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te NXXQ 'Y 'iofgedxet 6 Kiss 1 ,s ,252 jfiifwfsfi: . "':i:'s-,.-2- .,.!1- E . " " :. .1 ,ig 5: , ,,,, , .,,,. A -- '-1.-Swat f z .. M2 f V Q A iw ' .,M:1wffgg:L-W I U gg H-. :MJ ,, W . me vibgn u figf f E3 5 g ffl yy, jfl5lfYi'aVF1..v ,' A fini ' ,zgi1 m,. My W 2 '- grew "T 'iiorif 'fK"a?4zi+3S 'i f 3337? W 213956 1 'FI 159:42 , . 'vasagvi':fi??awi1'i:22ZiQZE5Y1 Iiiiffff - L,,,. , i giigiifgiff'eiiissf'fzigigggigegfvfseszeszzgnsaigrgfxfIIQZQTWS: V k,AL ,L .,,,.L M A.., ,,g,m,.L.. La,,vm. ox mum fsimxesm mm 1 H--sufsmfx, Qgggggg-:3F,,1Qzv1ff1 Lmz '15-1253235 -az ffm -mms! A- f-zzisez' L -'ffz'::,z' 1 31, ,A - ,M L:--: of , - f I., MMS, ffm' .f::A1z,..,1fwf1fQ, , 5 xsviigiaflii H4359 s.y,.s?ffsf,,:4Q-fm, xf,..fwv7 4: , V. fffimkfff e?ws,Jsff+'11'sssziilfz-221"Es7gi?if'ff:Yf?4sfifE'f f . .f .ESU .-5221: ,- if fffiill- 15112, ornorstone 1 9 8 7 Volume XV -, ww me ' ' ' 321155 P ff2w,i,, ro-geth-erftoo-'gerh-erfadv. 1, in a body: as a group 2. in or into one place, mass, collection, or group. YW? X' W prdudly wear their f1!nC, -xg 2, --5 J. jg. '33 K 5 Z1 H, , Swlrleftei Zia Ho is , , 1 g Zi Y ' U N x J S964 Q06 QQQSQGKV QWQOCQD CS f Q'w5f 'X 5 f QWQ0647 Bi wb M06 2,029 9-flfb wb ow QQQOQXQX Q ew f Q 09652, X 'SS f qw? wgxmb mqoaxqe 1 1 "viii, 'W'-,V M W: ' f fi. ' -' Q, f f ffil-, li2T5,'..z,ffff,, g -fy, V' -:ws rw, 4- - ff, :,,?,,QQ,.,.wiv ru, neuzzxzswfeilfIef1G,1f,,42Lw e, ,run wx 3' mf, if , , ..,, ...,,,.. D521 Xu, , . , ., ,, ., . 6, A my LW, A. , ,.,,,..., M, , ,A V .,, ,xg ,Nw , WD, V f Eg g m? M Q, Jigs -.h,i: ,, ,- ,Wham My fm W: A f'-WW ' Y' ,Y f H, AL9'A"'2, ,Mx , NM: WWW, af -, v,R.,f,,f X ,wvffwimu-'mf W1m4" T251 fF3"',, H M Ku mi. Jw w2z"""'T W ' 3 55 55 3 ,E ,Q 1 , . -,, M mi2igWMQ.,.MM,W - "" fam ? ' , 2, Q - , A EE ' ' ,M W ,,..., Wighmff 'Q 23 'ijgf --,. - '-.. Wm- MMLMW'-mwfgwmwy '25 "M WW" M :M1l'Lwf- ., W V-M M. ia f-A-ESM -- I X H W H55 2 fe l ? ,,,. ,..,,,,,,,.. , , ,,,. ,,,. ,,,, , H-, -,, ,,,. W- W , , -,,,.-,,,,,,, N E 5 EV , , 5 2 S 3 5 Ek em E wg f 5' 5 S5 XE I 'i if Y , 2 " - ' "' ig I f , ',f.,i'f,f2' 1 4 3 , 2-QQQQ' U ' i ' 17' , 5 if Q :gn 5 ,A 3 5 ,,, it Q ii E Tl giifiih , fma2Qmx:7e25,2f?i!a51m2fm?Z?H41ZT,g"?mQE'51?-YW 5 1 f , A M W W 1 M "2 " ' g ag Q, ,. kg ,J - Q, L V 3 EaH"""""'IL M W W H, .ww .3 3 W2 RWE if W -1f" az H-H W W Y ' ,W M 'M ' ..,,,,,,, 1 17.5 wi I f 2 B I M -: ' Az , ZA lg 7 1 ,dx , 5 2 X Q z::":::" WM' ,WT f, ,i 1 L 1 ns , f I ,f , , I , , . .1 4 ,K EM .. ,....,. ,.... " M 1.. V in va MW 1 W - -- ---M an WNMM.. ""' mm S ,M . Rem? Aifv , e Q , , mm' -M f , -H ,,.,,.,,.,,m , ,-A 2 ,....,,,.. , Q Helping out in the library, Miss Isbell grades papers on the side. The joys of teaching include preparing the ever-changing bulletin board. 1 dedication student life Sample cases earn a smile from Miss Isbell as she reads from the Helping out in the library Miss Isbell grades papers on the side. ate fn Q 17-' Although there is no doubt that her reputation at the Academy is that ofa tough teacher, she is genuinely interested in teaching material that will prepare students for real life. She has earned the respect and love of her students because she is dedicated and truly cares about them. She will not be returning to our school next year and will be greatly missed. It is with much love and best wishes that the 1987 Comerftorze staff dedicates this volume to . . . Cissg Isbell student lite ef? L12 Bell as ,,,:. 'wifi Wi 'ff f' M 'ip Q -we -FQ K STUDENT LIFE rp 1 division page student life The Senior Class I Kovan, Ashley Berry, Lori Smith. lThird7 Paul Wfilson, Tony Sravely, Robby johnson, Robert Lanier, jason johnston, Randy Rogers, Fred Wfilliams, Kevin Mills, An- drew Embry, Charlie Garcia, Daniel W'all4er, Richard Home baker, Michael Downs, Lance Mayes, jonathan Sawyer. lBacl4l Robert Bourdene, Kevin Couch, jason Chalker, An- drew Cain, Brian Hurd, Patrick Gibson, Chris Coggins, gwi if? Heath Rice, Paul Bernhard, Paul Garrett, Will Wfhite, Gary Q Keester, Roger Vifise, Gary Don Lambert and jamie Howard, Not Pictured: j ell Cross, Michael Enriquez, Sheri Grimland, Katie Mayborn, Graham Monroe, joni Rakestraw. - . A138361 if liili A as 5 Q rfkifx , i ,mi ii ,, R l 1 it Q 1 l ' - r R .4 , i' A 3 5 R -A at I ', R H .f i ,N, in I 1 it 'Q . L Q 35,3 : f i Y 1 Mg, .- - R is in f 'S iz 4 S W - '. Y .yggh 5 . .,, 2 A ' , , ' rg 1 f - . B ZH: gg? 'E .TQ 4' I : '. .'L .' r ix 1 1 L M 'K 1 ' iiigiiffi A CFront, from lelitl Ashley DeBoard, Robin Kaup, jeimi Q 92127 "CJ 'f13yi QS E4 2 ??.5 'fig C1140 :'E'5,.. 2,2 Era? HS ff 7' 9?-fi A IT! U7 25, QE: Lig 2-cf' 255 Q95 555 RSS -71 4 U7 375 Sin S5 E-35:1 f-1. FJ alma rrr , 7 P-H c '1 2. V5 c P fi W "U El c V7 :x fl '11 5 5. 'U Q FW YT '1 V3 C : 'U ni E rr: se tn A VT :L 5 'IC W wi CI' 3 iff 71 :I av' 'U ll? F. "', F yr Z 9. FD rr.. Z. :r I c "5 ft P' I ff W P9 :r FC "1 'U - fb :L 3 If YU D rt. im .1 73 f: :i :i 2. Y' U VT 'J' E7 fl' 'U c: ft Z as :Q fi ec F, rv' ff 'Y I" cn .T S3 -. c :x FU 34. '-'Ai fr I' U c: 2, up class of '87 student life WE ALL FALL DOWN. At the summer leadership conference, Miss Fary and various student leaders play games. JUNIORS HAVE SPIRIT. As they enjoy football pep rallies, juniors show class pride and spirit. NUMBER 1. Cheerleader sponsors Vicki Palmer, Glenda Talkington, and Pam Hollingsworth cheer their girls on at summer cheerleader camp. candids student life CHEMISTRY CHOIR. Chemistry students enjoy a sing along with Mr. Armstrong. Eli s .. Q-My K' her hands. saw. 11 PICTURE PERFECT. Senior Homecoming Nominee, Amy Kirkpatrick, takes one last look in the mirror before stepping across the football field. DISASTER STRIKES. After having a small accident, Sharon Riffe tries to remove pen ink from candids -1-1 student life Yr f Senior Class Favoritesn r Cathy Godfrey and Andrew Ernbryg awww 3 C s 8 Galt O Je Us . ., ,5 . fiz ' 63 if ' A f ., ., . di! A IIS K jj 2, 1 if I x"' ,V , I',-. , 1 1 1 f if 54 4 rf' , I , x 1 2 A, A i. 51 mit. ' Y fm- ww ef 4 O ' ,246 kk 2 , , A ' Q I' V s '! 31? N fx ' Z X , W J ' 1 . ' s f a 1 1 1 Q I ' Freshman Class Favorites A live year veteran, jami Smith lists theerleading and going out with her friends as her favorite attivities. She feels that since FBA is a small srhool the closeness of the student body is a real advantage. Todd Scott enjoys being on the football team and also watching the varsity games. The thing he likes most about the school is the Christian atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. This is Todd's setond year at the Academy, Sophomore Class Favorites Although she has been at FBA only two years, Ashley Scott is in- volved in volleyball, FCA, Spanish Club, and Young Life. Ashley likes the idea that the kids try to live close to the Lord here. Andy Kovan who has attended FBA for six years, enjoys the friendly atmosphere of the students and teachers at FBA. He likes to go to basketball games as well as play in them. When not in sehool, Andy enjoys hunting and photography, class favorites l I - student life 45. A X , , , 2 , ., 49 1 51 . ri, ..,. , fa if C K 7 W junior Class Favorites Kim Wilson has attended FBA since kindergarten. She is involved in cheerleading, Spanish Club, FCA and on the Yearbook Staff. The thing she enjoys most about FBA is the closeness of all the people in her class. "We are all one big family." An avid Saints basketball fan and an eleven year veteran at FBA, Bob Beasley spends most of his free time learning karate, In Bob's opinion the Christian influence at school is the best aspect of FBA. class favorites 1 1 student life Confused with concern, Coach Hines, Mrs. Finski, and Dr. Estes decide what to do about detentions. YY 2-5 5 '--- -KTM YQ, X v-N - ,A 's..f' ' .- 2 "- ws. I uf s .xl 3 w. X NMR! Chemistry students, Todd Young, Mary Green, and Matt Bryant prepare for their next experiment. U 'st f candids student life .Q Listening for Saint Spirit, senior Kelli Allen waits for the roar of the crowd. , Yi, fi if , Wt aaa, " J lg . AA 4, A , P4 c izffll t ga-A if l Al li Confronting Paul about the car, his mother, Mrs. Wilson and sister, Kim, were shocked to hear that he had wrecked it again. Helping lieutenant Becky Burnett, senior lieutenant Allison Loeb adjusts her mum. candids 'student life Third grader Patti Downey watches Homecoming festivities dressed in Saint colors and her homecoming mum. 4.-av N homecoming student life Resting her smile, Robin Kaup poses with friends, Amy Kirkpatrick and Lauri Kovan. Braced on the back of the Excalibur, Sharon Riffe begins her reign as Homecoming Queen. Ready and waiting. The Saints' fans an- ticipate the breaking of the sign. To Thee we are true The varsity cheerleaders and Flahangers lead the crowd in singing the school song. The Flag corps awaits its first field perfor- mance with nervous anticipation. Senior nominees and escorts strain their facial muscles as they wait for the last h . Has to go off homecoming student life 49. 1 K 4'.J Q J, if , ' I v 'ol' A .5 af-HE, W1 I ' 1 .- 'F - 5 , Q13,,k,- olwtgv Q-A sw a fkvi, Agri' ,W 'Qg Qfixf ' Q 'PN 3 ,, 8 ., A Homecoming festivities include more than football Homecoming, a party traditionally thrown by the student coun- cil, included an emphasis on alumni activities this year. The prayer chapel which had been recently completed during the remodeling of the high school was dedicated during a special alumni reception. The prayer chapel was completed at the request of the class of '86 as part of their senior gift. More than 40 First Baptist alumni registered for the reception. Dr. Criswell was also present to give the dedicatory prayer. As always, homecoming itself focused on the football game. Alumna, Buffie Beazley relinquished her crown to senior, Sharon Riffe, during the halftime festivities. Senior nominees Robin Kaup, Deana Kinamon, and Amy Kirkpatrick, junior julie Payne, sophomore Ashley Scott, and freshman jamie Smith and their Escorted by headmaster, Mr. Fred Lively, Buffie Beazley relinquishes her crown to Sharon Riffe. Senior, Robert Lanier, chauffeurs newly crowned Homecoming Queen, Sharon Riffe, around the football field. Q, vs- .' E in Y , ' if 'I 5 I x escorts proceeded through a line formed by the F.B.A. Flag Corps in its premier field appearance. The'football team did its part in making Homecoming successful by defeating Garland Christian 14-7. junior attendant, julie Payne, was escorted by her father, Mr. jerry Payne. Sophomore attendant, Ashley Scott, was escorted by her father, Mr. Steve Scott. Freshman attendant, jamie . Smith, was escorted by her if 'f father, Mr. joe Marchman. :' - if V, in : X- . Q- i A af' F Sf.-3 -V ,-WS , A! ew.. . 1 ' 3 K his 1 -.-ff ' .ig as . i homecoming student life FBA's answer to Mr. T is "Mr. B" - senior Robert Bourdene. Sneaking away to the library, senior Laurel Kayse spends a few quiet moments studying. 3 , if Office aides, Randy Rogers and Paul Wilson, laugh in the face of danger -- 4W tons of athletic equipment to be carried across the street. candids student life l A11 in ? 2 f Librarian Janice Shanks gives her introduction to the library for the seventh graders, fl tn..-U Trying to finish her Economics test before the bell, senior Robin Kaup searches her brain for the correct answer. Finishing her notecards, sophomores Michell Kennedy, Lisa Sammons, Cathy Blackshear, and Kathryn Hogan get a head start on their research papers. candids student life We're -ffl Sophomores, Thomas Thompson, Todd Newsome, Kelly Holder, and Sonja McGill flaunt their prestigious spirit stick. Gimme An S Cheerleaders get fans fired UP Lights, Camera, confusion BBC camera men film pep rally Girls just want to have fun Sr. Girls huddle at the end of their pep rally routine pep rallies 26 student life ursts of cheers were heard from the students as the band played "When the Saints Go Marching In." Excited cheerleaders and anxious Swirlettes awaited the entrance of the teams. Student coordination was tested during the first pep rally when the crowd learned, "Clap Your Hands Everybody." The cheer not only caught on in the secondary school, but also the Kindergarten. After mastering in the clapping sequence, Kindergarteners showed off in front of everybody. The stands loved them, Another surprise came in the middle of the year, bringing excitement along with con- ' fusion. The school was filmed for a Q i l documentary in England, and the film il "tte - - crew wanted to film an F.B.A. pep rally. "They got in the way of everything," said ,., varsity cheerleader, Laura Shanks. f . 'L mr: J Z - U. . 5 H--.X -E I 1 -'W 9 ? Q SQUISH SQUASH SQUAD Varsity football team piles on Coach Hernandez. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY" Flaghangers and cheerleaders sing school song with enthusiasm. THE EVIL EYE Deanna gives last minute instruction to Sophomores Leslie Farley and jenny Marion. pep rallies student life Saints fans form a spirit line to cheer on their team. Even high schoolers support theirjr. High teams as shown by Sophomores Fabian Ryans, Andy Kovan, Kelly Holder, and Freshman jami Smith. sity Chris Messick receives some on-the- sideline advice from Mr. Deaton. Freshman jennifer Roeser enjoys the company of Sophomores as all take a break from an intense game to pose for a picture. candids student life 4. The McKim family spurs on their team while Little McKim marches to the beat ofa different drummer. juniors Stephen Black and Craven Coates flank Coach Pittman's little buddy, Willie, as all three give the status of the Saints. Coach joel Pittman discusses game strategy with Mess-up and Swooze. rig WW 3. t.,t,J. Seventh grader Ashley Ferguson recuperates during an intensejr, High game. candids student life Rah, Rah, Rah! j.V. sponsor Mrs. Palmer prepares to yell for her Saints. Using study hall wisely, seniors Gary Don Lambert and Kevin Mills finish some last minute homework. Posing for GQ, senior Paul Wilson sneaks a peak at the camera during a Saint pep rally. candids student life A , W s- l X... X X ff fi W -,Z Wa Shielding himself from harm, junior Charles Pokladnik prepares for Dr. Williams to ring his neck. Dozing off in class, sophomore Andy Goznell catches a few Z's during class. .fi , 4 We . twdw . ,i .4" Pressures on, getting higher, difference is junior Steve Black stays Dryer. What? What? What? What? Senior Peggy Sterling and freshman Lajuana Ed- wards join in during Saints' spirit chant. candids student life FRESH OUT OF PAPER Erica Bookman concentrates more on her desk than her Algebra class. SPREAD THE WORD Freshmen, Angela Lowery and Deana Fisher con- gregate around the lockers and gossip before lunch, PEEK-A-BOO Due to the frustration of term papers and poinsettia sales, junior julie Payne takes an overdue break. candids student life NOW THAT'S TALENT? Senior, iw A Heath Rice displays his beautiful master- V , A Www! piece in art class. , 1 , ,,,'-, ..u, as New it fr me BIG PLANS! juniors, jason Petty and Keith Youngblood describe for the rest of the junior-Senior committee their ideas for the banquets entertainment, FUTURE DOCTORS OF AMERICA jamie Howard gives his opinion of Ran- 'Y ,aa ES 'a', ' ' I dy Rogers' surgical talents in Biology II i , 'ikfblfili class. NAP TIME! Mrs. Snell uses Study Hall for more than just studying. l ilil i I 4555:-'hal X. 1 " ,.,,, 5 ,. , ' .. 'K , -53,1-,1 we- egg s 1 to 7 . .. seq-,.z 11 . K 6' K STRATEGY MEETING juniors, Skooter, Toddler, Ema, and Cave Man discuss plans for the approaching State games in Waco. candids student life lltvfwf , C i '7 S niors rock b ck I Q to the In a flashback to the fifties, the class of '87 recreated one of the most popular musical produc- tions, Bye Bye Birdie. Slicked back hair, saddle shoes, ponytails and poodle skirts covered the stage at Ralph Baker Hall as 48 seniors portrayed the stories of Rose Alvarez, Albert Peterson and musical sensation, Conrad Birdie, and their adventures in Sweet Ap- ple, Ohio, A full-scale musical production, complete with choreography, Bye Bye Birdie required hours of work from the largest-ever senior cast. Not only did the principles slave over their lines and their music but the chorus practiced their songs and steps over and over for musical numbers like "Kids," "The Telephone Song,"' and "Gotta Lot of Livin'." While singing and dancing took work, scream- ing at Conrad like star-struck teenagers while he sang "one Last Kiss" came naturally. Although it was embarrassing, it was a lot of fun fainting at the sound of Conrad's voice in the county courthouse scene," said Kelli Allen, the Mayor's wife. All the hard work paid off in the form of a great production and lots of memories. "My favorite part was when Cathy Godfrey fGloria Rasputinj broke her shoe on Saturday night," recalls Jason Chalker, Albert Peterson, "I loved seeing the hours of hard work pay off," said Judy Kayse, director, "When the class of '87 saw what I had known all along - that they could sing, dance and remember lines, and most of all that together they could come together and get it together." us' .- l fifties W ww. 91311, 1 't Rose Alvarez tDcana Kinamonl daydreams about her life with her "One Special Guy." Gloria Rasputin CCathy Goclfreyj asks Mrs. Peterson tAllison Loeb! for help as she auditions to the tune of "Swanee River." Mr. and Mrs. MacAffee tPatrick Gibson and Sharon Riffej are concemcd about their "modem" daughter. sr' play student life iii It V , ,Q . Wm. ik 6 Q A..- ei K ff in , 'f , ,. bggs- K I ,Q . 'Ai' Hugo F. Peabody fFred Williamsj is comforted as Kim MacAffee QS-helly C-unterj reassures him that "her steady" is forever. Albert Peterson Uason Chalkerj at- tempts to get Rosie to talk to him. Charmed by the sound of A1bert's voice, Charles F. Maud fTony Stavelyj enjoys the romantic song intended for Rosie. Kim feels faint and dizzy at the sound of Conrad Birdie's fAndrew Embryj name. Ursula Murkle fAshley DeBoardl expresses disbelief that Kim is willing to give up the Conrad Birdie scream. sr' play student life r 3 . 1 w- ' ,JSA S: 3. 3 s S 5 8- gi :ii it , wi V, 1 , 1 r 1 W .,.,. i6 The favorite storyteller, Coach Hines, uses one of his famous hunting stories as a comparison at devo- is tional time. As he walks out of his condo to load the buses to go home, Patrick Gibson shows off his Steamboat ' souvenir shirt. M I L Before loading the buses to depart, the class poses f., for the traditional Senior Trip group picture. Danny Walker flashes his shades and gets com- fortable for the four hour bus trip to the Denver airport. sr. trip student life X . Q., - X 'xl X ' " so if ,mais - . SX-W ti T Af- ! sf H it W X. is Q.-, ,if E , , ii On Friday, March 13, fifty-five of the Seniors left DXFW airport for Denver, Colorado. Once in Denver, the Seniors loaded buses for a four Cturned into eight due to snowb hour trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The exhausted students arrived in Steamboat at about 3:00 a.m. They then moved into the Promantory Condominiums, where they would spend the next five days, and tried to get a few hours sleep before hitting the slopes the next morning. Every day was filled with skiing, as well as some great shopping and eating at places such as Ski Times Square. Some Seniors spent all of their time shopping and never even made it to the slopes. Devotional meetings were held every evening. Everyone met to hear their favorite speaker, Coach Hines. However the time was spent, each Senior had a great time spending time with one another. x ....,.,..........v, , c i, , 7: . S+ . , p Y r . ,ff 1 i'- V 'liii' ,fi . I Preparing for battle, Andrew Embry makes a snowball for a great fight. Already hyped up, Charlie Garcia and Michael Downs anxiously await the last bell, signaling the beginning of Spring Break '87. Amy Kirkpatrick and Merrit Morrison take time out to relax and reflect at a devotional meeting. sr. trip student life Fun with a flair . . . Tuxes, top hats, chauffeurs and corsages, students enjoy a night on the town. Academy seniors and juniors cast off their uniforms in favor of tuxes and for- mals. They climbed into borrowed cars or rented limousines for an evening at The Marriot Mandalay Four Seasons in Las Colinas. The class of '88 put out effort and money to give the seniors an evening with "A Touch of Class." "The junior class went all out to make our last jr.-Sr. the best it could be," said Senior Melissa Leonard. Flaming desserts and boat rides on the canal afterwards were just two extras that made the night special. In addition to the traditional presenta- tion of rings and letters, Senior pro- phecies, and the senior slide show, seniors were treated to a narrated presentation of their baby pictures. jr.-sr. banquet student life "The baby pictures were humorous, but also very embarrassing," remembers senior Nancy Dickert. According to some juniors, the com- mittee achieved their goal. "Personally we felt it was a classy evening and gave us memories we will never forget," said Shelly Maines and Katherine Davis. Continuing an FBA tradition, Doyle England receives his class ring from Melissa Leonard. Off for a romantic boat ride, twelve juniors enjoy a trip around the canal. Table hopping, Seniors jon Sawyer and Paul Wilson make rounds, checking out their classmates' evening wear. Tflf by 6 x Principal Dr. Estes and her husband and Athletic Director Coach Hernandez listen as Mr. Tony Martinez inspires others to never give up. Football captains jamie Howard and Roger Wise present Dr. Criswell with a remembrance of the 86 football year. They just can't get away from that gravy. While other juniors discuss the quality of the food, Keith Youngblood just tries to keep it down. sports award banquet student life -I IFN YJ? 1 'Y' ik? Athletes receive their due as banquet goes into overtime Moving from Coleman Hall to Colony Park Hotel, the annual Sports Award Ban- quet featured speakers joe Shearin, an ex-pro football player, and Tony Martinez, a sport- scaster from Channel 8. With the lengthy agenda honoring team members from every sport, the event which began at eight o'clock, ended only moments before midnight. Fred Vlilliams, Booster Club president, officiated the program. "He was the best part," said Andy Metheny. "All of his jokes were funny." Each of the athletes were partial to their Explaining why football players have no necks and dents in their foreheads, joe Shearin laughs along with his audience. 