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g , E34 1 ' iq. . 'K 1 E' K' YF X: ,W . ,Egg e J" V. 25:5 Q L+ YE 'il .HN FEE? if fps? 55 Sa . if j lif' V 31 5 W N' win , V4 , QQ , , F KE1, f l? ' fp W' gg 1 EL A? Q T! gg, "wx if li .2 YS .w :Q .., - 1 L 5 w 1 wr 9 4 I F 4 L s 3 F 2 w I5 E a I K X IL fl? QWW M 11 ff 3,45 q X I L , 'QT ' '-1 .. , i -P W Y ,,. do 4 i NN My The Troian ,QM of 1949 if 5' was published by N the Senior Yearbook Staff C S XX for the Students A S1 ,ilk and Faculty of - 'N fl Xx:,, X ' Q S' ' Findlay I Q I iii g i A Senior High School 1 ,Q 'UT 77 Cfliig S 3 3 Q V F- FQREWORD We, the Class of I949, look proudly upon this year's record of achieve- ment in traditions, scholastic successes, sports honors and dignity as based upon the standards of Findlay Senior High School. We believe the Class of '49 to be a typical example of the progress attained by a century of change since the year of the famous Eighteen Forty-Niners, when our people began to achieve the place in world leader- ship which they now hold. The old-timer of the l849 Gold Rush is now just a fond memory, but in honor of his dreams and ambitions we have chosen his figure to represent the ideals for which our class stands-but with a difference: The shining nuggets of gold for which the prospectors of l849 so eagerly competed have now changed to ideals of service and loyalty, which lie waiting for the youthful prospectors of l9-49. We believe that the qualities of initiative, cooperation and leadership as taught in school are valuable factors in deter- mining the ultimate success of future adults. ff 'U Off Faculty ...... Activities .....,. ' K, Seniors ,....... Z Underclasses .... i "ff Events x j Ugg? AD' msc Advertisers ...... LL,-GK WZ fb C ji GDB efe,?2f6y EYSVF il:-3: V7 2 2 J, , l T?f,Q5i'!?S .li if W W, W, V Miz CONTENTS xkx I Pu 'Wu-0 599 ww we " 1 H gnnnllllllllll 'awww t 3. b A, , r. filth! wi P gg K , JW, ,QT Fifi if EFF? ar if in X. A I5 Q, J' ' v . qw 1,4 1 g gpg 5 Q E,A,g 3 . 5 z 1 ' W x uv 4 ADMINISTRATION The administration manages, directs and gov- erns the affairs of the school, and supervises the conduct and academic work of the students. lt is therefore responsible for the coordination and effi- ciency of the various functions included in the school program. Both Superintendent F. L. Kinley and Principal G. R. Constien play an important part in establish- ing the rules and policies of the institution. The office of the principal maps out the educational program of the senior high school, and it is through here that the lighter side of school life, including assemblies and dances, is also directed. The deans, Miss Helen Johnston and A. L. Mattoon, supervise the conduct and punctuality of the pupils. They hold periodic conferences with them in order to assist in the improvement of aca- demic work and to help solve problems of social adjustment. The deans help students to decide which subjects will best fit them for a happy and profitable life. The Student Council is an important part of our school program because it is through this organi- zation that the students are able to take an active part in the school administration. The Senior Ad- visers also play a special role in helping sophomore girls adjust themselves to high school life. i 3? Principal G. R. CONSTIEN Students entering Findlay High School soon find that, from the first day of their attendance until the last, they have a genuine friend in Principal G. R. Con- stien. During his administration he has helped make Findlay Senior High one of the most outstanding schools in North- western Ohio. Persons who have attend- ed Findlay High School accord their greatest respect to Mr. Constien for his understanding of the problems which confront the youth of today. Mr. Constien came to Findlay in l93O to teach physics and chemistry. ln i935 he was appointed assistant principal and was then elected principal the following year. Mr. Constien attended Ohio Wesley- an University, from which he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He received his Master of Science degree from Ohio State University. He has also taken courses at the universities of Purdue and Notre Dame. Superintendent F. L. KINLEY We, the members of the senior class of nineteen hundred forty-nine, are grateful to our faithful Superintendent, F, l.. Kinley. Throughout our twelve years in school, Superintendent Kinley has been responsible for the adequate buildings and teachers found in this city. Mr. Kinley first came to Findlay Senior High School in l922 to fill the capacity of a teacher in physics and chemistry, He became assistant principal in l923 and a year later was elected to the office of principal. He continued to serve as prin- cipal until l936, when he became the superintendent of the Findlay Schools. Superintendent Kinley received his Bachelor of Science degree from Heidel- berg College and his Master of Arts de- gree from Ohio State University. Ulflfcfz, lcfmkeu, gmiadzhni PERSONNEL Superintendent-'s Office: Mrs. Ger- trude Bishop, Mrs. Anno Scorbrough, Mrs. Miriom DiIIon,A Mrs. Florence Askorn, PrincipaI's Office: Mrs, Edna Griswold. rgiwfeqf il. Arcturus Kerns Charles E. Hoyes George Gearing Mrs. Elizobefh Greer Horry Boughmon 7 Mr. Matton PERSONNEL FIRST ROW: C. Slough, S. Hartigan, B. Slaughterbeck, B. Russell, S. Cole, J. Hoyer, J. Brown. SECOND ROW J. Joiner, B. Morrison, J. Croy, B Wilson, M. Gallant, C. Bikle, B Weitz. THIRD ROW: F. Dunn, J McCamey, B. Hayes, D. Sutton, L. Catching, H. Rilling, D. Mason. annul Miss Johnston As the school's official governing body the Student Coun- cil is one of the most active organizations at Findlay High School. With its Zl representatives, one from each home room, and Sponsors Miss Helen Johnston and A, L. Mattoon, the Council supervised the annual homecoming exercises, sched- uled after-game dances, planned the sending of 30 CARE packages to Europe and assisted with concession sales at games. ln addition to the regular activities the representa- tive body must cope with many difficult situations which arise each year, The l948-49 officers were Jane Brown, president, Dave Slough, vice president, and Sharon Cole, secretary. K' ,:Sf.Q..rzLo.fL 1,f!ctlff.zQ:iQf2..a... At the end of each school year thirty-tive girls are elected from the upper halt at the junior class on the basis ot respon- sibility, scholastic achievement and poise, to serve in the honorary capacity ot Senior Advisers during the next year. Sponsored by the dean ot women, this group is responsible tor helping the underclass girls become adjusted to high school lite, and serves as a counselling agency for students with problems. lts members also contribute a part ot their time to working in the offices. One at the most important functions is to sponsor the annual Girls' Mixer in the tall tor the purpose ot aiding the sophomore girls and their upperclassmates to become acquainted. l PERSONNEL FIRST ROW: S. O'Connar, B. Hoch, D. Glass, H. Karg, E. Cramer, B. Rus- sell, D. Kring, E. Fetters. SECOND ROW: Miss Helen Johnston, sponsor, R. Calhoon, V. Simons, C. Romer, S. Leach, S. Beam, B. Bowman, J. Beck, M. Zender. THIRD ROW: G. Haver- aneck, E, Wiggins, M. Mitchell, C. Grieb, B. Wilson, K. Rate, M. Wise- ley, J. Yawberg, T, Huston. FOURTH ROW: M. Harrington, C. Hoy, M. Colburn, J. Ammons, M. Cameron, G. Johnson, D. Semler, J. Mains, J. Brown, NOT SHOWN: S. Smith, 'jg imp m 1849 if Ny K I K w - i949 aff? 2 C D 4? I I ,ds X FACULTY Uniflzzffkwaf, Qti52cf!zfm1,Qifzi Machine and automotive shop students ot Findlay Senior High School get experi- ence with the materials, tools, processes and products ot in- dustry. The vocational depart- ment also has a co-op program that provides actual part-time employment for the students in their senior year. B. R. Shoemaker J. D. Schmunk J. H. Lawrence D, T. Ricketts Jack Volkmer ..f:ww?f2fLozf2fi, Q.Q,fmfs,2.f.i1f212ff'i,, The commercial department includes typewriting, short- hand, bookkeeping, sales and office practice. Distributive education students are given actual experience in the busi- ness world, The department es students to accept ss responsibilities, but is Iso very helpful to students do not take o completely part in business tran- D. N. Avery Miss elen Worstell f-M Miss Rosa Hudnell Moe Fassett A l, FACULTY ' my 4 -'A- -H rf . if .Q I , fy . J X E4 l ' "alia, an S ' -L J 'E E' gl r ga it ,Q , 5 rdf 'W -'-- f 1 A Q V fs it ,:r Ti Y l 75' ,MQ .,,., W g? ' A f . ,.,.,. ,,.,. A in -7 f .:' 7 Y '- r " f ': 4 - ' ,..-V ...V ,, ., -.. . 1 ,, . .. -. tw, Y 4 Besides teaching the physi- cal aspects of research, the ience department of E. l-l. S. a 0 instills into its students a desire to find the truth by sci- entlific thinking. Each year a high percentage of student sgzientists Dlace in the state ,scholarship tests. D. D, Lawrence C, F, Burkhart R, S. Phillips W-.9 erin. rgji .ry wr 'X ii fr? 154 yi X . Li!a,L,.J' I i.fc,:'ig.i.,. mphasizing the import- an e of correct speech and gr mmar in the present busi- ss world, the English depa ent of F, H. S. specializes teaching students the ments of accurate e Every field of interest is ered in the course, with busi ness English, general English and English literature contrib- uting to the fulfillment of the student's needs. Also included in the foreign language curriculum are Span- 'sh, Latin ll, and French, all f which, besides their practi- al value, promote better understanding of other peoples and nations. Miss Ruth Kuenzli Miss Lora Wiest H. F. Brandenberger Wilbur l-lall 'Y Miss l-lelen Johnston Miss Ruth Switzer xg, W ,,, I-wmv Y W ll, FACULTY rind ' By teaching information gathered from the accomplish- ments and failures of former generations the social studies, including American and foreign history, social prob- lems and geography, have an active part in preparing stu- dents for citizenship. A. L. Mattoon C. W. l-lunsicker Lloyd Dull M. V. English O For meeting everyday prob- lems, receiving training for technical, scientific or engi- neering work, the mathematics department offers a complete course. l-l, H. Yawberg Miss Bernice Kieffer ducafwn, Through helping to develop the body the department of physical education is a funda- mental part of our public edu- cational system. Miss Esther,,MaLch- L, C. Keller FACULTY .fp f' ' ,fi ' . ,' 4 A 'V I 2,1 l 'V J ' 'I l aim' Y,.".,w L.'L.' s, v.,.z.,i,,4 ij The talent of expressing on canvas or in handicrafts the ideas of the student are en- couraged and trained in the fine arts classes, Included i this classification are phot - graphy, art, woodworking, li- brary science and mechan'caI drawing. Miss Frances Stover Carl Bachman J. O. Jenk s .., if . ,..' The home arts department specializes in teaching girls the fundamentals of home- making, cooking and sewing, and supervises work in the cafeteria. Miss Betty Easton Miss Betty Von Meter -I-,Z 1-vifd., .-R Ld I 5 f 1 f c 1" ,iw MAA., nv ,., Developing student talent and offering variety to other school activities, the band, or- chestra and choir are open to all interested persons. This year's program included the production of the operetta, "New Moon," and instru- mental and vocal concerts. There were also performances by the band on the football field, and musical interludes by the orchestra during the junior and senior plays. W. O. Jones C. L. l-lite Ralph Shell Oliver Schumacher 'Ps TN' ff! Ni, .. f f ...L X it Q . l Ji N. 1 ' . 