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V44 . -V K4 4 . .' ..,V.'.- V' -a' 1 Vs -.1' 'T!4f2j?!i,24f5V3 fin.-5-f1'ZffVns5e A unit-.V -44 ' as-- f.' 4 ' 'ff- QJJ 1' 4f,V'.:?I 7 JV ,' -:Ll ' g .V 1 , 'J 0 V , V , if . ,Alu ,A ' 'PEI' VV L1 "T FOREWORD In this 1953 Trojan is embodied the life, activities and achievements of the young men and Women of Findlay High School. The Writers of this book have tried to record the highlights of our school year in order that these may be enjoyed now and for years to come. As the graduates of this school advance on in life and enter various fields, their thoughts Will no doubt return fondly to happy days at F. H. S. They will once again relive the excitement and thrill of football and basketball games, plays, operettas, clubs, chapels, and assemblies. Therefore, We, the staff of the 1953 Trojan, earnestly hope that all our efforts will bring pleasant memories to the readers of this annual now and in the future. MW , M ,.4gl,,, N -' ,wg N ......An,.,.-N,.,,, .,n..,. N , -v--q,.-v-M ff.-of THE I953 TR JA A PRODUCT of the SENIOR CLASS cmd the STAFF APPOINTED THEREBYg DIRECTED by WILLIAM SIMPSON, EDITOR: SUZANNE MOYER, ASSOCIATE EDITOR cmd RALPH S. MILLER, ADVISORg for the STUDENTS at EINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL, FINDLAY, OHIO. if 4, tk f , f' 4- f Arg DEDICATIO When many of the student and recent graduates of Findlay Senior high were situ- ated in the various grade schools throughout the city they found a true friend early in their academic years. As most of us may re- member, Mr. Kinley was a person sincerely interested in our well being and advance- ment during our entire tenure as students in the Findlay public school system. We developed rapidly a lasting respect and deep admiration for the cordial super- intendent. Pupils looked forward to his fre- quent visits to their respective schools, as many were impressed and assured by his unshalcen confidence in the younger gen- eration. Now that Mr. Kinley has departed from our service, it would seem at first consideration that the upcoming legions of Findlay youth are indeed unfortunate not to benefit from his presence in an administrative capacity. But upon further reasoning it becomes evident that a part of F. L. Kinley will always be present to provide the initiative for future advancement and outstanding achievement in the public schools of this city. f-lis strong character is a part of the beau- tiful structure that is Findlay high school His personality reflects also in the four mod- ern new elementary buildings of Findlay, in the quality and capability of the local faculty and in the highly regarded academic stand- ards of our schools. The city will always bear traces of the imagination, foresight and creative ability of Fred Kinley, a man who contributed much to its growth. or co wwf A Nfflvrs Iumgllllllll Drnucfmom-4 1-.,,':ORWARD 1 llllllllll JI t AD NISTRAUGN-5 A 1 -1-- J 'i HIGHLIGHTS-I9 GRADUATES-ZI ORGANIZATIONSG I ......,m UNDERCLASS-85 fl' lmm is : j i administration A school is not judged by its attractive buildings or by its abundant recreational facilities. Nor is the genuine test based upon its academic achievements, curriculum or so- cial functions, but upon the quality, morale, ability and understanding of its faculty. As the graduates go on to college or into busi- ness they will reflect the training received in secondary school. Modern youth demands teachers who possess sincere interest not only in the par- ticular subject areas, but also in the problems and outside interests of the younger gen- eration. Faculty participation in community projects serves to demonstrate the principles exercised in the classroom. As we reflect the events of the school year that are now a part of history we forget the arduous tasks of correcting papers, preparing tests and averaging grades. We also find the duties of making assignments, student dis- cipline, faculty meetings and committee meetings somewhat vague in crowded mem- ories. Outstanding in our minds seem to be the many more pleasant memories such as those of the exciting contests of the Trojan Athletic teams, inspirational chapel programs, social activities, scholastic achievements, talent days and other extra-curricular functions. These are rich, growing experiences which can be enjoyed immensely by those who love to teach, work and play with young people. May we keep young in spirit through such contacts and continue to pursue our profession as an enlightening, "glorious adventure." superintendent Miss ZOLA 1AcoBs G. R. CONSTIEN Findlay Senior High School's success and prominent position in Northwestern Ohio may be attributed largely to its devoted principal, G. R. Constien, who has upheld the ethics of high ideals and good character in educational practice. His goal of maintaining the highest educational program in the United States has been realized in his administration. Mr. Constien came to Findlay in 1930 to teach chemistry and physics. ln 1936 he was ap- pointed assistant principal. One year later he was appointed to his present position as FHS principal. Mr. Constien earned his Bachelor of Arts de- gree at Ohio Wesleyan University and his Master of Science degree from Ohio State. The graduating class and the student body are Well aware of their principal's concern and sincere interest in the problems and develop- ment of students throughout their high school years. MISS ZOLA IACOBS Findlay has greatly benefited by the in- fluence of Miss Zola Iacobs during her years in our public school system. l-ler ability to under- stand the needs of each individual pupil has made her loved and respected. She was prin- cipal for 28 years before becoming Acting Superintendent of Schools. Her main ambition is to help young people to learn the way to a happy, useful, and contented life. Miss Iacobs attended Findlay College for two years, received her A.B. degree from Otterbein College and her M.A. degree from Columbia University. After her first year of teaching at North balti- more, Miss lacobs taught Latin and ancient history at Findlay High School. This was fol- lowed by nine years as principal of the ninth grade at Washington school before becoming the Glenwood principal. During Mr. Kinley's leave of absence and after his resignation, Miss Iacobs was appointed Acting Superintendent of Schools. G. R. CONSTIEN principal the deans At this critical period in a girl's life, there is a definite need for personalized attention and advice. For this reason Miss Helen Iohnston gives hours of her time daily in the capacity of Dean of Girls. One of the greatest compliments can be paid Miss Iohnstong that is, she is very Well liked by her fellow Workers. Girls from the Senior Advisors, a group which she sponsors, speak praisingly of her patience, courtesy and consideration. Students of F.H.S. should be certainly proud of Dean Iohnston, who, although en- gaged in many more activities, is able to assist whenever her help is needed. ALBERT L. MATTOON MISS HELEN JOHNSTON Perhaps no other teacher in this school is so Well acquainted with the problems of teen-age boys as Dean Albert L. Mattoon. Mr. Mattoon is well-known at F.H.S. for his friendly and considerate handling of all situations. Besides carrying a full slate of regular classroom and community activities, Mr. Mattoon devotes additional time to special advisory conferences and to sponsoring the student council organization, along with Dean of Girls Helen Iohnston. Mr. Mattoon has recently been largely responsible for the annual Vocational Gui- dance clinic, and his persistent efforts have made this clinic a success. - student council FIRST ROW: R. Weaver, B. Stough, M. Miller, M. Watkins, L. Miles C. Koehler, S. Breitigam, B. Phillips. SECOND ROW: R. Cain, I. Rectorschek, I. Sheets, C. Galbreath, Handling the responsibilities ot representa- tion and student government at Findlay High School is the 22 member Student Council organization. Council delegates are elected at the beginning of the school term from each of the home rooms to represent the constitu- ents ot those groups at the weekly meetings. The chief duty of the Council is to act as a school government supplementary to the administration, while extending service and legislative voice to the student body. Student council meetings are intended to be weekly discussions in which the needs and desires of the FHS population may be considered and acted upon. Among the accomplishments ot the group M. Davis, B. Grubb, D. Dindall. THIRD ROW: R. Molder, I. Harlet, l. Thomas, W. Simpson R Faber, B. Mattoon. this year were the supervision of the election of the homecoming court in the tall and the sponsorship ot the coronation ball following the Findlay-Lima Central football game. Dur- ing March the annual Findlay High talent review was held under SC direction and management. The council combined with local Kiwanis club during the spring to spon- sor another successful two-day vocational guidance clinic. President Lanny Miles headed the 1952-53 student government organization with the executive assistance of Cynthia Koehler, vice- president and Myles Watkins, secretary. Faculty sponsors of the group are Deans Helen lohnston and A. L. Mattoon. senior advisors FIRST ROW: P. O'Dell, S. Barkimer, I. Hartman, S. Smith, B. Duffield, N. Snyder, I. Roche, I. Rectorschek, H. Bright. SECOND ROW: G. Cooksey, P. Davidson, I. Schmunk, B. Foltz, M. Caldwell, S. Flick, I, Roynon, V. I-Ioman, E. Charles, N. Meeks, B. Rasor, A. Brooks. THIRD ROW: C. Stewart, K. Krueger, H. Mains, S. Beach, C. Hetrick, S. Nuby, P. Reese, S. Moyer, I. Wrasse, A. Charpiot, B. Cramer, D. Williams. At the close of every school year, 35 girls are elected from the next year's senior class to be members of the Senior Advisers organi- zation. It is an honor to be a member of this group, for only girls with good scholastic records, high character and pleasing person- alities may belong. During the first few weeks of school, each member is assigned to a few sophomore girls to make their new experience in high school an easier and more pleasant one. The Senior Advisers also contribute their own time to serve as office helpers in both the deans' and the principal's offices. Sponsored by Miss Helen Iohnston, this organization indeed, serves a useful and considerate purpose for Findlay High School. A W f 3 My 1 'QQ 1 . ' I' I ft, Q L- , 1 'EV ,. I W-wk gh 'S 'W WL 5 Iiq . ' Y ' ' Q ff' ffifwmii gf 'ff Q? x 1 A V , mi ww x 'N .funk 2 L 45 1 fn , 1-43 2X 5 ? fig 5, ,, QA 7- T., vw' office personnel Mildred Farmer, Anna Mae Srmth, Mrs. Gertrud B h p E1 L cg EISO. ieen on . ustocliunsand supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Harry Baughman, Charles Hayes, SEATED: Mrs. Wynemcl Ny George Gearing, Tom Lurm. G, L, Lgwrenge, 'ix IV IXIIIWWW , IIW 0011 I 4 f' 4' 7 if f? Isnxx Ni- i-l- -l- mu QT faculty D. N. Avery-Salesmanship, Dis- tributive Education Coordinator, Distributive Education Club. Ohio Wesleyan, Bowling Green, B.S. of Education. C. C. Bachmanflltloodshop, Me- chanical Drawing, Head Basket- ball Coach, Golf Coach. Bowling GreenfB.S., Columbia University 4M.A. Miss Lillian Boyer Y English. Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y. Findlay CollegefA.B., State University of lowa-M.A. H. F. Brandenberqer-Commer cial English, English, French, Corridor I-losts. Capital Univer- sity-B.A., Ohio State University -M.A. C. F. Burkhart-Physics, Plane Geometry, Visual .Education Su- pervisor, Science Club, Projection Club, lunior Class Sponsor. Bluff- ton College-A.B., Ohio State University-Ivl.A. 1 L. W. Dull-American History, Sophomore Hi-Y. Bowling Green -B.S., Ohio State University- M.A. Miss Betty Easton - Cafeteria Supervisor of Iunior and Senior High Schools. Ball State Teach- ers College, Indiana University. Columbia University--M.S. Mrs. Helen Eckel-Bookkeeping, School Treasurer, Iunior Tri-Hi-Y. Bowling Green-B.S. in Educa- tion. Miss Mae Fassett-Typing. Short- hand, Office Practice. Commer- cial Club, Social Committee Ohio State-B.S. in Education New York University-M.A. W. E. Hull - English, Public Speaking, Thespians, Dramatic Supervisor. Purdue-B.S. and M.S., University of Wisconsin, Bowling Green. R. T. Hatter-Social Problems Global Geography, Physical Edu cation, Latin American History Assistant Athletic Coach. Bowl ing Green-B.S. in Education. C. I.. Hit?-.Instrumental Music Supervisor, Band. Ohio State B.A. and M.A. I. O. Ienkins-Art, City Art Super- visor, Art Club. Ohio State Uni- versityiB.A. and M.A. Miss Rosa Hudnell - Typing, Shorthand. Wilmington College B.S. degree. W. Oscar Iones - City Vocal supervisor, Choir. New York University-B.A. and M.A. C. W. Hunsicker-World History, Iournalism, English 12, Blue and Gold Adviser. Heidelberg-A.B., Ohio State University-M.A. I.. C. Keller-Boys' Physical Edu- cation, Social Committee, Faculty Manager of Athletics. Oberlin College-A.B. faculty Paul Heubergerilillachine Shop Toledo University. faculty R. S. Phillips-Biology, Club, Social Committee. College-A.B., Bowling B.S. and M.A. Biology Findlay Green- Miss Bemice Kieffer-Plane Ge- ometry, Iunior Mathematics, Math Club. Wittenberg-A.B., Univer- sity of Wisconsin-M.A. Miss Esther March-Girls' Physi- cal Education, G. A. A. Social Committee. Bowling Green-B.S., Columbia-M.A. A. R. Kostyo-Machine Related. Wittenberg-A.B., Western Re- serve. Mrs. Bemice March-Library. Ohio State University-B.S. in Education, Western Reserve Uni- versity-B.S. in Library Science. D. D. Lawrence -- Chemistry, Biology, Senior Class Sponsor, Civilian Defense Chairman. Bowling Green-BS., Columbia -University-MA., Ohio State Uni- versity, University of Colorado. R. S. Miller-Social Problems, English, Trojan Adviser, Chair- man oi Social Committee. Bluff- ton-A.B., Ohio State University -M.A. Oliver Schumacher--Supervisor H W Settles Auto Theory of Strings, Orchestra. Bluffton, V I C Stout Institute B S Bowl Findlay College. ing Green Robert Stewart-Auto Shop, Iun- Miss Ruth Switzer-English, Sen- ior V.I.C. ior Class Sponsor. Findlay Col- lege-A.B., Columbia University --M.A. faculty 5 Miss Betty Van Meter-Home lack Volkmer-Vocational Co- Arts, Senior Tri-Hi-Y, Sophomore ordinator. Toledo University, Ohio Class Sponsor, F.H.A. Miami- Northern. B.S., Ohio State University--M.A. Mrs. Virginia Bare-Home Eco- nomics. Bowling Green-B.S. Miss Lora Wiest-Latin, English Iunior Class Sponsor, Social Com- mittee. Ohio State-B.S. in Edu- cation, Columbia University- M.A., William and Mary College. 