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DIFFERENTIAL STEEL CAR CO. Manuftulurt-rs Of Air Dump Cars, Mine Cars, Crane Cars, and Locomotives FINDLAY, OHIO For Radiator, Fender and Body Repairing R E E S E I tall D . Conieetlonery C. R. HOSLER News 501 S. Main Street lil NV. Main Cross St., rear of Court House "You should take this mulberry colored dress. mndnm: it would suit you excellently Compliments of as you are so pale." Jane Bishop: "But I am not usually pale , v A Y -I am only shocked at the price." -O-. ROAD '4IVlamma. I want some water to Christen 'IW doll-H Said Ethel- Mortimer - New York - Chicago v'v'No. Clear," said her mother. reprovingly. Findlay - Cicvcland , Buffalo , SL LOUIS "its wrong to make game of such things." "Then W 1 w..' K ' . - She's old dnotiigli I3nI1i1x'ellwriiietliiiigndaoimeldtr W' G' EXIANS' Tlckm Agent EatFresl1 Fruits and Vegetables Efuery Day - for - Your I'Iealtl1'5 Sake "It Costs Little to Dress Smartlyn at the ew Boston S tore NAT. M. MARCUS Complimenfs c I THE COFFEE SHOP Warner Bros. HARRIS THEATRE The Seasons Leading Line . . . Atwater-Kent Radios Homer Powell, Inc. HARRIS THEATRE BLDG. Policeman: "As soon as I saw you come around the bend I said to myself. 'Forty-Eve at leastf " Betty C.: "How dare you? It's this hat that makes me look so old." -O- Mike: "So you're zi salesman ire you XVhat do you sell?" Ike: "Salt." Mike: "I'm a salt seller. too." Ike: "Shake," +O- Miss Fasset liengaging fourth iypist within a mo thi' "C ' ' "H n . an you punetuait. G. McClure Qbrightlyl: "Oh. yesf l'm always early in the morning." The Hllloinans Friendu lllashing lllaehine Is a Findlay Favorite! There are more than 500 of these washers in Findlay homes. There must he A reds in 'Fry one in your own home and learn what it is. "QUALITY AND SERVICE UNSURPASSEDH THE BLUFFTOIY MANUFACTURING CO. 433 W. Main Cross Main 67 l l Q i i l i I I 1 il yi i 4 i l if l X I 1 1 Brandman Iron QQ Coal Company COAL, AUTO PARTS, and SECOND HAND PIPE PHONES 512 and 515-XV Office 400 XV. Front Yards 300 N. Cory Compliments of CENTRAL Drug Store E. NIEDLOCIQ Watchmaker and J ewelei' 10.-. Elgin Watches Swiss 'NVatches -O- EXPERT REPAIRING GUARANTEED Bea. Eimas: "I wish you would make some allowances for Bolfs little shorts comingsf' Dad: "I'm not complaining about his shortcomings: its his long stayingsf' .-.O-. Mr. Fraek: "XX'hat are the products of the XVest Indies?" .lohn Pressnell' "I don't know." lklr. Fraek: "Come, comef XVhere do you get sugar from?" John: "XVe borrow it from the next-door neighbor." Nor: "Did that rabbits toot you carry around in your pocket ever bring you any luck?" Bill D ' "Sure thing, my sister got in my trouser pocket once to get something and thought it was a mouse." Toi Jules XY: "XVhat are you doing with your fingers all lmndaged up?" Myron NV.: "I bought my mother a new potato peeler and when she said she couldn't make it work, I had to shou her how simple If XVZIS JOY YATES General Insurance -O- Broad Form Policies Reliable Companies -O- Telephone Main IOS llfl South Main "ALLENS'l lfztshion Shoppe H5 South Main Street EINDLAY. OHIO "The Shoppe of Di's!z'nrtzAon" XVomen's XVe.1ring Apparel and Accessories Your Travel Agent . . W. E. ROSE INew York Central Passenger Stationl 400 E. Sandusky Phone Main 207 PINDLAY. OHIO A CONIPI.I:'I'l2 TRAVEL SERVICI2 CCDAL White Pine - - Anchor - - Pocahontas Great Heart - - Piney Fork ARNQLD SL MQMANNESS mom 47 CEMENT SAND LIME PLASTLR SEWER PIPE BRICK If lox rl XVhcn order-ing noon rf 1 Your crow Bonnie White or Calla Lily FLQIJR THE INIQIVIANNESS MILLING X GRAIN CO. FLOUR FEED MEAL D1'.slr1'bulors and Rumi! Duulurs of Dairy and Poultry Feeds THE Northwestern Mtittial Life lnstiranee Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin RoBERT K. DAX'IS, Dist. Agr. RICHARD K. DAVIS. Special Agi. 212-214 Ewing Bldg. Phone 558 Miss XVest: "The sentence, 'My father had moneyf is in the past tense. Now, Mary, what tense would you be speaking in if you said, "My father has money?" M. Hollington: "Pretense." ,O- M. Julien: "I envy that fat man when he laughs." J. Riley: "Vi7hy?" M. Julien: "There seems to be so much of him having a good time." -OL It doesn't mean much to call him a "mid- dle-of-the-road man": he might he either a statesman or a truck driver. Compliments Of THE CE TR L OHIO LIGHT and POWER C . Restaurant orchestras in Boston are so versatile they play anything a diner may re- quest. Recently a patron was asked what he would like the orchestra to play. "lf it is agreeable to everyone else," said the diner, "l wish they would play checkers 'till l finish my dinner." .Loi Betty J. Nl.: A'One of my little pigs was sick. so I gave him some sugar," Bob Howard: "SugarF XVhat fo1'E"' Betty: "For medicine, of course. Have you never heard of sugar-cured hams?" Compliments Of COLLINCWOOD MOTOR SALES "MAIN 5M - for - Tlre and Bzttterx' SCFYICG ofxsottxfi ,wo outs ' BRAKE TESTING AND RIZPAIR f. lil .ll SGTVICQ ' '," l Cars 4 W 'f 5 Q 4 I . - - .- -5- ff- .41-ilfzfsn I I I fl f gave. fl qs 1 I - IE' Q., if ' Q , I jyx OPEN ' V , 9 I I5 , fb! .-. fl , - ,Ii I ' 9 f ! 9-IQ ALI- g 65.5-5f,'s3f,"7 Night' 'Ili f , ff ,S -' ' CQQPER SERYICE South Main at Hardin Street Fz'nd1ay's Original Super Slunon Compliments Of DAVID KIRK SONS AND CD. Dfslrzlml tfr' .sOf Wilson and Company Athletic Goods THE CITY MARKETS F I N E F O O D S "WHERE PRICE TELLS AND QUALITY SELLSH Complete Food Markets CAR WASHING AND ALIilVll'I'lNG , AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS Q' AUTOGRAPHS Www ms rmnmv Pmnnm, rs ur-rLv LQMPANY 'J' '1k'6"' STRIVING TOWARD THAT PHYSICAL PER- FECTION AND EMBODIMENT OF FAIR PLAY WHICH WAS THE GREEK ATHLETIC IDEAL ' ' WE IN FINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL SEEK TO OBTAIN ALSO THAT OTHER PER- FECTION A MIND EQUIPPED TO ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COMMU- NITY AND THE GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES OF SELF ' ' THE WOODEN HORSE OF TROY STANDS AS A MONUMENT TO COURAGE n g"y1ff ' u 5 X ' n, L, .Q Y " ui A L. f crlfa xr, ,Q ilu: . xx ,Es-T:'.f x :vga ff, -If Ac .X , K 1 Y ' X ,aff-at ,gg t u if A? N 5, 'Aim "., 2 "gtk, ry . Q' , . " QA :M is . 'ab t F .-,x-li,-A , .M NX fs. A My ' I .. if 'C '- -1- I NFA 5- i Q T :X ps :J 3, Y K -sf 5 :- ' sri . . 4 .xiii ,, ' 1 ,gig N Q . -1 I f Q . is-.:.E6,x' L 1 1 xi cy. 1 ... I so AR Y' 'Y' , ,Q U Happy, gay. sunshiny days - - Dull gray, gloomy days - - but nevertheless all of them school days. The five minute bell. the rush for home rooms, the hurried departure for school - - The grumblings and rejoicings which tumble from the lips of students as they leave. Many sigh with relief as they think of leaving the confinement of school, and probably these same ones will gaze back longingly at the chattering group gathered around the always open door. Although it seems at times to be drudgery. we shall all miss the time when we were in the hubbub and the days of our busy school activity. inin The old building stands meditatively contemplating the past and the host of many students who have left its portals. The years have added the ivy to the walls. Its freshness but scantily covers the mellowness which spreads over the venerable old pile. Perhaps some feel that a new building is needed at this east end of the corridor. The time will come when this weatherbeaten structure will have to go. The memories which would be torn down with these old walls are such that they never could be replaced in our reveries by the new walls which might be built. So we love our old building as a treasured and mellowed relic of a romantic past. DEDICATION To you, the citizens of Findlay, for your unswerving loyalty to us in giving us our requisite number of school days, we dedicate this annual. We students appreciate this probably more than many people think, for to us this lengthened school year is not merely a method by which we may put in our time and slide through as easily as possible but it is something which all of us are deeply indebted for. Perhaps the seniors are especially grateful to you since it would have been impossible for them to have graduated if the school year had not been extended. No one better deserves the credit of keeping our schools open than do you, the citizens and that loyalty to school children which you have shown us will not be under- estimated by them. By our lengthened school term we have been able to do things which former classes have been able to do. Not only in scholarship but also in many activities we have been able to hold our own. We realize that these activities are an important part of our school life. Activi- ties have their place in school but they have not been emphasized as being the most important feature of school life by the Findlay Senior High School, for the teachers, the students, and you. the citizens, realize that the primary object of schooling is to get an education. This Findlay High School emphasizes above everything else and this is the reason we students are so proud of our school which, now, is on a high plane and the credit of its high position is due to those citizens of Findlay who could not sit idly by and see the decline of the school which has always been considered one of Find1ay's most powerful assets. Citizens of Findlay. we the students of Findlay High School offer humbly to you our deepest appreciation of this act which you have so kindly done for us. 42 , , IJQIFQL . , 0 I p :E ,lilllll f 1. SCHOOL d ' x 'A W! 9.4 SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS if ' "7 MR. MATTESON We, the student body, recognize and deeply appreciate the untiring and unselfish work of our superintendent. Mr. Matteson. We recognize his splendid management during his years of administration: and especially during these last few trying years, when that management must necessarily have been extremely difficult and anxious, have we found in his guidance strong support. cool con- fidence. and unshakeable faith. We feel that he has promoted in the schools the desirable new ideas in education, that he has given to the schools a firmer foundation for their recognized standing, and that he has aroused public pride in the schools' excellences. Vkfe extend to him our sincere gratitude and our bcs' wishes for the future. iii PRINCIPAL FINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL MR. KINLEY The students of Findlay High School should con- sider themselves, indeed. fortunate in having as their principal and leader such a man as Mr. Kinley. Most of the students consider it a great privilege to become intimately acquainted with their teachers. A person whose acquaintance is most cherished if cultivated and most longed for if not yet cultivated is that of Mr. Kinley. Besides his unsvverving personality We are quite fortunate in having a man with such unlimited ability and energy. To enumerate the things which he has done for our school would be absurd since that list would comprise too much space but We can still go on expressing our genuine joy in having our principal, lVlr. Kinley, as our leader. ESTELLA ANSTAETT. Home Eronornirs CARL BACHMAN, Manual Training GENEVA BUSHEY, Physiral Education G. R, CONSTEIN. Physirs NIILDRED DIETSCH. English NIAE FASSETT. Typczurilirrg, Shorlhimd TVB... .Q 7:94 RUTH FINTON. English G. H. FRACK. Com. Law, Eronomir Geography PAIJLINE HANSLEY, Home Erononms C. H. HAYERFIELD, Bookltcepinq P. F. HOCHSTETTLER, History ROSA HUDNELL. Typvwriting. Shorlhrlnil XV. D. HUMPHREY. History. Sofiolngif D. D. HUTSON, English, JOLlI'f7tlllSl'77 LENA KIEPFER. Dcun of Girls. Huallh MIXBEL SHILLING. Spanish. English EARL SHISLER. Instrumental Nlusif P. A. SIIULL. Commerrial Arithmetic. Bookkeeping SINA SIDWELL, Art BERNICE SMITH. Librarian RUTH SWITZER. English, History SYLVIA XVEST. English LORA WIEST. Latin, English J. J. WINTERS, Director of Athletics HELEN WISELY. French ll D. D. LAWRENCE. Chenvislrg Ci, XV. LEE, Biology A. L. NIAIUVOON. History. Debate GLENDORA MILLS. Malhennztics C. A. ROBBINS. Dean of Boys, Faculty Mumiger of Athletics, .Wathcmutics XVENDELI. SANDERSON. Youll IULISIC A'Pv N. :L-+ x 6 J' v 1 a 4 1 4 HELEN McKELVEY Do we miss her? - - I should say we do. and we miss her more when we think of that vacancy in our graduation class. So fun-loving and yet at the same time so indus- trious that there never was a minute wasted to lower the standards of our Senior class. Always prominent in studies. music. journalism. and other activities. We all remember the music trio that brightened many an im- portant occasion. XVe are also very sure we would have another mem- ber on our honor roll if she had been here. l-low well Helen managed the editing of the "Blue and Gold" shows her unfaltering ambition to carry heavy responsibilities. but she liked it and was always thinking of other peoples pleasures. Everyone of us believes that soon we shall see her cheerful face back into regular routine again - - because we certainly do miss her. Good luck - - l-lelenf SENIORS Class Officers BETTY JANE MISCHIQE President ALBERT LEININGER Vice-Presiclenr DWIGHT DORSEY Secretary PRED ELSEA Treasurer HELEN ABBOTT FREDERICK ADAMS REVERE ADLER BERNADINIT ALLISON DOROTIIEA AMIKIANN IVA ARCHABLE MARCELLA ARMBRiictHT V1v1AN ARNOLD HAROLD ASKAM LOUISE Amir RUTH AYRIES JEROME BAES ROWENA BAIRD CATHERINE BARNIIART GENE BAUGI-IMAN I-IENRIETTA BAUGI-IMAN ELNOIQA BIfI,I.IiTTE JUNIOR BENDER Eighleen Nfmrleen RUTH BENJAMIN DARWIN BIBLER ESTHER BISHOP RICHARD BOGART JOHN BOWMAN VICTOR BOWMAN BARBARA BOYD DELORES BRIGGS .IEANNETTE BROOKS DORIS BROWN GEORGE BROWN MARGARET BRUNK FRANK BRYAN TOM BUCHANAN DOROTHY BUEEINCTON CAROLINE BURKE CHARLES BURNS ROYCE BUSICK FRANCES CAMPBELL ROBILRT CHATELAIN B1j'I"I'Y CHILD NIARGUIERITE CQQHRLYN CARL CRIPPISN ILDWIN CRo.41r-R LALIA DAN I Inn C1l.m1.l1s DECIQIQR XVILLI.-XM Dr Sliuluao ORYAL DICKES Dux DIIETSCH Dxx'1f3H'1' Dolcsm' XVILLIAM DORSEY QLLNN DOl.'f1I,,AS RUBERT DRAKL RUIII DIHASEL Rom-RT DUI-lvorxln GHQRQE DYSINQHER 19 Tuurnfll UF' W ?,'., gy- VV' ..,...f- Twenty-One FREDERICK ELSEA FRANK EMERSON JEAN EWING GRACE FAIRBANKS HENRY FELL CART!