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gum 1957 TURCH pfmwzedde, was smmm cmss Fmmwns num salmon Odmdae, Odin X X: .Ln X .Xi M ' 'x l ni X if ' 914, W A ' 1 kj , "' v VALE 0416 In our three short years here at Firelands High School we have striven to change tram adolescents to mature adults readying ourselves tor the various professions that we may follow Firelands has been our training ground. Here in her walls mental and physical growth has taken place. We have been taught about the social, economic, and political problems ot the world and how to cope with them. Our teachers, whom we are very proud ot, have strived to insert in us traits of character, especially those ot leadership, initiative, integrity and ambition. These particular traits, we will need very much when we step out into the world which is now opening to us. For many ot us it will be college after we graduate and for others not, but wherever our path may lead we will not always be under the watchful wing of teachers and parents. Our next move will not be planned for us as it has been in the past. This wonderful environment which we have had and our education in a tree democratic country will help us to be upholding and substantial citizens and builders of America. This Yearbook will be a means of looking back at our ioys and sorrows which also go into making mature people, and will be o permanent record of our years at Firelands High. Larry Bettcher Editor-in-Chief 'P c. 1" Q Cf. IS" Pax ap' "' C, Q . 34 'it I Y ff 4, I O I In looking bock on our high school cloys, we will olwoys see Mrs, Eloise Fowler, o truly wonderful teocher, triencl, ond "Mother owov trom home." Mrs. Fowler hos olwoys been willing to help us with ony problem we ever brought to her, school, onol personol problems olike. Although she is CI teocher, ond cn good one, we will olwoys remember her os "one of the gong." We know, thot in the future, mony will come to know ond love her, ond miss her when grocluotion doy is post, iust cs much os we hove. Therefore, with these thoughts in mind, we the Senior Class of Nineteen Fifty-seven, do, with love, respect, and in oppreciotion tor cill she hos done tor us, dedicote to her the following pciges. 3 I., gee :fr I 433995 "i5'3'N' P,.T , 7 TOP ROW On your Mcxrk! SECOND ROW Get Ser-Mr. DeGennc1ro-Hundred Yard Dash- THIRD ROW The Thundering Herd-The Win- ner-FOURTH ROW They're Off-FIFTH ROW At the Races-Brion-Neal-Arf. ' 9 a HW! ill The i957 Class of Firelands High School wish to show our appreciation and thanks to the faculty for Their kindness, thought- fulness, and the willingness to help in any situation, whenever it was needed Throughout our high school career. We shall always remember the interest they showed toward personal problems, and the pleasant, friendly environment, which the faculty provided for our daily lives. 5 Superintendent-Mr. Erhman We wish to extend our appreciation to Mr. Ehr- man tor his guidance and understanding in making the students of Firelands High better citizens for the future. We also want to thank him for promoting better educational facilities for our communities. Mr. Ehrman's honest, friendly manner and good example has won him a great many friends, not only in school, but also the community. BACK ROW-Left to Right-James Erhman lSuperintendent of Schoolsl, George Reinhard Nice-Presidentj, Howard Born, Willis Wasem, Martha Baumann, Viola Lees lSecretaI'yl, Paul Knott lPresidentJ. .L W, 6 The Tusk of guiding Firelonds High School Through all WCITGVS bofh rough ond smooth is The Tosk which our principal, Fred R. Molheny, so copcbly fulfills. His obiliiy To moke right ond logiccil decisions ond To be ci skilled odminisfroior enobles Firelonds High To remoin ci progressive ploce of education. g,lawS:4,4,4 Principal-Mr. Moiheny ui, LEFT TO RIGHT, Mrs, Betty Boker, Mrs, Wilmo Morkworfh, 7 JANET CONLEY-Glenville State, West Virginia Univer- sity, A.B. English-English, Library. ANTHONY DeGENNARO-St. Francis College, Penn- sylvania State University, B.S., M.E.D.-Math. ROXY DILLION-West Virginia University, B.S., M.A.- Home Economics. ELOISE FOWLER-Ohio State University, B.S. Education, Oberlin College, M.A.-English, Language. LOWELL GATTS-Kent State University, B.S. Education, M,A. Biology-Biology, Wrestling Coach. .rf-Q, 1' ,JY-so Jr .u-'rs it f iii l 5 .J fcig 8 MARJORIE HOWE-Bowling Green University, B.S.-Music department. NELSON HOWE-Ohio Stote University, B.S. Agricul- ture, M.A. Education-Physics, Chemistry, Trock Couch. JAMES KOLLMAN-Bowling Green University, B.S. Edu- cation-lndustriol Arts, Footboll Cooch. CLEMENCE LINDER-Muskingum College, A.B.-Physical Education, Speech. MARGERY MAY-Clevelond Art lnstitute, Degree of De- sign, Florido Southern College, B.S. Art-Art. 9 9 FRANCIS MILLER-Ohio Sfcne UniversiTy, BS. Agricul- ture-Vocational Agriculture CARL ROBART-Balclwin Wallace, A.B. Educafion, Uni- versity of Chicago, M,A. EducafionASocial Science, English. JAMES SEIPLE-Ashland College, B.S,-Hisfory, Physical Education, Basketball Coach, EDWARD SMITHACincinnaTi: Conservatory of Music, Dana School of Music, B.S.-Band. RUTH M. WALLACE-Ohio Universify, B.S. Education, Oberlin School of Commerce, Ken? Sfafe Universijy- Commercial. U. A 'K .1-ef' .,3j g,rf1,m.:.. , .Q ff' A --'v, .,,, A-3 10 xl WU' We The graducning class of '57 wiTh sadness in our he-arfs, deeply regreT leaving Firelcinds. We hope To use our abiliTies ThaT we have achieved aT Firelands High School To show Us The way To success, Even Though we will all go separcne ways, There is one Thing in common Thai' we will always remember, our fellowship and days aT Firelands High School. Geneva Lee Bechstein Hobby-Sewing FHA l, Commercial Club 3, 4, President, Class Ofhcer l, Band l,2,3,4, Yearbook Stott 4, Home Nursing 2, GAA 3, Speech Club 4. Arthur John Born Hobby-Sports FFA 2,3,4, Vice-president, Class OFHcer 4, Sergeant-ab Arms, Class Play 4, Basket- ball l,2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2, Yearbook Staff 4, Track 4. Esther Mae Cadman Hobby-Art work FHA 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, Treasurer, Class Ofticer I, Secretary, Basketball 4, Baseball '4, Softball 2, Mixed Chorus l, Yearbook Staff 4, Cheerleader l, Rifle Club 3, Secretary, GAA 4, Treas- urer, Lorain High 'l,2. Thomas Cassidy Currier Hobby-Sports Class Officer l,2,3,4, Class Play 4, Basketball l,3,4, Baseball i,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3, Newspaper Stat? 2, Track i, Ping Pong Club 2,3. . Laurence Allen Bettcher Hobby-Sports Student Council 4, Vice-pres- ident, Class Play 4, Footbal. 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Cam- era Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Editor, Track 3,4, Speech Club 4, Treasurer, Fairview High School l,2. Raymond Braun Hobby-Sports Class Oticer 4, Treasurer, Basketball l,2,3, Baseball l, Football 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Track l, Chess Club l,2,3, Ping Pong Club 3,4. Kenneth Eugene Cole Hobby--Music Mixed Chorus l, Yearbook Staff 4 George Francis Dubick Hobby-Havin' Fur. FFA l, Class Play 4, Basket- ball l, Baseball l, Football 2,3, Mixed Chorus i,2,3,4, Newspaper Stat? 4, Camera Club 4, Yearbook Staff 2, 4, Speech 4, President. William Gerald Eucker Hobby-Wrestling Class Play 3, Baseball 3, Wrestling 3,4. Brian G. Frecs Hobby-Sports Class Play 4, Basketball 3, Baseball 4, Football 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Yearbook Staff 4, Track 2,3,4, Wres- tling 4, Chess Club 2, Ping Pong Club 3. Robert Joseph Hartle Hobby-Sports FFA President l,2,3,4, Class Officer Secretary 3,4, Bas- ketball 'l,2,3,4, Baseball l, Camera Club President 3: Yearbook Staff 4. Anne Rita Husted Hobby-Sports Commercial Club Secretary 4, Class Otticer l, Class Play 4, Basketball l,2, Soft- bull l,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Band l, Yearbook Stdfl 4: Cheerleader i,2, Maiorette l,2,3,4, Home Nursing l,2, GAA l,2,3 Class Representative, 4 Vice- President. If George W. Fingulin Hobby-Wrestling Basketball I, Camera Club 2,3, Wrestling 3,4. Leon Griffin Groot Hobby-Wrestling FFA l,2,3,4, Basketball l, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Rifle Club 3,4, Wrestling 4, Chess Club l,2,3,4, President Rifle Club 4, Secretary FFA 4. Philip Mowry Howe Hobby-Listening to Classi- cal Music Student Council 3,4, Class Olticer 2,4, Class Play 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Band l,2, 3,4, Track 2,3,4, Chess Club 2, Student Council President 4, Speech Club 4, Senior Class President 2,4. Dorothy Louise Kasper Hobby-Playing Piano Commercial Club 2,3,4,' Q Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Home Nursing l,2, GASA 2, 3,4, Music Appreciation 3. Loren Jay Kirk Hobby-Model Airplanes FFA if Basketball if Pin, Pong Club 3,4. Neal Walter Kothe Hobby-Sports FFA 2,3,4p Class Otihcer lp Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4g Football 2,3,4, Ping Pang Club 3. Sonia Kay Manuel Hobby-Collecting Miniatures Commercial Club 3,49 Mixed Chorus i,2,3,4g Band l,2,3g Yearbook Staff 45 Home Nursing 2px Track l, GAA 2, 4. Pete Anthony Mayer Hobby-Automobiles Barbara Helen Kodysz Hobby-Listening to Radio FHA l,3g Commercial Club 4, Class Officer President lp GAA 3,4. Nancy Jean Lamvermeyer Hobby-Playing Piano Student Council Secretary 45 Mixed Chorus i,2,3,4 Secre- tary, Band l,2,3,4i Year- book Stafl 4, Home Nursing lp Track 35 GAA 2,3,4p Music Appreciation 35 Speech Club Secretary 4. Carol Anne Mathes Hobby-'Horseback Riding Commercial Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,47 Yearbook Stott 47 GAA 4. James Perry Miller Hobby-Model Railroading FFA lg Class Officer 3, Stu- dent Council 2f Class Play 47 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4p Band l,2,3,4, Yearbook Stott 4. Ronald John Muska Hobby-Hunting-Trapping FFA l,2,3,4, Basketball if Rifle Club 3, Wrestling 3. Martha Louise Niggle Hobby-Collecting Earrings Class Officer I, Class Play 4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3, Newspaper Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 3,4, GAA 2,4, Music Appreciation 3,4. Elenore Kathryn Reising Hobby-Sports Commercial Club 2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 3,4, Class Of- ficer, Secretary i, Basketball l,2, Softball l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Cheerleader i,2,3,4, Home Nursing l,2- Track l,2,3,4, GAA l,2,3,4, Class Play 4. William Owen Robert' Hobby-Automobiles Class Officer 3, Class Play 4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Year- book Staff 4, Ping Pong Club 3. Neil Arthur Myers Hobby-Automobiles FFA 2, Class Officer 2, Basketball l, Baseball 'l, Camera Club i, Wrestling 1. Wanda Jean Odom Hobby-Sports Commercial Club 3.4, Class Officer, President l, Class Play 4, Softball 2, Mixed Chorus l,,2,3,4, Band 4, Yearbook Staff 2,4, Home Nursing l,2, Track 