Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH)

 - Class of 1940

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Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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ADVERTISING Xl... j E535 O E? BEST XVISI-IES THE CLASOS OE l94O LESTER THQMAS LIFE Class of 1013 UNDERWRITER , Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co. Diamonds Watches Silverware PHONE 1717 State... Royal. .. Lyceum THEATRES FINDLAY'S LEADING THEATRES Home Owned and Operated Compliments Of Standard Coal Co. Phone ul" Hooon COAL eosTs LESS" " T I M E " MUST iii? XEIEURATE FRAN KI-I N HOTEL Our Watch Clinic will make FINDLAY' OHIO "Your Time" Perfect ?+-- 80 Rooms-All with Hot I-,Qt HGRUBEU and Cold Running Water 325 SOUTH MAIN STREET to per Week Eine Repairing Hand Engraving 77,- orden ,S Ice Cream "If It's Borderfs - - It's Got To Be Good" THE STANDARD ICE CREAM COMPANY 130 NORTH MAIN ST. PHONE 510 HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW WILL USE G-A-S For the 4 Big Household Jobs ' COOKING ' WATER HEATING Q46 QW, ' REFRIGERATION ' HOUSE HEATING The North Side Mercantile GROCERIES and General Merchandise l1'e furry a complctv Irm' or Clover Farm Foods also BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS FREE DELIVERY Phone Main 656 818-22 North Main St BRANDMAN IRON 82 METAL COMPANY Structural Steel, Pipe and Coal Phones 512 and 515-W -100 West Front 300 North Cori THE OOMPLHVIENTS AND BEST WISHES o F orton SL Nadalin GENERAL CONTRACTORS -15 South Sixth Street COLUMBUS, OHIO fQJ Q9 The Builders of the New Addition to High School - - 1939 DRINK mf' IN BOTTLES S-N-A-P-P-Y CLOTHES -for- - - - 1 High School Men W. cj. JN "1 FUNERAL HOME Phone 600 AL BASS - - CLOTHES , Dry Cleaning Pressing Sh R Home of GOOD FOOD OeHa5pgigi1Eng Shine Parlor Across from The High School g 701 West Main X Strut ' i it G R Y S TA I., J CRINDELL. iwanuger Niles Building DIETSCI-PS CONFECTIONERIES F o 1' ICE CREAM FINE CANDIES We Hope Y O U Enjoy Y o u r ELECTRICAL LIGHTING and EQUIPMENT Your New High School +- Gustav Hirsch Crganization ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 8 CONTRACTORS Columbus, Ohio BEAUTY sHoP SERVICE Findlay Typewriter Skillful - - Dz'stz'nCIz'L'e Exchange All Makes Sold H Rented, Repaireli P ll5TCourtAT3'lacc 208 First National Bank Building FINDLAY, QHIQ WHITNEY PAPER COMPANY EINDLAY, oH1o Distributors WRAPPING PAPER - PAPER PRODUCTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES - TWINE ll6 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 1580 Rays Bakery 307-321 North Main St. Phone 113 STEEN SL FISH R00fiUg, Heating and Sheet Metal 5 6 l 2: 1 WL' H 219 North Main Street PHONE 1356 Bruce B. Bryan BEST WISHES Builders' Supplies Great Lakes Sugar Co. and Cement Products It i b Findlay 409-ll W. Maln Cross Street l . Phone 257 D1SlL1'1Ct KlRK'S PANCAKE FLOUR HA F .r ' Flash" H My Use the Dependable I S' in NEW PROCESS and SNOWBALL FLOUR PGS H7 0 - m F . l The Kirk Milling Company Established' 1870 Meet Me-WHERE? RMS H50 I N T Dancing School 1 i Hancock Brick and Tile Co. VITRIFIED UNGLAZED TILE EXTRA QUALITY FINDLAY, OHIO iso H PHoNE H 780 Compliments of Na So Q The Insulating CO. Wise and Farquai' Furnaces FINDLAY' OHIO Lennox Air Conditioning HOXE11 4 XX A b Icr A bcstos Ro f B tt B ded Roof PHONE 1 01 NORTH VIAIN ST Barnhart iliunerzll E-Innw Findlay's Oldest Establishment P 'Vl BARNHART C. O. SMITHSON, W P 185 The Findlay Publishing Company PUBLISHERS THE 3RepuhItran:QlZuurier Beistle 6' McClelland PERRY MILES F I NE Y , S FUNERAL FURNITURE HQME HOME 728 South Main Street Phone Main 1600 HANDLEY PLUMBING CO. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTING ENGINEERS -V46 PARSONS AVE., COLUMBUS. OHIO EVcrgrecn 5611 Call Mueller DR. Rolf scHooNovER . . VETERINARIAN Plumblng - - Heatmg . . Phone 423 Tmnlng 210 E SANDUSKY STREET 407 XX EST MAIN CROSS STRI PT FINDLAY' OHIO Lawrence HOSIGI- ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE . , . .S UU . . . INSURANCE and Spencerfatterson BOND S Agency i ii -Wu 222IgI5gEfXhYs!g3lIrEOStrCCt First National Bank Building Phone lIfl'l1l.l7 410 PHONE 983 Thomas D. McLaughlin and Associates JJ' uwniwff. The Page Dairy Phone Main 1057 Findlay, Ohio Alilk' - Cream - Buffer - I F6 Crefzm HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK COTTAGE CHEESE CO,,,p,,I,,,mtS May We fill your Corsage and other Flower Orders S. SL Drug StOI'C Q X Opposite Court House Q A5 -0- Qrewzfzozfse GEORGE T. STR1NorELLoxx 404 Second Street T6 Swggfg Sbopfg Black Sl Warner First MENS CLOTHING Last and and "f ADAMS HATS Ice Cream, Cand1es and Lunch Corner Front and Main Sts. COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES zo the Class of 19413 T H E Trout SL jackson Company 'fooon FURNITURE SINCE 1886" Shontlemire SL Son Plumbing, Steam, Water and Gas Fitting 1 1 101 South Main Strcct PINDLAY, OHIO The Dorothy Shop HOSIERY, LINGERIE, HANDKERCHIEFS HARRIS THEATRE BUILDING DOROTHY M. GROVE 'I'IEI.EPHONIE ooxv Ray 415 F001-S UNITED CIGAR um! Agency STEAKS AND CHOPS HOME-MADE P1135 GOOD COFFEE We Serve the Best 221 South Main Street FINDLAY, OHIO FOUNTAIN SERVICE OAK PHARMACY 218 South Main Street IIINDLAY. OHIO Palm Steak House QUALITY Foons Drest-Rite Poultry Phone 1181-J AND BEVERACES D. A. is O. E. BASINOER I I if FII C ' N 1 C ' d 320 West Main Cross St. Ornsleekirtgvesgl an FINDLAY, OHIO LOW PRICE FILLING STATION 100 CRYSTAL AVENUE i 1? Malay Prochteits f All Pair Prices MOTOR and GENERATOR Rewinding and Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED The Northwestern Mutual Lite Insurenegmmpeny ' ROBERT K. DAVIS RICHARD K. DAVIS CO. Dzstrfff Agent Soliczling Agent 417 West Main Cross Street 212 Ewing Building FINDLAW' OHIO EINDLAY, OHIO R R SHEELY Ph M 76,1 Phone 558 Compliments Compliments Of of F N E John M. Henderson Recreation RFUEL Bowling Alleys "THE BEST IN BOWLING" If You Want Both-QUALITY AND SERVICE Try - - KROGER'S 1Ve Own and Operate Our Cleaning PI I WE STRIVE TO PLEASE Rug Cleaning Ieoeee IRWJLEANERS 131 W. Mann Cross St. Phone 31 FREE DELIVERY FINDLAY, OzIIo Home of - - Home-Killed Meats and Home-Made Meat Products i i DYSINGER MEATS Compliments Of W. C. KWIS OROCERY Wleen YOU Crave GOOD COFFEE ASR FOR nal!!