Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA)

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MAJOR FISHBURNE Major Fishburne, a true wizard in the business world, has been a friendly adviser and has guided us through many of the trials and tribulations of the school year. His faithful service as treasurer has made him a vital asset to the school. A421101 Pace ou1 headmastel and English teacher, will forever be remembered in the hearts of the Fishburne cadets as one who has done much to advise and guide us through our academic difficulties through- out the school year. We will be eternally grateful to him for his patience and his helpful attitude. 4 it ix s 5 me E Rf- MA JOR GALT 5 f SX 5 J p ' Majtir Galt, serving in the capacity Of ff-h--1 Our new commamlaiit, has proved both eflici- cut zmcl helpful to all what have come in con- tact with him. His gentlcmanly conduct and fairness iii all matters, has made him a cretlit tu the Marine Curps and Fishburne. MAJOR BROOKS For mzmy years Major llrtiulqs has him- clletl the athletics at Fislibuiwie birth ably Emil efficiently. A true athlete himself, the Bla-ini' has gained respect :mtl :iilmi1':1tiOi1 thruugli his partiigipatiuii iii all spurts, MAJOR CHARLES M. PACE B.A., M.A. Instructor in English MAJOR WILLIAM W. BARNWELL B.A., M.A. Instructor in Languages MA JOR PHILIP c. BROOKS B.s. Instructor in Science and BIZ1lhS1'l1ZlfIC's MA JOR ELLIOT G. FISHBURNE ' 1 Hb., LLB. Coxnmercial Instructur CAPTAIN HARRY V. CLARK B.A. In structor in IXIZIITIEIIIZIIICS CAPTAIN LAWRENCE B. HORVATH B.A., M.A. Instructor in Language and Histury CAPTAIN PAUL C. HALLECK B.A. Instructor in History ,fs CAPTAIN JOHN A. BROWN A.B. Instructor in English and Histories CAPTAIN WALTER B. SHOOTER Instructor in Military Science CAPTAIN R. RANDALL COLE B.S. ED. Instructor in Mathematics and Language CAPTAIN CHARLES J. ELLISON A.B. Instructor in English CAPTAIN JOSEPH P. BRoz PH.D. Instructor in Languages CAPTAIN HERBERT MCCUEN PH.B. Instructor in Math CAPTAIN ARLET K. VAN SCOY A.B., M.A. Instructor in Science SENIOR CLA55 CLASS OF OFFICERS 1943 ROBINSON COOK, JR. President ROBERT EARL CLEVENGER CHARLES HIRAM WARNER, JR Vice President Secretary and Treasurer VVALTER ER1C AHLBERG "Walt'l Matriculated 1938 Baseball C353 Manager Swimming C-1, 553 T.,xPs C-1, SD 5 C. Q. 14, SJ 5 Literary Society C1, 2, 3, 4, SJ g President ISD 3 Representative YA1, CA. C-1, SJ 3 Lieut., lst Plt. "A" Co. "VValt," along with his twenty uncles, has a place in all of our hearts. VVe will never forget his pleasing personality. ROBERT BARNHILL, JR. "Barney" 1X'1atriculated 1942 Literary Society C15 5 Private, Band. Although he is a reserved chap, we know that "Barney" is not inactive. He will long be remembered for his stay at Fishburne- GEORGE KEN NETH ARCHER "Arch" Matriculated 1941 Tennis f1,ZJg TAPS IZDQ C. fZDg Liter- ary Society 127 5 Glee Club tl, 23 5 Monogram Club 1213 Corporal, "A" Company. UA. K." has undoubtedly one of the best senses of humor in barracks. A Hne friend and a true Carolinian, he is bound to be a success. VVARREN STEELE BEALE "Steele" Matriculated 1942 VVhen "Steele" arrived at Fishburne, he had a big brother to live up to, and we can safely say that Cy can be proud of little brother. Literary Society fljg Private, "B" Co. WILLIAM B. BOLLINGER "Bill" Matriculated 1941 Swimming QZJQ Literary Society C2jg Sgt. Bugler, Band. Although "Bill" has caused us many trying hours on the bugle, he will remain one of the best liked boys in barracks. ROBERT WILLIAM BROWNE HR-ed!! Matriculated 1942 Literary Society CU 3 Private, "B" Co. We don't know much about "Brick," but he is far 'from being inactive. When "Red" is around there is never a dull moment. Good Luck, "Brick"! RQBERT ALLAN BRANNER "Boogie" Matriculated 1941 Track fl, Zjg Literary Society QI, 255 Sgt., Band. "Bob" as our mailman, has always been dependable, and we feel sure that his dependability will not wane through life. WILLIABI CURRENCE CARPER SRD "Shadow" Matriculated 1939 Dramatic Club fljg Midget Football Cl, Z, 3, -U 3 Midget Basketball QI, Z, 3, -lj 5 Private, "B" Co. "Shadow" can usually be found wan- dering from room eussing Shane. Bill is small in stature, but that does not hinder his activities. . ., Xfrsz. I ,ips . X as XX Q x Q Q 4 4, 'Y ' 'S WXXX ,X,Xsa1 + ,, 'QQH1 X SX, X X X 2 ass: , xX X. Wlijsq eww' Sy ,X 6 X 95'- t x 1 X x ct X wx s X X E xx X ,C A X ,x 5 Astguxgtfx A L X x 1 Q K 5 l Q . . sg-, -- X ' x?w'ii?:'f?4LLtXXa'Qrff53 'ZQE-.,3,fj4'2ii Xi,-Vid Mtg -1 jf ' ' S". ,. :ffl ' ft . Sr X-MX. r X A 2: ,Sig gff, ,x, q9X7Ei,,fH.X,X.y .:1s' X X- X -Fig-. , . ,X ' "Q 'SEZ - -X..aXXJ.f: ff .1X... X. ROBERT E. CLEVENGER "Nose" Matriculated 1939 Basketball 1-ll g Manager Tennis 11, Z, 3, -lj 5 TAPS 13, -U Q C. Q. 1-ll, Captain, "A" Co. The famous "Nose" with his ready wit and unsurpassed sense of humor has given us many a happy hour. CHARLES SUMNER COOK ZND "Cookie" Football 11. Zh, Swimming 11, ZJQ Honor Committee 125, Sergeant, "A" Co. "Action speaks louder than words." This sentence characterizes "Charlie" perfectly. Good natured and sincere, he will reach the top. it X K 'I X K 51 mr X Y' V iv X Y X.. 'l X KO Xx W 5 x X, Xa-px .91 is 3 Nt' x 1 my ,BX fix 1 Xb 4, x 5 hi xx is s X xx as 5 . ,,,.. . . - M ., X asf.. k Xi , ki.. -S, .x . l I XX- X. X X . .XXX ,X , 'il X P xx r X 'X , Q 1 xx. V+ K -f X v X v N jx PM X X Q s ff 2 Q ' X N x Nz.. ..f xxxQ K' A7 HAROLD HUNTER CLOKEY, JR. "Clike" Matriculated 1940 Football 11, 2, 37, Track 11, Z, 355 TA11s 12, 37, C, Q. 11, Z, 35, Editor 12, 3jg Cotil- lion Club 11, Z, 33 5 Secretary, Treasurer 135 5 Lieutenant Adjutant. Harold has been a demon on the foot- ball iield and a true "Fairfax Hound." Serving in the capacity of Lieutenant Ad- jutant, he has always kept us well posted. ROBINSON COOK, JR. "Bim" Matriculated 1939 J. V .Football 11D g Football 12, 3, 45 2 Swimming 11, 2, 3, -Hg Captain 13, -lj, Presi- dent Sophomore Class 1Zjq President Senior Class 1-lb 3 TAPs 13, -U, Editor 143, C. Q. 13, -lb g Monogram Club 11, 2, 3, -lj. "Rob" has the unsurpassable quality of being able to make and keep friends. His many escapades and "Bull Sessions" will never be forgotten. WILBER T, DAMERON 3RD "Pete" Matriculated 1939 Midget Football C155 J. V. Football C255 Track C35 g Literary Society Cl, 2, 3, 45 5 Lieu- tenant, "B" Co. "Ace" has benefited many of us with his inside connections. One of the "old timers," he will be sorely missed at Fish- burne. HARRY CARL FISHER "Harry" Matriculated 1942 Football C25 g Track Cl, 25 3 Sergeant, Band. "Harry," another one of our D. C. boys, has proved to everyone of us that he is a really swell fellow. JOSEPH 'WILLIAM DENNIN IC'I0e!! Matriculated 1940 Midget Football C153 Track CZ, 35, Swim- ming C35g Manager TAPs C355 C. Q. CZ, 355 Sergeant Guide, "B" Co. Joe's good naturedness and participa- tion in many activities has shown that he is a guy with plenty of intestinal forti- tude. SAMUEL LIGHTFOOT FLOURNOY "Sad Sam" Matriculated 1939 Midget Football C153 Track Cl, 2, 3, 45, Literary Society Cl, 2, 3, 45 3 Lieutenant, Band. Although "Sam" is noted for his lack of joviality, his excellent dry wit has lightened many of our sorrows. V-. rf. 3 F-'1 ,A J! ,A Q lb A ' , V 4 5 A , " . 1 'I l A YF " . N A .4 1 A wr -' .' ,, .Q-I . , , .-I LW ' L . I i 'lf .Nh h I 5 ws. ,R N f 4 A 5 5 ,ws h at J ' f f A ,f if A . j V V G , -v .-W' I' ii 1 , P. ., ,, , I s .