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4. Lenore Kathleen Reising Hobby-Sports Commercial Club 3rd Vice- President, 4, Class Play 4, Basketball i,2, Softball i,2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Cheerleader i,3,4, Home Nursing i,2, Track i,2,3,4, GAA i,2,3,4 James Richard Rothgery Hobby-Outdoor Camping FFA 1, Class Play 4, Foot- ball 2,3,4, Vifrestling 3,4, Chess Club 3,4. Emogene Ruth Schlechter Hobby-Being Outdoors Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Class Play 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Year- book Staff 4, Home Nurs- ing 1,2, GAA 2,3,4, Music Appreciation 3,4. Robert Lee Snider Hobby-Picture Collecting FFA 1,3, Class Officer 1, Class Play 4, Basketball l,2, 3,4, Baseball 1,4, Football 1,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Track 3: Rifle Club 3. George Henry Yakunovich Hobby-Automobiles Ping Pong Club 4. Ronald Gilbert Zunt Hobby-Electronics Class Play 4, Baseball 3,4, Football 4, Wrestling 3,4, Chess Club 3,4. ,, , . .lere Franklin Simonson Hobby-Stamp Collecting Student Council 2, Class Play 4, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Camera Club 2,3, Wrestling 3,4, Chess Club 1,2,3, Ping Pong Club 3,4. Dennis Clair Wasem Hobby-Sports FFA 1, Student Council 1, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,3,4, Band 1,2, Rifle Club 3, Ping Pong Club 3,4. Marian Louise Yourlcvitch Hobby-Horseback Riding, Miniatures Commercial Club 1,2,3,4, Class Officer 1,2, Class Play 4, Basketball 1,2, Softball 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Home Nurs- ing 1,2, Track 1,2, GAA 1, 2,3, 4 President. ZWZZ Amee! SECTION I. We, the Class of I957, being of strong mind and sound body, having achieved our ultimate goal-or at least, we hope we have-do now make known our last will and testment. SECTION II. To the Juniors-We will our fine intelligence, as the load is becoming too great to bear. We also leave our ability to pester the teachers and still get away with it-most of the time. that is. To the Sophomores--We will our ability to earn money at the last minute for the senior trip. To the Freshmen-We will our dignified manner and quiet ways. We know there is no room for improvement. To the Faculty-We leave a few months of rest, with the hope that they will be better prepared for the next senior class. Amee II Geneva Bechstein-I will my position as a school receptionist to anyone who is capable of giving directions, and my position as a first clarinet to anyone who can keep both feet on the floor. Larry Bettcher-I bequeath to Bonnie Baker the editorship of the yearbook-You'II love it, Bonniell Arthur Born-I will my position of center on the basketball team to Jim Krupp and my lock on my locker to anyone who can get it open in time to get to class. Ray Braun-I will my weigh in football to John King. Esther Cadman-I will my Brown eyes to Mr. Kollman. Kenneth Cole-I will my ability to get out of work to Marvin Fannin, and my ability to keep out of trouble to Paul Knott. Thomas Currier-I will my orneriness to Jack Bechstein, my ability to get along with all the girls to Earl Hartle, and my slimness to Mr. Seiple. George Dubick-I will my ability to get along with the teachers to Bob Fry and my height to Jim Krupp. Jerry Eucker-I will my wrestling ability to John King. George Fingulin-I will my long hair to Mr. Howe, and my engineer boots to Mr. Matheny. Brian Freas-I will my luck in wrestling to Robert Fry, and my long hair and sideburns to Russell Fox. Leon Groot-I will my "dragging" ability to Bob Fry and my ability to get in trouble to Stan Brumby. Robert Hartle-I will by height to Earl Hartle, and my brother to any girl over 6 feet, 4 inches tall. Philip Howe-I will my curly locks to Terry Myers, my love for foot- ball to anyone lucky enough to play and my iob as president of the senior class to any unlucky soul who wants it. Anne Husted-I will my position as head-maiorette to Mary Ann Keressi, my chair in mixed chorus to someone who wants to sit in it, and my iob as office girl to anyone who can argue with Mr. Matheny fond winl better than I. Dorothy Kasper-I will my ability to sing to all sopranos and all the mixed chorus. Barbara Kodysz-I will my extra weight to Carole Bilby, personality to Marge Call and my artistic ability to Allen Meyers. Neal Kothe-I will my ability to go on field trips to Henry Stevens, and my football shoes to Rich Ward. Nancy Lamvermeyer-I will my ability to wear pink to Mrs. Linder. Sonia Manuel-I will my red hair to Bob Fry and my height i5'I"l to Linda Heggie. Carol Mathes-I will nothing to anyone because I need it all myself. Pete Mayer-I will my ability to get along with Bud Bickle to Bud Knott. James Miller-I will my trumpet to anyone who thinks he can play it, and my ability to stay out of trouble to anyone of several people who need it. Ronald Muska-I will my long hair to Jack Bechstein and my height to Jimmy Harrison. Neil Myers-I will my "hot-rodding" ability to Sonny Pete. Martha Niggle-I will my seat in government class to Nancy Kaw- asaki in the hope that she can stay awake, and my chorus position to Virginia Niggle, my sister, Wanda Odom--I will my position as bass drummer to anyone who wants it, and my cheerfulness to Kay Hall. Elenore Reising-I will to Mr. DeGennaro my brain for the next senior math class, if he can put up with it, myself, Marian, and my sister Lenore to any teacher who could put up with us for a year and to Donna Kinsley, my file in the Commercial Room if she will clean it out. Lenor Reising-I will my ability to shoot fouls to Martha Kelly, and my cheerleading ability to Jeanne Knittle. William Roberts-I will all five of my study halls to anyone who can have as much fun in them as I did, and my ability to try to go out with three girls at once, to anyone with nerve enough to try it. ' James Rothgery-I will my ability to keep out of trouble when I want to, to Mike Slazman. Emogene Schlechter-I will my trombone position to Mariorie Born, and my gym locker to anyone who can get more clothes in it than I did. Jere Simonson-I will my wrestling ability to Ted Logan. Robert Snider-I will my basketball ability to Terry Myers, my foot- ball ability to Hank Stevens, and my speed in track to Bob Miller. Dennis Wasem-I will my ability to stay out of the office to Jim Harrison and my moccasins to Terry Myers. George Yakunovich-I will my college course to Sam Jocobcik. Marian Yourkvitch-I will my smallness to Mrs. Linder, my temper and ability to get along with Mrs. Wallace to Sandy Bechstein, and my ability to try to keep out of mischief to Mike Polansky. Ronald Zunt-I will Mr. Kollman my football shoes, 'cuz I borrowed them from him anyway, and my wrestling ability to Mr. Gatts. 'it SQ! T -Z-is 4. ' we 951 K 5' 'tm S 2 if .1 . ,WL psig.. A :fs:w'131l9iif2,5i:s9i:.4sE 1-eji.-, . s'?l?Lttf7'.s"-W 'S Tmsf .. ,fist r f.,,. .,..sss.f,- ,.-L . . '.....Lr. ,--L' kk.,.: , f fm.,--r, :3,.r:ifi. r ' .'i-tzi.4f,seg?L-lff 2 . g.g.s.a -M ' " ' " '-i n .. - 22 -f ' .--fgsrffs ff.. f. ,..- ,Q-,V 3 .s- .z. .b.,,k ,,,, H. . f--'.s . A.,,. . K . ,sag .-kt. ff 9. T' ww- --.,. . f.s ..,, 5 L .2 W 53? wg.. Sw.. its 515 Bs, Sasfs . 5 3 .M 5 if N Q sf . ft'f'fQ?f-Sf? . 7 'Arif L sit, I .H -Q. f 2? ,aagg-t?..v7 . . .. " .,frtsn, . , Q ss 3. if s T 9 Y . , , fs' i t . Er. -i . .- Q f ..-1521.53-rsi: we S --,, .. .. . 1 lysis 2 -1 W .S f. .,A. ,.. Q--I.-s..,.s,-. .fw- ss . .1 rg ...g-its. , ..--.. .,.- w .,,.. .str .. --eggs. - A r . S. T? K V 2 S .. ,,.,,!. . ,Z ,. .. si as VLsit.'5iiLI:x?5L!9f'7 ...sg3gg' .fisffs ng ,,..k , Q..-...rife .Q-ts? '- rr . or f -me-22.5, k.., s .. 3 s SQ s 5. 2 Q "Diffs s c . , is was -is... , M .. we-sQ..,,... is ,, ss as S ww rs ss Hts, P4 i to 3 .LLL L,Z.V .fy Q,-. ilis-iii: ,. ti . . . 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In the fall of 1954, boys and girls from Bownhelm, Cam- den, Henrietta and Birmingham schools, were brought together under one roof to be made into one group-the students of Firelands High School. Part of this group was the Sophomore class, the first Sophomore class in the history of Firelands High. Rivalry was a high-pitched ring in the ears of the students who were wary, at first, of mixing with those from "other" schools. No one dared to be the first to be named "traitor" to his original classmates by associating with his new classmates, "outsiders" from those "other" schools. But soon, however, the high-pitched inaudible hum, which by now has died out com- pletely. lt really didn't take too long to find out that kids from other schools were iust as nice-well almost as nice and as friendly as the guys and gals from our previous schools. lt's better to "ioin'em" than "fight'em," so finally as a group-indivis- ible, fated to graduate in i957, we pushed our ego's aside, and like a quiver full of arrows sent into learned flight by the bows of knowledge held in the able hands of the archer-faculty, we sped on our way towards our goals. As we went merrily on our way we felt the guiding hand of Mr. Matheny toward a greater degree of conformity than we had ever known before. Getting acquainted was made easier by "All-school" parties, participation in athletic and music or- ganizations, and by that stern necessity-classes. The Sophomore year sped by and before we knew it, it was spring, summer, then fall and back to- school again. Finally! Juniors! Upperclassmenl We made it! That was a real great year. Why with Bill Roberts trying to decide on which girl to go steady with and Anne Husted trying to make up her mind as to which boy was going to take her to the Prom, and Dubick and Bettcher always goofing off, the Junior class had quite a hectic year. Then came the final year of toil. Our. senior year was one "not-to-be-forgotten" experience. Indeed we mean "experience," Of course, the highlight of the year for all seniors, is the senior trip to Washington, D.C. Any senior will tell you that the trip is really worthwhile. We truly enjoyed the prom given us by the junio-rs. The good food, beautiful decorations, and entertainment under the dimmed lights of the auditorium, made it a pleasant evening which we will never forget. lAnne Husted didn't have much trouble deciding who she was going to the prom with this timeri Well, we've finally reached our goal, the summation of twelve years of readin', writin' and 'rithmetic. We'll remember always-graduation day. George Dubick ,V sig if W' - . U . , . . ,. ......,,..., tit wivvzsfiw tr is 'Vs sv fr'-Sb X, 5 S.. ' 'Ts .'.- ,Pri lo' it . K . ge! F. A ' A ,f ix 5 I. ',s- f ' '.s--ttf'i1ssi.S?s Ywifw- ... i . .2 - . .,..., 5. . - .- -1. t..-we . -wg. --4.:..gz.a-is -5 f -' .Q is fy., Qi . ,.,... ,... . T. Q -- K ,s T ' 'T 1 . -.. ..i,,, .. . . 5....., ,,..- .ee ,gy-1'-.sgr. I - 'ff..:: A f .,,--- . .f -s. . ,.,,.,, weft' 2 . -fs fi Uh f' is . . st- . .eggs .wt-. 5. sis., .