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4 1" Lil V I du .fi , j ,W 1 1.' ' Te:-'-'?rl'I:y, T 1 f f"'.sQ""Ltf.:!l. " M A - -- g, ,qqg-,J .':... J-L...,41,--xr-+-Y-u.-.uL.4.,L1:.. ,AAA I. 4 4 N I 1 ' w , N -v A A ?5fs"v,,4iv ff l 1: 1 , f -' , - X- an ' if emi H 5 ww .. M. UN ww ww . , s, A , ",A 5 f G 2 - N- 'r l - 2 4, aa Q:AA Qs g ' ,f 4 3 5 1 V'f1 , , -' 5 'f -fLA U ,,., S , f .,,, 5 ,. , ' f, " ' ,, A. 1- ', 7 V '-, zff Q U l' UI 74a Zeafzdaodofaad Zemda o Ufzciewuw . Qafueaea 7-'awning 7054: 65461 l 1 ROY M. MARTIN Greenwood, Mississippi ,mi ,. Q , 5, it - - i ln -"9 es' ,. 4 ' I. C. W. MARTI North Little Roc Arkansas ROY M. MARTIN fEditorj and C. W. MARTIN, his father-a pioneer bandsman whose courage and convictions greatly influenced the life of the editor. ASPIRATIONS What are YOUR aspirations? How much you can accomplish depends very much on your aspirations. Aspirations come largely from inspira- tions and inspirations come from without much more than from within-chiefly from associations with successful people and their works or from great books, great paint- ings, or great music. You, for whom this 'article is written, are fortunate to have come in contact with your musical director, for it is he who has given the inspiration for the development of the fine musical organization of which you are a member. It was not intended that we should rest in contentment with each success, but that each new success bring forth new hopes and aspirations. Each of us should hold our principles and our aspirations as clear as life itself for life without inspirations and aspirations cn only be dull and unsuccessful. One of the saddest situations facing the world today is the fact that so many seem to be satisfied with the mediocre. No satisfied person ever succeeded. Therefore, it behooves us to be displeased with what we are and what we do, for when we have pleased ourselves, we will certainly progress no further. It is perfectly all right to be quite content until it is time to rise. In other words, be proud of accomplishments, but never satisfied with the present status and never ready to give up longing and wishing. Yet, we are to keep in mind that we are not to let contentment and aspiration conflict to the point of making us miserable. Our prayer should be "Let me lift myself above the average for the average is too low to bring much success." The things for which you aspire are within your reach if only you want them enough to pay the required price. You can climb the summits, but you cannot dwell there, you must go on-up and up or surely down. Develop a purpose in life, secure inspiration from every available source, and then throw your every resource into the development of that purpose. Aim for perfection in everything that you do even though in most instances per- fection is unattainable. Yet in so aiming and constantly striving you will come closer to perfection than those who never aspire to attain it. You cannot measure your life, but you can resolve to put your life to its noblest and best use, remembering always that life has nothing good and high in store for those who do not aim at the good and the high and that one is not exalted because of what he has accomplished, but rather by what he aspires to ac- complish. D ICAT1 99 O LOCKPORT TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL BAND LOCKPORT, ILLINOIS The 1958 Edition of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA is dedi cated to The Lockport High School Band and to its director Ernest O. Caneva, because they have set a standard in perform ance which raises the dignity of the music programs in the nation's schools. ..- V 'if- I' ' -r '. Ia, ,f ....a.,,.. -. . - lf", 'fishy' H,-ff" f f "'1..g" I I. - LIP' fi '-'..'l:gi.tE' 1. -' L'4,I N, "f, .' . 1 , c- . lj! r:'Tif"5"'r 'paw-if 1 I it f' H Ji' .V ,. ,. H I-' I- ,F M-'f. .' ,uf "F" - IQ?-.L . -' 52' wi 'I I in lf'-, , K, Srl all HISTORY OF THE LOCKPORT TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Lockport Township High School Band, under the direction of Ernest O. Caneva, is recognized as one of the most outstanding musical organizations of the nation. Since 1934 it has consistently won honors in every contest it has entered-district, state, national, and international. The band has been awarded the Governor's Trophy at the Illinois State Fair six times and has placed first seven times at the Chicago Tournament of Music. It has also gained permanent possession of the Bowman Dairy Trophy by winning first place three consecutive years at Harvard, Illinois Milk Festival. Two Admiral Trophies have also been awarded to the band through competition at Harvard. In 1953 the band participated in the Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival as a guest band and was invited back in LOCKPORT, Lockport has a population of about 6,000 and is highly industrialized-mainly by such companies as the Texas Company, Pure Oil Company, and Steel Companies. In the last five years the Lockport High School has grown to an enrollment of 1,100 studets. Seven public grade schools, two parochial schools, and the Lockport High School provide a fine education for the youngsters in the community. Each grade school has its own band and music department, developed over a long 1954. In 1940 the band played at the New York World's Fair and received a parchment and plaque and on the same trip gave an outstanding concert on Constitutional Avenue in Washington, D. C. The band participated in the Lions International Parade in Atlantic City, New jersey, in 1952 and received second place in competition with sixty-four bands. In 1953 the band again entered Inter- national Lions Competition in Chicago and tied for first place with the Joliet Township High School Band. The band was declared state champions in 1939, 1941, 1946, 1947, and 1949. It was chosen as one of nine outstanding bands in the nation to perform in concert at the 11th Annual Mid-West National Band Clinic in Chicago where it brought the four-day clinic to a brilliant close on Decem- ber 21, 1957. ILLINOIS program of twenty-four years. Then band rooms in some of the schools are of the finest in the state. The Lockport High School has one of the finest band rooms in the country with facilities including practice rooms, built-in risers, etc. adequate for at least 150 students. The program is completely financed by the Board of Education, but help in raising money is also provided by the Band Boosters Organization made up of parents and friends of the band. T SENIOR BAND GIRLS BACK ROW: Frances DeSandre,' Librarian, First Flute, Darlene FRONT ROW: Sally Shwp, Ist Alto Clarinet: Patti Drake, Ohboei DePra, 3rd Horn, Accompanist to Chorus, Camille Abrams, 2nd BOPUIC Revels, 5rd SHXOPIIOHCS IUCIY Del 521350, 2nd Tf0mb0l'l1UU13 Clarinet, Cecile Chinderle, lst Bass Clarinet, Jacqueline Feltz, lst Bassoon. Wilma Wawczak, lst Trombomumg Carol Cavoretto, 2nd Clari- net, Marilyn Vonch, lst Clarinetg Not pictured, Jane Murray, lst Horn. THE PERSONS WHO GOVERN LOCKPORT LOCKPORT POLICE Above are the men marching practices football games. QL Fuser- '-.-13 .- '1 -FQJ'-W , and women who are of so much help to us in arranging parades on the streets, and controlling traffic for us before and after ft to Rightj Sgt George Geary Officer Jerome Taskey Officer e . , , Robert Gait, Officer john Price, Officer Dolores Feithen, Officer William Feithen Sitting: Chief Stephen Reed. CITY COUNCIL OI' LOCKPORT fLeft to Rightj FIRST ROW: dent of Waterworksg EARL KARSTENS, City Clerk Mayor DANIEL T. LAMBERT JOSEPH O. DARIN, Alderman of the Second Ward WILLIAM BROWN, Alder- man of First Ward BACK ROW: CLAUD M. WIDNER, Alderman of Second Ward SWEN A. NELSON, Alderman of Third Ward NORMAN F. SOLLEY, Alder- man of Third Ward MANFRED CARLSON, Alder- man of Fourth Ward GLENN E. MILLER, City At- torney CHARLES F. ENZ, Superinten- 5 LOCKPORT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION STATEMENT It is my belief that "Education is life itself, and that school is not merely preparation for life." That each day as the student goes about his work in the school, at home, in music, in athletics, in community activities, or at a part- time job after school hours, he is a living and active member of society. Education is, therefore, a combination of living, learning, and doing. It comes from both books and other experiences. Music is an integral part of this combination. It serves the school and the community by making it possible for all to participate through our bands, orchestras, and chorus- es thus helping to lift the cultural level of our society. We deeply appreciate what contributions are made by musicians, teachers, conductors, and others active in the area of music, for they give so much to each of us. DR. WILLIAM H. BLATNIK Superintendent Lockport Township High School Dr. Blatnik received his Master's and his Doctor's degrees from the Univer- sity of Illinois and his B.Ed. degree from Illinois State Normal University. Although still youthful, he has had a wide range of educational experiences ranging from elementary through high school in administration, and high school through university in teaching. BOARD OF EDUCATION fLeft to Rightzj Mr. Carroll Ward, Mr. William Babich, Dr. William H. Blatnik, Mr. Robert Morse fPresidentJ, Mr. Felix Borio, Mr. Melvin Blogg, Mr. Park Widner. Not Pictured: Mr. John Virklan fAttorneyj, Mr. joseph Bollantino, Mr. Ludwig Bollero. 6 MR. CANEVA AND CO-WORKERS Mr. Caneva has been the director of the Lockport Township High School Band since 1932. Starting with a 22-piece band, he has developed it into the 150-member organization. Mr. Caneva has studied in Europe, North- western University, Vandercook College of Music, and other places too numerous to mention. Recently he made a trip to Venice, Italy, and there he worked with a famous band. Mr. Caneva is well known throughout the country as a composer of a large number of musical selections. He has been guest conductor on many occasions, is a charter member of the A.S.B.D.A., honorary member of the N.C.B.A., and adjudicator of many contests and festivals. BAND BOOSTERS' OFFICERS JOSEPH DARIN, President MRS. ANGELO DePRA, Secretary RUSSELL NEHLS, Vice President MRS. EVERETT GULLICKSON, Treasurer ERNEST O. CANEVA Mr. Caneva with his assistants, left, HERBERT TATROE, director of the Second Band, and ROBERT HOWELL, who serves as director of the Madrigals and A Cappella Chorus. Mr. Tatroe has been Mr. Caneva's assistant for three years. He was formerly a band member. Mr. Howell, new to Lockport High this year formerly taught at Saybrook High School, Proudly We Present A smiling "Ernie" displays some of the trophies and plaques awarded his bands through the years. The trophy he holds became the band's permanent prize after being named "Best Band" three consecutive years at the Harvard, Illinois Milk Festival. The trophy is awarded by the Bowman Dairy Company. Ernie has been Lockport High's band director since 1932 when he began with 22 musicians. Under his masterful tutelage a 150-member organization has developed. LOCKPORT, ILLINOIS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND BAND OFFICERS who help guide band activities are Ueft to rightj Amy Staples, Treasurerg Shirley Smith, Vice-Presidentg Sharon Fisher, Sophomore Representa- tiveg Roger Bolattino, President, Mary Ann Becker, Librarian, and Rolin Bolattino, Freshman Representa- tive. Not pictured is Terry Legan who serves as Secre- tary. S111 "' The BAND BOOSTERS headed by officers fleft to rihtj Mrs. Everett Gullicksen, Treasurer, Mrs, Angelo DePra, Secretary, Joseph Darin, President, and Russell Nehls, Vice Presiclentg back the band in all its activities and finance special events such as the trip to the Mid-West Conference. The bangs PROUD GUARD led by Drum jim Kobe includes rightj Shirley Smith, Marilyn Vonch, Patty Sally Shoop, Carol C and Margaret Meadows sor. FIRST ROW fTopj: joe Fabbre, Bill Luebs, Perry Kristich, Jim Abrams, Steve Johnson, Charles Pastore. SECOND ROW fMicldleJ: Levone Pasternak, Caro- lyn Yates, Mary Ann Becker, Darlene DePra, Evelyn Elmore, jane Murray, Amy Staples, Edna Mae Bur- cham. THIRD ROW fBottomQ john Legg, john Billingsley, Charles Roesel, james Pelc, joy johnson, Linda Murphy, Barbara Traylor. Above, BOTTOM ROW: Frank Alberico, Rolin Bolattino, janet Schumann, Roger Bollatino, Bonita Brake, Dan Likar, Al Wason, Judy Stockbar. SECOND ROW: John Darin, Edwin johnson, Ray Mohalick, Bill Grady, jim Drake, Chuck Stanley, jack Diaz. THIRD ROW fTopJ: Bill Holt, Phil Cromer, Merold Yates, Tom johnson, Gary Hish, ' 8 LOCKPORT TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL BAND BAND OFFICERS SHARON FISHER, Sophomore Representative, ROLIN BOLATTINO, Freshman Representative, SHIRLEY SMITH, Vice Presidentg ROGER BOLATTINO, Presidentg AMY STAPLES, Treasurerg MARY ANN BECKER, Librarian. Left to Right, FIRST ROW fBottomJ: Larry Mudron, Jeanine Cavoretto, Grace Bachmann, Marilyn Vonch, Nick Kobe, Sharon Fisher, Donna Woodhouse, Karen Kurey. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Cagwin, Bill Petan, Marjorie l Glasser, Bill Malinowski, Pat Thompson, Georgia Nord- strom, Susan Brown, Pat Sramek. THIRD ROW fTopJ: Frank Gutierrez, Maxine Wizorek, Georgene Skcldon, Carol Mandeville, Karen Dombroviak, Bonnie Mlynarik. W' ' ' Y' '41 lf P ff' 75 xl 4- I lf ,.l . i 3 f . IN l T W it Qs., Frank Bradach, Bernard Kijowski, Kenneth Turnbough, James Salbego, Louis Darin, Ray Schoppe, Sharon Wolfe, Barbara Rhode. FIRST ROW: Cecile Chinderle 4, Joan Kotowitz 1, Karen Viscum 1, Kathie Bier 3, Sally Shoop 4, Christine Platko 2, Betty Pozek 2, Jeanine Hickman 2. SECOND ROW: Betty Landon 1, Jacqueline Feltz 4, Ronald Johnson 1, Richard Dystrup 2, Joseph Darin 2, James Kobe 4, Bonita Revels 4, Patricia Pasternak 2. THIRD ROW: Gerald Lundeen 3, Ronald Kevish 4, Harold Carter 2, Paula Emery 1, Karen Rungaitis 3, Virginia Ward 1. 9 LOCKPORT HIGH SCHOOL BAND :BQ I . ' 'H 1' ,W-im, ' 1 FLUTES: Shirley Smith 3, Frances DeSandre 4, Sally Tynor 3, Margaret Meadows 2, Jean Stober 2, Donna Jungles 1, Donna Nehls 3, Dorothy Kristich 1, Barbara Kapella 1, Virginia Carlson 1. OBOE: Pat Drake 4. Eb CLARINETS: William Petan 2, Bonnie Cagwin 3. Bb CLARINETS: Marilyn Vonch 4, Nick Kobe 3, Sharon Fisher 2, Dorothy Kon 2, Donna Woodhouse 1, Grace Bachmann 1, Jeannine Cavoretto 1, Karen Kurey 1, Carol Cavoretto 4, Georgia Nordstrom 3, Dick Panich 4, Pat Thompson 2, Camille Abrams 4, Marilyn Manthey 2, Larry Mudron 2, Karen Gullick- son 2, Marjorie Glasser 3, Susan Brown 2, William Malinoski 1. ALTO CLARINETS: Sally Shoop 4, Christine Platko 2, Bettieann Pozek 2, Jeanine Hickman 2. CONTRA-BASS CLARINET: Joseph Darin 2. BASS CLARINETS: Cecile Chinderle 4, Kathie Bier 3, Joan Kotowicz 1, Karen Viscum 1. BASSOONS: Jackie Feltz 4, Dick Dystrup 2, Betty Landon 1. ALTO SAXOPHONES: James Kobe 4, Pat Ward 1, Bonnie Revels 4, Pat Pasternak 2. TENOR SAXO- PHONES: Harold Carter 2, Karen Rungaitis 3, Paula Emery 1, A BARITONE SAXOPHONES: Ronald Kevish 4, James Lundeen 3. C CORNETS: Roger Bolattino 4, Janet Schumann 1, Rolin Bolattino 1. Bb CORNETS: Maurice Bell 4, Frank Alberico 4, Bonita Drake 1, Albert Wason 1, Dan Likar 3, Judy Stockbar 3, Ray Mohalick 42, Edwin Johnson 2. TRUMPETS: Jimmy Drake 2, John Darin 4, Bill Grady 4. BASS TRUMPETS: Jack Diaz 3, Jim Plankar 5. FRENCH HORNS: Jane Murray 4, Amy Staples 3, Carolyn Yates 2, Darlene DePra 4, Mary Ann Becker 2, Evelyn Elmore 1. TROMBONES: Tom Johnson 1, Merolcl Yates 4, Phil Cromer 2, Bill Holt 1, Ernest Allen 4. TROMBONIUM: Wil111a Wawczak 4, Judy Del Sasso 4, Gary Hish 4. TENOR HORN: Chuck Stanley 2. EUPHONIUM: J hn Legg 1, John Billingsley 4, Charles Roesel 2, James Pelc 2. TQZUBA: Steve Johnson 4, Bill Luebs 2, Perry Kristich 2, Charles Pastore 1, Jim Abrams 2, Joe Fabbre 1. BASS DRUM: Bernie Kijowski 4. SNARE DRUM: James Salbego 3, Louis Darin 3, Ray Schoppe 2. TYMPANI: Frank Bradach 1. CYMBALS: Ken- neth Turnbough 3, BELLS: Sharon Wolfe 2, Juanita Boehme 2, Barbara Rohde 2. COLOR GUARD DRUM MAJOR AND SPONSORS Shirley Smity, James Kobe, Margaret Meadows. Marilyn Vonch, Patti Drake, Sally Shoop, Carol Cavoretto. 1-11- uuuapm.. , , V - - -- . --un-.1-..-......-M.. L-..,., 1... . , T. n A- - , ,ma 1 1 v .5 A , 4' - .. -'--f - . 5 . ii" n, Y- v :V , "XA F3 f ...f rj , w"f,,. : Nm. 5 rw ,rw AQJ - ,. , - . in wh 'n V N n , , ,...-' .. , .., I. 'iw . - nf' I -Q, , W L x , . " -41" fE'1f1x "1 ' YW V ' ' , I 'I . 'Iii '.'A ':ig1f--gr?- g ' . , uf h V xx - if I ' f . hp A ' rw ' 'rw f' 43 'K r ' ' X f ' ' far 1 ' ' . ,sy 2 - vi A 1 Y 6 . I-. 0 Fx 3. - , : . V . a . - fl , TQ gig? Q, Q' u Q C. K' . , X wg ' 7 . - Y ...L 5 N H , - - ' - . . - .I - 5 , 5 U Q 1---'4 ., ' Q o 'I 4 3 ' ' -Q xx ' v Y ff' . f -nf I , ,Q . v x ' f' If -Q, A J' ta r. , ic, eff: 77.231 figfzfz-:li - -Q' ,QKA ' YN ? .: N AWN ,, h . . ' . . f ' ' . ' X 5,1 ,-L. N -2- N -s N .., - X W' fm ps? ,S Km fn? ffm S 1' ix , ,X F-F A M, ff-iff 4 ix A " ' ' v V- " ' I' , ' x ab: ' , X ' Is! ,- V V 1 , -., ,. 1 ' 1 "ww 1 ,gi 1 v 2 A ' 5 ax Q' f X WN 7' f X .....Y -.. V A . f . u . , THE PARADE OF STATES Over a period of nineteen years, FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA has gathered much information regarding the school music organi- zations, bands, orchestras, and choruses in the schools of the various states. Many First Chair members along with their directors and organizations have been honored through this medium of national recognition. It was planned to present a page for each state in the 1958 edition, but it now appears better to present this section as "The Parade of States" in which appears many of the directors who are upholding the highest standards and who believe in honoring their First Chair members with the recognition which they so richly deserve. We know that some who should appear here are not listed, but we were unable to get their pictures and stories. The superb "Twentieth Anniversary" edition 1959 of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA falmost completely reserved at this timej will present the one hundred and fifty very top high school organizations of Arnerica's schools. We expect to make it a Success Story-a success story of the boys and girls who hold the First Chair positions in America's top high school musical organizations and the directors who are responsible for their success, because next to success is the appreciation of it. The person who succeeds above the others is the one, who, early in life, clearly discerns his object and toward that purpose habitually directs his powers-realizing at all times that the greatest results in life are attained by simple means and by the exercise of ordinary qualities. The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right. Those who have succeeded deserve honor, for without honor for recognitionj success in the world would be small indeed. ROY C. MARTIN-Editor THE PARADE OF STATES STATE OF ARIZONA Some of the principal leaders in the field of music in the State of Arizona are: JACK LEE ...................................................,.,..................,.,.,,,...,......,,..,........- ...... U niversity of Arizona PAUL GRIMES ....... ...........,...... T ucson High School BERYL FOLKS .......... .....,... W est Phoenix High School WILLIAM FUNK ..........,......... ,......... A mpitheater High School RAYMOND HENDERSON ..... ...,........ P rescott High School GORDON KIMBALL ..,...... .......... S afford High School KENNETH D. MACK ....... ............, A jo High School JACK HOKANSON ......,. ......, W inslow High School JAMES BRENDEN ....... ......... D ouglas High School VINCENT DUSSAIR ....,.,. ........ G lendale High School HAROLD TEAK .....................,. .....i...... B enson High School EUGENE P, LOMBARDI ..,... ......,.. P hoenix High School - 1 IINCENT S. DUSSAIR-Glendale BERYI.. FOLKS-Phoenix EUGENE P LOMBARDI Phoenix West Phoenix High School E. TEAK-Benson KENNETH D MACK Ago ALABAMA l 'ffl' LAMAR TRIPLETT-Bessemer JOHN M. LONG-MONTGOMERY Past President, Alabama Music Educators' Robert E. Lee High School Association and 'of Bandmasters' Association. LEWIS SIMPKINS-Sylacauga At Sylacauga High for seventeen years. Very active in developing Alabama Music Program. CARL SCHWUCHOW-Decatur Fourteen years at Decatur with pacesetter band, State Chairman ASBDA. fSee Alabama Dedication Bandj MORT M . GLOSSER-Gadsden Past President Alabama Bandmasters As- sociation. JOHN KENDRICK-LANETT Very fine band, active in developing State Program. YALE H. ELLIS-University of Formerly, Woodlawn High, and Lanier High, Montgomery. GENE W. WITHERSPOON Arkansas Polytechnic College, Russellville .S.M.E. and M.A., University of rkansasg directed Superior Band at eQueen High School: Past Presi- ent, Arkansas College Band Direc- rs Associationg member of ASB 8: Ag AMEA3 MENCQ College Band irectors' National Conferenceg Kap- a Kappa Psig Kappa Delta Pig igma Chig adjudicatorg guest con- uctor in many statesg widely known s an outstanding Music Educator. I THOMAS KINSER Stuttgart University of Arkansasg M.M., University, played in First Bandmasters' Ban dg superior bandg adjudicatorg guest concluctorg rated as outstanding leader in field of Education. ARKANSAS R. B. "SCRUBBY" WATSON-Pine Bluff B.M., Hendrix Collegeg M.M., Drake University. Has the respected and well deserved title "Dean of Arkansas Band- masters"g has been in Pine Bluff 21 years where he has maintained his band at the very highest Nationally Superior levelg has been most active in the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Associationg has served as its president 6 years. It can be said, without fear of contradiction, that his has been the major influence on the instrumental pro- gram in the schools of Arkansas. His influence is certainly not confined to schools of Arkansas for he is a nationally known adjudicator, clinician, and conductor. He has taught in summer sessions at Mississippi State College and at Monticello A8rM College where he has been most helpful to band directors from many states and to thousands of students. He is one of America's truly great band men and music educators. DONALD R. MINX-Arkansas State College, Jonesboro Bachelor's and Master's degrees Indiana State Teachers Collegeg additional study, Georgetown Universityg French Horn student 5 years of Max Pottag, one year's study in Bayreuth, Germanyg maintained highly superior band and choir 6 years at North Judson, Indianag has greatly improved instrumental program at Arkansas State. Widely known clinician, adjudicator, and guest conductorg outstanding music educator. J. RAYMOND BRANDON North Little Rock B.M., Vander-Cook School of Musicg Masters is School Administration, Western State Collegeg attended Lewis and Clark, and Hendrix Col- leges. Taught 15 years at Texarkana, 7 years at North Little Rock. Past President Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Associationg C h a i r m a n Clinic Festival Committee 2 yearsg editor of "The Director" since 1950. State Chairman of and on.National Membership Committee of American School Band Directors' Association. Adjudicatorg cliniciang guest con- ductor in many statesg always has Superior bandsg an outstanding and widely known Music Educator. WAYNE K. WILSON Crossett B.S. Western State College, Ky., work towards Masters', University of Houston and Arkansas A8cM Collegeg was student conductor of Joliet, Illinois Band under the late A. R. MCAllisterg maintains highly superior band at Crossettg has contributed much to maintenance of high stand- ards in band music. CALIFORNIA Here are some of the people who are responsible for the really fine California Music Program ARTHUR SCHWUCHOW ,..... Grossmont High School, San Diego GORDON LOWE .................... Tulare High School Band, Tulare WILLIAM BALLARD .,........., Antelope Valley High School Band, ...............Lancaster WILLIAM A. SCHAEFER ....,... University of Southern California FRED STEFN .........,.............. Merced High School Band, Merced CLARNCE SAWHILL ........,.,,.,...,,.,,..,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,4 L05 Angeles CLIFFORD ANDERSON .........,...... Monterey High School Band, Monterey BERT STEVENSON GORDON LOWE .. VIRL M. SWAN ....... JOSEPH E. CUNHA .........Ceres High School Band, Ceres .....Tulare High School Band, Tulare ROBERT LUTT .................... Berkeley High School Band, Berkeley .........,.......Vallejo Senior High Band, Vallejo LESTER OAKS ............... LESLIE SWEENEY ............. JOHN DEL MONACO ..... Some are pictured on this page, some with their organizations in 1 A., . A XXX . ga Q ................,.........,.......,,,.........Riverdale ..,......,ChicO ........ Compton this edition A N- I Emilia, JOHN L. SHAFER WILLIAM A. SCHAEFER LESTER OAKS it :Tiff-: , I.. iz, 'U' IYQ IL.,-q HUGH W. GIVENS VERNON "BERT" STEVENSON JOSEPH E. CUNHA VIRL M. SWAN I6 COLORADO We are pleased to list some of the outstanding leaders in LLOYD JENSEN ,,,.,,., .,.,,,.,.,.........., H igh School Band, Sterling ED KEHN .,..,,,.,.,,.,,. ,,....... B oulder High School Band, Boulder TED GERINGER ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,......,,....,,,, High School Band, Lamar MARION JACOBS .,,..,,,....,,,. High School Band, Grand Junction Glenwood Springs FRITZ BRAMBLE ...... ........v..,,..,...................... HUGH MCMILLEN ...,.,...... University of Colorado Band, Boulder LESTER TURNER .....,.............,........ High School Band, Gunnison the State of Colorado and to prese nt pictures of some of them: RAYMOND DEN BESTE ................ High School Band, Paonia TOM LIESEN ................v............... High School Band, Kit Carson PHILOMENE LIESEN ..,,. ....... L a Junta Junior High School, La Junta B. E. SYRING ..............v.v.....v.....................................,... Monte Vista CHARLES MEEKER ........ High S chool Chorus, Colorado Springs DR. ROBERT HAWKINS ............,............,.. Western State College ul: ll i I JU in Wi Qi' il J ,i THOMAS H. LIESEN-Pueblo PHILOMENE LIESEN-La Junta DR. ROBERT HAWKINS-Western State College TED GERINGER-Lamar B. E. SYRING-Monte vista 5 vu x i K Q -S x, LESTER W. TURNER RAYMOND DEN BESTE LLOYD JENSEN-Sterling See State Dedication I 7 l . i l i I , , 'fm ui f' 1 ' M U ,tg . semi a I LW ig. , ii aww CONNECTICUT Some of the outstanding leaders in the field of music for the State of Connecticut are: W. RAYMOND RANDALL ........................................,.,,,................... High School Choir, Stamford RICHARD A. OTTO ................ ......... L yman High School Band, Wallingford GRACE JERSEY ....... ...... - .,.......,...............,...., H igh School Band, Plainville BETTY SONIER ....... ...............i.........,.,.........,..... H igh School Choir, Winsted WILLIAM LAVER .....,........... .......... W illiarn Hall High School Band, West Hartford ERIC OSTERLING ..,...,............. .................................,,........ P ortland High School Band DONALD CUNNINGHAM ........ ,...,.............,.................... H igh School Band, Guilford RICHARD BENVENUTI ....... ......... H igh School Band, New London -., 4 f , , i , W Q, J My X. , 1- g . . I .. , ,I ,F .lq,,q , N in , a I.. I 1 I 1 ,Ml tai ' RICHARD A. OTTO-Wallingford W, RAYMOND RANDALL-Stamford BETTY SONIER-Winsted fSee presentation of Organization fSee presentation of Organization fSee presentation of Organization this edition, this edition, this editionj DELAWARE EDWIN F. ENGLEHART Caesar Rodney High School Camden-Wyoming, Delaware. FLORIDA EVERETT L. ROBERTS St. Petersburg iiarter member and Past Presi- nt, Florida Bandmasters Associ- 'iong Secretary, A.S.B.D.A.g con- stently Superior Band. I EDWIN T. COOK Coral Gables Treasurer, Dist. I, F.B.A. has judged extensivelyg has Superior Band fea- at many events over Amer- HOWARD B. SWYERS Palm Beach President F,M.E.A.g Past Presi- dent F.O.A. and F.B.A. Consist- ently Superior Band. ROY V. WOOD Winter Haven Adjudicatorg has held many offi- cial positions in F.B.A.g F.O.A.g F.V.A. Consis-tently S u p e rio r bands, orchestras and choruses. w lf' HAROLD BACHMAN University of Florida Nationally k n o w n, outstanding conductor, adjudicator, clinician and educator. Past President A.- B.A. PAUL GUSTAT Sebring Followed his illustrious father who was at Sebring for 23 yearsg consistently Superior bands. B. M. DONALDSON Gainesville Played bassoon, Central Florida Syrnphonyg Clarinet, Navy Bandg member of A.S.B.D.A.g consist- ently Superior bands. ROBERT O. LAMPI Pahokee Secretary-Treasurer of F,B.A, for more than ten yearsg member oft A.S.B.D.A.g consistently Superior Band. PAUL CREMASCHI Coral Gables President F.B.A. 1951-52g direct- ed Superior groups before be- coming Director of Music at Coral Gablesg consistently Super- ior organizations. OTTO J. KRAUSHAAR Miami Senior High Nationally known Music Educa- torg consistently Superior bandsg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest con- ductorg see Florida State Dedi- cation Band fthis editionj. I9 rv-ti. ' 1 --it Ili I 1,-5.1 ..,.. i 'IU G ra sl nga at-get 1 Q w R x : tfl . .ff if 'ff E' 9 i- 4 45:1-L , R. OWEN SEITZ-Atlanta Director of Band and Orchestra, Henry Grady High School B.A., Western Kentucky State Collegeg M.M.Ed. Vandercook School of Musicg Past President, G.M.E.A.g mem- ber, A.S.B.D.A.g Kappa Kappa Psig con- sistently Superior bands and orchestrasg outstanding Music Educator. 5 GEORGIA NAT E. FRAZIER-Moultrie B.E.M.Ed., University of Georgiag valuable, varied experience in Music fieldg consistent- ly Superior choirsg Past Chairman of State Vocal Divisiong adjudicator, clinician, guest conductorg outstanding Music Educator. Outstanding directors in the State of Georgia include ROBERT M. BARR ...... BEN s1sK ...,....i.,.,..., RODNEY JoNAs ......,. JOHN W. HAMBRICK DONALD RICH ........... WILLIAM T. VERRAN NAT FRAZIBR ...,........ R. OWEN SEITZ ......,, High School Columbus ......,..Murphy High School Atlanta Grady High School Atlanta 1 ductor. THOMAS J. BYRNES-Athens ,, ' Outstanding Music Educatorg has con- illwl W tributed greatly to the development of j Musicg superior teacher and directorg ' adjudicatorg cliniciang and guest con- mfigfri RODNEY E. JONAS-Brunswick Director of Glynn Academy Bandg Pre- sident, G.M.E.A.g consistently superior workg contributes much in service to Music programg member of many pro- fessional organizationsg o u t s t a nding Music Educator. ELWYN SCI-IWARTZ-University of Idaho IDAHO BOARD OF CONTROL President RICHARD R. SMITH ..,.,,...,...,.......,..,....,..... ,..........Y..... D rrector of Orchestra, Twin Falls first Vice President, DON AUPPERLE ......,....,,.,.. ........ V ocal Director, High School, Idaho Falls Second Vice President, WALT SNODGRASS .,..,. .....,..... B and Director, High School, Moscow Secretary Treasurer, LORRAINE E. JOHNSON .,...,. .....,..........,.. B and Director, S.-Ir. Hi., Boise District Presidents, GILBERT N, BURNS ..,....,.... ......... I nstrumental Director, High School, Coeur d'Alene ELMER STITZLEIN .....,. .............,....... V ocal Director, High School, Kendrick BERT BURDA ,,....,....,.... ...,,.. ........... V o cal Director, High School, Boise FRANK WEBSTER ........... ,...,,,....,...,................. M usic Director, Wendell WALTER E. THOMAS ..... .....,,..,.,.... ......,.. M u sic Director, High School, Aberdeen HAL BARTON ....,,.,.......,..,......,.......,,....... .....,., B and Director, High School, Rexburg State N I M A C Chairman, WALT SNODGRASS ...... .....................,.......,...,..,,,,.... Q ,See Abovej Gcneral WALT SNODGRASS ,,.,..,i.,.,.........,.......,.... ....,,,.,.,............,.................... Q See Abovej Band LYNN BARKER .......,,...,.... ....... B and Director, High School, Shelley Orchestra DON AUPPERLE ..... ,..,.,..,,.......,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. Q See Abovej Vocal ELMER STITZLEIN .....,. ,,,..,.,..,..,.,.,,..,,,..,...,,,,,,.,,,, Q See Abovej l GLEN EXUM-Kellogg Second Vice President Idaho Music Supervisor at Kellogg for 24 years: Served Educators Associttion formcr clzri as adjudicator and guest conductor. RICHARD R. SMITH President, Idaho Music Educators Associationg Organizing Chairman Idaho Biennial Music Educators' Conferenceg All State Orchestra, 1952-543 adjudicator, cliniciang guest Con- ductor. Specialist in Music Education, directed bands in California 1946-50g Conductor of University Symphony Orchestra 1954-55g Director Summer Concert Band 1955, editor of Audio-Visual Aids Dept. "The Instrumentalistug Workshop Consultantg Clinician for bandg Adjudicatorg President, California Music Educators' Association 1949-51, President, Idaho Music Educators' Association 1952-54g Second Vice President, Northwest Division "Music Educators' National Conference 1957-59. Master of Ceremonies, speaker-church, fraternal, professional conferences, conventions and ban- quets. ADAIR HILLIGOSS-Sandpoint Has Superior Band in all fields. Clinician, adjudicator, M a r c h i n g Band Pageantry and Dance Band Materials authority, Central Wash- ington College of Education Summer facultyg Past President Dist, I, Music Educatorsg Idaho State Sight Reading Chairman 2 years. ERNEST O. CANEVA-Lockport Dedication Band 1958 Edition OTTO GRAHAM-Waukegan Long years of outstanding serviceg many, many honors have come his way for his splendid servicesg highly Superior bands consistently. INDIANA DR. MAURICE F. Sl-IADLEY of University Music Servicesg at Rensselaer, Greenwood, Bridge, Smithville, Indiana Central Collegel guest concluctorg church choir direc- LARRY JOHNSON Band and Orchestra, Bosse High School, Evansvilleg consistently Superior organiza- tionsg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest con- cluctor. CARROLL COPELAND Franklin, I fSee Band, this editionl BOB SHARPE Columbia City fSee Band, this editionj VERNON E. SPAULDING Crawforclsville fi - ' Mu Alpha. ne band, member A.S.B.D.A., AL G. WRIGHT Purdue One of America's leading Music Educatorsg A.B.A.3 Board of Control National Inter- scholastic Music Activities Commission fM.E.N.C.Jg cliniciang adjudicatorg guest conductor. T. E. PEGLER Washington Consistently Superior Bandg A.S.B.D.A.g I.S.M.A.g Phi Beta Mug Past President, Indiana State Music Associationg Clinic Staff fSummerj Indiana Universityg church choir director. CORLYLE F. "BUD" DRAKE Converse Music Supervisor, Oak Hill School Corp.: Director Converse High School Bandg con- sistently Superior bandsg Concert Band Director, Midwest Band Campg Purdue, Summer 1957. .fl V- if .Q v es if - f T 'ft l . li 3,fe' f A I lx A Jr af X f , - g tg' 'A . G TOM BISHOP Jasper Consistently Superior bands 23 RICHARD D. DAY-Ames Has been at Ames since 1927 where he has maintained a consistently Superior bandg has developed Instrumental Depart- ment from small part-time, after- school activity to a department with four full-time directors and 700 studentsg directs Ames Municipal Band in 15 concerts each seasong member Phi Mu Alphag Past President Iowa Band Masters Associationg father of "Major Landers Scholarship Idea" sponsored an- nually by this groupg outstanding Music Educator. ROBERT W. DEAN-Spencer B.F.A. Nebraska State Teachers Collegeg M.M. Northwestern Universityg eleven years at Spencer where he has maintained highly Superior organizations. Vice Presi- dent A.S.B.D.A.g Chairman A.S.B.D.A. National Solo and Ensemble Committeeg Chairman Iowa All-State Band 1954-56 for I.H.S. Music Associationg Chairman of Band Affairs for I.M.E.A., 1954-56g mem- ber Region 10 National Music Contest Board one termg outstanding Music Edu- cator. 24 IOWA WALTER E. LAKE-Fort Dodge Educated at Michigan State, Western Michigan Teachersg B.A., University of Michigan, Ft. Madi- son Business College, University of Iowa and Drake University, M.M.E.g member of Karl King Municipal Bandg Past President Iowa Commercial Teachers' Associationg Past President, Iowa State -Bandmasters' Associationg now Chairman of Iowa Curriculum Committeeg Vice President Iowa Music Educators Associationg past member Execu- tive Committee of Iowa High School Music Associationg Pi Kappa Lambdag A.S.B.D.A. G. EDWARD NELSON-DeWitt B.M.E., Augustana Collegeg M.A., University of Iowag 8 years at Dewitt where he has maintained very fine bands. French horn, Tri-City Symphonyg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg on "Band Review" staff of School Musiciang outstanding Music Educator. iii 'Qui ROBERT PFALTZGRAFF-Perry Outstanding Music Educatorg has many honors for his highly Superior at Perry High Schoolg appears with choir at many other high schools and legesg presented concert for Iowa Educators' Annual State Convention. MAI-ILON E. COLLINS-Charles City B.M., Simpson Collegeg M.A., Universi of Iowag directed Army Band, World Wa II and Korean Warp directs Municipg Band, Community Chorus, and City Char? ber of Commerce Men's Chorusg membe of Phi Mu Alphag outstanding Music Ed cator. fSee Band, this editionj l KANSAS "'fX . ,. xgaxst--.,, .",.z4WmmJ'-4 Q. 1? li . ., ii U.-1 m-I -.4 ff:-' fri- 'L DON R. BAILEY-Russell HOWARD HALGEDAHL onsistently Superior bands. See Wfinfield tate Dedication. Consistently Superior organization if DEAN B. OWEN-Dighton Very active in collegeg Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoniag Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- tiesg Past President, District 53 now Band Chairman N.I.M.A.C.g Vice President Iota Chapter Phi Beta Mug consistently Superior organizations. LYLE DILLEY-Wellington Gunnison Band Camp Faculty two yearsg All American Band- masters' Band at Midwest Clinic: Bass Trombonist, Wichita Sym- phony? Wichita Municipal Bandg charter member Phi Mu Alphag member W.T.A.g K.S.T.A.g E.A.g M.E.N.C.g Vice President, Kansas Music Educators' Associa- tiong consistently Superior organi- zations. Sinfonia: Kappa Kappa Phi Beta Mu: College Band ' National Association: First All-American Band ' Band: immediate Past Kansas Music Educa- Associationg Director High Music Campq adjudicatorg iq guest conductor. ii it HAROLD G. PALMER LOREN B. CRAWFORD DON THRELKELD JULIUS HULTQUIST Hays, Kansas State College Garden City Garden City Garden City MUSiC in l"i1-lh SCC PFCSGUYHUOH With 01'.43,'Hl'liZ21' See presentation with organiza- See presentation with organiza- l933-l94?a: Phi Mu tion, this edition. tion, this edition. tion, this edition. 25 .Ss KENTUCKY The State of Kentucky has developed a very fine music program in the public schools. Superior directors have been trained at their very fine colleges and universities. Graduates of Murray and Western are doing excellent work not only in Kentucky but in many other states as well. Some of the outstanding leaders are: DEAN DOWDY ....... BOB MORTON ........ STEVE COMES ..,,. FLOYD BURT ............. ROBERT GRIEEITH .....i. JOHN GRIFFEY ....... JOHN FARRIS ................ TOM SIWICKI .................. PRICE DOYLE fretiredj ,.....,. .. ff K. V. BRYANT-Princeton Consistently Superior Bandg outstanding director and citizeng teaches much more than music. Phi Mu Alphag Gamma Delta Chapter, at Murrayg active in church and Sunday School. 26 ..,.,...Madisonville IOLA WEIDEMAN ........Henderson GEORGE WEEKES .......Mayfield WARREN LUTZ ............Paducah CLAUDE ROSE ...,.,...Louisville RICHARD FARRELL ...,.,........Corbin ERNEST LYON GOODWIN THOMPSON ..........Maysville ..............Paris ..........Murray ROY BOESSER RICHARD W. FARRELL Head of Fine Arts Department at Murray State Collegeg has contributed much in his 15 years at Murray to music in Kentucky and surrounding statesg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg a Friend of Bands everywhere, K. V. BRYANT .............,,...,,, ,...,,...Bowling Green ...,..............Campbellsville , .............................. University ..........Western State College ........University of Louisville ............Georgetown College .......,..........,.......Princeton ........Louisville ROY E. BOESSER-Louisville For many years his Louisville Male School Band has been a Superior any contest-one of the top bands of nation. Roy has contributed much to standards in the nation. L. BRUCE JONES Louisiana State University :ionally known music educatorg adjudicatorg iciang Writer. Executive officer in many ional music organizations. Started career at 'le Rock, Arkansas, 1928 where he developed nationally Superior band. Was co-organizer of :ansas School Band Association and The Dixie ool Band and Orchestra Association and has fed as president of each. Member of A.B.A. :ed in "Who's Who in Educationnl served years as President of National School Band ociationg President of College Band Directors' tional Association, 1950-52. JOHN W. STEWART Terrebonne High School, Houma ive of Biloxi, Miss. Student Conductor and cl Captain in high school, and member of the Combo which represented the South in Look azine jazz Contest in New Yorkg B.M.E., U. 19515 M.M.E., L.S.U. 1952. Member Phi Alphag Kappa Kappa Psig has very fine band errebonne. LOUISIANA 'A ALVIN N. BENNER Byrd High School Band, Shreveport Master of Music degree, University of Michigang member Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoniag Kappa Kappa Psig A.S.B.D.A. Has judged widely and is recog- nized by all who know him as an authority on bands. Has maintained a Superior band funder same directionj at Byrd High School longer than any other school in Louisiana. Because of the high quality of his work, the Louisiana section of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA is dedicated to Alvin N. Benner and the Byrd Band. l 4 i e it .S l l J. HOWARD REYNOLDS Istrouma High School, Baton Rouge Has brilliant record as band directorg has brought a high degree of accomplishment to every organi- zation he has conducted. Has taught in Miami, Fla.g was director of band at Carr Central High School, Vicksburg, Miss.g also on staff of Directors of Mississippi Lions All State Band, a position where only the best may serve. Has Superior band at Istrouma. . J. ,, H s L I, -- ,, , I v I NORMAN E. SMITH McNeese State College, Lake Charles Graduate S.L.I., 19433 M.M.E., Louisiana State University, 1951. Member of L.M.E.A. Board four yearsg State Orchestra Chairman 1954-56. Develop- ed very fine high school band at Terrebonne fHoumajg has very fine band at McNeese. Trains excellent bandmasters at McNeese. RICHARD MCCLUGGAGE Vivian, La. Eighteen years at Vivian. Graduate of L.S.U., 19573 President of N.S.B.O.V.A.g Southern Board of Control M.E.N.C., 1949-51g member of A.S.- B.D.A. Director of Shrine Band, Shreveport. Has served his state as well as his school extremely well. Has very fine band in every department of performance. 27 in .J -1 fl 1 -'l a :n 4 ii HARRY GREIG-Lafayette B.A., S,L.I. 19433 M.M.E., L.S.U. 1955. Developed Superior band at Breaux Bridge, won many honors. This band represented Louisiana at International Convention New York 1954g in 1955 State Department awarded 310,000 to his band to represent Louisiana on a pilgrimage to Canada celebrating the Acadian Bi-Centennial. At Lafayette two years, his band has won Sweepstake Trophy both yearsg he is second Vice President of Louisiana Music Educa- tors' Association. CLINTON GRAFFAM ,..... JOHN DAVIDSON ................. THEODORE ARMSTRONG ,..,.. KEN MATTHEWS ................... EVERETT FIRTH ................. RICHARD BARBOUR ...... . 7 NNT' ' LOUISIANA 'A 1 ,, rl ROBERT HUGHES B.S., Emporia, Kansas State Teachers Collegeg M,S., Kansas State Collegeg Secretary, Louisiana Music Educators, Inc.g member of N.S.B.D.A.g did exceedingly fine teaching at Little Rock, Arkan- sasg maintains Superior band at Baton Rouge Senior High Schoolg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg has contributed much to the develop- ment of music in the schools of the nation. MAINE Contributing much to the Music Program in Maine are: ........,Portland ........Winslow ......,.Lewiston ..,.........,.Caribou .,,,,..,,......,.Sanford ....,...South Portland EDWARD MURPHY ....... ARTHUR ROUNDY .........., MRS. ETHEL WARDELL . GERALD CHAMBERLAND DONALD M. GAY ............. IOLA PERKINS ........ i- rw I .. 1'. I 1 I A. PETER DOMBOURIN Alcee Fortier High School, New attended Fortier High School as a B.M.E., L.S.U. 1941g served four Armyg M.M.E., L.S.U. 19479 has teaching at Fortier since 1947, and maintained a Superior band there for years. ,..,...Madawska ........,.Fairfield .......,Auburn .....,..G0rman ,Auburn Farmington .,.,,. i DONALD M . GAY Edward Little High School Band, Auburn, Maineg has consistently Superior Band. IOLA HAINES PERKINS Farmington, Maine, has consist ently Superior organizations. MARYLAND MARYLAND MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF CONTROL President ,,,,....,.............................., MILDRED TREVVETT First Vice President .. ,.,,w,Y,V., BLANCHE F. BOWLSBEY Second Vice President ,..... ....................... A LICE S, BEER Secretary .,....,.,......,....,i... .,....i....,,i L UCILE SQUIER Treasurer .,v......v,,..v...vv.ww..,.,,..........,.. MARGARET ADAMS Members at Large ............................ ELLEN BECKMAN MARY CROSS, RICHARD HIGGINS, and DR. BRYCE JORDAN Committee Chairmen: Instrumental ....,,,.... Choral ...,.......,.. ................JoHN FIGNOR MESSICK Elementary ...............,.v.......Y...,e......... GRACE DuBOSE Membership ..,,...,..... Higher Education .MARY HUNTER, MARY ROBB A. HASLUP Supervision .........,.., ,,...,, D R. CHARLES T. HORN In addition to these, outstanding musical organizations are directed by ELWOOD E. KINNEY, Hagerstowng WARREN SHELLEY CSee State Dedicationj, Baltimoreg WALLACE DRYER, Salis- buryg KENNETH PAGE, Annapolisg C. J. PETRANEK, Bethesdag RAYMOND DOMBROWSKI, Bel Airg HARRY KIGHT, Williainsportg J. RUPERT NEARY, Reisterstowng DR. DONALD F. NORTON, lCity College Bandj, Baltimore. M. DENE HOFFMAN Bladensburg Ithaca Collegeg M.A., University of has maintained very fine organi- for seven years at his high school. WARREN W. SHELLEY Southern High School, Baltimore B.M. and M.M., University of Michigang Kappa Kappa Psig Drum Instructor at music groupsg outstanding band at his school year after year. l ' 2 :Z Zi ,4 W , li lg KENNETH PAGE Annapolis High School B.M. fMusic Ed., Peabody Conservatory 19535 formerly Woodwind Instructor Mc- Donogh School for Boysg has maintained very fine organization year after year. 29 Some of the people in the organizations are: MASSACHUSETTS state of Massachusetts who are doing outstanding work and setting a high standard for their RALPH I. SCI-IOONMAKER ....... ......... M edford CLIFTON ALBEE ...... ........,........... B oston MALCOLM HALL .............i.i...., ,,,,,,,,,,, O range JOHN D. CORLEY ........ ....i,.,,,.,,...... B rookline ROBERT CORLEY ,,,...,..,,,,, ,4,,,-, M afblehead ALAN LANNOM ............. ...,... B oston University DONALD HAMMOND ,,,,,,, ..,---, 5 wampscott RUSSELL STANGER ............ .i.,..,. B oston University RODNEY F, MAY ,,,,4,,,,, -A.,,-A B 1-Octon DR. GEORGE BORNOFF ....... ......., B oston University RALPH I. SCHOONMAKER-Medford Mr. Schoonmaker is one of America's great teachers and conductors. He has developed the Medford Band into one of America's really Superior organizations, always winning "First" ratings. He has served on the faculty of Boston University College of Music. He is a member of "Society of Arts and Sciences" and of many state and national music organizations. He is due much credit for his unselfish devotion to the development of the school music programs of the entire country. MICHIGAN . , -il ,' l f' ,Z 'y .f wear H r l L. ll -L- DR. WILLIAM D. REVELLI University of Michigan Bands Dr. Revelli's influence on instrumental music in America is so great that no state can really claim his as its own. Any story that we could Write here would not tell of his influence in every part of America as all who read this already know about his contribution to improve- ment in and around them. Every boy and girl in America, as well as every conductor, owes him a debt of gratitude.-The Editor. MICHIGAN DALE HARRIS .,................ ARTHUR HILLS ................... ARTHUR KATTERJOHN ,...... ROBERT LINT ............A.f.. P. VANDER LINDE-Holland L, W. GUNTHER ..... ..... RAY OPLAND ...Y.,..A....,,..... ..A...,. MERWYN MITCHELL ..... ........ CHARLES KIRSCH ....... ..,.. MACK E. CARR .,... ....... R iver Rouge OUSTANDING QNot Picturedj .........Pontiac ,....,..Ho1land .....,.....Sal1ne ...,.,.,Hillsda1e ,.....,..Midland ,Traverse City Grand Rapids ,Battle Creek JOSEPH DEIKE ............. Sault Ste. Marie GORDON MATHIS .....,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, O xford GEORGE MURTHUM ,.,,,., ,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, ,M ason RICHARD SCHADEL ,.,.. ,,,,.,,,,,,, L apeer ELDON A. SCOTT ,.,........ ,,.,,,.,4,. D eafbgfn STANLEY SHOEMAKER ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,, Jackson RALPH STROUF ................. .......... N . Muskegon ROBERT WELTY ............ ,, CLARENCE ROTH ........ ................Sturgis ........Ann Arbor ' H -fag H 1 , w pure, H , ji :f Y A ' 'l .'., :Q -. 1' f'2fQQ'Q? N A 4513.12-: '- I :A gag 5 T? .::1'.:--L-.2 -I 5 5-.,, : ' iii? ' 132' ,, 232 ' 2 R. CHADDERDON-Marshall CHARLES W. HILLS-Fowlerville WILLIAM STEWART-Muskegon All of the people pictured and listed here are outstanding in the development of the very fine music program in the State of Michigan. All have superior organizations and maintain the highest national standards at all times. MERWIN MITCHELL-Gramd Rapids GEORGE R. CAVENDER-University of Michigan MILDRED THOMAS BACHELLER .After 1' ag' Ferndale if x. MINNESOTA GERALD R, PRESCOTT Formerly Director of Bands U. of Minnesota from 1932 through 1957. Resigned Director of Bands position to devote 'full time to teaching Music Education classes at the University of Minnesotag nationally known music educator, adjudicator, clinician, guest con- ductor, and one of America's all- time great Band Men. GORDON PETERSON Elbow Lake Outstanding young directorg main- tains a highly Superior band at Elbow Lake. Bachelor's and Masters' degrees, McPhail College of Music. .,,.,-H' ALLEN J. OPLAND-Pipestone B.A. degree, Augustana Collegeg graduated "cum laude"g played trumpet in Symphony Orchestra and Bandg Tenor soloist, Augus- tana College Choirg graduate work U. of Michigan, U. of Min- nesota, and U. of Colorado. Bands and choruses have consistently won high ratings-district, state, national. In 1955 Band won first place in Concert Division of Chi- cagoland Music Festival. Charter member of A.S.B.D.A.g the Na- tional Association of Teachers of Singingg M.E.N.C.g and M.M.- E.A.g outstanding Music Educator, GERALD H. NIEMEYER Worthington Music education, Dana School Musicg formerly at Armstrong all Swea City, Iowa and Sherbur Minnesotag maintains highly S perior bandsg presented band fore Minnesota Music Eclucatol1 Association, 1953g gave outstan ing performance with Worthi ton Band at 7th Annual Mril West Clinic in Chicagog adju C catorg cliniciang guest conducto nationally known Music Edu COE. C 4 1l MISSISSIPPI ROY M. MARTIN-Greenwood HENRY SCHULTZ-Tupelo IVIRS. CLARENCE ERB-Belzoni 20 Years Band Director, Green' SupCri0r Band for UTZIUY YCHIS. Many years of Superior serviceg wood High School. highly successful band director. 4, . HOUSTON C, JEN Meridian Know at Baton Outstandin leadershi ' 32 S P, bands at Meridian for years State Band Director 5 years. MISSISSIPPI SIMON KOOYMAN-Clarksclale fRetiredJ. The story of Instrumental Music in Mississippi is almost synonymous with the story of some twenty years of the life of Simon Kooyman. He carne to Clarksdale in 1926 and organized the first school band in Mississippi, a band which he developed into a playing and marching organization that always carried the stamp of "Superior." He gave time and money fyes,- much moneyl to organize the first contests in Mississippi. He was never too busy to direct clinics fwithout payj, serve as guest conductor, and be helpful to any band or bandmaster. Composer, clinician, adjudicator, guest conductor, a nationally known and respected Music Educator and member of A.B.A. and many other professional organi- zations-Mr. Kooyman is revered by every band director, in and out of Mississippi, who is familiar with his very, very great contributions to the development of America's School Music program. E. WAMSLEY-State Uietiredjg close asso- of Simon Kooymang great to Music Program Mississippi. BROTHER ROMAULD - St. Stanislaus, Bay St. Louisg editor of "Mississippi Notes" for many yearsg outstanding contributiong Superior bands. lillre A., H' Alla' ff., ' -,Q -N -9-vyrvxrt N4.,,3! ., .' '- V-if to , xl. ,K ,Q ' 1 ' "' ' -4- E. CORNELIUS-Columbusg produced Superior served as president M.- Association and many officesg outstanding Music J. H. RENNICK-Greenvilleg Outstanding service to M.M.- E.A.3 consistently S u p e rio r bandsg has built fine music department in Mississippi in his schoolg adjudicatorg clini- ciang guest conductorg outstand- ing Music Educator. GILBERT T. SAETRE-Missis- MALCOLM FLOWERS-Lau- sippi Southern, Hattiesburgg relg long period of outstanding outstanding service many yearsg service to M.M.E.A.g served as acljudicatorg cliniciang guest president, many other officesg conductorg outstanding Music adjudicatorg produces consistent- Educator. ly fine bands. LYLE BABCOCK - University of Mississippig cliniciang adju- dicatorg guest conductorg always ready to help State Music Pro- gramg has developed very fine band at University. Widely known Music Educator. W. THOMAS WEST - State Collegeg Maintains very fine bandg holds Reading Clinic each year for high school direc- to r sg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg widely known Music Educator. 33 MISSOURI HUBERT OWEN-Lamar B.S., S.M.M., Springfield, Mo.g M.S., Kansas State Collegeg con- sistently Superior bandsg Chair- man Southwest Missouri Music Teachers Association-2 yearsg has developed national champion- ship students. JAMES M. DILLINGER Hannibal Consistently Superior bandsg very active in band fieldg Bachelors and Master's degrees, Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg additional work, Missouri Uni- versity and New York Universityg Past President M.M.E.A.g out- standing Music Educator. Many people have contributed to the development of the Music Program in the State of Missouri. Some of the outstanding leaders and thosesetting a high standard of performance are: M. O. JOHNSON, Independenceg JOHN WELLER, Mexico: CHESTER MOFFAT, Springfieldg JAMES DILLINGER, Hannibalg ROY H. J. SCHIESSER ............. STANLEY RICHARDS ED PETERSON ....,....., CLIFF CARLSON ......, JAMES TIBBS .......... ROLE JOHNSON ....... 34 M, ORVILLE JOHNSON Independence Bachelor of Music, Kansas City Conservatory of Musicq M.S., Kansas Universityg graduate work, University of Coloradog has de- veloped fine music department at his schoolg consistently Superior organizationg outstanding Music Educator. J. R. I-IUCKSTEP-1 Education, Kirksville State T ers College, Northwestern versityg Past President Superior bands consiste No. I rating Tri-States Enid, Oklahomag Music Educator. HUCKSTEP, Raytowng ROBERT MILTON, Kansas Cityg HAROLD LICKEY, Marshallg T. FRANK COULTER, Jopling H. M. FARRAR, Springfield: GENE LOY, Aurorag HUBERT OWEN, Lamar. MONTANA Outstanding directors in the Montana Music Program include: ..,....r.Butte Billings Belt ...,.,........Havre ..........Missoula GORDON WICKHAM ........ MEL GAUDIN ......,.. .,,. JOHN JOHNSON .......... ED BECKSTRAND ..... PAUL SHULL ............ ...........Glasgow ..........Stevensville ..............Glendive ,,,,,,,.,,,,................Kalispell Falls ,,,,,,,,,,,Laurel J, JUSTIN GRAY ........,.Montana State University MONTANA gm' ...L JUSTIN GRAY-Montana State University, Missoula Director of Symphonic Band and Chairman of Music Graduate programg B.M., University of Michigang M.M,, Eastman School of Musicg com- pleted residence requirements for Doctor of Musi- cal Arts degree at University of California. Has very fine symphonic band at Universityg adjudi- catorg cliniciang guest conductor in many statesg on staff and faculty at Interlochen several sum- mersg member of numerous professional organi- zationsg on Board of Directors, Montana Music Educators Associationg Chairman Montana State Music Festivalg Phi Mu Alphag Kappa Kappa Psi. 'i PAUL E. SHULL-Great Falls Undergraduate and graduate degrees, Uni- versity of Coloradog outstanding senior in college musicg solo cornet with University Band 4 yearsg scored football shows and did extensive arranging while in collegeg staff member and Brass Instructor, U. of C. Summer camp 19533 member of A.S.- B.D.A.g M.E.N.C.g M.E,.A.g N.E.A.g E.A.g outstanding Music Educator. HENRY I. SCHIESSER-Butte Superior Band outstanding Master's degreeg former professional violin- cator istg Superior bands and orchestras consist- entl at Butte Hi h School' has served on Y 8 1 faculty at VanderCook School of Musicg nationally recognized clinician and Music Educator. 35 Li .I A I C. WARD ROUNDS-McCook B.S., University of Nebraskag M.A., Colum- bia Universityg consistently Superior bandsg served as President and Secretary of Cha- dron National Music Campg Chairman of Band Affairs, Nebraska Music Educators Conferenceg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg widely known Music Educator. NEBRASKA .1213 KENNETH E, FOUST-Fairbury Twenty-one years at Fairburyg attended Red Oak, Iowa junior College and University of Nebraska School of Music where he participated in many musical unitsg past member of Nebraska Music Contest Committeeg Past President, State Teachers Convention Music Departmentg past Secretary- Treasurer of Nebraska Music Educators' Associa- tiong outstanding conductor, teacher, and Music Educator. Other people who have contributed greatly to the Nebraska Music Program and wh H. ARTHUR SCHREPEL ...... GEORGE HINN .............. B. A. JOHNSON .... A. E. REMBOLD .......... DUANE SCHULTS ,........ M. H. SHOEMAKER ....... -------.Pawnee City VERNON FORBES .. KENNETH A. JOHNSON-Columbus Master's degree, Northwestern has taught successfully for more years in South Dakota, Iowa, and L his record showing a long list of ful achievements both in honors won in service to his fellow mang ou Music Educator. than o have maintained high standards are: .................,.........Scottsbluff ............Sidney WILLIAM NELSON .....,,,.,,...,.,,...,,..,,,,,.,,,Kearney -b------ASYMC'-ISC DAVID FOVVLER .........University of Nebraska ...........-Blarr DAVID B.. FOLTS .........University of Nebraska ...........Linco1n .........HaSt1ngs MERTON WELCH NEW HAMPSHIRE ELMER WILSON-Nashua Long time director of Nashua High Bandg consistently set very high standards. STEPHEN C. NORRIS-Nashua Former member, Nashua High School Bandg B.M.Ed., Boston University graduate work 1952-53g became Director at Nashua 19563 member Phi Mu Alphag M.E.N.C.g N.H.M.E.A.g N.E.M.F.A.g tains high standarclsg outstanding young Music Educator. W. R. OLSEN .............. ...,...............,...,......, F remont ............................Norfolk 1951: main- FRANKLIN ASTOR-Freehold Indiana State Teachers Collegeg M.A., Universityg Co-Chairman N. 1. Band try-outsg formerly at Vine- dg always maintains Superior bandg 'es active part in all activitiesg outstand- Music Educator. NEW JERSEY JOHN F. KRAUSS-Flemington B.S., State Teachers College, Trentong played pro- fessionally before teachingg U. S. Army Band- master World War IIQ conducted band during the signing of Peace Treaty in Tokyog and M.E., Columbia University in 19513 Board of Directors N. I. M.E.A. 6 yearsg treasurerg on Planning Committee for All-State and All-Regi- onal Bandsg outstanding Music Educator fSee Band, this sectionj. SAUL KAY-Clifton B.A. and M.A. degrees, Pro-Musica, Mont- clair State Teachers College adjudicator cliniciang outstanding Music Educator. r"- A A' 1 . fri' p lX.'ij L.- GORDON WILLIAMS-Bernardsville .S., Mansfield State Teachers Collegeg ndergraduate work at University of Pitts- rgh, Carnegie Institute, New York Uni- rsityg has taught in Pennsylvania and in aryland since 19283 has served as host to ll-State Band and Orchestra in Pennsyl- inia, New jersey and Marylandg has al- ays maintained Superior bands, orchestras, id choruses: outstanding Music Educator. See Band, this editionj. GQ "lt" GEORGE P, KRAUSS-South River Studied trumpet with Ernest Williamsg graduate U. S. Navy Band Schoolg was Assistant Director Battleship U.S.S. New Yorkg degree from New Jersey State Teachers College, A.F.M.g active with professional bands and orchestrasg on Try- Out Committee All-State Band, Orchestra and Chorusg Program Coordinator of N. -I. All-State Band and Region II3 outstanding Music Educator. fSee Band, this sectionl. ROBERT C. HEATH-Atlantic City B.S., Lebanon Valley Collegeg M.A., Col- umbia Universityg graduate work, New York University, Columbia, and Union Theological Seminaryg directs bands, orches- trasg organist and choir directorg Board of Directors N.j.M.E.A.g member of A.S.B.- D.A.g Sinfonia, N.E.A.g N.J.E.A.g Superl visor local Student Guild Chapter of A.G.O.g outstanding Music Educator. fSee Band, this editionj. 37 NEVADA A. B. LARSON-Las Vegas Graduate of Brigham Young Universityg additional work at University of Southern Californiag taught at North Sanpete, Mt, Pleasant, North Summit, Coalville, and Cedar City, Utah. Since 1933 his bands have always rated Superior in state and national competition. The Superior record made by Mr. Larson is seldom equalled in the school band field. He is a Superior Music Educator by any standard. Bartholomew. NEW MEXICO In New Mexico outstanding bands are maintained at Hobbs where the program was built by Mr. John F. Buhalts .fwe understand that Mr, Buhalts is now in an executive position at Hobbslg at Truth or Consequences, Gregg Randallg at Sante Fe, Bennett Schakletg at Lovington, john F. Pylman, Jr.g and at Eunice, Oren NEW YORK Early music festivals in New York State were sponsored by the National Bureau for the Advancement of Music. In 1952 the New York State School Band and Orchestra Association was founded. A few years later this was expanded to include choral music and the organization became known as the New York State School Music Association. At the present time the N.Y.S.S.M.A. is the largest of the state units of the Music Educators' National Conference. The number of student members found in college chapters exceeds 1000, In all, there are some 4000 music educators in the N.Y.S.S.M. program. In 1940, a program based on "ability to perform" was presented by Elvin L. Freeman and a committee of music teachers. This is the working formula under which N.Y.S.S.M.A. festivals are conducted today. The N.Y.S.S.M.A. provides a manual containing graded material for all major organizations, smaller ensembles, and each instrument and voice classification. Directors fand studentsj are requested to select music from a grade in which they may do their best work-Range-Grade: 1 QVery 38 Easyj to Grade 6 fVery Difficultj. Auditions are conducted in some 20 areas of the state in under N.Y.S.S.M.A. supervision. As the State Music Asso is chartered under the Board of Regents of the State of York Qbelieved to be the first such state unit to be so nizedj the question of time lost from school to attend fc is quite generally answered. Adjudicators, skilled in judging and appointed by the Exe Council of the N.Y.S.S.M.A., conduct the various aud Ratings are given on the basis of A to D-with A being highest rating. An "Ao" rating represents the best perfor in the highest grade of music. In 1957 there were more than 50,000 students participating the festivals. Up to this time students from New York City Buffalo, and a few of the larger school systems have not par ticipated. About one third of the entries received "A" r representing a very fine performance in the grade of music their own selection. In this program elementary and junior school entries, as well as senior high school, are able to parti WALTER BEELER-Ithaca College perlor Teacher and Directorg adjudica- cliniciang guest conductorg nationally own Music Educator. NEW YORK GEORGE L. PRITCHARD-Bellmore Wellington C. Mepham Band Graduate of Ithaca Collegeg graduate study, New York Universityg has served the N.Y.S.S.M.A. in many capacities, adjudicatorg cliniciang always Superior bands, outstanding and widely known Music Educator. In the State of New York there are many outstanding music conductors and organi- zations. Some are pictured here and others are listed. GEORGE CHRISTOPHER, Port Washingtong DEAN L. HARRINGTON, Seafordg WALTER NINESLING, Hudson Fallsg HOWARD HOVEY, Riverheadg WAYNE CAMP, Bay Shoreg HARRY HAGIJELI New Rochelle, CORNELIUS GALL, Lockport, BURTON STANLEY, Court an . MAURICE C. WHITNEY-Glen Falls Native of Glen Fallsg B.S., Ithaca Collegeg M.A., New York Universityg also attended Columbia University and Westminster Choir Collegeg studied piano with Dr. Elmer A. Tidmarshg organ with Dr. Alex- ander J. McCurdy, choral conducting with john Finley Williamson, Dr. Hugh Ross, Nobel Cain and Father- Finn. Former Music Director of Hudson Fallsg has been at Glen Falls since 1944. 