- 'v F 5 , 'ff n , L61 A -N 255 , , 1 in .,,. Z. 1 ,I i I -l vigil 'with 'M ., -1 A I' 2 Y , Sick 3 ' 12. we w 9 l 'J 1 Ns, VVILLIAM STEWART GAINES EDWARD WESLEY GALLAGHER "Bill" "Slick" lXlatriculated 1941 ltllatfieulated 1941 B3SkE'flWHll Cl. 25: Tennis Cl, 255 COfilliOI1 Rifle Team C155 Honor Committee C15: Club 11' 25 3 Sffgfiillt "A" Co. Cotillion Club Cl, 255 Junior Scholarship "Bill" has not only shown his excellent Mt-dal C15 3 Sergeant "A" Co. sportsmanship on the courts, but also in "Ned" is H t1'L16 SChOlI11' and l1iS 95's school life. are the envy of many of us. An equally good boy, we wish him lots of luck. PHILLIP PITTMAN GQDVVIN f-phil" JQHN LEE GRAY Matriculated 1942 n.l0h1mYu . D Matriculated 1942 Tennis C155 Literary Society C155 Private, "B" Co. Football C15 3 Basketball C15 3 Private, Band. "Phil" with his satirical manner has u,lohnny" left uS 6211'l5'. but behllld him enlightened many of the otherwise dull he left many friends who sorely missed physics classes. his good nature and pleasing personality. RICHARD FULLER HALL ffACkH Matriculated 1941 Football Cl, 21 3 Track Cljg Swimming C25 3 Tennis Clj g Sergeant, "A" Co. "Ack" is another one that had to leave us early, much to the sorrow of the track and tennis teams. A swell fellow, his name still rings in the barracks. JOHN VALENTINE HARMON Matriculated 1942 Football Cljg Basketball Cljg Literary So- ciety CU 5 Private "A" Co. John, too, had to leave us early, as he had an urgent date with the Marine Corps, but he and his feats on the grid- iron will not be forgotten, JOHN HOWARD HALLOWELL luJaCkJ7 Matriculated 1941 lntramural Basketball Champions C2JgLit- erary Society Cl, Zh 5 Sergeant, "BV Co. "Jacko" will always be remembered for his nightly card games. He is a guy that can always be depended on when you are in a jam. PAUL BURTON HICKS, JR. "Nub" Matriculated 1941 Midget Football Cl, Zh: Basketball Cl, Zlg Tennis Cl, Zjg C. Q. CID. "Nub's" diminutiveness has not handi- capped him in any respect. A swell fel- low and friend, his good-naturedness has endeared him to all of us. l THOMAS PARKER Hosr, JR. "T. P." Matriculated 1941 Football fl, ZJQ Monogram Club 1253 Lit- erary Society fl, ZD 3 Corporal, "B" Co. "T. P." is a tride animated and he has always been everybocly's friend. We know that his success on the gridiron and at school will follow him through life. .IQHN RICHARD HUTCHINGS "Hutch" Matriculated 1939 Midget Football Cl, 233 Midget Basketball Cl, Zig Track C355 Honor Committee CZ, 3, -lj 3 Sergeant Ordnance. Witli "Hutch" it's "Luckies two to one," and he has the same to say for "Tar Heel" land. XVe'll remember him as the big man in the armory. l RICHARD JOLLY HUDLOW' "Dick" Matriculated 1943 Football fllg Cotillion Club Qljg Literary Society flj g Private, "A" Co. "Dick" will always be remembered by those of us who had the privilege of knowing him as a quiet, good-natured southern lad with an eye for an airplane and the women. GILBERT RESWICK IDE "Mortimer" Matriculated 1942 Football Cljg Literary Society Qlbg Private "A" Co. "Mort" is a swell New Xorker wit a ready smile and wit. I-Ie is determined to get ahead in sports as well as in life and we have a feeling he will do it. 7 ' h WILLIAM CURTIS KEEGIN "Curt" Matriculated 1941 Football C15 5 Tennis C1, 255 C. Q. C255 Monogram Club Cl, 255 Corporal "A" Co. To be brief and to the point Curtis is a casanova of no mean ability. Fairfax and Mary Baldwin are two of his best known conquests. Keep smilin'. ROGER BEESQN KIRCHOFER "Ears" Matriculated 1940 Basketball C1, 2, 35 5 Baseball Cl, 25 g Mono- gram Club Cl, Z, 353 Honor Committee C355 TAPS C35 5 C. Q. C35 3 Lieutenant "B" Co. "Zodiac" has proved his worth on the basketball court as well as in his aca- demic work. His iron will and determi- nation makes him bound for success. KEMPER LAURY KELLOGG "Curly" Matriculated 1942 Literary Society C15. One of our most conservative mem- bers, "Curly" will always be able to prove anything he says. Keep hitting the nail on the head, kiddo! MAXVVELL PATERSON LEVVIS "Max" Matriculated 1936 Dramatics CZ, 355 Lieutenant Quartermaster. "Max's" joviality and pleasing counte- nance has a place with all who know him. His initiative and determination is held in the highest esteem of the corps. ROBERT ALLAN LUCAS "Bob" Matriculated 1942 Literary Society flip Cotillion Club CU. "Bob" is one of New England's con- tributions to Fishburne and that section can well be proud of him, for he is a fine guy with a warm friendly disposition. CHARLES HARDER MAYS "Archimedes" Football flj. Matriculated 1941 When the navy comes through, "Archi- medesu will be on the bridge of the Flag- ship. Ships may sink, but Mays never. GEGRGE SH ULTZ M CCARTY "Mac" Matriculated 1942 Track CD5 Literary Society CU. It took "Mac" a little while to get the hang of the "Military," but he sure has been going "great guns" since. Yours for bigger and better chemistry labs, l'Mac." ROBERT RAY MOSBY, JR. Matriculated 1942 uhqau Cotillion Club Cljg Literary Society CID. "Ma" is another one of our personality boys. His smiling face and Congeniality will be sadly missed next year. ROBERT EASTWOOD OREBAUGH "Rapid Robert" Matriculated 1941 J. V, Football C115 Cotillion Club Cl, 215 Literary Society C1, Z1 5 Sergeant, Color Guard. "Bob" is a Tidewater lad who loves his sleep. We will remember him as the Hghosti' of room 305. SAMLTEL FRED POPKINS flgarnll Matriculated 1942 Cotillion Club C115 Literary Society C115 Private, "A" Co. "Sam" is one of our better "Misters." A quiet fellow and a good student, he has gained the respect and admiration of all who know him. 1 l FRANK STEWART PTLSCH "Buddy" Matriculated 1940 Track C115 Band Cl, 2, 315 Honor Commit- tee Cl, 215 Cotillion Club C315 Vice-President C315 Glec Club Cl, 215 Lieutenant Drum Ma- jor Band. The family skeleton in the closet at Fairfax will always be a great drum- major with any band. THOMAS NORRIS PORTER "Tom" Matriculated 1940 Football Cl, 21 5 Track C315 Rifle Team C115 Cotillion Club Cl, 2, 31 5 Literary Society C1, 2, 31 5 Intra-Mural Basketball5 Private, "A" Co. "Tom" will no doubt be remembered by all of us as an all-round good fellow. When the Navy gets him, we know he will turn in an excellent performance there. CARI. VVILHUR PRINCE iXlatriculated 19-l2 "Princess" Cntillion Club flip Literary Society flbg llllI'1l-Alllflll Bzisketlvallg Private, "A" Co. Here we have one of our best bets to make a mild sensation. His quiet efhci- ency and "stick to it" attitude will make him in years to come. ARTHUR IRVVIN RANK, JR. "Art" Matriculated 1940 ,luniur Varsity Fuutlvall fl, 35 g Rilie Team fl, 2, 35 g Platuuli Sergeant, "li" Cn. lf "Art's" keen eye has anything to do with his finding success and happiness, we will cease to worry about him. M UNSELI. RANDALL "Ducky,' Matriculated 1939 Rifle Team 12, .353 Cutillion Club CZ, 3, -U5 Literary Society K-lj, Platotni Sergeant, Band. "Ducky" is the only representative from our fair city this year. A "Casa- nova" and line fellow in every respect, we wish him luck in years to COINB. LITTLETON SAVAGE ROBERTS "L, Sf! Matrictllatecl 1942 Literary Society flj 3 Private, "A" Co. I.. S. is a quiet lad with a double charge of T.N.T. This ought to help him over the hurdles of life. HARRY DORSETT ROLLINGS 4'Dorty" Matriculated 1942 Football KID, Track Cljg Literary Society KU 5 Private, "A" Co. If being an all-American boy is the tops, then "Dorty" will have to reach down to touch the highest pinnacle of en- deavor. JERRY J. SHANE "Alien,' Matriculated 1939 Rifle Team Cl, 2, 3, -U 9 Monogram Club Cl, 2. 3, 4D g Literary Society C1, 2, 3, -U 5 Cotillion Club fl, 2, 3, 41 g Platoon Sergeant, "A" Co. The "alien" can usually be seen going from room to room with a broom over his shoulder hunting for Carper. Neither he nor his native Canada will ever be forgotten. WILBUR ERNEST SCHNOPP "VVillie" Matriculated 1942 Literary Society C155 Intra-Mural Basket- ball HJ 3 Private, "BH Co. "Willie" is a guy of whom Virginia can be justly proud. For his presence at Fish- burne this year, we are deeply thankful. ALBERT DUANE SHIELDS lKJ'uan7! Matriculated 1941 Literary Society 41, 25 5 Corporal, "A" Co. Waynesboro may well be proud of one of its two representatives. "Duan,' has done much to create good will and under- standing between the townspeople and the cadets. ALBERT CROMXVELL SMITH "Al" Matriculatecl 1942 Track 112, Literary Society QU, Private, "A" Co. "Al" comes from deep in the heart of Norfolk and he is really proud of the fact. A line Virginian, he will really go places. ADOLF CHARLES TORQYSKV "TOr" 1N'latrieulatecl 1938 T'ack 1153 Tennis 11,2f, Ritle Team C1,3, 4, 555 Cotillion Club 1-Hg President, junior Class 1453 T.-xPs Staff 653 3 C. Q. Staff 64, 55g Literary Society fl, 2, 3, -l, SD 3 Major, Battal- ion Commander. "Torn has been with us five years and his smile and personality have radiated a permanent place on the walls of Fish- burne. HOXVELL GARONNE THOMAS "Jerry" lllatriculated 1940 Literary Society fl, Z, 35, Sergeant, "B" Co. A fine fellow, "jerry" will live on as a true sportsman whose l'lO1lCSt efforts have borne fruit throughout his stay at Fish- burne. LESTER DAYID XYALLERSTEIN "Queeniel' Matrieulated 1942 Literary Society CU, Track fljg Private, "B" CO. As a trigonometry genius "Queenie" holds a fair hand but the real beauty of his character is his ability to handle the fairer sex. CHARLES HIRAM WARNER, JR. ..