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 - Class of 1957

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. 2 i E 5 K 1 I i 1 I i 1 ' 0 ll' . fbi. ..1 ,. C .. we v , A . . f .ww ' ' :JE A Y., 7 . '5 ' V . , . ,, . r l .4 ig.. ,. 5, r ' .- -- X N . '::-155 ' A 1 is V , , . x ' ' LA E l xgy. mf v 4:4 ..7,..'r - r V-"ff , ME: bu hw'--A 5, 4 , A i'3aI,'S-if . 'w - 1. ., , if X , .gf 4 i-51,1 -L 17 Sak: V 1' , 5-. "T"..- :V . Q V 15, JL. 3" -2.3 ' Y Hi? I. 45 i ,ng " ,- N , n.,, H kg f "'1- f..f'5f3tf.. 4-v. ' LLL f ,.,f A7 "Y . ' ' Ti '- 'f, , ' - L-.:g.,.: ' '- VL: ff ' 1. -1 13 if . v 'rf' f' .1 '.' A-., , 1 I f..?,Q. - . 1 I ' ,HV '3- "' --4-L311' , mir-- N L: Q: fl . , f ldf 3-. . Y -' lt, 1-' ,Z-7 -f " fQ'?,.,. .- 4 1.- 5 75 1, , -.2----,QW 1" -f .3 J. , 1:7 g E, pf ' ug. 1 2,5 '. .fn if'25"?3: f 1,31 1:11 ,-V V, :Q . J ?I:fX' p lz.: E 1, jf PfAf'g1f'f I - ..N -19'-' "- " . f Q ' ' a . MM ' L. I :- Fue- Ed: +I- ! 7 -if , f1f .:':1f4r.' 1 K-ff.-lf, 5 .15552 ' 'N 3 it -I f. ,. . J '5fA:K' 1. ' If M- V , . , J! '- ' 1 -. Iunwukl. ' A "V " 1' 1 41, w f, - . 1 'Af' W, H X Qi' if 3 A 5 , i ,, ':.A : lg 5, v ' 'N - r .. ' .:. ' f4:!'1g3+nqg,g-. ' New f . wr, 11 ' W I A A z n S. Q 1 J W' ' V "Q", 2 Fifi Q , ff T J +1 . A w E 1 A V H ' A J 4 Y f ni-xp, , m fiwi , lv ., , ,, , Y W .-1 1, ,wflfsm " New ' W gf ML? my SP w W . 1 .1 Mi lf-V M. W. ' wh: '- Y mit ' af H L , 1, 1 new J M, X , Q 1957 Q H ., N 4 "wg as ' A531 "+M- 'w V M iw. -" kim ev L PILLMORE HIGH SCHOOL FILL ORE,I DIAN .J - F 1 in A : Wh ww, 4 V42 MW M, ,EE M my H, N 1: A - MHA A N' CVM 'Q -E, Zriwf , , ,. ' 1, .l!WH'w AWMM' f rw wiv 'M Ju Q!,",i'71 W ,wgaeyw A ., ,1 42rwwwaw, iii? ' :fW?'9f1'.J1ff DEDICATION MISS AVIS KNETZER MRS. KIMBEL WILSON SISTER MARY CELESTE MRS. NACHENHORS MRS. RUBY HOOD MRS. VIVIAN SUTHERLIN MRS. NAY MRS. MARY RINK In appreciation of their untiring efforts, their interest and the encouragement they gave us, we, the Class of 1957 dedicate our yearbook to our first grade teachers. 1 Mr. Arthur L. Johnson Always understanding and cheerful, Principal A. L. Johnson runs school affairs smoothly. 1 l Mr. Eugene H t it it Anefficient 1 Mr. Alfred Heovin As township trustee, he is often seen at school events. Advisory Board: Marvin Jackson, Cleo Amold, Wilfred Tincher. Mr. Paul Pruitt Miss Sally Elrod Instructor in industrial arts and drafting. Teaching home economics and chemistry He still has time for the activities of the keeps Miss Elrod busy, along with helping Junior Class, since he is their sponsor. the yell leaders. Mr. Allan Buitershell As teacher of health, band and driver education, he has been busy during his first year at F. H. S. XJ M' M b IJ h FSS " e 'sep . . Mr. shumll Almnaef Miss Joseph takes time out from her duties AS Coach and teacher of health and history to advise the seniors about the yearbook he also teaches boys, physical education. ' and the bookstore' English and Soclal He finds some time to work on his new home. studies teacher, she is also senior sponsor. N, ,... 2? A R f . A 1 ,M 'V frimr. g' .. 9 M r " ry , X r + gg lhrk Y , Hx Wy! rr ,rx Nr rr 5 r., 4 5 Mr. 'N errdeit Smith . He teaches History 11, History 1,2-ioiogy 9, Mrs pc W Engiish 10, Gener-at Science 8, and sponsors jfllsjg Gen nA the ireshmen. Yet he aivvays has iohe ior any- eday. sind eva M , V 4 one who wiii iisten--and they do. Ucatjo e dfhgljshi lho M tsy' I1 an es f. ke n 'nns 1 d foind tj SD he 'SS N SDOHIZS forr bus Odnggrlgr mos the Dhy t Of eigbtiical th grade Mrs. Dorothy Goodman She supervises pnhiication oi the schooi paper. M Math and commerce are her subiects. The seventh' Hg- will. de is her ciass to advise. teaclrepgm Cr SOD .H qui oig hom g La fe b OI-es tin usy ' an as In E-jommschool usfn erce trea ess U He sul' e affaj dir r all rs ects d n QW! or -of S N.. 6' si -:I 550 5 .... X ,S -. I, 4 V, M at as 2' , 9' 7' '71 : 39 5 7 1 