--rs ... .. ' -.f ... sg: .. .,,-sg.. g.1....s-- - f..l-f.:f9L -Sur? S ..- K... K, r - 445251. 'fiiezgsy Y .- . 1. Qi' fs -iris' fs Q. H. ---- . QA.-fswgr . c ..i. .s 5 V e-.f. - .....,... D , , .. . ,.., I . r .1f? '!sS?i5. .S --s1..:f .ls stltitiiil A - . 1- 2'-. L : -A . , .--:Q-5.-::-, M - ,gfv-.'..s.3..w.'.. reig1s.. f.z-.4.if1 15,41-v'f?F' swiss .. .fir . a ' ' , ' ' . ,... xiii' w ' . .Y . Q.-NEW?-G .... .v .. . ,. . .,-ww -.f -rt.-1--1.r.s--ses'I-H..-mga . ' K f f if Q 5 zistifif' 1 J .f fs, .gf f A " .. - ru... pstzsws. . .,,.. .,., . fs- . mi..2 . .is ..,..-s. 1.22. .- - , -f-sv..-.ffm ..., . sms. .. 7 A if-Sfmt: " .. wma .: ..,..,,. T. TSW.. -2 ' sgwsff' 'sw'..r,.-f..azs f.. 'Es .S wf 7 rssw szs :::ta:ff':."Fs:': -wss-...s- -. .,,. . .. --....-mt:-,, Eff? . .vw- M.. ,. .W -. ....,, , , s-sftsygffsz-.Q mexxzrs., -'22 -- E.. .- - si 1-Q fglsgsigsfrgg ssg 'wtf'-Wsittist t.. 't.e:.-- k t- r st QS ss s is .ssl sig .S X525 .. 5 gg? . it Wig S " si .K ? Y 'ggi t mists - - X TSSLV The closs bodies of Firelonds High School hove ci great deal To be proud of. The mony mo-ney making schemes which ecich one of The classes introduce To The public cire continuously being successes. To The srudenf body, their The Senior Class is leoving behind, we wish The best of luck ond prosperiiy. 19 Lauren Alpaugh, Jerry Bachman, Rita Baker, Bill Bechstein, Sandra Bechstein, Dorothy Becker Susan Bell. Carole Bilby, John Born, Mariorie Born, Marilyn Born, Gwen Brumby, DeEfte Bru- ner, Mariorie Coll. Ralph Cucco, Twila Dennison, Gloria Drought, Jim Du- bick, Judy Edgar, Marvin Fannin, Andy Fritz Faye Green, Paul Hale, Kaye Hall, Martha Henning, David Hiscox, Tom Howe, Ray Johnson. Ogfaow Our 58's had quite a year! Here a smile and there a tear. John Wanyek's loss in sad October Brought all of us some thoughts most sober. Mid lowered lights at our fall dances, We even started new romances! We showed our skill with voice and toots, And all the players heard our "roots" With tights galore o'er proms and plays, We still worked through to brighter days. Among the things we tried to sell Were pop and cards and caps as well. Next year we'll have to show some zip To get the cash for our big trip! Surely best and always great, We're the Class of '58. Mike Polansky-president, Carole Bilby -news reporter, Margaret Parker-secretary, Sandra Bechstein-treasurer, Ted Logan-vice-president. ., f I .. 21sszg,:ii,- is - we z,- ,,::',,::. :vm-,,. W :IU , -I - .rig-i.jig,4i1 Jgffiiuy , . ,::'!z1mff. '::, 35 :gl :mv ,.,, . f3z:fsg,Xs ::'1r:, ,. sg gfg,?m 1- i:,f-'--is-is sir, , ff sfgsv gie11ff,f:.ie2!g safari? J 'Y .Sy , if L ,,.. zo 22,12 . -' -V ii fiixffifi ' f ff , A - I ' - i -5' j-g2x':,gjg' ru ' -T , K w fesiiialz '-gate ailifwwfe-if ' i . 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Setting our sites on the Prom next year, we the Sophomore Class of "59" went at our money making projects with vigor and vitality. Along with our class othcers, which are listed above, we rounded off our elections at the beginning of the year by assigning Janet Markworth, Karen Nabakowski and Dave Odom as Student Council representatives. Our first real endevor to make money was F.H.S. letters, then we sold popcorn at all the home basketball games. After one of the home games we sponsored a "sock hop" as a means of building up our treasury. At Christmas time and Valentines Day we proved ourselves to be good salesmen by making a success to selling candy. Toward the end of the year we had a bake sale. For our own pleasure we had a class party on May 8. Mrs. Fowler, M .1 rs. Dillion and Mr. Miller guided us through the year as class advisors . 5 1 S S 3 .s if s is s me .....s.. vis 2 Q S S Km S ......... ... 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Abseni - Fred Walson, Janet Markworfh. asain? ha m m e r Searles Officaw Judy Clark-secretary, Joyce Kneisel-treasurer, Karen B0"n'P"e5ldenT, Merry Jo Thompson-news reporter, Megan Elll50l'1-NEWS reporter, Janet Watson-vice- president. The first year of high! We were all a bit nervous at first. Would the upperclassmen :im their superiority? Would we get our schedules mixed up? These questions, and others bothered us for awhile, but after' a week things began to run smoothly. We had our first class meeting and the officers were elected. Ruth Alicie We got the ball rolling by selling potato' chips at basketball games and from there the treasury built up steadily. We had a sock dance, a skating party and we hope to have some other activities be- fore the year is over. Our student council members are Joyce Kneisel, Bill Horvath, and Karen Born. K rt Three members of our class were the Reserve Cheerleaders. They were Joyce Kneisel, Melanie Shimer and Karen Born. Quite a few freshmen had nice exhibits at the Science Fair this year. 1 1 We also had representation in almost all of the sports activities. Charles Bilby, Re- braca Blankenship, Karen Born, Lorene Born, David Bosta- ter, Donald Braun, Deborah Bruner. Richard Calkins, Judy Clark, Ronald Edwards, Megan El- lison, Maynard Em- merich, Beverly Fletcher, Janice Green. Betty Gregory, Earl Gregory, Donna Griffin, Norman Hall, James Harri- son, Martha Hiscox, William Harvath. Edmund Hunt, Nick lvancic, lris Jackson, Sam Jocobcik, Wil- liam Jacobcik Richard Johannsen, Richard Jones. Mary Ann Keressi, John King, William Klinger, Kenny Knei- sel, Jerry Knoble, Charles Knott, Linda Kochheiser. f ,-f, W -11s 1:1 1gg1g1- 1 Y , ' ' 3 x ss. fy 1 -is ws5 .-K1.-1- K '--1K-mf-Sis? 112115111 g 11' K e1s1.g11 llfisi' K- ' 11 1 -FU-e1.s1gs1ss1 11 -1 1 r- -fKsftzfS2fs11 111 :sf-K if 1 1 1- I 1 ft ' .11 .11 My 1 1 1 .Q1 1 Q5--1.-gg. 1: ,,.,,i-11 1 V. 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L wg ' ,s1,,?,,Q5,,' E - in f eff" , :L , 'K i-tl , ,X G s-fhav' k 3' . 4 fm 4' 1 ai, .-.W 41 j ..v' F! wrfl , ' we pmt M l ff re "mi 'Q' 'V' . 1 , , . 'i' E: H ,rris me fi i Q JY s fl'X'Jv'V he rf ...Q A Bethel Watson, Janet Watson, Tam- ara Wickens. Ab sent-J oyce Kneisel, Gaye Perkins. 25 M , , ' 5 . , ills? T23, , 5, 1 ,Q i 5 1' 1 . Yi' 1 J J I 1 rrs, J " My li I - .ef I K'-K:ff isfifiig ' ,Q . --'ww we .ss g sg, -, - f is 4, .. . i , VS., . ,Q L. K7 , Eg 5 : G if .. , , T ,E .,,, il , A , ,z 'srrfig J' sf my N . an 5 J i,, 4 ' . ,. X, , 1 ,jf may E 2871 i A"" wi' Gary Kodysz, Dale Koepp, Jean Kot- larz, Faith Krebs, Gerald Krumwiede, James Krupp, Law- rence Leadbetter. Erma Logan, Naomi Manning, Cathy Mauntel, Lynn Mc- Dowell, Onalee Meyer Allen Mey- ers, Gary Miller. Mary Minek, Mary Mitchell, Virginia Niggle, James Park- er, Edis Peasley, John Pecha ifis, Jackie Pelletier. Rose Reising, Ros- etta Reising, Joanne Rothgary, Mike Salz- man, Ruth Setch, Wilma Sharp, Mel- anie Shimer. Judy Smith, Henry Stevens, Richard Temple, Merry Jo Thompson, Gary Vincent, Mary Wal- ton, Richard Ward. -H8135 .V jg, ,i 'WV ,.. K I Chaperones - Sonja - Vacationing - Valentine Dance - Bob gets his letter - "Two plus two is five?" - Let's not be bashful. - What'II you have? - iris and Louie - Working hard?- MB As members of many clubs, organizations and extra curricular activities altered at Firelands High we Seniors have learned, assume responsiblities, and take positions of leadership among our fellow students. We teel that these organizations do a time iob of building character, hastening cultural development, and providing an excellent outlet tor the varied talents that prevail among Firelands High School students. 27 'K Phil Howe-President. -.sf -r. During the 56-57 school year the Student Council, under the leadership ot President Phil Howe, sponsored "toys tor tots," school parties, organized noon's recreations, gave a religious Christian program, and sold school supplies for the student body. As a means of improving our school government and habits, we attended other schools in groups of four. Through collecting tax stamps the council added to their treasury and in so doing laid a border foundation for next year. Each member ot the Student Council considered it a great honor to be part of such an organization. ll Cl x 'J TV Left to right: Bill Horvath, David Odom, Elenore Reising, Mike Polansky, Nancy Lamvermeyer, Phil Howe, Gwen Brumby, Larry Bettcher, Dorothy Becker, Karen Born, Joyce Kneisel, Janet Markworth, Karen Nabakow- 0 BACK Row, Left to right Larry Bettchen, Mike Polan sky. lst ROW: Gwen Brumby Phil Howe, Nancy Lamver meyer. Mrs. Smith 744 een The members of the "Firelands Flash" staFl, under the able and patient direction of Mrs. Smith, endeavored to bring to the Firelands area students, the monthly accumu- lation of local school news. Alert news coverage and interesting sports happenings, along with the humurous "Key-Hole, Gossip" column, enlivened the pages of the Firelands High paper. Editorials from both the Flash Editor and school faculty, plus the comings and goings ot Firelands students helped to round-out the news coverage. Few, if any of the staft members, will ever become newspaper reporters or editors, but nevertheless, all the staft enioyed their venture in to the realm of copy, newsprint, and bylines. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Dick Bettcher, George Dubick, Mike Salzmen, Melanie Shimer, Mrs. Smith, Janice Green, Donna Griffin, Marvin Fannin. FRONT ROW, Merry Jo Thompson, Beverly Radcliffe, Kay Hall, Bonnie Baker, Megan Ellison, .loan Clary. f Ll. i .15 ' 29 J, s 2 .411 all BACK ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Seiple, Kay Hall, Dorothy Becker, Pat McQueen, Judy Edgar, Florence Cucco, Jill Keller, Peg Leadbetter, Marilyn Born, Mariorie Born, Elsa Schroeder. FRONT ROW: Gene Dodson, Carl Kopocs, Mike Salzman, Bob Frye, Wayne Morrow, Jon Kodysz. Fecha-'ab 7 ' ' Under the skillful guidance of Mr. Seiple, Firelands High carries out a very effective driver's train- ing program. Besides learning how to drive, the course includes learning the Ohio traffic laws, skillful manuvers, parallel parking, and learning all the parts of the automobile. It is a one semester course requiring each student to drive a specified number of hours before passing the course. This year, as an added feature, the Drivers' Training Department took a survey to determine how effective the drivers' training program is. The results showed that those people who had had the driver's training course had been envolved in far fewer accidents and had been guilty of fewer traffic viola- tions and citations. Also, the department conducted a safety check on the car that the students and teachers drove to school. For the safety of our country and our comunity the driver's training program will continue to be carried out, for we firmly believe that the best way for our young people to learn to drive is through the skillful guidance of a trained instructor. 9.'