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Text from Pages 1 - 182 of the 1981 volume:

1981 CURNERSTCNE u FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY DALLAS, TEXAS VCLUME 1 NUMBER 9 Q". ITIES ACTIV ATHLETICS TABLE GF CGNTENTS 1 SDIWEIGVDV DNISLLHEIACJV Because of her loyalty and devotion to F.B.A., her outstanding support in every facet of school life, and her genuine concern for the students - 1980-81 Cornerstone Staff, with much love and appreciation, proudly dedicates this volume of the Cornerstone to Mrs. Zeta Hollingsworth. .A.4Q.- 4 4 . . . K Qalf, 1 I 7:5 4,,,m.- . ,lx ,V 5 ' 'fi' " . i W ,, if 2 1: mn V ,MX g - ' ffsmu X ' 351' ' '.4::SAW .A :gy L, f ,Sw-pq L-X s. g . Q, w if , A, .A 1 v E N 1 'A -M x gm all 2 X ,mv XM , 5, if 1 4 s. . mv., V, ., V w W . N Wm, , f'TX:ff', W 14 ' 42.62, 314. ff, 153' ' v -A . 'L '2. -- ,113 yr ,W 94.-if J . A ,W ky .Y , V X TH-fx 75,1 4. V' 1 , LJ: " 4 1 . 'Lg Q .QU 24 gf? jg 3 ,rm L ff - ' T? ' f' 1 'Viz . gi X5 Lp! J: f,Efw1 A ' V M 141: J flu? 'A - ff' . dlifgwill " .44-W flfwwfi-Q-"'f' . , 5.591721 '-1 fr , f riff' U "gf: f' " :gf : l , ,V 1 '- ,3 , f V , Ny ,, .mfg A ,ff 1 gfg-1, r.-.1 sf: J, , .fx My-2 ww 1 , , ::,r ' ,wuz-'.-I'-,1rA f.lxwf, :wg -fa 1:1 -5 w,.'f,f,'-r 1 ,JR TW .W . hr: 4 FN-P Vfazizx Q 515325 35' :H F, 'Z fflizffk- fQ"7i'7 T,?:,,.. w,v.4sfiSEg2Y,. ,ir V, , :,,a..!.. , V I Min 1 .. F if www, -ww A g y 5 W. mr. . ,nhl X M' - 1,im,w+1 XR if fh2,",Aa-Wiugljyw,-,ff ' 5 .Q ' 5 15, -x. --LM ig j11,lvYf?E' ' 5 ',ug,eE'1 ' - J -,uw-.-1 .- .sf . . X V 1 wg sLf2455'f- .r 13T?'.w1' ,2-V .5 f'.f7'if wi 1 .Q ' ,ar5:.,,z ga" , . r 1 iff :ala-fif ,ff V 5, -f,,'w,yigj4-Ag: 1 v .-','f1f,QfX,M ' gfxggwgshfa . , . Y 1' , ,qv :- , .Qu ,, - ,W 1 nv. WW, 'Y Y - w H X , ,um 46+ 5A-an -X mf-J' fx. -A, - , X f X , H .yn ws W r?f.xL2,4MA 4 . V , '.afg??n2 wg W V, A Q: . 13 + get. -595-f2l..m:g,wwA--f a fi 2 2' - ' ' , yy 1 ,, M!'ff?1'if -fu 1" ' A- 3'1'i.,. ,gg figs?-, Z- ',iiYfh5f2i7' L ' Q L ff., , 1 . , . -' " 311552552 -1:,L . Q - . p - . if mf Q'Q,"Zi?fZiiK'i.", APY-X H ,. , . 11-g fd, , plfgf Q T ff ,,.-1,5-pf-:g' 1, xg. 2 H .- w .-:QQ "' 'Hi17Jg?i7?fi" QI 'fif?4.3A I ' , Q , 414113 gag 'Q ,'j,'.4ggw, K . ' wk A-,Eg - Qi? - -lf? g . .if '-ijifgf2Mf A g IKE: - f 'A I, S , 1'-4' f -Z A-3 1, .' 1' ,' ' 'if 1' ' -512 1 : -. 1 ' 14- f K' '-4:53 V 1. Y K ' ' ir:-f',-:wee fl Q 'ikitsl S,3'ff':!ns,-L , f ' f ni f-J: an ,3'1'iffS'f',if'24.'f+:?Q.- 2 f' X ', 1 IH 3 "' " ???5,'Yi'? 2,1 f1'1::451s?'5?-2:3 W1 nw X ?x e , Q 4 W????5 f, ' Mw1 f,1 1.. f bf X 'lil ' ' V 2 ,ggi 1, ,, ,f 9, - -' .. np, - ,4 fry- 4, , 1. 4, Y v, 35-5.3, , gi V- if A ,v X I gi ,WWV . . , ,, , i?5f27'W7'fff 'fm' ' ii '-m....i , .A We UA Friend is a Gift of God" - Poem by Helen Steiner Rice Among the great and glorious gifts Our heavenly Father sends ls the gift of understanding that we find in loving friends. M A-Mfg? Mm 4' E Q . ' i -ami ,Es 4 F ,, ggawmgpf ,3 33? 53 A- ,i , . A 1, 2.9 1, Wx?" if .p 63513 QLBU -. Ha H"'N",Q tgf4pnfL'l 41 ' 1 .Lx flfv 4 1 WR i N w uf T' 4 N ft V , .V L e ' A v ' , 3' ' " , 'L '11 3. 'WV , 'ff .W For in this world of trouble that is filled with anxious care Everybody needs a friend in whom they're free to share Q, 12 if fl, C The little secret heartaches that lay heavy on their mind Not just a mere acquaintance but someone vvho's 'JUST OUR KIND ES TIVITI AC i i SA For somehow in the generous heart of loving, faithful friends The good God in his charity and wisdom always sends A sense of understanding and the power of perception And mixes these fine qualities with kindness and affection A nufmw' ' I . . Q A in 1 . L f Q 1 3 N . f inf , Egg , Ffnwf 'f ,ww . , 4 , Q1 ry, a, 5 1 V ,, If L A Y Senior: JoAnn Sauer Steve Osborne FB FAVQRITES Junior: Beth Oliver Scott Norris if HGMECQMING QUEEN 1980 f Q 2 MISS CARQL WILPITZ THE CQURT HOMECOMING NQMINEES HCDMECGMING ATTENDANTS Ann Goode Stephanie Kadane Misti Spruiell .... FX 1 an . , ...- 20 ,A N SPIRIT - LETS HEAR IT! ,, Q.: ',,,' .. fzk fy f ,,,f f f W:" ff' M W If 3 l Q 5 Q 3 Q ,K M A wi 4, J, Saw ,yi .LP H KI ff: J , if ISVANN 1? ,IE 3 fl O mf 8 , hh, 4 ... Q ,g I I i I I A' I' ff:-W1-ef.' , I. H M' fu,-. rw fm ,E + A , I 'tg I , ,.:I. . V , 1 4- I -f I il' ' T :S I E fi fs 'I I ' TV- 'Q 'af 5 x."f'-5 'ff' ' ' 5, E i fi -3 y- 'I' -' - I 'Q :I I I I f -f I , If +I? 1 4 ' E gi .,.I..W 5 , 5- VWWW I ,wyw ,X . ,IQ ,M Mm ,, My I' ,xii izy YE QQLAX , 3 I ,fMmmwM.M...M EVERYONE JQINS IN AT PEP RALLIES E X X . A mp 'Q rx E F.B.A. HAS FUN AT CARNIVAL THE ANNU L ICE CREAM SGCIA 'Eh ' ' 1' B W 5. X . I.. 4 X Q 35 M uf. ,M 1 M' Q Q M, v 5 M V 1 L , , 7 ' -W ' ' I wwf? ' ' I " ,L ' 'lg 2 1 , " f 7 14' I wgf ' W W N W ., 5 A mf A .wg fit! 'fi ,Q ff, .n '. 1' M- .3 -1. ' 4' "zzz:-f+ 2275, 5:2 1: ,Q Hy4:jz::,,.:d, I K- ,LM ,, Q Y, ,l ui 3 ,L af' . ,wvvh 1 . , ff"'-'WEKQWZB ,N ' E ,fi-nf ,gm -E-E . ..L.. A . y rf Q A 1 -G swam. mv ,,4.,,.. 2 ' .f 2 F.B.A. DRESSES UP pm FUR ALL Qccf-xslows Y--- . -5.1 F B A SUPERSTARS AWARDS Sr. High Winners: Powerhouse Jr. High Winners: B.A.T.S. Mr. and Miss Supe David Green Robyn Dance Tug of War: The Izods Best Dressed: Southpaws True Grit: U-Haulers Most Compatible: Powerhouse Most Spirited: Psycho Seniors Most Charisma: America's Team Losers: The Alligators Biggest Baby: Bon Riffe Most Obnoxious: Joe Newton I'SlaI' FUN FOR ALL 29 SUPERSTARS, A TEST OF STRENGTH UNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET , ,, I 'ii' ,Cv K 1 SPCDRTS AWARD BANQUET Jkwy? , R ' K il' SHINES CDN SUPER SAINTS hy. X-,i i if LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE" , J' 5 K ' i A Z 4 J V fX A SENIGR SUCCESS 1981 GRADU TIC Valedictorianz Melinda Robyn Dance Salutatorianz Becky Ann McGuire Tl-IE BEST QF TIMES 4 Mrs. H. L. Hunt Dr. W. A. Criswell AWARD GE EXCELLENCE SQUAD Back Row: Beth Oliver, Becky Beazley, Jennifer Norris, Robyn Dance, JoAnn Sauer Becky McGuire Front Row: Cheri Stults Head Cheerleader: Robyn Dance Right: All -American Cheerleader Award Miss Cheri Stults Left: Cheerleader Sponsor Dorylee Plexco VARSITY CHFFRI FADFRS 1 - N 5.5 IR. HIGH CHEERLE DERS 5:2 1 1 -K e' if- r Y if J ff' Wg .14 I 11551, it 0 A :ny .L 2 , ,. V ig 5 Hi, Y, w:.,5ggv.H h 5 VSA e f? " 'Qfpl' '5 I " " - ' Q ,ii ig ' N . 1,gii"f' 5 5' xii K r 'Y K k Q fm f,,, :4f ,. . . .f5,.,, so me w a. ,S-.4.,,. ,L . 