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lin ' i ' iNfliiS ' ri ' i ' ilPiTJf PUBLIC LIBRARV 3 1833 01891 8992 n: IDe, the Class of Nineteen Tiuenty --three, as a token of our high esteem, personal re-- qard, and appreciation of the interest taken in school aflairs, dedicate luith great pride and af ection this, the Nineteenth Uolume of CfAPS to Cdptdin Henri Hdrrison Simms our greatlij admired Instructor in English and Historic ■■% 1 - ' — 1TOjn " , n Hjk ' » I ' 1 fl Captain William Harrison Simms ' - - V Ct)Cv3C!3C C?3Cv3C!3C CS]C?3Cr!C!3C!3Ct]Ct]Ct )?L- ' ' ' iv.;;i (I ' M JO I 1 EMORIES are among the greatest sources of pleasure to everjone who has completed a worthy task. When we have fmished our prep sch( career, and stand at the end of the trail, the pleasures whicl we have long looked forward to have become realities and are gone, never to be brought back except in the most en- dearing memories. During the past years of our school life we have been laying the foundation of these memories, and it is our am- bition to make this book an accurate record of the joys and sorrows of those years. If some time in tlie long future we read these pages and live again our life at dear old Alma Matt;r, when we were just starting on the hard highways of life, with our schoolmates of bygone da}s, (nir purpose has then been a success, since this is only a memory book. C!]C!3C C C!3(t3[t][t]Ct]Ct][t3C?3C?3C?3Ct][:t 1 Jf j£i})burne jWilitarp djool Founded 1879 An English, Classical, and Scientific School, Designed to Pre- pare Bo3 ' S and Young Men for College, University, or Success- ful Business Life. AIM It is the purpose of the Principal and his associates in the Faculty to have here an institution which shall rank as first-class in everything tliat constitutes true worth, and from which shall go forth loyal, earnest, industrious Christian boys and young men, well equipped for the duties and responsibilities of life, and, above all else, to maintain a high standard of honor and integrity in the Corps of Cadets. ADVANTAGES Location and Climate unexcelled; New Fireproof Barracks; Modern Equipment ; Numbers limited ; Personal Supervision ; Honor System ; Thorough Instruction under College Graduates ; Supervised Study ; All branches of Athletics ; Honor Member of Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States ; Member of Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United .States ; Graduates admitted to leading Universities, West Point, and Naval Academy; Junior Unit of R. O. T. C. vmder the U. S. War Department; Esprit de Corps excellent; Cadet Band; Public Speaking Classes; Dramatic Club; Annual visits to University of Virginia, Monticello, Washington and Lee University, Virginia Military Institute, Natural P ridge, and the Nation ' s Capital. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllMllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Major Morgan H. Hudgins MAJOR MAX G. PATTRRSON, B. S. ( iradiiatcd from VN ' arren Training School, Chatham, ' a., 19(19. (jracUiatcd from Virginia Alilitary Institute 1913 with B. S. degree in Civil Engineering Department. Instructor and Com- mandant of Cadets, Fishlmrne Military School,. 1913 to 1917. Received appointment to Second Oliicers Training Camp, Fort Meyer, Va., and was commissioned Captain Infantry Novem- her, 1917. Promoted to Major Infantry October, 1918. Re- ceived discharge from service December, 1919. Commissioned Major, Infantry Section, Reserve Corps, February, 1920. Commandant of Cadets and Instructor in Mathematics, Fish- burne Military School since January, 1920. MA.IOU JA. 1I-,S 1 . BYROAI Graduate of West Point, 1914. Major U. S. A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Fishburne Military ScIkioI since 191S. CQ [J kJ hJ rt w i- cq o U o u ' J ' l , o 5 o o o J 5 5 t Q - rt J rt OJ u C C nJ c X IX u o fc pq O ' j ' j 3 ' - ' • " u 2l c " -I £ s: rt : O " ffi jf != " ,1 -1 f- " o ■ — . b j ' o S o 1 o (X) , ON t« ' — ■5 =:. ' J C f - ' f ' ) hburne A om Was! and Eng Latin an French and La ice-Consu 1918, to on at Fis 1 1 " r 2; ted from . B. degree tor in Lai Instructor Instructor r in Engl American from Apri former po 2 ; y .. .. o . ' ;- r . j -OJo; c •£ t;; E E - 2 E S 3 --J c 5 rt ' u J ) , — 1 c , , o rv) s ' V ( ) Q On - ni , „ M TlJ S ' 1-. o 22 : -s p M ii fe « — I OJ ■ — OJ ' .S S ' bo K -S - • rt X p .§ - Di r;: w E £ •-M 1 — 1 " x:; H - — ' 5 -5 o ns o o u r: ' O £ .i; £ ' O u o S K P5 X (LI D u L ■ i rt li bo ,-J • i-H QJ d rt . j S bo g a •-I 1 J o r O o u U rt Q CO CQ o J U Q ai , X 1-. u - c ; 12; I — 1 - . - ; " ' rt H fin rt E o rj CO ON v- rt C fe 03 a ' 1 ' " " .Th I — I f 1 Oi 6 o o Wl ' — ' u, p 14 clT o S O O l-c CO C4 tn C 1 m C hS o ■ u ' Tr. ' S rt Q u u . , , o OJ J (X v rt (J r ' o CO J o u i:lh OJ u s ni m PL, — . ;-i: " rt r ' T ' r ' QJ K " rt c m S- f Q S u ;-i OJ C ) fe ' i J 03 OJ m t T rt CJ t:; u OJ OJ 03 c !-- G O U " CO Pi W O pq CO W 5 Q W u E C CU Q to c a, cu W ; , JS rt !X dj a! Q E g bo cT) rt o ni LO K +H m " O rt 6 o - , ' u l- d On ft CO a (V b j oi OJ C hJ " o C ' ( m U CJ [ ) ; 1 — 1 -t— ' C g o o o 5 n tj J? c in , d n: ■■ -7 l 5i rt g J crj o - r C e O Ui i n3 1- nJ pH QJ H 03 Q i O o rt (U 4- ' rt 6 u CO P o O o %. CO [ 3 2: CO 2 ?■ H ' C U OJ 1- o u C CO ' hn ►-! C ' o CO " £ c D o , Wi d p rt Ji w — rt -J. ITi ' g o . bfj ll o 5 m p H g o E 2 ■+H b j 1 — I n; o H 03 ' Cl, D 0! U f »1 u. Q, ( (Nl i-Xh 3 (Nl ON c " C " :ii u o rt 1- ' 0 u w 1-. 17! 3 Q S t ! vJ !=; c s X- ' J i- ' O 1 1 ;-= OJ •3 On c V u nj u •; 5 — t p J - -. C 0; U; o j , i — ' ■ - ' tJH 2; 3 " c " ; o; o , 03 j- tfi f n! (U o ■5 o c 03 rt c " r (1) 3 rt c V-. O H u flJ.HUDGlNS C . PATTIRStU CAP! PiChsoH ' 4j -?A- -. C %- (garnet anb (Solir O, F. M. S., within thy walls I ' ve many a 1 cattle fought ; I ' ve struggled in th - spacious halls For victory dearly [nought. Within m} ' breast my heart beats warm, It never shall grow cold, To thee and to thy colors dear. The Garnet and Gold. ' Neath time on his on-sweeping march My hair will turn to gray, And I ' ll look l)ack with sad desire Upon that halcyon day. When first I pr(nidly donned them In the joyous days of (jld ; And ever after now the two. The Garnet and Gold. From far away where time has swept Me on his heaving wave, I look to see you once again ( Ere resting in the grave. I must come back to ' ou once more And stray amid the fold, And view tlie s]iot where once I wore The Garnet and (iold. This poem was taken from the first volume of Taps ever published and was written bv an alumnus. Hisitorp S TH1 2 slowlv ch ' in - cml:)ers fade into oblivi(jn, llaming In ' ightly until the end and leaving an afterglow, so shall the Class of " 1923 " draw to a successful close its stay at Fishburne, and as tlie afterglow of the dying embers remains, even though it be in- visible, so shall the memory of the class of 1923 stand, silent but continuallw gcme but not forgotten, dimmed by time, yet hal- lowed b ' N ' ear.s. The class of 1923 has gone through " thick and thin, " from those memorable days of " Rats, " until the attainment of that dignified position of Seniors, and as the class looks back over its cadetship days, a tear creeps in each eye, for the realization that our cadet days are now at an end, has tinged the feelings of the Class with sorrow. The History of the Class of ' 2?) is made famous by its stars of the athletic field and classroom. The following members of the class were stars in their re- spective l)ranch of athletics: On the football team were Branch, who made all- State half-back this year; Bean, Morris, Ridgewell, J., Woods, Chappell, and Bell — on the Basketball Quintet were Woods, Bean, and Nutter — on the Baseball team Capt. Branch, Nutter, Bell, and Cheek. The scholastic record of the Class is equally as brilliant and dazzling as is its Athletic record, for as many as ten of its members are found on the Honor Roll each month. Among these are : Poole, H., Duffy, Fishburne, E., Forbell, Crier, F., Nicholson, Stansbury, Parker, Pattie, and Howard. The foremost I)el)aters, those highest in military rank, and t he ma- jority of the members of the combined Staffs of the Taps and " C. 0., " are claimed by the class of 1923. Truly, a model Senior Class is this! And now the sad part comes — that of saying farewell. Onr stay at Fish- burne has been pleasant, and as we part from the scenes of our Alma Mater, our hearts go out to thee — blshburne ! We are proud of her, proud of the ideals and principles set forth to us, and as we, the class of ' 22 , go out into regions unknown, it is our sincere desire that some day we may make Fishburne feel proud of the teachings which it has so faithfully instilled in our minds. Our heart goes to the patient and untiring Instructors who have in a large measure shaped our destinies. Our ways must part, dear classmates, but the ideals and principles of the class remain as one, and when in the future we iind moments in which to rest, our thoughts will invariably carry us back to memories of the " Hill. " ■ May the Class of 1923, though scattered throughout the four corners of the globe, have many joyous and frequent reunions. Farewell! Fellow Cadets! Farewell ! HoWAKD, ' 23. LEWIS L. ALLEN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. " Al " Matriculated 1922 First Year : Private Co. " B, " Wrestling Squad, Football Squad, Track Squad, Swimming Team, Rifle Team, Cotillion Cluli, W. Va, Chill, Pul)lic Sjicaking. We have all seen good men come and go at old F. Ivl. S., and here is another notable addition, who will be missed by many. This is " Al ' s " first and last year on the " hill, " and none can say that he has not done his best for b ' isliliurne. His ])ersonality and good humor have gained for him a large number of friends, both in school and out. " Al " first won our admiration and praise in the classroom, being a " shark " in most any subject. His ability, howe er, is not con- fined to academic work, he hits the line as hard as any in footliall, as well as hitting the bullseye nuist every time. His resolute perseverence and determination are indeed great assets, and with these qualities, in ad- dition to his character, we have no fear for his future. While " Al " is not a devoted " Lady ' s man, " he docs spend a large part of his time writing to his girl " back home. " " Al " is always in a good humor, and ready to help out and do his i)art in anything asked of him. We ' ll miss you, " boy, " but the Class of ' 23 is for you and wishes ' ou every success. ANDREW BELL (;rf.f,nsb()R(), n. c. ■ -liuly " M AlKICULA ' IKI) 1922 Eirst Year: I ' rivate Co. " B, " Varsity Foot- hall, ( ' i.fillion Clul), N. C. Chili, Piililic Speaking. This is " Andy ' s " first year with us and we are sorry he did not join us sooner. Then too, we wish he was going to he with us hinger, for we woukl hke to see him when he reaches that higher point that we know he will attain. He came to us with a good athletic record, and he has lived up to it. He was a mainstay in the hackfield ol the fo()tl alI team of ' 2Z, and is some- what of a " horse " on the cinder path. " Andy " leaves us with the intention of at- tending Carolina next year. Here ' s luck, " y ndv, " from the Class of ' 23. HENRY BOTELER eminence, ky. Matriculated 1920 First Year : Private Co. " A, " Travelers • hill. Second Year; I ' rixatc Co, " A, " Travelers Clul , Public Speaking. Third Year : Private Co. " A, " Cosmopolitan Club, I ' ulilic Speaking. Here we have lief ore us, kind readers, a lad who hails frcmi the nati(jnally-known " i;i;ie Grass Country " — Kentucky — further- more, we ha e been told that he hails (not being able to locate his home town on any of our maps, wc were forced ti i ask his Hume State friends as to what iiart of Kentucky he resides in) frcim the " Bluest " section of the " Blue Grass " country. Henry did not return to us after Christmas last year. He decided to try Tennessee Mili- tary Institute. September, 1922, found Henry back in our midst, and he recei ed a hearty welcome. He says that T. Al. I. is a good school, but dear old Fishburne has them all beat. He neither dances nor is he an athlete, but let us tell y( iu he (hies find enjoyment in lircarms. The number of weapons in his room reminds one of an ar- senal ; howe er, he does not believe in dis- l)laying them. Henry is a ratlier quiet, (U ' ep-thinking lad, and he keeps to himself most of the time, ne cr-the-less he has many friends in school. He exhibits much interest in the many phases of school life, and during his stay with us liis conduct has remained free from all blemishes. Where wc will next hear from him is unknown, for he is undecided as to what liis life ' s work shall be, but some day we e.xpcct in- formation relative to the fact that he " made good. " - u rc -oir. " Piootler, " old man. JA: :rES LEONARD BRANCH PETKRSI ' .l. ' kC, VIRI.i NIA " Bll(j " ArATUICULA ' ll.ll 1920 iM ' rst Year: ] -i atc C ' k " 1!, " Varsity l " " itliall, Raseliall SihukI, kiiil.rr Cutillion ( lull, Memlier Virginia Chili. Second Year: i ' ri ate Cm. " ] , " Varsity iMx.tliall, Varsity JSaseliall, Alemlier Cotillion Cluli, Hup Committee, Aionogram Cluh, Vice-Presi- dent Virginia Chili; Social lulitor " C. (J. " Tliii ' d Year: Sergeant Co. " II, " X ' arsity iMioti.all, . 