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1 '-555g ,. s 1 .".," 71 9' A 1 ',.W:.v-USM, ' !"FoLaV,1:1 ..v . ' ,. ,Q 'Wg . 4 L ,. .J . - .1 pp ' 1 , ..-.54 ...X v v ' 0 L .F ,.v'4.. Xu 1 2"- , ' M -.ff-sf k' . w , 1 ' . . . . L i gh . an A ' 'li f L ' .Dx . ' S 5.0: ,P . . -, ' l" nvu-9. , A 'f 3 I I H n 4, on 5 . '. 4' f 'f x cqq. X .' -'- A ' - f , ' ' I 3 v' -' -.. w , 'r if - 1 .., cv. . - K. 1 . V-: li 'H af A-RSI fu 4 u K . 1 5 1 , .. f' . '. or "I . .111 w.4l M . J, ' . 1. U un Q., .3-5 w . -. . 1 -' . X' . . 43,1 41' .l - H -1' . A . ',',f,' .A".ff 'C- , 03 . 7f'4,4. lr S" PM - . L . 'lp' -4 J' .. , xl 4,r,'xs, Ill .,yk',l,r'l 4.31 -I ' Q r . . . nl I.. f ff ' 1 I u o fs .M 1 ! . 1 1 , f n 1 1.1 A . ' 4 Q. x . , .1 sf. . . X5 -2 -1 'F, O tr I Y I gm 1 ,- '-x xc- - 4 4' ek? if 0' 1 . .IQ - I 1 J' ,fi 1. 'ar J Q, j.?' , Q--1 '5'l4 A Mg' Kffw' ,. . . 1 ftb' - l ' 4 It . .'- J: of .rr 'L I,- I ' .r v- ,VH 5 ., ' 'of , I Q . - N . .E " P e .n Qt . fqm '4 A- 1 'x- Rl' Nxt, .J "Aff - I .. l in . ,nr - Q . . - A . .' I y, i L' .'f" 1 ,sl , . . la' +1 -.'.. ' "- . ' . X . . , 1.1, . 6, A JI w - 4 . W 's '.", . .4 'wb' .KA X. .ll 5 O . ,B -r, -- .Ep Q' A - I 1 . . S ' "vs K 5 I f "xl ' , .. 4,4 y - g . 1 . '..,.3,' Q ' I ,V u 'B' JW: J n " ' . I . 'f .1 5 . ' v fy .. 1. r -In , , A. ,.-,I QP If-'. V 1.,' I . ,' E4 1 ' I l ,. r A ,' ', -1-. -f- . , , . ... .v,','f .. X' I V L '. '4 Tm , D, '- 4 . . I I . 4 I 4 ' I ,O . I v VI, I ,I , .A , 1 ' D V L ' ' 4 . w ,jf I fl? Q - A .1 13" 1' "sit 'qi' I ,1'.,.. .f,u.iUAx J ' ml I '. . ' 'X . ' Vlfl' . v.- ' ' n ' -- , , . . is-, fl: . . Y QQQ4' 3-QV . ' , V 1' . ' 'Av .1 D. 'ju - 1 'v, a., ."' . ' 'J XR . 0 :-rl- 'P d's'l"" v 1' ,. . '. r ' .hurciglpsry 'f" " " - 552' '.' N 1 df J ,wl"'j, I "'L If me ,, ,:, 41 -Ju' ." ','.e'.1-' , 4 A-IH fb " X gi, 'I ,um'jJ,F .4 X I-Q:..,lPl:1 ,F J. nf D 4. .ELA A A P5 I " K -s 9 If :- . .V La- . Q 1 9. N- 'U 1--, - A F UN: . V. ' gl- .9 V- J., A4 :i 1 ,f,,,." 2,4 ,gyms .LZ- f- an - Pai' V f , Q . 3, ' it L53 k 1 6 . , a. 2wQw W X X 22? " 6 -as pf . .' ff v'a':' FW ' Q 4' Aj I 1 N ' A - 47 Q A f 1 ' A ,.'b .l.'l,An ' 5 'A- '. . 4 1 'a I-A X I Mr. Bowyer Inspires Students Intelligence shyly grins itself out of the front office, clears its throat, hitches up its pants, and proceeds to gently inspire and awe usually blase students with an in- exhaustible search for meanings and knowledge. An innocent "little boy lookn adjusts a new tie, and those around applaud the results. For inspiration, for humor, for goodness, for sincerity, for genuine interest, we thank you. For helping us understand the past and interpret the present, we shall ever be grateful. '5,N ' .li 'r "+"3J ym I V35 ,. 1 SS c lllillll IUCN CIN PIILIC SCIMLS F oous Un Worlds O Your Own Go ahead . . . be carefree . . . spread your happiness to someone who may be sad . . . ' ride the bus to school each morning . . . study extra hard for that test . . . smile, cry, and be proud because you have won . . . just think about the happiness andjoy tomorrow may bring. FLRSI' cc Ldlll Le Us 4 QTQHAA ' Hi. 4 'li - a N W 3 00-9' U . I 411 t x I If D' M 5 ' 1 Q x 'lg' 5 Rf' ' I . H "1 I . ' 5- I . , , 1 1 I ,J .a' xl. 5 1 ,2 - 'Q-4. 4.1" 'fljigf - L -' . , -A ' lff 4 '- 13 . ' A ' -1 ' .. " T..-"Cv ' ' U 1:--: "'-i4'f , -Ll ,j:1,:eg::2s .: ', gfrsztg. . : ".':Fj2 if-':"f: 1 r gil , E ff' . , , .. -vw ' ,1,-,qu ' -. f1.','f' 12 -f. : , ,' r ff'-5ZJijfng?..f2,f.f " , - -?,.f19'9.r:Q1:f,,,I. . . If ,- ,wel , f. r ffgzi,-L :jr',53',"l31f2 - 3 : , 51.71 '5r',f.':.rj'1': ri X1 F I I :fd gif' Q r' r , A .-.- V ' 'K l3x K Q, --....,,?,, ,M 14 ! 'KHSKKHKIHHSIISX W 51 xfw f f 51 ,ff XSIIIIIHIIIIKR 51 mn 1 Qu nhl. Q .43 ... A .. 1 4, X H ...., ,-vt, b 7, .. gg N . , . , . pg vsg.N1-Qxgmv ' "Y ,, gs, Z,A,,,.f ,.., x - , I 0114.73 E .51-5.-'pg Tan. 1 ' .xx , .Q . , ,R L X , . 'X 'u X X X ' ,, fgi 'wi -vi f'T.5': -'Fl5f45f4467flX v . f , N-w.mrf:iv,, Q 1 5'-. -.QL W. . . Ji' V - - . f , 4-qui!!! 1131? ,I 1 F I 2 S H ,s ,X I l:r'1:nf.v Bewildered Faces Appear In The Crowd 'F' ' As summer wanes, schools are again ready tor old and new students to return for another year ol' learning and having liun. The beginning ol school linds many of First ColoniaI's students looking puzzled as they try to tind their way around the maze ot' halls. A sigh and a relieved face appear L-nv-A- A when the new student sees an old friend. Despite the fact that this companion may also be lost, the fear is drowned by the conversation as the two fade into the erowd. Day by day, these students and many others are getting acquainted with First Colonial, what it is, and what it means to be a part ot' the school's activities. New friends and new ideas are easily molded into the students as the year progresses. i -4 v YL L. , AN, ' P11 338 fi Qi 1 mg 1 X., ' r Thoughts Are In Motion 8 Laugh again . . . over some silly little thing you said in class yesterday . . . think of the rewarding times you spent in study hall . . . remember the great meals served during lunch . . . recall the times your class won the spirit cannon . . . recollect the moments everyone sang along with the band as it played a tune . . . cheer your friends, tell ajoke, and add laughter to the day. J 2.038 ' 'li gf - ,, 9 Winter Brings Signs Of Worry to Students lf fr, A If i sy" Z, 11"- .,...,4 i 'it H1 ,ft I As winter approaches, the faces which were once con- fused now show traces ofworry over mid-term exams and various opponents in football and basketball games. All other thoughts are temporarily put asidez soon these ex- pressions become overshadowed. Sadness due to losing matches to rivals and failing exams is replaced by happi- ness as F.C.'s students look forward to the events in the spring such as the Colonial Ball, the talent show, and the Miss First Colonial Pageant. l 1' ll - x l ,N X E 3 i x P' Let Yourself M ooe rr T11 roug h Understanding And Inspz'rotz'on Be brave . . . discuss that problem with your teacher or coach . . . learn from others and listen to their advice which may not be so bad after all . . . work your hardest because you will be the one who benefits from it the most . . . get out there and support your team . . . be proud and show your school spirit. Q KX fs. xg ol Jkif ,. 'F' -4-09's . lvl gf' ' Mu nv fl 5. L X fl 'ct I ,l., - 1, ' w . at A ., - I A ' -J -pFf'.:w'. ,Uwe P- Q . P50 with--fd---.iz-Q The End Of The School Year Leads To A New Beginning Blue skies. flowers in bloom. and balmy days remind us that another summer is here. School days are left behind as many members of our student body begin new activities-working. surfing. swimming. or just sun-bathing. Old acquaintances are long remembered after each of us depart from FC. Our youthful faces soon show signs of concern. happiness. anxiety. and joy. Although our ex- pressions are changing through the years. our hearts and our loyalty will not. We shall always cherish the thoughts of our many experiences which we enjoyed at First Colonial. 1:-. S UH tm-fp mi l 5. V 55" TV Quit r '3 a 5.x Ll 'f 16 br , ,g Q ,. gs "'f'Fi'Q , f. 'v, ff ,,.,kX'1f,f Q- . ,L., s - ' x I x N 4 I '- 1 '.' I 'V '-I' ' 'ri4- 072 " 7"' , X-fgig'!,5' 1 ffsfrg. V1-'ff' ..- , v. tttvw, W. , -1 s, A ,4., - ' . -- Y rl. '21 r,l",45Lf' .Y ,' 'cs' -i-4: A ' '- 'iv-v. .' fa .:f,L.'4- 'XIX :V ff.: .. ,. , I i'.4'1, ' ' V-5 f..Ii ., 'J' fu I ' 1 I 1 vi X 5- 6 Photograph by Buddy Riggs I M if 1970 Heritage First Colonial High School Virginia Beach, Virginia Staff ........................................ I8 Seniors ............................,.......,.. 42 Classe 76 Sports 124 Featu 158 Activit 176 Ads ....... ................. 2 I4 17 nfl' ,- 1. . . 4w?',f5 -g,.,q 33'-'QWIAQ' f::, . .jfezgg fl gs . .L-Y'. A ,1 ,JA " 's yn. QE, ,. 4,1 H V V: J ' , . r .FJ 4' .i AN:- ' a , A jr' f .E x -4",4 ' J,. ' .Q .5 lvl ' .-L . 1, 2,310 ii '1 ' lf! 7 'a .6 ww . '. V.. W . 14", - ,Af ,,. , . N 4 , .f :CM . A .Atl .. 4 1 . 9.1! U f . 0 s V ' v' -',s.,s-f!Q'4 ' . t v s-, : - -- .-sw-. , 'W' 3- f uv' 1' . nay-. . ' '-' . 1- ofi- '- '5- 'E"ir.'q':-...'if- 5""""- ' '-"'. ' . '4 ' ' "'- .551 f: ' Q-.1 -. QQ, 'g Q :ff -Ill... .ML -. fx :435lA': ' 4 Eff' ' iff!-':". ' 5 1' VLSK. -.V . g- ...izrbgul , ,I-44. V. U ' W, . 'V Fig.. ..,5.:bY.A , . 4' 1, ."i'y""F"'-931. ji , .. -- 'P'- 1I'i'. 59:2-il Ji , ' 'Ag .p ,-is il L 1 I S.,-,D AA S , up 1. .gh - ,1, f'3QlSs ...Q U ' i .gitix-F"'?q J17f"3,2"i:'ff'k?'3Q K .:::.: ,.1.- H 'Pk Q. " r -. "wx, P. 1- . -- -:xg.,3, 5:,L-.,..: U . 'F 9f':f"'-"'f"'5 'S ing U 1 " , LJ'-M .. V, .qu ,Q , , - .I -, .Him --ix lf'-:i:Q,:Hig54, 4 4,17 .5-j . 2. A -P. .-xx. : r ,..- -, . - . --.v-IQ,-VL-sv, ghual, H-is 4 . V :f-:z.---,g.- -r. I. 4- '54 t 1531 ' Y.' - .1- .j fx 'r 4 rw , 31. bra'-. - I nu' U -', -j.4-L., -- '-.fx '. , w - "' 'l i'-fx fy!--, -4x-'H -QUE? 5 5 A A ' 'ii 1 ' 51... .L-vi . .swim-V - . X ?-Q.: -5331 If-' 1-,A -.-ALEQ. Ylj'jf.l.3v2 - '- L V ly ' gf' sais .sl f ..A '--ftwx-.. ,- Jig gh 5' 5: 1, 'i1g3g.g:J,- 'f'.5.'3jf 'Q ...".:H' ' ' I 4 x. .V 3' H' jfs. 'Q - a,:'Y.--mtg C ggx rat .Lg f- wi, .1,":f5 8- Aki2..,,57i.Z"'4 -2' .. I ' lv, 'ug ,',-gif' I ' I fi' ' H Ig x.f7ff'L'?Z---1 " A- "HW 7 .2 ' "1 Lug' . f, - 6:1-'4-2-X fi-L .313 -Q41-A ' Q ' f fc. -- ' "'-a., l"'. 1 . , il p - ,1g,-A'-.x-, hu 2 . -A ' ' f"s-ff..'-.ilflixff . f A JL, 5 ::,?7Y"niS4f5E.:f'fi'-55124 ' L i.: , "1 1fz"?-"9f3igi5'..:- "' V' A -:N 2545514 Lila?-'iii f.:gs?W- H1 'Qi.?x:.' Lmfeilv' ' ...jf 1-145. . 3. 1 .15 A45 '..' S-. As-. xi 5, - H lpy'.n.lg-5 ' gl , 1' 4 , K' K 3 -31 VV., ' K. : . , r 5 flu' L i., 5 D Q5 Sta. '.gQ.?:.g, ,ws 5, -qfiv, ,- 11,3 -2161: i A 1, 'jghgtw 3 - - 9, 5'-,R 1-pK'-?l'ff 1. , - N Q V x, ' gn- ,ik -4- IVA. fx"v' 4 . 1 .151 -' 2,153 Nix. f. 'LJ , "-., f -:fx 1.f:.' 5 :ful-i' WEN. : 1? . f qffiii U55 hw 'Tx' ff- -: . ' L ,. mill: 'Huis 3 , . Af ,-?',f ,St 11.11 in Ty. i ' V ff., ' Q ug 'Q-I - v ig?-I?1ifI1.1 ' ' ' ' 13 3- A 31,23 1, 1 171 ' 31 -.AQ Y' v- vigyii Q. .M 3 1, -- gg..-33. ,5f.'-1 -i' . .J ' A Lf !,zg.- qui,-3.k.-.' ,.LgSN.... v.:g,:gaQ, - wg +L.. ' A- h'.'f'fs'f.ii':'5'2:f2ffEhagf-.":-aus.iw-' ' 1 glipw'-R.'1M , . 2"'giS-:-"Eav'fgf:. . ri., by -. V ..,N,-, -..,,5 . .s.5,, A, Ngt, 4 Cxs, D-.L - ' ji' -1- gain,-:xl-, 531. na. ' '.- lag-THQ., - . 'Q-.f.Y2' yi -12.-.-:::2'. fre, . P :ll Quia '-il! ' ki " ' ' 'Q -"Wi 5'- Rlf 'J V, lf!', '-.f'iZdb,.,' , '1.J""',.".4' 'x, '- I 1 fmt ylf. 1- ' N .3!:i'v5,'k..-51:21 ,. 1- ...ref q, f - 5:55, fav: X -' . .tgx'kE'K1.Q 59139 -i?:gL?s'.apg.g' "F f .inf-' . , xr- 7 . .ing -. .Gai U-li: .5 ' ,Z ,,.':g.- , , .qw - 1 .. r.. , .. . '. .-...j.-N- n5yA1u',: '. -.jlg.1"',--- '--- . x 1- 'W - A Q1 v lr .E,L'..f, '., I 'f. '?1Q-T1 'a.'fMffY" ft-' .": 65- ,?"1.. .mm .?" ' L- ll-1'-f V' -Q 'U 4-96: --," -f'..- V ' F-ffl" 1,1515 .N A-ffg. ., Ill' W4 2. 'A nw.f.Q1,'kfA?y v-"if .TIS Y 'l , -..'..q.',t.g.3.2l..1':. r i ' ' " ' '-r-:. K. o 5 TAF F Mr. E.E. Brickell Division Superintendent First Colonial is indeed fortunate to be under the jurisdiction of a Division Superintendant of Schools who is held in such high esteem as Mr. E.E. Brickell. Holding a B.A. in English from The College of William and Mary and his Masters in English from the University of Chicago, member of Phi Beta Kappa, and featured speaker for the National Academy of School Executives, Mr. Brickell is renowned for his excellence in the field of Education. Mr E Carlton Bowyer Fzrst Colonzafs Prmozpal ,69- '70 'I' This is the second year First Colonial has had Mr. E. Carlton Bowyer as its principal. He received his A.B. and M.S. from Wofford College. Formerly Assistant Principal of First Colonial under Mr. James C. Mounie, Mr. Bowyer is experienced with the organization and management of the faculty, administration, and student body. Our success as the largest Virginia Beach High School surely can be accredited to Mr. Bowyer's excellent performance as our prin- cipal. Assistant Principals Work With Mr. Bowyer Throughout The Year NI . Charles C. Caldwell, As, Qtant Principal For Administration 'ri .lj Mr. Howard W Tucker. Intem-Principal Mr. Norman L F elds, AssistantP 1 p lFor Instru tion 22 Q I' Mrs. Betsy H. Darst Senior Counselor Guidance Found Through Class Counselors Schedule changes, recommendations, test- ing scores, and college applications all keep our guidance counselors more than busy. Guidance given to each individual helps de- termine the future plans of the F.C. student. College afternoon sponsored by the guidance department gave interested students an in- sight into the many colleges represented. The counselor's job is a difficult and in- volved one sincerely appreciated by First Colonial. Their office is equipped and organ- ized for the benefit of those who walk in for advice. r F 2 A K .J I Kathleen S. Agnew Mrs. Gloria R. Stenzhorn MI, Gus G, Poljzog 5eI1i0f COUHSCIOI Junior Counselor Sophomore Counselor Mrs. Ellison C. Whitmire Mrs. Bemadine Rasberry Eighth Gfade C0llnSClOl' Freshman Coungglgf QS- 1 .ip '-1: 9 ' -Sf' -vi A I U fice Staff Assists Both Faculty Students The Office Staff of First Colonial serves as our backbone striving constantly for school benefit. These unrecognized women take care of all the many necessary office l- duties that F.C. requires. as s Jkfr wa e fc 1 . Cifkrx ' g Mrs. Linda Eger. Nita l-lolloman, Mrs. Mary Tinney, Mrs. Ann Warburton. Mrs. Marguerite Shelly, School Treasurer ,M sv Mrs. Jacquetta P. Robinson tAsst. Librarianj, Mrs. Nancy Todd, Mrs. Nancy Bagnell, Eileen Wiggs tAsst. Librariani. Librarians Offer Help fQ.,f-H' ,J To encourage maximum use of the library and create a relaxed atmosphere, the li- brarians have added soft music for the stu- dents to study by. This is thetlatest addition to the library and seems to blend very well with its vast variety of materials. Annette 5, Campbell fljbrarianj 24 !,"'s. Mrs. Barbara W. Owcns English 12 Mr. John C. Webster English 12 lllus to , in ,A f , L English Department Largest At F. C. First Colonial's English Department, headed by Mrs. Owens, begins a new pro- gram this year for the advanced students in each grade. Emphasis is placed on student discussion and paperback books replace the regular text books. Shakespearian plays pro- duced by professionals offer special high- lights to each of the courses offered for the vast study in literature. Mrs. Mary B. Blancherd English 11 81 12 im: AILF' Mrs. Sharon M. Haring English 11, Advanced Comp., 8L World Lit. Q A,,,,, Mrs. Bett S. Ro ers ,as r I Y g English 12 ' 1 .TAR - 25 , ll ll New English Courses Promote lg ak XWK Jeanette F. Tugwell English 11 Nlr. John C. Marshall English 10 Mrs. Susan E. Sumnick English 11 SL Speech 'V3' . sq. Ignore hm 'f"x i' Alice I. Widman Kay M. Gore English 11 English 11 8g Drama , . , x .ff mi -AA if 1' X. , M be 'EL . ,..,t,,.i .. "? .-1. -Y-' .f vs N ,vf""'t Mrs. Francis S. Sadler English 10 8a 11 Mr. Stewart M. Douglas English 10 V 3 ! - o . . P' ' J. . -.'.:.'1'.,i oi '.'.'-0:1 Q -,137 ' Q Q. -1- I 0.0 .,... -ri. Student Discussion In Class Mrs. Georgeannc Loncleree Mrs. Barbara Kirkpatrick English 10 8r 12 English 10 'W-Q 1 N ' r I .1 'si -s - , X. . N Clemencc S. Deschccmacker Sandra C. Byrum Mrs. Carolyn P. Griffin English 9 English 9 English 8 "f .. Sally H. Polansky English 8 ir Mrs. Barbara W. Salibcllo English 8 8: 9 Variety of Subjects In Social Studies Department First Colonial's Social Studies Depart- ment encompasses one of the greatest varieties of subjects. The Department pro- vides courses in American and World His- tory, Geography. Sociology, Government, Economics. and International Relations. Psychology has also been added to the cur- riculum this year. To cover this range of sub- jects are fourteen teachers under the super- vision of the Departmental Chairman, Mrs. Houck. Together with a combination of field trips. guest speakers, mock elections, and the latest in visual aids. the Social Studies De- partment brings the student from early times to a well informed today. .pil l". 113 Mrs. Thelma V. Houck Mr. Jerry E. Loar Govemment Govemment fi -'er' Mrs. Phyllis S. Jones Govemment 8L U.S. History ul' fi,-'T' Xl' Mrs. Gwen D. Infantino U.S. History 8r Sociology J Mr. James E. Booth Mr. Frank H. Webster Gov't, Economics, 8: Int. Rel. U.S. History Mr. Warren D. Carroll History 8 5-" l A uslu 1 i Suzanne D. Kelly Mr. Patrick L. Keeffe U.S. History 8: World History World History Mr. William S. Powell Geography 492. Mrs. Susan A. Dickenson U.S. History Mr. John P. Ricks Sociology Mr. Ted M. Phelps Psychology Y' 5 Mr. Edwin M. Leidholdt Louise C. Kerzanet Math Analys., Adv. Math, Alg. III, 8r Ana. Geom. Geometry Mr. Ronald E. Etheridge .Algebra I 84 II 8: Trigonometry Mrs. Winifred L. Carter Algebra II SL Trigonometry "i,:v ' Mrs. Jackie Naughton General Math I 8g II 8t Algebra I ,N-Q-S4117 A y I ff f 1 I , -Q fi nw-,ie to , 'rf' 115,7- V 9 - k R -X eff.. i . , I- 'E w , , IV Q4 ' ,f .I n H, 1. ,X qw- KX . . 555 .win A A fx ' .. Q Nancy C. McClure ,r gli '6 V h Geometry, Algebra II 81 Trigonometry 5:9 J NE V . - - "Eve . fs- " KV 713 A sg Y I ,A ' 30 acl" . ' ' 519' Mr. Harry W. Midgette Algebra I 8a Geometry .4 I -,i g . . un: IL M-"' 1 Ve. Ma 8 Olive I". Daughtry Consumer Math 8t Gcncral Math l Math Conquers The Computer Age Mr. Lonnie H. Roark Algebra I 8a Math III The Math Department at First Colonial prepares the student for the problems facing him in the computer age. With a variety of subjects ranging from basic math to ad- vanced calculus, the student often can choose his course of study. Under the di- rection of Mr. Liedholdt, a fine staff of teachers provides the students with the latest mechanics of numbers. Last year the Depart- ment adopted all new text books, and the revised curriculum continues to offer first class courses. f-. rv . Mr. John T. Marshall Geometry, Algebra II, 8r Trigonometry t 2 Judith A. Lockridge Mrs. Nancy R. Rahal Math I I Math I Sr General Math II 31 The Science Department helps prepare the students for life in an ever increasing technological and scientitic world through the process of logical thinking and develop- ment of the inquiring mind. Emphasis is placed on basic fundamentals and on almost daily developments in science as reported by the news media. The rising generations must have an understanding of the scientific de- velopments that will have a tremendous impact upon their lives. Captain Hood stresses these ideals in his superlative di- rection as Head ofthe Science Department. Elf Mr. Donald L. Harvey Chemistry .Sr Physical Science Science Inspires F. C Captain Alexander H. Hood Physics 8 Physical Seicncc 'Q' Nlr. Bruce B. Baxter Biology Mr. Larry W. Shackclford N Chemistry 8 Physical Science l 32 r 1 4 ,4 Mrs. Jo Ann Shaw Biology l we ? ' ' r , r HU Mrs. Mary G. Broyles Biology Q 1 XS -'.- " v, . . K - ' Y X 'W' 'sl .SWB vw.: -as M-iw 'i .-mallpbnxr' ' - ,H B U lg -:iaFz!"'5' ,!""fi,' .-f- -J, M 1"-'L V 1 -A .sn . X.:-I, YA.V V' 'W 1 lf. 1, Ave a 'f 'J' w - 53 Y i lv xl' id 5 .5 fx g, S ,P Y X J. X . l ql Mrs. Jean W. Drescher ML Ralph E. Hoskins Blology Life Science Jane Ellen Tibbs Biology 8L Life Science 33 l I Y' ' 5 -. . l I ,file If V Q lg 4 Q ' . I sw N . 1 .--"""" I if I I I Mrs. Linda H. Teabout Mrs. Ingeborg Peters Mr. Bruce W. Platz ! French I 84 II French II KL III Russian I 8L II 84 U.S. History Busy Teachers Promote Language Fluency First Colonial adds a special touch to its language department this year with the addition of Mrs. Ingeborg Peters to its staff. She is from Germany and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. This year's use of the A-LM system successfully continues to benefit the student. Heading the Depart- ment. Mr. Rountree encourages organized program and intensive drilling for foreign language study at F.C. -'v MIS. .lOI'li Logan Gail Mgffigon I-3tiI1l,H,HI, 3k IV German I, II, III, IV, 8a V I I 34 f 1 ti-1 Mr. Carlton W. Rountrcc lfrcnch Ill, IV, 84 V Mrs. Hope C. Gilbert Spanish ll 5 I Y W 1 E, ll r Q: .H-a 4 .X ,X I ,il K 'iff 3' hi. W . f' Y S .y l x v Leslie Joan Wilson Mrs. Suzunnu T. Stoni- Spanish I Spanish ll, lll. is IX' Audrey Anne Klccky Spanish I 84 ll 35 NF Home Ee. Focuses On Child Care and Homemokzng The Home Economics Department pro- vides its students with the ideals of good homemaking. This is developed in areas such as family relations, interior design, consumer education. and especially child care. The basic skills of cooking and sewing still rank high, and the Future Homemakers of America QFHAJ are an asset to the Depart- ment. "'g':. Mrs. Margaret K. Dann Home Ec. I Art B eoomes The HBasic Design ,D Art is thought seeking to understand the world and to make it understood. The Art Department at First Colonial strives to help the students understand art. Mrs. Lowenthal and Mrs. Groves provide a team teaching system for the second successful year. In- troducing a new program, the Art Depart- ment replaced Art I with a course of Basic Design. Basic Design inspires creativity and develops artistic minds thus making art a prominent part of F.C.'s curriculum. V . Nz J "7 45, Tamara L. Warren Nancy A. Brown Home Ec. I, II, 8r V Home Ec. III, IV, 8a V . ,55- ' Q . P NN . - 94: 7,-' . -4- 1 .. 3f3T:if ' 3 2 PlnalogouS Mrs. Louise H. Lowenthal Mrs. Nancy M. Groves Art I 8t II Art I, II, 81 III 36 S .. 4-'ll Mr. Ronald G. Levi Band 8: Music Theory QQ Mr. William I. Terrell Wood I 8r II Mr. Robert H. Gillock Electronics 8a Drafting I Music Enriches F. C. F.C.'s Music Department serves the school by providing the Concert Chorus, the Madrigal Chorus, and the F.C. Band at special school functions. Two new courses, Music Appreciation and Music Theory, in- troduced last year, continue to benefit interested students. Mr. J. William Miller Chorus 84 Music Appreciation Industrial Arts Progresses Mr. Charles E. Pugh Metal I 8: II gms rf' 4-1 37 Mechanical instruction and technical training are the jobs of First Colonial's In- dustrial Arts Department. The Department benefits from general advancements and improvements in this year's curriculum including better shop programs. Craftman- ship and accuracy develop through carefully planned courses. Overall, this is the Depart- ment's most successful year. Adm. F. C. B. McCune Drafting I, 11,84 III 5.2 r X! General Fitness Stressed by P.E. Girls expressing themselves through gymnastics and boys leaping over hurdles- these are familiar scenes in the P.E. area. In keeping with its goal of promoting good health. general fitness. and proper physical development, the Physical Education depart- ment offers instruction in team and in- dividual sports. Team sports stress sports- manlike conduct while individual sports concentrate on activities which the students can practice to improve their co-ordination. I K , i Qt cri.iu,,4 i I 'in-gn' -E'Q.g.'i',' il " Mr. Philip R. Morgan ' Mr. John P. Dapolito 9th Grade P.E. 8r Advanced P.E. 8th Grade P.E. 8a Advanced P.E. Y . if au..- Mrs, Kathryn L. Young 9th Grade P.E. 81 Advanced P.E. iii! I E .. L il"'Lf i 1 . l 1 i -3-. 7 Viola A. Clark llslth Grade P.If. ZQ Advanced P.E. Mrs. Judith H. Anderson Mrs. Jean Hightill 10th Grade P.E. 8th Grade P.E. 8r Advanced P.E. Mr. Charles E. Fishel Mr. Fred W. Britton 10th Grade P.E. 8: Advanced P.E. 10th Grade P.E. 8a Advanced P.E. w rgnfael , ,a- v 9' in F. C. is Business Dept. Molds Careers ' .1 1, l .