Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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F:-'3- lsx ? w 5? ylwlwv NN. W maya .eff Z LUI3 MACHINE SI-IOP CLUB Row 1: S. Morris, F. Coward, R. Bibler, R. Sernler, R. Wolery, G. Newcomer, R. Currie. Row 2: D. Yoder, I. l-loctel, I. Dufford, R. Quail, R. Knepper, I. Dunn Row 3: Ft. Povenmire, R. Miles, R. Bishop, W. Webber, R. Strait, Iohn Sherman. AUTOMOTIVE CLUB Row 1: P. Adams, D. Harrison, M. Frost, I. Cotter, B. Wyatt, B. Switzer. Row 2: W. Williams, H. Starr, D. LaWarre, L..Wiqqiris, L. Woodruff, I. Culler, I, H. Lawrence. Row 3: E. Clark, B. Helfrick, T. Bender, R. Opperman. PHYSCS CLUB Row 1: Mr. Burkhart, NV, I-lyme, I. Bushonq, VV. Brewer, VV. Taylor. Row 2: C. Turner, R. Brewer, N, Gobrechl, I, Talplif. CHEFS'CLUB Row I: W. Hawes, I. Stewart, I.. Bucharman, E. Cramer, E. Chalelain K. Lentz. Row 2: Miss Anslae-tt, E. Nivison, H. Brink, H. Kettlewell, H. Bender I. Lonq, R, Hills, R. Gardner, CONSEIQVATION CLUB Row 1: M. L. Nusser, E. Leach, M. L. Nye, I. Loach, IN. Iaqua, E. Hosler R. Coward. Row 2: I. McGregor, R. Arnold, R. Faber, B. Walters, M. Shively, H Solomon, R. Dycus, VJ. Taylor. Row 3: R. Sonnet, F. Shull, Mr. Shull, D. Loveridqe, R. Bibler. STAGE CRAFT CLUB How l: M. K. Iohns, N. Dukes, P. Haley, B. Tyner, E. Hanna, M. Gohllce M. Frost. Row 2: Miss Switzer, I. Decker, A. Lonq, M. L. Dinclall, H. Brinkman M. B. Riley, H. Baker. Row 3: H. Davis, I. Feller, R. Dunaihan, W. Hall, T. l-lieqel, LAWN CLUB Row If I. Fish, L. Proctor, N. Montgomery, I. ller, I. Scliweinfurth M. Shuck, I. Shull, A. Evans, M. Mueller, T. Alqe, M. I. Fawley. Row' 2: N. Bachman, N. Pitman, A. Dennis, M. Hall, B. Gallant, N Cathers, I. Hayes, B. Dietsch, H. Beckwith, C. L. Sims, C. Hosler B. Paxton, P. Coltner, I. Boch, B. Sclirote. Row 3: Miss Wie-st, C. Slark, A, Hooper, D. Loy, B. Black, T. Bradley N. Biker, R. Frucliey, I. Snow, T. Fasselt, Y. LaRue, D. Laulife, G. Miqlfit N. Iordlial, I. Fenberq. FRENCH CLUB How l: B. Moifel, L. Walker, P. King, P. Hakes, Y, Arnold, N. M. Swartz B. Wollrom, S. Sump, P. Hardwick. Row 2: Mr. Brandenberqer, I. Dantico, V. Mosier, B. Keller, L. Gardner I. Escn, D. Cain, W. Miller, B. Selo, B. Ramsey. Row 3: I. Cauqliman, B. Beck, M. Doty, M. Wilcli, B. Burwell, D Christman, B. Fetters, O. Feller, R. Kamerer. CHEMISTRY CLUB Row I: I. Drais, I. Srnithson, M. Bryan, I. Dunn, H, Mason, W. Evans, T. Robinson. Row 2: Mr. Lawrence, R. I-loyer, S. Quail, R. Crossman, H. I-lille-ry. HOME ECONQMICS CLUB Row l: M. Weisslinq, M. McBride, B. Fe-tiers, H. Johnson, D. Moses, M. Voqelsonq. Row 2: Miss Rudolph, V. Wells, B. Heckathorn, E. I. Hauqh, E. Misarnore, D. Gray, M. Walters. Row 3: L. 'Wills-bort, I. Werner, M. Van Atta. RED CIQOSS COUNCIL How 1: C. Holden, N. Poynton, M. I., McFarland, B. A. Glenn. Row 2: E. Varner, L. H. Tinsman, M. K. Varner, B. Keller. O. G. A. Row I: V. Stahl, L. Overy, N. Poynton, C. Holden, M. I. Long, E. Smith Row 2: M. Sink, M. Iackson, A. McClure, M. L. McFarland, B, L. Miller B. A. Glenn, A. Inman. DANCE CGMIVHTTEE Row 1: M, Cunningham, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Shuil, Miss Piau, Miss Rudolph, M. Trout. Row 2: L. Ferris, I. Bushonq, G. Esckilsen, B. Cain, B. Wilson B. Rossncrans. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER: 3-Gone with the summer wind is our vacation. School starts with the usual furore, new home rooms, new classes, and new sophomores who are wandering and wondering. 5-Dick Sessions is elected president of the Senior Class. The Student Council holds its first meeting and names lim Bushong as its head. 6-Max Bristol and Red Hoelscher are elected "prexies" of the junior and sophomore classes respectively. - 9-The Activity Ticket campaign is inaugurated. 18-The first meeting of the Senior Advisers is held. 20-Findlay Trojans defy defiant Defiance, 26-0, at the first game of the season. 25-The first chapel service of the year is presented by home room 4. 27-Trojans bob the Bob-Cats - - - 7 Bowling Green bowled over 34-0. OCTOBER: 4-Fremont freezes Findlay 14-7. 5-"One Hundred Men and a Girl" invade Findlay High on the silver screen. 9-Home room 5 gives the second chapel. ll-Trojans collide with Columbian, We win 20-13. 16-Home room 6 has charge of chapel. 18-Girls mix at the Mixer - - a first rate stag party. 19-Trojans trim Toledo - - not hair, but there - - - 26-6. 22-Mrs. Madeline Porter gives an interesting talk on "Movie Cartoons" for the Girl Reserves. 23-Home room 7 gives chapel. 25-Trojans tiff with Tiffin Ir. Order - - Vtfe win, 14-0. 30-Chapel in charge of home room 9. NOVEMBER: 1-School dismissed for N. W. O. T. A. Trojans lick Lima, 31-10 - - Central didn't hold that line. 6-Home room 13 presents impressive chapel, "History of Our Schoo1." 8-Dr. Robert Williams from Northwestern delivered an inspiring lecture. Iuniors present "That Girl Patsy." Comedy - - ha, ha. ll-Iunior Red Cross drive launched at F. H. S. Trojan Annual campaign begun. Gobrecht, Decker and Varner introduce the "Dimwittys." 13-W. B. Holmes takes us sailing "Along the Spanish Main." 14-Annual Acquaintance Night. Parents listen to Price and Woods. 16-Findlay gladiators abuse Bucyrus Bucks, 2047. 20-Home room 113 presents Thanksgiving Chapelg annual bonfire at Pogue lots. 21-Trojans scalp the Redmen 18-131 that night plenty of rhythm and cider at the Hi-Y dance. 27--Chapel in charge of 102. 28-Home rooms 204, 105 and 209 feted for winning Parents' Night Contest. 30-Eight Hi-Y boys attend Hi-Y Conference at Dayton. They turn out to be eight fans looking for Sally Rand. Tales may be sung oi heroes old But here in our narrow sphere We behold one lite, the essence oi love Filled with memories oi kindness and cheer. The purpose oi her liie was this, To iill us with love oi learning, Teaching the way to nobility By the evil of mankind spurning. Behold! Her name is honored by allg Shouted from all the hills. Let her work stand out on the page oi time, The worlc oi our Miss Mills. DEDICATION, BLUE AND Gow, 1928. When just a little girl in grade school, Glendora Mills decided to become a teacher. This ambition was realized in 1902, the year of her graduation from Ohio State University. The following year she began her teaching career at Marysville, Ohio. In 1907 her name was added to the teaching staff of Findlay Senior High School. Since those first days Miss Mills has seen Findlay High School expand from a small building on the corner of Main Cross and Cory Streets to our present school covering a whole block and accommodating approximately nine hundred, including students and faculty. As a teacher of higher mathematics, she has won the admiration of all for her ability to convey to her pupils the principles of logic and reasoning. Her patience is unequaled. But she is more than just an instructor of mathematics, she is loved and admired by her students of both the past and the present for the friendship which she has extended to those about her. Girl Reserves has felt her guiding hand throughout all the years of its existence in Findlay. This Work is only further proof of her desire to help youth become the good citizens of tomorrow. ' Miss Mills' education did not stop when she received her teaching certifi- cate. On the contrary, it Was merely Well started. Not only has she received her Master of Arts degree, but she has also attended summer sessions at Columbia, Chicago, Wisconsin and Ohio State. This last summer found her still studying at her Alma Mater, Ohio State University. The friendliness, loyalty and patience of one of the most beloved and respected members ot our faculty will always be remembered by Findlay Senior High School. For this reason We therefore dedicate to her the Trojan of 1941. DECEMBER: 4 6 7 -Home room 103 presents chapel. -Fekete, Sessions and Shafer place on All-Buckeye Team: "Superman" Gartner gains second team berth. Varsity Quintet loses to Elyria in opener, 33-307 Debate Team treks to Columbus to attend Debate Clinic. Ouintet wins over Mansfield, 36-35. ll--Chapel in charge of 104. 