Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA)

 - Class of 1958

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Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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QI: ' ' . 41 ' - .,L..I-1 . I ILIIIU 4:-I 1, I .1,.',g, ' ., .v . I ,, Hg I .I , ..-f . ' I :'!"!IA,"17,I - . 'J ,I Im. fn' , ' '-- ., I4 I,i..II,. , If, 4- -'- ,- I.n.c+I ,ITI"- ' 154 - I "a,II4mQ 1 ., I - w I 4 H ,dw 'L . f V .A -Yi' -IL. 'js Q Ian, f re' I 591 5 , .I , .. I 'I 1. Q . L vu. -' 'NI vp , Hi Ifgw-, , ,,, 3 , if . an ik , ' I- Y Q 'lu II - - . A - sl , I .I , I- .ji 7' 1 1 M R o ' I .I,.' I "1 2, V . .Ti 1:24 .. , - I Q" , K' : . , 'Y 6 I I "- f, W, I ' " 194- 1 jx! I L-gui, f I Q "'i -,, I fn: ' . Jag Iv ' , . -4- "iq Q 5 . ,N , IL 7 I 5, 'W , ' V . , 'M ,... A , ' - 31 ., I 5 , I ' If ' 1 1, QI I. , 4 dr' V' I I H , -Lg!-I., .nl Q ' I 4 , .- j, I- qv' , L - ' ' .. F ' - 'W T Ig, .,'I. . F V , I' Q 1-N s., I 1 If ,. 6 I , A 1 IE " Y I-' - " I' Q I' , W V 5 I ji,- ,L .- -. F wg 5 , q, 4' , W . . 1- I . " . Aw I , " rn .. 4: . ' " 'ig' v' , . , W, . I ' ' V ,I L-I -we I ' .II In-J - I -Im .4 Ti' Vfflifffn- i-,IBITF I I'. I . .- I I 9" II - . - I - U, I , I 3 I II I 'I- ,-- .X ,I. 4. W, ' , .A I I .' II I -I. - . 'I ' I ' -',: I-,H . .AI , . , iff " -70-I -,- , 2 I I I 4: I 5 V.. v J ' , I'rLI' " , " . I . I , . '51 ' I. ' 5 .- ' Q-Iiji' I 1 , . - gi . ,, ish:-gt' I' fl ' if I is . -f .If V x I i . ,I .l,, . up , In I Ia . I Ig .IL f I vb' I 'W' A A ' A ' T' - V' t 'E f W ' ,, I ,P 'V ,I , 1 Q - l D 4. V A ' W 1: Q 5 W H I -I II 4 A l V' ' , '13 I . -nv l 1 3 . Q P A if If-L 4 ll - VV tuf- L . , . 7 in-V- if P -III q h 3 I i 1. fi- Iv- 4 11. -I V'- " " 3 '-rm i 71' f K-I I- I I LL L7 3, 'W I ' ' If I THE T P 1958 FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOGL Waynesboro, Virginia Rfetwom' . . The annual is published each year with the purpose in mind of being able to help each cadet recall his previous year at Fishburne. This year's annual is no different. The staff and those responsible for the annual's publication this year hope, as you look through this yearbook in years to come, that many happy memories Will be brought back to you. If We can do this, our efforts have not been in Vain. Dedimfiofz . This year the Taps is dedicated to a man who is more or less a second father to a good many of us. He lives with us, he teaches a lot of us, and he has been coach to several of us. He has help- ed us when we needed help and he has given us advice when we asked for it. To you, Major "Chief" Windon, we dedicate this 195 8 Taps. Colonel Edward P. Childs Superintendent Colonel Morgan H. Hudgins Superintendent Emeritus Lt. Colonel Edward B. Young Executive Officer Lt. Colonel Philip C. Brooks Quartermaster Lt. Colonel Frank E. Sims Heazimasier Major General John C. Macdonald Commandant Major M. Elvin Blanchard, Jr Businesx Manager Captain Edmund Bessell Director of Athletics Captain Desmond O'Keefe Professor of Military Science and Tactics Capt. Robert S. Davis Major james B. Fontaine lVIajor John B. Garnett M f Sgt. George L. Gentry History Dietitian Librarian Military Instructor MfSgt. Ed. R. Gilliam Lt. Colonel Roy W. Haynes Major Hinrichs Captain john W. Hogan Military Department Englixh cf Science - German cf: Spanish Clzemixtry QQ: Algebra Mfsgt. Robert W. Holclren Captain Robert jenkins Mrs. Edna Jordon Capt, William C. McChesncy Military Department Hislory 5 Ant. Coach Secretary to Superintendent Erlglifh I-A rx Captain Willie C. Morehead R. N., School Nuns oy? 1 'il 'Q Captain Wade T. Parker Major Juette O. Renalcls Capt. W. Ramsey Richardson Physicx cf: Mathematics Training Specialist Latin Kg Englirh Dr. S. G. Saunders, M. D. School Physician "Q .flig- T? Mrs. james Truslow Secretary 'vu' Miss .Io Ann Secrist Mrs. Stanley N. Shirkey Lt. Colonel John R. Singletary Secretary Secretary i Mathematics N ...ew Q' Mn, nt., ,,-4-v' x N' 7 -23 -t., t Q a , i,,, , fi Mrs. Caroline F. Waller Major Denzil E. Windon ' Capt. Rayburn A. Griffith School Nuns Mathematics Band Seniors. . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS lst ROW: jerry P. Muthewson, Vire Presizlenzg Lynn D. Hudgins, Presi dfinlj Colonel Edward B. Young, Aflfvixer. Znd ROW: William R. McAuley, Treasurer, Wooclie P. Ware, S gt.-az-A rms. Mrs. A. P. Huclgins Charleston, VV. Va. Sponsored by Lynn D. Hudgin: 3. Q AQ if f Fi? KERRY ANDERSON GEORGE MANUEL ARIAS, JR. TE STRONG Private Private plam 1 Band A Company 2311 5 Matriculated 1957 Matriculated 1957 3 M ICU A GEORGE COLTRANE BENOIT Major Staff Matriculated 1954 1 E ROBERT FREDRICK BAUER Sergeant Band Matriculated 1956 DAVID NORMAN BOWDEN ALFRED STANLEY CAHALL JOHN LOUIS CALDWELL Sergeant Pri-vale Second Lieutenant Band Band Staff Matriculated 1956 Matriculated 1957 Matriculated 1954 "lf -li fy 4-I A X415 Q32 -Q-. ,f1 fi :QW GLENN COLE, JR. Sergeant Major Staff Matriculated 1955 N .X JJ IX G3 U U O , 1' XX X11 VX' UI X- 'X'-. WILLIAM HENRY COLLIER GINO COLOMBO Sergeant Private B Company A Company Matriculated 1956 Matriculated 1957 HOWARD JOHN CRAIG Private A Company Matriculated 1957 FREDERI C EGN ER CON SOLVO, III Private A Company Matriculated 1 95 7 ALFRED DEAN CURRADI DOUGLAS HARMAN DABNEY ROBERT SCHAUB DAWSON Staff Sergeant Private Master Sergeant A Company A Company A Company Matriculated 195 7 Matriculated 1 95 