VE- I gf' '1 ' 'QS K , I w Y W1 4 SENIOR OFFICERS Earl Chestnut, Presid ent, Doretta Harris, Secretary, Gerald Clark, Treasurer, Carolyn Ames, V106 Presldent ' sf mn, Motto: Not how much, but how well Colors: Blue and White. Flowers: Pink and White Roses. WS mum, President Chee E215 C Hfglyn Ames I Vic e P resldent aw . SQCYCL Doreua Hams' A Immun f 'fir - f if M .wwmw Gemld My CHa tk, AM Tfeas Ur er Qu' P' ckeu D emxis 1 Clar , lc B ' fyan P auicia Btoadscreec I Hines Ca 1'1- Co e5 Son :Y aosema james W illi 31118011 cheson I. Wx B ma NO' jerry Cox ' s Tihchet new GX 3 K ,K Nj 5 Ffank U ferr oria Mayne y Ozmenr ff M iv? Schafer SENIOR CLASS WILL. We, the Senior Class of 1957, ofthe town of Fillmore, County of Putnam, and the State of Indiana, being of what we hesitate to call a sound mind fhowever, since we have to get this over with, we wish to be accepted as such for nowj, do ordain and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, there- by making any other wills null and void: I, JERRY OZMENT, do herewith bequeath to Neil Irwin my ability to be kicked out of sixth period study hall. LNORMAN HUTCHEQN, do herewith bequeath to Rex Coffman my love for bookkeeping and only hope he will be able to do better than I. I, GLORIA MAXWELL, do herewith bequeath to Janice Giddings my freckles and my love for student managers. I, CAROLYN AMES, do herewith bequeath to Janice Beaman my height. I, JERRY COX, do herewith bequeath to Lee Stewart my manliness. I, DORETTA HARRIS, do herewith bequeath to Judy McNary my neighbor to the east. 1, EARL CHESTNUT, do herewith bequeath to Mr. Craig a Latin II class of fifty students and to Gary Roberts my good behavior. I, GERALD CLARK, do herewith bequeath to Mrs. Goodman my love for Elvis Presley records. I, CLARK BRYAN, do herewith bequeath to Sonny Buis my height and my ability to play four years of high school basketball. I, JIM CARRICO, do herewith bequeath to Tracy Williamson my ability to get along with the teachers. I, PATRICIA BROADSTREET, do herewith bequeath to Nancy Phillips my yelling ability and my seat in the band. I, FRANK SCHAFER, do herewith bequeath to Jim Christy my love for hillbilly music. I, RJOSEMARY JONES, df' herewith bequeath to Beulah Phillips my permanent seat in Mr. Battershell's study hall. I, DENNY PICKETT, do herewith bequeath my ability to have a wreck once a month to anyone who wants it. I, JIM WILLIAMSON, do herewith bequeath to Mr. Johnson the duty of keeping a watchful eye over Judy McNary after I am gone. 1, DENNIS HNCHER, do herewith bequeath to Darrell Toney my ability to miss only one day of school all during high school. We, the Seniors of Fillmore High School, do hereby subscribe to the above on this Hrst day of February, 1957. I THE CLASS OF 1957 4 -'rm me-P' Most Popular Jerry C. and Patricia A Shy Personality! Silent Type! Jim C. Frank 'L C V'-:x'W'f' 'X if l 'j f Lx .,:, A T 'I x' ea, xg... I' School Spirit Most Afhletic Doretta Clark Time Only for Judy Jim W. , ,, xxx' Third Finger Really Sparkles Carolyn Most Artistic Norman ? "'?"2f,s Hates Sturvution Dennis , mi.-K - Best Dressed Jerry O. Most Likely to Succeed Secret Ways With the Teachers Earl Lee Gerald Loves Adventure Speed Demon Rosemary ' Denny Quite on Actress Gloria 8 il -4 ., EEA-1 F S Z" '3FO!R7f- , wg .5 hfgy' ,K-4 "' . 