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,.m.,,.,.,.,,. my W.. ,..,,v,,m,-,- fp-Wm.,,.,vw.,.T,......,.vmwww.--m4m,,v.,,wnwqww,mfwW..,,i.W,t.w,.rw,,-N-,V -W --mf , mww- e 2 k r F E 9 F K E . ,.,, ,r I ,. I I , I ,L A . , - . , . . wh L, .,i , , 'af 'G 51 '- ' N-fvsze' " n A ' ' , 1 3 B334 Z V , t . E E 1 i K e V i r, ' L f E 1 L X i L 1 ' 4 V. . . i 1978 CORNERSTUNE FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY DALLAS, TEXAS Volume 1 No. 6 Teamwork in Activities CON in Athletics TENTS in Advertising Team work in Academics 4 For there 'S no lone hand in the game we play . . . Team Work" - Poem by Edgar A. Guest -1 EY 2 gm i We must work to A bigger scheme, I 2 14-MSS ,, f V j , .-1 ,,,,..'w, , , HMWMDZQ , N , ,MW-vw W,.,,.V'-'M ' --lf-77--.. , ,W -Al,,.., , ,Wm ,,.w-ww" fffmwwwf- , ,,,1, , . W MQW- wwf- W, P 1 '?'Tf'EiEi1f 'ff , ,M-'f ,M,,,,..-M ,W .L., ":9""' Q " . , Y 1 ,,.,. .Tw xxx, hi .m,. . M ,,,. W K . Y, WMM W-M 1,,f-W V : ww " 4 K " W M Aww V W mnmjlwk Siuwyzv Ml,,,,:,,w4,x , ,, ., . ,qw , MW 'X K M' V U. fm , Vw ,ww '- my , QM.-W 11? ,A 4. mf? 523 Y ,rl - , 2:1 11 ,.. a 1 ,f 5 , 1 4. "'1X iw' " V '?'W wr V S is A :san ,,,, sauna ll 9 A ' 'bison A 4:41 ill! 1 1 QL 7241-1ff:::.-iw - M"4LL,I".'.T'Z.1T.'K""'-"M'W ' 4 " , ....1TT3L' iii:-.3 I.:...Qii,ggg Q--'M L.g.,,-F -....... W- M ,.,,.......,.-.4M..f,,. . ' -M -.. ' in . ,.., M..,,g.-u ,.,..,..,.-,,V,, :..g,, . ' ...,,.,,.. -- 1- ,-..WW 1..,.m..,..,..-... , WW ,.., . H - M-V V. NW... ....., ,U 4 -4--W ...ww ..,,.,.,..,w W. W " g H., w.-....,M,.,, , , ., , - M., Q--................,w-.-...y... -.....a.u.. M... Mmm' ' W-W ,.,,...,,,,m, ,MM W MMM M. . ummm- W ...V X ,Y -W mb ,Mo AW MMWM my W,,,,....-.., K ,al B.. - ,A .ya nu., '-Mfrxm --'- , ,A-.-.-H M., , W.: V..n1-ng ..,..M... uw., , .... ...,,,., -.... ..., ,... - ffm-.-........,.,-.. , QV' Na 1 VY,Y .rf .mu w-,.M,..., .,.., ,, P if Q Vi i Cv fm Ir I I i,"3"4 0 0 in ' -' Q. is 6 .1 . n .fm fa- i i V... Y N. if A lgj A s1Wb 'Y A 'Y U A And the thing that counts In the world today, xwgv "bw Is, how do you pull With the team? For four years First Baptist Academy has had a dedicated teacher working on its faculty team. She has focused her unending energy on many phases of our school life and has directed many young lives by her outstanding Christian example. Her great sense of humor, love of life, and ready smile are part of her nature f for although she is a teacher, she is above all a friend to each and every student. Therefore, with greatest love and appreciation, the I977-78 Cornerstone staff proudly dedicates this year's annual to Miss Linda Rainwater "?5". ,, f si. - ,225 1 fvvgzdwx 'xiiim A fi 44, ma K V awww WA?E'fM i ' -915.gif .'1x'1Af f' 12.4 -Mgfllv' sf ff, , X 4. x' 4 5' .W-.' f sigyfg Xp. np ',-M, fvvagfjw Q..-.-Q -'S r fn, 1 , ,nf X V L 9 ' 'QW 0:08925 "S 5F a1,84'3'fif3fT 45,6845 will ff ', 75X-:eb wg 11,1 ' M, gufhh 's "Tn 5.6! X' 'W rw fi, off? :"'faf"5Y'i'Zv S f ,Q av' kifga-1: ff! 1'Qj5f'7.S Jw'-KYQ " ' T. 1- 1 w 5-H .", ,DH-V Q W' 9 M 7 'u'5. Qg',e?gf,3g.ML' 'iw Q 334 , f1f'-392','p ,,, ',,,,fs,:f,- 5 -3' is Vx' ff' 3' Q sv' 1 'ffl M35 af 1 V' i5"'zC3' 'Q if f SWQH f V1 , , ,KL .VW A K A -1 f wiv' Wa fl? .4, V, 4,fQj.,f5 6 : H f L, x X f 12- kung: . i ..f., ff - 1-ow- , V , .1W"a' v H495 I f. 5 4' .V 3 ' Efnffzif ,ig igygffgv filyff-ri? ,mr Algfix 'LII 40 5 i .,"wA f lf 'V ' if? A 'J 5 f il? 'wxf ,gi x' lpfr. , 4 ,, K , Hffff i' uf, gbaifg i.2gf-ff' 52, ' '51 , ff' 2 ,, Wg, j, ',' M rf , F' Q " l 43 f.' 'y' Vm4.e.Js gint M ' x ,aff Qf,f'?.'uw1?"4','fwi?1" YH, .iw if gE1A.A:1.d"ii14 iligq? "' 4 K vt . 3, w uw N ,ia S ,, .. .1 -'13, .9 35' R , 3 .Miffe ive They may sound your praise and call you great, They may single you out for fame. But you must work with your running ma te, Or you 'II never win the gameg ACTIVITIES 'ati 4-Q A -v -am WM iw ,, ,-,Th W' V' an W . W k vw 'li My , , W . "5 , Wm MR. AND MISS FBA Tomm Waters Llsa Norfls O I W JUNIOR FA VORI TES Steve Wes tbrook ,lulie Dillard SENIOR FA VURITES Diane Haalie Johnny Gilliland Tj!-Mi ,W 1.-X, f....,. if A Double Carnival Is fy xy, L I8 1 ' -1 XJ. 4' 'Do M.,-,xv A ' D0 uble-Barrel Blast ls U, L.- Dunking Booth draws "enthusiastic" crowds. bfi 8. , - ff, +. QA, Would you believe he missed? 'W Fw ,,, 'e if FBA Stud nts Rock Bubbling away on Fifties Day, Okay. who forgot their Right Guard? 3 on Fifties Day .ia i i ,Q wk E asf 'S if I Q12 You mean we finally got it. '7 My it ,,, And welhoughIBz1p1isls didn't dance. Enthusiasm Runs High Academy Graffittii BAPTIST QHL Th C" l S't ' at Pep Rallies 'Ire I 'li E' ff' it Drill team from bird's eye view We're Number 1 977 Homecoming ueen Lisa Norris Queen Dixie Ca Vitt Sandy Loftin Diane Haake and Homecoming Court WM' ",,- :wif -"', QV S! , , , A LIA,b ., ,,,,,, ..,, ,,l,.l, ,lo o,o,,MA, A W -,M , u . 2' asi a o o u A ' ' " i , of fx o'Q' A " . ,r K, M y ,,,,,, wjfgg, Zip Iwi , , , , W N ,Q , ,, , , I V . I in -i Freshman Attendant - Rhonda Culpepper Junior Attendant - D'Ana Parker Sophomore Attendant - Laura Basham O b ll d ll miles. H omecomin Activities maid 26 Before game prayer Highlight Fall Semester 1 ff ,, X ' s, if 5' , What do you m tuden ts Party After Games :wx V 'V ' ' I-59,55 5 I, Ymxbz1LlIhc'y czmtl play fouilmllf M 28 Oh. you hdlllllflll dullxf W Swirlettes Show School Spirit Twp limit Amy Waugh. Debbie Arning. Dunna Preston. Andrea Harrell. Middle Rumi-3 Leann Rector. Jan Haney. Myra Retta, Kay Humphrey s. Elise Britton. Luann Ward. Bfilmni Rmr: Lynn Davis. Kristen Cherry. Liz Ashworth. Tana Meeks. Wanda Shanks. Kim Switzer. Leah Daxis. . - i - W' Q W, .V M , ' sq M4 ' , . . it J L -,ii L . if' L4 , L i r I " ss ,JY i ,UA-"""" 'i an :fi l Cheerleaders Char e U W , a X frx fir 'AVAfm.VAX!4V4xfL 'o'0l0'f7i?f??'.JlQ f'-I'0l?1fLffIIO l'fghI.'Jl.1liC Dillard, Rhonda Culpepper. Head Cheerleader Lisa Norris. Laura Basham. D'Ana Parker. Joann Sauer. V a aa aar,a H I' S i S I i Y d 8 I S i P Il i 8 I' i I F BA Saint Spirit Jr. High Says No. 1 .