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,assi --2 F-fc:-M ----' r V E i D N r E Ti El i i i i A 5 , at TN L A 5 fi Q 5 E . , 1 H A L t ' I , E E li XS -.J ' If-'Se-Q-1 ,L 'Tw 1 '21- ,.- , .., .,. ,ii - X12 'Wrli'i L -E ' V' 'Z Wg, V 5. A7 S f mfg tori, , fl Six: I' , A f .ii M lr. LH, f x ,. at N , XA L-. gun? Ns w SL-ME gy ,ZX x H A fb Tl,-X ' W, The title of our annual publication is adopted from the name of our historic little town and school. The town was named for George, Lord Fincastle, eldest son of Lord Dunmore, Governor of Virginia in 1772. "Fin" is a bourn in Peth- shire, Scotland, and "Fincastle" the site of an ancient castle upon it. The father of Lord Fin- castle was a representative peer of Scotland in the British Parliament before he was commis- sioned Governor of Virginia 'Eht Nici -Q Ciastlt 104 MEMBER, SOUTHERN INTERSCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION VOLUME XV i ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF irzcaszfle Hgh 506001 FINCASTLE, VIRGINI1k X X, I . ,gm gm, ,n a imasg Lv: 4, uk Tug 5 LD U I jst'-T' x lla ma K rr-t, ' ? l1Ri mix e F 'H r r ,w 1 it il" W C " .X 't si 1 i - T fwlx x X QV llxqwxxl -:Lil mf xi X ll' Wliiixw ff' lhiiht il p i t D h lf 1 ' Cl ' X 1 i X I M ll xiixibxll Q, JW I, t XXX? The drawbridge is lowered-the knights await thee-so come, let us venture into the interior of this 1947 CASTLE. The Court of Teachers holds forth on pages five through seven. The scribes of this worthy epistle appear on page eight. Knights who completed their quests for diplomas in 1947 are recognized on pages ten through fifteen. On page sixteen is recorded the history of our knights. On page seventeen our full-Heclged knights bestow their parting gifts. Me1'lin, the magician, has prophesied their future on page eighteen, and gives us a glimpse into his magic mirror on page nineteen. On pages twenty through twenty-six we greet our squires, pages, and scullions. Testi- mony of our deeds for the year is presented on pages twenty-eight through forty- five. For our last glance into lVIerlin,s mirror, see pages forty-six and forty-seven. We salute the apprentice scullions hailing from Seventh-on-the-Grammar, who will enter our halls next year, on page forty-eight. Our venture ends with a visit to the good friends who helped us build this CASTLE. Dedinafion . . . E if . ,, ZA ,. 1. S Q Mm In appreciation for the numberless kind deeds which you have done for us, but which We too seldom have rec- ognized, the Senior Class of 1947 dedicates this CASTLE to you, MR. JAMES W. OBENSI-IAIN Boteiozm' 602122131 gdzzccztzbn Syfiem Botetourt County School Board Chairman: Mr. Warner Noffsinger Mr. A. E. Vaughn Mr. Stuart Carter Division Superintendent of Schools Mr. H. M. Painter f Director of Instruction Elementary Supervisor Visiting Teacher Mr. Chester Arehart Miss Mary Phelps Mrs. Casey Davy I c l l l Eagle Rock Troutville Fincastle Colonial Buchanan High School Hlgh School High School High School Hlgh School Mr. H. H. Huffman Mr. H. E. Barron Mr. Roscoe Buckland Mr. L. T. Frantz Mr. L. C. Staples Principal Principal Principal Principal Principal aculry Mas. BEss L. KooNTz Algebra, Latin, History, Chemistry Miss ANNIE P. LEMON First Grade MRS. HUG!! T. NOFSINGER Fourth Grade MRS. HOMER I. NOFFSINGER Seventh Grade MR. JAMES W. OBENSIiAIN Agriculture, Shop MRS. HUNTER M. PAINTER Music, Spanish, English Mas. W. G. PECK First Grade MRS. JOHN POLING Third Grade Miss LULA SLUSSER Seventh' Grade 1 Miss LORENE CAHOON Secretary Mas. EUGENE F. STRICKLER Third, Fourth Grade BETTY BURCH, ...... PEGGY ICEITH ........ HAZEL JUNE BROGAN. DRUCILLA BOLTON. . . PHYLLIS Doss ......... , LAWRENCE THOMPSON .... NOLA BENNETT ...... BOBBY XVAID ...... BILLY PETERS.. . .. EDWINA STEVENS .... REBA VAss ........ AGNES RUCKEII NORINE BAKER JACOB SIMMONS ..... DOROTHY CROUCH, . . . RICHARD COOK ...... IKACHEL ROBERSON.. EDDIE MAE SPRINKLE .-NIURIEL DALTON ROSALIE CAMPER PHYLIJIS JEAN DODD EDWARD HARRIS ..... MRS. E. N. CAMDEN. 'wwHWK Hi ii 'mg Ta Q g ,rj I i 1 A f .I ' ' L "" , w' , -.,- 1 Q - .111 A f I zz. ., rf Smile Qffejf ..,.........Editor-in-Chief . flnixtavzt Editor-in-Chiff ......... .Literary Editor . . ..f!.rf'i.ria1zt Literary Editor ..........,.....flrtEd'ztor . . . . , . . . . . .Biuineff Manager . . . .elffiftmzz Bu.rine.rJ Manager . . . . . . . . . . . .fldoertixing Editor . . . .zlxfiftaizt .4dverti.r'i1zg Editor . . . . . . . . . .Snapxhot Editor . ..f1.r.ri.ftorIt Sfnapslzot Editor . ..... Cirlf' Sport: Editor: . . . .Eoyf Sport: Editor ............Cl1lbEd1l07 . . , , ..J.r.ri.rtar1t Club Editor . . .Sophomore Repre.rer1tative . . . .freihvfzrm Rcprazrentzziive .................TypiJt: . . . .Prexident of Senior Clary ...............Spoer1.for MEMBERS As PICTURED TOP PICTURE: Rucker, Simmortr, Van, Peterx, Steoevu LEFT PICTURE, READING FROM BOTTOM: Dalton, Camper, Dodd, Crouch, Cook RIGHT PICTURE, READING FROM BOTTOM: Roberxon, Sprinkle, Burch, Camden, Harrie BOTTOM PICTURE: Keith, Thorrzpxorz, Brogon, Hfaid, Doss F81 k FQ A 1 C kt X is '4 'NX il, u,n fx' 1 g A v '1 M ZA f - M -, . S.. -v' lx TW AN 'AFL Q Classix 'x Ll Q. XX K f 1 x..! ji NK ESI A fax - 1. . 5 1 x fc A enior Glezsy MOTTO: " U nited we go forward" COLORS: Red, White and Blue. FLOWER! EDWARD HARRIS ..... PHYLLIS Doss .... DOROTHY CROUCH. . . JACOB SIMMONS ...... OFFICERS MRS. E. N. CAMDEN ..... BILLY PETERS ....... MRS. H. M. PAINTER .... U01 Red Rose . . . . . .Prefidefnt . . . .Vice Prefident . . . . . .Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . .Sponfor . . . . .Reporter . . . . .Spomor efzzbrf BLANCII LORENE BAKER uL07'ci'7lt?,, HOWARD CLINE CALDWELL "2VIo'11JeU NORMAN LAHUGII CASSELL lCPeny77 YVONNE NORINE BAKER " Shorty U NOLA PIELEN BENNETT "Nolan ROBERT DONALD COFFMAN KC 77 I'IAZEL JUNE BROGAN tlfudy 23 11 U21 enzbry ASIIBY CALVIN CROWDER llAJhby77 ELIZABETH ANN BURCH I6 77 ROSA LEE CAMPER il 3? EARL WAYNE HARRIS "Earl" EDWARD HOUSTON HARRIS LLEdi7 DOROTHY ANNE CROUCII Ll Dotn NIURIEL MARIE DALTON " .Muriel ' ' efzzbrf CYRUS EUGENE LEE "Ge1ze', PHYLLIS JEAN DODD " Phyllis ,' PHYLLIS ANNE Doss " Phyllis " WILLIAM EDWARD PETERS "Bill" NASH LEONARD POWELL tlNa.rh 72 GERAXLDINE ELIZABETH EDWARDS " Dum " EVELYN NETTIE HARRIS "Evflyn" U31 SI - few EMI, 14 Q embrf WELDON GARST RHODES lljayw DOROTHY GLENICE HORTON tl 77 AUDREY LOUISE LEE " Audrey " JACOB LESTER SIMMONS KC 37 SAMUEL LAWRENCE THOMPSON A6 Sami? ELIZABETH CLAUDINE NIARKHAM " Elizabezha' EVELYN NELLIE MORAN " Evelyn " ROBERT ARCHER WAID lCBOb77 6722071 JEAN NIILDRED POAGUE tCjea1,L7? MARVIN LOREN Woon 14Budn FRED EARL WERTZ CCFTed77 AGNES LEE RUCKER ll-Aggie!! PHOEBE EDWINA STEVENS " Eddie " X REEA FRANCES VAss "Reba" STELMA LUCTLLE WILHELM "Sinfonia" DOROTHY BELLE Woon KIDO!!! EVELYN LUCILLE TREMBLY ccEvglynn Not Pictured 1 Jam!! Glgbpzhgf September of 1943 marked the beginning of our long, upward climb. Nlrs. Booze and Mr. Obenshain, as class sponsors, and Judy Brogan, as president, led us' through a hectic Freshman year. The forty-six of us were entertained by the sophomores at a reception. I 944'45 Our class dwindled to forty members. Ed Harris began his three-year reign as Class President and Judy began her reign as First Lady. We welcomed the Freshmen with a reception. 1945-46 Thirty-eight members comprised the Junior Class. Special events included prize-Winning entries in the Creative W'riting Contest, membership in the Beta Club, an Indian lVIoon Banquet for the Seniors, and a broken arm for Billy Peters. Several Juniors played on the basketball and baseball teams. 1946-47 That all-important Senior year saw thirty-four hardy Seniors remaining. Our long-awaited class rings arrived in November. Dot Crouch was editor-in-chief of The Trojan .7lfIe,f.vengm', our school paper. Seven of our members starred on the basketball teams, and Geraldine Edwards headed the cheerleading squad. The radiators burst and symbolized a bang-up year. PHYLLIS Doss, Hiftorimz. l 15 l " e We IHe -" N , New f" ' x Q N-N. -1 O 0 N s- N t. 0 0 '---fs --...,,,,,,,,.-W--,wh ,.7l, W 1, ,. --f-- " 0 o 0900090000000 12, the Chrvalroys Knrghts, beyne of sounde bodyre and of truye countenance, durst bequeath to ye oyre vassals, oyre armor, alsze outher hounors as recourded followyng Geraldrne leaveth Madge her swrng Ld to Jack Sprgle hrs drrvrng abrlrtv Elrzabeth passeth on her stra ght A s to Jean Savrlle Perry alloweth Gene Craft hrs basketball rrdes wrth Mary Ellen Murrel leaves to Qrrster Shrrley her early mornrng scramble to catch the school bus Ashby Crowder streweth hrs loose change to anyone who can find rt Judy passeth on to Bertha her 'xbrlrty to go wrth a bov steadrly Iorene steps from her No I spot on the semor lrst to make wav for Drucrlla Bobby Coffman bestoweth upon Rodney Heck hrs power of scholastrc concentratron Nola leaveth her sweet smrle to Aubrev Mae Bob VVard leaves' ' ' Rosa Lee durst pass her hand me downs to acquelrne Phyllrs Dodd leaveth to Rachel Gusler her abrlrty of berng seen, not heard Brlly passeth to Charlre that first look lt the Roanoke Trmer sports page and Bettv bestoweth upon Betty Jean her last mrnnte run to class To nevt year s edrtor Dorothv durst rzrve her Tmjau llle.r.venge1 tantrums Lugcne maketh vacant hrs back row seat for Mack Trarl and Dorothv Horton leaveth her techmques for catchrng Troutvrlle bovs to anv one who can get them Lawrence lrfteth the burden from hrs shoulders and places rt upon Peggy To the Catawba bus llvelvn Moran leavcth the echo of her laugh, and Norrnc to Tay e, her herght Weldon shares hrs prrze wrnnrng cattle Judgrng secrets wrth Bully Austrn 'Xudrev Lee bestoweth upon Nelda Rhodes her earlv mornrng run to the mrrror, and Ivelvn Harrrs to Hazel Thompson, that ' lean and hungry look Earl leaveth Rrchard Cook hrs shv quret mren and to Rebecca Peters, Ddwrna durst grve her band box freshness ean Poague surrenders her bot of rouve to Pearl and Agnes leaveth Lourse 'Irarl to carry on the tradrtron of wrrtrng to the Army acob bequc-'rthes the Senror treasurer s books to any one who can figure them out Dorothy VVood passeth to Geraldrne Newcomb her blushrng modesty, Phyllrs Doss leaveth her sparkle to rmmre to lrght hrs lonely Senror year Nash durst bestow upon Hop hrs bottle of harr tonrc Stelnra surrendereth her golden curls to Romarne Powell Evelyn Trembly bequeathes her lumrnous eves to can Aurrch To Dallas, Marvrn durst pass hrs rrlle report answers rn cl'1ss Reba wrlleth to ewel her brtrng sarcasm Upon leavrng, we the Chrvwlroys Knrvhts, do express oyre srncere apprecratron to oy re rnstructors laketlr thrs documentc ve X '1SS'll9 as rt be wry tten, and treasurve thy fruy ts Yerlator DOROTHY Caoucn Prroress JUDY BROCAN I'rrar EDWARD HARRIS xxx xx . . 7 . . a ' ' . . 4 . . . . . . . E 9 -' G rc ra ' , . L , . ' c . . c V v . 1 - . . . 7 . I 51 7? J' ' ' . '. 7 ' ' ' r , i 4 , . . 1 . . ' -- 7 . ., ' 4. t r . . , . I 1 4 ' 1 ' ' ' ' r 4 ' , 3 . - I C . A cc 7 . . . . - ' . 1 I . - . Q. . 4 7 ,, 4 . 7 . . . ' - 3 7 Q r - A . J . , 5 . 1 . . . . . , . ' J J . . . c A ' J. . . . 7 . I . H ,, . c . . . - 4 . . . , J - U . . C ri r ' rc 6 ' 1 1 2 . 'J ' 1 ' - 4 ' L 4 .S ' -A ..,. DNN. , -.:f 'Nina s , .,1' VD"-'--e , ,. 1 " R' ' N, . 7 4 n U ,,- 'LNx'x 1' 1- A A .x X x yff l17l ll, llllerlin, KA1-, rvpe- Foresee the following by the year 1957, Anno Domzni: BOBBY Cori-'MAN-Jailed for disturbing the peace. PENY-Old bachelor. GERALDINE-COHITHCI with R. K. O. Nonmn-Still trying to grow to five feet. As!-my-Football coach at Notre Dame. REBA-Singing at the Met. AGNES"l'MYS. Dalton." EARL-Worrying over his cold-wave permanent. Dor HOIRTON-IH Reno. LAWRENCE-Raising "Roses." Pnvttxs Doss-Writing Spanish texts. MARVIN-Serving two-year stretch at Sing-Sing. EDWINA-On flight to Japan. B1z'rrY-Recently escaped from Staunton. BOB WAID-Organizing farmers under John L. Lewis. JUDY-Playing pro basketball. ROSA-Still being true. GENE1HC3dCd to Canada on a "coon" hunt. NOLA-just sittin' around lookin'. DOT CROUCH-Hostess at Hollywood Canteen. BILLY-Teaching "Little Bill" baseball. MURIEL1MfS. Camden's private secretary. PHYLLIS Donn-Reading "Tom Thumb." WELDON-Raising world championship stock. ELIZABETH-Famous for the discovery of a new ion theory. ED-President of the Brogan Shoe factory. DOROTIIY WOOD-Lecturing at the Grace Hospital. JACOB-Singing "Three jolly Fishermen" over KROV. if-, 3? EVELYN HARRIS-Sets 1957 styles with "that bean-pole look." AUDREY-Manicurist in Bill's Barber Shop. EVELYN MQRAN-With the Ringling Brothers. JEAN--Working in Bob's Bakery. EVELYN TREMBLY-Back among the "Tarheels." NASH-Pitching hay and milking cows. STELMA-Receptionist at Radio City Music Hall. LORENE-Dashin' for Nash. HAZEL Bxocfm E '- -N E -lfi 1' l l 1. f lr Y r- :.