'GNEMAKXN , ' P . - "' -- X g,qn14DS'w'l E 'E 1, g 1 z I 2 mm,1k " f s' x I '-'S 4, vra.g, , K C y? qi yu , S 2 x lg Vincent Kiger, Judith McNary, Jimmy Woods, Tracy Williamson, Siirley Amold, Ronald Lawson, Ray Nichols, Charlotte Everts. Juniors Sv' ,1 wi' x 1 CLASS OFFICERS Sponsor - Mr. Pruitt Secretary - Caroline Robinson President - James Woods Treasurer - Judy McNa.ry Vice President- Hobart Buchanan Reporter - Gary Roberts Hobart Buchanan, Nancy Phillips, Caroline Robinson, Larry McGinnis, Archie Strong, Donald Mundy, Rex Coffman, Janice Beaman. Patty Bassett, D0riS Lisby, Rnbert Clark, Gary Roberts, Kathryn Brown, Buelah Phillips, C. J. Huller. X ffm 'Z 1 ,L ... ' 3 A f"'-- 4 NU A Ki' Ki: A 'M I - , , L ,, . by gf A ' , li I .nfl 551 , , xi i 4: -. I . I 'gl I .Ma , " r QA" ,, am. ,im l 1 au' , ' . ,a A , V , L' Q' , l 2 .Ml 2 ik, , . , - -. W' 1, N uf 5' H - " ' if ., WT' V' ' 'lt ' ' . B. f , L I . I 7 -" 9 S lla F' .,' S ' 7 . Ri .4 ' 1 ' A ,pn i . wx-I Nb ww :ville Tincher :cy Singleton M my :vid Gwin ancy Hammond aynard Amold Q A . N A,. IR ary Ann Hotop A lenda Strong 'A Li m Buis f V A V va Carlton - ' . llen Hutcheson ' rfif ,u rn Shaner ' '1' .ax A andn .June Runnells ' sv -- Q , Sophomores CLASS OFFICERS Ellen Hutcheson, Treasurer Jean Anderson, Vice President Janet Cooksey, Class Reporter Neil Irwin, Class Reporter Jim Bryan, President Charles Storm, Secretary ll . l if H' Q QQ .5 , .7 gm' . ' t mfg 6, gl ... J . A ' - . s., T5 . .. 'Zi I , - V. iii I L .LL C -" '-2 " ea I .ll vi N! Q 1 fv- fix net Cooksey larles Storm V Vx A lr m Bryan " fm " " ,, Q 7' 3. era Pickett ..,. i 'K w' :wi q 3 J irilyn Robinson i 'V ' T .. f xrbara Stone . 5 Y, 'R X Y r . P ' X , it eil Irwin 2rry Hoese .- :xrolyne Broudstreet H , i 4? 3 X -3 J 9' iv 5 . :an Anderson v ' l -we x L, Q, V ' ,I T, . ' t 5,3 k 'ur I -- sf Y , -Y , I arry Arnold get :VH E if , J, 5 1 im Deweese ,W -W V 1' ' f if 2- . . ,k , N . W - fx Qs 'A' 'Q N. mia Truesdel , llly Skinner ,. anice Giridings A it 'Q' 1 A' onalrl 0'Hair 'iw L, Q 'f 'V' , andu Kay Burnside - A e- I, V Z W 'MV jf , ' obert Frazier 0 ' V 'x " Irwin Huber Sharon Jones Donald Sibbitt Sue Phillips Arthur Evans Jim Christy Donald Bassett Mike Sims Evelyn Nichols Rnnnie Jarrett Carol Parker Martin Kmse Stanley Everts Barbara Cash LeRoy Zeiner Darla Wade Darrell Toney Richard Clark Vera Williamson Donald Stewart Joan -.iicldings Beverly Nichols 14' L bf -.1 -,- -ai' -5 Q34 57, Darrell Toney, President LeRoy Zeiner, Vice President Barbara Cash, Secretary Sue Phillips, Reporter Beverly Nichols, Treasurer , ,X 'V ' D ,,': 'alias-Q X75 xx! 'f J 7 , wx 51' x h ' 5, xi. I' 3 tv-ngw f , K Vkl 3. 4 r W rl .Q ff' "i' ip D ' 5 1 ' ' 'H rx Freshmen 'Va -J X-if Alfa - i .. X 3 3 5 s ' f if J A ""':f Robert Shaner Lloyd Van Zant Roland Buis Raymond Campbell Janet Broadstreet Gretna Huber Carrol Roach Barbara Puckett Sephen Stelzner David Storm Jimmy Chestnut Arthur Hoton Sandra Pickett Karen Cash Charles 'Fincher Max Morphew Marvin Ogle Herbert Sutherlin Sharon Zeiner Jeneene Rnbinson Virginia Kumpf Suzanne Butler Roy Buchanan Bobby Beaman ""'5Y' xl P if tuwnry 4 l .E was K Q 'ig fl-lx ' ' if s if W 3 X wfwfp- . .,,.. ' , A li ff tx-J , fa, fy wa' 15 I A Donald Kendall Absent: Easley Johnson . s - . r A fr A ,tj gv --Q . x y 1. ' 1' ' if Q . ,f i L , W 1 LM 4 1 4.4 ,, 'QTY xx t ti ' rv 1 r- i . x ',l.,,, f - -el Eighth Grade airs. Conrad Milhon w g f l ,,V d 2 Q View-it 2" ,. -V N 1.1, .1 . 11 "-: 1 -' . 'Q leei -A C ' 'L ,f f Yin Vk,zk Z K M x i i 3 I l ' 0 if S 'li e -" . D X tit , fb Ir: A .1 it ' we M ' Y ' 1 lx . . K '.,,, d . l 'k fi f k i , H 1 -,' 'r in A :fda w - W' W' mmm', ff 5? A Q i r Qi? 1 me 5 rlee .I 1 5 l"' in C ,.,:5 A NX 1 ' le e D .p l 4 1 C C. ., ' , WZ , if .M 3 of li I vf.,,Ff? In iw? ,Y gli X Q C l eellei - si Q K Ti I 442 . ff: l M Z Q gl -, idk: ,A Seventh Grade Mrs. Floyd GOOCIITIBH Ralph Hutcheson Shirlene Alexander Sie Wade Karen Siddons Jerry Cottrell Phillip Skinner Marjorie Skelton Sallie Carrico Joe Dan Shipman Helen Cassida Daniel Cox James Terrell Paul Isenberg Karen Sue Buis Shirley Custis Twyla Greenlee Jame s Cash Stephen O'l-lair Mavis Runnells Richard Ryland David Shoemaker Jim McWilliams David Courtney Ralph Hurst Bonnie Strong David Williams lherry Mills lee Stewart 211th Gwin 3obby Lawson iizanne Gorham Bonnie Craig Bonnie Butler Kitzie Lisby ludy Pickett vlichael Ozment Paul Nauman Randall Robinson Llarry O'l-lair Fred Campbell lennifer Clark Norma Clark David Toney Patricia Llytle Sharon Ellett Larry Harris Steven Kiger lliehael Kiger Rndney Siddons Jarrel Nichols Beverly Cash Vlarcia Bumsicle Carolyn Shnner Anne Hunter Beverly llunnells Jerald Scobe e Joe McNnry Bill Kumpf Jerry Kruse Michael Ryland Sharon Broadstreet Mr. Burl Wayne Clark . -5'23if1 'fl . wr vi 'A ' 1' A I ,Q .. .la A4 , " 1 - V ' 1 ' . J - I' , ' ew . M xx Q 0 :. gy ,fe X . , X ' Ai, . 