1 'QW izfflfifivlilfifail Senior basketball captain Heath Rice honors the Cheerleaders. own sports. "My favorite part was the basketball segment," said sophomore basketball player Matthew Thompson. Highlights of this year's award win- ners include Paul Cunningham award, Doyle England, Head hunter, Fred Vlilliamsg MVP basketball, Heath Rice and Staci Runnelsg MVP softball, Staci Runnels, jim Adair baseball award, Andrew Embry. R... Another member for their senior scrapbook, Seniors Ashley Deboard and Lori Smith pose with their dates, Corey Clark and Chris Coggins. sports award banquet student life ww .... .ns Si Q ka! Q 41 The last oi the lasts, raduation marks the end of a high school career Silence filled the Sanctuary on the night of May 28, 1987 as the Senior Class began its walk down the aisle. "It was a night to remember" said Laura Shanks who took the stage as the Salutatorian of 1987. Addressing a group of students who will be going in their separate ways in col- lege, work, and military service, Deana Kinamon, the Valedictorian for 1987, ex- pressed that graduation was more than just an education, a graduate must become well-balanced and seek success by the quest of knowledge, in all areas of life. The speaker, Dr. Vfells, urged them to have real values, not just a real education. He encouraged the class to make deci- sions and not fall into the traps of the world, to have an education of the heart and not just the mind. In addition to the presentation of the Valedictoty and Salutatory awards, Dr. Suzette Estes presented the Bible award to Deana Kinamon and two special athletic awards for highest academic Valedictorian Deana Kinamon expresses to the audience how close her class really is. Looking Good, Michael Downs gets his mortar board adjusted Dr. Wfells speaks to the graduates on how the times really aren't changing. graduation student life average while participating in sports to jason Chalker and Ashley DeBoard who each competed for 4 years in two different sports. A light board for school news was presented to Mr. Fred Lively by Sr. Class President Robert Lanier. just right. , Lis H ,Ji IT'S OVER. With a smile on his face, jamie Howard gladly accepts his diploma from Mt. Beazley. Surprised, jason Chalker accepts his athletic award from Dr. Estes. liars ' f ,, he f Q me was if First Baptist Alumnus Andrew Embry changes his tassle. On to bigger and better things, Staci Runnels makes her exit. graduation student life if ! as ff 2 E E ii E Q a H S ,i5 N H "Nil:--. U 3 Q ,f Q - f BASIC isnocg Eoreignflanguage to Senior aniei if Wdkfw1?eP'fQf1SS9f1 aCQ1fzPvf?fiProsffm? If ff K I E E X ..4 i l dlvrslofl Page IN THE -1 BYMISTICUTSINGER -1 Mr. Armstrong introduces a new song to his class Toby Snowden and Michelle Martin continue discussing a chapel topic. Mary Green,jodilynn Brittain, Kim Leon, and Matt Bryant rake notes in Bible class The cast of Brigbf New Wings sings a tune for their friends. in the word A-6 academics 5' Q - .Q,. ..,. iw- 1 .rlk A c 5 ible is a great part of any Christian school, and it is the cornerstone of First Baptist Academy. Warm bodies filed into Embree Hall for what they thought was to be another year of naptlme. instead students were awakened by the variety of speakers and activities which quickly caught their attention, in- cluding plays and musicians. Instead of the mundane memorization of scriptures and dates, the Bible classes this year have reached out in new directions by teaching students how to ap- ply scriptures to their lives. An addition to the Academy is the required quiet time notebooks which contain devotional verses for per- sonal application. K cowboy version of the beloved disciple, theater arts student Andy Gosnell shares 'he thoughts ofjohn in the fall production. ?.B.A. alumni, Robert King, retums to his old friends for chapel. Bob Beazley takes time out to arch up on ?aul Wilson works diligently in Miss Stark's Bible class. his quiet time notebook AT THE KEYBO RD ,It 'K X ?'w!'b Mrs. Allen has to repair yet another typewriter. Mrs. Tapson struggles to perform a choir program in spite of the windy December weather. Senior Laurel Kayse learns computing under the guidance of fellow senior Lance Mays. at the keyboard A-8 academics T' BY THOMAS THOMPSON 'T' New sophomores janeanne Speros and Wes Lonneke pause amidst the duties of joumalism to compose a song. Mrs. Gatton aids Junior Carmen Patterson in de-bugging her program. tudents cannot walk through FBA without hearing the click- clack of the keyboard in use. From pianos in the drama room and chapel, to typewriters in the office and typing room, to computers all around school, the keyboard is a vital part of FBA life. The computer has con- tributed its two-cents worth this year. The school is presently converting oil files, such as stu- dent records and schedules, to computer disks. This will not on- ly speed up any student- related operations, but will alleviate many problems with records and schedules contain- ing classes that do not exist - as in the first few days of the 86-87 year. Seeing students frantically rush about at the last minute, desperately trying to find so- meone to type their research papers has been a common sight at FBA. Not so anymore. All students are required to take Typing I. These students receive a working knowledge of typing and can easily im- prove their typing speeds in this half-semester course. An ad- vanced course is offered for the die-hard typist. What would chapel be like without the soothing sounds emitting from the piano, played so well by sophomore Scott Warren? Besides chapel programs, the piano is used in Theater Arts and choir presentations. Finding the Computer Room empty, junior Tim White uses it to his advantage. 49 IN THE BY MISTICUTSINGER "1" jamie Howard and Mike Marion inspect the feral pig that they are about to explore Looking the part, seniors Andrew Embry and Kevin Mills, inspect labels in the lab dressed in proper attire. Learning French fluency, Todd Young and Rachel Brirtain, utilize the language lab for their French II activities the lab 50 academics - N egl Z e "e. f The Mad Scientist - Mr. Armstrong mixes chemicals with his steady hand. Ramon Monsivaiz and other chemistry students work on photochromatology. Going Overboard - Matt Bryant and Doug Sheperd protect their eyes, noses, chins, and necks. Wmei Q t ...,... , i 1 55 ..,,, xggszltrwk he oromo of formoldehyde filled the holls on the offer- noon thot Biology ll entered the lob to dissect the dreod- ed fetol pig. Chemistry students in their goggles ond robes could be cought in the oct of mixing chemicols ond doing photochromotology. While the physics closs ex- periments with Archemedes Principle. The science lobs ore equipped for oll fields of experimentation to coor- dinote with the closses offered. The longuoge lob is o new addition to the eleventh floor this yeor. The lob is used by both Sponish ond French students to improve orticulotion of their Ionguoge. Upon entering the lob, o group of students con be seen weoring mortion-like ontennos from Stor Trek. Above the drone of the voice on the rope 0 soft snore of o disinterested student is occosionolly heard. Chemistry students carefully mix ingredients. 51 6 ON THE 1 BY THOMAS THOMPSON 1 Greg Reich gives his award winning cam- paign speech for the office of Chaplain. , new ' ,pf ifymks on the stage janna Martin's angel face is in keeping with her part in her eighth grade drama class. Srs. Patrick Gibson, Lance Mayes, and Allison Loeb and sophomore Andy Gosnell sing the finale in the Drama Club's produc- tion of "Bright New Wings." 52 academics ' Deana Kinamon is swept off her feet by Fred WiUiams. 5 S A. Mamma aawmvmwm 4-f H Heather Pretlove, Heath Rice, and Laura Shanks end up the on a good note with their rendition of "All I Need to Say" at Chapel. eeny Boppers Ashley DeBoard, Laurel Kayse, and Peggy Sterling sh to the aid ofa love-sick Shelly Gunter. ll the world's a stage and all the students merely players. This statement held true for FBA this year as the stage became the center attraction this year. The Drama Club, under the direction of Mrs. Kayse, performed "Bright New Wings" for the High School and "Cinderella" for the Elementary. The Seniors got in- to the act also with their Senior Play, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" and Senior Chapel. Also breaking a leg this year were the Natural Helpers with their many skits for High School and Elementary. jim Rathbun and Lance Mayes rock the chapel with their sax duet. on the stage academics AT THE LIBR RY ""- BY THOMAS THOMPSON 'i' Seventh-grader jon Brubaker attempts to locate the North American continent. Juniors julie Payne and Liz Bell Work overtime ,L by on their research papers j up 51- -, at the SMU library, S K 1 ' -t Which, for many juniors, if became an extension of ., ir... tiir,. lf? S the Betty Criswell T A F ' LibfafY- f e ..r .,,r V. Chasing a lost thought, junior Doug Shepherd stares across the library. L... Junior Eric Leatherwood and Sophomore Philip Sexton spend some intense study time in the periodical section. juniors Carmen Patterson, Kim Wfilson, and julie Payne find a comfortable study spot while waiting for Cara Howe, junior, at the library to xerox her sources. 54 academics Seventh-grader Daniel Farr searches for just the right book. 2. ordes of high schoolers sprawled across tables, desks, and chairs, are a familiar sight in the Betty Criswell Library. Most of these diligent scholars are tackling the most dreaded of all assignments - the research paper. Well equipped to handle all their research needs, the Library was a gift from Mrs. Betty Criswell's Sunday School class and the Development Board of the Academy. The Library was given in honor of Mrs. Criswell herself, so that FBA students would not have to trek all across town to meet their library needs. Why, besides the research paper, do students come to the Library? Sophomore Christie Cheshire says she comes for the fiction section. "I like to get something to read every once in awhile, and since the library is so close, that's where I go," she remarked. Janeane Speros, a new sophomore, goes for another reason, "Copies" Whatever the reason, students appreciate that they have access to the complete, and close, Betty Criswell Library. Senior Paul Wdson is glad for any distraction from his English paper. '55 , UNDER IHQEQQMBE . Al' Keith Youngblood tries hard to remember all the correct answers. Sonja McGill takes time e 'X out to grab a bite to eat ff . . , gi s at Burger King. , 3 o A R it Matt Bryant displays his . calm, cool side while l r concentrating on his ,Ly computer exam. . 1 K - --s-- ii under pressure 56 academics it , lg Christie Ashwill asks a classmate how she did on an exam. Mary Laura Reynolds just doesn't know when to quit studying. junior Jocelyn Patton feels the heat as she sweats through another exam. 4 K - -Q9 i 1 Bs 1,1 J All study and no play, Geoff Brown takes a break to catch up on the comics. anic! Last-minute cramm- ing. Butterflies. A few com- mon symptoms characterize the fear of finals week. Students constantly ask themselves, "Have I studied enough?" Some seniors were exempt from nearly all exams because they had maintained an A average and had not had more than five absences. The majority of the Seniors, however, did take most of their exams, including a 12-page essay for English in the dreaded "blue books." Although the seniors finished first, it was a race all underclassmen competed in. The marathon of finals week left most with very little brain power, even less rest, and a huge sense of relief. under pressure academics is gf ZS ai if 535 we Iii E 2 2 5 5 2 2 W, ,,kk .HM ,k.VV, my,,,J,mA,,,,,,,H,,,,,A,,,,?mWm ,kk,,, ,M ,.., ,N ,,kfk ,m,,,F,,,,,,..,,,-fgvmf, ig- .W .HM f,,, -- ,gf M. ,,,, -f J, f,, ,.. ,W ,ff J, ,, ,A ,, ,,, -M Q, ,,,Q,, .Lf Student Council: opening new doors Broadening its horizons this year, the student council began its work even before the school year started. Under the guidance of sponsor Jim Rathbun, the council organized and hosted an orienta- tion program to familiarize them with the school. Student Council officers wasted no time in creating and running a school store. An Alumni Reception was held on Somber Council Representatives attend the Grand Opening of the school SIOIC. The 1986-87 Student Council Officers are: CFront, L to RD Assistant SecretaryfTreasurer Keith Youngblood, President Ashley DeBoardg iBackJ Vice-President Becky Bumett and Secretary Peggy Sterling. Mrs. Brittian and Dr. Criswell have a few words to say at the dedication ceremony of the Prayer Chapel, hosted by the Student Council. student council Homecoming, bringing back FBA students from years past. This reception is expected to become an annual function. Alumni Basket- ball games with the current basket- ball team were also planned by the student council. This year the student council has plans to play a more active role in student life. "We want FBA to sit up and take notice of us this year," notes Student Council president Ashley DeBoard. Student council sponsor, Mr. Rathbun, has planned to make Parliamentary Procedure an important part of the council meetings. All in all, the student council has decided to take charge and become the most organized and accomplished student council FBA has ever known. l 60 organizations Monica Monsiavaiz, a seventh grader, prepares her first FBA sundae at New Student Orientation. Student Council President Ashley DeBoard and Sophomore class President Thomas 'Thompson discuss what to do with the new students. 'N-us. junior Vice-President Liza Roeser and new freshmen Leah Boettinger and Nicole Macaluso can hardly contain themselves as they play "The Name Game." The 1986-87 Class Officers are: QFront, L to RD Frosh. Sec. fTreas. jami Smith, Soph. Sec. fTreas. Sonja McGill, Soph Pres. Thomas Thompson, jr. Sec. f Treas. Wendi Shaw, jr. Pres. Matt Bryant, QMiddleJ Frosh. Pres. Sudheer jayaprabhu, Frosh. V.-Pres. Elbert Lonzie, Soph. V.-Pres. Kelly Holder, Sr. Sec. fTreas. Lori Smith, Sr. V.-Pres. Amy Kirkpatrick, jr. V.-Pres. Liza Roeser, CBackJ Sponsors jim Rathbun and Charlotte Snell. QNot Pictured, Sr. Pres. Robert Lanierb. student council organizations 6 1 New equipment, new goals make yearbook exciting Extremely excited about their new and creative ideas, the Yearbook Staff anticipated the production of their book. A few members had attended yearbook camp where they set the foundation for the building of their new book. As they arrived the first day of school, they greeted a wonderful new addition to their staff - the dark room. They were in awe of the long, narrow, black room lighted by one small, red light. Their excitement grew as each of the members learned how to use the chemicals and print the pictures. "When we want a certain picture, we can take what we want and experiment with different angles," said Chris Coggins. Editor, Peggy Sterling said, "Going to camp helped us see how an award-winning yearbook should be, and that is what we hope to achieve with this book." Using the printer, Thomas Thompson tries to enlarge his head. WN Lx pppp pppc c Z ccc, Designing layouts, Peggy Sterling decides which picture is best. A sponsor's frustrations are many. Miss Fary watches as her staff unloads 1,000 yearbooks on yearbook staff 62 organizations the windiest day of the year. u-...T 'ai' mga W . V iii , .,-Y f R ,sf K, rf lx . Misti Cutsinger searches her mind for creative captions. Smiles of relief. The Yearbook Staff relaxes after the long haul of delivering the '86 Yearbooks. -. er. x YEARBOOK STAFF: Cfronr, from leftj Editor Peggy Ster-ling, Misti Cursinger, Sharon Riffe, Kim Wilson, Jen- nifer Blanton, Cbackb Thomas Thompson, Chris Coggins. yearbook staff organizations Focus ancl Format changes: Newspaper sports new look Starting off with a new name, new look, and new concept, the Chronicle staff produced seven issues a year. The new look was achieved by bet- ter page design, type setting the print, and printing the paper on newsprint. Spot color added a quality look to the pages. Based on the verse Ephesians 4:29, the new concept forced the staff to Roger plays with the flash and sees dots. reevaluate its purposes. "No what ifs," says Sophie Schragin, "they hurt people." Editor Heather Pretlove really loves the paper's new image. "The best part of the year was seeing everyones faces when they saw the first issue." OOPS! Heather Pretlove finds typo in newspaper. lf? M' . .,..,!?' Qi if SW LL y .4 2 i . .., r ,... ....,.. L . . , " " I ....i . I Vt'V if H oistf i ,,' ff? .V a. . 2:::if,g2'W-it .sf1..,a.,.. lr. 'YN' gp nf si . Q t . ? Q af' Sophie Shragin and Kevin Couch take a break from their hard work: F 0 ,i a - , : i l 1 . . A . ,E H Sophie Shragin and Roger Wise make a close inspection of " , the sports page before it goes to press. if", 1 ' ' Sophomores Wes Lonneke andjaneanne Speros take a A' , moment out during exam week to check their assignment calendar. I ni, ,go Q H J. ,. ' una-'E 1, ' ' -is ,r I h ' t i , a as i i sieiz is ' 'W e e ,, 22 f at www Starting the year off right, Heather Pretlove wins a writing award at the newspaper workshop she attended before the school year began. Q i iiii him s newspaper organizations natural helpers Natural Helpers: Wendi Shaw, LeighaAnn Wise, Jennifer Lewis, Liz Bell, Andy Kovan, Ashley Scott, Bob Beazley, Craven Coates, Kristen Estes, Craven Coates, Katie Hudson, Anissa Garcia, Rachelle Hast, Linda Schratto, Amy Wood, jenny Marion, Suzanne Reeves, Gretchen Cox, Margie Wall. Action-oriented groups help meet student needs The National Honor Society and the National junior Honor Society continued the tradition of service and academic excellence. As always the honor societies served at Dr. Criswell's birthday banquet in December. A new service begun by the honor societies is the tutoring program. This program is now of- fered to any student who needs help in any academic dass. A new student service organiza- tion that was initiated this year is the Natural Helpers. This is a group of students, chosen for their leadership within the school, that works with mainly junior high students. Through skits and discussion groups, the Natural Helpers deal with such difficult topics as peer pressure, and standing up for one's beliefs. ,,,,,,,...-as S .Q . 1. -1 ,si , i . tx National Honor Society Seniors: Back, From Left: Peggy Sterling, Heather Pretlove, Heath Rice, Patrick Gtb son, jeff Cross, Lance Mayes. Front, Deana Kinamon, Lauri Kovan, Allison Loeb, Laura Shanks. Not Plc turecl: Ashley DeBoard. 66 organizations A i"""' i-Q 1 , 5 Z Y r :gn Qfg l Natural Helpers Rachelle Hast, jenny Marion and Dollie Clark work on memorizing a skit for chapel. National junior Honor Society - Back, From Left: Lisa Kennedy, Harry Frenhken, Jill Santinga, Shannon Talkington, Deanna Fisher, Lajauna Edwards, Abetha Hardy, Sudeer jayaparbhu, jennifer Lewis, Randy Colton. Front, Melody Riddle, Liz Pope, Cari Santinga, Stephanie Black, Christi Ashwill, Ross Bryant, Sharon Butler. National Honor Society - Keith Youngblood, Matt Bryant, Sonja McGill, jodilynn Brittain, Carmen Patterson, Kelly Holder, Liz Bell, John Matlock, Kristen Estes, Gretchen Weaver, Amy Wood, Misty Farr, Christie Cheshire, jenny Marion, Amy Womack, Shelly Maines, Angela Cade, Stephanie Adair, Sonya Merrill, Tim White, james Dean. honor societies organizations Musicians overcome obstacles for an award-winning season Turning to the junior High players to beef up a marching band depleted by ineligibility, the Varsity Band took the field. They also took honors at several contests. They attended two State Fair parades, SMU Homecoming Parade Sandy Lake Competition, and hosted the ACSI Contest for all of Texas. A bright, new addition to the band was the Flag Corps. It added excitement to the Homecoming halftime. "One of our traumas this year was trying to drive to the field to practice while the busses were breaking down," said assistant drum ma- jor, Laurel Kayse. Smiles of success, Regina Rasberry awaits the roll off before leaving the field. 4, r s ..... gi si if Q psf Pausing between formations, the band entertains the Saint fans with their music. Band was lead on the field by seniors Lance Mayse, Drum , , Major, and Laurel Kayse, Assistant Drum Major. band 68 organizations "",,3 + as 'gfjfs-Jlgviix . jiri 'f , ,X ' ' r... p l lo.,-1 W Umarf' 'QA 4. 4' -'r.. v . 4 Q.. L . gr Q JV v , till . A 1 4 I -4' ilj 8. V -fw- Q, . 'f' 5 , I g if ' . S 5, , We M VARSITY BAND: Cfront, from leftj G. Reich, L. Kayse, L. Mayes, C. Acevedo, S. Warren, Csecondj C. White, A. Com- er, S. Suniga, A. Hardy, M. Wall, C. Donkervoet, 1. Taylor, LThirdD M. Seabolt, -I. Thigpen, S. Reeves, Baker, E. Lon- zie, D. Smith, E. Wilcox, QFourthJ M. Fart, K. Taylor, J. Matlock, G. Weaver, A. Gatton, W. Edwards, M. Ramsey, N. Williams, CBackJ C. Fanning, S. Marshall, A. Wood, M. Lyons, M. Wells, R. Brittain, D. Wickham, R. Rasberry. ......... , 0 L lt' A - With perfect pitch, sophomore Mary Lyons helps boost spirit during a pep rally. Putting down their flags, flag corps members, Amy Wood, Melanie Wells, and Casey Fanning pick up their instruments and join the band in the stands. v. band organizations J. Akyv. .y, 'Y J. .v . A i Yeager, Keith Burgoyne, Somer Pyron, David Hardy, Fred Daniels, Kass: Allen, listher Rohm. Captain Casey Fanning handles her flag beautifully while the flag corps presents their debut performance at the homecoming game. Front from Left: Kathy Wfhire, Stefani Talley, Penny Brady, Kim Reeves, Amy Mavridis, Kristen Nelson, julie Kaup Second: Loshati Gardener, Iaum Shmn,jocelyn Lewis, Inga Har- rison, Brian Poole, Stephanie Tertsthuk, Kristie Howard, Third: jill Grt-envy, jennifer jones, Shyra Holmes, Mary Young, Lutey jones, joe Slatk, Sturt Fmtske Fourth: Andrew Nance, ameslrid Travis Fwtrt Nitlt Hurst R an Dunn tnnifet Fincher Kristie Pitt Fifth Ted Sixth: Adam Atwood, David llatlcer, john Alberts, Steven Short, William Bailey, last: Dwayne Dummer, David Pretluve. .L 4, . xi M A X l Q, A 4, J ,. 4' 2, ry K is . gb iii NF if Wg as S QNX? was Aix X .tk ' NN 'G X N gene K N X R .. R X i . ' . of . W Q . . , . T 5 '-L' fi A' iii X L N 'W if' 3? i ii' ii- ' U s ,tet a- " . ,Y N kkkyk '11 , wx- .we - Q I r Q as 6 ,E t k K K .. 3 L L, - -nw - M .e 'R -V t- 5 . J, r gl Y t .. te ' tx' af . F. X 5 1 '- 'W 1-mit? r es? N t. ,tw . , Parading in front of the stands, the flag corps make their way back to their seats. Front from Left: Stephanie Hmdall, Pennington Ingley, Meredith Shaw, Amy Bush, Leslie Arnold, Amie Houghton. Second: Rushawn Talley, Liteefah Booty, Carol Smith, Amy Taylor, Natalie Weaver, Crystal Davis. Third: Amy Horton, jason Kaup, Chaka Penny, Dean Reed, Matt Martin, Sam Phillips. Fourth: Hubert Freeman, Angela Rodriguez, Hutl Hartson, Gary Lancaster, Tim Blakeway, Paul Rouche. Fifth: jeremy Mitro, Watle Hampton, Cass Blackshear, Douglass Reeves, Mark Faleon,jason larnbert. Last: Isaiah Evans, David Taylor. flag corps 70 . . OfQal'llZatl0nS N ' N Front from Capt. Casey Fanning, Lieut. Rachel Brittain. Second: Deanna Wickham, Samantha Marshall. Third: Melanie WeHs, Regina Rasberry. Fourth: Mary Lyons, and Amy Wood. The cheerleaders wait until the band finishes to hand the flag corps their NP ffjlg. ,iii - f' aft.