!'X T' 41 ' 1""-'-RXXY. . W i 'N l i t uf es I A xg E ll .im fs:-11 .1ef-3.,Q.A't,,.:,Q?v:5j- ' M r2!'4'5't e A" H e C H . . . Learning how it works -he 'M' " 1 - f-P-'lf Jill changing tire 30 BACK ROW, Left to Right: L. Reising, C. Mathes, M. Niggle, E. Schelecter, M. Yorkvitch, E. Reising, N. Lamvermeyer, A. Husted, W. Odom, S. Manuel, E. Cadman. SECOND ROW: N. Manning, M. Call, C. Bilby, M. Parker, L. Griffith, N. Manning, C. Roskoski, E. Edwards, B. Sabin, V. Sterrett, C. Mauntel, J. Rothgery. THIRD ROW: T. Dennison, M. Henning, P. McQueen, S. Brandon, L. Heggie, M. Mitiska, E. Schroeder, S. Klinger, J. Knittle, J. Clark, J. Smith. FOURTH ROW: B. Kodysz, D. Kinsley, N. Miller, S. Bechstein, N. Kawasaki, M. Hiscox, K. Born, O. Meyer. FRONT ROW: J. Keller, G. Drought, M. Born, G. Brumby, P. Leadbetter, M. Born, J. Watson, J. Pelletier, E. Peasley, E. Logan, I. Jackson, Mrs. Linder O I 0 0 Q Intramural Volleyball and Basketball, meetings after school, sweater shirt sales and a successful sweetheart dance kept the Girls' Atheletic Association quite busy this year. The newly instituted executive board ot officers and unalerclassmen representatives functioned smoothly to give the organization a well-planned and well-rounded program. Offazew Left to Right: Elsa Schroeder, Marilyn Born, Iris Jackson, Mrs. Linder, Marian Yourkvitch, Wanda Odom, Anne Husfed, Esther Cadman. Girls' Basketball GAA Dance 31 0 3 BACK ROW, left to Right: Carole Bilby, Margaret Parker, Grace Morrison, Mrs. Wallace, Susan Bell, Gloria Drought, Martha Henning, Jeanne Lewis, Geneva Becksiein, Mary Ann Mitiska, Lenore Reising, Nancy Lamvermeyer, Carol Mathis, Wanda Odom, Sonia Manuel. FRONT ROW: Ann Husted, Elenore Reising, Marian Yaurkavitch, Sandra Beckstein, Nancy Miller, DeETTe Bruner, Jill Keller, Donna Kinsley, Barbara Kodysz, Dorothy Kasper, Esther Cadman. "What will be expected of us as a secretary in the business world?" This has been The Theme of The Commercial Club This year. Pratical answers To The question were pro- vided by a field Trip To The Federal Reserve Bank, by outside speaker. "On-The-job" experience was gained by doing secretarial work Tor The faculty members, acting as receptionists Tor The school, and making programs for community and school events. The only requirement for membership is that a student be enrolled in a com- mercial subiect. Mrs. Wallace cfffe BACK ROW, Left to Right: R. Herchler, M. Emmerick, W. Jacobick, E. Hunt, J. Harrison, G. Kodysz. SECOND ROW: D. Koepp, L, Leadbetter, G. Krumwiede, L. MacDowell,, B. Fletcher, THIRD ROW: A. Meyers, R. Ward, M. Ellison, M. Keressi, L. Born M. Shimer, L. Groot, C. Vincent. FRONT ROW: Mr. Seiple, P. Bauer, N. Zurcher, J. Hunter, M. Thompson, R. Edwards, J. King. 'GY . FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Dillon, J. Green, B. Blankenship, D. Bruner, D. Griffin, J. Rothgery, C. Mauntel. THIRD ROW: N. Manning, B. Sabin, J. Schurhammer, K. Cline, D. Bruner, J. Lewis, B. Gregory. SECOND ROW: E. Edwards, L. Kochheiser, J. Clary, G. Morrison, B. Watson, M. Mitchell. FIRST ROW: S Klinger, C. Roskoski, J. Watson, V. Sterret, T. Manning, F. Cucco, R. Alicie. . K ., QXQMA ER5 O 3? X 2 E' mf Z3 :1 I f l! Q IJ- : sw iss af 24 ' 46 O 4190 OR-xx The Firelands FHA had a most successful year un- NEW il der the supervision of Mrs. Dillon. Within our own chapter our activities included bake sales, a Christmas party, a tea for all the girls' parents, and a picnic at Crystal Beach. Joining other FHA girls in the area and in the state the Firelands chapter was repr sented at two general meetings. ln November tive members and the sponsor attended ci FHA rally at Thompson High School near Bellevue. Our chapter was repre- sented at the state meeting in May by the president, and vice-president and the sponsor. Mrs. Dillon ,i'.,E!..'!'w3 TOP ROW, Left to Right: S. Brumby, T. Freas, R. Zunt, D. Bettcher, B. Hartle, R. Braun, P. Howe, D. Temple, J. King, G. Dodson. MIDDLE ROW: R. Roskoski, B. Snider, B. Freas, K. Hufnagle, B. Fry, N. Korhe, D. Wasem, D. Odom, J. Simonson. FIRST ROW: R. Johnson, M. Polan- sky, B. Bauman, J. Camera, D. Hiscox, G. Fingulin, L. Bettcher. JM, ti .,m.L1: Ap The Senior Class presented "You Can't Take it with You," ci comedy in Three acts written by George S. Kauffman, given on January 8, l957. Under the skilled supervision ot Mrs. Linder, many hours were spent in choosing a play which was suitable. The hardest but most enioyable, part of the play was the rehearsing, after school, at night and even on the Christmas Holidays. There was many a hard hour put into the play and without the understand- ing and consideration of Mrs. Linder, our "Play" could never have been the big success that it was. THIRD ROW: Anne Husted, Esther Caaman, Carole Mathes, Elenore Reising, Wanda Odom, Marian Yourk vitch, Martha Niggle, Lenore Reising Emogene Schlecter, Nacny Lamvermeyer, Mrs. Linder. SECOND ROW George Dubick, Bill Roberts, .lim Miller, Larry Bettcher, Phil Howe, Ronnie Zuni, Brian Freas, Tom Currier P055 fl-ie Blinfzsl FIRST ROW: Bob Snider, Art Born, Bob Hartle, Jim Rothgery, Denny Wasem, Neal Kothe, Jere Simonson Now see here! Ah, My little Pavloal 34 I'm-a gonna smell kinda fishyl Xflf fl fi! Y Wllfltl rl? V I X .5 1.1 r .E"lgZ.'Q.91,f'f .rife 4 Iggy 47 r- mllllff l. l 'lil it it dh, If . .-. , gg.. 5. .air ff? Hard at work. 'famed Staff The Yearbook Staff will see the actual finished pro- duct with a sigh of relief and an inner feeling of satis- faction. After months of looking at scraps of material and dismantled pages, it will be hard to believe that all that, went into the Torch. Assembling a yearbook is a great task and requires long hours compiled with ingenuity, patience, and a wanton for achievement. Brian Freas and a force of Seniors started the campaign for ads early and in so doing covered a large area. Last years yearbook was a real challange and we set out to make one iust as good or better than the previous Torch. We have strived to make this book one composed of senior co-operative efforts and consequently a less for- mal, but still informative book. The Yearbook StaH sin- cerely hopes that you like this book. wg--fa STANDING, Left to Right: Sonia Manual, Anne Husted, Esther Cadman, Nancy Lamvermeyer, Dorothy Kasper, Carol Mathes, Emogene Schlechter, Bill Roberts, Jim Miller, Phil Howe, Bob Snider, Jim Rothgery. SEATED: Geneva Bechstein, Bob Hartle, Brian Freas, Larry Bettcher, Martha Niggle, George Dubick, Wanda Odom. FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: G. Kodysz, J. Krupp, E. Hunt, D. Temple, K. Kneisel, H. Stevens, B. Baumann, B. Fry. FOURTH ROW: G. Miller, T. Meyers, N. lvancic, J. Bechstein, M. Emmerich, R. Ebon, J. Camera, S. Brumby. THIRD ROW: J. Krumweide, R. Edwards, R. Green, D. Searles, L. Sebolt, R. Johanson, J. Pechaitis, J. Kodysz. SECOND ROW: M. Kelling, P. Knott, J. Born, B. Miller, D. Lewis, R. Cucco, L. Pete, C. Kopocs, D. Hiscox. FIRST ROW: L. Meyer, B. Bechstein, B. Hartle, A. Born, L. Groot, R. Muska, N. Kothe, Mr. Miller The school year of l956-57 was one of many and varied activities for the Future Farmers of America. Among the group activities were a swimming party, con- servation air tour, scrap drive, parking cars for school events, helping with the Booster Club Carnival, parlia- mentary procedure demonstrations for the Grange, PTA and assembly, trip to Farmers Week at Ohio State Uni- versity, cornpicker safety visits to 99 farmers, many field trips to nearby farms and the annual Parents' Night and Awards Program. Four members attended the i956 FFA Convention and five boys went to FFA Camp. The junior-senior class visited the Farm Bureau grain terminal at Columbus. Eight boys appeared on two radio programs at Elyria. Three oiticers attended a dinner for the National FFA Officers in Cleveland. Fourteen freshman boys were initiated as Green Hands and thirteen advanced to the Chapter Farmer degree. Thirty members had exhibits at the Lorain County Fair where our Educational Booth Exhibit received a blue ribbon. At the Annual Awards Night in May, six persons received the degree of Honorary Chapter Farmer and ten others received Certificates of Appreciation for their services in the FHA. In the district contests, our teams 004' won Silver Award in parliamentary procedure, Bronze in Dairy and Land Judging. Bob Fry-Silver in Public Speaking, Ron Muska- Silver for Reporter's Scrap Book and Bill Bechstein-Bronze for Treasurer's Book. Bob Hartle won the DeKalb Award for Outstanding Senior. FFA Foundation medals went to Art Born-Star Farmer, Neal Kothe-Conservation, Dave Hiscox-Farm Mechanics, John Born-Dairy, and Bob Fry-Public Speaking. Chapter Awards to outstanding underclass- men were won by the following: Freshman-Richard Johannsen, Sophomore-Bob Baumann, Junior-John Born. Lewis Meyer won the Co-op Quiz Contest trip to Raleigh, North Carolina and placed first in the district Scholarship Test. He received a Scholarship to the Col- lege of Agriculture, Ohio State University. Don Lewis won the Ohio Bankers Association award given by the Kipton Bank and placed second in the district. Gary Miller won the purebred calf awarded by the Welling- ton District Holstein Association. Maynard Emmerich received the Ford Tractor Camp Scholarship. John Born was elected president of the Lorain County Junior Fair Board. P3 - if .g..1Q"" . ... , ggp.. . .1 -"' i , . ,, ' x . . . EEG? I G e .e B AMER: 2 A A ' - ' S ' if 3 Iwi 'N e 'Q'-'XFA3 1 c ex f l'T,-:ob v. ,, t, A STANDING, Left fo Right: Paul Knoit, David Hiscox, Bob Miller. SEATED: Lewis Meyer, student advisor, Leon Groot, secretary, Ron Musko-reporter, Bob Hczrfle-president, Arf Born-vice-presideni, Bill Bechstein-treasurer, Neal Kothe-sentinel. 37 33, TOP ROW, Left to Right: E. Peasley, R. Blankenship, M, Minek, M, Keresgi, J Clark, O. Meyer, T. Manning, J. Rothgery. THIRD ROW: B. Tomlinson, B. Scakacs, S. Jacobcik, R. Johnson, M. Fannin, D. Clakins, G. Vincent, D. Bostater, B. Gregory. SECOND ROW: P. Knott, H. Kindrich, C, Kopocs, J. Green, I Jackson, M. Thompson, D. Grittin, C. Mauntel, K. Born. FIRST ROW: J. Smith, J- Kf1eiSelf M- WGlf0fI, l. I-Ogan, D, Bruner, R. Alicie, B. Watson, C. Bilby, J. Bechstein, Mrs. Murphy. is, ,tvsigf Hlliissts 5552.31.16-y L X, .1532 ' ' ' idiiiiif .- i t . 5. 3... .4 3 L .4 'Vi 'I s l This year Mrs. Murphy conducted a very enlightening home- nursing class. The first semester was spent in learning how to care for a bed patient, and during the second semester the class had a mother and child care course. ln April they visited the Cleveland Health Museum-the trip being enjoyed by everyone. 'Nunwsw-mm Wayne Morrow, John Born. ,js.3.f1. .. .... , . fr fiffwv- f14s:v-'-- -- H 5 gf ,Q,.s:f11- ,. , iTi?Q5f'2.' 'ff . es, ., wg-A 7 :sy gf : L: LIVE: QMS yi' : pig gi, , -yifkgtttkgirl ' 1, f.f'.ft's. T' SQ. "'l'?3ii3 Jr- 1wt.r-i.- ,ffsmrffsftrzsffsft1 mgrftgfssv . ' Jie. .rs , -it.q:w":rssiffr-.ist111 iirifgis - -M - H ,.s.