- 'v:..g. L . - e 3 wx , ,1ll,lff'! ff' QS -l-'+1 A l13l , iff 3 IIlPlerl1n's lllllirrnr 1 1 rm l omior Glow MOTTO: "Opportunity ix golden COLORS! Green and Gold FLOWER: Talifman Rose RICHARD COOK .... JACK SPIGLE .... JIMMIE ELLIS. . . . DRUc1LLA BOLTON. RICHARD STEVENS. OFFTCERS MRS. BESS KOONTZ ..... E201 . . . .Prefident Vice P1'e.vident . . . . . .Secrotary . . . . T7'EfU1L7'f.'1' . . . . .Rejaorter . . .Spomor I-In my mn union DILUCILLA BOLTON DALLAS CONNEIQ BERTHA BIIANNAN RICHARD Coox GENE CRAFT IACQUELINE CAMPER HARLIS DAVIS LUCILLE CLARK MARETA DALTON CHARLIE DILLON AUBEY IVIAE Donn JIMMIE ELLIS RQDNEY HECK RACHEL GUSLER JACK SPIGLE KATIE JENVEY i211 PEGGY KEITH MAXINE OTEY BARBARA ROBERTSON BETTY JEAN SPIGLE Zl77Z07'.f I IRICHARD STEVENS REBECCA PETERS JEAN SAVILLE I'IAZEL THOMPSON 22 TIIELMA MORAN MACK TRAIL BETTY ANN PULLEN NELDA RHODES PEARL SHORT JEVVEL SIMPSON LOUISE TRAIL Q5D0fh077407f6 MOTTO: k!17IM7'iCIl'Il end: with 'I can' " CoLoRs: Blue and Gold ' F LOWVERZ Tulip OFFICERS BURTON BOLTON .... ............ ...... P r efident BILLY AUSTIN ......... . . . Vice Prefidenz JEAN AURICH BOLTON. . . ...... Secretary EDNA MAE CALDWELL .... .... R eporter ,MRS. P. E. DUFFY .......................,.............. .... S ponfor ' 1 MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: jimmy Davif, jean Aurich Bolton, Edna Barlefdale, Duane Drewery, Mae Barkfdale, Norma Barksdale, Arthur jenvey SECOND ROW: Faye ddamyon, lllary Ellen Burnx, W'ancla Grublu, Ina Baker, Clzarle: C1'awfo1'zl, Stella Cary, Blary fane Crawford, fean Harrif THIRD Row: Mfr. P. E. Dnjfy, Gladyf Harrif, Dorothy Craft, Elfie Bennett, .Marllza Guy, .Billy Auftin, Dreama Fiflzer, Dary: Caldwell, Ruth Harrix, Belva Dalton BACK Row: Ma1'y Gill, Edna Mae Caldwell, Virginia Ann Brogan, Genevieve F irebauglz, Burton Bolton, Claude Carter, R. f. Caldwell, Courtney Austin i231 Gjbophomore II Mfo'r'ro: "Strong rnimix, great heartx, truefaith and 'willing ltanrlsl' COLORS: Fuxhia and White FLOWER: Snapelragon SARAH THOMAS .... SAM STEVENS .... BETTY KOHEN.'.. ANN SLUSSER .......... BETTY PECK ........... MRS. MARSHALL ETZLER .... OFFICERS MEMBERS AS PICTURED . . . .President Vice Prexident . . . .Secretary . . . Treeuurer . . .Reporter . . .Sponfor FRONT Row: Christine W'oozl, Betty Kolzen, M adge N offfinger, Betty Peck, Sarah Tho1na.r, Rachel Roherxon SECOND Row: Betty Milan, Loi: Powell, Peggy Simpson, Helen Thompfon, Louise Wright, Kathryn johnxon, Rodney Rhodex, Frank Linlcenauger TIIIRD ROW: M1'J. Ma1'5hall Etzler, Bill lllayhew, Ann Slusxer, Shirley lVa-f, Dorothy llloran, Nancy Stejey, Eddie Boy Stevenx, Jimmie M'eDowell BACK Row: Edward Spigle, Herman Short, Robert Tltontpson, Warren Rhodes, Sam Stevenf, Charles Henry Raj, Richard Newcomb, Allen Rhode: T241 R ts K. 1 1- MOTTO: " Tinto whlclt if loft 'ix 1lZ'UZ7'fU1ULll again " COLORS: Blue and White I FLOVVER! Lily of the Valley OFFICERS D CALVIN ARMENTROUT .... . .......... ........ P refident SHIRLEY DALTON ...... .... V ice Preficlent JEAN BRICKEY ..... ..... S ecretary Lols EDWARDS ........ . . . Treaxnrer JAMES DEEL ........... . . .Reporter MR. W. OBENSHAIN. . . . . .Sponxor MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Doretlza Crowder, Betty jean Brickey, Barbara Dalton ' SECOND Row: Rebecca Camper, Shirley Dalton, Emma Craft, Clara Mae Cahoon, Lois Edward: THIRD ROW: llflr. W . Olzenfltain, johnny Alderxon, Calvin Armerzirout, Catherine Crowder, Arlene H icler, Evelyn. Crawford BACK Row: Sanz. Duvall, fame: Deel, Robert Hartfel, Carl Booth, Leon Brannon ABSENT! Verle Du-fy, jexsie Bronghnzan E251 freshmen I I MOTTO: "Make the good better and the better beet" COLORS: Red and Blue FLOWER: Carnation OFFICERS LORETTA REYNOLDS .... ............. .... . . .President ANNE SPIC-LE ........ . . . Vice Prerident JANE RIELEY ..... ..... S ecretary JOYCE POAGUE ........ . . . Treafnrer BETTY LUGAR .......... ,,,, R eporzer Miss ELLEN COLEMAN ............................. .... S ponsor MEMBERS AS PICTURED L FRONT ROW: Ruth Switzer, Freda Nloxef, Rosalie Green, Nadine llfilhelm, Annabelle Lee, jane Rieley, Norma Gam! SECOND Row: joyce Poag-ue, Loi: W ilfon, Loretta Reynoldr, feanette Lexlie, joy M ofef, Geraldine Harrie, Loi: M artin, N aney Firebauglz, 'A THIRD Row: Betty Lugar, Dorothy N iday, An-ne Spigle, Dorothy Lee, Romaine Powell, Eddie Mae Sprinkle, Harriet Harnxberger, Rem Ra-ntrey - FOURTH ROW: lVll.r.v Ellen Coleman, jack Lee, Ray Harper, Nelxon Horton, Paul W'o0d, Leonard Short, Beverly lllaupin, .Melvin Painter, lllatthew Wood, f a1ne.r I leenberry BACK ROW: Ralph We1'tz, fame: Rucker, Illelvin Goad, Garland St. Cla-ir, Dewey llfright, Robert Sprinkle, Norwood Painter i261 'XX xx? 0 . y hy. .1 'I " ge: ,, " ' A' , ,' rg Y ff 4 .4 E,Q-7 'Q ' " X " H' L2 WZTQQV W 3?-TK X M . Q - 0 JMU f-Nf':LiXf? f MH xv A J l X ' ' Zlftiuitiw Qyiaeleaf Goaacll OFFICERS BILLY PETERS ....... ............. .... P r e.ria'e1zt RICHARD STEVENS ..... Ifiee Prefident RACHEL ROBEIKSON ,.... ....... S eeretary PEGGY ICEITH ....... .... T reaxurer DOROTHY Cnoucn ..... .... R eporzer MRS. E. N. CAMDEN ..... ..... S pomor - REPRESENTATIVES , BOB WAID ...... ......,................ ....... S e nior KATIE JENVEY .... ....... j' unior EDWARD SPIGLE ..... .Sophomore I I FAYE ADAMSON ...... . .Sophomore I EDDIE MAE SDRINKLE ..... . .F refhman I I . . lF1'e.rhman I REBECCA CAMPER ..... . MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Dorothy Cro-uch, Peggy Keith, Billy Peterx, Rachel Roberson, Katie fenvey BACK Row: Eddie Mae Sprinkle, Rebecca Camper, M1-.r. E. N. Camden, Faye Adamfon, Edward Spigle, Bob Waid ABSENT: Richard Stevens i281 he atzonal Beta Glab FINCASTLE CHAPTER MoTTo: "Duca1nu.r fllii: Se1'" COLORS: Black and Gold Principles of the Beta Club are achievement, character and leadership, and students must have a high rating in each to become zz member. Projects for the year have been collecting clothes for a needy boy and purchasing a Beta Club plaque. Fifteen members are looking forward to attending the State Convention in Richmond this spring. OFFICERS HAZEL JUNE BROGAN .... ............. ......... P 1 'efident PEGGY KEITH .......... ..... V ice Prerident EDwxNA STEVENS ..., ........ S ecretary RICHARD Cooic ....,... ..... T reaxurer JEAN SAVILLE .,...... . . . .,... Reporter MR. Roscoe BUCKLAND .... ............................ ..... S ja avzmr MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Edwina Stevenr, Hazel fum' Brogarn, Nola Bennett, Betty Kohevz, Audrey Lee, .Muriel Dalton, Phyll1'.r D011 SECOND ROW: Reba Van, Lorene Baker, lVIadge Nojr-i-nge1', Drucilla Bolton, Rachel Robereon, jean .durich Bolton, Dorothy Wood, jean Poague THIRD Row: Norine Baker, Betty Arm Pullen, Betty B-zu-ch, jacquelivze Camper, Peggy Keith, Pearl Short, Amt Sluffer, Elizabeth lllarlcham, Agne: Rucker, Evelyn Har1"i.r FOURTH Row: Phyllif Dodd, jean Saville, Rom Lee Camper, Hazel Thomp:on, flubrey Mae Dodd, Faye Adamxon, Dreama F irher, Dorothy Crouch, Edna lilac Caldwell ' BACK Row: jacob Stfmvnom, Lawrence Th017ZjJ.T07l, Afhby Crowder, Bobby Cojman, Burton Bolton, Weldon Rhodef, lllr. Rofcoe Bucleland, Richard Cook, Billy Auftirz, Edward Harrif, Boll Wa1'd ABSENT: Sarah Thomar l29l atare Q716rnernaher5 of ufrnerzka MOTTO: " Toward New IIori:.on,v" COLORS: Red and White FLOXVERZ Red Roxe The Fmcastle Chapter of the Future Homemakers Of America is afliliated with the state and national Home Economics clubs. One of the many goals for the year has been to raise money for the improvement of the exterior of the Home Economics Department and the purchase of a washing nglachine. Delegates from our chapter will attend the F. F. A.-F. H. A. camp at Morgate Beach during t e summer. OFFICERS NORINE BAKER .... ........ P rerident BETTY JEAN SPTGLE .... ,.,.. S ong Leader SARAH THOLIAS .... . . . . . Vice Prefident NIARETA DALTON ,... ......... I Iiftorian AUDREY LEE .......... ...... S eeretary Nlns. FRANK Boozn. , . . .... Chapter Mother BARBARA ROBERTSON .... .... T reayurer JEAN POAGUE ................ Parliamentarian SHIRLEY NAFF ,....... ..... R eporter Mlss ELIZABETH CUsT1s .............. Sponror 1 MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT ROW: Barbara Dalton, Betty jean Bricleey, Annabelle Lee, Freda Moser, Dary: Caldwell, joy Mofef, Rebecca Camper, Shirley Dalton, foyee Poague, Loi: l'Vil.von, Audrey Lee, N orine Baker, Wanda Grubb: SECOND ROW: Helen T1L0?H.j5.Y0f7I,, Kathryn fohnxon, jean Harris, Shirley Naj, Betty lllilon, Phylli: Dodd, jean Poague, Sarah Thomaf, Peggy Sinzpfon, Chrixtine Wood, Geraldine Harris, Maxine Otey, Evelyn Crawford, Mix: Elizabeth Cu.rti.r THIRD ROW: Ruth Switzer, Dorothy M07'd17, Louise Wriglzt, Hazel Thompxon, Nelda Rhodef, .Martha Guy, Louife Trail, Ina Baker, Dorothy Craft, Clara lllae Cahoon, Emma Craft, Reva Ranuey, Dorothy Niday, Arlene Hickf, Beloa Dalton BACK Row: Ruth Harrix, Dorothy Horton, Nancy Stejfey, Loif Powell, Edwina Steoenf, Mary Gill, Gladys' Harrif, Stella Cary, Mareta Dalton, Barbara Robertfon, Dorothy Lee, Harriet H arn.rberger, Elxie Bennett. l30l afare armory of Qxfmerzea MOTTO: HLt?dLl'1Z'l'l1g to do, doing to learn, earning to lizfe, living to :e1'oe" COLORS! National blue and com gold The F. F. A. is composed of forty-four active members. Eighteen members hold the Green-Hand degree, twenty-hvc the Chapter Farmer degree and one member the State Farmer degree, which is the highest degree awarded in the State organization. In addition to their regular class work, these boys are carrying out the following home projects: 170 acres of held crops, 1,905 laying hens and chicks, zoo animals, and 162 improvement practices. OFFICERS JACOB SIMMONS .... ....... P reridem BILLY AUSTIN ....... .... R eporter RICHARD COOK .... .,... l 'ice Prerident SAM DUVALL .......... .... I Vateh Dog NCORMAN CASSELL .... .....,,. S eerelary NIR. I. XV. OBENSHAIN. . . ..... Spomor BILLY PETERS ..... .... T 1'ea.rurer ' MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Duane Drezoery, Leon Braiman, .Beverly Md1tPi?!, .Eddie Boy Sieoem, facle Lee, Allen Rhodef, Sam Duvall, Charle: Crawford SECOND Row: Frank Livzlee-zzauger, Rodney Rhodee, Billy Peters, james Davie, Calvin Armentrout, Garland St. Clair, Robert Spri-nlele, llfeldon Rhoder, Eugene Lee THxRD ROW: Robert Hartxel, Billy Austin, Mack Trail, Dewey Wright, Richard Cook, Charley Hem-y Raj, Gene Craft, Norwood Painter, Carl Booth, fame: Deel BACK ROW: Dallas Conner, N ormaa Carrell, Ashby Crowcler, W arren Rhodes, Herman Short, Rodney Heck, Richard Newcomb, Ralph Wertz, jacob Simmons, Charlie Dillon, Mr. f. IV. Obenrhain ABSENT: F1-eddie Luear, Harlir Davie, Verle Dujy V l31l 67 Glaho gfpahol EL MoTTo: "El Ejerclc-io Hnce Maeftrol' Los COLORES: Roja y Blanca ' LA FLOR: La Rom El Club de'F.spa1iol se formci al principio cle la escuela. La Clase de espanol I y la clase II com- pusieron el club. El abjcctodel club es: "La convcrsacidn cle Espanol." OFFICERS SHIRLEY NAXFF. . . ....,... Prexidmt EDDIE NIAE SmuNKLE .... . . . Treamrer JANE RIELEY ...... ..... I fire Prexident BETTY KO!-IEN ......... .... R eporter BETTY JEAN SPIGLE .... ...... S eeretnry Mas. H. M. PAINTER. . ..... Spomor MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Faye Aeiam.ro1z, Rachel Roberfon, jean Aurieh Bolton, Madge NOjIi71g67', Betty Kohen, Drucilla Bolton, Betty .dun Pulleu SECOND Row: Loif Edwardx, fam' Rieley, Loi: lllarlin, Katie jerwey, Bezty Burch, Stelma Wilhelm, Jacqueline Camper, Hazel Thompfon , V THIRD Row: Mr':. H. M. Painter, Betty Lugar, jearzette Leslie, Romaine Powell, lllary jane Crazqford, Betty fean Spigle, Eddie Illae Sprivzlele, Aubrey llflae Dodd, Peggy Simpxon FOURTH Row: Leonard Short, Bill lllayhew, Shirley Naj, Edna Mae Caldwell, Peggy Keith, Virgin-in Ann, Brogan, Norma Garyt, Betty llflilon, Richard Stevem, famex I kerzberry, johnny Alderson BACK Row: Ray Harper, Robert Thornpxon, Burton Bolton, Edward Spigle, Genevieve Firehaugh, .411-n Slu.r.ver, Claude Carter, Arthur fevwey, Nelson Horton ABSENT: fexfie Broughman, Dorelha Crowder, Geraldine Newcomb, Keuvzelh Painter l32l A . . xy. .Rr .