1- x -, D - 1 .Jf.f,.o., rr.,m.ii.z.,,. ' L' :mr .ay 1:41, if "W if .ik Back Row: Anne Denny, Brenda Wilson, Tera Kovar, Wendy Gilkerson, Priscilla Rogers Sponsor: Karen McKinney .:, 1 1 :S iii , JR. HIGH PEP Sou D lst Row Officers: Lt. S. Heath, Co-Capt. C. Newton, Capt. L. Coggins, Lt. L. Nelson 2nd Row: C. Armstrong, J. Branum, T. Cellan, B. Johnson, R. E. Blankenship, W. Woody 3rd Row: F. Pretlove, J. Ferguson, C. Coulter, M. Babbitt, D. Cox, B. Beazley 4th Row: J. Swayze, S. Thomas, R. Needham, R. Lowther, D. Martin, L. Alberts 5th Row: M. Harbaugh, S. Allen, K. Pokladnik, J. Berry Lettergirls: L. Miller, M. Lu, H. Horch, T. Leonard, S. Bailey, A. Rogers Qalt. for A. Perryj Not Pictured: A. Comfort, A. Perry, T. Feath, A. Burch, S. Dean, M. Hensel, B. Cunningham, Lt. D. Davis il gs, .,. - A ,, " - i NM ' .W i .....m...-f:..:.g,,,....:: --'- '----- , . f '2'-- -f-- . .if WW-.- . L-. . bf e'ee ' A ' A . V V N - """'Q rr " it - S 4 N S ii A it f QFQ QQ 'IW 'xi an .f I I f -, .. ,, -. . x f V Q, ,A 5' 1 ,.... FW 'S 1 f il 'SX f 5 .3 are e... . ' fi 'G' H f-X ,.., , - ' as -'.' -4 - . Q2 -:-- .W ., ek -is '-,A 59' - ' 2 +1 -pr, 'ew ft" "':- ,,,. emi..-"le ..., lyfegffk, 'F' N 1 -- -. v--1 . .. .,, M... . . S.. 1980-81 SVVIRLETTES lst Row: Judy Fredman, Shellie Bjork, Leann Rector, Angela Carrington, Gina Belscamper 2nd Row: Debbie Hinkle, Suzanne Holmes, Sharolyn Coleman, Leslie Basinger 3rd Row: Amy Cunningham, Linda Lisle, Carol Wilpitz, Sarah White Back Row: Jonna Galoyue, Mary Leachman, Laura Gentry Side Row Left: Cindy Catlina, Melinda Tidwell, Laura Guthrie, Laura Harris, Zoe Ellen Williams Side Row Right: Lynette Taylor, Julie Mitchell, Valerie Hanson, Angela Harris, Michelle Damron Managers: Marvella Griffith, Barbara Parker, Gera Gray Not Pictured: Caren Plexco, Laurie Lisle LT. Gina Belscamper LT. Angela CAPT. Leann Rector LT. Shellie Bjork LT. Judy Fredman Carrington A E I sim SHUW SUPER SAINT SPIRIT 'S -Q T I ACADEMY BAN Standing: Armour Patterson, Cliff McNeely, Maryanne Wilson, Marc Cot- tingame, Chris Coker Sitting: Bill Wilson, Todd Wilpitz, Jed Davenport William Rhodes, Mike Weathered l, le Student Director Brenda Brame ACADEMY CHQIR Front Row: Teresa Crimland, Melanie Embry, Gala Farrell, Deborah Hudson Middle Row: Sue Reum, Gera Gray, Jody Hooks, Laura Harris, Michelle Stovall, Marvella Griffith, Rebecca Campbell Back Row: Paul Rogers, Mark Mathis, Stephanie Martin, Dale Coates, Barbara Brunner, Steve Moore, Kris Courson - ':'- a C 'l 1 C Q ",. , "'i " -sv G K 2. 'f z ff , Q fsizilii as ' S ' limi- is 1 H N A Q' 9 ,. ,s Choir Officers: Debbie Hinkle, Jody Hooks, Marvella Griffith, Gera Gra , Laura Harris, Choir and Band Director Y Paul Rogers - Dale Coates STUDENT CGUNCIL Officers: Gvra Gray, Treas.g David Tatom, Vice-Pres.g Carolyn Burnett, Pres.g Carl Choate, Chap. 2nd Row: Christine Newtong Mike Rifle, Cheri Slults, Shane Tunnell, Joe Newton, Bruce Shaw, Tina Cvllan, Angela Harris, Pal Gilliland, Warren Payne, Brian Cade, Ran- dy Hevknian EL CLUB DE ESPAN GL NNUAL STAF Front Row: Becky Beazley, Robyn Dance, Molly Stark, Suzanne Peterson, Sara Piercey, 2nd Row: Becky Hayes, Carolyn Burnett, JoAnn Sauer, Leann Rector, Judy Fredman, Lisa Perry 3rd Row: Bill Johnson, Charles Moss, Andy Moody, Editor: Robyn Dance, Sponsor: Becky Hayes NEWSPAPER STAFF Rebecca Campbell, Ann Babbitt, Barbara Brunner, Teresa Ewers, Bill Rogers, Rhonda Derden, Lynn Valerius, Lisa Perry, Meg Stevens, Ann Goode, Camera Shy: R. Shy, D. Davis Editor: Bill Rogers., Sponsor: Ann Babbitt ' l 47 K PCA. Bottom Row: Andy Dow, V. Pres, Suzanne Peterson, V. Pres. Robyn Dance, Pres. Beth Oliver, Treas. Bill Johnson, Pres. Mid. Row: Amiee Perry, Laura Miller, Anne Denny, Brenda Wilson, Tera Kovar, Laurie Lisle, Tracy Hinton, Sally Peterson, Valerie Hanson, Jennifer Norris, Linda Lisle, Sharon Perkins, Back Row: Cedric Parsons, Jeff Moore, Mark Mathis, Kathy Moss, Kirt Dow, Molly Stark, Skip Baker, Michael Green. Camera Shy: Brian Adams, Treas. All Students Invited to F.C.A. NATIQNAL HQ OR SCDCIETY J Back Row: A. Rice, R. Ferguson, L. Emore, L. Harris, L. Rector, S. White, M. Stark, S. Peterson, R. Dance, D. Stark, 2nd Row: J. Newton, G. Kendall, S. Kadane, R. Riffe, B. Johnson, C. Moss, 3rd Row: L. Fain, L. Perry, B. McGuire, C. Christy, R. Payne, B. Cade Sponsor, Donna Stark. NATIGNAL IR. I-IQNGR SQCIETY ffl' E Back Row: Letitia Britain, B. Beazley, M. Harbaugh, S. Allen, J. Norris, L. Lisle, M. Spruiell, L. Lisle, S. Holmes, M. Babbitt, 2nd Row: A. Reynolds, D. Moon, B. Shaw, C. Coker, C. McNeely. 3rd Row, P. Gilliland, R. Smith, T. Hinton, M. Riffe, M. Godfrey, D. Parker, G. Hanson. Sponsor, Letitia Brittain. 49 ATHLETICS So when we need some sympathy or a friendly hand to touch, or an ear that listens tenderly and speaks words that mean se much We seek our true and trusted friend in the knowledge that vve'll find . . . S my G Us STATE All State Team: All State Team: Andy Dow Ken Coursey 'ffi CHAMPIUNS ,, Y Q F as ff -tyiwxzdieazvy .- 4 f, S as be - "" " ' L L I.. ,, . im um: K 3 :33, Xg w I :I fd. ll . . .. ,. -K S gig!-3, xy? I - . .Q ,, '3 Q 1 " N kknu ,QQ f d 'X fl rg by fm 4 sf 'S Q0 c Q All State Team: Andy Moody A f A - N39 A i L M, .. .. x. 'P' 1 Lf Lg ue 1 , " All State Team: David Green ,-.Q SAINTS SWING THEIR WAY Front Row: S. Baker, B. Weeden, D. Green, J. Newton, S. Kadane, A. Moody Back Row: C. Cunningham, C. Moss, A. Dow, B. Johnson, K. Coursey, B. Ghormley, T. Ashley, Coach Steve Adair I-IAMPIQNSHIQ ms Q T ANOTHER TEAM BITES THE DUST - -- JRE., .EE Lggjzfg is ig, . ' 5 "F T T I 2 1 ws ,gif ST...W T0 Goo THE GLU R VARSITY FOCDTBALL Front Row: D. Parker, P. Dance, S. Baker, J. Newton, D. Green, B. Watson, K. Schaded, C Zorhsnos, R. Heckman, Mgr. R. Hoffmire Second Row: Mgr. P. Gilliland, S. Thomas, B Weeden, J. Carter, P. Rogers, C. Moss, G. Malphurs, R. Guthrie, C. Cunningham, T. Bell- ington, Mgr. S. Lisle Third Row: Coach D. Melton, C. Royal, D. Carter, J. M. Ashworth, J Briggs, B. Adams, B. Ghormley, K. MacLean, W. Payne, T. Ashley, Head Coach S. Adams Coach J. D. Bryant Fourth Row: J. Miller, R. Riffe, A. Dow, B. Johnson, D. Tatom, C Choate, P. Cunningham, D. Hinkle, C. Basinger 7 MAKES IT T0 THeE PLAYQFFS SAINTS PUT FQRTH IQFFORT T 0 SAINTS TRCDMP TRINITY AGAIN . I ,. ,,, s I ' . X ' I- at 1 ' AW LV. FOOTBALL HITS 'EM HARD Q W mm W",,f--' wi, WSW M. fl K3 s Q , VARSITY BUYS' BASKETBALL Left to Right: Brian Cade, David Green, Charlie Moss, Brad Ghormley, Coach Steve Adair, Bill Johnson, Andy Dow, Scott Norris, Andy Moody ,www Coach Steve Adair NEW CGACHQ TOUGH YEAR i VARSITY GUYS HGPES 9 1' I +G S TAKE A BAD BOUNCE 'E 59i.i LV. BUYS' BASKETBALL I"""""' A""""s. A Left to Right: D. Fagerstrom, S. Baker, A. Griffin, T. Ashley, Coach B. Weant, S. Friedl, M. Green, P. Gilliland, T. Bellington JUMPS INTO i T Q J' X VARSITY TRACK Top to Bottom, First Column: D. Saur, P. Gilliland, L. Garcia second Column: Coach M Hines, D. Hinkle, C. Choate, D. Tatum, K. Moss Third Column: M. Green, C. Frisbe, W Payne Not Pictured: J. Carter . . .. ,mg I- A A H K .F .Mg 544291-mA'mx J 1 RUNS PAST QPPQNENTS 71 SAINTS CDVERCCDME S-1 s ug 1: if fx ALL HURDLES - , .. 