-ss-s.f-fri,i-mf es: assist ,?,..,.fsM.,......sre as -g ey 4 . si 32 , .,i -.iss i'-:55:5lis:fj,.i.'i1"lf BACK TABLE, Left to Right: James Rothgery, James Harri- son, John Kodysz, John Sick, Phil Gerki, Ronald Zunt. SECOND TABLE: Mr. DeGenarro. STANDING: Esther Rym, Linda Jackson, FRONT TABLE: Ronald Roskoski, X55 -W. .1 -Lvl? M , -W .., W ws-W ss , A ,. xi... .. . . .... . f ' . g l i? . . i . . s s... SHTZEQ 'iff ... ., I. . slifgffs 5 . 1 . ?'i3i?..fg53'i V s Mil Mrs. Murphy 7757 774mm Hall scene - Between Dances - Affer a hard days work - Surprised? - Making cookies - Sports Nighf - Fred and Judy Watson - Joanne - The Lover - Wonder if she has a porch for that swing? NW- i X 8K W ne. M422 :'5' EL X fm:-if This year instead of having a separate supper for each sport the Firelands Athletes were honored at the end of the school year with a big ham supper and a dance afterwards. Mr. Smith, our band director got Dulio's orchestra. Guarding the relish dish - "chow hounds" - Real hams - Rusty - Passing out letters - Full and happy - "Good meal ladies!" . A311 - ,M I Q grand" - "Anybody look fired?" -- Art and Lindo - "Buger .lilfin "Here's To yah" - Check Girls - Three Good Looking Couples - "Ain'T love 'Wim Left to Right: Mrs. Caika, Mrs. Holzhauer, Mrs. Hawke. Om The task of feeding two-hundred and fifty students and faculty lies on the shoulders of these ladies. Some of our students have traveled to other schools and eaten their noon meals. They all came back and mentioned the fact that our meals were better prepared and there was more offered than at the various surrounding schools. We take off our hats to you, ladies! Bud Bickel , , ss. ... if V r .....y. Q gg j f s l re y ar Q it K :E , .,.M. rar ? V A.. f llll A E If 'Y' . 'T ' K : . If Af 51 ,. ryy . s. . ., K - r '.Lk as 5 -K K, K ,,-.r .4 -l i f l iz! 1'l f . ru if l 'l'l T "f: if 55 .. .,y. A ..... a fs One of many noon meals. O Keeping Firelands High School cleon, and making sure that all The lights and other fixtures are in work- ing order, are a few of the many tasks that pro- vide plenty of work for Bud. Nl The population of the Firelands' area can be very proud of its music department. It is continually putting out accomplished singers and musicians. On the other hand the student body should be thank- ful for the fine equipment and expert directors which we have here at Firelands. 43 LT ...-2 s K xv J 1 . ? i' il . M . The Firelands High School Mixed Chorus consisting of one hundred members, under the direction of Miss Marjorie Howe, is well known for its annual performances. This year the members of the chorus started their public performances at the Firelands High School PTA meeting in October, followed by the annual Christmas Community Club in February. Much of our hardest work was done while preparing for the District Music Contest at Berea High School where we received a superior. We are also looking forward to the annual Spring Music Concert, which will be presented in May, and to the Senior Vesper Services. Readying for contest . 1 Q04-1. I fiflfm, BACK ROW, Left fo Right: Miss Howe, N. Manning, S. Brandau, B. Baumnn, J. Camera, B. Horvath, J. Born, D. Walker, D. Searles, K. Hufnagel R. Braun, N. Zurcher, J, Pechaitis, L. Groot, W. Morrow. FOURTH ROW E. Sayler, L. Reising, R. Edwards, L. Meyers, G. Miller, J. Knoble, J. Dubick J. Hunter, J. Miller, B. Roberts, G. Dubick, L. Bettcher, P. Howe, M. Palansky, B. Frye, D. Temple, M. Hiscox, E. Edwards. THIRD ROW: M. Yourkvitch M. Parker, M. Ellison, E. Reising, F. Watson, D. Odom, T. Howe, D. Braun B. Klinger, K. Kneisel, M. Emmerich, L. Born, M. Born, K. Born, L. Heggie, O. Meyers, F. Krebs, G. Grumby, P. Lecdbetter, C. Roskoski, B. Fletcher. SECOND ROW: R. Setch, K. Mauntel, T. Dennison, D. Kinsley, J. Clark, I Jackson, J. Watson, N. Miller, M. Thompson, J. Green, J. Keller, N Kawasaki, J. Clary, J. Phillips, V. Niggle, E. Rym, M. Born, J. Markworth J. Knittle, J. Kneisel. FIRST ROW: J. Smith, L. Griffith, M. Mitiska, C. Mathus W. Odom, N. Lamvermeyer, S. Bechstein, S. Klinger, P. McQueen, V. Ster rett, M. Henning, E. Schlechter, M. Niggle, E. Schroeder, S. Manuel, K Nabakowski, E. Peasley, K. Clark, A. Husted, M. Keressi. 1 ,716 Miss Howe On the Risers ,f FOURTH ROW: Mr. Smith, G. Brumby, W. Odom, I. Jackson, M. Thompson, R. Braun, D. Braun, B. Klinger, M. Call, E. Schroeder, A. Husted, M, Mitiskcl, J. Rothgery. THIRD ROW: Kasper, J. Pechaitis, J. Miller, S. Manuel, O. Meyer, M. Parker, Kneisel, G. Morrison vermeyer, M. Born, R. 0 Band Practice N. Zurcker, B. Baumann, D. Odom, Eleanor Sayler, L. J. Phillips, P. Howe, G. Miller, M. Born, E. Schlecter, P. McQueen, K. Born, K. Kneisel, M. Ellison, J. Clark, T. FIRST ROW: M. Henning, G. Bechstein, E. Peasley, L. Setch, K. Clark, V. Sterrett. J. Markworth, E. Logan, D. Meyer, S. Bechstein, J. Born, SECOND ROW: S, Brandau, Howe, F. Krebs, L. Heggie, J. Griffith, V. Niggle, N. Lam- Appearing at all the football games this year the fifty piece Firelands High School Band adds a great deal of color through their halt time performances. Every week they build their shows around a theme and carry it out in their music and formations. This year the band entered in the County Music Contest at Clearview by making up ensem- bles of members ofthe band. At community activities the band par- ticipated by playing both popular and classical music. As an added activity they plan to play for other schools. Under the direction ot Mr. Edward Smith, the band practices three times a week. We at Fire- lands are becoming increasingly prouder ot the band and acknowledge the great strides they have taken. Left fo Righf: Marge Call, Elsa Schroe- der, Anne Husfed, Mory Ann Mifisko, Joanne Rothgery Mr. Smith . . M Watching - Birds-eye view - Ddn't look so sad - Fine Group - "Tha1's my boy" - Don't they look studiousl -Geneva ww I I I With a flash of red and white jerseys streaking across the playing area, an enthusiastic cheer from the grandstands, and the thrill of delight as a new point is set upon the scoreboard, sports have played a great part in the lives ot the class of "57". We have learned to abide by the rules of good sportsmanship through our participation in these events and we are sorry to see the end come to our high school sports. i :y,gyy THIRD ROW: Dick Word, Andy Fritz, Bob Frye, Gene Dodson, Roy Johnson, Roger Eibon, Jon Kodysz, Dove Odom, Phil Gerkie. SECOND ROW: Mr, Kollmon, Ted Freos, Mike Polonsky, Neol Kothe, Denny Wosem, Bob Snider, Brion Freos, Dick Bettcher, Mr. Seiple. FIRST ROW: Ronnie Zunt, Jim Hunter, Art Born, Lory Bettcher, Jim Rothgery, Ronnie Roskoski, Ted Logon, Phil Howe, Roy Broun. '2fM7mz7m:wg5eem7fzM7s On the 20th of August, oll those who were interested in ploying footboll reported ot the school. The number thot come out wos not os good os Cooch Kollmon hod expected, but nevertheless, he hod to stort building cz teom out of o "hcindful" of boys. After the Preview ot Oberlin, in which Firelonds ployed o quorter with Westloke ond Oberlin, the six-mon gridders from the preceding yeor found out thot eleven-mon footbcill wos very much different ond it involved ci lot of science connected bcisic fun- dcimentols. During the seoson os mony os six of the storting men were sitting on the sidelines becciuse of iniuries incurred. Although the tecirn did not tolly ony wins, the ployers thot will be bock next yeor will hove leoirned of the bosic footboll knowledge which will be helpfful in moking up o winning teom for the forthcoming seoson. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Henry Stev- ens, Lorry Leodbetter, Jim Porker, John King, John Pechoitis, Mr. Kollmon. FRONT ROW: Dick Temple, Kenny Kneisel, Jim Kurpp, Normon Holl, Don Broun. 50 ll .I Brion Ray f Y I . Q, Phul 3, 4122, iT"1 Larry Bob 591' OFI Neal Denn Jim I' KNEELING, Left to Right: Richard Ward and Lewis Meyer. STANDING: Phil Howe, Tom Currier, Dennis Wasem, Earl Hartle, Arthur Born, Mr. Seiple, Bob Hartle, Wayne Morrow, John Born, Ronald Roskoski, Neal Kothe. With only one regular starter from last year's very successful team, the varsity lbaslcetloalll quintet managed to nearly balance its wins and losses, for an 8 to 9 record in the regular season play. Tournament play touncl the team winning over the favorite, LaGrange by 35 points in the first round. In the second round of the county tournament Ridgeville, the team that was destined to be county, sectional, and went on to the state contest but was beaten, eliminated Firelands by a score ot 59 to Sl. Seniors playing for the varsity included Born, Currier, Hartle, Howe, Kothe, Snider, and Wasem, J. Born, Logan, Morrow, and Roskoski represented the iunior class, and Earl Hartle, though only a sophomore, was a mainstay of the varsity. rt Bo Neal S BACK ROW, Left to Right: D. Wosam, W. Morrow, R. Roskoski, E. Harile, A. Born, J. Born, B, Har1le, P. Howe, N. Kofhe, T, Currier. SECOND ROW: D. Oclom, T. Freos, D. Berlcher, M. Polansky, T. Logon, J. Hunter, D. Searles, T. Howe, F. Watson, D. Scholl, J, Kadysz, FIRST ROW: L. Leadloefter, J. Knoble, N. lvancic, G. Krumweicle, G. Vincenf, H, Stevens, J. Krupp, B, Horvafh, J. Pechaifis, K. Kneisel, D. Braun, J. Parker. and feeadta FIRELANDS OPPONENT 55. . Dec. 7 - Avon ...... 58 63. .Deo 8 - Milan ...... 68 53. .Dec. l4 - So. Amherst .38 65. .Dec 57. .Dec 73. .Dec .l5 -Wakeman . .39 .22 - Avon Lake . .64 .28 - Vermilion . . .78 65. .Jan. 4 - Columbia ...9l 68. .Jan . 5-Berlin Hgfs. .28 64. .Jan. l2 - Wellington . .74 62. .Jan. T5-Milan ...... 42 78. .Jan. I8-Avon ....,. 74 67. .Jan. 25 - Brookside . . .58 65. .Jon. 26-Amherst .... 60 46. .Jan. 29 - So.Aml1ersT .41 43. .Feb. l - LaGrange . .74 79. .Feb. 8 - Ivliclvievv .... 9l 48. .Feb. 9 - Riclgeville . . .58 - COUNTY TOURNAMENT 79 51 LaGrange 44 Ridgeville 59 .. fam- '.-is-in-'-w.11 .uv . qv 1 V' mf' avril- 1,8-,...., vu, . ..,.,....,,4w ..-. ww we gf., I G , , .-..s.l,y 5 w x. r- Yf1--r5'-.v.3.1,.- -:. 1+- 3515 W, .,,,..-,. ,. . .., -ffl. ,- -ng, ,, Ag.. ... 'vt 'L H- ia, an IQ 3 X wwww X AV," gx i -A su F C PY CSAX I5 X X X V .r +- . . rw. 233935. ffl ' 1"-- - X, SSL..- ., - . 7"eC A .-" 5 T -C ,fm f,,..'yl .. - I 4 . I xxx .QU--5.x ,gg J I P xx f., i ' - . ig X, 3- .V 317 T . X ' S X ' J MX -wif 1 NN ' -- . N lm. . wliii' l NS F ., N fl., 'F r N- 4 'A NN . 3 J, X I , ,Q XX .r ' 5- N N . N 41, J. A 5 . 1 .K . 5- SX , V '. .. x ff ' K 2 . -fb. ff." .rf . NX X , .. Y' K ... gf.-,FZ N ' a ,Q 32' .fw - X ' A ,S -' x ' - .H T.. .v ' -f " Nl " lf ' 1 El 588' XX 5 '95 .3 xx J ali? if A T X A 5 1 '- 'wif 325. 1- , . .. .5 k 'f 4,3-' 4 X- X A - 11: 14 1 .rf . . J P, :,t.,. ill ,. ff-sg -. 445 . Ev A R -. H' A R A fp 'Lil ff? if 'Q .f WH' .. 1 ' f' 4- . Q35 f l fly. f gg f ' . X XX. , , Ev ! . EI ' I - -1 sr. ' wg -. ' . L 511' sa' . 2 ' 1- 2 .1- 1 ww . . or iw. f .' .u13f' mf! - s 1 f f 2 f 453.3 .,v. rx 3 r A , ' v 3 rf U 355 ai? 25' Q? fs 1 , ffl? 