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Fisher College Libran 3 5620 50557526 0 —PHOTOGRAPHY by PVRDY 1946 Dedication Roberta C. Macdonald A.B., M.C.S. To you, Miss Roberta C. Macdonald, we, the class of 1946, dedicate THE SEMMA. It would be irf?possible to list the many ways you have helped and guided us through Eisher. As dean, you have patiently listened to our trou- bles and complaints — have listened, and then helped us. As teacher, you have led us through the maze of grammar and the curlicues of shorthand. And, during this process of learning, we have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited by your classes. As advisor of the Yearbook, you have spent end- less hours balancing ideas with budget. Indeed, THE SEMMA would never have been printed without your suggestions and help. For these, and for other less tangible but even more important contributions to the school and to us, we thank you. President ' s Sanford L. Fisher Ever since you have been little girls, your parents have had special dreams for you. In fact, in you they have centered their frustrations and their hopes. All the things they wanted to be them- selves and were not, they somehow hope you will become. So, all through high school they have talked about you and what you will do and be. After graduation you selected secretarial training as your avenue of interest— the one which was most interesting to you and the one in which you believed you could do your most creative work. We were delighted that Fisher was the school you chose to attend, and here for a period of one or two years it has been our good pleasure to direct you in a preparation which would lead toward certainty of employment and an advancement within the area of your interest. Also, because of the happy occasions enjoyed here and the varying affairs you have participated in, you have formed friendships and memories which shall become richer with the passing years. Now that graduation time is here, you forget the drudgery of study and the worry of tests and marks. You realize that so many of the things you have done here with your friends were more important than you thought at the time and that you are about to separate from those who have become very near and dear to you. Yes, I wish for your sake that it might be possible to continue with us longer — that there might be a further enrichment of these fine social relation- ships, but life just isn ' t like that. Your day has come, and it is rich in possibility. You are ready to take your place and show that the faith of your parents and the train- ing of this school have not been in vain. You now live, not only in the hope for better things, but in the knowledge that you can, within your- self, and because of your special training, bring these hopes into full realization. It has been my good pleasure to have had a small part in this school period of your life. As my concern has been for your growth while you were here, it shall be my desire to see you successful and happy in your respective fields of endeavor. May every good thing be yours to enjoy. L. Fisher Foreword... Our purpose in bringing this book to you Is to give you something your whole life through To look back upon with a thought and a smile. To cherish and treasure along every mile. We ' ve tried our utmost to capture the fun, The frolic, the gladness in things that we ' ve done; The hurrying, scurrying, worries, and fears; And now and then shedding a few silly tears. So grateful indeed to the founders are we That our book is named for them, you see. The meaning will be clear in your minds If vou will but read the next few lines. $ stands for Sanford, as you must have guessed. Whom we admire for his wisdom and zest. F for E. H., who to us is unknown; This we regret, for his kindness is shown. Ai is M. C . — our co-founder is he Of Fisher — so dear to you and me. that ' s for Myron, full of sparkle and wit; Into the pattern he surely does fit. is for Albert, the last of three brothers; He has our respect and that of all others. You ' re eager to look at your Yearbook, we know; So now on a reading trip you may go. We hope it will be pleasant for you; And may all your future dreams come true! ' ' Learning iits within and beckons As the portal opens to receive me " " Simple, yet exquisite taste, The delicacy of China luxury. " FACULTY and Alice Long Senor Eduahdo Azuola Earline Cornell B.B.A. M.A., Ph.D. B.S. in Ed. PERSONNEL Seniors at last . . . new classes . . . office hours meeting the juniors class elections and meetings . • new " dorm " ... Mr. Myron ' s classes . . • " A " class . . • stockings and heels . . • Semma pic- tures . . • head 6V2, height 5 ' 3 " . • • vaca- tions . . • " Fisher Flashes " deadlines . • • third - finger, left - hand , . lockers!! . • • speech . . • new rules and regulations . ecutive dictation ex- two sixties . . book sessions . tarials ' leaving trips . . . " This is to cer- tify that. " Year- Secre- . field Semma Senior Class Officers President Lydia Lombardo Vice-President - Yolanda Capachione Secretary-Tieasurer Mary Bowker Eunice Abrams 7 Mount Hood Road Brighton. Massachusetts A cute little brunette with flashing dark eyes . . . quiet, but oh, so friendly ... a gay line of chatter . . . enviable ability in law . . . enjoys visits to the Totem Pole very much. Finishing Secretarial 21 Biake Street Joan M. Adams Presque Isle, Maine ■Jo ' Tall, stately blonde . . . Joan could easily be a member of Maine ' s Chamber of Commerce . . . typewriting is not her favorite subject . . . sparkling smile . . . pet peeve — being called " Joan " instead of " Jo-an. " Glee Club Finishing Secretarial Pauline A. Allen 67 Moosehill Parkway Sharon, Massachusetts " " Pauline doesn ' t need to get her color from drugstore jars and bottles; it ' s natural perpetually withdrawing the money her uncle puts in the bank gained early notor- iety as a junior — went to the movies instead of to school! Medical Cecile Andelman 167 Elm Street Cambridge. Massachusetts Hopes to be " as noble as my mother and to marry a man as nice as my dad " the embodiment of persistence and a meticulous keeper of accounts " Shouldn ' t I have an- other point? " Fisher Flashes, Dramatic Club Medical Semma 1 1 i Beechu ood Street Jean Anderson Cohasset, Massachusetts " JEANNIE " As salutary as the South Shore — her native haunt energetic eager eyes all a-sparkle when she talks " Now look! " with gesticulations many an afternoon she could be found taking respite in the cafeteria. Medical Harriet R. Baron 36 Summit Avenue Winthrop, Massachusetts Punctuates every other sentence with " See what I mean? " interested in people it was a happy day when she passed in her legal budget assiduous worker with Trojan- iike tenacity. Secretarial Louise Virginia Bartlett 59 East Elm Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts " LOOZE ' Kind and considerate . . . always helpful . . . Louise, with her charming personality ... a friend to anyone in need . . . conscientious in her work ... a " gal " who is bound to meet with success. Glee Club, Dramatic Club Intercollegiate Club Stenographic South Thomastoii Joan Baum Main " JOANIE ' Picture pretty . . . starlet young and frail . . . Dresden fragility . . . dormitory house clerk . . . paragon of simplicity and neatness . . . the portrait of a lady ... a worry a day keeps boredom away . . . but stenograph triumphed. Maine Club (Vice-President) Glee Club, Yearbook. Y. W. C. A. Executive 1946 Bridget M. Benevento 27 Havre Street East Boston, Massachusetts " Brig ' Our efficient editor of the " Flashes " ... as casual as the great outdoors . . . bowls a score of 90 or thereabouts . . . How about a few lessons. " Brig ' " ? . . . should get a job beating dead- lines. Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Fisher Flashes (Editor) Yearbook Foreign Trade 48 Chestnut Street Theresa Bergeron Rochester, New Hampshire ■Terry Just wear it any way — her hair ... no matter how, it ' s becoming . . . transferred from Becker . . . diamond on third finger, left hand, bespeaks the hope that she will not have to spend too much time in the pursuit of business. Medical 35 Elni Street Mary Bowker " Bowk " Fairfield, Maine Auburn hair . . . friendly and good-natured . . . forever in a hurry . . . always wins her point . . . conscientious and in- telligent . . . promises to be married in a year. . . hopes some- day to live on a desert island. Dramatic Club, Maine Club Senior Class Secretary, Y. W. C. A. Executive Elizabeth Brennan 179 Pleasant Street Stoughton, Massachusetts " Betty " Always friendly . . . her two loves — Van Johnson and Duffy (her dog) . . . super sleuth with mystery books . . . has talent for drawing . . . whiz at math . . . unconsciously witty. Student Council, Y. W. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Semma 46 Appleton Street Barbara Brooks " Barb " Saiigus, Massachusetts Did you ever try to count all those freckles? . . . typing demon . . . lively sense of humor . . . happy outlook on life . . . by-passed " C " and " B " class with no trouble at all . . . should let her smile be her guide. Dramatic Club, Glee Club Sorority Finishing Secretarial 31 Wall Street Margaret Brown " Margie " Canton, Massachusetts Quiet, but not shy . . . large, mischievous blue eyes . . . soft- spoken . . . kind and sincere ... a person of few words . . . infectious smile that shows her dimples . . . pretty eyes plus a lovely disposition. Finishing Secretarial Margaret R. Bucci 147 Washington Street Canton, Massachusetts ' Marg " Tall and dark . . . her bright red jacket with her dark hair — striking . . . Margaret plus Mary . . . glamorous and sophisticated . . . didn ' t possibly miss a class or two when you changed programs, did you, " Marg? " Glee Club, Fisher Flashes Dramatic Club Executive 52 Fairfield Street Jeanne Burke Brockton, Massachusetts Michievous little lass . . . one of the " Three Musketeers " of Fisher . . . lighthearted and carefree . . . faithful to her many beaus . . . dancing brown eyes and a gay laugh . . . fer- vent Brockton rooter. Intercollegiate Club Finishing Secretarial 1946 Georgia J. Canelos 284 Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts •Jo ■ Whiz at shorthand . . . has a desire to travel extensively . . . sincere appreciation of the fine arts. . . vows she ' ll never get married, but we ' re not so sure . . . hidden sense of humor ... a mental Hercules. Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Fisher Flashes (Assistant Editor) Y. W. C. A., Sorority (Marshall ) Foreign Trade YOLANDA CaPACHIONE 221 Huriard Street Brockton, Massachusetts " Yo Invigorating as the sparkle in Pepsi-Cola . . . small cyclone of energy . . . gets hysterical when asked first name. . . be- coming blush . . . another of the " Three Musketeers " . . . smile as constant as sunlight. Senior Class Vice-President Intercollegiate Club Finishing Secretarial Esther Capon e 81 Bo d Street W atertou n, Massachusetts A friendly smile . . . can Esther ever roll those eyes? . . . a good student with high ambition . . . noted for her quick and witty replies and her perplexing practical jokes. Glee Club Stenographic Shirley T. Caradonna 94 Rei ere Street Canton, Massachusetts ' Don A ' Always giggling about nothing . . . three-cornered grin . . . appreciates good jokes . . . always ready to help others . . . steady diet of ice cream . . . warm-hearted, impetuous . . . office hours her downfall . . . longs to fly (in a plane, of course!) Semma Anne Carmichael 145 Sherman Street Wollastoii, Massachtisetti " Cathy " She wears a pair of silver wings . . . never-ending ward- robe . . . green her favorite color . . . oh, to have such hair! . . . excels in studies .... skiing and horseback riding her favorite pastimes . . . poise plus personality . . . sparkling wit. Dramatic Club Finishing Secretarial Erminia Casali 323 West Central Street Franklin, Massachusetts " Minnie " Service with a smile . . . effervescent personality . . . friend of the weary and hungry . . . conscientious, amiable, efficient . . . fresh, rosy complexion . . . presides over sixth- period lunch with unerring patience. Finishing Secretarial 61 Standish Street Lorraine Charron North Weymouth, Massachusetts Quiet but friendly . . . with a love for dancing . . . guards her secrets like expensive gems ... an efficient worker and conscientious student . . . friendly disposition . . .with definite determination. Stenographic Helen Jean Clark 780 Webster Street Needham, Massachusetts Has a passion for mocha frappes and English muffins . . . loves to travel, particularly by boat. . . utterly sincere . . . her theme song could well be " Danny Boy " . . . had the dis- tinguished honor of being the first to buy a Yearbook. Glee Club, Fisher Flashes Secretarial 1946 Presqtie Isle Irene Coffey " Rabbit " Another of Maine ' s proud offsprings . and willing worker . . . quiet and friendly dent of ■ " 112 " . . .hopes to travel someday . of running back from dorm with mail. Maine Club, Sorority Maine . a conscientious . . efficient presi- . had daily ritual Medical Charlotte Collyer 16 Sea Street Weymouth, Massachusetts Col " Tall and stately . . . one of the " gang " . . . how were the week-ends last winter? . . . reserved . . . got quite a scare when she found her fur coat missing at the Junior Prom. Junior Class Vice-President Secretarial Ethelyn Dennison 1074 Main Street South Weymouth, Massachusetts " Babe " Petite, charming and friendly . . . always receiving gifts from " Joe " for no special occasion . . . " Babe " was often re- minded of her week ' s vacation, but never regretted it . . . never " Babe " without " Ginny. " Secretarial Geraldine Dever 9 Spaulding Square Dorchester, Massachusetts " Gerry " Tall, slender . . . always in a rush . . . ran a marathon with the time clock . . . loves to dance . . . her heart belongs to the Navy . . . sense of humor . . . dislikes getting up in the morning. Secretarial Semma 38 Fairfield Street Eunice Dion " Dee Cambridge, Massachusetts Perfect complexion . . . often too generous with her home- work. . . gives one the impression of being quiet, but beneath the surface lies the real Eunice . . . likes people . . . can ' t seem to find anyone who measures up to the dream man. Dramatic Club, Fisher Flashes Medical Ruth Doherty 10 Auburn Street Soft-spoken, winsome . . . shy grin. . er . . . demure . . . laughing Irish eyes . . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . and only. W ' oburn, Massachusetts fascinating listen- irresistible charm . " Bob " is her one Finishing Secretarial Virginia Dondero 247 Randolph Street South W eymouth, Massachusetts " GiNNY " Always looked as though she had just stepped from a page in " Vogue " . . . beguiling smile . . . serious in her work, yet her eyes betray a sense of mischievousness . . . had a celebration when she passed her 60 ' s. Sorority Secretarial 14 Linu ood Street Jeanne Drew Saugus, Alassachusetts Brown hair and big brown eyes . . . she is effervescent, even in the early morning ... an outstanding student ... a personality that is as attractive as can be . . . makes life a better place just to talk to her. Stenographic 1946 Eleanor Duffy 411 Central Street Saugus, Massachusetts " Duff " " Duff " --crowned with blonde loveliness . . . our Veronica . . . strives for perfection . . . and she accomplishes just that . . . although quiet, Eleanor is a friend to all . . . and all are her friends. Student Council Stenographic 15 St. Agatha ' s Road Mary Duggan " Babe " Milton, Massachusetts Frail but friendly ... as learned as a professor ... no committee or social event is complete without " Babe " . . . ever so conscious of her work . . . she shall triumph because she perseveres. Intercollegiate Club Stenographic Patricia Duggan 15 St. Agatha ' s Road Milton, Massachusetts " Trish ■ A studious girl with " personality plus " . . . enjoys a fre- quent whirl in the clouds . . . cheerful as her outlook on life . . . with an eye for nice things. . . she always appears thus. Glee Club, Intercollegiate Club Stenographic Gale England 2 1 Damien Road Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts " Kitten " " Kitten " — with her unusual sense of humor and dry wit . . . makes her way into the world as a fashionable dresser . . . revels in last-minute dashes to class. Stenographic Semma Eleanor Fales Warren Maine " Farleez " " As rough as a diamond " not rough in a derogatory sense, but rather meaning " genuine, sincere, honest and frank to the core " ... as brisk and refreshing as a rich Maine breeze. Glee Club, Maine Club, Home Residence Special 142 Willard Street Claire Falvey " Cuz " Qiiincy, Massachusetts Pert little miss . . . winsome personality . . . enviable page- boy . . . appears not to have a care in the world . . . sparkling hazel eyes . . . flair for clothes . . . competent and ambitious . . . are they all your cousins, Claire? Dramatic Club Finishing Secretarial Kathleen Marie Feeney 3 Churchill Place Dedham, Massachusetts " Kathy " Quiet and shy " Kathy " . . . what ' s the deep interest in the French Army? . . . sunny disposition . . . with reserved manner . . . " Kathy " makes a sympathetic listener ... an efficient little worker. Stenographic Barbara Foye 166 Franklin Street Quincy. Massachusetts Quiet and reserved . . . uncontrollable blush . . . always looking for a way to gain weight . . . enthusiastic roller- skating fan . . . envious of anyone who types without errors . . . magic ability for keeping friends. Finishing Secretarial 1946 Heaniker Joyce Garland " JOYCIE " Netf Hampshire Tiny, but full of energy . . traps animals in the wilds of Maine player . . . excellent student . . . " cute as h ' lving men trouble, " Joycie? " Y. W. C. A.. GIe« Club (Treasurer; always ready for mischief lively basketball a button " . . . still Medical Wanda Gorecki 1 Arch Street Haverhill, Massachusetts Wears her knowledge well . . . excellent law student . . . charming and friendly . . . faithful member of Wednesday ' s ballroom-dancing class . . . contagious smile . . . true to her word, her work, and her friends. Glee Club Finishing Secretarial Elaine Helen Greene speculator New York " Speedy " Forever defending Speculator . . . " Go West, Young Woman, Go West! " . . . nicknamed " Speedy " by her roommates . . . dry, yet sparkling wit ever present to carry off the moment . . . have you recovered your trunk yet? Glee Club, Dramatic Club. House Clerk Secretarial Eleanor Mae Gregory 10 Elm Street " Ellie ' Thomaston, Maine As short as a minute but counts for much more ... a boon to the cafeteria . . . serious minded and particular about her work . . . friendly and good-natured ... a proud daughter of Maine. Glee Club, Maine Club (Secretary) Y. W. C. A., Sorority (Scribe) E.xecutive Semma Frances M. Griner 5 Birch Street Saugus, Massachusetts " Frannie ' Tall blonde, and neat . . . always asking questions . . . loves to ski . . . faithful defender of Saugus . . . fetching dimpled smile . . . one of our efficient executive girls . . . had any lessons from postman Dad recently? Yearbook Executive Y armouthport Mary G. Hallet " Hal " Massachusetts Cool, calm, and collected . . . peaches and cream com- plexion . . . eloquent . . . perks up at the mention of " Chuck " . . . secret passion is to own a multitude of shoes . . . unending curiosity . . . pleasing voice. Glee Club Finishing Secretarial 61 Beals Street Marian Hansen North Weymouth, Massachusetts ' Honey ' Forever smiling . . . writes more than her share of letters . . . skating her favorite pastime . . . partial to second lieu- tenants ... in fact, she ' ll take nothing less . . . neat . . . and efficient . . . men are troublesome, aren ' t they, Marian? Secretarial IsABELLE C. Harrington 5 36 hast Fourth Street South Boston, Massachusetts " ISSIE " " There are smiles that make us happy " — these are Is- abelle ' s . . . Stenograph student . . . her rain-proof locks the envy of all . . . how are the ship ' s dances, Isabelle? . . . likes meeting new people. Glee Club, Fisher Flashes Foreign Trade 1946 Eleanor Maureen Hayes 507 Central Street Saugt4S, Massachusetts " Ellie " " EUie " — with her pleasing smile and sunny disposition ... a friend in need is a friend indeed . . . the girl with the laughing eyes . . . success will be hers in whatever she attempts. Stenographic Jean Hayes 16 Birch Street Saugus, Massachusetts Bubbling over with laughter and joviality . . . sincere and true as a friend can be . . . never a worry--rolls away trouble when it comes a-knocking . . . generous as the day is long. Stenographic Margaret Hibbard 192 Billing Street North Quincy, Massachusetts " Peggy " Clear, gray eyes with that dreamy look. ... a slim figure garbed in beautiful clothes ... an exquisite softness in voice and manner . . . looks like something out of " Glamour " . . . sweet and likable nature. Glee Club, Dramatic Club (President) Intercollegiate Club, Y. W. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Margaret Hildebrand 210 Main Street Walpole, Massachusetts " Peggy " A " writer " in the making . . . unruffled disposition . . . devotee of the movies . . . charms her listeners with her smooth manner of speaking . . . aspires to journalism . . . enjoys " doodling " in classes. Glee Club, Fisher Flashes Secretarial Semma Evelyn Hodder 149 Warrett Street Neu ton Centre, Massachusetts " Ev- Pretty blonde hair . . .graceful dancer . . . Mr. Smith has yet to find her equal . . . enjoys entertaining at the piano . . . found most of the time engrossed in her medical dictation . . . keeps the mailman busy. Glee Club Medical Shirlee Holbrook 18. Front Street W eynioiith, Massachusetts " Lee " Tall, thin . . . pretty blonde hair ... an ever-ready flow of chatter ... do you miss the servicemen ' s dances? . . . always busy as a bee . . . would like so much to become an exhibition dancer. Dramatic Club, Yearbook Foreign Trade 21 Gregg Street Nancy M, Hord " Nan " Beverly, Massachusetts A lovely lady nobly planned . . . charming as a hostess . . . calm refinement . . . lovely to look at, delightful to know . . . scholastically superior ... a treasure in femininity . . . able leader of Sorority. Glee Club, Junior Class Secretary Sorority (President), Student Council Foreign Trade Lois Hovey 1 5 Charles Street Houlloii. Maine " Kit " A disposition that is forever sunny . . . goes about her work quietly and efficiently . . . one of the first to become engaged . . . here one minute, gone the next with remarkable agility. Maine Club, Y. W. C. A. Medical 1946 81 L ' nion Street Lenore Hulteen South Weymouth, Massachusetts " Lee " Always ready for a good laugh . . . What ' s so interesting on the 7:45, Lenore? . . . radiant expression when she passed her perfect 60 . . . her " shadow " ' — The Stenograph machine. Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Foreign Trade Virginia L. Isola 62 High Street Stoneham, Massachusetts " Ginny " Willing and, yes, even anixous to help whenever and wherever she can . . . never at a loss for words . . . many ' s the night Virginia kept her father waiting while she helped close up the school after a Yearbook session. ... a student thorough and meticulous. Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. Sorority (Historian). Yearbook Executive Margaret A. Ivaldi 293 Ret ere Street Witithrop, Massachusetts " Margie " Snatched hours from leisure to attend classes . . . believes that if a girl wants to sleep, she can . . . unusual brand of wit . . . may some day become a great pianist . . . always willing to oblige by singing. Glee Club Executive Doris Evelyn Jacobsen 181 Co lonial Aienue Albany, New York " DORIE " A sports model in boxy sweaters . . . man-tailored suits . . . New York accent . . . met a captain by playing bridge . . . gracious manner . . . headed for a law office . . . practical " Dorie " can ' t be disturbed. Dramatic Club (Vice-President) Student Council, Glee Club Legal Semma Ruth Johnson 37 Myrtle Street East Weymouth, Massachusetts Golden blonde . . . charming and gracious . . . her name always appeared whenever the honor roll was posted ... a per- fect student . . . would rather listen than talk . . . Thorough in school . . . Thorough at work . . . Thorough at home Student Council Secretarial 409 School Street Sally Johnson Watertoun, Massachusetts Sweet and petite . . . quiet except when " Bix " is mention- ed . . a delight to the eyes . . . lovely auburn hair . . . perfect grace . . . " She ' s engaged, she ' s lovely, " . . . and she ' s a student too. Fisher Flashes Radio Clark Mills Bronwen Jones " Bonnie " New York " Bonnie ' s " motto-- " Silence is golden " . . . meticulous in appearance . . . demure always . . . unassuming . . . tranquil disposition . . . handsome brother in the Marines . . . lovely, shining brown hair . . . soft-spoken at all times . . . often iden- tified with Lois. Secretarial Patricia Kelley Houland Mu Pat " Flew through her work . . . speed demon at a typewriter . . . has a darling baby sister . . . positively hated a needle and thread ... a one-man " gal, " but had trouble deciding who was to be the one . . . the class ' first bride. Maine Club, Dramatic Club Secretarial 1946 Dorothy Kelley 76 Faxon Street Braintree, Massachusetts " Dot ' Dorothy ' s hobby, " Men, Men, and more Men " . . . is not in keeping with the part she plays as the typical old maid . . . friendly and sincere . . . could always find " Dot " in the same corner at lunch. Glee Club, Dramatic Club (Secretary) Medical Elaine Toxier Knight 19 Myrtle Street Augusta, Maine ' Suave " Animated chatterbox . . . her pet nickname — " Suave " . . . lively, full of pep and fun . . . pleasant combination of brains and personality . . . keeps the postman busy . . .envy of the typing class. Maine Club Finishing Secretarial WiLMA Grace Kozak liilh and Delau are Streets Ne« ' Castle, Delaware " Willie " Happy-go-lucky and witty . . . lovable accent ... a good rugcutter . . . last minute gossip-getter for the Flashes . . . Navy officers preferred . . . " Did you hear the one about? " Speaks Hungarian fluently. Fisher Flashes, Glee Club (Vice President) Dramatic Club Radio Edythe Leshner 56 Clearwater Road Brookline, Massachusetts Ede ' Lunch like a picnic basket--fruit, sandwiches (in the plural) . . . managed to slide in at 9:04 . . . coiffure in the Dache-net style ... a preference for internes . . . never Edythe without Minette. Medical Semma Mary E. Lewis 76 Cedar Street Wollaston, Massachusetts Little, vivacious blonde . . . lightens the dreary hours for her fellow classmates . . . dances like a puppet on a string . . . perpetual gleam in those blue eyes . . . never a dull moment with Mary. Student Council Stenographic Lydia M. Lombardo 118 Bray ton Road Engaging note of nonchalance Brighton, Massachusetts . . doesn ' t neglect her social life . . . surplus of escorts . . . persistent aversion for ravages of damp weather and rising in the cold dawn . . . apostle of the " no-worry, " " no-hurry " creed. Senior Class President, Y. W. C A. Student Council Medical Natalie A. Lopez 41 Bradford Road Watertown, Massachusetts " Nat " Had a two-year race with the 9:10 bell . . . scholarly attainment with a master ' s skill . . . raven haired . . . scin- tillating eyes . . . striking figure in our Pageant . . . hopes some day to play the piano with two fingers. . . . Editor, par excellence of the Yearbook. Dramatic Club Sorority (Bursar), Yearbook Editor, Y. W. C. A. Intercollegiate Club Radio Pauline Lord 68 High Street Dexter, Maine " Poi ly ' Cut from the pattern of wit . . . Puck ' s rival for vivacity and humor . . . " All the world ' s a stage " — " Polly ' s " room at the " dorm " ... a delightful entertainer . . . life would be beauti- ful except for the typewriter. Maine Club (President), Dramatic Club Glee Club (President) 1946 Janice MacLeod 21 Arcadia Street Gloucester, Massachusetts •Mac Dynamo of energy . . . always ready with a snappy come- back . . . everyone ' s friend . . . contagious laughter . . . class cut-up . . . has lovely well-groomed hair . . . willing to help whenever she can. Finishing Secretarial Rita Maconochie 48 W ' illou Aienue North Weymouth, Massachusetts " Re " Quiet and unassuming . . . dreamy blue eyes . . . slim, in spite of her numerous frappes . . . always seems to be miles ahead in those typing budgets . . . neat . . . her thoughts center on " Jim. " Y. w. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Valerie M. Maffei 7 Clearvietf Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts Tall and willowy . . . dramatic and vivacious manner . . . never at a loss for words . . . has long, black hair envied by many . . . avid interest in clothes . . . faces life with her customary nonchalance. Dramatic Club, Fisher Flashes Finishing Secretarial Nancy Mantia 40 South Walnut Street Qiiincy, Massachusetts " Nan ' Smart, quiet, and efficient ... a lovely miss with dark hair . . . co-operative and dependable . . . sympathetic listener . . . enjoys playing the piano . . . will you ever forget the evening of November 16? Glee Club Finishing Secretarial Semma Marilyn E. Marshall 3 Lincoln Street St, ]ohiisbnry, Vermont " MiN " Sports woman with finesse . . . excels in swimming . . . most beguiling dimpled smile . . . always takes off her left- hand glove when riding in the street car . . . why? . . . her fu- ture is to live " South of the Border " with Paul. Junior Class President Medical Pauline McBurnie 103 Faxon Road North Quincy. Massachusetts " Polly " A unique Scotch beauty . . . with a love for writing . . . lives a very interesting and complicated life . . . receives " male " from all parts of the country. Stenographic Jeanne McCarthy 127 Brook Street Wollaston, Massachusetts With a voice that soothes everyone and a smile that cheers all . . . an artistic technique none can surpass . . . characterized by her appetite . . . her good humor is welcomed. Glee Club, Yearbook, Fisher Flashes Stenographic Beatrice McDermott 23 Maple Street Canton, Massachusetts Bea ■ Lively and alert . . . avid listener to the 920 Club . . . enviable collection of .jazz records . . . disarming smile and twinkling eyes . . . numerous after-school dates . . . red letter day--when she passed her typing. Finishing Secretarial 1946 Mary McDonnell 49 Webster Street Atlantic. Massachusetts Mac Naturally curly hair . . .likes to argue . . . prefers men from New Hampshire . . . why? . . . " doomed " to marry a den- tist . . . always ready for a good time . . . but then, aren ' t we all? Fisher Flashes. Sororirv " Medical Dorothy McGovern 750 West Roxbiiry Parkuay Roslindale. Massachusetts ' DOTTIE ' Had a mania for skipping classes . . . keeps her friends en- grossed in her stories summer and the beach you can do tomorrow. " Sorority- good disposition . . . partial to the her motto is " Put off today what Medical Barbara A. McLaughlin 12 Pond Street Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts " Barby " Quiet and somewhat shy at first . . . loves to collect records and willing to share them . . . often played them during lunch period in the ballroom . . . dances with such a dreamy expression. Secretarial - 1 3 iranktin Street Patricia Ruth McLean " Pat " Rumjord, Maine Reticent, reserved, earnest . . . quiet and winsome . . . always in the throes of serious endeavor to do something . . . typing her bug-bear— but she did it . . . tall and grave in carriage and bearing. Maine Club, Y. W. C. A. Special Semma G. Violet McMasters 5 1 Oriole Road Westu ood, Massachusetts " Vl " " Vi " — no bigger than her nickname . . . with a trick up her sleeve . . . full of vim and vigor . . . with a smile for every- one and an all-round good friend to all. Stenographic Frances A. Miller 7 Holly Street Salem, Massachusetts " Fran " " Franny " is the surprising kind . . . quiet and reserved, but friendly and funny . . . goes from day to day braving the storms and willingly helping the girls of " Franny,-my-debit- side-isn ' t-right " fame. Junior Accounting Shirley Miller 5 Fuller Street Brookline, Massachusetts Short, dark hair and dark eyes . . . really enjoyed her classes in radio . . . faraway look in her eyes . . . drags her- self out of bed every morning . . . ready to sing any time, any place, any key. Radio Eleanor Mongiat 190 East Main Street Milford, Massachusetts ' Ellie " Disarming mite with elfin features . . . crisp, demure . . . Clementine ' s dream — size four shoe . . . full of sweet indiffer- ence . . . heavy concentration on one of the Navy ' s crew . . . always a " Hi " for everyone. Finishing Secretarial 4 1946 166 Brush Hill Road Doris Mullen " Tabby ■ Milton, Massachusetts Titian tresses . . . Terpsichorean artist . . . the envy of those inflicted with the need for dieting . . . partial to the Navy . . . remember those summer week-ends? . . . always wins her point . . . has a deep affection for South Boston. Dramatic Club, Sorority Medical Claire Mullin 515 Belmont Street Belmont, Massachusetts " Skippy " A spark in the fire . . . happy-go-lucky. . . come what may . . . generous and sincere ... a heart full of warmth . . . anyone in search of a true friend — it ' s " Skip. " Glee Qub Stenographic Dorothy Mullin 5 1 5 Belmont Street Belmont, Massachusetts " DOTTIE " Lives for today . . . has enough conversation to run into tomorrow . . . hilariously funny . . . bubbling sense of humor . . . constantly aware of all that takes place about her. Stenographic 30 Richards Street Shirley C Muse " Shirl " Lynn, Massachusetts Popular and friendly . . . can ' t decide whether she likes the Marines or Navy better . . . her talents include knitting, sewing and toll house cookies (sometimes) . . . thankless task trying to teach the piano to her two pupils. Dramatic Club, Yearbook, Sorority Intercollegiate Club Medical Semma Esther B. Naus 30 Richards Street Lynn, Massachusetts " ESKI " Plays with words like a master juggler . . . thinks in rythmical rhyme ... or free verse . learns in psychology on the students nocturnar ' hours to write. Fisher Flashes, Yearbook practices what she . rises in the " wee Foreign Trade Dorothy V. Neale 17 Bryant Street Dedham, Massachusetts ' Dotty " Easy going . . turned-up nose . . . quiet and friendly. . . going to the Dorchester dance on Saturday night? . . . it ' s not " amoosing but confoosing " ... is it " Dot " or Martha? . . . favorite saying — " Wait a sec. " Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Medical Dedham, Massachusetts Martha L. Neale 17 Bryant Street Warm personality . . . always ready for fun . . . hopes some day to have a doctor of her own . . . friendly disposition . . . cute and lively . . . her enthusiasm in helping others knows no bounds. Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Medical Pleasant Street Maxime E. Nesbitt " Mac " Gtiiljord, Maine Never missed the honor roll . . . took everything in her stride . . . accomplished so much with seemingly little effort . . . an individualist . . . her conscience is her guide . . . in- telligent and industrious always. Glee Club (Secretary), Maine Club Sorority (Secretary), Home Residence (Vice-President) Secretarial 1946 Joyce Nolan 4 1 Linden Road Peabody, Massachusetts Irish maid with a flair for pranks . . . baritone laugh . . . shames the word, " tactiturn " . . . why work when play is so much more fun? . . . loves to eat . . . ambition — to complete a typing budget on time. Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Gertrude Newell 99 Bou doin Street Neu ton Highlands, Massachusetts Characterized by definite determinism . . . every inch independent . . . delightful trace of a southern drawl . . . long Mandarin finger nails . . . bound to prove that typing and Stenograph could be done without sacrificing those nails. Secretarial Dorothy Pagington Rockuood Road Norfolk, Massachusetts " DOTTIE ' Warm with friendliness . . . smooth, cool voice ... is often seen dating at Steuben ' s . . . with her air of confidence she gaily aims for success in the business world. Stenographic Barbara Lee Olson 42 Bertu ell Road Lexington, Massachusetts " Bobbie " Tall, graceful, and charming . . . lives on a steady diet of black coffee . . . believes it helps one to think . . . vivacious . . . may see her smiling from a magazine cover soon . . . hopes to be a model. Stenographic Semma MiNETTE Pearl 1 la n Ucock Street Dorchester, Massachusetts " Mickey " A clear case of mistaken indentity— Leshner or Pearl? . addicted to laryngitis in some classes . . . aims to evolve recitationless speech class ... no plea for a cause! Medical Laura A. Pavesi 3 1 Allerton Street Good conversationalist . promising medical secretary arrow . . . plays the Cello . " I haven ' t a thing to wear! " Plymouth, Massachusetts dark, flashing eyes ... a very handy with a bow and likes swimming, skiing . . . Medical LORETTA PiRANI 81 Cherry Street North Plymouth, Massachusetts Small but full of fun . . . happy disposition . . . quiet until you know her . . . " the engine of the train was frozen " . . . generous . . . firm in her likes and dislikes . . . oh, to pass that " 65. " Executive Constance Read Perkins Bridgewater Corners Vermont " Connie " Delightfully feminine . . . perfectly attired . . . charming . . . attractive . . . poised, capable and personable . . . Connie excels in manners, mind and heart . . . our June bride . . . occasionally we get a glimpse of her trousseau wardrobe . . . every spare moment turned to shopping these days. Stenographic 1946 Gloria Plouffe ! 