13 17 18 19 20 -Basketeers lose to Newark, 32-257 first after-the-game dance. -School choirs hold Christmas Festival. Miss Arlite Smith, the swimmer, goes into a dive Cwe don't mean F. H. SJ -Annual Football Banquet-Fekete named Honorary Captain. -We lose to Lima South, 22-20. The Dimwitty family bids farewell to radio fans. -Home room 105 presents line Christmas Chapel. Home rooms distribute Christmas baskets: Lima Central gives Findlay a wrong number-418-15 .... Only five more hinting days 'till Christmas. "You take the vacation: don't let the vacation take you!" Unquote. someone knocking at the door. And when we opened it, Influenza, grippe 37-27. and the Constitution. After which, room 213 presented an impressive IANUARY: 64First Assembly of the new year, Mr. Constien in charge. 7-Trojans play Tiffin Ir. Order: we won, 34-21. 8-Chapel in charge of 106. 9 Models model latest modes - - the annual style show staged by the Home Economics classes with lim Bushong as commentator. 10AFindlay plays Fostoria, we won, 41-19. 13-Corridor Host System is inaugurated. 15 F. H. S. heard and all. So we are vacationing from Ianuary 15 to the 23rd. 27-Back after the flu epidemic. It's Monday, so we follow Thursday's schedule. 28 We're not crazy, just because we pretend it's Friday when it's really Tuesday! First semester ends. 29-Machine says Jackson lies - - lackson says machine lies. Trojans lose to Tiffin Columbian, 23-19. 31-We win over the Bowling Green Bob Cats 31-23. FEBRUARY: 4-Varsity vanguishes Kenton 35-29. 5-This week's chapel in charge oi ll2. 7iAnother game, another victory as we beat Fostoria, 8-Salom Risk speaks to assembly. l0fOur four history instructors, the Messrs. Humphrey, Wilson, Mattoon and Hochstettler, give us the whys and whereiores of Lincoln duly inspired, we all turn out "commendable" essays. 12-ln honor of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, home memorial chapel. 13-Robert Kazmayer gave us a brief glance into the future of current world events in his "A Rendezvous With Destiny." 14 Valentine's Day with our quintet presenting us with a valentine by downing Tiffin Ir. Order, 40-22. 17 We all turn stamp collectors for Mr. Frack and for new cheerleader suits. 19 21 24 26 27 28- elesse P. Robertson presented a novelty lecture in "Song Hits of 1940 B. C." We lose to Tiffin Columbian in a heart-breaking game, 24-22. Red Cross Assembly is held. Two movies are shown. The results of the election of the National Honor Society are announced. -Chapel in charge of 205. The Mummers of the school stage the annual presentation of the three one-act plays. The last basketball game of the season. Findlay versus Fremont Ross. Also the last after-the-game dance. We won, 26-20. MARCH : 1-March comes in like a lamb. Also three more months of school. 5-eChape1 in charge of Home room 202. Seniors have a short meeting concerning college scholarships. I2-The beauty of the great out-of-doors is brought into the auditorium, courtesy of Karl Maslowski and his colored movies. 14-The National Thespian Honor Society holds its first induction ceremony in an impressive service before the student body. 193i-lome room 204 gives weekly chapel. 26-Another week - A another chapel. This time in charge of 205. 28- School assembly for two tuberculosis films. Second prize award given to Carl Terwilliger for his editorial on T. B. which placed second in the state. 29-Forty seniors with fortitude take the Annual Senior Scholarship Test. Barbara Keller APRIL : ranks highest in Hancock County. 1-Half of Findlay High turns out to Iohnnie "Seat" Davis at the Harris. Bette Lou Miller dances with his orchestra. 3-Aloha Baker says "I-lalloa" to F. H. S. students and takes us on many a fascinating road by her interesting travel shots. First night of the "Firefly." 4-Concluding performance of the "Firefly" brings heaps oi praise to our prima donna, Inez Woods, and the all-star cast. 7-The annual elimination state scholarship tests are given. Well - - we can't all be first. The first of the Holy Week Devotional Services is given. These are jointly sponsored by the Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y. 8-Another brief Devotional period. 9-The Easter Chapel is given impressively by speakers representing the Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y. l0-Easter Vacation begins and- 15-ends. 24-Assembly in charge of the Kilties. MAY: 3-Scholarship team journeys to Bowling Green to participate in the district state scholarship tests. 9-"Wings of the Morning" is presented as the senior class play. A splendid cast represents the senior class. 15-Every boy and girl in Findlay sings his do re me's in the city-wide Spring Music Festival. 16- 23- Here at last can be brought forth our accomplishments of the school year as we hold our School Exhibit. Everyone has a grand time at the Iunior-Senior Prom. Good orchestra, good punch, good program I good time. 25-Seniors don graduation gowns for first time as they hold Baccalaureate. 29-Midst tears and sighs, And woeful cries - - - WE GRADUATE! 30-School closes - - - - - - Gee Whiz! .IO 5 F' , '4 I0 I I A 1 1:- '. ' - .- J' -. fg an fn-c":J 1.4 l:5 I0 S.-H.. -. -la ..-1 J'- 4-. - 1 H .43 ', li' 1 J - 1 Q , .,. .v ..,! A fag, fb EV "4 Q I- A-Dkj. r.. - . Q" ' .-lk - V - 1 EN 1 ,N '-"ard I A .1 Q. .,- 4 a, -4 . 4 4, .wi 1 'ii A.. F. ' a nl. .is v ' I- i Lf' , - ,,,lJ,-jr 0 llilr- o 13' .HW Q .- ,6 ,,., r- -n-.: ,r fiibgghf ..,,.'. 1 , gang L Q ' p , ,JF 1--"nb, . 1-,Hs Hx ,. .E J I . v. ,lv '11, H' if 1 vr ,Qjk rin Compliments Of HOADLEY'S RUG AND HO m e Market CLEANING CO. 51 years at 131 North Cory SUM The Home of Fine Foods FINDLAY OHIO Ph L 100 534 South Main St. Main l New Floor Coverings and Rug Cleaning HIHIHlNImIItIlOfEHH nn When YOU Crave GOOD COFFEE ASK FOR uaqi- '7Mf" COFFEE Roasted Fresh DAILY in Findlay ASK YOUR GROCER HARTMAN'S GLASS 8z CHINA SHOP 121 North Main Street Quality Glass and China W'e decorate glassware to your own Choo a TRY OUR FROSTED MALTEDS DIETSCgmIZIde eRoS. CANDIES ICE CREAM 330 WEST MAIN CROSS STREET Phone 954-J The North Side Mercantile GROCERIES CO,,,,,I,',,,e,,,S gf and General Merchandise gggds Neal Bros. Meat Market BIRDS EYE IJRUOZEN EooD PHONE 108 FREE DELIVERY Phone Main 656 818-22 North Main St. WATCHES - DIAMONDS FRANKLIN I-loTEL 051515521132 FINDLAY, OHIO -'T PERFECT GIFTS 80 Rooms-All with Hot -Q- S4.00 per week and up G' B' 8 008 SOUTH MAIN STREET Znd Door South of Harris Theatre and Cold Running Water LOW PRICE FILLING STATION 100 CRYSTAL AVENUE I: :I Quality Products -:- All Fair Prices Hancock Cuuntg Farm Bureau MAE EEEEE EEATHART Cu-operative Fof QUGW Commodmes New York Life Insurance SEED FENCE ELECTRICAL MACHINERY FERTILIZER APPARATUS Company FEED INSURANCE COAL OIL PRODUCTS FI dl y Ph 1517 Williamst Ph Al g 70 308 Niles Building Findlay, Ohio TI-IE POINT Corner of Lima Avenue and Elm Street GOOD EATS-SANDWICHES-ICE CREAM GASOLINE - M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N - OIL Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables For Your Heczlflfs Sake TOWN-HOUSE Home of GOOD FOOD FINE CANDIES ICE CREAM 3 Ori inal Qzkbcfi C 6 C U! Wh incc Trade Mark Reg. ll. SEP S 0llIe H Th Ph 975 Across from the High School W Mg O O 201 West Main X Street 1926 JACK GRINDEL. Manager '33 N. Main f. ' Bldg, Phone 569-W Y , i tra, A,:,4.v,,.-.i... , ..-.f- .A'.rf,f. , L, 1"g,,:': , Jw., -, '...-:- 3i"" uL'wH"::l .-, H.w-- . f- f, -ff., r-1 ,.'..1,mf , 1-mf" ' ,nj F, ,xv ' .wg L."3,if2',,s ' ,ff ,,.+',,f1 ,,f,,f: ' H-" " ,-fi " Bwjw-' 80,-1-' -. 1 . ---:lf -- ,.f.