-7Mll11 COFFEE Roasted Fresh DAILY in Findlay ASK YOUR GROCER - s-E-N-1-o-R-s - YOUR RINGS AND INVITATIONS Furnished HERPFJSNES oo. C' Teffrfzbie fmmz' " Canned Vegetables AT YOUR GROCER i I Distributed By The A. E. Dorsey Co. Phone Main 171 Established 1897 The Tarbox-1V1cCa11 Stone Company CRUSHED STONE and STONE SAND Prompt Delivery - - - Courteous Service 852 WESTERN AVENUE FINDLAY, OHIO with BEST WISHES Crawford Finance of L-O-A-N-S For Any Worthy Purpose The FINDLAY -G+, W Courteous. Conf: dentzal Service CARPET STORE W'- 334 South Main Phone 32 P. C. VAN VOORHIS. Mgr. ALTERIEBECESESIORK Gail Cyassmcm Shop KNOX HATS-35.00 - - 515.00 other Hats-31.95 - - 38.75 u Hats Remodeled DTKJIYHQRINCQ if 1 115 Vwlest Crawford Street Ph. 1129 Eva Hummon 108 W. Front Compliments Of E ' ' , , 4 Doors South of Harris Theatre PHONE 328 "Flowers of DI--SIIUDCTI-OU for Every Occasior Compliments of INSURANCE and BONDS Warfel gl Son Anywhere DIAMONDS - - WATCHES and Eofl lnsurcmce Agency JEWELRY First National Bank Building FINDLAY, 01410 FINDLAY, OHIO 122 Findlay School Children receive their education each year from School Taxes paid by our company. The Electric Bill at your home buys not only comfort and convenience and good LIGHT .... but, it helps make this a bet- ter community for our boys and girls. ,we Friegi-Q' People, Y KQEEQL om LET a PowER COMPANYQ FINDLA IS THE CITY OF CHEAP ELECTR C SANfAfPURE DAIRY PHONE 613 7 WATCHES - DIAMONDS QQSC S SILVERWARE "Jewelers Since 1885" CON FECTIONERY PERFEETIP GIFTS NEWS 1 1 LUNSCOP1?IgSii3ONHO!:IiDIES G, R, Thgmpggn 61 SGH 501 South Main Street 608 South Main-2nd door South of Harris Compliments Of P A T O N I Z E Phoemx Hotel OUR Jon N. SCHAEFER, owner A D V E R T I S E R S To Be Success ul . . . and independent, you must learn to save. YOU SAVE WHEN YOU BUY AT PENNEY,S 1. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Inc. HIT - - Complzfnents Of TO DRESS SMARTLYH 'H 'he SHOE REPAIR NEW BUSTUN STURE 5321232 HE NATIONAL LIME sr STONE Ce. FINDLAY, OHIO CRUSHED STONE FOR ALL PURPOSES Agricultural Lime Finishing Lime Masons Lime Ready-Mix Concrete When Buying LUMBER . . BESS S H R E JE Remember this Advertisement FEMININE LETS ASK APPAREL The PARKER Lumber is i Company 971 S fb V1 St t 16 XV. Crawford Strcct Pl Main 42 IX: E PAINT Lynn A. Lyon Co X Ass ,, . . , , IQ lx' QL FTIZQICZGITQ ' WALLPAPER Refrigerators and Ranges Maytag Washers FIN D L A Y i i Q CG. 622 South Main Ph CoMPL1MENTs 7 of Kanol s Electric Co. G'2LI52'jgN F L C k Compliments Of .NASI-Q SALISZO and sERV1oE MARKETS 20' NVcst Crawford Street PHONE 61 l -W HOME-KILLED MEATS Home-Made Lunch Meats Phone 3100 Pwhaniye Um fqclamifbimfi 'xfkxxx X N X .X X X . iw x V - ' xi - x Go as Far as You Like on GE? Cooper Safety-Grip TIRES Q X K 3 iii . Ni W ' o ' A ' B 5. . i H iii Lu fi ui i I -fi i ,ii 1 4 vi i an . 2 N ul fl' : J Q M ff + -1- . X ' T T f" N gl! ,I 11' 'f fy j if 1,61 I - ! ' ,f 1 X lf , ,f .E - Q0 X f f COOPER CCRPORATION Join the Swing to C QNQX Gaopyn -Sufi'-fqhe ii l il ' ,J For Friendly. Efficient Service CALL MAIN 5 CCOPER SERVICE AAF' 'MP' rvwm w S5 Qzwiisgwwwrda 3 gig ,fe ,J R M 3 1,1,l. 'A i f .3555 X f Xa Kim , I I T H E TUfHef'CfOSby Comphnmems of SHOE COMPANY I H A R For GOOD Shoes A. I. FENSTERXIAKER, NIanager We F,-, your pm Fm , , THE Home ov FINE ENTERTAINMENT Then Check by X-Ray" Compliments Of Da id Kirk Sous O . IVHOLESALE QROOERS DISTRIBUTORS of- CLO ER FARM FOOD I he XX'orld's Famous Pmdlay s Kimball Pianos Song Shop Twiningfs Music Store and Studios 209 South Main Street IIINDLAY, OHIO Phones 215-M and 104-1- Lcssons Civcn on ALL IVIUSICAL INSTRUNIKNTS Ret'-Jrt1'z'ngs Iwadu Export Piano Tuning I:NAI'I5RTAINKIIfNT FOR ALL OCCASIONS CITY MARKETS EVERYTHING FOR THE TABLE IF ITS GOOD FOOD - - WE HAVE IT Compliments Of Hancock County Automobile Dealers Association l4..... COLLINGWOOD MOTOR SALES MCCULLOUGH MOTOR SALES H. J. HARRINGTON AUTO SALES COMPANY SCOTT K. WOODS LAUB SALES COMPANY LOUIS J. FENBERG DUFFIELD MOTOR COMPANY GRIMM - CURL FINDLAY MOTOR SALES H. C. STRUBLE W. E. ELLIS Tfafz fo Affend FINDLAY CCDLLEGE o - iofc ce QCA C, Woziiifiwgs We weffowe In 011 K1sTLER's La SANDWICH SHOP 227 South Main PRINIQSHOP JOB PRINTING 625 South Main Struct FINDLAY, OHIO Shop at .... Q 7 FOR THE SMARTEST CLOTHES FOR LADIES AND THEIR DAUGHTERS Students Name Cards. qincaufl LOngvS Bakery Party Bids, Programs, Tickers, Coat Cards, Bread - - Rolls - - Pastries Personal Stationery, 1+- Wedding Invitations. There is ll Difference - - the Taste Tell SHCI IADHOUTICCYTICIIIS DOERTY PRINTERY 114 E. SANDUSKY STREET l,1 2'5I South Main Strcct IINDIJ-XY, OHIO PHQNE 16 3 8 QUALITY HAMBURG QUANTITY SANDWICH Broadway Sandwich Shop 223 BROADWAX' KESSEL'S IINDI AY. OHIO ,Lf IVQ carry the most complerv line of Ladies' and Misses' Coats - - Dresses morfw, OHIO IN THis CITY AT PoPL'i,AR PRICES F. L. MCKIRNAN JEWELER i I ll6 West Crawford Street IIINDLAY, CHIO Space Donated by A. G. SL R. E. Fuller Attorneys - 1-lt - Law Weelende Greenhouse Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Corsages of All Kinds l38-42 Larkins Street PHONE 369 Bair Electric Generators - Starting Motors Ignition, Radios and Magneto Service PHONE 388 l29 W. Main Cross St. Findlay. Obi ALTIVIEYEFQ 1. 1. Newberry Co ' N 5, 10 and 25 Cent Store ELKS' GRILL FINDLAY, OHIO, NO. 75 . ll ,pgef IMPROVED Y I, 'L 1 MARAT QN GASCLINE MCTOR 0lLS Your MARATHUN Dealer Serves You Best The ehnio Gil Co TRY GUR FROSTED MALTEDS DIETSCH BRQS. Home-Made CANDIES ICE CREAM 7 T O nlrrfHfE?TH?fWEHH un Z I E R Q L F 7 S 44 The C!0f!7F5 111611 Like" 4 1 A I I r Vestments for Choir and Pulpit The C. E. Ward Company NEW LONDON, OHIO GRADUATION CAPS and GOWNS, BAND UNIFORMS, GOWNS for SCHOOL CHOIRS and GLEE CLUBS Wrfffl Findlay Hobby shop Grove Market Model Planes - Trains M E A T Boats - Wood Novelties and G R 0 C E R I E S 106 East Sandusky Street i 35 FINDLAW' OHIO zoo LIMA AVE. MAIN 560 OFFICE SUPPLIES SOCIAL STATIONERY GREETING CARDS BLANK BOOKS Books The Findlay Printing Sc Supply Company Golfpleie Trmfmg Service 406 SOUTH MAIN STREET PINDLAY, OHIO Office Furniture Phone Main 188 ,Kumi lVe Appreciate Your Patronag CO"7pI"'m'7'S A A DILLER l'lHI'lCOCk SHX7lI1gS 81 Loan Furniture Company i 1 McComb and South Main at Sandusky Findlay, Ohio Eat Fresh Fruits a n d Vegetables For Your l-lealtlfs Sake BEST VALUES PATRONIZE in LADIES WEAR O U R G, n in 11 ADVERTISERS i l Corner Crawford and Main Come to MEDLOCK, Jeweler , -eff efwfwi 5 Shoppe Bulova and Elgin Watches CLOCKS D SILVERWARE The lVhole Towns Talking About IAMONDS A L L E N ' s N C j Coats and Dresses "vilAT'Cl-IMAKER IJHQNE 473 81' JEWELESF3 V Y V '.5fH55,.'1QLNmo ' NEXT TO FIRST NATIONAL BANIX The AXETNIX I,llfE, with over 4 lmillion of Life QSURANCQ ... . - ' .. , . ' , ., .' , ce OO liisuiante in toite, means soliclity . . . setuiity . . . '5 maturity. 