-.,-,v.-W-M...w,,....,,,,.Q.W..W,.,,.,. , ,W W 1,f M,......,,, S L W vp, --ff,-4,-...,,,,,b.M.W.,V...m,.M,,,, f, V.Vk'A I hw f , H f'f1ll'kWl'5C'fl'0lH mp: Darlene Sauer. Sara Picrcey. Beth Oliver. Rhonda Hightower. Jana Ahlfinger. Zoe Ellen Williams. .-.-...-.M.,-.M.,.-f-- P CLUB SUPPORTS SAINTS O-O ""va-rr Firsl Row: Captains Michelle Mathis and Sally Peterson Second Row' Becky Beazley livi TorreQ D l' G d- - . , . p 1. .. eiszi no win. Jennifer Norris. Martha Riggs. Suzanne Holmes. Third Row: Elizabeth Lord. Sharon Perkins. Ginger Lively. Christi Honey. Molly Stark. Becky Wolf. Pixi Cruz. FUUFIII Rim" Gina Belecztmper Cithx' Honey. Julie McGillen. Nancy Simpson. Martha Godfrey. Jennifer Ahlfinger. Tracy l-linton. Cinidy Gzitlin. 1 H FIRSTBA D TUNES U I t 'Cx 50 NYE' 1 -ar First Row: A. Moody, D. Wickham. Second Row: B. Peckham, W. Koester, M. Monroe, A. Carrington, C. Gat ton. Third Row: P. Taylor. K. Galloway, B. Brame, K. Lambinus. Fourth Raw: S. Osborne, D. Cutler, T. Camp r bell. ' Fw CHOIR SINGS THROUGH YEAR is f'lrvIR1m'.'S. H41ll.C'. lnurle. Sc't'0l1!l'R1lWf Durcclor Perry Tziylorz D. Parker. Rogers. J. Haney. D. Vlosteller. S. CLemems. J Dnllurd.N1.,l,C':1lhoun.J,Dlllard.A,W11ugh.IJ.C1m1x.K.C'hcrry. SCIENCE CLUB WJ Firxl Raw: S. Alexander. K. Hitt. D. Culbertson. Second R1m':G, Kendall. B. Rogers. S. Rainwater. S. Tunnell. R. Bur- ton. Sponsor: Mrs,Hz1rbz1ugh. LATIN CLUB ,gs Z' If 5 S First Raw: B. Ghormley. J. Gates. L. McCreless. S6'f'0I1lfROW.' Mrs. Stratton. sponsor. D. Kovnr. D. Tindle. A. L. Cun- ningham. D. Dickey. M. Holman. l.. Jacobson. D. Mosteller. M. Gordon. P. Miller. Britton. PHOTOGRAPHY CL UB I-'irxl Raw: D. Wickham. P. Boone. D. Kovar. T. Puckett. D. Hitt. Sczvmd Raw: J. Vnrnon. W. Cohb. Mr. Hanshaw. Sponsor. HU TING AND FISHING CL UB Firxl Raw: R. Culpepper. C. Choate. D. Brooks. K. Bloskzis, J. Rich. Sccwul Raw: V. Sizer. C. Blankenship. L. Woods. S. Westbrook. S. McKinnon. C. Freeman. D. Kovur. Nzird Row: T. Carroll. Bomur. T. Ralston. Mr. Hines. sponsor. D. Green. D. Robnell. B. Creighton. J. Kinerd. STUDE TCOU CIL STAYS BUSY :JP -in VL 1 M, mei . 95 I'-l'I'Yl Rami A. Moody. S. Norris. D. Cutler. C. l.ord. l.. Guthrie. J, Mitc- hell. G. Kendall. JNL Ashworth. ,S't'l'llllllRlll1'.' D. Carter. A. Waugh. J Ahlfinger. K, Switzer. M. Grady. D, Coats. K. Wilpitz. D.Darr. B.Ghorm- ley. Nzirzl Row: Mrs. Gatton. R. Webb. C. Lowrie. Loftin. B. Gee. A Moore. J. Campbell. D. Geeteh. 'lf Waters. Student Council Gfficersz Pres. -Y Brad Gee V. Pres. -ff Calvin Lowrie Sec.-Treas. e Deann Coats Chaplain f Mary Grady Ex. Council f David Geeteh NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY Pres. - Kathy White V. Pres. - Kathy Hollingsworth Sec. Treas. - Mitzi Miller ss., 1 First Row: M. J. Calhoun, K. Koester, L. Berry, D. Cavitt, K. Hollingsworth, M. Waldie. Second Row: D. Culbertson, M. Miller, D. Coats, J. Mason, E. Britton, L. Norris, Mrs. Stark - Sponsor. Third Row: J. Rich, J. Sewell, G. Carter, J. Gilliland, B. Gee, T. Carroll, D. Hitt, S. Hall, T. Waters, R. Webb, D. Geeten, G. Kendall, W. Coffey. Not Pictured: K. White, L. Bellington. 38 ATIO ALJU IORHU ORSOCIETY Hollingsworth, P. Hanson, J. Mitchell, A. Randall, R. Dance. Second Row: D. Williamson, S. Peterson, L. Mitchell, A. L. Cunningham, L. Basham, D. Williamson, S. White. Third Row: Miss Kelley, L. Rice, K. Holman, L. Perry, R. Culpepper, J. Fredman, J. Ahlfinger, L. Fain, K. Hitt. Fourth Row: S. Tunnell, D. Anderson, G. Kendall, D. Hanson, D. Tindle. Fifth Row: D. Darr, B. Rogers, M. Palmer, A. Moore, P. Boone, S. Gauss, T. Puckett, R. Riffe, W. Payne. First Row: C. Cruz, P. Rector, B. Parker, D. Baker, K. Switzer, M. Burrows, B. Cade, R. Pres. - Kim Switzer V. Pres. - Annie Laurie Cunningham A Sec. - Dana Mitchell ix Treas. - Pam Hanson FCA GROUPS GAIN f"flAXIRlll1.' A, Harrell. I.. McCreIess. D. Parker Svmml Roux' P. Hanson. J. Brooks. S.Cur1is.J,Muson. Tl11rzlR1m'.' K. Cherrx. S. Clements. M. Miller. Mrs, Bowles. Officers: Pres. f M. Miller V. Pres. e S. Curtis Soc. Chairman - S. Clements SUPPORTATFB Fniw Run: S, lC8LlZll'lC.C.Cl1Oi1lC.J.S6XN6ll.J.Cillllli1I1LJ.G.C111FlCf.SL'C0IIlfRHH'.'S. Dow. D.Tz1tum.J, Dillz1rd.C. Lowrie. D. Sim rnuns. l. Waiters. Tl1irzlRrm'.'T.Carroll.C,Cr1mpbell.S. N1iller.S. McKinnon. C. Freeman, FCA Officers: Pres. f Jim Sewell V. Pres. f Clint Freemen Treasurer f Scott McKinnon Publicity Chairman f Scott Miller N01 Pic'rurcd.' .- . , , H Secretarym David Durr gem 'A ,af 5 M' , - 571.7 ff i CDR ERSTO E CORRELAT ES YEAR 'White Hrs! Run: Kathy Hnlllngsworlh fcnlllury, Dezmn Contx. lynn Berry. Lisa Norris. Dizxns Huukc. Wzlmlxl Shanks. Pam Hwllmgs NXOFIII,S1'4'rllI4fRrru.' I31lI1ilSl'NlIh. Dime fzlvilt. RL1SQellNVchb. 'Wake Lewis. D'Anu Pzlrkcr. f-4' SCROLL STAFF WORKS HARD LET IIIWI Rfmg Mzirshxi VV:1ldic. 'Harry .lame Czxlhuun teditory. X1lIll N11Ilcr. Swwm' Row: I.md41 Nkfrclcsx. CIL15 BIZIHRCIININP. Jenny N1.1wn.Kc1lhI.amb1nus.Ixllwlirlllwn. Kz1lh5 Hitt.Su1uy XVUULIXNIOHI1CHIICS. 6 4' V' 2 6 4 4 1 1 44 ' Oh, never the work of life is done By the man with a selfish dream, For the battle is lost or the battle is won By the spirit of the team A THLE TICS as SAINTS CAPTURE T PSC 1... - 1 FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA 1 977- 7 8 CHAMPIONSHIP my f 95? W7 .,. 144 , f,f,, ,f nf ' 1 'llvv V - ' 7 ,,L, L Q- HM e 7 '1' 8 to , w will H 'WJ ,, M f 65542 , , 7 we H ,. f me 11- 1, sl Maas 77,, V, ,. M A ' aa "-' I lv' A Hb 1 251 at ' 4 ' ,, "' 1, , H f ,,: ,yfiMff7 vs was ' QW! mn fm ,af W 4 J me 10 ifffx - Steve Westbrook ll - Bob Weant mx, , MW' ,wwf I3 - David Darr Wide Receiver Quarterback Wide RCCCWCF , Q Vkyk I L lv I , ,,. W - . , , , , ,, wrtg, ff 1- : ww fl ' ,,., , , 'a " H i f :gn fm. M - 'U' at , 418 W, f f 1, fsflflfgfwg W' l ' 2 ,. ff' I va I5 - Carl Burdick Quarterback www' ' I8 - Leon Newman Wide Receiver SAM 1454 lisa... Head Coach: Ed Johnson Assistants: John Bowles, Carl Swindell. 