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' w "7 5 fw'21l5 :L f N -Y 1. Q, . ,law f1'w",, 1 J 1, 2 M VN' Jihiffia1PFrfIz32'2ViF'a?iMA,VMWv!f.1JLWW Mu M11,9lJ:mQ,f:iuwvrw BRONCO I9 0 Fingal Public School Fingal, North Dakota People . . . . . places . . People . . . . . events . . People . . . . . . memories . . . PEOPLE! Sharon Steidl . . . ........ Editor Ken Kohler .... ...... B usiness Manager Charlene Steidl . . ......... Assistant Editor Dean Carpenter . . . . Assistant Business Manager BE FCRE 9:00 AM When buses bring their eager loads and other students arrive by foot power, empty hallways are transformed into areas of hurrying to hang up coats and get to class and scrambling through lockers for the right book. 9:00 0 I 2.00 9:00 saw grade and high school classes and study halls begin. The morning librar- ians worked getting the library ready for a day of use. Two special morning events were the kindergarten graduation and the visit of Mrs. Holden's puppy. Everyone is hungry at 12 and lunch is a welcome break D130 3:30 The afternoon brought a continuing schedule of classes. Sandy and Vilia worked on their home ec. projects, and Vilia also experienced a "hair-raising" adventure on the trampoline. Lyceum programs brought variety to afternoons. Monte learned to keep his balance and the grades were given a weatherswan. Pep rallies urged the teams onward. 'R Q33 T ,WI orswrm 3:30 i The hours after school were filled with many activities. Basketball scrimmages gave the team extra practice. The cheer- leaders made pep signs and pondered new cheers. The paper staff worked to get the paper out on schedule, and the annual ads expert-Jeanne-worked on those unsung pages of the yearbook. Many preparations were necessary to make the next 9 pages a reality. 2 i ' - ff' ggzi-Huw: sftrffzw " . 5 "A" SQUAD - B. Rutherford, M. Olauson, T. Buchholz, J. Huseby, D. Carpenter, D. Maasjo, D. Plecity K. Foth, R. Storhoff, L. Pederson, M. Johnson, K. Kohler, D. Holm, Mr. Skogen-Coach. I9 O-BRONCOS I BIG EASON! OVERALL RECORD. - 19-6 QUAD-COUNTY CO-CHAMPS DISTRICT 4 CHAMPS 2nd IN BARNES COUNTY 4th IN REGION NO. 1 "B" SQUAD-FRONT Darrel Kuhry Daryl Carpenter Mike Johnson Marlyn Maasjo Gene Johnson John Kohler BACK - Dale Holm Tim Buchholz Melvin Olauson Dean Carpenter Jeff Huseby Neil Paulson Bill Rutherford Coach Skogen , X A 4-rd ' . . 6 -.3 7' ' y' 1 'V .X I 'Li M ,xv .145 'Q N ., TvQA . xg A R sw .Q 'K e B X1 ' H Y ' . 9 Y sm' Q, , , 35. 