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Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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5 N fi S. 5 5 2 5 5 5 s 5 2 S 3 , 2 5 x 5 fa E E E w 6 if i 5 ,, ,,,...w.-.W www MW" ' 51,4052 y ek? . ., AI' in k ,..W, xi K M V 1,5 R, 455552 1 'ligase N M .. . -arfv-w+M,,,,, . 1252, - ,...wwa,,. , H, LMA A ,Aw .,6. QA, V ., ,vi-. -wyr-Q WF' THE 1956 TORCH FIRELANDS SCHOOL DISTRICT THE .IOURNALISIVI CLASS FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL R. D. 42 OBERLIN, OHIO Foreword The 1956 TORCH will try to outline all the happenings for the years 1955 and 1956. When Time has stolen our years and we are no longer youthful, we hope its pages help you to recall all the smiles and tears-all the images of well known places and events at Firelands Schools. Edited By Betty Miller Glenda Berkmeyer Janice Virag Mary E. Wilson IFaculty Adviserj J The Staff SEA TED: Elaine Cajka, James Horvath, Betty Miller, Patricia Fox, Carolyn Summers, Elaine Husted, Sally Camera. STANDING: Miss Wilson, Sandy Resar, Joan Buchs, June Buchs, Martha Niggle, Lawrence Kelling, Glenda Berkmeyer, Warren German, Shirley Hunt, Janice Virag. ABSENTY Montie Ratliff. Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ..... SENIORS ...................... UNDERCLASSMEN .... ACTIVITIES ...... ATHLETICS ....,........ JUNIOR HIGH ............. ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS ..... ADVERTISING ............. 2 Dedication The Journalism Class wishes to dedicate this Torch to the students of Firelands High School. A school is not just a building, teachers, students, activities, athletics, or even ideals, but all go together to make a school. And you, as students have played a large part in setting the standards and building the reputation of Firelands. To most of you this was just another school year, a step nearer graduation, but to the graduating class this year was a culmination, and like a short story the conclusion fol- lowed quickly the climax. To all of you, we dedicate this book with the hope that in years to come it will help you to recall some of the happiest and most carefree days of your life. Steve Howe leads students and teachers in saying the "Pledge" W hen time who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures too, The memory ofthe past will stay And hay our joys renew. -Moore 3 Sept. 6. Sept. 12 .... Sept. 21 .... Oct. 1 .... Oct. 21. . . Nov. 5 .... Nov. 7 .... Nov. 14 ..... During The Year ,.....................,.........SchoolOpened . . . . . . . .Classes Organized . . .Booster Club Fun Festival . . . . . . . . . . . .Ohio Turnpike Opened ..,.................NEOTA8ZJAOS . . . .WHKK Jamboree-Spons. by Juniors ..................Fo0tballBanquet . . . . .Lorain County Teachers' Workshop Nov 24-25 .... ............ T hanksgiving Vacation Dec. 3 ......... ....... S eniors Presented Brother Goose Dec. 11 ,......... ..... F irelands Area Christmas Program Dec. 16-Jan. 3 ..... ................... C hristmas Vacation Dec. 27-28 ....... ........ S r. 81 Jr. Hi. Parties-Spons. by PTA Jan. 19-20 ...... .................... S emester Examinations Feb. 11 .......... ..... V alentine Dance-Spons. by PTA Music Club Feb. 17-Mar. 5 .... ................... B asketball Tournaments Feb 21-Mar. 6 ..... ..... S ubscription Campaign for Torch Mar. 6 .......... ............. D airymen's Banquet Mar. 21 ........... ...... S tudent Activity Night Mar. 29-Apr. 3 .... ................ E astern Vacation Apr. 3-5 ....... ........ S eniors Visit Washington D.C. Apr. 11 ..... ..... L CEA Spring Banquet at Firelands Apr. 17 ..... ........,...... B asketball Banquet Apr. 24 .... ....................... B and Concert Apr. 27-28 .... .... J r. Hi. Presented Danger- Willie at Work Apr. 30 ..... ...................... F HA Initiation May 5 .... ..... S cholarship Tests at Baldwin-Wallace May 11 ..... ...... F ield Day and Parade of Bands May 12 ..... ...... ,I unior-Senior Dinner-Dance May 17 .,... ..... F FA Awards and Parents' Night May 18 ..... ................ S pring Music Festival May 20 ..... .... S enior Vespers and Faculty Reception May 21 ...... . . . ........ Spring Sports Banquet May 23-24 .... .....,.... F inal Examinations May 23 .... .... H igh School Commencement May 24 .,... ...... E ighth Grade Promotion May 29 ..... ..........,...... R eport Cards ,Iune 9 .... . . . ........ .... F irst Firelands Alumni Banquet Besides these events were the athletic events, field trips, issues of the newspaper, and the many club sponsored activities. Ohio Turnpike.-Yea, Firelandsl- Mr. Howe presents award.-The dear old ever- green.-Winning another game.-County tourney champs.-Mr. Matheny presents Stanley with freshman basketball awar d.-Dancing at Junior-Senior Dinner-Dance. ,-fir-v The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itsef -Ruffini. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY uqlrvn--M .- SEA TED: Willis Wasem, Martha Baumann, Viola Lees, Clerk, Paul Knott, President. STANDING: James Ehrman, Supl., George Reinhard, Howard Born. Firelands Board Of Education A great school is very tryingg it can never present images of rest and peace. SUPERINTENDENT WWW? -D. T. Arnold. PRINCIPAL FRED R. MATHENY, B.S., M.A. STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOOL SECRETARY BETTY BAKER fi JAMES H. EHRMAN, A.B., M.A. H sa it A ,Q--u H' V'-""1Mfm,I.,, , 41. .A ,. -sI.....s, ,Hwy a,.A3a ,vt ,,.. - Firelands High School ,, we A ,. ,. 'U' 1. ' C' . X, L, Jr ,r , .ew 'T' CONSTANCE CHAMPION, B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Girls' Athletic Association 91522 ,gswf 12 5935? F31-53' ,ga MVN M 1? V52 gre Sf 'B'-A 43? I49 "M MF -"'-N ' ANTHONY DE GENNARO, B.S., M.A. E T ,ZW Ffglii W? 2' w JMS? at fa Q sf I Wi? st.ffi2fA5,,F, I. W I , 1, ,, . . - I tru: A , - I , ' 52- 'HQ' A, j . - . ' A, , I ,sms If 4 - Esrifzglf l IA . I 1 , 97v?14f3i'7f?i7,iJffffE::,2fzilm 'I' ' L A ' I f iii? - I, " TV Vk1,4wr:IG,wz,, " 'P ' EE . -V -- , 2 :- t52 .af,'f,-: M I 7 My ,Q-gi f.-I 1 ' '- ... ssiggz - . , gf ' " - :i -,-3'Wi2.a'- .titfini-Q 2 2f:f52f':Qia- Iveiaii' , f ' f f ' L '-l'4"?1fFff 'QW ' IE' ' iZ:1"f ..,5',Qi: '3f' "K, L f ' ' ' ' , I , wi: f,,gY?s?f 4ffH - ' , 5 A .I -. ,Wf.e,1fez,.g1z:x,,:1:Ii2'fi sww:,,,,,w-"Q-sig, A . . 34,w?Yifgw5g?Ix,':Q,:gfqf5 1 ,- ' ' I -,wsu 5" 'P5?92iff?fI .wir 5 ' , A Ee gfw af iz af-, ' f gf f ,VI , 1:4 ry - ff rw :er , . 3 f 'Emil iiifflfif 155' fiwi 'iff Aim ROXY DILLON, B.S. Hom: ECONOMICS Future Homemakers of America Freshman Class Adviser 7 MATHEMATICS Chess and Checker Club, Films Senior Class Adviser spur'- um., V LOWELL GATTS, B.S., M.A. GENERAL SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, CONSERVATION Wrestling, Softball Junior Class Adviser NELSON T. HOWE, B.S., M.A. PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, GENERAL SCIENCE Six-Man Football, Track, Scholarship Team Senior Class Adviser ELOISE FOWLER, B.S., M.A. ENGLISH, SPANISH Guidance, Dramatics Freshman Class Adviser MARJORIE HOWE, B.S VOCAL MUSIC Mixed Chorus A . 8 JAMES KOLLMAN, B.S. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Eleven-Man Football, Reserve Basketball Sophomore Class Adviser MARGERY MAY, B.S. ARTS AND CRAFTS I FRANCIS MILLER, B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Future Farmers of America Freshman Class Adviser CARL ROBART, B.A., M.A. HISTORY, ECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT School Store, Book Room Junior Class Adviser 9 JAMES E. SEIPLE, B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DRIVER TRAINING Varsity Basketball, Track, Rifle Club Sophomore Class Adviser EDWARD SMITH, B.S. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Band, Ensembles RUTH WALLACE, B.S. TYPING, SIIOIITHAND, BooIcIcI:I:PINc, OFFICE PRACTICE Commercial Club Senior Class Adviser MARY E. WILSON, B.S. ENGLISH, LIIIIIAIIIAN School Publications Adviser Sophomore Class Adviser I0 '47"'l"f This above all: to thine own sey be true, And it must follow, as night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man SENIOR Seniors VISIT Washington D. C. Nation s capitol Seniors leave capitol See dress parade at W e learn todayg we build tomorrow. Annapolis Dancing in lobby of Hotel Houston - Class Motto. The seniors, accompanied by Mr. Matheny, Mr. Howe, and Mrs. Wallace, visited in Washington D.C. April 3-5. During the trip via Gettysburg on a chartered bus visits were made to many interesting and historic spots. May 12 the juniors honored the seniors with a dinner- dance which ended with breakfast at school. Following the dinner and dancing the group saw a movie at Amherst Theater. Graduation came in May with vespels held the evening of May 20 with the Reverend E. Harriman of the Camden Baptist Church as speaker and commencement, May 23, with the Reverend C. Umhau Wolf of the Toledo Lutheran Church delivering the address. Tomb of unknown soldier.-Where Lincoln died.-Franciscan Monastery. U t ly 'Y i at lx. Kline .a QL I . 3 L .. - mp ffl, J V L I L .,.. Y,, L Ewls FREDRIC MEYER at President QQ -41, ,AE1 , xfv' 51 ig, Humbleness is always grace, always dignity. N aa a Class Officer 2,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2, tl Q, ' 3,44 Basketball 1,29 Baseball 1,2g Slide Rule Club 44 FFA 3,4- JAMES LOUIS HORVATH News Reporter and Student Council Let every man be master of his time. Class Officer 1,2,3,4-g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Newspaper Staff 2,43 Camera Club 3. JOHN ALBERT MARKWORTH Vice-President Crabbed age and youth cannot live together. Basketball 1,2,3,4q Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2, 3,4g Class Officer 2,49 Mixed Chorus 3,44 Student Council 2g FFA 1,2g Camera Club 3. STEPHEN NOEL HOWE Student Council The ripest peach is highest on the tree. Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 1,3,4g Football 3,4g Basketball 1,2g Baseball 1,2,3, 43 Student Council 4g Class Play 4. SANDRA JEAN RESAR Secretary and Student Council My heart is jixed. Elyria H. S. 1,2,3g Y-Teens lg Sports Clubs 1,2,3g Class Officer 4g Newspaper Staff 44 Yearbook Staff 4-g Student Council 4g GAA 4. DONNA LEE NORTHEIM Student Council A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 1,2,3g Majorette 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 1,2g Student Council 3,4g Softball 4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g GAA 3,4. MARGUERITE LOU VARCO Treasurer Dress is an index of your contents. Class Officer 2,43 Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,43 Commercial Club 44 CAA 1,2,3,4g Softball 1, 24 Home Nursing 1g FTA 4. I3 Senior Class Officers "'!"