-fi""f"" . f 4 f,1p'f1' ' -552245 ,J J ...lyf - cf f 1,4 BEST WISHES au'ae elweww '7a.7af!m... Kindergarten . . . grade school . . . junior high . . . and now High School. lt's been a long. long trail, fraught with the usual perils which make it tough for boys and girls to grow up into the right kind of men and Women. But . . . you made z't.' You came through with flying colors. We feel that we have much in common with you for We've come through with flying colors, too. 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OHIO Phone 478-R Z I E R O L F i " The 67011165 Jam OCfi,Qe" V if .mv .eg :H . ez.. , 5 Si X,. ,":tb'-.11 ' v , X f x'- " x Q .- fi' QA' 'rw 'xt 1 Q, A - as ,AXA ' - V ht M 4 J , .vi . . .QM . .. - . . ' N -xv - . l Q 1 . . xxwxwk X L .ash , . Q , K- x ' "Ep ' 53-,. .:. ' gi Y- x Y ' 'VV Q N xx., mg! ' ..,.. -- ,...,.,-- .-- ,gf 5' F .. ,gf f.. V K x 'QQ Q J .. X, .fs Q ,, 1 ,TAA 'XX L .V iflx - .W-' "- X . X - . A - ' 1 .Q QV ww , N.. 'W V ,NSY h 'U , '..-wp! S., 5 'A ' silk L XFN f ' ' ff' x Y 41..- X...,..,- -,-- ..:gm.x-1p,x-ma-- f aT6iffE6fZb7Z BVLZYZHD, Canned Vegetables AT YOUR GROCER if iii Distributed By The A. E. Dorsey Co. HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW WILL USE G-A-S For the 4 Big Household Jobs ' COOKING ' REFRIGERATION ' WATER HEATING ' HOUSE HEATING QI QM MOTOR and GEN ERATGR Space Donated Rewinding and Repairing A ALL WORK GUARANTEED by lol A. G. Sz R. E. Fuller Findlay Armature Co. Attorneys - At - Law 417 West Main Cross Street FINDLAY. OHIO R. R. 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DOEQITAS SHOES - S E N I O R S - YOUR RINGS AND INVITATIONS Furnished by llillll-7lRlRlR: JUNES CO., Davenport Insurance Agency THE AETNA LIFE K INSURANCE COMPANY THE AETNA CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY 307 Ewing Building THE STANDARD FIRE 5' 'I' Z INSURANCE COMPANY Z, f THE AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE "f In-S COMPANY , fH f d, C f'- I of Security O BTI Ol' OTH16 ULU FINDLAY, OHIO Phone 442 Compliments Of Super A. and P. Market Compliments Of Model Founflr and Machine Shop 6 2 7 Putnam Street Phone Main 96 EINDLAY, OHIO 7, ,-- ..... ,f....---,.-.., i,,,:-aww...-.a..,... Better Values Better Service Better Food City Markets Compliments E. M. Warfel 6' Son D1AMoNDs - - WATCHES and JEWELRY FINDLAY, OHIO JESHEVWARNERIkMwr Cmmwmew sells T H E FARMS, CITY REAL ESTATE CENTRAL RUBBER MAKES FARM LOANS CORPORATION 706 West Lima Main l4-OO 5-6 Ohio Bank Building FINDLAY OHIO 2'1" I'E-'EF' B if . UIQ L TIS LllT7tff7 o l - W ashlngton Lunch PHONES: 215-M AND 104+ TWININGFS MUSIC STORE AND STUDIOS Good Quick Food Service Baloy Beef Steaks Lessons Given on All .Musical Ir7stz'um,r7t5 Fz'ndlay's Song Shop NICKA5 BROS- 2o9 south Main sf. Findlay, om 109 N' Main Sf' Fifldlaf Ohio CENTRAL DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE May we fill your Corsage and other Flower Orders 5' Al' U2 5, P L O W E R S 404 Second Street QUALITY HAMBURG , QUANTITY SANDWICH WEIEIIEIINIS GI'l3llllll0llSl3 Broadwa . Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Sandwich Corsages of All Kinds 223 BROADWAY 138-42 Larkins street FINDLAY, OHIO PHONE 369 Phone Main 171 Established 1897 The Tarbox-McCall Stone Company CRUSHED STONE and STONE SAND Prompt Delivery - - - Courteous Service 852 WESTERN AVENUE EINDLAY, OHIO COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES to the Cla s s of 1 9 4 1 T H E Trout SL jackson Company ffooon FURNITURE SINCE 138511 T H E T b Bruce B. Bryan urner'CrOS Y Builders' Supplies SHOE COMPANY ,md For GQQD Shoes Cement Products I I 409-11 W.1v1ain X sr. - - Phone 257 We Fi' YOU' Fee' Fmt ' ' .. 1007 Western - - Phone 494 Then Check by X-Ray ADMINISTRATIUN Bair Elegtrig N. gl Generators - Starting Motors Wlse and Faquar npumfaces Ignition, Speedometers and LQHHOX AHA C0Hd1t1OH1Hs Battery Servlce A bler Asbestos Roof PHONE 388 B rrett Bonded Roofe 129 W, Main CIQSS St, 12 dl y 011' PHONE 412 201 NORTH 'VIAINI ST The Findlay Publishing Company PUBLISHERS The Bepuhlicanzfiuurier Compliments Of K E S S E L, S FINDLAY, OHIO We carry the most complete I f Ladies' and Misses' JOE N. SCHAEFER, Owner . Coats - - Dresses IN THIS CITY AT POPULAR PRICES 1 Compliments to th CLASS OF 1941 Compliments Of - Lester Thomas Class of 1918 H E L Diamonds, Watches Jewelry SLAVIN UNIFORM CO. 423 Euclid Avenue CLEVELAND. OHIO We made the new Findlay High Uniforms F. H. S. A L U M N I CO'vpl1'menfS Of Medical P . Boss MFG. co. rofesslon Compliments S, 81 Bread--Rolls--Pastries Opposite Court House TTT There is a Difference - - the Taste Tellsf 1 1 -.- 231 South Main Street GEORGE T. STRINGFELLOXX HNDLAY oHIo PHONIE 16 8 0 Ft. ,,,fnnq:.,,.1,....T-,.,-vq- ,, , , -1 -.qrv,.-1.0-'H-1,71.-w,,,,.-, Qffffefzls' Shoppe ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE The Whole Town's Talking About ALLEN'S Agency Coats and Dresses PHONE 473 First National Bank Building PHONE 983 NEXT TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK Compliments Of Chester P. Smith Students Name Cards. Party Bids, Programs, Tickets, Coat Cards, Personal Stationery, Wedding Invitations, and Announcements 132 W. Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio Es"'b"S"'?d ' ' 188' 114 E. SANDUSKY STREET FOR THE SMARTEST CLOTHES FOR LADIES AND THEIR DAUGHTERS Shop at . . . , I f Where Style is Not a Matter of Price CC 77 Compliments Of AIRPORT CAFE POTATO CHIPS Phone 291 2005 Lima Avenue i 122 Findlay School Children receive their education each year from School Taxes paid by our company. The Electric Bill at your home buys not only comfort and convenience and good LIGHT .... but, it helps make this a bet- ter eommunity for our boys and girls. y I GQQD SERVIQ-3 L 1 KCENTRAL orno nom a Powsn COMPANYE i ' FINDLAY IS THE CITY OF CHEAP ELECTR CITY LEON'S Office Phone 2469 Res. Phone 2471-R Max W. Fenberg Iron, Metals, Paper Stock Structural Steel, Auto Parts 330 East Main Cross Street FINDLAY, OHIO Lawrence V. 1-losler If You Want Both-QUALITY AND SERVICE Try - - KROGER'S We Own and Operate Our Cleaning Plant VVE STRIVE TO PLEASE an , BONDS Rug Cleanmg 111 111 22211, Son. Mm KRUGER URY CLEANERS Q 131 W. Main Cross St. Phone 31 HNOLAY' OHIO PHONE MAIN O0 FREE DELIVERY FINDLAY, oH1o LEE and CADY Wlrolesalers Table-King Canned Foods 139 North Main Street Complimenls Ulla 9351101-zaf gliofl Cfor Personal Louelirzessl Lovely Lingerie and Fine Hosiery 52813 SOUTH MAIN STREET FURNITURE - - for the Home Quality at Low Cost Makes Our Merchandise Outstanding Earl D. Rummell Findlagfs Big Suburban Furniture Store 2217-19 North Main Open Evenings ,,,,,l- Compliments Of Switzer's Bakery The Doroffzy Shop R044 HOSIERY, LINGERIE, 3 6 HANDKERCHIEFS 9 HARRIS THEATRE BUILDING DOROTHY M. GROVE Hancock Brick and Tile Co. VITRIFIED UNGLAZED TILE EXTRA QUALITY 179i FINDLAY, OHIO 780 - PHONE - 780 Beistle and McClelland OM-Killgg Meats F I N D L A Y f S Home-Made Meat FURNITURE Pf0dHCfS H O M E 728 South Main Street Phone Main 1600 112 East Sandusky Phone 178 ESSIE SHOPPE DRESS AND COAT ALTERATIONS Fur Remodeling Phone Main 1837 4Z2E gBldg FdlyOh C pl tof Compliments Of Recreation Findlay Fond Center BIIWIIIIQ Alleys 7 Reese s fs CONFECTIONERY F' I H d SODA FOUNTAIN LUNCHES AND CANDIES Hardware, Housewares GIFTS AND B. P. S. PAINT 501 South Main Street To Be Suwesful - - - and independent, you must learn to save. YOU SAVE WHEN YOU BUY AT PENNEY'S J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Inc. Time Z0 Qiffefm' FINDLAY CCDLLEGE PP! C04 11-- KW6 Wafvome Taz! Fi'1d'aY Hobby Shop Ur. Rug Schnunover Model Planes - Tralns VETERINARIAN Boats - Wood N oveltles Phone 423 i i 106 East Sandusky St cet 210 Iii-REET FINIDLAX oH1o ' O O SAN fAfPURE D A 1 R Y PHONE 613 THE Buckege Traction Uitcher C 0 M P A N Y FINDLAY, oH1o Compliments Of Compliments Of SQQRQQEQL 81 FUEL HoME-KILLED MEATS A Home-Made Lunch Meats Phone 3100 Shontlemire 6' Son Plumbing, Steam, Water and Gas Fitting i ir 116 East Sandusky Street EINDLAY, OHIO TELEPHONE 418 KI TLER' PRINT sHoP 1+l JOB PRINTING FINDLAY. OHIO WE DELIVER i Hughes Urg Cleaners L SL W SANDWICH SHOP Fina'Iay's Leading Cleaners CLARENCE SCHLENCHER. Proprielor Call Main 617-XV . 