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- - 'tin' .tr , I. xy . 91-1,-'V 1, ig --' V pb CJVL 1 -a LT, 5' ,.:' 'gl gf. 2-3" Fiiggff ,X H Q A Y f an n 14"- ,.-, ' wut' .V 4 L 4-ailvn .,, 54 'mf' x 1 m 'J 1 iii -1' 'ls' Si - .1 1, ff "HW 5 ,A 1 .g J . 3: 1:.', V Rf, , iff. 1- , ' ' ek '. , . 1. 4, . " Alu 5. I. . .' s' -- :' ' . .,Q.,,,A .2 . 1 ' , ' . ' "n ., 1 ff- ' HA'-1 Y . .g U . 5 , .,,.'-.vx4,.:, .A l AVL, , 1, Q ,., 112. 1 -t - . ,1 Y V V Q- A gl Ls F J. . -1158, L - . . 7 , . - x v K - ' "n gl, ' ' 9 X . V . - , gh if. 4' sg ' f' ' . ul- 1' " ' . . . 1..'fa' - .,-' " ' , - ' J.: 3 ,-' .- ff- I j -wr ,, , 4: f XA: - 'fy' -'fa , -Q ' '- 1 i , . ,, , I ' I , k r!-'I 3: .1 f ' - 1 - ' t J :QM ' Y ' " , ' 5'-4 - 'r-i, -. - '-A 12- ' .1'11' ein'- ' +' ' ' , . Y D . .5 a , . '..a ff . uv. fu 4' v 1 ' I' H .f - - bm, J" 1- - '-7- . A f . - Q." luv ' fl,-. . . V. L. ,,. f . ag-1, . .' , ' ' ' 1 f f .":'T 7-- 4, 6 wr' L 5 .- ,, . , A K .,T,F rn. ' L -f - .' ' - 11, ' 4. ,- ,-.X 3, ,. 7:14 '. . .f, .. ,U . ,K -IL-:K 'Kwik -1 1 lr. : . '-',' fn A ' f A 'w L -If 1 . ,,L"'1N, -, L. ' " 7l,,.,.'fT"7"'..f,2,gf. r F U up f L .,. ,.,-, w y X t X V .. W, f'AQfjJQ'djLz83.!.ffff4-f' lf A . 'gf 1112 1957 If 11 glfirelanrls in Qliiglq 3129 2 Gmlerlin, Q9Iqiu PREPARED AND EDITED BY THE 1967 ANNUAL STAFF DENNIS L. DELLIFIELD, EDITOR KATHY MATUS, CO-EDITOR MISS PATRICIA MCFARLAND, ADVISOR 7 urefnnrnl QQAN M x X if XX . is . ,-, izgllgf FIALC 0416. In our four short years here at Firelands High School we have striven to change from adolescents to mature adults readying ourselves for the various professions that we may follow. Firelands has been our training ground. Here in her walls mental and physical growth has taken place. We have been taught about the social, economical, and political problems of the world and how to cope with them. Our teachers, whom we are very proud of, have strived to insert in us traits of character, especially those of leadership, initiative, integrity, and ambition. These particular traits, we will need very much when we step out into that wide and wonderful world of poverty, starvation, killings, and war. For many of us it will be college after graduation, others will pursue a job with training and still others will be in Viet Nam fighting for you and me. Our next move will not be planned for us as it has been planned in the past. This wonderful environment which we have had and our education in a free democratic country will help us to be upholding and substantial citizens and builders of America. This Yearbook will be a means of looking at our joys and sorrows which also go into making mature people, and will be a permanent record of our years at Firelands High School. The 1967 Torch Staff 2 xi? Y' + able DEDICATION. . MEMORIAL. . FACULTY ..... BEHIND THE SCENES. SENIORS '6'7. . . UNDERCLASSMEN. . ACTIVITIES . . . MUSIC ACTIVITIES . SPORTS ..... SENIOR MEMORIES . . ADS AND PATRONS . uf Qlunienis MRS. GILBERT FAIRCHILD Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow." Grateful Memories" Robert Louis Stevenson 4 edinaiinn With fond memories and deep sorrow, we, the Senior Class of 1967, dedicate this TORCH to the memory of Mrs. Gilbert CMarieJ Fairchild, who was so suddenly taken from our midst in July of 1966. Mrs. Fairchild served the Firelands School District as secretary for several years. She first worked at the Brownhelm Ele- mentary School, and in 1964 came tothe high school. Most of us came into contact with Mrs. Fairchild while she performed secretarial duties, yet the roles she assumed in life were many: wife, mother, secretary, confidant, friend, citizen, and Christian. In each of these roles she excelled. Mrs. Fairchild was an active member of the Firelands Booster Club from its start and supported the district's many athletic teams at both home and away games. Also, her attendance was never lacking at other school activities and functions. Mrs. Fairchild was as active in the office as she was in attending school activities. Although her duties took her to all parts of the building, she was still able to keep the office operating smoothly. Whenever we entered the office, Mrs. Fairchild greeted us with a wide, friendly smile 5 we could always count on her to help us solve our various problems. She worked with a quiet efficiency, but with our frequent interruptions it was a wonder that she could get any work done at all. Nevertheless her secretarial work never suffered. Mrs. Fairchild was blessed with a warm and cheerful personality which she unselfishly shared with everyone. He subtle sense of humor delighted and confused those with whom she came into contact, it was often difficult to tell whether she was scolding or teasing. To us, she was not only a secretary, but someone in whom to confideg to our parents and teachers, Mrs. Fairchild was a hard worker and a good friend. We are thankful for God's having permitted us to know such a warm and unselfish woman as Mrs. Fair- child. In spite of our sorrow upon her death, we have grateful memories of her which will always remain a part of us. The Class of 1967 3 0 C1011 emnrmm TO THE MEMORY OF' JAMES HAWS: "Jimmy" will long be remembered in the hearts and minds of many people for his great sense of humor, his playful-cheerfulness, and his friendly and out-going personality. Even as we grow older, Jimmy will remain young and smiling in our hearts. The Class of 1970 TO THE MEMORY OF MARY BETH HASENFLUE: As we travel through life, we will take many fond memories of Mary Beth with us. We and her numerous other friends will always remember the willingness with which she lived life and the enjoyment that she derived from it. In spite of the problems which we will face in our lives, memories or Mary Beth will forever be a part of us. The Class of 1969 D V,bl K' V ,I m um v YQ f W if A N . 1 A NV X 4, 5 , Q -mg X ,., . S..-I r. Glharleg Cgruih ' xeruiiite gfieanl BS in Educationg Ohio State University MS in Education: Bowling Green State University The Class of 1967 of Firelands High School wishes to express our appreciation and thanks to Mr. Groth and Mr. Youngblood for their leadership and guidance during the past four years of our high schoo careers. Each has a position of responsibility. and each has filled his position well. arris uunghlunrl 'jgrinripal BA Baldwin-Wallace College MEd. Kent State University C' Q K' " 2 4 xrelzxnrls guard uf irlucaiinn 1955 - 1957 The Class of 1967 would like to express our appreciation to the Firelands Board of Education for all the work they have done to give us the finest education possible. Thank you: Mr. Arthur Blackwell, President Mr. Willis Wasem, Vice-President Mrs. J.R. Lees, Clerk Mr. Louis Murphey Mr. Bernard Buchs Mr. Andrew Ortner Mr. Wayne A. Whyte, Co. Supt. of Schools Student Qluunnil Seated: T. Johnson, A. Adkins, A. Springer, L. Knoble, L. Normando, B. Lees. K. Crombie, S. Matus. C.Cook, K. Matus, E. Nelson. Standing: K. Ortner. P. Matus, C. Coultrip, R. Springer. N. Sanders, K. Sprunk. C. Morgan, C. Steffani, Mr. Markworth, Advisorg M. Normando, G. Kothe. John Berlen- bach Harpur College State Universi- ty of New York BAg Gen Mathg Alg I Sharon Pall Manchester Collegeg Ohio State AB g MS Biologyg Gen Sc JO Paul L. Erdy Ohio Stateg Kent State BSMEg Mathg Mech Dr .WH ,VFV A, K I I .udlddhilllr-K'-" ' Doris C. Gorske Marietta College, AB Geometryg National Hon- or Society Nelson Howe Ohio Stateg West. Reserve BSQ MS Chemg E Scg Gen Sc Quiz Bee Teamg Assist. Coach jlllaih and Etienne 4 api. Jane Pendley Western Col. for Womeng Oberlin Col- lege Algi John A. Mark worth Ashland Col- lege BS Physicsg Gen Scg Alg I Student Coun- cil BAg Gen Mathg Mrs. Mary L. Groth BS Education Ohio State Uni- versity Bliss Business College Vocational Bus- iness 411 Commercial Club Advisor Miss Janice M. Virag BS Education Voc. Home Ec. Bowling Green State Univer- sity Vocational Home Econ- omics Mr. Francais L. Miller BS 85 MS Education Ohio State University Vocational Agriculture FFA Advisor Mr. John M. Funk West Va. State University Ind. Arts I, II, III, IV Advisor Ind. Arts Club Miss Nancy Koepp BS Education Ohio University Bkkp., Gen'lBus., Rd. Kp. ntaiiunal 8c C3115 Bnpzxrimeni Mrs. Christine Bickel Glenville State College Vocational Business 311 Bus. Law, Economics Mr. Robert Bailey BS Education Arts 8a Crafts Grades 6-12 II Miss Karen Lechner AB in English Western College for Women English I, III Mr. Richard L. Hamsher BS Education Ashland College, Bowling Green Uni- versity. Kent State University American His- tory, Driver Education Head Basketball Coach Athletic Direc- tor I2 Miss Patricia McFarland Miami State University Ohio State University English IVE, Speech Jr. 85 Sr. Class Plays FTA 8a Annual Staff Advisor Miss Janet Dwyke BA Education University of Toledo French I 8a II: Spanish I 85 II French Sc Spanish Club Advisor Wan na 2 34 4 isinrg Miss Cheryl Johnson William SL Mary College AB in English English 1, it Peparimeni Mr. Robert Rieth BS Education Kent State Uni- versity World History, Sr. Social Studies Baseball Coach Mr. Robert Blevins BA in Education Pikeville College English I, III. IV Frosh. Basket- ball Coach Miss Patricia R. Yuill BS Education Phys. Ed. Sc Health Girls' Softball. Track, GAA, Pep Club, Cheerleader Mrs. Margaret Morse Bachelor of Mu- sic Oberlin College Sr. 8a Frosh. Choir Ensembles, Boys Quartet Mrs. Susan Monseau BA Degree, Sociology: Wittenberg College English I, IIE, II Mrs. Lorna Greene AB dc M Education Defiance College, Kent State Guidance Counselor Mr. Wilfred P. Johnston BA 85 MA Education Berea Colleges Berea, Ky. New York University: NY District Librarian 7 inn Qtrha Beparimnni Mr. David G. Conrad BS Secondary Education Bluffton Col- lege: Ohio Northern Phys. Ed. 8: Health Head Football Coach Mr. Ralph I. Ward Bach. of Music M Ed. Oberlin Col- lege, Kent State Chainnan of Music De- partrnent Band, Dance Band I3 Q9111' 'flgelniml glfzuzulig 1? ?T 