Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1959 volume:

1959 TORCH ANNUAL STAFF FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL R. D. 412 X ff M! Ma 1 S ll is v Q, ' d l l 3 i X X x. FORE WORD Let fraud and wrong ond bcxseness sh F r still between them cmd the ky X Th F I T h hangs poised fo X A d k them with his vengeful ey N it F I J. R. Lowell 3:!'-- Z ,7 Y , X ll i if NX NM Sf gf 3 Av ffl J ff' 10 Q 2 ' ,f f X ff ' TABZE OF CONTENTS D d . ........ 4 Afhlefics ......... 57 F lfy . 5 J Hgh 65 S ll ff y 81 U d I 23 E pl y 93 A ...,.,,,,,,,, 33 Adverhsernenf ........ 97 f X gf X f X 7 f We, the nineteen titty-nine annual statt ot Firelands High School, dedicate the following pages ot the Torch to Mr. Francis Miller, teacher, advisor, and gentleman. With it goes our thanks and appreciation tor many hours and et- torts he has devoted to the bettering ot our school. The senior members of the statl will especially remember Mr. Miller os a conscientious class advisor who has always looked out tor our well-being and has aided Us with many ot our problems during our high-school days. 4 Clfuhy ,on 12 ww2F1Xf" SCHOOL BOARD G0 Art Blackwell, Fred Matheny, principal, James Ehrman, executive head, Mrs. Viola Lees, clerk, George Reinhard, president, Mrs. Martha Baumann, Paul Knott, vice-president, Willis Wasem. To the school board we owe many thanks. Only through their co-operation in providing the schools and the faculties in our community, it has been possible for us to achieve the success of graduation. To Mr. Ehrman goes the re- sponsibility of managing the af- fairs of the entire Firelands School District. With the help of James H. Ehrman, our school system has acquired the respect of educa- tional institutions in the county and of the beyond. His many duties keep him "on the go," and he certainly de- serves the appreciation of the residents of the entire Firelands area. EXECUTIVE HEAD PRINCIPAL Fred R. Motheny v 5 i Tv! 52" x x ri .gg if P -. Mr. Matheny is a man whom we will always admire for his excellent leadership and the sound counselling which has made Firelands High School what it is today. We realize that his iob is not an easy one, but we think he has filled his position as Principal admirably. He has shown the excellent quality that an ideal administrator needs. SECRETARY FIRELANDS HIGH Firelands High has seen five senior classes pass through its doors since the school first opened its doors in the fall of l954. The physical make up of the school has constantly im- proved, thanks to the hard work of the people in the Fire- lands district who have diligently strived to attain some- thing in which we can all take pride. Such additions as the large bulletin board in the main hall, a trampoline, land- scaping of the yard, an excellent track and football field equipped with lights, along with special improvements to l 7 'lung- each particular department, have greatly helped to make our school days most happy ones, Proof of Fireland's educational advances comes from the observation that it has turned out more college bound seniors each year. This trend toward higher education indicated a much greater interest in education than was previously in the area. With the attitude of the students toward scholarship and citizenship improving with the fervor that it has to date, the outlook toward a more productive and creative alumni appears bright indeed. , X3 CARL ROBART A.B, 81 M.A. in Education Am. Hisfory - Am, Govt. NELSON T. HOWE B.Sc. 81 M.A. Chemistry - Physics - General Science Mrs. ELOISE FOWLER B.S, JL M.A. Languages - Senior Math Mrs. RUTH WALLACE B.S. in Education Commercial Courses - Commercial Club Mrs. SHIRLEY M. SPRAGUE B.Sc. in Education English FRANCIS L. MILLER B.Sc. in Agriculture Voc. Agr. - F.F.A. 8 .USE Mrs. HELEN YU HAS Kwx Home Ec. - Gen, Business - F.H.A. LOWELL GATTS B.S. 8x M.A. Biology - Conservation Mrs. CATHERINE BOLDMAN B.S. in Education English I and II - Annual Staff Miss MARJORIE HOWE B.S. in Music Vocal Music JAMES E. SEIPLE B.S. in Education Phys. Ed. - Drivers' Ed. - World History Mrs. CLEMENCE UNDER BA. in Education Speech - Phys. Ed, - G.A.A. 9 ?,,,.?, ., ws pf If KHP' if 15' 0 ig A 'sw mtwsh ,Fw 1 is S umwnug U, , Ah 1 nf" ' , 1 'K Mai? 2-5 i ?A Q. S S eniord DICK BETTCHER Football l,2,3,4, Baseball i,2, 3,4, Basketball i,2,3,4, Track 3, Ping-Pong Club l,2, Class Officer 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Speech Club 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Newspaper Statt 2,3,4, Hi Timer 4, Annual Stat? 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, Student Council 3,4, S.C. Vice Pres, 3, Pres. 4. KAREN NABAKOWSKI G,A.A. l,4, F.H.A. l, Chorus l,2,3,4, Home Nursing l, Soft- ball l, Student Council 2, Class Treasurer 3,4, Commercial Club 3,4, Class Play 3, Office Girl 4, Yearbook Staff 4. ELSA SCHROEDER G.A.A. l,2,4, Maiorette 2, Head Maiorette 3, Chorus l,2, 3,4, Commercial Club 3,4, Comm. C. Pres. 4, Class Play 3, Newspaper Asst. Ed. 4, Scholarship Team 3, Yearbook 4, Ping-Pong Club l, Driver Training 2, Home Nursing l. STAN BRUMBY Wrestling l,2,3,4, Student Council l, Track l, F.F.A. i,2, 3,4, Vice Pres. 4, F.F.A. Sen- tinel 4, Band I, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Science Club l, Fresh- man Basketball l, Football I, Driver Training 3. SUE BRANDAU Band l,2,3, Chorus 2,3,4, G,A.A, l,2,4, G.A.A. Reporter 4, F.H.A. i, Commercial Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Class Play 3, Vice Pres. 2, Secretary 4, Nat, Honor Soc. 3,-4, Yearbook 3,4, Grade School Editor 4, Home Nursing I, Scholarship Team 3. DAVID SEARLES Home Nursing I, Chorus l,2, 3,4, F.F.A. l,2,3,4, F.F.A. Vice Pres. 4, Student Council l,4, Basketball 2,3,4. LINDA HEGGIE Chorus l,2,3,4, Band I,2,3,4, sec'y-treas. 4, G.A.A. I,2,4 Home Nursing I, F.H,A. I Class Play 3, Speech Club 4 Basketball scorekeeper 3,4 Student Council 4, reporter, Yearbook Staff 4, treasurer Driver training 2. PAUL BAUER Football l,4, Rifle Club I,2, Wrestling 3, Driver training 2. JANET MARKWORTH G.A.A, I,4, President 4, F.N.A, I, Band I,2,3,4, President 4, Chorus I,2,3,4, Student Coun- cil I,2,3,4, secretary 3,4, Soft- ball 2,3,4, Commercial club 3, Class play 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Home Nursing I, Yearbook 3,4, Editor 4, Schol- arship Team I,2,3, Librariar. I,2,3. BOB BAUMANN Driver Training 3, Vice Presi- dent I, F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Presi- dent 4, Ping-Pong Club I,2, Chorus 2,4, Band I,2, Football I, Basketball I, Wrestling I,2, 3,4. JACK BECHSTEIN GERALDINE BRILL Camera Club I Commercial A i234 Driver Train C 4 FHA 1 Home 5 ing 3. in I. JOAN CLARY Newspaper i,2,3, Music Ap- JERRY CAMERA preciafion i,2, Drivers Training 3, Commercial Club 3,4, Officer 3, Class Play 3, Mixed Chorus Mixed Chorus 2,4, Basketball I, F.F.A. i,2,3,4, Wrestling i,2, 314: Football If Bond I,2. I,2,3,4, Annual Staff 4, Officer 4, F.H.A, I,2,3, Home Nurs- ing I. 5 ' KATHERN CLINE F.H.A. 2,3, G.A.A. 2,4, Soft ball I,3,4, Camera Club I Home Nursing I, Drivers Train ing 2. LONNIE DUNHAM Amherst High I,2, G.A.A. I, Girls' Chorus I, Commercial Club 4. ROGER E. EIBON Fwfbvlf 213: Newspaper 4, WILLIAM Mic:-:Aer sALzMAN Ping Pong Club 2, F.F.A. 2,3, Ping Pong Club Ii Home Nurs. ing I, Newspaper Sfaff 2,4, Drivers Training 2, Wrestling I, Annual Staff 4. 14 ELAINE EDWARDS F.H.A. l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2 Home Nursing lg Chorus 25 RUSSEL FOX Newspaper 45 Annual 3,4. TED FREAS Football l,2,3,45 Baseball i,2,35 Wrestling lp Class Officer 25 Student Council 35 Class Play 35 Chorus 3,45 Annual 35 Journalism Staff 4. ROBERT FRYE Chorus 2,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Driver Training 2. JEAN FRITZ Camera Club 1,25 Commercial Club 3,45 Annual 4. Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling l,2, DAVID GERHARDINGER 3,45 Basketball li Class Re- porter l . 15 ALBERTA GREGORY PHIL GERKI ' Football Manager 2, Wres, Oberlin l,2,3, Chorus l,2, tling team 2,3,4, Camera Club G.A.A. 2, Driver Training 4. 2, Chess Club 2,3, Science Club 3, Driver Training 2. EARL HARTLE Basketball l,2,3,4, Track l,2, 3,4, Science club I, Camera Club l, Ping-Pong Club l. ROGER HERCHLER LOIS GRIFFITH G.A.A. l,2,4, secretary 4, F.N.A. 4, secretary, Annual Stal? 4, G. Sports editor, Newspaper Staff 4, Band l,2, 3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Home Nursing 'l, Class Play 3, Soft- ball 4, Driver Training 3. KENNETH HUFNAGLE Wrestling team 2,3,4, Class treasurer 2, Camera club l, chess club l,2. 16 JAMES T. HUNTER Baseball l,2,3,4f Basketball l, 2,3,4p Football l,2,4f Chorus l,2,3,4g Rifle Club l,2g Camera Club lg Science Club lf An- nual Staff 45 Scholarship Team 2,3f Newspaper 3. LINDA JACKSON Class Secretary l,2,3p Class Treasurer lg Class Reporter 3: Paper Staff 31 Class Play 35 Ping-Pong Club l,2p Scholar- ship Team l,3f Home Nursing lp Drivers' Training 2. MARTHA KELLEY .A. lg F.l"l.A. lp Class Play 3 Drivers' Training 3. JEANNE KNITTLE Commercial Club lg Camera Club lp G,A.A, l,2, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Music Appre- ciation l,2. MARY ANNA MITISKA G.A.A. 2,45 F,l'l.A. lg Commer- cial Club 2,3,4p Class Play 3, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4p Major- ette 2g Annual Stal? 45 Cam- era Club lg Softball lf Librar- ian 2,3,4p Home Nursing l. JUDITH A. MOES Librarian 2,3,4. 