-id" ,li Jane W. Shell Mrs. Carole J. Anthony Typing Il, Short Hand Il, 84 S.OCC. Bookkeeping I 8t S.OCC. Mrs. Louise H. Reed Mrs. Jean S. Gordon Typing I St II 8t General Business Typing l, Shorthand l, 8t C.O.P. Regina V. Sutphin Notehand, Pers. Typing, 8a Bus. Law 39 Whether it's General Business or Typing II, the Business Department offers career training for the business world. A two bell advanced secretarial course adds to the pro- gram this year. While F.C.'s Business Depart- ment is building business-minded secretaries, personal typing also continues to be an asset to the college bound student. Miss Shell heads the Department and encourages all business students tojoin the Future Business Leaders of America CFBLAJ. Mr. Herman D. Paschall Typing l, Pcrs. Typing, 84 Gen. Bus. AT is 01159- snows Moa L MIA' ,,,,,,W ownzo Q 6 JA iwsftt-., iv ,J DQW4 'ipi s HEET NNING Qfgkxqiipgqn or wi I. W NING ENT , BALANCE SHEET in Tm-. . C El .XY 4 P s fa t 1 .Sl U - X f 1 1' 1 , LIABIIIEQSE g ' .y ' A Pnogeu-as two 'Q " ' " Y'-'wi fa.zrL .-,a-,M 3 V 8 , i 3 - Un-The-fob and Classroom Training Offered by D.E. On-the-Job and classroom instruction on marketing and distribution means a head start into a career for Distributive Education Students. Students are aided in finding jobs and become a small but important part of the business world. Mr. Callahan heads the Department and together with Mr. Brown sponsors the D.E. Club. +Q Mr. Harry L. Robinson I.C.T. 181 II Mr. Larry W. Brown Mr. Ralph E. Callahan D.E. 1184 III D.E. I 84 II Special Education and Corrective Reading . it , ' KDS ,dub 4. tw 33. 3:53. amber I-, 1 . -, -,c fp- H-.:z. . --. ' afffeffsfsr:-ssE153.f '- WNJ. N, "' -. 'AX -QEifsifffffzisfffzfislss' . . ' 'iffisfirifll m ,:.'-!f5ggQgk?'fQi, A. E . - "' 'r f , aa. 1? X J 1 r , Mr. William T. Winstead Special Education L Q " ..f.,.t::: Mrs. Martha C. Huddleston Corrective Reading 40 ,.-:sv QESYQE . ., Dlx-Q2 oniliu . :' ju- 1.5-1.- .-yx :rig . Wir, . :ij .lf 5 , ' z'7',n!' A.. -1...- F C s new nurse Mrs Blcknell busy already Cafetena staff rests after the lunch rush ff i 1 Mr Johnson custodlan for F C pauses whrle on the way to ENIORS g' All-UQ w g qv. f...L Senior Class Officers: Horton, Treasurer. Robert Lee Albritton Charles Lloyd Alexander Ernest Norvel Allen, Jr. Laurette Allen Marsha Williams, Secretary: Rebecca Martin, President: Janice Rader, Vice-Presidentg Jacqui 1 1--s fi.-'XM l 44 -..-:fi I 'L- Michael John Abraham Scott Edward Adams Alwyn Georgiana Ailstock David Lee Alley li rendu Kay Anderson Roland Garrett Anderson Ruth lillen Arendts Angela Arthur Ellen Murray Ashman Gail Robin Atwater Patrice Keating Ayvazian Tg.. A smile, a tear, blue robes, our Alma Mater,and distant recollections of past years accompanied the Class of '70 as they approached graduation. The Seniors left with mixed emotions and memories of the hot tuxedos and lacy, long gowns at the Junior Ring Dance and the Senior Prom, bruises, cuts, and laughs from Powder Puff, announcements, caps and gowns, and the long-awaited diploma. To seniors, they were main events, but to underclassmen they are events yet to be remembered. Our Senior Year, an end yet a beginning, came to a close for the Class of '70 and it faded into realities of what was or the hopes of what might have been. We leave not with regret, but with hope and sincere thanks to our dear sponsor, Mrs. Barbara Owens. All Gzrl Officers Lead Semor Class Debra Kay Bailey Barbara Sue Baldwin MacGregor Adams Bancroft V-f Daniel Edward Bariield Richard Lee Bateman Margaret Ann Bemley Norma Marie Belvin D' 3--v QFD Paula Louise Basnjght John Leland Beacham Marshall Lee Beiler Philip John Bender Pravia Vargas Benitez Mary Theresa Benkert Mary Adenia Bennett George Randolph Binder S Q? 1 A lf! X, s Karen Lynn Biondo Russell Chesney Bissell Sharon and Danny anticipate Friday. iq 'S- im' Senror cheerleaders cheer our boys to vlctory Gary Sol Blum Joann Bocrie Edmond Slmpson Borce III Melanie Louise Bone Noah Boone Sharon Kay Boudreaux Gloria Lynn Bownas Stephen Wayne Boyce Jesse Anderson Britt Elizabeth Dianne Brothers Pamela Laird Brothers Jeraldine F. Broughton L. H95 ' pl XX Q . X i Q ' Seniors find Mr. Loar's Government test very difficult! 'IJ' if Robert Louis Burns Thomas Bullington Burton, Jr. Debra Lynne Carlberg Thomas Walthall Carson 48 Q 1 Rebecca Lou Bryant Sheryll Lynn Bulmer '1'."' Sara Lynn Byrd Virginia J oan Caldwell Barbara Ann Carter Thomas Willcox Carter Michael John Cartwright if Stephen Paul Cartwright I- 1. 's it 5- Dianne Eilleen Casteel 1-"1 i -Y""'7 Paul Allen Casteel .Qi an-:O Janice Lynn Cason Christine Caton Christine Lynne Chandler William Thomas Chipman Senior Superlatives Chosen In October 'EH' 49 Patricia Anne Christopher Deborah Lee Clark Michele Anne Cleary Kemp Camper Clifton, Jr. Anne Marie Clynes Jill Ann Cobb ,X J 1 f Q ,J N "'iuQ.,-U "'b- . r f as 'rn " ' '. ' l.'i 2' , 517"Yf" I", -31: . 5555--3, . IH.: ni. uv 751158, . - .:." ' ' 'l f -4. 54? 52- fl' 91' 222 is si Ir? Y 155.-I ,tae-n .I e I I ' M I J I .wi -"LE 'ER : I Qliul I J. F?- .-Q -: 1 -dd I I I I . . . .fn ' can ' - QI . Janice and Billy show their Senior spirit. Carol Louise Cornett Michael Joseph Cuffee Q5 Peggy Ann Costello Idella Kathalene Curran Gregory Stephen Collings Christine Elizabeth Compo George Robert Cowan Robert Bogart Cun'ie i I Phyllis Ann Combs Jon Joseph Cookson Veronica Lea Cox Rebecca Meredith Dail 'O' N igg Seniors Win First Spirit anrzon Stephen Edward Dawley Darlene Marie Dawson Carolyn Jean Day Teresa Arnold Dee " 'TD 1 , 1 Ana f I l 'V l l l qu., l I 1 l 1 51 Patricia .lcan Dardcn Sharman Diane Damcron Filccn Prescott Davis Malinda Mae Davis Tegwcn Meredith Davis William Worthington Davis Eric C. Deiss Mary Petty Dickson 1 i,.1K 4 x -ffl, 4- 52' .v f I is P ,ss Sharon Ftta Dickerson Clinton Diggs John and Jacqui live up to their friendly reputation. Q2 'lsftkb-s"s?' '..'i7 Sf... gf A 1, If-'3.'s,flf f --Tfi: --ang. li- 'L I., , L ' 1' - ""':ff ' 'o fu! . ."'.ff+: , V97'f'us Danny and Norma prove that their classmates were correct in naming them the wittiest Seniors. Mary Ruth Diselrod Vicki Kay Doss Cherry Elizabeth Doyle Leslie R. Dryer Elizabeth Ashburn Duke Rosemary Ann Dupree T' 1 an W K 1':':,'f' 52 Glenda Kaye Dozier Walter David Durden X... Joann Durham Brenda Lee Edgerton Marsha Elaine Earnhart William David Edwards J", Keith Powell Ellis Michael Warren Erb William Richard Ellis Diane Broughton Ervin Q 5 Class Ranks Are Issued To Seniors 1 n ng' X pi' 4 If r-,L, - . V -".!"'...f..., ' X ll'--P' N E F 5? Most popular Malvern Wyche and Susan Embleton sign autographs Susan Diane Embleton Carol Ann Etheridge 53 I, Thomas Ralph English Gregory Keith Eubank 11 so Seniors Utilize Th L U O TH, - rgeniors enjoy the privilege of their own lunch tables. Michael Douglas Falkner Christopher Jordan Fanney Q... Mary "' Elizabeth Pantone Carreen Farello I Jennie Averv Farmer ilary av 5 N Margaret Feeney Q? Winfred 'T' Calvin Felton A dele Madellan Ferraro X i 54 l if if -f-Gi B4 , PIII CUB III! I!! Zi l55W.F B mil Iii. EE EU I' E I Q - 4 - I 1 FW g Senior John Waller pins another man. Peter Dones Field Lorraine Antoinette Fiore James Patrick Fitzgerald Russell David Ford Pamela Gayle Forljnes Susan Denise Freebum Robin Vance Freeman Susan Fulgham '1' KU? -u, Pamela Sue Furniss Susan Rae Fussell Joanne Garofalo Raymond Ernest Garrison Diane Louise Gawrys Beatrice Lenn Gibbons Robert Gilbert W f Bruce Walter Gallup Phillip Michael Gaskins gliifii 1 R23 K Unforgettable George and Dianne clown in the foyer. Q-ve L ' 1' Jackie Leigh Ginn Deborah Louise Goodwin Larry Russel Gray 56 Walter Robert Gray is I X T 5, 1151 1 .14 f"'f, Jaincs Lewis Urccn Charles Lawrence fjrccnwood Deborah Jean Gregory Charles Dudley Griflin Joseph Victor Griinstcad William David Guthrie Beverly Louise Haddock Mary Lea Hadley Seniors Take First Place With Homecoming Float Rebecca Martin and Larry Pulley were selected as "Best All Around" Seniors this year. Jennifer Peyton Hafling Diane Margaret Hagner Susan Baker Hall F. T? gf, if .ff ' ,f l Deborah Lu Hallock Ernest Lee Hankins Janice Lorraine Harper 57 Samuel Lee Harper Amy Alison Harrier Karen Jean Harrington Alva Ray Harris Patricia Doreen Harris Rhonda Fae Hayden Robert Bruce Hays Donna Joan Hensley i' Senior Girls Vie With junior SW ?"- Joy Rae Haywood Deborah Lynn Hicks if ff' 125' Gregory James Hendricks Kathleen Mariea Hill John Gerald Hennigan Mary Christine Hillegass C' 58 Girls In Powder Puff Game Ha Gloria Jean Hilliard Paula Dayle Hoffman QI l fm ,i Q ' SJ' ez Wendell Rodgers Hines Pamela Hoffman if ,nun .JU '::" Mary Elizabeth Hinton Diane Hodges Herbert Stanley Hogge Lisa Allen Hoke T5 Richard Leonard Holladay John Romey Holland Seniors rind Chemistry classes very interesting. Sandi Rice and Mike Gaskins were voted best looking Seniors. Carlton Hudgins S usan Marie Hudgins Larry Wayne Hudson Dinah Marcella Hughes John Winston Irwin Margaret Ann Ives Shelid Lynette Holsey Jacquelyn Talbot Horton ?I ff Y I l Malvin Earl Howlett 60 Raymond Horton -inn. Donald Cornell Hubbard Margaret Warwick Hubbard 'Vi L.. Q-f lass Of 70 Wz'ns F irst Place In Spirit Chain 4-fl: ff Y' -B N 61 'x if N ?L liulvomli Johnxon Guncviuvu Iiihh ,lUllllNUll Shirley Johnson William Roland Johnwn Kcnnclh Michael Jones Brenda June Jordan Ella Mac Jordan Sharron Diane Joyner Leslie Denise Karvala Carla Christinc Kenney Bradley Keith Ketrick Vicki Lynn Kidd Kathleen Lynn Kipp Virginia Sue Kirkland John Bell Kishmgin David Wgiyiic Knight Linda Diane Knowlea Marv Rolodziej N- George Frederick Korte Nicholas Peter Kostopulos William Calhoun Kutz Clara L V irfrinia Lake Patricia Q. -,N"l J. Lakeman John Graham Lamb George breathes a sigh of relief after the F.C.-Bayside game. S X M- vi-.., I" Q . 5'?'12 177 if 62 any-f Grace Irene Lambe Joseph Roy Lane 1-Q-Q VI Barbara Jean Land Peggy Virginia Lawrence Q- 1-1- Ox. 'jf Seniors Participate Various Activities .. A - ul .Q-4 wana-s T' I Q- I Senior Boys tried their hardest to cheer the girls to victory. 'is f I I 4 l I . Y as ' . .gg X I Nrvsfl'-Tj!! ' P, ..i.,,,M'W: V 4, ,dDf'..-...xi if X . " 1 4-' JF ' Senior Rick Deiss leads the basketball team to victory. Bruce Thompson rides in the Homecoming parade in class!!! Chen 'V' Lyn LeNInitre John Lewis Leslie g?" QW' ,,, - .. Raymond Earl Lett John Herbert Link 63 ,.'4Hi - 1'- l-' 'Y'--Q! 1 inf' Linda Joan Lister William Nathan Litchfield Michael Robert Marer Sharman Rebecca Martin Nancy Ann Lovelis Paul Baldimore Maestas Willia Mae Mason Nancy Terese Masters QE? Carol Belinda Mallison Andrew Joseph Maloney Pam and Pat display their many talents. , fl? Delores Ricarda Mathis David Keith Mattox Paul David Mauch Robert Craig McConnell 64 3. Seniors Plan Class Play 'R 'W 1 x C' Gary Mason McDonald Diunu Jcun Mel-,lwziin Patricia Alicc Mclicun Richard Stcvcn McLcllon Carolyn McLurc Mary Catherinc McNeil Billy De an ,,,- - Midgett .i Paul Minncrly Beth Lynne Minton Norma Jean Minton Mary Sue Mobley Julie Renee Mongilardi Boyd Steven Moore Mary Beth Moore Dana Ann Mott Steven Hope Murden Laraiiie Denise Murphy ,1 Constance Elizabeth Ober Winfred Ogle Brenda Patricia Olds Edward Olejar A Dennis 'J C lyde Oley Deborah Ann Oliver Karen Lorraine Olson "Most Likely to Succeed" Chris and Marsha anxiously await a promising future. Mrs. Owens Guides Seniors Brenda Carol Onley Elvera Ann Orgera ,J William Greg Overton Judith Claiborne Owen 66 'L' A Lawrence Butt Pulley Herbert Roland Potter Susan Marie Pierce Shirley Kay Peverall 9.1 CP h, ,, inf' Susan Jane Workman Poe Barbara Jean Petersen l .95 .2 Qt' 67 Nw... . , rd I A A ' F 1 ju. .. .4 y . t H ' ' f ., i N 'fit A , X a' ' I ' " ,JQNQ A , ' 1 Q-Spfx 'Q ,aff :Kg "1" 5' 'h + 141' 511.54-.fd-, Qgiflx ,i 521 ' .fc ' 1 W 441 .144 ' ' ' 4x.v'2'g0:r P 4, 4 4.6 ir-kusk rfaes-+""'w P we. .ar ,gy 14 .ipwnm ...ft P.,-4 .,,:,+f.f-re-ww: 1, , .- v- ,- 9 : .ig 'if's'1v.-ff-f'i..aafai-ft.T5f Susie participates in the band's halftime show. Susan Rcefl Perry Patricia Langhorne Perrcnot Paula lilizabeth Peace Anne B. Patterson NS Dcnson Pernal Parmn tg 1 Patrick ., Jewell Pantalo Martha Anne Panclla Mark Wayne Palacio qu, 1 Janice Jean Rader Belinda Lorene Ragland Terry Luck Robinson Regina Carol Rose Joanne Elizabeth Raine Michael Rheinhart Janet Denise Ross Melinda Marlene Russell Kathleen Mary Rice Sandra Jeanne Rice Mariorie Louise Richards William Forrest Roberts 2 i "ff -aff rfiw'-fait 5 .J 3 , J-f"' S Qffi. r. J 7:1 4!:.,,ggfj-, 2 L . 3 '11 . -i mf v Q .3 I-:sg..'r U Q "Most Dependable" V' Amy and John relax after a busy day. 1' l' og, p lass Of 70 Anticzpates Graduation so-7 Ni' i ia! 69 N N Susan Maria Sadmmki Czrssamlra Anne Salop lfrank Arthur Scarhoro George Timothy Schmitz Ralph Lee Schindler Beverly Kassandra Scott Bruce Mitchell Sedel Larry Lee Shaw Deborah Kaye Sheely Pamela Rae Sheffy David Bruce Sheppard Kenneth Wayne Sholar David Lawrence Simmons Stephen Charles Simon Stephanie Andrea Slovic Dennis Neil Smith 41,14 M , ,, ffl 'C' Herbert L. Smith Margaret Marie Smith Marilyn Cruz Smith ri A E' if 1 .sw'! ng! L, ,f-rf Jim suddenly remembers he forgot to study for his Most studious Pruvia and Jim select foreign countries to visit. v Govemment test. .2 Michael Hugh Smith James Lynn Spencer Deborah Claire Spruill George Richard Stanton L, 1'. . li --ef fa- wt 70 Harold Denby Starling gf I, 4? Tom Stephan Clarence Kinneaird Staton Iimily Rosetta Staton f . ' X ,v,, ,fd 'ZIP Lawrence Burton Stephens Millicent Elaine Stewart Betsy Duke waits for thc bell to ring. Seniors listen to the moming announcements in homeroom. James Edward Stott fi - Edwin Joseph Stovall Janet Pauline Strange Q-ff 1:-""' 71 Class Of '70 Sets High Goals Ronald Lynn Strohkorb Robert Saunders Stroud Clarica Elaine Swimpson Gary Allen Swindell Pamela Sue Summers Rita Cheryl Sutherland Lana Tamer Charles William Taylor 'rev I -s. X4 Thank l I Mike doesn't believe a Ov C'-Q 'T if . N Exp! KX i ' , s if :X Z S. v X if J! , w-J Mary Ann is caught by the camera! Emily Helen Terry Starr Terry Earl Louis Tester E Peter Anthony Thomas 72 word of what Beverlee is saying' 8 I ii Seniors Hold F irst Prom Off Campus Judy and Eddie show their athletic abilities. 'T dna I L ilu: fx 'vb 6 ,-f Albert Davis Vasile Nina Gail Wakefield Warren Louis Thompson Yd Bernel1Thourogood Deborah Louise Tri plett Marguerite Rcancy Tugmun I Jerry Remon Tumcr Gary Robert Vaderson Deborah Jean VanNostrund Alan Eddie Vasile wfsffx ifx. Carol Kathleen Veltmzm Christopher Read Wall Candance Earl Wallace John Suter Waller William Scott Walthall Nanette Marshall Warren Michael Eric Whalen Roslyn Leigh Whitaker Patricia Ann White Brenda Lee Williams Bruce Foy Williams John Roosevelt Williams Marsha Ellen Williams Norman Riley Williams Patricia Ann Williams William Richard Willis Barbara Delois Wilson Bernadean Wilson .21 ka rv 3 uni gulf 11 if 'UP' 402 Q 1 Q 'QN ff- ,Qgg lx 01, 74 inf Q4 x,-W P 7, 2 I se L Y Jack Ladone Wilson David Harold Winecoff Shelia Lynn Winnett Patricia Vann Wise Brenda Joyce Wood Beverlee Ann Woodhouse The White Hougc Conference Skit mgiterializeg Seniors End Happy Years At F. C. .,,, 0 lk -A 1- 7' gs A4 i W, David Warren Worden I, .. -is lf. . E ,..,- Sharon . 8 Louise Woods Malvern ' Hill Wyclie Ervin Gladstone escapes! 75 . -I-944 , .W A I A,. YT K.. I J, u I ' ltiuf . . , ' 2' ' N . ,L ' s i 0' ' t is 7 v ' ix I a 5.1 , 5 1 'Cf 4 .. 5 , 'I -. 2- u f ' Y " :V , x ,. "--YJ , '-1.,",'.', 'V ,. 1 . 1 h5'.1,,XN.., Yi - J . . gh, 14 - I 4 tl 1 .'. . .A?v.vf,g V irlfw . . A 1. ,. 4,s',5i,kati. K . ..- A41 ' 'Iii ' lx, A T U- "Y A ' ff' ' . -' " ' ' . -l -71.1 IQ?-Q. ' ,, V - "N-' My " 'LI . ug Aff-ij, Q'-5' R7 ' ..r A f xi-ff - a. . :- 5, - -,fly .- ,. '. ..,,,,,, .fx gil :I :'cui'fz "' 'Z' I-' - v 1.- 4 'I . Q .sf , l..' 4 l',,fu ,F r ..lp ' . Q, - "dfj.+'f'A5 I ..,' 5 ' Y A '--A -1 fi I A mx ,. "Q" .- . , ,S -'A "M E ftipsgp. J ' I ' -r' I ' P' V?-fy ff' qi-gn Qx- ,,- NK . rvrffji ' V f 1- 'E 1 -, 'Af ' f ' - ' '. . 7 f 41 , ..- 4.-- v-. - ' 1- V I - ,1- ' A.f?', -1.1, 4. r x , V---V uh----' 1':' ' : . ,..- ,h 1 'Rafi' .1 11A ,111 ..' i."..': Q ,o t. ,Aft .-ig: .'.7.l?f . - - rjrl, ,5!....gj'1 ,, .ki ' 7 I - .H ' 4 ' I ' - . ne:-,-j . -. L- i .i,.- - ,,, ' , . V A , N v I " A .F i . . ,. V J .. ' -'-0 X , Q -'f X. L 'J I . 9 ' - . 5 l . , , 14. ' ,I 'if 1 ,,JT . . V . WTR N-H. ' 5 96?-'Q-N7. ' -. liffikff Q!.,'q-. gf . E.532!'f'.: Q 2-..x, ' . xiwi, . ' , . A 4 - - .' - ind!,--'v,.., H eugststl-g5k:.:..V , Q rv'-51 .Ta-"" 'f ' . gl .1'3'iQz55,'-'K A' , X , , ".:fF?!i?'W":L5 57: :'-'-- "' ' 1 f'i:jkj'..?.:':I'1'.f,g '.'fx." . . . L- ' 'gig'-'NX 1-A 4 I S' -: 'C 'T '-4541 ATI- 4- ' -f':f-fggmg -. -. - - - - ' M. - - Q. v - .t - , ' - Lh'ir:iQ"?s.Lf1T' "":-'ifw 1- 1 - , 9-L'-1.2: h 1 155 1:9-5-9-hrs., -:Qc ,-. 5 , 41 .mYQ?f'fv'wgx..'5". .uggiw--: - T2 ' f.'. . .f 'ta'-1 -r? - , 1 4..l-':J..'1.-N.:-. X1 rf. ..l-fuk'-5. -, -,E .5 .-. -I N " LP E ad' ":,.: . . .. Q A., . wiivx qi f u7!' uh 745. Aug 1 -1 ,nit , n 'A' ' --1 -xi .7. 'Q ' 11- '. f ' ?'gg,.-?-afi9+-- . 'M' x '- V .a pq, In' -153g..:',5:h 51,-f 241,-' swf- m f :..yg-1,-' ., fTia.l'34 .1.b,l'. 's-k's12':,.fiQr44'?f-352' 7 1 t '51 3 5' P. id ,. "r ., 5.4.14 ul ,:,1"v i'S'fNx1,, 5 q,15.C5'r"', ' -if -"milf: " 1 -'-r'1."'V X ' ,5ixfaj H' 3 MQ, A j enqglh gjfqx. Q A , .. ., .. .,t -A A ' 5 - ' I lxiglianvf 1 SES S A L I I Class officers: Pat Cooper. Treas.: Tom Collins. Pres.: Laura Gallop. Sec. The Class of ,71 Is Out To Prove Itself The Junior Class began this year's activ- ities with several spirited class meetings to organize their strategy. The Class of '71 sold Mums for Homecoming. The float which was entered in the Liberty Bowl Parade was exciting and different. The Junior Ring Dance was the highlight of the school year for all of us. This spring activity was finan- ced by selling chocolate during February. David Ackiss Dennis Adair Tom Addenbrook Carol Adriance Janice Albritton Debbie A. Allen Debbie J. Allen Michelle Allen Rodney Allen Jim Anderson Theresa Athey Linda Aydlett 78 it L, ul -in 1 fe A . id Student awaits turn for Driver's Education Gloria Berry Kinniard Bissell Harry Blakely Julie Blaschka Geri Blumenthal Nathan Bly Susan Booker Linda Bozard Clinton Bradshaw Steve Brammer Mike Branieh Willie Brock Cathy Brooks Sandi Brooks Susan Brothers Debbi Brown Leslie Bryant Alice Buchanan Bob Baeklund Denyse Bailey Robert Bailey Mike Baker Earl Balance Charles Barnes Noel Bartron Debbie Bateman Kevin Beard Meta Beasley Paula Bechard Teresa Beknke Mickie Bell Walter Bender Mike Benegar Steve Benegar Kathy Bennardo Roger Bennett Helmick Benton Lynn Berkley 'va ?. B i I i F. l Xx 5 w 9.54 ' V-3 J' Xxx X Junior cheerleader encourages student participation at fall Pep Rally. Juniors Face New Situations John Comninaki Dave Compton Tom Collins Chris Columbus Cindy Cook Pat Cooper .il C. Bruce Copenhaver Richard Corkran Alvin Comick Tom Couch Mary Courtney Micky Cowan .- 'fi Renie Craft Bonnie Cross Lonnie Cross John Curling Joel Dail Gary Daily i. 80 Pat Buchanan Eda Burkhart Steve Bumette Debbie Butler Summer Byington Linda Cagle Debbie Campbell Hank Capps Courtney Carlson Julia Carson Tony Carter Beverly Chandler Alaine Chase Dave Clark Neils Clausen Jennifer Coile 3 G 'S L 'll lwN All 1 r ...if l I . 0 X 0 .,. 1.'-4's .,- lil". a,,ni Isa". n,0n ,ot iv' The Art Department encourages creativity 1 B, Q Tx! 1 Lu V Q., 'x Skipper Etheridge David Eubanks Laura Eubanks Ea Q . ...-- o ,..... .v .1. g- 1 "T X Audrey Davis Kim Davison Charmaine Dawson Peggi Day Barbara Dean Pat Dean Paul Dean Lucille Decker Kevin Dee Wayne Delford Bonnie Degroot Joanne Delaney John Dewitt Nancy Dickey Pat Diggs Ann Downling Celia Don dy Debbie Duerr Rebecca Dugan Judy Dugger Mary Duke Laura liarley Susan Farly Connie lidwards Betty lilliott Denise lilliott Laurie Embleton Rick Ennis Craig Erickson Brenda Eskins Bill Fairchild Tony Fairchild Catherine Farrar Sheila Faulk Steven Fillmore Tommy Finn 81 21. I ' . Edward Flanagan Larry Fluellen David Forbes Robert Ford Claire Fortier Carol Foster John Foster Geoff Fox Ricky Franklin Jenny Frazee Sandy Friedel Steve Fulgham Richard Galloway Laura Gallup Ron Galyon Glenn Garbis Jackie Garofalo Gwen Garrett Gwendolyn Garrett Valerie Gary Theron Gatlin Jim Gentry John Gcorghiou Johnny Ghi Sue Gibowski Sue Gibson Paula Giles ON. Gillikin Bobby Gleason Mike Goodwin Norman Gordon Marc Gosselin Mark Gates junior Float Captures Imagination .I- v "Sink the Titans" YQ! 4 82 In Homecoming Parade Pam Gray Richard Grcdvig Marge Cregg Gary Greenwood Wordcll Grimstcad Terry Gunther David Hocl Patty Hall Vivian Hampton Harry Hanbcrry Judy Hancock Dan Harmon Edward Harrington Roxie Harris Doug Harryman Susan Hart Jack Hasten Rachel Hawley Lee Haywood Melissa Headley Rebecca Heafncr Ed Heiland Kathy Helmer Richard Hepler cn 'x W s Becky Hewitt Jim Hill Bob Hilton Greg Hitchler Vince Hliinovsky Roxie Highter Francis Hinton Bob Hodges Ellen Holland 83 KXUX' 6' 9 K Q.. 'LQ D G i x I I X M ' I-I xx S X. 0 il 1 F s ., M X ill l,-fix 1, Lug! Elin Q Q -1 wi ff, rr H? 51--Q ,if 4 Rl , J ' . ' V . ,V , K . x 1i2E5Qj2., sllwgkx ' Q iiikszgsfa pw , 'fiilx ?'fxf99"' Z ' " nv Jewell Honeycutt Rick Horton Joelene Hudson Penny Hunt Jill Jackson David Jennette Joan Johnson Gary Hoover Jackie Hudgins Pam Hudson Ed Hurbert Judy Jackson John Jennings Sandy Johnson David Horen Stacey Hudgins James Hummer Joyce Hyman Jack Jacovides Deborah Johns Steve Johnson Ernest Horton Doug Hudson Sharlene Humes Nancy Ives Asberry James Freddie Jolmson Bill Jones e x . ix, Juniors concentrate for American History. I Marc Joseph Dawn Joy Nancy Kahn 84 Norman Kahn Joyce Keller Darlene Koch Mike Kalishman Pat Kennedy Charlie King Melanie Keegan George Keville Robert LaGarde 1 I l 7' K' . ,L as 1 . l TN if XX allkxtz, .7-l".iil L L Jeanette Tebele Mark Lewis Jackie Loesehe Lindsay MacLean Claiborne Manson Janet Marks Charles Martin Charles Lemon Mike Lex Debbie Lovell Kathy Mahan John Marcos Suzanne Marquess liruee Marston Karen Leonard Nancy Link Debbie Lowe Ricky Malbon Sherry Markert Sandee Marshall Mitra Matter Class of ,71 Sells Candy for Ring Dance . 1- is Garath Mayo Lynn McCoy Terry Meagher Richard Mercer Barbara Mobley Joey Moore Gary Moose Peggy MCSSISH Mary McLaughlin Lynn Medlin Terri Midget! Barbara Mobley Mary Moore Phyllis Moy er Pat McAlhaney Tommy McMahan Bill Meier Nancy Miller Pat Moody La Vem Moore Suzanne N1 urden 85 Linda Murphy Margaret Murphey Bill Myers Susan Myers Linda Neale Melanie Nelen Paul Nelson Ken Newbem Bill Newsome Charles Nimitz Angie Olds Helen Olds Joel Olds Ellen Ovcrman Bert Owens Lucy Owens Pam Pace Betty Packer Lynne Palacio Bob Pakkette David Parrish Karen Paul Ellen Peabody Karen Pelton TT ,, 6 lr ' s Qi Edwina Pendo Laurie Penner JoAnna Plantz Norma Platt Karen Plumeau Jerry Pohle Lee Pontes Bill Potter Nancy Potter Nancy Pretzman Jeannie Price Patty Price Dean Pulley Pam Ptindt Lynn Randell Georgean Reames Marjorie Reel Nancy Revolinsky Mary Rhodes Cindy Rice Billy Rickard Casey Riegert Barbara Riggs Bill Rink hx ,, , ..t -- ' 6. by S MJ - Betty Risper Albert Rowsey Mike Saunders Kirt Sehuldt Jeff Scott Cindy Selby Ellen Shipero Mike Rogers Kenny Sanchez Phyllis Sawyer Mike Sehmieder Carlecn Sears Dianne Shelton Linda Sholar Paul Rosevear Patrick Sanford Alberta Savage Jackie Scott Jacque Seaman John Shelton Pat Shuford Spirited Class Meetings 1 Insure Successful Year ls, ' 1- x X K 67 Q 1'l-9 NJA t . Debbie Shults Arita Simpson Cindy Skeppstrom J , V 1 T-gg...