4 2 f" Emumlm me SQELUE2 ff 5 XX Mrs. Shirley Vinning erreizlries Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Ann Youngblood Secretary to the Supt . of Schools Gllerk Mrs. Viola K. Lees Clerk of Firelands School District Clerk to Board of Education Qlunks Mrs.Showa1terg Mrs.Cajka, Head Cook: Mrs. Johnson. Eiichzn f. Ba kj Sswejl was Hs, R : J' Y and C. H91 ' Reddjtt Reddjl-F' T C. Wwe ' Ha Wes C' . QU ztminrs Herb Davidson and Bud Bickel I D ' P61-. ff to Ulranspurtatinn Bepartment p k f ne other th merrg Eleimharh, gllltertyanir 7 4 ' 115 IIUBIB women who take us to and from our destination each day. Th these men and an the ever faithful bus drivers of the Firelands School District. Thank y Cgeralel jfiirumfniecle Iileannr Ellnrdnn 'jpat glltliller Qeulah glilamiltnn 32112 Efleimharh Eiuuise Smith C'lHHelnin fllaunrlnn Cttlitargaret Eursleg Eames iirupp matter filuttle Ufhendnre Entra QRichard Enhannsen Hume Hates Qslhert flluttle 0 r 1 . W , . ,, um' l ' if ' J nf 'l, 1 'N 4 ft , X 7' M I. 1 If Q 1 if Q 45 In L. una J w vb' --,,-,1-i""'5 .' Eb' l' MBACH eninr Gllass f19ffir2rs '57 ROBERT HENRY MARK- WORTH PRESIDENT Track 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Chorus 15 Class President 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Dr Trg 2 HARVEY HOWARD LEI VICE PRESIDENT Ftbl.. Mgr 15 Trk Mrg 2, 3 4: Bkbl. Stat5 Track Scorekeeperg Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Bd 2,3,45 All Star Band 35 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Quiz Bee 3,45 FTA 2, 3,45 Yrbk 45 V Pres 45 Nat Honor So- ciety 3. 45 Class Play 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Latin Club 1,25 FTA Pres 4 SHIELA RAE CONRY SECRETARY A Track 15 Band 1. 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2,35 Cheer- leader 1, 2, 35 St Council 15 GAA 15 Yrbk 45 Class Treas 25 Class Sec 3, 45 Class Play 3. 4 MARILEE GROTT TREASURER Chorus 1, 2, 45 Triple Trio 45 Pep Club 1, 45 GAA 2, 35 Yrbk 45 Class Treas 1, 3, 45 Nat Honor Society 3, 45 Class Play 3, 4 ALICE M. ANADELL Pep Club 3g FHA 2g Comm Club 4 ARTHUR ANDERSON ADKINS Track 1,2,3g Baseball 2,3,4g Bkbl 2,3,4g Band 1,2.3,4g Bd Pres 45 Dance Bd 1, 2,3,4g All Atar Bd 2g Chorus lg Scholarship Team 1,2g FTA 1, 2.3, 4g St CoLu1cil 4g Class Play 3, 4g Latin Club 1, 2 RICHARD D. AFFOLTER Driver's Training 2 RALPH DAVID BARR Football 1.2,3g Base- ball Mgr 3g Librarian 4 CAROLYN LORRAINE BOATMAN Pep Club 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader 2.3. 4g FHA 1,25 Com Club 3,45 News- paper Staff 1g Librarian 15 Office Aides 4g Class Play 8 EILEEN PATRICIA BARTLETT Pep Club 3g Scholarship Team 4g GAA 3- Yrbk 4- Librarian 4- Class Play 4g Spanish Club 2g Dr Trg 2 21 DANIEL ALAN BOOSE Track 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Class Play 4 ELAINE MARIE BORN Track 19 Band 1.2,3.4g Band Sec- Treas 4, Dance Bd 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1 2 GAA 2 Yrbk 4 Year ROBERT CHARLES BORN Ftbl1gBkb11,2.3g FTA 1,2,3,4 book Bus Mgr 4 Class Play 4 Dr Drlver s Tralnmg 2 KATHLEEN ROSE BOWMAN Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Soft- ball 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Bd 4g GAA 1 Yrbk 4g Class Play 45 Dr Trg 3 GORDON MICHAEL BROWN Chorus 4g FTA 43 Yrbk 43 Nat Hon- or Society 4g Class Play 4 IEANNE MARIE BREISCH Girls Bkbl 1. 2: Track 1g Softball 1, 2,3,4g Chorus 1.3. 4g FTA 4g GAA 1. 25 Yrbk 45 Class Plays 3, 4g Span- ish Club 1. 2 RICHARD DAVID BURES Band 2.3.45 Dance Bd 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Chorus Pres 45 Bar- bershop Quarterg Quiz Bee 35 FTA 3, 45 Newspaper 35 Class Play 45 Dr Trg 2 MICHAEL E. BRUCKER Ftbl Mgr 3, 45 Quiz Bee 3,45 Bkbl Stat 3, 45 Scholarship Team 3, 45 Yrbk 45 Newspaper 35 Class Play 3, 45 Spanish Club 3,45 Dr Trg 3 BONNIE MARIE BUCHS FHA 15 C01'1'1IT1 Club 3,45 Yrbk 45 Class Play 45 Dr Trg 3 ALAN CHARLES CHAPPELL Baseball 45 Bkbl 45 FrblScorekeep- er 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Quiz Bee 45 Nat Honor Society 45 French Club 35 AFS 45 Oberlin En- richment Program 2 MARCIA ANN CAYWOOD Track 1, 2, 35 Softball 1, 2, 35 Band 2, 3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus V-Pres 45 All Star Chorus 25 Quiz Bee 35 AFS 3,45 Dr Trg 4 BERYL IEAN CALL Softball 1.45 FHA 1, 35 GAA 15 Comm Club .35 Comm Club Pres 45 Yrbk 45 Librar- ian 35 Office Aides 2, 3,45 Class Play 45 St Sec 45 Dr Trg 2 23 BARBARA ANN CHILDERS Chorus 15 Pep Club 25 FHA 25 Comerical Club 45 Yrbk 45 Dr Trg 2 SHARON L. CLARK Commerical Club 4 CONSTANCE IO COOK Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 1. 2, 3, 45 All Star Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Ma- joretre 2, 3, 45 Head Maj 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Yrbk 45 Nat Honor Society 3.45 Class Play 45 Dr Trg 2 24 KAREN CELESTE CROMBIE Track 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 Student Council 3,45 St. Coun. Treas. 35 St. Counc. V. - Pres. 45 GAA 1, 2,35 Class Play 35 Spanish Club 35 AFS 2. GWENDOLYN CAROL CRITESER Chorus 1. 25 FTA 35 Yrbk 45 Class Play 45 French Club 3 LEDORA L. COSTANZO Band 1. 2,35 Scholar ship Team 45 GAA 1 2, 35 Dr Trg 3 DIANE CAROL DRAGA Pep Club 1.25 GAA 1,25 Lib 45 ClassPlay 35 Dr Trg 2 ANITA KAY DAVIDSON Chorus 1, 25 GAA 35 Comm Club 45 Class Play 35 Dr Trg 2 DENNIS L. DELLIFIELD Band 1. 2. 3. 45 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 15 Barbershop Quartet 45 Band Librarian 3,45 Pep Band 39 Sousa Band Award 45 Scholarship Team 2,35 Quiz Bee 35 FTA 1,2, 2,35 Yrbk 3,45 Editor 45 Newspaper Staff 35 Class Play 3, 45 Student Director 3, 45 French Club 15 AFS 3. 45 Dr Trg 2 ROGER D. DRIVER Track 15 Baseball 45 Bkbl 15 Scholarship Team 15 FTA 15 Class P1ay'35 Latin Club 1, 25 Dr Trg 3 ELIZABETH CORA EMMERICH Chorus 2.45 Commerical Club 45 Yrbk 45 Dr Trg 2 CAROL JEAN DUMKEE Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1. 2, 3, 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Yrbk 45 Class Play 45 Oberlin Enrichment Program 35 Dr Trg 3 25 JIM PAUL GIGUERE 26 WILLIAM MARTIN GERRICK III Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4g Quiz Bee Team 3g captain 4g Yrbk 4g Newspaper Staff 3g National Hon- or Society 4g Honor Guard 2g Latin Club 1, 2g Inter-Agency Represen- tative 4g Drivers Training 2 CYNTHIA IEAN GERSTACKER FHA Ig GAA 3g Commercial Club 4g Yrbk 45 Class Play 3 MARILYN GROOT Chorus 2,4g Freshman Chorus 1g Pep Club 1,4g Cheerleader 15 GAA 2,3g Yrbk 4g Class Officer 4g Hon- or Guard 2g Class Play 3, 45 Na- tional Honor Society 4 DALE ANDRE GRONSKY Basketball 35 FFA 1,2,3.4g D ver 's Training 2 ri- DANIEL N. GREEN Driver's Training 2 NORA LEE HICKS Band lg Chorus 2.3, 4g Freshman Chorus lg Commercial Club 3. 4g Yrbk 4g Class Play 3.4g Driver's Train- ing 2 r 4 if 55.5 M 'U ,, V, ,.jr4: . , 1-4, A N K W Hifi ff. - , 'M 4 3 F K 5 M, ' ' ' H .- i W , , ,V ,L -1. if ' Hgh- V1,r,...,.,-ff .W ,. af- 1 ,wax 5-gif S Qin :aff A Jw , ,,e3.,g , 1,5 . ig, . 3401" " ' Q. , ' gf ' K F' fglz zfefl, .r , , 4 -lislffmfieciz ff ' J - ry -,wQ,ii?EQixm an , , r ,,kL, . I 4 2 71,3431-fr X-g:g:f:f.w,y,g 2 T - A 4 , - GERALDINE LOUISE HAHN Fl-IA 25 GAA 25 Librarian 3.4 ANGELA OLEDA HENSON Girls Track 43 Chorus 3.4: GAA 4g Driver's Training 3g Triple Trio 4 ANNETTE SUE HURD GAA 3,45 Driver's Training 3 SCOT KIMBALL HUNTER Boy's Track 1, 2.45 Football 1,2,3, 4g Baseball 35 Basketball 1.23 Chorus 45 Yrbk 4g Class Play 4 .sill ,, , 14, I Q, mimi SANDRA ALICE HILL Pep Club 4g FHA 2,3g Commercial Club 4g Driver's Training 2 2 JOYCE ELAINE JOHNSON Chorus 4g Freshman Chorus lg Pep Club 1, 2, 45 FHA 1, 2,85 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4g Yrbk 4g Class Plays 3,4 28 THOMAS LYNN HUSTED Football 13 Baseball 2, 35 Basket- ball 1,2,3g Spanish Club 1, 2g Driver's Training 2 MICHAEL ROBERT IVES Boy's Track 1g Football 1,2,3g FFA 1. 2,3, Reporter 4, Driver s Train ing 2 CHARLENE MARIE KENDEIGH Girl's Track 1,2,3g Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2, 45 Freshman Chorus 13 Pep Club 1, 29 Cheerleader 1, 4g FHA 2,33 GAA 2,3,4g Yrbk 4 IVA L. JONES Commercial Club 4g Driver's Training 3 TAMARA KAY JOHNSON Freshman Chorus 15 Pep Club 1.2,8g Pres 4g Scholarship Team 43 FTA 1,2,3, Tres 4g Student Council 4g Yrbk 4g National Honor Society 3, V- Pres 4g Class Plays 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Driver's Training 2 PATRICIA IEAN KERESSI FHA 1 2 3 4 GAA2 3 DIIVSIS Training 2 MARY ELIZABETH KNOTT Softball 35 Pep Club 15 Cheerlead- EDWARD PAUL KOTOTA Boy's Track 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball 1, 2,3,45 2nd Team All-Ohio5All- Inland Conference5 Student Council 1 er 15 GAA 1,35 Commercial Club 4, Yrbk 4 SUSAN JEAN LAMVERMEYER Chorus 45 Freshman 15 Pep Club 1. 2,45 FHA 1.2.35 GAA 2,3,45 Yrbk 45 Class Plays 3.45 Driver's Train- ing 2 NORMA I EAN KROESEN Scholarship Team 45 FHA 2. 3.45 Driver's Training 4 LAWRENCE EDWARD KRAPP Boy's Track 1, 2. 3. 45 Football 1. 2. 3, 45 Basketball 15 Spanish Club 2,35 Driver's Training 3 29 TERRY C. LUNDY Baseball 15 Band 1.2, 3, 45 Driver's Training 3 30 WILLIAM REXF ORD LEES Football 1, 2, 35 Tri-Captain 45 Baseball 2,3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA 1, 2,Sec 35 Pres 45 Student Council 1,2, Sgt Arms 3. Pres 45 Yrbk 45 Class Play 4 ROBERT LORENCE LEIMBACH Boy's Track 2.3.45 Football 35 Basketball 15 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Yrbk 45 Newspaper Staff15 Latin Club 1, 25 Driver's Training 25 Class Reporter 1 STEPHEN JOHN MATUS, IR. Boy's Track 35 Football 1,3,45 Basketball 1,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 FFA 1,2, Reporter 35 Student Council 45 Yrbk 45 Class Plays 3, 45 Driver's Training 2 PAULA JEAN MARKWORTH Softball 1, 2, 3, 41B3I1d 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 1,2,3,45 All-Star Band 2,45 Triple Trio 45 GAA 15 Scholarship Team 1,2,3,45 Yrbk 3,45 Newspaper Staff 35 Class V- Pres 1,25 National Honor Society 3, 45 Class Plays 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Honor Guard 35 AFS 3,45 Driv- er's Training 2 KAYE DONNA MACKIN Band 1,2,35 Com- merical Club 45Fren- ch Club 2,35 Driver's Training 3 PETER BRUCE MCROBERTS Football Manager 35 Band 1, 25 Chorus 45 FFA 1,2,3.45 Yrbk 45 Class Play 45 Driver's Training 3 JEANNE SUE MIKLODA Softball 4, Pep Club 2, Commer cial Club 45 Driver's Training 3 JOYCE ANN MILLS Pep Club 25 Commer- cial Club 45 French Club 35 Driver's Training 3 DONNA SHIRLEEN MORROW Chorus 2, 45 Freshman Chorus 15 Scholarship Team 2,3,45 FTA 1, 2.3, Officer 45 Yrbk 45 National Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Guard 25 Spanish Club 2g Driver's Training 2 DONALD NELS NELSON Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus 1, Scholarship Team 1,3,45 Yrbk 4 KIM ALAN MYERS Boy's Track 3, 45 Football 1, 3,45 Basketball 15 Football Manager 25 Office Aides 45 Class Plays 3,45 Spanish Club 2. 