-IA PETTERS THELMA ITIRESTONE RAYMOND FLANAGAN JEANNETTE FOLK JAMES FRYE Tom FRYE MARY' GALLEGHER JOHN GEE DOROTHY GIBSON JOE GOGL EY MARJORIE GOMPF JAMES HANNA MARGARET HANNA MAXINE HARMES HELEN HOUGH VIOLA HEISTAND DON HELMS LYLE HENDRICKS DOROTHY HIRSCHER VERN HOFYMAN BETTY HOLLIGER FRANK HONECKER VIRGINIA HONECKER ROBERT HOSLER ROBERT HOWARD FRANCES RUTH JACKSON RICHARD JACOBS RUTH JACOBS BERNADINE JOHNSTON BURNELI. JOHNSTON NL-XRLL-XRIII' JONES Twurvlgf-Twn Tu.'cnIy-Thrre DON KELLY NELLIE KETZENBERGER CLOYCE KING IVIARGARET KING MARGUERITE KING THOMAS KINN XVILMA KONKEI. FRANCES KRAUSE ANTHONY KRESSER GENE LAPE ALBERT LEININGER VIRGINIA LOZIER LOUISE MAGOON IVA MARCLIS SAM IVIARSHALL BRADFORD IVIARTIN IVIAX MELLOTT XVILLIAM IVIETTLER GWENDOLYN NIIGHT EVELYN AIILES NTARY MILES IWIRIAM AMLLER FLOYD MINARD BETTY JANE NTISCHKE KATHRYN AIITCHELL ESTHLR MOORE SARA NIOORE MARY MYERS GLENN MCCLEARY Gm"1',xNN,x MQCLURE ETHEL NTCCORMIC HELEN NICGOWN BEVERLY NATHAN AVAYNE NISWANDER JACK PALMERTON GWENDOLYN PAT! ERSON Tu' cntu-F TLUmIy-Five RUTH PATTERSON RAYMOND PETERMAN MARX' PETERS PHYLLIS PHILLIPS DELORES PIFER WAVA PLOTTS GEORGE PORTER DON REDMAN MARTHA JANE REIMUND GAYLE RIGGS RICHARD RISSER MARGARET RITCHEY BETTY RITZ MILLICENT ROBARGE ANNABELLE ROBINSON PEARL ROLLER BETTY ROWE LILLIAN RUSSELL I GERALDINIF SADDORIS RUTH SANDS KLXRY SAUSSER ALFRED SCHAAVV DOROTHY SCHWNB RJCHARD SQHWWNN NIARTHA SCOTT EULA SIZXLY JOE SI iOL'I'l, NLXRGAREV SLADP SEALY SKHTH THEODORE SIYITI I lx DOROTHY SPOON RALPH SPOON KENNLTH SThARs ARLHQE STOUT GEORGE STREBLK INEZ SWWSHER Tusmru-Srx Tu.'entg-Sev.'e'n PAUL TAYLOR ELLEN TERRILL ERVIN TESNOW HARRY THOMAS MELVIN THOMAS JESSE VAUTAU XVILLIAM WA1'FE BENNY YVALTERS CARL XVARNER ROBERT XVATSON ROBERT XVLBER GRETCHEN NVELLS NIYRON XVELLS DWIGHT XVERKHEISER FREDERICK XVHETSTONE EUGENE WILLETT NORMAN WINCH FLORENCE XVINDLE D ELMA XVISNER JULES VJITTEBORT MARGARET WITTKOPSKI MARY Lou YVORTMAN MARTHA WRIGHT CLEORA VJOODWARD ROBERT WOODWARD ISABELLE ZEIGLER 'lwmry-15195: 1935 CLASS HISTORY Finished. three years. Three years filled with work, pleasures. idiosyncra- sies, and friends. The Class of 1935 look forward to the next years of their lives, either in college or in business, with great hopes and ambitions. But before we enter onto the Highroad perhaps it would be best to summarize our history as a class. Our class can feel justly proud of its scholarship. Seldom, in the history of the former classes of our beloved F. H. S., has a better class average been attained. We held our rank in the Bowling Green District Scholarship Tests. We have worked hard to uphold the standards of the school. but we have worked harder to assimilate knowledge which we hope will keep us in good stead in the tests of our futures. In athletics our class has been good in many sports. We have a right to be proud of our football team. our basketball. track, and golf teams. The season in each undertaking has been fairly successful. Never before in the history of our school have the extra-curricular activities been of such high merit. Under the leadership of Mr. Kinley, the faculty has provided a club program which we as a class have greatly appreciated. It has been broad in choice of subject matter, so much so, that practically every stu' dent of our class has been a member of a club in which he has had a particular interest. Besides club work, we have heartily entered into dramatics. Our two successes, "The Queen's Husband" in our Junior year, and l'Doub1e Door" in our Senior year. will be remembered as singularly well directed and acted. The "Two Vagabondsf' the opera of the 1935 season was capably sung and acted by the principals and chorus most of whom were of our class. And as for our Junior-Senior Prom of last year, the commendations for its brilliant consummation can be had from all who attended it. For all of these slight successes we humbly acknowledge all the faculty who have by their careful and wise guidance kept us steered toward our goal, as weil-rounded high school life, in which education was not forgotten. As we leave old F. H. S. we do so with a mingled feeling of regret and expectation. We hope and sincerely feel that our class of 1935 will fully justify the hopes of the faculty as we travel on the Highroad of Life. Ti.L'cr7li1-X ll HOMI' ROOM 205 lsr roLL'7C. Hughes. R. Lnverudgc. T. Moss. R Jnhnxmn, D. lleuucr. R. Hucks, S Hoover. Ind ww-YA. Hutclnnwn. O. K:Srler, l.. Muller. R llxggens, NV. Mueller, NV. Mettler, J. Mxllur 3rd rou:--lf. Kobe. V. Meeks. C. Kurlx. li. Minnrd E. Lucnw. I.. l.eonnrLl. R. Long. J. Lorerm -Ill-1 rowf-l'l. llonrllev. A. Moorhead. E. Miller, H Mnlchell. Cf. Hoffman. M. Mxllhouse. R Kung. G. Love. Baelcruu.'7M. llendrrclu. R. Jeffery. Mr. l,.-nvrcnfv V. Muller. G, Dysxnger. D. Helms. J Hollnslcr. HOMV ROOM Z0 6 I.vr0Lr--D. Snyder. .l. Schwvn, R. Powell. IK Nlebrl. R, Ollnrro, ll. Oxley. Im! row- ll. Schnunover. D. Patterson. Y. Upper- mnn. D. Overholt. T. Ricketts. IU. Or- wnclr. R. Smllh. :rd rultfll. Rite. M. Parker. R. Rnppon. XV. R:ley T. Roberts. Bliss Shilling. -l1f7rULL'fR. Rogge. R. Pnrlerson. R. Sues. B O'l'vrlen. ff. lwcvlcn. J. Sthufxelel. ilhruw- -li. Ruvrher, l'. Shnnk. R, Newler. H Polvn. D, Snvdcr. V. Smrlh. Burkruru- -J. Prennvll. A. Shlvcly. P. Rrnlmnmler llflklli ROOM 107 lilrnuf R. Bell, Xl, Bmlw, l.. Alge, J. Adanxx, .l, linnrl, R. Baker. l,. Pnnrcl, Ind ruwfif. Arnold, ll. linlmp, A, Algc, l. xllwl, l'. 4..vnns, D. Beagle, J, Anguw. Frriruru J. Amlrrwe, D. Pmughman, C. Bmwn, l.. l'vurnlv.1m, ll. lluulls. Ez. Bowman, Mr. lxlal loun. Liurlzrllu'---.l. llyrnv, R, Beck, D, Aluxnmler. Nl. Brxlvr, V. llrnv, O. Ael.1ms.."X. l4.1ughn1.1n. TMT1 tal QQ' nv' JUNIOR CLASS BOYS Th rr! gl NOAH' ROOM 4 - -17 . . inf , t , l vxnow. rfnnuver, J, Willxnmwn. Su usher. J. Zanglien, ll0Xll' ROOM llil-l . . urmu, .nn,i, J. Dim: . ' 1 -W . 1 V. ur The Junior boys have well lived up to the high standards of previous Junior classes. They have excelled in scholarship and athletics. lt is not too much to state that without the Juniors the athletic teams would have been greatly handicapped. Their cooperation in such activities as the Junior Play. the Gperetta, Debate. the Newspaper, and the Annual made these events, not only possible, but also highly successful. While some of the boys were not as outstanding as others. all were willing to cooperate in making the class what it is. They are Well qualified to take the place of Seniors next year. Thirty-Ono Ik, . , . . 1. t i . R, Daugherty, i 1.. l ll rs R ,.ie, lsrrifn'-ff. Williams, ID. Yoxilmim, R. Varna XY l' lb XV XY linl li Stun r 'X ,w,.1f.ii.--ia. sum, ii. xvuirf, it. xv.-st1v,n.xx'.t. it, Yates, t wil fmt'-VG, T.wlor, R, XVvlhcralil, XV. Zlcnill, R 5-luxiw, R, Tavlor, R, hwilzt-1. linvk rou' Nlr. Bachnun, A, Wilson, C. Sunfia ltr mu'-f-I flowers XX' Dow. li. l lapprr. D . Ant. in l l' lt, D l li-wi-rs, . r 'f ,, ,Jr ow. . for er. G. Hart. ' nurtxvv, , i' is . Xlixs Dlctsch. 'X asco. J. l o 'ce', --l The Junior girls of '35 look back with satisfaction on the completion of their Junior year. The Junior girls' class contained many outstanding members too numerous to name individually. However. mention must be made of a great number who represented Findlay Senior High in the school scholarship tests, dramatics, sports. and in the Junior- Senior reception. We are justly proud of the record they made and appreciate what they have done for the school. To the sponsors, Miss Dietsch and Mr. Lawrence. who so ably directed the progress of the girls in Findlay Senior High School. we faithfully extend our lasting loyalty. JUNIOR CLASS GIRLS I Ida: us www -uma? mf' tb i. x.,1 Av' fm Thir1g1'Thres HOME ROOM ZII I'.l mu'--M, Clark, M. Vonncll, D. Bml,4.,I1wn4Iur A, Lfonlnc. Ii. Bucs, R. IMwI1up, L. Ilwzngham. fmlrf-nu -B. Baughmnn, Lf. Bond, IF, I5--nd, N Iiuumckvr. If fnvxm, IS. I-imwn. Fnlmu--M. Buck, If, M, unllmx. I Hulse, NI. .'Xvcrx. II, Loon, Y, .'Xx'vrx Mr, Luc. limhl'-nu -0, lkamplu-II, CI. I'-Inv, Il. .XI1umn, I Burw, D. P-.1ughm.un, IB. Iiullmgu. I.I1.11.'. IIOMI. RUUM 111+ lil run' Q., IImv.1nI. I. I Jdxc, IJ, Iguly-, M. Iiulhui IJ. U.1Imu-., M. Il mI.1I. M, Ilubur. II. Jlckwn. fmlrvm XI, IcI'JImum, Y, hub, M. brn'lIl.1111. XI. Ikushur. I'. lmxxixx, IG. imnwr, .I. Ilnvw, 4, rmwr, ?1.lrmI'- Mm .-Immun, R. Inrnfs, M, Cmnmvr. M. Iurm-N. X , IIuIu-r, X . IM-umuIv,l , II,1IcI1 X. Irvs. JIIIUIII XI. GIMCIH, I. IN'nm.1n, I.. Ilnggurlx, I. L.-rlulwxkdf. M. IM-umng. II. IIuIm.-I, 4. mlwl.. I. I-HIT. Umlx 1-lu I'-. l.I.1scu,I',, I. C1-1IxIIu'.I . II.1nI4, HUM? ROOM IU? IH mu' HM, XVamcr. M. Paul, J. Ililuy, Ii. SImlI'.-r, Ii, Redman. Ii. Kmuw. Imlmu'-f.X, I.m'cII, R. R-mncv. M. Schwinn. R. Mwchks, V. Rclmund, B. Rccg. 7r.I nm' G. Oman, H. Muller. T. Loubc, D, Mu- tnn, M. Nxcholf, U. Smulcr, Miss Xvifsl. Iimlzmm fM. Saunw. D, I.1-unnrd. M. Rankin, A, Kmslxc. J. Palnwr, J. Krause. HOME ROOM 1013 lsIr:1u'-li. Thxclc, M. Snvdcr, N. Slnrlxpur, II. I Yan Dorn. II. Y.xux.m', D. Xfmc. Im! mu'ffN'I. XVynn, A. XX'1Qnu, XV. XY1lln.xmx, M. Yugvlsung, V. NVnlIcrmnrc. D. Westfall, M. Varner. linfl:"--Ps. Yntci, I., Sluugh, D. Sprow, G. Sun- nmmrmc, M, Simpxon, J. Sonnanstinv. A. XX'xlu-bon, Mus Swnrmr. II v -v-1' 3 , 1 ,. J .. 3 HOME ROOM 201 Irrrou:-XV, Decker, W. Beck, R. Edie, R. Dickey D. Dyer. C. Dantico, H, Bower. fn.1rou.'+P. Corman, D. Armacost, B. Carlin, 'l' lx: row- Child, J. Bowman, P, Brink, J. Brand man. Yrd rote'-Mr. Frack, R. Bookwalter, F. Dennison R. Bibler, P. Bishop, R. Baumlrne. -llh row-E. Bryant. R. Ammons, E. Bayless, R Alspach, B. Drake, P. Abell, M. Bash J. Brown. 3:hrmt'+R. Clark. R. Brown, H. Looper, D Beardsley. ll, Engard. Huck row-R. Busiek, R, Bauman, S. Dysinger. HOME ROOM Z 02 XV. Gibson, R. Foltz. G. Rinn, .-X.l.aube D. Hartman, D. Hacker, B. Foltz, Ind mit'-D, Fishell, R. lrireitonc, B, Gilleipic, B Thirty-Four Isl rorr'-- Ind fort' lsr mmf Langstaff, B. Kelley, B, Hover. Yrd rorufMr. Humphrey, R. Rrout, Hollister R. Hendricks, R, Hartman, R. Foreman 'llh1'0u'fl'f. Garlinger, ll. Harshberger, D. Jacobs D. Green, K. Frxe. :'lf7 row-J. Kelley, R. Gallant, R. Hanna, J, HOB'- man, A, lfil-rate. Buch rou'+H. Rrsller, J. Grubb, M, Frye. HOME ROOM 205 R. Sayer, D, Loach, T. Mills, H. Mc! Donald, J. Porter, J. Naus, H. Newman Ind row-P Rush, J. O'Neal, R. Sheffel, R. Over- hold, G. Norris, T. Miller, S. Saller, J NlcGaugh. irrl mu:-E. Schrier, G. Schindler, R. Mathius, R Sheldon, H. Nemyer, E. Marvin, L. Myers -lib rotu+P. Rankin, C. Marshall, J. Lundy, B Nletller, S. Rabkin, E. Ritchey. Back rutt'--R Manley, l.. Rice, P. Pennington, E. McDonald, R. Raclabaugh, J, Morrison B. O'Hara, lklr. Hoehsrettler. HOME ROOM 200 R. Thomas, S. Sterling, R, XVilliams, D Shuler, H. Spitler, Miss Smith. Urschalitz. ?r.I rout'-R. Smith, J. KVoodward, M. XVYJKI, C. Smith, XV. XVilliams. Hath raw-P. Smith, M. XVhrsler, J. l-Vzckham, C. Van Brunt, A, Woodward, B. Strouse. B. XVise, F. XVorkman, R. Slupf, B. Simon, C. XValters, A. Schrrecler, XV, HOME ROOM I0 2 ls! rou.'-J. Baughman, M. Bair, M2 Decker. G. V ' D h ll B. Bbl Ind row Beard, XX. lxonkle, L. cn o , 1 er, M. Blaulk. -L. Carmen. D. Allman. L. Cramer. l.. Cramer, D. Beam, l. Bouer, B. Beagle. J. Bishop. 5rd row-I. Clark, J. Courtney. J. Bunjc, O. Bcardv sley, J. Burke, M. Bufflngton, A. Lun- ningham Back rou.'-Miss Fmton. R. Degkcr, B. Cole. ll. Is! row- fnd rou' Collins, R. Cooper, M. Cooper, J. Challain. HOME ROOM 103 C. Killmger, M. Kounkle. M. Krout, B. Fassett, B. Eimas, M. Hollmglon, M Julian, l. Johnston. R. Garlrnger. T. Horner, D. Hoover, G. Leatherman, M. Hirsehcr, R. Hosler, AX. lieller, B Gillespie, l. Foreman. ird ron:- V. Lear, V. Fcttcrs, H. Gray. R. Huber, M. Iliff, M. Kimmel, 1X. Daly, 41h rous- M. Hunt, L. Ifolk, B. Haugh. Back rous- lst ming Ind rou' ird rou: R. Friend, H. Harris, R. Fox, M. Kemcrly. HOME ROOM Ill P Mi ht M Michaels R Vlerrz J . ' g , . , . . , . lvloran, N. McClure, XV. Orwig, G. Moses. -E. Maurer, V. O'Neal, V. Michaels. J. Morgan, R. Priddy, J. Mann, L. McMann. Miss XVest, E. Lee, B.,C. DeShurko. M, Konklc. M. Kirkbride. H. Hoffman, -A. Moore, M. Palmer, M. Miller, N. Morris, M. Long, B. Palmer, M. Miles, M. McClear'y'. Mr. Haverfield. M. Newman, R. Miller, 4111 row- lxr row-v lnd row M. Parker, A. Miller, C. Patterson, D. Parker. HOME ROOM 214 B. Reese, J. X.Vall, R. XX'inrerrowd, F. f Saunders, C. XXhisls:r, P. XVineland, M. Solt, A. Sp-itler, G. XX'+:lls. -E. Stewart, M. XVilliams. R. XVondcr, L. Stoner. M. Shank, E. XVelIs, P. Tooley, R. Varner. 3rd rou.'iM. Swarat. M. Spitler, D. Shively, M. XViIliams, P. Rush, M. Thiery, I. Son- nansrine, J. Smith. 4th row- O. Saul, L. XValters, R. Speck, G. Steven' son. R. Shuck, C. Spense, E. Redding, M. Van Vorhis. Sth row- Barh rot U C. Slusscr, M. Vandcnberg, E. Smith, M. Routzen, F. Russell, M. Risser, M. Schwab, +Mr. Shull, F. Rippling, G. Swickwarth. .v ..