6 Kill' is TENNIS FIGHTS WAY I T0 STATE Spun Front Row: C. Tan, M. Spruiell, A. Rice, S. Kadane, M. Migliazza, R. Ferguson, R. Payne Back Row Coach F. Claus, S. Gauss, P. Dance, P. Schmidt, S. Tunnell, J. Brooks, L. Valerius, B. Ratzlaff, M Stovall 74 .Q .L GULF DRIVES AWAY AT CONFERENCE Left to Right: B. Cade, S. Norris, D. Hanson, Coach S. Adams, N. Toler, G. Hanson VARSITY A D LV. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Left to Right: R. Dance, A. Carrington, S. Peterson, L. Lisle, K. Moss, J. Brooks, D. Padgett, M. Stark, L. Lisle, V. Hanson, L. Fain, B. Beazley Left to Right: Coach R. Popplewell, L. Lisle, Godfrey, G. Tippie, D. Padgett, P. Cooke, L. Lisle, T. Hinton, S. Perkins SHQW GOOD SPIRIT ,,,,, ,. BASKETBALL TEAMS HAVE FUN YIQAR VOLLEYBALL ENICDYS WINNING SEASCDN Front Row: R. Martin, R. Ferguson, T. Waldie, L. Fain, B. Brame, J. Hooks, M. Monroe, J. Brooks Back Row: Coach M. DeZago, C. Beshears, M. Hestand, K. Moss, A. Goode, S. Martin, C. Catton, T. Grimland -f'f V, ' ,"' , f 80 4' ui 8 Q fi- , , .f f k Q r X ,- I LS . ,. lg Q ' " . .H Hgh., ,J AW, , 7 4 ' f' ., ' 'S f Q, J Milk. I 1: if J: f X , , ,f ,,, w J ' 1 , am VARSITY GIRLS' SQFTBALL Fifth row: L. Lisle, S. Coleman, M. Godfrey, S. Perkins, R. Derden, L. Lisle, P. Cooke Fourth row: Z. Williams, A. Goode, K. Moss, C. Beshears Third row: T. Waldie, M. Stark, L. Harris, B. Parker Second row: S. Bjork, A. Harris, V. Hanson, T. Hinton First row: B. Beazley, L. Fain, S. Peterson, L. Ragland, R. Dance, Coach Dian Dow, Assistant Coaches Donna Stark, Michelle Buchanan .. ..., Wiklivfa-' Siwkw. X K, ew. . .aa . - - . , ... , S, we fticaef - .. . ' if We 2 X ' -v-" 'T it N . ..... -. A Q A A 5 , 5 ' ...I-Q fl 5 sf '.'...1: wx-QM 1 .. wr 4 X Qing - N . . . 2 Y W,-ffl .. N f-dw' Wm, . V 'W JAC, A W ....4 ,Ai ,,,- ,,, vw 1. A 'L V-,, f , ww 1 X NMACT All State Football David Tatom M.V.P. Ron Riffe Defense 1, 41, NWACTIQN. . .ACTION f Nw K 2. I 86 U ICR HIGH BUYS' FQCDTB LL fi i-'A- mm..." ,,,, Front Row: Coach R. Cummins, M. Cannon, K. Courson, M. Mathis, J. Moore, A. Patterson, Coach M. Hines Second Row: R. King, D. Clifton, J. Davenport, C. Irby, J. Wilson Third Row: C. Parson, A. Driggers, T. Wilpitz, D. Douglas, K. Dow Fourth Row: B. Patterson, S. McKinney, R. Hyde, S. Moore, B. Karr Fifth Row: S. Cooper, M. Cottingame, S. Williamson, B. McKinney, M. Biffe Not Pictured: J. Davenport TAKES CUNFERENCE AGAIN . K I .11 f IU IOR HIGH BUYS Left to Right: M. Wood, B. Karr, K. Dow, A. Driggers, J. Moore, C. Parson, S. Moore, M. Riffe, M. Mathis, S. McKinney, B. Cade, Coach D. Melton Left to Right: B. McKinney, D. Garrett, M. Cannon, W. Rhodes, C. Coker, D. Douglas, B. Blakeway, B. Shaw, D. Rogers, A. Patterson, D. Malphurs, S. Atkinson, M. Bryant, R. King, R. Brown, Coach D. Melton CONFERENCE CHAMPS IUNIOR HIGH BUYS' TRACK gV,,,.., ,m.W , - I jtxir ' n Z a V ' . 12' 4 if 4- 1 'f , ,v. ey, . fu , , .V"'wi Q V, ,,z:V, ,QF aw Ah. , I L H . jf .1 -7 , . V . .fra V Mr " ' . w e A 71' 12 'J ' V gf, , W ' V , ylz, 'fe f- . fs ' A I I V?VV N1 . 'rg gg A ,A J ,, V on f ii. . -f J A V V A J V .1 .V 5 V 'C A' "' " Q ' ff W' V. W 'Q .Qt 4 V Edt V' V - 'ia' We , -3 V ,-., . 1 V' ' " 4' 'T ji VQJJ. -if ' fl: faq TW' f x ' V ' fi. no 2"' e . ' V J. H. Boys Track - M. Cannon, J. Moore, C. Parson, A. Driggers, C. Coker, T. Buckroyd, B. Shaw, D. Clifton, A. Jenkins, D. Garrett, K. Dow, M. Mathis, A. Patterson, S. Williamson, J. Wilson, M. Riffe, C. Irby, D. Carter, W. Rhodes, C. McNeely. Coach Terry Hagin. Not pictured - M. Cottingame. 9.26 -.WM JUNIGR HIGH GIRLS' VQLLEYBALL AND TRACK Top to bottom: T. Leanord, W. Gilkerson, T. Cellan, W. Woody, S. Steakley, L. Miller, B. Wilson, L. Alberts, A. Perry, B. Johnson, T. Kovar, D. Cox, D. Martin, B. Beazley. First Row: S. Colter, L. Alberts, B. Beazley, R. Lawther, M. Babbit, D. Martin, J. Berry, D. Cox Second Row: L. Miller, C. Phillips, W. Woody, B. Johnson, R. Blankenship, C. Poklad- nik, S. Steakley, A. Perry Third Row: L. Coggins, M. Lu, T. Cellan, H. Horch, A. Rogers, S. Thomas, M. Harbaugh, R. Needham, Coach M. DeZago. Not pictured: J. Branum, J. Swayze r Y . Y IU ICR HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row: L. Alberts, B. Beazley, J. Swayze, M. Lu, M. Harbaugh, R. Needham, S. Heath A. Perry, K. Newton, M. Bahhit, T. Cellan Second Row: Coach R. Popplewell, D. Davis, D Martin, A. Denny, B. Wilson, L. Miller, T. Leanord, A. Rogers, H. Horch, L. Coggins, L Coggins, W. Woody, B. Johnson, S. Britain, S. Baily, Coach D. Dow Not Pictured: R Lowther, S. Thomas, R. Blankenship, J. Berry, J. Branum, T. Faith, F. Pretlove, A. Com- fort, L. Nelson, S. Steakley, B. Cunningham, D. Cox HAS FUN WITH I TRAMURALS Raiders - D. Martin, F. Pretlove, A. Roadrunners - B. Cunningham, R. Blankenship, Rogers, S. Thomas, L. Coggins, J. L. Miller, H. Horch, S. Heath, S. Britain, R. Swayze Lawther FP' Bears - L. Alberts, A. Denny, S. Steakley, T. Leanord, T. Cellan, A. Perry, B. Johnson p a . Angels - C. Newton, M. Lu, M. Har- Wildcats - B. Beazley, D. Cox, R. Needham, L haugh, B. Wilson, M. Babhit Coggins, T. Faith, W. Woody, J. Branum ACADEMICS A heart that's sympathetic and an understanding mind... And often just Without a word there seems to be a union Of thoughts and kindred feelings for C-DD gives TRUE FRIENDS communion. ' -'?f4S1f'::ss:'If. . ,Q -rn' k 'S l .br W . X A . , k:ik'a:::- ,fix it 5 if:-.. 1 Q, K -i.. K ' '- ""' ' ,,.,...'m Q A , L SX I .,,.. ...M ..... -MW A xx , Q' - , M4 . .flfii ' --f fm. .45 4 A ' ' "Stark 5 snag + Q " L yi 'XL. L A, . by 4 .AF 5' I - K K ,, X K , -, 5 . :,: N' Q ' X A . A'-5.3 26:3 5 5 X WW iw Sig J FIRST BAPTIST IS 1 S .Q A S W .. . 