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fr ' , '-'1'gf'L'J '- 3 M.. ffifjfxlr ' -4 s gm-zzffgf 2 JJ: uv Ji 5 11 - ff ' 2 r r 1 x I L rf' L. 'Q " ,. 6, , N' 6... K ' s E l . 2 3 . X. 3 f 'Wi ew U2 .,,f.4-w,+..f, we+..,,, tfomewomsii HIS, the Mid-Century Edition of the Trojan, is the forty-seventh annual to be published by Findlay High School. lf one could assemble a complete collection of publications made by Findlay High or almost any other American school over the past 50 years, he would note countless advances in- augurated both in equipment and educational method since the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Should any copies of the 1950 Trojan survive, by good fortune, for the next five decades, a similar number of improvements in education would probably become apparent to readers in that distant time. The purpose of the 1950 Staff is, therefore, to present a complete and accurate account of life at Findlay High in this half-way year of the Twentieth Century. All worthy graduates of 1950 hope that the schools of our state and nation will continue to progress as steadfastly in freedorn and truth throughout the remainder of the Century as they have done during the first half of its life. Without continued progress, the triumphs of the past become stagnant and lose significance. Z, X gc f f X 5 , X, X 1-is , - " ,-Ir, senivf' H91 schocl IQQO Pago Happy llags . 5 Adrninistration - I5 Faculty . 21 A vocations . 25 Athletics . 53 T hv Canning lfrop - . 65 Gradual tvs 71 Zllvrchanalisv Nlurl . . 8 7 l OR many of us the most thrilling memories oi our high school lives are the chapels, assemblies, dances, the prom, talent day, Coronation- these are the happy days, the days that will live longest with most of us. The contents oi this section reflect great social values which have tormed the deepest and most lasting impressions of our school career. They will remain with us in the years to come. In keeping with the modernistic theme of the Mid-Century Edition, we therefore present, iirst of all, the "Happy Days." 3' 0 , , s .5 Q' l Y 0 , ffmw. 1 A w , F, is V, W., . xx f,,:'!jf1m ,Q R ,ufwls vu M 2 x ,f N " ?M 4, A 9 3 M 1 in , I w Q x ' yn' 1? 'T X 'lx ff, ?l A hi ag, 'Gi 'fn ll 'r Q. N ,Q fx 'Mm .fi .. ,Qi 'Sv K-H, . g., , swf j im --Q -5 , 'iil S V , gl 9' f m? 257: M: ff ' Q ' Q :gg my , , 'Q g I X LH N-,jn:mvq3,7' - ' , if V , , A 1, w 1i?i+51Ef1zwls'.f.' ,www-f ff ' A gf L , 1, gf , , Q V .-Q' .0 i f '. - , S:-,- .H f .515 ' ' , 55 , .5 , , ":tg5?QX!1 fr ' .:3,r'-A-Q: ' K -"- s h ,Q s if 5. .v x A. X7 gga,wa f . , Y rg, 3 3:93. Sifii TQ? QQ' raisxfqgff Q ..,1:x-fr.3?.qfQ.s-f,: . t -, WEE L5-?zlg.Qfff. is ' , . i -wfgigkfgll s isis cluzpols The Christmas Chapel program was presented by Home Room i3 enactl ing the nativity scene. Each home room has charge oi a chapel during the school year. The services are oi a religious nature, con- ducted for guidance purposes. They advocate tolerance, consideration and character, and emphasize the impor- tance of religion and God in one's life. Students participating in the chapel programs have an opportunity to de- velop their abilities and give Valuable service to the school as musicians, dramatists and public speakers. assemblies Assembly programs this year in- cluded a wide variety of speakers and artists who had fine records of previous engagements in other high schools. Nilkath Chavre, a representative from the United Nations, and Cameron Beck, Well-known lecturer, highlighted the list ot personalities who appeared here. The Trampoline Stars thrilled their audience with daring and perfectly- timed stunts, an lndiana University professor presented a program of lames Whitcomb Riley's poems, and a biolo- gist showed elaborate, time-lapse movies. These, along with other inter- esting personalities, succeeded well in rounding out the year's assembly pro- gram. B113 A.D. Albert S. Otto describes the "Crypt of Civilization," located at Cgle- thorpe University in Georgia. tion FRONT: Beverly Hall, Carol Bikle, Phyllis Wolfe. tZ'l'1XNlDlNG: llattc- Cifthlkt-, lVlardy Slough. The Findlay-Tiffin football game was highlighted this year with the Coronation ceremonies of Foot- ball Queen Carol Bikle and her attendants, Tillie Wolfe, Mardy Slough, Pat Gohlke and Beverly Hall. The Queen was crowned by David Slough, president of the Student Council, during the special exercises at halftime. The queen and her attendants circled the field in convertibles before the ceremonies. They were escorted by five Senior l-li-Y members, Mel Laffer- ty, lim Dysinger, Ralph Wagner, Ralph Rasor and lack Phillips. A coronation ball was held after the game in the high school gym in honor of the royal party. The girls who occupied the evening's place of honor were selected through nomination by the senior class and election by the student body. The activity was under the supervision of the Student Council. The President of the Student Council, Dave Slough, crowns Carol Bikle queen as attendant Patte Gcvhlke lhcks on guidance clinic Lane Powell, student chairman of a busi- ness conference section, introduces Ardo Whisler, the group consultant. An effort to help the students choose their future courses of study according to their voca- tional needs was continued at F. H. S. this year in the form of the Third Annual Guidance Clinic. The Findlay Kiwanis Club sponsored this coun- seling program, which was held during the last week of March. ln preparation for the program Mr. Clyde Corle of Ansonia, Ohio, addressed the student body concerning the important process of choosing a life work. The students filled out inventory forms indi- cating the fields in which they desired addi- tional information and counsel. Discussion groups were formed in accordance with the desires they expressed. Each individual had an opportunity to attend two discussion groups and have personal conferences with experts in his preferred field. Forty-seven business and professional people of Findlay co-operated to make the clinic a successful and helpful program. 9 ents' night The above scene shows the faculty committee planning the Parents' Night Iiroqraiii. Lett to right: Lloyd Dull, I. L. Marquis, Miss Helen lohnston, Miss Helen Worstftll, l. D. Schmunk, Miss Betty Easton, D. D. Lawrence, Principal C5 H, Cnonstien. lt is the custom at Findlay High School to conduct a program one evening each year to acquaint parents with the methods and procee dures of the school in the hope that this will enable them to understand better the problems of the children and their teachers. This year a group of students presented a program which made the different courses of study familiar to the parents. After the audi- torium session the guests had the opportunity of seeing a movie or taking a conducted tour of the building. Later in the evening a social period was held in the cafeteria for the purpose of enabling parents and teachers to meet in- formally. It is believed that this program helps to ce- ment the necessary link between home and school activities. Don Sutton and lohn Bennett demonstrate an electronic device at the annual Parents' Night program. nt day A barber shop quartet composed of lim Miller, Steve Hauser, Bill Weitz and Norman Rooney labovel and a comedy act by Mary Lou Kope were two of the featured numbers on the program. One ot the high points of F. H. S. programs this year was Talent Day, another activity sponsored by the Student Council. Try-outs were held several Weeks before the program and the best talent selected. The successful applicants then appeared before the student assembly to demonstrate their abilities in music, dramatics and gymnastics. A surprising amount of talent was uncov- ered at the show. Claude Goldsmith served Well as the master of ceremonies who intro- duced the various acts. The program in- cluded several musical numbers, among Which were a barber shop quartet and a comic violin duo. Mary Lou Kope hilariously dramatized a popular song of several years ago, and a girls' gym class performed a series of tumbling acts with commendable agility. N" Thr- Senior class president, lim Bainhill, is crowned King of the Prom by lim Koehler, lunior class ptr-xy, while thvir dates Joanne Nichols and Barbara Rasor look on. Photo at upper iight shows pre-prom decorating in progress with Sally Gray and Sally Shcupe wt ikinf: on paywtr-r inarhrir urirlvrwater castles. A couple of dancers glide past the sunken trrtasum shiyf which furnished an important fea- turr- of the proni sc-tting in Davey Innes' Locker at tht- ltr ttftm cf the sea. The annual lunior-Senior Prom was, as ale ways, an outstanding event one to which everybody looked forward all year. For the second time in succession students promenaded to the catchy tunes of Allan Clevelands Orchestra from Heidelberg Col- lege. Students danced amid a deep sea atmos- phere resembling "Davey lones' Locker" While the orchestra performed from the inside of a large sea shell. A sunken ship filled with buried treasure was the center of attrac- tion. The crew of the ship, a group of swash' buckling pirates, served refreshments. lunior class sponsors, Miss Helen Worstell and R. T. l-larter, contributed much to the success of the l95U spring prom. Merle l-lummell was chairman of the decorating committee, a group which performs one of the biggest tasks of the year. DD W .W KK. A. M M +fw-QmN,,5M, P9 HQ 8 9 in FD 'U UB in tl D in ii D 9 P N W ii no 5 5 nw was D '59 r""'W zQ 5 www Spay JP H 60 B 1:2 W 9 x is Y I as 'Hi ah 1 QQQIQ - , 'V' k ,. 5, Mig? , F if K' f 5 F22 i 555 letra . ig. , Vw T W, WN. 1 . H 5 .ax J , 4 X k ,fm A Lf' K ' if f 3 A . f if 'X - 51355. '5- 'Sf - Xt My calendar 0 .1--v Vaalo ' EBJ7 camanuni' T2 own. gI Qnmdaahqb had T-L5 27 MO SQDTIQ lm W 224150. T QED I ZYFFUWHIYNI H7591 HBUDQA MAR 6 Tm.. MFI olllr .Zia MM-lmf-'1 Mime-1 OV-EL Jmllg md. 33 IME!!! MAL: if7'IlMI'IWl"1l'H I? ETT!Li7!l'Fl'?lHl clnplzm mn Q,..1 T3 OLQQ Luis MAXJ5 kAl..c.hqnL2a u LQQAA1 y.L.Q::-lihgfg 1,41 um WEWFHFTI Tl '+b2B0'UM 'Ml .mmkfk W-wji' J-A0130 A UNB' Fill' '7H"'fFi'Y'I van: , FW- l'F"lIl1'Nl rmuvnmnmn .mmm IMWINUBE BI! mMwmRmmH -i n -mmrmn IWITTBIIHFAHIFI A .n .uv . . A ' . Y A. 5 I, ,. ,I ,,, , .,. ., A.. ,-. QI, ,.,, . . I , A I mm n..l 4 11 'ua' I ' I 'I ' T' :uu',u n, 1.111.- 6 I an ' 'hun' ,n 4- ' 1. un 4 - , M . A 1 . -5 - . A-: 4 U . - - -. nr... 51 ' KI a. . . . . I , ,.. H A '.':-.1 ' . 5,44 A 5 . ' Y ., IAA.: 1"-'u A. 7 1 2.' ".' ' ,LV fl -U' .'j -g.'n' :IA -1 L. 'I .,.1. ' -nn.-'Aw .L JI .4 ",4.rf'--.'u- ' - .-- 'HJ 'Y anni ,A n ' , vu. . ,lm '- 0 -'Hn f.."l.0! Um-. . A0 .15 - A . Y , ,, . - HN, ,, , , ., , U I ' - T . - , ,.,, IA ' .'lI'..l OWU - . .A .,.. ' U - 'f - -"I . , . -u " ,1- . I ,- . 