1 1' : N 3 X - Q, Q Av , , 1. . ' s Ag -t tmm ff af . .. f .t xtw ' tr' A J' 4 .st-' . ' ' 'Y . A ' 6 ?'n Q f 2 QSM we Quia I + .rw 3 3 1 Q s 1 ll Q m 1 kat eg 9 3 Q M9 a a '21, fi ' A my J ' 3 4 1 Q Qs ii'- ir Q ji K v www I . .,,- e .xg av K :, gy on K... we - .Aw W ,R . : 5 Mont moves in on another shot. Da1e's in for two. Ken receives free-throw trophy. Ken gets the tip-off. The offense moves down the floor. Dean shoots a free-throw ,www opt., IA ' ,Wf Wig? 5 7 "A" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Peggy Janish Jeanne Stephan Susan Petrowitz Marlene Morth Sharon Johnson "B" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS - Linda Holm, Vicki McLeod, Helen Long, Kathy Petrowitz, Betty Stor- hoff, and Paula Ertelt. GRADE BA KETBALL Scramble for the ball! GRADE CHEERLEADERS Carole Olson JoAnn Leitner Kathy Schlegel Judy Ertelt Sharon Petrowitz -,wa ,,, K FRONT- P. Paulson, D. Ol- son, H. McLeod, N. Janish J. Kapaun. BACK-S. John- son, E. Maasjo, J. Dimmer G. Steidl, K. Johnson, B. Ertelt, and Coach Job. Eldon tips it off. " . .,,.,. aal"' ..., Boys recewe 3rd Place IOP Y' M Q an BASEBALL Batboys Bill Errelt and Hal Mc- Leod. SEATED-D. Long, J. Kohler, K. Kohler, M. Sullivan B. Rutherford, M. Maasjo, G. Johnson. STANDING-D. Maasjo, L. Pederson, R. Storhoff, D. Plecity, K. Foth, J. Huseby, M. Johnson, Coach Skogen. I in TRACK TEAMS FRONT-L. Morth, C. Olson, K. Pet- rowitz, N. Paulson, S. Perrowitz. MIDDLE - Coach Vail, M. Morth, P. Johnson, R. Maasjo, K. Schlegel, P Morth, H. Long. BACK-K. Plecity, L. Fenstad, C. Plecity, L. Holm, and M. Carpenter. IO Coach Skogen, D. Plecity K. Foth, D. Holm, J. Behm, R. Storhoff, J. Huseby, R. Johnson, M. Sullivan, R. Huseby, L. Pederson, M, Johnson, E. Johnson, and J. Kohler. -www CAR IVAL. Queen Jackie and King Darwin lst and 2nd grade Llttle Red Hen. 5th and 6th Grade School Bus "IT HI ' T0 GET HIT HED E T K , "'k " 'Happy as 4 -I mmf W-Qffzumzawl 1 wwwil.,,fm-,4 I ,,W,, ie ,,. , H.. ,,,, ,,,,.,,,,, W ,, ,,,.. gpig id,.,SiAp!n Hank gets Caught Sparkin' Pearly Mae 37mi29u2 it nr W,,, , ,,,. 5 .. . , f ffwff- , ,, ,,,,,, "" f ,-,, za ' f ,, 5, y Kp ,,,, . ,, .Wm . .MM TTTT 1,'11.,,,,,7f, ., ' , x The Hitchin' Proceeds! "Ma, head for the tater patch EILL 0LSON'S Costume Directors - Margaret and Renee. v REHEARSALS-- 1 N .L Y--- 'H riiagisppss-we-:mm..,Q. i s f Mm E rf,- , Q QE-s eee H H S K mai S S1313f..:1Q2e9iQ3g5ggg4 sf:-nf.iiS!5::n::eg::gg 'E . 1 - H X N N..,.. , W P' . A' z wfw ,rmf figsiz :Refuses ,..,,. X . 11- sw .,,. 'You insignificant worm I " i .K Bill helps with staging. Makeup does wonders! Vilia 85 Roxy Susan-Assistant Director and Accornpanist. fx Q , -14 hernia' I :s-i 1'f 1 -',v1 "'i,, 1-'gs H ' ifzifflig at-gs: 1 .,, ,,,, , , , ,, , . lf 5 ' if . ---- . ..,f ,fl ...,- ,U fff. , H Y 1, - ,L 1, Ne ' f i i 52 Jw, ,,,, , Q, , V " G'1f ':f 33,7 F151 ., , , 1 f:f,fQ,a,' -'ffff If ' ,. Emp. rdiwfv Hector , ' 1'r' I .1" 'Q-ii' Q '3,ii :,:,.,,S,,i , , fe w,1,,z1wz1,n, V- ,. ' f , T i ij V .,., , don't is L-' ,,, do that!" Q- 1113 ihstf as 1 . 