!"' le: i,sg t:mt-t2f'- 1 it Y 6551: K - ' ' 11632 Elswzstitx ' :H i - , f'2ls'fal33sM, --it t, , l .1 'Si -all -flitgtylfsff sz. VX, ' .,,.,, ' jr K 1 .flea f, safe? Ta.: Sfmt l. lzlfifiailt ' X 3 . ' ' ' 1 1: 71 I nn... i i, I MYRON VERNON BECKER His smile goes a mile. Basketball 1,23 Class Officer 2g Baseball 1,2,4g FFA 35 Track 13 Class Play 15 Rifle 4. GLENDA MARIE BERKMEYER The future is purchased by the present Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g FHA 1,2g Class Officer 2 Class Play 1,4g Commercial Club 3,4 GAA 34 Newspaper Staff 2,49 Yearbook Staff 4 MARY JEAN BRADLEY Looe's like virtue, its own reward. Cheerleader 2,3g Majorette 1,2g Class Plays 2,44 Class Officer 1, Mixed Chorus 1,23 CAA 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 3, Commercial Club 4, Newspaper Staff 3. JOAN DARLENE BUCHS A still, small voice. Brackenridge I'I.S., San Antonio, Texas 2 3 Girls Chorus 2, Band 2,3,4g Commercial Club 4 News paper Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4. JUNE DONICE BUCHS Softness of smile indicates a sopness of character. Brackenridge H. S., San Antonio, Texas 2,3g Girls' Chorus 2: Band 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4g News- paper Staff 4, Yearbook 4. ELAINE ELENORE CAJ KA "A light heart lives long." Class Officer 1,2,3g Class Play 1,4g Band 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 4 News paper Staff 1,2,3,4-9 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Softball 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,4g GAA 3,4. SALLY ANN CAMERA U music be the food of love, play on. Class Officer 1,2g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Cheer- leader 1,23 Majorette 2g Commercial Club 4, Year- book Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4, GAA 3,4. DENNIS RUBEN CARVER To a young heart everything is fun Football 3,43 Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1 2 4 Track 1,44 Wrestling 4. I4 DANIEL ELDEN EDGAR A man zwer his own heart. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Chess Club 2, Play 4. CLAYTON ELDRED CLINE The dwculty in lye is the choice. Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Football 33 FFA 1,2, 3,43 Class Officer 1,23 Camera Club 33 Wrestling 4. PATRICIA LU FOX It is good to live and learn. in 11? f .. H ,L ,gd I Elyria H. S. 1,23 Y-Teens 13 Mixed Chorus lg qi Newspaper Staff 43 Commercial Club 3,43 Year- book Staff 4. CAROL ANN FLETCHER Lge is less than nothing without love. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 1,23 Basketball .app 1,2,3,43 Softball 1,2,3,43 Class Play 43 Class Of- " 1 I 1' f ficer 23 Track 1,23 Commercial Club 3,43 GAA 3,-4. SHARON MAE GREEN Given to hospitality. Mixed Chorus 1,23 Band 1,2,3g GAA 1,2,33 News- paper Staff 33 Commercial Club 3,42 Home Nurs- ing 1. WARREN HAYES GERMAN Scared out of his seven senses. Basketball 1,23 FFA 1,2,3,43 Yearbook 43 News- paper Staff 43 Student Council 1,23 Band 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 1,21 Class Play 4. GEORGE ANDREW GVIST Be sure you are right then go ahe Football 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Chess Clu 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 2. x I -Vw x N ,f f . X gn xx ,t J X f 'IQ'- I'-49 New-..-'fy HAROLD LYNN GRESZLER Agreed to dwer. Basketball 1,2,3,4-3 Baseball 1,23 Track 1,2. was ffizt - 2. ' 'ff ..,:J'T '5'f' f M, ft .,5's5'i!, 'I if 1 FJK5' ffl 715 5. fx... DOUGLAS PARD HALE I have other fish to fry. Mixed Chorus 1,25 FFA 1,23 Track 33 Football 1 2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Yearbook 3g Wrestling 4. RUDOLPH GREGORY HARSAR X A I took to my heels as fast as I could. Basketball 1,2,3g Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1.2.3, 4g FFA 1,24 Rifle Club Pres. 4. ,J I IOAN CATHERINE HEIDRICH Kind words are the music of the world. Mixed Chorus 1,2g Majorette 3,44 Softball 2,4g Commercial Club 3.-4g GAA 1,2,3,4g Home Nurs- ing 1. SHIRLEY MAE HUNT Imagination is the eye of the soul. Home Nursing 1,33 FHA 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,2g Class News Reporter 2g Newspaper Staff 1,2,4g Hobby Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. ELAINE CLAIRE HUSTED 'Tis neither here nor there. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g GAA 1,3,4g Newspaper Staff 4g Yearbook 4-g Home Nursing 13 Track 2,3,4. LAWRENCE RICHARD KELLING Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail. FFA 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Newspaper Staff 4g Yearbook Staff 4. CAROL JEAN LANG Trouble we love and trouble we donit love. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2g Class President 2g Commercial Club 3,4g GAA 1,2 ,33 Home Nurs- ing 1. RICHARD JAMES LOGAN I did not care one straw. Football 1,2,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3, 4g FFA 1,2g Football Manager 3. U6 '91 .53 K 'Q 1 iii-Iwi 3, 2 KAY MARGARET MCDOWELL "Lore is a benntmzl dreamfi Commercial Club 3,4-g Mixed Chorus 1,2.3,4g Basket- ball 1,2g Softball 1,2g Track lg Home Nursing 2. CHARLES WILSON MANNINC "A gentleman makes no noise. H Football Manager 43 Basketball Manager 2. BETTY .IANE MILLER "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. " Band 1.2,3,4-g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Class Ollicer 1,2g Newspaper StafT2,4-g Yearbook Stafffl-Q Class Play 4g C. A. A. 4g F. T. A. 4. DALE BACON MCQUEEN "Each man reaps on his own farm. H Basketball 1,2,4-3 Football 3,4g F. F. A. 1,2,3,4g Band 1.2. GLENNA JEAN OPPERMAN "lim just going to leap into the dark. Home Nursing 1,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2g F. H. A. 1,23 Yearbook Staff 3g School Store 4-. ss JAMES ARTHUR MORGAN "Looe prefers twilight to daylight. U Class President 1,29 Class Vice President 33 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4g F. F. A. Ofhcer 2.3.45 Basketball 1,23 Foot- ball 3,4. MONTIE RICHARD RATLIFF "He travels with his eyes. U Class Officer Ig Newspaper Staff 1,4-g Year Book Staff 4-5 Football Ig Baseball 1,2,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4. CAROL YVONNE PETE "W ith mirth and laughter, let all wrinkles come. " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4-g Band l,2,3g Cheerleader 2g Commercial Club 3,45 Class Officer 25 G. A. A. l,2, 34 Softball 1,2g Home Nursing 1. 44" FRANK HENRY SCHOLL -Fsilllllt' and tall he rnmres. " Basketball F. F. A. 1.2.4. WAYNE HARLAN SCHRAIVIIVI Mlllllfllfft' is a necessity. so is dirt. N Football 3,43 F. F. A. 1,233.43 Track 1.23 Basketball 132.33 Baseball 13 Rifle Club 43 Camera Club 3. .Qs 2' 1 ut, ls is ft 1 ,f RAY IVIOND PAUL SIVIARR "He who singsfrightvnv auvw his ills. U Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1.2.43 Trahk 1,23 Wrestling 4 F F A CHARLES RICHARD SMITH 'Our content is our best having. " Geor et H ' ' ' g own . S. 1, Vermlhon H. S. 23 Footbaal 43 Track 33 F. F. A. 1. .3 . RICHARD EUGENE SNIDER He is the 1'erw'pim'-apple ofpoliteness. H Student Counvil 3,4-Pres. 43 Football 1.2.3343 Class OIT' v 3' 3 ' A lt er , Basketball 1.23 F. F. A. 1,23 Chess Club 3. CAROLYN ANN SUMMERS A rnerrv heart doeth good like medicine Softball 1,233.43 F. H. A. 1,233.43 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Cheerleader 23 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 4' Yearbook Staff4 JANCIE MARIE VIRAG own thoughts are rny vanipziniuns " Cl O ' ' ' ' ' ass flu er 1.2, Class Play 43 Newspaper StaI'f4' Yearbook Stall- 43 Mixed Chorus 1.23.43 C. A. A. 133,43 F, H, A. 43 Commercial Club 3. IAIVIES IRVIN WOODRUIVI "SrlAx'ing is one thing. doing another." Rifle- Club 4-3 F. F. A. 1.2.3343 Basketball 2. ,ix I8 " Vis ,. - "-TT' 54 'THP45 S 1' YT QW : w . K. .. lg ,K x . 3 . ".-3?w1fs- tw -1- - - . -- Ifffw -f -X , f-55.53 . A , - I I - . i K , - 'ffe?'f3gg'- ' ' If. W 7 Kiosk I sf .iw X . 33 Knowledge is boundlesgvhuman capacity, limited.-Chamfort. U DERCLASSM N Classes Organize For Action lun, MHIL are polished, through act and speech, Each by each. As pebbles are smoothed on the rolling beach. -Trowbridge.. Here at Firelands the underclassmen made their presence felt not only in the large number in classes but also in their many activities. During the basketball season each class assisted with concessions. The sophomores sold popcorn and the freshmen sold potato chips, both of which helped to increase the want for a cold drink which the juniors had on hand. To aid in the raising of funds for the Junior-Senior Dinner-Dance the juniors sold Christmas cards and sponsored a radio show. The Dinner- Dance which was held in May was a wonderful success. The sophomores, with an eye to the future, worked on their treasury while having fun at skating parties at the Elyria Roll Arena and a class party at school. One of their more lucrative money projects was the sale of Mary Lee Candies. The freshmen, being greater in number and new at F. H. S., learned their ways about and are looking forward to being sophisticated sopho- mores. The freshmen sold FHS letters that could be worn on school clothing. Bob Baumann sells Stanley Brumby potato chips-Don Lewis and John Born see popcorn-Freshmen enjoy pop-Tom Currier clean up pop bottles-Marilyn Born spins Marvin Fannin-Marvin, sheis Margaret Parker. ,. A , 251. f , o r , 5' . if 2 , t , ' eff 'gl ,G'ft,,'x 'P 52 my -J' ,fgglilwl ll 'gf y "J ' my rf J' ' M lit, Mai' -MK ig, 6 , if J' il L H Y ,W All 12, 5' , S 1 J, , Q 'vt J Ka 4349 5, 1 + A at if 2 - , W v 4 'N' 3' , 1 . wr S Q f 1 J ff , , Thomas Currier. president, Richard Hail rin' ffl gR b , pruu E111 o ert Hartle Sewrelczryg James Miller, treasurer, William Roberts, Vl!?1l,'.V'f'llllfff'fj Elonore Reising, Germaihf- I l rig, Philip Howe, studml vnuncil. R0 1: Willa Balzer, Erne-slim' Bates, Geneva Beehstcin, Arthur Born. Raymond Braun. RUWQ2: Miriam Brunrlage, Lawrence Bettcher, Esther Cadman, Donald Clary, Rivhard Collins, George Dubick, Gerald Euvker, Bobby Joe Ferguson, George Fingulin. R0 Brian Frf-as, Leon Groot. Nancy Hunter. Anne Huste-rl. Dorothy Kasper. Loren Kirk, Barbara Kodysz. Neal Kothe, Nancy Juniors Lamvermeyer. RUW4: Sonja Manuel. Peter Nlavvr. Ronald Mus- ka, Neil Myers. Martha Niggle. Wanda Odom. l,f-nore Rm-ising. James Rothgery, Emogens: Schlevhte-r. ROWS: ,lore Simonson, Nancy Singley, Robert Snider, Faye Trosper, Ray 'l'u1'ker, llc-nnis Wasvm. Avonelle: Williams. George Yakunovich. Marian Yourka- vitch. ,A a al? fi l w in-f -wt- , ff' .M , '1 2 'cr ' -5 --.--3 ' t N u if -px! 4 Wvwl 'l g I I I 'U P iw- I ...,. ,I ---- I f I ' I V, ,H in I Mg, i ' A A ,,: 1- kr .5 y 3' K ,-kk Z , is wi T . YW Q .6 ,-1-5. f ' '-- 4 Q ii, ' K N K 32 L I ,J '--'X " K , 5, 'H f L A-.ww -tfi i' ff -. ff i L' f lb 'ill ' , W ":' . s, ,. 1 as 1' ' a - it - New L n ' ' Q gf' X t hi!! VK J sm! 1 G- ,f X -A 4 : tx 4 1 ..,. . U ,.. . 1- -W -..., tx 2:70, I ug -if U X? . ,Q . Hue i x I z 7 K . ' ' 4 ' ,. - 5, ,ol H .M RF of L ,V x 9 ., 4 Z iw' HA . ' 3: Q' tc , , . , z.. .35 iw K jigs I 1 1 A 5 g:Tg.f,N 5 ' Q ' - Z L.,w 5 ' - ' f ffm,:,..f,- f r -E ,. ' :-5 w H ,wife - . , 2 'QQPQ A M345 A '- A 4' 'PE -Q ' 22, M , 2 :viagr- . .,- A ff M iv -egg, F ..,,, N i 'ima , ,it .. ' 3,3 ,. 'lk 54,1 if in t 3 r .. mf? 1 'If 'i A J I 6 ., .1 W . 'Nunn s wi -V - I l V. V: L :HE L . I I gf,-gif' : 'L S2 mfg ' K.. .P Q K Q 'l Ku. Q Y I f A i an NWS it v 3 1 Fl' Q ' tl is if , :- X , , f at , ,aa , ., , i , M 'Q ' , ' ff ' 1 ' S? ' 'E U? iw V 'afsfui , no ' Alt QAM 'Q wi l W 5 f ,J to W 3 AY ' Z f v K Q +1 34 v f x L I A R ' Nil? , E .qw I lg " , . 