-gqqq 1 P vlllll ! M7 Janette Skinner Janet Small Garrett Smith Earl Slattum Alfred Smith Joy Smith Barbara Sloman Ditto Smith Tony Smith 87 sv L,-, Ai . 1 Students take time out for lunch. 3 4 0 Student concentrates for higher grade. Iuniors Study Hard For -J Nat- yr. X ,P x 'Q Qi. NS 6 88 W 'X .ix 1 Karl Smithson Michael Snead Tommy Sotield James Sparks Savonda Spence Ce Ce Spessard Denise Springmeyer Bobby Stant Joyce Stoddard Susie Stott Ronnie Stover Mary Stoy Shirley Strange Margaret Suggs J eane Taliaferro Nannette Tann Emma Taylor Becky Thomas Martin Thomas Becky Thompson Shawn Thrift Brian Townsend Mark Troutman Senta Tubbs Craig Tylsinski Anita Van Eden Jay Van Kleek Cynthis Van Moll Ron Van Voorhis Susan Vasile College Board Exams Mark Vcmay Charles Vlasic Steve Voliva Earl Vowell Bob Warren ' X Francis Wawrzyniak ' I Sue Wakefield Donna Walbers Debbie Walker Linda Walker Scott Wallace Pat Wareing Barbara Wateriield Willard Watson Tommy Wells Bill Whesdos Marsha Whisner Cecilie White Dale White Mary White Wendell White Donna Wiechel Bruce Wilber Danny Wilkerson Carter Williams Kevin Williams Susan Williams Lee Withers Barbara Woodard Zell Woodhouse Woody Woodruff Pattie Woods Lannie Woolford Gary Worrall John Wright Bill Yeates Andi Zerphy Karen Zorich Sophomore Class Pursues New Goals An exciting and successful bake sale high- lighted the Sophomores' fall activities. School spirit was seen among all of the classes, and the Sophomores contributed more than their share. Homecoming festiv- ities were enriched with the participation of the Sophomore Class float. Fight, Team, Fight! Sophomore spirit prevails. ' 0 I 5 Jerry Boquess Neil Boucher Lydia Bowers Fay Boyce David Bradshaw Terry Branch Gene Bratcher Shelly Brinson Warren Britain Vanessa Britt John Britton Pat Brock David Brothers Bette Brown Scotty Brown Pat Brumley wx- 'Q 91 wg. S 'Q' ' - - : mf S liddie Arrington Keith Baker David Baldwin Cathy Buier Peggy Ballenee Donna Banton Carol Barker Bloyee Barnard Susan Bames Jeff Batten Bob Beak Linda Beasly Charlotte Beckett Phylis Bclvin Vikki Bendull Jun Berry Leonard Berry Judy Bishop David Blaskowsky Robert Blumenthal Joe Bogdan Laura Boiee Nancy Bone Cathy Booth 5- 51 A L I x Varsity manager receives instruction. Amy Bryant Winfield Bull Gary Bulmer Don Burford Jon Burford Sandra Burks Frank Burton Wayne Bush Sonny Butler -rj. ll P'-Xp Leigh Caldwell Giny Carroll Cathy Castle Jimmy Chalkly Greg Chappell Clyde Cheatham Betty Cherry Bruce Chisholm Bobby Churchwell Courtney Coffman Mike Cole Susan Cole Tricia Compo Pinky Cook Janet Cooke Brenda Cooley Virgie Cooper Robert Copeland Katherine Cotton J .D. Cox Terry Cratch Rita Cregar Steve Crews Marty Crumlish David Curling Gary Darby Jane Darden Nancy Davidson Ethel Davis Joyce Davis 5 Cindy Dunn Donnie Edgerton Bob Ellis Laura Ellis Tommy Ellis Lee A. Entwisle Willie Etheridge Sue Eubank Pierce Evans Pierce Evans Tommy Evans Dana Fairchild Tom Fanney Mike Fauber Ewing Fears Queen Felton Lorraine Felton Helen Ferebee 5 1 I L Mar aret Fer son K S EU Ellen Ferrell Tina Fersing Phoebe Field Butch Fiore Mark Fisher , X Kay Davis Leslie Davis Rhys Davis Russell Davis Mary A. Dec Skye Dennis Jimmy Dienhart Karyn Dietsch Rick Doll Albert Donnely Holly Doyle Claire Doyle Jay Douglas Kathie Downs A.. x AP, l. , li" 1. ' l 1. Tv 7. . '- I 4 Q' of sail., . 1 i il ,,...3r..s.:- u Studtnt pauses from classes Class 0 72 T,aCgDfumuCf Shows S pmt Karen Duckett at Pep Rally Nancy Flanagan Randy Flora John Foley Grey Folkes Linda Ford Patty Foster Suzanne Fox Yvonne Galloway Robert Gatlin SanDee Garrett Larry Garris Deb Geesey Nancy George Alan Gessner Steve Gibowski Laura Gill Steve Gill Margaret Gilliam Rochester Gorpel Richard Gore Ronnie Gore Avery Graham Mary Graham Debbie Grane .A Deborah Grimstead f Norman Grimstead Cherry Gray Diane Gray Cynthia Gregory Gary Gregory Cecil Gresham Gary Griffith Terry Gunklc Betty A. Gupton Jeff Hallock Debbie Harmon Julia Harmon Bill Harrill Cheryl Harris James Harris Cathy Harrison Lynn Hauck Annie Haydon Lynn Hadley Will Heartwell James Henderson Patty Hennigan Clayton Herbert Ceil Hillegass Bob Hladky Mike Hodgson Carla Hoke Cindy Holland James Holsey Shearline Holsey Joe Hooks Sophomore guls pam cipate in Intramural Sports. John Horey Christy Horton Charles Howard Nancy Hubbard Darrell Hudson Greg Hudson Nancy Huenerberg 5' Lisa Huerta James Hughes Mena Hughes Paula Hughes Jesse Hunter Barbara lves Peggy J acovides Charlotte Jamell Barbara James Vickie James Lynne Jarrett Lynn Jernigan Susan Jernigan Becky Johnson Bernice Johnson Hilda Johnson Mark Johnson Betty Jones Christi Jones Jay Jones Karen Jones Patty Jones Janette Joyner Jesse Joyner Mike Karpie Mark Keener Kevin Kemick Sherry Kenyon Eugene Kesler Janice Ketrick Jay Knight Ann Kiley janet Cooke and Windy Terry ai -ey' ,,...f4" Q mx 'Y Xl K ' 6?-- 96 5 fx K l g . . I Host Homecoming ourt 1 Sophomore girls ride in antique car during halftime activities, tix E X 'fa f L Kim King Pam King Sandy Kirkland Steve Koenig Cindy Kovach Jimmy Kunklcr Judy LaGarde Eric Lamb Randy Lamb Robin Lamb Mike Lambertson Pete Langteau Lance Large Frank Latham William Latham Val Laura Barbra Lazos Scott Leonard Mark Lett Mary A. Lindblad Susan Litchfield Kent Littleton Thelma Lockamy Rocky Longworth James Loucka Curt Lowery Barbara MacLeod Frank Malbon Roy Mann Tex Marlow Everett Marsh Donna Martin Karlene Marwitz Jimmy Masters Lee Mayfield Alvin Mayo Joe Mazzochi Mary Meagher Doug Meir Nancy Melvin Vicki Marlino Hugh Meffollum Dennis McLaughlin Dave Mcflenny James MeCurdy Craig Miller Lisa Miller Lori Miller Martha Miller Kovctte Mitchell Pam Montgomery Charles Moody Gayle Moore Phyllis A. Moore Phyllis M. Moore Rhonda Moore Theresa Moss T24 -Q 95 9 'Q ,P ,,, lg! ti X ug-G Robin Paul Michael Pawley Debbie Payne Gary Pelton Jeanne Pendleton Debbie Peterson - 1 Bernard Mustin Pat Myers Booker Nase Shelia Nason Vince Napolitano Jeff Nicoll Mary Niegrow Steven Nimitz Tim Nixon Donna Norrell Gary Notte Mike Odle Judy Osborne Betty Owen J im Owens Martha Owens Mary Parker Don Parnell Lucy Perry Martha Perry Bill Peverall Lori Pierce Linda Plumo Sandy Poderiek Mary Poindexter Paul Pokorski Allan Poole Renee Preston Jim Pretzman Sherry Price . 1 b i , 5 'sl -wl N Jennifer Priekett Don Pulley " Debbie Ralph 'L l S ' L Steve Ratner ' . Amy Redford . ,is YQ Alston Reid ' 4 - A Y' P S il ll I J Sophomores Tze Senzors or Spirit Week ,S .I Y... Yen Relster Raleigh Rigney David Riggs Kathy Rice Cherrie Rickard Carolyn Ridge Terry Rhodes Chris Rink Gary Robertson Jeffrey Miller Carol Rogers Brenda Rollins Rick Romano Nydia Ross Gwen Roulhac Dottie Rowe f'.. f 1- 'U v-' LII QS' :ff N Sophomore player prepares for action in outfield. v X 6. X 'ljw ?- I X B if SVT 'B Steve Rowe Bill Sale Sue Scarborough Ricky Schnapka Jackie Sharp Philip Roy Paula Sample Janey Schindler Mike Schriver Marin Shaw Rickie Runyon Herman Sawyer Steve Schleif Kathy Scoppa Sammy Shelton Lois Russell Tim Seanell Lynda Schmidt Beth Shapero Jeff Sherwood 3' ,ui vp- Ann Shields Carter Sinclair Donna Shipp Brenda Slaton Ann Sidwell Will Slovic James Simson Chris Small 54072.-5 Betty Smith Bill Smith David Smith Debbie Smith Doug Smith 9 Randell Smith 'e""'v if ,cr-l 7 lit-ai, Ks iN Sharon Smith Bob Smithson Terrie Snyder Girls participate in parade. 100 ln? f, Sophomares eagerly await Christmas vacation Majorettes prepare for drill. Libby Soltz Paggy Sparks Thomas Speight Diane Spellman Britt Stamey Pat Stapleton ' it I-vfibq lmaw f Mark Thompson Marshall Thompson Charless Thrasher Lois Thrift Carol Tinney Albert Topasna Claire Tozer Hank Travis Mike Troop Rod Trotman Les Troutman Deborah Tumer Fl 53 'x 'WK A fx - ral " X - - N lf? I . . ' Q, Mi, f X hx. l 3. I 44x ' I x Q- 4 . ,Wir - L David Steele Robert Stein Eddie Stewart Carol Strickland Gray Strong Lisa Stuart Sheila Sullivan Deborah Talley Kris Tamburino Elsie Tann Austin Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Nancy Taylor Albert Tabele Jonie Terrell Woody Thomas Dona Thomlinso Ben Thompson l 101 f"0'.5 Bart Tuthill Joan Van Tol Keith Vanture John Veltman Lynn Vincent Sharon Visconti Ann Vislosky Michael von M011 f l Janet Wahrman James Walker Barbara Walton Suzanne Warren Trish Weaver Richard Weaver Pam Webb ii tgn'.,. N Q'-..4 'Q - 1 Teachers and students select their choice. 102 Sophomores Anficipclte Exciting junior Year 5- li 1' 9 Spirit shown in various ways. y Robert World 5 Tommy Wt-ikul Joycs: Wclls Mark Wcltfal Bill Wcslon Curt Wliilc Karen Whitt' Bill Whilchursl Karen Whitchurst Martin Wicchcl lfrcddic Wiggins Robcrt Wiggins Carole Wildc lfrank Williams Susan Williams Stuart Williams Joc Williams David Williams an Larry Wilson - Joe Wilson Jimmy Winston Margie Wisc Roberta Wisc Doug Wollard v Windy Wood Avis Woodies Tyler Wooldridge Howard Wyle Debbie Yow Kathy Woods Joanne Woolard Dale Wordcn Debbie Young Debbie Zirnhcld 103 Spirit nites Class of ' The Freshmen class displayed their spirit by spending several hours preparing for Homecoming festivities. "Ring Out the Titansn was the theme for their float which placed second in the float competition. The class showed its spirit throughout the year and, later on, sponsored a dance open to all classes. Beth Abraham Thersa Abrams Barb Adams Debbie Aebischer Paul Akers Becky Allen Dana Allen Karen Allen Bill Altschuler Tracy Alverson Bob Anderson Kirk Anderson Gay Andrews Robin Appenzeller Jeff Apple Debbie Astrum Donald Astrum Tom Atkins Chuck Atkinson Parks Atkinson Maureen Ayvazian X Marla' S is Robin Bailes John Baily Virginia Baily Holly Baker Q- Jeff Baldwin Bill Bamett Edith Barber N' Jan Barco Robert Barnes Michelle Bartlett . Fleetwood Baxter Ann Beard Carol Bedwell Marshall Beebe ay' X A ' - wr-X' 'rbi 45 R ,nw f-r""""",'.' Class 0ffTCCIS2 Pres. Clay Phillipsg Sec. Sally Doyleg Treas. Susan Ear1eygVice-Pres. Paula Carter is N ' El Nlli 'x J 5 . 104 Yi? y ,A ur xfqv ,Ar s. , t- .' I A 1, Margaret Beiler Cindy Black Mike Bolt Rcnnc Bouchard Harold Boyd Lervis Bozard Sandi Braswell Bonnie Branieh Ronnie Brinkley Harold Britt Dee Dee Brooks Janice Brown Pamela Brown Andrew Broyles Walter Cagle Ann Camp Theresa Carlson Linda Carroll Paula Carter Joseph Chamber Interests Grow Wz'th Freshmen Year 4: i -Ya .ff- Freshmen listen to the speakers at Pep Rallies. 4-ff f ,,s . 2' Robert Cliannon Jayne Cherry Brenda Clausen Patsy Clyncs Jim Cochran Marie Coker Harold Collins Billy Colonna David Conrad Ronnie Conrad Jay Cooper William Copenhaver Caren Cornelius Linda Couch Faith Council Elizabeth Courain Susan Courtney Jason Cowan Jessica Curling Jane Cutchins Jackie Davidson Debbie Davis Scott Davison Ricky Dean InSpz'ratz'0n Grows Through Study Jaffa ,np ' ' Jagge- Snoopg. adds to the half-time festivities i J 4 1 F i ' x S.. I L Freshmen busy in classes during Second Bell. Sally Ferrell Tom Fillmore Jim Foister Debbie Forrest Ray Fussell Debbie Franklin Dotty Garrison Cindy Gage Scott Gibson Carroll Giles Tom Gillikin Carton Godfrey '. P f ilk Michael Deardotl Daxxn Deiss Jan De long Bill Dienlmrt Ralph Disney Joey Dixon Pat Doty Jeff Douglas Sally Doyle Mike Drinko Susan liarley David Iildridge Duane lilliot Mark lingel 'lerry Estepe Denise Etheridge Diane Etheridge Tony Faseioceo Charles Fcllinghani Martha Fenner in 1' ,' has Students show enthusiasm. i if-.ze-.1 ff W, 1 1 X H , This .. f"" The consession stand is busy at each game. fx - - W9 ' Vi XX- Aixam. X' -N ' 108 Melvin Goffigan Rita Goffigan Becky Gray Paul Green Carolyn Greenwood Debbie Griffin Val Grimstead Debbie Groves Pat Haffey Maxwell Hahn Peggy Hardison John Hardisty Robert Haring Mike Harrington Larry Harper David Harrell Karen Harris Ronnie Harris Ricky Harwell Laurie Harwood Dawn Hayman Tim Heafner Monica Heinz Peggy Hennigan Janet Hill Leo Hilliard Stella Hilton Karen Hines 1' lu Q i 1 all L L.-f Y' 1 NN Sk l Il Lal in N 8 5, Steve Karvela Marci Kenny Carmen Kidd Candy King Terry Knight Steve Krome Mike Hladky Richard lloguc Larry Holbert Olivia Howard Nancy l-ludgins David Hudson Karen Hunger Gary James Dana Johnson Susan Johnson Steve Jordon Sandra Joyner Shelly Joyner Christine Karchen Expressing Opinions Encouraged l 1 l w 1 l I . Changing classes and exchanging words. 109 New Tasks Challenge Students Kathy Koehme Kim Laform Dana Lam S Lillian Lamb Aprileona Lawson Joe Lawson Dianne Leibowitz Lee Lichens John Long Debra Loper Michael Loprete Susan Loucka Susie MacLean Gary McBroom Trey McCanna Mike McCurdy Frankie Malone Jimmy Martin Linda Martin Nancy Martin Judy Mayo David Meiers Karl Mellin Debbie Miltz Jesse Monroe Mildred Morgan Cheryl Morgan Lynn Murphy 110 Freshmen attendents walk out on the field. F gr IW A 6 , 5 0 T' L ii-X 1.5- 'FZ Students contribute to spirit week. ' f"' l l ....,. so E it Beth Myers Debbie Nagle Richard Neergaard .lohn Nelson Nancy Niel Stephanie O'Gorman Dallas O'Neal Diane Ober Nancy Packer Linda Palmer Chris Paphitcs Cynthia Parks Gwen Parrish Toni Pasquallc Robin Pearce Nancy Perdue Robert Peverall Clay Phillips Marilyn Phillips Lanette Pittard Al Plumeau Barbara Poffenberger Brock Potter Brian Rabe David Ralph Chris Ramsey Katie Ransdale Kathy Rau -. 9 x 7: ' f I. ts E -I Q ,-- La ffl its ,S 'W sw. 4. K .K f Li I X-il. il Freshmen Display Spirit Mark Reisner Dot Relster David Rhodes Ellen Rice Sandy Richards Sue Roberts Richard Robidoux Rick Rodamar Debbie Romeo Melvin Rouse Kathy Ryan Randy Saunders Vikki Saunders Edward Schick Linda Seufert Kathy Smith Myra Smith David Spencer Debra Spradlin Wade Starling David Steele Sherry Stephenson Elizabeth Stetson Tommy Stovall Linda Stoy James Stuart Athlia Suggs Steve Sullivan Maria Sutton Susan Sutton Mitch Suecker John Themides Anita Thomlison Alice Torbush Chip Traub Enthusiastic Patriots watch their team "Cook the Chiefs". 1 12 hh Pnl' Cf- FC ITT Let's keep things happy! It fa Freshmen boys keep in shape. Julie Turner Doug Tuthill Maarten Van Eden Faith VanKleeck Jim Veltman Maureen Viles Joanne Visconti Glen Vlasic Larry Von Wallmenich Diane Wade Angela Walker Scott Walker Tim Wallace Wendy Wallace Margaret Walsh f I . Q f 9' , K, ., Y.sV..,u , lla ,s l 6. 4 xxx, X, Y sip' gl ,"1 3 X .KM G10 Wendy Walthall Vernon Ward Billy Warf Bill Weaver Mike Wellman Charles Werz Julianne Whaley Steve Whitaker Gary White Kathi White Cathy Widgeon Tom Wilber Mike Willey Timmy Wilkerso Tim Williams ll s 6 P 'H as rg N " 'X L N , Boing! It's been a long day! Freshmen Add Leadership To Responsibility , Ty 'QW gy, . Y, xc,-jwigg, v -, Bill Winberg Cheryl Winnett :J Bob win ' ' Linda Wisniewski ' LK . Matt Zacharias Walter Zartman 4- Belinda Zirnheld 3. Something to think about. i 1 Cd. i ' E 56 Q..-.1 fi .6 , --nd' V , , I - vs- -. ' Ol 4 ,, , . -, G I' 2: I i I ' 3 'NIE' . . - , ,-,., ,,-,g.,L,........ ..r,---,f':-.::..-,-,.. ' ' l f----14- 1 1 J . V T...--..-'...f' " t J 1 'uri 7. .. Ah. W , I aj - 1. as X 'ar ' 1, ' 4 I , Lf 'J' 6 . f' ....... 2... r -- ' we'e"'sv"' tfne----H -- -4-f'.,..- +-- 1 ,E .- . I , ..., H , QQ. a : ki U, I I l if .r V, , x . Ie , ra- E.- nvi -.1 .' ..-..,... ,,..a... ,-.-....., .... ........--.,-,., UM: ,,..-..,. '-4, ' - . L , Class Officers: M, Hughs, Vice-Pres.g Brenda Trafford, Treas.: Bill Irwin, Pres.g Laura Kirkland, Sec. Class of 374 Is Oriented to First Colonial This year served as a prelude for im- portant years to come for the eighth graders. Each student became interested in the courses he was taking, realizing that this year, as well as those to follow, was an essential road to the realization of his goal. Time out from studies was alloted for the autumn bake sale and participation in the Liberty Bowl activities. An important con- tribution of the eighth graders was their unfailing spirit, which helped to promote better school spirit. All agree that this years' eighth grade was an asset to First Colonial High School. li. e Judy Aberg Teri Abraham Jason Adams Elizabeth Alexander Mark Allen Terence Allen Jeff Allsbrook Christi Alverson Debbie Anderson Cathy Anthony Carolyn Argabright Dennis Armstrong Wendy Armstrong Anne Arrington Debbie Austin Sharon Barhan 115 Q. C 5 5- 'X I I, 6' . A t X ' I G ua Debbie Cole Cheryl Collins Janet Comninaki Kevin Como Connie Corrigan Tom Cotten Frank Couch Paul Courson Tommy Courtney Cindy Craddock Lisa Crafton Vivian Cratch Michael Barnard Mary Jane Barnett Cindy Bateman Pam Bateman Wayne Batten Sheppard Baxter Debbie Beacham Carl Beebe Phillip Bennardo Norman Benton Jerry Billingsley Sharon Black Karen Blaskowsky Donald Bolick Rick Bolton Susan Bonner Susan Booth Cynthia Bozeman Richard Brady Pam Britton Michael Brock Randy Brown Cynthis Broyles Chris Buergey Rory Bunch Pam Burkey Joyce Calhoun Allen Campbell Hope Capps Daniel Carlson Joe Carter Sue Chandler Kathy Cochron John Coffman Janie Cohick Eighth grade promotes Spirit. . -w , J -J In x -fm l 'F i 'ir'-Sri, 'V M, ,A T I Karen Vraun Greg Crewx Curl Curling John Cutrell Debbie Dail Caroline Davis Jim Davis Julie Duvix Mary Dawley Terry Diamond lrene Donnelly Sara Dowdy Thomas Duekett Freddie liarnhurt Harry Iingel Lorraine lirb John Frmen Charnell litheridge Tom Eubanks Betty Ferguson Susie Ferrell Jan Fitzsimmons Jill Fitzsirnmons Terry Fletcher i 4 Participates In Many Actz'vz'tz'eS Varied curriculum offered in Biology. Monica Fljtton John Florance Donny Fontenot Deborah Ford Susan Ford Mark Foster Janet Fox Lula Franklin Steve Gabrinsky Jackie Garrett Claudia Gurris Linda Gates 6 Y LJ. "W in 4 -5 .ss ,ir AV f v 5 . S. 52, ,. X 4, . E Patty Gill Deborah Gilmour Bruce Gilpin Laurie Gimmon Jody Glaves Tommy Godfrey Ken Gordon George Gray s fi , ,X 6 K le a H NX ' 'm C' L Q P" .i 1? QA r Qs -r 1-'N 51 f-.1 ,-1 118 Patriot Promenade Joyce Gray Gail Gregory Jim Griffin Monya Griffin Teresa Groehn Guy Gunkle Kerry Gurganus Phyllis Harper Sandy Hale Amy Hart Evelyn Hart Robert Hartwell David Harwood Jan Hauck Kim Haulk Kevin Hensley Bill Herbert Kim Hermman James Hill Mike Hlinovsky Petey Hogge Jeff Hogue Steve Holladay Sherlock Holmes Mary Louise Hopkins Jane Hudson Pat Hudson Chuck Ironmonger Bill Irwin Karen Ives Doug J anezeck Russell Jennings John Jenkins Danny Johnson Gary Johnson Janet Johnson Lynette Johnson Elsa Jones Beck Jordon Denise Joyner Johnny Joyner Robert Karcher Kerri Kay David Keegan Steve Keith Mark Kenney Teresa King Karen Kinnebrew Laura Kirkman Janet Koenig Frances Kolodziej Laurie Krumwiede Ned Keuhn Skipper Lake Aurelia Lamb Karen Lauchs Hilda Lawson Rene Leeds Ann Lemmon Mary Leone Kathi Likens 'H Melvin Long Gwen Lindsey .. 'il' 41 D 1. Ruth Lottman s Scott Lowery . ' L ,A Students Show Thezr Enthuszasm wishful Thinking ' 119 Students hurry to finish their lunch before the bell rings. "ff .6 'ei 5 .J S J.-lsfg Susan Lovell Tom Lunam I-Qdmond Maitland Debbie Malbone Janet Mann Blake Manuel Stuart Marlow Guy Marsh Kathy McComb Glenn McElroy Debbie MeMalin Gay McManus 5 s L1 6. il? iii Joe Merlino Beth Meyer Kennetha Miller Ronald Miller Scott Miller Sharane Miller Regina Mizelle Brenda Moody Wayne Moose Bill Morgan Kathy Morris Eleanor Neergard Monty Nichols Pat Nipper Bonnie Olejar Stephanie Oliver Kim Overton Tim Palmer Mindy Parker Ken Parrott Mary Parsick David Patterson Karen Pawky Cindy Peele Roger Pellett Beth Penner Bruce Peterson .v.-.7 It G' 's , K I N XXXL w. X it Y . ffm 'fl cs N . Robin Phelps Theresa Quinn Lauren Reid Charlie Riegart Ernest Rollins Mark Schleif Andrea Polizos Judy Ralph Sammy Reid Cliff Riegart Mary Sadowski Gale Schuldt Beth Poole Ann Rasberry Brian Reise Murray Ritter Chris Salomone Carl Sears Pete Porter Brenda Rasberry Jenny Rice Mark Robinson Debbie Sanford Sarah Seay Mindy Posavec Linda Redford Kathy Rich Sharon Rogers Geraldine John Selby Schick Eighth Graders Anxiously Await Upperclass Privileges Students behind the wheel and the lookout. Ofl YN. r. 1-h cf I N x . Janet Simmons Peter Simmons Chris Sinclair Linda Slate Alan Smith 4 rs .Si S L. 0 '35, 6. H' ru ,. vu 'ia 4 yx. , Debbie Smith Glenn Smith Gregory Smith Jean Smith Patty Smith :Jo--- .145 121 - -YQ6 ,1 All Look Forward to Freshman Year Jim Smithson Beth Smola Vicky Snyder Cathy Sorger Jimmy Speight Shirley Spencer Elizabeth Spring Rosalyn Springmeyer Debbie Steele Sandy Stott Debbie Sullivan Cal Swanson Chris Swecker Vicki Sykes Cindy Tamburino Thomas Tatum Debbie Taylor Diane Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Taylor Carla Tennefoss Ricky Terry Anastasia Theodosiou Beth Thompson Timmy Thompson Laurie Thrash Jim Todd Paul Traub Y . all A. Jak P The Marching Band at work. '51, Brenda Trafford Terri Treadway James Tully Susan Wallace Karen Wallin Mark Watson Steve West Kim Whaley Mary White Anthony Whitchurst Robert Widener Steve Williams Mark Willis Derrick Wilson John Henry Wilson Maxine Wise Steve Woodrull Marsha Woolard Doug Worrull Richard Yank Robert Yutex Mark Vaderxon Ruth Vantoll Joseph Viseonti Cynthia Voliva Valerie Voljva David Vonmoll N 1 4 I P UR TS Gi Football Succeeds As If .,' -I r, if uf . U LV. 9 1 K 7 57 "' H J -97 if .19 'Nt -ll ,J 49' - .1-4" C 1 A4 Top Sports Attraction QQ 49 an N, R '7 . -3 . .Ja , , Winecoff Paces F. C. Offens 4, . . y'x, , -o..a,UQ,E'v r -,., 1 . s The winning of a game depends on a well thought-out game strategy. .QSM ,-hi' , ' ,L at 1 'D ' ' 'I 'U - - - - '- 19 ' ' - pl' ' , - Wineeoff xearelres for receiver while under mounting pressure. ,Q 4 S .' .1 ,J 9 Q , 0 1 -s- . 'Dr I N D 454+ tary '. . .s.-r- ' - ., . . . -n 55 -A ., Jr:Jm"R." " li' .- .4 -- - ---- I -K ' v 1 '- Pg 'f L, t M - I 1 .14- :-,-mv'gf.' I x. .- IJ-ft ' A , . , , I ' -- 1 aj yo If',. - 'N ' .' "I Game plays arc curricd into thc anxious offcnsivc squad. F, yi ,qggqqi .. , -. .r -H Mi Lfgynnf . Q, -" 4. v ,dA ,. .,i!p' F' , .6 :As .N . 1 , 5' f X Q7 g"4x -dd, fax- F 04, .-YL X ., 6 .A , -'4..,,5 2? , "1. 'A ,,. a.. L , P I . V H 0 QQ. SQ ' a M v V Q, v J . V -QQ, ' is ' A - v 1' V ggi, ., ,x " X -Q '-' NL 'J 'I ' "',,1' f' f "rv-If i ' 4. L , . 1 ' -'W " nina? . 'dnrfff " ' ff' .. A . f ' ' . , ,N I 1 " I . , ,- V b V X 4 n v ' . A ,, W s A 4. .A 9' I 6, ' 'fgyl ww,t2,..1' :dist 14,554 'of' ,S ,f Q' - ,- - ' ... 'Qtirvv15? . ' M, .- M , A -rr., n , P Q t, , .f Q. 4- ,4 . vw PQ' " 4 , 5 ' iq' , P ' 4 4 .A 9 . , . ., J , . Q The Patriot line gctx wt tn pick up utnuiul third LlUXXI15LlldLlgC. 129 1 -f'Q. '., .. ? . In s.5a17 ' , ,J-J N X gs, af . " 1 , .. Q'f'4"j. ' ,-FO' ' , nfgqf- -I t -5.11 ",, .. 35 '51 -.. . - ' ll- ' A 4. ,lhkq - .. ,- - '-b-fi.-7'-4' fha A!4s-- . . - -Q. 5"6"s' . ' 4 N, X - 1 ', ' M Lay ,,.., . 'A' I I' :. ., A 4'4" 'uf '- 'Y"i,Q" RSVP' 'H svn. -. ,-,..:'4 th Lf' ' - M 1 ' t' ' ' 14W , . F ". . -. -ry. Q-cm. 'Q 44- A Q ful. ' -. - Aft ' 'find - Q 7'f?5f".'2 , - , '0'x.,,- mr- , . ix 4.2 . 