11-State Half-hack, Ca|itaiii J ' .asehall, I ' resideiit Cotillion Cluh, Vice- I ' resident Vh ' rginia Cluh, .Monogram Chili, Social h-ditor Tai ' S. N ' aturally, Virginia is his State, where they raise such hoys, and as I ' etershurg is one ol the tild aristocratic towns, he start- ed there. It was a goo l send-olT. He has ke|it nil his i)ace e er since, except for oc- casional spurts to keep his strenuous hlood ii]! to circulation cajiacity. This strenuous- ness and likahleness ha e made him one of the most pojiular hoys of h islilinrne and heljied him to do real things on the foothall and hasehall teams. Some hoys might he s:itislied with that, luU not J. L. 11 He has put new life into the t otillion Cluh, the Virginia Cluh, and arious other social functions. His wmk as social editor of Tai ' s is more than good, and adils much in- terest to the annual. Nor is it a small thing to he .MhState Half-hack. Trnlx-, the hoy is no ordinary LSranch of the h ' ishhnrne Tree, and when he sexers himself for a Branch of larger growth it will leave the whole remaining " limlis of I ' ishhurne mournin.g. j Iay he win many laurel leaves to wreathe ahoxe his head. CHARLES G. BURTON, JR. DANVUXK, VA. " Pal " Iaikicuateii 1922 First Year; I ' rivate Co. " A, " Wrestling Team, Ride Team, Virginia Chit), Cotillion Clnl), rul)lic S])eaking. dentle readers, 1)ehol(l the prodigy of the wonderful eity of Danville, Va. There he gives all of the fairer sex an equal treat, and enjoys sunshine by day, and moonshine liy night. " Pat " takes a lively interest in all the school activities, that arc sponsored hy Alaj. Patterson, and many that are not. When he first came to us he showed every one that he was capable of standing among the highest in his classes. To us " Pat ' s " future seems exceedingly bright, for we know that his great resourcefulness will cn- a1)le him to attain any high mark in life that lie may set as his goal. So long, " Pat, " the Class of ' 2i wishes yon every success in li fo. . u Revoir. JAMES R. CHAPELL BRISTOL, VIKI.INJA " Jim " Matkiculatkii 1921 Eirst Year: Private Cn. " A, " E(Hit1)all .S(iiia(l, VV ' restlinii Team, N ' irginia I ' luli, Ln- tillion dull, Piililic Speaking. Second Year: Sergeant di. " A, " Varsity Euotliall, Vir- ginia (lull, Cntillinn ( ' lull, Mnntigram Cluli, Public Speaking, Ihisiness Manager Taps. " Jim " came t(i us last year and at (ince made himself loved liy all, due jiartly to his pleasing personality and ]iartly to his ex- cellent school spirit. Me is always in a good humor, and just as willing to hel]i one of the hoys as to escort one of the " lair sex " to a lance, or make one ol his sjiec- tacular plays on the gridiron. S]ieaking ol the " fair sex " reminds us that " Jim " is one of our most widely known " social lions, " luuing lieen present at e ery school and private entertainment during his two years ' sojourn with us. We hear that he has an " Affaire d ' amour " in e ery town trom Bristol to Eort I )efiance ; howexer, this is only one of his minor attainments. It is on the gridiron where " jim " really " shines. " His first year it was disco ered that all he lacked was a little veight, when he re- turned this year all who saw our star center could readily see that he had gained this re- quirement. East year " Jim " was one ol our most military " Keydets, " and he has lieen rewarded this year with raiiid a l ance- metits now lieing thi ' highest ranking sec- ond year man on the hill, kie expects to enter V. P. E next year, where we all wish him the same success that he has met with here; no cine could wish him more. ALEXANDER JONES CHEEK HENDERSON, N. C. ■ ' " ■ ■■ " Slim " Matriculated 1922 First Year : Private Co. " A, " Baseball Squad, Basketball Squad, Tennis Team, Rifle Team, Cotillion Club, Carolina Club, Public Speaking. " Slim " is another one of those proud North Carolina " Tar Heels, " and a great booster of it. Although this is his first year, he has gained many friends, not only among the new cadets, but also stands ex- ceptionally well with the ' ' Old Fellows. " He " got this way " by attending to his own business and doing the things which are right. We might not call him an athlete in every sense of the word, but he has proven that he possesses spirit. He missed the basket-ball team by the narrowest margin, and was a valuable member of the baseball squad. Pie is one of those long-legged, happy-go-lucky fellows who mixes with everyone. Well, old boy, we will be sorry to have you leave us, but we know the world will gain another good citizen. FRANC IS DLilvFY NICW ISIiKN, N. C. ■■Dnf AIa ' ikicui.aikii 1921 First Year: Private Co. " A, " N. C. Clul., Cutilliim CIuli, Pulilic Siieaking. Second Year; Private Co. " A, " N. C. Cluli; Cotil- lion Ckib, Public Speaking, Rille Team. Francis came to ns in those last l)leak clays ri[ October, l)Ut it was not long before we learned of his cheerful disposition. I ' heiugh " I-)uf " was not an acti e memlicr uf any Varsity team, with the e. cei)tion of the rille team, he v as never to l)e lound lagging when there was something to lie done for the men. And e ery game saw Inm boisteriously rooting the teams on to ictory. In academic work we did not find him lacking. He was a man of unusual lit- erary taste, b ir his literary letters he is known, and perhaps this accounts for the number of epistles we ha e seen endorsed with a feminine hand. His ability in the use of Fnglish is not limited to the abo e, liut as a debater he ranks among the most pre-eminent of the school. . nd " Duf, " what you have added to Fishburne may you add to everybody, and every place along the road of life — and in doing this without a ib.iubt you will be the tremendous success that the Class of ' Z3 wishes you to be. ELBERT NEWTON DUPUY BECKLEY, W. VA. " Nczvt " Matriculated 1921 First Year : Private Co. " A, " W. Va. Cluli, Cotillion Club, Class Football. Sec- ond Year : Corporal Co. " A, " Sergeant Co. " A, " Swimming Team, W. Va. Clul), Co- tillion Club, " C. Q. " Staff, Platoon Basket- ball. " Newt " or " Doop, " as he is called, is a true full-l)looded mountaineer, fresh from the coal fields of West Virginia. He en- tered barracks last year with a diploma from Beckley Irligh, and leaves this year with the honor of having more units than any other member of the class. Nor do his honors stop in the Academic Department. " Newt " is one of the two second-j ' car men in the school who ranks above a corporal. " Newt " had only been with us for a short while when he became known to the " old men " as the best " mister " on the hill, and as an athlete " Doop " has done his bit for F. M. S. He was a member of the swim- ming team and starred for his platoon in basket-ball. We find it hard to do him justice in the short space alloted him in the Annual, and if space permitted, volumes could- be written on the good traits of this West Virginia lad. Well, " Doop, " old man, we feel sure there will be an awful scram- ble among the " Co-eds " at the University of West Virginia next fall when you enter, but in your brilliant career try and remem- ber your old classmates at F. M. S., for they will always think of Elbert Newton Dupuy. w - ELLIOTT G. FISHBURNL WAVNESIIOKO, VA. •7 ' ! (( v " ALmrlcui.atkii 1920 First Year: Private Co. " A, " ir.uinia Club, Cotillion Chili, Rille Team. Second Year: Corporal Co. " . , " Virginia Cluli, Cotillion Cluli, Public Speaking. Third Year: Second Lieutenant and Quarterruas- ter Co. " A, " Cotillion Club, Virginia Club, .l ' iil)lic Speaking, .As.sistant b ' .ditur " C. ( . " blliott, better known tn bis brother Kcy- dets as " Plinity, " is another of those rare j)ersons whom one likes to meet at all times. He always has a good word for you. " I ' linity " is the possessor of jierson- ality that compels friendship, anfl is one cif the best examples of true character that the class of ' Z3 can boast. He is a gentleman at all times, and has won a deep iilace in all our hearts. We shall point with pride to the fact that " Plinity " was one of our classmates. " Plinity made his " helmt " on the campus in Septemlier, 1920, when his name was added to the exclusive town ca- dets roll. Generally sjieaking, his first year ' was comparatively quiet, but being an ex- ]ionent of the " W. K. " Terpsichorean art, he made a considerable name for himself in social circles. His ability, however, is not confined to any one line of endeavor. He is alse) a shark in the classroom, which C]uality began to attract attention his second year, when he was a regular member of the ninety per cent, class. His rise in ranks also shows his marked qualities and his ad- ancement along military lines has been ra])id. Like a number of us, he is a mem- ber of the Royal Order of the " H. G. ' s " and may be seen most any afternoon down on the Avenue with some fair one. He never misses a dance, and on the dance floor one may hear any numlier of (|ueries as to " Who is that cute little boy they call Plinity? " We do not know where " Plinity " expects to enter school next fall, but wdicre er he goes the Class of ' 23 wishes liim the best of e erything in the world, and unlimited success. Wiwi " " 1 " |V w m ■ ? ( A mmX2 . ' wmmtm V Hpfl r i s vpn " m 51SS i -y JOSEPH BROWN FLOYD OXFOKU, N. C. ' ,. " loc " Matriculated 1922 First Year: ] ' ri atc Co. " A, " Cotillion Cluli, N. C. Cluh, Rifle Team, Public Speaking, Wrestling Squad, Track Squad. Behold, readers, this sturdy " Tar-Heel " who tackles e erything and leaves nothing. " Joe " did not have the good luck to make the wrestling team, liut he ca|iturcd a place on the Rifle Team, and he shows great promise in Track. As a speaker " Joe " will get there },ct, tor as a spell-binder he can- not lie beaten. With the true pleasure-seek- ing spirit of a typical " Tar-Heel, " " Joe " has not missed a dance, and at the Fancy Dress he sure did " prance. " During his stay here at school, he has done his duty and upheld the liigh standards set forth to him by others at old F. AI. S. With true consistency and high ability he is worthy of the praise of any man. As a " ladies ' man " — you had better beware, girls, for some day " Joe " is going to break some hearts, lint it should be considered an honor to ha e it dnne by such a fine, and we will warrant that many are the resting places for this " old-timer ' s " jiicture. So here ' s hoping that luck will be with you, and that next 3 ' ear you will carry on witli the same zeal and interest at Carolina as you ha e exhibited here. Farewell, " Joe, " old man, may Fate lead you to a most successful des- tination. EUAIlN ' l) CLU ' TO.X J ' URBELL KIJCKVILI.E CEiNTER, L. 1., . Y. " Tf c v " Al AIKU.LILAIICII 1920 First Year: ] ' ri ate Cn. " A, " ' l " ra clcrs C ' lul). Second Year: I ' rivate Co. " A, " Travelers Clul), Swimming Team, I ' liMic Speaking. Tliird Year: Sergeant (O. " A, " Cosni(i])(ililan ( " hili, Swimming Team, Foeit- liall S(iiia l, Lotillion Cluh. In " English Ed " we ha e a character of whom we are ery mucli proud, lie came to us in the fall ni ' 20 frcjm the ieinity of New Yuri:, lie at once liecame a shining light in the classroom and cadet gatherings. " Eddy " leaves a great record at F. M, S. in academic work. Most of oiir hrilliant scholars have a si)ecialty in which th. ' y gain their classroom fame, Imt " Eddv " masters all of liis classes with equal suc- cess. The work of this cadet has keen a great factor in making our aquatic sport a ]iop dar leatnre in {• ' ishhurne athletics, and lor his diligent woi ' k in the ])ooI the C ' ir]is give him much credit. " Eddy " is always ready to give any of us a heli)ing hand, whether it was Alath, Latin, Science, m- J iteraturc, he proved himself capable of his willing guidance. " Eddy ' s " ambitions are aimed effectively toward sur.gei ' v, a very worthv business for one of his ability, and we jiredict lor him a great success in this field. So in 194. we, the Class of ' 2?:. will have our nieuKu-ies recalled to " P " ,ngiisli J ' ,d, " the Kcydet, when wc read of l)r. For- be!l in " Who ' s who in surgery. " ■K i .7 f. . - •. , Sis 5 % FRANK RICHARDS GRIER MILFORD, DELAWARE " Frank " . C. Matriculated 1922 First Year : Pri ate Co. " B, " Travelers Club, Pulilic Speaking, Baseball Squad. Second Year : ] ' ri ate Co. " B, " Cosmopo- litan Cluli, Pul)lic Speaking. Here we present to you a cadet whom we are more than proud to call a member of the Class of ' 23. Although he makes excel- lent grades in any subject that he takes, he is acknowledged as our greatest mathema- tician and Pythagaros himself did not have a thing on him. " Frank " did not join our nridst until after Christmas of last year, but in this comparatively short space of time he has made many friends among the ca- dets, due to his good humor and fine traits, and because of the fact that he is always willing to hold out a helping hand to those who need it. He says that his apparent lack of interest in the " fair sex " is not be- cause he is a " woman-hater, " but merely that he can find better use for his tim.e. Although we think that the few minutes with the ladies are very well spent, every man has a right to his own opinions. Since " Frank ' s " entry into a life where a man steps in and makes himself just what his ideals are, he has held the highest esteem of the faculty and corps, individually and collectively, having proven to us that he is a boy with high determinations, with a character that has no blemishes. " Frank " leaves us this year, and whate er his life work shall be the Class of ' 23 wishes and expects great results from him, remember- ing that " Where there ' s a will there ' s a way, " and he has the will to achieve great things in the future. MART V. CRll l ' ITIIS i;iaKi,Kv, w, VA. ' ■Afoiisc " AlATklCULAThll 192.1 First Year: IviHc Team, FcMjtIiall S(iiia(l, J ' ulilic Siieaking, West ' irginia (, luli.. ' J ' liis is " .Mouse ' s " first and last year (in tlie Mill. " Mouse " is one of those easy- going cha] s, and can easily lie lured I mm liis paths hy a " xarnp. " Me liails I rom West Virginia, and like others, is proud of it and glad of a chance to uph ild lus State in in ' argumeul. " Mouse " has entertained all of ns luring the dull seasons with his good natured wit and " i ' hoolosophy. " He can hold us s]iellliounil and make us cry for more. Jokes on him do not disturli him at all. lie ue er falls helow the ninety per cent mark " , e en when his mind, lio ly, and soul are wrapped up in a famous beauty of " Fairfax Hall " or West Virginia. Sin- cerity is " Mouse ' s " trnm]i card. Me is al- ways ready to lend his su]iport to anything " tliat is siionsored liy Fishhurne. " Mouse " is one of the self-styled " Sophisticists, " and consequently, he succumhed to the call of the great " night life " after " d ' aps. " I ' .ut like all of them, he was " caught in the act. " We know- not what he intends to make of jiimsclf, hut whether lie has an aeroplane, or a tricycle for his mount, we are sure that he will reach his goal. CHESTER MIDDLETON GWALTNEY SMITHFIELD, VA. " Chuck " . " ' ] ' Iatkiculated 1922 First Year : Private Co. " A, " Cotillion Club, Public Speaking, Virginia Club, Tide- water Club. Behold ! Kind readers ; gaze upon this good-looking, dark-haired rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed " Mister " — who, in our estima- tion, is the fairest of the fair " rats. " " Chuck " has only been with us one year, and during that time he has made many friends here. He is also a good student, and his grades are always high. Such stu- dents as " Chuck " are an asset to any school. As a dancer he can hold his own with the best of them. He has attended every hop here this year, and he says that there is nothing like a good old Fishburne dance. Although he is not an athlete, he is ever ready to cheer the team on to vic- tory, and this everyone knows is of ' ital importance. " Chuck " goes about his busi- ness quietly, and apparently takes a deep interest in all duties that he is called upon to perform. We sometimes think that " Chuck " would make a splendid model for Arrow Collars, but on second thought we know he has too much ambition for that. However, he can easily depend on his looks for a living. " Chuck " leaves us to enter college next fall, and we are confident of his success at whatever school he may choose. Good-bye, " Chuck " ! The Class of ' 23 wishes you God Speed ! EDWIN U. IIAEL " .lobby " M ATKICULAI 1,11 1922 First Year: l ' ri atc CH, " I ' ., " liand, West ir-inia ( " luli, ( iitillidii Chili, I ' nlilic Speak- I ' his liriglit, cheery rat came In us way l ack yonder in Sejitemher, 1922, with the cxident intenticm nf getting a " Uip, " as he attended West Virginia I ' nixersity last year, and sorry to say lie " hasted out. " " Jiihhy, " as he is most familiarly known, lias often