112 VVest Front St. Findlay, Ohio 227 South Main CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS GENERAL ELECTRIC GIBSON GUITARS REERIGERATORS LEEDY AND I.UDWIG DRUMS RANGES lol loi PIANOS ORGANS STEINWAY id SONS Many Others EVERETT ORGATRON SOLOVOX THE B. S. PORTER SON CO. Phone Main 5 25 530 South Main St. EVERYTHING IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Over 50 Yaurs in Findlay Save Money - - Buy With Confidence Prompt Service C0mD11'm-'mfs Of HY-FLASH GAS COMPANY 700 LIMA AVENUE M. D. Co. Gasolines - Motor Oils - Auto Accessories Cooper Tires and Tubes Trade in your old for new BEST PRICES MR. F. L. KINLEY, Superintendent B. Sc. Heidelberg M. A. Ohio Stcrie University Compliments Of Hancock County lloolcro Association Collingwood Motor Sales Curl Motor Sales C. O. Duffield Motor Company Louis J. Fenberg Auto Sales Findlay Motor Sales H. J. Harrington Chevrolet Company Laub Motor Sales McCullough Motor Sales Company Powell Motor Sales H. C. Struble Cadillac Sales Compliments Of rflf Official Photographers for T H I S A N N U A L W- ff-M - ' Compliments Of I 7 Modern Shoe Repalr Ray 5 Bakefy HFISVSI' Aid T0 Need!! S019-51' 315 NORTH MAIN STREET Hat Renovating Shine Parlor PHONE 1 13 C. W. Patterson cis Son DRY GOODS C. W. PATTERSON A. D. PATTERSON F. H. S. 1873 F. H. S. 1 907 Kennels Always something new for your require ments and for every occasion Dresses - Coats - Suits Sportswear . . . for . . . and G R I F F O N ACCQSSOFIQS CLOTHES can qaacfu FARM LTFE has 1111 its former Wg-Zziinds charm, but sclence has removed 1ts Silverware. '-" lzl drudg'e1'y. You can purchase a farm Tgzewglilrlljens S . U77 -3513 . . V ."' of us XV1t1Al 21 small down payment Jewelry if and on easy terms. Radios ul . .-....... I Aly .jg Call or WFIUIQ M E D L O C K "- MI LE! ak IQUDDLDH JEWELER . FINDLAY, OHIO 23OfS South Main St. Phone Main 183 213 South Main St. New Location, Convenient Terms QUALITY REPAIRING N. C. MEDLOCK Your Jeweler I I I I I I I Ljflill A. lynn Co. F, L, MCKirnan . . D JEWELER CIPTYCQ-fdfI1fg,, ll8 West Crawford Street , FINDLAY, OHIO Refrigerators and Ranges D -+- Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, BENDIX Home LAUNDRY Silverware 622 south Main Phone 730 Repa"""7g'OU' SpeC"a""eS Compliments Of David Kirk Sons Co. WHOLESALE QROCERS DISTRIBUTORS ..Of.. CLOVER FARM FOODS Take your IVaue lightly with Z O T O S Machineless Permanent MARGUERITES BEAUTY SHOP 300 Ewing Bldg. Main 34 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales and Service ,,. A Size and Type For Every N d 1,,. COMPLETE FARM MACHINE SERVICE International Harvester Co. Phone 368 05 Lima Ave. Findlay. Oh v Y , , M. ,Y , ,W EL n5m4'a:rmi2:-iu1w2:.. fiiii-44' i.Z- Vaffmefzfy for C6017 and Puhllf The C. E. Ward Company NEW LONDON, OHIO GRADUATION CAPS and GOWNS, BAND UNIFORMS, GOWNS for SCHOOL CHOIRS and GLEE CLUBS Wr1'te for Free Catalogues I I iv Palm Steak I-louse QUALITY FOODS AND BEVERAGES , D. A. '25 O. E. BASINGER Our Adoertzfery l 320 West Main Cross St. FINDLAY, OHIO Tairofzzze The Northwestern Mutual Lite Insurance Cnmpanu R AYVS ROBERT DAVIS RICHARD DAVIS 1' fl-C A en oli i in A en - Dpliong 2826i S Plicineg23g0 I 212 Ewing Building Findlay, Ohio Phone 558 The Page Dairy Phone Main 1057 Findlay, Ohio fliilli - Cream - Buffer - Ice Cream FINDLAY TRAVEL BUREAU THE FINDLAY TRAVEL BUREAU, of Findlay, ' ' Ohio, does not sell travel as 'f 't were merchandse: Remember thls Advertlsement but rather considers its business alprofession rendexiing service and advice, and for this service and advice you, When Buying LUMBER . . LEPINS as the client, pay not a thing. For compensation all we wish is the privilege of looking after your reser- vations and tickets. We represent all companies and all trips impartially. We are informed and able to C service you on any trip you may see advertised. ompany Your Travel Agent-W. E. ROSE T Steamship and Tourist Agent--All Lines 216 W- Crawford St- Phone M313 42 N. Y. C. Passenger Station-Phone Main 297 Residence Phone-Main 1780-XV LE'-W-' -Y -- ,W , 4317- .,,. .-..i:gl'I.?......gT-. . . :mimum...e--- --- THE NATIONAL LIME aa STONE Co. PINDLAY, OHIO CRUSHED STONE FOR A-L L PURPOSES Agricult 1 L'me h' g L'me M3SOH,S L'me tate Royal Lyceum l,-i FINDLAY'S LEADING THEATRES Home Owned and Oper t d The Savings Stay at Home Each CLovER FARM SToRE offers you the service of a home-owned business, Whose owner works and lives right here. Yet We do not seek your patronage simply because we live here. Rather We aim to merit your business on the basis of full quality, full Weights, prices that are right. and extra service. W HIT E Y' Foon MARKET 633 West Sandusky Street Phone Main 1687 "THE ONE-STOP FOOD SHOP" PATRON ZE OUR ADVERTI ER A K 'P in . I , I 14,1 . x, ,V "A" 1 ,. -ff' t 'fl-"5 - I ' " ' Y ' I-lzi' 'nu 4 -XX X .- - .4 xx. ,f - x - if- Qi , Ta , ' ' , v ,',, V X .2 tn 1-9 '- H - ' N l xl' -X 'x . --If-' '. -1 M 1' .- - 'z - ta' N 'J Tiff?" ' y H' ' ' !"I'fi-Ii lifffylk xi NX VXI 1' ,- "iq , 1 , : 4 ,f -,- . - ,. . -,- .,,u ,p w v , --, Krgjiu H' 4 'J f-.X ,A .Jw :itil-1 , afvgfii-Jul ix-fl-,i irjef-v,.-ilgt.lY'x,xx ,X W -" , l. , A . w 'R ,Q misf, ,V',,H', H 3' ,-X .-:.,,.,i,- I - l, .f , , -1' eggs! -If , WH? iiiiimaii, ,gli grill ,- -.xmfx 'X.,, 1 11 ,-A i m 1 ' " 'W f T':--.' '- H ,J ,Em qv, ,VV ' IME-SJ: .mr 3 iwbi-,li-i gk, -.iluM,lM,.Y!iiV' lx R, X' 'KX M, x xr a . 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" i illniianwhi -1'-iiifnli' i S successful experience have providnei ,MIM fi-' ,inf us with sufficient equipment, adequate M5 A ,ji .' ,ix personnel, and ample resources to render ' , 'X W F 'ug dependable service as artists and makers X, Wfyft Xing-Iyilxl, Vwilll-x,-f ,vw ol fine printing Plates. That you will be 5- vfxr ' 57 iili-:Ilf'lili'if Eli film' li 'V "L secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 811 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinoit In the foreground- Ft. Dearborn referected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn Gr Ollier Art Studios. r I I , v, -4 M n x 'uw - .n uk! .f 1 . 1 f + ' - . -Q 1, K . 4 nyc ' N 1 I ' 'J Y V ,,' nfl, 4' ffm W-1 . I ..x - 1 'X J ' K I M- x o ,H ? 'N NW V MH. G. R. CONSTIEN, Principal A. B. Ohio Wesleyan M. Sc. Ohio State University t 1 r aa'-1 -,Q ' '- Q.,--,j r ' - A ,- -. g. K ' ,gn -v. w- -.-Q.-1 . ' rif f - fx li " 'f vu- ' gn - -fy -g E:. 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A. ww X Maw -fm 0'6- 2 mavwlw WNW LEN A KIEFER Dean oi Girls, Health 'Nestern Reserve-A. B. Ohio State-M, A. LORA WIEST Latin, English, Latin Club Ohio State University-B.S Columbia-M. A. P. S. HOCHSTETTLER American History, Social Problems Bluffton College-A. B. Ohio State University-M. A A. L. MATTOON Dean ol Boys, Debate Coach American History Otterbein-A, B. Ohio State University-M. A RUTH SWITZER English Findlay College-A. B. Columbia University-M. A ROSA HUDNELL Shorthand, Typing Wilmington'-B. S. Ed. ELLEN RUDOLPH Home Economics, Home Ec Club Bowling Green Stale Uni versity Ohio State University -B. S W. SANDERSON Vocal Music Nebraska Wesleyan -A. B. NorthwesternfB. M. E. L. C. KELLER Physical Ed., Faculty Man ager Athlelics, Track Coach, Tumbling Club Oberlin College--A. B. ALICE NELSON Art U. of Wisconsin-A. B. Chicago Art Institute ESTHER MARCH Physical Ed., G. A. A., Tumbling Club Bowling Green University -B. S. Columbia University-eM. A R. W. STEWART Machine Shop Universiiy of Toledo f s 4 w I X , w- " 'Q -f -13 . Y fr , L M, .173 , 1" rl, , . ..Q 41 .f ...Sl -- - N' .J , , at S' ' EL. J 1 Ar HELEN IOHNSTON Spanish, English Ohio State Universityf B. S, in Ed. University of Wisconsinte - M. A. I. B. HARTMAN Plane Geometry, Commercial Arithmetic Ohio State University! B. Sc. Columbia University- -M. A. IACK H. SHERMAN Machine Shop, Machine Math, University of Cincinnati MAE FASSETT Shorthand, Typing, Office Training, O. G. A. Club Graduated Gregg School, Chicago Ohio State University-- B. S. Ed. New York University M. A. RUTH B. KUENZLI English Oberlin College-A. B. Columbia University- -M. A. G. H. FRACK Commercial Law, Commer- cial Arithmetic, Salesman- ship, Retailing Muskingum-A. B. Ohio State University'--M. A. ..z2G. 10 4...