1 H. H. Yawberq-Senior Mathe- matics, Commercial' Arithmetic, Head Football Coach. Bowling Green-B.S. I7 mm W " ' fi X , iw ,,,, , ,M M-F QW L N N W Qs' X my 5' -V if I 5, K 5-Nj wwf K, iq . M- rg- 44' K wiv --,I--f .,,.,,. wh ,.1+'e!i,u A. fy f - -,rss W W.. J 'Hi "UMW" ,,,M.wnB?'9"" K K7 V 'Nl' 2 ,, . wwf s., is 12 lm s-, :rf f' a, KWX fX fx,-X N f1 KN 'S 1 IV, fx fx 'x rw 'UV -NfXfN f'XfX f-N'N"N f'NfX Z-Xfi ff fi Z5 fN fxfxfx f'X Z5 fw fN HIGHLI 1HTS Z1 Zxm KTK-X f'XZ.X KNKX I X 'X 'N fXZ'N l I ll I I 0 ,Q Xiu. A ,akkxx IX 64 2 homecoming 20 Queen Barbara and her Court t aa Spectators of the Findlay-Lima Central toot- ball aame witnessed the seventh annual coronation ot a tootball queen at the home- comina ceremonies of Findlay High School durina t1iO Eealititne intermission. Queen Barbara Basor and her attendants, Linda Leader, Charlee Stewart, Pat O'Dell and Charlotte Learey, arrivod in convertibles witfi their escorts. The latter consisted ot Bill Porter, Bill McDowell, Bob Welton, Gene Gray and Fred Vfilt. The tour attendants, who preceded the queen, were qreeted with a roll ot drums, and Queen Barbara received a trumpet tan- tare. Lanny Miles, the president ot the stu- dent council, crowned the queen. The band, under the direction of C. L. Hite, formed a huae crown and played the tradi- tional selection, "A Pretty Girl ls Like Melody," closing with the FHS Alma Mater. .,,,.ql tis 4 homecoming tif 'I tv S uthe mummy and the mumps" LEFT TO RIGHT D Stratton I Rockwell K Weick D Dindal, A. Fausnaugh, A. Beardsley, D. junior play A talented group of juniors took part in the annual class dramatic presenta- tion which this year was a comedy "The Mummy and the Mumps" written by Larry Iohnson. The plot ot the story centered around the complications arising when a girls boarding school became infested with an inconvenient number of male trouble makers. Comprising the cast for the comedy were Arden Beardsley, Karl Weick, Dick Hartman, Dan Dindal, Ioyce Rockwell, Phyllis Federici, Ann Fausnaugh, Don Schoenberger, Duane Stratton and Marilyn Bradley. W. E. Hall directed the production with the student assistance of La Rue Ingram and Myrl Gephart. On February 27, 1953, some members of the Thespian Society treated the audience to a variety of all the principal types of dra- matic entertainment. The program consisted of two comedies, an action packed suspense play and a mystery thriller. The first skit "Ringing in the Groom" fea- tured lane Firmin, Marlene Collins, Steve Bartley, Elsie Charles, Charles Tell, lane Walters, Suzanne Moyer, and Arden Beards- ley. Marilyn Miller was student director. The tour members of "Minor Miracle," the thespian plays play which won the first prize, were Dennis Day, Don Schoenberger, Dick Hartman, and Myrl Gephart. Karl Weick was their director. "Seeds of Suspicion," co-directed by Ron- nie Huffman and Phyllis Federici, included Myles Watkins, Susan Smith, Sandra Katz, Doug Brown, Beth Phillips, Kay Krueger, Karl Weick, and Bill Hess. A comedy "First Date" was last on the program. In this cast were Bob Clevenger, Ieanette McDonald, Dan Dindal and Carolyn Galbreath. Cast of "Minor Mirucle": Don Schoenberger, Myrl Ge-phart, Dick Hartman, and Dennis Day. Q, . A ,fag k,'f:q:s '- Q W . H - V' ?.,ili'? ' ,M W talent day 'kv-. Charleston dancers upper left On Friday, March 6, a bevy of F.H.S. students with many specialized talents performed in the annual Talent Day. Myrl Gephart served as Master ot Cere- monies tor the occasion. Among the acts on the program Were: Marilyn Bradley and Sarah Schott dancing the Charlestonp the "Mello Tones", including Mary Stimrnel, Rita Clark, Roberta Doxsey, Sue Schmutte, PeQQY Erwin and Nancy Hartigang lim Cole's version ot "lt's in the Book"p and the high school dance band. The "Mello Tones." lower left orchestra IFIRST ROW: S. Bennett, D. Stratton, M. Miller, B. Foltz I. Hartman. SECOND ROW: L. Shrider, D. Cryer, D. Wohlgamuth S. Bartley. THIRD ROW: W. Simpson, R. Berger, S. Porter, I. Frost B. Warren, M, Caldwell. "lt's in the Book" THE CURTAIN CALL the desert song ma- 4:5 13 CD 119 C. 50 EE ga: GQ. Y.-.O wr-11 '59 2522 Oc: U35 ,CCD .QE U3-c a-93 25 .55 Leo. 3.15 Q2 U2 Oy. .50 'U. CI Qs 26 Z3 O5 2235 9 -cs Aa o E :1 LI O rn -cs n U 4: U 5-4 U E ,ca .Q 4: CD directed th GI' s-4 CD P 6 ci 01 O3 -1 :U SZ! O UJ 656: E153 cmrg '52 3-if fD'o 4:5 assi? -29 Am'-lou gui .2532-Q '80 S3553 ',-if Qmqgo wg 35592 635 85605 Q26 U-Swag "",,., .,. we Qmilqs' ig QVQQQ gi :IN 4' ZZSHQOE -UU EO,:,::m Q,-o Pgmghw 'gg Wgwgi UQ. gQ3.3.f'5 25 .. Q M mggtg 30 'U Q50 mE cz?-3: Hx-1 U Jimi! me 20-.-U -Qqg QQJSUJQ EE Ggmw 'DE CDE CDC! E ,,QGJU""U U9 OE.-5503 Zig +-' U53 S35 egg Lu UK! 30 fffilrffw gc. 57323 .2 H cztrlacn E crqel. hdrles Hayes lst Giqhtingt, H. W. Settles Cpropertiesl, cmd C -. ff X NJ. nw if- 5-.. 4 'W I 'M' , F' 1 '57 m 1-,,r,,L W , we va in , 4,5 wikis ggi united nations contestants district and state scholarship red cross council N. Young M. Hover P. Reese FIRST ROW: C. Koehler, S. McCullough, G. Cooksey, M. Davis, B. Rasor A. Fausnaugh, I. Poole, I. Voyce, N. Young, C. Davis, R. Bright, M Caldwell, P. Newton. SECOND ROW: I. Wells, R. Cain, C. Bernhardt, S. Schott, M. Hover S. Oneacre, C. Reiter, W. West, M. Bradley, P. Schoonover, I. Wrasse D. Ebersole, M. West, B. Highsmith, I, Sehnert, L. Rineharnmer, R. Berger R. Dickerson, I. Henderson. THIRD ROW: D. Stratton, I. McCafiery, I. Platt, L. Bayless, I. Aikens W. Sawvel, A. Leal, O. Leal, C. Schuck, A. Snyder, T. Semler, I. Schmunk I. Raudabaugh, G. Crosby, D. Wagner, W, Fawlee. FOURTH ROW: D. Cryer, C. Tell, R. Sutton, L. Miles. FIRST ROW: G. Groves, D. Busick, L. Shrider, W. Hess, S. Beach, D. Cryer, I. Roynon, W. Creighton. SECOND ROW: K. Duncan, P. Andrews, M. Hover, C. Shively, K. DeVore, S. McCullough, D. Williaris, I. McDonald. THIRD ROW: S. Williams, L. Piier, N. Moffitt, V. Thomas, F. Parcher, R. Mc- Cullouqh. american legion essay winners 'Q Q5 3' FIRST ROW: I, Wrasse, I. Schmunk, S. Moyer, P. Reese. SECOND ROWz R. Dmkezson, D. Vance, R. Wiseley, S. CuIIouqh. THIRD ROW: D. Robinson, G. I-Iowick, D. Day. SEATED: C. Bernhard? G. Grove STANDING: ' I D. Vance D. Schoenberqer senior seholarsh ip Bartley, D. Mc- I. Schmunk B. Rcrsor R. Bright d. a. r. participants S7 fx! U N ' Xxy jlfx W Z l k X 3 f BCM X2 .R x J N Nj W J W Y X QE 7 E 1 111 7 tm Ny Marlene Ann Armentrout-Chapel 4, Scholarship Tests 2.4, Commercial Club 4, Library Assistants 3. Ian McClellan Baker-Concession Help- ers 4, Home-Room Officer 4, Commercial Club. 4, Distributive Education Club 4, Home Room Basketball 2,3,4. Shirley Mae Barkimer-Band 2,3,4, Band Social Chairman 4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice President 2,4, Chapel 3,4, Senior Advisers, Commercial Club 4, Treasurer. Steven Cope Bartley-Choir 2,3,4, Oper- etta Orchestra 2,3, Operetta Cast 4, Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Dance Band 2,3,4, Hi-Y Z, Chapel 3,4, lunior Play, Trojan Staff, Math Club 2,3,4, Science Club 2, Prom Committee, Senior Play. Theodore Lynn Bayless-Student Coun- cil 3, Basketball Team 2, Prom Com- mittee, World Aifairs Institute 3. Sandra Kay Beach-Eisteddiod 2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3, Operetta Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 3,4, l-li-teen Council 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, lunior Play, Trojan Staff, Senior Advisers, Prom Committee, Boosters Club 2,3,4, Red Cross Council 3,4. Kay Frances Beagle-Chapel 3, Com- mercial Club 4. Robert Wayne Beam-Chapel 2,3,4, Concession Helpers 3, 4, Distributive Education Club 4, Home Room Basket- ball 4, Boosters Club 3,4. Nancy Bellette-Trojan Stall, Commer- cial Club 4, G.A.A. 3,4, Prom Committee. ., VV,y graduates 32 f" 9 iL1,1g,1. if i . Floyd Elmoyn Beniamin-Chapel 4, Future Teachers of America 2,4, Commercial Club 4, Horne Room Basketball 2.3. Shirley Lee Bensinger-Choir 2,3, Chapel 4, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Distributive Education Club 4. Corena Sue BernhardtfChoir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 3,4, Trojan Stall, Corridor Hosts 4, Senior Advisers, Home Room Secretary 3, Prom Committee. Iohn Wesley Bowman-Choir Z,3,4, Operetta Chorus 2,3,4, Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,' Home Room President 4, Cafeteria Helpers 2,34 graduates Miriam lean CaldwellABand 2,3,4, Orchestra 3,4, Dance Band 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2, Trojan Staff 4, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, Senior Advisers 4, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, Prom Com- mittee 2, Elsie Louise Charlesilfisteddfod 2,3,4, Choir Z,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Orchestra 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians Z,3,4, Blue and Gold Staff 2, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Senior Advisers 4, Home Room Vice President 3, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee 3. Alice Leah CharpiotsChoir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,41 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 3, Hi-teen Council 3, Vice President, Trojan Staff 4, Home Room Vice President 4, Girl's Basketball Team 2,3,4, American Legion Essay Winners 2, Art Club 2, Cheerleaders 3,4. Prom Committee 3, Boosters Club 2,3,4. Robert Lyle ClevengerfHi-Y 3,4, Chapel 4, Thespians 2,3,4, Iunior Play 3, Math C'ub 2,3,4, Home Room Basketball 2,3. Frederick Raymond Box-Concession Helpers 3, Home Room Vice President 2, V.l.C. 3,4, Football Team 4, State Vice President of V.IrC. 4. Rachel Loretta Bright-Eisteddfod Ac- companist 2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 3,4. Thespians 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, D.A.R. Test 4, Senior Advisers, Home Room Officers 2,3, Senior Class Secretary, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Prom Com- mittee 3, Senior Play. Carol Iane Brim-Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. 2. Charlotte Ann Brooks-Tri'Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 4, Senior Advisers, Office Help- ers 2,3,4, Girls' Basketball Team 2,3,4, Art Club 2,3, Prom Committee 3, Boost- ers Club 2,3,4. George Duane Brown-V.l.C. 3,4. Harry William Buis-Chapel 4, Home Room Basketball 2,3,4, Boosters Club 2,3,4. Barbara Ann BurtonAChapel 3,4, Trojan Staff 4, Corridor Hosts 4, Concession Helpers Z, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 2, Prom Committee 3, Boosters 2,2-3,4. Alferd Roy Cain-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 3,4, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, Golf Team 3, Student Council 4, Future Teachers of America 3,4, Science Club 3,4, Prom Committee 3. Carolyn Sue Cairns-Chapel 2, Blue and Gold Staff 2,4. 3 Beverly Ann Cline-Choir 4, Operetta Chorus 4, Tri- Hi-Y 4, Chapel 4. Iames Edward CloudfBand 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Home Room Basketball 2,3, Boosters Club 4. Gwendolyn M. Cooksey-Orchestra 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Chapel 4, Scholarship Tests Z,3,4, Senior Advisers, Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Library Assistants 3,4. Iacquelin Cook-Choir 4, Chapel 4, Thespians 4, Blue G Gold Staff 4. l t graduates ibn ,F Q ri' Whar- Sue Alverta Cooper-Choir 2, Chapel 3, Corridor Hosts 4, Future Teachers of America 3.4, G.A.A. Z,3,4, Senior Play. Robert Delwin Corbin. Ir.-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Concession Helpers Z,3,4, Home Room Secretary 2, Stage Crew 2,3,4, V.I.C. 2,3,4, Football Team 2. Elva lean Cornwell-Future Home- makers oi America 4, Commercial Club 4. Lois Marlene Cossett-Corridor Hosts 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Com- mercial Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4. Barbara Lea Cramer-Choir 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 3,4, Hi-teen Council 3,4, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 3, Senior Advisers, Future Teachers of America 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 3, Cheerleaders 3,4, Prom Committee. Boosters Club 3,4. William Edwin Creighton-Home Room President 4, Senior Class President, Math Club 4, Basketball Team 2,3,4, Track Team 2,3,4, Football Team 2,3,4, Captain 4. George B. Crosby. II-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2, Thespians 4, Iunior Play, Blue 61 Gold Staff 2,3,4, Assistant Editor 4, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 3, Student Coun- cil 3, Art Club, Prom Committee. Victor Eudean Dantico-Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta Chorus 3, Operetta Cast 4, HiAY 3,4, Chapel 3,4. Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 3, Cafeteria Helpers 4, Math Club 2,3,4, Track Team 2,3, Football Team 2,3,4, Prom Committee. Phyllis Ieannette Davidson - Choir 4, Operetta Chorus 4, Chapel 3, Trojan Stall, Corridor Hosts 3, Senior Advisers, Future Homemakers of America 3, Corn- mercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, Cheer' leaders 3,4. graduates Raleigh H. Dickerson4Math Club 3. Gerald Martin Dorman-V.l.C. 2. Barbara lean Duffield-Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Blue and Gold Staff 4, Corridor l-losts 2, Senior Advisers, Future Teachers of America 4, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee. Rahman Hutton Dyer-Corridor Hosts 3,4, Golf Team 4, Math Club 2, Prom Committee. Norma Eloise Eddinqton-Concession Helpers 2,4, Commercial Club 4. Betty Mae Egts-Concession Helpers Z, Commercial Club 4. Mabel Louise Ewing-Commerctal,Club 4. Robert Eugene Faber-I-li-Y 3,4, Chapel 4, Concession Helpers 4, Student Council 4, Distributive Education Club, President 3, Prom Committee. Dorothy Maxine Fagan-Future Home' makers of America 4. Dennis Elam Day-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians 2,3,4, Iunfor Play, Trojan Staff 4, Home Room Officers 2,3, Math Club 2,3, Prom Committee, Senior Play. Iames Bruce Dennis-Choir 2, Operetta Chorus 2, Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2,3, Home Room Officers 2,3,4, Foot- ball Team 2,3,4. Barbara Anne Deter-Corridor Hosts 2,3,4, Future l-lomemakers of America 4, Commercial Club 4, Cafeteria 2, G.A.Af 3,4. Raymond Hoy DeVore4Concession Helpers 2,3,4, Stage Crew 4, V.l.C. 2,3,4. graduates Walter Aten Felqar-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Golf Team 2,3,4, Corridor Hosts 4, Cornrnere cial Club 4, Basketball Team 2, Foot- ball Team Z,3,4. Anne Meredith Fishel-Choir 2,4, Trojan Stott, Corridor Hosts 3, Home Room Secretary 2,3, Commercial Club 4, Art Club 2, Prom Committee. Philip Fredrick FlemionvHi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Hi-teen Council 3,4, Presi- dent 4, Trojan Staff, Track Team 2,3,4, Football Team 2,3,4, Scholarship Team 2, Senior Play. Shirley Ann Flick-Eisteddfod Z,3,4. Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-I-li-Y 4, Chapel Z,3,4, Thespians 2,3,4, Trojan Staff, Senior Advisers, Home Room Secretary 4, Commercial Club 4, Boost- ers Club 2,3,4. Barbara Ann Foltz-Band 2,3,4, Orches- tra 2,3,4, Dance Band 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Chapel 3, Schol- arship Tests 2, 4, Senior Advisers, Commercial Club 4, Prom Committee. Duane Eugene FouteChoir 3, Operetta Chorus 3, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Home Room President 3, Prom Committee. William Duncan Frack-Chapel 3, Cor- ridor Hosts 3, Concession Helpers 4. Distributive Education Club 4. Shirley lo Frcmtz4Band 2, Chapel 2, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4. Iames R. FrostfBancl 2,3,4, Dance Band 2,3,4, Chapel 3. Iohn Wesley Games-HiAY 3,4, Home Room Vice President 3, Basketball Team 2,3,4, Track Team 2,3, Football Team 2, Prom Committee. Myrl Gephart. Ir.-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Hi-teen Council 4, Thespians Z,3,4, President 4, Iunior Play, Trojan Staff, Home Room Vice President 3, Math Club 2, Thespian One-act Plays 4, Iunior Play Student Director, Senior Play. Norman L. Gillen-V.I.C. 3,4, Don Bemell Gohl-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Chapel 3. Iermain C. Gohlke-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 3,4, Prom Committee, Home Room Basketball 2,3,4. Sandra lean Gohlke-Chapel 3, Concession Helpers 4, Home Room Secretary 2, Distributive Education Club 4, Prom Committee. Darrel Gene Gray-Eisteddfod 4, Choir Z,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 2,3, Operetta Cast, l-li-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Class Officers 2,4, Student Council 3, Cheer- leaders 3,4, Prom Committee. Robert E. Green-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel Z, Home Room Officers 2,3, Stage Crew 3,4, V.l.C. 3,4, President 4, Vice President 3, Track Team 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4. graduates Gary David Gulker-Hi-Y 2, Chapel 2,4, Corridor Hosts 2, Basketball Man- ager 2,3,4, Prom Committee, Home Room Basketball 2,3,4. Sharon Kay Hagerman-Choir 3, 4, Chapel 2, G.A.A. 2,3,4. Ioseph H. Haley-Distributive Educa- tion Club 4. Ronald E. Harding-Choir 2,3, Oper- etta Chorus 2,3, Chapel 3, Math Club 2. Robert Edward Hartiqan-Chapel 2, Corridor Hosts 2, Concessions Helpers 4, Distributive Education Club Treasurer 4, Prom Committee. Phyllis Iecmnine Hartman-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 4, Band 2,3,4, Dance Band 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2, Com- mercial Club 4. Carl C. HeitmeyergV.l.C. 3. Don Robert Hendricks-Chapel 3,4. Scholarship Tests 4, Art Club 2, Prom Committee, Home Room Basketball 2. Thomas William Hess-Eisteddfod 3, Operetta Chorus 2,3, Operetta Cast 4, Choir 2,3,4, Tri-l-li-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians Z,3,4, Iunior Play, Scholar- ship Tests 2,3,4, Concession Helpers 2, Student Council 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Office Helpers 4, Basketball Team Z,3, Prom Committee, Thespian One-act plays 2,4, Iunior Red Cross 3.4, Home Room Basketball 4. 37 Carol Ann I-Ietrick-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Histeen Council 4, Trojan Staff, Senior Advisers, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee. Ruth Ellen Hilkert. Ieannette G. Himmler-Tri-Hi-Y 3, Concession Helpers 4, Distributive Education Club 4. Virginia Sue Homan-Chapel 2,3,4, Senior Advisers. Home Room Officers 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4. G.A.A. 2,3,4, Prom Committee. graduates Michael Houston-Hi-Y Z,3,4, Treasurer 4, Chapel 2,3, Blue 6. Gold Staff 2,3,4, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Math Club 2,3, Science Club Z,3,4, Treasurer 3, Track Team 2,3,4, Football Team 2,3,4. George I. Howick-Chapel 4, Blue 6. Gold Staff 4. Iohn S. Hoy. Loretta lean Huff-Chapel 2,3,4, Thes- pians Z,3, Corridor Hosts 4, G.A.A. 2,3, Distributive Education Club 4, Art Club 2, Prom Committee. Bruce McDonald Hull-Hi-Y 3,4, Blue 61 Gold Cartoonist 2, 3, 4, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 2, Home Room Presi- dent 3, Basketball Manager 2,3,4, Art Club 2, Prom Committee. Ieanne Ann Hutchinson-Eisteddfod 4, Choir Z,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3, Operetta Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Home Room Sec- retary 4, Commercial Club 4, Vice President 4. Barbara I. lanes-Choir 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4, G.A.A. 2,3, 4, Distributive Education Club 4. Iames C. Kenney-Chapel 2,3,4, Schol- arship Tests 4, Corridor Hosts 2, Math Club Z,3,4, Science Club 2,3,4, State Superior Science Contest 2. Lois Anne Kerrick-Choir 3,4, Operetta Chorus 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2, 3, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 2, State Superior Instrumental Music Contest. Delbert M. Knepper-Band 4, Orchestra 4, Chapel 4. Math Club 4, Science Club 4. Arlene Louise KowaleCorridor Hosts 2,3, Future Homemakers of America 3,4, Commercial Club 4. Kay Roberta Krueger-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,-4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice President 2, Secretary 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians 2,3,4, lunior Play, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 2,3, Corridor Hosts 4, Senior Advisers, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee, Boosters Club 2,3,4. Iames Alfred Laube-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 3, Football Team 2,3. graduates William Augustus Lavender-Distribw tive Education Club 4. Mildred Alice Laws-Choir 2,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, Cafeteria Helpers 2,3,4. Linda Carol Leader-Choir 2,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 3, Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,3, Hi-teen Council 2,3,4, Thes- pians 2,3, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Home Room Officers 2,4, Future Teachers of America 3, Office Helpers 3,4, Prom Committee, Oueen's Court. Rebecca Cafeteria Charlotte Operetta Treasurer 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians Z, 3,4, lunior Play, Corridor Hosts 2, Senior Advisors, 4, Prom Iean Lear - Eisteddfod 2, 3, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3.4, Chapel 3,4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Helpers 4, G.A.A. Z,3,4. Iane Learey 4 Choir 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America Committee, Oueen's Court, Senior Play. Kay Elaine Leary-Choir 4, Chapel 4, Corridor Hosts 3, Future Teachers of America 4. Leona E. Lewis - Chapel 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Library Assist- ants 4. lohn C. Linhart. Richard Allen Long-Scholarship Tests 4, V.l.C. 2,3,4. 39 Iumes McCaffrey. III-Chapel 3, Schol- arship Tests 2,3,4, Student Council 3, Math Club 3,4, Vice President 4, Science Club 4. David C. McCullough - Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chapel Z,3, Blue 61 Gold ,Staff 2,3,4, Editor 4, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 2, 4, Home Room Officers 2, 3, Class Officers 4, Track Team 2,3,4, Football Team 2,3,4, Prom Committee. Sabra McCullough-Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 3,4, Scholarship Tests 2, Future Teach- ers of America 3, Secretary 3, Library Assistants 3, Prom Committee, lunior Red Cross Council 3,4, Boosters Club 2,3,4. Sue Ellen McDonald-Scholarship Tests 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Com- mercial Club 4. ' William W. McDowell-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2, Trojan Stall, Corridor Hosts 3,4, Prom Committee. Bernard E. McFadden-Home Room Officer 2. Shirley Ann McRill-Chapel 2,3,4, Fu- ture Homemakers of America 4, Com- mercial Club 4, Cafeieria Helpers 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4. Nancy Ann Meeks-Eisteddfod 3, 4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2,3, 4, Tri-l-li-Y 3, 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Senior Advisers, Home Room Vice President 3,4, Future Teach- ers of America 2,3,4, Vice President 3,4. Byron A. Mehaiiey, Ir.-V.I.C. 2,3,4. 401 Marilyn K. MacGregor-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Future Teachers of America 3,4. Helen Marie Mains-Orchestra 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. Chapel 2,3, Scholarship Tests 2, Senior Advisers. Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4. Thomas Eugene Massie-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3, Cast 4, Hi-Y 4, Home Room Officers Z,4, Basketball Team 2, Track Team 2,4, Football 2, Prom Committee. Don C. Mazey. graduates 41410 1 K I. Lanny Lynn Miles-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, Chapel 2,3, Scholarship Tests 3, lunior Class President, Student Council 2,4, President 4, Basketball Team 2,3,4, Prom Committee. Ruth Ann Miles-Future Homemakers ot America 4, Cafeteria Helpers 4. Glenn Duane Miller-Football Team 2,3,4. Keith Foster Miller-Eisteddtod Accompanist 2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, President 4, Chapel,3,4, Commercial Club 4, President 4, Prom Committee. graduates Lloyd A. MillervArt Club 2. Marilyn Lucille Miller-Choir 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 4, Corridor Hosts 4, Boosters Club 2,3,4, Talent Day 3. Donald Dale Monday - Concession Helpers 3.4, V.l.C. 3.4. Peggy Ioan Morger-Choir 2,3, Chapel Z,3, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 4, Con- cession Helpers Z, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Dis- tributive Education Club 4. Robert Dale MosieriHi-Y 3,4, Chapel 3,4, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 3.4, Home Room Treasurer 4, Math Club 3,4, President 4, Basketball Team 3,4, Amerie can Legion Essay Winners 3, Prom Committee. Suzanne Moyer-Eisteddfod 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta Chorus 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 2, Chapel 2,3,4, Thes- pipns 2,3,4, Thespian One-act Plays 2,4, Iunior Play, Trojan Staff, Associate Edie tor, Scholarship Tests 2,3, Senior Ad- visers, Home Room Officers 3,4, Future Teachers of America 4, Prom Committee, World Affairs Institute 3, Senior Play. Larry Ioe Myers-Chapel 4, Corridor Hosts 4, Track Team 3, Football Team 4. William Arthur Neeley-Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3,4, Chapel 2.3, Math Club 3,4, Prom Committee. Robert Iames Nill-Chapel 2,3,4, Con- cession Helpers 3,4, V.l.C. 3.4, Vice President 4. ,Qhvrfvvl lim Niswander-Chapel 2, Football Team 2 Sallie Ruth Nu.byfTri-Hi-Y 3, Trojan Stott Senior Advisers, G.A.A. 3. Ierry M. Oaks-Band 2,3, Chapel Z,3, Scholarship Tests 2, Commercial Club 4, Math Club 3. Michael Ioe O'Connor-Chapel Z,3, Corridor Hosts 4 Distributive Education Club 4, Prom Committee graduates Patricia Anne O'Dell-Choir 2,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2,3, Thespians 2,3,4, Trojan Staff 4, Corridor Hosts 3, Senior Advisers, Home Room Officers 2,4, Student Council 3, Com- mercial Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Cheer- leaders 3,4, Prom Committee, Oueen's Court. Marjorie Ann Osbom-Choir 3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 4. IoAnn Oxley-Chapel 2,3,4, Blue S Gold Staff 2,3,4, Corridor Hosts 2, Student Council 2, Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, American Legion Essay Winners 3, Prom Committee. Ned I. Pahl-Chapel 2,3, Distributive Education Club 4, Prom Committee. Franklin Delano Parchere-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Chapel 2,3, Scholarship Tests 2,3, Cor- ridor Hosts 4. xmi M. Pardee--Eisteddfod 2, choir 2, Orchestra 2, Hi-Y 2, Corridor Hosts 4, Projection Club 2. Rosemary Ilene Porter-Chapel 4, Cor- ridor Hosts 3. William Edwin Porter-Basketball Team Team 2,3,4, Track Team 3.4. Barbara lean Rasor-Eisteddfod 3, 4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3, Operetta Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, President 4, Chapel 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, D.A.R. Test, Corridor Hosts 2, Senior Advisers, Home Room Officers Z, 3, Iunior Class Secretary, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee, Homecoming Oueen, World Affairs Institute 3. Iulia Ann Rectorschel:-Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta Chorus 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Chapel 2,3,4, Trojan Staff, Senior Advisers, Home Room Officers 3, Student Council 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Cheerleaders 3,4. Patsy Anne Reese-Band 2,3, Chapel 2,3,4, Blue :St Gold Staff 4, Scholarship Tests 2, Senior Advisers, Future Teach- ers of America Z,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4, Prom Com- mittee. Ann Elizabeth Requarth--Scholarship Tests 4, Biology Club 4. Ianet Rose Roberts-Choir 2, Concession Helpers 2, Future Homemakers of America 2, G.A.A. 2. Shirley lean Roberts-Choir 2,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2, Trojan Staff, Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4. David Milton Robinson-Choir 2,3, 4, Operetta Chorus Z, 3, 4, Chapel 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2,3, Iunior Play, Scholarship Test 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officers 3, 4, Math Club Z,3,4, Treasurer 4, Senior Play. Iune Ellen Roche-Choir 3,4, Band 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Scholarship Test 4, Senior Advisers Office Helpers 3,4, Prom Committee, Boosters Club 4. Pauline Ruth Rose4Choir 2, Future Homemakers of America 4,' Commercial Club 4. Patrick Walter Rooney - Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Hi-teen Coun- cil 2,3,4, Home Room Officers Z, Football Team 2,3,4, Prom Committee. 