15 . Student-Teacher Relations Hippies . . Blackmailing . . . Gossiping K CDW FUR ITS . . Studs? . . MT 4 ' ' E ,M rrrr 4. . W M Y, 1 f - K f , V " "'.. W .. W 'Kk' K LY ' " 2 V , W k ff , - ' ,... M A 'liz J 0 , -, 5, 5 A i, 2 5 w 4 ,.., i Q E 4 L ,L , ,,,wwM"'W , I' W ig 'L.' Q A I W V W ' Q V I , gig? ... , iw Mwfw, r, Jk :.,, as Egg: If Q ww Z, . . Clowning Around . ...N MA,., W . . . Heartbreakers . . rerrr .. N W., ,Q . . Patriotism . . Dr. W. A. Criswell Mr. Johnnie Henderson Time seems to move slowly in the life of a youngster. But to us who are older it moves so swiftly and so inexorably. It is hard for me to realize that some of you who l knew as very young children are now going forward year to year, and it is beautiful to see you grow in knowledge, in skills, and in every grace of the Lord. With infinite appreciation for our First Baptist Academy we would herewith express our gratitude for the administration, for the teachers, and for the parents in the homes who make it possible for our boys and girls and our young men and women to attend. Sometimes the attendance of a boy or a girl is at a great financial sacrifice. This crowns the education obtained in this Christian school with a double aura of effectiveness and worth. May God speed you on the way as you study in this sacred place, and as you prepare for the greater life that is offered before you in the name of and in the power of the Lord. Dear Students of FBA: Education has been defined as the Mtotal of one's experiences in life." A Christian school adds another dimension to that life - an academic background that brings honor to God. A greater understanding of life can be the result of emphasis made on the basic subjects fEnglish, math, history, science, etc.j and if sup- plemented with the teachings of the Bible, one is better prepared for facing the problems in this world. In II Timothy 2:15 the scripture says, '4Study to show thyself ap- proved unto God . . . 5' Dedicated Christian teachers, staff, and administrators stand ready and willing to encourage you daily in developing the best in your talents and abilities W bringing honor to God in your daily lives. 98 f BCDARD GF TRUSTEES ru l l Q- K ff! -ex 4 1 H I .. gf all 'W W 42 f gl! is s Aw , 5 2? mil' Clarence Bentley Sam Cade Tom Dance Marilyn Goss is 9044 M fe an Joel M3lhlS Dan Mitchell -, Pg' y e' Del Rogers Gayle Tinsley X c ii i SM' 4 Q a Lynn Craft Royce Laycock Charles Oliver Pidure Nof Ava ila ble Ray Williamson ADMINISTRATIO Charles Freet Jerry Cottingame Seth Adams Director of Secondary Athletic Development Principal Director Carl Swindel Nancy Newton Dean of Students Elementary Elementary Principal Principal QFFICE STAFF Behind Backdrop C23 I Linda Cottingame - BA f MEd North Texas State Universityg Counselor Mary Ann Dillard Y BA University of Texas at El Pasog Superintendent's Secgy and Registrar Eva Cass - Administrative Assistant Zeta Hollingsworth 4 BBA North Texas State Universityg Secondary Secretary Debbie Melton - Elementary Receptionist Janet Roberts -7 BBA North Texas State Universityg Financial Sec'y Janice Shanks 4 BA Baylor Universityg Librarian Brenda Sewell ! BS Texas Woman's Universityg Nurse Carolyn Wilson - Secondary Secretary 101 Steve Adair - BSfMEd North Texas State University, Bible, Coach Ann Babbitt - BA Southern Methodist University, Creative Writing, English Ann Bankead - BS Baylor University, Government X Economics, History Judy Blount w BS Eastern Kentucky University, 6th Grade Boy Borders - BBA Southern Methodist University, ,I r. High Math Letitia Brittain - BS Stephen F. Austin University, English Cindy Clements i BA Baylor University, 4th Grade Dale Coates - BM East Texas Baptist College, MME North Texas State University, Secondary Music Sonya Darr - BA Grace College, History Ann Davis - BS Howard Payne University, MBE SWBTSg 2nd Grade Gay Davis - BS Howard Payne University, MS North Texas State University, lst Grade Paula Day - BA Pan American University, Elementary Music TEACHERS GET ,il at-Mmm?" 102 Sf' Q DUVV T0 BUSINESS Mari Dezago - BS Wheaton, Elementary P.E. Coach Lana Dodgen - BSXMS East Texas State University, Speech Therapist Dian Dow a BS Thiel College, MS University of Pittsburgh, Coach for High School Susan Frank Y BA Baylor University, 2nd Grade Frankie Gatton - BS Howard Payne University, Typing, Accounting, General Business, Bible Carol Gilliland A BA Baylor University, lst Grade Betsy Green - BS Baylor University, 6th Grade Lois Harbaugb A BA Wheaton College, MEd University of Texas at Dallas, Science, Biology, Psychology Becky Hayes - BA Houghton College, Bible, French Mark Hines - BS University of Texas, Bible, Coach Deborah Horan A BS East Texas State University, Kindergarten Kay Killingsworth - BS Baylor University, 5th Grade Ea.: as 3 103 Charlotte Kivioja - BA Dallas Baptist College, MS University of Texas at Dallas, 4th Grade Sheila Lol' tin M BS North Texas State University, 3rd Grade Karren McKinney - BA Liberty Baptist College, Kindergarten David Melton - BS East Texas State University, Elementary P.E., Coach Anita Peterson - BA Baylor University, MEd Texas Woman's University, 4th Grade Pam Phillips - BA Furman University, lst Grade Dorylee Plexco - BA Southern Methodist University, Spanish Ramona Popplewell - BS Howard Payne University, Science, P.E., Coach Linda Rainwater - BFA University of Texas at Arlington, Art, Bible Daphna Reece - BS East Texas Baptist University- 6th Grade Helen Rekerdres - Teacher's Certificate Cambridge Institute of Education, England, 5th Grade Sherry Reynolds 3 BA f MA Marshall University, 3rd Grade 7 Keith Spurlock - BSE University of Arkansas, Math, Algebra, Chemistry, Advanced Math Donna Stark - BA Ouahita Baptist College, English Dianne Thompson - BA Carson Newman College, Kindergarten 104 President - Ron Riffe Vice President - JoAnn Sauer Secretary - Suzanne Peterson Treasurer - Angela Carrington Chaplain - Celia Christy Social Chairman - Becky McGuire Yemi Assefa 2 yrs. French Award 3 Shellie Bjork f 3 yrs. Pep Squad f lg Drill Team Y 3,4g liieut. 