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The musicians are to be commended for their artistic efforts which afforded I ff? X y ff I B df? 1, i f ff? ----e-R-WNMQQ c, 'fs X X - Debate-Music Contestants Our debates this year were accompanied by musical numbers which added a note of the artistic to the sterner debates. In both debating triangles the finest musical talent was exhibited. The numbers consisted of piano, violin and vocal solos, duets, and trios. In the FindlayfBowling GreenfKenton triangle, Dorothy Gilbert, Helen Koontz, Rose McCarthy, William Fleming, John Hollington, and Worth Kramer accom' panied the affirmative team to Kenton, Mary Russell, Lillian Russell, Maleta Stall, Richard Davis, George Killinger, and Leroy Wolfe were the contestants at the home debate with Bowling Green. In the second triangle, FindlayfFostoriafLima Central, Dorothy Gilbert, john Hollington, Kathryn Wertz, and Isabel Huddle were our contestants at Fostoria with the negative team. The contestants at home with the affirmative team were Robert Alge, Anna Mary Schwab, Kathryn Hamilton, and Helen Walters. Gut contestants shared the honors with the opposing schools in both triangles but retained a greater part of them. ideal entertainment. Menibers Helen Koontz Maleta Stall Dorothy Gilbert Leroy Wolfe William Fleming Isabelle Huddle Worth Kramer Anna Mary S hwab John Hollington George Ixillinler Lillian Russell Kathryn Wert Richard Davis Ixathiyn Hamilton Mary Russell Robeit Al e Helen Walters Y ' V. ' Y ' .pl NinetyfTwo I " . -T, g we . I it 955 T-ilii ! Y i X V an - I , '11 N I i. 'l Q., fm, II ,A 'Iliff I an t ii 5353, 5-.ggi -X W X' Ik W . J! ' gr If Ml' -HQ T . u .ra . ' . a ' ' ,QQ .5 '..f..rS..4-.v ah.. '- Q uu"5 '15 .ESE WDW I in '4- 511' . ga. sa y ,1 g Brig P 2f lYlaQ 5fn7Fbf "A Q9 Y .. cg 4 Orchestra The last four or five years have seen a great improvement in Findlay High School's Orchestra. Under the leadership of Mr. Morgan it has grown from ten to thirtyffive members. Any Sophomore, Junior or Senior who plays a musical inf strument is eligible to membership in this orchestra. At present there are twelve violins, eight clarinets, two cornets, one bass viol, seven saxaphones, four trombones and one drum. This group meets every Monday and Friday from 9:00 to 9:45. A half credit is given for this work. For the last two years, the orchestra has had a large part in the success of the operettas by accompanying some of the solos and by playing for the dances of the chorus. They also furnished music for both the Debates, the Junior Play, Football Boy's Banquet, Senior Play and for some of the basketball games. Cur orchestra has received much praise from the citizens of Findlay as well as from out of town people who have accompanied visiting teams. lt is always a credit to F. H. S. - Members bl! . Don Riddel John Mueller Carlotta Patterson Harold Laub Ralph Wagner Levon Copeland Leora Couples Jasper Treece Margaret Bair Ruth Gaines Margaret Roller DOH Hostettler P' - Zola Bibler Clark Moore Tony Wolfe , ard Helen Walters John ,lefferds Herbert Crozier Mary Russell Maleta Stall Tom Timmerman Egg' Pearl Urschlitz Max Ritter Russell Bishop Harry Switzer Robert George Clarence Farley ,Eg I Violet Price Simeon Andrews Karl Leary flgig- .gr Lillian Russell Victor Bonnell Doris Ehersole Helen Swab John Snyder 1 ' f milk, A , V ?T,,., , Q- I i Ninety Three ' K- F J I, l QI s 1 s - The Band The band consists of various students who have made a study of music. Our victories would not seem complete if the Band was not there to accompany us, and if it had not journeyed with the football team as well as the basketball teams. It played enlivening pieces that fairly rang with the spirit of victory. Mr. Chapman, the director, is to be commended on his fine work and leader' .ship while the band is to be congratulated on the spirit they have shown in playing at any athletic events. During a few basketball games, papers were passed to the students which had written on them popular songs and while the band played them the students did their best to sing them. A spirit was aroused to such an extent that it seems to have led to great victories for F. H. S. Members Clarence Earley Joe Beary Max Ritter Herbert Crozier Tom Timberman Maynard Ritter Richard Beard Don Brooks Doris Ebersole Harlow Haley Clifford Essex Merle Sausser ames Shephard William Beall joe Cole ames Clark Ralph Tinsman William Shephard Robert Dreichbach Glen Whistler Walter Smith Harold Martin Elam Day Richard Inchel Don Hochstettlei' Frederick Gohlke Richard Pearce Richard Wittenmeyer Maurer Maurer Francis Chapman Harold Haitman ohn Bendei Francis Barger Robert Lathers joe VanDoren Clyde Henning Henry Chapman Harry Schwitzer Albert Solomon Lewis Henry Donald Schwitzer William Alspach Arthur Bond Harold Hanna Richard Huston Harland Bond .lohn Holllngton Ollie Thomas Y f. 4:15 at ar. 'il 1 .e - f E51 4 , . f ' Q. -if . 'S ri L: 1 . l a an ' L . I. ' 5 et 1 V 1 .J 1 V A ., , . l l ' ' wi., ,N ,VA Ari, L, fl . 'Z , . ' - Ninet' 'Four g 5 f2':- ' I f ' ""' , L 4- , - , 1,1 ML N . ! Z 'R' M ff i !..f" Z J- 1' S-Q S iii ggi gli! 1 X65 t X M ,M -W . 1 , f ' I , X lf VI f lun I gif A , 2' V ' ff X 'ff 921 ' j EQ Isis i ,ff f , 'Q w X Hz" 'J W' - Tn X ff' "Sf " X ' fel? 'iii , , 521' L,-,J Q-2512? "' K 7:2 ' L ig, F Y: gf' -5 ' :gg ulrmu 'W A ,axe B -a .. XL: 3' Q' 'Rik 'AG r" X T fl 'Epi X I li .L 3 '--s 1. I 1 1925 Football Season 11 Findlay High School O .......,,. ..,,........,,. ,,.,,,.....,.,................. U pper Sandusky O Findlay High School O ...,... ,, ..4,..,... Woodmiard Tech O Findlay High School 14 ,......... .........,,,,,,...,.,....,....,... T iffin O Findlay High School 19 ......,... ..............,...,.,. M arion 6 Findlay High School 7 ......... .,v......,... M iddleton O Findlay High School 12 ....,. .,,. .,... L i ma Central O Findlay High School 13 .,.,..,,, , .,,,, ,,,,,.,,,...,...,. B ucyrus 0 Findlay High School 26 , ,.,,,,,,, ..,,.,,.., B owling Green O Findlay High School 21 ...,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.........,...,...,., S cott 19 Findlay High School 32 ..,, ,.... , ,,,..,,.,,,.. S andusky O Findlay High School 144 ....,.,...............,.........,,.. ,..,,.,...................... ................, O p ponents Z5 If the year 1926 was memorable for any particular achievement for Findlay High School, that one was an undefeated football team, despite the fact that more games were scheduled than ever before, This record was due to many things, chief of which was the intensive energy and training prescribed and administered to the squad by Coach Aiken. I During spring training the boys were taught the rudiments of football and as ffl' a result much time was saved allowing the Coach to put some of the finer points into practice much sooner than otherwise would have been possible. - X The weather throughout the season was considered very poor. Much mud prof t, , ki fffgvt ,U 1 straight football as the scorer will show. The game with Scott was the team s acid X 3 fi test and they came through with colors flying, proving Findlay High School the -,la Q " undisputed State Champions of 1925. A 1 ' is 'fi r 111 fi 1 'sis--i fi, - gg , L , .gi ,V -1 -34 fit f V We Q , , V , fizgl- fl.: A M ' ,S A ,A f Ninety-Eight l 4 , - 5.4. P' . 1 .4 V l r-4 - . gf' ix,-,5 'Q hibited the aerial and open game, in spite of which the "Little Gold" produced 1 Q 1 i .299 c ,E . 1 :ian --4 iff' 31: fi I- R' " X GLATHART- fCaptainj Center Always the sportsman! Striving for vicf tory through real football, Cliff will long be remembered as one of the cleanest, hard tackling, playfsmashing centers Find' lay High has had on her teams for many a year. Cliff will be remembered as the Captain responsible for the team's "never say die" spirit. CCPELAND End Copeland was always ready to give his best when called upon to use his "eduf eated toe" or to stop an opponents end run aimed in his direction. His execuf tion of the triple pass, our "scoring play," was responsible for his being high point man for the year. ' PLOTTS- fCaptainfElectj 'Tackle Playing tackle is one of the things "Bud" does best. The kind that sails in 'kwhere angels fear to tread". The team has exf pressed its faith in him by electing him Captain of the team of " '26". We all wish him a successful season. MARTIN Fullback "Abe" came to us from the Hoosier State. Starting at center he was moved to the backfield filling the center position there oo. Abe certainly was a plunger for his size seldom failing to gain the re quired yardage -. F4-kwa R X. x X si 'F x T ,. f E I Q -'snr x Q E W t 'C : .- -x. fj-'I ' r: us. X 1q. V ss, S llijua Ek 3 i gg Y X gf , , s X se :' f ?5'?' . ' 1 . 9 - . ' Wltwi. - 2' JJ' 'M I ' "' i 'rl I - :... i Tvavsr-vb. ' ' .-flsxq, 3,-JLG : w a51f7'vi14..Q.,Lg.54 w, . rg ,Ng '.:-.4.Lx- ix' 2 I I .5 - 1 - 'igl g-E P I V NmetyfNme -hu i v V,-J ' as , i Brief! Q - yy I 490 - t . if , . CCVA-QNX I 5 5 I 1' ' -rl N Lille! :veg Q .KQV P265 "ART" HUSTON H alfback Little needs to be said concerning the Red Grange of Ohio High Schools. Brilf liant in the open field and a strong def fensive half, he was easily the outstanding player of the "State Champs" proving himself to be one of the best halfbacks in Ohio. DIETSCH Guard "Iron Horse" lived up to his name and will continue to do so for the next two years. He was as snappy and sure a tackf ler as one could wish for and very few ever sidestepped his deadly dive. KRAMER .Qtcczrterbaclq Wtvrth, our ufly weight" field, generf ally displayed unusual coolness and ability in leading the team out of tight places. Worth developed from the mediocre to varsity material after three years of untirf ing effort, until he may be counted as one of the best. MAINS Tackle k'Bill" is the big boy that broke through and tossed Scott for many losses. Filling the tackle position on the Blue and Gold eleven, Bill was always sure of his rnan when he left his feet. One Hundred 3 i -'rf - ! . un me Q ui 4 Riu 'QP' Ei" r. : nj 'E ' 4 - S 3 u ,, bl: 'fi ll 1 ' -F - .3 g f : ' if l '- 1- . :-""s:ip- 5 R . V - . A . ' .-9 ' 1 Q MILLER End This was Jim's first year on the team. He played a strong aggressive game always displaying the fight and "go" that have made our teams known and respected throughout the state. Jim was fast in covf ering punts and smashing end runs. DUTCH HUSTON Halfback "Dutch" was a flashy halfback. Wheiif ever a few yards were needed all that the X- in I irq , ,f V it 1 . L, sealed L ..i 5 s-ska . Xi. Q98 fa' NA M' gc - S Dx R t x XJ " w- , A wa. F. H. S. field general had to do was call the halfback signal, give the ball to Dutch, z :-- 'E and it went over. Dutch, a triple threat ' man, will no doubt be the mainstay of N w next year's backfield. SATTLER 9' .M , Guard "Charley" played a consistent game and it was just about as full of fight as a man N could be. He will fill a big space next year and we are counting on him to help X keep F. H. S. to the front. ' BUTLER S ' H alfback X, Af' His first year out for F. H. S., Butler showed the real spirit of fight, always ready to give his best to old F. H. S. It 235 was Butler who more than once tore into 3. ' the opponents after being called on to take a vacant place. H Lyl- ' 1 i ri F I Jgfngirfifi f? X !.. ,- f-V I 'J , A - if--174 'Zap -,-,f M L 7 I One Hundred and One V , V L BFI? PX! C , o lxx S-. I I DAVIS Center "Mel" was a hard worker. Everyone is looking forward to seeing him in Varsity togs next fall, Every pound of his weight was made to count when he went into a football contest for the Blue and Gold. HOLLINGTON Quarterback ujohnw is a hard hitter and will gain many yards for E. H. S. next year. When he was in the game Findlay High School's rating was boosted a notch or two. John is "Caruso's successor". SCHNEIDER End "Nig" was light but made up this handi- cap by his abundance of fight. It was this that won for him his coveted "F" and a berth on the varsity squad. POWELL Guard "Dot" was there with the goods when it came to filling up the guard positiong a brainy player who had the ability of diag- nosing -enemy plays and breaking up Hopes of opponents. I Gil gl ' E-Es H5 ii 1 :rl i -pus 2255.5 Eff? 0 si :aff 4 5' Q ..E. '5 u :-A 'Y' 2- ' ' 'L c E V' 333-gr ' A 9 One Hundred and Two E . . bl Tian: D-I Iii-5 B I F! . I fm afi- 155 :Ee-sa .i.,4 .. r " K 'f ,fb bfi.: . in 1 B 'sun "' Q Y' ig Q x V 'AT S COT Tw' 1 u PT li' ', 'gat c 'K' Y -1,1 ' Sziffj ' Q2 f X- M. ka X X ' ' 'j QLJQEQPQTV , 1 'J' wg .. x ,,.xs.,W--1- - Q... x .'- .A 1 s-'bak' , . 3 x 'l'Q5 ,A 3 F?f?E .-,fr-S I '1 15123 1 T N , QQ? j,,,,gjl -. -' i . - I-,E 5745 5:5 ,Ld One Hundred and Four I X fy ' 'R I A T , weft 3 r "QV 7 g,N 7,-rg .ly r-ff ff? Q, I 1 1 x X If X Wh .1 Q wg Y I ,, 'Sabi 'U Sf! ' 1 , y I M A ,ff i 1 :4775 i 4 p 3 Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay High High High High High High High High High High High High School School School School School School School School School School School School 1926 Basketball Season Z1 22 37 35 34 26 26 33 31 26 25 316 Marion 28 Bowling Green 18 Tiffin 14 Lima Central 14 Kenton 20 Bowling Green 30 Columbus South Z1 Lima Central 13 Hamilton 30 Middletown 25 Kenton 23 Opponents 236 Shortly after the football season was over Coach Aiken issued a call for candi- dates for the basketball team. Many of the fellows were already in training from the football season and "Mighty Jim" started the season with a strong and deter' mined squad. Preliminary games were played with several county teams whom the "Gold" had little difficulty in beating, "Kramer to Pessnell to Kramer" was a com' mon shot and accounted for most of the team's tallies. To Coach Aiken, however, was due much of the credit for the team's showing, as he drilled them constantly in ,, teamwork which is one of the most important factors in winning frames. The team was greatly handicapped by having to play on floors much smaller than our own an with poorer accommodations for spectators so that often the forwards were able to follow in shots because the rooters were under the baskets. This was e case in our second tilt with Bowling Green with the result that we lost where should have won. ECG In- if EJ' '2- W fi HgQ'l" One Hundred and Six 4 g 0 N 'H E R: N S , . d un- I 3 it 1-. th L A .1- , C L wa" t A 4 ' efi :il E ' -Fifi: 'N ' K Bali T 3 x B - A f k L rr :G i ,gi f C ' w. N J I .1 ,f . , ...... . f N mfg fQ1f?F3kf- 1 X, xr! X x., X 4 bn 1293! U4 i"'l tif fi s m"' ff KRAMER-fCaptainj A Guard Worth led our team through one of the most successful seasons Findlay High has experienced in many a year. Worth's fight and ability to work the ball down the floor, coupled with his ability to pass it into the netting will be missed by next ye-ar's team. PRESSNFLL Forward Though it took 'kTot" two years to get going he showed everyone how it can be done this year. "Tot" was determined, showing this in the way in which he stuck to the game and in the manner in which he made the winning buckets in the Ham' ilton and Middletown games. He was our scoring ace of the season, sinking 52 per cent of his shots in the meeting. HUSTON Center Here again is a place where "action speaks louder than words." To appreciate "Art" one has to see him in action. His defenf sive work was of a kind seldom seen on a high school quintet-always willing, always ready. We expect to hear more of uArt" in College Basketball circles. MAINS-CCaptainfelectj Guard "Terrible" our standing guard was always a hard man to get around and a bear on vettinv the ball off the backboard. He will be back next year as Captain We vtish him luck and know that he will do his best to uphold the standards of Findlay H1 h 'A .il if 3 Kg Il One Hundred and Seven 'S' A. ,N ef vb ,ff 5: e la .913 m c if- ,' - , . E-2-ef . . ' ' . ' 'funn ' 'ii ,E . . Elf! . A 'E .- 3 - A ' ' 2 illlgal 2 " 1 h-5' : ' ' -if .., .A -.ivy , ' f . X 1 '1T:'T'v 5 "ii Y Ai -rf lil? L- f -, ,- 4' ' 5 it in-A .IRA I mal-1.4-L3 .,-, i,,,.'g.g,,,g g ,K 1 s Q g MILLER N Guard ,v-we ,. . bered. next year, TAYLOR Forward BUTLER Forward SATTLER Guard Roscoe was the find of the year. He got rather a late start but developed into a good running mate for Pressnell. He was always ready to pass the ball to the man having the best shot although he was no bad shot himself. He had the commendf able spirit of "Teamwork WiI1S.,, jim was a guard, playing a very consistent game throughout the year. Jim's fight and pluck in going into the games was often a means of putting new pep into a whole team and for this, Jim will long be rememf Although a Junior, Charley displayed a wealth of ability, stopping many an opposf ing forward speeding toward the hoop. We expect him to fill a big gap in our guarding Cloyce was Findlay's "Fred Marberryv. He had the knack of dropping one through when a score was needed. Taylor was a fast floorman always keeping the opponents on the jump. 1 One Hundred and Eight P! 'z Wi-ft gl 1 li 1, - 1-c V w4'Ji ,- ii 5 ,SP f 1 . . -im- lf.-f ,:.414 lf? x Tw. 5 'aatizeg 4 - 'vi ' , . 1 , ,.g, -f'r- ' ' . - --Q - -. I ,J : - '- ' 'r ' L -- .t-1-t--1: . i:31 , Q gg af- ., ,,...i..hf .T L- I ZQU, - Cf fk S ,V 742 1926 Girls Basketball Season Findlay High School ......,,...,,,.,.,,.,,.....,.,,,.........................,....................,..........,... Vanlue Findlay High School ........, ..,...............,.,.,.,... K enton Findlay High School ..,....... ,,....,.... U pper Sandusky Findlay High School .,.,, ,,,. ......,,.................., . . Liberty Findlay High School ,. ,..., ,...... ,........,.... R a vvson Findlay High School ,,.,...... .,.,...,,, K enton Findlay High School ,.............,..,.............,, ,.,,... .,.,,.,, ,,,,., . . . ,.....,,,,.,, ,,,....,,,..., L i berry Prospects for a successful season were bright when Miss Enright issued the first call to practice. The nucleus of veterans around which was built a fine recruit, soon developed into smooth working cogs in the Blue and Gold machine. From the beginning of the season when the dopesters first began dabbling in their dope buckets, to the very last moment of the season's activity, the F. H. S. cage performers were formidable opponents for every team they stacked up against Meeting some of the best teams in the country, Miss Enrights sextet proved to be one of the keenest and cleverest teams of the season. Easily working the ball thru every gh., opposing defense, excelling in every phase of the game, and dazzling every one with the clever playing, the F. H. S. girls deserve the place in the limelight they won F: for themselves, their coach, and their school. -ul ,:.. 6 92' 'ISR 4.3 Qin l One Hundred and Nme ,,.,. q. an 95? Q ' I sa-as -f E I Z 1.45 SF n f' 3P'5'a.i'?g,t.'x?'. , . -'jYl,i,"f':L-sflj, 5 I u r i , A 'I-Sass... . , up '--V 1 S -.--- 'tn ,iz I ML, ,L v , Q? .K , 22 -x is f " ig z. fi fer . , ii as ef. 6 "rg VQ.1 1 - If CAPTAIN "KATE" MOORHEAD Forward 'kKate" was an ideal captain as she was always on the job pumping pep into the gang. She has merited every honor that she has won. We are sorry to say that "Kate" graduates this year, leaving her card in our hall of fame. MARY LEARY Forward fEditor's Notej Playing for four years on the F. H. S. Girls' Basketball Team, Mary has well earned the recognition as one of the best forwards and centers that the "Blue and Gold" has ever seen. It was Mary who led the scoring column. PEARL DORSEY Guard As a basketball player "Dorsey" has no peer in the state and she certainly knows basket- ball from A to Z. This is only a partial description of Dorsey, who leaves us this year, dragging a diploma behind her. . .X i . QE: .Egg KX MARY MILLER Guard Star."Miller" would break up more plays , :s"f'f and knock more the props from under more ' fond hopes than there are widows and ore V phans in Germany. She is another one ot , our Senior athletes who graduates this ' .5253 spring. ffl A E541 r I ' Fl -Hz u gl iii gs N -. A, ' 'ia ' 1 ,Jig p Q Q ' Zi :?+g,..:-fs! qw " K , , ne Hundred and Ten I ' 1 ' a . 1,41 vf fig! has 'G Q? 55013 nr! Q53 5-an E ag v U i T ffllfjff , X X MARIE HALSTEAD Guard All eyes were turned toward "Mickey" when she lined up with the Varsity this year for she had been a sensation on the squad three years before. This season was our last opportunity to see L'Mickey" perf form. MARGUERITE NISELY Center 'kNisely" played the difficult position of center and was always in the thick of the fray, fighting hard. The news that she will be with us one more year is good news to only one coach. MARIE MOORHEAD Guard Marie didn't have a great amount of weight but she didn't need it. She could upset plays without half trying and when she tried there wasn't anything to it. Between joys please gather that we are trying to say that she will be with us another year. RUTH HERGE Forward Ruths work at forward this past season was the kind that brings home the bacon rind and all There are two more years for Ruth to add to her laurels and to display her spectacular wares on the basketball ls" fx-A slixy X 3, I 4 ' ,::1:.s:"'s, -V , fi as P+, X1 9 X Q5 QQ tv, 'R L .... 