13 Hou ard Street Brockton, Massachusetts ' Glo ' Raven tresses and long lashes . . . Ipana smile . . . speed demon in shorthand . . . fun-loving, carefree laughter . . . one of the " big three " . . . angelic appearance, but what exterior motives! . . . engaging not e of nonchalance. Intercollegiate Club Finishing Secretarial Bernice Marion Porter 8 Brook Street Ho iUon. Maine ' Bunny " ■■Bunny " --refreshing and interesting . . . keeps the dorm laughing with her natural wit . . . proved her acting ability as maid in the Dramatic Club play . . . she speaks with the nicest Maine accent. Maine Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club Executive Jean Potter St. Paul ' s School " POTSIE " Concord, New Hampshire Pocket-size edition of wit and frolic . . . takes life as it comes ... a little honey with a lot of spice . . . carefree, happy-go-lucky . . . pleasant greeting for all . . . voice of gladness. Finishing Secretarial 108 Pearl Street Janet S. Pratt Melrose, Massachusetts " Jan " There ' s something about a lady ... as disarming as her dimples . . . impeccable . . . dexterity and speed in shorthand with unbelievable facility . . . sober, steadfast and demure . . . with the serenity of the accomplished. Glee Club (Secretary), Y. W. C. A. Sorority (Vice-President), Student Council Foreign Trade Semma Friendship Phyllis June Prior Maine " Phyl " Petite and tranquil . . . yearns to be a missionary or a minister ' s wife . . . keeps a good supply of candy on hand at " 112 " . . . soft-spoken, sunny tempered ... a powerhouse of gray matter. Glee Club Finishing Secretarial Elsie R. Richardson Aiillis. Alassacbuse ti Myrtle Street Warm-hearted generosity . . . unobtrusive . . . one of those rare people who prefer to be discovered . . . gifted with proverbial cheerfulness . . . never a disparaging remark about anyone . . . laughing eyes and a friendly smile. Finishing Secretarial Columbi s Road Martha Robertson " Marty " Mt. Vernon, Ohio Clever ideas in clever hands — milliner, seamstress, mender . . . what would the girls living at the " dorm " do without her? . . . reserved and reticent . . . studious . . . excels in whatever she attempts. Glee Club Special Mary Roderick 298 Cot rt Street North Plymouth, Massachusetts ' Rusty ' Pleasant personality . . . lasting good humor . . . quiet and modest . . . always ready to help . . never lets business interfere with pleasure . . . continually " jinxed " over her typing . . . engaging smile. l inishing Secretarial 1946 Patricia Russell Hoiilton Maine " Patty " Lovely to look at and pleasant to know . . . charmingly talented . . . capable of many tasks . . . smiling blue eyes that say more than words . . . delectable dimples . . . wields pen with dexterity. Yearbook, Maine Club Finishing Secretarial 34 Roak Street Jeannette St. Hilaire " JEEPERS " Auburn, Maine Honey-voiced . . . gay line of chatter . . . jitterbug enthusiast . . . flair for clothes . . . constantly saying " Jeepers " — hence nickname . . . hobby — writing letters . . . pastime--collecting men . . . incessant laughter, even in sleep. Alice Sampson 7 Fairvieu ' Avenue Augusta, Maine " Al " Often seen with Joan . . . one of the very last to " punch- out " at night after correcting papers . . . collected an amazing number of snapshots for the Yearbook . . . quiet but not shy. 219 Kendrick Avenue June Sanford " Chicken " Tops with the student body . Quincy, Massachusetts . hair as yellow as ripe corn . . . becoming blush . . . twinkling with friendliness . . . genuine and sincere . . . her worst enemy — law . . . diets spasmodically . . . delights in heckling Mary Testa. Student Council, Y. W. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Semma 36 Cottage Street Elizabeth Savage " E " Newport, Vermont Our beautiful blonde angel (?)... Miss " Mac ' s " adopted daughter . . . likes to get up early in the morning . . . unconsciously " stole " the boys at the Junior Prom . . . yearns for the great outdoors — horseback, skiing, swimming. Dramatic Club (President), Y. W. C. A. Medical Claire Senter 8 Elmore Street Arlington, Massachusetts " Bunny " Sophisticated blonde with an " art " for clothes . . . has definite plans for the future ... a personality genuine . . . spent many an afternoon in the typing room . . . will you ever forget your birthday party in the cafeteria, Claire? Glee Club, Yearbook, Y. W. C. A. Stenographic Lois Shaw 20 Orlando Avenue North Weymouth, Massachusetts Red " Burnished copper hair, mellow hazel eyes . . . green, de- lightfully becoming . . . pastime — eating ice cream cones . . . loves to dance . . . efficiency plus . . . secret ambition — Califor- nia ... a redhead without a temper. Finishing Secretarial Agnes B. Sheehan 109 Parsons Street Brighton , Massachusetts Following in family footsteps . . . simple, domestic . . . without a worry in the world . . . agreeable as vacations . . . takes up life ' s challenge . . . haste makes waste, so why hurry! Stenographic 1946 Marilyn Lee Sibulkin 102 Brockton Avenue Haverhill, Massachusetts TUDY Hopes some day to become a script writer . . . receives mail in " batches " . . . flits back and forth from Fisher to Emerson and then back again . . . calm, cool, and collected always. Special Marjorie Mae Simmons 101 Cottage Street F ranklin, Massachusetts " Margie " We are sure of her success . . . excels in her work . . . enviable ease at all times . . . pixie-like smile . . . unaffected naturalness . . . quiet nature that never varies . . . smooth-as- silk complexion . . . spent a good deal of time writing poetry for the Yearbook. Yearbook (Associate Editor), Student Council Finishing Secretarial Thomasina Simone 149 X ' averley Avenue Watertoun, Alassachusetts " Tommy " Can ' t live without her daily quota of ice cream . . . " Tommy ' s the cutest " . . . our champion typist . . . shoes and " Tommy " are usually not found together . . . " What shall I sing now? " . . . Masterly shorthand writer — 150! She ' s the woman whose efforts paid for the Yearbook. Dramatic Club (Secretary ), Stud ent Council (Secretary) Yearbook (Business Manager) Foreign Trade GiLDA Simon etti 1 5 Quincy Street W atertou ' ti, Massachusetts ■Jill " Another of those lucky girls who has a diamond . . . had so many jobs she didn ' t know what to do . . . enjoys dancing . . . especially to " Barb " McLaughlin ' s records. Secretarial Semma Beverly Simpson 39 Morrison Road Braintree, Massachusetts " Bev " A fondness for Connecticut ever permeates her conver- sation . . . always in a turmoil . . . thoroughly accomplished toe dancer . . . very conscious of the privileges the only daugh- ter in a family receives. Executive Carrie Siroonian 416 Middle Street Weymouth, Massachusetts " Kay " Frank and sincere . . . large all-inquiring eyes . . . full of " wim, wigor, and witality " . . . shining cascade of hair . . . small in stature, great in wit . . . inevitable commuter . . . loves big sweaters . . . staunch friend. Y. W. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Eleanor Sirota 12 5 Devon Street Dorchester, Massachusetts " Elly " Low, well-modulated voice . . . modern Venus . . . tall and stately . . . eyes as blue as the ocean . . . forever talking about her niece and nephew . . . quietly efficient . . . smile as refreshing as a summer breeze. Y. W. C. A. Finishing Secretarial Marilyn Smiley 167 Court Street Plymouth, Massachusetts " Mal " Blonde . . . hearty laugh . . . finally finished that sweater . . . friendly . . . how is " Phil " ? . . . time-clock reading: 9:05 . . . jealous of " Eddy " . . .why so anixous to go to Plymouth Friday nights? Foreign Trade 1946 Elena Spriano 2 ] " alter Street Roslindale. Massachusetts Lennie " Blue eyes and naturally wavy hair . . . " I ' m a wreck " . . . enjoys roller skating and her summers at Onset . . . dislikes doing homework and speech . . . one of the first to " punch " in every morning. Dramatic Club Medical 6 Freemont Street Arlene v. Strout " Strqutie " San ford, Maine, Add to her height a dash of determination ... an angelic look that hides her many impish aspects . . . very graceful dancer . . . also add to her many other good qualities paternal companionship and assistance . . . that ' s our Arlene. Stenographic Arline Sullivan ' Eroadacres " Farm Franklin, Massachusetts Seemingly quiet . . . with a light in her eyes of sparkling significance . . . being a born seamstress accounts for her lovely wardrobe . . . efficient, capable, and always friendly. Stenographic Irene Sullivan 54 Beech Street East Walpole, Massachusetts Tall blue-eyed blonde . . . enviable patience . . . wide, warm-hearted smile . . . never complains about the cold when the window is open . . . proud of her home town . . . always alert . . . never too busy to laugh. Glee Club Finishing Secretarial Semma Jeanne Sullivan 49 Holmes Street North Qiiincy, Massachusetts Engaging dimples and a winsome smile . . . loves dancing and movies . . . Vaughn Monroe tops her band list . . . her quietness and unlimited generosity make her loved by all. Dramatic Club, Glee Club Stenographic Janet Sutcliffe X est Main Street Stafford Springs, Connecticut " Jan " Established efficient lending library system . . . more than her share of brains . . . animating conversationalist ... a proud daughter of Connecticut . . . one of our adept shorthand writers . . . still taking trips to New York, Janet? Y. W. C. A. Foreign Trade Marjorie Sweeney 223 Weston Road Wellesley, Massachusetts " Marg " Town and country wardrobe . . . symphony of composure . . . type gentlemen prefer . . . fashion model for Filene ' s . . . ladylike perfection . . . combines charm and attractiveness . . . with scholarly attainment . . . one of the four " Graces. " Student Council (Secretary). Yearbook, Y. W. C. A. Medical Dorothy Taymor 27 Egmont Street Brookline, Massachusetts " Dotty " A wardrobe envied by many . . . entertaining and inter- esting to chat with ... " I ate at Dinty Moore ' s last night " . . . neat and efficient in her work . . . full of " particular " reasons why things weren ' t done. if Student Council Executive 1946 Frances Tessler 33 Centennial Avenue Revere, Massachusetts " Frannie " Earnest student . . . wonder what makes her so popular with her fellow classmates in speech class? . . . whiz at short- hand and typing . . . remember " Frannie ' s " short hair in twenty-five pigtails, with bows? Sorority, Yearbook Radio Mary E. Testa 391 Water Street Quincy, Massachusetts " T-BONE " As sincere as one could be . . . ping-pong enthusiast . . . in love with her camera . . . detests kerchiefs, always carries an umbrella . . . takes life seriously . . . thrives on Squirrel Nut Twins. Intercollegiate Club. Dancing Finishing Secretarial Marion F. Thayer 13 Piirk Street Sanjord, Maine " Gert " Hasn ' t missed a single weekend in Sanford, Maine . . . willing to lend a sympathetic ear . . . often entertains the " dorm " with her marvelous piano playing . . . seldom heard . . . loves to jitterbug. Finishing Secretarial Ruth L. Tomlinson 2 1 3 Bailey Street Laurence, Massachusetts " RUTHIE " Tall and slender ... as true a friend as could ever be found . . . neat and trim in her dress . . . noted for beautiful shorthand outlines . . . fond affection for the Navy. Finishing Secretarial Semma Ruth Ann Walker 1 1 2 East Leat ' ilt Street Skou hegan, Maine A living mannequin . . . takes nothing for granted . . . flair for dialectics . . . champion of rights . . . aspires to revolutionize the Foreign Trade course and send her children here to take the " new edition " . . . chic. Student Council, Maine Club, Sorority Foreign Trade Mary T. White 17 Plymouth Road Needham, Massachusetts ' Legs " Courteous, friendly . . . neat as a pin . . . sincere and natural . . . easy to get along with . . . never in a rush . . . likes dancing . . . especially appealing to a certain young fellow. Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Fisher Flashes Executive Nancy M. Wilkins 5802 Main Street Bridgeport, Connecticut " Nance " Her manner smooth as marble . . . voice like a silver bell . . . sculptured look . . . prominent figure both socially and scholastically . . . zenith of sophistication . . . the Symphony has an added attraction for Nancy. Student Council (President) Fisher Flashes, Dramatic Club (Vice-President) Foreign Trade 33 SiiHolk Street G. Ruth Witham " Scrunch " Rockland, Maine The great wit— the great personality ... a ready joke, a ready smile. . . her diamond, her man, her future plans— all make Ruthie the friend she is . . . keeps " 112 " humming with activity. Maine Club, Glee Club Special Glenna Woodbine Harding Street Medfielii, Massachusetts Always laughing . . . those fingers certainly fly over the keys on the stenograph . . . her struggle to pass that 55 ... a country gal . . . always sees the humorous side of things . . . has numerous hobbies. Foreign Trade Gloria Alyce Zerella 719 Washington Street Brighton, Massachusetts Keeps the telephone operator between Brighton and Philadelphia busy . . . was made a present of a little dachs- hund named " Wrinkles " . . . perfectly groomed . . . how do you keep your hair in such a perfect up-do, Gloria? Student Council (Vice-President), Fisher Flashes Executive Eunice Zletz 15 Spring Court Suampscott, Massachusetts Small as a peanut . . . full of fun . . . loves a good time . . . warm, lustrous eyes . . . capacity for endless gaiety . . . always willing to help a friend . . . infectious smile . . . never at a loss for words. Finishing Secretarial 354 Beale Street Arlene Zoia " ZOE ' Wollaston, Massachusetts Cute and tiny . . . flair for clothes . . . her after-school dates with Steve . . . what does New York have that Boston doesn ' t? . . . prefers Navy to welL just prefers Navy, that ' s all . . . likes to dance. Fisher Flashes Medical What Do YOU Think Of? What do you think of when you think of school? Of studying, working, and following rules? Of staying up ' til midnight to study for a test; Of slaving and driving with never any rest? Do you think of only those unpleasant days When you got awful marks far below wanted A ' s; Or that day you got zero for asking the time, And what happened when you skipped for a lemon and lime? Now perhaps what I ' ve mentioned is all very true. But I think of the devilish things — do you? Of the time I got caught with a mouthful of gum; When I had to stay after for being so dumb. I think of that Monday I fell off my chair. Of the day I got bubble gum stuck in my hair; And that soooo special dance — I wore satin and lace, Then tripped on my gown and fell flat on my face! When you think of school, do you thi nk of the things That made life worth living and caused you to sing? School ' s a mixture of fun, of work, and of play. My only regret is I ' m not here to stay! — Marjorie Simmons ' I ' m at Fisher now " . . that first day . . . those high and mighty seniors . . . " Where ' s 31? " • . • getting acquainted . . . class elec- tions . . . typewriting . . . budgets . . . demerit . . . time-clock . . . 9: 04 a. m. . . . clubs and activities . . . " Fisher Flashes " . . . com- mittees . . . dances . . . sweatshirts and blazers . . . class pins . . . S. L. F. . . . R. C. M J. C. Allen sets . " I ' m ten cents out on ifly ledger " . . . personality . . . Mrs. Albert . . . Junior Prom . . . crowning of the Queen . . . Mother ' s tea . . . " We shall return. " On the tenth of September, we entered Fisher ' s portals with the express purpose of preparing ourselves for the cold, cold world. We joined our class, met the fac- ulty, elected our officers, joined some clubs, and pro- ceeded to settle down to business. Before we knew it, the Junior Tea rolled around and we all proudly donated our silver for the benefit of this Yearbook. Then our Prom toddled along — it toddled up but it marched oi¥ beautifully. It was a rare success. And not long after, the Juniors displayed the distaff side of their parental twosome. A grand display it was. We have braved all the storms the whole year long and still await eagerly the beginning of our Senior year, when we will move up to the front of the book. JUNIOR CANDIDS ACTI Parker House formal Pageant . . . caroling at Christmas . . . dancing class . . melodious strains from ballroom . . . Student Council . . . " all articles must be in by Friday " . . • " abuse me I ' m a pledge " ... basketball, swimming, and modern dancing ... Ice Fol- lies . . . try-outs and re- hearsals . . . " Brief Music " . . . Mother ' s tea . . . Home Residence . . • members from the " Pine Tree " state strictly formal . . . white ties and tux . . . " May I cut inf VITIES DRAMATIC CLUB President MARGARET HIBBARD Vice-President NANCY WILKINS Secretary-Treasurer DOROTHY KELLY Oh, to be an actress . . . And act in such a play . . . " Brief Music " is a knockout . . . It ' s really here to stay . . . Oh, to be an actress . . . These girls have what it takes . . . You mean to say you missed the play? . . . Oh, for goodness sake! FISHER FLASHES Editor BRIDGET BENEVENTO Assistant Editor GEORGIA CANELOS Business Manager MARVIS POLAKEWICH Extry! Extry! Get your copy! . . . The " Fisher Flashes " is out . . . Read it from cover to cover . . . Find out what it ' s all about . . . Advice to the lovelorn, stories, and styles . . . The latest on what to wear . . . For only a dime you can ' t go wrong . . . Ours is a newspaper rare! GLEE CLUB President PAULINE LORD Vice-President HONOR E. DAY Secretary -Treasurer FRANCES CREEDON Librarian CLAIRE RICHARDS Here we are in the library . . . And it ' s Thursday afternoon . . . Suddenly from across the hall . . . We hear a melodious tune . . . Miss Friswell and her songbirds . . . Are busy at work, you see . . . For they will sing at the Stat- ler . . . For the members of Ro- ta-ry! MAINE CLUB President PAULINE LORD Vice-President JOYCE GUMMING Secretary-Treasurer ELEANOR GREGORY Social Chairman RUTH WITHAM Do you like to skate and ski and slide . . . And tumble in the snow? ... If so, we have the ideal spot . . . Maine is the place to go! . . . It ' s quite a state, this Maine of ours . . . They call it " God ' s country, " you know ... If you " wanna " really live, we repeat — . . . Maine is the place to go! SORORITY Regent NANCY HORD Vice-Regent JANET PRATT Scribe ELEANOR GREGORY Bursar NATALIE LOPEZ You ' ve made us dance, you ' ve made us sing ... In fact, we ' ve done just everything . . . We can ' t paint our faces; we can ' t curl our hair . . . The clothes we ' ve put on are not fit to wear . . . Our pride has been lost; our beauty is gone . . . We were abused and at times felt for- lorn . . . But the party is over, and now all is well . . . We ' re members, and what could be bet- ter — pray tell! STUDENT COUNCIL President NANCY WILKINS Vice-President GLORIA ZERELLA Secretary-Treasurer THOMASINA SIMONE Demerit! Don ' t block the stairway . . . Don ' t you know you shouldn ' t chew gum? . . . No eating above the lunchroom . . . Demerit for devouring that plum! . . . We ' re really not as bad as all that . . . It ' s for your own good, you know . . . Just don ' t give in to that whim from with- in ... Or you ' ll get a demerit, like so! YEARBOOK Editor-in-Chief NATALIE LOPEZ Assistant Editor MARJORIE SIMMONS Business Manager THOMASINA SIMONE We ' ve chewed our nails and racked our brains . . . We ' ve worked on busses, trolleys, and trains . . . We ' ve thought of every way under the sun . . . To get this blessed Yearbook done . . . There have been meetings and dances and teas . . . For this — call it a masterpiece, please . . . Alack and alas — our job is all done . . . But don ' t get us wrong — it ' s been wonderful fun! ALUMNAE President DOROTHY SULLIVAN Vice-President ELIZABETH KING WARNER Secretary DOROTHY MARSHALL Treasurer ANNA WHITE Now you are among us . . . No longer students, you see . . . Come and join our party . . . Alumnae of Fisher are we . . . We ' ve had a dance, we ' ve had a tea . . . Our parties have been fun . . . We belong to the days gone by . . . Our school life at Fisher is done. ■ — — ' J nr " " ti ' ' f-tf — 1 I THROUGH TI With the |i« 9:04 a. m. . . . mad scramble up four flights of stairs . . lockers!! . . . " Dear Sir " . . . " Yours truly " . . . 120||i! ' [ words a minute ... " I just passed my sixty " . . . " Has 1 ■ anyone seen Mr. Myron.- ' " . . . calculator and dicta- 1 phone . . . " I ' m starving " . . . another mad scramble !| down five flights of stairs . . . mail call . . . " did you save : ' us a table. ' " . . . Mrs. Jenning ' s delicious food . . . walks on the Esplanade . . . singing and joking • • • •( H THE DAY k Seniors slowly returning to classes . . . more shorthand, more typewriting, more machines . . . " Como esta usted? " . . . visits to radio stations, insurance companies, and industrial concerns . . . lectures . . . " what can I dem- onstrate? " . . . " more color in your voice " . . . " Don ' t leave all your book reports to the last week " . . . and finally 2:25 p. m. TWO-YEAR DIARY Below are excerpts from a two-year diary kept by one of our students. It should be un- derstood, of course, that only items relating to the trials and tribulations at The Fisher School are reprinted, and that certain extra-curricular activities have been omitted at the writer ' s re- quest. September 9, 1944 Today I arrived in Boston for the first time. I have been told that it is the Hub of education and culture. Let us hope that I will not be re- sponsible for the loss of its reputation. September 10, 1944 Think of it. Diary, only 71 days and we ' ll be back in Maine for the Thanksgiving vaca- tion. Not that I don ' t like it here. The room is darling, and my roommates are wonderful, but I now agree with whomever it was that wrote, ■ " Home, Sweet Home. " September 11, 1944 Well, Diary, I have started on my career! If every day is going to be as rough as this, I might be tempted to forget my ambition to become a secretary to some handsome doctor. The regis- tration line seemed endless, and after thet we were presented with pages and pages of rules and regulations. As they say, the first hundred days are probably the hardest. September 20, 1944 I no longer sing my theme song, " Homesick, That ' s All. " I have become reconciled to my fate. Kind of wish I were living in the Annex, though. It seems to have added attractions. October 3, 1944 I have signed up for the Glee Club, Fisher Flashes, Dramatic Club, Yearbook, and, of course, THE MAINE CLUB! These activities plus some homework should keep me busy. October 14, 1944 Today we elected our class officers — Presi- dent, Maureen Hines; Vice-President, Charlotte Collyer; Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Hord. They are the prettiest politicians I have ever seen or ever hope to see. Received my first demerit for chewing gum. October 25, 1944 Last night the Fishers invited the whole school to an Informal Dance at the Hotel Ken- more. However, dear Diary, there was one drawback! The Man Shortage! President Roose- velt was at Fenway Park, just around the cor- ner from the Kenmore, and it seems that many of his ardent fans were our would-be guests. However, we made the most of it, and appre- ciated the evening planned for us. November 17, 1944 I can now sigh with relief, or rather, it ' s too late to worry — marks closed. At least I managed to pass in my typing. Anyway, I might just happen to