17 SANDRA MUSKA F.H.A. lp Chorus lg Home Nursing lg G.A.A. lg Class Play 3, Driver Training 3. DAVID ODOM Band lg Chorus l,2,3,4g Foot- ball l,2,3,4f Baseball l,2,4y Track 3,41 Basketball l,2,4g Class Olticer 1,34 Student Council 2, Annual 3,41 News- paper 4: Varsity Club 2,3,4g Speech Club 4. BEVERLY RADCLIFF Newspaper 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,45 Asst. Dir. Class Play 35 An- nual 3g Receptionist 3,45 Li- brarian 2,3,4g Driver Train- ing 2. CAROL ROSKOSKI F.H.A. 2,3,4f G.A.A. 1,41 Cam- era Club lg Mixed Chorus 2,45 JANE PHILLIPS Chorus l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,4g Music Appreciation Club 'l,2g Camera Club l,2g Yearbook 4, Jr. High Editor 47 Home Nursing lg All-Star Band 2. ESTHER RYM Chorus l,2,3,4p Commercial Club 4, Ping-Pong Club 2, Annual 4. Chess Club 2, Hobby Club 25 Annual Art Editor 4. ELEANOR SAYLOR Band l,2,3,4g Chorus l,2,3,4, Home Nursing if Class Play 3j Speech 4, Annual 4, Driver Training 3, Scholarship Team l,2,3y All County Band 4. ROBERT SCAKACS Rifle Club 2. DONALD SCHOLL Basketball l,2,3,4g F.F.A. 3,4. LARRY SEBOLT F.F.A. 3,4. JOANNE SCHURHAMMER F.H.A. l,2,3,4g G.A.A. l,2,4p Annual 3,41 Commercial Club 3,47 Comm. Club Reporter 4, Newspaper Editor 4: Oberlin High l. JON SICK VIRGINIA SNIDER Ping-Pong I5 G.A.A. 45 Soft- ball ly Elyria Catholic 25 Driver Training 3. VIRGINIA STERRETT Chorus I,2,3,45 Band I,2,35 F.H.A. I,25 G.A.A. I,2,45 An- nual 45 Senior Editor 45 Com- mercial Club 3,45 Comm. Club Treas, 45 Home Nursing I5 Driver Training 2. DARRYL WALKER Chorus I,2,3,45 Band I,25 Baseball I ,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Chess Club I,25 Ping- Pong I,2. NOEL ZURCHER Tractor Club I,2,35 Rifle Club l,2,3, Vice-President 35 Jazz Band 2,35 Band I,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4. FRED WATSON Wrestling 45 Chorus I,2,3,45 Annual 3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Tumbling I,25 Ping-Pong Club 25 Baseball 25 Basketball 2,35 Rifle Club 25 Class OFFicer 35 Class Play 35 Newspaper 4. GRACE MORRISON Class Oiilicer I5 Home Nursing I5 Music Apprecia- tion 2,35 Slide Rule Club 25 Band 2,35 G.A.A. l,2,35 E.H.A, 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Receptionist I5 Com- mercial Club 3,4. TERRY MEYERS SENIOR CLASS WILL PAUL BAURER, being of unsound body and insane mind will my sweat socks from football practice to anyone who thinks he can wear them for another season without washing them and my number 27 iersey to Bucky Perkins, BOB BAUMANN, will my gym locker to anyone who can stand the smell, my wrestling ability to Lowell Brumby, and my ability to stay out of trouble to any- one who can do the same. DICK BETTCHER, will my butch haircut to Skippy Kotlarz, my "Bop" glasses to Ronnie Dubick, and to my sister, Molly, I leave all my old test papers. Good Luck Sis! JACK BECHSTEIN, will my butch haircut to George Hovey, my ability to get along with the teachers to Deb Bruner, and my old vo-ag books to Tim Fout. SUE BRANDAU, will my office iob to anyone who likes to exercise in the morning, and my ability to get along with Mr. Matheny to my cousin, Betsy McDowell. GERALDINE BRILL, will my messy locker to Bucky Perkins and my seat in government class to anyone who can eat candy and not get caught. STAN BRUMBY, will my ability to brag to Mr. Seiple, and my wrestling uniform to anyone who can sew it back together. JERRY CAMERA, will my batty bucks to whomever can get into them, my purple paint to Gary Vincent, and my ability to skip school and never get caught to Ronnie Dubick. JOAN CLARY, will my height i5'9"J to Joan Berk- meyer, my seat in government to some lucky iunior, and my ability to get along with everyone to any- body that needs it. KATHERN CLINE, will my long hair to Toots Walton, my messy locker to anyone who wants to clean it, and my position as right fielder of the softball team to Lorene Born. LONNIE DUNHAM, will to Loretta Corn my position as Mr. Gatts' secretary, to Wilma Dalton my govern- ment book and to Bucky Perkins my place in the lunch line. ELAINE EDWARDS, will my F.H.A. membership to my sister, Janette, and my locker to anyone that can keep it neater than I did. I 2 1 RUSS FOX, will my long hair to Danny Camera, and my ability to get into trouble to Skip Kotlarz. TED FREAS, will my saddle shoes to Mr. DeGennaro, my ability to miss a pass in football to anyone who wants it and my football shoes to Dick Fairchild be- cause the shoes were originally his. JEAN FRITZ, will my shortness to Karen Born, my quietness to Marsha Raver, my bookkeeping work- book to the future classes, and my ability to chew gum in government class and get away with it to any Junior. BOB FRYE, will my position as captain on the football team to Henry Stevens and my ability to win drags without getting caught to Jim Krupp and my ability to keep Mr. Robart happy in government class to Chuck Bilby. PHILIP GERKI, of almost sound mind give all my kings to Mr. Howe for all his free pawns, my clumsi- ness to Mr. SeipIe's basketball team, and all of my stupid mistakes to Jerry Baker. ALBERTA GREGORY, will my gym lock to anyone with the patience to work the combination at least three times, then with luck it opens. LOIS GRIFFITH, will my ability to keep softball scores and win arguments with Mr. Gatts during the game to anyone who wants it, and to my brother Donnie I will the next three years at Firelands. EARL HARTLE, being of unsound body and insane mind will my height to Jack Krupp, and my sports ability to Eddie Schlecter. LINDA HEGGIE, will my height C5'8"I to Onalee Meyer, my sense of humor to Mr. Seiple, my volley- ball ability to Molly Bettcher and my choir robe to anyone who can earn it. KENNY HUFNAGLE, will my ability to get out of de- tention to George Hovey, my long hair to Mr. Howe, and my place in mixed chorus to any soprano who has a low voice. J. T. HUNTER, will my ability to get out of class without getting thrown out to my brother Mike, my extra credits to anyone who needs them, and my ability to spell goes to John Blanden. LINDA JACKSON, leave my height and a few extra pounds to anybody who wants them, my ability to get along with the teachers and make good grades to anyone who needs it, and my place on the honor roll to whomever can attain it. MARTHA KELLEY, will my ability to talk in Mrs. Lind- er's study hall and no ability to goof off and not get caught to Lowell Brumby, and my place in Mrs. Yuhas' heart to Deb Bruner. JEANNE KNITTLE, will my quiet and soft voice to the girl who needs them most, my musical abilities and my size "five" shoes to my cousin Margy, and my ability to argue about anything, anytime, anyplace, to Mr. DeGennaro. JANET MARKWORTH, will my softball uniform to Pat Lees, my position as editor of the Torch to anyone who will take the responsibility, and my hall locker to anyone who will walk that far to get to it. MARY ANNE MITISKA, will my long hair to anyone who won't get it cut, my "not going ability" to Mel Shimer, and my ability to sit in the front row in government class and eat all period to any hungry senior to be. JUDITH MOES, leave my ability to go four years without any detentions to Betsy McDowell, my Spanish knowledge to Larry Johnston, and my position to anyone who can keep order. il couldn'tIi SANDY MUSKA, will my height to Genevive Bly, my place and ability to get into trouble in Home Ec. class to Deb Bruner, and my seat in government class to Erma and Edis, let them fight it out. KAREN NABAKOWSKI, will my long hair to Barbara Giedlinski, my position in volleyball to Fran Prichett, and my dimples to Genevieve Bly. DAVE ODOM, will my locker to my sister Barbara, who I hope will clean it out, my football iersey to Buck Perkins and my blue eyes to Pat Lees. JANE PHILLIPS, will my naturally curly hair to Vir- ginia Niggle, my baritone to Dave Love, my ability to laugh at jokes only when prompted to Penny Pence, and my brother George to Liberace. BEVERLY RADCLIFFE, will my office position to Marsha Raver, my ability to talk in Mrs. Linder's study hall to anyone who wants it. CAROL ROSKOSKI, will my mixed chorus robe to anyone that can earn it, my place in the lunch line to anyone who wants it, and my locker to anyone who can open it. ESTHER RYM, will my alto position in mixed chorus to Bernie Schmidt, and my ability to type to anyone that is capable of fulfilling the position. ELEANOR SAYLER, will my position in chorus to my brother Galen, my position in band to Ruth Showal- ter, and my sense of humor to anyone who needs IT. ROBERT SCAKACS, being in sound body, will my height toJim Krupp. DAVID SEARLES, will my ability to balance the figures in my Vo. Ag. book to Gary Miller, my