-, s-....Ll...,MQ, s flags for their routine. ,,,,,,.,, -io Musicians on the move, band members perform for judges and fans "Fun, fellowship, and lots of hard work" were a few of the words heard from the group of girls that made up the Flag Corps. Eating pizza at Deanna Wickham's house before football games was Sophomore Samantha Mar- shall's favorite memory. But it was not all laughs as junior Casey Fanning points out. "I hated rehearsing in the Veal Garage. It stunk really bad!" Only performing three times, two football games and one pep rally, the flag corps has an excellent start on an exciting organization. Taking the show on the road, the fifth and sixth grade bands traveled to many different places for performances. Experiencing more than just flats and sharps, they visited such places as Malibu, Sandy Lake, and Crystals. The days of practicing at home and at school paid off when both bands received a Superior from ACSI. Displaying her flag in front of the pep rally crowd, Regina elementary band Rasberry performs with style organizations Singing with all their hearts, Melody Rittle, Amy Brittain, and Cindy Sutton blend in harmony at the Christmas musical. Singing Saints: From. From Lek: Brad Hatfield, Nikki Hurst, Christie Anderson,jenniferjones, Shyra Holmes, Kassi Allen, Amy Kline, Lance Talkington, Crystal Beamon, Amy Freeman, janience Pate, Carmen Kieke, Cam Blackshear. Seroml, jamie Beach, Somer Pyron, Chonda Williiims, jill Greeney, Amy Taylor, Lori Miears, Stephanie Talley, jocelyn Lewis, Kristi Guy, Kristen Nelson, Laura Rogers, Kathy White, Mrs. Linda Tapson, director. Third, Cass Blackshear, Mary Francis Young, Esther Rohm, Stephanie Mason, Natalie Weaver, Roshawn Talley, Coshari Gardner, Ashley Sallee, Amy Bryant, Emily Parthemote, Melinda Hardin, Lateefah Booty, james Ctady. Top, Ted Yeager, Gary Iancaster, Laura Elmore, Anna Long, Mandy Daniel, Kelly Martin, jason Kaup, julie Harris, Amy Bush, Shawn Baker, Kristi Howard,joe Slack, Amy Mavridis, Chad Fulton. A -4 Musicions score "superior" in store chorol contest The singing saints and the F.B.A. girls choir, led by Linda Tapson, were both rated "Superior" by ASCI judges at two different contests. The From her perch above the music stand, Director, Mrs. Linda Tapson encourages the high school choir to sing louder. 72 vocal groups I I Singing Saints is an ensemble of elementary students in grades 4, 5, 6. The F.B.A. Girls Choir is composed of girls in grades 7-12. l lil A esta ' -- 1 as .33 .1-gf' we 'yi w fi Q 'R f , 'i 4 . K. , r Z: f . Watching for the cut off, choir members Jackie Linn, Melissa Payne, Sherly Paris, jill Matlock, and jennifer Land hold the final note of their song. High School Girls Choir: Front, From Left: janet Packer, Lisa Baker, Staci Lott, Catherine Brown, Shirly Paris, Carrie Lively, Carrie Nance, Melissa Payne, jenny Curr. Middle, Melissa Payne, Allyson Linn, Kelly Clark, Tara Wfilliams, Shannon Talkington, Latoy Franklin, Jackie Linn, Kristi Guy. Top, Liz Pope, Brooke Dunn, Tiffany Mayes, Kim Crowder, jill Matlock, jennifer Land, Monica Monsivaiz, Lea Fisher, Lori Rakestraw. Caroling from the choir loft, the elementary singers keep all eyes on their director. The Singing Saints sing their favorite Christmas songs at the Christmas musical. vocal groups lux Spanish Club Officers: From Left: Robin Kaup, jeimi james, Kevin Couch, Rachelle Hast, Charlie Gar- cia, Allison Loeb, Deana Kinamon, and Debbie Poe. These officers are appointed from the Spanish III class. spanish club Catching the Can Senior Gary Keester and junior Charles Pokladnik have a good laugh while dividing the canned goods in the lob- by ofthe Veal gym, s AMN ,J 74 organization? Spanish Club. Requirements for membership include enrollment in a Spanish class and invitation, a ritual of collecting pennies for Fritos, eating baby food, and memorizing as much Spanish as possible. Getting into the Christmas spirit, Sophomore Rachelle Hast holds a Christmas ornament while Senior Kevin Couch imitates mistletoe. ,. , is ' iw ,.. was .ms ,. .fwisf-ii:'3 "" Dwi iw ii 'vw ,Q Q . 4 Q 4- r vw, Sv? A i - 9"'tWa if 'W 4 we if Looking beyond themselves, Clubs aid need families Touching many lives, this year the FCA and Spanish Club have done much more than hold meetings and have parties. They have reached out with helping hands and caring hearts. The FCA met one Sunday afternoon in November and decided to help tive families have a happier Thanksgiving. Within the next two weeks, two large boxes were filled to the brim with canned and dry goods, members also passed jars around to be filled with money during lunch and in between class periods, ln all, the athletes raised over 3200.00 Each family received a box and a bag of groceries, eggs, a bag of potatoes, a gallon of milk, and a large turkey. junior jodilynn Brittain enjoyed the en- tire, fun-filled project. "The ride was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Under the leadership of Coach Herb Baker, the FCA grew in activities as well as number. Senior Robin Kaup and jeimi james add joy to the Christmas of the two Spanish children by adding their gifts to the growing pile of presents. best, but I also enjoyed visiting the Hispanic woman" she said. 'Alt made me thankful for what I have." The spirit of giving was also evident in the Spanish Club. Concern for others grew into a Christmas project for the family of an F.B.A. custodian. By December 15, a table in Mrs. Plexco's room was filled with presents for the children. A bag of groceries, a poinsettia, and a Christmas tree were also brought for the entire family. Mrs. Dorylee Plexco, head of the club, was talking to a Spanish-speaking custodian and found that he had two children ia boy, two years old, and a girl, five years of ageb. Mrs. Plexco wanted that family to have a great Christmas, so she asked her Spanish club to buy small gifts for the children and bring them to school. I fr FCA Officers: From Left: jason Chalker, Kelli Allen, Jamie Howard, and Paul Wilson. 3 , , ix ,li Q if , 'egg si, X f.c.a. organizations 7 -..--..-----1..1... -.....,.. division page 53 Qoplzoxngrc Qebbgc l?Qkla91nik A3n1 lies Qlgsplgze u ,Ei famous no-nonsense" look frbm ifolleylball' coach, Miss Fary ."'hk ' f ' Chris Cogging, Biiiy fazngffrr gud 'Lambertfpreparc to run zitithe track meet inf' 2, :fr jf, . ,. , 1,, , H 3 sports E- W., N v1 Cdiaraifr Ric'-? l911fS lfivwflffhe A 1Mgy:'m.' -,,W,,,,, , f-f,,-wf,5 ,--f, . ,fz,,gg,y, if V -A r 1 2 f H 5 Z 1, A f - jf .i 3:35 , K 4, ff A 1 1: , i -k,,' f K 5'k I za l Q 4 I V We ,732 T. , I ,E , K My ,lk ,,, ,. I f l a s 8 vorsiry footboll Close calls. . . Team pride yields last minute efforts but N0 PLAYOFFS CLOSE CALLS . . . SAINTS PRIDE, LAST MINUTE EFFORTS BUT NO PLAYOFFS The 1986 Saints football team was one of experience, high potential and strong determination to win. The season was filled with comebacks, con- troversial plays, and great individual performances, and the true spirit of Saints Pride. The Saints opened their season against three tough opponents. They narrowly lost to Bishop Dunne and Crandall, but showed great effort in an impressive second half against Greenhill. The Saints then soundly defeated Tyler Gorman and pulled out a close one over a tough Ft. Wonh Country Day team. District play began with a victory over Garland Christian. The next week was the big showdown against Dallas Christian. Despite a few ques- tionable calls by the officials and some untimely turnovers, the Saints never gave up. They lost 28-16 and dropped their district record to I-1. The team didn't fade after a disap- pointing loss. They came back and convincingly defeated Trinity-Cedar Hill 59-28. The next game against Ft. Womb Christian was a must win if the Saints were to make the playoffs. They held a strong Cardinal team to just 14 points but could not score more than 6. The last game of the season was against Trinity Christian. The Saints found themselves behind early but came back late in the game and almost won. With no time left a Trojan run- ner dove over the defense from the 1- yard line but it appeared he was down before he reached the endzone. The The Falcon quarterback checks his signals after being confused by a well- coached Saints defense. v. football sports official saw otherwise and ruled it was a touchdown. The Saints lost 27-23. Their district record was 2-5 and not good enough to make the playoffs. 'lr- rl If . 5.5 jason Perry prepares ro cover a Trinity-Cedar Hill receiver. J- After racing for a long gain irighrj, Andrew Embry takes a well- ' V deserved breather. 2 sa A 'W' 'Q .5 . ,M VARSITY FOOTBALL: Qfront, from leftb Coach Martin, K. Sutton, B. Danielson, D, England, -I. Torres, A. Kadane, D. Barringer, T. Stavely, J. Sawyer, A, Methene Qsecond rowj Coach Hendrickson, B. Powell, M. Downs, R. johnson, J. Petty, E. Sevadjian, S. Lott, J. Mirro, C. Poldadnik, Coach Bowman Qthird rowb Coach Angel, J, Howard, M. Bryant, M. Rasberry, G. Higgins, T. Kriechbaum, F. Williams, T, Scott, D. Walker, Coach Baker, Qfourth rowj P. Sexton, R. Wise, K. Youngblood, -I. Chalker, R. Castillo, A. Embry, K. Mills, R. Bourdene, Cfifth rowj G. Keester, F. Ryans, K. McKim, K, Monsivaiz, K. McKim, C. Prachyl, P. Garret, N. Flagg v. football sports - ., Q N ,M Q ,fr T, if Arm lk' +5 -f-pw Mgfff 5: ' H, x ' 1 .fi I 1 K X , I 2 5 . V , ,ef - if H ' , -V 1 -' , Jw .L -. 'Q 'Kg - Q f .. ,f , t 2 ,L I Swag. far r' ' f ' 1' ' .- -. o mx ' 'L W. Y' K . " Q . . 'H '. ' jg: A A515 --A ,. an -is. . if ' 5' . az . 2' I 3 Saints defense surrounds the i Riff ball. LV Team Captain, Gary Keester, h i l l U W walks to midfield for the Z opening coin toss. Watching for the connection, quarterback Matt Bryant, waits for his receiver to come up with the ball. - so v. football 80 sports Kevin Mills and Bo Danielson anxiously await for the ball to go through the uprights. Gary Keester and Mokie Rasberry fight off blockers enroute to the Crandall ball carrier. . N gig ,W W . if 2 'W Between tackles, senior Jason Chalker watches the offense from the sidelines. Doyle England attempts to elude an opposing defender. v. football sports Chris Coggins powers the ball up to - varsity boys' basketball And one makes Three Saints continue their district reign Billed as a rebuilding year, the 1987 team surprised Saint fans by bringing home the TAPS state championship trophy for the third consecutive year. The team overcame many obstacles to clinch its 27-4 record. Only seniors Heath Rice and Chris Coggins had significant varsity playing time. Although the team had little var- sity experience or depth, the squad was fortunate not to be plagued with major injuries or eligibility problems. In a Christmas holiday slump, the Saints dropped 3 of 5 games. In spite of a tough non-district schedule, they lost only one other game and demolished their district opponents to Hnish 10-0 in district for the fifth straight year. The team was led by its captain, All State and All Star and TAPS All Tournament Team Member. Senior Chris Coggins accumulated the points and rebounds to earn him spots on the TAPS District I team and the TAPS All State Tournament Team. He was also chosen as a TAPS All Star. Other All State Tournament team members were juniors Steve Black and Scott Thompson. At the end of a successful year, Coach joel Pittman commented, "What made the season special was the fact that I had dedicated it to my father following his death last summer." Heath Rice who was named b TAPS , Y the hoop, displaying inside strength. officials as District I MVP, TAPS Under pressure, Heath Rice rejects a St. Marks turnover attempt. Q ses VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL: Coach joel Pittman, Marty Nichols, From Left: Doyle England, Craven Coates, Scott Thompson, Heath Rice, Chris Coggins, Steven Black, Matthew Thompson, Doug boys basketball Shepherd, Todd Young. 82 sports Three in a row, the Saints gladly ex- cept their third straight state cham- pionship trophy. Showing his leadership skills, Todd Young attempts to set the Saints up in an offense. 'Qs' ssts -ils v I t,.. . s ls . IWW- A P - A I . ttsr ' Q. Q" 2. s as , , 'S ' L K vs .t1'. ? ,Q.t. ...Q ,,..L ...W N S rt,: 35.5, .ln Si g pg S ...C as-.. ' . N .. . . as 'W' 'ef r.. Q r X i " J' K" N' ' Y , ,.,.'i' .1 The look of anticipation is obvious on the faces of Coach Pittman and Coach Nichols. Air Black. Steven Black goes high over a Ft. Worth Christian defender. boys basketball sports Craven Coates proves to be too slippery for a double- Blocking out his man team from two Hyde Park junior Scott Thompson wat- defenders. ches for the rebound. "-17 boys basketball sports r-...........g 37 C-'33 Q pg E51 il Q 22 ix. it Q, S 1 H-..,... Sv- C Y N 'X-A if s fji- 'jg ,...---u wwf "-' umm' mm! ll rx fs . .. 1 ll mn: ns -t . .... ' - ll umm 21 gg M ye K--+1 1 K :nu za ' A S w un za : N I Z I fi me .,.. K , lil S s f fz fr-f f:nf':vv"' ""'-' ' ' , tm a . y NSI! as 5 6 - A X - rf .. if-X ,ok arf 3' -as Doyle England attempts a free throw while Chris Messick tries to move in for good position. The scoreboard tells the whole story, as Heath Rice puts up a shot against 4-AAAA Colony. Seniors Heath Rice and Chris Coggins and junior Steve Black keep their eyes on plays during a time out. The Saints bench celebrates as the clinching free throws go in at the championship game. boys basketball sports VARSITY BASEBALL: Front, From Lejii David Barringer, jason March. Middle, jamie Howard, Alan Gatton, David Grandstaff, Andrew Hill, Chris Messick, Mark johnson, Kyle Carter, Ricky Spruell. Bark, Coach Don Hendrickson, Kevin Mills, Andrew Embry, Gary Keester, Brian Hurd, Ray Deaton, Matt Bryant, Emile Sevadjian, Coach Steve Adair. Getting his signals straight, Coach Steve Adair makes sure the catcher calls the right pitch. vorsity boseboll Saints stopped . gy, ,aff-A . sim , J K N sg R QM - fQsJ'ie it . -.ess se' 1 y f ss ,. "fr " ek Q Q of .Q rv , -as 'X I 2 . Q if K 'ii K Yi 5. f jigza ,Qs 3' e f xr V i Episcopal thwarts plans for another state championship Once again the Saints were unstoppable in their quest for the state playoffs. For the fourth year in a row, the team has won district and gone to stare, this time placing third. The first day of state competition was disappointing for Saints, who brought home the first place trophy for the last three years. With an early lead in game one, the Saints led until the eighth inning when Episcopal of Houston scored twice to win 7-5. Most team members and fans agree about the best game of the year. "Nolan," said senior Brian Hurd. "We won in extra innings and got to go to state." According to the players, the play that is the most fun to execute is "the tummy play." To distract the pitcher from the run- ner on second base, the first base runner makes a play for second then crawls back to first on his tummy. This year's team was laden with honors, Senior Kevin Mills won MVP and Andrew Embry received the jim Adair Award. TAPS honors included All State Touma- ment team members Andrew Embry, Kevin Mills and sophomore Chris Messick, All District Team I members were Emile Sevadjian, Kevin Mills, Matty Bryant, Chris Messick and Andrew Embry, who was nam- ed player of the year. With an eye on the pop fly, senior Kevin Mills and junior Emile Sevadjian await the catch. Winding up for the pitch, sophomore Chris Messick prepares to throw a strike. i F K ' f wvmw M 4 V I . E K - r .www-saw-.yg,,, i .,,. - , .. ., , .B rf T 'reef 1 . r .. 1 rr'. . ya ra H1 'YZ' baseball -Q'w'f- A refs. or Q ig. - , re.. FS 'rw-' 1' -7' 'f f A Iii il'-Tfiissigiw --iw-:Mis M. hp ,K r- .f egg., -me - W ,g.,Q,k,,m X35-. I it Q ,iqkgrt 86 - - - - . . 'wif Q- K' are ""e"gEs'4 ...h U , .,, ,..-P . ,Nas ,ig ,jsw ,ya j-33, .sf sports f iw. as, M P-:Q-f':?5,,g, ef-if,img,gs43i?,.14?g:2 gt s ., ,tg ,i 14 g. 1f...pSg,-,,igs.3.a.- has 22: yo:'Y...f.f,? J' 5455? of Lg' . K - --rr gffswf: .Isa'-1--,.Ji3kf'Ysi?jQ"-." 'img rf 's'..W.' i 'J' we ,- 1 ' R X x ' f ,. Q .sic f' ' Up, Up, and away. Senior Andrew Embry watches as he puts another one over the fence. Awaiting the catch, sophomore Ray Deaton "Ray Ray" gets in the position to get the out. Solid hit! junior Matt Bryant sends it into left field. baseball sports .N1.i, 88 - -w ,t faq, 0. 1 ...V is--as f Rally caps! During a losing effort against Ft. Worth Christian, senior 1 Kevin Mills "Inky" and junior Matt Bryant "Rookie" attempt to help gain team momentum wearing their caps backward as a team signal. ?Ig-'?:'V'?'-.4 'til Im K.. Sai' A an wb,- vi- S . k"Kg,,+Q,i,l-'fl 'Q' . . ' t Using perfect form, senior Kevin Mills attempts to throw an opponent out at - 1 1 t first base. fa Another trip home, Senior Andrew Embry "Du" is congratulated by his V A3 E teammates for a job well done. Q i 1 " Q . Q fwfr-4-eff-il'-M sitt P at ...,,,- baseball spofts - -' ' ' l 1,151 ki H mg, :gm , ' Q' . 'fl' g r3:A9f,M,',1:i1, ' 7' . 11-4 Q: gk VV gin, ,fir f,. - Y M23 , ,, , ,Q k - M, Mun-f':-m,t, : aff: , W U, , -A au : . , K.', - ' , -in f ,W ,jaw W + G W 4+ 1 1 " ,,1.. ,2'., , if f,'. M .W .W it .Ma has M f f"' WW?-wx' We 'A - .Avi Got it covered. Senior Andrew Embry calls for the catch while shortstop Ray Deaton covers sec- ond base, Discussing the various pitches, senior Brian Hurd "B" and junior Emile Sevadjian "Clyde" have a conference on the mound. Flying high in right field. Sophomore Chris Messick "Mess" makes another fabulous hit. baseball I -sports Making his move, Todd Newsom passes a runner in the mile. Gary Don Lambert achieves the position which enables him to win the 2 mile. jason Chalker prepares to throw a state-qualifying throw at the District meet. The Guys Varsity Team L to R, Front Row: Thomas Thompson, Todd Newsom, Gary Don Lambert. Second Row, Billy Lambert, Mokie Raspberry, Stephen Lott. Third Row, Coach Herb Baker, jason Chalker. Not Pictured, Randy Rogers, Fred Vlilliams. B iw, varsity boys' track 90 sports Billy Lambert awaits the gun for his 200 meter sprint. ln,-Q i 5 5 K 5 5 Q V en. WMWM mal, if A jf, .A Lp:.rVg:, .yrrawizWwVV eawarfr re-, s L ll, ft V V , A Q -MV',,5f, fzzw wffrf -V:Q i ,g,,,:,4g V: ' , ' ' 4' f , I , - 15 j:.g V af1511N wf:r'- A , Vw-wma. , 5 4, I-g?,wV.:f,V,, W V , - V -.sw ' V ' Af-.V ,wr M' wav , ,V 'I ,rw-Aria", " 'g f ,f-ww , V L : ' G Zia ,af V " mf 'W T M "' Y! .V , w if ,--QT, V , '!i?53f5i',l'JL'fJ"':f2?"f:"i'fi1wZ f 11- ' , jrgzrf , fr' g'j1:fv.fV V ,V-ff V' ,, ,.-'M f' 'V .-4, -ff, .r ,V ,. , Vi' -as f, ,,V', A' T M5-V,-.KV R in 1- V,g1,V',: V A -V,, 5V,,,x,.,, - -.,"',g,VfH" , , I ff' ' Hurdling through the air, Mokie Rasberry pushes himself to the limit. fl' k 1 L ,I if 24,0 3. 1 I' 4 ff jason Chalker and jon Sawyer are in awe of Fred Williams physique and form in the discus. -varsity boys track - and then there were Committed iew learn discipline Forced to overcome great odds for an outstanding year, by a team which slowly dwindled from 30 to 8, the team had a mshed start this season. With minimal pro- tection, the varsity boys went to the Wylie Track meet. "Although we were few in number, we learned that with hard work and commit- ment we could improve ourselves no matter what talents we began with," commented Coach Herb Baker. However, the team was plagued with late starts and injuries up until the District meet. jason Chalker qualified to go to Waco in the Shot Put. Gary Don Lambert not only qualihed for state in the mile and 2 mile run, but had the fastest time in the state for the 3200 meter run. Coach Baker remarked, "Hopefully the discipline we learned for our physical bodies will continue to help us throughout our life as we discipline ourselves to be followers of Christ." varsity boys track sports VARSITY GOLF: From Left, Robby johnson, Paul Wlilson, Roger Wise, Tony Sravely, Doug Shepherd, Brad Fogerty, Eric Miller, Ed Harris, Coach Marty Nichols. , ,f . - .., , . f 1 Senior Robby johnson plays it out of the rough. golf 92 sports WB' Q, W..QX,. annum--M 1 1 ,V we-..n 'if' am. ,fy ' f- t '47 i. ,f 94 . X W t ff -. f -aft ' 1 ' A in tit 2 - -13.162 .. N .V R A , Egg .. F .2 awww U ,,1 LT - . ' f ' N ,..,...a,.,.,.....'-, - vorsity golf Teed off Determination can't quite deliver Four determined seniors, including team M.V.P. Paul Wilson, were teed off and they had reason to be. They had their minds made up that they were going out on top. With their attitude of determination, the team had the right outlook, but they lacked consistency. In a last minute effort, the team qualified M.V.P., Paul Wilson, gives a drive all he's got and a whole lot more. I Making par, a perfect swing is the key to the game. for state the day before the deadline. They traveled to Waco for the tournament where Paul Wilson was low man with an 84. Other team members had good games, but their efforts weren't quite enough. Tony Stavely executes a perfect drive. Coach Marty Nichols gives advice on a difficult shot. golf sports Shuffling back and forth, Geoff Brown waits for his opponents return. jamie Berry takes a breather from her strenuous tennis workout. Annissa Garcia shows her M.V.P. form and delivers a powerful forehand over the net. varsity tennis 94 sports L ,L -awzsmi . 'Rigs -'f7' - J . du! Sharing his vast knowledge of tennis, Coach Pittman discusses the tournament with another team's coach. Scott Thompson daims himself as number one, but Liz Bell laughs at the thought. - vorsity tennis -1- Court coverage Team makes a good showing in districtplay Although the Tennis team did not receive much recognition during the season, they certainly did prove that they knew what they were doing. The Saints were district runner-up, and they placed fairly well in non- district play. Young and inexperi- enced, the team was still successful. Sophomore Annissa Garcia and junior Geoff Brown were the teams M.V.P.'s and were instrumental in leading the attack on the Saint's opponents. 1l:.. r Tenni: Team Top, From Scott Thompson, Steven Black, Coach Joel Pittman, jen- nifer Lewis, jamie Berry. Bottom Row, Greg Wagner, Geoff Brown, Jeff Scarborough, Liz Bell, Anissa Garcia. varsity tennis sports Melody McKim goes up for another spike. Staci Runnels passes the ball to a teammate. v. volleyball sports ,. ia, A 1 f, zu if NL., ' W, ,iw 'Wil - 1 ',3f":f':-"' If 2 , .V Viagra-faw -:Q awumwmwg 5 ff W A , ,,,, 1 . oo.l .. 