11- - A 1 ,J? fl' .'.. - K .-f l..--: U 911-I' .A 'v.- 1. lu. 9 1.1- 11 4- ff.- fi '4.1'-.'.' - . In III5. Il 'A - ' A. " E . H 6' - ". :I '.,. .- . l-'-. .' 0 - r 1... I' 1'.z '!4' ' . . ' 1 .... V , - l . .13 A . . Y , . - ' - '. - . " , , I 4,'uo--l- 434 . . A ' " - 'I 1 fl .I ,', 4 ,,..'- ,u.4.-f....f n"- . . , ll ' A- .u - 1 9 l . I 10 - Q Q . ' ' ,I u - ' 1 s. ul. ,lu l Au f, 'A' . -A' ' ' I ,, ...u U.,- . fi, A 5 :-.,., , . . . , .20 W- . U Y - A U f-.l3,,,L - I l E I -ao, .1 ' - " ' , , Y A V I I l.-- . , f 'LT . 1.-- W : ' , , . T ' ' - f nr. I-A A ,. F ,.11..: L.. - .pu . I I V, In ith , 5. . .U . , An n mv. -- I- ll -.glh:..1' ' .x , .. Y TJ. , ,1,,,.-.f M Q , 'I 'I u n . L A -.- U ' - U 4 I - - . u M. . l'.1N-. ...I hl- T A ,U M --.Int K ' ,M-15,44 -A ung "'.', "" '-' I J" ' LLIAAPAA44 , . 1 ..c.'n.'l" nd . , -ll: 4.41 I-u C' -- . T: I, Al ,L g-L 1' fl 5 in 'Q' ' - 1-zu. flu ...-.w.. .m f . A A :LAME I A 1 -V.. - 414 J .. AA -A -In Af. " 'I.4 l'.. ..c n 'P 'I '- , ' L- AAAI. . . M A ua - 1 I 4 """ . . , A lo . v l 1 H A U U U Ll .L Haag - U ' J -. .. . . u- s Quu m.-o.4- A ,.. .ag , 2,4 H 2,4 A I . --4' ' ' H'-' l A A 4-. . .uuufn ,AlL' - I.: ur! I . -.- nn -1. .1 ,p .4 nn. 1 1 .hd .M ' ' l.,.,A A .-,A-I All ..l. I 'ily' - Inn . AQ 1 u ,':. 1. .A' In-u l I L' H , K " 5 iw o A U U U 1 A . iq, U I-vl'A ' -....- .4 , II . n -r. . 4 I : ' 4:-A Ivan" A A'-H A .-I J 4.1 A :A 4.'J'l'c1.'.. A-A, W. V, 'A 'I 4, , ,L-.. :V I 1, u. gl A .A A '.f ., -,. 5 ' . V N Iii.. w.. l MK!! HE administration of Findlay High School manages, directs and governs all affairs of the school and plays a large role in supervising the conduct and academic Work of the students. It is, in short, responsible for the coordination and efficiency of the various functions of the school. Superintendent F. L. Kinley and Principal G. R. Constien play the leading roles in making the rules and policies of Findlay High, for it is in their offices that both the educational program and the lighter side of school life, including dances and assemblies, are scheduled for student participation. Miss Helen Iohnston and A. L. Mattoon, the deans of our institution, assist students in deciding upon the courses which best fit them for a happy and profitable life and also strive to aid them in improving their academic work and social adjustment. The Student Council and Senior Adviser groups are important in that both these organizations help to give the students a part in the school administration. superintendent Mr. Kinley principal f9ANcL7' .QQAW4 4. fuaze wdw4Mu7uwa ' . MMWWW W wfvfwwlf-YQ? Mf' QzfffZ41 ZZLQLMWMXQ? 'I6 GL, fbi, a.fnew,maf-,Ziff Awww! fGf1J M- 516, 4 5 Q wwf, jamie A-Wg ffiiilf ' gija Mr. Constien office ersonnel SEATED: Miss Long, Miss Famer. STANDING: Mrs. Askom, Mrs, Bishop, Mrs. I-Iarier. custodians -fmbsr, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Kerns, Mr. Bcxuqhmcm, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Gecxrinq. INSERT: Mrs. Elizabeth Greer. IIS As in most schools of this size or larger, school officials here have also realized the need of maintaining deans for F.H.S. students, and Albert L. Mattoon serves in this capacity for the boys of Findlay High. In addition to his regular classroom schedule Mr. Mattoon also serves as per- sonal adviser and counsellor to the boys, and aids them in making their choice of the curriculum which is most likely to be an asset in later life. Serving as a co- sponsor of the Student Council along with Dean Helen Iohnston is another duty which Mr. Mattoon performs. In recent years Mr. Mattoon has been largely responsible for the success of the annual Vocational Guidance Clinic at the high school. He also assists in planning and arranging for numerous speakers and forums. Miss Iohnston 5 t s l Mr. Mattoon Teen-age experts have long recognized the need for counsellors for young girls, especially those of high school age. Findlay High is fortunate in having Miss Helen Iohnston to fill the position of dean of girls. Miss Iohnston not only has regular classes but also is in her office four per- iods a day to help guide girls in their courses of study to prepare them for life after graduation. Along with these studies the dean also serves as a co-sponsor of the Student Council, the school government group. In addition to this she heads the Senior Ad- visers, a group of senior girls chosen to serve under her direction as friends and monitors to underclass girls. The factors contributed by Miss Iohnston in her capacity as dean help to make school life for F.H.S. girls full, interesting and educational. 8111110111 council Serving as the official student governing body of Findlay Senior High, the Student Council is one of the most active organizations of the school. Representing each of the 22 home rooms, the Council under the supervision of its sponsors, Miss Helen lohnston and A. L. Mattoon, handled the details of the annual football queen ceremony, scheduled all dances following athletic events, managed con- cession sales at football games and supervised such other activities as the collection of money for CARE. lt is also the duty of the group to cope with many other difficulties which arise during the school year. David Slough served as president for the l949-50 term with Beverly Hall as vice president and Sally Stack as secretary. FIRST ROW Grauel Remley Hall D Slough Stack Elder, lngledue. SECOND ROVV: A. I.. Mattoon, Klein, Aungst, Cook Herge, Day, Decker, Frost, Miss Helen Iohnston. THlRD ROW: McCamey, L. Miles, D. Phillips, D. Sutton Teatsorth, Wingate, T. Bishop, A. Smith. FRONT: Slough, Stack. REAR, left to right: McCarney, D. Sutton, Barnhill. r advisers As is the custom in Findlay Senior High School, 35 girls are elected each year from the upper half of the junior class to serve in the capacity of Senior Advisers. Chosen on the basis of scholarship, responsibility, leadership and poise, these girls offer invaluable service to the school. The group, sponsored by the dean of girls, Miss Helen lohnston, is responsible for aiding the underclass girls in becorning accustomed to the high school routine, and also serves as a counselling agency for students. As a further service to the institution, the Senior Advisers serve in the capacity of secretaries in the offices of the deans. SEATED: King, Gulliford, Griffin, Hall, Callani, Srhii rnacher, Galloway, Pugh, Roelher, Cole. SECOND RCW: Miss Helen Iohnston, Bilcle, Paul, E Mygrant, Gilts, Carpenter, Kope, Price, Cook, Bastine fioyer, M. Slough, Dayrnon. THlRD ROW: Wolfe, Shumaker, Neal, Nichols, Breiti gam, S. Pifer, I. O'Neil, Griiniiier, Null, Fishel E. Golilke P. Ciohlke. Ari informal group of Advisers gathers on the front stops with Miss lohnston, faculty adviser. 20 foculT9 Miss Bernice Kieffer L. C. Keller Miss Betty Easton H. H. Yawberq Miss Esther March Miss Betty Van Meter Mathematics Physical Education Home Arts C. C. Bachman Miss Frances Stover - I. CD. Ienkins Woodworking Librarian Art industrial arts D. T. Ricketts I. D. Schniunk Iack Volkmer Machine Shop Vocational Related Auto Mechanics I. l-l. Lawrence C. Flauqher I. L. Marquis Driver Trainina Auto Theory Vocational Coordinator svioruwf R. S. Phillips D. D. Lawrence C. F. Burkhart Biology Chemistry Physics, Radio, Mathematics language Miss Ruth Switzer English H. F. Brandenberger Wilbur Hall French, English Dramatics, English Miss Lora Wiest Miss Helen lohnston, Dean of Miss Ruth Kuenzli Latin, English Girls, is instructor in Spanish. English social studios Lloyd Dull History, English R. T. Harter History, Geography, Social Problems C. W. Hunsicker World History, Iournalism R. S. Miller Social Problems, English A. L. Mattoon, Dean of Boys, is instructor in American History. 23 na usil' Miss Helen Worstell Bookkeeping D. N. Avery Salesmanship Miss Mae Fassett Shorthand, Typing Miss Rosa Hudnell Shorthand, Typing t vom mvrriu I W. O. Iones Vocal C. L. I-lite Band and Instrumental Ralph Shen Band and Instrumental Oliver Schumacher Orchestra and Instrumental INDLAY Senior High School is very fortunate indeed to have such a comprehensive extra-curricular program. There are over eighty organizations and home rooms in the school. Among these are the two service clubs, the Tri Hi-Y for girls and the Hi-Y for boys. The Math and Science clubs are representative of academic organizations. For persons interested in dramatics the Thespian Society presents fine opportunities to budding actors and actresses. Presented annually are the Senior play and the Iunior play, the latter contributing funds for the Prom. Each year the choir and the orchestra combine to present an operetta. Later on the Spring Music Festival gives the concert band, orchestra and choir a chance to display their talents. The school administrators believe that only through a Wide variety of organizations can every student be given a chance to participate in whatever field his interests desire. IIIIIS This year the Thespians really proved that they follow their society's motto, "Act well your party there all the honor lies." The young actors presented three one-act plays for public entertainment, "Wilbur Faces Facts," "Moon Up" and "The Castle of Mr. Simpson." The productions were directed by senior club rnembers under the super- vision of W. E. l-fall, faculty sponsor. Membership in the Thespian Society is honorary and based upon previous acting experience. Officers for the year were Bob Slick, president: Bon Yoxsirner, vice president, and loy Fishel, secretary. ts' FIRST ROW: Fishel, B. Miller, M, Weavor, Ghaster, Boniloy, Slaughter- beck, B. Hull, Porter, Hutchinson. SECOND ROW: Nelson, I. Hoyer, Dayrnon, G. Frost, Hauddhaucyh, Lytle, B. Gulliford, Griffin, Gore. Tl-HRD ROW: Lupton, Stoltz, Shirey, Doyen, Lindsey, S, Kin-1, B, Hall, Inqledue, Price. FOURTH BOW: Bahal, Stoinhurst, P. Bowman, D. Hwy, Balilw, Laws, C. Cook, Weitz, VV. E, Hall. FIFTH ROW: lVlcGarvey, Aunqst, l. Bowtnan, Dowdell, Sawvel, lohns, Copeland. SlXTl'l BOW: Tell, Berlrlin, Iohnston, N. Smith, Pvwell, Goldsmith, Yoxsimer, Rose, Slick, Farley, nzath club FIRST BOW: R. Fox, D. Sutton, Bennett, Pampel, McCamey, Barnhill. SECCND ROW: Rader, Duncan, Doeplcer, R. lohnson, Angus, Miss Bernice Kieffer. THIHD ROW: Smiley, Sawvel, I. O'Neil, Duttweiler, M. l-foyer. I The Math Club is an organization open to all students who are mathematically inclined and are interested in studyinq short-cuts in calcu- lation. This year one of the projects of the club was a course on the operation of the slide rule. The Math Club also sponsored the annual chess tournament. Officers for the year were lohn Bennett, presidentg Don Sutton, vice president, and foe Pampel, secretary-treasurer. Miss Bernice