'vm 1.,. a 'f.4e.a-Q ,.,-2 ,K 1 N 'WH 4? -cv, ' ly ' V H iff M YW ,,: ..., '31 ,g r Q 'I 1 1 A -ig? ., , Q ,E N , 2- wi W9 -A ..Vq1f W F , ,qw an H x,w.w. K X X gf- , f' AL , H, I , ,K 1 ' 2 wi f + X, vw' 5,221 JAY? ,I m16f!ffAf ' f V nf 1' if-L''i' yy .il EQ., A 'A f dia-Qvsimsf . A,-i:k?,gm4-"""V' 17 w '54 1 I, f f ,my 1 ,f 'VL f, J 'Il ,,,.,.3, ,1 'x 5 fi FIRST ROW: S. Cole, J. Archable, M. Bastine, T. Wittenmyer, J. Yawberg, M. Pugh, J. Barnhill. SECOND ROW: P. Shumaker, E, Gohllce, D. McCandIess, E. Myers, L. Myers, S. Null, R. S. Miller, sponsor. An organization with the stated purpose of stimulating interest in the career of teaching, the F. T. A. has already become one of the most active groups in the school. Com- posed of persons who are considering teaching as a vocation, the club makes studies of teaching methods in Findlay schools, discusses education before student audiences and furnishes substitute teachers from its members in order to give the students experience in the classroom. Officers for the past year were Tom Wittenmyer, presi- dent, Joan Yawberg, vice president, Carol Bikle, secretary, Dan Rose, treasurer and Marilyn Bastine, corresponding sec- retary. R. S. Miller is the faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW: A. Charpiot, V, Abbott, M. Harrington, S. Rogers, K. Rate, J. Evans, B. Feller. SECOND ROW: R. Dewey, J Veit, W. Decker, J, Stevenson, J, Greg ory, W. Snyder, J, Costa. THIRD ROW' H. Hover, J, Grothaus, W. Stanfield, T. Hinderer, C, Scott, R. Snow, D. Fox, C. F. Burkhart, sponsorj A, Weaver, For a number of years visual education has b een a neces- sary factor in promoting advanced teaching methods ond ideas, and the Projection Club at Findlay High School trains student members to assist in showing educational moving pic- tures by operating the projector. During the past year the club has sponsored extra activi- ties in addit' t ' ion o its usual work. The members found time to sponsor a dance and they executed the projects of painting over movie screens and purchasing movie equipment, Officers are elected in the fall. ln l948-l949 Herbert Hover served as president, Charles Ball as vice president, and Allen Wue t ' r z, secretary. C. F, Burkhart is the sponsor of this service club w-., FlRST ROW: J. Beck, G. Connor, P. Gray, M. Mitchell, S. O'Connor. SECOND ROW: J. Pampel, J. Ben- nett, D, Duttweiler, R. Neil, T. Dunn, ' ' THIRD Miss Bernice Kieffer, sponsor. ROW: D. Mergenthaler, D. West, B. File, A. Martin, J. Williams, B, l-layes, B. Snyder, P. Bartley. jfff... 1.1. .,4-J'iLt f .,i,..a.i-.Q? LJ' During the tour years the Math Club has been in evj tence its members have visited many business firms in or to observe their business procedures, and have also l' numerous speakers on the various divisions ot mathemati The Math Club is open to all juniors and seniors who cl mathematically inclined, and who are interested in studyi and observing short cuts in calculation. The club, which is under the sponsorship of Miss Bern Kietter, does not demand that its members attend all me l the ones that hold interest for them. ings, but on y The informal group, which this year was under the chcl ' ' ' ' t of the anna hi of Robert Neil is also the origina or mans p , chess tournaments at Findlay l-ligh. FlRST ROW: D. West, D. Mergenthaler A. Martin, J. Pampel, J. McComey SECOND ROW: D, Marshall, B. McVey J. Stevenson, B, Morrison, D. Colling wood, C. Fetters. THIRD ROW: C. Ball C, F. Burkhart, sponsor, C. Scott, T Peterson, J. Snyder. ,lx Organized to carry on scientific research and experiment- ation outside of the regular curricular classes, the science club is open to all interested students who have been enrolled in one ot the Findlay High School science departments. While stressing originality ot thought, the club gives sci- entific-minded students the opportunity to discuss and solve mutual problems. Above all, it encourages students to in- crease their knowledge and appreciation ot science and scien- titic thinking. The major highlights of the year's activities consist of H f preparing projects for the annual Science Day at Bowling Green and in encouraging participation in State scholarship tests and other examinations. FIRST ROW: J. Campbell, J. Mcfleory, G. Johnson, M. Cameron, D. Bartlett, B. Gulliford, B. Sloughterbeck, J, Hoyer, M. Lindsey. SECOND ROW: J. Remley, B. Hull, H. Korg, M. Nelson, S. Null, S. King, P. lnsley, F, Gore, P. Gohlke, B. J. Dayman, THIRD ROW: D. Bowman, Gloss, F. Rodobough, C. Price, M. Col- Hall R. Griffin, J. Doyen, B. burn, B. , Grimmer, M. Kope, A. Ghastcr. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Hall, sponsor, R. Hayes, R. Yoxsirner, C, Goldsmith, R. Slick, L. Powell, T. Elliott, R. Copeland, W Weitz. Since its establishment at F.H.S. in l929 th Thespian chapter each year promotes increased in . . . h terest in high school dramatics. ln addition to t club's usual activities, last February they produced three-act mystery drama in which each actor prove that the society's motto, "Act well your part, ther all the honor lies," is an effective one. Membership in the society is honorary and i based upon the record each person has previousl made in dramatics. Students who served as officers this year were M Ann Cameron, president, Gladys Johnson, vice ae president, Dick Bartlett, recording secretary, and Barbara Gulliford, corresponding secretary. K' "V-' - ., !y,.,..f., To promote interest in the scientific ' enjoyment and ap- preciation of nature, the primary goal of the Naturalists Club sponsored by R. S. Phillips is to furnish recreational re- search opportunities to students interested in the outdoor aspects of biology. This year its members contributed time and effort in makin at f h ' ' g our o t e city elementary schools to discuss the club's various group projects before juvenile audi ences. Plans were also initiated to display at the Court House next year a conservation bulletin board for the benefit of farmers. The club carries on a year-round project of bird counting and bird banding. Some of its results were published in Audubon M ' ' agazine this year. FIRST ROW: R S Phillips sponsor T l-luston, J. Archable S Cole w man, B, Schmidt SECOND ROW J Joiner, D. Marshall S Hauser R Fox J. Williams, L. Frey D Collingwood .i x . Co i Q X If yi li e 3' f f - I "T 'fl' is if 53 is as i Q1 22 FIRST ROW: H. Greeno, H. Yates. SECOND ROW: B. R. Shoemaker, sponsorg B. McVey, T. Morrison, W. Brand. Sfaffff Kffw The Stage Crew is a group of boys organized for the pur- pose of handling the stage scenery and properties used in performances offered at F. H. S. The staging of the operetta is the biggest job the organ- h s For this and other programs the work of the ization a . group is always apparent, but the boys themselves are very seldom seen by any of the audience. The operetta requires several weeks of hard work on the part of all members of the d th h the are unheralded and unapplauded, they crew an , oug y comprise an essential part of any dramatic production. The . . k Stage Crew is under the leadership of B. R. Shoema er. FIRST ROW: D. Hickle, M. Beckman, D. Raudabaugh, N. Beck. SECOND ROW: J. Wimer, A. Predmore, T. Huffman, E. Greer. THIRD ROW: D. N. Avery, sponsor, W. Stantield, H. Gaertner. All senior students who are enrolled in the co-operative classes ot Findlay High School are eligible to join the Future Retailers Club, which is sponsored by Douglas Avery. To de- velop progressive, respected and successful leadership in re- tailing, and to teach members to cooperate willingly and assist actively with the local retail merchants' organization are the purposes of the Future Retailers Club. Ten students were members ot the organization this year. The president was Deloras Raudobaugh, who was ably as- sisted by the vice president, Earl Greer, the secretary, Tom Huffman, and the treasurer, Wayne Stanfield. .-T f X 5 in '-f f F L F X fum , "'-X.. FIRST ROW: B. Rdssell, S. Hartigcn, S O'Connor, J, Beck, C. Romer, T. Wolfe SECOND ROW: S. Beam, M. Mitchell, B Wilson, E. Cramer, B. Bowman, C. Bikle THIRD ROW: D. Jenkins, M. Pugh, B Hoch, J. Yawberg, L. Walters, D. Kring, P Breitigam. FOURTH ROW: E. Fetters, D Weaver, G. Johnson, M. Colburn, J. Mains, D. Semler, S. Leach, M. Wiseley, M. Har ringron, J. Brown. wigs 24 The Office Helpers consist of a group cf girls who give assistance in the offices of Dean Helen Johnston, Dean A. L. Mattoon, and Principal G. R. Constien. Most of the members of the organization are senior girls, although a few juniors and sophomores also lend assistance. Senior advisers are automatically eligible to work in the offices. The duties of these girls consist of running errands, taking charge of offices while the deans are not present, keeping attendance records, granting excuses, and taking care of ailing students who come to the offices. To this group of girls who willingly gave up their study halls Miss Johnston, Mr. Mattoon, and Mr. Constien offer their sincerest thanks. FIRST ROW: N. Scoby, B. Lauck, J. Burn ham, B. Mains, M. Daniels, C. Adams, M Laub S. Rt ' e, i er, M. Wiseley, SECOND ROW M. Zender, T. Huston, M. Dillon, J. Brock sieker, M. Traucht, B. St. Myer, O. Kistlcr M. Nelson, N. Stone, R. Earlie, V. Charles THIRD ROW' A MacGre or J N . . g , , ichols, R. Calhoon, N. E ' ssex, M. Mclflligott F Thom I - ' as, T. Hauman, G. Cramer, D O'COnnOr l.. McLaughlin, R. Lyon, H, F. Branden- berger, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: C. Phil- lips, W. Decker, A. Baker, A. Predmore, T. McCleave, B. Garnes, G Baldwin D Cra . , . y- tor, T. Tippin, E. Myers, H. Hartigan. i Student y every day are eligible to become members of the Corridor Hosts. This associat' ' A ' ion is one of the outstanding service clubs ot the school. s having average grades and a stud hall To welcome visitors to the school, to keep students from loitering in the corridors, to protect school and student pro- perty, and to conserve the use of hall lights are some of the activities ot the club. Students and faculty appreciate the protection and good service offered by members ot the Cor- ridor Hosts. This comparatively new organization is under the direc- tion ot H, F. Brandenberger. It includes regular and reserve members. 2-ff xv '7 FT A5-.. tl .fl f la 1 'hx ' f' -,i ff! V ' N Essex,J Ditt- ,ciylwk Q45-if 2 fl lfflll ml, M y N. Y A ROW: S. O Connor, . . man. SECOND ROW: D. McCandless, D. Browne, W, Gilts, R. Malcolm. THIRD ' or' J. Ferris, J ROW: Miss Stover, spons , Williams, R. Hess. N sms? 26 M.: A WW lllrlzafzys d'viduals deserve m king These well-trained in i ' one ot the hardest wor nition than they receive. They are t in Findlay High School. uch more recog- groups ot studen s ' 'stants include the Some ot the duties of the library assi d carrying attendance slips to the ' ut, hecking ot attendance an b ks coming in or going o c ' teachers, checking oo d kee ing the tables respective putting books on the shelves neatly, an p and chairs in order. All assistants must have a study hall every day and mus have the first period on Monday free. This period is spent i receiving library instructions. 