5 3 '94 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: Cfront, from leftb W. Bearden, D Pokladnik, A. Cade, H. Hayes, K. Estes Cbackj Coach Lisa Finch, S Schragin, M. McKirn, S. Runnels, L. Wise, Coach Linda Green af li if Q l 1 l VY? Ima' .ef ve? vorsity volleyboll - on the mend . New strategies bring the taste ot victory Coming into a new year with the memories of last year's winless season, the girls' efforts made this season different. Finishing the season a respectable 6 and 10 the squad used several new pattems of court coverage and skill tactics to ready themselves for the op- posing players. Several new players also added a great deal to the team, Melody McKim a 5' 10" surprise from home school, not only added height but ' also a great spike. Sophomore Angela Cade joined the starting lineup in her first year on the volleyball court. Retuming from knee surgery, Staci Runnels added a new dimen- sion to the offense as a second setter, and as a spiker. New coach, Lisa Finch, brought enthusiasm to the girls this season, with her fresh ideas and new coaching concepts. Coach Linda Green finished her final season as the Saints coach because of the ap- proaching birth of her first child. , iw L 1 V. 1 E, if S 5 Serving, the key to voUeyball offense, is demonstrated by junior Holly Hayes. Coach Green encourages her players during a time out. Holly Hayes finishes the play by putting the ball over the net. v. volleyball sports The perfect jumpshot, junior Meredith Foster scores two against the rough Garland Christian Swordsmen. Before the start of the game, Coach David Melton leads his team in prayer. All eyes on the ball, Senior Staci Runnels and junior Wendi Shaw waitlfor the rebound. 'i iy ig girls basketball Anticipating two points, junior Wendi Shaw puts it to the hoop. 98 sports .N . rg 1' 1 ll f'r"" 1, fi, Q W' 0 'Eg 53' if 1- vorsity girls bosketboll A season high Girls advance to regional play Ending district play with a 9-1 record, the Varsity girls flew down to Houston for regionals after clin- ching District Co-Champs. "It was our saddest game," remembers junior Meredith Foster. "Houston was not a very good Q W ' - -lr . team and we lost to them." Each girl had to agree her favorite game was against Ft. Worth Christian. "We won by one point at home to be co-district champs and go to the play-offs," said sophomore Angela Cade. The year was not all serious moments. "We were playing Ur- saline and I fouled out in the first quarter," said Senior Staci Runnels. Many girls this year were selected as T.A.P.S. athletes: First team - Staci Runnels and Melody McKimg Second team - Wendi Shawg Honorable Mention - Melissa Leonard, Meredith Foster and Angela Cade. Sucking on her Water bottle, junior Wendi Shaw quenches her thirst. Varsity Girls Basketball: Left, From Right: Meredith Foster, Angela Cade, Staci Runnels, Wendi Shaw, Melody McKim, Sophie Schragin, LeighAnn Wise, Melissa Leonard, and Coach David Melton. girls basketball sports Q O Melissa Leonard decides whether or not to lead off first. - varsity softball A slow start Girls finish season with hang and a trophy A slow start did not stop the Saints from setting their sights on a state championship. With an undefeated district record of 10-0 and overall record of 17-4, the girls had a terrific season. With a heart-stopping finish at the state championship game in Waco, Angela Cade's bunt brought home the winning run to earn the Saints their first state trophy since 1985. When asked to sum up this year, sophomore Kristen Estes said, "We all had lots of fun together v. softball sports As Staci Runnels contemplates the pitch, Melissa Leonard waits intently. Q' its rgy, sw? S s wzyii N , rf ff , ,z ,zf-J. Lyj ' kk W H' 11 ga ..i,-,.- ' RV up K K U ' . ' get -i tg W '-'l-f" 1- - 3 ,il t 'Qfif Ji Zi - ' . ' W .X PM -.1:..!16-if ' - . Mxigraq, Y 1 V get A SQ, ,ilffi Es " r 3' A ". sf if NP s L ' ' 'X r r , A . ,.st . fi se ilqwsi L ev- MX: -ss ' , K ..,....wwn..--f-M,-...,.,.,,...f.- NL- ' "" ear . - K r vs -argl' 4 . fr t ':.-Mgprf.jS: :ark , . f 't'i, 723' 55? . Ziff, - ii J 'i Y, -eei f - ' '-"sf -f. "-' 1. ' S", 'RHI VY if K lf. iff.. 'iff' fK .s if '.L -ffl, ,S , , I.: ,ff W f-'Kf s gri s"if315s.' Wh , .K if K 11' X- , . It ,sigma ,:,i-,- - H , 't f?iv':'1" ,ek s5.'5Y"T""' .-'3K"Kfi. f 23 K. . 11 Q'5'f' , A ' ,. K . E. f r - - . Ti' . fir wiiit- 1 W K 'Ki' r- K KK f 'K " wsfffwsmwfief sfkfgf '--- '-v.?v1S.a,.-ia2s'2 - - a . - s fn' ,y K: rg'fiA1?' -, ' K N., - W Q 1 A . :K--'f'r . K t , r s fi-55E35?sSF'i.5 a "' ' S' 4 V' A' Kinsey, .V,.,.p. -W .. ra. X 'R in , sir 2--- as aa--n..i-v .gg , L . .rf f i ,A i -i r w 1 '.g.1"rfI:r--r:Qy. K, 4, 'ff"Qrf T4 1 15' 5, Q , 'Y .sv it iff A - , s r- . , ,. ,X'- f- ' r if was -if Y ,K Q23 - S' . gow st- J 34's-:ggi -JKWA3-'.' gil-K a rp, tug -f, v -' ' 3535 2 it i P? f-ap fs 53-.s1?'+ , i e,f2..,. , 'tau . 5 . ,.k 5 K :L W .t sw -- 4-wt, i t tv s is X tswiftf , . , -as -.c .,.-x.:fm'uf'div-fr and winning state made it all worthwhile." The girls also made a good showing at the All State and District teams with Cathy God- frey, Staci Runnels, and Holly Hayes qualifying both teams and Melissa Leonard being chosen for District. Second team members in- clude Leigh Ann Wise, Kristen Estes, and Angela Cade. Receiving Honorable Mention were Meredith Foster, Andrea Rodriguez, and E I 2 Ti 1 r. , 1 mag - 33.255 " fr: 9 ,K N K N 352,52 -if. nf s t Vx m xiii? 5-fr s sl' Q i I I l n l l Pam Henry. The Lady Saints take time out to have a conference on the mound. Junior Meredith Foster stretches to catch a pop fly. Varsity Softball: From Left, Front: Leigh Ann Wise, Holly Hayes, Cathy Godfrey, Staci Runnels, Melissa Leonard, Meredith Foster, jackie Chamblee Back, Shandra Lamb, Andrea Rodriguez, Kacy Spares, Angela Cade, Kristen Estes, Pam Henry, Heather Huffman, Coach David Melton. v. softball sports .is 5 we The Girls Varsity Team L to R, Front Row: Regina Raspberry, Krista Tupacz, Kelli Allen, Ashley DeBoard, Jocelyn Patton. Second Row, Coach Lisa Finch, Pam Loupot, Wendy Bearden, Miata Cunningham, Amanda Osborne. Regina Raspberry warms up before her race. Amanda Osborne hands the baton to Jocelyn in the 400 meter relay. wb5"lh........ varsity girls track Krista Tupacz leads her heat in the 2 sports 400 meter dash. - vorsity girls' trock Small but swift Determined team makes its mark at state competition "God gave the Varsity Track team a very productive and triumphant year," replied Coach Lisa Finch when asked about the track season. Meets were held mostly against 2-A schools so that athletes could compete at a slightly higher level to prepare for the Tom Landry Relay and district competition. By the morning of the Trojan Relay the girls were ready, placing second in both the mile and sprint relays and ga.ined points with Ashley DeBoard's third place win in the 100 meter race. Wendy Bearden practices her throw before her event. Jocelyn Patton explains Tyler Street men to Kelli Allen, The entire girls' track team qualified for state competition at the district meet in Addison. The sprint and mile relay teams placed second, Wendy Bearden took third in both shot and discus, Krista Tupacz placed first in the 400, and senior Ashley DeBoard took third in the 200. Once at State the team continued to make its mark. The girls' relay team placed third with their fastest time ever of 52.7, while the girls' mile relay matched this effort with a third place finish and a school record of 4:29. Ashley DeBoard placed fourth in the 200. Also qualifying for state were Pam Loupot, Kelli Allen, Wendy Bearden and Krista Tupacz. -it W it if . . It - 1, ,ff,,i ,Q ,wi f. 'f ' f V . f ' , . 4, ,i . . . .,..,....s,..,. ..,. A... . .- fu- - ' 5, ,V fi ,W vi-qvz, f . ' ' , awww N . . V. f ' ' ""i W Pam Loupot gives her all in the 800 meter. varsity girls track sports 1 varsity cheerleading In spite of pain Cheerleaders experience blue ribbon year Thoroughly drained from five long, hot days of all work and no play, the Varsity Cheerleaders were filled with new excitement when they heard their name announced for the nomination of Award of Excellence. Although they suffered sore muscles and bruised knees, they achieved five blue ribbons and three spirit sticks. Spending most of the year in a knee brace, Misti Cutsinger did not let her injury keep her from boosting Saints' spirit. Not the only catastrophe, Kelli Allen chipped her tooth with her megaphone while chanting "Two bits, four bits." A new addition to Varsity Cheerleading, the Senior Flaghangers practiced with the girls and helped them build more creative stunts. Basketball season began on a controversial note, Varsity Cheerleaders pushed to be able to cheer at more Saints' games. The limited An enthusiastic sponsor, Miss Hollingsworth gets geared up at camp for a year in the stands. GOTCHA! The varsity cheerleaders tantalize the crowd. schedule, originally proposed to create a games, the cheerleaders accepted a proposal balance in supporting both the guys' and to include additional games for both guys girls' programs. and girls. After sitting in the stands at two home sei' 'H 'ict .,. ...... n " . ' ' -"- i - ., - - - , ' .. We -I -i "Wi . ., 1. .N fees 15:11 1 -'13 sas-.err-efz',:..f11 'Nff i ' -W' 'H ' Sw i 1 K A- , . . .- . .... ,,... A .--. ,... . . .,r.,. , ...iw ,..,7 X ,M , K .,,. .. ...,... ,,.t. r ... ,fix 5... ...La . 1 i an K 1 s " -fs A cf - K Sf" . .... . -fs . . fs -- r .... ' 5iismc.,.c in '- Senior Laura Shanks takes a minute to pose for a snapshot. v. cheerleading 'l sports fs. if "mf" -Txrw YK'-w i 'V , ffl With the aid of several Flaghangers, cheerleading stunts reach new heights. Referred to as the Christmas tree, this stunt puts pressure on head cheerleader, Laura Shanks, who supports the three girls above her. ltir 5 jg y H' .s,,,,.,. , ,-4 I ' ..,,0. ' aff' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Qfront: from left! Kim Wilson, Julie Payne, Shelly Maines, Qsecondl Head Cheerleader Laura Shanks, Misti Cutsinger, Liza Roeser, Cbackl Sharon Riffe, Sponsor Parn Hollingsworth. juniors, Liza Roeser, Misti Cutsinger, and senior Kelli Allen explode as they show their Saint spirit. v. cheerleading sports BENCHED FOR GRADES Gary Don Lambert, Randy Rogers, Paul Bernhard still add excitement to the pep rallies. Varsity Cheerleaders and Flaghangers join together and thank the Lord for a victorious Homecoming game against Garland Christian Academy. Spirit soars, grades slide squad adds pep to rallies and games Enjoying a new year of stunts, cheers, and spirit, the Flaghangers learn making the grade can be very hard. Even after missing the last game because of ineligibility, the all- boy team still managed to have a full year of fun. "I enjoyed them because they helped us with stunts and cheers," said senior cheerleader Kelli Allen, "but most of all, I remember how their spirit and enthusiasm added so much to each game!" THE KICKOFF Brian Hurd supports Senior Kelli Allen while she rings her cowbell at the start of the second half. l l flaghangers 'l organizations Flaggers do a "V" on the floor dur- ing the Dallas Christian pep rally. H I P - H I P - H O O R A Y ! Flaghangers throw Senior Gary Don Lambert into the air to raise Saint spirit. Flaghangers huddle together before perfor- ming in the Bishop Dunne pep rally. FLAGHANGERS: Front From Left: Ber- nie the Super Saint. Se- cond, Gary Don Lambert, Randy Rogers, Brian Hurd, Paul Ber- nhard. Third, Andrew Cain, Christopher Coggins. flaghangers organizations 1 Captain Deana Kinamon and Lieutenant Allison Loeb head up their lines as the Swirlettes perform a hoop routine. The Swirlette officers enjoy some free time between rehearsals in New York where they performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. FRN 'gms ' -5, ' K s - - . S, 1 . ,. : ' "i 1 SVVIRLETTES: Front, From Left: Lieutenant Ashley DeBoard, Lieutenant Lori Smith, Captain Dana Kinamon, Lieutenant Becky Burnett, Lieutenant Allison Loeb. Second, jenny Marion, Dollie Clark, Dana Vandivort, Katie Hudson, Donna Douhitt, jackie Chamblee, Ruth Cooper, Cathy Godfrey, Andrea Rodriguez, Leslie Farley, Back, Melanie Edwards, Cara Howe, Ashley Berry, Kellie Kile, Lajuana Ed- wards, Peggy Sterling, Wendi Shaw, Shannon Wofford, Cathy Blackshear, Melissa Leonard, Pam Lupout, Shelly Gunter, Deana Fisher. drill team 1 sports 'I a I 39 Q1,, .5 .K 'A 'Li'1 at Y x s,. new f " 1 . 2 ,ga ff ' fi ff .,,,h. ' -I 1 . f' . ina 4' 75 ' ww X gm f an 'Ji' r .gt . W,,.,,.,,f W f 'Vik , 5 , ff 7' YW 7' Lf I Af' rr 1 if if gf X 4 P 'Yer f f ff 414 W1 7 1, . N , at Nxt ' My ff ' f ,f t 5 6, f feat , 144, A 5. 111 ffl . . , s n... X if a . drill team Attracting attention. . . New outfits and New York-bound officers mark a great year Nice girls stood together, holding hands, as the final seconds of the final game of their Senior ticked away. These nine Senior Swirlettes began to cry. "It wasn't just because we lost the game,": Captain Deana Kinamon, a four-year veteran of the Drill team said, "It was because I knew I had stepped out on that field for the last time, and it was all over." Drill Team began this year for the 28-member squad in August at "boot camp." Choreographers came and taught the girls various routines for upcoming games and pep rallies. Altogether the girls learned an amazing 10 routines in only 5 days. "The most exciting change this year in the Drill Team," according to Sponsor Monica McBrayer, "was the new uniforms. The girls really looked great out there." The girls anxiously waited each week for their uniforms. After several weeks of hopeful prayer, the girls did receive their uniforms a few weeks late. The uniforms were unveiled at the Crandall game. Swirlette officers were honored this year by being selected to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. FBA officers were the only group from Dallas to go to New York. Once in New York, they joined nearly 300 other girls from around the country and performed on national television on Thanksgiving Day. il-in - .. 1aEil1saH5.. . 1133-1--:,1 A. . . ggggi i af ' - iii' iii: . ' fumes .., ' K I eamrrrvv if x Jie A Captain Deana Kinamon keeps rookie Leslie Farley in shape at a pep rally. Wendi Shaw leads her half of the line on the sidelines prior to a half-time performance. drill team sports ,........1 john Torres receives some last minute instruction from Coach Angel before returning to the field. A scramble for the ball causes a player pile-up. Coach Martin gives some 4th quarter advice to the j.V. jv football 'l sports THE AGONY OF DEFEAT. During the j.V.'s final game of the season against Trinity, play stopped for 30 minutes while coaches and paramedics attended Todd Scott, whose lower leg snapped as a result of a tackle. 1A jv footboll Sad Hnish . . . Injury mars end of JV season The crowds watched as Todd Scott was carried off the field and into the ambulance after he suf- fered a break to his lower left leg. A year full of learning experiences, ended with the team's loss to Trinity and Todd Scott's injury Mokie breaks away with the ball for I itll? Eg :Qi 4 at K as ii f which kept him a hospital bed for two weeks. The j.V. football team rounded up the season inning 3 and losing 6, an improvement over last year's single victory. big gain. Dallas Christian faces up to the formidable Saints defense. At first and goal, center, Roland Castillo, prepares to snap the ball to quarterback, john Torres. Coaches assist the paramedics as they load Todd Scott into the ambulance jv football sports Front From Left: Coach joel Pittman, Andrew Taylor, Coach Marty Nichols, Back: jason Walker, Doyle England, Andy Kovan, Fabian Ryan, Ken Mkim, Randy Colton, Matthew Thomp- son, Doug Shepherd, Larry Kalahan, Brad Fogherty, Danny Prescott, james Dean. j.v. basketball 'l sports Displaying his defensive skills, Sophomore Matt Thompson pressures his man and denies him the ball. On a perfect layup, Sophomore Chris Messick scores two against Christway Academy. Checking his stats, Chris Messick compares himself to his opponent with the help of Mr. johnson. - jv boys boskefboll - The closing seconds . . . Boys unable to snag co-championship "Matt Thompson made the winning shot at the last second buzzer," recalls Sophomore Chris Messick. The leading scorer with an average of fourteen points per game, Chris said his most memorable moment was the season opener against St. Marks. All memories of the season did not include victory at the buzzer. "The last game of the season and we were playing for the co-champs of the TAPS District l," said Andy Kovan. "A Ft. Worth Christian player shot a ball in the air and another one of his players caught the ball and scored at the buzzer allowing Ft. Worth the undisputed title of District Champs." Chalking up a year to ex- perience, the predominately sophomore junior Varsity ended the year at 10-6 overall and 7-5 in district play. Able to claim a winning season, but no co-championship, many players can look forward to the chance at varsity basketball. I is Showing his jumping ability, Sophomore Randy Colton scores two against Dallas Christian. Anticipating the ball, Sophomore Mark johnson prepares for a layup. j.v. basketball sports Meredith Foster waits to pass the ball to setter Jennifer Lewis. Wendy Bearden hits the ball in an unusual way, but yet still gets it over. JV VOLLEYBALL: Front, From Left: Jenny Durrett, Leah Bottinger, Meredith Foster, jemmifer Roeser. Middle, Coach Karin Fary, Christie Ashwill, Angela Lowery, jennifer Lewis, Heather Hoffman, Amy Colton, Tamie Smith. Back, Amber Anspacher, Ashley Scott, Kristen Estes, Debbie Pokladnik, Wendy Bearden, jennifer Blanton. 2 jv volleyball 1 1113905 ' 1'- riff , 1553 1 f,,ff4.,, tn, S+ . - jv volleyboll fr bosketboll Success! Girls overcome great odds lor a winning season A season full of ups and downs, concluded on a positive note when the girls defeated Fort Wonh Christian, a team which had knocked the Saints out of top bracket of the Trinity tournament earlier this fall. Coach Karin Fary enjoyed her first year as the Saints instructor. Both she and the girls learned new skills, and new appreciation for the word teamwork. The 1986 j.V. Basketball team, however, came out with a more pro- ductive season, winning 5-4 games. Christie Ashwill's and jennifer Lewis' most memorable game was with Fort Worth Christian because they had to play 3 on 3 since half of the team was ineligible and the other two fouled out. Christie Ashwill waits to take the ball back down the court. JV BASKETBALL: Front, From Left: Lajuana Edwards, Wendy Bearden, Pam Loupot, Christie Ashwill, jennifer Lewis. Back, Shandra Lamm, Andrea Rodriquez, jennifer Roeser, Kacy Spares, Coach Lisa Finch. Wendy Bearden hopes to make this shot go in. - ' jv basketball 115 jr high 6: jv cheerleading- Up close . . . Cheers for television and an undefeated season 116 Maybe their names aren't household words in England, but the J.V. Cheerleaders vividly remember their day in the British Broadcasting Com- pany's spotlight. When the British Television Co. filmed an F.B.A. pep rally, the squad thought it would be exciting. However, according to Miata Cunningham, "the film crew got on our nerves." "We thought it was our best cheer," said jami Smith, "but they kept getting in our faces." The eight member group began its year at SMU Cheerleading camp, the foundation of all squads. From their first thoughts of disgust in the dorm rooms, the girls rapidly pulled together to win a blue ribbon the last day. Their "front row" vantage point gave the squad a close look at the pain of football. During the final game of the season, the j.V. Cheerleaders stood and watched Todd Scott be carried off the field after his bones snapped. The game is one of Amanda Osborne's most vivid memories. JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS: ifront, from leftj janet Packer, Amy Taylor, Catherine Brown, Belinda Foster, Ashley Douthitt, Qmiddle rowj Tara WiUiams, Angie Melton, Lisa Baker, Lbackj Shannon Talkington Junior High marks the beginning of many new experiences - pep rallies, football games, basketball games and cheering for their classmates. Making the adjustment to junior High, the cheerleading squad struggl- ed with the problem of ineligibility. However, their enthusiasm was not dampened by their fluctuating numbers. The 7th grade football team really gave the girls something to cheer about, finishing the season undefeated in conference play. e - ii w .Q K , . Vk y K 1 ,. A C tr - i .. -1 -' Y r Leading the crowd at Buckner, the junior High squad helps the crowd encourage the football players. jr high and jv cheerleading sports Making their way through 86, the j.V. cheerleaders perform for the halftime crowd at a home basketball game. T1-35 .1 S 5... .Iami Smith sneaks a glance at the crowd No pep rally is complete without the upbeat routine of the j.V. cheerleaders QQ Nzfw' "1 K -I.V. CHEERLEADERS: Cfront, from leftl jamie Berry, Amanda Osbome, Kelly Holder, Amy Sconyers, Cbackh Miata-Cunningham, Sonja McGill, Nicole Macaluso, jami Smith Shannon Talkington and the other cheerleaders know that their jr. High team is 9591 jr high and jv cheerleading sports 1 17 jr. high footboll academic agony Seventh grade wins district, Eighth cancels games From the frustration of losing a large percentage of the eighth graders because of grades to the joy of a seventh grade team with an undefeated record in District play, junior high football was filled with emotion. Seventh graders had the spotlight. Several of them were called upon to play on the eighth grade team to keep from cancelling the season. As a team, the younger group remained unscored Eighth Grade Team: Qfront from leftb Paul Kadane, jason Martin, Jud Hartson, Tyron Nelson, Brent Belvin, Tim Heaton, jeremy Durretr, lmiddleb Coach Chandler, Vashon Dacus, Michael Beardon, David Grandstaff, Ca.lvin Cross, Paul Hawkins, Coach Nicholes, ibackb Brad Dean, Christian Garcia, Mark Quinng Chad Wyrostek, Ross Cunningham, MarkGarrett. Coach Nicholes gives his players a pep talk. upon in District and earned the District Championship. The eighth grade finished with a winning record at three and two. Michael Curtis breaks away from the pack. jr high football 8 sports Miguel lnteriano prepares to catch the ball 3 -- A! ill TOUCHDOWN. jim Lively celebrates six points. W' l Q 9 -i . if Domingo Lazaro takes a run with the ball. Seventh Grade Team: Kfront from left! Coach Challender, Domingo Lazaro, Charley Smith, Matthew Martin, joel Pullis, Michael Curtis, Coach Nicholes, Csecond rowl Clayton Coates, Adam Kadane, Chad Kline, jim Lively, Paul Wfells, Jon Brubaker, Cthird rowj jeff Barnes, Sean Covin, jason Jarrett, Greg Cox, Matthew Beecham, Eric Morrison, ilast rowb Miguel Interiano, Chad Fineske, Paul Parris, Brad Brittain, Kevin Keith, jason Hardin. jr high football sports - jr. high basketball - place-makers Both teams place in district play Undisputed District Champs, the 7th grade team concluded a 9-1 season with the help of leading scorers Miguel Interiano and Brad Bittain, Dominating the league in both football and basketball, the 7th graders proved they were forced to be reckoned with. According to Coach Peter Challender both Greg Cox and jeff Barnes improved greatly throughout the season. Coach Challender looks to improve individual discipline in next years season. At 8-3 the 8th grade team tied for second place in the district. "With cheerleaders spurring us on, the team was victorious in spite of close overtime games," said Coach Challender. Coach Challender sees room to improve team efforts, but the individual efforts of Christian Garcia and Calvin Cross, leading scorers, were appreciated. Credited by their coach with most improvement were Hank Quisenberry and David Grandstaff. Christian Garcia releases the ball on what could be a deciding point. Calvin Cross sonks his free throw attempt. Coach Challender explains to his team the way to win. Calvin Cross shoots a crucial free throw shot. s i 'N ...ig 1 Front Row, Left: john Barnes, Clayton Coates, Greg Cox, Miguel In- teriano, jim Lively, Coach Challender. Back, Left: jeff Barnes, Adam Kadane, Chad Fineske, Brad Bittain, Paul Wells, Matthew Martin. jr. high basketball 'l sports I 'W .mia Coach Challender huddles with his team for some time-out strategy. Ross Cunningham is ready to get the rebound. Front, Left: Coach Challender, jeremy Durrett, Calvin Cross, Michael Bearden, Vashon Dacus, john Baker. Back, Left: Christian Garcia, Brian Albrecht, David Grandstaff, Ross Cunningham, David Dodgen, Hank Quisenberry. jr. high basketball sports 121 - jr. high track in the district race . . . third place h0IIOI'S Third place trophy was a welcome sight forjr. High boys track, This years track team's high numbers evoked "competitiveness like never before," said Coach Martin. The hard work paid off as the boys and girls competed in 4 meets and the boys took third in the district meet. Mark Quinn was awarded most outstanding trackster of the year. Laura Moore gives the long jump her best shot. Mark Quinn takes a big jump. ' ' Coach Flettus, Laura Moore, Jumor runners capture and julie Evert talk a little bit of strategy. . jr. High Girls Track Team: From Left, First Row: Ashley Ferguson, Ann james, Stacy Townsley, Rebecca Carreon, Christi Guy, Coach Fletrus. Second Row, Amber Powell, Shirley Parris, Melissa Payne, julie Evert, Stephanie Carre-on, laura Moore, Erica Bookman. Third Row, Angela Daven- port, jaquita Weaton, Staci Lott, jill Santiga, Lisa Baker, Leslie Halom, Paulette Neece. jr. high track 1 sports fr -A ' 'N r. -t, 'f w i E 5 6 . i .gi 'S- Ross Cunningham, Mark Quinn, Paul Parris, and Christian Garcia take a quick break to rest before they begin the next event. j Calvin Cross gets ready to throw the shotput. -ai N., , .. - W "N 'M' f 'W' jr. High Boys Track Team: From Left, First Row: Paul WeUs, Tim Heaton, Michael Bearden, Brent Belvin, john Brubaker, Coach Martin. Second Row, Rob Nielson, Ross Cunn- ingham, jason Hardin, Calvin Cross, Mark Garrett, Matt Ramsey, Third Row, Chad Wrystok,john Baker, Paul Parris, Chris Isovado, Mark Quinn, Christian Garcia. jr. high track sports - jr. high volleyball 6 basketball Teamwork. . . Young teams master skills to compete The jr. High Volleyball team finished its first-ever season with a 4-6 record. The Coach, Mrs. Pam Cresswell, enjoyed the season and thought the team worked very well together. "Our stats may not have been the best but we gained a lot of valuable experience for next year," said team member Laura Moore. The jr. High Basketball team however, ended with a very respec- table 8-2 for the seventh grade and 7-3 for the eighth grade. jaquita Deaton and Angie Melton both enjoyed the game against Dallas Christian because the team really pulled together as 0116. 