20 - David Green Kyle Killingsworth. Gary McGee. Receiver Mark Hines, David Melton Student Coach: Ken Taylor Managers: Bob Howell. Greg Peacock. Walt White nhl! :ani , QW lwz l 47 FBA THE WINNER Wi X 5 3 ' " , ,, , "tl ou ' , 'Qf ,, f a iiii 42 ft, K 21 - Ken Bloskas 24 - Steve Grady 30 - Johnny Gentzel Slotback Runningback Runningback , , may hindi 4429511411 32 - Johnny Gilliland 40 - Jason Dillard 44 - Steve McBride Runningback Runningback Runningback OR OFF THE FIEIJD gum 4' " 'P' ' 7 'A it wr .nun 'fa ' 1 1 Q nan 6- anus -A-1 , ' " sans: mn' Q Q., 'L "' 'N' 1 were its - , W' 'ng sf-alll! ww a mens umm ff ""'z 1 ,mmm wana lf- .ma 11 A'-' I I l rn ve en' WWW -1 ' ' f ,fu-an . ww 50 - Bruce Taylor 5l - Sheffie Kadane 53 - Clay Blankenship Center Guard Center nbwdnuunlfffwa "l':' A ' - B Q dllu num M0 vilnv ' ' my fi 'WM' 'W il u all Q i U an an wwvoh M 4' 1.1M-fmzmmw 'waunllnl '41 gf 3 W. , v may I ,. J :W 5 , W' 60 - Jimmy Kinerd 62 - Gordon Carter 64 - Bryan Apperson Guard Guard Center RED AND BLUE CLASH A. 66 - Jimmy Sewell 67 - Scott Dow 68 - Clint Freeman Guard Guard Guard 1 70 X Dan Simmons 7l -- .loe Taylor 73 - Drew Dickey Tackle Tackle Tackle WITH AREA TOP TEAMS ffmmfw Q x 1 SUPER SAI TSTRATEGY 5 if olt 'vllller " ck c ,ae 78 - ID3VidTL1IOfTl Tackle h Jl I h,,,, 1, l , l , . . h ,, , , h V A,, A ii K K S ' W3 .:,, 1 i - aiu MM - ,,.y ,,,,, -, H W5 M 'Z' my qu 80 Curl Choate Tight End QW' kv, sn- gg. Mu. A 7 Z ,,,. K ' 2,1 , , , ,.,, ' 81 Alun Moore light End STUNS OPPOSITIU Q1 www , M6598 :www -62095019 ,,i,,,,,,,, M an 1 W mm ,,f, 1, 82 Jeff Grace Tight End wsthidsdlf Am dt 86 Scott McKinnon 'light End Wm K VV ,, , ,A.,,, M .,,,N 87 - Ron Riffe V 55 V Tight End . L ' , ,wifg gif , K f,,' f ffff-A, ,, ,wmmi ., www i iit f 't t"""' A' ,i 1, u. - If - V, ' -' ' 5, Q' vwwr 88 Jeff Johnson light End VARSITY BASKETBALL gl Q if ral . 553 E Eli E,? arf I ip Firsl Row: J. Gilliland, B.George, C. Lowrie. J. Dillard, Second Row: Coach Killingsworth, T. Carroll, C. Campbell B Gardner T Waters FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA 54 HERITAGE GREENWOOD VILLAGE TRINITY BETHEL LONGVIEW BETHEL LAKEHILL GARLAND CHRISTIAN LONGVIEW LAKEHILL GARLAND CHRISTIAN 1977- 78 CHAMPIONS .,,L, SAINTS BOUNCE THEIR xx 1 WAY UP T0 THE TGP JR. VARSITYJ M S S, I unncll. W. VN'hiIe. D. Dzlrr. R. Riffc. A. Moody.Svrw1fll1mv.'Cmzlvh Mcficc. D. SIIHINOIIS. S. Oshnrnc. A. Moore. S. Dow. T. P FBA 39 FBA 48 FBA 39 FBA 44 FBA 46 FBA 37 FBA 50 FBA 53 FBA 57 FBA 48 FBA 52 FT. WORTH CHRISTIAN 54 TRINITY VALLEY 38 TRINITY VALLEY 43 FT. WORTH CHRISTIAN 55 IWfWORTHCOUNTRYDAY M HERHAGE 30 GREENWOOD VILLAGE 34 TRINITY 42 LONGVIEW 38 GARLAND 38 IXDNCSVIEVV 57 IN T0 SPRINGT IME AC T I UN ? fl EL A ,Qlf gg, , V L f Sigue Q f- f x Q K , .. , M W 5 VARSITY OLLE YBALL . .. ' ' ff 2 .,,.,. VB! f m""'w fw, 1 w xr Ron B. Bmmc. S. Clements. IJKQUQIIS. M. fvhllcr. .S'm'n11zlRfm'. S.i'u1'tis. D. XVIHIZIITINOD. D. TVhlcl1cll..l. llmulu. S. W'hxlc. llum' Rfm III xxxul'll1..l. N1z1wn. K. llull1ngswo1'Il1 ML111:1gc1'.i'u41cl1Vctlcr, 60 ff , JT, --Q., ,W 'PWM GIRLS' VARSITY BASKE TB LL First Row: A. Harrell, P. Hanson, A. Waugh, S. Curtis, L. McCreless, D. Williamson, B. Brame, J. Mason, D. Coats Second Row P Hollingsworth K. Hollingsworth, M. Miller, S. Clements. Third Row: Coach Harbaugh, Coach Dow, J. Brooks - Manager. FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA FBA 62 FBA TRINITY VALLEY C.A.O.C. FT. WORTH CHRISTIAN C.A.O.C. HERITAGE GARLAND CHRISTIAN D.C.A. TRINITY LAKEHILL HERITAGE LAKEHILL GARLAND CHRISTIAN TRINITY Wnl-wwf, 2 Y 63 TENNIS HAS S WIN GING YEAR First Row: D. Burroughs, R. Webb, K. Baker, A. Waugh, S. Tunnell, M. Palmer. Second Row: T. Puckett, C. Blankenship, T. Car- roll. A. Moore. Seyi Olutimayin, B. Gardner, February 21 Bishop Lynch March 7 Tyler Street March 13 Tyler Street March 14 Bishop Lynch March 28 Adamson April l8 Trinity JR. HIGH FOOTBALL '74 fm - fGffi!41'Q First Row: D. Carter, M. Benningfield, R. Heckman, C. Cox, M. Green, S. Minchew, D. Duvall. Second Row: K. Taylor, R. Beene, M. Fleeger, R. Werline, K. Riggs, T. Nees, M. Waldie. Third Row: B. Brand, R. Hooper, J. Booher, L. Billups, J. Miller, A. Dow. Fourth Row: J. M. Ashworth, R. Black, R. Edwards, S. Norris, J. Carter, K. Galloway. FU'th Row: Coach Melton, Coach Taylor, Coach Hines. FBA 0 HERITAGE 0 FBA 34 C.A.O.C. 14 FBA 0 DALLAS CHRISTIAN 8 FBA 0 ST. MARKS 38 FBA 6 TRINITY 28 FBA 24 LAKEHILL 0 FBA 30 GARLAND CHRISTIAN 0 FBA 0 BETHEL 0 , g,,, 5 ,m AW V ,.,. i, .,., , J, ,W- -f --: f :1 f, ' . , A , my f 1 K klg,, :,, f1W,. ,,.,,hJ, 1, ,.,,,,1Y,, ,,,, W W,.G:, ,fff J,, .,,,-, - - A,Ly 1 V: iig V,VhVk. :L H ,.,,,,W,., WX,, ,,,f. M M. ,,, ,,.,,, , kgs' .J L f f , - -we W-F, , Q ,ffmw , , W f W H ""- V W if 2 1 i ii J 21 f ' 41 . 7 W .IR.HIGH OLLEYB LL Fi'iw1Rfm': L. Westbrook. l.. Fuin. A. Randall. D. Williamson. SefmzdR1m'.' Couch Hutchinson. S.SihIcy. J. Hooks. J. Mcfiillcn. L. Guthrie L'TNDliFEATED CON l'l'.Rl'.Nfll CllANlPlONS Conference Gaines PBA x's.TrinityC'lii'isti41n Aczidcniy VBA vs. lttkchill lhcpzirzttory School Non-Confcrcnuc Gaines VBA vs. Tx ler Strcct Cihristittn School 3 1 , f ? as ffnyg fi, 5, .. N.