1 f 5 . 1 graduates Terry Glenn Rowell-Band 2,4, Hi-Y 4, Chapel 3,4, Home Room Officers 2,3,4, Track Team 2, Football Team 2,3. Iva Iane Roynon-Choir 2,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests 4, Senior Advisers, Class Officer, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee 3, Boosters Club 2,3,4, Red Cross Representative. Helen Marie Saller-Choir 2,3, Chapel Z,3,4, Trojan Staff Scholarship Tests 2, Concession Helpers 2, G.A.A. 2,3,4. William Ward Sawvel-Band 3, Orchestra 3, Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2, Projection Club 3, Math Club 2, Science Club 3. 5 . Azi ' , if in 'FM Ioyce Mary Schmunlr-Band 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, D.A.R. Test, Senior Advisers, Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, Office Helpers 4. Mary Margaret Schmutte-Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Trojan Staff, Home Room Officers 2,3, Future Homemakers oi America 4, Library Assistants 3,4, Art Club 2, Prom Committee. Nila F. Schubert4Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,4, Chapel 2,4, Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. 2, Senior Play. Thomas I. Scoby. graduates Helen Iune Shrider-Choir 3,4, Operetta Chorus 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4. Commercial Club 4, Cafeteria Helpers 2,3,4, Otfice Helpers 2,3. Thomas W. Schumaker - Concession Helpers 2,3, V.I.C. 3. William Leonard Simpson-Choir 4, Band 2,3,4, President 4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Dance Band 3, 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Iunior Play, Trojan Staff, Editor, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Junior Class Vice Presi- dent, Prom Committee, World Affairs Institute 3. William F. Slack-Hi-Y 4, Art Club 2,3. Prom Committee. Larry L. Slocum-Choir 2, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chapel 2,4, Projection Club Z,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4, Football Man- ager 4. lack Maynard Slough- Home Room Vice President 3, V.I.C. 2,3,4. Barbara lean Smith-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4, Chapel Z,3, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Con- cession Helpers 4, Student Council 3, Future Teachers of America 2,3, Corn- mercial Club 4, Office Helpers 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Distributive Education Club 4. K. Keith Smith-Chapel 2, V.l.C. 2,3,4. Ronald Alvin Smith-Concession Help- ers 3,4, V.l.C. 3,4. 44 '9 is. Sue R. Smith-Band 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y Z,3,4, Senior A... visers, Commercial Club 4, Office Helpers 3,4. Susan Dee Smith-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians 2,3,4, Trojan Staff, Senior Advisers, Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, Office Helpers 4, G.A.A. 3,4, Prom Committee. Marvin L. SnyderfHi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary, Vice Presi- dent 2, Chapel 2,3,4, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Home Room Officers 3,4, Math Club 2,4, Science Club 2,3, Treas- urer 3, President 4, Track Team 2,3, Football Team 2,3, Prom Committee. Nancy L. Snyder-Operetta Chorus 4, Band 2, 3, Orchestra Z,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Chapel 2,3,4, Thespians 2,3,4, Senior Advisers, Home Room Officers 2,3,4, Office Helpers 4. A graduates l Nancy M. Spanoqle - Trojan Staff, Scholarship Tests Z, Commercial Club 4, Library Assistants 4, Prom Committee, Boosters Club 2,3,4. Mariorie lane Spayth-Choir Z,3,4, Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Scholarship Tests 2, Corridor Hosts 2,4, Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca 4, Treasurer 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Library Assistants 4. Dick L. SwishereProjection Club 2,3,4, Concession Helpers 3, V.l.C. 3,4. Charlotte Lee Stewart-Eisteddfod 3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3, Operetta Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Thes- pians 2,3,4, Iunior Play, Corridor Hosts 2, Senior Advisers, Home Room Officers 2,3, Iunior Red Cross 3,4,Q11G9D'S Court. Ierry D. Symonds-Chapel 2,3,4, Corri- dor Hosts 3, Basketball Team 2,3,4, Art Club 3, Prom Committee. Iames Edward Switzer - Distributive Education Club 4. C. Leslie Tateml-tome Room Officers 2,4, Football Team 2,3,4. Roena Wilma Taylor-Choir 4, Oper- etta Chorus 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4. Raymond Tesnow. 45 Yvonne Mildred Wheeler-Chapel 3, Future Home- makers of America 4, Commercial Club 4. Ronald R. Wheland-I-li-Y 2,3,4, Corridor Hosts 2,3,4, Math Club 2,3,4, Prom Committee. Nancy Karen White-Choir 2,3,4, Tri-HifY 4, Chapel 3,4, Future Teachers of America 4. Diane WilliamseChoir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Thespians 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Trojan Staff. Scholarship Tests 2, Corridor Hosts 2, Senior Ad- visers, Home Room Officers 2,3,4, Future Teachers of America 3,4, President 4, Office Helpers 4, Prom Committee, Red Cross Council 3,4, Senior Play. -tr"""' Ivan Earl Thomas-Choir 2,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 2,3, Operetta Cast 4, Hi-Y 2.3, Chapel 2,3, Thespians 2,3, Student Council 2,3,4. Ronald D. Thomas-Concession Helpers 4, Stage Crew 3,4, Lighting Crew 2,3,4. V.l.C. 2,3,4. Tom L. Thomas-Choir 3, Operetta Chorus 2, Hi-Y 2, Distributive Education Club 2. Tom L. Tyner. David W. Vance-Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Chapel 3, Math Club 2,3,4, American Legion Essay Winners 2. Bruce T. Wagner-Eisteddtod 3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Cast 3,4, Hi-Y 2, Trojan Staff, Prom Committee. Richard Dean Wagner-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chapel 3, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 3, Home Room President 3, Commercial Club 4, Secretary 4, Football Manager 2,3,4. Marian Eugene WaldmanfTrack Team 3,-4, Football Team 2,3,4. Robert F. Welton-Eisteddfod Z, 3, 4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Cast 3,4, Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Chapel 2,3, Thespians 2,3,4, junior Play, Corridor Hosts 2, Trojan Staff, Home Room Officers 2,3, Stage Crew 3, Cafeteria Helptrs 3,4, Cheerleaders 3,4, Prom Committee. -7' graduates Frederick Lee Wilt-Hi-Y 2,3, 4, Secretary 2, Chapel 3, Corridor Hosts 3, Golf Team 2,3,4, Math Club 2,3,4, Pram Committee. Robert Allen Woods-Distrilr 4 'Q utive Education Club . Richard I Wiseley Choir 2 3 4 Operetta Chorus 2 3 Oper etta Cast 4 H1 Y 2 3 4 Chapel 3 4 Scholarship Tests 2 Golf Team 2,3,4, Math Club 2,3,4, Football Team 2,3, 4, Prom Committee, Thomas E. YoungfChapel 2, V.l.C. 2,3,4. Wrasse - Iounne Mildred Eisteddlod 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Operefta Chorus 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chapel 3, 4, Iunior Play, Trojan Staff, Scholar' ship Tests 2,3,4, Concession Helpers 2, Senior Advisors, Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, Office Helpers 4. iF"'9u if Gary L. Ziessler. 1 ,W ..5,.., ' 'hav 4. 'ni S K I 5 S . Laurence Dean Wohlqamuth -Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Dance Band 2,3,4. Violet M. ZebediseChoir 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chapel 4, Trojan Staff, Corridor Hosts 2,3, Com- mercial Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Cheerleaders 3,4, Prom Com- mittee, Boosters Club 2,3,4. ssfx:tQ:r'f1'fff H lie, 1. ., 1 -- 'xt K my ,,.., V V , :L 'W 'W mi Q au: ,ni gi:,:fs,,te-:, s -. fiwsiwzf- fee , -- tg , as M t, f3fP su- .,, V ,g , ,q i -5 J sl, i A l I ,t ' V e asily f. , 5 ' wx, x mi ,as IANE LOIS HARTMAN May 25. 1935-December 10, 1952 in memoriam "But truly, as the Lord lives and as thy soul lives, there is but a step between thee and death." I Samuel 20:3 Students of Findlay High School were shocked and grieved earlier this year by the sudden death of an outstanding senior girl, Iane Hartman. Also victim of the traffic accident which took Iane's life was her stepmother, Mrs. Oral Hartman. lane was one of the more popular and active members of her class. She belonged to the Tri-Hi-Y, the Commercial Club, the G.A.A., the bcmd and the orchestra. Belonging to the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Iane partici- pated actively in Church work and attended services regularly. She also proved herself outstahding in Girl Scout work by being the only girl in Hancock County to hold the coveted Curved Bar Award. Below is a poem, written by lane shortly before her death, which expresses more vividly her great talent and understanding: THANKSGIVING DAY Thanksgiving is a day we hold so dear, To thank our God for blessings through the year. It started as a harvest festival, The origin was the Pilgrim Fathers all. They gave their thanks to God on high that day, Their crops were lean that year, but they were gay. They toiled and prayed for brighter things in life, And this was won by them through years of strife. We have a bounteous crop this festal day So even more than then, we now should pray. We all must bear the burden of the day But never from our Father should We stray. On this Thanksgiving Day our hearts we raise To Thee, the Lord, bring sacrifice of praise. class officers 3P0"-90"-9 IVC1 Roynon, treasurerg Bill Creighton, president: Rachel Bright, secretcryg Dave McCullough, vice president. Miss Ruth Switzer, Mr. D. D. Lawrence g Wi 3 ii' S W r.-I Us CWMQM . Q If fl O jf U M 2 J senior tri-hi-y FIRST ROW: I. Hutchinson, l. Roynon, B. Rasor, B. Duffield, L. Leader, B. Cramer, A. Brooks, S. Moyer, Sue Smith. SECOND ROW: P. O'De1l, V. Zebedis, S. Beach, Susan Smith, H. Shrider, B. Smith, M. Schmutte, K. Krueger, D. Williams, l-l. Mains, I. Rectorschek, M. Miller, E. Charles. THIRD ROW: L. Kerrick Miss Van Meter, N. White, B. lanes, N. Meeks, I. Roche, M. Laws, S. Roberts, S. Flick, R. Bright, S. McCullough, M. MacGregor, I. Wrasse, G. Cooksey. FOURTH ROW: C. Stewart, M. Caldwell, leannine Hartman, B. Cline, C. Hetrick, A. Charpiot, lane Hartman, B. Foltz, S. Barkimer. Senior girls interested in devoting their efforts toward service in the home, school, and com- munity share in the accomplishments of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y club. Very early in the football season, the local girls group undertook the responsibility of spon- soring a dance after a game in the schools gymnasium. As a civic project certain representatives from the club helped with the Red Cross blood drive by taking the names andladdresses of pros- pective donors. The traditional induction services, directed at inspirational advancement, was. held for the new members early in the fall. The Easter Con- vocation services were also conducted by the Senior group this year. A plan of two regular meetings a month was followed' with several speakers addressing the group of subjects of interest to the members. During various other meetings programs were planned and carried out by members of the club. Miss Betty Van Meter served as club sponsor. Officers were Barbara Rasor, president, Shirley Barkimer, vice president, Kay Krueger, secre- tary, and Charlotte Learey, treasurer, and Elsie Charles, Chaplain. senior hi-y The large membership of the local Senior Hi-Y club placed much of their program emphasis on service this year, with contributions raised by the group going to the Camp Nelson Dodd improvement fund, and the "Y" World services program. Senior Hi-Y boys Worked on the apple selling campaign for the polio fund and provided refreshments for the Fostoria football team at the stadium. Palm Sunday sunrise services were again sponsored by the club, which continued its practice of Church visitations during the lenten season. Pat