tokl us that the reason he selected Fishhurne as the school in which to pre- pare fur college, was on account of its high standing, and although he has only Keen with us a year, we ha e yet to hnd him not n]iholdiug the ideals and ]irincii les set forth hy i ' ishhurne. Wliile here he has ]iro en himself to he a zealous student, and we are sure that when he re-enters West Virginia L ' ni ersity next year he will ha " e no trouhlc in keejiing nji in his stn lies, " Johhy " is a good rat, and is popular with his hrother rats as well as with the jld men. Flis ahilitv as a musician is rccog- nized hy everyone in the scohol, and the fact that he plays hoth in tlie hand ami in the orchestra is enough to estahlish his ahility as such. He is aNo present at all hops. , s we ha e stated hefore, " hihhy " intends t i re-enter W est irL;inia next year, and although we are s irry to lose him we feel coniident of his success. l arewell, " h)hl)y " ! The class of ' Z wishes you the hest of luck. ' •V RAYAFOND DORSEY HALL BUTLEK, PA. " .S7i;;; " Matriculatild 1921 P ' irst Year : Private Co. " B, " Tra clers Clul), Rifle Team, Tennis Team, Public Speaking. Second Year: Private Co. " B, " Cosmopolitan Cluli, Rifle Te am, Tennis Team, Pulilic Speaking. Behold ! wc come to " old Slim, " who matriculated in the fall of ' 21, and with his good nautre and straight- forwardness he lias won many friends, and wc feel sure he will do likewise in the great life before him. Although " Slim ' s " heighth is in the tilli de- gree and his width is at the opposite end, it has no effect on his shooting, for he hold? the record as the best shot at Kish- burne, and it was largely through his ef- forts that we won second place in the Third (7orps Area Rifle Comitetition Match. We ex])ect still 1)etter results from him in the final meet, with all the Vrcas in the United States and tlie l ' hili])i)ines. Ray- mond is also an expert when it comes to Tennis, for his height and long reach en- able him to co er a good deal of the court at one time. " Slim, " with his long legs, has to ride a " pony " in to Ca?sar ' s great wars, so that lie can keep up with the ad- ancing armies, 1nit just let him get into the Vlgebra class, au l you will find him on top, in fact, -ou will find him head and shoulders abo e all in the rest of his classes. We, the Class of ' 23, say farewell, and wish you success all life. CLYDE HF.l :r,RRT 1 IF.Nl )RRSON (;ki-:i;i sb(ik(), n c. •■Curly ' ' AIatkiculam:ii 1922 First Year: l ' ri atc To. " ]], " ri.iillinii Lhili, N(irtli Carolina I ' hili, i ' ulilic S|)rak- in--, Varsity Footliall, llaskd-liall S(|iia l. ( lyik ' I li ' iiderson, licttcr known as " C ' ur- 1 V, " came to b ' isliliurne in the year of many liai)]icnin,! ;s, and lounil a place in the class of ' .23. lie liails from the tar-lieel State, anil has shown his ahility in the many school acti ities, athletics liein.i; the line that that he shows the most interest in. Foothall is his laxorite sjiort, anil he is ex- celled only liy a few in the art of snatching jiasses out 111 the air, or lireakin.g nji the ojipuncnts ' lormalions. " (iirh " has also contributed mnch in hasket-hall, heing a player of no mean ahility. " Curly " has a great re]iutation as a social hound, for he has ne ' er heen known to miss a hop, and although this is his first year, he has a host ol Iriends on all sides. " ( iirly " can shake a mean hool anywhere, and in I ' lturn has heen known to reci. ' i e more than his share 111 pink enxelopes, which shows that he stands in well vith the ladies. I lardly a thing goes hy in class that he is not in feet lirst. This, along with some other things al ' a ' S done nnintentii inall ' , helps him to indulge in a fa orite simrt pojiular with all cadets, " Si|uirrel huntin.g. " Well, we must lea e yon, " (. " urly, " hoy, and ma ' ou cari-y with you the success that you ha e earned at ih-ar old !■. M. S. JACK S, HOWARD ALEXANDRIA, VA. " Jack " Matriculated 1921 First Year : Private Co: " A, " Virginia Club, Dramatic Clul.i, Debating Team, Class Football, Winner Conduct Medal, Winner Debating Medal. Second Year : Corporal Co. " j , " Virginia Club, Debating Team, Manager Wrestling Team, Assistant Editor " C. ()., " Assistant Editor Taps, Class His- torian. " jack " is an all round good fellow. He is quiet and unassuming, always ready to lend a helping " hand, when help is needed. " Jack " has taken an active part in most every branch of school activities. He has made a name for himself in everything he has undertaken : in academic work he stands high, and he is conceded to be the best debater in school. " Jack " is not an athlete, but he has done much to promote wrestling this past year, as manager of the team. He was also a member of his class football team. But by far the greatest of his achievements have been along literary ■ lines. Early in his first year he proved his al)ility as a debater and was selected to de- bate in the 1922 Finals, in which he won the medal. This year he has continued his pub- lic speaking work, and will represent the school in the Inter-Preparatory School De- bates held at the University of Virginia. As assistant editor of the ' C . 0. " he con- triliuted a great deal to the success of this publication. He is also a member of the Taps staff, and we feel sure that he is re- sponsible for a great many of these inter- esting pages. " Jack " is our Class Historian and has written his history accurately and interestingly. And last but not least, " Jack " holds a high position in the admiration and friendship of all who know him. His ser- vices have been indispensible to the Class of ' 23. " Jack, " the Class of ' 23 appreciates what you have done for us, and we all wish you a successful career at the University ALPHONSO E. HUMES MILFOKD, DEL. " A " Matriculated 1922 First Year: Pri ate Co. " . , " Travelers (lull, Taps Staff, Pu])lic Speaking. Chie ol ' the first things this liandscnnc " mister " asked when he arrived in liarracks was, " Do yon have a Cotillion Cluh? And when is the first dance? " Since then he has taken a great interest in our social life and always gives the " Calic " a treat at all the hops. His work on the art staff of tliis book has been invaluable, as you will note. " Al " is considered one of the best " rats " in barracks, and it is a pity he was a member of the class of ' 23 lor only one year, for we feel sure he would ha e l)een a greater memlier of the class had he had more time in which to demonstrate his ability. Prob- ably he is a descendcnt of C;esar, for he certainly came, saw, and conrpiered the friendship of the class of ' 23. " A], " old man, in years to come wdien you look at your class ring and think of dear old Fish- burne. remember that the other wearers of that ring are thinking of yoir Luck to you, Alplionso. FRANK BUCKNER M ALLONEE CHARLOTTE, N. C. " Biss " Matriculated 1920 First Year: Pri ate Co. " A, " Ncirth Car- olina Club, Footliall Squad. Second Year : Corporal Co. " A, " Secretary and Treasurer North Carolina Club, Basel lall Squad. Third Year : Second Lieutenant Co. " B, " Secretary and Treasurer North Carolina Club, Baseball Squad, Honor Committee, PubHc Speaking, " C. Q. " Staff. Well, here is another of the " old gang " from Carolina. Always ready to uphold the honors and traditions of that dear old State. Not only is he ready to stand up for his State, l)ut for his school. Some- times in school life, as well as in ci il life, there is a lull, and exeryone seems blue and homesick. This is the time that " Ma- loney " comforts us by his ready smile and encourages us, to get busy and forget our tr oubles. In military " Biss " also shows his colors, which are shown by his getting a Lieutenancy in his third year and fulfilling tliat oHice in the best possil)le manner. His aliility is shown l)y getting the most out ol ' liis men, and at the same time ha ing them l i e and respect him. In all other actixities " Maloncy " is there with same old " stuff. " In his academic work he is always one of the leaders, and seldom misses getting his extra two nights off. His popularity and trustworthiness ha c been shown again 1iy his being elected a member of ' the Honrn- Committee. Although " Biss " is not an ath- lete of repute, he has shown the stuff he is made of by going out, every afternoon, and in this way helping the ' ' arsity. i s Ath- letic Editor of the " C 0., " he has shown his ability as a writer by gi ing us some of the liest " write-ups " we have had for some time. " Maloney " leaxes us with the intention of going to Carolina next year. Well, l)oy, go to it, you ha e the entire Class of ' 23 back of you, and jiulling strong for you. T. HUDSON MANNING DANVILLK, VA. " Hndsoir MATIUCL ' LA ' IKii 1919 First Year; rrixatc Co. " A, " ' iri;inia C ' liil), Basel)all S(|ua l. Second Year: tdr- liural Co. " B, " Virginia Cluli, iiasel.all Squad. Third Year: Sergeant Co. " B, " ' ' irginia Clnli, l!asel)all Squad, l ' id)lic Speaking. l- ' ourtli Yeai- ; i ' irst TJentenant and Adjutant, Cotillion Clul), Virginia t lul), ' T, 0. " Staff, Track S(|uad, I ' uMic Speak- I ' riend, comrade, and gentleman. Could more lie ,sai l ? If so, the C ' of ' 23 would gladly say it of Hudson. As a friend he is sincere, as a comrade he is ti-ue, and as a gentleman he is courtly. When lludson came to us four years a.go, he was a ery quiet little chap, hut as time lajised he .grew, not only in stature, hut in the hearts of his classmates, and in the esteem of his in- structors. Hudson is one ol the rare kind ol lioys that is cheer fid under all condi- tions, an l his amialilc disposition has done nuich to make him one of the most popular lio s (III the hill. lludson stands in Ins class and academic wdrk, and is a first Lieutenant, and also the liattalion . djutant. Not only is he proficient in these, hut as Business Manager ol the " C . (J. " He has made ' 23 one of its m ist successful years, financially. Hudson htgan his last year at Fishliurne with the determination to he a woman-hater, hut as usual he has I alien far short ol the mark. . ])]iarently he is iiuohed in a iiumher ol l(.) e allairs, hut it seems that his heart is divided hetween Harrisonliurg and Farmxille. Alanning in- tends to enter Y. 1 ' . 1. next year p} study engineering, and the class of ' 23 trusts that he will make the fame en iahle record there that he has made here. ROBERT EDGAR McLEAN GASTONIA, N. C. " Boh " ALatkichlated 1920 First Year: Rrivatc Co. " B, " Class Bas- ket-! lall, CotilHon Clul), North Carolina Clul). Second Year: Private Co. " B, " Foot- liall Siiua ' l. Class Basket-hall, North Caro- lina Clul), I ' ii1)lic Speaking, Cotilhon Cluh. Tliird Year: Private Co. " B, " ivifle Team, Platoon Basket-hall, I ' ul)lic Speaking, North Carolina Chili; Cotilhon Cluh. Well, " I ' oli, " old man, the time for part- ing is drawing near, and the sorrow ot you lea ing is not confined to yeai, alone — in fact, we will miss you more than you will ever imagine. " Boh, " you came to us three years ago, and we ha e enjoyed e ery min- ute of your much too short sojourn with the Corps of F. M. S. For those who know him not as well as we do let us say a few words ahout him. His gotul nature and ready sympathy at once won for liim many friends who ha e stuck by him through his entire three years. The old saying, " You can ' t keep a good man ilown, " is here shown again, because " Boh " (juickly rose to a tigrire of prominence among us. He has always been interested in everything that goes on in the school — Studies, .Athlet- ics, and Drills. Put throughout his whole stay he has shown lis that he has come up here to seek knowledge and h has stuck to his work in a way that could not help hut call forth admiration and i)raisc. So, " Bob, " when yf)u start out at Carolina, al- ways remember us, as we will be thinking ol you. Fishburne will always hold you with the highest esteem, and we all, but es- pecially the Class of ' 23, liid you God speed, and everlasting lucls, wherexer Fate ma ' carr - you. VVILLIAAI FREUEkK K McNEER BLUICIvMlLIi, W. VA. ' ■Mac ' - . i: : L: iYj) 1919 I ' irst Year: Private Co. " 15, " Secretary and Treasurer I ' reshman Class, West Vir- ginia (lull. Second Year: First Serjeant Co. " ] ' , " Vice-l ' resident ophdmore Class, President West Virginia Clnli, Ciitillinn dull, Public Speaking. Third Year: Mrsl Lieutenant Co. " I ' ., " ' ice-President West Virginia Clul , " C, C. " Staff, Cotillion Cluh, Alanager Foothall, Pulilic S]ieakiug. l ' " ourlli Year: Captain Co. " . , " Honor Committee, Editor-in-Chief Taps, Treasurer Cotillion dull, President Vv ' est ' irginia Cluh, Presi- dent Senior Class, Cheer Ix ' ader, PuMic Speaking. Here, dear readers, we have a gentleman, a soldier, and a true friend. " .Mac " is un- questionalily one of the most poiiular " Key- dets " on the " Hill. " If we, the Class of ' 2i, weie to set before 3 ' ou a member of our class whom we consider the e emplificati in of a gentleman, onr choice wnuld be unani- mous in fa or of liim. He is a natm-al born leader if men, as he has shown t j the corps of cadets during his four-year stay with us. The interest an l zeal which he has manifested in military life during his stay with us has lieen unbounded, and he has reaped his reward in his year — Senior Captain. We believe that to find a truer friend than " Mac " is almost an im- possibility. His jo ial ]iersonaHty and pleasant dispositi in ha e gained for him many life-long friends. AlcNeer is not on- ly popular with bis fellow cadets, but he is also ]iopnlar with the fair sex. He is al- ways iiresent at the dances, and he has caused the heart of many a fair dancer to go " flutter-flutter. " To him is due the praise for the editing of this book. , s Editor-in-Chief, he has proven himself worthy of so great a responsibility. . nd now, " Mac, " old boy, the time comes to bid you farewell, and as wc, the Class of ' Zi. go (lut to seek our fortunes in the world, there is not a one of us but who wishes for you all the success in the world, and so we bid you a fond farewell. Good-bye! Good kick! May y inr ]iath of life be strewn with roses ! HARRY L. MOSES LEXINGTON, VA. " Hard Rock " jNIatriculated 1919 First Year: Private Co. " B, " Virginia Club, Freshman Baseball, Cotillion Club, National Ritlc Association, Camp Devens Squadron. Second Year: Sergeant Co. " B, " Virginia Club, Football S(|uad, Class Football, Cotillion Club, Public Speaking. Third Year: Lieutenant Co. " B, " Virginia Club, Football Squad, Class Football, Wrestling Team, Cotillion Club, Public Speaking. Fourth Year : Captain Co. " B, " Virginia Club, Football Squad, Wrestling Team, Cotillion Clul), Secretary and Treas- urer Monogram Club, Chairman Public Speaking. Harry came to us in the fall of 1919, and from the first showed his aljility as a sol- dier. He now holds the rank of Cadet Captain, which is one of the highest honors one can attain at Fishluirne. He has also made for himself quite a name in athletics. His work on the " mat " will ne er be for- gotten. " Hard Rock " is one of