1Music organizations from these schools consistently Superiorjg Director of many summer Music Campsg adjudicatorg clinician, guest conductorg in 1951 was awarded a citation from Ithaca College "for outstanding achievement in the field of Music Education." First Vice President N.Y.S.S.M.A.g member of A.S.- C.A.P.g composer of nearly one hundred published works for band, orchestra, choir, organ, piano and other mediag has writ- ten outstanding articles for music maga- TREDERIC FAY SMITH-Maryland of "School Music News"g Chairman, Department, Hartwick College One- veiy influential and outstandingg known Music Educatorg fThe of "Music Festivals in New York" nous page was written by Dr. 419' zinesg widely known and outstanding Music Educator. WAYNE H. CAMP-Bay Shore Music Education and Concert Bandg B.S. and M.S., Ithaca Collegeg formerly first clarinetist with Philadelphia Orchestra and Cleveland Syrnphonyg member of N.Y.S.- S.M.A.g State Band Chairman 1955-573 National Interscholastic Music Activities Commission 1955-573 State Band Chairman M.E.N.C.g Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoniag con- sistently Superior bandsg adjudicatorg clin- iciang guest conductorg nationally known Music Educator. L FRED BOUKNIGHT-Wilmington Director of Music, New Hanover County and Wilmington Schoolsg Band Director, New Hanover High Schoolg A.B., New- berry Collegeg M.M., Northwestern Uni- versityg Doctor of Education, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University 1953g outstand- ing Music Educator. NORTH CAROLINA ROBERT A. BARNES Director of Music, State College, Raleighg formerly Director of Instrumental Music, Raleigh Public Schools where he founded and directed the Raleigh High School Marching Hundred Band and organized and conducted Broughton High School Symphonic Band. Both organizations have gained state-wide recognition and Broughton Band was nationally recognized through FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA. Mr. Barnes holds B.S. degree in Music Education from Miami Universityg M.A. in Music from Columbia Universityg has done graduate work at Juilliard School of Music. Trained to be a professional musician, he decided to enter the field of education where he has been most outstanding. Among the outstanding directors not pictured on this page or in this year's edition are: HERBERT HAZELMAN, Greensboro, CHARLES L. ISLEY, JR., Waynesville, RICHAR SOUTHWICK, Raleighg BERNARD HIRSCH, Mariong LOUIS BEAN, Hickoryg J. PERRY WATSON, Booneg LEE RODGERS, Smithfieldg DAVID CARTER, High Point. 40 JAMES C. HARPER-Lenoir We believe that the title of "Dean of North Carolina Bandmastersn fits Mr. Harper. Nationally known Music Educatorg adjudicatorg clinician, guest conductor and has served in so many official capacities that it is impractical to list them. He is truly a "GRAND MAN OF MUSIC." BELFORD V. W Consistently Superior bandsg widely Music Educatorg CSee Band in this HYWEL S. ROWLAND University of North Dakota in London, Englandg graduate of Academy of Musicg summer student, Choir Schoolg Music Editor critic, Colorado Springs Gazette 1920- Associate Professor of Music and Head Department since 19261 received special for Distinguished Service to Edu- from U.N.D. 19523 Member: Com- Music Associationg National Asso- of Music Executives in State Uni- N.D.E.A.g N.E.A.g M.E.N.C.: .M A.g Kappa Kappa Psig listed in 's Wlio in Music," "Wl1o's Who in Dakota" and "Who's Who in the Outstanding Music Educator. PAUL B. MOORE inot State Teachers College Professor of Musicg Supervisor, School Music, and Director of High School Bandg A.B. and M.A., State College of Eclucationg ad- graduate work, University of Wash- 6 years Army and Air Force Band eg formerly taught in Oklahoma, id Nebraska. Adjudicatorg French clinician and lecturerg outstanding Educator. NORTH DAKOTA I . l DWAINE D. NELSON State Teachers College, Dickson B.S., State Teachers College, Minotg M.A., Colo- rado State Collegeg member C.B.D.N.A.g N.C.g N.D.E.A.g N.E.A.g President, N.D.M.E.A.g A.S.B.D.A.g listed in "Whos' Who for North Dakota"g cliniciang adjudicatorg guest conductorg formerly at Mohall High School where his band was Superior by any national standards. Out- standing Music Educator. VIRGIL C. SYVERSON-Williston B.A., Concordia Collegeg played cornet and was Student Conductor of College Band in Senior year. Formerly taught in Minnesotag studied in Summer sessions with Frank Simon, Paul Yoder, Mark Hindsleyg consistently Superior banclsg out- standing Music Educator. LAWRENCE M. HAHN State Teachers College, Minot Bachelor's degree, Iowa State Teachers Collegeg Master's, University of Iowag graduate work at Colorado, Wisconsin, and Iowag taught music, University of Min- nesota 2 yearsg produced nationally Superior bands at Manley, IoWa'where he taught 6 yearsg played French horn in Duluth Symphonyg member of and active in many professional organizations including C.B.- D.N.A.g M.E.N.C.g N.D.E.A.g A.A.U.P.g member Phi Mu Alphag cliniciang adjudi- cator, guest conductorg outstanding Music Educator. A. M. WISNESS President of Dakota Lutheran Academy, Minotg was of Superior help to the Min- nesota Music Program while in that state. Outstanding Music Educator. 42 OHIO RICHARD 5. BAME-Youngstown DON FERNANDEZ-Leavittsburg R BYRON GRIEST SCC Ofganizafiofl -SIOYY, this edition See organization story this edition See organization story this In addition to these pictured here, other outstanding conductors are WILLIAM MCBRIDE Ohio State University Columbus President M.E.N.C.g THELBERT EVANS, Lakewood fChoirJg EVELYN ROSS Columbus QChoirJ EMIL PUFFENBERGER Clinton fBandJ TED TATGENHORST, Mansfield QBandJ. JOHN FARINACCI-Cleveland The 1956 edition of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA was dedicated to Mr. Farinacci and his Music Department at Cleveland Heights as follows: i'It is with much pride that we dedicate this, the 1956 edition of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA, to the Instrumental Music Depart- ment of the Cleveland Heights, Ohio High School and its great con- ductor, Mr. john F. Farinacci, to his predecessors: Mr. F. B. Bowden- Weber, Mr. Mark Hindsley, Mr. Schweikher, Mr. E. B. Downey, Mr. Percy, Mr. Ralph E. Rush, and Mr. Raymond Gerkowski-all of whom contributed to the building of this fine department, which could be used as a model by any school seeking improvement of its Instrumental Departmentg also to Mr. O. E. Hill, Superintendent of Cleveland Heights City School District, an outstanding educator whose vision has been a stimulant to the development of this great departmentg to Mr. E. E. Morley, former principal, and Mr. Donald E. Roe, Principal, who have encouraged the department and its directors and who have furnished sound counsel in the solution of the many problemsg to the Cleveland Heights Band and Orchestra Parents' Organizationg and to the boys and girls who were the pioneer members of these organi- zations and who set a high standard of morale and of musical pro- ficiency to remain as a challenge to the members each year. Whatever is Worth doing is worthy of being done in a superior manner as is being proved each year at the Cleveland Heights High School In- strumental Department. ,aMAR K. JENSEN OREGON In the State of Oregon, there are many fine musical organizations in the schoolsg among the conductors who are doing very high standard work are: I. A. MYRICK , ............ ..............,. M edford fBandJ LaMAR K. JENSEN ...., ....... K lamath Falls fBandJ ROY MCALLISTER ................ Grants Pass fBandJ TED G. MARSHALL ....... ..,....... H ermiston fBandJ JOHN DRYSDALE ...... ,.....,., M edford fOrchestraJ ANDREW LONEY ......,........, Klamath Falls fChoirJ LINN SJOLUND ...... ............... M edford fChoirJ JOHN MCMANUS ........ ......,.. M CMirmville QBandJ Klamath Falls TED G. MARSHALL Hermiston PENNSYLVANIA In addition to those pictured, a Superior quality of work is being done by: LESLIE SAUNDERS .........,......,.......................,.,...........................,.....Y................A.............Y........ Lebanon CHARLES AIKEY ..... ....... J ohnstown JAMES SCANGA ...... .,,,..,.,..... F arrell JOSEPH KRYSIK ..... .,,.,,... Iv ICKeeSp0rt RICHARD CAMP ,.,. ,,..,...,,..,...,.,...... W ilkinsburg RON SHURIE ,.....,. ......,................,...,......... L af1'Ob6 fSee Band in this eclitionj JOLEN MONTI .,,.,.....,.,,,.,,, .....,................,..,....,............ A ltoona DR. HUMMEL FISHBUM ..,.. ,...,,..., P ennsylvania State University STEPHENS-New Kensington CHARLES W. COLEMAN-Sunbury ANGELO JOSEPH SCARSELLETTI Slatmgton RHODE ISLAND l DR. PAUL E. WIGGIN-Warwickg Clarinetistg Educator: Music Camp Directorg Doctor of Musical Arts, Boston University and University of Montrealg 59 years in Public School Music, Festival Band Director at International Fes- tival, Montreal, Canada, New England Music Festival, Vermont All-State Festival, County and District Festivals in Connecticut, New York, New jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. . Q, X DR. STEPHEN B. FARNUM-East Providenceg Graduate of Ernest Williams School in Brooklyn, N. Y.g M.B., Boston Universityg Doctor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education. Author of "Music Tests for Both Secondary Schools and Colleges"g "Rhythm and Theory Method for Beginning Band Instrumentsug Performance Scale for Strings"g "Watkins-Farnum Performance Scale for All Band Instruments"g "Farnum Cornet Method"g Director of East Providence Symphonic Band for 23 years. Clinician, adjudicatorg guest conductorg outstanding Music Educator. SOUTH CAROLINA Besides these directors whose pictures appear here, these are producing Superior organizations and contributing much to the South Carolina program: PAT LEONARD ......... ROBERT SIMMONS ..... .........,Charleston T. R. THORNLEY ........West Columbia ......,Spartanburg HEYWOOD MOORE ................COIumbia South Carolina Music Educators' Association officials are: President ..........,...,.........., ........ R OBERT L. VAN DOREN Vocal .................,,............... .. ....... MR. E. DAVIS POWERS, JR- First Vice President ....... ........,.............. M RS. E. T. GAVIN College ...................................-.. -...-.---..... M R- HUGH MCGARITY Second Vice President r........ ........ M Rs. ELIZABETH COGBURN Dietfiet Festival Cheifmeftf . Secretary-Treasurer ............................,....... MR. MILTON MOORE Eastern -----------------'----A-----"--'----- '--'-"'-""-" L ' D' ATKTNS Editor "South caroline Musician" ............ Miss JUANITA HITT Western ----- ----"--- J UANITA HITT Membership Chairman ....,................... MR. EDWARD T. GAVIN Settthefft ---e--- e----e-----t--------'- 0 'NEAL CLAMP Division Presidents: Northern ........ ...v........,..........----- J Central ...... .......... M RS. THOMAS P. EVANS Band ............................. Piano ........ LEONARD WILLIAM C. DERRICK WILLIAM H. BASDEN-Manning College at East Carolinag Captain in Infantry, World War Ilg consistently Superior bandsg outstanding Music Educator. V LAVERNE J. HAHN-Columbia l Drehr High Schoolg consistently Superior play- ing bandsg outstanding Music Educator. SOUTH CAROLINA l 51 I A- .Y 5 v""'x 'i AMES D PRITCHARD-Sumter WILLIAM TAYLOR SLAUGHTER-Aiken A Newberry College 19413 B.S., 1948 Organist, pianist, clarinetist and French horn MS 1949 Jullllflrfl School of Ml1SiCL plnyerg' B.M.Ed., West Chester State Teachers kshire Music Center Lenox. Mass.: First Collegeg M.M.Ed., Florida State Universityg e President SCME.A.g member Phi "Indian Lullaby" recorded by University of Wis- ta Mu and American School Band and consin Band is among his compositionsg consist- chestra Directors Associationg Conductor ently Superior bandg outstanding Music Educator. 5 S C All State High School Band in cert for S CII A Director, Sumter Mu- ipal Band of Trinity Methodist Church oir Sumter s Young Man of the Year," 54 outstanding Music Educator. HARRISON W. ELLIOTT Born February -1, 1912, a son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Elliott. Graduate of the University of Kentucky with a post-graduate work at the Uni- versity of Miami, Florida. Has taught in Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina and now directs the famed Band of Gold flnman-Landrum, S. C., High Schoolsl. This band has marched in the Gator Bowl, The Shrine Bowl, The Cherry Blossom Festival, The Miss America Pageant, and in many other parades and fetes in the Carolinas. Cited with a plaque by the South Carolina Music Educators' Association for founding The South Carolina Musician, the Associations official publication, and serving as editor of it for 8 years. Elliott also was co-founder of the District Festival and District Band Clinic move- ments in South Carolina. He was elected Chairman of the Eastern and Western District Festival areas KS. CJ and has served on many committees, including the All-State Clinic Band. Elliott is one of the three South Carolinians who are members of the American School Band Directors' Association. Elliott is South Carolina Editor for Meyer's Band News and articles by him have appeared in The School Musician, Symphony, and Music Educators' journal. He is founder and director of the Great Southeastern Baton Twirling Clinic, one of the nation's largest, held each year the second week in june at Inman, S. C. Outstanding Music Educator, who has done much for South Carolina. ARDEEN J. FOSS-Sioux Falls B.A., Sioux Falls College, M.M., University of South Dakota, member of American Bandmasters' Association and American School Band Directors Association, State Chairman of A.S.B.D.A., Past President of South Dakota Bandmasters Association, First Honorary Award of Kappa Kappa Psi of South Dakota, member of Phi Delta Kappa, Director of Instrumental Music, Sioux Falls Public Schools, Director of Washington High School Band and Orches- tra, Director of El Riad Oriental Band, Assistant Director of El Riad Shrine Band and Sioux Falls Municipal Band, Commu- nications Officer, U. S. Navy, World War II, outstanding nationally-known Music Educator. SOUTH DAKOTA -- - -f- -----f -ff-e.v-fav?- 5 .'? CARLTON A. CHAFFEE-Vermillion Associate Professor of Music Education at State University of South Dakota, B.S., Mansfield State Teachers College, M.A., New York University, graduate study, Pennsylvania State University, Chicago Musical College, and New York Univer- sity, taught in public schools of Pennsylvania 1935-45, Director of Bands and Head of Music Education at Simpson College, Iowa, 1945-53, head of Music Education, University of South Dakota since 1953, outstanding Music Educator. J 1 l 32 1 RAY T. DeVILBISS-Vermillion Director of Bands and Associate Profess at University of South Dakota, gradua University of Missouri, Master's degra- University of Missouri, 1946, further stu at Drake University, Des Moines, tau in public schools of Iowa and Misso Qorchestra and bandj. Conductor of fe vals, clinics, and adjudicator in the states Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dako and Nebraska, professional trumpet pla for the past 20 years in concert ban symphony orchestra, and dance bands, o standing Music Educator. In addition to those pictured here, very fine musical organizations are conducted by PAUL CHRISTENSEN, Huron, WILLARD FEJFAR, Vermillion, RONALD WHALEN, Salem, JAMES BOISE, Dell Rapids, WAYNE ELLSWORTH, Montrose, OSCAR LOE, Scotland, FRANCIS BENSON, Sturgis, FRED JOHNSON, Yankton, ELDON SAMP, Flandreau, BILL IRELAND, Madison, and ARNE B. LARSON, Brookings. PAUL CHRISTENSEN-Huron Director of Huron High School Bands, and Instrumental Music Supervisor, Director of Huron Municipal Band, member of A.B.A. and A.S.B.D.A., a former member of The Sousa Band, a member of The Sousa Band Fraternal Society, member of S.D.E.A., N.E.A., S.D.B.A., and the First All-American Bandmasters' Band, Chairman, S. D. All-State Band, 1952-58, Superintendent of State Fair Bands, awarded: Outstanding High School Band Director of South Dakota of 1957 by Kappa Kappa Psi at University of South Dakota, member of Kiwanis Club. HAROLD HAMAKER-Mitchell Bachelor of Science, South Dakota State College, Master of Arts, South Dakota University, additional study, Univer- sity of Minnesota and Northwestern University, Music Director in the Mitchell School System with a staff of nine music teachers, taught seventeen years in South Dakota Schools, member of Mitchell Municipal Band and Com- munity Symphony, President of South Dakota Music Edu- cators' Association. TENNESSEE T J it l l M 3 X 4Q-. CAROLYN B. MCCALLA LAWRENCE P. COQNEY Messick, Memphis MCSFICK, MCmPh15 , , ee Organization Cthis editionj See Organization fthis editionj Tennessee, divided in to East, Middle, and West districts for musical organization Some of the most outstanding are listed here. Some are pictured. A. E. MCCLAIN ...... ......... C entral High Band, Memphis ED HAMILTON A,A-- fSee this editionj A. R. CASSAVANT ........................ City High Band, Chattanooga GILBERT SCARBROUGH ...... ...............,........... B and, Oak Ridge LAWRENCE P. COONEY ............ Messick High Band, Memphis fSee this editionj RALPH HALE A....... ...........,... C .B.C. Band, Memphis TCM HEWGLY .............. ..............................,,.. B and, Columbia 0'DELL WILLIS ............................ Central High Band, Knoxville CAROLYN B. MCCALLA ............ Messick High Chorus, Memphis fSee this editionj W. B. DAY ....,..... MAX WEAVER ......... MARION REITHEL ...... W. F. CROSSWY .....,.,....... RALPH HALE C.B.C. Band, Memphisg outstanding Music Educatorg member A.S.B.D.A.g adjuclicatorg clinician, guest conductor. purposes, has many fine directors. ........Supervisor, Knoxville ............Band, Humboldt fSee this editionj ........Band, Tullahoma ..........Band, Union City ......,...........Band, Paris KENNETH W. LARGE ......... ....... B and, Morristown WILLIAM BONSON ......... ..,,.....,Band, Jackson JANE REEDER Red Bank School Chorus, Chattanooga See Organization, this edition WILLIAM F. CROSSWY Paris High School Band See Organization, this edition DONALD I. MOORE-Baylor University Professor of Music Education and Director of Bandsg composerg cliniciang adjudicatorg guest conductor. Member of and active in many professional organizationsg member of Kappa Kappa Psig nationally known Music Educator. TEXAS ROBERT E. FIELDER-Abilene Consistently highly Superior bandsg standards very high at all timesg member of and active in every professional organization of consequenceg national- ly-known, outstanding Music Educator. PAUL M. BRANOM-Lubbock B.M., East Texas State Collegeg Master of Education, Texas "Tech" Collegeg con- sistently Superior bands, state and national competitiong member of T.B.A.3 T.M.E.A.g Phi Beta Mu, and many other organizationsg outstanding Music Educator. 48 , -:lx JAMES B. FURRI-I--Galena Park Consistently Superior choirsg highest standards in musical productionsg known over a wide area as an outstanding Music Educator fSee organiza- tion, this editionj. IRVING DREIBRODT-San fBrackenridgeJ Attended High School at B.M., Baylor Universityg M.M., of Texasg awarded Honorary Doctor's gree in Music from Southern 1 Fine Arts, Houston, for great to field of musicg consistently bandsg member of many professional zationsg outstanding Music Educator. DR. JAMES EUGENE S Pasadena Coordinator of Instrumental Musicg trumpet professionally for nearly 50 attended U. S. Army Bandmasters at Chaumont, France and was a of General Pershing's Bandg cliniciang guest conductorg Superior bandsg outstanding Music Cator. TEXAS Texas, the big state, produces more than "big" musical organizations. They have Superior Quality, too, and there are many really fine organizations. Some of the outstanding directors are listed, some are picture . ROBERT E. FIELDER XVAYNIT li. MI'l.l.l2N ROBERT I.. MADDOX ARNOLD XVHIHDISEE . MELVIN MONTGOMERY C. J, I-AMI5RECH'I' IKE R. COX GENE STUCHBERY XXIELDON COVINGTON G. GILLIGAN LYLE SKINNER R. C, DAVIDSON . Abilene , Amarillo fSee organizationj . Odessa . , .. , Beaumont .. .. , Snyder tSee organizationj , . Carthage . Nacogdoches fSee organizationj . . .Pasadena Austin . .. Kermit . . ...Wilco . .. ., . .Plainview fSee organizationj Other outstandii organizations are presented in this edition. DR. TED CRAGER JACK WHITEHLIRST .,..... . FRANK D. KASKO RALPH BURFORD TOMMY WILLIAMSON JOE FRANK ............,....,......, ROY NORTON , .. PAT ARSERS ,.,..,,,,.,,, .. MARION BUSBY . .,....,, , IRVING DREIBRODT .. PAUL M. BRANOM ....... JAMES B. FURRH ....... UTAH ........Monterey Band, Lubbock fSee organization, ..,...,.Paschal Band, Ft. Wortli fSee organizationj .......Polytechnic Band, Ft. Wortli fSee organizationj Edinburg Refugio ,..,,....,....Harlingen ..............,........,... ..... B rownsville .......Alamo Heights, San Antonio ......,.Bracl-cenridge, San Antonio ...........................,.... Lubbock .......Galena Park fSee organizationj Outstanding directors other than those pictured here or elsewhere in this edition are: GENE HOLLAND .. ..,....... .. .. . .. .. ,Cedar Lake DOW H, YOUNG ,.,4,. ,w,,,A,,, 5 an Lake City fgast Highy ORMON R, WEIGHT , Salt Lake City QOlympus Highb ALVIN WARDLE w,..wV AA,4A,A,.,A.,,,,q,,.q...,,AA4,..,,-wV.,.w,,w,. p rice HARMON HATCH . . . .i .,... . , . Springville JARVIS PALMER ,,,,, ,.A..,,,AA..A.Al.,,A4,A,,,--wV,AA' V Mggdm LEE CALDXXYELL-ATooele and M.S.g member of many profes- organizations: consistently Superior outstanding Music Educator. RALPH G. LAYCOCK-Provo Director of Bands, Brigham Young Universityg helpful to music program in his state and the entire nation at all timesg member of and active in many professional organizationsg adjudicatorg clinician: guest conductor. His band played at M.E.N.C. Convention in Los Angeles, March 1958. I DALLIN S. NIELSEN-Tremonton Graduate, Brigham Young Universityg con- sistently Superior bands since 19363 has served as and is now officer in state music organizationsg outstanding Music Educator. y - , ,1,, .r,r,rr VIRGINIA MARK F. TROXELL-Richmond Director of Music, Henrico Co. Public Schoolsg B.A., Randolph Macon, Master's in Ed. in Music, William and Mary Collegeg Fra- ternities: Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Gamma Deltag has taught 17 years from elementary through college levelg has played professionally with outstanding organizationsg con- sistently superior workg outstand- ing Music Educator. W. C. DUVALI.-Norfolk Has played professionally before teachingg has held every office in Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors' Associationg Past Vice President of V.M.E.A.g Co-Author "Virginia Course of Study in Public School Music"g does con- sistently superior Work by any standardsg outstanding Music Edu- cator. In addition to the directors pictured here or elrewbere in this edition, other Superior directors and music educators in Virginia are: VNU LEE WALES-Norfolk Outstanding director of the Super- ior Norview High School Bandg member of and active in many professional organizationsg out- standing Music Educator. SHARON B. HOOSE Supervisor of Instrumental in City Schoolsg Director of ' BM High School Band M.M. degrees, Illinois Universityg Past President of Virginia Band and Charlottesville e Directors' Association and V ' . Ct'v many professional orga consistently Superior b. standing Music Educator. EA., member of and a . ' . I ' 1 SIDNEY BERG ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,, M nury High School Band, Norfolk RUSSELL WILLIAMS ,v,,,,, .,,..,,,, G ranby High School Band, Norfolk PHIL FULLER ,,,,,,,,.r,,.,,., .....,,,r F airfax High School Band, Fairfax 50 I . A WJ' F?"-"ff if-wzftgi . T., 'I L 'gi I l I. V l Y. Others doing Superior work a program are: ROBERT ANDERSON CARROLL IZLKUIER . DR. CLIFFORD LEEDY RANDALL ROCKI-lll.l. TRL'MAN YOI 'NGBERT 4 E. RASPILLAIRE---South Clmrlcston tiught 2-1 years: gratluate of North- Universityg Treasurer XV.V.B.A.. 56: atljudicatorg consistently Superior dsg outstanding Music Educator. WASHINGTON MELVIN SAMEK-Wfinslow . ogg qusciior woilc at Bainbrid e H1 h School, D . 4-' " - V 8 S , has won many honors for his school and city. member of professional organizationsg outstand- ing Music Educator. H. bl. EICHOFF-Snohominsh Has taught in Nebraska, Wisconsin. Wyoming, Montana, and Alaskag M.A., Colorado State Col- legeg always does superior workg has won many honors for his school and cityg member of many professional organizationsg outstanding Music nd maintainin Educator. g high standards and contributing much to the development of the music Edmonds FORREST BRIGHAM .................. ....,...,....... . .. ....... Spokane , , Rirzville RALPH MANZO ......,..,,..,........,................t..,...............,.,, Bremerton Bellingham MRS. CLEMWELI. MACKENZY .,...... Shoreline Supervisor, Seattle V, Renton BEN I-IALGRAMSON ,,,,.,.,,,.,,,..,.., Eastern Washington College of Ephmm Education, Cheney WEST VIRGINIA .nr ,.: ra l l EDWARD E. SMITH-Philippi Attended Concord College, Athens, West Vir- giniag studied Advanced Music at Ohio Univer- sity, Marshall College, and West Virginia Uni- versity: majored on French horn and bass violg member of staff of Music Department of Alder' son-Broaddus College, Philippig also teaches Band Arranging and Scoring, Instrumental Techniques, and Applied Music: outstanding Music Educator. See organization this edition. KARL V. BROWN-Spencer Outstanding Music Educator. See West Virginia Dedication WISCONSIN li 1' 1'-L '?blq,,, ROGER O, HORNIG-Wisconsin Rapids DONALD I, BOYD-Eau Claire Chairman, DePaftmCf1f Of MUSIC, Public Directs high school and municipal band: con- Schools of Wisconsin Rapidss Masters sistently Superior bands by any standardg member degfeey Uf1iVe1'5ifY Of Wi5C0H5iH3 PHST PICS' of many professional organizationsg has contribut- ident. Wiswnsin School Music ASSOCia- ed much ro the development of Music in Amer- ? icag outstanding Music Educator. tiong North Central N.I.M.A.C. Chairman Second Vice President, North Central Div. M.E.N.C.g consistently Superior bandsg adjuclicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg out- standing nationally known Music Educator. FREDERICK A PARFREY Beaver Has directed Beaver Dam Band I9 also directs Beaver Dam MUHICLPKI tion Band and Chorus very ou adult musical organization has held officesg has served on many commrtte his state organization has contributed in his state and nation to the dew of music, adjudicator clinician guest conductor outstanding Music C2'llZOl'. The State of Wisconsin has many Superior music directors, who are contributing much to the development of the advancement of the music program in the nation. Among these are: FRANCES WHITE, Ashlandg ROBERT WOOLLEN, Madisong ERVIN HANSON, Wauiviing WALTER WRIGHT, Kohlerg DONALD I. BOYD, Eau Claire, FREDERICK Damg DON CUTHBERT, Beloitg WAYNE BECKLER, ALLAN F. BARNARD, H. JOHNSON, Milwaukeeg H. JACK SHUREN, Nekoosag ROGER HORNIG, RUBEN H. LEHMAN, Plymouthg DR. RAYMOND DVORAK, University LLOYD SCHULTZ, State Supervisor of Music, Madison. FRANCIS E. WHITE-Ashland Graduate Central State Teachers Collegeg graduate study, Gunnison, Colo., and Wisconsin State Col- legeg has taught for 21 yearsg consistently Superior bandsg composer, arrangerg professional trumpet playerg member of many professional organiza- tionsg outstanding Music Educator. ,J ALLAN F. BARNARD-Monroe Studied at Oshkosh State College, Carroll College, and University of Wisconsin, B.A.g Past Presi- dent of Wisconsin School Music Associationg member of many professional organizationsg flute fa specialistg adjudicatorg cliniciang guest conductorg consistently Superior musical organizationsg out- standing Music Educator. PARFREY, Beaver Monroeg ROBERT Wisconsin Rapidsg of Wisconsing G. WYOMING BLAINE D. COOLBAUGH-Casper Director. Natroma High School Band: consistently Superior bands: outstanding Music Educator. fSee Wyoming Dedication Band, this editionj. A. O. WHEELER-Laramie Supervisor of Instrumental Music and Band Masterg Past President W.M.E.A.g membership committee for Wyoming for A.S.B.D.A.g con- sistently Superior bandsg outstanding Music Edu- Gator. Among the directors doing superior work in Wyoming are HARRY L SALVERSON ....,..........................................,............................ ........... A O WHEELER .........,,...,., CARYL ALEXANDER ....... JUNE COLLIER ............. BLAINE COOLBAUGH ..... FRED BOND ,,,,,..,,,,,,...., New Castle RALPH ERICKSON ........,..,.... Lovell DARWIN FREDERICKSON ,.,. Powell HERBERT CLIIARY ...,........,... Wheatland CHARLES PARKER ...... Rock Springs LARAMIE HIGH SCHOOL BAND A. O. WHEELER, Director 'II-III CONSISTENTLY SUPERIOR BAND OF LARAMIE, WYOMING, AS IT APPEARED IN 1954 Still keeping up the great tradition, DE WITT, IOWA, COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BAND State G. EDWARD NELSON, Dnwnl- Dedication , TWIRT-ERS, . G, EDXVARD NELSON. Diltifl-fm' DOIQUW Chflstvfff-wen,Clwsfle RQMUSSQH- B.M.E., Augustana College, Rack Island, Illinois: duty it-an Marilyn Runge- Vlvlen Olson, Mimlm Marines during World Will' II: M.A., University of Iowa, Taught Baird. The DeWitt Community Schools Band is gaining a reputa- tion as "concert band" in the purest sense. Although the band participates in the usual football shows, conference festivals, etc., their annual Wilmter and Spring concerts stand out as examples of what a high school band can do with good music. Each year the band performs some of the most difficult transcriptions from the orchestra repertoire, in addition to the contemporary original works for band, and it is in this realm that the band excels. The organization is also getting a reputation as :1 contest group, especially on the solo and the ensemble level. Each year the school enters twelve ensembles in the State Music Contest series. Three years ago seven of the twelve won firstg two years ago nine of the twelve won first, and last year the school made a clean sweep with all twelve of the ensembles entered winning a First Division rating. two years in Rock Island Public Schoolsg Director of Bancl at DeXXfitt eight yearsg in tenth year as member of French Horn Section of Tri-City Symphony Orchestra and has played with Clinton and Cedar Rapids Symphoniesg has judged in state con- tests for both Iowa and Illinoisg is frequently called upon as guest conductor at clinics, also as horn clinician: has directetl church choir and community chorusg one year as special instructor in Brass Instruments at University of Dubuque1 member of Iowa Bandmasters' Association: on Band Review Staff of the "School Musicianng maintains studio in Davenport. Iowa where he tloes private teaching in Brass Instruments. DATA ON INDIVIDUAL PICTURES The point system for the DeXX'itt Band is based entirely upon musical proficiency. No points are given for selling tickets to concerts. attending rehearsals. being on time, etc. Witlu this type of system the best performers have the most points, llml vice versa, the students with the most points are the best performers. The highest rank that can he attained is the rank of General, and the generals are singled out by the fact that they wear the more elaborate citation cord. The persons pictured individually on the next page form the "Corps of Generals" for the DeWitt Band. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-DE WITT, IOWA FIRST CHAIR BRASS FIRST CHAIR WOODWINDS FRONT ROW: Marilyn Runge, Virginia Drew, Rita Campbell. FRONT ROW! Viviffl Olson, D01'0fl'1Y ChfiSt0ffC1'5ff1, Jeanine SECOND RQW5 Bob Olgong Danny Kauffman, Hawthorne, Sonja Young, Beth Benson. SECOND ROW: Melissa ARIAN BAIRD-Senior, Solo xophone. Eb Cla r i n et, Alto arinet, Tympanig 5 firsts in State o n t e s tg Saxophone Quartet, mmber Group of Woodwinds- ch First in State Contest: Head Evirlerg Soloist with Tri-City chestra. KANNY KAUFFMAN-Senior: lo Tromboneg Trombone Quar- t, Brass Sextet, Brass Quartet- ,ch First in State Contest: Solo- t, Municipal Band 7 years. -vs- MELISSA WAGGONER-jum ior: Solo Flute, two Firsts-State Contest solosg Flute Quartet, Flute Trio, Flute Duet, Wood- wind Quintet, Woodwind Trio and Chamber Group, each First in State Contest, All-State Band. JEANINE I-IAWT H O R N E - Band President, Senior: Baritone Saxophone, Saxophone Quartet- First in State Contest: Saxophone Sextet and Saxophone Trio. Waggoner, Mary Stoner, Carol Smith, Jayne Christensen. CHRISTIE RASMUSSEN - jun- ior, Flute, two Firsts State Con- test Solos, Flute Quartet, Flute Trio, Flute Duet, Woodwind Quintet, Chamber Group, each First in State Contest. CAROL SMITH - Sophomore: Bassoon, Clarinet, Bassoon Solo --First, State Contestg Woodwind Quintet, Woodwind Trio, Cham- ber Group of Woodwinds-each First in State Contest, First Chair Solo Bassoon, All State Orches- trag Clinton Symphony Orchestra, Christmas Oratorio at Cornell College past two years. VIRGINIA D R E W -- Junior First Cornet, Brass Sextet, Trurn pet-Cornet Quartet, Brass Quar tet, each First in State Contest Trumpet Trio. IAYNE CHRISTENSEN-Soplb omoreg Solo Clarinet, Clarinet Solo-First, State Contest, Clari- net Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, Woodwind Trio, Clarinet Trio, Clarinet Duo, Chamber Group ot Woodwinds-each First in State Contest, All-State Band. - mI' 1 THE BELT VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL "GOLDEN HUSKY" BAND Belt, Montana State EDWARD L. PETERSON, D21-at-mr Dedication The Belt "Golden Husky" Band under the leadership of Edward L. Peterson has made outstanding achievements in the past five years and has earned the reputation as one of the finest concert bands in the state. The band presents three or more concerts each year and plays for all home football and basketball games. Halftime shows are presented at several of the basketball games. Ensembles and solos play an important part in the band's program. These groups meet before school and at noon hour. A fifteen-piece dance band, "The Moonlightersf' plays for the school dances and for one "Pop'l Concert. Among the important trips that the "Golden Husky" Band has taken is the International Band Contest at Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada, at which time the band was chosen as the top United States band in its class. The band were guests 2. at the Montana State Capital in February 1957 and per- formed for a joint session of the I-louse of Representatives and the Senate. Following their performance they were acclaimed as one of the most outstanding groups to have appeared. They have also entertained the veterans at Fort Harrison Hospital in Helena. This year the guest soloist of the "Golden Husky" Band will be Mr. Randall Spicer from the State College of Wfashington. This will be the first appearance of Mr. Spicer in Montana as a guest soloist. Much of the success of the group is due to the cooperation of the Band Boosters Club. Belt Valley High School enroll- ment is 105 students. EDWARD L. PETERSON BAND OFFICERS STUDENT Director of the Golden Husky Band: gradu- BACK ROW: MARILYN GUKO' SCCICMVYZ KEN Richard Srniley, Kgn ate of Concordia College with a Bachelor of Music Degree and has done graduate work at Drake University and Washington State Collegeg summer courses under Dr. Thor johnson and Dr. Williaiii Revellig Past President of Music Festival District No. 6g member of M.E.N.C., M.E.A., M.M.E.A.g active in community functions. 56 IXIAKI, President: ELIZABETH DARKO, Student Council Representative. FRONT ROW: MARILYN MCCAFFERTY. Vice President and Publicity Chair- mang MARILYN KING, Treasurer. TONY GIES Drum Major, A Cappella Choir Operetta Lead. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-"GOLDEN HUSKYH BAND K 'E' KATHLEEN STOBER--Flute, Pep Band, Wfooclwind Ensembles. Soloist, All-Honor Orchestra. PAT BUMGARNER-Bass Clarinet, Soloist. XX'ootlwind Ilnsemlnles. Pep Band, Girls' Choir, A Cap- pella Choir, Operetta, Church Choir. MARILYN MCCAFFERTY- Clarinet. Clarinet Quartet, Nvooclwiml Ensemble, Soloist. Pep Band, Vice Presirlenl of Band, Publicity Chairman, Girls' Choir, A Cappella Choir. All-State Choir, Girls Vocal Trio, Dance Band Vocal Trio, Band Queen. Operetta, Dance Band, Church Choir. 'G' MARILYN KING-Alto Saxophone, Soloist, Pep Band, Girls' Choir, A Cappella Choir, Dance Band, Bancl Treasurer, Operetta Lead 1 year, Church Choir Director. MARY BETH MCCOY- 'Tenor Saxophone, Pep Band, Dance Band, Girls' Choir, A Cap- pella Choir, Operetta, Church Choir. DAN HARCHARIK-Bare tone Saxophone, Pep Band, Dance Bancl, Choir, Operetta. XVILLARD BRURUDV- 'l'rumpet, Pep Bantl. Dance Bancl, Trumpet Trio, Brass Choir, Soloist, A Cappella Choir. Operetta. MIKE HUETH-e -Horn, Pep Baml. Brass Choir, KEN MAKI-Tromhone. Brass Choir, Dance Band, President of liaml, A Cappella Choir. Operetta Leatl 2 years, Vocal Soloist. President Student Council. 'C' MARY ANN NELSON-Snare Drum, Pep Band. Girls' Choir, A Cappella Choir. Operetta, Church Choir. ELIZA- BETH DARKO-Clarinet, Pep Band, Wciciclxvincl Ensem bles, Dance Band, Soloist, All-State Band, Vocal Trio, Montana Music Camp, Wzisliington State College Music Camp, Church Choir. A Cappella Choir. Girls' Choir, Co- Eclitor of School Paper. MARILYN GLIKO-Alto Saxo4 phone, Pep Band, Dance Band, Soloist, All-State Band, Presiclent of A Cappella Choir, Girls' Choir, Operetta, Band Secretary, Vocal Trio, Wasliingtcmn State College Music Camp. wi - Church Choir. GARY FULBRIGI-IT-Baritone, Pep Band, Brass Choir, Dance Band, Operetta. JOHN KOSKELA-Brass, Pep Band, Dance Band. Brass Choir, A Cappella Choir, Operetta. BONNIE LAZURE-Tympani, Pep Band. Dance Band. Girls' Choir, A Cappella Choir. 'Sn TRUMPET TRIO Willarcl Brurucl, -I e r ry I-Ioyer, Nadine Nelson. WOODWIND ENSEINIBLE Marilyn McCafferty, E l i z a b e th Darko, Kathy Stober, Pat Bumgarner. 57 DAWSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL BAND Glendive, Montana JOHN H. JOHNSON, Director YET! The Dawson County High School Band under the direction For the past three years the band has taken part in the of john H. johnson takes a leading part in all school International Band Contest in Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada. activities and in the community as well. Two formal con- The band numbers eighty-seven and when marching has certs are staged each year. The band also participates in rnajorettes, flag swingers, and color bearers. the District II Music Festival held in Glendive each spring. MAJORETTES, FLAG SWINGERS, COLOR BEARERS FRONT ROW: Deanna Irion, Mary Crow, Marilyn Willouhy, Cookie Allen, Barbara Robinson, June Brown. BACK ROW: Kathy Malkuch, Linda Rockne, Maxine Dollens, Diane Crane, Ellen Holm. Alyce MacDonald, Branda Martin, Yvonne johnson. 58 v ., l l l l JOHN H. JOHNSON Direrlm' Graduated from Halstad, Minnesota Public School, 19403 served two years in the Armed Servicesg graduated from Moorhead State College, Moorhead, Minnesota in 1949 with B.S. and B.A. Degreesg taught in Roseau, Minnesota Public Schools 1949-53g graduated with MA. from University of Wyoiiiing 1955g has taught in Glendive Public Schools since 1953: life member of N.E.A.g member of Board of Directors of Montana Music Educators Associa- tion. GARY W Drum Major FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS- DAWSON COUNTY BAND Glcntllvt Montana JOHN H JOHNSON Dzzerlm It ns the Flrst Chixr plstycrs tl1'1lI make 'my band gre'1t T1lxe the leaders away and the quihty throughout suffcrs Grmt leaders this year set the standard for excn better ludcrs nn the ymrs to come Alwflys seeking a hrgher goal makes any person grow M," 'ff lxncclmnl lRON'1 ROW' lxlx Sclmocnguth Snare Drum Nell Exung Flute 'md Pxccolo JIDICC Schrrtlng, Clmmt Noll Bcth Pust Hom Bomta Mwhugh Bass Clfumet SECOND ROW Sally lyu lymplm Rotlnq Scnncr lmmhonc Brll Holzvxorth Bultonc MarxelScl1oClx Blssoon Shnlcy Blnss B'1llt0l'lC Slx BACK ROW Ronnie lfltzrngcr Cornet Peter Deforth Bass Nornmn Ostlny Alto Sxxophom july I-laroster Tenor Sxxophom WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROY V. WOOD, Director FLCQIDA 'GI-1 ed rw:-ips 'fr t l"f scnfbov V X ROY V. WOOD BAND OFFICERS The one hundred-piece Winter Haven High School Band is one of the best known high school bands in the nation. Its appearances include seven New Year's Day Bowl Game appearances in the Orange Bowl, Gator Bowl, Tangerine Bowl, and Cigar Bowl. This band represented Florida in the famous Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D. C. The band was guest of the Cuban National Tourist Commission for four days in Havana, Cuba, playing four concerts and marching in two parades, and playing before the President of Cuba. It is a regular participant in the Gasparilla Parade in Tampa, the Citrus Exposition Parade in Winter Haven, and countless other band activities over the state. The band made a four-state concert tour and made a guest appearance on the Garry Moore "I've Got A Secret" television show televised in Winter Haven in 1957. The Winter Haven Band is a source of pride in the school and community. The band is well equipped and owns its own instrument truck and is supported by local funds donated by the citizens of Winter Haven. Over three hundred students in the junior and Senior High School play in the band groups. Graduates of the Winter Haven Band are playing in college bands and orchestras and in service organizations over the world. Members are consistently in leadership positions in all State Bands and sent one of four students to represent Florida in the All-American High School Band in the M.E.N.C. Convention in 1956. TERRY JONES, Captaing BARNEY JOHNSON! First Lieutenantg LUCILLE VAN DUYNE, CHARLES DAVIS, and SANDY REYNOLDS, Second Lieutenants. Band Manager Howard Moore, and Roy V. Wood Checking Details Of A formance. Lx H41 as 'Sip Lk 'Sam SAI-, WINTER HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL BAND EE? '-'IE f -:-55 ' ' :".T'FrE , f.:::.:..": f - -'LTL'l'31 'l. l- .-4 V D '1.. i ":.?FE".5.E':.'E 1 ,V f-ln Y .l' . A XJ- ,4H.,.4',a.. RBARA MORRISON o-Captain of Twirlers Solo Twirler great deal of talent is lost in world for want of a little courage. ry day sends to their graves cure men whom timidity prevent- from making a first effort: who, they could have been induced to in, would in all probability have e great lengths in the career of e. The fact is, that to do any- g in the world worth doing we st not stand back shivering and king of the cold and the danger, jump in and scramble through well as we can."-SYDNEY ITH. FLORIDA 4' Q1 moo PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE WITH LATIN RHYTHM EQUIPMENT Allen Shepherd, David Mallory, Billy joe Sims, George Larson, and George Van Arsdale. WOODWINDS FRONT ROW: Nancy Van Sant, Claudette LeCerte. SECOND ROW: jerry Gamel, Louis Bass, Micki Garrett, Barclay Cochran. T, , - , , , c, T-'?J"13i' '-12-'i".L'::5?l.h1 iliiliililiiji-llll Tllli!lTlllTllllWl11 i111T1iiT1iTi1iu-Q fig, I vi 'Fw W Ji "-,,N. PLE- 2? 7' F-5 ' E .rf S ei if H ' af ' I 1 S i ll :ii ,iv . i-.L-"'EJ- QE f-35 5" 11:- ror , ptpp a t. -1... ,!?, i,.g: :.,-YE,r.i',:,'Qj.1'2" 1' INEZ BENNETT Captain of Twirlers Solo Twirler "I believe in boys and girls, the men and women of a great tomorrow, that whatsoever the boy soweth, the man shall reap. I believe in the curse of ignorance, in the efficacy of schools, in the dignity of teaching, and the joy of serving another. I believe in wisdom as revealed in human lives as well as in the pages of a printed bookg in lessons taught not so much by precept as by ex- arnpleg in ability to work with the hands as well as to think with the headg in everything that makes life large and lovely. I believe in beauty in the schoolroom, in the home, in the daily life and out of doors. I believe in laughing, in all ideals and distant hopes that lure us on. I believe that every hour of every day we receive a just reward for all we do. I believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its promises, and in the divine joy of living."-EDWIN OSGOOD GROVER. 5723335232353 -..:.. r... ..:" L ,, - -,. if 1 -af - QE V vi- - , 1 -s z xy -E1 Q: 5 -i ,-I: - rr ' I ' I I V 1 , uf, 551, 1-Q' QQ? ' tt .,r--it l .o - Q. L up .1 wr 5- ' ' Az, l .r X 5 :- I .1-f..,Qr '+J'.L:1.-"4--i ' TWIRLING CORPS LOW BRASS SECTION BARBARA MORRISON - Co-Captain and NT ROW: Inez Bennett, Barbara Mor- Baritones: Sandy Reynolds, Mike Blake, and solo twirler, and INEZ BENNETT, Captain f . SECOND ROW: Gretchen Wear, Rose Bill Albaugh. Basses: Kenneth Grace, Danny of Baton Corps and solo twirler. Glenn, Sandy Patchen. THIRD ROW: Dix, and Lynn Hodges. tchen Colchilski, Barbara Davis, Virginia reu, Nancy Keiber. bl OUTSTANDING ENSEMBLES Winter Haven CORNET QUARTET CLARINET QUARTET I'LUTE QUARTET Lucxlle Van Duyne Charles Davrs Bud Judy Pounds, Patsy jo jackson, Joanne Brogden, Annette Blrckwelder Carolyn Johnson James Salmond Dorothy Dale Mann. riddl e .ll-' :alla E- ' li5'1i'li,""5kTfl aff- JNL, -as if-,I gi 1155-I E 5-:'?-' ' :gf f l D I Ki-'ij SAXOPHONE QUARTET DRUM TRIO CLARINET QUARTET Alta Ann Hales Charles Balclwrn Barney Allen Shepherd, George Van Arsdale, George Carol Ann Duv'll Bob Mullen Johnson Hoy Culhfer Larson. Ruyno Kay Rutledge CLARINET QUARTET CORNET QUARTET 'IROMBONE QUARTET Charles Bentley Janice Barber Suzanne jerry Ogburn, Lanty Hodge, Pat Mathews, Linda Mrlxe Green Bob jones Dennls Whldden Nancy Barber Blackburn. Steve Counter SOPHOMORE CORNET TRIO HORN QUINTET SOPHOMORE FLUTE QUAR1 Barry Salzman Vrrgrl Adams john J0hl'l Wells, TCYFY Jones, Jimmy Ferl, Marlene Betty Westbrook Put Nun jrmmy Qowden Ireland, Margaret Branson. Gall Frle PRINCIPAL PLAYERS Winter Haven ANN JUDY POUNDS GEORGE LARSON KENNETH MIKE GREEN PATSY Jo HALES Clariflft Percussion GRACE Trombone JACKSON Saxophone All-State Band Bass Clarinet Band EIYIL F3 'L 'I li ff1T3 EIDE .41 CULLIFER NANCY VAN BUD JOHNSON CLAUDETTE JOHN WELLS NANCY RAYNO Saxophone SANT Cornet LeCERTE Horn Second Clarinet Alto Clarinet Bass Clarinet A11-Srate Band JONES CHARLES SANSDKDS JAMES SALMOND BARNEY CAROLYN Horn BALDWIN REYN Cornet JOHNSON THORNTON Captain Alto Saxophone Barirone Cornet Trio Tenor Saxophone Flute Second LIC!-lfffl?-fit First Lieufenant All-State Band ff :-E-E 1 rag ff "-'S'-1 Iiulqlff 1 ' 5 : mai: '- f A ...-..::'..1 7-i7'2-'I J-59 .-L-.2 if ' 1 5- E A A -E :ily , EWU if ff I v FLomnA J ' GARRETT ANNETTE JERRY GAMEL INEZ BENNETT AND BAR- LUCILLE VAN DUYNE- Bassoon BLACKWELDER Oboe BARA MORRISON, Captain SCCOHCI Cornet, Second Lieu- Flute and Co-Captain of Twirlers. tenant and CHARLES DAVIS -Assistant Cornet and Second Lieutenant. 63 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND BARDWELL M. DONALDSON, Dr,-erm 2 1 s. X' fwli3G'6f13-22? ,ii V V S. , The band under the direction of Bardwell M. Donaldson has ninety-one members, li ' 1 twelve majorettes, a drum major, two head majorettes, and a band captain. i 7 . ,ggi l 4-,sv ' Most of the band's growth has been during the past eleven years. In 1946 there were I y ts- f' 'L - 'I ten members without a director. There was practically no equipment. There were no L i X2 2 f,,- V , uniforms. The members had only a minimum of experience on a musical instrument. :Y E 1 V 'W From this the band has grown to its present status of well-equipped, well-dressed, and f I ' A A, i talented members. ii , Q, The band has taken several trips in connection with its musical program. Two years I ' If " ,I ago the band went on an educational tour to New York City and last year to Miami 1 , . a f' - ' ' iwQ Beach. During the past eleven years the band has attended district contests every year, f f and its rating in the state during these years of participation has remained high. In the . -X , contests for concert, sight-reading, and marching there have been 52 First Division l . ratings, 4 Second Division ratings, and 5 Third Division ratings. In solo and ensemble f competition First Division ratings are 99 percent. The director is a graduate of Stetson University. He received his Bachelor's of Music degree in 1941. While in college, Mr. Donaldson played bassoon with the Stetson University Band and Orchestra. He was also bassoonist with the Central Florida Symphony Orchestra at Winter Park and bassoonist with Daytona Beach Municipal Band for twelve seasons. While in the Navy, Donaldson received his Master's degree in Band Adminis- tration and Supervision from the University of Florida. His teaching experience includes two years as director of Titusville High School Band, one year as director of the Chipley High School Band and eleven years as director of Gainesville High School Band. He is a member of the Florida Bandmasters' Association and American School Band Directors' Association. BAND COUNCIL Dm, Major FRONT ROW? joe Arrington, Shirley Wynn, Sybil Carter, JOE ARRINGTO Jason Weintraub. BACK ROW: Becky Wzlnninger, john Dusenbury fBand Captainj, Kristin Deurloo. MA-IORETTES CORPS KNEELING: Lou Harris, Barbara Hendricks. STANDING: Sue Martin, Peggy Nutt, Gail Rogers, jo Alice Rowe, Suzanne Schenck, Katherine Knadle, Sandra Francisco, Barbara Gornto, Alice Dunscombe, Vancly Cooper. l llti l i b li lllli itl i ef rl " ..5h.. A 'I iii' Hsiiilili F i l vv 5. ,as , fm 3 N. m i , as v. 'gh , :Q ,J 5 , f A x gl ,, 4,6 f f . 'Z fi fy" X XQYN L EX ,Y X V . ,KMX fy ,vf"""'? 'Z , 5 Q 12 V M 1 'fm W WFS 'M qw N, r ,Q L Q. 14. wit I .-I x . . 'X X3 4 L. 4-, .Q I V 511' f In Q, , .. , Q 5 E3 ,, k L K R ll x 'Qi . , ,y Q ' Q ' K . Ayrdaa . Y 'Q v ,,4Y'.. ' h X ,0- ,U 2 I 0 v..g .ix X X ? I V O 1 ff , n, Q. . ,1 .mu iam 66 GUNNISON, COLORADO, HIGH SCHOOL BAND LESTER W. TURNER, Director The Gunnison County High School Band, under the direc- tion of Lester W. Turner, has maintained a constant growth in size and in quality of performance. The band and the individual members have won state and national honors. Now ranking "Superior" in sight reading, concert and marching band in the district, they will strive to maintain this rating. The success of the group is due largely to the cooperation of the members and to the assis- tance of the Band Mothers' Club. BAND OFFICERS: PATTE MOORE, Secretary KAREN COX, Vice President JAMES MONTGOMERY, President FLUTE DOUBLE TRIO 'Z ' T BACK ROW: Shirley Cummins, Jodie Q5 Ash, and Sandy Seraphine. FRONT TWIRLERS AND DRUM MAJOR Shirley Cummins, Twirlerg Eastman, Flag-Twirlerg Monte ROW: Maurine Osborne, Patte Moore, Drum Majorg Maurine Osborne, and Patte Bouchard. Twirlerg Patty Binford, Twirlerg center ffrontj Patte Moore, Twirler. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Gunnison nf GH l la? BOUCHARD JOHN BALDON WALT ROGERS JAMES GAZZOLI JOHN LAKE Flute Trombone Cornet Tuba Baritone BRASS SIIXTEI ROW: John Lake, Baritone: James Tuba: Monte Chalfant, Baritone. LESTER W. TURNER ROW: John Bulclon, Trombone: Director G.H.S. .Band for six yearsg B.A. Miller, French Horn: John Hansen, Cor- and M.A. degrees, Western State College. incl Walt Rogers, Cornet. a--:-Q... ! '- ,, ,1 --. I -. 'fl- sl Y lt-Hill HARE GARY HILLMAN RAMONIA MCKELVY Saxophone Clarinet Percussion SAXOPHONE CHOIR BACK ROW: Gene Tague, Janice Wat ters, Beverly Leonard. FRONT ROW Caroleen Hare, Carol Simillion, Dor- thea Partch, and Bobby Ehmke. CLARINET CHOIR BACK ROW: Anne Robinson, Janice Gazzoli, Sam Graham, Sue Frazier, Sondra Smith. FRONT ROW: Gary Hillman, Karen Cox, Marilyn Miller, and Alice Carpenter. , H CORNET DOUBLE TRIO BACK ROW: Marilyn Harris, Dave Balken- bush, James Montgomery. FRONT ROW: Margo I.eFevre, John Hansen, and Walt Rogers. "1 ri Y fr vw- ,, -'F nr- -fn!! ROGER HECKMAN JANET MILLER Oboe French Horn NELLIE N. COFFMAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL A CAPPELLA CHOI HUGH GIVENS, Director Palm Springs, California HUGH GIVENS Director B.A., M.Ed., Hamline University, St. Paul, Minn. Studied Voice Olaf Christianson '45 Robert Holiday '46-'49 Piano Warren Wirtz '46-'47 Conducting Robert Holliday '46-'52 Tom Nee '46-'49 Theory Ernest Krenek '46 Russell Harris '47-'49 Previous Teaching Little Falls, Minn. '49-'50 Riverdale, North Dakota 58 '51-'55 The Nellie N. Coffman junior High School A Cappella Choir is composed of students in Grades Seven and Eight. What is lacking in maturity of voices is made up for in enthusiasm and interest in performing good music. The Choir presents two full concerts each year, one at Christmas and one in the spring, During the year the choir also gives numerous performances for civic groups, local radio, and exchange concerts with neighboring schools and colleges. The choir has averaged over twenty public appearances each year for the last three years. Each summer ten singers are given scholarships to attend one week of summer music camp. Three goals of this organization are: to achieve proper use of the voice, to receive training in music fundamentals, and to acquaint themselves and their listeners with the value of good music. Dr. H. L. Green, Coordinator of Music of Pasadena, California, commented on the choir: "This is one of the finest junior High School Choirs I have ever heard." Dr. Green gave the choir a No. I rating in every one of twenty-seven categories at a recent Southern California Vocal Festival. Compositions in this year's repertoire are: Pmllile-PRAETORIUS L0 Wbat nz Branch of Befzuly-PRAETORIUS Hormzmz In Excelrir-PALESTRINA Chrirtnmr Carol-CHARLES IVES Lullay My Liking-HOLST Echo Song-LASSO H ymn To All Natiozzr-BEETHOVEN Since All IJ Paffizzg-HINDEMUTH NELLIE N. COFFMAN A CAPPELLA CHOIR MADRIGAL SINGERS group meets one night each week in the home of one of the They serve as soloists, as section leaders, and as the governing ody of the choir, as well as function as a Madrigal Group. The embers of this group are picked as the outstanding singers from e choir. As such they are able to sing more advanced works and evelop a more advanced ensemble style. The group presents one TRIPLE TRIO The Triple Trio is a group of the more talented girls of the choir. They provide a very pleasant change of pace in the choir concerts. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Danielson, Vicky Lynch, Linda Lake. SECOND ROW: Pamela D'Autray, Sally Gorges, Ourdal Rackov. THIRD ROW: Sue Henwood, Caroline Fields, Lynne Hamerschlag. section of each choir concert and presents programs for civic groups. RONT ROW: Judy Jorgensen, Trond Toft, Stephanie Monez, Kenigene Fox, arry Hart. SECOND ROW: Laurie Paul, Tom Pickell, Sharon Herod, Merle oore, Ruth Marie Samson, Henry Heuck. fNot pictured: Dwight O'BertJ. SOLOISTS-Section Leaders H- -- 1: . ,l I MERLE MOORE-Baritone soloist, section leader, Madrigal Singer, age 12, grade 7. TOM PICKELI.-Baritone soloist, section leader, Madrigal 2 years, Choir 2 years, Student Council, age 14, grade 8, Summer Camp Scholarship winner. TROND TOFT- Section leader, Tenor, Choir 2 years, Madrigal Singer, grade 8, Summer Camp Scholarship winner. RUTH MARIE SAMSON- Alto soloist, Mixed Quartet, Madrigal Singer, Choir 2 years, section leader, Student Body President, grade 8, Honor Student, Summer Camp Scholarship winner. JUDY JORGENSON-Soprano soloist, section leader, Chorus and Choir 1 year, Madrigal Singer, Summer Camp Scholarship winner. KENIGENE FOX-Soloist, section leader, Choir 2 years, Mixed Quartet, Madrigal Singers. LAURIE PAUL-Soloist, section leader, Madrigal Singer, Choir. I Q F: 2 qi 5 ff:A 'iff . ' '- i., v' , taxi' Q 'if la' ..-,l 'V I' ix in S. ig.. " I , ,W ' '-- U n N Q " A - Q, 1 ' 'l' , wg.: M' 5, Q W' .9 4 'haf :43"i W-af 1 ' + xnl1ll1y.l1if'1 QN 'Q Qi! in sf -V' .vi b ""Q5 -.xnf 7455-I2 .35-Tx5f"J.:1 ff' 5 "N 97:31 Q1 Wim: w va,1 f' -v..Ym2ff ff x :1 '-kWw' ' Q' W - ax-Qffl.5 x 5wf- 'Slz'i'1?5 FX QE gi'-an -it , . .4 - 4 P , X '- ' f- u 'uv q .V his SEQ? 6 - NL' W lL'A",,e , -I. 'fi 'fb 4 x jx r .N . H ii Q L. .X :L v AQLMQ X s ,fy iw Qi jf' fqfjf-V I A N f , .rx .Y-4' 5 + f!' 3 , ,251 "f V wb 5 1 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS MONTEREY UNION HIGH SCHOOL BAND It is not necessary to hear these people play to know how they will sound, See their record on the opposite page. Neither is it necessary to write a long story about each to know the kind of leadership he manifests in other fields. You know the businessman by the results of his business, you know the farmer by the appearance of his farm. The organization whose members work together succeed. And the success is in exact ratio to the spirit that cements it into a whole.-The Editor VIRGINIA CHAMBERS TERRY MCCORMACK Oboe Trumpet f. 1-7 I DOROTHY SILVA : Flute ' SHIRLEY WATSON Double Bass NOREEN MEGIRMESS Bass Clarinet C7 JACK STOCK Trombone CARMEN OLOETA Clarinet NANCY MCALLISTER Bassoon MADELINE HILL Alto Saxophone ROBERT SMITH Tuba LINDA MAROT Tenor Saxophone JOE MITCHELL Tympani BILL VON PROTZ Baritone Saxophone XWAYNE MARTIN Baritone Ill- ...gait Hillgl! BESSEMER, ALABAMA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND LAMAR TRIPLETT, Direcvor H I if 1 LAMAR TRIPLETT Supervisor and Director of Band fSee State Page, 72 '--,-,L -. r ji It U t I ' ,V -'Yr' . f 'iw fi :ffm ACTIVITIES: Ten football shows each season, three major concerts, numerous civic club and related appearancesg has travelled widely from Philadelphia to Little Rock, and this past summer spent a week at Daytona Beach, Florida, finishing the week with an evening concert at the Band Shell on the Board Walk. CONTEST RATINGS: Sight Reading, Superior seven straight yearsg Concert, Excellent 1957. SUCCESS DUE TO: Cooperative Administrationg Active Band Parents' Organizationg High Student Pride and Morale. Ralph Doughty, Anna Batson, Lane Morrow, Ann Skidmore, Brenda Nivens, Gail Mann, Patricia Greenlee, Judy Letson, Head Majorette. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Bessemer, Alabama MARY ANN CAHOON-junior High School, Sth grade, winner in State Solo Ensemble Contest 1957, flute, First Chair B.H.S. Band 1956-57. ED COPELAND-Oboe, alto saxophone, English hom, clarinet Blue Band 1955, first Oboe White Band 1956, Birmingham Youth Symphony first oboe 1956, Key Club, Latin Club, president Intermediate Department, First Methodist Church, Civitan Oratorical Winner 1954, Scholarship University Band Camp 1956, Dance Band saxophone 1955-56, leader of Dance Band 1957, Honor Roll 1954-57, first chair oboe Red Band 1957, NANCY RILEY--First chair, B.H.S. Band 1956-57, Blue Band Festival Winner 1957 Clarinet, Scholarship University Band Camp 1956. JOE SACHS-First chair B.H.S. Band, second trumpet Dance Band, Blue Band first chair winner 1957, Scholarship University Band Camp 1956, solo winner 1957 Solo Ensemble Contest. GEORGE SCOTT-Second chair, B.H.S. Band, Blue 6 5'- ibn' .m--- ,s, ,J ,fig 97 sill First Chair Orchestra Oboe and English Horn, 1957 Festival. RALPH DOUGHTY-Drum Major 1957, National Honor Society 1956-57, Alpha Hi-Y, Ambassador-in-Chief of R.A.'s, President B,T.U., Festival Orchestra first chair trumpet 1955. WALTER MCALISTER-Festival Band 1955-56, first chair Blue Band 1957, third chair B.H.S. Band, clarinet. JERRY RILEY-First chair, B.H.S. Band, first trombone B.H.S. Dance Band 1956-57, Presi- dent B.H.S. Band 1957. 4 f l 'r l 1 Band first chair winner 1954, first chair Red Band Winner 1957, Secretary B.H.S. Band 1957. ANN SMITH-First chair French horn B.H.S. Band 1956-57, Blue Band first' chair winner 1957, Librarian B.H.S. Band 1957. DOUGLAS SMITH-First Chair B.H.S. Dance Band, Blue Band first chair winner 1957, Scholarship 1955-56-57, Festival Band first chair winner 1957. .1 eg l, Drum Major A RALPH DOUGHTY ROBERT E. LEE HIGH SCHOOL BAND JOHN M. LONG, Director Montgomery, Alabama May we introduce you to the Sweet-playing, Smart-stepping Robert E. Lee High School Band: FLUTES: John Brock, David Gluth, Don Leavell, Bill Mosely. OBOES: Elbert Lingo, Jack Clements. BASSOON: Carolyn Taylor, Janice Dudley. Bb CLARINETS: Jimmy Simpson, Mickey Lisenby, Ralph Black, Franklin T h r a i l k i l l, Henry O'Stein, Bill P i e r s o n, Marilyn Black, Jimmy Ledbetter, John Switzer, Donald McClendon, Olivia McKim, Faye Wadsworth, Barbara Laney, Sandra Melton, Jackie Dowdell, Sandra Peeples, Margaret Sullivan, Annette Kennedy, Alice Free- man, Barry Leavell, Glenn Cowham, Sam Forrester, Charles Goodwin, Marbeth Fess, Robert Ward, Anita Hatchett, Jack Clements, Marilyn Snider. Eb CLARINET: Jerry Greer. ALTO CLARINET: Dale Davison. BASS CLARINET: Andrew Sneed, Jimmy Ledbetter. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Stovall Ken- drick, Carolyn Taylor, Albert Torica, Bill Gilmore, Barry Osborne, Sara SanSom, Dale Davison, TENOR SAXOPHONE: Fred Enslen, James Williams, David Oswalt. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Bill Cowan. TRUMPETS: Bill Hammett, Dick Bond, Don Worthington, Ken Pouncey, Jimmy Brasher, Johnny Blue, Larry Waites, Lamar May, Dale Martin, Julian McLendon, Jay Sanders, Wayne Kindred, Alan Mitchell, Mavis Barkley, Logan Kratzer, Dan Lucas, George Culver, Ed Garner, Olin Bray, Damon Nolin. FRENCH HORNS: Jimmy Brasher, Lamar May, Allan Ray, Ray Foshee, Wayne Kindred. TROMBONES: Barry Grey, William Boswell, Ken Hammett, Allan Williams, Glen Scott, Richard Snaider, Barry Vines, Jerry Johnson, Louis Martin, Woody Chambless, Harvey Jones. BARITONES: Ken Sanders, Bill Bryant, Larry Osborne, Burton Marsh, Tom Borden. BASS: Fred Gamble, Fred Woolard, Jon Mosley, Thomas Eason, Van Cates, Jim Holstein. DRUMS: Ed Mixon, John Harrison, Jerry Burns, Bryant Hudson, Tommy Davis, Jerry Hollis, Jimmy Dinkins, Jim Curtis, Don Bogue, Patsy Spears. MAJORETTES: Kay Sanderson, Ann Harris, Brenda Thompson, Kay Banks, Rose Mary Peden, Joyce Williams, Martha Ann Garrett, Barbara Glasscock, Sandra Clarke, ean Elder FLAG BEARERS o ce ackson Carolyn Meherg, Jo Ann Johnson. DRUM MAJOR: J - 2 J Y J , Elbert Lingo. FEATURE TWIRLER: Rickey Goodwin. JOHN M. LONG, FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS OFFICERS JOHN BROCK, Flute ELBERT LINGO, Oboe CAROLYN TAYLOR, Bassoon JIMMY SIMPSON, Bb Clarinet JERRY GREER, Eb Clarinet DALE DAVISON, Alto Clarinet ANDREW SNEED, Bass Clarinet STOVALL KENDRICK, Saxophone BILL HAMMETT, Cornet JIMMY BRASHER, Horn BARRY GREY, Trombone KEN SANDERS, Baritone FRED GAMBLE, Bass ED MIXON, Bass Drum JOHN HARRISON, Snare Drum BILL HAMMETT, Captain, President JAMES SIMPSON, Student Director FRED GAMBLE, Vice President CAROLYN TAYLOR, Secretary-Treasurer JOHN BROCK, Librarian ED MIXON, Supply Officer ROBERT E. LEE-MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 'S Q 1 iw CERES UNION HIGH SCHOOL BAND VERNON "BERT" STEVENSON, Director Ceres, California .