'kwa l y t. W 2 Y K.-...Q t .1 n M we f 'f, 'Wi , .V F LZ. f A 17' X . xt 4 r ft. ff rl .. Q X., 4' . 4.3, '5 X W' 5 .L 5 0 so ' , 9 i l Q' W .ff V -Q x v avi., f4'g,,,,.,.-I Y? ' ' ' . 4 ,. . ' ' N . - 9,4 :ie , -Sz .- 1 V, - W -rw x n . fl M t fi .ai M t I.-15.3, . W-V I I K 'sim R W R W . ,, l 'V -fa V I t gr' AX ' t l I .4 ' 5 ' V as r ...,. 4 X r-Q . 'v , ' J'-r N .A L Q h ' Xt, Sixth Grade , 8 ,, L, A ' ' 513' L it .' -.5 "5 2 A -was ' ' ' .W M , i --if l r' 'sw Li. L" - fl --v .,. , ,b- J, , Vw. H , i f 3: L ' ff' A sf, s ill , I Ong' A ai'1r-N -he A .J - 71' L K i 'ft-' L 1' --i --H E fp 'Qlr L jj ' K , " .LB. N n ' . V k Q K I . r . i 19 ft i" fl it 9, ' . N is f. 5 I ... 3 ., 5: W " 3 ' 1' 1 . 'rs' x -- is is N tam, g n,w 'W' j 'Q' ' NN , iii... 2 -I 1. .. X 1 . . 'ls 11. if X. L A an i" . ,. , x . ' H A ,, Y Q... ifm, 'wt -S1 +4-1-mf We is "" ii' 1 il .1 Jazzy ' ' M 'sr' ? .x g ,Qi 1 I Q Q-is . 5, ' z ' 4 ' eg A J' i L lil f '- i L 1' pi ' . V77 , .- K Q www v 7' , ' , L 4, ' -v E i " 1. ik. fl Fifth Grade Mrs. George Irwin Richard Parker Eddie l-luller Frank Puckett Judy Jo Smith David Heuvin Robert Campbell Bobby Storm Jo Ann Luirrnore Jackie Courtney Carolyn Iiytle Kon ny Mundy Danny Huber Bobby Joe Strong Linda Green Richard Kiger mzuilcv Stelzner llumld Grimes Noreen Carlton Jerry Courtney Diane Sutherlin Jerry Williamson Kay Viilliums 'l'en'y Borden iia.ns-tn Ferrell Russell Frazier Junior Priest Claudia Buis Howard F-iiller .Judy Robinson 6-AA W Beverly Ferrell Eddie Coffin Linda Jean Owen Jerry Shoemaker Sie Cook soy Ronald Radford Judy Kay Lnirmore Nancy Lawson Clinton Phillips Judy Anne Clark Jerry Sutherlin Jeanne Little Don na Rue Douglas Laddie Robinson Lindn Caryl Borden Roger Skelton Wanda Shoemaker Richard Woods Ina Chestnut Gloria Strong: Bobby Huber Brenda Campbell Alan Phillips Lynn Goodman Vividuna Sh eese Jean Hom Lindam Louise Huber Daniel West Becky Cash Mike lsenberg Leslie Frederick Karen O'lluir Velvet Ann Clark Sandra O'lluir Wayne Thau'p Sharon lieums Marie Ze-iner Mary Ann Barcus Donna Van Zunt Billy Singleton Lorene Campbell Johnny BE-atmzm 49 . A Q F vw f lk, C - E A , r A ' R R SV f - ' 1 , We A 1 ' 'lf I ' 2 1 . 0 A I I 1-4 dwg! lv , V Y 1 I vii .X J- ' Yu A sbp . V4-.wen ' --" i :W 7 5 'E ,nm . -2 gs-1 AMA is .Q ,Q . . Q ' , '-like A J Z." S it I -J in ,M 'iv- Q Q -fav 4 -15,56 A , A -,A-f . .yr X I 5 5' X ' '14 N- V , , 1 Y., t""l . KAI N, . !fNI W, v i VX- ' i in' t. ' . -V . - if r , Axe ., I. Mrs. Ormond O'linir F :. wiv? S . m ' ' f' --0 , .. f, -.J B ii. f if... v Iii A g,,, 5 .-. , vw, i no X ...x -'M ' dd I Vi .kvvqay x ,X 2 3 Lx., f.q1!.,l' . '215H-n- A '.. f """ .5 Y . Fourth Grade wr f -1 ,fi Q- 5' of I ' " ,L f 1 2,5 z i :f Lg,f a 312- K he o.. F it If! E of ' ii H 6 ' yd : Aq . i f Z g 5 . 1- r: y wc? Q . fy W ' --f . W r 2 I N 1 f fa. K x ig. 3 ' v 3 ta r . L. Ne h e r 5 ill lb y J as E C C r H n y ",' fff fk r q . - if if B A ig - 'X ,,.,. b -s, ' --L' A z I . V Q x' iggarfw Len g Y' J X e 1 " L , f Q ,Am,- ,, -.rL a : . he E L. Ax wry. V A itil 6- r ,-as-4, X if M J , 'lbw K s z, C ' Q K C so if - K ..,: ' Mt . QW ...L 1 I X L wwf '," ' g 1'L Z if V:'V i - ' -4 H if rw, , - - , '- ,, ' LL- 1 A ' -. f ' f '1' 3 ' n A, , ' " :' 'M W ..,.: il , Q. wail' r,- i. fi ' Vim ? ' ' 34 ' Q ' all VZZV A 'ff . 