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1 Q BLUE8 Q PM xx m .936 My UL E The Blue :Sv Gold portrays the activities and school lilein Find- lay l-ligh For the year I 9 3 6 323 22241 nom Q sou CDO gg' 041K 62" SNK GOLD -sf- I-'CDD T he past with its memories will form an enduring baclc- ground for the lite and char- acter we build in the luture. It is the aim ol: this Staff to edit a book which will be the Faithful storehouse of those memories. -:- -:- -:- The Scliool 4 WZ Tf2'H'iiQwY 511:21 51 w g ,f' Z',.t- V A , 2, x as frm Pgggsrfwwz 'mx-1 if 5 .1 X fy eta Q , 4 ' Q L, Ky :-1!fakf:awp:i'qrE'!Q .M www-'NA . fafzgfas W " Liv 'wi 15152 f 'gg 3 R wi I 3 BFZTSFZQ Qsszrwi? 1' M, Eg i EE Els' 2? . . gps ,. fxibm a giant 5 '5 . . 5 , X Q , ll ., . . 5 A ff' gi! g X ' fi' ' 1. 1 ,X ? SW? 'sri 1, fi Liz -If, ww A af -3 rv w-A sem fx if' .. ,mu , K Www- - Y 5 5 2 MR. MATTESON Mr. Matteson deserves a real tribute for his untiring eforts towards the bet- terment of the public school system of Findlay. We as students owe much to him in the Way of opportunities offered us in the excellence of the educational facilities and in the varied program of extra-curricular activities. The abilities of Mr. Kinley are such that to attempt to give him his due re- cognition Would take several pages. But these same abilities are recognized by all of us so that to set them forth here Would be useless. Suffice it to say that We have all gained much in our associa- tion With him. MR. KINLEY F A C U L T Y ESTELLA ANSTAETT CARI, BACHMAN G, R. CONSTEIN G. H. FRACK H. M. DIERENEIELD MAE FASSETT RUTH FINTON MARJORIE GUNDERSON J. B. HARTMAN BERNICE HATHAWAY C. H. HAVEREIELD P. S. HOCHSTETTLER ROSA HUDNELL W. D, HUMPHREY LOUIS KELLER LENA KIEFER 1503! WIQBN S M4 W D, D. LAWRENCE G, W. LEE FACULTY ESTHER MARCH GLENDORA MILLS A. L. MATTOON P E ARL MORAN WENDELL SANDERSON E. R. SHISLER MABEL S1-HLLING F. A. SHULL RUTH SWITZER G. E. TODD MARIAN TARR LORA WIEST DOROTHY WISELEX' HELEN WISELEY ESTELLA ANSTAETT' Home Economics Miami UniversityYB. S. CARL BACHMAN Basketball, Manual Train- ing Bowling Green Univer- sity-B. S. G. R. CONSTEIN Dean of Boys, Physics. Chemistry Ohio Wesleyan+A. B. Ohio State-M. Sc. G. H. FRACK Commercial Law, Econ- omic Geography Muskingum7A. B. Ohio State-M. A. H. M. DIERENFIELD Football Coach, W o r ld History Yankton CollcgciA. B. Michigan University-NI. A. MAE FASSETT Shorthand, Typing Ohio State-B. S. Ed. New York University- M. A. RUTH FI NTON English Findlay College--A. B. Chicago University Ohio State University MARJORIE GUNDERSON Home Economics University of South Da- kota-B. S. J. B. HARTMAN Plane Geometry, General Mathematics Ohio State-B. Sc. Columbia University - M. A. BERNICE HATHAXVAY C. P. Librarian Ohio State--B. S. Educa- tion NVestern Rescrveili. S. Library H. HAVERFIELD Bookkeeping Office Training School- B. C. S., B. S. Oberlin Business College S. HOCHSTETTLER American History, World History, Civics. Bluffton-A. B. Ohio State+M. A. ROSA HUDNELL NV L. Shorthand, Typing. Office Training Bliss College Wilmington-B. S. Edu- cation . D. HUMPHREY World History, Econom- ics, Sociology Lafayette-B. S. Oberlin-M. A. C. KELLER Supcrvisor of Physical Education Oberlin College-A. B. LENA KIEFER D. Dean of Girls, Health Western Reserve-A. B. Ohio State-M. A. D. LAWRENCE Chemistry Bowling Green University B. S. Columbia University-M. A. LTY G. W. LEE Biology Heidelberg-B. Ph. Ohio State-M. A. University of Chicago XVestern Reserve ESTHER MARCH Supervisor of Physical Ed- ucation Bowling Green-B. S. Columbia University - M. A. A. L. MATTOON American History, World History, Civics Otterbein-A. B. Ohio State-A. M. GLENDORA MILLS Geometry, Algebra, Trig- nometry. Commercial Arithmetic Ohio State--Ph. B., M. A. PEARL MORAN English. Journalism Ohio State-B. S. Columbia University XVENDELL SANDERSON Supervisor of Vocal Music Nebraska Wesleyan - A. B. North western-B. M. E. MABEL SHILLING Spanish, English Ohio State+B. S. in Ed. Graduate Student at Ma- drid Spain. EARL SHISLER Band, Instrumental Music Cornell Northwestern Dana Inst.f-B. Music F. A. Sl-IULL Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic Ohio State-B. S, in Ed. Office Training School- B. C. S. RUTH SWITZER English Findlay College-A. B. Columbia University-M. A. MRS. MARIAN TARR Supervisor of Arr Ohio State-B. Sc., M. A. G. E. TODD English, Dramatics Marshall College Northwestern U.-M. A. LORA WIEST Latin Ohio State-B. S. Columbia-M. A. DOROTHY WISELEY English Findlay College-A. B. Bowling Green State Nor- mal HELEN WISELEY French, English Findlay College-A. B. Columbia U.-M. A. SENIORS Dana Orwiclc William Riley Ruthanne Kirla Bob Jeffery Top Row: left to rightl JOHN ADAMS DON ALEXANDER ARTHUR ALGE LOWELL ALGE RUBY ALLISON JAMES ANDREWS JUNIOR ANGUS Zna' Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: U0ffv1'0 ffyhfl flcfr to right! flefr to right! NED ARNOLD MARTHA AYERS VIRGINIA AYERS DOROTHY BACHMANN MEDFORD BAIR LLOYD BAIRD DICK BAKER Sixrem MELVIN BASH ETHEL LOUISE BATES ARDEN BAUGHMAN BETTY BAUGHMAN DON BAUGHMAN CHARLES BEARDSLEY MARGARET BECK I MERLIN BECK ROBERT BECK BETTY BEHM RUSSELL BELL BETTY BELLINGER JEANNETTE BELTZ CELINA BENDER Top Row: Znd Row: 3rd Row: Ileff ra rightl fleft to rightl fleft to rigbtl DOROTHY BEST GLADYSMAE BINGHAM ROBERTA BISHOP HAROLD BISHOP SYLVIA BOERACKER CAROLINE BOND DOROTHY BOND ERWIN BOWMAN BETTY BROWN CHARLES BROWN LOTS BURSE JOHN BYRNE OLETA CAMPBELL GEORGE CLAPPER MAXINE CLARK ARLINE CONINE MARY CONNELL PHYLLIS COON MARY LOUISE COLLINS MARTHA CRAMER PAULINE CRAWFIS 4th Row: flcfr to rightj CAROL CROOK BETTY CROMER CAROL CROSSER DOROTHY CULP EVERITT CURTIS BOB DAUGHERTY JOSEPHINE DAVIS Top Row: Zna' Row: flef! to rightj Ueft to rightl DON DENISON FRANCES DENMAN VIRGINIA DEWOODY RALPH DIETSCH MARGARET DINDAI. WARREN DOTY NIARTHA DOWNING MARY DUBOIS FRANCES EDIE JANE EOFF PAULINE FARISON ALBERT FELKNER 3rd Row: flcft to rightQ MARGARET FELLABAUM DAN FLOWERS FRED FLOWERS JAMES FOLK MARIE FORNES VIRGINIA FRYE DELBERT GALLANT DICK GALLEHER OAKLEY GARLOW 4th Row: g"left to rightj VIRGINIA GEIB EGWARD GLASCO COLEEN GOBRECHT ISOBEL GOI-ILKE MARY ELLEN GREETHAM LAVON HAGGERTY CARL HAMMOND IME I Eiglytz-vn l RUTHANNE KIRK i Top Row: Zna' Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: left to rightj fl:-ft to righrj fleft to rightj flefr to rightj LILLIAN HARDS HELEN HOLMES HOWARD HUSTON GENE HART SIDNEY HOOVER WILLIAM ZIEROLF FLOYD KOBE CLARA HATCH ROBERT HIGGINS HOWARD HOADLEY CLAIR HOEIFMAN JAY HOLLISTER DON HOUSER GERALDINE HOWARD MARJORIE HUBER VIRGINIA HUBER CHARLES HUGHES DOROTHY JACKSON ROBERT JEFFERY STARR KEMPF RAYMOND KING CHARLES KIRK JANIECE KRAUSS TREVA LAUB JOAN LEE DOROT1-IA LEONARD LEO LEONARD Top Row: Znd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: left to rightl KI:-ft to rightj Ilefr to rightj fleff 10 1-ighfj RALPH LONG JAMES LORENZ GEORGE LOVE NORMAN MATHIIXS VAUGHN MEEKS DOROTHY MERTEN CHARLES MILLER ERROLD MILLER HELEN MILLER JACK MILLER MERRITT MILLHOUSE MILDRED MINARD RUTH MISCHKE CHARLES MITCHELL GERALDINE MOORE ADRIAN MOORHEAD LESTER MOSS WALTER MUELLER HELEN MCKELVEY CARL MCKITRICK ROBERT NESLER II Twenty BYRON NIEBEL MAXINE NICHOLS WILLIAM O'BRIEN EILEEN OHL GENEVIEVE OMAN VERNE OPPERMAN DANA ORWICK TM Top Row: Znd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: Ilcfr to rightQ flefr to rightj flefr to rz'ghtQ fleft to rightl DICK OVERHOLT WAYNE OXLEY .IEANNE PALMER KENNETH PALMER DON PATTERSON MARION PARKER MARY JANE PAUL CHARLES POLEN ROBERT POWELL REBECCA POYNTON JOHN PRESSNELL MARIE RANKIN PAUL REAMSNYDER BETTY REDMAN VIRGINIA REIMUND ROBERT RICE JEAN RILEY WILLIAM RILEY ROBERT RIPPON TOM ROBERTS ETI-IEL ROEDER EARL ROETI-IER ROBERT ROGGE ROSEMARY ROONEY MARGARET SAUM I-IOBART SCHOONOVER MARILYN SCHWINN .IOHN SCHWYN TOP ROW! Znd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: He ft to rightj BETTY SHAFFER ARTHUR SHIVELY ROBERT SITES LUCILLE SLOUGH ROBERT SMITH VIRGIL SMITH DWIGHT SNYDER Neff 20 5950 fleft to rightj Kleft to rightj MARGUERITE SNYDER GRACE SONNANSTINE .IOSEPHINE SONNANSTINE CHARLES STANFIELD NEVA STARLIPER GLEN SWISHER WUNDER TABB OPAL TARR GENE TAYLOR CHRISTINE THIELE HELEN VANDORN ROBERT VARNER BETTY VAUTAW JOHN WALLEN Twenty-Two VIOLET WALT'ERMIRE MYRTLE WARNER RICHARD WEAKLEY DOROTHY WESTFALL ROBERT WETHERALD HELEN WILLIAMS WILDA WILLIAMS ' '1 Top Row: fleft ro rightj AUSTIN WILSON WENDAL WINELANI3 RHODA WINTERS Znd Row: fleft to figbfj DOROTHY WISE BURTON YVITTENMYER MARGARET WYNN 3rd Row: fleft to rightj BOB YATES PAUL YOUNG DON YOXTHIMER J AMES ZAENGLEIN SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The Class of 1936 have completed three years - - three years filled with Work and play, friendships and rivalries, and have passed through the portals of Findlay High School never to return again as students. We can now think back over those years perhaps with a little regret over their passing but also with a great deal of satisfaction with our accomplishments. For those years have been filled with accomplishments of which We can be justly proud. We entered Findlay High With a record to uphold - - a record built up by many former classes. In passing from the Old Building, Where We served our apprenticeship as sophomores, into the New as complacent juniors and finally to the dignity of seniors we strove to raise this record and succeeded somewhat in the attempt. In addition to maintaining a high average of scholarship, We served as members of the Findlay team in the State Scholarship Tests during our three years at F. H. S. and gained a number of places for the team. As seniors we entered the General Scholarship Test and gained several places high up in the state ranking. As a class We upheld the scholastic records of former years, the Honor Class of 1936 being one of the largest in several years. In athletics we again excelled. The football teams during our stay at F. H. S. hung up a very creditable record. The basketball team early began win- ning laurels, finishing as runners-up in the state in our final year. Track, golf, and tennis also gained a greater importance partially through the efforts of some of our class. We particip-ated in the various other extra-curricular activities of the school with profit and success. The debate team brought a great deal of recognition to the school through its efforts. We as a class supported the newspaper and annual in addition to the efforts of some of our members in holding positions on the staffs. In dramatics we were again active. We presented "Through the Keyhole" in our junior year with great success and repeated this triumph in our senior year With "Ladies of the Jury." Nlembers of our class also contributed a great deal in the presentation of the operas, "Two Vagabonds" and A'Princess Ida." With the memories of these achievements before us We can go on to greater successes in the life for which the faculty have so Well prepared us in providing such a full program of school activities. May We continue to bring fame and honor to ourselves and Findlay High in the years to come. Twenty-Four UNDERCLASSES Dick l-lartman Meredyth Miller Jane Wall Martha Spitler James Mason Ben Landing Jack Schaeler Charles Sherl: HOME ROOM Z 0 7 Row I-f-H. Sp-itler, A. Shively. S. Ster- ling, R. Stoner. C. Walters, J. Schib- ley, P. Rush. Row 2iR. Switzer, R, Sheldon. S Saller. J. XVilliamson, D. XVilliamsi K. Sayre. T. Ricketts. W. Williams Row 3-WP. Smith. W. Urschalitz, R Rosencrans, J. Vv'ickham, lf. Work man, R. Sloop, A. Woodward, E Ritchey. Row 4-fB. Simon. M. XVhislcr, R. Slrouse, R. Smith, Mr. Mattoon. HOME ROOM 205 Row I-D. Green, G. Rinn, R. lldic, D, Dyer, D. Hockcr, B. Gillespfic, C. lfleck, R. Hartman, Rmldf-f-R. Dickey. D. Vox. XV. Gib son, R. Hartman, H. Kistlcr, Ri lioltz Row 37.1. Harlman, K. Garlinger. R llanna, R. Hendricks. M. Fry, D lilshell, B. Drake. S. Dysinger. RmL'4fB. Hovvr, R. Kcllcy, S. Hall. K. Fry. B. Hall. l'. Hollister . B. Hcckman, J. Grubb, J. Hoffman. HOME ROOM 206 Row I+J. O'Neal, R. O'Harra. L Miles, R, Lovcridge, C. Marshall, J Porter, H. McDonald, Miss Shilling. Row ZYW. Patrick, R. Mathias, H Newman. H, Niemeyer, T. Miller L. Miller, A. Laube, J. Naus. Row 3-R. O'Harr.1, P. Rankin, L Meyers, J. McGaugh, J. Martin, R Oyerholt, R. Patterson, J. Morehart Row 4+P. Rcamsnyder, N. Rabkin, P Pennington. J. Morrison, B. Lang sxatf, L. Rice. TwenlyfSfx HOME ROOM 211 Row I-C. Crowl, C. De Shurko, M Bair, B. Fassett, M. Decker. L. Dcrholf. Row 2-W. Conkle. K. Concannon, J. Chatelain. l.. Cramcr. J. Courtney. G. Beard. B. Cole. Row 3fM. Buffington, R. Cooper, M. Cooper, J. Burk, J. Bunje, A. Doty 1. Clark. Row 4-Mr. Lee, B. Beagle. J. Bishop. B. Bibler, 1. Bauer, D. Behm, A. Cunningham. - 1 1 Twcnty-Seven HOME ROOM 110 Row I-M. Shank, A. Gohlke. J. Bach- man. B. Reese, C. McMahon, C. Killinger. Row 2--I. Johnston, R. A. Miller. D. Parker. P. Collins, M. Kirkbricle, C. Patterson. Row 3-Miss lyassett, M. Wy'atl, P. Brink, R. Loach, J. Schwab. R. Clark. Raw .l. 1. 