6 wb. -fr' -if 'filib- THEODORE JAMES DOLLOFF JAMES STONEY DRAKE, III GARY HOLLIS FITZGERALD Second Lieutenant Captain Master Sergeant Staff Staff B Company Matriculated 1955 Matriculated 1954- Matriculatcd 1956 LEON EL GOMEZ Private B Company A' I Matriculated 1957 FRANK MICHAEL FRECE Captain A Company Matriculated 1954 , ,,,, , , ' R V. ,, ,at I ,. X MICHAEL LEWIS GRAY DAVID WILLIAM GREEN JAMES LEE HARTMAN Prifvale Sergeant Private A Company Colors Band Matriculated 195 7 Matriculated 1 95 6 Matriculated 195 7 43 'CJ 1'. .Tp K'-.':7' aff, 1 LYNN DOUGLAS HUDGINS DAVID WILLIAM HUTCHISON, JR. PEERAPOL INTUPUTI F irst Lieutenant Staff Sergeant Private B Company B Company A Company Matriculated 1955 Matriculated 195 6 Matriculated 195 8 DAVID -IACOX Private A Company Matriculated 1957 EDWARD WILLIAM JACKSON, JR. Private A Company Matriculated 1957 L DAVID ARVIS JENSON GORDON FREDRICK KARIGER EDWARD MOBLEY KENNEDY III Sergeant Private F irst Lieutenant Band B Company Staff Matriculated 1956 Matriculated 195 7 Matriculated 1954 , ss CHARLES HENRY KLINCK, JR. HARRY CHARLES LEWIS, JR. WILLIAM REID MCAULEY, JR. Prifuaze F irsz Lieutenant Staff Sergeant B Company B Company B Company Matriculated 1957 Matriculated 1955 Matriculated 1956 CLARENCE DEQUETTE MAXEY Private B Company Matriculated 1958 69 fb' Mo M aim staff Matriculated l 955 ABINANT NaRANONG DENNIS LAWRENCE NORLING JOSEPH JOHN ODDO F int Lieutenant Captain Private A Company B Company B Company Matriculated 1954 Matriculated 1 95 4 is-'lr Q or 'ff' so li 12-'E' As. PEDRO LEON PADUA KENDALL CASTLE RANCK Maxter Sergeant F irst Lieutenant Matriculated 1955 A Company A Company Matriculated 1955 Matriculated 1957 JAMES KENNETH SHELTON Private B Company Matriculated 1957 I JOHN DOMINIC SANSONE Prifvate A Company Matriculated 195 7 DAVID LAMAR SMITH YUKOL VORAVIBUL WOODIE PAGE WARE Private Prifvaze Private B Company B Company Band Matriculated 1 957 Matriculated 1 95 7 Matriculated I 957 X' WILLIAM JAY WESTBERG CHAICHAN YANOTAI Private Private A Company 65 B Company Matriculated 1 95 7 if Q Matriculated 1 95 7 Juniors 'Q M 3' xl P' Y'2V""9 ,f f ,fgr JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Edward Willer, Prexidentg Colonel Roy W. Haynes, Ad- 'UiJBfj Robert Graham, Vice President Mrs. E. L. Willer Kannapolis, N. C. Sponsored by Edward Willef ,mil D-9' Hearst Hurlbut Hyman Latsha Logan McAllister McConnell Mircus Marshall Masencup Miller, R. Moore Murdoch Newman N isbet Nivens Udcn Pin Quinn Sukhum 445' JFS" -rw: Ji- QQ' Swing Switzer Tnliaferro Warburton Warner Watkins Webb Widmer Willer Woods Sapkomores. . . 4 42. 1' 1: , SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS john Duffy, Presidenzg Buzz Millard, Vice President 5 john Lindsay, Secretary - Treasurer 5 Derek Rearden, Sergeant-at-Arms. Mrs. Jeanne B. Duffy Arlington, Virginia fn T' Sponsored by John Duffy Ambrose Bergman Blakeley Bottemiller Campbell Carneal Clarke Cook Drake, F. F. Duffy English Hampton Jones Judd Lawrence Lewis, J. Lindsay Lofland McGeorgc Maser Merhige Millard Newberry Nunley Rearden Reed Rosenthal Russ Saunders Smith, O. F. smith, W. H Stehr Stonaker Taylor, R. Taylor, W. Trainor Urquhart Vcrbyla Wentz XVolmzn We hmm L' .as we Alberts Baldwin Beilinson Birch Coles, J. Crosby, J. Crowder Denenberg Dolan Edwards, Filvarof Gregory Harris Hill Howton Hudgins, A. Imhoff Johnston Kelly, B. Kelly, C. Lapes Miller, C. Moser Symington Tewell Thomas Welsh West Who's this? 6 Music Appreciation Class. 7 Honest occifer, l dicln't sec that bridge! 8 What's going on here? 9 Dignity Personified. I0 Hazing? All waiters report to the mess hall P.D.O. What, me worry? I've got to get out. Out, you hear mc' Out! Hey, take it easy! Bazffzzlion Smff. . . lj , .fla- wi , ,111 "" ..--'L'1 fd . .L,-,.F 1-4 Major Benoit, Bazzalion Commamlerg Captain Mathewson, Adjutanzg Captain Drake, Executive Officerg lst Lt. Kennedy, S-35 2nd Lt. Cald- well, Mex: Officerg MfSgt. Cole, Sgt. Major Mrs. G. C. Benoit N Fredericksburg, Va. A Sponsored by George Benoit A Company Smff Captain Frece, Company Commanderg M f Sgt, Baliles, First Sgz.g Staff Sgt. Trinkle, Supply Sgt. Miss can Johnson 5' Waynesboro, Virginia Sponsored by Freca 151' Plofoofz of A Company lst Lt. Ranck, Platoon Leader, M fSgt. VVoods, Platoon S gl. 5 Ist Row Duffy, Smith, O. F., McGeorge, Lawrence, English, Reed, Dabney, Wentz. 2nd Ro-wx Craig, Duckworth, Kelly, B., Moore, Dischinger. 371i Row: Verbyla, Otto, Latsha, Colombo, jackson, Trainor, Gutelius. Mrs. Raymond B. White Mission, Kansas Sponsored by Ken Rancle Zod Plolooo of A Compooy ' , , ,,. ,f ,fag - .V 1" V- , H'- .V lst Lt. NaRanong, Platoon Leader, M f Sgt. Dawson, Platoon Sgz.g Isl Row: Curradi, Russ, Judd, Westberg, Reso, Keltz, Avner, Cawialieri, jacox. Znd Row: Drake, F. F., Bergman, Tantum, Garcia, McConnell, Lapes. 3rd Row :- Taylor, R., Gray, Alberts, Klinck, Arias. Miss joan Skipsey Mexico City, Mexico Sponsored by Alfred Curradi I n"'1. Ns I 1 ?5 I I r W fr,y,3g , YI'-.91 .. gfgijrn-14, Z. Vw. I nm gms. Company SMH -V-"1 Captain Dennis Norling, Company Commanzlerg MfSgt. Pedro Padua, First Sglg Staff Stg. David Hutchison, Supply Sgt. Nt' i' Mrs. Ralph L. Norling Fort Levenworth, Kansas Sponsored by .Dennis Norling Is! Plofoofz of B Company lst Lt. Lynn Hudgins, Platoon Leader, MfSgt. Skip Collier, Platoon Sgt. Isl Row: Marshall, Murdoch, Coles, J., Oden, Cleavenger, Warner, Kariger, Lowe, Thomas. 