- I . , , ,Q f ., 5 '4.w,' ' iaf u TL ix 4? " , ' rr-1.1 J I ' i 1 t figwit' PE - . we " H . ' V l,,, ' i , The town of Ceres is justly proud of this 90-piece band. It all began eleven years ago when Mr. Vernon "Bert" Stevenson, a young and determined director took his first job teaching the Ceres High School Band. Through his drive and determination, those hard years of hard work, worries, and overtime have paid off-for the finished product is the versatile and superior band it is today. The main interest of half the football fans is the halftime show for, when the halftime gun sounds, this band is always sure to put on an outstanding performance. Under the direction of Ann Escobar, drum majorette, a fast cadence, quick changing formations, and original shows bring that special spark which few high school bands possess. Audiences are given a special treat when this band marches with lights. Due to their keen performances, they are asked each year to represent an out-of-state college football team by presenting a halftime show at the College of Pacific in Stockton, California. With the last football game, this band makes the radical change from marching band to concert band. This is always looked forward to by the band even though it means hard work, hours of practice, and many night rehearsals, for concert season is its main interest. The Ceres High Band is always well represented at the County Festival held in January, in which many C.H.S. Band members take first chair. For the past ten years, this band has received nothing but Superior ratings at the California Festival, and in 1955 it was awarded a plaque for being the outstanding band at the Northern California Festival. Recently it was honored to be asked' to play for the California Music Educators' Association in Santa Rosa. Although it is a Class B school, the Ceres Band presents at its Spring Concert and at the California Festival a program that consists of Class A and AA music. Yes, the town of Ceres is justly proud of this band because the determination, vigor, and enthusiasm of lMr. Stevenson have obviously rubbed off on his students, giving them the wonderful individual attitude to make their band the very best. -vu - Q MR. VERNON "BERT" Band Director Upon graduating from Modesto College and San jose State, Mr. "Bert" Stevenson took his first at Ceres High School where he now taught for eleven years. his first seven years there, he the mixed chorus, girls' glee club advanced band and taught the tary and junior bands. Now is able to devote his time to the bands and is one of the school's selors. Mr. Stevenson holds a secondary in music and has a Superior band for ten c years. To Mr. Frank Mancini Harold Bartlett he expresses thanks and appreciation for all help. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-CERES BAND SMITH BUD BUTLER JUDY GRAHAM PAT IMFIELD JANET HYER JUDY BARROWS Flute Clarinet Clarinet Alto Clarinet Bass Clarinet Contr. Bass Clarinet GRUNDY JIM HANSEN ELEANOR HUGH SERVICE DIANE RHODE BRYCE TINGLE BHSSOOH AMO SHXOPITOUC SCHREGARDU5 Baritone Saxophone Horn Trombone Tenor Saxophone l 'raft 'M A at Wg' i 25 Q META vf4..,+-' ' 5'FQ? -K A ash Zvi' ROSALENE LARRY HAAS RONALD LOIS RYDER LORETTA VARGAS Cornet SHELLMAN Cymbals ANDERSON BHFIIODC' Oboe Cornet Tympani ,gig MAJORETTES 55-bi Charlene McClure, Jeanne Zamaroni, Loretta Anderson JONES DON HAAS Drum Bass ANN ESCOBAR Drum Majorette "ALWAYS TRY FOR THE TOP SPOT" 4 STERLING HIGH SCHOOL COLUMBINE BAND LLOYD s, JENSEN, Damn,- State Sterlmg, Colorado Dedzcatzon During the past nine years the members of the Sterling, Colorado, Columbine Band have worked diligently to ac- quire an impressive record in both concert and marching competition. The fall season finds the band presenting half- time shows which have proved popular with statewide Spectators. The winter concert season finds the group performing the finest in symphonic concert literature, fea- turing guest conductors and soloists, among whom are Leonard B. Smith, foremost cornetistg Sigurd Rascher, world renowned saxophonist, Glen Cliffe Bainum, director emeritus of Northwestern Universityg and contemporary composer, Frank Ericson. Last spring the band was selected to present a concert performance at the Southwest Music Educators' Conference. LLOYD S. JENSEN, Director A.B. Degree from Colorado State College, Greeley Master of Music Education Degree from University of Colorado. Boulder Secretary-Treasurer of Colorado Music Educators' Association Editor of the COLORADO MUSIC EDUCATOR Member of State Music Committee of the Colorado H.S. Activities Association Presented in "They Are Making America Musical" column in SCHOOL MUSICIAN Past President of Colorado Instrumental Music Directors' Asso- N ciation. Winner of local Junior Chamber of Commerce Distinguished " Service Award Vfinner of Colorado State Junior Chamber of Commerce Dis- tinguished Service Award Winner of Colorado Jaycees Outstanding Local President Award Cited by Governor of Colorado with membership to the Cart- wheel Club, an honorary organization for the promotion and betterment of the state Life member of N.E.A. Active in numerous community clubs and activities During the summer of 1954 the band earned top honors by winning first place at the Lions International Parade in New York City. The following summer the group returned to the east coast and again placed among the top five bands appearing in Atlantic City. It was a rare privilege for the members of the group to meet with President Eisenhower during the summer of 1954 and with Vice President Nixon the following year. The group adopted the name of the Columbine Band as suggested by Presi- dent Eisenhower and the members are very proud of the sleeve patches designed for them, displaying the state flower of Colorado. This summer the band will again represent the Colorado Lions at the International Conven- tion in Chicago. l , FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Sterling lil in Q 3 1 e- I Y l l g L . ,fn.,' l ', I Q, 2 ,I gr EIARON SUE ELDRED CAROLYN DENISE HOLDEN DOROTHY JUDITH BEEBE BSACK SOIO Clarinet HERMAN Third Clarinet SCHROTBERGER B355 Clarinet Flute Second Clarinet Alto Clarinet W i I ' p T by ' :IL 14' " .I' I I gf W K M.. V fu. -M- C DRMA KNAUB RUTH RENQUIST BOB FREDREGIU- ROBERTA GERALD GORDON Oboe Bassoon Alto Saxophone WIGHAM DANCER DICKINSON Tenor Saxophone Bass Saxophone Cornet ,lllw V, m A ,r, r.f .1 g X 2- - H E 1 I . A 1 V . I ' L . -' 7 l - ' 5 I FC-2 "Art" Is Onl 1, A . gd I . K . ii! ,li 3, Y I e A E I ' l I 1 2 sf The Best l I - l l I 5 i is Q Way Of I Ai N- ' ' "S Doing i F' nh , 1 v, A ,'L'J "U V . N., ,E :I :pg ge , i Things. I N ri r 'N ' 1' I , ' I , i ' I . I ,' I lr get , . I ' 5 is - v L F' R r l. fi: .,.. g,:':L1. .. "- JIM WI-IITCOMB KENNETH JIM CORNELL ALAN ALKER Trombone WHITE Sousaphone HICKENBOTTOM 1 Horn Baritone Percussion LAURAE F O R T N E R - Lead Drum Majoretteg outstanding studentg has helped maintain a Superior marching band. DRUM MAJORETTES HERALD TRUMPETS DECATUR, ALABAMA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND 5154156 CARL SCHWUCHOW, Direclor Dedication The Decatur High School Band, consisting of one hundred members, is one of the top-notch bands of the state of Alabama and the nation. Many honors have been placed upon the band for its superior performance and musician- ship. Parades, music festivals, and community projects receive full participation from the band. Aside from play- ing three major concerts a year, the band performs for all activities of the school, including football and basket- ball games and rallies. JOHN SOBOTKA CARL SCHWUCHOW The high school musical training of Mr. Schwuchow was completed at Hobart, Indiana, where for six years he studied under the capabale direction of Dr. Williain Revelli. His college career was spent at Western State College in Kentucky and at Northern Teachers College in South Dakota, where most of his time was spent in higher studies of music and theory. Among his many honors, he is, at the present time, State Chairman for the A.S.B.D.A. Although the Decatur Senior High School's enrollment places the band in Class "A" competition, in 1953, by permission of the Alabama Band Masters' Association, the Decatur High School Band entered Class "AA" competi- tion. During its fourteen years under Mr. Schwuchow, the band received fourteen Superior ratings at the State Band Festival. The band is proud of its record of achievementg still, it is not satisfied to rest on the laurels of past victory, but is pushing on to newer and better ideals. I 'C l 'il MAJORETTES Charlotte Leeman Suzanne Filler Margaret Wiley Pamelia Whitt Linda Carithers Bobbie Mae Banks fl 6 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Decatur, Alabama I f I Y lfllmillll fi D A B - I I i A FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS-XX7oodwinCl Wfilcla Iitlclins, Sum Roycr. Clifford Vaughan. Chris Thompson, Scott johnson, Wfayne Terry Sue Czirrcll. john Fnrrcr, Robert Scliwucliow. Many Ann Styles. SENIOR PLAYERS FIRST ROXW: -lim Mzirslmll, jutly KulA bug. Sydney Giirnctt, 'Iunct DL-Vine. SECOND R O XV: Clifforcl Vaughan. Silfil Roycr. I'l1ll'l52II'2I Nzipps, llzirlmrai Nance, Gnrrol C1ll'DL'll. THIRD ROXV: Bev Clemons, Rolwcrt Stclimnn. Aaron deG1':1ffcnrcid, John Solwotliai. I-Iowcll Glenn, Carlton Compton. - . i , . I .sag I I , f i I FIRST CI-IAIR PI,AYERS--Brass .lim Marshall. Diwitl I-Iiilncrcom. Don Chuitcli. Janet DuVinc. Galrrol Curncll. Curl Still. Carlton Compton, Howell Glenn. I I! V! 5,1 WESLEY WADE Drum Major Wesley has done a fine job of leading the march- ing band. He has done a major part of the work and can handle the band with- out help. 82 Paonia has been well known on the Western Slope of Colorado as one of the top bands in the "C" class competition at the Grand Junction Spring Festival. Its ratings have been among the top for the last ten years. Last spring Paonia had the distinct honor of being the only school in the thirty schools of all classifications entered in the Music Festival to receive a "First Division" rating in everything entered. Having 225 in high school and an average of sixty in the band year after year gives Paonia one of the highest percentages of high school students in band in the state. Paonia High School has a fine record of community service and will continue to strive for leadership in the field of service. The ,rize of fr town bfi: zzolbing ta do with llae quality of iir people. -THE EDITOR PAONIA, COLORADO, HIGH SCHOOL BAND . rp- DLEIEN BAlI.l'iH Horn 1 by Egg ,J 'SU' ' 'ESLEY XWADE , Cornet nf'-'Aug Ll. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Paonia Colorado x,i'-3 y is mmmwlmlllll Cornet RIFSSELI. MADDOX CHARLES EARLANA FLETCHER ANITA ETHERTON CHAMBERLAIN Saxophone French Horn Cornet LIBRARIANS Anim Etherton Connie Poulos Barbara Livingstone Kitty Rowell-These girls ARTHUR LUND 'Vromlnonc CONNIE POULOS have completely redone the library during thc Ifxst yefu' 'und h1ve vvorkecl late hours and through the summer to finish the job. I ROBERT MEREDITH Bass "IF" Clarinet 1 :ET Y LESTER PAGE 0 -l TWIRLERS Snare Drum, Tympani I , Joyce Fountain, Coleen Bailey, and Mary Bear. X ff ft Ee' ' .F jim XVOOD C A ,ri Cornet ,' ' Q' ' ff l 'l' 1 . lf , 3 if if 1?-f 1 N7 f f L ' l 1 X fum! ERNIF PRYOR KATHY ALLISON LINDA DORSEY FAYE LIVINGSTON Dfums Clarinet BHIHUUG Bass Viol iw L ,L -!S?' S THE ATHENIAN CONCERT BAND , , Crawfordsville, Indiana DHJZWUOW VERNON E. SPAULDING, Dia-arm Bama! The Concert Band plays at all basketball games, presents concerts, participates in contests, and has received no rating lower than excellent in the past twenty-five yearsg it makes a short tour each spring, playing at student con- OFFICERS OF THE ATHENIAN BAND FRONT ROW: SHARON MCANINCH, Solo Clarinetist: JANIS ZACHARY, Secretary, JAMES GRAHAM, Presidentg JUDI DeBARD, Vice President: ELEANOR MIDDLE- TON, Head Majorette. SECOND ROW: VERNON SPAULDING, Director: DAVE BRANDKAMP, Solo Cornetist and President of Pep Band: JOE SANDERS, Officer-in- Charge of Color Guardg TED MCCALMENT, Librarian, STEVE MIDDLETON, Man- ager. TOM SHAVER Drum Major E i PEP BAND FIRST ROXW: james Graham, Ronald Stockall. SECOND ROW: Dave Brandkamp, Don Heath, Phil Rhode. THIRD ROXV: Ed Wilson, john Parks, Don Henry, XX'ayne Knox, Neil Thompson. vocations. The Marching Band presents shows at all football games, participates in the Homecoming Parade, Santa Claus Parade, Old Fashion Days Parade, State Lions Club Parade, and-many others throughout the year. VERNON SPAULDING Director Mr. Spaulding serves as judge, tor ol clinics, is a member ot N.C,. Indiana Music Educators' sociation, and American School Directors' Association. He is president of l.M.E.A., ISM Rotary. ln 1954 he was the Indianapolis Star, M.G.M., Scandinavian Airlines to be Goodwill Ambassador to present he is a member of the cl ,A., eral Committee ot the ln 1956 he was preSente a Cate of Merit tor his c service to music by the Music Educators' Association. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Crawfordsville, Indiana is Q avi X-sf, JUDITI-I CAROLE Del5ARDAAlto Saxophone, Vice President, Mzzjorctte, Music Club, Puletteirs, School Annual Staff, School Paper Stuff. IILEANOR EILEIEN MIDDLETON-Eb Flute, Head Mujorctte, Music Club, Chorus, Pziletteirs. SANDRA DISNEY- Glockenspicl. Music Club, DON HENRY-Percussion. Pep Band, vars. P1-III. RHODE-Trumpet, Music Club. Dance Band. SUSIE BOS- NXfIiLL--Bzwitone Saxophone, Chorus, Choir. JANE GENTRY- Tenor Saxophone. DEAN STEPHENS-Alto Clarinet, Chorus, Choir, Piimo Soloist and Accompunist, Student Director, Alto it 'T' 0 8 , ' I G? I , , I A JOHN PARKS-Baritone, Pep Blind. Boys' Chorus, Honor Society. DIANE STEPHENSWISHSS Clarinet. Majorette. JAMES GRAI-IAM-Trombone, Music Club, School Annual Stuff, School Paper Stuff, Pep Squad, Band President. NEII. THOMPSON- i A Ygffk l' ' vi lf " Ieftjr Robert Kostanzer, B 21 s s 0 o n, Iu s ic Club, Piccolo. fRightj: Steve Iiddleton, Manager of Band. DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES K1 X- -.1 f Nr' w r I ,..,,,...,.,.,,,-fJ""'-A115 wan f , Music Club, Dance Band, Church Choir. MARGARET BRAND- KAMP-Flute, Music Club. DAVID BRANDKAMP-Cornet, Pep Band President, Chorus, Choir, Soloist, Music Club, Dance Band, Scholarship to Culver Military Academy for summer session. 55? Saxophone, School and Church Organist, Piano Teacher. LARRY WESTFALL-Bass Drum, Music Club, Pep Band. SHARON MCANINCH-Clarinet, Honor Society, Chorus., Sousaphone. STEVE DAVIS--Oboe, Music Club President, Choir, Chorus, Vocal Soloist with -. Band, Vice President Vfestminster Fellowship, Student Council. RONALD RUNYON-French Horn, Music Club. 5 l-Di fer iq-4' of 86 PERCUSSION MAJORETTES ISTROUMA HIGH SCHOOL BAND Baton Rouge HOWARD REYNOLDS, Difzfrfow' Louisiana The Istrouma High School Band, under the direction of also noted for fine precision marching and brilliant show- J. Howard Reynolds, has come to be recognized as one Inanship. of the nation's fine musical organizations. This bancl is an A 31' DRUM MAJOR AND HERALD TRUMPETS J- HOWARD STUDENT DIRECTOR Tom Kilroy and joseph Palotta ,yn . V I -ia . H- V' - , ff ..,-N, mv- -rv 'H 2. Q35 P" --Q"-, E' V Tffifx X Cl Q' ug X I' 11: .1 4 'fl L 1c,,.'- ,I 5, DEZA ary IJ 512' K, E S' 1- ew . X-'nw i 1 Yr' " f ' W J ' 'fig r 4 , ' ' - --. . -, Q 3 ,, A 4, gg L ,, , f. f- L, .. 1 55' L I- "' i' " " R' " ,Z ,t , , Hi o JJ 5 .J - ' J 5 ' v 1 Y s 2 'A N INIARCHING BAND L ,, Y, Y , 1,- 1, 1,1 K ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND J. O. WARE. JR., Dj1'L'L'lfJI' I 1 III it A xg' fo nl-3, Q The growth and development of this band has been due activities, attends the Delta Band Festival in Greenwood to the excellent support given to it by the Board of Edu- each year, and has played at the Cotton Carnival in Mem- cation, the school officials, and the citizens of Aberdeen phis. This band has won many Superior ratings, including and to the excellent conductors that the school has em- all Superiors in the 1957 State Contest and has built a high ployed. This popular group participates in all community tradition of loyalty that is to be greatly admired, vi. ll.: .v ,. . l.':,ai ' , ' il ' I 'tg 52' 'Q -fl Xi if 1 ,MM 3 .J f ni I MAJORETTES J. O. WARE, JR. MARY GOLDE LASKY Difeqrof Drum Major Mr. Ware has a varied experience as teacher and conductor, having taught twenty years in the schools of Mississippi. He became direc- tor of Aberdeen High School Band in 1956. 88 "Superior" rating State Contest in 1956 and 1957. BRASS SEXTET "Superior" rating MIXED CLARINET QUARTET Superior Rating WOODWIND TRIO ' SAXOPI-IONE ENSEMBLE "Superior" rating 3 years "Superior" rating 4 years FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS A er een l l 72 ,.91-W'-L - 'R -N 6,5 8 .I f. 1-4-, l ll 15 9' Y-116:-1-.. es:- Sc-.LN ..,, , il Eafmlkifig--gp TOP ROW: GARY SAXWTELLE-Alto Saxophone, Vice President 1956-57, President 1957-58, President Aberdeen Band Club 1957-58, Superior Solo 5 years, Saxophone Ensemble Superior 4 years, State Clinic Band, Mississippi Lions All-State Band 3 years. ELIZABETH BOX-Trombone, Accompanist, Band Club, Secretary-Treasurer 2 years, Soloist, Brass Sextet, "Superior" 2 years. TERRY SI-IELTON-Vice President, Vice President Aber- deen Band Club, Solo, "Superior" 5 years. MARY GOLDE LASKY -Drum Major. Tenor Saxophone-,'Accompanist, Band Club, 1956 Mississippi Lions All-State Band, Saxophone Ensemble, "Superior" 4 years, "Superior" Drum Major 2 years. MARY LYNN REEVES -Snare Drum, Bells, Tympani, Band Club, Accompanist, State Clinic, Mississippi Lions All-State Band 1956. GEORGE PRO- VIAS-Bass Drum, Band Club, "Superior" Drummer. SECOND ROW: HELENE SOLOMON-Solo Cornet, Band Club, Brass Ensemble "Superior" 3 years. FRANKIE JO NOLEN-French Horn, Band Club, Brass Ensemble "Superior" 5 years. CAMILLE REED-Clarinet, Head Majorette 5 years. Reporter, Accompanist, Twirler "Excellent" 5 years, Woodwind Trio "Superior" 5 years. JANE BRUMMETT-Flute, Majorettc, Band Club, Accompanist, pg Soloist, Flute Quartet "Excellent" 2 years, Woodwind Trio "Superior" 5 years. CHARLES WELLS-Solo Cornet, Band Club, Solo "Excellent," Cornet Trio "Superior." WAYNE WEST- French Horn, Band Club, Horn Ensemble, Brass Ensemble "Superior," THIRD ROVU: BETH SIGLER-Alto Clarinet, Majorette, Band Club, Mixed Clarinet Quartet two "Superiors." SANDRA DABBS-Band Club, Saxophone Ensemble "Superior" 4 years, Soloist, EVA LEE SENTER-Cornet, Majorette, Band Club, Brass Sextet "Superior" 5 years. DOT ALLEN-Flute, Cymbals, Librarian 2 years, Flute Quartet "Excellent," Wood- wind Trio "Superior." CLARA LYNCH-Snare Drum, Band Club, "Superior" 1957. FOURTH ROW: PATRICIA BLAYLOCK -Bass Clarinet, Band Club, Mixed Clarinet Quartet "Superior." GWYNNE LEE HARRINGTON-Alto Saxophone, Band Club, Accompanist, Saxophone Ensemble "Superior" 4 years. LESLIE WEST-Baritone, Cornet Trio "Excellent" Band Club. CARL COOPER-Bass, Band Club, Brass Ensemble "Excellent" ROBERT HUGH ALLEN-Trombone, Band Club, Soloist, Trom- bone Quartet. CHICO, CALIFORNIA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND LESLIE SWEENEY, Dffafof- This band has received Superior ratings at every appear- ance at the Northern Sacramento Valley Music Festival for twelve years, and for the last two appearances at the Z"'S BAND OFFICERS EUGEN GIBBS, Vice P1'CSldCI'ltQ PATRICIA GOLAY, Secretaryg WANDA GATES, Historiang PHYLLIS GRAVELLE, Treasurerg PAUL XVURSCHMIDT, President. 90 LINDA GLOVER, Drum Major ,fi V Northern California Music Festival in 1955, and 1957 at Berkeley and San Francisco, California, It is considered one of the finest high school bands in the state and nation. ff LESLIE Grarluate, I i t MA JORETTES California Genera om ary c r e cl e n Director of Chico fourteen years. I FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Chico, To hold the first chair position of your section in a band that has rated Superior twelve consecutive years, a hand that has made such a fine record for its school and com- munity, a band that has attracted national attention, tells California the world that you are training yourself to be successful men and women in whatever field you may enter.-The Editor iwif FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS Cornet ..,..... ......... R ONALD FREUND Trombone ...... .s,,...,,. D OUGLAS HOBSON Bass ...,........ ,..,.......... . , .BOB KELLY Clzlrlrlei ...... ,.......l.. R ICHARD EUSEBIO Oboe ....l... .....,. K ENNETH BROXVNELL Bass Clarinet Flute ....,,........, ..,, Bassoon ...... Baritone ,...., Horn ,.......,...,. ,,,,.,u Saxophone ,.... .,.... GOLAY ...VWJEANINE EARLE .,,..rMAR1LYN CATEY ...MARJANE STOVER ,......CAROLYN CLEEK .PAUL XWURSCHMIDT fnot in picturel PARIS, TENNESSEE, HIGH SCHOOL BAND WILLIAM if. caosswv, Dfl'L't'fUl' This band, made up of eighty pupils from the Paris City Schools and Grove High, is making its fourth consecutive appearance in FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA. Although basically a concert group, the band takes part in approxi- mately twenty marching events each year, The band events each year include all football games, two major concerts, and numerous other programs, varying from solos to full band performances. Beginning and intermediate bands feed members into the regular band-all of which are uncle: the same director. The band has consistently been a prize winner and receives top ratings in the Solo, Ensemble, and Concert divisions of the Tennessee State Contest each year. RON Cl-IESEMORE Secretary-Treasurerg PATSY HUTSON, Vice President. Drum Major OFFICERS BILL MUSTAIN, Librarian: JERRY OXWEN, Librariang EDDIE MARTIN, President, ANN FRANKLIN, Historiang DIANE ROSS, x'Cg'g' ' WILLIAINI F. CROSSWY Director Mr. Crnsswy is a graduate of K 92 State College, with a B.M.E. M.E. degrees. He is now in his year at Paris. Wliile in college very active in campus activitic lege News, and dramatics. He xv of the official college clance and was selected to appear in versitiesf' He is married and son. MAJORETTES GERRY PASCHALL, Twirler I 2 ing Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the as Vfho in American Colleges and N CHFSIEMORIY Suxnplmnc Clarinet HVTSON FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Paris, Tennessee .3 Q , l 5 rx U ,:- Na... A A xl X "-Q!-.51 l if "M . , ' Q. .. , l V 31-ll Q, ..C:iL' wg .- .A X I -IERRY OVUEN RAY HARDING JERRY ROBERTS BIARGIE JONES TERRY Percussion Tromlwunc Percussion Flute BLACKXVOOD Trumpet , if '5- -.s . J. -ml-A, 7-..-vs, anfawg - 'Jul . M fb- -. -If-f3fv'i.1' gg: "mr '- "- lromlmnc ROSS BL-I ls MARTIN ll .lf-, THOMAS ISIZRRY Trumput ANN FRANKLIN Flute. Picculn ,gl NANCY KRIDER Saxophone -I UWM Y COX Tmmbonc BILLY MUSTAIN JANE WARBIACK B4155 French Horn JERRY VAN CLEAVE LARRY PASCHALI. CAROL XVILKINS jL'DITH ROBISON linritnnc Percussion lrrcnch Horn Clarinet CARR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND Vicksburg, Mississippi DUANE BOWEN, Director The Carr Central High School Band, by its superior con- cert performance and marching achievements, is one of Mississippi's finest bands. This is a disciplined organiza- tion conclucted on a military basis with the chief pride of the members being their record of consistently fine per- formance in all phases of band activity. The band is housed in a new and modern plant, with the best in equipment and services made available by the School Board and an active Band Parents Club. The Carr Central Band has an . fi. A extensive concert repertoire and its colorful and original football shows have won the band wide acclaim. In state competition it is a consistent A and AA winner of Superior ratings. This band is justly proud 'of its his- toric city and participates in its many civic events. On tour and on the several trips made by the band each year, the band is Vicksburg's able and popular representative. The school and community take great pride in the band's out- standing accomplishments. DUANE J. BOWEN, Director Mr. Bowen is Director of Instrumental Music at Carr Central High School. He is a graduate of Lou- isiana State University School of Music where he holds both B.M.Ed. and M.M.Ed. degrees. Prior to coming to Carr Central High School, he was band director at Rayville, Louisiana, where he produced an outstanding band. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-CARR CENTRAL BAND BETSY HOWARD RANDALL RUSK BOBBY LEGGETT DON GRIFFITH lute, 1951-1Lions All-State Clarinet, 1957 and 1958 Bass Clarinet, 1957 State Oboe aml, Sergeant. Lions All-State B ri n cl s, Clif1iC Bflfld- 1956 and 1957 Stutc Clinic Bands, Second Lieutenant. BOOTS BONELLI ,IOANNE LAXWRENCE CAROL LAGG BENNIE CHAPPELL Buntl Scci'ctnrv. Altw Saixoplmnc-. 1957 State Cornet. Uniform Custodian French Horn, Student Di- ' Band Clinic: I.ibmrinn. 1956, 195 7, 1953, SU' ICCKOFZ 1956, 1957 State Social Chairman, First geilflf- Cliflif Bands, Sergeant. Lieutenant. b 'i 'LAL MlL1.IE'I"I' DONNY BARNES BILLY BAKER BONNIE RAY UICILLE FLOHR Drum Major 'l'i'oinl1unu. Sergeant. Bass. Scixigczxnt. Rcpalirnmn St,-ing B355 Percussion for Band. 0 INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT 263 BAND Elbow Lake and Wendell, Minnesota GORDON PETERSON, Director The High School Concert Band of Independent School District 263, Elbow Lake and Wendell, Minnesota, is a ninety piece concert band which for thirteen consecutive years have received top "A" ratings in State Music Festivals. The band was rated one of the three top bands this fall at the Minnesota State Fair. In 1956 the band was featured at a statewide meeting of the Minnesota Music Educators' Association. During the school year, the band presents three concerts for the public, provides the pep band for athletic events, gives a halfrtime performance at the Homecoming football game, takes part in six or more parades, plays at three or more community events, county fairs, and Memorial Day services, and provides countless numbers for programs of the many various organizations in the community. About one-third of the band personnel perform solos at contest and festival levels and the big majority have received "A" ratings every year and most of the "A's" have received the same rating on the state festival level. The band is given considerable timely and helpful assistance by the Band Boosters Club, an organization of people interested in advancing the cause of music in the community. was V E TOM SAND GERALD cHR1sTENsoN Senigf Dfufn Mg1j0f ASSISICIINZ Dl'Ul11 MHiOI MR. OLOF LARSON Senior High School Principal GORDON J. PETERSON Director Bachelors' and Masters' degrees, MacPhail College of Music. 96 MA Joaiarriss MR. EDINIUND Superintendent of FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Elbow Lake, Minnesota T7 'V SLETTEN CAROLINE SUSAN MOEN ELIZABETH CLARK SYLVIA HENSVIK NORMA FOLKEDAL Oboe HUTCHINGS Flute Piccolo Bass Clarinet First Bb Clarinet Bassoon .nd HANSON DARLA HEIDEN JOYCE HUSETH ROBERT WEIGAND KATHY HUSETH SANDRA SWENSON Bb Clarinet Third Bb Clarinet Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Baritone Saxophone Cornet G , ll "QA 'l y 3 .. N LARSON KATHY KUBE DIANNE PIKOP HOWARD LEE JUDY SCHAEFFER Horn Trombone Baritone Sousaphone PCrC11SS1OH l ,aaa i i 'K HUMBOLDT, TENNESSEE, HIGH SCHOOL BAND WILLIAM B. DAY, JR., Director This 79-piece prize-winning high school band under the direction of William B. Day, Jr., has never placed under a "third" in any marching contest it has entered. In street parades it has never won under a first place award. The "RAMBOLEERS," as it is often called, has only missed one performance in the past ten years and that was because of the dreaded flu epidemic. It has never placed below an Excellent in Concert Band rating. Some of the many trophies of this boosting red-and-gray band include: First place in jackson, Tennessee Christmas Parade for 9 consecutive ytarsg First place in Murray State College Annual Band Contest for 5 consecutive yearsg First place at the Exchange Bowl in 1,9555 and a state-wide rating of Superior for the concert band in the same year. Murray State College holds Humboldt's ambitions in its hand. Each year since 1951 the crack "RAMBOLEERS" have worked toward this goal and place it among the highest of accomplishments. In 1951 they tied for Third place, then in 1952 won Third place. Working toward a higher advancement, the H.H.S. Band won the Second place award in 1953, and after a hard struggle for a high laurel, they won First place in 1954, '55, and '56, Due to the flu epidemic and lack of practice they fell back to their vied second place this year, but with winning hearts are awaiting the contest next year. The All-State Band has been constantly aware of the H.H.S. Band's presence. In the past few years they have placed many outstanding musicians in it. Among these are: WALTER WARMATH, BOBBY HARRINGTON, FREDDY WOOD, RONALD TAYLOR, JEAN CHILDERS, and RITA WILSON. Alternates named were CARY DON I-IARDISON and GEORGE SHANKLE. C 1 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS -.1 Humboldt, Tennessee S VL 'W l l r I , 1 'f- Q I half' 'Qty-qc FIRST ROW: FRANKLIN GARDNER-Alto Saxophone, lettered 2 years, two Excellent ratings, one Superior. ELAINE COBLE-Piccolo, one Superior rating, Most Improved Band Member medal, Band Secretary 1 year, Annual Committee, Librarian 1 year. KAY JOHNSON-Bass Clarinet, Third Clarinet 2 years, Librarian 1 year. JAMES SMITHEY-Solo Trumpet, Band President, three Most Valuable medals, Most Improved medal, Best Spirit medal, one Superior Solo medal, three Excellent Solo medals, two Band Achievement medals, lettered 5 years. Vice President 1 year, Publicity Manager 1 year, All-West Tennessee Band 1 year. RONALD TAYLOR -Solo Clarinet, All-State Band, two Most Improved medals, one Most Valuable medal, seven Superior ratings, lettered 3 years. SECOND ROW: LEN ROBERTSON-Tympani, three Superior medals, one Excellent medal, lettered 2 years. NELSON SI-IANKLE-Alto Horn, one Most Improved medal, one Excellent Ensemble rating, lettered 4 years, Band Treasurer 1 year. GEORGE SI-IANKLE-Baritone, lettered 3 years, four Superior medals-Solo, Ensemble, State- two Achievement medals, one Most Improved medal, one Best Band Spirit medal, Alternate All-State Band, Band Librarian 1 year. JOHN 'CHARLES PRIMO-Drum, four Superior medals, three Excellent medals, two Most Improved medals, one Most Valuable medal, lettered 4 years, Publicity Manager 1 year. ERNESTINE DAVIS-Flute. THIRD ROW: ERSLEY MCLEMORE- Bass, one Most Improved medal. JOE BOND--Trombone, three Superior contest ratings, four Excellent, Best Band Spirit medal, Band Vice President, Treasurer 1 year. GRANT MCKIBBEN- Third Clarinet 2 years. MAJORETTES 5 BARITON E SAXOPHONE "E-T" RITA WILSON Drum Major Tenor Saxophone. RITA WILSON, All-State Majorette, runner-up to Drum Major trophy at Arkansas State College Twirling Clinic for 2 years, 4th place in State Twirling Contest, 2nd place in State Strutting contest, Superior rating State Contest 2 years, Excellent 2 years, Superior in Duet, Excellent in Ensemble, 3rd in Cotton Carnival contest, Best Band Spirit medal 3 years, medal of Achievement 2 years, Most Improved Medal 1 year, Most Valuable medal 1 year, N.B.T.A. Contest Twirler and Instructor, Drum Major 6 years, Majorette 1 year, 99 DIGHTON, KANSAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND DEAN B. OWEN, Director Under the direction of Dean B. Owen, the Dighton High Band began its building program in 1952 with 27 members. Now it is a fully instrumented organization of 93 members coming from an enrollment of only 160 in the high school. This band has earned wide acclaim both as a crack precision marching unit and as an out- standing concert band. The group participates in various hometown parades, football half-time shows, and the State Fair held at Hutchinson, Kansas. A concert tour in the spring of each year has taken the band to many of the larger cities in the western half of the state, where praise was given to the' band and to its director for the musicianship which it displays. The band also presents fall and spring concerts which are highly enjoyed by the local residents. A forty-member Symphonic Band is selected from this larger concert band. For the past four years the Dighton Band has received a highly Superior rating at the state sponsored District Contest. OWEN, Director. MARY BETH HAINES Drum Majorette THE STARDUSTERS BAND OFFICERS MELEA GUNTHER, Presidentg LINDA MULL, Student Council Representativeg MARY BETH HAINES, Drum Major-etteg LINDA I-IYAMES, Treasurerg ROGENE BAHM, Vice Presidentg CAROL COCI-IRAN, Secretaryg DEAN DEAN B B.M.E. degree from Bethany Collegeg M.M.E. from University of Wichitag attended Va ' School of Music. Mr. Owen engaged in many campus activities college, including Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, was selected to appear in "Who's Who in I ' Colleges and Universities." Mr. Owen is a of Kansas Music Educators' Association, Past dent of District 5, and is at present Band C of N.I.M.A.C. He is a charter member of Chapter of Phi Beta Mu and is serving as President. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Dighton, Kansas l 6 'ai -K I 3 ,f 4 , 3 449, A I E . Imax 22, A FIRST ROW: CAROL COCHRAN-Flute, Band Secretary, Rating I Solo. MARIBETH HAINES -Clarinet. GLENDA MORRIS-Bass Clarinet. NORMA GIBSON-Oboe. LOLA MUDD- Tenor Saxophone. MYRA DAVISON-Cornet. SECOND ROW: LINDA MULL-Cornet. NANCY CRAMER-French Horn. LINDA I-IYAMES-Baritone, Treasurer, Student Conductor, Rating I Solo. JOAN MACK-Bass, Rating I Solo. ANN STANLEY-Clarinet. JUDITH ANN COBERLY--Alto Clarinet, Rating I solo. THIRD ROW: LEXIE BAUER-Bassoon. JEANNE GREESON--Alto Saxophone. RONALD BAHM-Baritone Saxophone. ROGENE BAHM- Trombone, Rating I Solo, Vice President. MELEA GUNTHER-Percussion. JUDY SCULLEY- Percussion. BOTTOM: PATRICIA MURPHY-Percussion. STUDENT DIRECTORS AND PROPERTY MANAGER DRUM MAJORETTE AND TWIRLERS BETH HAINES, Drum Mnjoretteg LINDA I-IYAMES, Student O. E. ASHBY, Assistant Student Directorg CRAIG COBERLY, Managerg DEAN OWEN, Director. GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCI-IOQL BAND JAMES E. CLARK, Direrlof' The Greenwood High School Band was organized in 1930 and was directed by J. E. Cuper. In 1932 Roy M. Martin became director and led the band to many honors in state, regional, and national contests. Perry B. Dennis succeeded Mr. Martin in 1952 and led the band in all of its activities in a highly commendable manner. Mr. Dennis was suc- ceeded by james E. Clark in july of 1956. The 107-piece Greenwood High School Band is one of the most out- standing concert and marching bands in the South and has consistently received Superior ratings at contests since it was organized. Its many activities include playing for football games, parades, assembly programs, and concerts. Leonard Smith, famous cornet soloist, was featured with the band at the 1957 Spring Concert. Each year the band is host to the many bands that come to Greenwood for the Delta Band Festival and Winter Carnival. The organization is designed to give training at three levels: QU Beginners in brass, woodwind, and percussion, C2j junior High Band, and C35 Senior High Band. The band is justly proud of its fine equipment. The library is large, varied, and well- chosen for all departments of the band work. ERNEST M. BOLING Assistant Director Mr. Bolxng came to Greenwood in 1953 from Monticello, Mississippi where he had taught for two years. Mr. Boling was graduated from S. D. Lee High School at Columbus, Mis- sissippi, then served three and a half years in the United States Navy. He received his B.S.Ed. degree from Mississippi College in 1951 and began work on his Master of Music degree in 1952. Mr. Boling is Director of the Senior High School Chorus and of the junior High Band. He is serving as State Choral Chairman, Choirmaster of North Greenwood Baptist Church, and is a member of Phi Beta Mu. +11 fi ' iff JIMMY LONG Drum Major JAMES E. CLARK Director Mr. Clark was graduated from the United Navy School of Music, received his B.S. from Western Kentucky State College and his of Music Education degree from Vandercook lege of Music. He is a Past Vice President of Middle Tennessee School Band and Orchestra ciation, a member of the Mississippi Music E Association and the A.S.B.D.A., is Secretary-' of the Northwest Mississippi Band Association is President of Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Mu has served as judge for solo, band, and contests, and is Choirmaster of the First Pre Church. Prior to becoming Director of the wood Band, he directed bands in Tullahoma nessee and in Starkville, Mississippi. R BOXVMAN .JANIE Saxophone junior MONTGOMERY Bass Clarinet, Senior, Band 4, two Superior Ense m bl e 5, All-State Clinic 1957, Lions All- State Band 1957, 1958. QI'-'17 MARION PETEET RICHARDS Alto Clarinet, Senior, Band 4, one Superior E n s e in bl e, All-State Clinic Band 1956. EDRIE JEAN GEORGE Head Majorette, Clari- net, Senior, Band 4, one S u p e rio r Ensemble, Majorette 3. FRANCES LIPSON Clarinet, Senior, Band 4, two Superior En- sembles, two Superior Solos, All-State Clinic Band 1957, Lions All- State Band 1957-1958. Leap JOE INMAN MILTON SANDERS JUANITA HECKLER MAC MCLAURIN CHARLES MINYARD Senior Band fl Flute, Senior, Band 5, Tenor Saxophone, Jun- Baritone Saxophone, Contra Bass Clarinet, 7 All atc one, Superior Solo, two ior, Band 2. Sophomore, Band 2. Sophomore, Band 2. Band 1957 Superior Ensembles, All State Clinic Band 1956. 11111 'FT BILL ARNOLD DON HARPER AUBREY BELL GLORIA COLLUM on unior Band C01'net,junior,Band 3, French Horn, Senior, Baritone, junior, Band Band fl, one Superior 5, one Superior Ensem- Ensemble. ble, Majorette 1. The grefziert mirlzzke you mn make in life if 10 be rontizzrmlly fearing you will make 0718. -ELBERT HUBBARD JOHN PACHTER T r om b o n e, junior, Band 3, two Superior Ensembles, two Super- ior Solos, All -State Clinic Bancl 1956, Lions All-State Band 1956, 1957, 1958. f?f.f,er:.,, FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS 52220. GfC6I1WOOCl, Mississippi Band 3. Band 2,'one Superior Solo, Lions All State Band 1957, Drum Ma y I I ' jor Student Conclucton l 03 MERRYVILLE, LOUISIANA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND GUS T. LITTLE, Direrfor WST? ff? If " 1: H --217511---I . 4. I . ,,,. ,, MI '?-':fg5- - . "i"g .1, ,HMI ,J jjj- 'I-ir, :Zig I., L' . a .- e- ,S-,,,,,,, ,I I ' "' 1 js-?-..I-L.. IL - . fi-r I1ia..,5.,ia..eII ivzww Q--if A I ' I. Im., .-, if "--:Q'.i'?:fsj:. - ,Q-r.f,'u -I ,, ,IIN 44fvrr?.,.--s:Ji,5I,,,r"5'1 2 r..'a 1-- "" I.-H 'ffm 13' P' Q-W-5 ' 1" . 'Ht , ' -v - A , . .EQ 5'T.:.'g- f' -,e , V-'if' 1,2 Q' '-' " 1 " ' , 4, ., ,- .' , - ' 4 nfl' 1252 'Hvff-' gif. " ' ' A , -rr -' f 1 ..iI-,-,-,I.r- IIIIIZIIIIJ 'z I ,L x I, V -I ,C ' E.. 'fir 4 " ' 1 . F- -f?f"4 " 4-171,- ff"-35 'e f r -'ii Thief? .A r ' ltr I' -rs - Y , 1 1 1 ' '- 'l .5 f if if-L1 QQ. I iff' Q4 'Z-f . '11-ff gi . , -I ' I ff p A . G --1 , f- 1-Vs.-A L' f I , ' - A' ' N Wa new I it - .far-,As me a'1.'1.'f't ,- ls , , , IT -4-112 Hg- . , I II., --,- ' , f-.5 ,,'f.f..,se, ,,1Q --A , I . I 4 I ,W , ""5?3'5,f,,sMi:"??7"'1"1.-ff?-ilii V. f rfl1""" .aj "ff 'HF " - 4 A f' .. -ff 1- A ' S' x.:.5-I--'-v m , A 'Q S' :H-" ' , X., , fs? -' - Ve' f..w4+1t-2171 mfzrmaslfsaaff is f a.. a-'1 .as a -ea I W ., N, .."'t'- .r Uv. ,gi vp- , I. I '..i'ffkI3 f has , v Q- .e I 3? f , -, ,... .-,, ' gg,s.e,:3 QQQLM: -' I . I 11 - ' - .- -,sky 4.44 5 1, I -V. -tilfea pl. 1,f34y9E'i'.' ng, ,,.1. ,Q 'Farr 1, -rw lv . ," ly ' -1-- Q Lw- 1- - I I I Efffwiifv fb . Lu. . ' ' f.'G'f W '?1f-+f"2if"'J 'Q ..,-"Y'?'tf N' ' V -- -"1 .. 1'Lf3 "Q , QW I. ..,, - f -for - In! Qy5'Etrfi' I I I ELI f.-rf Rv, II 'I I IV! " 'U -"inf, L . I-fm.-dar: " -.N I - si ft, ' , ' '-v- ' 1 3 -4:4 its! --v rw: 4 , , I -' 2 -r- 1 '. ':- '57 ' CQ ' '4 "f1ig,'Lg,,isf J 'H' -" "dai-QI . I f r '- t 3 L., 'ul pr- ll 'jffi' f 2 A 4" '1 'w 'L 1 -"L 1 'ii-55 Jed' "Li-t " s'g-tz?'m'3l -'z . .' 'h I " i . .'i' .Eg2y E L " ' 5'H5g3' - :sl-fl-Q,, , f-1, 4.,-ii 'Q'-.1 ci T533 I , 1,3 -argl I I,ae.q.-,I,I :,:I.I. I 1:55, . I yr - I is ge: -I.!,1,,f -5-..lqgte.I I, Ana, I' 'V I ' gif " 223' ' ' :sl fe 1. 'iiif-1 A,J,,g'H:-", :.. I j'i'f-1,'+:1- if I - ,-i f 'ty 1 , ' '. - 'f " ' S' iff 5' is .raaaffri-' ,-.I 4. 4 iw njgfiisafffeg-35. ' '-- :,. u:,-I-7 q , :, g,1,3 .. ,N FS-' ,-- zz-f is-ga -gg -a2" '1--f , KSEQQQYQ 795-' 'ff-' 2' ff" g,q?erf:1f'1gf- if ,I g :Inf - r5vQf'- 225. ,, ,,,,djR , , efI4f'Qg.gfJm5f-TM f ' ,4 M.-nf , ., '-,., I ,, . ,, rf-':. ' .- -, fs 5. , 3- A 612, 2 -'psig' -5--fy-gms I ' - "':f'i fi? 'Zl'fi1,ff ,Axis 11.6 I. 1 -Ig" 3,5-a,',:-wtf'-is 1? z its . 3,25-realy Sf" - affkvq "-1.2 1 -A-3' Lx." ' I-Q, '." ' 'S' Pr: as---H fm, P", "1','f?g-'11-'V Q' 1 .l,fi.r?- Q:'v:Z"-wg-1- elif' Elvis- -ur.-f . '13 5515 g,11v','?5AF'.3 '- ' 47,'e44:1:,"4?'4: r' P' ' J'Vi'.,,1 -"-."!l'.'ji, we ,g,f-1fL2',Z,TQ.I:"',g'.:5f,I . ,i,i,IaI2.tI? .I. :.1IiII.III-53? .. Y ,I IIIIII I E F. ., I IL: I7 ,I , I-9. II.I:I.grq ,I+ 5 ,- I In-.'f.I,eI fkirflfigg V , r I I"5g,f5q-,.e,:,AI Ipgiiil nl- - - - I-'+ rf'-"1 ., rr . sa 'Jw--1 -' .'f1,. I' at ff- -- ,-- ,+I hkihiii A 'U .z.1.!Q'-1r?5'f"6fT:'51953?'f,i3I'? 5-37515 'bfi -' . . ' - 1 ' fe - " Ll ' '. , ,1,x1f'f3- flraf 5,7 '13-,-. 1.-IJ" 357' tl 12 f, 'T flf"ff'fli g1l!'I.I 5.43,-I 5ai:I,I?i3I53ig:3IIII ,II I I I , LI, IefIIIiyI - .. I , I1IIII,I.I L- .49f,,..3:.,,g,'.vI.'-1.1fgfpls-.,, -1, gh,,I-'11, as.-, ,V .f I .1' . , '- -A 5,535-Ulggghil'-53 - "Syl , 'idlkieef ima fr 'If' '1 ' -f-l Ne- '2',. .F .,f 1115:-fQ:f',f 1: .,1 . 2 .. .fd-' g?7?fg-Elvin., 19'-3 ' , 'f je I ' " f?2'-- ggk ' ' 1 .-1"'1- " nz, , -'tn " - .1 fx -' .- . . " "4 l OFFICERS President, DANIEL JACOBS fTop Righty, Vice President, RAY LEGG fTop Leftjg Secretary-Treasurer, PEGGY MEADOWS fStanding Lower Rightjg R e p o r t e r, WANELLE POWELL QStanding Lower L e ft jg Parliamentarian, A M A N D A HUMBLE qseafedy. MAJORETTES AMANDA HUMBLE '04 Drum Major A I The well-rounded program of music in the Merry ville Schools is a major factor for the fine ba organization. Each member strives toward t goal of "Perfection" The band is proud again this year to bring hom another First Division rating in Marching an is looking forward to the concert season aheaf So far this year the band has performed mar concerts and half-time performances at otha schools of this area besides attending all home an away football games. The band has performe throughout the state of Louisiana and Southeaster Texas. 4-ni GUS T. LITTLE www ' rcc I U , 5' Aff. .il .- THE HI-HATS Dance Band Pc-rc FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Merryville, Louisiana SIMMONS DANIEL JACOBS GEORGE LEE HEARD LARRY CROW -IAN LAURENT ussion Tuba Baritone Trombone 2nd Cornet WARDEN CHARLIE BURR SHIRLEY LUCIUS JOHN MCMILLIAN MARGARET COOLEY 3rd Cornet lst Cornet French Horn Baritone Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Sa POWELL BILL MCMILLIAN JOANNE STARK DORIS RUSTON BARBARA SUE SMITH xophone Bass Clarinet Alto Clarinet 3rd Clarinet lst Clarinet Bas HUIVIBLE NANCY POWELL soon Oboe I05 WADENA HIGH SCHOOL BAND Wadena, Minnesota GLENN K. EVENSEN, Director A strong band tradition has been built in Wadena over the past few years as each school term the group strives to better itself in quality. With a high school en- rollment of 260 students, the number of musicians in the Concert Band is limited to seventy. With emphasis on both Concert and Parade, the band has achieved con- siderable fame in both departments. In 1957 the band was proclaimed the "Basketball Pep Band of the Year" in competition with twenty-two other top bands in the state by Radio Station WCCO in Min- neapolis. The band was invited to give a Clinic-Concert performance at the Leamington Hotel in Minneapolis for the Minnesota Music Educators' Conference in February. The Concert Band appeared at the Northern Minnesota Education Association Conference with a Music Reading Clinic and formal concert before the Assembly in October. The Marching Band received acclaim and trophies for performances in various parades and festivals during the CONCERT BAND PERSONNEL Who Have Achieved State "A" Rating as a Soloist at Least Once. Left to Right: TUBA: DARWIN MATTER, Junior. BARITONE: ELDRID QUARNSTROM, junior. FLUTE: JULIE BRADFORD, Sophomore. OBOE: PATRICIA PARKER, junior. CORNET: STEVE PARKER, Freshman. CORNET: PATRICIA KENNEDY, junior. CORNET: DUANE BAGDONS, Senior. summer months. The Concert Band was awarded its fourth consecutive "A" rating in the State Music Contest with the performance of "March and Procession of Bacchus" by Delibes, and "The Universal judgement Overture" by DeNardis-Cafarella. Bandmaster Glenn K. Evenson believes that one reason why the group meets with the success it does is that nearly everyone in the Concert Band is participating in either Solo or Ensemble work and usually both. Last year this group earned a total of twenty-two "A" State ratings out of twenty-seven entries. Through mutual co- operation of everyone concerned, the Band Department has, been built up to a degree comparable to schools many times larger. Long-playing records are made each year which include highlights of the Spring Concert. These serve to bring back memories to the former members of the band as to their once having been a part of this organi- zation, one of Minnesota's "finest," GLENN K. Bandmaster Wadena Public B.A., Luther College, Iowa, 1950 WADENA, MINNESOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND XJ. THE 1958 WOODWIND QUINTETTE IUTE: JULIE BRADFORD, Sophomore. BASSOON: JOYCE LUN- EIL Freshman. HORN: PEGGY EHLEN, junior, OBOE: PATRICIA ARKER, Junior. CLARINET: MARY THEISEN, Senior. BRASS CHOIR Received "A" at State Music Contest 1957, won First Place Trophy in Ensemble Division of the Minneapolis Aquatennial Instrumental Con- test. Members: CORNETS: Patricia Kennedy, Duane Bagdons, Steve Parker. HORNS: Peggy Ehlen, Kathleen Mitchell, Patsy Zwack. TROM- BONES: Douglas Martin, Ronald Wickers, james Uselman. BARITONE: Eldrid Quarnstrom. TUBA: Darwin Matter. FRANKLIN, INDIANA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND CARROLL COPELAND, Director The Franklin High School Band rates as one of the state's and nation's finest high school organizations. The March- ing Band has been among the top three winners at the Indiana State Fair Marching Contest for the past four years. The director, Carroll Copeland QB.S., Ball State Teachers College, 1937, M.S., Ball State Teachers College, 1947, and graduate Work at Butler University and Western State Collegej, has been on the staff of Summer Instructors at Ball, Western, and Purdue University. The following articles have been written by Mr. Copeland and published: THE INSTRUMENT ALIST- "The Bandsman Who Plays Football"-june 1956 "Shall You Select Beginners"-Sept. 1956 "Preparing the Marching Band"-Mar. 1957 THE SCHOOL MUSICIAN- "The Accumulative Band Uniform Fund"-May 1956 "This Problem of judging"-jan. 1957 "The Electric Organ and the Concert Bandv a rewrite from the Hammond Times-Feb. 1957 THE HAMMOND TIMES- "The Use of the Hammond Organ in Band"-Feb. 1957 I07 RUSSELL, KANSAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND S tate DON R, BAILEY, Director Dedication l DON R. BAILEY Bachelor of Music Education, Bethany Collegeg Master of Music Education, Vandercook College of Musicg Alumnus of Phi Mu Alpha fSinfoniajg current President of Kansas Music Educators' Associa- tion. The Russell High School Band is proud to have been selected again to be representative of the high quality organizations which are pictured in this book. Our Staff and First Chair members have every right to be proud of the band in which they serve and work, because they exemplify the' qualities which make our democracy and society one of high ideals and endeavors. It is through the collective efforts of all the members that we achieve our goals and satisfactions and accomplish ends together that we could never do as individuals. TWIRLERS Our athletic teams have always had this small band squarely behind them, and we are happy that we can add our share of the pep to that of our student body at all turn- outs. NANCY DUMLER DIANE I08 Assistant Drum Majorg Bb Clarinetg Marching Band 13 Concert Band 15 Freshman. Drum Majorg Alto ophoneg Marching lg T W i r l e r 1, Drum Major 43 cert B a n d 2 Senior. THE BRONCO PEP BAND ' ' :AL,gY.5.L.jgw-. N . X ' ,, W .. L , M V ' -- . AY? if - 4 fp iw X ' 7' r.. ,-A if Q I 723. V ' V ' ,' Lg -1 :yi-4 5 ,Sb-V-. -2252 ,vt ,. . Y I ll !-In,-5:-, A and A 5 1 ' 1 -f , QfQ,g-fp-K .ff ,,, 5 jj? , ffwfx CHN wx f x 1 W, , N . ' , 1 .Y L' f . 41' x if 1, 1' J' . V All' H Q QN 'K 1. ", : N: ' X. ef., Z. wht 31 M .,, Lf ., j lf ,Sf 'aff' ' ii lp iff? W" ,. My xg' 'V 5' LEP? A g + . 'Y 4, , N' ' X f I? X62 1 l -I N Q b , I ii I , ' x ' l 5 ff 1 -1'-U ' A ' A '- "C . Q -f ,gf bf' if I09 ,151 XQX BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROBERT HUGHES, Di1'ec'l0r The Baton Rouge Senior High School Concert Band rates and the thrill of ri precision marching unit have made this as one of the nation's very fine bands. Pride in musical one of the nation's Superior bands in every respect. accomplishment, enthusiasm for all of their school activities , H 'QOL idig' I if I L -1- .I V I 'J I 1 lififi , , i ,,, i, STAFF OFFICERS WARREN HUBBARD-Assistant Publicity Directorg JERRY WEBB-Publicity Directorg ELTON LEWIS-Business Managerg HARRY HENDERSON-Librarian. KENT BOWLING-Assistant Librariang PARKER NWILLIAMSON, Quartermaster: ALBERT ALBRIGHT SUSAN CLIVER-Secretaryg RUSSELL PAYNE-Student Directorg ALBERT HARRY num Head Drum Major ALBRIGHT-Drum Major. Assistant Drum ROBERT HUGHES IIO MAJORETTES AND FLAG BEARERS V f RUSSELL PAYNE Student Director FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-BATON ROUGE SENIOR HIGH BAND I.. - kv. T ' .J if' I: I ,ldv Q ' 9 I 1 R 1 ' I ,S 1 4 'K 0 9 I 4 I I UQ .1 I I AN CLIVER ROSE MARIE GLYNN STEPHENS PARKER JERRY WEBB JOHNNY Flute PEARCE Bassoon WILLIAMSON Alto Saxophone GUTWEILER Clarinet Tenor Saxophone Oboe 1 ' I 0 I M' XY : ,. zu an ' ' 'TF - A ' H VVALTER RUDOLPI-I RUSSELL PAYNE WARREN ALBERT ALBRIGHT HENRY STRAUSS CRUMHOLT Cornet WILLIAINISON French Horn Trombone Saxophone B355 Clarinet Trumpet , ' 4 I . 1' A l Q ' I I 'Sf ' . . 1 "1 . ll if ,fl I 'Q l LATHUIVI ELTON LEWIS Baritone Sousuphone String B355 MICHAEL THERIOT ROY SMITH DANNY DAYRIES GLENDA GAAR "STATE OF CALIFORNIA" FORMATION "AL JOLSON SHOW l Snare Drum Tympani Marimba AND CORPORALS OF MARCHINC BAND ROW: BOBBY TOLER, Cpl.g CECIL JARREAU, Cplg THOMPSON, Sgr.: GLENDA GAAR, Sgrlg HUDCE WARREN HUBBARD, Cpl. BACK ROW: WAR- Cpl.1 PATTY WASCOM, Sgt.: DAVIE 5, , MCCRORY, Cpl.g ROBERT GINN, Sgr.: CARPENTER, Cpu. S 'tx MARIL BAND FORMATION At Football Game Columbia City High School, 1939: A.B., Morehead State College, 19471 M.A., Colo- rado State College, 19533 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 19425 Army Air Force, 1942-1945: American School Band Directors Association, 1957. COLUMBIA CITY JOINT HIGH SCHOOL BAND fGolden Eagles? Columbia City ROBERT SHARPE, Direrlor Indiana 1TT' In i x Reputedly one of the oldest high school bands in continuous organization in Indiana forganized as a school band in 1919j, the Columbia City "Golden Eagle" High School Band continues year after year to add to its long list of musical achievements. The band, for competition purposes, competes in Class B in Indiana. It has never received less than a Division I rating in marching contests and has won more Sweepstake honors in this class than any other band in the state. Since entering contest competition in 1932 the band has received a Division I rating every ROBERT SHARPE BAND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: JOYCE FISHER, JUDY WILL, DEBBIE SHEETS. SECOND ROW: BECKY ERNE, JOAN BOWIE, JUDY HELFRICH, DARLENE METZGER. THIRD ROW: JERRY LEMMON, DON BRIGGS, JIM GRANT. year except for two. In the 1957 contest the band received the highest rating of any band in Class B competition. The band has received 51 plaques which decorate the band room wall and 32 trophies which have been added to the school trophy case. In 1938 and 1940 the band won first in con- cert and marching at two consecutive national contests. In 1945 the band was selected to play for the inauguration of Governor Gates and in 1948 it was the official band at the Indiana State Fair. Assistant Director of tal Music: Bridgeport High School fBi'idgeport lege '57. ROGER STORCKMAN A.M,, Morehead State C o ll '553 MA., Morehead State 1 ' -- - , ' N ' I' Qi- ,ii v 5 f f H 'fo- " Y l Ax f I 1- , ,-'Fe .-4. A. 'I fi r 1 L is : 6, 1 V 1 I 1, .5 lf, . X L, .2 Q 5 ,Q : A . ' fx Q - xx L' H- x ' Q J ' 3 . l f 7 T Ifi , w v 1 ' ' 9 0 V ' ' . Q 5 35 I Q r' KL n . 9 I- ' l. I D , ,,,., " ' 'li , V 7 U ' ' , F. Ax' I ,- ' ll 35 - In ll Q11 QQITII - .P --. x 1. .N QQQFI I, Q fs, ., 1 . .V i f ,ft ,tE.' ' L ' Q V n r A I . ' ' . 1111 .i X' f' Q, 5 :ff ,i , , X li me :ii fi if W fp V N .fv-1, w,nLf.,.' ,f Av? 34 '55 sL2'w'11?y , D. 1 , ,, X. ii i 1 4 ,fl X225 V miV : , ik ,N I ., I J .f 1 ?M1iA,,!,lL6'v-is 4 in M ., .i ""- h' V -E ' Q W - sv ff X A. if at-qw gf V A - Q," lx - V,'x ., ' '1,v . ' H-'W xi t A. i' ,I-V. .xl - ' ?gJ -'HI 1 Vx .-.3 yrk' il -'. u 1 A X V4 A 'kk 'fs V ' ' IL 'fi' ia P I -Mf,'p'Q , false!-S ,TVAA l .R E Q-5, " V W0 W 'ip' .. .- 1 N ' 1 ' 1' 4 'X 4 1 ' ' U A l ' ' Q F U , 'A ,rx :A ,. A 1. 1 I. GA Zlx 'X' , , ,WU 4 4.jA,LsJ .Q . SULPHUR, LOUISIANA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JACK v. RICHARD, D11-am The "Golden Tornadoi' Band of Sulphur High School is under the direction of J. V. Richard and consists of seventy- five members. The band participates in many varied activi- ties. It presents eight to ten football half-time shows during a season and appears in many civic parades and functions. Annual concerts are given in january and April. At the close of football season each year, the band begins prepara- tion for the annual Louisiana Music Education Association .... F- .. sis? 4- ELIZABETH HOPSON Featured Twirler holding the JACK VERNAN RICHARD Mr. Richard is a graduate of South- eastern Louisiana College, and he received his Masters degree at Louisi- ana State University. Mr. Richard taught at Bossier, Louisiana, Elemen- tary Schools prior to coming to Sul- phur. sianaf' title of "Miss Majorette of Loui- Festival held each spring. High honors have been presented to the band on these occasions. The Tornado Band is housed in a new and modern music building, equipped with prac- tice rooms and ample storage spaceg this building was com- pleted at the beginning of the 1957 term. The finest instruments are made available to the students by the School Board and the cooperation of a fine Parents' Club. f lm W . -re- , . xg-. ., v ' 1 "XL gpg, t 1 i v BETTELUE N Featured T GEORGE MCMILLIN Drum lvlujor II4 Majoaerrns SULPHUR, LOUISIANA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND First Chair Members Designated In Sections CLARINET SECTION ICK KNIGHT fliirst Row, Left End, ALTO AND BASS CLARINET OBOE AND BASSOON AN CARNAI-IAN, First Chnirg SHIRLEY ES, GEORGE INICBIILLIN, First Chair: COOPER, First Chair, Assistant Drum rg YVONNE CONRAD. TROMBONE AND BARITONE I-INNY CROOM fTl1ird From Rightj CORNET SECTION SAXOPHONE SECTION KARL L:1FLEUR fThird From Leftj JERRY COLE fSec0nd From Leftj Band Captain DRUM' SECTION JERRY EDXXIARDS fFourth From Leftj FLUTE SECTION ROBB HOPSON fExtreme Rightj BASS SECTION FRENCH HORN SECTION DONALD FONTENOT fRightj BERT REINSTEIN fRightJ WASHINGTON, INDIANA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND THOMAS E. PEGLER, Direrlm' The Washington High School Instrtunental Department was first organized in 1913. From a membership of thir- teen it has grown to its present enrollment of 203. The Concert Band has received a First Division rating every year since 1936 and has been one of the outstanding bands in the Tri-State area. The Marching I-Iatchets have grown from 48 to 96 in the past six years and have thrilled many audiences with their colorful performances at foot- ball games, parades, and marching festivals. Enthusiasm at basketball games and rallies is kept at a high peak by the stirring music of the Pep Band, while music for civic and social groups is provided by the Rhythm Airs Dance Band, German Band and jug Band. The junior Band and Cadet Band participate in both concert and marching activities and are completely uniformed groups. A complete instru- EDWIN ESTELL 6 Superintendent of Schools THOMAS E. PEGLER Music Supervisor and Director of Bands at XVashington High School. Mr. Pegler received his A.B. degree at Evans- . ville College and his M.A. degree at Indiana State Teachers' College. He is a member of A.S.B.D.A., I.S.M.A., I.M,E.A., M.E.N.C.. I.B.M.A., and Phi Beta Mui He is Past President of the Indiana State Music Association, a member of the clinic staff at Indiana University Summer Band Clinic, and Director of the First Christian Church Choir. Mr. Pegler has been at Wiisli- inton High for the Past seven years. He is mar- - . ' ' 7531" J mentation of seventh grade Beginners is started each year. These bands prepare an adequate supply of personnel for the Concert and the Marching Hatchets. The Symphonic Band presents three concerts annually with the last being a concert combined with the High School Vocal Depart- ment which features a large variety of entertainment. The Solo and Ensemble Contest is one of the high points for the individual members of the band. This year there are thirty-five entries and thirty ensemble entries articipating. Washington School is fortunate in having as adininistrators, Edwin Estell, Superintendent, and Harry Waiiupler, Princi- pal. These administrators, along with the School Board, lend their full cooperation so that the school and community can have the cultural values of a fine Music Department. 1. 1591 .X 'N I IJ? x ried and has four children, Randall, Roselyn. 0 f ' and twin daughters. Rhonda and Rebecca. ' R- - '.'- if 1 1 L ii ,gilt 4. is I- .- X ay 1-2 . - cw: , U l LY SPITLER Sousuphonu FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Wasliingtoii, Indiana , 6 K Q-. f A E. - - - X In ?z' in' .V 'C . g , -' ' ,, , X 14,6 1 Xx x l 7. l l i , I X H I lx J Yllgkoligli , iifalg I V I l . I 4 v - A: A ' 7 il PAT HORRALL JANET UTTERBACK MARY LETT lixlritonc Trombone French Horn I 5 I 0 1- villa X X . A- I Xxfxa -D K- ,. l 'y . H5515 ll f ' J" i ' YN WEIBLIE BOB FOX LARRY MCCABE JOHN ROBB Alto Clarinet Buss Clarinet Tenor Saxophone Alto Saxophone -ll . V 3 .0 f - ' - 2 fi? 0 . , ..--vi, . ' - ,I ' ii' . I lr' S' TC C ,- El i S ,fi L Q- ' 35" 5 A . offer' I M , "' I' 1 I l U X rixf xi! Q 1 .Lf YN MENDENHALL ANNE WARD HELEN HOPEWELL SHARON ESTELL Oboe Bb Clarinet Eb Clarinet Flute L . -1 STAFFORD and Bells MAJoRE'1"rEs AND DRUM MAJOR CHARLES ROSE Drum Major ' 1: . NA ' wx .B , f If 94 K l I Quiz? 'i J I' l 14 , i ...Z DEAN SOMERS Cornet, Band Captain --9 ALICE CHESTNUT Bassoon A ix I" 0. W ' 3. xp! i 75 DICK TAYLOR Percussion 159 -LL BOB FOX Base Clarinet ll7 ,, -' siiw ,-.. 1, Ili in , f - ' vssiiii f - fn X - 9, x ww V , 4, WASHINGTON, INDIANA, HIGH SCHOOL RHYTHM AIRS DANCE BAND HUGH XWAMPLER THE SAUERKRAUT SIX MINUS ONE THE DAISYETTES Uug Bandj THE WASHINGTONIANS-A CAPPELLA CHOIR MRS. RUTH FECHT, D11-et-fm THE WASHINGTONIANS, A Cappella Choir of Wash- ington High School, as they appeared in their annual Christmas Concert, "Songs of Christmas." The background, a huge imitation stained glass window, was designed and constructed by the high school art and shop classes. Since its organization in 1947, the choir has been awarded ten Division I ratings in state choral competition. Other activities for the year include the Southwestern Choral Festivaliheld in connection with the Indiana State Teachers' Association, the Spring Concert and Variety Show. WASHINGTON INDIANA, HIGH SCHOOL THE WASHINGTONIANS AND THE CADET CHOIR The TUNE TIMERS, a versatile group composed of outstanding upperclassmen of the choir, contribute greatly to the activities of the school and the com- munity. They are: Kay Sharum, George Carnes, Margaret McMurtrey, Dean Somers, John Arthur, Lynn Stafford, Sally Marks, Barbara Leonard, John johnson, Richard Garland, Donna Har- ris, Janice Riney Knot in picturej, and Bill Allen, accompanist. I TI-III WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING HATCI-IETS 1 MRS. RUTH FECHT Vocal Supervisor of Washing- ton City Schoolsg Director of the High School Vocational Organizations for the past eight yearsg graduate of Indi- ana State Teachers Collegeg member of M.E.N,C., Indiana School Music Association, I.M.E.A., Sigma Alpha Iota, and Delta Kappa Gamma society. THE HATCHETEENS A popular quartette of Senior girls, have contributed musically to the activities of the community. During the two weeks of Christ- mas festivities they filled fifteen engagements for various civil or- ganizations and they are in cle- mancl throughout the year. fTopj Janice Rineyg Cleftj Kay Sharumg fright, Barbara Leonarclg fbot- tomj Donna Harris. II9 ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND SCOTT C. CALLOXWAY, Dfl'L't'fUl' The Elizabeth City High School Band has a membership of eighty-seven. It was in 1938 that the Elizabeth City School Board hired its first band director, Mr. Gene Gorman, who presently directs the Avon Park, Florida Band. It was also in 1958 that Mr. Miles Clark, prominent Elizabeth City businessman fa Distributor for the Texas Companyj, became the sponsor of the band. "Uncle Miles," as the Band affectionately calls him, is one of the staunchest supporters of the band and its activities. He rarely misses a rehearsal and it would be fair to say that in the twenty years that he has sponsored the Band, the performances he has missed could be counted on the fingers of the hand. The band is recognized and supported by the school authorities headed by Superintendent Dr. N. H. Shope and High School Principal, Mr. Fred Eason, and by the Elizabeth City Band Club, which was organized several years ago for the purpose of stimulating interest in the activities, functions, and progress of the bands. The Band Club is headed by Mr. Walter Rudd, President, Mr. Crowder Jones, Vice Presidentg Mr. T. F. Lowry, Treasurer, Mrs. G. Blount, Corresponding Secretaryg and Mrs. Kenneth Goodwin, Recording Secretary. This band has long been noted for its outstanding marching ability. For many years it has excelled in precision drill routines. In recent years, however, a determined effort has been made to have the band's playing ability to rank with its marching ability. The Concert Band and the Marching Band are made up of the same personnel with the Drum Major and the Majorettes playing the instruments in the Concert Band. RAY TVIIDDY, Band Captain. Drum Major, S010 Cornet, and Twirlerg and ANNE MOORE, Chief Majorette and Solo Flute, are shown at the left. .np-. rl. l i i SCOTT C. CALLOWAY Scott C. Calloway, Director of Elizabeth City High School since l949, received his degree from the University Mississippi, and M.M from the University of IN He formerly directed bands Mississippi and in Kentucky. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Elizabeth City, North Carolina ga aw ..v lv, 39 Dall!! an ii..-1,1 Un l HB .4"' 1 .. ,..i,.,- H-4... 'sa-"' .xl ,.,,- 5 if , . 1-rv. .5 Kjell 11 .:. r.a FIRST ROW: Custodian 1956-57. Captain. Drum Major 1957-58. FLORENCE BOX-l3ari1'one Saxophone, Flag Bearer 1955-56, Majorette 1956-57-58. LETITIA BLOUNT-Oboe, Flag Bearer 1955-56. Majorette 1956-57-58. ANNE MOORE-Flute, Mzljorette 1955-56, 1956-57, Chief Majorette 1957-58. ,IEANNE MIZELLE-Alto Saxophone-Flag Bearer 1956-57, Majorette 1957-58. PATSY ROCI-IELLE-Bass Clarinet. Pony 1956-57, Majorette 1957-58. SECOND ROXV: SANDRA COPPERSMITH-Bassoon, Flag Bearer 1.955-56, Majorette 1956-57, Pony 1957-58. RONNIE RAY TXVIDDY--Lieutenant, Solo Cornet, Uniform OFFICERS ROXV: RAY TVUIDDY- -Captain. Drum Maioit BETH -Lieutenant, Publicity Managerg GNWEN HILL- lreasurer: DIANE SPARKS-Lieutenant. Uniform BETTY KRAMER---Lieutenant Clerk, LAVONNA utenant. ,Iournalist, ANNE MOORE-Chief Majoretre. ROW: JOAN PYSI-INY---Sergeant. Publicity Manager. OUISE JENNINGS- -Sergeant. Librarian. ANN FUL- Corrcsponcling Secretary. ANN BAXLEY- Store Manrrger. LINDA GASKILI.