Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA)

 - Class of 1940

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Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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EX LIIBIQIS xi -1 QW? fill ,, , "x Q ix NX K' I .7 -J , ' 5' ' 5 Q ' , E ff Y f ' an --1 yvff. ..,""""'...,.,..w uf-fn? 'S vt! r 4345 i Lv- Lff' f nl' I f al 1 X , r' ' 5 W WN Q 51 ,sf 3 Sfaw., Q46 ttf X940 ANNUAL PUBLICATION or THE SENIOR CLASS FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL WAYN ESBORO, VIRGINIA Copyright I94O ARTHUR A, POWELL, Editor JOHN W. BEIR, Busine MAJOR RAYMOND G. SHERMAN L'nitcJ States Armv In appreciation of his unsetfish concern, sincere interest, and tireless 'DJOTIC for the advancement of the Corps, Ive talfe pleasure in dedicating the 1940 TAPS to Major Raymond C. Sherman. ir 'Ir ir ir ir ir if ir if ' ' If I QOFQIQEWUIQD Meniories of the old school, everlasting friendships, ineomparalvle ad- ventures. Somewhat regretfullp we have passed the foothills in life's path. As we stand before the heights, it is with mingled joy and sadness that Ive pause on our may to cast a longing, lingering loolg behind. To those of us Ivho are almut to bid farewell to our ivy-covered Ivalls, may these pages he a perpetual treasury of fond rememhrances. THE EDITOR vt: "?.- Q, Q "W: CONTENTS THE SCHOOL THE ACTIVITIES THE MILITARY THE SPORTS THE ADVERTISERS BUCK UNE JAG SCAOOX 'k ir ak ir 'A' ir ir ir 'lr 5 -X-xx cgwnf 236121466 ZAQJK1 AMA CSM 5-mfA Mew 'Y -:X 32' W m? l COLONEL MORGAN H HUDGINS THE COLONEL HUDGINS prlncxpal Colonel l-ludgms has gulded our school for thlrty elght years to lts present hlgh status The Colonel IS a most remarkable man who IS regarded wlth awe and admlratlon HIS life IS devoted to the development of gentlemen and cltlzens He IS an educator wlth a phenomenal under standmg of the ways of youth Commandlng the respect of every cadet Colonel Hudgms IS the spmt of the school 1 NINETEEN FORTY TAPS BS. . Vfrginia Milf ary Institute As Fishhurne Military School's second 2 COLONEL PATTERSON A true genius of the business world Colonel Patterson has efficiently directed the transactions of our school for a num ber of years Through his interest in the health and happiness of the cadets Col onel Pat has gained the loyalty of every one who has known him MAJOR DAVIS One of the country s foremost mathe maticlans Major Davis has headed e Academic Department of Fishburne for over sixteen years It is because of his ceaseless efforts that Fishburne has been able to malntaln its high academic stand ing Venerable scholar and a traditional figure at Frshburne Mayor Davls is hon ored and respected by all is N RD A Pd Syd y OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL Y , .. ll ,Q ' Coi.o Ei. PA1'rERsoN B.A. Virginia Military lnstit t 1 . . , . . th I Q I i l ' MAJO Avis B. . - Ham en- ne FACULTY CAPTAIN WARREN W BARNWLLL A A Hampden Sydney University of Virginia CAPTAIN PHIL C BROOKS Virginia Polytechnic lnshtute CAPTAIN MAURICE C CARROLL Catholic University CAPTAIN A LAWRENCE CHIZLK University of North Carolina CAPTAIN EDWARD P CHILDS Davidson College CAPTAIN AMES B DAVIS Virginia Polytechnic Institute CAPTAIN ELLIOTT C- FISHBURNE L University of Virginia CAPTAIN CHARLES M PACE JR A A Virginia Military Institute University of Virginia CAPTAIN joHIN T WILLIAMS Hampden Sydney CAPTAIN PAUL D WYLIE Harvard University I4 THE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS ' . .B., M. . Y 3 A.B. A.B. A.B., M.A. B.5. Trinity University A.B. B.S., L.B. .B-. M. . A.B. A.B. CLASS PRESIDENTS SENIOR ,I UNIOR SOPHOMORE. FRESHMAN RICHARD D J IVICCARTY President of lhe Senror Class WILLIAM VAN DYKE OCI-IS Presldenl of the umor Class LEE C JORDAN Presldenl of ll1e Sophomore Class JOHN R BERNARDO JR Preszdenl of the Freshman Class I OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL . I . pm 95125 ' Zim: 19410 JAMES H ALEXANDER Ill Scotland Neck North Carolina Matrxculated I939 Andy s9lllll erlrx S0411-'rx 1 IQIIIIIN am x ll ld1lllI'llI'S tmnnp lmmy rs one of the many boys who loves the ladies Remember the plct ures he had on hrs wall all 96 of them? WILMER R BARRKIK Rlngoes N em ersey Nlatrlculaled I939 Be Bc lk llll m 1 Be Bes perseverance has finally gained hlm the first honor roll and there he seems content to stay His likable nature wont lead hum astray JOEL M ANDERSON New Bern North Carolina Matrxculated I939 Andy b mrars one x Iriwa e nmplnx oe demonstrated hrs prowess as an ad lb arhst on good old statlon WFMS Hrs dry wrt has endeared hlm to the whole barracks JOHN W BEIR Baltlmore Maryland Mat U t tlt x len U :hes ri Hu Business nlgnr nt I l9llft nmt ump my Jack IS conscxentlous about his work and consistent m hrs good grades Honor and d uty have always been his code 3 N -' A X lfl Q H A K X, Klf iss z l : I 2 ' S -' ' ' I'llv 4'1l:,l'ri!'ltv. l'l4-1 1 2 ' - x1 l" RIIIY. GM! Ulu H H :fp . 'Ill y Y t ' J I . D ..J ,. . .. i .. ' , riculaled, l937 .. .. --C 1" 'l'1'ac-' Teznn ll r 1 Glu- Vinh 11 I 2 llr: nrit- :1'ill'lT:fliL,,S'Mitll 1:22 'lrlf ull? Fluhdl ' 3. H ' Vlnh tl! : l,il+-rury Sm-it-ty ill : l'1-ivntv, ' Xin , ,', " - TQN 'MI '- , j ' Vu lalny "IL" ' ' 1. ' 5' ' ' 9,25 621 p 526062 WILLIAM B BLADES lll New Bern North Carollna Nlatnculated l937 B1 1 11 Q dlll 1l s1st'111t I ll 5 The perfect example of a southern gentleman 1 gentle VOICE and pleasmg demeanor have brought hlm the honor of belng one of the best llked boys 1n barracks SHEPHERD A BOOTH lle Nlrglnla LHWYCDCCVI Matrlculated l939 Boof 1- 4 ll 111 lllltt ll Concentrated dynamlte has proved hlmself at Falrfax Hall on the grldlron and on the green Except for shoe shlnes at formauon Boot all nght KENNETH T BLOOD Washlngton D C Matnculated I938 Kenny 111111 C P 411111111 llllf. te XIUII11 brats 1 f ur most hkable army s he IS enter Ken IS one o o When not wamng for blue envelope wlth 1mpromptu swlng on the ta1n1ng the boys stoop JULIAN T BOWMAN Alexandrla Vlfglnla M3tflCUl3l8d l937 Tue tl1ll1l1' N lQ.,t Th1s Alexandna boy has demonstrated that he I5 no mean Casanova always gettlng the bacon Tuck IS the boom lh the band and hes a boommg good fellow ' ,nu -1: x "F-vg gpi X ' Y. 91, W W t .5 "' e 1 2 W P 1 Q 1 . Q ,x x W . , . , jR. , . . . , , .. .IIN .. .. I,il1'r:l1'y S1 vin-ly ll. 2. IH! M1 I-I lllllll 1l1: All y. l.'l,,,Ilml1 41,2 Sw' ' r 'num 41A 3,3 M4"Nli5"I' "f TFPWR TU' UU? 'HW' Vllll' 'Ui 1'111iIli4111 131: l,i11-1':1r1' Stwi tv ll. 211 . - Ass .' . 2 sint-ss 3111111193-' uf- 'llws 12111 gran mul, 11. 3, : 4im.I,,,' - ,ny 1'11I41r St-rg -11111, Smit, H ,, r 4 ,, ' ., , his . . . '- . . , ' 1 . . l"1111tI1:1ll 111: Hunk 'Il 1 Il 111 : Hull' 1111 'I'-- 11s I,ite-1':11'.1' 341 " rty ll, 2, 211: 'l'l'it4'k 'Il-:1111 ll. 2, 'l'1-:1111 I1 1: Rl t.l'I'itIll 1'l11I1 111: l.i11-1':11'y S1 -i 211: Nl 1g1':1111 1'l11l1 12. 