-You Matriculated 1939 I. V. Football Cljg Basketball CZ, 3, 4jg Baseball C253 Track C3, 4jg TAPs Staff C415 C. Q. Staff C41 3 Color Sergeant, Staff. "Yo," in his tfour years here at school, has been a perpetual friend to all. An excellent and consistent ball player, he has made a basket in each of our hearts. ROBERT MCORMAN WGODSIDE "Woody" 1 Matriculated 1942 Midget Football Cljg Track CIJQ Literary Society CU, Private, Band. t'Woody" has been right in there pitch- ing every inch of the way this year. Keep that up, that determination, kid, and you will go places. DAVID C. VVITCQVER "Big Boy" Matriculated 1941 Track Cl, 25, Glee Club Cl, Zjg Sergeant, "B" Co. A scientist of no mean ability, the "Big Boy" will have no trouble with any future puzzlers. All the luck in the world to him. GRAYSON GARRETT WQOLDRIDGE "Bookie" Matriculated 1942 Football CU 5 Basketball CU 3 Literary Soci- ety CU. From what the corps has seen of "Bookie," the odds are 1 to IO he makes the best of his opportunities in later life. Here's to your continued success! JUNIORS John Curtis Bagg Don XYalter Betts Iwi Richard VT. Brand, E -,,,,,-f XYilliam Craddock NYi,mdward G. Eicke, jr. Beaufurd T. Erwin, Jr. XYarren XY. Caskie Harry B, Dyche, Jr. Richard H. England Roy Johnston Finesey JUNIORS NYilliam Floyd Gaskins, Jr. S Wfultcr Guudlnan XYilIiam Milton Glasgmv, -Ir. James XV. Grimes Robert Shcrwrmd Heckrotle Julian T. Huffman Sidney M. Lipsitz Thnmas Sherwood Hudson Robert Edward Hunter, Jr. Glen Maher JUNICRS XY. Virden Marshall, Ir. Allen Milton Murphy Frederic Davis Poisson Howard -I. Rymland Robert L. Sexton, -lr. XVarner Moore 3rd, Donald McRae P:1rsely,Jr. XN'ilIiam DeRoset Ross Robert G. Sechrest George Patterson Shedd JUNIORS Alexander E. Singleton Charles M, Speicher, Jr. Charles L. Stokes David B. Tate Vkfilliam Northam Vlhitehead Robert Henry Spain Frederick Bear Sternberger Benjamin M, Stradley Harry Lee VVatts James David Wilson SOPHOMORE CLASS Firxl Row hlcrry ixllgllllfll nlamcs Nelson Hardin liarving Calvin Blythe Rolwert C. llurldig Kenneth XY. Burrows Gcorgc C. Calkins Svmzzd Row Charles XYendell Carncal XX'illiam XY. Caswell Edmund G. Chamlverlain Henry L. Charlton Andrew Cole David J. Coyle Third Ro iv Norman F. lrlamon Robert M, lleal Alfred di Zerega NYilliam R. Frame NX'illiam E. Gardner Vernon Cvatlcy Firxt Row Richard Gollehon NNells E. Goodhue George S. Goodwin Clarence VV. Gosnell Robert Grantham Robert Hanner SOPHOMORE Second Row Henry Harkins James Haslett Ayers Hay Walter Hitt Carl M. Hodgkins Thomas Hubbard CLASS Third Row Robert D. Kennedy Howard A. Lane Furman H. Limeburner Franklin Loving David L. Margolius Frank Motley ,M J mf Wifi Av fwfb 4,..., vis sis, First Row Gordon A. Murray Ralph Myers NYilliam Pannill Bradford M. Patterson Young A. Pully Nlfilliam NY. Ramsey SOPHOMORE CLASS Second Row Lewis A, Reinken, Jr. Donald Reis XN'alter Schilling George Schwegmann Eliot S. Smithe Edward C. Taylor Third Row Dan Yanfflief Ray Alan Vanfflief Phillip VYein S. Robert VVells James C. NYernyss Thomas P. Wilkins FRESHMEN Richard F. Avery John A. B. Dahlgren John J. Baecher Broughton XY. Delaplane John T. Berrier Alan DeYoung james Brian Alexander G. lfluncan, jr. VVilliam R. Brolweck Joseph J. Ellis, -lr. Robert E. Butler Charles nl. Farrington, J Edward L. Cooke George M, Foster John S. Gibson FRESHMEN . 2 . 'bw 5' viva- 6' T53 James E. Gray Rufus D. Palmer, lr. ig Russell K. Grilllth Albert O. Pierrot 8 Q Colin A. Harrison John XY. Seymour. lr. - Peter Ridley jones Robert S. Sutherland XYarreu K. Leffler Robert L. Swart John R. Lovell Zurl. Lloyd L. NYaldon , Edward Meadows Robert A. XYayue Noel XYl1ite, -l r. POST GRADUATES XYILI. I AM CI..-X RK JOHN EDWARD HILLOCK VVILLIAM VV. VVOOLDRIDGE Bfffwffkahfkf Nflgewff YW '55 ,'-'f4' 43: ,. 5 W 5 1, +..q... ESS Introducing Military Section Cultniel A-Xlliert S. Tucker I,I'Ufz'.l',YL1I' nf .llilimry Suiuzitn' Llllll Ttlt'flii'.f hutler the Siiiieiwisiiiii of Culmiel Tucker Fishlwuriie was mlesiguutecl au limior sclimil lust year. Fur his tire- less etltirt :uitl wise cwuusel we nx- prt-ss uui' deepest aiipiwcizitiuii zuiil wc :admire him mit truly as ll sfwlnlier but us at true gentleman. I Captain Xlvalter B. Shouter .-lxxixftziil Illltrftmmz' of ,llilifury Sriuziuu and Tariffs Cziptziiu Slimiter has hiuv :wo lie- Cv D come :i trzulitimizil figure at Fish- lvurue. His loyalty :uid assistance iu the interest uf the Corps has created ltir him the zulmirfllimi anal perpetual lUX'E' ul lllf czulets. HAROLD H. CLOKEY, UIR. Lit'llf61l0Ilf fldfuianf ADOLF C. TOROVSKY 3rd Battalion COIIIHZLIIIUIFI' BATTALION STAFF n'm'skx', Majul' Clnlwy, I.iculc11z1nt Adjutant XX.l1l'llL'I', Culm' Scrgcaul Yz111Cliuf. Cwlm' Sergeant Mule, Sergeant Culm'l'i11a1'd U11-bz111gl1, Sc-1'guz111l Culm' Guzml Hutchings, 4 51'al11:111cc SCTQCZIIII Iiclllmcrly. Clcrk iXkljl1'lZ1llt.SfK7f:HCC XYz1tts, 6 3l't1i'l211lCt' L1lll'1JHl'Z1l Hay, LQIJIAPIIIYIQI Qua1'tc1'umsle1' "A" COMPANY STAFF CAPTAIN CLEVEN GER SERGEANT GUIDON BEARER FIRST SERGEANT MAYS SCHWEGMANN , v R K K R IST. PLATOON COMPANY "A" LIEUTENANT PLATOON SERGEANT SERGEANT GUIDE A-XHI.IiEIQlI CRIMES COOK, C. SERGEANT SQUAD LEADERS SERGEANT GUIDON BEARER CORPORALS ILAXINIQQS BRAND CLJYLE l'A'1"I'1iRSUN RKUHFL K fLXI.l..Xl,LHIiR 1iL'I1IJIG PRIVATES PRIVATES PRIVATES IIVNTIQR STOKES G.-XSKIXS LQXRNEAI. SIHXIN PIERROT Slll-QIJIJ iL.X'l'l.IiY KliI.I.U1ill FNHI..-XNIJ HIE IQRXYIN l'OI'KlNS C,-XLKINS GOl.I.1-IHON HIiL'KROTTE SCHILLING Hl'l ILOXY CORNXYELI. XX'Hl'l'IiHE.-XID -XRCHER ZND. PLATOON COMPANY "A" LIEUTENANT PLATOON SERGEANT SERGEANT GUIDE HILLGCK SHANE HICKS SGT. SQUAD LEADERS CORPORALS SHIELIJS KEELSIN HALL CHAKIHERLAIN Y.-XN CLIEF, R. EICKE PRIVATES PRIVATES PRIVATES MARSHALL TATE ELLIS PALMER XYOOLIJRIIJGE, G. ROLLINGS CHARLTON BAGG SMITH, A. HASLETT MOTLEY CLARK MARGOLIUS MORRILL TAYLOR HAIGLER HODGKINF- SXYART IONES XYAYNE HANXER wvW""""" Ex 1 uw t Q' A 'MSX- "3"-s-f P341 x x 1 1 ft My "'?52'rX 35' H-75ii3'?w 9 -5 wv,w..,..Q----""" Rs LIEUTENANTS LEXYIS IWLSCH FU ll'RNf DY Kfm11l1'11l11mlc1'j PRIVATES 9-l-IYNIOYIQ KIL'IQRAY IJUNC.-NN BAND SERGEANTS F-IQXTUN CSquacl Lum HR.-XNNER IHYCHE tattucheclb PRIVATES HL'l3I3AXNlr ROSS l'I.'LLY SMITHE lc1'5 mfg L ,MX Kew 7,223--K-,A ,,..."2.w 'Mm "A'5.-na ,Mwq , .-x , ...M '5143T'i?1'z?i""'w ' Vi'-i'1'it'S2f'H,.. '-:3y'I1"Qw1f:g,?" ' ' -QQ.--, 'lilngi .cxiygw-,. 43: "'a:'5,i,i, 3,.:2f.s-2'-1 iv . , fig. - -agp , ..-330,-www . -- .wt2g,,.,,.,.f,.,-w-..."""fo:, - A , - ' - Q..-.fx . M-f-'11:.VM 9' fl A- ' gg5""Qi3Zgsfisi'1::'If' .,,.1..,..,-gl .V A ... Jw ,wx 'Q T' ' ,, ,.,. 154.--.uf--f m -...,, Vf:".L,1'f-MQ Q- -- u www -V 'ac'r:'QX1w--rw-t'..-3-,Q-' " ' N. gm...-.. x:"..11I.CS.i..,a..4, . vw .W -,sf-'3g+',,jj,g,,.Q,.,fL:.,:.-:L-.-731-3,Q, - ww 1 - f'a.2...,......f ., - Wm' -,j-af:.'::..i..t.,m-ggi:,:.33y: 52: gl ' rum wi fr Arcana-, ' . 3512- xl' ,1m,.:", "4 RM . V .. I W -V . -V ,,., x...N ,M '.. , . ,M 1 .-Q ..,,.w-W. SERGEANTS CKSKIE Cgquad 1.L'ZldL'1'J HOLLIXGER fliuglcrl FISCHER KSKIIIEIKI Lczulerj R.-XXII,-XLL LPIHIUUI1 Sergczmtj PRIVATES XYOOI JSIIVE TJELAVLANE B.-XRNHILL "B" COMPANY STAFF CAPTAIN' VVOOLDRI DGE SERGEANT GUIDON BEARER FIRST SERGEANT DEYOUNG NVEMYSS Presenting IQLLB Tops IST. PLATOON COMPANY "B" LIEUTENANT PLATOON SERGEANT SERGEANT GUIDE RlRLfHOF1iR SERGEANT SQUAD LEADERS IIA-XRRINS THHXI,-XS LINII-1I3L'RXIiR PRIVATES UI..-XSHCJXX' SlfHNUl'l' VUISSUN RIUSIZY I..-XNH R HIS STRAI ILEY HUIFFM.-XN CORPORALS GOO! PMAN IDEYOYNG HOST PRIVATES PRIVATES I.L'CQXS LIPSITZ GOI JXYIN HARRISON If R A Nl I-I IXXRSLEY RERRI ER SCHEII PELI L'.vXSXX'Iil.l. BROXYNE ROBERTS PRINCE HLYTH E FOSTER LL-XMON ZND. PLATOON COMPANY "B" LIEUTENANT PLATOON SERGEANT SERGEANT GUIDE DAMERON RANK IIENNIN SERGEANT SQUAD LEADERS CORPORALS XYITCOVER COOKE, E. HALLONVELL LEFFLER GOODNYIN MYERS LOVING iattachedj PRIVATES PRIVATES PRIVATES GIBSON VYEIN MURPHY SINGLETON STERNBERGER FINESEY LOVELL GOSNELL SECHREST BRIAN BAECHER XYHITE XY.