Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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THE 1958 TORCH FIRELANDS SCHOOL DISTRICT OBERLIN, OHIO JUNIOR MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Fred Waison, Dick Beifclwer Beverly Radcliffe, Sue Brandau. SECOND ROW: Ted Freas, lanei Mark- wortlw, THIRD ROW: Joanne Sclwurhammer, SENIOR MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Tom Howe, Mike Polansky Ted Logan, Pal Harsar. SECOND ROW Gloria Drought, Marge call, Susan Bell Gwen Brumby, Jill Keller, Judy Edgar, Mar garei Parker, Carole Bilby. EDITORS Nancy Kawasaki, Bonnie Baker. TORCH STAFF SOPHOMORE MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Erma Logan. SECOND ROW: Marilia Hlscox, Melanie Slnirner. THIRD ROW: Bill Horyalh, ASSISTANT EDITORS 2 jf' FOREWORD As the yeors poss ofter you Ieove high school, there will probably be countless, Firelcmds footsteps you would like to retrace. Through the poges of the 1958 Torch we have tried to outline the post yeor. It is our hope thot the "Torch" will olwoys hold mony pleosont memories for you. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES JUNIOR HIGH AND ELEMENTARY ADVERTISING ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY JAMES H. EHRMAN A.B,, M.A.gSLJperlnTer1den1 ,,,....--H" 321 5 5 5 2 FRED R. MATHENY B.S., MA.-Principal, Sludenl Council WILMA MARKWORTH School Secretory JEAN COG-AR Foirmonf Slate College, Fczlrmonf, West Virginia, A.B.-English f , gh, 6 NELSON HOWE JAMES KOLLMAN Ohio State University, B.S. Agriculture, M.A. Education Bowling Green University, B,S. Eclucation-lndustrial- Arts Physics, Chemistry, Track Coach Football Coach vidfiikj wmiaszigg ggg 95, My M' fi -W I , me: if Chffdfea iieemg Effitfttbies as mi Eel Minn Painvxiii If 3 CARL ROBART Baldwin Wallace, A.B. Education, University ot Chicago lvl.A. Education-Social Science, Library 7 --2 -l ANTHONY DEGENNARO CLEMENCE LINDER St. Francis College, Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Muskingum College, A.B.-Physical Education, Speech M.E.D.-Senior Math, Algebra l, Plane Geometry, English Ill. Algebra Il, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry. ELOISE FOWlER JAMES SEIPLE Ohio State University, B.S. Education, Oberlin College, Ashland College, B.S.-World History, Physical Edu- M.A.-English ll, Foreign Language. cation, Basketball and Baseball Coach. 8 vi ii at RUTH M. WALLACE FRANCIS MILLER Ohio University, B.S. Education, Oberlin School of Ohio State University, B-5- AQl'iCUlfUf9 -VOCG?l0n0l Commerce, Kent State University-Commercial. Agriculture. 44 I ,fl . mn. i A MARJORIE HOWE DONNA BENNETT Bowling Green University, B.S.-Music department. Montana State University, B.A.-Reading Correction. 9 1 as EDWARD SMITH Cincinnoti Conservotory of Music, Dono School ot Music BS.-Bond HELEN YUHAS Indioncr State Teochers Collegealndiono, Pct B.S.-Home Economics LOWELL GATTS Kent Stote University, B.S. Education, lVi.S. Biology Biology, Conservotion, Wrestling Coach MARION BOGARD Cleveland Institute of Art, Western Reserve University, B.S. Educotion, Arts ond Crafts R 0 N A L D ROSKOSKI, President- Chess Club l,2,3, Basketball l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Annual Stall l. SANDRA BECHSTEIN, Treasurer- GAA l,2,3, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3, Commercial Club 3, Music Club l, Class Offlcer 3, Home Nursing l, Softball Scorekeeper l, Class Play 4, FHA 2. THEODORE LOGAN, Vice-President -Student Council, Sergeant-at-Arms -Football l,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3, Wrestling 4, Class Play 4, Class Officer 2,3, Home Nursing I, Annual Staff 4. SALI SUGERIK, Newsreporter-Notre Dame Academy l, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, FHA 2, GAA 2, Class Oltlcer 2, Newspaper Staff 4, Music Club 2, Commercial Club 4. CLASS OFFICERS 12 MARGARET P A R K E R, Secretory- GAA l,2,3, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Softball l,2,3,4. Speech and Dramatics Club 4, Band l,2,3,4, FHA 2, Home Nursing l, Cheerleader 4, Class Ofllcer 3, Commercial Club 3,4, Class Play 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Annual Stal? 4. CAROL BILBY, Corresponding Secre- tary-Class Olllcer l,3, Cheerleader l,2,3,4, FHA 2, GAA l,2,3, Class Play 4, Softball l, Mixed Chorus l, Newspaper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Commercial Club 3,4, Scholarship Team 4. GWEN BRUMBY, Student Council, President--GAA l,2,35 Band 2,3,45 Maiorette lg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Commercial Club 45 Student Coun- cil 35 Basketball Scorekeeper 2,3,45 Dramatics Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 3,45 Class Ofticer lp Softball l,2,45 Softball Scorekeeper 35 Rifle Club 45 All-Star Band 3,4. MARJORIE BORN-Home Nursing ly Annual Staff 45 Chess Club 35 Stu- dent Council lg Mixed Chorus 35 Band l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,35 Softball l,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 2,3,45 Ping Pong Club 35 Camera Club lp Commercial Club 45 Rifle Club 4. STUDENT COUNCIL DOROTHY BECKER, Student Council, Treasurer-GAA l,2,35 Speech and Dramatics Club 45 Softball l,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Commercial Club 3,45 Home Nursing ly Chess Club 25 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 4. THOMAS HOWE-All-County Band 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l, 2,3,45 Football l,2,45 Basketball l, 35 Baseball 2,45 Wrestling 25 Cam- era Club 25 Newspaper Staff l5 Annual Stott 45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 25 Scholarship Team 3,45 Dramatics Club 3,4. 13 GLORIA DROUGHT-FHA l,25 GAA 2,35 Commercial Club 3,45 Camera Club 25 Newspaper Staff 45 Annual Stat? 45 Home Nursing ly Speech and Dramatics Club 45 Class Play 45 Scholarship Team 4. JOHN HEYMAN-Basketball lp Stu- dent Council l5 Newspaper Staff l, 25 Ping Pong Club lg Class Otticer 25 Rifle Club 2,35 Chess Club 35 Wrestling 45 FFA 45 Track 45 Class Play 4. GERALD E. BACHMAN-Band CAROL ANN MINEK-Home Nurs- LOREN RIC HARD ALPAUGH- I,25 FFA l,2,45 Football 2,45 ing lj Annual Stal? i. Speech and Dramatic Club 45 Foot- Newspaper Staff 'l. ball i,25 Drivers Training 25 Class Play 3. 2 Q 2 if 55, iii age 7 is Fixx fm age E32 5515 it sf: if 551 :fax KAYE FRANCES HALL-FHA 25 GAA i525 Commercial Club 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Drivers Training 35 Camera Club 2. ETS A MARVIN BURREL FANNIN- PATRICIA JEAN MCQUEENiCl1Ol'Us JAMES NORTON DUBlCKiPing JEANNE DIANE LEWlS-COm- Football lp Track 3,45 Camera l,2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Drivers Train- Pong Club 35 Speech and Dra- rnercial Club 3,45 FHA i525 Club l. ing 35 GAA 35 Softball Team 35 matics Club 4. Howe Nursing l. Music Club 25 Home Nursing l. NANCY JEAN ETTE KAWASAKI -Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Siudenf Council 2, FHA 1, GAA 2,35 Yearbook Siafi 4, Cheerleader 3,4, National Honor Society 4. RALPH CUCCO, Jr.-Football 1,4, DONNA MAE KlNSLEYAMixed BARBARA JEAN LOWE-Lorain FFA 1,3, Drivers Training 2. Chorus 1,2,3,4, FHA 1,2, GAA High School 1,2,3, 1,2,3, Commercial Club 3, DESZO M. SABl.ACKwElyriC1 MARILYN JEAN BORN-Soiiball JUDITH GAIL EDGAR-Camera MARJORIE MAY CALL-Major Catholic High School 1,2 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Club 2: Drivers 1I'U1fW1FiQ 3- eiie 1,2,3,4, Naiiorial Honor Chorus 3,4, GAA 23, Drivers Train- Society 4, FHA 2, Sofiboll 2 ing 3. GAA 1,3, Newspaper Staff 1,3 15 NANCY MILLER-Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3, GAA i,2,3, Home Nursing I, Softball Score- keeper i, Music Club i, Class Play 4, Commercial Club 3, FHA 2. BOB GARRA-Vermilion High School MARJORIE LEADBETTER-GAA l,2, RAYMOND JOHNSON-Chess Club i,2,3. 3, Home Nursing I, Mixed Chorus 23: FO0fb0ll 2.3.4, Home Nursing 3, Student Council 2, Softball l,2, 3,4, Ping Pong Club 3, Commercial Club 3,4, Class Play 4, Speech and Dramaiics Club 4, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Sfafi i. 3, Track 3,4. MICHAEL POLANSKY-Class Officer 3, Home Nursing l,3, Rifle Club 2, Football l,2,3,4, Baseball l,3,4, Baslceiball l,2,3, 4, Mixed Chorus i,3,4, Class Play 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Speech and Dramafics Club 4, Student Council 3. FAYE GREENE-Class Officer 2. PAUL KNOTT-FFA l,2,3.4: Cl'l9SS Club 2,3, Proiecfion Club i,2,3,4, Camera Club i,2, Home Nursing 3. 