3: Driver's Train- ing 2 31 CALVIN K. READY Boy's Track 1,25 Football 3,45 Football Manager 15 FFA 1,2, 3,45 Class Play 3 32 MARY ELLEN NIGGLE Girl's Track 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Dan- ce Band 1, 2.8.45 Chorus 2,45 Freshman Chorus lg Majorette 45 FTA 45 GAA 1,25 Yrbk 45 Office Aides 3.45 Class Plays 3, 45 Span- ish Club 25 Driver's Training 2 JESSICA F. PONDAGE FHA1 AILEEN ELIZABETH SAYLER Commercial Club 3, Sec 45 Yrbk 45 Class Plays 3.45 Driver's Train- ing 2 RONDA SHERYL RICHARDS Band 1,2,3.45 Dance Band 1,2.3, 45 Pep Club 2.3, Sec 45 Scholar- ship Team 35 FTA 2,3,45 Yrbk 45 Class Plays 8, 45 Spanish Club 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Driver's Training 2 GERALD K. READY Boy's Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA 1. 2, 3, 45 Class Plays 3, 45 Driver's Training 1 MARLENE JOY SCHWER Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus lg Commercial Club 45 Yrbk 45 Driver's Training 3 RUTH ANN SENNHENN Girl's Track lg Band 1,2.3,4g Pep Club 15 FTA 2,3,4g Yrb Play 45 Latin Club 1. 2g Training 2 k 43 Class Driver's CAROLYN ELIZABET H SEXTON Chorus 45 Commercial 'Club 4g Spanish Club 2,35 Driver's Train- Qing3 V GERALD LEROY SCHRADER Football 1, 2. 3g Bas- ketball Manager l, 2 Librarian 2, 3, 4g Driver's Training 2 FRANCES ANN SMITH FHA 4 MARLENE SIMONS 33 JAMES EDWARD TANSEY, IR. Football 1,35 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3g Basketball Manager 3,4g Band 1, 2,3,4g Yrbk 45 Class Play 3g Spanish Club 35 Shop 4g Driver's Training 2 34 MYRNA JEAN-MARIE SMITH Girl's Track 3,45 Softball 3,4g GAA 3,45 Librarian 4g Driver's Training 4 JOHN S. SWARTZ III Boy's Track 1g Football 1,2.3.4g Driver's Training 1 MARGARET ANN- THOMS Pep Club 1, 2,3,4g Scholarship Team 1,33 FHA 2,3. Sec 45 Yrbk 4g National Honor Society 3. Tres 43 Honor Guard 2g Class Plays 3. 4g Latin Club 1.2 PAULA CATHERINE THOME Pep Club 1. 2.33 Yrbk 4g Class Play 4g Driver's Training 3 EDWARD D TELENKO THOMAS MITCHELL WOSSILEK Baseball 4g Band 1,2, 3.4: National Honor Society 4g Spanish Club 25 Driver's Training 3 LARRY S. WATTS Boy's Track 3g Football 15 Football Manager 2g FFA 4g Driver's Train- ing 2 KIRK EDWARD WILSON Boy's Track 1g Football 2.3g Bas- ketball Manager lg Scholarship Team 4g FFA 1.2.3 CLIFFORD LAWRENCE WRIGHT Boy's Track 1, 2. 3. 45 Football 1, 2. 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2g Li- brarian 4g Class Play 4g Driver's Training 2 . l A Ax v 'f J A Y. I-5 UN . Qk If DONALD w. VAN METER V' ' Fo0rba114 -A? sm '- Ky Photograph not available 35 1955 glfnrnign gixnzhange Siurlnxii gimirhel Qandre Qmlndarczgk Band 45 Yrbk. 45 Basketball Statisticism C est la V16! Au revoir! . 1957 All play and no work mak Mike a well-rounded boy UM KPQUQSSQ Richard Taylor Presi dent James Anadell Vice President '- B 'snr 1 . J E 3 M7 by if x ' P-Ssmifsv In in RH 4 ' . A E K ., it it J -Sf' I Q ss Y- .9 X fi? ' is J QF X RR' Us 1 21 a X 2 fi 5 qi an 3 ' 532 A 1155 5 J ' if i Eli?-, r'i?i'E:f'? B Sandra Littleton Secretary Barbara Ortner r, Treasurer A :il is QS' l' i ,v ZR it ,, 4.5 gg, , Q Q1 .sf- ' rz.. , 1 's ,, A R n' gg ., , ,K .- .. A jjnniurs . H, I, SK Nr x .f Ts '. ' sam: .s is Janet Bahl Janet Barber Ken Bates Marjorie Batten- house Wayne Brown Wes Brown Harriet Brucker Mervin Brurnby James Buchs Sylvia Buchs Nancy Collier Gail Coven James Davidson .Toe DelVeccl'1io Carolyn Dobbins Linda Dohanos Sandra Drought Eugene Dumke Doreen Edwards Kathy Emmerick Pat Finnegan Mark Forman Glen Frazier Diana Gerber Jon Giguere nf19ES .3 . 9984 'firx +-.We Lx A-wi in J . Q73 J eff' ,-.4 " , N ,kgililxa fuavif?3L N- PET ' s in UH. a -.1 . :few fiffiffsx 'Q as 'Fa' W X 1 gl, I - -f'7 1 s . , , .W L9 W l x v .W ' ' NIU -. y 1 , k..k Tw si 5 l L51 i X 8,1254 A L il '. u., s Q' 'fs 3 :FN Robert Glider Tom Gientowski Gayle Hardesty Jerry Hardwick Mary Jo Harris Pamela Herman Ralph Hines Jim Hormell Allen Hornbeck Martha Hughes John Hunt Earl Hunter John Hunter Marie Hurd Mary Hurd Bill Huston Larry Johnson Martha Jones Dan Karney John Kinsley Cheryl Knoble Gary Kothe Cathy Kruse Elaine Krysik Sheila Larsen Ken Leirnbach Gail Lindeman Kathy Lundy Kathy Matus Paul Matus rf yi A Af sl .,K.k' in 1, ! , 4 . "'A Siefiwv :wif srl?-izir' , -ffgfsf . ,,,, my A,mA, L-H,5fli.lff i,:f9Ek5fsHf5Qf5'2-.jf-5f1:f5ffi'1r, 7-:,,:, ,.1 J ak' A J fl V , wh ' . . L1 4 , Y' ' . 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Mr! ,SY 5 L X r air 'L , 4 L F ' 1 say? s, J' ':: X f J K Q of new , L , , 4 as , ...... my , Q we.. '- 'f-' as z ,J A .g f 1 ,z,w,,k I in.,f5,' as riff. ' 5 ,f f 2 X 3 1 ' W w M 'ray' mg ,,fwf,g,,f,g lim, ww- A 2"1-wr 1 1: "ass: 1-few, fe '- tirkx I 3. Uv.. ,, A "QL I ff 4 Q if 52345 ,7 fy ,ry 4 f fl , ,gf -Q K , YA u me 4 if M. at W ,, "1 nm. vqmfia. 444 f..4,vf' f Y 'H u ,5 va 7 6 'P 0 -I ' 4 aa Q .4 1 Pat McCreedy Barry Minney Sharon Moore Mary Ann Moore John Murphy Denise Myers Wayne Myers Doug Neel Elmer Nelson Shirly Nicholson Leslie Normando Mary Ellen Normando Shirley Rocher Deborah Sennhenn Tony Sergalis Betty Shaffer Alan Smith Mike Smith Judi Sprague Allen Springer Doug Summers Gail Surrarrer Cecelia Tansey Janet Thoms Cheryl Thorpe Joyce Timko Dan Tomlinson Bob Tomlinson Bill Vinning David Vlk 'S is .4-:inf 3 ff ef' ' i 2'fo"ll ls! ,fa 1250 'ug af? Darlene Witter Rodger Witter Bill Wossilek Carolyn Zickefoose Rick Wasem Marlene Weese Mike Weston Don Williams Roger Williams I3 Suphnmures Don Jackie Reinhard Eastin President Secretary Rick Tom Watson Shurr Vice-President Treasurer ,gg 1' 5 W , 'V' ' "" j t ,Q,,, I' , ,I ,if-giaf iii? X fi ' if 1 Q2 f ilk ef 4 I xvaftih Wray 4355 K' W wr if Wfifv ' if W e S 1 pr ef 4 f K M 8 1 ,hw Ii 5 9? .fa - , : 'We ,fir 4' f K' f, I7 J My ,, 'Za if :W sg Q4 ' ni' I iw L i 5, , 4 if E K WS f ' Z5 , ,.,, I' ' I RL ",, 51LM'??4JI , , I , raw., ' 'at' 3: , I ,,,Ks,i:7'l U 3mfk'ssfiilfVis?i' "g HB 4: wi r, I 325, if af tk 4' A sri , L It 4,1 an r23a??Q,iEv?' 42 ,..,,,I,--,.,-,MNI, .-an ,-f,- ,wart u, :wf.a,-I,aIr- I I If: .wa ,-f,.I,1I1-..-5 B- . -LMI ,1 -f , am' - - ' . :sw I I.I 2 - 1: V g, gif .1 ith-Jig. ,.g3,kgVk: 3. . I ' '. '75 ' "ff In Ile J f il zgr fl? J K' ' , ' Q r-i f ffm ez 5 ' I. iimsifr ' ' If II ' , aa, I -7 ILQAIIK' -5, rg L,,,L ram .QI H ., -.Ir ',1If Y '2.' fy 25. I . it ,-liz: f',1m-fII,- YM 'f . 1: A '1 xiii? 5' A 5 A' ' -I :.' i M W ,I 5 t 0 5,2 H 5 G X 4 is if ,, 'Z 4 1' .0 .5 f-F92 34" A I 'iw . - .Tift K' fi , , I - , t i 4 W ,321 Q , fl X l 1 1 Z f 1 ff I ff ,, f 6 5, .!.,.,,f,,,,.,s a ,fs if fl ' f I 5 ' W " gl at "7 ii Q , :J!9iZ' ,A ' ,y5gVIII, wg, WI 11 ,Q -I I , H3 :':i 2"i 5 "Y 1 W far. " ., :W -' IQ ,.,,,g5fIII' J 4-?ggz,Q','.:u:a'e rII We 25'ixIEl! , I Tim Abraham Doug Affolter Shirley Allen Jack Anderson Bonnie Aufdenkampe Betty Battz Jackie Barefoot Christine Bechtel Robert Bechtel Doug Boose Phil Born John Bosley Rita Bostater Kathy Bradford John Brandau Wanda Bray Tim Buchs Rosemary Buczek Chuck Caywood Cathy Chappell David Childers Beatrice Cooksey Roberta DeLong Jim Doak Paul Driver nf 1959 L ii' 11 .ffit'-EEE 'iii-igfm ftiis 's yfferaqvz Q X ' 4533 5 545 4 w -. K , . - 5. Ss.-,K . Ygsws f fs ' ::5 ir" , ea: .,., K ' 's , 1 , 5 X QQ J I My wi? J S is ' rssee i 1,': ir I I X- llsirggm, 1 if www-V A , in. 1 f sk ., : ' if 2 S1 s 4 JJ Q xx J 31. ' is 'E' 5,.ixk5,1 ,r 34gE"fsf , Egxw 5651 ? Q RS 53 S, 41 9 f fires ,K . ,. v, fn Y J 'nsfgr' gsgrr - -ff tsp. 31 , Xx by 1 a r at V, , . Q K V r 1134- 1 . . V ar' is X .T 3 LESS 1 'fx sb ,, vs 5 N l ff" X ,Les at 'auqiedi -' an " btth A Q., ,,,. .E ,, or . 3 1 u"i Q 'V or f, v v 1 x E1 9 a 'Q' 5 fries nits-sam? 10" ' '-L, . , ee: Ti K x 'X Q X . ,. is e ri William Fisher Joyce Franklin John Frazier Sandra Gehringer Ruth Gerstacker Bill Guild Margaret Hall Monica Hall Lance Hensley Brenda Henson Carol Herrmann Earl Hill Ed Hill Frank Hozalski Marjie Hunt Pat Hunt Diane Ives Ronald Jackson Karen Jarrett James Jenkins Bob Joslyn Joseph Kerepesi Laura Knoble Donna Krieg Donald Kroesen Sandra Leach Peter Leimbach Rurhann Lipps Michael Littleton Ed McCoy 8 X 5 K s x View 'ss r t, 'h, S9355 N S ,F J -M A gif K 5-2: , 554' '- ,SLI riff fs-. 11 'Q Q is W... if 07,5 -z .sfifi ,."""'W' ,ls 43- M 1' . .5 .4-. ,Q-,, . on - M as , ,. 0 . aa' 'J' ., - , ff" ..,'. I ,ia -- ,,AhI, ,X, g,.. K , fy: - , ' 513' . iff'-, 1 X559 V '55, ': jf gil, W Q sw L I Q-,L+ ritual 3-L' rg f S if -MT.. .- ,fi f fg n iff, V, , . is , Jr My EH , it A fi. S M X I r Wfjliii 'Q EW X has . sm... YK MK as ,. ,,.:r, .:,i. '.: ' -:iff-kills 1 25' 4 kg, 15555 my U tif! W KW af A ar Wake KJ iinjif- 1 'Ev' get A or r , 1 :iv 'K' .fififk -11 "L , , ' L ' . k fizsfffiff i t 15,1 U k . 'F ' X V, y-Q . ,I ,., J L . fl ' Q E 5 5 5 K . i "f'fia af' bis? r rQi.3fiii?iQEs if l-FU . 