4g Softball f 3,4g Track 4 Brenda Brame f 4 yrs. Band Y l,2,3,4g Band Award e 2,3g Band Student Director ff 2,4g Volleyball Captain nf 4:, Basketball f l,2g Softball ff 1,23 Most Athletic Y 4 john Briggs f 4 yrs. Track f lg French Club - 3g Football -- 4 Barbara Brunner f 1 yr. Newspaper f 4g Choir f 4g Senior Play f 4g Foreign Student f 4 Carolyn Burnett f 2 yrs. Student Council Pres. f 4g Annual Staff Photographer f 43 Senior Play comm. W 4g Track ff 4 106 Z Angela Carrington f 4 yrs. Volleyball 4 13 Co-Capt. f 13 Pep Squad '13 Drill Team A 2,3,43 Lieut. - 3,43 Class Chaplain f 33 Class Treasurer - 4g Basketball - 4 Carl Choate 4 4 yrs. Football- 1,2,3,43 All Conf. - 4g Baseball f 1,23 Track - 2,3,43 SDAHSS 4 3,4 Diana Christner - 1 yr. Softball - 4- Celia Christy - 2 yrs. Basketball - 3g Psychology Award - 33 Senior Class Chaplain f 4 Ken Coursey 4 1 yr. Baseball - 43 FCA v 43 Mu Alpha Theta f 4 Kris Courson f 4 yrs. Band - 2,33 Pres. f 33 French Club - 3,43 Chaplain f 3,43 Senior Play P 43 Choir - 4 107 Robyn Dance f 4 yrs. FCA - 3,43 Pres. FCA - 43 French Club - 33 VP e 33 WWAHSS - 233,43 Sr. Play Comm. - 43 NJHS Pres. - 23 Cheerleading e 2,3,43 Head Cheerleader - 43 NHS - 3,43 Annual Staff - 233,43 Editor f 43 Homecoming attendant e 2,43 Math Award e 33 English Award f 33 Softball f 233,43 Basketball f 43 French Award f 3 Lanette Elmore - 1 yr. Basketball - 43 Senior Play Comm. YW 4 Teresa Ewers - 3 yrs. Spanish Club e 43 Cheerleader Manager f 43 Softball e 43 Track f 43 Newspaper - 4 ,Ionna Calouye - 3 yrs. Track A 23 Spirit Team - 23 Spanish Club - 2,33 Drill Team - 3,43 Softball f 43 Senior Play Y 43 Honor Roll - 4 Steven Guass - 4 yrs. French Club - 33 Sec. Treasurer - 33 Tennis - 4 Cera Gray - 2 yrs. Student Council Sec.fTreasurer - 43 Choir Pres. - 43 Spanish Club Social Vice- Pres. f 43 Drill Team manager W 43 Senior Play W 43 Tennis f 43 Funniest f 4 108 David Green Y 4 yrs. Football Y 1,2,3,43 All Conf. Y 3,43 Capt. Y 43 Basketball Y 2,43 Baseball Y 2,3343 All Conf. Y 2,33 Day Camp Y 43 Jr. Class Pres.3 Partiers Y 4 Marvella Griffith Y 1 yr. Senior Play Y 43 Choir Vice-Pres. Y 43 Drill Team Manager Y 43 Tennis Y 43 NHS Y 43 WWAAHSS Y 3 Laura Harris Y 2 Yrs. Tennis Y 33 NHS Y 3,43 Drill Team Y 43 FCA Y 4g Senior Play Y 4g Student Council Rep. 43 Choir Officer Y 43 Softball Y 4 Bill Johnson Y 1 Yr. Football Y 43 Basketball Y 43 Baseball Y 43 FCA Pres. Y 43 Senior Play Y 4g Annual Staff Y 43 NJHS Y 13 SDAHSS Y 23 Friendliest Y 43 Partiers Y 4 Sheffie Kadane ' 4 Yrs' Football Y 1,23 NJHS Y 1,23 Vice Pres. Y 23 NHS Y 3,43 Student Council Alt. Y 2,33 Spanish Club Y 33 Pres. Y 33 Jr. Favorite Y 33 FCA Y 1,23 English Award Y 33 Spanish Award Y 33 SDAHSS Y 2,33 Baseball Y 43 Senior Play Y 4 Most Likely to Succeed Y 4 Becky McGuire - 3 Yrs- Student Council Y 33 NJHS Y 23 Newspaper Y 23 Latin Award Y 23 Journalism Award Y 23 Cheerleader Y 3,43 NHS Y 3,43 English Award Y 33 Bible Award Y 33 WWAAHSS Y 3,4 Senior Class Social Chairman Y 43 Senior Play Direc. Y 43 Homecoming Attendant Y 4g Miss FBA Y 43 Most Likely to Succeed Y 4 109 Scott Montgomery - 1 yr. Member of 1 980-3 1 Senior Class Andy Moody - 4 yrs. Basketball - 1,2,3,43 Baseball - 1,2,3,41Q All- Conf. - 2,33 Track - 33 Student Council - lg Band - 13 Spanish Club - 3,43 Senior Play H 43 Annual Staff -4 Charlie Moss - 2 yrs. Basketball - 3,43 All Conf. - 3,43 Baseball - 3,43 Football - 43 NHS - 3,43 English Award - 3g Annual Staff - 43 Mr. FBA f- 43 Partiers - 43 Math Award - 3 Joe Newton - 3 yrs. Football - 2,3,43 Baseball - 233,43 Spanish Club - 3,43 Pres. - 4-3 Student Council Exec. Board - 43 Junior Class Vice Pres. - 3g Senior Play - 4 Steve Osborne - 4 yrs. Basketball - 13 FBA Band - lg Spanish Club + 1,25 Track H- 13 Senior Play H 43 Honor Roll - 43 Sr. Favorite - 4 Barbara Parker - 4 yrs. NJHS - 1,23 Softball - 3,43 Spanish Club - 3,43 Senior Play Comm. - 4 110 Jr Warren Payne - 4 yrs. NJHS - 1,23 Football - 2,3,43 All Conf. - 43 Science Club - 2g Chemistry Award - 3g Student Council - 43 Track - 4 Suzanne Peterson - 4 yrs. Freshmen Class Vice Pres. - lg Drill Team - 2,33 Track - 2,33 All-Conf. k 2,33 Basketball - 43 Senior Play - 43 NJHS -Y 1,23 NHS - 3,43 Spanish Club - 3,43 Senior Class Secretary - 43 FCA Vice Pres. - 43 Annual Staff - 3,43 Asst. Editor - 43 Cheerleading Mgr. +- 4g Most Spirited - 4 Caren Plexco f 4 yrs. Volleyball - lg Softball - 13 Drill Team - 3,43 Spanish Club - 3,43 Track - 4 Steve Rainwater - 4 yrs. Physical Science Award - lg Science Club - 23 Senior Play Comm. M 43 A.M.S.A.fN.0.S.E. - 3343 Pres. PMFC - 43 Star Trek Club - 3,4 Leann Rector - 4 yrs. Drill Team - 1,2,3,43 Lieut. - 33 Captain - 43 NJHS - 1,23 Secretary - 23 NHS - 3,43 NSDS - 23 English Award - 2g Psychology Award - 3g Homecoming Nominee - 43 Senior Play - 43 Annual Staff - 4 Ron Riffe F- 4 yrs. Football - 1,2,3,43 All Conf. - 43 All State - 43 Basketball - 13 Track W 1,2,4g NJHS - 1,23 NHS - 3,43 Student Council Rep. W 1,2,33 Soph. Class VP - 2g Junior and Senior Class Pres. - 3,43 Spanish Club - 3g Sr. Play f 43 NSDAHSS - 2,3,43 WWAHSS - 4 111 Bill Rogers 4 yrs. Golf 1,23 Newspaper Staff - 3,43 Editor - 43 NJHS - 1,23 Science Club 3 23 Senior Play Comm. M 43 AMSAXNOSE JoAnn Sauer - 4 yrs. Cheerleader - 1,3,43 Soph. Class Chaplain - 2g Junior Class Social Chairman - 3g Senior Class Vice Pres. - 4g Student Council Rep. - 1,33 Pres. French Club - 33 Jr. Class Favorite - 33 Annual Staff - 3,43 Track - 1,23 All Conf. - 1,23 Voice of Democ. - 43 Citizenship Award - 43 WWAAHSS - 43 Senior Class Favorite - 43 Most Friendly - 4 Danny Saur - 3 yrs. Senior Play - 43 Spanish Club - 3,43 Track - 4 Cynthia Tan -4 1 yr. Tennis - 43 Softball - 4g Student Council Alt. - 4 David Tatom - 4 yrs. Football - 1,2,3,43 All Conf. - 43 All State - 4g All Private Defensive Player of the Year - 43 Track - 1,2,3,43 All Conf. - 2,3343 All Privates - 400m relay3 MVP - 33 Student Council Vice Pres. - 43 Most Athletic - 4 Terri Tindle - 4 yrs. Hunting and Fishing Club - 2g Spanish Club - 3,43 Senior Play - 4 112 'Qin 29,5 l Shane Tunnell - 4 yrs. Tennis A 1,2,3,4g Basketball f 1,2g Student Council f 4g Spanish Club f 1,2g NJHS - 1,2 Darren Wickham A 4 yrs. Tennis f lg Photography Club - lg Band - 1,23 Annual Staff K 3g Senior Play - 4 Carol Wilpitz - 4 yrs. Freshman Class Sec. W 1:, Soph. Class Sec. - 2g Junior Class Sec.fTreas. A 33 Homecoming Attendant f 33 Homecoming Queen - 4g Choir 3g Spanish Club - 3g Drill Team f 4g Senior Play A 4 113 SENIOR ffffl N 'N 'S' ff-"""" :if M Friendliest Most Spirited joAnn Sauer Suzanne Peterson Bill johnson joe Newton SUPERLATIVES iw Funniest Cara Gray Charlie Moss Most Likely to Succeed Most Athletic Becky Sheffie David Brenda McGuire Kadane Tatom Brame "ll-f X 3' k .ww ' . 