place in the mixed chorus to Joe Crombie, and my ability to avoid getting caught at the fair to Jim Krupp and Jerry Krumwiede. DON SCHOLL, will my flat top to Gary Vincent, my sports ability to Rick Ward, and my left tennis shoe to whomever has my right one. ELSA SCHROEDER, will my position as assistant editor of the paper to Ruth Baumann, and my ability to get into impossible situations to anyone who leads a calm life. JOANNE SCHURHAMMER, will my red hair to Miss Howe, and all my extra weight to anyone who needs it. VIRGINIA SNIDER, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Marsha Raver, my quietness to Bar- bara Giedlinski, and my books to anyone who wants them. VIRGINIA STERRETT, will my seat in shorthand to Erma Logan, and hope she has as much fun as I did, and I will my love to Donnie Braun. DARRYL WALKER, will my powerful black Buick to whomever can open the doors. FRED WATSON, will my red hair to Mr. Seiple, my ability to get along with Mr. Robart to Chuck Bilby, and my football iersey to anyone who can fincl it. NOEL ZURCHER, will my engineer boots to Tamera Wickens, my loose teeth to Linda Green, and my seat in band to anybody who can blow as loud as I can. 22 i Ml'l6!Qlf'C!6l56l'VL en Mr. Robarf, advisor Q sf-gm J ie A wx. 3 , , K Q , L xi, rw rg Y , M-an ' gk we ill -1,157 :ggw igi I f nw. z f J-1 s - K X fi:-five K, . .. ss? --' -ss112.4e?f'h-Tifisf fvii'-: igk - ""':" 4. 1225 i' V451 -i -Ai, -H.. ,, K K .iszg f ,L -- J' i f 5iiLQ-"1 f'- . .. .uf f .iw,gyi -, " 'J S " -'V-' g : M E ' mfr-yf I F . ,afX's3kf:f- ,ic '11 is V-.MSX - R x ,fri J Q 2 5, 1 gg Q ' if -'1l'2-fwiswf -f ,. Q, EE, .,i is, . .rx fa 1 mz2fef?iw!!dE23lsE:w- as ' ' : ff- :ai . F-ixfiifjfsr fs sc-in za :wwf , . wx -' be . irsxi -' 'Q --:Q V: Y 'nu dvi' ffiiigc .-J 1 f.s:.g:ga ' 'E 1 1 , .. . . ,... .. if. W ' . 9' ...,: . H , ..,:., I , , . - - fa Q- ss' 2 .5 V, . :W ,sir iw -1 . i Qi FF in ,, Y i i A 'Y W J 2 + . xv .Q , Fifwfif, -A .,,. E' .. . V We s if e We f , V - vii! 1 :L IE megs is-W f -We , is 5 x s , wi ii rr 'J bl' 3 S J fi Yzu..,,1f J, K nf S We is ri 9,93 5 EP J M-1 ,Q 'F Q . L ,u S Q is ,I rs .- is WW D, L,-'h Wiz- f,-wa. -- Kz. gp- ru.-..,--1:3 -3, , 5 Q i ,Sax .1 Q95 ,W .L,,L . ,. ' 11555 4. 52,283 s ff gmiw .X - A 9 3 Karen Born, Pres. Stu, Coun. Bill Horvath, Vice Pres. Edis Peasley, Sec, Judy Clark, Corres. Sec. Onalee Meyer, Treas. Charles Bilby Beaky Blankenship Lorene Born David Bosfafer Donald Braun Wilma Dalton Ronald Edwards Beverly Fletcher Norman Hall James Harrison Martha Hiscox Nicolas lvancic Richard Johannson Richard Jones Maryanne Keressi William Klinger Kenny Kneisel Jerald Knoble Charles Knorr Faith Krebs Jerald Krumwiede Jack Krupp Lawrence Leadloefter Erma Logan Lynn McDowell JUN K7 ,-', IORS Debbie Bruner, reporter Janice Green, reporter lris Jackson, Stu. Coun. John King, Sgt. at Arms J ii. M YM it , g Janet Watson, Stu. Coun. ,gk . jf Gary Miller Mary Minek Pat Prince Virginia Niggle Al Pachinger Jim Parker John Pechaitis Jackie Pelletier Joanne Rothgery Verla Rider Ruth Seich Wilma Sharp Melanie Shimer Hank Stevens Dick Temple Merry Jo Thompson Gary Vincent Mary Walton Rick Ward Bethel Watson is we liis Y if 5 J, ' m iie f V , QQ, Mrs. Boldman, advisor J J J w f L' .W tm? 5 'P ,- e Q41 V its ' wt .1-'Q ,. , ..v,,:, 1 , 8 QE 'l .T - xv' ina .mi-i 2 , - ,,,' y ifi- , , , E c,., Q '1 Y W, Lv. ff ff' 51 r J 5 lgul H V, - .fills Q... H U' 3' ' 5 ' 2 " 'S 1 s 1' 5 J iw' lf:-E is ' 3' 1, T J. :sq -I A - .1 ft ,si ,Q yes ' ' 'ti K ' 3 si KGHQ1, , A Q, Q wi: wmffife 1 Q K 4 W Q f i i Mei .:- Q, in H E qi 1 R N, Q1 J t X ex? .Q fp J tif. , , .15-, .' - 451225 , A ,L I e : Hi m fffmi, f ,- . ,k .,.. it '- 2 .-F Merifff f 5 vt J 1 5? My 3 wir E i Q t J 5? Q .' if M 5 i .4 J ,K rw Ta mera Wickens gd if-,. . -f.-ig, -,,.f - i rfitifix V155 ,, . 1. ,SSL if -4 QB. if M .1 Q R ,Q X it-3 5 ri if- H y .,.,, K. A -1 Q- f is 5,- 1. Q ' Mr. DeGennc1ro, advisor . V- ,-if-22245 X 1 W R si.-ir ' snmxfm K-- lfiiii - L ,, If f-.ii-22 ,fr - V- Rr .He P , ,f Ki 3? se, ,sighs TEL.: "frm x H wiv? i, ,mf ff V -vw gps: Miss Roush, advisor is ff' r as si ml My M L was si is , r . ii, s Mm -f mf ' --fgqwgif . 'rf -ff ' - if fi- ,W A ., . ' f f,r':,g,':r siwisgw , , ' " .bi 1:52 194 'Q ., -im A :s::f':1: -:T 5- .L A- 'Y -.,.-if z, . , I. 7 sr -1? - L i M i. . ,y.,. -L 4g..,.,, 3 f,N .jAf:41li "" ?1:T'.?g my-V 5?f'.5E5-'fzlxf mi - i,-gg. W . W -fs Q . X 2 Jw ' ' -5- x , 122- 1 . :I A . , L' ,. . ---- 2- M, we ---- . . . . - ,gi , L X is . PW,fs,,.s,5fs,,,g,,.:-gi ,sr ff-- ,Q,-V., ,ef irsgfefs?iff22'sgg?f4ssgg-as - ' .fz.?5fi mysz-als"'lassfsfw-aff. mir . . -sims in , . H ,... A 'fr 2 A - A QQYHURKJ fx fm -NEW mf rx ,A ,115 P , Mfr. . .. .wf.:::fm. . ...,. ., i A 'Y 2 . 5 L L- .S f , 1 N 3 .iw ,ggsrswfus ,- '1 1,-, ,swis s , ' f sf .- ii , 7' ' Y 'aim-7 - - :azz . .. . ,..,. 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Bryden Joan Bursley Richard Calkins Betty Call Barbara Champion Tom Coates Loreffa Corn Marian Coulfrip Ron Dubick Janeffe Edwards Maynard Emmerich Dick Fairchild Glen Fridensfine Makes Barbara Giedlinski, news reporfer Jerry Baker, student council Rita Johnson, sfudeni council Paf Lees, studenf council David Fryberger Francis Gercak Diane Gerhardinger Diane Gessner Judy Graham Earl Gregory Gorden Groot Sharon Gutman Pat Gardner Ray Hines George Hovey John Ives Bill Jacobcik Sam Jacobcik Ralph Jaycox Awalf Kelm Mike Klepek Pearl Knott Marjorie Kopocs Mike Kofora Sharon Krebs .lack Krupp Leonard Kuburcik Dale Lauener Betsy McDowell ,mia mp, 3-wq Ka? , wmv, ,, My V 1 Vigo , AA f f eggs A -2 , :e',f?' if:-:.'f-fi - -il' "I ' ' lm , - . ,Tyr 4 r ' K 7 . . I 'shjgf ili' ' f : l55,g:l,E,'f:,5:' , , a 25' f xiii ui i 3 S Egg Q 4, mi , , y fi if 7 .::.': Q . ,. ,.,,.c,.5 122 1 1 3 Q 1' 7 I G1 as l' A Pr! 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A wi:-gi. ,355 . r Q? .H . , ., . 79,95 ,Aix Sa ndra Terschak Laura Trosper Glendean Watson Chuck Wood rum Class Meeting Judy Meltzer Bernita Merrill Barbara Odom Janice Pence Gaye Perkins George Phillips Tony Pollack Jane Porter .lack Priestas Fran Pritchett Tom Pryor Lorna Radcliffe Shirley Ronez Edward Schlechter Linda Searles William Sharp Ruth Showalter .lack Smith Judy Smith Jerry Springer SOPHOMORES Gaylan Sayler Paul Schlecter Bernadette Schmidt Mary Snider Paula Snider ii M. 1 f 35 1 any ,, . 51 at f Q Doug Sokol ' i J Dave Swiger W 3 - ., M flf K5 Mary Ann Thome f M" fffiv Margaret Tomlinson sw, Shirley Vlk .,,.'- - - , if rr yt " " F5 M 3 ,, K. H: xr we r , ' gm Ar., .X h,,. , w. ,A J, ' Af 8 Marion Ward Beverly Watson Wm Victoria Wilber fkyggk, ' ,K ,af ,gi 4.-ffl "M - A We Mx kg tax' , , zewwf .gg Ernesteen Williams 'Awww Dorothy Woodrum 'win FRQSH Qttnov UID CHOW TIME BACK TO WORK , , .s'2q5ffgQggjeg3' ,- -M35-S6 ,A,LL, , . ,, . if is a 1 lm ,,.. K K W .. ' All lemme 4. , , " "5 ww wifi 'W . ., ,- ki . si? ' e al: Mr. Seiple, Advisor Mrs. Fowler, Advisor X ' if if S' l ,naw -1-may-f .-.-nh.. ,F , , s wx ho, fi ,ig 3 Q N ,G we . 3 2.aQ,g" we 3 2 . ',. . ,iiffissf Qseiawmw 'f5EE35i --Qf -Sw- Leon Jackson, Pres. Ardith Priesfas, Vice Pres. Connie Baker, Sec. Joan Berkmeyer, Treasurer .- if 5 an i A ,gn K New J 5 ww ,r,1 . .,r. 1, ,. -. .ravi , wi ll , . 1, :,. . C, l ,V.: N ,. ,. I.. -..i 5 3 af el ff-.,, .wvmmilssi we assi ix-all iiessskiorsxzfg Bonnie Barefoot Molly Beffcher John Blanden Genevieve Bly Billy Bray Richard Calkins Juanita Coll William Champion Ellen Cook Bernard Coultrip Hoyle Coward Joe Crombie Donald Daley Pai Daley Charles Davidson Ellen Davidson Lois Dennison Sue Dickison Nancy Dlugos Phyllis Drought Linda Emery Tim Fouf Ann Gerber Norene Gill Carol Glider MEN Pat Sugerik, Reporter Joanne Whitney, Student Council Judy Martin, Student Council Bob Northeim, Student Council Floyd Gorby Larry Graham Linda Green Donnie Griftith Rosemary Hartman David Haught Allan Heggie Karen Heidrick Neil Herchler James Hunt Mike Hunter Jean Husted Larry Johnson Finas Jones Larry Jungeburg William Kotlarz John Link Patty Manning Kathy Mathes Pat Miller Zane Mossman Ken Nickolas Ken Perkins John Pandage Mary Raley I Mrs. Spraque, Advisor Mr, Kolman, Advisor ' ' Vi- ff: " -3-, ,,5,:e,1as,: - I - ,gy errri J to f J ,,.. - ' -. V i -r-r , f , ,J 1 - ill E .. .. .: K iw-1.g,f, I 5 X 2 L L J J , ii,, . T33 my ,ip 5, 3. 1 i T-:A .wk nv f -gn? - :V .,f N-5:-,I-ga: .- ,gt lgg,V1Vi,- TV V 2 -. V J .3 Q ' ,ax . R iw Q Ye mx ld: 1 1 , i 'gfff 5 I 3 if I 9 L mr 3 Q X-9 ff 13 Q' A f i if f ,. ' . A :i.,, ' R52 ' , V,.,, V V,,V V V ,V ,.,,- ,, M Q, ' NM R? , - , gg Q L . -,':-371. X ,Q one 4395 HM -'ef an www, f ' f V F WY-fi V if S by if L. fl -QGN li , , -ctw' 'WWW Wm SQ? iris? was 5 A 5,15 - , , ' . . -- -- -4 15,5455 L 1"-,,,f.' - ' - ' :Z s.. 2 ., . ,V ,V k,yV V .Vg . V M. 5 K V , V f f VV, V . el- i VV VV y R - mf ' ff's'?+f:?1.iVf 1 'ffwi , K A 1 , :Z 6 . 