'f F1 FIRST ROW' M F eaver, Miss Betty Easton, supervisor. . . erguson, R. Calhoon, B Calhoon, S. Janes, P. Baumlein, M. Pruitt., SECOND ROW: V. Simons, l-l. Karg, J. Snyf der, R. Feller, E, Calhoon, J. Young P. Thompson. THIRD ROW: M. Witten- myer, D. Miller, R. Fox, C. Ball, L. Bradfute, A. W ' f E ,-fret ' - rf 4 ,. ,pl 1' if f ft The cafeteria assistants have the task of caring for the details involved in feeding approximately l6O persons every school day. Students work in the cafeteria the third and fourth periods and during the noon hour. The cafeteria enables its customers to save financially by operating on a non-profit basis. Miss Betty Easton is now manager, having replaced Miss Estella Anstaett this year, Cafeteria helpers hav e two advantages: They are the first to be served, and they receive their meals free of charge. The respective jobs of the I emp oyees range from hel in prepare the food to dr ' P Q ying the dishes and the silverware. The cafeteria employs approximat l 2 e y O students. FIRST ROW1 P. Hammond, S. Gray, J. Young, M. Saltz, V. Sheffel, J. Rice, S. Stack, B. Foreman, P. Bayless, P. Ed minston, B. Hull, M. Meagley. SECOND ROW: P. Alexander, J. Karcher, V. Van Vorce, A. Reuther, J. Grauel, J. Slaughterbeck, C. Smith, M. Grove, S. Hartigan, B. Bunts, J. Remley, C. Swisher. THIRD ROW: J. Beard, M. Coe, D. Emahiser, J. Lease, R. Lytle, S. Crozier, A. Charpiot, B. Clark, N. Lunn, M. Stultz, A. Leach, J. Martin, B. Shrader, P. Insley, J. KeeI,C. Frantz FOURTH ROW1 B. Karcher, C. Richards, N. Stimmel, D Winstead, D. Weaver, P. Thompson, J. Leckey, S. Shoupe V. Abbott, N. Shilling, A. Ghaster, C. Mosier, S. Janes, M Harlett, W. Huston, B. Barkimer, F. Rodabaugh. FIFTH ROW: C. Rahal, C. Steinhurst, M. Fox, W. Groves S. Gillen, M. Faber, R. Henry, J. Findley, M. Mygrant, H Williams, G. Frost, B. Calhoon, N. Riggle, D. Orton, M Highsmith, J. Carpenter. FIRST ROW: D. Burry, M. Wohlgamuth, M. Daniels, M. Laube, B. Grimmer, P. Breitigam, J. Fishel, S. Null, A. MacGregor, E. Gohlke, M. Dillon. SECOND ROW: J. Nivison, A. Frey, P. Fleck, M. Schu macher, L. Crawfis, F. Gore, J. Westfall, M. Lindsey, P. Wolfe, S. King, B. Gulliford, R. Griffin, M. Willford, B Bartlett, P. Neal. THIRD ROW: Miss Betty Van Meter, sponsor: B. Hall, M Gallant, P. Tinder, M. Slough, J. Woodward, C. Galloway, P. Paul, I. Sheley, M. Williamson, R. Redick, P. Shumaker, B. Schwab, R. Earlie, D. Fry, S. Cole, N. Miles, C. Overholt FOURTH ROW: F. Thomas, J. Haslinger, L. Lonsway, J. ln man, B. Cooper, S. Cook, E. Mygrant, A. Cairns, M. Miller C. Stonfield, P. Miller, R. Ward, J. Doyen, O. Thompson, J Shirey, J. Daymon, M. Kenney. FIFTH ROW: N. Raether, M. Pugh, L. Hailey, M. Nelson E. Calhoon, J. Hoyer, P. Roberts, J. Stone, P. Swick, B Prowant, B. Tesnow, P. Shoup, L. Fellers, M. Kirnmel, M Gearing, M. Kope, W. Gilts, N. Longworth. Primarily, the Y-Teens ot F. H. S. are con' cerned with serving the school and the com- munity, and in providing occasions where the girls may get together to become better acquainted. Among the various civic services the Y- Teen clubs have to their credit are operating the auditorium check room, sponsoring after- game dances, supervising Easter convocation services, and donating Christmas baskets and funds to the Polio drive. Many speakers are engaged annually by the group to lecture upon subjects ot interest to the members. These lectures include dis- cussions on topics involving home lite, interior decorating, juvenile delinciuents, home-mal4- ing and other general subjects. The Findlay High School Y-Teen groups are affiliated with the Ohio organization of the Young Women's Christian Association. FIRST ROW: M. Zander, C. Young, D. Gloss, S. Snyder, D. Roudobaugh, B. Russell, C. Adams, J. Yowberg, B. Wilson S. Grose. SECOND ROW: P. Gray, M. Colburn, J. Amrnons, J. Gase, C. Romer, P. Ogg, M. Mitchell, E. Cramer, S. Chadbourne, K. Rate, C. Leader, M. Wiseley, M. Harrington. THIRD ROW: M. Brown, J. Mains, C. Mains, R. Bushong E. Long, S. O'Connor, H. Korg, D. Kring, G. Connor, B. Bowman, D. Semler, S. Leach, S. Rogers, R. Medlock, S. Smith, J. O'Neil, P. Rogers, B. Morrison. FOURTH ROW: B. Schmidt, M. Simmons, J. Beck, M. Frost, A. Johnson, D. Hickle, B. Avent, J. Barnhill, M, Ortman, G. Johnson, N. Mains, O. Kistler, F. Hartman, C. Grieb, J. McClcary. FIRST ROW: F. Dunn, J, Klein, H. Hackenbergcr, B. Cleary, D. Howard. J. Ruck, R. Malcolm, l., Day, H. Yawberg. THIRD ROW: T. Hyman, J. McCullough, B. Garnes, J. SECOND ROW: T. Bishop, D. Mason, D. McCanclless, D. Johnson, S. Hauser, N. Rooney, P. Rasor, J. Harshborger, Bauman, J. Koehler, R. Hollenback, T, Lederer, D. Harris, P. Warner. FIRST ROW: J. Phillips, B. Decker, J. Malcolm, J. Massillo, Thatcher, G. Pitney, D. Marshall, H. Hartigan, D. Thomas D, Courtney, J. Pampel, R. Wagner, C. McCamey, R. M- I-Offeftvfi P-5Cl1mUf1kfSDOr1SOf THIRD ROW: J. Miller, P. Tesnow, J. Dysinger, H. Wolters Wohlgamuth. B. Snow, L. Gaines, J. Barnhill, C. Scott, L. Powell, T. Tip SECOND ROW: E. Rate, R, Rasor, B. Slick, R. Yoxsimer, J. pin, K. Fridclell. A parallel organization with the Y-Teens, the Hi-Y has a membership ot approximately 90 boys. The purpose of the club is to de- velop high-minded ideals and the cooperative spirit among students. Leadership qualities are given an opportunity to be demonstrated by work on committees and by filling the vari- ous offices of the club. Hi-Y meetings are held bi-weekly at the school or, on special occasions, at the local Y, M. C. A. Regular business procedure is tol- Iowed with plans organized tor charity bene- tits, dances and lectures on timely subjects. This year the senior members served as escorts to the Queen's Court tor the Homecoming game between Findlay and Fostoria, Another activity ot the Hi-Y groups was to elect delegates to the Northwestern Canter- ence in Lima. Club sponsors this year were W. D. Kuenzli and Theodore Federici tor the sophomores, J. D. Schmunlq for juniors and Rev. Victor Monk for seniors. FlRST ROW G Baldwin R Neil D Mains J Snyder C J Cray, P. Kovach. Ball P Bartley T Day L Bradtute A Weaver R Hayes THIRD ROW: W. Wisner, W. Kerrick, T. McCleave, R SECOND ROW D Koehler D West T Wittenmyer F File, J. Williams, J. DaPore, W. Chapman, D. English, T Mawry J Ferris T Klein W Snyder M Vance T Dunn Hauman, C. Bright, J. Snyder, 31 Fimdiufx High 'Follies Of 1945? 2 52m To Witness M' I lEgi6lf Wifi By All-S' ' WW Jr' rump imc! 1 ,,"A: ' 'Vamlue 5023001 PE Emi 1' Em IfI"'. 4 uw 1 lzlmieemnd and ,N 7 Caxbmfd ,ggi W. Q Ream psig cY F, lN1,cf' A I, gil-.Mi 3 ' aw .f 'zKf'.x,w.w J gmmd Xl1?QX33Q., X'1zYl1O'Sixxg-'lxxiwsxffting , , kk kxxxxls' hqxllyxh' N Xxfx QQQXH ,QU 55,4 yqgfk X Xiu, if . , Q W .QJQQA X NQQNV' if 'NXQLVQQ ' K -Q, . ,..+,. itlnifqxmffrifls .fi ,wc 601' Mk swf, 'S L, . H I 1:21301 my ,awhgll . 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C U C in S OQJH3 E L Ln- ww C EC-gt,-gb lo:.9CX3l- Q2 353-:,.Q13f:mmQ2 U-COOOO fgq, o E F Fef :9fg9.C - O,-U QQDQQQQLJUUQUUUQQ muma54zmEmdEaZEa 39 ,Tx I - JF- 3 CJ 1- If-7 as fll,u I 2 .ff il, 1-J can QILiU-i.., Cya.: i.:.,1.1..f. 4.,'Z..r1..: Z.11e.2, w,:'l.eL.11-...I fi, FIRST ROW: J. Beard, J. Hoyer, B. Bowman, M. Mitchell, B. Bartlett, S. O'Connor. SECOND ROW: D. Angus, P. Roberts, B. Avent, B. Wilson, D. Sernler, E. Mygrant, M. Gallant, J. Daymon, R. Wink. THIRD ROW: D. McCandless, V. Leal, B. Grimmer, B. Karcher, C. Steinhurst, B. Hull, R. Calhoon, E. Calhoan, J. Larkins. FOURTH ROW: R. Fox, L. Frey, F. Mowry, M. Vance, D. Slough, J. Bennett, D. Marshall, R. Johnson, G, Widenhoter. FIFTH ROW: B. Bishop, B. Kerrick, C. Scott, J. Pampel, H. Yawberg, L. Bayless, L. Catching, D. Katz, B. Feller, fi' ' . .- .Q - 1 5..iif!z.m.f,f..Qzstt.f.z,f:1itim- .f.1fm,. QSc.iQ,.fs.c1Q.. zfllwffxfmi William Kerrick, Spanish Language Award, Sharon Cole, French Language Award, Robert Neil, Arts and Letters, and Bausch and Lomb Awards, Luther Frey, Bausch and Lamb Award, Barbara Bowman, Spanish Award. ml fi? .A-I' Q x. 1. .,f an I .. , f0fz,zCQt5.a,t.ttft LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Semler, B, Schmidt, R Zeller, M. Cameron, R. Calhoon. 40 ' utzhqiwwm .L5ChD J2dM FIRST ROW: M. Mitchell, S. Beam, R. Calhoon, S. O'Connor, H. Karg. SECOND ROW: M. Frost, C. Grieb, B. Bowman, G. Connor, M. Wiseley, M. Harrington. THIRD ROW: B. Hess, B. Wilson, B. Schmidt, M. Colburn, M. Cameron, D. Semler, S. Smith. FOURTH ROW: M. Vance, L. Frey, B. Kerrick, P. Bartley, L. Bradfute, R. Neil. jalcnt, FRONT, left to right: L. Frey, R. Neil, P. Bartley, M. Vance. REAR: D. West, B. Chapman, B. Wisner. . .IL fAAay,Cl!' LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Scoby, J. Hoyer, S. Crozier, R Neil, L. Catching. 41 FIRST ROW: R. Neil, Joan Barnhill, M. Cameron, F. Crates. SECOND ROW: P. Bartley, Jim Barnhill, B. Bishop, C. Scott. THIRD ROW: J. Covert, B. Kerrick, J. Meek, H. Walters. f no .fro f 7.fM ,FY ,I i 1' f' f ' .4 ee, A., -NJ a. Music for many of the after-game dances for the past year has been furnished by one of the school's most efficient service groups-the Findlay High School student dance band. Its eleven members have provided entertain- ment at numerous events including the opening ceremony of the local clean-up week campaign last spring, the Talent Day exercises and the social functions following the basketball and football games. The band made its formal debut at the "Cor- onation Ball," at which the students gathered to honor the football queen following the annual ceremony at the stadium. Fred Crates served as band leader and Bill Kerrick assisted with the arrangements. Joan Rice served as the dance band vocalist during the year after winning first place in com- petitive tryouts for the position. 42 SENICRS 5 Z N I fi CN -- 4 f A f a y 1 X! qxxi i 4 ZW .5 J , sill' . :,,,.,,:. :., . ., ., ., we . .,,,.., .3 Qu Carol Adams - Y- Teens 2,3,4, Corridor Hosts 3,4, Chapel 3, 4, Operetta Chorus 4, Makeup Committee 2,3. Barbara Allen--G. A. A., V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Y-Teens 3,4, Thes- pians 2,3,4, Choir 2, 3,4. Jane Ammons - Chapel 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, H. R. Pres. 2, Carr. Host 2, Senior Adviser 4, Choir 2,3, 4, Band 2,3,4, Orch- estra 3,4, Operetta Orch. 3,4. 