1 ' I so Richard Meilander Sandy Mezoff Dave Miller Carol Morgan Bevery Morrow Treva Morrow Geneva Mossman Anne Nelson Carolyn Nicholson Jim Normando Marcia Phillips Pamela Poyer Joyce Pryor Daniel Pycraft Brynn Rainey Ray Redditt Paul Reising Nancy Sanders William Shaffer James Smith Linda Smith Richard Snider Ronald Snider Karen Sprunk Charles Steffanni Jay Swiers Frank Szilagyi Sandra Tallhamer Carolyn Tansey Martha Tansey 4 ' ff K9 5 L as , ,F R K at U A an ,f " K M , , ff 5 4, 'W 4 may ,Qa'5Q" 55 1 fa' ww M , rf ' EY! Q ,f?21'1?!1't I LT? f :W ,xtzy u at M ,. We f In 1 'ii rv gtlr , '- I rw- Tom Tansey Bill Terry Pam Truscott Kathy Tuttle Robert Urbansky Charlene Vanmeter Wanda Walton Brenda Weese Betty West Rita Whitney Trudy Wickens Robert Williams Kathleen Yakun- ovich Steven Aemanek Walter Zickefoose Darryl Zimberlin James Zimmerman You don t say' Wow! Up and over! 2 7 rw men Steve Fleming President Pat Delllfreld Vice-President 4 ff. Q 7"'ff9'S K 'Wi new 'tx' it S a Minis - ' 5-f 1. s Nggnw . X S Awiglvv Jack 'gusy Leimbach gn f Secretary Bob QI swf! J Qutaafnsailaifc A. Fout Treasurer Shelby Allen Sheila Auble Ioan Baetz Jeanette Balzer Ron Barry WM' ii : 2 , fi J' 1 j V: WEE' n .,l.. f wgim, Q, ,. ,, 1 X' f 4 s .. K 4 as Q It tlrr- ' v A S X U E L lm sr .b . ssl, , 3 . , , u.. .. ,. A K t '-- ,V xgvvwweiir -5 . gp it A my " 'A K J 1 ? sw, z: 5 has v 1 ,Q twists X 'NF' ami 1 U .5315 ffl? R. :qt -f:: , Y st? ! S V -z x " ' .al L L.,' 'wwf 'Q ,: :I , K QQSPM JQQWQQ .V inflwvvi 2 3 X I "1- sf if ' f yr , ' B1 N .. I hw. ,.,,, :h V. A is 1 1 f it "' S wr, FL if mrs ,sm l'ig55f:,+fW ' 1 .lx ' ' ' sh , . ,sem -2 1 ,I -L, lQs1fiw..zg1w.Q,- hwgftz, .gs,f4Ls:.:,-ia ,S ,M ,,1g,.g,,, wi- '- my , mga ,,A,A .Agra--: A , .-.Q "" V Claudia Belt -fi -, . 3 Steve Barry Kevin Bates Linda Baumann Diane Beach Russell Beach Mi 1,.-,m,c5-lx. f ,qi A Dave Bechtel ' K Diana Boatman Karen Bowman Stanley Bowman J H , ' 4 w X ff 5 'l I g2 f Six .5521 .L W J if , A997 4 R E 1 if .. ,B tyttt ' Betty Brock Brenda Brock Paul Brock W ,,gaa,m Earl Brown ,, n J, f W A 'fx Roger Brown 1 'Vx Q Bob Brucker W Marsha Buchs ,, ,t,t. Lvxilz We A 'M Zl. ,Q Sandra Buchs J Thomas Budweg A B Danny Byrd " nf 19711 J- ,, QW , ,W , .- I ' L .r al-'45 ,am 5 , M aia. QW J' .W ,, in gg f-- M ff N li B '2 an ,, . X nf , ri 41-gag f' . ' I-N0 I "vi W Jig J 245 : wr ff? Y "' f ' all ff K R J .4 , 5 J ff I X I ,3 1 ,, g 4, 5 4 figs jf W, 5 v.,wl::.,W,,.',., , ,. ,, ,J ,, Vi ws' - M rk ,K gggggigwaf . K if iw 1 'iff ' in ,, , f fa K, zz, 55 rf- 3 HWZEJ 3 az X J :SJW- Q i slifi X Yin ga f7"'3 J 0,1 - 2, aff X ' 2 .if .Q ' , . H ' v. I , -5.2" .l rrp li' S W .vg., , J ,A,, ,l ew. E A 9 , , 4 . A , X ,V IAM V -wa. 4,,vQf -.e4le4.gsf, sw -at-" x x , --A-1 we .,., ' , 'L V A Msg, -an J ' ' f I " , ,4 A J Qing 'M J -,,, , 3,5 ,L1,, --, 5 i n ,dl .' , .rf , . . :W ff -jig," ' fjwq ag if ei ' X qngtu ,, X' 222' V, mm an J K 'f-'fiif ifawc ,, 'L fl f Wi S i , . r , V :Wg F f , l fn.. , my I ,pm 1-W i gmi Al gag e V rl 5 'mg i ,- K M ' W ,X 'V' 1 yy xg W, Kala Ks ' 2 ,,,, , J, xgz if .al : A , 'li "' , 95 I 'ir is 2 ?Fsw",p A .AX ,,..,A,,,,A , , , vang gf in x 'fpfw ' ,W . , A I K i r wr Km ri 35 Z 5 S V L in 2 h HQXM , ynna K x ,.,. .. 'fd f ,f.'. Joyce Cain Joe Campbell Steve Campbell Lois Champion Nancy Chappell Darlene Chasar Garland Cooksey John Corley Charlie Coultrip Sue Currier Bob Davidson Ken Davis -Catherine Deidrick Auvlon Franklin Cheri Frye Dudley Garner Jim Gerstacker Ken Green Linda Griffin Cynthia Gronsky Don Guild Jim Hahn Ginger Hamilton Arnold Hardwick Janice Hardwick Bill Hasenpilug Sue Hawke Connie Haws Terry Haws Lynn Hollingsworth E: NE ,S as ffii . is J Q 5 'N E 5 , 53 x 3 , Wear I J gl ry 5 EW L' X r Q sis L si ft sh 'Z 5 'J -fa if: ' il 5"Vm Pnorc .S-' I s Q ,pf ,., A. :W ,-N Y f 5.3 155551 f I .:,A ' M -- -V i , x Q "' ' H i x J J ra? 'L wif- ' - --fe. ,TX V .L fq'-f. ,g ,Q Z--J:-M2 :sg is . H1512-1, T56-'X '- if ig QL J 5715 , Q t i .1 , ii Q 4 P 4 W W f 4-r J' H ,P 1: a " .3 is f . 5.3 Q ' , . ,Q . fp is , li as--Q. -' t Lewie Hornbeck Kathy Huffman Sharon Hurst Cherie Huston Sherry Jackson Sandy Jones Dennis Jordan Bob Kendeigh Judy Kerby Becky Kneisel Cindy Knoble Ed Kothe Kathy Krebs Bill Kroesen Joann Kudela Kathie Kunert Robert Leadbetter Dane Leimbach Picture not available Lynn Linden Debbie Lipps Jane Love Jackie Mason Pat Matus Kathy McDougal Sheila McGhee Virgil Mills Joyce Morrow Wilma Morrow Debbie Myers 1 if jr. Q, A We 1 Q, gn T, in M My ,, ,LM f- - kt T 4 5 KI ' ff , ,L,, A, f I :.wi'Y' fQ,sSz -fi- K' V " ' .,, -yv ,L H , ,., Y , 1 ,,.. ,,,, , MU , w i :a 'T ,, 6,W ,iV - i , , L, J ' K f r it H if il , ff at q X W ,X , X j S x,-,lf 8 'Sir ey Y aa -4 F 4 V 4 ., f W A' is f f f f l, f - sz if Z7 ,psi T REM MESYJQ' A A ,,1sr:ia3gggr'5 gy , 'f ifr- , , "fkfa5aZf,, f 5 ' "mln , 4 x I , M V 6 , ,A., , 4 1 5 K, J 4V K Q , f 4 ,, ,1 X2 f a' M W: I '- ra, , f rs is ,4, , W f, .wi fff: +g:f":a- ,gm ,. am? r ,, s Wa, Wir, ,,.V V, , ,Q,r,- , ,V f Qgfe, ' . ,V Jigs ,LL,, ,, , T 1,, ,2,,,,,, sw 2 s 4 f WA Charles Nicholson Janet Normando Ken Ortner Tom Osborn William Peasely Jim Pechaitis Dennis Perkins Brenda Powell Denise Priestas Clarence Ready John Redditt Christy Russell Guy Sapienza Tim Schrader Tom Schrader Ken Searles Cynthia Showman Jack Slocum Shirley Srnarr Rose Springer Diana Staveski Elaine Stein Doug Stevens Larry Summers Joanne Tansey Barbara Terry Patricia Totten Michael Treaster David Tunnell Diane Tuttle w,z,1iz.1, - 1.11 YZ " uf, H. ffl? nam, L.,, r ,.f,.,r,,, ..,im,-, mfr.-f '-'. , wp, ' ff'HI': v If Q3 ,lk -A -35,2 , ,,,, . . , tw I - ayffv 4-1-35 if MW ,Nz WY gif 525 sy ' -- We. ' 7 fr: li f if ' Q 4 I 1: 5 if ,.-, ,rf K l . ir Milf-as in Darlene Weese Alan Whitney Dennis Wyler Dan Walker William Waller Donald Ward Joyce Ward Norma Waters CTL mes L1""' I Q ,go S, I 7' 'C f -,nf W Q ---"3-E?' B? ISL-DJ I. "--Q. -: -5 gil- - 1 i" L4 -""""'--aw .+ix filnne 7111 -- jeninr Bag u 151213 Qllub Row One: S. Lamvermeyer . Row Two: M. Groot, M. Thoms. Row Three: J. Not- mando, G. Hamilton, T. John- son, R. Richards, G. Surrarrer. Row Four: G. I-Iardesty, L. Dohanos N. Sanders, J. Mason, D. Beach, R. Springer, B. DeLong. Row Five: C. Boatman, M. Groot, J. Easton, C. Ken- deigh,,R. Lipps, G. Mossman, S. Hurst, P. Matus, K. Krebs. Row Six: K. Crombie, L. Normando, S. Littleton, S. Moore, E. Kyrsik, ' P. McCreedy, P. Dellifield, D. Lipps, D. Ives, D. Priestas, S. Piwinski. "4 iglqliirsn In the summer of 1966, the Pep Club officers: Tamra Johnson, Presidentg Gail Surrarrer, Vice- President, Rhonda Richards, Secretaryg and Paulette Zickenfoose, Treasurerg met to plan for an ad- vanced meeting of the club. Letters were sent to all high school girls and the meeting was held in the high school gym. The Freshmen were orientated and the club was under way. The Pep Club posted signs for all football and basketball games. Goal posts were decorated for all home football games. In November, the club sponsored "The End of the Season Dance" to honor the team. The members also assisted with the football banquet. At the end of the season, the SeniorFoot- ball players and managers were awarded miniature footballs for their efforts during the successful season. As Basketball Season began the Pep Club directed its energies towards promoting school spirit. Signs were posted for all games. The Club awarded replica trophies to all Senior players and managers as a token of appreciation towards their semi -successful season. The Pep Club worked diligently during this school year to' promote that great 'FALCON SPIRlT'. We were proud of our team and our school for their outstanding performance in 1966-67. ' Seninrs 8c uninrs Bottom Row: L. Normando, K. Matus, C. Kendeigh. Second Row: A. Henson, S. Lamvermeyer, J. Johnson, M. Smith. Third Row: S. Nicholson, L. Dohanos, G. Surrarrer, S. Moore, A. Hurd. Fourth Row: Marie Hurd, Mary Hurd, C. Kruise, H. Brucker, C. Thorpe, S. Buchs, D. Witter. Fifth Row: G, Coven, E. Krysik, P. McCreedy, M. Normando, C. Tansey, D. Gerber, M. Harris, J. Sprague. Snplqumnrvs 8C Ilfrvshmrn Bottom Row: J. Barefoot, S. Gehringer, R. DeLong, N. Sanders, P. Hunt, D. Ives, M. Hall, K. Tuttle, L. Terry, S. Currier. Second Row: B. West, C. Herman, G. Mossman, C. Tansey, L. Baumann, G. Hamilton, K. Tuttle D. Lipps, L. Linden. Third Row: K. Yakunovich, C. Chappel, R. Whitney, W. Walton, S. Piwinski, N. Waters, I. Kerby, G. Kruse. Fourth Row: K. Bradford. I. Easton, J. Tansey, N. Chappell, K. Krebs, J. Baetz, D. Hawke. Fifth Row: C. Nicholson, D. Priestas, P. Matus, J. Normando, K. Sprunk. Top Row: B. Powell, R. Bostater, R. Lipps, L. Griffith, D. Staveski. ggpzrnish Qllnh Row One: B. Powell, Miss Dwyke, Advisor: J. Cain, K. Kunerr. Row Two: J. Normando, S. Rocher D. Myers, R. Whitney, P. Truscott, P. Dellifield, M. Tansey. Row Three: G. Hamilton, M. Bruck- er, M. Hall, S. Hurst, B. Morrow, C. Morgan, K. Leimbach, C. Knoble, K. Krebs. Row Four: D. Priestas, R. Watson, D. Reinhard, D. Childers, B. Shaffer, N. Collier, L. Baumann, D. Myers. 7 tenth Qlluh Row One: S. Drought, Miss Dwyke, Advisor: J. Pryor. Row Two: R. Gerstacker, G. Mossman, B. DeLong, A. Nelson. Row Three: N. Chappell, L. Terry, C. Gronsky. Row Four: C. Kruse, C. Knoble, M. Harris, S. Zemanek, G. Coven, M. Bat- tenhouse, M. Jones. 