6' gp. wfauh v W ' "-fl " 'lt . '1""s.i ' rn. 75 fv Ii . fa "Fil alum Aff fi -nobr ling, L 'Q +V 5 q ' 'Q f s 4 CH A ir if 1 1 511,561 1 x Q 1 8. 5 ii ' . :P 5 f , V , A lu- 3 H f Q: V' '1 Tension Buz'Id.s As Season Comes To A Close Under the leadership ol' our four capable co-captains, the '69 Patriots set out to up- hold their Eastern District Title. The Patriots proved to be tough in all their games, but failed to beat three of their rivals ending the season with a 5-2-3 record. Several members of our mighty team placed on the Tidewater All Star Team while others received football scholarships to various colleges. The team is indeed proud of their records. achievements, and Coaches Frank Webster. Fred Britton, Stuart Douglas, and Ted Phelps. F.C ....... 8 Western Branch ...... 8 F.C ...... 16 Princess Anne ....... O F.C ...... 52 Bayside ...... .... l 4 F.C ...... Zo Kempsville . . .... .8 F.C ...... 16 Cox ......... .... 2 O F.C .,.... 24 Churchland ......... 0 F.C ....... 6 Maury ....... ..... C 1 F.C ....... 0 Lake Taylor ... . .21 F.C ...... 24 Kellam ...... . .22 F.C ..... .2 Granby .... .... l 4 I x 131 Outstanding Players Are Named At Banquet Q Outstanding Offensive Lineman -George Stanton. Out standing Offensive Linem3n,J.3m- Turner, Most Valuable Player-George Korte. -,v Outstanding Offensive BaekfBob Cowan. Outstanding Defensive Lineman-Malvern Wyche. Outstanding Defensive Back-Mike Gaskins. 132 First Row: Coach J. Loaf, S. Davison, M. Kolodziej, Coach R. Etheridge. Second Row: J. Hogue, M. Drinko, H. Whyle, C. Sinclair, T. McCanna, S Jordon, D. Brothers, R. Hogue, D. Woolard, V. Napolitano, B. Peverall. Third Row: T. Stovall, S. Evans, T. Fillmore, R. Longsworth, J. Foley, A Mayo, C. Mellin, J. Kight, B. Barnett, M. Lett. l Fourth Row: T. Marlow, C. Miller, J. Cowan, E. Arrington, A. Gessner. J. Loucka, D. Williams. Fifth Row: R. Gore, G. Fiore, R. Gore, K. Baker, T. Spcight, C. Atkinson. B. Chisholm, B. Parsick. Strong I. . And Eighth Grade Teams Look To Winning Seasons ext Year ' v K. Y I tsl rkl Kiig?-53:35 First Row: A. Crews, N. Benton, B. Bowyer, J. Nipper, M. Robinson, P. Simmons, T. Allen. Second Row: S. Batten, S. Grabinsky. S. Vaderson, D. Wilson, D. Janazeck, J. Fontenot, F. Earnhart. Third Row: Mr. Dapolito, M. Kenny, S. Marlow, D. Harvey, M. Hughes. Varszttf Basketball Has Bzg Season lxneelinv C Xlilson. T, Couch. Coach Kccfc, R. Dciss, M. Sears. Standing M MtGinnis l Histcn D Htplti R Nlalbon V Grimstcad 0 Gohlc C Zauzig illtn I Oxxcns. M, Branich. R. Jones. The hard-fighting 'cage' team pulled many upsets with close scores and nerve- racking overtimes. The boys practiced hard and long as Coach Keeffe encouraged them from the sidelines. The team was led by such outstanding players as Co-Captain Tom Couch, Co-Captain Rick Deiss, Jesse Joyner. and Rick Malbon. Excitement and high hopes were the two main factors that en- forced the Patriots' winning season. Daily drills and hard work were rewarded by the team's record of wins and losses. Patriots hold a roundtable d iscussio n. gif'-"7 -- Tommy Couch puts in hisjump shot Kellain .. . .. . .67 Cox ....... .... 7 8 Kempsville . . . . . . .54 Lake Taylor ....,.. 65 Bayside ...... .... 4 7 Lake Taylor ....... 68 Princess Anne ...... 86 Booker T. Washingtonkill Oscar Smith ....... 69 Bayside ...... .... 4 8 Granby ...... .... 8 4 Oscar Smith ....... 58 Cox ....... .... 8 2 Good Shots Become atural Reflex ,ox 6 44 cpmocf' - ' 24 x "-' -F- . ., ,hw 5 , ' i -an is I' A -, 'L L. Y . 'A' Rick Dciss tips bull in for two points. Mike Branich takes opportune foul shot. ii I 01 0- A Q' ' ' Vg.-' ,L il MI 1... 0 A-P" V . W , 49 .nr 1 . ,M .lv -A in xy, va - " - mu. ,lumix .ZQ4 An anxious bcncli awaits thc oulcomc of an Cxciting game, 136 .1 4 if CX, ,d M f - ., I T I fIf'.Cl l wo: tic. Great Team Spirit Heighterzs The Desire To Wz'n If Lihi Shoot thc set. Q W. Ph f' Players Develop F or Continuous N Game Action Faaeoff- 'SYIE-'ff' gil Q., 4"" Hc's got that lean and hungry look. u - is. .f 1-01 1 -if Coach Kccffu givm his squad thc words, "Got movin, . Up and under makes good. -' 23? S. Ugg' i - 4-li' 'S ,- 7' junior Varsity Builcls For The Future Kneeling: C. Farabee, Coach Ricks, S. Schliff. Standing: T. Fanney, F. Malbon, C. Harvey, S. Davison, R. Troutman, B. Channing, D. Rhodes, S. Moody, R Gatlin, R. Malbon. Young students, primarily from the ninth and tenth grades, make up the J.V. team. Coached by Mr. Pat Ricks, these small but determined players, gained experience as the season progressed. Many good team mem- bers, working together, rolled up an im- pressive record as they won many games. In later years, with added height and skill the team will be one that First Colonial will long remember. 3 ,- Fans faithfully follow the J.V. team. 139 Waller Hz'g'hlz'ghts Wrestling Season is V4 l if: fl' il 5 if Kneeling: J. Williams, M. Saunders. A. Taylor, G. Gregory, J. Stott, R. Binder, M. Wareing. Standing: Co-Capt. J. Holland, H. Benton, G. Stanton, D. Bradshaw, D. Smith. Co-Capt. J. Waller. The Varsity Wrestling Squad completed another year in match competition. Led by co-captains John Holland and John Waller, the team progressed steadily. All members of J Q the team showed strength and good po- tential in their weight classes. This year's experience that the younger members have gained will prove to be a valuable asset in establishing the team as an Eastern District power next year. Coach Webster and bench observe match. 140 'inn John Waller pins Granby opponent. Quia.-" P 7' mn is-l s 1 'u "Hi, , . John Holland in take-down position. NYU- ' ' - -as ,il sg: r 4 in Q. . Www Bm' y VI, 3,1 -,J V f , Q-'vw V -U' iii Rcfcrcc awards John Waller the match. Randy Binder studies opponent. 141 J 1 A ,Ff fl. F, .L. , M. Inexperience Takes Its Toll During Season Austin Taylor in refs-:ree's position. I-fl J -1 1' i SXX P i .' lbw. John Holland works against Oscar Smith opponent. if Hclmick Benton ties up against Lake Taylor. 142 Z ll X . it v ni Mike Saunders studies for take down against Oscar Smith. Qvrdwff 4' 4 5 . lx. -A x X" ' Gary Gregory attempts a reversal. Q 'Q ?4 Clif mr'5C'Hl"'if I F E 5 ,HIWM rt .,:1.,gAk .- -W-.4 ,N ,J ., J 9 gt M. ' ' 1 Aw "-'1,,4- .afzlxw A . , ' ' ' - H - b46"'m l, Dennis Smith onthe way to defeating Granby foe. Mike Wareing gains control of opponent. George Stanton scores for reversal. 143 David Bradshaw ehieken-wings Granby foe If ff-WUGIWBIQSQ f3'ms'V -1 s.......-., Mike Warcing breaks down opponent. QU!-f ...,.1.- John Williams gropes for a hold. WW' i K A Helmick Benton moves for take-down. .Ju 144 , mance Gary Gregory faces foe John Hooray rides opponcnt. 'xxff N aj W9 fi-+4 if if ""9. Kneeling: W. Bonsh, N. Benton. J. Smith. S. Shelton. B. Dcunlicurt. .. ,aww ,ii fu n io r Va rsil ll ains Val ua 111 e Experience Closing with zi linc season. thc .lunim I- icnce will help them trcincndonsly in A Q . i W - , U I x vi' v competing succcsslully next yon on tht .n- sity Squad. ,A- A sv ,,..,.., ..4'4ln"""' Randy Saunders pins tough opponent. fr., 2 X f Mf- QQ., . . 'I I Cnrlxon. R. SLlLlllLlClN. Nl. Bnrncx. Standing: R. Davis, J. Hoguc. Nl. Thcmidcs. J. Robbutlo. R. Romano, NI. llughcx. J. llooruy. 'll Collinx. Cf Lowery. T. Spcight. 145 Varsity wrcsllcrs tinishcd un cxccllcnl prop- uruloiy training in mulch lziclici. This uxpci- ff' I I Q f' f' 'H' 1 0-hitter Highlights Baseball Season Experience was the key factor for the Varsity Baseball Team last year. In the areas of pitching and batting, First Colonial players developed strongly. Coach Shackle- ford plans to concentrate extensive drills toward perfecting the team's record in the future. The season's highlight was a no-hitter pitched by Huck Keeney against Norview. This game marked First Colonial's first no- hitter in its three-year history. .., - , -.,i- ,,. 5.4 1 , ' . C . 1 '-' , . f, H -t- -1. .. - . - -'f ' 'jg."'-?'.vQw!'f'f:", Q-,iw . . - . . -. ."-' ,.' , .ft r- . J . -. . . . I . ,gg .. .- .-.- , .- . ,N ' 12:11. -.,J3r'L4AY .1 A -' I-df ff .. "Af ' "- J vt ,E 4 -V 1 I 9 'f A r . 1 V ' , . ph Q '.,. T - -M' "- ' 5 af" 1 T'f+'ifi'f9-. - 1 5 , I 1 . , i cg. , ad., - , ..-, 'nv' .s- , : v-'JI Q 1 4 N.. F l f 1, In First Row S. Taylor, H. Keeney, M. Branich, E. Stovall, J. Johnson, J. Peters. Second Row: Coach Shackelford, G. Vaderson, M. Gaskins,J. Strokha1'b,D. Durdtn J Wilson, D. Barticld. 146 .V. ,lt i . 1 lx ui W fe 4 ,M aww 4-ar' 'fm 3 I" . ll' . - ,K 1- .av ,,'-.. W i I 'mg-M "Z'.z'Li' me ' fi',,1" , J! , ,r - -st 1 ' 6 v X. - . vo . ' , - . ' 0 ' . 35 . L ' , in 4 ,f ,,f, A x "--, A J--L.. . f f sl! 4 .nr fix? alll, M B -f ' A-n4a QA.,-o-..4,....44p . -ns -- V ' .I 4 V f 1 ' U , ' Lf, , ,N-V, . , fJ.f.,'f.'If" 1- 4 17 ' . , k..,, j'5j-'p--qw.-e-,e- , '- . " . :n f P'f1 ' 4511 " J '4 Eddie Stovall fields foul ball. Mike Branich starts double play. Prospects B righ ten Future Baseball .'f.'1'."q 41 in N Q. .X .. .,. . QV Q K l x x " x ,. tr, .. tr., .r ax.. K.. .v-,Agri it at .. 5 . ., .1 1-i. .Y ru xxx ff.t- -.IX N KKKKK. qxgx ' ......-t at-Q-., i--rtrnrrx 1. 19 My Q re if Due to the team's determination, speed, fielding, and hitting ability, the Junior Var- sity Baseball Team had a successful season. The team took giant steps toward a better record next year. Coach Pascall has proven himself an excellent force in motivating the team. First Row: P. Theodosious, J. Mazzochi, C. Manson, D. Edgerton, M. Grabinsky, K. Andresen. Second Row: J. Peters, F. Johnson, J. Shelton, M. Thomas, K. Mellin, T. Stovall, L. Mayfield, fManagerJ1 Third Row: R. Hepler, S. Wallace, C. Lowery, B. Meier, D. Bradshaw, B. Kellen. Coach Paschall. ' V ' of QQQWJ' f"i'l"'t 6 'ft L ' Q , 'O aft. I 4 - wrvw. r 4 4 fax? 'Ili First Row: J. Hardisty. Second Row: G. Greenwood, L. Large, J. Bagden, B. Vasile, B. Whesdos. Third Row: W. Fairchild, B. Watson, F. Scarboro, C. Erickson. Fourth Row: F. Johnson. Cross Country Paces To A 2-2 Season Coach Keeffe's Cross Country Track team sped its way through several long-distance meets testing its strength and stamina. It was not unusual this year to see young athletes running in perfect rhythm along First Colonial Road. These dedicated young men were training for Cross Country. Many mem- bers of the team have won awards for their outstanding performances. All of the boys helped in the scoring and many of them tallied consistently. 4"' Super Keeffe!! 4 148 . Y., V A' , , ,,'. fable-,. " '.a, ' - ,. .. if .mt.-,.,,.trx,',f.,-.f,-,,,,,,a Hoc ey earn orztznues E. - - . g . . T P A Th ,.avfm,g ,M :2,,g,w,5,,,,,m:f.t-.a.a.l o ose reat H " ,',, l '. . A," I ' rf". 2'-1"T' .ff y ,:,':s:', ' vi.,-. . ' f 'ff at-f "4"'l..". ' -rf ""-lf: 'af' " - 'nxvtwl-'TQ' "hai l Wg 3 ',-aah' v 5 Several of the girls of our Hockey Team W' ' A 'WWE' ' " wmli placed on all-Star Teams-Gloria Berry, v. -u 14 ...nv ,Q-I' QQWFV 'quiz M ""' Roxie Harris, and Laura Gallup. The team, Umm fall Q ,, A Fl it Qu I wmv, directed by Miss Clark, did a fine job this year as they tromped over many of their rivals and finished with a 7-3-2 record. M, f r-'H N s4fwQ,,c s Interest in participation and support has W 'L 4 ffl' added much to this team's success. 1 vy ' ' W- 1. ' -1 I , r , . 51 H' x I r . A ,,3.. . , V ,H A 'M , - H ,,--4, co. 'V l., E ' - 'X M: X X N r v '- ' N'--, Ch Ll ' gg, -I ' ,- -'-'Y 1- ' , ' 5' - silo p ,N 't f. f f' l. 9 Gigli.. ,I ' - -II: :.,-A if Y " el,-vi, f I. A 'r vi W L"- H, , H . Lafnxhf -f"'1 Y,',.f' MQ, . FWHM . A4 It - lx' '. 1,11 vt' 'j Ltr' ' . im - - , . ' ',. ' ' . , f A 41 1 . , gg, .iyte,bs,.5-.,'sh.,4.,Aphq, U. .lviifxwghj 1 as 'rg 5 W ku ,',w:.0'a. .rn rv.- ..,, .4,.,'-,..1 mt, 1 'E 'Q .4 "rg t psfatff.-sou 'ffl '- 'l'fUx, .,4,..-L .' '.,d QI ' 'lfilfvg Vwfi, -,Art . .1 . qi, !1n,,, , ,, -,,, -' pr ,IU z., 3 .. - . My 1 ,Q 4 43+ ' . s , , Q -1- v , ll 1, . Q . , 5 . . 1 54. -it Q, - , f. f i if .- i 1, . .. ' W 'Y -' "fr V4 it It Mary Kolodziej goes in for a drive. Retu rning Starters Promise A Strong Team Under the direction of Coaches Roberson and Marshall, a young tennis squad built a fine reputation for good sportsmanship and acute play. All of the starting members of the team will return ..... Roxy Reed, Ray Garrison, Billy Ellis, Doug Harriman, Keith Ellis, and Dennis McLaughlin. ...----1' First Row: C. Carlson, B. Ellis, D. Harriman: Second Row: K. Ellis, R. Garrison, Coach Roberson. 149 Indoor Track The outdoor track team of '68-'69 won the City and Eastern Distict Meets and were undefeated in the Duel Meet. Norman Williams. Tommy Martin. Mike Vaughn, and Les Whitehorn were among the outstanding members of the team. Led by Coach Ron Etheridge. the team proves to bejust as suc- cessful in their meets this year. Ou talooor Track Coach Etheridge also led the Indoor Track Team in a successful year. They went un- defeated in the Duel Meet. The Tri-Captains, Norman Williams. Tommy Martin, and Bob Cowan did a splended job throughout the entire season. Track Teams Dominate District g . . I Z' Ili ... 1 i V529 I ' 3 A i fi! V o ' ' First Row: R. LeGard, J. Bogdcn. J. Apple. B. Vasile, B. Gleason, J. Anderson, C. Holbert, D. Johnson. Second Row: R. Etheridge. R. Britton, G. Greenwood, C. Alexander, B. Whesdos, R. Strokhorb. B. Watson. S. lfilmore. E. Johnson, C. Ericson, J. Hardisty. First Row: J. Bowersox, J. Apple, E. Johnson, V. Napolitano, J. Bogden, B.'Rice, N. Williams, S. Jordan, J. Martin, J. Anderson, J. Grimstead, B. Watson, B. Newson. Second Row D. McMann1s, M. Cowan, J. Turner, C. Alexander, C. Bradshaw, M. Goodwin, J. Hardisty, T. Hunter, B. Wilber, C. Sinclair, S. Fillmore, R. Mercer. Coach Etheride. Third Row: B. Chisholm, A. LeGard, K. Jordan, T. Cook. G. Korte, S. Williams, J. Waller, B. McCanna, B. Henry, R. Strokhorb, R. Young, R. Jones. 150 N' Mug. Mickey Cowan succccds in mcct compctition. Coach Etheridge grins his approval. 41 1 if K , J.. . , cs., ,i .. 3, .. ,..1.lF " 2 al I 'Julian 'L' 1 2 f A l Norman Williams hurdles toward the finish line. Another record sct by First Colonial's Richard Jones. 151 8 W? -Cu, , fr fx .vu-,.,..w,Mmf.1-ef1.v 'EA h a ,,,,,,,,, .. k l These anxious runners compctc for qualifing positions. maui' -Q 'ff H 'H' Boys Gymnastics Develops Strength And Style -. ' ' ' I . rs, vi-Qn'fe -2 . ' Q. ' .WK "Liza ', .1 . --. ,f-' --' - is -- ,W 1-pg: f -1 ' QT'-.. " "'i,.v. 1. x X - ' i .. . , - t . ., ., g f Q ,. , 1 ' l w 'fp-u A D' 15 i p l '1 5 I 'i YJ il, it l ., Q -..xiii Kurt Schultz balances on the rings. The horse is tamed by Jon Cookson Strength and coordination are the prime basics on which the boy gymnists have to develop. Many hours of practice go into per- fecting each routine on the various apparatuseparallel bars, horse, rings, and horizontal bars. , eg -. ., , . ,...-,.., ---vas- ,Y W bfi MN, ..,. . o The rings baffle another challenge 9 V 'x N - l 2 2 5-Iain!! irls Build Poise And Grace In Gymnastics Girls Gymnastics differs entirely from Boys Gymnastics. Emphasis is placed on poise, balance, and style. The beauty ofthe exercises is created by the need for complete self-control and individuality in performing Gymnisr exhibits her coordination. Complicated routines. Joanne Delaney and Jeanne Price show their tremendous skill on the parallel bars. 153 l 4 I , 1 1, f Golf Team Shows Strength Late In Season The Golf Team compiled a 4-4-1 season this year. The season was highlighted by Greg Overton's tie for first in the regional tournament. Also a valuable asset to the team was freshman Dean Hurst who quali- fied for the Regional Tournament. Return- ing starters promise a strong team for next year's competition. John Comninaki tees off. . ' J KE ao- . " 4 9' nr isv2f.:f.. if- a . 7 5l""' .VA J 9 9 .lgi-, l.--f . .1 .F 1 .N 1 .wi J- ig'-Q Q-1. "'.,"' ' ' Fifi.. I I C. Markert. M. Eason, G. Overton. Coach Dapolito, D. Hurst. J. Comninaki, L. Keller. 154 Cheerleaders Cheer Patriots To Success 2.3. ' i V-,. 'rf f -' J 1 .,fj1"""'5w-' , J- . ' ,-'E " - .. r.- ' , V..l ' "H J: " l t 1 it my i . First Row: Joanne Delaney, Janice Rader, Ginny Caldwell, Jackie Cherry Doyle, Sharon Boudreaux, Leslie Karvala, Linda Bozard. Loesche. Second Row: Roslyn Whitaker. Third Row: Mary Lea Hadley, Under the direction of Mrs. Haring, the Varsity Cheerleaders again led our Student Body through a series of new and exciting cheers they learned while attending summer clinics. The support these girls have given to the athletic teams has been a genuine boost to both players and spectators. J .,..wg4, Qin " 'A ' ' .2 . ' ' "5 'Zi'-, ' 4- Who's gonna win'?? Patriots!!! 155 ,,,.1.--V, 'K .1 s,lf' ,- if' Plilil i What do you want? Victory!!! Y -. Q l 1 2 L img Y vu. .yrs Varsity cheerleaders instill pride and spirit in the students. F ies Janice and Mrs. Haring consult before a fall pep rally. Janice. Roslyn. and Sharon show disbelief at the referee's decision. 'Q 0... Q IN A 5 xi I I X , .. X , xox ', fo, R, h li 1 156 'Plans-L-. First Rowz Cathy Downs, Janet Cooke, Linda Stoy, Lynn Hadley, Stephanie O'Gorman. Second Row: Windy Terry, Betty Owen, Kay Davis Sherry Rickard and Nancy Perdue. ' Junior Cheerleaders Attend All I. V. Sports Activities ing the lead of the Varsity Cheerleaders, x 5 X citement from the underclassmen to support the J.V. teams. More students have been attending games and matches. and the support of the J.V. cheerleaders has been appreciated. J.V. Cheerleaders yell for the football team as they romp Bayside. 157 The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, follow- have succeeded in arousing interest and ex- 4 I J.-Q ,aff -1- ,, fs I ' . K, J' 'W 4 ou . ".xs r N s. . V ' EA TUBES I i Rebecca Martin Is Crowned Liberty Bowl ueert Homecoming. an anticipated event, com- menced with Spirit Week. Each class displayed their spirit in a variety of Ways on their assigned days. November seventh finally arrived, and each class put the finishing touches on their floats, which were displayed in our Liberty Bowl Parade. The floats were then taken to school to await half-time and the crowning of the queen. The F.C.-Lake Taylor game was one of great tension. as Lake Taylor took the lead. Enthusiasm rose during halftime, as the announcer revealed the winners of Spirit Week. Then Angie O,Gorman, 1968 Home- coming Queen, crowned Rebecca Martin as queen for 1969. After the ceremony the dance, 'fRevolution l776", highlighted the evening. I I I 1 Q. Rebecca Martin displays expression of victory Queen and escort leave field following halftime ceremony QC Yum wi. MOTOEL 0 X . 'r ' "5 I" If ' " Iflv f ri. T . L ' Scnior class Float carries homecoming court. i f .11 Lw ' 39 It v ' val 1 sb 45. il 211- . . 9 .2 ' +V' AY, nf:-fi . 3 Barbara Land anxiously awaits results of the homecoming election. John aids Barbara's descent from float snag, 'Eff' Sandi Rice and escort Danny Barfield anticipate upcoming events. l l 161 Senior Attendants Prepare Crowning Ceremony Junior Attendants NI M gl J 1 I 1 Underolass Liberty Ball Court Walk Onto Field 'il Lee WIIIICIS enjoys radnant moment. g Sophomore Attendants ,fran Exuberat p lghtl tC k f i O C . r to-4 Sherry Stevenson represents the ninth grade class in homecoming court. . dll Eighth grade homecoming attendant Linda Redford is honored by her class. .17 r-yur fri! no-. al ,pr Z5 v U qty' ,J :,?5:f.,. . 3 Z' no 'f Peggy Hennigun amd escort look forward to halftime. Freshmen Attendants -asf:-X - ...1.,,-,- f 4 r l"" blri 1 n 1 rlllb' .ii Qin: D' 5 ,i. K K ...n if 5 ,Wi The excited smile of Denise Joyner shows true homeeommg spirit. Eighth Grade Attendants 163 Honored Students Receive Recognition The class of 1970 has 73 honor students led by Leslie Hladky and Larry Pulley. Leslie Hladky received the honor of valedictorian through her conscientious efforts through- out her years at First Colonial. The position of salutatorian was earned by Larry Pulley through his efficient efforts. Larry was the one student selected from our Congressional District to represent us in The Presidential Classroom in Washington, D.C. Larry attended seminars and workshops which in- creased his knowledge on government legisla- tion. Titles won by Larry and Leslie are much sought after by all students. Both stu- dents are deserving of their awards. First Colonial was proud to send three students Rick Holliday, Debbie Bailey, and Chris Wall to Lake Taylor High School to participate in the All State Chorus. They were among the thirty-five students selected from the Eastern District. They practiced diligently with the help of Mr. Miller, the choral director. The students' vocal abilities deserved recognition. First Colonial was honored to have them represent us. 1 4 anf' Q' 1 7 4 V r' X Y' Vu ' .f.1' .pa . 'f fl? , A I V ,, - ..'. ,Q .-Y . . bi va ' ' QV ' 2:-f x g 'T X "fc U i,-A ...X Q. 2. .f' . -..L uP Vi,- ,wx v' S .I if . XL? .S , A Leslie Hladky excels in her French class as in Larry Pully pauses from his active schedule for the others. a picture. L Mr. Mi1ler's students practice for All State Chorus. 164 n 3 -I I 1 -Q, . --ln! The Junior offensive line successfully plunges through the Senior defense. .ig Rough action fogs Amy's specs. Excellent coaching, class spirit, and the desire to win sparked the Junior victory in the Powderpuff game December 6. The game started with a kickoff to the Seniors. The stubborn Junior defense held, however, and the ball was given up on downs. The game ended with the Juniors as the victors, score-20-6. Thanks went to the coaches of both teams. juniors Upset Seniors In Powderpuff Game Sexy Pat Pantalo and escort during Powder- puff Ceremony. Danny portraying the liberated female. 'AIR 4 .-. .4-ni -tbl 165 Dianne and George exhibit good spirit at Powderpuff game. aP4x Xl Seasonal Spirit Demonstrated At FCHS Doors blossom with a Christmas design. A YW-,J :VI tha 3 ' . ' '4 , 'sy Q XXX , X Q sn. ,nr i I x I fs , .Q X . ' X xx X 'STS L Monogram clubbcrs contribute a festive tune. Many faces of Christmas were seen this year at First Colonial. Each homeroom door was brightly decorated and food donated by students was placed under our traditional tree in the foyer. To add to the festivities, Christmas carols could be heard in the halls and in the cafeteria. Intra-school cards could be sent with a Christmas seal. The week was highlighted by the annual choral concert and band concert. 166 The beautifully decorated tree adds a traditional touch to the foyer. ll I This tiny Santa dangles playfully from the tree. Interested Drama Students Present Play uflrhs, 'rf Miss Gore gives individual instructions and directions. The cast thinks seriously of the project. hs, s I E V . . ', v- . .' ,l if a. f vu 4, , 'V .' " Q 1. , . . N .F Iv? ? oi' On S. ' fi z lk - 'L a d r 2 ru 'I I' 1 f 1 Dean Pulley rehearses his lines for the The school play, The Madwoman of Chaillot, was presented to the public on April 23 and 24. The plot revolves around Countess Aurelia, portrayed by Joy Haywood. The Countess believed all crime, war, and trouble had been eliminated. She suddenly realized that the world was not free from this troubled condition. Aurelia tried mankind and finding them guilty of money worshipping, sentenced them to death. Other cast members were Linda Lister, Aprileona Lawson, Lynn Gibbons, Rick Holladay, Janice Cullen, Garry Moore, Dean Pulley, and Mike Lambertson. 