16 SUSAN BELL-FHA l,2, Commercial Club 3,4, GAA l,2,3, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Home Nursing 1, Speech and Dramatics 4, Class Play 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Scholarship Team 4, Music Club i,2, Newspaper Staff 4. PAUL W. ENGVALSON - CARL KOPOCS, Jr. - Scholarship Phineas Banning High School, Team 45 FFA 2,35 Drivers Train California. ing 35 Home Nursing 3. RITA DARLENE BAKER - Year- book Staff Editor 45 Softball Team I5 Home Nursing I5 Mixed Chorus 1,25 GAA 1,25 Newspaper Staff 35 Speech and Dramatics Club 45 Class Play 35 Receptionist I5 FHA 2. JOHN HENRY BORN - Track 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 FFA I,2,3,45 Drivers Training 25 Chess Club 25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Class Play 45 Scholar- ship Team 4. THOMAS WAYNE MORROW - Basketball I,2,3,45 Student Council I5 Class Officer, Presi- dent lp Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 FFA 25 Speech and Dramatics Club 45 Class Play 45 Drivers Training 25 Scholarship Team I,2,3,45 National Honor Society 4. PATRICIA JEAN HARSAR - Soft- ball Team l,25 FHA I5 Rifle Club 25 Class Play 35 Mixed Chorus I,2,3,45 Band 2,45 GAA I,25 Speech and Dramatics Club 45 Drivers Training 2. , 17 DAVID GEORGE HISCOX - FFA 2,3,45 Rifle Club 25 Scholarship Team 45 Track 3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Chess 3. JILL E. KELLER - Drivers Train- ing 35 FHA 25 GAA 'l,2,35 Mixed Chorus i,2,3,45 Li- brarian 25 Commercial Club 3,45 Speech and Dramatics Club 45 Scholarship Team 2,45 National Honor Society 4. SENIOR WILL I, Loren R. Alpaugh, will my seat in study hall to Karen Nabakowski, hoping she can sleep as well as I, and my ability to goof off to Mary Ann Mitiska. I, Jerry Bachman, will my place in the parking lot to Bobby Frye, 'hoping he can keep it as free of slag as I have, and my ability to stay out of Trouble to Roger Eibon. I, Bonnie Baker, will my position as editor of the annual to Merry Jo Thompson, and my father, his truck, and the chain to Toots Walton, in case she ever gets stuck again. I, Sandra L. Bechstein, will Jack Bechstein the ability to be able to get to class without the aid of someone else's hand, and to any junior, my seat in Senior English class and hope they don't get as mixed up as I did. I, Dorothy Becker, will my pitching position on the softball team to anyone who can have as much fun, and my job as student council treasurer to Jerry Baker. I, Sue Bell, will my job as advertising manager of the Torch to my faithful assistant, Erma Logan, and a certain roll of film taken on the Washington trip to any junior who is brave enough to get it developed. I, Carole Bilby, will my position as cheerleader to Edis Peasley, my extra credits to my brother Chuck, and my purple sweater to whoever had the crust to take it. I, John Born, will my place in the lunch line to John King, my gym locker to anyone who can catch it, and my ability to stay out of trouble to Stan Brumby, I, Marilyn Born, will my ability to lose my belongings to Joanne Rothgery, and 'my dis- ability to keep a clean locker to anyone who can get all the junk, in it I did and still find what you want. I, Marjorie Born, will my place on the softball team to Pat Lees, and my position next to Gary Miller in bancl to Jeanette Edwards. I, Gwen Brumby, will my band position to any freshman who wants it, and my ability to stay out of trouble to Jerry Camera. I, Marge Call, will my long hair to Mary Ann Mitiska, and my friendship with Wayne Morrow to Sharon Gutman. I, Ralph Cucco, leave my locker to anyone that can keep it clean, and my ability to casue trouble to Bob Frye. I, Gloria Drought, will my ability to meet boys in Washington, D.C. to the Junior Girls, and my height Ca mere 5'8"l to Pearl Knott. I, Jim Dubick, will my ability to behave in Mr. Robart's study hall to Bob Frye, and my last two bucks to Rog Eibon for a haircut. I, Judith Edgar, will my position as Mr. Gatts's secretary to Debbie Bruner, and my ability to change my looks to anyone that needs it. I, Paul Engvalson, will my height to Bob Frye so he won't fit in a Corvette, and my little brother to Mr. Seiple, because he'Il need them when the freshmen get smart and quit baseball. I, Marvin Fannin, will my short hair to Russ Fox, and my ability to get along with teachers to Robert Babbs. I, Bob Garra, will my talents and abilities in sports to John King, my shortness to Dick Bettcher, and my ability to keep quiet in English class to the juniors. I, Faye Green, will my gym locker to any junior girl who can get as many clothes in it as I did and still get it locked, and my ability to chew gum in class without getting caught to my cousin, Linda Brewer. I, Kaye Hall, will my ability to skip school to anyone who wants seven hours detention, and my ability to do everything wrong in my senior year to Sue Born. I, Pat Harsar, will my seat in the tenor section of the mixed chorus to any girl who likes boys, and my ability to go out with junior boys in my senior year to Judy Moes. I, John Heyman, will my slim, trim figure to Mr. Miller, and my ability to stay out of 18 trouble to Stan and Lowell Brumby, I, David George Hixcox, will my wrestling experience to Lowell Brumby, my seat in Senior English to anyone who wants it, and my tricycle to Miss Cogar so she can make study hall on time. I, Tom Howe, will my curly hair to Mr. Robart, and my position in mixed chorus to Ken Kneisel, I, Ray Johnson, leave my hall lock to anyone who thinks they can lock it. I, Nancy Kawasaki, will my ability to pick up a fella in less than five minutes to the most bashful junior girl, in hopes that she'lI find it useful on her senior trip, and my seat in physics class to any junior girl with enough courage to endure the consequences that go with it. I, Jill Keller, will my height to Mrs. Linder and my ability to stay out of trouble to Bob Frye. I, Donna Kinsley, will my file drawer, that Elenore Reising willed to me, to Karen Nabakowski, and my ability to stay sane while riding the bus in the morning to Ruth Setch. I, Bud Knott, will my ability to keep awake in class to Stan Brumby, my hair to Mr. Seiple so he won't go bald, and my seat in fourth period study hall to anyone who can have as much fun as I. I, Carl Kopocs, Jr., will my ability to get out of classes and school to anyone who wants to try it, and my slim figure to Mr. Miller. I, Peg Leadbetter, will my ability to stay out of study halls to Fred Watson, and my heighth to Joanne Bursley. I, Jeanne Lewis, will my heighth to Linda Brewer, and my seat in honor study hall to anyone who thinks he can handle it. I, Ted Logan, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to make out with girls to Jim Harrison, and my build to Paul Bauer. I, Barbara Lowe, will my lunch table and government book to Lonnie Dunham, and my messy locker to my sister, Madonna Lowe. I, Patricia Jean McQueen, will my place in mixed chorus to anyone who has a big enough mouth to replace me, and my ability to shock everybody on the senior trip to anybody who needs it. - I, Nancy Miller, will my ability to fake my way through my senior year to Sonny Pete, and my sister, Marilyn, to F.H.S. forthe next three years. I, Carol Minek, will my ability to skip school and classes to Dick Calkins, and my pearl and gold cross to whoever had the gall to keep it. I, Wayne Morrow, do hereby will my position on the basketball team to anyone who works at it and has more luck than I, and my ability to remember 23 locker combinations to anyone sneaky enough to find out that many. I, Margaret Parker, will my ability to stay uniniured during the track season to Iris Jackson and Martha Hiscox, and my black gym shorts to the person who has them now. I, Mike Polansky, will my curly, dark hair to Sharon the Green Monster, my left gym shoe to whoever has the right one, and my ability to stay out of trouble to Jerry Camera and Fred Watson. I, Ron Roskoski, will my speed on the track team to Glen Freidenstien, and my senior class presidency to Dick Bettcher. . I, Dezso Sablack, will my ability to study to all the needy, and my ability to outwit Mr. Matheny to all chain-smokers. I, Sali Ann Sugerik, will my place in the lunch line to Lonnie Dunham, and to my sister, Pat Sugerik, I leave my ability to get to class on time. 19 Mess Hall ,hun SENICR SCENES WI1c:T's going on Hum Good Poy The Lady WW vkf g 1 F,M:Sf' Mi'?,fg,f "fi Vw 42.5 Q gig? W ' -fs , s W Wx wg mg -:lr .gg,':,i4,z.W:-., ,- X WW' 'Rf' NNN ....- 4.-. , sg Nr +-g,w-+- ,V N KM 5 W K WSW? g V sw QW: KW' . - ,V , y ,,',, Im' ,V Vx J .fp . ,-5 xii. If 'i f ., .. JVM--,.':'5.V.-. .- V: A ,m d gf,:WLV,m-wx-W' fiwvgifay V-w wV,VV -ff--1-wwf, M-- ' M V . . .. . f f A ' f M i gff ifig 5 , 1 ' -V-,iz Q J' V1 V,fgf3u'K'Vgf!etwin.-slfdqggfiffz,yVVVgg-V,Assy f -whVV",':'VImVgsf-QV-' 'QL ' ' ' -V-if 1 ff-xfwf!i'vgffVg.:M1-ww- W E' y...4.,gu,.