4-B. VUise. R. Gallant, L. Shrider, Woodward. R. Bausman. D. Jacobs. McDonald. HOME ROOM 204 Row I---D. Armacost. J. Brandman, R. Bookwalter, E. Bayless. H. Bower. R. Biblcr. C. Dantico. ' Row 241 Bowman, F. Dvnison. R. Carlin. H. Cooper. M. Bash. l7. Abell, R. Ammons. Row-3-R. Bufick. R. Brown. R, Bald- Wmf P- Bishop. T. Child. Mis. Switzer, D. Beardsley. I I HOME ROOM 105 Row IYV. O'Neal, C. Saunders, P. Rush, N. McClure. J. Moran, M. Solt, M. Palmer, G. Moses. Row 2fJ. Morgan, M. Neumann. M. Risser. R. Priddy. M. Schwab. K. Renshler, B. Palmer. L. Snvder, Row 3-I. Sonnanstine, R. Shuck. E, Redding. F. Smith, O. Saul. J. Smith. A. Nloore. RMU 4-C. Slusser, M. McClenry, C. Srwence, E. Nique, M. Parker. Miss XViest. HOME ROOM 104 Row I-R. Mertz. P. Might. H. Harris, R. Garlinger. L. Mzdler, I. Fore- man. D. Hoover. R. E. Hosler. B. Haas. Row Z-M. Julien. M. Miller, B. Gil- lespic, M. Hollington, M. Hirscher, M. Konkel. V, Michaels. H. Gray. M. Kemerley. Row 3-M. Michaels. Miss Anstaett. R. M. Friend. M, Kunkle. E. Maurer, J. Mann. E. Lee. Row 4-A. Fellers. M. Miles, B. Haugh. A. Miller, M. Kimmel, G. Leather- man. M. Long. R. Huber. Row 5iT. Homer, R. FOX. E. Jacobs. P. Folk. HOME ROOM 106 Row I-R. Wonder. P. Viineland. C Whisler, E. Stewart. R. Winterrowd M. Spitler, J. Wall. Row 2-M. VanVoorhis. L. Stoner, M. XVilson. M. Swarat, M. VanDenburg. Row 3-QE. Wells. A. Spitler. J. Wells Miss D, Wisely. M. YVilliams. Row 4-M. Thiery, J. Stevenson. L. Walters, B. Terwilliger. M. Williams Twenty-Eight HOME ROOM 203 Row IYT. Marshall, C. Redick. M. Moore, M. Saul. R. Mosshart. R. Mclielvey, H. Shank. R. Rogers. Raw ZfA. Price, R. Lauwers. R. Myers. C. Platt. J. Reed, W. Lee. R. Redman. Row 3ffA. Rice, I. Provant, R. Lea- therman, M. Roberts, W. Mustard. G. Roller. Row 4-C. Schira, G. Schindler, K. Misamore, E. Schrier, R. Pastorius, L. Preclmore, H. Rice, R. Price. Row 5-D. Lovcridge. R. Porter, C. Newman, J. Schaefer, Mr. Hochstett- ler, C. Sands, O, Polen, J. Mason, R, Paul. HOME ROOM 200 Row 1-D. Storrs, R. Wherstonc, C. Sites. R. Shroy. J. Stewart, L. Solo- mon, R. St. Myer. Row 2fM. Yates, D. Watts. G. Steenson, E. Sorenson. D. Tarbox, D. Srunrz. J. Webber. Row 3-R. Wortman. H. Smith, J. Todd, J. Weisling, Wm. St. Myer. R. Wittenmeyer, N. Stevens, W. Shrider, R, Wnll. Row 4fE. Taylor, R. Weist, J. Van Fleet, E. Van Cleve, C. Swisher, C. Van Brunt, Mr. Bachmann. HOME ROOM 201 Row 1fR. Dukes, H. Baughman, R Cramer. C. Crook, J. Brenner, H Decker. P. Dressel, R. Dorsey. Row ZYD. Arnold, S. Brickman. A Copley, J. Courtney, D. Edie. J Dipert, E. Cope. Row 37131. Claypoole, XV. Butler, Ebert, J. De Haven, J. Burton, Blosser, E. Best, R. Dietsch. J R Row 4-F. Corbin, J. Browne. D. Cor- win, S. Burkholder, P. Capell, Mr Frack, E, Blakely, W, Clingerman T. Egbert. K 4 HOME ROOM 202 Row I-C. Fcllers. C. Higgins, R Hiegel, R. Kresser, G, Goudy. J Fickle. Row ZiD. Helms, M. Hulbert, B Hoadley, J. Kelley, A. Krzibill. Raw 3+O. Adams, T. Hardman, R lirye, H. George, H. Hover. D. Kirk Row 4 -P. Kingery, B. Landing. R Helfresch, R. Eppley. J. Herbst. D Haas, Row 5-J. Johns, H. Hars':berger, R. Fleming, Mr. Humphrey, J. Farrison .ll Row I HOME ROOM 102 .-E. Camp, E. Baxter, J. Bond, D. Dietelbach, M. Cornwell, E. Coombs, B. Baughman Row 2:-K. De Wese, A. Brown, J. Crittenden, H. Clapp, L. Bloom, L. Bowman, M. Bright Row 3 :-V. Altman, A. De Fauw, B. Beltz, C. Barton, M. Beard, J. Crosser, M. Beardsley Row 4:-D. Bright, R. Finton, J. Baldwin, V. Arnold, M. Bensinger, E. Brooks, V. Compton Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 R. Breidigan. HOME ROOM 103 .-A. Ingall, C. Dotson, N. Gallant, V. Hoile, H. Duttweiler, E. Hunt, W. Douglas V. Dorsey, E. Johnson. .-N. Harmes, V. Jacobs, A. Felkner, R. Gardner, R. Johnson, F. Hummell, E. Fellers M. Eckert, F. Johnson. .-Miss Moran, A. Fox, D. Dunathan, J. Glasco, M. Howard, M. Hanna, G. Hartman P. Johnson, N. Kistler, V. Garman, M. Fox, M. J. Pike. J. Lambdin, T. Hartman, A. Hinton, R. Hoffman, H. Fitzpatrick, G. Gillespie, D. Haney, A. Dorsey, F. Latta, G. Kirk, J. Larcom. Thirty Y Row l Row 2 Row 3 :-E. Row 4 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 HOME ROOM ll l Petterman, R. Laware, M. Reynolds, Mr. Haverfield, A, Nesler, M. Lee, B. Miller A. Russell, M, Schmidt. Palmerton, I. Preston, A. Rogge, L. Poole, B. Love, E. Mayberry, V. Pratt, J Morrison. Ludi, E. Pittman, M. Miller, M. Misamore, B. Quinlan, H. Newcomer, E Niswander. Parker, M. Povenmire, M. Murphy, M. Russell, M. Rader, V. Lear, G. Mohr, M Porter. HOME ROOM 214 Williamson, J. Schuck, L. Th-iele, P. Ward, B. Stauffer, E. Steinman, D. Yocum D. Turner. Whyland, D. Tyner, A. Wanamaker, M. Slack, G. Warnick, E. Sink, M. Semler Shively, E. Wittenmyer, M. Urschalitz, M. Strathman, C. Swinhart, D. Zent Wolfe, R. Shuck, B. Smith, M. Sparks, O. Wise, J. Shoemaker, R. Worstein M. Wiseley. Urban, K. YValker, B. Williamson, B. Van Gunten, M. Tho-mpson. B. Simpson Mr. Shull. I l 3 2 l ll ,l l Thirty-One 1 Activities ii fi Q 4 ' .T 5 Q - ' , 5 Q E' ' ky 3 V iw sf arg? ,, Wm. X an mam W A. 4, . -fi S3 X 4. .. . Qi, dz Wm A fj-Qfyfsgagygfli :V ., , M x 7 ,ji ,5, Ji E X gi? if s ,Ms A A V , ,N , . ,.:v,, A ,5 ,, , W, V , W' Aw, V F' ' .2 L' - f f K 3:1 . ,gfk W, Q .t ? 4 6,15 ,- v fi , 'fix' . Us V ms ,T V . -wif if Q, T E 45 5, f, ei - ,:"'.. " . ,wmwif ,ML K, 4 Nw, . Lfk. ,f fa, ' ' HONOR CLASS The honor class was one of the largest classes which has ever been graduated from Findlay High School. Twenty-eight students made up the honor roll for 1936. This meant that each one of these students had attained an average of ninety per cent or above during his four years in high school. Each student deserved great praise for such an accomplish- ment. This has meant a great deal of hard Work, determination, and sacri- fice on the part of each one, but the goal which has been achieved has been well Worth their untiring efforts. These students have gained much more than mere membership on the honor roll, They have learned the finest habits of study and concentra- tion, which will be a great asset to them in their future life's Work. Thirty-Four HONOR CLASS Row I-B. Behm, R. Kirk, J. Lee N. Starliper, J. Eoff, B. Brown C, Crosser, C. Thiele. Row 2-F. Flowers, D. Flowers, B Cromer, M. Cramer, P. Coon M. Schwinn. Row 3-V. Meeks, J, Miller, C Hammond, W. Wineland, M Parker. H. Bishop. Row4fJ. Folk, D. Patterson, J Wnllen. R. Jelfery, D. Orwick. STUDENT COUNCIL Row I--B. Williamson, P. Rush R. Garlinger, E. Bates. B. Brown. J, Lee, N. Starliper. Row 2-L. Stoner. B. Beagle, M Palmer, R. Friend, M. DuBois J, Shuck, J, Crosser, L, Bowman Rnw 3-C. Sites. K. Sayre, R Dickey, M. Warner, A. Dorsey E. Ludi, H, Fitzpatrick. Row 4fR. Dukes, H. McDonald L. Alge, A. Nloorhead, N. Ar- nold. L. Hardman, J. Folk. Row 5-P. Capell, L, Miller, J Wallen, V. Meeks, D. Stuntz, J. Herbst. Row 6-Mr. Kinley. M, XVyatr, B Strouse. J. Moran, J. Schaefer, T. Child. Row 7-B. Wise. R. Brown, B I-Ieckman, J. Wickham. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is probably the only organization Whose sole purpose is service to the school. It is composed of representatives from each home room representing the student body, and Mr. Kinley, representing the faculty. Among the responsibilities of this group are to provide a coordinating link between the students and fac- ulty, to give opportunity to student self-direction, to encourage order, and to promote the general interests and activities of the school. In this later category, the Student Council sponsored the concessions, an amateur contest, spelling bee, courtesy campaign, College Day, and Parents' Acquaintance Night. The officers for the first semes- ter were: John Wallen, presidentg Vaughn Meeks, vice-president: Lo- well Alge, secretary. The same of- ficers Were retained for the second se- mester with the exception of the vice presidency which was filled by Joan Lee., Thirty-Five ANNUAL STAFI7 1lowIfJ. Lee, M. Snyder, C, Thiele, E. Bates, R. Mischkc. F. Coon. Row 2+V. Huber, M. Schwinn. B. Behm, M. Cromer, M. Fornes, R. Rooney. B. Cromer. Row SiN. Starliper, B. Bellinger. R. Kirk, D. Orwick, R, Winters, J. Eoff. Row 4+L, Leonard, V. Nleeks, W. Wineland. R. Rogge, R. Dickey, K. Sayre, J. Adams. Row 5-Mr. Humphrey, H. Hoadley, B. Wetherald, D. Patterson, F. Kobe. N ANNUAL STAFF The 1936 Annual Staif has striven to publish an annual which each student may be proud to possess. For awhile it was rather uncertain whether school would go on, but work progressed without fail. The 1936 year-book is a portrayal of Findlay High School life and activities. The editor was Dana Orwickg associate editor, Ruthanne Kirkg business manager, Don Patterson: advertising manager, Joan Lee. NEWSPAPER STAFF The newspaper staff was composed of the members of the Journalism Class of the school, The aim of the staff has been to give the student body what it wants in the best style possible. A chronicle of the school events is presented in the Blue and Gold giving a complete history of the happenings of the school year. Miss Pearl Moran served as the faculty advisor. NEWSPAPER STAFF Row liH. lVlcKelvey, J. Davis, G. Howard, E. Bates, N. McClure. R. Mischke. H. Holmes, J. Mor- gan, C. Crowl, M. Nichols. Row 2--Miss Moran, M. Schwinn. M. Snyder, M. Cramer, M. Fornes, R. Rooney, M, Schwab, I. Clark, H. Baughman. Row 3-R. Overholt, B. Landing, D. Tarbox, N. An1old.B.Powcll, R, Rosencrans, R. Hanna, D. Patterson, D. Arnold, K. Sayre, F. Kobe. Row 4-J. Pressnell, W. Tabb. H. Hoadley, C. Kirk, B. Rogge. L. Leonard. Thirty-Six ADVERTISING TEAMS Row I--C. Crosser, J. Lee, N McClure, J. Moran, B, Brown M, Cooper, B, Beck, O. Campbell. Row ZvV. Frye, R. Bishop, V Huber, R. Kirk, B. Cromer. B Ballinger, M. Wilson, R. Cook.