7 uiure 7 zzrmnra nf Qmerita Row One: Mr. Millerg Advisor, J. Kinsleyg Treasurer, P. McTobertsg V-Pres, J. Davidsong Secretary. B. Leesg President, P. Finnegang Jr. Fair Board Member. D. Sommersg Student Advisor. M. Ivesg Re- porter, K. Wilsong Sentiental. Row Two: K. Leimbach, R. Hines. A. Hornbeck, B. Wossilesk, J. Buchs, D. Swiers, B. Born, I. Ready, C. Ready, D. Gronsky. Row Three: T. Abraham, C. Ready, J. Zimmerman, P, Born, B. Urbansky, E. Mills, R. Snider, D. Miller, J. Swiers, L. Hensley. Row Four M. Treaster, D. Wyler. E. Brown, B. Hasenflug, E. Hill, C. Coultrip. L. Hornbeck, E. Hill, D. Bow man, D. Pycraft. Row Five: V. Mills, B. Fout, J. Corley, B. Davidson. D. Trunell, L. Sommers. iglyliglqta The Firelands FFA Chapter has finished another busy and rewarding year under the fine leadership of advisor, Mr. F.L. Miller. The annual Parent's Night and Award Program were held in May with our State Vice-President as guest speaker. Our chapter entered teams in district and state Dairy Judging and Land Judging. We received a Silver Award in Parliamentary Procedure and a Superior Rating in the National Chapter Contest. Bill Lees received the "State Farmer" Degree at the Convention in Columbus. John Kinsley won first place in the district Public Speaking Contest and placed sixth in the State Finals. Jim Buchs who also participated, places second in the district contest. Jim Davidson won a gold rating with his Secretary's Book. The FFA received a blue ribbon for our booth at the County Fair. For community service projects we took care of parking cars and raising the flag. Members also helped clean-up school grounds and plant trees. orrtcrtzs For. 1966 -67 Bill Lees - President Mike Ives - Reporter Pete McRoberts - Vice-President Kirk Wilson - Sential , Jim Davidson - Secretary Doug Summers - Student Advisor , John Kinsley - Treasurer Pat Finnegan - Jr. Fair Board Advisor 74 v,mrnw Row One: Miss Viragg Advisor, P. Truscott, D. Ives, M. Thoms, P. Keressi, D. Gerber, I. Thoms, C. Herman. Row Two: I. Barber, S. Hurst, F. Smith, N. Krosen, B. West, S. Gehringer, D. Krieg. Row Three: I. Kudela. S. Hawke, K. Diedrich, M. Hunt, K. Yakunovich, I. Barefoot, N. Chappell. Row Four: G. Kruse, L. Griffin, D. Steveski, C. Driver, D. Beach, J. Mason. R. Springer, I. Love. 4 iglqliglfgis Chapter Theme: "SAILING TOWARD THE HARBOR OF MATURITY" August - Booth at the County Subject: Celebration of National FHA'S 21st year September 85 October - Organization: Preperation of program of work December - Submission of program of work to State Organization toward Award of Merit Initiation of new members January - Sock-hop after Basketball Game April - Attended State Convention at Columbus Sandy Gehringer 85 Carol Herman. Observees Sharon Hurst 8: Diane Ives, Voting Delegates Carol Driver. Chapt Rep to accept award of Merit for acceptable Chapter Program FHA Week - Display Case - Wearing FHA insignas - Chapter Meeting May - Members served at FFA Dinner Planned - Serving at Inviational 85 Chapter picnics. both were rained out 7 nture wr ers uf fimerira Row One: C. Knoble, H. Leimbach. Row Two: K. Tuttle, M, Normando, T. Johnson, S. Morrow. Row Three: D. Sennhenn, K. Sprunk, J. Normando, G. Hamilton, L. Baumann, S. Larsen. Row Four: E. Kyrsik, P. Dellifield, C. Morgan, L. Knoble, J. Briech, C. Dobbins, R. Richards. Row Five: B. Powell, R. Sennhenn, M. Harris, M. Niggle, S. Drought, P. McCreedy, L. Normando, S. Hurst, K. Krebs. Row Six: G. Brown, A. Adkins, D. Btues, K. Leimbach, D. Dellifield. 4 ' 1. if 1 The Officers of the Future Teachers of America for 1966-67 are: Dusty Leimbach, d Vice-Presidentg Cheryl Knoble, Secretaryg Tamra Johnson, Treasurerg Mary Norman o, Reporter. The Advisor is Miss Patricia McFarland. Presidentg Sandra Littleton, Historiang Shirleen Morrow, is opened to any individual in each year is the Teacher 's Tea. Members. During this time the Th l b has a rowing membership of approximately thirty chapter members and e c u g High School who is interested in the teaching profession. One activity the FTA sponsor A buffet was set up and the FTA served punch and cookies with the help of the Chapter Student - Teacher relationship develops into a close fellowship asking questions relating to their field of specialization and training that they fthe teacherj had to achieve before a degree was awarded to them. The club has also had various speakers throughout the year to inform the students on different fields of teaching. h lF ei n Lan ua The speakers included: Miss Karla Krendall - Jr. High Social Studies, Miss Janet Dwyke - High Sc oo or g g g Mrs. Gerald Leimbach - Elementary 45th Gradej, and our Senior Foreign Exchange Student Michael Wlodarczyk, who spoke on the school system in France as comparing it to Firelands. Other activities highlighting the year was the sponsoring of the Student Government Day, and a field trip to Ash- land College on April 15th. 58 SS Qlnmmerirzxl Glluh Seated left to right: J. Call, A. Sayler, D. Whitter, J. Mikloda, R. Lipps, C. Kruise, G. Surraurer, C. Boatman, D. Peasley, C. Gerstacker. Standing left to right: M. Schwer, N. Hicks, B. Childers, S. Hill, P. Poyer, M. Hurd, B. Buchs, K. Matus, B. Emmerich, S. Clark, J. Mills, J. Sprague, R. Bosta ter, M. Hurd, K. Emmerich, A. Anadell, I. Jones, A. Davidson, Mrs. Groth Advisor. Bind. Qsris Glluh First Row: J. Tansey, M.Weston, D. Neil, E. Dumke. Second Row: E. Mills, G. Frazier, L. Johnson, B. Joslyn, M. Ives. Third Row: J. Frazier, C. Caywood, B. Huston, B. Minney. Fourth Row: R. Williams, T. Tansey, D. Williams, T. Gent- kowski, W. Meyers. Standing: Mr. Funk, Advisor. , ff , 'ag 'dar D. Lipps, D. Witter E. Bartlett, D. Draga Period 7 Period I Mr. Wilfred P. Johnston Head Librarian I. Schrader C. Wright Period 6 Period 2 D. Perkins, G. Hahn S. Piwinski Period 5 Period 3 maint Qlnnirihuiinns in glfirnzlanrls Eligh Srhnnl Given by the Class of 1966 85 the Class of 1967 Erected and painted by the Firelands Booster Club 1957 nnual Staff Row One: K. Matus, Co-Editorg P. Markworth, Mat Chairman, D. Dellifield, Editor. Row Two: J. Proyor, S. Lamvermeyer, I. Johnson, M. Groot, T. Johnson. M. Thoms, M. Groot S. Morrow. Row Three: C. Kendeigh, C.Dumkee, B. Emmerich, N, Hicks, A. Saylor, M. Knott, B. Childers, C. Gerstacker. Row Four: S. Conry, E. Born, I. Call, K. Hunter, B. Buchs. I. Tansey, D. Leimbach, M. Brucker. Row Five: K. Bowman, C. Morgan, P. Delli field, D. Tuttle, R. Sennhenn,B. Gerrick, G. Brown, P. McRoberrs. Row Six: D. Nelson. R. Richards, E. Nelson, E. Bratlett. S. Matus, I. Breisch, B. Leimbach. wrhuuk dminisiraiinn Kathy Matusg Co-Editor. Miss McFarland, Advisory and Denny Dellifield, Ed- itor confer on a matter at hand. Qllnlanrl Gbuiz EBRD 011121111315 Row One: M. Brucker, I. Leimbach. D. Leimbach. Row Two: B. Gerrick, Captg A. Whitney, Coach Nelson Howe, A. Chappell, K. Davis. fI9ffir1z 4 elp Left to Right: K. Myers, D. Myers, M. Niggle, D. Krieg. I. Sprague, J. Call. eninr Glass flag Qlzrsi Family Portrait First Row: Miss McFarland - Advisor, D. Dellifield. Second Row: S. Larnvermeyer, M. Groot, B. Brown, A. Adkins, C. Dumkee, K. Bowman. Third Row: M. Niggle, E. Born, K. Meyers, M. Groot, C. Cook. Fourth Row: R. Sennhenn, P. Markworth, S. Matus, D. Leimbach, J. Johnson. Fifth Row: J. Breisch, C. Wright, B. Lees, E. Bartlett. What's for lunch? 64 Who wants to neck Another drop ? Hunihr 0112155 nf 1958 X MY' SWEET LITTLE TURKEY BUZZARD! WANT A LICK? resents ' THE FAMILY CLAN ....... OH COME ON, YOU'RE PULLIN' MY HELLO DAR!!! LEG. 2 7 amilg hai nhnnlg manierl DIRECTED BY: Miss Patricia McFarland STUDENT DIRECTORS: Dennis Dellifield Mary Niggle The Qfiejecis? MQDSHYC he 1955 - 19157 7 irelztnrls "7 altnnsn arching 'gganrl Directors: Mr. Ralphl. ward Eand giigltlighig I Mr. Darrell Courtley ' ' Miss Donna Dee Swartz ' ' ' This year the band marched at all football games, 'both home and away. The band with "SPARKS AND KICKS IN '66" performed to the ever popular'Tijuana Brass' Spanish Flea, Tijuana Taxi, and this your for the first time per- formed a lights out number to "Me and My Shadow". The band also performed at the Annual Lorain County Parade of Bands at Clearview and received an invitation from Oberlin to perform in their Marching Band Festival. Another hO110I during marching season was to perform halftime between the Oberlin College vs Baldwin -W allace College Game. This year the band played a small rold in politics, performing for Gov. James A. Rhodes at the ribbon cutting of Inter-State 91, playing old favorites as You're A Grand Old Flag and Yankee Doodle Boy. The band presented two concerts to the community this year: WINTER CONCERT and the ANNUAL POPS CONCERT This year the band competed at both the District and State level in the band contest held at Solon and Columbus. respectively. The band received a Superior "I" rating at District and an Excellent rating "II" at State Competition. At the Annual Pops Concert, for the second straight year, the John Philip Sousa Award was presented to Dennis Del- lifield, for outstanding achievement in the Instrumental field. This was awarded to him by Mr. War. Director. In May the band began preparing to march for three Memorial Day Parades at: Brownhelm Kipton-Camden Birmingham June 10th will mark the band's final performance at Commencement playing strains of Pomp and Circumstance and for their selection Toccata and Fugue. It cannot be said that the band, either marching or performing at contest, that this fine organization and their fine directors do not work hard. They all have something to be proud of. 68 SGQSXXXGQ Comme Cook Afaryjv. Uekioxe, 1ggIG B Shiela Larsen U r Denise Myers . P SXQXXQXS 13,01- Qluntert 'ggztnrl Row One: R. Richards, M. Schwer, C. Kendeigh. D. Sennhenn, J. Pryor, S. Larsen, J. Easton, R. Whimey, K. Krebs. Row Two: P. Markworth, B. Ortner, K. Emmerich, R. Gerstacker, D. Wyler, D. Dellifield, G. Hamilton, A. Nelson, J. Franklin, G. Gall, P. Dellifield, M. Buchs, R. Sennhenn, J. Tansey, H. Leimbach. Row Three: S. Zemanek, S. Drought, B. Aufdenkarnpe, T. Wossilesk, C. Knoble, D. Myers, J. Leimbach, C. Cook, W. Myers, B. Guild, S. Matus J. Tansey, S. Hawke, K. Bowman, S. Conry, M. Tansey, P. Matus, B. Bechtel, M. Treaster, J. Baetz, L. Baumann, E. Nelson, G. Mossman, J. Brandau, M. Caywood, M. Niggle, E. Born. Row Four: S. Jackson, L. Linden, K. Bowman, J. Kudela, B. Powell, C. Huston, D. Miller, B. Fisher, K. Bates, J. Gerstacker, C. Bechtel, C. Tansey, K. Matus, K. Bradford, J. Corley, R. Jackson, B. Shaffer, J. Murphey, A. Smith, B. Henson, K. Leimbach, S. Rocher, K. Bates Row Five, Standing: R. Lipps, D. Boatrnan, T. Lundy, A. Adkins, B. Hasenflug, W. Brown, J. Anderson, D. Bures, Mr Ward, Director: D. Karney, D. Myers. Student Gfeathers M. 9,01 Iss D C095 x 011 15,15-exxi . 519666 Swaflz na De . 