- 25201 Thirty-1"iiL'e e- :asia Snaps Even teachers must make that five minute bell - - gone but not forgotten - - Can that be Vivian? I can't believe - - sob - sob - She was so sweet - - so kind to everyone - - Why waste that smile on a paper, Victor? l know several girls who would appreciate it. That includes mel - - New pupils? My mistake. lt's Miss Sidwell and Miss Switzer - - ln the spring a young man's fancy - - oh. pardon me. that's the wrong line - - These boys say baseball but girls - - well - - romance, full moon and all that sort of thing - 4 a dual personality - - Victor says 'AHomeI The worlds all upside down." - - And then. love - - l guess it's true - - its course doesn't run too smoothly - - Now there are girls and then other girls. but these are the kind we raise at Findlay Hi. Beautiful and - - bright! Tlnrly-Six l Snaps Lunch hour! lt's too bad l can't recognize tops of heads. Who knows - - someone might get her name in here if I could - - At it again, Bradford! How you manage to monopolize all the girls is more than l can see! Worry! Worry! Worry! Result of loafing! Loafing! Loafing! - - Johnny leads the gang - - communists or something - - Who would ever think Freddy looked like that as a baby? Study steadily for five minutes and you'll see the resemblance. - - Oh, for the life of a gypsy or Ll bicycle rider - - just sophs! You might know it! - - No, we can't tell who it is. Baby pictures are never very good the o-riginal says. He can't be a baby, tho! Babies just don't smoke. Sorry, I can't tell who it is but he holds forth in the Physics lab. And his initials are G. R. C. - - The long and short of it! - - .lust two good-looking boys - - ahem - - men! They're seniors! Thirty-Seven 5 S E at ws? ":1 ska 1 Snaps Some Sigma Delta with an A. Z. and a few fellows thrown in - - Peg and Chuck - - in love for over a year - - quite a record - - Hello there. it's Margaret and Virginia speaking to you. The trio. Virginia, Lucille, and Virginia, Would you believe it. there is a car under all those fellows - - Courtney and Walters seem to be the most decorating feature. - - Ah 'tis spring and Ruth and Bob just go swinging along - - The three musketeers - - with lollypops. That smile of Janes would make anyone happy - - and Dick's isn't so bad either. - - Can this be a rose among the thorn's or is it Hecky among the women - - He seems to like it though - - Starting from the bottom and working up we find Orval Dickes. The Senior Officers. Treas., Pres., and Sec. Elsea and Mischke seem to enjoy it but Dike isn't so happy. Maybe Mischke smiled too sweetly at the Cameraman. Wluy hide the car. girls. doesn't it run? NVhy Francis Jane - - you don'L mean that. Thirmffrglht WW? A TIV Isl rote'-M. Myers. V. Bowman, A. Leininger. C. Crippen. C. Xkloodward. Ind row-B. Nathan. B. Rowe, C. Burke. I. Marcus, M. King, L. Ault. Bud: roiufrk. Stout. B. Johnson, M. Cochrun. M. Ciompf. B. Ritz. Honor Class Witli averages of ninety or above after four years of the most concentrated study. these seventeen students have been honored with well-earned admittance to the Honor Class. This class, symbolic of the finest scholars in the school. calls for an average of ninety or above. before one may enter its doors to glory. lt stands for the most concentrated study. the extreme limit in scholarship, the deepest and keen- est meditation. and undying determination. Only through these methods. can a well-deserving student reach his goal. This goal is one well-worth striving for. since it compensates hard work a thousand times. Not all can attain it. and it should be treasured by the few who do. These seventeen educated students. having attained great knowledge ot their subjects. will now reap the harvests of a good education. Therefore, these leaders will carry on the fight for success, and we know they will reach the top. Forty Ist row-B. Redman, M. Miller. M. Dindle. B. Fassett, P. Wineland, M. Beck. P. Coon, C. Thiele, J. Schwab. End row--G. XVells, B. Haas, V. Geib. P. Might. M. Scott. N. Starliper, A. Robinson. W. Patrick. 3rd row-V. Meeks. M. Bair, J. Bachmari. N. Ketzenberger, E. Bishop. C. Burke, M. Harmes. J. Folk. 4th row-L. Alge, M. Mellott, R. Bell. B. Riley, W. Wineland. M. XVyatt. T. Childs. 5th FOW-MF. Kinley, R. Drake. J, Folk, Ci. Struble, J, Vifallen. H. Krout, B. XVise. Back row-A. Moorhead. W. Niswander, B. Martin, H. Polen, C. Corder. Student Council Our student council is an organization of representative students elected to assist through cooperative effort in working out helpful social relationships in school activities and in civic problems. The purpose of the student council is to promote better relations between the student body and the faculty and to aid in the decisions of minor policies. The council endeavors to stimulate scholastic betterment individually as well as collectively. lt has a tendency to create a better social and moral standard of our student body. This group applies the principle of "learning by doing." By having an organization of this kind. a means is established whereby students may participate in the management of the school community, and a spirit of good will and loyalty is aroused about the schools and with the faculty. It offers a chance for the student body to present their opinions formally and sensibly. Besides the above important functions the student council sponsors the lecture course and has charge of the concessions, book campaigns, college days, and amateur night. The officers for the first semester Were: Bradford Martin, president: Joan Lee, vice- president: and Dorothy Buffington, secretary. The officers for the second semester are: John Wallen, president: William Riley. vice-president: Joan Lee, secretary. Fong-One l t 2 5 A il ANNUAL STAFF Ptker, l.. Ault. B. J. Klischke, Robinson lst row- P. Ritchev. B. Childs, D A rl Jud mit- --Mr. Huison, B. Nathan. L Nlagoeiii, Nl. Harnies, I. Xlarcus, M .L Reimund. Peterman. Jrh ron f.l. Hanna, D. Houser, D. Pat terson, J. Shoupe. T. Brvaii, U. Or wiclx. ff ' Back fort'--C. Kirk, T. Roberts, H Headley. B, XYatson, O. Dickes. NLWSPAPFR STAI-'F In mit Nl. Ritchcv, D. Dalious. M Harmes, I. Xlarcus, l.. Ault. D- plfff .X. Rob.nson, Xl. XX'orrman. frirl rt-it Ci, Xlcklure. L. Xlagoon, F Jnkgnii, B. Nlischke, N. Klcflure Xl, Roller. ll. KlcGown. ?r.i' init J, Folk. L. Woodward. B Allison, D. Hirscher, H. Holmes, P Phtllipx, J. Xlorgan. Jfh rtitt' -Nlr, llutson, E, Axvilletl. D Patterson. D. Houser. J. Slioupe. Nl Hanna, Xl. kkurn. wh rtiti P. Tavlor, A. Morehead, H lrloadiev. F. Brvan. XY. Tabb, H Askam. Brick rnut R. Jacobs, G. Mckilcarv, C Kirk, R. Xkboelward, N. Arnold. R Xlfatson. J, Frye. ANNUAL STAFF XVorking under the most difficult conditions this year the Annual Staff deserves extra recognition for its efforts. Because of the uncertain term of school this year's book was really begun in March at the time when past books were finished. However the staff put forth extra efforts and much hard work to make the 1035 Annual a success. There is no school publication which means so much to the graduating class. Therefore the Class of l935 extends its appre- ciation to the Blue and Gold Staff and also the undergraduates of Findlay Senior High School for supporting and making possible the Annual of 1935, NEVJSPAPER STAFF Throughout the year the newspaper has been warmly received by the student body. Published each two weeks by the journalism class it has been one of the diversions which prevent school life from becoming drab and disinteresting. Based on choice bits of classroom news and accounts of school activities. and tempered with student written editorials it has had a highly beneficial effect on the morale of the student body. The staff deserves a great deal of credit for the quality :ind worth of this publication. Although somewhat hampered by the loss of the editor, Helen Mclielvey. the staff has been able to continue the publication on schedule. Tc Mr. I-lutson. the sponsor of this activity. also goes a great deal of praise for the many additional hours which he has spent in promoting this worthwhile activity. Forty-Two HJ roufklr. Kinlev, B. Howard. F Jackson. P. Slade, F. Elsea. R ls! ron'-B. Brown, M. Roller, M XVynn, Thielc. Ind rouqfp. Roller, F. Flowers, H Bishop, D. Patterson, D. Orwicl-i. 5rd row-F. Dennison, XV. Tabb, A Shively, Mr. Humphrey. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ls! rou.'+E. McCormiC. M, Ritchey, I. Zeigler, F. XVindle, B. Nathan, L. Ault, l. Archibald. D, Pifer. Ind rou:-L. Magoon, F, Jackson, M. Reimund, N. lietzenbergvr, E. Moore. H. Baughman, E. Miles. 3rd row-T. Ricketts, M. Slade, M. Sausser, Dictsch. Bach row-B. Nieble, NV. O'Brien, K. v Palmer, yr-N FORUM CLUB J. Burk, J. Chatelain, W -lr ,Aw C. Kirk, R. Varner, Miss N. Arnold, L. Alge. FORUM CLUB The Forum Club meets twice a month for the purpose of a general review of current events. The events reviewed are not confined entirely to the field of politics and government. but include drama and literature as well. Events in our own country do not alone afford the topics for discussion as the entire first semester was spent in a review of European news. The officers who have conducted the club for the past year are Harold Bishop, president: Fred Flowers, secretary: and Betty Brown. program chairman. And then there is the sponsor. Mr. Humphrey, who was frequently called upon to fill in when the program lagged. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club during this, its first year discussed personality and emotions. Louise Aull, chairman of the program committee was influential in getting each member to take part in at least one program during the year. At our first meeting, Richard Wallcn defined psychology and showed us the methods used in studying it. Next Dr. Finton gave an interesting talk on fears. Dr. Wiggam, a noted authority, provided valuable discussion material, The sponsor was Mildred Dietsch. The officers were as follows: President. Delores Pifer: vice- president, Bob Varner: secretary, Esther Moore: critic. Louise Magoon, and chairman of the program committee, Louise Ault. Forty-Three .3 I l l ' LATIN CLUB ls! roi.c'7R. Friend, O. Saul, l'. Rus sell, E. Ritz, M. King. Im! row-E. Jacobs, B. Haws, M Gompf, C. Burke. Bach rou.'fM. Frye, K. Frye, S. Mar shall, Miss XX'iest. BOOK LOVERS' CLUB Isl riiwfB. Terwilliger, R. Rooney, M Schwyn, J. Smith, V. Ferrets, Ind ron'-M. Peters, M. NVilliams, M Kramer, B. Cromer, R. XVinters, P liolli. Hulk niit'7R. Dietsch, B. Johnston Miss XVisely, J, Dishon. LATTNCCLUB Under the sponsorship of Miss Laura Weist, the Latin Club has become very popular. Verbs and grammar step aside and Caesar and Virgil cease to be requirements amd become a pleasure. The purpose of the club is to show the relationship between the Latin language and our own by means of novels. drama. music, poetry. games. and contests. A study is made of the old Latin people, their customs and habits, A careful study is made of the language and the bearing it has on ours. The business of the club was capably handled by Margaret King. president: Betty Rit7. vice-president: Sam Marshall. secretary: and Oma Saul, treasurer, BOOK LOVERS CLUB The Book Lovers' Club has completed its second successful year. The purposes were to foster a greater interest in the reading of all good books, to keep in touch with current literature, and to review and discuss books of interest to all members. During the year appro- priate kinds of literature were brought before the group. At one meeting favorite authors were discussed, at another, favorite poetry, and at others, a variety of books were reviewed. A social meeting closed the year. Helen Mclielvey was president: Betty Cromer, vice president, Martha Cramer, secretary and Ralph Dietsch, treasurer. Helen NVisely was the sponsor. Forty-Four DEBATE CLUB In rotuflb. Patterson, L. Ault, J. XVallen, D. Flowers. K. Sayer. Bulk rrvu.'f-K. Concannon, l-'. Flowers, R, Yates, Mr. Mnttoon, Bixler, B. Hover, M. Soir. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Isl mtufp. XVineland, XV. Konkel, ll. Kirk, M. Hnrmes, M. Hanna, S. Moore. Ind rou.'fE. Lee, V. Lozier. J. Palmer. L, Magoon, L. Hagerty, V, Hon! iclmer. irc! row--A. Kresser, C. Bond, L. Dantico, P. Roller, M. Brunk, E. XV1sner, Miss Smith, 41h row-B, Wittanmyer. B. Rowe,M. Downing, A. Stout, A. Wilson, V. Smith, O. Semler. Buch row-R. Peterman, G. Love, E Curtiss, R. Taylor, S. Dysinger. DEBATE CLUB Mr. Mattoon has turned out an exceptionally successful debate team this year. The negative team, composed chiefly of Louise Ault. Dan Flowers. Don Patterson have to their credit two victories out of three. The affirmative team was equally successful. The team, made up of John Viallen, Paul Taylor and Kermit Sayer captured four out of six decisions and to add to their glory rose, in the annual Phi Kappa Delta debate at Fremont, to the semi-finals and finally surrendered to Fremont in only a two to three decision. A debate between the two school teams was quite a fete and there was a lunch afterward. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The Library Assistants organization under the direction of Miss Bernice Smith was enlarged and improved this year. The classes held for half a year taught the fuindnmentals of library work. Austin Wilson was the president. After the Book Campaign. they were respon- sible for placing the old books on the shelves and preparing the new books for circulation. The girls made the curtains for the library windows while the boys cleaned the windows and hung the curtains. The social events were the picnics in spring and fall. and the pot-luck suppers in the library before an evening of Work on library projects. FortyfFn.'e ADVANCED SCIENCE CLUB lsr rou.'fD. Risser, F. XVhelstone, C Decker, hi. XVells, R. Schwinn. Ind row-O. Dickes, G. Porter, B. J Mischke, B. Rowe, Nl. Cochran. lrd rou'fV, Bowman, F. Elsea, T Spitler, J. Shoupe, J. Bowman, A Leininger. -Irh rou:-D. Bibler, L. Hendricks, G Struble. B. Waite, R. Peterman. ith naw--R. Watson, J. Wirrcborr, J I5r'.'e, B. Martin, Mr. Constien. Bulk mirfR. I'lanagan, E. Miller, E Curtis. CHEMISTRY CLUB lsr rcvcufo, Yoxheimer, R. Hicks, XV XVineland, R. Bell, G. Love,XV. Doty Xl. Bair. D. Stoner. Intl rou.'+N. Mathias, B. Daugherty S. Hover, B. Powell. D. Houser, R Ovurholt, J. Miller, B. Higgins. Yr-1 rote'-Mr. Lawrence, D. i'lo'-vers, H Hoadley, XV. Zierolf, R. Loveridge V. Meeks. XV. Mueller, G. Laps, M Parker. -Hh rou'7R Ncsler, R. Long, R. Swit zer, G. Swisher, M. Millhouse. D Redman, R. Baker. 