-er Row JYD, Flowers, D. Baughman R. Higgins, D. Houser. H. Mc- Donald, K. Sayre, S. Hoover. Row 4--R. Rosencrans. C. Beard sley, V. Meeks, R. Rogge, J. Adams, G. Love, F. Flowers. Row 5fW. Wineland, T. Roberts A. Moorhead, H. Neuman. D ADVERTISING TEAMS Without the steady and persistent effort of those who make up the Advertising Teams. this book would not be possible. Their work in canvassing the merchants of Findlay, and the results they have obtained has been outstanding this year. It is all the more so when we remember the uncertainty of the school year. When you read this book remember the work of these students. COMMERCIAL CONTEST The commercial team representing Findlay at Bowling Green for the elimination contest continued the record of past years, gaining two first places in typing and two seconds in shorthand. This year's team met particularly stiff competition from eight schools of this section. The contestants who won in the Amateur divisions were Phyllis Coon, Marilyn Schwinn, and Marie Fornes. Marcelline Thiery competed in the Novice division. COMMERCIAL CONTEST fleft to rightl M. Schwinn M, Thicry M. Fornes P. Coon Thirty-Seven SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP Row I-N. Starliper, C. Hammond C, Thiele. Row Zfl-'. Flowers, J. Miller, S Hoover, W. Wineland, D. Flowers Row 3fJ. Wallen, D. Patterson, D Orwick. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP Any senior in the upper third of his class was eligible to take the Ohio Senior Scholarship Test. The test covered the four years of high school work. Findlay made a splendid showing With eleven students placing high, and four ranking in the first thirty-four of the state. In the order of their ranking, they were Dana Orwick, John Wallen, Fred and Dan Flowers. SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Findlay High School placed first in the State of Ohio in the state scholarship tests given at Bowling Green. The members of the teams who participated in these tests were chosen from those receiving the highest scores in a preliminary test. The following five Findlay students placed first in the district: Fred Flowers, physics, Richard Harshnian, algebra. Christine Thiele, American history: Ben Landing, Latin: Margaret Belle Pendleton, English. SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Row I-JS. I-Iummell, L. Thiele, N Stnrliper, K. De Wese, J. Schuck C. Thiele, D. Leininger, R Harshman. 1Qr1u22fM. XVeimer, B. Walter mire, C, Feller, J. Dipert, M Palmer, B. Love, M. Pendleton N. Riegle. Row 3fD. Flowers, H. Hover, L Stoner, R. Kirk. M. Wynn, M Miller, T. Horner, E. Lee. Row 4712. Eppley, F. Flowers, D Stuntz, J. Miller, R. Cooper, I Clark, M. Misamore. ROLU5-C. Hammond, N. Arnold A. Baughman, D. Patterson, J Wallen, D. Orwick, B. Landing. Thirty-lfight FORUM CLUB Rott' IYE. Sorenson, C, Fellcrs, N. Arnold, H, Harris, S. Hoover. Rou.12YR. Higgins, R, Hanna, C, Kirk, M. Wynn. Row 3413. Beardsley. Mr. Humph- rey, D. Baughman, FORUM CLUB The Forum Club, sponsored by Mr. W. D. Humphrey, was an organization for those who were interested in the development of current affairs. During the course of the year these students touched on such subjects as foreign news, domestic news, drama, reviews of books on current topics. The officers this year were :-Ned Arnold, president, Sidney Hoover, vice-president: an.d Helen Harris, secretary-treasurer. AMERICAN HISTORY CLUB This club has sought to obtain a more detailed view of the whole field of American history than is abtained in the regular course of study. Information on topics of interest has been ob- tained from reports, book reports, and field trips, The officers were: Dana Orwiick, president: Dan Flowers, vice president, Howard Hoadley, secretary: Don Patterson, program chairman: and Mr. A. L. Mattoon, sponsor. AMERICAN HISTORY CLUB Row I-F. Flowers, G. Warnick M.-Slack. D. Flowers, T. Croy. Row 2-H. Schoonover, D, Patter son, D. Orwick, J. Folk. Row 3715. Cope, A. L, Mattoon H. Hoadley. Thirty-Nine LATIN CLUB Row I-V. Arnold, L. Wiest, E. Jacobs, H. Hauer, N. Gallant. R. Eppley, J. Schaefer, N. Mc- Clure, D. Haas. Row Z---G. Goudy, R. M. Friend. M, Van Vorhis, B. Haas. s LATIN CLUB The purpose of this organization was to show the practical value of Latin and to enrich the student's background in the customs, habits, dress, and mythology of the Romans. A Roman banquet was prepared by the club as part of this Work. Miss Laura Wiest sponsored the club. The officers Were: Margaret Van Voorhis, consul: Don Haas, proconsul: Nancy McClure, scribe: Betty Haas, secretary, BOOK LOVERS CLUB The Book Lover's Club, sponsored by Miss Helen Wisely, has finished another successful year. The aim of this club was the study of good literature. At the Christmas meeting appro- priate poems and short stories were read. Throughout the year modern books were reviewed, one of which was given by a guest speaker. The club officers were president. Eileen Lee: secretary, Margaret Sparks: publicity editor, J. Smith. BOOK LOVERS CLUB Row I-K. DeWese, E. Lee, J. Smith. Row 2-A. DeFauw, Miss Wisely, M. Sparks, F, Urban. Forty -...M M, STAGECRAFT CLUB Morgan, T. Horner, M. Hirscher, M. Hollington, B. Bibler. G. Kirk, L. Walters, H. Fitzpatrick. E. Wells, M. Beard. A. Dorsey. R. Huber. Row 3-Miss Switzer, E. Blakeley, R. Long. Row 4-C. Stanfield, H. Shank, G. Roller, B. Redman. STAGECRAFT CLUB The purpose of the Stagecrafr Club was to study the history and theory of the stage. es- pecially scenery and lighting, and to study stage costuming and make-up. It assisted in staging school performances, such as class plays and the Operetta. The officers of the club were president, Josephine Davis: vice president, Charles Stanfieldp secretary-treasurer, Ann Dorsey. The officers were the program committee. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The Library Assistants organization under the direction of Miss Bernice Hathaway has been very active and helpful this year. The classes held for the first half of the year taught the fundamentals of library work such as the classification of books, cataloguing, arrangement of books, study of different reference books, use of Reader's Guide and filing cards. The president was Wanda Konkelg secretary, Jane Wallg reporter, Doris Shively. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Row I-J. XVall, E. Lee, L. Bloom C. Bond, V. Garman. Row 2-M. Wilson, R. Speck. M Bensingcr, W. Konkle, Miss Hath away. Row 3-P. Reamsnyder. M. Wil li'ams, D. Haney, D. Shively. Row 4-A. Moore. B. Glasco. Forty-One 1 Row I-A. Brown, C. Parker, J. Row 2-E, Wittenmyer, E. Brooks, E. Redding, A. Doty, J. Davis, R. Helfrisch, H. Kistler, H. Mc- Donald, K. Sayre, G. Schindler, BIOLOGY CLUB Row I-R. Read, H. Decker, J. Iiickle, W. Lee. Row Z-B. Landing, D. Stuntz. R. Hiegel, H. Baughman, J. Dipert. Row 3-Mr. Lee, M. Hulbert, W. Headley. D. Culp. BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club, sponsored by Mr. G. W. Lee, oifered an opportunity to its members for work on projects in the field of general biology. Reports were given by various members, demonstrations, including one on dissection, were carried out and in addition several outside speakers were guests of the club. The oEicers were Richard Read, president, John Dishon, vice-president: David Stuntz, secretary: James Dipert, publicity agent. CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club, as always, has been very outstanding this year. The gained instructive knowledge from their activity in the club, which probably could from the regular class period. Each student has been permitted to follow his interests. The officers of the year were: Carl Hammond, president: Dick Fishell. Wunder Tabb, secretary: Ruth Cooper, reporter. CHEMISTRY CLUB Row I-R. Cooper, L. Stoner, M. McCleary, A. Feller, M. Long, G. Moses, C. Whisler, E. Stewart. Row Z-B. Hover, R. Hall, M. Parker, R. Loveridge, W. Oxley, T. Miles, R. Sloop. Row 3-Mr. Lawrence, W. Drake, W. Tabb, M. Bixler, I. Provant, D. I-locker, S. Dysinger. Row 4-C. Hammond, C. Marshall. A. Laube, R. Sheldon, R. O'Harra, E. Ritchey. Row 5--H. Neuman, D. Fishell, H. Niemeyer, S. Saller. Row 6-R. Ammons, H. Cooper, B. Switzer, T. Miller, B. Lang- staff. D. Jacobs. Row 7-T. Childs, B. Strouse, J. Williamson. members have not be derived own chemical vice-president, F orty-Two AERO-SCIENCE CLUB Row I-C. Higgins, C. Platt, R. O'Harra. R. Edie, D. Edie. C. Redick, G. Rice, A. Krabill. Rou.'Z-R, Mathias. D. Dyer, W. Baumlein, R. Leatherman, P. Kingery, B. Lauwers. Row 3-fJ. Schibley, H. Huston, A. Hutchinson, R. Pastotius. B. Clingerman, J. Porter, D, Kirk, Row 4-M. Yates, R. Rice, C. Sands. Mr. Bachman, H. Rice. T. Egbert. AERO-SCIENCE CLUB The object of this club was to apply model aircraft to practical aviation. Members in- terested in this field were given information on aviation schools. The study of the construction of real planes was made through the medium of model aeroplanes, Models were displayed before the members. Mr. Bachrnan was sponsor. Officers were president, Robert Rice, vice-president, Darel Dyer: secretary, Charles Platt: publicity, Bill Clingerman. RADIO CLUB This club was organized for experiment and study in the field of radio. The club was divided into two parts. The amateur group was acquainted with parts and construction and were required to build a radio set. The advanced group spent its time on theory and short-wave. Mr. Constien was. the sponsor. Officers: president, Bob NVetherald: secretary, Vaughn Meeks: librarian, Bob Roggeg publicity, Dick Baker. RADIO CLUB Row I-D. Porter, D. Baker. B Shray. L. Miller, A. Alge, R Beck, N. Mathias. Row 2-J. Brown, R. Nesler, L Moss, M. Bash, D. Stoner W. Doty. 1 Row 3-W. Williams, E. Shrier. V ner. Row 4-R. Rogge, V. Meeks, G Love. A. Baughman, B. Niebel son, R. Daughtery. L. Myers, E Bowman. Row 54-R. Price, G. R. Constien W. O'Brien. A. Moorehead, E McDonald. W. Mustard. FortqNThree Opperman. R. Wetherald, J. An- drews, P. Reamsnyder, A. Felk- C. Beardsley, C. Brown, J. Ma- KNITTING CLUB 'zu 1-A. Vv'annamaker, D. Ty- ner, M. Vvfhyland, A. Conine. A, Gohlke, V. O'Neal, R. La- XVarre, E, Johnson. Row 2+-R. E. I-Iosler, M. Kimmel, M. Kunkle, M. Miles. J. Mann. V. Michaefs, M, Konkel, V. Iloyle, C. Bender, L. Haggerty. D. Jackson. Roiu3+R. Bishop, J. Lee, P. Johnson. T. Laub, B. Shaffer. D. Haney, B. Quinlan, V. Comp- ton. Row 4-B. Brown, I. Gohlke, V. Frye, P. Collins, A. Fox, L. I-Iards. Row 5+Miss Anstaert, T. Hart- man, L, Burse, M, Kirkbride, S, Boeracker. Row 6-P. Farison, M, Howard, A. Ingall. KNITTING CLUB The Knitting Club was open to all the girls of the school. Its purpose is to teach the girls different stitches and how to make various articles. Many useful and beautiful things have been made, The club had an exhibition at which each member displayed her own work. Miss Estella Anstaett was the faculty advisor. The officers were Betty Brown, president: .Ioan Lee, publicity agent. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club, sponsored by Misses Hudnell and Fassett was open to senior com- mercial students only. Its purpose was to better acquaint the student with office life. The high- light of the year was the talk given by Miss Inez Roth of the Ohio Oil Company. The club elected as officers this year, Betty Cromer, presidentg Burton Wittenmyer, vice- president: Mary Ellen Greetham, secretary-treasurer: and Dorothy Wise, reporter. COMMERCIAL Rorul--M. Schwinn, B. Redman, B. Cromer, M. Connell. F. Edie, C, Bond. B. Wittenmyer, D. Bond, G. Bingham. Row 2+D, Wise, M. Greetham, M. Cramer, C. Gobrecht, M. Beck, M. Collins, R. Rooney, M, Nichols, M. DuBois, L, Baird, E. Ohl, G. Clapper. Row 3--Miss Fassett, G. Sonnan- stine, M. Minard, E. Roeder, B, Vautaw, L. Leonard. Miss Hud- nell. Forty-Four N KENNEL CLUB Row I-P. Might, J, Bishop, M. Fox, E. Ludi, D. Hoover, J. Baldwin, O, Campbell. Row Z-C, Dantico, M. Hanna,M. Downing, J. Courtney, J. Bunje. B, Yates. Row 3fG. Frack, C. Fleck. B. Overholt, C. Mueller, P. Brink, B. Fry, R, Loach, J. Schwab. Row 4-O, Kistler, P. Pennington, R. Smith, F. Kobe, B. Clark, president. l One of the more popular clubs this year was the Kennel Club, sponsored by Ivlr. Frack. This club had the avowed purpose of studying the breeds of dogs and of learning3 some of the principles for the training and care of dogs. The officers for the past year were: Bob Clark, president: Martha Downing, vice-president: Jack Schwab, secretaryg and Jean Bunje, reporter. OUTDOOR CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mr. Shull this organization had as its aim the conservation of wild life around us, both plant and animal. The work included the study of game and fisih laws, and field trips on which they studied first hand, the kinds of trees, birds and flowers. The officers were Don Alexander, president: Junior Angus, vice-president: Isabel Clark, secretary. OUTDOOR CLUB exander, J. Hollister, R. King. Mr. Shull. Smith, M. Russell, M. Fornes M. Urschalitz, M. Cornwell, G Taylor. Row 5-H, Mitchell. D. Shively Rice. Row 6-E, Glasco. V, Smith. J Naus, D. Gallant, C. Hoffman. 'Row 7-R. Taylor, B. Yates, M -----Y ward. F arty-F ive 0 1 Row I-J. Angus, I. Clark, D. Al- Row ZAB. Reese, M. VanDenburg, C. Killinger, M. Reynolds, M. Williams, M. Rader. A. Nesler, Row 3--J. Stewart, O. Saul, F Row 440. Russell, B. Miller, M. Strathman, R. Weakley, I. Bauer. R, Bausman, S. Brickman, L, Millhouse, W. Gibson, A. Wood' SENIOR ADVISERS Row IYC. Crosser, V. Huber, M. Connell, H, Van Dorn, A. Con- ine, C. Thiele. B. Cromer. Row 2fN. Starliper. E. Bates. M. E. Greetham, M, Snyder. V. Geib, R. Winters, P. Coon. Row 37.1, Lee. iM. Clark, B. Behm. J. Davis, R. Nlischke, C. Go- brecht, M. DuBois, V. DeWoody. Row 4-D. Wise, R. Allison, M. Beck, M, Rankin, L, I-Iards, M. Cramer, L. Burse, Row 5--B. Brown, R. Bishop. M. Schwinn, R. Kirk, F, Edie, M. Nichols, M, Fellabaum. SENIOR ADVISORS The Senior Advisors organization has been composed of a representative group of Senior girls chosen by the girls themselves. It is their duty, as Senior Advisors, to aid sophomores in becoming acquainted with the high school and its rules. They are the leaders of charm school, a class conducted for the benefit of sophomores. Various social functions have been conducted by the separate groups throughout the year. GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves has been one of the service clubs of the school. It establishes a band of friendship, promotes Christian living among the girls, who will serve the community as Christian citizens. Their' slogan is "To face life squarely." Miss Glendora Mills and Miss Lora Wiest were the faculty advisors. Betty Cromer, Isabel Clark, and Nancy McClure hold the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. GI RL RESERVES Row l-J. Morgan, R. Hosler, A. Wanamaker, D. Tyner. A. Rus- sell, R. Duttweiler, M. Michaels. M. Risser, V. O'Neil. E, Gohlke, I. Foreman. R. Shuck, M. Wolfe. Row ZLA, Rogge, D. Yocum, E. Pittman, B. Love, B. Quinlan. E. Neiswander, C. Killenger, M, Williams, C. Bond, W. Vlfilliams, D. Westfall. Row 3iP, Wineland, J, Wall, P. Coon, G. Moore, M. Routson. V. Frye, C. Barton, L. Hards, R. Winters, B. Bibler, B. Vautaw. Row 4-M. Solt. N. McClure, L. Burse, R. Wonder, R. Priddy, R. Speck, A. Felkner, J. Morri- son, B. Shaffer, I. Clark, M. Collins. M, Palmer. Row 5-B. Beagle, M. Clark, M. Greetham, C. Patterson, M. Cooper, G. Wells, M. Spitler, M. I-Iollington, A. Doty. A. Brown. G. Mills, B. Cromer, R. Gar- linger. Row 6-R, Hoffman, H, Clapp, A. Fellers, N. Gallant, V. Ayers, J. Jackson, M. Murphy. M. Wilson, . E. Bates, E. Stewart, M, Miller, J. Burk, H. Harris, B. Gillespie, . O. Saul, J. Shuck. B, Van Gun- ten. L. Bowman. D. Bachman. Forty-Six GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Row 1--G. Leatherman, K. Rensh- lcr. B. Bibler, M. Huber, R. Gar- linger, M. Hollington, B. Gilles- pic, B. Ifassett, P. VJineland, B. Reese. D. Bond. Row 2-D. Best. E. Ohl, C. De- Shurko, J. Bachman. L. Stoner, J. Burk, M. J. Urschalitz. E. Wittenmyer, C. Bond, G. M. Bingham. Row iii Krauss, P. Coon. M. Bair, H. Duttweiler, D. Merten. M. E. Povenmire, A. Wanamaker. A. Cunningham. A. Nloore, Miss Nlarch. Row 4f+N. Starliper, V. Hoile, J. Davis, R. Mischke, B. Miller, M. Strathman, A. Russell, E. L. Bates, M. C. Wiseley. Row 5-A. Conine, T. Laub, G. Howard, D. Shivcly. D. Parker. S. Boeracker, M. Downing, O. Campbell, E. Camp, M. Shank. Row 6-B. Bellinger, H. Holmes, R. Hoffman, R. Winters. C. Crook, M. Semler, J. Crittenden. M. Nichols, N. Harmes, J. Chate- lain. Row 7-E. Baxter, L. Poole, D. Yocum. B. J. Rogge, M. Con- nell, H. Van Dorn, D. Bright. E. Niswander, C. Patterson. D. E. Turner, Bensinger, IW. J. Glasco. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic Association, with Miss March as sponsor, has achieved distinctive honors, The aims of the organization are to develop leadership, promote good health, and foster sportsmanship. The club has gone far in attaining these aims through its projects carried out, such as the grade school volley ball tournamefnt, the field day for out-of-town schools, and the many activities Within the G. A. A. itself. LETTER CLUB The Letter "F" Club is composed of athletes who have received a letter for activity in some sport. The purpose of their club is to sponsor and create a more sportsmanlike attitude among contestants. This is accomplished by the guiding of prospective athletes concerning train- ing and participation. The olficers were Bob Varner, presidentg Arthur Shively, vice-president, William Riley, secretary, and Mr. Dierenfield, sponsor. Forty-Seven LETTER "F" CLUB Back rowfR. Smith. J. Dishon, H. Bishop, E, Miller, R. Bell, P. Rush, D. Hartman, C. Polen, J. XVickham, Middle row-WR. Paul, B. Heckman, D. Baldwin, D. Fox, L. Alge, R. Hendricks, E. Taylor. Front row-E. Roether, A. Shively, W. Wineland, D. Gallegher, Coach H. Dierenficld. Y A c3AP12L.1.A c511o1R Row Ifff, Bond. V. Huber, N. Starlipcr, H, Harris, B. Bnugh- man, R. Nesler, D. Houscr, J. Hcrbst, Prof. Sanderson, M. XVyatt, J. Hoffman, T. Ricketts, E. Bates, l, Foreman, B. Vaulnw, C. Gobrecht. Row Zffli. Edie, J. Burk, M. Vv'ar- ner, R, Shuck. R. liausmzin, R. Jeffery, J. Schwyn. D. Snyder, J. VanFleet, K. Garlinger, M. liry, R. Price. C, Crook, R. Kirk, B. Brown, M. Connell. M. DuBois. Row Sill. Clnpp, M. Routson, Cm, Howard, B. Cromer, H. Cooper, J. Angus, H. Bishop, R. Rogge. , B. NVetherald, R. Clark, R. Dickey. D. Alexander, R, Win- terrowd, R. Cooper, H. Dutt- weiler, M. Huffington, M. Van Voorhis. A CAPELLA CHOIR The A Capella Choir of Findlay Senior High School has given many concerts this year under the direction of Mr. Wendell Sanderson. The outstanding performances were given at thc Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church and the Rotary club. Selections used by the choir were from the Various schools of composition including old ltalian, German. modern Russian and American. OPERA The opera has been, for many years, an annual spring event of the high school and has been sponsored by the music class under the able supervision of Mr. VJendell Sanderson. Miss Ruth Finton, as dramatic director, has merited much praise for her capable assistance. 'Princess Ida," by Gilbert and Sullivan, was the opera presented this year, which was Well produced by a splendid cast. , 1 A , 5 Forty-E1'gI7I ORCHESTRA Row IYR. Wonder, R. Daugherty ald, B. Niebel, L. Medler, L Cramer. Palmerton, B. Mosshart, D Stuntz, V. Altman, J. Chatelain R. Mischke, J. Zaenglein, D Baughman, H. Newcomer. H Schoonover, O. Garlow. Row 3-I. Sonnanstine, B. Hover M. Minard, Mr. Earl Shisler, B ard, R. Beck. ORCHESTRA The orchestra, this year, as in former years, gave its usual sterling performance. It assisted at the Junior and Senior plays and Commencement, and participated in the Buckeye League Fes- tival at Tiffin. It rendered particularly outstanding Work in the presentation of the comic opera, Princess Ida. lt might be noted that among other difficulties of this production, most of the orchestral scores were written in manuscript. BAND The High School Band, under the capable direction of Mr. Earl Shisler, was composed of sixty members this year. lts appearance at all athletic contests - - both at the stadium and in the gym - - did much to heighten the spirit of these occasions. In addition to an excellent chapel program, the organization took part in the Buckeye League Festival at Tiffin and the Upper Sandusky Festival. BAND Turner, R. Stears, M. Murray R. Eppley, W. Woodward, Schoonover, H. Newcomer. Hover, F. Headley. FDI UQZ as O pus TJ Er 5 2 F9 ar M 4-4 E. V. s-0 35 ' af E Tl: Row Z-W. Oppferman, D. Fuller. Niebcl, B. Niebel, R. Edie, Dipert, H. Shank, J. Farison. Baughman, J. Zaenglein. Wese, V. Pratt, R. Daugherty. Row 4-R. English, M. Taylor, M Shank, R. Mischke, l. Provant lTl31'l. Row 54R. Cain, M. Jumper, B Daugherty, B. Hover, K. Stears T. Egbert, C. Hammond, Mr Shisler, B. Wetherald, G. Loach M, Moore. Forty-Nine M. Saul, D. Turner, B. Wether- Row 2-J. Lundy, R. Williams, A. Baughman, J. Crosser, G. How- Row14O. Trackler, M. Fike. D. Flowers, Dan Flowers. M. De- R. Beck, A. Palmerton, K. Fore- SPORTS CLUB Row l-J, Brenner. M. Saul, D. Rogers. R. Wall. R. Uncapher. L, Solomon. Row 2-J. Mclrlaugh, M. Roberts, R. Hartman, P. Capell, J. Court- ney, J. Farison. Row 3-S. Hall, O. Cmrlow, B. Curtiss, J. Reed, L. Predmore. H. Bower, W. St. Myers, D. Crook, B. Gillespie. Row 47.1 Lorenz, D. Snyder, R. Brown. H. Fcllers. R. Williams. J, Kelley. Row 5-S. Buerkholder, J. Van- Fleet, R. Busick, Mr. Keller, B. Denison. SPORTS CLUB This club sponsored by Mr. Keller was one of the new clubs at Findlay High School this year, The club studied the rules and methods of playing the various major sports. Its members oificiated at all the home room games and sponsored a basketball tournament for all high school students. The officers were: Don Denison, president: Robert Brown, vice-president, and Max Roberts, secretary. RECREATION CLUB Under the sponsorship of Miss Wiseley this group has made a study ofp modern methods of supervised recreation including nature work, handicraft, and bookbinding. Much time was devoted to the study of playgrounds in Detroit, Cleveland, and New York City. The officers of this organization were: Ruth Mischke, president: Geraldine Howard, vice- president: Jane Chatelain, secretary-treasurer: Maxine Cooper, reporter. RECREATION CLUB Row 14.1. Krauss, P. XVineland, C. This-le, R. Mischke. V. Geib. X Row! -M. Williams, M. Cooper, W G. Howard. E. Baxter, G. Lea- therman, K. Renshler. Row iv- -M. Misamore. B. Terwil- liger, J. Chatelain. D. Turner, Miss D. Wiseley, D. Westfall, Fifty I JUNIOR PLAY Donald. E. Hoffman. Row 3--Mr. Todd, JUNIOR PLAY Thrills! Chillsl Quivers! Shiversl "The Bat," an exciting mystery play by Mary Roberts Rinehart was ably presented this year by our Junior class. The plot centered around a notorious criminal known as the Bat, who invaded the home