7 i pla O 3 Fondly We Remember Past Events .1 I .l .I A l r l The theme of the Junior Ring of 1969 was "The Wizard of Oz". The dance was highlighted by three bands-the Aliens, the Royal Seven, and the Hunger. Leading from the foyer to the gym was a flowered-covered bridge constructed by the decoration com- mittee. The pictured girls, chosen from the sophomore class, hosted this special event. Dressed as munchkins, the sophomore girls served refreshments, checked coats, and gaily added to the land "over the rainbown. This year's Faculty Follies was presented the end of March with as much enthusiasm and individuality as past shows have had. Directed by Mrs. Betty Rogers. all depart- ments participated in the show written by Jay Tugwell and Alice Widman. The theme of Follies '70 was television and its influence on todays youth. Skits from "Mission: Impossible", "Hee Haw", "Disneyland", and "Dark Shadows" featured the faculty and administration in humorous rolls. Spot commercials added a touch of witticism to the show. In many instances, the re- semblance between the faculty member and his role was more realistic than intended! Mrs. Dickinson, Miss Wilson, Mr. Pugh, and Miss Gore rehearse for the Follies. 168 rl 1 I 1 The Work Of Individuals And Groups Creates Successful Moments si Miss Widman checks last-minute preparations. Senora Stone and Senorita Benitez prepare the table. , X., h , I . if Q f5 LJ Photographer Jennifer Coile awaits film results. . v,,. 1' 94's is The Original Film Festival of 1970 was sponsored by EGG, Inc. lt was organized by the eleventh grade students of Miss Widmanis first and fourth bell classes. The students, in order to finance the organi- zation, conducted several money-making projects which included window-washing, selling mistletoe, and selling eclipse viewers. The festival was open to students or groups of students willing to enter their self-made films. This event was held in the spring and was representative of the creative talents of the various participants. Egg, Inc. poster encourages amateurs. . fi '- T 'TW El Toro pauses with guests. The International Tea was held Saturday, February 21, in the school library. All foreign language clubs in the Tidewater schools were invited. Ideas for projects, trips, and various activities were shared by the representatives from the different schools. International cuisine was served. This annual event was met with great enthusiasm. 169 ,Www First Colonial Students Display 1 'i Pam Brothers issues directions. The talent show participants gather around the piano, as Migva ,4 -is f Pat Pantalo suspiciously Checks lights in the back of the auditorium. Candy King perfeets her talent through practice. Talent At Annual Talent Show .lr they have an "all together now" practice. "Now is that clear?" . A 6' ll Charles Thrasher works hard as a part of the competition. Tom Stephens takes a short break between practices. The First Colonial Talent show was held on Friday night, March 6. It was a result of many long, but rewarding practices. Mr. John Webster was the sponsor ofthe event, and Pam Brothers and Pat Pantalo were two hard-Working chairmans. There was a large variety of talents such as singing, modern dancing, piano recitals, and humorous skits. Several of the acts included guitars or a backup band, The show displayed the creativity and special interests of those who made themselves a part of the competition. .4,-anew-1 - .-. .4-f Stephanie Slovic Roigns As Colonial Ball ueon The Colonial Ball Dance, which was held the end of April was a much celebrated event. The music was provided by area bands which kept the pace of the evening lively. The highlight of the dance was the crowning of Stephanie Slovic as Colonial Ball Queen. The ten attendants accompanied the Queen during the intermission activities. 'K-.4-' 172 '1 J iii? And Princesses Barbara And Susan Enhance 5 ik Q 5 1 -Vx BARBARA LAND SUSAN EMBLYTON 173 Court 53? junior And Sophomore Princesses Are Honored By Their Classmates CARTER WILLIAMS MARGARET ML RPHLY JL DY LI GARDL ANN RILEY PAULA CARTER Princesses Of The Ninth And Eighth Grades Contribute To Colonial Ball Activities SUSAN CWOLIRTNIZY I A ANGIE WHITE LINDA RI DI ORD ,4- CTIVITIES S.C.A. otivates Student Interest The Student Cooperative Association, l serving as a link between the faculty and the student body, voiced opinions of fellow students on various policies. The S.C.A. teaches responsibility, builds leaders. en- courages achievements, and promotes open- mindedness. Uniting the entire student body is the major duty of the S.C.A. A series of assemblies throughout the year helped achieve this goal. Spirit Week and the Miss First Colonial Pageant were sponsored by the S.C.A. this year. Sitting: A. Harrier, Sec.: C. Wall, Pres.: B. Fairchild, Vice-Pres. Standing: J. Irwin, Treas. . hrs! First Row: S. Bourdreaux, L. Hladky, J. Hafling, J. Irwin, A. Harrier, B. Fairchild, C. Wall, G. Waketield, R. Ford, P. Cooper, C. Small, A. Hale. Second Row: C. Day, T. Fersing, R. Craft, J. Rader, G. Caldwell, P. Pantalo, P. Brothers, C. Rickard, A. Dowding, J. Veltman, T. Fanney, Third Row: K. Mahan, B. Duke, S. Brooks, D. Clark, D. Starling, C. Veltman, L. Hadley, H. Doyle, N. Bone, S. Slovic, M. Laughlin. Fourth Row: R. Martin, B. Henshaw, J. Kishmari, C. Kenney, D. Mclilwain, R. Whitaker, J. Horton, K. Davidson, S. Embleton, N. Boone, E. Stovall. Fifth Row: L. Smithson, C. Horton, J. Seaman, N. Revohnsky, J. Keller, S. Hart, P. Jacovides, K. Marwitz, M. Branich, S. Walthall, S. Adams Sixth Row: P. Raspberry, A. Simmons, L. Withers, J. Garofallo, E Overman, B. Cross, D. Ervin, L. Stone, D. Durden, L. Pulley, S. Johnson Seventh Row: M. Williams, P. Harris, C. Griffin, B. Ellis, C. Fanney, I Chalkley, T. Nixon, D. Bartield, L. Karvala, T. Collins, G. Overton. First Row: J. Irwin, M. Williams, P. Harris, J. Kishman, B. Duke, L. Kawala, G. Wakefield. Second Row: A. Harrier, B. Fairchild, J. Horton, D. Starling, C. Kenney, G. Caldwell, J. Rader. Third Row: C. Wall, B. Ellis, C. Griffin, S. Adams, P. Brothers, P. Pantalo, D. Durden. 179 I. C. C. Plans Club Activities The purpose of the Inter-Club Council is to coordinate and regulate activities of all the school's clubs. The I.C.C. was composed of the presidents of all clubs. This year, the I.C.C. put the "Club of the Month" and the "Club of the Yearv awards into effect. First Row: P. Brothers, P. Harris, B. Fairchild, K. Davidson, P. Kennedy, A. Harrier. Second Row: L. Lister, M. Cartwright, R. Hayden, D. Starling, S. Kirkland, G. Wakefield. Third Row: M. McLaughlin, G. Anderson, K. Biondo, L. Sholar, S. Adams, R. Ford. Fourth Row: C. Vcltman, P. Pantalo. J. Horton, C. Griffin, B. Ellis, C. Fanncy. Fifth Row: S. Johnson, M. Fisher, E. Stovall. Standing Committee Chairmen Planned Successful Year The Standing Committee Chairmen were chosen to head major projects undertaken by the Student Cooperative Association throughout the year. Chairmen performed such duties as welcoming new students and visitors, coordinating dances, inspiring spirit, and providing publicity for First Colonial. Aerospace Club Holds Rocket Festival The Aerospace Club was organized to further the knowledge of its members in the highly diversified fields of aerospace achieve- ments. The club's major project this year was a Rocket Festival open to all persons. Members supplied background work for the experiments and for the various field trips. fl? 3 1 , . 9 Y' nh' 1 M f 4.-"' UQ , . 51' "lu 1 J , ff YH' First Row: C. Tylzynski, R. Stein, B. Warren, S. Sullivan, K. Helmer, R. Ford, B. Whesdos. Second K, Helmer, Mascot: R, Ford, P1-95,3 B, Whggdog, V. Row: D. Bellivance, R. Doll, C. Swanson, T. Gillikin, W. White. D. Sheppard, C. Carlson, R. Carkran, Pregg C, CQIISOH, 5Cg,-Tfea5, E. Vowell. Third Row: Mr. Harvey, C. Bcebe, S. Walthall, G. Worrall, M. Joseph, J. Owens, R. Hilton, E. Pierce. Library Aides Volunteer Services 4 --Q .Gdi"l' . l - -1 Ars Medica Z? f Q -i Visits Duke Medical Hospital Ars Medica was designed to further the medical education of those students interested in the medical profession. After Christmas, the club planned to travel to Duke Medical Center. They also sponsored guest speakers from the medical profession. Sitting: K. Rice, V. Pres.: G. Anderson, Pres. Standing: Mrs. Logan, Sponsorg S. Earley, Treas. First Row: C. Forticr, S. Earley, K. Rice, Mrs. Logan, G. Anderson, R. D. Lowe, R. Kapetanakis, K. Mahan. Third Row: J. Hooks. N. Forbes. N. Atwater, M. Stoy. Second Row: K. Bennardo, R. Blumenthal, P. Woods. Dickey, P. Cooper, R. Davis, N. Allen. 181 Art Club Visits New York The Art Club provided extra curricular activities for students interested in the art field. The club sold candy to finance a trip in the spring to New York where they visited various museums and studios. A bake sale was also held in school during the school year. Several joint projects were planned with the National Thespians Society. tc. Kneeling: D. Oliver, Sgt. at Armsg R. Schindler, Treas.g M. Feeney, Sec.g S. Embleton, Hist. Standing D. Mott, Comm. Chairmang P. Pantalo, Pres.: D. Walker, V. Pres. -1. 4-rugygqilgkx First Row: B. Rollings, N. Huenerberg, K. Olson, D. Oliver, D. Walker, P. Third Row: S. Slovic, A. VanEden, J. Lam, S. Sadowski, S. Murden, B Pantalo, S. Embleton, R. Schindler, B. Hladky. Second Row: J. Veltman, Backlund. D. Mott, M. Feeney, D. Worden, L. Embleton, E. Ovennan, P. Bechard. 182 First Row: N. Forbes, V. Kidd, M. Cleary, S. Salop, K. Rice, B. Haddock, Atwater, J. Hancock, D. Butler, J. Smith, S. Peverall P I orlines S R. Hayden, P. Harris. Second Row: C. Strickland, J. Raine, J. Dugger, E. Williams, R. Staton. Fourth Row: P. Williams, M. Smith A Smith C Davis, K. Harrington, M. Richards, K. Biondo, S. Pierce. Third Row: R. Jones, B. Carter, D. Carlburg, R. Brown, D. Boice. First Row: B. Haddock, Scc.g R. Hayden, V. Pres.: P. Harris, Pres. Second Row: M. Cleary, Hist.g S. Salop, Chap.: K. Rice, Trcas. 183 Beta Tri-Hz'- Serves Community The 1969-1970 school year was a busy one for Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Beta's officers and members attended various conferences in the Tidewater area to learn effective leadership and efficient workmanship. One of the high- lights of the year was the trip to Richmond for the annual Tri-Hi-Y's model General Assembly. Community and service projects were the main objective of the club. These included selling thin mints for World Service, pro- viding a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family, and a Christmas party for under- privileged children. To finance these projects, Beta held bake sales, a car wash, and a dance after a basketball game. Marching Bond Enters Tobacco Festival Each week during football season. the marching band performed before large audiences and never failed to entertain the crowd with the precision drills and dancing. This year Mr. Levi took charge of the band and initiated many new drill patterns. The band practiced long and hard each afternoon in order to insure a great performance each week. ojo rottos Stepping out to lead the Patriot marching band was a corp of six majorettes. This year for the first time the girls txvirled fire. Under the leadership of head majorette Barbara Land. the corp delighted the crowds where ever the band traveled with fancy twirling and marching. Suzi Fulgham was feature twirler this year. Page Sponsored by Sir. and Nlrs. Stanley Yamrick. Kneeling: S. Fulgham. B. Land. S. Strange. Standing: G. Alderman, Mrs. Drescher. M. Allen, W. Wood 184 - Concert Bond Competes in Regional Festival ll!4'! Students in parade formation. N., 185 ,., 51 1 t Although football season ended in November, the First Colonial High School Band remained active throughout the winter and into the spring. The band learned and perfected music ranging from classical to very modern. In addition to playing for pep rallies and other assemblies, the Concert Band held its annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. Through each members efforts and cooperation, the Band had a successful year this year. A 5 Band practices for Christmas concert. quilts!!!-by-""" Bible Club Organizos Prayer Group The Bible Club was a new organization at First Colonial this year. The club met once a week. At these weekly meetings. the Vice- President chose a topic and members of the club came to a conclusion about the vote. An offering was also collected and given to a needy family. First Row: J. Adams, D. Boyce, S. Adams, D. Starling. Second Row: C. Veltman, M. Branich, D. Mott. Third Row: L. Hoke, L. Kanala, J. Hafling D. Smith, D. Johnson, B. Edgerton. Fourth Row: K. Beard, L. Huerta, L. Houck, C. Tozier, N Pretzman. Fifth Row: S. Booker, S. Boyce, P Cooper, W. Starling. ' , l F 1. A 2 1 l' l 4 i 1 rg 0? J. Adams, Chap.g F. Boyce. Asst. Sec.: S. Adams, V. Pres.: D. 186 I 5 I 1 . 1 E fx 'X I X- Starling, Treas. , Q me l .- 1 . I Representatives Attend Boy s and fs. i Girl s State First Row: C. Wall, D. Durden, B. Litchfield. Second Row L Pulley, R. Garrison, K. Ellis. This year First Colonial was fortunate to send six representatives to Boys State.The boys were chosen on the basis of qualities of leadership, scholastic ability, and character. These boys spent an exciting week at the College of William and Mary. First Colonial also sent four repre- sentatives to Girls State, which is sponsored by the American Legion this year. While at Radford College the girls learned much about their American government and heri- tage. All of First Colonial's representatives agreed it was an experience that they would never forget. G. Caldwell, A. Harrier, R. Martin, L. Hladky. Mixed Chorus Cioes Christmas Concert Adding a note of color and variety to many of First Colonial's functions were the three branches of the Choral Department. Throughout the year, the department ex- celled in many fine programs, such as the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Chorus practices under Mr. Mil1er's direction. ' L Girls Chorus Modrigal Chorus Handel's Messiah was undertaken this year by the Madrigal Chorus, The Chorus also pro- vided music for benefit programs. The audience was captivated as Gail Wakefield and Rich Holliday san solos from the Messiah and O Holy Night 189 D.E. Club Hosts District Contest First Row: A. Eubank. K. Dozier, H. Smith, D. Goodwin, B. Hines, Mr. Brown. Mr. Callahan, S. Conner. G. DeAngleo. B. Thompson. O. Kadett. G. White. Second Row: L. McCoy. S. Wilson. J. Waterfield, T. Smith, D. Baker, A. Hale, F. Williams, G. Frank, R. Lee, T. Sanders, J. Ogle. Third Row: B. Hale, G. Stephenson, W. Brock, K. Leonard, L. Sanders, W. Grimstead. D. Ervin, N. Minton, P. Lawrence, S. Camus, D. Wire. Fourth Row: G. Gregory. S. Goftigan. M. Reel. F. Dempsey. B. Ragland, G. Lambe. C. ftlathison, B. Dean, D. Hubbard, A. Dean, B. Baker. Fifth The club consisted of those students who had part-time jobs in cooperation with the school. Representatives from our D.E. Club attended the district rally in October. Linen towel calanders were sold to finance the Dis- trict l Contests held here in February. Members competed in various areas against other local high schools. Students were given instructions on marketing and distribution throughout the year. First Row: S. Conner. V. Pres.: Mr. Callahan. Sponsor: Nlr. Brown, Sponsor: B. Hines, Pres. Second Row: B. Thompson. Sec.1 D. Goodwin, Treas.1 G. DeAngelo, Chap. Row: T. Butch, J. Gillaland, G. Bell, C. Chaplin, D. Perry, Y. Poffinberg F. Yarby, J. Humphries, C. Etheridge, P. Hoffman, J. Davis. Sixth Row: M. Fisher. G. Danny, S. Piep, C. Pawlowski, J. Small, W. Bennett, T. Martin, L. Fentress, C. Diggs, H. Smith, C. Chandler. Seventh Row: B Sedel, G. Schuuam, T. Wells, G. Bancroft, C. Caton, L. Woolford, H. Potter, J. Wilson, D. Bateman, P. Lakeman, C. Hannaman. Eighth Row: B. Smith. H. Nior, D. Brown. Any boy who participates in high school athletics is eligible to join the Fellowship ol' Christian Athletes. The purpose of the organization is to confront coacl1es,athletcs, and the youth of the country withthe adventure and challenge of following Christ through the fellowship of athletes and the church together. gui?- Members enjoy outing. E. Stovall, Pres.: Mr. Keeffe, Sponsor: C. lfanney. Vice-Pres.g B. Litchfield, Treas.g R. Garrison, Sec. F. CA. Promotes Athletic Interest First Row: M. Branjch, T. Col1ins,C.Fanney,B.Litchtie1d, Mr. Keeffe, R. Row: R. Johnson, M. Gaskins, S. Phelps, N. Smithson, G. Williams, B Garrison, S. Johnson, M. Wycho- Second Row: B. Vasilo, G. Anderson, J . Cowan, G. Overton, J. Comninaki, B. Smith. Fourth Row: B. Fiore, G Foley, J. Owens, B. Fairchild, S. Adams, E. Stovall, L. Pulley. Third McDonald, G. Korte, D. Smith, T. Sofield, R. Biorido, R. Romano. 191 N is lx' I '-AQ Folk Club J Gives Scholarship 'D X 'x Members of the Folk Club attended the Folk Festival in Richmond, Virginia. Some taught students to play the guitar: others P' ' were placed in jobs, and several participated in the Talent Show. Proceeds from a show in March went toward a scholarship. The re- mainder was used to purchase records. tapes, and music for a proposed music library. Q, l ..,,,,,. t Carol Vcltman rehearses. -3 5 I '5 , t s.. L. Murphy, Pres.g D. Peterson, Sec.g W. White, Treas.g P. Brothers, V. Pres. P -, N 'Ya V - X 4 . 'E A 'iii l Sitting: N. Buchanan, P. Brothers, D. Peterson, L. Murphy. Kneeling: W. White, J. Miller, B. Sale, T. Fersing, M. Stoy. Standing: A. Kovach. 192 F.B.L.A. Types F or Teachers Future Business Leaders of America was organized for those students interested in business administration. Their activities in- cluded sponsoring speakers, a dance, a party for orphans, selling Christmas tie-ons, and participating in several field trips. The club performed such services as issuing guidance brochures for the business department, supplying doughnuts for teachers at exam time, demonstrating office machinery, and i typing for teachers. l First Row: R. lfreeman, Vice-Pres.: Mrs. Gordon, Sponsor: Mrs. Anthony, Sponsor: L. Neale, Sec. Second Row: S. Pierce, Reporterz S. Williarns, llist.: S. Marshall, Treas. A N..,,,. XF, ln gg. . l First Row: T. Athey, S. Peirce, S. Williams, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Anthony, 1 R. Freeman, L. Neale, S. Marshall. Second Row: D. Knight, D. Brown, D. l l I t 1 'I 'Ziff ot' -NX 'T il! Shults,N. Lovelis, P. Darden, K. Paul, R. Paul, M. Miller. 'Lhird Row: H. Stearns, P. Dean, P. Sawyer, S. Gibson, P. Hudson, B. Nase, J. Marks. FHA. Demonstrates Cooking Abilities The F.H.A. provided opportunities that were related to the home for its members. The club sponsored a tea for the teachers, a banquet, and a cookout for students' families at which they demonstrated their abilities as homemakers. D. McMann, Treas.: L. Scholar, V.Pres.g Mrs. Dann, Sponsorg N. Taylor, Pres.g D. Ford, Sec.g C. Craun, Hist. I . C . T. Plans Instructions To provide a practical industrial and tech- nical education is the goal of the Industrial Cooperative Training. Its members, who must be enrolled in the Industrial Coopera- tive Department, were advised by Mr. Robin- son. First Row: K. Hymen, D. Britt, Y.D. Thoroughgood, Mr. Robinson, J. Williams, B. Olds. Second Row: D Cowell, R. Harrel, M. Whisner, C. Holsey, J. Wilson QCA gi. ,az P15 :S Es. E!" O' SE? 'C EA. :ESQ H25 'U fit? ri iw Ein 29. C"-+4 EF? WWC? ll c CD r: 0 Q: Fl 9 C 0 : ff' 2 O E. ct. E FD F' F5 O H o V3 Y' 2 E' Swimpson, G. Jones. Fourth Row: L. Grimstead, Jordan, M. Williams, A. Baker, J. Britt, T. Hunter, Ferguson. Fifth Row: A. Cornick, J. Manuel, Felton. Sitting: S. Taylor, Mrs. Dann, K. Craun, P. McMann. Standing: N. Smith, L. Scholar, N. Taylor, R. Atwater, W. Wood, D. Ford, A. Smith, I. Aberg. 194 jflfff-5. ' i ' 1 Q 1'g:'f"4 235' 1 f " 'mem P ..ff":,....1 14 - 1.-.S .. 'M ww - E 13 5 E F . T.A. Aid Teachers The F.T.A. is a nation-wide organization whose purpose is to encourage students to enter the teaching profession. Character, scholarship, and leadership are qualities that the F.T.A. instills in its members. During the year, the club sponsored bake sales, speakers, presented movies, helped teachers grade papers, and washed blackboards. The members visited nearby colleges and pre- sented a scholarship to a deserving student at graduation. G.J. Bocrie. Reporter, L. Fiore, Treas.g P. Darden, Sec.g B. Ed erto V P ' ' g n, . res.. K. Biondo, Pres. PS. L 'I First Row: D. Lovell, J. Prickett, A. Buchanon, D. Lowe, L. Perry, T. Kapetanakis, S. Pierce, M. M tt Athey, S. Williams. Second Row: N. L li a er, J. Darden, C. Jamell. Third Row: J ove s, L. Tawer, V. Hampton, R. Boc ' . B. Ed ' ' ne gerton, K. Biondo, P. Darden, L. Fiore. J l 3 .. his x fq.s.qWzLF.l 'ff-I uh dr' Sue works on extra credit project. German Club Studies German Culture The German Club attempted to further its understanding of Germany, its people, and culture through films and bulletins received from the National German Club, of which it is a member. The climax of the year was a traditional Christmas party. X.. S First Row: K. Plumeau, J. Spencer, Miss Morrison, R. Brinkley. Second Row: K. Biondo, G. Anderson. Third Row: S. Wakefield, K. Marwitz, M. McLaughlin. D. Harryman, G. Wakefield, J. Owen. .aw 'X l rits r l . X f P... Kneeling: K. Marwitz, Sec.g G. Wakefield, V.Pres.g D. Harryman, Treas Standing: M. McLaughlin, Pres.: Miss Morrison, Sponsor. sb . fr i DL , 1 ' . 1 2 u 3. ,. fx. ifxi The History Club, whose members were devoted to exploring interesting facets of history, traveled to New York for a two day trip, to Newport News, Virginia, and other historical sights. The club sold school pennants, sponsored buses to away games, and mailed Christmas cards to the faculty. Part of the proceeds from the fundraising projects went toward a scholarship. The club exhibited articles of past wars in the library showcase. Members sponsored speakers on current government issues. The year was high-lighted by a cookout for the members and their guests. B M. Smith, Hist.g L. Fiore, V.Pres.g V. Kidd, Sce.g S. Murden Treas.g M. Cartwright, Pres. Heritage Stay? Records Another Memorable Year Twenty-four members of the Heritage staff were devoted to recording the memories of the school year. Throughout the year, the staff worked hard to produce a yearbook worthy of praise and pride. In order to finance the improvement and ex- pansion of the 1970 Heritage, members sold advertisements to local merchants last summer. Deadlines came soon after school began, and with them came many hours of hard and hectic work. Marsha Williams, Editor, and Geoy Ailstock, Assis- tant Editor, draw up Annual pages. lu? Mr. John Perry. representative from the Hunter Publishing Company, advises the Heritage staff. Sitting: Mr. Loar and Mrs. lnfantino, Sponsors. Standing: M. Hillegass. M. Williams, J. Keller. 'tfd ff ' -- P. ' 1 - X I 1 ' ' ' bf .7 1 ASA Z 1 L 7"'N 198 5... "'9s, ,4-" ,f-ffm Qgw S lf 7- ,gin Q, , fd, , Z, ,,...-2 Y I 5:-A? Z X 'Z an .J ,,,ff ' swf' Sitting: G. Wakefield, Organizations Editorg S. Murden, Business Managerg M. Hillegass, Photography Editorg M. Ives, Copy Editor. Standing: P. Pantalo, Art Editorg J. Owen, Underclass Editorg A. Harrier, Senior Editorg C. Griffin, Sports Editor. . .