94 ' X-h " 0 w O '69 ' bio! fo? ff 11' President - Greer Kendall Vice President - Don Hanson Secretary - lulie Mitchell Treasurer - Scott Norris Chaplain - Tony Varnon Social Chairman - Beth Oliver JUNIURS GET EARLY GLIMPSE Tim Ashley Skip Baker Gina Belscamper Chris Beshears J 0 Brooks Nancy Buckingham Brian Cade David Carter Amy Cunningham David Davis Ruth Fagerstrom Lisa Fain Rhonda Ferguson Judy Fredman Spencer Friedl Cindy Catlin Gayle Gibson Ann Goode Don Hanson Valerie Hanson GF HSENIGR PRIVILEGESH Mary Hestand Greer Kendall Harold Kinamon Wesley Koester Mary Leacham John Miller Julie Mitchell Scott Norris Beth Oliver Lisa Perry Bryan Ratzlaff Carrie Rogers Meg Stevens Lynette Taylor Lynn Valerius Tony Varnon Matt Waldie Traci Waldie Bill Watson Billy Weedon NF' O C 1 C - Y 5.5: iw i vnu, Q Y V A af. is ' r .ip Asgn ,C I qi.. ,, ""i' X . fNs,:m-' 1 X ik -f an Y 5 W st an H ""' 1, K M 235 irri iccc gw. - , ,,, Sera in Z ,,,L, , ig gf, was .. ffff R A Q W Q' M .K , X. 3 ,M K W C W ir S President - Becky Beazley Vice-President - Paul Cunningham Secretary - Glenda Payne Chaplain - Laura Guthrie Social Chairman - Angela Rice SGPHQ CRES ARE MSPECIALH Brian Adams Paul Ascuitto John Michael Ashworth Becky Beazley Rance Bryson J im Carter Lamar Cooper Jeanette Cone Chris Cox David Crumley Paul Cunningham Michelle Dameron Andy Dow Luis Garcia Cheri Catton Laura Gentry, SOPHO CRES CAUGHT I Ann Gibson Michael Green Laura Guthrie Teresa Grimland Angela Harris Randy Heckman David Hinkle Roger Hoffmire Jody Hooks Stephanie Kadane Derron Layman Stephen Lisle Elizabeth Lord Rhonda Martin Matt McCorcle STATE OF SUSPENSIO 3 5 cz aah Frazier Maxwell Miriam Migliazza Melody Monroe Deanna Padgett Glenda Payne Rhonda Payne Sally Peterson Sara Piercy Angela Rice Molly Stark Melinda Tidwell Sarah White Zoe Ellen Williams Maryanne Wilson Chris Zorbanos f if President - Paul Rogers Vice President - Linda Lisle Secretary - Misti Spruiell Chaplain - Laurie Lisle NINTH GRADE Tim Bellington Carol Bowman Rebecca Campbell Doug Christy Sharolyn Coleman Priscilla Cooke Kim Cowen Chris Cunningham Perry Dance Rhonda Derden Dave Fagerstrom Steve Foster Curt Frisbie Carol Galouye Brad Ghormley Pat Gilliland Martha Godfrey FISH SWIM UPSTREAM Delisa Goodwin Alan Griffin Roger Guthrie Glen Hanson Lynn Hanson Debbie Hinkle Tracy Hinton Suzanne Holmes Deborah Hudson Laurie Lisle Linda Lisle Kirk MacLean Greg Malphurs Stephanie Martin Mitch Mitchell Kathy Moss Rachelle Murphy Brandt Neese I T0 HIGH SCHOOL Jennifer Norris David Parker Paula Paul Sharon Perkins Sue Reum Paul Rogers Kevin Schaded Phil Schmidt Misti Spruiell Michelle Stovall Cheri Stults Steve Thomas Grace Tippie Neil Toler Lisa Torres Kathy Troy Devin Wickham Carrol Williams EIGHTH GRADE REACHES Cynda Armstrong Sarah Bailey Q if Brad Blakeway Keith Bowen S X 1 .. ,A 2 I 1,. y K 1 071 " ,aw Q A W-t,,,,,m..w H ww-f Stephanie Brittain Jeff Cade Mike Cannon David Carter Lisa Coggins Amy Comfort Stephen Cooper Kyle Courson George Crumley Debbie Davis Sherry Dean Anne Denny ,f eae A in 1 yoy ,, . LIFE Kurt Dow Andy Driggers Melanie Embry Tammy Feath Mark Frisbie Wendy Gilkerson Malaura Gilley Shawn Heath Michelle Hensel Heather Horch Ronnie Hyde Brian Karr Tera Kovar Monica Lu David McDaniel Brad McKinney AKADIMIK XPURTS Shaf McKinney Mark Mathis Laura Miller Darren Moon Jeff Moore Steve Moore Jay Myrick Lisa Nelson Christine Newton Cedric Parson Brian Patterson Aimee Perry Fiona Pretlove Alan Reynolds Mike Riffe Ann Rogers Priscilla Rogers Regan Smith Robert Steinbach Brenda Wilson ,lim Wilsfmn Mark Wood iz i im Picture Not Available MQ SEVENTH GR DE Laura Alberts Susan Allen Renee Arning Stephen Atkinson Michelle Babbitt Buffie Beazley Jennifer Berry Ruth Blankenship Jacki Branum Roddy Brown Mike Bryant Trent Buckroyd Ashlee Burch Tina Cellan David Clifton Chris Coker Marc Cottingame Cheri Coulter Dana Cox Betty Cunningham Bill Cuuningham SEVENTH GR DERS J ed Davenport Doug Douglas J ill Ferguson David Garrett Roger Gleghorn Michelle Harbaugh Heather Huber Chad Irby Beth Johnson Robert King Tammy Leonard Robin Lowther Laura Lyons Dena McDonald Cliff McNeely Dave Malphurs Chris Marsh Devini Martin Rohbyn Needham Nicole Neese CRQSS THE STREET Armour Patterson Courtney Phillips Cathy Pokladnik R. W. Raabe William Rhodes Derrick Rodgers Daniel Rutledge Bruce Shaw Kathy Shepherd Shelly Steakley Jacelyne Swayze Shanlea Thomas Mike Weathered Gwen Weaver Chris Williams Sam Williamson Bill Wilson Todd Wilpitz Wendy Woody Melissa Young A ff 1711 - ' -7 4 2 " ' ,,,. ,. V. ,. ,,.,.. ..,,...4., ,, Lf -"V' f I f ,Q ,,,,. ,,,, V 'fws ,f MW ww, , ,, A ' N . -I :fp 'pn K 1' ,.?EEa'1if::-11'-' a ,,7"'Zf1' f , V-Lx, hx M f 1 ,fn K 1 -W' Lt, mx. 4 W W .1 LSL! K 7 Q uw ,If Y up . " W , ,L V J 1 ' t 4 J W 'A' Mfg,-f ww as ,, r ' A My W A M W3 M fa M. gg? 1 V3- WW , , 1 1 ,bn gg 1 Y 3. Wa a W Q 1' A ' 11 of '-'-'- ' :L 1. it ., any H: 1' N2 C g. ff ' U 1 g 5- 4 -f- qp. ,, I , up Y 1 S -f. vu Q M i 'Ik A? , 1 i 1 4 X Q3 gr Q 2 1' 4 gm, 3 Q wh X asf' ...W xx! - 5 ' SIXTH GR DE BLCDU T Lance Blakeway Bill Brust Catherine Campbell Jason Chalker Chris Cottingame Michael Downs Patrick Gibson Chris Gilliland Cathey Godfrey Sheri Grimland Jamie Howard Rob Hunt Asha Patterson David Roberts Randy Rogers Lori Smith Darren Watson Paul Wilson SIXTH GRADE - GREE Steven Aseiutto Chris Coggins Andrew Embry Ricky Hardin Robert Johnson Laurel Kayse Melissa Leonard Allison Loeb Keith Lowther Graham Monroe Sheena Moore Leslie Murphey Ashley Queal Russell Ramey Sharon Riffe Laura Shanks Sloan Stubbs Roger Wise W? SIXTH GRADE . , E' V .. Z J nv REECE Paul Bernhard Ashley Berry Tiffany Bisset Robert Bourdene David Dunn Angela Foudriat Kenneth Goodwin Jennifer Hudspeth Gary Don Lambert Jimmy Lu Heather Pretlove Doug Simpson Claire Troy Tammy Watkins Will White Fred Williams FIFTH GR DE -- KILLINGSVVGRTH Tara Appling Rachel Brittain Linda Brown Dwight Burch Becky Burnett Darren Cone Jennifer Cox Misty Cutsinger Doyle England Jeffrey Feath Stephanie Gilkerson Karla Hale Holly Hayes Patti Hooten John Matlock Luis Pantoja Lisa Roeser Doug Shepherd Lisa Thompson Anne-Marie Trammel ,, 4, J J JJ ,,, J J :V ,,-f Ka M , X, SJ J ,Eng V J J M, ,,,. J rw , JA . ff ,,,,,,, ' 1 'iv J? fx U, tw o G if V 1 'P Z' nf, P 1 1 M 4 ' C in ,f ,J 3, JM JJ K