1 Q6 NN 1 fp ' f is Q 3 Ar 4 R K l rf- Q as ' A an 1 an , ' I gl? - . ll 1 Q VI l ' Z :if flfd'-'g'.f fl". l "' iii! - - One Hundred and Elev w -N , l -:ff- kf,- f. sf h . , a-. .-fv-,- ' 'fl 1, I . A5 X, ,g. :5 f1, QNX , , 1 w 'Oh IQMMSCI-I YOOL AT 01214 Av- ,X i if Om' Hlmmed and Tudle -. ,, l A v 7 HIV I G... Iwi-if fu? ff ,I K 55' Z av-' '.Klf.f' rf I 'BML "QB, . ,453 ,M , - .gms 5 .fis- ,f A -.x' X 1926 Boys' Baseball This year marks Findlay High Schools first attempt at interfclass indoor baseball and its efforts were crowned with success. About the middle of Qctober each home room elected a captain who chose a first and a second team, The first game was played, and interest in the sport grew by leaps and bounds as the season progressed. Mr. Robbins, supervisor of intrafmural athletics refereed the games and his decif sions were accepted as final by the players. Unlike outdoor baseball the popular pas' time of throwing pop bottles at the umpire was impossible as well as unnecessary as the fair decisions of "C, A. ' were seldom questioned. "Babe Ruths' and "Tris Speakers" were a common sight in the gym on a Friday afternoon as F .H. S. undoubt- edly possessed some "bigfleaguers" in embryo. The finals between the two Senior Home Rooms 212 and 213 were played. The superior slugging of 212 gave them the victory and championship after they had solved the offerings of Orndorff, stellar twirler for 213. Indoor baseball is fast becoming popular in F. H. S. and may in time become an interfscholastic sport, The personnel of the champions were Edwin Leach, Medford Bell, Ray Hill, Charles Kenney, Mack Leary, Anthony Cunningham, Carl Gohlke, Harold Koontz, Karl Leary, joe Foster, Clarence Early, Wayiie Crosser and Harold Hamilton. One Hundred and Fourteen L ... .-. 4.11. 4 L: .--, f I W in , QV. no gs fs,s.f.Qw,,t M. gag fp, X. . - 1926 Girls, Basketball This year was the first open Intrafmural Tournament of girls' basketball in the history of the school. Championship was eagerly sought for by the nine home rooms. It was during this contest that considerable rivalry sprang up between the teams. Time after time the young hopefuls would meet, clad in their gym outfits, and fight for the championship. Fine enthusiasm and spirit were displayed in clean, earnest, and highfclass basketball. Now, behold the 'Conquering Heroes Come!" The honors were carried away by the triumphant Senior Home Room Team, 112. Under the leadership of Mary Miller, Captain, this Senior team turned in eight straight victories without a single def feat. Mary was aided by Marie Halstead and Beulah Hendricks as guards, Katharine Moorhead, Violet Lunn, and Mary Leary as forwards, while Eula Moore and Lavon Mclntire played a smash and bang game at the center location. The Sophomores of Room 111 came in second by winning five games, tieing one, and losing only two. The three junior teams, 104, 105, and 106, tied for third place by winning all but three of their games. Miss Lena Enright, who worked hard with the girls in these contests to instruct them in the techniques of basketball, deserves a great deal of credit. Heres to you Miss Enright! May life give you the best. Also to our Senior team girls who are about to graduate. We wish you the best of life and to the onfcoming team, a most successful year. f 1 1 s Tj- . . Q -...f2g4,,i ' One Hundred and Fifteen U I .ig VA , A T J Lgalinl .-p -,,,, , , . ga1fn4.L'g:.Qf LLBM' ' if 13255 . S. X. W -as ., g x I'-' I.. M .Q g l 1 I l i I I 1926 Boys' Basketball The popularity of the intrafmural sports, from the players' as well as from the spectators' standpoint was due to the efforts of Coach Aiken and C. A. Robbins. The past basketball class games were full of interest and created a new sort of friendly rivalry that is unmatched in any other branch of high school activity. Beginning early in january games were played every Friday after school and continued until March 17, when the cagers of Home Room 213 cinched the cup by defeating Home Room 203. Unlike the system last year, when only a limited number of boys could play, the schedule this year permitted every boy in the school to engage in the indoor pastime by having three teams from each room to compete. Much of the credit for the efficient arrangement of the schedule is due to Mr. Robbins, who supervised intrafmural athletics. Inter-class basketball was even more successful this year than last due to the interest created by the donation of a silver loving cup by the members of The Industrial League Baseball Association. On the cup was engraved the name of the victorious team and the home room to which they xi belong. The home room will hold the cup until the following year. The tournament this year was full of interest from first to last and gives promise Q. of a major activity at Findlay High School. Over 27 games were scheduled. Those L who played on the champion team were Tom Orndorff, Captain David Wiest, Henry h-Jyds Wolgamot, Okey Swisher, Harold Martin, and Dotson Powell. ffisigl gf .QYWSHVP 'H f it QQ -df. ,, A Q W, V, H .f-gi-5 if ifijlrxgs , tg 5 Que ld:ltk"dVka11iSixtee11 Aix: 3-iigdleill c A 1 ' ' QH H G 'Qtxssflft gs X f X X THREE REASONS Why You Should Patronize Us UALITY i- SERVICE -- PRICE We are equipped to give you PROMPT T COURTEOUS Ti EFFICIENT BATTERY AND ELECTRICAL SERVICE Our first and last business endeavor is to make your CE present battery live the longest possible, useful life- I and we DO make any battery give that service at mode erate cost. ixxmml :lil : - L, 3 -4, - O. F. LONG CO. BATTERY ------ SERVICE Phone Main 300 124-126 E. Crawford sr d s d Open Evenings an un ays I jus ,is 3 We Congratulate the Class of '26 Your School Achievements Are Your Most Valuable Asset Make the Most of it CENTRAL DRUG STORE I g I 1 f 7' 1 1 'My " n ? eHudcd clN' EF:-a gl-:'! 533- ggi. 3,11 I . -v . 41 . A:-N v-7 .I L. ' '57 i .gm 3 5, ' '-"f?'QLii'Y' 9 On n 1 an me een M W fx ' , ' :, -2 . 'W ' 'ZSJEA . , uf , , V -2 ',-. ., .- - , V-YQ, - V J 53, , 131-4, -fgiiy 54 -vi i r l1?27?-ffbfL'--gr'-tinge W f EDUCATION COMES FIRST Then You Must Have GOOD CLOTHES If you would create a good and lasting impression, dress your' self up in a Hart Schaffner and Marx or Clothcraft Suit, their style and quality is the best. Agency for Stetson Hats BLOOMINGDALE'S -TO- For these cold days ' A The Class of 1926 Hot Hamburger Hot Weiners We 0561- Hot Coffee Our Congratulations Hot Cocoa For your lunch WOMEN'S PERSONAL SHOP M. C. HOWARD at SoNS Lobby Ewing Bldg. R E O C A D I L L A C SALES and SERVICE 110412 South Main Street Phone Main 695-J Findlay, Ohio YQ-S. fe , tm ' , , il sl 1 mac Q Siu I' 131' , If , ' Q s 'l I' E ' f Lil I t L'1.u,s:-- '1 H One Hundred and Twenty "l5,a1. --'f3"'Q-' j- . ,f'i'.",f,- 'T- 5' S E E X91-"-1,' 45.11 B I s.. , 1 ,0 A QW w f" I 'off i-f" A , p X-Z-,Z .J XX i - 7 4 1: I TIN N IN G AND PLUMBING SPOUTIN G ROOFING ' ROOF PAINTING HOT AIR HOT WATER STEAM HEATING ' Repair Work Promptly Done Satisfaction Guaranteed Otto L. Weakly 305 Second St. Phone 745-M Roscoe Butler: "Wliat's your idea of the tightest guy in school." Tot: "The guy who won't take a shower after gym because they soak you too much." Harry Kresser says, "Never hit a man when he's down-kick him. Iessie Enright: 'kWhere do little boys go Jvho shoot crap on Sundav7" Harold Bonham: "In some back alley." 'LHow very depressing," said the air cushion as the fat lady sat down. Dick Davis wants to know if lofty thoughts are them there things which origif nate in an empty loft. Something that runs in the best of famif lies-silk hose. Harlen Folk: "Glad to see you back at school this quarter. W hatcha takin'?" Clyde Harpst: 'LEverything wot ain't nailed down." "How's this for using your head?" asked Ruth Herge as she wiped her fountain pen through Tot's nice blond hair. Wolgamot's Drug Store SAN -TOX AGENTS NORRIS CAN DIES Try One of Our Delicious Sodas 3:53, Our Motto: Quality if not Quantity: both if possible rl this' Opposite Court House , 5 I 23" l IJ but -' fgkb One Hundred and Twenty-One 5: . ' i , I i ! i F 1 n L :, me BMQ L M-. -- L .I 'lji s X THE HALL BUICK CO. The Place of Ser 121 E. Crawford Findlay, Ohio THAT'S ALL! vice St. A. G. FULLER Attorney-at-Law 407-409411 Ewing Building Findlay, Ohio P I "It's not the sehoolf said the little boy tgmlgiss mother. "It's the principal of the Turner,CrOSby Com an I had got your kind invite, P y It came too late all rite, I guessed it was well meant, and If I'd knowed For Good The acters I could a goed, You bet I would a went. advertisements introduce new char' in fiction. Introducing: The man who can't recog' nize his car after its been Sirnonized FOOTWEAR Creamy Whipped The girl with the body by Fisher. The fellow who never can learn that go' ing without weed chains is gambling with WHERE? death. . J" The girl whom you just know wears them. Comer of From and Main sts' The millionaire with the Ingersoll. in The lad who mal-:es five hundred a day ' selling subscriptions in his spare time. You - can do the same. g The ladies who never can tell a rug from See '45 fm' your Bfffk Ice Cream lmoleuml for entertainments , The boys who see all the games in their 4,1 B. V. Dfs. A. S. XVASBRO, Prop. ,AEE Clif l ' :f:,L jg i ' ., ., f 2- i' I n v ,F Ovie Hundred and 'I'wentyf'I'wo r? X' ,f'f X . f gggg - X GREATER SHOE VALUES For the Entire Family fi L l GM U 'fax At Fincl1ay's Most Reliable ,A jclfr' Shoe Store Z ..,- .giiff Special prices for the Graduate NA "-- -. '--. f s.--f 4 Q -- -" 'y - SHOES THAT SATISFY Z 7: P , 5 K i, -.1 K gil: , i J o ' L gi u 'lm A. 4 U' , writ, vi l . -'-. , V -k-i.C::Jw , ' M -K ?""""'g:1-QQ. C A ,T I e X, X . 1 X f X X ' Y f -.1' TI-IEP A guarantee with every pair SHOE STORE hn H. Willi REALTOR FARM and CITY PROPER LOANS 3-O91f2 N. Main Phone 223 Convict 1234: "Why do you eat so much Sandy?" Convict 1233: 'kShfhfh! I'm trying to break out." Mildred Swisher: "He suffers from head noises." Leona Snyder: "Probably caused by the band in his hat." Doris Dukes: "I think football is just glorious. It gives one such a graceful car' riagef' Charles Hurley: "Yes and a couple of' charleyfhorses to draw it with," Mel Davis says: 'KNO matter what you do someone always l-:new you would." He: "When I was a small boy I was left an orphan." She: "What did you do with it?f' Harry Stanfield llooking at his watchj: "Well I must be off," Dot Gilbert: 'iThat's what I thought when I first met you." Breathes there the girl with oul so dead Who never to herself hath said Im through with men my heart is dead X I' One Hundrdcd and 'Tue-ntv 'Three . - .L -.- F H ! 335'-2 g E I p I! Q - p -ai .sg ,, ' ,- - -- -C 3- '97 " Z J A T' B A A A 2:29 fifijw if-1 L ily of the Valley and , Red abbett FANCY CANNED Goons FOR SALE AT ALL GROCERS THE ABSOLUTE PEAK OE PERFECTION Every Can Guaranteed Wholesale Agents for WILSON Ex? CO. ATHLETIC GOODS Dmvia' Kirk Sons 6? C0 WHOLESALE GROCERS 5. IE E-ml I iq -i-I 'll Q '15 All 'A r 35 : T 015 0 H d d d T yfF - ,b is-ff 1i-fj"' Ill am - -f Q Sri! E" L lv v.. X I KX 'J P P 52" p 1 . Eggs. I sn:-: 4:11 ?u :si x , J 229, 1 2 1,2 ,f ' 2.1-'z ' X 'ruff' ' flu ' 4 I Rose McCarthy: 'kls a chicken big enough to eat when it's three weeks old?" G. Swinehart: "Course not." Rose: "Then how on earth does it live?" "Through the desert sandstorrn, Oh, my love, have I come to thee." 'kVerily, my sheik, thou art a man of grit." Mr. Matteson: "How do you like to go to school, my little man?" Mack Leary: "Anything will do in a pinch, sir, but I prefers a sedan." Quarter back: "18f92f24 Hipfhipf' Helen Seiple from the bleachers: "Hoof ray ,N Harold Koontz: 'LMay I call this eve Gifts That Last FINE JEWELRY 'EY COURTEOUS' SERVICE AND LOW PRICES Have made this store the Headquarters for Gift Buyers 'EYES mrliiri L "Oh I'd b ' lil d " S T E V E R ary earey: , e tic' e . H. Koontz.: 'Tm not that kind of a B R O S ' boy." HUDSON PACKARD ESSEX RUMMELL'S CCMPLETE AUTOMGBILE SERVICE CW Phone 35 Always at Your Sevvzce it-H .,. . EE". . 5 .. V" i , le V , A 5 1 if . :stil S ti i 1 ' , ja--A ,, n P f Y, ,,, '-.Lal , . : ff- 'l'?'i: n One Hundred and 'Twenty Hive "WP 1. 9 .935 A bv ' S' -'Xa in iff 7 ,4 7 H- Y, X-X HOOVER,S We haye for your selection the largest and most complete line of Ladies outer garf ments, silk underwear, hosiery and millinery shown in Findlay. At all time of season we show the newest and latest in the market at prices ranging in dresses 810.75 to 512500. Coats 514.95 to .S195.00. In all shades and models that are worn for spring and summer-1926. H O O V E R , S She glides along with graceful step, She's full of confidence and pepg She knows her coat is chic and new E'en tho' we made her last year's do! Qi BlSHOP'S , , CLEANING WORKS ei-3-sou-ri-i MAIN srnssr-ei-9 Quoth Nero: "Ho, slave! 'Tis becoming dark in the garden, Make haste and light another Christian." BARB He was only the ice 11131155 boy but he fgave every girl in town the cold shoulder. CON TON ER sHoP Expert Tonsorial Service Along with a lot of the criticism of the Hall' flappei' of today comes the remark of the 3 S old maid who hissed. "NVhat impudent cubs the young men of today are! They pass you on the street without so much as looking at you." Hours: S ri. Sat. S a. Min Pickett: "Vw'hat is so rare as a day in june?" LeVon Maclntyre: "A bald'headed conf doctor of ii symphony orchestra." l h Q Beginning April 1, ' day Curl Learey: L'Say. are you ever home eve' nings7" Raunda Smith: "Certainly not! Wliy7" Carl Learey: 'iWell, let's get acquainted. 'That's one thing we have in common al' R' D' rezidyf' CHAS. One Hundred and TLL'67lIj"SlX Bobbing pecialty in. 7 p. ni. ni. 9:30 p. ni. we will close on afternoon PAYNE PREDMORE . 1 Y., Thurs .U 5,4 , fx. . , .Y .,s2"l S X ZZ J 1 ,-o-EVE- .- , e i- on V V - I x QUALITY AND SERVICE PHOENIX RESTAURANT A Good Meal is Enjoyed WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE MRS. H. O. DORSEY Findlay, Ohio Stop at T H E PHOENIX HOTEL European Plan Opposite Court House Dixie Highway JOE N. SCHAEFER, Owner il 1 O e HL dred aid Twe tx Seven 41 gig' 9 -A ' .. 1 'T I F K 1 i I fIjZ,f1?'f' p I 1 1 . . L'-l . , 1 1 1 fn V , W ,I 1 I 'I 4,-,,f,.1- 1 3, ' 1 . 594. ed" -' F I . '-- ' f,:"-gps' 1- . z Q1--.,1y I .- ,ai Tl 1 11 1 '-13 1 , 'Emi 'ff u W, A , . 1- - , ,E . ...X B..-'FV l I I X. J 'X A ,lt " We l:g'j3":J! Qi'-'mxnl Slippers For Graduates S5 to 89.50 The kind that fit Van Raalte Hosiery Shoupels Walk-Over Boot Shop SCHAEFER SUITS, TOP COAT, OVER COATS Come in and look them over Hughes Dry Cleaning and Dye Works 111 Vs". Front St. Findlay, Ohio Where our friends and customers will always receive a Hearty Welcome The F. A. Holliger Co. Manufacturers of Velvet Brand Candy Chewing Gum Fountain Supplies, etc. Findlay, Ohio Our Business is IMPLEMENTS and HARDWARE Our specialized lines are Sherwfin-Williams Paints 86 Varnishes Russell 86 Erwin Builders' Hardware Stanley 86 Diston Tools and I. H. C. Farm Machinery The BROBST-ECKHARDT COMPANY Opposite Court House .L rl , "Mr Iii? 4. ,, 'X 4 , , , K , if Que undrecl and ' I i Sai...-- Slightly Seasick Qbitterlyj: 'kDon't I look the perfect pitcher of health?" The Skipper: "Well you don't have to slop over." Gertrude Swinehart: "Are you a track man?" Art Huston: "Say girlie, you ought to see the callouses on my chest from breaking the tapes." Ray Hill: "Are you waiting for some' one?" Denver Williams: "No, I promised to meet a sophomore here." Helen Frost: "Our half back is about to kick off." Dorothy Gillespie: "How perfectly ter' rible--was he injured in the last game?" .-Q Peggy Bair: "'s play some tennis." -I Kath Moorhead' "Can't the net's broken Peggy Bair Goody' The net is always in L the way when I play H. Bob Warner was acquiring a moustachepq Neath his patrician beak Getting it on the installment plan Twenty Eight at -1. ' ' p ii- - 2 i.. I .M - F ' f V . . Q I"- , . ' , . 5 fi . . 'I M1 ix - f I A Q A , ll"1'ul'Tj A little down per week. ,y y " l , , l - -1 - -. - ,-. Q ff' ' '75, ff Ml, Q. , 1 X 5 1 0 J l fll l L g C ,iq sg 46 Compliments of The Blufltonlewisburg Stone Co. 553596 KELLH Y'S WALL PAPER STORE The House of QUALITY l SELECTION l- SERVICE Lower prices always, due to our large volume of business The best paper hangers at your service 628 S. Main St, Findlay, Ohio Call 348 A S H B R O O K S 2nd Door South Court House. Findlay, Ohio Players I -It's a Homer! il f f il y l 2 ,.. E.. V, flea: ,na 57 'tn ' Ew a - 'nan an 'Q .. 6 A 4 "fl Q Spalding Athletic Merchaxidise is internationf ally known and used where ever there is a playf ground. Spalding Cork Center Base malls. a patented product of incomparable quality. Spalding Tennis Rackets and Balls are used in all National and international games. Spalding Foot Ball and Uniforms are in a class by themselves-a quality that the Coach insists on using. Spalding Basket Balls are now the most perfect balls that finds place in any contest. Spalding Indoor Balls and in fact exery piece f tnerchandise that they catalogue is of exceptional qualf PRICES ARE WHOLESALE FO CLUBS ' flsak 7 gg lg I I X7 A Y O s Q, will X Q ity V l , W' I A , 3 , Z J i l-ilaiw 14 ll lid ' 1 ll T 9 li 'l,j :L-34 SPALDING S MERCHANDISE H 4 4' , li l,g'l'2ll .i Q wikp wi". s- in I TEE- 'J-V, ,I , V 1 L4 -- .dd I J ,l - Q. , V 'is' t ll img! THE POHL CLCTHI G CO' Everything New for the Men .in- CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS RENT REPAIR BUY -At- Special Rates and Easy terms to students Supplies rent applies ALL MAKES OF ADDERS AND TYPEWRITERS Deal with an Expert Repairmtin LEO. N. MARVIN Brigham's Flower 530 S. Main sf. Shop You can get fresh cut flowers Choiee potted plants of the best quality 208 Niles Bldg. Findlay. Ohio Phone Main 385-W Funeral W'ork a Specialty Menibei' of F. F. D. My years of experience is your guumntee M A J E s T I Consistently Good Qld Lady: i'Poor man, is there to get rid of those eootiesf"' Tramp: "Dat's easy. I takes a de sand and den I rubs down wit De cooties gets drunk and kill ea C no way bath in alcohol, h other throwing rocks." showin - Helen Manli: "You ale a man of high N N , - , ' 4, ,, calibre. The treain of the motion pittures Charles Kenny ..HOW.S thaw.. Helen Mann: k'Oh, just a big bore." including i Kind Old Gentleman: "How long have you been deaf and dumb?" PARAMOUNT D. Q? D. Man: "About five years sirf METRO-GOLDWYN Donna D.: "Oh, Wortli, that candy just FOX SPECIALS makes my mouth water." NVorth Kramer: "Heres a blotterf' xt, :Xlso the best in comedies, movie events and - --M f nowitics UBC careful boy: flowers don't care whom I they lay on." si VAUDEVILLE "Many a young man asks for the maid' 3 S tnis hand only to get the old manis foot." Lfffffg . . 1 fi'-:VS Last three days of each ueela .,DCath!.. The Cry was wwng from 3 VE slight girl who swayed and staggered. The 1' lcf 1 crowd waited in horror. 'W ll' I- KM- of "Dcath." repeated the girl more' gl 11,33 lf. "Deth thaw: me one more dance." f 7 9-41. , 5 'ii i-:l ag M- . -:Ls 1 f'k71-7r'i'fsf' f s . I . 45-e."--f" 5' - 5-. Q . , ,l ' . r 1, ,J , L, QQZXNEIY 3Tm'lX5' ,, lza I 55 Pl , ,my 6 IA? 5:- f"' sos , . :Ilia fi will I 1 Findlayis WY" is Toms GEORGE BROS. GRocERs 631 S. MAIN ST. CALL 2 42 SI-IDNTLEMIRE 86 SON PLUMBING AND HEATING ENGINEERS 101 South Main Street Phone 66fW Findlay, Qhio Are You a Careful Driver? Norton If you are notfbe one, because no inf . surance can keep a careless driver out Music Store of trouble. Buy safe and sound insurance It is safe to motor ahead if you are MUSIC INSTRUMENTS protected from: FQR FQR Fire, Theft, Collision, Property Dam- ALL ALL age, and Public Liability. INSTRUMENTS MUSIC HLET GEORGE DO ITM GEo. C. CONNELL Agent Buckeye Commer :al Bank Building 4th Floor ZENITH-DAY-FAN RADIOS Phone 21531 5 , 5-nf.. Pfif- L or I F raw i I ls givlggl., LG! eeegeil a fe'j1'?'fQi ' 4 I T TEES,-. 1- ,. , .. , F f' l ,,:-X - ., I , 1 I ,iff -1- :,?- ,' N327 ,N Coffee Hi-Test Sn ,yr , I , 4 Nc L F 4 HI-TEST COFFEE BILL MOORE'S 7' X 36' EATS Griddle CakesffFried Mush at all hours 25C-Cakes-Sausage and Hi-Test Coffee-25c HI-TEST COFFEE 981403 wal-!H Delicious WHOLE WHEAT WAFFLES L ....l.., 4, .... I .. KIRK'S 4fQUAL1TY-1NNH Self Rising Pancake and Waffle Flour A trial will prove the Qualityflnn FOR SALE BY ALL GROCERS Hallowell Construction Company Architects and Builders Findlay Chio - ll n an rar., Ps ne A ' n . A ,S Jgp lug-7: ' - 1155 , 1 2 ia: w :JI 9, A l E! '1""i': . -r df? -2.52 f f ,. F 1- av :. ' ' " J V l " -4'-ilu" L S' gif . X ii E L - F Y '-4 3 ' D, - . 7 .. 1 s.. W7 K, 1 V A ami ,h f f K X M Ng-+L?,. , 4 X FINDLAY COLLEGE l First Semester Opens Tuesday, September 14, 1926 COURSES OF STUDY LIBERAL ARTS, EDUCATION, RELICICN, BUSINESS MUSIC, EXPRESSICN, PREPARATCRY PREMEDICAL Educatinonal and Public School Music Courses approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, leading to degree or certificate The largest Faculty and the largest enrollment last year in the history of the college be REV. WM. HARRIS GUYER, A. M., D. D. President I A College in Findlay for Findlay Students Good Facilities for Classroom and Laboratory Instruction tin 5399! . . . It Que: , I Send for Catalogue 4 123: ' A 1 ' . i 'IQUN '3 ar- - V 2 2.55154 yl . I. G. Spencer I nsurance Service Phone 983 228 Buckeye Commercial Bank Bldg. Inst a Good Place to stop for your Lunch L. 86 W. Sandwich Shop RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF TOWN OPEN DAY NIGHT 227 South Main St. "GIF TS THAT LAST" ' 1 l From prize cups to diamond engagment rings, including 7 l all the beautiful things of Jewelry. 