221: .'1-'1' -:111t. 4-ty 1113 l'riv:1l1-. lllllllllilllj' "IL" Ile-:11lq11:11'11-rs 1'11111p:111y. . ' . . ' ., , . ' . , .. . is .. . rl X 91,15 ' 6,5444 19410 DONALD E BUTTERFOSS Flemlngton New ersey Matrlculated l939 Bullcr ln l The V marnslay a demon rn sports and a gentleman ln class Butter might not say much but has actions speak loud h ROBERT W CREGAR Plamfreld New ersey Matrlculated l 936 Mazzle 1 L 1 as 4 will ll Nfllt H11 tl lt4Hl sm r I llflllf N De Marze keeping us well mformecl on all offlcral business IS Frshburnes E. squlre man always correct WALTER A CARTER ,IR ueens Vrllage New York Nlatrlculated I937 Carla as 4 xt lNf ll 1 olllllllsslull I4 nn Hrs favorite song Dey Say rs well known to all rn barracks rnshburnes man of the hour ln all frelds mcludmg that a ross the track whatta man' WILLIA PORT Durham No h rt Carolma Matrlculaled l938 Brlly lllllll ll I M J DAVEN s en rn um: B1 wasnt mclmed to take mtlrtary lrfe sen ously but he knows how to keep out of troubl and prle up points e on our swlmmlng team , V4 l N 1 444 Nl . X I 4 f T4 U , , . , , J. Y. I-'mullmll 41 ti lhlsk -llmll 4II: ll:ls4'Ir:lIl .I. Y. I-'mntlvalll 41. 2t3 lrllltlllllll 45131 ll: .'k'th:lll 411 1 lPl':m1:lti4- Vlnlv 41 r : l'I'lYilI4'. II4-:14lqu:1r -rs 4I. 2. Iii: Villtllllll. Iialsl' -Ilmll 411i 1 li: .1'lill 1'Ulll1illlj'. 4I. Z. Ill : 4':lpt:1in, Iinsvlmtl 421: ' 1-rl .. .. . , ull' -4-rw' 4'4nnmil1u4- 4215 2 l,it4-rury Sltvlltly 41. 2. .l- -- uv H I ' lla: l,l1'llll'!l2llll. V: muny T ' ' er t an words. . '.. . '.. -- ' . Ititl- 'l'4-:lm 41. 2. ZS. lv: Fnplalill. l'iI11 'l'4-:lm .. . Hr: Pl'-nil . 4'4vliIli4rr1 4'1ul1 1412 .' ll un lvil 421. 4u: 5l"'l'I2ll'j'. Sll l- 4'uum'il .l. Y. I-'mnrlnrll llli Sw' i II 'l'1nm Ill 2 'l' - tflll Hum -I ull 431: l-'mrllmll 4-ln 1 l.i4-lm' 1:1111 ni: 'l'r-:un 4Il: l,itr-rary S414-i4-ty 4lr: l""z1t4-, .x4l.i z . .'t:1t1'. 4' lillly .. . i.. . -. .. .Hu . . . ., . .t . . y . . . .. y , 5265 .9 Zdzlt WILLIAM DAY DEWITT Charlotte North Carolma Matrtculated 1937 Br 5 l I 0 IH sm lt Member of a wmmng nlle team an able leader of the band Brll and hrs roommates form the model commnssnoned officers club JOHN ELLISON Waynesboro Vlrglnra Matrlculated l93B aw BOIIC at 1 rpt I N aw Bone can be a whrzz when he wants t Having to keep step wnth an older brother IS bug order but the J w fulfills lt WILLIAM B DRECHSLER New ersey Laurel Springs Matrtculated IQ36 BGFOFI L l llll I What goes on nn the mmd of thus poker faced k OWS The Mystery rnan wondering gent n Flshburne B1 WILLIAM T LLLISON jR Waynesboro Vlfglhla Martlculaled I937 T Bone I T Bone IS one of the old guard of local cadets Hrs soft brown eyes and dapper demeanor are the envy of many a fair mlss 596002 IIHZIEIH' T "ffSgo-Q9' tif' f 'Tr-xx V tyAlLIf49 Q I l ,,, Xu 1107 2 1 gi, S f" 2' U'l . ' ' . I . , . y .. .Hu .. .. 'ill- 'l'1-:un ll. 2, Ili: ll'l'ill'li 'IW-:un 42, Stn: "V, l'ill- 'l'1-nm 14h : Ihusvluzlll Uh : 'Frau-k Hi: .l. Q." Sr: tt' Ilia 1 M 1 gram Vlulv 11. 2. ilu: I.i1--r- Y, l-'null-all 1l.2l: I.ite-rum' Sm-it-ty tl. 2. 21.41 1 try .' "-ty 11. 2. 351. St'L'l'l'l2lI'X Hin: I.iv1ltn-l1- I'l:llmn1 Sn-1'go-ztllr. t't lililj' uni. lIl'2lll4lll2iI'l1'I'S Vullnpatlxy. , A , ' A ' A' H n -vu M h U , 1 , o one n . - of , - - ' H U ' , U 'll lceeps us ' . , . . ' A ' ' . . Y . . ..l - .. U U Mi I f- ftmtlfzlll Ill: Litvrztry S1 -i -ly 11. Z. I,i,,.,-il,-Y 50,4 .IV ,L 3- 35,2 gp .g,.m,,- IH 1 'I'4-unix 'I'vnm III 1 4'tnr'1m1-all, 4'uu1p:1l1y ' 4-,,,Q,l,m,y - .. . on .. - .. . A I ' a .. a .. .' u 7.4.2 56:44 1 9 4 0 :gawk-L . Ax' l l all Q ,uf N l , K X f lx 1 CHARLES A. FLYNN, JR. JAMES W. FOSTER, JR. A Phoebus, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia , Nlatriculated, I937 Matriculaled, l938 I ucharlien "Finger" HIM- Vluh 13-in 1 Mnmograun 1'Iuh ll. 2.Clr1 l,iIvi'- l.iIvr:lry Sovi:-ly ll, 231 liasvlmll lla: .l, Y. ary Sm-it-ly nl. 2. tin 2 "1', Q." Smit' :ling 'l't-n- l-'oollmll 41, :u 3 1'1-rpnr-all. Vmiipaiiy nis 'l'v:uu 11. 2. Cla: ltilh- 'l't'1lIll ll. 2, 311: U U U . I - I 'Frat-k 43,2 Vmnpaiiiy "IL" Finger represents our fair city on Fishburnes The man behind the press, this clashing young atlgehfl Iiamiilal-li, held adilwn I:11?bF:03"':"' tif gentleman with his decorations is one of Fish- en 0 E y ees n Co n ue 0 e - - - baseball team. burnes military secrets. STEVE H. FOWLER, JR. GALE FULXVIDER New Bern, North Carolina Lynchburg, Virginia Mairiculamd, 1938 Mairiculated, I939 -- -' "Winrl " N 9 - 0-sc .l, Y. lntlltlllllll 4lr: l.its-mary Novi'-ly ill 1 l.lll'l'ilI'j' Sm-it-ty 11. 2r: I'riv:1ls-. Vmnpainy "ll," Vorporall. 4'm-inpany H H 1 . Anature-lover, happy-go-luelcy Cale has a repu- One of those Tar Heels with a Hair for the tation for being one of Fishburnes outstanding sea, Steve is noted for his hard worlc in every- Virginians with his beaming smile a d thing he attempts. ehugkl n ready e, 0 9,5 Mit 54,07 CHARLES F GARNER JR Newport News Vlfglnla atnculated I939 M Charlie 14 sk An unusual fellow Charlle does the unexpected A funny thing though he usually rlght at all tlmes comes out WALTER T HALL JR Vlfglnla Roanoke lated I939 Duc I ll ll IX Nlatrlcu I mall! 1Il 1 nlll I artee IS unsur l'lBS No one can forget hum Hrs rep passed As duck alrplane or srren hls volce filled the barracks Duclc IS the orlgmator of the Frshburne vernacular ROBBINS L GATES W nesboro Vlrglma I936 35' Matrlculated Bo Y 111 1 l 1 -.snnxul 111 rs 11 buln lllt Robblns ln Splle of handlcaps because 0 has mamtamed a good standrnv at Flshburne holds the drstmctron of belng the only Waynes boro boy ln the commrssroned officers club T HASLER jR ROBERT NCI' Vlfglnla ated I939 Matrlcul Lover sl ltm-'r1r1 Nu It 1111111111111 Bob IS the old mans ldea of a new man hllanthroplst he IS near the top o ness school clgarette p llsl th the busl I It A f the ' mur49 Q' U5 ln X ummzn 'fl X x frson 1 i-,RQ , +1 1 M . X l ,fc ' . O fx "I I 2 ' xx Q sy H H , , ' , .r. V. 1f...,11m11 12, sz.: 1:11-0 1'l1ll1 1:11 .1 1-1 lm' 'bf l"""'S 'Ui I11t""f"'5' NH' 'UV 1'l11I1 12. Zin: l,itv1':11'1' S11-i-tv ll. 2, 34. 4i: l"AlW'l"- """l'f'l'3' UA- l'lPlllllll.'." - Url' -- l' lllllllflvt' l4IZ .. l.i1-1111-11z111I. 1 ' : -1-. A . ' ' , ' ' fsiclcness, ' . I 0 .He 4' 1 111: Lil -rary S1 -' -ly 411: l'r":u11-. lfmi' ull- lflmxl-1111 111: 1:11,--mtl 111: If 1 l- .w -'-my , , , 1ll1 H11-v Vluh 411: l'1"':1l4-, ' g UA." pn- 94,5 ' 56:44 19510 CLYDE W HENLEY jR Norfolk Vlrglnra Matrrculated V938 lxrdo 1 1 N l' IIT 1 umn A photographer responsrble for many of the snap shots rn the TAPS Krdo rs mrld but prctures show h HERBERT j JACO In tr as his e gets around BI jR Washrngton D C Matrrculated I936 a e llll 1 at lt 1 llll 1 1lllllIllN5lUlltIl l111x mu t 11 1-n num 1 llllllllllg., t tIl1lg.I' Ill! tslllllglnll Dame 1 apt 11111111111 Ir rs the Coll with hrs flashy clothes and mlmlt able strut A woman lclller and a polltrcnan alce IS more often on leave than not ROBERT D HUTCHISON Spencer North Carolina Nlatrrculated I939 Hutch t n N111 tlrlll 1-'lllls tt lt It nm run ur om n Bob an athletrc lad has held a place on all our major teams As a Tar Heel and as a cadet he has earned a place htgh rn the esteem of the corps JAMES F KAY Charleston West Vrrglma Matrlculated I937 zmmy 1 tl xllllllbgfllll 1D1l1-' 1 1 1x I N1I'g1 Int Carefree jrmmy carries the colors at parades and we suspect that with hrs handsom carrre e profile he s the women too M, X ll, N I 1 K ' U .. ,. ,Z .