'fw'?5ieTJ-2,15 wig ff , ' A - :w4ffz,fi?ee,z 7 ' , 555 'f:fzggii22l'i7' 'E if - "::?9Q:2: w?u' 2ff. L f"f1f7f mg 2 K " '- 'Q' 1' fis h. it W5 J? K5 ' ,C f H, . ' ' an - J J Sz .L ., ,,,,.W ,,... ., Vw V V V V V3 s STUDENT TEACHERS Miss LANGE Miss BIRKHEAD Senior at Oberlin College Senior of Oberlin College Chemistry English SCENES AT F. H. S. - S X .fdcfiuified TORCH STAFF STANDING, L.-R.: Mary Jo Thompson, Joan Clary, Jean Fritz, Betsy McDowell, Ruth Baumann. SEATED: Mrs. Boldman, Pat Lees Mary Anne Mifiska, Eleanor Saylor, Dick Beficher, Lois Griflifh, Esfher Rym, Karen Nabakowski, Linda Heggie, Sue Brandau Carol Roskoski, Elsa Schroeder, Sandy Tershak, Jane Phillips, Elaine Edwards,.lane'rMarkworfl1. Advisor and Eclifor 34 Hard af Work CLOCKWISE Irls Jackson Ruta Johnson Marsha Rover Pat Lees Duck Bettcher Janet Markworth, Linda Heg gre Janet Watson Joanne Whitney Karen Born Judy Martin STANDING Bob Northeim, Mr. Matheny Dick Bettcher - President - Linda Heggie -Reporter - Janet Watson - Treasurer - CLOCKWISE, SEATED: Lois Griffith, Elaine Edwards, Genevieve Bly, Bonnie Barefoot, Joanne Schurhommer, co-editor, Mrs. Boldman, advisor, Betsy McDowell, Pat Lees, Marsha Rover. STANDING: Mike Salzman, Fred Watson, Ted Freas, Dick Bettcher, Paul Engvalson, cartoonist, Ron Dubick, photographer, Pai Sugerik, Ruth Baumann, Elsa Schroeder, co-editor, Dave Odom, Roger Eibon, photographer, Rita Johnson, assistant editor. LIBRARIANS SEATED: Rita Johnson, Diane Gerhardinger, Judy Moes. STANDING: Becky Blankenship, Bev Rad- cliffe, Mary Anne Mitiska, Mr. Rolaart. 36 l li il q . Qlllllnn 41 Mi p5f-- 4 . li,'2 ', 1' :i ,Q fi ltlg ll 2 ui :ssl - 4 '1- lll' .. , U ff ' G. A. A. BOARD CLOCKWISE: Mrs. Linder, advisor, Iris Jackson, vice-president, Karen Born, point chairman, Martha Hiscoxp Janet Markworth, president, Lois Griffith, secretary, Roberfa Breisch, Treasurer, Sue Brandou, reporter, Karen Nabakowski. Fun in sports and the pleasure of sociable meetings were The chief attractions of The G.A.A. This year. Under The Tine leadership of Mrs. Linder, sports for all seasons. were scheduled and enjoyed. During The winter months, Karen Nabakowski was in charge of volleyball games and Martha Hiscox headed The basketball games. In The spring, The G.A.A. members enjoyed volleyball, sofTball, socker, badminton, and Trampoline gymnastics. FRONT ROW: J. Call, P. Bostater, I. Jackson, L. Griffhh, J. Markworth, K. Nabokowski, S. Brandau, Mrs. Linder, M. Hiscox, K. Born, R. Breisch, F. Prichett, J. Porter, N. Gill. SECOND ROW: S. Ackerman, S. Elliott, M. Beach, S. Dickenson, M. Bettcher, J. Whitney, E. Schroeder, M. Mitiska, F. Krebs, L. Heggie, O. Meyers, M. Thompson, E. Peasley, V. Niggle. THIRD ROW: V. Rider, A. Priestas, P. Daley, J, Husted, P. Manning, J. Schurhammer, V. STerretT, L. Born, C. Roskoski, S. Krebs, J. Graham, R. Showalter, M. Snider. FOURTH ROW: B. Call, C. Baker, J. Berkmeyer, B. McDowell, R. Baumann, R. Johnson, M. Rayer, P. Knott, S. Born, P. Lees, N. Dlugos, S. Vinning, V. Snider, M. Raiey. S C Z fl si! X c.?V NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sue Brandau Bob Baumann Janet Markworth NEW MEMBERS, FIRST ROW: Richard Ward, Linda Jackson, Onaiee Meyer, Martha Hiscox, Merry J Thompson. SECOND ROW: Richard Bettcher, Eleanor Saylor, Janet Watson, Karen erend Bender, Mr. Matheny. Born, Mr, Gibbins, Rev "celebrating after the indu ction ceremonies NATIONAL HQIQR SaCIETY X I e M 4 439 is if ln Memory of PEARL STEINMAN MURPHY RN Graduate of St Vincent Chanty Hospltal Cleveland Ohno ARC World War I ARC Base Hospital 88 ANC Elyrlo Red Cross Home Hygiene and Care ot the Sick Instructor Born March 25 l888 Monroegllle Indiana Passed away January 29 l959 at Elyria Memorial Hospital i The death ot Mrs Pearl Murphy rs a great loss not only to her famlly but to everyone who knew her Just about all the students at Flrelands knew the late Mrs Murphy and what they knew they liked Mrs Murphy was always ready wlth a pleasant comment or a brnght smlle and word for everyone All ot her students thoroughly enloyed their classes with her Her classes were not only tun but lntorrnatrve too As her students remember her their memories are klnd happy and grateful I 1 1 1 1 19191. r . RY 71 ' .V si' , A f 'Eggs' Y Q l 25,215 L 'lfgifktf 555' s.,f5: . :Q if ew Vx 9? V C . -,Lu , U5 K - 1 - I , . 1 1 FRONT ROW: Carol Roskoski, president: Lois Grif- Installation ot Ofticers fith, entertainer, Elaine Edwards, reporter. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Yuhas, advisor, Barbara Odom, treas- urer, Joanne Schurhammer, vice-president, Willma Sharp, secretary. YMAKER5- W F Some ofthe high spots of the F.H.A. this year were the installation of officers, which A JE was a formal affair, and a trip to Cleveland to see the Ice Follies. - 9' Our advisor Mrs. Yuhas was not only an inspiring leader but proved to be a real Q7 X O friend to each and every F.H.A. member. 0 NEW YXOQ' FRONT ROW: Mrs. Yuhas, Barbara Odom, Carol Roskoslci, Lois Jeanette Edwards, Diane Bauman. THIRD ROW: Betty Call, Janet Griffith, Joanne Schurhammer, Elaine Edwards, Willma Sharp. Opperman, Juanita Call, Bernita Merrill, Bernadette Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Shirley Ronez, Marilyn Miller, Linda Searles, ...J Q0 O Q, ' 7 ts' 5 KF E! :JO VY W 0 -P 4, 1, Gary Miller, reporter: Richard Johannson, siudenr advisor, Jim Krupp, secretary: Bob Baumann, president, Dave Searles, vice-president: Don Scholl, Treasurer: Sfan Brumby, seniinelp John Pechaifis. Mn FUTURE FARMERS AMERICA FRONT ROW: Glenn Fridensfein, Ralph Jaycox, Norman Hall, Jerry Camera, Lowell Brumby, Joe Crombie, Dan Camera, Bob Northeim, Chuck Davidson, SECOND ROW: Bob Frye, Richard Johannsen, Gary Miller, Jim Krupp, Bob Baumann, Dave Searles, Don Scholl, Stan Brumby, John Pechairis. THIRD ROW: Chuck Bilby, Don Daley, Gerry Krumweide, George Phillips, Galen Saler, John Blanden, Ronnie Edwards, Tim Four, Jack Bechsfein, Mr. Miller, FOURTH ROW: Larry Jungeberg, Mike Koforcu, Ray Hiens, Chuck Woodrum, Al Pachinger, Maynard Emmerich, Walter Plufa, Don Griffith, Eddie Schlecier, Larry Sebolf. 4-1 BACK ROW, L.-R.: J. Martin, C. Boker, L. Dennison, G. Friden- K. Kenisel, B. Odom, H. Coward, J. Husted. ROW 3: B. Mc sfien, Mr. Smith, D. Sokol, M. Hunter, V, Rider, M. Thompson. Dowell, O, Meyer, R, Baumann, E. Davidson, S. Dickson. ROW 2: I. Logon, L. Grifiirh, J. Berkmeyer, L. Green, S. Gufmdn, 42 BAND 'fl fx J A 631635 J j Q xi ia if E 4 fm Www 6115? i ,, W, I N 3 ' BACK ROW, L.-R.: D. Braun, B. Klinger, J. Phillips, B. Schmif, L. ler, A. Pachinger, R. Briesch, J. Markworth, J. Pachietas, F, Krebs, Heggie, G. Sayler, L. Graham, L. Johnson, S. Born, J, Edwards, ROW 3: P. Miller, V. Niggle, S. Elliott, M. Beach, J. Graham. G. Miller. ROW 2: J. Melrzer, R, Showlwalfer, N. Zurcher, E. Say- i 43 Barbara Champion, Rita Johnson, Glenclean Watson, Marsha Rover, Barbara Giedlenski. Muio relies N V l Flag Presentations SENIORS: Lois Griffifh, Eleanor Sayler, Noel Zurcher Jane Phillips. BAND Band flag presented in memory of John Wanyek by his parents Mr, and Mrs, Alex Wanyek. FRONT: Linda Heggie, secretary, Jane? Markworfh, president, Al Pachinger, vice-president. BACK ROW, F. Wofson, vice-president: J. Wofson, Treasurer, D. Seurles, president, M. Mitiskog K. Nobokowskig E. Schroeder: V. Sterreffg E. Rym, J. Knirflep L. Griffith, J. Phillips: J. Clary, L. Heggieg E. Soylerg S Brondoug C. Roskoskif K. Huffncgie, D. Wolkerg D. Odom, J. Hunferp T. Freosg R. Boumonnf N. Zurcherg J. Comerog R. Fryeg Absent, M. Thompson, secretory, J. Morkworth. MIXED X X CHORUS X Debut of P.T.A, MIXED Miss Howe 5 .ix ROW 1, Left to Right: l. Jackson, M. Mitisko, P. Lees, J, Watson, J. Clork, J. Thompson, V. Sterrett, M. Miller. ROW 2: L. Seorles, L. Grilifith, R, Showalter, VV. Dalton, G. Perkins, J. Phillips, S Elliott, L. Green. ROW 3: P. Sugerik, P. Drought, B, Watson, E. Williams, A. Priestos, B. Schmidt, E. Davidson, B. Barefoot, J. 46 Whitney. ROW 4: M, Lowe, L. Dennison, D. Rivera, L, Barber, G. Groot, R. Boumonn, L, Brumby, D. Seorles, N. Zurcher, D Wcilker, R, Frye. ROW 5: G. Soyler, J. Knoble, K. Hufncgle, B. Horvoth, D. Broun, G. Miller, J. Pcichitos, J. Hunter. CHORUS ROW 'I, L. To R.: O. Meyer, K. Nobokoski, R, Breisch, R. Baumann J. Berkmeyer, E. Schoeder, E. Rym, J. Knitfle. ROW 2: K. Mothes J. Clary, S. Ronez, B. McDowell, S. Brundczu, D. Gerhordinger, B. Odom, J. Krebs, R, Sefch, ROW 3: P. Miller, L. Heggie, C Roskoski, S, Dicinson, J. Husfed, L. Brewer, S. Gutmcm, S. Krebs 1 I nl X 6 if J KOW 4: K. Kenisel, D. Odom, F, Watson, T. Freos, J. Camera, B Klinger, D. Temple, J. Priesfos, Miss Howe. ROW 5: A. Pczchinger M. Emerich, M. Shimer, E. Scayler, E. Peosly, V. Niggle, D Louner, G. Fridenstine. , 47 FRONT ROW: Joanne Schurhammer, Virginia Sterrett, Susan tiska, Karen Nabakowski, Marsha Rover, Rita Johnson, Pat Lees, Brandau, Melanie Shimer, Elsa Schroeder, Erma Logan, Edis Peas- Lynn McDowell. THIRD ROW: Gerri Brill, Joan Clary, Jean Fritz, ley, Esther Rym, Jeanne Knittle, Mrs. Wallace. SECOND ROW: Judy Clark, lris Jackson, Verla Rider, Beverly Fletcher, Joan Lonnie Dunham, Jackie Pelletier, Wilma Dalton, Mary Anne Mi- Rothgery. NWS- M1 War f -v 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Elsa Schroeder, president, Virginia vi J' fl W Sterrett, treasurer, Sue Brandau, secretary, Melani is " Ani Shirner, vice-president, Mrs. Wallace, Joanne Schur- J ,lg A . .L , hammer re orter. f P . 