-XLLERSTEIN AYERY MCCARTY MOORE GARDNER NYILLI.-XXIS AAGAARD FARRINGTON SOL'THERI,.AXNLJ SPEICHER BETTS Q , Introducing Activities Section HONOR COMMITTEE Couk, Lf Hutchings, XYm1lcl1'idge, XX. 1L4ha1m1a11J, Kirclmufcr, Dennin, Captain Clark Major Pace COTILLION CLUB Prcsidmzt TOROYSKY .S'L't'I'Fftl7'j' and Truaszrrcr Vim' Pn'.fia'4 CLOKEY PILSCH C. Q. STAFF Ed1'ffU'LI11lf Cflfff B1151'11u,vs Jlulzagur ,. w ix Q--. 'vs 4 . .r Tr x A.- ,.,. 1 5 a . Q , x, ffl, fg. Y -fb f 2g,.j,gf::2 wus- , .- 1. -gwt v na, I I H,-XROLID H. CLOKIQY .A15.ViA'ftIIlf Editor Fvufzzru lidiwr. .. . .. .S'fm't.v Edit x.. .1lilifa2',v Ea'iz'm'. .S'm'z'a1Edifur. .. .lt'U11lL'I1Iil' Edifm Efrlzaflgc Editor. .- l,1IiOlUf2E SCH . ..... Romxsox Coax ....K1-QNNETII AXRCHER NYARN1-:R and IDENNIN .......joHN HIl.LlWL'K ....ID,xN XYANCLIEF . . . ,XX'00LDRmG1-1, XY. . . , .ROGER IQIRCHOFER IflXYEt,QMANN TAPS STAFF Editor and Clzirf 'M "' " " ' . or v '-flf1is1f Q-wgzczyi ' -.1255 , f'Q1"-11,5552 ' ---- I ,. ROBINSON COOK, JR. .-Issistallt Editor. . . Ecoturr Editor. .. Sports Editor .... Hlilitary Editor .... BI!5fIZe'S-V lftllltlfjfl' ROBERT E, CI.1iYI2NGER .rXl7OI.F TQROVSKY IQENNIQTII :XRCHER C1-uw 1-gs XY.-XRNER ...j..nN PIILLOCK Social Editor ..,.. ..... I JAN Xi-XNCLIEF Plzotograflzfic Editor. .. nluldclltif Editor. . . .NYfxL'1'12R .XI-ILBERG ..'I0s12I'1I IDENNIN Exclzazzgc Editor. .,..... FURMAN L1 M1-QBURNER MONOGRAM CLUB Ifirxl Ruzu-l"x'z1111Q, lhfllilmg-,'1', .XI'ChL'I', t,lukg-y, Hillwck, Hicks, Tmwfx sky, Sham-, Rwllings Bkmwzfr' Ruzn-f-flxmillcs, llzxrkins, l'LlllCI'5Ull, Ilucllmv, llwlv, XYIIIIN, Kil'Cl11II-L'I', Hull, lltllllill. Tlzird Rfm'-Iiuisl, Xxllltqlitl-, li., I"lfwl11'1wy, Hut-:hinga Slwicllw, 'lfmylm-, funk, li., XXFLITIILT L lurk, lizmk. at NXWSN ivmwmasm si iw BRN was s sr it S 59 NN "qi ma N K2 vH IS was as my , s ISN QQ 5:51228 2 1 4 r i i RIFLE TEAM Gtmdman, Glasgow, Carncal, Watts, Shane, Gallaghcr, captain Slitmtcr, lban Vanflicf, Sexton, Turoxsky, liickc, Rank, Harkins, Parsley. Led hy Captain Gerry Shane and :Xrt Rank this year! rifle team managed tn live up to the Fishhurnc standard. By placing third in the Randulph Hearst Truphy Match, thcy added another plaque to the cullcctiun. In thc first match thcy lust a clusc decision tu Stauntun, hut in their second they camc hack to soundly whip Klassanuttcn. ln a quad- rangular mcct with A, M. A., Rlassanuttcn and Fmt L'niun, they placed secuncl tu finish the scheduled matches for the year. Shane was high ptiint man fm' thc seasun and was closely followed hy Rank. Other guucl men wcrc tilasguw, l'arslt-y, litmtlxiiziii, and Hardin. The team was ahly cnacht-tl hy Captain Slinnter. l"lS'I .,, vrunon COMMISSHONED OFFICERS CLUB Hillnck, C-lL'YL'l1gCl', Tu1'm'Sky, XYuol1'i4lgC, iXl'lH3L'I'g, Fluu1'1my, flukcy, Kil'Clll71.6l', I'ilscl1 U 'ikcql .g, :QQ Rf gi,Y'?1:g.4.s X2 ix .d,i IK Alun: ay aprt,- NJP "T ' I' ," :Se Q gk x 'QC . " 'QT ,' l . , asia' ai , 5 0 .x K F. g .W iv ' - Y V - A- . . .. -" :Aff-Mg xt-sm-Q .' v Q- 5 A-1 .ff+3'-?f? , -'f:i2?"I 31215- xf: ' ' 4 -1191, - alpxs 1?-.4 '. vA- if 44 1-KU: 'A El E Q7 ', Q 25 aa?-Y Q X V - i , i lvxrw. if.-,-ijgie' A -Qs., lx, ka. S ' . 'g AX . '1 s1.s:22:sasrzgf" "' " , 9, -'fi-S +-iff' T f -'f av.. Nazis -X -S f 1 Y 1 0' . Ka v 'Q -W I -Qi ,K ii ff. 1 . I -, l-.,..f,, '.- ...X ,-ff, x 4. ,. . 13 ,f I sw , is f N ! , L.. --FY ..l,.l'I x W . xr. 12671.-I4 V , . 4 , 4: f 3,3 e- ll ' ,A ,xfx-N",x:. 2 ' tf,',g-:'K.Qx'fss,'f' - f x- 5:, ' , 3, N93 "f5'X-fff? : , vw? .U S, -149 Q:-Q., .iz '1 I 'X 5 "Du 1 - yi? E J S. i I x A N13 X 7 K' 4 43" , X. , , .5 yi. X X pxgfga Q Q., 'J -N 2. - -,--Sf a x" f'A 1 ':?:Z-f- 183 1 K 1 Xxxx x hx? X if V, Fl. A ff' I lv-'Q 'ii 9, J' Y : I B X -6 fs ,Q -Q E 'un' G s . x af' 'N F, r 1 N "!1':7:2:. V ' E I .-L b , Xu' ,,,5' u.. . 2. w Qt'53 P ' 1 Introducing Sports Section Led lay Captain Paul Halleck, this year's foothall coach, F.M.S, started off with a promising lwall clulv. The caissons went into the iirst game with R.Kl.A. with plenty of confidence. For three quarters our lmoys fought the visitors to a standstill lwut two quick touchdowns in the final period macle the score read R.M.A. 14, F.M.S, O. The following week they met a very smooth NYoocllverry cluli and took a heat- ing to the tune of 51-0. YES. came to Fc . Z ? Guia -mgne is SNP . V nil K Af . ,, :Q"' :Q ' gf Q 'M .X Xt CENTER ga .G . .. g get t ,. 1 ii' '-31.4 f , ff- jst.. - V L - ' ' .' , i' iv ' if ""' ' .lf ' H21 l L' jf -'Ii' -',' Q, ., .fi Hn MLEF 5 - , - i st. i' I . . NN. '-: .,-..,. is Y, l , x L N X: i W 2 1 Sv . . ' R, is . I .mt "M CK-is Q . 1 puuknr-K 1 M 5 ... G 5 X .x '.xfffh'g?31-gg'Q-golf ' ' 'i '. xtwfl NX ayntslvoro ntxt .intl First 'quaiter Nui A N in S provecl to lie very exciting with two ' Q f lvcziutilul toucliclowu runs lw lion Reis. Q x x , Xss g' A tumlmle in the tourth quarter and a ,cc , y beautiful runliack set up the X .l1.b. ying touchdowns. lhe game enc cd .Lt n . K , . . . -it ',r-Qsr wfti, H 4- 'N l9-19 clezullock. Next came Harrisonburg High :uicl with them NQ5XNf'Si3QiS . .- . ' N 13 11 15-7 mleteat. lhe heavier and uiiclelczitefl Harrisonburg K ' -1 N ' I E ' A in -- it ,.s+,.Q f l lmoys just outpointcml our fighting cuissons. Pishlmurne lrrokc -fi .5 EEK, Q. V: "Vm...., - ..x. .N Qi' 1-'rwx-,t.,.,. i?Jf"!3U.Vf fix CDRCH " , ' lf' ., s 'Et 5 'c s T, S' - . X 'snr' 0. 102414211 iqqew-5 vlnbk ,it- D-.Q RG'-' 1 ,il ' 2 52- X as into the win column when Miller School was downed 41-6. ln this game Harmon, Reis and Meadows teamed up to give F.Kl.S. an easy victory. It was in this game that Harmon, Reis and Host became candidates for all state. The final game was the forty-second annual Turkey- llay Classic with Augusta and the whole corps journeyed to A.Bl.A, to see the game. A.Kl.A. scored Hrst on a fumhle on our three-yard line. Three plays later me . ,,...' GUN? Q TAQKLE QE V c b C Sigel-45441 'i-'rr' . I' vl 1 HM-cghli-K X -BAM . in ga ,543 E -.. - ' Harmon clashed sixty-five yards for our mpwlv lone tally. The extra point failed and the tinal heart-breaking score remained 7-6. However, FMS. did not give up, as the Final whistle blew they had start- , ed a fifty-tive-yard march. Host, Har- mon, and Reis gained honorable mention on the all state football poll. Throughout the season the team showed plenty of spirit, thanks to Paul Halleck. Burk RuzvASternberger, Frame, Patterson, Captain Horvath, Erwin, Lovell, Dennin Qklanagerj, Caswell. Fran! Ron'-Cook, R., lCaptainj, Ahlherg, Cook, C., XYemyss, XYells, Speicher, Taylor, Hall, Harrison, Schilling. SWIMMING TEAM This years swimming team, led by Robinson Cook, -lr. of l"ortland. Maine, had a very successful season by winning three meets and losing two. After dropping their first meet to Staunton Military Academy, our swim- mers Came hack to beat A. M. A. and R- M. A. After losing their next meet to R. M. A., the F. M. S. swimmers came back to finish their season by routing A. M. A. a second time. Cook R. was high point man for the year and was closely followed by NVeymes, Hall, Cook C. and Taylor. BASKETBALL Frou! Rum'-Harmon, Gaines, Hilluck, LCaptz1inJ, Kirchofcr, Hicks. Back Ron'-Captain Halleck, XX'Unldridge, G., XX'a1'ner, Seymuur, ldc. Clark, 'Wlmilc-head, Spain, Duncan, Grey, J. L., Cole, Clevcnger Qklallagcxzb BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F. M. S. 24-36 R. M. A. F. M. S. 25-40 S. M. A. F. M. S. 26-19 V. E. S. F. M. S. 33-51 S. M. A. F. M. S. 29-18 Lane High F. M. S. 33-19 A. M. A. F. M. S. 30-20 H. M. A. F. M. 33-24 R. M. A. F. M. S. 58-36 V. S. F. M. S. 46-21 Lane High F. M. S. 37-43 A. M. A. The cadet five opened the season by taking a loss at the hands of R.M.A. Hillock, this year's team captain, was outstanding in this game. The cadets fell to the power of S.M.A. in their next game, 40-25, But they started their winning streak when they beat V.E,S. next, 26-19. Fishburne took a more smoothly polished team over to SMA. and held them to a 26-20 half time lead, then hnally succumbed, 51-33. VVe next handed a weak Lane High School a 29-18 de- feat. FMS, then took another victory and this time from A,M.t-X., 33-19, The cadets then crushed the XN'ayne Manufactur- EY iufcwl 1 clmiev R T13 X Cf QJE ix Q I xr' u53,v1-xev I Uillcur 'cg-nnnxvl ss X ' S d 1 V, A Gun-fb ing, 41-18. Hargraye, the sup- 5 posedly top contenders for the V. military title, were our next victims, losing' by the score ot 30-20. The team came upon its X'-,L 4 Gund real test when they Journeyed . ti, to Rll..