the best wrestlers we have, and with few excep- tions he has always won his matches with a fall on his opponent. Harry also has the distinction of being Secretary and Treas- urer of the Monogram Cluli, an office which he filled with the same sincerity which characterized all of his work at Fishburne. " Flard Rock ' s " time seems to 1)C taken up with Military and .Athletics. But no, he is also one of our social lions, and is often seen with one of the Waynesboro " 400. " , t every dance he can be seen " strutting his stuff, " and his presence has always add- ed much to the pleasure of the fair ones. We hope that next year Fishl)urne will pro- duce another such man as Harry, but he leaves a vacancy which will be hard to fill. In saying good-bye, the Class of ' 23 feels sure of his success in the future, and bids him a fond farewell. T. EDWIN NEW PCJKTSMOLITH, VA. " ' . £. " ] rATRIClII.AIl;ll 192(1 Eirst Year: rii ;L(c Co. " Jj, " Vir.uiiiia C ' luli, Tidewater Lhil). Secimd Year: Lnv- poral Co. " B, " Virginia Clul), Tidewater Club, Class Eootball and Basket-ball, Wrestling " Squad, Swimming Squad. Tbird Year: IMatoon Sergeant Co. " B, " Virginia Club, Tidewater Club, Wrestlirng Sffuad, Swimming Squad, Cotillion Cbil), I ' lalonu Basket-ball. " T. E. " came to us tliree years ago from the " liig " (?) town of Portsmouth, Va., and during his stay with us he has gained many friends. He is a rather shy, innocent-look- ing boy, but friends, we are forced to say that it ' s just another case of where " looks are deceiving " — for he is neither shy nor, at least we believe, innocent. He is a pro- found scholar, an l bis name is always found on the Honor Roll. In the classroom his policy is evidently to gain knowledge l)y asking questions, and he certainly profits by asking such questions, as can be ob- served every month when the grades are published. " T. E. ' s " contributions along the athletic line ha e been in wrestling and swimming. He has been a memlier of both squads for two years, and during the iiast year he was a member of the " crack " Fish- burnc relay team. He is always present at the dances, and there are only a precious few in liarracks who can equal him as a master of Terpsichore. Alany a fair one at the dance? ha e gone wild o er this " lilonde-haired " lollower of Ter])sichore, who " tri]is the light fantastic toe " so grace- fully. He has many " affairs de couer " at Harrisonburg Normal and Stuart Hall. Farewell to thee, " T. E., " old lioy, the Class of ' 23 wishes you exerj ' success for the future. WILLIAM McNEAL NICHOLSON BATH, N. C. ' •Nick " Matriculated 1921 First Year: Private Co. " A, " Baseball Sciiiad, Class Football, Rifle Team, North Carolina Clul), Cotillion Clul). Second Year : Corporal Co. " B, " Baseball Squad, North Carolina Club, Public Speaking, Co- lillinn Chill. What ' s that? W ' hc) were the most promi- nent figures in academic and military work at dear old F. M. S. in the golden years of ' 22- ' 23? Well now, stranger, that ' s a rath- er hard question to aslc a man, after all these years, but come to tliink about it, I doulit il you could find many who are liet- ter suited for that honor than " Nick. " You see, it was like this — " Nick " came to us in the fall of 1921 from Bath, N. C, and through his genial good nature, ready smile, and kindly sympathy for those less fortunate than liimself, he won many and lasting friends. The jiroof that he con- (hicted liimself in a gentlemanly and mili- tary manner, whether on or oft ' duty, lies in the fact that at the opening of school in 1922 he was ajipointed Corporal in Co. " Pi. " h ' or all liis military ambitions and as- liirations, he never once lost sight of the fact that his primary object in coming to F. M. S. was to get an education. Whether it l)e complex prol)lems in the solution of simultaneous quadratic erpiations, or the tedious work of following the march of Caesar ' s armies through Gaul, " Nick " has yet the first time to fail us. Then, too, most lioys iuld be rather disdainful of request by duller students for he!]), but not so with " Nick. " He was never quite so ha])py as •hen helping others. Of one thing he nnist ha e felt sure, that the Class of ' 2.? were gkul to see him come and sorry for him to go. The Class of ' 23 wishes (iu the best of luck through life. HAUULl) r. XITTJ R Mii.i ' oKii, ni;L. " Nut " M AIKK I NAIIJi 1922 I ' irst Year: ' arsity Haskct-hall, Base- ball Sciuad, I ' lililic Spcakin.u, CosukjikiH- t.m Chil). Here is a man wlin can Irj Idoked uii td for his Mshliiirne spirit, Tliis is his lirst and last year a.t I ' , M. S., and no one can sa) ' that he has not done his hest in e ery- thin.i; that he has nndertaken. i ' roni the first, " Nut " has shown n|i will in his class, always making creditaMe ,i;rades and oli- taining many special ])rivile.! es by means of them. Although he is a pretty hright chaj), he is al a s willing to lul]i others who are not so fortunate as he. " Nut ' s " troubles are all his own, for he ne er burdens (ith- ers with them. He attends to his own busi- ness and lets y in han lle yours until vou call for helji — then you will hnd no one more willing and ready to hel]i yon than he is. 1 luring his stay here he has made a large host of friends. The Class of ' Z3 wishes ' ou a most sincere larewell. RICHARD CLOYDE PARKER SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. " Dicky " j [atriculated 1920 First Year ; Pri ate Co. " B, " Travellers Club, Cotillion Clul), Baseball Squad. Sec- (jnd Year : Corporal Co. " B, " Tra ellers Club, Swimming Team, Cotillion Club, Dramatic Club, Public Sjieaking. Third Year : Second Lieutenant Co. " A, " Vice- President Senior Class, President Cosmo- ]iolitan Club, Honor Committee, Captain Tennis Team, Swimming Team, " C. 0. " Staff, Track Squad, Cotillion Club, Public Speaking. " Dicky " came to us three years ago from way out in California, and during these years at Fishburne he has made a name for Jiimself and has made many lasting friends. He has achieved while at Fishburne the rank of lieutenant, and no one could more deserve it, and whenever we have been in doubt about a tactical question we have gone to him and he has never failed to listen to our troubles with a willing ear. Although not a star athlete, " Dicky " has made his mark in several branches of minor sports. His work on the swimming team for two years has been of the best. While at Fishburne " Dicky " has done all in his power for the liettcrment of his Alma Alater, and we ha ' C ne er known him to go back on a friend. He rarely ever criticizes, but is e er ready to gi e a help- ing liand to those who will let him. " Dicky " l)lans to continue his education at the Le- land Stanford University next fall, and the old Class of ' 2i wish you success in every sense of the word. 1]. UT0N DUVALL I ' A ' r ' ril-: WA NKSBOKO, VA. " Sir Barliin " J I AIKICULAI I ' .n 1918 First Year: I ' ruate Co. " 15, " Waynes- liiiro (Jlu] , Virginia Cluli. Secdiid Year: J ' rixate Co. " B, " Virginia Clul). Third Year; Pri ate Co. " 15, " ' irginia Chili. Fourth Year: ! ' ri ate L ' o. " B, " N ' irginia Clul), l ' ul)]ie Sjieaking. l " ifth Year: I ' ri- ate Co. " B, " N ' irginia Chili, I ' uiiHc Siieak- ing. " Sir Barton " is one of those " Race Horse " town cadets who came to us hack in ' 18, during which year he seiweil the many trials and trihulations ol a V ' aynes- horo i at. During his hmg stay here at schfiol he has always lieen known to ]ia e doiu ' his liest towards hel]iing I ' ishlmrne at- tain the many cherished laurels she now ]iossesses liy heing one of those ]iowerlnl incentives which lia e dri en all our school activities to success. . s a military genius, " Sir Barton " is une.xcelle l, ha ing retained tine much co eted i)ositi in of Numhcr One of the rear rank of the iirst squad of the first iilato in of " 11 " Co. for ti e consecutive years. The s|iotlight fin ls llarton in the classroom, where he is k ' liown to ha e credited himself with many enxiahle grades. Well! (,ood-liye and good luck. Barton, old man, we all lia e ho])es ol some day seeing you " strut " down Wa ne and Chest- nut avenues the president of tiie Lhiited Chain of " Pattie ' s Cash and Carry Stores. " w «iMK mmmgm EHms ■» wmmmmmimr- ' »— • — mmmmmmmi HENRY HAMPTON POOLE gastonia, n. c. Matriculated 1920 First Year: Prixate Co. " A, " Cotillion Club, North Carolina Club, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club. Second Year : Sergeant Co. " A, ' Cotillion Club, North Carolina Club, Dramatic Cluli, Public Speaking. Third Year : First Lieutenant Co. " A, " Secretary and Treasurer Senior Class, Secretary Co- tillion Club, Vice-President North Caro- lina Club, Eclitor-in-Chief " C. O., " Public Speaking. Gastonia is famous for the noble young- men she has produced, and we take great pleasure in presenting to you one of her noblest — Cadet Henry Hamjjton Poole, popularly known as " Izzy " on the hill. Henry really joined tis way back yonder in 1919, but unfortunately was compelled by ill health to resign. Howe er he was back with us again the following September. During his three years at Fishburne " Izzy " has won a permanent place in the hearts of his classmates and fellow students, by his congeniality, striking personality, and his great interest taken in all school acti ities. He has labored incessantly and uncomplain- ingly with the trials and tribulations of edit- ing the " C. O., " and he is to be congratu- lated upon the admiralile manner in which he has handled this ]iul)lication. The 1923 fall appoitnments found " Izy " a first lieu- tenant, and he has shown, as it was gen- erally l)elie ed that he was well deser ing ot this commission. " Izz " is just as suc- cessful with his " amours " as anj ' thing else he undertakes. He never misses a hop, and is in great demand at all local social func- tions. We are not sure as to whether the fair object of his affections is a local Miss or resides elsewhere, but we are of the opinion that the " best gal will win. " Well, " Izzy, " l)oy, it is a fond farewell that ' 2i extends to y iu, and we are confident that if you carry on at Carolina and later with whate er you attempt with the same zeal and determination as you ha e always shown at old h . 1. S., you are certain to attain success. We will always remember you as a gentleman and a true friend. TH(3iMAS RUTLAND SMITH CKOWl.i-: ' , LOUISIANA -Knr MAiKicni,A-n-ii 1922 First Year: I ' rixate Co. " A, " Pul)lic Spraking, Cotillion Chili, Cosmo]K.litan Clul). " Rut " is one of those easy-going chaps who takes lik- slow and easy, hut seems to get as far in the end as the fellow who is always hurrying and hustling. His rouni is ne er empty from l e eille till Taps. It is the hangout for tlie " l " iurlli " Whenever a cadet grow ' s lonesome ( ?) and wants to hear a good story, they gi to his room, and they will always find him ready to tell one. " Rut " is known the harracks (i er for liis story-telling — no matter what kind d ' a story has heen told hy another cadet. Smith has one which will trumj) it hy far. lie has a ery large repertoire. " Smit- ty ' s " warm and congenial maiuier has gained many friends foi- him dm-mg liis stay at Fishhurne. We are sure that what- ever school he may enter next I all he will he po|inlar with all the ' Indents there, an l gain many more friends. Although he dciesn ' t ha e much to do with the fair sex of WayneslHjro, we do hone-.tly lielie e that he lreams of some " sweet thing " who is clear t j him, hack in (dd Crowley. " Rut " expects to enter college next ear, and the Class of ' 2. wishes fm- him much success. wm Mill i» LEONARD LANDSDALE SPARROW, JR. WILMrNGTON, N. C. ■■U ' iiKly " Matriculaied 1921 First Year: I ' rivate Co. " B, " Band, and Second Bugler, Dramatic Clul , Cdtillion Club, North Carolina Cluh, Pul)lic Speak- ing. Second Year: Corporal Co. " B, " Rand, and Second Bugler, Cotillion Clul), North Carolina Club, Track Squad, Public Speaking. We now introduce " Windy " Sparrow, who came to us in ' 21 and who made such a hit with the " fair sex " of Waynesboro that it is needless to say he has many young ladies interested in him. The numl)er of ])hotos of different girls in liis room would suggest a studio; however, we all like to go over and take a glimpse at his collec- tion. On Mondays you can always see him headed for Fairfax Hall. During his first year " Windy " was a master of skipping out after " Taps, " and we are told that he always travels alone. " Windy " is an ac- complished musician, and we predict that some day he will surpass the great Sousa, as a band leader, and if he does, we are sure he will remember his old classmates at Fishl)urne liy sending them all invitations to his first concert. He is also a good stu- dent, keeping u in liis studies, and hence ha ing an extra night lea e. " Windy " is one of Fishburne ' s patriotic cadets, taking a great interest in everything that promotes her fame. He has won many friends at F. AI. S. with liis straightforwardness and good nature. " Windy, " the Class of ' 23 liids nu a sincere farewell. DANIFX ROBl-.RTS STANSBIRY, i. AI.KXANI KIA, VA. -Dor Mai Kici ' i.A I II) 1918 First Year: l ' ri ate Co. " . , " Vir.uinia Clul). Second Year: rorinnal Cn. " , " Virginia Clu1), Cdtillion (lull, Rille Team. Tbird Year: l ' ri ate Cn. " A, " Xir.yinia C lull. iMiurtli Year: C(ir]Hiral Co. " . , " Vir- ginia Club, Puldic Speaking. V ' hh Year: tiiliir Serjeant, Id. " A, " ' irginia rinli, J ' lililic Speaking, IviHe Team, Military I ' .di- t(ir Tai ' s. " Doc " has l)een with us (piite a while, Init then, when you put it all together it hasn ' t been so long after all. In his second year during the second term he was tal en sick, and owing tt his sickness lie did not return until Christmas the lollowin.g year. When it Comes to knowing military, old " l)oc " " stmts his stuff. " He kn .i vs the 1. I . R. from the introduction to the Hnis, and when the lioys ha e any complex pi ' ohk ' m in nnli- tary affairs they run to old " I )oc " for in- lormation. Not only in military does he show his cidors, lint in academic wdrk as well. W ' e often run to hnn to get help on some per|)lexing ]irol)lem. He has always heen eager to hel]i, ne er has he turned a boy down who was a little least apt in his studies. Then there is anotlier thing that we appreciate in ilil " Stans, " is that he al- ways has " scags " lor the boys when any ol them run out, yon can see them runnini; to L 6. But " Doc " has a great weakness, we are sorry to say. lie is often seen between some lormations with one ol Waynesboro ' s lair damsels. I ' ut we ha e heard that " the other woman " from back h ime has cut thi ; one out. We don ' t know whether this is true ir not, but we can only hope f ir the best. .Aside from this one fault old " Slan - bury " is all right, . lways ready to heli a friend in trouble when called upon. W ' eb so long, " Doc, " the Class of ' 2 does not know what field ' ou will enter on lea ing hei ' J, but wishes ou the greatest success. HAkTWELL BAIRD STEPHENSON