4 V-4, m. -r I I , My A 3' ' 'Z' M ix ' lg tgf l ,la , 1' Q, 4 ' L -. 4552 if 'Z . ' ff X . a , aaa ' N e a t Q, as was Q 0-gm V ' " Q ,V X' Q7 ' i M0 3 ' ii , Q1,fQff, l "jgi',i1f o f Q X f is , as rrrrr f f ,, '- R L wig, . ww , M + ro ' - g ,4 ai' HQ. M ,f . , ,:,f,,,, y,, ts- ,L R vi F' , . L' fi ' lt" f 'ti if . if We I , . i ' l i .il cl 'Qi Q A . V-vt ' ,., ,-..,, A - . Q ., S a "" to i tm "' W a - O 'X wr , t M.. iira v t ,W ' K vi taiai 'af it X. , -M O f A as M 5' A af t 'M -f 'B its 1 I Sophomores ROW1: Lorvn Alpaugh. ROW' 2: Rita Balwr. Larry Baller. Sandra Bcfvhslr-in. Win. Bevhstsiii, Dorothy Bcvlu-r. Susan Bell, Carole- Bilby, Rolivrt Bodkin. ,lolin Born. ROW3: Mar- ilyn Born, Marjorie Born. Gwen Bruniliy, Delfiltv Briinor, Wilma Budweg, Marjorie- Call, Kart-n Clark. Frank Cola Twila Dennison: ROW -1: Gloria Drought. Jann-s lluliivk, Judy Edgar. Richard lfnzor. Marxin Fannin. Rnsse-ll Foy. Andy Fritz, Paul Hale, Kaye Hall. ROW 5: Pat Harsar john Ht'yHl2il'1.l1fl'Xilll'lIIj Miki' llolzinsliy. 1i1'f'l1rr'xl'1l1'l1Ig lfayrl firvvn. .w'r'rf'- lnrv: Sally Sugvrik. Ifl'!ISllfl'fl Thonias llowv. I1l'll'.VI'l'lNlfIl'fI iNiillI'Y Kawa- saki. Pvggy Lvalllu-llc-r. Wvavnt' Nlorroxs. 3111111711 IYIIIIIVII. Martha Henning, David Hiscox. Ray Johnson. .lill Kelli-r. Morris Kelling, Donna Kinslvy, Paul Knott. liiilligliovs, ROW 6: Donald Lvwis, Jeanne LPWiS, Thcrodorv Logan. Patricia McQueen, Nancy Miller, Robert Miller, Carol Minek, Grace Morrison. Margaret Parkvr. ROW 7: Laxxre-lice P4-tv. Dale Potts, Robert Ronez, Ronald Ronffz, Ronald Roskoski, :- ,lohn Wany'ek, Priscilla Williariis, Paul W00dl'llIIl, Dale Wor- ccster. W ta .Q X 3 5 W kk 1' f 'ry we rv M -W A . ... 'if' ' f f l tlyt 1 f ll X t dx? fx IMTYM X. . 2 ff lobby: mi' im loaf ,, A Y , I VV V . I wg A , 4 ' t 'Wx X a t .al'. , M 1. 'i i ,. , mx? f M, 2, I .Q ,., , .. 'f , an an a ff' l . , ,l l, 0" 923, 1,.3'?"7 .ap lie?-'t lmi y my ,li ,iz .: J -ix. '35 'Na A K ' wtf , A i Q 1 -, afii , '3' .,, m1 qi xi , yy J! . L. Q X VA A ' sy. K i M ifimi W 'r"'! "W if ,fb .ig-'L b Q 3' M .4 ',.. M9 it ,M , 1 a 'L' M t if 'Q Q it at Y, t t or N ' fi H I ,,-- 1 5 ii , fi ll Z x ,. ,Q I , , -WM Bk' ,- V y :L - 'sl i . ' it f i i -1 an y ,R FU. W .--ad A l PQQJ kj N 5. .35 'ff' M- agi , '81, nv W V f, ax, ,K , !,: W if 1 4 i fi L . K-.,,,p A in K LW. ' K Q lx AN J? 'JM David Urlom. lJfl'Sl'lfl'lIfI Roln-rl Buurnginn. 11'r'f'pr1'xiflvl1l: Linda .lum'kson. .w'rrf'- trzrx'-I1'e'r1x11rf'r: Holm-rl Frw. ll1'l1'W'l'!HPl'll'fQ Slanlvx' lll'1llTll1V.,lL1Ill'llVlilI'l'iXHll'lll. I l I Dzivid Swirl:-S. .vlmfvrzl Hill-III if. i U ROI!" I: Paul Baum-r. jurlx Bi-wlistn-iii. Rivliaml Bs-llvlim-r. ,lvrrj Braill- lwrry. Susan Blllllllilll. KOH' 2: Lynn lin-xsstf'1'. fil'I'l1l4llIll' llrill. ,lPTFYllilIIlf'Fi1. liivluiiwl Cairn-r. .loan Clary. lxutln-rn lllim-. Lurnl Collins. Flurenw Cui-co, Thelma Dunham. KOH fi: lflains- lill- wards, Kulhrxn lfzinnin. Twl lfi-1-as,lIumI Frm-viiiuii, ,IQ-an Fritz. ll21I'0lllLll'I'1'SlllIl. Philip fLl'I'l'xl. lluvid fl1'I'llLlTlllI'lgI4'I', luis Criflitli. KOH' I: linllaii1lfLi'm'ii. lfarl ll1lI'll1'.l1iIl4lil Hvggif-. Rugn-i'H1'i'4'li- 'ff lvr, Kvnnvlll lllllllluglv. ,lllllll'S HllIlll'I', Sum .l1u'ulu'ilx. lvlllflllll Kvl- lvy, liosaniiu K1-rn. R011 5: llumlml kllNll'll'li.SlIllI'0l1kllllglff. ,lvzinnv Knilllv. l,in1la Km-l1ln'is1'i'. ,lon lioflwz. ,ln-Lin Kullurz Nancy Manning. Terry Nlyr-rs, Mary Anne Nlitiska. R0 lfib: Judy llfluvs, Sandra lullSlQ3. KLlIA1'll Nalmkmxski. Elllvl Niclwlsuil. Jain:- Phillips, l'1ilri4'iu Prinvc-. Be-vrirly Rmlvlillv. Cynthia Hiulunsky limi- Re-ising. x 1 2 I N49 F8 'fi l W ii an ii l 1 i l ui.. ' 1:95 , E i 'f Ji, Na. i X? .WI I I WIP WV? if ' in ' ii s 1 A ilil -if , ' 4, 8 tml, -' J, -3 k,.k 43 ,'?Q5i?:ff,i lf, gs: 31 I avi lik , if K J:'fA 4 -.J Q, , X Q W , fi J A i 3 i f was g mf! , it I V. M, A K iklu lv K A! Q A if ,x In i 13 i if if 1 "sf .. i 'X 25' 'S , 'X v I f , ,lf ,Q,l 41 'H '4 ' ' - 'Vi 'Hi' -:Y l ' i if 'i wii i A 'SQ i l l I Y A f' X i .K 1 , in i 2 lii , i fi i . f wlaif ' f i i l 32 x iff ee- i Q ff: 5 -12.4 i n i l ff- "ii 4 A 4 l , ' i Q -3 ' V ,Il YV .S ' :itil in ,ggi 1- .T i rf, vi 4 , N f 'xi .gi -f fi ..,. ii .fi j mi 7 , L i ,, Y k fi M W .fi ,ki V I L 33 we i ' 1 i V Y f A' i i il gi l if, .. .W Ea, W fi 2' i i f 'iil X ll- i 'H if 4' 4 i AQ if: Av ' -fi i . . - Q, X , 15,3 A Y , 5, X '- V, 'wi AS X ' J wk , x QA K ,K ,M 'N X .. if I '17 "if YAYI Q V- it Yllii i ' Q K f ii ' 'K' k xwlii ' L H' N. A fl " ' R Q x V Q 1 ' '-ssl,:'f ' rx I - gl if 'iw i 2 M Q, 91 ' 1 X5 , wa' 'G JW" A ai 5 Q' nfs ,HX i 'f Y ' 'G A v '- in .V "1 ri? ,, f fir i '1 1 3 ,' "1" ' is 'SW' A' i f A f Q i, i'Mi . 3 V 1 K M-N, L X K V.,-'I ,IQ .0 3 5 f .5 1 5 4 M-, Y it , q ., T i ff K w -'P-" 5 ,. T il E ' ' tttrt 4 '93, sagiff' , W . ' QE ffrvsgsv ,vhs Hi 'bi -S Y ,- , i . My L r ,,T51,,,il A yvlki W gi V: 1 N ,,. it ii l s , t t Q i 3? r - t' ' 1- 43 .ff X.. ' -l 'QZ' ' A . by 'ITT' is 'A . RU W I: Rosvtta Rvising, Carol Roskoski. lfsthvr Rym. Barbara Sarlin. Mivlmvl S4-lznmn. Elvamur Saylvr. Hull:-rt Svalsars. Donald Svholl, Elsa Svllrfwflvr. ROWZ: Larry S4-hott, ,lon Sivk. Virginia Snitla-r. Virginia Ste-rra-tt. Rolwrt 'l'0ITlllIlSUII, Darryl Walks-r. Donald Walton, Litla Witter, Nm-l Zurvha-r. Scenes In Classrooms Are. Spanish stmle-nts take- tlivtation. lhsvuss plans in lnfl. Arts l. tlliwk with Mr. llowe- on lab problt-m. FI'f'Slllll1llIglI'lS lvnrn to sm-w. -A Q . V, , ?g 5 x ,M ,Y ii! 4 4 -sw. -v... 'ii g.. E f 'sf' aww Q ,f , 1 sf HE l.:AE:l5t?i,. lf: V , V A V l L' in 5 5 7 ' 5 Q 325' ' 3 ' , l tr fd t Y, . , ' ' fi , ' ' . 4 '.l I V Fi- 'V J . 6 a s . -'H f J. "'i , H ? it , , . if t JE a r fc A '- ' ' " is K t -- Vx ' , X , xi M H 5? if 5951, it 1 f -4 -.5 it ,. at Us QXSR x ff "'A i ,Q A Y , J 3 Withikyssa - .. 5- L X ' la. 'Q A y 'Tis wise to leamg 'tis Cod-like to create.-Saxe. ACTIVITIES Mixed Chorus Rates Superior Sweetest is the strain when in the song The singer has lwen Inst. -E. Phelps. The a cappella choir directed by Miss Marjorie Howe grams at Firelands for the community. tht- Christmas pro- rated supvrior at the State Class B music cont:-st held at gram and the- spring comfort. Also in the spring tht- group Capital University April 28 and at District Contest at Euc- performed for several 1-ommunityorganizations. tho l,orain lid Marvh 24. County Eduvation Assoviation. and the sf-nior wspt-r ser- During the year ot' tht' chorus pwsviile-d two vhoral pro- vivo. ' 1 if 1 'S z . A an In f J.. 3-W it ... ,j r ' li? f wig... ll S not glggfi ,li M Q, an 1: el . A at W' M I t gp. , M 1 N was what 4: win Q' ' Q Ajit If , R . - M M .- s - ,, . h , . A A g ll 'ff 'WW 1 1+ fl .. 1. 4' +1 do W , ' , . . fp . .at . H, N Z as , kt 4 ,T B .V ,.. .r km -'H I A 4 4 i .. .. i ti ff ff! ax X L A lt 1 SX .... A - '. dl. .. 4 s .. R0 W' 1: Cvrmaine- llrig. Wanda Odom. Rosanna K1-rn, Nlarlha zvr. Elaine llajlxa. K0 UU2: Nanvy Nlillvr. Sandra Bevlistt-iii. ,le-anne Henning. DorothyKaspvr.,laIlic'1' Yirag. lit-tty Xlillvr. lflaint- llus- linittle. Susan tif-ll. Carol Pvt:-. Nlary Anna- Nlitiska. Sandra Nluska. ted. Kay Nlt'lJoxx1'll.fllvnda llewkiiic-it-r.F:illi tlanin-ra. l'ilIHlgt'l1t' Sharon lilingi-r. Yam-i' l.LllI1XQ'f'IIlt'ft'l", l.inda litlt'lll1PlFl'l. l'atrit'ia SCl1lt"Cllll'l'. Nlargue-rilv Nargo. Donna Nortlivini. lxarvn tflarlx. xll'klllt't'll. Carol l"lvtt'lwi'. Nlarilin Born. Sonja Nlannt-I. lilaine- Virginia Slvrre-tt. Marian YtlllI'l'i21Ylll'll. lmnorv Reising. XX illa Bal- llnstvtl. l'lstlwl'llyii1. l'ilt'1llIUt'SiU'll'I'. Rita llalwr. Nlartha Yigglv. 26 Barbershopping The boy si quartet. made up hy George llnlmirli. Dax ill Odom. Hivliard Hall. and Slew Howe. enlerlaim-d the student lmomlv al sewiul asseinlmlies as well as performed al si-xi-ral banquets ani gl'ilIIlS. The girls' quartet. made up ln' Sally Camera, Wanda Odom. Lcrnore Reising. and lflaine Husted. sang al thi- basketball llanqnel. ilu- junior-senior dinner-1lan1'e, and at ilu- spring 4'on1'c-rl. 'llllvx are piirtured among the sa-em-s taken at the clinner-dam'e. QV.,-.1 -A. 4 " N YSVG aff' ,lv ' gf, I v 5 4 Q., . ' ,X Yvf, vs Q "' v k Q. i i x ,, -' ,Q , i K iv l 'ITU 3 ar '- ,.-I 1. ,- f l i e ,, ,Q Q . . ls. L, b A .. A .N . U 1 M ii 'Q WW ,Q fu , a 1 'Til' F' 5' a -- M wi M s. gy A Y " l i il ' 7 -twin... ROW3: Donna Kinsley. Lois Griffith, Karen Nabakowski, Cynthia Radunsky, Sally Sugerik, Twila Dennison, Nanvy Kawasaki. Gwen Brumby, Jane Phillips. Jill Keller. Carol Collins. .loan Clary . Carol Mathes. Elsa Schroeder. Janet Nlarkworth. Crave Morrison. Carol Lang. Linda Heggie. ROW' 4: Patrivia Harsar. lflenore Reising. Lewis Meyer. Noel Zur1'her.john Waiiyvk. lionalfl Honez.Jol1n Nlarkworih, Steve Howe, Raymond Braun, Daniel Edgar, David Searles. Miss Marjorie Howe. direciorz la-on Groot. Jerry Cam- era. Thomas Currier. Thomas Howe. Richard llall. Phillip Howe. IALIWFPIICG Kelling. James Miller. ROH1-S.- Darryl Walker. David Udom, George Duliivk. Bill Roberts. Wayne Morrow. James Hor- Xlllll. Robert Frw. Kennn-Ili llufnagle. High School Band Performs llfusir' is the poetfx' ofthe air.-Jean Richter. In new red and white uniforms the Firelands High School Band, led by Mr. Edward Smith, performed at the Kipton Carnival and the Sandusky Fair. In the fall and winter the band marched at home football games and furnished "pep,' music for basketball games. ln the spring the band played at Midview and Colum- bia High Schools, the County Education banquet, Fire- lands in April, and Commencement. They marched Field Day at Oberlin and in three Memorial Day pa- rades. The Board of Education furnished money for seve- ral needed instruments, and the Music Committee of PTA did a huge job of paying for band and majorettte uniforms. Oflieers are Steve Howe, president, Lewis Meyer, secretary-treasurerg Gwen Brumby, stage manage-rg Lewis Meyer and John Born. uniform managers, and Marjorie Born, librarian. R0 lf 1.' Nlartlia Wiggle. xllltilllii Henning. Geneva fieehs Q Szmtlru lleebstein. Nzinev l,LlIttVt'I'Hlt'Xt'I'. Wlarilvn Born. Karen Clark. X irginin Sterrett. .warren Cermzm. ROW' 2: Susan deu. Palrieiu Xl:-Queen. Nlurgaret l,1lI'lif'lA. .lolm Born. lux Meyer. l'ilt'ilIlHl' Saiyler. .ILIIIIPS lWlllt'I'.lliil0lIlLlSll17VH'. l in lleggie, flrsiee lxltlI'I'lS0ll. lletty Nliller. RUH' .'fI,lllII1'l north. lllbftillll Kasper. Lois tlritlitli. Rosanna Kern. jerry em. Txsilzi llemiison. llqlxitl Unlom. Rllllt'l'll'lllllIll1lflTI. Marjorie Call Donna Northeim Anno Hustefl Marguvrilf' Vargo .loan Heidrich Noel Zurcher, Nancy Miller. john Wanyck, Raymond, Braun, Sonja Manuel, June Phillips, Phillip Howe. Stanley Brumhy, Darryl Walker, ,lorry Bavhman, Marjorie Horn, Ernogfrnff Sch- lechter. STANDING: lfclward Smith, Dirvctorglune Burrhs, ,loan Buchs, Carol Collins, Steve Howe, Gwen Hrumhy, Elaine Cajka, Pai Harsar, and lVlE1j0ITZllf?SI,I03H Hefidriuh, Marjorie Call, Anne Hustcd. Marguvrilc Vargo. and Donna Northeim. as V 4 .Sl'ATED: David Searles 9, Phillip Howe 11 treasurer 10 Janet Markworth9 Peg v Leadbettter 10 Wayne Mor Sandra Resar 12, secretaryg Richard Snidc r 12 preside nt rovt 10 Donna Northeim 12 C e rmalne 11 rig 11 Mr Mat Steve Howe 12, vice presidentg James Hors .ith 12 se rgeant he ny adusor Elenore Reising 11 at armsg Stanley Brumby 9. STf1NlJI,Nf Ninn w Kumsalti Probably one ofthe most outstanding accomplishments The Council also sponsored dances decorated the of the Student Council was the sc lection ofthe nttkname Christmas tree assisted in the toys or mls dm e led many Falcons for athletic teams of Firelands of the pep rallies and sent Germaine and Phil as repre Other activities supervised bv the Council were the noon sentatlves of Flrelands to the Natlonal Student Council activity schedule, cheerleading contests car wash and the Convention selling of schedule pencils. Students ASS1St In The Llbrary Some book? are Lo be laslfd others to be xuallrmcd and mmf cu Lo be chewed and digested Bacon During the year tive students assisted Miss Wilson in the library by helping charge out, check in, and sometimes re- shelve books. This assistance allowed more time to be devot- ed to cataloging. ,vA.,,,, Willa Balzrer De-Ette Bruner, Miss Wilson ,lill Keller Janet Mark- worth ABSENT Nanny Smgley. 