1 Bring your gift problems to us, if it is Quality you wish 9 l i l Thomas 86 Company 235 S. Main St. l JEWELRY KODAKS VICTROLAS RADIO l l W. C. KWIS M I A lf- HIGH GRADE GRGGERIES If ,k 233 South Ixlain Street I F '1 'Rf it I..Q ' any i ' jam 56' ' .SEBI .1 na 3 " M1 as 'EJ 2 .6 Tom O.: "What wisefcracks son, you're a born comedian." Nig: "You have me beateng they didn't know what jokes were before you were - born." Axlme 86 Pendleton 1 "Me for the sunny south," said the gold' digger when she read that his father was north. Attoylleys and Cjounseuoys "It shows to what lengths some people at Law will go," said the guy, looking at the circus 404-6 Ewing Bldg. Findlay, Ohio J. FRANK AXLINE giant. Adam was lucky in one way, Eve couldn't say "So's your old man." Laurel Powell: "Fine car you have here, Chuck, what's the most you've got out of it?" Chuck Worrell: "Nine times in a block." Dick Altchul: Mfake a ride?" Betty Cook: "Whats wrong with it." CHESTER PENDLETON "At my wit's end," said the king as he began to chastise the court jester. Hollis Ellis: "May I have this dance?" Peg Pressnel: "Sure! I don't own it." CY! PERFECTIO BRAND CAN NED VEGETABLES A Good Quality - A Low Price At Your Grocer Distributed by THE A E DORSEY CO , 8 LY I N. A it " 'I F' 35 . .f ,T '4 i l" ll ,I 1 V, slr. 5 gif?" 3, lzilial 1-7, M. P124 it . . . 1, :, I 3 155 Q Eau inn 1.r.tV.a.. 5- hmm L.- ,A . . - j. 3 C ' ' ei sgfgfg , ' - ' T .Q . ' :-. l ..,. A ' - xx X., , iz- , B eh J 'ts - , 1 ,ff . .L N I. ,- , f 7 It-'LJ .,.. 7 2 XTSN rx ,av i l ff -- f -is , - - , u X , ,r a My X I 'H AUS S l H' H I 'H - H !1Q"Yi7lfif I Exclusive But Not Expensive Everything for the School Girl Graduation and Reception Dresses At 510.00 and Up LEAREY BROS. Center Street GROCERIES and MEATS Phone 43 3 "Well, I must be going," said the steeple jack as his foot slipped. "You're a shiftless goodfl'or'nothiHg." Saud Iimmy Parker as his Ford refused to climb the hill. Drink to me only with thine eyes but bc sure the eyefcup is clean, Helen Koontz: "Dos oo know Odessa? Dick Davis: "Odessa who?" Helen Koontz: M0dessa itty bit. Bernice Smith: "I think the Charleston is awful," Sattler: "I can't learn it either." For "Bobs" that please and Marcels that last-see h'Pete" Snyder and Edna Knight at the Marinello Beauty Shop VJe specialize in Facial and Scalp Massage, Permanent Vsfav ing, and Soft Water Shampoo MAUDE HENDERSON Rooms 2214123-Znd Floor Buckeye Commercial Bank Bldg. Phone 446fW Phone Main 804-I 207 112 Ewing Bldg Findlay. Ohio "Insurance is more than an Arch of PromiscA'Tis the promise made good." Danger SignalsfI.ife is full of them Do you heed yours? . Insurance is a safe siding on which to meet and pass many forms of calamf ity. W. T. Platt s ' Bill Fleming: "I get twice as much sleep as you do." Conducts 3 Harold Yergcr: "You ought to-you've t t "' . n I 'tud' 'riods as I have." gl, ww ag ma ll I PL General Insurance ' , Katherine Vwfertz: "VJho gave you that A enc ? 1s hlack eye?" g Y 5 Bob Malcolm: l'Nohody gave it to me. , I had U3 flght f0f it-N I Location given above 4 -Y QE' ,A , "Thats a new one on me," said the Lx fiff his monk y as he scratched his back. 'EQ ' Ft., f An .agp , ,Q J x ,L Sv- ' -. ,gi , V WYE' V U, gif? 'g f T - --L - A A - I-" ff , W 15: ,..,.. -- , 1 17K g - 1 ' "ull s ,f17fX a S a L K J , B ' ' i fs x 1 J' XJ c ,, U l af 'J N 'ff You will love to dance when you see the Beautiful GREEN MILL GARDENS ON THE BLANCHARD Always tlie Best of Micsic Findlay Plate Glass 86 Mirror Co. GLASS OF ALL KINDS Windshield and Sedan Glass a specialty 114 North Main Street Phone Main 138 Findlay. Ohio s See N. A4 CORBIN For the latest styles in hair bobbing A trial will convince you Suite 322 Niles Bldg. Phone 298-W Milo McDowell: "My, but you are on tradictorv tonight." Sara Hartman: "Why, I ani not," John Hollington says: "Some girls can't even wear a smile without looking in the mirror to see how it tits." Tom Betts: uSay, Diogenes, why the lan- tern?" Diogenes: ul never trust these Greek women in the dark." Miss Moore says: "If you have half an hour to spend, don't spend it with someone who hasnt" Lady: k'You aviators must have a license must you not?" Flyer: "Certainly" Lady: i'And how long is it good for?" Flyer: "The Lord only knows." Amil Yockey: "Say Bob. what makes your nose so big?" Bob Stewart: 'iWell I'1l tell you. l just keep it out of other peoples business and let it grow." EW RCYAL Theater Where First National Pictures and a selection of the season's Best Attractions are shown in Findlay. Excellent Music Comfortable Seats Courteous Treatment .... ..i.-:J J If it's New and when it's New WE HAVE IT Cole, Biery 86 Zierolf SMART CLOTHES SHOP 515 S. Maixm Street The M. D. Neff Lumber Co. LUMBERMEN The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Robert K. Davis, Dnstrlct Agent. 2121114 Ewing Bldg. rmdlay, Umo The Best There is 171 Life lnsunm e G. B. Crane Insurance 31721 Ewing Bldg. PhonefOffice 236fW Re Findlay. Ohio 172-1,1 Interurban Restaurant Ray says: Keep that schoolgirl and schoolboy complexion Eat Here RAY ROWLAND, Prop. THE ALTMEYER RESTAURANT . A Good Place to Eat Qi Open from 5 A. M. to 2 A. M. X 5.1 Proprietress, Mrs. Hattie Weil 1 . ,.-, M ' 'I E' QP f " ' 1 . -f--,..qg SAA- C ,Q .A - Z-2"-C -- I V COAL I Yellow Pine - Anchor - Pocahontas I ARNOLD 86 McMANNESS 310 East Crawford Street Phone 477 CEMENT SAND LIME APLASTER SEWER PIPE BRICK I When ordering Flour from your Grocer Insist on BUNNIE WHITE or CALLA LILY F L O U R The McManness lm Milling and Grain Company FLOUR FEED MEAL 159: Distributors and Retail Dealers of 5:5 DAIRY AND POULTRY FEEDS F'- a . we- - - ' - 35" ' ' Mtg' .i "ai s f s :sg , .x Eli? : je ' by q I s.,'?:lal N :RFQ l 3 , 'J'-L W--f,.'gp'w,,,s,3r-:gl 1- -- , - .-w 1 7 rw, 4' a., , f Ji 2- - Y -- '-1, ':- , n 1 a , ' c.J?'2z,i Z, H J , - Bfaeffm i' f l g , HX , Song entitled: x'I'm breaking rocks be' cause I broke your neck." HONEY BOY "Hey, Diogenes! Whats your hurry?" "Still looking for a double meaning joke with both meanings decent." Leota Overholt: "My complexion is my own." I K I Harry Stanheld: "Say where do you get I fi . that Stull?" He may be a butter and egg man but he's just a big cheese to me. X A I5 ' We predicted a cold winter. We always XS? V do, It always is. V K Y Q Q Joe Foster says: "A bird in the hand is ' V --r I N o bad table manners," a ' gt Dutch Huston: "I asked my girl how - vi 1,5-4 much I rated with her." t cuff oimaffg -'what did She say?" A X If .4 1 Dutch Huston: "She whispered sweet fy! i nothings in my ear." N X Ain "lv: ix Harlen Folk: "Teach me the Charleston." 1 Geraldine Wilson: "lf I can remember it. Let's seefit was one of those quaint old Golhke Brothers Bakery dances they were doing last summer, wasn't it?" Beautifying the Home Grounds . . -' - Trellis Designs -F gf, Nl. 1.9.45 , til .1 Entrance Arches nepfswg-x 5 Q 1235 3 .apo 4 - L'-f'-,,f:E.?:-4+-Q-L ,- -mg-3' X, - t -1 'Wm' 'Th X ru f' is Lattice Fences 'VEFSTS FI "lla Summer Homes QT: g'wa'ri'i tfslumnligi 1,5 1, 5-.,1IiL'Q'Q,mnnznwa-U tg 61' -'-f ,1- kf ' 9 . qw ef , - 1 yi:--gf . Gates Garden Furniture Ask us for FREE plans of beautiful designs that we have Your house may not be the largest but you can give it the 'lMillion Dollar" look and make it the prettiest and most attractive on your street. after improving it with any ol the many hundred ideas. 'A Call or Write today 1 THE PARKER LUMBER CO A :E Findlay Ohio mag! I 1-J 2 Big Yards Big Stock Big Mill 11' In center of town sill Phone 47 Yards and Mill 716 73' W Crawford St .5 u ' ti, 123. ji' ' U, ' ' P5 ' . . . . -1' Q .1953 , ,.. . . 5 - - . .. '.. .. . ' . i 5 me HEL- 2 'x..: I ,-gi 1 '11f"?f, M- A i 2g!.f"f Jie: . , - . , .--: 3' - -1. ' r ,-- w V4 V -,L :rf -. . - ' - - - : ,..-......-7.1 J ifgqv Q ' N A 7 I Sewing Made Easy s 1 N G E R BARNI-IART g Electric Sewing Machine Funeral 519 South Main St. Home LEARN 12 What the world is doing by R A D I G 618 S. Main St. We have just what you need RALSTON'S HARDWARE RADIO Findlay, Ohio and FURNITURE STORE 523 South Main Street be 7 I Compliments and Best Wishes - to the - oLAss GF 1926 '23 George W Trout 55 Co L1 5 '5-31 Chg! Good Furniture smce 1885 9 . . HI ijfsh, Zflna nga- . . 5. ' QLEQI 1 kai: I Q Q Qin i I I E-11'-w -Z 'ern'-fm . " 5' . ' .' J - 1 ,Q 11-tae , .H ,.. 1 ,- 'E' . - . E 5 1 W if Y Vera Blackman: "Have you ever had hallucinations?" Mary Lou McCarthy: "Yes, twice-The first time it didn't take but the second time it left a great big scar." Cloyce Taylor: "He's got a basketball nose. Harold Martin: nHoW come?" Cloyce Taylor: l'It dribblesf' Medford Bell: "Don't you think oppo- sites attract?" Dot Wisely: 'kOf course, silly." Victor Bonnell: "Mabel Erwin told me I was the answer to a maiden's prayer." "Cocky" Cramer: "She didn't ask for much." joe Snyder: "Do you know why you haven't red hair?" Tony Cunningham: "No, why?" -loe Snyder: "Ivory doesn't rust." Reformer: A'Do you chew tobacco sonny?" john lefferds: "Navy, dirty habit. I'l1 give you a pinch of snuff though," LeVon Copeland says: "All that titters does not scoldf' n W CRATES ac NEELEY GROCERS , Phone 1 34 ROTH'S GIFT and DRAPERY SHOP 323 South Main St. Findlay, Qhio Rothls Gifts Always Please,- Inexpensivc, Too." A. E. BRANDEBERRY Phone 327 124 E. Main Cross St. Y B R A N C H E s L . 1 Fostoria, Ohio Upper Sandusky, Ohio I 4 Emi -.qw H - 1.5 I -ea : TL -,. 2 if gi st, . D , I 1 if 1 T U R P 0 l THE TURPENTINE QINTMENT l AND l DR. DRAKESS GLESSCU COUGH AND CROUP REMEDY '23 Two Reliable Products Which e Help M alge Findlay Famous CU D l r V I B The Glessner Co. ij if x. M 1 Ai 3253? ' 'az High Grade Coffees and .lumbo Peanuts ROASTED FRESH DAILY Try 'Them l 'Youll Like Them THE NORTH SIDE MERCANTILE C0. and COLLEGE CASH GROCERY I SUITS MADE TO MEASURE INSURANCE OF EVERY KIND CI-IAS. PESCI-IEL BERNARD B. BIGELOW Tailor I Rooms 305 and 306 Cleallillgfpressillgfllepairillg Buckeye Commercial Bank Bldg. 409 1,2 S, Ivjain SL Say "Main SOO" to your telephone Over Barr CO, 5 559 1Oc Store Findlay, Ohio VNIIIO Dysingei-'s Cash Meat Market is MoREsCoT WfC'1fH-WS ? 17 ? 4 'You Pay Cash Dortha Denison: "Yes, Mary Louise. One thing leads to another." Mary Louise Altmeyer: k'What do you mean?" D. Denison: 'kHaven't you ever seen link sausage?" Last summer James Weakley, while in the country was ordered by the doctor not to scratch his poison ivy. So he got a friend to do it. Henry Wolgamot: "Didn't sleep a wink last night." Charles Hurley 'What wa' the trouble7 Henry Every time I dozed off I dreamed about my best friend s 1rl an well Im just such a gentleman that I woke m5 self up Hollis Ellis My car is a quiet easy runninv machine Vera Poole So Ive heard 5 .-a 1 sf A-it fhls 'Fi-if 2 1.555 1 I . ,. I b . if ' , s I! . " ' ' '- ' Q il . g QI- A A 1 - 11 4 ' 1 , Q fc . fs-+5 c Lil I - '?" 4 Ni . . ' .. Q . . . . .. g-:sz . , c ' .C . . 1' .-ty : .. - -N 'Lb If i . emits, , ,sg - 15.12552 .' s -1' ' ax s- 6 .. ' 1' ' ss s ' - , ' A 3 eu: .Ng an 1 - Sk, ,,. -H, " - ,M-:-1 "Y - -' ' .- XX' - - 5 - - '-1- . :' 5. 'n 4 g. 7 , 1 4, - Zf'z4" - :N ' wrt? CW rm - , - f ff l , , NX ' , . F. J. KARG C. A. KARG A. E. KARG Karg Brothers I FRESH AND SALT MEATS ii 233 South Main Street Bell Phone 13 Snappy Styles for the Young Man and the Co-ecl. We are featuring the very latest styles as fast as they are produced in the Eastern markets at the popular price of 4 . 9 5 Other Prices Range from 52.95 to 53.95 WALTER'S SHOE CO. 331 S. Main St, Mary Porter says: "Opportunity knocks but once. Install one of our electric doorbells now!" F' Mr. Folk: k'There were sixteen parties in Parliament last year." Gladys Traucht: "My, what a social country England is." 3 Peg Klotz: "You're eyes look tired." gpg , Doris Dukes' Yes Ive been readin Threc Weeks 3,1 A at The robbers wore rubbers and walked backwards deduced Hawkshaw Ah' observed the silly mug Then we must look for a man with receding Ili I -I 1 A .. 1 U .. D 1 1. E-,. J. ' ' b ' 1-33:4 HQ' 53 , . 112552 H -- 141 1 ' Ti' rr an - ts - , ' EIELJI I . . K4 lf? 230' H 4 u 'gg' in n S. 0, ',-sul' 1 :asa . ' E 'au , , 1- -U 1.1:-. if ,, ifw- ', asgffilf' V, ' . A 'gs ogg' A . ,nw 1 ga- - ,. X 11 , n 15 Y 1.2 , sa 52? QC J as I a, J . :iw . ,:17-Ql . ,fQ:- : " ei! ,ag CLARK and MILES FUNERAL I-ioiviis INVALID CCACH SERVICE 1 WM. PERRY MILES, Director Phone 60 119 E. Crawford St. GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE Make your girl or boy value the gift as well as the thought. At this time you will be wise to choose a gift that will be an investment in good appearance, dura' bility and usefulness. We have a line of conservatively priced articles that make appropriate gifts. 0. B. MARVIN 86 CO. The Hallmark jewelers Geraldine Wilson wants to know whether any had eggs are broken when the stock market falls. Harold Hamilton: "VJhat language does that toothless old sheik use." Geneva Sorenson: "Gum Arabic, I guess." Margaret Clessner: "Do you know Christie Cunningham?" Mary Ellen Davis: "No: what's his name?" M. C.: "Who7" M. E. Davis: "What did you say?" M, Clessner: "I didn't say anything." M. E. Davis: "Oh. I didnt hear you." "Never mind," said our hero who had just lost his left arm. "I still have the right to love you." She was only a tailor's daughter, but she suited me. Roscoe Butler: "We ought not to let Fat McCarvey get away from us down here in Middletown Tot Pressnel Why7 Roscoe Butler Well hes colorblind and I see him oxer there flirting with a colored girl Phone 1 Jones E99 Craig GROCERY 4 Deliveries Daily 98W 116 W. Crawford You ' in uv A l . si. I - r . - 1 1 V .1 Q .4 .-,xi Q L.. .... . . r-VVk- V 1 BRYAN T'S RESTAURANT 3:1 Basement of Ewing Bldg. I at with us once and . 'Xl Ear Egh- -f N . i if al X I I T- E - . Q will always be our customer J!! H M, I 0 f ' , 5 I ' s rf it .t Q ar S ' , .li 1 I In I:-Z ,- fl U-4 ' 25 F55 as-l - Ml -T. Soft Water WET VVASH Sc lb. 200 East Crawford ffhfiis' ,. . 4 q J iff " . fo H19 ff Send If ' Q13 E OThA.l.M.f-'A THRIFT-T 8c lb. DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING We wash your feather pillows THE BUCKEYE LAUNDRY CO. Street Pure Soap ROUGH DRY 12c lb. Phone 77 Phone 601 EVERY LOAD INSURED LYTLE TRANSFER Moving, Packing and Storage Local and Long Distance Hauling 125 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio ll, .Porter Hdie 'Ca ' The PVINUHEIYTER 5f0l'0 414 SOHf11Md1?15if OUR MOTTO:- ALL WE CAN GIVE FOR THE MONEY: NOY.ALL WE CAN GET FDR YME GOODS THE HOME OF Frigidaire, Mechanical Refrigeration, Atwater Kent, Radiola, and Freed-Eisemann Radios, Estate Heatrolas, Estate Coal and Gas Ranges, Heaters and Furnaces, B. P. S. and Kyanize Paints, Varnishes, Enamels and Stains, Hamilton Beach Elec' tric Vacuum Sweepersg Thor, Aerobell, SunnyfSuds and Dex' ter Washing Machines, Thor Ironersg Winchester Tools, Cut' lery, Fishing Tackle, Sporting Goods, Guns and Ammunitiong National Mazda Electric Lamps Westinghouse Fans and Motors Riddle Electric Lighting Fitments Vollrath Enamel Mirro Aluminum Ware Everyready and Burgess Batteries and many other nationally known and used products ' ' . ' - ' ' ' ' . . E64 ' 1 7 Q L' V' l . ' ' '. -F n an , 3 A A E :PE -' i.. A -12 4, , , - ,f ,, F Y -4 gif- .f .fin gi , J f - . , ff, , A L '9'N.,f HKU i ' "1-45 , F Q, X . F M be ,X X5 I 525, 1 Be sure its PURE QUALITY BRAND '33 That Good Kind of ICE CREAM 'ES' Pure Milk 86 Dairy Co. NOTICE Come to WOODSON 86 SON 112 E. Sandusky St. fforA SOLES AND HEELS We give out Customers the best for their money Phone S27fW '93 EDITH ENGLE BEAUTY SHOP 313 Buckeye Commercial Bank Bldg. Findlay. Ohio WernerfEmerine GIFTWARES 528 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Lifes darkest moment: After raising a rumpus and pushing every one out of line in the noon rush at the cafeteria, the person you thought to be one of the boys turns out to be Mr. Kinley. Stanley Shultz: "My heat-t's idol " Dot Vsfisely: uPut it to work." Alice Hines: 'kLook, Marcella, I weigh three more pounds than you do." Marcella Swartz: "Aw, you're cheatingf you've got your hands in your pockets." Marian V.: "Harold, I don't believe you love me any more." Harold Y Why do you Gay that Mar iin7 Marian Vorheu The last Qu or eight time youxe been over you have been eax mg before father kitlved vou out Greetings! ELK'S GRILL '23 LUNCH-50c EVENING MEAL-,S 1 .00 '23 Mr W T Swindler M r l' 1 .nat IE H 51 can l emi P: F.: unify, JF h- .QVA 5. fr " T V I A H . 4 . -. K . . . , g . J?-5:3 2 .' ' I-45. L X: 1 3 . I ' 5 V - , . , 1 V, . A 5 I . . - . .. Q' 'Q B I , . . ' . .5 I I A ' -' - ' E i QSHQ: T . '- -wie - 'Jn' PF?" ,g "1 ' ' Y .l n.-.' - 1 Aj.-f , .. ri. , ,f:.:j'5 , ic - -. r Na: X , , H -If A -- 'SAI' '-L - ' . - . 1 Y' . ii -TY - ,Yet ? 1 . W X 1 f- P ZW: Mz,:f r i Z C9 ?' v--. l fgsll D.: ui 1 3 IFA-al :gli R. Burton Childs GENERAL CONTRACTOR 420-21 Buckeye Commercial Bank Bldg. Phone Main 422 Findlay, Ohio Huston 86 Wise Home Builders 538 South Main Street Findlay, Qhio CHARLES A. RUDOLPH Reynolds Grocery Phone 619 2401 N. Main St. Groceries and Meats We Give Brown Stamps 'Your patronage will be appreciated Compliments of Buckeye Hardware Company Good Hardware Sm e 1863 sittin, TSEEES 408 S. Main St. Findlay, Qhio Giving the Dollar its just Due You are interested of course. in seeing that your dollars are spent where they will bring the greatest returns in quality, quantity and satisfaction. The -I. C. Penney Company does not un' derestimates the value ofthe American dollar. We believe in giving it its just due. Thats why every dollar you spend here will bring you a full 100 cents' worth of xalue and more frequently if based upon what others char e for the same quality of merchandise. Buying for our hundreds of stores, com- bined with efficient economical business methods as:ures you quality merhandise t Fd I ' , , , QL ' 7 g ' 2.3.1-- ifwqll . .1 . 25: 5 Q., I . 'I' B :Aa I La in ,- - s H BEL-e4'g.f3.iE X - - 5555, ll lowest possible prices. 21-4 Y -E ffl. ,Q . : .f -N it ,I '05 - fag. - ig . . , . . 1 .. fs f .... ,,g.....a... -- . - Y f hm 13" Bilifffili TQ, g f- K J if , s.- . . 1,4-u fag f zfgfj -, swf f 4 ON THE DIXIE HIGHWAY HOTEL LTMEYER EINDLAY, OHIO EUROPEAN PLAN 'Yom' Patronage Solicited Orella Price says that she has read thc dictionary over and over and can't get the hang of the story yet. Have your trousers had their iron today? Mr. Folk says: "You can't judge the size of a students brain by the amount of noise he makes." Nurse: 'iRalph, don't you want to see the little brother the stork brought you?" Ralph Heistand: "Navy, I want to see the stork iirstf' According to what one of our most prom' David Seppanen The Tailor Phone 434fW Marvin Block South Main Street A. E. at J. A. EOFF an :if 31743 IE' -.I , 'Ita inent teachers says, the only way to make a sophomore understand anything is as follows: ku-1d5 of Insufangg 1. Tell him what you are going to say. h E HUYW ere :L-A-1 2. Say it. ' 3. Summarize what you said. 'P' 4. Write him a letter. Q ! 1 1 25 : 1 :fl 3 . f V-maxi? sh - m y p M 3611 3 .L,f'gz--Sw -'-" " - - i -,. ,gg L -. , ., 4f.1:i"'bP- Y .-Rs - 1 """' ' D x. , J K B 7 f ' , V Courtney 599 Paul PLUMBERS Steam, Hot Water and VAPOR HEAT . i'1'5ff mi: 4 , 'Elf Mil l N.-' '11-v-rf , Z Detroit jewel HOT AIR FURNACES 118 No. Main St. phone 4-40,1 L. v. COURTNEY - EDW. H. PAUL Life Insurance is your best asset Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Representatives G. C. Wilkins Leo I-I. Smith R. C. Lucas D. F. Jacobs V. A. Wortman Make your DOLLARS HAVE MORE CENTS BARR 86 CO. Sc 86 1Oc Store With Variety Depts. Findlay, Ohio 409 South Main Street F' I I . I SDI Acceptable Gifts For the Graduate Loose Leaf Memorandum Books-Covers and Fillers Book Labels Desk Pads and Blotters L.. THE DOERTY PRINTERY ii Ji' li.Il id! '29 1 J-v' K5 ll 114 E Sandusky St Fat Kirkbride says: UA fat man has one advantage over his thin brethren: He knows exactly where his cigarette ashes are going to fall." Wilma: "Do you think you'll be doing anything tonight?" Tom: "No," Wilma: "Then don't come oxer Mr. Hutson: uCome, come, my boy, you ought to be ashamed to strike a lad so much smaller than you are." Carl Young: "Well, he called me a big bully and I wasn't going to haxe that" Miss Priddy Somebody give me a sen tence E1!lT'l T Z5L:'! if A ' S ' . - A .. . ifxg 133' I 'H 45" .ara l . . , . S George Killingerz ' Quick-call the udgef' ' "'5f'i.' 1' f f . ' I 4 1 f ' A" - :..' 3 :Uv -4 J-.AL A 3111-:Ei if ' Ju 41 "1 14 n , . ., has 5 f Q '-,u f, Q v. A i..! ,v , - I . g, .- 4 ,f .avi Y ' f ,gf E tif' 4 Q . 'fki ' :V "Ute ' is Li? 3 'F T Q ,. , A -,... -gif 1, .,?!. , . in J a " ' , 1 ff Y-ff . W I ' w .....,,-- f-- - - --4 --va 5 K QH4. 4.2. 5.1. V1 , Y ul L, , , -6 . 1, .2 . I - e .5 5 -. - rf Us lien.