44 Beverly Avent - Y Teens 4, Choir 4 Band 4, Orchestra 4, Operetta Chorus 4. Darel Bair Allen Baker - Foot- ball Team 2,3,4, Hi Y 2,3, Student Coun- cil 2,3, Pres. of H. R. 3. George Baldwin-Op eretta 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3, 4, Chapel 4. Charles Ball - Hi-Y 2,4, Cafeteria Helper 3,4, Science Club 4, Math Club 4, Light- ing Crew 4. Joan Barnhill-Band l,2,3,4, Chapel 2,3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 4, Evelyn Barrell - Li- brary Assistant 3,4, Dick Bartlett-They pians 2,3,4, Play 4, Basketball Mgr. 2,3, 4: Chapel 2,3,4, Jr. Play 3. Pete Bartley - Band 2,3,-4, Dance Band 3, 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Hi- Y 2,3,4, Orchestra 4, Operetta 2. Suzanne Beagle-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Office Worker 3,4, Shirley Beam-Senior Adviser 4, Y-Teens 2,3, Projectionist 3, Corridor Host 3, V- Pres. H. R. 3. Joan Beck-Y-Teens 2,3,4, Math Club 3, 4, Senior Adviser 4, Chapel 3, 4, Operettci 3, 4, Choir 2,3,4, Cafeteria Helper 2. Norma Beck-G. A. A. 2,3, Y-Teens 2,3. Miriam Beckman - Y-Teens 2, G. A. A. 2,3,4. Sam Bisbee-Corridor Host 4, Election For- um 4. .lack Bolander Evelyn Borgelt Donna Boroff - Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 4, Chapel 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3, G. A. A. 2,3, H. R. Sec. 3. Loretta Box - Y- Teens 2. Barbara Bowman -- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Naturalists 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 2, Cast 4, G. A. A. 2,3,4, Senior Adviser 4, Ju- nior Play 3, Chapel 2, 3, 4. Lyle Bradfute-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Helper 2,3,4, Natu- ralists 2,3, Football Team l. I f Walter Brand-MTole- do DeVilbiss l,2,3, Track 2, School Pat- rol. Findlay High School: Hi-Y 4, Pro- jectionists 4. Charles Bright-HL Y 2,3,4, Projection- ists 4. Jane Brown - Choir 2,3,4, Student Coun- cil 3, Pres. 4, Y- Teens 2,3,4, Home- coming Court 4, Sen- ior Adviser. Marilyn Brown--Li brary Assistant 2,3 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4 Choir 3,4. Dora Browne-G. A A. 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2, Library Assistant 4 Cafeteria Helper 3,4 Rhoda Bushong-Y Teens 2,3, Chapel 2 r Miriam Ruth Calhoon -Chapel 2,3,45 Y- Teens 25 Cafeteria Helper 3,45 Senior Adviser 45 Corridor Host 4. Mae Ann Cameron- Thespians 2,3,45 Y- Teens 2,35 Natural- ists 25 Band l,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Chapel 2,3, 4. Susan Chadbourne - Chapel 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Operetta Chorus 3,45 Projectionists 35 Nat- uralists 2. Bill Chapman-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Operetta Cast 3,45 Jr. Play 35 Basketball 2. Gerald E. Clark - Track Team 3. Robert Clymer - Stage Crew 35 Co-op Club V. Pres. 4. Marilyn Colburn-Y- Teens 2,3,45 Thes- pians 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Senior Adviser 45 Jr., Sr. Plays. Jack Cole-Hi-Y 2,3, 45 Choir 2,3,45 Foot- ball Team 2,3. Gracia Connor - Y- Teens 45 Math Club 45 Choir 4. Robert Cornwell - Co-op Club 4. Eileen Cramer-Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 45 Choir 25 Y-Teens 2,3, 45 Senior Adviser 4. Jack Croy-Student Council 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Stage Crew 35 Concession Helper 2, 3,4. Joe DaPore-Basket ball 2,3,45 Football Team 2,3,45 Track 2, 35 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Stage Crew 2,35 Chapel 2, 3,45 Debate Team 2, 3. Tom Day - Trojan Staff 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Football Team 2,3. Paul Decker - Hi-Y 3,4. Dick W. Denman - Choir 2,3, Eisteddfod 2,3, Hi-Y V. Pres. 2,3. Jeannene Dittman - Library Assistant 2,4. Harold Donaldson - Co-op Club 4. Tom Dunn-Hi-Y 2 3,4, Math Club 3,4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Chapel 3,4, Choir 2 Tom Elliott - Thes plans 3,4, Jr., Sr Plays, Trojan Staff 4 Chapel 3,4. Marjorie Emerson - G. A. A. 2, Choir 3 Chapel 2. 1 Dean English-Hi-Y 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Choir 2, Orchestra 3,4 4. Norma Jean Essex- G. A. A. 2,3,4, Cor- ridor Host 4, Library Assistant 4, Natural- ists 2. Jack Ferris-Track 2, 3, Cheer Leader 2,3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chapel 3,4, Natural- ists 2,3. I Evelyn Fetfers-G. A. A. 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2, Thespians 2,3,4, Sen- ior Adviser 4. Bob File-Class Pres. 2, V. Pres. 3, Hi-Y Pres. 4, V. Pres, 2,3, Football Team 2,3, Capt. 4, Track 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4. Joe Fish Diane Fisher - Y- Teens 2,3,4, Jr. Play 3, Trojan Staff 4, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4. Carolyn Fouts-Chour 2,3,4, G. A. A. 2,3, 4, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Cheer Leader 2,3,4, Operetta 3,4, Chapel Organist 3,4, Chapel 3,4. Harald French - Co- op Club 4, Chapel 2. .Q ,.,,. A -we , Luther Frey - Natu- ralists 2,3,45 Track Team 2,3,45 Scholar- ship Team 2,3. Mira Mae Frost-Y- Teens 45 Choir 4. Howard E. Gaertner -Corridor Host 3. Dallas Gary - Con- cession Helper 2,35 Science Club 2. Joan Gase-Choir 2, 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. Darlene Glass-Cheer Leader 2,3,45 Jr. Play 35 Choir 2,35 Y- Teens 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Thespians 2,35 H. R. Sec. 2,3,45 Senior Adviser 45 Op- eretta 3. Patricia Ann Gray - Math Club 3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Makeup Committee 2,35 Chapel 2,3. Byron Green - Foot- ball Team 2, 3, 45 Chapel 4. Earl Greer-H i-Y 2, 3. James Gregory-Golf Team 2,35 Choir 2,3, 45 Chapel 45 Projec- tion Club 3,4. Connie Lou Griebf Choir 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Buckeye Girl's State 35 American Legion Essay Winner to Washington 25 Chapel 2,45 Operetta 3,45 Makeup Corn- mittee 35 Senior Ad- viser 4. Sara Ann Grose - Cheer Leader 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Tro- jan Staff 45 Operetta 3,45 Choir 2,3,4. Jim Grothaus - Pro- jection Club 2,3,4. Margaret Harrington -Choir 2,3,45 Opere etto 3,45 Projection- ists 3,45 Senior Ad- viser 45 H. R. Sec. 45 Chapel 3,45 Trojan Staff 4. Earl Hartman Frances Hartman - Y-Teens 2,3,4, Choir 3, Sec. H. R. 3. Ted Hauman-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Student Coun- cil 2, H. R. Pres. 4, Corridor Host 2,4, Projection Club 2. Genevieve Haveran- eck+G. A. A. 2, Chapel 2,45 Senior Adviser 4. Robert Hayes-Senior Choir 2,3,4g Band l, 2,3,4g Operetta Cast 3,4, Jr. Play 3, Chapel 2,3,4, Math Club 3,4, Thespians 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 4g Math Scholarship 2,35 Thes- Thespian Play 4. Donna Hazelton-Y- Teens 2. Barbara Heffner Dorothy Henry-Math Norma Jean Heuber- Betty Hoch-G. A. Club 3, Y-Teens 2,3 4, Orchestra 2,3,4 Operetta Orchestra 2, 3, Chapel 2. ' Gene Hershey - Co ap Club 3,4. Bob Hess I ger Dortha Hickle-Choir 2,3, Y-Teens 2,4- Distributive Education Club 4. Tom HindererA-Pro- jection Club 2,3,4. gil' A. 2,3,4g Senior Ad- viser 4g Trojan Staff 4, Office Girl 4, Y- Teens 2. Herbert Hover - V. Pres, H. R. 41 Pro' jectionists 2,3,4. Carol Hoy-Y-Teens 2,3,4, Math Club 3, Chapel 3, Senior Ad- viser 4. wt' Anna M. Hudson- Corridor Host 4. William E. Huff Jr.-w Band 2,3,4. Tom Huffman-Bas ketball Team 2,3, Track 3, Distributive Ed. Club 4. Thelda Huston-Nah uralist Club 2,3,4, Corridor Host 2,4, Senior Adviser 4, G. A. A. 2,3,4. Alice Johnson - Y- Teens 2,3,4. Gladys Johnson - Blue and Gold Co- Editor 2,3, Editor 4, Trojan Staff 4, Y- Teens Pres. 4, V. Pres. 2,3, Thespians 2,3, V. Pres. 4, Sen- ior Adviser 4, Natu- ralists 2, H. R, V. Pres. 4, Concession Helper 3,4. Helen R. Korg- Choir Accompanist 2, 3, Orchestra 2,3,4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Chapel 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 2,3,4. Marjorie Karns - Choir 4, Chapel 2, G. A. A. 2, Y-Teens 2,3. William Kerrick - Band l,2,3,4, Orch- estra l,2,3,4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chapel 2, 4, American Legion Es- say Winner in Coun- ty 2. Onalee Kistler7G. A. A, 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2, 4, Chapel 2, Corridor Host 4. Thomas F. Klein - Football Team 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Choir 2, 3,4, Track Manager 2,3, Chapel 2,3,4, Operetta Cast 4, Chorus 3. David L. Koehler - Hi-Y 2,3,4, Basket- ball Team 2,3, Foot- ball Team 2, 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, Math Club 3, Choir 2,3,4, Operetta Chor- us 3,4. Paul F. Kovach - Football Team 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4. Doris Kring - Senior Adviser 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, G. A. A. 2,3, 4, Chapel 2,3,4, Of- fice Worker 4, Con- cession Helper 3. Emil Layne, Jr.--Co- op Club 4. Norman Gene Layne -Co-op Club 4, Shirley Leach-G. A, A. 2,3,4, Chapel 2, 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Senior Advisers 4. Connie Leader - Y- Teens 2,3,4, Choir 2, 3,4, Student Council 3, Operetta Cast 4, Chorus 3, Chapel 2, 3,4. Raymond Leeper - Chapel 3, Stage Crew 4. Eileen M. Long - Operetta Chorus 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4. Carol Mains - Choi' 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,3, 4, G. A. A. 2,4, Operetta Chorus 3,4, Office Worker 4. Donald Mains-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Operetta Cast 4, Chorus 3, Football Team l,2,3,4, Golf Team 2, Track Team 3, Chapel 4. Janette Mains - Y- Teens 2,4, G. A. A, 2, 4, Orchestra l,2, 3,4, Choir 3,4, Sen- ior Adviser 4, Chapel 2,3. Nancy Mains - Y- Teens 2,4. Myrel Mallory - Cafeteria Helper 2,3, Debate Club 2. Mary Anna Mareches - Y-Teens 2, 3, Naturalist Club 2. Bill Mathew - Foot- ball Manager 3, Track Team 3. Janice McCIeary-G. A. A. 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Thespians 2, 3,4, Chapel 2,4. Tom McCleave--Hi- Y 2, 3, 4, Corridor Host 4, Chapel 3. Leo McLaughlin - Stage Crew 3,4, Cor- ridor I-lost 4. ..,. Gui? qw vi fy V M , - .h A? an ir if 2' 3 1 ' ., -6 iii ? ,QW ..., : , ij, - i ' . ' on .,.,. M- v-:'..- ..: :-. 1 V . 1. 5 33 Wi I :,,,, it ll A .,.. ',.,QA, it 5 " : 5 ii Q . ..,. , , . 5 ::'2: 1 1 ,:-'V it. Bruce McVey - Sci- ence Club 45 Stage Crew 3. Raundi Marie Med- lock-Y-Teens 2,3,4. Jack Meek--Band 2, 3,45 Orchestra 35 Chapel 3,45 Natural- ist Club 2,3. - We 4' W, , i , -,11:.,l lma- U 'fa Patty L. Meek-G. A. A, 2,3,45 Chapel 2,3, 45 Choir 3,4. Dean Mergenthaler- Science Club 45 Math Club 45 Naturalist Club 2,35 Chapel 2,3, 4. Don E. Miller-Golf Team 2,3,45 Blue and Gold Staff 2,3,45 Tro- ian Staff 45 Debate Club 25 Cafeteria Helper 2,3,4. Mary Lou Mitchell- Math Club 3,45 Sen- ior Adviser 45 Y- Teens 2,3,45 Choir 45 Chapel 2,3,4. Bonnie L. Morrison- Y-Teens 2,3,45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Operetta Chorus 3,45 Chapel 3, 45 Homecoming Court 45 H. R. Sec. 3. Robert Morrison - Student Council 2,3, 45 Science Club 35 Stage Crew 3, 45 Chapel 3. Frank M. Mowry - Football Team 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Chapel 2,3,45 Operetta Cast' 4, Chorus 3. Bill Myers - Co-Op Club 4. Robert E. Neil-Math Club 3,45 Naturalist Club 25 HiY 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Orches- tra 2,3,45 Jr. Play 35 Senior Play 45 Thes- pian Play 45 Chapel 2,3,4. Nora Norris-Orches- tra 2,3. Sheila Mae 0'Connor -Library Assistant 2, 3,45 Senior Adviser 45 Trojan Staff 45 Choir 2,3,45 Chapel 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Moth Club 3,45 Y-Teens 2, 3,45 Science Club 3. Patty Ogg-Choir 2, 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Chapel 3,4. Jeanne 0'NeiI - Y- Teens 2,3,45 Trojan Staff 45 Choir 2,35 Chapel 45 Prom Dec- orating Committee 3. Mary Lee Ortman- Y-Teens 2,3,45 GA. A. 3,45 Chapel 2,45 Concession Helppr 4. Earl Pruitt . -i - - Joretta Pugh Helen Pulcheon Y G. A. A. 2,3,4, Y-Teens 25 Chapel 45 Conces- sion Helper 2,3,4. Kathleen Rate W- Choir 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Chapel 3,45 Projectionists 2,3,45 Senior Adviser 45 Homecoming Queen 4. Delores Raudabaugh -G, A. A, 2,3,45 Y- Teens 2,3,45 Dean's Office Girl 3,45 Fu- ture Retailers 4. Phyllis Rogers - Y- Teeris 2,3,4. Sue Rogers-Band 2, 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Y- Teens 2,3,45 G. A. A. 2,3,4. Colleen Romer - Y Teens 2,3,45 G. A. A. 2,3,45 Senior Ad viser 45 Chapel 2,3, 45 H. R, Sec. 2,3, Robert Routson - Football Team 3,4 Chapel 4. Betty Russell - Y Teens 2,3,45 H. R Vice Pres, 2,35 Stu dent Council 2,35 Ot- tice Helper 45 Con- cession Helper 2,4. 