'ilh rousf-C. Brown, R. Rice. R. XVetl'1 crald, XV. kVilli.ims, V. Honecker, D Brown. KI. Pirmbrecht. buck row-M. Ciallegher, C. Fullers, T Roberts. XV. Niswander, B. Rogge, nl Bixler, C. Fetters. ADVANCED SCIENCE CLUB There appears to be no end to this scientific work so the organization of the Advanced Science Club endeavored to increase the knowledge of all those interested in studying advanced problems in physics. laboratory and theory work. The study of modern aviation and motion pictures had a prominent part in the clubs program. The club had the pleasure upon various occasions of having speakers upon studied subjects, Throughout the year different members of the club demonstrated and explained various chosen topics. The custom was interrupted by three girls joining the organization. who proved to be as interested as the boys. Officers are: President, Jules XVittebort: vice-president, Myron XVells: secretary. Betty Jane Mischke: sponsor, Mr. G. R. Constien. CHEMISTRY CLUB The purpose of the Chemistry Club. is to increase the skillfulness of the student so that he will be able to solve problems of his own and to develop scientific attitudes and a desire for scientific investigations. The club has been especially interested in the practical applications of chemistry. In order to obtain more information along this line they have had a number of the chemists of local industries in to speak to them. The officers of this club are as follows: Vaughn Meeks, president: Robert NVetherald. secretary, and NVayne Niswander, chairman of the program committee. Mr. Lawrence is sponsor of this club. Forty-Six lsr mu:-W. Beck. R. Edie. B, Ind row-R. O'Harra, G. Norse, O. ini mu:-J. Lorenz, A. Laube, D. Fox, Buch row-F. Kobe, D. Callegher, li. AERO-SCIENCE CLUB Thomas, B. Unlufer, T. Fzbell, J. Schwab, J. Porter, XV. Bawmlise, Carlow, T. Miller, J. l'olls, B. Lang' staff. R. Smirh, M. Bash. D. Beardsley, C. Corcler, F. Marvin. Chatelain, Mr. Baehznan, B. Jeffery, l'. Bryan. BIOLOGY CLUB lst rou:-D. Beardsley, Mildred Konltel, D. Parker, XV, Konkle, F. Ripley. Ind row-P. Rush, M. Routzen, M. McCleary, Dorothy Culp, Mr. Lee. Back rou:-Bob Carlin, Don Baughman E. McDonald, Jerome Baes. AERO-SCIENCE CLUB To the thirty members of this club interested in aircraft was extended the privilege to learn the principles of Hight and the different types of aircraft used at present. The club has studied the aircraft construction and the part each unit plays in flight. lf the club discussed engines, a real aeroplane engine was there for demonstration. NVhen they studied the wings, they had a pair of wings for display. A research of the noted aviators and the things for which they are noted found its way into some of the club's programs. Mr. Baughman sponsored the group. The officers were: President, Robert Jeffery: vice-president, Robert Chatelain: secretary and treasurer, Richard Gallegher. BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club sponsored by G. W. Lee has as its purpose to offer opportunities to work on individual and group projects in the field of general biology. and to learn to identify our native trees. flowers, and birds. Besides the talks given by the students they enjoyed Cl variety of outside speakers. Among them was demonstration of blood pressure by Dr. Hanna. a talk of Judging Poultry by Mr. Matteson. and the Effects of Cigarette Smoking by Mr. Lee. The first trip was to the home of A. D. Altman who lectured on Taxidermy. The officers were: President, Phyllis Rush: vice-president, and secretary, Doris Parker. Fong-Seven HANDICRAFT CLUB lsr row-D. Hoover, E. Bellelre, M Clark, D. Baughman, NV. Konlsel. Ind row-R. Speck, B. Holliger, J Courtney, J. Bunje. Buch row-Miss Anstaerr, R. Fox, C Barnhart, O. Fairbanks. COMMERCIAL CLUB lx: row-M. Myers, R. Baird, S. Moore D. Gibson, B. Allison, G. McClure M. NVortman. Ind roit'+Miss Fasserr, M. Witrkofski J. Folk, M, Brunlx. R. Ayers, M Harmes, F. Campbell, F. Hoffman. 5rd ron:-D. Spoon, H. Haugh, J Brooks, E. Bishop. K. Mitchell, M 1. Miller, G. Brown, R. Hosler. . RW, If Qz f? -rj eji Buck row+Miss Hudnell, R. Jacobs El ., ff1' 5.g1i,3 M L R. Busicl., R. Dutford, R. XVood 153, J QUT", X, ward, G. McCleary, D. Kelly, R 4 - , f' "'LNWswv-Nl, Adler. HANDICRAFT CLUB The purpose of the Handicraft Club was to stimulate a desire for creative needlework. .ind handwork in cloth, yarn. paper, grass, reed, and beads, Sewing, weaving. etc. "More fun," say the Handicraft Club. Singer-craft work explained. The members hands all stained by tie-dyeing, Learned porch-mat weaving from grass. "Make Christmas Cards by Block Printing," said Miss Sidwell in a club talk. Knitting. of course, the club is in style. The club helped with the Opera by making paper scenery flowers. Learning fancy stitching, everything from "cross" to "fagot" stitches. Finally. favors of all kinds from ordinary paper. The officers were: President, Vililma lionlxel: secretary. Elnora Bellette: sponsor. Miss Estella Anstaett. COMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose and ideals of the Senior Commercial Club have always been high. The idea of business methods and business etiquette was predominant in planning the programs. At sometime during the year each member gave a talk before the group. At the last meeting they visited the Ohio Oil Building to get ideas about office work. At Christmas time they had a party at Esther Bishops home. The chief social event was a banquet held early in June. The officers were: President. Bob NVoodward3 vice-president. Jeanette Brooks: secretary, Maxine Harmes, and reporter, Janet Folk. Sponsors were Rosa Hudnell and Mae Fassett. Forly-Eight KENINEL CLUB Preszdenl .Benny Walters ice Preszdenr . John Fressnell Secretary ,,,,,, Bette Child Sponsor Mr. George Frack OUTDOOR CLUB President ,,,, .Tom Frye Secretary ,Isabelle Gohlkt Captain . .Virgil Smith KENNEL CLUB Ist row-J. Ewing, H. Abott. L, Stoner, B. Child, G, Riggs, A. Lovell, M. Nichols. R. Jacobs, F. Krause, Ind row-D. Flemion, B. Dorsey. D. Courtney, J. Gee, B. Walters. D. Shuler, D. Merton, 3rd row-R. Louch. C. Fleck, B. Mettler. B. Overhold. P. Pennington, R. Firestone. B, Boyd. 4th row-B. O'Harra. E. Miller. F. Adams. C. Decker, G. Clapper, O. Kistler. 5th row-P. Reamsnyder. R. Strouse. F. Emerson, R, Vyleber, B, Smith. OUTDOOR CLUB Group A: Tom Frye. Cloyce King, Raymond King. Virgil Smith, Isabelle Gohlke. Byron Wise. Alfred Schaaff, Henry Bill. Don Vsfolfe, Glen Douglas, Carl XVarner. John Naus. Lester Rice. Charlotte Patterson, Bill Lear. Earl Lucas, Ray Bausiman, Edward Bayless. Clair Hoffman, Howard Mitchell, J. Hollister. Frank Cavins. Mary Fischer, Burnell Johnston. Delbert Gallant, Edward Glassco, Melvin Thomas. Robert Radabough. Lester Moss. Pauline Fareson. Dale Arma- cost, Joe Bowman. Isabelle Johnston. Rita Fornes. Marie Fornes, Elwood Shridcr. Colene Go- brecht, Dorothy Wise, Mary Ellen Greetham, Helen Miller. Ruth Cooper. Maxine Cooper. Bud Simon, Lillian Russell, Millicent Robarge. Doris Shively, Group B: Kenneth Stears. Isabelle Clark. Lola Denhoff, Edna XVells. Dorothy Schwab. Gay Beard, Floyd Workman, Mildred Iliff. Mildred Kimmel, Paul Smith, Don Snyder. Virginia Geib. Russel Ammons, Paul Brink. Bertha Reese, Raymond Alspach, Lois Burse, Jeanette Beltz. Virginia Riemund, Marian Van Denbursh, Clara Spence. Iris Bauer, Mildred NVilliams. XVilliam Decker, Christal Killingcr, Herbert Fellers, Gene Taylor, Ronald Sloop. Mary Miles. Arthur Woodward, Carl Walters. William Drake. Lehr Burnham, Richard Weakley, Junior Angus. Bob Taylor, Don Alexander, Bob Yates, John Schwyn, Mr. Shull. Thelma Firestone, Lucille Slough, Helen Gray. Back row-J. Pressnell, Mr. Frack. D, Bogart, S, Sterling. I-'orzy-Nine l SENIOR ADVISORS Marguerite Coehrun Beverly Nathan Sponsor ,,,,.,,,,, Miss Lena Kiefer GIRL RESERVES President ,.,, Betty Anne Rowe l'.APres. ,,,, Anna Belle Robinson Secretary ..,, .. Virginia Huber Treasurer ,,,,,,,, Dorothy Merton SENIOR ADVISORS lst row--M. Myers, B. Child, D, Pifer, A. Robinson, G, McClure, M. Miles, M. Scott. Ind roiu-Miss Kiefer. M, Vklittkofski. B. Nathan. M. Hanna. M. Harmes. I, Marcus, L, Magoon. B. Johnson. 5rd row-C. XVoodward, B. Holliger. E. Moore. B. Mischke, E. Campbell. B. Ritz. L, Ault. 41h row-J. Brooks. C. Burke. M. Peters. A. Stout, M. King. H. McGown. M. Cochrun. B. Rowe. Buck row-M. Gompf, N, Ketzenberger. K. Mitchell, M, NVright. G, Patterson. GIRL RESERVES lx! row-I, Foreman, C. 'Whistler C. Saunders. M. Connell, V. Huber. G. Howard. A. Robinson, B. Vautau. J. Morgan, D. Jackson. fnd row . Might. B. Bilnler, E. Stewart. P, Coon. M. DuBois. M. Hanna. V. Ayers. M. Collins. V. Frye, E, Bates. C. Bond. 3rd row-B. Eimas, B. Fassett, M, Clark, M. Hollington. B. Cromer, L. Burse, R. I-Iosler, D. Sprow, L Magoon. M. Cochrun. B, Boyd. Jlh row-C. Crook, D. Merton, B, Gillespie, L. Hards. B, Shaffer, I. Clark, G. Moses, G, Fairbanks. V. Arnold. ifh row- Russell. M. Michaels. N. McClure, M. Orwig, J. Riley, M. Routson. O. Saul. A. Feller. I-I. Hoffman, 01h i'ou.'+G. Schwickrath. D. Brown, C, Killinger. M. Killinger. M. Grectham, A. Doly, E. Huber. D. Bachman. XV. Konkle. M. King. Burk row-M, XVright. Miss Kiefer, I-I, Harris, M. Miller. M, Julian. G. lNIoran, R. Garlinger R. Winterrowd. V. I-Ieistand, B. Rowe. Miss Mills, XV. NVilliams. Fifty G. A. A. President ..,.,, Betty Jane Mischke Vice-Pre.sidenl... Margaret Hanna Secretary . , ,..,A Ruth J. Mischke Treasurer ,,,,.. Neva Starlipet LETTER "F" CLUB President ,..,.,,,,,, Vifilliam Riley Vice-Presidenl ,,,,, Robert Hosler Ser'y-Treas. ,,,,,, Tom Buchanan Sponsor ,.,... .....,, . J. J. Winters G. A. A. Ist roLL'iL. Magoon. C. Eetters, D. Amman. R. Benjamin, B. Eimas, B. Passett, A. Robinson, W. Plotts. M. Harmes, B. J. Mischlxe. Ind row-M. Jones. M. Armbrecht, B. Child, E. Bates, M. Robarge, L. Russell. T. Laube. D. Merton, M. Nichols. 3rd row-A. Moore, M. Shank, B. Bibler, T. Firestone, D. Gibson, B. Holliger, B. Rowe. M. Huber. J. Davis. R. Misehke. M. King. 41h row-G. McClure, J. Baughman, N. Starliper. P. Coon. M. Hanna, G. Leatherman. G. Howard. E. Ohl. G. Bingham. F, Cavins, E. Conine. Miss Bushey. 5th row-F. Krause. D. Shively. M. Bair. C. Patterson, K. Mitchell, J. Chatelain, L. Stover, E. Miles, I. Archable, M. King, J. Burke. 6th row-M. Hollington. B. Gillispie. M. Connell, A. Cunningham. O. Campbell, M. Brunk. D. Brown, I. Marcus, E. Bellette, J. Krause. Back row-P. Slade, M. VanVorhees, D. Spoon, H. VanDorn, M. Downing. S. Boeracher, D. Bond, D. Best, L. Dantico. LETTER "E" CLUB Ist row-D. Dorsey, B. Riley, B. Varner, G. Dysinger. Znd row-R. Busick, B. Walters, D. Risser. H. Bishop. G. Struble, B. Hosler, D. Helms. 3rd row-E. Elsea, J. Porter, D. Vvlerkheiser, H. Polen. F. Emerson, Coach Winters. 4th row-R. Spoon, D. Boulis. T. Buchanan, A. Shiveley. Back row-O. Adams. B. Rogge, J. Wickham, B. Martin, C. Polen. Fiflg-One L ll 3 ll A CAPELLA CHOIR Director XVendell Sanderson TXVO VAGABONDS Diretlors XVendell Sanderson Ruth Pintou Earl Shisler A CAPELLA CHOIR Ist rott'-Mr. Sanderson, V. Huber. B. Baughmari. G, Howard, V. De XVoody. B. Redman, B. Child, G. Riggs. G. Might. D. Pifer, B. Brown. Ind rott'-N. Starliper. P. Cavins, B. Nathan, M. Reimund. E. Bates. R. Kirk. M. XVarner. D. Spoon, M. DuBois. M. Connell. 3rd rote'-E. Moore. J. Hanna. B. Howard. D. Alexander. F. Jackson, B. Cromer. B. Allison. C. Gobrecht. J. Brandman, P, Edie, C. Crook. 4th row-E. NVillett. V. Meeks. G. Swisher. L. Miller. J. Schwynn, T. Ricketts. H. Bishop, A. Kroske. M. KVright. Buck row-D. Bibler. R. Nesler, P. Taylor, C. Corder. R. Jacobs, R. XVetherald, R. Vkloodward. R. Hosler. R. Baldwin. A. Leininger. TWO VAGABONDS VILLAGERS-Frances Edie. Dorothy Spoon. Bernadine Allison. Grace Fairbanks, Marguerite Cochrun, Betty Jane Mischke. Peggy Slade, Barbara Boyd, Ethel Bates, Carol Crook. Annabelle Robinson, Phyllis Coon. Josephine Davis, Grace Sonnastine, Martha Vilright. Betty Child, Ada Kroske, Janice Krauss, Lee Baes, Richard Jacobs. Verne Overholt. CHORUS-Myron NVells. Junior Schofield, Bob Jeffery, Arthur Shively, Vaughn Meeks. SOLDIERS-Bradford Martin. Albert Leininger. Robert Moorhead, Glen Swisher, Paul Young, Charles Beardsley. MAIDS-Roberta Bishop, Betty Cromer. Helen VanDorn, DuBois, Virginia DeWoody'. Gwendolyn Might, Martha Reimund. LACKEYS-Junior Angus, Bob Nesler, Harold Bishop, Robert Howard. GUESTS-Erwin Bowman, Dwight Snyder, Dick Baker. Junior Schofield, Junior XVilliamson. Arthur Shively, Laverle Miller, Dwight XVerkheiser. Caroline Bond, Janet Folk, Neva Starliper, lirances Cavins. Margaret King, Dorothy Leonard, Ruthanne Kirk. Betty Brown, Betty Redman, Colene Gobrecht, Dorothy Merton, Frances Jackson, Opperman. Thomas Ricketts, Dick Laverle Miller, Dwight NVerkheiser, Rogge. Robert Vvloodward. Adrian Gayle Riggs. Myrtle XVarner. Mary Fifi y -Two ORCHESTRA Director Earl Shisler BAND Director Earl Shiisler Drum Major Tom Erye ORCHESTRA fSeated left to right? R. Daugherty, J. Lundy, R. Williams, E. Bryan, R. Wonder. O. Dickes. E. Ritz, R. Mischkc, J. Chatelain, B. Johnston. C. Crippen, M. Shank, B. Hover. O. Garlow. G. Brown, R. Adler, H. Schoonover, L. Cramer. QStandingJ M. Gompf, I. Prowant, G. Howard, C. Barnhart, M. Minard, Mr. Shisler. Violins-R. Wonder, O, Dickes, R, Daugherty, J. Lundy. R. Williams, G. Brown, G. Currie. 0. Garlow, L. Cramer, L. Medler. Cello-B. Johnston. Bass-M. Nlinard. C. Barnhart, Piano-G. Howard, M. Gompf. Flute-B. XVetherald. Oboe-E. Ritz. Clarinet-E. Bryan, Bassoon-J. Chatelain. Corners-R. Adler, C. Crippen, E. Campbell. Horns-R. Mischke. M. Shank. Trombone-H. Schoonover. Drums-R. Beck, I. Prowant. BAND Flutes-B. Wetherald, J. Snyder. Oboe-E. Ritz. Clarinets-E. Bryan, D. E. Turner, M. Murray, R. Stears, M. Saul, B. Niebel. N. Niebel, P. E. Trackler. D. Fuller. J. Opperman. Alto Clarinet-R. Bell. Bass Clarinet--G. McCleary. Bussoons--J, Chatelain, L. Gallant. Tenor Saxo- phone-K. Foreman. Drums-R. Beck. R. English, D. Flowers, E. Elowers. I. Prowant. Cymbals -G. Brown. Corners--C. Crippen, E. Campbell, J. Zaenglein, D. Baughman, H. Shank, J. Eari- son, G. Dysinger, R. Edie, J. Dipert, M. Deweese, G. Loach. T. Hosler, M. Jumper, R. Cain. R. Henery, D. Bishop. Horns--R. Mischke. M. Shank. R. Weller. Barilones-R. Adler, W. Woodward. Trombones-H. Schoonover, H. Newcomer. J. Taylor, R. Hover, E. Hoadley, T. Van Wormer. Basses-B. Hover, K. Srears, A. Palmerron. Fifty-Three 3' I .,, 1 5 STAGECRAET CLUB Pregidenz ,,,,777,,,,, Betty Redman V.