'iikg 'v j , .7 , gi -113,- ' " x ' ....ayi5"5'34 ' 11" 'n' f fi ' . . mf' 1. , I -,JSE F 14-..,, ' ff' 7 ,. .QW " . " Qi i' , .. -. .'J-2-f-iff' V 1-5- w i ' . ,f'1.51W'f 'V 1:11 rw, gm' ,gn iwfimggg' ' W ' " BACK ROW, STANDING, Leff To Righiz Bob Frye, Dick Betfcher, Mike Polcmsky, Ted Logon Don Scholl Dove Odom, Brion Freos, Mr. Kollmczn. FRONT ROW: Ted Freos, Fred Wofson, James Hunter Dovid Seorles Jon Kodysz, Tom Howe. Firelonds High School is very proud of iTs Reserve Teorn This yeor The Teom cOnsisTed of Three iuniors ond eighT sophomores. The Reserve Tecim represenTs next yeor's Teorn, Becouse of Their good record OT TourTeen wins To Two losses, There is everyreoson To believe Thc1T The Firelonds Tons con look Torworol To o winning seoison nexT yeor. Our TuTure cogers for F.H.S. hod o Tull schedule This yeor. TheTreshrnc1nTec1m ployecl Twelve gomes oTTer school hours, winning Two ond losing Ten. The Teom wos piloTeol by Mr. lvioTh- eny, who vvos successTul in Teoch- ing rnony sound Tunolc1menTols To The boys, which They will puT into usoge in The yeors To come. BACK ROW, STANDING, Left To RighT Henry STevens Lorry Lec1dloeTTer Kenny Knelsel John PechoiTis, Jim Porker, Gory Vincent FRONT ROW Jerry Knoble Don Broun Nick lvoncic Jim Krupp, Bill'HorvoTh, Gerold Krurnweide Firelands Firelands Firelands Firelands Firelands Firelands Firelands Firelands Firelancls Firelands Bob Baumann Going at it ' eam The Firelands Wrestling Team enioyed its first full schedule this year. Under the able coaching of Lowell Gatts, the team Hnished its season with five wins and five losses. Out of the complete team fourteen boys were honored with varsity letters. The team entered two tournaments this year, the Hrst at Baldwin-Wallace College. Readyto go Jerry Eucker and Bob Frye winning their first round, but losing the second. The second tournament was at John Marshall High School in Cleveland, where Bob Baumann placed fourth, qualifying for the state tournament, which he attended at Lakewood. Mr. Gatts was quite happy with this year's team, but believes that he will have an even stronger team next year. mwlfecafw Berea . . . . . . All Clyde ....... io Sandusky ..., 23 .Crestwood . . . 43 Huron ....... 29 Clyde . . . . . . l4 Berea ....... 39 Sandusky .... T8 Huron ....... 25 Avon Lake 5 BACK ROW, Left to Right: Ron Muska, Dave Hiscox, Phil Gerki, lvlr. Gatts. SECOND ROW Leon Groot, Ron Zunt, ,lere Simonson, Brian Freas, John King. FIRST ROW: Stan Brumby Jerry Camera, Ken Hufnagle, Dick Temple. ' 55 XNOS 1, 4 agile? wrefesilx SV- ' C Oi ' gown ewes. ia srl T wwe ef Yxel 93800 00,50 ' QNOQQOKMQY' woo' 3 X010 A XNO '90 . Ode' . we L05QQlQ1x5C'YTaK' W ONN' we T0 v? OR xN..3 XN-W0 we pop T10 Oi. CXN ,Nei U Oil E X WRX xo' Xe' 5 99.5 Kea QQ, 1509 Oaoiv' avg: Y- NXT' 6 P55 5 BP NLC ve" 5096. Seo! g5gXxc'gXcx00KA or v go NOX I Sendvw acedmfd In The 1957 season The Firelands Baseball Team saw action in Ten 'game-s. They came ouT on Top in only Two and losT The remaining eighf games. This year The Track Team and The baseball Team spliT The aThleTes ThaT were inTeresTed in spring sporTs. This was clone so as noT To have boys parTicipaTing in boTh sporTs and consequenTly half inTeresTed in each SporT. Denny Wasam, a senior, and Dick BeTTcher, a sopho- more, were The "hurlers." Coach, Jim Seiple, expects "good Things" from BeTTcher in his remaining Two years. The Team pracTiced every nighT aT eiTher HenrieTTa or Brownhelm. BACK ROW, Left To Right: Dennis Wasam, Mr. Seiple, Phil Howe. FIRST ROW: Tom - Currier, Neal Kofhe. ABSENT: William y Eucker. if vt, A gl F - Q M L 56 i2f.iYi1f:' 1 ' ' fiL , l fs 5 l J iC l ig Wg 5' 5 8,40 lf Sky? Hufn Sick I l6ff fo . ogfe, D, 0, Mk Rfghf: M ' e lr F. rmble ij' Mr. K Howe M ' .HO 00,770 ' E IL ' 177 19, JOIMSZL7 Ffyesr :Erich J S , M : . ,L-on This was F.H.S.'s first year of organized track. Through the eFforts of Coach Nelson Howe and Coach James Kollmian new cinder track was completed this past summer. lt is considered one of' the best quarter mile tracks in Lorain County and Firelands played hosts on three occasions. Coach Howe was very pleased with the results and at no time did the Firelands' track squad finish last. Many of the records oi previous year were broken and each man was awarded a meda breaking a school record. Ones to break records were A. Born in R. Roskoski lbroad iump and 44Ol, L. Bettcher ldiscusl, B. Freas and low hurdlesl R. Johnson lpole vaultl, and E. Hartle ihigh hui and high iumpl. At the Lorain County Meet the Falcons came in fourth out field of eight schools. Ray Johnson won first place in the pole ' with a iump of 9' l". Coach passing out awards W Or ni,, J' PSC: L Be, . 4 . ' fd, 8SENr.j"Sf B, ff' 6 H 8 reos any P Jo 4 'Qosfr Cgbcik 0 . of-N' , 8 K On Your Mark! 57 Ls? ' z l iff BACK ROW: Mrs. Linder. THIRD ROW, Left fo Right: D. Becker, P. Leadberter. SECOND ROW: A. Husfed, P. McQueen, M. Born, I. Jackson, M. Born. FTRST ROW: M. Thompson, J. Kneisel, L. Reising, M. Yourkvitch, E. Reising, J. Markworth, M. Parker, O. Meyer. Lenore Marian ' S 7 After losing The championship game in '55 To Columbia, The Firelands High girls' softball team bounced back fo play undefeafecl ball ihis season. Wilh The help of Coach Mrs. Linder, good Team-work, and good sporfs- manship, fhe girls won The championship game from Columbia-T4-l'I. The siarting line-up was as follows: Margaret Parker Cpj, Anne Husied fcj, Elenore Reising Ubi, Lenore Reising f2bJ, Marian Yourkvifch Qssj, Iris Jackson C3bJ, Marilyn Born Crfi, Peg Leadbe-Her Ccfj, and Marjorie Born ilfj. The following girls made up the resl of The leam: D. Becker, J. Kneisel, J. Markworfh, O. Meyer, P. Mc- Queen, and M. Thompson. The score-keepers were Gwen Brumby and Nancy Kawasaki. The Seniors laving the Team in May are: Lenore Reising, Anne Husied, Elenore Reising, and Marian Yourkvifch. 5 euwlfeealw FIRELANDS OPPONENT 49 Brookside i l7... ...Avon Lake .. I2 40 Brookside . 4 l7... ...Avon Lake 8 l4 .... Columbia ...... ll' f Championship Game Elenore Anne Walking on air Take off- ch The girls' track team this year was very successful as they repeated their annual per- formance at the Lorain County Track Meet by coming out on top. Firelands was represented in every event by girls which placed. Mrs. Linder, a newcomer to Firelands High, practiced with the girls every night and in doing so was rewarded with a cham- pionship track team. Those who placed at the County Track Meet were as follows: Elenore Reising Lenore Reising . Margaret Parker Iris Jackson Margaret Parker Lenore Reising Elenore Reising ...... Martha Hiscox . Iris Jackson . . . Wanda Odom . Elenore Reising Margaret Parker lst in 50-yd. dash . . .... lst in 75-yd. dash 2nd in 75-yd. dash lst in the 220 relay . 4th in High Jump lst Baseball Throw 2nd Hop-skip-iump . 2nd Broad Jump . . 4th Broad Jump Wclndq Odom, Geneva Bechstein, Mrs. Linder, Iris Jackson, Margaret Parker. KNEEL- ING: Martha Hiscax, Elenore Reising,,Maricln Yourkvitch, Lenore Reising. Lenore comes in first Wanda 1 .Mer 5 5 9 ,. A .I WW- arf fmgzyd. ' . 4 ,m, 5 -55? X., W , ff 37 il ,Q 3 if ff 'P ks M. , xg 'iw xfmw, Sv., X , 4, :Q Q .f fA 2' . 113' 51 f, .x ir , , K W if .Wflffil 33 Wx I E yivfiii ' 521321 . 5,2 J X113 ua 2, fr ,i, ' ' irgfwf -"1,'+ig.s2,.:Q,d-'f 5375351-1 aj fax .fgggf I 1, 53 Q L3--,.,, , phi gig k E 1 ws www fm 2.1 w ,, J-I ,fl Es:-,. V , fl' -V 3 . 0. X OOF Elenore Carole Lenore mme, feeefwe Melonie Karen A-if igfgl , .N :N Ya-gm xxx xv N x X 'N N X i , Joyce Elenore Nancy Lenore MF- l-Owell Gutts Mr. James Kollman Howe Mr. Nelson Mr, ,tom COACH HOWE-With the completion of the new cinder track this year, Mr. Howe went at his track coaching iob with much vigor. He was very pleased with the squad's accomplishments and looks forward to next year. C OAC H GATTS- . a c ance to coach an,organ- ized wrestling team. He relayed to the boys the basic fundamentals of the sport and in so doing cultivated some accomplished wrestlers. This year was Mr Gatts first re I h CO . coac es the Firelands football team and the Reserve Basketball team. He knows a great deal about the game of football and he can see good things to come on the Firelancls Gridiron. ACH KOLLMAN-Mr Kollman h COACH S o coaching through the complete school year. He ably fulfills his basketball, assistant football and baseball coaching tasks. Firelands is happy to have him as a coach. EIPLE-Mr. Seiple is in some area f 55 Seiple qt , ni .1 iffl 1-if V 5 C 61 ,. , .A sf www! Zadfledltd Hull Scene-Working on The senior Poper Drive-"Washing her down Reviewing before Hnol fest-"Take it quick"-"Be gentle now Jock. Aren'f they ferocious? if J ll The Firelands Junior High has almost as many students in their eighth and seventh grades as the Senior High with its four grade groups. This year the Junior High participated in many new extra- curricular activities. The Seniors wish the new freshmen luck and to the new eighth graders we hope their last Junior High year is successful. 63 L 4.44. ch J ., - BACK ROW, Left to Right: l8cJ Berniia Merrill, William Sharp, Michael Klepek, Bill Yakunovich, Bobby Babbs, Francis Gercak, Judy Melfzer, Marilyn Miller. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Barber, James Bryden, Tom Pryor, Paf Lees, Marsha Rawer, Anna Bray, Shirley Ronez, Roberta Breisch, Jack Smith, George Phillips, Jerry Baker. FIRST ROW: Mary Snider, Danny Camera, Loretta Corn, Barbara Odom, Sue Elliot, Jack Priesfas, Rufh Ann Showalfer, Lorna RadcliFFe, Diane Gerhardinger, David Kane, Diana Gessner. BACK ROW, Left to Right: C803 Marian Coultrip, John Nicolson, Jerry Springer, Raymond Hines, Leonard Duburcik, Diane Baumann, Mariorie Kopocs, David Koclysz, SECOND ROW: Lowell Brumby, Daren Beam, Dick Rairchild, Leon Lanford, Joyce Parks, Carol Guild, Janetfe Edwards, Betfy Call, Tony Pollock, Bob Heil- man, David Fryberger, Mr. Foltz. FIRST ROW: Linda Searles, Jack Krupp, Sharon Ackerman, Joan Bursley, Linda Brewer, Glen Fridensrine, Jane Porter, Ruth Baumann, Sharon Resar, Dale Lauener, Sanda Terschak. " i l QWim, L- , BACK ROW, Left fo Right: l8bl Fran Prifchet, Laura Trosper, Chick Woodrum, John lves, Wilber Hayes, Ron Dubick, Awalf Kelm, Mickey Kaforo, Sharon Gurman, Susan Born. SECOND ROW: David Haughf, Eddie Schlechfer, Bruce Botfomlee, Barb Giedlinski, Phyllis Drought, Nancy Dlugos, Glendean Watson, Pai Bosrater, Ralph Jaycox, Lloyd Schrader, Gordon Groof. FIRST ROW: Pearl Knorf, Bill Perkins, Judy Blankenship, Rita Johnson, Myrna Beach, Jim Summers, Janet Opperman, Sharon Kreos, Judy Graham, Tom Coafes, Betsy McDowell. MW BACK ROW, Left fo Righi: l7aJ Larry GriFfi1'h, Leon Jackson, Molly Beffcher, Christine Juvenile, Frances Alford, Judy Elliotf, Eddie Carver, Joe Jones. SECOND ROW: Galen Saylor, Gary Srrickler, Beverly Watson, Kathleen Mafhes, Par Manning, Marianne Thome, Mike Hunter, Alan Heggie. FIRST ROW: Paf Daley, Chuck Davidson, Ellen Cook, Ann Gerber, Bernard Coulfry, Floyd Garby, Mary Raley. eawtd BACK ROW, Left fo Right l7bl Neil Herchler, Carol Geider, Dorothy Woodrum, John Pondage, Jean Husred, Joe Crombie, William Koflarz. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Singley, Fines Jones, Paf Miller, Sue Dickinson, Eleanor Ball, Linda Emery, Judy Wilson, Bill Champion. FIRST ROW: Marie Nicolson, Luman Fefherolf, Juanifa Call, Sue Meyers, Bill Bray, Par Sugerik, Lois Dennison, Bob Norfheim, Judy Marfin. BACK ROW, Left To Right: f7cJ Paul Schlechfer, Vicioria Wilber, Joonne Whifmey, Walter Pluto, John Baumhardf, Larry Jungeberg, Margaret Tomlinson, Bernadette Schmidf, Larry Johnson, SECOND ROW: Russell Colkins, John Blanden, Hoyal Coword, Linda Green, Linda Jackson, Noreen Gill, Marian Ward, Douglas Sokal, Jerry Potts, Donnie Griffith, Mrs. Hull. FIRST ROW: Shirley Vlk, Kenneth Perkins, Bonnie Barefoot, Karen Heidrich, James Hunt, Joan Berkmeyer, Ardifh Priesfas, David Rivera, Paula Snider. x ,Ki naar?" ...A Left fo Righf: L. Jackson, J. Parks, Mr. Wilson, S. Meyers, J. Baker. 'Ill' 'le, juvefll 5 lfxckinson' CM Snldef Ml' ' ef, ' A E. Ball, . L- Efevl mason, Wllsonf kenshxpf E, D0 dl J. Blom ' S' xllk, c Gund' M' ILEJND ROW: HRST ROW' Rlglm I ' sms. 5 M. Thom I K ROW, Leh 10 drum, A. Pned L 5merY, MC D, WOO v. MO' ' ' L Jackson, W- Koqlarl, B- Norlhikmgmcoxson. Gamer, ' 9 0 BACK ROW, Left to Right: S. Ackerman, M. Kopocs, B. Call, R. Breisclw, P. Lees, C. Guild, S. Ellioit, M. Beach, P. Daley, J. Whitney, L. Radcliffe, L. Corn. FRONT ROW: R. Baumann, V. Wilber, B. Oclom, J. Parks, S. Krebs, J. Berkmeyer, B Barefoot, L. Dennison. , D, C W Lef, , ls STANDING, Left to Righi: M. Hunter, J. Potts, B Norfheim, B. Heilman, P. Manning, S. Resar, J Wilson, J. Whiiney, S. 'EIIioff, M. Beach. SITTING J. Priestas, R. Dubick. THIRD RO Omerq 0 Righf. Offer L ' D' Kon ' C- W ' . Barber ef J, Oodrum I P, M . lfofson D f J, Ive cunning, J, Brydg Sokol, Dia? Hayes, A KI n,WSh' om,M 'emij A . H . Bl WP, L. Schroderunrer. FIR37- Sgijn. SECOND ROW . . 3- BCH : Offlleel J 6 BACK ROW, Leff 'Io Righh J. Pondcuge, L. Griffifh, M. Kleper, R. Hines, E. Schlechter, J. Smifh, J. Crombie, Mr. Wilson. THIRD ROW: S. KotIarz, N. Dlugos, D. Bau- mann, S. Gufman, B. McDowell, S. Bron, T. Pryor. SEC OND ROW: C. Davidson, P. Knoff, J. Call, P. Daley, J Marfin, S. Resor, S. Krebs, B. Odom. FIRST ROW: I. Brumby, E. Carver, L. Johnson, D. Griffitkfp R. Northeim J. Potts, G. Sayler, T. Coates. ,gawk Wzcwd 6504664 at . 71674 Zane! X3 'W Q BACK ROW, Left to Right: R. Showalter, K. Mathes, B. McDowell, R. Baumann, M. Beach, M. Kopocs, S. Elliott, W. Kotlarz, J. Link, P. Sugerik, J. Martin, P. Manning, B. Watson, D. Gessner, P. Daley, B. Barefoot, L. Radcliffe. FOURTH ROW: L. Brewer, M. Snider, S. Resar, S. Terschak, M. Raver, M. Bettcher, P. Lees, R. Breisch, C. Guild, N. Dlugos, J. Parks, S. Born, S. Ronez, B. Giecllinski, S. Gutman, J. Graham. THIRD ROW: J. Blanden, L. Dennison, S. Meyers, D. Baumann, P. Miller, S. Dickenson, L. Searles, B. Call, R. Johnson, J. Husted, L. Green, B. Schmidt, J. Meltzer, S. Krebs, B. Merrill, M. Miller, L. Jackson, B. Odom, D. Rivera. SECOND ROW: L. Brumby, L. Corn, D. Gerharclinger, J. Call, A. Priestas, J. Berkmeyer, G. Fridenstine, B. Bottomlee, E. Davidson, K. Heidrich, A. Gerber, M. Nicolson, G. Bly, J. Potts, F. Gercak. FRONT ROW: D. Camera, D. Lauener, G. Groot, T. Coates, T. Pryor, R. Hines, L. Barber, G. Stickler, G. Phillips, J. Baker, G. Sayler, D. Kane, B. Northeim. STANDING, Left to Right: Mr. Smith, P. Drought, P. Bostater, L. Trosper, B. Giedlinski, M. Hunter, M. Miller, D. Sokol, G. Watson, M. Raver. THIRD ROW: J. Martin, J. Whitney, L. Green, B. Schmidt, L. Barber, L. Brumby, G. Sayler, L. Graham, L. Johnson, J. Edwards, S. Born, B. Odom. SECOND ROW: J. Berkmeyer, S. Gutmon, J. Parks, C. Guild, M. Beach, J. Graham, R. Breisch, L. Dennison, H. Coward, S. Ackerman, G. Groot, J. Meltzer, J. Husted, R. Showalter. FRONT ROW: B. McDowell, R. Baumann, S. Elliott, G. Fridenstine, E. Davidson, L. Seclrles, M. Kopocs, S. Dickinson, P. Miller. .V ,Y i n 7 aeemlfea f TROMBONE QUARTET, Left fo Right: B. Odom, S. wr CLARINET TRIO: P. Miller, M. Kopocs, S. Dickinson. SEVENTH GRADE CLARINET QUARTET, Leff fo Right: B. Schmidt, J. Whifney, L. Green, J. Gerkmeyer. JTTVL ss. CLARINET QUARTET, Left to Right: R. Breisch, R. Baumann, B. McDowell, S. Elliott. .K . 1- ,- s fi . TRUMPET QUARTET, Left to Right. R. Showalfer, J. Husfed, J Melfzer, S. Ackerman. , Born, J. Edwards, Graham. W . - T ' ' ' jj LQX . 110 M- BACK ROW, Leff to Right: Mr. Wilson, R. Heilman, C. Woodrum, M. Kofora, R. Hines, G. Springer, L. Schroder, A. Pollock, T. Pryor, Mr. Folfz. FIRST ROW: R. Jaycox, G. Phillips, J. Priesfos, J. Krupp, R. Norfheim, K. Griffith, J. Bryden. 74415466 BACK ROW, Left fo Right: Mr. Folfz, M. Klepek, C. Woodrum, J. Springer, R. Dubick, M. Kafora, T. Pollack, L. Schrader, Mr. Wilson. SECOND ROW: L. Griffith, D. Haughi, D. Sodol, B. Heilmon, T. Pryor, D. Lauener. FIRST ROW: E. Carver, L. Barber, J. Baker, A. Heg- gie, J. Krupp, M. Hunter, J. Priestas, D. Fair- child. TOP ROW, Left fo Righf: T. Coates, T. Pryor, J. Baker. BOTTOM ROW: B. Champion, D, Sakol, L. Jackson, L. Grifhrh. O BACK ROW, Left Io Right Mr, Foltz, D. Haughf, G. Groot, M. Kafora, T. Pryor, T. Coates. FRONT ROW: D. Rivera, J. Krupp, J. Priesfas, R. Dubick, T. Pollack, J. Springer, B. Heilman. FRONT: L. Brumby, D. Louener. Lefi to Righf: Pat Lees, Marjorie Kopocs, Sue Elliott 5 7 Left to Right: Molly Beffcher, Juanita Call, Joanne Whifney. ' 2 Left fo Right: Paf Lees, Marjorie Kopocs, Sue ElIioTt. i S 2? Left to Right: Juanita Coll, Joanne Whiteny, Ardifh Priestas. 73 The seventh cmd eighth groders of the Junior High presented Q three oct comedy colled The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. lt was put on for two nights to two full houses. Jerry Boker had the lecud port of Tom Sow- yer ond did o very occredited iob. Q FW ' AVV fi? at WK ll My This next section in The Torch is dedicated to the elementary schools of Birmingham, Camden and Brownhelm. We seniors look back at these years of "Reading, writin', and 'rithmetic" and consider them some of our most cherished years and we link them with some of our fondest memories. L. H W .,...,,.,.,. .... S X, .I .. - vs. ,A -- 5 I ., . - - .,, .Q,.. . -' I - ., V Egolf? Q k g it r J ....,,, ,L. ,i .1-:lag . A s A . . -..- 1 A.. .. x :am : ZZ. g 1 13, , Q, . 2 f r W fl-4' -- . A... A 'J I -M . '- 2 F' ' 'if' ,NW K.,.. I: ...LM - " g g . l .: . sl ' ,,.- rf: 1 -: . 2 4 .5 I AA A i: WF? - . 7 S J , . V.., AA ' I -. riv, J .. Ht' -' f we 1, ' mf . : ,: Q . . 1. g, ' 3 1' A' 1 f .,Z: . E., A i A at '1- St. . A- .. 1 A' 1: ' L. 2 - F' .A f A ri:-ifil-if ' : ' 5 '1h"f Q2 AA f . A . is rl Q' I' tiir J . ' ' A fl A if T . ' " M ' ff: S T A "I ' A A A A., I Yi 'fiif - is i 'I U. ,AA ' ' AQHA. A' . I "" 'Q .A 1 - Wi f i it W A BACK ROW, Left to Right: D. Starkey, P. Smith, G. Gringle, T. Beach, M. Kotora, B. Hasenpflug, M. Lees, L. Darnell, J. Fairchild. SECOND ROW: D. Brucker, T. Kelley, F. Mitchell, B. Rutting, LA Emery, C. Rose, J. Markstahler, J. Odom, B. Bursley. FIRST ROW: R. Dickinson, M. Hall, T. lckes, K. Kawasaki, J. Baatz, D. Grifhth, R. Griffith, H. Hobbs, P, Fletcher, S. Gross, A. Kendeigh, T. Dlugos, Mrs. Schnaak. 7m-zz! BACK ROW: R. Aufdenkampe, Z. Walker, L. Dutro, A. Alford, L. Reinhard, J. Sennhenn, K. Leimbach, ROW: S. Kneisel, R. P. DeWalt, P. Alicie, R. Baumhardt. THIRD Schroder, R. Pollock, K. Stason, C, Taylor, M. Baatz, M. Leuszler, D. Ackerman, P. Keressi, T. Johnston. SECOND ROW: C. Wilms, C. lckes, R. Frye, A. Hobbs, B. Corn, S. Lane, E. Flynn, K. Sanders, B. Bray. FIRST ROW: M. Hall, G. Gruelick, B. Miller, D. Pryor, E. Shimer, L. White, M. Shimer, Mrs. Florence Gall. Z sem gsm BACK ROW, Left to Right: L. Carver, D. Dlugos, T. Jones, J Kuburcik, C. West, E. Baumhart, C. Aufdenkampe, J. Stevens, P. Pechaitis, R. Heilman. THIRD ROW: L. Emerick, D. Guild, H Born, K. McQueen, M. Gercak, J. Ackerman, G. Northeim, B Stick. SECOND ROW: G. Niggle, W. Kotlarz, K. Parks, R. Holtz- hauer, A. Hiscox, C. Gessner, S. Manuel, D. French, Mr. Buchs FIRST ROW: K. Freas, D. Bray, B. Brandau, R. Kneisel, D. Hamil- ton, D. Kawasaki, D. Love. X, 3 r 's X x 'mmf 9.444 BACK ROW, Left to Right: J. Alicie, M. Starkey, L. Jones, T. Pechaitis, A. Camer, N. Watson, T. Smith, T. Pechaitis, H. Hard- wick, A. Jackson, B. Knoble. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Dellefield, D. Bray, J. DeWalt, K. Bray, E. Haues, C. Gessner, D. Driner, E. Larson, M. Jenkins, J. Pondage, C. Wilms. FIRST ROW: S. Hamil- ton, G. Kaipp, K. Taylor, S. Porter, D. Brucker, S. Surrarrer, B. Elliot, B. Heilman, L. Jackson, M. Edwards, R. Parks, C. Mark- sfahler, D. Gede, R. Sennhenn. Seemed BACK ROW, Left to Right: G. Handwork, C. Cook, M. Niggle, M. Thoms, W. Stason, B. Emmerich, S. Morrow, R. Leimbach, E. Kotora, E. Born, R. Dutro. SECOND ROW: R. Driver, H. Mitchell, L. Hardwick, G. Rose, W. Lees, G. Jones, W, Ackerman, S. Lamvermeyer, N. Bartish, Mrs. Wolford. FIRST ROW: F. Alicie, C. Sexton, T. Dlugos, P. Keressi, B. Tucker, C. Kendeigh, R. Corn, S. Gede, H. Leimbach, T. Chatfin, B. Zelnik. K, BACK ROW, Leff to Right: F. Brandau, B. Bettcher, D. Reinhard, B. Hasenpflug, D. Stevens, T. Tansey. SECOND ROW: N. White, B. Guild, J. Jenkins, R. Beach, P. Leimbach, R. Bechtel. FIRST ROW: E. Bortish, S. Norton, C. Tcnsey, M, Tansey, B. Aufden- kclmp, T. Johnston, K. Wolf, C. Bechtel, ABSENT: K. Freas, J, Pryor, D. Miller. Widffbdk BACK ROW, Left to Right: R. Kneisel, K. Emmerich, C, Dobbins, S. Spitler, W. Brown, W. Brown, J. Thoms, A. Springer, A. Smith, S. Bartish. SECOND ROW: C. Bolen, C. Knoble, S. Rocher, C. Thorpe, M. Roberts, G. Surrarrer, R. Hobbs, Mrs. Birch. FIRST ROW: P.'Corn, M. Collins, M. More, S. Larsen, R. Masin, D. Karney, K. Hall, K. Leimbaugh, E. Keressi. '76-nz BACK ROW, Left to Right: P. Born, C. Haws, L. Jackson, J. Alford, D. Starkey, L. Stason, H. Leusgler. SECOND ROW: D. Taylor, B. Baatz, J. Smarr, J. Riley, R. Smith, Mrs. Ada Berger. FIRST ROW: B. Mitchell, P. Chaffin, A. Johnston, L. Lane, R. Redditt, ABSENT: Frank Sammons. 142 ,-iz? Ye old Brownhelm - Band Prcxcfice - Buddies - Marion Roberts in recess. - Kinder- garten sings 9 ,I Gfgyf X Q I fi 'U 6 S t , Nw' X P L, AWN' ji QQ! N 'v i x 1 Coming downstairs - Helping out - Wind-up, the pitch!-Mr. Boch - Getting their pictures token. - Little monkeys on the Monkey Bars. Saud BACK ROW, Left to Right: G. Leimbach, B. Coultrip, J. Johannsen, A. Wolford, E. Kelm, R. Johannsen, H. Krebs, N. Hunter, R. Babb. SECOND ROW: Miss Prince, C. Champion, J. King, W. Weeks, K. Justice, M. Summers, G. Markworth, T. Watson, R. Barefoot, R. Biddinger. FIRST ROW: S. Bell, S. Sprunk, R. Brunow, B. Baker, P. Reising, B. Hunt, C. Champion, D. Harsar, B. Tomlinson. ABSENT: Edwina Howe. 744 BACK ROW, Left to Right: N. Hunter, R. Kelm, J. Coultrip, C. Zobel, R. Johannsen, T. Crawford, G. Vincent, B. Wasem. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McQueen, D. Krebs, J. Terschak, D. Prince, R. Gill, L. Watson, D. Fritz, L. Wilbur, J. Berkmeyer, J. Timko. FIRST ROW: J. Peasley, D. Schoff, R. Graham, J, Prince, C. Perkins, L. Gersak, M. Manning, D. Weeks. am!! BACK ROW, Left to Right: L. Long, P. Coultrip, R. Fleming A. Baatz, C. Wyatt, J. Slocum, J. Gredlinski, J. Wood Mrs. Ceclia Heys. SECOND ROW: C. Glider, K. Poyer, S. Sebolt, P. Cook, C. Baker, D. Roskoski, S. Sugerik, J. Martin. FIRST ROW: D. Triplett, G. Perkins, S. Shurr, N Kroesen, M. Daley, J. Kodysz, M. Coultrip, B. Brewer 1 1 D. Boose. 740ml BACK ROW, Left to Right: G. Wasem, F. Fryberger, J Slocum, K. Johannsen, P. Hamilton, T. Wickens, C. Witter, T. Hunt, J. Normando, Mrs. Morrison. SECOND ROW: J Davis, J. Griffey, F. Snider, V. Baker, S. Hill, J. Coultrip J. Jarrett, S. Prince, D. Eucker, D. Wyatt, G. Brunow. FIRST ROW: L. Kinsley, J. Hunter, D. Kerepesi, R. Irvan A. Timko, D. Hicks, H. Schroeder, T. Tomlinson, T. Appe man, T. Graham. Second BACK ROW, Left to Right: R. Anderson, S. Hunter, R. Guthrie, T. Bostater, P. Markworth, R. Markworth, J. Erhman, W. Gerrick, C. Wright, J. Crawford, Mrs. Hanes. THIRD ROW: G. Hahn, J. Call, A. Sayler, T. Johnson, R. Sennhenn, S. Perkins, P. Herman, D. Peas- ley, J. Breisch. SECOND ROW: S. Hamilton, R. Trip- lett, M. Knott, P. Hodge, B. Johnson, N. Hicks, R. Richards, C. Hammond, S. Conry. FIRST ROW: R. Witter, R. Manning, W. Wilbur, D. Boose, R. Glider, J. Hunt, E. Fleming, D. Tomilson. mi,amwwxwvwwui 1 1 7mz4w4e BACK ROW, Left to Right: B. Ortner, E. Hill, L. Baatz, T. Shurr, B. Cooksey, J. Sprague, R Tomlinson, L. Normando, D. Ward, T. Zabel, E Hill, Mrs. Dery. THIRD ROW: A. Hamilton, E. Krysik, L. Johnson, S. Justice, J. Timko, L Cole, J. Hodge, D. Edwards, D. Witter, W Walton. SECOND ROW: S. Drought, S. Kodysz, J. Barefoot, M. Hunt, L. Champion, M. Nor mando, R. Jones, D. Sennhenn, S. Moore FIRST ROW: P. Reising, R. Brunow, J. Hunter, J. Kinsley, E. Hunter, R. Snider, D. Kroesen, M. Brunclage. BACK ROW, Left to Right: B. Peosley, B. Anderson, K. Tuttle, M. Hasenflue, B. Wyatt, J. Zimmerman, J. Anderson, K. Tuttle, M. Hasenflue, B. Wyatt, J. Zimmerman, J. Anderson. SECOND ROW: J. Kerepesi, B. Ashbrook, R. Watson, K. Jarrett, R. Rad- cliffe, J. Normando, D. Boosen. FIRST ROW: K. Sprunk, R. Lipps, K. Ehrman, P. Truscott, P. Poyer. ABSENT: B. Shatter. fag i f 004 I E I Florence Grade School-Oheboy, I like convertibles-Wont u ride? Candid sho?-Lunchtime-Mrs. Linder has Gym Cioss. mfifwf Photo-bugs f- "Buddy have Q drink!" - "Who's showing off?" - -DEE-LICIOUS! . if . -A . Y -,4 . ,ft -1' 1 A X fn l f f 4 fl Xxhhki YM fyx qw. XX ! fi S6144 TOP ROW, Lett to Right: D. Jones, J. Carver, M. Buczek, P. Gregory L. Thompson, C. Moehl, D. Bruner. MIDDLE ROW: S. Green, F. Watson, S. Kinsley, S. Stoyka, J. Vaught, D. Geist, Mrs. Scott. FRONT ROW: L, Husted, B. Schmidt, F. Matheny, B. Gibson A. Minek, H. Flym, D. Lindeman, B. Williams. 1 W TOP ROW, Left to Right: R. Bowen, N. Ball, E. Wooclrum, C. Bowen, S. Trosper, J. Searles, K. Davidson. SECOND ROW: G. Link, J. Yokunovich, L. Becker, J. Born, L. Butler, D. Coven, W. Mountel, R. Jcuns, Mrs. Schafer. FRONT ROW: M. Searles, B. Nicolson, J. Childers, K. Casada, G. Paris, G. Juvenile, J. Livermore, R. Batten- house, L. Brumby. '7owzz'4?z4de TOP ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Durfee, M. Bursley, G. Rym, M. Rym, R. Brumby, J. Woodrum, L. May, J. Earl, N. Dennison, P. Ball. MIDDLE ROW: D. Jones, H. Zimberlin, T. Dixon, C. Jackson, K. Casada, J. Gerber, W. G. Pollock. FRONT ROW: R. Gerber, I. May, F. Gronsky, P. Matus, B. Wyler, W. Coven, D. Blanken- L. Myers, Kingsley, ship, R. Joslin. TOP ROW, Left to Right: K. Scakacs, K. Schmidt, C. Weston, J, Boring, K. Blackwell, J. Gutman, D. Buchs. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Hunt, J. Kasper, B. Born, K. Wolfe, G. Lewis, R. Harris, R. Thompson, J. Moehl, D. Haught. FRONT ROW: R. Miller, R. Davidson, C. Smith, J. Hines, J. Jungeberg, K. Butler, R. Denny. u..,,:,,,,,,,,r:,,:w:x,2g!:4rfa1hF14niifv:::ihm-,?,.,,,, r:q..,,.,,:' ""a"' :i : :v , - -:U -5-: " ,""'7""'. , 5 2 ' . -'--'---- : ---- -. - V- 1 . i,'i. TOP ROW' Len lo Rlghh Mrs' Holmes' C' Gllberl' B' Bradford' SM T J. 55' ,-" :iii f: , . l- il f 4'12!,i -- 1 "i ft "" ' 1W'9 .l fQ 13 " 5 -: ,:-5. :-'-,::.I. Z'-1 2: :Mfg , , , , if ' 'qi S. Scheid, Y. Neal, M. Lewis, R. Neel, S. Wossilek, A. Black- H - , ' , A , .. well, L. Gerber, S. Coword, L. Smith- MIDDLE ROW: K. Urban- . . ' ii ,:. "life 5 .-KE: VM. fi Ji ff' 4:5 37 332.15 . 5. Z1ix'ffQx5tiQVisI A ,,... fxsitli in . f.:' , 'PW-if'-x"" - E1 L ,lf-Ulf I 1 2 - 1- ' ,ink 135.-w ig, gw i .,,: ,,g5a., X , , .,,,, ' gag sky, H. Lang, C. Livermore, J. Swiers, J. Anderson, C. Hammond, 1 R' . . , . j jf 2 R. Edwards, B. Jones, R. Atlalter, H. Gibson, L. Springer, J. Pluta. -.L, .V - -- :wg kkk, I ' :gy vi, . A VVLV W ,,,, ,D . A - FRONT ROW: J. Nlcoloson, S. Bottomlee, C. Franklin, M, Matus, ii,-,,.: ,531 kry. wt,3:m,r JH : ,,,-::,g..- ,. -wh-wt,f..:,:: f, I, . sg ...z ., :X fr.:- .nfr 11: wi"-'fS" ff - ' : ,. f J: ,. jg www V ,...,. .,.,.,V. . VV R. I J. Pluta, B. Geist, C. Harness, I. Jones, G. Davidson, C. Wyler. I... , r-" so ' .'-: , ,,-i " s"' . . " 1 , .- . . . . AW I fig. L .s I . i 'i ii-' . Secondmwl 74nd TOP ROW, Left to Right: L. Lanford, A. Davidson, P. Gregory, M. Fannin, G. Boring, D. Neely, N. Horsley, J. Jans, D. Dellifield, Mrs. Harris. MIDDLE ROW: D. Leininger, T. Blankenship, R. Aflolter, T. Wossilek, L. Hill, N. Fannin, S. Holomuzki, M. Ives, R. Phillips, T. Horsley. FRONT ROW: J. Davidson, G. Mauntel, M. Groot, M. Caywood, M. Groot, K. Bowman, B. Buchs, C. Ger- stacker, L. Hill. Second Qzade TOP ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Pycraft, T. Gentkowski, D. Bures, B. Born, D. Bly, L. Cucco, D. Pollock, D. Spons- ler, J. Teets, R. Crawford, R. Nicholas, P. McRoberts. MIDDLE ROW: A. Hornbeck, R. Ricern, L. Lang, B. Ball, D. Everett, R, Williams, T. Husted, D. Gronsky, M. Wes- ton, L. Neely, L. Casada. FRONT ROW: C. Boring, S. Matus, J. Barber, L. McLaughlin, J. Mikloda, D. Ronez, R. Buczek, B. Childers, R. Blankenship, G. Nicholas. TOP ROW, Left to Right: R. Hines, K. Matus, V. Gibson, G. Coven, D. Neel, K. Bates, D. Neel, C. Williams, D. Vik, D. Springer, T. Gregory, Miss Brown. MIDDLE ROW: J. Buchs, T. Schwartz, D. Horsley, J. Harfield, A. De- Gennaro, P. Matus, T. Buchs, M. Brumby, B. Wossilek, S, Pogan. FRONT ROW: S. Buchs, K. Hill, L. Teets, J. Crawford, H. Phillips, M. Harris, T. Morrow, P. Fisher, D. Gerber, M. Battenhouse. K TOP ROW, Loft to Right: R. Meilander, J. Childers, D. Zimberlin, G. Matheny, R. Jackson, A. Sidwell, L. Horn- beck, Mrs. Davidson, R. Williams. MIDDLE ROW: R. Ur- bansky, C. Herrmann, C, Jans, S. Harriman, C. Morgan, K. Yakunovich, J, Davidson. FRONT ROW: M. Hall, K. Bradford, R. Whitney, S. Logan, D. Ives, J. Franklin, P. Matus. , Q N W , R 2 P lf2,,7,. ,y 4' Q Q Kg u N YB. ,HAWK Cookies for lunchl - Really sloving - What form! - Wonder if she mode if? - If isn'f fha? bod. - Camden Mascot ' We invite you to use our many bank service s The first line of defence against need or worry is CASH IN THE BANK It7s safe-handy-convenient-profitable, with interest compounded semiannually O pen your Savings Account at o ur bank. Then add to it regularly. START NOW THE PEOPLES BANKING COMPANY Oberlin, Ohio 'M EMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION S I x Compliments of Soft Drinks and Candy i it rrvvi . . A re W Kipton, Oh1O 1 J r .,, i,,, 1 ""'- 2 rv i.i I I I ' -A X i s ttt, e yyit I C0 t i TE A .,e ff, r,,,,, , ,Z V , CATHY SMITH ,ff FRED AND HAZEL SMITH Phone Oberlin 5-0110 Kipton , 2? 9 nm' Compliments of PETTIFORD'S BAKERY Congratulations 18 South Main Street Phone 42431 Oberlin Oberlin, Ohio JOHN W. 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Quality Grade A Dairy Products Phone 5-0791 Oberlin, Ohio IVES The Friendly Rexall Drug Store Careful Preparation Of All Prescriptions Friendly, Courteous, Service 25 West College Street, Oberlin Phone 4-2211 Compliments of COATES FLYING SERVICE Oberlin Airport Box 298 P CARLYLE SHOP IMPORTS AND ANTIQUES PEGEY GLASS 20 E. College St. Oberlin 50156 KIPTON HATCHERY Ohio-U.S.-Approved-Pullorum Clean Master Mix Starter-Poultry Supplies Phone Oberlin 5-0114 OBERLIN MOTORS W DIVISION OI' lllllll. IOTOII Books - Stationery - Gifts HAYl.OR'S Oberlin Ohio Pontiac Sales and Service New and Used Cars Complete Auto Body Service Phone 44-431 Oberlin WATSON HARDWARE GLENN L. MOLYNEAUX 81 SONS, Owners Hardware - Plumbing Stoves - Electric Supplies Frigidaires - Paints , Dial 4--2391 Oberlin, O. 1 KIPTON GROCERY AND APPLIANCE KENNY AND LARRY WALDO AND PHYLLIS BUTLER Compliments of RAYS BARBER SHOP Oberlin Highest Quality Possible RALPH'S CASH MARKET Sporting C006-5 Hardware Groceries - Frosted Foods Phone Oberlin 4--2101 For Delivery Phone 5-1361 Kipton, 149 S. Main Street Oberlin , BE vm, HULL s DAIRY BAR Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear 20 South Main Phone 417601 Oberlin OBERLIN MUSIC SHOP 20 East College Street ' li Oberlin fi 'Q-lb 4 '5 ff, N44 Q? DEWEY HULL, Prop 'Aw K P81 an W is! h x'Ll .3 Soft Drinks-Candy Pop-lce Cream Cosmetics-Groceries Kipton, Ohio is L C it 'R Compliments of JANBY OIL COMPANY Atlantic Gasoline Atlantic and Firestone Products Motor Oil Fuel Oil Lubrication Tank Wagon Service Oberlin Compliments of MOREHEAD FOOD Groceries Choice Meats Produce 16 South Main Phone 4-7-221 Oberlin H. W. REIGHLEY 81 SON Wholesale Pork and Beef Custom Butchering Meat Processing 80 South Main Street Oberlin, Ohio' Phone 50501 ,LL 2 sa V Compliments of VAN'S CITIES SERVICE miles senvlcs Phone 50-381 SZ 50-582 Oberlin WEST HAVEN MOTEL 10-Units-10 Centrally Heated TV Service MR. AND MRS. T. L. JOHNSON 6 miles west of Oberlin on U.S. 20 R.F.D. No. 2 Oberlin Best Wishes To Firelands 1957 Seniors PEARL AND ROY'S TAVERN Route 20 Butler Rd. Wakeman MR. AND MRS. RoY CURRENT, Prop. I A A OBERLIN AUTO ctus 5 - , Airline Reservat ons Both Domestic 81 International Travel Authorized Agents Phone 4-6971 32 East College St. Compliments of PERRY'S BARBER SHOP Best Wishes To the 1957 Seniors . .Q ' 31 south Main TINA'S PINE BAR ' J ., 01,61-lin Wakeman 11213 .e., ' 'H ' r ' if .ii l, 35' 15 .I CO-OP SUPERMARKET OBERLIN, OHIO .uf My if Q .::v4Jz'5, JA? iif jl.,, A. sy lip x 3- fjzf 5 ' ' 5 it -ff A ,f I, r Qin! Ev'- , .-,. W mf A1315 Q r 1. ? .

Suggestions in the Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) collection:

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 44

1957, pg 44

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 110

1957, pg 110

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