Kieffer sponsors the group. tion club FIRST ROW: Snow, Scott, Van Vorce, Harris, D. Fetters, Decker. SECOND BOW: lack Evans, Collingwood, Duncan, Dowdell, Marion Saltz, I. Veit, D. Slough, THlBD BOW: l. Bowman, Brabson, F. Evans, Caldwell, Wuertz, lol. Hartiqan, L. Day. EOUl-tTl'l BOW: R. Frey, N. Cook, I. Dietsch, R, Fox, Weinandy, W. Cramer, Mr. Burkhart. lt is throuqh the efforts of the members ot this organization that the school is provided with visual education. Not only are classes provided with student pro- iectionists but the club also aids at assemblies by showinq pictures whenever needed. Student proiectionists regularly show their spirit ol service to the school by qivinq up study halls to run movies for classes. The club assumed two new objectives this year. One of these was to have one projectionist trained in each class and the other to teach taculty rnern- bers to operate the projectors, Gperators and trainees worked in pairs under the new system. The officers tor the year were Charles Scott, president, Bill Decker, vice president, and Bob Snow, secretary-treasurer. Bill Decker also served in the capacity of audi- torium proiectionist. C. F. Burkhart is club sponsor. Photo shows "interior view" ot one of the projection machines belonqinq to Findlay liiqh 'School The purpose of the F. R. O. Club is to give practical ex- perience to students who expect to make retail selling a career. The sponsor of the Future Re- tailers at Findlay High is Doug- las Avery. This year the organization consisted ot nine members. The officers were Ierry August, pres- ident, Dave Iohnson, vice pres- identg and Bill Decker, secretary- treasurer. FIRST ROW: B. Decker, Brocksieker, Ferguson, Gardner, Charles, August. SECOND ROW: D. N. Avery, D. Iohnson, Kirkendall, H. Hartiqan. The purpose ot the F. T. A. is to stimulate interest in the teach- ing profession and acquaint students with the teacher's prob- lems. Principal G. R. Constien is the sponsor of the group. Otticers for the past year were lim Huth, presidentg Milton Gordon, vice president, and Dan Rose, secretary. FIRST ROW: G. R. Constien, Cole, Pugh, P. Shumaker, Null, Gore. SECOND ROW: Linclner, V. Leal, Burk- hart, F. Thomas, Claypool, M. Bradley. THIRD ROW: I. Westfall, E. Myqrant, I. O'Neil, Smiley, Rinqs, M. Bryant, B. Fields. FOURTH ROW: Katz, Rose, Bennett, Huth, McCandless, Gordon. 29 helpers The Gifice Helpers are a group of girls who furnish assistance to Dean Helen lohnston, Dean A. L. Mattoon and Principal G. R. Constien. All senior advisers are automatically eligible to Work in the offices although any students who have several free periods rnay participate. The Qllice Helpers perform such duties as running errands, taking charge of routine affairs in the ab- sence oi the deans, keeping attendance records and caring lor sick students who may apply for help. lwlliffl' ltO'vV: lrislry, if 'li1lII1l,lS Callaway, Hailey, E. Gohlkc, iifllliii llc-lt rr lllrri:-1'fI1,CiI1li1r1, Kinrz, li, Hall, Price, UIKTOFJIP HUW: fl, l.. Mcftf r,n, In-nlcrris, Karcher Weaver, S. Piier, lvrfzhs-l, l'. Cir hllc-Y, Neal, lNc1rrl, Hr wthflr Pugh, C. H. Constiori. 'l'llllilJ HUWL Iflir-ivy ll. l'rri,l, Ov:-rlri lt, lf. Myirant, Gilts, Elder, ltci::t1rrr',li.lrill, hfrhrrl. l'CJlllt'l'll ltOW: l"ll1VV'fIli1 llfrr, T. O'Nr21i, Shoup, llerqc l'vr1::tr-rrxirtkf I. llllllll'll,i8f8 flu 1 The Naturalists Club, sponsored by R. S. Phillips, is cornposed ot students who are interested in Wild- lite. The Naturalists carried on their usual yearly projects of bird banding and bird counting, and as a special event the club had a Christmas bird-counting expedition. The officers ot the Naturalists tor the year were Dave Marshall, president: Charles Phillips, vice president, Hans Rillinq, secretary-treasurer, and loy Fishel, corresponding secretary. FlRST ROW: Krueqer, Cole, Fishel, Marshall, N, Cook, C. lanes, Hauser, Rose, Haas, Love, R. S. Phillips, Malloy. SECCND ROW: loiner, Hackenloerqer, Crates, R. Fox, B. Cramer I. Dillon, Brabson, l. Martin, C. Phillips, Dietsch. FIRST ROW: Hutchinson, Iarvis, Benton, Buckrnan, M. I. Hoyer, Morse, S. Thompson, G. Massillo Claypool. SECOND ROW: Love, H. Wohlqarnuth, Lupton, Misamore, Rings, Wymer. THIRD ROW: M. I. Peterson, Trautman, M. L. Hill, Winders, Van Stronder, Slocum, Elder, O Hiqlisrriith, K. Young. FOURTH ROVV: Neeley, Moore, I3. Haley, Smiley, N, Miller, I. Urnbs, Horninq, N. Hiqley, B. Hiqley FIFTH ROW: Andrews, D. Hoy, D. Iones, Inqledue, Bradley, M. A. Myers, I. Foltz, C. Ianes Ilosinan, P. Galloway. FIRST ROW: S. Ianes, Bunts, Lease, Shrader, Clark, B. Hull, Grauel, Remley, C. Mosier. SECOND ROW: Frontz, Stinimel, I. Crawford, M. Fox, M. Myqrant, I. Findley, Hammond, Stoltz Groves, Lytle. THIRD ROW: Miss Worstell, I. Younq, Gray, Shoupe, Crozier, Abbott, D. Weaver, C. Richards Charpiot, M. Hiqhsmith. FOURTH ROW: Beard, Shillinq, H, Williams, G. Frost, B. Barkimer, Mattox, S. Hartiqan, Slaughter beck, Keel, Swisher. senior tri-hi-y FIRST ROW: Crawiis, Griffin, Gallant, B. Schwab, Stantield, Doyen, Lindsey, F. Thomas, B. Hall, L. Hailey, B. Gulliford, S, King. SECOND ROW: M. Wohlqamuth, Woodward, M. Stall, Inman, L. Lonsway, P. james, Garlow, Esther Cal- hoon, Ethel Calhoon, Swick, I. Nivison, Charles. THIRD ROW: I. O'Neil, MacDonald, Burnham, M. Miller, Gilts, Miles, Redick, Paul, Kope, P. Altman, I. Stone, E. Myqrant, Overholt, P. Roberts, I. Hoyer. FOURTH ROW: E. Gohlke, Bartlett, Pugh, C. Price. Neal, Breitiqam, M. Slough, P. Gohlke. Miss Van Meter, Tinder, Roether, Laube, Fishel, Grimmer, MacGregor, Null, Shoup. The Tri Hi-Y Clubs The Tri-Hi-Y clubs, social service orqani- zations Ior qirls, are operated in conjunc- tion With the I-Ii-Y clubs of the school. This year the Tri Hi-Y and Hi-Y clubs jointly financed and sponsored the appear- ance of George Campbell, popular sonq leader. Mary lane Gallant was president of the Senior Tri Hi-Y club. The leader of the junior group was Barbara Shrader. Ioan Love headed the sophomores. The club sponsors were Miss Betty Van Meter, seniorsg Miss Helen Worstell, jun- iors, and Mrs. lack Thomas, sophomores. sopll 0 In ora In i-g 'itil iii Y fltiiim uri' :if-vuitvci to tizw iiuiivosefv ot doveiopiiiq iiiqii-iiiiiided idociis mi.: t fiitcntitimr of i'wc71c,tvi:1iiiif rizzioieq Stiideiitft iii cidditioii to its bi-wookiy iiiootiiiqs tiirciiqiiviit t yr cu, tiif Villltiff'L,Ltti"UIUCiCJUii0ItC1i Holy Vtfook Coiivoccitioiis boioio ECISUXT. i 't't:i:: ywcii ii14'5TKIliCiI fxioiiii iiiciiiqtiicttcid two Spocioi troptiios wtiicti Witt be wiiqrstvfd t inf ti zvfcizzoii witti ttw ttftitlfiii ot tizcf twr' iwoys1VotPd the outstoiidiiio ployvis cm the ivuflk it' Mutt tfwmi cmd tiio tootiiuciii tocxiii. 'Viv iii Y :wrvfct witti ttiw Tri Hi-Y :IS ioiiit Sponsor ot C1 Sock dciiivo Gitci ttio Mori' tx 'fi i'Zf'tiJfIll fqciiiifi. Inf- itfxiiiiwl wctsz iiiw:1idwiet of tilCSOt1lOIiC'h1b, Lciriy Doy iieiodcid ttw iiiiiiwi' -Kqioiii' ami ui iliaiitii wcizr lfYICi"i'T of ttw scipiioiiiijiici orqoriizo 'limo fzyioiifrorrz vvfim T, U Sviziiiiiiik tor tho seiiiorsp Tom Trout, iiiiiiois, oiift Lloyd Dtiif KJ titiiiiorwiw. junior In i-g FIRST ROW: R, Gulliiord, Cham bers, Mr. Dull, Farley, D. Cold well. SECOND ROW: I. Frost, K. Berry T. O'Neil, I. Bowman. THIRD ROW: Tell, Blide, A. Smith, Kohli. r hi-y FIRST ROW: Healy, R. Hill, R. Rasor, Lafferty I D Schmunk Pampel Wagner W Decker Courtney, I. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Rate, Thatcher, Marshall D Slough C Repp McCarney D Thomas Dowdell H. Hartiqan, R. Wohlqamuth, I. Malcolm, Bell R Lyon THIRD ROW: Goldsmith, Yoxsimer, Tippin Friddell Arnold Barnhill Scott Powell R Miller H. Waiters, Slick, Pitney, Gaines. FIRST ROW: Breda, Hummell Ruck, Rooney, Day, Cleary Hauser. SECOND ROW: E. De Les Dernier McCandless, Hackenberqer, Bau- man, T. Bishop, Koehler, P. Rasor, Wink, Warner. THIRD ROW: Sawvel, Weitz, E. Myers, Palmer, Leonard, Mason, Mcliendrick, McCullough. Membership Roster UI I YI l- Andrews L. Crawfis l.. Gillen M. L. Hill M. Mattox L. Povenl i e C. Staniield B- Bduqhrrlrln I. Doyen I. Grauel H. I-lillcert B. Miller R, Redick F. Thomas P. Baumlein M. Ferguson R. Griffin D. Hoy N. Miller I. Rernley M. I.. Trautman B. Benton B. Fields L. Hailey B. Humphrey K. Moore F. Rings L. Turner P. Bowman I. Foltz P. Haley C. lngledue C. Mosier M. L. Schumacher N. Van Stronde A. Cair s M. Fox F. Harris D. Iones M. Myers N. Sheerer I. Westfall P. Cairns C. Fruchey M. l-Ieistand M. L. Kope E. Mygrant S. Sheldon P. Wiggins l- CCIIIDG-flier M. I. Gallant R. Henry I. Krueger I. Neeley P. Smiley I. Wimer R. Christman M. Garlow M. Hess D. Lindner M. Nelson I. Smith M. Wise B. Clark C. Galloway O. Highsmith M. Lindsey P. Paul I. Snyder I. Woodward S. Cook A. Ghasier B. I-ligley B. Lytle I. Porter I. Spitler R. Yates concession helpers FlRST ROW: M. Grubb, D. Fetters, Frontz, Lindsey, Rice, Croy, Daniels, Van Vorce, Lytle. SECOND ROW: Null, Shrader, H. Williams, Alexander, B. Hall, Cole, MacGregor, Doyen. Laube. THIRD ROW: D. Slough, McCamey, McGarvey, Farley, Stanfield, I. Westfall, A. Cairns, M. Ferguson, R. S. Phillips. FOURTH ROW: I. Phillips, l. Thatcher, B. Games, Hackenberger, D. Baldwin, Hoile, Klein, I. Ve-it, Snow. The Concession Helpers, a group of about 30 students, work to serve the football patrons. While the football fans cheer their favorite team and follow the fortunes of the game the Concession Helpers are busy providing them with refreshments. The Student Council sponsors the organiza- tion, which this year was under the supervision of R. S. Phillips. The Concession Helpers have financed a large proportion of the programs which were presented this year for the student body. One of the most outstanding of these was a tech- nicolor movie showing the growth of flowering plants by means of time lapse photography. The Concession Helpers have thus been in- strumental in bringing pleasurable entertain- ment to the entire school. Concession helpers busily Wait on trade during time-out periods at the football stadium. C. L. Hite, Director: Ralph Shell, Assistant stlter ylf Neele Delbert Cameron, jean Y, ha Stelnhurs Il r, lieger lledges, Ca Gerald Haele fn C c A 2 7 fl 3 3 y: U E L utclttnson, H GH Frgst, Ie .