'Q C- ROBERT C. DAVENPORT OUN XL, ' 1 ' . DED Loral Lnderurmr Sy,-,7bO1OfSeCUfl'fy 307 Ewing Building ' Findlay, Ohio Telephone 4-ll AETNA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HARTFORD CONNECTICUT Life, Accident, Health Insurance, Annuities S -'?:'f'!f FINDLAY TRAVEL BUREAU THE EINDLAY TRAVEL BUREAU, of Findlay. Ohio. does not sell travel as if il were merchandise: hut rather considers its business J profession rendering service and advice. .ind for this service and advice you. ns the client. pay not J thing. For compensation all we wish is the privilege of looking after your reser- vations and tickets. VW represent all companies and all trips impartially. NVQ are informed and able to service you on any trip you may see advertised. Your Trzivel -Xgent-VV. E. ROSE Srerlmship and Tourist AgentfAlI Lines NYC PASSENGER STATION Phone Ma. 297 Res. Phone Ma. l780-W FARM LIFE has all its foriner eliarm. hut science has reniwwed its tlriiclgery. You erm purehzise a farm of us with zi small clown payment :mtl on easy terms. Call or lVrz'te MILE! 8 IQUDULDH FINDLAY. OHIO 23073 South Main St. Phone Main 183 "Tasty Tatersn POTATO CHIPS 1,1 Phone 291 20012 Lima Avenue Compliments Of "Womans Friend Washers" and "Findlay Stokersn The BLUE F TON MFG. CO. PINDLAY, OHIO C. W. Patterson SL Son DRY GOODS C. W. PATTERSON A. D. PATTERSON li H S. 1873 E H. 5. 100m CE TRAL DRUG sToRE THE REXALL STORE Bare Your Headf But first get L1- ZOTOS PERMANENT and be assured of Deep, Lasting Beauty ot Your Wax'e. 310.00 Jamal Permanent-36.50 MAR G UERI TE 'S BEAUTY SHOP 300 Ewing Building Main 346-J J. C. Hochstettler SL Sons GRAIN, CGAL, FEED u n cl SUPPLIES Findlay Wharton "So depart that daily thou mayest become more useful to thy country and mankind." '7fne Rice Sllucfia Portraits Since 1907 620 S. Main St. THE Buckeye Traction Ditcher COMPANY Findlay, Ohio X:-255. ifx Ks .FV ' . N yin N AND OLLIER RGKINH x 4 X J QA 4-rv: x Q: ' ' If ..v, fir' ' ' 4 .gg 'iq' E131 s 1, 'Y- L X tw V fliixiiiiz I lf t. Y N v xx X Ni ilwyt, i i'i,f I Repealed acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the John 8. Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significonce with each succeeding year. V 9 I 2 '2' Alf ,h 1 S. ' I' 'it' J L w ll -A 'r Af i .H 'L KI '-W H1-H -I My I llq. 'N a I 51 X EEGITHHHRWHKANTMHIQJ514Ezlfiififfl1LllE?iZ."'Sff5!d'J1SlZ'SISiP',.'fF?'f''"'5f!?" Q?ii-C'-"-:iiE1'1':'3R'Eu-'wif--'dlffr-EV' Z-,....'i.R 5-JI fff"V'1-..-'xW-5'-U' 53:31 Rfk "'u"'5NSi.1,'li" :-'?'r"T: 4' .f71'EL.-'I' f"',.i 1" ,' :"Ei '1' " - T115 '- F' . . - . - 1 .P ':- 'Q' +- . f V,,-VW, Awww , wifi' f I ZW X 4 . 1 ' f 775,412 , . wiagfaegfu 1ssffmgzEz.2Z' f . f?:e?'s??z2?i??12 2 m,V,,.+ ,W- ,. "ff" iff" ' 'Q M335-W , 12:2-ws. ,. try. , ,.,.. , ,w.R,.,. X A xxx X uw ,Q -N ,. x-+-www 'fRiQ?N3v Q , X NSS-Q wx x V ,amf BOARD OF EDUCATION E. W. MCCALL E. E. RAKESTRAW F. B. FIRMIN President Vice-President Clerk S. I. ULLERY W. S. FINTON D. D. DUKES 5 " 2,23 5 ' ' . ,gf MR. F. L. KINLEY Superintendent of Schools B. Sc. Heidelberq M. A. Ohio State University MAXINE HOWARD MILDRED FARNER MR. G. R. CONSTIEN Principal A. B. Ohio Wesleyan M. Sc. Ohio State University PHYLLIS RUSH LENA KIEFER A. L. MATTOON Dean of Girls, Health Dean oi Boys, Debate Coach Western Reserve-A. B, American History, American ohio State--M. A. Govemmenf Oiterbein-A, B. Ohio State University- THE DEANS - frefzffof' you yefferday - 'here you come today - YE n J t W. SANDERSON ALICE NELSCDN E. R. SHISLER Supervisor of Vocal Music Art Supervisor Supervisor of Band and Nebraska Wesleyan-A. B. U. of Wisconsin-A. B. H1SffUmeHff11MUSiC Northwestern-B. M. E. Superior Teachers College Cornell Chicago Art Institute Northwestern-M. Music Ed Dana Inst.-B. Mus. Resigned-October, 1939 ESTHER MARCH L. C. KELLER Supervisor of Physical Edu' Supervisor of Physical Edu- cation-Girls cation-Boys Bowling Green University- Oberlin College-A. B. B. S. Columbia University-M. A. G. A. KUHNS Band, Instrumental Music Ohio Wesleyan-A. B. University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Institute of Technology WW Mbww rg 5 5 M 5 fl ,ff if f ,c 31 I' Q! I A MX 5 i 1 C. F. BUHKHAHT Physics Eluliton College-A. B. Ohio State University GLENDORA MILLS Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry Ohio State University- M. A. I. B. HARTMAN Plane Geometry, General Mathematics Ohio State University'- E. Sc. folumltiia University - M. A, HELEN IOHNSTON Spanish, English Ohio State University- E. S, in Ed. University of Vtlisconsin- M. A. University ot Puerto Rico I. H. LAWRENCE Ooordinate Shop, Azitomo' tive Mathematics Ohio State University Findlay College University of Toledo RUTH SWITZEH English Findlay College-A. 3. Columbia University- Jl. A, , ,n ffl, . ,if ,J 141 W. E. HALL English, Dramatics, Speech Purdue University-B. S., wr 1- LVA. Q. ROSA HUDNELL Shorthand, Typing, Office Training Vxlilniington--B. S. Ed. Bliss College F. A. SHULL Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic Office Training School- E. Sc., B. C. S, LORA WIEST Latin Ohio State University- - E. S. Columbia-M. A. F. BRANDENBERGER French, English Capital University-B. A. Ohio State University- M. A. RUTH B. KUENZLI English Oberlin College-A. B, Columbia University- M. A. .1v.Vvv--'-- - - 't'V'. D. HUMPHREY American History Lafayette, --B. S. Okerlin-M. A. IEAN PFAU English Miami University--E. S. G. H. PRACK Commercial Law, Econcftiic Geography, Salesmazsngs Muskingum-A. B. Ohio State Universityi M. A. 'WILMA BENNETT Librarian Butler University-A. ES. ltVestern Reserve U.-W B. S. in L. S. TN. C. WILSON Football, Basketball, Wcffi History, Commercial La' ' American History Muskingum --A. B. Ohio State University! M. A. EDRIE THOMAS Home Economics, House- hold Science Ohio State University-- B. S. P, S. HOCHSTETTLER ,irericari History arm .9c'.'errrr.'.errl Eyirtin filfge A .. K ,, ,Lil state ..r"tiJ si 1 w' V t... li. G. WV. LEE E.ctcQ1.' lffiifleil.-Erfz E. Pr.. 'Epic fiat 'f:ri'.'fzsi C. C. BACHMAN Egw:eii:ai,, Fcrctlbafl, frfiustrzai Arts E-pt-fling Green Ur'rrversir',r 'YET '-"l,',1:T3:1ia University' D. D. LAWRENCE Chemistry Green Universitg 13.5. Ohio State University University ci Cclfiradz Czlurnzia University f Lf. A. PEARL MORAN Eriqlisli, ,lczirrialisrrr Crue State University-- E. 1 Cziuniiia University C. H. HAVEREIELD Eocizlreepiriq Cffice Trairtino Sch" I F' Q 'Q' Q -, C. L., -r. L-. ESTELLA ANSTAETT Home Economics Miami University-B. S. Columbia University-- M. A. R. W. STEWART Machine Science, Machine Mathematics and Shop U. of Toledo Findlay College K. K. PORTER Automotive Theory and Shop University of Toledo Dykes Automotive American Technical Hankins Electrical MAE FASSETT Shorthand, Typing, Oftice Training Graduated Greqq School, Chicago Ohio State University--V B. S. Ed. New York University - M. A. A. L. MATTOON American History Dean of Boys, Debate Coach Otterbeinfli.. B. Ohio State Universityi M. A. LENA KIEFER Dean of Girls, Health Western Reserve--A. B. Ohio State Universityi M. A. Seniors 1940 President, A. ROONEY SENIOR OFFICERS Secretary, R. GODWIN Vice-President, H. WILSON CLASS SPONSORS FRED BRANDENBERGER HELEN IOHNSTON ,rzfffawfh VV. Abbott A - I. Alexander D A ' ,.-Q E. I. Allen gm f l , A , L. Alspach R. Altman M. R. Altman N, Ammons B. Armacost M. Auqenstein N. Ault I. Baker M. I. Baker t 'T'1 Mg.. 'i f K :X Egg giii 'W I HI? 1 4, -iv X .4 1: ... M J , - ---Q-- . A N 4' X 'x xx S X Ng? Q X C. Bartch M. Bauqliman W C. Bayse , H. Be-ery -. .x SE.It .A....ZQ.T .. W, B911 N15 R. B lt e Z A - I. Bennington V4 ,Q ,F 63- 'S 'fp I. Bennett I U an I if I ,.,...