5 x..M' Robert Saltzman - Football Team 354. Paul Sanders+Co-op Club 4. Elizabeth Jane SchmidtfChapel 3, 45 Naturalist Club 2, 3,45 Y-Teens 253,45 Trojan Staff 4. E -iii A, .thaw i 'WP P32 3 ... . . . X. W, W fi' 1 1:-f W .. ' " rv ::.:-' r- sw ' W is Naoma Scoby - Y- Teens 2, G. A. A. 2, Corridor Host 2,4, Doris Semler - Or- chestra l,2,3,4, Y- Teens 2,3,4, G. A. A. 2,3,4, Senior Ad- viser 4, Office Helper 4, Chapel 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Trojan Staff 4. Joan Shaffer-G. A. A. 2,3,4, Choir 3. Bonnie Lee Sheffel Mary Louise Simmons -Choir 2,3,4, Y- Teens 2,3,4, G. A. A. 2,3,4, Chapel 3. Virginia Lee Simons - Trojan Staff 4, Senior Adviser 4, Y- Teens 2, Choir 2,3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Con- Cession Helper 3,4, Corridor Host 3. Bob Slager-Football Team 2,3,4, Track Team 2,3,4, Operet- ta Cast 4, Chorus 3, Chapel 2,4, l-li-Y 2, 3,4. Pot Slough Joyce Smith-G. A. A. 2,3, Naturalists 3, Corridor Host 3. Rex Smith -- Chapel 4. Shirley Smith-Blue and Gold Staff 2,3, 4, Trojan Staff 4, Senior Adviser 4, Chapel 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 2,3,4. Bill Snyder - Class President 4, Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Football Team 2,3,4, Math Club 4, Operetta Cast 4, Chorus 3. Jackson H. Snyder- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Science Club 4, Naturalists Z, 3, Chapel 4. John H. Snyder-HL Y 3,4, Chapel 3, Cafeteria Helper 2,3, 4. Sue Snyder--G. A. A. 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,4, Student Council 3, Concession Helper 2. 3,4, Roy Stack-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Golf Team 35 Naturalists 25 Chapel 3. Wayne Stanfield - Projectionists 2,3,45 Chapel 25 Operetta Lighting Committee 3,4. Jerry Stevenson - Science Club 45 Pro- jectionists 35 Chapel 45 Jr. Play 3. if-' . l lk ..::.,...E:.:::::g:g-: if 2 m y 3? K ,. V, , .,.:5 , ,. 335 f ZVF Q if res M3 ': Y . , Mr 1 nwvui' " il ff 'A .. - as Z.. ...., ff -Z igi-:E fp? "" ' 5 8. ,:::-2. H322 5' ' f 2252.1 Teddy S. Tussing Miles Vance-Chapel 3,45 Choir 2,3,4. Ethel Vondran QT, .5 T' f Wi ily, 1. ...A f 5 f 55, Virginia Warner David West - Foot- ball Team 2, 3, 4 Track Team 2,3,4 Hi-Y Treas. 2,3,4 Math Club 3,45 Sci ence Club 3,45 Oper- etta Chorus 2,3,4, Harold Warren-Pro- Ladd J. Westfall jectionists 2,35 Co- op Club 4. Ardyn Weaver-Hi-Y Lois Mae Wheeler 2,3,45 Operetta Cast 35 Jr. Play 35 Chapel 2,3,45 Projectionists 2,3. E lv ,QW L .5 Q .M an 2 iv Q3 1 S i S 'Q wr' - -Ib Q-2551? Esther Wiggins -- G. A. A. 2,3,45 Senior Adviser 4. Jack D. Williams - Naturalists 2, 3, 45 Math Club 3, 45 Swimming Team 2. Doris Williamson - Choir 2,3,45 G. A. A. 2,35 Y-Teens 2,3. QW Beverly Wilson-Stu- Bill Wisner-Baskeb dent Council 2,4, Sen- ball Team 2,3,4, Hi- ior Adviser 4, Y-Teens Y 2, Sec. 3,4, Chapel 2,3,4, Operetta Cho- rus 3,4, H. R. Chapel 3,4. Jack Wimer-Chapel 3,4. Martha Wiseley-Y- Teens 2,3,4, Thes- pians 2,3, Student Council 3, Chapel 2,3, 4, Senior Adviser 4, Class Sec. 4. 2,3,4, Class Pres. 3. Glenn Wittenmyer I 1 Tom Wittenmyer-Hi- Y 2,3,4, Class V. Pres. 3, Football Team 2,3,4, Track Team 2,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pres. F.T.A. 4. Robert Woocls-Cha- pel 2, Co-op Club 4. Devere Line - Foot- ball Team 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3, Chapel 2,3, Op- eretta Chorus 2,3, Choir 2, 3, Track Team 2,3, Math Club 3, Warm Springs, Georgia, 4. Jerry L. Wymer - Chapel 3, Distribu- tor Education Club 4. Joan Yawberg-F. T. A, 4, Chapel 2, 3, Class Sec. 2, Operetta Chorus 3, 4, Senior Adviser 4, Y-Teens 2, 3,4, Homecoming At- tendant 4. Charlene Young-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Cheer Leader 2,3,4, Oper- etta Chorus 3, Cast 4, Chapel 2,3,4. Pauline ZeIIer-Cha- pel 2,4, G.A.A. 2,3, 4, Y-Teens 2, Choir 2,3,4. Mary Zender - Cha- pel 4, Choir 2,3,4, G. A.A. 2,3,4, Y-Teens 4, Senior Adviser 4. UNDERCLASSES 1 .. .9 1 X. f ' 0 1 A A ' I G W I lli' ' 2 ff ff 74 3 -f- .1 c?f.Cll7Z.Q,. af'?a1,owz.A, . Junior 2 'I 3 FIRST ROW: J. Andrews, J Campbell, M. Becker, J Burnham, A. Cairns B Bartlett, J. Afcmbief Mi Bostine. SECOND ROW: J. Brock- sieker, C. Bickle, R. Bee- gle, P. Altman, D. Burry, P. Benjamin, E. Calnoon, P Breitigam. THIRD ROW: R. Barrell B Bishop, J, Augusf, c. Ad! ams, J. Barnnill, T. Bryant, B. Buckley, J. Bennett, Mr. Brandenberger. Junior 204 FIRST ROW: B. Cooper, L. Crawtis, S. Cole, R. Earlie, M. Daniels, V. Cnarles, M. Dillon, M. Dinclal. SECOND ROW: L. Fellers, J. Dayman, P. Fenstermaker, R. Carpenter, W. Corbin, J. Doyen, M. Ferguson, S. Cook. THIRD ROW: R. Clymer, D. Duttweiler, R. Farrison, G. Cramer, B. Decker, F. Crates, D. Courtney. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Dull, C. Clark, C. Fetters, J. Fekete, D. Craytor, J. Dysinger, A. Cramer, F. Evans. Junior II3 FIRST ROW: B. Hall, B Gulliford, D. Fry, M. Gear- ing, J. I-lasslinger, P. Fleck M. E. Garlow. SECOND ROW: F. Gore, E. Gonlke, P. Gohlke, J. Fisn- el, B. Grimmer, R. Griffin, L. Hailey, A. Frey. THIRD ROW: M. Gardner, C. Galloway, D. Hill, M. Gordon, H. Greeno, D. Hay- den, M. J. Gallant, W. Gilts. FOURTH ROW: J, Fitzpat- rick artigan, R. Fox Gaines C. Goldsmith, C. Gorman, L. Fox, Miss Keit- fer. 1 1 3121.1 sim- K7 .. .. Q.. GCE 2.fl.Ll ffl I Junior I3 FIRST ROW: M. Lindsey, J. Hoyer, D. Marvin, D. Jenk- ins, M, Kimmel, J. Inman, S. King, N. Loudenslager. SECOND ROW: M. Hon- ecker, L, Lonsway, M. I... Kope, B. Mains, A. Mac- Gregor, B. Lauck, M. Ken- ney, P. James, M. Loube. THIRD ROW: D. Marshall, R. Lyon, J. Huth, M. Laird, D. Johnson, B. Hill, K. Kaufman. FOURTH ROW: M. Lafferty N, Kirkend J. Lyon,GE Aohnso , G. Hull D. Mains, T, inn, . acolrn. Junior 5 FIRST ROW: P. Paul, M. Miller, P. Miller, J. Nich- ols, P. Neal, C. Price, D. Mc- Donald, P. Meek, SECOND ROW: Miss Von Meter, F. McDowell, N. Miles, S. Null, S. Piter, J. O'Neil, E. Povenmire, E. My- grant, C. Overholt. THIRD ROW: J. Phillips, J. Pamoel, R. Miller, D, Mc- Coy, G. Pitney, C. MCCarn- ey, C. Phillips. FOURTH ROW: R. Morger, L. Myers A. dmore, L. Powell, . Peterson . My- ers, L, i ips. Junior 4 FIRST ROW: R. Roaick, C Stanfield, M. L. Schumacher N. Roether, M. Slough, P Shumaker, N. Pugh, M Stall, J. Shirey. SECOND ROW: D. Slough F. Warren, D. Rose, D, Bur- ry, P, Roberts, P. Sharp, J Stone, N. Stone. THIRD ROW: E. Rate, R Rasor, B. Snow, C. Scott C. Repo, G. Rader, D. Rout son, P. Sterling, R. Slick. Junior I I I FIRST ROW: M. Wohlga- muth, F. Thomas, R, Swick M. Williamson, B, Sr, Myer M. Traucht, T. Wolfe, P Tinder. SECOND ROW: Miss Wors- tell, J, Woodward, R. Thom D, Umbs, B, Westenhover R. Yoxsirner, R. Ward, J Westfall. THIRD ROW: T. Tussing, D. Woodward, D. Thomas, D. Stough, D. Wohlgarnuth, J. Thatcher, N. Twining. FOURTH ROW: T. Tippin, R. Wagner, H. Walters, D, Sutton, F. Wilch, A. Wuertz, D, Weinandy. Sophomore 211 FIRST ROW: M. Coe, A. Charpiat, B. Bunts, P. Bay- less, R. Chrisfman, B. Cal- hoon, B. Baughman, P. Baumlein. SECOND ROW: Mr. Phillips, J. Carpenter, P. Alexander, B. Abbott, B. Clark,B. Bark- imer, J, Beard. THIRD ROWi G. Cleary, T. Bishop, D. Bauman, B. Breda, P. Armbruster, R. Copeland, D. Collingwood, D. Angus, FOURTH ROW: L, Bayless, D. Beltz, N. Cook, L. Catch- ing, J. Brim, J. Campbell, J. Cooper. Sophomore 206 FIRST ROW: G. Frost, E. French, J, Findley, M. Fox, M. Faber, C. Frontz, D. Emahiser, D. Fetters. SECOND ROW: S. Crozier, B. Foreman, P. Edrninston, L. Friese, M. Cramer, J. Croy. THIRD ROW: R, Dewey, J. Evans, L. Day, J. Covert, L. Duncan, R. Feller, E. De Les Dernier. FOURTH ROW: J. Fagan, J. Eskers, B. Eskers, Mr. Burk- hart, J. Costa, F, Dunn. 1 Jlvnm Hvonm, Sophomore I04 FIRST ROW: M, Harlett, B Gorman, W. Groves, L. Gil- len, C. Hochstettler, R. Hen- ry, P. Hammoncl, A. Ghaster SECOND ROW: Miss Wiest, J. Grauel, D. Greek, M. Grubb, M. Hlghsmith, F Harris, M. Grove, S. Hart- igan. THIRD ROW: B. Haas, J Hole, R. Gase, R, Hollen- back, L. Heltmeyer, H Hackenberger, R. Groves, J Haley. FOURTH ROW: D, Hosler R. Gillogly, S. Hauser,fB' 'Games J. Harshbarger, R 'Har'rns, D. Hertel. Sophomore 105 FIRST ROW: A. Leach, J Karcher, J. Leckey, S. Lauck J. Lease, J. Keel, S. Janes D. Jacobs. SECOND ROW: J. Klein, M Long, V. Leal, W. Huston B. Karcher, B. Hull, P. Ins- ley, W, Leathers, THIRD ROW: L, Leonard, D Katz, J. Larkins, H. Lazen- by, D, Howard, J, Koehler R. Johnson, J, Joiner, B Hutson. FOURTH ROW: M. Hum- mell, R. Lonsway, J. Hut- ton, R, LaWarre, J. John- son, K. Hough, T. Hyma, -,L ar, Mr. Hunsicker. Sophomore 9 FIRST ROW: N, Lydick, C Mosier, J. Miller, B. Mc- Kendrick, D. Mason, M. My- grant, R. Lytle, J. Nivison SECOND ROW: T. Morrow M. Maurer, N. Lunn, M McElligott, J. Martin, L Lynch, M. Meagly, G. Nor- ris, K, McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: D. Mc:Cand- less, K. Misamore, E. Myers R. Miller, J. McCullough, R Mains, R. Maraaart, R. Mal- colm, T. Morrow. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Miller P. Marquette, E. MacCorm ack, B. Mellinger, T. Long I.. Miles. Homo, Hanna Sophomore 207 FIRST ROW: C. Rahl C Richards, M. Shaffer,, M Saltz, M. Pruitt, E. Reuth- er, J. Remley, V. Norris. SECOND ROW: Miss Hud- nell, C. Ruck, T. Roth, F Sanders, D. Orton, N. Rig- gle, F. Rodabaugh, J, Rik- er, G. Preston. THIRD ROW: D. O'COnnor, P. Rosor, G. Rader, M. Saltz L. Schultz, D, Schmitz, C Peschel. FOURTH ROW: T. Peterson C. smtp, R. Paul, N. Roonl ey, H, Rilling, A. Rose, R. Palmer, J. Sawvel. Sophomore I I 2 FIRST ROW: S. Shoupe, N. Shilling, M, Spayfh, C. Steinhurst, V, Shettel, A. Smith, C. Swisher, S. Stack. SECOND ROW: B. Shrader, N. Stimmel, C. A. Smith, J. Slaughteroeck, M, Stultz, B. Stewart, J. Smith, C, J. Smith. THIRD ROW: D. Steegman C. Smith, C, Swisher, B. Sterling, J, Sutton, N. Smith, J, Switzer, D. Stahl. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Avery, C. Taylor, T. Smith, R. Sprague, J. Shepard, A. Swasick, B. Teatsorth. Sophomore 7 FIRST ROW1 M. Zebedis, P. Wise, J. Young, P. Wiggins, T. Walter, V. Van Vorce, J. Waaland, H. Williams, SECOND ROW: E. Vondran, S. Widenhoter, D. Winstead, D. Weaver, P. Thompson, L. Zeller, J. Woods. THIRD ROW: Mr, English, J. Veit, D. Waaland, D. Thomas, B. Weitz, F. Wil- liamson. FOURTH ROW: H. Yaw- berg, E, Toland, R. Wink, S. Wilkins, E. Ward, D. Tritch, D. Trautman. 