- e Hiqley, Iames rrndle, Patsy Reese, Bcnnr B arqe Orten, Ge sl 2 11 3 on Q A: 5 E C5 ..1 O O Q CL Q Z 4 Ld E-' D ..1 u. ks, ' Elarne Sink. G9 M Nancy clcer kse Ric gene Henqsteler nq, Eu Ki endersan, 'Ronald nH 'Ich ren Iohnsen, Ka QT Barkirn E: Barbara O oo. O T1 3 :Q U Z L1-l H1 L1- JL 5 E U rr A. tw C ill ll! 11 c: Q U to 3 'rr 's U CI Q fl' E as I-4 E E 3 U Z 1: ,c 2 Z UZ O II V-w LD G.. tl tl! Y' Q2 C QD L.. U 'T U I Z 3 .S 3 si O ID C 4: 2 r: O E U rr sl 2 .AC U :r an CD U :s L. co el ur E nc 4 ,-1 O E-4 4 PJ hr :rr ffjlrarles Ill Scott, leyce Btrrnrra arles Ch hrll, W1 lrarn Btshcp, YH Ea larnes E: HOMBON 't V5 Q Q at 1 rn 25 : ,P r: O 2 ut Z r: be H ll 2 415 1: U 0 KI LU E 5 v-. M 2 U1 O E EE E L: U 4: U bl cu A4 a or ..t 2 'ci CI U an if :- L 'U 5 U ,N Lit 'S 471 :J m w E LE E 5 ,-3 a CE 'U rr: Z E 3 o rn: ff 5 M qv D O O U1 9 C1 p Q7 'n 3 43 fllv: nn Ne swand-er, Shirley Schrnunk, A u Htll, Ioyce Lo TY Ma Wtse, Nrle Shuber e.: ff: E U U1 E 2 E U LD C3 cr? E sa '52 U C 'u ci rn -'14 U O bs C tn E McGe'.ven, ' Anya Ray Dayrnan, ' Stratten, Marte Duane :L 2 an it Z E E 1: rv lfl E L E 31 as U 'Ps Q Q1 L: 2 r: S or Q U1 ru .J ct: Q Q: .9 E 1: 0 UI H 52 an CL .Q it Q Z1 Lli Z G I-4 EC 4 gm ri O cn D. E Lf! 133 A2 .2 EE 2:4 ,Q 0 ..1 E CC 'ff .1 U O P' .1 4 rj I R LJ U1 tl? E O -Z E rv S: -1 4 2 U 1: Q U: Q ut C Z 2 P E U ct. ri ,E .E 3 H L' U E O Z e ,Q EB L14 C CD ,Q J O2 tn UD 4 G1 rtlr, S rn UTI HU Wohlqamuth, N0 rtha Ma LARINET: C SS BA L: rv D. a O U 4: .: Q bl CD E ri 65 6 :A E E Lx.. o t: o Q t: U rn ri U E C U I Q5 1: cz Z Z O O no an 4 tr: Hay Beard, GUN Malcolm, I Chard Ri Kenney ING Mi Angus, David ION SS CD U L11 ld O: ilyn Myers. GI tes, M FG dC YG E:F XOPI-ION 4 cn O E- ,-1 4 E tl E E Af U au :- Qt E un :Q 2 C U out -rr is P2 un . lf O 4: .. 4 Tl U U E U 1' is sr: Ha ww Er: E55 mr: NTT' 'UZ Sf? Q5 LJ. 'ii E5 cs 5? ,c Q 3 'Fl Q LE 0 lL bt ,Q U 5 LD .Q U N E3 uf 55 E? E15 IEE ur? so EH: cs., wr-' 'Lu LED: Z5 O 1155 SQ XZ -14 ws CC QZ Zu: MQ E-fb air ll O Q 1 01' eCf Dk Jones SCG1' VV.O mcxs, I T110 Z, R. , Schuh THQI 5 X O bd Q Q4 .9 H Iomer, ZX 411 S ii ZX QD C LJ 3 O C D 5 Q 6 5-4 an 'sf :K 3 UD E 41? cp C LL Q Gu 'U E EH EU ,Q G ,CI U L-4 KC U9 M rf GH, C. THQ S. HG cn, Myqrcmt, YTD Gore, DCI H5 Z fd U U I H , L. E U2 Q U P-4 O 'T f-A 0 gn U S Q F-4 an ,xx an Q L if O UD 5 f-4 F. if x . JZ' U1 sf Q? E6 O U1 U2 E A4 L: CD H U B-4 Q 2 U 7+-4 LJ S E LD of ,Q 3 C .J ai : S2 co L. ll W 5 U CI D 3 Q '63 Z 211 mtl se-y Redlck, B d r , LH1 J ,E Fm :Z GJ E U Q3 U E Q an C .Q Q ,x. E-' 1 Dysmqer W if Powel Sutton, s, M U ITU E ,Q 1 GQ lts, Bcxstme, U3 uf U5 Q 14 1 N T3 U1 ii kW UE xl 5 F DQ if 2 Q Z S 0 Q. O YO LD .Q 2 E f+ 1 S, R. Rczsor 'EI E. My L: 2 E oi S 5 'X F 15 Q Q m Ll. YO LD x. U ,N fE ff r. T5 iq an L-4 0 ri. C15 Q, 3 Q K 4 UI QQ ii 3 Q N PQ CI SQ N91 Ccdwcrrd, 'B P bi O Ll-4 I-ll -4 TJ :1: Q lb Ari L. qi L, I Y' 44 Q gp 4. KL iff IHS S KI ' dx Lu Lx xml? If 3 U qv '7 4. n.. QD 'DN 0 33 QS O. Q bc. 3 0 ,-1 5-1 S U 5 E! 7, x 4 ,-. Ll E IL ll it , 1 ll rietta" Ma "Naughty BERS CHORUS M Ted Zebedls, Franklin abson. T B Colburn, Dana Milton THQL O Paul W rnbruster Ar Paul ert ob R Caldwell, David bers Cham lohns David wman, Don Beltz, Calvm s, Ivan Bo ob lac .4 93 U1 zz JI U 0 E 1: 'ffl -ni S-n 2 E CD cs .. U Q .: U DD B cu .4 Q 4: 4: O et ti' .E :A TE v U Q Q .52 E 5-4 2 W ct: E E stead, Pat lnsley, Win GHS g, Di H La Dell Mary mley, Re Rodabaugh, Iaclcie NCES Fra 71 r. D E as U2 o D2 415 .2 M CL .93 4: 1: C U vi i5 'o cu JI fi 'E 2 E U au cz C .- 5w L: C E tif 2 E P1 U C U Z ui .E m U DD C D- E 2 lt, Bartle nnie Bo ore, Sue Null, G NCES Pifer, Fra Young, Sally , Ioan GY lean Hoy Carpenter I-lonecker, lean garet GT M ether, Margaret Stultz, Ro ancy Rice, N HH llie Wolfe, lo A Ti 'o 5: C 3 'U o o 3 '-7:1 -343 cz E ai we H..1 tj . CLE -'E 'Qu 38 'SZ' wo Q5 EE -5: mi 25 :Q o . U46 KDL6 HB2 Tia: .JE E5 ,Am Se O3 m 0 Qi U JI U: do .EE FM. C5 gm 73 EE Er: 53' QC cs E ra- -U K4 o E .Q : U ,.1 .Q 1 JI CL 45 or :S 2 U2 E o El 0 M GD 2 1 4: EL ai E o ': U E .J w 15 .E r- E cm: 5 E ro -fi 5 C U awiord. Cr on, Margaret Fox, leannette PS Pat Thom UQ Ki miston, Sharon Ed A 0 9 U w 5 Z' 6 D E 'E E G 'Q O C Z .Q Q: L-4 cz JI O U 73 1: ca E 111 5 E U ,ii CAST OPERETTA Moffitt, CD11 E DJ uf L4 93 'ti be .: E U vi .: 0 P: 2 0 s: U rm :1 DJ L1 2 E E El: EE 0 C C C ': C E C cz E Q K- C Lu ia '45 an '6 JI JD 'ffl Q ': 2 C :P ui 3' TJ cn CL I C JI U9 E 31 cd 2 C U Ui 35 ,Q 0 4: KJ F-e KC .4 3 o ct. ol E fi L U ci 6 aa Z nl 3 O D1 E-1 cn E Lt: E -ri 1: Q Q :L C O :N o III E CD 3 U E r: 4: C .- C C DN C UD E C E: .S 5 3 bi' vi 0 o I 'C GJ il C cr si 2 E 'ct L4 o ,c .2 u: C. Pitney, 1 ppifl rnhill, Ti Ba sor, D. Sutton, Ra W: Ioiner, R. RO OND SEC hillips. P Ck Thomas, Ia ard ch Rl Powell, Dysinger, Lane amey. cC M Hauser, man Rooney, Steve CDT Darrell Courtney, N l, Charles Dowdel ri ,A 2 JI L ll? 5: L L. C PJ Yoxsimer. Ronald Marshall, Dave Slick, Bob dell, Frid neth Ken LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott Cole, Rasor, Bennett. FIRST ROW: Shrider, Hutchinson, Shracler, Cole, Hoyer, Morris, Bibler, Elder, Crozier, Daymon. SECOND ROW: Steinhurst, Burkhart, Winders, Grimmer, Esther Calhoon, Leal, Lytle, Humphrey, Bartlett, Rings. THIRD ROW: Strait, Widenhofer, Marshall, Bennett, Gold- smith, Pampel, P. Rasor, I. Bowman, Woods. FOURTH ROVV: Ramon lohnson, Larlcins, Scott, Bishop, Caldwell, Bralnson. FIFTH ROW: Rillinq, Howard, Yawberq, Katz, I.. Bayless. LEFT TO RIGHT: Shumaker Hoyer, Daymon, Pugh Cole. 1 af' it FRONT: Crozier, Schu- macher, M. I. Hoyer. REAR: Larkins, Brabson. FIRST ROW: Shumaker, Cole, I. Hoyer, Gore, Lindsey Bartlett, E. Gohlke, P. Gohlke. SECOND ROW: I. Westfall, P. Roberts, McDowell, A. Smith Pifer, Galloway, Daymon. THIRD ROW: Shirey, Pugh, Fishel, E. Calhoon, Myqrant Gallant, Breitiqarn. FOURTH ROW: Courtney, Shoup, Doyen, Grimrner, Ward FIFTH ROW: Bell, Rate, Marshall, Bennett, Wolfe. SIXTH ROW: Goldsmith, Slick, Slough, R. Lyon. SEVENTH ROW: Dysinqer, Friddell, Powell, R. Rosor Pampel, Repp. EIGHTH ROW: D. Sutton, Dowdell, Hall, Pitney, Barnhill Scott, W. Bishop. FIRST ROW: Fox, Myqrant, Cole, Doymon, R. Rasor. TOP: Pampel, Scott, Sutton. corridor hosts FIRST HOW: Stoltz, Remley, N, Stone, M. Spayth, B. Calhoon, Lindsey, Brocksieker, Traucht Wiggins, Wittenmeyer. SECOND ROW: Williamson, M. Nelson, St. Meyer, Huston, Miles, MacGregor, Ferguson, Marvin Fields, Shaffer. THIRD ROW: C. I. Smith, Povenrnire, T. Fetters, L. Westfall, W. Decker, Predrnore, Vandran, I. Hiker li. Brown, I. Croy, Mr. Brandenberger. FGURTH FLOW: R. Thomas, Hummell, Tippin, Rilling, Mellinger, R. Wohlgamuth, I. Hoile. Duties of the Corridor Hosts consist of aci- ing as escorts to visitors who may enter the building, keeping the halls cleared of debris and tending the corridor lights during the change of class periods. The organization furnishes a valuable service to both school and students by seeing that lockers are protected during the day and by assisting the faculty in any Way 7 possible. v 'Ng . MW:j'-sf Any Findlay High student is eligible for membership if he has average grades or better and also has one regular study hall each day. The Corridor Hosts are under the sponsor- ship of H. F. Brandenberger. The Cafeteria Helpers serve the school by attending to the details of preparing lunch in the school cafeteria. Students work the third and fourth per- iods and during the noon hour. Two benefits derived from working in the cafeteria are that the workers are first to be served and they get their meals free of charge. Miss Betty Easton is the cafeteria manager. FIRST ROW: B. Stewart, I. Young, B. Calhoon, M. Weaver, G. Shrider, Lazenby. SECOND ROW: K. Young, Misamore, R. Laws, Esther Calhoon, D. Greek, Miss Easton. THIRD ROW: I. Bowman, Huth, I. Cooper, R. Feller, G. Brown, R. Hedges. One of the hardest working groups in Findlay High School is the corps of Library Assistants. They deserve rnuch credit for faithfully performing the ardu- ous duties of shelving books and taking care of circulation and attendance rec- ords. The Library Assistants are volun- teer Workers who devote their regular study hall periods to this Work. The group is under the direction of Miss Frances M. Stover. FIRST ROW: D. Greek, C. I. Smith, P. Kam, Ethel Calhoon. SECOND ROW: Miss Stover, G. Shrider, I. Rice, Esther Calhoon. THIRD ROW: McCcmdless, W. Eskers, I. Hiker. 45 blue and gold Editors ' Managing Editor ........... Claude Goldsmith Makeup Editor ................ lessie Westfall Editorial Page ........ ......... P at Shumaker Senior Business Staff Advertising Manager ........ Marilyn Lindsey i n Subscription Manager ............ Ioeri Doyen 'u ' ' ' 'Fl Circulation Manager ......... Rosemary Ward T 'if-i-.,,,:' The student photography was done by Robert -, Lyon, unless signed otherwise. -'A seH,suPPo,,,ing newspupu published bi, The Blue and Gold is a bi-weekly newspaper weekly. except during school vacations. exam- pL1bllSl'1ed by the jOL1I'I1ClllS1'1'1 class of fOI' the inution periods and between semesters, by the student body, about 500 of whom purchase regular Iournalism Class of Findlay Senior High School. subscriptions each year. The paper is seli-support- Findlay. Ohio." ing, obtaining its revenue solely from subscriptions and advertising. The Blue and Gold is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Northwestern Ohio Department of lournalism Association. The F. H. S. publication received a superior rating at the annual convention of the latter association at Bowling Green State University last spring. At the same meeting David Katz won iirst prize in the Toledo Blade contest for the best sports article of the year and Marilyn Lindsey won second prize in the newswriting contest. The journalism course provides an opportunity ior enterprising students to gain exper- ience in almost every phase of printing and publishing. The makeup staii meets bi-weekly at the Kistler Print Shop to set up the paper. A technicolor movie showing every step in the production and distribution of the E. H. S. paper was begun last year and has now been completed. This year the Blue and Gold marked its twenty-iiith year oi publication. C. W. Hunsicker is the staff adviser. i BLUE AND GOLD STAFF FIRST ROW: Ward, I. Westfall, Lindsey, Goldsmith, Shumaker, Doyen, Price. SECOND ROW: Drake, Keel, Lytle, Faber, Beegle, Hutchinson, C. W. Hunsicker. THIRD ROW: Rader, Katz, Clinger, P. Lyon. the tro 'an This year the Trojan was edited around a new plan. Each section had its own literary editor. Faculty members nominated candidates for the staff according to literary skill and good scholar- ship. The staff chose their own editor-in-chief. Specific jobs were then assigned with due regard for ability and desires. Through the excellent work of the subscription staff over five hundred books were sold. The cost of printing the Trojan is covered by the sale of subscriptions and the advertising bought by Findlay businessmen. The staff voted to include in the Trojan all spring activities such as the prom, the track and golf teams, the senior play and the commencement exercises. This decision made it necessary to have a later publication date. FIRST ROW: Doyen, I. Westfall, Lindsey, Goldsmith, Gallant, Cole, Pugh, Shumaker. SECOND ROW: S. Cook, P. Paul, E. Mygrant, Price, Daymon, I. Hoyer, Grimmer. Tl-HRD ROW: C. W. Hunsicker, Pitney, Bennett, Neal, Ward, M. Slough, R. Carpenter, E. Gohlke. THE STAFF Editorial Supervisor Division Editors: Happy Days... Administration.. Faculty ...... Avocations. . . . Athletics ..,..... The Coming Crop Graduates ....,.... Staff Artist ..,....... lnforrnal Photography .... .. Typists ....,........... . . . .... .Claude Goldsmith .. . . .Marilyn Pugh . . . . Pat Shumaker Sharon Cole .. . lean Hoyer . . . . john Bennett . .. ...Peggy Paul . . . . . lane Daymon . . . . .Barbara Grimmer ..........Robert Lyon .Carol Bikle, Sally Cook Circulation. Connie Price, Chairman Rosemary Carpenter lessie Westfall Rosemary Ward Advertising... .Glee Pitney, Chairman Ioeri Doyen Marilyn Lindsey Elaine Mygrant Mary lane Gallant Graphic Supervisor. . . ..........,.. Elizabeth Gohlke Assistants ...... ..... M ardy Slough, Peg Neal Faculty Adviser. . . W. Hunsicker Robert Lyon, senior student photographer. iunior play of 1949 This year's junior play, "The Fighting Littles," kept the audience in a state of hilarious confusion. The action concerned a family known as the "Littles," a household so exceptional that their everyday experiences seemed humorous even to the most jaded spectator. Each member of the family had ideas and expressed them humorously and sincerely. "Daddy" Little had a daughter, Goody, whose friends he regarded as perfect screwballs. Goody's boy friend, Ham Ellers, was considered the Worst of the lot. "Daddy" thought romance should begin just the same as his did-eat a Sunday School picnic. After spirited and lengthy discussions Goody decided to follow her father's advice in finding a suitable boy friend, a decision which produced unlimited confusion. The play was presented before an audience of over 800 spectators. FRONT: Angus, lnsley. REAR: Frost, Copeland, Faber FRONT ROW: Watkins, Steinhurst, Stultz. MIDDLE ROW: Roth, Iohnson, Copeland, Faber, Angus. TOP ROW: Ghaster, M. Highsmith, Rahal, N. Smith, Insiey, Frost, Lytle. "uno foot in heaven " senior play of 1950 FRONT ROW: Frost, Gore, Gohlke, Daniels. MIDDLE ROW: Rose, Bryant, Fishel, Price. TOP ROW: Carpenter, Burnham, Kope, Shirey, Goldsmith, Powell, Dowdell, Marshall, Pugh, Yoxsimer. This year's senior dramatic production, "One Foot in Heaven" by Hartzell Spence, included a cast of l8 persons. ln it the author presented a true story dealing with the history ot his family. The biographical comedy had pre- viously achieved success both as a motion picture and as a stage play. The story begins as the Reverend Spence, his wite and their two children move into a parsonage in a strange town. As it the ramshackle house which the congregation "didn't have time to tix up" isn't enough to discourage the new pastor, he tinds that his new tloclc includes a group of assorted nuts. How the hard-working minister and his family solve their problems torms the plot oi the play. The production was well attended by an appreciative audience. W. E. Hall served as the director. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marshall, t Kope, Bryant. science club During the course of the school year the members of the Science Club have discussed everything from flying saucers to radio receivers. Sometime within either se- mester each member must give a talk on a scientific subject of his own choosing. The Science Club stresses particularly free discussion and the gaining of experience through the construction of equipment. Officers for the year were Charles Scott, president: Clair Fetters, vice president, and Charles Repp, secretary-treas- urer. future homemaleers FIRST ROW: Trett, P. Bayless, Van Vorce, Harris, I. Karcher, S. lanes, Harlett, M. A. Myers, Rogers. SECOND ROW: Hickle, I. Carnes, M. Gohlke, B. Barkimer, I. Stone, Knight, Christman, Miss Easton. THIRD ROW: D. Lazenby, M. Wise, Trautman, Leckey, N. Stone, R. Yates, C. Fruchey, Harding, Swick. 50 FlRST ROW: C. Repp, Pampel, R. Lyon, Collingwood, C. Fetters. SECOND ROW: Westanhaver, C. Scott, Arnold, C. F. Burkhart. The Future Homemakers of America, a club newly organ- ized this year, was formed by students of the home economics department. The object of the club is to increase each girl's ability to become a better homemaker through closer attention to cook- ing, sewing and other house- hold duties. Officers for the year were Rose Christman, president: Bar- bara Baughman, vice president: Carol Fruchey, secretary, and leannette Leckey, treasurer. The faculty sponsor was Miss Betty Easton. The Trades and Industries Club was newly organized this year by senior boys in the mechanical arts department. Membership in the club is re- stricted to boys in the senior trades and industries courses. Club meetings were held twice each month. Officers of the organization for this year were Don Thomas, president: Dick Weinandy, vice president, and Dale Warner, secretary-treasurer. The sponsors of the club were I. D. Schrnunk and I. L. Marquis. FRONT ROW: Clymer, Wuertz, Shelley, Weinandy, Greeno, Cramer, I. Brown MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Marquis, Sterling, Routson, D. Thomas, Lathers, Kin, Altman Brink, Brim, Mr. Schmunk. TOP ROW: Fitzpatrick, Fox, E. Brown, Cooper, Hail, Yates, Woodward, Bauer Fenbert, Stough. it l l D It FRONT: Baldwin, Veit, Westfall, Sterling. REAR: T. Sutton, Shepard, Mr. Hayes, Yates, T. Smith. The Stage Crew is composed of a group of boys whose task is to set up the scenery and handle the properties used in all school productions. The biggest jobs performed by the stage workers are for the operetta and the junior and senior plays. Although for the most part the efforts of the Stage Crew go unrecognized, this work is an essential part of any dramatic production. Charles Hayes, chief custodian, is the group director. 51 trojan lla neo ba nfl SAXOPHONES: Fred Crates, Ramon lohnson Marilyn Myers Barbara Foltz Ieannme Hartman TRUMPETS: Howard Walters, Elizabeth Claypool Richard Wohlqamuth Gerald Rader TROMBONES: lim Barnhill, William Bishop Charles Scott Charles Dowdell BASS: Iim Covert. PIANO: Ronald Aungst. VOCALIST: Ioan Rice. One ot Findlay l-liqh's most important groups from the standpoint of entertain- ment is the dance band. The F. H. S. syn- copators provided music tor many school affairs including certain dances which tol- lowed football and basketball qames. They also played a prominent part on the Talent Day proqram. The dance band also qave concerts out- side oi school, appearing at the Masonic Temple and the Chamber ot Commerce convention. The syncopators were led by Fred Crates, talented F. H. S. saxophone artist. 52 INDLAY Senior High School has in recent years developed an excellent interscholastic athletic program. ln inter-school competition the Blue and Gold teams compete with schools throughout the state for top honors in football, basketball, golf and track. Under the able direction of Coaches H. H. Yawberg, C. C. Bachman, R. T. Harter, Philip Bikle and E. C. Bartlett the Trojans have achieved widespread recognition. Iust as important as the interscholastic competition are the intramural teams in basketball, volleyball and bowling. By making it possible for a greater number ot students to compete the intra-school games have created a greater interest in sports. The program is under the direction ot L. C. Keller and Miss Esther March, instructors in physical education. 53 The Trojan Varsity team this year completed the football season with eight wins and one defeat, thus tying the 8-1 record of the 1940 squad. The Trojans defeated Bucyrus, 22-0, in the season preview. A Week later Findlay beat Columbus Aquinas, 35-12. After trailing Lima South by six points in the first minutes of the game, the Trojans surged to victory, 21-12. The third win of the season was over the Bowling Green Bobcats, 42-7. Next on the list for the Trojans was the Fre- mont team, rated sixth in the state. Although Findlay was outweighed approximately 30 pounds per man, the Blue and Gold roared to a 26-13 victory. Having defeated the Bossmen, Findlay itself moved into sixth place in the state poll. The Trojans took Lima Central, 26-14, and then went down to their only defeat of the sea- ootball season son before an inspired Marion squad, 39-20. Findlay slaughtered Tiffin Columbian, 81-0, and the next week defeated Sandusky, 14-13. The Trojans closed the season with a 28-0 victory over Fostoria. The junior Varsity completed its season with a record of six wins and two losses. The schedule opened with Findlay beating Lima South, 31-7. The following week the lay- vees played Bowling Green, winning by a score of 19-18. The first defeat of the season came at the hands of Fremont, 33-26. Following this defeat the Iayvees won over Lima Central, 20-6, and also defeated Marion Harding, 19-7. Bluffton was the next team to lose to the Little Trojans, 26-0, but Sandusky defeated them, 20-6. The layvees won their final game of the season by defeating Fostoria, 39-6. FIRST ROW: I. Huth, E. Henqsteler, K. Friddell, M. Gordon, D. Hill, D. Courtney, D. Miller, F. Wilch, H. Bell, I. Pampel, B. Wise, E. Rate, C. Phillips, Head Coach Yawberg. SECOND ROW: C. Peschel lmgr.l, H. Yawberg, R. Noonan, Hans Rilling, C. Fleming, B. Eskers, A Swasick, M. Hummell, R. Wink, I. Koehler, L. Peterson, N. Rooney, R. Palmer, L. Duncan fmqr.l, T. Welch, trainer. THIRD ROW: E. C. Bartlett, B. Carr, D. Beltz, E. MacCornack, C. Iohnston, H. Gase, P. Rasor, K. Ruck, B, Mcliendrick, D. Bauman, E. Myers, P. Warner, D. Katz, I. McCullough, P. Bikle. Individual photos of the Senior lettermen appear on the following page. Q , Frmd Wilch 1, ' f Joe Pam pol if A I I Conf' Kan nddall . Charm Phdhps D ,- 4: I FIRST ROW: Martin, Cornwell, D. Phillips, Beltz, A Smith Armbruster Iacobs Staufier SECOND ROW: Coach Harter, Brooks, Elliot, Abel Wingate Adams Barrell Ricksecker Mitchell Blide, Alumni Assistant Wittenrneyer. THIRD ROW: Huff, Risner, Gamble, Hildreth, Dela I-lamaide Roberts Powell Vanatta Clinqer Leary. Not included: Wilbur Tate. Findlay .... .... Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Season's Record Lima South . . . Bowlinq Green Fremont Ross . Lima Central .. Marion Harding Bluffton . . Sandusky . Fostoria . . leetball season A Toledo school again proved a iinx to Find- Seas-05,5 Record lCiY's Trojans as the Polar Bears of Woodward Findlay ........... 46 Bellevue ....... handed the Blue and Gold cagers their first set- Findlay ..... ..... 4 U Xenia ......... back in 21 contests, blasting them from the Findlay ..... ..... 7 3 Washington C.l'l district tourney at Toledo by the score of 40-38. FiHdlC1Y ----- ----- 5 4 Tiffill Cdumbifln Findlay ..... ..... 