-.i. . jg, l ' nt 'Ill Wt l A 'l t, "5 tri Q mf' ,fNf5Q1v .N 1 " ' Lift? I X ,gx 1 X "Nw 9 I ' .f N. .f A- x ',, . fkx Q, I-,X X I .XX Its- f "W , .xluxlx xx Xxll ry X A I L 'X lx WI A- 'QL ll J.. 5. Bilzler f'. B' kler .6 8 D .Q L rn f g . C. Blackford , i i " ' .X . 3 '. ' 'SL 1 f -L fr. ':x'f',v' ' lx Q D. Bmwers A. Brandelserry D. Brenne-man I. Brondes B. Brown lvl. Bryant G. Burlington E. Burk K. Burlingame N. Burnham E. Bushonq E. Carpenter B. Carpenter M. Chapman H. Child M. I. Child -ll I M. I. Clappfar .1 K N1 xi' X. Av w ,Y fqwh Y L'Q . ' X .M C5fl?l'Q:? n f QYgg.'if' Q gkw ,F xx X N H 'ix , . X x , Xhpfa- ei 'V . XX X X X K '. K X., -lr A 4 f...k7- lar . P. Cline T. Concannon -U Ccrmors lf il' Q i P focper M. Cope Croy M. Crumrine Ieuqherty Q, Davies A. Doyle Day l. DeVVitt E. Dressell P, Ehrick W. Ell E. Dunn H. Eckert inwood Ellis I. Emery X .34 Mr, , WMM -2' ,SA-new .25 . Q KN iyiimx fl fly Af' 'HR QA- f ff flxu K S 'TANK yw ,lifqadl X 1' J X J ugh llfwf, ' N . l . r, l :Ll l 1 X 'Y' ll f- . ,X l , X , I ' ' ly I hs'-Lin.3 .. , ...-... x- -, ,Lf ,Q lv 1 M, w 42 I 3 l -- 5 -f . Ag:-7' -. il gg, 2. mii., ' ,fx -'X X 'X N' X x 1 5 4' , X 3 N 4. x 1' Mx as N X fx sb , .x x X 49 xx 8 5 N A Y J . 'AU K.-mm.. . A C , r4V'. ef it 1' vs, . . L.. , ,:,:,,..s ,V w Vg.. sf....-.pzwa m. , R. English F. Ernest 3 b I. Ernsber-get uf. F. Faber .Y V. Faqan A' M. Fassett I vw B. Fellers X D. Fell-ers -,.g-.,.,g:P' QT ' an 3, R if ff ...f . X , ,X H. Fischer F. Pike- I. Flowers G. Ford M. Furrow H. Garlinqer M. Gassman C. Ge-:age F. Glassco R. GIQSSCD R. Godwin I. Goniyif A , fgflxj ' 'NJ 1 ,f K , QQ ' X! 1824. xfff X Eiffkg, , X 4? wh YPW Wi' Y iff Nw Hg X, Q. mmf E253 1 TQ V1 W'M 'U P. Graf E. Granl H. Green D. Grener . Groves T. Grubb L. Hagerman .z. T. Haley ' 1:" .4 :z-.- .: - a.21.- N' ie' B. Hallowell D. Harnrn A. Hanna E. I. Hardy I. Hartman R. Hartman 4 f. iz J A. fl Q, . N. .Q In '- -.-.11 5 f ,K J ' ' I Q V in Q 63' ..V, D. l-leers H. He-rninqer E. Heftel R. He-ss M. Hoch l. Hcirchstelller -'Rl ir 'Ur li 4 lfgiglllx' lfgl all lp? I xiX..', U' 'W lf ll G Kp ll ,xl . l X 1 if lk f 5 li + -'Q ,af 4 ,.....- lf Ji A X A C' HANIIJIOND, G. HARPER, AT END OF SENIOR SECT 1 I "-'R' zzchstettlet II. A . 10 .HQ L. Hash? .,.lJ.,. F. Hun D, Is.. FH YQ r1.3 10111151 1:1 M. IUITIIZE-f I. E-lar 1 v ell-ey H. Kelley I. Kempher I. lurk 3 YESS91' M. Huck I. Larkins F-.. La'.Va r flllx Iv , We f ,X , , fx W' Y I .-rf: :PW 'ffy kx 2 mx fl' J f X . XX 'f x . .NULK J :fix V- J 1 fx Ti he fx fig ' Q-' ul :iff D. Lehman A. Lentz M. I. Lonsway R. Loveridqe D, Mason I-I. M. Maihias M. McCall E. MCCIQ-ary McC1eary M. Mcifleary M. McClure K. McCoy I. McDonald R. McDonald C. McKee R. Mclielvey R. Mierly I. Mile-5 S. I. Miles C. I. Miller 'ff 7-77CW'dy Hfiuifwmivf L9 7wM'fU1"+' f WNW WM PNK Pd??i19.z I . . 1 XXXSS gh .ff ffw- foywfffjj - , K QT.-" ff' ' -' Lf' fr .x X 'A . bf' 'K ff EN, - -,jx 3 k ,- J , X12 Y. , .Y , ,, Y' Q N521-wg 5 1. 'T ,213 ., . 1' , ' 'vi' 'X fifwflkf .XX r ali? ,,,QLJ""' ni uk -T, .23 'Sf '- W ' 1 L. dh """'Km, an 1'A' 14 U -r V S I 4 sw-F I, fi .wiF?f f' ' ' I' - QVAI .. . M . . Q N X. W xTq i is '-uf. Miller M. Newcomer M. Miller in M. E. Millhouse N. Moomey S. E. Moorhead K iv M. Moran -3 B. Morqan M. Moses P I D. Murphy 5' I V V B. Musson .45 ,Q 49 -A it - Y L. Needles :ig ' - - M. Neeley " ' R. Niemarm F. Norton H. Norton L. Oman M. L, Omdorff M, Orwiq V V -4 U L. Palmer Y V ' -H P . l 1 I ' I fr " 5 N I ,, e 5" " -"iT7"..i"':g 3 ,1gf,uw','j. ' v' 'fit my H gs .Ad H . ,f fy " K' V 5 . .4 J.. I wfw USR 'Tk iff Lat' A 1f,. . if-T51 ,N W N U' uf' ..1WW5ig5, 4sQ 5 ligixmislmff N bf T-fe U fi .fs js! - 1 uuuQ,L-f 3, A F. Peterman D. Peterson H. Philips l, Pine To ,-F, i.. . .,. Powell Psi, E. Powell O. Pratt 1 : ressnell v-, Fi. Price V. Reber P. Redick J. IIIIECK Rineboli .-3., Robbins A. Hollins I. Rollins A. Rooney G. Rudolph A. Russell X XX b vxsll, ,,.w, X ff W V ,',, 41' QQ X --Q, x X f , - Y 1 -,Rx l l 3, ,L Sf an 1 ' "-' fl ' I I X livf , M,-' s ..s, FJ.- 22 : A, J . X' J-. EW- ff" 5X . I x i , tag, f lfx x xx -. - K 1 Y 1' N flfl J 1 L c nf ui Fi' l fxxkigfcxk A L - x if xli xx E 3,7 X 1' l lffff WK l X, f V, f , . l- Lb- ix A Lf' ig i H L H. X LM X. I Fl fi 4 -on ' w-'T l. 1A l .fi 2 A. Sadler -3 - L. Sapienza ' H. Sarkiss Q H. Schey . Schuck P, Schweinlurth 1 E. Se-quine 1 A F. Shackleton V. Shaffer I. Sheffstall R. Shelley b ,km ,, D .V "' I. Sheppard T Vx X 2 N N. Shire-man , , j D. Shontlemire ' t f' 13 ' - T, Shull , , , , R - , 1 t Q L 1 L 'iii Q 'Z , . Fw 4 W Nfl 'ff ' QQ.. W. Siferd 2 lq ' X: D. Sims ,3 B. Smith I LE: I ' ' " A. Snyder X, Qijxi-3 ,Ni 'Ezf' ll" xg efif , df f ,f , p'?TA lf- 'Q 71 A fx '75 gf ...EJ QAM I . X X Q xl' elif g . A .gm Fai JI' L X xx , Yeileify B. Shank y M. Solomon R. Sonnelt D. Sorenson I. Spitler I. Sierner M. L. Stettle-r R. Stimrnel W. Stone R. Strathman D. Streebe- M. Struble P. Sunderman A. Swank B. Switzer M. Taylor O. Trackler N. Van Denburq D. Van Fleet R. Von Gunten D, Vanlue fm A -j I Ty Wop W 1 , X ,fx M f K j M ' ' ff D 7 23 Nu., .V.. . b -- , ' '- R .1 - , , Q. Q Q .. :Q . . . - -2.1 .-..,s2?" 5: X A 613' il ,252 ' 1 - , , Q 44. ,. . - - n M "o' 'Q 1 v M 1 no ij Z, ww. . If I, x . .a . . , . A - F, Van Voorhis K. Waaland Q B, I. Ward 5 I. Werl-tlxels r - ' 'Q Z-3, B. White l. Williamson 2 . 8 ' V I PI. Wilson Q 'W , R. Windle MSRP I "E l H' W fuffsdq 'K' fi'i'?'gf.QQ ,-4 mv H. Wineland I P. Winle-rrowcl va Z Q, I. Q El Wise ..V ff J. wise R. Wohlqamuth L. Wood N. Woodward R. Yates ll' R. E, Young R. Yoxlheimer B. Zaenqlein K. Hammond G. Harper v VG C gif? N I ,rf X 6 '1 H 14 X K KI, ,T U 5355 1 ,, M? My ,f -5 ' ll J 1 xii! 'fx-, 'Q-SSX v , Q l ,, E On, os I y1f9 'ire ' . A -5 ,V So utrfafs nfl ,W ff lll- , fllyll W GQX l WV A5533 o 1111 Hiemnrmm IAMES ALLOYSIUS MATHIAS 1922 1940 ROBERT WENDELL GLASSCO 1922 1940 o 0- X irxist f X if kfg XE' Undergraduates '41, '42 UNDERCLASS OFFICERS E. REISSIG R. MOREHART R. IACKSON R. WOLFE R. DOWNING 41 Vice-President '41 President '42 Vice-President '42 President '42 Secretary JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS I. B. HARTMAN RUTH KUENZLI BOOM 206 First Row-G. Bibler, L Arras, E. Beeqle, Y.Arnolcl I. A. Athey, M. R. Arnold, R. Baird, D. Bright, H Abbott. Second Row-R. Baker W. Brewer, I, Bish, A Betts, B. Abbott, M. Als pach, G. Alqe, I. Bish, B Bishop, R. Brewer, D Bright. Third Row-I. Beeqle, R Arnold, C. Eenninqion, E Backey, I. Below, T. Bauqh- man, D. Blackford. ROOM 105 First Row-N. Fischer, F Evans, M. Dindall, G. Esckil- sen, C. Dyer, I. Feller, M Enqard. Second Row-O. Fellers B. Ex, I. Dunn, N. Dukes, R. Felters, H. Folk, C. Eck- ert, P. Foor, H. Faber, H Feller, G. Fisher. Third Row- I. Edelman I. Esch, R. Galliqher, M Frye, R. Dycus, R. Feni- more, G, Fornes, V. Fagan M. Foltz, C. Ernesi. ROOM 7 First Row-E. Wyer, E Thomas, E. Varner, D Watts, I... B. Tinsman, M K. Varner, T. Vossler, C Turner, M. Wilch. Second Row-R. Young R. Waaland, B. Walter, I-I I. Thomas, I. Warner, R Trumpy, I. Warner, L Wiqqins, R. Wolfrom. Third Row-I. Van Sant R. Wehrle, K. Waaland, D Wohlqamuih, R. Trask, C Urschalitz, S. Williams, N Waaland. 