11 il Y 48 Working hard for Sweetheart Dance? ginuumn-tm mfa mwi a2m 5 DRIVERS TRAINING 'B -4 TWU ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Tamera Wickensp Betty Call, Mary Minekf Sandy Tershackg Laura Trosper, Mary Snider, Jerry Boker, Tony Pollock, Tom Pryor, Mr. Seipleg IN BACK: John Ives, David Haughff Jerry Clark, David Fryberger. Congratulations Bell rang girls! 49 Aftendonf Rick King Jerry Queen Sue Attendant Lorene atv sf-ll eb - PRD ,Q , .1 ' - 2 -iq . ' 'A 'pi A H . L J 4 ,411 feb S This years Varsity squad went the entire season without tasting victory, yet it can't be said that they got nothing out ot their efforts, They learned that it wasn't always hovv many games you won, but instead just how you yourself played the game. Surely the thrills of the many exciting times they had on the gridiron together will be ample reward tor the team's and the coach's hard Work. F007'8 J V C71 h kfvren Sjeffeoders ff W D17 PQ, Mel 52 C M ' 4f,,X'?1f Mvfxfz ,f A Q5, PPV , Dave Couch VARSITY RESERVE MANAGERS, CLOCKWISE from cenier: Nick Ivancic, Bill Norvofh, Darryl Walker, John Pechczifis, Larry Leodbefter, Dick Beffcher, Earl Horfle, Chips Hunter, Kenny Kneisel, Jim Parker, Dove Secirles. IN CENTER: Couch Jim Seiple. All-Conference VARSITY FALCONS STARTING FIVE uf? "Rick" and Dave BASKETBALL RESERVE SQUAD These are the boys who will make up the future varsity basketball squad. They have all shown much potential in the sport and a lot is expected of them in the next few years. COACH COACH KOLLMAN MATHENY FRESHMAN SQUAD LEON ALAN SKI P HOYLE TIM CHARLES MIKE DON FLOYD BOB BASEBALL BACK ROW - J. Pcirker, D. Jones, R. Herchler, K. Kneisel, M. Klepek, L. Schroder, L. Leodbefter, Couch Seiple. FRONT ROW - Mgr. Word, J. Krumwedie, D. Fciirchilcl, B. Horvoih, Jim Krupp, Jock Krupp, B. Northeim. BACK ROW - P. Monning, M. Thompson, P. Daley, J. Husfecl, J. Berkmeyer, S. Elliof, V. Rider, K. Cline. MIDDLE ROW - C. Linder, K. Born, M. Hiscox, J. Mczrkworfh, L. Born, O. Meyers, P. Knoff, L. Griffith. FRONT ROW - R. Bauman, J. Martin, B. Barefoot, I. Jackson, P. Lees. Lloyd Roy Jim Seniors and Couch WRESTLING FIRST ROW, L.-R.: Bucky Perkings, Lowell Brumby, Jerry Camera, Brumby. THIRD ROW: Kave Haughf, Gordon Groot, Tom Pryor, Bob Bauman, Bill Jacobick, Dick Temple. SECOND ROW: Bob Mr. Gaffs, Tom Coates, Gary Miller, Jack Priesfas. Frye, Phil Gerki, Awalf Kelm, John King, Raymond Hines, Sfan ROW l: Bill Jacobcilc, Jerry Camera, Lowell Brumby, Ken Hufnagle. ROW 2: Mr. Gatfs, Dick Temple, Bob Bauman, Bob Fry. ROW 3: Phil Gerki, Awalf Kelm, Stan Brumby, John King. BOYS' TRACK l BACK ROW: J. lves, A. Kelm, H. Coward, D. Odom, E. Hartle, P. Gerki, D. Beftcher. MIDDLE ROW: C. Wood- rum, N. Hall, J. Priestas, T, Pollock, T. Coates, W. Sharp, Mr. Howe. FRONT ROW: M. Kotora, D. Sokol, D. Temple, N. Ivancic, J. Baker, P. Gardner. SEASON SUMMARY Although the boys' Track Team didn't post a very bright record, they did have an enjoyable season. Mr. Howe credits this year's squad with displaying a lot of hard work and desire. Mrs. Linder and her girls' track squad ap- peared in two meets and did very well in both of Them. The practice throughout The spring months payed off when the County Meet came around and the Firelands girls won a respect- able second place. BACK ROW: C. Baker, N. Dlugos, Mrs. Linder, C. Guild, F. Pritchet, MIDDLE ROW: P. Daley, S. Krebs, S. Elliot, S. Terschak, J. Porter. FRONT ROW: L. Born, l. Jackson, M. Hiscox. GIRLS' TRACK al ll El gi Z Z 5 5 E 2 vw 4 1 5 2. f -iqwfsf' A.-1 Qviv 4 2.3 wlmww' HRW SR. BABY PICTURES Bob Roger Sue Chips Jeanne Earl Larry Linda Judy Jo Anne Russ Paul Darryl Gerry EsTher Phil Martha Elaine Dave Lois Mary Anne Karen Linda Jean Jane Ted Fred Eleanor Grace Roger Virginia Dick Carole Kenny Kathy Elsa Noel David Bob Paul Joan K .L fail. f . -.4 1 K gag K S 2 1 1 21- 3,4123 3 W1 Q M ,W if i,l, , ,1,.n.l z x!"I- 5 X lf: R ff ni M 0 4 x : : 2225 Tr -g:igf:eg..:a- .1 is H as -1, .:.. 6 M1110 ,Q .EQ Irene Dickenson Charles Wilson Roberf Foltz Morjory Howe Donna Bennet 64 Adu Singley Wilfred Johnson Marion Hull Edward Smith Mcryolice Roush EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Olga Farkas, Sharon Sfoyka, Diane French, Gail Champion, Paul Peck, Andrew Minek. THIRD ROW: William Niggle, Bernice Coulfrip, Brenda Tomlinson, Sandra Sprunk, Brandau, Otis Bray, Frank Watson, James Carver, Roberr Hoeglk, Sandy Bell. SECOND ROW: .lim King, Gerald Leimbach, Mary Howard Born, Charles Moehl, Wayne Weaks, Wilbur Gibson, Gercak, Diane Geisf, Virginia Norfheim, .loan Johannsen, Carol David Love, "Lunch is ready" rmmm1-J wwrmmnwmwQwrr:xrfw:fxz::xsf:,Qfrm :Hnawrnnwinning-n-.awww4mmmmmmnnmiwiewifmmrmwmwrmw unminisirmrffwvislanrlyzrprr fy Www-szzssxwnem SEVENTH GRADE HARD AT WORK 7C FRONT: Donna Baker, Jeanne Fairchild, Betty Hasenpflug, Christine Weston, Laura Emmery, Allen Kandeigh, Richard Batten Donna Schott, Betty Bursley, Gloria Paris, Jessie Livermore, Jane house, THIRD ROW: John Odom, John Berkmeyer, Richard Horris Peasley, Linda Gersak. SECOND ROW: Mike HGH, Marshall Doug Brucker, Tom Crawford, David Fritz, Ronnie Rathwell Searles, Barbara Ruttlng, Pat Daley, Mary Kotora, Sue Woodrum, Roberfjqf-15, John Yokohovich, John Te,-Schok, 68 l 7A FRONT: Christine Perkins, Margaret Manning, Peggy Fletcher, Cathy Smith, Susy Gross, Kathy Casada, Joyce Childers, Sonie Trosper. SECOND ROW: Tim Dlugos, Faye Mitchell, Jean Searles, Laura Lang, Karen Blackwell, Nina Hunter, Lindo Darnell, Dawn Buchs, Tom lckes, THIRD ROW: John Timko, Robert Kelm, George Landin, Bruce,Wasem, John Kuburcik, Ken Schmidt, Robert Gill James Born, Tim Prince. 7B FRONT ROW: Judy Prince, Nancy Shipman, Ada Morrow, Judy Markstahler, Rose Mary Graham, Donna Weeks, Marcia Lees, Gayle Vincent. SECOND ROW: Louis Wilber, Ronnie Stoyka, Judy Coultrip, Ruth Ann Johannsen, Yolanda Neal, Lynn Brumby, Kenneth Kawasaki. THIRD ROW: Leonard Becker, Gregory Gringle, David Tansey, Jim Gutman, Tom Beach, Frank Morrow, Bill Mauntel. MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: Hope Krebs, Ginny Northeim, Sue Manuel, Brenda Tomlinson, Sandy Bell, Sandy Sprunk, Edwina Howe, Betty Hasen- pflug, Linda Darnell, Christine Gessner, Karen Blackwell, Jean Searles, Dawn Bucks, Diane Geist, Diane French, Beverly Stick, Pamela Smith. SECOND ROW: Nora Hunter, Dean Kawasaki, Ray Kneisel, David Love, Howard Born, Joyce Childers, Kathy Hamilton, Sandy Green, Marcia Lees, Barb Rufting, Mary Gercak, Jean Fairchild, Burdette Schmidt, Jim Gutman, Sterling Johnston, Paul Peck, Jerry Leimbach. THIRD ROW: Bill Brandau, Fred Ma- thney, Gordon Hamilton. GIRLS' FRONT ROW: Hope Krebs, Brenda Tomlinson, Betty Hasenpflug, Linda Darnell, Christine Gessner, Diane Geist, Diane French. SECOND ROW: Nora Hunter, Joyce Childers, Virginia Northeim, Sue Manuel, Kathy Hamilton, Sandra Green, Marcia Lees, Barbara Rufling, Mary Gercak, Jeanne Fairchild, Beverly Stick, Pamela Smith, Esther Kelm, THIRD ROW: Loretta Emmerick, Laura Lang, Sonia Trosper, Christine Weston, Diane Guild, Mary Kotora, Sharon Kinsley, Gayle Vincent, Kathy McQueen, Gail Niggle. FOURTH ROW: Judy Prince, Kathy Casada, Judy Markstahler, Linda Gersak, Jane Peasley, Bev Hunt, Donna Weeks, Christine Perkins, Peg Fletcher, Rose Mary Graham, Susy Gross. gn. x .Wm if I if 7 e NEWSPAPER STAFF FIRST ROW: Pat Daley, Olga Farkas, Brenda Tomlinson, Edwina Marcia Lees, Ray Kneisel, Lynn Brumby, THIRD ROW: Richard Howe, Ken Kawasaki, Allen Wolford, Gail Niggle, Jean Searles, Harris, James King, Gary Markworth, Dean Kawasaki, Jerald Christian Weston, Sandra Green, Gayle Vincent. SECOND ROW: Leimbach, Frank Watson, Tom Beach, Fred Matheny, Robert Tom Watson, James Born, Joyce Childers, Katherine Hamilton, Kelm, Dave Love. Virginia Northeim, Diane Guild, Sue Woodrum, Nora Hunter, I dur' QE! F 5 v 4 5 -Q. X5 gs! SEATED: Sharon Kinsley, Virginia Northeim, Edwina Howe, Betty Hasenpflug, Marcia Lees, Joyce Childers. STANDING: Kenneth Kawasaki, Dean Kawasaki, Howard Born, Ray Kneisel, Marshall Searles, 72 ENSEMBLES Gayle Vincent, Judy Marksthaler. Absent: Linda Watson. SEATED: Karen Blackwell, Judy Markstahler, Wilma Kotlarz, Barbara Baker, Dawn Buchs. STAND ING: Tim Prince, Allen Wolford, Mr. Johnson, Margery Buczek, Jean Searles, Cathy Smith. Virginia Northeim Betty Hasenpfl ug Linda Darnell 1 - A,.,,,., Edwma Howe FIRST ROW: Allen Kendeigh, David Coven, Dean Kawasaki, David Lindeman, Skip Johnson, Jim King, Paul Pechaitis, Gerald Leim- Love, Ray Keneisel, John Odom, Allen Wolford, manager. SEC- bach. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Wilson, Gordon Hamilton, Cole Zoble, OND ROW: Fred Gessner, Lyndon Brumby, Fred Matheny, Gary Roy Babbs, Howard Born, Frank Watson, Kenny Freas, Clarence Markworth, William Brandau, Jim Born, William Mauntel, Jim West. Garra. THIRD ROW: Jim Klepek, Tom Beach, Ji-m Gutman, Dennis Kathy Hamilton, Ginny Northeim, Sue Manuel EIGH TH Linda Darnell, Peggy Fletcher, Marcia Lees SEVENTH CHEERLEADERS AROUND JUNIOR HIGH , -..mgw ,, ."""ll , ' CHEERLEADERS EIGHTH SEVENTH Kafhy Hamilton, Ginny Norfheim, Sue Manuel. Linda Darnell, Peggy Fletcher, Marcia Lees. BASKETBALL A A , FIRST ROW: Clarence Wesf, David Love, Jerry Leimbach, Howard Pechoifis, Fred Mafhney, Dick Barefoot, Manager - Jim King. Born, Gary Morkworfh, Ray Kneisel, Allen Wolford, Dean THIRD ROW: Allen Kendeigh, Lynn Brumby, Jim Born, Tom Kawasaki. SECOND ROW: Manager - Doug Brucker, Bill Bran- Beach, Bruce Wassem, Bob Kelm, John Odom, Frecl Gessner, and dau, Jim Garra, Dennis Linderman, Chuck Aufdenkampe, Paul Mr. Wilson, coach. 76 elflfl Qfltbllfg 51 A - if . M565 Y - . - 5 4 3 'i 33 M 31 ' " L'LX wi? ., 3323 ikxw AM E 2: Q N' , fl a w s 1 . N X E 5 . ..,- my , 323 . s in . is 'zz' ' 9 X N- ' f- W QM, ' l f Qs, if li? :Sd ,VX dig 1 ffq, M, M6 75 ,QV fs.:,M 2 1 J W W 33? in . X ffe?gY.'K is 3 I A, f if A fix. xa'B M 35 i f P 15,3 ,wg , ,ff- 13 I :. 5 Qi V Mm' Q, , 955 BVHLQ 3 Qxiggff I ' 5 3 Z Q W Q5 225 if 5993, A ia, sa ffm' CEE! ,hw nf 2 1 v 4. , K gg 1 41 Q V A W Hfmq Q -2 .egg f ik, Qtgfgfjjgyi 53. ' ' 'wr ' Ff2,,,n' hm' , N u , M, I 5 ww,- M U. xy? " at M rf 1553 .wwf - in Jn iw! ' . -'F if W ,,, E1 5 EQ-2 , ug, A asiz - 23.4, - ws if 1 f Q I M. slgigxl ffi K ,fi ' ' 'K . A L wiiii K? f :gl Iii' 3339? fwf5QQ f A .I,, E -. HA, T ...,. u " ,gg . if ' 2 ' i n if gwmww mWg w Sf w Qi' QW? 4fA? 1 L 1 gm ' 1 I 3, , w,,W5'1f V ,. 4 si:-f"'x f V ,L:r'.2:E"ss":,,' 'z W-MU " ' - ff-wi -":f:i,32a?fef2 ' , :sf-N 1 ' 5 v w ' isa -aaa-fwr - " 3' . ' X , Jimi A i wivf2wwz1f""-."'.,:f, fs- L 17135:-5. 12 W . K , , .. 1. L , - f 12.-2" u w 1 - H vi, A , , ,,.5"g.,,,, M M 1, 3' 432 1 'ggi , K? 3 7 4 xi J' 'nw f L ,, 5 Q. 'W W 4' if .zwss ' " ,ax f , , ww px ff f f- 'Wi 'I ia wg 'HX if ,Y 'N ' 4? " fm. V 1 6 M H Q J.,1,QN . A ? Hg, Q nz . ... , , s A 'v I , .1 j - I jf ,A il xi' E E V , by 2 k ffgi' I .1 'LA 3, , . , a , F, rf Gig A ., -,Ma FIRST ROW: M. Ives, S. Holomuzki, G. Mauntel, P. McRoberts, J. Davidson, M. Caywood, M. Grooi, S. Mafus, B. Buchs, J. Barber. SECOND ROW: L, Casada, I. Jones, C. Gersfacker, D. Ronez, D. Gronsky, M. Groot, L. Watts, R. Blankenship, G. Nicholas, J. Mikloda, K. Bowman. THIRD ROW: R. Rivera, D. Bly, J. Jones, J. Teefs, W. Stason, D. Burres, D. Leninger, T. Husted, A. Hornloeck, J. Troxfel, R. AHoI'rer. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Durfee, D. Pollack, M. Weston, R. Nicholas, B. Childers, N. Fannin, K. Kazmefskie, D. Dellifield, T. Gentkowski, T. Wossilek, A. Davidson, R, Born, D. Sponsler, Mrs. Hunt. FIRST ROW: B. lrvan, L. Smith, T, Blankenship, G. Hamillon, R. Edwards, J. Swiers, H, Zimberlin, R Affolter, H. Lang, G. Pluts. SECOND ROW: K. Urbansky, P. Gregory, L. Polcock, B. Jones, C. Jammond, K Wyler, J. Pluta, B, Giesf, L, Hill, P. Williams. THIRD ROW: C. Franklin, J. Anderson, G. Davidson, L Springer, W. Kinsley, J. Mafus, S. Wassilek, S. Coward, M. Fannin, K. Casacla, C. Livermore, G. Gerstacker FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Shaffer, D. Young, B. Bradford, L. Gerber, C. Gilbert, Y. Neal, M. Mafus, C. Smith, A Blackwell, R. Neel, S. Scheid. CAMDEN F I F T H G R A D E FIRST ROW: B. Sennhenn, C. Gessner, J. DeWalt, E. Hows, E. Bly. SECOND ROW: C. Toylor, C. Kelley B. Knoble, G. Gohlke, S. Horvcufh, S. Surrorrer. THIRD ROW: M. Jenkins, D. Driver, C. Morkstohler, R Ellioff, S. Porter, D. Gede, C. Wilms, E. Lcirsen. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. McQueen, A. Jackson, T. Pechciifis E. Corver, L. Jones, T. Pechcitis, D. Emery, D. Brucker. ABSENT: L. Kruse. FIRST ROW: D. Broy, B. Johnston, C. Cook, M. Niggle, S. Lcimvermyer, S. Gede, D. Leimboch, T. Dulugos, D. Nelson, K. Moors, R, Drive, J. Johnson, C. Kendiegh, M. Corn, P. Keressi, C. Sexton. THIRD ROW: B. Zelnik, E. Fleming, C. Downing, C. Ready, J. Emery, G, Reody, D. Sweirs, C. Downing. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Gcill, B. Emmerick, M. Thoms, S. Morrow, E. Born, N. Mongus, G. Hondwork, R. Leimboch, B. Lees, E. Koforcx. 1 F O U R T H G R A D E Mrs. Rosecrans T. Jenkins D. Lorsen J. French M. Springtellow B. Masin M. Cline P. Wasserman D. Walker B. Knoble C. Hall R. Bechtel A. Mileti C. Frye L. Born ABSENT: D. Thome N. Tansey K. Harrison B. Casada D. Brown K G I A N R D T E E R N J. Dubek J. More J. Ickes K. Karney J. Potts A. Tansey J. Cary N. Northeim H. Handwork D. Cary R. Nelson D. Miller W. Waters B. Brandau L. Elliott D. Baretield ABSENT: T. Svvuiski J. Keressi D. Gede E. Rutting W. Wilms 82 FIRST FIRST ROW: J. Corley, J. Haws, D. Leimbach, M. Sexton, C, Frye, D, Bechtel, L. Leuszler, L. Wilms, J. Penton. SECOND ROW: W. Hall, C. Driver, E. Partin, D, Priestas, D. Beach, T. Lane, G. Casade, S. Cole, G. Kruse, B. Barefield, R. Barry, C. Knoble, L. Cole, THIRD ROW: J. Redalitt, L. Riley, J. Leim- oach, B. Smarr, N. Waters, T. Haws, R. Springer, BROWN THIRD FIRST ROW: K. Haynie, C. Dobbins, A. Johnston, A. Barefielal, B. Ackerman, L. Lone, C, Kruse. SEC- OND ROW: P. Corn, S. Larson, D. Karney, R. TayIor,, L. Cole, A. Springer, M. More, S. Rocher. THIRD ROW: J, Riley, R. Redditt, C. Knoble, G. GRADE R. Kneisel, S. Howke, M. Skinner, R. Kendiegh, R. Cory, D. Guild. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Shaffer, J. Bcetz, K. Kunert, J, Mason, D. Welker, G. Sop- lenzo, J. Pecnoitis, H. Schroder, D. Woller, N. White, S. Fleming, S, Smorr, T, DeWalt, J. Bower, Mrs. Berger. ABSENT: C. Heller, R. Lomvermeyer, J. Love. HELM GRADE Surrcirrer, C. Thorpe, K. Hull, K. Leimboch, J. Smorr. FOURTH ROW: W. Brown, B. Bczotz, J. Thoms, C Emmerick, A. Smith, C Zurcher, W. Brown, Mrs Dellefielcl. R. Beach J. Hoynie H. Leuszler D. Miller R. Lewis B. West B. Morrow A. Nelson C. Reddy P. Driver D. Morcum C. Hows N. Sanders D. Stevens T. Johnston S E G C R Q A N D D E E New B Guild J. Jenkins P. Born B. Hc1senptTug D. Reinhard V. Zelnik B Bettcher P. Stringtellow K Freas S. Barry R. Bechtel C Deidrick J. Pryor J. Brondou B. Aufdenkunpe G. Mossmon P. Leimboch Mrs. Schnook ABSENT: C. Bechtol M. Hall 83 J. Zimmerman W. ShalTer Mrs. Hanes E. Hill R. Fout D. Weeks R. Radcliffe W. Anderson W. Peasley J. Normando R. Ashbrook B. Wyatt D. Kroesen R. Bostater R. Lipps S. Farkas R. Mitchell M. Phillips S E C G R OS N D E E. Hill N. Colett J. Hodge S. Boles J. Kerepesi T. Griltey K. Sprunk K. Ehrman J. Hahn P. Truscott T. Wickens K. Jarrett R. Snider D. Boose P. Poyer R. Watson L. Champion M. Hunt ABSENT: M. Hasenflue K. Tuttle 84 FIRST FIRST ROW: J, Baker, K. Baofz, G. Cooksey, J. Slocum, T. Dunker, W. Morrow. SECOND ROW: R. Hahn, C. Showman, A. Wright, J. Ward, K. Hodge, D. Lipps, L, Nicholas, Y. Hammond. THIRD ROW: D. Blanden, D. Green, E. Wilber, C. Coul- trip, J. Balzer, J. Kerloy, J. Kudela, M. Ashbrook, BIRM KINDER FIRST ROW: C. Green, D. Scholl, M. Eucker, W. Lipps, K. Blanden, M. Barefoot, M. Boone. SEC- OND ROW: D. Hunt, K. Showman, G. Truscott, J. Gerrick, J. Tomlinson, S. Hillen, P. Hicks, J. n n:vff GRADE D, Tuttle, R. Smith, Mrs. Wolford. FOURTH ROW: D. Peters, D. Phillips, W. Kroesen, E. Worstell, D. Reed, J. Normando L. Griffin, L. Mayer. ABSENT: A. Hardwick, K. Ortner, G. Gersak, F. Welty. IN GHAM GARTEN Crawford. THIRD ROW: M. Shaffer, W. Jones, R Kudela, T. Nestor, C. Angelo, L. Gill, M. Sennhenn, R. Opperman, Mrs. Vincent. Mrs. Heys T. Shurr R. Tomlinson B. Cooksey M. Brundage D. Ward L. Baatz P. Morrow R. Witter J. Hunter P. Reising R. Manning D. Edwards D. Witter W. Walton TG HR I A RD DE L. B. D. E. S. J. J. M. D. L. R. J. J. E. D. Johnson Ortner Tomlinson Hunter Drought Hunt Kingsley Normando Peasley Normando Jones Timko Sprague Krysik Sennhenn 85 P. Markworth Mrs. Foster R. Sennhenn A. Worstel S. Hill A. Sayler D. Hicks C. Wright R. Nicholas K. Hunter R. Anderson R. Markworth M. Knott E. Fleming H. Mitchell H. Schroeder S. Perkins R. Richards W. Taylor F. Snider F OG UR R3 T HE J. Ehrman R. Guthrie K. Baatz S. Conry B. Cerrick T. Bostcut T. Johnson G. Hahn J. Crawford N. Hicks J. Briesch R. Glider J. Call P. Hodge C. Hammond 86 SIXTH FIRST ROW: D. Jones, J. Moehl, R. Miller, B. Corn, Z. Walker, R. Frye, J. Jungeberg, B. Brewer, L. Butler, R. Denney, J. Martin. SECOND ROW: K. Bauer, M. Farkacs, T. Johnston, E. Flynn, G. Grue- Iich, M. Daley, R. Brumloy, M. Coultrip, L. Meyers. D. Heater, D. Boose, Y. Gersak. THIRD ROW: M. Leuszler, C, Wilms, M. Manges, G. Rym, S. Lane, BIRM SIXTH FIRST ROW: R. Davidson, S. Schrader, K. Butler, T. Swiger, P. Matus, S. Sugerik, S. Surr, R. Gerber, R. Joslin, L. White, B. Johnson. SECOND ROW: F. Gronsky, K. Payer, T. Dixon, K. Sanders, K. Leimbach, C. Hamilton, M. Coultrip, B. Miller, C. Glider, D. Ackerman, S. Robertson, S. Sebolt. THIRD ROW: g i" I I . f N STI . 'f' ' .VA A fgfu ' ,T' 3: fel' if .MMA 2 A Ni l r s if I Iii .I J 4 . - f if r. A lr! :TH 355 if gb in 'lisa i . J ff 'lgrifaf till' W'-if! 4'.f55zll4?'flf ,aw .... 