- V Vegffe, u g3.,'g3L1 :jf-"'1J U N I ,I 1 B it N ff. , '7f5"','7fi'i-M If Z Til 'xx 'II 45 We Lead, Others Follow FREE TIRE SERVICE Wl1en You Have Tire Trouble-Call Phone 554 FEDERAL TIRES THE DIXIE TIRE SHOP, Inc. 316 North Main Street 5wmD0w.4Rt J I ' li. Cilmpews QUALITY ,r For Wear MEN AND BCYS Cooper's Electric LHigh Arch Shoe H o s E of ARNOLD BOOT SHOP 536 S, Main St. Thermo-Electric Arch Support Guaranteed for rheumatism and broken arches Feet Examined Free 210 South Main St. 1 And the httle rablmts all exclaimed "Vv'e're game?" 5 Home Dressed Carl Lcarey Qufter long urgurnentj: "I wonder what would happen if you and l could agree." AND Raunda Smlthz "l'd he wronit' Clark lvl-more: "Xk'here ya going?" Oelxrldxnc Cooke lcoylyl: "Ld lrke to be gum' to ll slmowf' H , O , A N HARRY A. REIMUND . Clark lvl--orc: XX here ya gom to sxtf' 1 I S26 N. lvlain St. 3 "I YW ' , , 1 Q Phone lv f ., Y lvlr. Strrrrz 'lm UllCI'll1g Ik prlze for the 'L' "', 5 R l2lI1CSf l-my ln schookfund I think you'll ln. A Wm." , I. f i l ,Q Paul Altman: "All rlght, roll me over W-F.:m - .X and put lf III my hack pocket. , ' '1'j'Cfj rl"-L 'l' I ' ll "" 'es-gif Q., .- ' . 1, w. " " . W- I l ,,. ,f, 9ff '5i' ' "ff ir , - ' N SIT' . I .1 X. I J ZR 'Wu AB 'yy m A X Compliments of The Qhio Qil Company , Inn: I if Sl 3 Z' T Ill 1- - gun ELF: X234 ! X - A . . pl ' . V I 'mv ' , ' . ' I I i mf I4 I - ,Im ASM" A .1 ' "- - X ,J .-: F l ien- ' nj' ,:.i'ff- L" -. 1 I up Y., - il H . 'J 'J -, - ." i.2 'llA'- ...-fa ,4 ymswa--,-f--fa to 5 'Sl' J JY W Q , 1 f Bair f f f f .-Q-: i Z' 4526 53 5 WO The Photographs Reproduced Herein Were Made hy- ffff L a My 410 S. Maiii St. OVER THE J. C. PENNEY STORE Findlay, Ohio KESSEUS FASHION SHOP We carry the most Complete Line of Ladies' and Misses' Coats, Dresses, Millinery In this City at Popular Prices SHINING PARLOR HAT CLEANING CRYSTAL SHOE REPAIRIN G Niles Building 103 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Bob Warner: "Morris and I can't zugivc when we sleep together. Every time 1 raise the window he pulls it down." Mother Warner: "Well, I'll just have to move you both into the front room. There's two windows there." Little Cholly Smith: MWhat expression bores the average person to death?" Miss Priddy: ul'll bite." L. C. S.: "Right!" Eugene Sealy: "Say, is a night mare a dream?" Walter Spangler: "No, foolish. A night- mare is a milkrnan's horse." " Art Huston: 'BDO you sleep with your -12 window open? ma.. . .. . Lai Cliif Glathart: Naw, just my mouth 51 IE'-I K 5 S, it Y 9 T ' ul is i I. .. is e-5,5 iii. 'T , 1. ,E sz f PF." . X fi Ea -2--assi' r, V K C ', , 1 - TT K P I L ,fag Yfxxx . i 4 GRADUATION HATS A HAT TO SUIT EVERY GIRL Graduation Gifts that Please Lovely Costume Jewelry-Sheer Gordon Silk Hosiery-Dainty Imported Handker- I chiefs-Enticing Silk Undies-Beautiful Corsage Flowers-Silk Scarfs- ' Elizabeth Arden Toilet Preparations We will make special inducements for the Graduates MRS. MARTHA SlVIITH'S MILLINERY SHOP 518 S. Main St. : Compliments of C. W. PATTERSON 599 SON Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear C. W. PATTERSON A. D. PATTERSON F. H. S., 1873 E. H. S., 1907 A Horsey- joke: H. Hamilton: "Did you get the bridle on?" Edwin Leach: "Yeah!" , , H. H m'lt : "H dd d 't?" READYQIS WEAR E. LeEi1cli:0n"Waite3c:llVtill hleOlyawci'1e1d." ACCESSORIES DOMESTICS 1 A Don Perkins: "What would you think of Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Etc. a man who wore red knickers?" We give and redeem S. 81 H. Stamps Wayne Rushf "A bit bHlmY HbOV2A" Don Perkins: 'Santa Claus does." M0n3rCh Harold Bonham: "How did you sleep . 7.. BILLIARD PARLOR lm mght' Gerald Ewing: 'iNot so good. I dreamed and . . . . .. has I was pitching pennies and tossed all night. BARBER SHOP CANDY CIGARS Charles Sattler: i'Clarence Snyder was 21 l nearly killed the other morning. He got 52-M Clgafeffeli up on the wrong side of the bed." t E-ali-. Soft Drin s 'Hifi I vl- BOYD WAGNERTLEON SINK Jim Miller: 'Tm not superstitious." - ri . Managers . . . I H. Martin: "Neither is he but this was a , ,f it St. K. of C. Building lower berth." ll 'i' , I H, A -A+-.,7-iff. :. .f . ' I E ' A . . H , h ,, - S --' ""f- ' 5325. t A J .. I .3 ft. ., . . A, f xx 4 -4 uf., .,., Y., 4 -f ,AA A2- m iiffu..-"f gl., 1 I st 7 I 1 ........ , Q I'-5:2 CCE HE high stanciarci of quality main- tained this or- ganization anci its close cooperation with the Oarious schools in prepara- tion and layout of their copy, is ex7i- denceci in this pro- duction ancl has Won for us a follow- ing far ioeyoncl our expectations. SS THE OHIO SERVICE PRINTING COMPANY JU EEF! 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I i A , K L, ' ' by it CR T XQKQUX VicefPresident EDWIN LEACH Classical course ' President LE VON COPELAND Classical course 'Nature might stand up and say to all the world-'This is a man'." "He reads as much: He is a great observer and he looks quite through the deeds of men." Secretary CHARLES HURLEY Classical course Treasurer MARGARET BAIR .. . Cl . l C t A man s own manner and character H - agslca Curie H is what bam,-nes 1.,i,n." More is thy due than all can pay. Senior Class History I will strive with things impossible: Tea, get the better of them. Since that day four years ago next September when the class of '26 entered conf fidently into its High School career, this has been the slogan it has constantly upheld as a standard. The influence of the class of '26 began as Freshmen in the Lincoln and Wash' ington schools. Not only was this the largest class which had ever entered Findlay High School, but it showed great promise of being a class of action. In October 1923 we journeyed to that place to which we had been looking for- ward throughout our gradefschool years, expecting to take the building by storm, but alas! Most of our splendid advice was ignored and we were forced to give way to our elder Junior and Senior friends. That year flew by on rapid wings and we soon were classed among the Juniors. Our ambition to accomplish great deeds was fully realized in our production of "Thank You," which is classed among the best plays ever presented by a Junior Class of Findlay High. Neither was our talent forgotten in the selection of casts for the operetta, pageants, and many other projects which featured the year. Now we have finished our last year in Findlay High School. The 1926 Senior E Class is the largest that has ever graduated from Findlay High, having a membership of thirtyfthree. Cught this not be a spur to the ambitions of our successors, the on' coming Seniors? Although loath to leave Central High, the scene of our greatest trials and successes, yet we feel that we have attained our aims and are leaving behind ,us ei ji 312. Q5 , an enviable record. fg','.i'J gjfa.-,, A ' fl I ' tix.. UT. K Y- ...A 5 ' -11, rf se? ' X . 1 0.535 TJ Sl I ' Y" - , of gf? M Wggilgh Y .ti I wenty ,itil JP i . - ' N Y V -f - Lift- Qrigr, -,..1.'. A- 13" " . -4-s N. .N ' X- J ef? f k 1215526 Q on L GEORGIA AGNER Commerciil Course "Come, pensive Nun, devout and pure Sober, ' teadfqg and'-dfmuref' - ,SSX VIRGILY.ALSP.ACH Scidntific Course B welEe very hey! of helps." ll X lx 1 l " sinne lnm' no saint erlzapsa rw! l lg ' ll ...K ,X " I fPAU Nj ,, ASC' -ri ' Cb r ' .Ald- J in 'W I llgicrlm HEL 1rie'1jQQTQ,,. 'V" -A ,x l if 'u ll' 'nlsql " ' ZA ,fl ax lv " Y? 1' V x Z 4 "'. ' ,l ' ' 1 3 Q gmc HDIQLMALISCHUL g un.: W' ' A 'fi-L"45f Comngerrcial COLil'QX" ' "I, V A-' Y' deed I ijtend 'ii great, bla knggt as 'Q ' f- '3 1, 1'k7'!'OUJ 1 Ht." ,- -- fp ,fg g ,Ly va 4 tif N i i I f L, W N ' N 'E . 'x 3 ' 'T K l NURMAN ANdUs ' N X I Genegal Course W . - Y 'lf' '-'Lfh ibofd be worth one slzelqel, ' T Silence is worth two." ' Gr.-XIL LABS , COlT1IH6l'CI21l Course "It is well to fl'li7'LlQ well, 'l I . A . ., 5 J' , It zs d1'l1.7l'I1F to act well. I Q K1iIgI,NEElTHfBFfIlV f l ' l X-COfHl'I1ETCi3l Course XE , 1 "AZJ1onQgxmau,close buttoned to tlze fem, ei- f ,, I ' ,Broadclotll withoufygand warm heart -' 1,uitl1in." ' " .fag ' - 2. f A ix A , NfP!fBlREIT RGER te,-, if fi-' hifi,-,fCl3E5ft1,l' x grse Q ,p 111911 fli21it1i3,,cl1' k1"1'?Db'ntlz tg l fx X ' 7095- ifi X 65? c-.1 f ' - wig- I X, ,e:1x,:'1g'3,' 41 ? K N7 QF' kf2"i"QY!3 F. NORA B f e "f-fg,5'Tg'fsL21g2ef.f' 5 , ge- m eg ' 'oufse e ' WV51 an V egjzly la're'4hgi?19pifwexfsL" A' EA: e 5 e ff ' .ll 5 - ,l A .5 ff,MEDFORD BELL " l l r :L '...U 1335. 1 '-'TJ ' VK Scientific Cdurse , Vu And well not ail ' 'l " I I 5' .If if v W all l l ' l in l' J l 'Q -ls 5fQf""lv"wA ' 5-l Ml QQ 'A 'nu 1 LPI? I I Twe'nty9One X f V 1 A 71,7 "Screw ybur courage to the sti6lqi1igHblwE66 ' K j B??21R y PG -:QA KJXX 'W's V 1 X 4 R MOLETA BELTZ l Commercial' 'Course "The silence, often, of pure innocence N Persuades when speaking fails." ,M ,XX ' VERA BLACKMAN College Preparatory "SometimQs from her eyes "I did regeive fair speechless messages." , gil I ur, 1' ' ELIZ43fl1fQlTHlLLlB1iISiQLL 1 Clilssiciallgloursel' X V- illlodfdit ylgifsdybm Uplufclqs me from ,,OiUCT' 5-r'ed.1Ll'o1Ls,7?Ja'st'eTL' 4 ggrxg ,iff , f q , , 5 YZ, 4 rel alggfJ5,,g J' I af aa- R 1, . ' vw' GRACE BROWN .' gl ' Y f - General Course W ,?'f'neYvYe'f fdid TCPEREV for dalngngodf' ,I I , , - HENRY BROWN l or A General Course g K -- 'Theeroclqs uphold thy name engraved! ' x VIRDIE CONAWAY Commercial Course "In thy abysses Hide A Beauty and excellence unlynownf' GERTRUDE"2GOPE R g ffCommer-:ial Course HLTTLLIITI ii axeimxposkible to be spoiled by aaozfzlzard touch K As is the sunbeamf'g3y 3 Q Q R 1gH.ARo ORBIN '1 gi 'V ' l'iecGl1lasS.i Course ."I'hxe,,,l1eifl1tCmq gf1'21a1Q',1neTeaV ed and l1k61?Y,,,i, fy Were, 71912 -attinfred ly' den V K ,.Xg,,,.gj:'g1,i1 lf- A - , ef, ,I eil? A ' ?MSwf,f-1ff5Q'q3.' EERLING 3 , 5-., .-5General.Cofjse l he eems of cliQekTf1g2-fygsfelrdays' n 'confi' nt ZomorTo1.uLS'.3' fx F, " if ' X 1 y ' .xi ?iXX7AYNEL CROSSER X, , V f Ge'ngra.l,fCouN3g5e' ll "Silence is 'a flfriend fthat will'zLVnFve'r M becrayfn 7 ' . ' ' lla MT, 'ani . w 4 , W- A li 'HL 'A' Q I Twenty-Two . ,ink , YQ 3 ! I u , u z X' J GS, ,W Jw ii 'gl-X f.,-X, .fgfra QL. 1 "' 'IFERR il df .ALE Y an I 1' L gig fo R f fffffe fi i r I ' X f i lla K X R fo r felafiifgf ' i gl t lf? 'X XL! he f..C3Q'ggT -. ,, f -Xi .fs f, J X521 'W ,G iDieWl 1 X-1 XJ 'HJ BERNADINE CROZIER Commercial Course "Let y'our.l1aste command your duty." f l "Endless a e his modes of 'speech and far Extends fqom side to side his field of unprdsgl I A ' vw ,i ANTHONY CUNNINGHAM Claegial Course N flttifift-Qtlirgn CURVISS Cl:-lssfc 'l,C6ursel 'Y - i 'lifheg she had passed .,. -Me, It' seemed ceahng of exquisite I .Lili ' 'df' ' ,. u3l+tl - - - 621' .6+'4sfgfl5.4,.!'t .V ff c - 1- sqft' UL- -' CECYL DAVIS' in W. Qgood heart' is LU .th gold." r V l ' General .Cou rse KATHRYN DEHAVENV Y Commercial Course' . - "A happy soul, that all the way f To heaven hath a"summe1"s day." "Time, take thy Scythe, Reap bliss for me." f 7 MARGUERITE DENNIS General Course Q,DESSiE"DEY7ORE 'Commercial Course "God'ghad.IheC whole world in thy heart." lA'Whose fand graces V' saptealq 1' L f,.,f ',TZ"1 vwqliiclfjto ei'else,can'-' TJ?-iN' YI. 13, ., A. tftfefrfsf-11441 D lfgga DONFUX nt l ERMAN KL Y - lx fr X 3 1 lx lf L . 23 H tw 1 . '59 Course P NL DORS L ommercia doufsef'-fs 'C' 65 ' ' l e ,.- - i "1c,,,.ff ' Mt 's il? like n ' f y -sunless heaiftfT"""f' ' F01 a smile f God, thou art." ' :S f . 1 V - ' X-,u ",,. K ff T p Dom .Doytef f Classical COLEYSC "There virtue 'reigns as queen onfroyal 1 throne." Vi i lll vl i ,gl .' 11 .ff Twe11tyf'1'hree V 1 1 - " 1 VY' F 71- , ' wt . .. ., ,.. 1, -j '- ff, f , "m, .pi xl B243 i' I li.- lllgff-,li fi x QAYQJKS DGRIS DUK1-is Classical'C6Grse "Her1avo'r tiiriis-zxlie fashion of the day," , - x s. f lx , Li l y GENEVIEVE DYE X , .4 . E 5 SGICl'lf1flC Course "for shelxwas just the qiiiet kind Wiose Itiwe uevev varies." . 4 J l ,el x . ,I , 4- C'Ll:X ,EJQEQQEARLY l al Cdiufsgl n 4' 'XC Eglkiniglyuiuisa - fair spoken and egflf-iw Lv fi 1 i i :YJ lpn'-'Vi' wif--' 'lg i, , mgfi .fa li' If i i RUTH ED113 in A ..- y di:-'i , Q ' Commercial Course l"l'T5,flF2a11 dyqingiii 1 on liev' for every duty Q is--ans fm? ,Qs '. eel." - -f - Tlfllflf' l 'F K' ,ull ff ' fl-'HERON Emp ' Q 'Cummgrclal Course "An imdfrstaviding l'1eart,and lzelping ' ,liaiidf T V VJANDA EDXVARDS - Gbneral 'Course "There is no substitute fbi' Il'IOTO1lgl1' going, ardent xivuere Emfiiesniessf' CL1EEQRD"E5SEX . - lfvciwral Course , A'Tl16- jgidekf, fammners, tlie gentlest lfsiirr' 1 U. . N 21 '. ' ,A i 'Qfggk ARNER flif' ,gf QGMS XQou1'se HfxKS',i'2,3'l6?'YiN' ,lille Qizgy Y , liz" K , 'r"' ' NM Y gf 'f 1-J 1 N! fix Q. C,rf1R1sT1NxlP1sHERN- g, XY -552.1115- f:COf'I'1IH6l'CllLlfCULlI'56j'f 'QQ , gl '-'giVi-rziie Va1171ggen1Li11'e Lgv'qCeSj-in illziyfrlselves, '7:',f5a1pgak xl I :' N Wl1dL'11O Qgprds am utter" i 3-5 C. 52 , i i 1 1 - i5WILLIAM FITEMING L35 ll ' i College 'Preparatdfy ' 'lrflle man llzat lhlfh no music in himself ' ff gl li YW Is fit for fl'6.lSU'llS, srrategems and spoils." l i-Ml' ,I , Q- ': 4 will 1 i".'41il'f' A yr' Q- 'Li V l -..,.g:k ki M f . M -Q4 ,wi ,j 5 X 2331 -.. . I "li . V , 'I'wentyfFour ' ,Q-J 1 fiilgf if?-T...-i"'f" "4"li-1 Y. l ,. A rx.-1. --Me. 1.4 -4- ll Bffu ll X F 'avg 5 ,lx QR 2. l jk ! . , M3 77 lj? E-XX, :Q .4 A MAS FLETCHER ntiffe Cburse uelhearty grasp, the honest gaze jvoice that mea7ns the thing it says." X77 l FREDRTCK FOLK 1 College Preparatory lrat lie did was done with so mu ll me I 1 - T 'Ti arlone t'was.m1turql IO please." Ill 'F' WFBIR !l.El'CfE1ll Cfmurse , . khe' Qflrte motl1er-,pf7 good Efizneiur X , ' rw 'T' I 7 7, O-MARIAN FOLK 'A College Preparatory e,71uitl1Out 'l llgllhlg is aw dreary 'anlq ll' ' rl X AN FOKNES' eral XCOurse ' ' - e was lnunble, slle was stately nlest deed slrex did it Great! 1 " E 3- 7 KJOE FOSTER 7- Commercial Course hath power that lmtlg, power to use." iN-'FROST rrnercial Courge 1n7g7roth,,,7tl1ere is little of the melanf ioly ElC711f37'lt',f'll her." E 7 A FRYE llfwf' LQ' 7 'Rik-LG- 7f-i": Course 1 demffg eeElEg,7ifrjeZ1dTs teeyn and qklfggfrz 7l777f7QT'ir' ,f 77 y77f-X. , 7 7 .- , 7 - 7 7-, 1. T 5 f K ,Q cgi STO ' Fihgg A ,za-api" ""'L7 eral 7,Viii'se?jZfff7',.f-52,7 he ' ' X 6 - M-f T i r, F' f,7,7.' -E.,-1' 76 tjruesgg treasure rrloitg-ljizrrzcgafford ssspot 'V fep1qtatio1i.1'F7f" I ' Y' K X f? If DOROTHY GILBERT , '.Q,. 'F' CO1legejPreparatory l th a pretgy wit and 21 refreslffng 'rsonality it like her well." iv li' Twentg Fzve gain- A '1 f'- , ' rr . 'Ti 'O f r A ffl 9' 7 -All r? ' .1 77747 Z " l ' ' F Q' v A77,,g ... . ' 1 :ez-j'73',f LN "xx I -Ni? Q Q ,EX A DOROTHH' GI-LLESPIE Commercial Course ' "Her art is her power." V , CLIFFORD' GLATHART gl College Preparatory "Not a piince in titles, lands or 'name A princggaf men there lies .his fame." , , e A f1't '- 4 Q ,Q t i or ,il ' KAEQL GOHIIKBL V e A Gpmrr1izrqig1lC,durse- -' f 'X-t- K has nofl'l5'l?5si11g like a prudent il 6311 fl 7 - Y ' ' K 'S' ' ' V7ILM.A HAFENBMK ii!! ' K 1 'Classical -Course perfect woman,! ably planned flfo warn, to comfort and comniandf' EARL HALEY l 'O College Preparatory 'T "Si-ncevity and truth are the basis of every virtue." HELEN HALEY College Preparatory "She is well paid who is well satisfied." MARIE' I-L5LSrE,gxQ i Commergali COl.ll'SE L - "A merry heart malqgln a cheerful Colm' tC'l'l.a7lCe. . gfri lf' - -Vg: qi fgyv I3I535OiLB1 LILTON J Fifi ' 1 !"T R ' 1g.lfQ5urse F45 ry,clri'5f'cl7o1:2Lof nibfn lmolil 'Li ' heVS7.4,1g,f,1'i rss Q outiu gm." 13 14- f x - Y ,TV -jigs: 'Ljt'xsl. fi "7-f f ii' s DELI-LA PST. jeg' l ' Q-l C se? '-Aiigfi' if , f "A 'rnan's ifefis an apljendix fo his i ' if hearzf 4' i L A ff L, 1 T L PAULIIJE HARPST O Commercial 'Ourse , 'lVa1iety is the spi e of life' .. , f A Twenty-Six L , --, -, . I' -14 .fr Ei fl if-l -,Fe t y l i ' J wifi' l l 6 f i f v- C V ' 4 X Y l il' L7- -fit? my Q i I -rj M42 gr joifl- T -VAL, L C ' f L .- 'Y - A ' M. I, K ..L if"'2?2r1 C. X C -, ' -F e -L i ,Q , f ,-e A' 4 E55 3 .fa M ,aw fi e f X X GENEVIEVE HARRIS Commercifil Course "Speech is great. but silence is greater," r ' BEULAH HENDRICKS W l Commercial Course HS1.L'l'LSlll7'l6,V1'l1Cl good humor all the world over." G. I .r U , .rf-Y tl Km YN HILDEBR.-XND Cgfm rclal gflphrge 'to' be jnerry and wisef-' -, gl 1, rswm JQlXfl'l ' il le itil 4, l 'Le l ,RAY HILL TT i"""d "W 'll Sc1er1tif1c Course Iigflligrrns sgtrilqe the gigln, lJutAmeriL wins .I ,itlie soul:"- , , f l ,1 xl ALICE HINESN l General Course "Buxorn, blytlle, and delvonairef' W1LL1,xM HQCHSTETTLER General Course "Fine manners are the mantles of fair minclsf' ' BARBARA' .HOUSTON ,Cerieral Course g "PrlrposeQ5 LUl1at.gi1fes life a meaning." l - lDf6NAL aw- UMMEL . V Qbmx Course K ' lung f l"For manlfgidddis the 'il-'jffff t ' BC'l1?t1:Il1,tf'YTl,Q ilfsavggqfalxslgfvf Xl 11.5lx,,g,4 f a Afiimiviiliuslpm 5 l fi GenEf5l?G6fiFr: aa ,3- ' 'en tl1 L scoglimies,-ilgdiiiark l A' - 4-f"" -fell 1' ' agaluqpl 'r 'na1ne17"g,M-nr'-f X-'LQ ' ' l riot 'li whether fjzbixikrlfgifbgg lost, ' aw y P played, tl1e2gal1?l:e'f"'ilN' , ' A 5-I l VALEEN JEEFERDS 'X Mfg, Qf:!,GQi1mEfCl8l Cgurse "Her,kgracefz2l"ease and sweetness -'LlO1ldJ o pride l fl W j M WO1lld hide lzer faults i aults sl1e'l1acl to lncle J 13 www, E an 0 f ' ', 1 W l V- 'f f Q ll 2' n ', 5 I l 1 Ill :nl my X J l .' l x -Y l 2? : Q 6 I TwcntyfSeven lj, L Ax . 0 .K A- li -Sbii i x .. V , , 1 , ,, ,- - ' ' 'E' I, sg.. Q.. 4 Q ff e ii 4 GENEVIEVE JORDAN General ,Course "Modeg:y seldom resides in a breast That if riot enriched in nobler virtues." 1 V - X KATHRYNKEMPHER lk Qlassical Course "Silence 7.3367 makes a blimderf' .N ' l l 1. l - CHAR 'V NRNEY -, 4' Col i Feidpr-at ry,- . 'lfl'ze'rl,L e life isrto malqe business R lliillaisaw-e lilidly g dd , - e 3 51",!"iify M5411-essQ"Y 4 . if FlE!XlKl"Al l A Il- 'l Q' Y KIRRBRIDYR 'WTI 9' lm" , fCommercial Course ,f 'ejlyflg' lauglilflidt' vin." , , , ix V "I, , 1 x l R lXll,-lRGUERITE KLOTZL , Cqllege Prepalratolly "Slie has uillappy lsniile and 11 pleasant -word for E"L'E7'f'O7'l6.H , ff x ' l'l.-XROLD KOONTZ , ClZ!ES1C2ll Course "The force of llis own merit millfes liis way' .' A gift that lieaven gives fbF'lzim." HELEN KQQNLTZ e Y A X Classieil Course Y 'MNU niglitinggle would ever flmrlt more l'l'GlCUU'!:E"'v'l.OIB.9.-W4, Kfzif . ' OR x R.-XMER - X Y Re ev V ratory "His ll17'll7Q!5't'i2QEl-,Qtlggli old. For,lQnTd5',j1Z1TwjLS diliifroi ' . b?l7:L" JE5 ,. lkvk' fx .K f ' f' Q K-iff! fl' 'ef l lf- fig V Hsical Cou I , N ' 'T' - g-if iflfi- f e reads lmuclzaf-fb j'fx.g'I , .T5 e l isz a g eat? obseffrfel' fkiilqs l ' 'Qglfro -Elie 'deedST'dfiH'7t1d3?1i',', ' N 'Zi e . ,, MACK LEARY Ez' 5 1 fl '13 fyffflollege Preparatory tl,-,.lQ A - ,A 1 , A L 1 i, The power to do great tlimgs genergfll-y arises from tlie willingness to do' small ,N I , X -L fm My t IlTlgS V A irj 'lf 1 , me ' I fl ' l,,,L9.g ji R A Q A-1if,1-ffffn un- ssgdsikwigi W 'l'wentyfEigl1t I fQ,-?,-fe-5...,.',f ' Y .-alibi.-4.J...l..l-3:.l..,:-5. -. A-"..s:-i.fQ.,3iii '47 i ff QQ E fda! " .Exv I 'P' V l n 21 'A l llj fl ff sa kv 1 1 fee G, 243-5 V326 X l MARY LEARY Classical Course admired herf' y! ROITEPQ'-E-1gfEl.COlTM Scdehtific GQUIJE . , - shouldf' a lfman ' ' wklrm' iuiggnr- 51 -M J 1 -Pi. , Y Ulilll get-ehhigffxl-ll! AI. ,X X X , is X XL MARGUENRITE MAlgv1lN Cofnmerdal Course ,' "Bright was her face KATuE1g1'zsTT3' MERTZ 'General Couge ' , "Her hir, her manner, all who saw 1 Commercial Cgsurse "She is f th to cheer a nezghbor lacllmg mirth 'fl K Q 'his ,andsire in alabaster." " ,1 . , 15' I " HAROLD MARTTN -- 1 1 1 . ,Q I I e man' thatlnev ,-feared? ,Nu f , "I will Xghide' no breather in the worliil Bun myself of whoml know most faults," M MART1-L5 MARVIN K Classical Course words of welcome glddYl8SS.Hl l . Hlil'l.-iUllQ4bLlOllld'-lQi'Y'l jO3',kl7'L'lLSI share itg ' hlzppfness was liqregga P1.L'i'I'l.N- ' .U X -4 - ' C C '?1,'1f .Ml M51 t , , , f txlvffkighf ICKEY 'xjflu NJ' Y l'-Course 1 0 qw' ' 'a es'-irf' e ce Hx VIUfIl.T LUNN whose -blood is General- Course x . 4 . w1tl1e51n1les, and , Y MIL s' Ofhyiflerci 3, iofirslffcf as monmggipma is was gg 4 law sf' L li wiiffj, U Q! ,, , l I V ,llzhi 4 l X f - r f 1 l f - .13 5 : 'ICFCMVYIWLITCHELL " f X ' ' Y J "Wl1at fire llurils ,in that liyttle chest So frolic, stout and selffpbssesseclf' Sciehtiific Cou se' V 3 ff T - ' . 'fwf'1fy'NfHf la f V 2,e 14 , , , -C .C ,W , gal, ll 3? E na. I . :gif 5 I - ff mx 4k , -.--x, iixe J- 1 ' f' E' EX41 A ' ff-x 7 'X-f i , .- fig 1 V f' ' ,fillf i jr., , xg ,f-X gf' 5, "x lx EULA Moon Commercial Course 'll-lei' countenance is pleasant, Her voice is low and sweet." K.-XTHARINE lVlOORHEAD Classical Course "And Sl1,f'S as wise as slie is winsome, And as good as sli-e is wise." DQNAXLD MQRRELL, c Commercial fcciurse 'V ' iFI'lbeAin,0sLlive3-vzullcr, tlzivilqs miisu feels , 'rlaeynoblesifand actsrlie best." - .f 1 i J ' KTXRL VMUELLER f Szmentific Course ""'f'Wisdoin,Qf the gpds is lie? ' " 1-'Entertain it i'everdnily, ROSE MCCARTHY College Preparatory ulixmence is a nierrv :rear And 6'l.'E7'j' 1.l'OTCl 11 jest," A'Tliy nzoClesty's a LUCY MCCQY General Course candle to tliy merit." lvl.