x J' X 1 L,,, t gg' - fly A J J so Traci Turner L- J 2, :'t' , il ,NJ JJffJfJ..Qf ,,?i ,"' Q 'if V Tinl JV ir i J ,-K,..l J J fn J 1 VJ, ' , Todd White fe AJ J ' Kim Wilson L J as "f' , - J J VVVV 4 E! Ji n s VV J J ' '-ie JJV 138 FIFTH GRADE REKERDRES Michelle Alezander Jeannie Allen Mau Babbitt Jamie Baker Dizie Barnett Bob Beazley Geoffrey Brown Jackie Chamblee Craven Coates Lara Cowen Charles Finklea J ay Gleghorn Karen Hall Sonya Merrill Shelley Morris Serita Parson Carmen Patterson Mary Laura Reynolds J on Sawyer Toni Seng W'endi Shaw Tara Tinker Kristi Warnstaff Dwight Wilson EW ELEME TARY STUDENTS Charlie Garcia Charlie Kennon Matt Bryant Barry Kennon Amy Bryant sq xg .K 9 W m W ECDURTH GR DE - PETERSON Stephanie Adair Jarrod Bell Michael Corneius Angela Cade J oe Collins Rachelle Hast Taylor Higginbotham Kelly Holder Mary Lyons Missy Macnamara Susan Mathis Erica Mickels Leslee Rector Sean Reed Brandi Roberts Brad Sconyers John Torres Tiffany Whidden Eric Williamson Amy Womack li W Lori Zalac FGURTH GRADE RIVIOJA Tracy Bowers Michelle Carper Andy Dunn Melanie Edwards Paul Grinke Michelle Lamm Jason Lu Sammie Pehlke Karen Phillips Jimmese Pitts Debbie Pokladnik Trissie Roberts Kristy Rose Jennifer Seabolt Timmie Simpson Matthew Thompson Greg Wagnon Charis White Kara Young FCDURTH GRADE - CLEMENTS . MMM , Wig? am ff ,Q if J Q Y 2 EW 7 W Q f if " -Q 'qv 1 ' f Q, Q Y N s., f i A ' 1 "-- 'S QE 1 Q 4. M572 ,A . nd? L 2 I ,W xi 4 My f 'S 'bl 1 limi Colby Chaney Ruthie Cooper Nicole Davenport Pam Edwards Heather Finklea Anissa Garcia Susan Hampton Danny Hardesty Billy Lambert Sonya McGill Missy McKinley Ashleigh Murphy Lori Rushing Jason Russell Malcolm Smith Tamie Smith Mary Beth Smithee Kim Stewart Leslie Timmons l 143 THIRD GR DE LOFTI Jennifer Barryer Ginny Busby Wynelle Cornelius Terri Cromeens Christian Garcia Alan Catton Lisa Hilburn Janie Hunting .lon Jefferson Kevin Karr Brian Kauffman Jason Marsh Jenny O,Driscoll Liz Pope Jaunita Porth Kyle Queal Andrea Rodriguez Amy Sconyers Monica Seabolt Kelly Testorff .I eff Young THIRD GRADE - REY QLDS iw f Krista Appling Michelle Bissett Jamie Berry James Brown Stephanie Damron LaJuana Edwards Mandy Green Jonathan Gryder Paul Daniel Jackson Ericka Johnson Billie Jean Lamb Elbert Lonzie Jill Matlock Katie Matthews Ladd Ramey Jennifer Roeser Bart Rose Jamie Smith Jennifer Swayze J avon Thigpen Margie Wall Matthew Weedon SECO DGRADE DAVIS Allison Baines John Baker Nathan Barlowe Lori Byrd Chris Carper Bill Harhough Louis Hardin Bridget Harrison Leon Howard Kathy Kelley Lisa Kratz Stephanie Lu Colton Matthews Jason Moneymaker Carrie Nance Rob Neilson Julie Rusk Darrell Sturges Lee Tillson Anna Whitsitt McQuail Williams Chad Wyfostek SECUND GRADE 2 6 a 'Walt 3 - FRAN Brian Albrecht Brent Belvin Adrienne Cowan Ross Cunningham Vashon Dacus Mike Edwards Mark Elmore LaToy Franklin Kalyn Garrett Abby Lale Michelle Macnamara Jason Martin Angie Melton Tyrone Nelson Stefan Pehlke Kelly Pennington Ted Uhlemann Caly Watkins Shannon Welsh Carol Ann Whitton Dante Williams Nikki Williams FIRST GR DE - D VIS Leslie Arnold David Engel as ' I ' X45 .v an V 1 gala J fi SEMA y 'Q William Edwards A 3'-1 V' f we ' 1 + Q g av K 'iw an ? Ashley Ferguson Marcus Hoskins Kim Kirby Jennifer Land Carrie Lively Emily Mason Ginny Morton Reddrion Price Joel Pulis Lisa Roberts Aaron Russell Barbara Smithee Travis Tillson f A an yyyayi , xii g . .L E, 1. .. Q ' E -X K .L-M. . FIRST GRADE GILLILA Suzannah Bell Jason Crump Jason Davenport Rainy DeMoss Willie Fowler Kristi Guy Beth Hardin Dani Keel Wesley Pantoja Angela Rodriguez Edmundo Rodriguez Brian Sanders Sheryl ,Io Taylor Travis Turner Tara Williams FIRST GR DE - PHILLIPS Rene Aguilar Layla Bryan Catherine Channell Kendra Garrett Jacob Green Becky Hardesty Kim Hart Kylie Huber Miguel Interriano Jason Lambert Jonathan Lee Jim Lively Eural Maxwell Kellie Mock Jonathan Moore Amy Roberts Angel Shults I fl' 3 DERG RTE - HCDRA Tim Blakeway Lateefah Booty Chris Camtols Melissa Carper Doug Damron Isaiah Evans Mark Falcon Bryan Godwin Lee Lamb Sari Maryono Craig Moore Rachel Nelson Nathan Ozuna Alex Parks Dean Reed Greg Sawyer Jeffrey Swindell KI DERG Rick Appling Leslie Arnold Shawn Baker Beth Bissett Amie Boughton Amy Bush Hubert Freeman Stephanie Garner Christy Hall Wade Hampton Stephanie Hindall Amy Horton Loren Kellogg Anna Long Sarah Moore Matt Osborne Carole Anne Smith Roshawn Talley RTE - MCKINNEY l .. we-+ gg i Qu jr . an-:wg I KI DERGARTE THQMPSUN Dorie Ainsworth Kirsten Carr Crystal Davis Bess Duke Laura Elmore John Hamilton Jonathan Hardwick Erroll Johnson Derrick J ones Eric Mann Kelley Jo Martin Stephanie Mason Meredith Shaw Noelle Simpson Amy Spurlock Luke Weeden Brad Weesner Jason White 4 . ,HH ..,, -my ":" "' , ..,p:- '1 M- .: ,, 12,1 ' 7 51, 1 ,, ' va I A X . -rv ,- if C X if if ,QQ Lb is wc ' XX X XL' 1 A t , X R ev" 'I' ,X Q cg X, Cir , 6509 X Q5 Q , 533 ,fe ev 29 E' -1 ' f Q no G4 xo' ' D . 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Q Qs ' Q D' Q3 Rf OG ' '619 u Q THE ANNUAL STAFF THANKS it Mr. Dow Mr. Hollingsworth V Darren Wickham for contributing to the 1980-81 Cornerstone SENIUR PARENTS HUNOR SENIORS 81 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Arthur Bjork Eldon Brame W T Briggs Chet Burnett Paul Carrington Clyde N Choate W R Chrrstner R J Coursey J W Courson Tom Dance Larry Elmore Gene E wers Charles Galouye Veo Gray James G Green Ralph E Gnfhth Thomas B Harrrs Blll L Johnson Mrs SheffleldA Kadane and Mrs Ken McGuire and Mrs C S Montgomery and Mrs Henry L Moody and Mrs James H Moss Fred Newton and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harold Nown Oz Ozborne Robert Parker R K Payne Stan Peterson Carey Plexco Thomas J Rector Robert L Rrffe Wrlllam B Rogers Gene Saur David W Tmdle BurtJ Tunnell Hugh L Wickham Jr Wayne Wllpltz Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Dr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' ' Dr. . . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. Mr. . ' Dr. . Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . Dr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' In Appreciation of Mrs Dorylee Plexco for All the Tlme and Effort Spent ln Being the Sponsor of the Varsity Cheerleaders OLIVER AND ASSCCIATES 4350 North Central Expressway 824 6736 Insurance Wlth Integrity I I I I O I I ' ' I I THE PARENT TEACHER FELLOWSHIP HONORS FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY STUDENTS if? iffle' Agglggrf X65 sb is mms af' IDI Don t copy the behaozor ancl Customs o tins world but be a new and dz erent person wzth a reslfz newness zn all you do ana tlnnk Then you wzll learn rom your own experzence how Hzs ways wzll really satzsfy you Romans 12 2 4 . 