- 'vu W.. i 1 x'x E PEARL MORAN English, lournalism, Red Cross Sponsor Ohio State University-B. S. Columbia University W. C. WILSON Football, Basketball, World History, American History Muskinqumeli.. B, Ohio State University-M. A., D. D. LAWRENCE Chemistry, Chemistry Club Bowlinq Green University -B. S. Columbia University-M. A. WILMA BENNETT Librarian, Student Library Assistants Butler Universityf-A. B. Western Reserve University B. S. in L. S. GLENDORA MILLS Geometry, Algebra, Trigon- ometry, Girl Reserves Ohio State University- B. Ph.: M. A. L H. LAWRENCE Shop, Automotive, related subjects Ohio State University University of Toledo IEAN E. PFAU KMRS. JOE MOORHEADJ English Miami University-B. S. MILDRED FARNEH PHYLLIS RUSH MAXINE I-IOVJARD Superinfendenfs Principafs SUDE?TfHf6Hd6'Hf'S Office Office Office 'if maxim? SENIUHS LMA' fr ? .3-. , l1' A Y 'vu 523 B. SESSIONS MR. I. B. HARTMAN President Sponsor B. SOVERN Secretory MISS RUTH KUENZLI B. RADER Sponsor Vice-President Q I Wi : L Betty Abbott Robert Abbott Gertrude Alqe Marilynn Alspach Mary Rose Arnold Yvonne Arnold Lucia Arras Ieanne Anne Athey Eugene Backey Ralph Baird Ray Baker lanie Barnes Troy Bauqhrnan lack Beeqle ' Elden Beeqle Iohn Below Clark Beninqton Aileen Betts Iane Bish lean Bi sh Bill Bishop Robert Brewer Wayne Brewer Donald Bright Doris Bright Iames Brucklacher Hema Burnham George Burrell larnes Bushong T. I. Castor Edward Chatelain Margery Chatelain Harold Click Cleo Clark Margaret Coffman Iohn Copeland 15 W.. 355 xl 1 V i 1 Y' V A . ' 1 M,- Carol Copley Ruth Cox Richard Cramer lames Crawfis Donald Croy Martha Cunninqharn Betty Currie Marjorie Custer Iune Dantico Howard Davis Mary Davis larnes Decker Helen Denman Ed DePuy Willard Dickey Mary Lou Dindal Norma Dukes Robert Dycus A' E -D 1 C es 4 N R tl D A tl - I - H1- Clara Eckert leanne Edelman Marilyn Engard Carol Ernest lane Esch Gordon Esckilsen Fred Evans Bette Ex Richard Faber Eugene Fekete Helen Feller Iames Eeller Olive Eeller Ruth Fetters Hilda Folk Margie Foltz Patricia Eoor George Fornes 15-if 4 Q 4 'bf H 1 dll f., ' Siiia 4231 ' ,K P... IJ1 ,, ., WWE 1 , ' 'L P --'.' V I Q Q Q w 1 f Y 4 ' I g 6 7 x 3 1. M IJ ,gli l Y l A .1" ., gf '4 .1 ' I I . V. 1 . T! .,, ,F I . ll- .He N , 'T , .A 1 . x N , Nh t . - 1, ."l! - I1 X ' '1 VS: F ..s,. M' f X X X in 'U A K 5 gl xxf 'J l Q lx X .ll Marjorie Frye Raymond Galliqher 4 Lois Gardner Robert Gardn GI' Dorothy Garlow Ralph Gartner Carol Gault Sara Ghaster Betty Ann Glenn Neil Gobrecht Mildred Gohlke Edna Mae Goudy Dorothy Gray Marilynn Gruber William Hall Eloise Hanna Frank Hanna Dorothy Hards Herbert Hards Geraldine Harris Ed Harshman Erma Hartman l Kathryn Hartman Loras Hazelton Bud Heckman Ianice Harrington Beverly Hershey Tom Hieqel Dean Hildebrand Ruthanna Hill Charlotte Holden Walter Hyma Daisy Mae lltrt Ardinelle Inman Martha Iackson Bill Iaqua I 5 - 1 W E , ' N ' If-N X c l V Q? 4 li -X "? Helen Iohnston Lucille lones Bob Iulien Barbara Keller Robert Kemerley Helen Kimmel lack Kocher lack Krout Norbert Lauloe Edward Lauck Martha Lauwers Eloise Leach Nellie Lentz Norman Light Richard Linelfian Gerald Loach Alice Long Mary lane Long Robert Long Frances Lonsway Betty Lovell Don Loveridqe 5. William Loy lack MacGregor E Dorothy Martz Q Ax: QR ' I Y .QR .Y ' LIS.,-iQi::.t',:g.31-if?1. ' 1 - ,. f f' . Eugene ohn Mathias Dorothy McCall Anna McClure Marjory McCullough Mary Lou McFarland Richard McNutt Marie Miles Bette Lou Miller Miller Marilyn Miller Richard Miller A rv - 'it Egg t ? X OO 0 T '7 VR 9 Z If XX "Th x ll L' 7 ll Qtgi jgib 'Sl l WWI! M fi M , ' ,115 Frances Minutti Helen Gene Moorney lack Moorhead Richard Morehart Iunior Richard Morgan Violette Mosier Niernann Mary Nusser Mary Nye Helena Oman Sara Iayne Otley Lola Overy Robert Oxley Ralph Allaiha Peierrnan Mark Ploiis Povenrnire Nola lrene Poynion Iohn Price James Quinlan Rosalyn Rabkin Ben Rader Rosemary Rakestraw Virginia Reese Euqene Reissiq Betty Rhoad Melvin Roberts William Roberts Cleora Roeder Virginia Rose Betty Rosencrans Horner Russell Marian Saller Mildred Saller Reathel Saul Clarabel Schooler Marcella Schwab x lx N I it Qt 6 i l I , L T if Virqinia Schwinn Mary Schwyn Kathleen Scott Wilma Scott Richard Sessions ' Marlin Shafer Paul Shafer Richard Shedd Robert Shedd Marilyn Sheldon Betty Shively Marilyn Shively Betty Siterd David Sink Maxine Sink v Loren Sites S' Eloise Smith lulia lane Smith fi -3 M 12 if Al , 5 K' 'K Paul Smith Ralph Smith Ray Smith Neva Snyder Betty Sovern Virginia Stahl Rosella Stantield Hubert Starr Kenneth Staurfer Helen Strawbridqe Arlene Strouse Shirley Belle Sump Nina Mae Swartz Shirlee Swisher lohn Tabb leanne Taylor William Taylor Clarice Tesnow ' - XIX. 1- Ifx 1- ' S W ' Q . 4 , XS Q x In Eugene Thomas Helen Thomas Lila Rose Tinsrnan Robert Trask Ruth Trurnpy Donald Turman Carl Turner Charles Urschalitz Iosephine Van Sant Eileen Varner Mary Kathryn Varner Tom Vossler Nora Waaland Ruth Waaland Bonnie Walter Iean Warner lane Warner DeLora Watts Roy Wehrle Betty Weitz Lowell Wiggins Mary Wilch Hilda Williamson David Wohlqcimuth Richard Wolery Ruth Arm Wolirom Evilo Wyer in-T., f f I l glue A iw K 1 tx-' J7 K ,.tn':g::W Y K e X K FD . 'ff fi igfif' fi LQ x T L' nw? 1- We 5 ' mf L' ' Y -1' AX MEQJ Q Q u Law f' EZQ P... IJ1 ,, ., WWE 1 , ' 'L P --'.' V I Q Q Q w 1 f Y 4 ' I g 6 7 x 3 1. M IJ ,gli l Y l A .1" ., gf '4 .1 ' I I . V. 1 . T! .,, ,F I . ll- .He N , 'T , .A 1 . x N , Nh t . - 1, ."l! - I1 X ' '1 VS: F ..s,. M' UNDERCLASSNIEN JUNIOQ CLASS QFFICERS KJ' P. S. HOCHSTETTLER PEARL F. MOHAN SDCHSGI President Secretary SDOHSOI Q! 77 HOME ROOM 102 Row 1:1-1. Basye, C. Barrell I. Al1qood,B. Beck, I. Bald win, F. Barlscht, R. Bibler B. Behrn. Row 2: H. Bender, M. Ad ams, T. Borqelt, M. Blakely B. Bowers, C, Baumunk, I Eachman, V. Benrieti, P Bayer. Row 3: I. Baumlein, M. Bib ler, O. Armacost, R. Baker A, Bish, D. Arnold, M Below, H, Brink, W. Ben 0911. HOME BOOM 103 Row 1: M. Brunner, D Chrislman, B. Cain, B Brooks, M. Bristol, H. Brink man, M. Bryan, S. Crowl. Row 2: I. Cotter, D. Bush onq, P. Cunningham, I Cunningham, R. Clinqer man, R. Cramer, B. Burwell D. Cain, B, Coward, E Clark. Row 3: E. Cramer, I. Cauqh mari, R, Crossman, I. Culler R. Clinqer, M. Cameron, B Brown, L. Buchanan, R Cauqhman, E. Cunning harn. HOME ROOM 104 Row 1: A. Doll, P. Denhart E, Ferguson, L. Ferris, R Downing, B. Evans, I. Drais G. Faber, V. Delal-Iarnaide Flow 2: L. Firestone, M. Fisher, M, Fisher, M. I Erretl, P. Evans, M. Doty, P. Fillner, M. E. DeWeese, N. Doiy, A. Fleck, M Farmer. Row 3: R. Fe-ucht, L. Feller, I. O. Dunn, C. Ehersole C. English, R. Pam, If Dunn, R. Davis, S. Foster, R. Flanagan, C, Donahue. 