'W' W V 'titiiilyialll E .Z,.r, my '-rraxfiz., 2 ' 19542311 , Qimlaffiiggf 05 re we Q , , .AY at if 4-95, SEA TED: Elaine Cajka, James Horvatb, Betty Miller, Patricia Fox. Carolyn Summers, Elaine Husted, Sally Camera. STANDING: Miss Wilson, teacherg Sandy Resar. ,loan Buchs, June Buchs, Martha Niggle, Lawrence Kelling, Glenda Berkmeyer, Warren German, Shirley Hunt, Janice Virag, ABSENT' Montie Ratliff. Publish School Publications Souls dwell in the printefs type. -Joseph Ames. The Journalism Class under the direction of Miss Mary E. Wilson published nine issues ofthe Firelorids Flash. a four-page letterpress newspaper, and The Torch, this year- book. Other than to class members, much credit for the success of both publications goes to Mr. Andrew Stefan, the offi- cial Firelands photographerg Walter Clendenning of Birm- ingham who took many of the informal pictures as well as a few formal shotsg Mr. and Mrs. Ross Day ofThe Ledger Printing Company, Milan, printers of the Firelrmds Flashg Member of Mr. Miller and others who contributed snapshotsg to teach- ers and others who contributed materialsg and to the Fresh- man English classes. Thanks, too, go to the advertisers in both publications because they have really helped in an expensive, but edu- cational undertaking. October 21-22, Elaine Cajka, Betty Miller, Janice Virag, and Miss Wilson represented Firelands at the fall meeting of the Journalism Association of Ohio Schools which met at Ohio State University. journalism .flssociation rj L Display ot' Materials tor Public-ations. , N. Betty and Montie are working on pictures. Ohio Schools ROW 1: Francis Miller. advisorg C. Cline, sentinel, W Schramm, treasurerg L. Kelling, student adviserg L Meyer, vice presidentg J. Morgan, president, R. Hartle, secretaryg W. German, news reporter. ROW 2 J Woodrum, P. Bauer. W. Morrow, J. Born, W. ttevfve ilwrmi c,r , JA 'Q f 4'qrtf.W., Yiftw- 1 ERD ,AMES Bechstein, R. Snider, G. Gvist, R. Frye, F. Scholl. ROW3: L. Sebolt, D. Lewis,- , R. Cucco, J. Bachman, A. Bom, R. Collins, N. Kothe. ROW4: P. Knott, D. Hiscox, S. Brumby, J. Wanyek, D. Clary, R. Miller, L. Groot, D. McQueen, R. Green. Future Farmers Have Busy Year The farmers are the founders of civilization. -Webster. Twelve "green hands" were initiated into the Firelands Chapter of the Future Farmers of America which is under the guidance of Mr. Miller, instructor of vocational agri- culture. To make money the F. F. A. sponsored a scrap drive after Christmas and sold screw driver sets in the spring. During the year the boys parked cars for athletic events, banquets, and other activities which were held at Firelands. They also had a coat check service for the Dairyman's Ban- quet. The boys sponsored a trip to the Sportsman's Show in Cleveland, had a one day trip to Farmer's Week in Colum- bus, and went to Detroit to visit the Ford Tractor Plant and Greenfield Museum. Receives De Kalb Award The DeKalb award to the outstanding senior went to Dale McQueen during the Parents' Night program. Silver awards were presented to Jim Morgan and Lewis for their efforts in the District F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest. Receiving F. F. A. Foundation Awards were Don Lewis, star farmerg Dave Hiscox, farm mechanicsg John Born, dairy farmingg and J im Wood- rum, soil and water management. Instead of first, the boys ranked third in the parlia- mentary procedure contest, but honor came to the organiza- tion through several individual honors. Lewis Meyer won an expensive paid trip to the American Institute of Cooper- ation Convention to be held in Raleigh, N. C., July, which is sponsored by the Ohio Council and Lorain Co. Farm Co-ops. Jim Morgan and George Gvist won a one day field trip on their essays in the Conservation Essay Contest, and Larry Sebolt received a dairy calf award sponsored by the Wellington District Holstein Association. Brit. 154. Undt-r the' rlirm-tion ol' Mr. Nvlson Hoyw. that liarrivrzi tiluh waS liorinml last year to promotv intt-rr-st in photo- graphy. Tln-organization ol'f'1-rs4-x- pt-riz-nvc' in various phusvs ol' photo- graphy. SIL'-ITILVIIJ li. lI1iIl.tL. lh' liaulun- slxy. R. llalrtlt-. .l, lluntor. T. llowt-. .Sl l,Nl1lV,:.I, l'.ilgur.,l. lxnltllv. lx,t1Iinv. Xl. Nlitiskzi. .l. Phillips. t.. l'rm-ni:ni..l. Fritz. li. Hosknski. l'. tlvrki. Shutterbugs Form Camera Club Future Homemaliersflrganize llonw is llivgrrllirlesl ofa!! irzslillilioris.-Spurgeon. Undvr the dirce-tion of Nlrs. Roxy Dillon. homo vconoin- ics tvavlivr. tht- first Fireluntls FHA lilmptvr was orgzinim-rl. Duringtl10yt-ui'tli+- group vornpost-tl anti sulnnittvrl laws and by-lawsofthvir1-onsiitntion to Columbus. Ther girls sponsorvtlaliakt-s11lvrl11i'iiigthv wintvr. put on Parkt,-i'. yin- prm'sitle'nt: fi. Billiy. piwsirle-lit: IC a style show Nlay 16. anfl workc-cl on luturf' plans. Thvy had rc-gular mor-tings on a We-ilriesrluy 0l'f'21I'l'l month. All wvrcv initiated at u special e-vt-ning rm-1-ting at whivh tht- girls' pare-nts were' guvsts. :Xpril 30. During this rnvvt- ing tht- girls 11-1-eiyecl thcir FHA pins. ROW 1: Nl.liiill.lllSlUl'i11F11ll.SlHtIIll4'I'S.Ilt'WSI't'Il0l'lt'I'lNl. Suga-rik. U. Kinslvy. P. llursair. RU1l".'i:J. Clary. G. Brill. Jlajku. sr-rrw Brundau. I.. Ili-ggiv. K. Nailiuktmski. S. Musku. Nl. Kel- . historian: ll. Ivy, .l. ln-wis. M. Nlitislui. lf. lftlwurtls. R014 -1: N. Nlunn- tary: J. Yirag. nt-ws ri-portvrg S. Ht-vhstt-in Bruner. tri-usurf-r, RUM" 2: S. lilinvi-r. 'l' . llunhuin. l.. ing. ,l. Markxsorth. B. Sulrin. Y. Storm-lt. R. Hulwr. ,l. Kvlln-r. Griffith. T. llc-nnison. P. M4'Que-n-11.0. Klorrison. S. Bt-Il. 5. K. Hull. X. Nlille-r. B. liorlysz. Mrs. llillon. zimlxisor. -c . . ln-rL.., SEA TED: Elenore Reising, vice-president, Germaine Urig, Sharon Green, Elaine Husted, Carol Lang, Mary Bradley, news reporter, Esther Cadman, Geneva Bech- stein, Joan Buchs, June Buchs. STANDING: Sally Camera, Carol Pete, presidentg Glenda Berkmeyer, secretary: Carol Fletcher, Marian Yourkavitch, Kay McDowell, Mrs. Wallace, adviser: Dorothy Kasper, Lenore Reising, Willa Balzer, Sonja Manuel, Wanda Odom, Marguerite Vargo, ,Ioan Heidrich, treasurer, Pat Fox. Commercial Club Gains Experience Diligence is the mother ofgood fortune.-Cervantes. The Commercial Club, under the advisership of Mrs. Ruth Wallace, is to help students to gain a better understanding of the business world and to learn to meet real situations. During the year students helped by typing and duplicating materials for teachers, and several worked as receptionists and helped in the school office. During the athletic season the girls made and sold football and basketball programs. To see others at work, members toured the offices of the Lorain Journal and Thew Shovel in Lorain and Halley's Depart- ment Store in Cleveland. The club is limited to students taking one or more commercial subjects. Carolyn, Mrs. Wallace Marian Sportsmen Form Rifle Club ROW 1: Mr. Seiple, adviserg Rudy Harsar, Wayne Schramm, Dale Worcester, Faye Greene, Mike Polansky. ROW2: Jerry Camera, Dick Enzor, Leon Groot, John Heyman, Paul Bauer, Jim Woodrum, Pat Harsar. ROW 3: Jon Sick, James Hunter, Bob Snider, David Hiscox Sam Jacobcik, Jerry Bradberry, Noel Zurcher, Bob Miller. With Mr. James Seiple as the leader the Rifle Club took form this year. The students learned about various types of rifles that are used for hunting and sports shooting. To raise money for the club students sold the red and white "Firelands Falcons" ball point pens. J. Wanyek, news reporter, J. Knittle K. Clark, Joan Clary, D. Kasper, B. ' Miller, president, Nancy Miller, M Niggle, secretary, P. McQueen, E. Schlechter, treasurer, S. Bechstein, J Phillips, S. Bell, G. Morrison, S. Surgerick, E. Cajka. QI? Q' Cultivate Music Appreciation Is there a heart that music cannot meet?-Beattie. The Music Appreciation Club was organized by Miss The group listened to recordings of symphonies, Marjorie Howe, director of Mixed Chorus. The aim of orchestral arrangements, operas, and studied stories of the club is to increase interest and to learn more about operas. music. ore New Drivers At Wheel -Q.. Think safe, drive safe, and be safe. Thirty-six students participated in driver training classes taught by Mr. James Seiple. Those who successfully completed the course which required classroom work, observation, and actual practice driving were qualified to ttke the test for their licenses. The January tests were given by Mr. Seiple, but a new Ohio law required that later students take tests given by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The driver training car was a courtesy of Milad, Inc. of Amherst. STANDING: R. Roskoski, J. Virag, K. McDowell, J. Miller. IN CAR: Mr. Seiple, C. Fletcher, D. Clary, P. Harsar. ROW 1: R. Muska, D. Potts, J. Eucker, J. Wanyek, W. Bechstein, R. Cucco, R. Ronez, R. Braun ROW2: M. Brundage, Mr. Seiple, W. Odom, P. Fox, C. Summers, P. Harsar, W. Budweg, J Virag, D. Northeim, K. McDowell, C. Fletcher, E. Reising, W. Balzer, L. Reising. ROW3: ,I Buchs, I. Buchs, S. Bechstein, G. Bechstein, E. Schlechter, N. Lamvermeyer, S. Resar. ROW4 1. Miller, J. Simonson, L. Alpaugh, D. Clary, R. Roskoski, J. Born, L. Kirk, M. Fannin, A. Fritz The Ive you save might be your own. RUIT 1: C. Drought. S. iillII11'I'i1. 11. Flvlw-lu-r. N1.Ym1rkax'ilvl1. Nl. Brandau. l.. ll:-ggiv. K. Nahukrmski. Bewlisti-iii. N. Nlillvr. S. Yargo. lf. P4-tv. ll. lrig. W. Balm-r. Vi. Udmn. K. Hall. lf. linkin. Green. Nl. Bl'Ll1lll'y. li, Nliller. C. Be' llush-ml. RUN 3: RUIIW2: J. Buvhs. .l. Markwurlh.lnllrillilh.l3.Rad1'lill'.Nl. llvnn- ll, Brumhy. ,l. l.