4 9 Massillon ...... The Trojans won lO contests handily at the Findlay ..... ..... 3 8 Lima Central outset of the season before running into trouble FiDCllCIY ..--- ----- 5 2 LUHCI South ---- in the eleventh with Fostoria. The Ftedmen Fifldlffy' ----- 52 Newark ------- forced the local cagers into an overtime before Pl1'1dlUY ----- ----- 5 4 Ff9mPUl ROSS - - bowing to the Blue cmd Ggldl 44-43. Findlay ..... ..... 6 O Bowling Green . Findlay ..... ..... 4 4 Fostoria ....... Findlay completed the regular season with a FiT1d1C1Y ----- 50 Kenton -------- record of l7 wins and no losses, and entered the Flndkw ----- 43 Tiffilfl Columbian sectional tournament at Ada a heavy favorite. Flndlcw ""' ""' 6 O Marlon Hmdmq After annihilating Wapakoneta, 87-22, the Tro- Sngigy ""' ""' 4 3 grenfmt ROSS " jans outscored Lima South and Lima Central to Flndlay """""' 28 POW mg Green ' Cop the title. in ay ...l.. ostoria ...,... Sechonal Toumcxment Even though Findlay was defeated in the Findlay ...... 87 Wapakoneta . . . district tourney, the Trojans still possessed the Findlay ........... 59 Lima South .... finest record among Class A schools in the State FiHCl1C1Y ----------- 59 I-i1T1CI C91'1iTCIl - - . of Ohio, having been rated first in the final A-P poll and having accumulated the largest num- ber of votes in the history of the poll. Findlay District Toumcxment ......38 Toledo Woodward Total points: Findlay, ll32g Opponents 678 FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Wise, T. Bishop, L. Gaines, B. Games, C. Brooks, F. Wilch. SECOND ROW: Coach Harter, L. Peterson, I. Blide, I. Iohnson, D. Bauman, I. Koehler, Head Coach Bachman. THIRD BOW: L. Miles Cmqr.J, A. Smith, K. Mitchell, T. Hyma Cmgr.J, D. Caldwell, E. Stauffer, K. Berry. y basketball players . Bll C' rn ' Bob Wise ' car' Brooki Fred Wilck ' t Nick Johnson junior varsity basliothall Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Games, Wilch and Wise are "right on the ball" FHICHUY in this varsity fracas. Bishop is on guard in the Findlay background. Findlay .... .... Secxson's Record Bellevue .. FHS Stars . . . Arlington ..... Tiffin ........ Lima Central Lima South . . Arcadia ..... Fremont Boss Bowling Green Fostoria ..... Kenton .... Tiffin ..... Marion ...... Fremont Boss Bowling Green Fostoria ..... Games won, 157 lost, l. FRONT: D. Bauman, L. Peterson, I. Iohnson, I. Blide, I. Koehler. REAR: R. T. Harter, K. Berry, A. Smith, K. Mitchell, D. Caldwell, E. Stauffer, C. C. Bachman. murals FRONT: Lois Hailey, L. Crawiis, R. Griffin. REAR: C. Bikle, C. Galloway, S. Cook, E. Myqrant. Boys' Basketball All boys enrolled in physical edu- cation courses have the opportunity ot participating in intramural basket- ball games. Teams were formed in each of the home rooms and played regularly scheduled games before the begin- ning ot the morning classes. The annual intramural tournament was played as a double-elimination con- test, and this year was won by home room 5. The boys' intramural basketball program was under the direction of L. C. Keller. 60 Girls' Basketball The C.F.T.Y.'s, a team composed ot seven senior girls, clinched the girls' intramural basketball cham- pionship again this year to live up to their boast ot "Three-Year Champs." The girls played together as a team since their first year and thus suc- ceeded in remaining undefeated. Twenty-two teams participated in the three rounds and the tournament. The groups were composed ot sopho- more, iunior and senior members ot the G. A. A., who worked for letters and emblems. Non-organization members were also included. Carol Galloway and Bonnie Clark man- aged the games. FRONT: H. Shelley, I. Phillips, F. Roynon. REAR: D. Slough, E. Rate, R. Rasor, G. Smith. Girls' Bowling League This year a new event was intro- duced into girls' intramural sports. Approximately 35 sophomore, jun- ior and senior members ot the G.A,A. turned out to compose eight bowling teams. During the season the clubs rolled twelve games at the Recreation Bowling Alleys. Captains ot the teams were chosen on the basis ot their averages tor the three tirst games. Rae Lytle, vice president of the G. A. A., managed the proiect. An honor roll system was organized for girls bowling over l25 points. FRONT: Strait, Stack, I. Young. REAR: Clark, Saltz, Swisher. in tra Ill u ra ls LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Smiley, B. Fields, K. Herge, A. Ghaster, I. Westfall, R. Lytle, M, l-leistand, M. Mattox. Girls' Volleyball Twenty teams composed of sopho- more, junior and senior girls partici- pated in the volleyball intramurals. The winning team called itself the "Tolly Iumpersf' a group composed ot nine junior girls. The "C.F.T.Y.'s" were the runnerseup in the tourna- ment. Volleyball is an annual girls' event. Each year G. A. A. members torm teams for this activity to earn points toward their G. A. A. awards and tor better gym grades. A new manager is selected each year to take charge ot the games. Teams are scheduled tor three rounds and an elimination tournament. This year the manager was Laurabelle Crawtis. 61 team qui, QYIUJAIQ I FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Frost Cmgr.I, I. Malcolm, L. Myers, D. Miller, E. Rate, K. Friddell, D. Hill, D. Courtney, M. Gordon, C. Phillips Cmgr.I. SECOND ROW: Coach Bartlett, H. Bell, D. Fry, D. Caldwell, M. Hummell, B. Garnes, B. Eskers, A. Smith, R. Hutson, Don Sutton, W. Carr, D. Cameron, H. H. Yawberg. THIRD ROW: S. Hauser, I. Bowman, R. Beltz, I. Veit, E. Kohli, I. McCullough, P. Warner, P. Rasor, I. Koehler, R. Wink, K. Ruck. Coach Elsworth Bartlett's cindermen climaxed a highly successful season by capturing the Buck- eye League Track and Field title for the second consecutive year. The Trojans compiled a total of 6596 points to runner-up Fostoria's 48. Marion, Bowling Green, Fremont and Tiffin finished behind the leaders in that order. Findlay won additional honors when the track and field squad took third place in the District meet at Bowling Green. Although the Trojans finished behind Toledo Libbey and Toledo De Vilbiss, two Findlay trackmen qualified for state COIIlDGllllOY1. Bill Garnes qualified in the 440-yard dash and Larry Myers in the 220-yard dash. ln the regular season competition the Blue arid Gold lost one dual meet and one triangular meet, while winning three duals and one triangular. Lima Central was the only school to turn back the Troians in a dual meet, while Lima South, Tiffin and Bowling Green fell before them. Marion Hard- ing won the triangular meet at Marion with Findlay and Fremont, but the Trojans triumphed over Toledo Waite and Fostoria here. Garnes gets set for fast start in one of his favorite sprinting events. golf team FRONT: H. Yawberg, R. Rasor, T. Bisho Fred Wilt p, . REAR: D. Slough, C. Misamore, C. C. Bachman, I. Dysinger, W. Felgar. A varsity rnan, lim Dysinger, gauges the ball for a shot at the local Country Club course. The Findlay Senior High golfers corn- pleted this year's season by placing fifth in the state. Although the Trojans bettered last year's top score by 16 strokes, they were beaten by four other teams in the final tournament of the year. Findlay won the District meet for the third straight year by outscoring nine other teams at the local Country Club course. The golf squad was coached by C. C. Bachman. The Varsity "F" was awarded this year to Dave Slough, lim Dysinger, Cliff Misamore and Walt Felgar. 63 ch vvrlvullvrs flllON'l', left tv rifjht: A. Cliaipiol, D. Tlitjrnas, M. llijhsnnth. ltliltltz Cf. Clark, N. Litnrnnel, T. Roth, ii. llartifjrm. The cheerleaders are an iinportanr part of the football and basketball season at Findlay Senior High School. lt is their duty to develop school spirit by leading the students in cheering for their tearns. Under the direction of Miss Esther March the cheerleaders practice one or more times each week during the football and basketball seasons. The entire group leads the cheers at the varsity basketball and football contests while the junior cheerleaders lead the students at the junior varsity and reserve games. ll ru Ill lllll..lDI'0ff0S SEATHIJ: N. lloininfg, T. Walter. liTANl5lNG2 M. lipayth, B. Laurk, I. Porter. Along with the cheerleaders, the Drurn Majorettos are an important part of the pageantry ot the football season. Performing at all the football games were one senior, two juniors and two sophornores. Under the direction of C. L. Hite the Drurn Majorettes practiced rnore than six hours per week throughout the football season. The young candi- dates for Majorettes were instructed by Victor Faber, Findlay's All-Arnerr can Drum Major. 64 The comm crop The Sophomore officers this yectr consisted otAlldn Smith, president, Tim For- ley, vice president, ond Marjorie Hutchinson, sec- retdry-tredsurer. The Iuniors were hedded by lim Koehler cts presi- dent, lim loiner cts vice president cmd Pot Thomp- son os secretary-treasurer. The faculty sponsors Were Miss Helen Worstell and R. T. Hcrrter. FRONT, left to right: Thompson, Ioiner, Hutchinson REAR: Koehler, Farley, Smith. IUNIOR HOME ROOM 105 FIRST ROW: S. Ianes, Leal Pat A. Karn, Leach, B. Hull Insley, I. Karcher, Lease, Keel B. Karcher. SECOND ROW: Lanq, C Iohnston, Hoile, Hutson, Koeh ler, R. Iohnson, Larkins, H Lazenby, Huston. THIRD ROW: Laird, Howard Hyma, I. Iohnson, Klein Ioiner, Kelly. FOURTH ROW: I-Iosler, K Huff, Hurnmell, Katz. ABSENT: LaWarre, Lear, Hollenback. IUNIOR HOME ROOM 108 FIRST ROW: Rernley, Roda- bauqh, Rahal, Marilyn Salti. Pruitt, E. Povenmire, Prowarit Shatter, Overholt, Richards Reuther. SECOND ROW: Sharp, Riqgle Rilcer, L. Rose, Sawvel, O'Con- nor, Preston, Peschel, Schultz, Norris, Palmer. THIRD ROW: Glenn Rader, Roth, Noonan, Rillinq, Rooney P. Rasor, Ruck, Pahl. ABSENT: Marion Saltz, A. Rose. u n dl0rc'lussv.v IUNIOR HOME ROOM 9 FIRST ROW: I. Martin, Maurer, Mclilliqott, Mattox, Moraart, I. Leckey. SECOND ROW: E. Myers. Lytle, Nivison, Mosier, M. Myqrant, McCandless, L. Miles. THIRD ROW: Marquette, Mc- Cullough, R. Miller, McLaugh- lin, Leonard, I. Miller. FOURTH ROW: R. Mains, R. Malcom, Long, Mason, Mc- Kendrick, R. Myers. ABSENT: Lunn, MacCornack, I. Massillo, Meqley, C. Misa- more, Leathers, R. Lonsway, B. Myers. 