1 1 HOME ROOM 105 Flow 1: M. Hill, R. Fuller, C. Herbst, D. Fuller, P. Hardwick, P. Haley, I. Hochstettler, VV. Grossman, E. Frederick, L. Hee-rs. Flow 2: I. Hebebrand, R. Hart- zell, M. He-Hner, I. Eerthuame, R. Grove, P. Hakes, B. Hilde- brand, M. Frost, Ft. Ghaster, R. Hills. How 3: I. Hardy, Ft. Hershey, M. Frost, H. Hards, I. Hard- man, W, Hause, H. Hillery W, Hackenberqer, D. Harrison Pt. Henery, H. Friddell. HOME ROOM 106 Row 1: D. l-lovert, R. Iohnson R. Karnerer, I. Hutson, R Iacl-zson, I. Iordan, H. Kettle well, E. Hosler. Row 2: N. Iones, M. Kistler I. Lonsway, H. Kobe, G. Huff P, King, M. K. Iohns, B. Hul- bert, I. Karcher. Row 3: I. Long, Fx. Hoyer, K Ling-er, B. Hoker, H. Lauclce Fl. Leader, XV. Lathe-r. HOME ROOM 108 Row l: R. Mayberry, B. Moi tett, I. Miller, I. Lunn, Pi. Mr: Dade, H. Michaels, I. McRill W. Miller. Row 2: P. Neff, I. Missamore V. Love, H. McKee, B. I. Mor rison, H. Marvin, P. Miller S. I. Mathews, M. L. Mc Donald, R. Oppernian, D. Lyon Row 3: W. Moore, D. Murdock Fl. McGowan, H. Mason, C Perry, B. Pitney, T. Mc Elliqott, I. Manchester, W Love, E. Nivison. 1 HOME ROOM 111 Row 1: C. Sapienza, Ft. Se-lo, K. Rose, H. Rineholt, M. B. Riley, B. Poole, D. Scheuer, M. Sapienza, B. Schey. Row 2: H. Powell, K. Price, B. Rutledge, M. Saltzman, E. Rice, M. Radahaugh, N. Preston, E. Pre-dmore, B. Ram- sey, B. Russell, M. Saum. ROW 3: S. Quail, D. Schu- macher, B. Schieb, H. Rine- bolt, I. Pleicher, D. Schiltz, T. Hollins, K. Ripley, T. Robin- son, R. Shafer, B. Russell, E. Shank. HOME ROOM l12 Row l: M. Stimmel, B. Sheldon R. Swisher, M. A. Strinqfellowz C. Terwilliqer, M. Swartz, N Smith, P. Simmons, M. A Thiry. Row 2: F. Sutton, C. Sherwood, M. Smith, V. Shrider, H. Steeq- man, B. Smith, V. Smith, l Spence, F. Shull. Row 3: R. Sonnet, I. Smithson E. Smith, I. Stewart, F. Soren: son, K. Slack, R. Shontelmire, D. Sink, K. Stolzer, H. Solomon. HOME ROOM 213 How l: M. Van Atta, M. E Nllaltermire, D. Williams, R Wilson, l. Vxfoods, L. Vxfalker S. 'Williams B. Tyner, M Vfeisslinq. Row 2: C. Young, V. 'Wells I. Sterner, I. Whelan, I Thompson, V. W'iqfield, R. Thompson, M. W'ilson, B. Wittehort, M. Vlfalters. l L Row 3: M. Voqelsonq, D Yoder, C. XVise, R. Vlfyatt, C X'Valter, D. Ulrich, WV. Wilson M. W'illiams, B. Nlfebloer, L Wittebort. SOP!-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS A. EVANS R, HOELSCHER M. SORENSON Secretary President Vice-President A. L. MATTOON LENA KIEFER Sponsor Sponsor H4399 HOME BOOM 201 Row lf B. Augustine, M. Baker, B. Beckman, T. Alqe, B. Bib ler, I. Bell, I. B-2-Ck, E. Bellz M. Beckman. Flow 2: W. Barlcinier, N. Bach man, I. Boch, P. Barnhart, B Beaupry, V. M. Bauqliman, C Baldwin, W. Altrnan, B. Bond H. Beckwith, D. Barnliart. Ftow 3: B. Biqley, G. Baird, K Bair, B. Black, D. Adams, I Barnes, D. Bishop, B. Baldwin B. Bible-r, D. Bauqhman. HOME BOOM 202 Row I: B. Carter, B. Corbin I. Burkholder, T. Bradley, E. Brewer, N. Catliers, I. Coont: B. Bruce, M. Crawfis. Row 2: Mary Crawfis, F Couples, B. Burlington, P. Cott- ner, M. B. Craig, P. Currie B. Crozier, M. Crossmon, V Codner, E. Coldren. Row 3: A. Brown, I. Cotter, E Coward, W. Campbell, 'W Brown, R. Constien, I. Capell T. Breitiqan, R. Concannon, G Campbell. HOME ROOM 204 Row I: M. Erick, M. I. Fawley A. Evans, I. Fenberq, IW. Day B. Fisher, D. Duttweiler, M Doty, T. Fassett. Row 2: I. Fish, A. Fridell, S Fellabaum, C. Farrison, G Ennis, B. Dietsch, W. Essinqer I. Eqli, B. Ernst, D. Ereck, A Dennis. Bow 3: D. Fox, H. Dishon, B Eruchey, M. Daugherty, P Denison, H. Dear, B. Dun athan, F.. England, H. Currie I. Dunn. HOME ROOM 205 Row I: M. Hall, P. Fulkerson R. Harrison, I. Hayes, C. Hardy, B. Greer, D. Girard, E. Hauqh, B. Heclcathorn, A. Hill. How 2: D. Helms, I. Grant, D. Hirxdall, R. Gallant, P. Hamil- ton, V. Hiqqins, I. Georqe, K. Griep, D. Hendricks, B. Geib B. Gardner, D. Greer. Row 3: E. Hazelton, L. Herbst G. Hardy, I. Hardy, B. Hoff- man, G.-Heriner, R. Grubb, N. Fry, I. Grohoske. lil HOME ROOM 206 Row l: Y. LaRowe, I. Keclcler, H. Koehler, D. Laube, B. Karn N. Iordahl, N. Kresser, A. Hooper, D. Loy. Row 2: D. Hunter, M. Lyon, M. Hoker, R. Lunn, I. Kirk, G. Loach, P. Lambdin, P. Iohn- son, A. Iohnson, G. Klein peter, C. Hosler. Row I. ller, R. Lauclc, P. Kelley, R. Knepper, I. Leiby, K. Lentz, R. LaWarre, I. Holmes, R. Linqer, W. Hosler HOME ROOM 207 Row I: E. Missamore, L. I Neal, S. Morris, W. Murray G. Might, N. Montgomery, A Moore, M. K. Mueller, M McBride. How 2: D. McKee, P. Morqan R. Miller, B. Overy, B. Over street, M. McGauqh, D. Miles R. E. Morgan, I. Merten, D McRill, D. Moses, M. Miles. Row 3: E. Nye, L. McGowan K. Nusser, G. Newcomer, B Miles, E. Palmer, D. Missa more, D. Neuman, C. McClure I. Park, R. Miles. HOME ROOM 208 Row l: B. Paxton, B. Schrote N. Pittman, M. Rice, I. Rooney R. Porter, R. Rakestraw, M. E Redding, B. I. Rogers. Row 2: R. Ryder, M. Raymond R. Roberts, I. Russell, B. Roller L. Procter, H. Parker, M. Saltz B. Routzon, D. Rader. Row 3: C. Robnolte, R. Parker, R. Ouail, H. Routson, D. Rice G. Rummell, C. Ramsey, W. Reissiq, N. Riker, F. Sands, W. Pressnell. HOME ROOM 211 Row 1: L. I. Stoner, A. Simon C. Stark, R. Snyder, G. Slough T. Shaffer, I. Schwienfurth, M Sorenson, E. Shelly. Row 2: D. Stewart, D. Spoon A. Swick, R. Strait, M. Stout I. Shadley, B. Stienhurst, D. Snyder, M.Smith, I. Stantield, B. Stewart, R. Strait. Row 3: V. Smith, E. Snell, M. Shuck, C. L. Sim, F. Searfoss, I. Snow, R. Semler, D. Steven' son, D. Slouqh, B. Smith, M. Sims, M. E. Smith. 3 HOME ROOM 212 Row 1: I. Turman, H. Treece R. Weislinq, I. Tyner, I. Wil son, N. Weaver, R. Walters P. Tarr, D. Walters. Row 2: E. Ward, B. Tesnow, I Woodward, V. I. Van Wormer M. VanLue, M. Welles, E Worst, I. Warner, W. Williams. Row 3: I. Williamson, B Thomas, W. Thomas, I. Wes ton, R. Walters, D. Varner I. Yates, V. 'Workman, H Walker. X V! . ff v .' - w :. -4-X fp 'fmt gs' v 'Q Fi' ..: it 4 Mr: .ff P , ps... A l 'u --E' X bfi. .PM .J A O I. '1 - 4 , . " , I - +5 , I s , gi. .L V1 Q.. My .-A ,W L: Fl 'f' Y . I' 323' ,A 29:1 'S 4. -ii n in ' 7' gg ..- 1r J- I w. . . 1' v .til Yu-P " I Mb'f3".i'iW" -fr v I F DEPARTMENTS We Study Art ffl! dw FN. .lh 'Xl-'if 'Stas Practice Home Making Ia! , Q55 -4 Leaffl f if 1', 1 Va , Ji, in QQ' .,,, Aff' 415 Q ' M If Ngf- .- , w 1 '5 ,k X, . w. - .x M , . Q , ,,-in-".ii Q , 5 J Mais!! 'lm 3 Sf .sg fm ,,,,,'fb' In ,m f L- 1 '-Q :bv . . ...iv-.. . gwgfgfah .1- -Wg ' 'R "1 if -..N fnvestigate The Unknown Anal 3 The lntricacies of Business Practice V ' , 4- ' 3 Q,,, W' A A ' ' 7 -. 15: Q Q 'ml M31 ,,f-, x VV V ' , VY: - A - 5' W Q3 9 ' 141541 A D i ,.x ,M I - ,sz I1 . iM,,,.,,,..M ,..V I 'W W ,,.Ar. ff 23,1 " gs .-:-T . 'X xr... .M f, v, :-ix, ..,-. , swf Ni Q ,.,x ! I 391 1' 41- 'z Q. A -5--fi f sgsff 5 - .D g 'Q' .. 6 3 Q3 J .ff Av if Alt., Y QS ' a 1 K QR N Q 'Q W L 1' if 1 w, Y :Ms ' w- ,Q 6 S? it fx? XX Sv X ,Rx ., N X wx Q xxx vxfx X Y Q Q-x dx 5 w SCOTT Pom- C-UNI' .li UA-,AW CLEVELAND BEE G55 C9 GJ FREMON7' E ELYRM Fosroxrm G GJ cowmemlv 7-IQOJ4 N5 Q AND Jn onofn 09125350 'F frmrom '-' Mmvsrfao W mnfom COLUMBUS H on A . 6 . BUCFRU5 .E . MUSIC DEBATE - DRAMATICS Q BASKETBALL ca BUCKEYE LEAGUE I--1 roorBA1.L Cu., Dau, En J-- --' 1, - -9 1 , .1 ,, .- -1 ' :K+ 1 'uni-' "'V 'nf Y , '-'fw s.- rl O q..ff-13, A! !l CHOIR Row 1:-B. Hershey, M. Schwyn, B. Weitz, D. McCall, Pt Bakestraw, B. Cox, E. Smith, B. Woltrom, B. Feucht, H. Feller A. Strouse, M. E. DeWeese, B. Sovern, V. Mosier, K. Scott B. Beck, M. L. McFarland, M. Sink, S. Otley, H. G. Moomey. How 2:-M. A. Stringtellow, H. Williamson, L. Walker, M Fisher, A. Iohnson, E. Leach, A. Long, M. Davis, W. Murray M. I. Pawley, M. Trout, F. Bartscht, B. Geib, D. Hendricks C. Herbst, S. I. Mathew, B. Greer, M. Shuck, P. Simmons B. Keller. ' How 3:-I. Herrington, l. 'Woods, B. Buttington, B. Smith, C Schooler, D. Loy, P. Iohnson, B. Overstreet, I. Fenberg, P. Hakes N. Weaver, M. Doty, D. Cain, I. Keckler, E. M. Goudy, H Marvin, H. Marvin, C. Barrell, V. Stahl, H. Denman. Row 4:-B. Swisher, M. Wilch, S. Ghaster, T. Sheatfer, D. Fox I. Yoxtheimer, G. Slough, D. Stevenson, I. Bell, C. Powell, I Rooney, B. Day, I. Long, P. Denhart, I. Misamore, T. Bradley D. Ghaster, R. Hatch, T. Baughman, D. Hildebrand, E. Backey T. Vossler. Bow 5:f-B. Shedd, B. Russell, A. Bish, D. Wohlgamuth, I Ammons, C. English, I. Dunn, H. Hillery, I. Hutson, B. Leader C. Ebersole, I. Brucklacher, D. Sink, I. Price, D. Schumacher I. Beegle, B. Smith, W. Dickey, I. Hardman, B. Smith, I Bushong. Q wmv. N 4,7 'v . . - rx a :"" 03+ avx. ! 