+-mis. Nl. Call. S. Nluska. M. Nliliska. Nl. lim-lly. P., l,. livising. lf. S1'lirm'1l4-r. li. R1l1lllIlhlKf'. J. Views, li. lVlf'Qu0en. G. Mnrrisun. S. Bell. J. Knitllv, lt. H4-clwr. N. liaxxasalxi. Bake-r. C. Bilhy. U. livvlislviri. RON Ii: lt. Kinslvy. V511-rn-li. B. R0 Wh: J. Hiivlis, l'. llarsar. R4-sur. S. Manuel. A. llusle-d. li. Sahin. T. Dunham. S. Surgvrik. M. Yigglv. ll. Sunimm-rs. VI. Park- Kern. FN. l,ilII1H'I'IIN'ft'T. 'l'. Dennison. .l. K1-lle-r. N. Born. l', Lead- er. ,l. Yirag. ROI! lf li. Kasper. l'i.S1'lIll'4'llll'I'.l'i.EllWliF1lS.S, lwllvr. G. A. A. Elects Counell lfzwhv lIliSXi0lI constitutes ll pledge ofdtttv. -Mazzini. Under the lllI'1'1'll0Il0lhlVlI'S. Connie Champion the Girls, The G. A. A. hom meetings afwl. 51.11001 in tht, gymna. Athletic: Assoviation elected a counvil to work out a plan Sium during whit-h time membors play-vd intramural gamvs of ac-tion. On the council were Linda Heggie, freshmang of basketball and volley ball, Dorothy Becker, sophomoreg Anne llusted, juniorg and Elaine Husted, senior. Learnin To Spend Leisure Leisure and solitude are the best eject rjrirhes, because the mother fyiihll Light. Both are avoid- ed by most rich men. who seek l'0I7lIlNlH.y' and business, which are signs fyfbeing weari' rfthem- selves.-Sir. W. Temple. Playing vhf-ss and checkers at the various tables are C. Manning and U. flvislzil. lggpm-syarid l'. Knott: H. Miller and M., Kellingg R. Roskuski and D. Edgar: and J. Born and li. Ronex. The uiiloukvrs are K. Hufnaglv. Mr. lJ1'Cennaro. advisurg l.. Cmnt. and .l. Rolligery. R017 1: li. 5m'I1rowlf-r. T. lJ1111l1uIl1.fVl. Nlitislx11.S. Muska. Y. SI:-rr:-ll. lf. Say- lvr. J. Phlllllrs. R011 2: lt l.111'1'o. l.. .l41vksol1.4I. l'il'Q'1'IllllT1. N. Nlunning. lf. l'i4lm1r4ls. K,1Ilim-.R0ff'fx'.'l'i. Nivhol- svn, J, Kollurz. J. Fritz. U. Brill. Pi. liyn1.,l.lllz1rx.ll.SalJin.RUN I: M. lll'I,lYlll2lgf'. S. llllillflllll. l.. Ili-ggi.-. li. Nallakoxsski. .l. xlLiI'liXHlI'lll. Take Home Nursing And Child Care 41 an H LOC M.-mf" llnrinff tln- svhol ul u-'1l'll1e'1flrl T' . 2' look ll4JlIl4'IlUl'SlIlg11ll1ll mollnr LlINll'llll1l1'Llf'tx. llu fli plax I5 nl vxllilmit ol' luxmlnnulm- -xrtwlvs. Iln- lI'1'5lllNLill bow lm nl ai lot ol l1l1Ill4'LlI'lIlIlg1llUXN to rn llw tlnn for lln' slvlx room illlll lion Ion 114 for Ll pulim-nt. ln the- sprung lllilll grol IPS Ill 'a a trip to Iln- l.l1'x'1-l'm1l 114 lltll Musa-urn. Boys Also Take Home Nursing RUW I: Mrs. Nlurphy. P. G1-rki. P. Buuf-r. ,I. Cannvra. K. lllllnuglv. H. B4-tlvlic-r. J. Hunlvr. H. llurllv. Mr. Sf-iple-. RUN 2: Y. ZllI'I'llf'I'. R. Svaliavs. S. .l1n'oln'ilx. 'lf Fr:-us. D. fVi4'I'llLlI'1llllgQ'T. R. lla-wlile-r. T. 'Kly- frs. H. Kinilrivk, RUUVIK: R. Baumann. yl.S1lllHlLiIl. S. Hrulnlmy. D. Se-urlvs. R. fiI'4'PlI. lf. lloilson. IJ. 1lom.J. Komlysz. RUIV1:Rffornlinson.IJ. Wullwr.J.Sivk. ll. Frjv. l.. Sf-bol1.J. Bf'1'lISll'lll. ll. S1-holl. A in .. A Exhibited At Science Fair ' xr s -EIS s Zurcher's white mice play.-Collins and Brill have a working geyser, and Mitiska and Muska's volcano really worked,-Mr. Kollman tests Dubick's exhibit of the ability of the body to con- l duct electricity.-Hunter points out how his vacuum water pump 1 works.-Green, Tomlinson and Kodysz launch jets.-Pete and Knott demonstrate with field mice the effects of smoking.- Bnimby demonstrates his tesla coil. f-. X lg yr . a y -t, , ,Q 33 swim' Classes In Session l l School is lye.-John Dewey. 1 ing class periods. Pictured are scenes from a few of the classrooms dur- Taking biology test.-Working on laboratory experiments.- Receiving instruction in adv. algebra.-Laying out a pattern for a dress.-Weaving table mats and music room drapes.-Building trailer.-Building a cedar chest. ., pl 39l 1' 'fir eg 'fi I Hr- V ,A AL ,A-V' "' YN 1 s 'ii an ni ff A S ff , - , Snapped During The Lunch Period NlVN.llulllla1l1e'l'. N11-. ll.lUlxl..lll1lxll5.4..lIlx.lN4'I'X1'llN. Xwnim Inu l,llll4'hlIlXlil'lx!Ill1Xl. XII, Xlillf 1. "'I'l1iN ix l1l1IIv'l',.llI4l llml IN IP 1 mul 'PlIlll'I4.u' H1-.lltllx QIIIIWIIIVN -l,m1k1l1g.1l lrwlwlux IINPIIN lwtnn ' lulnnlgllm-111--IM xuu mu in Ill lt III III: 'il1'llll'l'N'll'l'plilIIgIIHUHI1 Fl'1ll'lNNilx? --1lIw11u.1 mn lv In N1 llwml atm' :luring NIXIII Il1'I'iHtlllII1lg I 2 y 6 -QE ilu' "gl1'1'l1lr:11'kS.M f M, ufwgu pp, 'J agppflzh 5 f , - I gf ' Q Wf' Nj N .Lf iffy 2 ,A R' Q , U 'R ' Y f 'N wa' X 'sn .su an 5 4' 11 gk 3 4 .f fl' 44 x wi" , . qi? gi ML, I fn'fA 'W Jx ,, vm -751. f' fs. LH' 15.915 8 m W? '57-ia' 5 If p. Custodians Taking care of our school building and being on hand to help during the many ball games and various school activities were Bud Bickel and Burl Call. Mr. Bickel is pictured at right. Mr. Call, who is also a bus driver, is pictured among the drivers below. Besides driving his school schedule he drove to most of the away games. Anthony DeGennaro, Burl Call, Walter Tuttle, Russell Miller, Carl Ives, Peter Cucco, Betty Leimbach, Gerald Leimbach, Ted Bohn. ABSENT: Robert Taft. One Dozen Drivers Drive The twelve drivers maintained an excellent record of transporting Firelands boys and girls to their various schools regardless of weather. Most of the drivers drove two runs to pick up and deliver back home the elemen- tary and junior-and-senior high students. Pictured at left is a patrolman pointing out to driver that on this new bus the words "School Bus" should be painted on. All buses are inspected regularly. There is no excellence uncoupled with df-ficulties -Ovid. THLETICS ROW' I: James Morgan. Neal Kothe. Raymond Braun. Diek Snider. hur Born. Mr. James Kollman. R0 W 3: Hiehard Collins. Brain Rivhard Hall. llennis Wasem. Dale M4-Queen. Philip Howe. ROW Frez1S. .ldmes Rothgery, Bobby BU1llxlIl.l:llill'l1'S Vlanningz. Bill Beth 2: Mr. Nelson llowe, lliek Logan. wlltiytlt'S4'l1l'itITlITl. T1-it l.ogLan, stein, Charles Sinill1,Ct'orgeDubivli. Rudy llarsar, Douglas llale. Dennis Carver. Stew' llowe. ,lohn Marlxworlh. Art- Swan ong Of Six-Man Football Courage issfirv, and bufli After thirty years ol' eoaehing. Nelson T. Home retired from the eoaehing of football this year as the six-man team is being replaced by an elf-yen-man team who have been being conditioned by Coaeh James Kollman, a newcomer to Firelands. The Howeman. the name by which the football team was known before the name PWIIIWUIIS was seleeted by the stu- in S af C is snzokfn-Beaconsfield. dent body this year. played some tough games. had a suv- eessful season, and plaeed third in the Lorain County Six- lVlan Football League. At the football banquet. November 8. when the team and cheerleaders were honored, Coach Howe received reeogni- tion for his many years ofdeyotion to his boys and to eoaehing. hedule FIRELANDS OPPONENT 20 Oet. 14 Avon 32 51 Oet. 20 So. Amherst 0 40 Oet. 28 LaGrange 14 "Home Camc- Season FIRELANDS OPPONENT 34 Sept. 16 So. Amherst? 6 8 Sept. 23 Berlin Heights? 26 19 Sept. 30 Columbia? 14 18 UCL 7 Brookside? 51 Cheerleaders Germaine Urig, Elenore Heising, Lenore Heising. Willa Balzer. "E fx 1, , I , ' Sv 'P ,ff-Q m Q' K -OMIU' 1? . Q iiffiff 1 ' J' 3 1 ,Q ggfg s IME 1 , FN ,wa A ' ., 'Q .4 F. ,.. fb f Q f S 5' B.-XNQl'l'1'l' Sf 1l'1NlfS , A-5,3 ,,'gg,fmn..M. 5 P'l'.'X win-R,-1211:--ls ullvrunlf -Hmlwll lxnlimaln pre-se-rntw l'I1'Xl'll-Illilll LlNLll'l!5.' tlllfiillll "Skip" XX1lI'4lrllt'.lk4. - N1 ri llmw l'l'4'4'iX1'h1'I'fillg'4lNl'l Ill't'HI'1'lN'illgIlI41'- sn-ntml silxvr nlullurs ln high sn-luml tvlU'llIlX. fl :ULll'h llmw IPI4l'hl'HlS SiX-Ill1lll2lNL1IAliS. .yn fr Future Eleven-Man Gridders J in W 5? ' 'y i E , ,Q V' 'Y Q' ' A Q' U 'Y living s .Y RUWI: lkui1lU1I4m1A Hi1'hilI'lI Bl'lll'Il1'I4.Qgilllffl1ll.l!'Lx.'I'UIll Hmm:-. I'ul41l1sky.l'a11l Half .In-rry Bi1l'hlllllIl. ilmxvll lxullllmll. l..u'rx livlt- Holwrl Fryv, Hi15.l.,h,,..,,,. xml, F,-ill, Paul linuv-r. llurry Hulxvr. vhvr. l,m'f-n xllflillglll. liunulfl Hmlwski. linlv xXHl'1'l'5Ill.Vl'4'II Jr-fry CQIIIIPIALI. R011 2: Hula:-rt Hlllllllilllll. llaxrulnl lximlrivh. 'Nlilw I'1l'l'ilS. ' 3 4 f ' A Q ' 2 1 L ' Y L L 3w'ff-M5- w- L " . . , 3 3 a A S . Q p 'S 'iff Q ',, A x 4 . a 'f - 'In say ,ye L ,A SEA TED: ,lames Horvath, .lohn Markworth, Richard Logan, Robert Hartle, Montie Ratliff. STANDING: Coach James Seiple, Dennis Wasem, Dale McQueen, Arthur Bom, Harold Creszler, Frank Scholl, Lewis Meyer, Manager. Falcons Bring Home Trophies Victory belongs to the most perserving.-Napoleon l Not predicted to make a very outstanding showing in the basketball season, the Firelands Falcons not only came forth with a 7-1 Lorain County League record and a 16-2 season record, and tied with Brookside as League Co-Champs, but the Falcons went undefeated in the County Tournament at Oberlin to win the Championship from Avon with a score of 57-52 after defeating La- grange 53-4-5 in the semi-finals. At Lorain in the Sectional, Firelands had a bye into the finals, and there the Falcons overcome Westfield SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Firelands Opponent 85 N 43 OV. 61 ...... Nov 71 ...... Dec 53 ...,.. Dec. 51 ....., Dec. 65 ...,., Dec. 82 ...... Dec. 67 ...... Dee. 83 .,.... jan. 72 ...... Jan. 68 ...,.. Jan. 56 ...... Jan. 63 ...... ,lan. 67 ,..... .lan. 69 ...... lan. 57 ...... jan. 62 ...... Feb 65 ...... Feb ' Home Games 22 Homer'. . 29 Milan .... 2 Avon ..... 9 So. Amherst ........ 10 Wellington 16 Avon Lake 17 Wakeman . 29 Vermilion' 6 Columbia'.. 7 Berlin llts.. 13 liidgeville' 14 Milan' . . . 2l Avon' .... 27 Brookside' 38 Amherst. . 31 Lafirange' 1 l 7 So. Amherst' 10 Midview. . 75-47 and went into the District Toumament at Kent. At Kent Firelands ended a successful season by suc- cumbing 70-61 to Chagrin Falls who went on into the State Class B semifinals in Cleveland. The Varsity Cheerleaders also brought home a trophy. Lenore and Elenore Reising tied for second place with Brookside. Columbia took first for the fourth time. Willa Balzer moved from Firelands District to Avon shortly before the tournament: therefore, she was not qualified to cheerlead in the contest. Elenore Reising, Willa Balzer, Lenore Reising. fa , rr M bm , Q i :QM xi 'k'ax,,gxXSlk ,5,f" fs: . ..-.25..!' A ' gg, J -V W 4 my , V -q'4 :I5A iqq 2 V 'ffl is 55, 2 Mgw Reserves 91:11 TIJII: lhile Vlioreester. Nlgr.: Neal Kothe. Philip llmw. Paul llale. Hay- monwl Collins. Vliayiie Xlorroys. liill Bevlistein. Nlgr. S71-lYIIIYfI.' Toni fiurrier. lloh Snider. Teil Logan. lion- alcl lioslxoslxi. ,lohn Horn. Nlilxe l'olan- sky. Brian Freas. tioaeli liollman. RFSlCRVl'f CllEl'lRl,l'iADERS Nancy Kawasaki Rosanna Kern Carole Bilhy Faleon Reserves Play Fast Game The secret QfSlll'l'PSS is l'0lISfIlIII'!' toplzrpuse.s-Disraeli. Playing the same schedule as the Varsity, the Reserves, The Reserves played a fast and exeiting game, and many coached by James Kollman, ended the season with a four- of the games were decided in the linal seconds. teen-win, four-loss record. Freshmen Play Afternoon Schedule Practice is the best cfall instructions.