-A ACAD MIC You Illilj' think it linf I0 lui praisffll Ihr skill Hut zz grvatvr thing to do ls to sv! your mind and sf-I your will Un ilu' goal that fe just in vivwg 69 Dr. W. A. Criswell Dr. Melvin R. Carter UUR F OUNDER Another God-blessed school year is drawing to a close, and we have the privilege of honoring our seniors and expressing gratitude for the other students who make our Academy so great. With our principal, our trustees, our faculty, our parents, and our friends, we have been able with increasing enthusiasm to build a nobler and finer school. Thousands of members of our dear church pray for us and support us and rejoice in every victory that we win. Without doubt it is one of the most precious of all the opportunities in life to enroll our children in First Bap- tist Academy. Without apology and without interdic- tion, we can teach every subject as its truth exists in the mind of God through Jesus Christ. With the truth of our Lord we are able to understand all the phenomena in the universe around us and in the world of being within us. God bless all of you who make our First Baptist Academy one of the most vibrant and viable of all the Christian schools in the earth. OUR PRINCIPAL The clock of life has struck again and our Seniors '78 are about to take their place on the cutting edge of the future. To this Senior Class we say thank you and God bless you for a worthy walk in First Baptist Academy. Some of you were with us the first day our school opened its doors. You were leaders then in the seventh grade and you have continued to be leaders in academics and ath- letics, but especially in spiritual achievements. You have pioneered with us in building one of the fin- est Christian schools in America. Your parents have believed in the Christian school and have given you an unparalleled foundation for a godly life. You will now have an opportunity to prove the merits of your Chris- tian education as you use the building blocks of spiritual and academic wisdom we have sought to instill in your life. With great anticipation I look forward to the Hgreat wonders" God will do with you. I shall follow you with my prayers and interest. Let God's Word always be your primary textbook, "a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path." 1977-19 8F.B.A. SCHOOL BO RD .6 Y X 5 " l l Mrs. Marjorie Baker Dr. E. L. Cook Mr. Lee Drain Mr. Merle Flagg Chairman Mr. John Gilliland Mr. Sheffield Kadane Mr. Fulton Murray Mr. Howard Shipley Vice-Chairman Sec.-Treas. Not Pictured: Mr. W. R. Dotson Dr. Charles Tandy Mr. Houston Watson Mr. Ed Yates 7l ,If , , 'f-M' 'tl Jerry Cottingame Carl Swindell Academic Dean Dean of Students 1 Ken Mathieson Charles Freet Elementary Principal Director of Development BUSINESS OFFICEA D STAFF ,...W ez:-i Ed Johnson - Athletic Director and Business Administrator Mary Anne Dillard Eva Gass ' , iire znzi' l ' , Janice Shanks Nancy Smith E if E Zeta Hollingsworth Kxhfsw. Q Brenda Weedon Linda Cottingame Deanna Davis Janet Roberts TEACHERS TEAM UP Diane Anderson Karen Arp Judy Blount John Bowles Larry Bowles Julia Brady Letitia Brittain Sonya Darr QZTT? Ann Davis Gay Davis Lana Dodgen Frankie Gatton F OR TIP TOP YEAR Carol Gilliland Betsy Green Scott Hanshaw Lois Harbaugh Kathy Harding Mark Hines Jayne Hutchison Carol Kelley Sheila Loftin Sue Ann Mathis David Melton Joann Monroe FACULTY PROVIDE STUD N 13515 Anita Peterson Linda Rainwater Daphna Reece Janie Reed Lisa Schubert Kydie Sharp Elizabeth Sibley Dana Smith WITH CHRISTIAN EDUCA T I 0 S I 1 ' II I f -V H ,,., ,,,, 2it,,'i'W1w ,,. ,2'F'w:a,,'af"i,"4e:f,-M-fz2,f git, 1 ' Gena Smith HU W'-1 gd. O Sm ID-1 ,.-. 1.02 or' is 'Rr' 'Tl "1 G? fb rf D3 :s Q. 5 N :a Q. 5 Sf' O :r D7 1 W V7 I W "1 E1 :s cm W F. .- :r O n. U7 E1 0 W :, o :a o -N ... 3' 0 :1 0 2 Robert Spaulding Donna Stark Joan Stratton Carolyn Swindell Perry Taylor Y. 9 Carol Treachler Diane Usrey Dawn Vetter Sharon Williford SENIORS MAICE FINAL ' ,H ff' yt A 8 YEAR SUCCESSFUL ONE Carla Etheridge Soc. Chairman - Jr. Class Johnny Gentzel Football 4: All Conference: Most Photogenic 4. Kim Wilpitz Pep Squad 1: Baseball l: Volleyball l: Homecoming Queen lg Cheerleader lg Student Council 3. 4: FCA Sec. 2: Day Camp 1, 2. 3. 41 Chaplain 3: Cross Country 31 Choir 3: Hunting and Fishing 4: Graduation Comm. 4. Sheila Smith Member l978 Senior Class Ken Taylor Football 3. 41 Track 31 FFA 3. 41 Student Coach Jr. High Team 41 Hunting and Fishing 4, 4 'N , A f if , rr. i ii' ' tri ,V 1 i t , i David Mosteller Latin Club 41 Newspaper 41 Choir 41 Hunting and Fishing 4: Special Events Comm. Sandy Loftin Homecoming Nominee 4: Student Council 41 Student Asst. 4. Brent Gardner Deann Coats Football lg Basketball l. 3. 41 Tennis 3, 43 Day Camp l, Student Council 4, NHS 3, 43 FCA 3, 43 Volleyball l, 2, 3. 41 Student Council 41 Cross Country 33 Hunting and 3, 4g Basketball I, 2. 3g Softball l, 2, 43 Track 4, Cheer- Fishing 4. leader lg Annual 2. 4: Choir 3, 4. ,aw Mary Grady Gordon Carter Student Council 31 Student Council Chaplain 4. Football l, 2, 3, 41 FCA Pres. lg FCA l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball lg NHS 43 President Sr. Class, Hunting and Fishing 4. ff ff . is 'Q 3 .t t' Carl Burdick Football 3. 4: All Conf. All Priv, 4: Basketball 31 Baseball 3. 4: Track 3. 41 Choir 3: Day Camp 3. 41 Golf 3. 41 Hunting and Fishing 4. t3t Q Y Tommy Waters Baseball l. 3. 41 All Conf. 1.3.43 Basketball 2. 3. 4: F.C.A. 2. 3. 41 Vice-Pres. F.C.A. 2: Student Council 2. 41 Jr. Class Pres. Mr. FBA: NHS 4: Manager Football 4. I 5, U Q . Wesley Coffey Special Events Comm. 4: Hunting and Fishing 4: N.H.S. 4. sw 'BQ Susan Curtis Basketball MVP 21 Basketball 2. 3. 4. Volleyball 3. 4: Soft- ball 2. 4: FCA 2. 3. 4: Vice-Pres. FCA 4: Student Council 2: Jr. Class Vice-Pres. fl . I Diane Haake Cheerleader l: Sec-Treas, Sr. Class: Sr. Class Favorite: Homecoming Nom1nee1AnnualStaff4: Sr.Pla5 Cast. 'NI Brian Peckham Vice-Pres, Sr, Class: Debate I 3 -. Aff? 8 Johnny Gilliland Football 3. 4: Basketball 3. 4: Baseball 3. 4: TPSC MVP: All Conf. Football 3. 4: Off. Player of Year. Dallas Prix.: Track 3. 4: NHS 4: Jr. Class Favorite: Sr. Class Favorite: Principal Award 3. ., , .i Kathy Hollingsworth Basketball l. 2. 3. 4: Softball l. 2. 3. 4: Student Council 21 Newspaper 2: Annual 2. 3. 4: Editor Annual 4: Sr, Class Chaplain: NHS 3. 4: Vice-Pres. NHS 4: FCA l. 2. 4' , ' 3 Ja. Jackie Bruuks Craig Campbell ulleyball 2. 3. 41 MVP 2: lcnnis 3. 4: lirack 3: lluriting and Football 31 Basketball 3.41 Baseball 3. 41 Hunting lixhiiig 4: lfC'A 3.41BaskeIballMgr.4. and Fishing 4. Flay Blankenship Dixie Cavitt outlvallflg FCA41 Newspaper 4. Track l: Co-Editor' Newspaper 3: Sr. Class Soc. Clirm.: llonieconiiiig Noniince 4: Nl HS 4. Rodeo Club 4. l NHS 4. David McKay 4235-'fi Gz1ryKendull Bob George Basketball 41 Baseball 4. Mitzi Miller Volleyball l. 2, 3. 