1 EVENTS f w Mx .I W 3 I Y5 J fp oh , M B 'Z Q Q Each year it is the custom at Findlay l-ligh School to conduct one evening pro- gram exclusively for parents so that they are able to become more thoroughly ac- quainted with the procedure and methods of teaching and learning in our local edu- cational system. Nearly SOO parents were guests of the faculty during the Parents' Night program, which was held on November lO. The objectives and aims of each subject were explained by the instructors in ten-minute classroom periods. The eight sessions were so arranged that each parent could follow his child's schedule and meet the teachers in their classroom roles. A committee of faculty members planned the manner in which the classes were to be conducted. Faculty members also served as reception- ists for the guests. At the conclusion of the "classes" a social period was held in the cafeteria where the parents and teachers could meet in an informal manner. Refreshments were fur- nished by the home economics department, with Mrs. G. R. Constien and Mrs. F. l.. Kinley presiding as hostesses. A prize was awarded to students of home room ll3 for having the most par- ental representatives in attendance at the event. The recognition was given as a special feature to encourage students in urging their parents to attend. Fafmnfa, ' Whghi Parents' Night Scenes Top photo shows a corner of the school cafeteria during the social hour with the hostesses, Mrs. G. R, Constien and Mrs. F. L. Kinley, presiding over refreshments and surrounded by a few of the parents who turned out for the affair, ln the back- ground is also a group of parents compar- ing notes on the evening's activities. Lower picture shows a parent in confer- ence with D, N. Avery, sales instructor. flzapab, duunblim, Student Appearances Top picture shows a student forum discussing a current topic in the morning assembly pro- gram. Members of the panels included David Koehler, Bob Morrison, Lyle Bradfute, Robert Neil, Tom Dunn, Frank Mowry and Sam Bisbee, with Joe Da Pore serving as moderator. Lower photo shows a section of the high school choir appearing during the Easter chapel serv- ices in the high school auditorium. The official calendar of Findlay High School always includes a chapel program by each home room and a number of addresses by noted and en- tertaining speakers. Also on the as- sembly agenda is included a number of moving pictures which are shown during the course of the year. Chapel services are conducted in a religious manner and are religious in nature. The prime purpose of such programs is to teach tolerance, con- sideration, guidance and the import- ance of religion and God in one's life. They also teach young people how to think, and students who participate in chapel programs have the opportunity to de- velop themselves and render a valuable service to the school. Assembly programs include a variety of speak- ers engaged because of their previous records of success in speaking before high school groups. During the past year Findlay High School stu- dents witnessed a variety of performances in- cluding a liquid air expert, American folk song interpreters, an occupational guidance counsel- lor, a Shakespearean actor and other interesting personalities. ln addition to their qualities of entertainment, the assemblies have proved to have fine educational value. 65 As a part of the intensified vocational coun- sel program now being stressed at F. H. S., a two- day guidance clinic was offered to the student body the week of April 4 in an effort to aid stu- dents in choosing their future course of study according to vocational needs. This year special emphasis was placed upon individual interviews with local representatives of 29 major trades and professions. ln preparation for the program, Dr. Frank D. Slutz, a noted youth counsellor of Dayton, spoke to a student assembly on "Choosing a Vocation." Previous to the clinic students filled out in- ventory forms to signify the fields of opportunity in which they desired additional information and advice. From the information secured from this survey, the fields of interest were chosen. The entire program consisted of group discussions directed by the chosen representatives, fol- lowed by personal interviews with these coun- sellors. The Findlay Kiwanis Club sponsored the guidance clinic with the assistance of the Stu- dent Council. E.. Personal Conferences Top photographs show two profes sional men discussing phases of thei work with interested students in thi personal conference period of th. guidance clinic in the high schoa cafeteria, Bottom picture shows another stu dent group busily engaged in discus sing their career problems with thei counsellor. The Pictures Upper photo shows homecoming queen and court, The principals are, left to right, Connie Leader, Jane Brown, Kath- leen Rate, Bonnie Morrison and .loan Yawberg. Lower picture shows Miss Kathleen Rate being escorted to throne by Senior Hi-Y member, Ardyn Weaver. The Ceremonies During the halftime ceremonies of the Findlay-Fostoria football game, Homecoming Queen Kathleen Rate with her attendants, Jane Brown, Connie Leader, Bonnie Morrison and Joan Yaw- berg, was crowned in special exercises under the auspices of the Student Coun- cil. The girls were nominated by the seniors and were elected by the student body. Miss Rate and her attendants circled the football field in convertibles before the coronation ceremonies took place, They were then escorted to an impro- vised throne. Escorts were Senior Hi-Y members, Dave Koehler, Ted I-lauman, Bill Wisner, Jack Snyder, and Ardyn Weaver, Dave Slough, vice-president of the student council, officiated at the ceremony of crowning the queen. A coronation ball was staged in the high school gym after the football game in honor of the royal party. The l949 edition of the Findlay High dance band made its first appearance of the season at the event. Students At Work Top photo shows art student, Raundi Medlock, completing a vase on the potter's wheel for exhibition to the public. Bottom photos show Bob Lyon work- ing on a sniperscope for the annual science day at Bowling Green and Martha Nelson putting the finishing touches on a poster for the Hobby Show conducted by the Y. M. C. A. Gaia. and ' fxlzzful 68 Each year the fine arts and home arts depart- ments present an exhibit to the public to display student work completed during the preceding school year. The exhibit encourages interest in the talent and initiative of the arts classes and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the best examples of their skill. This year's exhibit was exceptionally well at- tended and brought much comment upon the quality of the displays. Staged in the department rooms prior to the senior play, the fine arts classes presented an array of perspective drawings, posters, advertising art, architectural design, water color work and oil paintings, Displays in handicrafts and photography included examples of the differ- ent photographic methods and objects produced in plaster and ceramics. The home arts department specialized in chil- dren's garments and covering and re-upholstering furniture. J. O. Jenkins managed the fine arts exhibit and Miss Betty Van Meter directed plans for the home arts display. The science exhibit consisted of showings of material prepared for the annual Science Day at Bowling Green. For the first time in years the hosts of the junior-senior prom voted to have the event open to alumni, sophomores and outsiders, providing they were accompanied by an escort from the upper two classes. This concession meant that a record breaking crowd attended the annual event and danced to the music of Allan Cleveland and his Orchestra from Heidelberg College. Decorations were constructed to represent the gold-mining town of old Dodge City in i8-49. Fronts of saloons, jails, groceries, clothing stores, black- smith shops and dance halls covered either side of the gymnasium. Gaily colored streamers cascaded from the ceiling over a banner which officially welcomed the guests to Dodge City, Again the movie camera was on hand to re- cord the reactions of the students in their best bibs and formal tuckers during the grand march and throughout the gala affair. Refreshments were served by members of the home economics department. Scenes Al- The Prom Top picture shows a member of the decoration committee, Pat Tinder, working on decorations for the prom. Lower pictures show two guests, Joy Fishel and Dave Marshall, en- joying the festivities. Also shown is one of the groups which stopped to chat with Devere Line during the evening. Devere attended the prom after returning home from Warm Springs, Georgia. Jim p!l0I'I'L Jalenf, mag, The Day's Fun Top photos show sixteen of the Tal- ent Day performers including a stu- dent chorus line, members of the cast of an original play by Claude Gold- smith, and vocalist, Judy Archable. Top row left is Bob Hayes, who served as master of ceremonies for the pro- gram. Lower picture shows faculty member attired appropriately for the day's activities. Lower left is the chorus line in ac- tion giving their rendition of "The Girl Who Came to Town." 70' One of the high points of this year's ac- tivities was Talent Day, sponsored by the F. H. S. Student Council. In honor of the occasion the faculty also proclaimed it as Overall Day, and students were permitted to wear blue jeans and other sportswear for the duration of the day's program, Some faculty members also carried out the theme in rugged attire. The morning assembly period was devoted to a student talent program with sang, dance and drama routines put on by volunteers from the student body. The school dance band, led by Fred Crates, also performed in one of its last appearances of the season. SPORTS Q xx X 09, ff fn X I , WW nf N-x xt 3 f iv X Y 3 e i fe...' FIRST ROW: Coach Yawberg, J. Fekete, F. Mowry, P. Kovach, R. Routson, W. Snyder, T. Wittenmyer, R, File, D. Mains, B. Green, D. West, J. DaPore, D. Koehler, R. Slager. SECOND ROW: Coach Bikle, D. Courtney, J. Malcolm, M. Lafferty, C. Repp, C. Peterson, K. Friddell, A. Swasick, D. Craytor, M. Hummell, F. Wilch, R. Miller, E. Rate, R. Wise, Coach Bartlett. THIRD ROW: T. Welch, mgr.g T. Klein, mgr., R. Rasor, mgr.g D. Hill, H. Bell, D. Johnson, R. Yoxsimer, J. Pampel, M, Gordon, C. Phillips, W. Decker, mgr.j B. Mathews, mgr. jim, jwfball Sxzmwn, An improved aggregation of football players was fielded last season by Head Coach Howard H. Yawberg. The Findlay gridders scored l6O points, while allowing their opponents only 7l. Lima Central was the only team to shut out the Trojans in scoring, and that by the margin ofa single touchdown, 6-O. The Trojans won second place in the Buckeye League, Coach Yawberg's golden- clad warriors whipped Bowling Green 7-O, Fostoria l3-O, and Tiffin 30-O. The Buck- eye League champion, Fremont Ross, in- flicted the only league defeat in a 20-7 thriller which wasn't decided until the clos- ing minutes, despite the apparent superi- ority of the final score. In non-league play against bigger op- ponents from larger cities Findlay broke even. Dayton Dunbar was toppled l4-6, while Marion Harding went down 41-7 and Sandusky 30-7 before the onslaught of the overpowering Trojans. Toledo Scott beat Findlay 7-2, Lima Central defeated them 6-O, and Lima South salvaged a much-dis- cussed thriller, l8-l2. Mr. Yawberg served his fourth term as head football coach last year, and was ably assisted by Ellsworth C. Bartlett and Philip Bikle. Q a ll 8 , ff 41,5 . B' 'Fit -ff-" , 39' V4 .A new' R. .TIA f: .,.' :- ' ,431 gigagjg I WWW? as 1 4 Mme 3 SENIOR VARSITY LETTERMEN Beginning ot top, left to right: J. DaPore, J. Fekete, Capt. B. File, B. Green D. Koehler P. Kovock, D. Line, D. Mains, F. Mowry, B. Routson, B. Soltzmcm, B. Sloger, B. Snyder: D. West, T. Wittenmyer. 