1 ROOM 6 First How-C. Holden, R. Gardner, H. Hards, S. Ghaster, E. Hanna, T. Hieqel, B. Heckman, D. Hards, M. Gruber. Second Row-L. Hazel- ton, C. Green, R. Hill, G. Harris, E. Hershey, E. Hartman, B. A. Glenn, N. Gohrecht, R. Gartner, K. Hartman. Third How --'- D. Garlow, M. Gohlke, C. Gault, E. M. Goudy, D. Hildebrand, E. Hanna, I. Herrington,L. Hartman, D. Gray. ROOM 209 First Rowew. Dickey, I. Crawfis, D. Loveridqe, M. K. Davis, R. Burnham, M. Brunner, I. Brucklacher, I. Decker, G. Burrell. Second Row-E. Chate- lain, I. Copeland, E. De- Puy, M. Chatelain, H. Denman, M. Custer, I. Dantico, M. Cunningham, E. Cunninqham, D. Croy, R. Crittenden. Third Rowflf. Burrell, E. Cooper, C. Copley, I. Bushonq, B. Currie, H. Davis, R. Cramer, H.Click, T. I. Castor. ROOM 207 First Row-B. Sovern, R. Smith, I. Smith, E. Smith, I. Taylor, V. Stahl, H. Starr, M. Sink, R. Smith. Second Row 7 N. M. Swartz, E. Stump, P. Smith, S. Swisher P. Te-snow, N. I. Snyder, B. Siferd, H. Strawhridqe, R. Sessions, I. Tabla, I. I. Smith. Third Row--I. Stall, N. Sparks, M. Shively, A. Strouse, M. Shafer, D. Sink, W. Taylor, W. I. Scott, R. Stanfield, L. Sites, K.Staui- ter, C. Tesnow. ROOM 204 First Row fR. G. Shecld H. Poole, B. Rosencrans, C Roeder, M. Schwyn, R Rakestraw, R. Povenmire R. C. Shedd. Second Row-K. Scott W. Roberts, B. Rader, M Schwab, V. Rose, V Reese, R. Preston, M Sheldon, L. Routson, M Roberts, B. Shively. Third Row-C. Schooler M. E. Saller, M. I. Saller,I Price, E. Ramey, E. Reissiq B. Rhoad, N. Poynton, R Saul, R. Rabkin. ROOM 106 First Row-N. Lentz, B Keller, H. Launder, G Loach, N. Kempel, D. lllirt N. Laube, I. Kocher, M Lauwers. Second Row-R. Iulien E. Laulze, N. Light, H Iohnson, H. King, L. Iones A. Inman, M. Iackson, B Iaqua, R. Linehan, R. Long Third Row-B. Lovell, M I. Lonsway, F. Lonsway E. Leach, I. Iohrxs, W Hyma, B. Kemerly, I. Krout M. I. Lonq, I. Loach, A Lonq. Absentees-H. Kimmel D. Loveridqe, R. Knepper ROOM 104 First RowfI. Nieman, E Myers, M. Miller, T. May H. Oman, M. McCullough I. Mathias, R. Morgan. Second RowfV. Mosier I. Mathias, R. More-hart M. Miles, M. L. Nusser, D Martz, A. Peterman, l-l. I Moomey, B. Loy, R. Miller A. McClure. Third Row-F. Minutti M. L. McFarland, L. Overy G. Phillips, M. Orwiq, E Miller, I. Morehead, R lvlcNutt, S. I. Otley, B. L Miller, D. McCall. 1 ROOM 103 First Row-M. I. Smith, K Stolzer, E. Smith, B. Schey, H. Steegman, C. Sherwood, B. Scheib, I. Smithson, M. M. Smith, V. Smith. Second Row-I. Spence D. shun, B. smith, F. surf ton, P. Simmons, H. Solo- mon, D. Sink, U. Simmons M. A. Stringfellow, D Shank, M. Stimmel, E Shank. Third How-O. Sonnett F. Shull, D. Scheuer, N Smith, V. Shrider, I Stewart, F. Sorenson, R Shontlemire, R. Schiltz, M Swartz, K. Slack, D Schumacher, F.. Shafer. ROOM 112 First Row-G. Faber, lvl R. Frost, M. Fisher, R Flanagan, I. Dunn, H Giiaster, E. Ferguson E Frederick, L. Foster. Second Row 413. Evans B. Grossman, M. Farmer Ft. Fuller, M. I. Erret, M Fisher, A. Fleck, C. Eber sole, M. Frost. Third Row-P. Hakes,L Feller, R. Dunathan, C English, R. Foltz, M. Frid- dell, H. Friddell, Fi. Grove E. Frederick, M. Evans. ROOM 5 First Row-M. Cunning ham, I. Drais, I. Doxsey M. E. DeWeese, M. Doty D. Cain, C. Donahue, P Denhart, D. Christman. Second Row-D. Bushong M. Bryan, I. Caughman, N Doty, A. Doll, R. Clinger: man, B. Brown, Fr. Coward R. Crossman, W. Carman B. Burwell, V. Dela Hamaide. Third Fiow---R. Downing F. Clinger, M. Cameron, D Caughman, L. Buchanan, E Crane, I. Cunningham, Fr Cramer, F.. Davis, B. Cain r f ROOM 4 First RoweI. Long, 'VV' Love, B. Mayberry, I. Mc Bill, D. McDade, H. Kettle well, D. Karnerer, P. Kinq H. F. Marvin, B. Leader. Second Row-D. Lyon D. McGown, I. Iordan, M I. Kistler, W. Lather, V. Love, S. I. Mathew, M, L McDonald, B. Lea, I. Lons way, N. Iones, D. Lauck I. Manchester. Third Row-I. Lunn, B Kobe, H. L. Marvin, H Iones, A. May, G. Mc Donald, T. McE1liqott, R McKee, I. Karcher, K Linqer, B. I. Kirby. Absent-B. Kelley. ROOM 13 First RoweI. Bachman E. Bibler, R. Behm, I. All good, B. L. Beck, I. Baum lein, M. Arras, M. Blakley R. Ayers. Second HoweC. Barrell B. Bowers, I. Ammons, O Armacost, M. Adams, F Bartsch, H. Brinkman, P Bayer, B. Brooks, M. Bristol W. Bennett, B. Binqer. Third Row-H. Brink, V Bennett, A. Bish, T. Bor qelt, B. Baker, C. Baumunk M. Below, R. Bibler, H Bender, M. Bibler, H. Basye ROOM lll First RowAG. Holmes N. Heistand, R. Hills, P Hardwick, P. Haley, R Iackson, M. A. Heffner, B Helfrick, I. Hebebrancl. Second RowfI. Hutson M. C. Iohns, R. Hershey I. Hum, M. Hui, E. Hill, Bi Hulbert, I. Hoker, R. Iohnson, G. Hughes, D Harrison. Third Row-E. Hosler F. Hurt, R. Henery, W Hause, I. Hochstettler, B Hoker, I. Hardman, H. Hill ery. R. Hoyer, L. Heers D. Hover. '2 Q , v, 1 ROOM 9 First Row-E. Rice, C. Mohr, E. Predrnore, H. Rinebolt, C. Sapienza, M. Sapienza, M. B. Riley, B. Pitney, M. Saltzrnan, B. Moore. Second Row-I. Misa- more, N. Presion, K. Rose, H. Powell, B. I. Pool, K. Price, B. Rutledge, B. A. Moi-fiti, W. M i ller, C. Pruitt, R. Opperman, E. Niveson. Third Row-P. Miller, S. Quail, R, Russell, T. Robin- son, K. Ripley, L. Rada- bauqlfi, K. Parish, B. Russell, I. Pletcher, T. Rollins, I. Miller, M. Saum, B. I. Morrison. ROOM 211 First Row-B. Wittebori, M. A. Thiry, I. Woodward, C. Terwilliqer, I. Woods, M. Waltermire, I. Thomp- son, R. Wyatt, I. Yates, I. Wise, S. Williams. Second Row-C. Younq, M. Wilson, L. Williams, R. Swisher, K. Weisslinq, M. Trout, S. Wise, M. Van Atta, M. Waliers, D. Wil- liams, M. Williams, M. Voqlesonq, B. Tyner. Third How-R. Thompson, V. Wiqfield, I. Wilcox, I. Whyland, D. Ulrich, R. Wolfe, E. White, W. Wil- liams, W. Webber, I. Wer- ner, L. Wiitebort, V. Wells, B. Wilson. AT WURK , My 1 4 . NNE 1- , f X K., x A u 4U,,,.. ,, if Q.. Y if , ,N .4 -sk, ix N ,. xx .- Xwexlff NX QXN9. A M : . x ........- X 'ww JL N.: .. x N, 1 ".,-NJ., ' ', YL' f A ' 1 14' 3.-,c 1,-saf' -' afwiffgfgwfi fy i A1131 .. I 41, 4' 0 0 U . 1 0 O QL In l ,ff -- 8 u. V9 va: :SN5:1'l?Si:7 mv af , - Q' I g., -- , x 5-fkz- '12 M .,,.,,wap mv -, :x fr T-ec ?' E A ,A - :h':":.:-11:-T wx A A ,, w .,. ,-Q jpg Wh Q ,, my Qs? 6 4 3:5 in 1 u ' S ? 2 NN .v-X Nh , Nix . 'Q 1 , 4, n,y , 1-ix S 1. ,--1,1 k ,iff-Q:v:51A' . 2:-.. H' ' E r ' I 1 Y X m'm"' .i' s, 'Off' sn 520530 4 ' faflgflt I A .lm-. .fx N...-fm GRB' XX I -6' fi, .fb is C3fy13UdsL+2I4DN M: Sb. ,,H, -if -. :-,M x1.f .. nm. Q . - rv + ' 'lf 1 -. . 1 M309 -90100 . 'ilwu 4. ,H, ,Qaxfulogg 5 f f A 74!!aC M , lg ' 1 Al!!!l if 'W"'i'fR'-EE J! J W- X 0 . , wg'-PQ? ' .fp 'f 'lb .mu '3- i Q N F. 1 Q, ,wk gm I' .MC 2 I -sf g 4 2 Q "' E 9 . 