4: MVP l. 3: All Conf, 4: Basket- ball l, 2. 31 MVP 21 Softball l, 2. 3, 4: Principal Award 2: Newspaper 2. 4: Drilltezim 2: FCA 3. 4: Pres. FCA 41 NHS 3. 4: Sec.-Treus, 4. Bob Weant Baseball 3. 4: All Conf. 3: Football 4. All Conf. All Priv.: Hunting and Fishing 4. Brad Gee Student Council l. 3. 4: Chap. 3: Pres. 4: NHS 3. 4: Sr. Play Cast: Choir 3: Newspaper l. Linnea Jacobsen Latin Club 4: Graduation Comm. 4. Lisa Norris FCA 2. 3. 4: Treas. 2: NHS 3. 4: Newspaper 2: Annual 3. 4: Student Council Sec. I: Jr. Class Sec.: Head Cheerleader l. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Class Favorite: Miss FBA: Homecoming Nominee 2. 3: Queen 4: Voice of Democracy: Track 4. 12? f ,tw-' 1,385- Kathy White NHS 3. 4: NHS Pres. 4: Sr. Play Cast 4: Softball 4. S S 3 1 Q T- Vg Q , 5i.f.:.'- - ' f--me ., t L ..L. -. S' tl Scott Hall Sr. Trip Comm.: NHS 4: Choir 3. 4. Bryan Apperson Football 3, 41 All Conf. Off. and Def. 3, 41 All Priv. 41 Base- ball 2. 3, 41 MVP: Tennis 2. 3: FCA 2. 3, 43 Voice of Democracy 4: Rodeo 4: Hunting and Fishing 4: Day Camp 4: Debate 2. Todd Carroll Basketball l. 4: Tennis 3, 43 FCA 1,43 NHS 4: Rodeo and Gun Club 4. UNIURS A TICIPATE Clfm' Oflic'crx.' Jason Dillzlrd. President: Sharon Clements. Vice-President: Julie Dillard. Social Cliziirmzinz Elise BI'lIlOIl.SCCVCILlFy1 Kalhy Koester. Chaplain A 'V' 1 M sf 1 V in . I g Y-, I gilii- i XV W, 3123 3 Qwfmft, N f' 4-aj . zslfsl, , 1 - H' f H EA Sharon Debbie Liz Lynn Ken Bloskzis Alexander Arning Bellinglon Berry FUTURE SENI URI TY Stephen Bomar Sharon Clements Julie Dillard I QVC 1, ,V J , an XR P C l C, ' Clint Freeman David Geetah ,r Elise Mary Jane Jan Kristen Britton Calhoun Campbell Cherry lk 4. C M V 13' i li I ii? t tg Q In V a ,ff vi 5 Will Alysia Diane Jason Cobb Cox Culberstson Dillard Beth Edwards Q an ff.: John Gates Bart Ghormley .IU IORS .IUININ Ken Gibson Gordon Marsha Jan Haney N -BQ ,M I fix A Q- , 5 fa: David Hitt ut f' xc ' .,kLL,k il ff Bob Jeff Howell Johnson Mimi Jones .Qfz g .if ,,a Q. 1 , f. x ., W t Scott McKinnon wmv- rf Kathy Mike Calvin Linda Koester Lewis Lowrie McCreless War 'Lv Jenny Tena Scott D'ana Mason Meeks Miller Parker FBA SUPPORT Debbie James Priddy Rich Scarlette Jimmy Dan Rogers Sewell Simmons , V 'Wi , ',l ' 'f,!fy'?i5 X r Jim Marsha Russell Steve Lindy Varnon Waldie Webb Westbrook Woods Voz PicIw'ed: Jennifer Laycock SOPHOMORES S WING WITH C'!u.sxs Ofhcersx David Darr. President: Laura Basham. Vice-President: Annie Laurie Cunning- ham. Secretary: Wanda Shanks. Social Chairman: Brook Ghormley. Chaplain W I , i V :A H ,i V , 1' 212 A yi Elly, " -as dur. 'tg . fir 1 . 'gi 2? g gi fiy:giiLf,:'.i. .:--. . f J , A 'f' a " Liz Kim Laura Duncan David Ashworth Baker Basham Brooks Burrows SAI T SCHOOL SPIRIT - David Darr 'Y Brook Ghormley Sr' N--r R I Jerry Harris Leah Davis px. If Jeff Grace Pam Hollingsworth Reed Brian Annie Laurie Burton Creighton Cunningham Lynn Drew Scott Davis Dickey Dow Av 5. U A . 6 ii -5 Steve Pam Andrea Grady Hanson Harrell '59 V X ,ff 5 -1 ,TS iw if e is Marie Holman Kay Humphreys f. 1 SUPHS MAKE '77-'78 Q , P 2 is 'R . . 1 f Jimmy Dirk Darryl Steve Jack Kinerd Kovar Lack McBride Mansion xi 1 1 - 'u -smznmtg Phyllis Dana Alan Leon Greg Miller Mitchell Moore Newman Peacock Lori Todd Pierson Puckett Tim Myra Ralston Retta lm, David Julie Robnett Russell ME URABLE AT FBA Q .4 I 1, 1 6 'Q' 5 Wanda Shanks Luanne Ward Kim Switzer 5- if qv .K V get V , 2 i, Uni .' A , Amy Waugh Bruce Taylor fp-E+ W Rc Sharon White f' N01 PfCllH'Cll'.' Tim Glenn Joe David Taylor Tindle dv' "Q iv 'V Walt Dana White Williamson FISH SWIMI TO Class Qffcersx Paul Boone. President: Carol Wilpitz. Social Chairman: Cristi Cruz. Secretary: Suzanne Peterson, Vice-President: Not Pictured: Steve Gauss. Chaplain + X . -4. f x n ,ff X as J XB ' X ' A X Paul Brenda John Angela Carl Boone Braine Briggs Carrington Choate HIGH SCHUOL LIFE Kris Crisli Rhonda Robyn Bill Courson Cruz Culpepper Dance Davison in i 1 . v SL-AMW Niluuauv ., X i S-."'......--' Krissy Steve David David Kathy Driggers Gauss Green Henry Hill va in , ' EJ? -Q Sheffie Keith Kadane Lambinus gk V- .- df ,.,. , .B Jerry Claire Lomax McKay 4.575 Alicia May F RESHME FIRE UP Andy Moody Seyl Olutimayin Mike Palmer 35' pg , A, v. VX! 5 7 , L it H , L, f' H 1f.J -EW" Q1-.Vi z Steve Barbara Warren Suzanne Caren Osborne Parker Payne y Peterson Plexco fav S " ri -e- we f . 1 '. y N P Donna Nick Steve Leann Ron Preston Quiroga Rainwater Rector Riffe FOR FBA ACTIVITIES i ff' Billy Rogers Shane Tunnell Yr X.xXfVg A 0, , H Joann Ves Terri David Sauer Sizer Tindle Tatum Darren Carol Wickham Wilpitz EI GH TH GRADE E ,IOYS YEAR cr, 1 AX Jana Rusty Skipper Rex Gina Layne Ahlfinger Anderson Baker Beene Belscamper Billups f. , X9 fa -'ii ii S L f ' . , 4 ' 'F - 1 5 pr. A, I N .A-n 1 "" ff AH ' Robert Dee Michelle Julie Nancy Brian Black Blankenship Bowen Brister Buckingham Cade 2 4' 7 i ' i j ' Ly ' 1 .i th I , , L55 fxxll K i David Amy Roger Debbie Lisa Matt Carter Cunningham Edwards Ellis Fain Fleeger x N.