- 3- .I. V. I-'uothnll 11. Zu: Ititil 'I'-:lm 1l.2l1. n - I.-0, tl all ,1,: lm, -- , 41,3'l'1 11 U: Lit ,2l'2lIll t2ll'I'tll'y Som-ioty 11. 21: "1', Q," 9,-1,1-V 5, .' . .- 11,1 M, g-3 UI 1 41,3 St: Zn : l'1ll'Il1ll'2ll. 1' puny "lt," ' 1-ri,-M... 1- ,any --A." J. V. 1-mtl: 12.3. 4,1 1.i11-ral-g st 1' -ny 11. 2. ' , Ji. -H: I'1'ng'2 l'lltllI'lll2lll Hr: ' ' " 1DI'I""."1'1nl 'life 14515111 t 1' -'I 14r: , 0 , ,, I Sw- - , U. 4,1 M, 1, plug, ,g,. 4,1 lwmtlmll 1.-1: ltlfi- I1-'nm 11.2. . 1 . Y: wb. ' . . . -,,,,,,,,i,t,.,. ,4,3 41, nm, 1'Iuh 12th: l,lT1'l'1ll'j' S -' tj 11. 2, lib: ' lu' ' 11 2 I. ..lL-- in .1 ' Q63 sz RAY B LOY Washington D C 37 Nlatrlculated I9 Dafy I uselmll ll l mo run ut It lllt 1 e I IFNI mp x IXIIII It An enthuslastxc golfer and baseball p Daffy has provided the thrills of many baseball games by hrs running catches rn the outfield RICHARD D IVICCARTY Phlladelphra Pennsylvama l938 IVIatr1culatecl Mac L IIIIIS ll r N mists l ESIIHII nur 1 ss S x a If om ll With the manners and the bearing of a Cavaller Mac has serenelj captured the acclaim of corps with his phenomenal marlcsmanshlp IVAN JAMES LUTTES D C Washnngton lVIatrlcu 6 lated I93 rmmy 1 N uu u KI 45 xxIINIIIIIgI1lII met DIIIIIIIIQP 1 lltllftlll .nnpnnw Staunton has a special attractnon for the Mad Russl noted for being a lone wolf and for hrs slclll m he block WILLIAM MAcWILLIAMS West Orange New ersey Nlatnculatecl I939 Mac 1 lu: Ill lllllllll I Wlx UIII III The golden hatred boy from olsey held down the positron of guard on our football team Mac ns also noted for Ins hlstrlomc ability ' yxlllfgp ' x Q f ug Al l1I'ffYQlgI, all Q9 x FS . 5: Q + ..p, 5 . E lt -? '1 H gh 1- Q 1 .. I. ..l. I .' . 2, Str: Gull' 'l'vum ll, 2. Sir 1 J. V. 'I'l':u'k 123: Ilitl- 'l'1-:lm l2r: I.it4-l'zll'y .Hwie-ty lfootlsul 41. Zta: Mr gw 1'l I 12.:ir1 z I tl. 2.21. 4r: St lent 4' nu-'ll : ',-' ll, 2. Zin: l.ir1-rnry so-i my ll. 2. Zia: -' lm - 'ar ' L eh: t mt. Svrg' . Ilvz Iqunrters Vu zmj. 1' j "A," ' ' layer. ' ' H .. .. . , .al-L.. He is . ' ' ' . ' I ' running I . . . J Itirll 'l'e-am ll. 2a : 'l'e Tv: n 12a 1 Lita- nry Idmrtlu fl v 2 .l. V. Ituskvtlmll 411 1 Tru 'k ill: -'U' Q I. Ili: I'1'-."l t. SM' Ilnswz IPP: " Vluh tllz Gln-o t'luh 113: I.i --try p.Zt'Il . 1' 1 my "IL" Nu-l- ,' ull: l'1'iv:1t+-. 1' I ny "Ii," .. .. , . the . . I .. .. 56:44 19510 ill, Q tlll x I FR up ,I X PERCY WARNER MALLISON LAWRENCE ROBERT MARTUCCI Naslitlille, Tennessee West Orangg, New Jengy M8lfiCUl6fCd. I937 Matriculated, l939 "Percy" "Larry" Football trip: J. V. 1-'tmrlmll 41. 21 : T4-unis 41, '1'1'21f'k 111 1 Give, Flub 1111 : Litvrrlyjy Sfwiety 2. 33 : Swimming ll. 2. ISI : Captain HS! : 3101104 11' 1 VFIVHYG, f0mlNUl3' "V- , ., - . ' . . . ,-, , ., . , . A I Q gram 1 lub llAL1lI'H,i:Ift?':Egxlf3llS"f.TgFl 'I' " 'H ' :An artist' in hoth. the fields of music and drawing. I . Larrys voice is often heard in the third stoop Percy is probably the most versatile melniher of washmom informal gatherings and in the our class, just ask him. With athletic ability and glee club. looks, he is the type girls won't leave alone. JOHN B. PARKER HAROLD MAXWELL,. JR. Spencer, North Carolina New Bern, North Carolina Matriculated' l939 Matriculated, I939 nsqueeky.. UTM?" lfiltltllilll tlp 3 Litvrztry Suvlmrty Hi 3 Private, Tru:-k 11 i : Literary Society 11 I : Private. ' ""'l'mU' HV- ' Uuiilpallly I U , Our marble-voiced tenor, Squeelcyf can usually As big in heart as he is in size is what is said by be found limping his raucous way from one those who know lhim. Can we ever forget the argument to another. He is always on time for proprietor of the P.X. "hurry call." 52,25 8 PAUL WASHINGTON PHILLIPS Brrdgeport Connectrcut Nlatrrculated I938 Ftrs 'rtl 1 f.,t Illl ltilll I It Frshburne candrclate for West Pornt Paul has roved hrmself conscrentrous rn hrs studres and b ll P extra currrcular actrvrtres He rs well Irlced y a and we are sure that he wrII he a success rn Irfe RUPERT WILSON QUAINTANCE Lundale West Vrrgrnra Nlatrrculated I938 Lum rrd l 1 rrp II: IIIIIIIIIIIIN turrrrrrrr Ru ert shows most of hrs In hrs quret manner p talent rn our band although he pursues hrs studres wrth zeal ARTHUR ASAY POWELL Honolulu 'I' H Matrrculated I93B One Lung I t r Irrt s tnrpurr Ch f f the TAPS I'he honorable Edrlor rn re o One Lung wrth hrs rmmense vocabulary and ready tongue to argue has become the greatest brarn man rn the hrstory of hrs class WILLIAM HUGH ROBINSON Anderson South Carolrna Matrrculated I939 Honey ru rrrr x lrrrnr orrrprrrr Everybodys closest frrend Honey wrth hrs nral manner has eased hrs way rnto e conge memorres of all who have come rn contact wrth hrm 52? I I I I ,mum X I 39 9' Q Q' u-2, Q IIHIIVTIZII WN X X 'yffsonoi I O "Ke-. X, V -X ,nu .tic . A I o 4 Y' 5' I Ea g I le . ' . ' Frmtharll Hi: Itrarrrrrrtir Vlrrlr tlnz Gln-rr Vlrrlr J. V. Frrrrtlrall 1121: I.Itrrr'arr'y Su-lvty ll. Zi: 121: ' . St. ' 2r: l.ilr-r-:rry Swim-ty rl. Qu: l'IrIi o - - 'hir-l'. 'I'.rr'.' IZUZ ' rl, Sr-rw: . ' rzrrg "A," Vorrrprrrry "IL" . .S . . ' , . -. - . V l . . ., . . . ' ' , , . ' , 1 " " Um-Irrrstr'zr 4ll 1 Liter: Sr -'rtj tl: 1 ' " tn 1, . N, l Ita l. Za 1 Lit -r':rr-y Srwir-ty 1I.2r: tw -rorarl, I . . Y . . . . th I IV ZZMK 1940 !'!'w RICHARD M SALISBURY Sc tl o and Neck North Carolma Matrtculated I939 Souls ll lltlld The boy with the glamorous halr Sauls has caused many a flutter tn the fem mme hearts both m town and F BROOKS W SETZER JR Washington D C Matrlculated I937 Selz Ill l A Washington boy who has earned his mlllf rank Setz IS fa d ary me for his quamt vernacular He rs definrtely an eprcurean and k nows how to enjoy lxfe JOHN s SANFORD Mocksvtlle North Carolina Matrlculated IQ37 Sammy N ua N 1 l'or three ea g to hold tre ous popularity at Flshburne Beneath hs Jolly exterlor Iles a heart cl an character of gold that wtll long be remembered ROBERT J SHIELDS Kmston North Carolina Matrtculated l939 Nttllllllllll lt! I' Our small edttton Romeo ack can really shoot the bull when It comes to his own ac comphshments Ask hum ab out the ambush at Phylltss kb t' Q lull' x 1 Q XV' K 6 . . Lit:-rnry Susie-ty nt: : 'l'r:u'k 111 1 l'1'iv:1le. l,itt-rury Som-i4-ty ll. 2. ISI 1 lfuotlvatll HH : .lonn- llvntlq IlI'fl'l'S Vu 'ny. grunt Vluh Hin: t'o1'pm'nI, Volur H lrd. .'tatT. ' ' h . N N H y rs, jack has mana ed - , mend ' ' . t ' at airfax. ' ' ' . , , 1 4- .v I , .l. Y. lfoollrztll un: 'tw-'mis 11. :nz 1,i1.