of a spinster and committed several cold blooded murders. Later the murders were finally solved, and the identity of the Bat was learned. Mr. Todd directed the play. SENIOR PLAY The graduating class of 1936 presented "Ladies of the Jury," a fast-moving, vastly enter- taining comedy of the court room. It is one of the most famous satires that has ever been written on the jury system, and what really occurs in a jury-room when an accused's life is at stake was vividly displayed by the cast through the splendid direction of Mr. Todd. SENIOR PLAY C. Crosser. R. Bishop. erts, Mr. Todd, P. Coon. Fifty-One Q Row I-R. Dickey. J. Moran, K. Concannon, M. Palmer, H. Mc- Row 24K. Garlinger, C. Smith, M. Wyatt, R. Bookwalter, M. Frye. Row I-F. Edie, J. Eoff, V. Huber. E. Bates, J. Lee, lj. Baughman, Row 2-fD. Alexander. C. Ham- mond, R. Higgins, W. Wineland. S. Hoover, J. Adams, B. Cromer. Row 3-R. Wethcrald, D. Houser, D. Patterson, R. Rogge, T. Rob- 1 mi DEBATE TEAMS Row I-K. Sayre, K. Concannon. Row Z-D. Patterson, Mr. A. L. Nlattoon, J. Wallen. DEBATE TEAMS Mr. Mattoon has again turned out an outstanding debate team. The de- baters feel that any success which they have attained is to a great degree due to the untiring efforts of Mr. Mattoon. During the season over forty debates were participated in, including con- tests in both the State and Buckeye Leaguesg Findlay Won the District Cham- pionship, but they Were defeated by Troy in the quarter finals. Troy later won the State Championship. The successful season was climaxed when Findlay Won the annual Heidel- berg Debate Tournament at Tiffin. Findlay's record of eight victories in nine starts gave our school first place in competition with thirty-one other high schools from Ohio and Pennsylvania. DEBATE TEAMS Row I-F. Flowers, M, E. Wilson. D. Flowers. Row 2-W. Hover, H. Newman. Fifty-Two HOBBY CLUB Row If-P. Folk. M. Clark. H Gray, B. Staulfer. R. Worstein Miller, R. Meyers, M. Bair. stettler. HOBBY CLUB The purpose of this club was to provide an activity for all those who had particular hobby interests which were not included in other clubs. Mr. Hochstettler was the sponsor. The officers the first semester were Richard Meyers, president: Helen Gray, secretary: Maxine Clark, reporter. The second semester officers were Medford Bair, president: Jack Miller. vice-president: Maxine Clark, secretary: Raymond 1Kresser, reporter. A PEN ART CLUB The Pen Art Club was sponsored by C. H. Haverfield. Its purpose was to teach those pupils interested in pen work as a hobby, the art and history of writing. Different types of script are developed and practised. Appreciation of writing is worked for as an end. The officers were presidernt, Dick Dorsey, vice president, Frances Johnston: secretary- treasurer, Mary Jane Pike: publicity agent, Mary Jane Pike. PEN ART CLUB Kistler, C. McMahon. Sink, F. Johnson. Polen. Fifty-Three Row 2-J. O'Neal, R. Kresser, J. Row 3-D. Loveridge, Mr. Hoch- Row I-M, Schmidt, E. Fellcrs, N. Row Z-M. Pike. M. Semler. E. Row 3iMr. Haverfield, R. Bright. J. Sonnanstine, D. Bright, O. -I SENIOR HI-Y Row I-S. Hoover. Row ZQH. Bishop, N. Arnold. Row 3-H. Hoadley, R. Smith, W. Wineland. Row 4-G. Hart. G. Love, W. Tabb, R. Powell. Row 5+-J. Wallen, D. Baker, B. Higgins, D. Flowers, B. Niebel. Row 6-F. Flowers, D. Houser, D. Orwick, B. Yates, D. Patterson, B. Daugherty, D. Denison, T. Roberts. Row 7--B. O'Brien, C. Kirk, J. Schwyn, Mr. Mosshart, V. Meeks, R. Rogge, D. Alexander, A. Moorhead. R. Beck. JUNIOR HI-Y Row I-C. Dantico. Row 2-K. Sayre, H. McDonald. Row 3-B. Hover, R. Loveridge, H. Cooper. Row 4-D. Armacost, B. Dickey, S. Dysinger, R. Bookwalter. Row 5-R. Rosencrans. H. Neu- man, B. Simon, S. Sterling. Row 6--N. Rabkin, J. Hoffman, J. Wickham, D. Beardsley, B. Carlin, T. Child. SOPHOMORE HI -Y Row I-G. Goudy, B. Mosshart, H. Decker, M. Saul, C. Crook, H. Shank. Row Z-C. Fellers, J. Dipert, C. Higgins, C. Platt. R. George, E. Blakley. Row 3-R. Read, M. Roberts, J. Reed. D. Stuntz, H. Hauer. Row 4-E. Schrier, R. Heigle, G. Steenson. J. Courtney, R. Eppley, B. Mustard. Row 5-Mr. Frack. R. Porter, J. Schaefer, W. Clingerman. J. Herhst. HI-Y CLUBS The Hi-Y Clubs of Findlay Senior High have expanded greatly during' the past year and have actively interested themselves in backing the various school projects. Many interesting dis- cussions on how best "To create. maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character" have been held in the three divisions of the club. The officers and sponsors for the three divisions during the past year were: Senior: Sidney Hoover, president, Harold Bishop, vice-president: HoWard'Hoadley, secretary: Mr. Mosshart. sponsor. Junior: Harold McDonald, president: Kermit Sayre. vice-president: Tom Child, secre- tary: Mr. Robbins, and Mr. Constien, sponsors. Sophomore: David Stuntz, president: Millard Saul, vice-president: Richard Reed, secretary, Mr. Frack, sponsor. Fifty-Four SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Row I-V. De Woody, M. Dindal. E. Baughman, V. Huber. H. Williams, C. Crosser, Row Z-W. Williams. C. Crooke. V. Ayres, R. Poynton, J. Eoff. E, L. Bates. Row 3--T. Roberts, B. Bellinger. N, Starliper, R, Kirk, R. Win- ters, B. Behm. Row 4-K. Palmer, J. Beltz, M, Fellabaum, D. Bachmann, Miss Shilling. Row 5-D. I-Iouser, J. Adams. JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Row I-L, Medler, C. Saunders, J. Moran, M. Spitler, J. Wall, M. Solt, R. Winterrowd, M. Buf- fington, R. Garlinger, I. Fore- man, B. Fassett, M. Julien. Row 2-M. Kemerley, C. Deshurko, B. Gillespie, M. Miller. M. Palmer, I. Johnston, M. Michaeis. M. Newman. Row 3-M. Swarat, C. Patterson, M. Bair, P. Rush. M. Routson, J. Burk, A. Cunningham, D. Beam, M. Shank, L. Dehnhoif, C. Crowl. Row 4-E. Maurer, A. Moore. R. Shuck. L. Snyder, B. Beagle, J, Bachman. Row 5-K. Garlinger, M. Fry, M. Wyatt, B. Catlin, N. Rabkin. R. Rosencrans, C, Smith, Miss Finton. SOP HOMORE DRAMATIC CLUB Row I-M. Moore, T. Marshall. L. Bloom, N. Harmes, E, Niswan- der, B. Love, A. Felkner, J. Crittenden, J. Crosser, U. G31-. HIBIIQ Row 2-B. Baughman, M. Bright, E. Pittman, M. Murphey. B. Beltz, H. Clapp, M. Thompson, F. Hummell, G. Moore, B. Van Gunten, E. Coombs. Row 3-D. Tarbox. V. Altman, D. Dunathan, A. Rogge, I.. Poole, L. Bowman, L. Wolfe, R. Shuck, C. Barton, E. Swihart. Row 4-N. Stevens, U. Jacobs, J, Lambdin, J. Morrison, M. Miller, B. Smith. Row 5-T. Hardman, G. Stienson, R. Hoffman, B. Williamson, A. Hinton' D' Geofge. J. Schuck. RO'-U 5413- Cllfwin. D. Yocum. J. Johns, D. Warts. DRAMATIC CLUBS The three dramatic clubs were organized to meet the needs and the demands of students who desired the cultivation of poise, an improvement in speech, and an appreciation of dramatic literature. The Work was divided among the three clubs - - the Senior Club, sponsored by Miss Shilling and specializing in the reading aloud of plays: the Junior Club, sponsored by Miss' Finton, endeavoring to teach an appreciation of dramatics by directing and producing plays, and the Sophomore Club, sponsored by Miss Moran, offering an excellent opportunity to Sophomores to become better acquainted with the first essentials of dramatics. The club presidents were Tom Roberts, Mary Julien, and Marlowe Moore. Fifty-Five W rl Athletics m,,,,. S17- .M an qw. .nw From the great open spaces of the West carne our new Coach of Football, Mr. Harold Dierenfield, With a success- ful record, both as player and coach. Mr. Dierenfield -developed a Trojan team Worthy of past traditions. Under his guidance the team Was characterized by its sportsmanship, fighting qualities and courage. In addi- tion to football, Mr. Dierenfield ably assisted Mr. Bachrnan in Basketball. With his friendly and pleasant nature Mr. Dierenfield has made his place with us. Mr. Bachman completed his second year as Varsity Coach of Basketball With a second in the Buckeye League, victor of the District Tournament, and runner up for the state. Such a record betokens athletic ability, hard Work and a friendly and understanding knowledge of his players. Basketball does not occupy all his time for in the fall he is assistant coach of football and in the spring has charge of the golf tearn. 'M Fifty-Eight Harold Dierenfield Carl Bachman MANAGERS In the glamour of an athletic victory we sometimes forget that the time and effort given by our managers has been a most vital and important contribution to that Victory. Their Work is not only an important part of our athletic pro- gram, but it is also very difficult and requires a great deal of time. The managers are the first persons to arrive at a game or a practice, and are likewise the last to leave. They have complete charge of all equipment, and must keep it in the best possible con- dition. Besides all of the time required for this work they must not neglect theirg studies for their names must appear on the eligibility list the same as those of any player. The fact that in the past our mana- gers have not received as much formal recognition as the teams should make us appreciate their fine service even more. Fifty-Nine Walters. MANAGERS Row I4D. George. B. Hiegel, J. Schwab, R. Rogers, R. Weakly, D. Hartman, D. Green. Row 2-R. Galleher, H. Cooper, A. Krabill, R. Bookwalter. W. Muel- ler, R. Rice, N. Stevens, C. v O LU E. V D FOOTBALL SQUAD Iv-J. Wickhanl Taylor, W. Wineland, B. arner, R. Paul, D. Baldwin, J. ishon, R. Smith, E, Roether, W. Riley. LU IE A . Shively, B Busic R. Ri Wittenmyer, tchey, R. Bell. Football This year's football introduced night games to the Trojan followers. In all, four games were played here under the lights and this novel experience brought out many followers to see the Trojans break through their first games in grand style, but a few injuries and a lessening of spirit broke their stride. However, they played good, hard, clean football throughout, not stopping until the last Whistle blew, and this characteristic attitude often made defeat easier to bear. Mr. Dierenfield had six lettermen for a nucleus of the 1935 team and many able, yet inexperienced recruits to fill in. Another feature which will promote football is the starting of Junior High games at Donnell and Glenwood and this will save the teaching of fundamentals by the head coach and allow him to work on the fine points. On the basis of scores the team didn't fare so well, but the principle of the game is to foster a competitive spirit, good sportsmanship and physical fitness. The first part of the season netted us three straight wins, then a loss, then another victory. Bigger and better competition cost us three games and one tie. The highlight of the season was the Columbus South game. With every- one in their prime the boys romped to a 27 to O score, everything working like a well-oiled machine. In the Fostoria game the Black and Red warriors stopped several advances on their goal line to hold us to a 0 to 0 score. They made but one slash at the goal but were stopped. This tie game is the only one in the annals of Findlay- 2-Mr, Dierenf ld C Wl rs, J. Brandman, J. Van Fleet, k, J. Porter, S. Dysinger, Fostoria competition. Findlay 47 ---- Bluffton Findlay 13 - - Bowling Green Findlay 27 - Columbus South Findlay 7 - - ------- Tillin Findlay 7 - - - Marion Findlay 0 ---- Fremont Findlay l-1 - - Lima Central Findlay O - - - Sandusky Findlay 0 - - Fostoria . R. Hendricks, Hackman. R. T. Child. E. Sixty Basketball A basketball squad possessing the