-1, V- VV V,,V.mff,-5wXV,. Lf fe :Vu-.V Vww. . V V awww- .. .1 A 4, Z.. ,A-'gp-jh2i,gg,-,wifV3-iA'2ig:Ag4333254 q5'Q,g 3 JV ' 5,nyL5g,:g:z,j - ' . V'1V:J1,-Vg,.,LVV,' ,,f:gyre?f:V-, Y' wi 1 - , ,- RK f R v ff .N,U3V, V , N My UNDERCLASSMEN ROW 1: Paul Bauer, Robert Baumann, Jack Bechsiein, William Bechsfein, Dick Beifclner, Sue Brandau. ROW 2: Geraldine Brill, Stan Brumby, Jerry Camera, Joan Clary, Kafherine Cline, Flor- ence Cusco. ROW 3: Elaine Edwards, Roger Eibon, Russell Fox, J Ted Freas, Jean Fritz, Bob Frye. ROW 4: David Gerlnardinger, Phil Gerki, Roland Green, Lois Griffith, Earl Harfle, Linda Heggie. ROW 5: Roger Herclwler, Ken Hufnagle, James Hunter, Linda Jackson, Harold Kindric, Jeanne Knitile. J , 5' ..nsegwv-na... Uh 0:1512 www E33 ,J me iI:"f"S'5l' fre ff' -2.-fl? W ,ev-s,-,N 413'- 5 4 '9'.'!"" iz M-.N film Wm WWW ' w,.'Xf 1190501- Qwfkw 'Quan ,RL own., 'ii wi, dvi 'hw gf" J '81 CRS ROW 1: Martha Kelly, Donald Lewis, Nancy Manning, Janet Markwarth, Terry Meyers, Mary Ann Mitiska. ROW 2: Judy Moes, Sandra Muska, Ethel Nickelson, Karen Nabakowski, Dave Odom, Lawrence Pete. ROW 3: Jane Phillips, Pat Prince, Beverly Rad- cliFle, Carol Roskoslci, Esther Rym, Barbara Sabin. ROW 4: 'QUUDP wmv, .. U' fm, K MW, JW Weir E qhfluuwft K , ,.AZ Q 3, ill 4' 5 'E ,A 121' , 'W' hawk 9 .Z 'V -' D J, p 'il W.. 1329 '11 wan.. Q ,ktyyiti , QH Z Eleanor Sayler, Robert Scakacs, Don Scholl, Elsa Schroeder, l Joanne Schurhamrner, David Searles. ROW 5: Virginia Snider, Virginia Sterrett, Bolo Tomlinson, Darryl Walker, Fred Watson, Noel Zurcher. 'FX 'CW if-gm 111, ,P IPM! A'3'P'l'g, Rm, ,, if Rx fan... -f -ia il?-.'F' 1 Chuck Bilby, Becky Blankenship, David Bostafer, Lorene Born Karen Born, Don Broun, Debbie Bruner, Dick Calkins, Judy Clark, Ronny Edwards, Meg Ellison, Maynard Emmerich, Beverly Fletcher, Janice Green, Betty Gregory, Earl Gregory, Donna Griftin, Nor- cf? if V 4!!I!?Ei'., Q 13 ,wi ' 4- ,sf H ' an wi, r was Q, N 1 J! M'-aff wi-.ww df' ,ru my fx-. rw! SOPHC man Hall, Jim Harrison, Mczrtha Hiscox, Bill Horvath, Nick lvancik, Iris Jackson, Bill Jacobcik, Sam Jacobcik, Richard Johannason, Richard Jones, Mary Ann Keressi, John King, Bill Klinger, Kenny Kneisel, Jerry Knoble, Dale Koepp, Charles Knott, Lonnie Dunham. M i N-one ' Q a Q ., -nw.--A-M , ,.,' 4 H- ,. 19" ffife.. LY m""'v-si., U. runwnff r--if ViORES Faith Krebs, Jerry Krumwedie, Jim Krupp, Larry Leadbetter, Erma Logan, Allen Meyers, Onalee Meyers, Mary Minek, Gary Miller, Lynne McDowell, Mary Mitchell, Virginia Niggle, Al Pachinger, Jim Parker, Edis Peasley, John Pechaitis, Jackie Pelletier, Verla Rider, Joanne Rothgery, Mike Salzman, Ruth N- ivy? - 'wg 'mf . ' , ,pw x VV K- Jr flfaj lh H :J zf-gli? llglllszzr a ,im lliiim yr in wit, M sf ir was 1 if are J 5 ti 1 l wr WQQJY X2 J, " 1 if t1ff5:2,.f , If :ga H Z Sz? W 577 ' , In , 4 H' i ew J : ft K :wx ' e- V - ' 14:32 2 - ' ' ,... -Srffsvfizi X1 . K 4 at -miii,, ' ww z f"1-naar J :qi YH tnsfiz ' 1' 5 , mx ' ' ., fli' Setch, Willma Sharp, Melanie Shimer, Judy Smith, Henry Stevens, Dick Temple, Merry Jo Thompson, Gary Vincent, Mary Walton, Rick Ward, Bethel Watson, Janet Watson, Judy Watson, Tamara Wickens. MHP .J . 'mn 'ti are "gr we X M-v fr' .mf M Q , ij' M. . Wi I K K :J 9199 'KV' ,iff J 1 5 S Q A A .R . ,1 sl l 1 it , A , PT In at 15" fti in 5 if 1- Q , tl T5 , ,, , j, if r -'-, ,. ii 3 a , ,V AE as 31 iv, V V 1 M--M, srrs Q A me J J, ,,..-.. is ,J sssr S 'aff I M W lv if . Y 5 we '-" lm mm vm 'WF' 'Q - X --eg, . I, ' , gh: ' 5 J W J t ...,..-- 572 , Q.-we V :'t H E eb' , 4 5 as asf J 'I - I-In 'JZ :" 332 I l I J if 'lt - , , W, vm' Wi' A tit? W tc 41" if -"M'3- fb I iq, f-U UN f Slfiaron Ackerman, Jerry Baker, Larry Barber, Diane Baumann, Ruth Baumann, Myrna Beach, Doren Beam, Judy Blankenship, Sue Born, Pat Bostater, Roberta Breisch, Linda Brewer, Lowell Brumby, Jim Bryden, Barbara Champion, Tom Coates, Loretta FRESI Corn, Marion Coultrip, Nancy Dlugos, Phyllis Drought, Ron Dubick, Elaine Edwards, Sue Elliot, Glen Fridensiine, David Fryberger, Pat Gardner, Francis Gercak, Diane Gerhardinger, Diane Gessner, Barbara Giedlinski. Aff? A rar! "S,g,"!" qwiili if ,M W A vii' its 5 - Wx- avw' , ,ff Q .v ,, I k y y, lk' 'WK g iven ,Q -412-:agp gg' ,. 5 f , 1 I I L ,,., .,..., ,, X H L. QQ-ferr' , me I ,guru fs S' i ff lv X E 1 my 4, 4 2 . K 1 fr ' " , mmm w-ww, f"""i" JH 3005 AM' ii? ,4..,,-439. db VLEN Judy Graham, Gordon Groot, Carol Guild, Sharon Gutman, David Haughf, Wilber Hayes, Bob Heilman, Raymond Hines, Shirley Hoover, Edmund Hunt, John Ives, Ralph Jaycox, Rita Johnson, Mickey Katora, Louis Kawasaki, Awalt Kelm, Mike Klepek, Pearl Knott, Marge Kopocs, Sharon Krebs, Jack Krupp, John Kryzaniak, Leonard Kuhersic, Dale Lauener, Pat Lees, Befsy McDowell, Judy Melfzer, Bernita Merrill, Marilyn Miller, John Nicolson. L 1 H Q : ' .l x ' fi 5 " W f 2 ' L ,.,' - -- J .Q J , , g A if , 'QRS 'J - - ra We J 'lf' J we f Q f ,: '-swf' f 4 1, f , .- 3 ll, iv, , , H , G i f 'NW' , kk H - yu K I-A i ,K w k , igkjm N km A , L , Z ' ' Ti ",' f iiif "" .e - , f' L 6,55 P, K - y . I r, .w r --'..,!g,4. . , K . N Nl G 'L "" I 5. ., J" .. Se ' A is .. ,f"7v l """""f.W 0545 -""Uw f..,,,n K 5 H1 RSE, jscj 7 'ff-.wr mlm :nas Q Q 2 ll... ,.,.,.,. S 3 , 32? 5. 'W 1 MQMQQEQSEEQSTQZEEQ 1 533:24 1 I Lu ' 'f 5 FRESHMEN Barbara Odom, Janet Opperman, Joyce Parks, Gaye Perkins, George Phillips, Tony Pollock, Jane Porter, Jack Priesias, Fran Prifchef, Tom Pryor, Lorna Radcliffe, Dick Fairchild, Marsha Raver, Sharon Resar, Shirlel Ronez, Laura Trosper, Lloyd Schra- der, Ed Schlecier, Linda Searles, William Sharp, Ruth Ann Showalter, Jack Smith, Mary Snider, .lerry Springer, Jim Sum- mers, Glendean Waison, Chuck Woodrum. fl 'H e Q, ,, J , If M ,Ni M , .3 ' ' W fe, 'Yf'rL:'i?" S new ,,, ' 1 . . ,,-.....,w, , -A .fdH9""'n Wm, 4...-W., : 51 . f X 7 , A'-in, -55523, I fn M' 'hw ev--Q-,r 7 vb-3' 41-""" -fn--11 Z? f E 7112, 1 2,2 S Fi fat fx V zlffi-2 ' fx' liffigf K FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Sterrett, Donna Griffin, Mary Anne Mitiska, Janet Watson, Patsy McQueen, Sue Elliot, Sandy Bechstein. SECOND ROW: Sally Sugerik, Gaye Perkins, Pot Lees, Joyce Parks, Iris Jackson, Susan Bell. THIRD ROW: Judy Smith, Lois Griftith, Ruth Ann Showalter, Lindo Searles, Rita Johnson, Marilyn Miller, Jane Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Setch, Judy Clark, Joan Clary, Virginia Niggle, Janice Green, Merry Jo Thompson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Harsar, Donna Kinsley, Margaret Parker. SECOND ROW: Glen Fridestine, Lowell Brumby, Eleanor Saylor, Edis Peasley, Lawrence Barber, Kenny Kneisel, Tom Howe. THIRD ROW: Bill Klinger, Fred Watson, May- nard Emmerick, Betty call. TENORS 30 SOPRANOS MIXED .2 CHORUS ALTOS BASSES FIRST ROW, left to right: David Searles, Wayne Morrow, Darryl Walker, SECOND ROW: Ted Freas, Noel Zurcher, James Hunter, Gordon Groot. THIRD ROW: John Pechaitis, Ken Hutnagle, David Odom. FOURTH ROW: Bill Horvath, Donald Braun, Gary Miller, Mike Polanslcy, FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Miller, Elsa Schroeder, Esther Rym, Jeanne Knittle, Onalee Myers, Faith Krebs, Ruth Bauman. SECOND ROW: Barbara Giedlinski, Barbara Odom, Melanie Shimer, Roberta Breisch, Lynne McDowell, Shirley Ronez, Janet Markworth, Nancy Kawasaki. THIRD ROW: Judy Graham, Sharan Krebs, Gwen Brurnby, Jill Keller, Linda Heggie, Linda Brewer. FOURTH ROW: Karen Nabakowski, Sue Brandau, Carole Guild, Diane Gerhardinger, Sharon Gutman, Mary Anne Keressi, Beverly Fletcher. FIRST ROW: Sue Brandau, Margaret Parker, Nancy Kawasaki, Dorothy Ann Caley, Marge Call. SECOND ROW: Janet Markworth, Wayne Morrow, Robert Johnson, Keith Eastin, Gerald Gubeno, Jill Keller. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This year marked something new and inviting to the Firelands High students, The National Honor Society. The induction ceremony was conducted by the members ot the Brookside National Honor Society. To be eligible for membership in the Society a student must possess a 3.2 average for four years. He is also judged on leadership, character, and service. Next year we hope to see many more new people inducted into the National Honor Society. 32 FIRST ROW, left fo right: Karen Born Judy Clark Iris Jackson Marsha Raver Wilma Sharp Larene Born. S.ECOND ROW: David Bostater Chuck Woodrum Ai Pachinger Mr Seiple Paul Engvalson Maynard Emmerich, Gary Miller. DRIVERS TRAINING FIRST ROW, left to right: Raymond Hines, Dick Temple, Stan Brumby, Noel Zurcher, David Searles, Nick Ivansic, Donnie Braun, Terry Meyers, AI Meyers. SECOND ROW: Virginia Snider, Elanor Sayler, Lois Gritlith, Joan Clary, Martha Kelly, Bethyi Watson, Mr. Seiple, Barbara Sabin, Sandy Muska, Betty Gregory, Edis Peasley, Karen Clark. Bill Horvoth, Koren Born, Jonet Watson, Jerry Boker, Dorothy Becker, Dick Bettcher, Gwen Brumby, Janet Morkworth, Ted Logon, Rita Johnson, Ted Freos, Marge Kopocs. STUDENT COUNCIL This yeor's student council wcis led by the following ollficers, Gwen Brumby, President, Ted Logon, Vice-President, Jonet lylorkworth, Secretory, Dorothy Becker, Treosurer. During the yedr, the student council supervised pep rcillies, sponsored dances, and vorious other octivities which helped to strengthen the student body. This was d tremendous responsibility, ond those people who were elected to it should teel honored. 