2nd Row: Webb, Brady, Maser, Filvarof, Cook, Stehr. 3rd Row: Crowder, Hill, Haines, lmhoff, Birch, Lofland, Dolan Miss Marcia Gordon Charleston, W. Va. Sponsored by Lynn Hudgim fi lv' Uri Zfm' Plafoofz of Company Y 1 , lst Lt. Charles Lewis, Plazoon Leader, Sgt. Reed McAu1ey, Platoon Sgt. ls: Row: Bowden, Surachai, Pitt, Oddo, Beilinson, Moser, Smith, W. H., Klinck. Znd Row: Newman, Crosby, J., Howton, jones, Gregory, Shelton, Sukhum. 31-of Row: Merhige, Smith D., Welsh, Garcia, Warburton, Chicco. Miss Randy Lewis Loris, South Carolina Sponsored by x Chuck Lewis X Bam! Sfafjf ' . ., . . ..y,,v,Q.s:n Lvif-1.1.1. f ff , .. ' 2 f " ' f"'M - .' ' . 3 Captain Robert Armstrong, Company Commander, M f Sgt. Kemble Wid mer, First Sgl.g Staff Sgt. Robert Bauer, Supply Sgl.g Sgt. Millard, Buglerg P.F.C. Lindsay, Guidon Bearer. Mrs. Harry P. Armstrong Portsmouth, Va. Spamored by Bob Armstrong Band Company Left Column, F font to Rear: Armstrong, Hampton, Ford, Miller, R., Rearden, Tewell. 2nd Column: Logan, Millard, Cahall, Masencup, Clarke, Rosenthal 3rd Column: Carneal, McAllister, Watkins, Hartman, Hudgins, A., Crosby, H. -hh Column: Willer, Bottemiller, Bauer, Jenson, Switzer, Marcus Las! Wi!! and TESMWKYZI I, "Kerry" Anderson, do hereby will and bequeath to any unfortunate mister who follows in my foot- steps, the dust that seems to be constantly in the soles of my shoes. I, "George" Arias, do hereby will and bequeath my sewing kit to cadet Pitt so he'l1 sew his socks, my paints to cadet Ware, my drawing of Lady MacBeth to Col. Young and all my Spanish know- ledge to cadet Cox, and my pen to Hudgins L. I, "Bob" Armstrong, do hereby will and bequeath my first 2nd Lieutenant button which is much shiny to my ill depressed, sorrow filled, demoted esteemed ex-roommate "all the girls love me I think Ford." I,"Bob', Bauer, do hereby will and bequeath to "Mickey the mouse" Frece my ability to lose weight and keep in shape. I, "George" Benoit, do hereby will and bequeath my good looks and my ability to get along with all the Fairfax Girls, to Ed Willer. I,"Dave" Bowden, do hereby will and bequeath to Denny Swing my elevator shoes. I also will and be- queath my rifle to any "honorable" cadet that comes to this "honorable" school next year. I,"Alfred" Cahall, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to fail senior English three months in a row to any on coming senior, who might come upon such an unfortunate situation as I did. I, "John" Caldwell, do hereby will and bequeath to "Scurve" Woods, my position as "Headwaiter" in the hopes that he will uphold the fine traditions of the Fishburne "Sky line room" and to take care of all our customers in the same "courteous manner" -Don't run too hard trying to find waiters for every meal. I, "Glenn" Cole Jr., do hereby will and bequeath to Larry Myers, my old buddy, one DI Stick and to Col. Singletary I leave one cigarett butt Where he can find it and to Fishburne I leave my diploma in the balance of fate. I, "Skip" Collier, my wonderful Adv. who will need them in the years to come. do hereby will and bequeath Algebra grades to all cadets I, "Gino" Colombo, do hereby will and bequeath my seriousness to Bob Latsha on the Drill Field. I, "Fred" Consolvo, of strong back and a weak mind leave to my boy Latcha a pair of white socks, soap, toothbrush, comb, socks and shoes so he won't have to borrow them from anyone else. I, "Howard" Craig, do hereby will and bequeath my hot car to the junkman or John Duffy which ever one arrives on the spot first. To Millard I will give any train ticket I have left or even a stub, and to Bob Latsha 85c for a hair cut. I, "Al" Curradi, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to swim the Rio Grande to Cavalieri. I, "Douglas" Dabney, do hereby will and bequeath my Spanish grades to Bob Taylor, and my weights to Norman Cox. I, "Bob" Dawson, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to keep out of trouble to anyone that can use it. I, "Ted" Dolloff, do hereby will and bequeath my many tours and excuses to Ed Merhige. I, "Dead Head" Drake, do hereby will and be- queath one live .22 shell to the most honorable Glenn Cole, Jr., esq., in hopes that he too may some day be lucky enough to win a 280 medal on Ye Ole FMS Rifle Range. Likewise do I leave the writing of the C. Q.'s most widely read column, Barracks Bull, to some poor, unlucky, ingenious soul to carry on the traditions of the Order of Most Honorable Trash Collectors in an attempt to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword! I, "Gary" Fitzgerald, do hereby will and bequeath my room 130 and all the rest of F.M.S. to the guy who feels more like he does now than he did when he came in. I, "Mick" Frece, being of sound body and weak mind do hereby will and bequeath my ability to ??? to anyone stupid enough to want it. I, "Mike" Gary, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to study in study hall to Bob Latsha. I, "Dave" Green, do hereby will and bequeath to Capt. Davis one knitted octupus and to Fishburne my neatest room award, and also I leave Sgt. Gen- try one slightly bent camshaft, last but by no means least I leave George Benoit one credit card to the world's best plastic surgeon and one book entitled "How to get rid of an inferiority complex in one easy lesson," almost forgot I will and