4:32 IU E S5337 2 133 5 n T arm My JPm I Wg Z WW Dgesim xrglll X K 15 E517 L fvv,1,Q,,2Y5,iEL- ,V 3 'T' ff' N Y 1.4 f 4,3-4' ' --L 2-L4 gl, - w?'5 1 5 -V. usic Qfus, u.l'l +15 z Q, gm or wx 5J,5Qff'1I"Il.lli 'D 1. V. Q my , ..,,'5ik Q 'S lg Q1 U, , -F 'Fl t ts 1 ml . 6' V A A -I Q 6' " QW' 1 First Tenors I. Ammons I. Gompf B. Leader I. Srnithson A. Snyder D. Swisher C. Terwilliqer D. Van Fleet D. Wineland First Bass I. Beeqle I. Brucl-:lacher G. Butfinqton P. Concannon W. Dickey C. Ebersole C. English F. Hanna H. Hillery I. Manchester I. Price R. Smith I. Spitler First Soprano I. Alexander S. Cooper I. Ernsberqer S. Ghaster I. Herrington B. Hershey L. Hosler D, McCall A. Peterman M. E. Powell R. Price M. Schwyn A CAPPELLA CHOIR Director-WENDELL SANDERSON M. Sheldon Second Bass M. Stringfellow E' Backey Z4'VErgi I. Bushonq ' D. Cauqhman M' Wilch D. Daugherty H. Williamson A. Day I. Woods B, Dycus D. Hainrn First Alto I' Hardman W. Hyma B. Allen R' Smith B- Beck T. Vossler H. Beery C. Blackford D' Cain Second Soprano H. Denman M. Doty I. Davies E. Hanna M. E. DeWeese P. Hardwick R. Feucht M. L. McDonald P. Hakes M. L. McFarland M. E. Iohnston A. Robbins I. McRill E. Sequine N. Shireman B. Sovern A. Sirouse P. Winterrowd M. Taylor Second Tenors N. Ault A, Bish E. Cooper I. Dunn R. English B. Kemerly I. Misarnore D. Morgan R. Russell B. Shedd D. Shedd D. Shumacher D. Wohlqamuth R. Wolfe R. Wolfrom Second Alto I. Baker E. Carpenter H. Garlinger R. Green I. Hochstettler B. Keller V. Love S. I. Matthew H. G. Moomey S. I. Otley M. Sink I. Sterner I. Warner Boys' Ensemble Pmrrrft D. Slxedcl. Sland- inq A. Day, D. Daugherty, I. Price, I. Bruclzlacher, N, Ault, R. English, G. Gompl, D. Van Fleet. Mixed Ensemble P 1 a n is! R, Vvlollrorn. Sldrrdzzrq f E. Wmeland, D. Van Fleet, I. Ernslilerger, S. Co-Qfpery H. Green, B, Allen, I. Beegle, E. Baclzey, I. Buslronq. Girls' Ensemble Back How, left to right N. Slrireman, P, Nlfimer rowd, L. Hcsler, I. Baker I. Sierner, E. Severn, A Slrouse, H. Price. Front Row -lvl. E. Powell Pmmst, Pl. NVollrom. I 'Mn 'Q HGH LL 'ASH-3918 LL 'SUFHOH 'LL 'ueuuog 'Q 'sug Emryg 'umuq LLL "MOHPH 'ueuuog 'H 'L 'LIDQO1 'JGISOH Suoululgg 'd 'lseulg '3 I 'JGHUJ 'CI ' QDOH .16 puoseg OH -M .G ,GSFM .H umg 'Q 'A1eHgH ml esumg 'Q Ealing 'd 'ln ulmog 'V 'A Q .G .U 'IIUODIN 'f 'uung 15-U51 OH .g4M 'UDLILISQ HMI IS 'G 'H nqog UI DP .N ,ELI cow SUI .M ,A QFPICI -A ELLSEIH EI f www! zwfmfmy fl mln- -.K ,ix M' l .-. ., 2 'Nuwtillsvuru 1 L , Q4 Ramsey, I, B. S mmons, I. Kosher, E, Powell, T. Rollms, T, Bradley, P. Baye Fuller, F. D YV First Ro Hausa, 'N . USE, Ha ay, NV. l mr J ,1 'VV . i m Loy, C, L. S D. Clark, W, Flow Second ': GJ ,Q O U U5 'fi E .E KD D1 Xi 5 5 h H ii Z .J 3 5 0 E . 3 fU O ,-I no 5 as U ui li KD 71 O W p-14 F 5 D H 'O U ad E fU . no E L4 'ff 2 4 TI Qs 171 I-LJ Di 6 G O E 5 CC 2 2 O lf. hc -E E bl M 411 : ua I If 'E CL O uf M 11, Q, f-I4 O Li Lai E lb Q bl an rn W C: fu Of O 'Jl dv : -. I-Ll LQ A . , ,-. C. 2 E L14 LJ .J vu 3 'll P. on ui 5 fU Q E I 'TN : cd 5.1 75 C no O uf l. cu +L U4 l-. E k 0 m E 5 Dj 5 O CC 5 ii 5. Q, H f: 0 -9 Z Z 5 za .CJ I :H fi I A 5 .2 E El 9 'J Di cf O 'U E E ,yu N- jr ACTIVITIES AND PLAY 'wx V1 STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-I. Schuck, M. Keirns, I. Morehead. Second Row--I, Dunn, F. Shull, H. Moomey, M. A. McCall, D. Dauqheriy, P. Graf I. Baker, I. Kirk, D. Kamerer, McCoy, B. Zaenqlein, G. Holmes, I. Drais. Third How- G. Loach, T. Haley, I. Iordan, M. Saltzman, D. Vfineland, I. Keinpher E. Brooks, F. Bartsch, M. Brunner, B, Wise, E. Holbert, P. Schweiniurth, D. Bowers E. Bibler, N. Smiih, K, Bose. Fouriiz Row- B. Heckman, I. Warner, E, Varner, H. Heminqer, XV. Brewer, F, Ernest, B. Vfolilqamutii, I. Bushong, B. Davis, C. Turner, B. Sovern, M. Cunningham, B. Ex B. Rosencrans, E. Chatelain, C. Terwiiiiqer, P. Denhart. Fifiii Row-I. Manchester, D. Swisher, D. Morgan, E. Backey, B. Iaqua, P. Concannon R. Godwin, B. Sirathman, B. Roberis, B. Windie, G. Esckiisen, D. Sessions, H. Trask F. Evans, N. Gobrechi, D. Fuller, R. Moreheart. GIRL RESERVES First How-Y. Pressnell, M. L. Stetller, I. Taylor, B. Weitz, O. Fe-ller, M. A. McCall Miss Mills, I. Karnerer, B. Hershey, M. Miller, M. I. Baker, D. McCall, S. Ghasler M. E. Powell. Second How-P. Graf, A. Rollins, B. Sovern, V. Reber, I. Danfico, N. Swartz, Y Arnold, B. Allen, M. Siruble, M. Moran, M. Fassett, A. Robbins, E. Sequine, F. Shackle ion, M. Miller, P. Winterrowd, A. Rooney, B. Zaenqlein, M. E. DeWeese, B. Saul. Third Row-M. Bryant, R. Mierly, D. Bowers, S. E. Moorhead, M. I. Clapper, M. E Johnston, B. Armacost, S. Cooper, T. Shull, H. Pope, N. Woodward, K. McCoy, N Shireman, B. Shank, A. Peterman. I , r I I Ll 31 x "-Blflu I , mammrmam Senior I-li-Y First Row-H. Hemincjer M. McDonald, I. Spitler, R Rinebolt, M. Howard, I Kirk, D. Wilson, H. Child Second Row-N. Ault B. Musson, A. Brandeberry D. Mason, M. Iumper, N Moomey, D. Van Fleet, I Schuck, R. Von Gunten, E Windle, D. Daugherty, I Hartman, E. Powell. Junior Hi-Y First Row-R. Brewer, R. Smith, WY Bishop, I. Tabh T. Vossler, B. Heckman, I Brucklacher, D. Morgan. Second Row-I. Mcre- head, E. Heissiq, W. Brewer E. Cooper, D. 'Wohlqamuth W. Hyma, D. Cromberqer E. Hall, G. Esckilsen. Third Row-B. Loy, I. Bushonq, T. Hieqel, Bltiilb ler, H. Davis, B. Roberts R. Moreheart, I. Decker. Sophomore I-li-Y First Row--C. English, H. Cain, H. Fridell, I. Drais, R. Hershey, M. Frost, H. Leader, NV. Evans, R. Ichn- son, Ft. Swisher. Second How- -R. Down' ing, R. Iackson, I. Smithson, R. Hoyer, R. Dunathan, I. Hochstettler, R. Foltz, F. Sorenson, R. Cauqhman, I. Hardman, K. Ripley, R. Vtfolte. Third RowiI. Miller, D Fuller, I. Dunn, NV. Hause, D. Schumacher, B. Pitney, I. Hutson, C. Terwilliqer, E. Smith, R. Ghaster. -V-we .. ...,. . k . E. , uz...-:.:1s 1 .1-A I -A-N -- -P M-.WT L.. ., E .,A mi. . A sim, DEBATE TEAM First Row-I. Allgood, B. Evans, D. jackson, D. Scheuer, l. Smithson. Second Row-B. I-lershey, B. Rosencrans, C. Bartch, A. L. Mattoon, L. Gardner, B. Keller DEBATE SCHEDULE Columbus Debate Clinic Fremont Tournament Marysville Tournament The Court Practice Debate Findlay Speech League Tournament Marion Practice Debate Kenton Practice Debate Fremont Buckeye League Glenwood Buckeye League Debate Port Clinton Tournament Tiffin Buckeye League Debate Booster Club Practice Debate Heidelberg Speech Tournament Donnell Buckeye League Debate Q- M L. D -' ff , i. NT . b FINDVLA ' 1 A g 3 , I , I 1 x s .., - I ., , x in X T Q I Y 5 'V 'Y s ' xr 1- - , 1:1 -. . 3. . 