-XRGARET MCGRIFF General' Course tAxVl1DSf? nature is so fav from doing wrong rliat slie suspects none," LAVON MCINTIRE General-' Course "A light heart lives long." ' DWIGHT NEELEY College Preparatory "ln all things the shnplicityf' supreme excellence is DORA NEWCOMER Commercial Course 'Silence is :lie perfectest herald of joy." Thirty 1' ' ' '1' ,25l?l 5 rg --Q V . ' B f x ? 1 , .4 v ALICE NIQNX'.-QNDER General Course "She is a maid of artless grace, Quiet of voice and sweet of facef' f KX , r , , ' i JUUA O NEIL 1 W General Course 'AWliere ffxwzuurd digiiityjoivits outward stane.',Il" 15? I2 . I F is THOMAQi7Q,KND REE Clasgitgil Cdufser W " we Qn'ade,itTXfa Apmrctice to put all my I rCl,QLl'1JJ" iwfff the bottom of 7 my 'rt the mit 1 the lid and smile " Ai M pi 1 Q7 It , er' fi A 'lf H, fp, .MJLE E "'CORi-X OTLEY Hi! V1 W , ' -'COIITIIIEYCIBI Course , " zughgoilp. la gfiing if 11 'dveary ff' kink," XX' -. IX X Mg, f , E EMMA JANE 1 OXLESF' Y E Conmxnexgcjgil Course Q 4 K WX, "YW6deQLy is-the Colm' of virtue,"V .71 1 X M , ' JAMES PARKER ' . Sciehsific Course "The beaming eye, they cheering voice That Ieanf to life a ge11erqu.5fglow." X w X 'f X , , STEwA,RI,fPE'LT1ER - 'Scientific Course X ,K i .AHf17l,JNQILI7xE giLLetH fOTXdEfE'llC6 Hi.s'f'o'rmQab1e iimogenceilf, A . x Q k Y E ye E Glgys , if "A mqideig, XX-'qlnfilcejwwrzi -- xmosz li wif E, -. . K 9523 fy 'QQYG- ourse , X . f, Teif-my fy 1 T5 Me' ,atv G r E Vg, I Yyeral Co ii! f ',i.'C'f.?'?'f A' Gfdviz 5 TTL' CQ31?M'V :5'E giekiied' g ' ffall"'f1yf men ' K E, 1 '-4. Tm"-'X' W MARY PORTER , -2, -"' V, L Cliiisiiciil'-Course "Byxl1e1 poaiev' Q pefsuasicirl, hey ,rea smile, : 1 f T 'I And her air'bea1lt3 sJie xwifns-a host of fiends " 'f"W" w . KQKT' - J fr 1 , .Vu fi' 1" gal, 3 me B524 ,f A L , Y ,Qf"'ixH'fY , rlx.j x ,L Y, "1 DOTSON POWELL l Commercial Course l "And 5j,elai's succeeding years shall give Increase of honors to his name," l I EVA POXVELL Z Commercial Course "A happy oul, that all the way, To heaveni X ath a summerls day." fl' . ' MAE PH:Qg?ygON Cnrhififrqialn 1 Ouxlse "S'Qrl.'p'lihity,'of,zf'll ftliingsg is the hardest 3 fi+g1lXeffpfef1:'r' ll L L L af, I ' ' X -f f V V " AQEMAQH ', I Y N K. ,, Mg 1, IARTHUR RECTORSHEK Pill., .,QQwQ,'Q'lg.,L,fm Commereizil Coursekr "1Qia15itl.0ns, caufioiis, yet the 'man ftiggtrilge Vdouln, and with resolute .f gland." O xv Q e K ,H 1 11 CARRIE RINEH.-XRTi 'f Classical Course , N "To class and school shes always fnzei Of girlsxlilqe her loifll find but few," CURTlS1 RISHEL , Scierigific Course "One who never had Ll fi'o5Ll.'g for me." HELEN4' JLgLuefROB1NsON Qollefle' Preparatory "Oi'iginaliry isxindgidualityf' , K C -I V OX N , x gl, , MIL ON NSON ' " Y ri Ourse A if r- , - L. ' V "The llEd1gglfll'iihO1L07', Y L8 of 'X ," !w' ' F: f ,K xl ,gfxhgj , V P ,Q MA - 5' isf ' rxsixr O , Qj , eral Cou ,QV - ' ,iff N f o clinilbqsxfip l1mfWq l5z,xgFace' Matin I 11,4 X X ' 1 ' 'XS 'l r , L 4 - sf li C 1 L, -, 4 gi -LESTHER SAUSVSER '1 13 4 ll" if 'Classical Cougar' "Knowledge is the wing wlierewithave ll , , , fly to heaven." 1 l J' "-li 5 "' N T' ff -iff A T2 ll ' --1 - A 'it-'llligiil 4' J'1'5',VA . 'wgg ,L 'Thirtyffwo I l I WSL - L. sri . .1 4 - " ffl, T - -- ri' -131 Y 4 ' Qffiifa..-n-gL..,S11f:.4 ..1..,1,x: .gg .g,:.g -' A, ff X if' vw X E E J ffcwx M ,fi Qfffxxxm fi . HELEN SEUEQER Collegge! Prepafatory Nou kqew her but to love Her." MEIEEQ SAUSEER X Spfnentlfic Course "SjmpYici I of cl1an1ctev"Ais the natural TESIII? profmmd tlwugl1t." 'r Fgi uNE1DER K6 Cb Leg-H AV V- , ul ,gfinth Vurwof 3-fiv'Lu9u,x.hberrjy fffgfdi ' 4e't6Yvii?y, in bm1dEge." ' -ff l, V EQ - ,GENRE EUGENE SEf-:EY 1 14, H Siicn-glfigx-QLmL1rsc ',l ' ., 'u k 1 I A fe J' f' f X . ,, f fgh1L1LLqH"us.J?q is nd 'doeth ' 1, t Hxle A xr L X mfr 1 U1l1HbQiIOlU.'! Y Ax! HELEN StE1PLE ,y,, LEX. Cla5Sic,Q Course y X X A .E , A heart LL'hfChQx,I11Qt.' L1'finef,tm1ed lute Wit11 eve'ryVbreg1tH of feeling wolqef' HELEN SEWERNS f Claisjcal Course 'AA meek and gentle litdi "?f1t1id'X ,Of worlf and tumble 1Ln'L1fraicl.f'k AWILLTS. SHAEE 1 Sbiepliiig' Coqgsq X V X' ' H x ' ' 'fN6t.t,rT5e Ia1Qlfed afkaud spurned, be' causq he wil-5 cSgl1'jtYeXstutzare ' Fov he- was reatxo ieart, mninm as, 3 X 5 COUTILIQ'nILL21dxCL71.l.7'MEP,1:LSKN x ' , wq f L I ,L V jg, qt, Q :fi-fn x J -LDON vw ,ff '-21 ' L. f 'Z ':!'f 1 ' gn I Cri OXQJIBC 'ff YK A V R ' .-i:r- Y, DQ P 6,1254 ' 'fr V 4 - -, ggw iam?-A L , EE. " ,Qu Y A .-w' ' , wa L 1 -12592 1- ' L L "To 6'fT1i. lmiaal, to- cJ?M12"', divilw e." ' , L ,Lf 1 'Mtv ' L ' f M ' L , L AMLLSHRQY K. 1 f " C6HlH1CYCiHl'?CC:tllI'S6 W H! "An honest mavfs the newest ufdrk of ' -M5 God." ' Q f"!A 1, I 'Ll ' 9 N NM. I. ,ws 1 , . - ,' '-, "' I frh ft 'Thr ,L E fbi' 'L '- 1, I y ee , ' ,M . N 'iw' !f5'w" ' nighxn... Y E gn.-f,.LigSQ E '- 1 ..-, ,.....-.:,,1Q,,,., Ae B 'mr -A K l FN 5-K X' 'A X - JOHN SNYDJER. W Commercial Course 1 "He spealqeth not, and yet there is a conf l Vversation in his eyef w r 'N-X l l JOSEPHJSNYDER W College Preparatory "Maw111eTs fue the shadows of 'uirtuesg the 77107T'lf?l'lfL1'I'y display of those qualif ties w Vch our fellowfcreatures love and Te pert." ' ,. Leoryryfffrgy-Qxglia l Comm 'ciXallQo1,rPse, Qglpriertty-y11'1tLa11d a refreslling per' n lzlj' Ml.-4 MA er . , -lr . r P, Qi Q ylfijf-',4,,l ,l AGLYDE SORENSON ' 1. A Q-' GT----' , .. Q 7 lkrgll. ,. Scxentlfrc Course cheermofl who laugh and whose :'fI:Ew:leH.SL1'l'Lt word, f,' Ijqislreglr all murmu sf-of discontent." Xlllgllliglr ' lI"y nv mi I 4 GENEVA SORElNSON o Commercial, Course - l.lA71 mrdeTstav1di11g heart and helping hand."" 1 - r VXIALTER SPANGLER Scientific Course "IN4ine honor is my lifeg Lalgellzonm' from me and my life is donefi f J OfL1vE1SPEN'6i r , 'General Course - ' 4'Sl1,e5loolQs-Il1e whole world in the face." , X gill X Q o , Q l V Mg TFIELD 1, ,N -: Q, of en ourse "Sippmgyoijgg lratgjsi jruqeqf , X 711OEl','QZ,Jd5i r XX for 1 or lille XA likvxk 1y1fW'fHA Wi, Lfgfelififalo Qibifzqff ,K ffl'-"ii: 73 19 gf 'L 7 're -does llitfle' liinclvlesiebi dflrerx 'Y 'UE' U. 0716 l Y x College Prep5qraw?? She 1s quzet cheer ul and all tluel jest 'fmt ma es her ruendahrp of the best." 'R l ' x L " .'-, ' 1 r 5, 2153. Q H If l ll. lll r l 1 'Qrl 1 v,-fy'Q.- 'HMiRol2LLgv SKY-AfxRfI'Z,3 ll " "'t-l 4- r H ml , I k'M'lf'l" l A-:lllll l . U ' llllglk l 699.5 ' - A ' l l V i ,I Thirty-Four C .ag B ails , i e l ex -sg G TQ 1j, X GERTRUDE' SXVINEH -KRT College Prepaiatony "Life is a jest andyall things show itg Iyfhbught so once, hilt itotigkl know it." l I at ' 'L l MILDRED SXVISHER X js Commercial Course "A .face 'Ithat cannot smile is never good." ,si lk X Q 'CL Yghglfislliog C ,C Aer -CCill1'SE'll , sfa uallianqt youth and..lQ5 face 1' ' 'lQe5'j,"lTe"ftT'. l he 1t1'EJ'r11i71g. Y Lid' ed tilt, earqh with its light and . ,Yip LghtI?'Et'ofaction." 5 ull 'h ulk Wisifmlr Y V-L' D Y ' nl. Vi Ns ALPH TE.-XTSORTH " f' ' f " Q-, l f- College Prep'a1'a'tory gfgvold-h'tgmor,is th 'heart of the soul, "QSQdness isl its boisqhfl " A- i t ,. 4 X X ' X RUTH KTINFMERMAN s A Classical Course x fl "Het talents are great, her disposition easy, generous and liberal." GLADYSQTRAUCHT ' W ' Coimgeteiall Course "Cap11icious, calm and qttiet, ' Tet filll of onerrime3fi,t,,t'oo." ' ' Ag! . . NZXOMIQTRIER s is i 7 Cla5i1QalQQi1?se5 fffincerifji and tr1,Qtlg.xa,reX'-tlie basis of t eve-ry virtuefli X23 X ' . x V . " X .ar f C - Q ll Y C Ggwffjas Pg, LITZ 1 "?Pre xwtofy A 1 TRS -K A i' ,1:tx'l . X Hunk Ti-Q5 L f f'Et11H ECL6't'LQ'ff?.Mx qtll 5' QW Fr y , Q:Y:,.QK5'. 'gillO71 K2 M fi f t . sei--new , gm f?" ., i: ll 'dlomse it jill, tl 'A et genfl ess-Z1'ay,l5sf7'O1 f J iifordenientl' 551.342 , f fa Axrgi ' i X ,ff L 4 f' Q - fur ' ati'-f'eefQetiE:f1swvAitlE1g,sf , 1 ,, v, X - 5 Coltimercllll Cpunfse As charrning was this p'rettv"n1ail:l As were the melodies she played Pxff Y' N 1 . , 'Ji Jf ' , , .. . I - -V - , -'L--,.- f .-' 'fy " I Thirty-Five 5. 1 M N' BME! fee eeee JAMES Weaiaip' Scientifi Courselx "A lan lu '15 worth lg hundred groans in i,aT1'y'- mlrlqetfw M' l l ff x l ,f .X 1 N 1 MARcgER1TEX VJEAKLEY J Geheral Course 'Toffire elhuppiness, zo l'lOLfTS-0-fQ.E41SE. Blest 'u ghav'wn, the certainty to Q ' fl l - ,W 3 M' l'S'l:g1T-. -- Y' f , ef, TZ"tivi-i'-S -- 12 pa .tor!"Lfff' Yi ,L r 5 - l-'E' " ' fr.-f.--- 2 time pll'5fv1jt.s much?" 2' 4 l .lu f e 4 A la l 77 ,l 't--1' M A -, -X , . ,A X M X 2 V H., N, V ffg Q -l. 'L ' 1 ,LNQILDRED VJIPPLE 5, EY ' , "I -Efclasiial Course "'HQ1l5"j'1,y' lhat little fm1dlefXihrO1L'5x1Is bw1L1s"Yf ii f -- k f " So,sl1iviXeaJi'goQd deed in a Tlidlgllfl? Ll'U7lfd.U l lx. . v l DAVID WIEST A 1 X, Q General Ccfursc V 5 f I t.M671 show their clnzrfJ.gt6r'i11 Tl.OQlll7'lg more clearly tha1Ll1?"u'l1at they tlzink I4lll,QlQlblEP:""! - ,f"f N l. ff' -277 -- v, ' 5 1, f- - x . , -N X ,fj' lg K-XX f ' 'l ffxgfli W1LL1.xxl1s ' X -. 'yoxxfnu "'l Course g"Vn'1ue d-JQIQ is swe Qc: f I i'ff'3?, . L4 5 22" -jf, .QQ ' e 'T'f',.Li .elxfrwwi K J V . flfffe 55' ' 'f ' G Aw 5 A xiii l' 7 W eral Cou' 4 'T awfgg- gm ,f -qppy 4177 LITLJJS ,W lf: F "rin jykeg 7 'h3j,fiT f,,1l1ey"dTf,Efm3.j.fEififx f me? 01. ' 'T 'Y , ' 1 STK'-ffiiiifivizi ! f , -Q-'jig---ff -1 ' ' Evil? "1 , -' ' rg . K f fd if 1 '-fn J 'lf f11LL1AN XWISE " 5 X Q General' COLLISE Vkfhose virtue rind whose gentle 'gmces x 1: f n F 1 Fl' l YP. l K eg f speak ' U I-' ' , ll That which none else can utter, 1 L, V. - A ll 'li l ..1,S.'. A w ' L 'fe' ' K t K , . , ..f i.,:fL-5 .3 A-42 -Q ,aj 31 '- ' , Q 1-394 Wi'-Q A fri- e e ., .Q - . L , 1 . urtvbm , , X ng. , , K-A iw. ,,,,4la... QA! . lxxlg :T Y xv ni 15,5 4-J Ut-V f ,rx V - V13- . We ' I ' J N.177'3ff?fX1- MABEL WISE e 1 Ciassical Course 1 "A pleasq11tV11lanner is worth a fortllnef' W 7 ' x ,X - 'NN ,N "-w. DoRQuT11yDW1sELEY Clhssical Course " Il the Lfarts of men life softened By the p qws of Lzgr mu. e1 N- xx f ' xx.,- ,Y yl1'AZT i W XI I Xk7agsE4tgyFg1,- ga .1.i..- tea l C urQgea i-jf gig 'f I f :oTl2ffi3E?LAor gooaxj i ,Tis "4 dn 11 ture'gila1Lly!fbb,d." A .. i 3' , l , . ,A,,- Ll 1 w I it XII' H g Q"QjQX ,fi Biff WQLG-.KMOT rdf fi NN. W, M KX 4 lQl-a5Qca1"Course cxzlm-1SW'gg'Em4-ififegft, ,SLl1.UKS1j'dY'dfd the 'xl deed Vipl f:" TXAX f Tlugt do." 11 ' 'NN .X X! 1 If' -Q VX.. 'E V 'AN-.,, XM Hylxk U , A 'S' 'Y ' NX e x e ,ff fm 'P e S X ' ' 1 1 I 1 DOR.6'I?HY'VS1OODS Q .X K Collqge1 Preparatory X Q "5 K "A quiet Ldss, there are buqffew' ' f , . Y. L , H Wlio,f'k11L7uv fF1C',I7'6t15lI.T6 fhQd2y171.jyQ1l.. 4 If 1 wif' 'I-Nix. i I , - 1 , . Y .ff ,f A 3 , .X I-,7,,,,,f-,.Q"' A , 1512- - X HQYES Wikyerx 'V 1 gfxfqx , ,Cqgpgnercial Cpufse jfiffehse Loxdo Qbad deed is t0 dd, :ik 'X-fgood,Qd1e," X- X x X X f 1 3, X KX-X X X, K X' X Tj- -RTN " gi fs, ,gf 155.41 'X , +- lg' f' X y 1 ,YER L' 1. ' V .. 1--,. , , j ',u 4 - 1-,Je f ' ' 'Q ff" --'S-Y 'A If pngue to sugl e, 5- e ww ', J.. P1 11 Lei f 1' .' fi ' +' " 'xy ' f 'Lv ' A- . J 3 n . 1 , 5: : 1 ' J ,, Q, , J V" Ki? A .1 H Q 1 M aff ' G-L1 ffjxf' J 12125-':. 'HV vi ' w 1 i r I 11- 13, ZZ.: V 5 f, JM' !E Q?'!12::'1- elf, ,L 4 yfff 15 J HV 'I Q ' 1. -1-' W.. -. If 3 ,, 1 vi if 3 Q .1 ' N 3 w , fy , 4, , X ,we A ' 'J -imp YCUNG' 'V fy GeneraT urse E-,ant Blesqw he 'io buszed w1th..w:l1 1 B, EI Crowded hozfv ear fo IIUE or U 257 N351 E. : ' V , ag. 'lzag' I au' Thwty Seven X 'X A ' .Tw .. M' - V ko lf L' X p 1516. u - 1 1 ,' K x - . ' . v q,1 w 1 ' , k, 'ze 4 I 1 V' I ,l I msn - , A .' .i-e fra-N X :ga X I H -4' 1'1"'v?Y':'1A ' , ' . BTH! p ,.i- .: G -fn. p.,...,1f.:3zj- ' S 1 uhxm .J ' 6 , "'f I "i-9'f- ' ' , ' xy . , V ,iff -ZA , f : -bil,-AFA A . 4 I 7:94 - V- f - ' - 1- - ' "' -fi- , .IS ,..f'. ,,,,2,.r,,, ,,,,HV,l,,i7.-J?fj'Hx" rf-S52 1 Lfi V ijiifwvu ifjxx - x J Honor HE" Class The Class '26 has Harold Koontz, as Valedictorian and recognizes Esther Sausser who closely follows as Salutatorian. Gther members of the "E" standing group who are affiliated with the Classical Department are: 131 Margaret Bair, 141 Margaret Curtiss, 161 Wilma Hafenbrak, 171 Mildred Barger, 181 Helen Koontz, 1101 Carrie Rinehart, 1121 Mary Leary, 1131 Martha Marvin, 1151 Mary Porter, 1171 Ruth Timmerman, 1191 Kathryn Moor- head, 1211 Anthony Cunningham, 1241 Harold Corbin, 1261 Helen Seiple, and 1281 Dora Doyle. The College Preparatory Course has 1161 Gertrude Swinehart, 1201 Dorothy Wiseley, 1291 joseph Snyder, and 1311 Marcella Swartz. Those in the Scientihc Department are 1231 Walter Spangler, 1301 Merle Sausser, and 1321 Genevieve Dye. The "E" students of the General Course are 151 Martha Stout 191 Lillian Fornes, and 1271 Barbara Huston. In the Commercial Department we have 1111 Virdie Conaway, 1141 Leona MT Snyder, 1181 Georgia Agner, 1221 Eva Powell, 1251 Gertrude Cope, and 1331 Violet Lunn. This is the largest Class ever named in Findlay High School. Every year it JL, has been steadily increasing. An interesting fact is that there are fifty Seniors with Ll-,Q averages above S7 in this class which is indeed exceptional for a class of this size. lf These averages ran very closely together sometimes, only one-hundredth of a -'71, 1 1 per cent determining the numbering. "' Q fig l il 1 ,, 1 1. , A. uw., ,, r' f . wi' '. ,iff 2 L51 e Thirty-Eight . 1 'Wa' A Q1l"limQ if l bs: f-LE' ' 12' as S viii' if B is aux ? I Senior Class Prophecy "Well-that's that!" said Kenney, HA trip-but,wasn't it worth it? Worth it because we renewed so many old acquaintances." LeVon was next to speak, 'iYes, it certainly seemed good to meet the old graduates of the Class of '26." I was in hearty agreement with them. It had been great to meet our old classmates once more. We had just returned from a trip that took us to the four corners of the U. S. and in every place we found our many friends of the illustrious class of '26. Home again! With memories that would last forever! We began our hegira with a tour of the cities of the east. In Pittsburgh we visited the famous tomato can factory of Theron Edie and john Snyder, two of that city's wellfknown manufacturers. Later we were shown through the magnificent undertaking establishment of Cunningham and Snyder. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to stray cats was holding a convention in Pittsburgh at this time and we were surprised to find out that one of the important committees of this society was composed of Misses Dehaven, Niswander, Kempher. and Hildebrand. On the train enroute to Philadelphia we hadl a long talk with Charles Hurley and Harold Corbin who are of the Snoopy Detective Bureau of that city. We made a tour of Philadelphia visiting the Altschul Folding Piano Co. The business department of this thriving firm is capably handled by Gail Baes, Cecyl Davis, Violet Sheldon, and Gladys Traucht. Other places visited were the Hummell Apple Butter Corporation and the factory of Rinehart and Seiple, Asbestos Canoe Co. We learned that Harold Yerger is secretary of the Quaker City Orphan Uplift League. He is ably assisted in the work by Barbara Houston and Lucy McCoy. ln New York we attended the opening of the opera "Carmen" at the Metropolitan. Three young stars, Med Bell, Helen Koontz, and Mary Russell made their initial grand opera appear- ance in this performance. Henry Wolganiot and Denver Williams have achieved the honor of head ushers in the Metropolitan Theater. Several days later we witnessed the sailing of the new ocean liner "Bovine" of the Young and Wyant Steamship Line. Several well known people were sailing on this boat. Rose McCarthy, Wilma Hafenbrak, and Leona Snyder were leaving for an extended tour to Europe in the interests of Science while Ruth Timmerman, Dorothy Wiseley, and Kathryn Wertz were leaving for Abyssinia where they will take up missionary work under the Reverend Dr. Huston. Before leaving the city, we met New York's renowned women judges, Mary Porter, Eva Powell, and Juanita Shreve. We arrived at Atlantic City while the annual Beauty Pageant was in progress. Among the fair entrants were Marcella Swartz, Florence Walters, Ruth Edie, Gladys Pemberton, and Eula Moore. Ray Hill and Aral Shroy had been selected as judges of this contest. We also met Harry Stanfield and Thomas Fletcher who are engaged in the sardine fishing business. We attended a lawn fete given by Donna Dochterman and Marguerite Klotz, Atlantic City society leaders. The feature of this event was an exhibition of classical dancing given by Misses Agner, Frye, Haley, Walters, and Sausser of Professor Gohlke's School of Dancing. We inet Harold Hamilton, Milton Robinson, and Walter Spangler in Washington. They are among the foremost business executives of Washington, being connected with the North American Rubber Paving Brick Co. One of the country's most noted sculptors, Joe Foster, also resides in Washington. Among his famous models are Dorothy Woods, Wanda Edwards, O'Dessie Devore, and Alice Hines. Margaret McGriff is president of the Capitol City Womenis Federation of Clubs. She has as her assistants Julia O'Neil, Gertrude Cope, and Geneva Sorenson. In Atlanta we visited the powerful radio station W. S. B. Mary Leary is chief announcer at this station and one of the few women enjoying such distinction. The Curtiss Concert Com' pany composed of Dorothy Gilbert, Margaret Bair, Martha Marvin, and Katharine Moorhead, is one of the headliners on the broadcast program and has earned a national reputation. Karl Mueller and Eugene Sealy known as the "Bird Boys" also warble melodious strains from this tat n Clifford Glathart is chief of police in this city. Tom Mitchell and Carl Haley are fficient lieutenants frh' 'N' - X. irty me if fi? ef- , L k iw i i Q . . , f 5 V A Y ':.-SS Y' X -, l , I V i . I' r bfi ' K 1 113, 1 g :GX-ff ' V i XL . NMMLM-Q-,A ff L .. X, X., v Q YV. YY, A77 V Y 77 2 iff it .ik gpm, vfelmh' ' fl After a short sojourn in Atlanta we proceeded to Miami, Florida where we witnessed the filming of the great stage melodrama "Her Bachelor Daddy," in which Harold Koontz and Pearl Dorsey have the stellar roles. We visited the offices of Merle Sausser and Clyde Harpst near Miami. They are engaged in the pineapple business. Bill Fleming, who writes sub'titles for motion pictures was spending his vacation here. Fleming's secretaries are Bernadine Crozier and Lenora Basye. Our next stop was Dallas, Texas, Texas still has its policy of electing women governors, for we learned that Helen Sausser was recently chosen to that position by a large majority. Dallas is the headquarters of the Schneider and Altman firm, who operate a chain of hot dog stands tlirougliout the Western States. The Eureka Sanatarium of Drs. Pfeiffer and Martin is also near here. This has become one of the popular health resorts of the southwest. Marguerite Dennis, Cora Otley, Helen Frost, and Marguerite Weakly are in charge of the institution. While traveling through Arizona we stopped at the Leary ranch where the well known engineers. Alspach and Shade. were engaged .in counting the sands of the Arizona Desert for the Leary Boys. Sheriff Hochstettler and his deputies, Henry Browne and Donald Morrell, dropped into the ranch to inquire if everything was all right. Everything was! In sunny California we stopped at San Francisco where the national double tennis cham- pionship games were being player. Tom Orndorff and Marian Folk defeated .lim Parker and Beulah Hendricks in the championship match. Genevieve Dye, one of A.merica's tennis author' ities. was referee of the game. Gertrude Swinehart is business manager of the Concrete Lamp Shade Co., and has a very capable corps of helpers in Lillian Fornes, Violet Lunn, and Emma .lane Oxley. One of the fashionable shops of the company of Wise, George, and Iefferds, Modistes, burned during our stay in San Francisco. Fire chief Essex and his brave captains, Sorenson, Sites, and Kirkbride made a' heroic effort to save the building but were powerless against the ravaging flames. Before leaving the city we read that Norman Angus had been elected president of the Disabled Fisherman's Uplift Association. Other officers are. Naomi Trier, Christina Fischer and Thelma Wiseley. In Yellow Stone National Park we talked with Fred Folk and Martin Mickey. zoo keepers of America's great park. Our guides, Stewart Peltier and Kenneth Ball directed us over natures playground. In Denver we were the guests of Robert Malcolm, the famous cabbage magnate, His business executives are Elizabeth Bristoll, Marie Halstead and Pearl Urschalitz. We went to see the performance of Weakley's Ten Ring Circus at Denver. Dwight Neeley and Wayne Crosser are the death defying animal trainers in the show. The aerial artists are Genevieve Harris, Olive Spence, Virdie Conaway and Dora Newcomer. Pauline Harpst. Katharine Mertz, Mabel Wise, Lavon McIntire and Martha Stout are tight rope performers. Edwin Leach, Sterling Cox and Clarence Earley are clowns. This is the biggest and best circus in the country. Before leaving we visited the Rectorochek and Taylor Dairy Farm which is the finest of its kind. Dora Doyle, Mary Miller, Vera Blackman and Helen Jane Robinson are milkmaids on this farm. On the way to Chicago we dropped off at the thriving little town of Four Corners, South Dakota for a brief rest. We stayed at the Barger and Whipple Hotel which is next door to the conservatory of Professors Folk and Wiest, where the Four Corners Choral Union was having its weekly practice. This group of musicians is composed of such talent as Genevieve Jordon, Grace Brown, Helen Severns, Marguerite Marvin and Moleta Beltz. At Chicago we visited the University, where Worth Kramer and Dotson Powell are chief janitors, We went through the Farner and Pulcheon Hob Nail Dancing Slipper Factory. Later we visited the firm of Gillespie, Wilson and Dukes, wholesale cheese importers. Yes' At last we were home again It had been a long and wearisome trip but as Charles had said it was worth it just to see the old familiar faces once more. As I watched Kenney and Copeland disappear through the door of their bank I thought what a wonderful journey it had been Teatsorth 26 .sn ! X L ii ' :- nav Ill 8 I Eh! . . . 