67 SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 209 FIRST ROW: Burkhart, Drake, Coldren, Cloypool, M. Bryant, Elder, C. Cook, P. Cairns, B. Bushonq, Eddinaton. SECOND ROW: I. Dillon, Dorman, Colburn, Dutton, Dewey, R. Cleary, Dickerson, Chambers, R. Bushonq, Dui- field. THIRD ROW: R. Clinqer, Dar- wactor, Cameron, Caldwell, Dietsoh, W. Cramer, Dela Hamaide. ABSENT: R. Brown, Buck, Cornwell, Croy, H. Chambers. SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 202 FIRST ROW: Humphrey, I Hartman, Hosman, N. Hart- man, Horninq, Herqe, Hutchin- son, O. Hiqhsmith, Heistand. SECOND ROW: Hickle, I-Iilkert Hess, D. Hoy, M. Hill, IVI. Hoyer, D. I-Ionecker, N. Hialey, Harding. THIRD ROW: Hershey, Htne- land, Hinton, Hartzell, Hcuah Harrold, Hedaer, Hildreth. f ABSENT: Hamlin, B. Hiqley, I. Hoy, Hutton, M. Hiqley. un dvrclasses SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 111 FIRST ROW: Siterd, Rings, Snyder, Sheerer, L. Povert- mire, Slocum, R. Puqh. SECOND ROW: Schmitz, H. Smith, Carole Smith, Smiley, Rice, G. Shrider, I. Repp, THIRD ROW: R. Sznxth, Rimer, Sernler, Allan Smith, Ucswnell, Reddin, Risner, I. Sliiulor. FOURTH ROW: Schimmel, Solt, S. Simon, W. Powell, Ricksecker. ABSENT: ROITPHLZ, Rugfgley, Saniers, Srotvy, ffhelrlon, Sonnett, Sh'mgw. 69 u n alvrc' la ssvs SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 6 FIRST ROW: D. Iacobs, G. Martin, Laws, Kniqht, H. Leclcey, D. Lazenby, Pat Karn. SECOND ROW: I. Mains, Leary, I. Martin, Kohli, Mal- loy, I. McCoy, B, Lonsway. THIRD ROW: Iarvis, D, Iones, Lindner, Krueger, lnqledue, S. Mains, P. Lyon, Iackman. FOURTH ROW: G. Massillo, Lupton, Love, Iohns. ABSENT: T. Iacobs, C. Ianes, D. Kina, I. Iones, LeRoy. SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 207 FIRST HOVV: E. Faluor, P. llalfvy, M. Grilill-Uv, Fcvltvi, Fioltis, Fruvhfiy, P. Galloway, ll. flrilflnar, I. Carnes. l1llCfONlJ HUW2 Cvlfirflc, Elliott, Clariililca, llall, R. Frey, R. Gul litotrl, W. Garlow, T. Fettors. Tllllill HOW: Griolw, Frost, Farloy, Flirk, I. Glenna, Gary, Folk, Flo'-k. ABSENT: Emahisor, I. Eslcers, C. Fafgan, Gmfek, R. Groves Grubb, I, Greori SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 102 FIRST ROW: Morris, Moore, Neeley, Mary Myers, Mea- simer, Orton, Marilyn Myers, M. Peterson, B. Miller. SECOND ROW: Perkins, R. SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 103 l'lliST HOWI Troll, M. Thomas, Spitlor, K. Young, M. Traut- man, M. Wise'-, Winclors, Van Stronrlor, Wimor. SECOND ROW: Theohald, I Umlns, S. Thompson, Turner, ll. Yates, ll. Wohlaaniuth, Witrkarci, Tllllill ROVJ: Vancierihiirq, Wells, Van Atta, Zelioriis, Tell, Wingate. FOURTH ROW: l. Waalanfi, Ronald Thomas, D. Wohlqa- muth, E. Wood, Stauffer. ABSENT: Tate, Switzer, Ze- hender, D. Williams. 70 Q," . Pauline, Morrow, N. Miller, Porter, A. Misamore, Marilyn Nelson, Moffatt, P. Piter. THlRD ROW: Murray, A. Miles, D. Phillips, Mitchell, Mellinqer, T. O'Neil, L. Peter- son, McGarvey. ABSENT: Mclfitrick, Murphy, Naus, Nique, D. Pauline. OW we have graduated and are ready to take our places in adult society. As we bid farewell to Findlay High, we look back and know that we've had many happy moments: the operetta, the football and basketball games, the senior prom-there's been no end to the many things that have made our high school life complete. But it wasn't all fun and pleasure, for we have also shown the ability to grasp knowledge. Not only have we acquired book knowledge, but we have also learned how to live with others. After graduation we must go into the world to meet different people and to make new friends. As we are ready to start out on life's path, it is best that we do not look back. We must, rather, look ahead to the hopes and dreams of the future, for we are entering the second half of the Twentieth Century. lust as the first half of the century ends with great things, and great mistakes, too, the next fifty years are looming on the horizon with even greater oppor- tunities to offer us. 7'I senior class officers Icxmes Elizabeth Margaret Bcrrnhill. Gohlke. Slough. President Vice President Secretary graduates Patsy Wilbur Iulia lerry Altman Altman Archable August Ralph Bonnie Marilyn Barrell Bartlett Bastine I, it was fl? if I I l l V .9 t 1 1 Euqene Bauer Huqh Bell graduates 5, I N14 V?-'Q Iohn Bennett Carol Bikle William Bishop Phyllis Breitiqam Ioseph Thomas Browne Bryant Bruce Ioyce Buckley Burnham iso 'Y lack Brim Richard Brink 0 74 Ioan Brocksieker Edgar Brown Alice Ethel Cairns Calhoon Esther Rosemary Calhoon Carpenter graduates William Virginia Charles Richard Sharon Carr Charles Clark Clymer Cole Celia Barbara Iohn Wilma Darrell Cook Cooper Cooper Corbin Courtney Arthur Gene Fredrick Laurabelle Paul Cramer Cramer Crates Crawfis Curth Mary lane William Norma Marjorie Daniels Daymon Decker Denton Dillon graduates .N . -.N Y lqx t F I P X xx . Q :fig ' v if it 1 i Q ' i is Clair oy Fetters Fishel Iames Piiyitis Fitzpatrick Leland Richard Fox OX Armetta Dorothy 76 Frey Fry graduates Leslie Mary lane Carol Martha Mary Ellen Gaines Gallant Galloway Gardner Garlow Glenn Martha Winitred Patricia Claude Garrnan Gearing Gilts Gohlke Goldsmith Milton Frances Harley Ruth Barbara Gordon Gore Greeno Griffin Grirnrner Barbara Lois Beverly William Homer Gullitord Hailey Hall Harrell Hartiqan graduates Iudlth I-Iashnger Donald Hayden Eugene Hengsteler Richard Hill Margaret Honecker lean Hoyer Dorothy David L. Ienkins Iohnson David C. Kenneth Iohnson Kaufman George Hull James Huth lean Inman Peggy Ianes Arminta Mary Kenney Kimm el Sharon Thomas King Kinn grad ua tes Norman Mary Lou Melvin Mervyn Dean Kirkendall Kope Lalferty Laird Lather Marian Barbara Marilyn Nancy Lilian Laube Lauclc Lindsey Longworth Lonsway Robert lerry Anne Elizabeth David Lyon Lyon MacGregor Mains Mains Iohn David Diane Charles Donald Malcolm Marshall Marvin McCarney McCoy Dorothy McDonald t Frreda McDowell Nancy Mrles Rrchard Mrller PeQQY Martha Marlene Mrller Neal Nelson oan earr Nlchots Nlvrsorr Patsy Mrller Eldon Moftrtt Rrchard Morqer Larry Myers Elame Myqrant Sue Ioan Null O'Nei1 so Ioe Carole Parnpel Overholt graduates grad ua tes PeqQY Paul Glee Pitney Beverly Prowant Roxine Redick Charles Phillips Eva Povenrnire Marilyn Pugh Charles Repp Harry lack Sarah Phillips Phillips Pifer Lane Alan Constance Powell Predmore Price Gerald Ralph Edwin Rader Rasor Rate Phyllis Nancy Daniel Roberts Roether Rose Richard Routson Fred Roynon Mary Lou Schumacher Barbara Schwab Charles Scott lnanita Sheley Harold Shelley loan Shirey Patricia Shoup Patricia Shurnaker 82 I graduates Robert David Slick Slonqh Ann Mary Smith Stall l Carole Paul Stantield Sterling ack Barbara Stevenson Si. Myer graduates lane Norma Donald Donald Phyllis Stone Stone Stouqh Sutton Swick Paul Iohn Donald Freda Patricia Tesnow Thatcher Thomas Thomas Tinder Troy Mary Norman Dan Howard Tippin Traucht Twininq Umbs Walters Ralph Rosemary Dale Richard William Wagner Ward Warner Weinandy Westenhaver graduates Iessie Fredrick Marilynn Robert Richard Westfall Wilch Williamson Wise Wohlqamuth Martha Phyllis Doyt 5 lean Allen Wohlqamuth Wolfe Woodward Woodward Wuertz Harry Ronald Yates Yoxsimer 84 +58 w rt- rfb Q ef :iw 'Wa 4 7'fW9' Lf 'Eff l"F"""F' F"E'QS3',Q I L F FA ..Q ,. EifQV?:qi?PE??T?'?04f? ??f??fj bL1??f??Mig?fd?ifg4??5l ifii If5Wfi54mEJ?5ig iQ'qfSAiwi41?3l45M2Qj5EQ U1 E1,fY?i+K?1E???f'1yi?? EIW? i H 85 autographs K INDLAY merchants have always contributed generously to the financial success of the Trojan by purchasing space in the advertising section. Without their aid the memory book, which means so much to most F.H.S. graduates and students, would not be possible. To repay our advertisers we, the Business Staff, have tried to make this section as attractive as any other part of the book. We hope our readers will peruse the following pages and enjoy them, meanwhile giving due credit to our advertising clients and friends for their part in the Mid-Century Edition of the Trojan. The student photographers icr the advertising department were Bruce Teatscrth, Ierry Lynn, Dick Mason and Phillip Lycx. 87 Tied with a Red, White and Blue Ribbon You receive it proudly, of course. You've graduated. But isn't there a deeper reason why you feel your chin go up as you reach for your diploma? lsn't it the fact that you've received it from an American school? Where every student has an equal chance not just to Hlearxf' . .. but to learn undistorted truths? Where every student has an equal right, not just to do Hgood enough" . . . but to excel . . . in the classroom, on the athletic field, in activities of all kinds? For that is the strength of America. That is why it is . . . and will continue to he . . . a wi nation. THE UHIO OIL COMPANY Producers of Petroleum since 1887 Biology Chemistry Commerce Elementary Education English History Languages Mathematics Music Physics Physical Education Religious Education Social Studies m Q gil FINDLAY CCLLEGE A Good Liberal Arts College In Your Own Community Fall Semester Starts September ll Contact Director of Admissions as I so Do A Little Cosmetic Shopping Find1ay's Most Modern Department Store Lovely Merchandise Charming Surroundings A Profitable and Pleasant Place to Shop S CF. 64-9 Lai V nn Now In Our Second Century E ff ff H O M E R F . B E A N Credit Ieweler 113 E. Crawford St. W f'43--::.,.g ' f wr, Jlonmn jnmafzlww- - s' 5 Q' 13' W - W 4 V' ' X T of K Q 9. , f X52 9 T t S' X Yi S xxx Jaxx 'rt If Q., Wm ax it 4 -ee Presented by FISHEL and HALEY 148 WEST PEARL STREET FINDLAY, OHIO Telephone 381W General Contractors Custom Cabinet and Builders of Your Home of Tomorrow Carpenter Work ml - - -N I,,y'1!!.gE - 1 fx THE FINDLAY PRINTING AND SUPPLY CO. Complete Printing Service 5 2 xi,-A 1 .Q 4,4 ,gi l. 35 KV.- 'Q- Ar .0 we ? Office Furniture 0 Blank Books v Office Supplies Social Stationery 0 Books 0 Greeting Cards scHooL SUPPLIES ' Phone Main 188 406 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio Ag Compliments of THE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY W, z . .ii1 GOLD BAR BRAND Canned Fruits and Vegetables at Your Grocers THE A. E. DORSEY COMPANY ag..-B THE REPUBLICAN - COURIER Findlay. Ohio ln..- ..... i PITNEY CARTAGE CO. CHAS.PI'1'NEY,MGR. Local 0 Long Distance Freight Haulers 466-470 E. Main Cross St. Findlay. Ohio ii... 5? 5 Sealtest Ice Cream Fountain Service Sandwiches F indlay's Northside Sealtest Dealer Phone 877 529 North Main Street FRE - MAR DAIRY BAR 96 M Trustworthy Prescription Service Sick Room Supplies ' Complete Photographic Department THE S AND S DRUG STORE 223 S. Main St. A BY-WORD IN FINDLAY B. 6 B. OIL AND FUEL COMPANY, INC. 405 Walnut Street FINDLAY,OI-IIO Phone 1701 F eaturinq Ashland Products 'Touraid" by Conoco "Raincheck" Car Wash DICK'S AUTO PARTS 347 Midland Avenue New AUTO PARTS Used Phone 1216 DIETSCH BROS. Ice Cream and Candies 330 W. Main Cross St. JSSZZT , iv Q5 ' fe 5 Ak: ,MM J A f' ,L A' fl ,...........--- W fy .,,N,,,fe., - VT, Q fe, .hw iw 'A "Q, f-'A , ,Lf 'Sv 'fEffe. . g7'E+siL"- W M A J 7 3 " ' 5117, :IQ-515 ':',"' . ': .: . "N A ii Q2,w'Q ffQ 'A 'ff PM 3, - ,, W, DON AND ED'S BROADWAY SANDWICH SHOP 223 Broadway FINDLAY. OHIO ZIEHULFS "CLOTHES MEN LIKE" HICKOCK BELTS AND IEWELRY FLORSHEIM SHOES Qngrafmfafiond jp lg Kfcm of 7 950 l"0WL jk HARRIET GREEN STUDIOS '.:"""""0n..