95 f. X iff i'ii ab-ab Steven Deweese Third Grade Mrs. Robert Riddle Rita Lynn Skelton Jennifer Giddings Maurice Campbell Mary Jane Goss Brice Jackson Roger Harcourt Ricky Robinson Brenda Ann Miller Bronce Johnson Barbara Horton Ruthann Hutcheson Marjorie Clark Nelson Burgess Onda Courtney Phil Sims Johnny Glaze Harold Lydick Marjorie Lou Cash Gary Phillips Dennis Carlton Karen Sue Alexander Sandra Sibbitt Marvin Campbell Linda Kay Lytle Linda Ogle Ronnie Bunten Vurlin Clark Jane Ann Buis Stanley Ryland Warren Priest Donnie Newkirk Brenda Baxter Alan Hammond Sharold Stewart Jo Ann Hope iregory Puckett Brenda Buis ilenn Runnells Landra Cash tephen Robinson H Elaine Stone tickey Everts Lachel Evans Landra Ellett Maron Jarrett lllan Suthcrlin ue Scnbee litchell Kelley anet Terrell lark Chestnut Eilbert, Horton Sandra Bunten Dandy Flint Forest Campbell linda Broadstreet Jickie Coffin 'immy Craig Eeorge Alexander Jana Gibson lobby Girton Ferry Barker .lary Ann Kennedy 'atricia Goss 'richard Radford 3eggy Huber Dodd Jones Shari es McCullough Dennis 0'lluir Rnnnie Cash Mark Elliott I I vt Blrs. Russell Suthvrlin . rl J-' 5-.i "" f 1 "rf , LX l , . Q N.-.nv xx-,V w, Ur ' K x , 3-skx - e '1- url in it l- 'r N V 5,-' 3 V. 6- , F .. , -' 3 , ,J " I'-4' H -"U , 'fggm-1 -R K ,. . g - srmzjlri'-: ' r Mfg ,. 'f-f"" 5 . 9 "' ' .. i V .mk? , A "4 I '45 . we Y f "3 MT- 1 " no ""-,gs L , A , , . , K b .. . ,. X .. I Y N MWA. , e xi ,e . I 41 'ii Y F ...Q i I . , U it ,N 4' 'S . . 1 . ,Q J' J .E V :4", n ,f ez-R 5 , NZ --I W, in Q .X ,Vi l 5 1 h ,iuzx . fl L 1 . H3 A ia , Q W. A- ' ,,. Q -I' -,. .....- , - -J 'f .pw -1 . ' , jf' Y' N " X i ' L ' ' if we , . , . K , ..,4 - is W -.n ' 1 W, xv I K -Q.. fe' i ,J N-f 5. A if f "-1' , ,VAA xg? . , . - 'W 'S eww.. 4 . I W A Second Grade . 8 A V hiv an V '. -" i . if V . -.J Q Q- -A I I nw 4 :Q , '1 , V Q i' ' n fl... 4 fi. W - M .,. e 1 .J ' -gf ,. I f, V 5- . . V VV ..',: ix Ny -A EAN ' -'. ,Q N ' 1 ' g I .ii -5'5" .,, -v l . i 1- r ' v -QQ 'ii :gi V ' ,ff s 1 xl . A 4. " v . e 'ip -L R V ., J 'it l "--N -I xg' I "JAM A i iffy l xi 'K .M-xlrfi. WS Q. r + .. . - -1 .- - - fs 1 -- .,. V Q f A -M --nf ,- Q , "' ' 1. Q-'f,X.i it I 41 t 3 i Xl xi -. lr V 3 3 H ' -Q N, V , ' 4 x , . . V ' A V . ,W . VVVV VI V V .V V. . ' R N V N MXH 13s ' q Absent: First Grade Mary Jo Cumphell Mrs. Floyd Skelton Ray Hansell Janet Gibson Randall Reitzei Tonya Harris Stanley Clark Jenn Heaton Trudy Siddons Gregory Thomas Donna Cnoksey Nlarshu Cook sey liarry Buxter Gregory Hutcheson Filytron Lisliy Jane Ann Woods Jziekie Miller David Czish Ellizuheth Shaner Vicki Alexander Sue Vanznnt Alike Sullivan Suzanne Liorhnm Nancy Lytle Gary Lee Evans Debbru Kay Sutherlin Eddie Woods Karen Bowen Gary Goodman Kris Phillips llindu Pickett Mike Robinson Deborah Puckett Michael Ruairk Billie Jo lluis .Joyce Elmore Tommy Simmons Robbie Neier Betsy Jo Kennedy Sidney Bryan Joey Neumeister Andrea Elliott Jimmy Lee Sho:-ninkr r ui 8 r -i 4 'Y W xdlqifgl vmes 5 7 U tv s ' -, , xltu gl- VARHTY BASKETBALL TEAM C. J. Huller, Neil Irwin, Larry McGinnis, Don Mundy, Hobart Buchanan, Clark Bryan, Jim Bryan Gary Roberts, Jim Williamson, Gerald Clark. Jerry Ozment, Sherrill Alexander, Tim Deweese. A A :ff E A"WL I 3, ,. 4 1 f, in ei,e' 'EQW i'e.r ,ef N may A ' J 1. :J 1 ' z , tex f Q: R l HIGH SCHOOL YELL LEADERS Carolyne Broadstreet, Janice Beaman, Patricia Broadstreet. SENIOR SPORTS AWARDS clark Bryan P1 ELL LEADE RS anice Beaman, Carolyne Broadstreef, Patricia Broadstreef Basketball 3 years Softball Captain Coach Alexander Jerry Uzment Student Manager 4 years Gerald Clark Track Basketball 2 years .lim Williamson Softball Basketball 3 years Track Captain N. Irwin D. Mundy H. Buchanan L. McGinnis J, Bl-yqn C. J. Huller G. Roberts ' X Jerry Ozment, Sherrill Alexander, l 4 , , --r X .-X ?!f Tim Deweese. C. Bryan G. Clark J. Williamson SCHOOL PATROL Mr. Clark, Larry O'Hair, Rodney Siddons, Mike Ozment, David Toney, Lee Stewart, Larry Harris, Randy Robinson. Fred Campbell, Bill Kumpf, Joe McNary, Steve Kiger, Mike Kiger, Gerald Scobee, Mike Ryland. 