'ii , . X , i was ' Lg s . -155 . .1 - ' - , . '5 ' " ' I 'i.., he A '15 f1ff's.?3i'f Q v' , I , B xx f mb gd ' I Ifkil, if ff! i x 1 ' ,--Lf ,gl F K I -- -L.. ,. .1 s. -sw' Fortx v .S nil - -, .r an gk 11 ni? . S. J 2' X X, xy xr' 1 s ' - . in:-1 . A - ' DUE' 0 Q, ' . 4 xg- K . l izx l ' K +1- -5,.- ,,-.:..L,- G, - : , 'ami I . . Q1 I x iv: Q., X, , n"t S . H . H A ' ,: -I 7- ,,. SENIORS :if w Q A' A 1" X i: l Q '.kAA . In Vi ui U' E' iii' J .:..5, Y i .M L -' -A L , ' Q wil is 'ft A255 . . f, . 31,5 x Q x ' f T'-C1 ,gx XE 41 'M a ff. f ,K 4, 1 , .. - xv- '. 1-1 ' . , . ., -ff' UU 1 S Y fu 5 if s , v ,Q X ff ' fl? . 'Zi' W- ' ' fs E, g. y.,f-.-. 5 5 1 - 2555 Y N. f 1 X . 'v X . J',,': 3 nf 1 SR s . X, +1 , Q , 1 .E .1 ., -3 -' if 6, 1 1 Y' IV ' K w x .X 'M J 'S F , I 43:61 .,--'-a K -L: s 5+ . ' ' . ' lg: . .fs Q '4' ,C YITQK 'P' . - A- Q3 I 3 .1 ' .-A: .: 4 .sin '15, 'N V f H. -.1 ,ni Lf any 5 ., 1' .5 .Q " igg 1531 ' iifff I-V-4 an mi J .kg 1. ' . . ' 'ff Bl - 7 irq! R' ' ' " f' -- -.fQf-4.r: A- 1 ' A gush - ' A ' PQLFA f- - ' Q' f- I -5: W - ' ' 'ii 2Wz:ffz'N.,-5:1 lg .. I FortyfOne .T s w ,g L. , , 1 J-if , M ' 1 . -, --ff? v ,. V .,x A lv ,, , . J.. ..,k v ' v , ,Y . , va. A I 1 gg f if , - L I, , A . .Q Q . , f , .1 7 k X I -. 2 - I ' ' .41 1 ' . 'lf H ' .-JV , , . 2"A.z.1.f . A-.J--' .' ',.,. 1 Y ."" . ,,.- .J J' , ,. V. ' 1- 1 1 ' 44' , ff: I " If .f, 3 f Q jf., A f , V 1 f. . ' ' 4-, 1 . f' .. " f A . ,A l. X rv. . X .I ." . ,A ., 1. , I 4 f 1 - N f Nw, 3 - .i x , ..,x' ., . . K4 'nz 1 .- A.-I 3. 2 er. , 1 -e-'femfm:izfififfiirifizkaiiii'f fffilaflirc Wa .-: A 5 X V75 1 25? X 95, f fb X f I :L xg I XX 4. 'At Lg '.' . 7 Q l IBM, , T2 r W- SENIORS ' ' ,fffhuii 'I' ig , W 'X - K A 1 1 a Y L : .- .C . -V A f' 9. Q wx A 4 Vw Y my EQ-'Qi 1. K Q ' 'E-7 "E-A " arf , lv-. 1' ..q.--::::-- .QW , ilfiffi S2553 f 123. ,Fi V I , Ax w w-f""" ',', ' .. -In X, K I SL" 1 3? " 1 '3' N ' ' '-K 4 ff I F .-Gr, V f. .fm S -V 7-' V - ' .'W :f- F L f . - ' X- . 3 'v' 5 7 ,"f'5-N 'V' "hffA"S3 3:1 3 ,,,, if' - if 5 ,,.:,g- -1, .,, A: - 1 ru-5 , l ,nz-. fi V -f N Ji.,-mf , tl R v Y 'T -'E '- ff ' 2fr'?"?"ffb- ' ' 12:15-L1 .f .2 . , . "fy . A n. 5 A .4 ' E' if 39 ' ' , 1 f - L: 1 we ,g . if 3 , , 'x 'Hg A " .frffl b - , '7"g..a, if 9 . I X 525451 , QE fi ,. -1- 1. ,, . 1 pq.: 'Q wf' Y ,fl 2 ' if . 1 , b , N 1 A, ' - x . - ' X f - A lg I X r if :E I , . it 'QI - ' w 'f .Q ' .ar-1 Vi , - Q..-.L YY ' fl Z P A LEIYQQ 2" Ng 'ffff ' 1. 1,. 4 'N FN 1 4 V if ,Q ri: A 1 Qiff F. ,iff ,r L' 11 ,ay Forty-Two , 7 b +I! K , K, V . 5: , I , x I fr: ,rf ,, V kfbp 3 -- f-17'-'E - f F -fn-.J..13'aL1 -.,a: Y 4 A 7:1 ,, -- ni"-Xi yi. 1 -X 'Ts 'mM L IIN UQW' v HQ XR X gf wg hs-gw .QTWW QPWA .. 'I Ja' ,. xx HX X X F7 ' 4 Bfafs i A 6 9 fi! J 32 Garnet Allen Mary L. Altmeyer Lula Arthur 'lane Ashbrook Betty Baker Florence Baker Helen Baker Martha Barkimer Aline Bastine Margaret Bayless Alice Blackburn Ruby Bond Mabel Bowers Marion Brown Lucile Brundige Isabel Carpenter Helen Carrothers Rachel Cattell Myldred Collins Florence Crawfis Edith Crosaer Rae Cummins Audrey Day Dortha Denison Pauline DeVore Dorothy Doty Mary Doyle Fern Dray w Elizabeth Dreyer Junior Girls Lillian Flemion Irene Folt: Mabel Fry Martha Galloway Mary Grant Inez Hallowell Beatrice Haner Bernice Hartman Elizabeth Hartman Caroline Henning Helen Hirscher Florence Hodge Helen Honecker Louise Hosler Pearl Hosler Marguerite Houseman Margaret Kresser Mary Etta Lamping Anna Lane Barbara Lauhe Dorothy Leach Bernice Lunn Lucile Meeker Beatrice Mert: Margaret Misamore Marie Moorhead Angel Moreheat Alice Morrison Louise Myers Frances Newcomer Marguerite Nisley Kathryn O'Connor Marie O'Neil Lucille Parker Carlotta Patterson Minnie Pickett Mildred Price Mildred Reimund Idella Rishell Margaret Roller Ana Rose Catharine Rosenstihl Thelma Schneider Anna lvlary Schwab Deciina Sheely Margaret Shull Bernice Smith Ruth Stanfield Lilah Stauffer Myrtle Steinman Vivian Stewart Marjorie Taylor Ruth Taylor Vlarian Tighe Marian Vorhees Deloris Vvlatkins Helen Vkleakly Margaret Wlendell ,V 'i' ,Sl 3 in Earl i .ia Pl 'IQ fl ff ," ' 1. ,lr - ' ! ' if A 4 Ella Elster Mary Lou McCarthy Bonadine Wineland '1 , Mabel Erwin Leila Naus Hattie Wiseley ' F Lulcie Ex Martha Neeley Hazel Vkfolgamuth is fir-V ,, --JA.. 4 FortyfFour .N-e Y 1 'Q 'ie fl' we A -eeiitaie -L , ,L .. it E, ,,,, .- , ., ,ff xt W I 1 7 Z , Q N We 'W l Junior Boys Harland Adams Vv'illiam Fink Hollice Plotts Leo Adams Gwen Firestone Laurel Powell Robert Alge john Fischer Tot Pressnell Ray Altman Kenneth Frizzell Donald Pringle Simeon Andrus Gerald Godfrey Ralph Pruitt William Badger Charles Hackenbergcr Max Ritter Vw'illiam Beltz Jerome Harris Vifayne Rush Russell Bishop Robert Harris Charles Sattler Harold Blackford Gerald Hauman Donald Sattler Robert Bogart Henry Hazelton Charles Sausser Edward Bolman John Hollington Millard Schrote Harold Bonham Paul Jones Charles Sherard Victor Bonnell Iohn Kelly Stanley Shult: joe Brown Fred Kirkbride Forest Slough Robert Bryan Robert Ludi Glenn Snyder Roscoe Butler Donald Lusk Herman Steegman Rolland.Collins William Mains Harry Switzer be Francis Cotter john Malloy Richard Thomas Harold Cotter Alton Martin Arthur Thompson Allen Coykendale Lewell Mays Martin Thompson Charles Cramer Calvin Miller Jasper Treece if Mel Davis James Miller R0lJ6rt Warner 3:55 Nelson Davis john Muller Harold Watts, 334 Dores Ebersole Quentin Norris Eisirgagglgijlglfxlxflfb Robert Egbert Donald Perkins Joe Wyatt :fi R lpli Farling Arthur Peterman Harley Woods Egg, V J il l i 1 , - -A .-3"-Ilia.-S, . r 1 fd, ' 5 F-3.31. I - :-1-, ' A' ' '-bs-Q A FoTtyfF1ve . H Q 1 Q ,br V u K V "H v . .... l Secretary President Viceflpresident Treasurer Charles Sattler John Hollington Bonadine Wineland Hollis Plotts Class of '27 Throughout our Freshman and Sophomore years we tried faithfully to carry out the traditions of our school. We have now reached the stage in our progress at which we feel the antics of our youthful days are unbecoming to our years and dignity. Having passed through the times of those who know not, and know not that they know not, we have reached the stage of knowing and knowing not that we know. The class of 1927 has made great progress toward the goal. By graduation, we hope to have gained much. Perfection, philosophers say, is nauseating to contemplate, and never found withal. Whatever the results, time alone can show. Uur class has not been lacking in its leaders. lvlany members have taken part in the different school activities. We have tried throughout the pleasant years to smooth out the wrinkles, polish the outside and refine the interior of our class, so that in years to come we will be looked upon as a worthy product of Findlay High. Practically the I11OSt outstanding accomplishment of our Junior Class, was the play, "Her Husbands Wife," presented by a most capable cast. With the able as' sistance of Miss Priddy, the play itself was an overwhelming success, and will long be remembered in more than fanciful dreams as one of the best class plays presented. Tales of its success alone would fill a book. Much can be said of our wellfchosen class officers. They have done much to make the school year a successful one. Experience has shown that ours was a happy choice, A We have turned our faces to the light, with the firm resolve that we shall do all . that lies within our power to be of credit to Findlay High School. During the past year we have assimilated. and we are ready. nay, eager to pass into the coming 1 F year. tggfg '92- 'ENS Eff 'ni xc- .11 fs' ' 1 - vs Q?-1 . --eo' . 34: . 1' - 7 Q .., aww , . I I I ,fig X-L, T , 'fi ., ' . - 'Q A' , gaps X. .3 , 4 Forty-Six ' f1'- .E- s's"--ac., " .V A-- .4 as , . .s 1 A ' - ' - - f---- - A Q 5.11- E . Ax In W4? JUNIORS 3: fi . - I n ies i t 'rr'i. I .,,.--, xt".- Q-'I' I lll M fg X ML , 'Sli - -v .. ::iffff.g-s.A-413' 1 I of R H ..- ,QSFE5 z nga: 5-4 511: 157 ,Jaffa Ir 5 .1-:J fi? :IQEIP Q ' Lg!-3 7 q wg., in x 5.1-A : V ,555 1. lj :,1,'-Q 'QX-Xfa .g, Q I' ri mr gh in HBV' , ff 1. ' 'flaw ' ' W" ,-,,, I K V ,X v ,.. lax ' ,ii ,f , fiixfhw-' I: iff? ' - 35- . " , i, : Y I -'-R.-jpgeiarj :"f'1:f3'.-,ai 75- - 1 1 -,S 2 Q 5 J 1- Q - ,ef L gn - ,,::.,, .,' . f' T-:I 5 gig' - . Fortv-Seven . 1 I n 'A 1 av 3 ff ' W Wi SL. , J Wh B K W fa I J ' J '45 Li- if' N I fx J U R ,ff , W I . ' s 'Q , L 'E I L iff f -N A ' 'X'-xv ' X... . .' f nw .Jing Ly:-ul.. 1 15: ' 1 a t -Mx.-i :.., .- - T3 Q fi is j X , S 1 . 'G I , .. - TT... 'FQ A Tl" Q . ...efif 'S -P' n. ' -?"" 'I X ii b 'XX 11 g1,," ' Y Nr-' 4 . .u-n i- ' l ,J -A u ,far V 31 ' 'P ' X :ig N, 'P E ' ' GJ 5 i' ll . . N , ,A J 55 X X fi: ' L S1 i 'ii r Av. 'mr .. Dig I .2 . In al: 1 .ag sf' . ,E ... ' A1 I Y 0 1 If L 0- :XE 8: Hill? " ' ' SH M Fortyfight ' ,if-13 1, ' I l SS: 'df 1 lv a.-Q4 ALW5 'IJ r I: I' X f""' P55330 Egg!! Ov "-by A. t' urge '-,Q - 5 1-rf' Q Jul!-I 1.5,-I V f m f-I ' 4 ' H l I r- i A Qi l 1 i in rl a.2'i-, l X -'ass Q. i , 1 5541555 I B Lia-EQ FT ra X- 1 2,4 fr Vary X K, ix 5,31 h X . ,fo tjaffafsc 40 2 Zerald Adams Glenna Baker Mary M. Baldwin I.aVerne Belt: Adria Bennett Leota Bibler Zola Bibler Annabel Biggs Esther Blackford Myrtle Bye Esther Clark Betty Cook Dorothy Cook Geraldine Cooke Bernice Cooper Leora Couples Frances Crosby Dorothea Daugherty Mary Ellen Davis Laurabelle Dipert Betty Dye Alberta Ellis Jessie Enright Nadine Lafferty Mary Lener Virginia Linger Anna Loy Ruth Ludi Irene Maclaaughlin Agnes MacMurray Helen Mann Dorothy Marvin Margaret Matheson . ! 5--, , ,,, Sophomore Girls Mildred Miles Mary Mitchell Katharine Moore Bernice Morris Bonita Moyer Rachael Moyer Carolyn Neuman Leota Overholt Mabel Overy Mary Ellen Peffly Floy Plotts Vera Poole Marguerite Pressnell Mary Ewing Mildred Farner Irma Fensterrnaker Maxine Fletcher Martha Folk Mildred Frazier Irene Front: Ruth Gaines Reva George Dorothy Hosler Isabelle Huddle Ethel Johns Marian Kanel Doris Kelchner Mary Killinger Violet Price Mary Rice Mary Rogers Catharine Roth Ethel Routzon Ruth Rush Lillian Russell Thelma Schwab Martha Sheriff Lucille Sherwood Caroline Snook Maleta Stall Leora Stauffer Martha Sterling Mary F. Stover Helen Swab Lois Holms Ethel Swisher xl Margaret Glessner Carol Vandersall I Rhoda Gordon Thelma VValtermire ,' Hazle Greer Helen VValters .3 Mary Halpine Genevieve Vfineland -xi 'IQ Sathryig-IHamilton Beatrice Vs7oodward Ng, A osta ar er -. 1 , 'mfg-'4 Pearle Harinell gum? Xlfixtt 1ff'l Marjorie Hartman onlne ,mum A-' Sarah Hartman Gfflla Pflvf a Ruth Herge Elsie XYagner 7 il, 'iff 5 T311 Q ig., 'E 3' 41 Q f ' Fifty 'A ,T x rr. 5 .-K,-., f i It 1251 ' if ggi:-"Tis I V 5:1 5. an BZ? 'qzz ff E . J .1 .,.. .1 , , 'V-EA XQA L'j'1r'jr-"---'NJ re W has afa i R A ,W .- ,H P E 3 KB Charles Alesch Fred Amsler Bryan Angus Richard Beard Oscar Beltz 'Tom Botts Kenneth Bibler Fred Brown Lester Brown Sam Buis Nelson Bump Francis Burk Robert Caldwell Ralph Coolcsey Donn Corbin Philip Corwin Donald Cramer Herbert Crozier Charles Cumming Christie Cunningham Dick 'Davis Carl Daymon Christian Dietsch james Donnell Marshall Dorman Hollis Ellis Gerald Ewing Dale Farner Scott Firestone Dick Ford PR ert George fldirthur Grandi ie A Sophomore Boys Paul Hanna Robert Hanna Max Harpst Kenneth Harrold Harry Harvey Kenneth Hathaway Ralph Heistand Clyde Hershey Carl Hill Donavon Hostettler Richard Houston Harold Huntwork Clyde Huston Richard Keel Howard Kelley George Killinger Harry Kresser Harold Laub Harold Laudenslager Bob Lear Merlin Leach Reynold Lucas Donald Magoon Arlo Mains Arthur Marvin John Maxwell james Mitchell John Mitchell Clark Moore Harold Moore Dwight McDaniel Mile McDowell Eugene McGarvey Walter Norris Charles Chl Cloyce Oxley Mercer Pomeroy Richard Purdy Daniel Riedel Glenn Robinson William Roller Sharon Sessions Kenneth Shearer James Shepherd Donald Shuler Gordon Slagle Theron Slusser Charles Smith Clarence Snyder Byron Spangler Lloyd Stears Robert Stewart Tom Timberman Gerald Tisdale Lawrence Traucht Paul Vanlue Ralph Waggoner Charles Vxfarrell Carl Weyer Clarence Williams Claude Wiseley Noverre Musson Leroy Wolf William McAdam Amil Yockey F o if", I ' if ' ' 'Hipaa - - I , VJ W db ,' ral, 3 N , gif 'PQ , s la fliill 3 ? li ' . .."'1 -41' f' g . -':- fx. - , h Q- c r - ,, ' Q 1, w fmzgff .. . ..,5v'.,,., . ,,. In .L A, www 1 vf- J , A -va - I- .H xhxw-JQLQQA -1,2 . uhm., f-K tifcvq. I K A,, "rf .1 g.'.2vP'1 ..'?..'5g - .51 ' -' "' -I 'f -rw U '-gr J' mi Q "" V'-K QQ"4""",.7'-EI . ,- f ,G-r-1 2 +':ww, ' . .I ,,1,.,,l-r-xr Q .1 , .. L...,,.C+1-Mx.. qw. AJ,w.'.,- :.,5'., , .',"'f ' A - ....,,Af+.,.5-. .--'-' A. ' .. V 'f' 'fgfiw ' w lf- .. .',f' "5 '1 . ,LM - 1' ' n ' ,fl . 4, b l ,, .V - , f. , , V y '.-4 '2 ' . ' .,wgpxHf ." ' Q Y , 1" . ,, , ' Fug." " XMI' N ' A, " .Q ' " ,QQ-..s1w' ' f if A Q, '. ,5,,-A.,-1 1,,f'?,fzfg,w ,',i:p.,.,4i . A 4 ww, -Agn, ,, ' .-7.2,-.1 J' . .. 'Ng..--ww.vfLN-.uH.' 1,-, , . - . i ., - . . 'V ,3sl,xh1,1x-wyav,-1 ,mn I' 'F R1 mhni 1 - v 1241 "f:tf."?'Xk.'L1m.MwA.A A - . . ' . K' "PL . ,x A.b B My if U V X -- f i s. X M 1 - J Secretary President VicefPresident - 'Treasurer Merlin Loach james Donnell Clyde Huston Jessie Enright Class of '28 The Class of 'ZS became a united group for the first time on September fifteenth when the Lincoln and Wzishirigtoii Freshmen reported to Central High School. Durf ing the previous year two separate Freshmen classes existed in Findlay Schools with some friendly rivalry but little chance for eofoperation or class spirit. After several weeks of working together and becoming acquainted, the class or' ganized and elected the following officers: President, james Donnellg VicefPresident, Clyde Hustong Secretary, Merlin Loachg Treasurer, Jessie Enright. Two new Sophomore activities were established this year. The Charm School for girls was organized and sponsored by Miss Kiefer, Miss Coffland and Miss Spangler. Many Sophomore boys found a worthfwhile organization in the new Sophomore HifY Club which offered training toward the greater responsibilities of the Senior Club. The Opera, "The China Shop," gave opportunity for several singers to parti- cipate. Margaret Glessner, Leroy Wtilf and Richard Davis were found in important roles. The class also took a creditable part in school athletics this year, Sophomores being found on the first teams of football and boys' and girlsl basketball. Many other activities were open to the Sophoinores this year offering service in --' minor roles only but giving needed training for the year to come. Among these were the representatives on the Student Council, assistants on the Blue and Gold Staff, members of Camp Fire organizations, Girl Reserves and Debate Club. - fi IE mnjli 22 Pi r' aa, hifi I1 Q, Magi, P Q-"1 4 xo 'U' .Q ,. , 'La . ... i i , Q 5 -I , 1 r i I n' , - I "QI , 'Ei tn: , I s.: 'Mi M- ' 'h":."' T5, . --'X - - ul, ffi - " " -fgj' -.Q -I 3, 4, l i, Afjsglt-'1 N f J- X- R gn 'ai , in i ,a--1 f f -is-if Q. . , ' i - - g Y 4,-Liivff riff ' --- V' -1- ' - L-. Y , , ,- . sf-"ez ., X F1rT i- - ' H X a I 'N' ', . 'Zh X W t J MI?- B- f? 7,3 f, . '31 A 1 , 4 , rf ------Y 1 X , JK :sg-5,-,IL-l -X.ff"J XJ' I ll pg, 2193. .Ili 1 1 :gm ,fs 1 1 N, . S ,ff ,, fag, ' 'S -A ,NH .2 .wx R Xu QS -' gg v ii n Ye szxa 54 ' Q . tag-' X 1 Ng. -' x Pg' .55 ,K i k la' ' s . ' I vm P 1- 'Q X 1, 5 k 1 ,+ A.NSLxSS-W -, X'-fm IND:-X. S OPHOMORES W ' Y Na. S E . S -. V X: ' 'A 4 ' 25 2 5 U "'J -Q 1: 'Ti' 5 ' --1. . u W9 'w . , ggi wx is ' . A , gg? 1- x " 5 Q v i was A, 'SSX ' X ' P is 2 A K K Lfx I L, J gv 'F' V :N -' -' 'I- fr 5 ff' "'. Q Q ' ' V ' V I 1 V has if L I ' -H ' , V " - . ii N , .- -".A, 3 W QW . 1' A ' A- 1 ' ' J- I 2,7 '.Q,,i,Q,,f ! , in nj' I if" E? 1 wtf: K 13 5 Y 1 1 K , Q Fiftyfhfee W 'N 15 , 1, ' 41" "rm -V , -, .4 i Yr f' ' ,...i...i.i. 1 17? A31 ' I K x Q6 I Q' h V ., 4 SOPHOMORES :-4355? ' "2- ,.... . " 'gE g x ". 4- D ' 1" 5 :3-1913. - - . 'JM' if N. B cf I 4 1 Y I I . H yu' .v ,K "N 2 '..- -I 'iii ' N ",-' i . 15 f I iii H V, l I N , i lx, -. -V Q , 'Q- 'ak f3fl'5"" . 'Q J 'Q 5 4,,1 W , I x W: I I X 5 U . 'ff ., -.N Ls -E . f is , - , : 1 ? 4i 3 , Ku X at I, , 4 L x X E X L 11 I K X A ,A . I x Lf, f 5' X .5 jing vfr' if Q - 'mas-,,-gg Q, 'sk V ' 4. , ,.., . A, 4,,. 7+ ' i ' 'ii , ' T 'I -- - 'fs V' . ' y Q 4 u 4 J 8 Isl S is R I , , xl 5 E " 5 I . I ,I fm' A l V v 2 S " Q ' 5" - ' W 1: I ' , .' f' ' . . Shi? "1 -Y A15 1-fi il ' L- "' 5Lf "5 Qu' - ig",-ie, V Q ' !i :i :,,F?f"5is?"Qi l - -A 1 , W' 1" x A I 1 ,n i 1, , L f wi I . ' - -14 wk! 94 , Mffk - 'C B hu Yl ' hw' WW wx Ty W N K , N Cn f P N-Q 0 I 2351 U "' . X FS N W NL' ?0 h , I D Qefagg 9 A '2f7XKf', U x V X X 4 . , . , . -J 3 , xx -44 - ..,. ,gr g ij--is , , Junior High Schools During the progress of every village, town, or city of today, the development of educational facilities plays a major part. The schools and colleges of a city incorporate the moral and mental standards and ideals of the people of the city, and as high as the standards of a community rise, so high will that community's schools, churches, and other valuable institutions raise the level of their aims and attainments. The city of Findlay has recognized as another step in the progress of better education for its children, the Junior High School idea. The Junior High students of 1926 have done everything in their power to start the thing off right and make the people of Findlay feel justified in expending their harclfearned dollars for this purpose. Each school has its own extrafcurriculum activi- ties such as various clubs, a footfball team, basketball team, etc. Each has succeeded in organizing pretty thoroughly, under the guidance of their capable faculties, headed by Miss Jacobs and Mr. Swaidner. A keen rivalry between the two has caused the scholars, musicians, and athletes of each school to demonstrate their ability. Among these activities an Eisteddfod, successfully conducted at the Senior High auditorium, is outstanding. All these contests have been carried out in a friendly spirit of clean and enthusiastic competition, and many of the boys and girls have discovered just what they can do. Eventually the pupils from the two schools will mingle at the Senior High School in the same classes, same organizations, same student body, and with this preparation for High School life we may look for greater accomplishments than ever, if such a thing is possible. ti , j ,ff . Fifty Six As- '1 7, , Z llsl . - sfp V --- , 195. ,,3 .., ,., '.1,, , - ' f- - ' ' ' Af? f . l ' + I ll -1 ' 5 - 1, , info ,, s sl V9- 1- A if w u f 481.9 293 -Q as -'J gl , c- i by - i ff.. as -'fl' 'ans , as IAS I la! y... an -A1 - g BIZ? ,Laois it s LA -s . . 4 x fa s su. ,, new , 1,4 so ..,Vx,., Q. ... qw.. , amuse...- V ....,e...--..t-.- .--me-.-v V .e -um-I-".J.f , W--Je........ - M- wh-mg .Q -1'--1nL'3 . .. .,. -ea. me -nl- as-"'.-"l -:L -.gui Arthur Allen Mary Ellen Altman Neil Baldwin Earl Bare Carl Barkimer XVill1am Beall Charles Beck James Beeson Byron Benson Richard Betts. Paul Bigley Helen Bair Evelyn Baker Dorothy Barton Harriet Bisher Thelma Bishop Samuel Bryant Florence Bond Kathryn Book Cloyce Cavins Hilda Cain Treva Chambers John Clymer Howard Cook YVilliam Cornwell XVilliam Crofoot Ernest Crosser Ethel Cole Laura Crume Frank Day William Deeds Leland Donaldson Laverne Donaldson William Doyle Anna Dickes Elsie Dochterman Marian Dorsey John Edwards Willard Egger gale E ivm e a wers H IEA F u ga 4- we, QL Glenwood Junior High Ninth Grade Earl Folk George Foster Orville Frederick Ruth Fessler Pauline Fischer Hazel Firestone Ruth Fry Frederick Gohlke Nlarquis Grubb Treva Gillespie Orville Harde Harlow Haley Thomas Haley Robert Hart Gerald Haugh Esther Hanna Helen Hardy Mildred Haws Orpha Helms Donald Hutchinson Helen Hillshafer Edna Honeeker Richard lnscho Grattan Johnston Carolyn Insley Kathryn lnsley Glenn Lather Robert Lather Anton Lather Gail Lauek Edgar Nlatheny XVilliam McDowell Robert Moorhead Dallas Morgan Charles Mu son Ethel Miles Gene-,uve Millar Ruth Miller Faun Moyer Gerald Nelson Howard Nusser Marjorie Newman Fifty Seven 2 f Helen Nisley Ivlary O'Cf-nnor Irwin Pugh Joseph Pugh Caroline Palmerl Hollis Parker Ruth Pennington Cecil Polen Gwendolyn Povenmire Nlaynard Rutter Ancil Roberts Karl Roller Verda Rader Xariffa Ricard Helen Rrter Frances Roberts lvlarvelen Rose William Shepard Bertha Schrrer lvlargaret Schwyn Kermit Sites Merritt Swartz Annabel Smith Mzrdella Snyder Dorothy Sprtter Hazel Standfleld Betty Strathman Delbert Tennyson Ralph Tinsman Mervin Updegrafl Cecil XVaggoner Ralph XVagner Ilo XVasbro Donna XViler Marylynn XYrnelan Beatrice NVinkle Celcsta XVrsely Helen NVolfe Hilda Zeigler Ardinellv: Vogel: Toney Zdyback 13 4 ' I .Hi ll , H ' ' S, -5 , l lj ' 1 ' K l W t I L ','l 3... ' F ' V ' u 1' ' A - son M 3, 1 I . . ' lr Ll i 'aff 1: g ' H I ' if. -LIQEQL F 5 l lil Ml I ' 4 . A ' fl, -iggxf, ' - , Q, .8 if -Q--,iwi-E T i Y J ni V Q f Q4 v ' a Z. K. I 1 ZZ: V' fN Bffff D V, , G D , .' f 'fL.":-,.',f'-ep ' ,J - ' 15.5 fi.f-Fw:..i:f'- ,Q iff 29:19 Qi.