'fn 1 W Y 4 5 ' "'-- f . ,,-,, W ,f .,,, ,fr , 4 wg -4 ,f u X ? ssti l . 54:1 isi- I ' "Ee l -if -V,' n I eva, 1, ,ali 15' . F ' fn J ' f' -',' ' "i' 'A ' , 5 ,,s,, , , A ,a ,, 1 tt'. The King learns of Bart's love for Antonia. A - 5 'cr 'ill' a 5 if 3 ' ea if 5 '55 ff Q f 'Q' at il f 1 A Q .,,.. , Vg , at E . ?+iif 3 gals fs 'f' F ws L? 5 , E ,gg , Q ' in i I if f f in me 4 J' f Q T 9 'ff if 1 , ,J -iff s F 'wi -A GTHER WORLD" Villain Max lies his way out again One Love "Decisions! DECISIONS!" rich and handsome no e . A jealous lover's conflict. Claude and his problem. 13 "EVENING I PARIS" Central theme- The Eiffel Tower. i Parisian flower cart and fountain. Z. f Punch girls -- Marilyn and Betty. President Tirn and Pegy lead the Grand March. , Q t .r --f- ' Nmfswswr: 1 it 5 X S ' Q-ME ' i . tefa Nm I s t'ii 'rrt Q s Q I , is 2 si - Q . ..,., ,,.. .- , as 'vi 1 ,-:-use-1K Q if - ff ' .1 t at K X5 f ,. , :ff :x5' P ,sri 'tit it fi 'Sf X rg ig es P5155 wg , y V ..-1' I il F tr. .L s, in s A P S H Qs N 5 'Q N1 is Q Q Y X E2 M Q s Z Q ss is i 'nw E X gg 3 . i ii 1 . 1: ' -- ---, -Wm:rwr.:- . :I -' - 1-'Ei - fi" iiiik . -vszizwji 5 i - More of the Grand March. Couples dance happily during their "Evening in Paris. " 3. xi i SENIOR MEMORIE K, N f,-iw 7' M, av' ' Marshmallow roast at Garrison. BUS Chatter! ' f 'W o Feeding a fawn at Dakota Zoo. Swimming at the Holiday Inn! GRADU TIO xwf 15 FACLI LTY AC U LTY Principal 1 f if Mr. Leroy J ob Mrs. Agnes Evenson Mr. Roger Bayley Mrs. Evelyn Gunness Mr. Luther Skogen Mrs. Eileen Vail Mr. Gaylen Opdahl Miss Karry Cink Miss Beatrice Arne ADMINISTRATIO A D STAFF :Qi "" in-f"' fi' X!' Bus Drivers - Edwin Storhoff, Clifford Johnson, Bert Sherman, David Gruman, Albert Steidl, and Donald Gruman qmissingj. Secretary - Mrs. Janice Plecity I8 Superintendent Gene D. Sloan Cooks - Mrs. Ed Foth, Mrs. Martin Steidl, and Mrs Henry Haagenson. Custodian - ' Martin Steidl SENIORS 0 THE CLASS GF I9 O Jacqueline Detmers John Behm Kenneth Foth N Robert Gruman Rebecca Huber Donna Ertelt Richard Huseby THE LARGEST YET Earl Johnson Sharon Steidl LaMonte Johnson Peggy Janish Larry Pederson Jeanne Stephan Wx S Wg qi" X Qgvf M E"G,2f'V .. , fig, ,'. Robert Johnson 'B X 'Xi LIVE T0 LEAR pr, Dale Maasjo Sandra Maasjo Kenneth Kohler Susan Petrowitz 22 Roger Schlegel Loretta Morth Loren Steidl LEAR TO LIVE ..