cooperation, speed, alertness and ability displayed by this year's Trojans deserves much recognition. Their perform- ances show how well they played, but the season's record and many highlights throughout the season give us more proof of the way in which they played. Under the direction and coaching of Carl Bachman, the squad earned many distinctions of which the following are the most prominent: 18 victories out of 22 games played, victory over Sandusky, victory over Fostoria, second place in the Buckeye League, runner-up in the State tournament at Columbus. Since these things were accomplished by a squad that had only three seniors it is ex- pected that next year's season will be even better and more successful than this year s. Not enough praise has been given to Carl Bachman for his interest, tireless efforts and sacrifice to make and produce a winning team. The 1935-36 season's record follows: Findlay Coshocton 29 Findlay Sandusky 24 Findlay Glouster Zl Findlay Bowling Green 28 Findlay Tiffin 12 Findlay Kenton 26 Findlay Lima Central 14 Findlay Toledo Libbey 24 Findlay Fremont 26 Findlay Kenton 34 Findlay Sandusky 36 Findlay Bucyrus 25 Findlay Fostoria 26 Findlay Elyria 23 Findlay Tiffin 12 Findlay Canton McKinley 30 Findlay Lima South l9 Findlay Marietta 23 Findlay Fremont 34 Findlay Newark 32 Sixty-One J. Mason, Taylor, J. BASKETBALL SQUAD Row I-H. Bishop, C. Polen, E. Wickham. R. Rogge. B. I-lcckman, D. Hartman. Row Z-W. Mueller. R. Clark, R. Baldwin, J. Schaefer, R. Brow J. Morrison, Mr. Bachman. Row 3--D. Galleher, J. Van Fleet, J. DeHave i JOHN WICKHAM EARL ROETHER -FULLBACK - TACKLE -HALFBACK - QUARTER "Big Boy" John, two year man, "Bottle" was our best blocker in back next year, was plenty hard the backfield, and always brought to stop at full. them down on defense. VJILLIAM HECKMAN--END JOHN DISHON-END ARTHUR SHIVELY--TACKLE Bill caught plenty of passes this John neuer left anything get around For three years Art did his part on year and we expect big things of his end and gave his best at all the line, both on defense and of- him next year. times. fense. RALPH HENDRICKS-END RICHARD BALDWIN-TACKLE Another flanker who worked hard A boy who held down his position in there to break up the enemies' well and who will be back next offense. year. Vt . it 'W 1' W L l Sixty-Two lil fl WENDAL WINELAND-GUARD WILLIAM RILEY-HALFBACK ROBERT VARNER--CENTER "Pickle," a guard for two years, Bill, captain and signal caller, topped Bob, a two year' man at center, ran interference and broke through his three year career with his spark- was also a great aid in backing up the opposition consistently. ling ball carrying and tackling. the line. DICK GALLEHER-HALFBACK EDWARD TAYLOR Another fast backfield man who A big soph who 'always broke worked hard at his half in our through the opposition to spill speedy backfield combination. them for a loss. BOB SMITH-HALFBACK RAYMOND PAUL-GUARD RUSSELL BELL-QUARTERBACK Bob could always be depended upon "Deafy," dependable guard, also Our diminutive quarter' was an ac- for a gain around end with his fast got us out of plenty of holes with curate passer, a great little runner. running. his accurate punting. and consistently returned punts, Sixty-Three BILL CHAD HECKMAN POLEN JOHN XVICKHAM V - HAROLD BISHOP BOB BROWN BILL HECKMAN CHARLES POLEN Bill attended Findlay High for his first time this year and really made good. Height, cleverness, and calm- ness were outstanding qualities and he always used them in striving to- ward victory. ROBERT BROXVN Bob, playing his second year on the varsity, showed an excellent fighting spirit so necessary for a winning team. YVe are looking forward to seeing him in action next year. JOHN WICKHAM A tall clever center is always an asset to a team and John answered this purpose very well. Along wilh these he displayed plenty of hard work and fight. I Sixty-Four Chad, displaying excellent floor work, and basket shooting, was one of the mainstays on the team. "Mz'llard" was chosen as one of the forwards on the all state team. HAROLD BISHOP Harold, at all times cool and cau- tious managed to keep the team in a fighting spirit. "Pee Wee," an excellent d rib ble r and basket shooter, pulled the team out of many a hole. I BOB BOB ROGGE ' CLARK DICK BALDXVIN DICK HARTMAN ED TAYLOR z BOB ROGGE ROBERT CLARK Bob was a regular who had plenty of fight and spirit. His fine de- fensive work and his offensive play- ing often resulted in a win for Findlay. DICK HARTMAN Dick, appearing for the first time on the varsity squad, displaying such ability that he secured a place on the first team which he kept the entire season. "Oliver" returns. DICK BALDWIN When speaking of hard-fighting players, Dick always came to the front. His teamwork and willing- ness to cooperate were qualities that marked him as a good player. Sixty-Five Bob was one of the boys depended upon in the tight spots. He was always ready and willing to give his best. Bob will be back next year. EDXVARD TAYLOR ln the reserve games, Ed took the lead and was high-scorer in most of the games. Being a sophomore enables us to think he will be a first-stringer in no time. Y' iii if U i If ll? tl li M TRACK SQUAD Row I-B. Clingerman, L. Miller. A. Lauhe, R. Wall, C, Platt, K. Misamore, R. Leatherman. B. Landing, R. Switzer, J. Todd. Row 2-S. Saller, C. Fox, R. Smith, D. Denison, R. Powell, R. Galle- her. P. Rush, E. Ritchie, G, Love, R. Hartman, J. Van Fleet. Row 3-B. Wise, H. Mitchell. C. Marshall, J. Del-laven, T. Miller. J. Martin, J. Morrison. J. Wick- ham, A. Woodward, J. Wallen. A. Morehead, S. Hall, W. Wil- liams, I. Bowman, R. Nesler, Mr. Keller. Track Despite the handicaps of bad weather and lack of equipment, a good number of boys turned out for the track squad this year. The squad was capably handled by Coach L. C. Keller. He trained the boys for their various events so that all received the maxi- mum benefit and training but were not over- worked. Much credit is due the boys for their faithful practice after school every night in order that our school might present a good comparison with the track teams from other schools. Men who had experience in last year's meets formed the nucleus of this year's track team. Some of those returning were Dicki Galleher, 220 yard and quarter-milerg Don Fox, high and broad jumper and hurdler: Howard Mitchell, javelin thrower and hurd- ler: Philip Rush, dash mang Eugene Ritchey, distance many and John Wickham in the field events. An unusual spirit of cooperation was pre- sented by the squad in preparation for the schedule which consisted of:- Lima Central Cherel ------ April 25 Tiffin Columbian ftherej ---- May 2 Buckeye League Meet Cherej - - May 9 District Meet CToledoD - - - May 15-16 Invitational Meet Chereb ----- May 23 Sixty-Six Cheerleaders Findlay High's athletic contests would cer- tainly be incomplete Without our cheer lead- ers. Our games would not be so lively and interesting if the cheer leaders were not con- stantly on the job. Besides making the game more interesting for the spectators We must remember that the support which is demon- strated on the sidelines, and which is created largely through the efforts of the cheer leaders, is frequently a vital factor in bringing about a much needed score. The cheer leaders are on hand at every game lending their support to the team when it is most needed. This in itself is no easy task, but it is far more difficult to face a huge crowd of somewhat reluctant persons, and to lead them in the cheer that has a tendency to urge the team on to victory. Moist of us Would be unable to do the work of the cheer leaders in the capable man- ner that has been typical of the Work which they have done this year under the able super- vision of Miss March. Let us not only recognize and appreciate the fine Work that our cheer leaders are doing, but in the future let us also give them more enthusiastic cooperation. Sixty-Seven ill H W 4 il li if ll li i rl' 1 ii, Ili' all ll! ll f ,Y H .. ' i- Hyljgmvrl., CHEERLEADERS Row I-E. Schricr, E, Ohl, D. Yocum, Row 2411 Egbert, D. Tyner, B. Smith. .-I INTER-CLASS TRACK MEET Row I-B. Powell, R. Galleher, C. Platt, K. Misamore, E. Ritchey. D. Fox. GOLD MEDAL CHAMPS Row I-R. Carlin, A. Woodward, N. Rabkin. Row Z-J. Brandman, J. Martin, D. Jacobs, D. Dorsey, 212 BASEBALL CHAMPS Row I-G. Clapper, D. Gallant, C Brown, L. Alge, R. Dietsch, A Felkner. ROLUZ-L. Baird, D. Flowers, C Beardsley, F. Flowers, H. Bishop. N. Arnold. BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row I--D. Green, B. Gillespie, K Garlinger. Row 2-S. Dysinger, E. Hoffman, D Fox, R. Hartman. TUMBLING TEAM Row I--S. Saller, D. Fox, R. Switzer, C. Marshall. RouJ2-F. Abell, J. Browne, L Miller, Row 3-H. Decker. E l Boys' lntra-murals Intramural sports this year included indoor and outdoor baseball basketball track and tennis. Home room 212 took the indoor baseball and home rooms 205 and 202 the basketball "A" and "B" leagues, respectively. This was the most successful competition from the standpoint of interest and number playing as there had been for several years. A tennis tournament climaxed the 1935-36 sports year. Sixty-Eight Girlfs' lntra-murals GIRLS' KICK DODGE BALL Row I-M. Glasco, M, Nichols, T. Laub, V. Frye, H. Holmes. Row Z--M. Dindal, D. Merten, M. Downing, J. Krauss, G. Howard. R. Mischke fabsentj. BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row I-H. Miller, D. Merten, 'M. Nichols, R. Mischke. Row 2-M. Cmlasco, T. Laub, M, Downing, J, Krauss. GIRLS' BOWLING Row I-E. Bates, O. Campbell, M. Van Voorhis. Row 2-J. Krauss, A. Rogge, M. Beck, R. Mischke fabsentj, M. Reynolds. GIRLS' SVVIMMING TEAM Row I-J. Burk, A. Rogge, L. Poole, C. Bond, H. Holmes, C. Crowl, M. Van Voorhis, R. Friend. Row Z-B. Haas, M. Wiseley, A. Cunningham, S. Boeracker, M. Downing, O, Campbell, C. Crook, J. Krauss, M. Dindal, R. Mischke Cabsentj. VOLLEY BALL Row I-J. Baldwin, M. Bensinger, E. Camp, J. Crittenden, E. Baxter, Row 2+V. Arnold, R. Breidigan, J. Barnhart, D, Bright, A. DePauw The high school has afforded an opportunity for all girls to take part in the various sports in which they are interested. Under the capable direction of Miss Esther March intra-mural sports have been developed to a high degree. The popular sports during the past year were kick- dodge ball, basketball, volley ball, deck tennis, and baseball. Tournaments were carried on be- tween home rooms and individually selected teams. Sixty-Nine M TENNIS TEAM Row I-C. Herbst, Row 2--R. Bell, R. R. Willi Row 3+P. man, A. XV. Tabb, B. Mosshart. Row 1+L. Andrews, Row Z-Mr. Bachman, C. Polen, C. Van Brunt, R. Wetherald. M. Nlorehart. Clapper, D. Blosser. J. R. Weakley. Carlin, R. Hocker, R. Eppley. Uncaphor. ams, W. Agner. Hochstetrler, H. Neu- Baughman, J. Hoffman. TENNIS The tennis squad attracted a large number of candidates this year, Little is heard of this sport and yet in the past two years, it has established a record of two undefeated seasons. New material added greatly to the strength of the team which had only a few varsity mem- bers out. The schedule provided stiff opposition including, Bowling Green, Bluffton, Lima Cen- tral, and the Toledo tournament, GOLF With the coming of spring, golf clubs swing and Findlay High ushers in a new schedule for the divot diggers. Mr. Bachman who coached the boys this year had plenty of material for a good team. He needed a par breaking bunch to compete in the six match schedule with Bowling Green, Waite, and Lima Central and to come through in the District Meet also. GOLF TEAM ' Moss, R. Hartman, J. B. Gillespie, I.. Baird. Seventy Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov. Nov Nov. Nov. Nov Nov. Dec, Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan, Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. :fl Calendar 9-School opens. 