-President .,,,, Scott Dysinger Secretary ,,,,,, Pauline XVineland LITTLE THEATRE President . . ,V,Y,,,, Dan Schofield l'1ce-Presidenl ,,,, Harold Askam Sei-fgrary ,,,,,,,, ,,,, D ick Hartman Chairman of Program Committee ,,,, Meredith Miller STAGECRAET CLUB R. Brown. M. Beck. H. Bower. H. Bryant. P. Carman. T. Child. O. Campbell. R, Clark. C. Crook. H, Cooper. C. DeShurko. M. DuBois. M. Downing. A. Doty, S. Dysinger. J. Davis. B. Eimas. D. Eishell. K. Garlinger. M. Hunt. L, Hards. M. Hollington, R. Huber. M. Huber. M. Julien. A. Kroske. M. Kunkle. M, Krout. M. J, Long. L. Miller. A, Miller. E. Minard. N. Morris. V. Michaels. M. Miles. M. Michaels. R, Montgomery. G. Moses. G. Moore, L. Medler. H, McDonald. P. Might. R. Mertz. C. McMahon. H. Newman, V. O'Neal. V. Opperman. J, O'Neal. E. Oman, XV. Orwig. R. Patterson. P. Phillips. C. Polen. H. Polen. J. Palmer. J. Riley. B. Redman, M. Routson. E. Redding. M. Risser. K. Sayre. J. Schofield. N. Starliper, C. Stanfield. G. Stevenson. G. Saddoris. B. Shaffer. E. Stewart. C, Saunders. R. Shuck. M, Saums. G. Saddoris. M. Scott. E. Sealy. I. Swisher. G. XVells. W. XVilliams. A, Wisner. B. XVittc-nrnyer, R. Williams. D. Vv'estfall. P. Wineland. M. Vlarner. B. Yates. LITTLE THEATER lsr row-I. Eoreman. B. Eassett. B. Gillespie. B. Baughman. D. Dalious. A. Conine. R. Garlinger. G. Might. G. Howard. R, Mischke. Ind row-V. Bowman. E. Bates. R. Bishop. J. Baughman, M. Bair. M. Shank. I. Marcus. M. Eellabaum. S. Boeracker. L. Haggerty. E. Eellers. 3rd rotuWC. Smith. H. Askam. J. Moran. M. Spitler. M. Hirscher. M. Buffington. C. Hover. R, Vkfinterrowd. A. Cunningham. C. Crosser. E. Cavins. -ith row-T. Roberts, M. Palmer. N, McClure. M. Solt. E. Dantico. R. Pretty. R. XVonder. D, Jackson. 5th row-T. Horner. H. Harris. M. Miller. E. Stewart. B. Vautau. M. Collins. M, Neuman. B. Cole. 6th row-A. Moore. M. Swarat. J. Wall, B. Beagle. J. Morgan. H. VanDorn. V. Ayers. V. Eryc. J. Eoff. D. Beam. D. Burlington. 7th row-B. Rogge. M. Decker. B. Gillespie. J, Vwlilliamson, Miss Shilling, R, Dressel. P. Baird. A. Kresser. Back rowfR, Hartman D. Foltz. Miss XVest. D, Bibler. Miss Einton. A. Moorhead. M. VanVoorhis. R. Carlin. N. Rabkin. M. Wyatt. R. Kirk, J. Adams. J. Lee. Fifty-Four .st row-D. Briggs, B. Child, J. Brooks, Al. Wml-tofski, l.. Ault. nd rowfkliss XVest, V. Bciwman, G. Mcffleary, R. Adlcr, P. Taylor. url: rotufklr. Kinlev. J. Gee, O Dickes. sl row-U. Alexander, Cf. Cfrosscr. V. Huber, B. J. Baughman, J. Eoff. Burk rott'+Xlr. Humphrey, B, XYetherald, T. Roberts, D. Houser. SENIOR PLAY JUNIOR PLAY BNA SENIOR PLAY It has been a long time since the Senior class has presented a melodrama. but "Double Door" more than pleased. The fine character study of the lead. Victoria Van Bret, is one of the best exhibitions in the history of our dramatic work. The tension of the play. at the domin- ation of the harridan collapses. makes it one of our outstanding class plays. The cast consisted of Jeannette Brooks, Louise Ault. John Gee, Deloris Briggs. Revere Adler. Bette Child. Margaret Wittkofski. Orval Dickes. Glenn McCleary. Victor Bowman. Paul Taylor. The play was directed by Miss West. The administrative staff consisted of Dorothy Buffington. Annabelle Robinson, Margaret Hanna. property committee: XVilma Konkel. Ruth Dressel. Viola Heistand. Martha Wright. Evelyn Miles. costumes: Raymond Flanagan. Don Redman. stage managers: Bill XVaite. business manager. JUNIOR PLAY "Through the Keyhole." a modern comedy by Davidson. was presented enthusiastically to our enthusiastic audience. The plot was the inquisitiveness of a match-making old grand- mother. as she concerns herself with the ups-and-downs of her grand-children - - their romances. sophistication, and their near ruin at the hands of clever impostors. The cast was composed of Betty Baughman. Carol Crosser. Don Alexander, Tom Roberts. Jane Eolf, Virginia Huber, Don I-Iouser. The play was ably directed by Mr. Humphrey. The administrative staff was composed of the following: Dana Orwiclx. business manager: Laverle Miller. Junior Schofield. stage managers: Miss Dietsch. Miss Hudnell. Margaret XVynn. Ethel Bates. Janice Krause. property committee: Mr. Constien and Stage-craft Club. scenery and lighting: Miss Switzer and Stage-craft Club. make-up: Mr. Shisler and the High School Orchestra. music: Ned Arnold, publicity. Fiflu-Five A- ,. v. up SENIOR HI-Y President ,,,, ,. Dick Rissei Vice-Presia'ent .,,, .Orval Dickes Sefrrfary ,V,,7,,,,,, Harold Askam Treasurer ,,,, Robert Howard JUNIOR HI-Y President ,,,, ,,,, S ydncy Hoover I'ire-President . . Don Housci Serretary ,,,,,, Howard Hoadlcv Treasurer ,.,,, Robert Roggc SOPHOIVIORE HI-Y President ,,,, .. ,,,,, Robert Clark Vice-President ,,,, Richard Fishcll Sefretary ,,,,,,,,.. Ernest Huffman Treasurer ,.,. ,,,, ' I'om Child lsr run' XIr. Robbins, O. Iiirkm. R. Ijcrvrman, R. Risscr, R. Howard. Ii. Ifrvnn. Qmlmir'-HXV. Niwxxniicr, H. Askxin, D. Bilfci, Li. Porn-r. Fm! mu' Ci. Brown, ri. Iicllcrs, R. Jacobs. Burl: roii'fR. XYoosIwAriI, XV. DcShurko, B. Martin. JUNIOR HI-Y In nm- -I. Iliiwcre, R. Ring, R, Inwcridgc. R. Hicks. XV. Tnbb, R. Higgunx, R. Pmkcr. D. Iilowcri. Ind mu:-XV. XVnneIanrI, R, D.iii'I1cilv, Y. Huulm. L, Kirk, D. Orwick, D. Houwr. S. Hum-cr. Mr, Moxklmrl. ini ron'?A. Moor- I- hcn-I, R. Pvrnglr, IU. .XIvx.indcr. IW. Ilumion, D. Denison, I.. Burnh.1in. R. O'Hnrra. Burk wir' A-R. Smith, H. Hoad- Icv, N. Arnold, T. RHIM-rls, R. Roggc. H. Bishop, J. SchWyn. SOPHOMORE HI-Y lx! nur- R. I.Iii.-, II. Iii nl., R. Ihwokwnlxrr, R. Dickey, S. Sterling, C. Danlico, J. Porter, J. Schwab. Im! rou.'fE. Schrncr, J, Ilr-mm. R. inrlin, N. Rnlwkin, D. Foltz, H. Cooper, II. Iluhup, H. BuI101-. Im' mn'7NIr. Hurson, S. Dxwunizsr. A. l..1uI1r. I. Xlnrum, 'If lliilii, R. I.I.nk, H. Ncmcvcr. wh mir -I3. Brown, R. Kmut. If. Balls, J. XVick- ham. I'v. Sami-n, IU, .'Xrn1.1cml, II. Howr. 19.111, rim'---R. Hanna, D. Iwahcll, R. Ilcmlrmcks, D. Bcnrdslcv, J. Hoffman. Fifty-Six ll PENfART CLUB President ,,,Y,,,,,,, Dorothy Bond Vice-President .. Lillian Snyder Sec'y-Treas. ..Carolinc Bond Sponsor -...Mr. C. I-I. Havcrficld HOBBY CLUB President .......,,.LL77A.VY Peg Hanna Vice-President ,,,, Gwen Patterson Secretary ..,, Annabelle Robinson Treas.-Reporter ..lVlartha Wright Sponsor ,,.. Mr. Paul Hochstettler AMERICAN HISTORY presfdmf -.., v ,,,,,,,,i Bob Howard Secretary ,...,,,, Dorothy Hirscher Treasurer ,,,. Y,f,..,Y.. B Ob Duke? Sponsor ,,,,. ,,.,, A . L. Mattoon PEN-ART CLUB lst ronufp. Crawfis, A. Spltlcr, J. Mann. li. Smith, G, Schwikratll. C. Bond. fm! mitf-Wal, Kzrl-thrills, T. Snulcr, Boisc, B. Palmcr, Xl. Schwab, D. Bond. Buck rmt'4A. Hutchinson, R. Hanna, l'. Collins, J, Sunnastmc. E. XVix- ncr, Mr, Havcrficld. HOBBY CLUB ls! row-A. Robinson, M. Hanna, G. Patterson, G. Leatherman, P. Toolcy, V. Lear. Klr. Hochxtvltlcr. lm! mtl'-f-XY. Oxlcy, G, Browne, Bl. XVright, V. Hcistand, Cn. Schuntllcr. AMERICAN HISTORY lst row-A. Stout, V. Arnold, G. XVclls, D. Hirsciicr, C. Dann 0 Intl ruu.'fR. Howard, Mr. Harmon. XV, Dc- Shurko, R. Diclmcy. Fifty-Scucrz Zin jllllenwriam The Junior Class of l935 lost one of its staunch and loyal members, Richard Gerald Johnston. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnston, Bethlehem Road. He was born in Marion township, February 8. l9l8. He died from injuries received when he lost control of a motorcycle, which skidded on loose gravel. Richard was a fine fellow and had a smile for everyone. He was clean-cut and was fond of outdoor life and sports. He was a true friend to those who were close to him and was always ready to sacrifice and serve a friend. He was a true pal of his father. which is an attribute for any boy to have. Our departed schoolmate radiated a forecast of clear, unselfish character with a smile beaming through the sting of adversity. He drew from those of his associates. that, which represents their better selves and overlooked their shortcomings by an expression of encouragement. The memory of such a friend must linger long with those who knew him best. The impression of his early acquirements of a deeper sense of thoughts could not but impress us of the certainty of future attainments. Now like a lonely swallow He sails the chart unknown, But his brave soul. undaunted, Shall wing on to its home. Thus as friends. we miss him As in memory. we recall His smiles, his honest living, An example for us all. flfly-Eight Q f p ' ,.A' VR? gzi " ' ' A , ,Q'-f '+- w i - AT I-I L E TIC S TI1eTrojans J. J. Winters COACHES We certainly must congratulate Coach Winters for the splendid record made on the gridiron by his boys. However, it is not from the results alone, but also from the procedure, that we undertake his evaluation. lt was natural that he should teach the individuals to come off the field fighting, but we proudly point out the fact that this fighting was clean and therefore sometimes disadvantageous. Mr. Winters has also been a conspicuous figure in everyday school life by aiding in outside activities. and, above all. by helping individuals with their disheartening problems. 'We are, indeed. fortunate in having for a guide a man so full of personality and fellowship. Although he is a newcomer to our faculty, Mr. Bachman immediately made his capabilities evident by assuming the coaching duties of the track and basketball squads and assisted Mr. XVinters in the coaching of the football squad. Vv'e appreciate his willingness especially when we consider the fact that their responsibilities were carried out in his spare time from his regular teaching position. Although he was seriously handicapped by the fact that only two letter men reported for practice, he turned seeming defeat into victory. From the sideline we have seen the fine results of his coaching: however, only those who have been under his personal guidance can tell of his true worth. Mr. Frack. by coaching UB" squads in both football and basketball. has been responsible for starting our Trojan warriors on the road to victory. His presentation of fundamentals is as unique that practice becomes a profitable game. The constructive foundation work which Mr. Frack gives the beginning squads is invaluable to our athletic organization. Carl Bachman Sixlu The Athletic Managers There are very few people who stop and consider the time that managers spend in doing their work. They must be at the school or stadium ahead of the players. They must take care of the equipment and see that none of it is lost. They must keep the locker room clean. In case of wet weather all the cleats on the shoes must be changed and it is up to the managers to do it. The managers must be ready with the rub to massage sore muscles. They must know how to tape ankles and wrists. They must see that the players have capes when not on the field. They must see that all equipment is kept in good condition. They are the last ones to leave after a game or after practice. The managers must keep eligible just the same as thc players. They are expected to get their lessons no matter how much time they spend working as a manager. The managers are not given the recognition they dc- serve. They are seldom mentioned in connection with the players or its team. We do not realize the important part which the managers play in making the team a success. It takes a manager three years to earn his letter. while it is possible for a member of the team to earn his letter each year that he plays. Thanks to the managers for their marvelous work in helping to make the team a success. Ist row-H. Cooper, H. Bower. R. Bookwalter, D. Hartman. D. Green. K. Walters J. Schwab, H. McDonald. Znd row-R. Gallegher, B. Walters, W. Mueller, D. Bibler, R. Rice. D. Rlsser R. Overholt. Sixly'One VARSITY FOOTBALL Isl rmi'-AG. Dysingcr, R. Spoon, XVincland, G. Porter, XV, Riley, Dorsey, R. Busick, B, XVnltcrs, Helms, Fm. Hoslcr. R. Roggc, Ci. Hart. Coach Vslintcrs. Ron' 2-Coach Bachman, R, Varncr. R. Jeffery, A. Shivcly, F. Emerson XVickham, H. Polcn, T. Buchanan, R. Baldwin. R. Paul, J. Dishon. Row 3-P. Gardner. E. Ritchey, XVinch. N. Arnold, K. Palmer, E. l rl XV Huffman, B. Martin, J. Na in, d l. Niswan cr, F. ucns. D. Cxallehcr. J Branclman. ll ' ? S KJEF-,TA W X , W. D. D. ,J. FOOTBALL For years football has been the leading athletic ac- tivity at Findlay High School. This year it was put in still a higher light by the formation of the Buckeye League. The purpose of the Buckeye League was to foster athletic competition among Sandusky, Fremont, Tiffin Colum- bia, Fostoria, and Findlay teams. Coach Winters had several letter men to compose the nucleus of his l934 team, and at the primary turnout many more ambitious fellows reported for practice, giving our mentor a hopeful but unexperienced squad. We consider the season of l934 a big success, even though we did not come out of every game with the long end of the score. ln the long run, it is not the score that indicates the real victory but the lesson learned during these contests. The fact that you profit by the mistakes made and create a spirit to do better. is far more important than any score. no matter how large it may be. This year's team might also be called a "hit and miss" team: that is, in some games speed. accuracy, and teamwork were exceptionally well displayed, while in other games they could not show that enthusiasm and de- termination needed for success. The misses of this yeat's team, however, were largely due to injury of varsity players. lt is well known that no organization can reach great heights when its leaders are disabled. All in all, however. it can be said that this year's squad is well worth your highest praises. The results of the season's games are as follows: Findlay, 26: Toledo Whitnier, O. Findlay, 27: Bryan, O. Findlay. l3: Columbus South. O. Findlay, O: Tiffin Columbia, O. Findlay. l8: Mar- ion, 6. Findlay, O: Sandusky, 45. Findlay, O: Fremont, O. Findlay, 26: Lima Central. 7. Findlay, O: Fostoria. 14. Sixty-Two -,A B.. mvgt. ,W r.,-, ..., .,. . 2 BASKETBALL Basketball interests were greatly stimulated by the formation of the "Buckeye League." The Trojans took second place in the league, being slightly nosed out of first place by the Sandusky aggregation. To be able to surpass the fine record built up by this year's team will take some tall playing next year. Mr. Bachman, the head coach to whom a great amount of the success of the team is due. was well pleased with the splendid work which the squad performed in all its en- gagements. Every member of the squad possessed a steady and increasing ability. All the players were evenly matched. which is always an asset to a team. The squad was composed equally of seniors, juniors, and sophomores. They all understood thoroughly the intimate points of the game, and each player followed faithfully the advice and improved details of playing that the coach suggested. This year's team was high in spirit and rapid in the execution of trick plays. They always played fair and square, As a result of their tireless efforts this year's team won 0 of their 14 games. The games lost were close, well played, and not deserving of criticism. The results of the season's games are as lollowsz Findlay, 48: Pemberville, 18. Findlay, 28. Tiffin C, 17. Findlay. 18: Lima C., 22. Findlay. 13, Fre- mont, 9: Findlay. 17: Sandusky, 21. Findlay, 27: Fostoria, 8. Findlay, 24: Bowling Green, 25. Findlay, 17: Tiffin C., 14. Findlay, 32: Lima S.. 35. Findlay, 33: Fremont. 29. Findlay. 31: Sandusky, 35. Findlay, 41: Kenton. 27. Findlay, 26: Fostoria, 10. Findlay, 40: Napoleon. 11. .Yi rl if-Tlyree ISITY HASK1 l-lu.X1l Iv mit' ll. llmliofi, 1. llsca, 1 P 1 li. Marian, ll. Poltu. Li. Sl bl ll Qmf mn Coach liachmau, J. llill .1 R Brown, J. XX'ickh.1m, li lx gg ll. Baldwin, 11. XYJIK li.:-1: rt-it' -ll. lianll, 1. ll lx l Xlorrmn, XV. Riley, R Qu 'ivfQ5tf.Js.r'55r.2ifa . . . A . 'lille 5,-rj.:-,Il?T. . ' .Ir ,.,5',,,5,,.:.' Aw. ai' Q, , 'Br ma OF "KILLER" SHIVEI.YfArthur was the hue man powerhouse on the line whether it was defense or offense. "BENNY" WALTERS-Our field general who seldom monopolized the ball car- rying department. ROYCE BUSICK-Royce was the snapper- back on offense and good in backing up the line on defense. DON HELMS-Don was the interference for the runners and protected the punters and passers. XVENDEL WINELAND-A lineman who never shirked and always tackled his job in a cheerful manner. ll BOB JEFFERY-Bob is the new steam roller we procured for our line. He will be back next year. RAYMOND PAUL-Raymond never let his handicaps overcome him. Many J time he kicked us out of a tight spot. BILL RILEY-A two year letter man, cap- tain for next year. and a fullback whose tackles we can hear. BOB ROGGE-A flanker who stopped many a gain around his end that might have meant defeat. CHEERLEADERS-They are the real heart of the revived spirit of thc team and school this year. DICK BALDWIN-"Baldy" could always be depended upon for some much needed yardage. "HECKY" POLEN-"Hecky" was a con- sistent catcher of those long passes that were thrown to him by his team mates, DIKE DORSEY-Dike always kept us up on the edge of our seats with his remarkably fast running. GEORGE PORTER-George always man- aged to do more than his share toward winning the game and he certainly could "take it." GEORGE DYSINGER-Dyke did his share in holding up his portion of the line. Sixty-Five BENNY 8 TOM-This team of extra point makers kept Findlay in the lead when every point was precious. BOB HOSLER-Bob could be depended upon in an emergency and his heady guidance of the team pulled us out of many a tight place, FRANK EMERSON-Frank brought down many a man who was intent upon breaking through our line. RALPH SPOON-Good nalured"Spoonie" always played an excellent game and was a good sport. JOHN VJICKHAM - "Man Mountain" Wickham always got his man no mat- ter how large he was. ' l l l l v l N I l v i I I , - E534 BLUE 6' OLD O C5 4 ROBERT BROWNE FRED lll.Sl2.-X CH.-XD POLLN JOHN XX Chl-I XXI BR X01 ORD Nl XR TIN ROBIIRT BROXVNE VRTZD CHAD .JOHN Bob made a good showing during his first year. His ahilitv to shoot and to pass was an acquired habit. making his scoring very good. Bob played the forward position and was always a hard man to guard. ELSE1X-fforiufirtil lired has heen playing basket-hall for the past three years, but it was HOL until this year that he has gained much recognition in this field, He filled his position with great skill, Xkfhen the going was tough, Fred would squirm around the opposing players and come through with a two pointer, He headed his team in scoring in the Sandusky, Fostoria, and Lima South games. ROTTEN ffortuurdl Chad proved to he a good mate with Elsca at the other forward position, During the whole season Chad seemed to he Findlay's ace scorer. His ahility to make those points was never ending. Good handling of the hall and speedy floor work top Chad as being the star player of this year's haskethall season. XVICKH.-XM "Big John" or Kmart tnountainl was always ready to boost the score and led the scoring in many games. The centers of the teams were never too good for John and he showed this by scoring and keeping them from scoring. His ser- vices are looked forward to. BRADFORD MARTIN ftentt-ri ll XVhen Findlay needed the tip-ofl' Martin was al- ways ready to get it. Brad played a fine brand ol' hasketball throughout the whole year. He came up from the reserves where he had played two years. Bradford lead his team in scoring in the Pemherville, Lima South. and Tiilin games, Stfxlg-Si'.x' HAROLD BISHOP HERRICR POLEIN DWIGHT DORSEY ROBERT ROGGE GEORGE ST RUBLE HAROLD BISHOP 1GuardJ Another fellow who came up from the low ranks and made good is "Pee Vwfeeu Bishop. Bishop has shown strong talent in all games this year and we are, indeed, glad to know he will return for another year of varsity basketball. Bishop was the master of the team when in tight places. He kept the fellows cool and calm throughout each game. "Pee XVee" helped his team in scoring in the Pemberville. Kenton, Fremont, and San- dusky games. HERRICK POLEN fcenterj Hecky for the past two years has been one of Findlays steady players. Although crippled with a bad knee at the beginning of the season. he came back with his accurate ball handling. Ileck saw plenty of service the remainder of the year and was outstanding in the Kenton, Sandusky, and Lima Central games. DXX IGHT DORSEY "Dike," our fastest and shiftiest player, was very hard to guard, his opponent becoming tired in no time. His passing was an outstanding factor and the size of his opponent never worried him. "Dike" gave us all a feeling of satisfaction. ROBERT ROGGE Rogge. being tall. used his height and his spirit to help his good work. The best that he had was always given and we know that he will give his best next year. GEORGE STRUBLE rqutzrdl George has proved his worth this year to F1ndlay's team by showing his fine work and talent at one of the guard positions. George has stopped many opponents from scoring with his steady movement and fine floor work, He has played ball with the school for the past two years but only ac- quired his varsity ability this year. Sl.vly-Seven fa Ili in F" rust W, Yum, , -gi - 4- "H "' 45 '49 ' 2 AMC' -1- 1" 5 'fr' 1? - 1" 'all' ,sig - - ls! row-E. Ritchey. R. Spoon. D. Viferkheiser. E. Miller. H. Polcn. J. XVickham. J. Martin. D. Ciallegher. D. Fox. Qntl rote'--D. Bibler. F. Adams. I.. Alge. N. Wincla. P. Rush. J. XVallen. B. Powell. D. Hartman. H. Mitchell. XV. Vfilliams. Coach Bachman. Buck FULL'-T. Miller. I.. Rice. C. Nlarshall. Nl. Vfliisller. D. Jacobs. E. Clark. B. Brown. R. Baldwin. J. Morrison. J. Kelley. A. Laube. R. Overholt. R. Rice. Track This season our track squad was late in starting their practice. This was due to the fact that we did not know how much school remained. When we received word that we were going to have a full term. preparations for track began. Mr. Bachman was selected as the track coach. He had the boys practice in the gymnasium until weather permitted them to be on the track. He required a track theme from each boy so as to familiarize him with the sport. Tryouts were held and the track squad was chosen. Tryouts were carried out on a fair and competitive basis. The faster ones were chosen for the 1935 squad. Each night they had an hour or more of hard practice. The coach set up a requirement that all members must have their muscles loosened before prac- ticing. This did a great deal of good. By this means and by keeping health rules for athletes, this squad was in fine shape for their first track meet. This meet was with Sycamore. This meet seemed to be a starter for our squad for they came out on top. the score being 88-41. Their handicap was not entering the event as we did. Our trip to Lima Central proved victorious for us. for we defeated them 66-60. Lima Central and Findlay are more or less friendly rivals. Our next track meet was at Tiffin. Again Findlay brought home the bacon with a score of 76-48. Witll all these facts in mind I think we should give credit where credit is due for the fact that we have had a good track squad, despite handicaps. Sivry-Eigzhr M Armbrecht, A. liresser, Nl, King. E. XVillett, F. Cavins. M. XVittkofski, lf J. Kriust Cheer Leaders "Come on now! Make it good and loud this time! Une! Two? Three!" And so it is that another cheer rings loudly through the gymnasium or boldly reverberates through the spac- iousness of the Donnell Stadium. Those who lead these cheers deserve much attention and ap- plause for the splendid work they have contributed toward making the appreciation of athletics more outstanding. The boys on the field for whom the volume of our lusty lungs was amazingly increased were rewarded with many hearty cheers. But the cheer leaders who stimulated this applause never received nor even asked for this attention. Let us now pay tribute to these selected few who showed sufficient ability to have been chosen by an equally capable judge, Miss Bushey. Special notice should be given to the fact that not one game was played during both the football or basketball season without the presence of these hard workers. It isn't a light task to get up and face an enormous blur of faces, some hiding innumerable thoughts. It isn't an easy task to abruptly penetrate these indi- vidual minds with a plea to help the fellows out of their difficulty with a cheer. It isn't an easy task to lead that mass of voices into one burst of enthusiastic acclaim. Then, too. we dare not forget those costumes which be- decked the shapely forms of our leaders. both boys and girls. Our heads were held high when we saw the head of the A'Trojan" on the backs of the lads and lasses who did their great big show in bringing victory to our fair school. Sixty-Nine GOLF l... Moss. R. Busiek. R, Vwlood- ward. G. Swisher. C. Polen. TUMBLERS Isl mtv-A. Schaall. l.. Miller. C. Stanlield. fm! rotvflf. Abell. Pa. Beck. D. Fox. INTRA-MURAL BASKITT- BALL CHAMPIONS Isl rntuiB. XValters. li. Tes- now, M. Thomas. Nlr. Hut- son. Intl row 4 R. Woodxitard. R Spoon. D. Werklieiser. R Risser. BOVJLING 151 rott'-A. Nloorheacl, D. Courtney. fm! row-G. Hart. 'lf Roberts. D. Gallegher. Boys' lntra-Mural Sports The winners in boys intramural sports are as follows: Home Room ll? under Ervin Tesnow. won the basketball cup. ln bowling. Don Courtney's team which won every frame. walked away with the honors. This year's golf team is composed of Robert NVoodward. Chad Polen. Royce Busiclt. Glen Swisher. Lester Moss. and James Andrews, The boy's tennis team is made up of: Robert Drake, Robert Carlin. Max Nlellott. Toni Buchanan. Joe Shoupe. George Clapper. Charles Decker, Wttnder Tabb. John and Richard Schwynn. and Homer Newman. Mr. llochstettler has made arrangements for eight or ten matches for the team. Although the intramural program has HOI been so elaborate this year as formerly. it lacked none of the interest of former years. Swann ' HQNORARY VARSITY BASKETBALL Clure, N. Sitirliper, NV. Plotts R. Nlisthlse, J. Davis. li. Blbler lf. Cavins. irtl rntt'-Nl. VanV0rl1ecS, R. ljrienrl C,h.itel.un. SUCCER BASFBALL M. llarinei. Nl. Nlyers, Ci. Nlcflurr DECK TLNNIS Hulliger. In-I rmvflj. Miles, M. llnnna. im! rtvtufl.. Magoon. B. J. Misthke li. Mclformic. BASKLTB.-Xl.l. li, Xliltlivll, XV, Plotti, M. Miller Ci. Mckflure, Rl. Myers. M Harmes VOl.l.lfYBAl.l. Rl. Miller, G. Mctflurr. XY. Ploltx K. Mitchell, M. I-larmes, M. hlyers i PRUNE l.lfAGL'lE BASl'iE'IBPlLL ' XV. Pl0IIS, G. McClure, li. Kliles , K. Mitchell, M. Hanna, B. J l Klischkv, I. Marcus, I., Nlagoon, M Harmus. A, Robinson. Girls' lntra-Mural Sports NVhat a pleasure after the day's Work is finished to lay aside ones books and resort to the gymnasium for an hour of play! Thus the girls have the privilege to enter the seasonal sports. such as kick-dodge ball. soccer baseball, basketball. volley-ball, deck tennis and, baseball. These activities aiford such great opportunities to make new friends and enjoy good. clean fun with them, The tournaments are either a home room project or the prune league fashion. In a Prune League tournament individual selected teams enter, and there is a possibility of then having it Round-Robin style, that is, every team plays every other. The girls have shown a great interest in sports this year and many have participated. The banner is always awarded to the winning team. ll l Seventy-One Ist mu'-M. Armbreclit, G. Mc- A, Conine. A. Robinson, J. Burl-.. Intl row'-B. Holliger, L. Miles, lg. Bates, Nl. Hanna, B. J. Nltschkv, D. Gibson, l. Marcus, M. Harmcx: J. Krause, K. Mitchell. M. Glnsco, A. Cunningham, l'. Coon, J. XV. Plolls, M. Miller, li. Mitchell. lil mwfl. Marcus. M, King, B, Sept Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. 