WAKIil ' -lELD, VA. " Steve " AIatriculated 1921 First Year: Private Co. " B, " Tidewater Club, Virginia Clul). Secund Year; Private Co. " B, " Virginia Cluh, Secretary and Treasurer Tidewater Clul). Third Year : Sergeant Co. " B, " Virginia Clul), Tidewater Clu1), Pu1)lic Speaking. " Ste c " came U us in January, 1921, from that far-distant metropolis, Wakefield, Va., which, by the way, most of us have never heard of until the town sent this lone representative, " Ste e. " We must say that he has upheld his ])()sition as re])resenta- ti e nobly. During his two years and a half stay with us he has gained many friends, both in sch(xjl and in town. He possesses a genial disposition, and is always ready to lend a helping hand regardless of the pri)ject. " Steve " has always puzzled us when a question regarding the " fair sex " arose. We have yet to see him with a girl. Sometimes we think it must l)e because of the girl he left behind, as he recei es more mail than anyone on the " second stoop. " " Steve " is an excellent student, and time after time he has helped us solve problems which were apparently a matter of course with him. " Ste e " is a prominent member of that notorious gang (.)f music enders known on the second stoop as the " Wash Room Quartette. " Days of our .Mma Mater now draw to a close, " Ste e, " and although the Class of ' 23 know not where your course of life lies, yet we feel confident of your success, and we ask thee not to forget the members of the dear old Class of ' 23. (]Ood-byc ! Good luck! FRANK PAIAFRR SWEET WAYNi:SI!i)l((), VA. " ' ; ' (; ,• " M AIKICUI.AII-.D 1919 First Year: Tri atc Co. " Il, " VNayncsliiiro Club. Second Year; l ' ri ate Cii. " l ' . " Vir- ginia I lull. Third Year; l ' ri ate Co. " P., " A ' irginia Cluli, COtillinn ( " lul), Track S(|uad, Swimming Team. Fourth Year: Private Co. " B, " I5asket-l)all Squad, Virginia Club, Track Team, Swimming Team, CotiiUon Clul). h ' ranl is an old Wayncslioro standby. Fi c years ha e passed and many boys ha e entered and departed from our midst, but he has become a pillar oi old F. M. S. that cannot be replaced alter be has gone. Frank is usually good-natured, and you can find no one more willing to help you, regardless of the trouble it will be to him. His jovial nature and optinustic outlook on lile has secured for him many Iriends. He soon showed us his ability as an athlete, partici- pating in four branches of athletics. He had the honor of being captain (d our first swimming team, in 1922. In every meet he never failed to add points to our sctu ' e, or to gain applause for his fancy diving. In basket-ball he can certainly cover the floor. His accurate shots were a great asset to the team. Though an earnest worker on the athletic field, b ' rank finds time to de- ote a few leisure hours to the fair sex, he being quite a " ladies ' man " in Wayncslioro and the vicinity. He leaves us this year for college, and if he puts as much pep in his studies there as in basket-ball, we feel sure the honors will all be liis. (iood luck, Frank, old man, the Class of ' Z3 wishes for you ev ' cry success. % i LEWIS POINDEXTER WATTS CHARLOTTE, N. C. " Preacher " Matriculated 1921 First Year : Private Co. " B, " North Caro- lina Club. Second Year: Private Co. " B, " North Carolina Club, Public Speaking. Here is another one of the boys from the Old North State, and proud of it. He hails from Charlotte and tells the world about it. During his two brief years at Fishburne he has shown us that he has the stuff that goes towards making success, and has proved himself to be a true friend, a good student, and a gentleman. Although not an athlete of repute, he has done his part, and has never yet been accused of failing to do it. when called upon. " Preacher " is by no means backward in his studies, and he has gotten many an extra night leave due to the fact that he was among those in the ninety per cent, class. H he has any faults, we have never yet been able to find them, and if virtues were dollars, Lewis would make " Brewsters Millions " look like the cost of a postage stamp and a collar button. Al- though you have been with us for only a short time, we all regret to sec you go, for you have gained for yourself a place in our hearts that no one else can fill. It is not yet known where he will next attend school, but we do know he will make many friends, for he is willing to help and co- operate with all on any occasion. We are glad to see him graduate, but hate to see him leave us, and the Class of ' 23 wish him the best of luck in the world. GRAYSON KENT WTTJJS NOKFOLK, VA. " Gagic " ] Iati(1cula ' i I ' ll 1919 I ' irst Year: l ' ri atc Co. " ]!, " Virginia Cliili, Tidewater Clu1 , C ' itillion Clul). Sec- (ind Year: C(ir]i(iral Co. " B, " Virginia L " lul , ice- 1 ' resident Tidewater Clnli, Cutillion Cluli. Third Year: Sergeant Cii. " B, " Vir- ginia Chill, Tidewater Clidi, Hci|i C imniit- tec, Cotillion Cluh, " C. O. " Staff. I ' nl.lic Speaking. Fourth Year: Lieutenant Co. " B, " I ' resident " irginia Chd), Secretary and Treasurer, 1 " ide vater Cluh, Vice-President ' Cotillion Cluh, Manager Baseliall, Taps Staff, I ' uhlic Speaking. We now lia e hefore us one of tlie hest men the olil Tidewater city of Norfolk has c er produced. " ( lagic " came to us hack in the year of 1919 when " Rats " had a hard time iif it. But that did not seem to worry hini in the least. He did his work well and since then has made others do the same. " ( lagie " is a friend to every one. Never has he found a fellow cadet in need that he was not ready to gi e him a heljiing hand; he has never been known to refuse anynne aid. Ke takes an interest in e ery- ihing and has a smile lor e eryhody. Where " ( lagie " really shines is on the liall- rcHini floor. He simply g ' i cs the memhcrs of the Fair Sex a fit when he " steps oirt. " During his career at Fishlmrne lie has ne er missed a Ho|i. " ( iagie " has had many ]o e affairs since he has f)een in Wayneshoro, hut he has always remaine l true to the girl he has left behind. Farewell, " dagie, " old man, we expect great things of you, and the Class of ' 23 is right behind you, wishing YOU the best of luck and cheering you on. EDGAR COLIN WOODS CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. " Sandy " Matriculated 1920 " ■ First Year: Private Co. " A, " Basket-ball Squad, Virginia Cluli. Second Year : Pri- vate Co. " B, " Football Squad, Baseball Squad, Virginia Club. Third Year: Pri- vate Co. " B, " Varsity Football, Basket-ball Squad, Baseball Squad, Public Speaking, Cotillion Club, Virginia Club. Fourth Year : Color Guard, Corporal Co. " B, " Color Ser- geant, Varsity Football, Basket-liall Squad, Track Squad, Rifle Team, Public S])eaking, Virginia Club, Cotillion Club. You now have before you " Sandy, " one of our most popular fellow cadets. Wher- ever you meet him, he always greets you with a smile, and nobody has ever seen him when he was blue. On account of sickness his first year, " Sandy " was not with us very long, but he came back the next year and proved himself a valuable one on the athlet- ic field. He went out for all the sports, and although he did not make the varsity teams, he did not become discouraged, but kept on plugging until he attained the much-de- served goal. With his quiet ways and cheerful smile he has made quite a name for himself among the " fair sex " of our little town. However, " Sandy " was not the kind to let the " ladies " keep him from studying. He is one of the many follow- ers of the motto, " Business before pleas- ure. " He always made a good average in his studies, and was looked on as one of our best students. Next year " Sandy " ex- pects to enter the University of Maryland. We are expecting great things of you, " Sandy, " and though you leave us, you will be remembered by many. Junior Clasis; W. C. LUKE President P. E. WAUGH Vice-President G. F. POTTS Secretary and Treasurer AYRES ICENHOUR RIDGEWELL BASSETT JOHNSTON RODMAN BAXTER LEAP ROY ALL BETTS • LEE SETZER CURTISS , ■ LUKE SPEARS EBY MAHONEY SPOTTS FAWCBTTE • . MANN ' TAYLOR FORD MAYER • TRANSOU GATHRIGHT MOSBY VINEYARD GEISLER PATTERSON, T. WARWICK GREGORY POTTS ' WAUGH, C. ' HAMILTON QUALLS WAUGH, P. RAMSEY WOODFORD opljomore €la SMITH, W ' . President ARMISTEAD Vice-President EBERT SECKEiAin and Treasurei ANDERSON GODWIN RUTHERFORD ARMISTEAD GRAFF SAKOWITZ BERLIOZ GRIER. L. SMITH, W. CARTY HOPKINS .- SNELLINGS DOVER HUMPHRIES SPENCER EBERT McLEAN, L,. THOMPSON FENNIMORE OLDER WALLER FISHBURNE, W. PETERSON WOODWARD GELBACH POOLE, E. WOOL itlMI«iiiiBW ' ' " ' " ' - " - ' -- " ' - " ' - " » i yiUHllll- ' ill miiiiuilm lull i iiti nmiiiiiilihi iiinHHiiiHIglul iliii inlmntiMiinli " " " i " i ' ' lii; FRESHMEN " I ' i n i ' I M II MMH M HH 1 ) M ' MU, IHHH I HHMUH I ' m M J H n HUH » M (I I M l IHUXU I Mry ilHI tMM M H ' t ' € tficerd PATTERSON, M ' . President TROSTEL Vice-President FREED Secretary and Treasurer IIOUILLION BOYCE COOK EDMAN ELLISON PAUBEFt FETNER FREED GOOCH . LEITCH WRIGHT PATTERSON, M. SHIRLEY TROSTEL WALSH WISE »: " Mac ' tslcl f| Scut " ' Slin) " fV »-- rif l . f. " 6iir 4 ' Mous Tlie Colors iHilitarp F-n " . scliool year ending in 1923 showed nicjre interest in military activities than any preceding year, this very probably being due in i)art to the fact that we have this year for the first time the privilege of wearing a silver star on the right sleeve of our uni- form, which designates us as one of the ten Honor Schools of the country. It was due to the efforts and the military efhciency of the corps of last session that we attained this honor, and as the battalion this year shown a marked improvement over those of previous years we have high expectations of retaining this designation, although we will not know for certain until after school has closed. Major James F. Ryrom, V. S. A., was again attached to Fishburne as pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics, but as he is going on foreign service, and we will not have his valuable assistance after this year, we are sure that the record made I)y our unit while under his supervision will forever be a pleasant memor) ' to him. After Christmas Sergeant Shooter, U. S. A., was detailed here as assistant P. M. S. and T., and he has been tireless in his eft ' orts to turn out a championship rifle team. On the drill field we were fortunate in having two other tactical officers of excellent merit, Capt. Richard Lee, Imperial Army (Retired), and Capt. R. R. Dickson, Cavalry R. C. The diligent and thoroughly efficient work of Major Max Patterson, Commandant, in our barracks life, as well as on the field, has been one of the greatest elements contriliuted to obtain the desired efficiency in the corps. At the beginning of the course of instruction, a system of supervised squad drill was employed, and by this method movements could be explained and then executed in detail under the supervision of the squad leaders. By the time for the Christmas holidays the cadets jiad reached the highest degree attainable in the School of the Soldier, School of the Squad, School of the Company, and had even gone into the first ])rinciples of the School of the Battalion. After Christmas the cadets were given a series of interesting lectures on Scouting and Patrolling, by Major r. roni and Capt. Lee. Also classes in Personal Hygient ' and b irst Aid to the Injured were conducted 1) ' Capt. Dickson. By the middle of March the weather was such that it was possihle to go more fuHy into the fundamentals of extended order drill, wliich is universally acknowledged to be the hardest section of tlie 1. 1). 1 . and of which we had gained a working knowl- edge before winter came on. The senior sections of Military Science were in- structed in Map-Reading, Sketcliing, Minor Tactics, Advance (iuard, Rear Guard, and Flank (iuard dut ' . They were also taken on tactical walks, and it was with their hel]) that the iield problems were carried out to the best advantage. Throughout the year one day a week was set aside in which we participated in mass athletics, physical training, and calisthenics, under the tutelage of Capt. Lac ' and Ca]: t. I ' .owers. x ' Xmoug the other subjects covered diu ' ing the -ear were Care and Nomenclature of the Rille, L se of the liaxonet, Militar ' Courtesy and Discipline, Signaling, Message Carr -ing, and Field I ' .xercises. Cuard was mounted frequently, acctjrding to the rules specified in the Manual of Interior (iuard Duty. The Inspection for the rating as an Honor School was held on April 29th and 30th, and the corps made an excellent showing. Dress parades were held during the spring months, and each one was an improvement over the one jireceding it. The battalion is looking forward with keen interest to the competitions during Final Week for the Compan - Cu and the awarding of the Honor I ' latoon Dis- tinction. l actical 0lUttv Major B rom V. S. A— P. M. S. and 1 ' . AIajon I ' attekson Inf. R. C. Ctiiiniiaiuliiiif of Cadcls Captain LeI ' : Caftain Retired Inifcrwl . lyiiiy Captain Dickson Liriilciiniil ( ' (riuilry R. C. Captain Brooks Caplnln lujuiil ry R. C. Captain Lacy H. S. C. Captain Kikkpairick Liciilcmml I ujanlry R. C. Cap ' iaix Bowers Liciilcmuil ] ujanlry R. C. Fiss Elizari-:th McKenny S[iuns()r Co. " A " Companp ' ' !ll ' V omtcv5 W. F. McNF.ER Captai n H. H. POOLE FlKST LlKIITKNANT R. C. PARKER Si-oiNii Lmcutknant C. S, WAUGH, JR FikST Skki.kant (crrycantij i:. L. UdVAi.i. J. w. HAAUiyrox w. T. (;i{i :(ioin ' K. C. KUltllKI-L J, U. CHAI ' F ' EL K. X. IH ' I ' l ' V Corporals J. D. MAHONEY ' l M ( 1 A ' I ' I I i; H ; I I ' l ' . .11;. VV. K. SNKIAAKCS .] S. Hi) Ai;|i H. H. KIOTTS l . L I : ASS ICT ' I ' W. I). ( ' )S1)EN BARTLETTE ELLISON HOPKINS QUALLS BOETLER ETTER HUMPHRIES ROACH BURTON PAUBEFl ICENHOUR RODMAN BYRON PENNIMORE .XlHNSTON SAKOWITZ CARTY FETNER KING ■ SETZER CHEEK FLOYD LEAP SMITH, T. COOK FORD LEE SPEARS CRIDER GEISLER I YERLY STURTS CURTISS OELBACH MICHAEL SUSSMAN DAVENPORT GODWIN OFFICE VINEYARD DOVER (:1RAFF I ' ATTERSON. M. WALLER DUFFY GWALYNEY PATTIE WIUGHT EBY HATCH POOLE. E. Miss Louise Drake Sponsor Co. " B " IS fl H w fi " ' Z ■ H , B hKl I COMPANY lUiktt t ■ K.Wt|l la.; ll ' Lie- .F.B.Mdllonee. Company ' J3 ' H. L. AlOSES ; CAn-AiN (;. K. WILLIS KiKST LlKUTKNANT F. B. iMALLONEL Sixonii Likutknant P. E. WAUGH First SERdE ant J. H. MORRIS ' W 10. NI :W, JR. H. B. STEPHENSON W. C. LUKE J. I.. BRANCH R. P. TAYLOR CorpDralS W. M. NICHOLSON A. L. RIDGWELL Wl-INDALL SMITH T. J. PATTERSON B. A. ARMISTEAD L. ],. SPARROW ALLEN FREED MANN SWEJCT, F. ANDERSON GRIER, F. MAYER THOMPSON AYRES (iRIER. L. MOSBY TRAFTON BAXTEPi GRIFFITHS NUTTER TRANSOU BELL HALL, E. OLIVER TROSTEL BERLIOZ HALL, R. I ' ETERSON WALSH BULLION HENDERSON POTTS WATTS BOYCE HUMES RAMSEY WEAVER CAHILL HUNSACKER RUTHERFORD WISE COLLONA LAMBERT SHIRLEY WOODFORD EBERT LEITCH SPOTTS WOODWARD FAWCETTE McLEAN, L. SPENCER WOOL FISHBURNE, W. McLEAN, R. SWEET, A. Mrs. C. H. Manning Sponsor Staff 1 y Lieut .J,H Md nnin lAdj-xxi mt) Z " sLuut.E.G.Fhhh urne , (q.M.) m Ji 5taff. MUS. E. P. Ci-IIT.DS Sponsor Band Cabet Panb ©ffircrfi CAT ' TAIN E. S. CHMJiS Conductor tORI ' OkAL H. H. MKTTS Drum Major I ' .AHSETT HALL, R. Q UAI LS CRIDER HANGER RUTHIOIiKdl ;l i CURTISS HOPKINS . SAKOVVITZ GEISLEP; LYERLY SPARROW GRAFF PATTEPSClN. T. VINEYARD •122Y ' .