2 isa! in ""':'+fsQ?"f'i V I "4 lg? .IZ J 5 V. ,gg - QQ Q . : 1 If-T 5 I I ' ,vile v . ' f? Q :,t. 1,5 .. ... I GRADE M. Baatz, M. Hall, N. Dennsion, M. Rym, D. Blankenship, T. Kelley, D. Affolter, J. Woocl, H. Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Scott, D. Pryor, R. Baumhardt, M. Bursley, P. Coultrip. J. Casper, L. Reinhart, F. Fleming, A. Baatz, M. Shimer, J. Wood- rum, K. Stoson, W. Swiers, C. Wyatt. IN GHAM GRADE C. Jackson, R. Pollock, G, Bly, J. Slocum, B. Wyler, D. Haught, J. Gerber, J. Hines, P. Mossman, R. Dickinson, Miss Prince. FOURTH ROW: Miss Scoville, R, Aufdenkampe, J. Seicllinski, C. Taylor, C. Vinning, J. Sennhenn, C. Dalton, B. Wynn, J. Earl, L. Long, H, Deldrick, G. Pollack, W. Born. C. Witter Mrs. Morrison F. Fryberger P. Cook J. Norrnando J. Griffey D. Kerepesi J. Slocum A. Timko T. Appeman T. Graham J. Coultrip T. Tomlinson N. Kroeson F G I R F A T D H E T. Wickens J. Davis R. Nicholas G. Wasem J. Hunt D. Roskoski J. Hunter J. Jarrett D. Wyatt L. Kinsley K. Johannsen S. Prince D. Eucker G. Perkins G. Brunow ABSENT: R. Hardwick C. Krebs 87 YI' If r in Q 5 E' if Q L3 , ,y 'C ..g'i:R7,. ' . , '. 5 H V. V, 4f' a ,, , W' 1 E o . . 6' if :QA ' X3 .. Q 'Q 2 'Q Z? E5 ixvfa-I -si 'X' 'H A 3 Q v u, :A 3 .,. gi -1 2 E NN- sz XX 1- ,lm 1 I 0 H 2 'g S 2 'E We, A3 .4 Q H t C0 S 2: 'fp S Wxxifr agxt '- yqfbe ,. M " R, C rs Nsadwg N15 :EWS I .. ns PnLwc,k Mrs. sf,,4L,y P Hua. pd-Lg,,.5 1' Mrs GER HWRJINGER 1, vw Mx EN' ' Q s wb BW 45 V 'Z T, HERB , AN'-an Q ,Im P A.L, W ' . f ' G 77 V ' Q -af., .V H K x ' .N Y, , X f' 4' ' f ,, S L 3 YAG' A o QM X 5 N I H Y x 9 . ' Vx W rr 'Q ID . x 0. .kk YRPL qw I V , o 9 N 50 I ' ' I ri I Q 1 1 'Q Q Y. 9 mv - t D xP'a ini 5 ' , f on I Y og Q 4-""'f if :F H Q P QI Q v Q E STOFANS STUDIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA ond DARKROOM SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING KODAK DEALER ...a-i""-Q' OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER 49 EAST COLLEGE STREET FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK AND CLASS OF I959 ORBERLIN, OHIO J . JH., . 12 - H 2 5 , 4 H., S , Q 2 . X Q, 4 X s. Y i 5 1, H -W 5 ,wg-,g., Q. , 1' , . 4 1 sg .. I F: 2 '5 ,Z i uerfwzn is ,A f Q x X , 5 :Q ,gb , , f 14 ? iw -51 . W 55. LENNY'S Chicken in the Basket Fish America's Finest Homemade 12 Inch Hoi Dogs Soft Drinks Coffee Candies and Ice Cream Curb Service Amherst Ohio Route 113 Near Elyria LAWSON'S Men's and Boys' Furnishings 9 South Main Street Oberiin, Chio Phone 4-3231 YOU' ZILCH FLORIST Savings Account Two Stores to Serve You "'e"e Oberlin 'S "'SU'edm Phone 50-201 THE Amherst LORAIN COUNTY SAVINGS Phone YU. 4-4483 AND TRUST CO. We Telegraph Flowers for All Elyria Amherst Occasions ELYRIA COCA-COLA Compliments of MOREHEAD FOOD Groceries Choice Meats Produce 29 South Main 47-221 Oberlin BOTTLING COMPANY Phone Congratulations BEN FRANKLIN STORE Oberlin KAISER-WELLS DRUG Walgreen Agency Oberlin, Ohio Reliable Prescription Pharmacy Compliments of PETTlFORD'S BAKERY Oberlin 18 South Main Street Phone 42-431 Ohio GOODSPEED S Variety Toyland Furniture Phone YU 8-5274 Amherst "Headquarters for Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses" HAGEMAN SHOES 387 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Chiropodist Owl Stamps COMINGS Books - Greeting Cards - Music Eaton's Fine Letter Papers Hallmark Greeting Cards Parker and Esterbrook Pens 37 West College Street - Oberlin - Phone 4374 MOORE'S DRUG STORE The Main Store on Main Street "Prescription compounding is our speciality" l9 South Main Oberlin, Ohio Phone 52241 LORAIN BANKING COM 3? Interest on Savings 600 Broadway East Lake Road Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Auto Finances PANY Lorain, Ohio Vermilion, Ohio Compliments of H. J. BUCHS AND SONS R.D. iii Wakeman, Ohio THE MEN'S SHOP On The Square Elyria Class Sweaters and Jackets Everything in Sporting Goods Hamilon - Elgin - Bulova Watches SCHULTZ FURNITURE Watch Repairing Quality Furniture Orange Blossom Diamonds 35 E. College Street W. E. PARKER Oberlin, Ohio JEWELER "TIME SHOP Phone 4-4641 ll East College Street Oberlin Compliments of JANBY OIL COMPANY Atlantic Gasoline Atlantic and Firestone Products Motor Oil Fuel Oil Lubrication Tank Wagon Service Oberlin Compliments Compliments of SEYMOUR'S .IEWELERS CENTRAL BOOK STORE "The Home of Keepsake Diamonds" 633 Broadway Lorain, Qhio 371 Broad Street Phone CH 56951 Elyria, Ohio BITTERSWEET INTERIORS Interior Design and Decoration co. W II - D F b ' 0 paper mpery O HCS 425 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Furniture Y M d S d ' For Appointment Only oung en on tu ents Phone WO 5-5272 Clothing and Haberdashery Edison Highway Henrietta THE ERIE COUNTY UNITED BANK VINCENT'S SOHIO SERVICE Milan Firestone and Atlas Tires On the Comer Public Square General Service Garage n Deposits Insured by The Federal Deposit Insurance Phone WOodland 5-4281 Corporation Up to 510,000 for FIOFGIWCS, Ohio Each Depositor THE NORTHERN SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR SAVINGS 3M'X: CURRENT RATE CSM? Middle Avenue at Second Street Elyria, Ohio POWERS and DAWLEY HART, SCHAFFNER 8. MARX CLOTHES Phone 44-O21 Oberlin MQCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES KNOX HATS - IVES - THE FRIENDLY REXALL DRUG STORE Careful Preparation of All Prescriptions FRIENDLY COURTEOUS SERVICE THE 9 onus svons 35 W. College St. Oberlin Phone 2-22lI KOLENDA JEWELRY JOSEPH KOLENDA, Prop. EXPERT WATCH and CLOCK REPAIRING DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY 296 Church Street Amherst JOE and BUD'S SHELL SERVICE GAS, OIL, AUTO REPAIRS Route 'II3 8. 60 Birmingham, Ohio Phone WO-5-52114 BEMIS FLORIST 980 North Ridge Lorain, Ohio FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS FREE DELIVERY WORLD WIDE TELEGRAPH SERVICE Ph. Cedar 35961 KREB'S MOTOR SALES GOOD USED CARS WRECKER SERVICE AUTO RENTAL AT COMMERCIAL RATES Phone Birmingham WO-5-5111 WATSON HARDWARE GLENN L. MOYLNEAUX a soNs, owners HARDWARE - PLUMBING STOVES - ELECTRIC SUPPLIES FRIGIDAIRES - PAINTS I Dial 4-2391 Oberlin, Ohio I Q SLUTZKERS MARKET 122 HERRIcK's AMHERST'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET JEWELRY 133 Park Ave. Ph. - Yu-84481 Amherst, Ohio I I YOUR KEEPSAKE DIAMOND DEALER Hamilton - Bulova - Elgin - Wadsworth PETEIIS HENRIETTA SERVICE Watches TRACTOR TIRE SALES and SERVICE Ph. 44461 Oberlin Phone 7065 Birmingham I I I THE HURON COUNTRY BANKING CO. Norwalk, Ohio Constructive Banking Service Member of Federal Since 1881 Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System GOO D SUNCREST BOTTLING CO. 2215 Lake Avenue Elyria, Ohio SO. AMHERST BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. Septic Tanks Installed Financing Available Water, Gas, Sewer Lines Building Supplies Trucking - Digging - Loading FREE ESTIMATES Open 6 Days Per Week 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. WARREN POWERS STAN INGERSOLL COMPLIMENTS OF HOLMAN'S JEWELRY Norwalk, Ohio ADDISON T.V. SALES and SERVICE ZENITH STEREOPHONIC HIGH FIDELITY COLOR - RADIO - T.V. - PHONOGRAPH SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Phone - Wakeman 4371 THE LORAIN BANKING CO VERMILION OFFICE "COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES" Member of the FDIC COMPLIMENTS OF MIKES BIKE SHOP 423 W. 2nd Street SCHWINN BICYCLES SERVICE - REPAIRS FH 2-9025 Elyria, Ohio WALTER'S SHOE STORE 5 West Main NorwaIk, Ohio SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS HARWATH Variety Store GROCERIES - MEATS GAS - OIL- TIRES WORK CLOTHES Whatever You Need We Deliver Quarry Road South Amherst SHELL SERVICE CENTER COMPLETE Auro SERVICE and REPAIR "SERVICE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME" Phone Oberlin 5-6I32 Route 20 Kipton, Ohio HART'S coRNER 'Cl-D BROWN' S STUDIO and CAMERA 301 Church SI. 104 S. Moin SI PROMPT I I Ph. Yu-8-7594 Ph. 466 0 9 U R E DRUG sToRE 22.3 ICE Amhers W, PRESCRIPTION SERVICE l Vermilion Phone Wo-7-4220 I, Ohio Wellington, Oh COMPLIMENTS OF C. J. SPRINGER INSURANCE ond REAL ESTATE Ph. Yu'8-4401 252 Spring Sireef Amherst, Ohio ZIG'S FOOD MARKET 2550 Elyria Avenue Lorain Phone Ch-4-3142 REX LEES ORCHARDS Neon Sign Route II3 COMPLIMENTS OF FISHER'S DEPARTMENT STORE BOBBY BROOKS ond CAMPUS SPORTS WEAR Vermilion Phone Wo-7-4321 Top of Henrieffo Hill R.D. :fi2 Amhersl, Ohio BOOKS - STATIONERY - GIFTS 1 Q Oberlin LESSITER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Amherst GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '59 THE LUDLOW STUDIOS PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 407W Division Sl. Ph. Wo-7-4241 Vermilion 9 P ' re I S store Norwalk, Ohio FOR THE FINEST IN NURSERY STOCK VISIT MISTISKA NURSERY Amhersl Ph. Yu-8-4l23 COMPLIMENTS OF MILl.ER'S DRIVE-IN HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Rt. ll3 Birmingham SI BUCHS 8. SONS R. D. 2 Ph. Oberlin 5-0153 3 Miles West of Oberlin on Rt. I0 Oberlin, Ohio fire'-G4 mv: zk-1261 , R"'i'TVA5 A : .:: QiViW"5m:'L!""5f2f'6Sif+2-45iiVf2x'i7'3Wk71ml 'Vx "X yqwmga,-S A. ,QS-gwlggge A Dwi QW ,S M HE :ga wa 2 EN 5, Hmm W M 5 wggm H Q X, W 5 Q 33, S5 W W ff B 2-3,gQeg, .8 Q ,Mfg 3, Nw Q 2 fe PM Q7 35 P P3385 A2 5x53 2 W 3312 Wes be-aww are :Q S2 K Q 3,313 , 3 3, Q X: Q "W ji, gg Tm' io-'ww EE 8 ,,.w,..guas:--' WMM 'UWM ,,,, Qb-H mm U2 QE P' M J . 