-mr-y lack Sm-lt-ty lt. lf, ISI: l'l:ltuun Sl'I'QIt'2llll, .' " ' ,gr 'l'v:tm 411: liaise-Inlll ltr: I.' - :try Vo puny "Ii," Sm-it-ly ltr 1 l'riv:1le-, Vttlllllillly "Ii," WILLIAM FRED SHORES Ellun North Carollna Nlatrlculated 1937 Freddie nur X rsllt N 4m lti XI III 4 lf- 4 114 t tmxlllll N nm .nu sl rh44 -N Freddie I5 notecl for his able managmg of our basketball team for his contrlbutlons to the and for hls one hundred stuck guar cletall C CECIL E SPRUILL Washington D C Matrrculated I937 Cecrl l ual t :rx xmn Cecxl can usually be found settmg the pace at the Cut Rate With perseverance and hard work he has obtamed his commlsslon ln th corps 32125 a SMITHWICK ROBERT North Carolma Loulsburg Matrlculated l939 Smrlly I tml I l H1414 ulll ml Bob rs one of our studlous lads but also one who o lect the falrer sex He has stayed on the honor roll w dmnrable record RKE LIN STA RUSS ELL FRANK Rlchmond Vlfglhla Nlatrlculate d 1939 Lrllle Brother I l Little Brother IS a thlrcl stoop lanclmarlc Where there IS strlfe there IS Starke Russell always has a pleasant greetmg and an unusual one ' Er 'HX X f' ug ' . k . X X 'remit' . ' 1 X it x '2 ,,, .Q o lx X-nj -fy 2 4 .5 Q Y Q 4 X ' . V . Im ' 'n A' Il:lsk4-Ilmll lla: YIIITIIX 'l" mis " ' " ml. 2.Iii: "l'. QTS1: ' till : .: ug-r. ll: sk -1- , I hall Hia: l.lft'!'Rll'j' Su-' -tm' 11. 2. Ill : ' tis- 'I'1':l4-k 'I'4-am 11 I: Irratlmrl' Vlulv ll! Z .1 -'uri' sit - U ' VIIIIIIIIIIIUQ' Hin: NI lgrrnm Vlulv S1 ' ' ,' 1111 l'I'lV2lU'- 4' ISHN UAA Hin: l,Il'tlI4'lI2IIII. t'4lIIllt2lItj' U U D A - - - d esn't neg ' . .. Q.. ' . .. . .. d hh an a ' I mntmmm41.1:n:J.v.mmmm1u.:u 'Al ' U M4 I- 'lub 12. Cir: lll'illllilIlt' Vluh 4Ir: Lil--rf : j .' " -ty 11. Z. III: I.i4-H14-mlm. Vlllllltllllj' , , . . , H .. , . I.114-rnry S4 4-1 -ly 411: I'r1v:114-, I 4nnp:1ny A. I . . . . . e . . . . pn- Qlw.-? " 61444 f9-40 JOHN M STOREY Wilmington North Carolina Matrlculated l938 Nose 4, m rn s lll I xtt r ue-tx 11 or no om: An actlve partlclpant ln all phases of F h actlvltxes Nose IS prom Noth Ca l IS bu ne ment for h ma and veh T r IS loyalty ement sect IS rumor d to tonal ar u e he has g ments wealth nn vlew JAMES EDWIN VASS Waynesboro V u ated I936 rmmy xxt bl I skttlmll 1 s 111 N rg., 4111111 s Everyone thinks f nmmy and spectacular football plays together On and off the grldlron he I5 one of those elusive fellows ca whom no one n hang onto JOHN O UNGETHUEM Edgewood Arsenal Maryland Matrlculated I939 Ungze 4f.,et I onth lll Ieums 113 NX restllng 4 1 4144 llit 1 0 npr xx The radio man Ungle will be remembered for has stallc ln the middle of our favorite pro and the Prussian ha X grams lr cut fad DIXON HENRY WARD Warrenton North Carolina Matrlculated l939 Hammer llllllllllf., 11 '-. N rll0,L,I lm 1 lub 1 X 4: b N Hammer has a reputation as a scholar and raconteur of no mean ablllty Hrs Boogv Woogy and Little -Ioe have kept us enthralled nl H 4 XX lk, x Q E K f f . . J. V. I"4mtlmll tl. Zn: Glu- 1'luIr 1111 1' - une . , . ,, . . , W . uger Tralrk 'l'4-um 121: W -.-tl' g 1251: .' - arg MII' ' ,Z U lg , ' 4 - Sur- , Q 2,.1- .1 1,211.44 lam. HA -- 11l2 l.lI'l'2l'y A 'I-ty 11 I: " 'ata l' . 'U' Fr iIA"'l'," , irginia , ' Matric l , - J. V. lwmnmrll 41, :nz .L V. na.-1' 1tI:lI 411: . A , , , ,, , , mu - 11, Ita: lfmntlmll 4211: 'l'I'Il1'li 1251: N' U' ,l' ""H. '1.' ljwg 'mfr uf? l,ir41rnr,' Su" -ty tl. 2. IH: l'lilI1l1rll .'4-'ff-ant. M' " , . 'Hg "'t""lrQ, ,ffm '15 11" 44 im.. Irx 'urea 1 Iltlilll' t. , 0 .. . .. .. . I. as JAMES WARREN Durham North Carolma Matrrculated I939 lmmy lk YN llllll Ulll P IX 1 rnrs lmmy s size rs decelvxng but e pated ln several sports and he has well earned hrs monogram especlally for his remarkable dlvlng BUXTON WHITE Ellzalaeth Cnty North Carolma I939 Matrlculated Buc l I X ulllll lhnd II1 111 ll to our band Another Tar Heel addltron Buck IS often heard entertammg the tlurd stoop with hrs corny jnve Q Jail' 5407 WOODRUFF W WATKINS Aberdeen Provmg Grounds Maryland d l938 Matrrculate Woody n Hlls 1 X 1 1 11 1 1111111 Ulllltlllt ll knows all and Woody IS Flshbufne S sees a ts one of the best Informed fellows h excellent sports te and IS respons write ups NER JOHN WILLARD WHITE Badm North Carolina Matrlculated l938 Feels 1 r l sl I nr 1 omp: This long lanky North Carohman wlth has has disrupted our physics classes and has llh many a choked chuck wll nrshed the corps w H10 l'llll I' l ill dry fur le Q yMl.:r4j 1 6 5 Ill-Q x 4'-Yao ! ,f I c ' x Q .1 ' 1 E --4 1-Hit, , L- 1 1- X 4, we .I. V. lfm-mlmll 111 : Tr: -k 11? : S " ning 111: J. V. l-'fmrtull 11 1: 'l'1-1 lv: .Ii Ig-t If' ut- -' S1v1'i1-ty 111: l'I'lYilfl'. 4' lillf hull tlfll l4llt'!'tlI'X S11'iety 11, ZH: l' ' rall. 1' 1 A' "ll," 'H 4 ' ' ' , h has partici- .. . . .. . . ' . . lls all." He ' -' ' ' llnle for I e . . . .l.V.l" I .2 C la."-I: LZ :." : 1li: l.lH'l'2ll'j' S1b'l'Ij' 1li: l'l'l'zlt1-, .IG 2, Zmilhmllglzl ltlllmlrlqqtzrlll 'gg' ! ga' 'mu 'l """I"rS' QUU7 1'ut'p1nl'all, ll1-:11l1lu:lrt1- s ' my, 66444 19410 WILFORD WHITLEY Plymouth North Carolma Matrlculat d WILLIAM R WINDLE Mart e I939 msvllle Vlrglnla Wxmp l llll Malrlculated l939 Ma ter m Re ll questlonalre Whitley can 'ml een ln actlon on the stage m the band lnsvlllexncnclents have won and ln Captam Paces English wlth any mstru m the tltle of Red halrecl teller of red ment and a battery of why s and wherefore s lsloodecl tales EDWARD L WINSLOW Hertford North Carolina Matrlculated I939 Wm lon: llx Hrs tall stones of Mart hl tu X tmp Wm low IS well lcnown as another thrrcl stoop character Hrs unsuspected oratory IS somehmes amazmg and has made hmm f amous among has fellow cadets 'K x K f ull l l X XM! N I K t xx ff x ,1 , , - I u du Riii - TP: UI: tilt-v Vlulv tll: l.itvr:u'y Sw- t-ivly 111 2 l'rimlv. llvndqu:1rtt-rs Vmnpnrry. lfunllmll lla 1 l.itn-retry So -'t-ly lla : l"' 'atr- , , , , 4 V1 lnny 5 usrcnan and , be s ' ' . ' , ' ' ' ' ' ' . A .1 .,. 'l'l'2lt'k 'fvzun I1 h : l.it1-r':lry Su -'ltj lla 5 l'1'iVz1tv. Vt :my THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT 940 We the Qenror C l1ss of lil hburnc lVl1l1t1ry School of the Cnty ol Waynesboro C ounty ofAugust1 1nd Sllll ol Vllglnll bum, sound of mind memory lIlCl undcrstmd mg do malxc 1nd declare with 1 mlschlcxous smxle 1nd 1 twlnltle ol the eye the following as our last Wrll and lestament We do bequeath to Qolonel Hudgms 1 system of smes 1nd cosmes wrth w hlch his students mty more e1s1lv converse w 1th hum We do bequc 1th to C olonel P1tte1son a new Q U11 BIOWNH br lt e bequexth to M1501 Duns a new cap with 1 strung tled to lt e bequeath to C aptam Barnw ell a parr of golden glos es e bequeath to L aptaln Carroll a sparring partner wlth a Wlg0fOUS vocabul iry Ve bequeath to Qaptaln Brooks a cxrlon ol leepmg powders from hrs pedestal We do bequeath to Interpreters grooms We do bequeath to grrll thmgs under We do bequeath to acute triangles Captain Dans ten llttle negro boys to act as e c Captaln Chrlds assorted test tubes scopes and Q 1pt1m F1 hburne 1 course ln the constructlon personal orderlles a xery hot lrght to 1nd appllc ltlon of We do bequeath to Qaptaln Pace 1 large cage IH whrch to keep hrs rdrosyncracres so that they will be out of the way We do bequeath to C aptam Shooter a clg 1r holder and a box ol Whnte Owls We do bequeath to Captam Wllllxms a cat 0 nine tails wlth large pllses to use on loquaclous algebra and geometry students We do bequeath to Laptaln P D Wylte a shovel We do bequeath to Qaptam Thompson a welcome mat for hrs door We do bequeath to Mrs Masrncup a brochure on deadly drscases not accompanlerl by a rise IH tempemture We do bequeath to Algle mstruments for hrs b1nd of stoop cats IH1 5lNIOR C1,Ass 56507 'mfr 9 A Q r u-A Q7 Wffsonotg' Q65 .9 02205 f l 1 l 1 I - I 1.1 'MS 1 me -W , V '. ' . ' 1 ...z fa' Vg' A. ' ,i 'i r Z. ra Y - 1 x ' . 