% ■ ' ,. •lEE ' Mor- Tj ' .n " ' DRESS ?kun ' v M|i " tlEW •lWF? BO?Er i:lv ' WHDEV + + -♦-+ yoE " yiMMr. " GlUV " E5Y ' ' dfACKlE ' Coadjing taff CAPT. R. k, DICKSON CAPT. P. C. BIU)OKS MAJOR J. ] ' . liYROM (Coach FonnsALr, I Assistant Coach WrestliN ' .; I (. ' dach Baskki-isai.l CiiACH Baseball . Hkaii Coach Wrestling CAPT. 1. W. I.ACY CAPT. E. C. liOWF.RS Head Coach ' I ' kack Assistant Coach AFass Athletics I (, oACH Swimming I Tennis m iWoiiogram Chit) Offtcrref C. S. WAITGH, JR I ' KKSIHKNT W. SMITH VKI.-1 ' kKSIIlKNT H, L. MOSI ' .S Si ' .cui I Ain ' and Tklasiikik I ' .AXTKR MAXN Sl ' dT ' l ' S BELL MOSBY TAYI OR BRANCH MOSES TRANS( )r CHAPPEL NUTTER WAUGH. C. HENDERSON POTTS WAUGH, P. LUKE RIDGWELL WOODS SMITH, W. W. C. Luke, Captain Jfootball quati LUKE : TACKLE Weight 190 Pounds Captain Bill, all-State tackle for two years, has been a very capable leader. His individual playing has l)een the incentive for his team-mates in every game. His versatility, combined with his powerful physicj[ue, made him the most heralded man in Vir- ginia Scholastic Football circles. The success of his teanr was always foremost in his mind. His thoughts were always of his team-mates. The excellent rec- ord for the season can always be said to lie due in great measure to its Captain. RH GEWELL, J. FULL-BACK Weight 180 Pounds " Big Chip, " last year ' s Captain, has sei-ved four years on Fish- burne footl all teams. His terriffic line plunging has been a fea- ture of manv games. BRANCH . QUARTER-BACK Weight 155 Pounds Timmie came to us in the year of 1920, and at once showed us that he had the ability to handle a team as few quarter-backs can. His level head, fighting spirit, and brilliant open field running had much to do with the success of this year ' s eleven. WAUGH, C. TACKLE Wt ' i-ht 160 Pounds Charlie, a veteran of two seasons, has kept up the fine consist- ent playing which characterized his work last year. His experi- ence was a great help to his team. BEAN HALF-BACK Weight 140 Pounds Bill has the honor of being the fastest man on this year ' s team. His all around defensive work has been a great asset, and has aided handily in the success of the team. ft WAUGH, P. TACKLE Weight 160 Pounds Bub, who held down a regular berth in the majority of this season ' s games, deserved much praise for the steady improvement in his play. This man should be a tower of strength to Fish- burne ' s line of next vear. MANN END Weij ht 160 Pounds Hunter played in several games this year, and demonstrated that he has the essentials of a good football player. With this year ' s experience and training, much will he expected from him next year. CHAPPEL CENTER Weight 150 Pounds ]immv, although new to the pivotal position, showed excep- tional promise, l-lis offensive as well as defensive play w as de- servino of much merit. HENDERSON END Weight 145 Pounds " Curl) ' , " in hi.s first year of football at Fishburne, has shown a real football s])irit. The " Spotts to Henderson " slogan vouches for his ability to catch forward ]iasses. TRANSOU GUARD Weight 160 Pounds " Follcjvv the hah, " was Joeddy ' s motto. A keen f( )otliall sense made this man a decided asset to this xear ' s eleven. WOODS TACKLE Wei -lit 160 Pounds Sandy, during his two years on Fishhurne football teams, has always been an aggressive, energetic, dependal)le player. His loss by graduation will l»e keenly felt. S POTTS END Weight 175 Pounds " Spoots, " a recruit in the ranks of Fishburne football, quickly sh(nved his ability to throw as well as to catch forward passes, which scored many points during the year. MORRIS, J. CENTER Weio-ht 160 Pounds Red has held down the position of center for two years. His general defensive work and passing of the ball have given our opponents much to worry about. RIDGEWELL, A. QUARTER-BACK Weight 149 Pounds Little Chip serving his initial season on Fishburne teams ex- hibited excellent generalship and fighting spirit. He will be counted upon for next year. BELL HALF-BACK Weight 145 Pounds Bunny played a good, consistent game during the season. His practiced toe served Fishburne many times during the year. BAXTER GUARD Weight 175 Pounds Baxter proved to l)e a tower of strength in tliis year ' s Hne, opening large holes for our l)acks, and as a defensive man proved to be a hard and sure tackier. crutig We can not give the Varsity all the praise for this year ' s success in football, for if it were not for the Scrul« we would be unable to mold a Varsity team. Of course, the Varsity is picked from the Scrubs, and what are not picked have very little to work for. We therefore take this opportunity in showing our apprecia- tion for their faithful efforts and help l)y staying out the whole season and helping the Varsity in a way that nothing else could do. Several games were arranged for this team, and they showed their great ability by defeating all of their opponents. They received training that was not only beneficial to the individual, Ijut to the Varsity of next year, for the) ' are good prospects for the coming session of ' 2i. We owe much to the Scrubs. Jfootfaall CAPTAIN R. R. I )ICKS(JN 0 ach W. C. Ll KE Cahtain P. E. WAU(;H Manager SCHEDULE Ocl ' )l)(-T 7 — F. JVI. S., 7; Massanutten iVIilitary Academy, 17. Octo1)er 14- F. M. S., 6; Vii-inia l :piscnpal ScIkkiI, (I Octnhe-r 21— F. M. S., 36; Shenandoah Valley Academy, (Ictoher 2 —V. M. S., 6; Woodlierry Forest, November -1 — F. M. S., 7; V. M. 1. Junior Varsity, November 11 — F. M. S., 6; (ireeniirier Military School, 15 November 18 — F. M- S., 13; Augusta MiHtary Academy, 20 November 25 — F. M. S.. 38; Shenandoah Collegiate Institute, Thanksgiving — F. M. S., 0; Staunton Militarv Academy, 6 Total— F. M. S., 119; Opponents, 58 Jf ootball panquet On Wednesdav evening, December 13th, Vlajor and Mrs. 1 ludgins gave the annual Football Banquet in the reception room of the school. Covers were laid for thirty-one, including the twenty-nine memliers of the scjuad : Luke (Captain), Ridgvvell, ]., VVaugh, P., Branch, Transou, Woods, Moses, Bean, Vlann, Bell, Henderson, Spotts, VVaugh, C, Ridgwell, A., Baxter, Chappel, Morris, Ayres, (irifhths, Latterson, M., Woodward, Potts, Ramsey, Armistead, b luist()n. Wise, Allen, .Sussman, Taylor, Capt. Dickson, Head Coach, and " Dad " Woods, Assistant Coach and former F. M. S. star tackle. The room was beautifully decorated with Garnet and Gold streamers and chr ' santhemums, carr ' ing out the color scheme, made a most etTective center piece for the table. On the back of the attractive place cards was written an appropriate verse for each guest. Major Hudgins presented the coveted " F " to the following: Captain Luke, Spotts, Henderson, Mann, Transou, Woods, Waugh, C, Waugh, P., Baxter, Chappel, Morris, Bell, Ridgvvell, J., Ridgwell, A., Branch, and Bean. " Chef " Stewart then presented delicious layer cakes to Luke and Branch, selected bv the CoUcijc Topics of the LTniversity of Virginia as two members of the All-State mythical eleven. A delightful musical program was rendered during the dinner by Cadet Peterson ' s Victrola Orchestra. G. F. Potts, Co plain Vamtj J asfeetball MONOr.k- MS AWARDED TO POTTS (Capt.) SMITH, W. LUKE TAYLOR SPOTTS EBERT NUTTER HENDERSON CAPTAIN POTTS LEFT GUARD Captain I ' otts is a second-year man at Fishlmrnc, and a mcmher of last year ' s arsity. Althongh our season was not as good as we had hoped, much credit is due to the quint, and especially to the cajitain, for his efforts to make it a successful season. Captain Potts was unalile to larticipate the first few games of the season, due to an in- jury received in football season. Nevertheless he was present at every ))racticc, and gave the team his hearty support and cnc iura,gement. The loss of Captain Potts ' presence on the squad during the first of the season was a great drawback to the team, lint finally, when he was able to enter the fray, the improvement could be readily noticed. The latter part of the season found the team in its liest form, and for the first time in several years we defeated S. M. A. by the score of 2)1 to 17. Captain Potts has another year at Fishburne, and we predict that he will make the All- State list next year. He will always be remembered as a hearty captain and one who de- eloped into the squad the cxerlasting spirit and pep that old F. M. S. has always l)een noted for. LUKE KK.H ' ] ' CUAKI) " Bill " came into his own on the (luint this year, and his work was a great asset to the team. " Bill " captained the team during the absence of Captain Potts, and in this role dis- played marked aliility. " Bill " is big, fast, and one of the best guards that ever represented Fishburne on the flo(u-. S POTTS CENTER " Mollis " can ' t be beat when it comes to jum|)ing center and staying with his man. He passes well and is excellent on shooting baskets. This is his first year at Fishburne, and his work on the floor has gained the admiration of all. NUTTER KIOHT CUARD " Nut " is a hard worker in the game, and i)lays his hardest at all times. His passing is of a high order, and with it he shows much speed. He is a new man at Fishburne this year, but his skill at the game w(.)n for him a berth on the team out of a large squad. TAYLOR KK.Hr (.UARII " Dickie, " the lad from the Old North State, stepped into fame on the night of Fel)ruary 24th by the excellent guarding of Sponscller, the much-talked-of forward of S. M. A. " Dickie " has proved to be an in aluable asset to this year ' s team by his excellent guarding and iiassing and also by the fight and iieji he disi)layc(l throughout the entire season. SMITH, W. LKI ' T FdKWAKI) " Cue " bc.nun his Krilliant Cdurt-wurk last year, and from that time nii, his ])laying " has been the ery best. He (li l nni miss a game last year, and his ability to hit the basket at all times is his siiecialty. " Cue " has another year at Fishburne, and we predict a great future f(ir him on the court. Eiib.RT KH.II I l-ORW ' AKII Hot ' s work on the Ibior this year was surpassed hy none. His speed and accuracy in shooting baskets will long lie remembered. He has another year with us, and we have great hopes of his being on the . 11-State I ' rep Fi e next year. " ClikLY " HKNlJF.RSON I.UAKl) Although this is " Cnrly ' s " first year with us, lie has made a record for himself and has done much to uphold the record of the number of fine athletes tui ' ned out li l ' " ishbnrne. In graduating, " Curly " leaxcs a acanc that will lie hard to fill. 5ias;feetbaU CAPT.XIN P. C. BROOKS Coach G. F. POTTS Cahtain J. A. RIDCWF.LL M anaokr SCHEDL LK J;inuary 19— F. M. S., 36; Shenandoah V ' allc} ' Ac.adcni) ' , 21) January 24 — F. M. S., 21; IJ. Va. Ffe.shmtn, 33 January 27 — V. M. S., 24; Stauntcm " Y, " 17 February 3— F. M. S., 27; VVcjodbt-rry Forest, 30 February K) — F. M. S., 19; Slienandoah Valley Academy, 28 FVliruary 12 — F " . M. S., 43; rxreenltrier Military School, 24 February 1-1 — F. M. S., 25; Staunton Military Academy, 42 February 16— F. M. S.. 29; Augusta Military Academy, 39 February 21— F. M. S., 24; Woodberry Forest, 24 February 2- — F " . M. S., o7 ; Staunton Military Academy, 22 March 3— F. M. S., — ; Augusta Military Academy, — f J. I.. Branch, Captain 19 pas eljall quab CAPTAIN P. C. BROOKS Coach J. L. BRANCH Captain G. K. WILLIS Manacer SCHEDULE April 4 — Miller School 7 t Home April 7— Tech. High School of Washington, D. C At Home April 11 — Shenandoah Collegiate Institnte At Home April 1-1 — Augusta Military Academy Fort Defiance April 16 — Woodl)erry Forest y t Home April 20 — Virginia Episcopal School At Home April 21 — Fork Union Military Academy At Home April 25 — Staunton Military Academy At Home April 28 — Greenbrier Military Academy Lewisl)urg May 2 — Greenbrier Military Academy At Home May 5 — Staunton Military Academy Staunton May 9 — Augusta Military Academy At Home May 16 — Randolph-Macon Academy Front Royal May 19 — Augusta Military Academy Fort Defiance " TSJir- ' r . ' ' XJ ' t 0. 7 ' ■ " ■ ' ■ . ' i ry-% y i ' -. ■- " ; r -r-v:- n-si " f:s:r wr%- ' . " ■ " . ' ' ■ ' ' i. - ' -.■ z-iy: -r:jr;-:i-r ■ : ' ' N iif,ws ' ' -fp V- -X Spotts -n . f Nutt r -it. It I Ji f • ' R amse ' -p Clicel.-cf. J ' 3 Poole, E Ob- MichaEj-SS, IW I « ♦ " BrdncK - " RF. (C apt.) 3a9tt£r - lb. LuU-CF. 7otts-LF. • ■i ' tL pasiefaall ros pects; N A IEW of the fact lliat the ' 23 Tai ' S t oes to press 1)efore our I)asei)all season gets into full swini; " , it i.s rather hard to tell just how our team is .going- to turn out. However, present prospects are ver ' bright, and we hope to ha e a w iiming team (Mi the held before the season is over. Captain Rrooks has only three letter men back from last year ' s team, and must depend entirely on new material to fill the vacancies. Luke, I ' otts, and liranch are the old men back, and all are outfielders. Branch has been elected Captain to fill the vacancy caused bv Captain Newberry ' s failure to return to school. .Ml three of these men are showing up well, and are hitting the ball hard. Susman and Nicholson, from last year ' s scrubs, Cheek and EJjert, new men, are also showing up well m the outfield. At the initial sack we have Hollis Spotts, another new man. He is a long- rangy lad, and should make a go(jd hrst-iiaseman. Nutter, another new man, is also making a strong bid for the first sack. At second base Baxter is showing up well. He has had lots of baseball ex- perience, and shows every indication of strengthening this year ' s team. Michaels is holding down short sto]), and with a little more coaching, should develop into a good short stop. Third base is being taken care of b} ' I ' oole, E. He is a good fielder, and is especially strong with the stick. Leajj and I ' ell are fighting it out for the backsto]) position, with Eeaj) having a slight edge on Hell. ( )n the mound we have two more new faces in Ramsey and Mann. They are showing lots (jf stufi:, and should make good twirlers. Both are tall, rangy boys with lots of e.xperience in High School baseball. With this material, Capt, llrooks expects to turn out a winning baseball club. L.A,Gei3len(C3pt) wiiBtningTeaTO - - " - ' ■ ' - - -- ' - ' — " ' . . -f-. .- - ii .