-X. Banishing the thought that they had ' w,,.wS'e"8' been beaten once by the yellow Jackets, they ""'ff"t brought home a 33-Z4 win. Fishburne gained its biggest thrill by trouncing X'.E.S. in their , second game at Lynchburg by the score of 58- 36. Things started slowly for the F.M.S. quintet as they were behind at the first quarter, 10-8, but from the second quarter on they couldn't be touched. Hicks led the scoring with 18 points and XN'arner and vet, in Ggivxlf gi fi' , S S ,S on X X swsls i 1 A I s -4. is 'g-f-t' -v w gourd ft Clark followed with 15 and 13 respectively. Hillock and Gaines played excellent defensive hall in this game. Lane High journeyed to Fishhurne the second time and were thoroughly trounced 46-21. A.M.A. was really out for revenge when our team traveled to Fort Defiance and the game was a nip and tuck hat- tle all the way with A.M.A. holding the lead as the final whistle hlew hy a score of 43-51, Wayne Manufacturing Company came hack and the cadets pounced upon them from the start, ending the game with score Z8-13, Fish- hurne on the hig end. The hoys ended the season hy playing Phi Ilelta Q. and harely nosing out a victory, 33-30. The high point man for the year was Charlie VVarner with 118 points. He was close- ly followed hy Paul Hicks, who HAXXGC K fmxe R 1 Nz. ig. 3 1 5 it 'povtnntv A - 'NN ei af' ll. had 10.3. Captain Hillock, Bill Gaines. and Bill Clark all played a fine hrand of hall throughout the season. Gaines and VYarner were hoth mentioned on the all state team and the former was runner up in the numher of votes tallied. The team was ahly coached hy Captain Paul Halleck, who kept the hoys in the right spirit all year. By winning seven out of eleven league games and ten played, the Fishhurne quintet finished one of the most successful Basketball seasons in many years. out of fourteen games ,IQ 1 ef 1 ff e 1 N 'gf V, I'rince, Englzmd, Gosnell, Flurlrmwy, Bollinger, Hutchings, Marguliurxs. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Led hy Captain Sam Flournoy, group nine came out X'iCU'1l'iO1lS in the Fmals of the Garnet and Gold League. Hard righting and a stuhhorn defense were the OLlISfZl11ili1lg factors of this live. Because of their iight, it was easx' to See that the team would keep their schedule unmarred. 'X .Q If W 1, 21 2 . am, -THEM vi N . ,Aka Q44 Fischer, Flournoy, Erwin, Brobeck, Haiglcr, Harrison, Fitts, Pierrot, Captain Halleck, Clark, Xlhitehcacl, XYitcox'cr, Schwegmann, Kellogg, Carncal, Hitt, Duncan, and Cracldcck TRACK Fishburne's track team promises to he a great success this year with Captain Bill Clark heading' the team. A great number of boys turned out for track, but no one knows who is going to make the team. Last years lettermen are: Bill Clark, Sam Flournoy, joe llennin and Charlie Wlarner. Captain Halleck coached the track team after previously coaching football and basketball. YanClief, IJ. Hicks, Gaines, Archer, diZerega, Keeg Hunter, iithe, E. Welles. Caswell, Captain Clark. TENNIS Last year, Fishhurne had it's first tennis team in a number of years. Bill Gaines was selected as the Number Une man and Captain. This year, Gaines had with him Clevenger, Archer, and Keegin, all of whom played last year. Captain Clark coached the team again for his second year. SENIOR CLASS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, NValter Ahlberg, do hereby bequeath my hairy chest and heavy beard to Loving- I, K. A. Archer, do hereby bequeath to Major Galt a good sharp knife and you can guess the reason. I, Bob Barnhill, do hereby bequeath my glasses to Colonel Tucker. I, "Boo Boo" Beale, do hereby bequeath to Major Galt a better sense of humor. I, Hill Bollinger, do hereby bequeath room 204 to Seymour in hopes that he will do as well as I have in keeping Colonel Hudgins awake all night. I, Robert Rranner, do bequeath to the next sucker all the "do I have any mail, Branner." I, Bill Carper, do hereby bequeath a few words to Alien Shane's vocabulary when he starts griping about sweeping the tloor. I, "Nose" Clevenger, do hereby leave the imprint of my nose on the third stoop Cement for those wh care to remember it. I, Harold Clokey, do hereby bequeath to Kennedy my third year .-Xdjutant's stripes and, although he doesn't need it, my ability to get along with Major Galt. I, Charlie Cook, C bequeath to Van Clief, D., a large size tube of Camphor Ice for his cl -ped I, "Him" Cook, so here bequeath to Major Galt a bottle of arsenic in hopes-- I, "Ace" Dameron, do bequeath to Major Galt my supply of diapers and plastic pins to use for some other little commissioned othcer. I, joe Dennin, do hereby bequeath my ability to get ahead to Colonel Kennedy. Ironical, isn't it? I, Harry Fischer, do hereby leave my mock occupancy of room 238 to the next cadet who is favored with the position of librarian. I, Sam Flournoy, do hereby bequeath?-f f--g to Major Galt. I, "Slick" Gallagher, do hereby bequeath my tremendous amount of spare time which I am still searching frantically for to the seniors of the coming' years. I, "Phil" Godwin, do hereby bequeath to Smithe, E., my privileges of attend- ing reveille. I, Nub Hicks, do hereby bequeath my interest in Fairfax to the next sucker. I, Parker Host, do hereby bequeath my ability to climb back through the transom of section 5 to some unfortunate senior. SENIOR CLASS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, "Dick" Hudlow, do hereby bequeath to "Tar" Stokes all of the field problems. I, "one lung" Hutchings, do hereby bequeath my one ounce of blood to Major tialt so that his face can get redder when he gets mad, I, "boxtop" Kellogg, do hereby bequeath to all the new men Fishburne with all its trimmings including held problems. I, Roger Iiirchofer, do hereby bequeath my mob of refugees to Colonel Glas- gow. 7 I, Max I.ewis, do hereby bequeath Fishburne at last. I, llob Lucas, do hereby bequeath to Cadet Lane my eyesight for I under- stand he has trouble seeing beyond his nasal extremities. I, "Mate" Mays, do hereby bequeath the title of Archimedes to the guidon of Co. next year. I, llob tlrebaugh, do hereby bequeath to Aagaard my book entitled "XYhat Men Iinow About VL'Yt,llUCl1H beautifully bound with 600 blank pages. I, "Nancy" Pilsch, do hereby bequeathfftilh heck! I'm not going to leave her to anyone. I, Sam l'opkins, do hereby bequeath to Major Galt my hair. Need I say more f I, Tom Ilorter, do hereby bequeath all my happy days in my room to Ned Ilutler. I, "lYuekey" Randall, do hereby bequeath my ability to bum butts to some other sniper. I, "lJorty" Rollings, do hereby bequeath my impersonations of Major Galt to l'ete jones. I, "Alien" Shane, do hereby bequeath one inch of my height tc, Carper so that he may be as tall as Hicks. I, Al Smith, do hereby bequeath Hamlets soliloquy to Young' Pully. I, ,lerry 'l'homas, do hereby bequeath my super science to Ayers IIay in hopes that he will get a zuit tigure for the future. I, "Muggs" Torovsky, hereby bequeath to next year's major man a large box of aspirins and a month's subscription to "lDidi" lYash. I, "Que-enie" XYallerstein, do hereby bequeath my ability to run the 100 yards in IU tlat to Major tialt. l, "Yo" XYarner, do hereby bequeath to Major tialt money to buy marine uniforms for the cadets of next year. I, ll. C. Wjtcover, leave. I, "XYoody" XYootlsitle, do hereby bequeath my position in the band to any other enterprising soul who thinks he can play and can't. INFORMATION PLEASE Walter Eric Ahlberg .... George Kenneth Archer .... Robert G. Barnhill ........ Warren Steele Beale ..,. Xvilliain LJ. Bollinger. .. Robert Allen Branner ....... Robert William S. Browne. .. William Currence Carper. .. Robert Earl Llevenger .... Harold Hunter Lilokey .... Charles Sumner Liook II .... Robinson L'ook, jr- ........ . Xvilbur Thomas IJameron .... joseph Xvilliain IJennin .... Harry Carl Fischer ........... . Samuel Lightfoot Flournoy .... .. .. William Stewart Gaines ...... ... Edward Xvesley Gallagher. . .. . Philip Pittman Godwin ..... john Lee Gray, jr ..,..,. Richard Fuller Hall ......,. john I1 oward H allv twell .... john Valentine Harmon. . .. l'auI Burton Hicks ........ Thomas Parker Host, jr.. .. Richard jolly Hutllovv ..... . john Richard Hutchings ..... Gilbert Beswick lde ........ Xlilliam Liurtiss Reegin ...... Iiemper Lowry Kellogg, jr. Roger Beeson Rirchoier .... Max Patterson Lewis ..... Robert Allan Lucas ....... George Schultz MCL arty. . .. Lliarles Harden Mays ...... Roert Ray Mosby, jr. .,,... . Robert lcastvvood Ljrebaugh Frank Stewart Pilsch ....... Samuel Ifred Popkins. .. 'thomas Norris Porter ...... Larl Wilbur Prince .......... Fliineas Munsell Randall, jr.. .. .'N1'tIll.1I' lrwin Rank, jr. ....,. .. Littleton Savage Roberts, jr ltarry Uorsett Rollings ..... . Willter lui-nest Schttopp. . . Gerald j. Shane ............ .. Allred lJuane Shields .......... Albert Lromwell Smith, jr ,Ierry Thomas, jr. ......... . Lester IJ. NX alierstem, j r.. . . . Lharles Hiram XYarner, j r.. .. IJavid Liarl Xvitcover ....... Robert Moorman X'Yoodside.. Lfrayson Garrett Xvooldridge. . . ....lLIO Walnut Ave-, Merchantsville, N, j. .... .-I23 East Boulevard, L'harlotte, N, Lf .......llIlJo L'hester Street, Bristol, Ya. .......Soutli High Street, Franklin, Ya. ...227 North 25th Street, Camp Hill, Pa. . . . . . . . . . . . . .713 Redgate Ave., Norfolk, Ya. . . . . . . .1339 XXL-st Grace Street, Richmond, Ya. .....e19 XYest Main Street, Buckhannon, NY. Ya. . . . . . . . . . .Locust Hill, Rfd. 2, Galena, Md. .....905 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. .......5 Lililiford Street, Portland, Maine ....,...5 Llifford Street, Portland, Maine ..,,l915 D. Street, N. E., XX'ashiugton, LJ. C. ....l9l,I2 Fendall Avenue, Lharlottesville, Ya. . ........ 2212 51st Place S. Ii., NYashington, IJ. Lf .........-IIUO Kanawha Avenue, Liharleston, XY. Ya. .7805 Morningside IJrive, N. XY., XYashington, IJ. Li. ....loUb Yarnuni Street, N. XY., Xvashington, D. L. .............,.......,Gatesvil.e, North Liarolina ....lU27 2oth Street, Newport News, Ya. .............,........,Accomac, Ya. ......,.............Federalsllurg, Md. .....SLI5 Park Street, L hristiansburg, Ya. .,,2lJO Overlook Ilrive Greenwich, Conn. . . . . . . . . . . . . .If LJ. Box 270, Newport News, YH. ....R. I". IJ. No. 1, Box 255, Elizabeth Lily, N. Li. . . . . . . . . .1519 Herlnitage L ircle, Ilurliam, N. L . ..,....24 Llinton Avenue, Iiergen, New York ...595 Rivfard Boulevard, Grosse I'ointe, Mich. .... . .100 Park Avenue, Newport News, Ya. ....92lI Lowper IJrive, Raleigh, N. Li. ....................XXaynesboro, Xa. ..............57 Holly Road, XYaban, Mass. ......1l2X t-.lizalteth Avenue, Lharlotte, N. Lf ....Rosser Apts., Rugby Road, Lniversitvg Ya. ...pals LIICSJILIL Ave., Nuvv'pot'. News, Ya. ...........1l7 Severn Road, Norfolk, Ya. .......................Iiaston, Md, .......................L.CL'SI,ll1l'g, Ya. Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Md. Xa- . ..... I'. LJ. Box 72.5, XX aynesboro, Ya. . ........... o.5llH Ross Street, I'lnIadel1lliia, Ida. . . . . . . ..A1tt. 2, Sli Queens Road, L harlotte, N. L. LJak Lane, Hampton Gardens, Richmond, Ya, ..,,................,oox 3312, liedtesda. Maiylantl ..5-.75 N. IJ. G, Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Lanada .............AIot'lte Blue Manor, Xv avnesboro, Ya. .1322 XX LSI LJcean vitvv tvve, Norfolk, Ya. .....5.5-I9 17th Street, XY., XYashington, LJ. Li. .......5.529 Xv -:st Grey Street, Richmond, Ya. ...tlllll Llasteern Avenue, Silver Springs, Md. ......,.55U-I L harlotte Road, Bethesda, Md. ....-I5ll Springdale Road, Baltimore, Md. ....4.5II9 Loventry Road, Riclnnond, Ya Ahllmerg ..... Archer .... Barnhill ..... Beale ..... Bollinger .... Branner ,... Browne. .. Carper ...... Clevenger .... Clokey .... Liooli, C ..... Cook, R.. . .. Ilameron. .. Dennin .... Fischer .... Flournoy .... Gaines ...... Gallagher ...., Godwin ..... Gray ...... Hall .....,. Hallowell. Harmon Hicks. U nutchi. gs, Ide ...... Keegin .... Kellogg. . . Kirchofe Lewis. . Lucas ..... Mcfarty .... Mays ...., Mosliy. . . Orehaugh Pilsch . . . Popkilts .... Portt-1'.... Prince. . . Randall. .. Rank ...... Rolxerls.. Rollings. Schnopp. Shane ..... Shields .... Smith ...,. Thomas .... Toroysky XYallerstein .... XYarner . .. XVitcox'er. .. XYoodside .... XX'ooldridge .... FAMOUS I l 1 t v ....i FOR ....His twenty uncles . . . . . .His dry humor ......,..........Stupid expressions ..."Major, can I ask you a question?" bugle and- .,."You ain't got a letter." drawings .....................,..Cussing Shane ....His nose, his cows, and his sharp wit ...grades, personality, and "Butterball" ..........,...Build and good humor ............Legs, -I. Red, and ,Ioyce ....His telephone calls with Marylin. ..... . . . . . . . ."How should I know." ....... . . .Pace's amen corner his hed . ...Basketball and his good looks ...,..The way he Comlss his hair .."What am I going to carry it in F" smile . ,.................. English grades . ........ "XYhy did you trump my acc?" ..... . ."His comparison to Davy O'Brian. ...,The P, X. Bobby, and plenty of "guts" . . ...... .."NNhat's this mean, .-Xrcher ?" .... .....Singing in the shower 4 ........... His one lung good nature ...'lIJo you happen to have a cigarette?" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .His love for Fishhurne ...........lJot, his grades, and his ears. ....7 years and he still is good natured- ..."I'm always the one who has to go." neat appearance. ...,..... Science classes ... .His maternal instincts women Hamlet's soliloquy His hair, the Merchant Marines, and Ruth nature ......"humming huttS" ....Ritle marksmanship ...."XX'oodside eats it.' ...Imitations of Galt . . . ........... Leesburg Carper ..."I don't care as long as I know I am right." ........................"5weet-Ielly Roll" .......,...His M. S. grades trips to the hill ....His arguments with Major Pace ................,......Everything ......................Pinehing his pennies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Virginia and not .he State His patriotic and I do mean patriotic exit. puu sgaqwu wa Ms-:vm 'J uuauu qqnug 'qauag uugluuxu ' N .-f if . i ii :xr-. r- ...:. '.L ,nr .,i+'f1E5ii5.E4fg3-QEQQ? Q ' - ' -, Il B :ff-1:4 .Aust ll .gL.X.LR. . .'1...2Q-'gig II ZsE-w':RBE's1-- .T ll , Introducing Advertising Section FAMOUS FOR Ahlberg. . Archer. . . Barnhill. . Beale ..... Bollinger. Branner .... Browne. . Carper. . . Clevenger .... flokey. . . Cook, C.. Liuok, R.. llameron. Dennin. . . Fischer ..... . Flournoy. Gaines. . . Gallagher Godwin. . Gray ..... Hall ..... Hallowell. Harmon Hicks. U nutchi. gs, . ,,,, in lde ...... Keegin .... Kellogg. . , Kirchofe Lewis. . , Lucas .,.. Klcfarty. Mays .... Mosby. . . . l Orehaugh ..,. . V Pilsch . . Popkins .... -lnl Porter .... Prince ....., Randall. . Rank ..... E 1 ' ' Roberts., Rollings .... Schnopp. H Shane .... . . . .His twenty uncles dry humor ' .."Major, can I ask you a question?" 4 .................Stupid expressions . . ...The bugle andt .. .... "You ain't got a letter." drawings .....Cussing Shane X N jx t m 2 Si? 'RX Ax Q! sts in , ibjsV' ard Made by Graycrafr Card Co.. Danville. Va. , Q.. . f Q f. e W, Q-asf!-le , - fafrmawafafaafa bffffff Wye? 'Cf' .- 'W .aff E sno w VVQKVW ffffi f'7ff3 'fflfff f FWZ? zz., . XI' fL -Wffaanyg ,jf fifQc.zf,., 'yffmf 'iifffffv fyf fzfffff QW I' IfC,Q:f'ff,L' f5',iW,jl5A fff'7fVZ?'?f fff wwf? Q',Vf??v?4Z fffr ff -f5'7'."fJV '5'fwefg4f:22,f'ff3f:'f ZW f Shields... Smith .... Thomas .... Torovsky. . . , XX'allerstein ..., XYarner .... NVitcover ..... Nloodsicle .... ..."l don't care as long as I know I am right." i ........"Sweet Jelly Roll" A ................HisM.Sgrades I ...............Histripstothehill ,N . . . . .His arguments with Major ,Pace " ........................Everything ' .................Pinching his pennies ..Yirginia and not the State xx Uoldfldge '--- .... H is patriotic and I do mean patriotic exit. Introducing Advertising Section CAPTAIN CLARK Cziptzlin Clark luis been a perpetual friend and counsellor to all of us. His timely zulviee in mflnients of need has never gone unheeded. In the elassrooin, his lmmvleclge of the subject he so etiieiently teaches has benefited every cadet. Tliese elizirzneteristies give Captziin Clzlrk ll steadfast place in the school and in the hearts of all the Cadets. lie!