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uss rmmmAiu. mmimm JAPAN SEA k KOREA jM YELLOW •EA f • YOKOSUKA CHINA r HONG KONG it IV OK I NAW A CHINA ' yL SEA £ REL I EV ED USS MT BAKER AE-4 VED BY USS V ESUV I US A £ 0, cemt i o i- HARBOR HAWAII u SAN FRANCISCO yfb us5 meoft (AE-14) FAR EAST CRU 1963 HJiUSHING COM» NT INC 2736 Florida. Baton Route. La. !« ■,,£ " ••V • i-V FROM THE CAPTAIN WE LIVE BUT ONCE. AND WE ARE FORTUNATE TO BE LIVING IN SUCH EXCITING AND FAST CHANGING TIMES AS MEMBERS OF THE NAVY OF THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON EARTH. FIREDRAKE HAS HAD A SMALL BUT ESSENTIAL PART IN CARRYING OUT OUR COUNTRY ' S POLICIES AS THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. I HOPE THAT THIS BOOK WILL, IN THE FUTURE YEARS, SERVE AS A REMINDER NOT ONLY OF A PLEASANT CRUISE, BUT OF THE EFFORT AND TEAMWORK IT TAKES TO PRESERVE THOSE FREEDOMS OUR PEOPLE ENJOY AND WHICH WE TAKE FOR GRANTED. : CAPTAIN F. COSTAGLIOLA iftffitfitt m it " ■ •• ■ •■■-- - ■■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ The USS Firedrake (AE-14), named after a mythical volcano, was built by the North Carolina Shipbuilding Com- pany of Wilmington, N. C. in June 1944. Originally intended to be a merchant vessel, the Navy acquired the S.S. Winged Racer, converted her to Naval use and renamed her the Firedrake. She was commissioned December 27, 1944. With the primary duty of carrying explosives and designed to operate with underway replenishment groups in delivering the means of war to forces afloat, the Firedrake saw action in the Okinawa invasion during the latter part of World War II. From her commissioning until the termination of the War, she replenished Allied forces in the Ameri- can and Pacific Theaters. Following the war, the ship was decommissioned at Orange, Texas, July 23, 1946 and rested there until the out- break of the Korean hostilities. She was then recommissioned October 11, 1951 and soon thereafter sailed for the Far East. Arriving in WESTPAC, the Firedrake was assigned to Mobile Logistic Support Group Able and conducted re- arming operations with combatant ships of the United Nations Naval Forces off the coast of Korea. After a six month tour of duty she returned to the States. Since 1952 the Firedrake has regularly returned to the Western Pacific to rearm units of the powerful Seventh Fleet. The current WESTPAC Cruise marks her twelfth journey to the Far East. Captain Costagliola is the twelfth skipper to command the Firedrake since 1952. The history of the Firedrake may not be as dramatic as many of the Navy ' s combatants, but her mission of de- livering ammunition to the fleet is nonetheless a vital one. The Firedrake ' s motto, IN OMNIA PARATUS, (in all ways prepared) is a fitting tribute to a ship ready to serve where needed. FRANCESCO COSTAGLIOLA CAPTAIN, USN COMMANDING OFFICER Captain Francesco Costagliola, a 1941 graduate of the U. S Naval Academy, assumed command of the FIRE- DRAKE on July 11, 1962. Prior to this duty he served as military assistant to the assistant Secretary of Defense for Atomic Energy. Upon graduation from the Naval Academy, Captain Costagliola reported aboard the USS PHOENIX (CL-46) where he served until after World War II. The PHOENIX, a survivor of Pearl Harbor, was a mainstay in the Allied offensive in the southwest Pacific, earning nine battle stars In 1946 Captain