-,",' Vilia Ross Steven Wolsky Debra Kuhry Darwin Yttredahl 77 n Rodney Storhoff Sharon Johnson Michael Sullivan Margaret Morth Mark Ertelt Dale Holm Ray Aarseth Charlene Steidl Clara Reisenauer Dennis Reisenauer Melvin Olauson Peggy Johnson Tim Buchholz Dean Carpenter Roberta Huber Marlene Morrh Daryl Carpenter Renee Klinger Glenn Steidl gjiazsg M K c . A' Y--f 'IM . ,3?g5 H . , ' JU IDRS The Juniors worked hard decorating for the Prom. SQPHOMQRE if-ef Karen Steidl Marilyn Ross Verlaun Foth David Long Cynthia Sullivan Doyle Plecity Paula Ertelt Ken Koslofsky Neil Paulson Bill Rutherford Sharon Lehfeldt Betty Storhoff Shirley Maasjo Gary Yanish Connie Christl Barbara Langemo Larry Sabby Steve Puhr David Ulrich Initiation sure was FUN! Cynthia Plecity John Kohler Karen Gruman Eugene Johnson Vicki McLeod Joe Puhr Loree Fenstad Joe Leitner Nancy Paulson Dwight Carpenter Kathy Petrowitz Marlyn Maasjo Darrel Kuhry Linda Holm Renee Maasjo Janice Yanish Helen Long Jeff Huseby Dwight Johnson Susan Aarseth Renee Dimmer Mike Johnson Michelle Wolsky Rita Reisenauer Randy Peterson FRESHME Greg Storhoff ll Wh GRADE 4 'Q W C3 b L to R-SEATED-Carole Olson, JoAnn Leitner, Kathy Schlegel, Judy Ertelt, Debbie Kurtz. I MIDDLE-Greg Wolsky, Ken Behm, Marlene Carpenter. Kent Johnson, Bill Ertelt, LuElla K Morth. BACK-Gary Steidl, Hal Klinger, Darrell Schlagel, Kathy Plecity, Jerry Ertelt, 1--f John Dimmer, and Darrell Holm. L to R-SEATED-Neil Janish, Paul Klinger, Janice Leitner, Paul Puhr, Peter Paulson. MIDDLE-Patty Morth, Karen Kreidlkamp, Sharon Petrowitz, Hal McLeod, Darrell Olson, Jeff Kapaun. BACK-Rosemary Stephan, Marilyn Bremer, Mary Jane Huber, Ann Windish, Denise Carpenter, Roger Behm, Eldon Maasjo, Steve Johnson. If -ffy , , 5 aff ,,., "' 'I 'i' .-. lf 7 . '7 IN th GRADE 28 ELEMENTARY WUHLD JS RAPPENBNG? 6th GRADE G' L to R-SEATED-Ruthanne Stephan, Carol Petrowitz, Stephen Steidl, Eugene Langemo, Brad Ertelt, MIDDLE-Betty Puhr, Scott Ertelt, Norbert Puhr, Arlen Huber, Pamela Johnson, Cheryl Wadeson. BACK-LoAnn Holm, Lee Steidl, Myron Buchholz, Keith Johnson, Carol Maasjo, Paula Windish, Mrs. Virginia Maasjo. Nm vt' P 945 7 9 Q 5 Xk ,S a as t i oo J 5th GR or 30 L to R- SEATED-Karla Kurtz, Susan Kreidlkamp, Tony Steidl, Perry Kapaun. MIDDLE- Donna Janz, Janet Ertelt, Tammy Kapaun, Elaine Holm, Scott Sloan, Jeff Buchholz. BACK-Linda Peterson, Darrell Peterson, Lyle Behm, David Huber, Johnson, Mike Kohler, Mrs. Evelyn Sundstrom. Jackie Plecity, Curtis 4d1 GRADE L to R- SEATED-Tracy Kapaun, DeAnn Olson, Gary Koslofsky, Scott Paulson, Gary Ertelt. - MIDDLE-Becky Grant, Pam Klinger, Lynette Wadeson, Mark Wolsky, Darryn Kapaun, kt U Marlys Behm, John Anderson. BACK-Greg Anderson, Mary Joan Bremmer, Doreen Carpen- ' ter, Myron Morth, Neil Dirnrner, Mary Beth Windish, Miss Norma Flemmer. 