-Corporal, ' SPRl'll.l.-Ser,uez1nt Clerk, THIRD ROXW: DONNA -Sergeant. Clerk. MARTHA JEAN NEVUBERN- I. COOPER-Alto Clarinet, Cpl. Clerk 1956-57, Sgt. Treasurer 1957-58. BETTY KRAMER-Clarinet, SfSgt. Clerk 1955-56, 1956- 57, Lt. Clerk 1957-58. SANDRA LONGENECKER-French Horn. Majorette 1955-56, 1956-57, 1957-58. THIRD ROW: LARY SAXVYER-Euphonium, Sgt. E q u i p m e n t Manager 1956-57. Lt. Personnel Officer 1957-58. GEORGE SEYMOUR-Bass, Sgt. Uniform Custodian 1957-58. BOBBY UMPHLETT-Percussion. Sgt. Equipment Nianager. BETH BONDURANT-Trombone, S!Sgt. Clerk 1956-57, Lt. Publicity Manager 1957-58 fnot pic- turedj. MILES E, CLARK Mr. Clark has been sponsor of the Elizabeth City Band since 1938. His genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the Band has long earned him the title of "Uncle Miles." Corporal, Scrap Book. SANDRA PORTER-Sergeant, Scrap Book. DEBORAH BULLINER-Corporal, Librarian. JUNE .IENNINGS -Corporal, Librarian. FOURTH ROW: PAUL DAVENPORT- Lieutenant, Equipment Manager. GEORGE SEYMOUR-Sergeant, Uniform Custodian. VIOLA CHAUDRON-Corporal, Librarian. RONNI E COOPER-Sergeant, Treasurer. JIMMIE W!ILLIAMS-- Corporal, Ivfimeographer. BOBBY UMPHLETT-Sergeant, Equip- ment Manager. FIFTH ROW: LARY SAXVYER-Lieutenant, Personnel Officer. CHARLES MAHAFFEY-Lieutenant, Person- nel Officer. RONNIE TILLETT-Lieutenant, Personnel Officer. l2l MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND E. L. PACETTI, Dirccfm' l I A l 1 2 I ' P C2 is ,S an Inu ,bin 1 If u ' ' L A V 'if ', f MERLIN XWENDLING Assistant Directorg graduate of Boston University. 1950, BM. degreeg graduate work at Mississippi Southern and Tulane University. The Meridian High School Band has for many years been recognized us one of Mis sissippfs finest. This band has a long record of Superior ratings in stage ind regionrl contests and is generally recognized as Mississippfs greatest Show Band. 1 l .22 Yr lr Q55 r i l , , Y rms i im- I BAND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Madeline Ray, Amelia Hood, Gail Snowtlen, Tommie Finkel- stren. BACK ROW: Will Hudson, Wfilliam Culpepper, Marvin Monette. Tony l- A H'-I ALBERT KELLAR '22 Drum Major MA ORETTES J Left to Right: Non Parker, Jo Ann Mills, Gail Snowden, Madeline Ray. DRLM MA FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS- MERIDIAN BAND C7 AMELIA HOOD GERALD 'FOWNSEND DAVID HENDERSON OLETA CURRIE CHARLES FLOYD Lions Band l956-57- Oboeg Superior Woodxvind Bb Clarinetg Superior Clar- Alto Clarinet Bass Clarinet 1 All-State Orchestra, Quartet, 1957. inet Quartet '57. All-State Clinic, 583 Band Treasurer Flute Quartet 1955- Superior Wocadwind tg Librarian, 1956- Ci JACK JOYNER TOMMY DOYLE McKEE WILL HUDSON FRANK WINSTEAD Superior Wim-,d, FINKELSTIEN Baritone Saxophone Cornetg Lions Bancl, 1955- French Horng Superior Quartet, 1957, Eb Alto Saxophoneg Super- 57-58g S u p er i 0 r Solo, Woodwind Quartet, 1957. ior Solo and Saxophone 1956g Excellent Trumpet Quartet, 19579 Lions Band, Triog Superior Sextet and 1958. grio, 19563 Band Presi- ent. .2 WSW E x c el l c nt Quartet, 1956- MAJORETTES jan Griffin, jeirenne Rainer, Bebe Roberts, Judy Alvord Genie Gower, Barbara Wl1itc SMITH MARCUS RUSH NOEL EVANS JAMES HUDNALL THOMAS MASSEY Baritone Bass Snare Drumg Superior B355 Drum Marimba Solo, 1956g Lib- rarian, 1957. I23 PASCHAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND Fort Worth, Texas COL. N. WHITEHURST, Direflm' f 3 The Paschal High School Band numbers 105 and has been an outstanding band in Texas for the past fifteen years. It has been a consistent winner of First Division rating in Marching, Concert, and Sight Reading. It has won trophies too numerous to mention. The band makes an average of twenty-six public appearances during the school year. This does not include the regular school functions such as assemblies, pep rallies and so forth. The student body, as well as the citizens of Fort Wforth, are proud N. WI-IITEHURST Director Graduate of New England Conservatoryg B.A., Sam Houston State Teachers Col- legeg post graduate, Vandercook School of Musicg 35 years of teaching, at Pas- chal High School past fifteen years: act- ing Supervisor of Instrumental Music for State Department of Music 4 yearsg secured credit for Instrumental Music for high school student in 19332 a dis- abled veteran of World War Ig born in Corinth, Mississippi and moved to Texas in 1912g Instructor in New Eng- land Conservatory 5 yearsg Band and Orchestra Sam Houston State Teachers College 9 yearsg Goliad High School 5 years: Texas Christian University 1 year. Major ROBERT TRITTON Assistant Drum of the Paschal High School Band. All officers are elected by the members except the Drum Major and the Student Director, and the Band is one of the best organiza- tions in the entire school. A 1 JOE Student OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Don Shores, Lionel Edmondson, Helen Bohn, Sue Noll, Dwayne Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Bill Peters, joe Gal- lagher, Dean Bingham, Robert Tritton, Mickey Marrs, Johnnie Grimmett. ' T ' W ' DEAN Bl Drum . . A Ru E 4 v l MAJORETTES I H it FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS--PASCHAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND Fort Worth, Texas Mun! FORD liumptt SUE NOLL-Piccolo TERRY BECKER-Bassoon WAYNE VAUGHN-Trombone CQ FRANKl.lN---Oboe KENNETH HORNBECK-Drum DON SHORES-Saxophone LOU DAVIS-Clarinet V, cry GRIIXIMETT- -Drum TOM BARLOW-FFCDCII H0171 CAROL SNODGRASS-Flute JOE 'XVILLIAMS-Tuba RESOLUTIONS AND SUCCESS RL'.l'f1fllff01l is the important thing! Determine to be somebody in the world and you will be somebody. Aim at superior achieve- ment and you will nllnin it. This is the secret of effort and accomplishment. "I cannot do it" never brought successg "I will put forth my every effort" will bring success. The boys and girls represented on this page and in this book have adopted this motto, as is evidenced by their attainment of n position of leadership. My heartiest congratulations! -THE EDITOR TWYMAN PATRICIA STEAD Queen Band Representative in Sports Follies BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND Band Department, 150 studentsg 85 members Concert Bandg active Year 'Round Band is considered school's best "Goodwill" Ambassadorsg high spirit, interest and pride to an unusual degreeg one of Americas great bands by any standardg always ready for any service. OFFICERS SANDRA FOSTER, Secretaryg EDWIN CURE, Vice Presidentg BRUCE THOINIP- SON, Presidentg MARY ABBOTT, Treas- UICI. I26 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS SEATED: JERRY LUTZ, Clarinetg JERRY LOWE, Oboeg PEGGY DOWDY, Horng MARY ABBOTT,'Flute. STANDING: BILLY HINSON, Tromboneg ROBERT STILES, Buritoneg CLYDE KAPP, Saxophoneg JOHN LAMBERT, Bassg BRUCE THOMPSON, Cornetg JOE SMITH, Drum. "Live so nr to gel the npprobzzliou of yarn' other Jelf, and mcren if yazm. Bn! pray ibn! Sflfceu will Mol rome my fairer lbfzfz you are able lo efzdfzre il." -ELBERT HUBBARD QQ BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS-SECTIONS V W f f lr M Q Zggiy 1 E f 'rj T X T V'A, ,E EY 'fy by, ayy Q 1 , ', 'xg g 3 ,Q ' :SV Trai f ,4 mfg? Q -t . .km 5, 5, i,.,fg.tA:1,'.m,,f, -. ., hx xr, s I S 1 I 3 X 5 ' 0 Fl-l"l'l55 CLARINETS T .5 , , T A X ' 33' - "Ap ff, I - ' V h M ..K,. 31 f T i ' , '-1 f ' ,T -"' 1 f f '- T .f A' 4 .,., Nfl.. "2'- 3,9 -, "'A 51,1 'mcmxscmwlas SAXOPHONES x 3. 6 I . - ' 1 Z ' . Z' 41 U A. ,' 1' 'V 'U ' 'V Ny .4 .I-N.-Us tai: -V 4 In M 9" T X T DRVNS CORNETS T' YL .'K H E , 'fr HR 1 3 jx , I . -1 U 5 :L ,lJxN'Q5x 5 + "V+ T we xzxfx ,J . 1 -- if -' A . - , - - - -H - 'raw ---- Q M ' ' H ' T T 'V 1' , M 2 f I if f,mfmwQrIlH41- 1 T f liARI'l'ONI3S HORNS MARIMBA AND BELLS 1 , , l . ,. . MA.lORI2TTIiS T ", 1 I fl '. 2? 'U I ,K X. STUDENT DIRECTOR BASSES OBOE jerry Lutz and HEAD IWAITORETTE Linda Bc-an I27 FFIDCIIQJFWIT1 CARTHAGE, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND C. LAMBRECHT, Direclw' firms !Y" . J. The Carthage High School Band celebrated its twentieth anniversary on November 1, 1957 with a homecoming banquet, reunion, and tour of the school and city for the original 1937-38 Band. The half-time football show dedi- cated to the original Carthage High School Band was not performed due to the cancellation of the game caused by the Asiatic flu of too many of the visiting team members. The original and present director of the band is Clarence J. Lambrecht. In its twenty years the band has carried out a well balanced music education program. In addition to active participa- tion in all phases of University Interscholastic League Music Contests, the Marching, Concert, and Pep Bands are integral parts of the music life of the school and com- munity. The Marching Band was awarded First place in its class at the annual University of Texas Band Day Parade in Austin, Texas on October 5, 1957. The Marching Band also made a Division I rating at the University Inter- scholastic League Region IV Marching Contest held at Carthage, Texas on November 26, 1957. The Region IV Concert and Sight Reading contests will also be held in Carthage on April 23, 24, and 25, 1958. C J. LAMBRECHT BAND OFFICERS DOYLE WRIGHT, Presidentg ,IOE BEATY, Vice President: DOROTHEA LOVETT, Secretaryg BETTY T U M B L E S O N, Reporter: MARTHA TROY LILLY KNIGHT, Band Sweetheartg ANDREW MCDANIEL, Manager. ASSISIHIII TWIN DRUM MAJORS Martha Knight and Walta Nell Pippen Q li l28 FLAG BEARERS MA JORETTES Ina- bi ZABETH XWILLIAMSON Flute 5 ' .4 A l il I nl' . 4 u ly it 'ff' f ill 11 li ' l : .5 ' ' iz l ' KIEU4 THA KNIGHT gm Bass Clarinet BEATY Cornet Ilx , 3 . l l x I I l . ll ,- XX l f I fc A "i . o Q 1 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Carthage, Texas li 'S' ,, M , I l . Ciaghsxcqi VT' 4 . 55-rep...-f -K, 35813 MELVA LHGRONE SUSANNE NEAL REBECCA RHODES PAMELA FOLK Eb Clarinet Bb Clarinet Alto Clarinet Bass Clarinet Sou: - 30' JANIS BIRD PEGGY LI STON JOHNNY HOWELL JENNIFER I'DELL Oboe Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Baritone Saxophone Twin 3- JAMES Nix ROBERT WIGHT DOYLE WRIGHT ARLON FLINN French Horn Tmmbofle Baritone Bass f 5 ...ff fe f.f"1'4F DeLONEY Drum POP BAND FRONT ROW: Trombones-ROBERT WIGHT, ANDREW MCDANIEL: BACK ROW: Cornets -BILL TILLERY, C. A. GRAVES, JOE BEATY, GARY KIRBY, JIMMY ROSE. Bass-ARLON FLINN. Drummer-BILLY BADGELEY. Piano-JAMES NIX. Director and Alto Saxophone, C. I. LAMBRECHT. '29 LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JOE LUSK, Direrlor RECORD IN STATE COMPETITION Year Concert Sight-Reading Marching 195 1 I I I 1952 I I I 195 3 I I I 1954 I I I 1 955 I I I 1956 Did not enter State Contest-Trip instead. 1957 I I I The Lake Worth Band is classified BB Band and has a concert group of 74 pieces and a marching unit of 85. The band usually participates in the Orange Bowl Parade, the Edison Pageant of Lights Parade, and the Fiesta Del Sol Parade. The Band also presents a series of winter concerts in Bryant Park under the sponsorship of the City Recreation Department and performs at all football games, both at home and away. In 1955 the Band took a trip to Washington, D. C., where they played concerts at the Walter Reed Hospital, at the Capitol Building, and at the annual Apple Blossom Festival at nearby Winchester, Virginia. In 1956 the band traveled to New York City and then to Philadelphia, where they were scheduled to present a marching show at the Philadelphia- Brooklyn baseball game. This game was to honor the Phillies' manager, Mr. Mayo Smith. In 1957 the Lake Worth Band played a concert tour including programs at jacksonville, Florida, and Thomas jefferson High School in Richmond. The band also traveled to Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg. JOE Lusk LARRY BELL Drum Major I FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-UTROJAN BAND" C, L ,I 'Q Lake Worth ,L V '- Q ir Ht. G I fl ' I , 7" Rfk 9 fx, ' -- - if-i l ' gb. 'Y Ajrw A ':" " 3 Q,-INR?-X EN, X Ni 24,55 , L.fL,,,f' . '.' lg. " JOHN MUNN RICHARD HOWARD Clarinet Cornet, Student Conductor K A' , ll if lx ' h x, 7 ' 'Il' - . , - ll , -.:,,-f .,.l,fj.. , -iff I 'I 'A ONNIE ROGERS INIADELINE STENNER JEFF DeLONG Fr0nCl1 H0rrl Baritone Trombone, Bancl Captaln H . bn rf' -62 ik o I I , , A V ' 1 ii rf' P' r V l Y 5 F I E 4 ' l I LAKE WORTH BAND OFFICERS N MUNN, First Lieutenantg BARBARA DNER, Uniform Clmirmang MARGILEE TZILL, Treasurcrg LARRY BELL, Drum rg BONNIE ROGERS, Sccretaryg SHELLY ATT, First Lieutenant: MADIELINE NER, Librariang JEFF DQLONG, Cap- This Majorette Ensemble has been a consistent First Division winner in State and District competition for the past five years. fLeft to Right: jean Szem- ber, Carol Lee Porter, Mary Ann Car- roll, Pam Whitney, jane Ruyle, Nora Childs, joan Wurtz, joan Miller, Linda Pyle, Charmaine Knapp, Carolyn Web- ster, jean Blank. LAKE WORTH HIGH SCHOOL DANCING MA-IORETTES ug. ti5T BEVERLY ROBERTS JOANN LEVERENZ Alto Saxophone Flute GRAHAM, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND LLOYD COOK Dzfectof The Graham High School Concert Band is sixty-eight members strong this year with a well balanced instrumen- tation. It has already begun its concert season with the first of four formal concerts in the Graham Municipal Auditorium. In addition to these four formal concerts, the Band also plans several informal open-air concerts eww, U BACK ROW: HOWARD MILLER Chaplain JO ANN THOMPSON JAMES A- HERRINGTON Treasurerg JAMES ED KENDALL Vxce President These officers are Assistant Director elected by the Band and'are in charge of all matters of business and dis B.S., Midwestern University Where Clplme along with the Director' he played clarinet in Band and MAJORETTES was also a member of the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestrag Life Job No- 1 5 9 D J Em -,lg-U... Member of Kappa Kappa Psig Second Lieutenant in U. S. Armyg Q directs First Christian Church Choirg Post Advisor, troop of Ex- plorer Scouts. ,- , - . J ' .:. . ,, 1- ,..f-"' fe . 'T J f , 3, Q 2 I rf ug f ' f 'K A v tx V 132 Q c a l . ' .L L 'H' 6 BAND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: MARTHA KAY SCOTT Secretary BETTY SCOTT Re porterg DENNY REED, President RUBY GILMORE Social Chairman uv FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Graham, Texas JUDY KLINGER--Flute, Piccolo, Band I.ibrnrian, Division II HOWARD MILLER-Third Clarinet, Band Council All Region Ensemble: MARY -IO BIISSEY-Ohoep ORVEI. JOHNSON- Band, Freshman Band Award, Chaplaing BETTY SCOTT Bass First Clin-inet, Right Guide. Band Council: RUBY GILMORE- Clarinet. Reporter, Band Council. Second Clarinet, Right Guide, Band Council, Social Cl1ilII'l111lI'IQ 59 MARTHA KAY SCOTT-Alto Saxophone. Secretary, Band Coun- Band Award, Right Guide, Band Council, Division I Saxophone cil, Band Sweetheart, Division I Saxophone Quzirtetg JOI-INNIE Quaftetg EDDIE GREEN.-Fig-gt Comet, Right Guide Band EDWARDS-Tenor Saxophone, Right Guide, Band Councilg Council, All-Region Band 1956-57, AlI.5mte Band 57 JIMMIE DENNIE REED-Baritone Saxophone, Band President, Freshman BASS-Second Cometg JOMANCE WALLACE Third Cornet ? 4 GARY KENNEDY-French Horn: KENNETH BIGI-IAM-Bari- I Solog C. I-I. SEIBER-Bass, All-Region Band Div sion I Solo toneg PAT BROOKS--Trombone, All-Region Band 1956-57, All- KAY BULLOCK-Drums. State '57, Right Guide, Band Council, Band President '56, Division BAND COUNCIL is composed of thirteen members outstanding abilities, interests, and attitudes have quali- them for positions of leadership. FRONT ROW: Martha Scott, Betty Scott, Denny Reed, Ruby Gilmore, Billy Needham. MIDDLE ROXV: Howard Miller, jetty james Ed Kendall, Pat Brooks, johnnie Edwards. ROW: Orvel johnson, jo Ann Thompson, Eddie Green. lg, x r THE SWING STEERS POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ALAN H, DRAKE, Directoi' PUHPAIUJ In spite of its relatively short existence of seven years, the Pompano Beach Senior High School Band has enjoyed rapid growth in quality and quantity, and has received consistent Superior ratings at District and State contests in recent years. The fact that Pompano Beach is one of the fastest growing communities in the country is shown in the Band's school enrollment classifications, which have been in the past six years "D," "CC," "B," and "BB"- and next year will be The band has kept pace with this growth and has enlarged its membership in the past five years from 50 to 85. In addition to this, there are approximately 225 Instrumental Students in the com- munity from the sixth grade up now working for future entrance into the band. The Band prides itself on top-notch marching performances as well as concert performances. The Marching Band appears at all the football games with a fast-moving show combining good music, action, precision maneuvers, forma- BANDMASTER ALAN DRAKE is in his fifth year at Pompano Beach High School. A native of Illinois, he has been a resident of South Florida since early childhood. He graduated from Miami Senior High School where he was captain and concertmaster of the renowned Miami High "Million Dollar Band." Mr. Drake attended the University of Miami on music scholarships. He received his A.B. degree Magna Cum Laude in 1951, and his Master of Music Education degree in 1957 from Florida State University. Prior to coming to Pompano Beach, he was Bandmaster at Bell Glade High School. An ac- complished professional clarinetist, he presently plays Solo Clarinet with the Fort Lauderdale Symphony. He has also played Solo Clarinet in Miami with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Society Orchestra, Ballet Guild, Music Circus, Miami Concert Band and Miami Opera Guild. Mr. Drake has served two years as chairman of the Broward County tFloridaJ Band Directors' Council and he is chiefly responsible for the initiation of the Annual Broward County High School Band Clinic Festival. His recent l study on history and nature of Florida High School Band Contests has been received with great interest and enthusiasm in the state. mum mumiu aura tions, and majorette dancing and twirling. Other marching turnouts include the Orange Bowl Parade, Fiesta Del Sol, and Fiesta Tropicale. The Concert Band is fully instrument- ed, including Eb Clarinet, Contra-Alto and Contra-Bass Clarinets, Chimes, etc. A regular concert series of five concerts is given in Pompano Beach and concerts are also given in other cities, such as Hollywood, Florida. This year's guest conductors will include Paul Yoder. Contest music is rehearsed during February and the first half of March. Large numbers of solos and ensembles enter the contests and have received high percentages of Superior ratings. The Band works hard for contest and has received straight Superior ratings, but this is only a portion of the year's activities for this young and grow- ing band. ALAN H' FIRST CHAIR MQEMBERS Pompano Beac QS' 1 'gf sa., O lnihl. SEATED: MARY LEE OTT, Flute, LINDA COOK, Oboeg DAN STANDING: BOB RENCHER, Tromlboneg RAY DALEY, Per- NORTHWAY, French Horn: ELIZABETH BATIGNANI, Saxo- CuSSi0r13 JAMES BROWN, Bassg BILLY JONES, Baritone, TOM phone: LINDA CARR, Clarinetg CECILIA OSTEEN, Bassoon. GANNON, Cornet. u ,rms AY rw- W, I The world'x mor! inzporlmzt citizens are fhe boy: and girlr If r who are the principal lender: in our Jchoolr ioday. ' A -THE EDITOR I ,gi BAND COUNCIL fOfficersD-SEATED: SUSANNE WHITN EY, Librariang fl? . LINDA CARR, Treasurer: CECILIA OSTEEN, Scoial and Publicity Chairmang 1 Z, .- I , isa . 1 jf' is -, I ,I I, , SUSAN BROWN, "A" Corps Captain. STANDING: CLAUDE LOVING, ' gy ,-mlm. Quartermasterg TOM GANNON, First Lieutenantg PENNY COWELL, Drum .4 -If Majorg BOB ALFIERI, Captaing BILL COOPER, Second Lieutenantg EDDIE BARTON, Assistant Drum Major. Not pictured: CAROL WOODWARD Goldenettes Captain Niki- PENNY COWELL Drum Majorette .J ,,,,,,. KNEELING Diane Pesto pf Q Susan Brown Captain U Dolores Rogers STAND ING Linda Hunter Shir X ley Dombroski D o n n a Mason Tay Tallman "" -f3N.-" li- iw GOI-DENETTES A coRPs MA JORETTES Herring, Earlene Gutermuth, Satan Stud Carol Woodxvard, Captain, anal Adrienne Moore. .. .. - ' :silk ,, ,I , ,W - fe- 5 . " V '15 g::,glQ..a 'kY-lu,'- ,if Q -- H rp W' gs' --.H Q' . A V V ' . J"' ' -. I ' T - - t X - N y ?E"'- ' ' reef-Z' Q ' T -4 f - 4. ,. , , L--- ' lzzrlgl : 1 V .vt.,. ?'mhgE.f Z ., - 'c .Q , A . in P f-m e -, Lv- ,.-, 'F v 1 ., 'Q 4' 5' v ii K -..f.l'.A , I at L-- ' "-"S .1 "' .if....f'-,itT' l35 T E a v. 'l - . v . 91' J :ug 'il u A + 2 MELVIN MONTGOMERY, Director tad' 0 A SNYDER, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND MELVIN B. MONTGOMERY, Dff-am The Snyder High School Band does everything that a band should do, and submits the following record of honors and awards to attest its greatness: Qlj Fourteen First Division Awards in Concert, Sight Reading, and Marching at Regional Interscholastic League Contests from 1953-1957, four Sweepstakes awardsg f2j Four First Place Awards in Concert Playing and Sight Reading at Sweetwater, Texas, Band Festival, 1955-19569 GD First Division rating at Tri-State Music Festival, Enid, Oklahoma, 1954, Q-Q One of five bands in Texas selected to perform in Cotton Bowl on january 1, 1957, 1 BAND OFFICERS PHIL CHERRY, Assistant FRONT ROW: KAY SHELBURNE, Librariang THELMA HOW- ,ive sl!! SER, Librariang. SHARON MORGAN, Chief Quartermasterg CAMILLA ROBERTS, Secretary-Treasurer, NELDA THOMAS, Librariang WILDA LIVINGSTON, Head Librarian. SECOND ROW: JIMMY CROWDER, Captain, JERRY ROWE, Quarter- master, BOB FIELDS, First Lieutenantg PHILIPP SMARTT, Quartermasterg DELBERT LLOYD, Second Lieutenant. I36 STEVE MELTON, Drum Major MAJORETTES Snyder Texas FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS A x P 3 ix 'I I -X ,gs X , . f . ' My ., .H -4' 5' g. . AIS:-l'.ll1YK PHILLIP SMARTT BOB FIELDS KENNETH I-IAUGHT Alto Saxophone Cornet Bassoon If . 1 . . I I V 'Y 5 . I ,ii ia ' ' , ' -. " - -W X I' - ' if .nfs-' EAST FRXVOOD RONAID MII LI R MARY DEFFEBACH CLOVIS TERRY LARRY WILLIAMS Smrc Drum Iiomhonc Flute Alto Clarinet Bb Clarinet tg ROBERIS BRENDA PIERCE REDGE HEARD J. T. MYERS DANNY OGDEN Oboe Bass Clfmnet Ffgnqh Hom B355 Baritone Saxophone SNYDER HIGH SCHOOL STAGE BAND This organization is made up of the outstanding members of the Concert Band. It was organized in 1952 as a jazz and popular music lab to give the outstanding members of the Concert Band some experience in these American idioms. It rehearses daily and is a part of the high school cur- riculum. The Stage Band has been first place winner in its class at the Texas Stage Band Contest at Brownwood, Texas, for the past five years. I37 PALM BEACH HIGH SCHOOL BAND HOWARD B. SWYERS, Cozzdzzflor West Palm Beach, Florida "The Pride of flae Gold Coat!" geese "The Pride of the Gold Coast" is the name given by the people of South Florida to this outstanding band whose past is nearly as famous as the well-known Palm Beaches. This past consists of trips to the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington, D. C., and a concert tour up the East Coast to New York. The band has participated in the Orange Bowl festivities ever since the first year Association, scheduled is The Band is tr? x a-fb Q-7 l ki K ' BAND OFFICERS KNEELING: jerry Brown. FRONT ROW: Pat Hornak, Beverly Sprung, Priscilla Dobbs, Paula Riggs, Diane Anthony, Elaine Edwards. SECOND ROW: Bernie Smith, Bob Vernon, John Jarvis, Pat Kenniott, Dave Nielson, Emmett Rozier. THIRD ROW: Fred Gauch, Paul Carroll, Ray Bender, Charles Hawkins, Bob Godwin, Earl Foster, Bernard Fairman. I of its organization. Under the guidance of the Band Patrons' which is its sponsor, the Band plans its many activities. One of the more important activities tentatively a concert tour following the State Contest. truly at its peak this year under the leadership of its two directors and two drum majors. HOWARD B. SWYERS, Director Mr. Howard Swyers completes his thirteenth year as tor of the Palm Beach High School Band this year was graduated from Murray State College with a B.S. a M.A. degree. He did graduate work at Carnegie and the University of Pittsburgh. After teaching at Marion, Pennsylvania, he moved to Brownsville, vania, where he assumed complete charge of the Department. In 1942 he returned to Murray State He then moved to West Palm Beach and took c the Instrumental Department. He is President of the Music Education Association and Director of Music First Methodist Church. EMMETT ROZIER SHERRICK HISCOCK LAUREL LISSENDEN PRISCILLA DOBBS DENNIS LITZ Cornet Clarinet French Horn Bassoon Trombone Corporal. Publicity Warrant Officer Secretary BERNARD SMl'l'H CHARLES HAWKINS JEANE WRIGHT RUTH HAYMOND NANCY CARDWELL Baritone Percussion Alto Clarinet Flute, HMP, Pi2f1O Alto Saxophone Captain First Lieutenant Bass GINGER SPEIR J WINNIE Oboe MELVIN WAGNER, Assistant and junior High Director. First year at Palm Beach High School: B.S., Michigan State Teachers College, M.M.E., University of Michigan. l V, .1 'l l l +.,-13 T l FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS West Palm Beach JERRY BROWN Bass Clarinet Warrant Officer ag f Secretary Eight versatile Majorettes with their Cap- tain. Jerry Brown, and Solo Twirler, Sandra Noel. FRONT ROW: Trudy Noel, jean Wriglut, Andrea Huff, janet Sikes. SEC- OND ROW: Aclrena Willizatmis, Barbara Bates, Sandra Noel. jerry Brown, Sally Verner. :gm ,, , t l39 Y , it ll In AMARILLO, TEXAS, "GOLDEN SANDIE BAND,' State WAYNE E. MULLER, Director Dedication y Here is one of America's really great high school musical the Sweepstakes Award at the Tri-State Festival in Enid, organizations, known everywhere for its brilliant per- Oklahoma. Known as the "Golden Sandie Band," it has formance, both in concert and marching. It is a consistently the respect and admiration of all who have seen and Superior rated band at all contests and festivals, including heard its performances. TONY WHITTINGTON Head Drum Major I40 f - . my WAYNE E. MULLER Director BRYAN R1 Assistant Drum FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-"GOLDEN SANDIE BAND" 42m i E 3' F, be TWIRLERS FIRST CHAIR BRASS FIRST CHAIR WOODWIND ROW: BILL MCNEILAND, Tuba: WANDA PHILLIPS, BOTTOM ROW: KAROLYN HOWE, Tenor Saxophone: BEVERLY N WOOD, Trombone. TOP ROW: PHILIP ANTHONY, RALSTON, Alto Clarinet: DAYNA LARASON, Oboe: JOAN CLAW BONNIE WELLS, Drums: VIRGIL STRIMPLE, Cornet: SON, Flute. MIDDLE ROW: JUDY WOODWARD, Clarinet: LYN ATER, Cornet. DEL COX, Baritone Saxophone: BRENDA BROWN, Bassoong MELODY NEAL, Contra Bass Clarinet. TOP ROW: BILL BROWN, Clarinet BOBBY COLE, Alto Saxophoneg ERIC OLSON, Bass Clarinet. OFFICERS TOP ROW: BILL MCNEILAND Presiclentg JONATHAN ATER, Vice President. MIDDLE ROW: CHARLES CROCKER, Librarian BOTTOM ROW: PATSY HEF NER, Secretary. NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JOHN E. JENKINS, Direcfor The Band was organized in 1936 by Frank C. Heard, who developed the band program to a high standard until his retirement in 1953. Classification: BB. A TYPICAL PROGRAM Proud Herimgeu .... .. , Concert March-Latham "lil Gaucho" Spanish March-Mesang Rieflzi "...t.... .. H HU OVCrfL1fC to the OPCFH-Wagner Cwzrerfo Gr0J'i'0 in "C" , Third Movement-Handel 'My Fair Ladyn, ,. .,,, ,Selections from the Musical-Lowe !'B6glllllf? For Bfiml' , , . , Osser The F!1l7I0ll,l'LfII'g0H. ., . , H H Haydn "Cla0rf1le mul Alleluia" Hanson 'Sloozuboal' ,.,, .. ,, .. .,,. , , Selections-Kern Intermission L1 BAND OFFICERS E, TWIRLERS FRONT TO BACK tLeft to Righty HILTON HAMD Captain: BILLY I-IORNE. First Lieutenant. Student Con CHARLES BOYD, First Lieutenant, Drum Majorg EDW RICHARDSON, Second Lieutenant. Student Director, windsg PAUL MANN, Second Lieutenant, Student Director FRANK HEARD, JR., Staff Sergeantg JAMES STRICKI Sergeantg BOB ERXVIN, Sergcuntg CALVIN HERRING, Sc DAVIS XVILLIAMS, Sergeantg ANN CLARK, Sergeant. 'x JOHN E. JENKINS Director, Natchez High School Band 4 yearsg student of Joe Barry Mullins, Richard Smittle, Thomas L, Mills. EIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Natchez, Mississippi BILLY HORNE, Flute, Student Conductor, Superior Solo, All-State Superior Solo, Jackson Youth Symphony, 1957 Mississippi Lions Orchestra, 1958 Mississippi Lions AIl'State Band, jackson Youth All-State Bandg BETTYANN CARR. Low Clarinet, JAMES Symphony: EDWARD GAUDET, Oboe, Superior Solo, All-State STRICKLAND, Saxophone. Orchestra, jackson Youth Symphonyg JUDY MURRAY, Clarinet, I , , rr.: i . CHARLES BOYD, Horn, Superior Solo, jackson Youth Symphony, jackson Youth Symphony, Student Director of Brass, Second All-State Orchestra, Drum Major, First Lieutenantg HILTON Lieutenantg PAUL CHARLES KELLER, Tubag ANN CLARK, HAMMACK, Trumpet, Captaing PAUL L. MANN, Trombone, Bassoon, 1958 Mississippi Lions All-State Band, Sergeant. Superior Solo, All-State Orchestra, Lions All-State Band 1957-583 INDIANOLA, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JOE PRICE, Director PRICE The Indianola High School Band, directed by Joe Price, has an outstanding record in Mississippi. The Band has received a Superior rating at the State Band Contest for the past six years. Last year, after moving up to Class B competition, the band was one of two in this class to receive a Superior rating in every phase of the contest. All students are encouraged to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Contest and in the past two years they have received a total of thirty-six First Division awards. The Band is very proud of its fine equipment, which consists of a beautiful new band room, a large music library, a complete set of eighty uniforms, and instruments to provide for complete instrumentation. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Indiauola, Mississippi LAVERNE BOYER, Flute, Flute Trio "Superior," Chorus, MARY E ,QFTWT ,.,,. , "Superior," Band President 1957, Band Progress Awardg BAR- RHINEHART, Oboe, 1958 Lions All-State Band, Chorus, SUSAN BARA ALICE DAVIS, Alto Clarinet, Accompanist for Chorus. PHILLEY, Bassoon, MIKE HORTON, Clarinet, Clarinet Quartet GLORIA BIANCA, Bass Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Solo "Superior," 1958 Lions All-State Band, Chorus, CALTON CROWELL, Contra Bass Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Solo "Superior," Clarinet Quartet "Superior," Band Progress Award, Student Conductor "Superior," 1958 Lions All-State Band, Head Librarian, Woodxwrind Sergeant, Dance Band, ELIZABETH LOGUE, Alto Saxophone, ALICE MAGRUDER, Tenor Saxophone, Band Reporter, Chorusg MARTHA ANDREWS, Baritone Saxophone, Head Majorette, Secretary, PAUL EVERETT, Cornet, Cornet Solo "Superior." Cornet Trio "Superior," Lions All-State Band 1957-58, Brass Sergeant, Vice President, Dance Band. ELIZABETH JEMISON, Horn Quartet "Superior," Lions All- State Band 1958, JIM CORDER, Trombone, Trombone Solo "Superior," President of Band, Dance Band, MARTHA POE, Baritone, Brass Ensemble "Superior," Chorus, WOODY DEN- HAM, Bass, Bass Solo "Superior," Brass Sergeant, Lions All- State Band 1958' BILLIELU SYKES Percussion Drum uartet , , , Q "Superior," Percussion Sergeant, EDITH BOYCE, String Bass. INDIANOLA HIGH SCHOOL BAND Drum Major and Mujorettes COMPTON, CALIFORNIA, UNION HIGH SCHOOL BAND JOHN DELMONACO, Director ' 51 ' A I-fi if --if I Q1 Q1 Qt 'Q Q I: hs. . -ext xr, ' 42 ' ' 'V A -1 I i .p iq L., f, i4E11f't'3'5.'g T Zrsfizs' .J I a ' ,cf ix QQ I '51, 'Q f . O2 - Q' I '- "l ' 'gf' A f' 1 97 ii'-I7 3 ' it-3!'f71'iR J 'NHQ I' .ar-1fQ5. Jie I " C I E C - 1 tv - auf'--f' . . 1 -f l fig ' X 1 2, 531 .. ' 1 ,' il ' V ,:1'I,-fi -i'gl7j?'fff' L .EJ 7 - - , 4 ' R-q . '. 1 , f'-Q ,S .1 , Q T i z Ipit.-L1'fi 1 ? ffl, in i i i slt ifg l tv I ,I -1 ' " 45:-h , 1 ?:o,L ix-1 N 3 'gi fxixdigs-ix? l 1 if ,E E - +L . " N a 'F fi , I pi rs - C may I. if LW - 1: .A A I r ,N-r af f i'I , , N- I-'r ain -Fix at If aim f ' C v i ga. I is i A? .Qxlvga ,.. V ' 1 V U: f use I ,P 'M Vw , N I n 4 '.- 71- I .n Trl H " ' - -FM 1114 -1 if ' iv' v I t - 'f WW o -I ,J-X ,Ta ie' A-t f y 1 , W bl v 1 . L ll L i ff ,, A 'L- 1' -AIM ! - ra . - rv. - 'lg ' I 1 - R - 5- fl if - a -fae- I 1- r -1 I 'W ' at ' at at ffr I . aa' . .,- It-an JH-f f 1 . ,w a A 1 .. ., --n e x, :.:-- yi X .rl I ul . ' l ,V man If I, -Q V P ,L F :gg i ave. .:. :A y y I LII' 'EIB ,A . fa ., , ,r " ' f f" I 4' 'I .I f- -.3 n-1 -. 'un -1I...e.4 .I - I - ' .. .r - -1 - W --'--- -more Y..---Mehmet:-f-: The Compton High School Band, directed by Mr. john DelMonaco, along with the Comptonettes under the super- vision of Miss Elaine Hanks, have won many honors and distinctions, They have attracted national attention as is evidenced by their presentation in FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA. The Compton Band is one of the few high FIRST CHAIR members are: THELMA HOLLOWAY, Clarinetg I TERRY WALDO, Trumpetg WAYNE FLOYD, Tromboneg DOUG WALKER, Saxophoneg EVELYN WOOD, Fluteg MOR- school organizations shows at the annual Pro-Bowl at Los Angeles. At the annual Corona halftime Jamboree, where only the top ten bands of California are invited, Compton has emerged victorious for two straight years. The Concert Band has consistently won Superior ratings at the festivals. that have performed the halftime GAN STORY, Drumsg PHIL HONISCK, Horng ALLAN KERR, Baritoneg WALTER BURRELL, Tubag ROY LONGBERGER, Tympanig BILL PEELER, Oboeg JOHN THOMAS, Bassoon. ,V .7 -r f r .F 4 I-E i ...u r'4xz: V-- . ' 1 ',' ' n 27 . , -A X In .' K jr., X' Y .Lf ff ,-'-"- '2 ' m Mayor ROY LONGBER- and Majorettes TERR'1 MAS and LINDA HART- A MARCHING BAND while at the tional City Maytime Band Review this r they won every trophy that could be i Drill Team Captain is VIRGINIA H 'LN U . , ' I II' c alf., u ff' if I L.- - v ,N ' - L 1 I 'W ' eu ' - . " f 4 . , -- u . I," ,S f in 2.1 . -l .. f EE. , i .re - - I ' Ln I .. I .- I I F -" " :EE I- 1 M ' -EI 1,114-K, . --V . L' W -1' 1-311 -. , .1 'EIIJEI ' FFS! - +1 ' Hifi I r 'T " I L l ' ' .'V' -, qi- , i ., 'ir 5: I pkg? E+' I A sg 1 I-'Q O A 7 . N. , . . I K I . RKER. DOUBLE "C" FOOTBALL FORMATION JOHN DelMONACO BAND I A g iyyt gy, i I ii kr. l 'Ve' PLAINVIEW, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROBERT C. DAVIDSON, Dirertor For twenty-one years this band has won First ratings in rating in Concert and Sight Reading in 1954. The Band Concert, Marching, and Sight Reading in Region I con- is classified AAAA in Texas contests. National recog- tests, It was awarded "Outstanding Marching Band" in nition has come through hard work which has brought Class A at the Trl-State Contest in Enid and a "IU successive years of successful results, 1 vi 'ii' O. T. RYAN Assistant Director 'Y' V i 6CI.IFTON MARTIN, Drum Major MAJORETTES "Signal nr! well-doing ir the highway of rurrerr, and More who pzzrrzze it with lhe mort penis'- feiire will, without exception, be the mort .rur- ferrfizl. Snrcerr follawr every right effort." ROBERT C. DA Director of this Band for yearsg graduate, V a n cl e r c School of Musicg studied this major instrumentj joseph Schreurs, principal netist of Chicago played professionally w trial bands and theatre before teachingg chosen master of the Year" by Bnndmasters' Association at Convention. . -'WQXAV , . 1.31 . r lv Z! U .A..L ' 1 'I ' , .D I V 1, A XY? 2 - 5 .1 V I .' ui: 1' .ff A V, ' ' fx - af, 15' '. 2' 1 ' Quill .. ' -X Q ju f'5ii lg A " f I J 2' ' ., " ' 1 H yf . ' . ' x'G' "5,',.. QV Ah ,,, .N , N f ,ik . I , gli. , I I , "'-f ' 54 --4'...s1J ,1,:t3r".' wliii' 1 --Y-7alr"A'T4.4-..T .l',."f. filo? Ur! -'A - A, -- '.M7'?2 -, , , ., Y- "TK -.',-E-.Nw W- -9 Z' sf ps.- J.. '-?lfV'I Vi . '1' J, , W ff AJ' A .A 3 5521?-wil . ....- ff ++g,-s 1+ iff U .LIZJ an A?-5, A. J-g1 l'L'g' nw' 5.-A -A Q .WI pug ,.- A !.1.',,,,?.F I ll ,Afnwyg '55 F N' If WT 'J 'ik 'JAY 'i "R 'viii Rf 'A ' f N, if: -vw QV,-gf YQ' lei- -.Ny w'..'V " - -A W-3--' 1 ' ' .. ... 1.13 1. di. 43:4 ' wif T.f':1..Jif' fiJ'f'5Jfi' 3 :1-. ," - ' " , ,, ' - ,: ,A -, - . 1 "1 rf r-4, 1' ' f 7:53:31 "fi 1i.'fi.4Ar- fat v1fffi'E.' ii?-V 3' 1 ,V - ,vi xf rpm 'Rei' . .7, , I -it . I 'xl rw Y M.. Qi 'i v .X v X I . Bum ' bmnt ,zz sr. , . ' ' ' 'L ,ff A l. ,y . 1 .23 'Nfl' "Liv U 4-, Wxfk g....., lr, JK 'f . E 1- ., Q xv fflr AJ L59-1 235922 P. :SWE Wg Q' l uv- r Suu Zflrw L , if .E 'sgsga ' 3,0 un .f .,.u,,,, ,I .,,... M ,mx ,,,. 4 14 Q - it X. ., HELTON BOB BISHOP Horn Baritone FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-CALDWELL COUNTY BAND Fe lu 'QF-usa., 'YQ' SIDNEY SIETTLE DAVID MARCIA BRYANT GEORGE STEPHENS GARY NOEFSINGER Solo Drum CARTXVRIGHT Second Flute Solo Cornet Tenor Saxophone Second Clarinet ,W ,, , , , 1 VY 4' 155 'R Ra gi, fs' R, -eq' 'S' I-IOPPIIR BARBARA CAROL WINTERS GINNY LOU BILLY DIQUE Cornet STEVENSON Oboe MCCASLIN HARRINGTON SATIERFIELD Third Clarinet Second Cornet Sousapl-,One I l fb' " PATSY MALLORY BETTY LOU CASH RAQUEL WILLIAMS DONNIE GOODWIN MARILYN ADAMS Trombone First Flute Baritone Saxophone Tympanist Alto Saxophone FLUTE SECTION lr I uf-1 Y Sz X 3 J...- EYE ix 7 'K .... E 'B XP X25 H ., f ""1 " Q." -. "' . ,-3' , A-A" A! VC 1 . .r ff ,V .M 5 A 5, E f- f ff if A I Q 33? . I , .,-3 .gb 411 WAI? I R A ' f : ' !fxfWfA k mi All 63559-117 1wAfT X 1J9J 'WW ij!--if 9 1 . Q AF: at kv, I . AT' 'fm-fii A ?fE3 ff: , f 'tr-fi Ig, E +25 -mfg A 1 gg ,, 11 371 5 5' ,us W DXWIND SECTION V '- fu si1Agiw'fZym f 'V .f-wr ,M ,U' Psi. 4' 'rf ' I . 4' Qplax g1,7XxIA,-f'2:' aigfifgffffwl Kg , +11 J .U naw 1-Q. fsXN' -4, 3 J u .2 ,I iwf X5 JC -Fmiyz-xx 5 jp 0 'iii if Mff "X fy' 1 Q- vx J I ', PM ' ,KM ' ' " ri- NQ fs F d i JKg1 Tfmi F Q ' -V FY lk I7 ' If CORNET SECTION Q V' . V KL ,, 0gSgQEggx?WQ? !4gE?f- 1 KFEFH- 'fa V U 'Q -51 " ir Fi ' 15" 1 ,Q !lx EIL lk la! TIOGA, LOUISIANA, HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS MRS. MABLE H. SMITH, Director I l V V ni i ,I J I FIRST ROW: Margaret Hathorn, Carol Gauthier, Harriett Roberts, Elaine Cross, Ruth Smith, Becky Martin, Nell Paige, Iris Ed- wards, Gordon Whatley, Richard Baker, Malcolm johnson, A. D. Muse, Raymond Addington, Jerry Wilson, Roy Lee Thompson, David Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Norma Tison, Frances Roberts, Mary Henderson, Wanda Morace, Laurie Robertson, Beth jordan, Betty Sims, Richard Salter, Clifton Nugent, Bobby Sasser, Wayne Wooley, Mike Malek, Charles Dillard, Harold Lee, M. J. Anderson, Stanley Atwood, Benny Dupuy. THIRD ROW: Lilly McCann, -Iudith Brady, Sandra Ryland, Annette Urban, Johnnie Marie Adams, Marian Williams, Deanna Reed, Shirley Prestridge, Patricia Roberts, Carol Quinn, Bennie Hollingsworth, Dan Lowery, I A I Xi I I john Marshall Robert. FOURTH ROW: janet McClain, Elizabeth Kees, Virginia Whaley, jackie Hooper, Melba Bryant, Carolyn Brittain, janet Guillory, Gaye Rice, Marie Carlino, Irma Poteet, Tommy Wilkerson, Rodney Robertson, Kenneth Vallery, Grover Robertson, Bryon Malone, J. W. Nalley, Glynn Ingram, Jerry Humphries, Eric White, Gerald Simon, Tommy Doty. FIFTH ROW: Laura Daily, Gloria Clifton, Shirley Muse, Ruth McCann, Faye Wilson, Diane Atkinson, jean Keene, Gwen Bracknell, Sharon Ford, Benny Garlington, Larry Maxwell, Devane Nichols, Stephen Hammack, J. W. Kelley, Bobby Dean, Gene Ball, Dan Whitehurst, David Sharp, Rivers Wilson. ACCOMPANIST: Ann Robertson. Vw ll' Tommy Stepp, Meredith Whitehurst, john Delk, Don Whiddon, MEMBERS or LOUISIANA MUSIC EDUCATION GIRLS' ENSEMBLE ASSOCIATION ALL-STATE CHORUS Anne Robertson, Elaine Cross, Ruth Smith, Frances Roberts, Sharon Ford, Iris Edwards, Gaye Rice, Deanna Reed, Carol MABEL I.I' SIxfIITH Quinn, Judith Brady. J vu we , I... , BOYS' ENSEMBLE I-,A A B A I Gordon Whatley, Bobby Sasser, Rodney Rob- ' ertson, Tommy StGPP, Mike Malek, Eric White, BOYS' QUARTET David Sharp, Bobby Deen. Jerry Humphries, Mike Malek, Rodney Robertson, Bobby Sasser. ny Garlington, Mike Malek, Wayne oley, Dan Whitehurst, jeriy Humphries. ISI MIXED ENSEMBLE ROW: Harriett Roberts, Mary Hender- E l Anne Robertson, Deanna Reed, Sharon , Beth Jordan, Becky Martin, Carol Quinn, icia Roberts. SECOND ROW: Gordon atley, Bbbby Sasser, Rodney Robertson, if asa' - l S.: - by I ai. , , I ie IE, ' ff: I ,, J "S . P xii A ' :ff Y, 3, -, . 8 . ri' , 5 . ' ' - - as bf QI E, ' .. MELCHOR MARTINEZ CAROL R. BAILEY Mr Bailey earned his B.M. degree at Jordan College of Music, Butler University, and his M.A. degree at Teachers College, Columbia University, He kept active in music while serving in the Navy by playing trumpet with the N.T.S. Band, Norfolk, Virginia. He played two years with the Norfolk Symphony Orchestra and was also at one time a member of the Great Lakes Band at N.T.S., Great Lakes, Illinois He plays string bass with the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra and directs the choir at the Prescott Christian Church. THE BAND OF THE BUCCANEERS ROY MILLER HIGH SCHOOL Corpus Christi, Texas CAROL R. BAILEY, Direrfm' The 105-piece "Band of The Buccaneers" is an organiza- tion of which the community is justly proud. This Concert and Marching Band participates in many school and civic events. For many years it has received top honors in both State and Regional festivals and thus holds an established position among the musical organizations of the South- west and the nation. The Miller Band is fortunate indeed Q . k f'i . El Q 'L' limi.- MSW' L :LATQIEQQF , il 'K I 'lf I J X S i X we-'H' I, I- .12 i i -L -A , li., ..., . , ,. Drum Major in having band directors that do superior work with the junior High Bands. Wlien a student reaches high school he has been well trained in its feeder' system. At the District Try-outs held December 14th, twenty-three members were selected for the District Band and nine of these captured First Chair positions. A highly successful concert season is a must with this band each year. THE BUCCANEER BAND COUNCIL and the Right Guides appointed by the Director the Librarians the Major, and Assistant Drum Major. The Council is the governing bod the Band, has charge of student attendance and discipline, and makes for the activities and the socials. FIRST ROW: Carolyn I-Ienze, Rudy tinez, Eddie Berrera, Ted Garcia fAssistant Drum Majorj, Barbara W SECOND ROW: Gary Hunt, Sabas Torres, Adelino Villareal, Rankin nedy, Libby Uehlinger. THIRD ROW: Herbert Luhman, Mark Britton, Irving, Vivian Villareal, Tommy Ann Ragland, Mary Ruyle. The Band Council, in existence since 1953, is composed of the elected o Y FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-BAND OF THE BUCCANEERS in 1' ,i A11 'VS l s rf' TOP ROW: SI-IERRY LYNN WALDEN, Eh Clarinet, District Band 1957-58: JULIE DOTSON, Flute, Youth Symphony 2 years, All-City Band 1956-57, District and Regional Band 1956-57, Second Division Flute Solo Region VII 1956-57, First Division Flute Quartet, First Chair District Band 1957-583 MARGARET TAYLOR, Oboe, English Horn, Flute, Second Division Oboe Solo Buccaneer Days 19573 First Chair District Band 1957, Regional Band 1957, First Chair District Band 1958g FRANCES NEU, Bassoon, District Band 1957, First Chair District Band 1958, First Division Solo Region VII, First Division Solo Buc- caneer Daysg SANDRA JOHNSON, Bb Clarinet, First Chair All-City Band 1956-57, First Division Junior High School Music Festival,'1956-57. SECOND ROW: MARIA SANCHEZ, Alto Clarinetg JAMES GRANT, Bass Clarinet, First Chair District Band 1956-57, Region Band 1956-57, First Chair Regional 'GA ,4'!. '1 F gs-Q 'H A Band 1958, First Division Solo and Ensemble 1957-58, First Division Solo at Buccaneer Festival 1956-57g DAVID IRVING, French Horn, Youth Symphony, District Band 1956-57, Regional Band 1956-57, 1957-58, District Band 1957-58, Right Guide, Band Council 1957-58, HERBERT LUHMAN, Cornet, All-District Band 1956-57, 1957-58, Regional Band 1956-57, 1957-58, Youth Symphony 1956, All-City Band 1955-56, 1957-58, All-City Orchestra 1956-57-58, JESSE LEAL, Baritone Horn, First Chair District Band, Regional Band 1956-57. THIRD ROW: TED GARCIA, Trombone, Assistant Drum Major, District Band 1956- 57, 1957-58, Regional Band 1956-57, 1957-58, All-City Orchestra 1956-57, 1957-583 ROBERT TREVINO, sousaphfme, First Chair Buccaneer Band 3 years, District Band, First Chair Buccaneer Music Festival 1956-573 JIMMY MELTON, Alto Saxophone, District Band 1956-57, Regional Band 1956-57, All-City Band 1956-57'-583 MARK BRITTON, Tenor Saxophone, Tri-State Band 1956, District Band 1956-57-58, All Region Band 1956-57, First Chair Regional Band 1956-57, Youth Symphony 1956, All-City Band 1955-56-57-583 ADELINO VILLAREAL, Baritone Saxophone, Band Council, Band Vice President, First Chair District Band I gf I' College N.B.T.A. Contest 1957. 1956-57, First Chair All-Region Band 1956-57, District Band 1958, VIVIAN VII.- LAREAL, Percussion, Right Guide, Band Council, Youth Symphony 1956-57, 1957-58, All-City Band 1955-56-57-58, First Chair District Band 1957-58. LEFT SIDE fBottomJ: IRYS DENYER, Alto Saxophone, First Division Region VII Contest 1957-58, Twirler, Third Division N.B.T.A. Contest 1956. RIGHT SIDE fBottomJ: LINDA CROFFORD, Flute, First Division Del Mar College Music Festival 1957, Twirling-First Division Region VII Contest, First Division N.B.T.A. Contest 1957, Fourth Place in Solo and in strutting at State N.B.T.A. Contest, First Division with two batons, First in Strutting, First in Solo, and Senior Sweepstakes at Del Mar 2 POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND Fort Worth, Texas Special Feature-Organization This special feature presentation of the Polytechnic Bands is in tribute to Frank D. Kasko, a relatively "newcomer" in the band-directing field, who, in a period of only six years, has developed simultaneously outstanding marching, concert, and stage bands-each band a First Division organization with Superior ratings, and, in so doing, has been a great inspiration to young band directors through- out the country. In the fall of 1951, Mr. Kasko, who had just completed his college work, was given his first as- signment-Director of Bands at Polytechnic High School. At that time the band consisted of a 55-piece marching and concert band. During the short time that has elapsed since that date, a First Division Stage Band, which has received state-wide acclaim, has been organized, a 130- piece Marching Band has developed to such a degree of perfection that it is considered a model for other bands interested in improvement, and a consistent First Division 90-piece Concert Band has taken its place among the great high school concert bands. To accomplish so much in such a short period of time has required inspiring and dedicated leadership. It is good to know that young directors of today have the same all-consuming devotion to their work which has prevailed throughout the years in the history of the great high school musical organizations of our country. Our young people and our music are still in good hands. ". s - ,. I 'ff fl' - 1, :Q :V - - -' f:. . 'fyiiftfj ',"' 7- 1' , F I' ! .Q V ff ' 'ff -lf if' fr 5 , f' J 'l -ff -,f 5.--,f rf-- .. 5 'rj 'T. " I 1 ' 1 2 . : if fi 'I A .,.,, , . . . , The earliest recollections of Director Frank D. Kasko are his love for music and his contant striving toward perfec- tion in all phases of band work. At the age of twelve, when he became Drum Major of his junior High School Band in Trenton, New jersey, bands became the motivating interest and the controlling factor in his life. While Drum Major of Trenton High School, he won many awards, medals, and trophies, both for his drum majoring abilities and his baton twirling. In 1959 as Drum Major of the Trenton American Legion Band, he was selected as "All- American Drum Major" at the National American Legion Convention in Atlantic City. After graduation from Tren- ton High School in 1959, Mr. Kasko served five years in the United States Infantry, including two years of combat duty in the European Theatre of Operations. After his discharge from the Army, Mr. Kasko entered Texas Christian University, where he was Drum Major and Student Conductor of the famous T.C.U. Horned Frog 'J .-I A 5' 5 ' 'f .- iw . "7 -, - Band for four years. He completed his B.M.E. degree at T.C.U. in 1950 and graduate work in 1951. Upon com- pletion of his college work, Mr. Kasko accepted the posi- tion as Band Director at Polytechnic High School. During the six years he has served in this capacity, the band has increased in size and has become one of the outstanding high school bands in the country, winning Superior ratings at all contests and being constantly in demand for per- formances. Mr. Kasko gives unceasingly of his time and effort to his band work and to his students. In addition, he works in various music clinics and camps throughout the Southwest and serves as a judge of baton twirling and drum majoring and of marching, concert, and stage bands. At the present time he is Band Chairman of Region X of the Interscholastic League of Texas. Mr. Kasko's most prized possession is a certified copy of a Special Resolution passed by the House of Representatives of the State of Texas, commending him as being an Outstanding Texan. POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND Fort Wforth, Texas The 90-piece Concert Band of Polytechnic High School Opera performances in 1957, and have been requested has been developed during the past five years into a to repeat this performance during the 1958 opera season. First Division Band of Superior rating. The Band, playing The Bands annual concert, held in Polytechnic High School, lu Class AAAA Division, is Z1 Conslstent recipient of is now One of the most popular of all programs presented Superior ratings in both concert playing and in sight-read- by the Various organizations in the school systern and has ing competition. The Concert Band is a very active organi- served as a stimulant in Creating greater interest in music zation, presenting special concerts at numerous high schools of the Old Masters and in the works of Contemporary and participating in university and high school music Composers, since the concerts are arranged to provide the festivals throughout the state, Selected members of the W01-kgQfallgfegtqgmposefg, Band furnished special music for the Fort Worth Civic ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT The V 11lIi.Fl7L'!f Army , , , . , Kenneth Alford Sympbo1zyinB Flat r.,s...r, .....,...,,....,,... F auchet Alllfrlllff . , , ,, ., , Ingalls Chorale and Allelzzia .v,.,,, .,,,,.,,, H oward Hanson TIFO Iixcw'f1l.f from lbe Pfzflaelir S ymlblaony . Tschaikowsky Sequoia .,,.,,i,,,,,rr,,r,rr,,.r,, ,..,.,,.r,,s,,,, L a Gassey Eglmmf O1'c1'fm'c' . ,, . ,A .... Beethoven Pbedre ,,i.....,.......,,,. ............ .....,rr M a ssenet Chicago 'I'1-ibffne , , Chambers Starr and Stripe: Forever ..s,.,...,,,.,,,v,,..i,i .,,ss...s...,,,,s,.. S ousa 1 5 7 Q Diff? ITHTILFTT1 S 4 lit -I r I l l I F rg I HERALD TRUMPETS DRUM MAJORS AND MAJORETTES POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL'S MARCHING BAND "THE MARCHING 100" "The Marching 100," known throughout the Southwest as one of the outstanding marching organizations in the country, is a consistent First Division Band. For the past five years the band has won top honors in every marching contest and competitive parade it has entered, and now is known as "The Pride of the Southwest." The band mem- bers are proud of their record and have an individual and united loyalty to the organization-which has made possible the enviable record accomplished in such a short period of time. The band's trophy room is now filled to capacity and over 300 First Division medals have been awarded to individual bandsmen during the past five years. The band is known for its outstanding precision marching, a military style of full-stride marching, both in band formation and in company fronts. However, the Band is also noted for its fancy dance routines and is particularly famous for its spectacular pageantry shows. In addition to performing at the high school football games, "The Marching 100" has performed as Guest Band at numerous college and professional football games, including a performance at the New Year's Day Football Classic in Dallas on january 1, 1956. In April 1956, the Band appeared as the only marching exhibition band at the Highland Festival, a concert festival held every four years at Highland Park High School in Dallas, consisting of guest bands from four states attending by invitation on merit only. The band enjoys working hard for such shows and participating in the actual performance of same. Its only regret is that time does not permit accep- tance of all of the invitations that the Band receives almost daily. On March 8, 1955, a Special Resolution fH.S.R. No. 160j was passed by the House of Representatives of the Fifty- Fourth Legislature of the State of Texas, commending this organization for its outstanding work. A copy of this resolution was printed in the permanent journal of the House of Representatives. "The Marching 100" was further rewarded by receiving an invitation to participate in Presi- genE:Eisenhower's 1957 Inaugural Parade in Washington, The Director and the Band Members of this proud organi- zation work hard twelve months of each year to accomplish their desired results. Their efforts have been rewarding and have had far-reaching effects, as new and tremendous interest in band work in and around Fort Worth has been revived with most gratifying results. The Band, 130 in number, makes a very striking appear- ance in black uniforms with white cross belts, white shoulder cords, white gloves, and white spats. The uniform is topped with black West Point style hats with white chin straps and large orange lumes. All of the brass instruments of the Band, including eight bass horns, are of bright yellow gold and are polished to perfection. The first rank of the Band consists of eight beautiful gold herald trumpets carrying banners of black satin with white lettering, "The Marching 100." SID STEPHENSON DRUM Majoas PEGGY WILLS POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND Fort Worth, Texas BAND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: HAROLD WHITE, Vice President, JIMMY WOODWIND ENSEMBLE CAIN, Sergeant-at-Armsg PEGGY WILLS, Co-Drum Major' ANN GARRETT, Treasurer, JERRY DUFFY, Student Conductorg TED KERR, Drill Master. SECOND ROW: JIM NEATHERY, Librariang WAYNE ALLEN, Managerg SID STEPHENSON, Co- Drum Major, LEO WATKINS, Presidentg JUDY SIMPSON Secretary. : Formations of halftime provided by "The Marching 100" at the 1957 T.C.U.-Baylor football game. The theme of the show was "A Visit To Mother Goose Land." -f,.af- W 1, f .2 fee'-if "'-' 4 ,..., J w-.5 ' ,-' . W, 1-1 " - L f X 'rf . .I. .A Y. v ., r- -ga f X... . ,- hw-Q' . V. 5- V1 i ff - .. L , V -L,I,1.f,2, --e354 -L" ' '1 i'ff'1f.33e'f' 1 .. V7 9.1 p Y in I It - 1, vary' .: i H I - . I . t- 4, 1 i :,:gfei5v, L-,gf-::' . 1' V Y., -A' A -,Jn . -e - .J H i'Y'iAqQSf'iQ ..' .lf Xa, S ga f' iff ' -- f E" 'Ifi Q., .:fi'f-'frij In 3. se- '45 .51 ' L,-.ysge:':. ,. ik -.r .T e fl.. . HORSE Qwhich rocked back PIPE Qwith actual smokej, BOWL, and FIDDLE GRANDFATHERS CLOCK fwith hands forthj to symbolize "Ride Il Cock fwith moving bowj as a salute to "Ole King turning and pendulum swingingj, honor- to Banbury Cross." ing "Hickory, Dickory, Dock." as 3 , y i I i Q Cole." I -P 1 .. 1 - -I ' f, I 1' ' 2255? - f. . " - ":'3n,, W,,,.,4, 15-jv3L,1.e,f ..,. 5 . i." fl Sg""lifl' ., ' ' ,P SQKZ- ' ' ff? .gfgiif-Q.' . .F . - 'T L.. " ' if-ann. .. 1" : flair L- -7 - -.L+-J V " "" ' " ' . ,Mp-Y 1 I ' TQ' 'N 'e-f1'P3if"..- A . I-fieaiibiw. b e S I - S . ,gn . -. 4 S V 5.7. 2 . -A - I willsf. i T: ,V Lx .3 Liang., - SN: X. e n .,, ,,e-wuts . 'X ,D 4.1 , , VIN?-'e fm. . kk 'ee I s . itil 1- x X' . ' eif' ' 55'-F 'X' ,' , ' .Q sf I- "I-f5:Qf"Cz9'- le fir' 0 R . . . if - if., A-.V , fjjpg-ffje, " fgnvl ,. .. ,A , 11" . fe tl xbx Egkg.:f?'f-A as ,Q A fi " rf. - XD A - -1 2, ., Tjfff'-'l"iI., , ' EW-'-1 ,writ N -Q .-ev H 'wa - lr "' - ' 3' 5:5 'J Dyk,-i ?J'1prLC: Plz" fy fix ' 4212921 ,gf e- 1. .. -f Qwhich opened and Clos- A STAR flights out with flashlights twinklingj STAR turns iflfO SATELLITE, 215 fife symbolize "Ruin, Rain, Go Away." to recall "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." batons and sky rockets are used and poem is changed to "How I Wonder What You Are, Up Above The World So High, Like a Sputnik in The Sky, Whirling, Whirling, All The While." l57 - " - -1 ' '- -P ."f "' 2: s-.. .. ' . ' 'r ,, g,,:f:r'1:4'2 t j g - . -1-,f.1.:,1L ' V . ,.., '?'?,f..5'? 1 tr.. . , -2 f Jm'f2f1w'w I 1 -fs., 4, 4 'S 1 an W s , 1,3 :g"'1""-'Hg 'JSTOR' Of'-ig ' Q : . X , , f-iF:r-'r?4,s?-5551, IISIQQ POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND I ' f ir mv--1 - - ' ii-I lil l 1 4 . . I 'ii . A' ,G .1 - 1 CLARINET SECTION Fort Worth, Texas N.. BRASS SECTION i V l i l i i Ll l TROMBONES fail FLUTES Y The Bands of Polytechnic High School and their Director are sincerely grateful to the School Board .. ,T . System for providing unexcelled opportunities and I if and Administration of the Fort Worth Public School facilities for the musical education of all students desiring same in the 75 elementary, 13 junior high, and 12 senior high schools in the city. Priceless assis- tance and cooperation have been extended the Music Departments of all these schools by Mr. P. Moore, Superintendent of Fort Worth Public Schools, and his staff. Our special thanks are extended to Mr. Perry Sandifer, Music Coordinator ot junior and Senior High Schools in the city for his untiring ef- forts in assisting all phases of our band work. Many, many thanks to Mr. C. A. Thompson, Principal of '58 PERCUSSION Polytechnic High School, who has been an inspira tion to all of his students throughout his teach career. He is never too busy in his administration of a school with an enrollment of 1650 to t time to assist any student in need of his counsel. POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND 5 'if - "MISS TEXAS OFFICIAL BAND" The Stage Band of Polytechnic High School, consisting of twenty members selected from the Concert Band, has been acclaimed as one of the outstanding high school dance bands in the country. The Band has performed at every civic organization and club in Fort Wcnrtli and surrounding communities and is in constant demand for such perform- ances. The Band has provided variety shows, and banquet and dance music for many state organizations, such as the Annual State P.T.A, Meeting, the Annual Meeting of Classroom Teachers of the State of Texas, and the Annual Meeting of State Distributive Education Students. Twice each year, in November and April, this group, called the PARROT TROUPERS, presents a musical variety show at their school. These shows have become so popular that city-wide attendance has demanded repeat performances throughout the week. The Stage Band won top honors in contests throughout the state and has received many trophies and special awards for their effors. At the request of the Fort Worth junior Chamber of Commerce, this group has furnished music and special entertainment at the "Miss Fort Worth Contest" for the past three years and the band was designated as "Miss Texas Official Band" at the 1957 "Miss Texas Pageant." In this connection the band performed at the three-day pageant held at Kerrville, Texas, during the month of August. Such performances in- cluded special shows for 30 minutes before the opening of each night's pageant and again during each judging period, as well as supplying special arrangements and scores for the accompaniment of fifteen of the contestants and "walking" music for the entire group. The Band received a tremendous ovation on each of these occasions and has been requested to repeat such performances at the 1958 "Miss Texas Pageant." 'l'RliMPIi'l'S AND CORNETS s i- SAXOPHONES FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND 4-"' 'uf ,--7 4. DON LYNCH DALE MCCALL JERRY DUFFY ALLEN BRQYLES JOYCE DALTON Clflfmff Bass SHXOPLIOHC T1'0mb0UC Baritone Saxophone Alto Saxophone 51 I Q5 fir in . ,JI , i . R gf- rx if I VI, 3"f?s - ewf' I i 5 ,pf 'V S I w., AS' if ' I I' i 'KX Y ' i ,Eb CHARLES HALL A. RAYBURN LEO WATKINS DAVID HUDDLE JOHN FORREST 132155 French Horn Clarinet Bassoon Oboe 3. xi ' - K5 1 ff NEIL COLLINS SHELBY SHARPE SYDNEY QUARLES LARRY BURNS Percussion Cornet Baritone Percussion L L 'ix ANN GARRETT sq-7 - MILTON MCCONN ELL Percussion -x 'Uh- HELEN wnma Flufe BARITONES AND FRENCH HORNS Flute FLATHEAD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL BAND Kalispell ED. BECKSTRAND, Director Montana This band has won "Superior" ratings in every festival entered since 1948. First Chair Members are KATHLEEN CALDER, Clarinetg JOANNA BELLER, Flute and Double Reedsg BRUCE COLTRIN, Cornetg DAVID HUNT, French Hornsg JOSEPH MEEKER, Sousaphoncsg WILLIAM MCGUIRE, Baritonesg THANE RICHARDS and ROGER PAULI, Saxophonesg and JACK WALLER, Percussion. The Band has an enviable record in the Montana State Solo and Ensemble Festivals for the past ten years, It was Honor Band at the Portland Rose Festival in 1952 and at the Spokane Lilac Festivals in 1954 and 1956. It was the first American band to ever lead the famed Calgary Stampede parade in 1955. In 1957 the Band represented the Northwest Delegation of Lions at the Lions' International Con- vention in San Francisco. HOOP GIRLS l , This unusual group performs authentic Indian Dances at parades and field shows. They are a ' ' dancing group as well as a majorette group. The head majorette is CANDY O'CONNELL. ED. BECKSTRAND tor and Head of Music tmentg Bachelors degree Macalester Collegeg gradu- Jrk at Los Angeles Conserva- f Music and the Arts: pupil erbert Weiskopf in con- gg has played in profes- bands and dance bandsg to Kalispell in 1947. FLATHEAD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BAND This Dance Band has been acclaimed one or the outstanding groups of its kind in the entire Pacific Northwest area. The group plays concerts and variety shows of a popular nature throughout the area, and has made TV appearances and recorded several numbers I RED BANK HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL DEPARTMENT JANE REEDER, the Director of the Red Bank Choral Department, received her B.S. degree from the East Tennessee State College in 1953 with a major in Music education and a minor in Voice and Instrumental Music. She took a position in the Knoxville Public Schools as a String Teacher and at the same time began her advanced degree work at the University of Tennessee. In the Fall of 1955, she accepted the appointment of Choral Director at West High School where she was already director of the Orchestra and Strings. In December of that year, she received her Masters degree from the University of Tennessee with a major in Music Education and a minor in Fine Arts fV0icej. During the summer of 1956 she began work on another advanced degree. While a teacher in Knoxville, she was instrumental in the organization of the Knoxville All-City Orchestra and was one of its directors. During the 1956-57 term, she secured an invitation for this group to participate in a Gala String Festival held in New York City and sponsored by the Violin, Viola, Violoncello Guild, Inc. In April of 1957 the group appeared in a concert in Carnegie Hall which climaxed a complete year's work. September 1957 found Miss Reeder in Chattanooga. While in college, Miss Reeder was selected to many honorary groups and was listed in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" for two consecutive years. She was also listed as one of twenty runners-up for the Ten Outstanding College Leaders in the Nation from a group of eight thousand. She was listed in the "American Student Leaders of 1952." She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Omicron National Professional Music Fraternity, American String Teachers Association, Treasurer of the East Tennessee Vocal Association, and the Execu- tive String Committee for East Tennessee. She is a member of the Chattanooga Music Club and American Association of University Women. She has been active in both community and church choirs for many years has served as soloist with these, and has served as Director of Youth Choirs for about ten years. At present she is a soloist with the First Christian Church Choir and is Director of the Chapel Choir of that Church. .ga eff MUSIC COUNCIL Veteran Accompanist fcenterJ SECOND ROW: Lucy Peak, cami ziegief, Helen Hixon, LINDA 4RVi,fi,?J3fIJ,'X1'0iElg,5,h Jane Perkins, Jim Pirkle, Charles Mullis, Richard Peters, Roy XEEHPHIRSEANDRA PINSON ' Ro Greenwood. FIRST ROW: Dottie Hartman Vir inia an ' Y 1 E Snyder, Janice Kizer, Mary Ferguson, Lynn Elrod, Frankie Davis, Jane Reeder. t' up . 