reach the mailbox before Mom and Dad do. November 22, 1944 Maine, here I come, right back where I started from! Soon, Diary, we ' ll be in the best place in the world — Maine. And just think of it — four whole days. Not even the thought of that report card dims my happiness. December 3, 1944 Due to one thing or another, I have stopped attending meetings of the Dramatic Club, Fisher Flashes, and Yearbook. The Glee Club, how- ever, is keeping me busy singing. We ' re prac- ticing for the annual Christmas Pageant. December 6, 1944 Another demerit. December 14, 1944 Well, this has been a night! We presented the Pageant to the Alumnae, and then went back to the dormitory via Howard Johnson ' s. About three hours later we were awakened by fire en- gines screaming down the street, and we jumped into our bathrobes and slippers and went to in- vestigate. The school was on fire! The next morning our pictures were on the front page of the " Post. " I wish I had known. I would have at least taken the curlers out of my hair. December 15, 1944 The lounge is ruined, but at least the rest of the rooms aren ' t damaged very much. Also, there is no hope of an added two days of vaca- tion. School continues as usual. December 16, 1944 We presented the Pageant again for the school. It was really lovely. After that we stood on the staircase and sang Christmas Carols. I now enter this, Diary, on the train bound for you-know- where. January 2, 1945 Back again, but it ' s hard to study. But I have those lovely memories of Christmas at home, and those dates with .... January 11, 1945 We were guests of the Fishers again, but this time it was at the Ice Capades. The costumes and the lighting effects were so beautiful it would be impossible to describe it to you, dear Diary. January 28, 1945 Honestly, I ' ll never be a bookkeeper. That J. C. Allen Set has worn me out. First my debit DIARY (continued) side wasn ' t right, then my credit side, and by that time I didn ' t know whether I was debiting pigs or crediting them. It ' s all over now. (Thank heavens.) February 4, 1945 Today, Diary, we had our first lecture in personality by Mrs. Albert. This course should prove interesting; and, let us hope it will be helpful, because as we know there is room for improvement. February 12, 1945 There is more to this machine shorthand than merely reeding the English letters, but I take a solemn vow never to mention this to pencil shorthand writers. February 18, 1945 I am now going through torture. I am being initiated this week into the Alpha Iota Sorority. I have been ridiculed, humiliated, punished, and worked on in general. However, there is some consolation in the fact that I am not alone. February 20, 1945 Today our honored (?) older Sorority sisters took us for a walk. We bought cigars in the Ritz Carlton, and smoked them; we went yelp- ing through Kresges; directed traffic; and some of us even had to kiss and propose to sailors as our punishment. February 27, 1945 Last night I waltzed at the Junior Prom. The highlight of the evening was the choosing of the Junior Prom Queen and her court. Maureen Hines reigned that night. Once again. Diary, we had a man-shortage problem. We chose the night after one of the worst snow- storms in history for a dance, and it seems that the Navy Department thought that shoveling snow was more important than our Prom. March 7, 1945 I will not, Diary, I simply will not attend Mrs. Albert ' s class dressed in any such immodest fashion as she requested! March 8, 1945 Today I wore my new bathing suit and re- ceived a free figure analysis. Tomorrow I must remember to get up a half hour earlier to do my exercises. March 12, 1945 Another demerit. March 21, 1945 We elected a new Junior Class President to take the place of Maureen Hines who has left school. Our popular choice was Marilyn Marshall, and I think she should make a very nice President. April 6, 1945 Diary, how can I concentrate? Spring is in the air. April 17, 1945 Today we were guests of the school at a fashion show at Filene ' s Salad Bowl. The models wore the smartest clothes and looked perfectly " smooth. " April 24, 1945 One lesson in advertising and everyone is atttempting to tell fortunes. The advertising teacher, better known as reader of palms, is Mr. Treat. April 28, 1945 The Mother ' s Tea for the Juniors was today. I wish Mom could have been there. The Glee Club sang so beautifully, and all in all the Tea was a great success. May 10, 1945 Stopped counting the demerits. Hope the school has done the same. May 17, 1945 Dear Diary, last night we went to Pops. I was enthralled with the music and the general atmosphere. It was Fisher Night at Pops!! May 24, 1945 The Sorority had a dance tonight. And, believe it or not, Diary, there was no famous person to steal our thunder, the weather was perfect; and needless to say, a good time was had by all. June 9, 1945 Did I say it was difficult to concentrate in spring? It gets more difficult every day. June 15, 1945 Today, Diary, was class day for the Seniors. We Juniors entertained. Unable to get Frank Sinatra, The Andrew Sisters, Kate Smith, Betty Hutton, and The Mills Brothers to appear on our program, we had to resort to home talent. It was hotter than an oven, but I think it was a very nice program, even if I am a Junior and a little partial. I ' m looking forward to this summer at home, but secretly I ' m glad I ' ll be coming back. Thus as Juniors we departed, saying, " hasta la vista. " That is, the Spanish students said that. The rest of us had to be content with saying just a plain " Until we meet again. " September 8, 1945 Back again, only this time we ' ve moved to Sarah Mortimer Hall. Hung up our new cur- tains, and helped the other " roomers. " September 10, 1945 " The beginning of the end, " as we begin our senior year at Fisher. Feel very superior because we as seniors know our way around. September 14, 1945 Diary, was I as young as the Juniors once? Did I get away with as much as they do? It doesn ' t seem possible. DIARY {continued) October 12, 1945 One hundred and fifty-three points and one that she didn ' t count. (Must remind her.) Get- ting through " C " Class is no cinch! October 19, 1945 Our first social event sponsored by the School was our attendance at " Ten Little In- dians " at the Copley Theater. Michael Whelan — Hubba, Hubba!! October 27, 1945 What has Florence Hall got that Sarah Mor- timer hasn ' t? I ask you, Diary. Why is it when they invite men to their dances they come, and why don ' t they come to ours? Oh well, the next one will be diflFerent. November 3, 1945 Election time again. The results — President, Lydia Lombardo; Vice-President, Yolanda Capa- chione; and Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Bowker. November 8, 1945 I had a ghastly dream last night, but I wouldn ' t dare even tell you. Diary, after Mrs. Fisher ' s lecture on dreams. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men, and even in my mind? November 16, 1945 I tell of the Fisher Formal at the Parker House with stars in my eyes, dear Diary. A very good dance orchestra and plenty of men added up to a very lovely evening. A good time was had by all; yes, indeed. November 19, 1945 My back aches and my head aches — results of a 20-letter test. That was the fastest ninety words a minute I ever heard! Here ' s hoping I passed so that I will be able to look forward to the 25-letter test. November 21, 1945 We ' re all on our way home again. I sympa- thize with the one-year Seniors and the Juniors. They have bravely hidden their homesickness, but no one is happier that vacation is here than they. December 2, 1945 Once again, I am practicing for the Pageant. You ' d think I ' d know the songs by heart, but I don ' t. December 10, 1945 Who could possibly think up such a fiendish thing as that 25-letter test. Diary? Now spent and worn, and with fingers crossed that I won ' t have to go through that again, I am resting. December 14, 1945 The Maine Club has just held its dance. Much as I like to think everything connected with Maine is better than perfect, I must admit that there weren ' t quite enough men. This was probably due to the fact that the dance was given in Massachusetts. I had a very nice time, though. December 19, 1945 We, at Sarah Mortimer, have a Christmas tree. That ' s what we call it, anyway. It could stand a few more ornaments, but it gives the place a festive air just as it is. December 21, 1945 The Pageant seemed even more impressive today. We gave one performance for the Juniors, and then we corrected all the things we did wrong and gave the corrected performance to the Seniors and numerous dignitaries. This year we even had a picture of the Pageant in the Hearst publication After the performance we sang Christmas Carols, and in less than an hour I was bound for home. January 7, 1946 Back with more desperate problems. If I don ' t get some points and fast, it looks as if my career is doomed. January 9, 1946 I spent the most agonizing forty-five min- utes in Speech today. Luckily, I was not called on for my Plea for a Cause, which, incidentally, I haven ' t prepared. January 14, 1946 Guess what, dear Diary? I got a pair of NYLONS! I was shoved, pushed, and almost murdered; but when the smoke died down, there I stood in the middle of Jordan ' s basement with a pair of NYLONS. I doubt if I will ever feel such a thrill of accomplishment as I do at this moment. January 15, 1946 Today the Stenographies had such a sad expression. It didn ' t take a detective to guess they had taken their book tests. If they ' re sad today, what will happen after the papers are corrected? January 19, 1946 It was on this night that the Yearbook staff sponsored a dance. It was a grand success, of course. (What if it wasn ' t in her diary. It should have been, and I just couldn ' t omit such an im- portant social event.) February 1, 1946 Today we bade a very sad farewell to Mrs. Plante. I hated to see her leave, but she had an excellent reason — her husband is expected home on Monday. February 15, 1946 After weeks of preparation, we finally sang for the Rotary Club at the Hotel Statler. Sur- prisingly, it seemed to be a huge success. Diary. February 28, 1946 On this day we were guests of the Fisher School at the Ice Follies of 1946. I enjoyed this skating exhibition very much. Must get out my skates tomorrow. DIARY (continued) March 4, 1946 I have finally mastered the typewriter; to a certain extent, that is. I passed a sixty, Diary. Actually, it was sixty-two words with three errors. Not too bad for one who was hopelessly lost at the keyboard only two short years ago. March 6. 