- -sg Q2 'lf it . . i riff .3 1 4. Vol. l. No. 4 Fincndle High School, Fincasila, Va.--January, I947 . Price SL50 Per 'fshr ' i if A f'Casi:le" Wins onor tes WW ::-:- 'I"I': '--- " ','. wt.. ' A K I 51 -...- U, , 32' 2 .5595 im: .- The Good ' ' ':ZA 73?ff1Pain+er ,.,- 3 :,. Q62 is i t ph OUC Hlillilt -- 4 i,l,CiPl'I5 Ciutitcstiy H V 'stuclc-nts slat -" V' Sc.h,m1H Wasil' bull game of Immnl. "'l"ligi L' battle the :sl 5011 Qlgmligu-Sffff 'i sad to X lic only home. b urge I' plus some boy, This hettel. M si 'X .., Illgjl am null ratin Castle" edited by i . l sliispiisoirggiggi be Trgaa Jlfefferzger Qftaf DOROTHY CROUCH ............. NOI,A BENNETT ............. Asfiftartt Editor BETTY BURCH.. , ,.....,... Literary Editor HAZEL BROGAN ...... Assistant Literary Editor BOBBY COFFMAN ........ Circulation M aaager MARVIN WOOD. .dffiftarzt Circulation Martager MURIEL DALTON .............. Society Editor EDWINA ST NIRS. E. N. BOB WAID ........... . . . . .Boyf Sports GERALDINE EDWARDS ........... Girlf' Sporty LAWRENCE THOMPSON EDWARD HARRIS Editor-in-Cltiej AGNES RUCKEIK ............... Humor Editor DOROTHY HORTON .............. Grade Editor EVELYN NIORAN. . . . .Affiftant Grade Editor ROSA CAMPER ............. Bfafirteff M ariager EARL HARRIS ..... Affiftarzt Biuiiiefx Marzager EUGENE LEE .................... Club Editor EVENS. .... . . .Art Editor CAMDEN. . . .... Spomor . . .Proof Reader: The school paper, The Trojan Me5:er'tger, is published by the Journalism class which is made up of seniors. It is published monthly, ments and subscriptions. MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Bennett, Brogart, Steoeru, Dalton SECOND Row: Edwardx, Co-fman, Powell, illorart, Horton, Racke BACK Row: Tlzompfovt, Burch, Camden, Crouch, Camper, Wood l33l and is financed by advertise- r, Earl Harrif, Ed Harrif, llfaid he Jlfztsize Q!fPl07'66Zlll'ZD7Z and Ghoml Slabs' NIOTTO: " Time -wrecle: the proudest piles we l'lllJ't', The towers, the clonzes, the temple: fall, The fortress eruiitblef and decays, One breath of song outllflex them all." Co Lon: Blue FLONVERZ Rhododendron The objectives of the Music-Appreciation and Choral Clubs are: to sing together, read notes, mterpret songs and harmonize. Each year the club gives a concert of Christmas carols on the steps of the courthouse. OFFICERS f JACK SPIGLE. . . ..,... Prefitlrnt JIMMIE ELLIS ......... .... R eporter PHYLLIS Doss .... . . . Vire Presizleizt BILLY PETERS ........... . . .Librarian PHYLLIS Donn ..... ...... S ecretary MRS. H. M. PAINTER 1 . . . , I Soomow. Rosfx LEE CAMPER. . . .... Treasurer Miss LENNA ETZLER I ' ' MEMBERS AS PICTURED ' FIRST ROW: Mrs. H. lvl. Painter, Katherine Johnson, Betty Kohen, Jean Aurirh Bolton, Belly Peck, Ruth Switzer, Freda Moses, Edna Barksdale, Joy Moses, Miss Lemza Etzler SECOND ROW: Evelyn Crawford, Rachel Gusler, Edwina .S'te1Jens, Jean Poague. Norlne Baker. Madge Nqfsinger. Loretta Reynolds, Aluriel Dalton, gllary Ellen Burns, Norma Barksdale, Aloe Barksdale TI-HRD ROW: Harriet Harnsbnrger, Stelma Wilhelm. Romaine Powell, Nelda Rhodes, Lorene Baker. Doral I lggorl, Phyllis Doss, Agnes Rucker, Drusilla Bolton, Phyllis Jean Dodd, Geraldine Edwards, , 1 ,, FOURTH ROW: Ina Baker. Barbara Robertson, ,Mareta Dalton, Reba Voss, Rebecca Peters, Andry Lee. Pearl Short, Jean Harris, Judy Brogan. Gladys Harris, diary G-ill, Belly Burch, Betty Ann Pzcllcn, FIFTH ROW: Nola Bennet, Shirley Naf. Evelyn Harris, Elizabeth hlarkharn, Catherine Crowder, Dorothy Crouch, Rosa Lee Camper, Betty Jean Spigle, Peggy Keith. Jean Saville BACK Row: Bertha Brannon, Billy Peters, Nash Powell, Ashby Crowder, Norman Cassell, Dallas Conner, Jimmie Ellis, Jack Sfligle, Weldon Rhodes, Bobby Cajfman, Richard Cook. Bob Thompson i341 Jong Glab NIOTTO: "All merry, all happy, all bright" CoLo11: Probably green, but never blue ANIMAL: Old Dog Tray The songs of Stephen Foster are revived each Friday at the regular meeting of the Song Club. The history of a famous song writer is reviewed by the sponsor. The purpose of the Club is not to sing for an education, but just to sing for fun. OFFICERS BOB WAID ......., ...... P rerident CIIARLIE DII.LON. . ...... .... Y breafurer EDWARD HARRKS ...... . . . Vice Prerident LANVRENCE rl-'I-IOMPSON ..... ..... R eporter DOROTHY HORTON .,,.. ...... S eeretary MR. Roscoia BUCKLAND .... ..... S ponxor MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONTSIQOW: lilatthew W'ood, jack Lee, Paul Wood, Leon Brannan, lilelvin Painter, Sanz, Duvall, Leonard lzort . SECOND Row: johnny Alderfon, Eugene Lee, Nadine Willzelnl, Loi: Alartin, joyee Poague, Barbara Dalton, Betty jean Bricleey, Rofalie Green, .flnnabelle Lee, Shirley Dalton, famef Ikenberry, Nelfon Horton, Naney Firebanglt ' TEIIRD Row: Edward Harr-ir, Claude Carter, Jilarvin llfood, Earl Harrie, Dlelvin Goad, Carl Booth, Gene Craft, faoob Si-mmonf, lilary Gill, Robert Harifel, Loi: lyilson, Garland St. Clair F ouxvrn Row: Lawrence, Robert Sprinkle, Edna Illae Caldwell, Glady: Harrie, Clara Mae Caltoon, Emma Craft, Dorothy Horton, Evelyn 1b10f!I7L, Dorothy Lee, Jeannette Lexlie, Geraldine Harris, Reba Ramsey BACK Row: Mr. Rofeoe Buekland, Dewey Wright, Norwood Painter, Ralph Wertz, Clzarlie Dillon, Bob Waid, Courtney f1'ItJ'li7l ABSENT: Harlir Davie, Verle Dujy, fanire Haxlette i351 Qffrz' Gfub MODEL ARTIST! Vivmmt Van. Gogh COLOP.: Va1zGog1: Yrllozo FLOWVER2 Sufjlower The purpose of the Art Club is to learn the art of painting which includes the knowledge of drawing, and the skill Of blending colors. It further teaches symmetry, shading and decoration, thereby helping the pupils not only to ereate but to enjoy the beauties of natuie. OFFICERS KATIE JENifEY. . , ............. ...... P rexidmt BILL MAY:-IEW ....... ....... I ficz President RACHEL ROBERSON ...... ..... S ecretary- Trfafurer BURTON BOLTON ..... ........... R :porter Mas. E. N. CAMDEN .... .... S ponxor IWEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT ROW: Rachel Roberson, Faye dda1n.rovz, Katie fznvey SECOND Row: Burton Bolton, Bill Il-Iayhew, Amze Spigle, zllaxivze Otvy BACK Row: Chzzrley Henry Ruj, Edward Sp-iglf, Illr.r. E. N. Ca1ndz'n, Norman Hormel, R. Caldwell l36l Qjlfazmp Club Morro: "Noi jinirhvrl, jus! llL'g1HIf,, COLORS! Rad and lylzilz' FLOXVER2 Touclz-lllc-Not Collecting stamps is the purpose of the Stamp Club. Each member has an album and the Club has collected several thousand stamps from different parts of the world. For the Club period, only pre- cancel stamps of the United States cities are used, but each member will continue his regular collec- tions outside of Club period. Rrcrman STEVENS .... FRANK LINKENAUG ER .... JIMMY MCDOWELL. ,. . HERNIAN SHORT ..... BILLY AUSTIN ......... hh.. I. WV. OBENSI-IAIN .... OFFICERS MEMBERS AS PICTURED . . . . . .Prefidfnt Vice Preridmt . . . . .Sccrftary . . . . Treasurer . . . .Reporter . . . .Spovzror FIRST ROW: .flrtlzur fevwey, fame: Deal, fimmy IlIc'Dowzll, Frank Linkenauger SECOND ROW: Richard Stevenf, lllflfk Trail, Rodney Heck, Herman Short, Billy Aiutifl, Mr. IV. Obmflzaivz ABSENT: Frfddie Luca: l'37l The Etzaaefte Slab MOTTO: "Batter vllavzrwrf for lzsifer living" COLORS: Gram and llfhila FLOWER: Lily of the Vallry A well-mannered, thoughtful girl is the ideal of the members of the Etiquette Club. The Club is planning to buy "The Book of Etiquette' by Emily Post to use as a basis for study. OFFICERS BETTY MILON ..... ,...... P residerzt PEGGY SIMPSON ..,..... A. ....... Vice Prexidmt IVIARY JANE CRAWFORD ..,. .... S ecrciary-Trfafurfr LOUISE XVRIGHT ......... ............ R :porter Mrss ELIZABETH CUSTIS ..... ..... S pomor MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Loi: Edwardf, Rebecca Camper, Wanda Grubby, Mary jane Crawford, Peggy Simpxovz, Betty M ilon SECOND Row: Loi: Powell, Louise Trail, Louife Wright, Helen Tlzomj:.ro1z, Dorothy Craft, Christine Wood, Mis: Elizabeth Czuti: , BACK Row: lllartha Guy, Elsie Bermett, Ruth Harrix, Dorothy Nloran, Belva Dalton, Stella Cary l3Sl Y , l The fzlle Glaa Morro: "Lord, ,fpeak to me' COLORS! Green ami Gold FLOWER: Yellow Ron' Under the direction of the neighborhood ministers, the Bible Club is studying the following things: how we got our Bible, the historical development of the Hebrew nations, types of literature, Bible characters, and the beginning and spread of Christianity. LUCILLE CLARK ..... CHARLES CRAWFORD. . ALLEN Ruonns ..... HAZEL THOAIPSON ..... MINISTERS or Vicmrrv. .. . . OFFICERS MEMBERS AS PICTURED . . . . .President . . . . . . . Vice President S ecretary- Treamrer ...........Reporter . . . . .Spomorf I FRONT Row: Rodney Rhodes, Allen Rlwdef, Lucille Clark, Charles Crawford BACK Row: fame: Rucker, Thelma Rlorarz, Hazel Tlzornjnfori, Warren Rhode: l39l he OEZlL67'6l7j! 6106 lX'Ilo'r'ro: " Lnaru to read, rear! to IL'!LI'1lU COLORS: l,z1ve11zlr1' am! Wlziiv F LOXVERZ Violet From the pages of current books and magazines, the Literary Club has gleaned material for many interesting programs. These are given by the members each week. A short play is planned for the spring. OFFICERS GENEVIEVE FINEBAUGH .... ............ ..... P r erident VIIKGINIA ANN BROGAN .... .... V ire Prefidenz AUBREY NIAE. Dorm .... , . .Secretary-Trenmrer JACQUELINE CAMPER .... ..,...... R eporter Miss ELLEN COLEMAN. . .' ..... Sponsor MEMBERS AS PICTURED X FRONT Row: Beverly lllaupivz., Eddie Boy Steven: SECOND Row: Aubrey lllae Dodd, Norma Cant, Calvin Alf-mmztrout, Ray Harper, jimmy Drwix, jane Rieley, Eddie Illne Sprinkle BACK Row: Dorothy Niday, facgueline Camper, Barbara Robertson, Genevieve Firelmugh, .Min Ellen Coleman, Sammy Stevem, .filnn Sluxser, Virginia Ann Brogan l40l ,Q'6ra7j1 Gpwlzzo K'lO'I'TOZ L'Siff'i1cz' if goldmz " COLORS: Bluv mul Yullow PLOWVER2 ClLry.m11themum The growth and development of libraries is thc main topic of studv for the Librarv Club. The members have visited several large public lihraries nearby. The club has endeavored to keep interesting books and posters on display. MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT ROW: Saroh Tlzoviznf, Rcj?o1'ter,' Dary: Caldwell, P1'e.rirlent,' .71-113. lllafvhall Etzlcr, Sponxorg D1'K'll77ZH Fz.vlz1'r, Vin, P1't':1cZfvzt,' Dorftfza CI'0wlZHI', Secv'fln1'y-T1'fa:1m'r A l i 6'reafz"zfe 7ff7rz'zz'7zg Gino .MoT'ro: "For good I-intlz not in jfurfuivzg-but in doing and doing" COLORS: Black and Wlzite ' FLOYVERZ White' Violet Short stories and incidents unfold from the pens of the members of this club. They are doing practice work in composition, and have written short plots and completed endings to given plots. MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Richard Nfwcomb, Vice P1-ffifient,' Betty Lugnrg Mm. BM: K oonzz, Spo11j'or,' jewfl Simp- Jon, P1'e.s'icle11Z,' Duane Drfwe1'y, Rcjnorier ABSENT: Gcraldivze Newmvnb, Szcretary- Tn'n.r1w'cr l41l T726 Ufjqce Workerf The many duties of the oH'ice Workers begin "AU period. The lists of absentees must be typed and filed. The Daily Bulletin is also typed and distributed this period, sometimes extending into "B" period. Whenever a student is late to class, he comes to the oflice where an oflice Worker gives him a tardy excuse and records it for filing. It is the duty of each office Worker to know how to cut stencils and operate the rnimeograph and Rex-O-Graph machines. They are also taught filing, the use ofthe adding machine, proper office behavior and the routine of any oiiice. The office workers are doing an excellent job. MEMBERS AS PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Pfterr, jean Sa-ville, Geraldine Edwardr, Reba Var! ABSENT: Nola Bennett - l42l E is Cfzeerleezdefcv GERALDINE EDYVARDS .... .,., I lead Cheerleade TOP PICTURE FRONT Row: Katie jenvey, Norivze Baker, Geraldine Erlwardf, Loretta Reynoldx, Faye ffdamron BACK ROW: Phyllif Don, .Muriel Dalton, Ilifary Ellen Burm, Betty Burch The songs and yells heard at the games stem from one source, the Cheerleaders. Without their vigorous backing, our teams would feel lost indeed. At the beginning of the season, they sponsored a party for the basketball teams, and a sale of megaphones, beanies and school colors. l43l .