bequeath to Capt. Parker one U. S. Govt. mind to move matter so he too can build a pyramid. I, "Jim" Hartman, do hereby will and bequeath my excellent attendance record for reveille to Scurve Woods. Lam' Wi!! mm' Dsfamenf KCONTINUEDJ I, "Dave,' Hutchison, do hereby will and bequeath my illustrious part in Radio Free Fishburne, may some electronic genius take over where Jensen and I left off and to my friends I give a life member- ship to the "T.R. Club" of Langley Field. I, "Paul" Intuputi do hereby will and bequeath room 304 to anyone unlucky enough to get it. I, "Bill" Jackson do leave ------ gracefully. I, "David" Jacox, do hereby will and bequeath all my learned knowledge of Fishburne to the future cadets, and leave all empty pop bottles to Wolman. I, "Dave" Jensen, do hereby will and bequeath my slide rule to anyone who thinks he needs one for physics, and my membership in the "Carolina Club"' to Wild Bill Logan and may he further his love for F.M.S. by being away from home. I, "Gordon" Kariger, do hereby will and bequeath the shiny door knob on room 310 to Imhoff, to Buzz Millard I give my Sr. English notebooks and gray workbook. I, "Eddie" Kennedy, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be only person to have a wreck while riding in a car to Joe Murdock and John Clarke. I, "Chuck" Lewis, do hereby will and bequeath to my roommate, Bobby fAghh Raiser! Graham, my ability to write good sonnets in Senior "Greek", and the ability to help Capt. Davis unlock his room door when he has left his key locked inside. I, "Reid" McAuley, do hereby will and bequeath to Buzz Millard my ability to enter a certain for- bidden place without getting caught and any good- looking girls over at Fairfax AFTER I leave! May he have a good time getting cut up as I did. I, "Jerry" Mathewson, do hereby will and be- queath my lovely voice to Ed Willer and, if by some misfortune he should become our ever-loving Batta- lion I wish him a lot of luck on those guard rosters. I, "Clarence" Maxey, do hereby will and bequeath my two front teeth to Capt. Jenkins. ts I, Dennis" Norling, do hereby will and bequeath one slightly used tooth brush to Jerry Mathewson for being a fine roommate, and to George Benoit one bottle of hairgrower for his "Brunswick Bald Head", to Joe Oddo, "the Yank", one pair of cow- boy boots worn by a "Rebel," I, "Joseph'i Oddo, do hereby will and bequeath to Fishburne Military School the following: 1 bucket of coal per day so my successors may have a little heat in the morning, and, a pencil sharpener so the "point" will never go stickless for a day. I, "Pedro" Padua, do hereby will and bequeath good luck to the senior class of 1958-59. I, "Roger" Reso, do hereby will and bequeath my room 301, in disorder, to some future cadet to keep in disorder. I, "James" Shelton, do hereby will and bequeath my eight, my athletic ability, and my great academic record set here at F.M.S. to anybody nuts enough to' take it probably my roommate Valentine Boydy. I, "Dave" Smith, do hereby will and bequeath my Senior English grades to anyone Who wishes to flunk said course. I, "Woodie" Ware, do hereby will and bequeath my cymbal compositions in music to Band Company. I, "Bill" Westberg, do hereby will and bequeath my shiny shoes to Russ, my squad leader. Z N WJ f J 1 C j f f jf f 0 f Z I C xg l ZX f A pwegl X wx X 'leaf' LAI CTO fi ' fi if i1lllmWmiVi 1 9' 9 'L' ,.i ul . . 9 ' ' 0 0 I , ff N ,iv I ff x I - L - I A ll , 320 Y .arp ... , -, I V '2 Q W V x f .V 1 - . K E WZ: 1 'I - f f! . X3 ' 7 xg. f 1 ' 5 V M , X A X . -if fll Q f A-U Y bv' -v-:rs-'.". Q 17 Six' V 112 ul' lu. Lynn Hudgins W if If 1' " 1 fi .f ,f 1 ' ,ff if f E Aj 61 3,915 fx , f . ,A E C . ,-W f- , 6405 Moz '7 6 X J ,, ' - V . in ,. f Jw 74,53-557 L f n , , of CZ Z 1 K ,-.7!f.f,L.A-- . ',,: y j , X , U . f y ,rr f 4' f' ff- '..a'p fi MW C 1 Y2 l ij,j. ,QQ kgzzmgsq - ,L - ,ma 42 ' - ' ,, ,... 515'5?'i'-V 1 125' Mrs. N. H. Ranck Alexandria, Virginia Sponsored by Ken Ranck Editor Ken Ranok Business Manager TAPS STAFF Ist Row: Ranck, Hudgins, Watkins, Hampton. 2nd Row: Ba1i1es,'-Ienson, Mathewson, Haines, Miller, R., Hartman, Duncan. Absent when picture was taken: Sansone, Ware. CX . :2aLE'ij:'i'J-1 :,:fZ:1'f,f..,f ', , ' , "'AA . A A . ' . ' N.. fyit-.AV ff ' I ,.,, i A ,- Mrs. S. Drake N orfolk, Va. 1 Stoney Drake Sponsored by Bob Dawson Editor Stoney Drake Business Manager C. Q. STAFF Az Desk: Dawson, Drake, Frece, Is: Ro-w: Drake, F. F., Moser, Crosby, I., Baliles, Ranck, Cole, Jenson, Webb, Haines, Miller, R., Logan. 2nd Row: Avner, Duncan, Trinkle, Duffy, Sansone, Russ, Verbyla, Willer, Hartman. Cofilhofz Club Ist Row: Drake, J. S., Frece, Lewis, Zmi Row: McAuley, Russ Dawson, Willer, Trinkle, Benoit, Armstrong. The Cotillion Club is responsible for the planning and supervision of the decorations for the school's three formal dances and for several informal dances which the club sponsors during the year. This year, under the leadership of Cadet Frece, the members of the club have done an excellent job of carrying out their duties. 'Wa,.' X x, .1 X fe N ,V !"'-, . Pix? -' ,f x 14? 'K A w -u s. N f fi? ! 4 X 5 9: N f r' A a fx... I A lil , 'Q'-'t 'I NX, ' f ww Decorating Commiffee i In Row: McAuley, Frece, Dawson. Zml Row: Ford, Jenson, Hampton, Avner, Klinck, Rosenthal, Oddo, Crosby, J. 3rd Row: Drake, F. F., Hurl- but, Harris, Filvarof, jones, Smith, D., Howton, Alberts. 