- y'P iy-,e '11 Judy Spencer Cindy Don Ann Rhonda Fredrnan Friedl Gatlin Hanson Harper Hightower X, W1 K.. Anne Greer Wesley Bryan Mary Steve Howell Kendall Koester Lankford Leachman Lively I EASTER WOOD BUILDING John Miller Lisa Perry Nancy Simpson Billy Weedon Denise Williamson . ,gg E ev L X Julie Scott Mitchell Norris Laurette Angie Randall Rice Lori Todd Smith Souther 7f I Rusty Lanise Werline Westbrook fu Stacy Melinda Woody Wylie Beth Oliver 8 l gf isi Kenneth Riggs Keith Taylor v- Fumi Brandye Olutimayin Payne w. we -v-Q. K M Jw Darlene Shanna Sauer Sibley Matt Lisa Waldie Walpole rr I me 1,' is SE VE TH GRADERS START New N' 1.7 4 W ,aan John Michael Becky Merlin Doug Jimmy Ashworth Beazley Benningfield Blount Booher sa va .x Mike Barry Tom Jimmy Chris Brady Brand Campbell Carter Cox wa' '00 gg ., N K C fa, W David Devin Andy Kim DOHHy Crumley Cutler Dow Dunn Duvall Chris Keith Cheri Laura Tim Eagan Galloway Gatton Gentry Gidden iv, NX , Mx vim C . li f Mike Teresa Laura Randy Cathy Green Grimland Guthrie Heckman Honey 0 RO DTOTHETUP Jody Hooks Julie McGillen ,f Scott Minchew pf Rusty David Hooper Lomax Rhonda David Martin Mathias Melody Todd Monroe Nees Carolyn Lord Michelle Mathis Sally Peterson Elizabeth Lord Frazier Maxwell Sara Piercey Cynthia Molly Smith Stark tti L A ' M f ' I ' Sampson Zoe Ellen Tsoi Williams SIXTH GRAD - BLOUN 'FI Jennifer Tim Ahlfinger Bellington Martha Delisa Godfrey Goodwin X K7 l 2 Q Suzanne Kim Holmes Kirby T1 X K' m 'V S ,Q it Jennifer Karen Norris Owen Not Pictured: Stephanie Martin ju, ax L Perry Debra Brad Dance Dobbs Ghormley 'X Roger Lynn Tracy Guthrie Hanson Hinton 'tt il Ginger Mitch Brandt Lively Mitchell Neese it O Q. 4 ir- sf" x x Sharon Tammie Steve Perkins Steele Thomas ' '1 Lisa Cecil Torres Vega .......4 SIXTH GRADE - GREEN Lisa Pixi Blosser Cruz Glenn Christy Hanson Honey Mike Martha Priddy Riggs Rick Mary Singleton Smith Devin Becky Wickham Wolfe Sharolyn Coleman 2 Q91-far' Pr I' 4 Y f' , 9 W rf? 1 'N rm , . ,,,, kd K J ,f if Steve Foster 1? get rgr4VV,, Q VV Catherine Deanna McKay Mills -, H I Elise Paul Robertson Rogers Pat Gilliland Shane Patrick Phil Schmidt Cheri Stults Julie Wylie FIFTH GRADE - A DERSON 'Brenda Beene Brooks Davison Wi- Michelle Hensel M oooo ooo ii S' David McDaniel Brad Blakeway Sherry Dean Steve Johnson Brad McKinney David Carter Andy Driggers 'N ills Wf .kj vi at ,x.,.., W .. -.. W-M .3,, vw., 1' H Tera Kovar gf i f-, iii 4 l' 'K '- fr' f Scott Mills Brian Patterson Lisa Coggins Wendy Gilkerson Monica Lu is 3 W 1 if Darren Moon Mike Riffe George Crumley Shawn Heath G Mark Mathis e Moore Wk Ni, Steve Shaw FIFTH GRADE - SMITH "Ml L. can Keith Bridges Kyle Courson Eugene Ellis ,,, 0" v I H .W, 4, I g tk 210, 1 A , Ae' X it Ronnie Hyde in 1 - P A . x-'.r S E431 Trey Stults 9 i st ff' 5, -G+ - T , Ll Stephanie Brittain Debbie Davis n A 1 T 'C ' 5 ' Yi,V 4. 4 s- 1 Tim Gates Shaf McKinney Periete Todd l Jeff Mike Amy Cade Cannon Comfort Lisa Nelson Brenda Wilson e'5 A! f Nur Pictured: Bria Cedric Parson .v- pal Jim Wilson n Barley. Mark Briggs Regan Smith Anne Young FOURTH GRADE - PETERSON - wgwnlw 1' Susan Allen Chris Coker 3,8 1 Chad Irby Armour Patterson .Y . W, V . T u K Shanlea Thomas V at ,- Mark Anderton Cherie Coulter S 2 Q F Q 'P' ,te Beth Johnson Asha Patterson Sam Williamson Jennifer Berry K r in tw .Q i R Bill Cunningham Q-. 4--FF - .N D Davini Martin v V-f Cathy Pokladnik Q, Todd Wilpitz W H 'mi' 5 1i.'f A -,i""w l x ft,A Xl 1 Trent Buckroyd Chris Davis Dena MeDonald i Monica Pugh T fr M ' Wendy Woody A, ,Q 'kyii iq x K W i ' 3 -SQL T . I iiii I E JA A 5 ,ww-r an ,f David Clifton X., C T kr 'ni . Michelle Harbaugh Robbyn Needham lt P zf l 5 J' K. 7,1 I x William Rhodes Melissa Young A ,, , IA ' IW? ITTTI6UiALU?-HFR1L4CILLEHI ,f , . .L R Laura Alberts Marc Cottingame Angela Garrett it Chris Marsh Charles Ray Renee Arning 4 rt f ri. l My ?aai Q . " ' 'C 'H-' . Q Dana C ox D ,.... r .Lf tt ii li Roger Gleghorn ,, A gl y 1 , , " - . 5 Jonathan McKay E? , i U' . E' Iliff li Mike Weathered Bill Buffie Ruth Brust Beazley Blankenship was Q, 4931. 1 K 3 , 4 1 ,,,. ' .i"VQf mfg-A B l i 1 Jed Ellen Sherry Davenport Duvall Dyer 4 1' 1 J' W Q' L. Robin lwan Doug Lewther Marantike Mason William Nicole Roy Meeks Neese Ontiveras it THIRD GRADE - HARDING Ashley Berry :,, 5 Chris Coggins Dallas Bjork Lance Blakeway Chris 5 Chris Cottingame Gilliland ',,-' Q it 4' 7' i C N is A Rob Laurel Keith Hunt Kayse Lowther N y if C V X m 0 'Q Z il' , 'L y e ' ' it il K 4 I gulf ig' 1" ' iii, lii Graham Sharon Jamie-Love Monroe Riffe Sewell y ag. ttZ Allen Catherine Blunt Campbell We dv, is--Q L 1 . 5 ,,A5 , i, ,xg Cathy Sheri Godfrey Grimland ,.,,,amaW W,-W . Jimmy Ross Lu McGuire 'XX 'fi Laura Tammy Shanks Watkins is ". se' Y ,, he Darren Roger Watson Wise THIRDGRAD - 0 RO ll?" M s. hi iEWKiE Paul Tiffany Joe Bernhard Bissett Booth 'si , ,, .ff 1 Scott Kenneth Ricky Crawford Goodwin Hardin miles Don Janeen Tamara Lambert McSween McWhorter ,IW a I 4, 3 ,, Z4 Ashley David Vivian Queal Roberts Scott ,S ii R K R ,2 ,, J Cary Kristy Paul Shaw . Webb Wilson 1 . I, svn' .f Susan Chad Calahan Chaffin , JV' S ug 922 0 i O Q ' t. ,, K Q 'f , R W, 'QR' Ni, .,,f ,fiiiiiii Aiiii ftt i V y i i a Staci Robby Hart Johnson Sheena Kim Moore Ormond 1 SECOND GRADE - ARP S m 1 V I ,W V ik rf. if 2 kv,4,.,,,,,si , is A I iiii l at l S Daron Boh Ballew Beazley wr , i t t tsyo f it yyoy 59' S J Ruth Philip Duvall Eigerman if " JE' Y , , ' , I ' mam Y .a Riff A , 2 Holly Hayes Wh Vl.. is Q S Tom Shannon Lee Lisa Sawyer Staffelbach Nathan Valentine A ii .f ia heee S W - Q 1 , , .. M- , v an In .. - t 1 if 312 Rachel Jeff Misty Brittain Browning Cutsinger k,V' yr ,, ., 11 Q at a he if f ., by 37355,-Nvf' I ,, ' l ,ss , 2 ,.,' I i s . , ,it 5 f Brian .lay Karen Gates Gleghorn Hall ,i-, ,'-1 S, Ted Shelley Carmen Miller Morris Patterson John Sutton .f . ..,' . Timothy White SECOND GRADE - SHARP Jeannie Jackie Allen Chamblee 'dll fi. Kent Doyle Cys England Y-W iff-Rm W9 Q! Karla Brian Hale Harper SKI! Delfma Jonathan Ontiveros Owen Todd Dwight White Wilson ig.. at Misty Cherry r-4' ff' n 3 1 wi A I A J gs' x W ,I tfn-11 ,w:wa..... .. ,Jam ' Stephanie Gilkerson jvwm JU! W af ',Q, 59 ay' li 9 Don Hensel 3,5 'x , Luis Pantoja Kim Wilson 5 -M ls gh 031091 yan , ilii W m J , X ' , l W' Charles Sonja Leslie Merrill Serika Anne Marie Parson Trammel N01 P1'cIurea'.' John Kim FIRST GRADE - D VIS Angela Dana . at ,Fr 2. ' I, 4 -s Danny Danny Earl Lyn Cade Dunaway Hardesty Henley Hunt Jason Lu 3 . Missy H Macnamara N f- - i A LVL V i , is y n .' lp, K hx . l , vin Ao Ls Sllsan Amanda Mathis McDonald V 1 . x 4' J J W ,. 