1946 Another Secretarial student has joined the ranks of the working girls. One by one our year-and-a-half students are leaving us behind to work in the " hard, cruel world. " March 9, 1946 I can hardly wait to go to school tomorrow. Dr. Sewall ' s lecture sounds as though it will be very interesting. March 12, 1946 With a sigh of relief I here record the date the Yearbook went to press. March 14, 1946 Tonight we watched our own amateur ac- tresses turn in a professional performance in " Brief Music. " They all deserve much credit for their fine true-to-life portrayal of college life. April 10, 1946 I was again a guest at the Mothers ' Tea. This one seemed even lovelier than last year ' s. It is at such a time as this that I wished privately I lived in Massachusetts so that Mother could be here. April 17, 1946 Another Sorority installation. I enjoy each " week of torture " more than the last. This is probably due to the fact that we think up " bet- ter " installations all the time. May 9, 1946 This month we were guests of The Fisher School at the Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo. Di- ary, this was my first visit to the Ballet, but I en- joyed it so much it will not be my last. May 12, 1946 Diary, I ' m so excited. I ' m on my way to New York for the first time. This is really going to be a week I ' m going to enjoy. Just the thought of school ' s going on without me makes me happier. May 13, 1946 Today, dear Diary, was a very busy one. We ate at the Automat. You know, where you put a nickel or a dime in and get anything from soup to nuts. After breakfast, we went to Jersey by ferry, and then we toured Annapolis. The evening was unscheduled, as far as the tour went, and so we became acquainted with Wash- ington. Moy 14, 1946 It seems we must have covered more than just Washington. We saw the Smithsonian In- stitute, and an art institute, Washington Memo- rial, Arlington Cemetery, Curtis Lee Mansion, and thence to Mt. Vernon via the Pentagon Building, Washington Library, and the Con- gressional Library. May 15, 1946 I am beginning to lose track of the places I have visited, but I ' m enjoying every minute. It didn ' t seem possible anyone could see so much in such a short time. Today I remember visit- ing the Bureau of Engraving, Pan American Union, Shakespearian Library, Episcopal Cathe- dral and Zoological Gardens. As the evening was again free to do with what we will, we did. May 16, 1946 Travel is so educational, don ' t you agree. Diary? We are back in New York, where we visited the Rockefeller Plaza, and had dinner at the " Down Under. " May 17, 1946 Back in Boston, but much richer in memo- ries than when we left. When I think of the things we did and the people we saw. . . . May 27, 1946 Today we had a lecture by the charming Mrs. Henri Blanc. She told us about China, earthenware, table decorations, etc. This will be very helpful if and when I am married. June 14, 1946 Class Day. After two years, dear Diary, it looks as though we are about to part. It seems odd to be watching the Juniors perform for us, and to imagine that they are probably thinking what we did just a year ago. June 15, 1946 We went back to nature today. The class picnic must have been the gayest and happiest that the Fisher School has ever seen. June 16, 1946 Mom came to Boston this morning; and was able to attend the delightful Alumnae Tea given this afternoon. She was very much entertained by Mrs. Locke ' s impersonations and enjoyed the Tea very much. June 17, 1946 The Dance of the Year — our Senior Prom. It was really lovely — swirling formals, hand- some partners, and afterward, dear Diary, a wonderful time. June 18, 1946 And today is the day I have looked forward to, have worked and aimed for. The day has come, it seems now, all too soon. I had partici- pated in a very lovely graduation, and now I must bid good-bye to so many of my friends, including you, dear Diary. You have recorded some of my happiest and treasured memories, but some you will never know. And now, with diploma in hand, I venture forth to that posi- tion as secretary to that handsome doctor. Senior Superlatives Prettiest Elizabeth Savage Eunice Dion Best Dressed Virginia Dondero Elaine Green Most Promising Marjorie Simmons Doris Mullen Cutest June Sanford Natalie Lopez Best Personality Thomasina Stone Last Will and Testament Oh my goodness, how time does fly — Here it is almost July. No longer can we fool and stall; We must adhere to the business world ' s call. Our school days are over, we ' re afraid The memories of Fisher will not soon fade. We ' ve lived and laughed and loved and cried. We ' ve taken tests and nearly died! We realize our end must come in due time; Thus we get to the purpose of this rhyme. So, being of sound and disposing mind, We deliver this Will, all sealed and signed. Although we glitter, we have no gold; Our few possessions we wish not sold. Please accept them with our best wishes, And now and then think of us Senior misses. To the Jovial Juniors, the Class Supreme, We leave our position, worthy of esteem. And hope that you will take our place Not with arrogance, but with grace. Next on the list are the Faculty members. Who have been kind and patient and kept their tempers. How they do it we can ' t understand; We never did try to meet their demands. Mr. Sanford, to you we give Our deepest thanks for the right to live And work and learn in your beloved School, And put into practice the Golden Rule. A mahogany desk — that ' s for you, Miss MacDonald, An arm-saving, super and streamlined new model. The money left over from the Yearbook — remember.- — Made this purchase possible — for use in September. To Mrs. Plante a first-period Law class That will know the name given to goods sold in a mass. And all the other things we should have known, But instead thought of food and wanted to groan. Mrs. Fisher, for you a red alligator handbag. Not clumsy, not large, won ' t wear out or sag. We remember the lecture you gave us on size And learned that your advice was more than wise. A pair of stilts — for whom could they be.- None other than our little Mrs. Kennedy. With these the top of the blackboard you ' ll reach, We hope you will find it easier to teach. Mr. Myron, because you ' re so much in demand We give you a twin that ' s always at hand To take over classes about which you forget, And look after people who have to be met. A sign with the words, " Please empty the basket, " We leave Mrs. Fritz, so she won ' t have to ask it. We hope it will save both effort and time To devote to the five flights that she must climb. A little pink bank in the shape of a pig We leave Mr. Cart} ' . Though not very big. We hope it will prove the truth of his statements ' Bout debits and credits and expenses like rents. To Miss Friswell, a suit of armor we give To make her life much easier to live, Elbows may push and doors may come down. But no need for an icebag — whether black or brown! To you other Faculty members we turn In appreciation for all that we ' ve learned; Your efforts have not been in vain, Foverever grateful we will remain. Our secretaries we mustn ' t forget. For they were the ver) ' first people we met, A ride in an uncrowded subway for Ruth, Though she never complains, and that is the truth! And lastly to Lucy we leave a right arm, She ' d give you hers to keep you from harm. For we are sure to find some day That she has given her own away. Our school, we leave our hearts with you, For we must start our lives anew And go out into the world so cruel To apply the things we ' ve learned here in school. We hereby declare this document To be our Last Will and Testament. At the Fisher School we look back and sigh; Teachers, classmates, and friends — goodbye. — Marjorie Simmons WEATHER FORECAST Wet If It Rains Dry If It Doesn ' t THE NEEDLE " TO THE POINT PUBLICATION " Put It Off Until Tomorrow Then Maybe You Won t Have To Do It Vol. 1946 June 18, 1946 No. 1946 CONCERT PIANIST BOSTON WELCOMES HOME ITS OWN NATALIE LOPEZ Miss Lopez Returns From South America, Completing The Most Successful Tour Of Her Career. Miss Lopez returns today from South America, completing the most sucessful tour of her career. In her own inimitable fashion, she presented her own compo- sitions as well as some of the more popular classical arrangements. A gala reception is being plan- ned in her honor, which will be held at her alma mater, Fisher University. Among the guest speakers will be Mrs. Effie Ves- cent, nee Elaine Greene, the com- edy star of stage and screen; Miss Ruth Walker, manager of the Ex- porting and Importing Company of Jose Gonzales, Colombia, South America; and Miss Glenna Wood- bine, author of " My Travels and Experiences. " When Miss Lopez was inter- viewed at the BAUM HOTEL, which is owned and operated by her former classmate, Joan Baum, she said: " A great deal of my success is due to my won- erful instructor, Miss Shirley Muse, Dean of Wakefield Con- servatory of Music. " Following her stay in our fair city. Miss Lopez will be featured with the Boston Sym- phony Orchestra of which Miss Lydia Lombardo is director. RETURNS NEW CONGRESS ELECTED Proof of the impending new era is the presence of more and more women in our national pol- itics. The recent Congressional elections have resulted in an equal number of men and women delegates in Washington. Includ- ed in this list are the successful as well as charming Misses Mar- garet Hildebrand, Edythe Lesh- ner, Cecile Andelman, Minette Pearl, Nancy Mantia, and Marilyn Smiley. NEW SUBWAY COMPLETED The new subway which has been under construction for ten years has finally been completed. It is under the direction of Miss Irene Sullivan, construction en- gineer. She attributes her success to her years at Fisher. The sub- way will include North Station, Charles, FISHER, Marlborough, C ommonwealth, and Kenmore sta- tions, with Fisher as its cen- tral point. Miss Sullivan has been very ably assisted by Miss Frances Griner and Miss Frances Tessler, who have finally attained the success they desired as archi- tects. Jean Clark has been made supervisor of the smart and ef- ficient " Conductorettes " because of her previous experience as head elevator girl at Filene ' s. Page Two " TO THE POINT PUBLICATION " THE NEEDLE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Shirley Muse Assistant Editor Bridget Benevento Businesss Managers Mary Duggan Claire Senter Art Editor Shirlee Holbrook WANDA (GORECKI) WIN- CHELL ON BROADWAY FLASH . . . Gloria Zerella, Sal- ly Johnson and Wilma Kozak of " You Must Have Been a Beau- tiful Baby " at the Stork Club . . . The Neale twins, Martha and Dor- othy, currently appearing in the hit Broadway comedy, " I ' m See- ing Double. " The famous ballroom dancer and chanteuse. Miss Shir- lee Holbrook, has just signed a Hollywood contract. Her agent? Why, Evelyn Hodder, of course. Miss Hodder could easily pass for a star herself, so charming is she . . . The President ' s sec- retary, Barbara Brooks, is re- signing from her position to get married . . . Hollywood stylists are running out of ideas, it seems. Miss Virginia Dondero, now re- siding in Los Angeles, is here in the East deciding on a new ward- robe . . . FLASH . . Hot off the press is the news that Betty Bren- nan is taking over as the Presi- dent ' s secretary . . . Visiting Gotham are the stars who gave us such a fine performance in LITTLE WOMEN— Lenore Hul- teen, Virginia Isola, Ruth Witham and Dorothy Tay- lor .. . FLASH . . . Polly Lord of the Polly Lord, Pat McLean, and Shirley Miller ROLLICKING RHYTHM TRIO is walking down the aisle with John Smith, heir to the Hatchet fortune. Will Pat and Shirley follow suit now? Janet Sutcliffe and Frances Mil- ler appear to like the same things. They are marrying the Tracy twins, come May. (Continued on Page 4) SEEING STARS BASKETBALL Packing them in at the Arena last night were Eleanor Fales, Gerry Dever, and Irene Coffey, stars of the National Basket- ball League. As usual, they gave brilliant performances. The thrill of the evening came during the last tense moments of the game, when Eleanor neatly scored from the floor. The few remain- ing seconds did not prove enough time for any retaliation by the losers. SKIING The thrill of all ski enthu- siasts is the jump. The per- fect ease and form of a decend- ing jumper is truly a sight to see. Mrs. M. Marshall Johnson certainly demonstrated her ski- ing prowess to perfection at the Winter Carnival over the week- end. She has established an all- time record. SWIMMING Florida was a busy place this week, especially at Miami. The National Swimming Meet was held in this city of swaying palms. Jean Sullivan and Claire MuUin, co-owners of the HOTEL PRIOR, which is named after an old friend of theirs, Phyllis Prior, contributed the use of the im- mense hotel pool. New records were established and old ones equaled. There were many con- testants but, of course, every one couldn ' t win. Among those who touched the mark first were: Jean Hayes, free style; Lorraine Charron, crawl; Dorothy Paging- ton, breast stroke; and Claire Falvey, back stroke. The new diving champions are: June Sanford, swan dive; Jeannette St. Hilaire, jack knife; and Mary Roderick, back flip. Since the meet is not over, some of the results have not been decided. They will be print- ed in our next issue. ROLLER SKATING A new sport that is taking America by storm is roller skat- ing. It is reaching top popularity all over the country. The Skating Vanities, now touring the nation, stars Miss Beatrice McDermott as queen of the show. It also features the Three Mac ' s — Janice Mac- Leod, Barbara McLaughlin, and Rita Maconochie. " TO THE POINT PUBLICATION " Page Three COUNTY STATE FAIR AWARDS If only my wife could