9 25' 200' S W -x Seigesxt .Jovi Tea emesrer, lx-5 QQZCVZOQSGXQ 9' 0661.1 U Cher .v Studelz X39 . Of In Co F G05 x0 A4 . U-Ye 70 or WS asia ...tory amz Emil Senior Band 5lHHeml1ers Row One: A. Adkins, P. Markworth, T. Wossiiesk, H. Leimbach, C. Kendeigh, M. Schwer. R. Richards. Row Row One: B. Bechtel, B. Guild, D. Leimbach, W. Myers, C. Cook, P. Markworth, K. Bowman, M. Tansey, R. Rich- ards. Row Two: R. Jackson, I. Murphey, B. Ortner, B. Shaffer, K. Matus, K. Bradford, A. Smith. Row Three: G Mossman, M. Caywood, M. Niggle, E. Born, D. Dellifield D. Karney, B. Hasenflug, D. Bures. Two: C. Cook. I. Tansey, S. Matus, K. Bowman, S. Con- ry, R. Sennhenn, D. Bures, T. Lundy. D. Dellifieid. E. Born, M. Caywood. M. Niggle. 71 Siucleni 4 ireninrs wiht Miss Nita Fetzer ' Mr. Murrey Foreman AND ........ OO..EE..OO..AH..UH.. SAY AH, , ,AH One and a two and .... . . . y ixerl Qlhnrus j Row One: B. Morrow. M. Moore, G. Surrarrer, C. Knoble. I. Johnson. G. Coven, C. Sexton, K. Tuttle, S. Leach. H. Brucker. M. Harris. C. Dumkee, M. Groot, C. VanMeter, M. Groot, Mrs. Margaret Morse. Director. Row Two: D. Childers. D. Hunter. C. Thrope, J. Timko. R. Brown, A. Henson, K. Crombie, C. Caywood. M. Caywood. E. Kyrsik, P.,Herman, B. Joslyn. J. Giguere. N. Collier. B. Powell, D. Neel. Row Three: S. Mezoff. C. Kendeigh. J. Breisch. M. Normando. D. Myers. E. Hunter, I. Murphey, R. Hines. M. Niggle. B. Emmerich, P. Markworth. G. Lindeman, J. Barber. S. Lamvermeyer. C. Cook, C. Nicholson, P. McRoberts. Row Four: D. Williams, E. Dumkee. J. Norman'- do. T. Schrader, B. Williams. C. Coultrip. D. Bures, G. Brown, D. Wyler. S. Morrow. N. Hicks, L. Normando, B. Shaffer, D. Reinhard, T. Osborne, D. Ward, K. Searles, B. Fout. Qlhnir fflighlighfs The Choir presented two major concerts this yearg a Christmas concert and a Spring Concert. At the spring concert David Bures, President of the Choir. was presented the National Choral Award for outstanding achievement in the way of Choral work. Another important highlight of the year was the trip to State Contest. The Choir first went to District Contest in Solon. where they received Superior Ratings from each of the three judges. They continued to State Competition where they also received a Superior "I" Rating. The Choir has sung in front of the high school and junior high student body for various performances and also has sung for the PTA. With the Band and Freshmen Girls' Choir, the Mixed Chrous made a record which was sold to the public. They. the Choir, also gave an assembly in May to encourgae new membership in the choir. All the members have worked hard to make this a successful year for the Choir. but without their fine director. Mrs. Morse, nothing could have been accomplished. 73 Glhnrus Gbffirers Earhershup Gguartet Left to Right: E. Hunter, D. Dellifield, D. Bures, I. Murphey. 7 rush Qlhnrus Row One: P. Totten, S. Huston, S. Jones, C. Gronsky, L. Linden, I. Balzer, N. Chappell, Mrs. Morse, Direc- tor. Row Two: I. Tansey, J. Ward, S. McGhee, J. Baetz, D. Beach, M. Buchs, S. Frye, D. Priestas. Row Three: D. Tuttle, B. Brock. I. Normando, S. Hurst. S. Smarr, I. Hardwick, J. Cain, G. Hamilton, Mr. Ficker. Student Teacher. 74 Top: D. Bures. President. Middle Row: C. Knoble, Secg M. Norrnando, Treas. Bottom Row: M. Caywood, V-Pres. Seniors Row One: C. Sexton, M. Groot, M. Caywood, C. Ken- deigh, C. Crombie, P. Markworth, M. Groot. Row Two: C. Dumkee, E. Emmerich, A. Henson, J. John- son, S. Lamvermeyer, S. Morrow, N. Hicks. Row Three: M. Niggle, C.Cook, I. Breisch, K. Hunter, D. Bures, G. Brown, P. McRoberts. Triple 'Grin Bottom to Top: K. Tuttle, M. Groot. E. Kyrsik, C. Cook. G. Lindeman, A. Henson, I. Timko. P, Mark- worth. Absent: K. Bradford. 7 and and Qllqural Snaps Qgfficrrs Top: D. Dellifield, A. Nelson, Librarians. Row Two: C. Cook, VPresg E. Born, Sec-Treas. Front: A. Ad- kins, President. fall Sim' Fund Bottom to Top: B. Ortner, P. Markworth, C. Cook, P. Dellifield. 75 ,gimp ilqetqgrwsl ' A Another year hath ended, and with this ending dawns a new beginning. Before printing this final page, the 1967 TORCH would like to bring out at this time, some of the accomplishments of their facul- ty. First, the TORCH would like to congratulate the following people: Mr. Nelson T. Howe, for his article in a New York Publication Mr. Frank L. Miller, for receiving the DeKalb Award When the class of 1967 left the halls of Firelands High School, many teachers also left. We would like to say good-bye and Good Luck to: Miss Jane Pendley Mr. John Berlinbaugh Miss Patricia McFarland Miss Patricia Yuill Miss Janet Dwykae Miss Nancy Koepp Miss Cheryl Johnson Miss Karen Lechner Mr. Ralph Ward Mr. John Markworth Mr. Harris Youngblood We, the Class of 1967 wish to thank all of these people for their time and effort put into the Fire- lands School System. The Class of 1967 wishes the best of luck to all of the new teachers entering the system and to the following organizations: Football Team 9 - O Basketball Team 20 - O Other Sport Organizations Band and Choir at Contest fkeep those I's coming inj In closing, we wish to give special thanks to Mr. Charley E. Groth, Mr. Harris Youngblood, the Board of Education, and our Senior'-Class Advisors. The Torch Staff 8: Class of '67 SE TS eninr Steve Matus Qua rterba ck Larry Krapp Guard Bill .Lees Tackle Cliff Wright Halfback Ed Kot ora End Bob Markworth Fullba ck 7 alrnns Kim Hunter Tackle Kim Meyers Halfback Kirk Wilson Guard John Swartz Guard Dan Boose Halfback Jerry Ready Center Don VanMeter End 7 zxlrnns "EE" Row One: L. Krapp, S. Matus, K. Hunter, B. Lees, B. Markworth, E. Kotora, C. Wright, D. Boose, J. Ready, J. Swartz. Row Two: R. Witter, J. Davidson, D. VanMeter, K. Meyers, K. Wilson, P. Matus, C. Anadell, A. Springer B. Tomlinson, M. Forman. Row Three: D. Zimberlin, B. Vinning, K. Leirnbach, E. Hill, W. Zickefoose, T. Shurr, D. Boose, R. Snider, T. Abraham, D. Sornmers, Row Four: S. Zemanek, P. Bom, E. Hill, E. McCoy, D. Reinhard, T. Buchs, L. Johnson, D. Taylor, D. Vlk, M. Weston. Row Five: G. Frazier, J. Fraizer, B. Schaffer, J. Normando, B. Bechtel. Managers: M. Littleton, B. Williams, P. McRoberts, M. Brucker. Glnarhvs Smiur managers Bottom to Top: Head Coach Dave Conrad: Ass't. Left to Right: Mike Brucker, Pete McRoberts. 80 Coach Pummell, McCoy, Erdy, Markworth. arsitg States FHS OPPONETS 20 New London 20 14 Mar garetta O 6 Keystone 8 20 Avon 6 14 Buckeye 14 O Brookside 8 11 Columbia 6 8 Highland 14 28 South Amherst 8 CHARGE! F unihzxll iglqligl-gis In mid August, some 90 boys met under second year mentor, Coach Dave Conrad to prepare for another successful grid your at Firelands High School. With Coach Conrad at the helm and ablely assisted by Coach Erdy, Pummell, Markworth, and McCoy. Firelands had a most impressive season True, when one looks and sees the 4-3-2 outcome of the season, it might not seem to impressive, unless one was on the field taking the ties, defeats, and fighting the hard won games, and realizing that the Falcons were only 16 points from an undefeated season. The statistics are in the past, and with that past dawns a new year. and when that year comes Key- stone, Highland, Brookside, Buckeye and other contenders for the Inland Conference--bewareg the Falcons are coming on strong again! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS FOR A JOB WILL DONE IN '66. .WQW1 ni ,,,-B,,, Y,.,.H,B,,,s 2 sp SSS . 1 1 tc 5 'UQ N .fs Q 55, sg fr iss sg, 'P sw sri KM. is s fi gr.. ss I... . ' fr t ,s'w-mr .Mg gg r , 5 . .rss . ssh,-ff,fr,'r5..jss-,ss .- a . 1 is 1 . 5 ,s Q ?,,..,.f . S E551 .4 1 " s fall? 4 'Q Ei Vjsii W' ful1qsvfr:.rg'-grits -'--- S , , sQgri, .-fwL.,5.f.,- ' ,pr - .. wi s ---- ' Watchingg Waiting. - .--. 5 One, two, three, four ......... Team support for all. The season ends for the Seniors. 81 Left to R1g gif uuthzxll Qlheerlwrlers Miss Yuill, Ad Left to Right: Charlene, Carolyn, Karen eninr QI nerlearlers 5 h ht: C. Kendeigh. K. Crombie, L. Normando, C. Boatman, L. Kn 7 res man 7 unihali wsnn Row One: I. Pechaitis, R. Lamvermeyer, B. Fout, B. Brucker, L. Hombeck, L. Hol- ingsworth, V. Mills, D. Bowman, E. Brown, T. Osborne, C. Ready. Row Two: Coach McCoy, C. Coultrip, D. Wyler, S. Campbell, D. Ward, B. Leadbetter, G, Sapienza, R. Kendeigh. Sturm and Elighlifvs uf 'EE Coach McCoy Best Defensive Lineman - Jim Pechitis 5 Left to Right: J. Normando, D. Priestas, P. Matus, G. Hamilton. FROS1-I, QPPQNENT We finally did it! AN UNDEFEATED 20 Oberlin 10 SEASON!!! Our backs showed how they could 50 Wellington 0 run and the line did an excellent job of block- 8 Highland 6 ing. In a couple of games, everyone scored 2 Keystgne 0 which showed tremendous team effort. 8 Amherst 6 Best Offensive Back - Virgil Mills 44 Avon 20 Best Offensive Lineman - Ken Ortner 44 New Londgn 0 Best Defensive Back - Rick Lamvermeyer 'EE -- airs:-iig -- '57 Front: M. Littleton. Varsity Members: P. Matus, E. Kotora, D. Tomlinson, D. Reinhard, A. Springer, B. Lees, S. Matus, A. Atkins. 4 i-ifiivs Seniors Bill Lees, Ed Kotora, Steve Matus, Art Atkins, Juniors Dan Tomlinson, Al Springer, Paul Matus, and Sophomore Don Reinhard are the 1966-67 Varsity letter winners. AlSpringer was the leading scorer - a total of 407 points. Al was named to the second team of the Inland Conference All-Stars. Don Reinhard was the leading rebounder and Art Atkins was the sparkplug. Art scored in the double figures the last seven ball games and hit 20 for 24 from the foul line during that stretch. Art Atkins and Steve Matus led in foul shooting with .786 and . 