-Publius Syrus. Hoping someday to he Varsity Falcons, the freshmen in the evenings at 4:00 p. m. Coached hy Principal Fred boys started on their way by playing twelve scrimmages Matheny, the boys won six and lost six. ,U X In , Wi, , , "'fuif-if4e,asffszfffw.aemH or X f 1 1 it - ,t . I I A. V T , X I H 5 -, 'f , - rgxswg 5 iff-lil V I 3535555 X-mf, I TT, I Ex f 1 , is . . :xx kai ' wgkir K fr wx SX V ,Q ff-. in V ' 'N gy Tj-'Q y ., K .V , X FRESHMEN SEA TED: Dave Udom. Darryl Walker. Jerry Camera , Bob Frye , Stanley Brumhy. Larry Sf-bolt, Bob Baumann. STANIJINIL' Mr. Matheny, ,lon Sick, Ted Freas, "Chips" Hunter, Earl Har- tle, Dick Bettcherl Don Scholl. ,lon Kodysz. xcclzizflzf '-a.-- "--,:- lllll5 A ""l""'T T 'VM"'l"M'T TAT T 1 ts' ' 'fi .l in , A I'- lr' , , Y, xx l UW f ,,,,,+ . iggl' 5? f Y l -...f X 5- nv 1 vi, . .Q ,rf-T , ay? Wi :L 1 -gi ,. ..,f Y Q 1- .1 V I A ij . x kd it ROW 1 Rudx llarsar laul Bauvr. Thomas llowv. David Odom. Collins. liivliard Logan. ,lolm Xliulmo 1 F rx Fur lwr 'le d l orin. Dennis XYLISPIII. Xml Kollw. Xlarxin Half: Sli-xv lloxw. Ronald fum. lllllllil 1 annin D rrxl Vl illur ST,1iYlJI,WJ: .lainie-s llurilc-r. liivliiiiwl Have Good Season on Diamond Our urls Ulflk? or mar llS,fIl'l' arf' Ihr' f'llI'lfIfl'lI ofour rlfwrls. -Vivlor Hugo. Bolli the base-lmall and softball lvams had good svasoiis lliough neillix-r wore lli impion baseball le-am was mal-lil-ll ln' llll2ll'll James S4-ipll-. and the softball ll- im is 1510 cd bv f oacli Low-ll Calls. Home' garnf-S we-rv played on lha- Brownliolm diamond I rol Pl: ll lui Marian Yoiirkaxilvli. l.:-norv lie-ising. Nlillvr. Nlar,ioi'ie- Call. Elaim- liaiki l ll non R11 mr loin Il. id nnl Xljfllltllll l in n llruniby. :Xiino lluslvd. lflainv lliislod, rivli. Marilyn Born. Carolyn Sllllllllll lin N lVl ir arel Parker M irlorll Born. Pal llarsar. S7'-l,N'lIliW,'.- Nanry Clinv, lloavli l,oxsl-ll Calls. .. LM ,aim V it 'B Y nh! Rcising and Parker race.-Odom wins hop-step-and-jump.AFirc- lands H. S. Band.--Band marches onto held.-A choo-choo train. Girls Star At County Field Day The high school girls placed first in the girls' division another first was Wanda Odom who won in the hop-stcp- ofthe Lorain County Field Day at Oberlin May 11 with 37 and-jump. points. Elaine Husted took fourth in the baseball throwg Elcnore ln the 50-yard dash Germaine Urig finished first, and placed fourth in the broad jumpg and Carol Minek tied with Lenore Reising second. ln the 75-yard dash Lenore finish- several others in the high jump for fifth. ed first, and Margaret Parker placed third. Among the boys Phil Howe placed fourth in the 880, Making up the 220-yard relay team Germaine, Margaret, and Wayne Schramm placed fifth in the pole vault. and the Reising twins won in 28 seconds. Also taking lfnergv andpersi.stem'e conquer all things.-Franklin. Wrestling Team Formed Under the coaching of Lowell Gatts the newly formed wrestling team had an cx- change meet with Huron. Huron was the victor in both meets, but Baumann and Howe won individual victories. Also during the winter the boys saw a match between West Tech and East High Schools and put on an exhibition for the students during an assembly. RUW' 1: Rudy Harsar, Bob Frye, Bob Baumann. ,lerry Camera. Stanley Brumby. Ted Freas. jerry Rucker. ROW2: Douglas Hale, Steve Howe, jim Rothgcry, Ronald Zunt, Charles Smith, Clayton Cline. lcre Simonson, George Fingulin. I will sit down now, but the time will come when you will hear me. JU IOR HIGH The Junior High Faoult SEA Tlfll: Mrs. Crave- l,yn1-li. Mrs. Adu Singlvy. Mrs. Marian Hull. ST.flNDl'YC: William Wilt. W'ill'i'+-fl Johnston, Waym' Wliylv. Prim'ipal,lll1arlos Wilson. At Firelands Junior High School The rezvrlrrl oforzf' duty is ll1f'l1mu'f'r lulfillfill armlhlfr. -George Eliot. S'l'l?lJEIN'l'1IOUN1IlL Slf-l7'l','l1: Aloyw- lxm-isvl. Karon Born. lris ,llll'l'xSllll., Phyllis Drought. glrnrio Knpuvs. Be-rnitu Nl:-rrill. Ku-nm-Ili linvisvl. W1-nmli-ll Pllillipi. .lorry Balm-r. S7'l-1NlJlXll.- Nlr. Wliylc.u1lvisorg.Izum-s l'urlwr.Alolin lj:-vliuilis, pri-sill:-nlg BUlPl'l4'llIl11lI1. N OON RECREATION C0 M M ITT E Ii Slzfl Tlfll' BurlmruClulnipion. lI'lS.lLlI'lxSOIl.,l1lIl1'l mLllSCll1.,lll1lf Llzirk. Lorna Rzlclvlillv. Pai! 1.1-vs.ST-!N'lllV,'f Mr. Wilson. advisor: Norman Hall, Billy llorxulll. Ronald lJi1hi1'k.lIlizirlvs Bilhv. Views At Firelands Junior High All in a noon hour!-Firclanrls Junior High.-M rs. Hull It lt Iles Iighthgr1llit'giI'l4t09l'XN' -Nlrs Brunvr and Mrs. Lurrn-r haw' lust fllllShl'ddll0Iht'I4fI4l0lilLlflt'htUI'llS.1NIf. Suluin kt-eps our ltuilclings vlmut and warm.-Mr. Witt te-tu-he-s 4-ighth grzulv boys industrial urls. lib- ' Q v, In A , W ..v.'i - -""""' ww-W V it Wk kM,,,,.,w-s4sWMWM,,.,.,, .sw ROW' I: Naomi Manning, Joanne- Hotl1gvry.laL'kic' Pvllitivi, Wilma Sharp, Mari' Mini-k. Nlari'Kf1ri-ssi, Mary Mitt-hvll, Mary Walton, Mary Fe-the-roll', Ruth Alivif-, Beatty Gregory. R0 W 2: Rf-ln-wa Blankonship, Linda Witte-r. Eva Vaught, Lorvnv Born. Mari Mar'- kin, Megan Ellison, Faith Krebs, Betht-l Watson. llvlvorah Brnni-r. ROWJ' Gary Miller, Dale Korlpp, lorry Knolllv. liolwrt 'lirospc-r, Maynard Emmerirh, Charlvs Knott, ,lohn King, lfarl tire-gorx, William jacobcik, Cary Kodysz, lame-s Harrison. The Eighth Grade Youth is mzirmntlv thefittest smsonfzr establishing habits IUfifLlllLSlf1'. -Dr. Farr. ROW 1: Mf-rry Jo Tliornpson, Janvt Watson, Judy Clark, Judy Smith, Hvvvrly Fls-tvlwr, l.ynn McDowc'll, Onalvv Mvyvr, Firma Logan. Ellis Pe-aslcy, ,loyvv Knvisffl, Virginia Nigglf-. R0 WZ: l.arry Potts, William Klingvr, Huth Sf-it-h, Kathy lN1llllIll4'l,,lliifllt'I'E1 Wickvns, Karon Born, lris ,la4'kSon. Martha HlSl'47X,,liiI1lt'f'i3I'Cf?Il, john Pe-1-haitis, Cary Vincent. RUW3: l,awrf'nt'f- l,t'adhf'tti'r, Rivh- ard Temple, Cvrald Mitchell, James Parke-r. K4-nn:-th Km-ist-l, David Bostater, Rivhard Jones, Corald Krumwe-idx-. llvnry Steve-ns. RUW4: James Krupp, William Horvath, Nicholas lvanciv, Donald Braun, Norman Hall, Rivhard Calkins, Bilhy. Charlvs Rvtisv. R0 W I: ,linlv Nlellze-r. lla-oi'gviie lfrm-iiiaii. l,iri1la5r-arle-s. Sharon R0 UH ff: Vlfilliani llliamplon. 'Nlarilyn Nlillvr. Sdllllfil'l'Q'l'S1'l1ill'i. A4'lU'IAIIlLlll. l,ora'lla Horn. Lorna liaclvlillk-. 'Nlirna Bl-avli. Diana Palriria Berger. Sharon flulnian. l.ora 'lioslue-r. Nanwi lllngos. llvrharclirige-r. DianalQl-ssnvr.Jane' l'orlvr.Ju1ly Graham. R011 2: Susan Born. Nlarsliu Rau-r. Marion lioullrip. l,unian l"4'lli4-roll. Warren lgf1llllN'I'I'f'. jolin Nivolson. Mivliael Kll-pl-k, Dorf-n Bvani. RU W -If .lavk Krupp. Ualr' l,aur'ner. lrawrwfiivv Barlu-r. Robe-rl llharlvs Woollrllnl. .-'lwall llvlm. Ronalil DlllJl4'lx1.l0llll lies, l,arrv llflllllilll.l,l0YflS1'l1l'2lllf'T. Rivliaril Fairvliilil.U1-orgvl'liillips.Cer- flriflilli. la-onarml Kulmri:-lx. Cvralil Spring:-r. l,owe'll Hrunilmii. alll link:-r. Uaxill liollysz. Bl'l'll1lI'llliilllllflll. The Seventh Grade Goldwri lads rmrl girls all must. A45 chilliniei'-s1l'c'f'pf'r.s rome to dust. -Shakespeare. ROW' 1: Ruth Sliowzillvr. Barbara liliampion. llvarl Knoll. .loan Bursley, B4-lsy fVl1'Umwll, Hulll Baurnann. Barbara Odom. lrlllllil Brewer. Dianne Baumann. Mary Sninln-r. lam-I lllllbvfllliill. Sharon H4-sar. RUN 2: James llriilen. l,in1lal'arks. Suv lfllioll. Palrivia Lees. ShirlvyRom-1.014-n WQQHSUII. .laiivlle Elluards. Wilda Phil- lips, Phyllis llrouglil. Palri4'iaBoslal1-r. Bernila Mvrrill, Belly Call, Barbara Cimllinski. DLlIlll'll,:21lHf'fLl. R0lT.'i: .-Xnllionv Pollavk. Waller Pluto, Francis Cm-rvak, Robert llalilm, Mil-havl kolora. Robe-rla Breisvli. Carol Uuilil. Willie-rl llaws, Rayinonnl llinvs. Cordon Grool. Ralph Jav4'ox..la1'k Sniilli. RUN' ll: l'i4lXK2ll'll Swli- lvvlilvr. David l"i'i'lu-rgvr. llioinas Pryor, Tlioiiias lloalvs. Ilavill Hauglil. Roger lim-ml, William Sharp, Frm-mlrivk Rc-usf-. llrum- Bol- lOIlll1'l'..lill'li Privslas. Uavill Kane. Glen l"ri1l4'nslinv. !v4""N X "4 Partlclpate In Sports Thr lu lu sl fllllfllllllll 1111.1 s r1s1 III ilu 111111 sl Kun-n Burn. Ruth sQ'l4'll. .lilIll'l VL ll on lflflllrllll CR.-Xlllf lllll'll'll'll,l' XD 3 Fl N ITBA Ll, 'l'llA M RUW'I:HuhH1-ilmlm.Dah-l,1u11-nl-r.l,luy1l Sc'l1ra1l1'r.flr'rz1ld SIlI'lI1gQ'I', Tom l'ryu1',j114'ki:' Prievslas, Bill Clulrnpiurl. Lowe-ll Brumlmy. Warrvn B!'illllJOI'I'y, V91-mlvll Pllillips. RUN' 2: ,lim Parlu-r. llll21Fll'S wl1l4l1ll'Ulll. wlLlll4'I' Pluto, lVli1'kvy Kolnru, 'llony l'ullm'k. Boll Trospvr, llaviml llauglll, Dun H1'u111l,lllmrlr-s Bilby, Rf,uvv.4f.'lll1Ll1'll Wilsun, Kv11m-ll1Kv11i- St'l,.AXW1lllKl'lIll. Bill,I111-Ulu-ik.,l11l111king. l.g1rrv POIIs,,lul1n l'm'l1aiIis. Larry lmanrllre-tl:-r, Rllll-lllll llulmivk, lVlLlf'llilI'Il l'llIlIIl1'l'll4ll. llivlx Tvrnplf-. Present DA GER-WILLIE AT WORK A passion,j91r the dramatic art is inhererzt in the nature ofnzzm. -Edwin Forrest. Under the direction of lVlr. Johnston a junior high cast presented Danger- Willie at work April 27-28 before a crowd of more than five hundred. The rollicking comedy was about a boy scientist who get into trouble when he tried to change three guinea pigs into real livc girls. 1 F 2 ,L ,sig -SF Making up characters.-The horrified Professor!-F-e-c-k, a mouse!-Metamorphosis from three little- piggies.-Triuinphl-Don't ery, Lola.-The cast.iA sweet homecoming, if 1 X 5 A E RUN tril lr L lll ,li1t'lKSlPll1lll4l Nliirtliii llisvox.-'l'liv winning rvlav tt-inn lroni Fin-liimls. Burial pairtivipute-tl in pairzitli' unil IIIHSS lrunrl. Lorain Count Field Da hanipions ln the-ir Swoml your thi- Firvlziiitls .lunior High Stumlvntrs look tht- titli- lior thi- Sovontl time' in tht- Lorain County Fit-lil Day with 52 points. lris Javkson and Nlarthu lliscox took lirst zintl W seifoncl plat-vs in intlivitlual liigh-Svoring honors in thv mee-t. Also lris sf-t ii now' hzisvhull throw' rworrl with her 187 loc-t 3 invhos throw. and Miirthu hroki' the rvvortl with hor high Aiurnp olil'oi1rl'1'0l six inn-hes. Girls, Cleo Club Sings "I:R.A.Showiiltvr.N1.Snitli-r.L,Bri-ww.llllf-ssm-r.lJ. Korn. N. Nigglo. Elliott. .l. Portvr, .l. mm. IJ. Gi-rliiirclirigvr, R. lluiinnnin. ll. tlilom. RU WZ: M. liltlNl1'S..l. Parks. S.lil1lIllLlI1. B. Mc-rrill. I Smith, .l. lilairk. Nl. Fillison. ,l. Watson. ll. Solvh. M, Kvrossi. B. lfli-tvlior. P, l.:-os. Miss Sliivroula J los, mliri't'tor, ROW.'5': ll. HI't'lS1'll.w. l hillips. .l. Crm-vri. l. .lii1'kson. K. Horn. ill. Wivke-ns. N. lllugos. ogun. M. ,l. llionipaoii. l.. illl'tlSlN'l'. ll. lizill. Nl. Vlillm-r. KOH' I: .l. lliiislvy. ll. llllilllllllllll, .l.Uplwi'lil:1ll. l ll:iil1'lilli1'. M. Ruxvr. S. ,l'l'l'Sl'llLllx. Nl. llisvox, l.. Mvllowvll. S. lilltl1'Z.l'l. Krvlvs. lf. llviislrw. Knvisvl. N1Pf't'f, B. Mvllow f-ll. RUN l.' NI. Ilifm-ox. II. X. SIl4rU1lIIf'I'. NI, Sriiih-r. I.. lin-iwi'. IJ, VN Il'I'x4'IlS. N. Ilhigos. If. I.1ig.1li. NI, ,I. IIIIIIIIIIIYSUII. I.. 'Iiosiwi Ii I isxiivr. IJ. Iiairii. X, Nigglfgililliottml.l'iir1--r.,I,1Lr.ih.mi.IJ. Hill. N1.NIill4-r..I. Ihir-In-x. Ii, NI1'IImu-II. .I. IIIIINTIIILIII. R011 I I 4l'Il.ll'4IIIlP1l'I'. II, II.iimi.iiiii. Ii. Udoiii. I.. II4iiIvIiI'I'v. RUN 2: Ii. I". li.-ufi-. I.. Iiriinihx. fl. I'II4IlI1'IlSIIIIt'. I., IIill'IN'I'. Il. I.Lllll'Il1'l I IH isle-i. Il. Illuiiiipion. S. Iiom-1, Nl. Ixopoi-5. ,l. I'urIw. S. Ilulmaui. Iiziki-r. IQ. I'IliIIipS. II. IIau1gLIil.IQ.ll1-ool. N Ihill. K. Iillviw I I II M:-rriII. .I. Siiiilh. .I. Iilairk. NI. Ifiliaon. .I. Wzilsoii. II. 51-lvh. NI, IU-1-IiiiiIis.NI. I'imni4-rin-h. R.'I'f-inplv. Ii,'l'i-wp.