-wx were - p Qzelf' fafhefhall Qyquaa' TROIANETTES MRS. H. M. PAINTEIL. . . .... Coaeh :HAZEL 'TUNE BROGAN. . . ...... Captain BETTY ANN PULLEN .... .... ll lanager BETTY JEAN SPIGLE ..... ..... C 0-Captain MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Phyllix Dodd, Belty jean Spigle, Haze! june Brogavz, Eelwiua Slewenx, Dorothy Crouch SECOND ROW: Iliff. H. JW. Painter, Peggy Keith, .Jun Sfuffer, Genevieve Firehaugh, Betty Ann Pwllen, Nancy F-ireba-ugh BACK Row: Doretha Crowder, Catherine Crowder, jean flurieh Bolton, Betty Peek, Edna Mae Caldwell, Dreama Fifher, Madge A70-fJi71g6T, Barbara Robertson, facqueliue Camper ABSENT: Romaine Powell, Geraldine N eweomb SCORES FOR 1946-47 SEASON Trojanettes . . . 32 Eagle Rock Trojanettes . . . 27 Buchanan. Tfojanettes . . . 26 Dunlap. . . Trojanettes . . . 24 Central. . . Trojanettes .... . . . 29 Troutville. Trojanettes . . . 38 Colonial. . . Trojanettes.. . . . 25 Troutville. Trojanettes . . . 26 Dunlap. . . Trojanettes ..,. , . . 30 Colonial. .. Trojanettes .... . . . 30 Eagle Rock Trojanettes . . . 2.1 Buchanan. E44 20315, Fofkeilnzll Qyguczrl TROJANS IXIR. OTHO COON ............ ,,... C oach ' BILLY PETERS llmd Cnptnzn DIR. LOMAX BRECKENRIDGE ...., ..,.... C ouch ROBERT S1-RWRLE Blanager MR. Roscolz BUCKLAND .... .......... C ouch COURTNEY ALSTIN f1r.r1.rta11t Manager CHARLIE DILLON ......... .... F irst Captain LANVRENCE lno iPSO1N T1 nrleerper BOE XVAID ...... ..... .... S r fond Captain MEMBERS AS PICTURED FRONT Row: Afrlzby Crowder, Clzarl-iz Dillon, Billy Peterf, Boll Word Rzclzzzrd Stfven: SECOND Row: Courtney fiurtin, Richard Cook, fi-mmie Ellir, Ed Harrz farle Sprgle .Norman Cnufll Ralph llfertz, Sam Stevenx, Robert Sprinkle THIRD Row: R. Caldwell, fimmie Daffir, Alrtltur fenvey, Gene Cm! Rwltard Newcomb Claualf Carter, Burton Bolton, Franle Livzke1zauge1', jimmy rl'IcDozuell Trojans Trojans Trojans ..... Trojans ..... Trojans Trojans Trojans Trojans Trojans Trojans Trojans Trojans sconns FOR 1946-47 SEASON 23 33 26 I1 16 26 I5 33 ...zo 33 ...4o ...3o I45 Eagle Rock Buchanan. Dunlap. . . Central. . . Troutville. Colonial. . . Troutville. Dunlap. . . Colonial. . . Eagle Rock Buchanan . Central. . . 'TIH1'rrur,lH1Iirrnr,un Ufwallf I 1 w i N 4 W 4 X461 . 'IIIU1'rrur,IH1lirrnr,an Ih' wall-7 1 4 2 s .5 1 .I47j Inaomzkzg Hgh 65272001 Qjaizzdenff The following is a list Of those who are now in the Seventh Grade and Who, if grades are satisfactory, will be members of the 1947-48 Freshman Class. Satis- factory passing Of Seventh Grade Work alone will admit these Students to High School. BARBARA BARKSDALE EDITH BECKNER JOYCE LORRAINEDBOLTON BURLEIGH BREEDLOVE PATTY LOIS BROGAN JOHN BRUNH RANDOLPH BRUNK CHARLOTTE CAHOON FRANCES CAI-IOON PERCY CAHOON lVIARY CARTER LEMUEL CONNER LOMAX CRAFT ROBERT CRAFT WILLIAM CRAFT DELBERT CRAIGI-IEAD PATSY CRONISE ANNA LOU DALTON MARVIN DALTON MANUEL ESTEP JIVANDA FERRELL CLYDE FIREBAUCI-I DEMATRIS GOAD lVlADISON GREEN ELEANOR HARRIS NORMAN HARTSEL VVAYNE I'IAYMAKER NANCY HECK RETA JOHNSON GARLAND JONES HAROLD IQESSLER EDGAR LACKEY JEANETTE LACKEY HERMAN LEE MAl1GfXRE'F LEECI-I NANCY LEWEY NIARJORIE LUGAR MILES IVIARKHAM i481 ROBERT NICDOWELL THOMAS lVlEREDITH RAY MORAN HELEN PALMER DAPI-IINE POFF HELEN POWELL RUSSELL PULLEN NIILDRED RHODES FRANK RUEE IXLMA SAVILLE DONALD SHANKS PHYLLIS SHANKS WILLIAM SIMMONS VVILLIAM SPIGLE BETTY SPRINKLE SAIVIUEL SPRINKLE DOROTHY THQMPSON HILDAX VJASS MARGARET ZIMMERMAN . - - I unsung -le. I Zldnzrtisamznts .-A ll f . A " W? -.? 4wJ e x - , ,f N, ws Y Z X- .' 5531-- QQX in -5 Hg? W3 , my S46 1... 'gf my QE, THE STCDNE PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING CCDIVIPANY 116 132 NORTH JEFFERSON ST. DIAL seas K3 TRUNK LINESJ ROANOKE, VIRGINIA PRINTERS OF YOUR ANNUAL Compliments of THE BANK OF FINCASTLE FINCASTLE, VIRGINIA MemberFed IDp tl C p t I50I RMA IN 73 W. V. REYNOLDS, Inc. Fl.ouR FEEDS HAY Headquarters for AUBREY'S RED "A" FEEDS DIAL 2-3481 301 Randolph Street, S. E. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Compl imenfs of 'Growers 84 Producers Exchange, Inc. JOHN DEERE FARIVI MACHINERY Roanoke, Virginia i511 Because STYLE COMES FIRST MITCHELL - Gr Y I - . , I l 309 South jefferson Street ROANOKE, VIRGINIA CORNETT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION TO Tl-IE STUDENT7S PROGRESS I7 Franklin Rd. Dial 2-6401 WORTI-l'S Style Plus Value at Worth' 311 South Jefferson Street ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 5' AIRHEART- KIRK CLOTH I-NG CO. Me1z'J Clothing Since 1912 IO7 W. CAMPBELL AVE., ROANOKE South? Finest M E R I T A BREAD CAKE AMERICAN BAKERIES COMPANIES Eyeglass Comfort depends on Examination by your Medical Doctor and Proper Fitting and Servicing by Us. We also fit Sunglasses, Goggles, Reform Glass Eyes and make all Repairs. BLANKENSHIP Sc DAVIS Ophthalmir Difperzfarr C0ptician.0 40 W. Church Ave. Roanoke, Va. Dial 3-2051 ' 1. CECIL DAvIs EARI.M.BLANKENSI1IP Compliment: of B U D G E T S H O P 52 Co1nplimmt.v Qf 522502 'c:L2J'Yf'i.'iQ'f CATERING TO YOUR LUMBER, MILLWORK AND BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS EXCLUSIVELY DIAL 8188 ROANOKE, VA. VICTORY SPECIALTY COMPANY, Inc. W lzolesalz CANDIES AND CIGARS Exclzzsive Di.flributor.s' of LOVELL 8: COVEL and BRACI-IIS CHOCOLATES VVe also have the following Cigar Franchises for Southwest Virginia: MURIELS, HAVATAMPAS, RED DOTS, WIHITE OWLS, ROBERT BURNS 305 RANDOLPH STREET ROANOKE, VIRGINIA DIAL 6209 A R. MINTQN, Inc. Fresh and Cured Meats-Poultry-Eggs 24 E. CAMPBELL AVENUE PIIONE 2-7205 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA I53l ff I 1 PURTRQIT 5101i CUITIIIIERCIHL 'if PHUTUGRHPHERS A SCHOOL AND COLLEGE WORK A SPECIALTY The Photographer for 1947 Castle IIM VV. Church Avenue Dial 7967 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA IACIIOSS FROM GREYHOUND Bus TEIIMINAIJ NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE ROANOKE, VIRGINIA The S0'lLIf1L,S Largeft Commercial College WVrite for 190-Page Catalog NI. A. SMYTIIE, Prexident ABE HUDDLESTON RADIATOR REPAIRING ACETYLEN E AND ELECTRIC WELDING New and Uxed Auto Parts "Auto Glaff Inftalledn DIAL 96OO ROANOKE, VA. A. S. PFLUEGER REGISTERED JEWELER American Gem Society I I8 West Campbell Avenue ROANOKE, VIRGINIA WERTZ 84 SMITH OPTICAL COMPANY Prefeription Opticians F. E. VVERTZ 613 Jefferson Street QPATRICK HENRY IIOTELD DIAL QOI5 ROANOKE, VA. 54 Comjzliments of ROANOKE NEI-Il BOTTLING CORP. MAKERS OF ROYAL CROWN COLA P. T. P. and NEHI BEVERAGES C omplivnrnty ROANOKE CITY MILLS, Inc. The Southlv Largest and Finn! Flour and Feral Milli MANUFACTURERS OF Enriched METROPOLITAN LIGHT WHITE FLOURS PUREBRED POULTRY, DAIRY AND STOCK FEEDS fRemcmber to get the bag marked RING'S, the trademark of feeds for scientific feedingj HENEBRY 3' SON CALDWELL-SITES Co. 209 Jefferson Street Roanoke, Va. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA DIAIXIONDS - VVATCI-IES - JEWELRY OHICC Equipment - Office Supplies SILVER - CHINA - CRYSTAL SUWIOHCFY - Gifts 'One of the Soutlfs Fine Jewelers" Mimeographs 55 40 x7EARS SERVICE C01llPli1l1L'7ll.S' 'f'mi1?"3tw:."-, . X D LK 3, l N lsaifazlf' Y " Bush-Floro Shoe CO. Shoes for the Entire Family ' n T R ,I Q M rw' A Laboratory Controlled ROANOKE, VA. Cossel I-l-lodges CO. REALTORS 106 West Kirk Avenue ROANOKE, VIRGINIA RENTALS - LOANS - INSURANCE P. O. Box 2054 DIAL 2-3126 Outgrowth of Shop Established by J. H. Mcrsteller, l887 Morsteller Corporation ll'Iozzurne1zt.r -- Tile - Terrazzo Marble - Flagstone 201 I FRANKLIN ROAD ROANOKE, VA. 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ROANOKE, VIRGINIA DIAL 5551 " We Specialize in Power and Hand Tools and Supplies for Schools" iii A 44, I TIl'5IYl Ilf5'?I3?2lElk'lS ' . Wir? ' I Wolpl I I A 0 GITHIUCTKKETNJ EHCIDUBSIE U CHARCUAL srfglrs WILLIAMSON RUM, 5 MILES IURIILUF HDAIDKE, UI IUIITE 11 SOUTHERN STATES ROANOKE SERVICE, Inc. Store NO. I 317 MOUNTAIN AVENUE, S. E. Telephone 8615 Quality Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers I I -PJELUELERSTI7 II2 South Jefferson Siren? LAZARU N ROANOKE 57 VVIIERE CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS ARE JUST DIFFERENT ENOUGI-I 'ro MAKE THEM DISTINCTIVE Ai ax Z! 4-1 , -42:--"If" lx CLOTHING, INC. ROANOKE, VA. Roanokeff Jlflost Favorite Rezza'y-to- Wear' Shop for the School Girl OSEPH PIGEL HENRY STREET Fovvlkes and Kefauver REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Ponce de Leon Building ROANOKE, VIRGINIA DIAL 8846 PARSELUS PIE SHOP IO2 COIIIMERCE S'I'REE'r ROANOKE, VIRGINIA B. FORMAN SONS ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Wvf-m A" 'Jail' QP" 193' ' Q A-.ivzafdaa-'9"l'lO9 W.CAMPBELL AVE. SNIART VVONIEN'S APPAREL " Exchuioe-Not Expenfioe U I I P PHONE 5518 Phelps 84 Armisteod Incorporated Complete Ifome Ouljftters I I I-I I 3 Campbell Avenue, West ROANOKE, VA. 58 SlDNEY'S Smart Ready-to-Wear and Accessories - Furs - Millinery and Shoes SOI SOUTH JEFFERSON STREET ROANOKE, VIRGINIA DIAL 2-IO2I Smart Junior Ready-to-Wear - Accessories - Shoes and IVIi1linery At Price: You Can A-ford to Pay LEARN TO FLY I ' THE IVORLD'S ,QE gf IT'S FUN AND if RI BEST HOBBY Y 2 4'k EASY TO LEARN I I' S V APPROVED FOR VETERANS' TRAINING UNDER THE G. I. BILL BOHON AVIATION SCHOOL DIAL 3-2388 . WOODRUM FIELD ROANOKE, VA. SMART STYLES FOR COLLEGE AND CAREER GIRLS AT JACK HORNER SHOP ROANOKE, VIRGINIA SIGN OF SINCE QUALITY out lags DAIRY PRODUCTS DIAL ROANOKE 6261 I59I Covnpliments Of fPSliIIIII?'1'f BOTTLING CONIPANY, INC. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Beit UZYTIIZEJ from SOUTHWEST V IRGINIA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE WHITING GIL CGMPANY RECAPPING- VULCANIZING - GASOLINE - LUBRICATION TIRE SALES AND SERVICE f Firebauglfs Cash Store DEALERS Lower Catawba Service Station I601 RADER FUNERAL HOME, Inc. 24-HOUR SERVICE TRouTvlLLE, VIRGINIA Compliments of Liberty Limestone ond Company BUCHANAN, VIRGINIA TELEPHONE 203 1 Producers of Limestone Crushed and Ground for all Purposes 16111 Complilnerms' Of F. D. BOLTON COMPANY VVISHING YOU THE BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE ACTIVITIES R. E. BOLTON U S E Q THOIVIAS F. RADER Belle of Cloverdale Flour Agent A N D STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY Red Rose Feeds CLOVERDALE MILLS CLOVERDALE, VIRGINIA BI.ooIxIINGToN, ILLINOIS Automobile - Life - Fire FINCASTLE, VIRGINIA Eagle Rock Milling and Manufacturing Co. Incorporated lwzznufczcturers of AMERICAN EAGLE, PRISCILLA AND RED ROSE FLOUR WINNER BRAND "COUNTRY STYLE" CORN MEAL Rendering Cooperative Service in SOUTHERN STATES FEEDS - SEEDS - FERTILIZERS - FARNI SUPPLIES EAGLE ROCK, VIRGINIA I62I Complimewztf of Richardson and Wills Store TROUTVILLE, X71RGINIA Katz Food Company I62I First Avenue, 'N. W. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Distributors of FOOD PRODUCTS Telephones 2-3491, 2-3492 .FOR COURTEO US SERVICE -visit TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK TROUTVILLE, VIRGINIA 7-UP EOTTLING COMPANY ' ROANOICE, VIRGINIA Scrfuing Fincastle High fwiih BASTIAN BROTHERS QUALITY C0,,,p1ime,,fs ENGRAVED ANNOUNCEMENTS f 0 BASTIAN BROTHERS FINE CLASS RINGS HVVILLSIEH SUPERIOR SENIOR AND FACULTY GOWNS RAYMOND E. PAGE x26 Cleveland Avenue Vinton, Va. Roanoke 84 Bofefourt Telephone Company .0.-r H531 - .I , .eolzlu -I ' Q56 . xg 5414 c rm. 9.10. Kam, - Q77 JAM! CM'-x'L'-3'-"My.VT QZZMW1. 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Suggestions in the Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) collection:

Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 24

1947, pg 24

Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 7

1947, pg 7

Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 11

1947, pg 11

Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 41

1947, pg 41

Fincastle High School - Castle Yearbook (Fincastle, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 41

1947, pg 41

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