2,1 Calendar u u .nf ,I ,T 1: -School rather belatedly starts - - better late than never. -The Charmingl?l Senior Advisors organize. -Trying to reconcile ourselves to staying in school on nice days. --Victory bell rung after Bryan game. To be or not to be, that is the question." Sophomores still trying to find out what it's all about. First pep meeting, "'s make it big." Columbus South game. Dike decides upon Nancy. Extra-curricular activities start. "I'll be Faithful." Hart. Bishop: Zierolf. Gallagher: Busick. Folk: Brown. Hanna. -Seniors elect Mischke, Leininger. Dorsey. Elsea. Juniors elect Hecky. Gerry Howard. Srarliper. Chad. Sophomores elect Jack Martin, Dick O. Hartman. Hollington. Wall. Girls' Mixer. "a glorious grand time." Tiffin Columbia game. Make that kickf Benny's birthday. Benny gives Tiffin girl a break. Heap big Injun, Chief XVhatofwegotta - - Mr. Cochrun's lecture. 'Portrayal of the American Indian." Student Counselors have their first meeting. A Capella choir personnel announced. Findlay High versus Marion - - we triumphed. Full moon - - 'nuff said. Meredyth talks in her sleep. Home-room officers chosen - - l move the nominations cease. No school on account of the Northwestern-Ohio Teachers' Meeting at Toledo. Soaped windows. rotten eggs and tomatoes. and that's not all. Parade postponed - - rain in northwest portion - - colder tomorrow. First chapel - - Mr. Kinley and Mr. Matteson presiding. -Cramming and cribbing for test. Clubs meet for first time. -End of first term - - beginning of resolutions. -Sandusky played here - - they won without a Gant. -Any books today. lady? Y - Book XVeek. -Grade cards - start staying in nights. Confetti. grotesque figures - Halloween parade. -Cough? Sputterf Get out the gas masks - - building filled with smoke - - can't see our hands in front of our faces Br--r r r r r r r r r rit's cold. -Game tomorrow - - the team in bed early U5 -Class committees selected. -"VVho killed cock robin?" Lecture by Mr. Fenton on "Does Crime Pay?" -Lima Central here 26-7. Yea team. Yea team. Fightf Fight! Fightf -Cheerleaders strutting new slacks and sweaters. -Guilty or not guilty - - meeting of all girls to try to find out who stole whose pockethook. -A tea in the library for the faculty - - one-two-three'sip. -Triangle - - Don Alexander. Frances Krauss. Dick Baker. -Sophomore Advisees learn how to make themselves more beautiful. if possible. -Big pep meeting - - "Now we all March on Together" V - bonfire at circus grounds. Junior Hi-Y bean feed. Dike decides against McClure l'Nancyl. -Lost to Fostoria - - but we can take it. Sigma Delts feted the team at a football dance. Saunders got stood up but Courtney came to the rescue. l-Antler dance - - "XVhy Can't This Night Go On Forever." Benny took Betty to the show. chaperoned by mother. 4-Hanscom players presented "The Music Master" - - The boys fell for the heroin-:. -Note passing squelched. Hi-Y delegates go to Marietta. -The "Moose" kicked Shoupe in the arm - - what price Model T's? -Colder than a bat out. sick about it. I -Popularity contest A - the winnahsf Busick. Eoff. Martin. Pifer. Dorsey, Mischke. the Buffingtons. Gompf. Orwick, 'XVickham. Decker. Polen. -Peggy and Stanley are still in love after nigh onto six years - it must be the real thing. Dike is Nthat way" about Mertz. -Pledges writing their O. A. O's John Hancock five hundred times. The Home Ee Department gave a style show and tea. -Again "the boys" keyholed the sorority initiation - - or rather about broke their necks getting in such hazardous positions - - the better to see you my dear - - poor pledges. Christmas chapel. Tiffin Columbia here. Time off - - The eagerly anticipated vacation. Dec. 24 Dec. Z5 Dec. 26 Dec. 27 Dec. Z8 Dec. 30 Dec. 31 Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. . Jan. 10 Jan. ll Jan. 14 Jan. 16 Jan. l7 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 Jan. Z0 Jan. Z2 Jan. 23 Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Jan. 3 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 1 Feb. l Feb. l Feb. l-l Feb. l Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. Z1 Feb. Z2 Feb. 23 Feb. 2-l Feb. 26 Feb. 27 March March March March March March March March March March March March -Silent Night, Holy Night. -Merry Christmas! A. Z. dance. -A hot time was had by all at the Miami all-college dance. -Recuperation from too many dances. -Sigma-Delta dance - Y the one that caused so much hard feelings. Jimmy Dimick's orchestra at the Mill. Wine, women, and song - - New Year's Eve - - '4lt's Three HJ O'Clock in the Morning." The morning after - - I hereby resolve. Dike gives Mertz the gate. or vice versa. College kids still painting the town red. l.ima Central game - - there. Dike and Betty Jane Mischke look at each other that certain way. Another initiation - - this time it's the Letter F Club. Back to school - - basketball men sore and stiff fthey're not the only onesl - - students sleepy. -Feverish work at the library to get reports in on time. Game at Fremont 13-9. Saunders a full-fledged member of the Buckeye League. -Poor Miss Smith - - the library the last period. We want a basket! We want a basket! Sandusky here. Still getting kicked out of the library lpublicl. Lecture by Harold D. Eide on "Building a City in the Shadow of the North Pole." ln short. "Blubber." He-men sporting new "F" sweaters. Basketball game with Fostoria. G. A. A. banquet. New Years resolutions broken Racing at 80 miles per - f Charlotte wrecks the new Pontiac and herself. Lecture by Stewart Karns. "The Lost Art of the Damascus Sword." Mercury dropped below zero - - can't see it. Mr. I-lochstettler sprang a big history test - - sick about it. Findlay versus Tiffin 17-I-l. Hi-Y presidents' conference at Lima. -Cramped fingers - whirling heads - 2500 word history reports - dear Mr. Mattoon. -Senior rings beginning to circulate. "Oh she jumped in bed." good-looking cow-puncher O'Keefe lftom way out tharl sings us some real western songs. Presidents Ball. Guy goes to a military formal at State. Debate - - Federal Aid to Education. Schofield rigged up like a South American native - - J. L. Klouse. lecturer. Mr. Hutson reveals his deficiency in recognizing popular songs - - "Isle of Capri" - V one of Guy Lombardo's favorite five. Charm schoolers learn the charm of being thrifty women - - the boys should ap' preciate that. Fremont game. Helen McKelvey leaves school. Four-score and seven years ago - - Lincoln's birthday. Grade cards again. Pffffffffffffffft - - Risser and Becky. "XVhose Honey Are You" - - Valentines Day. First performance of 'AThrough the Keyhole." Junior Play again a hugh success. Ted and Joe go to Canton for the week-end. - - a fan dance. Second semester elections held. Rooms Zll and 106 give us their conception of a modern chapel - - "Stay As Sweet As You Are." and "Blue Moon" were two of the torch songs rendered. Radium and Cosmic Ray - - lecture by Dr. Luther S. Cnot Clarkl Gable. -Kenton - - there. Brad and Maxine celebrate their paper anniversary. l cannot tell a lie - - Washington's birthday. Fostoria game. -Cherry Tree Hop. Girls press their corsages in the old encyclopedia. -Hi-Y's discuss boy and girl relationships. Girl Reserves answer Hi-Y questions. -County tournament - - lot of people in town. -Ted's folks gone plus county girls equals? --Special Senior Class service at the First Church of Christ - - Willett's wonderful solo. "The Rose of Sharon." -Spring is in the air. -"Cliqueing" - - Miss Kiefer tells sorority girls their shortcomings. -"Securities" - - interesting lecture by Norman lmries. -Mr. Shull tells Elaine and Coral what he thinks of them and sororities. -Rainy Monday. -Tom still calls Dot his true love - - how tender -Stormy weather - - sleet. snow, rain. -Why doesn't the weather make up its mind? YVarm. moonlight. -Van Vorhis got the gate from Brad. Tournament. March Nlarch March March March March March March April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May lvlay May May May May May May May May May Ma y Ma y 18 May 20 Z1 Ma y Ma y May 22 May 23 i7 Nlay .. May 28 May 29- May 3 l l June .lunc June June June June June June .lune 1... -XVill the levy pass or won't it? You guess. -Proofs of pictures. -We can breathe again - - the levy passed - - teachers smile again, Full moon only it rained -Teachers trying to discourage boys standing at girls' lockers in the morning and Bl l'lOOI1. -Senior Scholarship Tests. -Results of scholarship tests - - Leininger rates. -All the girls are knitting instead of studying, -A sure sign of spring Y - gangs of kids out in front at noon. -Did you ever get fooled? -Shoupe. Spitler. Dorsey. guests of a fraternity at Case - - lucky. -Mary Ellen Biery embarrassed her brother. High School Night at the College - - lights out. -Debate with Sandusky. -Charlotte and Tess try to skip school Y - flat tire - - mud. -What college are you going to? College Day. -"Two Vagabonds' - Y Nathan and Schwyn click. -Again the operetta is a success. -Xklinter wonder land. -Are you trving out for the Senior Play? -Dike and Mischke have decided to be just friends. lovers no more. Mischke and Howard decide they are meant for each other. -Good Friday - - no school. -The Easter Parade. -Back to prison - - incarceration number 2794. -Rowe and Magoon play cards in the library. -Still trying to sell the "Moose" 4 - at a profit. -Saus went to Sr. Ball at Miami. Preliminary spelling contest. Band festival at Upper. --Buflington in her glory - - the lead in the religious drama "Barter" -Courtesy week - - surprised at the people that rated the ribbons. Shall we wear long dresses or white stockings? - - Miss Kiefer meets the Senior girls to discuss graduation clothes. Rain - - so the American History and Hobby Clubs had their picnic in the cafeteria. Miss Smith quits. Blue-stockinged. pig-tailed Jean Moran follows in her sister's footsteps and wins the silver cup. Pifer and Jackson go to a dance at XVittcnberg. District State Scholarship Tests at B. G. Rain - - nervous breakdowns trying to get term tvping in on time. Still raining Q - hard on girls' hair, More rain. Mischke track queen. Sausser's coat stolen - - freeze on the way home. Empty school - music festival at Fremont - Antler dance - Chad and Mary break up. -Put them all together they spell "Mother" Have you been asked to the Prom yet? Tom ripped his pants on a motorcycle, Moran changes the title of her chapel speech. Nathan. valedictorian: Cochrun. salutatorian. Hcctic typing for the annual. -A. Z. dance. Play cast goes to Dayton. Tess writes Don a note saying she thinks it best they quit. Miss Smith married. Play Day. Full moon. Too much quill-shooting. Benny dates Fostoria babes now. Take it easel. don't hurrel. make it snappel. call out the armcl and the navel and the militial. An amateur program that rivals Fred Allen's and Major Boules. City School Music Festival. City School Music Festival. continued. Dike is now 'ffootloose and fancy free." Senior Play. A'Double Door." -Brooks. Ault. Briggs, Gee. 'XVittkofski. Adler. McCleary. Dickes. Bowman. Child again star, -Last minute dates for Prom. A -We still don't have school dances - - but - - "lf at first you dont succeed. try. try. again." ' A flowergarden prom - - sweet young things looking their best - - love in bloom - A the faculty in their best bibs and tuckers - - the gym transformed. -Baccalaureate. -Still carrying on - Y Helms and Roller. Gwen and Lyle, Peggy a.nd Stanley. Steve and Kate. -Practicing for graduation - - warm enough to go swimming. -Another paper anniversary - - this time it's DeWood3' and Frye. -"O Beautiful for Spacious Skies for Amber XVaves of Grain" - - Graduation! Entertain At the E L K S ' G RI L L for BANQUETS LUNCI-IEONS TEAS Call BETTY I-IIRZEL for Suggestions and Arrangements A Mr. Hutson: "What is your favorite Complzmcnts of book?" S QQ S DRUQ STQRE ifQll'il'flflZ,lf? kill l1lfifhiZWTJfZff,.'L'II interest now. 0 l Opposite Court House - - Gayle Riggs to Bette Child: "How much X .3 money have you Bette?" Bette to Gayle: "Oh, between ninety-eight and one hundred dollars." Cieo T. St in fellow , rg? r g Gayle: A"I hat's a lot of money. isn't it?" Robert Shoemaker Bettef "Oh, no it isn't. It's only two dollars. brehgges: ma'am. I repair and recover um- COmp1imentS and Best Wvislics "Finel Go to Mrs. Dicklesproof, at IZ? IO the Tobasco Street, and recover a pearl-handled umbrella. XVhen you come back. l'll give 1935 you some more addresses." .. - TI-IE 0 Builders' Foreman: "Excuse me, but are f ,i ' 7 you the lady wot's singing?" Lady: "Yes. I was singing. Vv'hy?" "VJell. might I ask you not to hang on COMPANY that top note so long. The men have N , I -H knocked off twice already, mistakin' it for GOOC1' FUFIYIFUFG? SINCE 1889 the dinner whistle." 1 FOR 1 Compliments of FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE The Insurance PHOENIX HOTEL FRED CROMER 1 116 West Front Street N, MAIN 617-.I Cownerl BLU EC ROBERT HOWARD E IJ I T o R JOE SH O U PE BUSINESS MANAGER I V A M A R C U S ADVERTISING MANAGER Compliments r 7 v , lx A IN E L S THE OHIO FLEL EQ GAS for COMPANY 500 South Main Street PEREECT DIAMONDS FINE WATCHES STERLING SILVER, LESTER THOMAS "F, HS,-1918" 303 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 703-XV EXL'lUS!'L'9 Agenfy Traub Genuine "ORANGE BLOSSOMU Wedding Rings "Towle" Sterling Silver - "Lenox," "XVedgewood." and "Spode" China Phone Main l7l Established l897 The TARBOX-RIQCALL STONE CO. Crushed Stone and Stone Sand Y Z 7 Prompt Delivery - - - Courteous Service I 2 2, 852 XVESTERN AVENUE EINDLAY, OHIO SHINING PARLOR HAT CLEANING Compliments CRYSTAL PfxT'rER5oN Shoe Repairing Insurance Agenev Niles Building 103 E. Sandusky St. Y I EINDLAY, OHIO Compliments Of BLOOMINGDALEHS FLOWERS 4 Doors South of Harris Theatre PHONE 328 "Flowers of Distinction in in pa for Every Occasion" Barber: "XVell. my boy. and how would you like to have your hair cut?" Fred E.: "If you please, sir. just like fathers: and don't forget the little round hole at the top where the head comes through." 