1 ig 1 is i i I S ' F' , ., J, , I 1 'St 'JJ 5 I rf . . 1 l. W I STUDENT ASSISTANTS AND TEACHERS FRONT ROW: Judy Alley, Rebecca Mathis, Charlene Burk, Pat Springfield, Judy Glass, Nancy Orr. SECOND ROW: Johnny Orr, Billy Harrison, Richard Peters. l62 ACCOM PANIST S Lucy Peak, Dottie Hart- man, Carol Ziegler. Librarian BUCK THOMP- SON, a leading athlete. discusses "Music For The Day" with FRANKIE ' i, ri DAVIS and JANE PER- Q fi KINS. JANE REEDER SOLOI STS FOR CHRISTMAS FRONT ROW: Jim Pirkel, Jane Perkins, Suanna Guess, William Hill, Sarah Shaw, Jeane Lane, Orr, Bunny Fussell. SECOND ROW: Hamill, Frankie Davis, Helen Roberts, MacKenzie, Janice Kizer, Barbara Clapp, A. Campbell, Lynn DeLuce, Joe Cook. .il RED BANK HIGH SCHGGL, CHATTANOGGA, TENNESSEE Choral Department ll ll l u Qliil fi' I ll l JAN E REEDER, Director . lf 'f 17 VARSITY I-Select 96-Voice Choir Red Bank is a large high school of 1400 students located in Hamilton County in a suburb of Chattanooga, Ten- nessee. Over the past few years, the Choral Department has enjoyed a normal growth and prior to this year there was a Girls' Choir, a General Music Class, and a select Varsity Choir with a record membership of fifty- three voices. In September of 1957 Miss jane Reeder was appointed choral teacher and, under her leadership the enrollment has increased to 245 students. Miss Reeder enlisted one varsity of ninety-six, another of eighty-two, a feeding choir of thirty-five underclassmen, and junior high choirs of nearly sixty voices. The growth has been rapid and within the short period of weeks, the groups appeared in eight programs for assemblies, P.T.A. meetings, civic club meetings, and other school events. By Christmas vacation, the Choral Department and ensembles plus soloist had appeared in over twenty-three programs throughout the Chattanooga area. They were featured in an hour long radio broadcast, a fifteen-minute TV program, several guest appearances on radio and TV, and recently they received an invitation to appear in a series of concerts in the Southern States during the Spring. The small en- sembles and soloist from these groups have received many invitations to appear before civic and school groups. Forthcoming is a large Choral Department Musical which will be given in February and will have a cast of over two hundred students. The school now has a new addition which includes a com- plete and modern Band Department, large auditorium, choral rehearsal hall and numerous rooms and offices with facilities for choral and orchestral music and instrument storage. The objectives of the department are: Qlj Learning to love choral and orchestral music by listening to good music as well as performing it, C25 finding an enjoy- ment and need for music in the daily lives of young people, C35 Seeing a need for different types of music in the adult lives of the students, MD "Students Learn by Doing" fthe directors' philosophyj is 'also a department objective. It is the student, not the director, who needs to be recog- nized and placed in the "limelight," The director believes in training students to accept individual responsibilities, use initiative, exert leadership, and learn to workin harmony with other individuals to produce beautiful music. There are student directors who warm the classes up before the director even enters the classroomg student teachers, music librarians, office assistants for the Choral Department are just a few of the ways students are trained to accept these responsibilities. The Music Council is the governing body for the Music Department and their code is an Honor System based on individual and group ethics. A very outstanding asset of the school is the natural talent available and the cooperation of all faculty members in locating it. Even the football coaches assist by listening to their players in the shower room and sending the more promising basses and tenors to the choral room for auditions. Over sixty percent of the boys in the two large varsities are members of some athletic team and several others are managers. The Athletic Department believes that the music classes help their students gain poise before athletic fans and that rhythm and coordina- tion as taught in music will carry over from these classes to athletics. In many ways, music helps all departments and all departments help music. RED BANK HIGH SCHOOL Chattanooga, Tennessee 5, I MASSED CHORAI. DEPARTMENT 245 Strong Ill FIRST ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT Varsity I on stage fbackj, junior High Varsity stage ffrontj, Varsity II fin pitj. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS or TRi-M" is the name of Music Departments National Music Organization. are selected on national standards. VARSITY II I It I ' F' R-f ' 'El is STUDENT DIRECTORS . ' t . t f I WILLIAM HILL, Student Director of Varsity Choir, rehearses in Department. cldeft to RiQ1iS:anF:I:1li7gEnrga5: ildsfle preparation for Christmas Concert. Xvmiam Hill, Jane Perkins' Rebecca Mathis MORGANTON, N. C., HIGH SCHOOL BAND M. T. coUs1Ns, D21-er-mf This fine high school band, equally proficient in concert and marching, is taking its place among the very fine bands XTICFICZI. BAND COUNCIL HARRY TUNE, Vice President, CARL LANE, Secretary, NICHOLS, Treasurer, EMILY CRABTREE, Manager, PITTS. FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS to Rightj: PATRICIA NICHOLS, Clari- BRENDA LOWMAN, Oboe, PHILECTA Saxophone, HARRY TUNE, Bari- PITTS, Percussion. CARL LANE Drum Major, and Majorettes. ff! 'EJ M. T, COUSINS, Director Received musical training at Juil- liard School of Music and Army Music School, studied Trumpet with William Vaachiano and Conducting with Fritz Mahler, Composition with Franklin Rob- inson, formerly trumpet and ar- ranger with National Symphony Orchestra and C.B.S. Studios in Washington, Bandleader and Commanding Officer 251st Army Band overseas during World War II, member Southeastern Com- posers League and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. u '-su! 6 .-in. 'VP' MESSICK HIGH SCHOOL BAND Memphis, Tennessee LAWRENCE P. COONEY, Dirertor l, X. 5. THE MESSICK BAND is composed of seventy-eight pieces and has amassed an imposing number of fine awards in its fifteen years of existence. In the past three years its members have been awarded over four hundred medals in solo and ensemble competition, plus Superior ratings in the Class A Division for the full band. This organiza- tion is now making plans to participate in the 1958 Tri- LAWRENCE P. COONEY, Director Possesses B.S. from Memphis State University, M.A. from john Hopkins University, and the "Specialist in Music Education" diploma from Columbia Universityg member of the Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity and the Phi Delta Kappa Education Fraternityg present Chairman of the Instrumental Music Division of the Memphis City Schoolsg Commanding Officer of the 43-lst Army Reserve Band, and was a Band Director in the United States Coast Guard during World War II. State Music Festivals in Enid, Oklahoma. I Head BAND OFFICERS BACK ROW: JOE SHARP, Lieutenantg LARRY SPRINGER Lieutenantg TOMMY SUGGS, Co-Captaing HOWARD HURST Lieutenant. FRONT ROW: JO RADFORD, Head Majorette, JACKIE MARTIN JACKIE MARTIN, captain and Drum Maiofg JANET HATLEY, Drum Major Chaplain. fkx' I ,ig ' i I - V17 .. 1 X-5' Y f .. 1, , Lf, MAJORETTES FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-MESSICK HIGH SCHOOL BAND -1 CHAR LES EAVENSON LARRY CURLE JIMMY WALLER CAROLYN PEKAR CAROLE ANN WERNE MARYLN GARRETT OMAR SMITH RILEY COLVIN TOMMY SUGGS BILL MCCASLIN If ' I JOY LUTHER JOE SHARP CLAY LEWIS ARTHUR NAVE RICKIE NASH J If . if 'FT' ALLEN HIGHTOWER JEFF BABB fix 5 4 I I KAREN SARTAIN "OPINIONS" Every man will have hi.: own Jtandard hy which he form: his opilziom of othery. I have learned to judge hy how he .rtmzdf the extremef ofeadiferxity or proxperity. Pure gold will .rtfmd rl lot of adzfenity without lofirig mzy of its value. 01J8f't'077l6 ndoerxity, you mutt do it to Jucceedg Do not let a little .rucrexs blind you and prevent you from reaehing your ziltimate goalr-THE EDITOR. I s E! MESSICK HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL DEPARTMENT 1 -' is. .. . , , -Y .--Y r- .Y . ,. .f.. f I . ,,.. l I A -9' I 4-,A International Honor MuSiC Society -MODERN MUSIC MASTERS- Tri-M, Chapter 166 This society has given the added incentive to improve and work at better music scholarship, leadership, character, and honor are always stressed and Modern Music Masters TRI-M INITIATION AT THE PIANO: MARY NELL CONNER, who has won many honors in Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs, Gold Medal winner 3 consecutive years, International Piano Recording Festival Cash Award winner, Superior rating past 5 years National Piano playing auditions. STUDENTS fleft to Rightj: Clay Lewis, Buddy Gilmer, Pat Littles-Apprentices. TRI-M OFFICERS Cin 5 . sf P lar l A W' SOLOISTS for the Year These students, because of their intelligence and talent, were selected by try-outs as soloists. All are Tri-M mem- bers and will follow music as their profession. FIRST ROW: PATSY MEDFORD, Alto, DOROTHY SMITH, Soprano, JOYCE ADCOCK, Soprano. SECOND ROW: JOY LUTHER, Soprano, HOLLY ANDERSON, Soprano, MIRIAM CLEMMER, Alto. THIRD ROW: STEVE MARTIN, Bass: GUY ANDERSON, Bass, RANEY ELLIS, Tenor, J. B. WEATHERALL, Tenor. aids the talented student by giving more opportunity to perform and gain confidence and utilize his talents and training. Robesjz Holly Anderson, Nonette Sartain, Guy Anderson-Presh dent, Joyce Adcock, Tommy Suggs, Steve Martain-Vice Presi- dent. APPRENTICES, FIRST ROW: Riley Colvin, Dixie Wil- liams, Linda Koen, Patsy Medford. SECOND ROW: J. B Weatherall, Linda Heatley, Karen Sartain, Madeleine Summers Nancy McKee. X P ,l . 1 4 . 'ft I ,s 5'.iLii it ' " l l ' I in 1 1 RZ A 1 u I ' i F if L 1 I THE MESSICK MIXED ENSEMBLE "The Singing Teens This ensemble was organized in September and since been kept busy performing at churches and hospitals are soloists in the choir and in their respective churches Ellis, Miriam Clemmer, J. B. Weatherall. SECOND Dorothy Smith, Guy Anderson, Holly Anderson, Steve Mary Nell Conner at the piano. 1 FIRST ROW: Joyce Adcock, Charles Ball, Nanette Sartain, l M MESSICK HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL DEPARTMENT THE MESSICK A CAPPELLA CHOIR This performing group is a select group chosen from the entire Choral Club. Its mem- bers must have talent, dependability, a desire to learn, and must be eager and willing to work. Their academic grades must be above the average. The A Cappella Choir meets at 7:30 A.M. on Thursdays, and, on needed occasions, meets at 7:00 A.M. f'7 OFFICERS OF THE CHORAL CLUB HOLLY ANDERSON, Robe Keeper: MIRIAM CLEMMER, Treasurerg BETTY JOHNSON, Reporterg DOROTHY SMITH, Secretaryg STEVE MARTIN, Presidentg GUY ANDERSON, Clmplaing RANEY ELLIS, First Vice Presidentg JERRY DAVIS, Sergearrt-at-Arms. These students form the Executive Council which enforces the rules and by-laws of the Choral Organization and upholds the Constitution. S ,L 2, 4, sl MESSICK HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL DEPARTMENT Memphis CAROLYN BUTIN MCCALLA, Direffor i -' an .Jilin .A 4. , i., alrggsz a Q , A ef 455 if if z ' 9 ? 1 ,, ii' , 5 The Messick High School Choral Club was organized in 1951. Since that time it has given many students the opportunity to sing and act before many audiences. The activi- ties of the organization range from singing light opera to the Oratorio-Hande1's "The Messiah." It has performed annually for the Mid-South Fair, giving thirty minutes up to an hour of Vesper Music on Sundays. Messick's choral group has sung for many organizations such as the Tennessee Education Association, Parent-Teachers Association, Citizens for Eisenhower dinner for Governor Shivers of Texas, The Bee- thoven Club, Youth for Christ, churches, TV QWMCT and WKNOQ and many others. The students in the organization who desire to do so may try out for the All- State Chorus. Each year finds Messick students ready and eager to add their names to the list of schools participating in the Tennessee All-State Choruses. Messick had six students chosen for the National Golden jubilee Chorus in St. Louis in 1956. From the six, one was selected to be numbered with the twelve soprano soloists. The group has adopted as its motto: "If a thing is worth doing-it must be done well." Mrs. Carolyn Butin McCalla has been head of the Vocal Depart- MRS. CAROLYN BUTIN M ment at Messick since 1951. During that time she has been active in many Educational and Music Educational organizations and activities. She has held the following offices in the Ten- nessee Music Education Association: Secretary-Treasurer for 4 years, and in 1954 was elected to the Presiclencyg and during her last year in office Tennessee's first Music Conference was held in Chattanooga. She is a member of Mu Phi Epsilon, National Music Honorary Society, Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Chapter-a National Teachers' Honorary Society, and Alpha Gamma Delta-Gamma Zeta Chapter. She is a graduate of Memphis State University and Kansas City Conservatory of Music. DREXEI., NORTH CAROLINA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND MISS KATHRY N SIPHERS, Director Recommended as one of North Carolinzfs fine high school bands, this organization serves its school and community on every occasion, The members take Pride in fine music and in precision marching. mg Ii , A 1",v-Q?1ue:': lie . 7 Y .X J Y Y 'N A - 1- C! ,1 i BARBARA RAY EAKER CAROL GARRISON WANDA HAIGLER Majorette Majorette Majorette FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Y, M CAROLYN SUE COOK GAYLE BAKER L 1 ' Drum Majorette Cornet i MIKE HUFFMAN ? Flute KATHRYN SIPHERS HRENDLE KAY GRIFFIN JOAN BURNS BARBARA KAY BAKER Bass Horn Drums French Horn Alto Saxophone In GARDEN CITY, KANSAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND DON THRELKELD, Direftor lr-- The Garden City High School Band had H Very busy fall the Band is striving for even greater heights. The Band season and is anticipating a spring season full of activity. gives its big Concert on March 4, 1953 and will Climax The Band is planning its annual spring trip to Colorado. the year with a "Pops" concert in May. Witli the organization of a local Music Boosters' Club, . -T: ,Egg ' 1' ,U 1' , fl, 4 if I jig' 21. a L 1-' "LF-I W7 BAND OFFICERS SANDRA GNAGY, Sophomore, Point Secretaryg JUDY CRAIG, junior, Point Secretaryg SARAH WHARTON, Senior, Point Secretaryg LYNN OVERTON, Student Council Representa- tiveg BOB GISH, Band Presidentg LINDA THOMAS, Band Secretaryg NANCY SMITHE, Mg 'llwilkffid fCCCiVfffd both Band Vice President. fm - - ff8fee5 mm State College of Gunnison, He directs the junior 'Q 3' 3 we i 5 W 1 ' ii High, and junior College DON TI-IRELKELD iii' iD 1 . if 1 -. - is in his second year at Garden , Kansas. He is a member of Phi I PEP BAND TWIRLERS I72 CAROLYN HUBERT, Drum Majorette, Senior FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-GARDEN CITY BAND FIRST ROW: PAULA MASONER, Flute, Juniorg BOB GISH, Clarinet, Junior, LINDA THOMAS, Tenor Saxophone, Seniorg JOYCE SCHLAPLOWSKY, Baritone Saxophone, Senior, CAROL DICKENSON, Alto Saxophone, Junior, MARY LEE WELDON, Bass Clarinet, Senior, CAROLYN I-IUBERT, Oboe, Senior, JUDY CARMICHAEL, Alto Clarinet, Sophomore. SECOND ROW: LORREN LOWE, Tympani, Junior, PATTI MORRELL, Snare Drum, Sophomore, DOYNE DUNKLEBERG, Bass, Junior, JANE HENDERSON, Baritone, Seniorg NANCY SMITHE, Trombone, Senior, NANCY LEATHERMAN, French Horn, Junior, LARRY ELLINGTON, Cornet, Junior. GARDEN CITY, ORCHESTRA-HIGH SCHOOL LOREN B. CRAWFORD, Director :nj , , v Gil mm ,mg hal Qt' R . X THE GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL STRING SYMPHONETTE FIRST ROW: Jean Neely, Jean Ann Ware, Anne Crawford, Diane Marilyn Philips, Melvina Walck, Lilian Sheehy, Anna May Merrill, Janice Campbell, Karen Droegemueller, Joann Castro, Largent, Judy Ballinger, Lana Weiser. IN BACK: Loren Craw- Nancy Smithe, Jim Alley, Lorrin Lowe, Nancy Blanchard. SEC- ford, Conductor. OND ROW: Judy Cook, Maynard Alley, Alice Raynesford, GARDEN CITY, KANSAS, HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA LOREN B. CRAWFORD, Dil-am The Garden City High School String Symphony enjoys a full program of musical activities. Starting with the study of chamber music in the fall, it presents a Festival of Chamber Music consisting of two concerts. A formal Concert is given in mid-winter and a "Pop" concert in the spring. A Rehearsal Dinner is always held on the night of dress rehearsal for the "Pop" concert, at which time seniors are given special recognition for their years of service, Also on the orchestra's schedule is the Western Kansas Orchestra Festival at Southwestern College and a tour in March which this year takes the group to Kansas Wesleyan University at Salina. Honors received by the group include an appearance at the Southwestern Music Educators, Conference in 1955, selection as "Outstanding High School Orchestra of 1956" by the University of Kansas, and a special appearance on the campus of Southwestern College, sponsored by that school in recognition of outstanding work. The orchestra also sponsors two string quartets, a violin quartet, and a string trio which appear many times during the year. The String Symphonette is also a smaller Chamber Group which makes many appearances and gives concerts of its own. This year for the first time, the Symphony joined the Band in sponsoring an I-Ionor Orchestra composed of students selected from the Symphony and the Band by audition. This group was conducted by Loren Crawford fOrchestra Directory and Donald Threlkeld CBand Directorj. Diane Merrill, Judy Cook, Lorrin Lowe, Anna May Largent. X ,l THE HAYDN STRING QUARTET J ,,,,. THE HIGH SCHOOL VIOLIN QUARTET E r ' i T' . l U Q -4, A : ' It t -J I i ,4 i ' af is X ' " 1, K LN L I ll 1 'vlixx 4 4 l fl I Hff, 1 y -V 'PX 95. J t e ayncsor -1' 1 ' " ' -is THE DVORAK STRING QUARTET Jean Neely, Anne Crawford, Nancy Blanchard, Nancy Smithe. I 74 jean Neely, Anne Crawford, Alic R' -f cl, Diane Merrill. CAROL BAYSINGER 'Cello Instructor, graduate of Kan- sas State Teach- ers College. LOREN B. CRA Graduate of 2-I of Musicg Past Kansas String City Kiwanis Club c Colle Ye and Eastman Association and G a r 5 I it 5,4 "?l: ACK ROW: DICK JOHN- ON, Robe Chairman, MAR- IN JONES, President, CEN- IIR ROW: JEANETTE OORE, Committee Chair- mn, S H A R E R COLLINS, ublicity Chairman. GARDEN CITY, KANSAS, ORCHESTRA l'1-'wr' fi,-I .- ' ' ' ' ' T. 5 16- ' , I ., ,, Q., 'I - 'f ln ll, fl A B' - 'f 6,35 THE GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ORCHESTRA Judy Cook, Saundra Steele, Darlene Duvall, Judy Craig, Diane Merrill, Pauletta Bird, Diane Dennis, Patti Morrell, Anne Craw- ford, Beth Wilson, Carole Cowan, Sondra Eisenbise, Karen Droegemueller, Leora Martin, Jean Neely, Linda Ellington, Karen Elland, Roger Stoner, Maynard Alley, Nancy Leatherman, Jimmy Simmons, Marilyn Philips, Paula Masoner, Wayne Otsuki, Booby FIRST CHAIR JEAN NEELY, Concertmistressz JANICE CAMPBELL, Principal, 2nd Violins, NANCY SMITHE, Principal, Violas, NANCY BLANCHARD, Principal,,'Cellos, LANA WEISER, Principal, String Basses. ,., Gish, Roland Rogers, Judy Anderson, Brad Farr, Robert Raynes- ford, Jannet Ballinger, Sandy Mahurin, Rodney Eisenbise, Sharon Etling, Nancy Smithe, Lorrin Lowe, Sandra Sims, Nancy Blan- Chard, Joann Castro, Beth Sims, Ruth Wagner, Anna May Largent, Doyne Dunkleberg, Judy Hamman, Larry Daniel, Peggy Smith, Sharolyn Doubrava, Lana Weiser, Dean Angeles, Judy Ballinger. OFFICERS JOAN CASTRO, Vice President, NANCY BLANCHARD, Secre- tary-Treasurerg MAYNARD ALLEY, Student Council Representa- tive, LORRIN LOWE, Student Conductor, DIANE MERRILL, Librarian, LARRY YORK, Assistant Librarian, ALICE RAYNES- FORD, Reporter. GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL ROBED CHOIR JULIUS HULTQUIST, Da-mor OFFICERS I OFFICERS 1 dent Conductor, 1 - -- -I - FRONT ROW: S A LL I E S' STERLING, Vice President ' PHYLLIS DRUSSELL, Secre ll tary. FRONT C E N T E R MARILEE HUDSPETH, Stu GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL ROBED CHOIR The ninety-eight-voice Robed Choir of the Garden City Senior High School, directed by Julius Hultquist, works hard to maintain a standard that graduates can point to with pride. The personnel consist of Seniors and juniors. This spring there will be one hundred and twenty mem- bers of the Mixed Chorus trying out for places vacated fl Jolene Ward. MARILEE HUDSPETH Student Conductor THE GARDEN CITY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SWING CHOIR F S , ee, BOYS' QUARTET Vic Deaver, Bob Gish, Ray Salyer, Marlin Jones and Accompanist, by the Seniors. From the Robed Choir a Swing Choir, Boys' Quartet, and Blue Notes are selected. These groups are in constant demand to provide music for clubs and civic organi- zations. This provides motivation between annual programs -a spectacular Christmas Concert, original "Say It With Music," "The Messiah," and Commencement. 51 B.M. and M.E. degrees from Bethany member of Bethany College Oratorical College Male Quartet, and Zeta Phi Musical Fraternityg advanced study a State College and University of JULIUS HULTQUIST studied with F. M. Christiansen and hi Paulg Director of First Presbyterian Choir and of the Garden City Fine Arts ciation' Ad'udicator for the Oklahom 1 1 il Vocal Contest. THE BLUE NOTES X L, Lx.-.5 Lil if l E 4' r Q.. . I'- '1 ., 1-b,. ',n4,.o'. ,A PM .J "if" 314 1a'-o-5,5ggugg--'..J.,- 4, rv",h,.,, 4 W any l' 'S' a"'a?7",?r-.7-'L".'!' 1 '-v- . f - ' ' ,M --- ,.V. Q - .T"' ' ""j., 'ev, , ,, g, -P ,H J - .:,-'r'::'fm -.,. .F,?',f2..l:L2f 3:.-:.l.v,F11,2i- .32 r - 1 , . M95 ff .. , x - I 1. .u,,g., P 1,3 ,, V' V ? x,.,,g . f-.-tiff:-S.-l ,i " iff,-,wr , ' h - 53 ' ' ?f"1f: ':y.Q5Y'.f' ,,,""'. .' , 'f , QQ, " iw L T I' ev ,.g'.K,, F M ' , 1' --,gli - 1. -sl 7.- 'Q - Q- V 'fi-f",f' ' -W . .- " 'Q-'A' . , 1 ' - .1 ,', --, - . gil -5- , -,KY .ag-i7,,. - .f- 'r'. '-W ' -- f- .-.,,'?1a. ., A ' -. -3 '- 'I' 1 I 'L 2.11. T --aj-ffl, 1 9.-.s , I, , I . 4. i ' - A -,Y ..,,,vP6 I ,. -.-- ,mv , U V,K I ' '. -jg, P ' gb., ygg 4 A - '. 1 g.,3A,, ' 1 f. f. fsf- -'fa J 1+ -1 :J Lf -. 1 ffif 84-'4 Ext. 9,5 ff, "- ' ', A 5, 1- '-r mi: - sg A N- 'gnu . 1- - ... - 1 - S .4 -1 - - -- - -' ll ' ve, ,y,1 t -Q ' J, N.. I A L :S '- ' Q gf , -- , ., " ' ' . - " x - -. u - LMA.. -- in . ' - ' 1 ,- HH: "' , ,4 N -5, 5' gl. , - ' 4-J 4-x, ,. -1: .. X ' ' 'A J! Gu . Af -- ' I 1 .L . - --" 5.134 - 4' - 45. -,f.:f1'!1f. .f'1"1if7" 521. ' -1 Qi . -.K . - Qg,4'f. f . 1 , f 9 Q fxjx J? , 4 Q . ' ' my ' ' ' 0 I l I l 0 .V eb r . I1 , Wx X I X . .X 4 Q 'ff ' ' ' Ki, . 1 I -g.. .9 Je . Mi ' LX - F" Omar? .4 ' "V , . l 0 A 1 BYRD HIGH SCHOOL BAND-SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA State ALVIN N, BENNER, Di,-mm Dedication I , v ll api -I Byrd band members, present and past, remember their participation in one of the south's finest bands and their contributions in upholding a tradition that has established the Byrd Band as one of the musical leaders in the nation. The members have a feeling of pride and a deep sense of loyalty to the organization that prepares them to hold positions in many of our prominent universities and col- leges throughout the country. As the student is the basic factor in all education, it follows that the philosophy of our Band Department is to develop in him a sense of responsibility, qualities of leadership, and the desire to always strive to do his best-qualities that are so essential for becoming a good American citizen and in helping him to pursue a successful career of his own choice. ii ' ' ll-i I, 1 I TQ I I I I fm I. I ALVIN N. BENNER came to 1940 after teaching in Michigan for five He received his Bachelor and Master of degrees at the University of attended Adrian College and the Conservatory of Music. He is a r A.S.B.D.A., Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Sinfonia, M.E.N.C., and the Louisiana Educators' Association. He has adjudicator in both Louisiana and T BAND COUNCIL SEATED: SGT. RANITA BLAKE, Senior Representativeg SGT, BARBARA HOGG, Junior Representativeg SGT. CHERRY KLINE, Assistant Librariang ZND. LT. DOROTHY PAT- TERSON, Head Librariang CAPT. STEPHEN MURDOCHQ ZND. LT. LOUISE TAYLOR, Secretary. STANDING: IST. LT. JIMMIE OWENS, Uniform Managerg IST LT. RICHARD TUBBS, Publicity Managerg SGT. ROGER BOX, Sophomore Representativeg CO-CAPTAIN LARRY BEADLES, Drum Majorg SGT. CHARLES BLOXOM, Assistant Property Managerg QND LT. GEORGE KNEIPP, Property Managerg SGT. ROBERT BROWN, Assistant Property Manager. l78 3 12? -wid, -Q:fg-- -.A Len! .:' zz-' 2? 5?1'9'. W ., wi., ,L , izdj. If J! W cr 42 , . WJf,A x17 . f. 4,, LW ?g4i'.J'ii N J A , 'f ' : T 'L Q 'fir A x, . , xx. . 'f4 ,X lv Q f KW' 1, If 1F'd.'!Q x ri 15, X, , 04 V' V:,fg9g ,lg lab - . ' . 49' T . Q, I ' f . A :mr I V. r ,, .A Q4 - . -,' w " N, 'E ,. 5" ' ' 5 - ' ,z . v 4 . . V W , U .f 1 v ' ' if ' 'E' ' - . ' V . Q-.1 wg wx -ff . ,,, ,. , f W , 1 , ,,, fgglh W S F, Pf B if V 9 as f R I fm ' 0 ' .fA KH ' ' Q, Llll' A lag fu ,W M MA . 5 Y. I 4' -V1-apr -qu ,Q ai:-f C 1 Q. -35-Jap X, TA --v U.. W F f ' mmm inf .fw i I W as - My 1 C S H ' Iffff - ,H t FJ sg L3 .' 5 Y Q 2 ' 3 ' fm, fin 1 9' 2, ' Hg kl,, ,,Q:: 1 . V.' .1 " l ,lllf z '--- 1 1 'I fl , 2 ,,., 1 ' ng- 75- gy ,, - 4 ,fi E W Lf' are-Pl il 44. nfqjffgf. IKQQ,-f N.. 1 x QM 3 ! Q' Q f' 'f n f gf i m1fvf ,+f qw fff 'ffl - f f:f f f f? Q Z. , J at L . 2' , 'gk . Q, .Ffa - if ya ' F bs j is is W-Tiiiliw ?1E5-ETS' 1 'Q I' 1 f ,T .TQ f gn uf I Y E 'lf x 1' W7 fi,,,, 41 ,A A V155 A , ff , J N X 9 1,3 X' ' ff Y' K. g -'x L ,1 ,Q I YJ, +R-J A 'X if sr W k EX o . K X J! X -1 1 -. , ,Q I M 1 T I - NJ ' - 1 A - I f X E2 Q!!-'5 ' ' 'V .- Q S Eiizz 4" N U ' 4 ! I W N 5 . , a 5 Q , , . A .,. 4e ?5' g5Nl 1 f wf M ,H.JlFE unum,4 ,L 2 QQ F fewf ifxf + fmf 1 My Q . f V wk Ks ,u 1 Q 2 , " 223 E ' gg M fa 2 M - nm, I if ,-P- .N ag, g, . -, ,, 5 M M Y ,, Q-F 1 vi ' V . l J, Y" ' "Yi 5 , R . ,- I , 9, .Y -: - .I K X , ,- f 5 j 1 13195 'i?'T4g55-mf -1 --,, ffwvimf AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, HIGH SCHOOL BAND DEAN STEINECKERT, Director The American Fork High School Band is an organization of which the community is justly proud. This concert and marching unit participates in many community and civic events throughout the state as well as school and civic events at home. The Band had its beginning in the early twenties under Mr. K. Bird, who ably directed it to many First Division winnings in his thirty years with the Band. Upon his retirement the leadership went to Dean l ,l I li I ANDERSON Major STUDENT OFFICERS DOROTHY DEVLY, Secretary, ALLAN ANDERSON, Vice President and Drum Majorg GARY WOOD, President. issaw . . 7 is Oli Q et H. Steineckert, who has been carrying out the tradition of First Division ratings in all festivals. The Band was honored to be the Governors' and Church Officials' Band at the traditional Pioneer Days Celebration held in Salt Lake City, a day set apart in Utah to honor the Mormon pioneers. The Instrumental Department also boasts a fine Symphony and a Student Dance Band. W DEAN H. STEINECKERT Director Graduate of Brigham Young Uni versityg received Masters degree from University of ldahog played Solo Cornet in band and orchestra in col legeg won First Division rating in National Competition while in high school: leader in music in state of Utah with his students consistently winning First Division ratings FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS American Fork, Utah 1 ' 'fr '.' 4 ' rg .. v,A.v,, 1 -.,,,.,.l W cgi I J 1 En ' W .r M FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS FIRST ROW: JERALD WADLEY, Bb Clarinetg JACKIE CRAW- GEL, Bass Drumg GERALDINE ANDERSON, Snare and Trapsg FORD, Second Clarinetg LARRY SEARLE, Third Clarinetg GLAN CAROL ANN FAGAN, Bellsg MIKE CORFIELD, Bassg STEVEN PAXMAN, Horn, RICHARD MONSON, Tromboneg HELEN ADAMSON, Baritoneg RONALD BENNETT, Alto Saxophoneg CHIPMAN, Bass Clarinetg CAROL PECK, Fluteg ANN HOEL- HARRY BOLEY, Baritone Saxophoneg DALE ALLEN, Cornetg SHER, Flute. SECOND ROW: ALLEN ANDERSON, Drum WILLIE PENROD, Cornet. Majorg DEAN H. STEINECKERT, Director, SHERRY SCHLE- STANLEY, NORTH DAKOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ELDON STOMPRO, Director Concert Band of Stanley, North Dakota., FIRST CHAIR Members on next page. '7 c A. .W mf ii. xiii: 152 . rg W, , ww f 5,3 ,Q - F i . Q H W 4. W3 , Q ' ff t .., . 1 1 V ' f ,- A ,shi lf! 1 1 V' ,gk 'Lai - I M V gg . :FE N1 R1 A ff .7 Q .,-ff'-,sgqy '55-3? " - 'rf 1 , 1 'K 5, , W - B .,,s. ,Egg . V M, mm .5 41, ,, .1 z . f my ' 2 , ,v 1 S ' ' D lfix 1 ' iw Ik 'H'-T57-A L 15? , 1 -QI ' 1 .-, Y .Q 415- "M-P W, Y 5 P Sn we ', , .W i 'I 5 , . I. . , , - - . D ':5f,'P.i5-Jw I . ' J'- Y 'f" . 1 I. . , 5 1 'F ' v X vs- f, " , f 1 X ' Lu N L7 .,, , KOHLER, WISCONSIN, HIGH SCHOCL BAND WALTER WRIGHT, Director Q ii -32, The 72-piece Kohler High School Band has become known as one of the finest high school concert organizations in Wisconsin and the nation. Each year since 1948 the Kohler organization has won First Division ratings in its district in concert and in marching competition. During the same period Kohler has sent the largest number of starred soloists from the Eastern Wisconsin District to the annual State Music Festival held in Madison. The past four years the band has been featured as a demonstration organization at the annual convention of the Wisconsin Education Association in Milwaukee, at the University of Wisconsin Mid-Winter Music Clinic at Madison, and at a Music Department Convocation at the Wisconsin State College in Oshkosh. The pride of the community, Kohler High School Baud plays a large role in village activities. ' za E1 1 The musicians play at-village functions and some of the high school musicians double as members of the Kohler Co. Band. The popularity of the high school band is evidenced by the fine attendance at band concerts held in the new Kohler Memorial Theatre. That this excellent concert organization could be developed and continued in a high school with an enrollment of only 109 students attests to the unusually fine support given by the people of Kohler Village and by Kohler Co. It also attests to the outstanding esprit de corps of the band members them- selves, Kohler High School Band has its home in the new 351,500,000 Kohler Memorial Theatre, described as the finest facility of its kind in Wisconsin. Again I say for this village: "The size of a community has nothing to do with the quality of the people who live in it."-The Editor. , WALTER WRIGHT, Director e N Member of Wi'sconsin Bandmasters' As- sociation, the American School Band Directors' Association, and Pi Kappa Lambda, honorary music fraternityg graduate of Lawrence College Conserva- H , tory of Music, advanced study at Uni- : versity of Wisconsing Director of out- 1 standing Wisconsin High School Bands for past 21 yearsg came to Kohler in 1948 and has served as Director of High School, Grade School, and Kohler County Bands. JUDY CAPELLE Drum Major Bass Clarinet I - acl' 1 KOHLER, WISCONSIN, HIGH SCHOOL BAND- BARITONE DUET Home of the Kohler High School Band is the new KOHLER MEMORIAL, FEATURED SOI-OISTS Angelbeck fleftjg Wil. scene of many village activities including high school band concerts. The JERRY KOLB, Cornet Ueftjg denlgoer ffighfj, building also houses an indoorfoutdoor swimming pool, youth center, and gym- JOHN FLADER, T1-gmbgng nasium. ffightj, FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS OF THE BAND f MYERS MARY HALL Clarinet Clarinet ANN HAACK JEAN WRIGHT Saxophone French Horn FL ...V MARY KOBER ELREY MCCANN PATRICIA BRAUN Bass Clarinet Oboe Bassoon JERRY KOLB JOHN FLADER PAUL HYINK Comet Trombone Trombone DEN BOER JOHN ANGLEBECK Baritone Baritone he H TOM REGAN ALLEN KNABE SUSAN FLADER l k I 1 - If - - 1 l . , l Bass Drum Flute '85 WOODWINDS AND SAXOPHONES BRASS SEXTET KOHLER WISCONSIN HIGH SCHOOL BAND - CORNETS TROMBONES AND BARITONES CLARINET SECTION FRENCH HORN BASSES AND PERCUSSION WOODWIND QUINTET JULLILLY KOI-ILER Flute JOHN MULTER Clarinet WRIGHT, French Horng GILLIAN KOHLER, Bnssoong MCCANN, Oboe. PAUL HYINK, Tromboneg WILLIAM DEN GOER, TOM REGAN, Bassg JEAN WRIGHT, French Horn' CHOPP, Cornetg JERRY KOLB, Cornet. BAND OFFICERS Discussing future band activities are officers of Kohler High School Band including, left to right: PAUL HYINCK, Managerg ALICE MYERS, Vice Presidentg PATRICIA BRAUN, Secretary- Treasurerg JEAN WRIGHT, Music Librariang JOHN FLADER, President. TAFT HIGH SCHOOL BAND Taft, Texas JOHN F. ROTZLER, Director' The Taft High School Band, uniformed in white and green, presents an outstanding appearance wherever it appears. Known over a large part of America for fine musical ability and efficiency in every department of band work, this band has won eight consecutive Sweepstakes awards in U.I.L, competition, the Sweepstakes at Tri-State - Music Festival at Enid, Oklahoma, in 1951, and was the Outstanding Concert Band at the Brownsville, Texas, Music FCSHVH1 in 1955. "Need more be said?"-The Editor. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS ' A ' ' ' 'I . 1 L gk' Q 'N-Iii: ' i 1 I i I if A ' J Tiff: .i'.,i: fi N . Et :5 u ffl . ' L iifo V- - 1 'na x SANDRA DAVIS Fl t Clarinet, Secretary u e JQHN F, ROTZLER, JR, 5 1 in jlffxy ' N, y , ,. lg. 9 A 1 ,4 of J, , 3' il: we fi f A I T' Ni! as ,1,, ,X , y NC, ii? R "ii f lt li ' f 9- ' S55-I rw A V, V ' ,.-X, 3, - , . -F V 1 Al A V wr- -1 , R ' -LW 1 ' 'gi J. SUENEQRRRCEYN MARLENE TOMMY FRENCH KAY ROBERTSON JAN SIDES EICHBLATT Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Baritone, Vice President Drum Majorette B355 Clarinet ,F -i l . .. l f IVEY SUSAN I-IOLLEY VERNE RAGLE Cornet French I-Iorn Trombone eff . -fl eff' - . fx. GAY POWELL Baritone ' 4, 24 i r A .4-.,.4, - - 9 Fc, . as .-.. DON LaMONT Bass Equipment Manager M YT Q1 "er ti' 55. MARVIN VASELKA Percussion Band President l37 , 9 ,J fv' V ,sir Q Nw W it 4 I R4 ,ii V' li ,R , . d LEXINGTON, CIJNGI-0 NORTH CAROLINA v 41 BELFORD V. WAGNER Director -...T ".i.' b.L.L4g-,,,, ia RONN IE ROWE Drum Major 0 Q: '9 H160 BAND OFFICERS STEVE MURDOCK, Presidentg BARRY DAVIS, Vice Presidentg GAIL WALSER, Treasurerg JEAN HEDRICK, Secretary. State Declination BELFORD V. WAGNER Director of Band in Warrentcin C., 19-12-19453 Morganton. N 1945-1948g Lexington, N. C. 1958. Listed in "Wl1o's Music"g President North Bandmasters' Association, 1957 i 1 MRS. BELFORD V. WAGNER I 88 Assistant Director The Lexington Senior High School Band, organized under its present system since 1948, plays for all football games at home and away-displaying brilliant shows. The Band appears in many parades during the year and gives two impressive concerts per season. For many years the Band has entered the District and State contests and always brings home top ratings. In 1951 the Band won top place in the Tobacco Festival in Richmond and in 1953 second place. In 1954 it won second place in the Southern States Fair held in Charlotte. In 1954 the band accompanied "Miss North Carolinan to the "Miss America" Pageant in Atlantic City, N. I.-a highlight of its career. The Marching Band won a Division I rafting in the Southeastern Band Festival in Bristol in 1955. This year the Band plans to make a week-long trip to Daytona Beach and present a concert in the largest band shell in the world, I BONNIE W Mascot Who FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Lexington, North Carolina ,Q MARX MILAD BARBARA BINNING CAMILLE SWING ALICE LEE ANDREW Second Flute. B ri n tl First Clarinet GILBERT t, Band Council. I-IEDRICK Chief Majorctte, N. C. Band Band Council, Librarian. WALSER Cornet, Treas- Bancl Council. N'-an :sung- HAMILTON Trombone Flute, Stiitc Solo Council. Second Clarinet, Band Council. r , -. . ,fl ,, --.I i. 2 in 2 . 5 , ,I ' I l ,i O ' , Q at A .x 40' N- V . ' i 1 i A ll t . EUPHERZINE THOMASON Third Clarinet, State Ensemble Contest. 1 .-any S . Q 'S ? i. . , f ,.,, ll 'gm ff, , L my 0 a ww , ' I Lt M D REBEKAI-I ROYSTER LORETTA LEONARD RONNIE ROWE INIARGARET BERRY Bassoon, Band Council. Alto and Bass Clarinet, Alto 52X0Ph0HC', Drum Fi1'St COIHCL Millflfeffe- State Ensemble Contest. Major, State EI1S6mlDlE Contest. 53 "1 C Q sf? ' - 'f' , -51 A K INIELANIE MARTIN MARY FRANCES BARRY DAVIS BUDDY LEONARD Third Cornet SMITH First Trombone, State Second Trombone, State F r e n c h Horn, Band Solo Contest. Solo Contest. Council. . A ' K? A ', . . ft. A I A s.s or .i"" A- ' ' 'thafxi .inf I . -l ' 'V I I ' lg . f - ' .,f-'Jw--T-'ILK gf, JUNIOR XWEBSTER NWAYNE SECHLER STEVE B-IURDOCK Baritone Horn Bass, E il ste r n N. C. Band Percussion, E 21 s te r n N. C. Clinic. Band Clinic, President. '89 X l A LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND eil. bf., , W - LEXINGTON MAJORETTES LEXINGTON COLOR GUARD ist 'JA l ll I RONNIE ROWE, Drum Major PERCUSSION 115-iwf JEAN HEDRICK, Chief Majofeue 'le BAND COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Alice Lee Gilbert, Libby Koonts, Bonnie Beane, jean Heclrick. SECOND ROW: Gail Walser, Brenda West, Rebekah Royster, Mary Frances Smith, Barbara Binning. THIRD ROW: Barry Davis, Buddy Leonard, Steve Murdock, Ronnie Rowe, Terrell West, Wayne Sechler, Junior Webster. MONTROSE, COLORADO, HIGH SCHOOL BAND LOUIS A. LANYON, Director ONE OF AMERICAS FINEST PLAYING AND MARCHING BANDS A gwgf e i 'ml nw MONTROSE HIGH SCHOOL MAJORETTES INIONTROSE COLOR BEARERS A. LANYON Director 6 J 'AV' - ' ' . . lp, ff . A, 4 Mbvwg iff : -If I if N g I QQ Sg r t of lea i j f , fi :i f xl ' I 4 1 .12 V ,fry V ri . jsp W 'Lg ,' .5 .. . i A .,,. , H , ' L: L' 'ffl -A " I, 'K ' ' :LK I w ,,.'-, ' '," - My A H. 'iuj ' mn- - --N. x.,atgf" i V I D' v !!V2 ' f' A , e f e A f I 1 I -- m r! . . .l 'YJ gfi -9- , N Ni or .ir 4 - A ,Q v I - Q ly r " FAQ l I- ,I I 1 P, ll 'I ilnlfi Z ,TA ' ' -1.225-1 J ll ,fr lq ' . E.. ,J Q fre I K 1: .D ... t IA AE 'WI' ijt' in f W L 5 0 u ' I , L- 5 Nu 'Kg .ir v 1 'if' iii! 344 V I P V .Qu 3. .rgfwnnaifg li?" ' fi DAREL HARDY Drum Major CARLA DeVINNY Flute AUDREY HILL Oboe CAROL HOTTER Bassoon DOLORES DILWORTH Clarinet JANE NORTON Bass Clarinet RICHARD AYERS Bass Drum PAT PADDOCK Cymbals BETTY ANN ALDRICH Snare Drum SANDIE KREBS Tympani FRED SMITH Recording Bass DAREL HARDY Baritone BOB BARTON Trombone SHERRY GRAY Alto Saxophone BUD JAVERNICK Tenor Saxophone BILL HEARD Baritone Saxophone DAVID DeVINNY Cornet MIKE MOORE French Horn SUE BOSTIAN Contra-Bass l 9 l gli A' i L... I ii U i L1 A i r-vc I T. vavfl, N aco gdoches IKE COX, Director Texas - -- 414 .L L.4..c,.-.SQL -, ,. 1, .K ,..u.- ...ks-,-..,. - -Y-.Y,..Y. l....,-, .4 , ,-- The Nacogdoches High School Band, composed of eighty members in uniforms of blue and gold participates in all civic programs. The organization carries out its duties and has a highlight during the spring-the Band Show. The Band also engages in all Regional and State contests. I I. Vg.: rl, .xlvlvai NV E - i ' - .' ,AE -- :nfl A OFFICERS DARRELL HOLT, Student Directorg JAMES HOWARD BYRD, Vice Presidentp ROSS MARKWARDT, Parliamentarinng KATHLEEN DORSETT, Reporterg SHIRLEY STONE, Secretaryg BOB HAW- THORNE, Sergeant-nt-Armsg BILL RUCKER, Chaplain, n Ja 'Q' ILE . - g get Q! suiiiifm' A Q- if P Wg I AS' 2 , jflli'-, F' - N Q .5 - '3,,g:f,2:a' f HN,"'fNg"X f ' y N fLgi?5X'ABsfv N " -, 'au-J FK ' . Q X 5 .l Aww ' . 1 J. xg. - AM-' " 4.4 1,1 M -Lv -' ' uw gk u .pagina 1 A Ti l 'T-2:0-.' AI.: V wh! 7: Y W 'S 212. 3 1,-.w..a-..,-522...sf '. N - 7 V' I ' ip--, "lx W '-f. V .wh 'J- 1 ' ' . .cr 3 5:2 4 ! A NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL A CAPPELLA CHOIR JACK W. KAY, DZ:l'C'L'f01' t l 4. ig fp, r iii J i lb ,II li r Illv 1 I ' il The Nacogdoches High School A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Jack XV. Kay, was organized in September 1955. Since its founding, the group has been very active in the civic life of the community, The group presents two big concerts each year, as well as filling engagements Texas. N 7 fl brariang DAVID FOUTZ, Presideritg RONA BESELER, Vice President. JACK W. KAY, Director WET " QR K X 4x f i I I tl Q , it X, ..., J, Pm . i n 1 'V it l J 5 5 1' tl A A iif If i Q4 I 1 GIRLS TRIPLE TRIO Patsy Almany, Carol Wfhitton, Rona Beseler, Sherry - - , Alford, Susan Henigan, Joyce Castleberry, Sue Ann A MELODETTES-Gu-ls Sextet Tucker, Sharon Roark, Robeleen Stewart. rm Tlndallf Janice Rameyy Carolyn Pafmleyf Joyce Castleberry, Vyra Pickard, Ann Reed. I94 il l l I l tiff' A for the civic clubs, and appearing on television in the area. In its second year of competition the choir was given a rating of I in the Texas lnterscholastic League Contest, This spring the choir will make 21 goodwill tour of South , .J Ar' l , y v-'. v I J rn an Tal, J tl" 2 '- are ' . ,I V., lf,, OFFICERS SECTION LEADERS FIRST ROW: ROSE ANN JONES, Accompanistg PATSY AI-MANY, AUG? CHARLES CAROL WHITTON, Treasurerg SUSAN HENIGAN, TCHOIL RONA BESEI-ER, SOPFHHOS DAVID secretary. SECOND ROW: PATSY ALMANY, Li- Bass ff10fPlCfUfClll- CHORALIERS-Jazz Group Donald Alexander, Bill Rucker, Rona ler, Jimmy Sanders, Carol Wlmitton. WINSTED, CONNECTICUT, CHORUS GILBERT SCHOOL GLEE CLUB GILBERT HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB Composed of boys of all classes and girls of junior and senior classesg rehearsals held 7:00 P.M. every Wednesdztyg concerts and exchange programs given regularlyg presented Christmas Concert and Exchange Concert with Keene A.H.S.. County Chorusg TV programs given in New York and Connecticut studiosg members participate in Connecticut All-State Chorus. Officers are: President, DAVID COOPER, Vice Presiclent, JUDITH VAILLQ Secretary, CHRIS- TINE MADISON, Treasurer, MARY ANN LACHAT CStudent Directorjg Manager, PAUL KELLYg Assistant Manager, JOAN DeMAUSg Librarian, JOAN WHYTEg Assistant Librarian, SUE MANCHESTER. Yvonne Dulude Jeannette Dulude Noelle Holcomb Joan DeMar Andrea DeMaus Judith Vail N Linda Mayhew if Jane Erink sd Mary Ann Lachat ' CStudent Directorj S-L'-lg,,. f SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEIVIBLE as ''Golcl-n-Blue-uttesf' performed since sophomore year extensively progrzimsg numerous radio and TV hroatlcustsg New England Association Audition Festivals. A - 1 s MISS BETTY SONIER Director of Music B.S. degree in Music, Tufts Col- lege, completing M.A. at Uni- versity of Connecticutg Director and Founder of Laurel Music Camp, project of C.M.E.A.g Past President of C.M.E.A.g Past Presi- dent of In and About Hartford Music Educatorsg Editor and Business Manager of Bulletin of New England Music Festi- val Association and Past Presi- dentg member of Delta Kappa Gamma, M.E.N.C. Committees, also C.E.A. Committeesg Past President of local Teachers' As- sociation. I 1. , ,?: - I C E99 JUNIOR GIRLS' IZNSIQNBLE known as "GlI.l3ER'l'EENS" SOPI-IOMORE GIRLS' ENSEMBLE known as "G-CI.EFTERS." Second row, third from left: RITA FRACASSO fStutlentJ, Assistant Director. l95 is ELECTRA, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND HOWARD L. SMITH, Umm,- The Electra High School Band is an organization of which the community is justly proud. Being a member of the famous band has become a tradition and a high aspiration for the students. Try-outs are held and members are selected on the basis of their ratings. One of Texas' finest musical organizations, the Electra Band has been a consistent Sweep- stakes winner in the Texas Interscholastic League Competi- tion Festivals. The Band has been named Outstanding Band in its class at the Altus, Oklahoma and the Waurik, Okla- homa Band Festivals. In addition to these contests, in 1956 it was named the Outstanding Concert Band in Class B in the Tri-State Festival in Enid, Oklahoma. In 1957, it won Superior ratings in Concert, Sight Reading, and Parade Marching at the Tri-State Festival, in addition to its Superior HOWARD L. SMITH Director f ir l School. A graduate of Oklahoma State College, M Smth received his Bachelor of Music degree in 1932 and has worked toward an advanced degree in North Texas State College and West- ern State College. Before coming to Texas, Mr. Smith directed music organizations in several cities in Oklahoma. He has directed the Electra Band Program for the past ten years, has been Regional Band Chairman of Texas Music Educators' Association for two years, and for the past nine years he has been Choir Director of the First Baptist Church. Mr. Smith is also Vocal Music In- structor in the junior and Senior High Schools in Electra. He is a life member of Kappa Kappa Psi, a member of the American School ' Band Directors' Association and he is a mem- ber of the International "Who's Who in rr Music." Mr. and Mrs. Smith have two chil- T 0 dren who have been awarded the Arion Foun- dation Award for outstanding musicianship upon their graduation from the Electra High l'. ratings in Texas competition. It has performed in the Cotton Bowl two years and was selected to perform in the famed Battle of the Flowers Celebration in San Antonio, Texas. A very cooperative administration has made the gradual expansion of the band possible. The efforts of Mr. Herschel Avinger and Mr. Gerald Barber Cformer Superintendentsj, of Mr. W. L. Hudson Qpresent Superintendentj, of Mr. E. L. Farr fHigh School Principalj, and Mr. Curtis Hol- comb Uunior High School Principalj deserve much of the credit for the success of the program. A very active Band Parents' Club has ably assisted in providing uniforms and instruments and in helping pay expenses of band members on extended band trips. BAND OFFICERS u FIRST ROW: SARA CARLISLE, Secretary-Treas ref JONES, President: VESTAL SHIRLEY, Freshman RONNIE McBRIDE, Vice President. SECOND LADELL CATO, Assistant Business Manager, JAMES LINS, Business Managerg ORVILLE MERTINS, Freshman Supervisor. EIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Electra, Texas FIRST ROW: JEANETTE WILLETT, Bass Clarinetg TRUETT FILLMAN, First Cornet, BILLY MULLEN, Alto Saxophoneg JERRY VINCENT, Snare Drumg MIKE GRACE, Second Clarinet: SUZANNE FISH, Tympnnig NINA JO ROWE, Oboe, JANE ANN GRIFFIN, Flute: NANCY FOSTER, Tenor Snxophoneg LILLIE RUTH VESTAL, Solo Clarinet. ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS Bill Jones, Mike Grace, ' ' " ' ' I' V 'T 'J' TFT? DRUM MAJOR JANICE HIXON AND MAJORETTES SECOND ROW: HERBERT PROPP, Third Cornet, W. D, HALE, Tromlnoneg RONNIE MCBRIDE, Bass Drurng CURTIS WARNER, Baritoneg BILL JONES, 'Bassg VESTAL SHIRLEY, Baritone Saxophone, TOMMY HUNTER, Third Clarinetg JAMES COLLINS, French Horn, JOHNNY GRAHAM, Sec- ond Cornet. Vestal Shirley, Ronnie Mc- Bride, Jane Ann Griffin. A i Q6 JANICE HIXON Drum Mayor ELECTRA, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND FLUIE, OBOE, AND BASS CLARINET ALL REGION BAND MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Sara Carlisle, Jane Ann Griffin, Farrell Quinn. SECOND ROW: Ronnie McBride, Mike Grace, Vestal Shirley, Bill jones. Bb CLARINET SECTION I . l 4 SAXOPI-IONE AND BARITONE HORNS C01zgral11!11fimz.r I0 All-Slnle and All-Regional Band berf.--The Editor. CORNET SECTION TROMBONE SECTION FRENCH HORN AND BASS SECTION I98 PERCUSSION SECTION HIGH SCHOOL BAND Hannibal, Missouri , , 5561156 J. M. DILLINGER, Da-mar Dedication The Hannibal High School Band has a busy schedule all through the year. Summer parades included the Armed Services Parade, the Tom Sawyer's Day Parade, and the Labor Day Parade. This group also presented concerts and played for seventy-two free acts for the Hannibal Fall Celebration. With the opening of school the Band marched for the Homecoming Parade and performed half-time shows at the home football games. In October Hannibal was host band for the Annual Mark Twain Bandmasters' Associa- tion's Parade and Marching Festival in which the band performed stunts and formations. During the school year the organization presents concerts for flj High School Open House during Education Week, f2j Hannibal La- Grange, Collegeg Q3j Central Junior High Schoolg UU Northeast Missouri Teachers' Meeting, CSD Spring Music Festivalg and QGJ two television shows. Besides these the Band has a full contest program in both District and State, plus many solos and ensembles. Numbers performed in the past four years for contest include: "Mannin Veen," Haydn Wood, "First Movement of the Second Symphony," Boroding "First Movement of the Fifth Symphony," Bee- thoveng "First and Fourth Movements of the Symphony in Bb," Fauchetg and the "First and Second Suites," Holst. This band has been a consistent First Division winner in District and' State contests in concerts, ensembles, and solos. Mr. Dillinger directs the Band and Orchestra, and is assisted by Mrs. Dillinger. Mr. Dillinger specializes in brass, Mrs. Dillinger specializes in woodwindg and both teach strings and percussion. Mr. Dillinger has both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from Northeast Missouri Teachers College at Kirksville and has done additional work in New York University, in Missouri University, and with various private teachers. He is a Past President of Missouri Music Educators' Associa- tion, Past President of the Hannibal Civic Music, Past President of Kiwanis, a member of Region IX Music Board for eight years, a judge and clinician in many District and State Festivals and Contests. i. GMM J. M. DILLINGER Mrs. Dillinger is an accomplished accompanist and has done work in Hannibal LaGrange College, Culver Stockton College, and Northeast Missouri Teachers College and with many private teachers. She teaches in the elementary schools and is assistant at the high school. Mr. and Mrs. Dillinger both do work with the Civic Choirs and the Presbyterian Adult and Youth Choirs. J. M. DILLINGER - l I mb.. A '50 V 1 VL ,lm ,W ENV I firmly' .. .Q . ' 5 5' sg" V fa, Q2 F A 1 J -I 4, Qu- X f 5 U ,Lf i., V ' , 2:31934 L ' Sie? 1 . X . V1 W , v 0,-.g X . V V : -V V 'ws' YT 1 Mf. 1 V ' , f f M f .1 1 , I I y .1 '9 -RFQ yn: I ,j A.,-x 'Y . 2 . 19 . . , 4 gif? NA , MF 721 ' I 5653: ISI 44,5 ,:V -, ' , 'XWSIQI Y , r . ra. , ,Vu fi ',,.' . A ,'V v. " ' K 192.-n X f V ..,-1.-f , My V V X V , . 1 b N ' ' . 2 ' ,Q W . ,f - Q NN .y -eff-' 4-N-lf lx af x,I' as W QXXEKXI' V yn. 1 x XEXN XX x 7 xx XA N, if V - m my m, AL W 1 . 'A Vf . ,, V i' . V? A iff! 1- ' 4 f ' IVY ' k ff. ' 1 39:9 J' , E? ' I ffm' if ' , ' W 22 A :L . V175 , ' N1 V gs ..,,5frh'4 . 1. , , k - 6 A f' .r,?flf,'f, , fu . ' ,ff ff" 'mi ' 'ff I Q f A 1 W ff W. V-iE1,,,,,Q A -I HVIL' fV ,V.fffx,wqf?if, n if 1 1 ' A , W' "mu 11 ' D . lv V,,,1L!f Y A 'qi V V' ,V-E24 , ,mf J", wjw sf- vw ,Viv If 1' ai 3 31311 W ' A ww! 5 " 'nr L ' I X .iiQg:1?, ' -E 1 K .N 4 -,su Y , Ml 'l lx ,xy ,, , , .., ' Mg, .7 Z 131 14 -4. E P 1 Q A '-L-if ix y' -. 1 if my-' ' ,A 'I gs 'a 1 - 1' , ,, 12 ', "QM Q5 W ,ww ' f'-g'ef.g?'4 I fad! iw , 4-W PW Fl , ,-PM 'T5gq!,f Q 1, 1, !'!",' ,I-' '- 'J' VJ- 1 I h - . 1 K 1 1 n. gf e"'.'-' ll INCLUDES SAX Q ll V' u . -I . U A r' f- ff 1 I 1 I I ' , A- . '- fm 5 l L-5 ,' ' I- if-.V , :f15N 'E Q Q iff fx fy N f HORNb AND BASSE? v,,, ' , X ' 6293 if I. ' ' 36551 , N ' 3 4' N X N , A ,Kr f ng, ' tx 2 M' . Ax-f V. ' X .Q N .JFAW ,i1 if ' r ,N f, ,M SEQ SL' "'.' - 1 5. gs -, 'Q ,. "' , f ,, , NM 5 .,F, 1 ' X 1 R xx m HQ-I' '5 '-'l i" ' Tv 4 J an Y ,A ? " EU' E Xa X - A ,ffl w xc Q-xg '-4 mf 'gb 5: 5K5 K-55 -. .., V' I 5 i! .lf ,. I Ei W PERCUSSION STAMFORD A CAPPELLA CHOIR W. RAYMOND RANDALL, Dirertor- ELFRIEDA PFEIFFER, C0-Director Sfdlfe Stamford, Connecticut Dedication Appearances by the Stamford High School A Cappella Choir included a performance for the Eastern Division of the M.E.N.C. at Atlantic City, programs at University the area, of Connecticut, at Grand Central Terminal and Com- .Xij my f i . L Q ' A Q- f: - t C? MISS ELFRIEDA i PFEIFFER Co-Director of the Choirg graduate of N.Y.U.g Organ- ist and Choirmaster of the Congregational C h u r c h of Darien, Connecticut. OFFICERS Louis Lynas, Richard Lepore, Elizabeth Calfee, Eleanor Davis, 202 modore Hotel in New York City, and many radio programs and recordings. Seventeen programs were performed in W. RAYMOND Director of the Choir and Music Department, graduate liard, N.Y.U., and Yale School: Past Dean American of Organistsg Organist and master of First Presbyterian he has conducted the local and Oratorio Society over m and has conducted All-State in New York, and has ai in New York and New Festivals. He is the con several choral works. PAHOKEE, FLORIDA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROBERT O. LAMPI, Direcfor BAND PROGRESS under Mr. Lampi: Membership May 1940--Eight members Membership September 1940-Thirty-five members and performing at football games Average Membership Now-Sixty-five members BAND RECORD: Participated in every District I and State Contest sponsored by the Florida Bandmasters' Association and has always rated Superior in concert, sight reading, and marching in District I Contest and the last four out of five years has rated Superior in concert, sight reading, and marching at the State Contest for Class CC Bands. ACTIVITIES: All football games at home or away, some basketball games, monthly concerts in winter for student body and public, P.T.A., tpep meetings, rallies, dedica- tions, park concerts in city of West Palm Beach, para es-and these include local and out-of-town such as "Edison Pageant of Light, Fort Myers, "The Festival of States," St. Petersburg, "Gladiola Festival," DelRay Beach, "Fiesta Del Sol," Lake Worthg "Sun Festival," West Palm Beach, "Orange Bowl," Miami. Many graduates from this band have entered the field of music and are now teaching music in Florida and Alabama. ROBERT O. LAMPI, Director of the Pahokee High School Band, was born in Michigan and was educated in the schools of the Copper Country of the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan, graduating subsequently from Northern Michigan College of Education at Marquette, with a B.S. degree with a major in Music. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as Director of Music at Gulf High School, New Port Richey, Florida-a position which he held for three years. He then became Bandmaster of the Pahokee High School Band and is completing his seventeenth year at Pahokee High School this year. He is a member of the Florida Bandmasters' Association and has served as Secretary-Treasurer of that organization for ten years and is the present Secretary-Treasurer of the Florida Bandmasters' Association. He is also a member of the American School Band Directors' Association. 1' 'hr'-1 "gif: ? ,1 3? -- aff f pmfl' J P. i 1 I Y - 'aff :g :gg off! 'eva A 2g -. Z' A v , s Xl' X 7 Tm dx 3 1 w X 3 A '63 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Pahokee, Florida I LAMP1 KAREN ADAMS FRANCES CAMPBELL KENNETH MCINTOSH DRUM MAJORS wmbofw Bfwirofw BLISS SMC Drum NANCY THOMAS and CYNDY FRIEND R A.+f'R K, QA hiv Q41 'D 5 FRENCH HDRNS SAXDPHONES MAJORETTES lm: I T1 I, U C, I CORN ETS PERCUSSION XVOODNWINDS ,' F' "'N ' " BRASS CLARINETS MINOT MODEL HIGH SCHOOL BAND Minot North Dakota PAUL B MOORE Dzieclm The Model High School Band, one of the top organiza tions in North Dakota, was organized in 1950 under the direction of Paul B. Moore. The band serves the double purpose of performing all the functions of a regular high school band-athletic events, parades, concerts, contests etc.-as well as serving as a training ground for the future CLARINET QUARTETTE man and Judy Allen Amelia Hoffman Diane Hanson Sara Hoff Top Honors in District and State Contest directors of the area who are senior music students at Minot State Teachers College Each year the Band plays many exchange concerts with other bands in the area and takes part in many festivals An active Band Mothers Club gives considerable assistance in financing uniforms equip ment and travel expenses HORN SEXTETTE Lots Walton Nancy johnson Barbara Benton Dorothy Keller and Chen Knudson District and State Contests Highly Superior PAUL B. MOORE Assistant Professor of Music at Minot State Teachers Collegeg Super- visor of Music at the Cam- pus Schoolg Supervising Director of the Band since its organizationg B,.A. and M.A. degrees at Colorado State College of Educationg many years of teaching ex- perience in high school and college bands. 206 WOODWIND QUINTETTE Gloria Renz, Sharon Axness, Marcia Bahl, Knudson, Judy Allen. One of the outstanclinf ensembles. Or anized BAND OFFICERS I fa 8 this year. Barbara Holcomb ud Allen Sharon Axness, ,J y , Marcia Bahl, and Gloria Renz. MA Joiusrras SAXOPHONE QUARTETTE Sandy johnson. Sue Lee, B o n n i e Penfield, Marilyn Enders. Highly Superior in District and State Contests. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS MINOT MODEL BAND 1? IK him, I I V, fi I A Q TOP ROW: SHARON AXNESS, Solo Oboe: MARCIA BAHI.. Solo Bassoon: GLORIA RENZ. Solo Fluteg JUDY ALLEN, Solo Clarinet, Student Directory SARA HOFFMAN, First Clarinet. SECOND ROW: AMELIA HOFFMAN, First Buss Clarinet: DIANE I-IANSON, First Alto Clurinetg DOROTHY KELLER. First Horn: CHERI KNUDSON, Solo I-Iorng SANDY JOHN- SON, Solo Alto Saxophone. THIRD ROW: BONNIE PEN- FIELD, Solo Saxophoneg SUE LEE, First Alto Saxophoneg CECIL 4-1 , .or fi? SCI-IIMKE. First Cornet: JUDY PETERSON, Solo Trombone JULANE CONNERS, First Trombone. FOURTH ROW: DAY TON KINGSXVRITER, First Tromboneg PHYLLIS THORSON Percussiong MARY OLSON, First Baritoneg RAYMOND HAAS First Bassg JANICE BAKKEN, First Trumpet, FIFTH ROW DARYL KELLER, First Clarinet: EDDIE ODLAND, Solo Bari- tone ancl Bassg MYRON DYBING, Solo Cornet, Drum Major 1 ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROBERT C. HEATH, Di1'eL't01' KSCH New Jersey State Pagffl The Atlantic City High School Band, the "Vikings," is composed of sixty marching members and twelve alter- nates. In addition, there are four majorettes, a color guard, banner bearers, and a twirling corps of twenty girls which comprise the football half-time show unit. The A.C.H.S. Band has long been noted for being a fine Marching Band as well as a well-balanced Concert Band. The Viking Band puts on elaborate shows at all the home and away football games, participates in many parades, plays at all pep rallies, home basketball games, and civic functions during the year. After the football season, the Band reorganizes into a Concert Band and turns its attention to the best music in the Concert Band Field. It always has its annual Band and Orchestra Concert during Music Week in May as well f --1 ff as la in in the Field Da Pro ram and in the Memorial P Y 8 Y 8 Day Parade. During the years, the music organizations have played hosts to many national conventions, such as the American Association of School Administrators, The National Asso- ciation of School Boards, the National Association of Parents4Teachers, etc. For the past few years, the Band has marched in the Miss America Beauty Pageant Parade and for many patriotic functions on a local and national scale. Many of the A.C.H.S. Band members are selected each year to play in the All-State Band and Orchestra of New Jersey. A Band Boosters' Club was formed last year and many fine things are in store for the betterment of the band. jtr -1 il if A W,-l Q MAJORETTES BAND MANAGERS Theodore Winston and Gerald Armon 'Tir t',- ' 5. 1 . JEANNETTE 208 Head Majorette FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Atlantic City, New Jersey 1 . NLE.. . .....iP,g..6,.,..,.,,1 g,g- .kv--....,.. fft.,L..-, LN-- . .- QNIXN T10 '9 SCHO BACK ROW: Florence Carr, Robert Walters, Larry Cash, Anthony Mazzone, Reginald Minor, Alan Matez, joseph Thompson QTenor Saxj, Mark Hyman fFrench Horny. FIRST ROW CSentedJ: Ronald Wilson, Charles Lehrer, Ruth Scheide, Martin Holtz, Thomas Ross. RIGHT: Douglas McMahon. LEFT: Donald Kuhn. ANNUAL TI-IANKSGIVING DAY FOOTBALL GAME ATLANTIC CITY HIGH SCHOOL VS HOLY SPIRIT HIGH SCHOOL A C H S 27 H S H S O November 28 1937 "1 an TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JoHN Dioiuo, Duma,- The Tupelo Band has a record of many Superior ratings, especially in the Concert Contest. JOHN D1GILIO Director Graduate of University of Mis- sissippig directed bands in Marks, Mississippi, member of M.M.- E.A., Kappa Kappa Psi, Kappa Sigma. 2I0 'N BAND OFFICERS FIRST ROW: TWINKIE LAWHORN, First Licutenantg JAMES ROY RITTER, Uniformg JANICE BEGGS, Drum Majorg GAIL GUNTER, Second Lieutenantg JIMMY HARRIS, Captaing JIMMY RAY, Assistant Equipment Manager. SECOND ROW: ROBERT PEARCE, Field Marshalg JOHN PAUL ROBLIN. Field ltiarshalg JOHNNY GREGORY, Equipment Manager. MAJORETTES CAROLYN TOLER Assistant Director Graduate of University of sippig directed bands in Clarksdalc, and Lambert, was Head Majorette with sity of Mississippi Band: of M.M.E.A., Sigma Alpha Kappa Deltag on training ' Mississippi Lions All-State for 3 years. Tupelo Mississippi ':'s so ' " 'Y ,Il f f W FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS A , 'Qs IB? f ' fi in -QV LIONS BAND MEMBERS Harris. ROW: Gail Gunter, Janice Beggs. ROW: Bill Joyner, Robert Pearce, ,.o.U..1-1.9. .9 .. TOP ROW: PEGGY BARKLEY, Flute, PATSY JAMES, Oboeg LYNDA GRICE, Solo Clarinet, BILL JOYNER, Solo Clarinetg JIMMY RAY, Solo Clarinet: MYRA CAR- TER, Alto Clarinet. SECOND ROW: LINDA MAYNARD, Bass Clarinetg PAT SCOTT, Contra Bass Clarinetg KAY STEWART, Alto Saxophone, BETTY LIGHT, Tenor Saxo- phone, JIMMY HARRIS, Solo Cornet, CHARLES HAYWOOD, Cornet. THIRD ROW: EDDIE LOMENICK, Comet: CAROL ALLEN, French Horn, BETTY WELCH, French HornglJAMES ROY RITTER, Trom- bone, TWINKIE LAWHON, Baritoneg ROB- ERT PEARCE, Bass. FOURTH ROW: JOHN PAUL ROBLIN, Bassg NANCY GARDINER, Percussion, PATSY HILL, Percussion, PRIS- CILLA WATTS, Baritone Saxophone. 1 ,, c , -ig in I tl L 15 I , Ig ..,, ,uf kf - A Iiii Q . , ' Al 'I .I .. rf: ' -V NIP- ' f -, JANICE BEGGS Drum Major 2 I I l l , wil , Wig -rn 5, L . r gf KT Y If , 3? X 1 Y 11- j , Q5 , , '55 lf' .Q few f A ' Q ' K ,I V FQK fy Nj,..a " I f Lay. ff x fs'-iw i W as ' ' ff . Q.: E Q H-if-1 y V - A- , b kfx - 'ff I H - . , ,,.- R- kr' V , 4 1 1155. ' Wal! Him .5 1 1, ,vi YL 1 .L- fswf' 3 is x - fan ,,.-,t auf ,f .... ,QM f 1 L 'V N. " 409' I - If-"w ' -' W 71' .U il X I 4 I ' M V-4 '.x ROSS yo Second Clarmet .,, yy 4 f rff f f ROBERT g . .- ,Q f', ,. N fr, 1 X X X X COTT Ce o ,rt v. I 2' . J A J ,A, Al ff N 1 A' f N5 ? , GENE D. JoP,D - F JUDITH NOTTAG io a ? g ', Q- A I . LR 'A ' . 4' 1 'K ,, ' " "TQ ' 1' X H1-ii? 1, ., Jw J fn' ,K . K .1-fi Ti? x . ' V .