4th Row: Reso, Westburg, English, Jacox, Trinkle, Willer, Ranck, Green, Armstrong, Lowe. The decorating committee carries out the plans of the cotillion club as to how the gym is to be decorated for the dances. This group does a job which, for the most part, is one that receives little thanks but it is a job that requires a lot of hard work. These boys give up much of their free time to do this decorating and to get things ready for the school dances. 1 X R . . ,, XX Kylix. Wxgf, 'ff . ,DJ ,il ., W ...Y : X Tiny' .4455 wujlfg Key Club Ist Row: Logan, Benoit, Major Windon, Willer, Ranck. 2nd Row: McAuley, Hartman, Drake, F. F., Widmer, Baliles, Masencup, Judd, Maser, Hudgins. The Key Club is one of the two service clubs that we have in the school. This group has done much for the school. It has placed bed lamps in the infirmaryg also it has made it possible to have telephone booths placed in the guardhouse. The club raises money to carry out these projects in several ways. To mention one way, members sold hot coffee at a couple of our football games. T V . AUGE KOF 9 MERIT GA. H The Y. M. C. A. has done much to help the cadets this year. just to mention one thing, it has made it possible to show movies in the school chap- el almost every Saturday night for the entertainment of the cadets. Along with the entertaining films, the Y has brought many educational movies to the school for the benefit of he students. The Y. M. C. A. has accomplished many things this year under the leadership of john Caldwell. U ,lynch Cvkvu-non acacn-:GQ Q q s Z i Z ' fZ' 1 Z :?'N.-.-N, f 5 ff 1. It E ill f lg N y! xx ,A 7 .Q . ll , ,Q Z? Wjlxh wfl diiiiif ' Vhrsify Club lst Row: Moore, Consolvo, Sansone, Millard, Willer. Znd Row: Dawson, Logan, Bauer, Jackson, Baliles, Ware, Mathewson, Craig. 3rd Row: Shel- ton, Hartman, Marshall, Green, Drake, Saunders, Duffy, Smith, O. F., Gray, Colombo, Keltz, Latsha. These are the boys who represented Fishburne in the field of sports. The school, for its size, maintains a good variety of athletic activities. This year Fishburne fielded eight major sports and sponsored two junior var- sity teams and an intramural program. The above boys did an outstanding job in representing Fishburne in its major sports. wi . A ,532 , 0 P-- 4,f 4X gi, A-'11 . M6 WV VS. xv. 'nf' ln Q? it li ' V Y , , . W .ia ss Ar, . ,' ' ,f X 'f' rj , ll ' ' W V gully Eg? H , I Z xg! E9 Cheerleaders I .fl Row: Bowden, Merhige, McAuley5 Miller, C., Rearden. Znd Row: Jones, Rayner, Logan, Green, Hutchison. These boys helped provide the much needed school spirit at the ball games. Any team needs support from the student body in order to do a good job. Under the leadership of Reid McAuley, these boys did their part in helping the team and the school spirit. 1 ' 1' I ll I 5,554 , 'lil-'Lis' E Q: -,l'i,? 'I li X k I -gf, W f wwf X , f f MSE 22+ X Z X ,WW Ofjhers In Ro-wx Ranck, Frece, Mathewson, Benoit, Drake, S. 2nd Row: NaRanong, Caldwell, Norling 3rd Row: Kennedy, Armstrong, Hudgins, Lewis. These are the leaders of the corps. It is said that in a military unit, the N. C. O.'s are the backbone of the unit, but without the officer the organiza- tion would not function properly. The above cadet officers provided this needed leadership for the corps' proper operation. f'X ,T ff' is ' ii . , gS03Nx ix Q. 1 df ti QQ. " KWH. xt r Ny ' , Z X V Zi sl 1 SX U :TAX X . MN 1 -.4 f 3 f' vf 1 N A., . 1 . N 4-' ll :ivyie 1 'HS 121 what wg N nil' :vs , 4.4 fl .1 '. . f f 4 4 Lyn va ,?1f?6'1fwQ U 3 K F-Y.-25' X 2 . Q .,,. Qi --Ekwi f. ff X -f, - 1 I The Honor Guam' t A.'. r 9 W., 4 fw""k 'bk P sf' Miss Ann Hemer Brownsville, Texas lst Lt' Noding Sponsored by 2nd Lt. Dollo Commander Dennis N orling Adjutant Ist Row, left to right: McAuley, Guidon Bearer, Marshall, Arias, Reso, Klinck, Dabney, Merhige, Oddo, Harnsongkarm. 2nd Row: Duffy, Duck- worth, Cox, Alberts, Nunley, Newman, Smith, D. 3rd Row: Reed, Craig, Kelley B., Lawrence, Saunders, Crowder, Birch. Absent when picture was taken: Denenberg, Baliles. The Hudgins' Rifles, under the leadership of Captain Dennis Norling, has again won honors for its school. The group, consisting of thirty men, took first place in the Apple Blossom Festival at Charlottesville, and came home seventy-five dollars richer. In the annual Christmas parade the Honor Guard walked away with another first place trophy. The group plans to go to Winchester again this year with the sole intention of capturing a third first place berth. Much of the success of the Honor Guard this year must be attributed to a' magnificent jobdone by Norling and his assistant, lst Lt. Dolloff, but it must be remembered that it was the relentless work of the thirty men in the unit that really accounted for its successful year. D. I. Isl Row: Mathewson, Benoit, Drake, S. Zmi Row: Frece, Lewis, Ranck, Caldwell, Norling, Armstrong, Hudgins, NaRanong. 