-ft-1'r?vIeI'+Z-PHA+I-HeIf-I-I+l+Z'-lflelrEliI4FI6Z?i6Z+l?Ifw!+Z?'kZ9E5I?EiI9i6Ii-H-fl+Z1?l+I+l'?IiI6Ifvf2SZ9fIE-I'?i6I9?iZ4E'E6I9-l?154E6Zi FHSHBURNE MILITARY SCHQQL O WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA C Sixty-Fourth Year Q Visit Fisliburne in historic Virginia at Southern gateway of scenic Skyline Drive. Every facility for the complete development of boys preparing for college. Accredited. Small classes permit individual supervision by excellent faculty. Sense of duty and responsibility emphasized. Military training fReserve Officers Training Corpsj de- velops leadership. Honor Military School. Modern fireproof barracks. New 3125.000 gym. Swimming pool. Athletic teams for all ages. Cadet band. Public speaking and dramatic clubs. 641411 year. U Illustrated Catalogue O Fon INFORMATION, CALL on WRITE COLONEL MORGAN H. HUDGINS, Superintendent Box 'I'-4, Wayriesboro, Virginia F- 19261951-Eli-If-liliii-Illfrli-lSl'l . 145461-heI4+?Z+l3Z+'r4:Hl+31+t+I-?i'?Zi'HI'FE?Iil'f H-If 'f Ifi'?Z-5i"6I6l4I-fl'f:I4?P4Z-rI+'iZ+'frI-P'r- -9i'fI+l'?Z4l1-I--I-If-??Z"Iil'S !5'r?l5i'f:F:1z?!5l?I'E'.4I9'r?I-:Ii-l'?I-9.4!-:Eel-Pri 55 ll 5? it it 9? 5? 5? it it I Fl- 5? 3? 5? 5? 555 if at ?i 3' 35 Q? . +:l'7iQ LDNQ-- -I'-:.Af:' LLL A W ,A A A' VI :Im P14 I BIG! :ffl QL :Tiff 756931 Hx I-571 Afvlfmlfrl'7'I'l17lfl"f?1'+"'5i?l'liT'1'lfv'f'++5I1+ "'l"if+."I'Tff:"r'I':fF"f'rI'fI"1ff"'lff'fJT 1'f"++ ' .I 1 ,I W, Cx if ,I, I A1 1. II .. SI: JI If LE TF Lil LE Li: J- 1 if .94 I , I, -if ,Il .IS T IF ,LQ J: I, xii .IS .34 f., Lu I 5 II I fi U if IIS I 44 .N If fx xl fx sk iff , f It IL II. Lk in at ,, I ,. IF I ' I II I l FIRST NATIONAL BANK . ' ' , XYAYNESRORO, XYIRLHNIA ' U -- I fl' - SUIAII-IISBIRIIII-.f.IIII F I S H B U R N E'S TIIL' Followilzg :E DCjIarI'IIIL'II1's D R U G S T O R E :S COMMERCIAL .... SAVINGS , TRUST . . COLLECTION , SAFE DEPOSITS DRUGS LE 0 United States and City Depository G-I-F-T-S ' ' KODAK SUPPLIES jj Illcflzbfr JJ ig Fflllfftll Dc!lIO5I't ' . . . "4 lII.I'IIrIIIII'u C0l'f'07'UI'ifHI O U :E THE GRI DLE SE ,, 1 . . Good As The Best. . O O if I I THE...CADETS...CHOlCE THE COMPLIMENTS YOUNG MfN'S SHOP OF ,- 4? H251 E VALLEY BAKERY INC. N HART SCHAFFNER SI MARX . C L O T H I N G v v N -- , II AX NESBORO pg CIIARLOTTESVILLE, XvIRGINIA VIRGINIA igrzewzes-:eIv:eR-:SR-:vIvreR'1eIe:fR':eIe-:ek-2+-Iekrzfbk-I+:-L-1Hszeze-:ek-:fIf11+':+:+Ik-1Sk-:+R-:vI':vIH'r-+'1fR-14+-:+':fI-fi ""'5'7f'ffflf"FPF1I'+'f'F2ff"f"'Ef?i'ff'li?l'"f+f'H!fI"i9Fiff'Lf"f"F'f""1f1-3.-'f'3'f"l'F5'9f"f'i ' I-F If' Tlx ' ' 7 'I X 7 'A ' "7 "-ll Q ' HF F 9 0 S1 J: O O K J. I Q x , x,, TTY? 1- -- g. 3. g, E .1 v 51-1-+- -- ---- ---0' - - '-'-I--Z'lvZ'If -'- '1"-1141-"' -1. .- :Hu-r -L -r -r 'r +-I-lvl Pz'1-E:-'-fvlvivlfiw-Z'I:'Z Eff! G O K Z - K 9 O IP -4 U M g m O 39 :U C+' t E Z Q L. ri! ,li l'l'l N l'l'I ' I- CD 2 F7 Z J, an "' 'FU ff 3 if "' Z : D P O 0 cr 0 o N F' Z o -J I Q3 U' Q 2. '-A -I 1 -1 ,Q rn Ill W Z C m Q3 4 1 Z ff: 2 x4 E 0 '-3 Q 5 2 N 0 m O C -?:6Ii!'61?i-?Z-3'16I-3E'l9?6I9'I'?I4?l'?iH'616541961-EEI-325I-EP?lf?!?IS'rtI?I'?I-ki'-5I'EE-I-5i?I6'rSZ4El'+1621!-E561-4!+I+EPi'?l+F3Z I-:IH3PvI6l'SIvEIii'?Z8i'5E-9291451651-EPHEISEIWZAEH . 'rf -I-H61 'H-'I-' 'I"f"Z'+':"i'1'Z'+':'fT':"'il":f':"I'+.':141'Z''Z'7':T'::'+TZ"'k':T'E'1':T'+1'ZT'i'i':T'E':' 'Hi-'H-Hi-Ifii-1+5Slfk'l95i'!vi?I-FR-2651Hi-I:4i'l1 4' x if F Ji I 'lf 4 ' 9 1 1 f I 2 1 -Y-SNS-Fl-31-E-l?-I-W-19441-i481-l-i ' I-W-lil?-I41l4Z'?l-LIAll-?Zf?l+l+F-I+l4'Z?l-'I-ll4Z-'rflvI-W4941'14-l9'Z+l4l+l4I4PI'Pl4Z'Pi4H441-4-Z4'l+I4l4I5+PZ-ll - A LI COMPLIMENTS i TO OF EAT DAYLIGHT LAUNDRY 6' 5 ' DRY CLEANERS f wAYNEsBoRo CAFE , , XXIWNLZSBORO, X'IRIQlNIA L XX AYNESBORO .:. X IRGINIA - FLOWERS AND GORSAGES 5 I HANEY'S PHARMACY 5 o Waynesboro Florist Co. 0 4 CUT-RATE DRUGS Doddis O 'GDependable Servicen E PHONE 160 F ' 530 Main Strcet PHONE 57 212 Du Pont Aw. L Q Walters Fruit and Produce ' ' C0mpGl'ly COMPLIMENTS ' Wilson Trucking 1 WHOLESALE Fruits, Candies, Produce, Etc. Corporation i if ' WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA ' 3 s T A L' N T 0 N 4 V I R G I N I A O O If Q jg FLOWERS... Fon . . . ALL . . . occAsioNs T: E VALLEY VIEW GREE HOUSES 0 0 Q 3 Charlottesville Virginia Elglilillili-l'?l6l5li'l9'l'f'l'?'l?l9l?l?lQl9ii'l9l4'l-Eli-itll:-if+'l9i'li'l'Jri'i+li'li'l5-l4lf'l'l'i'llc'i+li+'xF'lfl-i'l4'l1'P'ltl-'l1-l-l-'l'll1'l-i1'l"l1+'l '--E GOOD PLACE -F'lli+Z-1441-I-x'fZ-P441-vP'f I-14+Z-EF I-4-X ' 15591-SWT f 145-'ILHZQI-PZJLEJ-I-144I'1?4'Z-??4P4?I-f'PZ44'Z'1'f4Z'?4-ll4441-51+Z'LT'I'1I4I4?i-FZ-Ei4-I'?44-l-?'lf-lI-?4- ' ' FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS ATHLETIC GQQDS OF YISIT OUR STORE AUGUSTA CLEANERS AT TUE XYD LTNIVI-QRSITY OF YIRIQINIA A A COMPLETE STOCK TAILORS OF . 'TENNIS l .TRACK House of B9llllflflll Cleaning 'BASEBALL For People Who Care . . . .FOOTBALL 9 .BOXING PHONE WMVXESBORO 80 The Completejtudents Store ' ANDERSON BROTHERS ITAS A PLEASURE TO SERVE BOOK STORE F I S H B U R N E At Yirginia Since 1876 0 O CHARLOTTIESYILLE Dobbs Hats . Arrow Shirts C L O U T I E RIS TIMELY CLOTHES I IN STYLES FOR YOUNG MEN . J E YV E L E R I , H W DIAMONDS L lIzI1'luttcsx'1llc . 1. .Z. X lfgllllil IDEAL SHOE SHOP O E. L. MARION, Proprietor O XY.-XYNliSI3HRl'l, X'IRlGlNlA WAYNESBORO DRUG STORE XY,xx'NIssIaORO, XvlRlIlX1A O Df0li9.S O PIIONI-3 Z8 44- ---r"4-'-'4""'-I+-I+++'H1'I-H+-I-PH+l-'HfZiZvI+k'I-Eif-Z1-lf-Z'!-+-Z1-I-462555-I-if-I1-iflf-4:-f5ifl'r-,'QI-T-'QI-Ei:'Z+i6I-I-'f ' EE ji ji E I If + -I- HHHSHHHHHQ IHQHSHQHGHHHHHHHHHHGHHHGHHHHHSHHHHGidHdHGHGHHHHHdHHHHi IHG3SHSHv IH63G3SHQHGHSHSHv 1593? HEN NDO H TAILORI CO PA 'Y MT. SIDNEY, VIRGINIA I U N I FORMS AND ACCESSORIES 0 TAILORS FOR FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL If ii 32 45 I2 lg? 34 LIAUILIS-14I-"IPI9-H4P'I'HE+I-+'Z4-I'FH429-I--P++4--P-Hi'Z4?P'l+P'l'PF-FSPI-+-P44'+LI-PZ4+'Z9-G4-I--H-+-I-442-1-A "' I-EPI-VP!-4414491-F-I-115 ,Ii J4 . Q I II -F 0 OUTHER RE TAURA T . IE , "Famous For Good Foodn I , I U fi if FRESH SEA FOOD IN SEASON sIzzLING STEAKS OLD VIRGINIA COUNTRY HAM DINNERS -U ff: O J: Ll 4:2 WHEN IN CHARLOTTESVILLE, LEXINGTON, AND WVAYNESBORO ,ff -25 VISIT THE ff? SOUTHERN 0 C I I. I O gh 9 0 I AMERICA GE TLEIVIAN SHOE II . :Qi :QQ ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD AND ig: jf GOING IN GOOD STYLE ji 0 o I -ig 33 CR DDOCK-TERRY HOE CO. III jgj LYNCHRURO VIRGINIA Il T ,'I,I,-,,I,,,,,M, ,0I,4,-M,-4NH ,A , -I I I I I-I I I I I-I I I III-I-I-, I,I III-IAI, , I' I I "' 'T' " " "' "K" "' 'T' 'IT' "I"I"fTI'X'I'f''I"'R'I'1'T'I"iT'I7fT'I"'II I"YT I"'I'T I 'TT I'lS 3 TI ff Lll. I 75' Sl 71' fi T ?r IL Ii 'O 71' FI 7? it 5- I S fl I :if SE 'I T11 I EIL T I TI? 25 I I 33 3 . II 71 AE SE XO 72' Sl I I ' I ,E R 3 T 35 -I T + ii ,L Ll 3 3 4- fi ' I Ll F Illicv-LIOIAS I 'I T T . 4+ lvipgHx-'Av'vlyLviv4v-Ly-Ixgvg-I-lyfv4y4v-,-vxyfw -wx fvtvvxy v-AIvv',1'vxyv-If'-v vSv,-I-.VI-1-vmyfvxyfISfvxr vSv,-wyfv-1-v- A-XADIT-A"I'f,Aff.A,rIA,I,A. AT!-,A, AATI1,A'T'IA'1I"'A!'A Ax: I A Af'AIA A I A A A A A A III' 'I' I' I 1' 'f'ff'rT"AR, 'frt"7r"'rT'fm'f1v4','vT'f1f"rT'Tr'71ff1"-I+'vzf'r"'7A'-1' S12 'Ix -.- SI? 'F ,R ,R xu T H' -.- 94:1 XYZ Wx -F E RLY D CO-OPER TIVE Ji D A IR Y if gig INCORPORATED T2 Tb TQ .l- 5, I FIS 3 , If If TF PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS Qi Ig is f 7 ,- x A li 7b 7 li jf 7 ,- AQ S51 7F 76 - IA A ,Z f .Q u- 71 DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH Q 295 Eh r ig Z I PI? f 914 WAYNESBORO . . . . VIRGINIA 1 2-1 n 3 - 3 f PHONE 392 T x I f K 7A' xv 55 C2 , 7IS YV ,I In 9: f Ax ,- I CN ' SF TT by rf 523164619I6Z9I6-Z5Ii-I5E-IS46I9IS!5IS!5Ii-!+I?Z?A'i-I-EH+IE-AH'Z9Ii'H+H+I+!iii-EHIifliii-Z461561+-If-Iii?-I5I6!+IvI+l+!vi:-I-I-:lik 71 'T A Jr TES 1 + OF A 2 H2 MILK 5 X A 7 TF 4 5' , 's I -1 .'.' Q. .1 4 .L J. .LA .L!. .L.. .L'-'jJL'.L'L'.L4 L L.'.lL.'.,'g'QJ4'.L L. 04 .,'l.'.L'-,'.JL'.L'L.'.L'-.I.LV4'.L'4'.l'J.'JJ4'.l!L.'JL'.l'-, J, L-- .- 4 -, L. ., L .1 - Q I ll AIIIIA 'IIILAAI AlllIlAAAlIAIllllllA,A.I , I L 'F 7.- . I xv Q 1 if I 45 FOR. . .YOUR . . . ENTERTAINMENT 13. ,E Zsj 53: fl' The WAY E and CAVALIER THEATRE "SHE.YnlNDO.-IH I7.