1 ' ' ' . ' 3 W do e ah 'tt " if' ' '. f W do f' A ' " ' ' X ' . W do i 4 W ' 1 ' " " i '. f X do 1 1 L " ' ' Q s ' ' . , We do bequeath to Captain fheelt a ladder with which he may more easily climb 1 I . . l - , 'L 1' 's 2 ' " ' ' 'A a ' 4'a ' . 4, X . Q M, .t , . U . V . . . . Y I . ll tffl Y 1 A C ' 1, ,V Q- , . . x f Q h z ' . A ' . c ,I 1. . .i K ' I - 1 . 1- . V. I K S 5 POST GRADUATES ROBERTF BARNES Hannlbal Mlssoun Matnculated l937 Rllle Team 3 Manager Track 3 V Foot b ll I 2 3 Literary Society I 2 3 Commlssron ed offrcers Club 3 Monogram Club Lleutenant Com pany B HAROLD T BENT Newport News Vrrgmla Matrnculated I938 Llterary Society I 2 Swlmmmg Team QI Mono gram Club Corporal Company A JAY D COOK JR Moorestown New ersey Matnculated l938 Football I 2 Basketball I 2 Co Captam Foot Monogram Club Qergeant Company A PERRY PITT HAND Srlver Qpnng Maryland Matrlculatecl I936 Model Club Q2 31 Literary Soclety QI 2 3 4 Stu dent Council Q4 Commissioned Officers Committee 4 Lleutenant Staff RAYMOND M HARRIS Washington D C Matrrculated I935 V Football 2 3 Rifle Team Q3 Manager Swlmmxng Team Q5 C0mmlSSl0HCd Ofbcers Club Q4 5 Student Council 5 C Staff 5 Llterary Soclety QI 2 3 4 Presrclmg Officer Q5 Captain Company B ' c 1. c 9, J. . E - ac..J.' 'c..1. '- c Dv U N 1 ' . . Q ' . . H HJ' 1 C v ,v C v J' ' I ' ball QZJ, Baseball QI, ZQ, Literary Society QI, Zj, w. . Q P, 1.1, c,,m. 1, n. ' 2 J. 'j ,Q" ca. ' f ' . . . J. U N 5. POST GRADUATES WILLIAM HUME Washlngton D C Matnculated 1936 Baseball 3 4 TAPS Staff 3 Monogram Club Lrterary Society I 2 3 4 Commlssloned Officers Club 13 45 Major Commanclmg Battahon LELAND M JOHNSON Washington D C Matrrculatecl I937 Fotball I 2 3 Track 2 3 Baseball C2 Rifle T am Cl 2 3 Monogram Club Literary Society I 2 3 First Sergeant Company B JOHN V LEE Washlngton D C Matrrculated I936 Club Lterary S crety I 2 3 4 C0mmlSSl0HCd ofh cers Club f4J Captam Company C EDWARD MENGES JR Freeport Pennsylvama Matrlculatecl I938 tball QI 2 Basketball I 2 Baseball I 2 Lrterary Socrety I ZJ Monogram Club Corporal Company A CHARLES R SKINNER Durham North Carollna Matrrculatecl 1938 Track CI J Monogram Club Literary Society CI 2 Prrvate Company A 1 c , J, c J. . 4 - 1 - r . ' ' . 0 c ' 7 Dv c 7 J' ,9 V e ' 7 D, l V ' . C ' , J. H H J. V. Football f2, 3J, Varsity Football f4J, Monogram , i bo' Q , ,A , J, H' ,L - F00 .U J. c, 1. c, J. . Q C v ' H U ' .2. u . H ' . 9. SENIOR SAYINGS ou I1axe oIIen I1e11d IIIPSL IIXOIIIC ulurannu oi our A111101 IILIL you 11115 1ea cm and xx eep OI groan IN tI1e c INK muv bc ALI XANDI Axm RQON BARRIC R I31 1 ISLAD1 A BLOOD R001 II Boxx MAN BL111 RIOSN CARII Q C RI e.AR IDAXI NRORI D1 XVIII DR1 CIISLI R LLLISON j I LLISOIX I our R I OWLER FLLWIDI 1 CJARNFR GATFS IIALI.. IIAQLI-R HENLEX I-IUTCHISON JACOBI Box you Il carmen 0111 C iIOIlII'1 a xx 1 uole Unquoln 1x1 u :xml Ie11cI 1I1OuI ou1 111110 1 ll 1 es on I IIIQN 111 A or 111 Cnern 1111A ll e C 1 ox Q 1 11111 con I 1Ixe 11t I A mx IIIKII II 1l e I-Iev Mooea Ibex call me Superman I don I In oxx Flnger tI1eIJuttc1 pleue Why IIPIIO there P tI1e Spuds pIe1Qe Brmff lt lo tI1e almory xve ll flx ll OI1 xou IC tI1e OIIC roxx Ialxe lt easy boy Stand t1II Bane Well I don t Icnoxx Inut Axxxxxxxx xx Captain HE NINETELN FQVTY TAPS Y " a' Q' Q " 1 ' 's. ' If "cl Q QR ,Y,,V, , ,,,, , 1, , , , H " -' I" ' 1' , ,,,,,, , ,,,,, ,, ., , , , , UN if I A 1 IIS ' K v'I OIC'- -ill ,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,, , ,, ,MHz 1 yo ' " 1 1' 1 'pe ii, ,,,,, "OI . QI Ik 5 'MIN " ,, 'fel 1' 2 X' ' , ' AiIzI'I" f , "Save m II1al tduelf, 'Iu111.U T T , , , , ,MII x' ya Irvin?" I "il ,, , HCHI " -, I ' sI1"'a I11I11." I ,H ,,,, , , ,HUVVIA C121 .'.1y. I 'Z " ,,,, , , ,, , , , "I Ii, CI." 1 V ,,,, ,,,, H . , A , ..., "All 'QI , I VS go." T . V i ,. .,,, Q ', T. ,,,,,,,,,,Y,,L,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,L,,L, , ,,L... ' ' ' ' 1 ' . . . ' I:L1'NN, ,, ,,,,,, ,.,, , , ,, ,L,L., , , UOI1 no, I'm not 1'eaIIy 111111 good!" 'A ' ,L,,L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,, ,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,. Hupass V, arf." A 1 -ga L,,,,,,,L LL,Y,LLLLY,,,,,,LL,,,,,, ,LLLL,,,LL , ,L,.LLL,,LLL ,,,,,, LL,, ,LL,,,LLL, ' ' . . ' ' V' 4. ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,L,,,,,, ,,,.,,, ,,,L,,,,, , , A , .,, ,,,, " ass . , .. III fj 1 ' X I - .. lx 1 I O1 L 1 II M11 A1111 MA1 W11 1 11111 Al 1 111111 11111 ll 1111111 Il 1111 11 P111LL11 P0111 LL Q1A1x 1 1x11 ROBIXNUNI SAL11151111 SANF01111 N1 1 11 11 1L11 111911 011111 H11 1111' 11 110 1 1 110111 1 0 111 1 1 11 1 111 1100 N11 1 1 1 011 1 1 1 111111 11011 L1 I1 1 1s 1 1111 1ou11 1 111111 110 1ou 1111n11 111lN 1 Oh W1111111 C111 1 10uc11 113 B01 you C1 1111111 1111 lIl your TOOIII 1 111-1 1 110 11ner 11111 111111 N0r111C1r01111 1 01110 11110 1110111 1 Ill N 0Ll1C1 NCC IIN IX plllll ILS L 5610 IC 5110111 1 5'VI 1111111 51 111111 X1 111111 510111 1 1 11 11 1 11 11 Pl I1 111 13001411 Wcmoglc 1 1n11 11 1 Q01 ll 1 11 C 10111111 1,1 1IILl'11 011 11111 111 101111111111 111 111 11r1u11 1111 put 111 6 u 1 Ass V1 ARD WARR1 1 VVAr111xs W11111 W H111 NI W 1111.1 WIND11 WINSLCJXV C 01110 0111 1111161 down 111 1111s platoon W11 11e1r I 11lOllg1'l1 I Im 1 110g about 11 Luess 111111 lnppened A111111 Mr W11Jb 1 111n1 C10 11111 A11 reckon 1 1 noun IT 011111 11r Q 111 B1 c1ur111c1 11 11 111111111 1 re1en0o1r B 1 1111111011 II1C1I117V 111 O 1111111 1 SLHO 'A ', V. , , .."1-Ii, -1' L Q , "" V' II Q' LJ , , , , HXYCHI, 1 11 1' 1l'f. ' 1 " A511111 , A 1, 1 1111- KC!! 11111". ' .. . r , , ,H1111l0. M ,, I . Ucxilll 1 111-11111 ' ' V cl? M1 ' l 14101: 1111' 110e1111111111 M ,' " -. . .. 1 1. "Pos 1fx1'11z1111,1' is IIOXX' og 1-11. PA! ' -. , "D Q1 1'0Tl'V' V'1 '11 01'1'1' 111111, '1 'H 11.11 1111 . .111 - lov! '-1. , . , , ,"'1'11's z ' " ' trV'! YY ' .' R, , , ,... U I 1 V' ' ' S? .N ' HVV11' 1 n sz 1 .V if 1, 1 1 ,," N1 ' 'zV':1 '1 . . . SIII-L . 11. V V H11 511 5 V' '1 'Q 1111 ' ' 1 1. 1 , fll, ' . 111111 '11111 115 '111' . . . .11 I" " 'li , ,, H 1V' 1 ' VA'- V VV' .' ' ' H, "11'y. 'st' I ' u . , ,, , "1 11111'1'11' V 111110. -. ' , ,, U11-11 , 11121 11111111 " '-ll! UN 1,1 "Y l's ' - ' 1' 7 ' A 1 1 1's '13 1 111' V, VVVV VVVV V V V VV . V , . ! ! fy , D. , , ,,,, , ,, , ., ,,,, ...., . HI S '1 , 'd die! 1 " -11' , ,, 1u'Cill1' 1 1 A V' 11 011, 11 1z11n9 S ,, . H 0V', ' 2 V' '1 V 111 :HG F 111115 1J1X1l MI1 l1fX11Y Ax OL THE JUNIOR CLASS WILLIAM H ALLISON SAMUEL D BAILEY NED B BANE CYRUS L BEALE RALPH A BERNARDO WALTER L BIGGS ,IOHN B BOGLE CORNELIUS A BROBECK JOHN H P CILLEY BAXTER C CLEMENT ALEXANDER T COCHRAN HUGH M COCHRAN TI-IE NINETEEN FCDRTY TAPS THE JUNIOR CLASS PRESTON COCHRAN JOSEPH J COLCORD MITCHELL S CRAIN DANIEL DEYOUNG JR JESSE W FISHER CARLJ C-ELLOGG FRANKLIN B GERMON EDWIN H GREGORY WILLIAM C HANCOCK JOHN H HAYDEN BILLY B Houcx OF FIS!-IBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL DANIEL R. DEWYER . , JR. THE JUNIOR CLASS FRANCIS B KANE JR EDWIN L KILBY JR ALLEN E KINSEL DAVID A LOWE STANLEY I MAGUE SIRMAN D MARVIL. JR LUIS L MATAMOROS DALLAS S MAXWELL DAVID M NICHOLS WILLIAM V OCHS JR Preszdent SIDNEY PANTINC TI-IE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS CHARLES E. LITTLE, JR. THE JUNIOR CLASS GEORGE R PARKER HUGH C PARKER BUREN R SHIELDS CLARENCE W SMITH NELSON STUART ADOLF TOROVSKY PAUL VAN VICKLE GEORGE H WEBB KENNETH WHITEHURST DONALD F WILLEY DOUGLAS j WILLEY I OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL L JAMES C. TURNER ' w W AH LBERG THE SOPHOMORE CLASS T ARRANTS T BALDWIN C BROBECK F CABELL H CHITTUM J DEGARMO R FA1.DRowlcz j Fox R HACKNEY M HITE L JORDAN Ugrcsrdenll T KAY R LACHMILLER W LACHMILLER M LEWIS J LIMEBURNER G LOVING 40 THE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS TH E SOPHOMORE CLASS H LYON J MCCAMBRIDGE O MENA J MILTON T MURRAY C NEAGLE C PLATKIN B QUAINTANCE D RICE G SITWELL I SPEAR C STUART H WALKER C WARD C WARNER R WATERS J WI-IITAKER j WILDMAN 41 OF FIS!-IBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL C. SCHNEIDER THE FRESHMAN CLASS j BERNARDO fPr d 0 L CATHEY R CLEX ENGER j N Cook R Coox V Cov1Nc.ToN D COYLE W DAMERON E ETTER S FLOURNOY G HERSEY 42 THE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS . esi en W. CARPER 7 THE FRESHMAN CLASS L HOWELL J HUTCHINGS H MELLOTT S MILLER C PFAEHLER C QUESENBERY P RANDALL A REPETTI R ROBERTS B STRADLEY D TOMES J WESTERN 43 OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL L BUCK TWD Q46 Q7Jcfivffie4 ir ir 'A' ir ir ir 'A' ir ir if ARTHUR A POWELL PAUL W PHILLIPS WILLIAM B BLADES DIXON H WARD CLYDE W HENLEY JR TAPS STAFF EDVNMUALSTAFF Edllor In Clucf Asszslanl Edllol BUSINESS STAFF Asszstant Busmess Manager EDITORS Sports Edlf0f PllOf0gfClphlC Editor 41 THE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS ll u JOHN W. BEIR ,.,....,...,..........,.....,.......,,..,..,,,....,,.,...,,.......,,............ Business Manager I c Q STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF DAN DEYOUNG Edatar In Cluef JOHN MCCAMBRIDGE Asszstant Edttar DALLAS MAXWELL Managmg Edntar BUSINESS STAFF WILLIAM OCHS Business Manage EDWIN KILBY ASSISIGUI Bustness Manager GEORGE SITWELL Clrculallon Manager EDITORS CORNELIUS BROBECR Humor Edrtor RAYMOND HARRIS Mtlztary Edttar MITCHELL CRAIN Saczal Edrtar CHARLES SKINNER Academw Edrtar CHARLES FLYNN Feature Edztor OF FIS!-IBURNE MILITARY SCI-IOOI. ll ll FRED SHORES IISSSI..,..,,,.....,...,.,..LLE.wLLL,,,,,,.... ,.....,... ............,..,.....,...,..L... S p arts Editor A7 STUDENT COUNCIL g H THE COMMISSIONED OFFICERS b H 45 THE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS Luttes, Harris, Cre ar, Hume, Jacobi, Lee, ancl. C t B Shores, Spruill, Luttes, Mallison, DeYoung, Dewitt, Beir, Nlaxwell, D., Gates, Cregar, Jaco i, Hume, Harris, Lee, and. COTILLION CLUB Blood Vice President Cregar Presldent Malllson Secretary and Treasurer MONOGRAM CLUB DeYoung Kay Ban Clement Parker Whltener Drechsler ohn on MHTNII Flsher McCambr1dge Cochran H Lowe Cram Davenport Ward D Parlfer C, Lee Cook R Blood Mague Barne Harrls Henley Mallrson Shores Brobeclx C Webb McCarty Hxte Hume DeW1lt Menges Skmner Loy Bowman acobl Bent -U OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL N Q X c . A I N!! W A' 4 5 , J.: es : , J.: ' : 1 J S 1 A Gregory: Hayden: Warren: Shields, R.: Hutchisong Boothg Nlaevvilliamsg Sanford z , .: 1 : sz ' Q : ' : : ' .: 4 1 ' 1 Q ' : : ' Q 1 cj ' T DRAMATIC CLUB Bernardo I Macwllllams Lachmlller R Lachmxller W Schnelcler Smlthwlck Barrlck Shxelcls Hall Parker Cllley BAND Witt Loy Wlldman Butterfoss Colcord Whltener uamtance B White Spear Bowman Hackney Covmgton 0 Tl-IE NINE-VEEN FORTY TAPS J ' 1 ' 1 : . J.: ' . Murray: Quaintance, R.g Salisburyg Etterg Whitleyg Flourneyg Alexanderg Lewis: De- ' 9 : ' : 9 9 ' 5 Q ' , .: ' 9 9 RIFLE TEAM Torovsky Kay ohnson Drechsler Etter Captam Shooter Webb Hlte Barnes Magus NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM DeWitt Flynn DeYoung Captain Shooter Mague Henley McCarty Natnonal In cI1v1cIuaI Champlon I OF FISI-IBURNE MILITARY SCI-IOOI. 9 . J.: I : : Q ' : 5 ' : Dewitt: Clementg Cregar fcaptainlg McCarty: Henley: DeYoungg IVIcCambridge ' : : : ' : : : I ' BUCK Tl'Il2Iflf Q46 fmfzfmy ir if ir ir ir ir ir ir if if S 8 MAJOR RAYMOND C SHERMAN Professor Mzlllary Sclence and Tacllcs CAPTAIN E W THOMPSON Commandanl of Cazfels CNPTAIN W B SHOOTER CAPTAIN P C BROOKS Assxslant P M S G T TPE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS P.M.. .T. . . Assislanf P. M. S. 6' T. . 54 I - v WILLIAM I-IUME ROBERT CREGAR PERRY HAND ROBBINS GATES JAMES KAY WILLIAM BLADES TURNER NICHOLS SANFORD BATTALION STAFF Major Lxeulenanl and Adjulani LIeulenanf and Quartermaster Color Sergeanl Color Sergeant Lorporal Ordnance Corporal Color Cuard Corporal Color Cuard WILLIAM HUVIE OF FIS!-IBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL Ordnance ---------V-----------A------V--H 1 - I A ,3,q1f, .I "Y':'j' .........., ..,.......,,...... , 31 RN' 'iv' COMPANY'A RAYMOND HARRIS Caplam JAMES LUTTES FIrsl Lzeutenant Second In Command DAN DEYOUNC Ftrs! Lreutenant WALTER CARTER Second Lreutenant HUGH COCHRAN Platoon Sergeant WILLIAM DRECHSLER Platoon Sergeant PAUL PHILLIPS Sergeant Crude JAY D COOK Sergeant Cwde SQUAD LEADERS MENGES BENT MCCAMBRIDGE HANCOCK BLOOD FOSTER ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS SKINNER STOREY BROBECK G FOWLER GELLOGG WILLEY D F RAYMOND HARRIS 56 THE NINETEEN FCRTY TAPS . ,I 8. . 'N - -if ' s 1 u MERLE HITE .,,,,,....,..,...,...,,...,,,...........................,.........,........,.,.......... First Sergeant I I COMPANY ' B HERBERT JACOBI Captam ROBERT BARNES Ftrs! Lzeutenant Second m Command PERCY MALLISON Frrst Lreutenant DALLAS MAXWELL Second Lreutenant BROOKS SETZER Platoon Sergeant NED KILBY Sergeanl Cutde RICHARD MCCARTY Sergeant Curde SQUAD LEADERS HENLEY WEBB WHITEHURST Oct-ls POWELL GERMON ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS BERNARDO R SHIELDS B LOWE COCHRAN A MAGUE WATKlNs HERBERT JACOB! 57 UF FISHBURNE MHJTARY SCHGOL I ll LELAND JOHNSON .,.........,...................,................................................ First Sergeant COMPANY C JOHN LEE Captain CECIL SPRUILL Ftrs! Lzeutenanl Second m Command JOHN BEIR Frrst Lzeulcnanl GEORGE SITWELL Fmt Sergeant JAMES VASS flatoon Sergeant JOHN BOGLE Platoon Sergeant TALBOT ELLISON Platoon Sergeant SQUAD LEADERS CRAIN KANE MILTON NEAOLE JORDAN CLEMENT ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS DEWYER WHITAKER DEGARMO ELLISON J TOROVSKY TOMES JOHN Las O8 THE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS 1 T ll ll FRED SHORES ...,,............................,.,........................,....,........,.,..... Second Lieutenant II Q COMPANY WILLIAM DEWITT F Irst Lwulenanl RAY LOY Flrsl Sergeant JULIAN BOWMAN Sergeant Cuzde WILLEY D J Sergeant Bugler SQUAD LEADERS WHITNER QUAINTANCE R COLCORD ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS HACKNEY ETTER LEWIS WILLIAM DEWITT 50 OF FISHBURNL MILITARY SCHOOL u u TOM MURRAY ..........,...,........,,..,,.,....................................,.................... Drum Major BUCK FIDUIQ Q46 fylmzef ir ir 'A' 'Ir ir ir 'Ir 'Ir ir 'A' A Resume of the Grid Season The Fishburne football team took to the field against R.