686 respectively. SCORES COACH FirS1aHdS Opponents STATISTICIANS Dick Hamsher Berlin Heights Amherst Brookside Clearview Buckeye Highland South Amherst Avon Columbia Keystone Brookside Buckeye Highland South Amherst Avon Oberlin Columbia Keystone Tourney St. John Cantiu S Front: I. Tansey, C. Morgan, M Wlodarczyk, M. Brucker. Back: D. Leimbach, K. Bates, A. Chappell. Edd Forward 5' 11" Art Guard 51311 mints Steve Forward 5 I lol! Bill Forward 5 ' 11" Hjuninr zxrsiig Front to Back: G. Kothe, P. Born, C. Steffanni, J. Buchs. Left to Right: K. Leimbach, E. Hill, B. Guild, J. Normando, G. Dumkee, D. Miller, E. Hill, E. McCoy, T. Abraham. .TV SCORES TEAM OPPONENTS FROSH. TEAM OPPONENTS 32 Berlin Heights 34 32 Amherst 35 37 Amherst 3 2 44 Keystone 1 8 28 Brookside 22 51 Coltunbia 40 27 Clearview 32 30 Wellington 28 34 Buckeye 37 56 Columbia 25 46 Highland 31 32 Avon 29 38 South Amherst 41 37 Keystone 20 23 Avon 25 16 Oberlin 24 29 Columbia 25 37 New London 22 43 Keystone 24 31 Wellington 42 43 Brookside 31 36 Amherst 63 47 Buckeye 30 TOURNAMENT SCORES 48 Highland 34 41 Buckeye 27 41 South Amherst 23 Coach Markworth 45 Brookside 39 30 Avon 28 9 Wins 4 Losses 30 Oberlin 42 42 Columbia 21 44 Keystone 37 qv 12 Wins 6 losses Cgach Blevins Front, Left to Right: D. Guild, R. Lamvermeyer, K. Green, D. Leimbach, B. Ken- deigh, E. Kothe, V. Mills, D. Jordon. Back: D. Walker, J. Campbell, B. Lead- better, B..Peasley, K. Bates, B. Fout, K. Searles, R. Beach, L. Hollingsworth, I. Gerstacker . af K K. Crombie, C. Kendeigh, L. Normando, C. Boatrnan, L. Knoble, K. Sprunk. Carolyn Karen Charlene P. Matus D. Priestas G. Hamilton J. Normando i ,. , .,,.., , ., , ,,,A .. . ,.,-- , V ,, , -t--My-swung 7 asnhall Row One: E. McCoyg A. Chappellg I. Campbellg E. Kotorag B. Vinningg E. Taylorg E. Hill. Row Two: E. Waller: T. Wossilekg R. Driverg J. Davidsong A. Adkinsg C. Caywood. States Firelands Opponents 0 Amherst 0 3 Columbia O 16 Lorain St. Mary's 4 4 Western Reserve 1 12 Highland 1 2 Brookside 3 2 Avon 3 2 Milan 14 8 Amherst 2 2 Keystone 5 5 Brookside 6 4 Wellington 4 5 Wellington 4 7 Highland 4 3 Columbia 2 Coach Reith Eillshllshff The baseball team ended the season with a record of 8 wins 6 losses and 1 tie. An unusually wet spring hampered baseball opera- tions. Some hits at opportune moments could have changed the outcome of four ball games lost by one run each. qTwo of the games went into extra innings.p The team had a fine sea- son. SENIORS: A. Adkinsg T. Wossilekg B. Leesg E. Kotorag A. Chappellg R. Driver. are-siig rank Row One: B. Terry, D. Kronsen, B. Williams, Coach Conrad, D. Leimbach. Row Two: G. Kothe, T. Shurr, R. Snyder. I. Normando, B. Bechtel. J. Doak, B. Fisher, R. Willaims. Row Three: K. Myers. B. Leimbach, K. Hunter, I. Anadell, C. Wright, D. Reinherd, D. Vik, L. Krapp, J. Kinsley, E. Dumkee. N120 High Hurdies Mike Run Two Mile Pole Vault Shot Put Two Mike Relay Distance Medley Relay 15:65 4:51.2 10:45. 3 10' 9" 47' 6" 9:04-.4 9:03.3 ernrrls Leimba ch Kothe Krosen Dumkee Reinhard Krosen Kinsley Kothe Snyder W asem Kinsley Qruken Long Jump Relay 53' 5" High Jump Relay 15' '7" Pole Vault Relay 29' 6" Kothe Krosen Snyder Kothe Hornbeck Wasem Norm ando Mills Dumkee Doak Myers The Varsity Track Team has done an exceptional job in breaking records. This years track team broke a total of ten records. Enjoying a good season this year at Firelands, the Falcons can look ahead to next year with even more en- thusiasm than they showed this year. 90 mints Larry Krapp Discus Thrower Kim Myers Pole Vaulter 5, 5 . 355, ir Zxgfrg. --ikf --L1 A i2 'QL Sw M ESQ-'wh L-ffl5Q' ' '- GL' Wi, .rr ,,,,gylgf',,ff-,'.'g .. . l , , , 3 gf . iaaiig iiazflfi" " .lim We rr ill l l 3 ' if wg gig 512 5232? 5a"f'5wgefrff Lr :l f if . ,., 95'f'Wf?'Il5l?'?5iii 5421! ggi, ,.lM,rl,.il,g wiring , r . .WM ., .. .,,, ',,,..,,u..xEm , -My -f:f "'?m z ,- . . Cliff Wright l Relays , his 5 ' 3 ,inn . A l vl: sv .,. 1.1 X "KWH mf' , V .,. .1331 K ,V mi ! ' W f- We 440 yw uJ?'- 4, , 1 . uv -, '.- l H., 38 rfggsf 4 A rm S? lgisgllgifl gi ag l will ' E il limi lil 5 , M '91, 4 3 R A lf kr gil l fs 2? ,W -'sf' .f mn ff 3 , il 3 . . Q wg M S , ,155 ,QW M ' , ' ., ' T. 'Mf g M5 W , name, ' fl" l. 4 ml., K,-11525. I V ., -' -pf 11593 , ff 1' 5: .K n L ' 'Ja' 5s'x2""'J4fEfw , ,pkg A 'fiwlffgp 4 4 ' H , ' f ff' M' I rx , ' va nl' lr, , , - ll -, f "" i .. QQ ,fy I wg, v w p5"?i,u5 lmgqf uk git 4 hs Kim Hunter Shot Put Bob Leimb ach High Hurdles Girls' Snfihall 'EE Row One: P. McCreedy, D. Tuttle, B. West, P. Mackworth, J. Breisch, K. Bowman, I. Call, C. Nicholson. Row Two: K. Matus, L. Baumann, K. Bowman, P. Matus. M. Hall, C. Morgan, L. Dohanos, Coach Yuill. Row Three: J. Mikloda, B. Powell, G. I-Iardesty. M. Smith, C. Knoble, J. Tansey, J. Franklin. Qilqhlxqhis f The g1rl's softball team had a good season this year. The starting line-up consisted ' V of: J. Breisch - Pitcher, P. Markworth - Catcher, K. Matus - First Base, D. Tuttle - 1 Shortstop, K. Bowman - Second Base, G. Hardesty - Third Base, C. Nicholson, and C. 'X-A , Morgan - Right Field, P. McCreedy - Center Field, L. Baumann - Left Field. The lead- ing hitters for the season were Kathy Matus and Pat McCreedy. Although many of the S girls were inexperienced, the team posted a 4 win - 2 loss record. Qinatlq -Pax, ' Svninrs Stores Firelands Opponents 8 Keystone 2 1 Mid View 16 19 South Amherst '7 12 Brookside 6 22 Avon 3 Clearview forfeit . Left to Right: J. Mikloda, K. Bowman, P. Miss Pat Yuill Markworth, I. Call, J. Breisch, M. Smith. GM FR S B6fD ,J i 1 , . ,, --,--J "Same Iiinrhanied I5i1ening" fUuninr Snniur Igrnm 1 Qlnmmenrnmeni 311119 IU, 1957 On the evening of June 10, 1967, the class of 1967 received their diplomas and bid a fond good-bye to the halls of Firelands High School. Student speakers for commencement were Michael Wlodatczyk, Dennis Dellifield, Art Atkins, and Connie Cook. The American Legion Awards were presented to Bob Markworth and Tamara Johnson. Shiela Curry and Art Atkins received the runner-up certificates. At the close of the ceremonies, Bob Markworth, president of the Class of '67, presented the class gift to the school This was a contribution toward an activity signto be placed on the school's front lawn. Good Luck to the Firelands High School graduating class of 1967. nrizuus miriam v 5 33.32 Cglimb 98 X. i. nf 6? y ! - ,HJ , QI K. P 1 QX2 X X Ns B 557 M' fee 7715 Fufues '-'T x X U X .. K R X 1 Y X ff J! 15 BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF H6711 FIRELANDS CHAPTER FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA o RST jbablzfaffdfffwfoks Cgnurl clinch in the Qllass nf 1957 frnm the Elganrl NEB Clin W GI h Telclnd K 41" n gy.-f, . ,- WIS.. E ? b Sigh O01 -I "nl Q 1 IJ. Cf7.Q lofan ludio 49 East College Street Oberlin, Ohio Portrait Photography Photo Finishing Camera and Darkroom Supplies Kodak Dealers Official Photographer Firelands High School Yearbook and Class ot l967 John Wryst HENRIETTA PACKING Freezer Meat Phone 965-H89l II I I III III Printing Se,-vice Phone WOodland 5-7Ml2 Carter Road off Route 60 R.D. No. I Wakeman, O. ADDISON'S T.V. SALES Zenith Color and Services 52 Pleasant Street Wakeman Ohio Phone 839-M37l FENZAU AGRICULTURAL SERVICE Interpretive Farm Service Soil and Crop Management Kentland Indiana Phone M74-6I67 Congratulations Seniors '67 MEL'S PRINT SHOP WAKEMAN, OHIO 44889 I VG' Compliments of MC DOWELL ORCHARDS Apples - - Peaches Henrietta Ohio Compliments of Good Luck to All The Seniors 1"iEa WAKEMAN LAUN-DRI-MAT AND ,,W,4, ,I ...I 2 THE "CASTLE" I , Cal' and Tl'UCk Wash BY DORA U.S. Route F20 Wakeman Phone 839 5594 Wakeman Ohio Charles 8 Mary LUTES BROS. Excavating W Basements W Septic Tanks KIS DINER WTrenching W Bulldozing Route U3 BH 588-2051 i I BH 588-2457 Birmingham Ohio Rt. ll3 Berlin Heights LORAIN HARDWARE CO. Phone 24A-2281 R.C.A.-Whirlpool and G.E. Appliances 500-502 Broadway BEACHCOMBER MOTOR LODGE Lorain, Ohio ZMM-525l KRUEGER INSURANCE AGENCY Max C. Krueger East Main Road Berlin Heights, Ohio Phone Berlin Heights 588-2335 Compliments of KIPTON HATCHERY Dwight H. Holt Kipton, Ohio HRUSTYH SCHMIDT Phone Business: 662-706l Residence: 588-3365 Complete Line of Dependable Petroleum Products For Farm, Home and lndustry Norwalk Ohio Congratulations to the Class of i967 from the F.W. WOOLWORTHS' CO. 534 Broadway Lorain Ohio Compliments of A.D. Searles Representative of Hatiuninirle glnsuranre 32 East College Street Oberlin Ohio Powers 8. Dawley Men's Wear l7 West College Street Oberlin Ohio If all the year were play- ing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work. 69112112 and Glue l9 West College Street Oberlin Ohio Pool Tables Bowling Machines Amusement Devices WELCOME COMPLIMENTS OF Sparkle Cilmarkei Hlt costs Less to Buy the Bestu 774-309i 54M West College Street Oberlin OhiO NOR-JE EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Weldon 5 Heavy Equipment Repair Rt. 113-1 Mile West of Rt. 6O Birmingham Ohio Compliments of KREBS MOTOR SALES Birmingham Ohio Phone 965-5111 Compliments of LAW'S SHELL SERVICE KAISER-WELLS DRUGS Reliable Prescriptions Pharmacy Corner 58 5 Middle Ridge Road Walgreen Agency Oberlin Amherst Ohio MMOOI Rexall Drugs Norwalk OBERLIN IGA FOODLINER 331 East Lorain Street Oberlin Ohio Phone 774-6351 IVES REXALL STORE - Prescription Druggists Phone 77M-2211 I oberian I I 'ohio C. S. CLARK 5 SON, INC. Phone 839-4775 Compliments of Mobii Milling DENN'5ON'5 Mastermix Feeds DAIRY BAR Feed and Garden Seeds Kipton Ohio Wakeman Ohio Dodge jlfiman 4 nrlge . Amherst A Coronet HWhere customers send their friendsu We participate in safe driving through .Driver Education at Fireiands Dart Compliments of Eiamhermnger Q9rrI1z1rrls Quality Fruit In Season 5 Miie South of Rt. ii3 on Vermilion Rd. next to Fireiands High Schooi 965-7085 Compliments of LAKE SHORE CLEANERS Vermilion Ohio Ford Mercury ' F.E. BAKER s. 