Rooney served as Senior president, Dave McCullough was the vice president, Marvin Snyder filled the secretary's post and Michael Houston was the treasurer. FIRST ROW: R. Wiseley, S. Bartley, T. Rowell, G. Gray, R. THIRD ROW: L. Slocum, R. Wagner, W. Felgar, I. Dennis, I. Welton, F. Wilt, D. Weitz, I. Laube, L, Miles. Garnes, I. Young, I. Gohllce, D. Fout, G. Crosby, D. Day, R. SECOND ROW: I. Bowman, T. Massie, B. Wagner, D. Mc- Wheland. Cullough, M, Snyder, M. Houston, P, Rooney, M. Gephart, R, FOURTH ROW: W. Slack, P. Flemion, B. Hull, R. Mosier, E. Faber, W. Sawvel, W. Hess, R. Cain. Dantico, F. Parcher, W. McDowell, R, Clevenger. junior hi-y FIRST ROW: D. Green, D. Snyder, K. Weick, T. Kiier, R. Reiman, R, England. SECOND ROW: I. Reddin, C. Gordan, D. Peschel, D. Hartman, R. Hartman. Iunior Hi-Y members, under the supervision of adviser Russell Rakestraw, coordinated their yearly program around social problems with the various juniors alternating to give leader- ship at meetings. A light bulb sale conducted by the junior chapter in March provided a noteworthy con- tribution to the YMCA world services project. Representatives attended the Youth and Gov- ernment conferences at Columbus, and other area gatherings. Serving as officers for the 1952-53 term were Karl Weick, president, Ronnie Huffman, vice president, Dick Hartman, secretary and Dick Green, treasurer. A responsible unit in the Tri-Hi-Y service movement is the Iunior girl's chapter. This organization held bi-weekly meetings, as did the other Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y groups, with the tortyh tive minutes usually including a devotional period, business meeting, program, and a rec- reational period. Some of the meetings were devoted entirely to business while others included panel discus- sions or speakers. For the Christmas program the three Tri-Hi-Y groups combined to hear Mrs. FIRST ROW: L. Corbin, I. Poole, C. Myers, K. McClelland, M. Bibler, N. Tritch, A. Beardsley, K. Johnson, K. Marvin, M. Smith. SECOND ROW: B. Stough, P. Iacobs, B. Hill, A. Fausnaugh, I Rockwell, l. Bryan, B. Fox, M. Stimmel, S. Weakley, N. Hartigan, A. Hutchinson, B, Bird, I. McDonald, S. Hartman. junior tri-hi-y H. Ward Grieb, Findlay lecturer and book re- viewer, give several Christmas stories. At this program the Iunior group entertained the others with an impressive choral reading. To conclude the year the club gave a party in honor of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y Club. The officers of the Iunior Club were Peggy Erwin, president: Ioyce Rockwell, vice presi- dent, Mary Stimmel, secretaryg Gretchen Grove, treasurerg Margaret Smith, chaplainp Cynthia Koehler, historian, and Karen lohnson, sergeant at arms. Mrs. Helen Eckel was the club sponsor. THIRD ROW: M. Bradley, S. Wolfe, I. Shaver, P. Schoonover W. West, G. Smith, ,M. Collins, I. Walters, S. Kamerer, R Reddick, T. McKinley, S. Schott, M. Daymon, P. Miller. FOURTH ROW: C. Koehler, P. Erwin, R. Chatlain, B. Pitney I. Voyce, D. Trautman, N. Line, N. Young, G. Grove, S Breitigarn, S. Loyer. sophomore tri-hi-y FIRST ROW: M. Fleming, l. Miller, M. Davis, P. Tongate, A. Wohlgamuth, S. Kerentoff, D. Cohagen, M. Cole, P. Newton. SECOND ROW: N. Betts, P. Presnell, S. Bikle, M. Altman, M. Allen, P. Swisher, S. Williams, K. DeVore, l. Sheets, C. Galbreath. Tri-l-li-Y Clubs were developed for the express purpose of serving the school and community. The girls of this organization have numerous opportunities to develop leadership by means of clvic projects and social functions. Activities of the 39 member sophomore group included a get-acquainted tureen at the be- ginning of the year and numerous other meet- ings centered around guest speakers. One of the highlights of the year was the HifY, Tri-l-li-Y 56 THIRD ROW: Miss Boyer, S. Oneacre, P, Lee, S. Crawfis, S Frost, M. Mtnutti, C. Hetter, I. lohnson, S. Gardner, B. Phillips FOURTH HOW: G. Thom, R. Brown, A. Snyder, N. Rudisill, L Haveraneck, C. Wolfe, P. Monasmith. district conference held at Tiffin. The Sopho- more club was well represented there. The sponsor of this year's Sophomore chapter was Miss Lillian Boyer. Officers included Mary Davis, president: Carolyn Galbreath, vice presi- dent, Kayleen DeVore, secfetaryg Pat Presnell, treasurer, Nancy Ftudisill, historiang Sandy Williams, chaplain: and lanet Sheets, sergeant- at-arms. "To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community, high stand- ards of Christian character" is the stated pur- pose ot the Hi-Y clubs, the largest association of high school students in the United States. Spansor Lloyd Dull's Sophomore club at- tempted to follow the l-li-Y purpose through a series of hi-weekly meetings involving topics of lligil RCW: azii Ll. Baney, Buzs, VJ. Shoupe, C. Tell l Iihrrixier, Cer Eriz' F. Ex.1E.1r1.:e1'. BVCQND L. y 1 f K , G. Tfrgzldmirn, I, Platt, W. Snyder, P iincr. it Q. 5: B. fair laaiglilin, C. Wittenriiyor. sophomore hi-y interest to its members. ln their annual service project, l4 sophomore memloers helped in the city-wide apple sale to raise money for the polio fund. Handling the executive duties ot the organiza- tion were President Doug Brown, Vice President Orland Cameron, Secretary Bonnie Burkhart, and Treasurer Tom Buis. TlllBD BOW: l. Tligfrnpsuri, H. Burkhart, B. Bciilis, D. Miller, R. Fields, D. Carnes, W. Fawley, C. Hilrlohrand, l. Ailcens. l7OUltTl'l BCDNV: B. Berger l. Baualalufltigh, l. B:.r:iiif'l4, l. Andor- son, O. Cairicrrrrr, I. Burr-.l, l. Bfnrcliriiari. 57 senior thespians Thespians, a national society of school dramatists founded in 1929, is one ot the nu- merous associations intended to provide richer, fuller experiences during the school years. Since its establishment in 1941, the Findlay high Thespian chapter has contributed signifi- cantly to the activity pattern here, fulfilling its motto "Act well your part, there all the honor lies". High on the list ot dramatic accomplishment by the large group are the four one-act plays FIRST ROW: M. Smith, B. Rasor, R. Bright, P. O'Dell, N. Snyder, N. Line, M. Collins, I. Walters, B. Laderman. SECOND ROW: M. Miller, C. Stewart, D. Funk, S. Weakly, I. Roynon, D. Williams, S. Smith, E. Charles, I, McDonald, A. Beardsley, Mr. Hall. which it presented in late February. An audi- ence ot considerable size went home well satis- fied after seeing and hearing the young drama- tists display their talent in "Ringing in the Groom", "Minor Miracle", "First Date" and "Seeds of Suspicion". Myrl Gephart served as club president, Rachel Bright, vice president, Susan Smith, treasurer, Diane Williams and Barbara Rasor, secretaries. W. E. Hall sponsored the group. THIRD ROW: R. Hartman, G. Smith, S. Beach, K. Kruger, S Flick, B. Pitney, S, Moyer, N. Young, C. Koehler, S. Loyer W. Hess. FOURTH ROW: I. Fisher, K. Weick, W. Monasmith, G. Crosby D. Day, R. Clevenger, D. Dinclal, M. Gephart, R. Welton. 5 8 ' ' sophomore thospians FIRST ROW: P. Andrews, C. Shively, I. Ritchey, S. Katz, P. Mr. Hall. Bastine, M. I-lover, I. Firmin. THIRD ROW: H. Pettit, R. Boulis, I. Spitler, D. Brown, C. Tell, SECOND ROW: S. Williams, B. Phillips, C. Galbreath, S. R. Molder, T. Buis, W. Snyder, I. Aikens, M. Watkins. Oneacre, R. Harris, B. Smith, S. Frost, P. Newton, S. Kerentoft, Included in the thirty new members inducted into the Thespian organization in February was an outstanding group of sophomores. These students, with their new ideas and enthusiasm, have greatly strengthened the club. The sophomores from Donnell took complete charge of one meeting earlier this year and provided an excellent program for the other Thespians. Carrying on their acting skills from the various Iunior High productions, these members appeared in the one-act plays: Iane Firmin, Charles Tell, Myles Watkins, Doug Brown, Sandra Katz, Beth Phillips, and Carolyn Galbreath. 59 MEX Q ... 1 M gif Q Q7 I 7 fi 51 W W F " ' ' W fl X Vw 1 U A . ,W Y TfL!hNwE'aQ1, Agni' D X N I ' ' 'S .Ly 'k Ulflnll 4 'M n ,,f fx ,1-K, fmh 2 g ' A ?WiN J 1 Wg. M w, i Nix W , ! i,f-FJWYW ffl Q' Q' l 5 5 nl 9 ' , ta1QlT6Qll:ill'Ell'g'l I 'Q' llgjllatil hue f ! '!'glMa4q ,piwmxm I I7 Ii J jwxmqimraxdgfa fa 5 ki A G , Q L L"' I . A ka a . f , L , W mm 4' orchestra 62 Upper-Margaret West. Lower Mr. Schumaker. FIRST ROW: C. Roche, I. Thompson, M. West, D. Wagner, K Miller, I. Ammons, T. Thompson, C. Scothorn, I. Roche, M. Dreis bach, G. Cooksey. SECOND ROW: D. Dreisbach, W. Farley, H. Mains, A. Niswander S. Porter, I. Voyce, N. Rudisill, E. Sink, N. Meeks, S. Gardner, P Presnell, B, Foltz, P. Bowman, N. Oxley. Absent: M. Nelson. Tl-HRD ROW: S. Bartley, M. Ridaley, K. McClelland, S. Bikle, S Barkimer, W. Sawvel, I. Reichman, C. Myers, R. Williams, L Williams, D. Stratton, C. Hartman, P. Tonqate, S. Oneacre, I Cloud, D. Knepper, W. Neeley, W. Simpson. FOURTH ROW: R. Berger, N. Schubert, M. Caldwell, D. Cryer, D Wohlqamuth, L. Stewart, Mr. Schumalcer. Findlay high schools 50 piece orchestra has become an institution in and around the community with its balanced pro- grams of classical and popular concert music. Participating in a number of music festivals, contests and concerts during the year the FHS orchestra again won distinc- tion as a well coordinated unit under the direction of Oliver Schumacher. Orchestra members won several high ratings in district and state instrumental contests, competing with top flight musicians from all over Ohio. Highlights of the year for the instrumentalists were their appearances at mid-Winter and spring music festivals, and at interludes during the Iunior and Senior plays. Outstanding among the orchestra's activities is its production of music for the annual operetta. Many members of the group were recognized individually for their participation as soloists in recitals, and as musicians with the dance band, the marching band and the concert band. ..x,.K! Keith Miller at the piano band FIRST ROW: I. Roche, A. Niswander, D. Stratton, C. Roche, I. Miller, I. Voyce, N. Rudisill, E. Sink, N. Meeks. SECOND ROW: P. Tonqate, D. Busick, I. Poole, B. Wolford, R. Howard, P. Biteman, I. Richmond, O. Medlock, A. Heu- berger, C. Myers, I. Williams, L. Williams, B. Foltz, P. Presnell, S. Gardner. THIRD ROW: C. Hartman, S. Oneacre, B. Mattoon, l. Sear- foss, L. Miles, S. Vanatta, S. Porter, B. Berger, I. Iohnson, I. Henderson, R. Felqar, I. Miller, S. Bennett, I. Hartman, P. Myers, M. Miller, I. Schmunk, L. Kerrick, I. Miller, M. Daymon. FOURTH ROW: S. Bartley M. Ridqley, B. Thomas, S. Bar- kimer, S. Bikle, D. Wagner, I. Cole, M. Caldwell, I. Frost N. Shubert, L. Shrider, B. Warren, I. Spitler, P. Howard B. Halkyard, W. Neeley, D. Myers, Mr. Shell, D. Sink, Mr Hite, I. Childs, W. Lee, K. Brown, L. Stewait, D. Wohlqa- muth, D. Cryer. FIFTH ROW: D. Knepper, R. Simpson, P. Warner, K. Pitney W. Simpson, I. Cloud. 1 Findlay High School's perfection trained marching band again performed to the satisfaction of thousands of local and out-of-town football fans as a completely new entertainment program was unveiled under the direction of bandmaster C. L. Hite and assistant Ralph Shell. Brilliantly clad in their traditional blue and gold uniforms with white trim, the instrumentalists displayed precision marching skills and rhythm developed through long hours of practice on the south-side training grounds. The series of halftime programs at home games varied throughout the season. At the close of the Trojan's grid campaign the marching band replaced its fall systems with a completely new reper- toire of concert music. The concert group, somewhat smaller in number than the fall edition, appears before city service clubs, plays to out-of-town audiences and performs in the mid-winter and spring music festivals. Director Hite's captivating concert music varies from Mozart and Beethoven's memorable strains to the ever- popular marches of Sousa and the growing sounds of twen- tieth century jazz beats. Findlay High played host to the annual Buckeye league band festival this year. Fostoria, Fremont Ross, Tiffin Colum- bian, Marion Harding and FHS were all represented in the April gathering held in the local auditorium. , iw, 1 ,. K - A r. W '25 3 ' 1 X M. gf fr' Q? f ik, 5 , as wa 35 as I V. Wamx . . 5 w-my as X x ,. 