1.01 Bobby was traveling in a Pullman car for the first time. She awoke during the night. "Do you know where you are?" asked her mother. "Sure, I do." answered the traveler, "l'm in the top drawer." Watches, Diamonds, and Jewelry GRUEN AND ELGIN BAGUETTES Repairing, Our Specialty F. L. MCKIRNAN JEWELER ll6 W. Crawford St. Andrew G. Fuller Telephone Robert E. Fuller Ma. 213-XV A. G. 8: R. E. Fuller ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW -+07 Ewing Building FINDLAY. OHIO News Item-One man is knocked down by an automobile every ten minutes in Chicago. One would think it would wear him out. 10T And there is the story of a well-known London actor who is so conceited that he bows whenever he hears a clap of thunder. Loi A society bride had six bridesmaids in hyacinth blue silk and two pages in rich crimson velvet. with gold lace. A pale bride- groom completed the color scheme. FINDLAY . BOTTLING CO. HE NAT1oNAL LIME SL STQNE CQ. EINDLAY. OHIO I 2 I Crushed Stone for All Purposes AGRICULTURAL LIME FIINISHING LIME MASONS LIME HPEREECTION BRAND" CXNXED VEGETABLES AT YOUR oRoc2ER 949 The A. E. Dorsey Co. ROYAL THEATRE Home of WESTERN ELECTRIC WIDE-RANGE SOUND "The W'orId's Finest" lk IF HOME OXVNED AND OPERATED ROGGE BROS, Confectionery and Bakery Home Made Ice Cream tim! Candies 'AQuc1lz'Iy" Baked Goods 330 NVesl Main Cross Hartford. Conn., I'm told. has an auto- mobile hearse with a license plate U-Z. .LOL "I hope you appreciate the fact, sir. that in marrying my daughter you marry a large- hearted. generous girl?" "I do sir Qreplied C. Polenl. and I hope she inherits those qualities from her father." -.0.. Ned A.: A'Before I close, allow me to re- peat the immortal words of Vifebster-" Farmer Parsley: "Lan' sakes, Mirandy, let s get out 0' here. He's a-goin' to start in on the dictionary." "Sure, Dick. and how did you lose your finger?" "XVell. Mike. I was watching this buzv saw we're looking at now. and I put out my finger like this. and . . . there goes another one." -O,. "Now that you've shifted gears." said Bud D. who was teaching his girl to drive, "what do you do next?" "Oh, I know," replied C. XVhisler, "you look in the mirror to see if any motor cops are coming." DR. M. HANNA DRUGS MEDICINES SODAS Corner Main and Front Streets Convplimenls of ARNOLD Shoe Store BEAUTY SHOP SERVICE Skillful - - Distinctive EDITH ENCLE Beauty Shop 208 First National Bank Building W. C. KWIS Fancy Groceries PENNEY'S FOR SAVINGS On Fashion Firsts - - - In Quality Clothing - - Accessories - - and Shoes FOR EVERY MEMBER Ol? THIS FAMILY J. C. PE 408-412 South Main Street His Life Time Companion . . . Royal lt'o1't11hle Bug if Af Fl N I3 LAY Typewriter Ext-hang NNRYC Co., Im-. FINDLAY. OHIO C II5 Court Place Phone -+78-R Coniplimenfs ri I3,XZLIfY'S CASH MARKET THE NORTH SIDE MERCANTILE o R o C E R 1 13 s We Guarantee To Correct . . . ALL FOOT TROUBLE High Guide Shoe RUDLIIIFIAITEJ I5 OUR Spetiullgl NVe do Vl1ltJl1l7lI'lg on all kinds of rubber footwear. NVe cement soles with no signs of repair showing. SHOES MAY BE TINTED TO MATCH ANY GOXVN OR SUIT. and The GENERAL IVILRCIIANDISE FX- C001353' CO- ZIO S. Mniii Strecl Findlay, Ohio SANfAfPURE Pbf CO L v Fc ?qf bi?-iQO N ku 1, e jg, Vx O U' E1 LAY. 1 cuznvlsegfsaiue X 'VO O6 PLAN T0 ATTEND 1 DLAY CCLLEGE We Welcome You ' NEIL H. DEAN-lvL'Iz1-L'v.s lhul . . i .-Tdling the truth . . . FRESHLY ROA:-no saves the memory for CUT constructive work" x Rmsrcd Fresh lI1""4, Il 1 , v Q Hhs' PAID , Mm- Im-me Wm NT Pfam?" my 1,-52 In Fmdl-ls Ay ' J V me Y N ASK YOUR QAIX I 4 Ymalsyc0ff.,,1,,g,51,g..gL QRQQER mile 33151521 KESSEDS FINDLAY, Omo nk rg: :gf XVQ Curry lhu Elosl Conmlvlv Line of Ladies' and Misses' Coats - Dresses - Millinery In This City at Popular Prices use - ' - Boss cloves III III III Ill II Ill III lll :II ,mn , III ll . 0 1-- llI .AlW,, lil lll 5. 1 lll Ill if g,n III .ll f Moron ons-GAsouNe --- III f l Ill --I i --- ::: Ill 5, I III :Ai mmm llll lll III' H , gi? lll ' , YZJFQJ: :- lll " - L1wif,Q lil lll iwim lll ::: E ::: fav, ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfmfQ IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiw?5,IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHKQM IIIIIIIIII QIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII RQQQQIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII SQWyxlIIIIIIIII lllIIlllllIIIIlIIIIII WOQQSFII IIIIII j-4 Q 57 - v.' f 143 . EIII IIIIII Yi!! llllln QQIIEIIIIII wg! IIIIII kllllllllll Xllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE - Tl1e"1IIIIIII nnnllununluuuiff GH' .annum lulnl nl nnnulll 0l IIIllIl IIIIIII'--I-III-lI'Il.IIf: IIIIIII lIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIII g IIIIIII llllllllllllllllllllmggggCmwm,llllll! :ll Fin.9EY0' II I I n faew ' n u "IVe Aim To Pleaseu RIEGLE BEAUTY SALON RAINSON BLOCK Main 719-.I Findlay, ohio Findlay? Newest Shoe Store Por the ENTIRE Family -O- Populur Priced SHOES in All Sizes -O- N A S O N ' S 327 SOUTH MAIN "What is the opposite of sorrow?" asked Miss Shilling. "Joy," answered Don B. "And the opposite of misery?" pursued Miss Shilling. "I-Iappinessf' said Don B. "And what is the opposite of woe?" was the next question. i'Liiddap!" was the quick response. 10- Americans love Will Rogers because he is just like they were before they decided to keep up with the Joneses. "Shoupe's Shoes Fil" SHOIIPEES Wiftlliovei' Boot Shop 334 S. MAIN ST. MAIN 505-J Worthwhile Gifts for ALI. . . . Select Them I-Iere Baguette Watches ...,. from 513.75 up Mrs. Briggs: "You were a long time in the conservatory with Mr. XVilling. last night. my child. Vilhat was going on?" Delores: "Did you ever sit in the con- servatory with father before you married Diamond Rings . . . . from 8.75 up hilfm Briggs, UI Suppose , did .. Smart Novelties ' ' ' ' ' from L00 up Delores: TXVell, mother, it's the same old ,k .-1 world." . 1. ,-O.. Dentist tto Bob Jeffery who has had some , xl teeth extractedl: 'ANever mind. Bobby, they E' arfel 81 Sou will soon grow in again." Bob Jeiliery teagerlyl: "XVill they be up in time for dinner?" Phone Main 151 Nlember I3. T. D. FINDLAY FLOWER SHOP LORETTA LINGENFELTER Choice Potted Plants and Cut Flowers 531 South Main Street IVedclz'ng and Funeral IVorl2 a Specially Findlay. Ohio Complfmen ts Of KINSEY ADVERTISING CU. PINDLAY, oH1o Pl It M Outdoor Poster Displays in Eighteen Towns The M. D. Neff Lawrence V. Hosler Insurance and Bonds Ulmbsf CO' fIL1ll7c11'rzm1' Dvulw' FINDLAY, OHIO Crawford Overhead Ohio Bank Bldg, Phone Main -H0 Garage Doors "TI-I E P XL M " Use HOLLYXYQQD RHIIJICI-ID1'X' Qurlcrs W 5' 1 . AJ!-hz' Cf,L11'lur Usul by Ihr- Slum" Quahty Food and , BQVCI'-Hg9S Sold at all 'S and IOC swag D I E T S C H ' S CGNFECTIONERY Home Made Chocolates and Ice Cream U, R I 533 North Main Strcct 60-I South Main Street W AALANDS GREEN HOUSE is P51 Cut Flowers, Potted Plants. Corsages of All Kinds ,ie sg: BARNHA RT Funeral Home se :gf 6l8 South Main Street 133-+2 Larlcins sr. Phone 360 FINDLAY. OHIO "Now, boys." said Mr. Constien. Utell mc theusligns of You lirst. Johnny." 'K aurus. e u . v "RightY Now. you, Jim, another one." "Cancer, the Crab." "Right again. And now its your turn. Joe," T The boy looked puzzled. hesitated a mo- IZ2 East Sandusky St. Hgnllegand then blurred out. Mickey. the -O- Mertz: "XVhy is there a hyphen in bird' Phone l78 Findlay, Ohio cage?" Moran: "For the bird to sit on. silly!" A little boy went home from school one day very much annoyed with his teacher, "l hate her." he declared. "Oh, you musn't say that." said his mother. "The Bible tells us to love every- body." "Yes, l know." murmured the boy, "but Miss Nladdison wasn't alive when the Bible was printed." ...0... W'e hear of a scientist who claims to have discovered a new source of energy. Most anyone could use some of it about the time the alarm clock goes on' in the morning. The TURNER-CROSBY Shoe Company FOI' GOOD SHOES "lVe Fit Your Feel First" V U7-here Cum Be No Substitution . . . , For the Gif! of u Fine lllzrtlv' Bulova Headqua1'te1's 4 ala n...-.S .i CASH OR CREDl'I' STEVER BROS. 503 South Main "Best wishes to you. SENIORSH N A T H A N ' S 322 South Main Street xQOLD "THE GREEKS HAD A WORD FOR IT" ' ' ' ' FINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL WORDS G- PICTURIZES A STORY OF MODERN SCHOOL LIFE THROUGH THE l935 SCROLL' ' BLUE 6- GOLD Y f The Hancock Brick SL Tile Co All Professional Photographs Used in This Annual ' TVere Made By The ilngall Studio I PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY B555 SHREVE HDISTINCTIVE FROCKSH Inn! 5713 rhM' Sr r Compliments of SWITZER BROS. BAKERY Compliments of PHOENIX RESTAURANT "LIFE 'IAIME GIFTS Oli QUALITY" Imiudmg k A Diamonds, Watches. Necklaces. and Rings in O. R. Thompson X Son 107 Court Place The McCullough Motor' Sales Company DODGE BROTHERS Motor Cars. Trucks, Buses and Motor Coaches Plymouth Motor Cars Mrs. McClure: "Your table manners are very had, daughter. I ought to send you to a boarding school where they teach such th' " ings. Nancy: "Is there any reason. mother. why I cannot learn them at home?" Zo, G. Struble: "Sir, er-that is. I would like to-er-that is, I mean I have been going with your daughter for five years-" Mr. Pifer: "Well, waddye wanl - - a pension?" 105-207 N. Main St. Phone Main Zoll FIRESTONE Service Stores, Inc. 4'One Stop Servicev Telephone 97 I36 N. Main Sl PINDLAY. OHIO Motor and Generator Rewinding and Repairing All Work Guaranteed Findlay Armature Co. 417 West Main Cross Street FINDLAY, OHIO R. R. Sheely Phone, Main 76-J BEAGLEIS BEAUTY SALON Z8-29 American National Bank Building Phone Main 519 PINDLAY, OHIO COmpI1'mm7rs of TI IIi STANDARD COAL CQ. C0mpl1'ment5 of THE GRE!-XT ATLAX TI C and PACIFIC Tea Company . C. SPE GER, fizsiziwefe "Spencer Service Satisfiesw RUE! Phone 933 228 First National Bank Bldg Conyplifmvvts Of FindIay Paint SL Glass Co. 7 I 7 South Main Str-:ct PHONE 7 XVhcn Buying IUNIPJITR . , . CfompI1'n70nls of . . . Remember This IXLIVCYIISCIII nt IQ. I-ET'S ASK The IDZIVIQCI' I.u1nhC1' COIIIIJZIIIB' llfw XV. CI'.1XVIVOI'QI St Phone XIJIH -Il DENTIST Ik 21 BIVQ S. Khin Strut Iur'n.s.S frfmm Cfuurf H-www PHONE -I I-I-,I COIVIPLIMENTS OF GOOD HOUSEKEEPINC SHOP 515 South Main Street . . . Telephone 38 Geo. W. Bell 'Fine Pianos" Womens Exchange "Home Baked Cioods and Gifts" Cherry's Folks "l:indlay's Finest Candies and lce Cream" Lester L. Porter Co. "Home Appliances and and Supplies" Compliments of BUCKEYE Electric Company Compliments of A LT M PQYE R HOTEL XVOODXVARD Bother Shop lll E. Crawford Street "FIRST CLASS" HAIRCUTTING AND BOBBING Two boys were walking in the woods. seeking for adventure and what they might find, One picked up a chestnut burr. "Toniinyl" he called excitedly, "come here quick. l'Ve found a porcupine egg!" -O- John: "ML Mattoon, what is IJ traitor in politics?" Mr. Mattoon: "A traitor is a man who leaves our party and goes over to the other one." John: "XVell, then, what is a man who leaves his party and comes over to ours?" Mr. Mattoon: "A convert, my boy!" W I "Lovely Things at Little Prices" 9613 ALL ENGRAVING IN THIS 130014 XVAS DONIZ BY INDIANAPCDLIS ENORAVINO CO Indianapolis, Indiana C-526 45 YEARS OF Dependable Insurance of ALL Kinds EOFF INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE l l 6 FINDLAY. OHIO Don C.: "XVhat kind of ears has an engine?" Benny: "I don't know." Don C.: "XVhy. engineers. of course, -0-. Ted S.: "Dad what is influence?" Mr, Spitler: "Influence, my son. is a thing you think you have until you try to use it." -Oi Banker: "Do you know anything about checks and drafts?" Applicant: "Yes sir: I've run our furnace for years." THOMAS X CO. J EWELERS Giftware China Lamps Glassware 235 South Main Street CLINTON MUSIC STORE "Everything in Music" Expert Repaiiring of All lnslrumcnts Even the grave and dignified British civil service commissioners could not resist being amused at an answer given at a recent ex- amination. The question was: "Give for any one year the number ol bales of cotton exported from the United States." The applicant wrote: "1-491. None." -O.. "Jones is always hankering for posts ol danger." Formerly C- KOBE Q3 SQN "Yes, he just volunteered to judge a baby show." Compliments Of C. W. PATTERSON 8 SON Dry Goods and Ready-To-Wear Accessories RRY C. W. PATTERSON P. H. S. 1873 A. D. PATTERsoN F. H. S. 1907 H. J. HARRINGTQN Jbr Economical Transportation COMPLETE BODY, DUCO, and FENDER SERVICE 215 Vv'cst Main Cross Phone Mam 1 I 4 X f i 1' 2 N f , ' N I 'E N MIRICKS NIAUH BREAKFAST AIIIRILNS HIMTN mums! ' AILRIINS nlmu emma! E VJ Q E gllllfk E wllllfk E EQUALITYQ E gounurv E QUALITY E E E N y PAHSHKE wH6TE?i5iiEAr Bufkwifw ..-'1:2".i3-:j:f '-N. Q '1Vif.'fi'T2., PANCAKE FLOUR .. 'iii'-2fEfE:9Ei-'T,a g'?T.R.T'k':lU5 C9 2 1555315-flguzltgo cf? Q KIRIEAQMLLING cv 'YES - DELICIOUSU 'Yrs - DELICIOUJ Yrs an s KIRK'S Quality Inn Pancake Flour "H Feast in a Flash" ui cl -11 USE THE DEPENDABLE NEW PROCESS Ol' SNOW BALL FLOUR uf vi AE! THE KIRK MILLIXG CQXIPANY Established l879 Just Ll GOOD Place To Gof - - - The KVhole Gang Cami Be XVrong,"' ZIEROLF 65 IERY MARTHA SMITH Dresses, Suits, Hats, Bags Exclusive Styles at Moderate Prices ROSS 81 SNYDER Sign Company Mcmufarturers Of Neon Signs Painted Displays Sig South Main Street Zll North Main Phone Main 'A illoalern XVQII Paper and Paint Store" H S T A T E H 216 South Main Automobile C It L' f , , Ompi 8 . me O Mutual Insurance Pittsburgh Paint Products Birge United Wall Papers COIUIUHIIB' Hunter lliall Paper X Paint Co. NI. E. SORENSON, Dist. Mgr. PHONES 1682-M and 522-.I American National Bank Bldg. Findlay, Ohio Findlay Recreation Bowling Alleys L QQ XY FRANK WEELRXIIRN, Proprietor PHONE 288 222 s. MAIN 127 East Main Cross Street FINDLAY, OHIO Protect Food Flavor - with ICE REFRIGERATION si' - fc ,- gn A!! f- FINDLAY ICE ci FUEL COMPANY Compliments Of T H E FINDLAY PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers Of T I-I E 3RepuhI1ran:QEuur1er OFFICE SUPPLIES SOCIAL STATIONERY GREETINO CARDS BLANK BOOKS The Findlay Printing SL Supply Co. Con1plQgiiin ting Servicg 113-119 W. Crawford St. Findlay. Ohio pr u STEEL OFFICE FURNITURE PHONE MAIN 188

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