1? 'T :i.f'W745i -Fr' " , f"'-ff P55-vg5715Yi,fi5?1i?112fs?Fi1?fiQ14fiii.iQ if E' 5ff5,:,,w1.x - ' - M fi,3,LA,Afww14sf?,-:ww-fgxwziwafa .Lrzff?ji4.vm,. - 5 , :: z zrdikif'-gggiveggfggti.pgggexg.za4ss,f?:ss. My ,,. A..L , .... Q,A., N ,fF, M ,LWLd,fPZ, .. 1 ' f , . - . . , . -A Ffa:wm,:f:2m1,Afm,ww r:?V?e1.1g?l' - - . " .v ' ' 5 :Vf25s?iiQT5225353255553 1, we t :sj.fK- , ,- " r- ",: - . f V-'ff ' --Q-2.5-"ElfQ1'2':':-Psi? .' 1'-fini'-saii V. .' ,, .. IH f' 5:.:::":-'FZ?::::1.S2aQ,,'-1: .m..:F:si-':'."--Hhs, 2'f:a:v-.F .egga:gg:--,f--s ' - 5.5 If , Q., :aegg-3, - ::,,-1,5,mfg-,.:f ' lf' H :: ::. H, 'ra 1 - -:.fi5... :. 'f- :' I .'5i::':: ."f:1gQ:,E455' F 1,-,+-MH . -g53:.,H 3 .. ,, 2:15219 :iw ' ' 'S :1Z,.'v:.. 'W .E,v.:' viii .H -, ,.':a?i rwilim: MORNING NOON AND NIGHT u Q" Q 5 Qi- I . Lorain County's Largest Bank THE LORAIN COUNTY SAVINGS 81 TRUST COMPANY Elyria Amherst DRIVE IN BANKING FREE PARKING See Us First For Loans For Any Useful Purpose Deposits Insured Up To 510,000 COMPLIMENTS OF LAMVERMEYER ORCHARDS QUALITY FRUITS COMPLIMENTS OF SYLVESTERS DRUG STORE R D 42 430 Broadway oberlin, ohio Lomin wo. 5-7085 COMPLIMENTS OF CROW LUMBER CO. Liberty Street Vermilion "A SHOP Ne CARLYLE SHOP IMPORTS and ANTIQUES KNOWN FROM COAST TO COAST PEGGY GLASS Oberlin xt Door to the Apollo Theater J. SHOULTERS TEXACO SERVICE , 7' M' 94,0 F C QV 6: r sort DRiNKs and CANDY ovens '-9 . X Q? f Kipton, Ohio THE OBERLIN SAVINGS BANK Ottices at Kipton - Oberlin - South Amherst WE INVITE YOU TO USE OUR MANY BANK SERVICES Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Personalized Checks QM? Savings Certificate Bank Money Orders Christmas Savings Travelers Checks Vacation Savings Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BULK ICE CREAM EoR Youk HOME FREEZER VERMILION HARDWARE COMPANY BUILDERS' HARDWARE ELECTRICAL THOMPSON DAIRY SUPPLIES MAYTAG WASHERS RL H3 South Amhert STONES PIPE and FITTINGS PAINT OIL GLASS 416 Grand Street Phone Wo. 24154 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF '59 MARETA'S BEAUTY SHOP THE PATRICK-HESS CO. Birmingham Woodland 5-4823 - 5-5242 NoRWALk's QUALITY STORE FOR MEN and BOYS Norwalk, Ohio THE KlPToN BANK coMPANY Kipfon, Ohio Phones Oberlin 50112 Woodland 54334 1 DEPOSITS msuneo Q THB fUd0l'3l DBIIUSIQ IIISUIIIICG CDFDUFIIIUII Q BY Q ' WASHINGTON, D. C. s1o,ooo':a:'::c-:.'s:2sa':s: 510,000 gg NEHBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM CO-OP SUPERMARKET Oberlin, Ohio TONY'S SHOE STORE LEATHER OOODS and HOSIERY WE GIVE OWL STAMPS Vermilion, Ohio Phone Wo-7-4645 MCDOWELI. ORCHARDS APPLES - PEACHES Birmingham Phone WOodland 5-7762 EHRMAN-BECKER, Inc. REALTOR and INSURANCE Phone Yu. 8-4482 Amherst COMPLIMENTS OF FRED E. GRAVES Wakeman, Ohio HARVESTER Phone Wakeman 5201 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "PAPA SAYS NO" Q..-v1.i.. ..,--3 111 l.1l11I COMPLIMENTS or THE WAKEMAN BANK COMPANY I3P46'5i'54IP,I If -3522, . Ml-:Mazza gi g, Wakeman' Ohm I-'EnEnAL mzssnvn Q, V, M y sYs1-an OUR 66 YEARS OF BANKING SERVICE GERBER FUNERAL HOME OXYGEN EQUIPPED EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE Q24 HR.j Air Ambulance Service Anywhere in the United States Canada, or Mexico Phone Wakeman 4881 - 5464 M. A. HARRISON MFG. CO., INC. MANUFACTURER OF BRASS and BRONZE PRODUCTS Birmingham, Ohio OBERLIN LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS 'f DRY CLEANING "' FUR STORAGE ' LAUNDRY SERVICE PERSONALIZED 24 HOUR SERVICE All Our Laundry and Dry Cleaning Done In Our Own Plant KYLE MOTORS, INC. PONTIAC - BUICK - VAUXHALL SALES and SERVICE GOODWILL USED CARS COMPLETE REPAIR and BODY SHOP West Lake Road - Vermilion - Wo-7-3128 BE VIERS DRY GOODS and READY-TO-WEAR 20 South Main Ph. 4-7601 Oberlin COMPLIMENTS OF WAKEMAN PLUMBING and ELECTRIC SHOP KARL KOPOCS, Prop. PHONES - Shop - Wakeman 4475 Home - Birmingham Wo-5-4232 WEST HAVEN MOTEL IO - UNITS - I0 CENTRALLY HEATED TV SERVICE MR. s. MRS. T. L. JOHNSON 6 Miles West of Oberlin on U. S. 20 R.F.D. 2 Oberlin AMHERST NEWS-TIMES 242 Church Street Ph. Yu-8-4III ALL TYPES OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING GRIFFIN BOX COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF CRATES, LADDERS, BOXES, POULTRY COOPS Birmingham, Ohio BILL SCHOEMIG GLENN FULPER'S SOHIO MEAT5 Corner Liberty 8. Grand FRESH - SALT - SMOKED COMPLETE SERVICE and REPAIR FOR YOUR CAR Pork Ave. Ph. 412 1 A h 5 m em' Ph. 3485 Vermilion PURCELLS COMPLIMENTS OF HARDWARE cmd GENERAL MERCHANDISE THE OBERLIN INN Birmingham Phone Wo-54312 "A FINE PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS OBERLIN MOTORS Phone 44-431 PRESS OF THE TIMES LEUER PRESS and OFFSET SERVICE Sixty - South Pleosont Oberlin Ph. - 4-2761 COMPLIMENTS OF CAMPUS CLEANERS Ph. 5150 Oberlin, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF COATES FLYING SERVICE Oberlin Airport Box 298 Ph. 50156 1 t B 4 Compliments ot BETTCHER INDUSTRIES INC 22I West Liberty Street Vermilion, Ohio Phone WOodword 7-5248 Ili, ' L" V f 49 ,21 , ,ff iii -t i , ,fi H .- f lgfv i- S 43" x I Q r F -Wa S f"4 X W V "TO THE MEN BEHIND THE SCENES" ON THESE TWO PAGES WE WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SO-CALLED "MEN BEHIND THE SCENES" IN SPORTS - THE GUYS WHO BACK UP THE FIRST STRING AND USUALLY HELP "WARM THE BENCHES" - A TEAM CAN NOT BE A TEAM WITHOUT THESE MEN. WHAT GOOD WOULD IT BE TO HAVE JUST ELEVEN MEN ON A FOOTBALL TEAM OR NINE MEN ON A BASEBALL TEAM WITH NO ONE STANDING BY FOR SUBSTITUTION? THE HIGH-POINT MAN ON A BASKETBALL TEAM COULD NOT MAKE THE POINTS WITHOUT SOMEONE "FEEDING HIM THE BALL AND GUARDING HIS OPPONENT. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, ARE THE MANAGERSg THEY ARE REALLY "BE- HIND THE SCENES" CLEANING UP AND TAKING CARE OF THE EQUIP- MENT. Q f Wm. IB W M M f MAUER-WIKEL DAIRY M! F2 WO. 7-3253 Compliments of KIPTON HATCHERY THE OBERLIN HARDWARE Ohio - U.S. Approved - Pullorum Clean COMPANY Muster Mis Storter - Poultry Supplies Phone 46051 l3 South Mclin Steet Phone Oberlin 5-0114 Oberlin Co mera Shy, Herb? Let s see, This should be worth Physics AWG rds. Eat Hardy! OOPS! Wrong ball, Very Clever V Complicated is not the lword. A Seniors receive chorus pins. Editors of work s-ms1.1wsmwvw..mwfff,g , f .-' WILMS, THE FLORISTS 1065 North Ridge Road W. Lorain, Ohio Phone Cedar 3-6154 GARLAND FUNERAL HOME Emergency Ambulance Service Amherst 851 Park Avenue YU. 8-4124 Compliments of KIPTON GENERAL STORE Phone Oberlin 5-0110 Kipton BRUCE E. BATES Building Lots - Homes - Landscaping Excavating - Top-Fill Dirt - Pit Gravel Free Estimates Barnes 8g Darrow Road Vermilion, Ohio Phone WO. 7-3814 PUTMAN'S FURNITURE 213 West Liberty Street Vermilion, Chic Phone: WOodwc1rd 7-3663 NEIDING 81 SONS LAKE ERIE FISHERY Eos? Luke Road Vermilion, Ohio Phone: WO-73109 Curb Service BECHSTEIN'S Meyers Sprayers 8. Water System Route 113 - Florence Phone: WOodlc1nd 5-7005 MARGE'S FLOWER AND GIFT sHoP COmP'imen'S of 513 Wes, 21 Shed RAVER'S GROCERIES Lorain, Ohio Rovfe H3 Quality Flowers for All Occasions Florence' Ohio phone: CHerrY 5,6513 Phone: WOOiund 5-4282 -, gm K, .rfy 1 V . 2-V ' f : jizz lf: .JS L. fain. , ' pax 5 . ' 2 f X . if the PREIS store N Ik ohio GRANGE MUTUAL INSURANCE Donald Wosem Phone: Woolund-5-7142 11 ' ,f f f I - , :cv P O O 1 l7"'nn""" Ugg .SAYS you OHIUT woul- p W KO GLYCERID E. 'FY VX. Ji' U ax! Q Evcvvms VN wana nnnzn. 7 fx IE!! if N - X J in Alf- 7" Z, QQ W AMHERST METAL PRODUCTS TOOLS - DIES - STAMPING ond 4 SLI DE PRODUCTS R.D. qi? Oberlin Rood, one mile north of Rf. H3 Ph. YU-84429 Royal Typewriters Portable Standard Electric BAKER'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Lorain County Brand Name Distributors Since i932 Complete Office Supplies Desks Chairs Files Service PATRONS OF "THE TORCH" Mr. 31 MVS. Jumes H. Ehrmwi Vermilion Selt Service Lounolry Pohls Berks Morket Norwolk, Ohio Amherst, Ohio Wokemon I-lorolvvore Milon Ave. Lumber Co. Amherst, Ohio Nick Szobo DeWalt Mosonry Comtroctor SchoeFler's Brovvnhelm Store k,.k k,,, W In '45 I ,Q ' . ag J ., XX w r- Q . 4, -' sk i A 7, A ' -' V, ,c,, ,.,, , J , W, f,.mw V mwi Q A 4, 1 f' ' 2 !"T"" JA' -5122152 X U S ' X ' A arf ,mr " Q -...JQ Q eww ., , , -f. it gf fRvm.,,M,gj5 1 . Q v-r-' fi ' wg. tau? ,fi SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS A A 4' Without their help this yeorbook would be impossible 125 WWW I A ' fn v fm lg! 0 67? 254 5 . 4 -x- ,? AUTOGRAPHS f 'N N Q f WN U 5, 'Elf' 5' K x 'v in 4 7 m f ' N x NS AUTOGRAPHS N. X X A x. J X he 1, JIU? , l Al: 0 ESM VER GONEg RE O F ST PA "THE OWN" UR O LL STI RE TU THE FU

Suggestions in the Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) collection:

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 64

1959, pg 64

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

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