1 cus'romANs V'5UA'- MDS Charles Smith and Amos Hunter. Norman Hutcheson and Mr. Alexander. 1 I SOFTBALL TEAM Gary Roberts, James Carrico, Bob Ross, Clark Bryan, Larry McGinnis. Jim Shaner, Archie Strong, Jim Bryan, Neil Irwin, Jim Williamson, Tim Deweese, C. J. Huller. Sherrill Alexander, coach, Jerry Ozment, student mgr TRACK TEAM Hobart Buchanan, Jim Bryan, Gary Roberts, Neil Irwin, Tracy Williamson, C. J. Huller, Gerald Clark, Billy Skinner, Mr. Alexander, coach. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. Alexander, Bobby Beaman, Bradley Stelzner, Arthur Hotop, Mr. Alexander, Bobby Beaman, Bradley Stelzner, Arthur Hotop, Lloyd Van Zant, David Storm, Jimmy Chestnut, Roland Buis. Steven O'l-lair, James Terrell, David Shoemaker, Donald Kendall, Herbert Sutherlin, Jimmy Cash, Ralph Hurst, Phillip Skinner. E'GHTH GRADE YELL LEADERS sEvENTH GRADE YELL LEADERS Karen Cash, Gretna Huber, and Sandy Pickett. Karen 31115, Sue Wade, and Sally Carricol 66640 66 'Q I' 'ja it-4,5 -R 6 X 7 QW' , Q I 5 ' l L 4' . f - oi , fb' If n Q . vi 1..- CHORUS Caroline Robinson, Darla Wade, Ellen Hutcheson, Marilyn Robinson, Mrs. Milhon, Sue Phillips, sharon Jones, Sarah Kelley, Barbara Stone, Janice Beaman, Sonia Truesdel. Janet Cooksey, Donna Ogle, Shirley Arnold, Wanda Bumside, Wanda Runnells, Glenda Strong, Evelyn Nichols, Doretta Harris, Gloria Maxwell, Kathryn Brown. Jim Carrico, Tim Deweese, Dick Clark, Dennis Tincher, Gary Roberts,'y McGinnis, Orville Tincher, Robert Frazier, Denny Pickett, Charles Storm. . , .,... , . QQ 'i - , i e l if F. H. A. Judy McNary, Editorg Nancy Phillips, Song Leader, Patricia Broadstreet, secretary: Carolyn Ames, Vice President: Doretta Harris, President, Gloria Maxwell, Treasurer, Shirley Amold, Parliamentariang Doris Lisby, Historian. Janice Beaman, Carolyne Broadstreet, Rosemary Jones, Vera Pickett, Sarah Kelley. Nliss Elrod, Chapter Advisor: Beulah Phillips, Carol Parker, Barbara Cash, Donna Ogle, Janet Cooksey, Darla Wade, Sonia Truesdel, Sue Phillips. J 4, l .5 SENIOR BAND Caml Parker, Marjorie Skelton, Twyla Greenlee, Lucy Singleton, Karen Buis, Bonnie Strong, Jean Anderson, Gretna Huber, Doretta Harris, Ronald O'Hair, Carolyne Broadstreet, Neil Irwin, James Bryan, LeRoy Zeiner, Ralph Hurst, Ronald Buis, Caroline Robinson, Vincent Kiger, James Cash, Paul Isenhurg Barbara Cash, Nancy Phillips, Joe Dan Shipman, Shirley Custis, Liarry Amold, Patty Bassett, Doris iLisb3 Mary Ann Hotop, Patricia Broadstreet, Virginia Kumpf, Karen Cash, Janet Broadstreet, Beverly Nichols Sharon Broadstreet, Jennifer Clark, Jim Woods, Jerry Ozment, standing Allen Battershell, director JUNIOR BAND David Toney, Patricia Lytle, Larry Harris, Mike Ozment, Mike Kiger, Judy Smith, Brad Stelzner, Gerald Scohee, Diana Sutherlin, Richard Parker Claudia Buis, Judy Pickett, Kitzi Lisby, Robert Campbell, William Kumpf, Terry Borden, Jerry Williamson, Richard Kiger, David Heavin Absent: Howard Miller, Kenneth Mundy, Steve Kiger Jxi K. N t - 4 Eff .19 The Triuds Lone Latin ll Student and Mr. Craig Driver Education First Year Offered -J if A Senior Members ot Band and Mr. Buttershell e V7 fl-I BOY SCOUTS, TROOP 96 Gerald Scobee, Lee Stewart, Randy Robinson, Rodney Siddons, Ricky Robinson, Jimmy Cash, Joe McNary, Bill Kumpf. E 5 . R .. 31' w..f"' X CUB SCOUTS Ronnie Bunten, Bobby Strong, Nelson Burgess, Gary Phillips, Verlin Clark, Wayne Lydick, Gregory Puckett. Laddie Robinson, Alan Phillips, Ricky Robinson, Bobby Storm, Richard Woods, Danny West. Clinton Phillips, Bob Huber, Roger Skelton, Eddie Coffin, Wayne Tharp, Brice Jackson, Frank Puckett. MIMEOGRAPH OPERATORS Clark Bryan and Dennis Tincher. Y Bob Ross, Jim Williamson, Frank Schafer, Gerald Clark, Jim Carrico, Den ny Pickett, Jerry Ozment. 'yi5 l COMRADE TYPESETTERS Nomlan Hutcheson Patricia Broadstreet Gloria Maxwell Rosemary Jones Carolyn Ames ottt C 'W .