-E.. . g,,l1s'4s. 1 ua . 8 -e 24' 5 0 0 .J . 'rf if V s c ,. 4 ,Li , 1 ,SN 3 " A J 1, . L.. gk ' a 1 4 A X X I . f 'Q X Nfl ' 'rf ,. I ',"k,'--.. -.f A I -V t , t R -, .. ,'.fi:,Ji, "'- ' .. .... ' - M 555+-r. ' T 5 .3-3 ,,, . X .1 af . i Q L . i r E -, gg., ,K , . x .Q f . , ' la, . .,. -V IN , A lm- v , ' f f. ' ,3-' N J 3515259 4+ " wr- v- - f vw :4.,w- ,ff . I LZT4' ' .4 -- ,W wx ,,:-- - f ,W ,. . 'Q' vc' 'N?. V .. .'- Q.. ::7,f,5zQ"" ' :Ti--'f.,3 ,. QI: .,.. .V K' 1 42 , ! ' ,Mg 'n - X Q , ' w 'QNX I , , N 5'.-Ffh 0 . Y . 53'- -N . ,. ,E . f -' ' + 'i .. L+ 4 Q E, 'Q u Xx A ME Q- Q 4 R , 0 v N 5 Q. .. 1 - . , I ml, ' '. K A N., ,-- IQ., - T 55 " P 1. :Q - .3 ai .--.' 3.155 vm .e. F--.x .,, . f 1 I .' -X .. - Ji 'pw-w fl? ' Q03 ' ' vu 1- - x -M.. an Q f-.A if-' - .91 2.5 fx! 4- Q. 'as A X A x 1 .. 'fff'e'fr' V. 2 in 1 .K-gr 1 -.:' V.fA .4 gusf"'?f.'fg 4, ' . ' .,. 'Y d vfilisf 'irq' vez . L .- -1 Midi! B533 li I ral -'aug 1 , . lefvl ,I, 'B . , an . EV: X 31- , , v X u " :gg A -,Az 1 F1fty-Eight ST I s B, . s . . .... 1 ff x . I 1 7 fl 1, 'V X-' QQ 1 l fu9Dl r' ful il 6 'Q no-I L 451 is E EE ,ff . ' , . kb, , ., -L st . is W - -2 -.,, Mary Askey Aileen Bayless Evelyn Beck Martha Bernhart Jessie Billstone Gladys Blackman Mabel Bower Alta Bowers Florence Cameron Ruth Chapman Mary E. Colclren Nina Coldren Mary ,loc Cole Catherine Cook Geraldine Cooper Eleanor Copeland Loretta Crippen Maxine Deaunee Martha Diptrt Agnes Fish Mary Foster Marv Golloway Evelyn, Hart Esther Herbst Martha Hersher Freda Hough Francis Kelley Kathryn Klinger Virginia Latshaxv Derorha Latta Caroline Launder Helen Leyh Evelyn McDoxxell Mary McEwen Martha Miller dna Mohler si t ' S ii ' W 2 'C N er, 1 - - i 1 ft , 5411" E N '- -1 , t L-.. , , -, . l ' 'E A :V , f , N ' A ..i- . . l 'T'1'-d ' in Q f 4 .6 if M N, "Leia-' , .1 g 1 . 4, - ' ' !??s J. C. Donnell Junior High Ninth Grade Annabelle Moore Mary Peart ,lean Pfaw Agnes Powell Mary Rudolph Martha Sattler Alice Sausser ,lane Schatzel Eliilabeth Severns Mary Simpson Ruth Singleton Qdessa Sxsson Edna Sites Myrtle Smith Raundi Smith Flora Snyder Mary Snyder Charlotte Strawbridge Sarah Struble Mzirtha Taylor Evelyn Traueht Merry' E, XX'alker Txvilah XVeakley Mary XVeitz Thelma XVhite Georgia XVisterman Cleo Xklyer Evelyn Young Almeda Williams Marjorie XViseman William Alspach Nvayne Althaus lwtk A hbrook Robert Bik r Riehaid Bayless Riehard Belrd Fxfty Nme ,lor Biery Charles Bush Raumond Boise Arthur Bond Robert Bowman Marion Boyd Dun Brooks XVendell Caldwell Alonzo Cline Herbert Coates Delbert Corbin Willard Corbin Harry Corwin Don Crates Frederick Chase Donald Daymon Earl Doty Robert DfCl5l1Jlt'll Clifford Elliott XVilbur Frey Malcolm George Clyde Groves Charles Gunn Harold Hanna lVilliam Harris Dun Hartman Ralph Hartman Perry Higlcy Charles Hissong Dean Hoehsrettler john Hoppenheig Ray Honse Raymond Hauser Harmon ,lacnbs Kenneth ,le f'rd: Clen Jones E- , , -QU, 4. 4 -..- Chalmers King Paul Kirsten George Leckcv Edwin Ludwig Waldo Marvin Eugene Mitchell Ferd Muller Donald Meyers George Meyers ,lames Neely Ralph Newman ,lames Parsons Robert Porter Clair Ralston John Riekseekner james Rodabaugh plohn Sausser Carl Schaatl Aloe Shreve Joe Siefred Don Simpson Frank Simpson Kenneth Slough Donald Smith Ralph Smith Robert Smith Dwight Treier jesse Wagner Farrel XVard Walter Weber Tom XVeber Carl XVilliams Tony XVolf Leslie Yoxthimer I 1 N 'ivjb I J W BE-T22 14 DGNNELL ' JR. HI. . .... K, my , 3' .. f iff g U - r A l N '' . A . , I . 3-dl .hid 1 A 4 xl' . 4' f T3 'Q 'x, ., A. ' Q7 7 P- 4.1 Af-5 uf . X L.4Qjf'Q1" if , lv ' Ui'.i.,l4 , . 'Mai 4'4" su Q, .4415 "D" 335 Hifi fffff V-Viv. . ',,.,A ,gg-,i,r, .u,1 ,- 'uhh J ,- .-.4 Y .Y Q,- R X 3. .- x . V . x K' -A -.41 f-Q Qgsfm Nd , l ffl K. X if S -AT , J--:Eg ,E 'U N if 1 17,6457 M3295 .?5?'r,, -590 f Qc. 1 x xXx x llWT:'4f'.' JL," im!!!!ea:f5a.QUIHUMW:-E'5iiaSq 2 4 A "7-'5e5E'5: ima ' , 'MV f P x lm: . J !?,gl'3V' EM at-5 i-II KA -Q Sf it-,fix v,."?'fi " ' 'Q if ER , A .N , eg Qfww-fag., ' i" IIIJ! i'-'af f .g n , .f N Y- 1-in X- - 0,1 .n XX by 4. K . X X N X N x X x 'x K L4 uk! '-rx 4, .X--N 1" .- V- V,-,iff fix. '?- ' ' .. Af-A-X, 'Tix . . 7 X fc?-.Q v V ,' -A Tix Q' I yf . 'N '5:. ,1 -4-f Q fxis gif? sf -dv+ x 01:0 mm. - W Bcmm NM ,I 1 ' uw GULD NEW CURTAIN F0 STAGE IPISIA -5 H sen. RK-wwf 51-:dy Fqmu, umm-5 ' - -b ' . ,. ., , ,f aartmvl One :muon vonnsss sum-mnnuul I 1 RUTH Em: gpggg-r E331- AIST ACT EDITORS TYPIS1' ASSIGNMENT EDITOR al.. I I A M, . .14 .LA L1 A uh' 'K 1-4 '-ss' I "M SixtyfFour - Q ' AIITIIUIYCUIIIIGDIAII clncuunou nan. W Uh .bil I I Y nm' wan umm Annual linnlluol ,H I ,.,,4X.. A L,-,Wm .,,, - ,ii -3 EU PM PRPS' .,l , if -Jn .v N Honor Snricly A 3'-'iifllf l'rqir'rI L.-f, ,A PM A P r1.',,w 5, .nm x 4 : IB!! .IME IIIISOII IIIIDI anon 1- v , . -mf 1,.r -Mn, ,,, M N X! is B 9 35" A ,N IE-2. .x, Q Q U fi. Q , A wx Wf- I 4 L KH WV gs 5, xx CUNHSIS IIDIAIGE :nrron 1""'S-UM - F Ilfllwff SS IWIZRHIFE VW I1 .1 I Sixtyfive x 'S fks Q I, 1 iii.. tr' "Blue and Goldv Newspaper Annual One of the most vital activities of Findlay Senior High is the publishing of the Blue and Gold newspaper and annual. Whereas these publications were supervised individually by separate staffs, this year, they were under the auspices of the same staff. Undoubtt edly, more work is connected with this department of the school than any other, and much credit is due to those who worked diligently to make this division of the activities successful. The paper was issued bifweekly throughout the school year. F. H. S. has had right to be proud of this publication which ranks first class according to the size of the school. Maiiaged on a simif lar system as a city newspaper, the Blue and Gold was a decided success. A great step in advancement was made in putting out the Anf nual for 192926. It is an example of what fine cofoperation of many individuals can accomplish and under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief it can be rightly said that this year's is one of the best annuals F, H. S. has ever offered. A minor publication is the Busy Bits of the Commercial Def partment. This little magazine was established for the purpose of giving the commercial students experience in mimeographing and management of a newspaper, and proved successful in its scope S1 ll , J N ' 1 V. tiqreiq ei fl , - viii Sixtx Six F it 1 in l N 153 L. 'il s X hh X ffjfliixwxxkk fl 1,1 U I x, X, kai L Xl 'QU K F,-Q v Q 'l Ni, MR iw, Xi Nw Tk W: 14 l W M415-l g? 'K' t ',, QF :N rl X' - Y 'f Q ' 3 Y' f ,. 4 X f f. . , .3-. 1Kf13.u.Lz.v-'mf 'sg fs 'S TN kr' 'TN nc -: C LA- .i.,. 52 J , f ,3KlQwf, eQ1,4f?'i X l If Student Council The Student Council was the most representative body in the school and conf sisted of the representatives from each home room. The members were elected by the home rooms respectively while the officers were elected by the entire student body. The Student Council held their meetings every Thursday, with the purpose of dis' cussing problems of school discipline and making suggestions and resolutions to be adopted by the Student Council and approved by the Principal. Later these were presented by the members and immediately put into effect, This governing body was a 'valuable asset to the school due to the fact that it aroused the spirit of cooperation and influenced conduct and discipline. Vice President HELEN Kooxrz Betty Baker Robert Caldwell Allen Coykendale Frances Crosby Donovan 'M .X at it "'l3qJ'i e - Hostettler OFFICERS President H.KROLD YERGER Secretary SARAH HARTMAN MEMBERS Genevieve Dye Kenneth Frizzelle Marguerite Houseman Hollis Plotts Sponsor Mr. Kinley Q , Sixtyfiglat ta -ani wel- Treasurer fxRTHL'R HL'sToN Esther Sausser Clarence Snyder Vlartha Stout :arol Yandersall James Shepherd 1: J' l ti i, in l, 'I if ' 4 'rl T . turist I A 1 ' GT ,.r ' 4- , A -Efejfwe-f N .-.if fi : of l 1 if e L K 5141" 'Y .-- -- we A E a: I-53 '12"H . Q. .J :X . be QA , V X X fi Q! We 1 Honor Society The Blue and Gold Chapter of the National Honor Society is made up of twenty- one students chosen by the faculty council composed of Miss Hill, Miss Mills, Miss Hudnell, Mr. Hutson, and Mr. Kinley. The members are chosen upon recognized merits pertaining to the four prinf ciples of the society which are: Character Scholarship, Leadership and Service. The few Junior members chosen in the spring must have scholarship averages rankf ing in the first fourth of the class while the Senior members taken in earlier in the year must be in the first third of the scholarship list. During the past year the local chapter sponsored a "Silence, Keep to the Right!" campaign which did much toward supporting school discipline. Officers President ViCC'PTCSid6Hf Secretary HELEN KOONTZ Rose MCCARTHY GERTRUDE SNVINEHART ' Members Harold Koontz Helen Walters Wilma Hafenbrak Joseph Snyder Dorothy Wiseley Mildred Bafgef Anthony Cunningham Martha Marvin Dora Doyle Margaret Curtiss Margaret Bair Mary Porter Ruth Timmerman Carrie Rinehart Virdie Conway Esther Sausser Katherine Moorhead Mary Leary Sponsors Miss Hill Miss Mills Miss Hudnell Mr Hutson Mr Kinley Sixty Nme he . :--1-- F. ng T' l - I 52 P gg , aff u. 5:1393-ff, Il . I S 4 - -L T"i., T Q 2.1. H .- -1' -- -, .- , Q , W "TK, IX .J xlib' ,xAQf D- Nic S V gpx, 5 rg 7 gy ,ffi X. ,A , X .DM f ff,4Q, X ,, ,Yrs is-ssl xg fwsgi is a as , -,, - J' 'Nl El 1 ki 1 G I 1 l""'J 8 . "sa Senior Hi-Y Club The Senior HifY is composed of junior and Senior boys who are doing much to carry out the purpose of the national organization. Although the work of the club is regularly carried on by Bible study, many other projects have been successfully ac' complished. Several members attended the State HifY camp at Camp Nelson Dodd last sum' mer. In the fall the club put on the Induction Ceremony at Ada for the newly or' ganized club there. just before Christmas a Father and Son banquet was held at which Alumni of the club were guests and nine Juniors were received into the club. A little later a "Campaign of Service," was very successfully carried on. In this not only members of the HifY took part but also all the boys of the junior and Senior vs classes. Officers President VlCE'P7'CS1'dC71f Secretaryf'I'w'ea.surer CLIFFQRD GLATHART HARoLD KOONTZ CHARLES KENNEY Members M1 William Badger Thomas Fletcher Dotson Powell ' Fedforg Bell Kenneth Frizzelle Laurel Powell , evon opeland Ch lk H 1 Charles Sattler Allan Coykendale Edizrjileaili ey Charles Sausser rf M 1 D f N D W'll' c rj Rcfbertahlgbert M3Ck Leary fliiiilyirwollgli-ilrililtjt William Fleming Iames Parker Hayes Wyant Harold Yerger Sponsor , Riff C. A. Robbins 1 A ,qi I t ' Q 4 ' - . aj s ' X ,,. , ,,i 5 4 'F S nl ' .Y -,- ' I ' . t' Jsf,..t if "M f .flfffl c , S in P' 55. Il ? I 1 Rigs' 2? A3 'l 'E ac 1 X . 'T-ix 45 Fw i Xffzfgxggx i Q f-. o . X 1 ,Xa 7- Sophomore Hi-Y Club The Sophomore HifY Club is a part of a national organization which has this meaningful purpose, "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com' munity high standards of Christian character." Its platform is clear speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. The HifY Club develops its members on the four square basis and especially emphasizes the development of the service side of a boy's life. And advisory board composed of C. A. Robbins, Burton Houseman, Rev. J. D. Lindsay, Dr. E. H, Westfall, and F. L. Kiuley, guides the activities of the HifY clubs in Findlay, Burton Houseman is the leader and takes an active interest in all the acf tivities of the club. The chief work of the club is Bible Study, "The Life of the Master Man," being taken this year. With the Senior club, delegates were sent to the Older Boy's Conference at Middletown and to the MidfWi11ter Training Conferf ence at Toledo. President RICHARD BEARD - Richard Davis Arthur Grandi Merlin Loach lohn Maxwell ames Mitchell I Officers ViC6'PTCSidC71t JIM DONNELL Members Sponsor Burton Houseman e' rtfwae Seventy-One z-:---- ,. , . A J - s. V F- I ' .e ' F-' nf? i "i l' 1 : 1 , :V . 3 1, ' ' , 'Z-flaky? NV N QL Secretarvfcldreasiirer CHARLEST john Mitchell Clark Moore Noverre Musson Daniel Reidel Byron Spangler M A CUMMING L ,Q -A J' :fd T V rl ' .Q Q? P Ylu, ,il 'l ill gi !' . as A t Baa ' G x ' ky, 1 4 . -1 Big Sisters Anyone who goes from a small to a large city for the first time, knows what a lost and lonely feeling comes over him. This is practically the same feeling which the Sophomores have, coming from a smaller building where they were the "big fellows" to a larger building where they are the "green kids." To prevent this feeling, Miss Kiefer chooses each year a group of Senior girls to act as sponsors to the Sophomore girls. To each "Big Sister" is given a list of names of a few of the new girls. The sponsors make themselves known to their girls and explain the system and its pur- pose. They are ready to help the girls in every way but especially in forming friend- ships with the other girls of the school. As a means of becoming acquainted some of the girls give little parties and hikes. This system has proved to be a great success. Menibers Margaret Bair Rose McCarthy Mildred Barger Kathryn Moorhead Elizabeth Bristol Mary Porter ga Margaret Curtiss Carrie Rinehart 5 Dora Doyle Esther Sausser A Genevieve Dye A Helen Seiple Dorothy Gilbert Gertrude Swinehart W Wilma Hafenbrak Ruth Timmerman Helen Koontz Dorothy Wiseley Martha Marvin V K if A ' Sponsor i ,Z 5' L 1 bv . 8, if , V' , Seventyffwo i g f 1- - "Q Miss Kiefer 'L 'flaw E .f df A A lk X Tb w,7L.ggni, ri Nfl-:iii F his EEG!! E.. ,sus ra, . Q Ref? Wfx 6 Debate Club The Debate Club has been established for two years for the purpose of promoting interest in and training for debating, both intramural and interscholastic. Its purpose was accomplished during the past year in the way of debates both 1 extemporaneous and prepared in the regular weekly sessions. Along with the regular program the club indulged in drills in parliamentary procedure which were presided over by President Wolgamot. Toward the end of the year the club held a banquet in honor of the interschol- astic debaters at which time the letters were presented to the eight arguers, Much of the success of the club is due the faculty sponsors, Miss Spangler and Mr. Folk, whose excellent guidance and coaching were in part responsible for its progress. Officers President HENRY WoLG.xMoT Vice President Secretary HAROLDYERGER josEPH SNYDER Members Mary Altmeyer Mable Erwin Helen Frost Dorothy Gilbert Dorothy Hosler Pearl Hosler ohn Hollington ohn Malloy Mary Lou McCarthy Miss avi' ,K 'i 5 Q-in-an J 53' "' J ,gr v V if-3 3 . 'af 4, L l ' I , 1 ,,3--3815.38 he in p 3'-L Spangler Rose McCarthy Donald Perkins Thelma Schneider Martha Sheriff Joseph Snyder Gertrude Swinehart Harry Stanfield Marian Vorhees Marguerite Weakly Sponsors Seventyffhree Treasurer JOHN HOLLINGTON . I Henry Wolgamot Harold Yerger Vera Blackman Helen Koontz Dortha Doerty Martha Stout 'jj Helen Wort , 1 N Harold Koontz Anthony Cunningham , Mr. Folk li I. I i 1 by i .,,,l ,Fa- I I fx DL P ir- ,kfwfef so ,Q QA ' gxfs J ff--775 fs, . I, K. X Spanish Club As the end of the year, 192726 draws near, the members of "El Circulo Cas tellano can say with pride that they, with the aid of their capahle advisor, Miss Bald win, have accomplished their purpose. This purpose is to promote and stimulate in terest in the study of Spanish and the life and literature of Spain and to aid the stu dent in acquiring a greater fluency in the language. "Viva El Circulo Castellanol' Officers President ARTHUR RECTORSCHEK VicefPi'esiclent Secretary Assistant Secretary VIOLET LUNN W1LL1.AM KIRKBRIDE RAY HILL Menibers George Agner Earl Haley Gail Baes Helen Haley Leonora Basye Pauline Harpst Verdie Conaway Genevieve Harris Gertrude Cope Beulah Hendrick Rae Cummins Eula Moore Kathryn DeHaven Donald Morrell O'Dessie Devore Dwight Necley Pearl Dorsey Eva Powell Ruth Edie Leona Snyder Theron Edie Helen Wzilters Helen Frost Hayes Vxfyant Sponsor in I Miss Baldwin 'ffl 1 5+ x' :iz s x ii .2, 5 '3?asQ, 'I Seventyffour I A D' "R" lla. F A l l 53451--'-1 1 -- --4'-unix.,--.Il W: Y I1 , Q" 7 f ,eu -"F r"" g?g6-TY457 ,,Wi,,,, "ig ,, 'A ix Home Economics Club Membership in the Home Economics Club is made up of any girls from that def partment whose scholarship meets the standard requirements. The purpose of the club is to increase the extent of the members' knowledge in the field of Home Eco' nomies and to promote closer friendship among them. A remarkable endeavor to ae- complish these aims has been shown in the monthly sessions held in the club room the programs of which are arranged by the students themselves, outside speakers often being invited. Frequently the club holds social meetings much to the benefit and enjoyment of those present, Officers President IRMA FENSTERMAKER VlCC'P7'6S1'd6HI Secretary Tv easm ew GLENNA BAKER MARJORY HARTMAN RL TH LUDI Nlembers Mary Baldwin Dorothy Marvin Annabelle Biggs Carolyn Newman Leota Bibler Leota Overholt ln Dorothy Cook Mabel Overy Leora Couples Floy Plotts Ruth Gains Crella Price Vesta Harper Ethel Routzen L - Pearle Harrell Martha Sterling Tit! Nadine Lafferty Ethel Swisher ,gh i Anna Loy Thelma Waltermire 1. C' fl Agnes McMurray Corinne Yokum .i 5- l Sponsor 'ff 9 N Miss Coffland Jfgifk X. l E 41 3 C, 5 . ,F Seve11tyfFive H Y la!-V' 'J 91117 f Q - ,-Q A 55" . -- .L-nn? 7 1 .........c: as Bw: x, fx-gl .iieiib ' Q J ,JK P-e M , d X Few 1 n ew i lr fiixm if E11 Football Club President VlC6'PTESid671f Secretary ARTHUR I-IUsToN HOLLIS PLOTTS CLIFFORD GLATHART Members Harlan Adams Dale Farner Harold Martin Kenneth Bibler Claude Hershey Milo McDowell Robert Bryan Clyde Huston john Mitchell Philip Corwin Mel Davis Donald Lusk William lvlains Theron Slusser Robert Warner Gerald Ewing Alton Martin Tom Belts Harry Harvey William McAdams Frederick Brown Harold Huntwork 1- 'Y as-BCA James Mitchell Dean Corbin Merlin Loach Reynold Lucas Charles Sausser Sharon Sessions Clarence Snyder Charles Warrell Robert Malcolm William Badger Max Harpst Lewell Mays Harold Bonham John Hollington james Miller Robert Caldwell John Kelly Donald Pringle Charles Sattler Richard Davis Ferrell Schneider Gerald Tisdale Sponsor Mr. Aiken Seve1ityfSix .lax-L-LEA .ara Harold Watts Charles Alesch William Fink Arthur Marvin Rohert Bogart Carl Hill Eugene McGarvey Roscoe Butler Howard Kelly Cloyce Oxley Arthur Peterman Nelson Davis Arlo Mains Donald Shuler Lawrence Traucht Clarence Williams Leroy Wolfe Paul Vanlue Christian Dietsch Christopher Cunn inghani Harold Loudenslager 32 .f- ,X 35 QT' Ti, .R V 1, 4' fs.- l ll ' . . I f ' fl, 'L '1,74"i 3 1 l , - r i R "e l J. ,I - J I 13 1 ' Q.V, '45-x"'f fi. 'I 'b Nlembers Fax I u ' I iliibl Ku: ,I I E3-2' I il En' :ts fig? I ' rw f f H3-my S -,ig A ,N WY, 'rt ,I fx! fiffy th at me-ff ci i. 4 x V1'CC'PY6SidC71f HELEN KOONTZ Margaret Bair Mild1'ed Barger Medford Bell Le Von Copeland Anthony Cunningham Dora Doyle Doris Dukes Esther George Dorothy Gilbert Wilma Hafenbrak Charles Kenney Helen Koontz Harold Koontz Edwin Leach Mack Leary Mary Leary Martha Marvin Rose McCarthy Florence Baker Mary Doyle Inez Hallowell Edith Crosser Marie Moorhead Bonadine Wineland Marg ret Roller M P dd 3 iss ri y ustamere Club Officers President l'l.