-i'.,l. Kll!1IlIf'.I'I.I ii I Km-ri-sfi. II. I'1I1'Il'Il4'I'.I,. Imvs. XI. Iiaiiifr. 5.'I'4-l'f1'Il11Ii.I.. Nh- 1':iIx.II. Ri-4-ILIP. IIIYIIIILII. Koilysxll.Nlillf-r.W, Rt'll4l'. I. Iiwillf iwII. I. km-is.-I. I.. Iiorn. ICUU fig U. Xivivr. I". Ixrvlrs. I3,lLii-1l- II. Ixgmi-. Iiriski. II. IiI'4'1si'Il.xX. IIllIIlllN.,I.IrI't't'Il.IX.IIHI'll.I.,I1lI'IxSHIl. I. Junior Chorus and Band Perform .'Il11si1'. Il'llt'VI .wifi 1'o1'1'r's rlirz I'1'l1r11ff's in llif' n11'nmri'. -bln-Ilvy. 'I'hv I'III'l'I8I14I5 .Iuiiior High musiv groiips Iuii'Iim'ipuIe'1I IILIIPIIIIIIIIPBLIIIIIIiUII1'1'I'IAIII'1II'l'ILiIl4ISIIl -Xlrril. iii Ihr- proiiiotioii vm-i'1'isr-s he-III at lhv High Swliool Mui The' Iiaiiii mis 1I1'l'1lI'iiIt"lI hi Ifilisgiiwl Smith. and the 71. i'Iiorz1I group iwri- I1-II hy Miss SILIYFUIIIZI Faiiios. am Ulu-:lin 'I'hv IIISIFLIIIIUIIILII i-iism-niiili-s we-rv rulvmi iii the- III1'iiI'VI1'VV Simi:-nl t0u1'Iim'i'. ioiitvsl in I"a'I1i'il:iry. :mai I:itvi'Ihe'yaiIi1I ilu- Imiiii partivi- I II XIIINICIIIS-RUN I: I'.. I,4'.l'It'N. U. Nh-ii-r. I'i.I.ng1ii1, R014 2: II. Siiuisailtzw. 5. x1'Ixl'l'lIl.lIl. ll. iii' iuci I. I.. Ihii'Iwr. I., Iiruii Ii N11-lmiwll.H.B.ii1ui.ini1. 5. I'iII1oIt. RUN .ff .l, I' e-1' l1uiIis.VI..I, X. Niggli-. Qiipruggg 5'KXUI'IIHNIf5Z I. Iilllilillll II Iliuiiipfoii. II. IIl't'iw'II. RHI! 1.-,I. I,LlI'IxS.S.Iillllllllll.Ii.I'il'ilIl'I1- 51'l1'Il. NI. I'iIIiHoI1. .I. Iim-isviz FIIHUXIIIHNICS: Il, 'NIiIIe'i'. .I. Ill tiliv. IIUNIDI IITHII: NIV. Smith: 4lY'NIII'Xl.S: Hill Iiliaiiiipioiig wqirils, S. Borii. II. 1hloiii1IiXSSI'IS:Vk. Kliiigi-r.Il. Iiriiuii1NII IPIIIWISZ I.. 'I'ro4lii-r. N. Ilhigos, I..Ia11'kwoli..I.Hi- .-i- Ill IIIIHNIIII .lHRlC'I"l'l'IS: II. Iiliaiiiiluioii. I'. IIn'l'g1'r,Ii. XXIJIIMIII, II. iii.-dliiiski I IIHRNS: Ii. Iiorii. lx. km-iwl. ,I. Illgirkz 'I'IIl'NII'I'.'I'S: .l. NI'-Im-r. Iiolllgivry. vf EIGHTH GRADE R0 W 1: Eflis Peuslcy, Uiiulm-, Me-ye-r. Virginia Niggle, Ensembles ing and Pla P Bm-verlv Fletcher. RUWVZ: Janet Watson, Jumlv lll11rla.ju1lx Smitl1,iFaitl1 Krebs, Miss Farios. HOU' 3: Me-rry ,lll'lll10ITlll- son, lris Jackson. Megan Ellison, Erma Logan. SEVENTH GRADE ROW I: Lorna Raclulillfx Hulli Bziurniinn. B1-lsy lVl4'lJow-ll. Linda CLARINET QUARTET Onalvv lVlsvyPr, Merry ,lo Thompson. Erma Logan, Erlis Pvaslcy. CLARINET QUARTET Ruth Baumann, Roberta Br Sur' Elliott. Betsy Mnzllowell. Brvwvr. ROI! Dlllllt'flf'I'll2lI'fllI1gl'l'.,ll11lVllTilll1lHl. llurlmrai filmlmn ROIl'.'3: Sllirlvj' Runvz. Holwrta Bri-isvli. Piilrivia Lv:-S. Linda Pnrlxs Suv Ellioll. SAX QUARTET Joym' Kllvisvl. lvllfjilll Ellison. Kulli Svtvli. Jully Criilmrn. ciscll, k ' ynflvf' X his? :Je :Q-P-S .1 1 J 6 4' gl J' T94 1 , S ,R ' , iqltfizvv 3 as , gm "vu ,su Z...-I And then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel And shining morningface, creeping like a snail Unzvillingly to school. ELEHAENTARY KINDERGARTEN ROW1: C. Tansey, IVI. A. More, C. Krusv. C. Knolnlv. S. Larsen. S. Bartish. K. Emmvrivh. ROW' 2: K. l.4-irnh:i4'l1. C. Joni-s. W. Brown, A. Smith, R. Km-iss-l. A. Spring:-r. W. Brown. R. Nlavin. T. Dairo. .flBSE.YT: Mrs. Corvssia Rtrswrziiis. Brownhelm Elementary Children shows the man, as morning shows the day.-Milton. FIRST GRADE ROW' 1: I". Alicia, S. th-ilu, L. Reip. P. Tayor, H. Imimlxavh, C. Kvndc-igh, T. Challin, R. Corn. T. Dlugos. ROW2: B. J. Tucker, P. Thomv, W. Ackerman, l.. Hardwick. B. Emmerich, S. lVIorrow, W. Phillips,t1. Bolen, P. Ke-rvssi, D. Mavkin. ROW3: N. Bartish, W. Loc-s, Nl. Niggle, R. I.:-irnhauh, P. Whyte, E. Kotora, C. Cook, J. Tanse-y, E. Born. H. Mite-hc-ll. .4HSl2'NT.' S. Lamvvrmvyer, IVI. Tlloms. lVlrs. Dorothy lVIr'nz. 1 1 TIIIRD GRADE ROW I: l..Wl1yte-.C. I4-kt-N,fL.fLru1-Iii-li.1l.Wilms, lI.Zt'mlwrlin. B. Corn, lVl. I.:-uszle-r, li. Millvr, R. Fryv. lt'OIl'2: Nl. I.. Buatz, Schradvr, IVI, Ilull. ,l. 54-nnlu-nn. l.. Km-is:-l, P. lie-Weill, l'. Alicia, IJ. Pryor. K. 5lllltlt'I'S, ll. Roluvrlr.. ROW ff! Mrs. ll1'll1'li4'lrl, R. Rvip, I'. K1-rrf-ssi, R. Vltivkin. K. l.1-imluu-li. I.. R1-inlnird, C. Thomv, Nl. If. Ilulmivk. K. Marty. R. .'xIlI41l4'IllKLlIIlIt1'. R. Pollack. .'lBSfZl.'YT.' ll. Am'k4'rnltu1, Z. Walla-r, C. Taylor. SECOND GRADE ROW 1: E. Reip. B. Knoble-, C. Javkson, D. Cedc. B. Elliott. IVI. Tansey, C. Taylor, B. Carson. S. Hamilton, S. Surrurvr. S. Rogers. ROW2: R. Sennhenn, Nl. Edwards. C. Wilms, S. Porte-r, IVI. jen- kins, V. Jones, E. Tansvy, H. Hardwick, C. Krusv, C. Murkstahlvr. B. Elliott, E. l'Iz1ws,J. D4-Walt. ROIV3: D. Klvpvk. ,l. Aliviff. lVl. Starkey, C. Koepp, J. jones, T. Pvvhaitis, L. Jonvs, T. Smith,J. Pondagv, R. Parks, D. Bruvker, C. Cossnvr. JIBSILIYTJ Mrs. Lillian Roberts. FOURTH GRADE ROW 1.' T. DIugoS. T. I1-kes. S. Cross. D. CriIIItI1. P. I7IvI1'Iwr. M Hall, B. Ilursle-y. R. Grillllh. II. Wm-4-ks. K. Kawasaki, A, Ke-ndeigh RUW2: I". IVIitvI14-II. If. Dunlmm. J. Markstulller, B. Ruling, B. Ilasvnpllug. VI. I.. Kolora. J. I":1irm'I1iIcI. I.. Ifrm-ry. I.. IILITIIPII. III Leos. J. Huutz. ROITVK: Mrs. Florvnve Call. .I. Odom. F. flvssnc-r. R. Divkinson, D. Slarlwy, T. IM-ar-I1, G. Cringle, R. Milf-IwII, IJ Tansey. I'. Smith. W. Phillips. II. Bruuke-r. .AIlfSl','g'VT: IVI. A. Crab- tree. SIXTH GRADE RUW 1: P. Schvvlltvr. W. Phillips. J. Potts. IVI. Ralf-y. R. Nort- hm-im, A. Prim-tas. RUIIT2: K. NTAIIIIUS. NI. Bvttrhvr, P. Miller. L. Emerv, S. Ilim-kinson. I.. javkson. NI. Thomv. RUIVB: Mrs. Irene Iliukihson. S. Kotlarx. A. He-ggif-. W. Ma1'kin,,I. I,0l'ld21gt',,I. Cr0mA Imiv, D. Crimth. .-IRSf'.'.YT: If. llarw-r. MI I..l A RQ - 'A ' . FIFTH GRADE R011 I: I.. In-sslwr. II. Low.IJ.F1'vl11'I1.II. Iilugos. S. Nlunm-I W. Wm-ks. Ii. I,AllRIxS. V. l Q IJ Ix4msr1k1.4,. Nlgglv. II. Ilolzlmuvr. NI. Imr- 1 nk R. Km-isf-I. RUII 2: T. Ke-Ilvv. II. IIPIIIIIAIII, W. BFLIIIIILIII. W. Kollarz. IJ. Guild. K. IVI4-Que-on. II.Sti1'Ix.I.. I'IIIIIIl4'I'Il'II. V. Nurt- I14 im. G. Ilumillon. .I .'x4'IU'I'IIl21Il. .-I. Ilisvox. RUII fi: Mrs. 'I'IwInm muuk. IJ. Marty. T. ,low-s. Ii. Ifrw-11:+.ll. AlII.lIl'IlIxLIlllIN'. II. Horn. I gIl'Vf'ITS. .I. KuI1ur1'ik.l1, W'1'SI..I. KI4-In-k. I'. I'm-clluilis. .IllSl'.'N7I' furvvr. ll R1'1itIIIlg.+,IUIlII Evans. instrumvnlul music If-avlu-r at Brownlnflm and lfarmlc-11.-Barul Ie-urns to marvh. .Q A K 3,034 . . . W 4 ...V Q34 'Ly Awfz .i'g'E,,x'L J, ir KL' - V. k . .. , ,, 1. 1. .,.. ans., I I lj? 'ik i' ff . A ' 4 ,Vx its 'T TWA , .I A 1 9 I S-: I gf! ' '55 I ' - - 'B . ' ' .' . ' 'p V7 Ah 'L' 'Q' 3- ,,.,i ' Camden KINDERGARTEN ROWI: K. Hill, K. Matus, S. Buchs, L. Teets, G. Lindeman. ROW 2: B. Brumhy, M. L. Battenhouse, G. Coven, M. J. Harris, A. De- Gennaro. ROW 3: Mrs. Jessie Davidson, T. Bu1'hs.,l. Buchs. S. Pogan, M. Matus, T. Schwartz. Elementary Children are the tomorrow ofsociety. -Whately. FIRST GRADE ROW 1: S. Matus, M. Groot, P. McRoberts, J. Mikloda, L. Watts M. Caywood, D. Neel, G. Mauntel. ROW2: M. Ives, P. Saunders K. Bowman, B, Buchs. A. Davidson, 1. Jans, C. Gerstacker,J Davidson, R. Affolter. ROW3: Miss Mabel Brown, D. Bly, D. Lein inger, D. Sponsler, H. Young, D. Pollack, D. Dellifield, D. Bures T. Wossilek, A. Hornheck. SECOND GRADE ROWI: J. A. Pluta, L. Hill, I. Jones, R. Williams, J. Nicolson, K Urhansky, C. Harness, T. Blankenship, S. Bottomlee, C. Boring ROW2: B. Geist, M. Lewis, W. Jones, H. Lang, L. Springer, R Neel, 1. Matus. C. Gilbert, 1. Pluta, S. Scheid, C. Wyler. ROW3 G. Davidson, G. Gerstacker, M. Matus, S. Coward, L. Gerber, A Blackwell, B. Bradford, Y. Neal, P. Gregory, L. Fetherolf, Mrs. Naomi Pycraft. 1 q s FIRST AND SECOND GRADES ROW 1: R. Edwards 2, D. Ronez 1, J. Anderson 2, B. East 1, T. Gentkewski 1, L. McLaughlin 1, R. Blankenship 1. ROW2: M. Weston 1, C. Franklin 2, R. Buczek 1, B. Childers 1, S. Wossilek 2, J. Reed 2, R. Partin 1. ROW3: Mrs, Dorothy Young, L. Lang, 1, B. Born 1, L. Cucco 1, L. Smith 2, R. Nicholas 1, C. Livermore 2, R. Affolter 2. F F4 THIRD GRADE A ROW1: W. Kinsley, P. Matus, R. Joslin, I. Kane, R. Gerber, B. Merrill, R. Berger, R. East, K. Bauer. ROW2: K. Butler, J. Gerber, M. Rym, J. Hines, J. Earl, M. Bursley, J. Jungeberg, N. Dennison, R. Mil- ll! ler. ROW3: Mrs. Evelyn Vincent, R. Davidson, J. Moehl, L. May, J. Kasper, G. Rym, D. Haught, D. img Fetherolf, B. Born, G. Pollack. A FOURTH GRADE ROW 1: K. Wolfe, D. Buchs, B. Nicholson, J. Childers, L Butler, C. Smith, M. Searles, J. Livermore, G. Bly. ROW2: G. Juvenile, K. Scakacs, C. Weston, W. Partin, S. Wood- rum, K. Blackwell, Y. Neal. J. Searles. ROW3: Mrs. C. Durfee, D. Coven, J. Yakunovich, G. Lewis, J. Gutman,J Boring, K. Schmidt, R. Hanis, G. Link, L. Becker. l l 4 ..- L SIXTH GRADE ROW1: C. Davidson, G. Bly, M. Nicolson, E. Davidson, S. Vlk G. Reed. ROW2: C. Juvenile, L. Dennison, B. Schmidt, B. Muri ray, J. Whitney, J. Hulsted. L. Green, Mrs. Elva Scott. ROW3: D Rivera, T. Jones, L. Jungeberg, D. Woodrum, J. Link, L. Jackson J. Coward. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES ROW1: V. Saunders 3, G. Paris 4, W. Coven 3, D. Blankenship 3, B. Wyler 3, F. Gronsky 3. ROW2: C. Jackson 3, K. Jones 4, L. Meyers 3, T. Dixon 3. ROW3: Mrs. Cecelia Heys, R. Brumby 3, B. Mauntel 4, J. Born 4, K. Davidson 4, D. Affolter 3, R. Jans 3, L. Brumby 3. ,QS f il ' 5. FIFTH GRADE ROW1: D. Lindemann, H. Fetherolf, A. Minek, D. Moehl, L.Hus1ed, F. Matheny, B. Gibson, D. Jones. ROW2: S. Kinsley, M. Buczek, J. Gregory, D. Geist, K. Davidson, S. Green, Mrs. Mary Schafer. ROW 3: R. Fetherolf, B. Schmidt, D. Partin, P. Gregory, D. Bruner, J. Carver, F. Watson, J. Vaught. S, iv r ..., T -: Q . f Q I .-, E !!2v'.ei!. 1""'t N xg' .af KINDERGARTEN pion, R. Davidson, J. Barefoot. ROW 2: S. Moore, S. Kodysz,E Hunter,J. Sprague, T. Zohel, E. Krysik, S. Drought. ROW3: D Sennhenn, L. Normando, D. Ward, B. Ortngr, C. Gvist, M. Hunt ABSENT: M. Brundage. l Florence Elementary Where children are, there is the golden age.