3rd Row: Dawson, Curradi, Widmer, Green, Drake, F. F., Duffy, Merhige, Newman, Baliles, Graham, Willer, Logan, Cole, Woods, Webfb, Edwards, H. M. These cadets are responsible for the appearance of the barracks, both the outside and inside of the rooms. Each group is assigned a stoop and the students are to see that the cadets on that stoop keep their rooms straight- ened up and keep the grounds of the school looking neat and clean. ' ' f x BMI naar s R. g lj - - . L1 3 ff ' f -w i ' G J' 1 J if , q,xttWlxxP T! f X X 'fri-. ' 'ig' ri f 'F ,' Zff "I U of ' , A '1thv,.,Q:1 ym.1::a1K-1515, is mv "" W lhifers In Row: Fitzgerald, Caldwell, Hudgins. Znd Row: Hampton, Shelton, Hill, Woods, Newmin 3rd Row: Warburton, Judd, Jackson, Reed, Webb, Moore, Colombo, Gray, Hartman, Sanso-ne, Consolvo, Keltz, Jenson, Trainor, Lewis, J. lbw' qu X, A f fd N ,QW ' fl , W f7 7 .' ll ' ," , 71 - i A -0-Q I , I' gym, ,iii i 7 'A' YQQ x x, , 5 I T as .N ev, ii Y X, 'Zia' x Ll , 0 " vw Kerry Anderson 1223 Hamilton St. Allentown, Pa. George Manuel Arias, Jr. Box 5310 Panama R. of Panama Robert Steven Armstrong 506 Greenwood Drive Portsmouth, Va. Robert Fredrick Bauer 22 Ross Street Rochester, New York George Coltrane Benoit Snowden Farm Fredericksburg, Va. David Norman Bowden 11720 Edgewater Drive Lakewood 7, Ohio Alfred Stanley Cahall Maryland Avenue Greenwood, Delaware John Louis Caldwell cfo American Consulate Tangier, Moracco Glenn Cole, Jr. 3612 Oval Dr. Alexandria, Va. William Henry Collier 849 Shawnee Rd. Waynesboro, Va. Gino R. Colombo 104 Shawnee Way Clarksburg, W. Va. Frederic Egner Consolvo I 1906 Springfield Ave. Norfolk, Va. Howard John Craig 303 Hillcrest Dr. Alexandria, Va. Alfred Dean Curradi Monaco 554B Caracas, Venezuela Douglas Harman Dabney Spring Hill Ivy, Va. Robert Schaub Dawson 1026 Irving Ave. Westfield, New Jersey II Addresses Theodore Dolloff Main Street - Youngstown, N. Y. James Stoney Drake, III 421 Ridgeley Road Norfolk, Va. Gary Hollis Fitzgerald 1226 Belmont Terrace Jacksonville, Florida Frank Michael Frece Box 13 Merrifield, Va. Leonel Gomez 5 Avenida Sur No. 2 Santa Ann, El Salvador David William Green 402 Yeager Ave. Ft. Benning, Georgia James Lee Hartman Market Street Snow Hill, Md. Lynn Douglas Hudgins 1513 Clark Road Charleston, W. Va. David William Hutchinson, Jr. 154 Benedict Ave. Langley Air Force Base, Va. Paul Intuputi 2653 Connecticut Ave. Washington D. C. Edward William Jackson, Jr. 3682 Dubsdread Dr. Orlando, Florida David F. Jacox 79 Norville Drive Rochester 15, New York David Arvis Jensen II 634 Main Street Reidsville, North Carolina Gordon Fredrick Kariger 1205 Warwick Ave. Norfolk, Va. Edward Movley Kennedy III Blackstock, South Carolina Charles Henry Klinck, Jr. 44 Philadelphia Ave. Takoma Park, Maryland Harry Charles Lewis, Jr. West Patterson Loris, South Carolina William Reid McAuley, Jr. 1817 Westover Ct. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Jeremiah Philip Mathewson 147 Clarendon Circle Danville, Va. Clarence Duquette Maxey 130 Blake Road Norfolk, Va. Abinant NaRanong 100 NaRanong Road Bangkok, Thailand Dennis Lawrense Norling 614 McClellan Ave. Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Joseph John Oddo 2121 Foster Ave. Brooklyn 10, N.Y. Pedro Leon Padua 632 South Wayne Ave. Waynesboro, Va. Kendall Castle Ranck 232 Belle Haven Road Alexandria, Va. Roger M. Reso 54 Fairway Drive Yardley, Pa. John Dominic Sansone 15 Overlook Terrace Simsbury, Conn. James Kenneth 'Shelton 1501 Claiborne Street Danville, Va. David Lamar Smith 12405 Flack Street Silver Spring, Maryland Yukol Voravibul 2653 Connecticut Ave. Washington D. C. Woodie Page Ware Colonial Beach, Va. William Jay Westberg Greenridge Road Yardley, Pennsylvania Chaichan Yanotai 3429, 34 st. NW. Washington D. C. Aflzieoemefzfs KERRY ANDERSON: Band 13 Dance Band 13 Wrestling Team 13 Decorating Committee 13 YMCA 1. GEORGE MANUEL ARIAS, JR.: YMCA 13 Wrestling Team 13 Honor Guard 1. ROBERT STEVEN ARMSTRONG: Junior DI 1, 23 YMCA 1, 2, 33 Drum 83 Bugle Corps 1, 2, 33 Band Com- pany 1, 2, 33 Senior DI 13 Special Public Speaking 2, 3g General Committee 13 Varsity Club 33 Drum Sz Bugle Corps Commander 13 Sharpshooter Medal 23 Photogra- pher Taps 23 Cross Country Gun 8: Hiking Club 1, 2, 33 Science Club.1, 2, 33 Commissioned Officer 13 Decora- ting Committee 1, 2, 33 Cotillion Clubg Taps Staff 23 JV Basketball 33 Honor Company 1, 23 Merit List 1, 2, 33 Officer of the Day 1, 23 Public Speaking Secretary 1. ROBERT FREDRICK BAUER: Vlfrestling Team 1, 23 YMCA 1, 23 Decorating Committee 23 Varsity Club 13 Special Achievement Award 23 CQ Staff 23 Best Pla- toon 2. GEORGE COLTRANE BENOIT: YMCA 1, 2, 43 Taps Staff 13 CQ Staff 23 Key Club 1, 23 Cotillion Club 13 Decorating Committee 2, 3, 43 French II Medal 33 Dis- tinguished Merit List 23 Honor Guard 3, 43 Best Pla- toon and Best Company 33 Officer of the Day 2, 33 Marksmanship Medal 1, 23 Golf Team 3. DAVID NORMAN BOWDEN: Honor Guard 13 CQ Staff 23 Cheerleader 13 Citation List 23 Track Team 1, 23 Marksmanship Medal 2. ALFRED STANLEY CAHALL: Baseball 1. JOHN LOUIS CALDWELL: President of "Y" 13 Hud- gins Rifles 1, 2, 3'3 Headwaiter 13 Waiter 1, 2, 33 JV Football 23 Varsity Wrestling 33 Special History Class 2, 33 Second Year French Award 33 Sharpshooter 33 Merit List 33 Catholic Club 33 Decorating Committee 1, 2, 33 Vice-President Sophomore Class3 Colors 23 Best f Company and Platoon 23 OD 1, 23 Senior DI 13 Science Club 2. GLENN COLE, JR.: YMCA 33 Rifle Team 1, 2, 3s Cap- tain of Rifle Team lg Track Team 23 CQ Staff 13 OD 2, 3g 13 Rifle Medals3 MST Medalj Expert Rifleman 1, 2, 33 DI 1, 23 Best Platoon 13 Pres. Public Speaking 33 Honor Guard 33 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM HENRY COLLIER: V-Pres. Public Speaking, Chemistry Medal 2. GINO ROMANO COLOMBO: YMCA 13 Varsity Football 13 Track 13 Baseball 1. FREDERIC EGNER CONSOLVO, III: YMCA 13 Football 13 Swimming 13 Track 13 Debating Team 1. HOWARD JOHN CRAIG: YMCA 13 Football lg Honor Guard 13 Varsity Club 1. ALFRED DEAN CURRADI: YMCA 13 Cotillion Club 13 Decorating Committee3 Varsity Club 3g Division In- spector. DOUGLAS HARMAN DABNEY: YMCA 13 Honor Guard 13 Tennis Team 13 Weight-Lifting Team 1. ROBERT SCHAUB DAWSON: CQ Staff 13 YMCA 23 Cotillion Club 13 Decorating Committee 1, 23 Swim- ming Team 1, 23 Best Plt. 23 Best Individual Drill Medal 23 Good Conduct Medal 2g Sharpshooter Medal 23 Varsity Club 23 Officer of the Day 13 Sec.