34 we ABOVE - Noel Zurcher and Jon Sick demonstrate their proiect at the Science Fair. RIGHT - Dove Hiscox with his induction heater, which won on superior cxt the stote Science Foir. 35 Classes in action at Firelcinds -.. ,v Whot'll you have - He's G bird - Teachers ect lunch. They're human too? - I give up. What is if? - Over she goes - Thc1T's Q language? hm fm- ,, ..M...W,.,M,u,- s . . n gem A- ' 73, Bud Bickel-Taking core of our school building and being on Jerry Leimbachflerry keeps our buses and school Truck in operating condition. He is always willing To be a helper to anyone. Thanks Jerry. hand to help during the many ball games and various school activities were Bud Bickel and Herb Davidson. Mrs. Hawke, Mrs. Cafka, Mrs. Holzhauer-Our hafs are oil to you ladies for feeding us during the pas? year, We know that feeding us has been 0 real Task. Again we thank you for your services. FIRST ROW: Frances Gercak, George Phillips, Jack Krupp, Lewis Larry Leadbeffer, Ken Kneisel, Bill Horvath, Jack Priestas, THIRD Kawasaki, Mike Klepek, Lloyd Schroeder, Dick Fairchild. SECOND ROW: Rick Ward, Ted Logan, Jim Parker, Chips Hunter, Paul Eng- ROW: Jim Krupp, Jerry Krumweide, Jerry Springer, Dick Jones, valson, Gary Vincent, Roger Herchler, Darryl Walker, Mr. Seiple. BASEBALL TEAM 38 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Dove Houghf, Jock Krupp, Dave Swiger, Jack Priesfos. SECOND ROW: Mike Klepek, Lloyd Schroeder, Mr. Seiple, Tony Pollock, Dick Fairchild. THIRD ROW: Mike Kcforo, Jerry Springer, Ron Dubick, Tom Pryor, Bob Heilmon. 39 ,,,, MY FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Jim Krupp, manager, Melanie Shimer, Janet Watson, sky, Ted Freas. THIRD ROW: Dick Temple, Ray Johnson, Ted cheerleaders, Rick Ward, manager, Margaret Parker, Carole Bilby, Logon, Dave OCJOVTI, Ron Roskoski, BCI? Gorra, TOITI HOWG, Couch cheerleaders, Bill Klinger, manager, SECOND ROW: Dick Bettcher, Kollman. FOURTH ROW: Jim Parker, John King, Jerry Bachman, Al Pachinger, Henry Stevens, Fred Watson, Bob Frye, Mike Polan- Don Lewis, Maynard Emmerich, John Pechaitis, Don Braun. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Parker, Carole Bilby, Janet Watson, Melanie Shimer. 40 FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND CHEERLEADERS Dick Beftcher, Bob Frye, Dave Odom. Margaret Parker, Carole Bible Janet Watson, Melanie Sbimer. FIRST ROW: Jerry Bachmann, Tom Howe, Ray Johnson, Bob Garra, SECOND ROW: Mike Polansky, Ted Logan, Ron Roskoski, Don Lewis. FIRST ROW: John Born, Mike Polansky, Wayne Morrow, Ronny Roskoski. STANDING: Rick Ward, managery Bill Horvarh, Darryll Walker, Dick Beitcher, Earl Harfle, Donnie Scholl, David Searles, Coach Seiple. VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Carol Bilby Nancy Kawasaki Margaret Parker FIRST ROW: Don Braun, Jim Krupp, Jim Hunter, Fred Watson, Ted Freas, Kenny Kneisel. SECOND ROW: Mr. James Kollman, coach, David Fryberger, manager, Jim Parker, John Pechaitis, Hank Stevens, Al Pachinger Larry Leadbetfer, Raymond Hines, manager. BASKETBALL RESERVES Melanie Shimer, Karen Born, Pat Lees. FIRST ROW: Bob Frye, Lowell Brumby, Jerry Ccimerci, Bob Bciu- Heilmcin, Rciy Hines, John King, Phil Gerki, Ted Logon, Dove mann, Stun Brumby, SECOND ROW: Tom Pryor, Gory Miller, Dick Hiscox, Tom Coates, Mr. Gotfs. Jones, Ken Hufnogle, Bill Jecobcik, Dick Temple, THIRD ROW: Bob WRESTLING TEAM The Firelonds High School Wrestling Teom enioyed ci successful yeor on The moi, This being The second full season of wrestling here of Firelcinds, mony people hove token on interest in The new sport. Nice going boys ond Mr. Guns. 44 FRONT ROW, leff Io right: Dave Hiscox, Ronny Roskoski, Ted Logan, John Born. SECOND ROW: Coach Howe, Nock lvancik, Bill Jacobcik, John Pechoitis, Al Pachinger, Dave Odom, Norman Hall, William Sharp. THIRD ROW: Bob Heilman, Tom Coates, Earl Harlle, Dick Temple, Ron Dubick, Mike Kafora, Coach Kollman. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Boker, Tom Pryor, Tony Pollak, John Ives, Dick Calkins, Awalt Kelm, John Nichols. Ronny Roskoski, Dave Hlscox, Ted Logan, John Born. i G I R L Sl T R A C K 1,..f-1- egxf-wM- fiM- f f FIRST ROW, left to righi: Lorene Born, Margaret Parker, Merry Jo Thompson, Carol Guild. SECOND ROW: Sharon Krebs, Joyce Parks, Rita Johnson. THIRD ROW: Pearl Knott, Sue Elliot, Sandy Terschak. AUTOGRAPHS STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Guild, Virginia Northeim, Sandro Bell, Chorles Auldencomp, Mike Hunfer Doug Sokol, Howord Born, Roy Knelsel, John Summers, Molly Betfcher, Sue Meyers, Joanne Whitney. PRINCIPAL WAYNE A. WHYTE 48 ' W-x IRENE DICKENSON ADA SINGLEY MARIAN HALL WILFRED JOHNSTON ROBERT FOLTS CHARLES WILSON FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Glider, Madonna Lowe, Mary Raley, Paula Snider, Ellen Davidson, Genevieve Bly, Juanita Call, Pat Sugeric. SECOND ROW: Bob Northeim, Danny Camera, Linda Jackson, Susan Meyers, Marian Ward, James Hunt, Billy Joe Bray. THIRD ROW: Fines Jones, Larry Johnston, John Summers, John Baumhart, Walter Pluto, Leon Jackson, EIGHTH FIRST ROW, left to right: Bernadette Schmidt, Beverly Watson, Shirley Vlk, Kathleen Griffin, Joan Berkmeyer, Karen Heidrich, Judy Martin, Lois Dennison, SECOND ROW: Kenneth Perkins, Jerry Potts, Kathie Mathes, Molly Bettcher, Dorothy Wooclrum, k,l. V 1. fa 'Q FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonnie Barefoot, Ardith Priestas, Par Joanne Whitney, Floyd Gorby, Larry Graham, Bernard Coultrip. Manning, Ernesteen Williams, Linda Green, Margaret Tomlin- THIRD ROW: Donald Griflith, Skip Kotlorz, John Pondage, Joe san, Marianne Thorne, Pat Miller, SECOND ROW: David Rivera, Jones, Larry Jungburg, Doug Sokol, John Blandin, Alan Heggie. Paul Schlecfer, Bill Champion, Sue Dickenson, Jean Husted, GRADE Linda Emery, Galen Sayler, Charles Davidson. THIRD ROW: Donald Daley, Russel Calkins, Joseph Cromloie, Hoyle Coward, John Link, Mike Hunter, Zane Mossrnan, Neil Herchler. ,il FIRST ROW, left to right: Christine Gessner, Wilma Kotlarz, Sus- beck, Nara Hunter, David Love, Gary Markworth, Arthur Hiscox. ann Manuel, Sandra Bell, Brenda Tomlinson, Gail Niggle, Linda THIRD ROW: Wayne Weeks, Dale Dlugos, Frank Watson, Charles Pachinger, Bernice Coultrip. SECOND ROW: Andrew Minek, Rob- Aufdencamp, Phillip Gregory, Clarence West, Ray Babbs, Dennis ert Bidclinger, Wilber Gibson, Diane Geist, Joyce Gregory, Wit- Lindeman. C 52 FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred Matheny, Leonard l'lUSl9df Demi Kawasaki, Thomas Watson, Thomas Bray, Carl Champion. SEC- OND ROW: Diana Frenah, Beverly Hunt, Kathy Hamilton, Ro- berta Brunow, Edwina Howe, Barbara Baker, Sandra Green, Sharon Kinsley. THIRD ROW: lvloehl, Mary Garcak, Loretta Em- FIRST ROW, left to right: Kathleen McQueen, Hope Krebs, Vir- Sioyka, Mariorie Buczek, Ronald Holzhauser, Jack Ackerman, ginia Narfheim, Diane Harsar, Carol Champion, Sandra Sprunk, Bruce Williams. THIRD ROW: David Bruner, James Klepek, Doyle Kendra Parks, Hazel Seiple. SECOND ROW: Richard Barefoot, Jones, Gordon Hamilion, Esfer Kelm, LeRoy Carver, Berdetle Raymond Kneisel, Gerald Leimbach, Pamela Smilh, Sharon Schmidf, Robert Johannsen, Thomas Jones. GRADE merich, Joan Johannsen, Diane Guild, Beverly Slick, Mary Sum- mers, James King. FOURTH ROW: Paul Pechaifis, Allen Wilford, Howard Born, James Carver, Charles Lancaster, Kenneth Freas, Ronald Garra, Jack Stevens, William Brandau. -I 1 S O P R A N O S FIRST ROW, left to right: Christine Gessner, Beverly Hunt, Kendra trip, Frnesieen Williams, Sharon Kinsley, Kathy Hamilton. THIRD Parks, Brenda Tomlinson, Mary Raley, Susann Manuel, Karen Heid- ROW: Carol Glider, Joan Berkmeyer, Hope Krebs, Nora Hunter, rich, Ardith Priesias. SECOND ROW: Madonna Lowe, Sandra Green, Bernadette Schmidl, Diane Guild, Linda Jackson, Virginia Northeim, Lois Dennison, Kathie Griffin, Pat Sugerik, Diane Geist, Bernice Coul- Loretia Emmerich, Ellen Davidson. MIXED CHORUS T B E A N S S R E ,XX ff, S S Ji, I5 3249 1.-W, I FIRST ROW, left to right: David Love, Gary Markwortli, Floyd Gorby, FIRST ROW, left to right: David Rivera, Danny Camera. SEC- Robert Biddinger. SECOND ROW: Fred Maiheny, Jerry Potts, Gay- OND ROW: Joe Joneg, Zane Mosgman, THIRD ROW: Walter len Sayler, William Brandau, Raymond Kne'sel, THIRD ROW: Bob Pluto, John Baurnhardf. Northeim, Gerald Leirnloach, Howard Born, Wayne Weeks. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gail Niggle, Juanita Call, Diane French, Ester Kelm, Linda Emery, Kathleen McQueen. THIRD ROW: Linda Sandra Bell, Edwina Howe, Sandra Sprunk, Judy Martin, Pat Man- Green, Jean Hosted, Joanne Whitney, Sue Dickinson, Pat Miller, Sue ning. SECOND ROW: Kathy Mathes, Mary Gercak, Beverly Stick, Meyers, Molly Bettcher. A L T O S e l MAJORETTES, left to right: Carol Champion, Pat Manning, Arclith Priestas. FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Green, Joan Berkmeyer, Judy Martin, Ellen Davidson, Virginia Northeim, Pat Miller, Sue Dickinson. SECOND ROW: Edwina Howe, Sandra Sprunk, Diane French, Sandra Bell, Gary Markworth, Jean Husted, Susann Manuel, Gerald Leimbach, Bernadette Schmidt, Linda Pachinger, Hazel Sei- MAJORETTE SOLO ple. THIRD ROW: Brenda Tomlinson, Lois Dennison, Ronald Holz- hauer, Andy Minek, Hoyle Coward, Jack Ackerman, Dennis Linde- man, Kenneth Freas, Ray Kneisel, Paul Pechaitis, Berdette Schmidt, Bill Brandau, Gaylen Sayler, Larw Grahm, Larry Johnston, David Love, Zane Mossman, STANDING: Robert Bicldinger, Skip Kotlarz, Doug Sokol, Mike Hunter, Mr. Smith. BAND SCENES AT FIRELANDS JUNIOR HIGH 56 PAPER STAFF I FIRST ROW, left to right: William Brandau, Kenneth Freos, Jack Stevens. SECOND ROW: Gail Niggle, Larry Johnston, Kathie Grif- fon, Sue Dickinson, Mary Raley, Charles Autdenkampe. THIRD ROW: Douglas Sokal, Raymond Kneisel, Gary Markworth, Eclwina Howe, Sandra Sprunk, Gerald Leimboch, Sue Meyers. STAND- ING: Hoyle Coward, Jean Hosted, Linda Green, Bernadette Sch- midt, Carol Glider, Allen Wolford-Co-Editor, Patricia Miller- Co-Editor, Mrs. Dickinson-Advisor, Mrs. Singley-Co-Advisor, Dorothy Woodrum, Diane Guild, Roberta Brunow. 57 i i i l l i i i l W R E S T L I N G -I IN POSITION: Fred Mafheny, Richard Barefoot. KNEELING, Ieff to right: Thomas Watson, Dean Kawasaki, Leonard Husfed, Arthur Hiscox. HANDS ON KNEES: Charles Moel, Gerald ZIP Leimbach, Wilbur Gibson, LeRoy Carver, STANDING: James Carver, Kennerh Freas, Edward Carver, James Klepek, Clarence Wesf. UW' 059.- S QW 7:5-O QQ5 ss. 313- O Swea- Q.. g-0 -. 32 Surf C 31 32 'YO- 9 is Sie 14 K. 35' DK 1 77 2? 39, 9-55 CJ al? ,2- CD 22 Ng C3 3? 3. '4-4 O 0 53 QE 09, is L-3 Q. 3 EES' D. Qin 'SO F2 DEFENSE AND RESERVES ist ROW, left to right: Clarence West, Wayne Weeks, Fred Matheny, Hoyle Coward, LeRoy Carver, Allen Wolford, Ronald Garra. 2nd ROW: Dean Kaeasaki, William Brandau, Dennis Lindemian, Garden Hamilton, John Summers, James Klepek, Richard Barefoot, Kenneth Perkins. C H E E R LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Guild, Sus- L E A D E R S anne Manuel, Virginia Northeim. FOOTBALL ENDS: Kenneth Freas, Alan Heggie. TACKLES: Howard Barn, James King. GUARDS: David Love, Ronald l-lolzhauer. CENTER: Gerald Leimbach, QUARTERBACK: Gary Markvvarth. HALFBACK: Raymond Kneisel, Flayd Gorby. FULLBACK: Douglas Sokol. OFFENSE 8th GRADE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: Floyd Gochy, Robert Northeim, Jerry Potts, David Rivera, Manager. SECOND ROW: Alan Heggie, Douglas Sokol, Donald Griffin, William Champion. LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Guild, Susonn Manuel, Virginia Norfheim 71h GRADE BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Thomas Watson, David Love, Raymaond Kneisel, Ronald Holzhauser, Richard Barefoot, SECOND ROW: William Brandau, Paul Pechaifis, Dennis Lindiman, Allen Wilford, Gary Markworfh. THIRD ROW: Clarence West, James Carver, Charles Aufdencamp, Howard Born, Gerald Leimbach. 7 th GRADE BASKETBALL TRACK MAINSTAYS william champion, oougios sokou, Leon Jackson. JUNIOR HIGH HAS TRACK TEAM The Junior High had a very successful track season This year. ln addition to the regular county meet, in which they placed second, they had several interscholastic meets. They came out on top in all at these except one, in which Amherst nudged them back into second place. In addition to those pictured above, the people on the track team were Skip Kotlarz, Fred Matheny, Eddie Baumhart, and Jerry Leimbach. The girls' team consisted ot: Connie Baker, Molly Bettcher, Diane Guild, Juanita Call, Sharon Kinsley, and Hope Krebs. 61 AUTCGRAPHS FIRST ROW, left to right: Cathy Heller, Loren Wilms, Jane Love, Robert Kendeih, Gail Kruse, Jack Leirnbach. SECOND ROW: Rose Springer, Becky Kneisel, Leroy Riley, Bechtel, Cheri Frye, Joan Baetz. THIRD ROW: David McQueen, Terrie De Walt, James Pechaitis, Kathy Kunerb, Susan Hawke. ABSENT: Richard Casey, Donald Guild, Dane Leimbach, JeFlry Penton, Jackie Mason, Denise Priestas, Lynn Leusler, John Corley, Danny Walker, Rickey Lamver- rneyer, Guy Sapienza, Diane Beach, Joanne Tausey. ng, FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: James Jenkins, Karen Freas, Billy Bettcher, Anne Nelson, Artie Johnston, Christine Bechtel. SEC- OND ROW: Raymond Reddit, Geneva Mossman, Connie Haws, Joanne Riley, Bonnie Aufdencamp, Robert Bechtel. THIRD ROW: Wayne Brown, Wesley Brown, David Miller, Eddie New, Donald Reinhard, Peter Leimboch, Mrs. Berger. ABSENT: Fritz Brandau, Billy Guild. KINDERGARTEN FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Cook, Monica Hall, Norman White, Diane Mar- cum, Terry Haws, Betty West, Gary Casada, Lola Jackson. SECOND ROW: Philip Born, Shirley Smarr, Nancy Sanders, Beverly Morrow, Cindy Deidrick, Wanda Bray, Russell Beach. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Shatter, Paul Driver, David Waller, Tommy Johnston, Steve Fleming, Douglas Stevens, Sonny Zelnik. ABSENT: Norma Waters, Joyce Pryor, Richard Lewis, Tommy Lane, Billy Hasenpflug. FIRST AND SECOND GRADES THIRD GRADE BACK ROW, left to right: Jessica Pond- age, Theodore Pechaitis, Diane Brucker, Thomas Pechoitis, Elizabeth Larsen, Eugene Carver, Alberta Jackson, Terry Smith, Nola Watson, and James DeWalt. MIDDLE ROW: Charles Gessner, Shirley Marcum, Daniel Drive, Mary Jenkins, Robert Sennhenn, Linda Kruse, Earl Hose, Susan Porter, Gary Koepp, Lana Jackson, and Mrs. Gall. FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Heilmon, David Gede, Catherine Taylor, Bernard Knoble, Rebecca Elliott, Ken- neth Bray, Donna Bray, Carl Wilms, Sharon Surrarrer, Claude Markstahler. ABSENT: Linda Jones. FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: Harvey Leimbach, Roger Driver, Charlene Kendeigh, Rita Corn, Patricia Kerresi, Carolyn Sexton, Thomas Delugos, and Terry Cook. SECOND ROW: Billy Lees, Mary Ellen Niggle, Glenn Jones, Susan Lomvermeyer, Claude Downing, Clandett, Edgar Fleming, Susan Gede, Mrs. D:-llifield. THIRD ROW: Robert Leimbach, Elaine Born, Betty Emmerich, Margaret Thomas, Connie Cook, Glenda Handwork, Shirleen Morrow, Betty Zelmik, and Edward Katora. FOURTH GRADE TOP ROW, left to right: Mark Shimer, Robert Baumhardt, Cecil Dalton, Zona Walker, Lois Reinhard, Judy Sennhenn, Kathleen Leimbach, Richard Aufdenkampe, Mark Hall, Donny Pryor, Donn Ackerman. MIDDLE ROW: Paula DeWalt, Timothy Conrody, Christine Hamilton, Earle Shimer, Pennie Mossman, Kenneth Sander, Caro- lyn Taylor, Richard Pollock, Mary Lou Boatz, Bobbie Bray, N. McQueen iteacherl. BOTTOM ROW: Beth Miller, Michael Leuszler, Carol Wilms, Steven Schrader, Christine lckes, George Greu- lich, Ronda Frye, Travis Johnston, Elizabeth Flynn, Lee White, Barbara Corn. FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW: Shirley Rocher, Roy Smith, Sheila Larsen, Keith Betty Baatz, William Ackerman, Cheryl Thorpe, THIRD ROW Hall, Patty Corn, Daniel Karney, Mary Ann More, Kenneth Leim- Carolyn Dobbins, Janet Thoms, Harold Leuszler, Sandy Spitler bach, Margie Collins. SECOND ROW: Judy Smarr, Larry Jackson, Sally Spitler, Alan Smith, Caroline Zurcher, Cathryn Kruse, Kath Cheryl Knoble, Richard Taylor, Gail Surrarrer, Allen Springer, leen Emmerich, Mrs. Schnaak. FLORENCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL For greater convenience the six grades of all the elementary schools have been placed at Florence Elementary School. Therefore, all sixth grades are listed as Florence in this annual. KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW: Joyce Ward, Ronald Halen, Diane Tuttle, Allen Wright, Karen Mitchell, Dennis Blanden. SECOND ROW: Charles Coultrip, Janet Normando, Harold Hamilton, Judy Kerby, Donald Green, Debby Lipps. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Ortner, Darla Peters, Loren Mayer, Linda Grittin, Michael Ashbrook, Joann Kudela. ABSENT: Carol Frederick, Carol Jones. 65 SECOND GRADES SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW: Kathy Tuttle, Sharon Sue Parks, Marcia Phillips, Colett, Terry Grittey, James Hodge, William Peasley, James Alice Hamilton, Steven Cole, Pamela Poyer, Sharon Boles, Ruth Zimmerman, Donald Kroesen, David Weeks, Joseph Kerepesi Ann Lipps, Karen Jarrett. SECOND ROW: John Lehner, Garland ABSENT: Brenda Wyatt, Rita Bostater, Robert Ashbrook, Arnold Cooksey, Billy Kroesen, James Anderson, James Hahn, Robert Hardwick. Mitchell, Kenneth Hodge. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Leta Dery, Nicholas FIRST and FRONT ROW: Randolph Radclitte, Pamela Truscott, Richard Watson, Karen Sprunk, Douglas Boos, Lois Champion. SECOND ROW: Mary Beth Hasenfiue, James Normando, Trudy Wickens, Ronald Snider Marjorie Hunt. THIRD ROW: Edward Hill, Thomas Zabel, William Shatter, Robert Tomlinson, William Anderson, Larry Cole. ABSENT: Kenneth Ehrman. FRONT ROW: Daniel Tomilson, Wanda Walton, John Kinsley, Darlene Witter, Jonathan Hunter, Rebecca Jones, Robert Manning, Sharon Moore. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hanes, Shelby Hamilton, Sandra Drought, Larry Johnson, Tommy Shurr, Earl Hunter, Linda Baatz, Joyce Timko. THIRD ROW: Mary Ellen Normando, Beatrice Cooksey, Elaine Kyrsik, Judy Sprague, Denise Ward, Debbie Peasley, Leslie Normando, Barbara Ortner. ABSENT: Jackie Barefoot, Earl Hill, Paul Reising, Linda Hardwick, Myron Brundage, Pam Herman, Debbie Sennhenn. . , ., s FRONT ROW: Tamra Johnson, Danny Boose, Shirley Perkins, Rodger Witter, Rhonda Richards, Wayne Wilbur, Phyllis Hodge, Harvey Mitchell, Gerry Hahn, Eddie Fleming, Carolyn Belden, Jerry Crawford. SECOND ROW: Clifford Wright, Jeanne Breisch, Nora Hicks, Florence Snider, Aileen Saylor, Sandy Hill, Ruth Sennhenn, Paula Markworth, Sheila Conry, Jean Call, Mary Knott. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Heys, Johnny Hunt, Robert Anderson, Dennis Hicks, Kenneth Baatz, James Erhman, Robert Markworth, Tommy Bostater, Robert Guthrie, Billy Gerrick, Robert Glider. FRONT ROW: Terry Appeman, Jane Coultrip, Tommy Graham, Gail Wasem, Tommy Tomlinson, Jane Jarrett, Lyle Kinsley, Diane Eucker, Allen Timko, Gloria Perkins. SECOND ROW: John Hunter, Sandy Prince, Helmut Schroeder, Judy Normando, Robert Parks, Norma Kroesen, Freddy Fryberger, Diane Roskoski, John Davis. THIRD ROW: Cletus Witter, Charles Zobel, Jerry Slocum, Kay Johannsen, Phylous Hamilton, Tennie Wickens, Paula Cook, James Griffey, Tommy Hunt, Robert Brunow, Mrs. Lois Foster. FRONT ROW: Sharon Shurr, Bonnie Brewer, Martha Coultrip, Mary Coultrip, Yvette Gersak, Sue Sugerik. SECOND ROW: Mariorie Daley, Judy Wood, Allene Baatz, Patty Coultrip, Fern Fleming, Susan Sebolt, Jean Slocum. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Morrison, David Boose, John Martin, Joe Giedlinski, Larry Long, Charles Glider, Charles Lehner. ABSENT: Curtis Krebs, Karen Poyer, Charles Wyatt. 67 THIRD GRADE FOURTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE HXTH GRADE HXTH GRADE HXH4 GRADE FRONT ROW: John Berkmeyer, John Odom, Joyce Childers, Sue Gross, Dawn Buch, Rosemary Graham, Donna Weeks, Mike Hall, Tim Dlugos. SECOND ROW: Lynn Brumby, Gary Lewis, Jim Born, Barbara Rufting, Nancy Shipman, Jean Fairchild, Christine Weston, Greg Gringle, Bob Kelm. THIRD ROW: Tim Prince. Tom Beach, Tom Crawford, Yalanda Neal, Mary Katora, Laura Lang, Frank Morrow, Tom Kelly, Rusty Dickenson, Mr. Buchs. ABSENT: Cathy Smith, Kirk Wolfe, Brian Nicolson. A FRONT ROW: Gloria Paris, Ronald Stokya, Kathy Casada, Fred Gessner, Linda Gersak, George Link, Christine Perkins, Louis Wilber, Peggy Fletcher, John Yakunovitch. SECOND ROW: Miss Prince, John Timco Robert Jans, Judy Prince, Donna Schott, Laura Emery, Geraldine Juvenile. THIRD ROW: John Kubercik Cole Zobel, Faye Mitchell, Sue Woodrum, Gayle Vincent, James Garra, Kenneth Schmidt. ABSENT- Ronny Rathwell, Betty Bursally. 1 f FRONT ROW: Jane Peasley, David Coven, Carrie Engvalson, Tom Ickes, Judy Markstahler, Kenneth Kawasaki, Jessie Livermore, Allen Kendeigh, Margaret Manning, Danny Krebs, SECOND ROW: Betty Hasenpflug, Leonard Becker, Douglas Brucker, Bill Mauntel, Nancy Ball, Linda Watson, Bruce Wasem, Joe Baatz, Marshall Searles, Jean Searles, Mrs. Scott. THIRD ROW: Richard Harris, James Gutman, Nina Hunter, Patty Daley, Karen Blackwell, Judy Coultrip, Marcia Lees, Linda Darnell, Robert Gill, David Fritz. ABSENT: Keith Davidson. FRONT ROW: Patricia Dellifield, Karen Bowman, Nancy Pippert, Alan Whitney, Robert McLaughlin, Karen Dodson, Kathy Krebs, Marsha Buchs. SECOND ROW: Michael Treaster, Charles Shoemaker, Kenneth Kinsley, Linda Bauman, Denice Bursley, Gary Davidson, Dennis Wyler, Danny Byrd. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Davidson, Jimmie Gerstacker, Jettry Schwarty, Robert Davidson, Lynn Hollingsworth, Kenneth Searles, Robert Leadbetter, Dean Bowman, Dennis Jordan, Tommy Budweg. ABSENT: Sandra Buchs, Jessie Swiger, Thomas Hall. FRONT ROW: Sandra Leach, Irene Thompson, Margaret Hall, Carol Morgan, Susan Logan, Rita Whitney. SECOND ROW: Jake Hinton, .lay Swiers, Ronny lrvan, Darryl Zimberlin, Bobby Bonnhello. THIRD ROW: Ronny Jackson, Treva Morrow, Kathleen Yakunovich, Carol Anne Hermann, Christine Jans, Jack Childers. ABSENT: Kathy Bradford, Ruth Ann Gestaeker, Robert Urbansky, Larry Moore, Gary Lynn Matheny. KINDER GARTEN FIRST GRADE CAMDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FRONT ROW: Diane Ives, Joyce Tucker, Bobby Williams, Joyce Franklin, Donald Ball, Sally Hammond, Judy Crawford. SECOND ROW: Freddie Gibson, Rickie Meilander, Jack Anderson, Joyce Morrow, Cynthia Neal, Charles Caywood, Gary Moore, Billy Rossell. THIRD ROW: Miss Brown, Billy Jungeberg, Douglas Attolter, Danny Lang, Tommy Gregory, Frank Hozalski, Lewis Hornbeck. ABSENT: Wilma Phillips, John Davidson, Donna Krieg, Bobby Bolen. FIRST GRADE SECOND GRADE SECOND and THIRD GRADES THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW: Rachel Hinton, Mervin Brurnby, Sylvia Buchs, Paul Matus, Diana Gerber, Billy Wossilik, Kathleen Hill, Jimmy Buchs. SECOND ROW: Timothy Buchs, Ralph Hines, Donna Springer, Mary Jo Harris, Rosemary Buczek, Linda Teets, Christine Williams, Scott Pagan, Timothy Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Gary Swizer, Verlin Gibson, Roger Crawford, Donald Neel, Douglas Neel, Donald Everett, Larry Lang, Bobby Ball, Mrs. Pycraft, teacher. FRONT ROW: Larry Watts, Jeanne Mikloda, Alan DeGennaro, Mariorie Battenhouse, James Davidson, Gail Lindeman, Lester Ca-sada, Juanita Troxel. SECOND ROW: Ganzie Nickolas, Michael lves, Gayle Mauntel, Gail Coven, Julia Jans, Janet Barber, Kathleen Matus, Richard Rivera, Richard Aftolter. THIRD ROW: Allen Hornbeck, David Vlk, Kenneth Bates, Bobby Born, David Pollack, David Sponsler, Michael Weston, Dale Gronsky, Mrs. Harris. ABSENT: Daniel Bennett, Rodney Blankenship. FRONT ROW: Marcia Caywood, Steve Matus, Joanna Nicaloson, Nevin Fannin, Linda Cleary, Tommy Husted, Darlene Ronez, Roger Williams, SECOND ROW: Iva Jones, Lillian McLaughlin, Kathy Bowman, Steve Holomuzki, Tommy Gentowski, Tommy Wossilek, Cynthia Gerstacker, Bonnie Buchs, THIRD ROW: David Leninger, Gerry Teets, David Bures, Barbara Childers, Anita Davidson, Larry Cucco, David Bly, Ronald Nicholas. ABSENT: Dennis Dellefield, Peter McRoberts, Prendith Morrow, Marilyn Groot, Marilee Groot, Mrs. Holmes, teacher. FIRST ROW: Beverly Geist, Billy Jones, Caroline Harness, Carter Hammond, Peggy Gregory, Joe Hinton, Jo Ann Pluto, Bobby lrvin. SECOND ROW: Gary Hamilton, Yvonne Neal, Margaret Fannin, Sandra Scheicl, Pat Ball, Linda Gerber, Marsha Matus, Gerry Pluto. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Durfee, Hal Lang, Charles Liver- more, Charles Gilbert, Richard Nell, Kenneth Casada, Lawrence Springer, Harold Gibson, David Bennett. ABSENTEES: Barbara Bradford, Christine Franklin, Jerry Anderson, Ronald Aftolter. FIRST ROW: Wayne Kinsley, Jack Swiers, Tony Blankenship, Larry Hill, Bobby Gerber, Kenneth Urban- sky, Larry Smith. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Margaret Hunt, Cathy Wyler, Myrna Lewis,, Shirley Wossilek, April Blackwell, Sandra Coward, Gloria Davidson. THIRD ROW: Howard Phillips, Gale Bly, Joe Gerber, Gene Rym, Ralph Brumby, Gerald Pollack, Gerald Matus. ABSENTEES: Grace Gerstacker, Patricia Williams, Ronald Edwards. FIRST ROW: Connie MacNeill, Harold Zimberlin, Paula Matus, Richard Joslin, Bonnie Wyler, Tommie Swiger, Judy Jungelberg, Dallas Jones, Barbara Borrhello, Kenny Butler. SECOND ROW: John Moehl, Roger Davidson, Tucker Dixon, Lynn Meyers, Ray Denny, Charles Jackson, Roland Miller, Keith Bauer, Larry Butler, Mrs. Mary Schafer. THIRD ROW: William Born, Danny Affolter, Donna Blankenship, Marilyn Rym, Marcia Bursley, Jane Woodrum, Janet Earl, Judy Hines, Jack Kasper, Dennis Haught. ABSENTEES: Wendy Coven, Norris Dennison, Francis Gronsky. FOURTH GRADE FOURTH and FIFTH GRADES FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Heilman, David Gele, Catherine Taylor, Bernard Knoble, Rebecca Elliott, Kenneth Bray, Donna Bray, Carl Wilms, Sharon Surrarrer, Claude Markstahler. SECOND ROW: Charles Gessner, Shirley Marcum, Daniel Driver, Mary Jenkins, Robert Sennhenn, Linda Kruse, Earl Hows, Susan Porter, Lum in 3 Gary Koepp, Lana Jackson, Mrs, Florence Gall. THIRD ROW: Jessica Pondage, Theodore Pechaitis, Dian Brucher, Thomas Pechaitis, Elizabeth Larsen, Eugene Carver, Alberta Jackson, Terry Smith, Nola Watson, James DeWalt. ABSENTEES: Linda Jones, Gloria Mclntyre. FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Beth Miller, Michael Leuszler, Carol Wilms, Steven Schroder, Christine lckes, George Greulich, Ronda Frye, Travis Johnston, Elizabeth Flynn, Lee White, Barbara Corn, SECOND ROW: Paula DeWalt, Timothy Conrady, Christine Hamilton, Earle Shimer, Penny Mossman, Kenneth Sanders, Caroline Taylor, FIFTH Richard Pollack, Mary Lou Baatz, Bobby Bray. THIRD ROW: Mark Shimer, Robert Baumhardt, Cecil Dalton, Zona Walker, Lois Reinhard, Judy Sennhenn, Kathleen Leimbach, Richard Aufden- kampe, Mark Hall, Danny Pryor, Donn Ackerman. GRADE THE KIPTON BANK COMPANY KIPTON, OHIO PHONES Oberlin 5-0112 Wcmcmflland 5-4334 v DEPOSITS msuneo A Tho Fadoral llooosn lnsoranoo Corooranon Q 9 1' , sv WASHINGTON, D. C. slo,0o0?6:'gyc.:4'ggggQ?gg510,000 Q. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BEVIERS' "Your Store for Values and Courtesyw DRY GOODS AND READY-TO-WEAR Beviers' Dry Goods Store 218 Main Oberlin UBEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1958" WATSON HARDWARE South Main Oberlin CARLYLE SHOP IMPORTS and ANTIQUES "A Shop Known From Coast To Coastn PEGGY GLASS OBERLIN BEN FRANKLIN GRADUATES - BE THRIFTY, O0 To The BEN FRANKLIN STORE Oberlin, Ohio For Your Dime Store Needs HERRICK'S JEWELRY STORE Your Keepsake Diamond Dealer HAMILTON - BULOVA - ELGIN - WADSWORTH WATCHES Phone 44461 Oberlin Let Us Help You CAMPUS RESTAURANT HOME MADE ICE CREAM SODA W SUNDAES A MALTS HOT FUDGE SUNDAES Oberlin, Ohio RADIO - TELEVISION - SERVICE ZENITH SPRINGER-LYMAN RADIO Phone 50341 Oberlin BAUERS' MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR and DRY CLEANING READY MADE SUITS VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS ALTERATIONS and REPAIR WORK 193 Park Avenue Amherst, Ohio MISCHKA CLEANERS MOTHPROOF CLEANING LESSITER zip, ,lllk -- Repairs 4 Rr-placements PHARMACY Int-isiiile W fvii ying A cz f,fI1 pi.-ie Alter-an f1.1 S EXPERT SHOE REPAIR PRESCRIPTIONS MADE-TO-MEASURE-CLOTHES Mlscl-IKA MEN'S WEAR AMHERST 174 Park Avenue Yu. 8-84127 Amherst AMHERST PAPER 8. PAINT 182 Park Avenue Amherst, Ohio Yu. 8-8234 M. A. Pl..-wo EHRMAN-BECKER, Inc. REALTOR and INSURANCE Phone Yu. 8-4482 Amherst RHODES JEWELRY 8. SPORTING GOODS DIAMONDS 4 WATCHES 4 SILVERWARE 409 Dixision Street Vermilion Phone Wo 7-4253 SCHWENSEN'S BAKERY CAKES - COOKIES ROLLS - PIES - PASTRIES Phone Wo 7-3774 Vermilion GOOD LUCK CLASS OF "sa" THE LUDLOW STUDIO SCHMIDT FLORIST and GREENHOUSE Flow ers for AII Occasions S PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Q 955 State Street F Q F3' E5 1 O Verm i I ion 4-O7Vg Dixision Street E-CP Phono Wo 7-3106 Ve rmiIion AMHERST NEWS-TIMES 242 Church Street Phone 41111 ALL TYPES OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING COMPLIMENTS OF C. J. SPRINGER Insurance and Real Estate YOUR NATIONWIDE AGENT 252 Spring Street Amherst MlSCHKA'S FINE CONFECTIONS AMERICAS FINEST HOMEMADE CANDIES and ICE CREAM Amherst AMHERST DRY CLEANERS 240 Tenney Ave. Amherst WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT 8-Hr. Service On Specials Phone 44-911 .l0E'S DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE 23 South Main Oberlin HAMILTON f ELGIN 4 BULOVA WATCHES WATCH REPAIRING ORANGE BLOSSOM DIAMONDS W. E. PARKER JEWELER "TIME SHOP" II East CO1Iege Street Oberlin SCOTT'S BARBER SHOP 3 - BARBERS A 3 Open 8 2i.IIl. to 6 p.rn. thru Thursday Fridays 7 p.m.. Saturdays 5 p.m. 44 SO. Main Street Oberlin. Ohio THE FARMERS ELEVATOR CO. GRAIN A FEED FERTILIZER BUILDER'S SUPPLIES FARM IMPLEIVIENTS Amherst. Ohin Y -- -7- - -W HAYLOR'S BOOKS - STATIONERY - GIFTS 27 West College Street Oberlin POWERS 81 DAWLEY MEN'S WEAR Oberlin, Ohio MACKENSIE'S DELICATESSEN 135 Park Avenue Amherst Phone Yu 8-5522 FOR THE FINEST IN NURSERY STOCK VISIT MITISKA NURSERY Amherst Yu 8-4123 GOODSPEED'S VARIETY TOYLAND FURNITURE Phone Yu 8-5274 Amherst Headquarters fOr Sealy Posturepedit: Mattresses WALTER'S SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 33 West College Street Oberlin SLUTZER'S SUPER MARKET 133 Park Avenue Amherst Phone Yu 84481 PLATO COAL 8. BUILDING SUPPLIES JOHN P. RUTH PRATT az LAMBER PAINT Tammy Avenue Amherst COMPLIMENTS OF OPPERMAN FRUIT PRODUCTS CO. PRECISION HIGH LEAD BRONZE BE BIRMINGHAM METAL PRODUCTS Manufacturers of AHINCS Birmingham Birmiiigharn Box 57 I X I 'H la Z 'I 'dj RKET yy MARTIN'S BIRMINGHAM " FOOD MARKET Jom P. MARTIN, Proprietor WE DELIVER Birmingham Phone Wo 5-5222 COMPLIMENTS OF VINCENTS' SOHIO SERVICE GARAGE Phone 5,4281 FIOI'PllI'tl. Ohio GARLAND FUNERAL HOME EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE 340 Penh Avenue Amherst Phone 41241 COMPLIMENTS OF JANBY OIL COMPANY Atlantic Gasoline Atlantic and Firestone Products Motor Oil Fuel Oil Lubrication W Tank Wagon Service Oberlin ZIMMERMAN DAIRY GARGASZ GARAGE ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS West Mein st feet South Ain 400 Tenney Ave. Amherst Phone 66913 Ph. 44871 GULF PRODUCTS KIPTON HATCHERY OHIO - U.S. APPROVED - PULLORUM CLEAN MASTER MIX STARTER - POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone Oberlin 5-OI I4 COMPLIMENTS or E. H. RUTH GROCERIES f MEATS GENERAL MERCHANDISE South Amherst THE MEN'S SHOP On The Square Elyria CLASS SWEATERS Sz JACKETS EVERYTHING IN SPORTING GOODS LOUIS HARWARTH VARIETY STORE GROCERIES - MEATS GAS - OIL - TIRES Work Clothes or Whatever You Need Quarry Road South Amherst Phone Amherst 8-435 WE DELIVER MAKRUSKI BROTHERS One Stop Service 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Corner N. Lake St. and E. Main St. Ph. 6-6021 So. Amherst COMPLIMENTS or KIPTON GENERAL STORE CATHY SMITH FRED and Hfxzm, SMITH Phone Oberlin 5,0110 Kipion - BAUMHART'S Rexall Drug Store Phone 4115 Vermilion HAWKINS FLOWERS and GIFTS 4-06 Division Street Vermilion THE ERIE COUNTY UNITED BANK MILAN On the Comer Public square Deposits insured hy The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Up to 310,000 for Each Depositor WILM'S FLORISTS 1065 N. Ridge Road West Phone CEdar 3-6154 Lorain BAKSA'S SERVICE CENTER CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS W. River and 3rd St. Elyria, Ohio FLOWER'S HARDWARE YU 8-4141 ELLISON UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Phone WO-7-4492 4-07 Division Street Vermilion Draperies "Quality at a Budget Price" Carpets Slipcovers Upholstering D u Q E DRUGS DRUG STORE 43,1151 HARTS CORNER KYLE 8. SON Pontiac-Buick Sales and Service Goodwill Used Cars Complete Repair and Body Shop Visit us at our modern new location W. Lake Rd. Vermilion WO-7-3128 SERVICE , Prescription Service Vermilion Phone Wo-74220 NORDSON CORPORATION Airless Spray Coating Equipment Subsidiary U. S. Automatic Corporation Amherst, Ohio Best Milk in Town Tl-IIS IS N0 BULL MAUER-WIKEL DAIRY Vermilion Phone 3192 if f , mm H21 1 A. G. COMINGS 81 SON Eatorfs Fine Letter Papers Parker Sz Esterbrook Pens Hallmark Greeting Cards Books and Music 37 West College Street Phone 43741 Oberlin, Ohio PRITTIE'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE We are always getting something new s top in and look around Phone 5462 Amherst Compliments ol' FISHERS DEPT. STORE Phone 423i Vermilion M. A. HARRISON MFG. CO., Inc. N'IANUFACTLfRER OF BRASS uml BRONZE PRODUCTS BIIWIIIIIQIIHITI. Ohm SOUTH AMHERST BUlLDER'S SUPPLY, Inc. COMPLETE SEPTIC TANK INSTALLATION CAS and WATER LINE TRENCHING BUILDERS' SUPPLIERS I lxme I TRUCKINC Amhf-rat Ph 4,u1 e Yu 6-6071 Route 113 W,xRRI1N Powmzs STAN IMQILIISOIL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO FINISHING OFFICIAL PHOTOCRAPHER FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK AND CLASS OF 1958 LAWSON'S CAMERA and DARKROOM SUPPLIES MEN'S and BOYS' FURNISHINGS E351 College St. PhDI1C 4-3231 49 East College Street Oberlin, Ohio Oberlin FOR NEWS OF THE FIRELANDS YOU,LL FIND IT IN THE CHRONICLE TELEGRAM PHONES: Elyria FAirfax 33321 Lorain CHerry 4-1119 lin, ff ,, .,T, WNEK'S AUTO SERVICE, Inc. W' J' BODMANN CO' "BILL,S MEN'S SHOP3' 24-HR. AAA and WRECKER SERVICE Glassware - Drygoods i Chinaware - Menswear SUNOCO PRODUCTS Church Street and Park Avenue Amherst Day Phone Yu 11--7250 Night Phone Yu 4-3215 Ph. Yu 8-4-492 Amherst ZILCH FLORIST TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU M'KE,S B'KE SHOP SCHWINN and ROLLFAST BIKES Oberlin Ph' 50201 ACCESSORIES and REPAIRS Amherst 423 Wert 2rrrI Street Elyria Ph. 44-831 FA 2-9025 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS THOMPSONS' DELICATESSEN STORE HOMEMADE BULK ICE CREAM CARRYCUT BEVERAGES Rr. 113 South Amherst BAKERS