„ . , C.S. A}dugK,oV.,(Cdi4 Track Teem R.C Parser ,(Cdpt). Ttnnh Team. aaifle Team ALLEN BELL, BURTON CHEEK CURTISS DUFFY FLOYD GRIFFITHS HALL, R. HATCH JOHNSTON McLEAN, R. MAYER RODMAN WALLER WOODFORD WOODS Jlonor Committee W. C. l.UKL Chairman VV. F. McNEEll K. I ' .. MA LI A) NE 10 R. C. PARKER Miss Elsie McNf.I ' .k Si)ons(jr Taps Caps; taff W. F. McNEER Editor-in-Chief J. R. WARWICK Assistant Editor J. S. HOWARD Assistant Editor J. L. BRANCH Social Editor E. CURTISS, JR. Joke Editor E. RAYOL Art Editor [). K. STANSBURY Military Editor A. E. HUMES Art Editor G. K. wnxis Athletic Editor e. curtiss, jr. Art Editor J. R. CHAPPEL Business Manager Cfje " €. (©. " taff FT. H. POOLE EniTOR-IN-CHTEl ' J. S. HOWAUl.) Assistant Editor E. G. FISHBURNE Assistant Editor R. C. PARKER Military Editor F. B. MALLONEE Athletic Editor R. P. TAYLOR Social Editor J. W. HAMILTON Joke Editor E. N. DUPLY Exchange Editor J. H. MANNING Business Manager T. J. PATTERSON Assistant Business Manager public peafeins Ctesi ALLEN AYRES BASSETT BATTS BAXTER BAYOL BEAN BELL BOETLER BURTON BYROM CAHILL CHAPPELL CHEEK CHEW. C. COLLONA COSDEN CRIDER CURTISS DAVENPORT DUPPY DRAKE EBY FISHBURNE, E. PLOYD PORBELL FORD GEISLER GELBACH GILL GREGORY GRIER, P. GWALTNEY HALL, E. HAMILTON HANDERSON HOPKINS HOWARD HUMES HUNSACKER ICENHOUR JOHNSTON LEAP LEE LUKE LYERLY MAHONEY MALLONEE MANN MANNING MAYER McLEAN, R. McNEER MORRISS MOSES MOSBY NEW OFFICE OLDER NICHOLSON PARKER PATTERSON, POOLE, H. POOLE, E. POTTS QUALLS RAMSEY RIDGWELL • RODMAN ROYAL SAKOWITZ SNELLINGS SMITH, T. SMITH, W. SNELLINGS SPARROW SPEARS SPOTTS STANSBURY STEPHENSON STURTS SUSSMAN TAYLOR TRANSON VINEYARD WALLER WARWICK WATTS WAUGH, C. WAUGH, P. WEAVER WILLIS WOODFORD WOODS WOOL m [Jh Cotillion Clul) omccis J. L. BRANCH President G. K. WFLLIS Vice-President H. H. POOLE Secretary W. F. AIcNIiER Treasurer ALLEN ARMISTEAD BASSKTT HELL BOYCE BRANCH BURTON CHAPPEL DUFFY DUPUY PETNBR PENNIMORE FISHBURNE. E. FLOYD FORBELL FORD GELBACH GRAFF GREGORY GWALTNEY HALL, E. R. HENDERSON HUMES JOHNSTON LEE LEITCH McLEAN, R. McNEER MAHONEY MANN MOSES NEW PARKER PATTERSON. M. PATTERSON, T. RIDGWELL RODMAN ROSTER SAKOWITZ SETZER SNELLINCiS SPARROW SPEARS SPENCER STANSBURY TAYLOR THOMPSON TRANSOU TROSTEL WALLER WARWICK WAUGH, C. WAUGH. P. WEAVER WILLIS WOODS WOODWARD WOOL ocial L ' l social life opened with the Cotillion Clul s Openinj - Hop, which was given in the gymnasium on the night of Octol)er 13th. Weidemeyer ' s Orchestra, of Huntington, W. Va., furnished the music and upheld their rei)utation as one of the l»est dance orchestras. Many young ladies from all parts of Virginia were present, and the Opening Hop was greatly enjoyed hv all. • ' cveral informal dances were given hy the Cotillion Club during the fall season, Jeb Kelle ' s Virginia Novelt}- Orchestra furnishing the music. The cadets were also the guests of many entertainments and dances given them hv the people of Waynesboro, all of which were greatly appreciated and enjoyed. On December the Sth and 9th the Cotillion Club held their Thanksgiving dances. The gymnasium was Ijcautifully decorated with garnet and gold stream- ers and pennants and banners of all descriptions. Weidemeyer ' s Orchestra again furnished the music for the formal, and the irginia Novelty Orchestra jdayed for the informal. There were many young la lies present, and the dances were the best of the fall season. On the night of Felu-uary the 13th our annual Fancy Dress Hall was given the cadets by Major and Mrs. Fludgins. This dance was preceded by an infor- mal given by the Cotillion Club on the night of the 12th. The music for bcjth dances was furnished by Job Kelley and his Virginia Novelty Orchestra. Our Fancy Dress is the largest social event of the year, and this year it was better than ever. The great variety of costumes and the l)eautiful decorations presented a pretty scene, and the dance was the liest and most elal)orate ever held al Msh- burne. The next social event of the year was the blaster Dances given bv the Cotil- li(jn Club on April 6th and 7th. It was the Carolina Club Orchestra ' s first ap- pearance at F. M. S., and they proved the l)est music of the ear. The music and the many young ladies made the dance a ver - enjoxable (jne. We are now lotjking forward with pleasure to our coming b ' inals. Arrange- ments are now being made by the Cotillion Clul) and Finals promise to be better than ever. Jan Garber and his Garber-Davis Orchestra or The Carolina Club Orchestra will play for the dances. There will be three dances, an informal dance on the night of May the 30th, a dansant on the afternoon of May the 31st, and the Final Ball on the night of May the 31st. We can look back over our 1922- ' 23 .Social Calendar with man - fond re- membrances. The dances and entertainments have been a source of much pleas- ure to all, and we greatly appreciate Major and Mrs. Hudgins and the ])eople of Waynesboro ' s efforts in making our past } ' ear at b ishburne a ver} ' ])leasant one. Social Calenbar 1922- ' 23 October 13 Opf.ninc, Hop ]] ' cideiiicyc7- ' s Orchestra Novemhcr 11 Informal Dance U. of Va. Glee Club Orchestra December 7 and 8 Thanksgiving Dances li ' eidcDieyers Orchestra and Tlie Virginia Noveltv Orcliestra February 12 and 13 Mid- Winter Dances The Virginia Novelty Orcliestra April 6 and 7 Easter Dances TJie Carolina Club Orchestra May 4 Informal Dance Tlie Zit ' Zu Orchestra May 18 Informal Dance The Zit-Zii Orchestra May 30 and 31 Final Dances The Carolina Club Orchestra Virginia Club G. K. WILLIS President J. L. BRANCH Vice-President A. L. RIDGWELL Secretary and Treasurer ARMISTEAD AYRES BOYCE BRANCH BURTON CHAPPEL FISHBURNE, E. FREED GATHRIGHT GILL GODWIN GREGORY GWALTNEY HOWARD LYERLY MAHONEY MANNING MOSES NEW PATTERSON, M. PATTERSON. T. RIDGWELL STANSBURY STEPHENSON SWEET, F. WEAVER WILLIS WOODS WOOL i oitfj Carolina Club R. P. TAYLOR President H. H. POOLE Vice-President F. B. A ' lALLONEE Secretary and Treasurer ANDERSON HENDER.S( N RODMAN BEDL JOHNSTON SETZER CHEEK LEE SPARROW DUFFY McLEAN. L. SPEARS EBY McLEAN, R. TAYLOR FETNER MALLONEE THOMPSON FLOYD NICHOLSON TRANSOU FORD POOLE. E. WATTS I ' OOLE, II. West IrTirginia Cluf) fiDterer W. F. McNEER W. C. LUKE . . . P. E. WAUGEI . President Vice-President .Secretary and Treasurer Sl cmbci ' s ALLEN HOPKINS DUPUY LUKE FENNIMORE MORRIS GRAPP McNEER HALL, B. R. OLDER SPENCER SMITH, W. VINEYARD WALLER WAUGH, C. WAUGH, P. Cosimopolitan Club € £ficrrG R. L. I ' AKivlik I ' KK.siiiiiNr GRIER, F Vici:-l " Ni:siiiKNT H. H. BETTS Sec NET A in ' and Tkkasi ' I(i:i BARTLETTJi) FISH 1 ;L ' KNiC, VV ' . HUMI ' iS BETTS GEISLER MAYER CARTY GRIER, P. I ' ARKER COSDEN GRIER. L. QUALI S CURTIS HALL, R. SF ' OTTS CRIDER HATCH STURTS FAWCETTE WARWICK ■ FORLELL WOODWARD i:ibetoater Club WILLIS President KIDGWELL Vice-President ARMISTE AD Secretary and Treasurer ARMISTEAD GREGORY SNELLINGS BOYt E GWALTNEY STEPHENSON ■ COLLONA NEW WEAVER GILT. RIDGWELL WILLIS ' GODWIN WOOL pE= vwjippjiiiiiij ! " q» ;!t 4 -v Si f " p .jili ESS i:oiC — Slran.i e, is il not, that xou love me so? And vli ' shotiKl i)vr Itrown eyes shine When you i)eautiful hands, hke a i,nft from God, Are gent! - clasj:)ed in mine? What words can tell of the miracle ' our wonderful love now seems? What ])aradise can I lont; ' for, dear, Wlien T have you in my dreams ? If I could have the treasures of earth And fame and honors too, I ' d turn aside to The (iiver of Gifts And ask for you. With the wine of your lips — life ' s hreath to me Witli tlie perfume of -our hair — What worlds could T not conquei-, If you were there ? C. J. E. Jobesi Judge: Guilty or not guilty? Rastus : Not guilty, Suh. JvDGi:: Have you ever been in jail ? Rastus: No, Suh, I never stole nothin ' l)efore. " Why did you tip that boy so handsomely when he gave you your cf»at ? " " Look at the coat he gave me ! " Employer : Are 3 ' ou sure that women have no charms for you ? Burly Applicant : ' e , sir. Employer: All right, I ' ll hire you. We wanl (iu to read meters in sorority houses. " Ilell, yes, " said the devil as he picked up the telephone receiver. Ed kissed her ' bout a hundred times Eeneath the Nha ly trees; The little central smiled and said, " What number was that, please? " Customer: How do you sell this cheese? Grocer: Eve often wondered myself, Madame. " Were i)U ever i)inched for going loo f;ist? " " No, but 1 have been sla] ped. " " What do elephants liave that no oilier anim.als have. ' ' " asked ihe teacher. " Eittle ele])hant.s, " was Ihe sur])rising answer. She (after riding two hours) : Don ' t ' ou ever stoj) and look at vour engine? He: Never; you ' d be surprised what wonderful engines these Hudsons have. i]fi 9 What would ' (ni think ' of a irl who toKl you that th(. onh ' clianct ' ' ou had of kissiii! - hcT was to catcli hrr witli Iut mouth chjst ' d, and then have her sit there the rest of the eveninj - without sa inL;- a word? S ' i " Ai,i:-l.)ooR JoirNNU-: (after kissin s4- a ehijrus .i irl) : How many men have } ' 0U kissed before ? i CiioRLS GiKi, (demureh ' ) : Two-o. Johnny (sarcastically) : ' our cousins, I suppose? Chorus Girl: No, mv father and hrother. Jtst Arku ' i- ' o: Go h, I ' m star ed. All the vendor h ad nu the train was magazines and cards. Meeting Him : Well, why didn ' t -ou huy a deck of cards? J. A.; Cards, vou can ' t eat cards. M. 11.: C)h, es. You could liave made i)urself a cluh sandwich. Corn licker, Corn licker, What on earth Can mak ' c ou sicker. Sine : Oh, I ' d hate to he coming down in that parachute ! He: I ' d hate lo he commit ilown wilhout it. Capt. Brooks: How many wars has the United States had? Cadet : Five. Capt. R. : Enumerate them. CAni:T : First, second, thii ' d, fourth, fifth. I kissed her once, and that was all, Now here is the reasrjn why — She said I kissed like Johnny, and — Oh, well, I hate that guy ! " I ' ll never get over this, " said the man being chased by a mad I)ull, as he came to a nine-foot fence. She : Hasn ' t that girl a lovely face ? He: She ought to have, she ' s got everything on it but an intelligent ex- pression. A pretty girl with a pretty knee Can surely " grin and hare it ! " Tom : Pa, you remember you promised me five dollars if I passed in school this year? Pa: Yes. Tom : Well, that ' s one expense you won ' t have this year. Capt. Lacy (Explaining prol)lem) : Now, boys, watch the board while I run through it. Mv sister is so dumb at sewing that she thinks a hem is an exclamation. Dumb : My, but Frank is getting round-shouldered ! Bell : Too much study, I guess. Dumb: Study nothing! The trouble with him is that he has been kissing too many short girls ! She : I ' d never look at him twice. Her : Oh, I would ; you can get a good laugh out of it. The joke that made our Grannies blush Won ' t win a wink today ; The babv, even, scorning mush — Yells, " How ju get that way ! " " ' New : What did your girl say when she read that ) ' 0u were pinched for going fifty miles an hour? Nicholson : Oh ! she had a fit ! She ' s been telling everybody that I could do seventy-five. Some men are liorn insane — woinen drive others that way — and some are editors of school comics. Mother : Are you sure that this young man that you are going with is all right ? Co-Ed: All right? Wh ' , Mother, T would trust him in Hollywood. He stag ' gx ' red down the crooked street, His load borne like a man, For this was moving day for him; And he couldn ' t tind a van. " There is nothing like comliining llu ines with i)lea,snre, " said the tailor ' s daughter as she lovingl} ' wrecked the create in her lover ' s troupers. Stephenson: Was it hard to get out of your upper berth? Howard: Nf) ; luckdh Ihe tram was I ' ounding a curve. Cake-Eater: I ho])e ou like me, little one, I aim t(j please. Flapper: Well, -ou are a rotten shot. In Fgy])t, near the classic Nile, The ]»rehistoric flapper Displayed a most alluring smile. Likewise a scant) ' wrapper. She Hashed a briglitl} ' burning lamp I ' ut though she loved each laddie. She ' s nothing on our girls who vamp ' Die hca ' sugar Daddy. Nurse: Did the doctor talce -our temperature? Woods: I don ' t think so. ; 11 I ' xe missed so far is mv watch. Teacher: Where is your pen-wiper, Johnnv? Johnny: I don ' t l now ! I never use il since I got mv black suit. She: Papa said vou had more monev than brains. He: Ha! That ' s one on dur father. Fm l)roke. She : Yes ; Papa added that you were. First Cadet: What makes you think she doesn ' t like you? Second Cadet: She told me she thought there was a fool in every family. F. C. : Well, what of that? S. C. : Fd just got through telling her that I was the onl ' child. Judge : Have you ever seen me before ? Defendant: No, your honor; but Fve seen one face that looked like yours and that was the picture of an luiglish king. Judge: Discharged! Next case. Colored Officer : Eyes right : Black Private : You am like hell. Poole, H. : How do you like the belts those girls are wearing? Chappel : Them ain ' t belts — they are skirts. Capt. Lacy : Suppose you had one hundred dollars. Voice in Back of Room : Aw, well ; cut out the theory and give us facts. Capt. Ellison (sarcastically) : I ' m not disturbing you back there, am I? New : Well, you might speak a little lower, and let a man sleep. There was a bold gal from Missouri Who stole the wet stock of a brewery. When the judge called her case She saved her disgrace By giving the case to the jury. Athlete: D ' ja go over to the gym and see the broad jump? Pathetic: Now! Who was she? Hostess : It looks like rain, you had lietter stay for dinner. DuPUY : Oh, tlip.nks, 1)ut I don ' t tliink it ' s bad enough for that. Customer: But you guaranteed this watch would last a life time. Clerk: Certainly; but you looked pretty sick the day you bought it. " Your honor, I was not intoxicated. " " But this officer says that you were trying to climb a lamp post. " " I was, your honor. A couple of Cerise crocodiles had been following me around all day, and I don ' t mind tell you tliat they were getting on my nerves. " " Poor Mildred ' s husband died from poisoning. " " Well, Mildred can ' t say her chemistry course wasn ' t of value. " A lass I hate is Betty Brice, She never slips upon the ice Unless she has nre by the hand. Then I fall too ! — Ain ' t nature grand ? Referee: You want to substitute for the man who just made that fumhle, but you ' re not a player! " But think, man, I ' ve got a month ' s board on this game. " Even a liot dog wiU bite if you just put mustard on it. Tramp: Did you ever see a murder? Traveller : No, and I don ' t want to. Tramp: Well, give us a fiver and ' you won ' t. She: Shall we make mud pies? ■ He: No. Mud pies get ya ' all dirty, and first thing ya ' know somelxxly springs a bath on ya ' . Willis : I was up before the faculty this morning. Branch: Tough luck. What did they say? Willis: Why, ncjthing, of course. They are glad to have ) ' ou get up early. " Jack and Emily are going to l:)e married. " " Emily! I thought she was one of those modern girls which don ' t believe in marriage. " " So did Jack. " Manning: You ' ve seen them feed camphor to the elephants in the zoo, haven ' t you ? Stansbury : Why do they do that ? Manning: Oh, just to keep the moths out of their trunlKS. " This is quite the cat ' s pajamas, " said the old gentleman as he picked up some of his wife ' s lingerie. He : Where is Jack ? She: He just stepped out to get a fresh breath. He: Pardon me. I am thirsty too. " How did you ever get caught in such a compromising position, Betty? ' " Well, he wanted to see what color m ' eyes were. That ' s harmless enough. " " Yes, but he is so darn short-sighted. " McNeer: Is May the kind of girl that gives you any encouragement? Moses: Judge for yourself. The last time 