12-Sophomores still wandering around. Has anyone seen Saul? 19-Down to routine of study. UD 21-First game - - Bluffton 47-O. Riley runs Wild. Z4-Hi-Y and Girl Reserves convene. 25-Lecture - - Mr. Scherer - - The Glamorous Orient. -Student Council organizes - - Wallen, president. 27-B. G. 13-0. "Killer" makes a tackle. -Seniors elect. Columbus South 27-0. Doings at the Southern. -First Chapel - - Kinley and Matteson. -Clubs. clubs. and more clubs. -Chas. E. Barker - - the model student - - Oh, yeah. Tiffin Col. 7-13 - - ouch! -Marion 7-0. That's better. -Harpist - - quick change artist - - zing Zing - - -Chapel - - Constein's prodigees. 1-Fremont --we lost - - Ted's in the dark again. -Johnson brothers lecture - - snakes - in - the - grass. 7-Lima Central 18-20 and in the mud, too. 13-Chapel 206, 207. Wllere are our radio experts? -Girl's Mixer - - hobocs. -Sandusky O-41 - - 'nuff said. -Finklestine - - 'iTake a number from one to ten." -Some prefer private bonfires. -Chapel 204, 205 - - Dickey solos. Bonfire. -Thanksgiving - - Fostoria 0-0 - - Footballers break over, fin more Ways than onel at Sigma Delta Dance. 5-Foreign politics - - Dorothy Fuldheim - - first performance of "The Bat." 6-"The Bat" - - guess they got him for good this time. 10-Acquaintance Nite - - "1'd die if I had to climb these steps every day" - - but we love it. Some of the boys play nursemaid. 11-C. Warner Williams - - Nichols in clay. 13-Basketball opens at Coshocton 36-29. 14-Glouster goes down before the Trojan avalanche, 24-21. G. A. A. scores at B. G. 18-Senior Class Chapel - - W'allen orator. -Tiffin 38-12. Senior rings sprout in unexpected places. 27-Lima Central 32-14 - - Boys develop some speed Working out in cold gym. -Levy passes - - some of the boys wander back home. 23-Back to school - - oddities - - Roberts with Mertz - - Arnold and Harris. 24-Tiffin swamped 21-12 - - maybe this game "Mono-poly" has some influence. 27-Debaters open up. -Mr. Kinley - - "Figuratively speaking." 31-Lima South 20-19 - - oh my heart! 7-Fremont 32-34 - - tough. 8-End of semester - - 3 down and 3 to go. Seventy-One Feb. Feb. 10-Constein, the new Dean. 12-Plantation Singers - - Hondy, hondy, hondy. Feb. 14--Sandusky 32-24 - - revenge is sweet. And by the way sweets and flowers are in ordex. Feb. 16-Nieble, Love, Powell - - bedroom slippers. Feb. 17-Debate with Clyde - - anyone here got a cold? Feb. 19-"Midsummer Night's Dream." Feb. 20-Foxwell - - magic - - Sayre loses his shirt. Feb. 21-Safety lecture - - Krauss is jealous, she wants a dollhouse too. Feb. 22-B. G. 19-28 - - too much said. Feb. 26-Chapel - - Sophomore Hi-Y - - Saul. orator. Feb. 28-Girl Reserve dinner. March 4-Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. shows film to Manual Training Class. March 5-Crash! Bang! Tumble! - - Jiu-Jitsu. March 10-Debaters lose out to Troy in quarter-finals of State League. March 13-Boys come thru first round at Bucyrus. March 14-Northwestern District Champs - - cups n' everything. March 18-Chapel - - Junior Class. March 19-Elyria put out by the skin of their teeth at Columbus. March 20-Heading for the cup - - Canton McKinley. March 21-Runners-up in the State. Chad sick and the rest of the gang tired. March 23-"The man with the candid camera." March 25--"Finer Shades of Honor." - - Weepy Huber. March 26-"Princess Ida" - - What a marvelous ending Cat least Marilyn liked it.D March 27-Ditto - - only better. Chad carries out threat to quit Thompson. March 28-Sr. Scholarship Test - - poets, history - - headache. April 1-A new swimming pool? Oh, you nassy man, Arnold. April 2-Roman banquet by Latin dept, - - Roast pork! April 3--Findlay's breathe and blow team walks through the Heidelberg Debate Tournament? April 5-Hi-Y breakfast - - more pancakes Hart? April 8-College Day - - Student Council Round Table - - Mr. Kinley blushes! April 15-Chapel - - band concert - - Wethy gets hot on the flute. April 17--Soloists at Ada. Band at Upper. April 24-Fire! Hot for A. Z. Dance. April 25-Track team loses to Lima Central - - Did someone say something about a dance last night? April 29-Sophomore Class Chapel. May 1-Music festival at Tiffin - - Cramming, for Scholarship tests. Oh yeah! May 2-Bowling Green District Scholarship Test. May 6-Chapel 4 - - "Dust of the Road." May 9-Commercial test at B. G. May 14-Lecture by Nelson Covey. May 15-Major Frack's amateurs - - Bong! May 22-Oh, you spellers. May 28-Recognition Day - - they forgot me. May 29-Sr. Play - - "Ladies of the Jury." June 5-Prom - - "Let's Face the Music and Dance." June 7-Baccalaureate Service. ' June ll-Commencement - - Arnold really got one - - so there Huber. Seventy-Two Entertain At the E L K S' G R I L L for BANQUETS LUNCHEONS TEAS Call BETTY HIRZEL for Suggestions and Arrangements Compliments Of COLLINGWQQD A FRESHIES PRAYER "I want to be a Senior, and with the Seniors stand With a fountain pen behind my ear and a notebook in my hand. I wouldn't be a president, I wouldn't be a king, I wouldn't be an emperor for all that wealth can bring, I wouldn't be an angel, for angels have to I would rgggliingena Senior, and never do LAST OF THE O'BRIENS Bill didn't listen, look or, stop. They towed his flivver to the shop. It didn't take a week or two To make the car look good as new. But though they yet are hunting, still They found no extra parts for Bill. io.. Two boys were discussing the draught in Iowa. 'AThe oats is the shortest this year that it has ever been," says one. "Yes sir, I'm afraid we'l1 have to lather ours before we mow it," said the other. HALLENSH Fashion Shoppe 335 South Main Street FINDLAY, OHIO rvvv- 'iThe Shoppe of Distinction" Women's Wearing Apparel and Accessories DIE r-1 SCH CGNFECTIUNERIES Home Made Chocolates and Ice Cream 533 North Main Street 604 South Main Street PENNEY'S FOR SAVINGS On Fashion Firsts - - - In Quality Clothing - - Accessories - - and Shoes FOR EVERY MEMBER OE THE FAMILY J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. 408-412 South Main Street FINDLAY, OHIO Compliments Of S 81 S DRUG STORE Opposite Court House Y' 'K' 'X' George T. Stringfellow Robert J. Shoemaker Freshman: 'AMama, may I go out tonight?" Sophomore: "Going out tonight mothu. home at ten." Junior: "Going out tonight dad." Senior: 'iGoodnight, dad. I'll bring in the milk." -oi Barber shave, Man sneezeg Man dead. Next please. -0- A couple visiting at the zoo, were looking at their first giraffe. He said to her, "Metty', t'ey ain't no sitch t'ing." SOME ORDER H H Customer fentering restaurantj :"E. U. LIFE TIME GIFTS OF QUALITY N. E. M?" ' I - waiter: Hs. V. E. M." 'mlud"7g Sfaiiigeffsl X? Diamonds, Watches, Necklaces, Customer: HO. K. M. N. X." and S -o- g History Teacher Cto Doris Shivelyf 1 "How at much water is there in the Atlantic Ocean?'i Doris: "Thousands and thousands: yes, millions and millions of bucketfulsf' ..O.. Mary: 'AI had a nut sundaef' Jean B.: "I have one calling tonight." G. R. Thompson 81 Son 107 Court Place "Lovely Things 7 at Little Prices " The Page Dairy Phone Main 1057 . . . Findlay, Ohio MILK - - CREAM - - BUTTER - - ICE CREAM THE FINDLAY PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers Of T H E Bepuhlinan : fiuurisr Ear Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Every Day Your Healtlfs Sake Ushoupek Shoes Fi", Lawrence V. Hosler SHQUPES Insurance and Bonds VValkover Boot Shop FINDLAY, oH1o 334 S. MAIN ST. MAIN 505 J Oh Bank Bldg. Phone Maxn HPERFECTION BRANDH CANNED VEGETABLES AT YOUR GROCER The A. E. Dorsey Co. ROSS 81 SNYDER Complzments Of Sign Company A Manufacturers Of Neon Signs i Painted Displays HOTEL 211 North Main Phone Main 8 HE NATIO AL LIME SL STO E CQ. EINDLAY, OHIO MQ...- Crushed Stone for ALL Purposes M4-.... AGRICULTURAL LIME FINISHING LIME MASON'S LIMI1 'Twas midnight in the parlor, 'Twas darkness everywhere, The stillness was unbroken, For there was no one there. Moi.. How I wish that some debater, Versed in all forsonic laws, Would some happy day create a Safe rebuttal for L'Because." ..0- - The two dead Negro convicts the guards dragged from the death trap were pronounced by physicians in such condition that neither could live. Rochester CN. YJ paper. THE Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin ROBERT K. DAVIS, Dist. Agt. RICHARD K. DAVIS, Special Agt. 212-ZI4 Ewing Bldg. Phone 558 There once was a bridegroom named Fred Who looked at his supper and said, "It's not so bad looking, My darling wife's cooking, But I'd rather be hungry than dead." ...O- Kangaroo: "My baby is the pride of my life." Ostrich: A'Well, pocket your pride, and let's go shopping." -0- 'AYou must remember that money isn't everything I " "What's the other one per cent?" Brandman Iron 81 Metal Company COAL, AUTO PARTS, and SECOND HAND PIPE o 0 A PHONES 512 and 515-XV Office 400 W. Front Yards 300 N. Cory D-R-I-N-K Order IT by the I Direct from the Case from Yfour Coca-Com BDTTLING Dealer COMPANY IN BOTTLES PHONE MAIN 669 A lady who had employed a Chinaman cook asked him his name. "Me name San Toy Lee," he said. "Ah, your name is too long." the lady replied, "I'll call you John." "All light," responded John. "WhaL's your name?" X K X "Mrs, Charlotte Anna Hemingway," she told him. "Your name is too long." remarked John "I'll call you Chollyf' BARNHART Funeral Home 618 South Main Street -O-1 C. L. M., 52, told the police two men had assaulted and eaten him. Hartford CConn.Q paper. FINDLAY, OHIO John Pressnell fexplaining the difference between Steele's time and modern timesj: A'The custom of courtship." Mr. Todd: HEXp1a1n." C0mPl"mm'S John: "In Steele's time the men asked for the women's hand, and now they just ' take it." b b -0- PATTERSQN Miss Kiefer: "Jack, name an organ of the body." J. B1'31'1Cll'T1Zll'1I TBCth.i' Miss Kiefer: "What kind of an organ 5 would the teeth bc?" J. Brandman: "A grind organ." Protect Food Flavor - with ICE REFRIGERATION FINDLAY ICE 81 FUEL CUMPANY David Kirk Sons 85 Oo. WHOLESALE GROCERS and DISTRIBUTORS FOR WILSON 8: COMPANY ATHLETIC GOODS ,f , , f I xx , if xx , if SN M0115 HAITI Ilmlsf IIIIIIS IIUK BIIMIISI DIIIICNS MULTI! IIIAKFASI i'W5'?'i :' " vs S ' Q QQ 5 N4 sg W Q Q6 5 vu sg jqunurvg 5 gounurv I 5 Qunurv ' NIL '-' 5 '. my ? E INN I SHE.-.Mu SILPQ TQL ,.T71. .:T,' A138655 WHOLE-WHEAT BHS5!! 215,57 PINCAKE noun - --:games 'LM ""5-'5-513'-5550 C' "u"S!.'3.M'f'k.E!'