-Tres. YMCA 13 Business Manager CQ 13 Junior DI 1. THEODORE DOLLOFF: Varsity Football 1, 2, 33 Var- sity Baseball 1, 23 Vice-Pres. Junior Class 23 Varsity Club 1, 2, 33 YMCA 23 Honor Guard 1, 33 Officer of Day 1, 23 Best Platoon 2. JAMES STONEY DRAKE, III: Key Club 1, 2, 33 YMCA 1, 3, 43 CQ Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Taps Staff 1, 23 Senior DI 13 Order of Saint George 23 General Committee 13 Rifle Team 1, 2, 33 Fencing Team 43 President of the Key Club 13 Special Public Speaking Section 2, 33 Secretary Special Public Speaking 2, 33 Cross Country Gun and Hiking Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Waiter 4g Bi Phi Chem Science Club 2, 33 Cotillion Club 1, 2, 33 Decorating Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Merit List 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, Commis- sioned Officer 13 Varsity Club 1, 2, 33 Radio Club 23 Varsity Football 23 Drum and Bugle Corps 23 Officer of the Day 1, 23 Sec. and Treas. of Cotillion Club 13 Best Private of the Guard 43 3-280 High Score Medals 23 Highest Rifle Team Match Average Medal 23 Best In- dividual Drill Medal 43 Junior English Medal 33 Dr. C. C. Freed Public Speaking Medal 43 Junior Latin Medal 43 MST III Medal 23 Good Conduct Medal 33 ROTC Expert Medal 23 NRA Distinguished Rifleman Medal 1. GARY HOLLIS FITZGERALD: YMCA 1, 23 Tennis 13 Football 1, 2, 33 JV Basketball 1, 2, 33 Wrestling 13 President of Public,Speaking 1, 23 Debating Team 23 Waiter 1. FRANK MICHAEL FRECE: Cotillion Club 1, 23 Best Platoon 43 Decorating Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 CQ Staff 13 Senior DI 13 Junior DI 23 Commissioned Officer 13 Officer of the Day 1, 23 Senior German Medal 23 Old Cadet Greatest Improvement Medal 23 YMCA 1. LEONEL GOMEZ MICHAEL LEWIS GRAY: Most Valuable Football Play- er Award3 Co-Captain Basketball3 Pres. of Public Speaking3 Football 13 Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Track 13 Varsity Club 13 YMCA 13 Waiter 1. DAVID WILLIAM GREEN: Honor Guard 23 Track Team 23 Basketball Team 1, 23 Colors Sgt. 13 YMCA 13 CQ Staff 13 JV Football 23 Varsity Club 1, 23 Decora- ting Committee 1, 23 CG 13 OD 13 DI 13 Cheerleader 13 MST II 23 Distinguished Merit List3 Merit List 2. JAMES LEE HARTMAN: Football Team 13 Wrestling 13 Baseball 13 Taps Staff 13 CQ Staff 13 YMCA 13 Key Club 13 Debating Team 1. ACJJKUKWKHIS LYNN DOUGLAS HUDGINS: Taps Staff 1, 2, Key Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Scholarship Medal 2: Latin Medal 3g President of Senior Class 1, Editor of Yearbook 1, Hon- or Council 2, 3g JV Football 2, Swimming Team 23 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3: Varsity Club 1, 2, 3. DAVID WILLIAM HUTCHISON, JR.: Marksmanship Medal 3, Honor Guard 1, 2: Citation List 2: Track Team 25 Cheerleaders 1. EDWARD WILLIAM JACKSON, JR.: Football 13 Wrestling Team 1. DAVID F. JACOX: YMCA 1, JV Football 1, JV Basket- ball 1. DAVID ARVIS JENSEN II: YMCA 1, 23 Best Company 23 Waiter 1, 25 Jr. French Medal 2, Taps Staff 1, CQ Staff 1, Decorating Committee 1, 2. GORDON FREDRICK KARIGER: YMCA 1, Key Club 1. EDWARD MOBLEY KENNEDY, III: YMCA lg JV Football 1, 2, 3. CHARLES HENRY KLINCK, JR: YMCA 1: JV Bas- ketball lg Varsity Baseball 13 Honor Guard 1. HENRY CHARLES LEWIS, JR: Vice-President Cotillion Club lg Biology Medal 3, Junior English Medal and Senior Spanish Medal 2, Distinguished Merit List and Merit List 2, Distinguished Honor Roll 2, 35 JV Bas- ketball and Varsity Track Team 1, 23 Varsity Football Manager 2, 3: Officer of the Day 1, 23 Decorating Com- mittee 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM REID McAULEY,'JR.: Sec.-Treas. Senior Class lg Head-Cheerleader 15 Cheerleader 23 Decora- ting Committee 2, Chairman Decorating Committee 15 JV Football 2, Cotillion Club 15 Key Club 1, Honor Guard 1, 2. JEREMIAH PHILIP MATHEWSON: Taps Staff 1: YMCA 1: JV Football 2: Varsity Football 1, Vice- Pres. of Senior Class 15 Vice-Pres. of Public Speaking 13 Sharpshooter 1, 2, 3. CLARENCE DUQUETTE MAXEY: Basketball 1. DENNIS LAWRENCE NORLING: Honor Guard 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3g Decorating Committee 2, 35 Best Platoon 4, Best Company 39 Conduct 2: Old Cadet Greatest Improvement 3: Varsity Club 2, 3: Special Public Speaking 2, 3. JOSEPH JOHN ODDO: YMCA 1, Cotillion Club 13 Dec- orating Committee lg Honor Guard lg JV Football 13 Varsity Swimming 1: Varsity Baseball 1. PEDRO LEON PADUA: Honor Guard 1, 23 Good Con- duct Metal 1, 2, 35 Marksmanship Medal 2. KENDALL CASTLE RANCK: Key Club 2, 33 Rifle Team 2, 39 DI 15 Senior DI 35 YMCA 1, 2, 35 News Editor CQ 3g Reporter CQ 1, Advanced Public Speaking 2: General Committee 33 Taps Business Manager 35 Var- sity Club 2, 3g Decorating Committee 33 Best Platoon 2, 3: OD.1, 23 CG 25 CO lg 