5 ,Q -: , V-Egg? .r , ' 1940 TRCJJAN AUG 2 9 1995 Editor Gift Of: Business Manager MARVIN KEIRNS HAROLD CHILD Mary G. Brucklacher 1523 Parkway Dr. "" Findlay, OH 45840 lunlor Class Presents SKI DDI N6 G. Esckilsen-Mr. Stubbins B. Heckman-Andy M. L. MacFarland-Marion I. Bushonq Wayne Trent B. Sovern--Estelle Y. Arnold Mrs. Hardy I. Be-eqle-Grandpa I. Morehead-ludqe Hardy N. M. Swartz Myra B. Heckrnan-Andy B, Ke-1lerYAunt Milly 'L rrjxylfw The Senior Class Presenied DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY" N. Au1tfvFe:1'eIe B. Zaenqlein--Cora C. Barich- -Duke A. Rollins' -Stephanie I. Kirk Corrado B. Allen-Gram P. Concannon--Prince Serki C. McKeeeRhoda M. Keims---Baron Cesare-a R. Godwin---Alda R. Hoffman Princess I. Spitler-Eric D. Wine-land--Major Whilread NIOLANTI-I E" Produced by the Music Department I. E1'nsberqerfPhyllis D. Van Fleet-Strephon P. WiHt9TIOWdiLEfld N. ShiremanfCeIia B. Allen-Fleta I. Brucklacher-Sentry S. Coope-rAIoIanthe A. Day-Lord Chancellor B. Severn-Queen N. Auli-Lord Tolloller I. Price-Lord Mountararat Q EAMATIC CLASS PRODUCTIONS Highness P, Concannon Paul F. Godwin- Masha and Director I. Bushonqn Gregory B, Alien--Anna YesMeans Nok M. Howard - Teddy Lawson ' A. Rooney- 'Edith Merrill Di van Fleer- ' T. I. Morgan G. Esckilsenf- Wm. Lawson R. Green-Miss Collins Director' AM. E. Dr:WsssE Strange Road N, M. Swartz - Mrs. Kadan I. Moorhead-Allen I, Ernsberqer -Annie B. Zaenqlein -- Mrs. Talbot Dire-ctorwR. A. HOFFMAN Feature Writers R, Godwin B. He-ckman E. Reissiq B. Rosencrans I. Esch F, Sorenson P. Hakes Mcrke-Up Staff M. Bristol I. Kamerer E. Reissiq A, Brandeberry Business Staff P. Ifmq E. Chatelain E. Varner B. Tyner BLUE 1 L.. Reporters 1. Terwxt litgc-r EI, Steeqx u'1ar1 I. Edelman Easya- Fi, Davis -ec ag-...DJ-nv GOLD X?- if S 1 Circulcttton Statt Godwin 9 Kirr: -trans Each E. Vamer Art Brdncleirerry Mai:e'Up Editor Jeanne Hat11e1r'ir Eittor-in-Chtet fav: Eristcl Asst. Meike-Up Editor Blue and Gold cncl Trojan Typists E. Sequine B, Brown M. Crumrine S M. Auqenstem M. Gassman D. Sorenson 3 H. Garlinqer Q i i Editorial and Make- Up Staff ol Trojan Left to right' D. Bowers C. Blackford i I. Ernslas-rqez' i B. Allen 5 M. A. McCall ! M. I. Cluld I. Sclmck H. Heminqer M. McCall R. A. Hoffman M. Keims I, Ernsberqer H. Sarkiss R. Godwin B. Allen ,L TROJAN STAFF f---H-emi-Hmmm Trojcm Business Staff N. Woodward P. Dunn H. Child M. E. Powell M. Struble K. McCoy M. Furrow B. Zaenqlein I. Emery F. Ernest I. Alexander H. Garlinqer M. Miller T. Shull S. Cooper N. Ault G. Gompf M. E. Iohnston R. Mierly PI-ICTOGRAPI-IERS R. MILLER D GRFNER SENIOR ADVISORS First Row-B, Kresser, R. Iohnson, M. L. Stelller, B. Feller, A. Rooney, M. I. Baker B. Zaenqlein, P. Dunn, N. Shireman, Second Row-E. Carpenter, B. Armacost, M. L. OrndorH, M. A. McCall, P. Graf R. Green, I. Baker, C. Blackford, M. Fasseit, A. Robbins, E. Se-quine, F. Shackelton M. Taylor. Third Row-E. Burk, D. Bowers, S. E. Moorehead, M. Bryant, M. l-lochsiettler, F. Shull M. Moran, I. Alexander, C. McKee, N. 'Woodward R. Hoffman. r"'i v 'V 'QQ S Sports Q Nw Aww, , -mx , x Q . Q4 ,fs a r , K 4"f 1, .v ff" Y ,few ...-4"1' l ,.., y w, x 'Q fl'-1.4 x 2 ,Q . X ia-7 'Q ,riff ' .sf VA ' 1 - . 5 Y-ri, ' ,I ,Q , . , . , . .V 3 :gi ,rw .Q 34,19 ir il' W1 - '31 ' 'GMQJ 'iz A 4124, A' .K 1 ., ' if as 0, ,Qxbrw ,, - 1 y. ' ELS-.QA -N, ww? :W f as A, V M M , , . N . we V .A ,N . ' Xb. 'S Q' 2 ' ' 'A ,A-'fl 531 .x 3 QQ ' A755-.,'g sv . 11 M I h :- , 17,9 V' 4aup,..,, . YA .. iz, 'Q' , fs A .nag 1, vw -f .- 1' x I N ,.. A5 M.n,Qg,.1,..Na-'v ,t 1 NRb,. 1 'QI FOOTBALL COACHES E. BARTLETT W. WILSON L. KELLER Assistant Coach Head Coach Athletic Director FOOTBALL MANAGERS S. Quail, R. Miller, Pt. Rinebolt, R. Baker, R. Crittend A :,:2E'? , X . 5 ,nu . 'wg C' ,ja--?.,M,,N " K .- I .X ,, . y2,,,,z':.- f ff-7 1 X ff' iiif w g 'A , 5 f , -. , 'ggi 5 , ,, -f - U .Qi an 'V -43 Q-1. , 5,0 -LE Y b ' bf f 'A I-QI. M-Y - x.',, ff W , Q AF ' 7 S f " . ' .2 G " ':A 5:f '- 53:-,-Ax -5:35 X - ' ' ., -- f "f f -E 't U 4 I 4 N - -.-,--,V 1- I 6' ,A N I .: .2 rxfx' , M, Sw fx-f' ' , x . , Vx 5 N f --,f ,,, - .n ' As-' f X 7 mi 4' -v, Q-353' . ' '?'fii1f.l i, D KV l1, EiS1?f 1,- -A Q A . V ' ' A ' ' " ....,. ..,, K Q H P , ..,, J, 9 Q. .FVXIF . 21 X g,-:iu ,.,, E- -",.i.g,q.,:.-:Im -,xii i A , . "' :2f. "1-15 5, " ' ' N- fr-. fi':Ei' ' if , f ... . X Q' , X Sm -t N I xg Q' "" W ' ' - . L 5 X .. IQ P . --mfw..,N f ' X ,N x ,if Q, YZ x IQQK , Sig, 3 ggl, . ' -SNR " ' M , t 'gQ-f filfgqz Nhxkx L- xaf ' ..1 . I 'ly Q 3.1-,MI f 4' . Xi 1 fx ' . 2- if 5, X-4+ V Y xw--' 5 H S - t. el: -N:-'-rf-f"::s:,1:::g -, X . - .f-"' H 5 23 "lit . "':fM"N , 4 't x 1 . w x 1 , -f'fN?.Nw-X S - if. f ' 1 fi-r-rf?" H gy , 3 Q., S., 2 ' , 'A Q' " 1 ,.,,., .yrf 11: " f , J K x f, X , 3, 1 am V i ixxbiig N q X BN ' I I v Nr - xml .ff W lx Qh ' X? is ,A M ,,, Q X If . X lu no .TX X K f X .X Q xi ,J ' f X N f X 0 in , QM .- ,n w i V M '3w:s:w. , , , 7 A Q . 5 '-: ? Effie 351' l ' 'f lliif 4-' ' yay" ' .l Z: :-: QA , f 1. - -f - , .A,N- ff, 4 A :..- v V .L gy ,-ff. 4- Y, X 1' N , X QJTI3. Lil V S? . , , , N ....,. 1 " ' AKQ" "f'. I D- A . -.,f' iffi- - ,- . "" Cx x 'H -'X " 1 ,arg : .,- , f V, X 15 K I 'iff ,-,. - , X r X I U his I by X ,S , ,4 M Y? 'T -, -V ,,.- ' ,, x-. P - A -V A x' " '74 if . R3-X .,.,,, xi f Qw, f ,mmm of V if., , A ,,i.. A-'2 '--- N-A'Q N 'K Q : -X 45 x l- t M, ,-,' QQ, :Q K I x , , ' , Q fx x , V ,.- . A ,fy , ""' FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row-A. Allen, P. Shafer, I. Mathias, E. Felzete, R. Gardner, R. Wolfe, Pl. Sessions F. Evans, R. Oxley, I. Quinlan, H. Mason, Laucke. Second Row--F. Van Voorhis, A. Sadler, R. Wilson, I. Brondes, R. Von Gunten, I. Larkins R. Iulien, P. Concannon, l-l. Norton, W. Abbott, M. Newcomer, T. Palmer, R. Rinebolt Third Row--Coach Bartlett, R. Smith, R. Davis, R. Shontlemire, R. Dycus, C. Bennington R. Kernmerly, W. Haclcenberger, T. Baurghman, F. Mclilliqott, I. Lunn, K. Ripley R. Baker, S. Ouail, Coach Wilson. Fourth Flow-D. Miller, C. Ebersole, H. Hershey, B. Pitney, E. Ferqeson, R. Wilson R. Crittenden, Athletic Director Keller. Football Schedule F. H. S. Opp. Columbus East . . 14 B Bowling Green . 13 O Fremont . . 6 20 Tiffin Columbian 40 20 Toledo Scott 28 6 Tiffin Iunior Order l3 19 Lima Central . 12 7 Bucyrus .. . 53 O Fostoria . . 25 O l .. BASKETBALL COACHES L. KELLER C. BACHMAN W. WILSON Athletic Director Head Coach MANAGERS First Row:---R. Pove-rimire, I. Russell, E, Mfilson. Second Row: H. Stimrnel, D. Carpenter. Assistant Couch I - .9 1 Q ,4 fx X 1 2 I z 4 Q BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row lleft to riqhtl: R. Shelley, R. 'Wilson, W. Abbott, W. 1-lyma, 1. Larkins, E. Fekete, VV. Bell, R. Vifolfe. Second Row-Walter Wilson, Asst. Coach, R. Trask, B. Haclcenlzerqer, R. Cauqhmari, E. Miller, M. Bristol, 1. Lunn, Carl Eachman, Coach Third Row-R. Stimmell, Manager, H. lackson, Louis Keller, Athletic Director, R. Hershey, R. Carpenter, Manager. Basketball Schedule F. H. S. Opp. Elyria , , . 24 17 Newark . . , 30 31 Xenia 27 17 Lima South . . . 30 26 Lima Central . . 27 14 Tiffin Iunior Order .. 48 18 Bowling Green . . 25 16 Fostoria , .... , . 37 19 Tiffin Columbian . , . 27 31 Fremont .. .. . ,. 19 21 Bowling Green 24 27 Tiffin ,lunior Order . 31 17 Kenton .... 41 28 Fostoria . . . . . 