4... .4 JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL Front, From Left: Coach Pam Cresswell, Stacy Townsley, Ashley Ferguson, Kim Kirby, Brenna Parthmore, Amy Weaver, Cindy Sutten, Laura Moore, Kristi Guy, jaquita Deaton, julie Everett, Monica Monsivaiz, julie Rusk, Sheryl Taylor, LaVVanda Ballard. Brenna Parthmore rares back to serve the ball. junior high volleyball 124 Spore. ' " l T5 af Coach Cresswell, in the midst of her team gives them a pep talk during a time out. The jr. High Lady Saints gather to pray before they go on to the court. . M JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Front, From Left: Stacy Townsley, Brenna Parthmore, jaquita Deaton, Angie Melton, Amy Weaver, Kim Kirby, Stephanie Carreon, l,aWanda Ballard, laura Moore, julie Everett, Rebeka Carreon. Back, Coach Linda Green, julie Rusk, Bridgett Harrison, Shannon Welch, Sheryl Taylor, Monica Monsavaiz, Stacy Lott, Lisa Baker. Breaking out of the huddle, the eighth grade team gets ready for the second half. junior high basketball sports ,gif ighrh cookies and a party ' Q J 'I In L U f 'NY' 'W X S. S. 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Dear precious friends and students of our First Baptist Academy: i Our wonderful school was born in prayer. After seeking to establish the institution for 30 years, the dear Lord in heaven finally opened the door for us to begin. From that day until ithis the Academy has been an untold blessing to thousands and thousands of our people who have seen it grow and who have supported it both in gifts and in making it possible for boys and girls to attend. A As great as has been the story of the school in these im- mediate years past, our greatest years are those that lie ahead. We live them one at a time, and that means that this present year and this coming year are a part of that tremendous pic- ture. As long as we are true ro the faith in jesus Christ and as long as we honor our Lord in every area of academic life, the blessing and the pleasure of God will ever rest upon us. It is now for us to work together to build this marvelous school. We must pray for the trusteesg we must pray for the administrationg we must pray for the facultyg we must pray for the studentsg we must pray for the homes and families from whence our students come. Other institutions in the earth are built upon secular and human values. Our First Baptist Academy is built upon the Saviorhood of jesus our Lord. Every subject we teach is to reflect His mind, His heart? His love, His grace, and His spirit. The more of Christ we have Yin our school the more we shall fulfill the great destiny. of the institution. It is to be less and less of mere human limitations and more and more of the infinite and boundless ableness of God. This dedication will lead our students to a 'sion of life and service that is like that of the Lord Hims 4 ll God bles d keep you all in the humble prayer of your pastor. r' f S 'ffu.a 1 .-.. - it N f ,. .V Ti l',.i,.i iiii.,,li'lmi+4',,fl limmll ll,+:2..1' lilxz' 4 it Y it..i,i,i,f i li- i i i 'Nt I . . . -I We 1 Mrs. Leritia Brittain watches the speaker and awaits her mm to address the parents of new students. Mr. Fred Lively Headmarler dministration ff Mrs. Letitia Brittain Mrs. Sonja Datr Director of Academic Again Principal, Ear! Campur Tallying up the figures, Mr. Fred Lively speculates on enrollment for next fall. A listening ear, Mrs. Sonja Dart chats with faculty at a special Christmas luncheon. administration people Talking to a team member, Dr. Suzette Estes discusses cur- riculum with a represen- tative from Southern Associates of Colleges and Schools. Escotting royalty, Mr. Fred Lively watches the Homecoming game with '85 Queen, Buffie Beazley. Looking grim, Mr. Gene Branclenberger answers a parent's questions. administration 1 30 people is ff ME Miss Hollingsworth catches the latest gossip. Face Stuffing 101 . . .r , we x 5 M lx 'I7' 3825: Coach Pittman trades his plaid jacket for a Hoosiers t-shirt. Mrs. Cresswell slices herself a piece of cake at her baby shower. Sharp Dressed Man faculty - -I people 1 8 'l 4:-n-1-...if acult Kathryn Allen typing, Gfffk Rick Armstrong rhemimy, pbyriu Herb Baker roarb Sheila Brown fE.f0llffe Peter Challender fornputer, fnalh ram-I1 Pam Cresswell binary Mary Ann Dillard buxineu manager Jody Durrett Englifh Carolyn Eldridge mall: Karin Fary yearbook, English, coach Lisa Finch biology, foarb, :rienre Delores Fineske .ferondary ofire manager faculty 'l people ,.-wma, MW 'Q 1 ,,,, an IQ, 2 i,,. i kg 17 'Y , ,X , x 3 if . f W ., I, , 5 ' fv 'Y , " , 7' 1 -m Qi, I , he 1 1 5, ,gf , aka? ' ' ' ' I 2 If 'C ll" , : ,g V' ff , ff, f V z , " n w fm , ,fi xy? 'Gs ex, sf '53 X533 is 5 igrgfx 1' AVS? 'ilk' wk 423954 lx 'S' I' .aff Eva Gass Jevrelary Frankie Gatron affounling, Bible, fofllpuler Linda Green mafb Don Hendrickson nmeb, Bible, pbynml Jfienfe WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE, Mrs. Fineske answers phone. THE SINGING CHEMISTRY TEACHER. Mr. Armstrong leads his class in a hymn. Xl Y S Gus Hernandez atblelif direflor Karen Hines borne .ffb00l foordinator Mark Hines Dean Ufsflldfnlf Pam Hollingsworth Englhb, vanity rbeerleuder Jpofuor Cissy Isbell binary, eronomifx, govemmeni judy Kayse Jpeerb, lbeatre art: Carol Lyons Jeeretary Rebecca McCarter Jpeerb rofuullanl Woody Martin foarb, biology, Bible David Melton raarb B " " "' '133 ZERO BULL CORN Coach Martin displays the famous motto of the 1986 Football team Debbie Melton Jerretarjy Marty Nichols Bible, beallh, math Vicki Palmer ju fbeerleader Jparuof ef joel Pittman binary, math Dorylee Plexco Spaniih Rosemary Pretlove Englifh, Bible Linda Rainwater borne Jfbool roordinalof jim Rathbun maib Sherry Reynolds pboniff Kathy Riffe home Jrbool foordinalor Brenda Sewell 7111712 Janice Shanks librarian Charlotte Snell malb Donna Stark Engliib Dona Stark Bible, math faculty people Glenda Talkington Jfienre, Bible, jr, high rheerleader ,rpamor Linda Tapson mruir Diane Taylor librarian James Taylor band direflof Ola Wall Jecrerary janet White bookkeeper, Jecretury Sandra White df! Yvonne White pbonir: Linda Wolfe Frenrb, drama i CASUAL PREPARATION. Miss Hollingsworth works hard during the summer before the first day of school. faculty people SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Left, Vice-President Amy Kirkpatrick, President Robert Lanier, Secretary-Treasurer Lori KELLI ALLEN - Gyears J. V. Cheerleader I Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Track I, 2, 3, 4 FCA President 3, 4 Spanish Club I, 2 Young Life 2, 3, 4 PAUL BERNHARD - I3 years Flaghanger 3, 4 Track 3 Spanish Club 2 Baseline Bums 3 4 ASHLEY BERRY - 12years Volleyball I Basketball I Tennis I Softball 3 Drill Team? 3 4 Senior Play 4 Secretary-7'reasurer 2 Spanish Club I 2 FCA 1, 2 ROBERT BOURDEN E Football I, 2 3 4 Smith. Football captain 4 I-TCA, 2, 3, 4 2nd team all conference 3, 4 ANDREW CAIN - 2years Basketball 3 Fhzg Hanger 4 JASON CHALKER 1 GW years Football I, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Chaplain 2 F CA President 3 4 Baseline Bums 3 4 Spanish Club 3 Senior Play 4 Most Talented 4 Football Captain 4 2nd Team All Conference Defensive Line V Most Valuable Defensive Lineman 4 SDAHSS 4 A KELLI ALLEN PAUL BERNHARD ASHLEY BERRY ANDREW CAIN IASON CHALKER 1 36 seniors people Key To SENIOR HONORS WWAAHSS - Whos Who Among American High School Students NJHS -- National junior Honor Society NHS - National Honor Society USNDSA - United States National Drama and Speech Award USFLA - United States Foreign Language Award ROBERT BOURDENE United States National Merit Award USNSCA - United States National Student Council Award USNLMA - United States National Leadership Merit Award SDAHSS -- Society of Distinguished American High School Students USMAS - United States Merit Award Society CHRIS COGGINS - I2 years Basketball I 2 3 4 Football I 2 Truck 3 Cross Country 4 Flag Hanger 4 Spanzsh Club I 2 3 Yearbook 3 4 FCA 1 2 3 Basketball 2nd Team All Dzstrlcl 3 All State Tournament 3 4 lst Team All Dzstrzct 4 TAPS All Star 4 WWAAHSS 2 SDA HSS 2 KEVIN COUCH 1 V: years Sparush Club 4 WWAAHSS 4 JEFF CROSS 3 years NHS 3 4 Spanzsh Club 2 3 4 ASHLEY DeBOARD 5 years Cheerleader I Drzll Team2 3 4 Lieutenant 3 First Lzeutenant 4 Track I 2 3 4 Track MVP 3 4 Socuzl Chatrman 2 Preszdent 3 Student Council President Spamsh Club 2 3 Student Cannell 2 3 4 FCA 2 Semor Play 4 Newspaper 1 3 Editor 3 WWAAHSS 3, 4 SDAHSS I 2 3 4 USNMA 3 USNSCA 3 4 Thespuzn Soclety 4 USNDSA 4 NJHS 1 2 NSH 3 4 NANCY DICKERT 30: years Volleyball 2 Softball 3 Tennts 2 Sensor Play 4 MICHAEL DOWNS 7 years Football I 4 Funmest 4 ANDREW EMBRY years Football 1 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Track 3 Chaplain 1 Baselzne Bums 3 4 Baseball M VP 4 Jzmmy Adair Award 4 All District Ist Team Baseball 2 4 All Dzstrzct Ist Team 0l7'ense 4 All Dzstrwt 2nd Team Defense 3 All State Baseball 3 TAPS Player ofthe Year 4 Class Fauorzte 1 2 3 4 Frlendlzest 4 MICHAEL ENRIQUEZ 3 years Football 2 jamxe Howard acts on behalf of the semor class as he presents Mzss Stark wxrh a bxg hug 'W?'7f All CHRIS COGGINS KEVIN COUCH l EFF CROSS ASHLEY DGBOARD NANCY DICKERT MICHAEL DOWNS ANDREW EMBRY MICHAEL ENRIQUEZ seniors ,I -I people- ,H v ,CD CHARLIE GARCIA PAUL GARRETT PATRICK GIBSON S-wwf CAROL GOSNELL SHERRY GRIMLAND SHELLY GUNTER Senior English is for the birds The main attraction in English IV this spring wasnt Vlordsworth, Shakespeare, or Byron. It wasn't a novel, a play or even an essay. It was a hawk. According to Robert Bourdene, the hawk first ap- peared last year. "Gary Don and Roger and I first spotred the hawk in our Bachelor Sur- vival Class," he said. The hawk did not appear at Mrs. Palmer's window in Room 105 uninvited. The seniors stuck their heads, hats, and other objects out the window to attract the bird's attention. "I didn't believe Robert" said the skeptical Mrs. Vicki Palmer. "So he proceeded to prove it to me." The hawk, and its mate, began the ritual of dive- fic 4' . Q' -Q I1' 4 -s. z,,. 138 bombing any one who opened the window. "lt loved Fred Williams' red hair," Mrs. Palmer remembered. "Every time Fred looked out the window it would swoop down for a look." But Fred wasn't the only victim, "I kept hoping it didn't get me," Said jamie Howard, who hung out the window to catch the hawk on film. The only senior with scars, however, was Fred, who was scratched on the forehead. 'aw T? CATHY GODFREY RICHARD HORNBAKER l CHARLIE GARCIA -- Softball 2, 3, 4 6 years Drill Team 2, 3, 4 Football I, 2, 3 Senior Play 4 Track 1, 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Spanish Club Officer 4 FCA I, 2, 3 PAUL GARRETT - 6 Class Favorite I, 2, 3, 4 years F riendliesl 4 Football 4 Funnies! 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 CAROL GOSNELL - I Science Club 2 year Senior Play 4 SHERRY GRIMLAND PATRICK GIBSON -- - I3 years' 7yeurs SHELLY GUNTER - President of NSH 4 4 years NJ1-IS I Volleyball 1 NHS 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2 USNMA I, 2, 3, 4 Drill Team 2, 3, 4 USNLMA 4 FCA 3 SDAHSS 1, 2, 3, 4 Young Life 3 USNDSW4 Senior Play 4 Senior Play 4 USNDSA 4 CATHY GODFREY -- Thesplan Society 4 12 years RICHARD Volleyball I HORNBAKER - 2 Basketball I , 2, 3 years Track 1 French Club 4 IAMIE HOWARD as 'we -W 'Nw -Ju 2 1 wifi in 4 3 1 , BRIAN HURD IEIMI IAMES ROBBY IOHNSON IASON IOHNSTON ROBIN KAUP lelody McKim lets her little light mine at senior chapel JAMIE HOWARD - 8 years Football I, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3, 4 Vice President of FCA 3 4 FCA 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 Baseline Bums 4 2nd Team All Conference Defense 2, 3, 4 2nd Team All Conference Uffense 3, 4 All State Honorable Mention Offense and Defense 4 BRIAN HURD - 4 years Baseball 3, 4 LAUREL KAYSE Flag Hanger 4 Spanish Club 3 Most Spirited 4 FCA 3 Senior Play 4 Baseline Bums 3, 4 JEIMI JAMES - 4 years Track 3 Secretary, Spanish Club 4 Senior Play 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 ROBBY JOHNSON - 13 years Football I, 2, 3, 4 Track I Golf 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 All District Football 3, 4 GARY KEESTER JASON JOHNSTON -- 3 years Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 ROBIN KAUP -- 3 years Drill Team 3 Spanish Club Vice President 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Homecoming Queen Nominee 4 LAUREL KAYSE - I3 years Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Drum Major 4 Secretary Treasurer of Band 2, 3, 4 Librarian of Bond 2, 3, 4 Tennis Manager 2 Spanish Club 3, 4 Thespian Society 3, Newspaper 3, 4 SDAHSS 4 USDSA 4 Senior Play 4 Band Award 2 GARY KEESTER - years Football 3, 4 Baseball 4 F I 'A 3, 4 Baseline Bums Sl, 4 Fighting Haart Award 3 All Dislrict 2nd Team Defense 3 All Distric! 2nd Team Offense Zi Effffgol aged Senior guys look toward the future. 1 Fred W'illiams jams at the Senior Play party at Thunderbumpers. Robert Uakej Green rests in the arms ofjamie Howard. Cx, I i'l 2 ,rf is-' 3? x K SE N 1? DEANA KINAMON - 5 years Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Lieutenant 2, 3 Captain 4 Secretary of NJHS I Vive President of Spanish Club 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 NHS 2, 3, 4 NJHS I National Superstar Drill Team 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Nominee 4 WWAA HSS 3 Academic All American 2, 3, 4 United States Mathematics Award 2, 4 USNDSA 4 USFLA 4 Senior Play 4 Thespian Society 4 Most Talented 4 Valedictorian 4 AMY KIRKPATRICK Drill Team 2, 3 Vice President 4 Spanish Club 2 Homecoming Court 2 Homecoming Queen Nominee 4 LAURI KOVAN - 6 years JV Basketball 1 Softball 2 Drill Team 2, 3 Spanish Club Treasurer 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 NJHS I NHS 3, 4 GARY DON LAMBERT - I 3 years 1. Elise A, DEANA KINAMON AMY KIRKPATRICK I LAURI KOVAN 1 I , . ROBERT LANIER KIMBERLY LEON MELISSA LEONARD seniors people GARY DON Flag Hanger 4 ROBERT LANIER - 2 years Football 3 Baseline Bums 4 FCA 3, 4 Powerlifting 3 Senior Class President 4 KIMBERLY LEON - I year Senior Play 4 MELISSA LEONARD - 7 years Softball I, 2, 3, 4 Softball All District 4 Softball State Championship 4 Basketball I , 2, 3, 4 District CnfChamps 4 Drill Team I, 2, 3, 4 Lieutenant 3 Senior Play 4 Spanish Club I, 2 FCA 1, 2, 3 ALLISON LOEB - 7 years Basketball 1, 2, 3 Drill Team I, 2, 3, 4 L1?eutenant3, 4 Secretary I Vibe President 3 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club President 4 Student Council I, 3 NHS 3, 4 NJHS 1, 2 WWAAHSS 3 USNMA 4 Senior Play 4 USNFCA 3 USNDSA 4 USNLMA 4 Spiritual Leadership Award 3 Thespian Society 4 A X ALLISON LOEB "It's my favorite part of the day!" "This is the best thing that's hap- pened to our class this year." "I can't wait to get to 'yuppie heaven' " Seniors have an appetite for their favorite privilege -- off- Ahhh! The Lunch Bunch campus lunch! They have tried many of the downtown lunch spots. Chosen because they are the quickest to get to and out of their two favorite seem to be Burger King on Ervay and Highland Park Cafeteria, often referred to as "Yuppie Heaven" or just HPC, in the Lincoln Building. At seniors' request Dt. Estes granted them permission to have off-campus lunch. A privilege which was to be immediately revoked for all seniors if ANY senior arrived late to his next class. Amazingly, the privilege all year. seniors retained their KATIE MAYBORN - KEVIN MILLS - 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 HEATHER Zyears years JAMIE PETERSON - PRETLOVE - 4years Track 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 4 years Volleyball 2 LANCE MAYES - 3 Football I, 3, 4 NJHS 1 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 years All District Honorable Senior Play-1 Chapkzin 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Mention Football 3, 4 DEBBIE POE - 4 years Newspaper 3, 4 Drum Majar 4 Fighting Heart Award 3 Tennis I Editor 4 Science Club 2 Most Valuable Player and Choir 3 T hespian Society 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 All State Baseball 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Choir I NHS 2, 3, 4 GRAHAM MONROE - SDAHSS 3 NJHS 1, 2 MERRITT MORRISON 13 years USMAS 3 NHS 3, 4 -- bi year 'EW' s si.. , i 7 0 f l LANCE MAYES MERRITT MORRISON KEVIN MILLS 'sk 1-r-'gr ',, 35-QFEQ7' X I K 21 , .,,,.. l GRAHAM MONROE IAMIE PETERSON EEBBIE POE HEATHER PRETLOVE seniors people NJ-4 'Ve--qv v ION I RAKESTRAW SHELLY REED HEATH RICE SHARON RIFFE w--,,,. W- 4 t tl' 45:4- N? ,ig , 5 l ' " 1 'V RANDY ROGERS STACI RUN NELS IONATHAN SAWYER LAURA SHANKS JONI RAKESTRAW 2 years Spamsh Club 4 SHELLY REED 3 years Spanish Club I FCA 2 HEATH RICE 6 years Basketball I 2 3 4 Captam 4 TA PS M VP4 TAPS Basketball Smte Champs 2 3 4 NJHS Vice Presldent I Spanish Club I 2 4 Sctence Club 4 NJHS I NHS3 4 Mr FBA 4 Most Lzkely to Succeed 4 WWAAHSS3 4 SDAHSS 1 2 3 4 USNMA I 2 3 4 TUISS 4 SHARON RIF F E I2 years Basketball I 2 3 Drill Team 2 3 Cheerleader 4 Senwr Play 4 Spamsh Club 2 3 FCA 2 .3 Yearbook 3 4 Homecomtng Queen 4 WWAAHSS 4 RANDY ROGERS 7 years Track I 2 3 4 Band I 2 Flag Hanger 4 Spanzsh Club 3 4 FCA I 2 4 Senzor Play 4 John Phtlltp Sousa Award 2 Honor Band 2 Director s Award for Band 2 STACI RUNNELS 3 years Basketball 2 3 4 2nd Team All Dzstrwt Basketball 3 I st Team All Dzstrtct Basketball 4 All Star Basketball Team 4 MVP Basketball 4 Volkyball 2 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 All State Softball 2 3 4 M VP Softball 3 4 Dlslrlct MVP Softball 4 Ist Team All Dtstrrct Softball 4 Brshop Lynch All Tournament Team Pztcher 4 Chozr3 4 FCA 3 JONATHAN SAWYER 3 years Football 3 4 FCA 3 4 Spanzsh Club 3 4 Baseline Burns 3 4 LAURA SHANKS I1 years Track I Cheerleader! 2 3 4 Head Cheerleader 4 NJHSI NHS2 3 4 Spantsh Club I 2 4 FCA I J Miss FBA 4 Most Lzkely to Succeed 4 Semar Play 4 WWAAHSS 3 4 SDAHSS I 2 3 4 USNMA I 2 3 4 Btble Award I Foreign Language Award I Salutatortan 4 Senior Class President Robert Lanier addresses the student body at senior chapel. Cooling off after senior pictures Robert Lanier, Charlie Garcia, jon Sawyer, and Gary Don Lambert join arms as they take a dip in the fountain at Fair Park. seniors lg 'l people 'Z '23-i'H'A.-1 ov 9 A s . -.Aa vvgv 1 LORI SMITH TONY STAVELY PEGGY STERLING DANIEL WALKER WILL WHITE FRED WILLIAMS PAUL WILSON ROGER WISE LORI SMITH - .SM years Drill Team 3, 4 Lieutenant 4 Softball 3 Student Council 4 Secrelaryffreasurer 4 FCA 4 ifanish Club 2, 3 ewspaper 3 Senior Play 4 WWAAHSS 3, 4 SDA!-ISS 3, 4 TONY STAVELY - 3 years Football 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Art Award 4 PEGGY STERLING -- 4 years Drill Team 2, 3, 4 Student Council Secretary 4 Yearbook 2, 3, 4 Editor 4 Science and Math Club 4 Spanish Club 2. 3 Newspaper 4 SDA HSS 2, 3, 4 USNJA 4 USNMA 2, 3 Quill and Scroll 4 Thespian Society 4 Award of Excellence in Yearbook 4 NHS 3, 4 NJHS I, 2 Senior Play 4 Academic All American 2, 3, 4 DANIEL WALKER -- 3 years Football 2, 3, 4 Baseline Bums 3, 4 Vice President of Spanish Club 3 Spanish Club 3 FCA 3, 4 2nd Team All Conference Defensive Line 2, 3, 4 2nd Team All Conference Offensive Line 2, 3 Ist Team All Conference Offensive Line 4 Most Valuable Offensive Lineman 4 Senior Play 4 WILL WHITE - 8 years Golf 3 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Computer Club 4 Senior Play 4 FRED WILLIAMS - 9 years Track 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Headhunter Award 3, 4 lst Team All District 3, 4 Honorable Mention All State-3, 4 Fighting Heart Award 2 Baseline Bums 4 FCA 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 4 Spanish Club 2 NJHS I History Award I Senior Play 4 PAUL WILSON -- I3 years Football I Golf 2, 3, 4 FCA I, 2, 3, 4 FCA Secretary 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Golf MVP 4 Senior Play 4 ROGER WISE - 13 years Football I, 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 4 Track I, 2 Golf 4 Quill and Scroll 4 SDA HSS 4 USNLMA 4 he ,.......1 Cathy Godfrey is reluctant to leave her senior year. seniors beople Kelli Allen just loves to attend chapel services. Half dead from lack of sleep, Seniors jason Chalker and Kevin Mills prepare for another day of skiing at Steamboat, Colorado. With a keen sense of direction, Cathy Godfrey and Michael Downs smile for the camera. Mi Jr". W WW.. 5 ' "5 f , . - 1 iff. "'f"'f+ fi ' :wwe at +4 gy-' .?i,,f,,, 112' 4 f f ,V , A4 Q V .