'Jw IQ QL X ! ! fl 0,5 . F1-. I XJ L to R-Leon Steidl, James Wolsky, Donovan Olson, Jeff Reisenauer, Marie Steidl, Todd Kohler, Gerri Plecity, Mary Annette Petrowitz, Deone Ianze, Steven Windish, Robin Kapaun, Mrs. Lorraine Olson. ,f 'N ,Vx X U 5 ,FTEW MM 5 M ERS brewers GRADE 2nd GRADE L to R-Josie Kline, Laurie Kreidlkamp, Karen Kapaun, Mark Johnson, Jeff Sloan, Julie L Wadeson, Kenneth Klinger, Joyce Leitner, Julie Steidl, Lynn Schlagel qnot shownj, Mrs. Ruth Maasjo. -A Bt GRADE 32 Y, vr f in ,L -fl- L to R-Kevin Windish, Brian Ertelt, Sherry Kurtz, Joyce Petrowitz, James Huber, Monte Anderson, Marilyn Morth, Todd Wurzer, Daniel Langemo, Mrs. Rozella Holden. 30 nw ...,,,. 1 i . ..,A, A - My 4,w,+s.fQf.,f .+- 1' A k'2"fs -1 Q ff 5 --,asf ,nga A- WL . - f.sfgz:s'v1T5f? 1 kirby X 4 Q +P, 1 ' -' -373 QZi1'xfgfQSi2Lp,lif3fii?'ii:5ai - '55 L M- ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY of' FRONT-D. Carpenter, K. Kohler, C. Steidl, S. Steidl, J. Stephan, E. Johnson, R. Gruman, R. John- son. BACK-Advs. Mr. Sloan, M. Olauson, S. Petrowitz, V. Ross, P. Johnson, M. Morth, L. Morth, S. Maasjo, M. Morth, R. Huseby, J. Behrn. FRONT-M. Johnson, K. Kohler, D. Carpenter, L. Pederson. BACK-S. Petrowitz, J. Stephan, S. Steidl, S. Maasjo, L. Morth, M. Olauson, M. Morth, P. John son, M. Morth, C. Steidl. NNUAL STAFF . l PAPER STAFF F' 'l,'Jf,. S WWII: 34 SEATED FRONT-M. Morth, M. Morth, P. Johnson, S. Steidl, J Stephan. SEATED BACK-D. Kuhry, L. Morth, P. Janish, V. Ross, S. Petrowitz, L. Steidl. BACK-C. Steidl, S. Maasjo, S. Johnson, B. Huber, K. Kohler, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, D. Maasjo, M. Sullivan, T. Buch- holz, L. Pederson, R. Huber, E Johnson, Advs. Mrs. Evenson. THEY LEARN T0 TAKE VER BEGINNERS BAND - directed by MR. GAYLEN OPDAHL INTERMEDIATE BAND - directed by MR. GAYLEN OPDAHL HIGHLIGHTS OF LIR CONCERT BAND - directed by MR. GAYLEN OPDAHL The highlight of the year for the Con- cert Band was a 1-day tour to three sur- rounding schools ending with our first home concert in the evening. This was the first time the Concert Band had ever gone on tour. The Band also presented Christmas and Spring concerts. The music played varied from Tchaikowsky's "Symphony No. 6" to the modern "Highlights from Mission: Impossible"g from marches like "Alpha and Omega" to the show tunes of "Oliver, " ll MIXED CHORUS directed by MR. GAYLEN OPDAHL The Fingal High School Chorus had a fun season, with two concerts. Our Christ- mas Concert contained such songs as "Mistletoe", "The Christmas Song", "It's Christmas Once Again" , and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" , which was sung by the girls' chorus. The Spring Concert featured "Charade' "l'll Never Fall in Love Again", "Up, Up, and Away", "There Will Never Be Another You", and "Paddelin Madeline". 