- 4. W., si., f I., ie iff? ' ' .v45'll'W- ,V 136' 35 First Row: P. Harris, M. Branich, L. Withers. Second Row: M. McLaughlin. J. Jackson, J. Comninaki, S. Slovic, N. Forbes, P. Gray, S. Wakefield. J. Keller. 199 ,-44" Annual members discuss problems. Page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Fred M. Williams Q ,,, . .aft so! N K E FQ I xv. . lib-1' fk- . Yfg First Row: R. Schindler, S. McClel1on, J. Kishman, Mr. Marshall, J. Spencer, D. Starling, R. David, D. Knight. Second Row: K. Eubank Walthall, L. Pulley, R. Garrison, B. Litchfield, S. Boyce, R. Ford, S. Adams. Third Row: M. Rogers, G. Worral, D. Harryman, B. Warren, xg! e Z-i Lesli, R. VanVorris, D. Sheppard. Fourth Row: G. Anderson, M Abraham, E. Tester, J. Anderson, E. Hankins, J. Veltman, J Georghiou. Interact lub Sponsors Dances The Interact Club planned to raise funds to sponsor a foreign exchange student at First Colonial next year. The club held several dances after football and basketball games. Buses to away games were sponsored as a school service. The club was organized for boys interested in developing relation- ships with other countries. J. Kishman. Pres.g S. McC1el1on, V.Pres.g D. Starling, Sec.: J. Spencer. Treas. 200 First Row: R. Atwater, Sgt. at Armsg T. Dec, Chap. Second Row: P. Harris, Scc.g A. Harrier. Prcs.g Mrs. Logan, Sponsor, G. Wakefield, Treas. Third Row: Mr. Callahan, Sponsor, J. Spencer, V.Pres. r .If x i f , junior Ciuitcm Sells F ruitcakes Junior Civitan provided helpers for the mentally retarded children at Camp Civitan. The camp and club are affiliated with Senior Civitan. Necessary funds for the club's activities were raised by washing cars and sponsoring a dance. Before the Christmas holidays, the club held its annual fruit cake sale. First Row: T. Dee, R. Atwater, G. Wakefield, J. Spencer, Mr. Callahan Mrs. Logan, A. Harrier, P. Harris, S. Slovic, S. Hart. Second Row: A Panella, S. Bulmer, P. Kennedy, M. Stoy, D. Sheeley, P. Cooper, P. Gray P. Hunt, E. Overman, C. Veltman. Third Row: L. Hladky, D. Wood, J Jackson, L. Miller, T. Rhodes, P. Harris, B. Cross, M. Murphy, M. Moore D. Ervin. Fourth Row: J. Horton, K. Jones, M. Williams, S. Walthall, D: McElwain, S. Boudreaux, K. Davidson, S. Embleton, L. Karvala, N. Kahn Fifth Row: J. Owen, C. Kenney, G. Johnson, K. Dee, N. Revolinsky, J Keller, J. Jackson, D. Smith, T. Meagher, C. Brooks. Sixth Row: J. Raine G. Blumenthal, J. Dulaney, D. Lowe, J. Loesche, S. Markert, S Wakefield, M. Snead, J. Seaman, S. Salop. Seventh Row: M. McLaughlin N. Forbes, J. Kishman, D. Mathais, D. Starling, S. Murden, M. Abraham J. Waller. Key Club Attends District Cgnvgnfign First Row: C. Griffin, Pres.g B. Ellis, V.Pres.: B. Gallup, Sec. Second Row: R. McConnell. Hist.g D. Durden, Treas. The Key Club, junior branch of the Kiwanis Club, is a service organization designed to help the community. To prepare members to cope with the problems of life, the club helps develop leadership. Members of the club also attended the District Con- vention. Proposals and projects of the world-wide organization were promoted by the club. The annual Senior Boy Award was presented by the club at the Senior Awards Assembly. junior Tri-Hi- First Row: B. Gallup, B. Ellis, C. Griffin, D. Durden, R. McConnell, R. McLaughlin. Second Row: M. Saunders, S. Adams, F. Roberts, T. Wollridge, A. Smith, K. Eubanks. Third Row: F. Scarborough. G. Vadderson, S. Boyce, N. Allen, A. Jones, D. Starling. Fourth Row: G. Anderson, K. Ellis, J. Comninaki, L. Pulley, R. Garrison. Y Promotes Service Projects Mrs. Griffin, Sponsor: K. Hunger, Pres. C' Pi Sigma Junior Tri-Hi-Y. affiliated with Beta Tri-Hi-Y and Y.M.C.A., promoted service projects in the community, school, and the home. The club sponsored many worthwhile projects during the year. First Row: D. Joyner, K. Rau, G. Andrews, L. Martin, D. Etheridge, KT Hunger. Second Row: Mrs. Griffin, A. Rasberry, C. Black, B. Poffenberger, G. Cornelius, D. Garrison, A. j Kirkland, L. Crafton. l l 202 ll ln First Row: M. Murphy, K. Helmer, L. Eubanks, S. Earley, P. Cooper Mrs. Logan, R. Ford, P. Woods, E. Overman, J. Delong. Second Row: G Anderson, R. Davis, L. Gill, R. Allen, D. Hoel, C. Almond, T. Atkins, M Lex, D. Horen, J. Cooper. Third Row: R. Blumenthal, N. Allen, M. Stoy J. Hardisty, P. Diller, M. Cartwright, G. Blumenthal, C. Peel, G. Hoover: S. Brown. Fourth Row: M. Cole, B. Stant, B. Myers, C. Sinclair, A Tebele, L. Stoltz, K. Blakowsky, R. Lottman, J. Walker, J. Cochran Fifth Row: M. Saunders, B. Wilber, G. Gunklc, N. Boucher, P. Britton M.L. Hopkins, J. Coile, N. Dickey, S. Booker, D. Garrison. Sixth Row: R Bunch, C. Sears, P. Bcrnnardo, lf. Scaroborough, L. Redford, J. Fox, J Koenig, S. Litchfield, L. Palmer, K. Bennardo. Seventh Row: B. Tuthill T. Wilber, W. Copenhavcr, S. Earley, K. Laform, M. Bartlette, S. Court ney, K. Scoppa, R. Cregar. Latin lub Finances Many Projects First Row: Mrs. Logan, Sponsor: P. Cooper, Pres. Second Row: R. Ford, V.Pres.g S. Earley, Sec., P. Woods, Treas. The Latin Club, whose purpose is to spread the knowledge of Roman culture and customs, began their activities with Sat- urnalia, an annual event similar to Christmas. The club had a bake sale, car wash, and doughnut sale to help finance the Latin Ban- quet. Mrs. Logan teaches Latin Students First Row: G. Korte, R. Garrison, E. Stovall, M. Gaskins, Mr. Webster, C. Fanney,M.Wyche,D.Winecot'f. Second Row: D. Durden. J. Van Kleek, K. Staton, M. Goodwin, B. Cowan, C. Bradshaw, B. Johnson, B Litchtield. Third Row: S. Adams, B. Fairchild, R. Strokorb, G. Smith. S Fillmore, R. McDonald, G. Overton. Fourth Row: G. Vaderson, L. White Monogram Club Sponsors Slave Sale Membership is open to any athlete of First Colonial who has earned a varsity letter ,F 1? in any high school sport. The main purpose - of the club is to unite the sport activities. coaches, and athletes into one organization. The boys discussed their common interests in sports and displayed their skill at their meetings. To raise money, the club held its annual "slave salef, ,..,-- S. Johnson, N. Clausen, D. Harryman, B. Vasile, M. Saunders. Fifth Row: G. Gregory, B. Chisholm, J. Lane, D. Smith, M. Branich, K. Ellis, D. Barfield. Sixth Row: J. Comninaki, M. Lett, B. Gleason, T. Martin, J. Humphries, B. Ellis, J. Stott. 'Th x ff' , s V 1 1 .f x .4 .- Xxx rx -., X -x C. lfamnt-y. Pres.: Nlr. Webster. Sponsor: R. Garrison, V.Prcs.1 L. Stovall. Sec.: M. Gaskins. Treas.: M. Wyche. Sgt. at Arms. H-Z' Pep Club Promotes Spirit The main purpose ofthe Pep Club was to promote school spirit. The club sold small First Colonial pennants and additional charms, candy apples, and spirit links. A scoreboard for baseball games and gymnastic equipment were to be bought from the pro- ceeds. The decorated stadium for Home- coming and the flash cards were other pro- jects of the Pep Club this year. Sitting: R. Hayden, Pres., K. Harrington, V.Prcs.1 B. Peterson, Treas. Standing: J. Ginn, Sec., Mrs. Shaw, Sponsor. "'S'e:4"' T ' 7 Q First Row: P. liorlines, J. Ginn, R. Hayden, Mrs. Shaw, K. Harrington, B Pctcrson, W. Wallace, N. Martain. Second Row: C. Winnctt, K. Hines, D Romeo, J. LaGardc, S. Williams, S. Picrcc, K. Pelton, P. Pace, S. Litch . D. Etheridge, K. Hungar, C. Black. M. Dee. Fourth Row D Dtis l . Burkhart, D. Campbell, D. Butts, V. Britt, L. Smidt, J Ptntltton B - Gupton, D. Leibowitz. field. Third Row: G. Roulhac, D. Lovell, li. Stetson, K. Ryan, L. Pittard. . Tutors Students The National Honor Society is a national organization of outstanding students se- lected on the basis of superior achievement in leadership, scholarship, character, and ser- vice. The members set high aims for indi- vidual and collective achievement. Members helped others through a free tutoring pro- gram initiated by the club and in coop- ,. eration with the F.T.A. The Society sponsored the annual "Meanest Teacher Contest", the Homecoming Dance, and the X !1 tapping ceremony for new members. CII .-7 First Row: Mr. Harvey, Sponsor: B. Ellis, Pres.: C. Griffin, V.Pres. Second Row: B. Duke, Sec.g J. Spencer, Treas. First Row: C. Griffin, B. Ellis, Mr. Harvey, B. Duke, J. Spencer. Second Row: C. McClure, P. Benitez, M. Feeney, S. Adams, R. Martin, C. Wall. Third Row: D. Worden, D. Durden, L. Hladky, B. Haddock, C. Compo, S. Embleton. Fourth Row: J. Horton, L. Greenwood, G. Ailstock, S. McC1e1lon, L. Pulley. Susan works. Tl V X rf - l C. I I'- A i J ! First Row: M. Kolodziej, C. Helmer, R. Ford, J. Haywood, P. Lambertson. Second Row: P. Lostopulos. Third Row: B. Jones, M. Courtney, M. Feeney, L. Berkley, J. Platz, Miss Gore. Fourth Row: C. Wall, D. Hicks, R. Smithson, D. Mott, S. Bulmer, S. Sadowski. Fifth Row: D. Bailey, L. Hoke. Sixth Row: D. Etheridge, B. Newsome, K. Davidson, D. Shepherd. Seventh Row: J. Coile, D. Oliver, R. Schindler. Eighth Row: N. Boone, P. Pantalo, L. Lister, J. Adams. Ninth Row: S. Dickinson, R. Holliday. Tenth Row: J. Higan, D. Bennett, G. Anderson. 207 4, ational Thespians Attend Theatrical Per ormances National Thespians Society, sponsored by Miss Gore, was designed for students in- terested in the theater. The members were devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts in the secondary schools. The club planned to stage many plays and entered the one act play festival. r , lg 4 ,ij , . ,rl J .ff , 5 Q-3 21 First Row: P. Pantalo, Vice-Pres. Second Row: D. Mott Sec.-Treas.1 L. Lister, Pres. Third Row: Miss Gore Sponsor. V2 ' Patriettes Sponsor Sadie Hawkins Dance First Row: M. Richards, C. Selby. Second Row: R Bailes, J. Cutchins, J. Schindler, V. Sykes, S Joyner. Third Row: T. Gunkle, K. Scoppa, D Mott, N. Link, P. Montgomery. Fourth Row: L Huerta, M. Stuart, L. Davis, N. Belvin, B. Water- tield. Fifth Row: P. Pundt, J. Hudson, D. Boyce, S Vasile, L. Walker. Sixth Row: P. Kennedy, D Bailey, L. Palacio, J. Bishop, B. Ives. Seventh Row: S. Garrett, R. Simpson, D. Spruill, D. Ober, B Lazos. Eighth Row: P. Digges, B. Scott, L. Moore V. Hampton, S. Richards. Ninth Row: D. Raul, N Forbes.. The Drill Team boosted school spirit this year by marching at football games, spon- soring the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and selling various items. The team represented First Colonial High School at the Tobacco Festi- val, Oyster Bowl Parade, Azalea Festival Parade, the Armed Forces Day Parade, and the Liberty Bowl Parade. Patriettes perform precision drills Spanish Club Visited Spanish Embassy First Row: D. Worden, D. Worden, Mrs. Stone, Miss Klecky, J. LaGarde, J. Coile, D. Mott, L. Courrain, L. Gallup. Second Row: E. Lam, B. Newsome, W. Hines, C. Compo, S. Embleton, P. Pantalo, P. King, S. Hudgins, C. Cheatham. Third Row: J. Dugger, J. Smith, P. Pundt, A A better understanding of Spain, its people, and culture was the goal of the Spanish Club. An International Tea for high schools in the area was sponsored by the club. A trip to the Spanish Embassy in Washington, D.C. was the highlight of the year. D. Mott, Sgt. at Arms: K. Davidson, Pres.: Mrs. Stone and Miss Klecky, Sponsors: J. LaGarde, V.Pres.g D. Worden, Treas.g J. Coile, Sec. Walker, B. Nase, T. Compo, K. Beard, D. Carnbell, E. Taylor, G. Griffith. Fourth Row: J. Hooks, P. Belvin, W. Willis, M. Snead, C. Karcher, A. Redford, M. Kenney, J. Wahrman, L. Embleton. Fifth Row: R. Paul, L. Hauck, G. Lake, M. Smith, P. Benitez, D. Sheeley, C. Jamell, P. Pace. .I -l'1 209 Lf-1 Phi-Kappa-Pi Y- Teens Adopts Child The Y-Teens, which is aftiliated with the Y.W.C.A., consisted of girls interested in creating and maintaining high standards of Christian character. This year the club sold doughnuts and sponsored a St. Patrick's Day dance. The pro- ceeds went toward a scholarship, an adopted foster child in the Philippines, a party for or- phans at Christmas, and a donation to World Fellowship. Standing: P. Gray, Sgt. at Arms, T. Meagher, Hist.g Miss Bradshaw, Sponsor. Sitting: J. Horton, Treas.: S. Wake- field, Sec.: G. Wakefield, Pres., D. McElwain, Chap.g B. Haddock, V.Pres. First Row: C. Horton, M. Graham, L. Janet, A. Shields. Second Row: M. Fccney, P. Bclvin, P. Jacovides, N. George, A. White, M. Carter, S. Loucka. S. Bulnier, D. Springmire, P. Messina, D. Mathais. Third Row: N. Kahn. T. Meagher, C. McClure, M. Snead, L. Brown, T. Dee, T. Fersing, K. Jones. K. Marwitz. Fourth Row: J. Carson, L. Hladky, J. Hafling, M. Moore. D. Oliver, P. Kennedy. P. Gray, J. Horton, S. Wakefield, M?s Bradshaw, B. Haddock, G. Wakefield, D. McElwain, C. Hoke. Fifth Row: D. Ervin, A. Visloski, P. Hall, S. Eubank, D. Fairchild, P. Kennedy, S Markert, D. Hallock. Sixth Row: P. Bechard, L. Hadley, A. Lovell. Seventh Row: J. Garofallo, M. McLaughlin, A. Harrier, M. Williams, S Sadowski, J. VanTol, J. Small, G. Aldemian, J. Coile, C. Veltman. i I I l l l Teenage Republicans Hold Elections First Colonial's Teen Age Republican Club is affiliated with National Teen age Re- publicans. Patriotism Day, with Dr. Kamber as speaker, was sponsored by the club. In November, TARS held a mock election for governor which gave the entire student body a chance to vote for the candidate of their choice. TARS main project for the year was the Drug Abuse Program. The program was presented to teachers at First Colonial and to civic groups in the area. Campaigning for the Republican candidates was also an im- portant part of TARS. B.S. Slovic, Sgt. at Arms, Mr. Phelps, Sponsorg G. Wakefield, V.Pres.g P. Harris, Pres.. P. Forlines, Sec., J. Waller, Treas. Q . 114. XB First Row: J. Raine, S. Wakefield, S. Bulmer, J. Va.nTol. Kneeling: Mr. J. Waller. Fourth Row: S. Fulgham, S. Mirrden, L. Mayfield, G. Wake- Phelps. Second Row: D. Hallock, M. Snead, S. Sadowski, A. Visloski, S. field, P. Pantelo, S. Slovic, P. Harris, P. Forlmes. Salop, U. Kidd, C. Kidd. Third Row: J. Horton, S. Peverall, S. Embleton, The Town Crier Keeps Students In ormed The Town Crier, First C'olonial's news- paper. is both entertaining and informative, supplying the students with current articles and editorials concerning school and local news, Each issue contains a Feature Teacher and Student. ltlembers of the staff were re- sponsible for supplying fellow classmates with a timely and correct record of First Colonial's events. Through the efforts of the staff and the sponsor. the Town Crier re- corded many memorable activities of the students. Joe arranges newspaper lay-outs. 'xii Sponsor and editors admire then first edition III' First Row: S. Cartwright. Feature Editor: M. Gaskins, Sports Editorg J. Lam, Photographer. Second Row: MISS D6SCheemaeker Sponsor B Onley Photographer: J. Horton and C. Veltman, Co-Editors. 'Q Af' 'IN ffl? it x-10 avi gre 'Hi . 54' -O. "- L U .Z ,. . fl ' 1 ' Z , 1 J D Kr ' ki' . I ,QL ' ,Q "fr J! . ' fr' ui 4" Norvel prepares for a surprise attack. .Q '66 fd 'JI' nf' UK- , V' V4 t -'mE U L 'V' 'f V. 31. if s . 5 , ' 1 2411 . N .bl T: li . .ix fag. 344 -' 1' .41 Q .A L - I .Sy i. Y IN' 'S fr Q2 Q x pf ,.----ur,X First Row: C. Veltman, J. Horton, J. Seaman, M. Gaskins, G. Anderson. Second Row: P. Pantalo, K. Deitch, P. Kennedy. S. Cartwright, J. Lam. Third Row: R. Schindler, R. Whitaker, B. Only, K. Duckett, J. Coile, S. Hudg-ins, Miss Descheemaeker. 213 ' ,fr'.',-z-417' f ' '!m,zfp4" -i ..x.'I.e ,141-J 1.'r'17: '. 4 'Q' 'jeff' . fp 3 Q.. , ,-.Qc Fyv .s3'1.'., V4 I' JE! .,. . lr. .l:.'f. 1' M. .. . ' .. ' ' f-.. . TL 'Q-.lg N .,,:J..! , if ."' :- . -'.x' N.. X .a-' . 1 N ':.. " ,-.X , . .., l .q-i 5-xx.- x ., ., , ...--....., , ....3.,- . ,--, A- " -w-. V ..,' 'BI' '-rf' ' N l?'i.Q'.?1 TT. 2 .5..'- - . g'5Q.',N.':.V. 1,ZI.'.,':i. v-3. -: 3 .qx Y.: lf'-' ,Yum A . X S . ,- N U X J -. xy-- ... , i... : 'QV' ':1" ..', M .4 -- . f, -'.-,: 1. .X-2: L '- -14, , .L x. -,Y .-.-. - - X --. pai X... . . his X 'Q x, x ' K 1 V ,Fu .. Q 'lg if 1955 .155 1 Alvxanhrr Mvvglr 207 Laskm Road Pembroke Mall NEPTUNES CORNER 31st Street 84 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone. 428-6341 -L-by t . 12254 07 PHARMACY M0l'90"ef h'nd Atlantic Vir inia Beach.Va. ' '71 4 g E' Yarns-Accessories T':'i428m' FAN-:D-3:65 206 25th street REXALL PHARMACY KN' SHOPPE ' HILLTUP PHARMACY, INC. 1101 Laskin Rd., Vir inia Beach, Va. X Phone, GA 8-4424 Reg. No. A ROBERT TETFR and SAM MASON, Props ' Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone: 428-4122 Yepco's first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlooking the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. CAnd from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.J Open 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. more power to you . . . at less cost 216 i '.I'r-'lirawrrw ,,- J "28'9'86 ROWE 8. LONG MUSIC CO. We Sell Fun tpianiaiion also Motel and Restaurant Namebrand Keyboard 84 Band Instruments Phone: H N THEMIDES AND SON 30TH AND ATLANTIC Ave ownens MANAGERS vmemm BEACH VA 23451 57 Princess Anne Plaza 340-7631 Sales - Service - Brokerage Cruiser 84 Houseboats - Runabouts BAYSIDE BOATS 3829 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 C7039 464-6211 THE CLOTHING CHEST Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Va. 45, I v I gr, fi 'X I i FRANK R. FORD CO., INC. Jewelers-Silversmithse Designers 229 Granby St. 3301 Atlantic Ave. Norfolk Virginia Beach 'O' MRS. MO0RE'S BAKERY 30th 84 Baltic Telephone 428-5081 Virginia Beach. Virginia S Skilled Beauticians KAR-LYN'S COIFFURES Complete Beauty Service 202 16th Street Virginia Beach, Va. B. Howard Seymour- Phone: 428-8059 SMITH 81 HOLLAND SURF SHOP dealer for Bing, Gordon 8a Smith, Harbor, Hobie and Windansea 28th 84 Pacific 428-8513 I 'x V'5x 'Q Vwalw 8, Q! f i A 1 3 Quito . riqol ily. ,l Q ra gf 33' 0 ' ig Il 25111112 Shun i UBIIIIEI BHK Sylvia Carpenter Meyer s selection of books represents the best of all national publishers 'MSW 65399 Pre Kindergarten thru adult Come In and Vzszt Your Bookfhends l lXXlllllxUl L lllllllll llllf 25th H Pacific Ave. 425 6319 ,, I Qweffwadm Shoes for the Family , 305 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Va. 428-0160 ACACIA Mutual Life Insurance Co. W. J. Meagher C.L.U. Manager 7460 Tidewater Drive Norfolk, Virginia 583-2356 Damon F. Moore Auto Repairing, Towing LONDON BRIDGE MOTOR CO. 2327B Poyner Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia Behind London Bridge Shopping Center Phone: 340-8188 Bank Master Americard Charge l,.....-4 GIFTS AND FASHIONS l FROM THE WORLD OVER 1047 Laskin Rd. C A PT. 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Pix nk 1 .4 1 nk HARDWARE fy X illlllm ei INGRAM PHARMACY For DRUGS, FILM, CARDS BEACH NEEDS 207 25th St. 34th 8a Atlantic 428-6363 428-6467 Compliments TOM BRAITHWAITE Q of SEA-LAND REALTY CORP Phone: 428-9401 24th and Atlantic Ave. L MAN POWER Wor1d's Largest Temporary Help and Business Service 733 Boush Street Norfolk, Virginia 23510 Phone: 622-6581 224 'T R! WITHERS 81 TAYLCR CO L Asso Q5 5 ll- ,xzk 9, 'EAHQFS IE' n.--uw fm Realtors E 'F-'35, Insurance 4 U AW Phone: 428-1641 Compliments of TEMPLE OF MUSIC Pembroke Mall L. BUSKEY, JEWELERS 2022 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia Gifts of Distinction SEASIDE MARKET Complete Food Market 23rd Street 8a Pacific Avenue and Virginia Ham Co. LANGHORNE INSURANCE AGENCY, mc. 1 4 .gg.+1.f,h, 1..'- , 3, A - . GENERAL INSURANCE 8: REAL ESTATE 2606 Pacific Ave. Virginia Beach. Virginia 428-6461 ii' it I I V! "Look sharp fellas, Dad's taki the family out for the World finest eatin' chicken." ni 's , .':jQ.f'ID rg- F3 4 vs- 5 , .IA nl' Trix ' f I 2:1-ibm X 1' , ' lj V' ,. It '1 I I I f X xi -',,'f t ' X Z I I .4 'A UW-1. f I' 4 'If f?f'f',"f'7"" Z' 1 , if I ' , gg' ' in "pf elf : .- -' - x V v V ,vw wwf, ,-,i- . 'ix as l for I .Q MW I Qi I I ffm, -Aggie ,. ,H 5 .f.,, -. :'ggyF.'f,4' 'J " A' W ,",l,- br' , it 1 , , I . ,I ,, . , . ,I twig. , Y.. , If ?W1.1mll , f YI .. .. . 'jp 1.1-j,', iw, -1, H, T' - i 'A I, 1 59,4 -I .K 5 , ii. ,.f .h -fm T! IIYEM x x! 'Jn .liz wg 43.351 f.g .J T. 'ily' imp jgijg- fi ll, - rr,yr,,,. I 'fa-xg ll I I ee I Ii ff i ' ,,.y ' J I , -lift" w '-' 1-,. .1 , ,, N 5 121- . .i.. iffiigei j i, lI?I in v . 4 ' 41.2 ROASTED HICKE Be prepared for a real treat. lt's chicken at its finest. Delicious, juicy, golden brown. Cooked to order, fresh to finished in just minutes, espe- cially for you. The whole family will enjoy this dinner treat. Come in today and try our Broasted Chicken Dinner Deluxe. 'A Broasted Chicken K4 piecesj Broasted Potato or French Fries Creamy cole slaw and roll DAIRY TWIST 1 DAIRY TWIST 2 1716 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Virginia 2113 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia 226 Parents Congratulate Their Graduating Sans And Daughters Mr and Mrs. Edward Adams Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Adams Mr and Mrs. Garland Atwater Mr and Mrs. John L. Beacham Mr and Mrs. Michael Biondo Mr and Mrs. Edwin Boudreaux Mr. and Mrs. George Broughton Capt. and Mrs. Robert Bulmer Catherine R. Carson Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.P. Carter Marjorie H. Carter Mrs. Shirley Mann Caton Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lee Come Cdr. and Mrs. L.R. Currie Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William E. Diggs Mr. and Mrs. William J. Edwards Mrs. Elizabeth S. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. W. John Eubank Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. James P. Feeney Mr. and Mrs. Julian H. Forlines Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Fontenot E.C. and Pearl Fulgham Mr. and Mrs. William E. Garrison Mr. and Mrs. David Gaskins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Green Cdr. and Mrs. S.E. Griffin Mr. and Mrs Herbert N. Haddock Mr and Mrs L.A. Harris Mr and Mrs Daniel Hill Mr and Mrs. James F . Hillegass Mr and Mrs Robert Holland Lt. and Mrs. James M. Hollett Mr and Mrs Joseph A. Horton Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Louis E. Hubbard Walter E. Hudgins H.P. Ives Richard A. Keeney . John Kishman I Mr. and Mrs. John A. Knowles Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Kolodzicj Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Kortc Mrs. William C. Kutz, Jr. Capt, and Mrs. K.B. Lake Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lakeman Mr. and Mrs. I. Norman Laurence Mrs. Joan H. Leslie Mr. Leo J. Lister Mr. and Mrs. Derwood S. Loar Mr. Orie B. Martin Mr. and Mrs. B.J. McGlinchy Mr. H.P. McNeal Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Miltz. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Max F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Murden Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Onley Mrs. Loretta T. Pawlowski Cdr. and Mrs. Hal F. Perrenot Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Petersen R. Bradshaw Pulley David L. Raine Donald Ross Norman W. Scarboro Eva Mae Scott Wayne A. Sheffey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Edgar A. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Hugh Smith Maurice Smith Harold D. Starling Grover P. Swindell Tugman Robert Vasile O.M. Wakefield John S. Waller Richard Walthall David M. Whitaker Gilbert H. Wilson Lannie B. Woolford Patrons Aeolus Motel Alexander's Pancake House Holt Buick Mr. and Mrs. V.J. Burris Mrs. Irene Emme John C. Garofalo Halifax Hotel Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Manson, Jr Naviette Shoppe Charles Oliver Dr. and Mrs. EJ. Schick Wally's Poodle Salon Faculty Statistics Bowyer, E. Carlton: Principal: B.A. Wofford College, M.S. O.D.U. Caldwell, Charles C.: Assistant Principal: B.S. M.Ed. U.V.A. Fields, Norman L.: Assistant Principal: B.A. Elon College, M.Ed. U.V.A. Tucker, H. Wayne: Intern Principal: B.S. V.C.U., M.Ed. U.V.A. Darst, Mrs. Betsyg B.S. East Carolina, M.Ed. College of William and Mary: Senior Counselor Agnew, Kathleeng B.S. Radford College, M.Ed. U.V.A., Senior Counselor. Polizos, Gus: B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University: Sophomore Counselor Rasberry, Mrs. Bernadineg B.A. Virginia Union University, M.A. Hampton Institute: Sth and 9th Grade Counselor Stenzhorn, Mrs. Gloriag B.S. Longwood College, M.Ed. College of William and Maryg Junior Counselor Anderson, Mrs. Judith: B.A. Denison University: Girls Phys. Ed. 103 Head Coach Gymnastics, Asst. Coach Hockey Anthony, Mrs. Caroleg B.S. Radford Collegeg Bookkeeping I, Sec. Occupationsg Sponsor-F.B.L.A. Baxter, Bruce: B.S. Ohio State University: M.Ed William and Mary: Biology Booth, Edwing B.A. Emory and Henry College: Government, Econom- ics, International Relations Bradshaw, Maryg B.S. Louisiana State, M.Ed. U.V.A.: English 11 and 12: Sponsor-Y-Teens Britton, Fred: B.S. Frederick Collegeg Boys Phys. Ed. 10 and Advanced: Asst. Varsity Football Coach Brown, Nancy: B.S. U.N.C.g Home Ee. III, IV, and V Brown, Larry: B.A. Catawba College: Distributive Ed. II and III: Spon- sor-D.E. Club Broyles, Mrs. Mary: B.S. College of William and Maryg Biology Byrum, Sandra: B.S. Longwood College: English 9 Callahan, Ralph: B.S. V.P.l.: Distributive lid. l and ll, Sponsor D.Ii. Club, Junior Civitan Carroll, Warren: B.A. O.D.U.: History 8 Carter, Mrs. Winifred: B.A. Agnes Scott College: Algebra ll and Trig. Clark, Viola: B.S. Madison College: Girls Phys. lid. 10 and Advanced: Head Coach of Hockey, Girls Basketball Dann, Mrs. Margaretg B.S. Bowling State University: Home Ec. li Spon- sor-F.H.A. Dapolito, John: B.S. University of Dayton: Boys Phys. Ed. 8: Coach 8th Grade Football, Wrestling, Golf Daughtry, Olive: B.A. Virginia Union University: General Math l, Con- sumer Math Dickenson, Mrs. Susan: B.S. Drake University: U.S. History Descheemaeker, Clemence: B.A. Madison College: English 93 Sponsor- Newspaper Drescher, Mrs. Jeang B.S. Concord College: Biology: Sponsorelvlajorettes Douglas, Stewart: B.A. Randolph-Macon: English 10: Asst. Varsity Foot- ball Coach Etheridge, Ronald: B.S. O.D.U.: Algebra I,lI, and Trigg Coach of J.V. Football and Indoor and Outdoor Track Fishel, Charlesg B.S., M.A. East Carolina: Boys Phys. Ed. 10 and Ad- vanced: Head Coach Gymnastics Gilbert, Mrs. Hopeg B.S. O.D.U. and Technologico de Monterrey CMexicoJg Spanish ll: Sponsor-Spanish Club Gore, Kay: B.F.A. V.C.U.: English 11, Drama: SponsorfNational Thes- pians Gordon, Mrs. Jean, B.S. Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Typing I, Shorthand I, C.O.P.: Co-Sponsor-F.B.L.A. Griffin, Mrs. Carolyn: B.A. Frederick College: English 8: Sponsor-Sth Grade, Folk Club, and Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Groves, Mrs. Nancy: B.A. Ohio State University: Art I and ll: Sponsor- Art Club Haring. Mrs. Sharon, B.A. Catawba College, English 11, Advanced Comp., and World Literature, Sponsor-Literary Magazine and Varsity Cheer- leaders Harvey, Donald, B.S. U.V.A.: Physical Science and Chemistry, Sponsor- National Honor Society and Aerospace Club Hightill, Mrs. Jeanne, B.S. John Brown University, Girls Phys. Ed. 8 and Advanced Hood, Alexander, B.S. U.S. Naval Academy, Physics and Physical Science: Department Head Hoskins, Ralph, B.S. O.D.U.: Life Science Houck, Mrs. Thelma, A.B., M.A. West Virginia University, Government, Department Head Huddleston, Mrs. Martha, B.A. Mary Washington, M. Ed. College of William and Mary, Corrective Reading Infantino, Mrs. Gwen, B.A. Salem College, M.Ed.College ofWilliam and Mary, U.S. History and Sociology? Sponsor-Annual Jones, Mrs. Phyllis, B.S. O.D.U., Government and U.S. History Keefe, Pat, B.A. St. Mary's University of Texas, World History, Coach of Varsity Basketball and Cross-Country Track, Sponsor-Fellowship of Christian Athletes Kelly, Suzanne: B.A. Hollins College, World History and U.S. History Sponsor-Sophomore Class Kerzanet, Mrs. Louise, B.S. North Carolina State, Geometry Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Barbara, B.A. Alabama State College at Montevallo, English 10 Klecky, Audrey, B.A. O.D.U., Spanish I and II, Sponsor-Spanish Club Leidholdt, Edwin, B.A. University of Pittsburg, M.S. O.D.U., Math Analys., Advanced Math, Algebra III, and Analytical Geometry, Depart- ment Head Levi, Ronald, B.S., M.A. University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Elem. Band, Band A and B, and Music Theory Loar, Jerry: B.S. East Tennessee State University, Govemment, Coach of I.V. Football, Sponsor-History Club and Annual Lockridge, Judith, B.S. College of William and Mary, Math I, Sponsor- J.V. Cheerleaders Logan, Mrs. Joni, B.A. University of Florida, Latin l,Il,lII, and IV, Sponsor-Ars Medica, Junior Civitan, and Latin Club Londeree, Mrs. Georgeanne, B.A. Westhampton College, English 10, Sponsor-Literary Magazine Lowenthal, Mrs. Louise, B.A. Radford College, Art I,II, and Ill, Sponsor-Art Club Marshall, John C., B.S., M.Ed. West Carolina University, English 10, Sponsor-Interact Club Marshall, John T., B.S. U.S. Naval Academy, Geometry, Algebra ll, and Trig. Sponsor-Key Club McClure, Nancy, B.A. U.N.C. at Greensboro, M.A. Southern Methodist University, Geometry, Algebra II, and Trig. McCune, Francis, B.S. U.S. Naval Academy, Drafting l,II, and III, Depart- ment Head Midgette, Harry, B.S. O.D.U., Algebra I and Geometry Miller, Joseph, B.M.,M.A. Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, Chorus and Music Appreciation Morgan, Phillip, B.S. East Tennessee University, Boys Phys. Ed. 9 and Advanced Morrison, Gail, B.A. Madison College, German I,II,III,IV, and V, Spon- sor-German Club Naughton, Mrs. Jacqueline, B.A. Western Maryland College, General Math I and II, Algebra I Owens, Mrs. Barbara, B.A. U.N.C. at Greensboro, English 12, Sponsor- Senior Class, Department Head Paschall, Herman, B.S. Frederick College, General Business, Personal Typing, and Typing I, Coach of J.V. Baseball Peters, Mrs. lngeborg, B.A. Central College, Sorbonne, and Alliance Francaise, French II and III, Sponsor-German Club Phelps, Ted, B.A. Wofford College, Psychology? Asst. Coach Varsity Football, Track, Sponsor-T.A.R. Polansky, Mrs. Sally, A.B. Concord College, English 8 G Platz, Bruce, B.A. George Washington University, M.A. O.D.U., Russian I,II, and U.S. History Powell, William: B.A. V.M.l.: Geography Pugh, Charles: B.S., M.A. East Carolina: Metal land ll Rahal, Mrs. Nancy: B.S. University ol' Pittsburg: Math l and General Math ll Reid, Mrs. Louise: B.S. Virginia State College: Typing l,ll, and General Business Ricks, Pat: B.A. College ol' William and Mary: Sociology: Coach of .l.V. Basketball Roark, Lonnie: B.S. U.S. Naval Academy: Algebra I and Math lll Robinson, Harry: M.S. Virginia State College: l.C.T. l and ll: Sponsor- V.l.C.A. Rogers, Mrs. Betty: B.A. Mary Washington College: English 12 Rountree, Carlton: A.B. Asbury College, M.A. U.V.A.: French lll, IV, and V: Department Head Salibello, Mrs. Barbara: B.S. State University of N.Y. at Albany: English 8 and 9: Sponsorelfreshman Class Shackelford, Larry: B.S. East Carolina, M.Ed. College of William and Mary: Chemistry and Physical Science: Coach of Varisty Baseball Shaw, Mrs. Jo Ann: B.A. Harpur College, M.S. N.C. State University: Biology: Sponsor!Pep Club Shell, Jane: B.S. Madison College: Typing Il, Shorthand ll, and S.OCC.: Department Head Smith, Francis: B.S. O.D.U.: English 10, and ll: Sponsor-Beta-Tri-Hi-Y Stone, Mrs. Suzanne: A.B. East Carolina: Spanish ll, lll, and lV: Sponsor -Spanish Club Sumnick, Mrs. Susan: B.S. University of Nebraska: English 11 and Speech: Sponsor-Debate and Forensics Team Sutphin, Regina: B.S. Concord College: Notehand, Personal Typing, and Business Law Teabout, Mrs. Linda: B.A. U.N.C.: French l and ll: Co-Sponsorelunior Class - Q Terrell, William: B.S. liast Carolina: Wood l and ll Thomas, Mrs. Anita: B.S. Morgan State College: Geography Tibbs, Jane: B.S. Longwood College: Biology and Life Science Tugwell, Mrs. Jeanette: B.S. l-last Carolina: English ll Warren, Mrs. Tamara: B.S. Radford College: Home lic. l,ll, and V: Sponsorf-Drill Team Webster, Frank: B.S. V.P.l.: U.S. llistory: Head Coach ot' Varsity loot- ball, Wrestling: Sponsor Monogram Club Webster, John: A.B., M.A. L'.N.C'.: lznglish 121 Sponsor SCA. Widman, Alice: A.B. Ohio University: English ll: Sponsor Junior Class Wilson, Leslie: B.S. O.D.U.: Spanish l Winstead, William: B.A. College of William and Mary: Special Ed. Young, Mrs. Kathryn: B.S. Augsburg College: Girls Phys. Ed. 9 and Advanced: Gymnastics ni" Senior Statistics A Abraham. Mike-J.V. Basketball 1.31 SCA Rcp. 21 J.V. Football 31 Jr. Civitan -1.51 Interact 51 Varsity Basketball 5. Admas. Scott-Band 1.2.31 Latin Club 31 Interact 4.51 Key Club 4.51 Monogram Club 4.51 NHS 4.51 Indoor and Outdoor Track 4.51 Bible Club 51 Cross Country Track 41 ICC 5. Ailstock. Geoy-Pep Club I1 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1.21Y-Teens 41 NHS 4.51 Annual Stall' 4.51 Assistant lfd. 5. Alexander. Charles-Indoor and Outdoor Track 4. Allen. Norvel-Annual 21 Latin Club 4.51 Ars Medica 51 Key Club 5. Albritton, Robert-Art Club 3.4.51 Bible Club 51 President 5. Anderson. Brenda-Band 1, Anderson. Gary-Hi-Y 21 Sec. 21 J.V. Ifootball 31 Latin Club 3.4.5. V.P. 4: Ars Medica 3.4.5. Pres. 51 FBLA 3.41 Hist. 41 Debate Team 4,51 Interact 4.5: German Club 41 Tennis Team 41 Key Club 51 Drama Club 5. Arendts. Sandy-Pep Club 1.21 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2. Atwater. Robin-Concert Chorus 1.51 Tri-Hi-Y 2.4.51 Ars Medica 3.4.51 Sec. 51 Folk Club 4.5. Sec. 41 French Club 41 Jr. Civitan 4.5. Sgt.-at-Arms 5: Hockey Team 4,51 Powderpuff Football 41 FHA 5. Ayvazian, Patrice-SCA Rep. 1.2.31 FHA 2. Sec. 2. B Bailey, Debra-J.V. Cheerleader 1.2.31 SCA Rep. 11 Spanish Club l. Pres. 31 History Club 2.3. Chaplain 31Y-Teens 31 Tri-Hi-Y 31 National Thespians 3.4.51 Madrigal Chorus 4.5. Baker. Danny-J.V. Football 21 V. Baseball 41 J.V. Baseball 2.31 DECA 5. Bancroft, Greg-Band 1.21DECA 51 SCA Rep. 5 Barfield, Danny-V. Baseball 4.51 Monogram Club 4.51 Superlative. Basnight. Paula-Y-Teens 2.3.4. Belvin, Norma-Drill Team 3.4.51 Drill Team Sec. 4, Treas. 5. Benitez. Pravia-NHS 4.51 History Club 51 Spanish Club 1.4.51 Superlative. Benkert, Mary-Chorus 1. Bennett. Mary-Folk Club 41 FHA 21 Concert Chorus 1.3.41 Madrigal Chorus 51 National Thespians 5ZPOWd8l'1JUff Football 1. Binder, George-Soccer Team l1J.V. Wrestling 2.3.41 Varsity Wrestling 51 Gymnastics Team 4. Biondo, Karen-Pep Club 31 FTA 4.5. Pres. 51 German Club 4.51T1'i-Hi-Y 51 ICC 5: History Club 5. Blum. Gary-Chess Club 31 Key Club 41 Basketball Team Manager 2. Bocrie. Joann-Y-Teens 1.21 Drill Team 31 Tri-Hi-Y 3.4.51 FTA 4.5. Historian 5. Boioe. Edmund-Art Club 1.2.31 Chess Club 3. Alternate 3. Boone. Noah-Concert Chorus 5. Pres. 51 Mixed Chorus 1.41 SCA Rep. 2.3.51 Drama Club Spanish Club 2.31 SCA Vice-President 4. Boudreaux. Sharon-Y-Teens 21 Tri-Hi-Y 31 J.V. Cheerleader 2.3. Co-Capt. 31 Varsity Cheerleader 4.5: HR Rep.3,41 Gymnastics Team 3.4.51 Jr. Civitan 51 Powderpuff Football 4.5. Boyce. Stephen-Band 1.2.31 German Club 21 Key Club 4,51 Interact 4.51 Bible Club 5. Brothers, Dianne-HR Rep. 11 GAAA 11 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1.2, Reporter 11 Powderpuff Football 1.5. Capt. 11 Superlative. Brothers, Pam-Talent Show 2,41 Pep Club 21 Folk Club 3.4.5. Sec. 3. Pres. 4, VP 51 Madrigal Chorus 4.51 Miss FC Pageant 51 Superlative. Broughton. Geraldine-FHA 2.3.4. Pres. 4. Bryant. Becky-Latin Club 5: Y-Teens 3. Bulmer, Sheryll-Drama Club 2.3.41 French Club 31 Jr. Civitan 4.5 1 TARS 51 Corr. Sec. 51 History Club 51 Y-Teens 51 Powderpuff Football 5. C Caldwell. Ginny-Jr. Tri-I-Ii-Y 21 Tri-I-li-Y 3.4. Rep.-Hist. 41 J.V. Cheerleader 31 Varsity Cheerleader 4.5. Co-Capt. 51 Mixed Chorus 31 Powderpuff Football 41 Jr. Civitan 41 Girls State Delegate 41 Standing Committee Chairman 5. Carlberg. Debra-Tri-Hi-Y 3.51 Ars Medica 2.3. Carter. Barbara-French Club 11 Band l,2.3.41 SCA Rep. 31 HR Alt. 5: Pep Club 51 Madrigal Chorus 5. g Carter. Thomas-Band 1.21 Newspaper Staff 5. Cartwright. Michael-History Club 4.5. Pres. 51 Latin Club 51 ICC 5. Cartwright. Stephen-Newspaper Staff 5. Feat. Ed. 5. Casteel, Paul-J.V. Basketball 11 Indoor Track 4. Caton. Christine-SCA Rep. 31DECA 5. Chandler. Christine-Soccer Team 11 Basketball Team l,2.3.41 Track Team 11 Hockey Team 2,31Powderpuff Football 4.51 DECA 5. Chaplain. Clair-Surf Queen Att. 11 Class Sec. 21 DECA 4.5. Chaplain, Jerry-SCA Rep. 3.51 J.V. Football 31 DECA 5. Parl. 5. Chipman, William-J.V. Basketball 11 J.V. Football 2.31 Varsity Football 4.51 Football Club 4.5. Christopher. Patricia-Library Asst. 4.51 War Games 4. Sec. 4. Clark. Debbie-Soccer Team 11 SCA Rep. 2.51 Class V.P. 2.31Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 21 Colonial Ball Att. 2. Cleary. Michele-SCA Rep. 11 Class Sec. 21 J.V. Cheerleader 2.31 FNA 2.31 Tri-Hi-Y 3.4.5. Rep-Hist. 51 History Club 41 Debate 41 Powderpuff Football 5. Cobb, Jill-Newspaper Staff 11 SCA Rep. 3. Combs. Phyllis-FHA 21 Girls Chorus 1. Compo. Christine-J.V. Cheerleader 1. Co-Capt. 11 Varsity Cheerleader 2.3.41 Class V.P. 1.2.41 Miss Jr. High 11 Outstanding Service Award 1.2,3,41 Varsity Cheerleader Co-Capt. 41 Volleyball Team 2.4. Co-Capt. 41 Jr. NHS 1.2. Pres. 21 NHS 4.51 Snow Queen Rep. 2: SCA Rep. 3.41 Spanish Club 51 Annual Staff 4, Class Ed. 4. Cookson, Jon-Gym Team 4.51 Cross Country Track 5. Cornett. Carol-Chorus,5. Costello, Peggy-Newspaper Staff 11 Annual Staff 11 Gym Team 2.31 Booster Club 2.31 Tri-Lites Club 21 Talent Show 2,31 Art Club 3, Sec. 31 Drill Team 3. Cowan, Robert-J.V. Football 1.2.31 J.V. Basketball 1.2.31 J.V. Track 1,31 Spanish Club 1.51 Newspaper Staff 11 Science Club 21 FCA 3.4.51 Monogram Club 4.51 Interact Club 4g Varsity Football 4.51 Varsity Track 4.5. . 0 Cox, Veronica-Speech Club 11 Literature Club 11 Art Club 31 Band 3.4.51 Music Club 3. Crell. James-Prin ting Club 31 Swimming Club 2.3.41 J.V. Basketball 1. Cullen, Janice 4-J.V. Cheerleader 1,31 SCA Rep. 21 Pep Club 21 Drama 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, V.P. 31 NTS 3. Curran, ldella-Chorus l.2,31 Pep Club 1.2.41 Basketball Team 21 Softball Team 21Volleyball Team 2. D Darden, Patricia-l-'TA 4,5, See. 51 FBLA 51 Library Asst. 5. Davis, Eileen-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Treas. 41 Pep Club 31 Folk Club 31 Madrigal Chorus 3,4,5. Davis, Malinda-Band 1,2,3,4,51 Tri-Hi-Y 4,51 FBLA 3,4,5. Davis, Teqwen-Pep Club 21 French Club 3, VP3. Dawley, Stephen-Band 1: History Club 21 J.V. Football 21 J.V. Basketball 21lnd0or Track 41 Creative Writing Club 2. Day,Carolyn-SCA Rep. 51 Colonial Ball Attendant, 4. Day, Ceanna-Y-Teens 1,2,31llistory Club 21 Chorus 2,31 Annual Staff 21 Madrigal Chorus 51 Spanish Club 3. Dee, Terry-Soccer Team 11 Y-Yeens l.2,3,41 Pep Club 2,41 Jr. Civitan 4,5, Chaplain 5. Dickerson, Sharon-Chorus 1, Pep Club 3,4, V.P. 41 National Thespians 5. Dickson, Mary-Annual Staff 1, Photo Ed. 11 Chorus 21 Ars Medica 3,41 Varsity Tennis Team 4. Dillion, David-J.V. Basketball 1,21 Hi-Y 1,21 Class V.P. 21 Speedball Team 21 Latin Club 2. Diselrod, Mary-Pep Club 4,5. Donnelly, Nancy-Y-Teens 31 FBLA 4. Doyle, Cherry-Soccer Team 1, Cap. 11 SCA Rep. 1,31 SCA Alt. 2,4,51 Tri-Hi-Y 31 Y-Teens 21 J.V. Cheerleader 31 Varsity Cheerleader 5. Doyle, Mike-HR. V.P. 2. Dozier, Glenda-GAA 1,2Q Pep Club 41 Tri-Hi-Y 31 Basketball Team 11 DECA 5. Duke, Betsy-GAAA 11 SCA Rep. 1,2,41 Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pres. 21 Annual Staff 2, Sports Ed. 21 J.V. Cheerleader 21 Basketball Team 21 NHS 4,5, Sec. 51 Y-Teens 41 Standing Committee Chairman. Dupree, Rosemary-GAAA 11 SCA Rep. 11 Tri-Hi-Y 3,41 Colonial Ball Att. 31 Class Treas. 31 Bible Club 5. Durden, David-Class Pres. 11 J.V. Football 11 J.V. Basketball 11 J.V. Baseball 31 Key Club 4,5, Treas. 5l Monogram Club 4,51 NHS 4.5: Varsity Baseball 4,51 Boy's State Delegate 41 Standing Committee Chairman. Durham, JoAnn-GAAA 11 Pep Club 21 Chorus 1,21 Powderpuff Football 11 Soccer Team 11 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1, Sec. 11 Y-Teens 41 SCA Rep. 2. E Eanes, Mark-SCA Rep. 11 Hi-Y 2: J.V. Basketball 11 Speedball Team 2. Earnl1art, Marsha-Y-Teens 31 Madrigal Chorus 5. Edgerton, Brenda-FTA 1,2,3,4,5, V.P. 52 Talent Show 11 Concert Chorus 1,2,3,4,51 FBLA 2,31 Va. Regional Workshop Chorus 2,3,41 Tri-Hi-Y 4,51 Bible Club 5. Ellis, Keith-J.V. Tennis 2,31 Varsity Tennis 4,51 Key Club 3,4,5: Monogram Club 4,51 Boy's State Delegate 4. Ellis, William-Jr. NHS 1,2,3L NHS 4,5, Pres. 51 Key Club 4,5, V.P. 4,51 Varsity Tennis 4,51 Monogram Club 4,51 Standing Committee Chairman 5. Embleton, Susan-Class See. 11 Class VP 21 Class Pres. 31 Art Club 4,51 Varsity Cheerleader 3g Calil. Scholastic lederation 31 TARS 51 Jr. Civitan 51 NHS 4.51 Spanish Club 4,51 Hoineroom Rep. 51 Superlative. Ervin, Diane-GAAA 11 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,21 J.V. Cheerleader 21 Pep Club 21 Homecoming Att. 3. Etheridge, Carol-J.V. Cheerleader 2,31 Varsity Cheerleader 41 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,41 Class Sec. 31 DLQCA 5. Eubank, Gregory-J.V. Basketball 31 Interact Club 4,51 Key Club 4,51 Boy's State Alternate 4. I. Falkner, Michael-War Gaming Society 41 German Club 3.4.5. Fanney, Chris-J.V. Football 1.2, Capt. 21 J.V. Basketball l,2. Capt. 21 SCA Rep. 21 Hi-Y 21 Varsity Football 3,4,5, Co-Capt. 51 Monogram Club 3.4, Treas. 4, Pres. 51 Key Club 31 SCA Rep. 51 ICC 51 FCA 4,5. Fantone, Mary-Mixed Chorus 1,51 Y-Teens 2,31 J.V. Cheerleader 31 Varsity Cheerleader 41 Hockey Team 41 Newspaper Staff 5, News lid. 5. Farello, Carreen-Y-Teens 2,51 Tri-Hi-Y 3.5. Farmer, Jennie-Powderpuff Football 1.51 Basketball Team 1,31 J.V. Cheerleader 21 Tri-Hi-Y 21 Y-Teens 2. Feeney, Mary-Scholastic Excellency Award 11 Glee Club 21 Art Club 4,5, Sec. 51 National Thespians 4,51 NHS 4,51 Y-Teens 5. Felton, Winfred-Band 1,2,51 Industrial Arts Club 31 Batchelor Club 4. Ferrare, Adele-FHA 1,41 Y-Teens 3. Ferraro, Lee-J.V. Basketball 11 Gym Team 3. Field, Peter-J.V. Football 21 J.V. Baseball 21 Soccer Team 21 Varsity Basketball 41 Varsity Baseball 4. Fiore, Lorraine-Chorus l.2,31 FTA 4,5, Treas. 51 Spanish Club 31 History Club 3.4.5. Pres. 4, V.P. 51 ICC 4. Fitzgerald, Patrick-Chorus 1,41 J.V. Football 21 Varsity Football 3,41 Varsity Wrestling 2,41 Track 3,41 Art Appreciation 3,41 Ars Medica 3,41 French Club 3. Fontenot, Bill-J.V. Football 31 Key Club 41 Monogram Club 4,51 Varsity Football 41 FCA 3,4,5. Forlines, Pam-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2: TARS 4.5, Sec. 51 Tri-Hi-Y 4.5, Pep Club 5. Freeman, Robin'-Y-Teens 2.3. RcpfHist. 2: ICC 21 FBLA 4,5, VP 5. Fulgham, Susan-Band l,2,3,4,51 Majorette 1,2,3,4,5, Feature Twirler 51 TARS 5. Furniss, Pam-Drama Club 1,2,31 Ars Medica 3,41 Softball Team 11 Varsity Tennis Team 3,41 TARS 5. Fussell, Susie-HR Rep. 1,2,3,41 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2. Treas. 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3.4.51 Y-Teens 4,51Powderpuff Football 41 TARS 4,5. G Gallup, Bruce-Key Club 3,4,5, Sec. 4,51 German Club 3,4. Garofalo, Joanne-Pep Club 1,21 ICC 41 Y-Teens 2.3.41 Powderpuff Football 4,5. Garrison, Ray-Soccer Team 11 J.V. Football 2,31 J.V. Basketball 31 Varsity Tennis 2,3,4,51 Monogram Club 2,3,4,5, Sec. 4,51 Key Club 2,3,4,5, Treas. 41 Varsity Football 4,51 Interact Club 4.51 FCA 4,51 Sec. 41B0y's State Delegate 4. Gaskins, Mike-J.V. Baseball 21 Varsity Baseball 3,4,51J.V. Football 3: Monogram Club 4.51Treas. 51 Varsity Football 4.5: FCA 4.51Superlative. Gay, Mitton-J.V. Football 11 Band l.2,31 Track 3.4.51 Varsity Football 5. Gibbons. Beatrice-Art Club 2,3,4,51 Drama Club 3: Latin Club 33 National Thcspians 4.5. Ginn. Jackie-Tri-Hi-Y 3.4.53 Pep Club 5. Goodwin. Deborah-History Club 2,33 Y-Teens 2,33 School Play 43 Powderpuff Football 43 DECA 5, Sec. 5. Gray, Larry-DECA 5. Gray, Walter-HR Rep. lQlVI6SlllI'lg 33 DECA 4,5. Green, James-J.V. Wrestling 1.21 J.V. Football 13 Varsity Wrestling 3,53 Varsity Football 33 Varsity Golf 3. Greenwood, Charles-Glee Club 13 Folk Club 33 NHS 4,5. Gregory, Deborah -Girls Club 13 Y-Teens 23 FHA 23 Xino's Club 3,4, V.P. 43 Spanish Club 43 Industrial Arts Club 4. Griffm, Charles-Band 1,23 SCA Treasurer 23 Key Club 4,5, Pres. 53 NHS 4,5. V.P. 5: Standing Committee Chairman 5. Grimstead, Joseph-Band 1,2,3,4,5Q J.V. Basketball Team 2. H Haddock, Beverly-FHA 33 Y-Teens 4,5, V.P. 53 Tri-Hi-Y 4,5, Sec. 52 Annual Staff 2,5, Circulation Manager 53 NHS 5. Hadley, Mary Lea-SCA Rep. 1,53 Powderpuff Football 4,53 Y-Teens 1,2,3Q Varsity Cheerleader 5. Hafling, Jennifer-Chorus 23 Y-Teens 2,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Pep Club 23 Homeroom Alt. 51POWdCI'pl.1ff Football 53 Bible Club 5. Hagner, Diane-Folk Club 4,53 National Thespian Society 43 Philosophy Club 4. Hall, Susan-J.V. Cheerleader 23 Ars Medica 2,33 SCA Secretary 33 SCA VP 4: Varsity Tennis Team 4: Honor Court 3,4. Hallock, Deborah-Art Club 1,23 Volleyball Team 23 Soccer Team 23 Y-Teens 4,53 TARS 5. Halsey, Shirley-Girls Club l,2. Hankins, Ernest-Art Club 1,23 Band 33 Interact Club 5. Harper, Janice-Basketball Team 1,2,43 Baseball Team 1,23 Xino Club 2,33 Modem Dance Club 2,33 Spanish Club 23 Drama Club 33 NHS 33 Hockey Team 43 Tennis Team 4. Harrier, Amy-ACA Rep. 1,4Q GAAA 13 Girls Chorus 13 Concert Chorus 43 Jr. Y-Teens 13 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Newspaper Staff 2, News Ed. 23 Pep Club 23 Most Outstanding Student Award 23 Y-Teens 3,4,53 Forensics Club 3,4,5, Sec. 43 FTA 33 National Thespians 3,43 Basketball Team 33 Girl's State Delegate 43 Annual Staff 4,5. Sr. Ed 53 Jr. Civitan Club 4,5, Pres. 53 ICC 53Powderpuff Football 53 SCA Secretary 2,53 Superlative. Harrington, Karen-History Club 33 Y-Teens 3,43 Pep Club 4,5, V.P. 53 Jr. Civitan 43 Powderpuff Football 4,51 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Harris, Alva-J.V. Football 13 History Club 23 Science Club 2. Harris, Patti-HR Sec. 1: Class Sec. 23 Y-Teens 23 FTA 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Pres. 53 Jr. Civitan 4,5, Treas. 4, Sec. 53 ICC 53 Standing Committee Chairman 5: Powderpuff Football 53 Annual Staff 53 State Tri-Hi-Y Ofiicer 53 TARS 5, Pres. 5. Hayden, Rhonda-Soccer 1, Spanish Club 2,3,43 Pep Club 3,4,5, Pres. 4,53 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Chaplain 4, V.P. 53 Y-Teens 43 History Club 43 ICC 4,5. Hays, Robert-War Gaming Society 4. Haywood, Joy -Wingfree Puppet Show 23 Art Club 33 Philosophy Club 4, Sec. 43 One Act Play 43 National Thes. 5. Hicks, Deborah-Homecoming Att. 13 FHA 2, V.P. 23 Pep Club 43 National Thes. 5. Hill, Kathleen-Chorus 1,23 Pep Club 4, Sec. 43 Majorette 2. Hillegass, Mary-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 SCA Rep. 23 Pep Club 23 Annual Staff 2,4,5, Ed. 2, Photo Ed. 53 Y-Teens 4. Hines, Wendell-Interact Club 3,4,53 Spanish Club 2,3,4,5, V.P. 4. Hinton,Mary-FHA 1. Hladky, Leslie-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4,53 GAAA 13 Class Sec. 13 Jr. Civitan 4,53 Scholastic Team 2,33 NHS 4,53 Girls State Delegate 43 SCA Rep. 5. Hogge, Herbert-Latin Club 3. Hoke, Lisa-Modem Dance Club 13 Soccer Team 23 GAA 23 HR Treas. 