- , if V , 6-.7115 .V f , Y f,g,,,-A Y .Y Ama. fi v I vii' 72 , M ,.., ,, n ' M3 V4 , fr' Vw mpg , a ,QM Y s fi, , '. Q ,. 5 41, 4 5 3 wwf, ' A4 . ww.. 2,4 it W f . 2 vw " X HL V. gli V, M Q. . '1. K .,,. 'N 0 . - V 4 '15 -,ff ef ' - v . y -M , , , ' J .all Y 1 , , A V1 fr , ww., .- ,, . if-vga .. 4-WJ., , U, . , A in ,I A if 3:41. wa- 1. 51,3 L ' an Ma. .4 - A! ,gn .fa . A 3 Q jamie Howard and Staci Runnels - Their future's so bright they've got to wear shades. Gary Keester puts the "Whammy" on one of the Saints' opponents. sr. candids 1 people A, fgggqzfffii ggg1,,r S 55.125 S' 1553313 2'2" --'zfzzlzliigzzis ' if Q f :rw if f f ""' N- ----, I::74.:.:,fr9,:zer ' i 1 if ii 1 Driven by Senior Class President Robert Lanier, Homecoming Queen Sharon Riffe takes her ride around the football field. Senior cheerleaders Sharon Riffe, Laura Shanks, and Kelli Allen check out the gorgeous guy in the stands. With her western accent, Ashley DeBoard portrays Mary Madelene. sr. candids people 'l TRYING TO PICK THE PERFECT SONG TO JITTERBUG TO, Melissa Leonard enjoys the post-production "Bye Bye Birdie" cast party at Thunderbumpers. IMITATING THE FOOTBALL GUYS, the Senior girls hudclle after performing a routine to "Shout, Breakout" at the last football pep rally. W.w,, vw H 1 2, .I , inn , ..,,,,.,,-,. :Nw , , N LISTEN AND YE SHALL HEAR Robert Lanier tries to witness to those wild Senior guys in a Senior Chapel skit. REBELLION STRIKES AGAIN Shelly Gunter shows off the uniform skirt she worked so hard to destroy. sr. memories 'l pe-ople - fi? ow do you sum up a school year? For the class of '87 some of the things on the list include: the destruction of the uniform, dress up days, couples, Fair Park, THE senior priviledge, "Dean" Hines, HPC, Burger King and Mrs. Fields's. emories of classes themselves include Mrs. Pa1mer's Municipal Zoo, journal junkies, the senior' day in court, The Ugly American, the documentary film, making mums and pep rallies. n the news were stories M about Ponygate, Iranscam, Annette Strauss -- first woman mayor, the AIDS pandemic, and 37 soldiers killed by an Iraqi missile. fter hours seniors recall, Plaioon, the Top Gun video, football games, "The Beastie Boys" "Bon Jovi," The Trinity game, Homecoming, pulling off Bye, Bye Birdie, Don Brown, Waco, Thuder- bumpers, "muddin"' The Hard Rock Cafe, Macy's Thankgiving parade, shop- ping for UNITS, the Spring Fling III and Steamboat, Colorado. LETTING LOOSE, Laurel Kayse, Heather Pretlove, Peggy Sterling and Allison Leob show some leg for the camera. STUDYING FOR THEIR LAST FINAL EXAMS, Melissa Leonard, Ashley DeBoard, Randy Rogers and Michael Downs learn the material with the help of Ashley Berry. sr. memories people 147 sui'5'E'i'Ei ilfiies MOST LIKELY TO SUC- CEED A six year veteran of the Academy, Heath Rice plans to major in Com- puter Science at Texas A6tM. Heath led the basketball team his senior year as both captain and MVP. He also com- pleted his senior year as number three in his class. According to his classmate, jason Chalker, "He's going to succeed in just about anything he wants to because he's very intelligent." Salutatorian of her dass, Laura Shanks plans to be a kindergarten teacher. She has been at F.B.A. for eleven yearsg five of those years she has spent as a cheerleader. "She works hard and con- tinuously at whatever she does," said ,senior Laurel Kayse. "She has also suc- ceeded in being a good and under- standing friend." MOST SPIRITED During his four years at First Baptist, Brian Hurd has managed to make his crazy cheering antics a necessary part of any sporting event, As a flaghanger, Brian has omy been part of "organized cheering for one year, but he has en- senior superlatives cheering for one year, but he has en- couraged many athletes as a baseline bum in all of his high school years. Kelli Allen's peppy smile and en- thusiasm have been urging crowds to get up and cheer for each of her past six years as a cheerleader, With her astonishing flexibility and optimistic spirit, Kelli easily makes others want to get fired up. FUN NIEST Her antics in the senior play could easily have eamed Cathy Godfrey the title of Funniest. However, some of her classmates remember the church ski trip when Cathy forgot to get off the lift as her most hysterical moment. Cathy has brought her own brand of humor into her efforts in the classroom, on the basketball team and with the drill team. Michael Downs can be counted on to lighten the mood both in and out of the classroom. Game for any prank, Michaels quick wit can usually get him out of trouble almost as easily as he got into trouble. M O S T A T H L E T I C Even as a freshman, jamie Howarcl's 148 Ps0P'e ability was obvious as an outstanding football player. Weathenng back and shoulder injuries, jamie still managed to make a difference on the football, track and basebd fields. "jamie works hard at his sport and loves to compete," said Coach Woody Martin. "He would press on even when he didn't feel physically up to it." An all-around athlete, Staci Runnels has won awards in volleyball, basketball and softball. Even playing with weak knees, Staci has eamed many honors in her two and a half years at F.B.A. Staci has also run track for the Saints. Her pitching ability allowed the softball team to capture the title of state cham- pions. MOST TALENTED landing the lead in the senior play, ear- ning a spot on the SuperStar Drill Team, dancing for Mary Kay conven- tions and maintaining the highest academic average in her class, it is easy to see that Deana Kinamon earned the distinction of Most Talented. After making an appearance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Deana, who is headed for TCU in the fall, set new goals of dancing at Disney World and studying West Coast jazz at Dupree in Los Angeles. jason Chalker has attended F.B.A. for six years. In addition to being an expert defensive lineman, jason is a skilled ar- tist. His drawings have been used on posters, shirts, ads and even for the cover of the sports program. President of F.C.A. for two years, jason also eamed the part of Albert Peterson, the male lead in Bye, Bye Birdie. FRIENDLIEST Her loud laugh and contagious smile have made Cathy Godfrey a favorite with everyone, In her 12 years at F.B.A., Cathy has made a name for herself as everyone's best friend. "She's the best friend anyone could ask for," confirms senior Melissa Leonard. His honesty and his care for others are the qualities that his classmates feel describe Andrew Embry. Andrew has been a member of both the football and baseball teams and played Conrad Bir- die in the senior play. His fellow seniors appreciate his optimistic spirit. "He's always trying to lift me up, get me in a good mood when l'm down," related Kevin Mills. Q ? M f Kelli Allen and Brian Hurd Q , 5 pr f, QS' Cathy Godfrey and Andrew Embry .ig Q21 1 .395 Staci Runnels and jamie Howard ex K, We f' if Jeannie Allen Mandi Baldrigde Dixie Barnett Bob Beazley Elizabeth Bell Stephen Black ,Iodilynn Brirtain Rachel Brittain Annagrey Brown Geof Brown Matt Bryant Becky Burnett Roland Castillo Jackie Chamblee Dollie Clark Craven Coates juniors Red-eyed juniors stumbled into Room 106 on Dec. 19, looking dishevelled and disgruntled. The mo- ment had come to present their final copies of the research papers to Miss Fary. The morning had evening and longer English lll students, amounts of caffeine, many juniors in- vented unusual eating habits - from heating Coke Q"I was just too cold to drink it the regular way" said Kim Wilsonj to eating cold egg rolls at 2 a.m. Emile Sevadjian claims that at 2:30 a,m. he started seeing things moving in his room. As with every junior class, the Class followed a long night for many consuming large Lending a listening ear, Craven Coates works as an office aid. .4 cr juniors Scott Thompson, jodilynn Brittain, Kim Wilson, Charles Poklad- nik, Greg Higgins, Keith Youngblood, Meredith Foster, Steve Black, Mike Marion, Todd Young, Leigh Ann Wise, and Ison Petty I-luddles around a tired Miss Fary after waking her up from a deep sleep. 1 people . X Is idnight madness and Money Matters l -, never a dull junior moment. of '88 concerned themselves with money matters for that all-important event - The juniorfSenior Banquet. juniors began early with bow sales at football games, poinsettia sales and pic- tures with Santa, Other successful fundraisers were the Western Day Luncheon and the Sanger Harris Inventory. A group that thrives on fellowship, the Junior class stuck together for many activities after school hours. These students typically gathered for "study" sessions, Sunday afternoon football games and dinner "out on the town." Special events induded a scavenger hunt, 2 a.m. bowling and weekend video projects. The class of '88 enjoyed a year filled with memories, most of which remind its members ofthe closeness they share. V .'. . j j j - A "' ii l s xi. Q . 5531 A W. ..., 'mr ' A. if t t Matt Bryant takes a light after lunch snooze in Chem- istry class. Lynn Powell shows the judges that she is Drill Team ma- terial. Liza Roeser and Jason Petty exemplify just how close the junior class really is. y as iff' at Q Jr S. Misti Cutsinger Katherine Davis Doyle England Casey Fanning Misty Farr Meredith Foster Christina Gray Mary Green Karla Hale Cleacia Hallowell Holly Hankins Holly Hayes Gina Healey Greg Higgins Cara Howe Todd Kriechbaum Eric Leatherwood Rhonda Lester juniors people 1 5 1 Shelly Maines Mike Marion john Matlock Curtis Mayborn Sonya Merrill Eric Miller Ramon Monsivaiz Carmen Patterson Jocelyn Patton julie Payne jason Petty Charles Poldadnik Mokie Rasberry Greg Reich Mary Laura Reynolds Liza Roeser 152 Class Officers: Matt Bryant, Liza Roeser, and Wendi Shaw. Keith Youngblood studies real hard in study hall. Cbelowj Greg Higgins works to finish an English assignment. Wu MW' ' ff l' , , H Y " ,W y.f,. ,,!!, , 'll X WWW? 1 X W' 7 4 4, ,mf f e L. 9 fi C " ., "" .. we if i 1 N R 4 it ,. EW is 5 Sis is 4 -it rf i , I I if , asm 'e 5 , ,QQ SQQ st TS X X X X554 1 A No. juniors Charles Pokladnik, Ramon Monsivaiz, Carmen Patterson, Kim Wilson, julie Payne, and Lim Roeser huddle together on a cold day in Waco. Mundi Baldridge, Lin Roeser, Wendi Shaw, and Becky Bumert listen to the tunes of Simon and Gar- funkel on Western Day. jeff Rogers jena Scearce Maria Schaefer Sophie Schragin Emile Sevadjian Wendi Shaw Doug Shepherd Bethanie Simms Sandy Suniga Scott Thompson Krista Melanie Wells Tim White Deanna Wickham Kim Wilson Leigh Ann Wise Shannon Wofford Greg Yates Todd Young Keith Youngblood Not Pictured: Dawn O'C0nnor, Lynn Powell p 5 1' 'S xr, LTOPJ Caught in the act, junior Scott Thompson pmvcs that yes indeed he does have gum. W jk juniors people 1 Stephanie Adair Stefanie Andrews David Barringer Wendy Bearden Cathy Blackshear jennifer Blanton Angela Cade Larry Callahar Christie Cheshire Tiffany Claiborne Ruth Ann Cooper Wendi Cox Miata Cunningham Bo Danielson James Dean Ray Deaton Donna Douthitt Brooke Dunn 154 Sophomore Class Officers for 1986-H7 include lfrom lefrb St-vgreraryfTreasurer Kelly Holder, President Thomas Thompson, VicePrrsident Sonya Mdfull T ffany Clmbome finish her Biology in study hall, I va, at A + Andy Gosnell caresses a lifelike butterfly in the musical "Bright New Wings" sophomore people Sophomore men congregate in between classes in the sophomore lounge? 3 A i Sophomores - a force to be reckoned with. Breaking out of the freshman mold, sopho- mores are well into the realm of life as upper- classmen. They launched a three-year fund raising effort with Valograms in preparation for junior- Senior Banquet and Senior Trip. Sophomores had high in- volvement in athletics, boasting several starters on varsity as well as dominating JV boys' basketball. After many miserable early mornings spent in Drivers Ed., most sophomores made a bid for independence by ob- taining licenses. They hit the streets of the metroplex and said good- bye to double dating with their parents. sophomore people Melanie Edwards Kristen Estes Leslie Farley Anissa Garcia Andy Gosnell Rachelle Hast Tamera Heaton Kathryn Hogan Kelly Holder Katie Hudson Mark johnson Asa Kadane Michelle Kennedy Kelli Kile Andy Kovan Lydia Lanoue Billy Lambert Steven Lott Mary Lyons jenny Marion Samantha Marshall Bill Masterson 155 Tiffany Mayes Sonja McGill Missy McKinley Chris Messick Andy Metheny Keith Monsivaiz Stacey Moore Todd Newsome Nicki Norman Debbie Pokladnik Clayton Prachyl Lori Rakestraw Regina Raspberry Camille Reaves Fabian Ryans Lisa Sammons jeff Scarbrough Linda Schraro 156 Wendi Cox, john Torres, jeff Scarbrough, and Warren Sibley utilize study time to its fullest potential, Thomas Thompson and Donna Dourhirt cram for a Biology rest, Catching up on sleep seems like a good idea ro Andy Gosnell. i lm . 5 s sophomores people -,V 2 z it 4 A? 1 i S r , v ri ol ia 8 5 N5 Ashley Scott Jennifer Seabolt Phillip Sexton Wlarren Sibley Tamie Smith Matthew Thompson Thomas Thompson john Torres Dana Vandivort Greg Wagnon Scott Wmren Gretchen Weaver Chatis White Amy Womack Amy Wood idea Matthew Thompson sinks one in a midst 5 FW, Christian Defenders Charts White does her Puddhlnad Wuhan imitation Cathy Blackshrar sits in boredom in another year of Drill Team tryouts sophomores people 157 Amber Anspacher Christi Ashwill jeff Baker jamie Berry Stephanie Black Leah Boettinger Ross Bryant Kari Bullington Ginny Busby Shelby Butler Sharon Butler Randall Colton joe Bob Comeaux Paul Comer Terri Cromeens jennifer Durrett Inj uana Edwards 9th grade There's nothing like a great pair of legs, jen- nifer Lewis daydreams about her favorite ten- nis player. Staring into space, jeff Baker concentrates on a tough assignment. 3 g, W I P' Getting down to serious work on his research paper, Elbert Lonzie jots down a few quotes. Practicing his royal wave, Kevin Sutton escapes the drudgery of diagramming sentences. mu. N uw. RQ 'l people ,Q High school "rookies" take the year in stride What does it mean to be a freshman? - To be the youngest class on cam- pus. Of course, this yea.r's class has ex- perience with that feeling because since the seventh grade they have been going to school on the high school mall. Every year, this group has been :he youngest. They are now experi- :nced rookies. Even if they were comfortable in their iamiliar surroundings, high school tself was a new experience. 'We got a taste of what high school i , 1 . s -tt' , 3151 I 3:1 N- was all about," commented jennifer Lewis. And that taste included Foreign Languages, Research Papers, Physical Science and "real" exams. Out of the classroom, the class enjoyed both participating in and cheering for JV sports and beginning the job of raising funds for their junior and senior years. Overwhelmed by assignments, jami Smith grimaces as she adds another item to her list of things to do. Deanna Fisher Alan Gatton Erica Ha.lima.n Alberta Hardy Heather Harris Pam Henry Andrew Hill J. D. Hombaker Heather Huffman Jonathan Humphrey Paul Daniel-Iackson' Sudheer jayaprabhu Sean jett Travis Keep Shandra Lamb jennifer Lewis 9th grade people 'l Elbert Lonzie Pam Loupot Angela Lowery Nicole Macalusco jason Marsh Katie Mathews jill Matlock Henry Meclaris Neil Merritt joseph Mitro Stephanie Noteware Amanda Osbom Alysia Petty Liz Pope Juanita Porth Brian Powell Danny Prescott Suzanne Reeves freshmen 3 l ii Thinking about anything but Biology, Sudheer -Iayaparabhu sneaks a smile at the photographer. CLASS OFFICERS: From Left: Elbert Lonzie, vice presidentg jamie Smith, secretaryftreasurerg Sudheer jayaparbhu, president. 1 people Scribbling quickly, Erica Halliman struggles to keep up with Coach Pittman's transparencies. Getting a little nourishment before lunch, Ross Bryant ingests plastic from his pen cap. X 5 Ignoring the statement on the board, both Mrs. Stark and Paul Danieljackson listen to the comments made by an English student. Cofnparing their pearly whites, jamie Berry and Kevin Sutton decide whose dentist is the best. Andrea Rodriguez Tiffany Rodriguez jennifer Roeser Cari Santinga Amy Sconyers Todd Scott Monica Seabolt Scott Shiels jeff Simms jami Smith Kacy Spares Kelly Stevens Kevin Sutton Andrew Taylor javon Thigpen jason Walker Margie Wall Evan Wilcox freshman people 1 6 'l Chris Acevedo Brian Albrecht Alison Baines john Baker IaWanda Ballard Michael Bearden Brent Belvin Erica Bookman Kelly Clark Steven Collins Calvin Cross Ross Cunningham Growing pains? Stretched out mus "Two common cry of despair came from each f o the eighth graders about their history proj- ect. "It was the hardest project of the whole year," said Ross Cunningham. Developing both their leg muscles and pages on EVERY ptesident???!!" A cles their brains, the eighth grade students hiked back and forth between the Burt Building and the Spurgeon Harris Building many times in the course of one day. Unlike the high school students the eighth graders operated on a 9-week 8th grade people Gulping down his glass of punch, David Dodgen enjoys party given in honor of the jr. High athletes. S minds schedule and moved as a group through the day, changing classes with the same students a da . Se al y ver new classes were offered for sho intervals, Besides the "old stand b " ys c English, Math and Science, Computer, speec and drama were offered. Lending a hand, Tyrone Nelson helps Cynthia Raabe put folder back together. own ,pw-f if 4' J. J V .. W-.M Surrounded by idiots, Michael Moreno takes a break from lunchroom lunacy. Budding dramatist, Michael Bearden and Hank Quisenberry portray the characters of a dieti- tian and Uncle Sam in the play No Thanksgiving. f. ak' .ey xx v NNN' 9 if S , , i 3-,L,.,x H 3 8th grade people Vashon Dacus Angela Davenport Brad Dean Christine Daplanty David Dodgen Carri Donkervoet Ashley Douthitt jeremy Durrett julia Everett Belinda Foster Iatoy Franklin Christian Garcia Mark Garrett David Grandstaff Rebecca Hannah Bridget Harrison jud Hartson Paul Hawkins Tim Hearon Hope Hebert 163 Lisa Hemandez jeanna Hudgens Dianne johnson Paul Kadane Allyson Linn Sharon Loh janna Martin jason Martin Angie Melton Laura Moore Michael Moreno jeff Morgan Keni Muir Carrie Nance Paulette Neese Rob Neilson Tyrone Nelson Janet Packer 164 Worldng on his History notes, Tim Heaton makes good use of his study hall. Q, lg . W A 2422, 8th grade people ...-eff" Questions, Questions, Questions, Amy Weaver tries to comprehend equations in Algebra I class. Watching her figure, Jeanna Huclges takes only two cookies at the athlete ap- preciation party. a 'Lt gg With his Science book open, Ialvin Cross pretends to do his nath homework. Preparing for their project, viichael Bearden, Brent Belvin, ind Brian Albrecht cover the windows. A In V While playing a game in P.E., Judd Hartson gets ready to take off One of the wisemen QChrisrian Garciaj shows joseph U eff Morganj his place in the script while the two other wisemen Uohn Baker and Robert Peters! and Mary QPaulette Neesel await his line. 8th grade people Robert Peters Janna Poe Michael Porter Mark Quinn Hank Quisenberry Cynthia Raabe julie Rusk Mark Taylor Kim Taylor Amy Weaver Shannon Wlelsh Candy Whitney Carol Ann Whitton Nikki Wfilliams Nathan Wiuiams Chad Wyrostek 165 s Moving up . . . Seventh ii grade takes iunior high Lisa Baker jeff Barnes Matthew Beecham Amy Brittain Brad Brittain Catherine Brown jonathan Brubaker Brandi Brummett Rebeka Carreon Stefanie Carreon Clayton Coates Anna Comer Christina Comparini Sean Covin Gregory Cox Michael Curtis jaquita Deaton VUilliam Edwards 7th grade in stride Seventh graders find life on the edge somewhat startling. "It's harder, but with more fun - you have more freedom," commented Jeni Kerr. New to the junior High, this dass coped well with the High School floor and their patriotic groups of red, white, and blue classes. The Christmas banquet was a highlight of the year with two students, Carrie Lively and Staci Townsley, singing the twelve days of Christmas, They called up I Vlvv f' the audience to participaqte and, as Stace Townsley remarked, - "Everyone had a great time."Alex- E andra Laporte looks on as Sharyl Taylor prepares to eat her meal. Qi X , VM 1 people Gs B H l Q. ' 1 5 1 v Q, is Zlffi if 1 X in -n 0 ,J K 2? as xi A' Adam Kadane and Kevin Couch look on as Greg Cox gives a girl the eye. Lisa Kennedy and Sharyl Taylor enjoy their lunch. v w Sean Covin laughs with a friend. ,V ix Da.niel Farr Ashley Ferguson Lea Fisher Chad Fineske Harry Fmnkfeld Kristi Guy jason Hardin Dusk Harris Kimberly Hart Miquel Interiano Anne ,I ames jason Jarrett Kylie Johnston Rhonda jones Adam Kadane Kevin Keith Lisa Kennedy jennifer Kerr Kim Kirby Chad Kline 7th grade people 'l Chad Fineske listens intently. Clayton Coates hesitates before answering a question. td it jennifer land Domingo Iazaro jackie Linn Carrie Lively jim Lively Stacy Lott Matthew Martin Emily Mason Colton Mathews Monica Monsivaiz jonathan Moore Eric Morrison Bnino Palacio Paul Parris Shirley Parris Brenna Parthemore Melissa Payne Geoffrey Peek 2 7th grade 1 people me ii?---. M- li as vi! Sl' L jim Lively goes over his report which he is about to deliver. Clayton Coates tenses before a free throw. Brenna Parthmore makes a good point. Amber Powell joel Pulis Matthew Ramsey joel Reeves Melody Riddle jill Santinga Charles Smith Denver Smith Cynthia Sutton Shannon Talkington Sheryl Taylor Stacey Townsley Paul Wlells Tara Wiuiams 7th grade people 'l candids 1 people Amy Bryant squeezes in some outside reading. I anim. . 