1 DID GGOD JQBS AT FESTIVALS ' . -f., BAND SOLOS AND ENSEMBLES CHORUS SOLOS AND ENSEMBLES 4 - .al Q 5 SK f L -fr, Fi li STANDARD OIL Products For Farm and Home H. I. "Skip" Morth FINGAL CREAMERY Gold Label Feeds - Dealer Buyer of Cream and Eggs Dealer Fingal, North Dakota Fingal, North Dakota A - f Phone M - if 924-5171 4' 'e-1-- f .ff D" if Clifford . U s N ' Johnson, Ph 7 ,A 1 smu DARD 9253344 ' H tl F 45 vi' ll MILLER ELEVATCR CO. To Get Your GRAIN, SEED, AND FERTILIZERS Phone 924-5191 Morton Eenstad - Manager Jim Eggers Fingal, North Dakota GO TO PUHR' MERCANTILE For All Your Grocery Needs Meats, Dry Goods, Fruits 8: Vegetables, and S811-I Green Stamps Fingal, North Dakota Phone 924-5152 Ferdinand Puhr Owner MORTH HARDWARE 55 AUCTION ' s 1.-' CITY Your Farm, Home, -A ' ' and Car Care Center Mrs. L. Morth Owner THE FINEST. FOR LESS Fingal, North Dakota Complete Furnishings I 1 1 li g Q l Phone 845-2732 F X X - X nm:..z.,,ggi,gfm Valley City, North Dakota 1 1. 41 Try The TO SUIT YOUR FINGAL CAFE T TE A Qi ,. A5 'N v F3 I Q i GF -QCXQ For - Q Homccookcd Meals J il Henry 8: julia Steidl Proprietors Phone 924.5177 Fingal, North Dakota WIRINCZ wi: ,un x'N 09 1' Amo REPAIR -, " A -..--- 1 6 , ' - ii I mx. , F271 li .if 3 mm Joe Huber, Electrician 'mm' te liiv"iv..i For A11 Your isuiltlmg Needs . if Phone 924-5144 E Q 'HER 2 il . A , , , Q I . f i ,Q Lawrcntc Pctrowitz - Contmttor C 1 ' 1 PETROWITZ CONSTRUCTION FINGAL STATE BANK jnmdl' Ron McLeod Cashie - M ' " V Z Fingal, North Dakota ---... .-..4""-"TWU ' X r . 342'-'Z?' .9 A oo Phone Q v 924-5211 f . Member of the FDIC I and Full Service Bank . VOGUE CLEANERS W- Cf 4 0,0 1 N-' We Thank the ,sa ' 356 -A Music Mothers of . I I - if nf' Fingal High School "" .- i. W For Their Support f - 1 VX L .t-pu'-1 5 K ' X. N 'X X mia T AAWM . A X I . 6615 - . , , , Also Q L K c - AQ , 1 ix or S 2 . ponsors if 7 li- . Take Your Wluole Family's nl but - of Cleaning to Vogue's ff ,I . if 2. - - Pages Exclusive STS Process . e A 36 and 37 Phone 845-1256 H Valley City, North Dakota A A' ' 3 JXP! .1 I . , i if ' , I 09" 1 1 ' Q -fi 1 AN idk" s my C 9 ' lv , . .J ' f eil A .1 FIRST RATE Photography for All Occasions All Professional Photos in This Yearbook Were Taken hy Ken Matson, Phone 815-2581 -. KEN MATSON STUDIO K CTE 449 West Main Street Valley City, North Dakota T ii: T i A Y i' al vq 1 1 41 1 OLlVER'S FUNERAL CHAPEL "Serving Since 1917" Ty Peterson Lee Holm .,..-v?" Oliver P. Peterson Phone 845-21114 P Valley City, North Dakota PEOPLE'S AND ENDERLIN S STATE BANK W my 1 1 5' ' ,- 2 +2i+-r A liriendly Place to do Your Banking Oldest Bank in Ransom County Organized 1892 U Q? Pnclerlin, North Dakota C20 A lm UB o o 0 Station at Sheldon, North Dakota Your Checking Account, Large or Small is Wfelcorne at the LaFRANCE WIG AND CITlZEN'S STATE BANK BEAUTY SHOP Pnderlin, North Dakota Bills Paid By Check Remain Paid For