ROYAL TYPEWRITERS - VICTOR CALCULATORS STEELWOOD DESK CHAIR SHELVES Lorain County Brand Name Distributors Since I932 FREE PARKING WOODS FLORIST Oberlin. Ohio Phone 4-26 II FOX FURNITURE 35 East College Street Oberlin FURNITURE A APPLIANCES E. P. FRENCH Variety Store Wakeman, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF WAKEMAN HARDWARE H. W. REIGHLEY 8. SON, Inc. CUSTOM BUTCHERING PROCESSING LOCKERS 80 South Main Oberlin Ph. 50501 KOLENDA JEWELRY JOSEPH KOLENDA, Prop. Expert Watch 81 Clock Repairing DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY 296 Church Street Amherst ADDISON T.V. SALES 8. SERVICE HIGH F1D13L1TY COLOR - RADIO - TV - PHONOGRAPH Service On A11 Makes Phone - Wakeman - 4091 T. O. MURPHY C0 CO-OP OBERLIN HURRAY FOR MATHENY LIPP'S TEA AND CHINA Plume- 2177 114 Bruaduux Lorain CLARENCE MILLER'S Plllllllllllg-Hf'3llIlgi' . W. . and Elevlrlcal bupplws B1I'IIllllghiifTl. Ohm Route 113 OBERLIN MOTORS Pontiac Sales and Serxicc NEW AND USED CARS Complete Auto Body Sem ice Phone 44431 Oberlin F. E. BAKER and SON INC. Ford and Mercur' Sales and Servie Vermilion Ph. VVO-7-3l47 Compliments of CROW LUMBER CO. Liberty Street Vermilion Compliments of VERMILLION HARDWARE Wil-7-4l54 416 Grantl St. HAGEMAN SHOES 387 Broadway Owl Stamps Lhiropotl lst Lorain - IVES - THE FRIENDLY REXALL DRUG STORE Careful Preparation of All Prescriptions Friendly, C rmii rteous Service 25 W. College St. Oberlin Phone 4-2211 Compliments of FOUR WINDS DRIVE-IN AND PIZZERIA Une ofthe Hoop Drive-ln Route 25 and Oberlin Ave. THE FIRELANDS COMMUNITY BANK TWO OFFICES HUIIONBEIILIN HEIGHTS 1883 1953 'eSeveIIty-Five Years of Scrvicei' 'CA Friendly Place to Bankw Meniher-F.D.I.C. Compliments of MOREHEAD FOOD MARKET Choice Meals-Groceries-Produce 16 S. Main Ph. 47221 Oberlin Compliments ol' PERRY'S BARBERSHOP 31 S. Main Ohe rl in LAKE SHORE CLEANERS We Own and Operate Our Own Dry Cleaning Plant Phone 4223 Vermilion OBERLIN MUSIC SHOP 20 Ii. c:I,iieg.- Oberlin. Ohio RAY'S BARBERSHOP IIBERLIN INN B1,oc:I4 Facing the Parking Lot 38 lu. Lolln-ge George and Ray THE NORTHERN SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. Middle Ave. at Second St. Elyria "A SAFE PLACE FOR SAVINGS" 31521 - CURRENT INTEREST M 3162 Compliments of BECHSTEIN'S GARAGE FLORENCE Rr. 113 Phone Wo. 5-7005 Visit THE POPCORN BOWL AFTER SHOWS AND GAMES FOR SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT 24 E. College Oberlin Ph. 48821 OBERLIN BIKE SHOP Compliments of Bicycles-Evinrude Motors L R . BASIC FOOD MATERIALS, INC. awnmower epairs Ph' 48531 Vermilion 67 S. Main Oberlin REX LEES ORCHARDS KREB5 MOTOR SALES NEON SIGN TOP OF Good Uscrl Cars Wrecker Service HENRIETTA HILL Rt ug Auto Rental at Cmnmercial Rates R D W2 Amhprst Phone Blrm. Wo. 5-nl ll Compliments of . . N J W PITKI THE OBERLIN YOUR DEPENDABLE JEWELER Norwalk, Uhio Ph. 46051 l3 S. Main Oberlin Q COIVIPLIMENTS OF SERYICE VAN'S CITIES SERVICE Ph. 50381 - 50582 Oberlin BEAR FURNITURE CO. FRYBURGER GROCERY "One Stop Storen LORAIN O'NElL-SHEFFIELD Quality Meats Groceries El-'YRIA Gifts Toys Florence Phone Birm. 5101 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the "Good Things to Eatn AMHERST, OHIO Class of '58 THE PATRICK-HESS CO. Norwalk,s Quality Store for MEN and BOYS Wrecker Service General Repairing HECKLEMAN'S SERVICE Wm. Heckleman, Mgr. Berlin Heights, Ohio Compliments of RAVER GROCERY Florence Compliments of WATERMELON MARKET Route ll3 Henrietta RD. 412 Amherst McDOWELL ORCHARDS ApplesiPeaches Phone 7762 Birmingham PURCELLS Hardware and General Merchandise Birmingham Phone 4312 DONATION From a Friend Compliments of THE FASHION SHOPPE Norwalk, Ohio AMHERST COLD STORAGE AMCOSTO INC. Franklin Avenue Pl'l0Il6 Amhergl WOODING'S HOME APPLIANCES and ZENITH RADIO AND T.V. 276 S. Main St. Ph. 88501 Amherst. Oh Compliments of HOLMAN JEWELERS Across from Court House Norwalk, Ohio Compliments of THE BERLIN HEIGHTS BOX CO. Compliments of Manufacturers of Fine Quality l Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Pkgs. Since 1858 Phone 2431 Berlin Heights, Ohio Congratulations GRANGE INSURANCE to the D. A. WASEM Class of 1958 Box 117 YASHERS TAVERN . . . Birmingham, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of1958 DAVIDSON ELEVATOR GRAIN - FEED - COAL Kipton NAEGLE'S MEATS AND GROCERIES 404 Division St. Vermilion, Ohio Phone 4116 We Give Owl Stamps Compliments of THE BIRMINGHAM BARBERSHOP Rt, H3 M. A. EWELL and JIM MARVIN Compliments of ALBEE ALL-STAR HOMES AMHERST, OHIO Phone Birmingham WO. 58215 R.D. In JARRETT'S GARAGE Second Street Birmingham, Ohio Compliments of CENTRAL BOOK STORE 1491 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio LAKELAND SWIFT HOMES -Ready Cut-No Money Down'- Phonc Birmingham 584-I5 on Rt. U3 Below Henrietta Hill PURCELLS Hardware and General lVIer1'handisc: Birmingham Phone WO. 54312 HELL .NSW MEENAN'S SHELL SERVICE Gas'--Uilwflar Repairing Lillian 81 Carl lVI ixffi ian Route 113 SZ 60 Birmingham, Ohio PETE'S HENRIETTA SERVICE Tractor Tire Sales and Swim Phone 7065 Birmingham GRIFFIN BOX COMPANY Nlanufavturcrs of Crates. Ladders, Boxes. Poultry Coops Birmingham, Ohio SUNCREST BOTTLING COMPANY 2215 Lake Avenue Elyria ROWE-GOERNER MOTOR SALES De-Soto Sales Plymouth Service Hack Haggard-Salesman? Ph. 50061 Oberlin l64 E, Lorain St. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS Compliments of KAISER WELLS DRUGS Oberlin Wellington J. SHOULTERS TEXACO SERVICE Soft Drinks and Candy X t TE :Ai 9 Kipton Ohio We Welcome Firelands School Pupils, Faculty, and All Others Interested in the Best Tonsorial Work CLIFFORD H. PETE DERBY PAUL HARTENSTEIN Your Friendly Barbers 106 West Liberty Street Vermilion Ohio MOORE'S DRUG STORE The Main Store on Main Street 19 South Main 52241 Oberlin STRITTMATHER AND SON PLUMBING AND HEATING East Lake Road Vermilion WOodward 74254 We provide financing for your home improvements Mrs 232. 1 4 1, .7--fa fm ,fwzgqpw gQ.q.45y,5f OLDSMOBILE Phone 44-031 MILAD INC. 283 Church Street Amherst, Ohio CHEVROLET L-'Q-D GERBER FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Emergency Ambulance Service f24 hr.J Air Ambulance Service Anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Phone 4881-5464 I , w if GLEN FU LPER'S SOHIO Complete Service and Parts For Your Car TONY'S SHOE STORE Leather Goods and Hosierw We Give Owl Stamps Phone WO. 73107 PRIEUR APPLIANCES GE. Appliances 328 lVIain Street Phone WO. 73107 Compliments of TOM'S LUNCH Open 24 Hours ai Day Phone W O. 57312 FORMERLY Dress for Success III Henrietta Packing Company Apparel from the NOW T R PREIS S 0 E POLANSKY'S MARKET N't'N'lk' Om" wo. 54891 Henrietta OBERLIN AUTO CLUB Airline Reservations Compliments of COATES FLYING SERVICE Both Domestic 81 International Travel . . Oberlin Airport Authorized Agents l I l Box 298 Ph. 50156 PARK INN Rt. 113 Birmingham, Ohio Music Fri. and Sat. Menu of delicious sandwiches Photographers of Distinction RUDY STUDIO 1939 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Phone CH. 44225 Compliments of LAMVERMEYER ORCHARDS Quality Fruit Mll.TON'S JEWELERS 544- West Broad Street Elyria R.D. 42 Nationally advertised Watches, Oberlin, Ohio Diamonds, and Jewelry WO. 57811 OWENS RECORD RACK ee Largest Record Shop in Lorain Countyu Records-Record Players-Accessories Phone Cherry 61933 617 Broadway Lorain Congratulations and Lots of Success TED JACOBS 209 Fourth Street Lorain, Ohio Compliments of the LORAIN TELEPHONE COMPANY 203 9th Street Lorain ORTNER AIR SERVICE INC. Flight Instructions Charter and Cargo Service WOodland 57575 Birmingham LENNY'S DRIVE-INN FRENCH FRIED ONIONS FRENCH FRIED MUSHROOIVIS BANANA SPLIT Route II3 Near Elyria West 38th 81 Oberlin Ave. Lorain IMYEI MA Compliments of FRED E. GRAVES Compliments of WELLINGTON CASH MARKET Phone 5201 Wakeman I THE OBERLIN SAVINGS BANK Friendly, Convenient Banking Service We Invite You to Use Our Many Banking Services Checking Accounts Personalized Checks Bank Money Orders Travelers Checks Savings Accounts 21671 Savings Certificates Christmas Savings Vacation Savings Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE AMHERST LUMBER COMPANY Authorized to Plan and Build Doan Designed "Poleframe" Farm Buildings To Be Sure To Get The Man With The Plan Call YU. 8-41-431 Amherst VY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL EdIThk TTh AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY H b 1 M PARSONS JERSEY DAIRY, INC. Quality Grad A D P d Ph 50791 Ob 1 Oh

Suggestions in the Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) collection:

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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1958, pg 47

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 17

1958, pg 17

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