Costagliola returned to Annap- olis and subseguently to Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an ordnance Post Graduate student specializ- ing in nuclear physics. In 1949 he became Executive Officer of the Atlantic Fleet destroyer BROWNSON (DD-868). Two years later he assumed command of the USS HALSEY POWELL (DD-686), seeing action in the Korean Conflict. Since 1952, with the exception of a two year tour aboard the USS SARATOGA (CVA-60) as Gunnery Officer and a two year stint with CINCPACFLT Staff, Captain Costagliola has been assigned to the Washington D.C area in various capacities as- sociated with the Atomic Energy program Married to the former Miss Agnes Ross of Methuen, Massachusetts, Captain Costagliola has four young daugh- ters LAWRENCE E. GALLAGHER LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, USN EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander Lawrence E. Gallagher, a native of West Virginia, assumed duties as Executive Officer in October 1961. LCDR Gallagher enlisted in the Navy in 1944 serving for 15 months aboard the LST-1032. He later attended the University of Mississippi and the College of Steubenville in Ohio, graduating and accepting a commission as Ensign in 1950. After a tour aboard the USS SNOHOMISH COUNTY (LST-1126), he attended the Navy ' s Explosive Ordnance Disposal School. Upon graduation from the 18 month school, he assumed duties as Operations Officer and Team Captain of EOD Unit Two based at Charleston, South Carolina. In 1956 LCDR Gallagher was assigned to the USS SILVERSTEIN (DD-534) serving as Operations Officer. His 18 month tour aboard the destroyer was followed by Naval Intelligence School in Washington DO. In 1958 he commenced a two year tour at the Intelligence Office, Potomac River Naval Command. Returning to sea, LCDR Gallagher saw duty aboard the USS ANTARES months on the East Coast prior to reporting to the FIREDRAKE. (AKS-33) as First Lieutenant for 15 THE OFFICERS U N LCDR FISCHBEIN ENGINEER OFFICER LTJG MAXWELL NAVIGATOR JM ' LT BUICE SUPPLY OFFICER LT QUARTLY OPERATIONS OFFICER LTJG BRADLEY FIRST LIEUTENANT k LTJG J.H. BREHM MAIN PROPULSION ASST. LTJG S.T. MCWHINNIE GUNNERY OFFICER LTJG C.W. GUSTAFSON SECOND DIV„ OFFICER ® LTJG R.F. NELSON DISBURSING OFFICER LTJG D.K, ALLEN CIC ASST. NAVIGATOR LTJG R.E. STRAWBRIDGE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER LTJG P.J. WEISENBURGER FIRST DIV. OFFICER ENS W.G. SIESSER DAMAGE CONTROL ASST. ENS T„J„ JAROSZ PERSONNEL OFFICER THE CREW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: LTJG WE ISENBURGER; DAVIES SN; CRAFT BMSN; DUHON SA; JOHNSON SA; POWELL. SN; WARNOCK SA; CLINE SA; CATLETT SA; HENDREN BM2. BOTTOM ROW: KEARNEY SA; CROCKER SA| cook sa; stokes BM3; heston sn; rasic sn; aksamit sa. lx Division BOATSWAIN MATES from left to right top row: powers bmcm; bracken bmsn; rau sn; kram sn; kram sn; dillow sa; davis bmsn. bottom row: west sn; christian sa; archer sn; chisholm sa; suszka sn; morris sn; baughns sa; goforth bmi. from left to right top row: ltjg gustafson; chase sn; joseph sn, - trueax bmsn; tounear fn; thomsen sn; hagen sn; LETTENMAIER sn; mcgee sa; bennett sn. bottom row: rice sa; defillipps sn, hallock sn; bennett sn; tobin sn; dixon sa; maggio bmsn. 2 Division BOATSWAIN MATES from left to right top row: johnson bmi; brantley sa; mcmann sn; humphreys bm3; warne bmsn; storie sa; dye sn; alley sn. bottom row: charleston sa; giovanetti sn; WRIGHT bmsn; gray sn; coffelt sn; LARUE BM2. £•«« ■f-mml m ,f f .f?f ,.