That Special "Look" Enderlin, North Dakota 58027 Officers Charles L. Feeney, President Prank L. Farrar, V. President Carol Thompson, Asst. Cashier , ix ,,., X f .AsqNX,kiXt -A 5 l Cv rf NSU Q ' X E1 S1 l 3 I J! L,,n Y S10 OOO i Member of P "' the FDIC MEM gig F x 944' qg F S' Maximum F QI I E: In ance O ,a For Each Q3 De outer V ' o MILLER ELEVATOR CO. Por Your GRAIN, SEED, AND if FERTILIZER ff T ill C ' , flfx, Phone 843-1051 il E I I nn NE, iA4f.wx M E l if Harold Rutherford, 5 f Manager l I i gi ' in !A,4a,TfXQb I It ' , fi Harry Monson 4gitg,,,ai,l,Jzf-A ts" ' , ,gall W fl H E lu A rr tl it P i"i ' CUBA, NORTH DAKOTA 5 623,59 215 1 X9 r1"'5 J ., 0 'SIL G1 Q -r if INTER-COMMUNITY TELEPHONE CO. Eingal Is Served By The Nome-Eingal Exchange. "Everyone Should Have a Phone" I3 Home Office - Nome, North Dakota INDQQBENT Phone 924-4615 TRI-COUNTY NYGAARD Q E IMPLEMENT Case Earznhand Allis Chalmers Stor-Mor Du-Al David Lund - Cwner-Manager 419 Railway Enderlin, North Dakota Fl.llS CHIILMERS I IIAQIOI DIVISION - IILWAUKII I, U.l.A. EQUIPMENT 517 ,xl fox: dlib , l '23 ,I . I . K I . -55 ff' -ugh,-A - ,:s?' 'Fx -" rr i s '1'I 1 ' K ' rt ia E if In .5 A N ,hx - .L,, mx - . f' ,. " ' ,WC - 5 u - ,ff Ax ' ' John Deere Farm Equipment Enderlin, North Dakota James E. Nygaard, Manager CHET'S SERVICE RIYMINGTON TIRES MIDXVEST GAS On The Farm Tire Repair Chester Eskelson, ' -1 M an a gel' -l IXD. ' o limlerlin, North Dakota ' A AUTO REPAIRS T " 9 O' f I X ' i 1' 7 F9 BRCNCO BOOSTERS PING-AI-3 ENDFRLINZ Steicll Insurance Millefg Service Clarence Knutlson, Barber Mertz Gifts and jewfilfy i Ptaffs Sheet Metal ShyAnn Meat Service and Su pply Inc. Coxls Market Valley City lmplennent Co. Ars Hardware Geisler Implement Bjerlce 8: Nygaarcl Hardware Peterson-Olson Funeral Home Quality Qleaners 1970 DOLLAR PROMOTION CLUB VALLEY CITY CHAMBER OF CCMMERCE American National Bank Anthony's of Valley City Barnes County Creamery Bettin's Flower Shop Ben Franklin Store Bossert jewelry Brophy's Floral Christianson Motors Dakota Auto Supply Dakota Drug Co, Dawkins Appliance Store Ed's Texaco Enterprise Sales Co. The Fair Co. Fairmont Foods Co. Farmers Union Oil Co. Fidelity Savings 84 Loan A First National Bank Fleet Wliolesale Fogarty's Ace Hardware Foss Drug Co. Gamhles SSH. Geisler Implement Grotberg Flectric Haroldson Office Supply J Sz L Super Value K O V C Radio Miller Motors Our Own Hardware QI. C. Penney Co. Red Owl Store Sears Roebuck 84 Co. Sheppardls Sherman Clothiers Stevenls Straus Clothing Co. Valley City Clinic Valley City Times Record Valley Drug Co. Valley Motor Implement Valley Paint and Glass F. W. Woolworth Co. Holiday's Super Fair Mart Furniture Co. Inc.

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