5 Rifle Team Medals, Con- duct Medal 3: Distinguished Honor Roll 2: First Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Merit List 25 Distinguished Merit List 23 Rifle Sharpshooter 23 Rifle Expert 13 Citation List 2. ROGER M. RESO: YMCA 1, Swimming Team li Honor Guard 1, Track 1. JOHN DOIMINIC SANSONE: YMCA 13 CQ Staff 1: Football lg Wrestling 1, Track lg Varsity Club lg Catholic Club 15 Marksmanship Medal lg Taps Staff 15 Waiter 1, Tennis Team 1. JAMES KENNETH SHELTON: YMCA 15 Varsity Club 1, Waiter lg Football 1: Wrestling 1. DAVID LAMAR SMITH: Honor Guard 15 Decorating Committee 1. YUKOL VORAVIBUL: YMCA 1. WOODIE PAGE WARE: Sharpshooter'Medal 1, Presi- dent of Public Speaking 1, YMCA 1, Taps Staff 1: Key Club 1, Varsity Basketball 1. WILLIAM JAY WESTBERG: YMCA lg Decorating Committee 1, Rifle Team 1. CHAICHAN YANOTAI: Wrestling 15 Key Club. ,J F5535 wg fs Y ,nl H 1 W f i ,.., x Wx!!! K f ' 'K X! 1 t l .fx-. 'I I Eff ' N 1- .if f if' , P f H I 'ik 5, XF jf K jf 3 2: QR! I, .1 WW? K sv: X .,-.4 I N J X "' all , I I I .aa Q' x f f Q7 x HU QM ,t ri xi wi Q f A f 1 7 M ' fb Q Xl- J i v 2 v. X fl M! gr i f Q M Lv 4 'N M is , l 'U k I j " ' V L jf 4 - 15-f 'HI 2 KH ? l ..... ff K ,,? 1 . YJ X X-7f f Xl f ,, ,,.,, , ,, Sf fgf w O '53 ,. NE? i, fi? 2 F' K , wx 5 ,, XL, f 5 1, IQ f l V! X 7 N flllumllllluli ' S f 16572 5 , N J 2 1 E fi C? -- W 37 Q' f X 5 n o X , ,X M 01. O Roth!!! Dam Qzfwib S 751 Row: Coach jenkins, Marshall, Reed, Hartman, Brady, Mathewson, Wentz, Keltz, Trinkle, Coach Bessell. 27151 Row: Russ, Baliles, Craig, San- sone, Shelton, Duffy, Colombo, Consolvo. 3rd Row: Saunders, Willer, Dolloff, Moore, Gray, Jackson, Warner, I-Iudgins, Tantum. Fishburne's football team this year didn't have a very impressive rec- ord from the standpoint of its wins and losses but, in all fairness, one must realize that this was a young, inexperienced team. The first team was strong but there was a lack of depth on the bench. This year could be summarized by saying that it was a building year because of the twenty-three boys on the team this year, fourteen will be re- turning for next year. is 195 7 Foofhzll Resume F. M. S. . . 0 Woodberry Forest .... . 25 F. M. S. . . 7 Washington 8a Lee V. . . . 0 F. M. S. . . 0 Randolph-Macon Academy . . 6 F. M. S. . . 0 Benedictine High School. . . 13 F. M. S. . . 6 james Monroe High School . 18 F. M. S. . . 0 E. C. Glass High School . . . 4-l F. M. S. . . 6 Hai-grave Military Academy . 13 F. M. S. . . 13 Augusta Military Academy. . 14 Basketball Left to Right: Gray, Keltz, Green, Bergman, Lawrence, Widmer, McGeorge, Ware, Trinkle, Marshall, Cleavenger, Haines, Coach Jenkins. The story on the basketball team is the same as with the football team. The team was again young and inexperienced. There was more depth to rely on in the basketball squad, and next year's team has quite a few returning lettermen. Again this could be called a building year for a stronger squad next year. 195 7 Bwkefhz!! Resume Washington 81 Lee . . 61 V. E. S. .... . 60 Roanoke Catholic . . 40 V. M. I., J. V. . . . 65 S .M. A. ..... . 100 R. M. A. ...... 5 8 Fork Union Military Academy . 92 H. M. A. ...... 82 Woodberry Forest . . . 74- V. E. S. .... . 61 A. M. A. .... . Fork Union Military Academy Roanoke Catholic . . . V. M. I., V. . . Miller School . . A. M. A. . . . S. M. A. . . H. M. A. . R. M. A. . . Basaaa!! Front Row, left to right: Hearst, Alberts, Campbell, Kennedy, Wentz, Klinck, Oddo, Smith, D., Haines, Stehr, Coach Bessell. Back Row: Hyman, McAllister, Maxey, Lawrence, Garcia, McGeorge, Carneal, Urquhart, Arias, Kelly, C., Jones, Pitt. Tfaaa Team In Row, left to right: Millard, Reso, Craig, Jacox, Nunley, Marshall, Duffy. Zml Row: Murdoch, Maxey, Westberg, Woods, Willer, Shelton, Brady. 3rd Row: Saunders, Colombo, Gray, Coach Jenkins. 4th Row: San- sone, Judd, Jensen, Rearden, McGeorge, Taylor, W., Cole, Lapes, Reed. J K Rofhzll X 0 I .fl Row: Alberts, Oddo, Hurlbut, Kennedy, Rearden, Lapes, Znd Row Nunley, Watkins, Jacox, Quinn, Millard, Masencup, Marcus, Haines, Lowe, Cleavenger, Coach Windon. J K Basiefhzll Coach Windon, Merhige, Cook, Hurlbut, Graham, Baliles, Jacox, Lapes, Kelly, C., Lewis, H., Haines, Fitzgerald. Rx Swimming Dam in Row: Reso, Oddo, Lindsay, Hudgins, Imhoff, Lofland, Drake. Znd Row: Logan, Masencup, English, Lowe, Consolvo, Millard, Dawson. Wresfling Dam Isl Row: Taylor, R., Bcilinson, Crosby, H. Zml Row: Moser, Smith, W., Harnsongkarm, Shelton, Stehr, Nisbet, Miller, R., Sansone, Rosenthal, Campbell, Hartmen, Latsha, Denenberg, Captain Bessell, Coach. R zfle Team I sl Row: Drake, F. F., Webb, Clarke, Lewis, J., 2nd Row: Ranck, Benoit, Gomez, Pitt. 3rd Row: Drake, J. S., Westberg, Cole, Watkins, M f Sgt. Gentry - Coach. Temzi Q, ,f imma . 6,25 5,43 14 7 A 4941? ,ruff . s 1 I' ,.,, . 0,-5, pf. 4, ty 'Sify MS , fi! 9 I f ff f?4 Rl Vf e 46 v f I 11 VY ,-,i i if fi ff ff ,D J .. VNV jg ff A' 1,7 7' .I fa 4 1 ff 1 07 Af 39' 6' 7 f, 41 ff ,W 4.11 'M' 0 ' rw mf M' AQ, .fp -+A-A , 1 1,1 4' ,04 M 4 vw ' 1 P? 41 1,1 f fgzgiiiiwf Uafivf' 154 5 Z 3 W 4 f. 4 gg f V, if aydafh JW .Q Y, ,, 1 s 1 -1-1. . A 2- V ,, ff' ' M f f 'M' M , , 4 V ff ,, ,Q m X' . .,. 1 fx: fcfiw , , xy 4235- ': f-3 . F77. ,-- . - 1.--rv-1 ,1 ff f- ,f ji .135 f if .f.,,g,-4 ,. ji y -gQ5ff.f,:'-Vat . . ' I4 ,,.-QC" . L-5"4f1 4' if 3235?-Sis' 1. 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