33 Newspaper Staff 43 Qlllll 8t Scroll 43 Y-Teens 4,53 Basketball Team 43 Softball 43 Powderpuff Football 4,53 National Thespians 5. Holladay, Richard-SCA Rep. l,2,33 Golf Team 23 Madrigal Chorus 3,53 Drama Club 4,53 Art Club 43 One Act Play 4. S Holland, John-J .V. Wrestling 13 Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4,5. Horton, Jacqui-Chorus 13 Soccer Team 13 Annual 23 Speedball Team 23 Volleyball Team 23 Y-Teens 3,4,5, Treas. 4,53 Newspaper Staff 4,5, Feat. Co-Ed. 4, Co-Ed. 53 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Pep Club 43 TARS 53 NHS 53 Powderpuff Football 53 Standing Committee Chairman 53 SCA 53 ICC 53 Jr. Civitan SQ Class Treasurer 53 Superlative. Hubbard, Don-Newspaper Staff 2,43 Hi-Y- 2, Pres. 23 Outdoor Track 33 DECA 5. Hubbard, Peg-Pep Club 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Annual Staff 2, Asst. Ed 23 Y-Teens 3. Hudgins, Carlton-HR Rep. 3,43 J.V. Wrestling 3,43 Key Club 3. Hudgins, Susanne-Library Asst. 1,23 Pep Club 1,33 SCA Rep. 1,23 Y-Teens 33 FBLA 4. Hughes, Dinah-FHA 1,23 FBLA 3. Hughes, Patrick-J.V. Football 2,33 J .V. Baseball 33 Varsity Football 5. Humphreys, James-J.V. Football 33 Varsity Football 43 Monogram Club 4,53 DECA 5. 1 Irwin, John-HR Rep. 13 SCA Treas. 53 Superlative. Ives, Margaret-Band 1,23 Drill Team 33 Art Club 53 Y-Teens 53 Annual 5, Copy Ed. 5. J Jefferson, Damon-Chess Team 13 Pep Club 43 Cross Country Track 43 Outdoor and Indoor Track 2,4. Johnson, Bill-J.V. Wrestling 1,23 Varsity Wrestling 3,4,53 Monogram Club 4,5. Johnson, Ginny-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, VP. 23 Y-Teens 3,4, VP 3,43 Ars Medica 33 Jr. Civitan 4,53 Pep Club 4. Jordan, Brenda-Drill Team 33 TARS 4,5. Jordan, Ella-Y-Teens 3,4. Joyner, Sharron-HR Pres. 1,33 HR V.P. 43 Y-Teens 2,3,4,5, Pres. 43 Ars Medica 33 Drill Team 3, Right Guard and Treas. 33 Jr. Civitan 43 Annual Staff 4.5. K Karvala, Leslie-Chorus 23 FHA 23 Y-Teens 2,3,43 Newspaper Staff.2, Women's Ed. 23 FTA 33 Jr. Civitan 52 Powderpuff Football 53 Standmg Committee Chairman 53 Bible Club 52 Varsity Cheerleader Ketrick, Bradley-J.V. Softball 13 J .V. Basketball 13 J .V. Football 13 German Club 2,33 Music Club 2,33 J.V. Ice Hockey 3,43 Knight Templars 3,43 National Thespians 3,43 Varsity Club 43 Swim Team 4. Kidd, Vicki-Band 1,23 Annual Staff 23 Guideposts 23 HR Rep. 23 Drill Team 33 Friendliest girl 23 French Club 43 History Club 4,53 TARS 4,53 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Kipp, Kathleen-Y-Teens 23 FHA 33 Art Club 3. Kirldand, Virginia-Y-Teens 23 FHA 33 Parliam. 3. Kishman, John-Interact Club 3,4,5, Sec. 4, Pres. 53 Jr. Civitan 4,53 ICC 53 Standing Committee Chairman 53 Superlative. Knight, David-Band l,2,33 Interact Club 3,4,53 History Club 31 Jr. Civitan 43 FBLA 5. Knowles, Linda-Band 1,23 Powderpuff Football 13 Drill Team 33 Latin Club 3. Kolodziej, Mary-FTA 33 Hockey Team 4,53 NHS 4,53 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Korte, George-J.V. Football 13 Madrigal Chorus 1: School Play lg J.V. Basketball 2,33 Varsity Football 2,3,4,51 Monogram Club 2,3,4,5L Varsity Basketball 43 Track 43 FCA 43 Superlative. Kostopulos, Pete-Band 1,23 Newspaper Staff 5. Kutz, William-HR Pres. 13 Band l,2,33 Interact Club 3,4. L Lake, Ginger-Drill Team 1,2,3,43 Literary Magazine Rep. 13 Gymnastics Club 2,33 French Club 23 School Play 23 Keyettes 33 Drama Club 33 Regents Club 4g Spanish Club 5QPOWd61'pUff Football 5. Lamb, John-HR Rep. 13 Science Club 13 Astronomy Club 13 Camera Club 23 Annual Staff Photographer 2,33 Newspaper Photographer 33 Art Club 53 Egg Inc. 5. Land, Barbara-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 FHA 2, Rep. 23 Majorette l,2,4,5, Head Majorette 2,53 Y-Teens 3,4Q Colonial Ball Att. 43 Liberty Ball Att. 5. Leslie, John-Spanish Club 43 Interact Club 5. Lindblad, Kathy-Track l,2,33 Hockey Team 2,3,4,5Q Basketball Team 2,3,4,5. Link, John-History Club 2, Treas. 2. Lister, Linda-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 National Thespians 3,4,5, Pres. 53 ICC 53 Forensics Club 4,5. Litchtield, Billy-Chorus 13 HR Rep. 13 SCA V.P. 23 ICC 2, Pres. 23 J.V. Football 2,33 Interact Club 3,4,53 FCA 3,4,5, Treas. 4,53 Madrigal Chorus 3,4,53 Varsity Football 4,53 Monogram Club 4,53Sup61'IatiV8. Lovelis, Nancy-Art Club 1,2,33 FBLA 43 FTA 53 Hockey Team 5. M Maestas,Paul-Key Club 3,43 Gymnastics Team 3,4. Mallison, Carol-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Treas. 23 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Girls Chorus 53 DECA 5. Maloney, Andrew-Library Asst. 1,43 J.V. Football 2,3,4, Manager 43 J.V. Basketball 2,4, Manager 43 J.V. Tennis 33 Varsity Baseball Manager 43 Chorus 3,4,5Q Pep Club 4. Marer, Michael-Band 1,2,3,4. Martin, Rebecca-Class Treas. 13 Homecoming Att. 13 Colonial Ball Att. 23 J.V. Cheerleader 2,3, Co-Capt. 33 Newspaper Staff 2, Sports Ed. 2: NHS 4,53 Scholastic Team 23 Class Sec. 43 FC Forum 43 Girl's State Delegate 43 Class Pres. 53 Homecoming Queen 53 Outstanding Sr. Girl 53 Superlative. v Masters, Nancy-Pep Club 2,33 J.V. Basketball 23 Nat. Latin Honor Soc. 23 Action Group 33 History Club 4, V.P. 43 FTA 43 French Club 43 SCA Rep. 5. Mathis, Dolores-FHA 23 Pep Club 43 Y-Teens 4,53 Powderpuff Football 43 Jr. Civitan 5. Mattox, Keith-Band l,2.3,43 Interact Club 3.4, V.P. 4. Mauch,Paul-Band l,2,3,4. McCollum, Daniel-Spanish Club l,2,33 Audio-Visual Club l3Chcss Club 23 ROTC 4. McConnell, Robert-Class Treas. 13 HR Rep. I3 School Play l3Key Club 3,4,5, Sgt.-at-Arms 5. McDonald, Gary-J.V. Football 33 Varsity Football 4,53 Monogram Club 4,53 I-'CA 4,5. McElwain, Diane-Chorus l,2,33 Y-Teens 2,3,4,53 TARS 43 Spanish Club 43 Powderpuff Football 4,53 Jr. Civitan 5. McKean, Patricia-Chorus l,2,33 Y-Teens 1,2,33 FTA 3. McLelIon, Richard-HR Rep. l3 Band 1,23 German Club 3,43 FC Forum 43 Interact Club 4,5, V.P. 53 NHS 5. McLure, Carolyn-HR sec. 23 Annual Staff 23 FHA 3, Treas. 33 Y-Teens 4,53Tri-Hi-Y 4,53 NHS 4,5. McNeil, Cathy-Pep Club 23 FHA 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 HR Rep. 33 Y-Teens 33 Drama Club 53 DECA 5. Miller, Mary Ann-HR Sec. 13 HR V.P. 23 Chorus 13 Pep Club 23 FHA 23 Tri-HiY 23 History Club 5. Minton, Beth-GAAA I3 Basketball Team 13 HR Sec. 2: Powderpuff Football 23 Homecoming Att. 33 Y-Teens 33 DECA 4,5. Minton, Norma-HR VP 13 GAAA 13 Pep Club 2, Pres. 23 Powderpuff Football 1,53 FHA 2, Hist. 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2: Y-Teens 4: DECA 43 Superlative. Mobley, Lester-J.V. Basketball 1,23 J.V. Baseball l,2. Mobley, Mary-HR Rep. 13 Glee Club I3 J.V. Cheerleader I3 Soccer Teaml Basketball Team l,3,4,53 FHA 23 Hockey Team 4,51 Track 4,5. Moore, Boyd-J.V. Football l,2,3. Moore, David-Chorus 13 Interact Club 4,5. Moore, Mary Beth-GAAA 1: Y-Teens l,2,3,4,5: Chorus l: Pep Club 2: Powderpuff Football 53 Jr. Civitan 5. Moore, Sharon-Y-Teens 23 Powderpuff Football 53 DFCA 4,5. Sec. 4. Mott, Dana-Library Club 1,23 Intermural Sports 1,23 Spanish Club 3,4,5, Sgt.-Arms 53 Drill Team 3,4,53 Drama Club 3,4,5, Sec.-Treas. 53 Forensics Club 43 Art Club 4,53 History Club 4,5. Murden, Steve-HR Rep. 13 Band l,2,3. Sec.-Treas. 23 Art Club 51 Annual Staff 2,5, Buss.-Mang. 53 History Club 5, Treas. 5: TARS 5: Jr. Civitan 5. Murphy, Laraine-Y-Teens 23 Art Club 5. O Ober, Conner-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Pres. 23 French Club I: Art Club 53 Jr. Civitan 53 HR Rep. 5. Olds, Brenda-Y-Teens 1,23 Girls Club 1,23 SCA 23 Xinos Club 3,43 FHA 33 Spanish Club 43InduSt1'iaI Arts 4. Olejar, Edward-Band l,2,3,4,5. Oliver, Deborah-Chorus I,2,4Q HR Rep. 23 Class Treas. 3: Drama Club 3,4,53 Art Club 4,53 Y-Teens 5. Olson, Karen-HR Rep. 23 Spanish Club 23 FHA 2.4: Swimming Team 23 HR Sec. 33 Pep Squad 43 AFS 43 Art Club 51 History Club 5. Onley, Brenda-GAA I3 Basketball Team 2,3,4,53 Newspaper Staff 4.53 Sports Ed. 84 Photo Ed. 4,53 Powderpuff Football 4,5. Overton, Greg-Band 1: J.V. Football 1.2: Varsity Golf 3,4,53 Monogram Club 4,5. Owen. Judy-Basketball Team l,2,3,4,5: GAAA 1: Gymnastics Team 1.2.33 Track 1: HR Rep. 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Hockey Team 3,4,51 Tennis Team 33 German Club 53 Jr. Civitan 53 Annual Staff 5, Class Ed. 5: Superlative. Owens, Gerald-Soccer Team 23 Basketball Team 33 J.V. Basketball 4: ICT 4. P Palacio, Mark-Hi-Y 2, VP 23 HR Rep. 3. Panella, Anne-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Civitan 53 Art Club 5. Pantalo. Patrick-HR Rep. 13 Art Club l,2,3.4,5, VP l, Pres. 4,53 School play 1,23 Talent Show 13 Art Show l,2,33 National Thes. 3,4, Treas. 3,41 Janaf Car Painting 4: Annual Staff 4,5, Lay-Out Ed. 52 ICC 4,53 Standing Committee Chairman 53 Spanish Club 53 Interact Club 53 Jr. Civitan 53 Superlative. Parson, Denson-J.V. Football 2,33.Varsity Football 5. Patterson, Anne-Drama Club 2,3,43 Ars Medica 3,43 Library Club 3,43 TARS 3,4,53 Newspaper Staff 43 Literary Staff 43 Art Appreciation 4. Perl, Julian-"Johana Jabotinskin 13 Club Of Kibutz 13 "Amal" 2,33 Chess Club 2,3. Perrenot, Trish-HR VP 13 GAAA 13 FHA 23 HR Rep. 23 Pep Club 23 Y-T eens 33 Hockey Team 4. Perry, Susan-Band 2,3,4,5Q Class Sec. 43 Annual Staff 43 Pep Club 4. Treas. 4. Peterson, Barbara-FTA 33 Pep Club 4,53 Treas. 5. Peverall, Shirley-HR Rep. 13 Y-Teens 23 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Phillips, John-Chorus 13 Gymnastics 3. Pierce, Susan-Pep Club 3,53 FBLA 4,5, Rep. 53 Latin Club 43 FTA 53 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Poe, Susan-Basketball Team 13 Christmas Att. 23 Swim Club 23 French Newspaper 3,43 Homecoming Att. 33 FBLA 43 Track 8r Field 43 Powderpuff Football 5. Potter, Herbert-DECA 53 Varsity Basketball 5. Pulley, Larry-Class Treas. 13 SCA Pres. 23 J.V. Football 23 J.V. Basketball 23 J.V. Golf 23 HR Rep. 3,4,53 Scholastic Team 3,43 Interact Club 4,53 Key Club 4,53 Boy's State Delegate 43 Varsity Football 53 NHS 53 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 53 Superlative. R Rader, Janice-Track l,2,3,43 Basketball Team 2,33 Gymnastics Team 2,3,43 J.V. Cheerleader 33 Varsity Cheerleader 4.5, Co-Capt. 4,53 Powderpuff Football 4,53 Liberty Bowl Att. 43 Class VP 4,53T1'i-Hi-Y 43 Standing Co-Committee Chairman 53 Superlative. Ragland, Belinda-Band 13 FHA 23 National Thes. 4,53 DECA 5. Raine, Joanne-Chorus l,2,3,53 Jr. Foreign Relations Club 13 Blue Triangle 23 TARS 4,53 Jr. Civitan 52 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Rice, Kathy-Chorus 13 History Club 2,33 German Club 2,3,43 Debate Team 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4,5, Treas. 53 Ars Medica 4,53 VP 53 TARS 5. Rice, Sandi-GAAA 13 FHA 1,23 Historian 13 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 13 Pep Club 1.2: Jr. Y-Teens 1,23 Y-Teens 3,4,5, Sec. 43 FTA 33 Liberty Bowl Att. 4,52 Powderpuff Football 4,53 Jr. Civitan Club 53 Bible Club 53 Superlative. Richards, Marjorie-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Drill Team 2,3,4,5, Capt. 3,4,53 Y-Teens 3,43 Jr. Civitan 43 Powderpuff Football 43 Girl's State Alt. 43 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Renn, William-Band l,2,3,43 Science Club 1,23 Varsity Football 4. Roberts, Forrest-Key Club 4,53 Robinson, Terry-HR Rep. 1,23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l,2, VP 23 J.V. Cheerleader 2,33 Homecoming Att. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Sec. 33 Drama Club 5. Robinson, Ruth-Art Club 4. Rose, Regina-Chorus 2,4,53 Pep Club 4. Ross, Janet-Pep Club 43 Y-Teens 4. Runion, Debi-Pep Club 1,2,33Jr. Y-Teens 13 HR Rep. lg Chorus 13 Powderpuff Football 1,43 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Annual Staff 23 Nat. Thespians 3. Sec. 33 Carnival Queen Att. 33 Y-Teens 3,4. Russell, Melinda-lntemational Club 33 Spanish Club 33 NHS 43 Russian Club 43 Chorus 4,53 Rep. to Student Congress 4. 3 . Sadowski, Susan-Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Y-Teens 3,53 Hockey Team 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Powderpuff Football 43 Art Club 53 National Thesp. 53 TARS 53 Powderpuff Football 5. Salop, Sandy-French Club 2,3, Hist. 33 HR Alt. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 4,5, Chaplain 53 TARS 4,53 Debate Team 43 Jr. Civitan 5. Saunders, Mike-DECA 4,5. Scarboro, Frank-Latin Club 4,53 Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Cross Country Track 5. Schmitz, George-Cross Country Track 2. Schindler, Ralph-Interact Club 4,53 Drama Club 4,53 Debate Team 43 Art Club 4,5, Treas. 5. Scott, Beverly-Majorette 23 Pep Club 43 Varsity Cheerleader 33 Drill Team 4,5. Sedel, Bruce-Football Manager 2. Shaw, Larry-Industrial Arts Club 13 Agriculture Club 2,33 Track Team 23 Student Council 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Chorus 43 Class Chaplain 43 FFA 4. Sheeley, Deborah-Spanish Club 4,53 Powderpuff Football 4,53 Jr. Civitan 5. Sheffy, Pamela-Chorus l3Y-Teens 3,4,53 Powderpuff Football 5. Sheppard, David-Aerospace Club 43 Drama Club 4,53 Tennis Team 43 Interact Club 5. Simmons, David-School Play 13 Art Club 3. Simon, Steve-Key Club 4,5. Slovic, Stephanie-Chorus 13 Pep Club 23 Annual Staff 2,53 TARS 53 Gymnastics Team 2,53 HR Rep. 53 Jr. Civitan 53 Art Club 5LPOWd61'pl1ff Football 5. Smith, Dennis-J.V. Football 2,33 J.V. Baseball 23 J.V. Wrestling 33 Varsity Football 4,53 Varsity Wrestling 4,53 Monogram Club 4,53 FCA 4,5. Smith, Marie-Chorus l,4,5. Smith, Marilyn-Basketball Team 1,23 Steering Committee 33 Booster Club 33 Spanish Club 3,4,53 History Club 4,5, Treas. 4, Chaplain 5Q Tri-Hi-Y 5 3 Pep Club 53 Powderpuff Football 5. Smith, Michael-Chorus 1,23 J.V. Football 1. Snowden, Delores-Library Club l,2,33 FHA 13 DECA 4,5. Spencer, James-Band l,2,3,43 Latin Club 3,4, VP 3, Rep:143 Scholastic Team 1,4,53 NHS 4,5, Treas. 53 German Club 53 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4g Jr. Civitan 53 VP 53 Superlative. 236 N Spruill, Deborah-FHA 2,3,4, Chaplain 33 Drill Team 3,4,5, Sec. 53 Chorus 5. Stanton, George-J.V. Football l,2,33 J.V. Wrestling 33 Varsity Football 4,53 Varsity Wrestling 4,51 Monogram Club 4,5. Starling, Denby-Interact Club 3,4,5, Sec. 52 Forensics Club 33 Key Club 43 Jr. Civitan Club 53 Bible Club 53 Standing Committee Chairman 5. Staton, Kinneaird-J.V. Football 2,33 J.V. Basketball 3,43 Varsity Football 4,53 Varsity Basketball 4,5. Staton, Rosetta-Majorette 23 Drama Club 33 FBLA 4, Rep. 23 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Stephan, Tim-J.V. Football I3 J.V. Wrestling 1,23 Art Club 3: Gymnastics Team 4. Stephens, Larry-J.V. Tennis 4: History Club 5. Stevenson, Gene-ACE League 33 Student Council 4. Stewart, Millioent-Chorus 13 Track Team 13 Soccer 23 Drill Team 4,5. Stovall, Eddie-J.V. Football 23 J.V. Basketball 23 Varsity Baseball 2,3,4,5, Co-Capt. 43 HR Rep. 23 Monogram Club 2,3,4,5, VP 53 Varsity Football 3,4,5, Co-Capt. 53 Varsity Basketball 33 FCA 3,4, VP 3, Pres. 43 Superlative. Strange, Janet-HR VP I3 Band 1,2,3,4,53 Majorette 4,5, Head Drum Majorette 5. Strohkorb, Ronald-Outdoor Track 2,3,43 J.V. Basketball 33 Indoor Track 43 Monogram Club 4,53 Cross Country Track 4,5, Co-Capt. 5. Summers, Pamela-Art Club 1,2,4Q Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Y-Teens l,2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 3: FBLA 3. Swimpson, Clarica-Y-Teens 1,23 Girls Club 1,23 FHA 2,3,43 Xino Club 3,43 Industrial Arts Club 43 Spanish Club 4. T Taylor, Charles-J.V. Tennis 3,43 Terry, Starr-Chorus 13 FHA 23 Choral Club 4. Tester, Earl-Band 1,2,3,4, Drum Major 43 Interact Club 4,5. Thomas, Peter-J.V. Football 3. Thompson, Bruce-Audio-Visual Club 2,33 J.V. Football 33 HR Rep. 3. Thourogood, YD-Library Aid 13 HR Rep. 23 Track Team 33 Class V.P. 43 ICT 4,5, Chaplain 4, Pres. 5. Tugman, Peggy-lr. Tri-Hi-Y 13Pep Club 43 Tri-Hi-Y 5. Tumer, Jerry-J.V. Football 2,33 Outdoor Track 3,43 FCA 3,4,53 Varsity Football 4,53 Indoor Track 43 Key Club 4,5, Monogram Club 4,53 Interact Club 4,5. Turner, Pamela-Y-Teens 13 Homecoming Att. 2. Tri-Hi-Y 33 FBLA 43 HR Rep. 4. V Vadersen, Gary-Band 13 HR Rep. 13 J.V. Baseball 33 Varsity Baseball 43 Key Club 4,53 Monogram Club 4,5. VanNostrand, Debra-Chorus 13 FHA 23 German Club 3. Vasile, Alan-Band 1,2,3,4,5. Vasile, Albert-J.V. Football 2,33 J.V. Baseball 23 J.V. Wrestling 33 Varsity Track 33 FCA 3,4,53 Varsity Football 43 Monogram Club 4,53 Cross Country Track 53 Indoor 8t Outdoor Track 5. Veltman, Carol-Art Club I3 Drama Club I3 Newspaper Staff 2,4,5, Art lid 23 Co-lid. 53 HR Scc. 23 French Club 23 Folk Club 3,43 Jr. Civitan 4,53 Y-Teens 4,53 Powderpuff Football 4,53 ICC 43 Hr. Rep. 53 Va. Beach Sun Correspondent 5. W Wakefield, Gail-Powderpuff Football 53 Madrigal Chorus 53 Annual Staff 53 Band 1,23 Y-Teens 3,4,5, Repf-Ilist. 4, Pres. 53 Latin Club 3,43 FTA 33 Nat. Thespians 33 Concert Chorus 43 Miss FC Pageant 4, Miss Congeniality 43 Alt. to Girl's State 43 TARS 5, VP 53 German Club 5, VP 51.Il'. Civitan 4,5, Sec. 4, Trcas. 53 Standing Committee Chairman 5. Wall, Chris-Class Pres. l,2,3,43 Band I,2,3, Drum Major 2,33 Interact Club 3,4,53 Hi-Q Team 3,4,5, Capt. 4,53 Jr. Civitan 43 FC Student Forum 43 Annual Staff 4, Co-Fld., Sports 43 Madrigal Chorus 4,53 Scholastic Team 43 Nat. Thespians 4,52 Forensics Club 4,53 WGH High School Correspondent 43 NHS 53 Outstanding Sr. Boy 53 SCA Pres. 53 Superlative. Waller, John-Soccer 23 Wrestling 2,3,4,53 Track 2,3,4,5Q Cross Country Track 3,4,53 TARS 4,5, Treas. 4,53 Jr. Civitan 53 Interact Club 5. Walthall, Scott-Hi-Y 23 Hr. Rep. 23 Gymnastics 14,53 Soccer 33 Jr, Civitan 53 Golf 4,53 Interact Club 4,53 Aero-Space Club 4,5, VP 4.5. Warren, Nanette-Hockey 1,33 Latin Club 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 T-Teens 3,41 Drill Team 33 Symnastics 33 Hr. Rep. 43 Spanish Club 5. Whalen-TARS 5. Whitaker, Roslyn-Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, Sgt-at-Arms 2,43 JV Cheerleader 33 Varsity Cheerleader 4,53 Scholastic Team 33 NHS 4,53 Hr. Rep. 5: Newspaper Staff 5. White, Patricia-Newspaper Staff 2,33 FNA 23 Latin Club 4. Williams, Brenda-Chorus 13 Drill Team 3,4,5. Williams, Bruoe-Band l,2. Williams, Johnny-J.V. Football 23 Varsity Wrestling 5. Williams, Marsha- GAAA I3 Powderpuff Football 1,4,53 Surf Queen Att. 13 Class Treas. 2,43 Pep Club 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Basketball Team 2,3,41 Annual Staff 2,4,5, Class Ed. 2,4, Ed.-in-Chief 53 HR Rep. 33 Y-Teens 3,4,5, Sgt--at-Arms 43 Girls State Alt. 43 Jr. Civitan 4,53 Class Sec. 53 Superlative. Williams, Norman-Indoor 8t Outdoor Track 3,4,53 FCA 4,53 Monogram Club 4,52 Art Club 4,53 Interact Club 5. Willis, William-Chess Club 43 Spanish Club 5. Wilson, Bernadean-YY-Teens l,2,43 Dramatic Club l,2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,3,43 Spanish Club 2,4. Wilson, Jack-J.V. Football 2,33 J.V. Baseball 23 Varsity Baseball 4,52 Varsity Football 3. Winecoff, David-J.V. Basketball 1,23 J.V. Baseball l,2,33 J.V. Football 2,33 Jr. Hi-Y 23 Varsity Football 4,53 Varsity Baseball 4,53 Monogram Club 4,53 FCA 4,5. Winnett, Lynne-Drill Team 3,43 FBLA 33 Tri-Hi-Y 4: Powderpuff Football4,5. Wise, Patricia-DECA 43 Chorus 4,5. Wood, Brenda-Pep Club 4. Worden, David-Spanish Club 2,3,4,5, Treas. 53 Beta Club 33 Art Club 5: NHS 5. Wyche, Malvem-J.V. Football 1,23 Hr. Rep. 1,23 Class Treas. 23 Varsity Football 3,4,5, Co-Capt. 53 Monogram Club 3,4,5, Sgt.-at.Arms 4: Superlative. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM THE HERITAGE STAFF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1970 FROM Wfifffgf, 239 U' i Acknowledgements The 1970 Heritage was published with the help and understanding of many individuals. My thanks first go to all the members of the annual staff whose endless hours of work made this book possible. Thanks are also extended to our sponsors Mrs. Gwen lnfantino and Mr. Jerry Loar for their guidance throughout the year and the ideas they inspired. I thank Mr. John Perry, Hunter Publishing Company representative, whom we consider an integral part of our staff. Photographic suggestions, candid shots, and Senior portraits deserve a special thanks to Mr. Mclntosh and his assistants. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Mr. Carlton Bowyer, principal, without whose inspiration this annual would not have been possible. Thank you students, administration, faculty, patrons, and advertisers. Marsha Williams, Editor Specifications Printed through the off-set lithography process by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, N.C. Basic paper stock was Warren's Saxony Enamel. Type used was Times Roman with bold. All color photographs except page sixteen were hand crafted by Mclntosh Studios. Cover manufactured by Kingscraft Covers, Kingsport, Tenn. Press run-1,000 copies. Further specifications upon request. Address inquiries to The Heritage, First Colonial High School, 1272 First Colonial Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 'bl Cfn 1. , Af. C4 He .- .4 .'l . qt: 5 1? A " Q'-.f MY ng K , .1 A 'J ' -T-Fw . -, 5. I Y ,ff .-"1 ,. . W' . U giaa ,, -, 1 -Z1 i. 4 L.: 91 '1 ' ,4 -I' --42 '-g ,: 114 52 " A un, .. L pxn I I ' L .Ja 44 -,-F 1, 5.1. r- W' V .t I- 1 ,. j r.' E . 'I Y. 1 -P I .1 5' " .5 ' ,Ill 4 -f I sh.. Q. , I. 1 '- me ' ,:-lv. .- T .Le- 4 Y , I "E, '11 -. Jr ..- .1, . ':., fl' 'fb ' I ..., ' A!- '1 ' v .-' .- ., if ax ' 1 . 3'-. .-4 -, ' . T. Madam .mm - Y hw" "fav vs' , I , . ., ' . . . . y I ' 1 Q-fkig , Magi' ,fi--5 v rv I 4 .Y . 1. . . , . ' , .g Y .l.- 1X 2? " Y. , 5 , .4- 1 ' wr, si , .L ,qw .4 '-'-N ho.. H' 9 'lx ' 'L -Q -v."X .'.L 2.2 .M .V-L 1A h .',' ,Pri . 4 1 X1- .' 3 ' '-if.'.1 4,5 Al . C" 4J' -a A.- .4 i qu.. Nfl: 1.7! "KW '.'.- , If , V. . ' , j -K. .lJE.Ffn .-. 1' 'a ' 'V ll "Z, .Y ' p ,' Y 5 Q' .gba-' ' I .,,5l,, - . AA' 'Q 'F' la . J- Q31 '. ..- l,fv',-QW , -3 -fr, ,Q.,, .L1,Y,.' . A " ,.1','4,Q4"r' .,. LQ?,QX'L.1 fl, N11-.!,. ., ,' , X A - ' , '-' '. ,' X,...1'A,-!l8Qi 'Af' , . x ,- ' 4 ff!- f 1 A, sh" . f:f..1 -'41 ' gl n. ' 'WV' + Fin! ,V . xx-. .'-. ' lu ' Iv, .', .A . V N' . 5 , 553:11 1,-'rn . V 1 4 3 r .1 16 U, J -v, I n . . 5 I? Lfq ,. , .' . 'fmt ' wi' YI- ' r Q ' fr I 1 , Q .4 1-,"- L' p -., ,x ' ,LP-,-".' . 11,53 ,. , . .4 A Vins, , v .-,' 1 ,iv-4 4 ' 1.344 ' 1.4 N- 4 . :.-5,-- . f -.T 5.'4l' In 1.9.14 , --..,1Lr,I I' ng. 'if3gfQh"..n"1fx W'1'1lk,5-'o 1 vu "1 'gh N x 'x 'W I I -,-. .ni lil I ' Q. . ,,. 4.4,-s, , A u 1, ' I 'J ,1 ' ft ."' -2 1 b1.,r:N 1, ..A' ' ' In ss-' 5 . wg! A. , 'rl . -'C't'f.'l'5 1 V , u ' QV .'., , wifi ,. .N q ,-.4 1 ivr. A Q 1 'rg . I .xl YI' 4 WL A. -. .g ,h N'-'N V. v -I .".:i K . 1 N1- lfug . ffl. .JN .sv ' J I A I ' 'z I. .,.sl ., JL - sul ' .," l A X., I '- K iafalx is 'lfgngr ' vw + J N 4 n 7' . '- gf rn R M 1 sail.. ju' 0 f.I1:"JN -2,-1' f dw 'IL I " x

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