11' Q'W" fm F future homemaleers of amerwa FIRST ROW: C. Alge, B. Beistle, A. Beck, M. Laws M Mac Beckman L Cossett A Kowal R Miles R Taylor Gregor, B. Deter, M. Bibler, M. Grose, I. Springer, S Smith THIRD ROW C Vl,1lfOl'Cl I Roberts S Peterman W Moses M Orton, P. Powell. L Long D Ebersole C Pruitt P Lie C Courtney D Cohagen SECOND ROW: M. Zellers, L. Miles, S. Thomas, C. Zellers R M Spayth M Schmutte M Hogan Y Wheeler R Lear S Fry, S. Pugh, M. Siferd, S. Kohler, M. Ricketts, A Blair S McR1ll Miss Easton Future Hornernakers of' America, under the sponsorship of Miss Betty Van Meter and Miss Betty Easton, is an organization devoted to the teaching of hornemalcing principles. The club has cr large membership and offers oppor- tunities to each girl. One of the outstanding events of F.H.A. this year was the complete re- modeling oi the teachers' lounge. By replacing the furnishings with brighter, more stylish decorations, this club has undoubtedly added to the comfort and pleasure of the teachers. biology club FIRST ROW: B. Smith, L. Pifer, P. Newton, S. Katz, B. Grubb, M. Davis, K. Iohnson, N. Smith, C. Davis, N. Young. SECOND ROW: S. Williams, L. Stewart, C, Hartman, I. Koehler, C. Retter, D. Sealy, C. Ballinger, O. Medlock, I. Ackman, C. Koehler, S. Loyer, L. Brautigam, K, Devore. The Biology Club, sponsored by R. S. Phillips, was set up for the purpose of pro- viding biology for all students interested, whether they took the course or not. One of the club's projects during the past year was the purchase of 15 books for the library. Also it is their duty to plant and maintain the school forest which is located near the Whittier school. Among the more significant examples set by the Biologists in their inaugural year of clubwork were the strengthening of member- ship practices and the development of more efficient attendance rules. The officers for the year were: President, Dan Dindalg vice president, Priscilla Newton: secretary, Mary Davis, and treasurer, Orland Cameron. THIRD ROW: Mr. Phillips, B. McLaughlin, E. Galitza, G. Coppes I. Rcmdabauqh, R, England, P. Warner, R. Molder, I. Spitler O. Cameron, W. Shoupe. FOURTH ROW: B. Hillshafer, P. Biteman, R. McCullough, P Rice, D, Dindal, I. Shrader, A, Mattoori. future teachers of america FIRST ROW: I. Koehler, M. Cole, L. Lewis, P. Reese, N. Meeks, D. Williams, N. Tritch, I. Iohnson, I. Sheets, S. Moyer, B. Cramer, S. Smith. SECOND ROW: Mr. Constetn, M. West, S. Bikle, K. Leary, N. White, I. Wrasse, S. Schmutte, W. West. P. Federici, S. Cooper, I. Schmunk, B. Duffield, L. Pifer, I. Re-ctorschek, S. McDonald. Those students who are interested in becom- ing the educators of tomorrow belong to the local chapter of the nationwide Future Teachers ot America Organization. The opportunities and requirements of the teaching along with its prin- ciples and techniques are studied at club meet- ings. Members also take part in periodic observa' tions of class work in the elementary and junior high schools. In the spring Future Teachers career days were held for the tirst time at FHS. During the two-day period, members worked to develop practical knowledge of the profession. This year's officers were Diane Williams, presidentg Nancy Meeks, vice-president, and Sarah Schott, secretary. Principal C. R. Con- stien is the faculty sponsor. THIRD ROW: A. Snyder, B. Warner, S. Gardner, N. Rudisill Oxley, B. I-lrghsmith, K. Duncan, I. Firmin, S. Oneacre. I. Ritchey, S. Porter, M. Spayth, S. McCullough, G. Grove, I FOURTH ROW: B. Grubb, K. Kuss, S. Schott, C. Pruitt, M. Laws D. Sonnet, C. Davis, E. Benjamin, R. Cain, I. Ammons, S. Rob erts, M. MacGregor, N. Betts, S. Katz. girls athletic association EIRST ROW: M. Malloy, Bennett, Ft. Briahl, M, Collins, N. 'l'lilltD HOVVY l., ffoit tri, S, Frantz, l. Seilveneclc, S. Holland, C, Line, P. Reese, M. Fitzpatrick, E. Sink, T. McKinley, A. Hutchin- Davis, N. Hftlletto, H. Salter, I, Aclcrrian, S. Schott, C. Koehler, son, N. Moffett. S. Haqcirman, H. Lear, M. Hogan, G. Winkleman, Miss March. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, S. Loyer, V. Homan, S. Smith, l. FOUHIH 'l'lME: E. Payne, S. Breitiqarn, G. Ellinwood, B. Mazey, Hutchinson, V. Zehe-dis, S. Mcliill, S. Courier, Cv. Cooksey, L. D. Btivk, I. 'vVaE:ors, ii. Cerlavh, R. Doxsey, D. Beckman, B. Cossett, M. Grose, A. Massillo, P. O'Dell, M. ljrariley. Cliosoltit. H. tflristocgl, li. Taylor, C.. lones, B. Bird, R. Hyatt. GIRL'S VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS FIRST HOW: A. Hutchinson, F. Hyatt, B. Fox. SECOND ROW: N. Line, C. Davis, S. Breitiaam, E. Payne, B. Hint. GJ-LA. SOPHOMORES tSee photograph at rightl FIRST HOW: B, Grubb, S. Katz, L. Brautiqarn, I. Miller, P. Le A. Heuherqer, L. Miles, N. Cook. SECOND ROW: P. Swisher, P. Bastine, C. Shively, O. Leal, Kohler, I, Brenner, D. Linhart, L. Stewart, K. Emerson, M. Nelsc THlHD HOVV: S. Oneacre, B. Smith, L. Pifer, M. Lucas, Haveraneck, R. Harris, M. Troxel, K. Duncan, M, Hover, f Grose. FOURTH ROW: P. Andrews, N. Miller, F. Fisher, B. Bryan, Porter, P, Monasrnith, C. Wolfe, Miss E. March. il, 468 S 2 1 ,f 5, gm ,,, 'Q . 5' 5 TQ ww mf. :ff-.45 My Q ' nf' A 1 'X ' Vw ' . ' 'I K I .Aff hxlff fig? 'iff if ll xi ins, W W W math - club FIRST ROW: M. Bradley, S. Crawfis, I. Voyce, I. McCaffrey, R. THIRD ROW: S. Bartley, I. Reddin, T. Kifer, W. Neeley, I Mosier, D. Robinson, M. Miller, M. West, S. Porter. Henderson, D. Wagner, R, Wheland, D. Peschel, F. Wilt, Miss SECOND ROW: O. Medlock, I. Ricksecker, R. Strauch, D. Kieffer. Stratton, D. Vance, R. England, R. Clevenger, I. Sehnert, C. FOURTH ROW: D. Knepper, I. I-Iarlett, D. Dindal, E. Dantico Wittenmyer. - B. Mattoon, W. Creighton, R. Wiseley. The Math Club, an organization of students interested in the further study ot mathematics, is one of the most active groups in the school. Under the direction of Miss Bernice Kieffer, the members study the slide rule, short cuts in calculation, and astronomy. ,The club took two trips this year. One was to Perkins Observatory and the other was a three day visit to Chicago during the Thanks- giving vacation. Members also participated in a radio program over WFIN. A set of 35 slide rules was given by the Math club to the school for use in the Math department. Also they gave to the school a small telescope called a skyscope. Officers during the past year were: President, Bob Mosier vice president, lim McCaftreyg secretary, Marilyn Gay Miller and treasurer, David Robinson. science club FIBST BOW: I. Kenney, I. McCaffrey, M, Houston, M. Snyder, R. Simpson, B. Cain. SECOND BOW: B. Williams, T. Brucklacher, D. Knepper, W. Sawvel, D. Peschel, C. Roche, Mr. Burkhart. Students of Findlay High School who are esirous ot furthering their preparation tor a te oi science look to the Science Club for a upplement to previous education in the pro- ided classes. The members of the Science lub delve deeply into the modern scientific evelopments and, thereby, seek a better nderstanding of this, a world of science. Besides an insatiable appetite tor science utside the classroom and its restrictions, the nly other prerequisite for admission as a iember is a course in one of the high school :iences, biology, chemistry or physics. The members yearly participate in the 'orthwest Ohio lunior Academy ot Science t Bovvling Green State University. If any of ie club's members are rated superior at owling Green, they are eligible to attend a ice event at Columbus, the State Science ay. The Science Club is ably advised and sponsored by C, F. Burkhart. This year's club was led by president Marvin Snyder, vice-president Don Peschel, secretary Bob Simpson and treasurer Charles Roche. 73 distributive education FIRST ROW: S. Gohlke, P. Morger, B. Smith, I. Huff, I. Himmler, B. Ianes, S. Bensinqer. SECOND ROW: R. Hartiqan, I. Baker, R. Thomas, R. Faber, W. Kaqey, N. Pahl, R. Beam, M. O'Connor. THIRD ROW, R. Woods, W. Lavender, I. Haley, W. Frack, I. Switzer, Mr. Avery. commercial club FIRST ROW: L. Cossett, A. Kowal, B. Deter, Y. Wheeler, N. Spanoqle, K. Beagle, P. Davidson, V. Zeheclis, P. O'Dell, B. Burton, A. Fishel, B. Cramer. SECOND ROW: M. Cwrose, Miss Fassett, N. Schubert, H. Shrider V. Homan, H. Mains, M. Caldwell, M. Ewing, R. Lieb, I Hutchinson, E. Charles, M. Armentrout, S. Roberts, I. Hartman B. Bright, S. Flick, S. Smith, S. McDonald. THlRD BOW: S. McRill, G. Cooksey, S. Haqerrnan, S. Bensinqer I, Oaks, I. Baker, R. Wagner, E. Benjamin, K. Miller, W. Felqar B. Foltz, S. Barkimer, l. Boynon, N. Bellette. Q kk 'MQ Vfmxfx fy V S x. 'fn ff- ,, ' 'K 'Q ,.,,,.,,w, Siam T E f 5 Q ' ' M f:fL ' Y , , ,,.. . -A I E A , ' 7 , f ' I ,THQ 5' - ,H " " . 1 V , iz . , I .7 H ' I 'i H ek gin KA K V xsmw K I I it H ,, .3 Vf.L N. , A A gal! --M......, Q K fl, 'iq MWA: , ,1 1 3 U-5f'5 ' , Q is 'C 'iff A r -W - I - W , L - I 'V 5 f W . 4, liiww ,. 5 Z .. . wr M N if M W ww corridor hosts THlRD RCW: I. Wells, R. Zellers, R, Recldick, D. Trotutmon, C. l.ec1l, I. Lecrthers, G. Rrermerriori, P, Iocobs, B. Stouqh, B. Bird, A. Hutchinson, M. Hover, I. Dreisboch, K. Polrrier. FCURTH RCW: P. Erwin, D. Gomes, M. C'Conrior, I... Myers, W. Felqor, F. Porcher, K. Pardee, C. Ellinwood, I, Frey, R. FIRST RCW: S, Rowell, I. Friend, R. Word, M. Smith, B. Burton, I. Huff, M. Miller, M. Bibler, A. Long, S, Kereritoii, S. Katz. SECCND RCVV: Mr. Bronderiherqer, S, Hortmcm, D. Smith, S, Schertzer, S. Wolfe, B. Shoemaker, L. Cossett, B, Detor, S. Cooper, P. Morqer, R. Clark, K. Krueqer, I, Koehler, A. Fishel, B- Grubb- Mosier, W. Mfzllowell. cafeteria help 76 FIRST RCW: .C. Pruitt, M. Smith, R. Miles, H. Shrider, M. Lows, M. Bihler, Miss Boston, E, Doritico, M Rll THlRD RCW: I. Sehnert, I. Spitler, D. Gomes, I. Bowmcm, R. R. Lear, S. c 1 . ,-W-AMA nfwur. 1 -:,,..m A uD..l-mmm D Ftwprsote. B. Pitnev, Welton. projection ists FIRST ROW: VV. Shoupe, M. Baney, S. Bond, B, Shoemaker, THIRD ROW: R. Leader, R. Dreisbach, B. McLaughlin, I. Lentz, R. Frech, I. Spitier, l.. Slocum, R. Day. R. Smith, W. Sawvel, R. Simpson, C. Roche, T. Brucklacher, SECOND ROW: I. Matthews, E, Galitza, I. Brobst, C. Gordon, Mr. Burkhardt. D. Snyder, R. Hartman, R. Burlchardt, F. Stall, W. Snyder. Visual aid to education is comparatively new to the field ot teaching, but its value is incal- culable. Many subiects are greatly clarified by this increasing trend in education and Findlay's public school system is no exception. The projection club ot Findlay High school is a little lauded organization, but without the service ot the man behind the projector and other technical properties, education and the various assembly programs would suffer greatly. Any student may join this club with the agreement ot losing a few study periods. The members are taught and supervised in the operation and maintenance ot the equipment by the Projection club's sponsor C. F. Burkhart. Officers tor the 1952-53 school year were: president Larry Slocum, vice-president Fred Stahl and secretary Barbara Shoemacker. 77 ggi. 'f 'IQ' i' - QQ, E trojan staff FIBST ROW: S. Bcrrtley, D, McCullough, M. Houston, G. Croshy, H. Soller, P. Morqer, Mr. R. S. Miller. R. Bright, P. Flemion, B. Hull, S. Moyer, B. Mosier, D. Tl'llBD BOW: A. Fishel, B. Woqner, M, Schrnutte, S. Flick, D Williams, M. Gephcrrt, Ddy, N, Spdnoqle, B, Woqner, B. Burton, W, McDowell, S SECOND ROW: B. Cromer, A. Churpiot, I. Recktorschek, K. Beczch, E. Dontico, S. Smith, B. Rosor, L, Leader, B. Welton Krueger, I. Hortrncrn, C. Hetriclc, M. Coldwell, P. O'Dell, V. 1. Boynon. Zebedis, P. Davidson, L. Kerriclc, K. Wrosse. S. Nuby, S. Roberts, A qroup oi the crnnuol stott ot requlor Soturdoy working time. 80 This ye-or's Troion is the product ot the combined energies ot cr hdrd work- inq stott, excellent faculty ddvisorship ond skilled photographers ond orrtists. The qenerol objective wcrs to produce on onnudl containing more pictures in on ettort to better record the events ot the lt-352-l953 school yeor. COPY ' T1-j H1011 Hg D Plqyures staff A cowvoiwq . on qqpifxq' Editor ........... . . . Bill Simpson Associate Editor ..... .... S uzanne Moyer Business Manager ...... .... M yrl Gephart Ass't. Business Manager ....... Diane Williams Circulation Manager .............. Bob Mosier Barbara Cramer, Susan Smith, Richard Wagner, Linda Leader Advertising Manager ........... Steve Bartley Bob Welton, Iulia Rectorschek, Sandra Beach, Kay Krueger, Alice Charpiot, Bruce Wagner ' Copy Editor .................... Mike Houston Dave McCullough, George Crosby Art Editor .............,........... Bruce Hull Anne Eishel, Sally Nuby, Nancy Bellette, Margie Schmutte Chief Photographer .............. Phil Flemion Editorial Staff-Pat O'Dell, Peqqy' Morger, Carol Hetrick, Lois Kerrick, Helen Saller, Bill Mc- Dowell, Barbara Basor Csec.J, Ioanne Wrasse, Corena Bernhardt, Dennis Day, Shirley Rob- erts, Miriam Caldwell, Eudean Dantico, Rachel Bright Typists - Shirley Flick, Iva Boynon, Violet Zebedis, Nancy Spanogle, Phyllis Davidson, Sue McDonald 82 lue and olll FIRST ROW: C. Retter, C. Galbreath, S. Wilson, S. Oneacre, C. Schuck, M. Stahl, D. Cohagen, M. Davis. SECOND ROW: P. Frost, K. Weick, B. Duffield, I. Bryan, B. Hiqhsmith, I. Cook, P. Reese, I. Aikens, W. Snyder, D. Cham- the press Reporters and Editors of the Blue and Gold, Findlay high's official bi-Weekly news organ, experienced another active year of publication. A staff of 27 members turned out 17 issues under the faculty advisorship of C. W. Hunsicker. The school paper operates on a basis providing for editorial and business supervision by the jour- nalism class. Editors handle the makeup process at Kistler's print shop, while the student advertis- ing and circulation staffs fulfill the complete re- sponsibilities of those departments. Six hundred copies of the paper come from the press bi-weekly. Other practical experiences in journalism are those of proofreading, re-Writing and competitive reporting. Each staff member is graded on the i bers. THIRD ROW: Mr. Hunsicker, D. McCullough, I. Oxley, A. Hutchinson, C. Cairns, G. Howick, M. Houston, G. Crosby. basis of his contribution to the best interests of the paper. Three seniors and a junior held the editorial responsibilities, during the 1952-53 year. Dave McCullough was editor-in-chief, George Crosby, assistant editor and Mike Houston, sports editor. junior lane Bryan served as feature editor. Seniors Pat Reese and Io Ann Oxley supervised the business functions with the assistance of Barbara Highsmith and Phil Frost. During the 28th year of Blue and Gold existence, the journal earned a first-place rating for the third consecutive year in the annual nationwide contest conducted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. ' Blue and Gold 'IH l. 