4 , .Q N, FL. r M, 6 ,f ff N N '. A V l. 1 xx, X K Sammy Lori Kim Pehlke Rushing Stewart , 'Q F4 ,WA x., V 1 2-'ff5egXg:'W ' N: ix f Angela Shawn Wallace Woodward FIRST GRAD GILLILAND Melanie Edwards , A -Q iii ifgii 'af' Kristi Kirby Bart Rose FIRST GRADE -S WIND LL Amy Dane Billy Erica Marda Lambert Mickles Monk Jason Jennifer Tamara Russell Seabolt Smith Corey Beard Joseph Collins Nicole Davenport Elise Poole John Torres Chaney Colby Michelle Compton Anissa Garcia Trissie Roberts Greg Wagnon KINDER GAR T it 1 at E at Christi Michelle Kim Ashwill Bissett Burross Bobby Jane Elbert Holiday Kim Lonzie C " .55 X ,gy - BRADY Christian Jonathan Garcia Cvryder 1880 f is if?F"2 Jason Samantha Marsh Marshall K K 5, Travis Chris I ' 'fi Ormond Ray w if' Q Q , all it it C .,ar, 5 5 ' ... Y M Y C 31 Javon Matthew Thigpen Weedon Nm Pic'1ured.' Teresa Hawkins KI DERGARTE -D VIS 5' T. , I , Robert La Juana Alan Shawn Del Bosque Edwards Gatton Hogue Paul Daniel Roland Billie Jean Nicole Jackson Jones Lamb Law Amy Sconyers Dean Staffelbach Janie Hunting Andrea Rodriquez Q 1 X 1 lr or ' Hi 3 Lars, Monica Seabolt Margie Wall Monica Watkins KINDER GAR T - LOF T I S Ginny Ashley Mike Lisa Busby Harris High Hilburn Kirsten Jefferson Ricky Lewis Jamie Holley Michael Lamb Cami Mitchell . Q 3 1,254 i ri Liz Brad Pope Smith Q. 173 ' a, it t Lilyan Clay Strimple Watkins ..y, ' 'f'EgZ??'f 71, V X ax. is W . -f, As- ' fag, Q 5 5 I It 's helping your fellowman to score When his chances hopeless seemg I t 's forgetting self till the game is 0,6I' And fighting for the team. AD VER TISING E W, , 2,, L Q VL2AL,VV 2i W 1 BOOTH 'S TOYS 31 1 Park Forest Shopping Center 352-31 18 We are glad to be at F.B.A Dlichelle and Don Hensel jr. E QV fl! 'Vex .Kg , f wfmww mwww, W. Wm, 3 1--' .rw , V I .W ' ,C If. aa " Q IV fig A l y 1 N x 1 ' 2 ' xx W six ' 5 .J 1 ' xXX 'N Y .77 , --...,. -' tg' H, .4-A. Ch eelilist for Choosing a College With so many colleges and universities in the North Texas area, how does one decide on the school to meet his particular needs? Some factors to consider are: i A Quality Education in a Christian atmosphere. A Wide Variety in Fields of Study. Personal Attention from Well-trained Faculty in Small Class Settings A campus Convenient to All Parts of the Metroplex A Full Compliment of Athletics and Student Activities A Generous Financial Aids Program All of the Above and More Totals Dallas Baptist College 3000 Florina. Dallas. Texas 75211 12145331-8311 Tena Meeks Jan Haney Kristen Cherry Elise Britton Kim Switzer Amy Waugh Leah Davis Myra Retta Andrea Harrell Wanda Shanks S WIRLE T TES Luanne Ward Debbie Arning Donna Preston Leann Rector Lynn Davis Debbie Priddy Liz Ashworth Kay Humphries Cristi Cruz Pam Hanson Sponsor: Mrs. SueAnne Mathis "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy though ts shall he established. Proverbs 16 3 9 N tT' Y S Tuih OITIQIMQICIQQIO AUTOMOTIVE Make 't an O l0909 Jupiter Rd. Dallas, Texas 75218 "Body Repair Specialist" 328-3521 Americas Largest Stereo Manufacture orth Dallas Bank PRESTON RGAD AT LBJ 387-1300 1 Member FDIC Our thanks to these families for the teachers lounge! The Ned Brown Family The Charles Harding Family The Dick Clements Family The Charles Hollingsworth Family The David Goforth Family . C Crlswell Center S1111 th For Biblical Studies h ,, ,, Sout west Marana tha Randy Shelton 525 N. Ervay Dr. Paige Patterson Sales Representative Dallas, Texas 75201 President, CCBS 2405 Merrell Road, Dallas, Texas 75229 214-742-3111 Phone 2147247-2814 I2 We're "The SMALL CAR EXPERTS" Simply, matter of fact, we are foreign car experts-especially Datsun experts! Our salesmen are highly competent, efficient and courteous. Our mechanics know 'little cars' and are proud of their skill and work. Our parts men know every part by heart, and they're backed by the Southwest's largest Datsun parts stock. We fake care of our customers after the sale' Dallas County's Oldest, Largest and Most Convenient Datsun Dealersh p 2200 ROSS Ave. at PEARL ' Phone 741-3661 The Complete Dealorthip-SALES 0 PARTS 0 SERVICE 0 BODY SHOP ' WRECKER SERVICE P. T.F. Honors Elementary Students Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Del Rogers Doyle England Sidney Wilson Richard M. Smith, ll George McGuire Jerry Todd Tim Seabolt Levon Thigpen Thomas Rector Harold E. Norris Bill Cox Martin Brittain Compliments of the 1 977-1 978 Student Council President: Brad Gee Vice-President Calvln Lowrie Chaplain: Mary Grady Secretary: Deann Coats Sponsor: Mrs. Gatton David Geeteh, Exec Com Brent Gardner Sandy Loftin Tommy Waters Kim Wilpitz Bart Ghormley ,Ian Campbell Allan Moore David Darr Cristi Cruz Paul Boone Jana Ahlfinger Darlene Sauer Devin Cutler Laura Guthrie Julie Mitchell Scarlette Rogers Russell Webb Amy Waugh Kim Switzer Andy Moody Rhonda Culpepper Greer Kendall David Carter Carolyn Lord ,lohn Michael Ashworth Scott Norris QZQ Mfyanfyg A4 'yum af MY? WWQYN9? 39 awafaf JWQQM lame af fle wnzfznzfd QZZQZZQ4 lMOZflf4 Znflemenjd mflzkzd fam fmzfk 626624 m'fZe I ey Saints... ee Cn Tru kin! 1. .1 as ZfmfjD1vfr' Yr. .A ggi.. E T M F 'iRElGl'll SYSHM NVE NA- Compliments Of East Texas Motor Freight The LTL Dependables! Corporate Offices 2355 Stemmons Frwy. Box lOl25 Dallas, Texas 75207 121492538-2280 U, SENIOR PARENTS SALU TE THE 1 978 GRADUATING CLASS Mr ami Mrs. Ken Apperson Mr ami Mrs. William Blankenship Mr and Mrs. Larry Bowles Mr and Mrs. Welba Brooks Mr ami. Mrs. Bobby Burdick Mr anc. Mrs. Charles Campbell Mr and Mrs. Don Carroll Mr and Mrs. Mel Carter Mrs. Carol Cavitt Mr and Mrs. Darrell Coats Mr ami Mrs. Bernard Coffey Mr and Mrs. Jim Curtis Mr and Mrs. Willard Etheridge Mrs. Patricia Gardner Mrs. James Gee Mr. am. Mrs. Jean Gentzel Mr. and Mrs. Robert George Mr. and Mrs. John Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. William Grady Nlf' fplis. incl. iimilgif iltll 31. limi fYll'5l.Cil'l2l!'li.1'sl'lUilll1gnNX lVli' and Mrs. 2-rf N-ali' .mai avi? "'- iimtgltis Kendall Pill' ...zu Fvlrs. Shed Loftin Mr anc Mrs. Morris Miller Mr anc. Mrs. Charles Grice Mr anc Mrs. Harold Norris Mr anc Mrs. Vernon Peckham Mr and Mrs. Frank Taylor Mr and Mrs. Charles Waters Mr ami Mrs. Robert Weant Mr and Mrs. Gerald White Mr ami Mrs. Wayne Wilpitz Mrs. Patricia McKay Mrs. Margie Smith url! HAPPINESS FOR THE FUTURE YEARS T0 COME T0 THE "SAIN TS " OF THE ACADEMY. R AUGH REAL ESTATE and Properlylvldnagement R6Sid6l1Iiil! fifi Uv,A I1 T' H ff' Pl 141 Q06 B In life, as in baseball, the important thing is to get home safe! SAFETY RULES l. Cross streets only at corners, look left and right, and be sure before you go. 2. Roller skating or playing with scooters or wagons in streets where autos are numerous endangers life and limb. Stay on sidewalks. or vacant lots for your play. 3. Never touch or step on dangling wires: they may be alive with electricity. 