| -a FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: LTJG MCWHINNIE; CLINE GMG2! REICHENBAUM FTGJ: MEADOR GMG2; SMITH SN; SOLWICK GMG31 STRONG FTG2; MCPHERSON GMG3; WEAR GMGI. BOTTOM ROWCHING SN, HUGHES SN - , MCLENDON SN; BYRD GMG2: MATOS1CH GMGI; CARNEY GMGI . I— I ■• " ■ F r, l£ " f l GUNNER ' S MATES X and FIRE CONTROLMEN O N HONCHOS LEFT TO R IGHT GARRETSON SMC; LTJG ALLEN; LT QUARTLY; LTJG STRAWBRIDGE; FRAZIER R DC ; KNIPE RMC. OPERATIONS Division RADARMEN ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS RADIOMEN SIGNALMEN I -- FROM LEFT TO RIGHT top row: carrigan etn3; kirkland RD3; CRANE RMSN;TONNER ETN3 MORRIS SM3J GOODMAN SMI; ANDERSON RD3; DYKSTRA ETN3 ; AYALA RM2; POINTER SN. BOTTOM ROW: ADAMS RM3; HALL. RM3; LENNOX RD3 " . JACKSON RMSN. NAVIGATION Division QUARTERMASTER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: LTJG ALLEN; MCCLELLAND QM3 - , FUGICH QM3J LTJG MAXWELL. BOTTOM ROW: BRASWELL SN; TOOMEY QMSN. . «« « .v FROM LEFT TO RIGHT HOME5LEY SD1; OLSON SKC; LT BUICE; LTJG NELSON; HARP CSI. 4£ SUPPLY Division STOREKEEPERS SHIP ' S SERVICEMEN DISBURSING CLERKS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT top row: green sa; hoops SK3; lackey SH2; JOWERS SH2; MAGNOTTE SHSN; LANDY SK2; DEMERCER SN. BOTTOM row: KERKER sn; MONTOYA SK2; APOSTOL DK2; TORDECILLA QK3 ; MORLAN SK3; DUNN SN. STEWARDS COMMISSARYMEN FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW. HOMESLEY SDl; FILLER CS3; SMITH CS3; KNIGHT CSSN; HARP CS I ; HORTON CS3; CADUA TN. BOTTOM ROW: BAUTISTA CS2; BALEN CS3 SILVESTRE TN; ROSA SA; MANGOSING SDl; PADUA SD2. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: DOWNEY MMC; LACKEY FN; WOODARD EMZ; PAMPERIN EMFN; TURNEY FN; SMITH EM2; STRIBLING MM3; BURROUGHS MM3; LADD EMC. BOTTOM ROW: NEWCOMB MM3; SEYMOUR EMFN, ' GLUFF MM3; STROUD ICFN; ROSE FN; COWGILL EN3. A Division Qp MACHINIST MATES E Division ELECTRICIAN MATES I.C. ELECTRICIANS X Division from left to right top row: baker hmc; dixon yn3; stamps ynsn; fitzpatrick pnj; reid pnc bottom row: kennty pn:; rivera pci; ens jaroszj maly ynsn; cobaugh sn. }■— » — s ± sL - t " ife i ■ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: ENS SIESSER; DOUGLAS SFPZ; JENKINS DC2; HINK SFM3; CHUBB IC3; EDGE MM2; HICKS SFM3; THOMPSON MM3. BOTTOM ROW: CHANDLER DC1J REYES EN2, - KLAVINGER DC3 ; MORDHORST SFM3; HAMILTON SFP2; FOSTER EMFN; SZATAN SFI. R Division X DAMAGE CONTROLMEN SHIP FITTERS % PERSONNELMEN YEOMEN $ HOSPITALMEN fe£. J-- =• % T? S FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: LTJG BREHM; PHARR MM3; FRONEK MR2; HARGER BT2; HUGHES M M 3 ; SALMON BT2J BOREN FN. BOTTOM ROW: WREYFORD M M .1 ; lONATA FN ' , GUZMAN MM2; COX BTI; MCMANN FN. BOILERMEN B Division M Division MACHINIST MATES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW. GLENN MMCS; EAGER BT2; COOK BT3J KILGORE FN J POULSON BT3J REINHOFER FNJGUL.INO MM2 - , VLASAK EMFM; M ERR I WEATHER BTC. BOTTOM ROW STONER FN TUCKER FN REINHOFER FN EVANS MMFN S EV I C MM3 ROOK mm; EMMERT FA. OF THE SAILOR We, who were born on earth and live by air, Make this thing pass across the fatal floor, The speechless sea; alone we commune there Jesting with death, that ever open door. Sun, moon and stars are signs by which we drive This wind-blown