1 called on her she kept wonder- ing what it would feel like to have whiskers (jn her face. He : Did you ever think of getting married ( - StiY Co-Ed; It ' s never entered my mind. He: I ' s sorry, don ' t bother. Shy Co-Ed : Just a minute — you ' ve started me thinking. She Won : He dances like a machine. She Too: Yes, like a pile-driver. I kissed her in the parlor, I kissed her in the swing ; I kissed her once too often, Now I ' ve got to buy a ring. Kind Old Man: What ' s the matter, little bo ' ? Don ' t cry so. Little Roy : My teacher ' s been sick. K. O. M, : Well, cheer up. Perhaps she may recover. L. B.: Hell! That ' s it- she did. Hypy : He is an artist. Dermic: Howzatt ? Hypy : Draw flies. She: Do you remember when you were first struck b ' m - beauty. ' ' He: I think so. Wasn ' t it at the mask ball ? An irritable old sportsman was aroused from his bed at three o ' clock in the morning bv the insistent ringing of his door-bell. On answering Itc found a drunkard struggling hard to maintain his equilibrium. " What do 3 ' ou mean b} ' waking me up at this hour? " " Is you Mr. Smithers? " " Yes, yes. What of it? " " Ish you the gent what advertised for a partner to go lion-hunting in Africa? " " Yes, I am tlie gentleman. What do you want to know about it? " " Nothin ' , ' cei)tin ' I just wanted to tell you that on no condishuns whatso- ever, will I go with vou. " m fcTizi: 13 r - ■ ' f V , if V, iTr 5 ' , ifr 5-V if ,-if V, ifr V. i ' lf ,!f V, if if ' , , ' f - if ), if if ' , if , v ' .? J, if tif iif ljif , if , ,1? , if , v(? , .I %g m FiSHBURNE Military School WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA 44th Year II II ,1 An Ideal Preparatoiy Schocjl Emlxjdviny Military Training. Location and Climate Unexcelled. New $200,000 Fire-proof Barracks. Thorough Instruction; Small Classes ; Individual Supervision ; Moral Envi- ronment ; Spring Encampment. All Branches of Ath- letics. New Swimming I ' ool. Unit of The Reserve Oflicers ' Training Corps under the J . S. War Depart- ment. RATED HONOR SCHOOL BY THE U. S. WAR DEPARTMENT Major M. H. Hudgins, Principal ; if if if !,if , if ,if, ifS ' if iif, ' if}} if if ' iff 0 iff ' iff «5) ' ' «t; ?;- K vS? ■!) f 5? ' vS; K ' f f ?! ' vK ' f ' ft -4§: si r - Xi ' % - ' 4 -ir ' -4i ' -4 ' ' i - % -4 %. ' - -4 4i - -4g- 4 ik - 4i ' 4 - 4 - -4 -4 ' -4 - -yi ' 4 ' II WILLIAM C. ROWLAND II ¥ ' II II 4f II II UNIFORMS Supplies Equipment Sabres Belts UNIFORMER OF FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL WILLIAM C. ROWLAND % . m ■4 f 1024 Rack Sireei- Philadelphia O WW WW ■ i -Ir w w w W w w w w w - w w w -w w -hi - w M w - • « ' ' f S; ' 4B ' ' 5? « € ?) ' ' ' •r,}} ' f,3 ' -H ' 4? 5f ' ' ' .? ' -??? ' v ' » ' i; ' f i f f 1 ' yf ' lir ' JlJ III; -M- W. R. GRAHAM, President H. VV. HICKS, Vice President JAS. H. McNEER, Cashier C. A. DENNEN, Ass ' t Cashier fl M II Capital $35,000.00 Surplus aud Undivided Profits $70,000.00 Total Resources Over - - $800,000.00 II W First National Bank II II POCAHONTAS, VIRGINIA II II II II II II II 11 II II II u % " aj ' ■s %Kr - % - :s ' - ' -Ji - ' 4;Kr vWir 4 % - - • ' - % % % % -% - % - Spalding Athletic Goods To be well equipped is as satisfy- ing as to be well dressed. There is no substitute for Spalding Quality. IF IT ' S SPALDING ' S. IT ' S RIGHT! Catdlo ' uc Ditiiliil on reqid it 6I3-14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. II II II II LAMBERT Manufacturing Co. II II II Lumber and Building Material WAYNESBORO VIRGINIA • lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli .KV. 1 " ' 1 - ' " ( f !ff = 1 ' Sf " P 1 1 ' ' ! ife ' ife v ' l? % %ii m - ' i % % fei fe- ' %- % ' % ' % %;- K- ' w? II SIX 7-Passenger Automobiles Automobile Service Telephone 250 All Calls io Trains are Promptly II II Waynesboro Drug Store W. E . Drake, Alauci er Butter-Ki t Pup Corn. Roasted Pt-aiiuts «i? m II II II II Fi lied . II f ; -ll- V 4 -11 • -i !iii: i -41 ' -:y -| ' 4 1| Country Trips our Specialty II j p Advertise NN itll Us Prompt and Efficient Srrvice || AJODERJTE RJTES || Liveryman for F. M. S. Cadets i? ' y --» ■ i n i v(? , • ' -4 CJuicK Rtsults J. L. Fisher Son ii the news leader F 1 1{ ST- C LA SS FOR D S E 1{ ' IC E Staiiiitoii, Virginia % ,? v ' ? ' v ? v ' i? .1 5!; l? ' v ' v ' ? ' v ' ' vt? 5j, .1? ' , J? V; ,!; 51, »;? f, ,!? ' , i; v, .t? t? 5,v i? 5;, , ' ? . kV , if 5 ' » ; 51, ,(? u vt; j, k ;;;, (; :j, .v i, ;f , -4 ' 1 li -iji -M - ' ' U ' d- % -y -iii? w u -M- ■¥ ' - -M- -y 4 ' -M ' II w M w w v, Grocery and Variety Store S WHITE BROS. PATTIE RUSMISELLE |l Q pj g 314 Wayne Avenue SJS; Waynesboro - Virginia sii ' Anything in Fruits and Candies , We Solicit Your Patronao-e II GOOD CLOTHES ■II ' i|| ( At Right Prices 4li ify. ' Waynesboro Virginia II II ■ -ini- -Mr -Mf 54 54i. ' -4ir - ir 4 - ir -ilif -isir - ' - - , ' -4i ' -4! ' -4 -41 - -4 - -4 w ' ' 4 -M ' -M: itii ' " iir :?r II ¥. ,- B. G. Wasek UP-TODATE TAILORING ALTERING CLEANING. PRESSING Phone 80 S " THE SPOT " i?5. ' , -4i - Hamilton-Cock Hardware Company FOR % ' Sporting Goods, Guns, Rifles, Ammunit- " -4 ' II 4i- ion. Cutlery, Tennis, Base Ball and Foot Ball Supplies. 4 if, ' if if }! if ' ifSf if h if iV if y if ' if ■? if if ' if 1 ' if }l if -. ' ' if -f f ■? ' ' j? ■? ' if ' if 1 if if ». ' if if if 5, ' , if 5? f f I ' •Siif ii -M ' ■ - tii -M ' -iiii 4i t J ' i ' .ii ■ :k-i -at ' til- ■ % • ■ - lii -Mi -M -i ' lii -A Jlr -M- ■§, - Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Fishburne Son Drz gs, Stationery Kodaks Soda and Candy K , {f , ' , ,«: , ic 5j, ,(? , }f -s, fc , ,K , ,(? ' , i; u vtf v ? vl? , vj; , ,5? ,t; : v(; M M ' -i!i£ ' « M ' «- « M - i ' « -M -M -M i M -M " THE MAN ' S SHOP Waynesboro, Virginia T e Ho m e of ' ' M HART, SCHAFFNER MARX, WALCO CLOTHES, . FLORSHEIM ami CROSSETT SHOES, BERG HATS, MANHATTAN SHIRTS, WILSON BROTHERS FURNISHINGS. Illlllllllllllllllllilll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 4 II II II II II m III IIIIIIIIIIIIPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Waynesboro Heating and Plumbing Company ' 4 II m MORRIS ' Restaurant For Ladies and Gentlemen II II II rolite, Clean, and Uuick Service Our Specialty WAYNEBORO, VIRGINiA II II € i II II II II ■m II V. A- MOYER, Proprietor Steam and Hot Water Heating Sanitary Plumbing and Fixtures Pneumatic Systems Installed Ideal Areola Heating Outfits O Arco Wand Stationary Vacuum Cleaners II f II iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis II II ' II II II II II II II " Most Complete Hotel " " m II The Uniuersitij of Uirqinia If Ibotcl t)irginia II EnwiN . . Alderman, President The Traitiinq Qround of all the People II II II II w if. 1 kV ' kV 1, if V, if if if if , K ,if ,if ,if J (K (, ff -V -r- , European Plan Staunton, Virginia ir; ' sit- ' II m II f ilr ' , ■ II ?H? «? iy ' 4g " - ' II JOHN FALLON WIIOLKSALE ■ RETAIL FLORIST In the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley «iTAnNT()N II II V tRGINTA r t llfJIIillllllllllllllllllllll WW% % W ' WWW%§ ' i II II 11 p II II :l|| ' r , . if ' «S? 1? if ' , if », r , if y, if 5J, i ' r V ■, ' V if , if V, if 1, if if U if if it ' -Mr -m W -m W -ai ' -m -fe - h ' i - ' W M- if i %f tr % ' ' M ' % %f W W W W % M % W % ' , ' iif ' if ' i m v VU Y Ys k nw §@ Post Exchange 4 ' ' If II II II II if j if , II II i?„? gg the Cadets, by the Cadets ,S)S) If if V, (f - 1 K , if U if - lif if if , if , if f if if if if Si ' if ' i]i if if ' C •} « ]i if ]i li .liff.l ' ifl ' yf 1 f, -M ' If If If If If If if If ' ii ' -If -w w M ' if if if if ii ' if If if if if i iFairfax l|aU " For life IS the mirror of king and slave ' Tis just what you are and do: So give to the world the be you have And the be will come back to you. " JOHN NOBLE MAXWELL PRKSIDENI %» -M ■ ;-. ' ' Jd: 4 %k- 4i ' .M: %vr v!nir - 4ijr • -siif %i -Ji M: " rf " S ii w ■Suxr -Mr - -a m ' Sfir ■ M% iyf%f % - - 4f-4f i ■% % s -% ' : II " S ' WEST WILLIAMSON CO . COMPANY I N C O k F O R A T F. D M i n e r s a n d Shi p p l- r s of Steam and Domestic Coal WILLIAMSON - VVKST VIRGINIA (Tr U if- ' , if ' , if Uif if , if , if , v ? v ' l? ' , if , if , i V, if N, ,!? , if ), K m!? v5? S? vi? V A if ' (? if , if , -% -p- -y. " -y- if 11- a w M ' M ' % % ' -u ' i II Ir If if If If nil II If II If II A. T. Higginbotham WHOLESALE PRODUCE, FRUITS, CANDIES, ETC. ||- ATTENTION i r , m f if m II -4i- AH hungry cadets wh„ g„ tn Stauntnn || STAUNTON. VIRGINIA will lu ' occed to C hris ' 1vi:si ArKAxi, for " i- ' there- they will receive the hest of " eats " Jfl; | ,§- S H H II H f ill H H H ' 1 an,-l proper ,,;;,, ATTENTION If II 11 II II KRISCH ' S CORRECT DRf:SS for ' ■ Wooiaim 34 E. MAIN ST., STAUNTON, VA. S. J. KRISCH, Proprietor II II 11 %%;i if% II if if ii %i- - f %f M ' if if if if if if i ' if w if if i if i ' if if if If if ' II II if - if, 1 € ' ' if, f, i£ 1 ' if, 1 ' if ; ' if } ' if ? ' if T ' ' ' .; ? ' »i? ? ' ' ;; ? ' S; ?; ' ■ ' f, I ' ' € •!. ' ' if ' ' !; ' if } if, ;. ' «? ' ' if -S ' « ■?; ' if ' v« V 5f ' ' if € ' ' if, V i : i - if tr If if if i ' M ' - w - % il ' if if ii m- -U- -U- H M- w M %i if If 4if s 41 ' II II OUR FOUR CARDINAL PRINCIl LKS- Capital $40,000.00 Surplus $25,090.00 Undivided Profits $4,000.00 Absolute Safety Conservatism Square Dealing Courteous Treatment Tliis is insured by a Board of Directors who direct and uive all matters their careful attention f II II Waynesboro National Bank WaynesbtM " o, Virginia , II ' %li ii If ' ' 4 ' M ' il ' il; ' - i U ' M ' il ' -U -M ' M U ' U- 1 , 4i- II II II if , ¥}k ¥f CompumENTs S n..L. Lanq Co. of :::::::: :: II if ■nif ompumENTs of J. M. Chappel Optical Co. BRISTOL, VIRGINIA g ' tanntnn. Hirainia Wholesale Prescriptions Opticians sy ' ¥ ' $1 ' II II -m- II ' 41 ' II II II II II HKADOUARTF.RS FOR CLASS RINGS CLASS FINS I ' rateniity Jewelry Class Imitations Callini; Cards V ' e(ldiii,u and Social Stationery Also GRADIJAFION " Gifts that Last ' if II II f f 1 ¥ J ' f 1 f 1 ¥}! ' ¥}h ¥Y-i ??? ' ir ' 5f ? ' ' ;? ? ' - ' fM ;i ' ; 1 i ' i ' l ifri f ?i f i ¥f ¥rf ¥Ji ft ft ft ft ft 4; sif -4 ig It 4i- 4 4 4 4l ' 4 ' ' 4Jf 4i 4 ' 4 4i- -i 4 4 - ' ' 4 ' ' 4 ' 4 ' ' 4Sf ' 4 ' M ' ' 4i 4P 4 - %! ' %f If 1|- i r -|f -ll- 4|r 41 ' fi? W ' 1 W if ■ W If If % % " 4 -Mr II II II M- " 1 II II II ' II m if II II II II LOTH ' S.I5J „ Loth ' s Fuel-Saver is the result It is well to remember one is lie ■ of over forty years stove manu- facturing experience. Such an achievement is not the result of haphazard policies, but comes from constantly wfu-k- ing to a predetermined goal. This The Best Range Ever Built — for Family Use has been developed and perfected only after many years of scientific work. Visitors always welcome and cheerfully shown through our plant. The " W. J. Loth Stove Company, Waynesboro, Virginia In the Blue Rulge Ahuntams of [ ' infinui -|f If If if If -Jif %5- if %J %f -yr - i if - ff - - % usually rewarded in proportion to their efforts, and it is the men who tackle the hardest Job that usually reap the greatest rewards — you have less competition. II II II II II II :i - M IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPIIIIP Chdrlottesuille IDoolen Mills m CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA ff 0 ' MANUFACTURERS OF High Qrdde Uniform Cloths IN OLIVE DRAB, SKY AND DARK BLUES AND ARMY, NAVY AND OTHER UNIFORM PURPOSES AND The Largest Assortment and Best Quality C a d a fc Grays Iiiclu(liii(( tliose used at the U. S. Military Academy at West Point and other leading Military Schools of the country. Prescribed and used in the uniforms of the Cadets, Fishburne Military School. ,1? V M 5), ,o; , ,5? : , ,i; j, ), j? , ,i; v, ,(; u ,V , (; -y, ,(? ,( , .1? V x: ;, , f !, if , }f tf, , ], if h if , ic v, ;f , , ' M- i 1 ' ' If ' M w M ' M % ir % ' " M ' M ' li? w w w il " if w w il ' ' If ' M 11 ' ■ 1 ai II :Olf II II II Photographs for Illiistratiotis a Specialty Fo Ao IDIjotograpljer 3 West Main St. - Staunton, Va. 4 II II llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll II II II ». ( ' ) 5? .1 -s? s; vii !? v ' f V, i? v - i ' ( ' v(? v!? ' .t; " s, . ' ■? !, J? , yK ), i . ; i? - }? ;? s? Mf , , ? i j? , j Beverly Book Co. § Wayneboro cyiuto Co. ; INCORPORATED «|| Distributors of ; MASONIC TEMPLE .|| COLE AND OVERLAND ; Staunton. Virginia || MachinCS ; Books and Stationery i n. c n„„r A r « ' FISK CORD and FABRIC TIRES : cporting Lioods, Cameras and Kodak Films H HIGH TEST GAS ! i Waynesboro - Virhinia ■ Victrolas and Roecords ,11 I H OfP rrlk-rP Tr ff Timberldke - ITlurphij Co. || Style-Plus( clothing Walk-(jver Shoes WAYNESBORO, VA. II Men ' s Furnishings Hats, Shoes, I iiinks, isgs, Etc. HIGH CLASS CUSTOM TAIEORING f; 24 E. Mam St. Staunton, Va. g llllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 11 II WHRRE THF WIRE LEADS 1 OUR SrOCK FOLLOWS II m II I II II II II II 4 ' If It Is Electrical, We Have It Bi y From Us tnirl Be Scitisjied . We C arry a (x)iTiplete Line of Appliances And Fixtures. Riverside Light and Power Company cmd Electric Supply Company 319 WAYNE AVE. II € ' v!? !f if ]i if , if if 1 if if ' if, " %• if, V if, ' ' i ' r if v i " ;? ' if, 1 ' if ' ' if if, if ' if ' ' ¥ ' if ' if ' if ' ■ M ' ' M % %ii- 1 ' w II ' w " M- ' w ii? w ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ff ' " y ' w -M ' w %! 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' € ' f ' f ' f M w ■y ' M -y- ' y -y -ii ' ■■ ' -y- -y m mi ' y mi mi 4 w " y w m ' m m M M m 221-29 North Central Avenue STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Special Atention Given to Family Washing if , if i. SSi II II II II mii ' i?l II II II P II II m II II II II II II w w % ' ■% ' -4 w " 4 ' - ' " i 4 -ii- " ' " -4 " % w w % " w w % " II 11 F. M. S. POST EXCHANGE PRESSING CLUB II II II m II II II II II II UNDER THK DIRECTION OF THE GENERAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FOR THE CADETS BY THE CADETS Service Its Motto II II f 1 % IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ,Kf ir ,ir hir ' KV ' ' lf ' !f f J if ' ii if if ' ' i ' ir l, if 5!, if V, if , if ]i irr , if if if , if h if U if if h if %iW § ' l M %i M -ii « -MM ' M ' -iii: i ijJt i: -:kii i M -i « « « « 12- If ll ' 1 ■ % 4 WS - ' -i - -4 % ' % - ' % -:4|r - -M ' ' .2U2. ' College Printing ANNUALS, CATALOGUES, MAGAZINES ■St- Xl ' HHN you wish to have a tine book, catalogue, annual, or magazine print- ed you naturally go to a specialist, in that class of work — we are specialists, which is proven by the repeat orders received by us from year to year. Give us a trial order. II II II II II m hf II II if ll II II II Promptness Ejfjc lericy S c r V I c e The McClure Co., Inc. No. 19 WES T FREDERICK S R E E T STAUNT(3N - - - - - VIRGINIA llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Sutograpijs; SutograpJjs; !autosrapl)si autograpfjs Press of The McClure Companu, Inc. Staunton, Uirqima ; - ' M ); ' ■ i: :Y:i ' ' r : ' .i .1 vJM if V- " ■.)., :iuv} m f , I h ' ) . ' ■ ' ' ■ ■i r ¥: ' :% ,

Suggestions in the Fishburne Military High School - Taps Yearbook (Waynesboro, VA) collection:

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