Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts Jacqueline Elizabeth Melton, 425 West Seneca Street, Ithaca, New York Gladys Mary Moore, 15 Holt Street, North Chelmsford, Massachusetts Kathleen Marguerite Morin, Broadway Street, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts Myrna Ruth Moseon, 89 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton, Massachusetts Pricillo Anne Nowe, 16 Whiton Avenue, Quincy, Massachusetts Carol Violet Nygren, 69 Hawthorne Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts Anno Elan Olson, Main Street, Chatham, Massachusetts Jean Patricia Overstreet, 30 Riverview Terrace, Dedhom, Massachusetts 62 I rector II Carol Joan Palmer, Route 1, Concord, New Hampshire Sylvia Alice Palmer, 38 Grove Street, OakloncJ, Maine Mary Anne Palmeter, 655 Pork Street, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada Anelina Joanne Panzero, 204 Main Street, Maynard, Massachusetts Joanne Peatfield, 6 Fairfax Parkway, Alexandria, Virginia Joyce Ann Pederzini, 13 South Spooner Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts Phyllis Maxine Pelletier, 6 Evangeline Street, Madawaska, Maine Marilyn Ann Perlstein, 79 Main Street, Shirley, Massachusetts Patricia Ann Peterson, Long Pond Road, Brewster, Massachusetts Gloria Shirley Plourde, 431 Main Street, Van Buren, Maine Jacqueline DeVerde Poole, Pine Street, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts Judith Dexter Powers, Falmouth Heights Road, Falmouth, Massachusetts Margaret Preiss, North Main Street, Sheffield, Massachusetts Betty Lou Prince, East Pleasant Street, Franklin, New Hampshire Sally Jean Rainey, Phippsburg, Maine Elloro Claire Raymond, 899 Maplewood Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Ellen Risdal, 188 Green Street, Fairhaven, Massachusetts Patricia Ann Romiza, Main Street, Teaticket, Massachusetts Nora Rouke, 20 Haskell Street, Prides Crossing, Massachusetts Virginia Ann Rowell, 201 Cheney Street, Newport, New Hampshire Mary Lois Ryder, Main Street, Yormouthport, Massachusetts Lee Saunders, Marion Road, Rochester, Massachusetts Gladys V inifred Savage, 97 Lebanon Street, Melrose, Massachusetts Barbara Ellen Schaff, Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts Barbara Ruth Schwartz, 67 Stewart Street, Quincy, Massachusetts Selma Pearl Schwartz, 37-B Knox Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts Mary Jane Scinto, 208 Soundview Avenue, Stratford, Connecticut Ruth Scribner, Rangeley, Maine Donalda Marie Sears, 21 Russell Road, Dedham, Massachusetts Bernardette Rose Simons, Main Street, Teaticket, Massachusetts Katherine Agnes Slattery, 6 George Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts Carol Robertson Smith, 1 Perthshire Road, Brighton, Massachusetts Morshalyne Elaine Smith, R.F.D. §2, Alfred, Maine Susan Ferguson Smith, Middle Haddam, Connecticut Sandra Sneider, 24 Crowell Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Marie Frances Spadaro, 195 Beech Street, Belmont, Massachusetts Barbara Helen Stoehrer, 6 Houston Avenue, Methuen, Massachusetts Sandra Ann Stone, Gale Street, Canaan, Vermont Dorothy Ruth Stuart, 36 V estland Street, Methuen, Massachusetts Constance Sweetser, New Castle, New Hampshire Joanne Damon Sylvia, 53 Glendale Street, Maynard, Massachusetts Carolyn Ruth Torgerson, 10 Washburn Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts Ellen Tofas, 29 South Main Street, Bristol, New Hampshire Roberta Duane Towers, 359 Corey Street, West Roxbury, MassachusetfJ Jean Evelyn Tranten, 150 Old Point Avenue, Madison, Maine Glenice Louise Upton, R.F.D. j l, Norway, Maine Marilyn Varnerin, 18 Richfield Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Judith Wallace, 185 Washington Avenue, Chelsea, Massachusetts Judith Anne Watson, 13a Wentworth Street, Rochester, New Hampshire Marlene Janet Weitzner, 5 Hartwell Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts Nancy Marilyn Wesner, 128 Queen Street, Bristol, Connecticut Maureen Louise Whittaker, 25 Weymouth Street, Sanford, Maine Carol Hoyt Wilde, 9 Boulder Brook Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts June Russell Wood, 74 Summer Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts Alison Esther Wynott, Garland Road, Rye, New Hampshire Ruth Mildred Young, Jericho Path, Falmouth, Massachusetts 63

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