5 1 l g M P3, r- , f ' ,ff , rf fl1'o 1. , f,, I TOM F. DANCE AIA ARCHITECTURE 81 PLANNING 691-4404 160 cet- -'13 rv--5235 1 55.2. ...mzdt4aa94'74aaea!Zf4dt4,4ot44t'7 coaldfzemoae ,mzddaaeaatcdaadrfp Vamnotldngldu. 13.-26 Sweden! Hacwcdf 'YO-'Yi Carolyn Burnett - President Ge ra Gray - Secretaryf Treasurer David Tatom - Vice President .loe Newton - Executive Committee Carl Choate - Chaplain Shane Tunnell - Executive Committee Linda Rainwater - Sponsor I OUACHITA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY A O UNIQUE 1 EXPERIENCE fFallj TWO EXICITING EVENTS FOR YOU TO SEE Sponsored by the I 0UQi2,"1Afff,'2f"I 1 X e 'Q "Students Helping Students" ' V' . r X F tj 5 1 A U , ' . 4 JI ... ' , For more information m ' write: I Ouachita Student Foundation , OBU Box 697 C-ITL' Arkadelphia, Ark. 7 192 3 . fSpr1ngj 151 in in 162 S Ewulcdmeaf geanganadamwagzdanguadedawupmww, w4a4mue:4r44w94u:44m649waf9z4g44. ll Zofufntddaaa ?:ll Stewardship Enrichment Church Division of: Del Rogers Inc. ' RESIDENTIAL . 7203 SklIlman,Suate 106, Dallas, Texas 75231 349-222 'fine Qu' 74:45 ZW Spec an 744 PW la 21464 l4ZZl6e Sfwcea 015409452 J ' s ' 7 U 3 DI ' - Ill 4, A E 3 4 U 14721 coat Road, DalIas,Texas 75240 233-4044 gee-zqfddag We 744664 7wm4z'a Compliments af Q E LET 8008 MARVIN D. LOVE FREE WA Y DALLAS, TEXAS 75236 2141298-49 1 1 Calhoun Engineering Inc. 511 North Akard Street C2141 747-9386 ......L 14. .I A m Af, e 5,14 UWB 4.2.4. 1 'E I 4 ' 347.74 li ' E 2' A' 1 5' 1 X I! v -U Y' Y Dallas, Texas 75201 U yi Q11-zeer, .gf . vw, f'.w-irrfw-r ,L ...I L' ..r ui., it X X l , lull! . In I-N 'S I 1 . Qf5F'??ffH XR ' . 1 ff, X,,:m9ggAqzi if 3.2 , Tv?---. 'fri Ng! 1:47 ff X ,Egg rig-ik SN" f as f , ,V 17.:,-gc,-fn V,.f,1-S. '- I .X Ni 3151 ,pw NQSSQ-,N - 53" v S.. X 1 1 N aff,-5--,Q-".f,. 1'5"!EJ'.-ff V+ 535, X - sgx'd.J,,cf" 1 36' ' -i Q. .!', X fx' 3 . 'N N"'fq::1n P MW I I 4-3 .--- 1 .. .. - . 5' N ., A 4 I X V, .--vm .X J A -M -.4 Compliments of 5,-fonz.e: Uni.:-:'cio'z4 ancf gifbi, gnc. and Mrs. Mary C. Crowley DEMCO MFG. 722 W. DAVIS DALLAS, TEXAS 75208 941-2411 V CRISWELL CENTER EOR BIBLICAI. STUDIES VMQELL Cgffg N Qs QS? Q' X Ss Q' W Q Q ? I R 355 im Qlzasnxf' N Q' is Q N 'Xgggfllg 3 Gy EEQQQZIIQAL 56 M "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." II Peter 1:20-21 525 North Ervay, Dallas, Texas 75201 TAYLOR - PONTIAC - AMERICAN American af Jeep ir Honda Car "" :4"'z UI ,- I ,I ll . an uf 2 I wa IM "Mfl?fL,f..1lE. ' ' aa , - A I . 2 NEW AND '9.g CEIIASEIEQ North Dallas Bank USED 1 oad LBJ ' Dallas, Tala! 751I30 ' 12141 387-1300H' Mlmbll FDIC , Q We listen... We help! 943-3551 TIME only minutes 6Xit from any- Jefferson St. where in QUALITY off Stemmons expway DHHHS o 1 A Ll R 1' 3' Su Dalla Aerial surveys, Im. Aerial Photography and Mapping Services 10220 Forest Lane Dallas, Texas 75243 2141349-2190 Bill Johnson THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME One of the most important steps in your future is the establishment of a home. . . YOUR home As you prepare to enter college . . . and then to pursue a career. . . Remember that the HOME is where the heart is. In due time - with God's help and guidance. . . you will start your home . . . and it will be the source of much joy and happiness. . . it will be the strength of this nation - as it has been for generations. We beseech you, therefore, to set high on your list of accomplishments. . . to establish a Christian home and resolve that "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." In the interim, as you pursue your education and launch a career, we urge you to . . . Seek knowledge Develop Wisdom Love righteousness Fear God. FIRST MARKXCLEMENTSXPRINZHORN REAL ESTATE 4140 Abrams Road 364 Abrams! Forest Center 10253 Ferguson Road 824-8171 341-3000 327-7345 ey Saint ee 0n Tru kin! ,,...,-ww'-"""' :ik 1122 , ,,, 'ff 22? 544 Z,-im , ,Lf W Compliments Of East Texas Motor Freight The LTL Dependables! Corporate Offices 2355 Stemmons Frwy. Box 10125 Dallas, Texas 75207 12145 638-2280 Dallas Terminal 4242 Irving Blvd. Box 47544 Dallas, Texas 75247 12141 638-4950 171 Congratulations for Your Nine Years of Christian Educational Accomplishments DATA SYSTEMS OF DALLAS 10836 GRISSOM 243-3336 In life, as in baseball, the important thing is to get home safe! SAFETY RULES 1. Cross streets only at corners, look left and right, and be sure before you go. 2. Roller skating or playing with scooters or wagons in streets where autos are numerous endangers life and limb. Stay on sidewalks, or vacant lots for your play. 3. Never touch or step on dangling wires: they may be alive with electricity. 4. Firearms are deadly. Leave them alone, unless in the company of an ADULT. 5. Gasoline or cleaning fluids are dangerous. Never play with these, or strike matches near either or have near a fire. 6. Never play near a fire or allow smaller children near a fire. 7. Learn to protect yourself and others. SHELTON 4. BOWLES .944 Donald E. Bowles, Sr. President "Over 50 Years of Service" 8333 Douglas Dallas, Texas 75225 363-1600 HONURING THE 1930-31 SWIRLETTES Qeetonatiom Qpeciafhsts R 5 SJLKE DAMAG THANKS FOR THE MEMURIES . - 9 swam r Cl-1 BUT!! X I I iq rs, X X If x W RECT ANGLE " F Green Teams R'ENDs swllu ETTES s PL fAcuL1Y Moo' .9 AIA veg' Gym qs, pl?-'y H 439' +A Love 93685 Q69 STAFF EA S etc. Scrok RWOQD ' 1 Psalm 14527 Som Proverbs1UZ7 DEDICATED TO THE SENIOR CLASS GF '81 A GRADUATES PRAYER y by Helen Steiner Rice Father, I have knowledge So will you show me now How to use it wisely And find a way somehow To make the world I live in A little better place . . . And make life with its problems A bit easier to face - Grant me faith and courage And put purpose in my days - And show me how to serve Thee In the most effective ways So all my education, My knowledge and my skill, May find their true fulfillment As I learn to do Thy Will. And may I ever he aware In everything I do ' That knowledge comes from learning - And wisdom comes from You.

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