-M. A. with many new faces in the line-up. R.-M. A. was thor- oughly trounced in the opening game. The next week found Fishlzurne defeating a fighting Woodberry Forest eleven. The Garnet and Gold Hrst met defeat at the hands of St. Christopherls in Richmond. After a spec- tacular win over Miller School Fishburne met defeat from V. E.. S. at Lynchburg. A fight- ing Fishburne eleven faced Hargrave Military Academy and scored almost at will. We again met defeat at the hands Fullbaclf Halfback MACW Joi-iNsoN BERNARDO Tackle THE NINETEEN-FORTY TAPS Cook Quarterback GREGORY Halfbaclf CARTER Halfbacff PARKER Center SMITH End FISHER End of Staunton. A hard driving and inspired Garnet and Gold eleven was opposed by Augus- ta on Thanksgiving Day. Au- gusta will never forget the defeat handed them by our great team. The Fishburne eleven had a season's record of which we may justly be proud. Captain "Irish" Carroll, with the aid of Captain Blackwell Davis, did a wonderful job with the Garnet and Gold squad. The "Caissons" began with a bang and wound up with a bang. This particular team with its long string of victories will be well remembered in years to come for its team work and spirit which characterized its splendid record. OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL FMS H e PI 2 az B M R VARSITY FOOTBALL SCH EDU LE R M A Woodberry Forest St Chnstopher Mrller V E S I-Iargrave S M A A M A 64 TI-IE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS Hall, utchison, Men es, Sanford, Smith, Lee, C-eIIogg, Kay, Parker Ca ain Davis. Cre ar, Bane, Cre ory, Hnsler, Mague, Parker, G,, oorh Vass, Brubeck, Captain CarroII fhead coachj Carter, Marvil, acWiIIiams, Cook, D. fco-captainj, johnson fco-captain, Bernardo, ., MaIIison, Fisher I3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,....,,,,,,,.,....,........ . . . .......,...................,..,............... .. 0 I3 ....,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,..,..,,,,,,..,.,,,, ,.....................,......... ........ 6 0 ,,,,,,.,,,....,,,.,.,,.,..,,,,,.,,,,.,,.,, . ' ......................................., .. 7 25 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,. 0 O ,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . . .,.,,........................................... .IZ 33 .,,,,.,.........,..,,.........................., ........,.......,............................... 6 0 ...,........................,.................., . . .... A .......................................,.... 38 32 ,.......................... ................... - . . .........,.... .....,..............,-..----- - -- 0 Kxlby Set Platlcn Loy Foster W Germ n Fulwxd a t n Wyll C l d H yd Baldwn Dave p rt Whlten lm y Spr rll B R p ttl La hmrll JU N IOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The umor Varslty eleven agaln passed through a very successful season under the able coachmg of Captam P D Wylie The V s throughout the season played a clever and wmnmg brand of football The sparks of thls year s eleven were Butterfoss ln the bacli Held and Webb and Lachmlller R on the lme They were seldom outscored and never outfought The Junlor Cassnons were a llght team on the held nevertheless they had what lt takes The team as a whole showed that wonderful spmt whlch IS typlcal of every Flshburne team QF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOGL W7 nn l l l ' , zer, i , , , arner, o , A er. Cool: C p ai 'e, ocor , a en, i , n o , ' er, Brobeclc Hac e , u' , ogle Cilley, Hite, Butterfoss, Ochs, Nxfebb fcaptainl, Allison, Warren, Neagle e e V, c ' er , . . J. . , , if ,f ' , ' . , A " , , 'Y ' M Q fi ' ' ,Q ' , Y fi ' 1, ' ' ' , Q U5 Nl g Smth t 1 H V THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM The Frshburne qulntet took to the floor m its first game wlth almost no practlce The Garnet and Gold flve was handlcapped throughout the season by the lack of a regular gymnasium The spotllght of the season was the Staunton game Coolcle and Carts lecl the scoring for the year The basketball team as a whole should be congratulated for rt has agaxn shown the loyalty and sportsmanship typlcal of a Frshburne team BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F M S R M A S M A Hargrave A M A R M A E Hargrave E S lVl A Woodberry Forest A M A St Chrxstophers F6 THE NINETEEN FOR-VY TAPS Shores fmanagerj, Butlerfoss, en es, i , Whi ener Cap ain Carroll, utchison, Parker, G., Booth, Carter Qcaptainj Cook, D., Vass, anViclsle I9 ......,,......,...,........,,.,....,.,,............. . . .........,..,..............,...............,........ . 23 35 ,...,,,..........,....,....,........................ . . .........................,...............,.......,.. . 42 Z9 ,.,.,,,,,,..,,,,...............................,,.., .......................,...,.........,.....,........ 4 6 24 ,,,,..,,,.,,,.......................,,,..,,,.....,,, . . ...................,.................,...,.,........ . 41 34 ....,.................,....,....,................... . . .........................................,...,,..... . Z9 22 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,.,..................... Woodberry Forest ....,.........,.............s.,,....,,....,,,. 24 I9 ,,,.,,,,,,,.,,................................,.,... V. . S .,...........,.......,,,.....,..,.,.,.,..,,,.,,,,.... 30 37 ......,................................,..........., ...........................,........................ 4 6 39 ,,,,,...,,...........,................,............, V. . S ...................,..,.........,.....,.........,.... 3l 33 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.............,,...................... . . ........,.............,,.....,....,........,,...,,,, , 31 25 ,.,,.......................................... ..........................................,.,. 3 2 44 ,,.,.,,,,,,,,.............,.......,........,....,... . . ...............................,,................... . 30 32 .,.................,,........,.....,............ . ' , ..................,.....,....,......,........... 46 gFxHl K tN WndlShld pl I TH E BASEBALL TEAM The Garnet and Gold nme was one of the better teams of the year This team stood out wlth 1ts cool level headed brand of baseball and nts general all around showing Throughout the season they dlsplayed fast freldmg and proved to be no weaklmgs at the p ate Bud Cook and has right arm agam showed excellent abrhty on the mound Gregory proved to be a better than average battery mate The mfleld composed of Hume Fisher Carter and Whltener demonstrated themselves to be an alrtlght defense Butterfoss Parker G and Menges kept the outer gardens well patrolled The Corps salutes the baseball team for lts fme showing and teamwork BASEBALL SCHEDULE R M A A M A Woodberry Forest Hargrave Academy St Chrlstopher s Open V E S S M A R M A A M A V E S S M A OF FIS!-IBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL T Y l w Ahlber , o , as er. Ale. ander, Stuar , ., Warner, i e, ie s Hillcoclc, Ca ain Brooks Whitener, Parker, G., Loy, Gregory, Carter, Hume, Cook, D., Menges But erfoss, Fisher l . i.. C plain D rs Maxwell H Blades B ol: ck C Captan Wylie St rey Shu lds Hayden Sklnn H c ck B rlck Lachmlll O hs W nsl w Barnes Wan n C lc rd VanVl kl D ehsle ohnson Nichols Flourn y G n r S lush y Kn l TH E TRACK TEAM The track team tarted off the season wlth a great deal of green maternal nevertheless the team as a whole drd not let thelr mexperlence hamper them Larry Smlth agam stood out m the 440 and the hrgh Jump Garner dns played a good showmg m the mule Puttmg the shot Nlchols surprrsed all with hrs unexpected vxctorres Moose ohnson agam proved hrmself the old stand by m Javelm and dlscus throws Captain P D Wylle coachlng the track events and Captam Blackwell Davls the field events should be congratulated for thelr thorough job ln de velopmg thelr squad Laurels to another Flshhurne team' TRACK SCHEDULE Woodberry Forest V E S R M A State Meet 08 TI-IE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS a ' av , , ., , r e , ., 1 o , 'e , , ' er, an 0 , ar ' , ' er, c i 0 , , e , 0 o , 'C e, re r, -I , ' e , ar e , a' ur , i se Q . . . 5' f . , , . . . . U ,, . . . ' ' fl ' ,Q il ' 7' ' ' ' U . . . . N ,, J . . ' CI' ' ,Q 55 ' ,Y - , . . . , , - . . . I- I 0 d d b TH E SWIMMING TEAM The swlmmmg season rolled around to hnd many cadets trying o t for the team The Flshburne tank men emoyed a farrly successful season Mallrson led the scores and was outstandmg rn all events and was closely followed by Blood Flshburne again came back from the interscholastic meet at V P I wrth a second place and a strmg of medals ThlS year found our swrmmers hattermg several of the old pool records Great Improvement durlng the season was shown by Cook R and Lowe Flshburne IS lookmg forward to another successful season SWIMMING SCHEDULE F M s M U ofV Frosh M A lVl andl. Froh State Meet an OF FIQI-IBURINIE MILITARY SCHOOL I . Bloc , Cook, R., Ward, D., Shields, R. Crain. Harris fmanagerj. Cochran, H. Lowe, Hay en, Jaco i, Warren Davenport, Mallison . . S . i 40 .......................................... R. . A .......,.,...........,.,,.. ..,,,.....,.... 2 I 22 .................................... . . ........,..........,.,....,.....,., .44 I9 .......................................... S. . A .....................,,.,...,.........,,... 47 Z7 ...,............,...............,,........ . . A ..,....,.,,,.., ,,,...r.c.,,.,,,,...,,...c,. 3 9 33 ...........,...... I ................. W. . s ,...,,.,......,,,..,.,.,,,.,,,,,,.,. 32 's MIDGET FOOTBALL Lowe Dameron Lyon Flournoy Van Vickie Little Parker Mellott Clevenger Captain Williams Hershey Loving J V BASKETBALL deflarmo Repettl Warner Platkln Little Parker H Macwilliams 0 Tl-IE NINETEEN FORTY TAPS Milton, Roberts, Covington, Hutchings, Houck, Cook, deGarmo, Kinsel, TENNIS TEAM th Fy r ll 1 W d D Klby 1 GF FIS!-IBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL Hu c ison, l nn, Shores, Beir, Davenport, Smithwick GOLF TEAM Cap ain Carro , Wildman, Jordan, Boo h, Fox, ar , ., i , deG DOCK FIVE 5 X We a4!vf'vezfi4ez.4 if ir if 'lr ir 'A' ir ir STOVER S B Y R D S ELECTRICAL SHOP G Rl L L GENERAL REPAIR WORK EI CIIICOI Appluomces WALTERS FRUIT AND IDEAL SHOE SHOP PRODUCE CO A R ON R WHOLESALE ERUITS Cf Nl, PIODUCE ETC SOUTHERN INDUSTRIAL A 93009 PLACE LOAN CORPORATION T0 EAT PERSONAL WAYNESBORO CAFE LOANS W , X G DONT SAY DRUG, STORE SAY FISHBURNES We HOVG Ser ed The COdetS for Eufty YeOrS LET US CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU CANDIES SODAS STATIONERY SCI-IOOL JEWELRY I I VVQNIIQSIJOIO, VO x OIT I O , E L 'IA If VOII If OIES N 7 . St I VIIQIVIIO NN'Oi,'m:SbOrO, VIVQIIIIO VVOVIOSIJOIO, XIINJIIIIQ GW IOIIYQSTOIO, f'Ir IIIIO l If ' FAIRFAX HALL JUNIQR CQLLEQE PQR GIRLS PARK STATIDN NN AYNTSISOI O MII C INIA COLLECE DEPARTMENTS FLIIIN Amred tai by Stbre BQQVI of Eduecmc I LIBERAL ARTS SECRETARIAI EINE ARTS DEPARTMENT MUSIC DRANIATICS ART CDLLEGE PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT Member oIS0LIII1em Assocuclruon of Cc IIGQQS end Secondbry Seb IQIS Cbfulrq rw Request D S f" D Q' , Q ,H OOO U ff' , I JL, I L V 'TI' Member of Amerucgcm AssbCIQfIor1 of Jumor CbIIeges D . 3 T L19 , I 'D DAD S be ' 2 , '. Q C90 b 1' O WATCHES DIAMONDS pAUL FREED Nnc Snlyervvore Jewelry YOUR FORD AND ARNOLDS JEWELRY STORE MERCURY DEALER Q30 W Mom Street ProfessIonoI Wotch ond Jewelry M Reootnng WAYNESBORO VIRGINIA RCA VICTOR RADIOS OFT VICTROLAS BARKS DALE'S Ref, A Sure Way To Wm A Fortune -4 7"'! nronot E ROUSI-XFI1 s nfl Yflten 1 mln lt ISIII I sulmst lllll tl fortune 'Intl xx ants one lt trd enou I1 hell ttlxe Lhtntu to et It But the only vs .lx to get ll wlthout ttlxtn thamu IS to ttl L out Llle Insurtnce For ne trly sexents yctrs We lmlve been Q lltn foolproof fortunes ftt not Ibly low rates Let us show you how e my tt 19 to trr H156 for one to In tx nl tlwle when you or your f.1mIly xull l1LLCl1KIl1USK The Llfe Insurance Company of Vlrglnla BRADIORD H WALKER Pre :dent RICH VIOND l4Jtab!zfbed187 , . 1 L- .Q-' ,, Ox, Y' -. 'V pi , T54 A 1. 15 N' 'fr 1 2 -. '-ff ,E I :- : " ,x X Z .--'L' . 'gf- slff " -J .-1 ,R L. "J 5 'Lg w ,I -- 'illlrid . - . - - - .. S Q is v I I - T . - , 4. . " ez U l 1"'a" I". a H - as ",' av it . 1 Q ' If 'Q . 1 .e ' g . . L ' .. . . f H." . 1 1 Y , I yf I 1 1 1 v Y ' I V' X x I 1 . . . 1 1 . . . . . . . A n , 1 1 I . , I I , COMPLIMENTS Whzte Way Laundry Sm mio V Q GYO WHITE WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY OF Lf rw, TV mm PHQNE Qf69:p ll THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK WAY NESBOI O VA SGLICITS BUSINESS IN THE EQLLGWING DEPARTMENTS Commerclol Sovmgs Trust Collection Sole Deoosuls Ml Ml I lx EIDI TAL DI I0 ll INSUI AINICE CORPOI AIIQN THE GENERAL WAYNE HOTEL MUDEITN Ell ERRCDGE A Grenoble I-lofel WAYNESIJORQ VIRGINIA Compllmemg Of EOR GOODNESS SAKE EAT FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY BETTY LEWIS PRINTERS BREAD I I 2 , ' I UNITED ST"HTl S ANI? CIT Y DIQRQSITORY , Aw I ii ' 'J S Q ko Q ' Q A Q x AUGUSTA FURNITURE CO RADIJS LAMPS CHAIIS KT out fa AUGUSTA DRY CLEANERS AND TAILORS MODE t N SXXNI WX! NE BARNRS Wa Y ILQWI I S AND LO! SAC! 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RINTING IS the great con structwe force of the modern c1vIlIzed world It plays the Inchspensable pwrt In the d1ssem1n.1tIon of news IH the expressIon and progressIon of pol1tIcal Ideals In the records and exchange of commerce and Industry I democrauzes educat1on scIence art mus1c and broadens the scope of everythmg It touches To apprec1ate ICS hlgh place In the esteem of an enhghtened World PRINTING MUST BE WELL DONE Our offer Ing to the cause of BETTER PRINTING 1S REPRESENTED IN THIS ANNUAL J P BELL ooMPANY INC 816 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA if -A-,5i3'lN..-A If Q THE IMPRINT GF PRIDE l U ' . c Autogmphs , 4 1 F A A . ,. n I 4. . 1

Suggestions in the Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA) collection:

Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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