-F NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, HIGH SCHOOL BAND STEPHEN C. NORRIS, Di1'e4'101' This band was organized 111 1936 by Mr. Elmer Wilson 'Ihree other groups-the Assembly Band, the Dance Band who brought it to its high efficiency. Many honors have and the Pep Band-are drawn from this group. come to the band because of its concert and marching ability. l 1 l .Q n 'r ., . . GLEE CLUB SENIORS FIRST ROW: Elaine Cnssista, Ann Gravel, Claudette Labonte, Bronwen Chappell. SECOND ROW: J. Wlmitney Bancroft, Eleanor Enrley, Gale Collins Sanclm Sharpe Stephen C Norris Director. THIRD ROW' A COLOR GUARD Maurice I,eBlahc, Roland Marquis, iDanald ,Mau'quis, Robert l.ilfllll'lIlTlCl Stanley Ratoff, Roland Marquis, Roland Lebel and Richard Owens. ZI4 11 MA JORETTES PAULINE DAOL RIVERDALE, NORTH DAKOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JACK G. JOHNSON, Diwal- The Band, under the direction of Jack G. Johnson, and the following ensembles and solos received "Highly Superior" ratings at Contest C1956-57j: Brass Quartet, Flute Quartet, Brass Sextet, Flute, Piccolo, Alto Clarinet, and Bassoon. The following received "Superior" ratings: Woodwind Quintet, Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Cornet, Trombone, Baritone, and French Horn. During the school year, the band played three formal con- certs, performed at numerous football arid basketball games, participated in the Christmas and graduation programs as well as exchange concerts with other area bands. Mr. John- son is a native of North Dakota, graduating from Plaza High School and from Minot State Teachers College. He received his Master of Arts degree in Music Education from Colorado State College of Education. FLUTE QUARTET WOODWIND QUINTET Zimmerman, Linda Farney, Linda Herfindahl, Bonnie Schmidt. Judy Kopp, Joan Larson, Sharon Taylor, Bonnie Schmidt, Kathleen Tobin FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Riverdale, North Dakota JANET MAXNWELI.. Tenoi' Saxophone: JOAN LARSON, Clari- net: JANNA DORY. Bass Clarinet: JUDY KOPP, Bassoon: STEVEN VON ESCHEN, Alto Saxophone: KATHY TOBIN. Oboe: BONNIE SCI-lMlD'l', Flute: JAMES BART HANSEN, Bass: JOHN LARSON. Percussion: JOAN FUGATE, Trombone: KATHRYN EKBLAD, Baritone: SHARON TAYLOR. French Horn: BARBARA TAYLOR, Cornet. RIVERDALE, NORTH DAKOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND BRASS SEXTET Kathryn Ekblad, Joan Fugate, james Hansen, S h a r 0 n Taylor, jon Floth, Barbara Taylor. VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL BAND MRS. A Orderville, Utah LICE CLIFTON , Director This band has received No. I ratings for three straight years. It has participated in many activities, including the C.S.U. Homecoming parade at Cedar City and the Music Festival at Fillmore. Valley High School has only 130 students and thirty-five of these are members of this Superior band. The band works CHARLES CITY, IOWA, under hardships that might discourage some people- rehearsing in the gym or on the stage during the noon period which is the only free period. The more credit to the members of this fine organization and for the work they are doing. They deserve to have national recognition-AND HOW! HIGH SCHOOL BAND MAHLON E. COLLINS, Df1'6L'l01' fSee Iowa State Pagej LOUISVILLE, OHIO, HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR EMELYN CLOSE TERRY, Director The Louisville l-ligh School Vocal Music Department is well known in Ohio for its quality and versatility, In addition to an 84-Voice Mixed Choir, which has won eight Superior ratings in State Music Finals since 1948, there are a 76-Voice Girls' Glee Club, a small Mixed Choir, and six ensembles which present more than twenty programs SMALL CHOIR Select group for clubs, in and out of town: Special entertainers. CHOIR OFFICERS AND SECTION LEADERS CRAIG L E S I. I E, Bass, President, YVONNE LINGENI-IOLD, Soprano, Vice Presidentg LANNY I-IISEY, Tenor Treasurerg SUE BURCHFIELD, Alto, Secretary. s each year-both in and out of school. A Boys' Quartet, a Boys' Eight, two Mixed Eight, and two Girls' Mixed Nine comprise the six ensembles which enter yearly com- petition in the county, district, and regional contests and receive a high percentage of I Superior ratings. F11 7 ,iq',wW'v x , u MRS. EMELYN CLOSE TERRY B.E. in Ed., Ohio University and M.A. Columbia Universityg active in Music Education circlesg an accredited State Music judge, participant in perform- ances at clinics and conventions, county, district, and state level. 2I7 DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS, HIGH SCHOOL BAND c. J. SHOEMAKER, Director 6SeeI11if10iS Safe Page In the fall of 1929 Clarence Shoemaker reported in to Downers Grove, Illinois, to take charge of the Instrumental Music program in the schools. At that time the high school band numbered twenty-one members and there was no organized instrumental class system in the grade schools from which to provide candidates for the senior band. With the full support of the School Boards of the Downers Grove School System and the help of a fine Band Parents' Organization, a schedule of instrumental class instruction was inaugurated covering grades four through nine. As a result of this program a fine grade school band has been developed and maintained over the years. The High School Band likewise began to grow in size and improve in instrumentation and performance quality. Through years of hard work and band contest competition, the band has earned a position among the finest in the state of Illinois. It has been a Superior winner in every state contest from 1937 until the present time and has one Regional Contest Championship to its credit. That was the Region III Band Contest at Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1940. In 1954 the Downers Grove High School Band made a guest ap- pearance at the Convention of the National School Band Directors' Association at the University of Illinois. Of course the Band is active in school and community affairs. ELMORE COUNTY BAND Wenimpka-Eclectic, Alabama GEORGE TRUMAN WELCH, Director Uflfeflded For SWIG P8865 FIRSTDCHAER NIEMBERS I l 'l ji ll ll ll ll ll ME LVIN FLOOD Flute , .ai ,.-J . ,,..v- Al H T DAVID MISIDRICI-I Bassoon C' 281512: H ' 1 juli! 'TTY7' " THOMAS BAIER Horn Gfifv? JEAN REINHOLO CINDH wx MAN DICK PEIF1 ER GAYLE HOFFMAN Clarinet Alto Clirinet BLISS Clflflflef Oboe XVILLIAM Ouiscsom' MARSHA MAKAMLIL MICKEY DIXON JACK KERCHNER Alto Saxophone Tcnm Sixuplwnc. Bqfmme Saxophgne COIDCY O fix .155 '4 A 4' fvfgis 1 ,PX if JEFF COOPER KENNE111 POWELL DOUGLAS SLANSKY JOHN EDDY Trombone B1ritone Bass Drum GEORGE TRUMAN NWELCH Director, VC'etumpka, Alabama fPicture should have been on Alabama State Pugel: zittencled Devillsi School of Music: Direcl tor of Air Force Show Band, Worlil War II in Pacific: pro- fessional Dance Musician: First Flute, Montgomery Symphony Orchestra: Past President of Ala- bama Biindmusters' Association. BOARDMAN HIGH SCHOOL BAND Youngstown, Ohio RICHARD S. BAME, Director This band has distinguished itself as a Marching Band and as a Concert Band. On the football field, the band has delighted audiences with unique shows containing black-outs, moving figures, and script writing. It further demonstrated its marching ability by participating in and leading many parades in the area. In recognition of its superb marching, the Band was invited to the Safety Patrol Parade in Washington, D. C. last spring, As the only band from Ohio, it made an impressive showing, thus representing well the State of Ohio. Each year the Band takes strides in improving musicianship, intonation, and instrumentation. Numerous solos and ensembles which have competed successfully in district and state contests prove the results of hard work and practice. Last year the Band took the responsibility of planning and holding the District V Band, Orchestra, and Choral Contest. This year the Band again took a great load by providing for the District V Band Clinic held in january. The Boardman High School Band is a model of cooperation and teamwork for other bands in the area. The scope of its activities is too numerous to describe fully. The Band even has its own Christmas cards printed. Several factors explain the success of this organization. The devotion to work of Mr. Bame and the system of officers from Captain to Rank Corporal are undoubtedly essential. Furthermore, the band has staunch support in the Band and Orchestra Mothers' Club, which helps buy instruments, uniforms, and provides the annual banquet in the spring. And, not to be tossed aside, is an undefinable "spirit" which pervades the Band and supplies its members with a loyalty and ability seldom seen and much to be desired. 5'7- ff' l -y all 1 5' R 'E' 1 wiivf l' 5 . -A -G 'D' ,. iw .- -, - in 1. ,if f t' rl.-uzzdiv I -ff RICHARD s, T ' ' 7 ' ' Director + . l A-A-, f if 1 '- , I HOXVARD BRADLEY. Band Captain: DAVE AL- ' . A LEN. Band Lieutenant: RUTH FRIEND. Band Lien- I ' L or ICFILIFIT. 220 EDDIE SIMON Drum Major FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Boardman High School Band ?' x .qv Xfqr , .X f 1 TOP ROW: MARY HOFFMASTER, Flute: EDDIE SIMON, Oboeg BILL HALL, Bassoon: JIM MEYER, Eb Clarinet, DAVE ERICKSON, Bb Clarinet, BILL DeCICCO, Alto Clarinet. SECOND ROW: HOWARD BRADLEY, Bass Clarinet: DAVE ALLEN, Alto Saxophone: CLAR- ENCE NACHBAR, Tenor Saxophone: RON MEIKLE, Baritone Saxophone: JOHN GEUSS, Cornet: MARTY CLARK, French Horn. THIRD ROW: KEN REINHARDT, Trombone: ROY FOWLES, Baritone: DON NORDQUIST, Bass: JOHN DOCHERTY, Percussion. Librarians. BAND RANK SERGEANTS AND CORPORALS FIRST ROW: Nancy Franklin, Mary Hoffinaster, Marty Clark, Virginia Anistutz BAND STAFF Doris Martin, Donna Bayless, SECOND ROW: George Bagnall, Charles Miller STEXXfAR'1'. Unifonn Mnnngcn BEVERLY john Geuss, Bill Hall, Alan Shwartz, Ron Anderson. THIRD ROW: Will Rogers Attendance Secrennyg DONNA BAYLESS' Roy Fowles, Ken Reinhardt, Don Nordquist, john Docherty, james Plummer. CHESTER DUCK, Band Manager: MYERS and MARCIA MILLER. 22l gx Na qi -1 x ,av T w .rl if 'x ,l J v ,Q yg Y U - .1 3 7' .z"-. 2' V If , f M 1 .Q K .TVA l 5 'lf , ' 1 gf ':5'5"C ' 'kk !5'P'a n I 'G l' NJ' ' 3: ,- gi. .-fp , ' 'Q , "" X1 . 'Ql-. ,"4..,,"? f 'WX YT -QW. ' ' ff 9 Ja: 3 -' 5 : -1 Wifi jf 'Q 6 ' dk my 'Y 4' 'Q' w Ep ,S W -M . , 1- iv: Q bg.: Q Mrggzl N 'N QA ,XM ., .' , - L i 'L 1 V- , rf,-M, 61.iE'.,EbQa'- 1 . I i X 'x , X, 4 ' ni - 1 ' h l I ' in .A mf' I . I APM , 1 I - I 1 A ' sl! ,XA v' . phi' By X "fi 'I A I FU- X . fx ., i- Xxx I XQQN iw' -ff! ilu L nr Q mv ffl- ff- . 4 AFX? X X WX ' a R XR A 5 ' -4 t , fi 'I fr' X W , V . s. 1 I X 'XX i, IN my X V- D - . p. K l . 4 .. ,. 2-' ELI - 25" nl , 11-, Q. fu -1.1-L: 5. . . ,.-:k?.f,,:,,. ,V . aux-sn . - J '.F': Y- W Y W-V v Q ' I 2+ - I A 9 f 1 .IM ig: AJ. L ,f F X wqug ,fr . 1.1 , : V, -is 7' 75 f- . , ,,g-., FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Murray, Utah In , -.. B4 N tv 'vb SILA FED. joe Martinez, Douglas Evans, john I-Iarr, Bonnie Baker, Lynn Green, Harold Reid Griffetlis. STANDING: Ray Bnndwateig Craig Hofeling, Dennis Dahl, John Klossner, Duane Evans, Ronald Richardson. Craig Paxman fabsentl. BANNER HEARERS 7 'I'WfIRI-IiRS YVONNE TOLLEFSEN Majorette 223 CHURCHLAND, VIRGINIA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND State DAVID A. MITCHELL, Director Dedication The Churchland High School Band of Norfolk County in Virginia was organized in 1946. Its present director assumed leadership in the summer of 1952. Emphasis was placed on musical perfection and an increased number of band activities. Included in the stepped-up program were ten elaborate and entirely different half-time shows each football season, two formal concerts each year, long dis- tance trips for performance, a series of assembly programs for the high school student body, and participation in the district competitive festival. The Band has participated in such major events as the A.A.A. Safety Parade in Washing- ton and the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Vir- ginia from which it returned with a trophy signifying its competence. Members of the Churchland Band are veteran travelers and have been as far from home as southwestern Pennsylvania on a concert tour. District Festivals have seen this group win Superior ratings awarded by judges of the highest degree of integrity in the music world. . , The Executive Board is the governing body of the Band and is composed of the Student Director and a Representative from each class. An additional representative is sent by the Majorettes so that their group may have a voice in matters concerning them. All issues regarding the organization and the conduct of the band members are handled by this group with the advice of the Director, Left to Right: DAVID CREEKMORE, Eighthg BOBBY HUGHES. Eleventhg EDNA SIIPSON, Ninthg LORNA ENGEI., Twelfth: BECKY SWANNER, Majoretteg JACK EDWARDS, Student Directorg ROBERT STEPHENSON. Tenth. 5-L DANCE BAND 224 42" ffl, .ifilffii DAVID A. INIITCHELI. High School, Latrobe, sj Force Service Band, 2 yearsg State Teachers College, Indiana sylvaniag B.S. in Music taught both Instrumental and Music: became Director at Ch 1952: is Chairman of District 2, E.A. for second yearg has s audition committee for All-State member of judges' Committee cator. trict Festivalg an outstanding Music fb' FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Churchland, Virginia l YF? - T.. tr, Q., 7 gui 'N 77 Cb wr' FIRST ROXW: POLLY HOUSE, Piccolo and Flute, Head Librarian 5 years, All-State Workshorw Band, All-State Band, Monogram. CAROLE GLENN, Flute, Executive Board, All-State Bandg BUSTER PALMER, Oboe, Solo Competition, Workshora Band, All-State Bandg MARSHALL REYNOLDS, Bassoon, Solo and Ensemble Competition, Monogram, JACK EDWARDS, Clarinet, All-State Band, All-State Workshop, Student Director, Executive Board, Solo and Ensemble ratings Superior, Dance Band. B I L L Y H E I L I G, C la rin e t, All-State Band, All-State XXforksl1op Band, Dance Band. SECOND ROW: JUDY GODDIN. Clarinet, Honor Bandsman, All-State Woi'ksl1og.w Band, Monogram, NANCY HUGHES, Alto Clarinet, All-State Band, All- County Band, Monogram, BARBARA BENDER, Bass Clarinet, Monogramg ROBERT STEPHEN- SON, Alto Saxophone, All-State Workshop, Dance Band, Executive Board, Monogram, Superior ratings, Solo and Ensembleg JOHN DORSON, Tenor Saxophoneg TONY DIXON, Baritone Saxophone, Quartermaster, Dance Band. THIRD ROW: LARRY GOODSON, Cornet, JAMES KEMP, Cornet, Dance Band: BERT MORRISON, Cornet, All-County Band, FRED GASKINS, Trumpet: GYPSY LAWSON, French Horn, All-State Band, Executive Board, Treasurer, Student Council. Superior ratings in Solo and Ensemble, All-State Workshop Band: TOMMY RIDDICK, Trombone, All-State Band, Monogram, Superior ratings Solo and Ensemble, FOURTH ROXV: BOBBY HUGHES, Bass Trombone, Monogram, Dance Band, Executive Board, DAVID CREEK- IXIORE, Baritone, Student Director of Elementary Band, Executive Board, LORNA ENGEL, Percussion, All-State Workshop Band, All-State Band, Monogram, Historian, CLAY SHELTON, Bass, Dance Band. 225 W CHURCHLAND, VIRGINIA, HIGH sCHooL BAND SENIORS I I l l , K . 1 'I iilaxx BAND STAT! jack Edwards, Gypsy Lawson, Lorna Engel, Charles Cgulbgum, jglm TONY DIXON, Quzirtermastci NANCY SMITH Historim GY Bender. I LIBRARIANS Head Librarian Polly House, Virginia jereme, Nancy Hughes, Cynthia Davenport. These girls are respon- sible for numbering, cataloguing, and cross indexing every arrangement that becomes the property of the band. It is also their responsibility to see that parts are correctly issuecl'in folios preparatory to rehearsal. L A W S O N, Treasurer: JAY N U N I If Y Accessory S Iles CHARLES COULBOURN, Qu ulclm ister JACK EDWARDS Student Director The Student Director is elected by Band personnel for his ability to assist the Director and assume leadership of the group should it be necessary. 226 MAJORETTES l X 5 3 Ex 'X S35 fb "g'-"Wal '59 W-'Fi 3?i4 '11f 31: M f 'L wwe P M W If 'wwf sl 2-QW X, p Tim 1 'Nw v'J' Y?1li 'VF-'I-1ff 4'211 I'f4 1 fi- tp- n ,4 0 . 5" 'Ip-?"Jlfi-jg 4,,,:'1! gsf ' " - 5 I ' , ll' r , . . ' s .N Lx x 1 '-YW 'Aa W .1 L K"" ' fa .avi ,if fl -. , Q, Wm ,xx 35? ' - if:-YE.. .... : ,,E.:,,i ..,., x Q 4 .1 arp. 4, 2 v : 2 ' A .1 N m B M w f .4:,5'!,'Q5JfJffQ W x .--'X J? ff ...fri WALM I b . ,E N J x Y J ' is ' - 1 'P , 'I' Q ca hhly -wx f' sa W7 , -8 5? Aff P W! ' -f fi,, f'-ff H g, me ! ,, xi? fs' f lfqiiwkggv S Z5 Qf HrSX! ! f in '7'i""' Lal: ,Nz , G K ZF'- jy Q 67 Q 15 ,M' A b I, -:A -,Lf n,f.i4-:'f- N ' A wN N5ii:4 ff ' + . U :ata , M I .f V -3 +L' if ! . I FF ' 1: I '-am 4 4,0 ' "fur" - ' 5 4.1 , 4- kv M. gill- fry .. 3 A . A - ' -W, n--' 'La-' -gr 'hs f ff" -'V rifle:-' , Lf' nz1f,,, . K' .- '. 1 , F--4 1- . . H ., ,f ' Q. f f f.w ". - -rf----Q ' L. ' SQ - fl f WJ AyW5PQQfMQT wegwfyx L K , I V - V i X fy 1 X I I ,ff L4 ' V: r '. xx ' I , , f 1 I Z V15 . dj X, gf ' ,. . X- ix!!--4 A ' wf' 5- ,Wf 4 -I ' R if-T? , ' , - x J xr A SCHUYLER, NEBRASKA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND WILLIAM L. WURTZ, Dirertor During the past three years the Band has grown from forty-three pieces to its present balanced instrumentation of seventy-one pieces. The Band received a I rating as a Concert Band last spring and this fall received a I rating in marching competition at the Grand Island, Nebraska, Harvest of Harmony. Besides the various competitions the Band enters, it also performs during half-time at all home football games and one out-of-town game, Band Day at the University of Nebraska, and numerous parades. A small Pep Band plays for all home basketball games. Following the marching season, the Band gives an annual Winter Band Concert in February and an annual Spring Concert in May. For a more rounded musical education, the majority of the students take part in either solo work or in the vari- ous instrumental ensembles-penforming at numerous func- tions in Schuyler, as well as the District Music Contest in the spring. BAND OFFICERS SYLVIA McNALLY, Vice Presi dentg SANDRA OBERG, Secre- ta ' LILAS LOU HOOKSTRA, W, Librariang KENNETH GREBE NICK, President. rw Sf" i :lpn ' -W-fit' 'u 0' in 5, fl .ab , l -1 I f .Ill f gi - 1 ,.1- fb ,h ll ,J I' I Ya , . - if s Q 5, WILLIAM L. WURTZ Director of Schuyler High Sc Band three yearsg previo taught at Ainsworth, Nebra B.M.E. and M.M. degrees f University of Nebraska. DRUMMERS DRUM MAJORETTE CLARE VRBA, AND TWIRLERS JUDY BEST, First Snare Drummer, SIBYLLA MITTELSDORF, Bass Drummer, JUDY VON- DRACEK, Bass Drummer, Cymbal and Snareg JANET ZELENDA, Cymbals. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Schuyler, Nebraska if "-I7 vincl VIA MCNALLY Flute Quartet. odwinrl Trio, Quintet. Quintet. 'Vi T7 Jo ANN OTRADOSKY Oboe, Soloist, Wfoocl- i J l l 1 -v CLARE VRBA Clarinet, Clarinet Quar- tet, Drum Majorette. wind Trio, XX'ooclwincl 'U' Vs.: 'S' If 'fi- fi 'S' 'Q-f HARVEY LADEHOFF SUSANNE NICNALLY Alto Clarinet: plays Bb Bass Clarinetg plays Bb Clarinet 0 I1 M11fCI1: Clarinet 0 I1 ilVI3ICl1 Clarinet Quartet. Clarinet Quartet. 'Nw' WASKO FRED KRENK GAYLE LONGACRE RITA STONE KENNETH Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Baritone S a x o phoneg Bassoong Bb Clarinet GREBENICK Saxophone Quartet. in Marching: Wood- Cornet, Soloist, Cornet wind Quintet. Trio, Brass Sextet Q -AA: '22 'V -J 4? LEGI-ER RODNEY RUZICKA WARREN DOBRY FRANK SOBOTA LORRAINE CIHACEK Horn, Brass Trombone, S o I o i s t. Baritone, Soloist, Brass Bass, Soloist, Brass Sex- Tympani, Twirler HOFI1 Quartet: Brass Sextctq Trombone Sextet. fet- Tl'i0. Quartet. "Tiger Band" COMMERCE, GEORGIA, HIGH SCHOOL JOHN W. HAMBRICK, Director Commerce, Georgia-band-conscious and with a population of 3300-boasts three com' plete bands: a Senior High Band of eighty-one pieces, a Junior High Band of seventy- J. six, and a Beginning Band of over fifty. Since 1954 when Mr. I-Iambrick became Director of Bands in Commerce, the Band has participated in the Gator Bowl Festivities, the Govern0r's Inaugural Parade in Atlanta, Georgia, and Band Days at the neighboring University of Georgia and Clemson College. For the past four years the Commerce "Tiger Band" has received a Superior rating in the Georgia State Music Festival. An outstanding marching band, it was chosen to perform the pre-game show for the Georgia Tit- V ' ,. If .r High School All-State Football Game in Atlanta this fall. After attending Band Camp as a unit for a week each summer, the Commerce students begin a rigid schedule. Playing at all home and away football games, presenting an annual Christmas Concert, participating in Georgia Music Festival, preparing for a Spring Concert, and contributing the musical support for numerous parades constitute a fine year for Commerce Band students. A five-day state tour highlights the spring season and outdoor park concerts give the community more opportunities to hear this fine band. BAND STAFF FIRST ROW: KENNETH WILBANKS, Section Leader, JIMMY MILFORD, Section Leaderg LARRY BEARD, First Lieutenantg AMANDA TANNER, Section Leaderg BETTY LOU Mc- DUFFIE, Publicity Managerg NANCY WRIGHT, Section Leaderg LINDA LANG, Storekeeperg HELEN THOMPSON, Section Leader. SECOND ROW: BRUCE BARRON, Drum Major, HARDMAN JONES, Captaing FRANCES BARRETT, Section Leaderg JOHN HARDMAN, Parliamentarian: MARTHA JO BROWN, Section Leader. THIRD ROW: GEORGE MONT- GOMERY, Section Leaderg NANCY WELLS, Majorette Captaing SIDNEY RICHEY, Section Leader. Head Librariang SAM OLIVER, Second Lieutennt. JOI-IN W. HAMBRICK Director Mr, Hambrick attended Young University and 1 Bachelor of Music degree from University of Miami. He has tinued his studies at the of Georgia and has held 1 in G.M.E.A. as General C and Instrumental Chairman of Ninth District and Chairman of 1955 Reading Clinic. Recer Hambrick was elected State mental Chairman for G.M.E.A. 1957-59. He is a member of Mu Alpha and is Vice Pre the Georgia Chapter of Phi Beta FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Commerce, Georgia ,. M fs -:X gp Q I , 'rj ox f J I I I 'G I ' ' ' 'T 1 Q ri 1 Q, i A i fi, S I LM: : E - IT: Q A ra 4. . . , kip cl' S I., I ,.. - if . A I 'ff 'G Q X 5 f I fix I I I :Y says I xg I . 3 . 4- FIRST ROXV: GAYLE PRITCI-IE'I"I', Flutcg NANCY XVRIGHT, MONTGOMERY, Bai-itoneg MARVIN JONES, Tromboneg SID- Clurinctg MARTHA JO ISROXXIN, Alto Snxophnneg JUNE CHAS- NEY RICHEY, Bassg FRANCES BARRETT, Drum and Per- TAIN, 'I'cnnr Snxnphimeg JIMMY MILFORD, French Horn. cussion. SECOND ROXV: AMANDA TANNER, Cornet: GEORGE 1 Cl? 'l'IGERE'l"l'ES OFFICERS LARRY BEARD, Lust Lieutenant, HARDMAN JONES, Captain: SAM OLIVER, Second Lieutenant. BRUCE BARRON Drum Nfajor .QTASITQQI Q if x..- N 4. 153:95 CORNETS CLARINETS PERCUSSION 233 I ? CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY, HIGH SCHOOL "Mustang Band" SAUL KAY, Director ,ii JAMES MOSCATI Assistant Band Directorg U. S. Army Bandmaster in France, World War I. RICHARD F. EBERT Director of Music, B.S. and M.A. degrees, New York University. V- pare- if ' ..,..- The Mustang Band is widely known for its precision marching and is composed of sixty musicians, twelve twirlers, five color guardsmen, two banner guardsmen, and thirty reserve bandsmen and twirlers. The Band appears at every football game played by the school and at many of the important community affairs such as Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, at dedications, and other functions. Fifteen of the members of this band were selected as members of Region I All-State Band and some are also members of the All- State Orchestra. Many concerts are given during the year by the Band. For the past four years the members of the band formed quartets and trios and participated in an ensemble festival held by Montclair State Teachers College Music Department. The Clifton Mustang Band has two television shows to its credit-one an hour-long TV Show originating from Washington, D. C., and on the other the Band was awarded the 3500.00 First Prize in the "Parade of Lights" TV Show for its excellence as a marching unit. For the past three years the Band has been in concerts on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washingtori D. C. and last year the Band appeared in the National Safety Day Parade held in Washington, D. C., and was awarded Third Prize in the Senior Band Division. MAX JUGEL Vice Principal and Faculty Advisor Mustang Band. 4'qf9?'?'T!? iff! " . to the SAUL KAY B.A. and M.A. degrees, Montclair State ers Collegeg Adjudicator Region I and State Band and Orchestra. X, .--1. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Clifton, New Jersey ,fe l qv' r I ' I 1 l TOP ROW: IRWIN SACHAIS, Solo Trombone, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, Band President, Solo Trombone, Region I and All-State Band, Solo Trombone All-State Orchestra, CURT KREIGER, Trombone, Property Sergeant, Band Council, Region I State Band, All-State Orchestra, JAMES KENNEDY, Solo Baritone, ALEC REIDELL, Sousaphone, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, Region I State Band, All-State Orchestrag DAVID GRANT, Recording Bass, Band Council and Master Sergeant. SECOND ROW: WILLIAM BOWERS, Sousaphone, Property Sergeant, Band Council, Region I State Band, ALBERT BOWERS, Tenor Saxophone, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, DAVID SCHUMER, Baritone Saxophone, Rank Sergeant, Band Councilg WILLIAM KOCH, Tenor Saxo- phone, Secretary-Treasurer of Band, DANIEL LESLIE, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, Region I State Band. THIRD ROW: VIVIAN FURLAN, Percussion, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, JOYCE MCBURNEY, Bells, NANCY SANDRI, Flute Piccolo, PATRICIA MOLODOWITZ, Solo Clarinet, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, Band Vice President, Region I State Band, All-State Band, All-State Orchestra, STEVEN FAZIO, Clarinet, Librarian, Sergeant, Band Council, Region I State Band. FOURTH ROW: MICHAEL BISHAK, Clarinet, Region I State Bandg ROBERT D'LUCA, Clarinet, Region I, State Banclg DAVID SLAFF, Clarinet, Rank Sergeant, Band Councilg RAYMOND WALSH, Cornet, Rank Sergeant, Band Council, Region I State Bandg FREDERICK TRUNTZ, Cornet, Rank Sergeant, Band Council. NEXT ROW: DONAL ZAENTZ, Cornet, File Sergeant. CLIFTON NEW JERSEY HIGH SCHOOL BAND MUSTANGS PREPARE FOR FESTIVAL COIOR GUARD DOLORES GRAP Head D1um Majorette ANCHORS AWEIGH TWIIII FRS CORNET RANK CLARINET RANK I , 1 'Y jf "f I j A V A n fh r y .I 1 I I 1 I BASS SECTION PERCUSSION SECT ION IONROE, WISCONSIN, SENIOR BAND AND CONCERT ORCHESTRA ALLAN F. BARNARD, Cwzdzlrlor I D I CONCERT ORCHESTRA The Monroe High School Concert Orchestra, besides its own yearly concert, plays for the Senior Class Play, the Chorus Operetta, Baccalaureate Services, Graduation, and community functions. The Orchestra no longer participates in Wisconsin District and State Festivals, but up to six years ago it played in Class A and never received anything but a First Division rating fWisconsin's highestj in both Concert events and in Sight Reading, STRING ORCHESTRA The String Orchestra, an orchestra within Its members are: SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucy Ann Sowl, Richard Campbell, Elaine Signer, Great Pitkin, Mary Bober, Thomas Fritz, Carol Lux, Lyn Marsh, Roger Brunkow, Barbara a orchestra, is featured at each concert. Schuetze, Deanne Bowman, Michael Baltzer, Nancy Baker, Elaine Rubi, Ronna Lane Hasse. Judy Stauffacher. STANDING: Donna Waefler, Beverly Myers, Caryl Goecks, Ann Baker, Judy Goecks. 1 l SQUAD PEP BAND MONROE, WISCONSIN, SENIOR BAND AND CONCERT ORCHESTR ALLAN F. BARNARD, Coizdzzrlm' SENIOR BAND PERSONNEL qalpmbefxfui, by secrifmsy FLUTES AND PICCOLOS: Carol Brunkow, Carol Cunningham, Bette Gempeler, MaryJo Henning, Rosetta Marty, Kent Phillips, Connie Spring, Enid Spring, Marlene Wild, and Christie Wittwer. OBOES: Karen Anderson, Beverly Flaherty. and James Weir. BASSOONS: Ann Goodmiller and Jeanne Shager. ALTO CLARI- NETS' Barbara Marvin and Mar Matzke BASS CLARINETS' . y . . . Patricia Crouch, Patricia Miller, and Gary Schwarze. Bb CLARI- NETS: Shirley Ault, Joanne Beach, Ruth Benkert, LeRoy Bidling- maier, Sue Bissell, Tamara Brugger, Roger Bruny, Karen Bunolzer, Marlene Frey, Sally Fritz, Barbara Hartwig, Donna Kuhly, Beverly Ommodt, Sally Ruf, Nancy Schutt, Norma Stark, Gay- leen Steensrud and ames Sullivan. ALTO SAXOPHONES 7 I I Donna Deininger, Larry Gardner, Beverly Koehn, Joan Swiggum, and Bobette Trumpy. TENOR SAXOPHONES: Karen Jones, Thomas Marean, and Greta Pitkin. BARITONE SAXOPHONES: Penelope Coole. CORNETS AND TRUMPETS: Anita Ainsworth, Karen Feldt, James Flanagan, John Fritsch, Penelope Haberman, Mariella Johnson, Thomas Kuebli, Ruth Mahlkuch, Rudolph Regez, Lonna Rhyner, and Mary Summeril. BARITONES and EUPHONIUMS: Shirley Harrington, Robert Jeglum, Kenneth Mayer, and Jean Schneider. FRENCH HORNS: Thomas Howe, Marian Ingwell, Josephine Klassy, Bette Simpson, Sherry Simp- son and Hazel Swanson. TROMBONES: Kay Chambers, George Kinschi, Patricia Krebs, Janet Swiggum and David Warfel. SOUSAPHONES: Harold Blumer, Donald Heeren, Richard Rufener and Robert Wolfe. STRING BASSES: Ann Baker and Caryl Goecks. DRUMS AND CYMBALS: Sandra Babler, Richard Campbell, Linda Drake, Emilie Erb, Thomas Fritz, Ronna Lane Hasse, Beverly Myers, Donna Waefler and Susan Warfel. GLOCKENSPIEL: Sandra Miller. TYMPANI: Elaine Rubi. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS: GAYLEEN STEENSRUD, Presi- dent, CAROL CUNNINGHAM, Vice President, LONNA RHYNER, Secretary, BARBARA HARTWIG, Treasurer, THOMAS FRITZ and DONALD HEEREN, Student Conductors, PATRICIA MILLER, Signal Drum Major, PENELOPE HABER- MAN, Twirling Squad Leader, ANN GOODMILLER, Manager, CHRISTIE WITTWER, Assistant Manager, DEANNE BOW- MAN, BETTE GEMPELER, PENELOPE HABERMAN, NANCY SCHUTT, LUCYANN SOWL and DONNA WAEFLER, Li- brarians, ALLAN F. BARNARD, Conductor. ALLAN F. BARNARD Twenty-fourth year in Monroe, directs Senior Band, Concert Orchestra, City Band, Junior Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Im- manuel Church Orchestra, work taken at Oshkosh State College, Carroll College, University of Wisconsin, Bachelor Education degree. Flute Instructor three summers, University of Wisconsin Music Clinic, Flute Lecturer and Woodwind Chairman two summers, University of Wisconsin Music Clinic. Clinician and Adjudicator, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Compositions published by Belwin. Directed State Fair F.F.A. Band 1955. Past President, Wisconsin School Music Association, President fat present timej Wisconsin Band Masters' Association. Received Veterans of Foreign Wars Citizenship Award 1948, Honorary Lions .Club Membership 1954, Honorary Membership for Service to Music in Swiss National Gymnastic Association, 1956. ONROE, WISCONSIN, SENIOR BAND AND CONCERT ORCHESTRA ALLAN F. BARNARD The Monroe High School 90 piece Senior Band has a packed schedule of events each year. Besides the Memorial Day Concert, the annual "Old Timers Massed Concert," the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, playing at special community and county affairs, and maneuvering at football games, the Band was chosen to play for the Governor's Radio Network Broadcast Program for Wis- consin's Statehood Day in 1953 and acted as host band for the "Alice In Dairylandn State Finals in 1955. The Band at the formal concerts has had as guest conductors such distinguished men as Dr. Charles O'Neill, Merle Evans, Col. S. E. Mear, Dr. Raymond Dvorak, and Wis- consin State Music Supervisor G. Lloyd Schultz. Many GOLD CUP TROPHY WINNERS each approved solo or ensemble appearance, band orchestra members receive special credit. All solos and mbles must be adequately prepared and approved he Director. Those students who have made the most ic appearances throughout the year are given Solo Ensemble Award pins. The five students who were outstanding receive Gold Cup Trophy Awards. Last 's Gold Cup Trophy winners fLeft to Rightj: Mary Summeril Q46 appearancesj, Anita Ainsworth f-411. NDING: Donald Heeren fS7J, Greta Pitkin OSD, ge "Jud" Kindschi 1582, and Joyce Ludwig, a gradu- f59J. CLARINET QUARTET Sally Fritz, Ruth Benkert, Karen Bu- holzer, and Sue Bissell. The Clarinet Quartet makes approximately 25 ap- pearances, yearly. of the Band's former members have won top scholarships in music in competitive auditions for colleges and universi- ties. During the seventeen years that the band participated in Music Festivals, it established an outstanding record in the state of Wisconsin. Monroe soloists and ensembles topped the State Contest for three years and tied for top honors several other years. Community service is stressed. Band members are trained to make their own announce- ments and comments for all solos and ensembles, as well as to make all announcements and commentaries at con- certs. Poise, stage presence, ability to speak and musician- ship are fostered. in I E i BRASS QUARTET appearances yearly. ANITA AINSWORTH, Trumpet MARY ELLEN SUMMERIL, Cornet DONALD H E E R E N, Sousaphone GEORGE KINDSCHI, Trombone the Brass Quartet makes approximately 30 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Monroe, Wisconsin TOP ROW: ANITA AINSWORTH, Trumpet, Senior Band 5 years, 'Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, City Band, Soloist, Brass Quartet, Apprentice Directory Private Instructor, 2 Gold Trophy Music Awards, Silver Music Lyre Award, SALLY FRITZ, Clarinet, Senior Band 4 years, Concert Orchestra, City Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Soloist, Clarinet Duet, Clarinet Quartet, Apprentice Director, Private Clarinet Instructor, Gold Music Lyre with Year Guard Award, Silver Music Lyre Awardg ANN GOODMILLER, Bassoon, Senior Band 3 years, Concert Orchestra, City Band, Band Manager 2 years, Assistant Manager 1 year, Gold Music Lyre Awardg GEORGE "JUD" KINDSCI-II, Trombone, Senior Band 4 years, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, City Band, Brass Quartet, St. John's Church Orchestra, Brass Quartet, Private Instructor, Gold Trophy Music Award, 2 Silver Music Lyre Awards, University of Wisconsin Summer Music Clinic Band, SANDRA MILLER, Marimba, Tympani, Glockenspiel, Senior Band 2 years, Concert Orchestra, Soloist, Gold Music Lyre Award. BOTTOM ROW: GRETA PITKIN, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones, Violin, Band and Orchestra Vocalist, Senior Band 4 years, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, City Band, Immanuel Church Orchestra, Soloist, Saxophone Quartet, String Quartet, Saxophone Duet, Violin-Flute Duet, Director of County 4-H Band, Apprentice Director junior 'HY' -'fit-9' ir ilbi-0 .-N-J 'fa' Band Signal Drum Major, Private Saxophone Instructor, Gold Trophy Music Award, 2 Gold Music Lyre Awardsg ELAINE RUBI, Tympani, 'Cello, Senior Band 4 years, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band CBass Drumj, Soloist, String Quartet, String Trio, 3 Silver Music Lyre Awardsg ENID SPRING, Flute, Piccolo, Senior Band 4 years, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, City Band, Soloist, Flute-Clarinet Duet, Flute Quartet, Private Instructor, 2 Gold Music Lyre Awards, JOAN SWIGGUM, Alto Saxophone, Senior Band 5 years, Concert.Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, County 4-H Band, City Band, Soloist, Saxophone Quartet, Gold Music Lyre Award, Wisconsin State 4-I-I Band, LOWER LEFT: THOMAS FRITZ, Student Conductor, Violin, Percussion, Band and Orchestra Vocalist, Senior Band 2 years, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, City Band, St. john's Church Orchestra, Soloist, Violin Duet, Private Teacher, Gold Music Lyre Award. CENTER: DONALD I-IEEREN, Student Conductor, Sousaphone, Senior Band 4 years, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, City Band, Soloist, Brass Quartet, Immanuel Church Orchestra, private Instructor, University of Wisconsin Summer Music Clinic Band, 2 Gold Trophy Music Awards. LOWER RIGHT: PATRICIA MILLER, Bass Clarinet, Signal Drum Major, Senior Band 5 years, Concert Orchestra, City Band, Soloist, Silver Music Lyre Award. HERBERT GATI-IRIGHT RUBEN A. LEHMAN 1See Band this editionj High School, Monroe, Louisiana, B.A. Louisiana Tech, 1952, taught at Columbia, and Winnsboro, Louisiana and at OUTSTANDING DIRECTORS Classify To State Pages JOE BARRY MULLINS Northeast Louisiana State College, Mon- roe, Louisiana, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Band, Instructor in Brass and Percussion Instruments and Conducting, present position since September 1951, adjudicator, clinician, outstanding Music Educator. RONALD W. SI-IURIE Supervisor of Music and Band Director in Latrobe Public School System 5 years. Gradu- ate, Indiana State Teachers College and working toward Masters' Degree in Music Edu- cation at Pennsylvania State University. Served in Army Air Corps during World War II as Trombonist and Ar- ranger. President, Greater La- trobe Civic Association, Past Director, Latrobe Drum and Bugle Corps. Member W.C.- M.E.A., P.M.E.A., and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. CHARLES R. "BUD" CAMPBELL Kissimmee, Florida, B.S., Flor' ida Southern College, M.M., Northwestern U ri i v e r si t y m e m b e r F.B.A., F.M.E.A. M.E.N.C., A.S.B.D.A. was ,E-fee?-Wa X V ,, DONALD I. BOYD Memorial High School Band, Eau Claire, Wis- consin, QSee Wisconsin State Dedicationj. CATHARINE B. HORNSTEIN Rugby, North Dakota fSee Organization, this g editionl z ff , . Q- , XV" .Vf'-9" A U 'EY J 'W I "' ' I 4 I ' - - - -. - . , . i - ,537 5,1 1 .gg U V . S J!! www-. g 4fj"3f"5gT 2715? Qfm 1 A K X, Q" -5' 5 1 'a'5f'1 Wi 1 A 9. J Q: Va: , . Q t X I ,Q ..1 Z I - I . x A t 1 J ,N 1 X' 7 5 X ' as TP ' L" A Q -- Ziff , -i ' H? Y' A, ' uf 'fn Q W A5515 L, , . fi , ' by :. ' ' 'K ,f-wi Y, 1- Egg ..yk Eqrfem H WM my if ,fi 2 nu: aviff X ii :lp-4Ll!,.f Q --15 yn 7 I . pi , V A lvl, W I I .Fx . I - K W W YV: ' 1 ,I K " 'ff I 1 - K , . h MA A fy 'f 0 0 3 v i X , .... ,,,. .- 5 ,.,. . v i 3' N . I T? QRS ii? wi'1 , - W' J ' V A .A.. H1342 wi ' ' I Aw ' fii 0, '. . . 1-04 ' .ri -Q +0 MN I Q! L '12 fs, NW' ' e Q . ff ,E -J I Nffffxh 4' ' I .QSSLQQ i, 1,51 l. MU 1 A, 1. "Q 1 4 3 '-' N iv. NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND State JOHN STEPHENS, Direrlor Dedication Each summer for the past eleven years the band and the majorettes have gone to the New Kensington Boosters Camp for a week of intensive training and drill to perfect rneir football half-time shows. The Marching Band con- sists of one hundred members and is governed by a board of student officers, the Director and the Assistant Director, Mr. joseph Farinelli. The majorette drill and dance group is selected from about 300 girls who try out each year, and is advised by Mr. Gust Babalis, the German instructor in the high school. The band and majorettes have per- formed for the past five years for each of the Pittsburgh Pirate opening day ceremonies, each year for the Pittsburgh Steeler games, for the 'Wilkensburg Kiwanis Tri-State Festival, College Homecoming celebrations, and many other festivals and parades locally. Immediately after' the football season each year, the Concert Band is formed and maintains a busy schedule of activities, performing medium to diffi- cult grade music for its concerts and programs. MA JORETTES HEAD MAJORETTES, Donna Kaforey, Pat Laskey, Linda Murar, Marion Connolly. JOHN STEPHENS THOMAS A. Drum Major, MA JORETTES FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS New Kensington, Pennsylvania g, li CY ' I' ' fT'f7-I-' T - 'K' """"' I Wig I.', , Exltltlii aka-,::- me l ll V- , 'X . ' e,.'1 ff" I 'T 'P A - ' I frail' '. Il f my , '-'I' 'C V X ' I-get ' ' . , .ee-sf ARAA -' 'F' I EG". iii i i G I' x i- : hgufclf M R as lg' I 'tty .4 I I , , ' - lf! A A l I., . X 12 ' - Q, 4,1 ' 'S' l Y' 'E i ' ' .. lfiir' ' Y . 19' A ",. 1 fl V - l f-im f X" , " l 5 ' 1'--...X - . I-X H2 Q . te . ' ' - , ,R J-,g 1, Z . L- Q W .3 me 1 Tl mi eV'e be gg 2- , r .9 C 1 - 1 la-I N I ef- , bi-Q... I 'Sf f . l- I , eeen, gr EIN' , , . 1 5 tel-- -o ' , ' , 1 l . , a Q 0 V . FIRST ROW: VICTOR NERY, Trombone, American Legion Award Wfinner, County Band, District Bzind, Junior Achievement Association, studies with Peter D'Argenziog RICHARD STEVENS, Drum, Student Council, Senior Class Vice President, DeMolay, Key Club, Dance Band, American Legion Award, BILL CROIS- SANT, Baritone Saxophone, Assembly Staff, District Band, County Orchestra, County Band: BILL LEASURE, Trumpet, Key Club, DeMolay, National junior Honor Society: RICHARD A. SAC- CRAMANO, Solo Clarinet, Choir, Dance Band, Arnold Fireman's Band, Honorary member of N.B.B.A.A.g SECOND ROW: GARRETT TYRRELI., Cornetg LARRY SOLOMAN, Vice Presi- dent of Band, Dance Band-piano, Church Organist, National Honor Society, Pianog BONNIE KUNES, Flute, Band Librarian, Choir, American Legion Award, National Junior ,Honor Societyg LARRY KORZON, Baritone, President Camera Club, Key Club, Band Basketball Team, New Kensington's Fireman's Bandg JOAN SCHAFER, Clarinet. THIRD ROW: JAMES HADDAD, Horn, Band President, Student Council, Key Club, Semi-Finalist in Merit Scholarship Program, National Honor Society, Arnold Fire- man's Band, New Kensington's Fireman's Band, District Band, County Drchestrag KENNETH WALSH, Trumpet, Band Business Manager, Dance Bandg ROBERT DEAN AYSSE, Tuba, Band Basketball teamg JIM D. SYKES, Clarinet, junior Achievementg HOWARD HEAVNER, Uniform Manager. "STANDING ON THE CORNER" "HELLO, YOUNG LOVERS" CASPER, WYOMING, HIGH SCHOOL BAND State BLAINE COOLBAUGH, Director Dedication V.-.5 ,wb , 'fy 'Z ,WSE A select group of musicians for Concerts, Radio and TV appearances-One of America's fine playing High School Bands. Total band enrollment is 170, of which a 120-piece March- FIRST ROW: Gale Simons, Pat Witt, Stanley Ball, Pat Doyle, Homer Lathrop, Ronna Dobbins, Sylvia Damon, Paula Berrey, Jackie Tartar, Mike Hunter. SECOND ROW: Martha Ackerman, Judy Johnson, Clyde Wilson, Judy Thompson, Roberta Cornelius, Carol Orton, Kenneth Hoff, Martha Hinthorn, Kay Havill, Tana Moore, Doris Pomeroy, Connier Walters, Sue Havill. THIRD ROW: Donnell Nicoll, Marilyn Hoffman, Jean Wilder, Nancy Hull, Jim Mass, Kenneth Evans, Laura Lee Bragg, Darrell Gray, Linda Jones, Jim Jones, Gene Chandler, Willis Burke. FOURTH ROW: JERRY MCKIN, Ralph McCann, Don Loucks, Fred Hanselmann, Sandra Surges, David Parsons, Carol Welch, Kay ii Q' ggi.- t.. ing Band is selected for parades and band shows at foot ball games. Both the Concert Band and the Marching Band do consistently Superior work. Boston, Hope McLain, Connie Satterfield, Karen McMillen, Miriam O'Connor, Carol Dunn, Gary Frank. FIFTH ROW: Steve Broadbent, Ray Wilson, Larry Rein, Abram Hitt, Joe Remick, Jerry Sands, Kay Stewart, Alan Fenwick, Marian Hutchison, Sara Greenhalgh, Heather Little, Hanson Rickard, Steve VanCoops, Bob Downs, Kermit Brown, Dick Galley, Tom Rodda. SIXTH ROW: Tom Savage, Albin Heushkel, Fred Perry, Larry Long, Chuck Satterfield, Jackie Baker, Reta Roberts, Craig Orr, Yvonne Link, Skip Larson, Joy King, Monte Hunter, Beverly Rue, Eleanor Ury, Bertha Davis, Jan Thomas, Kay Branson. FLAG TWIRLERS X 2 Z I, 5 'K X ig, - w , - 4 ' 1 . B . , , , 'N ' jf '. 'X 2 ' is .Q Q ' 'ar' . c , ,f , , 1 Q V41 'zu '- W , '1'."f, v ,i , ' ul. : . Q i I I , - . i .i '. Q aka! if MAJORETTES OF CASPER HIGH SCHOOL 4 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Casper, Wyoming 'FS' QQ 13' GALE SIMONS PAULA BERREY LINDA JONES CHUCK SATTERFIELD CONNIE WALTERS ei MIRIAM O'CONNOR KAREN MCMILLEN l 1 i JERRY MCKIN DICK GALLEY THE MUSTANG MARCHING BAND FIRST ROW: Gale Simons, Pat Witt, Stan Ball, Pat Doyle, Roberta Cornelius, Nancy O'Buck, Marsha Myers, Homer Lathrop, Ronna Dobbins, Sylvia Damon, Paula Berry, Jack Tarter, Mike Hunter. SECOND ROW: Martha Ackerman, Judy Jolmson, Clyde Wilson, Judy Thompson, Carol Orton, Kenneth'Evans, Kenneth Hoff, Martha Hinthorn, Kay Havill, Tana Moore, Doris Pomeroy, Connie Walters, Sue I-Iavill. THIRD ROW: Donnell Nicholl, Marilyn Hoffman, Patsy Seamonds, Ellen Gray, Jim Mass, Duane Middleton, Sharon Brewer, Tad Evans, Donna Smith, Jerry Watts, Jim Jones, Gene Chandler, Willis Burke. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Hull, Jean Vlfilder, Jean Lytle, Nancy Christopher, Judy Kennedy, David Parsons, Carol Welch, Kay Boston, Donna Wilkes, Chcrril Morgan, Laura Lee Bragg, Linda Jones, Kay Kennelly, Darrell Gray, Carol Dunn, Gary Frank. FIFTH ROW: Jerry McKin, Ralph McCann, Don Loucks, Fred Hanselmann, Sandra Surges, Abram Hitt, Joe Remick, Marion Hutchinson, Sara Greenhalgh, Heather Little, Ernie Hamlet, Joe Mathis, Hope McCain, Connie Satterfield, Karen McMillen, Miriam O'Connor. SIXTH ROW: Mary Wallaway, Janet Hull, Steve Broadbent, Ray Wilson, Larry Rein, Jerry Sands, Kay Stewart, Alan Fenwick, Curtis Reeves, Hanson Rikard, Steve VanCoops, Bob Downs, Dermit Brown, Dick Galley, Tom Rodda. SEVENTH ROW: Jackie Baker, Bonnie Hamilton, Monte Hunter, Linda Ladd, Reta Roberts, Joy King, Bertha Davis, Skip Larson, Richard Parsons, Craig Orr, Yvonne Link, Eleanor Ury, Beverly Rue, Tom Savage, Albin Heushkel, Fred Perry, Larry Long, Qhuck Satterfield, Rodney Cocking, Jan Thomas, Mary Ellen Watters, Kay Branson. BEL AIR, MARYLAND, HIGH SCHOOL BAND RAYMOND DOMBROWSKI, Direclor Y '15-f :Ta-1 L V if A .1 it r l i 5 i The Bel Air High School Band, under the direction of marches in many parades annually, and performs at each Raymond J. Dombrowski, is composed of students from home football game. One highlight of the year is the the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The Band All-Band Concert presented in the spring. One of Mary- plays for pep rallies, assemblies, and local organizations, 1and's outstanding bands! RAYMOND J. DOMBROWSKI Graduate of Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, 1951g spent two years with the 2nd Army Bandg come to Bel Air in 1955g teaches Instrumental Musicg directs the Band, Dance Band, and the Orchestra. 248 ,855 '4 w 1, is 1 fi -, if 0 . ,.x lx aa 5, Y.: 5' lt MAJORETTES The majorettes, under the capable direction of a senior student-Ann Pyle-are a part of the Marching Band, They execute routines during the football half-time shows, perform at pep rallies, and partici- pate in all parades. PRISCILLA STANCILL Drum Majorette A senior, Priscilla has helped plan and execute football half-time shows, has rehearsed the Band, and has conducted the shows at half-time. She has been a mem- ber of the Band for three years and plays First Chair Bass Clari- net. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Bel Air, Maryland 1 41 -si YZ? M FIRST ROXV: WILLIAM COX, Cornetg RICHARD FAIR, Trumpet, STEVE FENDER, Clarinetg JOHN CALDER, Clarinet. SECOND ROW: JEAN GAYLEY, Alto Clarinetg SANDRA SCARFF, Suxophoneg KAREN SHARP, Flute, JUDY MUN- HALL, Flute, ANN BOWMAN, Clarinet, PRISCILLA STAN- 5 CILL, Bass Clarinet. THIRD ROW: JOHN REEVES, Snare Drumg LINDA GRIMM, Bass Drumg CARLTON THOMSON, Tuba: MICHEAL SHELBERT, Baritone, ELEANOR LEWIS, French Horn. , 7- Xl fi ' r THE DANCE BAND Organized three years ago, the High School Dance Band PIANO: Micheal Shelbert. FIRST ROW: John Oberender, John has played for school variety shows, school dances, local organizations, the town Lions Club Minstrel Show as pit band, and assemblies. Calder, Wade Yeakle, Mickey Vogel, Steve Fender. SECOND ROW: Gary Greenfield, James Groseclose, Edward Miller, Lee Choate, William Cox, James Miller, Richard Fair. DRUMS: George Makin. MONTEREY HIGH SCHOOL BAND Lubbock, Texas DR. TED CRAGER, Director FLUTES: Reesa Vaughter, Mary Barrett, Jonelle Minton, Andrea Henry, Brenda Johnson, Ann Blackburn, Annette Wyche, Wilmo Nowell, Joan Jennings, Charles Healer, Grant Taylor, Pat O'Neal, Reha Bristow. PERCUSSION: Carolyn Cozby, Bobby Higgs, Naomi Hunt, Hal Johnson, Gary Key, Allen Nichols, Ronald Thompson. SAXOPHONES: Lynda Minton, Anna Lou Busby, Lanny Counts, Charles Lindsey, Tommy Appling, Tina Smith, Karen Karnegay, Gerald Turbeville, Carl Hickman, Bob Cone. ALTO CLARINETS: Linda Perryman, Judy Hollars, Janie Wil- liams, Ann Wilson. BASSOON: Mary Lois Jones, Mike Atcheson. CONTRA BASS CLARINET: Buford Terrell. FRENCH HORNS: Buzz Strehli, Brenda Dunn, John Farrell, Dan Stevens, Beverly Moore. BASS CLARINETS: Butch Young, Gayle Bateman, Sarah Porter, Donna Anderson. BASSES: Dale Bateman, Ronnie Ayers, Amon Wade, Ronald Strawn, Dudley Barber, Bud Harvey, James Horne. CORNETS: Martin Jones, Frank Bray, Billy Marquam, Benny Murray, Dixie Ward, Roy Roberson, Charles Kelly, Jim Underwood, Daniel Boone, Robert Strange, Jimmy Nelson, Bob Meyers. TROMBONES: David Knox, Carl Mc- Kinzie, David Gilliam, Jimmie Gamble, Ray Green, Jimmy Hodges, Billy Brasher. BARITONES: Ray Glenn Dale, Joe Dan Walker, Mack Perdue, John Sanders. CLARINETS: Ray Kireilis, Winford Gore, Robert Boverie, Karen Brown, Diana Blake, Gary Yaggy, Larry Marshall, Alan Cate, Randy Frecleriksen, Sharon Wilson, Lee Mcllroy, Jimmy McDivitt, Buford Terrell, Lynn Mcllroy, Jake Angle, Doug McPeak, Margaret Henry, Patty St. Clair, Clayton Parks, Mary Jo Best, Mac Cravy, Walter Boyd, Marion Golden, Hunter Heath, Norma Nowell, Janet Lindley, Sue Davis, LeFreda Smith, Janice Ownsby, Marca Holland. OBOE: Tina Smith. Eb CLARINET: Beverly Biggs. DRUM MAJOR: Ray Glenn Dale. MAJORETTES: Brenda Dunn, Ann Blackburn, Reha Bristow, Janice Ownsby. Director, DR. TED J. CRAGER, and Assistant Director, GARY T. GARNER. MONTEREY HIGH SCHOOL BAND TED J CRAGER Dxrector OFFICERS DAVID KNOX Treasurer BRENDA DUNN Secretary FRANK BRAY President DOUG MCPEAK Socxal Chaxrman RAY KIREILIS Vxce Pres1 dent ANN BLACKBURN, Hxstorxan RAY GLENN DALE Drum Mayor MN 1 President, MARGARET GROTI-Ig Secretary, CLEONE HOLLUMQ Vice President, GEORGE HILSTADQ Librarians, JERRY BEITZ, ROGER OFFERDAHL. MAYVILLE, NORTH DAKOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROGER L, KOLSRUD, Director The Mayville High School Band of seventy members has become noted as one of the top Concert and Marching units in the area. The Band in the past six years of compe- tition has rated Highly Superior in every contest entered. This includes county, district, and state levels. Soloists and ensembles drawn from the band members have compiled one of the better records in the state in contest competition. The membership includes students from the 8th through the 12th grades. Prep Band and Beginners' Band total a membership of eighty-five, with students beginning in- strument study in the fifth grade. The Band appeared in parade and concert at.the Minneapolis Acquatennial 2 yearsg Duluth Centennial 19565 N. D. Soap Box Derby Band of the 2 yearsg N. D. State Fair at Grand Forks, as well as practically every local parade and band day within a radius of 100 miles. The Band's rating in major parade competition has never been far from the top, although the most concentration is on concert work. The Mayville High School A Cappella Chair has an equally fine record and the group has been acclaimed as one of the finest choirs of its type in the state. CORNET TRIO State Winners past 2 yearsg Allan Boedecker, Richard Balstad, Glen Thoreson. BAND OFFICERS ' ROGER L. KOLSRUD B.A. degree, Concordia taught at Lynd, yearsg Director of Vocal strumental Music at 6 yearsg member of N.C. and member of Control of N.D, Music l MAJORETTES SAXOPHOIN ES SECTION LEADERS Mdyvrlle North Dakota SECTION LEADERS FRONT: LINDA ZINIEL, Drum. SECOND ROW: BERNICE XWINGER, Saxoplmoneg SHARON JOHNSON, Flute and Piccolo THIRD ROW: GARY I-IANSON, Horng CLEONE HOLUM, Clarinetg ANN EAST- VOLD, Saxophone, BACK ROW: HERMAN MOE, Tromboneg GEORGE HILSTAD, Bari- tone: JERRY BEITZ, Bass Hornsg GLENN THORESON, Cornet and Trumpet. BRASS CHOIR State XX'inners FRONT: Veda Boedecker, Gauy Hanson. SECOND ROW Herman Moe, George Hilstad, Allan Boedecker THIRD ROW: Roger Offerclahl, Glenn Thoreson. When the Central High School Band was organized, it was used only for military purposes but xery soon began to grow in importance In 1949 Mr A E McClain came to Central and Gave the band the motto Spirit-Attitude CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND State Memphis, Tennessee A. E. McCLAIN, Direrfor Dedication -Musical Ability. Late in the summer, open band practice is held during which new members enroll. When school begins, each member is given a tryout based on scales, sight reading, tone, and technique. He is then placed in the Band where he can best serve most effectively in the promotion of a full-sounding and balanced unit. The Band's activities in- clude appearances at football games, assemblies, parades, civic functions, and concerts. It has presented concerts in several states to stimulate interest in music. One of the highlights in the band year is a tour taken in the spring and often includes three or four states where concerts are given in schools and universities. Another important appear- ance of the Concert Band is participation in the State Music Festival. Each student makes his own grade. It is up to the individual to have his music ready at the proper time. At the end of six weeks, section leaders listen to and grade the pieces of music which have been assigned. The Band has no cer- tain number of members. The personnel is limited by considerations of balance and proficiency. Included in the year's work is a class in music theory. Since the last eight bands have earned "Superior" ratings at State Band Con- test, emphasis has been placed on good performances of the best possible music. The 1958 Central High School Band is striving to uphold the fine record of the past bands. BAND OFFICERS MARGARET BAKER, Secretary WARREN NANCE, Chaplain i Y PAULA W I-I I T E Librarian DAVID PECK, Presidentg KA HYATT, Treasurerg RICHARII TILLINGHAST, H i s to r i a n DAVID CAUDILL, Co-President V1 057 1 . l . N k. . I .gymm -, H N 1 '- V W if 1 I Q ra I QS" inf 1 v 1' qi! 'lx nf' I H f 'ff ,llegglm I! ' 5 I L Vu ll' ,nu 1.0113 413,111 .?g.5'.sx 1' C , ,.1 Q hu fr'- 9 ,K ' W . . Q af? Q j!6 l if y M ' wg! n il 3: . fa., 54. , ,gs ln... L .- f .h , W 1 wb -- U Cb Q, ls., f 1 -'En 'QQ--A-1' gn .1 I girls.. 1 xN'f:' s .tix ,A jg. - 'A ' J .nhl I X, Q5 Q-: Q ' ' 1 .fs-Q - "' ' 'I - i.v:u1',,, , 2 X ' gr- p - 13' ' . Al '. ' ' ' ,. ,,-N X... '- . ' Q ' 3, ir F2 '49, gl. Y 4. ,N--. 1 IL?-v P1 .434 -T " vs' '. - 5 -' -5' , Q 2 if L nw L. - I 1 4. ' 5 -- A bp ,ge aw - -'su-X , ' 4' " f w- - '- ,., ,' rig' Qf- ,hp . ' ' ZQZQ L ' K ,.- AHB! '3 -51'-5-.Ns-fqf W1-'vga u ya, - , f., .- ,,f' ,X ' J mv? "- Xi,--3-f -'X A 4 4,5 f'.Lfg,3.z7 F :qw-1121 'N - ' g1f"1' I qhlh x -g.:qgi"l-lit! Q 1. A7 tag'-41M,?vl 'gt' F If gr, T QW 4: V v -qi, :K pk, 1 1- ,F , " '..4, X Q , ' ' 1 Q" - E -Q' Ns-A 'T-R afwi -L 'MV . u' .' 541' K 9? """"-"-1-4-.f V jj x TQ ,,iffffQ? 0 , M l ,mi-, . f2qQ., g . N A L ' - fA,.M 1 ,, Lf.-,A 19 :Q w Q 7' ' ' 1. 2 'J 44 ig'-,V ,. 1 ,llri': :ig E, 1 X X ' A-A ,Sqh,if,'xQ4 n N. -, , V, 7-4 A N: - V , -' ilhlilpi' , "Q ff- .. , , ' WHWP 1 f , ,Q .fffw ' is A k Q , - , ' A - -5111 N as - , ' r I ff V5 I . :A -???w3,Wa.. Hx J 4 'U A, .X . 4 W .. . K U .4 , Eslfwirxy V ,N F s .n l . " . . if xi , JJ,-" ' -'45-Lip A Q 4 4 Af V 'AH Z7 N- ' A EE' N 4 Uv, Si, gy - -,ag 1: 1-,-iw' g-Jf:1.IL.- - K.,T.,,fH, .-Q .lfgjiTw i 1 - 1 .vigil N j. I f 'NwiQiivL.QVv XM 1, ,F if fl WW - ,, 4- -' - . . I 1.1 , W 5? ' "Eff f 4 0' F :I A '. 515 ,- M - 24' :ve Q x 1 1 X - -afar '5' ... K gf ff' qw N I 391-r A - X' 3? EUNICE MADISON, Drum Major WORTHINGTON, MINNESOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND State GERALD NIEMEYER, D21-atm Dedication The Worthington High School Band was organized in 1919 when Mr. Victor Moeller initiated the idea of public school music in the city and took over the directorship of the group. He held this position until Mr. Niemeyer suc- ceeded him in 1945. At the present time the membership of the band includes 32 seniors, 28 juniors, 29 sophomores, 9 freshmen-a total of 98 pieces-plus the 8 twirlers who lead the band during the marching season. In addition to daily rehearsals half of the band members take part in the 12 ensemble groups and 37 solos which will be entered in the contests this spring. The Band has won Superior ratings for the past thirteen years in contests. The people of Worthing- ton have always shown a great interest in the band, and JOHN EVANS Cadet and Trojan Band Director in 1955 when the group was invited to play at the Min- nesota Music Educators' Clinic in Minneapolis and the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago, the businessmen of the city bought the individual band members at a "Slave Auctioni' to raise money for the trip. The Band has also performed at St. Olaf College in Norfield, Minnesota, Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and many other cities. In 1956 Radio Station WCCO selected the W.H.S. Band as the "Football Prep Band of the Year." This year the group has been asked again to appear at the Minnesota Music Educators' Clinic in February. Besides its famed Senior Band, the Worthington school's instrumental de- partment includes a Trojan Band of 75 members, a 50- piece Cadet Band, and two grade school bands. GERALD NIEMEYER American Instrumental Music Educator and Cornetistg born at Fairmont, Minnesota, and graduated f r o m Fairmont High Schoolg received B.M. W degree at Dana's Institute of f Music in Warren, Ohiog studied Cornet with Ross Hickernell and Violin with " Charles Lowrey and Guy Don- nellyg was professional comet- istg was Music Educator in public schools of Sherburn, Minnesota, Armstrong, Iowa, and Swea City, Iowa before joining faculty at Worthing- ton in 1945g was honored to have high school annual dedi- cated to him in 19503 is mem- ber of Iowa Bandmasters' As- sociation and other organiza- tions. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Worthington, Minnesota A 2 ,r J J. , TOP ROW: Bass, CONROD SCHMIDTQ French Horn, PHILIP HILLSTROMQ Cornet, JANE NIEMEYERQ Trom- bone, DALE I-IODGESQ Baritone, LARRY HUGHES. SEC- OND ROW: Bassoon, PHYLLIS ANDERSON, Bass Clari- net, MARILYN BENSONQ Tenor Saxophone, RUTH TWIRLERS l del Long, Joy Boysen, Shirley Nelson, Joan Rogers, Shirley Smith, Carol IQ lds, Barbara Kruger. rl all -,fx-,Y -.F--Y..-. ! . t ,r,. 4 'J H, 1 V V 7 I . s ,, ,L I . I BJORNSTADQ- Baritone Saxophone, SANDRA OLSENQ Snare Drum, PAULA LARSON. FRONT ROW: Alto Clarinet, AUDREY JACOBSONQ Alto Saxophone, JACKIE WAHLQ Oboe, JOYCE E H I. E R SQ Flute, MERCEDES JOHNSON: Clarinet, JIM WHIPKEY. SOLOISTS at the MINNESOTA MUSIC this year. CSeniorsJ JOYCE EHLERS, Oboe PHILIP HILLSTROM, French Horn JANE NIEMEYER, Cornet a 31 EDUCATORS . I I i ' ff ' H an A A - ' - A ! L A 5 E 1 A ' Wig' ' Y ' ' A A yy ' 1 .- - Q if A if .A Q' w Vx A A A xv W A . . a L . . .. - .fx A-f .A ' A A , '. 2 ' . A gy. . 1 i V QA - 1 . If x. V ni I :QT Y. , . 9 Afslafi'-"I ' 1252! Wgifafi 'I' A ' 'A 'M :Q 'ffwsigfm -Iii is 3 -A ff "2 Tw, ff! ,gi . . . , h A A Q 4 ii' L A iv 3, , A , LU xv .fi . . -L . V XV' -' -. . ' - .XA 11 5 I- . if A A A ,frwy , vp A 'J . Y .- ,A I x, - ' 'F' -I A L-. A . . , . 1 . . 1 '15, -3 A -R X, .. A R , o e N , .W f , - 4 f .. . K t, 1 , . ' Q. : ' ' Q e ll' o V ra ' X I 1' VKX, h 1 in ,F to 3 .. X .u f A 'N ' Axim . . I 'lk' fx A L I-, , W it I 2, ' , ' N ' t I X ir A lb -f 1 : ' 5 9 1 A ' 4 ' s L zu Af fi ng! 'A ll A , x 1 ' J ' at-V . -I I A ' 'f . A ' ' 'I ' 1' o . K' - G, Jima. ww-f.,. A , ff fvf y .A 1 W V, A .Aff-V. ,An ,A ,,. 1 A XY Q - fa 1 J fr ' ' A A g 55.-51 yr' 15265. -. I, W . x V A '. .1 N . - f :gun ' .' ' 'I . ' l f' Z ' 1 f I ' . ' f I 0 . X .4 yi," x 0 C T Q 9 . : 3 I ., : L.. . .-1 f u1AA.Aff, - -I - : - A- 1 A - - : ' - 1,-1 R- 11.1-,ey -- 1 A' A - ' ', , - 'K A . u A - - X 5 in . . A: : - - - 1 . fb, 'RAI x f',,1,- . ,X Aff' ' . 0 ' ' ' , ,VKX -- . ,I wx Z 0 O . I . . , I 8 X " ' 05 ' fn 0 , -X f' I ' A 9' fi' . 4 Vi- E1 ,K 'All FMR l -vlikml. gnu. "If: 'i.."f.41.- 911 V . . WINYAH HIGH SCHOOL BAND Georgetown, South Carolina W. W. JACOBUS, Director UNUIID6 195 1999 6 .i.,l' 1' 'L-r LYNN COX Band President recognition as a clari- S. C. All-State Band 19573 District Band 1957: re- trophy as the Most Out- Player in Eastern Dis- Bandg has been president of two years. is 35 The nationally famous Winyah High School Band has performed from New York to Texas and proudly holds three national championships: The 1955 Cherry Blos- som Parade Championship, the 1956 Cherry Blossom Parade Championship, and the 1957 Cherry Blossom Drill Championship. The Precision-perfect group is well known for the strict discipline, close order drilling, showmanship abilities, and sportsman- ship. Each student must maintain a scholastic average in his academic work in order to remain in the band program. This band holds the title of the "Official State Band" for South Carolina and is also known as the "Official Southern 5010" High School Band. Since entering com- petitive events in 1953 the band has collected thirty ribbons, trophies, and plaques. The Winyah Band is highly supported by the Winyah Band Boosters Club, a group of four hundred interested citizens who help raise funds to send the band on its trips. The Winyah Band has its own bus and trailer and has two sets of uniforms, a mili- tary styled uniform for winter use and a cowboy styled outfit for summer wear. Organized for eleven months in the year, the band performs at many summer festivals throughout the United States. National appearances of this band since 1954 has included: 1957 Presidential Inaugural Parade, Washington, D. C., 1954-57 St. Patrick's Day Parade, Savannah, Ga.g 1954-57 Cherry Blossom Festival, Was.hington,,D. C., 1956 Veterans of Foreign Wars Con- vention, Dallas, Texasg 1954-56 Azalea Festival Parade, Wilmington, N. C.g 1955 Lions International Convention, Atlantic City, N. 1.5 1956 Tobacco Festival, Richmond, Va., 1955 Carousel - F5 Parade, Charlotte, N. C., 1956 Miss America Parade, Manning, S. C.g 1956 Southern 500 Races, Darlington, S. C., and it officially led the 1957 Miss America Pageant Parade down the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. W. W. JACOBUS, Director Came to Georgetown in 1953 and has built the Band Pro- gram from 57 students to the 143 students from 4th 'Kilim through 12th gradesg conducts the Maryville Elementary Band, Winyillz junior Band, Winyah High School Concert Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, and Marching Bandg directs First Baptist Church Choirs in Georgetown: .is an out- standing Music Educator. .-,MQLUMI - ,' ,eras WINYAH HIGH SCHOOL BAND Georgetown, S ' outh Carolina WINYAH BAND COLOR GUARD A drill unit within themselves, they participated in the Penn-Jersey Circuit Color Guard Competition. They also present drill exhibitions at local sports events. JENNIE TURNER, Captain, Clarinet, JOANNE PORT, Rifle, Clarinet JEANNETTE BUNN, American Flag, Alto Saxophoneg RUTH ETH RIDGE, Confederate Flag, Percussiong REGINA GIBSON, State Flag, Alto Saxophoneg MARTHA MILLS, School Flag, Percussion, FA CKLEN Band Fla Percussion WANDA HEALAN, TRICIA MA , ' g, 3 . , Rifle, Percussiong JANIE ACKERMAN, Co-Captain, Sabre, Clarinet. WINYAH BAND OFFICERS SONYA HIGGINS, Vice Presidentg CHARLES CARTERg JEN- NIE TURNER3 RICHARD GUSTAFSONg FRANCIS PORT, Secretaryg DREX DOBSONQ LYNN COX, Presidentg MIKE CORBETT, LINDA SUE JOHNSON, BILL CLAPP, JANIE ACKERMAN, BOBBY SIAU, LINDA FRANCIS, JOYCE HAR- RELSON. . . Y H as . MARCHING BAND DRUM SECTION MARCHING BAND BAND BUS AND TRAILER Lined up on the starting line is the 54 piece Winyalu High School Ma Band. This company front formation is always used by the Band when start a drill exhibition. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Wfinyah High School Band l A 4.1. .L SONYA HIGGINS Majoretteg CHARLES CARTER, Percussiong TAW, Saxophonesg JOYCE HARRELSON French Horns DREX LYNN COX Clwunetsg RICHARD GUSTAFSON, Flutesg MIKE DOBSON, Sousaphones. CORBETT 'liomboncsg BILL CLAPP, Trumpetsg SHERY SHOP- BRENDA MORAN JOHNSON Mascot Mnjorette Four years old, the daughter of Mr. und Mrs. Abbie V. Johnson. Marches with High School Band. SONYA HIGGINS, Drum Majorette juniorg first year as Drum Majoretteg has participated in Band four years- performed with Color Guard, Majorette Section, and Trumpet Sectiong plays trumpet in Concert Bandg daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. N. I-Iigginsg Band Officer for two yearsg Chosen as Band Sweetheart, 1957g Vice President of Band. WINYAH HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND 1957-1958 -59555 gm . ,-," .