'Tw Fr' i'r-w--1 sfggitiif "'sfi'v7i?i3. fm mrrm' M C A self-supporting newspaper, published bi-weekly, except during school vacations, examination periods and between semes- ters, by the journalism Class of Findlay s-la-QM' Senior. High School, Findlay, Ohio. Highlighting the busy year was the staff's four-day excursion to the annual Columbia Press Convention on the campus of Columbia University in New York City, March 12-14. The conference, with its workshops, clinics and panel discussions, provided a rich experience for the Findlay delegation. While visiting the "big town" the journalists also viewed many points of interest along with several Broadway shows. The local chapter of Quill and Scroll, national journalism honorary society, took in four new members. Those qualifying for entrance were lane Bryan, Barbara Highsmith, George Howick and photo-editor Karl Weick. Closing out the publication year the Blue and Gold staff honored four of its members who received honorable mention in the Toledo Blade writing contest, and recognized its three year journalism graduates with service pins. At the Convention the staff in action dssi 911138 llfs Ax me mess 41 C Olulnb ' IQ . Unwef-sity The Linotype Nw: ,WWE UNDERC ffm 106 .-il l f-'X 1 .X l 1 X L X I3 4 X 4- A lil lx, I X I X 2 lil. Ll 1...-...X l lB Ll. 1 All-A fl-1 home room 213 6 FIRST BOW: D. Aller, D. Beckman, R, Chatelain, B Babcock, M. Bibler, A. Beardsley, N. Cleve-nqer. SECOND BOW: Ft. Clark, G. Brenneman, M. Bradley, S Breitiqam, B. Bird, B. Chesebro, I. Bryan, D. Buck, I Ackman, E. Clark, D. Busick, S. Bennett. THIRD BOW: K. Brown, I. Brown, I. Alesch, B. Beltz, I Brobst, D. Abbott, R. Ballinger, L. Birchiield, I. Aurarid OFFICERS President .................. Deke Abbott Vice President. . . . . .Marilyn Bradley Secretary ........ ..... B ichard Blair Student Council. . . . . .Shirley Breitiqam home room 204 FIRST ROW: I. Dunbar, K. Crossmon, A. Fausnauqh, I. Fleming, P. Erwin, C. Davis, R. Doxsey. SECOND ROW: R. Day, R. Emerson, M. Collins, P. Federici, B. Fox, M. Dayrnon, S. Dysinqer, M. Fitzpatrick, R, England, I. Frey. THIRD ROW: R. Dreisbctch, W. Fleck, W. Felqar, I. Dreisbach, C. Ellinwood, T. Farison, W. Cline, I. Cramer. FOURTH ROW: Robert Doxsey, D, Dindal, D. Cryer, I. Cole, I. Fisher, L. Cramer. OFFICERS President ................... Iames Cole Vice President .... . . .Roberta Doxsey Secretary ........ .. Ann Fausnauqh Student Council. .. .... Dan Dindal 87 home room 112 OFFICERS President ......... Dick Green Vice President .... Carl Gordon Secretary ..... Nancy Hartiqan Student Council. . .lack Hartlett FIRST ROW: F. Hyatt, B. Hiqhsrnith, G. Groves, S. Hartman, N. Hartiqan, A. Hutchinson, I. Hanna, D. Hardin, B. Hill. SECOND ROWQI. Harlett, R. Haman, R. Hummell, S. Gerlach, L. Ingram, M. Hogan, S. Holland, D.-Funk, M. Grose, D. Hile. THIRD ROW: R. Green, R. Huffman, G. Fuller, D. Hill, D. Hartman, P. Frost, W. Hill, R. Hartman, I. Hendersonf C. Gordon, R. Harris, I. Hiqley, Mr. Avery. home room 9 FIRST ROW: I. Poole, C. Myers, B. Pitney, l. Pereqoy, M Miller, I. Pulcheon, R. Re-ddick, A. Niswander. SECOND ROW: G. Newcomer, I. Robinson, P. Miller I. Rockwell, E. Payne, C. Needles, R. Patterson, N Moffitt. THIRD ROW: D. Parke, K. Palmer, I. Reddin, I. Navin, K. Pitney, D. Peschel, G. Ramsay, R. Meaqley. FOURTH ROW: D. Myers, E. Riclcsecker, R. Reiman, I. Morehead, W. Monasniitli, R. Powell, M. McRill. OFFICERS President .................. Iames Nevin Vice President. . . .... ,. Keith Pitney Secretary ........ . . Ann Niswander Student Council. . . . . .Marilyn Miller 90 home room 105 FIRST ROW: D, Swick, D. Schuer, I. Siebeneck, M. Smith E. Sink, S, Schott, S. Schmutte, S. Rowell. SECOND ROW: M. Stimmel, I. Shaver, M. Smith, B Stouqh, S. Sturm, A. Stanfield, P. Schoonover, G. Smithi B. Shoemaker, S. Schertzer, D. Smith, S. Schwab. THIRD ROW: R. Romer, D. Stratton, I.. Shrider, R. Siferd D. Snyder, F. Stahl, R. Strauch, I. Sehriert, R. Simons. FOURTH ROW: D. Schoenberqer, D. Stahl, I. St. Myer. OFFICERS President .................... Ray .Siferd Vice President .... . . .Margaret Smith Secretary ......... .. Mary Stirnmel Student Council ............ Betty Stouqh IN MEMORIAM: IERRY ST. MYER. home room 104 OFFICERS President ...... Buddy Warren Vice President ..... Karl Weick Secretary ...,.... lane Walters Student Council. .Ruth Weaver FIRST ROW: H. Tripplehorn, D, Traut- man, N. Williamson, I. Walters, N. Tritch, I. Voyoe, N. Younq. SECOND ROW: C. Wisner, E. Waaland, S. Wolfe, G. Winkleman, W. West, S. Weakley, V. Thomas. THIRD ROW: R. Zeller, D. Wagner, D. Winstead, I. Wolfe, R. Williams, W. Williamson, R. Zehender, V. Waaland FOURTH ROW: R. Trernains, K. Weiclc R. Walters, B. Warren, V. Yoxthimer, I Webber, L. Williams. 44' home room Ill OFFICERS President ......... Mctx Beney Vice President. .lerry Arnmons Secretary ......... Ncrncy Betts Student Council. .ldmes Aikens FIRST ROW:' S. Bechmcm, C. Alqe, N. Betts, A. Beagle, A. Beck, B. Beistle, M. Andrews. SECOND ROW: S. Bikle, P. Bctstine, L. Brcutiqcm, C. Beck, A. Blcrir, M. Allen, M, Altman. THIRD ROW: P. Ballinger, M. Bcmey, I. Ammons, I. Bond, Rf Bdumiein, N. Althdus, G. Arnold, P. Bitemcm. FOURTH ROW: T. Bible-r, R. Boulis, R. August, I. Anderson, I. Bennett. home room 206 gig, K 94 FIRST ROW: M. Cole, D. Cohaqen, I. Briqht, N. Cook, E. Brim, M. Davis, R. Breitiqam. SECOND ROW: D, Christman, C. Click, C. Courtney, I Brenner, R. Brown, S. Crawfis, E. Cooper, B. Bryan, V Cantrell, K. DeVore. THIRD ROW: B. Cattell, T. Brucklacher, T. Colburn, G Coppes, I. DeMuth, I. Campbell, C. Brooker, C. Davidson T. Cornwell. FOURTH ROW: D. Chambers, O. Coldren, R. Burkhart T. Buis, D. Brown, O. Cameron, R. Cole. OFFICERS President ............... Douglas Brown Vice President. .. .... Ronald Burkhart Secretary ........ . f . Orland Cameron Student Council. . . ..... Mary Davis home room 102 FIRST ROW: D. Ebersole, S. Frost, L. Frey, I. Firmin, M. Fleming, R. Fry, C. Galbreath, R. Frech. SECOND ROW: K. Duncan, L. Dewey, S. Ehrick, F. Fisher, L. Farlee, S. Fagan, G. Ellinwood, K. Emerson, S. Gardner, S. Friesner. THIRD ROW: W. Egts, E. Galitza, R. Felgar, D. Games, R. Fields, R. Fennimore, W. Fawlee, L. Dunsan. FOURTH ROW: M. Fagan, L. Feller, R. Drake, C. Earlie S. Elsea. OFFICERS President .................. Ralph Frech Vice President. . . . . .Sue Gardner Secretary ....... ..... M artha Faber Student Council. . . . . .Carolyn Galbreath 95 home room 6 OFFICERS President ........ lean Iohnson Vice President .... Carol Harvitt Secretary ......... Iill Koehler Student Council ..... Gary King FIRST ROW: A. Heuberqer, M. Grose, M. Hover, I. Koehler, I. Iohnson, B. Grubb, S. Kerentoit, C. Hartman. SECOND ROW: N. lones, G. Hannah, D. Heitmeyer, C. Harvitt, L. Hill-cert, R. Harris, L. Haveraneck, S. Katz, D. Hart- zell, P. Howard. THIRD ROW: W. Hillshafer, K. Hudson R. Howard, D. Hochstettler, D. Hindall C. Hildebrand, T. Iohnson, W. Halkyard FOURTH ROW: L. Hammond, I. Gep hart, G. King, L. Hossmcm, E. Greeno. ggi ,, W: 4 r Inq. W9 do P 5 'Y I '33 Qi' ? home room 108 98 q.S FIRST ROW: P. Newton, S. Porter, P. Powell, P. Presnell Sue Petorman, D. Patterson, M, Peterrnan. SECOND ROW: I. Porter, C. Retter, S. Pugh, M. Naus M, Nelson, S. Oneacre, M. Orton, L. Pifer. THIRD ROW: I. Peterson, I. Raudabauqh, A. Rada- bauqh, C. Pruitt, B, Phillips, P. Myers, Sharleen Peter man, D. Musgrave, E. Oats, I. Prowant. FOURTH ROW: H, Pettit, R. Patterson, D. Prosser, I. Platt K. Oldham, R. Norris, I. Reichrnan, P. Rice. OFFICERS President ............... Susan Oneacre Vice President. . . . . .Donna Patterson Secretary ........ . . . Howard Pettit Student Council. . . . . .Beth Phillips home room 209 FIRST ROVV: l. Sheets, B. Sheldon, S. Smith, P. Shaver, T. Se-niler lvl, Riclgley, 1. Springer. SECOND ROVV: N. iudisill, D. Sannett, M. Stahl, C. Schuclc, C. Shively, lvl. Siterd, M. Ricketts, M. Schmitzi C. Sccthorn. THIRD ROW: D. Sealey, L. Rineharnmer, I. Smith, A. Snyder, I. Ritchey, A. Risser, B. Smith, L. Smith, I. Solomon, W. Snyder. FCURTH ROW: I. Rtckseclcer, R. Smith, I. Spitler, W, Shoupe, l. Shraqier, R, Simpson, I. Romick, C. Roche. OFFICERS President ............... Robert Simpson Vice President .... .... D elores Sonnett Secretary ........ . . Martha Stahl Student Council. .. .... lanet Sheets 99 M B Ll Li I3 l EI H H I g g,g mGK5Q5E'Q'5 g iq! , :-. ,gy ' ' ,, uf 2494 -94. ,Y 4 ' 5 ' 1 .,... - k 5 vm A in ' wmmffffvkm I " X " 'ii Jw E mmqi , A, , .. A 3 Q 1555 'V ,, FJ' ag - .5 SHINE ' .157 Jilfmw W' is X iv? .f ' rig I f LL1', 1 5 , uv I S mz bLU:U -i EI Y ' lllululnullllll 'IEE' ? O Q All A EQ trojan football FIRST ROW: R. Zehender, R. Emerson, I. Iler, D. McCullough, W. Fleck, P. Flemion, E. Dantico, Capt. W. Creighton, F, Box R. Wisely, P, Rooney, D. Miller, L. Myers, D. Winstead, R Siierd, Coach Howard Yawberg. SECOND ROW: Trainer T. Welch, Line Coach E. Bartlett Backfield Coach P. Bikle, L. Ireland, R. Cook, R. August, D Cryer, B. Warren, R. Green, W. Felgar, V. Yoxthimer, D. Miller, coaching staff Q,-amia K ff Backfield Coach Bikle, Head Coach Yawberg, Trainer Welch, Line Coach Bartlett, Iayvee Coach Harter. 02 M. Waldman, I, Webber, M. Houston, I. Dennis, Assistant Coach R. Harter. THIRD ROW: Mgr. R. McCullough, Mgr. L. Slocum, R. Felgar, E. Greeno, I. Miller, D. Brown, B. McLaughlin, R. Boulis, R. Green, R. Sutton, R. Burkhart, R. Molder, T. Buis, W. Shoupe, I. Anderson, P. Warner, Mgr. R. Wagner, Mgr. I. Thompson. seasons record Findlay .... . . . 7 Akron Garfield . .13 Findlay .... . . . 14 Lima South .... .20 Findlay .... . . . 16 Bowling Green . . 14 Findlay .... . . . l2 Fremont Ross . . . l4 Findlay .... . . . 7 Lima Central . . . . 14 Findlay .... . . .20 Marion Harding .20 Findlay .... . . . 13 Toledo DeVilbiss 7 Findlay .... . . . 7 Sandusky ..... .26 Findlay .... . . . 19 Fostoria . . . . . 12 grid season A schedule laden with a number of Ohio's top gridiron powers faced the Findlay High football team during the 1952 season. Nine aggregations of first rate calibre provided the opposition for Coach Howard Yawberg's small but determined Trojans. Opening the campaign against Akron Garfield here in mid-September the Findlay squad found their defense adequate, but couldn't find the offensive punch as the Presidents conquered 13-7. Lima South dumped the Trojans 20-14 the following week, but tiny Bay Siferd's two touchdown romps and Duane Miller's extra point work led the locals to a 16-14 win at Bowling Green. After leading Fremont Boss for three peri- ods in a typical Findlay-Fremont skirmish the Blue and Gold gridders dropped a 13-12 heartbreaker when the Little Giant machine roared to a pair of final-quarter tallies. Offensive difficulties again plagued the Trojans as Lima Central downed them 14-7. Findlay and Marion Harding fought to a 20- 20 deadlock on the latter's turf as neither team could stop the explosive thrusts of the other in a see-saw battle. Findlay bowed to Sandusky's Blue Streaks 26-7 before topping Toledo DeVilbiss 13-7 in their best performance of the season. Con- cluding the campaign, they turned in a last minute TD to finish Fostoria's Bedmen 19-12. Captain Bill Creighton, team leader throughout the season was voted a third place position at center on the Associated Press All-Ohio team. End Walt Felgar re- ceived honorable mention by the AP writers. Seniors Felgar, Creighton, Dick Wiseley and junior Bob August were named to the Buckeye league team by coaches of the five league schools. .fs ,L 14. . - 'ww Q W M A N M- fn : :mf an rf 31'-ix, ' K , :Jw ff ww ,, -3-1 ii ? Ma, in V 1 kwa, fl Mgr: f 3' . 'Eif- fwg 'Z trojan basketball FIRST ROW: I. Games, L. Miles, W. Porter, R. Mosier, I. Symonds, D. Miller. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coaches, R. T. Harter and I. Larkins, B. Creighton, D. Garnes, V. Yoxthimer, R. Fields, R. Siterd, coaching staff COACHES LARKINS. BACHMAN AND HARTER 106 Coach C. Bachman. THIRD ROW: M. Baney, I. Ammons, M. Watkins, R. Norris, G. King, P. Mains, O. Cameron, Managers W. Farlee, B. Hull, G7 Gulker. season 's record F.H.S.... ...94 Willard .. ....3l F.H.S.... ...60 Berea .... ......27 F.H.S.. .. .... 63 Tiffin ........ . . .30 F.H.S.. . . .... 43 Dayton Stivers . .61 F.H.S.. . . .... 54 Marion Harding . l8 F.H.S. ..... .... 7 0 Lima Central . . .53 F.H.S. ..... .... 5 8 Fremont Ross . . .45 F.H.S. ..... .... 8 2 Shaker Heights .39 F.H.S. ..... .... 8 2 Sandusky ...... 59 F.H.S. .... .... 6 2 Bowling Green H36 F.H.S. ..... .... 5 9 Fostoria ........ 54 F.H.S. ..... .... 7 5 Tifiin ..... .... 4 5 F.H.S. ..... .... 9 9 Kenton ......... 3l F.H.S. .... .... 5 4 Marion Harding .43 F.H.S. .... .... 7 3 Fremont Ross ...56 F.H.S. .... .... 4 8 Bowling Green . .49 F.H.S. .... .... 5 1 Akron North .... 57 F.H.S. .... .... 6 6 Fostoria ........ 45 cage season Coach Carl Bachman's traditionally "tall Trojans" inscribed another winning season on the local record books in establishing an impressive l5-3 mark for the l952-53 cam- paign. Adding to the remarkable cage prestige established by Coach Bachman in his 18 seasons here the Trojans downed all Buck- eye league rivals twice, excepting the Bowl- ing Green Bobcats, who measured the Blue and Gold squad once in a late season con- test. Getting off to a rapid start, the Findlay aggregation swept past Willard, Berea and Tiffin, but found the highly regarded Dayton Stivers quintet to be worthy of their state title contention. The Dayton combination measured Findlay 61-43 on the home court. Returning to the winning side during the Christmas holidays, the Trojans scored tri- umphs over Marion, Lima Central, Fremont and Shaker Heights, and rang in the new year by trouncing Sandusky and Bowling Green. The locals met stiffer competition at Fostoria, finally conquering 59-54 in a hotly contested battle. Tiffin Columbian fell the second time 75-45, and Kenton proved hapless before a Trojan scoring barrage in a game that ended 99-31, with FHS falling two points short of its all- time scoring mark, Marion Harding and Fremont Boss were the next victims of the Bachman coached scoring machine, which fell under-late sea- son pressure to Akron Nortl and BG, but rebounded to crush Fostoria's Bedmen 65-45 in the year's finale. Among the area players receiving all-star recognition for their efforts during the 52-53 season were All-Buckeye league guard jerry Symonds and Center Bill Porter, who won honorable mention on the All-Ohio team. E n , , an I E spring sports J I m if X jf 2 Ji! flf'fT lffv'f: D. gxlflflwll, I. Fwy, D. Aizlwf, VV, Hess, fl Wil-,gr1f91. .LLCUNIJ HCJQVRVYQ J. 