'ff' With pencil poised, Amy Kline ponders' an English assignment 6th grade people Chnsry Anderson Mus. judy Bloum Kea Boukman Lareefah Boory Amy Bryant Amy Bush lsanah Evans Mark Falcon Amy Honun jason Kaup Amy Kline Gary Lancaster Eric Mann Charlie Moore Dean Reed Angela Rodriuqez Paul Roueche Luke Weedon Lulu Aruulrl Kxren Bxmrs Cassidy Blarkshmr Amy Buubhrun jeremy Dean Hulxrr Immun Sreph mu Hrmlall srfphcn Inglmy Kelley Mnmn Marr Mnmn jeremy Mum Emily Parrhemorc Ashley Brook Salle: Edward Smczxrcc Mrrulirh Shaw Roshawn Talley e r e m y D e a n struggles through E n g i s assignment al ww NES? +s Mrs. Daphna Reece David Tsylur Narnlie Weaver people -nr Roshawn Talley pauses amidst he: studies to spend time in prayer. l Chaka Penny gets involved in her classwork. fs ff . MA in-1' 1' QQ Qu A Shawn linker Cxmlnr llcgnlm M.1mlyDun.fl jcffrry Dun jeffrry Green Wad: Hnmpmn juhc Hams Hudsun Hursun jason Laxmherr Anna Long Stephanie Mason Sam Phnllips Douglas Reeves Carol Smnh Amy Tnylur Mrs. Leslie Goben nur puqrured' Crysml Davns Chaka Prnny people Mrs. Laurie Sudvx ick K.lssl Allen Adam Arwoonl jamncson Llem Frulmk Dnnluls Tmvns Ewen jennifer Fnmhrr Inga Hsrnson Nnholns Hurst Benlmmn Hook jenmlcrjonrs juhenne Kamp joshua Mn Andrew Nnmc Knsufn Nulsun Brmn Pool:- Somrr P3 mn Knmlx-fly Ru-vus Esrhur Rohm Lulu Shmn 5th grade people fi, H '- qie 'S jennifer Fincher pulls her legs up to get down to some serious studying. 5 We 'mv Mrs. Kay Theclford gives some personal instruction to jashua Hurst. gg ry.. r X QS tgg i lv as 11 Penny Brady Keith Burguyne Tasha Curry Ryan Dunn Chad Fulrun Coshnric Gardner Melinda Hardin Kristian Howard joshua Hurst Corey jones Lisa Martinez Amy Mavridis Stephen Short Joes Slack Stefani Talley Szephanie Terr-schuk Karhy While Chonda Williams Mary Young Mrs. Kay Thedford i 5th 2 people M.-S, S, lm Ter.-Schuh Jin... ,xiii-fn w.l1..i..r li.nly mimi imimi iawmi- inrrmmif Edward iilscy Scum Fuwskr jill Gruuney jasun Hardy Shyrn Holmes Carmen mir joy iwhrfwwii Jomrlyn rims David Parker D.ivrd Prerlnve Kristy Pirr Nicole Ramirez 5th grade people H 4 X as joy Leatherwood shies away from her grammar. jill Greeney gives her opinion of her science work. Andy Moore c 0 n fi cl e n tl y transcribes the Lord's Prayer. ,x 'www g ,. Q is F W. 4, 55555 . A 5 l. ix 's 1 s W, ,W A, .lik ameron Blackshear struggles through a history sson. Q7 Krysul Bctumun Cameron Blackshear Damon Bowman Oliva Brown Darren Dummcr Amy Frccman Leslie lamb:-rr jercmy Mxrchell Andy Moore Kcvrn Rasberry Geuffcry Sanford Paul Shanks Alicia Surratr lame Tallungron Derek Toone Chnhn Wrighr Miss April Snow people Mrs. Mary Lynn Payne john Bums Rath:-l Comer Adm-nnc Douglas jennifer Dunn Bncl Hatfield Sundeep jayapnbhu Mu-cus Martin lofi Mints jcaniece Pate Alexis Sruplerun Ellis Taylor Erin Vamilivun Amy Wilson Willie Pcrc Williams Nor Picrured: M .inns Cirroll Michael Daley Knsrupher Wide 4th grade people 'I' 1 i 'wif-Tb Sundeep jayaprabhu works intently on his class work. Girls in Mrs. Payne's class get into the spirit of Valentines. . ,, i I A N 1 N. Greg Barker Clame Barnes Emily Bushrxm Misry Boyd Mrs. julie McCullough Lucinda Brown Chris Coleman Aaron Davis Trey Dcnron Kimberly Donkervoer Jeremiah Evans Elon Fumbles Rodney Farrell Chris Herndon Lindy Holder Anushac Iram David johnson joshua Penir josh Pulis Ryan Schwnuenzmub Michael Taylor wondering how he w1ll ever make it Looking smug Chrls Herndon takes 3rd grade people jeremy Crew Mrs. Ann llurmn Tmvis Annilil junnh lkxilunnlu Aaron Bnulllml snny cnffw.. Pau Duwney Amlruw liilwnnls Kelley liwcn Tummy Hams Sracye HiU Artis Kunrz Spencer Shaw Tiana Tereschuk jennifei Tumcr jennifer White Rob Whire 3rd grade people 51 I 'ff V Ql l l n .., ?il1l iff W5 Smiling ar her studies, Stacy Car- reon feels a sense of accomplishment ' e,.,, Zim ww as she finishes her work. Stacye Hill finds her lap more com- ' fortable than her desk. X i .qu 1-, sw . QQ, . 5 o4.z:'x' 1. . Pondering over his studies Billy Townsley is stumped by his work. After several unsuccessful tries, Tara Fulton finally figures out her homework. Daxnl Buslwy Dlzxnrx Dnsrcrsrhlll Tam Lorlru liulron Chris Hook Mrs, Susan Marsrallur P.rrrru.'johnson Blaine Kmrlen Dunk lumlur Amy rnngmrn Karr Mullin joe Moore Heather Nuucnsrhwrinrlnr layne Rogers Tyler Snmlcrllml Rxclmrrl Saunders Samuel Sexton amy Townsley Ashlle Young 3rd grade people Mrs. Diane Hendrickson john Amuk Bmnily BL-mon Enm Hem Huny DcPl.mry Form-sr Duer Angela Iiucl Sh.uxn.u Henderson Mark Killmgsworrh I V liI.une Kung Q. Triun Moron Lindsay Mullins Anh-Kham Nguyen Andrmsn Olivcmi Mnhael Ozuna Carlton Rnnschenlwrger Srelilimie Rhodes Bn.m Smnh SnuItTumpk1ns April Wzillaxcc Brmu Williams -4. Angela Eitel works hard on her art project about George Washington. Boys take time out from lunch to pose for the camera. 2nd grade people sgrf xv ,W wwf .V,k Z , ,,,.,,,,, WW, ,. a- Jr Y, V Brenna Burgess tries to finish her work so she won't have any homework. Esther Loh tries to figure out four down. Em Bobb Crystal Bowling Kersal Brown Brenna Burgess Mrs, Susan Frank Melissa Deyo Helen Dusremhill je.-ssnu Hays Angel Kenropp Min-iung Kim Douglas Kline Esrhcr Loh Corey Nkosi Ann Oliveira Auron Palacio Ismel Parker Tiffany Peek Anroinene Toney James Truylor Eric Triplerre Tennile Young 2nd grade people Miss Ann Davis Steve Anderson Amy Bowling Christa Brown Constance Canada jeremy Daniel Amber Drake Ryan Green john David Hendrickson Ebonie Hughey Crystal Kropp Rachael Land Cody Marstaller Nicholas Mestriner Rachel Moore Aaron Morris Samuell Pendyala Elizabeth Rohm Tiffany Rucker Craig Titsworth Tiffany Turner Randall Van Heyst 2nd grade people ara Acevedo answers SRA quetions at the end of the tory. fs- s .... ,, Camera Shy?? S e v e r al fi r s t graders pose for their pictures. Sara Acevedo Mrs. Mary jane Colton Laura Barnes Matthew Bearden David Cortes Any Denton jonathan Dockery Derek Dummer Tricia Greeney Heather Klein Vincent Martinez Natalie Niemann, Ralph Parker, Morgan Roberts john Scearce Shane Spillers Brittaine Thompson jay Wallace jason Weiser Charnelle Wiley lst grade people Mrs. Carol Gilliland Bill Beavers Tanaya Claiborne Chris Cooper jeremy Crady Angela Dunn Ben Hines Issac Kadane justin Kropp Ryan Long Brandon McDowell Lesley Murphy Ellen Nix Mary Parker jamie Pettit Quaniqua Ragsdale jennifer Vasquez jenafer Wade jordan Wyrostek Starting with a proper heading, J e n a fe r W a d e prints her name. lst grade people iw 4 NM,,,.pw-WW Studying with a smile, Leslie Murphy begins her assignment. -3'4" .... My Q, ,Q-we" W" it Oral Drills Miss Hanson listens as Gerald Howard recites his spelling words Working his way through the workbook, jason Bennett practices his phonics skills Reyna Barrett Sarah Basham Jason Bennett Erin Crosby Miss Valerie Hanson David Drake Paul Eitel WiUiam Hardy Gerald Howard Richard Kentopp Michael Mazyck LaShell Nelson Daniel Padilla Carlotta Peugh joshua Ramsey Maegen Trawnik Adam Wilson Not Pictured. jill Abright Cristin Laurence lst grade people K Mrs. Packer Krista Anderson Russell Boettinger Donald Carroll Stephenie Copeland Matthew Craig Benjamin Dockery Christina Dozier Hyung Nam Kim David Lacy Miguel Martinez Richie Morris Andrea Ramirez Marcus Rogers Daniel Shanks Marr Sprllers Elisabeth Wonnacott kindergarten people Mrs. Packer leads her class in their daily studies. KR ,, E. S. t -Q. M- St gi ws. W if .m .Q Nw- W A . M .... fl? 'Q K. iw? a N.. ery' W, w,.,t, ,fssae Russell Boettmger takes a break from the hectic kindergarten schedule Ai? HNIN Tiffany Brown s h o w s h e r classmates what she has learned a b o u t t h e weather. Work- ing over his let- ters, Jonathon Robb frowns in concentration. Mrs. Patti Mitchell Nicholas Bowden Tiffany Brown Ryan Dunn Kimberly Echols Kevin Fineske Erin Hines Nicole Henderson Birdette Hughey Rebecca McLeroy jason Moody Raven Moore Daniel Packer justin Quiroga jonathan Robb Aimee Van Heyst Talirha WoHman Grant Wdliams, kindergarten people 9 Mrs. Cindy Folmer Henry Aguilar Sharon Arnold Michael Belvin Cliff Conner John Mark Strange Tiffany Fincher Erica Harrison justin Horn Gil lrani Chanel Kentopp Kristopher Lusk Nicholas Mavridis Dzung Nguyen, Laci Poulter Alexis Toone Nathan Scourimore, kindergarten people ii' Q Q. Dzun g Nguyen and john Mark Strange enjoy themselves during class. M i Q -C W r Telling stories in a circle, Mrs. Folmer reaches her class Bible principles. Miss McBrayer's students listen in- tently during reading time. Emon Bailey looks like he is ready for nap time. Christopher Allen Amber Amold Emon Bailey Brandie Baker Miss Monica McBrayer Nicholas Boyd john Buzzell Adrian Garcia Jennifer Graham Grayson jackson Constance Lindsay Bill Luckey jessica Medlin Bill Morrison jackie Richards Marc Sandford jeremy Yates kindergarten people V i F FFF if e X Q-li , " whui they do on 'I I ,the outside Q p Rochelle osrkeepg i r. p . . . . t . BY pEGGy STERLING the rink perfecting 1-.ef ite Skating. 1.s.1,A. Competitions. Her most mem f "At times I feel like giving up, but I don't know what I would do if I didn't skate." - Rachelle I-Iast Sophomore Rachelle I-Iast's day begins every morning at 6:15 at the Plaza of the Americas. When everyone else is just getting up, Rachelle is at After skating for over two hours in the morning, she goes through a full day of school and then returns to the rink after school to skate another three hours. When she was ten, Rachelle started taking group lessons at the Plaza of the Americas. Later, she began taking private lessons and competing. She is now in Intermediate Freestyle, on her fourth figure test in the United States Figure Skating Association fU.S.F.S.A.J and the International Skating Institute of America fI.S.I.A.D and in Freestyle 7 in the I.S.I.A. Rachelle competes about ten times each year in both U.S.F.S.A. and U.S.F.S.A. competition was a show skate. She was judged mainly on choreography and interpretation of the music. In this competition she won 2nd place for her Dramatic Program. Racelle realizes the benefits of skating extend past the rink. "It has helped me become more responsible, because I do have to work hard to keep up with my grades in school and still improve my skating." She also feels that she has more confidence in herself. Rachelle admits that she doesn't love the early morning practices, but "It's worth it!" Early in e morning, moindi Boldridge t .Ml Soph re Rachelle I I 0 I-last perfects her ngtifes. ff 5 received 0 1- J- ff. amd- Mandi recentl old time think W thout bein I b' day, and e al medal in the if-I intereujpted. Mandi alsi to beat t from Race. Mandi's main goal is to comments that cycling has ' t day before. be happy with her cycling. She helped her because, "It Before shelgfebegan competing with other cyclists, Mandi Baldridge tried to outdo herself. Mandi's father put an odometer computer on her bike, which O 192 andi says she practices as wants to be known as a top keeps me tan!" ch as possible. morn- cyclist. W s, when the weathgftibgrmits, For Mandi, cycling and com- AS the morning Su ises, andi rides from 4130 in have disgiipliniie Eel Junior Mandi dridge m' I tries to cycle an a mile. 'Ill llll ob eoz eg turns to for self-discipline BY CHRIS COGGINS During the school day Bob Beazley may seem day and began the sport at the age of sixteen. "I finally made time for something I had always wanted to do," he said. Bob also adds that "Karate has taught me a greater self-discipline and a better i way to react to situations of great fear." lights a Week' he mms to his favorite hobby - Bob is currently a member of the National I algae' h d-ff f d h f League, which enables him to qualify for the junior I grate, asmany 1 ,ercim mms, an t C Orm nationals. He is a blue belt and is looking forward I Bob is being instructed in is called Tae Kwon Do. . . . h k . . f 1 I At the state karate tournament in T ler Bob won a to ,Omni t C mate team at the University O CO - I Y ' orado after he graduates from F.B.A. first place gold medal and two second place i trophies. l Karate is a big part of Bob's extra curricular ac- lilce a calm, cool, easy-going guy, but two or three tivities. He practices about three to five hours each l N 'G ' E it il s hip Io be square BY MISTI CUTSINGER Subtle changes were made this year in the area of fads. A rebirth of an old favorite marked both guys' and girls' wardrobg asANYTHING DENIM made a fashion comeback. Girls chose GUESS OVERALLS and guys pulled on BLUE JEAN JACKETS and rolled up their BUT- TON FLIES. Glances at students' "after school wardrobes" showed STRAIGHT SKIRTS and LONG SWEATERS, ROPERS and REEBOK HIGH fa., ,f A rw 5, if ff? 1, Cosby Show Moonlighting F 'I ' ami y P rangers wing Pains I Spud McKenzie Compact Disksw TOPS, accented by SILVER jewelry, IMITATION br - WATCHES, BOWS and LACE and PAISLEY Hair styles varied, but the BOZZ haircut for gu girls dominated the fashion scene. Mak Headroom American Vanna White Platoon Suzuki Samari You Lost that L H d ' Feeling yun ai Vg OprahWirifrey 'Z BGGSIIG 52541, 5 Run 2? ii 'Sat-ew E mm Top Gun At This Mome Alabama W U E 7 iiiyiiffii ik, Lax W 2 mg' I Boston 198 BY KIM WILSON I Making the grade is no easy ta IBWUII I I I I I I The big ordeal RESEARCH PAPERS!! they're something th every high school studen I at least one the year. s t u d e n t s ' for coping paper crisis uch Imaybe tivity and final Pat- the by II III the paper ton, 1un1or, tedious task more singing at the typewriter. I from another angle tinge., 'erin sk when you IEUDFKUQ Ii I Senior Ashley DeBoard I urned the midnight oil, ut she wasn't alone, "I IIslept during the day - II worked all night - and made my parents stay up to keep rne,iawake." Iuniors Leigh Ann Wise and Dixie Barnett also "I wrote down four sources, used six, the two I didn't write down I plagiarized from. I passed!" - ROBERT BOURDENE, SENIOR. worked around the clock. Leigh Ann typed all one long night, and Dixie Getting it oll together, Junior Leig she begins writingi .41-E5 -mtl: 194 nn Wise sorts her notecords before A eff ' Q' 534, FUEUI5 recalls No-Doze continuallyggpi for four -RAMON MON- siwuz iumion. Not only did paper writers torture their brains, but their digestive systems also took a beatin . Late night snacks range from egg rolls to warme Coke, while some str ggling authors stuck wit the tried and true source f caffeine - coffee. Afte very little sleep juni s Keith Youngblood a d Iason Petty even drank ket- chup. "It was a dare, Iason said. Research pap veterans often have stories to tell. "I've been banned from the public I ' S- A -1.-t . X kk 3 , K ,Q 1 .. R '++.l I X - K "fi , ii, .. . Surroundedkgbsg Kir Wilson ,her Junior Mon ond Io iilynn Bznittain, Todg Young, Charles Poklad nik, Misti Cutsinger ant teacher, Miss Fary, took break for lunch duringb power failure. "We ate Got to library dumgrd out my ba and gan writing wit no particular organiza- tion. I made an 89. -- 1.. EMILE SEVADIIAN 4 IUNIOR. as really wi . I ' . l .P Cunningha . soph - Y recalls givin . he I worked about 215 hours on m term paper. I used 'TLS 4 I only Clrll Notes I made a 65 ROBERT LANIER SENIOR library because they said I checked out a book about my topic that I've never seen before," elates Senior Heather ' at the the roug draft to typist. "She worked in tanning booth, and typed it there a t ese wilda rd per ple, ,rvsp kept walkin thrcitighf' she remembers. Sofphomore Anissa Gai cia ad to pay 855.00 t type her own paper th public library. Iamie Berry mo than money.g,,55fiiii'Someo. stole all Spgbfgifnotecards she said. if S as 1 ii at t: its Z iff aaa sas' a s ieee ed? ' ' 0 g.da WI IIGSSIII G mUI' Bl' lI'IU i ill at neth Wayne Thomas an Feb. 24. Witnessing a capital murder trial was l fi- 35 Thomas, also known as "Mr. Clean," a frightening experience for some ,iii K. tiki was accused of killed lawyer Fred Finch seniors. "Being in the same room with wt 1 gg 5 and his wife, Mildred, a math professor a murderer and hearing the evidence Xl 55,1 . H ti at at El Centro College, He was also of what he did was very scary, said 552551 accused of buglarizing their South Melissa Leonard, Dallas home during March of 1966. Less than 20 feet from Thomas, arg :-.':s'1:. . . . . Elm During the arguments, prosecutors students formed lasting impressions of Q-' ij recounted what was called a "horror the convicted killer. "He's really a it il movie" directed, produced and star- psycho!" commented Jason Chalker, Qgl ring Thomas. "After I saw the evidence of what he 5552 BY Finch was stabbed more than 20 did to those people, I was ready for ' times in his bed and was sexually them to strap him down and fry him." f i assaulted near or after death, Laura Shanks concluded, "the guy - f occordln to the medical testimony. was obviousl uilt Senior government studen s t ' YQ Y ig lzulug witnessed me dosing arguments in the Mrs, Finch was found on the floor with trial which led to the conviction of ken- OUOUY 50 Sf0b W0Uf"dS- A -- :,f Qwwm ewwf fwmmi E M-A-aw ' . - ',-: i s H N Z. , t 'Z' , . H rom the our corners of the world Drug awar ss hits nation following death of athletes BYIEN the dangerous drug. have tried crack in o orm or another. andbcollege sports while emphasizing to BL A N Several media were Much stronger th aine and ranked the world the dangers of drugs. designed to especially higher in dan an heroin, crack is high , about the hazards addictive in ten weeks. of eswoman Nancy Reagan The "c own on crack" intro- The deaths of basketball star, Len H celebrities urging teens to duced dr esting in both professional AS of Maryland, and Don 'znr ll'-'Sf SW- tN0,-H A Cleveland Browns, of iw Even more dangerous than cocaine is E ses focused the n on another illegal substance called "crack," An estimated one million Americans r X J J r 2 J Q l YqTfUDNLAS .ala N .514 .:.a.4 Q on a - A high profile anti-drug 0vfrd0S2. I , campaign was launched across 'A . . . Ame ' - ST SAY, NO. David Stanley, a former linebacker at Southern Methodist UIIIVGISI- mia IU ' ORAL RQBEARTS became 3 , stated that he had received cash payments while playing for the -NEW YORK METS became news Hem Wlfh ills Clalm fhaf God am on a special news report in November - the school denied the basebalrs clmmpiors. Woulfl fake his me Unless he 'med s. And thus began the scandal known as 54 mlulon- already thiiepggzsd in a three year had been . FERGIE and ANDREW were . HM and TAMMY BAKER l th the married at Westminister Abbey, left the PTI- Club because of 3 e bu ACER f H scandal involving an affair. 0 THE VOY success u y el'leS ' cl d h l be. 0 Ex-President FERDINAND Among from the CH C t e g 0 MARCOS left the Philippines to onald Shieldsg Bob director Bobby - The IRAN-SCAM put take up Political asylum in Hawaii, Others who validate claims were Albert President Reagan in the nation's eece, 8 tight and Governor doghousel 0 A 10-year-old boy was taken h HOSTAGE AT DFW airport ll Clements, w 0 A . card of Governors 0 LEN BIAS died ofa cocaine for more than 12 hours. Results of the scandal hich has caused school and V newed involvement by the the university. hannel 8 also received Peabody for breaking A te story. 1 Q 5 153 5 S 4 r B A E k i Q E e f Q S Q Q 3 Q 5 Q i f 2 Q Q Q 5 Testing their steody honds Joson Vonce ond Summers Henderson dissect the frog The History Club gets o chonce to see how comfortoble o tonk reolly is. Q ji 1' J 33 candids The elementory choir performs for pOrGnT5 ond teochers ot the teocher oppreciotion luncheon. east Campus .mi Lost compus students spend o fun- filled ofternoon on o field trip. Anito Chokmokjion ond Coll Chokmokjion, cousins, were chosen by their clossmotes os 8th grode Volentine sweetheorts. They were honored ot the Februory Volen- tine Bonquet. Sholini Zochokioh otternpts to get o kiss from ony eighth grode boy. candids east campus 1 i defensive strotegy. i i John Poul Northcutt, o 5th groder, receives onfieid in- structions during o soccer gorne. Robin Millicon ond Volerie Jones proctice their shoulder stond. Sixth grode girls unsuccessfully ot- tempt to become oirborn on o field trip. fa J rri' r 2 " f V I 'riff r', ,. ,,, W' ,nik f f + H' Shown Dovis ond Cori Chokmokjion prepore their i candids east CHIHPUS C o o c h D w o y n e Richord ond the teom join together during o time out. History instructor, Mr. Poul Richordson osks eighth groder Jonothon Ootes' od- vice on toble monners. i fi' 5 Mrs. Willioms, the cheerleoding sponsor, ond Mrs. Dorr, the prin- cipol show their en- thusiosm during o bosket- bollgorne. candids east campus 1 l 3995 divider east campus .1 if -ifklwggktx ef, K a A -f wi X ,X " Az S ' 11 A t X -pg W ' -iw . as " , aw.. .,. K- . Q gg - , 1' K li i ii 4. 5-. i. -nf. , ...f 'E X 3 'Q w Q5 Sixth grader Amanda Frederick relaxes on the bench with her water bottle after a long game. Coach Dwain Richert gives his team a half-time pep talk during the basketball game against Our Redeemer Lutheran. 1 A N 4' Q YF? if U Cheerleaders Shalini Zachariah and Robin Millican keep the spirit high at the boys' games. Boy's Soccer Team Row 1: john Paul Northcutt, Gabriel Valdez, Matthew Grant, Summers Henderson, Row 2: Coach Dwain Richart, jay Zeiler, Ste hen Chakmakjian, Mark Polgack, Rusty Hendricks, Clay Renerncet. Row 3: Carl Chakmak- jian, jason Vance, Chris Smith, Shawn Davis. - 3 SOCCET Sf- I 5 I jason Vance and Matthew Grant come up to help block the ball. Matthew Grant goes in for the goal. A E8St 'CHTHPUS Awaiting the start of the game Coach Dwain Rlchart prepares his team for a winning effort A flu K -. 'N - fx lce eeel ' st O W-.-J' tv-KP M N ,, it it ,, we . -ff af' t "st rise "::,- 'ft -" t ' ' ' i N gs- ' Q' """' 12. , ss A s 2' s as its Best efforts mark boys' final sports season aM'Q,r2x5g av Za-ffnf., .fa Q. 1 was at 9 , W Zw teams enjoy competition Even though the season was not the best, both the soccer and the basketball teams put forth a winning effort. Matt Grant who was on the soccer team feels the best game was against Stephen Chakmakjian plays defense. Eastlake, because they wong while jason Vance feels he did his best against Our Redeemer, even though they lost. The basketball team had a little better season and Shawn Davis enjoyed the game against Zion because "they are our rivals." , , , ,WAWM-ijwwmw Boys' Basketball Team Row 1: Summers Henderson, Mark Pollock, Stephen Chakmakjian, David Hayesp Row 2: Matthew Cowart, Jonathan Oates, Carl Chakmakjian, Shawn Davis, Coach Dwain Richart. if , Coach Dwain Richart gives the team another pep talk. boys basketball east campus Sponsor janet Wfilliams , gives instructions while the girls take a much needed break. Q g s Q Step-lock-tighten, Shaline Zachariah stands Hrm and shows her winning smile. East Campus Cheerleaders: Front From Left: Debra Burkett, ,haline Zachariah, Middle: Arden Sterling, Robin Millican, Tracee ones, Top: Anita Chakmakjian, and Valerie jones. Getting ready to show their stuff, Valerie Jones, Debra Burkett, Arden Sterling, and Robin Millican think through their cheers. Lifting school spirits during halftime, East Campus Cheerleaders raise cheerleading to new heights. E ,. Girls cheer final season The Last Hurrah! Seven cheerleaders kept school spirits up for the final year of East Campus athletics. "They were a real spirited loving squad with a lot of enthusiasm," remembers their sponsor janet Vfilliams. "I had all of them since the first year I taught. It was fun to watch them grow," she added. W o r k i n g h a r d throughout the school year, the girls cheered at both basketball and soccer games. cheerleading ' east campus Sports provide work and fun , A . T Q wah? Struggling through a los- ing season. East Campus girl's athletics found hard work doesn't always pay off, "It was a blast," said Robin Millican. "We didn't always win, but we sure had fun." Girl's basketball ended the year with a 1-9 season. Winning only one game against Lakehill. A season of memories. Softball had a ten game season, Lisa Shiels remembers her favorite game. "It was against Lakehill. I remember it so much because it was freezing cold." Batter up, Shelly Inzer awaits a better pitch. While sucking on her water bottle, Amanda Fredericks makes Rebekah Darwin laugh. girls basketball east campus Eaft Campus Girl's Basket- ball: Row I: Lisa Shiels, Robin Millican, Rebekah Darwin, Row 2: Anita Chakmakjian, Shawn Fran- cis, Rebekah Ratledge. Watching the game from the sidelines, Robin Millican takes a break. East Campus Softball: Row I: Shelly Inzer, Annie Inzer, Annie Mellville, Wendi Gibbs, Row 2: Arden Sterling, Robin Millican, Lisa Shiels, Row 3: Anita Chakmakjian, Trina Simpson, Valerie jones, Brandi McClure. At the end of the game Coach Carol Ramey totals up the stats and listens while Trina Simpson recounts one of her favorite plays. After a hard game, Lisa Shiels, Rebekah Ratledge, and Anita Chakmakjian relax with a cold drink. softball east campus The Baseball Team: Row 1, From Left: Summers Henderson, Rusty Hendricks, Cabriel Valdez, David Hayes. Row 2, Mark Pollock, Nian Newsom, Steven Chakmakjian, Curtis Smith, jason Vance, Carl Chakmakjian, Shawn Davis, and Dwain Richert. L... fig A Waiting for the out, Shawn Davis looks to the pitcher for the catch. Looking for a homerun, Rusty Hendricks takes a swing. baseball 2 1 O east campus Summers Henderson and David Hayes await their next turn at bat. c Ei - ,. hw wr . 