73 FIRST ROW: B. Wise, L. Gaines, B. Wisner, B. Garnes, B. File, F. Wilch. SECOND ROW: Ass't. Coach English, D. Bauman, E. Ward, R. Johnson, T. Bishop, R. Bartlett, mgr.g Coach Bachman. THIRD ROW: T. Hyma, mar., F. Dunn, J. Harshbarger, A. Swasick, R. Doepker, L. Miles, mgr. Jim Agaaluzfball Snmxon, Having the name of State Champs of I948 to live up to, the Findlay Trojan basketball squad played inspired ball against the many teams that were seeking the honor of defeat- ing the defending title holders. Toledo Cen- tral turned the trick in the District final by three points, 46-43. So did Xenia and Fos- toria, beating the Trojans 32-29 and 46-42, respectively. The Trojans won I5 pre-tournament games, and annexed the Buckeye League crown for the seventh straight year. They also won three more contests in tournament play before ending their career for the season in the Dis- trict final. Coach Carl Bachman, who finished his fifteenth term as head cage mentor at Findlay, was assisted by Marvin V. English, who per- formed a very acceptable job in his first year at F, H. S. Altogether the Trojans scored I,O58 points this season to 694 for their opponents. This record gave them a 48-point average per game offensively and 3I-point average defensively. The two seniors on the team scored a total of over 450 points. Bill Wisner racked up 249 counters while Bob File's record showed a total of 203, Of the other regular team members, Garnes scored I93, Wise l87, Gaines II5 and Wilch 57. SEASON'S RECORD Findlay ............ 28 Bellevue ................ Findlay ............ 29 Xenia .................... Findlay ............ 53 Washington C. H. Findlay ............ 79 Tiffin Columbian Findlay ..... ...... 4 O Lima South .......... Findlay ..... 45 Lima Central ...... Findlay ..... ...... 4 4 Greenfield McClain Findlay ...... ..... 4 6 Fremont Ross .... Findlay ............ 42 Bowling Green .. Findlay... ........ 44 Fostoria ....... Findlay ............ 59 Kenton .............. Findlay ..... ...... 5 3 Tiffin Columbian . Findlay ..... ..... 5 2 Cincinnati Elder .. Findlay ............ 59 Celina ............. Findlay ..... ...... 6 I Fremont Ross ...... Findlay ............ 45 Bowling Green . Findlay ..... ..... 4 2 Fostoria ............. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Findlay ..... ...... 6 2 Wapakoneta ...... Findlay ............ 38 Fostoria ................ DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Findlay ............ 49 Bucyrus .............. Findlay ............ 43 Toledo Central .... TOP: opt. B. File, B. Gomes B. Wisner, B. Wise. cbhalwtball BOTTOM: F. Wilch, L. Gaines, J DoPore, T, Bishop. N! fi 75 Q .fr-1 C52 PJ .Fri- "'-f We-Tif A W3 IUH5 6.3! T MMRQA U- - U7 -Q2 mm UE,-COO L A- OOOCQJ + Q SNtI:OU C OJ':.,,,:- mC '-:GJ mmPpfP3Zg33N ozmvmomqirmi 1 U N cu E: '3 -O ,. E3 V7 ZULA- W CCL 5mm cuwC'Cf6 .- -UOUJ O-5-EV? Q50 -D tgfoggzggigg Omifrcrggmmwinm aamomEE+m5ma X. O x. x 83 Ti ggc GJ LC U ELG-QQUOQEECE 3oLnC-Uw'U:UO4- OOo.-+SxOOw4-,UL 433442222090 Emaizfcmzcwi C E 0 Cn EC I CDU? one x- 3552 9- 01.5 O-C Conf swoggiwgt II Iii!!! B! imEPmiawaEQ L GJ ow L CU 'U 'O D C mm :LE 5 O '-U44 5.9351 EE SEbN5..3::u:Ex. 502226305000 B. G P. G S. G R. G M. B. G L. H H. H G. H P. H D. H ott M, Dcmiels ms B. Decker old J. Doyen time J. Dysinger ghmon R. Eorlie e P. Edminston tigom E. Fetterf ry M. Ferguson E. French roy D. Fisher roy M. Gallant i?Sf332'QE2UU 444mc0Cr3f13UUig 5o22mQ1mmE2 BOYS' INTRAMURAL CHAMPS FIRST ROW: Bob Hill, Clifford Johnson, Kenneth Kaufman. STANDING: Mel Lafferty, David Mains, Norman Kirkendall, David Johnson. 4Q'l1f,z5'mz,frvz1ezczf.-fc. Girls' volley ball and girls' and boys' basketball constitu- ted the major part of the in- tramural sports program during the past school season. Intramural sports are im- portant because they provide more widespread opportunities for a large number of students to learn to cooperate with others while in athletic com- petition. Miss Esther March is direc- tor of girls' physical educa- tion. L. C. Keller directs the boys' intramural program. He is also the faculty manager of interscholastic athletics. GIRLS' INTRAMURAL WINNERS FIRST ROW: S. Cook, M. Gal- lant, R. Medlock, E. Mygrant. SECOND ROW: F. Thomas, manager, C. Galloway, C. Bikle, R. Griffin, L. Crawfis, 77 FRONT: J. Ferris, C. Clark. BACK: C. Fouts, S. Grose, D. Glass, C. Young. Qluufn, The drum majorettes, under the guidance of C. L. Hite, were a part of the outstanding teamwork of the Tro- jan marching band this year. They attended every football band practice and led the marching band at half-time during football games in all the unique and difficult forma- tions. Regardless of weather conditions they never failed in their duties and helped give the band coordination and spirit during the football season. They also demonstrated their skill by giving special programs during the basket- ball seoson. DRUM MAJORETTES FRONT: T. Walter, J, Porter. BACK: N. Horning, B. Lauck. l 78 6' Leading the cheers at football and basketball games and boosting the morale of the team and fans during the l948-l949 seo- son, the cheerleaders were a big factor in Findlay High School's sports record this year. The cheerleaders were on the job at every home game and went with the team to out-of-town battles also. This year's group of six began training while they were sophomores and have been the official cheerlead- ers for two consecutive sea- sons. They are directed by Miss Esther March. YQ LEFT TO RIGHT, first row: J. Malcolm, T. Wittenmyer, L. Myers, L. Frey, M. Gordon. SECOND ROW: E. Rate, D Miller J. Fekete, T. Tippin, B. Eskers, D. Hill, A. Swasick, B. Wise. THIRD ROW: Coach Bartlett, P. Decker, T. Huffman, R Hollen back, J. McCullough, P. Warner, B. Slager, B. File, Ass't. Coach Yawberg. jim jmck IL Coach E. C. BartIett's track and field squad of I949 five out of seven dual meets, and then annexed the Buck was a vastly improved organization as compared with the eye League contest at Bowling Green. The team then en Trojan aggregations of the past few years. Findlay won tered the District meet. During their regular season the Trojans defeated Upper Sandusky, Fostoria, Lima South, Tiffin Columbian and Fremont Ross, losing only to Lima Central and Bowling Green by two and four points, respectively. H. H. Yawberg served as the assistant coach Jim Hn!! ff. Enthusiasm in golf during Findlay High s I949 season reached an alletime high the Trojans ended the pre-tournament sea son with 27 straight dual match wins. In the District tournament played over the rugged Findlay Country Club course, the Blue and Gold swingers were the winners for the second straight year, Ashland was second to the Findlay team. As a result of the tournament, Findlay received the District Trophy and qualified for the State tournament at Columbus All members of the squad will be back next season except Gregory, Miller and DaPore. Carl C. Bachman is coaching the golfers. GOLF TEAM FIRST ROW: Don Miller, Joe DaPore, Ted Bishop STAND ING: Dave Slough, Jim Dysinger, Coach Bachman Clifford Misamore and Jim Gregory. 79 5 EX n X J V fi:-0"K53-,V , -1 1 .J takast A 5 fm, Q ' HQ? 4332?- ,QYLQ N, gykws .MwM,v is2iVjf?iif2' W, HW Q54 vii. 65951 832 4 Q -Q af, s ' 'J 4 ,wmv W ,-.,,- ,.,. , Q Q 2 Sf S4 2.1 i X32 ff? 2 Kg sn NWY1' 'F 'UM sw: V Y J S1 A. ,S ADVERTISING Q F5 Z o o V 1 - N f 5 xi' 7 Q Af 7 5 IAA 'LXx..,X g, , Wx ,4u.,,V Z How QQQ you remember is perhaps less imlooruzfzt them bow fuQy und bow you lou! to use what you 42 remelzzber. T H- The OHIO Oll Company MARATHON q x jj7"f1k LY ,t , A ! X X K I BIS V G R Qngroalflfadzfionfi fo ffm UM M794 Q AUM film Harriet Green Studios a:g.',Q -if CONGRATULATIONS The TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Good Furniture Since 1885 wrnifmre Cilmloang ffl!! ggQQg45wV,Mf,mmM' " ' 'W f-ww-6: QL,gm.s:.11-kiwi,-1M.x-4iw+w - Lmmfqnnal S 5 ff A .5 i ' - . ' 1. 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COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Office Furniture Blank Books Office Supplies Social Stationery Books Greeting Cards SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone Main l88 406 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio LYNN A. LYO CO. ELECTRICAL. GAS. OIL and COAL APPLIANCES 622 South Main Street Phone 3755 ' 1.0. , -W wwe 1-f..,,e,, -E , 'Rf 0, 4, Hx 0-1-4" fs...-IH-"""wL Sealtest Ice Cream So Creamy So Smooth CCet the Best-Get Sealtestl Sodas or Milkshakes FindIay's Northside Sealtest Dealer FRE- AR DAIRY RAR 89 DIETSCH BROS. ICE CREAM AND CANDIES 330 W. Main Cross St. womnn's mlenn t , wnsuen . aww' ,W BW 63 THE ONLY WASHER GUARANTEED 90 FOR FIVE YEARS! E S H. I. HARRINGTON CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone I I7 - 3771 Home of Cadillac Chevrolet 2l5 West Main Cross St. SERVICE WITH A SMILE hath, jnmofumw like ? Tomorrow is the day after graduation. What will it be like? Tomorrow can be a friendly place-a bright attractive office where you'll find old friends and make new ones. Tomorrow can be interesting, important work, good pay and a chance to advance. Tomorrow can be a pleasant, profitable Telephone job--IF you can measure up to the fine standards of communications work. Come in and talk it over . . . today! WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 6I9 South Main Street THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ,San-a, -,ezufm Mabry, fzufzfzparzy, FINEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS From Hollywood to New York we asked 51,170 beauty experts "What's best for hands?" The vote was Cream 3 tal And their favorite hand cream by far. .. Beauty-Rich sofsk 1 yt fskin CREME THE SOFSKIN COMPANY - FlNDLAY,0H W? HOTEL PHOENIX wr gf v -Ili FOR C-OOD FOOD It's the HOTEL PHOENIX COFFEE SHOP PHONE 23 or 27 305 SO. Main SI. Constructively Speaking America Builds Tomorrow's Day Today CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of I949 A FROM THE EMPLOYEES OF GAR WOOD INDUSTRIES, INC. FINDLAY DIVISION FINDLAY, OHIO MANUFACTURERS of Buckeye Ditchers ' Shovels ' Spreaders ' Finegrad ers ' C-ar Wood Equipmentg Car Wood Dump Bodies 9 Load Packers Winchers and Cranesg Sf. Paul Dump Bodies, and Road Patrols. 4 SN Noon Hour BHUADVVAY SANDWICH SHUP 223 Broadway Findlay. Ohio s Q ,'2.',': 'r' ' ' fa 'x 3 ,I -M ', 4 . g..,,,,M Mkxfkttm X znbfil Mr. mi, ., T Q 1 V A - U " M S ' f O' --W.-'fi :ffirw f iw -fe: -1' 3 '- guygxgg , ,Q V4 1 -' 12:gf. ,w-H,--:ALJ H . .ix-,Ng Egg: 4L33:,tm,,.,,,:: . ff! ,f,A...f,wg mi. 5q,,1533Qg2r?1'2gi'geg,:w,. ,411 '?'piv-Mm- : qi:3.'5:1.m .1 ,aSvrr:1f.f2:1-::1zw.1'QaM:s:. w ' 'f A' 'WR'f"fsf'T'-?12sL5 ,, 'V-A' "f'f'f" 1 7393" ' uv ' " 9:.,k-Pggzugl-13,mQA,Zj,,'L,,5qi-R:-1-ig-fwfr---xwk q,ffW,w-m,Q ,,7,,o1,,wmfM5.ff,-Q. xf.fw,3-maya A 2 f f-f- K, 'av - 1 ,H .Y gf 12. -, K 1 M ,. 'w,,,h,u ' M -f I V f' f -:2r::fw+v::ff2'l2:4iLw:-:-f:E5-2f+E:r- 2:::rff ff -, ,ff-fu 5 ' ' - 'E'ffff " . . ,,-,fy ww,-Q ,fum .4,.,.,,u 4, , A I. ua-, ,. Ur, ... - Jg1'- x. ,H -.- ., Q- ,- - .. .A L fum- - -mm. . .. Mn ,- A,-:W M W: -zf--Lfmfg, .,f .rf -- i''wwf22faf?E4ygw5q3.g.g.g,7MgwgKLg X25-.:5a,... E?5'?' 1rf2 Zf2f2' ,. wi '5v'.i?'