'IhfJ1115,5m1, B. Pawley, 'lf Hlfel, M. W1r1c:11.11e1. I Wu. rh- lf FIRST F.OW': R. Pelqcxr, B. Frunklln, R. Bond, D. Hlll. g0 35603111 muv1 E. Tesmwh KA wwmckh L, cmmef. kiliib HOW: C. C. Iifxchmlun, F. XVVIII, W. Felqur, K. Purley, R Wlseley. 109 FIRST ROW I Gephqft D M1119 M Hgusfonypl I-19miOn,W, Bius, F. Warren, B. Sutton R Green R August E C Bartlett Creighton M Waldman D McCullough, R. Site-rd. L- Shfidef, G- COPPGS- SECOND ROW I Peterson H H Yawberg, B. McLaughlin, T. --... 3 SEASONS RECORD FHS ...... 66 Fostoria FHS ...... 75 Tittin . . . FHS ...... ZSV2 Fremont . Marion .. Sixth in Marion Night Relays FHS ...... 53 Napoleon BGSU Relays 440 yard team 2nd 880 yard team 3rd Mile team ..... 5th 51 42 35 89 V2 64 g.-tl - l 5 7 :mmm llllllllllll W 7 5' f g 1 ffmj X V X l' 755 1 7 l x Q7 497' f FINDLAY COLLEGE Credits are are than no Findlay now accepted izens have almost any .ended F C place in the U. S. A. e teacher ' every rteen students 47,5 of our faculty have their DOCTOR'S DEGREE Here in your own home town you have many advantages. Several of them are: -An outstanding Liberal Arts Education plant. -Considerable SAVINGS in total college expenses. -A faculty that is here to give you special INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. -A college that has gained a National reputation in Collegiate Athletics. ' -A good. small CHRISTIAN college. -PLACEMENT upon graduation. Why not write to an alumnus ol F. H. S.? "Bob" Swisher Director oi Admissions FINDLAY COLLEGE A Findlay, Ohio ll3 SALISBURY'S RESTAURANT Across From The Ohio Oil Co. Fine Foods At Reasonable Prices Air-Conditioned HARTMAN'S Glass and China Shop Fostoria, Heisey, Imperial Glassware Franciscan, Syracuse Fine China Class Cutting and Decorating IZI N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Home of CORONADO APPLIANCES and HIAWATHA SPORTING IH GOODS ,-. ,--in .-.--- ...1.-- ...l-.- THE COLONIAL NUT 8. SWEET SHOP Home Made Candy Nuts Roasted Daily Caramel Corn Pop Corn Ice Cream Donuts Phone 899 To Win... ou have to be better. Isn't it just that simple? lsn't that what makes suc- cessful teams . . . successful individuals . . . successful businesses? And isn't that why American business, under our free competitive system, constantly gives you better and better products? Take gasoline, for instance. lf we make a good gasoline, we'll get our share of customers swinging into our stations. For a while. But if our competitor across the street starts selling a better gasoline . . . more and more of our customers are going to start turning in there. To get this business back, we have to find a way to produce a still better gasoline. As soon as we do, that puts the challenge right up to our competitor again. T hat's competition. And that's what keeps America moving forward. No one has ever thought of another way that works so well . . . for the benefit of all. Vw- N THE OHIO OIL COMPANY Produ cers of Petroleum since 1337 The Turbox-McCall Stone Co. Manufacturer of Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Findlay, Ohio BEAGlE'S BARBER SHOP 303 W. Crawford ST. ' ' 'Y ' 1 I - 2' A 5 1 BROADWAY SANDWICH SHOP Open 24 Hours 223 BROADWAY FINDLAY, OHIO Compliments of the HANCOCK BRICK AND TllE Compliments of THE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY Compliments of PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME 300 West Front St. Phone 60 Findlay, Ohio CENTRAL DRUG STORE "THE REXALL STORE" Where the High School gang meets Delicious Sodas and Sundaes made with SEALTEST ICE CREAM Prescriptions Our Specialty Sponsor ns DAVID KIRK SONS COMPANY sof THRIFT PLUS SATISFACTION COLDREN FUNERAL HOME 205 West Sandusky Street FINDLAY, OHIO Phone 600 Ambulance Service WFF7 BARNHART CONGRATULATIONS M EM 0 R I Al FINDLAVS OLDEST 224 MARATHON SERVICE FUNERAL HQME 1107 TIFFIN AVENUE SMWHSON ROWCK Phone 827 Fmdlay ohm KIRKPATRICK Phone 185 HOTEL PHOENIX FOR GOOD FOOD IT'S THE HOTEL PHOENIX COFFEE SHOP Phone 23 or 27 305 So. Main St. fsfxxi' :-' 'fuz ,' V ' 'fi'2ff'f2, , gfl If giifwg vw- hifi? Lfg iiiiii fiiiffi-" ,fy Efzfi PORTER'S Everything In Music Since 1889 STEINWAY PIANOS HAMMOND ORGANS HomE MARKET E Across from Ohio Oil Co. OUR DELIVERY SERVICE PUTS COMPLIMENTS YOU NEXT DOOR TO US. OF Deliveries-10:30 A.M.--2:30 P.M. TELEPHONE 1200 Al BASS CLOTHES WARREN'S 213 SOUTH MAIN STREET FindIay's Newest Men's Shop "POINT INN" conrfcnonsnv 411 Lima Ave. Phone 815 COOPER SERVICE BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES RADIOS ELECTRIC SUPPLIES Phone 5 Findlay, Ohio NEWBERRY'S 5-10-25: srons oooo WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "53" 121 . " SV,-Q's"'k+ Til ,Sam-a,-pufm Mabry, fn FINEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS 22 T, r '-4,- , 1'-L - wp f mmpg V L J I ' wi- .4..l...i4e., .s ,Nbr I 3 2 f , . . ' L, ' ' .V f - V - , - "M" ' 7 vm- --Ed e 1' YL-+,I...i..1,,.g3 Nui -. I - I ,M r 2,49-Q ig ' I ,fi ...Y- I "5 .413 BIoomingrIuIe's Flowers M I X E R N E U M A N N ' S of Distinction For Every B A K E R Y occusiqn Specializing ln- Home-Style Cookies We are members of the and Telegraph Delivery Service. Spemal Breads 208 E. Sandusky St. Phone 4404 140 Phone "I" STANDARD Pggge coAL CO. WAAlAND'S GOOD COAL COSTS LESS S k d S k S FI wers For All Special Occasion C s Of All K d F D CONGRATUlATIONS T0 THE TRUUT cuss or 1953 jwuuhum fnmpanq, "GRADE A" THE PAGE DAIRY WILLARD SALES and SERVICE CO. Findlay, Ohio I24 W. Crawford St. Phone 2620 II8-22 E. Crawford St. Phone 4706 Phone 3226 Used Cars-New Cars FINDLAY, OHIO Parking Lot FRED KLEIN 8. SON REPUBLICAN COURIER SHEET METAL WORK AND PLUMBING AND HEATING RADIO STATION W F I N IIO North Main Street Phone 203 THE FINDLAY, OHIO FINDLAY PUBLISHING CO. T24 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "53" FINDLAY HARDWARE I-IOIVIIZIZF BEAN 9 11 eww W .Z-Wee. Ill EAST CRAWFORD ST. f A To A A T X lil ' A Ape , , When you're 3Y,g"t CONGRATULATIONS TO THE thinking of CLASS QF '53 L u career... 1 'H T Think of A L Ohio Bell... T 4 A ' b ' h f I HOCHSTETTLER T ' " W" " COAL 8. SUPPLY 424 West Front Street 0 A good salary T 0 A friendly place to work T THE OHIO BELL Ay TELEPHONE COMPANY 4 T Y Y 125 Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY AUTO DEAIERS' ASSOCIATION Findlay Truck and Farm Collingwood Motors Corbin Chevrolet Sales Duffield Motor Sales Grubb.Motor Sales Harrington Chevrolet Laub Sales Co. Equipment E. L. Grimes Ford Hollington Motor Sales McCullough Motor Sales Kirk Motor Sales Ieftery Motor Sales Kuhlman 6 Miller Latham Motor Sales Gleason's Packard Sales 26 For Phone 31 Quality KROGER DRY CLEANERS FINDlAY, OHIO OFFICE-I3I WEST MAIN CROSS STREET PLANT-I704 LIMA AVENUE 3441 NORTH MAIN STREET, FINDLAY, OHIO National Refining Co. Subsidiary: Ashland Oil and Refining Co. Refiners and Marketers of Petroleum Products JAMES P. WEAKLY PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR TELEVISION and APPLIANCES 432-438 E. Sandusky St., Findlay, Ohio PHONE 439 Over 39 Years Of Experience SCHWAB'S Findlay, Ohio Athletic Equipment Gmffmenfg Sports Center jk Ap wwf C6-A School and Team P Outfitters Findlay, Ohio Phone: 40 Advertising Has Changed And, We Hope, Improved since 1849 when Pattersons opened its store on Main Street in Findlay, but the policy of carrying apparel only of unquestionable quality and correct style has never changed! The gals who have the smartest wardrobes buy at Pattersons! ? .ma me p I29 I CORSAGES AND CUT FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION SlNK'S Fl0WERS QUALITY FLOWERS AND PROMPT SERVICE To the Class of "53" I S YOU ARE NOW ON YOUR OWN The Store Every Girl Knows "MAY GOD HELP YOU"' For Ready-To-wear Sincerest Wishes for the B T NEXT TO TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL GS BANK fl'OfT'l The '30 HI-HAT sPAvrH's DECORATING co. 'WSTON DEPT- RCA and Crosley Radio and Television S T 0 Sherwin-Williams Paint Things for yourself, Dinnerware+WaIIpaper-Gifts your home, your family Novelties Findlay, Ohio swfaswfxr IQ E LESTER THOMAS U H L M A N ' 5 oiAMoNDs-wATcHEs- Across from the Court House SILVERWARE 303 South Main Street "Gifts that will be treasured and long remembered." ISI A .af gy i ,, ' Q 4 0 f .. -4 .a-., . . .. QW-www-uu.e 5' 55 F5 5 -.., Sf- I' if 4 - A ' X Em mwfem McCUll0UGH MOTOR SALES Home of Dodqe-Plymouth-Dodqe Iob-Rated Trucks S A L E S S E R V I C E 900 Lima Ave. Findlay. Ohio THE FINDLAY PRINTING AND SUPPLY CO. Complete Printing Service Office Furniture Blank Books Office Supplies Social Stationery Books Greeting Cards SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone Main 2080 406 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY We Extend Our Courteous Service to All in Handling Real Estate Problems REESE REAlTOR Want to Buy? Corner Cory and Crawford Streets Wang- 1-0 Sell? Telephone H80 Your ROYAL Typewriter Dealer Mrs. Burgess Reese, Realtor 612 W. Main Cross St. Phone 2026 D "Elsie Says" fn 'n.4, to the flaw, nf 7953 2 ,WL mf, www gm, fha, Mm. Hamm lc: CREAM and your 'A Borden Dealer f Q. Findlay, Ohio BORDEN'S ICE CREAM DISTRIBUTING PLANT FINDLAY, OHIO I33 BML 6dLf1he.4, lan, Wm gutwm sq Cooper 'Ti'-'i'iiiiS" COOPER TIRE AND RUBBER CO. AND MORE THAN 1,ooo EMPLOYEES DIETSCH BROTHERS Ice Cream and Candies 330 W. Main Cross Street J. A. EOFF INSURANCE ALL KINDS or INSURANCE AND BONDS ANYWHERE Look For This Sign ai' 225 Swfh Main Sffeef ZOI-202 First National Bank Bldg Next To S 6' S Drug Store FIND'-AY, OHIO SEE Us FoR NATIONALLY . ADVERTISED PRODUCTS Phone- 47 Guaranteed Diamonds - Watches Clocks -jewelry Come In And Browse Around KRESGE'S ZlER0lF'S WE "clothes CATER TO men F.H.S. like" STUDENTS Hickock Belts and jewelry Florsheim Shoes 1953 1953 I 1 ALICE BEAUTY and DRESS SHOP 411 South Main Street Feminine Apparel and Shoes 136 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1953 From Home Heating Service 501 Frazer St. 1711.74 4 '- , Vt, s 4, H . BARBARA RASOR-HOMECOMINC QUEEN V 6o M and BML Jo Jluz. Klan, nl. 7953 Harriet M.A Green Studios 3 A 0F.FICIAl1 PH0TOGRAI5HER ron THE A ' 'K " .,' Y , Y' , 1 ' ,J + 'Q ' ' . 1 ., Q- s:V.Q 1, ! V '- X l 620 s. MaAanx-sf.,1f,w ,,r,f .1 :A Findlay. ohio 1 . ' JT .M .41 .x , , -. ' - . -h ' .A 1 1 . V N-. Q ,i 2 , ,- , , fi en. .1 622 South Main Street Phone 3755 LYNN A. LYON CO. ELECTRICAL, CAS, OIL and COAL APPLIANCES CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF "53" TASTY-TATERS POTATO CHIPS 237 Prospect Ave. Phone 291 Findlay.Ohio MIllER'S LUNCHEONETTE d Compliments KITCHENETTE """' "" Congratulations to the 'I' C' Class of "53" i THE S and S DRUG STORE 223 SOUTH MAIN STREET Ph 409 A By-Word in Fi dl y A ' 'cw Sf ,-.,-. 1' FV.. ,ff '1 AEONGRATAULATIONS TO THE A A CLASS, OF '53 msrmcrlvs clrrs A A - A- L- BESS SHREVE HALLMARK cARbs A . 109 E. Sandusky Phone: 1150 A FINE FEMINLNE APPAREL BEST WI'SHES TO THE CLASS OF "'53" A JACKSON 40 FURNITURE C0 Compliments Of THE NORTH SIDE PHARMACY 301 North Main St. Phone 217 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF, ff53i'Lf ff W ' ' eo ,. 7 'K '- ' f ' ' A R -4 f V .. .each dG'QBT'fm'E1,l'lf5 , A ' N A ' TTb , A - I Q ' A is desilgrleol forcustomers' . T ' A S A T A , Convenience al., . W -TURNER FENSTERMAKER ' A f " or T snos coMPANY ll To . lj d 7 I 'A 'Quality Shoes since 1889 A 'S 4.15 so. Main sf. Findlay, ohio 4 'W A 630-632 S. Main K y COMP,-,MENT5 PEGGY'S CREDIT QIEWELERS V A H A Op "Where your gift problems Rare solved" ' ' I r' l2l Sogtfm Mein- St. A ,4 SH. J. A A 'Walyoh and leyvelry Repair ' 1 A e i All Wfatches Electronically Tested s D A- ,r ' i I4l We fitted you during your high school days so let Cord'on's do likewise for your college outfits. GORDON'S READY T0 WEAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS At THE B Cr G SODA FOUNTAIN B 8. G DRUG STORE Opposite Ohio Oil Building can 4294 Compliments of Your Order Will'-l?e Delivered Piping ot 1-iooo STEWART'S MEN'S WEAR Fried Chicken At Its Best 3295. Main 947 Ll MA AVE. Telephone lOl 4 1 BLACK Und WARNER HDISTINCTIVE CLOTHES FOR MEN" lUCIllE'S DISTINCTIVE' FASHIONS 600 S. MAIN STREET FINDLAY, OHIO Compliments of simon and SMITH COLHNGWOOD IO7 E. Sandusky M 0 T 0 R FindIay's Only Five-Chair Shop S A l E S SALES SERVICE I4 TOM'S ECONFECTIONARY HbME' MADE CANDIEAS' E AND ICE' 'CREAM 533 N. Main i ' Phone 5186 1 LECONGRATULATIONS, T GRADUATES! 0 ,,. W - 1 I E high .,fi5. U i wa HANCOCK sivmcs and T l0AN South Main at Sahdusky St. Findlay, Ohio 411 ' '-, A -Y i QUEEN? DAIRY QUEEN "THE CONE WITH THE CURL ON TOP" CONES ' SUNDAES MALTS ' SHAKES SODAS 144 M .Q .K Q4 vMmnllll1,,,0 NISWANDERT .iEwELEns 107 W. Crawford, Findlay, Ohio BIG I0-POUND TUB CAPACITY 7J6ilZd!Zf 721201 wn sums my THE ONLY WASHER Q Fon FIVE YEARS! W GUARANTEED BUCKEYE ELECTRIC QRK TO THE CLASS OF 1953 FROM REDDY KILAWATT AND ALL THE FOLKS AT THE K - 'u 4lv'4nf - CENTRAL OHIO LIGHT 8 POWER COMPANYID ' "if-f1fwrw" Enjoy "THE PAUSE THAT I D Y S I N G E R S REFRESHESU at your friendly get-together parties FOR QUALITY SERVE GROCERIES 5' , I MEATS M E. SANDUSKY an EA R T H M 0 V I N G NI A C H I N E R Y I CRANE-SHOVELS TRUCK CRANES DITCHERS FINEGRADERS SPREADERS SCRAPERS TIPDOZERS DOZECASTERS GAR WOOD INDUSTRIES, INC. 46 FINDLAY DIVISION. FINDLAY. oH1o New Home in Sherman Park. 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