5 -ig x ' i , EF ,.-1 'Z a tt e W .,', 1- 1 vi, sw JIM: , Q 1f,129Y21Y:1z1fZ!a.f. aw' ef' " 9 .1 1:53 W.. , ., w Q. ' - M wipes . -w-Wf aus, H, t ,. W . f..f,-,.. V. A kt 1, s N A o s as r A is gcflnwiaffse' 2' 1 if As ,ef if . , ..L.,, , i. ffl we N 1.. Teams lay the groundwork by . Playing ten games, both the volleyball and baseball teams emphasized the basics as they prepared for high school athletics. Success had to be measured in skills learned as both teams ended the season with no wins. Scooping up a grounder, jason Vance heads to first base for the out. The Volleyball Team: Row 1, From Left: Amanda Fredericks, Annie Mellvile. Row 2, Wendi Gibbs, Lisa Shiels, Niki Newsom. Cheering from the on deck cir- cle, Mark Pollock encourages his teammate at bat. volleyball east campus 211 Loving Voices Choir: Front Row, Laura Villa, Laura Lewis, Shelby Francis, Brooke Millican, Carolyn Roth, Ashley Fredericks, jennifer Rees, Anita Zachariah. Second Row, Benjamin Nelson, Todd Nigerville, Amy Gamadia, Michaeljordon, Peter Warren, Russell Olds, Stephen Tan, Christine Tan, jeffjordon, Michelle Giles, Juliana Bennett. Back Row, Evelyn O'Nea.l, Kendra Keierleber, Shannon Hutcheson, jay Zeller,jonathan Roth, Kim Ferguson, jason Cheshire, Heather Faulkner, Kristie Richardson, Christine Cannon. 1 . . Service oriented clubs as '1- have full itineraries Under the direction of Theresa Luen, the Loving Voices Choir, an elementary choir, and the seventh grade girls ensemble have made several memorable performances this year. Both groups sang at the annual Christmas Program and the Awards Banquet. The Loving Voices Choir also sang for the Teacher Ap- preciation Luncheon and for the Parent Service Organization Meetings. The Seventh Grade Girls Ensemble sang for several chapels. The Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Melville, is mainly is charge of caring for the various living things, such as the gerbils, birds and plants, that exist in the science room. Weeldy meetings are held to distribute these responsibilities. The Science Club has visited l Science Club: Front Row, Matthew Grant, Steven Chakmakjian, Carrie Inzet, Shelly , , , lnzer. Second Row, Michael Wilson, Marcy Angel, Mark Pollock, Robin Millican, Observatory' Fort Davis and Big Bend National Park Annie Mellville. Back Row, Mr. Melville, Curtis Brazil, Carl Chakmakjian, Matthew at the end of the year. Young, Anita Chakmakjian, Shawna Francis, Nian Newsome. several museums and took a trip to the McDonald choirs 2 1 2 eaSt CBITIPUS Nian Newsome and Shelly Inzer play on an army tank at the Pate Museum of Transportation in Fort Wonh on a Science Club field trip. li 11' Seventh Grade Girls Ensemble: Cynthia Barker, Anne Barnard, Tracie Tyler, Lisa Shiels, Shelly Inzer, Robin Millican, Arden Sterling, Sarah Bennett. S.. K - Shalini Zachariah and Shawna Francis take pictures of the sights from a trolley on the Science Club trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. science club e3St CHITIPUS 21 3 Carl Chakmakjian walks down a hill at the Science Club field :rip ro Fort Washitah. Shalini Zachariah lets everyone know that an eighth grader's life is not easy. candids 2 1 4 83St CBITIPUS Carolyn Roth looks on as Mrs McLarry lights the candles on the cupcakes for the fourth graders -N 5 42 Q ,,..,- , S is A - si'g Xi? 2 A s 5 x K, i esw- 'SH' s ,S il in wg. 123 X Q A t X A We r 'f' ""'r. .tw M 1, A ,. :lr -W . K f W , 5 K ei, 1 gigs. Q A ., ,jr fi if 0 QW 9 1' fax - N- ' ".-A L.-it Q? ,s rhssr -rv A .,,gs,, wg L I . 4' gb C.. - ve Wire! -X A 1 X, t A - Y S. a. f 'rf ' 4,5 1 sf .',..s' r ,"' f. 1 1'-egg, Q e-J, Qbifffffi Q CYQQJS 4 if? efl1.ifQigg.,' Being able to wear "normal" clothes makes the Christmas Party even more enjoyable for Lisa Shiels. The fifth graders eat pizza at Christmas as they are goofing off again. 10413 lx The Science Club poses for a picture while on a field trip. il El else Mk 1-.. ,1 ,, if . , .Ii E b' , 4 X , 'Q I Ms., ff'- ,gA.w...,aw r,,'.4,,4- uw NY G, A ... ix 5, 7.,A:.,,w candids east CHTYIPUS The eighth grade guys take time out of the busy trip schedule to get a coke. Finally on the road again to Dallas, Mr. Richardson catches up on some much-needed sleep. Eighth grade goes East! - to Mississippi By: Anita and Carl Chakmakjian - eighth grade Vicksburg! What the eighth grade had an- ticipated so long finally came. April had come and the class loaded vans for the long drive to Vicksburg, Mississippi. Everyone had a wonder- ful time. The trip included tours of the Vicksburg battlefield, the Melrose House, the Natchez Trace and the Water Experimental Sta- tion. There was also plenty of time for fellowship and devotion that brought the class closer together. 8th grade trip 2 6 east Smpus fi x, wiki c si B Q 5. 'Vi . t.,:g -al? Some eighth graders and their sponsors have fun as they admire the beauty of the Vicksburg battlefield. As they tour the Melrose home, the eighth graders learn about life before and during Civil War times. .2 'S Maw ' A X if' 5 A S .t 5 M ,tlt c tttttt 5 E-ss. The class gets to see a working model of Niagara Falls at the Water Experimental Station. Debra Burkett, Shalini Zachariah and Shawna Francis pose on a cannon at the sight of the Civil War battle at Vicksburg. 8th grade trip east campus 2 'l 7 As she prepares to begin class, Robin Millican Hashes one of those famous cheerleading smiles. Eighth graders Shawna Francis, Tracee jones, Shalini Zachariah and Debra Burkett are forever friends. +I-.w,,,,,,,h,MW A QM :ir V V L rx ix 1 X Q K s Mrs. Nigerville looks on as Mrs. Cheshire accepts i E the "Teacher of the Year" award. 3 5 - . s 5 f i Whde on a field trip, parents and students get to . i 5 . s . spend time together. . f Q. I 3 g rt , -gi . gi' is fi 5. sg? candids 2 1 8 east CBFTIPUS 1, .. f 3 5 l f gf.: fr.. 4823 Y eh? N mu Exam av av AV air Av AV AV Av we keg' arf hh? 55? Ni Liv' Avi AV AV AV AV AV AV 551' 'rv W NW' As Mrs. Cheshire and Laura Villa look on, Daniel Hale opens a Christmas gift. Mrs. V7illiams and her husband enjoy the program ar the teacher appreciation luncheon. Together as always, Robin Millican and Mark Pollock strike a pose for the camera. at fr b. M ' qv l .. 1 435 45' i 3 ll ,. 9 xfiNgsQ..: . . . w- -12212 Q. .V -- si :li ' f. Jai ff if .1 '--r Q f f' 2- . .+ L' , ii ii '., ' if fgAl""'4-'1 ':g6,4, ,yai 1, -'Q V-w..:4' fl., F- h i A 4 , .- . K Q ?llv.:k35E8f.'f 1 ll."-1"f'k -'I...'a:,-v-my 'J FLEYA' M candids 2 'I 9 east campus divider e8St CBITIPUS The Hrsr graders reluctantly go back to class after morning recess with Miss Ramev ga w -x Y Mr. Richardson gives his middle school students a test on their likelihood of getting married. Billy jack Christy searches for answers for his group's Bible worksheets in Mr. Richardson's class. l H te,t ' 2 Mrs. Sonya Darr Principal Mr. john Caldwell Administrative Assistant Mr, Paul Richardson Bible, History Miss Teresa Luen Music Mrs. JoAnn Christy Nurse Mr. Arthur Kibble Custodian faculty ast Campus Facult 37"'fJ?""f+ rr-SW if W2-if LJ E nm A Exkf, as WWA' 4 f fu 2. faiif 552 EWS :fmt-'fat ' ' -5 fu- Q--1:::.fff,,-I ,I-7---'i:,.':: M- -nfs. E .,.. 55 sz ,-t,,.r . ,, . ,,,,., " ' . ' , :..,,ir: -rs. k - rise:f'!-'zt-aw"f,:fi:f4sa 425 f - .-'ir IJ: 'Milfs 'E-33 "fi 5 , 5 its gpg 1, ggzgfv ,zsk,s:5 Q1:g,.s aww, 5 -',,:1:f.gA:-,225-gf ,r E I , ,1,, ,y . 5 gi E5 R A i sir! 5 'if 3 X H fi' , , ' Q it 'E X . P, ' IW u f- f-,C 'I Q ara- :rx was r mm.. ,:- QSM east campus Mr. Wayne Melville Science, Math Mrs. Emily Rogers English, Bible Mrs. janet Wfilliams Art, Cheerleading Mm gig 5-5: fglg 3 Q' ' N--N af Miss Carol Ramey P.E., Coach Mr. Dwain Richert P.E., Coach 'P 3 ' 'c wffii v i' I faculty east CBITIPUS , ,,., -1 k, f l 445115 i QQ, if 71 A' 9 , .- Curtis Brazil Debra Burkett Anita Chakmakjian Carl Chakmakjian Mark Elmore Shawna Francis Tracee jones Valerie jones rw dw K r iff: , , 'Ref . in 5.- Mark Elmore listens to the teacher give an important lecture. Carl Chakmakjian listens as the teacher gives their homework assignment as the bell rings. Caryn Utley listens carefully to the teacher's instructions . . . Q Jaw 9 in 47.1. '21 .KQV fx: ,xx Varonica Rodriquez listens and takes notes, Valerie jones gives a nonchalant smile for the camera. Sha.lini Zachariah studies hard for an upcoming test. N Nwfv-1, N-f-,, NN! N cy. Vp Niki Newsom Tera Northcutt jonathan Oates Rebekah Ratledge Veronica Rodriguez Geoffrey Shofner Caryn Utley Shalini Zachariah Qvx x, 'VJ 225 wav. Cymhm Barker Annu Barnard Sara Benner! Billy Luk Lhrisuc Dnvxel Curly Slmwn Davis Summers Henderson Rusty Hennlmlfcs Dmlru Hubncek Shelly InLer Dnvul Lemkc jeremy Marquis Rulnn Mrllnan Mark Pulluqli Liu Shlcls Chrxsmpher Smnh Arllcn Srurling Tmry Tyler jlxslm V.mcc x NJ. 22 I' sf" YZ 6 Diedre Hubacek smiles because there is no homework. v "A I V Nff xff, N17 Gy V ,J v NX N -, .M tau ,WM 1' Tracy Tyler doesn'r want her picture snapped. xy, WJ 1 N-v W sf-A, NN ' Nw gf . Wendy G1bbs watches and my llstens as the teacher explams JJ Gabriel Valdez takes a make-up ICSI. Not Avallable For Pxcrures. jack Ckrter, Matthew Cowart, Bramlee McClure, Bmnnan McClure. N 11. X1 Maru Angel Alison Brazil Stephen Chakmakiian Adam Corley Rebekah Darwm laura Elmore Amanda Fredrick Wendi Gibbs Matthew Grant David Hayes Carrie lnzet Annie Melvtlle Nian Newsom Rebecca Oates Cathey Raymond Clay Rmdetknechr Trina Simpson Gabriel Valdez Michael Wfilson 227 Mrs. Dormhy Cole lmgh I .mmm 1.60.1 c:n.'5h.w Hmrlxur linllkm-r Kimberly FL-rgusun Mulu'lle'U1Ic5 je!! jonhm Srcvun Luv as jnhu Paul Nurrhulrr jcnmlur Rus Knsnc Rnhnnlsun jun.uh.m Ruth v9-rw N K vw, f x.-W, 228 Chnsmw 'Ilan just v.m,1hn Rulwn XX ugh! Alum 7.uh.m.uh jay Zullur K CN V2.1 v N W vb NJ ' u fa, Rf' NN VFJW, X, J- , x . Nxlf fm. if 'Q W 1 Amanda Fredrick and Stephen Tan N 1 work diligently and quietly on v . their assignments. QV Russell Olds thinks hard about the l answer for a test. Carolyn Roth doesn't quite understand how to complete her assignment. I, I N X ly "r wiht I Aamn bttwtt Stephen Peter W.xrrenlt Brmn Young Shannon M rs. Beth Gangel Perry Angel jnlmnn Bennett Daniel Dnrwm Ashley lfmlr L Mnhacl Gmnt Hutcheson Zanhnry Lcmke J url M QCL me Alam Mchlrry Russell Olds Carolyn Ruth 22 9 Mn. N J ancy Cheshire Ana Curley Shelby Frunus Amee Gunmdm Daniel Hill oshua Hulmcck Michacljurdan Kcnrlm Kuxcrleber Snnson Lesley laura Lewis jonurhun Marquis Brooke Millv,.m Dawn Moore Benjamin Nelson Todd Nigrcville Evelyn O'Neal Ryan Prcsron Adam R.umreL Susan Raymond Mmrhew Tum Lxurzx Villa ES J' V -1' ,, NX fi Ryan Preston works diligently wgzg Ny. v 230 C34 V3.1 V SQ . on an assignment. Dawn Moore works hard on an v 0.1 assignment. Zz i Q 5 William Eargle Qlv. 'CD Cv NJ gives a big smile to it - the camera. iw iiii A . was V fx, 'WN Qs, V 1 4- Q. in mfs. NJ' ,J V Heather Walker xii , Q2-f listens attentively as the teacher gives instructions. Mrs. jan McCune Trey Alhrrghr Ellen Bennett Ashley Burkley Mark Casner Charlie Clinrun Rachel Darwin Nnrhan Dawson Wrllrurn Earglc Kyle Frmllcncr Lauren Glusup Elmer Hcnilcrsun Htauhrr Hendrix Brytc Krnnuly Crm Krmrey Marrhew Miller Leslie Post john bvrlmrln Tripp Smnlurtl Daniel Srreerr Lesh: Trllmrxn Sam Vaughn Hcnrher Whxllicr Srephen WTS: 231 Mrx.l.m1ia Nurrhiuu Qu.xiIru.m Hanks Guofln.-5 Murder Chris lirunnur 1af.m.1.m c .mu-, Enm Lmnik Tmiy Ferguson Kristin Gerber Hi-.nh Hmm ,lr-.m,- 1.m.rr,um Kala Muhhxllls Chnsu Mnflnnc 'Lisim Owen Joshi... lfmrhml Puul Shi-hmleh Alwluy Nwillmlns G.xxm Young "Y" kv L s Tracy Ferguson dayclreams how nice it will be when summer Nov, comes. 4 H Al 1' ro 4, W Wi 'mf NW. N? ,J v Quadrian Banks whispers to his v ,xy friends some hot new gossip. bl' sf! Q. 232 N? ,J v NX 'owl 'Q .... NN 0' xii V lf f, ,N Nw, i Michael Schooley listens to the tape of Sleeping NW 'J Beauty and attempts to read along. V Q11 Paul Edwards tries help his classmates clean up the room. Qi ks. L s,s.,.. iid isl, y l xx '39 v"'v- VO. x xv l VJ, EO Mrs. Bersy Harris jake Bux Allison Chsh Angela Eddingron Paul Edwards Isabel Ghobrial Mauhew Helwig Robbie Hicks Tim Hill Lindsey Kennedy Ricky Ln: Melissa Long Amber Pc-mr Rachel Richardson Michael Schoolcy Andrew Srreerr Ashley Wadluw Willy Walker Wendy Walters Brcr Williams 233 SENIDIQ ADS Made possible by the love and support of many senior parents, this section salutes the seniors of 1987. We congratulate the seniors as they march to higher grounds. Best Wishes. The Yearbook Staff me in nu 'Bah !JlHum, ilixrk ani! iliazzx me thank Kun for nur Gfmkerhell Gongratulatlons Qielh ,mm AUP U We love you, an Ile I J ca re Adel! zn your JMCCQJ5 Er 0 9' o ,.,. V V ,u,. M010 l ' f of A K4 , .. . ' ue g E , s..rr , . if - . - . i 'L it l -k,L ,, k LL., ,L if 5 Valk ix ' lr s slil J lll: 'iiiii i iii senior ads Let no man despise thy youth, But be thou an ex- ample of the B believers, in word, in tion, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. I Timothy 4:10 The Preacher?? COHVSFSH- CONGRATULATIONS! Roben, As you grow into manhood, think of our times together and REMEMBER the love we hold in our hearts for you. Rick, Mother and Jennifer SENIOR '87 senior ads CONGRATULATIONS To a very special young man who continues to bring great joy and happiness to our lives. Love, Mom and Dad 236'-"1-ITF EIQNERHTULHTIIQNS l.:fHURl BETH KIQVHN What a joy f and a bless- ing to have such a special daughter! We lo v e y o u ! Mother, Dad, and Andy "For through the Law I died to the Law, that I might live to God. I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by LOVE, MOM 8: DAD if iii ,af t Congratulatio 22- faith in the Son of God, who loved me and delivered Himself up for me Galatians 2:19-20 CONGRATULATIONS SHARON! XVe're rhonlsful for the joy ond blessings of your first 18 yeors ond ever more excited obout your future. Follow the Lord, "For the Lord God is o sun ond shieldp The Lord gives groce ond gloryp No good thing does He withhold from those who wells uprighrlyf' Psolms 84: 11 Much Love Mom ond Dod ,- coNeP.ATui.ATioNs 5 ANDREW! "Only feor the Lord ond serve Him in truth with oll your heortg for consider whot greot things He hos done for you." 1 Somuel 12:24 senior QCBSQS We Love You, Morno ond Jock Congratulations l:fFllilRfH A 1!1 S We Love You,' you are a complete joy to us! Mother and Daddy congratulations l XVE ALL LOVE YOU GARY DoN Ginger, Don, Billy, Jason, Vint, Christy, Donny 8: Robin "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strengthg they shall mount up with wings as eaglesf they shall run and not be wearyp and they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 ElI'C proud of you, PAUL' Mom Ed Gussle Blllle, CATHY You re a gem With your glowing personality and your sparkling smile, you will make it to the top Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths LOVE MOM DAD MARTHA Sh .J-I -lil ilil OJ N' S s ior ads 9 LOVE Ivi'A 6on9rafufafion5 .xdmy MOM DAD ANDY CONGRATULATIONS We love you and y e want you to know f gf you have always i r made us very so proud! 'X J? Good Luck, - so Mom, joe and 3 ' Q jamie a S senior 40 ads "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6 GOOD LUCK CHRIS WE LOVE YOU DFID fTlOm LISH "My son, if you will receive my words and treasure up my commandments with you, making your ear attentive to skillful and godly wisdom, and inclining and directing your heart and mind to understanding - Then you will understand the reverent and Worshipful fear of the Lord and find knowledge of God. For the Lord gives skillful and godly wisdomg from His mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:l,2,5,6 I SEI'llOI' ads 242 t ,.ffr,r-fa-fw..t- lr ,art V-r,. ,.... was A.., .. at I - ,wiv-955K .Qs?i'f'sgaQa1r.icrQswif swf rr ware 1 My h 3 ,L Q. , ,,.. W in ,, . ,,.. L, ,, rage! .15-,gif-51?lSA:?fH'fff1WT e.rf.z'r y L. -ez' QQ-fl, .swf rw-was wtrwrfgwlfmtr, 5, 7 an K L, Q frmm. . S .. N55 3 ,, -mu, :', .S ,r1.fStq,t.-at at W.. . 5- Z ,M,a,,,tj tt, VS K1v,z ,, .R aGu..5.f -v,..a,,. ru, H fwarzvftktw W ,Srfuea,,,t-fr?h,,H4 ,, v,v, - f'.: afff::z:-fr1'5:w.r V . ,tv v,,, ,M -,., ...Q .X , ..L. ,, rr.. , H .-me -5211use,-rr..9rilRg:f'fV:-,111 ew,..mfiz'U W., .t,..t,, rf HWg,a,fm,gm?a,f f ,-gigs gram-Wwe., .Mai Y 77.. T vw,- mm,L,am,.,.am, wma www- 52-fsfefgswa :Swv at . , w.,w..2,,L QEji,,t,,,, 2?me,rWfr?zy,,, . 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You are truly a blessing from God. Ai 4 .mx Q' ffwl,-1, ' 1 Mom and Dad 4 why! f .,,, ' 2 l.: Q9 Q I vig , " . ,. f mf "if senior 244 ads .,,.w.,H S K , , ex ,mi ., .,.L , ..h, .M , S U 5 ,, VH.Zawyamzzzssiizwgex ? K is if z wsizzsfgzsmvf51rt5fsf?1" 155, nswfw 'ff-v.W.,,,,l. fxziwg, , Xl s,,,gfgg4gWQ,g fuel, ,ea X4,l.v,,,,,,,,.v,i 2 J Y 1' ,Q , Essxx 'VTFM K . v,.W K ' 5 r A L ,.f A. X .M fi, zgxseilvls mm, 1155252 M, M, SHEET! 555522 V -Qfzill 491522 zzkssvbfif ,wmv ,Q W 5i5SE,'SQ?E W my 2 5535255 MM rw ,,f EEZZSSQQ 957155525 3952125 xnizfem 55531259 'flfiflfi cnlweff .fm :waz :fmzfv Mm :few an wx, wzzga law, amaze 5421145 527125 xiassxzf mm W ,523 .Q 1 K 4 ,TA N 12: sag: fi ff ,gf 5 4 5 v-'U ,mf '.. ,.1,,-'fn .Q ,Q as 5? 1 2 Q 1 'F L WWW' My ,, ff is the man delights in the Law of the Lord for Whatever he does pro- spers." Rich, may you always seek the ap- proval of God Cnot many as an adult. We love you and we will always "be there" for you! Dad and Moma Mt 6'21 -:,1y1,m . ,,e,q,k 'NX A H ':L- siiigffflig - . X WN V ef-N .,,. on K X eshh e ' as As rhe proud edrror of :hrs edreron of rhe Cornersrone, X wouXd hke ro rhank some of rhe p2opXe who have gready supporred me rhrs year. Ykrsr, X wourd hke ro rhank rhe sraii. We were such a speed comhrnanon. 'Yhanki for ah your haid work, Sharon, and you coo, Chns. Thomas, jennrier and Krm, X EeeX hke Y m Xeaykny, rhe bow rn good hands. Good Xuek ro you ah, and a speerak, "Good Luck' ro you, Mrsn! Y m rgalxy going ro mrss you all X akso wanr ro rhank my reachers, my iamkky, murer, Deana, fdhson and Xdearher for brkng so undersrandrng arboflk srarted gerirng, me down. ' o rhank Mkss Karin Fafy. Vlrrhour her 'o0ok wouXd neyer have made y price and frnd e Yye when ye X wanr r ' ce, rhrs me rn rn rhe chanc 00r- N Yknany. compasiron and parren rr ro press. You courd always our e when " niredf' Thanks for gfwrng me ways dreamed of bdng rhe Bdrror-rn-Chrei of rhe nersrone You ye raughr me s0 muc . Yh never Eorger you. Remember ro pra for me and che Ba or y sraiiw. Srncerery MSW rerhng Edrror of rhe X987 C0 rsron .gyms Thom as Thom Pson glv 95 h 1S GQ look for the camera M150 C work utslnger and MISS FUY r ry to Per Sllade Ch X15 C0 gglng to Ser back Io allnlfer Blant on lust loves to be m term Pied fro m work 'ng On a clgadl me The 8 7 C Co omfr gglng P J-ton! S e88Y Srerlrigf :iron Rd-fe M Spongor K ISI1 Cut arm Slnge F3-YY find luring Vylrlson Ch P ay afte Us Y a deadline 4 FOX K JACUBS the leading homebullder Dallas f Ft Worth for over 40 years THANK YOU' The Cornerstone expresses Its grotltude to Mr 6 Mrs Chorles Hollingsworth A CENTEX COMPANY We Couldn T have done It without you' FOXEJJBCOBS Best wlSh0S to the Class of 1987 .Sf E' llgm 'F WHWQ 5' www? F we from all your fnends at ERA Clements f Prmzhorn Co Realtors 6500 E MOCKINGBIRD Su1te 100 Dallas Texas 75214 824 8171 Servlng All Your Real Estate Needs - 0 I I I O . . . . 0 1 0 I ffl '-.' 1 ' , 1 1 I , 2 'f" ,, 1' f' W fe ,J warn f 'MvfQQef - - -V .1 .. , ' W-H ., we - , ... fr ll 0 , 1 to 5 'sstt N's.s'sts 'sot o 1 so 0, 0 - trtrr" Www - . I ' - ' fwVw ,Qw- s s tts , . . '9 . ' 9 - 9 . commercial 8 ads 12? 60, Amanda Jaffllg. gixila Amy Sonia from your porents R . d Mrs. Cary Holder Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sconyers M and Mrs. joe Marchman Mr. and Mrs. lames McGill D d Mrs. Phil Berry Mr. and Mrs. Richard O b m Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Cunningham Eeewsdliieef ou did it! 1 . . . cmd We re so proud As you move on to college and set new goals, we will be thinking of you, praying for you and remembering the way you influenced our lives. Peqqv A Sharon 6 K , X on rafu afiorw. u 9 n? e 6orner-afone SM!! Chl'-ls commercial '-"""" 5 249 N Hi "" M sm, , 'we,Jqg4,... ,K F' e s the school year closed, what had seemed so strange at the beginning of the year, actually became routine. Everyone accepted the new look of :he -- uniforms. Not one student died of a horrible key co thns whole year was because whether W rf, I wig? '3'iWHu., ""'-N '5 : : - ii'P'7aa:": LEP? 3 E .:.. ...119?m.saE :a 4' W 4' : H ..: ,Haw K 2 Ztfil we A ,,. , - QAM W 2 1 gs 525 gg SE ' 2252, .aa-F.: .. 5 5 fi' 2 M f . fix f ggiigggry 4 X E 322359 75 JA H 49' ss W .4 1, H H Q 15, fe A "MIS if 1:2 A f M' ,,1, 2. Q 'bf i M g. Y 1 f QM W 'V Q S 'f"'f 1i w+ H E 5 fi Z c 35 fi ,I Q K Yi, si V 55? .. 7, 'E Es a f H? ' 5' EEA? 5 Q i h . I .7 1 ,ta . , ,.,, 515 25 .., 2, . J- . H 'Q is .. -K M E 545 g s! 252 ' 5:5 + 52? Y m Q g g? 5555, E fig 5 ngiw is mg ...S if fee wi . E 521, 5 2 , .. fra me ug 'A 2 5255 Egg F552 S , EE 1 sgliigsig if si we E 25 EE g 21255532 E552 Fm. fs gi eg? 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