. ,Jia-N,-fi-,Am-'1' :Y -' - " .. ' i -'fL13I335131'- "' N- " W' Q, . , K Ha We ' 'f:2f.4:1- 'W'--1" ff m' 'W ' ' :.L..4-'ff-'offs a ' L L ' ' mmf 1 I. f 3321 zitiqlifa 555:-:1, 11:12 ?ffffi-5 Trfgillv - """""" 1-wwf, I ---- -557923492213 :ES 1:75311 5 -, :f:.:2:'g ':Qt2i:17 xx, 5: '15 21129: - lifff O - K - ' .L fhfgggfuiiial-if 535511 :kffff gifs ',. T55 ' X . ..-j , :-Qffyl2':f:'f1f3f 5553: ..,...,l 123255 '52-Tail , of 5f,,fi,f ff' ' 2 , 331 GQUEE f' ii? fl -- MM W WHMWNW M N ' "N 125331-..: ' 1952553 - Q 373' 4" 'Ai'9'T""" ' k 'A' f. :,Q,,iA,X-,,5,1.-1,5 -,T 1.-.qfmo V ., . .. 'afw wfiiiril V WM- N, -,fM22w3ssx,i.m- ""'n""'k'M'M""M"L'x X Mao w.,.-,,,. , V , 1 , , aaao ,f,, ,, Y . . A oo, , O 'a a S if a' . ,, 4 M a ' O. 'qfg.Wv'?'if ikfvjf 'ftpf A 'ff " i " -lfwsii 2." 5 .,- 755 , Y L O 'af 'av' of ff' a ommalwfzwllezffwiwy if oaa ao aaooaloa Q 2 aoia ,,,, 94 3441 NORTH MAIN STREET. FINDLAY, OHIO Central Drug Store "THE REXALL STORE" Headquarters for all Photo Supplies Delicious sodas and sundaes made with SEALTEST ICE CREAM PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY Where the High School gang meets DRUGS SUNDAES CANDY TOl LETRI ES 0l4fLfJ AVVLQVL ffl 0 HANCOCK COUNTY AUTO DEALERS' ASSOCIATION OWITIOFI 1' I B y burn ond Joon B k mple some of the d I p t h p d t th T T t y- f 2 M K 4 TASTY-TATERS POTATO CHIPS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 F rom The Employees of KAY BRAND CORPORATION i B II Snyder finds it hard to decide which to buy, ci shirt or o sweater. ZIEROLF'S "CLOTHES MEN LIKE" i X s 5. MacGregor Sportswear Interwoven Sox Arrow Shirts Dobb's Hats COMPLIMENTS OF THE HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE CO. Look . . . For This Sign! NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MAKES SOLD AT MEDLOCKS Bulova Elgin Waltham Hamilton Telechron General Electric Westclox Community l847 Rogers Holmes 6 Edwards lnternotional Sterling Remington Schick Shavemaster Sunbeam Parker Eversharp Art Carved Diamonds 213 South Main THE ESTABLISHED 1931 - ffgigssi 1-1251,-I ' f2'5Y55i1V'f, ,fi?efJffi ,J COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY ififrffff' r""' THE REPUBLICAN-COURIER FINDLAY. OHIO -r-1? Today's Modern Servant-Electricity QENTRAL omo LIGHT a PowER coMPANYj Congratulations To The Class of 1949 from your A 8: P SUPER MARKET IUs'r Acaoss THE STREE1' KROGER DRY CLEANERS 131 W. Main Cross St. Cleaning Plant 1904 Lima Phone 31 Y S F111 Pkp d D1ryS B. 8: B. OIL AND FUEL COMPANY KHIGH GRADE COALSJ DICK'S AUTO PARTS NewA O SU GOLD BAR BRAND Canned Fruit and Vegetables at Your C-rocers I l I I I THE A. E. DORSEY COMPANY Find1cry's Leading Cleaners .v . 4 , ' 7, ,V ' f S 1:1 ft,-I tg, -wgf-Meg .I 7 ,I I I' f if I I I 'lr 'I I ' ,iii If if , I I ' JEL? EJ . fx f '43 --,V U, 4- ,, Z J uv, .X l -vlwl-Q, if ,ji ,if qy.f i j A HUGHES CLEANERS ll2 W. Front St. Visit our Modern Plant at 7Ol Howard St. Quick and Efficient Service at any time WE PICK UP AND DELIVER DAILY PHONE 6l7-W or ll75-W Clarence Schlencher, Prop. SIMON'S The Tarbox-McCall Stone Co. MANUFACTURER OF Crushed Stone and Sand AGRICULTURAL LIME FINDLAY, OHIO HOME MARKET ACROSS FROM OHIO OIL co. Our Delivery Service Puts You Next Door to Us Deliveries-10:30 A.lV1.--2:30 P.lV1. TELEPHONE 1200 Jeon O'NeiI, Corol Bickle ond Corol Adams working hard ot: Congratulations to the class of 1949 from Turner-Fenstermaker Shoe Company Quality Shoes Since 1889 AT THEIR NEW LOCATION 416 SO. Main St. Findlay, Ohio 103 ALLENS Y .EE Cheese - Butter Ice Cream - Chipped Ham THE STORE EVERY GIRL KNOWS S d -S d 6 L n hes FOR READY-TO-WEAR NEXT TO THE lst NATIONAL BANK un BGS O BS U C We specialize in Service and Friendliness YOUR FRIENDLY ISALY STORE Compliments of PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME Ranges Refrigerators Home Freezers- Irons Dishwashers - Ironers Clocks - Automatic Washers Mixers - Toasters -- Dryers Ca rbage Disposal - Water Heaters BEAMER'S APPLANCE STORE Your General Electric Dealer 3l8 W. Main Cross Street FINDLAY, OHIO 300 wesf Front sr. Phone 60 PQICQTIE 8 , Q 104 Findlay, Ohio I --as iw L 5' Y S 5 'mfs For Gifts That Will Be Treasured and Long Remembered Gifts ln Every Price Range LESTER THOMAS Your igafhggggg HANCOCK SAVINGS 6: Diamonds-Watches-Silverware Souaiw Main at Sandusky Findlay, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF COLDREN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 600 205 West Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Salisbury's Restaurant Fine Foods at Reasonable Prices 105 A " e so I, I. FINIILIIY IVIIISIII IIIIIVIPIINY HECHEATIUN BUWLING ALLEY FINDLAY, OHIO Used Records "EuBEnT's FURNITURE" St 404 406 E. Sandusky Street George, Bob, Don, joe los WAI-XLAND'S GREENHOUSES FLOWERS FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS CORSAC-ES OF ALL KINDS FOR DANCES M- ,nwifzi -A A-wr 6 Q ...ev M 5, wx, ' I essay . ,.:,.,a"i , fg fGg,k .,,,?zg9an,A - . -- -1 ,,,. P- . Q M - A COMPLIMENTS or FINDLAY LUMBER bass ee'e"e Shep FEMININE APPAREL C O M P A N Y 521 SO. Main St. Smart Koehlefs G,eenh,,use DEUUBATINE MATERIALS Flowers For All Occasions h d' 1022 Liberty Street Phone 3030 C G' S Fi"d'aV' Ohio 630-632 S. Main sf. Phone 71 '01 Connie Leader ond Jone Brown ore shown some new clothes by Joan Gose. We Served You Through Your High School Days - - - Let Us Continue To Take Care of Your Apparel Needs for College GORDON'S Ready To Wear Store BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF i949 Beautiful Girls Beautiful Home Furnishings as pictured at THE BANNER FURNITURE STORE THE NATIONAL REFINERY CO. Refiners and Marketers of Petroleum Since l882 108 BARNHART MEMORIAL Findlay's Oldest Funeral Home Smithson Romick Kirkpatrick Phone l85 Ofvwife Mldfcoff DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS 606 SOUTH MAIN STREET Bloominqdctle's Flowers Of Distinction For Every Occasion FINDLAY' QI-H0 610 South Main Street Phone 328 "YOUR HOME - YOUR BEST INVESTMENT" HOMES COMPLETELY BUILT- FROM PLANS TO'THE FINISHED HOME The Parker Lumber Company Phone 42 Back of U.S. Post Office COMPLIMEN TS FROM THE I. C. PENNY COMPANY I0 9 THE PAGE DAIRY 222 BROADWAY PHONE IOS7 FINDLAY, OHIO MILK-CREAM--BUTTER ICE CREAM VISIT THE DAIRY STORE Q I . GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF I949 FROM THE HI-HAT Compliments of: Spayth Decorating Company Phone 3946W 628 South Main St. Carey - i zlz n i W Upper Sandusky Findlay W5 5335 M U'Ii iI'XN'? ,Y r r J Spayth's Record Dept. 110 R C A Radios--Gifts Sherwin Williams Paint Wal lpa per H O A D L E Y ' S Rug 6. Cleaning Company .' If NEW RUCS CARPETS f I I LINOLEUIVI I RUBBER FLOORING - RUC CUSI-IIONS SEE FlNDLAY'S 131 N. CORY STREET LARGEST SELECTION OF COATS AND DRESSES AT PRICES YOU LIKE TO PAY PHONE MAIN IOO FLOOR COVERINC SRECIALISTS SINCE I89O KESSEL'S WE'VE MADE OUR OWN SINCE I926 Fine Hand Rolled and Hand Dipped Chocolates ICE CREAM MADE FRESH DAILY MAY WE FILL YOUR CORSACIE AND OTHER FLOWER ORDERS? The SMS '6DIETSCH'S" sfo'-es 533 NORTH MAIN In 404 SECOND STREET HARRIS THEATRE BLDC. DAVID IIIIIII SONS COMPANY .,m Sponsors of Q -vi s V Q , I' IH' lah! -0 ,- Li H 'jr lp-I ltlj l li I s s ' :sk ll n Q n ' ' " Q' it 1 1 H - i 3 I I. g Y' v A s ' r 1' f 'I I if v r- H ff, L -a gf, Q r . . 3 fi - . Thrift Plus Satisfaction cooPER SERVICE 5 s, titts , -Q X Hanfzblcb, Tires Batteries Accessories HOME QF PHONE 5 CORONADO APPLIANCES AND I2 FINDLAY OHIO HIAWATHA SPORTING GOODS I FRED KLEIN 61 SON Established 1887 Over 50 Years ot Service SHEET METAL WORK PLUMBING AND HEATING HO North Main Street Phone 203 Findlay. Ohio if ,.-v-- ,..1- ...-..-.- 'WN' ' -f,- ,M ,livin lwir RAY'S BAKERY Maker Of Ray's Fine Bread And Pastries Phone I I3 5' -1.-1 , A1 is ' sssis if is 1 S iistt "'ii I I f1-,- it.. ,tt.s, i,,A, ,ogg '-'- T .W IIESI I2 f if it llli l Ill f " A w sf T fi MM if-'I f-Ill i ..-.i."+.s-:ass-.:.-s.. I Ill 4 - ............:"'...'r:r...""...":'.. 5 :4l3"': 1: Hi ,f"ve--1,.....:1'.:"' 2 ,gg iv x si T H E C 0 L O N I A L N U T Cr S W E E T S H 0 P Home Made Candy Nuts Roasted Daily Caramel Corn - Popcorn Ice Cream Phone 899 a m'mT:':i11l' "M N X7 i rkk- AAK Wx Qcic T Vik ki' kf k Q -,,,-.: Q -2, ,,n E 'ij fifwiziiae 5 Q if: 5 rn Q Y "W T. --,f .-ww . 9 ,ff 1 v 5 'M ' b A V' I ,,.. V' ,Q i .,1, A i sf is icirs 5 il g siis if f BEAGLE'S Barber Shop 303 W. Crawford St. H3 -i SWITZER BROS. COMPLIMENTS of "GOOD BAKERS SINCE 1895" Twin Bread H. D, Rolls . . . Cakes .... Cookies WATCHMAKER Ice Cream ...... Confectionery Phone 18 532 S. Main St. and Findlay, Ohio IEWELER G 1 IKQQ4 POINT Brubaker's Restaurant CONFECTIONERY south Main and em sneer Phone-Main 3293 411 Lima Avenue Phone 815 4 V hui, , ik ' Q K, Bruce B. Bryan 6: Son 409-I I WEST MAI N CROSS STREET FindIay's Oldest Material Dealer Concrete Products Builders' Supplies PHONES 494--257 NEWBERRY'S S C H W A B ' S N I rfi I "ss S All Q. 2 4.-2 I, 5 I It I I A It "2 :" L ,rrr rssr I , spoil S C3135 COMPLETE LINE OF FISHING TACKLE HUNTING SUPPLIES AND SPORTING GOODS Evinrude and Elto Outboard Motors CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 FROM CENTER STREET LUNCH IIO Center Street Phone lI68-I HOME COOKING AND PASTRIES H5 :ST-7 I-' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 from Gladine Odorless Cleaners 2215 N. MAIN PHONE 3432 CROY'S MARKET Fw' 509 N. MAIN ST, FINDLAY, OHIO QUICK SERVICI I M' IO... - FINE DRY CLEANING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT THE BEST. PICK-UP AND DELIVERY COMPLIIVIENTS OF EARL D. RUMMELL FURNITURE ZZI7-I9 NORTH MAIN STREET 'II6 Bill Wisner ond Jack Wimer Iook at Iown mowers for their summer's'work GASSMAN HARDWARE GENERAL HARDWARE Established I 887 303 North Main Street Phone 651 SPANGLER ELECTRIC Hot Point Appliances Ranges Refrigerators Freezers Dishwashers Disposals Automatic and Standard Washers Drvers lroners Water Heaters or qirlii COMPLIMENTS of Television- Radios and The North Side Pharmacy Small Appliances Lighting Fixtures 3Ol North Main Street Phone 217 Lamps Supplies and Service 327 N. Main Phone 3520 v r r rs rf rs ij F all X X :im-.oG.-: o ALTMEYER FOR Serving Food Seven Days A a Week. May we serve you soon? QUFK LUNCH OPEN 5 AM. to 8 P.lv1. II7 203 S. Main St. We Carry high grade Candies WHITMAN NORRIS SCHRAFT'S Healey's Confectionery Complete News Stand Compliments of F. W. Woolworth Company II8 Dysinqer's Meat Market , Friendly Service and Top Quality l2O East Sandusky Phone l78 COMPLIMENTS OF FINDLAY HARDWARE . .E if 2 if 4 , E 5, Peggy Neal as The Teen Tatler at lO:3O each Saturday WFIN WFIN-F M 1330 K C 100.5 M C I. C. HOCHSTETTLER COAL COMPANY Dealers in The Best Coal in Every Price Range Builder's Supplies Winkler Stokers--Service C1 Repairs Call 424 W. Front St. Phone lll Carol Hoy and Suzanne Beagle are shown some pens for school work at NISWANDER'S IEWELERS Vfe feature all Nationally Advertised Merchandise SMITH BROTHERS MANUFACTURING co. Operators ot Automatic Screw Machines Findlay. Ohio PAY AS YOU E-"ll'El2 Co To School The Economical Way! Ride The Bus FINDLAY TRANSIT The Cleveland Engraving Co. We are happy to have been the printers of "Outstanding Yearbooks Deserve Outstanding Engravings" The Gray Printing Co., Fostoria, Ohio Largest Printers of School Annuals in Ohio 'l2 310 Lakeside Avenue, N. W. Cleveland, Ohio 0

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