-P, N -a,-,lrzwm Qabuj, 611 FINEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS Look . . . Nationally Advertised MEDLOCK'S I00 For This Signs Makes Sold at Bulova Elqin Waltliarn Hamilton 'llolocllron General Electric Westcrlox Cornmuniiy l847 Roqers Holmes CS Edwards lntornaiional Sterling Rerninaion Schick Sliavernaster Sunbeam . parm Our New Locatlon Eversliarp Art Carved Diamonds S. St. For Quality Cleaning KROGER DRY CLEANING For Pickup and Delivery Service Phone 31 Cleaning Plant 1704 Lima 622 South Main Street Phone 3755 LYNN A. LYON CO. Electrical. Gas, Oil and Coal Appliances '- sQm' Findlay's Leading Cleaners HUGHES CLEANERS 112 W. Front St. VISIT OUR MGDERN PLANT AT 701 HOWARD ST. QUICK AND EPPICIENT SERVICE AT ANY TIME WE PICK UP AND DELIVER DAILY Phone 617-W or 1175-W Clarence Schlencher, Prop. uw-1-f. -41, mm :QA-an-Q.-.Q +4 Congratulations to the 1950 Graduates I-'rom the Employees of Gar Wood Industries, Inc Findlay Division was PindIay, Ohio Buckeye Model 301 Farm Drainage Ditcher Manufacturers ot Earthmoving and Excavating Equipment Compliments of the HANCCCK BRICK AND TILE CO. ,M I"X-En ,MI WOMANCS FRIEND WASHER .-Ruin' 65 j0RfwU'kM,,wW THE ONLY WASHER GUARANTEED EOR FIVE YEARS! BUCKEYE ELECTRIC Congratulations To The Class of 1950 from your A 8: P SUPER MARKET ACROSS FROM HIGH SCHOOL HOTEL PHOENIX FOR GOOD FOOD It's the HOTEL PHOENIX COFFEE SHOP Phone 23 or 27 305 So. Main Street A SERVICE F OR EVERY PURPOSE-ELECTRICITY 1 I - GNTRAL OHIO LIGHT a POWER COMPANY ji Y 1 'A'Z'l1r Jrimdq Pcnplf' HERFF-I ON ES COMPANY E l'e 1407-1419 North Capitol Ave. THAN H ' INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANA lewelers to the Class of 1950 05 1 L CCMPLIMENTS ot THE NORTH SIDE PHARMACY 301 North Moth Street Phone 217 I0 COMPUMENTS ot FINDLAY HARDWARE Sporting Goods - Hdrdwdre 6 s. A 1 COMPLIMENTS of EARL D. RUMMELL FURNITURE 2217-19 North Main Street ..., BRUCE B. BRYAN 6. SON 499-11 West Main Cross Street FINDLAY'S OLDEST MATERIAL DEALER Concrete Products 0 Builders' Supplies PHONES 494 - 257 CENTRAL DRUG STORE "The Rexcrll Store" Where the High School Gong Meets DRUGS AKRON TRUSSES SUNDAES CANDY TOILETRIES Headquarters tor crll Photo Supplies Delicious Sodcts cmd Sundcres mode with SEALTEST ICE CREAM PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY f , COMPLIMENTS ot F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY , ... .-X COMPUMENTS ot I. I. NEWBERRY CO. 5-10-256 sToREs SCHWAB'S 'Ulf , Complete Line ot PlSHlNG TACKLE HUNTING SUPPLIES and SPORTING GOODS EVINRUDE AND ELTO OUTBOARD MOTORS '07 WE'VE MADE OUR OWN SINCE 1926 Fine Hand Rolled and Hand Dipped Chocolates ICE CREAM MADE FRESH DAILY Ognal WMIQO O ri i ' 7 Qzuflcfa C I Q IH VII Since 1 9 2 6 Trade Mark leg. I. S. ht Ollie The Original "DIETSCH'S" STORES 533 North Main I-Iarris Theatre Bldg. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE FINDLAY MUSIC COMPANY HANCOCK SAVINGS 6. LOAN 331 North Main street South Main at Sandusk Findlay, Ohio COIN OPERATED MACHINES Y USED RECORDS DYSINGER'S MEAT MARKET Friendly Service and Top Quaiity 120 East Sandusky Phone 178 KRESGE'S FOR A QUICK LUNCH SIMON'S CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1950 from Turner - 'Fenstermaker Shoe Company Quality Shoes Since 1889 So. Main Street Findlay, Ong? SPANGLER ELECTRIC W F I N W F I N - F M The REPUBLICAN counnzn station 1330 KC 100.5 MC I 4...-1 Everybody's Poin fing fo ' Ranges 0 Refrigerators o Freezers Dishwashers 0 Disposals Automatic and Standard Washers Dryers 0 Ironers 0 Water Heaters Q ,.,...,. Television, Radios and Small Appliances Lighting Fixtures o Lamps SUPPLIES AND SERVICE 327 N. Main Phone 3520 CROY'S MARKET Fancy Foods 0 Quality Groceries 509 N. MAIN ST. FINDLAY, OHIO no HOADLEY'S Rug 6. Cleaning Company ff-- DN 1 Algrzsbvngk 1 1 ggg gg Lmoleum 1 XX 131 N. Cory Street Phone Main 100 FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1890 BARNHART MEMORIAL A L L E N ' S EINDLAYS GLDEST THE STGRE EVERY GIRL KNOWS FUNERAL HOME FOR READY-TO-'WEAR Next to the lst Natictiai Rank. Smithscm Rsmick Kirkpatrick Phone 185 bess shreve shop FEMININE APPAREL 521 SO. Main Street For Gitts That Will Re Treasured and Long Remembered Gifts In Every Price Range LESTER THOMAS Diamonds 0 Watches 0 Silverware III SMITH BROTHERS MANUFACTURING CO. OPERATORS OF AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES , Findlay, Ohio Salisbury's Restaurant Fine Foods at Reasonable Prices AIR CONDlTlONED FMX Wa Compliments of PERRY MILES Koehler's Greenhouse FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 300 WQS1 Ffgnt St, Phong 60 l022 Liberty Street Phone 3030 Findlay, Ohio Fi1'1Cl1CfYf Ohio H2 GORDON'S 1... Make GORDON'S your Shopping Guide for now and your College Days. The best equipped store for the style minded girls ot MAY WE FILL YOUR CORSAGE AND OTHER FLOWER ORDERS? SINK'S FLOWERS 404 Second Street Findlay. THE PAGE DAIRY 222 Broadway Phone 2620 Findlay, Ohio MILK - CREAM - BUTTER CQMPLIMENTS ICE CREAM of Visit the Dairy Store NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBRES INC. 3441 North Main Street 113 COMPLIMENTS oi COLDREN FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE sERv1oE WHEELERS GARAGE Phone GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING 300 Equipped to service your car RIGHT 205 West Sandusky Street Clutch Brakes 12" dl 'gh' Transmission Motor In my 10 Differential Generator Tires Starter Batteries Go To School The Economical Way! Ride The Bus FINDLAY TRANSIT INC. ff 'B 'V '9 Reasonable and Reliable FREE ESTIMATES 0. T. Waxler, Prop. COR? 572 WHEELER S ISLAND OZHU3 HN' ,ar CD O :tim UNH N 99 Congratulations to The Class of l95O trorn W H E E L E R S The island Folks 5 X E ww DAVID KIRK SONS COMPANY Sponsors of Thrift Plus Satisfaction B1oomingda1e's Flowers Oi Distinction For Every Occasion 610 South Main St. Phone 308 COOPER TIRES Batteries and Accessories Radios 0 Electric Supplies Phone 5 Findlay Ohio BEAGLE'S BARBER SHOP 113 W. Crawford St. Phone 4244 ns FRED KLEIN 6 SON Estab1ishec1 1887 Over 60 Years oi Service SHEET METAL WORK PLUMBING AND HEATING 110 North Main Street Phone 203 Finc11ay, Ohio -gzziice ig3eauiy Qress gmllay, QM, Sports Wear General Appare1 I. Mi11er 0 Iocharisen o Rythum-Step S I-I O E S us U H L M A N ' S Aososs PRoM ooURT HoUsE Clothes for tots to teens HOME MARKET ACROSS mom oH1o o1L oo. Our Delivery Service Puts You Next Door to Us De1iveries-10:30 A.M. -2:30 P.1VI TELEPHONE 1200 , , ' IIAIID mugfm I S A I, Y S l'lllilllllI'l'S 7"""M""' FINEST IN ICE CREAM AND POINT DAIRY PRODUCTS 00 al ' Limcr Avenue Phone 815 DAIRY SPECIALISTS BEST VVISI-IES LUCILLE wEsrcoT'r T0 THE DISTINCTIVE FASI-IIONS CLASS GF 1950 606 So. Main Street Findicry, Ohio is WMM' S Beautiful Home Furnishings cts pictured crt THE BANNER FURNITURE STORE " Q.- I 7 - '1 COMPLIMENTS of "EGBERT'S FURNITURE" .-r .fr ,n., ' -ish, -ilrgjff K f .M Y .. J. l E I i x I If ' "' We B I M S531 N , M E k ,mm . P tt ti A 1-4 ' Q,i"f'bb-ei ""l V- V' I I. I I' 'P'-' 053' I ar an Q r-sl ,, " V. 1-'f "N " . - -.fw.".. m".-wiv ' -'X-.V 2 ,- ,agwi 'Inj i' 1 Q I 1 ii . COMPLIMENTS -""'j - Of SKY: ' Qd,, vf N 415 ' 404-406 E. Sandusky Street COMPANY GEORGE, BOB, DON, IoE AMBITIOUS, CAPABLE GIRL GRADUATES .... f. .. , Will find interesting, responsible positions in the telephone industry. Apply .... THE NATIONAL CO. Women's Employment Office Refiners and Marketers 0fPe"01eum THE oH1o BELL SmCe1882 TELEPHONE COMPANY H8 W A A L A N D ' S 140 Lctrkins Street Phone 364 403 South Main Street FLOWERS FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS Findlay, ohio COHSAGES OF ALL KINDS FOR DANCES 1950 GRADUATE RIGHT ON THE IOB! 9 D! L! al' 'fl , 4-h1 B A .off t t ' 5 ffffff t,tSt mt' 6 Eeeftwe emrfimm RECREATICN BOWLING Sig 3? ettt ALLEY .... the newest member of our staff 132W East Crawford Street HWWM chad? M 630-632 S. Main St. 65, N?Cf2'iiX."' Q4 Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from BLOSSERS Official Photographer for the 1950 Trojan "YOUR I-IOME-YOUR BEST INVESTMENT" I-Iomes Completely Built-From Plans To The Finished Home THE PARKER LUMBER COMPANY Phone 42 Back of U.S. Post Office M IRAY'S BAKERY Maker of Ray's Fine Bread and Pastries zo Phone 113 STS N.a1:'A'.?frifI2 if-fMi'tI3'i22X::1 3 K sg L -4 X S -- I - gsfagiif-Ilggxl' 7 f1T-S1625 ' f -faifi' 1 ' 4 - I es 4 ., , we-.W -msswt , K... ig, 1.4 X, - s L x G A M B L E ' S I-Iome of CORONADO APPLIANCES and I-IIAWATI-IA SPORTING GOODS B 6: G DRUGS Opposite Ohio Oil Building PHONE 30 , I Meet your friends at our soda fountain 20104951075 Continued Leadership Delicious Sealtest lce Cream Ouality' Carries On Complete line of drugs, cosmetics, sundaes, camera supplies, candies G? greeting carols and stationery. Home of BRUBAKER'S RESTAURANT Cadillac 0 Chevrolet 215 West Main Cross St. South Main and Sth Street SERVICE WITH A SMH-E H. I. HARRINGTON CHEVROLET CCMPANY Phone Main 3293 121 Phone ll7 - 3771 ls EVANS TYPEWRITER FRED BREDA COMPANY DRY CLEANER Corner Cory and Crawford A11 Work Guaranteed Streets 118 E. Front St. 211 S. Main St Telephone 1180 Phone 58 Your ROYAL Typewriter Dea1er M IL L E R ' S LUNCHEONETTE - KITCHENETTE 203 N. Main St. 621 S. Main St. 122 I. A. EOFF INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE AND BONDS ROOMS 201-202 1st National Bank Bldg. FINDLAY, OHIO Phone 47 THE TARBOX MCCALL STONE CO. Manufacturer of CRUSHED STONE AND SAND Agricultural Lime FINDLAY, OHIO BOSTON DEPT. sronr things for yourself, your home, your family FINDLAY, OHIO "We doze but never close." CLASS OF 1950 MEET THE GANG ANYTIME FROM THE Af HI-H AT THE AIRPORT CAFE' 2 illallnmrll Qlnnztrurtinn Qlnmpang Iliinhlaq, Lbhin ,,...""..:"'J-. THE COLONIAL NUT cmd SWEET SHOP Finclloy, Ohio The Cleveland Engraving Co. Uoulslanding Yearbooks Deserve We are happy to have been the printers of Outstanding Engravings" 310 Lakeside Avenue, N. W. Cleveland, Ohio 24 THE TROIAN The Gray Printing Co., Fostoria, Ohio Largest Printers of School Annuals in Ohio : ' " " ., ' iffy ' fy gif? fig. f , ., 1 -'94 .1 A "mg ,255 A 1. W' jf, " .Q --L15 'j u Q., 4' - vw- '1.rHJ:g,v f D32-' rr ' gg 'L 1114 ,f ' -LQ, yQ3,1?:g'.rf5,Z., djgl ,, f- yqgqi ,Q-1:--Agkiglw , .pq ', 'f-3? ,"'Ygi'Q':'1f,jf',,1r' f-if' iff ":'- AS V :Y -- rv'-5775fQ,gf'!-3 "i91..fwf9-s'e'Wfwp- L v vii . 1 '.."'f'P'f..T'm1-f.+.ra yT'f'.15'gw.' var-'f'?y3'-QV" '7eLi"'f.ff 'HQ-lf 'af W' '2f"if?'4 FW 1,w,,If. 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Suggestions in the Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH) collection:

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