.16 C? m'S!5.!E.C?"aEE'.26 C9 'VIS - DELICIOUSU 'YES - DELICIOUSU 'YES ' DELICIOLISH Kirk's Quality Inn Pancake Flour "A Feast in a Flash" ..., , USE THE DEPENDABLE NEW PROCESS or SNOW BALL FLOUR THE KIRK MILLING COMPANY Established 1879 : "We Apprecuate Your Patronage The Qhio Gil Company Producers Refiners and Marketers of LINCO gasoline motor oil Q We sincerely appreciate the splendid Way the class of "3'3,' Chose us to do their M Photographic Work - - - ualzbf Tormzzlure zh Qftuclzb or Hme . .1 QQQQ. -if 1 ," '21 .ssimf l-1 6a5f.. vs S1 a u ' 531' KJ M. Vzbkvers Rzbe Porfmzf ufrtzlft MARTHA SMITH Dresses, Suits, Hats, Bags, Hose Pk wk EXCLUSIVE STYLES AT MODERATE PRICES! Pk Pk 518 South Main Street K E S S E L ' S PINDLAY, OHIO We Carry the Most Complete Line of Ladies' and Misses' Coats - Dresses - Millinery U Iii This City at Popular Prices Compliments and Best Wishes fo me , CLASS OF 1936 BEAUTY SALUN THE l' TRQUT 85 J 28-29 American National Bank Buiiding CO,MPANY Phone Main 519 "Good Furniture Since 1885" FINDLAY, OHIO If you have failed to try our HOME-MADE CANDY and ICE CREAM YOU HAVE MISSED THE BEST YOUR MONEY WILL BUY! LLXT. "Our Quality Is Always Higher Than Our Price" A CHERRY'S FOLKS Compliments Of C. W. PATTERSUN 81 SON Dry Goods and Ready-To-Wear Accessories 141 C. W. PATTERSON F. H. S. 1873 A. D. PATTERSON F. H. S. 1907 l Compliments Of BLOOMINGDALI-3'S FLOWERS 4 Doors South of Harris Theatre PHONE 328 "Flowers of Distinction for Every Occasion" Telephone Operator: "Is this l749?" Colored Maid: "Yassum." Telephone Operator: "Is this Mrs. Blotts residence?" Compliments Of Colored Maid: "Yassum." Telephone Operator: "Long distance from Tyfldirdgignlillaidz "Heh! Heh! Yassum, sho' is. 'iWas your brogla-fliaome from college Drug Store over the week-end? "I guess he musta been, my bank don't rattle any more!" . A woman caught her little boy hitting a Compliments Of neighbor boy. She took his home and asked him why he hit the other boy. His expla- nation was, 'iWell, he was going to hit me, The so 1 hit him back first." -0. Lloyd Baird: 'iYes, I know that new sub- , 1 stitute teacher. I taught her how to play golf." L. Moss: "Then's when the shovel broke." ...O-. JCE N' SCHAEFER Miss Mills: "What's all the noise over there?" cowncrl E. Hoffman: "I just dropped a perpen dicular." SA fAfPURE DAIRY Compliments and Best Wishes When You Crave Good Coffee, . . . use of CC an OA HI-TEST . e COFFEE jd A . W Roasted Fresh DAILY in Findlay 6m 6074! 3 AEEgvCC?ElIiR 400 South Main Street OFFICE SUPPLIES SOCIAL STATIONERY GREETING CARDS BLANK BOOKS BOOKS The I Findlay Printing SL Supply Co. Complete Printing Service 406 South Main -E Findlay, Ohio STEEL OFFICE FURNITURE PHONE MAIN 188 DR' ANNA W. G. COLDREN DRUGS Funeral Home MEDICINES SODAS - "i Phone 600 Corner Main and Front Streets "W'e Aim To Please" RIEGLE BEAUTY SALON RAWSON BLOCK 'Main 719-J Findlay, ohio USE"'g Boss GLOVES FIRE ANg15?I1iI'CI!IOBILE MERCANTILE Insflfmce GROCERIES and GENERAL MERCHANDISE FRED CROMER 116 West Front Street MAIN 617-J DINNER Mr. Lawrence feating with the guestslz "Brave old bird, the turkey." ' Mr. Constein Cwrestling with legb : "Yep, and this one died with his boots on." ' 10- Casey W.: fTrying to sell his Watchb: iiWho'll give me S5 for it?" Dana O.: "It's no good, it won't run." Casey: "I know it. That's why I'm not asking full value for it." -0- Mr. Todd: "Who was Homer?" DeWoody: "He was the one that made Babe Ruth famous." Floridian Cpicking up a grapefruit in a California fruit storej: "Is this the largest lemon you can raise in this state?" Californian: "Please donit pinch the grapes, if you don't mind." -0- "Thcre is so much that is bad in the btst of us, And so much that is good in the worst of us, That it doesn't behoove any of us To talk about the rest of us." -0- Mr. Lee gazing at his first Whale, said to his companion, "George, whoever caught this is a liar." I H. J. HAIQIQINGTDN jbr Economical Transportation "Complete Low-Priced Cari' 215 West Main Cross Phone Main 117 ipfzm fa Ufffemz' FINDLAY CQLLEGE vP'Y CO4 0 - - 99 3 L ifiililggfv 0 L CX-W -. fl W ' . 3 Sc.E . L,U6 ,O A 1, ue 1:1 of-AQ. 06 WE WELCOME TOU THE CITY MARKETS FINE F OODS "WHERE PRICE TELLS AND QUALITY SELLS" .i+..T Complete- Food Markets at REESE'S Confectionery News 501 S. Main Street Mr. Todd fto Tom Robertsja "Give me a sentence with the word flippancy in it." fl Timm: "Let's flippancy whether I pass or un . ici. Mr. Constein fdiscussing experiment 371: "All I .want to know is where you're at." John W.: "Right here." ..Q..... "How long have you been working for this firm?" "Ever since the boss threatened to fire me." TOT Don't become discouraged. Remember the mighty oak: it was once a nut, too. Miss Mills fdiscussing linear measure- mentslz "John, how many inches in two feet?" John Wickham flocking at his feetJ- "Thirty," ...o..... Bookagent: "Young man, you need this book. It will do half your high school work . for you." Dick Galleher: "Fine! Give me two." lg-. Mr. Todd: "Which is right. five cents a copy or five cents the copy?" Carl Hammond: "Five cents per copy." SHINING PARLOR HAT CLEANING TOT CRYSTAL Shoe Repairing Niles Building 103 E. Sandusky Sl. FINDLAY, oH1o 4 Phone Main 171 Established 189 7 The TARBOX-MCCALL STONE CO. Crushed Stone and Stone Sand TOT Prompt Delivery - - - Courteous Service ici 852 WESTERN AVENUE FINDLAY, OHIO ROGGE BRQS. Confectionery and Bakery Home Made Ice Cream "THE PALM" ana' I Candies "Quality" Baked Goods 330 West Main Cross Q -- ,'?'j'1x 1 2-if" 45117 Egl 3 955 v ,Tiff- - v K4 l Quality Food and Beverages White Pine - - Anchor - - Pocahontas Great Heart - - Piney Fork AR OLD Sv. MCMANNESS PHONE 4 7 7 CEMENT SAND LIME PLASTER SEWER PIPE BRICK W. C. KWIS Fancy Groceries iWorthwhi1e Gifts for ALL . . . Select Them I-Iere Baguette Watches ..... from 313.75 up Diamond Rings ...... from 8.75 up Smart Novelties . . . . from 1.00 up XXX E. M. VVarfcl 81 Son JEWELER Compliments Of The l-Tancock Brick SL Tile Co 0 SEE OUR NEW Watches Clocks Diamond Rings Also We Do Expert Watch and Clock Repairing -' ll ll i f Ffwfx V , N.C .MEDLOCK ' WATCHMAKER Sr JEWELER Ill S. MAIN ST , P rn:Joc.Av onto I BEING BIG ABOUT IT The undersized husband was trying on the overcoat his wife had bought him for Christmas. "You know, dear," he said, gazing at himself in the mirror, "this is a nice present and all that, and don't think that I'm un- grateful. But really, isn't it much too large for me?" "I know, my dear," she returned. "But We can't help that. You must remember that it's got to cover the radiator of the car in cold weather. We have to consider that first, haven't We?" L 81 W SANDWICH SHOP 222 S. MAIN "Best wishes to you, SENIORSU 1 N A T H A N ' S 322 South Main Street Compliments Of The Model Foundry SL Machine Company ""f'w"b', 0 Rh 00'6XgZfg1'8l:9'7'a n :GQ 9- I- 5 0159094 , ,l"1 w?vg2Q'i ALL ENGRAVING INTHIS BOOK NDIANAPOLIS NGRAVING OMPANY Indianapolis, Indiana Compliments Of Findlay Paint SL Glass Co. 517 South Main Street Phone 71 Motor and Generator Rewinding and Repairing 7 , All Work Guaranteed IX A N E L S Findlay Armature Co. for 417 West Main Cross Street FINDLAY, QHIQ GRIFFON CLOTHES R. R. Sheely Phone, Main 76-J The Season's Leading Line . . . . Complimenls Of Westlnghouse and Maytag v - BUCKBYE .O- Electric Com an Homer Powell, Inc. P Y HARRIS THEATRE BLDG. A d G. F 11 Tl h Rxbsfrft. M5532 B555 Slzreczye A. G. 81 R. E. Fuller ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 407 Ewing Building FINDLAY. OHIO UDISTINCTIVE FROCKSH 1 PF Pk 521 South Main Street The "Woman's Priendl' Washing Machine Is a Findlay Favorite! There are more than 500 of these washers in Findlay homes. There must be a reason Try one in your own home and learn what it is. "QUALITY AND SERVICF UNSURPASSEDH THE BLUFFTON MANUFACTURING CO. 433 W. Main Cross Main 671 The "MAIN" TURNER-CROSBY Beauty Shoppe Shoe Company ff ff ff X 1 ESTHER NUSBAUM, Prop. For GOOD SHOES , ,, ,. 'K 'lf 'F Telephone 100-J "We Fit Your Feet First" 316 N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio "A Modem Wall Paper and Paint Store" 2l6 South Main Complete Line of Pittsburgh Paint Products Birge United Wall Papers Pittsburgh Plate Glass Compliments Of WHITEHOUSE CK Hamburger Shop" 501 North Main Street Company When Buying LUMBER . . . The ' ' Remember This Adm tise mem McCullough Motor Sales LET'S ASK Company The Parker Lumber Dodge , plymouth Company Dodge Trucks 216 W. Crawford St. Phone Main 42 Sales - Parts - Service ZIEROLF' H1726 Clothes Men Like" WAALANDS JUY YATE5 GREENHGUSE General Insurance 'O' B d F P 1' i Cut Flowers, Potted Plants, liliableogrimpillifss Corsages of All Kinds 138-42 Larkins Street Phone 369 4Og1i?jgoI1i!tlTiF B233-lidg' P1-IQENIX CAFE SEA FOODS V .ill and ' W' FINDLAY TYPEWRITER FINE STElAKS EXCHANGE Our SpeC13,lty All Makes Sold, Rented, Repaired Across from Court House Fnilgldcigi 132510 Ro al Theatre Home of Western Electric Wide-Range Sound "The World's Finest" U! B R HOME OWNED AND GPERATED I 'DIFFERENTIAL Air Dump Cars ' 20 to 50 yards capacity Powerfui Rugged Safe For Railroads, Mines, ' A ' and Large Quarries DIFFERENTIAL Electric Locomotives Hcauy Duty Large Capacity For Iron Mines, Quarries, and Rock Disposal I ii DIFFERENTIAL I qyii I Larry Cars 5 to 20 yards capacity Dumps 3 Ways For Waste Disposal and Stock Piling Designed and Manufactured By The Differential Steel Car Co. FINDLAY, OHIO BEAUTY SHOP SERVICE Skillful - - Distz'nctiUe -O- EDITH ENGLE Beauty Shop 208 First National Bank Build' g "Th ' ' ' ere Can Be No Suostltutzon . . . . . . For the Gift of a Fine Watc Bulova Headquarters CASH OR CREDIT STEVER BROS. 503 South Main Compliments of H CENTRAL OHIO LIGHT 8 POWER COMPXRY I I' 4" -, ' '- Q-J A., iff'- -' ' ' R'-.f ,,-.M 1"-. ." ff: ' T53 Compliments Of RAY'S BAKERY Phone l I3-W 319-3 21 North Main Street The SNACK SHACK SANDWICHES - COFFEE DAIRY PRODUCTS Mrs. Cloyce D. Duffield IO9 North Main Street 11 E 'ffl' I we-Y Compliments 0 of Rays Dancing Studio FIRESTONE F.L.lVlcKlRNAN Auto Supply and Service J eweler SJCOTQ WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY. :F Elf PF Telephone 97 130 No. Main St. Repair!-ng Our Spec!-any FINDLAY OHIO 116 W. Crawford sf. Findlay, ohio J- 9- SPENCER C. W. THQMAS, M. D. lnsuranee 101 Our thorough training and long , , , experience in fitting glasses will Spencer Service Satlsflesy insure you everything that can '-'O' be had in eye relief. Phone 983 228 First National Bank Bldg. 235 South Mm Findlay" Ohm' SPOTLESS B-0-W-L Dry Cleaners for ,F X H-E-A-L-T-H Phone 119 T Q t aa 1 RECRBAFl ION 118 East Front Street FINDLAY, OHIO 127 East Main Cross FINDLAY. CHIC ZawM,69nenfd ef The YARNCRAEI SHOP The OHIO PIPE CO. FINDLAY, OHIO Wholesale Dealers Plumbing, Heating, Mill and Oil and Gas Well 300 "SELF-LHTTING,' coMP1.1MENTs AND BEST w1sHEs PIANO TRUCK To THE COMETANY CLASS OF 1936 . " I I Sl-IAFFERS Refrigerggrg, Carton BIG BARREL Special Purpose Trucks Hwhefe Fflends Meet!! G,R0x7E NIARKFT Congratulations to the Class of 1936 MEAT - and LESTER THOMAS GROCERIES HF. H. S. - 1918" , u Diamonds - Watches ZOO L1n1a Avenue Mam 560 Jevvelry 46 YEARS OF Dependable Insurance of ALL Kinds EOFF INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE l l 6 FINDLAY, OHIO COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES of The ew Boston S tore NAT. M. MARCUS, Gen. Mgr. Compliments of Standard Coal Co. PHoNE MAIN "1" Compliments Goodsell Bros., lne. O , . offer you Dealers and Distributors' Rogers Quality reaims, Varnishes, of Enamels, etc. ROSS Gasoline Qualzty W'aIl Paper al Przces that Please! Headquarters for Lin-X, Furn-X Enarco Motor Oil -0- Phone, Main 809 106 So. Main Street Free Delivery QAK PHARMACY "We sell drugs that don't come back, to customers who do." Trusses, Surgical Belts, Reducing Girdles, Prescriptions compounded with accuracy by able chemists. Foot and Truss expert in attendance daily - - Examinations Free. Everything in drugs and sundries. Phone 359-J Your patronage is appreciated. MGR.-C. H. GASSMAN and in Findlay AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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