9 ,Of 4 N Qdillblvfw. -f--A I Qr.-.-.--W Wim' " -,.,.,.,.-..,+--w--0-....,-N-.-M t ' ' .,-.-.4, , .aw . , ., 4-A - W-rhktmw f-y -SLL ,qc gg-,sv 917 5 -5, .45- Jan 4,,,,-.,,..,..,, .,,. ,. ,v A , Q O '-. W' W , b , + , ' ' A ' sv 4 . Y kv,.V K K ,,,, i X ,1 'fr+ DT Mixed Ensemble R. Shedcl, I. Beagle, I Price, B. Sovern, B. Beck H. Williamson, S. Ghaster C. English, R. Swisher. Girls' Ensemble C. Herbsi, B. Hershey, I Woods, A. Strouse, M. A Sirinqfellow, M. Sink, H G. Moomey. Boys' Ensemble R. Shedd, H. Swisher, C English, I. Huison, I. Bruck lacher. ORCHESTRA Row 1: W. Dickey, I. Dunn, A, Bowman, B, Denhart, D, Schumacher. Row 2: I. Kocher, I. Suter, L. Sanderson, D. Burnham, R. Baird, D. Hillery, D. Foul P. Hover, B. Ramsey, I. Schafer, I. Wilkens. Row 3: K. Hatch, H. Reissiq, G. Wisner, T. Bradley, T, Rollins, D. McRill, NV. Murray C. L. Sims, B. Loy, D. Fuller, D. Dickey, I. Shadley. Row 4: K, L. Sheldon, B. Conslein, W. Hause, M, Reimund, R. Hatch, H. Davis, M Wilson, Mr. Kuhns, R. Cain, G. Loach, R. Zehrbach, I. Pellets, E. Brewer. INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES Row I: D. Dickey, D. McRill, T. Bradley, P. Simmons, B. Ramsey. Row 2: G. VVisner, I. Fellers, R. Zehrbach, E. Brewer, G. Sonnett, T. Rollins, H. Reissiq. How 1: D. Fuller, W. Loy, R. Esterly, I. Kocher. Row 2: W. I-lause, T. Rollins, H. Davis, T. Bauqhman. BAND Row I: B. Ramsey, I. Shatter, I. Wilkens, C. Shadley, D. Dickey D. Fuller, P. Simmons, B. Loy, C. L. Sims, W. Murray, R Esterly, M. Reimund, I. Yoxtheimer, B. Starr, M. A. Fuller, I. Hix Row 2: I. Martin, I. McGregor, G. G. Roberts, S. L. Covert, M Reimund, M. Walters, D. Hindall, M. Wittenmeyer, D. McRill F. Searfoss, R. Petters, R. Rudolf, M. McDonald, I. Shadley I. Iosephson, B. Smith, I. Grant. Row 3: I. Wisner, I. Arras, K. L. Sheldon, W. Hause, M Hosatros, R. Morgan, I. Wittenmeyer, B. Scott, M. Doty, G Yoxtheimer, H. Reissiq, G. Wisner, T. Bradley, T. Rollins B. Constien. Row 4: Mr. Kuhns, G. Loach, R. Cain, C. Ramsey, O. Feller D. Henry, R. Hartzel, M. Wilson, H. Wilson, D. Porter, M Donaldson, M. L. Parks, C. Samson, B. Barqer, L. Scott, E Felton. Row 5: K. Sapienza, R. Zehrbach, R. Grubb, B. Wolf, I. Kocher H. Davis, E. Riker, C. Denison, G. Faber, I. Yoxtheimer, D LaRue, I. Feller, O. Sonnet, E. Brewer, T. Bauqhman, E. I. Hauah lil ll Q7fm?U,l-ur' ,Z W" f - "Y'f1T'1' 4 UHF! 1 . S 9 , 5 I I HT? rw H fmlxl ,,--' ,F X avi' ha ff? uA"I"' I ,Pb ITU? wr-s-u-'!""" I 0 gat D V1 .sw .E ff H551 ,I K5 K f XJ' 411 I nit u'LLv.ii?T..-f' f vvq- Q 'V A Vfjlfx' A' 1' - M'--,-.,f1f A -, V N' K - 7 - .Q 1 Zi' J , L1,.1di1i"tArA fag 1 f ""'f5'4!WLll,LL , N W " .. ixur, T ' xr f . i 1.-zu y ,E - 14. T Elf 'iGx " A ,Q Hr. 1' - A ,A A XZ, 'AA , x 'S' if- 4. F-:fv"1' , .. VII, .ji . gr' , .., Q a n Q L E fmlwldfl- 5 au. 1 ' - H 5,21 , x Ar .., 5 x 1 , .1-. ' a I V V . . 'Z-IX' ' ' NX , , x ' X51 .' ' " A ,.. GTV M... M' E A NqfifggiE,.f,"fil!f-ff.-!fl'l' b V I Q x 1-ri" i fi' X K v 53 . 'vxx' f X4 1 is ig XM , 'Q QM- TNT' Www" ' XX Q .h w Wx 536- - qg'.Sqa:.Sx X - TJ ' x .E xk x 'N ,...U P -.ff gif 5 '. Q 4' ' v un SERVICE URGANIZATIUNS STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: N. Iordhal, R. Waiters, I. Burkhoider, E. Backey, N. Smith, I. Bushonq, A Evans, A, Moore, I. Hayes, M. Schwyn, B. Hosencrans. Row 2: Mr. Constein, H. Swisher, M. Cunningham, C. Stark, F. Bartsch, N. Pitman I. Loach, I. Warner, I. Hochstettler, D, Wohlqamuth, H. Heckrnan, I. Miller, Row 3: I. Drais, P. Denhart, R. Iohnson, D. Dutiweiier, I. Coontz, W. Roberts, R. Cain R. Morgan, R. Kamerer, F. Shull, K. Rose, D. Wissler, I. Crates. Row 4: I. Schweinfurth, R, Beck, H. Koehler, R. Rakestraw, I. Ailqood, G. Loach D. Fuller, R. Sessions, G. Esckilsen, R, Gartner, Fi. Brewer, D, Scheurer, S. Morris. :wwe S ii A 'Wx wufwffgf x X S GIRL RESERVES wp- R ' " Q-w' L E J Theresa Alge Yvonne Arnold Norma Bachman Ianie Barnes Della Barnhart Patty Barnhart Frances Bartscht Phyllis Bayer Helen Beckwith loan Bock Doris Bright Hildegarde Brinkman Annella Brown Betty lane Bruce Beverly Burlington Ieanette Burkholder Betty Burwell Georgia Campbell Betty Carter Nancy Cathers Carol Copley Betty Iane Corbin Phyllis Cotner Frances Couples Rose Mary Coward Mary Rose Craig Rosemary Cramer Marjorie Crawfis Mary lane Crawfis Martha Cunningham Peggie Currie Helen Dear Patty Denison Mary Ella DeWeese Betty Dietsch Marilyn Doty Mary Ehrick Gloria Ennis Betty Ernst Wanda Essinger Anita Evans Peggy Evans Mary Io Fawley Suzanne Fellabaum Olive Feller lanice Fenberg Lois Ferris Ruth Fetters Pat Fillner Evelyn Fredericks Betty Gardner Betty Geib Sara Ghaster Betty Ann Glenn Mildred Gohlke Dorothy Gray Bonnie Lou Greer Dorothy Greer Betty lane Hackathorn Phyllis Hakes Pat Haley Eloise Hanna Pat Hardwick Edna lean Haugh Norma Heistand Charlotte Herbst Beverly Hershey Betty Lou Hildebrand Deonna Hindall Margaret Hoker Charlotte Holden Ann Hooper Carol Hosler Esther lane Hosler Wilma Hosler Doris Hunter lane ller Audrey lohnson Ioneal Iordan Naomi Iordahl Iulia Karcher Betty Lou Karn Patricia Ann King Gloria Kleinpeter Patty Lambdin Yvonne LaRowe Dorothy Laube Ruth Lauck Ieanne Loach Dorothy Loy Marilyn Lyon Dorothy McCall Donita McKee lean Merten Ruth Michaels Genevieve Might Wanda Miller Evelyn Misamore Nan Montgomery Annabelle Moore Mary Mueller Betty Overy Betty Paxton Allatha Peterman Nadine Pitman Lynn Proctor Rosemary Rakestraw Mary Louise Redick Betty lane Rogers Bonnie Roller Betty Routson Marilyn Saltzman Reathel Saul Clarabel Schooler Virginia Schwinn lane Shadley Dorothy Shank Marilyn Shively Marilyn Shuck Iosephine Shull Marjorie Sims Maxine Sink Doris Slough Barbara Smith Eloise Smith Mary Ellen Smith Maxine Smith Nancy Smith Virginia Smith Donna Snyder Marian Sorenson Betty Sovern Doris Spoon Iuanita Stanfield Betty Steinhurst Barbara Stewart Lois Stoner Mary Ioan Stout Ruth Strait Mary Alys Stringfellow Shirley Belle Sump Marilyn Swartz Nina Mae Swartz Anna Swick Pat Tarr leanne Taylor Mary Thiry Hope Truce Mary Trout loan Turman Barbara Tyner Vera Van Worrner Louise Walker Dolores Walters Mary Walters Betty Weitz lean Whylanci leannette Wilson Margaret Wilson Betty Wittebort Betty Wolf Inez Woods sas TIIUJA -I94l Published By T H E STUDENTS OE EINDLAY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FINDLAY, OHIO Editor Business Manager RICHARD MOREHART NEIL GOBRECHT Make-Up Editor Advertising Manager ED HARSHMAN YVONNE ARNOLD SENIOR I-II-Y Row 1: W. Hyma, R. Gartner, B. Hall, I. Erucklacher, I, Bushonq, D. Wohlqamuth G. Esckilsen. Row 2: B. Heckman, R. Smith, E. Miller, B. Loy, E, Reissiq, H. Davis, B. Bishop R. Brewer. Row 3: D. Morgan, I. Tabb, I. Decker, B. Rob-eris, I. More-head, T. Hieqel, W. Brewer K. Stauffer. JUNIOR I-ll-Y Row l: R. Cain, C. Terwilliqer, R. Wilsori, R. Iaclzson, ll. Ripley, F. Sorenson, I, Dunn How 2: B. Evans, F. Shull, E, Smith, L. Buchanan, C. Elyersole, I. Hardman, H. Friddell I. Miller, B. Leader, C. Donahue. Row 3: I, Drais, I. Huison, D. Swisher, I. Smithson, I. Manchester, D. Ghaster, D Hoyer, C. English, B. Downing, R. Iolinson, P. Denharl. SOPI-IOMOIQE l-ll-Y Row 1: C. Hardy, M. Doty, T. Fassett, B. Black, Fi. Rider, D. Neuman, XV. Day T. Schaffer, I. Snow. Row 2: B. Beckman, N, Kresser, I. Rooney, E. Iacobs, I. Bell, D. Dutlweilc-r, F. Rakesiraw, E. Brewer, F. Se-arfoss. Row 3: B. Thomas, R. Varner, Fl. England, T. Bradley, C. Ramsey, R. Hatch, B. Semler G. Hardy, I. Capell, G. Slough. SENIOR ADVISORS Row 1: C. Eckert, R. Rakestraw, B. Hershey, E. Hartman, I. Taylor, O. Feller, M. Sink, S. Ghaster, H. Fe-ller, H. G. Moomey, L. Overy, B. Glenn. Row 2: G. Fisher, B. Bose-ncrans, B. Keller, C. Ernest, N. M. Swartz, B. Sovern, Y. Arnold, I. Edelman, M. Iackson, M. K. Varner, B. L. Miller, I. Esch, L. Gardner, E. Varner, M. L. McFarland. ' How 