iron like a thing alive. OF THE SHIP I march across great waters like a gueen, I whom so many wisdoms helped to make; Over the uncruddled billows of seas green I blanch the bubbled highway of my wake. By me my wandering tenants clasp the hands, And know the thoughts of men in other lands. John Masefield 1916 CRUISE UNDERWAY 21 JAN 63 I We Juice the Pineapple FLEET. i — and Ourselves • i? w w 4 »mt USS MT BAKER (AE-4) We Assume The Watch . iht IN A HURRY GABBERT? THE STR IP THE FISHING HOLE OFF BROADWAY I ' LL GIVE YOU 3,000 YEN, NO MORE. THE M.T.A. WAS NEVER LIKE TH I S I THE MODERN DAY JAPAN RISES ON THE GINZA. twwo SO YOU THINK WE HAVE TRAFFIC PROBLEMS. GOTTA MAKE THE 4:10 TO SCARSDALE. THE OLD SURROUNDED BY THE NEW. THE IMPERIAL PALACE GARDEN. ■ ■■■Mill © 1. THEY ' RE OFF AND RUNNING. 2. AROUND THE 3 4 POLE. 3. HEADING FOR HOME. 4. NOW SOME STEAK, YEN, AND HIAKO JO-SAN. (D © 4 © ■ ® nftsttsg t cFIREDRAKE £ v towt i mGftSMi © s v. « ? V ' y 1 ' • 1 ' • i A 5. VISITING THE PEACE MUSEUM. NAGASAKI HARBOR. JAPANESE JUMBO-IZED TANKER HARBOR LIGHTS. WHAT ' YA MEAN, NO BOOKS IN ENGLISH? , © VIEW FROM SUNZEN PARK, 5ASIB6T " 3 AROUND SASEB01 a HOW WAS 1 THEY ' RE I GO AHEAI IS THE W 1 COME F 3. WE GOT E 4 AND PAW 1 THINK h MEAN AG WE ' LL JU HITS HIM © % •%■ V 195 ■ .Vitt i ' 3 i Hfll 1 Sftlt i -i ■ il % m mfyi _ . 1 ■ _■■■)§§ , 1 $ ,112 AmJsn Nf fifa.M nm : »aap ftBUCftOlO J J • _- — • %1 is 1 OUR MISSION IN WESTPAC IS TO REPLENISH THE 7th FLEET WITH AMMUNITION. THIS IS HOW ITS DONE. the BREAKOUT J« w ' --, trie APPROACH LjLJ m .•.,JU.«.-.«. f ,„-:. ' . " r ilH a stand by for BOLO! the TRANSFER then the wait or the next one © 1. HONG KONG IN MOTION! 2. ON THE WAY TO FENWICK PIER IN A ULTRA FAST HONG KONG U BOAT. 3. HEYI GET THAT PIROQUE OUT OF THE WAY1 4. MODERN HONG KONG VESSELS LOADING UP. 5. THE KOWLOON FERRY J £— •»» » s« a xi tt«« ! 39 ' « " ' P . 1 ' . . Satisfied Ammo Customers H Jti K - — -y U5— • © ! $. ' I L 4. .■£. J ■ 5. 6. CAPTAIN VEJTASA RETURNS FOR A VISIT TO HIS OLD HOME. ...IS NOW SKIPPER OF USS CONSTELLATION. IT ' S WITH GREAT PLEASURE THAT I PRESENT YOU WITH THIS OVER- NIGHT PASS. 1 FOUND IT, BUT IT ' S TAPED TO THE SIDE. 5 DAYS. WHO SAID IT COULDN ' T BE DONE? r© 1. DON ' T WORRY ABOUT IT. JUST STICK WITH ME AND YOU ' LL. BE ALL. RIGHT. 2. WAKE ME WHEN THE POOL OPENS. 3. NO JOHN, I DIDN ' T TAKE THE CHERRY OUT OF YOUR DRINK. 4. WE ' VE ONLY GOT FOUR MONTHS TO GO. I CAN ' T START GOING OVER NOW. WELL, SHE WAS HERE 30 MINUTES AGOI WELL, WHERE ' S ALL THE WOMEN ? DOES FOUR OF A KIND BEAT TWO PAIR? 5. 7J 3 ; Jl I FIREDRAKE ' S FEATHERED FRIENDS f: I JUST GIVE ME SOME POi AND RAW FISH. THERE WAS A BOTTLE IN HERE LAST NIGHT. GO AHEAD DOC, I GOT HIM. WE ' LL ALL HAVE A PIECE AS SOON AS 1 GET THE KNIFE OUT. HE DROPPED ANOTHER MOV I WHO SAYS WE CAN ' T MAKE IT TO CALIFORNIA IN A U BOAT? fi THE STAFF OF THE FIREDRAKE ' S FIRST CRUISE BOOK LTJG DENNIS ALLEN CRUISE BOOK COORDINATOR BUSINESS MANAGER ) s ' CONTR 1BUTI NG PHOTOGRAPHERS- GEORGE CHUBB IC3 JAMES BYRD GMG2 END SHEET ART WORK- JERRY FUGICH QM3 SPECIAL. THANKS TO— ENS THOMAS JAROSZ WHOSE TOURS MADE MOST OF OUR PICTURES POSSIBLE, JAMES CARRIGAN ETN3] PHOTOGRAPHER JAPAN SEA f f Tfe cuss m £ CMW • " o l_ HARBOR HAWAII Id SAN FRANCISCO b llllllll ■■■ ' ■ ' ; ' ■ SMS SS9s ISsSK HHr ' ■ •■•■ ' ■■•,■-■■■.■.■• " •■ ifl ■■■■■■ ' ■•.

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