-vl'at:7'Q C0-EDITORS ECHOES Gerald Clark and Carolyn Ames. SENIOR CORDS . ,M A. .W Gerald Clark Good School Citizen Faculty Choice for 1957 Luella Phillips Good School Citizen for 1956 ..,.......-in-1 Putnam County D.A.R. Good Citizen D.A.R. History Award Doretta Harris Jerry Ozment ,ai . :A "s"F'l . A M Q Pk- IN K 4ri'V"' if A 4, X C 'ii W -' , L C, it ., to X , I ' i K FQQZKLWVAK A' ., 'sw I W Ltfx xg A- Q , M l WT- - Wk .,,..,,ML 5, X 1-11 -BQ ' s Indiana High School Press Association Franklin, indiana, October 25-26,1956 Carolyn Ames, Gerald Clark, Doretta Harris, Earl Chestnut Ii f' ffl! swift WN! I' fb X.. CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Seated: Barbara Cash and Bill Skinner. Standing: Patricia Broadstreet, Ellen Hutcheson, Judy McNary, Jerry Cox, Jim Woods, Darrell Toney in-3, SNOW QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Carol Parker, Jean Anderson, Janice Beaman, Doretta Harris. fl? CAFETERIA Lunch Time CA F E T E R IA Mrs. Lillian Mason, cook: Mrs. James CAFETERIA Through the Line .--...-D. f .A new , s " l . . SY 'Q 9 iff. KV V I ' 1 1' A was .. - 4 I --' - x N kk B TEAM Mr. Alexander, Jim Shaner, Bill Skinner, Charles Storm, Don Sibbitt, LeRoy Zeiner. Jim Christy, Ronald O', Jim Bryan, Arthur Evans, Neil Irwin, Dick Clark, Darrell Toney. T 1 ,Lk -..fem FRESHMAN TEAM Mr. Alexander, LeRoy Zeiner, Darrell Toney, Dick Clark, Arthur Evans, Jim Christy, Don Sibbitt, dinuiueufl' OFFICE HELP Denny Pickett Patricia Broadstre Rosemary Jones Gerald Clark Gloria Maxwell Doreffa Harris Carolyn Ames ITWEEJE YEARS TOGETHER IN FILLMORE scHooL 1 Dennis Tincher, Carolyn Ames, Bob Ross, Gerald Clark, Gloria Maxwell, Jim Williamson, Frank Schafer, Earl Chestnut. ai Lib TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER IN FLOYD TOWNSHIP AND MARION TOWNSHIP Patricia Broadstreet and Clark Bryan. 'lx I ..- -'czsa' Il August 31 31 September 3 6 7 7 19 25 October L 9 11 23 24 25-26 30 30 November 1 6 6 13 14 16 20 22-23 December 3 15 21 January 2 22 29 30 February 1 14 15 March 29 April 6 13 15 21 22-28 30 May 1 2 4 Calendar School Starts Juniors receive class rings School is dismissed for State Fair Junior magazine campaign start Organised classes Seniors and Mrs. Goodman select school paper staff Freshman initiation Senior pictures taken by Porters Group pictures taken Senior trip to court house and jail Election of yell-leaders Halloween carnival Scholarship tests State Teachers Association. Vacation Seniors sell ads Coaches and All Stars play Seniors receive pictures Individual pictures taken F.H.A. Initiation Band concert P.'l'.A. open house Seniors select annoxmcements Puppit Show Thanksgiving vacation Junior turkey supper F.H.A. Christmas dance Vacation begins Christmas vacation ends Second semester begins Pictures by Porters Calendars arrive Sophomores order rings Yearbook completed Senior girls visit Public Service at Plainfield Band uniforms arrive County Music Festival Junior and Senior prom Alumni banquet P.T.A., Exhibits by Home Baccalaureate Junior and Senior Trip Semester Exam Semester Exams Commencement School ends Ec. and Shop Departments 1956 Basketball Schedule Date Opponent Place Nov. 3 Cloverdale Here Nov. 9 Nev Winchester Here Nov. 16 Stilesville There Nov. 21 Bainbridge There Nov. 30 Amo Here Dec. 8 North Salem Here Dec. 12 Roachdale There Dec. 14 Bells Union CThe:lr Geml Here Deo. 18 Clayton There Jan. L New Market Here Jan. 11 Reelsville There Jan. 16 Cloverdale fTheir Gaul Here Jan. 18 Russellville Bere Jan. 21.