3: M. Schwab, K. Scott, C. Boeder, M. Schwyn, C. Holden, N. Poynton, C. Tesnow, B. Wolirom, C. Copley, A. Inman, V. Stahl, M. L. Nye, M. Cunningham. G. A. A. ,-. R L- . X How I: B. I. Pool, B. Brooks, F. Bartscht, M. B. Riley, H. Brinkman, B. Fetters, Miss March, H. Feller, D. Garlow, R. Maybery, I. Iorcian, R. Michaels, M. Saltzman, M. Shively, P. Tarr, B. Smith. Row 2: M. Rice, D. Walters, R. Seto, B. Routson, G. Enis, C. Baldwin, P. Folkerson, M. Stout, M. L. McDonald, S. I. Mathew, P. Hakes, L. Ferris, N. M. Swartz, I. Wilson, B. Moffet. How 3: I. Burkholder, M. Crawfis, E. Shelley, M. Altman, E. Missamore, D. Hendrick, P. Barnhart, G. Loach, B. Smith, M. Swartz, R. Muller, R. Straight, B. Bibler, B. Schey, L. Feller, D. Gray, B. Hackathorn. Row 4: E. Worst, A. Peterman, C. Roeder, M. Schwyn, I. Edelman, I. Doxy, B. Rutiaqe, M. Stimmel, I. Bachman, R. M. Cramer, B. Greer, M. E. Waltermire, A. Fleck, B. Dietsch, D. McKee, M. Frost, I. Fish, B. Carter. DEBATE 'B' 47 am Q t 'z ' - ,iz , ' O ,L V , ' f 4 n f1'-- 1 .. ,-s-A awk t 5, r . .1 ' 3.39m f L ., 1 'eff ng' 'Mr n ' 4"'fwf ' -'4',f.-1. sf: f:,A'j , 'Y U " ' ' .1 n . - , -'Lrg . :. . . ' W Eb. ' .Li ' - AS. - . . ' Row 1: B. Gardner, I. Brucklacher, V. Schwinn, I. Smithson, B. Geib Row 2: A. L. Mattson, B, Evans, H. Mason, R. Morgan. N NATIONAL I-IONOIQ SOCIETY MEMBER S I 2 Z Oz:- 77-4 010 OZ 23' mr' -4 -4 Ln mtllll ja Q lfflllf I' Row l: D. Shecld, Y. Arnold, B. Sovern, N. M. Swartz, V. Schwinn, S Sump, N. Poynton, O, Feller, H. G. Mcomey, L. Overy, H. Feller. Row 2: VJ. Hyma, L. Ferris, M. Trout, M. A. Strlnqfellow, M. Doty P. Hakes, C, Herbst, B. Beck, B. Tyner, M. Schwyn, K. Scott, C. Copley C. Roeder, L. Buchanan. Row 3: E. Chatelain, E. Miller, W. Brewer, P, Simmons, P. Bayer R, Ralcestraw, B. Keller, P. King, H. Selo, M. Schwab, N. Gohrecht I. Moorhead, B. Wilson. Row 4: C. Terwilliqer, D. Fuller, R. Gartner, R. Morehart, C. Turner VV. Loy, B. Rader, D. Vlfolulqamuth, I. Brucklacher, I. Smithson, I. Allqood B. Leader. Character Scholarship Leadership Service TI-I ESPIAN SOCIETY Row l: B. Hershey, B. Brooks, P. Bayer, P. Hardwick, B. Tyner, P. Haley, N. M. Swartz V. Schwinn, S. Sump. How 2: P. Denhart, I. Hutson, D. Vfohlqamulh, M. E. DeWeese, B. Keller, R. Selo L. Walker, R. McDade, W. Evans, B. Leader. How 3: I. Bushonq, B. Downing, I. Brucklacher, G. Esckilsen. JUNIOR PLAY 5 ' a- 2 WY? ? E 2 7 5 o l W. Evans M. E. DeWeese B. Brooks A Mr. Hall F. Sorenson R. Downing L. Walker I. Baldwin R. McDade B. Tyner R. Leader E. Nivison P. Hardwick - lily r OPEIQETTA Hakes D. H. Wohlqamuth Williamson C. Ebersole I. Bushonq M. D. She-dd C. Powell I. Woods A. Strinqfellow D. Swisher I. Hutson B. Sovern I. A. Strouse I. Brucklacher Price Tl-IREE ONE-ACT PLAYS The Sisters' Tragedy P. Hardwick, N. M. Swariz, B. Hershey, I. Bushonq, R. Bame. Drums or Oude L. Walker, D. Wohlgarnuth, R. Downing, F. Sorenson, I. Moorhead, I. Hardman, R. Cain. Elmer Cleans Up R. McDade, I. Woods, W. Evans, P. Bayer, N. Smith. .9 fr 5 L4 X lll ! S . -. L fa 'TQ Q, P X --if ', K' wi? 9 ll YO i' Q 1 ix ', " ir:- Y .4 H-2-H? xx.. 2 A ' f " , I 3 1 . ,- wi i 1 ' 9' f .,-r:- X fs :wg .h 1 ,wa 1 fi? E 'R -" A r ,! n, .S wr pf ,. ,. 4? 'Q 4 JE, ' f 5: !v xrtw,-4 ' R' 5 1 'T " ff ,f , if ,W ,,: 4. . . :"'-':,' Q gn - Al! f - . 1 'UVH fn k 4 f gs' A .. I T . ' 4 f , '- z , k 19'-Af'-' f . 1 l - ' -. 4 Q s '- fb pf I , ,fiffzsjggii j ,X : - A 1 . t LJ., I.-Q, 'N BLUE G GOLD Business Row l: C. l-lolden, B. A. Glenn, E. Roller, I. Shull, R. Gallant. Row 2: E. Vamer, E. Chalelain. Sports R. Davis, B. Day, N. Kres- ser, T. Thomas. Typists M. Sink, D. l-lards, M. Enqard, BLUE G GOLD Editorial C. Terwilliqer, l. Bock, E. Fl-eissiq, Y. Arnold, D. Bauqhman. Feature Writers Row 1: C. Hosler, A. Evans, P. King, P. Hakes. Row 2: M. E. Morgan, B. Tyner. Make-Up I. Snow, N. Pitman, M Mueller, D. Snyder. TQOJAN STAFF fBusinessQ Y. Arnold, N. Gobrechl, I. Dunn. Row 1: M. B. Riley, M. Saltzman I. Esch, H. Brinkman, M Swartz. Row 2: Fl. Rabkin, M. Cunningham N. Poynton, L. Tinsman, M Frye, V. Stahl. ROW 1: I. Loach, E. Hartman, I Edelman, B. Rhoacls. Row 2: O. Feller, M. I. Long, M Nye, B. Walter, M. L Nusser. TROJAN STAFF flgditorialj Row 1: L. Gardner, B. Keller, G. Esckilsen, R. Ralcestraw. Row 2: H. G. Moomey, R. More- hart, B. Rosencrans. Row 1: M. lackson, B. A. Glenn, C. Holden, D. McCall. Row 2: C. Clark, E. I-larshman, B. Ex. Row 1: P. Hardwick, B. Brooks, M. McFarland. Row 2: V. Schwinn, C. Copley, E. Varner. PHOTOGRAPHERS C. Turner D. Wohlqamuth I. Brucklacher W. Loy RED CROSS KNITTING Row I: N. Poynton, M. Frye, H. Rakestraw, C. Schooler. Row 2: B. Hershey, B. Keller, R. Rabkin, M. Davis, C. Holden. SPURTS FINDLAY I8 - FOSTOIQIA I3 4 ,..,:,, - FOOTBALL Findlay. . 26 Defiance , . , . Findlay ,... 34 Bowling Green ., Findlay , 7 Fremont , , , , . Findlay ,... 20 Tiffin Columbian ,. Findlay . . ,26 Toledo Scott . . , . . , Findlay. ., 14 Tiffin Junior Order Findlay. , 31 Lima Central . , , . Findlay ,.,. 20 Bucyrus ,, ., Findlay. . 18 Fostoria . BASKETBALL Findlay 30 Elyria , . Findlay , 36 Mansfield .. , Findlay.. .25 Newark . ., , Findlay , 20 Lima South . Findlay . 15 Lima Central , Findlay, ,Z5 Bowlinq Green , . Findlay .. 41 Fostoria ,,...... , Findlay . , .34 Tiffin Iunior Order Findlay, , ,19 Tiffin Columbian . Findlay , . ,21 Fremont ...,.. . . . Findlay, .31 Bowling Green . , . Findlay 35 Kenton . , Findlay ..., 37 Fostoria .,4,., Finldlay .,.. 40 Tiffin Iunior Order Findlay ,,.. 24 Tiffin Columbian . , Findlay ,,.. 26 Fremont . . , , DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Findlay ,... 41 Galion , , , . Findlay. . , 22 Lima Central .. BUCKEYE LEAGUE M O O 14 13 6 U . 10 7 13 33 ,35 .32 22 , 18 22 19 21 .23 X , 34 23 29 27 22 26 20 22 29 QCHAMPB COACHES W. C. WILSON L. C. KELLER C. C. BACHMAN Football Superintendent of Athleticsg Track Basketball E. BARTLETT Football FOOTBALL SQUAD How l: D. Cauqhman, T. McElliqott, P. Shafer, I. Mathias, I. Ouinlan, D. Sessions B. Oxley, E. Fekete, F, Evans, B. Gartner, B. Kemerley, B. Dycus, A. Allen. Row 2: Mr. Wilson, Mr. Keller, B. Vfilson, E. Ferquson, B. Bihler, P. Adams, R. Sernler, R. Hoelscher, M. Bristol, IN. Haclcenberqer, R. Davis, G. Slouqh, I. Lunn, B. Hershey, Mr. Bachman, Mr. Bartlett. Row 3: G. Newcomer, B, Miles, Ft, Flanagan, I. Barnes, D. Girard, I. Rooney, I. Bell, I. Capell, Fi. Ouail, D. Bader, D. Varner, R. Walters, K. Ripley. FOOTBALL MANAGERS I. Cotter N. Kresser S. Ouail R. Baker R. Miller R. Bishop I, Tyner 3 ! r 2 1 i 5 I I T I. R. F. EVANS End QUINLAN Center SESSIONS Guard R. OXLEY AQuarter Back I. MATI-HAS Half Back E. FEKETE Full Back P. SHAFER End R. GARTNER Guard vv 'bw E, SLOUGH M. BRISTOL Quarter Back Hal! Back R. CAUGHMAN I. LUNN P. ADAMS End Half Back Full Back R. DYCUS T. MCELLIGOTT A. ALLEN Tackle C I en er Tackle R. BIBLER R. KEMERLEY Guard End R. SEMLER Tackle R. DAVIS W. HACKENBERGER End Tackle Z 3 if V " 'zeff' . l Q is w . I l XM' , 1 E? gr E :SQS5 ' 4 P A, W' '-:Q fs" - 1 . Xia' '-,Q Wh -bg , W , :I 431211 : 'A 'IN X'- ' " ff' ' ' V J 'gf . F' -I P ,., N, K ,ilu W ,SFS Niki, HERE GW? ,. , r. 5 - ., s ' f . 1 BASKETBALL SQUAD Row 1: D. laclsson, E. Miller, D. Cauqhman, VV. Hyma, E. Fe-l-:-ste, R. Trask. Row 2: H. Russell, Mr. 'Wilson H. Kovshler, B. Vlfalters, M. Bristol, G. Slough, Mr. Bachman. Row 3. R. Bal:-sswaw, Fx. Hoelscher, B. Hoflman, B. Hatch, D, Vame-r, G. Hard L. He-rlnsl. MANAGERS T. Shaeffer, H. Russell, B. Wilson H. Koehler R. Trask Hyma E. Miller R. Walters U R. Iackson G. Slough R. Cauqhman M. Bristol E. Fekete CHEERLEADERS I ' 0? l""!M:"' P. f V' Az ' ' Row I: B. Heclcman, R. Rablcin, S. Ghaster, E. Hanna, B. Wilson Row 2: B. Poole, E, Rice, D. Hards, I. Edelman, B. Beck.

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