-Novalis. FIRST GRADE ROW 1: R. Brunow, J. Collins, R. Manning, R. Triplett, R. Witter, R. Richards, W. Wilbur, T. Zeckafoose, D. Boose, P. Hodge. ROW2: M. Knott, G. Hahn, J. Breisch, A. Say- ler, R. Sennhenn, P. Markworth, S. Conry, J. Call, T. Johnson, P. Herman, N. Hicks, D. Peasley. ROW3: Mrs. Leta Dery, R. Tomlinson, R. Glider, E. Fleming, R. Ander- son, K. Hunter, J. Ehrman, R. Markworth, B. Gerrick, T. Bostater, R. Gutherie, J. Crawford, C. Wright. SECOND GRADE ROW1:S, Prince, A. Timko, J. Jarrett, H. Schroeder, D. Eucker, J. Hunt, F. Snider, T. Graham, F. Cozart. ROWZ: R. Irvan, D. Hicks, S. Hill, G. Wasem, T. Wickens, J. Normando, K. Johannsen, T. Appemann, D. Kerepesi. ROWH: C. Zobel, J. Hunter, J. Davis, B. Witter, F. Fry- berger, D. Wyatt, K. Baatz, T. Hunt, L. Kinsley, Mrs. Mabel Hanes. THIRD GRADE ROWI: Y. Gersak, J. Martin, M. Coultrip, C. Krebs, B. Brewer, D. Boose, J. Kodysz, C. Witter, M. Coultrip. ROW 2: M. Daley, J. Wood, S. Sebolt, K. Poyer, D. Roskoski, J. Coultrip, S. Sugerik, P. Cook, N. Kroesen. ROW3: Mrs. Eleanor Morrison, C. Glider, J. Giedlinski, J. Slocum, F. Fleming, J. Slocum, A. Baatz, P. Coultrip, K. Morris, C. Wyatt, Long, J. Griffey. ROWI: M. Normando, J. Kinsley, l. Demuth, J. Hunter, L. Cham- FOURTH GRADE ROWI: J. Peasley, L. Wilber, J. Prince, R. Denney, L. Gersak, D Triplett. ROWY2: L. Watson, N. Hunter, Cv. Vincent, R. A. Johannsen, J. Coultrip, M. Manning, R. M. Graham. ROW3.' Mrs. Lois Foster, D. Prince, D. Fritz, B. Wasem, C. Zoble, T. Crawford, R. Kelm,J Timko, J. Terschak. ABSENT: John Berkmeyer, Danny Krebs. SIXTH GRADE ROWI: J. Hunt, P. Daley, G. Sayler, B. Barefoot, L. Graham P, Snider, J. Freeman, E. Cc1ok.:ROW 2: P. Manning, M Hunter, G. Strickler, J. Blanden, J. Summers, R. Calkins, N Herehler, P. Sugerik. ROW3: Miss Doris Prince, V. Wilber, J. Call, B. Watson, M. Tomlinson, J. A. Elliott, C. Glider,J Berlcmeyer, J. Martin. Fourth graders look at exhibit. FIFTH GRADE RUWI: R. Brunow, R. Biddinger, S. Sprunk. T. Watson. E Howe, R. Barefoot, C. Witter, C. Champion. R0 W 2: E. Morris G. Leimbach, J. Williams, D. Harsar, B. Baker, S. Bell, B Hunt, P. Reising, C. Markworth, J. King. ROW3: H. Krebs J. Johannsen, B. Coultrip, A. Wolford. R. Johannsen, R. Babb N. Hunter. M. Summers, E. Kelm. Florence majorettes. ,N rn -' 1 ,r v 4 5 2 ' ' 1 f t f n.i,1,,: , V U Diff- W0rk,And Play At Brownhelm , A 1 , , Thu fnllowing are scenes found at , , ,, Kumi! '5 -y Q T- vu ..,,4HA K , '-'h am' A jf ,Ly Brownhc-lrn Elm-rm-l1tary just before E In if P 4 ,. im, 13' the end of a lunch prfriod andthe be- v ' -fi ginning of classes. I "' K A Y' SN " '6 I ,X L V 8 wx A I . 'x 1 f is , fg k ,, 1, f ' 5 a it Y? KMA? K 'll fi" AMY!! S' wi 'Y -4-OJ: . Wm wr u WWA W P . wa' .n-Q l QU mfvl x Q ,X ,X 2' Se r-Wggy?' . .a , Q , Eififnl i Q , 5 Bu .F 451.15 lm-ff' W 6 - 1: ia V . 1 , w- Q, A-'af ' . , W Au,, M 'A 1 ' . n"'MMw1ff'1--v u, 1- 1 f n 14 '- ,M g ,,M,,,,.,.u .,A. WI., T, , wg - Q 25 . 5 . W l. W 4 , 'NY' . V E: ' 4 f' ,u 1snfu5y-F' T5 Q.1f4 A nhQ : f w3T1,,w ul 2 1 ' gy :bf 4 At Camden During Lunch Period .wkq A -...uf These scenes of work and play arf' uf. children at Camden ICI:-nlenlary Svhmml during the early part ofa lunch period. 1 J 82: n 4 na n ...-L.. f RX, .V R W U TW I "5 'S .g, A 3 5. X. K 4. . 2,9 A D' 7 Y if ,, ' W - A 1 . . 'ff-W, , .. Qeifs-kfifrzffrm 4, -gr if L A , , V M . H Q' A- H. K A A Q ... .amid ii 4 ,, A 4. n... we A Y" :fa x P! 4,1 X Xxx N' Look Forward To ay Festival The Christmas and May Day programs are the two big events during the year for the Florence School children. Both are mainly musical and very colorful. Pictured on this page are scenes from May Day and school activities. ,pw The third grade children wind the May Pole. Alames Cherry, student music teacher from Oberlin College.-Attend ants to the May Queen.-Queen Bonnie Barefoot is being escorted to the throne by Gary Stricklen-Crownbcarcrs: ,Ion Hunter and John Kinsley.-Jackie Bare- foot and Sharon Kodysz bear the Prin- cess's train.-Sixth Grade art exhibit.- Princess Leslie Normando.-Fifth Grade art exhibit.-Sixth Grade basketball Quintet.-First'Graders play nineties.- ifth Grade basketball players. 4 ,yt L.. .v-. WH., , Nav v ,v,,. 'T Q- . M VVV4h W Mwwww .eff w,, Society is ever ready to worship success, But rarely forgives failure. -Mme. Roland D ERTISING ii? PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Without their help this yearbook would be impossible Manufacturers of Firelands High School .lewelry .. . .3916 :U " f K .mil . V ' QRS Q ' lug' " S ,Miz 7 5 .. . . , , u xi? , J f W f ' W gi- ' . , . ff-ff' U H HERF-JONES COMPANY R. J. DICKEN Representative YEARBOOK BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. Glen Berkmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Born Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Brandau Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Cajka Mr. and Mrs. Alex Heggie Mr. and Mrs. Cletus A. Wasem Harold Buchs Dairy Farm Vermilion White Inn Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Niggle MARETA'S BEAUTY SHOP Birmingham Phone 4832 or 524-2 Marge Springer, '55 is employed at 252 Spring Street Amherst C. J. SPRINGER INSURANCE 8: REAL ESTATE Marvin, Ted, and Dick do careful work in shop. FOR PHOTOGRAPHS GO TO TOFAN'S STUDIO IN OBERLIN Official Photographer - Firelands High School Year Book and Class of 1956 Scholarship Team goes to Baldwin Wallace The scholarship team determined by the preliminary tests in April took the Final District-State Scholarship Tests at Baldwin Wallace College in May. Only two could re- present the school in each academic subject. .L FRYBERGER GROCERY DALE G. DE WALT "One SIOP Store" MASONRY CONTRACTOR I' M . Ona ity ,eatg Commercial Brick, Stone Phone Groceries Gifts Residential Block, Cement Amherst 3391 Florence Toys Phone Birm. 5101 WILMS THE FLORISTS YOU'LL TRULY ENJOY MARY LEE CANDIES va ? 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General Hardware 81 Builders' Supplies Plumbing 81 Heating Contractors Phone 44-091 Amherst, Ohio Compliments of MOREHEAD FOOD Groceries Choice Meats w. J. BODMANN a. co. Produce Dry Goods Chinaware 16 South Main Men's Wear Phone 447-221 Oberlin Phone 44921 Amherst, Ohio Compliments of CROW LUMBER CO. Liberty Street Vermilion, Ohio KREBS MOTOR SALES Good Used Cars Wrecker Service Phone 51 1 1 Route 113 Birmingham Compliments of SCOTTY'S BARBER SHOP 4216 South Main Street Oberlin, Ohio Compliments of KIPTON GENERAL STORE CATHY SMITH FRED AND HAZEL SMITH Phone Oberlin 5-0110 Kipton EHRMAN-BECKER, INC. REALTOR 81 INSURANCE Phone 44821 Amherst GOODSPEEITS VARIETY FURNITURE Phone 5274 Amherst "Headquarters for Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses Compliments of BERRINGTON'S ELECTRICAL 8. GIFT SHOP Amherst, Ohio BILL SCHOEMIG MEATS Fresh - Salt - Smoked Park Avenue Phone 4-1251 Amherst KIPTON Grocery and Appliance KENNY AND LARRY WALDO AND PHYLLIS BUTLER Sporting Goods Hardware Phone Oberlin 4-2101 Kipton, Ohio BERT'S COOKIE JAR I S 1 'H Home of Fine Pastries 215 Church Street Phone 6862 Amherst W. J. BODMANN 8. CO. DRY GOODS - MEN'S WEAR GLASSWARE AND CHINAWARE GERBER FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped Amherst, Ohio Phone 44-921 Phone 4881 Wakeman H LL'S DAIRY BAR OBERI-IN U MUSIC DEWEY HULL, Prop. 61 South Main Street 'A w K as Oberlin db va qi , X ' '4..f .3 TUCKER'S MAYTAG SALES AND SERVICE Soft Drinks - Candy HERBERT C. TUCKER, Prop. Pop - Ice Cream Cosmetics - Groceries Expert Service on Kipton, Ohio Maytag and Kelvinator Appliances 305 South Main Street Phone 4-2-4465 Oberlin THE KIPTON BANK COMPANY Q DEPOSITS msuneo Q 5 . 'Y . f Tha Fadaral Dauosnt lnsuranca Cameraman gg MAXIMUM INSURANLJE. I FOR EACH DEPOSITOR I ' f WASHINGTON D C fl 510 ooo S10 ooo QQ MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Kipton, Ohio Ob 1 50112 Phones B gh 4334 Compliments of HILLTOP SERVICE Henrietta Pl'l0IlC Blfm. EL. J. NICKOLS CO. Berlin Heights, Ohio Phone 3101 Electrical Appliances Sr Television For the Best in Athletic Equipment See us First Complete Lines of Wilson 81 Rawlings Jackets - Sweaters - Trophies THE R. Sz B. COMPANY Also Wholesale Electric Supplies Phone 56977 Lorain 734 Broadway KOLENDA JEWELRY JOSEPH KOLENDA, Prop. Expert Watch 81 Clock Repairing Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry 296 Church Street Amherst OBERLIN BIKE AND APPLIANCE Bicycles - Evinrude Motors Phone 48531 49 South Main Oberlin IVES The Friendly Rexall Drug Store Careful Preparation Of All Prescriptions Friendly, Courteous Service TH E 1 25 West College Street Oberlin Phone 4-2211 ZILCH FLORIST Two Stores to Serve You Oberlin 'kann 5 Q 'E ? 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GRAVES I Phone 5201 Wakeman Hamilton - Elgin - Bulova Watches Watch Repairing Orange Blossom Diamonds W. E. PARKER JEWELER "Time Shop" 11 East College Street Oberlin Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 wATsoN's HARDWARE GIBSON'S South Main Oberlin Home of Supreme Quality Since 1885 Baked Goods - Candy - lce Cream The Store That Serves You Best 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. 7 Days a Week GLEN FUl.PER'S SOHIO Holidays lncluded Complete Service for Your Car . Phone 4-2401 Oberlin Phone 3485 Vermilion Compliments of THE BERLIN FRUIT BGX CO. ANGEl.o's PINE ROOM riser?-I V Phone 4258 Birmingham Manufacturers of Fine Quality Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Pkgs. Since 1858 HARDWARE Phone 2431 Phone 4752 Berlin Heights, Ohio Wakeman, Ohio THE T. O. URPHY CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING AIR CONDITIONING 2527 East College St. Oberlin Congratulations to the Class of 1956! Air-Conditioning, Plumbing and Heating For the New Firelands High School ZIPP'S BARBER SHOP QBERLIN 'A A A Auto CLUB 5 - Q hd: tll fl!! AIRLINE RESERVATIONS ? , h Domestic 81 International Travel Q X. X Authorized Agents 'X East Main South Amh THE HARTLEY TRUCK 81 IMPL. CO. I B0B JONES ll ' INTERNATIONAL 0 NEW HOLLAND Salvs and Service Berlin Heights Phone 2471 THE NORTHERN SAVINGS 81 LOAN CO. Middle Ave. at Second St. Elyria "A SAFE PLACE FOR SAVINGSN QWZQ ---- CURRENT INTEREST - -.- - 2V2'7b HAWKINS FLOWERS Compliments of AND GIFTS LORAIN HARDWARE CO. 500 Broadway 406 Division Street Lorain Vermilion C 1' t f PuRcEl.l.s Om? 'men S 0 HOLMAN JEWELERS Hardware and General Merchandise Across from Court House Birmingham Phone 4312 Norwalk, Ohio Compliments of SYLVESTER M s. M Foon MARKET DRUG STORE Vermilion Phone 4233 430 Broadway Lorain Congratulations from BEAR FURNITURE Lorain O'Neil-Sheffield Elyria OWENS RECORD RACK "Largest Record Shop in Lorain County" Records - Record Players - Accessories Phone 61-933 617 Broadway Lorain ANY WAY YOU LOOK AT IT FOR SUPERIOR PHOTOGRAPHY IT'S THE Portrait Photography Photo Finishing Camera and Dark Room Supplies Kodak Dealer OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER-FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL YEAR BOOK AND CLASS OF 1956 4-9 East College Street Oberlin, Ohio xx'-v-. - Q J-Qs if -----..,,, , -Q! fax xg. . zfs Ai L ii . my Y if Q g Y - ,gram ' 5,555 m, zflffifl QE pi F , 4,,f'gxm W Jaw W' N4 Q rm 5 'awww 1 Q f 0-. Sn?" . 3 Mf.,..N,. ."i" tv M-4" xx .M if rf 4,-f ii mg W, list 3 , af .uw-f X Students Enjoy Dinner- Dance Pete and Barbara make stars.-"By the Light ofthe Silvvry Moon . . fl- Quartetlv sings.-Working hard?-Enjoying a steak dinner.fFill mine, too Rudy.-"By the Sea."wAnother pi:-ve of pic, Mr. Seiplef-Danving. V . QQ 157' I 1 .. 1 If K., A K, Q.. qifqq my .- ,W F", f, fe M isbn' Firelands Hi ll School The Class Of 1956 If -W if .M-5 , ' If inn!" mm.,-,m iv., I Courtesy of the Elyria CHRONICLE TELEGRAM. ff 1 -1 1 1111 --nun. QQMM 2 . JPL, W. filig- psf. ,-,A if .mf-f R55 f-12:9 . 5 ,I Q' , . 1 X-HK in-H.iff -ws'-'l'if ' 'lciaf - -f--sm-

Suggestions in the Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) collection:

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 72

1956, pg 72

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 32

1956, pg 32

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