4. Firearms are deadly. Leave them alone. unless in ADULT. 5. Gasoline or cleaning fluids are dangerous. Never play with these. or strike matches near either or have near a fire. 6. Never play near a fire or allow smaller children near a fire. 7. Learn to protect yourself and others. ...-...QM -gm "Over 50 Years of Service" the company of an Donald E. Bowles General Manager 8333 Douglas Dallas, Texas 75225 363 1600 l34 Eugene Frazier, ASID Interior DesignerfArt Dealer WE ARE PRDUD DF ALL THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY AT FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY You are wonderful, so keep up your good pace. When good taste is important in the interior design or art of your residence, office, club or church, do contact: eu5e11e va: ier sfubio Interior Design Studio!Art Gallery 3922 Lemmon Avenue ' Dallas, Texas 75219 - 12145 528-1592 The Sauer Family wishes to express their gratitude for the Christian leadership of First Baptist Academy. Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 Our deepest appreciation and thanks to the staff and teachers of First Baptist Academy for their Christian influence in the lives of our children, Brian, Jeff, and Angela. Sam and Susan Cade "Train up a child in the way he should gog even when he is old he will not depart from it. 9' Proverbs 22:6 Chez! is' what eeiuerzfibn means - fb be able fb db what ybu 'be never dbrre befbre. " GHUFQ6 Herbert Palmer Park Nauffer LE 3 Cafeteria an KNOX at COLE - 2 blks. west of EXIT 5, N. CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY CLOSED SUNDAY Serving Dallas Since 1925 Congratulations to First Baptist Academy from Miller-Gordon Motor Co. 2512 Ross Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201 21 4! 7 42-5348 Compliments of -K v 0 I I? I' A ' F-I A LA A Eli HOIVIE INTEHIORS 81 GIFTS, INC SPRING VALLEY AND WELCH ROAD DALLAS, TEXAS AND Mary C Crowley Q "0Ver sixty offices in the MetropIeX" FIRST MARK REALTORS 3 Locations 4140 Abrams Rd. 824-81 71 364 Abrams-Forest Shopping Center 341-3000 1 0253 Ferguson 32 7- 7345 CLEMEN T S PRINZHORN CU. TAYLOR - . Outstanding Students PUNTIAC ' a Fine School AMERICAN a Marvelous Church American if Ieep -k Honda Car and ,,.. a Great God f 2 Watching Uver Them 5' ' Auf NEW AND Q.. ,Q AUTO ' USED g CENTER DISCQUNT l 948-3561 Del Rogers, Inc. Only mim1feS -NME exif International flirilfff' l'Jiifg1?lJI?l'I?g1'lS expway Fund Raising Dallas E For Churches QUALITY DIAL!! Calhoun Engineering Inc. ,, ...PCL .XL ,251 -2..L ,EE ,551 5 f ..,.....t -' I 511 North Akard Street U ng! J' f214y 747-9336 ' Dallas, Texas 75201 1 Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart And Do Not Rely Un Your Uwn lnsigll t. In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him, And He Will Make Straight Your Paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 RSV Welcome AN -KA Y RANCH 2 'Y 3 OURMINISTRY. . . To provide a facility which Christian groups can rent to conduct their program, with their personnel, to accomplish a spiritual purpose. f We don't provide the program. We provide a facility at which the group conducts their own program. The group provides their own leaders, speakers, counselors, meetings. activities, schedule, etc. We provide food service, wranglers, and other help and guidance as needed. fr' Amy... r F UR INFORMATION and RESERVATIONS, contact Rev. P. R. IRonj Byers, Director Jan-Kay Ranch Rt. 1 Detroit, Texas 7 5436 214!674-3159 Il 5 ITE A - ' - v '- ' M . ' CLE. 1 li x fg111Q:g:Q1S-.- Q, l fmwx-, Q ,2 1 9 WMI- ' I ' Oi N its l45 May God's wisdom and direction always he foremost in the minds of the administration, staff, and the teachers of First Baptist Academy. Our prayer is that God will bless you with knowledge, faith, and insight to teach, guide, and counsel our students so that He will receive the glory and praise through your dedication to Him. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Bill Cobb Del Rogers ,Iohn Shanks Gayle Tinsley ,Ioel Mathis Clyde Choate Herb Catlin Frank Taylor Charles Dickey Harold Norris Thomas Rector Diana Parker Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freet Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McCreless Rev. and Mrs. Nat Olutmayin Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Charles Woods Dewey Stark Carroll Webb Jr. Martin Brittain PTF Honors High School Students Congratulations to First Baptist School From Triangle Restaurant Supply 2702 Elm St. Dallas. Texas I , ,,,, I the most in DRY CLEANING buf: .mv -VQI V, A --VAVVIVAVQV V:-3 .v--4.-,- M-2x,,m.,::,,.:.. , :N E:L3Q5:3e:ifssivi1:5:2f2555f5sf5'53fr:1-5"-Mffififfi ..,, .-:- ,, 1 Hour Service 1 Day Shirt Service Hours 7:00 A.M.-6:00 ITM. 5927 Greenville Avenue at Southwestern Phone 369-2962 PERR Y'S CHRHHIMV CBOOKSTORE Bibles - Books - Gifts Cards - Music - Tapes Records S UNDA Y SCHOOL AND CHURCH S UPPLIES "The Store That Cares for Your Spiritual Health" 3005 W. Irving Blvd. Irving. TX 258-3363 Southwest Land Title Company F k H pk -Semi Vice Pre d 103 G l dR d D ll T 75225 Q21 D3 8 418 DEMCO- FG 722 W. Davis Dallas 8, Texas ,IUSEF MF G., INC. P. 0. Box 35631 Dallas, Texas 7 523 5 152

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