- , --Y.-L . . 1 . FAIRBURY HIGH SCHOOL BAND S F airbury, Nebraska Wie KENNETH E. FOUST, Director Dedfwffvw Outstanding in both concert and marching the Fairbury High School Band under Mr. Foust has grown from twenty-two members in 1937 to eighty-nine. Band activity starts well before the beginning of the school year when band members are to be found working out routines for future football games. Precision routines are a favorite of the band which marches at all home games and travels to one out-of-town game each season. During the first few weeks the band develops small groups, such as trios, sextets, and quartets, which, in addition to playing for various local organizations, play for concert and go to district music contest. The band also forms two pep bands which alternate playing for the rallies held before sporting events in the school. Through the year the band participates in such activities as an exchange concert with a nearby city, district music contest, three or four music and band clinics, and band days of two colleges. Local work includes a fund raising campaign for the band activity fund, a Mid-Winter Concert, and the Spring Musical. The close of the school year does not signify the end of work for the band students, for a summer band program begins two weeks after school is dismissed and continues for six weeks. PATTY DOYLE, Drum Major , Twirler Gunnison, Colorado Music Campg North Platte 'Ifwirlers' Clinicg Syracuse Twirlers' Clinic, Mid-East Music Clinicg Chorus. Y? A . 9 2 N ter --ee-1 Q. Q: . 9 M , f 'W 191 an Ii. '-,,N,-. ' is I NON' M n TWIRLERS "'ln1,li'g T FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Fairbury, Nebraska gr! fi we 'VW 'QS' ff!! if-le' AL Pr ROW: GLEN SNYDER, Trombone, Vice President Band, Trombone Quartet, Brass Band, WENDELL MOHLING, Baritone, Brass Sextet, Pep Band, Chorus, Cornet, Trumpet Trio, Brass Sextet, Brass Quartet, State Clinic, All-State, FRANZEN, French Horn, Horn Quartet, Brass Sextet, Chorus, Girls' Sextet, Triple Trio: MILTON VVHITTIG, Bass, Brass Sextet, Band Sergeant-at-Arms, Clinicg KAY LIVINGSTON, Flute, Flute Quartet. SECOND ROW: JUDY Clarinet, Band Treasurer, State Music Clinic, Chorus, Operetta, Librarian, JUNKER, Alto Saxophone, Saxophone Quartet, Chorus, Aeolian Girls' Choir, Triog LINDA HUNTSINGER, KATHY SIXEL, Bass Clarinet, Band Secretary, e . I I Y 1 5 Y ! 3 Treasurer Student Council FINIS REID Percussion Soloist Duet Trio Senior sident, Band President. 6 CORNET TRIO BAND OFFICERS Treasurer, JUDY WALKERQ Vice President, GLEN SNYDERQ President, FINIS REID, Sergeant-at-Arms, MILTON WHITTIGQ Secretary, KATHY SIXEL, All are First Chair players. BRASS SEXTET BAND OFFICERS EAST PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, HIGH SCHOOL BAND State DR. STEPHEN E. FARNUM, Da-effor- The Senior Symphonic Band has received many honors These include Division I ratings in Grade 6 Music in Rhode Island and New England Music Festivals in marching and drilling. A highlight of the year has been a series of exchange concerts with outstand- ing bands from New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. One of the popular features of the school year is the Solo and Ensemble Festival. Students enter both the Rhode Island and the New England Festivals where a Division I or II rating earns them the medals shown in the pictures. The Senior High School has a complete music department which includes a band room, chorus room, classroom, ten practice rooms, storage rooms for instruments, uniforms, and music, a listening alcove, record- ing studio, dressing rooms, and a repair room. The training program for band leader- ship begins in the junior High School at the seventh grade level. In the Senior High School Band it is a major subject with full credit. Success of the program is shown in part by some of the music played: "Rumbalero"-Camarata, "Prairie Legend"- Seigmaster, "Afternoon of a Fawn," "Rhapsody in Bluei' with Piano Solo, "Russian Sailor's Dance," "Entrance of the Gods Into Valhalla," "Flying Dutchman Overture," among others. OFFICERS tative. DRUM MAJORS james Osborn and Robert Walz Q05 DIANE HUNT, Student Conduc- torg ROBERT WALZ, Drum Majorg BETSEY CHASE, Student Conductorg JAMES OSBORN, Drum Majorg GLORIA GAG- NON, Student Council Represen- Dedication DR. STEPHEN E. F Director at East Providence 1934g attended Ernest Willianis Schoolg received B.M. degree at ton Universityg Received Education degree at Harvard ate School of Education, 19503 been President of both Rhode and New England Music Associations, is State Chai A.S.B.D.A. and past mei national committees in the Iv has many publications to his including music tests and methods. FIRIST PCI2IiAIR MEMBERS iast rovi ence, Rhode Island -A-Qji' if 1 .fsmzff ., ,, QROVID-,jf :Q A3 1 all s ENIOR ' HIGHSCll00LmJ:f:':j BAND Snare Drum, CARL WALKER Trombone, BETSEY CHASEg Cornet, DONALD WARREN g Trumpet, Tympani, GORDON ROWLES CHARLES CROWNINSHIELDQ Baritone, FRANK RAYg Tuba, FRANK and . 'F it WALKER. ,Q Piccolo, JAMES OSBORNQ Oboe, LEA ZUFFOLETTI3 Clarinet, RENA WELLS, LORRAINE PIERCE, Eb Clarinet, ROSE- VICTOR ZUFFOLETTIQ Tenor Saxophone, DAVID MARY EDGARQ Alto Clarinet, MARTHA DAVENPORTQ Bass Clari- Snxophone, ANN CASARATELLOQ Baritone Het, KNIGHT TUTTI-E. HARRY TAYLOR. with band, featured in Concert VOCHI Soloist Wifh Band Flute French Horn Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue." ANTONIAN, Piano Soloist, PEGGY MCIVER DIANE HUNT MARK POVAR VELVA, NORTH DAKOTA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND FLOYD NELSON, Director The Velva High School Concert Band, consisting of fifty-four members, comes from a high school enrollment of 190 pupils. Although still a very young band, it was selected to play for the N.D.M.E.A. at the State Teachers' Convention in October in connection with a demonstration of low reed instruments by Dr, William T. Gower of Colorado State College. "Five Dances for Five Clarinets" by Alfred Reed featured Dr. Gower as Soloist. The program also included the "Celebrated Air" by Bach, "Second Suite in F" for Military Band by Holst, and "Slavonic Folk Suite" by Alfred Reed. A Holiday "POPS" concert, cafe style, drew a packed house during the Christmas holi- days. An extensive tour during March by the Concert Band with the Concert Choir was also a highlight of the year. OFFICERS SEATED: GAYLE CARLSON, Secretaryg KAREN DAHLE, MARION BAUER, Historians. N STANDING: MARILYN BAU- ER, Librariang GERRY ROB- INSON, Vice President and Student Directorg NORINE CILKE, President, CHARLENE CHRISTIE, Treasurer. .I Q 015404 if FLOYD NELSON SAXOPHONE QUARTET jean Swedlund, Almaree Loberg Patsy Lienhart, Mary Swedlund ,M l TRUMPET TRIO Norman Sollid, Paul Coughlin, Jon Burgess. M..-1 ' 11'-g-:J -i i VELVA, NORTH DAKOTA, FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS l. DOYLE DONNA SCHLAG CYNTHIA CARLSON ' 1 r QI Jw DAHLE GAYLE CARLSON JEAN SWEDLUND GERRY ROBINSON AI-MAREE LOBERG PATSY LIENHART MARY SWEDLUND SOLLID LESLIE LARSON NORINE CILKE KENNETH RYGH MARION BAUER ,, ff If '-ff-P .flII'lIy Mme."-TI-IE EDITOR YN BAUER "S1zfrefr if flae foduct 0 comer! e off Izzy Ifzlefzt-not fzerw JANE JOHNSON 267 N an fa-, xsfvg if X F' fn' 515' C:F'g31"1',f 4 . A. ' . " ' N e . ' . . ,-QQXK -5 "XXX . W qv! Q 4. i vb .- fy 1- xl.. -x Mx 5,4 -Y 4,265 . 4, , Q., f . f vga- Q- M 'V' 'Mn F 3 wf 24 f ' --L.AW?"f-A ,K egg? V , ' I . Bi Y. Q ,. Q K I 1 Q bl 1 irfilfl- , .fx x in ' ':,'. 1. . :ff .. I - A' -r H Q., ' "L" We 4, V me Q R' I 'F sq, h Q-,jg Q AWK 4.g4A-, ,h l A 'X fi' X . QM 5 an-f T . . " A ., :rf 4 11 l ,, 1- ,A , j 4 1 , 5? ' 'ga vw 1 -9- 3451. 3 3 fx S - , ' ,V T V' 'V WIKA E ' I V ig? . , I NW K ' ' 1 J 5 V .r + - 'V ' ' SRX Q., 33' f ', , ,. 'f .T .V I , V bi- I , , ,L ,I X: b X: ,Q -2 rvgvg Xxx A-qxxt XX 'full N ,g 4 . " '4 'K fm 'XA k I, 4 ' , :N . , ,Q -ima' , nl' . ' "' ' 111 ' ' . U N - ' , f ' 1 ,I .f gd . . 5 1 iv'-lf M "1 -g ,-v, L ."' 5, ,, 1, Mt 'I' A FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Spencer, West Virginia A iii A I ,H 3 i l V X X + 1 'fi ,f -Elgiiiifl PATRICIA O'BRIEN BILLIE RAY MACE STEVEN DODD CLIFFORD WEST LORETTA MONTGOMERY Oboe Clarinet Cornet Bass Bassoon Horn Baritone Trombone Flute 1 I' f' - L -V 2' 1 - far? -T'?3'--A-3'--4'-iii 'Q ANN HERSHMAN GLENN MCCLAIN KENNETH HICKEL DEE ANNA DePUE SANDRA ELMORE nf," ' 4,3!0I.M.L. TOOELE, UTAH, HIGH SCHOOL BAND State LEE CALDWELL, Da-mm Dedication This outstanding band has been developed through careful planning by the director and administrators. Students must complete a course of study and pass an exacting test for admission to the concert organization. These tests and other requirements in a point system form the basis of annual merit awards that are presented at the annual banquet. The band makes many appearances-the highlight of which is the winter concert with guest artists from the Utah Symphony and from the colleges. The band competes in Class A and is a consistently Superior organization as are a record number of soloists and ensembles. On January 18, the band played at the Mid-Winter Music Clinic of the U.M.E.A. with Thor johnson as critic for the basis of a discussion on adjudication. The band has a fine library of music and has access to the Ricks College Band Library. The Marching Band is also a highly skilled organization and has received acclaim at such great parades as The Lions International Parade in San Francisco where it was acclaimed by the press as "An Eyecatching Feature of the Parade," the Elko Fair and Live Stock Show, and others too numerous to mention and in all of which it received the highest of praise. Note the picture of the band in Bermuda shorts, yellow knee-length stockings and striped blouses in which they have been admired by thousands of people wherever they appear. flt has been a privilege of the editor of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA to see and hear this very fine organization and I commend them highly for their outstanding performance.-The Editorj l MARCHING BAND LEE CALDWELL BATEMAN, Drum and Majorette, JUDY DENNIS SPENDLOVE and JANICE BRYAN. Assistant Drum Major and Majorette I' l fm .if-4 . T27 . 5 4 MRS. ERNESTINE KEARNS 71 year old grandmother of two band students, john Cluff and undertook the making of one hundred summer band shirts without ce from anyone. She cut them by hand and sewed them all on a home sewing machine. This caused her considerable pain as her right wrist and are afflicted with arthritis. This is the largest project on behalf of oele Band ever undertaken by one individual. Her efforts have been in m of a donation as no funds are available to pay her. We feel that this cord of achievement equalled by few, if any. Add my appreciation for Mrs. .--The Editor. BAND OFFICERS Richard Kroff, Glenna Hansen, Judy Proctor, Mary Lou Whitehouse, Ronald Bateman, Glen Caldwell, David Wil- liams fPresidentj, john Cluff, Bill Nelson, jo- anne James, Annette Smith, Kathy Lewis. COLOR GUARD Mary Lou Whitehouse, Marlene Nix, Captain, Donna Deppe, Annette Smith. TOOELE, UTAH, HIGH SCHOOL BAND 27I A ll,"-l Ig 74 it 4 f.'5"f',ff-iw , D " -""" ' ' .' ,I 4-, 'gig . Q, . -.... V "JJ 'fin-DQ r gfx n. tai 'J- X . . 4 I ,W E if? - f-3' L 15" "f'7' E-2' Wh-EW '- '-IX: V . , SS 5 ",9i.d.f'2-65,15--?,.,ir-i S+'-. .4-4 r4..L.q-50-A 4, -fs 1' Se-74' 'eff' ' 'a-P4 530' 'il-W' 211- fer'-'v fi? 'N X iff. ' Q F v I J Co-Prmczpals, BILL NELSON, 11, and DONNA D gf 'fp mx' ' . .' 'I j S gf' ' ' v - , . , . 3 f , Pg .QX J ' nf! Q IK ' - - - -, x A 1 ' V' X ' f . .. L - A H is J., Q21 'ff lg, " I, l ' '. I., , 'i-. xx f" , T?-, M 'vc 'I 3' D ' It 'T I ' -. "I Y: fl I 5 ,- X I x,,.- ' . M b V it , 1 I iff, . Q: ,bi . 'xl A WH ggi.:-ll I -1. 5 2 .il ll4'Df izgijf' 5? K, - ' A N Il X 1 X 1 n . H 1'2"-E"!5""f7q Q vu ' ' """ HL. 'vu-vq , lg',pu' A +-E J' -' pf: 3 as '57 35? ,L , E 3A V 4 idx if I N A .Xfif S1-E Fi' g3.,,5f-? A L L 1, gil ff -Af ff? f 'K if? AS Q 'J LLLL A S4 i , 7f ,E-, . W: Wwa 7 . u 5 F , ' ' "' O 'HTH , f 5 .i 'J V. j fix fzc'-A A Aff' Q: 1-' AA C. I . if -' .' 5. - ' T lb, W , 5, . r , Q h , ! 3 DENNIS SPENDLOVE, 4, and THOMAS CO SAW wif 1 lf" '- . ,QA K wif Q ' 1 L , . . . 3 I Nr 4 ' , 1 . 4 . '.' 4 , r S a 4 ' A ' ' 1 nfl ..- , ' . 1 a ' 7 X nf -1 ' :I , g -'f?"!s..Bfv.:-' C f . , - Q JOANNE JAMES 5 Prmcxpal TOOELE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Tooele, Utah FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS fContinueclj .I, . RICHARD COESENS, 5, Principal STEWART WILSON, 1, Principal The Tooele Band owes much of its success to students who Ciflfifm for their Seven Yeafs of Sefvife, WC Salute this stay with the hand program until they graduate. In appre- year's graduating seniors shown below: tk : 115' TOP ROW: James Tate, Marlene Nix, David Wil- liams, Thomas Coesens, Ronald Bateman. BOTTOM ROW: Donna Deppe, Judy Proctor, Mary Lou Whitehouse. 'S- TOOELE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS . - Principal, Central School: FRANKLIN Prmflivall Junior High School: STERLING R- OFFICERS OF THE BAND LOYALTY ORGANIZATION Superintendent, Tooele County Schoolsg CARL R. Principal, Tooele High Schoolg MORONI I. OVESON, Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Cluff, Mr. Coesens Harris Elementary School, Mrs. Gressman, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Perkes, President. ggi: BLADENSBURG SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Bladensburg, Maryland Prefenfr ltr New Concert Band 1 ,-,I "THE SABRI-ES" Sonjaetta Swick, Pat Williams, Jack Drager, Turner Miles, Fred Cogswell, Paul Jacobson, Stanley Phelps, Jerry Freedman, Bill Walters, Bill Mayhew, Bob Van Natta, Frank Oelschlager, Roger Hall, John Hinkle, and Jay Buckley. ind., "THE RANGERETTESH and "THE MUSTANG BAND" CAROLYN HALL, Rangerette Captain, JAY BUCK- LEY, Drum Major. 274 "THE LANCERSH Dance Band Dick Moody, Roger Hughes, Pat Willian1s, Pete Gordon, Doug Mnrron, Brenda Mast, Carroll Mahoney, Paul Jacobson, Jack Zaner, Mr, Hoff- nmn, Roger Hall, John Hinkle, Jerry Freedman, Roy Goodman, and Bill Wzxltcrs. ,r if 9 , ANOTHER GAME, ANOTHER WIN u , BLADENSBURG, MARYLAND, HIGH SCHOOL BAND F I.. . MR. M. DENE HOFFMAN Director of Instrumental Music THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JACK ZANER, Presidentg ROGER HUGHES, Vice Presidentg SONJAETTA SWICK, Secretaryg LINDA LATIMER, Treasurerg PAUL JACOBSON, Senior Representativeg STANLEY PHELPS, junior Representativeg CAR- ROLL MAHONEY, Sophomore Representative. Librarians: SUE CI-IRISTOFANE and MARYANN DANIEL Concertmistress: PAT NWILLIAMS Quartermzistcrsz LARRY HUGHES and JERRY FREEDMAN Student Conductor: PAUL JACOBSON 275 LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA, HIGH SCHOOL BAND RONALD W. SHURIE, Dfmfof The Latrobe High School Wildcat Band enjoys an out- standing reputation for intricate precision marching, both in parades and at football games. Each year the band, beside its regular local schedule, is invited to march for college football games, parades, benefits, and marching exhibitions. Its attractive and highly trained majorette corps is a valuable asset to the organization. The band is also a fine concert organization, attaining a high degree of WAHLROBE, President. WILDCAT BAND OFFICERS LOREN FLECK, Publicity Direc- torg JANET CAMPBELL, Treas- urer, PATRICIA GILLIGAN, Secretary, JOSEPH Del SORDO, Vice President, THOMAS E -:-xi 1 I RONALD W. SI-IURIE Band Director and Supervisor of Music for Latrobe Public School System five yearsg graduate, Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Working to- ward Masters' Degree in Music Edu- cation at Pennsylvania State Uni- versityg served in Army Air Corps during World War II as trombonist and arranger, President of the Great- er Latrobe Civic Music Association, Director of Latrobe XY'omen's Choral Clubg member of W.C.M.E.A. and P,M.E.A. and Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia. 276 skill, and plays for specific occasions at high schools and colleges in the surrounding area as well as for school func- tions. It has the advantage of complete concert instrumenta- tion and magnificent spirit within its ranks. These musi- cians serve faithfully ancl vvell, giving Latrobe, the home of professional Football, good reason for its extreme pride in the Wildcat Band. 6' ,UK "f e'-,va , - .. iw., ,, -Q Lili: 2 rl il: . ' " , ...f 1.5, Q , I V' ,- r ,--ff 4 a l i BAND MANAGERS Capable head manager, JOHN JACOBS explains a uniform to assistants KEVIN DOWNS and ANDREW Del SORDO FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Latrobe, Pennsylvania l L. ROW: LOREN FLECK, Trombone, Brass Quartet, Orchestra, Officer, County Bnndg THOMAS WAHLROBE, Snare Drum, MARKS Majorette Class President, Orchestra, County Orchestra, County Band, Band, Assistant Drum Major, CAROL ANN FEATHER, Piano, String Bass, Orchestra, Girls' Chorus, College Symphony, Orchestra, County Band, Western District Orchestra, Western Band, Honor Student, BARRY L. LYNCH, Trumpet, Brass Quartet, Trumpet Trio, County Band, Dixieland JOHN BLANK, Tuba, Boys' Chorus, Vocal Quartet. SECOND RALPH KEIM, Baritone, Boys' Chorus, Western District Vocal Octet, SANDRA I-IARR, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, President Senior Orchestra, County Band and Orchestra, high Honor Student, SHEILA PALMER, Oboe, Piano, Clarinet, Violin, Senior Orchestra, Girls' Chorus, County Orchestra, CAROL PEFFER, Alto Clarinet, County Band, Church Orchestra, Honor Student, PATRICIA BELL, Bass Clarinet, Piano. THIRD ROW: RODNEY RUBY, Alto Saxophoneg NANCY SCHWEER, Flute, Piccolo, Flute Trio, REBECCA ROBINSON, Solo Flute, Oboe, Director junior Classical League Chorus, County Band, Girls' Chorus, Honor Student, JUDITH CARDELLI, Clarinet, Clarinet Trio, Honor Student, JOHN ZAJDEL, Clarinet, Clarinet Trio, Honor Student. RONALD TRANQUILLA Field Major, Trombone, Senior Orchestra. MAJORETTES GLA. -NFNB If . ' x I I 329, ' f"'1'T , ' MARKS, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND JIMMY FERGUSCN, Director The Marks High School Band, under the direction of jimmy Ferguson, is one of the outstanding bands in the state. The band has received consistent Superior ratings in State Competition and in Solos and Ensembles. As an active part of the high school, the band participates in football games, parades, and other activities. This is the band's second appearance in FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA. I EFF!! I Received his training at the 1 - Q- Z5 L 5 University of Mississippig was - """' 9 r I Q L First Trombonist in Concert '- 3 'js , 2 . " . -'L ' ' Band and in Orchestra. , E . ., H I Q -V . I ' 1. Vx, W I I A 'X , X ll W 1' l 5, 5 Q, ' 1 X jg f ,ffl ? N ' K I C I 1 ,tl mf? A - , L ' . are 1 .. PI .Q e" Drum Majorette, DOROTHY BROWN, and Majorettes JIMMY FERGUSON SAXOPHONE QUARTET BRASS SEXTET " wluf W 'LJ' 278 TROMBONE QUARTET FLUTE QUARTET FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Marks, Mississippi I. '-an J ' I XX x 1 l I 225553 . 'E ,lg ' ID I J "' x N XX , gf . , 1,1 ' , .4 . lv x fffil,I,l,g ix I L. X- ' ' JU' fr , ff Q , ' FIRST ROW: MARTHA WHITE, Fluteg VAN SANDERS, Cornetg THOMAS STANFORD, Baritone: LINDA JAMISON, Bassoong BARBARA BREWER, Saxophone. SECOND ROW KATHY THOMAS, French I-Iorng MARIETTE KATZ, Tenor Saxophoneg JIMMY SPARKS, rl: -A--Q33 Bassg ANNETTE INMAN, Baritone Szixophoneg JOHN GUNTER, Trombone. I WJ. ' X 5 af . W IRI. .Q T41 1 if'-I 51- T ' , l" ! -. .fs I " LLQQ w Av W , l . Lions All-State Band Members OFFICERS DOROTHY BROWN KATZ, KA'fHY Dful11 Majofetfg KATHY THOMAS, First Lieutenantg VAN SAN- Clarinet DERS, Captaing JOHN GUNTER, Second Lieutenant. MISSISSIPPI LIONS ALL-STATE BAND-INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS-1951-1952-1955 This group is responsible for many new and novel shows that have made HUNTERDON CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL "Red Devil" BAND Flemington, New jersey JOHN F. KRAUSS, Director The "Red Devili' Band is one of the best marching bands in the state. The band ap- pears at all home and away football games with an original halftime show.HSince its appearance at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D. C. where this- organiza- tion won First Place, the band has been invited to participate in many parades .through- out the state. This year the band performed at the New jersey Parent Teachers Conven- tion held at Convention Hall in Atlantic City and was very enthusiastically received. The "Red Devil" Band is also recognized as a fine concert organization, playing the best in musical literature. Under the direction of an energetic, inspiring director, its concerts have attained wide popularity. Twelve members of the concert band have been chosen by competition to play in the New jersey Region II Band and six to play in the New jersey All-State Band. The band is aided considerably by a very active Band Mothers Club which contributes financially toward uniforms and instruments. This year the Band Mothers sponsored the second annual Military Ball held at the football season. Directors and band members of the eight schools encountered on the gridiron were invited. With boys in their own band uniforms and girls in lovely formal gowns, rivalries of the past were overshadowed by the friendly atmosphere of this colorful event. .,. n-VY, 3 JOHN F. KRAUSS THE BAND PLANNING COMMITTEE B.S., State Teachers fMusic Ed.J, Columbia played professionally before U. S. Army Bandmaster World Treasurer, N.j.E.A. Music Guest Conductor, Beaver Brook Campg member A.S.B.D.A. -. r-f--- the Red Devil Band one of the most outstanding football bands in the state. TWIRLING CORPS- BARBARA DAVIDSON, Captain FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Flemington, New Jersey YT-V '57 FIRST ROW: WILLIAM BRITTON, Student Director, Trumpet, JERE JACOBS, Tympani, CHARLES ORASCHIN, Saxophone, First Chair Region II Band, All- Stnte Band, National Honor Society, HELEN KINNAMON, Solo Flute, Publicity Chairman, National Honor Society, MURIEL METERSKY, Oboe, Region II Band. SECOND ROW: RICHARD JONES, Solo Trumpet Symphonic Band, Region II Band, CHRISTINE WENZEL, Alto Saxophone, National Honor Society, EDWARD THORNTON, Trombone, All-State Band, Region II Band, Youth Symphony, Trenton, N. J., ROGER KIRSCHEN, French Horn, Region II Band, All-State Band, NANCY HUFF, Flute and Piccolo. THIRD ROW: JOSEPH DILTS, Baritone, Region II Band, All-State Band, PEGGY OBERT, Solo Clarinet, Region II Band, All-State Band, CAROLEE VOORHEES, Tenor Saxophone, Band Secretary, WILLIAM FIESS, Sousaphone, Region II Band, All-State Band, JUDY BUSH, Bassoon Region II Band. FOURTH ROW, Left: SHIRLEY HOOVER, Bass Clarinet, National Honor Society, Right: BARBARA DAVIDSON, Captain of Twirlers, National Honor Society. 34,5 Candidates who lnvc won places in the Region II of New Jersey The Director and Student Directors Band md 1112 NCW Jewry All-State Band. JOHN WOODWARD Assistant student Director MR KRAUSS, Director, and VUILLIAM BRITTON Student Director. MIAMI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND Miami, Florida State orro J KRAUSHAAR Da-may Dedication The Miami Senior High School "Million Dollar" Band has achieved an impressive record of activities .and accomplishments during the past decade. With its auxiliary organizations, the band numbers around two hundred and thirty students. Of the total, one hundred and eighty are bandsmen, the remaining students being members of march- ing units-The Dancing Majorettes, Stingarettes, Flagettes, and Ballet. The hundred and eighty musicians called the "Marching Band" are divided into two smaller groups-a "Concert Band" and a "Stingaree Band" for the purpose of facilitating rehearsal and administrative problems. The Miami High Band has been and is a regular participant in district, state, and regional CNationalj band contests and in them has accumulated an impressive total of First Division CSuperiorj ratings in concert, march- ing, and sight reading events. The Miami High Band regularly participates in community and educational activities in cities throughout the state of Florida and is in constant demand for appearances in hometown Miami. The band has made several trips to neighboring Cuba for the "Carni- val de la Habana" as guests of the City of Miami and the Cuban Government. In 1956 the band and majorette units went to South America as guests of the City of Manizales, Columbia, for their annual Fiesta. These one hundred and eighty student musicians together with the Dancing Majorettes, Stingarettes, Flagettes, Ballet, and other colorful units have made an outstanding impression on Miami football fans. The Miami Senior High School Band has pioneered many firsts in half-time shows for Miami football fans. In 1939 they introduced the art of Swiss Flag Swinging. In 1940 their Blacklight Show received national attention. 1941 brought on Miami's first large Majorette Corps when the Miami High Majorettes took the field. 1943 introduced Miami's first between-halves musical pageant which Miami High called "Salute to the United Nations." Hailed as one of the snappiest bands in the South for its marching maneuvers and throughout the country as a superb convert group, its is dear to the hearts of Mramians as Miami's "Million Dollar" High School Band. The band and majorette units have received wide acclaim for the colorful pageants staged each year. The Miami High Band is well represented in university and college bands. Many thousands of dollars worth of university scholarships have been awarded to its graduates. Under the banner "Leadership-Character," which is also a philosophy, graduates of the Miami High Band are daily taking their places as leaders in their communities. 282 OTTO J. KRAUSHAAR Born in Sturgis, Michigang Howe Military School, Sherwood School, with graduate work at the versity of Wisconsin and the Uni Iowag served on Flagship U.S.S. vania during World War Ig was l with Canadian Kilties Band, Chicago cert Band and with Elkhart, Indi Wayne, Indiana, and Kalamazoo, I Symphony Orchestrasg was bassoonist the Sousa Band for four yearsg was tary-Treasurer of National School Association four yearsg was Treasurer of Florida Bandmasters tion one yearg was President of Music Educators' Association four and Vice President of Southern Music Educators' National Conference years and member of its Board of six yearsg has been Vice President President of Florida Bandmasters' tiong is member of the Sousa Band Society and of American Ban Associationg has been member of the of Directors of the A.B.A.g has been and orchestra adjudicator in district state contests in Texas, Iowa, Illin consin, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Carolina, and national contestsg was pointed to serve on the Florida School Activities Association as re tive of the Florida Music Educators ciarion. MIAMI, FLORIDA, SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS, CONCERT BAND Flute A.....,..,.,..,...,,.,.,,....,,,.,,...,.........,...,...,.,,...... SUE SMITH Oboe ,.A,,, ., ..,..,,......,,. JAMES ANDERSON Bassoon . .. ......,....,.. DIANNE HOLZINGER Clarinet.. ,,,,.w,,... ........., A LBERT ABRAMOWITZ Alto Clarinet A.,...,.. .,......... B ERNICE GROSSMAN Bass Clarinet ,,.,...,, .,,..,.l.,,.....,,.r M ARCIA BUAN Alto Sxaophone .,..,,.,.. ....,.., S ONIA MCLAUGHLIN Tenor Saxophone ...l,..,,.,, ......... I- IENRY GREENFIELD Baritone Saxophone ...., .,.,............. CARL ZITTRER Cornet ,.,,.,,v.,.v.............w. e...w.,.LL. F RANK OFFERLE Trumpet., ..,.....,.,...... ....... W ILLIAM MOTLEY Horn .,,,,.,l.,,r .,,...,......,., J OHN CLARK Trombone .,..... ,....,,. R ICHARD COUCH Baritone .,....... ,......,... B RUCE BOWERS Tuba ,.,,,,,,,., ...........,. D AVID ARCHER Percussion ,,..... ,..e..... H OWARD BOLNER 1 Xml. il TWIRLERS 32' ,. HORN SECTION BASS SECTION 1 ,S 3, ,...-fag. we MW? 'Q gif,-5Swz,J, f ., 1, 5-1 ,, - :T-.o"' - A , -Q-pw'--pf-... f - . - - , . ,,..Y I I- 'f ' ' --T , -. '- ' .."m' """"3l H +I A I I I e 9 0 e 4 mx rr I - ,,p-'ay-yggm.v5,5.:m N 1.3713 H as ' 5 ,Ln Q A . W . vw-. L . , , Ev i' '4521lC'1:?fE23.Q3-S21 S , . , . T . ' "3L"5',-'T f'f.' '51-' ,-' -,ff - .V Q. awznwvaff fI0- I '- w rf '. " : :I 'T ' 1 1- '- 'wa IL v I .I W 311. ,gb -has , iff? 1161--.':f 1 5.4, ' ' g .., wwf- - .-. ,. -6v3wWfH??55S?Q' .- .'-'q,,,- 3 L5--Cs' 1, .1 -'-0'3'.1:...... :'f '.- MIAMI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL "MILLION DOLLAR" BAND C R Y 284 Y- S me 9 BAND -QQ- wk v S THE BAND PERCUSSION SECTION FLUTE AND PICCOLO SECTION .Rs PORTION OF BAND LEAVING FOR "CARNIVAL de La HABANAH in HABANA, CUBA THE LYMAN HALL HIGH SCHOOL BAND Wallingford, Connecticut DR. RICHARD A. OTTO, Di1l'ecz'01' The Lyman Hall High School Band was organized in 1928 through the efforts of Robert H. Early who was then principal. Guided by a philosophy of making music inclusive rather than exclusive, the Lyman Hall Band steadily grew to a membership of one hundred. For many years it has received top ratings in both state and regional festivals and thus holds an established position among musical organizations of the East. Its annual activities include appearances at football games, assemblies, civic func- tions, parades, concerts, and festivals. It has presented concerts in communities through- out the state to stimulate interest in music. One of the highlights in the band's history was experienced when it performed at the M.E.N.C. Eastern Convention, in Buffalo, New York, in February 1953. To the then newly-formed Music Parents' Club goes credit for raising over five thousand dollars in less than two months to defray expenses of the memorable trip. Members of the band are given weekly instrumental lessons by the music directors and are placed in the band where they can serve most effectively in the promotion of a full sounding and balanced unit. Unnecessary tension is thus eliminated from rehearsals and the young musicians give a good accounting of themselves unencumbered. l l , , . J. ...,..., ,,.,.Y ,..aa---, Catherine S. Otto fFront Centerj f f PATRICIA OTT Drum Maj orette 'Lap RICHARD A. OTTO Reiceved Bachelor's degree from Ithaca College and Masters' degree from University of Michigan and Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Univer- sity of Connecticutg member of C.M.E.A. and has held officesg Past President, Connecticut Band- masters' Association, a member of M.E.N.C., of N. E. Music Festival Association, of the A.S.- B.D.A., and of the First All-American Band- masters' Bandg Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Kappag festival conductor and adjudicator. 285 'A GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI, HIGH SCHOOL BAND J. H. RENNICK, Damm- TIII The Greenville High School Band has proved itself to be one of the nation's top bands. It consistently rates Superior in the state competition and has taken top ratings at the Tri-State Festival in Enid, Oklahoma. Members of J. H. Rennick, director fPicture on State Pagej, and the school administration have developed the best coordinated school music system in the state with physical facilities and faculty unsurpassed anywhere. Mr. Peyton Crowder, the band consistently rate Superior in Solo and Ensemble contests and take their rightful proportion of places in regional and state clinics and in the All-State Band. director of the Junior High School Band, is highly regarded by every director in the state and is on the staff of direc- tors of the All-State Band. IQ i Q "iff, Q , fa?-l:" N:-we i 1 f W2s1 Wifi H4 --Alf,-447:-'L.s.Y,n, -Hb.. . , 1, . ,5 ff., -1-. , ' ,2 1.4 ..Y .f:,.- .1 ,5. .4 A- 4, G., 3 5 E BEAVER DAM, WISCONSIN, HIGH SCHOOL BAND FREDERICK A. PARFREY, Director I I II 1 T51 T Vg ' llllililll 1 A LI .ll all ri I 1 il in 1 III The Beaver Dam High School Concert Band celebrated its 35th Anniversary this year. This organization is an important part of the community life of Beaver Dam, and its record in the District, State, and National Contests is one of which the community is proud. The members of this band serve the community throughout the entire year and once each year the group goes on tour. Its travels have carried it throughout the state of Wisconsin and into Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan. The School System of the city of Beaver Dam also supports an excellent junior band of ninety members who are recruited from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, and a Regimental Band of ninety members, made up of students from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. The band members participate in an elaborate solo-ensemble program whereby each month many participate in community activities, Ranking at the top of Class A for many years in competition the band has attained an enviable record among the high schools of the stte. 'lv fe , It 1, i f+ it f it ,,. ! 4 Q LARRY MILLER, Drum lN'Iaj0r COLOR GUARD Frederick Parfrey, Dick Ehlert, Arthur Rahn, Paul Freund. FREDERICK A. PARFREY, Directo Has directed bands for 19 yearsg has se. as Conductor of the Clintonville Orchestra, Beaver Damg American Le, Band, Water'loo American Legion B and is presently conducting the Beaver Municipal Recreation Band and Ch has served on the Board of Control of W.S.lVI.A. for five years and has se as chairman of the State Festival Committee, organized and conducted All-State High School Band for the An All-State High School Football Gam a member of W.B.A., a charter me of W.S.B.D.A., and a member of Statewide Music Curriculum Comm operating through the State Depart: of Educationg has served as a membe the All-American Bandmasters Band at Mid-West Band Clinic and is in den as an instructor and lecturer on the f has been twice awarded the Distingui Service Award by the junior Chambe Commerce for his work in the music f FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Beaver Dam, Wisconsin U 'P ll .F SEITIEEI, E, inf , Led , U t BACK ROW: ARTHUR FOSTER, Bassg JIM EVERSON, Trom- boneg BARBARA REGLING, Harp-Percussiong BILL WHIT- NALL, Percussion: JANICE EYRISE, Baritone, Saxophoneg GLENN MAUS, Bass Saxophone. MIDDLE ROW: GLENN WOOD, Cornetg MIKE CLEARY, Contra Bass Clarinetg BON- we file 1. 5 tt Y -f "EQ ,M A-5 7 NIE DUPUIS, Bass Clarinetg BETTY SCHWEIGER, French Horng MARY ANN WELSCH, Alto Saxophoneg MARY LINE- HAN, Tenor Saxophone. FRONT ROW: CAROL PISZCZEK, Bassoong FREDERICK PARFREY, Piccolog ELAINE PIERON, Fluteg SANDRA MORRIS, Oboeg BARBARA BIRD, Clarinet. HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND, HIGH SCHOOL BAND South Hagerstown ELWOOD E. KINNEY, Director I Q I W J tl -47 MS'- Accomplishments: 1956-57, Second Place in National Cherry Blossom Festivalg First ,in M, ,, gig : - ,E ,r V4 I' Place in the State of Maryland in the A.A.A. School Boy Safety Patrol Parade in Washington. 1957-58, First Place in the Front Royal, Virginia Christmas Parade and led the Mummers Parade in Hagerstown, 289 SOUTH HAGERSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL BAND Hagerstown, Maryland l . ,qsiE?iiT' 1' 'fs P SOUTH HAGERSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL MAJORETTES JAMES FORD, Drum Major First Chair Cornet Received Certificate of Merit leading to the commission of drum major first class from Sn1itl1-Walbridge Drum Major School. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS South Hagerstown High School l l l 1 l l l JOANNE HOLTZAPPLE SHIRLEY NEWCOMER LEE ISEMINGER Flute Clarinet French Horn MARY SECRIST KENNETH SECRIST FRANKLIN NICHOLS Oboe Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone 290 S. ELWOOD E. KINNEY B.S. in Music Ed., State T College, Mansfield, M.A. in Music Ed., Teachers Columbia Universityg taught mental Music in California vania, and Montclair, New Baritone Horn Soloist with town Municipal Band. CLIFFORD Baritone 1 i E i n V 4 I! E ANNAPOLIS HIGH SCHOOL BAND' Annapolis, Maryland KENNETH W. PAGE, Director H l - s 1 ' 24. +15 , ix i. , I 'Z KIT fr E -a".-1 MEMBERS OF THE A.H.S. BAND CFrom Left to Rightj FIRST ROW: MR. KENNETH PAGE, Band Director: Claudia Brush, Mary Ann Torovsky, Pat Goodhue, Ronnie Hendrick, Michael Greene, Hilda Griscom, Stanely Haavik, Lynne Murphy, Donna Paul, William Ronsaville, Nancy Thomas, Marie Smith. SECOND ROW: Shirley Humphreys, Martha Schey, Marjorie Wright, Anne Sherer, Adele Frantum, Pat Judd, Steve Tucker, Ellen Fowler, Carolyn Walker, Harriet Snyder, Barbara Campbell, Pat Cox, Margaret Burns, William as f . .1 i I f Q -i . p r, e .ot . Xl' . , Xi 1 V 1 4. i ft , v r 1 rl qv MARYLAND ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Hilda Griscom, Mary Ann Torovsky. SECOND ROW: Willianm Ronsaville, Michael Greene, Duane Alexander. THIRD ROW: Stanely Haavik, Peter Hoyt. Seabrook, Gary Carle, Carolyn Willie, james Thomas, Douglas Meekins. THIRD ROW: Gael Cantler, David Lofgren, Fred Taylor, John Wierenga, Peter Hoyt, Richard Stilwell, W'illiam Holme, David Hopkins, William Rheems, joseph Lee, Thomas Lambrose, Charles Brown, Phil Sweeney, Dana Coletta. FOURTH ROW: David Wood, Duane Alexander, james Powers, St. john Martin, William Tongue, Timothy Wakeman, Sharon Laidlaw. ' ' QBYT KENNETH W. P Graduate, Peabody tory' former Wo DUANE ALEXANDER Drum Major l , strumentalist, M C D 0 n School for Boys. I l, li 3' Nl' In Ii ,I r' 15 .iv Z . We J lf' ,' I Q I f I F X t ' FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Annapolis, Maryland 5-'Sl i ds .'- ' .' -Zi., .' .f ' 1 1 .Y M A FIRST ROW: MARY ANN TOROVSKY, Flute, Drum, Bell Lyra, Piccolo, Saxophone, Dance Band, Uniform Committee, All-County and Maryland All-State Band, Flute Trio, Pep Band, Flute Solo, Woodwind Quintet, MIKE GREENE,.Bb Clarinet, Lead Saxophone, Dance Band, Piano and Organ Solos with Band, Maryland All-State Band 3 years, Band Council, Dixieland Band 2 years, German Band 2 years, Publicity Committee, Saxo- phone, Marching Band, Library Staff 2 years, Woodwind Quintet, Piano Accompanist for Solos, Pep Bandg WILLIAM RONSA- VILLE, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Dance Band, Library Staff 3 years, Chief Librarian 1 year, All-County Band 1 year, Mary- land All-State Band 2 years, Dixieland Band, Drum Solo 2 years, Clarinet Quartet, Band Council 1 year, Assistant Drum Major 1 year, Pep Bandg MARIE SMITH, Bassoon, Band Council, Woodwind Quintet, Band Secretary, GARY CARLE, Baritone Saxophone, Dance Band. Library Staff, Saxophone Quartet. SEC- OND ROW: CAROLYN WILLIE, Tenor Saxophone. Alto ,JFK . v"..'.T i-N l A LX ,. 'gi' wt Saxophone, Marching Band, Dance Band, Pep Band, Library Staff, Saxophone Quartet, Saxophone Solo, DOUGLAS MEEKINS, Saxophone, Dance Band, Pep Band, Stage Crew, DAVE LOF- GREN, French Horn, Uniform Committee, Trumpet, Marching Band, PETE HOYT, Trombone, Maryland All-State Band 2 years, Dance Band, Dixieland Band, German Band, Band Presi- dent, Brass Sextet, Tenor Trombone Solos 2 years, Pep Band, All-County Band, Trombone Trio 2 years, Bass Trombone Solog RICHARD STILLWELL, Baritone, Trombone, Marching Band. THIRD ROW: BILL HOLME, Trumpet, Band Council 2 years, Dance Band, Dixieland Band, Herman Band, Maryland All- State Band, TIMMY WAKEMAN, Percussion, Uniform Com- mittee, Stage Crewg CLAUDIA BRUSH, Piccolo, Band Council, Flute, Pep Band, DUANE ALEXANDER, Sousaphone, Mary- land All-State Band 2 years, Drum Major 2 years, Band Council, Bass Soloist. SUMTER HIGH SCHOOL BAND Sumter, South Carolina State JAMES D. PRITCHARD, Da-mm Dedication COLOR GUARD judy Kennedy, Nan Myers, Saundra Sheridan, Patty Gau- thier, Nancy Cooper. '-.V all The Sumter High School Band has received Division I fClass Aj ratings since 1952 in SouthiCarolina District and State Festivals. After all 1955 District Festival Band events had been heard, judges commented "it is the opinion of the judges that the Sumter Schools have the finest instrumental music education program in the state." Other honors have included a Concert and a "Rehearsal Technics" Clinic before the Southern Music Educators' Conference in Miami, Florida on April 27, 1957, and the Third Place trophy in the 1956 National Cherry Blossom Festival Band Contest, XVashington, D. C. with scores based on concert and marching performances. The Sumter Band Parents' Association was organized during the 1956-57 school year and has been active in seeking support of the community in the musical education of the students. Dur- ing the summer months the City of Sumter sponsors the Sumter Municipal Band which presents ten outdoor con- certs in Sumter's Parks, thus offering musical opportunities for high school students and graduates as well as service men in the Sumter area. ,V EDWIN VU. LITAKER Assistant Director B.A., University of North Caro- linag M. Mu. Ed., Vandercook College of Music. 294 MAJORETTES f ri ff i ,' :ll ill. .im infra --? JAMES D. PRITCHARD Director B.A., Newberry Collegeg B.S. M.S., Juilliard School of Past President of S.C.M.E.A. S.C.B.O.D.A.g member of D.A. and of All-American masters' Band, 1956, 1957q dent, Theta Chapter QS. C Beta Mug Director of Sumter pal Band and Trinity IS Church Choirs: Clarinet C Conductor 1955 S. C. All-State in Concert for S.C.E.A.g "Young Man of the Year" 1954 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Sumter, South Carolina V., I ai ,. 5 : rf' ' 1 ,. V- . , q gg 3 Wh X- , V . , ik, Q ' u ix Wg AVL, ' ff P , if , - I 1, '-Q r r . A I I Qr IX 4, 9 , Il"'4:'i!g n FRANCES KAY RUSSELL NAT ROOF - NVEATHERLY Piccolo Oboe Flute ' L 1 X v """' -I A'!.."- X, -2? . F-4 7 -N si -, 3 'o, I -' f jp ' 9 ' . , I ' IV .ar A is On HARVEY PERRY MOSES ALFRED DANTZLER ACKERMAN First Clarinet First Clarinet Solo Clarinet 'I .4 , R ta 5 tl . ' W x 1' , I I . ,ff-:Su I X, A -57 V- 4 BX ff ' 'g f .J DR' , I1 .,.J lg" li' 9 X V sh - ' Q12-"R sr... ,.., ' S. 0. A MYRA BOYKIN LINDA WARD JERRY JACKSON Contra-Bass Clarinet Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone ., .5 . V , 46 f ', gl A ? 6. " ,t L , '1 - 1 I ,L I '45, 4-4-' 'II' r .Q X Q ' N f 7 1 an YA 51: W5 .,- il' 6' . 4 'qf,'X.1. ' 'B f B., ff ' E - 1. ' i- I 0 'Pr ROBERT HOWELL MICKEY CARTER JIMMY CARSON First Cornet Solo Horn First Horn ' sl ' M I F - ' ' ' - if ' M DRUM MAJORS 1 ' ' Mickey Carter . 3- ti f .' Q Alfred Dantzler . g f ' I ix 1 I A J ' in il I, ' I Q1 ' 'ff ,F . W? 3' , -I! ae, " ' , . l " A xl if lox 9. wx ,, Q f . A ' BOBBY LEXVIS 1: V ,A . Q Bass , ' j ' ' Band President ' K I N - . ' i st-- Iri vie C 1 Q RAY FOWLER Bassoon BOB YATES Alto Clarinet I 5 T. C. CROFT Solo Cornet QSM ' 1 . 'G I ' I ' if 1 BOBBY BROWN Trombone TONY STOKES Percussion 'J ' AA l X 1 1 0 . hm L.-. 'fha 6' EH., ' k v M' ll-L . BRENDA OUTLAW Eb Clarinet 49' GLORIA WITHERSPOON Bass Clarinet w e is R, 'lf TH if wif f I Q es I BOBBY DIXON First Cornet , lb" 1 B M- 15' ' J ll .D I N . I 1 I . l A if E S I BILL CHADA Baritone v' SANDRA HARRIS Tympani Librarian Sergeant-at-Arms Vice President Secretary Pre 296 GLYN N ACADEMY BAND R. E. JONAS, Director Brunswick, Georgia X-"'4 I I X F. J. HILLMAN BETTY JEAN MCCALI. R. E. JONAS Assistant Director Drum Major Band Director Bl. V101 VIUIHY BOBBY I-IARRELL JOHN TABOR DON MANNING EVA ALICE SIMPSON HILL sident FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Glynn Academy Band X , t 7 Rua if ' I N, if ll TABOR HILL GRIFFIN DON MANNING BILLY BOYD STEVE CORLEY EI-MER LUCAS T, im. I CX A P 3 xiii- 'i: .IA 6'L ga-i:::5'::,a , 0 in R I , L X df' if K l' V D -I-I-zg' BODIE BERNICE JONES JEANNIE MILLER JIMMY NORMAN TOM PACE HUBERT WHIDDEN Clarinet Flute Clarinet Trombone Bassoon Saxophone DREHER HIGH SCHOOL BAND Columbia, South Carolina LAVERNE HAHN, Director ......--f 'T' OFFICERS, DREHER HIGH SCHOOL BAND FRONT ROW: Cpl. GEORGE RHAME, Assistant Librariang S!Sgt, RICHARD COMPTON, Supply Sgt.g S!Sgt. LINDA BRADLEY, Statistical Sgt.g 2nd Lt. FRANK BUIE, Officer, Second in Commandg Captain JAMES KEMP, Commanding Officerg Sgt. ANDREA STOCKS, Assistant Statistical Sgt.g Sgt. JIMMY KOLB, Librarian. SECOND ROW: Cpl. JO KIRKPATRICK Secretaryg Cpl. JEANNETTE SCOTT, Secretaryg Sgt. WYMAN LOONEY, Assistant Supply Sgt.g MfSgt. ROBERT MAXWELL, First Sergeantg Cpl. OTHO POOL, Supply Assistantg Cpl. PERRY CAUGHMAN, Assistant Librarian. 297 1. LaVERNE J. HAHN DREHER HIGH SCHOOL BAND FIRST CHAIR LASICEIRNIEMI.SIc3ILl'llI-Ilglzilrclgilifrtoif MEMBERS .QXB fl Since its inception, the D.H.S. Band has worked toward the highest standards of musicianship and marching. It has won the State Fair Marching Contests four out of the past seven years. The 1956-57 Band received an All-Superior rating in the District Contests and an Overall Superior rating in the State Contests. These contests grade each band in marching, sight reading, and concert .march-and concert number selected from the National Graded lists. CThe Dreher Band played "E Pluribus Unum" and Tschaikowsky's "Finale to the Fourth Symphony." The Band participated in eight parades, twelve football shows, some basketball games, and six concerts. The Band averaged for the entire school year two hours and twenty minutes per day in rehearsal..The Dreher bandsmen are quite willing to devote their extra time in making the Dreher High School Band one of the finest in the state. Fifteen Dreher High School Bands- men were selected by the State Audition Board to participate in the 92-piece All-State Band which performed at the Southeastern Music Educators' Conference held in Miami in April, 1957. Drum BOBBY Trombone yr firew- X TOP ROW: ANDREA STOCKS, Fluteg JAMES KEMP, Trom- PAT NIELSON, Tenor Saxophoneg RICHARD COMPTON, boneg BILLY CHERRY, French Horng LINDA BRADLEY, Clarinet: JEANNETTE SCOTT, Drumsg EDDIE BROWN, Alto Clarinetg GUY MEARES, Tubag BAT O'KELLY, Bass Cor-net, 298 Clarinet. SECOND ROW: FREDDIE PUGH, Alto Saxophoneg THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA BAND HAROLD B. BACHMAN, D21-mor The University of Florida Bands are under the adminis- trative supervision of the Department of Music, Dr. Robert S. Bolles, Head. Faculty Assistants are JAMES HALE, Instructor in Percussion Instruments, PATRICIA STEN- BERG, Instructor in Reed Instruments, ARNOLD WIR- TALA, Associate Professor of Music and Clarinet Instruc- tor. Student Officers are ROBERT GUNN, Student Man- ager, RICHARD DIEWEY, Assistant Manager, AMELIA MACY, Secretary, JAMES VALK, Publicity Manager and Librarian, WILLIAM STANLEY, Graduate Assistant. The CONCERT BAND devotes its time to the study and performance of concert literature. An extensive library of the most important works for concert band is maintained. Frequent appearances of the Concert Band on the campus and elsewhere in the state are received with enthusiastic appreciation. The most skilled men and women players are designated for the Concert Band and the instrumentation is selected to provide a well balanced concert ensemble. Certain members of the Gator Band, such as players of instruments not essential to the marching band and girls Qexcepting bell lyre players and majorettesj may be desig- nated as members of the "Concert Band only." These members are invited to play in the stands with the March- ing Band at home games and to make trips with the Marching Band whenever financial and other arrange- ments can be made satisfactorily. During the fall semester, the Gator Band is primarily a Marching Band, composed of approximately 120 per- formers. The Band presents an elaborate program of music and maneuvers at each "home" football game, whether played in Gainesville or in neighboring cities, and usually accompanies the football team on at least one extended trip during the season. In addition, the band sometimes plays for pep concerts and parades in cities in which games are held. The Marching Band is tradi- tionally a men's organization. With the exception of the majorettes and bell lyre players, girls are not mem- bers of the marching band. THE GATOR RESERVE BAND concentrates on an interesting repertoire of concert music and the preparation of players to fill vacancies in the Gator Band. Many students who are qualified to play in the Gator Band, but who cannot meet the requirements of the Gator Band schedule, register for the Reserve Band. THE GATOR VARIETY BAND is an organization of some twenty members which specializes in the study and presentation of music in the dance, popular stage band, television, and radio-presentation style. Membership is open to musicians who have ability of a near professional level, and who are interested in receiving training in the various musical styles encountered in dance, radio, television, and show music. The Variety Band performs at its own annual jazz concerts, for musical shows, for dancing, and for athletic department gymnastic and water shows. This band serves as a valuable workshop in composition and arranging and its repertory includes many compositions and arrangements by University of Florida students. MILI- TARY BANDS are composed of approximately 100 basic ROTC students. Instrumentation is selected from members of the Army and Air Force units so that the two bands may appear separately or combined as the occasion demands. Students selected meet with the band instead of with companies for the regular ROTC drill period. A PEP BAND composed of selected volunteers from the various bands is organized to play for pep meet- ings, rallies, and other informal occasions. SOUTHERN HIGH SCHOOL BAND Baltimore, Maryland S5059 WARREN W. SHELLEY, Di,-mor D6di06lfi0W CONCERT BAND 80 Membersg MARCHING BAND 65 Membersg TRAINING BAND 50 Members. Concert, Capitol Steps, Washington, D. C.-Concert, Capi- Teachers' Convention-All - State Band Festival-Educa tol Steps Annapolis, Marylan d-Govern0r's Inaugural tional Concerts at schools throughout Baltimore. Parade-Spring Tour of Eastern Shore-Concert, State l JOHN COLLIER, Drum Major First Division Clarinet Solo ' x , , t J .1 . a ' 'il I v I Q I , I C ilu , .iilagim + '- . - fkgv, - 7 J-,li I , , 'V ' fir apo H. fl LESLIE LUCO Student Director Band President, Clarinet, Deitche's 4...-l WARREN W. SHELLEY Chairman of Music Department, Southern High School, State Chairman, A.S.B.D.A.g B.M., University of Michigang Kappa Kappa Psig member of Baltimore Park Band, Baltimore Civic Opera Orchestrag on Faculty Petrie Band Camp, Tally I-Io Music Camp, Peabody Conservatory of Musicg Percussion clinician and adjudicator. F l I DARLENE BOELLE Majorette Alto Clarinet LEO ORLANDO Vice President Trumpet, Second Division in Scholarship, Peabody Conservatory, All- Ensemble' State Bandg First Division Solo. 300 FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-SOUTHERN HIGH SCHOOL BAND TOP ROW: KAROLE LYNN DORSCH, Oboe, Majoretteg JAMES SELL, Baritone Saxophone, DONALD ADDISON, Bari- tone, First Division Solo, Equipment Manager, RAYMOND ROSE, Bass: THOMAS SICKS, Percussion, Solo and Ensemble Contestsg JOHN SCHMIDT, Tenor Sax, Solo Contest, First Division Ensemble Contest. BOTTOM ROW: CHARLES PAR- RISH, Bass Clarinet, Solo and Ensemble Contests: ROBERT TURNER, French Horn, Equipment Staff, Deitchis Scholarship Peabody Conservatory, All-State Band, Solo Contestg JERRY BURNS, Bassoon, Deitchis Scholarship Peabody Conservatory, All- State Band, Solo Contestg FRANK MILLER, Alto Saxophone, Uniform Custodian, All-State Band, Solo Contest, First Division Ensemble Contestg RUTH PFEIFFER, Flute, Secretary, Head Librarian, Deitches Scholarship Peabody Conservatory, Solo Con- testg LEE HOFMANN, Trombone, Solo Contest. NORWICH, NEW YORK, HIGH SCHOOL BAND TED POST, Director Busiest of all N.H.S. organizations is the Senior Band. A high step and a peppy cadence is characteristic of the band during the football season. Every Saturday from September to the middle of November is spent present- ing football half-time reviews. As marching season comes to a halt in November, chairs are set up for Concert Season. Two annual concerts of great and enjoyable band music are given to standing room only audiences. During basketball season a snappy pep-band plays at the games and pep sessions. The most important event of the year is the N. Y. S.S.M.A. Music Festival held in May. Sum- mer months are spent traveling to conventions with local Firemen. Student-Director cooperation allows the band to march at many holiday parades celebrated in Norwich. Each year the band sends one or two of its most outstand- ing members to a summer music camp. The Norwich High School Senior Band provides valuable musical knowl- edge as well as entertaining social activities to its members. x sf 2' , Q 1 .4-1' l i Q 1 6' K IN TED POST al "' 'WR 42.4, '. X 5511? 7 'Pk x.,-fx' 4 , l 5 . f sa ,Qi - 'E fir M Q3 -QF' x N , Dxrector x 2 pgxknxf 4645 QL I MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND Eau Claire, Wisconsin ' , , State DONALD 1. BOYD, Director Ded20cll2012 The present Memorial I-ligh School Band was organized under the direction of Mr. Donal I. Boyd in 1928 and for the past twenty-nine years has participated in all district, state, and national events in this area. The concert and marching band received 1 and 1+ ratings every year up to 1949 at which time they discontinued playing in area competition. In the fall of 1957 the new high school was completed and the students moved into a building with an ideally equipped band department which contains eight private studios, all are sound proofed. Other features are an equip- ment room, a music library, a locker room with facilities for 165 instruments, offices for the band and orchestra directors and an acoustically treated 80x45 foot band room. During the past twenty-eight years the Band Association has purchased ninety per cent of the equipment used by the concert band, now valued at 322,000 Two years ago this organization whose present officers are Mr. Wallace Loken, Presidentg Mr. Harold Smith, Vice Presi- dent, Mr. john Duffy, Treasurer, and Mrs. Everett Burns, Secretary, presented the band with new uniforms at a cost of .?S8000+.OO. The funds are raised by projects such as thrift sales, bake sales, magazine sales, and concessions at athletic events. For the past fourteen years, the Band Parents' Association has underwritten an annual spring concert trip for the band. The band has played at schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Madison, Wis- consin, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois, and has been invited to give concerts at Wartburg Col- lege in Waverly, Iowa and at Luther College in Decora, Iowa. In 1954 the band was invited to give demonstra- tions at the State Clinic held at the University of Wis- consin and twice it has sent its tapes to be auditedg Most students begin the study of their instruments on the junior High School level, when from the sixth through the ninth grades they learn the basic technics of their instrument under the leadership, patience, and persistence of Mr. Everett Graves. The junior High School maintains a band program of four separate units, each instrumentated for one complete band. Students in the Concert Band must attend a weekly sectional meeting under their sec- tional leader and Mr. Boyd. During the summer, sec- tionals are held once a week. Those students who have already completed the Concert Band requirements assist Mr. Boyd in teaching and screening the candidates for the next year's band. About seventy percent of the band personnel participates in the spring solo and ensemble contests each year. To illustrate the high standards required of the participants, last year out of seventy-two solos and ensembles, sixty-five received 1 and 1+ ratings. The band plays and maneuvers at all home football games. The pep band, a group of about twenty-six of the mem- bers under a student director, plays at all basketball games. It performs for community events and marches in parades on Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. During the Second World War it played for each group of soldiers which left the city and for all bond-raising events. On at least three occasions, it has played for presidents of the United States and presidential candidates. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS Eau Claire, Wisconsin , , State DONALD 1. BOYD, Damaf Dedzcatzon TOP ROW: TONI BENNETT, Flute and Piccolo, First Band: 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band: 2, 3, 4, Section Leader: 3, 4, CAROL MILWARD, Oboe, Sectional Leader: 3, First Band: 1, 2, 3, Pep Band: 2, 3, Concert Pianist with Band fPiano Concerto in G Minor-Mendelsohnj, Oboe Solos: Sonata II by Handel, Con- certo Grosso No. 8 in B Flat-Handel, English Horn, Vibra- harp, Piano, MARCIA DUFFY, Clarinet, First Band: 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band: 3, 4, Sectional Leader: 4, Piano, Orchestra, BARBARA GRAMENZ, Saxophone, First Band: 2, 3, 4, Pep Band: 3, 4, Sectional Leader: 4, BURT LARSON, Cornet, First Band: 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band: 2, 3, 4, Sectional Leader: 4, Solos: Vignette: Award 1+, Introductiona du Polonaise, Award 1, jata, Award 1, Ensembles: Trios: Buglers' Holiday fwith Bandj, Sonata, Three Men in a Boat fwith Bandl Triolet, BOTTOM ROW: JOYCE KUFAHL, French Horn, First Band: 2, 3, 4, Sectional Leader: 4, l 5 OFFICERS fLeft to Rightj: JIM HENDERSON, Quartermaster, DOROTHY SORLIE, Ass't Librarian, ELROY SEVERSON, Person- nel, BARBARA GRAMENZ, Librarian, DAVID OLSON, President, SYBL STEINER, Ass't Librarian, STEVE MEYER, Vice President, MARCIA DUFFY, Secretary-Treasurer. 304 Piano, STEVE MEYER, Baritone, First Band: 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band: 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Band: 4, Sectional Leader: 3, 4, Solos: Trixie Valse: 1+, Silver Zephers: 1, Beautiful Colorado: 1, Stars in a Velvety Sky: 1, Ensembles: Brass Sextet: 3, 4, Trombone, Piano, JAMES HENDERSON, Trombone, First Bilfldi 1, 2, 3, Sectional Leader: 2, 3, Pep Band: 2, 3, Solos: Atlantic Zephrus: Award 1+, Tromboneology: Award 1, Ensembles: Trios: Holiday For Trombones fwith Bandj, Quartets: Prelude and Solenelle: Award 1 plus, Rokotzy March: Award 1+, March Triomphal: Award 1+, BILL WALKER, Tuba, First Band! 1, 2, 3, Pep Band: 2, 3, Sectional Leader: 3, Solos: Pomp and Circumstance: 1+, His Majesty the Tuba: 1, RALPH RABLIN, Percussion, First Band: 2, 3, 4, Pep Band: 3, 4, Sectional Leader: 4, Ensembles: Modulation, Uncle Gus. STUDENT DIRECTORS DAVID OLSON, President, MARCIA DUFFY, Secretary STEVE MEYER, Vice President. EAU CLAIRE sm- ONS WISCONSIN w 1 Ma y Qi! I P JAMES KLAVVITER D um Major IQ If-' " "T , ,, fm CIW MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE BAND Hattiesburg, Mississippi DR. RAYMOND MANNONI, Director-R. D. HAYS, A.s'.mr'ia1le Direrloi' Known throughout the nation as "The Pride of Mis- sissippi," the Southern College Band upholds this tradition in the finest possible way. The band has come to be known nationally through several outstanding television appear- ances. Some of these, at which the band performed for capacity crowds, were The BLUE AND GRAY Football Game, Montgomery, Alabama, The SENIOR BOWL Game, Mobile, Alabama, The Sugar Bowl Game, New Orleans, Louisianag and the professional game between the Cardinals and Cleveland Browns in Chicago, Illinois. The man responsible for making the band a big time operation at Southern is Dr. Raymond Mannoni, a gradu- ate of the University of Michigan. Under his guidance the Southern Band grew from a small unit of about forty- five members to its present large, efficient playing and marching aggregation. A highly skilled concert band is maintained, and this organization gives many outstanding performances dur- ing the year. There are many music majors within the membership of the Southern Band and these fortunate young men and women are receiving the highest type of training to equip them for future outstanding band directors. The first week in February each year, Dr. Mannoni and Southern College hold a very outstanding clinic bringing to the campus such outstanding personalities as Dr. William D. Revelli, Glenn Cliffe Bainum, Dr. E. L. Kent, Dr. Jody C. Hall, Frederick Wilkins, Nilo Hovey, Don Jacoby, Fred Weber, Gene Krupa, and many others- thus giving outstanding inspiration, contacts, and experi- ence to these future teachers. tr' ef' DR. RAYMOND MANNONI Through Dr. Mannoni's influence many additional bands have been organized in the state and these have been staffed by well-trained personnel from Southern. Mis- sissippi Southern, through Dr. Mannoni's influence, is rapidly becoming the band center of the South. At the clinic held there in 1958, directors from eight states were in attendance and this clinic is now known as one of the nation's finest band clinics. Due credit should be accorded R. D. I-lays, Associate Director of Bands who makes the very fine arrangements heard during the wonderful football shows and who is a very fine conductor and teacher in all that he does and to Gilbert Saetre who also contributes much to the success of the instrumental department at Southern. MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE MARCHING BAND If nkg . . ji !! e l X A-'-tv, -5 V' If, Q ' A . ""f.,, 4 if l. if- -'lu 1 val ii., il E . 4. A 'QJIN 'W V' A ' .Z N- i' ' A My ,- 'f il' Vi ,.. HM 41 1 . ' . 7 P Q i , Ppsffllf' 'gh V V Xia , ,, - , fa. ,glib :g l . ,gi Qui 31 'fA'.'FEQ la '-'2 ,' ' I -gf, I Jn . i gn . .Q T' 4 rg E. i f x r-ffs'Hf"'- "f"' "J . r s . ,' ".,, , 118 190, S , 5? ' . 'M' gf. XA' ,. .V n i n E f .im 1.-11a ..,Z ,Q i Ag fa!! E13-if PFW " " fl ' .V ' .' . ..' -.' i A 1 -n,,,4L...4. 'Z ' ' E i Q!!.hli ',' li'i,--LT-ffiiei' 222- " S l rf . 1 F- , A I , 1' 1' '- f-, ,fi , ,. ' , HWS- fi- E S lf r gi J 'if t " it I ,nfl ha xg y 'A li .J I Y ' 1 ff' LZI. iQ Y ' 'mills 'il " lmf"'.f' 'wiv 1. Q E 5, VVLVIE' Wu mi' i -x r . '. K .'1 , , -1 S '. V as-S. 5 11" 'l ..,. 94 ..: .vp 1 ,Jil -yi -I, 'ii A Qlifsigs 9? ESV bi mm R. D. HAYS, Associate Director Mississippi Souiht-rn College Bnmls Mr. Hays taught successfully in Oregon and in Alnltiama bcforc: Coming to Southern. Hu is witluly known and rcspcctetl for his vc-ry fine iirreingcinunts, for his teaching of Arrzinging, :intl for his work at Southern with both thc Marching zintl thu Concert Blind. His close associa- tion with and loyalty to Dr. Mimnoni and the Southern progi'iim has maiilc him il popular antl ai highly rcrspcctcnl person both nn :intl off thu campus. ix ,ww ,Q . . x. ,gigs-Laeci'j2:,sr,,fs. mi - 4- SOUTH RIVER, NEW JERSEY, HIGH SCHOOL BAND GEORGE P. KRAUSS, Direclol' e -Aw ,ui-was W. 1 T, The service record of the South River High School Band is one of noteworthy achievement. The organization is active from the first day of the school year through the last day of activities in june, It can be compared to the Rotary and Lions Clubs in its many contributions to the school and community. Being an active force in school affairs directly and indirectly, it has undertaken work for school improvement physically and spiritually. Among some of its efforts, we list the promotional cam- paigns for a school mascot, publicity for a new high school plant, pep rallies, extemporaneous musical assem- blies, and a well organized marching band that performs skillfully for the football audiences throughout the season. Many of the football show themes are based on sugges- tions of the student planning committee. Simultaneously the band prepares for the formal Thanksgiving assembly., Christmas assembly, and ensembles of the unit are used for the public presentation of the Nativity. Other ensembles contribute their efforts to churches, hospital units at the N. Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, Veterans groups, and the area service clubs. The Concert Band has representatives in the N. All- State Band Region Il, the All-State Orchestra, and the N. All-State Band. The band also performs at the Spring Concert offered by the Music Department of the school, at exchange programs with neighboring schools, ' , pi --i-Til-'iii-5 and at the outdoor Commencement in june. Socially, the band is also active throughout the year- planning and preparing seasonal parties, conducting the sale of school decals, book covers, and pennants. The proceeds of these sales provide for an annual excursion for the band members and their guests at the end of the school year and the purchase of additional uniforms and accessories. George P. Krauss, instrumental director for the past eight years, participated in the musical activities of the Mill- town, N. and the New Brunswick, N, Public Schools. l-Ie studied trumpet with Ernest XX!illiams and attended his Band School. Mr. Krauss is a graduate of the U. S. Navy School of Music, performed with the Concert Band at the Navy Recruiting Station, Wfashington, D. C., was assistant director of the Battleship U.S.S. New York Band and received his degree from the New jersey State Teachers College at Trenton. A member of the American Federation of Musicians, he is active with pro- fessional bands and orchestras throughout the state. Mr. Krauss has served as a member of the Try-out Committee for the All-State Chorus and the All-State Orchestra, the All-State Band, the N. All-State Band Region II, and as Program Coordinator of the N. All-State Band Region II. FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS South River, New jersey I BAND OFFICERS LENE I5 E D I. IZ, Trezisurcrl ANK NICHOLS, Vice Prcsi ' BARRY BRODKIN Pre" r, , Asi- ti MR, KRAUSS, Advisor' I -A - I A I THE SENIOR PLANNING BOARD The Senior Planning Board reviewing the plans for the new music and storage rooms in the new high school are: Jeanne Wfissing, Barry Brodkin, MR, FRED XVILLIAMS, Principalg Frank Nichols, MR. KRAUSS, Advisor, and Arlene Bedle. ' e -. -- JOAN SURMAN Drum Majorette s I -,:-. - I v ,.s.,,, j , , . W, I I M,, wyndam T i mf LT' 'H A ' I' i 'Wo I F .F ..-M V -77 , ,,... , , ,, .i.-...TWH 'I' FEKETE, Secretary. .IIEAN XVINGLER, Hemi 'i'wif1Cf, and Corps COLOR GUARD 309 .,...,M M , I- ,ii 1.19281 MILLARD HIGH SCHOOL BAND Fillmore, Utah SHELDON A. JOHNSON, Director The Millard High School Band, under the direction of Sheldon A. johnson, has participated in several parades throughout the state and locality. One such occasion was the famous "Days of 47" Parade in Salt Lake City, Utah. It also participated in the University of Utah Homecoming and the MUTE STAMPEDEH Parade in Nephi, Utah. The band has a reputation of winning Superior ratings at its region festivals and this is the second year it has been presented in FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA yearbook -an honor of which it is very proud. The big concert of the year was its Midwinter Concert at which the band featured the world famous Alfred Galladoro. Besides this concert it presented a Christmas Concert and two combined concerts with neighboring bands. The Millard Band was has band at the Utah Region 10- Music Festival at which new standards were set up. The band is considered a social organization on the campus as well as a musical organization. It sponsors dances throughout the year and other social functions. The band built the First Place float for the Homecoming Parade this year. Majorette, LEE ANN TAYLOR and Twirlers Q3 SHELDON A. Music Di 1' EC IOL' FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-MILLARD HIGH SCHOOL BAND rd T7 Q? REAY JO ANN I7TI.EY GEORGIA LEE ANN ROSS REEVE JUDY WARNER Flute Flute ANDERSON TAYLOR Solo Clarinet 2ncI Clarinet Oboe Eb Clarinet N XX-'ADH JOAN STAN SWALLOW LESTER DAVID TURNER PAT PALMER Clarinet XVADSXXIORTI-I ISI Corner PETERSON 5rd Cornet ISY Horn Buss Clarinet 2nd Cornet :Lf , ,,, -,-"UQ ll -Q -1.1-'-J? 4A,,,l'K. ,L,g,ll'l1 , l .H 1, f - 7M , .. ' M" -.-il 1 'lf' - - F Quin L ' 'V 1 l 1 I I l JANET LUCILLE GINGER CHARLOTTE EDDIE OLPIN ROBINSON ASHMAN AVERETT DAVIES lst Trombone Horn 3rd Horn 'ith Hom lst Alto Sax 31161 -A-lf0 Sax 1- MICHALL LARRY LEE STEVENS MARCIA KAREN CHESSER SCI-ILAPPI Tuba MCARTI-IER STEVENS Trombone Baritone Drums Bassoon 3' I i ef' YYY , , I ' ly ,. 4 + 1 ,,, Tk Wg 'A Q, K- 1-ig,-i4eAf"'x ,f"'3 , ,+5.f":f"R,,jfaln Lug 5, Q, QQ f 174' ' A. 951 Qld Wx E t E -.., mf! wa "ff-'lv "X,"' --L:,1!WwI R94 A - ' 'if'g4,.x F . thnx , -1 ja 4' g ,-Sak' Aid, - ' -.. , f Z 4 iii? '1 ff-if ff'95,!f Y ,, F ,, . ' lfkkwfi-1x'1k if Wwww- 5? ' YZFFX J, my 2 x KG' 8 , r . .. ,.Q J VM V gg. ..-. ,fi :avg M N-'f L4 1 Qi X 1 ings , 30,1 f' 4 fu' "L+ R, , f' 1 . N - QI- '- 33552:-:,,,s ,, - 1, ,iff . Q f ..., f Vsjffv-ELA Q P fd .m ' mf Ri 1, Qs K I ' X5 fall - X .xQfi':.g+4am,gx 11 ff ff J 'y , .i. Jai? - ,. w l ,,. i F Pt 2 7 f"N K' Q . ' ' vi .23 v ' 4 .'- ,f f 1 t Y -ii' A V WN lfrt, Y ' tm- --V-Av I ' ' , A 3 ' xl -I J , CL , I 4 - V I, in ' v Y li?.f.xle:gf - 3. L1 ':.- gy ?,,v Q .5-. 'f.' 1 1:-g'viZ i.. .:1hg,g,.w-1.' :ff-,T 2 ??'3g 2' ' ' W' 5' erfg WN 7 Q ' . xr F ' ' -, ' fir". ' 'f : ' 1 1 "I 2 l I' T -' ' ' h-U- 'S ' 'ij'-2':Qi 5,5 ,231 .A Wy V 1 K 'ff' Y. X x :?M Av, I. Y gh .Kg Vlvl 2 D lk , A ,Q xo, A 3 :NJ . 'll H ,, - f f' R".. "' ' xxx 4 , .-52" --I ' fni .V L., .5 ,.J' ef' rf A -xx., , I 1,-' ' X :lx 'C 3 5 'vmv mf H 1 X 9- -X adn-1-QLX I sk ,! , A, fa? ,,::,1.5,. 1454 A, r QVT' X X,lL,!lFX in ff? Ax 5754 7? ' QXNQ -4 W XE m,fY p- 1 L . X, H '. 5, . , D n ,I 1 1 5 ' X ' QQ! 1 1 K --, , Y , X' H A . ' , 5, . I ' K ,,,Q U m f- , 'X 5 - X , - ca ' 415549 pf 'S 'Te . " 5 - W f A 1 ' 5' if . ,+ A- +o.. X I up X jf . ' L. , 5 QE .iz : in , ..,:A 5, ', ,h . 5 .: , zv f j z A ' uf, F '41, , if v, I f f . X K E D ' .V I me: -Y" Q lf1i,:fg.11,,zn" Q ' C ' i X f ' f X A Q fy " f ' ' Q 1 Fa Q' ' 'f' A 4, ff 4, 7 I ' ' Q 'H ' 9 mf' P I D fl I 1 A w , V w r , N ami. ' u L v , r Q1 it H I Q- ,f ' . 'Q 6' , g I C A . Sf 5 6. . ,Q , F ' if b .X fy' Y, I U' :"' . ' ,A A Q Q . . aj- M: 2 Fx ' . , ,I . p fx S Sw ff 4 ,N l QW r I BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN, HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND CHARLES KIRSCH, Dirertor The Battle Creek High School Bands and Orchestra, under the direction of Charles Kirsch, enjoy a reputation for outstanding musical performances and versatility. "The Marching Bearcats," all male with the exception of three majorettes took the field at eight football games to the roaring ovation of home fans and visitors alike. The public has come to expect ingenious routines and fine precision from this "marching band that really ,l1lf1yr." This group numbers 95. The Concert Band of 90 members is organized and holds daily rehearsals immediately following the marching season. Primarily composed of marching band personnel they are joined by girls whose concert uniforms are floor length navy taffeta gowns. Presi- dent is Bill Sherratt, Vice President Alfred Lofgren, Secretary Charlotte DeLand, Treasurer Connie Shaw, Student Conductor Bob Holt, and Assistant Student Conductor is David Knockemus. In the orchestra Battle Creek High School really displays its lovely distaff musicians. l-lere girls outnumber the boys about four to one. Smallest of the performing groups this organization also enjoys a considerable following in the community. Battle Creek is proud of its symphony orchestra and several high school players are numbered among its members and many more carry their musical interest over into adult life through symphony participation. President of this group is john Parkes, Vice President Mary jo Rosa, Secretary Joyce Richardson, and treasurer is Ruth Anne Sergeant. A unique phase of B.C.H.S. musical activities is "Band Follies," an annual production which runs three nights early in january. The 1958 Follies, Manhattan Madcap, played to approximately 5,750. Although talent is auditioned from the entire student body, the total production and direction is in the hands of Mr. Kirsch. Competition is keen for spots on the show and singers, dancers and other acts are assured of backing by an 18 member dance band of professional calibre. Proceeds from this show are used by the instrumental music department for new' instrument purchases and upkeep. "Follies," 21 years old this year, has come to mean a fast paced, live wire show- a great favorite with the public. Battle Creek Public Schools numbers 16 grade schools, 3 junior high schools and the high school. Heading the music staff is Mr. Paul Tammi as supervisor. Mr. Kirsch has all instrumental music at the high school. Messrs. Harvey Thomsen, Dan Greenman, and A. B. Coffman teach the junior highs, and music instruction is provided 5th and 6th graders on all instruments with 4th graders receiving stringed instrument instruc- tion. Miss Caroline Wliite and Miss Winifred Emerson are the directors of elementary music instruction. A , - -N -X is-Ax. , . 3, Q r a 4 l 1 S .Y , W -1 , .5 ' "ff ' fx A I ' :J , 4 ' X f 1 1, . X f .ie-f, lAf- 4 1- J - , 3 ., . X J I ,, - ax - I- J I Xl 'QS ' - "' ' . ' ." Q . : 1 x 1 f x" 1 . L' , v ,?A - 1 J 1 ' if - 2 '1 " 14. , ' .4 X' M 'nh - ..a '14 -A , 4 V X Z v 0 , o x w ,i z I R, V, r 1 f' A . fn, 1 . ff " , 'u, G f"f X ' 0 Q 4 SW L, - N' ra-.' l 1. x 1, 'Wx X akgxrdxl ,lfblh iaink gi- ' f:'f'5 f 2-I J ws: f ,w fab if' gf" .,-Nj XTX AK 59:51 Q is ' . Y. ,-f.. "-if W Sf 1 F ? . 'Ie 9 L 1 X - N ffhdk we Q. . of g '15 iv A17 5 lf' 4' nm- Q U , -x 5:3 ' X N. Q Eli' ,N 'liz xl gr-5x2 ,- N Y 1 xr fi ,3,,,,g. if . . 'N X f- 'N IX . g SX, '1M,1.T3 -5Bx NE? ,PI , :V ye ' -V N W N ., Q .mu 'lvgx . ly Y-Q ji: , . if A A l -Rd np .4-'eg BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN, HIGH SCHOOL BAND BAND FOLLIES-"MANHATTAN MADCAPH-Chorus Line and Dance Band on Stage at W. K. KELLOGG AUDITORIUM in BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN. MR. PAUL H. TAMINII Music Consultant for Battle Creek Schools Tammi served as director of instru- tal music at B.C.H.S. from 1950 952, since when he has served as ic consultant. He says that the last nal contest sponsored by the Na- l School Band Association was held e auditorium used for the enclosed p pictures hack in 19150. The Battle lc Schools sponsored this event, CHARLES KIRSCH Graduate, Mason City, Iowa Pub- lic Schoolsg B.M. and M.M. de- grees from University of Michi- gang was Cornet Soloist with University of Michigan Symphony Band under the direction of Dr. W. D. Revelli. BOB HOLT DAVE KNOCKEMUS Student Conductor Assistant Tympani Student Conductor Cornet MA JORETTES Nancy Morre, Diana jenney Marta Brand. 3 I 7 HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT CHOIR Rugby, North Dakota CATHARINE B. I-IORNSTEIN, Director The Concert Choir of Rugby High School is selected in january of each year from the high school mixed chorus of around 160 voices. The choir averages around 86 voices. The enrollment of Rugby High School is a little over 300, and the vocal music affects at least fifty percent of it. Five years ago Rugby was put in Class A and was forced to compete with seven high schools of the Western Division whose enrollments range from 600 to 1,0005 but Rugby still rated Superior. The First Chair members whose pictures are included all received Highly Superior ratings at the annual Voice Clinic with Professor John Strohm of Minot State Teachers College adjudicating. Each year, the Music Department presents an elaborate program of Christmas music. This year the program was given in the new auditorium with a capacity crowd of over one thousand in attendance. The Choir also presents an annual minstrel show and this year was asked to appear at the Fair-proceeds of the show being estimated at 352500.00 The show was also on KCJB-TV, Minotg and played to the annual convention CMinotj of the North Dakota Press Associationg played a Skating Rink benefit at Bottineau and had invitations to show at the State Convention of Nurses' Association and the State Convention of Hotel People. The money earned is used for trips-such as to the Fred Waring Show in Minot, and the opera presentation in Minot in the spring--gowns, risers, music holders, award letters, and the like. CATHERINE B. HORNSTEIN, Vocal Music Supervisor, has her degree in Music from McPhail College and B.A. from Minot Teachers College. She has been teaching CATHARINE B. for twenty-five years and has taught in every phase of music-including directing a Superior band at Mohall. She is president of the Community Concert Association, a member of N.A.T.S., M.E.N.C., N.D.M.T.A., N.D.F.M.C. She has many former students who are now successful teachers in many parts of the world. OFFICERS AND ADMINISTRATION BACK ROW: BONNIE ELLINGRUD, Librariang GARRY VAN SWERINGEN, Business Managerg GWENITH ' HAMILTON, Student Directorg JANIS RAE BLESSUM, Librariang RICHARD JOHNSON, Student Council Repre- sentativeg JUDITH JOHNSON, Vice President. FRONT ROW: BRYAN HARPER, Presiclentg I. PENNINGTON, Superintendentg MYRON FAHEY, Principal. I'IRS'1 ROW Fred Lien Bryan Harper, Harlan Blessum, Mary Lynn Loiselle, Judith Johnson Douglas Holt SECOND ROW: Carolyn Lien, Twylah Tjon, Garry Orvik, David Stcmpson Gloria Volk Judith Bucklin. THIRD ROW: Hallie Ostrem Gwenith Hamilton Student Director. DING Judy Bucltlin Judy Spillum Suzanne Limmg Judy GWEN HAMILION Student Director SEALED Carolyn FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-CHORUS Rugby, North Dakota 776. SWEET ADELINES FIRST ROW: Twylah ,.. Tjon, Judy Bucklin, Suzanne Liming, Hallie Ostrem, Charlo Peter- son. SECOND ROW: Connie Olson, Candy Hannis, Janis Rae Bles- sum, Alice Rohrer, Gloria Dokken. THIRD ROW: Gloria Volk, Darlene Axtman, Mau- reen McGuire, Bonnie Brekke, Lynda Kaye Ostrem. FOURTH ROW: Judy Johnson, Carolyn Lien, Gwen Hamilton, Mary Lynn Loiselle. 3I9 GALENA PARK, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL A CAPPELLA CHOIR JAMES "Buddie" FURRH, Direc'l01' yfrfff ' r The Galena Park High School A Cappella Choir, under the direction of James CBuddiej Furrh, is one of the most respected choirs in the state. The Galena Park Schools, under the leadership of W. C. Cunningham, Superintendent, can boast of one of the finest music departments in the country. Each year the choir presents the "MESSIAH" during the Christmas season. The Choir performs at festivals, clinics, conventions and contests throughout Texas. The annual Spring Tour is one of the 'Wu WR I ip' i y , J CHOIR OFFICERS BACK ROW: Monte Fry, Wesley Kendall, M. J. Stockton. FRONT ROW: Jackie Watson, Ann Leamons, Gerry Cooley, Beverly Laake, Linda Brown, Gladys Fahrenthold. 320 highlights of all the choir activities. It usually extends for four to five days and has taken the choir over most of Texas and into Louisiana. The Choir and its many ensembles are in constant demand for various types of pro- grams. Graduates from the Choir can be found in many of the leading college choirs, with many of these on music scholarships. A high percentage of the choir gradu- ates enter into some form of professional music work. Y l' I 'Fa' -.i am l L 1 R.. . 'I I I Jo L ! . . lllbl i "THE HARMONETTESH Ruby Taylor, Sandra Murphy, Barbara Boston. JAMES QBudcliej GALENA PARK, TEXAS, HIGH SCHOOL A CAPPELLA CHOIR lr? I-IALLIDAY, Ac- "TI-IE KITTENS mpzlnistg KENNETH HITNEY, Student Director-4 Linda Davis, Judy DC Fw- Ruth A R or " I f ' ' CHEA 1 HAM, AL- DCS-1111-L slli SECTION LEADERS e Bell Lee. I , I lll ROW: Kenneth Vlfhilney, Frank Bauer- BACK ROXV: Kenneth Whitney, Char' THIRD ROXV: Richard McGinty, john les I-Inrt, SECOND ROW: Margaret SECOND ROW: Brenda Russell, Mlrr- Woods. FIRST ROW: Sandra Murphy, Woods. FIRST ROW: Szlndrn Ivlurphy. Glaulys Falmrentlmlel, "THE BACK ROW: Wfesley Kendall, Kenneth Whitney. S E C O N D ROW: Larry Bynum, Skipper Fly. FIRST ROW: Ann Franklin, FORTUN ES" ALI.-STATE CHOIR MEMBERS All ill, CONNIE HALLIDAY Sweetheart LARRY BYNUM, Beau ROBE ATTENDANTS BACK ROW: Randall Vincent, jimmy Hauglzmd. THIRD ROW: Terry De- rouen. Charles Hart. SECOND ROXW: Sandra Roberts, Darlene Gooclridge FIRST ROXV: Karen Blevins. Dian McNeill. PLYMOUTH, WISCONSIN, SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAN RUBEN A. LEHMAN, Director The Plymouth High School Concert Band is composed of eighty-nine members who are all members of the senior high school. All members receive their basic train- ing in the junior Band which has an enrollment of eighty members this year. The Concert Band was the only organization representing Wisconsiii in the 1957 FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA yearbook. The band has received First Division ratings in Class A for many years and the Junior Band has received top honors ever since it first entered into competition six years ago. The band per- forms at all home football and basketball games and parades at many civic affairs during the year. The half- time football shows include a marching unit called the Pantherettes which is composed of band members and a select group of girls from the high school. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS FIRST RONW: PHILIP KREUGER, Presidentg SHELBY STEGER, Vice President. SECOND ROW: MAUREEN PRINDIVILLE, Secretaryg MARILYN FRIESS, Treasurer. ii- Nh.: 'TIT' TWIRLERS "in "f.5"N RUBEN A. LEHMAN, Received B.A. degree, Ripon College fwisconsinjg further University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and in Madisong studied in New York and went to Europe with an orchestra and Paris during one summerg served on the Contest Music Selection in Wisconsing has been judge at Music Festivals throughout was Director of Ripon College Band, New Holstein H. S. Chorus, and Orchestra: Chilton City Band Wifisconsinjg Civic Chorusg Plymouth Citizens' Bandg Director of all Hillsboro High School fwisconsinj and presently is director of and Junior Bands in Plymouth High School. CFB s -,EX A Qtfff is ks-- 9 1 ' I 1 K xp . A ' , . H . A, -- . 13 -q , '. -' ,Z Q K V ' 'V V ' A . gg if ,iff K. ' rg Q ff I 'L' U ff sw JH 1 5 1 :g -1 , H u X ,J 44 I X ,, , 1 .... L ' ' 9 kg L K I Q: I Q i V1 t KI -v F 2 ' ' ' ' 9 iffiv EW' U xg at ffsxgl. ly Jax-2755 'V fr f TY' A jvi'- ' L' Ugg-15 KA - 'I " ' 'v LSA?" cw-.E"' Piff' ,3- - 'Ei ' ' 9 KZ l ,' fy 'E - , 1 jsf' Q 3 l"wgfu'r' fl M JW ,aw 'J -iz! . 5 '75 ' I l l' ' 'v AR, " R' .' -"F 3 fi.-1 "K:-L , 'F'- Z? ini 'V' f .J '. 3 . - 'T' gf -"V Q V , ' 'f --.- .41 ,.f .'- ' Q1 fb nf ' 1 f 'X H- 5 'I 1- : E U 5' 1 . QQV, 76 :nl k' V-J-'lf . f - ,1 - Q, 1 - . , 4 - 1 Vx ffmqqq fw- ,X n, . .X , . ' U 1-9 f gf.-,VI , Jw, N-'Q-.I .N x 'f 1, all ,, ,. nhl . M FREEPORT, NEW YORK, HIGH SCHOOL BAND DR. MAYNARD WETTLAUFER, Director HAT QMexican Dance, Twirlersj EL RANCHO GRANDE-Music Known for many years as an outstanding High School QDr. J. Maynardj Wettlaufer, to generations of Freeport Marching Band-due to radio and television performances, musicians, is the guiding genius behind all the efforts movie premieres, et al-the Freeport Band somehow of this group, which is seen and heard by millions of continues its pattern of success. The Director, "Prof" Americans annually. I- Y -tzfffzefee, ' -atv " . :T iii Y - 52"-'Iui"':. :L. ' ' ' '. l 'I-i23fl,'?g ' . y ' it . - Y .. . V E 1 ll QQ. V '17 2 Drum Majorette, PEGGY ANN MORROW, is a worthy suc- cessor to the many outstanding leaders who have led this famous musical organization at outstanding sports events all over the metropolitan N. Y. C. area for years, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. james H. Morrow, Peggy started twirling in elementary school, attended music camps and clinics, and studied with many nationally known teachers. Her background includes five years of dancing, appearances with the "Ink Spots," a Superior rating in the New York State Twirling competition for several years, majorette of the junior Band as a freshman, a student leader in gym, a member of the Girls' Chorus, and many other F.H.S. honors, The "Night of Stars," an annual outstanding show at Roosevelt Raceway, in which many Broadway stars enter- tain in a benefit performance, saw Peggy lead the twirling corps of 175 Long Island twirlers in their routines-an outstanding honor. 3 24 DR. J. MAYNARD Born in Vllilliamsport, Pa., l906g Colgate University, A.B.g taught at Illinois, University of North Dakota liamsport, Pennsylvania before coming portg B. Music QSherwood Music Violin, Conducting, and Music E M.S. in Ed., N.Y.U. and Hofstra Music Doc. 1950, New York College of String Major Viola and Violing works include "Building a Show recognized textbook and manual on Bands, and "Fiddlers Four," Beginning Quartetsg adjudicator of many contestsg conductor. OUTSTANDING MEMBERS-FREEPORT, NEW YORK, HIGH SCHOOL BAND '-s HI QQ Nt :alice SENIORS Snipas, Jack Kort, Robert Hercndeen, Mary Lou Johnson, Uman, Peggy Ann Morrow, Sandy Feldstein, Kenneth Cavalyn Gundel, John Sanders, Arnold Diaz, Ronald EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BACK ROW: EDWARD KENNEDY, Freshmang ANN BIR- GENTHAL, Junior, ROGER SCHENKE, Juniorg RICHARD SNIPAS, Seniorg LESTER WHITE, Junior, PEGGY REGAN, Junior, and DONALD HANNA, Sophomore. FRONT ROW: ARNOLD DIAZ, Senior, G.O. Representative, JOHN SANDERS, Senior, Presidentg MARY LOU JOHNSON, Seniorg PEGGY MORROW, Majoretteg SANDY FELDSTEIN, Senior, Vice Presidentg JACK KORT, Senior, Treasurer. This student group is the administrative assistant, and in their meetings, discuss problems pertinent to the operation of the band. Performances, awards, attendances, discipline fwhenever necessaryJ, and other matters are the subject of discussion, The group is composed of six seniors, four juniors, two sophomores, one freshman, the majorette and Head Manager. FREEPORT HI BAND-Veterans' Day-"Taps" fCornet Quartetj as Band forms a Cross. JOHN SANDERS Well-Known "Signature" of Freeport Hi Field Shows RICHARD SNIPAS Cornet Trombone Flute , LOU JOHNSON Freeport Hi Band Lined Up For a Dance Routine SANDY FELDSTEIN Percussion 325 MASSILLON-WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ADVANCED CHOIR-MASSILLON, OHIO R. BYRON GRIEST, Director 2 aes 1 R. BYRON GRIEST Director of Vocal Music Mus. B., Whittenburg College, Springfield, Ohiog M.A., Ohio State University, Columbusg Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, National Music Honorary Executive Secretary, Ohio Music Education Association, Festival Conductor throughout Ohio, Vice President, Stark County fOhioJ Music Educators 1954-555 President, Stark County M.E.A. 1956-57, Chairman Vocal affairs, Ohio M.E.A. 1950-51-52, Conductor, Ohio University Summer High School Clinic at Athens, 1953-54-55-56-573 Vice President District VIII, O,M.E.A. 1956-573 member of the American Guild of Organists, Canton Chapterg Organist and Choirmaster, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Massillon, member of the committee to select Competitions Music for Ohio since 19503 Chairman of Competitions, O.M.E.A., 1952-553 Vice Chairman of Com- petitions, Ohio M.E.A. 1955-565 Past Member of National Vocal Committee, Competitions Adjudicator for Ohio. 326 This choir, under the capable direction of R. Byron Griest, has consistently Superior throughout Ohio. Under its present leadership for the past six years choir received the highest rating possible from all three judges both in District State Competition. Activities of the Advanced Choir are numerous consisting year of Handel's "Messiah," DuBois Lenten Cantata, "The Seven Last Words Christ " a musical show Cthis ye1r's being uC"Ll'OLlSClHD District and State Competii an exchange concert with Mansfield High School Choir and numerous ass Stark County Music Festival, the I' ive School Tri County Festival a Spring Cox . . , 6 c programs for the junior and senior high schools of Massillon and surrounding The choir is composed of 106 members of the eleventh and twelfth grades So homore Choir a trainin rou feeds into the advanced rou and is com P , SSP, SP lr of seventy-five members. SOPHOMORE CHOIR ax 4? SECTION LEADERS-OFFICERS- MASSILLON, OHIO, ADVANCED CHOIR I "-R IOP ROW ROBERT BURROWS Student Dxrec tm SHARON ALLTN ASSISIIDI Student Dlrector -ITRRH KOVAICH PICSILICHI LORIIN EASTER DAS VICL Prcmlent PAT MCCLEASTIQR Secre my SECOND ROW' TIM IONG Treqsurer PRISCILLA ADAMS SOC1'Il Chnlrman SANDRA If ax , SCHUMAKTR I'1rst Soplnno Scctmn Leader JEAN ROHRBAUGI-I Second Soprano Sectxon Leader ' ' ' GIADXS LYSITR Ixrst Alto Secuon Leader ' ' 'IIIIRD ROW Icft ANITA KAESAR Second Alto 'fi x u Scctxon Iudcr IHIRD ROW Rxght BUDDY I 3 MAYER BTIIIOYIL Section IEICIC1 'Ind JIM SWEAR INC I N Buss Scctmn Icxdu '1 HE MESSIAI-I 20th Annull Presentation Combined Choirs E53 X QI 327 DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL BAND Upper Marlboro, Maryland LEROY A. BATTLE, Dirertm' The Douglas High School Band is a fine concert and marching organization as is evidenced by the trophies shown below and by the many outstanding performances which they have given. A letter from Music Supervisor Frances Hill Lynch says in part: "I want to congratulate you for your part in 'A Festival of Music.' The program would do credit to any school system . . . Some of the music performed by the Choir and Band was extremely difficultg "Gloria in Excelsis" was performed exceptionally well." A letter from the University of Maryland says: "On behalf of the University, I would like to express our appreciation to you and your band for taking part in the 1956 High School Band Day Program . . . May I thank you for a job well done." A letter from john O. Smith, Adjutant, Lexington Park, Maryland says: "We wish to thank the director and students for their splendid performances and cooperation with the Color Guard of the Post." A letter from William E. Henry, President, Maryland State Teachers College says: "On ' .' Vt behalf of the faculty and student body I wish to thank if E, GD-T" ,V 7-as W you and Mr. Battle very much for the excellent program Q 'N which you and your school band rendered to us on .I i Thursday." The musical and parade performances of this y ' . l -- ,i band are a credit to any school and community. The 3710- Y 'X school serves a vast area, students travel as much as sixty X ' . VG' miles, rehearsals are held after school, and parents take ' , dig- ff' . . vt. - - ' ' turns picking up the students. Kb- ':' 'X' The School Is Very Proud of the Splendid Record of the Band and -Q ' the Trophies Are on Constant Display. , f ' f G - QV .' Q I ' I Ga i ,H LEROY A. BATTLE Director BARBARA PARKER Drum Majorette Plays Alto Clarinet in Con- cert Band, Honor Student, and Band Secretary. B.S., Morgan State graduate work, Juilliard of Music, Columbia Teachers lege, and University of landg M.E.N.C., M.M.E the Philharmonic Scholai studied Tympani with Saul man, Tympanist with New Philharmonic Orchestra. SECTIONS-DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL BAND Upper Marlboro, Maryland Principal ROBERT F. FRISBY fRightj Vice Principal SPICER PETERSON Uleftj FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS-DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL BAND SANDRA MIDDLETON, Snare Drumg ALBERTA ADDISON, ADDISON, Tromboneg LAWRENCE NEWMAN, Baritone, All- Co-First Clarinetg BERNICE PROCTOR, Alto Saxophone: EU- State Band 2 yearsg WARREN PINKNEY, Sousaphoneg CAROL GENE SMITH, Tenor Saxophone, All-County Bandg THOMAS HAWKINS, French Horng EVERETT TOLSON, Trumpet. BUNKER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND Muskegon, Michigan VERNON BENEDICT, Direrfor Bunker junior High School is one of four junior high schools in the Muskegon Public School System. Its junior band has long been one of the outstanding junior bands in the State of Michigan and the majority of its players eventually become important members in the Muskegon High School .Symphonic Band. Backed by a splendid parent association and a highly cooperative administration, the band carries out an extremely active program of concerts, football appearances and competitive festival activities. The band has won five consecutive FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS DESIGNATED FLUTES AND OBOE FIRST ROW: Judy Countiss CFirst Chairj, janet Meyers, Gertrude Tweist, 'lricia Newkirlf, Lynn Weatter. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Treutler, Carol Schallx Carol Matthews, Anne Borgeson, Mary Dayson, Sheila Nelson, Rebecca Schwan fnot in picturel. First Divisions in the State Band and Orchestra Festivals in the Class B Division and for seven years has been a First Division group in the District events. The band performs formations at some junior high football games, just as would the senior band, and takes an active part in junior High Night held annually at one of the Senior High Football games. Smartly uniformed, the group is an outstanding example of the completely instrumented concert band on the junior high level. IN SECTIONS VERNON BENEDICT Came to Muskegon, l950g played Solo Clarinet, Michi- gan State University Band' doing graduate work at Michi- gan State: member Fifth Army Band, 1953-569 returned to Bunker Band, 1956: Assistant Conductor, Muskegon High School Marching Band: Life member Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia. all J VERNON BENEDICT, CLARINETS FIRST ROW: Allan Thompson fFirst Chairj, Boyd Baughman, Russell Wright. SECOND ROW: joe Ellis, Bill Boeschenstein, Mike Smith, Marian Jury, jean Sepura, Patty Reecl. THIRD ROW: Janet Beehler, Sherry johnson, Carolyn Crawford. Blaine Pearson, Larry McNair, Mary Hennley, Marsha Reimer, Margaret Doctor. OFFICIAL BAND CAMP PICTURE ON CAMP REHEARSAL HALL STAGE FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS DESIGNATED IN SECTIONS BUNKER JUNIOR HIGH HORN, TROMBONE, BARITONE, AND BASS FIRST ROW: Mary Meyers fFirst Chairj, Mike Stewart, Sandra Robertson, Joanne Erickson, Helen Dawson fnot in picturej. SECOND ROW: Martin Stewart fFirst Chairj, Peter Hanson, Larry Meeusen fEirst Chairk, Art Clark, Bruce Baughman, john Pothoff, Dave Workxnan, Courtney Struclwick fFirst Chair, not in picturej. R SSION SAXOPHONE AND BASS CLARINET lflLlCI'lTl1I'l lust Chalr Keren Cloud Bill Warren ack FIRST ROW: Linda Ga First Chair Geor e Fredrickson 5 J Y I J, g , BIII Gustafson Dick Hammond, john Bader. SECOND ROW: Sandra Thompson, Kathy Bader. MUSKEGON HIGH SCHOOL BAND D11 ectof 33l ' vi ,gf z i Jef' , an V' :I :ff-15N 'gi fy' 7 f Qx ' .Q 1 .5 v gn . 1 I Y H ' , .Q 'VX fix 'E ,-Q " I lei W iff .D 4 N0 .' A1 f' .N ,L :W -N1 ----4-4 'ggi-'Pl VV: "X: " 4 fy N Wm , K1 ' -G .- ' Q' N " g ,x-' .1---fgfvfl N' ,gp ,:,-v gb ,ag-' 5 71, ff'FI'y ,Q i 'f"' . gy: , , 1 ff QQ. 3,2 lv P ::2g,gl1E.Fl x gX,y,X,gV W4 j i .H nfeviv 1.21 t rn.-15,5 la- 1 xfxrigqjj ' 5' . . fy" Q ' " . fi wi- -'Xxx '- , '- 1 . ff?-S"'M i+.f'fs3"'q f' 'b?"'gN 2-'afvgb P3f'9RfiKi1 9 "im f f'5.-Q-- P E 1 Fug: X L 55' N t""S:?Am V ' " x 9 by ,Y g A' 1 ' - 6'2" L -I 5 .,f XX D f,,,,Q ' fff.-rx-YN Srl' ' gf' ,ff v fi f' S I r I-:Urn-, C .H dsxa . 0 in 1 g Y, .-2-P gba 11,.. aw iw N S N H as ,Of ' fr- viii. 6,1 Q5 5,5-2, -I gli Y ' ' J?-, a- ?' f" l f , . a f " . : 'Q ' ,W 1 H: - - ' Vi? X ' . . . - rn 4 Q B -W , f' : - 1 1 x I n ' - , a 1-E Q Y, Y1 .3 G, V. V if L, ,I H z 'iv 1' ' ' gf V V 29 7 4 5 Y E if Q ,- 'F ' A i if , -,rtzxyglk gil smsi '. ,f :nm 1 -Asgszlh b Um fe ' wwf- f fa-K -' " - isa .16 f . A p gi f ,, I f l ,Z f..--'-vnu, 5 Y. v 3 Qi- x QU. iw'- r:Av"1 z ' 'e . 'Q 49 I'6:Cf.Ol' C. 5-". r MUSKEGON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Muskegon, Michigan MIISKEGON HIGH SCHOOL HAND CAMP STAFF MAJQRETTES XWER ROXV: Maggie Davis. Carolyn Lentz. Shirley Mcdrano, Mrs. rt Tnulbcc, Mrs. I--liirolil Zachzu'iuson, VPPER ROXW: Fred Roys. mon Benedict, XVilIizun Stewart, -Iohn Mcilrano. Mr. Bert Taulbee. . I-larolil ZilCllill'l2lSOFl. MUSKEGON HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND The marching band has long been one of the most admired of Mu5kegon's musical groups. Trained in a pre-season session at the Smith-Walbridge Camps in Syra- cuse, Indiana, the band had an outstanding year. Not P ' ie. ,Q,.4.. .5i+ + Q 5!i only was this the biggest marching band in the school ' ' 1 aff' 'ig'-cg, ..iQr,-iff f1.PJ',-"Qu-a,4f2f ,, 5-' ,'-, ,,L- " 'g.rig',g , . .A . . . ' . Qi-'5.'g,.x7:,1 5331-5,1 .12-i',',YfgL3',531 'SQ'-f frgf ' history, but its presentations were marked by startling A .14 p age: ,,it:,i.,. 9-4-QS, 'nj'- ,157 A- ,Q lfggtilgiqsgg x , . . 5Q:1i1,f-ipggg. Q.: .H "HP .1-'--gf .-g re-gf j1k':1,.gfg:1.1i-i t blacklighted effects and outstanding playing. I1 a t .hw ,fn . ali- :EE i "ij ,Q QE.. , . ,i 'A-34-.I L :jul 1--.rv 44- . v ' f .J-'-'."k"-, -1 1',,,, 5.1, '.-.' ,4""", J 'arf 2" -.N r U 'A P' A as--0 .,..., I " A Q V4.1 xg ' I, . : , .f - --' M - ,N v---sf - A ,- Y, .. .air ,N 1 . J ' I V V V S, Y T I qw, , , .-1, . .' ' ' " il-lm 1n,',, 'uw " 1, " -- N j - - .Y-14' 5 ,E - -' .. I' E.. 'fi 'fi'-4- Q 1 ff .uf 544'ii33FF53"" iff?-ffm. :Y--if1Tf?"x 't1i".w'5.3421.-'Q-"1'A"11" '55i1'71- -7 W :H "f'fEs3:l?f"'?"!'."' ' 'ff' -"S25"f"' 52.3, 'rf' . mi?-L"""', W-' J-' '- V' --af 11151-.174', -5791-. L'.'f'J Jfhu rsfl 1.51-" fiw s -Z-l1f"fv.-1 ' . V Iagzzzf: V ' affligfl . 'ff 12. 1, ein ! K . . 19 1 A I F' -1-ffl' 'Nl'?,f Wllf . 'F' ifmlla,-'fi F M Y.. ,, 4 x .g - .3--JMrl:.i:V..,l in awww 7 - ,,Q..,- .. M.. -X 445,53 -L is--H Q.. J- - , . -vqsbfffg ,...- -f-.-- - ,-- 6 ,.2:..-f- .ff-ui. 1: xf .. - ' "'. .V ' " rf' -- 'LT-5' - '-" ' ' ' -. " - f 1- 1' '52-5 vi' si-- L ' -' --, . 'F ' '- ' if Wx' fiit L55 'ff-.2 .V ' " fr gig--, -f?f-js ng," 70-'Sh i' "Q,-.. ...yin-if -jtlsi-sis. f ' J. ,rl gf V .A ,..-,XA It 9:1 . .yA::.:' ,. - 915457. ..-5512. i HQYA, -'Q L" . ,-gg -eglli r Q'5?,j' ,teesibsiuiev-:,.i'gil? gr" F",. ' N+ fE,fq-sf' " V H V' ' " -, . , 'JV' - . . L i ' ' ' I M - 1' ' 'af-"Y-' 'P 'TL-1-"1 l."' "- 7' L Qllgl 1.1,--A?3,g, jfvfsii- . -A 1 a a .. ..l.2:,fi,.. K1 1 '.2,ig '4Eif1f'!f:' 1 Ll-'ff ' 'Ti-rc:-' ffl-fW2J"' ""7 ?'ff?1:.. 'A Tit' . F- l.. "K" . s' it 5 rr' cgi 1 vi,-4-V7 1,11 yr:-.wg -My I--.:., .M LM: 1 h-lxagjlg YMV- Zglfrgvuggzi ' ' .- V, i we .-1 ' Fa i- - -f .. 'CP' ,- ,ref-,V K. QZM. 1 y' i51li'?52'T,l. ey,,'L5q, jf1'QZ,'51-Q.ef-1fLf:'-sgsxlf?-gazrrlM 1, 3t'Q:f?27'-5. 3 ' - TM, :Mp ifggg,:'i Ki tM,' .r-74 .u if ,v .-:-1.23 ,1 -ff: 3 ' -' Q ' ,' ,px ., -M. . 1-' i- rf- -A -M-, YMV1,-" . gf: l' ' r? if ' ..,2J2+'f if2.1'-f'L-,ff.qg..a 'QIMEJ-f" '-V91 ' .' -mr i1-- '- YM'l'xJ.- f,.a,e1 ,E S ' ' '5'- 531- 'QQ LQ ' 1, . . 1' 'If'g:'1f f .' " '.'. -.t L ' l. A-'.?.-'Z'F3" -. if-r' TRN ,Ht -. 'S .'4-rl'-1-. ' , V . 4-5-ST,-Ui "57'A'.". V, '-'95 l"'Y"l7"-2 ' In?-iffy, "0 1. . .4 jx .. '. .S V -.,., ....-1, ,x .,-., ..., ,.,.- .5 X .,.-51, 4 .:f1' -if-'1 wc.. "r.7f-'in-i?"'l i :'i5:'2wf. ' 1" .rA" ',..qig'. :'x"'- il Fl 'Y -. -S "' 'k2:,Qf- ' i 'N ' Z "' rr eg ' '7 '-1" 'fri 'Q' LLL.. ,x,. -fvf . q 'ff-Y. b , A 5, 1 .five " Q A :rf ' 5 44 . i , a.t-,. 1 - H x ,.. . , A fe v-riffs. . --Y ' sw 1 .L f 11 g".1--4-:,, 4.1, 3' r Wi- 5 'l':f,Lfl'S7Gz".- 's ' fi3r,Z-' ' I -i 'T-1'3T5":5' T' L"' ,afi 11" fi, ' . -' 'P' 't"'-sux - cw. . WF-.1 'wi 4. "' -2:45 ii ' ' ' 1. SVS' ' -- ..'.. ,, A 4-'ff'L' Y, ' -h-"l'u:' '-',A.w1-1--i-E'-:SK tr .f:':.9" ', , - 5 ' Nw .. 1. j ' -v' ,- ,l.g,ge:33,3f.f E. V,,b5Q .wil 5-f .r, .,.1.0 --?.:f ..'-ff. - fre.--g - -- b, 'S -ff' --if " -ff' - - " "'. ,. ' ' U .. 'A "'-'IG 1 ., xflfl-4112. -1,-' .1-3-.-S-K-4-1--m e ' 15-24 I.. :. . " 'ink' - 'Q i ' '4 'W' - " r3::--Q '- i 'Il 'zu-A" 1' ' :"'1-- -" . . -- l-1v:.'r.iae..,"w- IV 1 i .' .5 .. - TT -5- '-7.15 ' " . . 'fl r .. -M, ., , . ww- ,.g- ,.-.2 :I :ig :Jim ,, . '- I if ,J ,U Al'-12'-3,-,S . M, .-iY,.'..,!4l" 22-off: :j -.. fy .,1.,N,5q. - 1. -fs. . v , Rv-. ..'ir' , ' ..- " if 'E -Ji A ' - wr, 114--?i--312.'5'Ee"' EDXWARD XWINGLER Drum Majo 1' i A. .-. , .. ...-..-, .... .. ..-. ...... .... .. . ROY H. MILLIGAN ff, EELSTIISIEJIP Q, comzm-mf N X f H . . 151 15- J ' Preczszou ls The Beauty Of Executz01z" EAST ISLIP HIGH SCHOOL BAND I Long Island, New York STAFF ROY H. MILLIGAN, A.S.C.A.P., A.S.M.A., N.A.A.C.C., Directorg STEPHEN A'ZARY, Instrumental Directorg RICHARD COR- DANI, Rifle Instructorg BETTE REIDEL, Twirling Instructorg BETTE RIEDEL, Business Secretaryg MARYKATE MADDOCK, Personnel Secretaryg MARYKATE MADDOCK, Librariang BETTE RIEDEI., Assistant Librarian. I its STEPHEN A'ZARY Instrumental Instructor ni., . Y... , V OFFICERS, DRUM MAJORS, AND ASSISTANTS ARTHUR ACCARDO, Presidentg LANCE CHIMENTI, Treasurer MARYKATE MADDOCK, Publicity Director: HARRY HLAVAC Business Manager: WARD TUCKER, Assistant Business Manager PETET PASCI-IKE, Assistant Business Managerg BETTE RIEDEI. Drum Ma'or Ca wtaing KATHLEEN VAH EN, Drum Majo Co- : , i J . Captaing CAMILLE BENEDETTO, First Lieutenantg PI MADDOCK, First Lieutenantg ANTOINETTE PEROVICH, Sec ond Lieutenant. r I z,.-,, i ' 1 YY ' I V HAROLD M. A - Y Principal fe . 1. A, 62, LAWRENCE H. GALLAGHER Q Supervising Principal Q 1 ROY H. MILLIGAN, Director Member of A.S.C,A.P., A.S.M.A., N.A.A.C.C., and Ernest Wlilliums Alumni Associationg author of "Band Rules and Regulations," and several compositions for band. mixed chorus, and solo instru- mentsg B.S. in Music, M.A. in Secondary Educationg additional 334 N:-rf' ' ..,. - --.-,-- I k 3 w , i v iw i I - 7 A 'A ' sf 4, ,i D S . , NYY X ' ' A- f ' f ff' 1 p. A gi 1 ff fx - - H, U I M- f S .1 I ' . .V -f gf ' s 1 1 1 f V, 'I' 1131 Fil Q 71' M I in 5 E A , A x i L - dm!! qTWMbf""'--Pi-Zvi, ' - fag -, .fm fa'gz,s1x, - . X ' ' wr tx. ,iv n I . - 'iii U 4 K , A K, Y S ,, Q x NN . I . M fl ' . , N wi 1 1 .4 ,Q V f , f ,N I ' ' '44 ,Q" Y ' I V ' N - 4, p ' F ' k - I li x X I . .':frL I If 1 1 Q, X ' U ."iW ' - L ' " a ' ' A , "' 'J' ,J ,f ' . ' A -Q. 1, I1 Q - . .,,Lf-' ,F l A, " . " Af E4 . E ' xjlt QV, I J,- I' . v-. 1 . .L X X if Wi EAST ISLIR NEW YORK, HIGH SCHOOL BAND SECTIONS l ' J ,fi -.1 , 1 . V ,Q . 1. ml lie' l liil I g--I . .w. w DRUM MAJ RS MAJORETTES RIFLE SECTION O Bette Riedel, Captain Kathleen Vahjen, Co-Captain OFFICERS FRONT ROW: ARTHUR ACCARDO, Presidentg LANCE CHIMENTI, Vice Presidentg W I L L I A M WEBSTER, Treasurer. BACK ROW: H A R R Y HLAVAC, Business Managerg WARD TUCKER and PETER PASCHKE, Assis- tant Business Managers. .2222 "' B' is A 1 .---i F n V s .Q 5 fu, -. .-. ' c 'P OFFICERS FRONT ROW: BETTE RIEDEL, Drum Majorg KATHLEEN VAHJEN, Assist- ant Drum Majorg MARYKATE MAD- DOCK, Publicity. BACK ROW: RICH- ARD CORDANI, Rifle Sergeant and WARD TUCKER, Assistant Rifle Ser- geant. 3' lf an 'Q Sea S.: if xiii: AEN. l J ,ar 1 s N UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BANDS DR. WILLIAM D. REVELLI, Conductor The University of Michigan Symphony Band takes the spotlight at the close of the football season and is known throughout thc nation as one of the outstanding organi- zations of its kind. The late Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman was quoted as saying, "The University of Michigan Symphony Band stands without peer among college bands." The Symphony Band is the major concert unit of the' bands at Michigan, performing through Michigan and other areas of the nation. It has twice appeared before the College Band Directors' National Association. Appearances have been made in major musical centers in such auditoriums as Carnegie Hall in New York City, Philadelphia Academy of Music, Boston Symphony Hall, Shrine Auditorium in Detroit, and Bushnell Audi- torium in Hartford, Connecticut. I Critics have yielded high acclaim to the Michigan Symphony Band. Here are some of the comments: "The Unizferyity of Michigan Symphony Band, under the leaderrhip of IVilliam D. Revelli, laft night gaueta concert in Carnegie Hall. The Uniuerrity of Michigan Band is without quertion one of the finer! in the country, if not the entire world." NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, Saturday, April 9, 1955. "Long conridered the hert undergraduate murical organization of ity hind in the country, it: fThe Uniuerrity of Michigan Symphony Bandj Symphony Hall concert last night proved why." BOSTON POST, Boston, Massachusetts, April 6, 1955 "ll7e have heard quite a numher of proferrional handr, hut- in our memory we find none that equalled what we heard lart night. It Kric., the Unirerrity of Michigan Symphony Bandj har the richness of the Barton Symphony, along with it.r power and rurgef it har the tonal heauzier of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the rhythmic flexibility of the New York Philharmonic, when Mitropoulo: i.r conducting." SPRINGFIELD UNION, Springfield, Massachusetts, April 5, 1955. "IV ith impeccable muricianrhip and artirtry far heyond it: age level, the University of Michigan Symphony Band played to a capacity audience." COURIER EXPRESS, Buffalo, New York, April 1, 1955. "Last night thi: 106 member aggregation Kric., the Unioerrity of Michigan Symphony Bandj came to Burhnell and performed in a collective manner that would put to shame many a trained praferrional group." HARTFORD TIMES, Hartford, Connecticut, April 8, 1955 1957 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MARCHING BAND DR. WILLIAM D. REVELLI, Cofzductor- GEORGE CAVENDER, Asrixlrmt Cozzrlzzcfor GURDON "CHAMP" PATTON, Drum Major For the first eight weeks of the fall semester, the Univer- sity of Michigan Marching Band takes the spotlight., The 1957 version of the Michigan Marching Band was one of the largest in the history of Bands at the University of Michigan. It was composed of 143 playing members, four twirlers, one drum major, a color guard of four members, and ten guidon-pennant bearers carry pennants in the various "Big Ten" colors. Tradition has established the policy of an all-male marching band and this has been true ever since its inception in 1859. With men from 26 states in its membership, it truly can be called the "All-American Band." A typical season finds this organization marching over 28,000 man-miles, or over once around the world in the preparation of its shows. This group will expend some 26,048,936,960 foot pounds of energy in the preparation of its shows during the course of a season, and if all the music it is to use in its eight-week season were to be stacked in one pile, it would tower some fifteen feet into the air. Because of its leadership, its showmanship, and its superior perform- ances, the Band was chosen as the subject of a film-short which was made by RKO Pathe Pictures. This was the film entitled, "Here Comes The Band," a "short" which received international release. The Band has also twice been chosen as the subject of a feature article in "LIFE" Magazine, and has appeared on nrunerous national tele- vision programs. All musical arrangements used on the field are specially scored for the particular show and formation. The march- ing band members drill from 4:15 to 5:45 Mondays through Fridays in preparation for each show. The posi- tion of drill-master does not exist, for Dr. Revelli and his assistant, Mr. George Cavender, work hand in hand in all the myriad details concerned with presenting per- formances. Flutes, piccolos, oboes, bassoons, contra-bas- soons, alto clarinets, bass clarinets, baritone saxophones, bass saxophones, and French horns are not used on the field. Alto horns, trombones, cornets, trumpets, euphon- iums, and the like come into prominence in the March- ing Band, giving it a sonority which is its traditional trademark. The Michigan Band has been very fortunate in having for its drum majors, some of the outstanding men in the field. Names like Richard Smith and Floyd Zarbock and "Champ" Patton are but a few. The Drum Major for the 1957 season was Gurdon "Champ" Patton from Mt. Morris, Michigan. Twirlers were: joseph Brown of Dear- born, Michigan, john Kirkendall of Burlington, Indiana, Gary Kocher of Shelby, Ohio, and James I-Iiggenbottom of Lincoln Park, Michigan. The Michigan Marching Band has appeared from coast to coast, and from this has come the title, appended by the sports writers, of "Transcontinental All-American Marching Band." Typical of its engagements are appear- ances in most of the "Big Ten" stadiums, and two appear- ances in the Rose Bowl. 3 L 'xl s 1. -. "age .Sl -ul I V ,f 2 i aegis! qirxf 'pr' f J fp gui '4a3ilfl"'l'i sl-J I A" ' UU I 5 52 ' 4 i x , i ,F I H' Il ui 1 x f.,. ,-.-nv: if aJ'1n4 '1-19913, qxff' H.----"1 f , ,-- ,-rx. ff 4 x f' f A K,-K Y.,,,, N ' '-r v-1-.,, , F H ,.., was 'H --. E U , H J ei. f-' r wi' - -'Q fb! G 0 f fa ,Q . -N fh',?" i FF FIRST CHAIR MEMBERS- UNIVERSITY OE MICHIGAN BAND A l KAI JEAN LaDOUCEUR SARAH JANE BAIRD ROBERT WOJCIAK DON G. WILCOX Oxford, Michigan Gary, Indiana McKees Rocks, Penn. Chicknsha, Oklahoma Oboe Flute Clarinet Alto Clarinet B195 53' I2 if ' RUSSELL B. BEDFORD TERENCE SMALL ARTHUR T. HEGVIK JOHN L. ALEXANDER WALTER M. Old GICCHWICF1, COHH- Adrian, Michigan Poplar, Montana I-lbefw, MISSOIII1 N0ff0lk, Bassoon ContraABass Clarinet Alto Saxophone Corner COfr16f 7 , 'B l if A V7 f ...nv DAVID WHITWELL ROBERT L. HAUSE PETER EKSTROM CHARLES J. GABRION GERALD C- , Edmond, OlCl8l10mH Shelby, North Carolina Muskegon, Michigan Granclville, Michigan WISCONSIN R11P1Cl5, French Horn Trombone Percussion Euphonium Tuba 340 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA This is the nineteenth year since FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA was first published in 1940 with a book con- taining 102 pages. FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA has been published every year since with the exception of the war years. The 1940 edition carried the endorsement and best wishes for success from such outstanding men as GLENN CLIFFE BAINUM, ERNEST S. WILLIAMS, HERBERT L. CLARKE, JAMES C. HARPER, BOB MAKOVSKY, WILLIAM R. WEHREND, L. BRUCE JONES, HAROLD BACHMAN, CLIFFORD P. LILLYA, A. R. McALLISTER, A. A. HARDING, EDWIN FRANKO GOLDMAN, RALPH E. RUSH, H. A. VAN- DERCOOK, and others. The publication was approved by the National Competition Festivals QBand, Orchestra, and Vocalj Association in 1941. In 1941 a National Approval Board was set up to recom- mend outstanding organizations which Qonlyj could be presented in FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA. The publication has grown to the present 344-page edition and the Twentieth Anniversary edition coming up in 1959 already has all recommendations made for organi- zations and directors to be included. With the publication of the 1959 CTwentieth Anniversary editionj and all following editions the publication will place those directors who have proved to be very outstand- ing in the field of music on a "permanently qualified" basis and these will take complete precedence in present- ing their organizations on an annual basis. FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA was set up for exactly this purpose: "To honor First Chair members of America's finest High School Bands, Orchestras, and Choruses." After twenty years of sifting information from many sources, some one hundred and fifty directors will be chosen Qsome from almost each statej to receive this honor. Publication infor- mation will be sent only to those selected on this basis. ffm? MARY RAWLS BARRETT Assistant Editor, FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA Mrs. Barrett has served as assistant editor for this publication since 1952 and has devoted many hours to sifting and arranging material sent in from the many sources. Mrs. Barrett taught for eight years in the schools of Mississippi, has assisted in the management of the Mississippi Lions All-State Band since 1950, and has a great store of knowledge regarding the quality bands, orchestras, and choruses of America. She is being promoted to the position of Editor of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA beginning with the 1959 QTwentieth Anniversary, edition-at which time Roy M. Martin, present editor, will assume the title of Consultant of FIRST CHAIR OF AMERICA. OTTAWA HILLS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Grand Rapids, Michigan W. MERWYN MITCHELL, COIZJZICIO7' Ottawa Hills Orchestra and Band Members have participated in large numbers in I f . -37, -ajft --be V - W-i Wir ' . U: It ' "' 1.131 district and state music festivals since their beginnings. OTTAWA HILLS FESTIVALS RATINGS-1957 Dirtrict S olo and Ensemble SENIOR HIGH JUNIOR HIGH I Division Ratings .......,, .....,,, 1 8 I Division Ratings .,,.,.,,, ,,,,,,t,, 1 2 II Division Ratings ....., .,,,, 6 II Division Ratings ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,w,,, 1 1 III Division Ratings ...... ...., 4 III Division Ratings .,..,....,,......,,.,,,, 3 State S010 and Ensemble N0 feffifffll 071 Wife 191191 I Division Ratings .....,. ......... 1 5 II Division Ratings .,,...........i...,..,..,. 5 SQSSESTRA """""" "4'-- I E DS'Y5f1i53i'r'ufs'ii2E2ZE'iiiiQf1 ffffftft s,t,i 1 Sfffff' Offbfffe Ffffifffff JUNIOR BAND ---..,i-...,,-----.--4t-,----- H SENIOR ORCHESTRA ..,,.,1.1,..,,.1,.,1.,., II During the last ten years of festival participation by Junior and Senior Orchestra at district level, Ottawa Hills Orchestras achieved 10 First ratings with no ratings lower than II. In the State Orchestra Festivals since 1949 the Senior Orchestra achieved three First ratings and six Second ratings. The Ottawa Hills Senior Orchestra was Guest Orchestra at the Mid-Western Music Clinic at the University of Michigan on january 12, 1957. The Orchestra was honored by being invited to present music for the opening program of the Michigan Education Association at the Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium on October 17, 1957. Not the least important part of the orchestra's educa- tion is the preparation and performance of music for Senior plays, Christmas, and National Honor Assemblies and others. . The record of attainment of the Ottawa Hills Orchestra would be incomplete without recognition of the fine support-moral as well as financial-of the Music Parents' Club which is known as the Ottawa Hills Band and Orchestra Boosters. From the abbreviation to the initial letters comes the word OH-BO Boosters of Ottawa Hills. The purposes of this organization as listed in its constitution are: to romote and P encourage interest in the various phases of the Senior and unto School Instrumental Music Departments namely the bands and the oi -and to promote cooperation between the parents members of the and junior High School band and orchestras and the instructors lend all possible support to the instrumental music progress in our .aa All parents of the students in thc Ottawa Hills Senior and unior instrumental departments are automatically considered members Fin the OH-BO BOOSTERS have raised funds by such activities as pa rummage sales, cake sales, food concessions and the sale of adverti Spring Concert programs. The group has contributed over 351000 year for the welfare of the music department program including su as bus transportation for festivals new instruments uniforms and ships for All'State Band and Orchestra at the Summer Youth Music P at Michigan State University and at Intcrlochen OFFICERS JAMES BATES, Presidentg PETER PRICE Treasurer CAROL BENS, Vice Presidentg and JEAN HARRISON Secretary OTTAWA SENIOR ORCHESTRA Grand Rapids, Michigan FIRST VIOLIN SECTION SECOND VIOLIN SECTION ROW: JAMES BATES, Concertmasterg JOSEPH MAYNE, FRONT ROW: CAROL WILSON fPrincipalJg MARIS GRAUBE HAAS, TINE COOLIDGE, DAVID LOGSDON. AY LOWER STRINGS WOODWINDS ROW: Cellos-JOANNE DUNN, EDWARD TORNGA, FIRST ROW! FIUYCS-DIANE COX, LYNNE JOCHEMS, SPENCER fPrincipalJ. SECOND ROW: Violgg-MIL. SHERYL SMITH QPrincipalJ. Oboe-GAIL COOK. SECOND SINNING, KATHY JOHNSON, RITA HUGHES, JEAN ROW: Clarinets-CAROL RENS CPrincipalJ, ROGER HELMS, fPrincipnlJ. THIRD ROW: String Basses-THOMAS DAVID OOSTDYKL BHSSOOH-MAX SCHOLZ- MARY WEBSTER qvfinfimy. r BRASSES PERCUSSION W Irench Horns ROGER HARRIS PETER PRICE MICHAEL BERGER Snare Drum LARRY LEITCH Tympam SECOND ROW: Comets and Trumpets-NORMAN FRANK RENS, Chimes and Bellsg JACQUELINE SHAKNIS fPrincipalJ, THOMAS PRESCOTT, CAROL BEIMERS, Piano. JOHNSTON. THIRD ROW: Trombones-PHILIP N, KENNETH AYRES, GRANT WORFELQ Cornet- TAMBLIN. 343 WORFEL, DONNA BOUWENS. SECOND ROW: MICHELLE DEBAKEY, NAN TELGENHOFF. SECOND ROW: BEUTE, SALLY BRAND, SUSAN FAUSETT, MAU- PHILIP WATTERSON, VIRGINIA VAN SLUYTERS, CHRIS- 1337-340 Index--FIRST CHAIR GF AMERICA-1958 Dedication-National U 5 Message from Editor ...., -.,.,,.. 2 Parade of The States .... 4,.,,-. 1 2.53 Special Announcement .,..,.... Special Feature Organization .... Organization: Aberdeen, Mississippi-H.S. Band .....,,.,. Amarillo, Texas-H.S. Band ............... American Fork, Utah-H.S. Band .......... Annapolis, Maryland-H.S. Band ............,.. Atlantic City, New Jersey--H.S. Band ,.........,, thern H S Band Baltimore, Maryland-Sou . . .,.....,. .. Baton Rouge, Louisiana-Istrouma H.S. Band .,... Baton Rouge, Louisiana-Senior H.S. Band ........ Battle Creek, Michigan-H.S. Band ..,......,,,,.. Beaver Dam, Wisconsin-H.S. Band ..,... Bel Air, Maryland-H.S. Band ..............,... Belt, Montana-Belt Valley H.S. Band ..... Bernardsville, New Jersey-H.S. Band ..... Bessemer, Alabama-H.S. Band ....,., - ,.... Bladensburg, Maryland-H.S. Band ..,.............. Blytheville, Arkansas-H.S. Band ..,..,.................. Brunswick, 'Georgia-Glynn Academy Band ........ Carthage, Texas-H.S. Band ...,........................,... Casper, Wyoming-H.S. Band ...,....,................... Ceres, California-Ceres-Union H.S. Band .,...,.. Charles City, Iowa-H.S. Band .............................. Chattanooga, Tennessee-Red Bank H.S. Choir ..... Chico, California-H.S. Band' ..,......................... Churchland, Virginia-H.S. Band ............,........,. Clifton, New Jersey-H.S. "Mustang Band" .,,, .. Columbia, South Carolina-Dreher H.S. Band ..,.... Columbia City, Indiana-Joint H.S. Band ..,......... Columbus, Georgia-Jordan H.S. Band ...... Commerce, Georgia-H.S. "Tiger" Band ..., . Compton, California-Union H.S. Band ,.......... Prerenled 89 ......,..140, 141 ......,...l81, 182 292, 293 .,.......208, 209 ..........300, 301 86, 87 .........110, 111 ......,....315-317 ....,..,,288, 289 ..,......248, 249 57 .........312, 313 ..,.......72, 73 ,..,.....274, 275 ..,......126, 127 .....,...296, 297 .......,.128, 129 .......,.246, 247 ...... 76, 77 ...,........216 ........162-164 ..........90, 91 .,......224-226 .....,..234-236 .,.....,.297, 298 .........112. 113 ffffff.f25i,"i31aQ Coral Gables, Florida-H.S. Band ,......................... ..,...,..........,, 1 47 Corpus Christi, Texas-H.S. Buccaneer Band .,..... ......... 1 52, 153 Crawfordsville, Indiana-H.S. Band .....,..,........... .......... 8 4, 85 Decatur, Alabama-H.S. Band ..............,... ........Y. 8 0, 81 DeWitt, Iowa-Community H.S. Band ...........,........ .......,.. 5 4, 55 Dighton, Kansas-H.S. Band ,,...v..,,,.........,,,...............,,..,..... 100, 101 Downers Grove, Illinois-Community H.S. Band ...........i.... 218, 219 Drexel, North Carolina-H.S. Band .....,....,........... ........,,...., 1 71 East Islip, New York-H.S. Band .....,........,.,.....,.,. ........... 3 34-336 East Providence, Rhode Island-H.S. Band .,...,.. ...,..,.. 2 64, 265 Eau Claire, Wisconsin-H.S. Band .,.......,.........,. ........ 3 03-305 Elbow Lake, Minnesota-H.S. Band ,...., .........,... 9 6, 97 Electra, Texas-H.S. Band .......,.......... ......... 1 96, 197 Elizabeth City, North Carolina .......,... ......... 1 20, 121 Fairbury, Nebraska-H.S. Band ....... ......... 2 62. 263 Farmington, Maine-H.S. Orchestra ....................... ......,........ 2 13 Fillmore, Utah-Millard H.S. Band ......,,................................ 310, 311 Flemington, New Jersey-Hunterdon H.S. Band ..,..,..,....... 280, 281 Fort Worth, Texas-Paschal H.S. Band ,.................. ......... 1 24, 125 Fort Worth, Texas-Polytechnic H.S. Band .,.... ...,....154-160 Franklin, Indiana-H.S. Band ...........,............... ...........,... 1 07 Freeport, New York-H.S. ................... ...l...,. 3 24. 325 Gainesville, Florida-H.S. Band ,...... .......-.-..- 6 4. 65 Galena Park, Texas-H.S. Choir ....... ......... 3 20. 321 Garden City, Kansas-H.S. Band ,..... ..........,......,. 1 72 Garden City, Kansas-H.S. Choir ....... ...-..l.. 175. 176 Garden City, Kansas-H.S. Orchestra ...,.......,........... ......... 1 73, 174 Garrison, North Dakota-H.S. Band .................................... 313, 314 Georgetown, South Carolina-Winyah H.S. Band .i., ,........ . .259-261 Glendive, Montana-Dawson Co, H.S. Band ......................AAl.., 58. 59 Graham, Texas-H.S. Band ................ .............................-.---.- 1 32, 133 Grand Rapids, Michigan-Ottawa Hills H.S. Orchestra .... 342, 343 Greenville, Mississippi-Senior H.S. Band ..............-.....-..- 286, 287 Greenwood, Mississippi-Senior H.S. Band . ........................... 102, 103 Gunnison, Colorado-Gunnison County H.S. Band ..i............. 66. 67 Hagerstown, Maryland-S. Hagerstown H.S. Band ........ 289, 290 Hannibal, Missouri--H.S. Band .................... ............-.---..-1----.- 1 99-201 Humboldt, Tennessee-H.S. Band .....,.....................,.....-- ----..-.-, 9 8. 99 Indianola, Mississippi-H.S. Band .........................,. ..,...r.. 1 43. 144 Kalispell, Montana-Flathead CO. H.S. Band ........ -- .-....----.- 161 Kohler, Wisconsin-PLS. Band ....i..................-........-- -----.-- 1 34-136 Lake Worth, Florida-H.S. Band ...... -..---.-. 1 30. 131 Latrobe, Pennsylvania-H.S. Band ...... ---------- 2 76. 277 Leavittsburg, Ohio-H.S. Choir ....,........ Lenoir, North Carolina-H.S. Band ..... .......,....227 ....,...1'7'T ........341 ....,,.154 Lexington, North Carolina-H.S. Band ...... Louisville, Ohio-H.S. Choir ,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Lockport. Illinois-Twp. H.S. Band ,,,..,...,,,, Lubbock, Texas-Monterey H.S. Band ....,.. ......,... 188-190 .,...,..3-11 Marks, Mississippi-H.S. Band ..,.,,..,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 278, 279 Massillon, Ohio-Massillon-Washington H.S. Choir ..... 326, 327 Mayville, North Dakota ,,..,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 2 51.253 Memphis, Tennessee-Central H.S. Band ,,,,,,, ,r,,,,, 2 54, 255 Memphis, Tennessee-Messick H.S. Band ........ ....,.. 1 66, 167 Memphis, Tennessee-Messick H.S. Choir ........ .......... 1 68, 169 Meridian, Mississippi-Senior H.S. Band ...,..,, ,,,,,,, 1 22, 123 Merryville, Louisiana-H.S. Band ,......,.. ..,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 0 4, 105 Miami, Florida-H.S. Band ...........,.............,.,...,.. ......,.. 2 82-284 Minot, North Dakota-Model I-LS, Band ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 06, 207 Mississippi Lions All-State Band .,.....,,...... ....,........,...,. 2 '79 Mississippi Southern College Band ,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,, 3 06, 307 Monroe, Louisiana-Neville H.S. Band ,,..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,291 Monroe, Wisconsin-H.S. Band ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 237-240 Monterey, California-Monterey Union H.S. Band ...... ,...... 'I 0, 71 Montgomery, Alabama-Robt. E. Lee H,S. Band ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 4, 75 Montrose, Colorado--H.S. Band ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 91 Morganton, North Carolina-H.S. Band .......... .,...,...,...... 1 65 Murray, Utah-H.S. Band ,.,.,,....... ...,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,.,,,,,, 2 2 2, 223 Muskegon, MichignnfBunker Jr. H.S. Band ...... . 330, 331 Muskegon. Michigan-Senior H.S. Bimd ...,,,,.,,, ,.,,,,,,,, 3 32, 333 Nacogdoches, Texas-H.S. Band ...,............. ........,. 1 92, 193 Nacogdoches, Texas-H.S. Choir ..,.,....,,,. ,,,,,,. 1 94, 195 Nashua, New Hampshire-H.S. Band .........,. ,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 14 Natchez, Mississippi--Senior H.S. Band .........,.,.., . 142, 143 New Kensington, Pennsylvania-H.S. Band ....... . 244, 245 Norwich, New York-H.S. Band ...,....,,,............. ...,.,.,., 3 01, 302 Orderville, Utah-Valley H.S. Band ,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,, 2 16 Outstanding Directors ...,.,...........,,.,,,.......,.,.,....,.,..,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 41 Pahokee, Florida-H.S. Band ................,,...........,,,,,.,..,..,,,,,,.,,,, 203-205 Palm Springs, California-Nellie N. Goff Paonia, Colorado-H.S. Band ...,.....,..., Paris, Tennessee-H.S. Band ........,............, man Choir ....68, 69 ...,82, 83 ,...92, 93 Philadelphia, Mississippi-H.S. Band .,... ..,..,..,, Philippi, West Virginia-H.S. Band .,... .....,..,. Plainview, Texas-H.S. Band ........... ........,. Plymouth, Wisconsin-H.S. Band ..............,.,.......... .......,., Pompano Beach, Florida-H.S. Band .........,.......,.,,.. ,..,..,.., Princeton, Kentucky-Caldwell Co. H.S. Band ..........,..,..., Riverdale, North Dakota.-H.S. Band ..............,.,....,. .,........ Rugby, North Dakota-H.S. Choir ...,..........,...,.,.. ,.,,....., Russell, Kansas-H.S. Choir .....,..........,.... ,,...,.... Schuyler, Nebraska-H.S. Band ........,........ .......... Shreveport, Louisiana-Byrd H.S. Band ,....,.. ....... Snyder, Texas-H.S. Band .,.............,.........,... . South River, New Jersey-H.S. Band ...,. Spencer, West Virginia-H.S. Band ..... Stamford, Connecticut-H.S. Choir .... Stanley, North Dakota-H.S. Band ...... Sterling, Colorado-H.S. Band ....... Sulphur, Louisiana-H.S. Band .....,..., Sumter, South Carolina-H.S. Band ...... Taft, Texas-H.S. Band .................. Tioga, Louisiana-H.S. Chorus ...... Tooele, Utah-H.S. Band .,..,,........ Tupelo, Mississippi-H.S. Band .,.,... University of Florida .................................................. University of Michigan ......,....,.............,..,............,...... ., 24.2, 243 228, 229 146, 147 322, 323 134, 135 H148-150 215, 216 318. 319 108, 109 230, 231 178, 179 136, 137 308, 309 268, 269 182, 183 ....'78, 79 114, 115 294, 295 , .....,.,.,.. 187 ........,...151 ..270-273 210. 211 , .....,......... 299 Upper Marlboro, Maryland-Douglas H,S. Band ....,, .......328, 329 Velva, North Dakota-H.S. Band ............,..,......,....... ....... 2 66, 267 Vicksburg, Mississippi-Carr Central H.S. Band .......,,,...... 94, 95 Wadena, Minnesota-H.S. Band ..,....,.................,.,.,........,,..... 106, 107 Wallingford, Connecticut-Lyman Hall H.S. Band ................ 285 Washington, Indiana-H.S. Band ...........,............................,-.- 116. 117 Washing-ton, Indiana-H.S. Chorus .............i................ ....... 1 18. 119 Wellington, Kansas-H.S. Band ..A....,..................i.... ..,.............---------.--. West Palm Beach, Florida-Palm Beach H.S. Band ,.......,. 138, 139 Winsted, Connecticut-Gilbert School Chorus ......,....... -...----------.---- Wetumpka, Alabama-Elmore Co. Band .......... .......-.- 2 13 Winterhaven, Florida-H.S. Band .................. 4.-.--,-- 6 0-63 Worthington, Minnesota-H.S. Band ..........,...... ...... 2 56-258 -Youngstown, Ohio-Boardman H.S. Band ...... .....,....222 l - -H Y -W -f - --1- --W -f -? 7 34 .ar Q, "J, r .. '1i'wH1.' ' V Y: ,M ,. :My sm. . ,M lf, ,ijf w. vw . fyiiv, A v v Y I -r "n Y 1"- 914' IYVA ,Q I VF, if fy gg KA 5 N, -ff, 'Lge-ig! gg - f m fa :ff-+1 A ,wifi I, - ,K fl . 7 ,gg-2,1 ,Q ,Ex X. le . ' ' ' . ' """ T '1i:g3.' i1 . ,, 5 A ,J- 1 Q! A if 4- - r NE H wg V .- "ELF - 325 "" V- 'R X ' V -5: T1 ,,-if-A Q ' A A N . -5. 3 we N ' 'N :A X, AX N. fx. A , - 1 fx-- i'x, . 4 X 'Vw -F I ' ' ,I 1. 1 62 .. f.. Ng - ' - 1 u .11 Q ng, K I 1. ,,- UQ .ab 4 ': 'T' fv- . ,. L-f It

Suggestions in the First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) collection:

First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 126

1958, pg 126

First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 140

1958, pg 140

First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 5

1958, pg 5

First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 56

1958, pg 56

First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 156

1958, pg 156

First Chair of America - National Yearbook (Greenwood, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 193

1958, pg 193

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