-XROLD YERGER Secretary MARY LEARY Bernice Smith Katheryn O'Connor Betty Baker Isabel Carpenter Pearl Hosler Helen Carrothers Helen Weakly Charles Sattler Anna Mary Schwab Alohn Hollington Louise Hosler Stanley Shultz James Parker Katherine Moorhead Carrie Rinehart jane Robinson Mary Russell Helen Sausser Esther Sausser Helen Seiple John Snyder joseph Snyder Harry Stanfield Gertrude Sw1nehart Ruth Timmermar' Sponsors Seventy Ser en Cl'TCz1S1.LT6'i' RUTH TIMMERMAN David Weist Kathryn Wert: Dorothy Wiseley Henry Wolgamcwt Harold Yerger Mary Lou McCarthy Marcella Swartz Naomi Trier Pearl Urschalitz Charles Hurley Margaret Curtiss Williani Fleming Ferral Schneider Worth Kramer Tom Grndorff Marian Vorhees Florence Hodge Carlotta Patterson Martha Neely Elizabeth Hartman Louise Altmeyer Dortha Denison Pauline DeVo1c Mabel Erwin Miss Moore 5--2? , A . . .gff V . an r .L . .N :Edin 3. L" i ,X ,I 'fr' ,,.V ,f 1 7 F l tr X 1 , S I , -. He' V ms., ggiijfr' 1-1 " ' ----c',11ii'1 "Q LE' L-A"3iif!.1Q "" "AN " ' ' rr X ef, ' """""i" ' .' X MWWWN French Club Lead by our able president, Anthony Cunningham, "Le Cercle Francais" has completed its fifth successful year at Findlay Senior High. The purpose of this club has been to interest and educate the student in the language, literature, and life of the French people. The club feels that with our capable advisor, Miss Spangler, success was inevitable, and we hope that the future members of this club will enjoy it as we have. Officers President ANTHONY' CUNNINGH,-XM V1cefPresidei1t Secretary Treasurer MARQLARET Cumiss Mirnsen BARGER MARY PoRTiiR Nleinbers Paul Altman Elizabeth Bristoll Le Von Copeland Harold Corbin Marguerite Dennis Dora Doyle Genevieve Dye Wanda Edwards Kathryn Farner lVl2XlAlOI1 Folk Dorothy Frye Esther George Dorothy Gilbert WY1lHlEl Hafenbral-1 Harold Hamilton William Hochstettler Mark Llerite Houseinan Charles Hurley Marguerite Keotz L K 2 1 -,,4u. V, 1 Helen Koontz Harold Koontz Wortli Kramer Edwin Leach Mary Leary Karl Leary Martha Marvin Rose McCarthy Lucy McCoy Nlargaret McGr1ff Tom Mitchell Kathryn lwloorehead Karl Mueller Emma .lane Oxley ,lane Robinson lvlilton Robinson Mary Russell Helen Sausser Esther Sausser SE'l'C71Ij"Elgl7lf Merle Sautser Helen Seiple Helen Severns XX"illis Shade Ioe Snyder Vklalter Spangler Marcella Swartz Gertrude Swinehart Ralph Teatsorth Ruth Timmerman Naomi Trier Marguerite XVeakly Kathryn Vv'ert: Mildred XXf'hipple Lillian Vs'ise Dorothy Vtfiseley Dorothy YVoodS Sponsor M Sian tr x' vi w 4,11 t 1 l m 0' N fi , r i i f iss 3 Qld if . "',.i'At'if' A E' i , 1 at fl . fbi.:-' 't 7 Q- W -'1i':: . - -- ,a- . A sg , z F' fi , -11L1-."s f 's 3, x F L . B 7 9 -Wt"-"4"HT' ' fr" ' X Q' Jggpseet We :gt ' ' f ax Ta-Wa-Quap-Ta-Wa Camp Fire The TafWafQuapfTafWa Camp Fire has been able to do splendid work this year with the capable work of the guardian, Miss Dietsch. They have enjoyed many hikes to the woods, and treasure hunts in the outdoors. In the beginning of the school year the girls held several Fire Makers Suppers in the lion's woods which proved entertaining as well as beneficial. Among the many social activities, they enjoyed a nicely arranged party for new members and an exquisite Christmas Party. The Camp Fire girls learned First Aid, which was demonstrated by the helpers. They also had many ceremonials. Officers President FLORENCE HoDoE Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Menibers I nb ?g-s M- :ai-5 :ge n i ' V- e I 'r TT za , .1 gb: er- '1 ::1.fxs5w, I Fianeis Ciosby Gemldine Cook Betty Cook K1th1yn Cook Marjorie XVIQEIIIHD Kathrlne Roth Miss Priddy ld F ', , Q a:-L 's-.:,. Sponsors Mau Hxlpine Eli lbeth Vx7alkc1 Maiy Ewing Isabella Huddell Lauia Belle Dipeit Ruth Ludi Miss Dictsch MARY ELLEN DAVIS lVl.-XRGARET GLESSNER SARAH HARTMAN HELEN MANN xi ' , 'k' ' L rg rl-12,7 1 'jd .1 fi Q-519' ZH as- fs I ai, ,.. - U A ,J -- A I SC17871f5"Ni71E . . ,u . J, ,L 4 fa X ? I E c sieis is ffss, gj', 3:-fling - IZ! Mah-Kah-Wee Camp Fire In compliance with one of the laws of the Camp Fire, the MahfKahfWee group under the guardianship of Miss Nichols and Miss Bernice Kieffer, rendered many ser' vices to the surrounding community. Many social gatherings were enjoyed, delicious suppers were served, and at the same time the girls of the Camp Fire won honors required for Fire Maker, one of the ranks obtained in Camp Fire work. Throughout the year, girls earned money so as to be able to go to an organized camp. During the anniversary week of the Camp Fire organizations, the MahfKahf Wee took part in the Mother and Daughter Banquet. ! President ANNA LANE Vice President Secretary 'l'reasurer THELMA SCHNEIDER LIL.-KH ST.-XUFFER HAZEL GREER Reporter PEARL DORSEY B Menibers Kathryn Moorhead Helen Honccker J If Marie Moorhead Zola Bibler ,YL1 Dorothy Leach Mable Erwin ' JSR Florence Bal-:er Angel Morehart Helen Lsarrothers Ruth Hergc I- Sponsors 'l Miss Kieffer Miss Nichols I 55? . L- '1 - , i Eighty i It Q nf mw- M X A C was Ana-Ki-Sin Camp Fire During the years of 1925 and 1926, the AnafKifSin Camp Fire has accomplished many Worth while things. Much credit is due to the guardian of the Camp Fire, Miss Jenkins. Carrying out the charity routine, they sent baskets, during the Thanksgiving sea' son, to the needy families in the community and on Christmas Day they gave a very entertaining party for the orphans, at the same time sending greeting cards to the inmates of the infirmary. Throughout the year, they earned money in various ways in order to go to an organized camp this coming summer. They have had many social gatherings, the most outstanding of which was the AllfCampfFirefMeet at which all Camp Fire Girls were present. Officers President CARRIE RINEHART Vice President Secretary T1-eagureq BERNICE SMITH ELIZABETH Hi-XRTM.-KN HELEN Hiascnra 'Pg Members Betty Baker Beatrice Mertz Mildred Barger Martha Neeley Edith Crosser Catherine Alspach , Dora Doyle Edna Fiscus Liga' Mary Doyle Jessie Enright ag.-. Alberta Ellis Martha Folk Genevieve Harris Martha Sterling Margaret McGriff gf I Sponsor Miss Jenkins 3353! tgt LTL -fi Eighty-One r ft . 1 . . -M s .-f-. -- ' V E F i s B422 eee R , . so f -if 7 as 5256 'J 'KJ as L x 39 I I X 4 Senior Commercial Club The Senior Commercial Club, the oldest and one of the most energetic clubs of Findlay Senior High! Who is not proud to possess one of our club pins and claim to have been a member of this club? 1 l I l P I The end of this school year of 192526 saw the end of one of the most sucf 4 cesslul and enjoyable years ever had by the club. Under the direction of our faith' l lul president Hayes Vsfyant, and loyal faculty advisor, Miss Hudnell meetings were held every two weeks and always a fine program was presented. Social Meetings were held many times at the homes of some of the members. Upon those who follow will fall the responsibility of keeping the spirit kindled high. Officers President VicefPresident Secretary-Treasurer Ll.-XYES VJYANT VJILLI.-XM KIRKBRIDE GEORGIA AGNER Menibers Richard Altschul Ruth Edie Donald Hummel Dotson Powell 1 Gail Baes Theron Edie Aleen jefferds Mae Pulcheon Kenneth Ball Christina Fischer Violet Lunn Arthur Rectorschek rl, l Lenora Basye Harlen Folk Marguerite Marvin Aral Shroy :uf ' Moleta Belt: Lillian Fornes Katharine Mert: Geneva Sorenson i Grace Brown Helen Frost Mary Miller John Snyder if Verdie Conaway Esther George Eula Moore Leona Snyder ,Pj Gertrude Cope Marie Halstead Donald Morrell Mildred Swisher ,I 'Ig , Bernadine Crozier Pauline Harpst Dora Newcomer Gladys Traucht Qi Kathryn Dehaven Clyde Harpst julia 0'Neil Helen Walters lying' ,Q O'Dessie Devore Genevieve Harris Cora Gtley Thelma Vi7iseley 'lf Clarence Earley Beulah Hendricks Emma 'lane Oxley Lillian Vfise .LES Pearl Dorsey Kathryn Hildebrand Lia Powell David W'iest A ' I Sponsors I '.'i3u:,i AQ if' V' 'ii' 1 Miss Hudnell Miss Fassett ,T 1 '- 'si -4 LR Q1-ffQgxi I A i -,,,1.4,..- 5 xxigoq U vnu -li HX Y 'Lp i 'ig 4 ...- Zi lr: I- ,QE sg iw, C at BJ-1 L J s , QTL-wr"""rr-'rr' - , I 9 , 'Graf' A Qffik 4 Classical Club The year of '25 and '26 marks the formation of a new club in Findlay High School. This Classical Club is made up of any of the Latin students whose grades meet the necessary G average as is the custom in all the school clubs. The club met regularly every Thursday morning for the purpose of studying deeper into the arts of the old Latin world. Much credit is due Miss Jenkins head of the Latin department because of whose untiring efforts and unmatched interest were responsible for the organization and progress of the club. It is felt that such a beginning prophesies more successful years to follow. Officers President MARY LEARY Vice President Secretary Treasurer DONKXLD SATTLER MARY HALPINE MARIE IVIOORHE.-XD Gerald Adams Charles Arcsch XVilliam Badger Mildred Barger Betty Baker Geraldine Cooke Harold Corbin Frances Crosby Anthony Cunningham Dorthca Daughtcrty Mel Davir Richard Dau Laurabcllc Dipcrt ames Donnell Mary Ellcn Dau Betty Dye A'bcrt:1 Ellis Mary Ewing Maxine Fletcher Margaret Glcssner Wilma Hafenbralc Sarah Hartman Alice Hines Helen Hirscher Isabelle Hutldlc K1thryn Kempher Harold koont Helen Koont huxun Leach Vxr ima Lingci Helen Mann Martha Marx'in Margaret Matheson slohn Maxwell Mary Mitchell Clark Moore Katharine Moorhead Nurerre Mussun Lucille Myers Frances Newcomer Kathryn OiCunner Mary' Porter Mztry' Rice M.rr'aret Roller lxatharine Roth Esther Sausscr Helen Seiplc Helen Severns james Shepherd Bernice Smith Frances Mary Stov Martha Stout Ruth Timerman Naomi Trcicr Carol Vandersall Helen XValtcr, Mildred ll'hipplc Bonatlnnc XYincl.nnd Beatrice lX'oodwarcl ! ,E Misc .lenltins n . ENN cw 1 .1 E1gl1lX':I-l'lT66 ' 3 . . 1 3 U Q ' , - N 1? ' t 's ' g' 1 1" ' gr fx l Sponsor ' '-Nil ' ,' ef' g A I 1: 't "' Lis t R In A . A-i ff ' - Y 21 v ? .- F - - W " ,f - X Z e I a Qfalf 2143! we . Affirmative Debate Team Harold Yerger ........ ..............,.. C aptain and First speaker Esther Sausser ,.,.,. ....,,A.,.A,.......,,,.......,...,.,,,,,,....., S econd speaker joseph Snyder ..,.... ,.....,. V ice Captain and Third speaker Helen Frost ......... .,.......,.....,......,.,.. ,,,,,,..,,................,,,,,.,,, A l ternate Mr. Folk .....,,,.,.,..,.,,,..............................,......,....,.,.,...,.,,,,,,,.,,..,........,.,,,,,., ,,,.i.,....,....i..,...i C oach The question debated in both triangles was "Resolved: That a Department of Aviation be created in equal standing with the XVar and Navy Departments." In the first debate on the night of February, our affirmative traveled to Kenton where, after a valiant effort, the adjudicator announced the decision in favor of Kenton's negative. The decision was a 6f4 vote. In spite of defeat the Gold's speakers pref sented excellent argument and showed great stage poise for which they were worth' ily complimented by the adjudicators. In the second triangle, the affirmative met Lima Central's negative on our local platform but unfortunately met again with defeat. In spite of the revision of their arguments and weeks of valiant effort the opposition showed a little better skill in debating and won the victory not without a stiff combat which was maintained throughout the contest by Findlay's affirmative. During the entire debate a fine spirit of friendly rivalry prevailed and spurred the contestants on. Since Findlay has lost victories to these two schools the victory yet remains to be brought about by Findlay Highs future teams. 3 I .52 UE s ll 1, Asif n.?i"5 ll' nuts '21 5555 ns ' s '1- I .:" 4 F J IL' I 2 'ii M i Fx s ig.. . I is L-if -A K. ' . 'N Ei litx'fFour gflg' A ' 'S g 4 1. I F' ,l JT ,ik . mb B265 I - Xe FF if -, if X '3 If Negative Debate Team Harold Koontz .,....,,........ .... ,.,...,.,,,,,,,,,, C a ptain and First speaker Gertrude Swinehart ...... ,... V ice Captain and Second speaker Anthony Cunningham ....... .,......,,......,..,A,,...........,................... T hird speaker Donald Sattler .......,.,,........... ..,.w..A..,.,w A lternate Miss Spangler . ,.,..,..., .,,,,.,......,.......,..,...........,.................,r.....,.........,r,r.rr. ,rr,,,,,,....,.,,, C o ach Gn February ll the Blue and Gold negative gloriously defeated Bswling Green's affirmative in the argumentative contest on the home platform, discussing the quesf tion, "Resolved: That a Department of Aviation be created in equal standing with the War and Navy Departments." After highly complimenting our local conf testants, the adjudicator announced a 7f4 victory in favor of the negative. In the second contest on February 26 when our team met Fostoria affirmative on the Fostoria platform they met a much stiffer combat and though the Gold's arguers made a good fight they were exceeded by those of the neighboring city as the decision was made in favor of Fostoria's affirmative. The above named negative debaters along with the affirmative members all have ing won the required IO points were presented with letters at a banquet given by the Debate Club. The debate letter consists of a large chinchilla block F with a little D of the same material. if The Debate season this year has shown a greater need for more concentration gan, on that activity and it is hoped that in future years this department will be imf proved so as to be second to none in the state. E534 1 ll ,1-as iggg gtst' l li -I . . -:gf 5 Eightv-Five F - fi ' '-'-1"v""2,- ' . :F 'A ' Q . 1 . C, - - -- . J -+1 ' A..-V ' 'P I lt ' J , .Xi ,X iglllli .., 4 fy iv ex Je L e?7X .G V, .V V X X I Girl Reserves Officers President VJILMA HAFENBRAK Vice President Secretary Treasurer MARGARET ROLLER CARRIE RINEHART ESTHER SAUSSER Members Naomi Trier Mary Russell Alice Hines Ana Rose Pearl Urschalitz Esther Sausser Carrie Rinehart Margaret Roller Helen XX"alters Helen Sausser Nlahle XX'ise Ana Mary Schwab Marguerite Wcakly Helen Seiple Dorothy Xvisely Margaret Shull Kathryn XVertz Helen Sevcrns Dorothy XX"oods Marjorie Taylor Mildred Whipple Violet Sheldon Geraldine XVilson Marian Vorhees Lillian XX'ise Geneva Sorenson Thelma Wise Y Helen XVeakly Rae Cummins Florence Crawfis Edith Crosser Audrey Day Dorthea Denison Pauline Devore Donna Dochterrnan Dorothy Duty Mzibel Erwin Margaret Bair Mildred Burger Elizabeth Bristoll Gertrude Cope hlargaret Curtiss Kathryn DcHaven Margurire Dennis O'Dess1e Devore Dora Doyle Dori: Duke Ruth Edie Marian Folk Lillian Forms Esther Ctor t l' XX ilma Hiftnbrak Lu illt Shcixxoou Piuline Hina C' nexitxc Hzrri L cn lint Rohm on rr Olive Spence Marcella Swartz Gertrude Swinehart Mildred Swisher Ruth Tirnmerman Lillian Flemion Irene Foltz lncz Hallowell Caroline Hennesey Helen Hirsher Louise Hosler Pearl Hosler Margurite Houseman Genevieve ,lurdan Margaret Kresser Barbara Laubc Kathryn Hildebrand Alcan lefierd: Helen Koontz Martha Marun Katharine Mtrt Mary Miller Roct McCarthy Lutx Mcfow Mirgarct M Griff Dori New omer lu ii 0 N il Ea 1 Powell Mary Altmeyer Lulu Arthur jane Ashbrook Florence Baker Helen Baker Margaret Bayless Vera Blackman Lucille Brundige Ischel Carpenter Helen Carrothers Alice Blackburn Dorothy Leach Lucille Meeker Beatrice Mcrt: Margaret Misamore Marie Moorhead Angel Morehart Loui:c Myer: Mary Doyle Kathrvn Hamilton Mars L McCirthx Mildr d Collin ar uritt XX1 t x Lucille Hartman lxathrsn O Connor Marie O Neil Carlotta Putter on Minmt Pi Lett Mildred Rcimund Bonadine XVineland Margaret Satterly Glenna Baker Zola Bibler Geraldine Cook Jessie Enright Ruth Gaines Hazel Greer Kathryn Hamilton Ethel johns Marian Kanel Doris Kelchner Ruth Ludi Helen Mann Mable Ovary Mary Rice Catharine Roth Martha Sheriff Helen swab Carol Vandersall Helen XX alters Beatri c XX oodwar Eunice XX satt Martha Qttrling Lillian Russell Lucille Sherwood Lcota Oxerholt Dorothy Hosler ---l I . QF Lrg , f lilig he-541 pan ,A llligi 71 A kg-I, Q 'slr : P PE Y ' nf. 1?-ti' N ts - V' r h Li 15 1 . . 1 K 'K .K 'J '. .A ' K ' : 'I e I ' 'ks I . ict V d A E . r 1' ga 1' ' D lvl g 'e ' s'lj "z 'Ia ," 1 rmfaihv ff-la f Q . , ' A . 1 . , as ' " 4 1 st L ' 'c ' . . x ' s a . ' we 4 's , la ,' e' " ich i , 1 Beulah Hendricks Nlary Porter Mildred Price I 55 . 5 Hale ,J - S '. ' 'a ' a Y' ig, vi" N ' gl lgf .3,.f' E X ' au 'T EightyfSix . H13 1 V - "- "-A' ' ' 1 E- ' . Sei , - . , , ,. f ..--.-ferr' " - ---f- - Q' ' -, - . - - - 1-A , , V , - A . Y--' - -1 I I .e I , Q ig 4-:N Q! 4 W QM 'x f' W xx , - - V W EE 1 !f?z7 X In Illllll-lm-'iii---I I 'T ml 5 f 'il 1. an :',,:2'7'. . , 1 X ,I th? iT , , "Her Husband's Wife" The Cast Mabel Erwin ,.,.,.,.,.,,. ,..,.,..,...,..,..,. I rene Randolph Mel Davis ......................... ....., S tuart fthe husbandj Dorthea Dennison ......... ....,,.....,...... E mily Ladew john Hollington .,,..,...A. ......., U ncle john Kathryn O'Connor ..,,,.. ,,....,,...... N ora Donald Sattler .,..,,.,...... ........ ,.,,,,...,.,..,.... .,,.,.. D i c k The Play The Junior Play "Her Husbands Wife" was presented on February, 4 and S. The leading part was taken by Mabel Erwin in the role of Irene Randolph, who feels that she is about to die and must provide for the future welfare of her husband Stuart, alias Mel Davis, She chooses to succeed herself as Stuarts wife a very unattractive young girl, Emily Ladew, who proves a great surprise by suddenly becoming a very charming young person. After all other methods to induce Miss Ladew to give up her bargain have failed, Irene becomes desperate and is miraculously cured by her decision to live. By the intervention of Uncle John, played by John Hollington Stuart and his 3: wife Irene are reunited and Miss Ladew and Dick played by Donald Sattlcr are brought tovethcr Ixithry n O Connoi alias Nora thc in nd played a comcdy part Miss Eli abeth Priddy Instructoi of Dramatics coachcd the production and to hcr 'T-La TX ' f 'A' Y' ' ' , EigliLyfEight , Lgggg A zu.. A - f A ,' , J ,-3.-4 ' -' -- . . l, , sf- -' -ff -c I - f- - - .J- A s. -, ,WNY ,, ,F -, V -1 f-1: MX ,,-Q . -5 bi' T - , 4 . 4 . 4 . . A ' 'li ability, much credit for its success 15 due. Lilfglf 1 - . , , R- S' 5 f I i a -i asf IHA! - X, I 12' V32 .aw 1 1 1 .Ng TR I -. . , A . Hai- I A ' nv I Qseii . A. , rw ! has Q nu GSE I-A3 if 'E-as .ll 7 , 1 Ba K as ,, ,o X flflfg-ENT 4 . A s, - 'z' i rift .fa S eeese-tree-N M1 4'The Goose Hangs Highl' The Cast Bernard Ingals ...,.,, .........,........ R alph Teatsorth Mrs. Bradley 4.., ..... ,.,,,, ...... K a therine Wertz Eunice lngals ...., ....,..,., G ertrude Swinehart Hugh Ingals ....... .,,.......,,,..,............ C lifford Glathart Noel Duby ..,, ...,.,.,......., . Harold Koontz Ronald Murdoch ....,.,,,.,.., .,,..,,,....... W orth Kramer Leo Day .,..,.. ..........., Joseph Snyder Lois Ingals ,.,........,..,.......,...,.. Helen -lane Robinson Rhoda ,.,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,.,.... ......,.,.,....., N a omi Trier Bradley Ingals .,........., .... A nthony Cunningham Julia Murdoch .. ....... ,. .. ,..,. Eva Powell Dagmar Carroll ....,..... .,,......... Vs 7ilma Hafenbrak Elliott Kimberley .,,,,,......,,.,..,,,,,...., ,.,..,.,.,,,, K arl Leary The Play The Senior Play, "The Goose Hangs High," by Lewis Beach, was presented by the above cast in the High School Auditorium May 13 and 14. The play is a very popular one portraying life in the average American family and has been presented by numberless casts on both screen and stage by professionals and amateurs. The story centers around the parents, Bernard and Eunice Ingals, whose inf creasing financial difficulties make it harder for them to keep the twins, Lois and Bradley, in college and at the same time hide from them the truth about their fif nancial status. Their constant patience is a never ending source of reproach from Julia Murdoch, a relative, and Mrs. Bradley, otherwise known as Granny. It is Granny who finally, by telling the children the truth, puts the family back in its normal state Hugh and Daffmar Carroll offer to postpone their marriage How' ex er the situation ls swlxed when Granny buys a share of a recnhouse with Noel Durby an old friend of the family and Gives Bernard the controlling shares f- lMr Hutson coached the play assisted by Miss Priddy and Miss Spangler GJ!" Eight Nine E! 5' 9 . g 5 1 5 . fi'-' 7 ' ' ' '- -1 w 7' ' rw 2- X ' . , , . - . A D - :aa . . f N - - 65- .. a , D s. - E 1 Q S . . . 7 . 2, - f 1 D - Q n ,-2. in 5,,. .,,:-.f ' l we'-'E H i .em .. , N -: 2e'21.:5:f ,."., T MJ' 1 . ' , p lv , ' 1 Q, -1 I ' -ge N133 ,.. , 4,4 E - .. - V . ,l , - U - - ,lx D A Wggvggv 9 . f-X r- .' 1 ,X. .FII .5 A' H. fffil if f- sf' The China shop The Cast Leroy Wolfe ,, ,,..,,,,,.., Fat Sing Robert Alge ....... .. Bill Fleming ........... ....,.,,, S ing Fong Margaret Glessner' Theron Edie ...,.,,... Wun Tun Helen Carrothers Richard Davis .,...,,.. Mush Lush Eva Powell ..........,...,,,., Donald Lusk ..,,...... .......,.. ..... , ,,.,.....,.. C h unk Dorothy Wiseley Medford Bell .,.....,...,,...,.r,..,...... ...,...................... T annyu Mary Russell ......,,. Mr, juscot Karfair Lotus Blossom Ting-AfL1ng Ding Dong Ping Ping Hoy Tee Toy "The China Shop," chosen as this year's operetta, was presented March 4th and ith. Its plot revolved around Fat Sings disinheritance of his son, Sing Fong, who eventually fell in love with Lotus Blossom, the daughter of a fisherman. This was one of the best operettas ever presented by Findlay High School Stu' dents. It was met with extraordinary approval both nights by the public as could easily be seen by the many encores. Helen Koontz Margerite Dennis Geraldine Wilson Rose McCarthy Virdic Conaway Margaret Curti Dortthv Gilbert Marion Folk Pearl Hosler Audrey Day Margaret Mrsamor CHORUS Mary L. Altmeyer Martha Neeley Dorotlia Dennison Elizabeth Hartman Ruby Bond Angel Morehart Bonadrne Wrneland Marjorie Taylor Lour e Meyers Lulu Arthur e Isabelle Carpenter Dorothy Leath Mildred Pirte Rae Cummrrr Bernrte Smith Marion Vorhec Thelma Sthnerdei Stanley . ' . ' 'ss I r '. y M y x 4 . . . f . I S 7 'q - 'N ' l. . t t E Q - U .5 Y 4. e .- b 'i-E Y A - - ' " ' E5 ' ' ' Q I ' t .EEE 1 S ' e" 1 FT ' 1 s ' ' Beatrice Mcrt: Paul Jones , ,G . - .. "fi . l - gr 5 , 9.3: E!! -- ..-riff' - nfs '4 , 4 . A 1 -- 'i.'K -l 11: 5 Y 471, . 7 D -. y , I i- W- - 1 . t .'2 e Anna M. Schwab Marie Moorhead Florence Hodge Mary Lou McCarthy Leona Snyder' Martha Gallovtav Leila Nau Dorothy Dotw Irene Folt Ali c Hines Martha Barlaimer Florente Baker Vera Blatlxman Sthuh Ninety Virgil Alspach Donald Sattler Charles Sattler Herbert Crozier Claude Wisely Lewell Mays Ex erett Sealey Gcor e Krllrnger Glenn Robinsonn Harry Harvey Gerald Ewrn Loyd Steare Harold Cotter leaf! 4.1 Pin 'F-5 U!! I 1

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