'som INC. 1 Vermilion I MOO East Liberty St. Phone 967-BIM7 JAN - TERRY FLOWER A GIFT SHOP Complete Wiring Service 380 N. Ridge Road West Lorain, Ohio Phones 233'5529 233'565l BEN FRANKLIN Locally Owned Nationally Known Park Avenue .Amherst . Ohio Compliments of PIONEER - STANDARD ELECTRONICS 3847 Pearl Ave. Phone 277-l228 Lorain, Ohio fBeSt Wishes to '67' A .from AACCO - AMON CHome of Reed - Nuj Music 8 T.V. 521 Broadway Lorain Ohio Compliments of BROWNHELM STORE Janice and Bud Nickel Cor. N. Ridge 5 Baumhardt Rd. Friendly Service 7-Day Week I... n...,., -v.,..4..f ZILCH FLORISTS I Agttc lto 5iiIIIUI 27 West College Street Oberlin Ohio A l36 Park Avenue ' Amherst Ohio Compliments of FIRELANDS INN Keith and Eleanor Jarrett Corner of Route 60 5 ll3 Birmingham Ohio HOWARD CRAMER'S BARBER SHOP Birmingham - Ohio PRlNCE'S DELICATESSEN Edison Highway Phone 965-8725 Birmingham Ohio WATSON HARDWARE Hardware Plumbing Supplies Frigidaires Bicycles Paints Good Luck Class of H67H Compliments of ERIE ELECTRONICS INC. South Shore Shopping Center Vermilion Ohio DRISCOL MUSIC CO. Lorain Elyria PURCELL'S HARDWARE GOODSPEED'S Coin - op Laundry 5 Dry Cleaning Route ll3 Phone 965 5785 Open 24 Hours Daily , , , Furniture - Bedding - Lamps Birmingham Ohio Phone 988-5274 Amherst Congratulations To The Class of l967 'mhz Eflnrain Gluunig innings and 'Qlrusi The Only Bank A Family Ever Needs Elyria Oberlin Amherst . gif!" -A4 , i BERLIN Rooms for Receptions, Banquets, Weddings, and Parties 20-200 Compliments of DODD'S HILLCREST ORCHARDS Henrietta Hill Amherst Ohio KAMODY REXALL STORE CCorner Drug Storel Prescription Druggists Phone 988-4l0l Eagle Stamps Given Amherst Ohio EHRMAN-BECKER, INC. Real Estate-Insurance Notary Republic Phone 988-M482 l8O Park Avenue Amherst Ohio BECHSTEIN'S Myers Pumps and Water Conditioning Phone 965-7005 Florence Ohio HERRICK JEWELRY Watches - Diamonds - Clocks Expert Watch Repairs 7 West College Street Oberlin OhiO Phone 774-446i Compliments of JACKSON'S SHELL SERVICE 52 West Main Street Wakeman Ohio LESSITERS PHARMACY Amherst Ohio CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T967 ex fines Q9rrI1ards Route ll3 Henrietta Hill Amherst Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Tflinrenfs Snlqiu Florence Ohio BEST WISHES FROM Gln-up Enola Sturt Phone 774-374i 37 West College Street Oberlin Ohio AMHERST THEATRE Amherst, Ohio John W. Mattey, Prop. MIDWAY AUTO SALES Used Cars WO 5-5695 Henrietta Rt. ii3 THOMPSON'S DAIRY STORE Route II3 Beverage Carry Out Delicatessen Phone YU 6-7482 South Amherst, Ohio ZIPP'S BARBER SHOP South Amherst, Ohio RlEMER'S FOOD MARKET Groceries and Fresh Meat TOO West Main Street South Amherst, Ohio GARGASZ GARAGE General Auto Repair Towing and Wrecking Service Phone 986-7563 South Amherst, Ohio GENE'S BARBER SHOP ii2 East Main Street South Amherst, Ohio AP 8 TEA COMPANY South Shore Shopping Center Vermiiion Ohio Compliments of makeman Bank Gln. 75 Years Of Banking Service To The Community l892-l967 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Wakeman Ohio Fred HFritzH Wilms Qmilms, ine Zlllnrisi lO65 North Ridge Road Lorain, Ohio Phone CEdar 3-6l5H Compliments of QRrinPr fsir Sernire, flint. 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Inc Birmingham, Ohio THE SPORT SHOP I6 South Main Street Oberlin Sporting Goods - Hobbies Bicycles, New and Used Complete Repair Service ARNOLD'S COOKIE JAR Home of Fine Pastries 5 Donuts Wedding, Birthday, 5 Party Cakes 2l5 Church St. Phone 984-6862 SPIEGELBERG 5 SCHUSTER INSURANCE 480 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio Complete Insurance Service E112 Gbherliu Savings 'ggank Glumpzmg Kipton - Oberlin - South Amherst - Wellington A Full Service Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Oberlin Ohio Compliments of Neiding's 8 A 4 1? S ' Lake Erie ,filnhla Qmlf ,.er111ce Drive-In b Church 8 Tenny St. . f 'gg Amherst 1 r 898 7593 C1Bpuzii,gf Vermilion Ohio 'iiipiun Ennis llllurist 980 North Ridge Rd Lorain, Ohio Flowers For Every Occasion Weddings A Specialty Zilvuainr Quasnciaiiun Dealers ln: Grain Feeds Seeds Coali Hardware Fertilizer John Deere 8 New Idea Farm Equipment Kipton, Ohio SPPYYQ-cmUf5kP ,Agenrg Insurance and Real Estate 2l South Main St. Oberlin, Ohio Phone 774-M33l Igvrrmfs Barber ,Shnp 3l South Main Oberlin, Ohio Compliments of fNicl'gulsnn's Zllurniiure Stare Route 20 and 5ll Kipton, Ohio G5nnhs Suns western ,Amin 263 Main St. Amherst Phone 984-7030 Try Us For: Project Supplies Sporting Goods Automotive Parts Motorola Color Tube Household Needs Industrial Supplies Ohio 7 irelanrls 'flgnusier Qlluh Y,,, K M 7. Q ,A,',., 2 ., V . L' w :f., .2,1. :1 , ,. ,, "' M LQl 1' Fa . E 9 Qn "1':"" '5 1 . ... . i Q' ' W Y '-, I i'fJr?6l ".: 1 .:..,:..: .., , .:. ,. M '5 jf ! A' v Q , i u J SMQW?'3'iA99fi9WQw.5sEtA n t i two QW i. of e oak? 51 .5 31 C 5355 Lkggw 1 W ' , , 'L i . ' i y w e -a :,: " A A ,J 5 E SKF! 1 I ii A A 'Q . ' '.4.,f'w' ,f L -M2 -'W' ,!! sr! 5 Il ilw li i' Q f W ff--""1 lf' ' Q f ' 'X 5 ff b t e , ,,, ,L, .A Q 2 A L Football Equipment Band Uniforms ' Stadium Burning of the mortgage Little League Equipment Banquets This is how it was done. WORTHINGTON TIRE murihinginn mire Qin., Zinc. Wakeman Ohio 839-4232 Firestone Gerber glfuneral gliumrz 839-M881 W A K E M A N O H I O Come See Our New Facilities Personal Attention Given To Your Transportation Needs glllilarl Chevy ---- Olds Dealer State Rt. 58 Amherst, Ohio Office 967-4489 - Res. 967-5836 Cllal fdlhums lixrauaiing Douglas St. Vermilion, Ohio EET ' ALL TYPES OF EXCAVATING SEWER 8 PIPE LINE CONSTRUCTION Congratulations to the Senior Class PRESTI'S OF OBERLIN DAVlDSON'S ELEVATOR Grain-Feed-Corn-Fertilizer Kipton -------- Ohio Oberlin 775-0116 Birmingham 965-4333 BEN FRANKLIN STORE West College Street HALLAUER RADIO AND TV Sales and Service l8 South Main Street Oberlin Ohio RCA Victor -- Admiral Oberlin Ohio Wollensak -- Sony ' PAULY'S FLORIST 6 GREENHOUSE South Shore Shopping Center Downtown Midway Mall Vermilion Ohio Lorem ElVf'a 3 Phone 967-4166 - CHATTERBOX RESTAURANT Compliments of SEYMOUR'S JEWELERS 2Q9 Church Home of Keepsake Diamonds 6 B d Amherst 988-A194 33 me Way Lorain Ohio CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of l967 agus-falarrg Hurd, Zim. Amherst, Ohio 3Hlluurl's Zlllurisi ZH East College Street Oberlin, Block C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S TO THE CLASS OF I967 Shure Eflumher Glu., glint. Vermilion, Ohio 967-AMM7 Ed gl Betty Aldrick Lee's Firestone Service Mr. KL Mrs. Richard Humm Welch Fruit Farm D. P. Crum Mr. KL Mrs. David Conrad KL family Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Gene Richards Melvin and Christine Niggle Mr. KL Mrs. Durwood Williams Mr. KL Mrs. Donald E. Pryor Merry Christmas Happy New Year F. L. Miller Doris C. Gorske Mr. gl Mrs, William J. Thorpe Mr. Darrell Courtley, Student Teacher Mr. KL Mrs. Louis Murphy Fritz and Arlene Knoble Mr. KL Mrs. William Morse Mr. and Mrs. Keith Buchs Mr. Walter Swiers Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ortner Mr. KL Mrs. Russell Whitney gl family Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hicks Mr. and Mrs. John Love Mr. KL Mrs. Harold A. Emmerick Mr. KL Mrs. Richard Lamvermeyer Michael Row, T.B.A. Mr. KL Mrs. Willis A. Campbell Mr. KL Mrs. Paul Leimbach Mr. Hal Lang Mr. KL Mrs. Harris Youngblood Mr. KL Mrs. Griffin H. Groot Mr. KL Mrs. Allen Johnson Amy Sue Hamsher Miss Nancy Koepp Mrs. Susan Monseau Mrs. Milton Sayler Mr. gl Mrs. Melvin Sayler 132 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kneisel Mr. and Mrs. William Mason Mr. and Mrs. Joe Abraham Mr. Rieth Doris E. Prince Brenner Show Company Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dumke Mr. and Mrs. Roy Morrow Mr. KL Mrs. Hugh R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Mossman Mr. and Mrs. Galen Sayler Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brucker Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Krysik Pete's Henrietta Service Mr. KL Mrs. William Schoemig Mischka Dry Cleaner Woodings Dry Cleaner Mr. KL Mrs. Chesterlfranklin Thoms Family Dorothy Bures Mr. gl Mrs. Paul Breisch Miss Janet Dwyke Mr. gl Mrs. Steve J. Matus Elmer gl Eleanor Morgan Tom Jordan's Barber Shop, Berlin Heights Bob Herrick Clothing, Wellington Mr. KL Mrs. D, L. Shields Jeff, Nancy, Lori Mr. KL Mrs. Ray Watts Mr. gl Mrs. Gary Pummell Mr. KL Mrs. Zack Leimbach Mr. KL Mrs. Frank Greszler Mr. KL Mrs. John Wryst Betty, Jerry Leimbach and"boys" Dick Hamsher Patti Ann Hamsher Miss Karen Lechner Mr. gl Mrs. Marshall Cook Mr. gl Mrs. Art Danials Mr. gl Mrs. John R. Lees Josephine gl Nance Scardena Shoop Hardware On behalf of the Great Society National Honor Society Mr. gl Mrs. James Mackin Tony's Shoe Store Lake Erie Lanes Cavalier China Wolfe Electric Company Firelands Insurance Agency Shooper's Berlin Heights Mr. Dennis L. Dellifield The N.B.C. Club fl-'irelands Chapterj The Vinnings Miss Patricia McFarland Miss Patricia McCreddy Mrs, Doris Lipps KL children Mrs. Bickel Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Born Mr. and Mrs. John Born Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ward D. R. Zickefoose Glen T. Frazier Mrs. Lorna Greene Mr. and Mrs. Lyle C. Kinsley Mr. KL Mrs. Maynard Dellifield Lewis Hornbeck Wilfred Johnston Mr. KL Mrs. George Reinhard Mr. and Mrs. Ray Springer Mr. KL Mrs. Herbert Sennhenn Mr. gl Mrs. Charley Groth Mr. KL Mrs. G, R. Hawke Mr. KL Mrs. Paul H. Markworth Mrs. Allegra Hamsher Paula Markworth Robert Blevins Mr. KL Mrs. John A. Markworth Cora Greene K 'We '66-367 Siudei Council wishes 'che Senior Class a uer-5 Vmppgqid pmsfcrous 'Fuiurel FIRELANDS CHAPTER FUTURE TEACHERS I h Q XF L ., X. It 5 4 J 5 2 N , .X , , ,V 3 UL.-,,, -u willy ' i'lv:,.ww1 ' 4 'H' . -31' ix 7 K W f xgcvwf uiugraplgs Qsuingraphs uingrzqahs uingraphs Www- Q , My M fipgiggxw OSVJQWZWML N ' ffwfviq pw S mmigw Wg Q5 KW L if 2 'sk W5 WIMQQ Wwggblcew K H 'K aww 5 W uw, 5 Jaw QWJWV GAG' B ,Zh 244 wi., 'Q V5 is "' 1 Lia O .ln 5 K1, -- V S ,V ff. H ,af if -4 ' P 'gf isa. FL ""5-f'iii??"3T' 31 ,evra ',., A . 1 Al" ' 'f' , ' . Q- ' '.-f,- ,giL"7 irq. . . . .. Agia- f . . . - X,""1.!:' :A ,, ,V J , ., Q .4 M, - f 'E' .-Q' x f A fx 5,-,' 1 JL, "sy ,!" 1-f' ,+- F 1 .,,4 Sn .fl 4 'fini 1 9' 1

Suggestions in the Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) collection:

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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1967, pg 8

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 74

1967, pg 74

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