cook! Isn ' t that the usual lament of most husbands? Believe it or not, there are some lucky ones. Here are the results of the recent County State Fair awards: Mrs. Nancy Hord Elliot she ' s demure but, oh, so efficient; and does that chocolate cake prove it. She was a natural to win that blue ribbon. In the mince pie line, the for- mer Arlene Strout, certainly showed her ability. Fortunate for the little man! How do you do it, Mrs. C. Per- kins Webster? The judges unan- imously voted in your rum-flavor ed ginger-bread. Secret recipe, maybe? Other women who walked away with the blue tassels were Mrs. (Continued on Page 4) GAS STATION HELD UP The White gasoline station, owned by Miss Mary White, was held up this morning; but with the aid of her two assistants, Pat Duggan and Kay Feeney, Miss White managed to fight off the assailant. Nothing was stolen, but the would-be robber at least had a few (?) scratches to show for his day ' s work. TIMELY TIDBITS Mrs. Van DerSnoot, the former Dorothy Kelley, and Joyce (Bring ' em back alive) Garland, left yes- terday for Brazil where they will visit Mrs. Upan Down, the former Violet McMasters. From there Miss Garland will leave for Africa on a hunting expedition. She will meet Eleanor Mongiat, Elaine Knight, and Alice Sampson, who plan to accompany her following their tour of Europe. Mrs. A. L. Jones, the former Janet Pratt, was elected president of the Giddy-Gaddy-Gossipers Sewing Club. The other officers elected were: Harriet Baron, vice- president; Joan Adams, secretary; and Margaret Brown, treasurer. Margaret Bucci has just been promoted to chief broom pusher in the South Station. Mary Bowker, living on " Desert Island, " her fabulous estate in Sleepy Gulch Harbor, entertain- ing notables from around the world — Nancy Wilkins, the Eng- lish sensation, starring in the lat- est Katherine Cornell production; Miles. Dorothy McGovern, Mary McDonnell and Arlene Zoia. Par- isian designers visiting New York; Polly Allen, Loretta Pirani, and Laura Pavesi, relaxing before starting on their trip to the moon. Mrs. Pat Kelly Crockett was in our fair city for the weekend as guest of the former Maxine Nes- bit. They were classmates in busi- ness school back in 1946. Also spending the weekend in New York were Marian Hansen, well-known playwright, and Lois Hovey, of Hovey ' s, Boston. Among the celebrities at the post-season football game between Holy Cross and Boston College were Lois Shaw, founder of the Home for Little Wanderers; Mari- (Continued on page 4) " WHAT SORT OF MOTHER DOES A DANCER MAKE? " This is the title of an exclusive story of the private life of the former Doris Mullen soon to be printed. Watch for it ! ! ! ! ! FASHIONS Jeanne McCarthy, the Tina Leser of our times, presented a preview of her latest creations. They were modeled by the famous Powers girls, Barbara Olson, Doris Jacabsen, Marjorie Sweeney, " E " Savage and Pat Russell. VOGUE ' S critic, Bernice Por- ter, who is also New York ' s best- dressed woman; CHARM ' S re- presentative, Theresa Bergeron; MADEMOISELLE ' S Gertrude Newell; and Isabelle Harrington, New York Times journalist, were among the select guests. AIRLINE AIRINGS Gale England, hostess on the AAA lines, recently returned from a flight to Bermuda, where she met Mary Duggan, who man- ages the Carribbean branch of AAA. On the trip Miss England met many of her old friends — Esther Capone, returning from a successful singing tour; Mary Lewis on her way to meet her fiance; Pauline McBurnie return- ing to Pennsylvania; Louise Bart- lett, collector of rare scrapbooks, and Agnes Sheehan back from a world tour. SIMONE ' S ICE CREAM PARLOR THE BIGGEST ICE CREAM CONE TO BE HAD Page Four " TO THE POINT PUBLICATION " TIMELY TIDBITS (Continued from Page 3) lyn Sibulkin, fiancee of the gov- ernor ' s son; Gilda Simonetti, fencing instructor at Wellesley College. Gilda was just recently married and is considering a res- ignation. Eleanor Sirota, fashionable New York designer, is visiting rela- tives on Beacon Hill. Miss Sir- ota ' s creations, especially her cas- uals, are becoming more and more popular throughout the nation ' s fashion houses. Miss Carrie Siroonian is leaving today for home in Nevada. She suffers from claustrophobia and is happier on her ranch. While in New York she was guest of Mary Hallet, a former classmate. Miss Hallet intended to leave with Miss Siroonian, but urgent busi- ness matters have detained her in the city. However, she plans to leave next week. Misses Eleanor Hayes and Eu- nice Abrams, representing the National Geological Association, have returned from Egypt with some amazing discoveries. Miss Martha Robertson, the not- ed author, has just completed her second book, " The Golden Years, " a serious study of the world at peace. The illustrations, drawn by Beverly Simpson, are beautiful and perfectly suited to the theme of the book. Miss Barbara Foye and Miss Elsie Richardson are proud to announce the presentation of their unique Old Dishes Collection to the Arts and Treasures Found- ation, the event will take place at Foundation Hall tomorrow evening. Do you like good entertain- ment? Listen tonight to the " Two Georgia Peaches " program. It ' s a side-splitting comedy star- ring Bonnie Jones and Charlotte Collyer. Tonight at 9 o ' clock. Don ' t miss it! BIRTHDAY CELEBRA- TION ATTENDED BY MANY NOTABLES Last night in the beautiful Star- lite Room of the HOTEL NOLAN (established by Joyce NOLAN) a surprise celebration was held in honor of Miss Jean Anderson, popular stage star. Numerous celebrities were on hand to con- gratulate the guest of honor on her birthday. Miss Mary Testa, her mana- ger; Miss Shirley Caradonna, her talented dancing instructor, and Arline Sullivan, Ruth Doherty, Marian Thayer, Ruth Tomlinson, and Eunice Zletz, stars in the hilarious stage play, US GIRLS, were seated at the head table. New York ' s first lady, Mrs. Bridget Benevento Murphy, wife of the governor; Mrs. Margaret Ivaldi Johnson, Van ' s second wife, and Jean Potter, star of the Broad- way play, " Demure Little Darl- ing, " were just a few of the notables present. (Continued) AWARDS (Continued from Page 3) Claire Senter Chippen Dale for; knitting; Mrs. E. Spriano Outen Out for embroidery; and last but not least; Mrs. Anne Carmi- chael Blacken Blu, winner of the spice-cookies contest. In the Annual Modern Home Designs competition, two awards were presented. The originality of Mrs. Eleanor Gregory Hi En- lowe, and the striking color scheming of Mrs. Ethelyn Den- nison Coveney deemed them both worthy of winning the coveted award. GEORGIA ESTHER Psychologists WE KNOW ALL WINCHELL (Continued from Page 2) FLASH . . . Handsome and dashing Pyrone Tower seems to be THE man in Eunice Dion ' s life . . . Valerie Maffei — latest can- didate for glamour gal of the year . . . Who is sending orchids to Ruth Johnson? She knows, but she won ' t tell. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (Continued from Column 2) Miss Anderson was well re- membered by her friends. One unusual gift she received was a live alligator sent by Peggy Hib- bard, vacationing in Argentina. SHUTTLECOCK WILL BEING CONTESTED The will of the late U. Ira Shut- tlecock is being contested by Miss Dorothy Mullin. She claims she is his nearest relative and right- ful heir. She has employed the prominent lawyer, Erminia Cas- ali, to present her case. CAFE COCOBANANA THREE MUSKETEERS Gloria Plouffe Yolanda Capachione Jeanne Burke TONITE ONLY THE PLATTER Proprietors: Jeanne Drew Eleanor Duffy See Us To Hear HIM CLASS POEM Ob. when I walk, great music sings Overhead, about, or soft beneath Spread by some gods to sweetly breathe Beneath the wings of unseen winds. I keep my two feet always free To walk the scholar s pathway deep, And love the sable and the light Of storied volumes richly " dight " With arts and science, man ' s own life. Too, let the piercing sunlight go To show 7ne things that I should know In life. Let eyes be clear And with perception, so my ear. Remove me to constructive thought And bring good wisdom to my heart. And truth, so sweet, ah lovely thing! Let me last at every age Know of a peaceful quiet place Where I may sit, ecstatically View every beauty yet to be. Until man ' s life attains Its highest anthem, then we ' ll sing. — Esther B. Naus Thank you . . . May I say just a word of thanks to those who have made this book possible? To those who have spent hours, days, weeks, and months in the compilation of this volume? It is my sincere wish that this book might be dedi- cated to those who really deserve it, for they so often go unsung. It is with great humility that I accept any credit; rather would I bow to your Editor, to your Business Manager, to the Assistant Editor, to those whose labors are epitomized in this book. Their efforts have sur- passed mine. It is their ability, their talents, their un- tiring efforts, their determination in the face of dis- couragement that have brought to you the 1946 SEMMA. My deepest gratitude to them as co-workers, and my best wishes to you all. Sincerely, Roberta C. Macdonald Autographs W. Russell Brundage RUSSELL BURNbl 1 1 ncorporated BUILDING CONTRACTOR SALES — SERVICE FORD 88 Electric Avenue WEST SOMERVILLE, MASS. Telephone; SOMerset 0267 747 McGrath Highway SOMERVILLE 45, MASS. Compliments of A FRIEND Victor Belotti, Inc. OLDSMOBILE 341 Broadway SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: PROspect 1333 MYStic 1 202 Mosi Dana Co., Inc. 225 Fulton Street MEDFORD 55, MASSACHUSETTS TILING AND FIREPLACES COUTURE Printing Company CREATIVE PRINTING Telephone Prospect 0242 331 Somerville Avenue SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS SOMerset 0343 ARMSTRONG BROTHERS Plumbing — Heating — Gas Fitting Contractors 106 Perkins Street SOMERVILLE, 45, MASSACHUSETTS WOODBRIDGE HOTEL 27 College Avenue WEST SOMERVILLE 44, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: SOMerset 7799 UMBiymLBunDKf 82 Sagamore Street NORTH QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS Pre. 5151 Compliments of A FRIEND ★ ★★★★★ ★ ★★★★★ THE FISHER SCHOOL A PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL FOR SECRETARIES TWO YEAR PROGRAMS Both Schools EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL MEDICAL SECRETARIAL DENTAL SECRETARIAL Boston School FOREIGN TRADE SECRETARIAL LEGAL SECRETARIAL RADIO SECRETARIAL ONE YEAR PROGRAMS Both Schools STENOGRAPHIC FINISHING SECRETARIAL LIFE-TIME PLACEMENT SERVICE SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES TWO LOCATIONS WINTER HILL— (Suburban) 374 BROADWAY, SOMERViLLE BACK BAY 118 BEACON STREET, BOSTON Low cost Cooperative Dormitories on Beacon and Marlboro Streets ★ ★★★★★ ★ ★★★★★ BEST WISHES... To The STAFF AND STUDENTS OF THE FISHER SCHOOL From A Friend Compliments of Georges Trudeau H. Foote Co, Orchestras PAINTERS and DECORATORS Featured at Many School and College Functions 67 No. Washington St. 45 NEWBURY STREET BOSTON, MASS. Commonwealth 2685 BOSTON, MASS. Telephone Lafayette 3577 HALLINAN BROTHERS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 573 Fellsway MEDFORD, MASS. Compliments of Dl NATALE FLOORS, INC. SMITH HOUSE Inc. FLOORING CONTRACTORS ' Tamous Foods Office and Warehouse For Fifty Years " WARREN BRIDGE CHARLESTOWN 29, MASSACHUSETTS 500 MEMORIAL DRIVE Tel. Charlestown 1722 CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Compliments of HALEEM ' S 1 126 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. MUSIC RALPH ' S Styled by CHAPPIE ARNOLD POTATO COMPANY SMOOTH— DISTINCTIVE Compliments of DEERFOOT 4060 Mystic Valley Parkway FARMS COMPANY MEDFORD, MASS. GOOD FOOD FOR PLEASED GUESTS JOHN SEXTON CO. CHICAGO — BROOKLYN D At IAS — ATLANTA — PITTSBURGH Whatever . . . your plans for the future may be, you are off to a good start! Every FISHER SCHOOL graduate has had the best pos- sible secretarial training at a school well-known for the success of its graduates. Compliments of MAINE CLUB Compliments of SIMMONS MOTORS FRANKLIN, MASS. THOMAS E. KELLEY BEST WISHES 22 Scotia St. BOSTON, MASS. KEN. 0530 FROM THE ALUMNAE JOBBING OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS

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