30 24 Tiffin Columbian . . 28 21 Fremont . . . . . , . . 29 Z6 District Tournament Upper Sandusky . . . 51 25 St. Marys . , . . . . 32 18 Fostoria . . ,... . . 38 21 Lima Central ..... , , 33 29 State Tournament Marietta , ,....... 35 23 Canton McKinley .... 30 32 Uur School B,4!4anf Q4 5, N Q 93 my, 19 .nmur Y YW--------ffwff WMM' WW fhfgz-f rzn ww Cheerleaders R. Rabkin M. Sieitler B. He-ckrnan I. Hartman First Row: M. Stettler, B. Heckrnan. Second Row: B. I. Poole, B. Beck, I Edelman, D. Hards, B. Wil- son, E. Bice, B. Behm. Back Row: E. Hanna, H. Sarkiss, D Croy, S. Ghaster, I. Hart man, R. Hal:-kin. S. G-haster D. Croy E. Hanna H. Sarkiss 6. A. A. Firsl Row-E. Ralcesiraw, H. Oman, R. Mayberry, B. Moffot, B. Poole, M. McDonald I, l-lookor, A, Flock, M. Trout, B. Brooks, M. Riley. Second Row-M. E. Milllmouse, N, Van De-nbe-rg, B. Ward, V. Reber, M. L. Siettler B. Vlhlte, A. Swank, R. A. l-loflrnan, Y. Pressnell, M, Hochstettler, D. Bowers C. McKee, B. Armacost, D. Gray. Third How -D, Garlow, P. Simmons, L. Ferris, P, l-lolces, M. Salzman, C. Roder M. Furrow, E. March, R. Doyle, S. Cooper, B. Keller, L. Fe-ller, E. Hill, M. Shlve-ly l. Edelman, M. Schwyn, M. Walternrire. TUMBLIN6 TEAM First How'--I. Manchester, D. Bright, R. lulien, I, Russell, D. Yoder Second How --R. Miller, M. Howard, T, Bender, P. lwleff. Third Row- S. Quail, P. Clme, H. l-lrllery, L, Keller, Coach. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER: 5-First day of school - - - Kamerer to head Paper staff. 6-Schedule all filled out for rush to mimeograph. 7-Juniors hold a meeting - - - Moorhart heads the class. 8-Seniors hold a meeting - - - Choose for president - a lass. ll-Football fellas gather, and the student council meets. 20-Frank Orman speaks to students, and say, he's pretty neat. 23-First football game of season - - - The Tigers bow to us. 25-G. A. A. holds a meeting amid much noise and fuss. 29-We have another victory for We win our second game - - - the fans of Findlay High School don't seem to mind the rain. OCTOBER: 2-Boys' and girls' ensembles get started on their Way. 6-School pins on sale by Council, they're very cute aren't they? Trojans lose to Fremont - - - too bad we couldn't win. 9-Dead line for activity ticket - - - Got your money in? l6-Class conferences with teachers - - - how we hate that nod and beckoning. l7-Today the cards carne out, and oh, that final day of reckoning. 2UgWe played Toledo Scott today - - - at last We Worr - - - hurrah! I 26-The teachers left for teachers' meet - - - no school - - - out for the day. 28-Senior ring committee meets - - - our new rings cause sensation. 30-Biology classes gather round - - - to see the demonstration. NOVEMBER: 6-Beginning of the Red Cross Week, and each one does his share. 7-The orchestra starts practicing - - - We hear the trumpets blare. lO-Mr. Kuhns is introduced to take his place on hand, and now we hope that we may have a bigger, better band - - - Did you see Dean Mattoon beating out the rhythm, or Mr. Brandenberger trying to keep up with him? - - - The Junior play at Glenwood V - - all the seats are occupied - - - the Hardys all join in the fun, and laughed and fought and cried. 13-Tumbling team starts routine A - - they're turning out quite Well. 22eDel Harter speaks to Chapel - - - need we say We think he's sWell?? DECEMBER: 1 -The 1-li-Y dance was held tonight and all enjoyed the fun. 8-We played Elyria here at home and we're proud to say we won. 15 16 19 20 -Our annual Christmas chapel was received with joy by all - -We went to Newark, but it seems that we lost the game. -Then traveled on to Xenia, and results were just the same. -Robert Kazmayer came to tell the school of travels and - - - to teach us to appreciate the blessings of our land. - - but most important - - school is out - - - and we bid Merry Christmas to all. IANUARY: 1 5 10 12 19 26 -Fostoria comes to Findlay, to play another game -We make our resolutions to be on time at school, then stay up all night to celebrate and break the brand new rule. We go to TiHin Iunior, in all the ice and snow - - but it seems we just can't win in all that wintry blow. Have you heard the roar of thunder and prattling of tongues? - - - Well it's the fretting, busy Trojan staff, airing out their lungs. - - - in the League our score was tops - - - we won - A - it's still the same. -We go to Tiffin Columbian, but lose the game. -Fremont quintet beat us - - - another unlucky day. FEBRUARY: 6-The Trojans play Kenton, we win by quite a score. 9-Fostoria gives competition, but of baskets we make more. 10-Findlay is host to schools, who send a lot of debaters. - - - The tournaments last all 12 15 16 28 -Whee, look at the uniforms, you see it's Boy -The tryouts for Senior Play, and Sirkis "turn day with puffing puppets called orators. Scout week. on the heat." -Tiffin Columbian game and though we Trojans won - - - It seems everyone is sad, for the dances are all done. -The first tournament game we beat Sandusky Upper They were pretty good, but We were a little turfer. P' 'YYY' -- 1 MARCH: 4A 6- The Senior Adviser meal, and the girls play basketball. Student Council Chapel and grand Work was done by all. 7-We have some one-act plays, dramatists emote, Grade cards given out and the students threaten to revolt. ll-Senior meeting held, Mr. Constein speaks awhile. 12- 13- The vote tor popularity, everyone puts on his prettiest smile. We have a senior chapel in charge of 108 - - the boys leave the tournament tilt ln the capital oi the state. 14-The first meeting of our clubs, and oiiicers elected. We win over Marietta, Whom to play We were selected, 18-The popularity results and winners all get teasedg But in spite of all, we know they all are pleased. 21-Easter Vacation starts, everyone is out for fun. 29-The operetta is given, and lots of songs are sung. APRIL: 4- 17-Room 202 in charge this week as the seniors have something 24- lim Wilson here for chapel as activities get under way. to say. Many activities call us as school is near its close. To get both work and play done, keeps each one on his toes. We have another chapel - - - this time its 201. 25-Apollo Entertainers come, and our forum numbers are done. MAY 1 4 9 10 17 19 23 24 -Room 205 holds chapel. -Students go to scholarship meet. -The senior play a great success - - - -Amid clapping hands and stamping ieet. -The Iunior-Senior prom is held, how we all love to dance. We'd have another right today, it we just had the chance. -And now the Baccalaureate comesg it brings a little sadness - - -But when diplomas are in our hands, that feeling turns to gladness. -NOW We've come to the end oi another year - - - the days - - - We've enjoyed each one So now throw out your books and work and have vacations' fun! !

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Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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