-ILLEVS FINEST" Qi: 32 Z5 -ll lfxm-1'y picture piwllicurl Cach yu-111' may lac soon in XYz1y11L-slmim, in Sui-rounclings which are ,L clczm, CHIl1IA1vl'IflImlL' zmfl wlmlcmiuu, :mul at priccs which arc in kceping with the type Of ,F N :if CIllk'I'IIlIIll'llQlll UH-l'l'CfI. Truly, the IYAYNIQ zmfl L'AY4Xl.llfR In-Ovifle thc iileal Spots fm' iii ,I J- 'lf -VUKII' ruznzd v11lvriui11ml'11f and rl'l'rl'ulim1. IIE il: Q AIR CONDITIONED FOR WINTER AND SUMMER! ?ji ,gi T 7: if iii P5 jf FOR YOUR RECREATION 1 ,xl ji lf CAV LIER BOWLING ALLEY li 33 I 53' -ff "THE I'.4LLEl"S IflXli.N'T flI-l.lZl'.S"' Elf Ii' l04k'lfN'l'l'iNNl.'XL .Xl.l,lflYS BY BRUNSXYIKK l3.Xl,lQlf L'Ol.l,liNl7ER CO.-lf: fl! 32 5' Spzlciwus fliyw' :mel lfflmhy pimvirliiig a gum-1'z1l lwungc, chu-ck mmns, league rwmns, Ofliccs, gg: :mln lun' ilu' will llrinks :mrl szmclwiclics. Ladies :mcl ,gcnllcmeu luungc On thc Klezzaniuc. :li jj AIR CONDITIONED FOR WINTER AND SUMMER! gg, -IL ff I E ill I . f l v . F ' if FOR. . .YOUR . . . APPETITE SE NUMBER CAVALIER S N A C K Qi' 'It .I wrw Eu :ig NINIL LUNCHEONE1 IE 5 H 0 P 551 I SUILX l7ilL'N'll.XlN SODA I,'fjLlN'l'A,XIN SOIL-X FOUNTAIN fl' jig 'l'UIl.'Xt'L'O SA-XNDXX'IL'H1-QS S,xNDXX'IL'HIiS Qgj l'.XNl1Y CANDY AND '1'UIl,XL'L'O QAXNIDY AND TOl2,XClfO XX':1y11c 'IlIlk'2lll'L' LTIYZIIICI' 'l'l1cnt1'u L':u':1lic1' llmvliug :E lluilrling liuillling .Xllc-5' lluilcling 3:- ie ifs OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE gl :lf Zi' J: ff WAYNESBORO THEATRES CORPORATION elf '13 f'Q GENERAL OFFICES! CAVALIER THEATRE BUILDING iii sf 'fl Telephone 5-L1 ,jg I - . , , V V , -,A.,... , ,,., l. - - -, - ., - -. .. -. ., -, ., -. - -.'.,v-,v..v-,'-,'-,'-v-,','.,v-,'-.'- - , - --. -. - -, - -, -- --, -.. ,-, - - -,,l. " " ""r I A Fnul ' RLY. .ULLULLL f 'D ,.L'4V4 .L 4 L L .L L, .1 ' ' ' .I.. I IJ.. 'r.ri.. I. ----'--- -1 .'- J: 'IN I I .V CITIZENS WAYNESBORO BANK 8: TRUST CO. WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA L ,Zi i'i J- fi 9 I ,lx RECORDAK PHOTOGRAPHIC SYSTEM USED 225 92 EE R4 S it . I. L I I: -i4 E52 1 BOYD STOMBOCK, President JAS. W. WRIGHT, Cashier QE LII gi. I .5 T TF -1 X FG IQ rr 5. R- TI , I J- . 71: COMPLETE I-IouSE FURNISHINGS 0 ESTABLISHED 1898 - 5 rr - L11 . 6 I. A 34 3 1 A 2 PF I gg, B RKSDALEPS . NEARLY EVERYBODY READS aynesboro News-Virginian qs, 2 if 112 at Established 1892 Member Associated Press ns N L9 Six ,C 1 A' ,, , . , . , . . . . . , . , . , . ' X f7I'Q+7k'ITT?l7'rt'fTTi'l'7TT:fT1'fTf1'f'" "0 'H' A "' ' " " "' 'H " 'E' " TTT? -J-kr + Q S+ 'lx ix fisuaewmwfg-,gn Introducing The Faculty ', .U II .P IH .If lx .I Y, fy LI, AI I -I ,f tb z ' I ,, -FH!-El3If?l4I-EE-Z9lel5l?!-E'E:lS'r5I9l?l9l?l9l6Z9lS -I'?leZfEl5'!9'EleH9l-Fli-I -5261135-I-Elf?I-5'r?I?l6!Sl:1Z'?I'+l'H?Z-Ei' - 4I9l9Z9l?Zllf?IH?l5El-33 Tl? X-e'.Z'f',..'3fe-I 32 gc Ai, ., I' .1 'P .12 Org H77 , 3, E A M C N A 51455 S 'Q affer of onguesf rli T0 01 Z3 33 'Planar ylg -lf . . . . its lnstrumentalities ot death and destruction and brave men to operate them :gg are not all that America requires in order to bring about adequate victory Rf L- Xl 12: in the war now raging. fl? :IT The home fires-the instrumentalities of day-to-day living-also need to be kept alive. For example, the mothers, the young people, and the aged of the civilian population should be surrounded as generously as possible with gig -E future Hnancial security, ln providing security of this kind, life insurance 523 92 sets up defenses that are supremely dependable. :Ii e , , E THE LIFE IN5URANCE COTXTPANY OF YIRGIIXIA :fl ESTABLISHED 1871 BRAIIFIIRII H. WALKER, Pnesmixr RICHIIIQND T .11 H Y . . ,, 572 LQI gk The Aatzzral Brzdgc to Scfzzrzfy Ep iii :S il: Q I 'IX TIE Z' it 55 232 COLLEGE ANNU.-XLS FINE ADVERTISING gl x Elf ANII tATALoGs PRINTING .1 AX 'IF S2 JJ Eg I up It X16 McClure Company, nc. gt Lg SQ . . PRINTERS . . ill sg 9? . . . S: Qualzfv Pruzfzng Neva' Not Bc Cost!-I' gli ' :lg O O -'l RUBBER STAMPS MADE IN OUR PLANT T IF if :lg I 0 45 gp NINETEEN XYES-T FREDERICK STREET it A Y Y Lvl 5:3 bTAUNTON . I . Y IRGIN IA EE . QC 534 Phone 60: :Ig ilf Eli-Z-rlelf-li-H1-If-Z4-Zv.:'.-4- 4 4' L4-I-flvIiii-I-Pl?Iik-IFH-flue!-P561-ll:-I-Fli-!?liI1ll:'l91k'!eFir!Hi!925I?li-I?kZ-Elf!-EHS?-Z5lSI?l:-!?le!9lel1 EI-5562155519614 Q PP F3551-4'f Q lv!-4-, f I-F1151-E561-?HI9iiI?i+I9ifZrP.Q IAFP?Z'EEPPE?Z-FHZfi?ZHi'PHI-3H'F!?Z'EH-?!SI'EI?Z-?'EZ'-5-f C I-PEZ'-P C Ivfqf " I W. K, , I . JL S 12 UNIOR COLLEGE 55 V- A H4 FO R GI R LS be 2-3 A Tis I' PARK STATION WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA 33 34 Q za T-3 12 is IG k COLLEGE DEPARTMENTS Fully Accredited by State Board of Education Member of American Association of Junior Colleges LIBERAL ARTS 5 SECRETARIAL EE 1 FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT MUSIC DRAMATICS ART fs as Pls Q5 O 'S Q RQ ff Lf- COLLEGE PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT Member of Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools CATALOG ON REQUEST 1lvE'15l?l9E'l9'E'f'?li'f'?l5f9fi'f9i5'f??i'19ii'li'Fi'l7'2?l5f'R'I9k'Eii'I5ii'l1'f':'fi'li+9R'1i'H?K'fHiHQLISE'lfl'i'ff'f?'H9'i'i'f?l?l9i6l5ii'l9li'Pli'li A. x '--r,,,Y,s- 'Q ,--'51,-.":j' J:-'Mg it , -f-g:,,fr'- ' Q glee gE.fw,-g,1Gxg.-:,'- f , - . .. ' ' .r..,.L'-,I 'g Qg? 5' I' ' X il-fi 2'-'iff . .i'1'5: - V 'V-J,":"i3 JE , fzlfifxb . . ,je .. 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A-less... ..,,,:,p,-,.,gf,, , , 1.154 'Ha jf :-' 1:5 ...lipase..-.mEzi54'fffse?,'T:'ifzfa-n 595' ' '-33 Liss - 'nifqv V ff wc. f ,emu--,A-1:9-f.,,f"1-:ai-'.ef11.,:i:zs L4 if 4. 1" 2" 5+'1f-- 'ii 0: 4 - fi. r wg- "-' -1' ' em -as v: e pf 5 . . A- W , , :af 1-.rr " iq-54: ' 1' - fc -s, : ' G, 1125 sf -S' A2111 4. E J s 1 f-,sv - - . ,, . fn -s L ' 1 : , 1, .-Q g yf'-,:L,v5- - Aff 11-15, Z 'fyai-.f we if " 5 ,3 - 55'-if5,'.'i?t-jfZ,',-' ,f 3:15-Oli? 1: 3 ' 6344 'Jr ' W' 'Keg-if ' i' is -',-r:""1' " ."','l'T ' A-' ' 's "2- 'L , -Lf'45J4- as-ci' T A QL 5'-ii' 'fr ' '35 T 519- Ji' "5 fs' 'P' 1 'rm 'fa ALJ' ' ,-J.: r -N -was . -4.1: -V avr. , . - -j.'c1e,f:.:f ' ,.,- 'LH' , ia., ,-':.- 5, r aw- ' J i'f"?:155bs?'5?jzf 1 Qi ilj i-fig-' tif ,S . I 1i,'5'.'.'5i:swj-Eff?" .Y 'ljfiff ' 'J-gfif F Q fx 42'1l-1 ' . f H.fwxf.fzi:.': -".' fr- f - ,' .1-ff t1,gQ'1ev' .i iffb 899-.-if ,ey , , ':':f- "'f1.-,rx -"' 9'..J'a9' ,234-355' I A' -Su", gif - Jae., Q, 7 -- A 1' ,err, .. . TQ-C li' ,- v' Z-2 ' , ,efgcgfzs ,-ff f ,sys ,rgysgag " i-iw: 'iv Aside from senior yearbooks we supply engravings of all kinds to hundreds of buyers throughout the country. Printers, publishers, advertisers, schools and manu- facturers in the Waynesboro area may well investigate the economies of this service made possible by the handling of a large volume of work by mail. Send for the new "easy to use" rate scale. MORE THAN MEETS Tl-IE EYES A yearbook is made up of more +l1an iype and piciures-ihere is real work and +l'1ougl'1l' on every page. The s'l'uden'l's, 'll-me adviser, 'l'l1e prinler and +l1e engraver work as a unit com- bining 'Hweir eFFor+s +o make the book a success. li was a pleasure 'lo be par? of lhai' unii' i'l1is year. CLASS OF I943-we offer you ihe compleie faciliiies of Hwis economical engraving service in ihe publication of your annual nexi year. Our many years of experience in producing o M 2 o I ll 5 2 0 V unusual layouis and quality engrav- ings 'for hundreds of yearbooks, is N4 0 : 7 KD r: U-I W HJ :I -o- 0 0 O -0- Ill D! I Ill -on 0 0 I O 5 . PHOTO Q G P .- I 1 O WI' ECOHOM THE SYSTEM 1016 CHERRY STREET 0 PHILADELPHIA. PA 1 1 mv , -"mfs ,:,A'?:-FT' I I Y' -v H . 1 A v F I 4 A 1 'AW ' 'V lf? M "A'M:?.1J E - fl 1 11 33411 '- lvllll' .'51f'1" !.4LL'J'u:j"1 n N 'e'f:"f'1f 'Mf' W1' '1Wl'+2'J1 - 'L 1 1' 1 X' 1.x X 11-'., ' J 3 1 1... . r --1 ' 1 1 1111 - tp .1111 '- 1' 35'-' 7 A5 ' rv 'J' 5 JM: 1 .WK-1 1111" 'W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K. 1, 1 X X . , 1l' - 4.,Kf:V,1, 1 A1 1- .I -ff 11 :1."-1' s-H :,.X,'v1 1 1 .l 1 .vu ' 11 1 i . 1 1 -145111, 1 4 111 I 11 1 1 O ,X .1 .1 1 , XX 1" 11-11. UC Y 1 1 HIV fl 311 4 I1 ' 101' 1 I ."14x Q, '1"1v.f u' ' . 'wax' uw 1 , 1'-'df "K IN' ' 1 , 1 1fi,'?2-317'11-9F2'fLlW1 . 1Y5ffWF!Er3iI"' 151' 1 11113-1,1-5111 1' 1-1.131111 '11 -r . 1 : 3 ., '- ' 1x,u'.. x..' ' .1,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q J ,1 1 1.11 1 111! 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Suggestions in the Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA) collection:

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