-25-26 County Tourney Greencastle Feb. 2 lhinence Here Feb. 5 llaynetown There Feb. 13 Stilesville Here Feb. 19 Montezuma Here Feb. 22 Vhveland There Softball Schedule Exhibition Game Fillmore 5 Belle Union 1 Regular Schedule Fillmore 11 Bainbridge 15 Fillmore 6 Roadzdale 16 Fillmore Belle Union 12 Fillmore Russellville 8 Fillmore Reelsville 12 0 STURAGE, lll0. '-' eencaslIe's OIILY aeyf5?iff1ff3f31If42fgilQ.?f?:2 P f - S N G S A ,, the Natxonal Federation of Fed- erienced Moyers eral Employes, was killed in a ,cg n 5 gg 90-foot lun e fr the Taft Me- 0 ' 0 ' "'h"'fm 0 0d 0 0 th - - - We Shll Have A Lot Of fme BUF Ware 00 ar woor, presl en o e . EA.f:'fr:S":,..u..,. i,?3:?:x:,fx?5fC0t2:,z1' 271:11 SMCIHIS rudE':c?3IacDonald ruled the death v 0... 0 -1 E a S e- 0 cLo'1'0HlEs News .,,.l......,..................................................,.., mu.: 0 YARD 60005, 25c Yd. and ----P---vlll'-v---------'-"lQ-lA' 394: 'Y DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE AND VANILLA 0 mrulne or me mourn runes, Lb. --l-4-Qvll'-'---'----'-'---llldldl'1-l----lddQ-d-l --W-----441--------- z s yT0flI6'lIT Ann ruisumr Jump Runes, Each only 1-------4'----- -'-Q---- ------- I 4 1' 0 ASSORTED 0 PLA'NT'ERS mm vases -- ----l-'------4.l -----l------ 2 4 :-My wmqf sums mJccAsm's, Only ----ll-lQ '-'l'Q '-----M----- 61 Tea and V LNDHIES HALF sms l---'l--l'lfW-d--l+l-Q-'-- -l-l-------- a a BEAUTIFUL COLORS WAUGE, l5 DEN11-mi Sizes sy, to ll 0000000000000 'es rmofu Hass, 2 Pairs s-----ss-1-'ss4ss-l-111lls'-l' sn.: Deborah Kp' StAicS0RT:Ig F7351-I':'RlES -lil ' .om upa ns ow, ow price , f , 0ll'LY l4c 'Each ------ 'sn-ESSIES AT l,,,.,..,,....l........ .....,,..,,,, 9 I l C B ds ...,.,.,l....... f ..........,..,........,., .,,,,,,..,,, 8 1 YEAR END EXPENSES As .............................................................................. JNSOLIDATE 'SMALL OBLIGATION INK PAYMENT PLAN. 00000 00 000000 f. K. wufmz Sc T0 31.00 NEW DIME STORE - EAST smE SQUARE AMILY F IN AN x Washingfarr st. Phm 8 IME Ylfll MID lR'Eli.lS'TE'R III WTTV JUBILEE -- Y0ll MAY Will 3500.00 GREENUASTLE HOME SUWLY V.,Franklin St. Phbne 69 -S+ if ' 0 4 ' -, ,,.:s'f' ,. ' ff"' V .5 gg. . . 9 . Y Y 'J 4' 0 is if s 'Q' Q50 Y V A' mr - El f .ref 41:24:55 , ,. N, -. ,. s. 0,0 39 s ,Q . A A 0 f,302502f 0 fa. fe, f xx 3' W' as ff 04-'Q agua? A 1 if f " 0 .-A 0 -e 4 ,0 4' 09, 'it' 5 ,lf is XXV fi,-F' 4. ,s 0 .0 0 02 is, "N 0, I 1 ,v SALE WEEK NO sums s. ruu rAsHloN:o Lonzone's STOP'N SHOP ALWAYS GOOD THINGS IN STORE FOR YOU Greencastle-on the square WHENEVER YOU THINK OF PRINTING REMEM BER THE COATESVILLE HERALD COATESVILLE, INDIANA LEON BUIS INSURANCE AGENCY 28 SOUTH JACKSON STREET GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Office Phone 1296 Res. Phone 390 PUTNAM LOAN co., INC. 28 SOUTH JACKSON STREET GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Phone 1298 Loans 520.00 to 5500.00 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Compliments of MO0RE'S SHOE STORE WEST SIDE OF' SQUARE GREENCASTLE, INDIANA FARM suPPLY COMPANY I COATESVILLE, INDI ANA Compliments Of ROBINSON'S REGAL MARKET 51'UCKEY'5 PECAN5 5H0ppE QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES U. S. 40 Coatesville, Indiana CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 PRUITT HAR DWARE Phone 60, Fillmore, Indiana WRIGHT'S CAFE FILLMORE, INDIANA KO-WE-BA MEANS THE BEST CANNED AND FROZEN FOODS R 8. S FARM SUPPLY Purina Chows and Sanitation Products HUDSON FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 4811 Fillmore, Ind. COMPLIMENTSOF CH ESTY FOODS, INC. 13th and Plum Streets Terre Haute, Indiana Phone: Crawford 2369 .IO N E S THANKS- FILLMORE coNsTRucTloN We Appreciate Your Business COM p ANY HOME LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS R. R. 3, GREENCASTLE, IND. GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Foster Jones Robert W. Jones Phone 7031M Phone 7063 J CITIES S E IIVIC E PETROLEUM PRODUCTS GLEN CURTIS Complete Car Serv ice-General trucking Lime Stone Coal Gravel COATESVILLE, INDIANA K E R S E Y ' S BAND INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS North on 43--Greencastle, Indiana IDEAL CLEANERS 24 HOUR SERVICE Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing PHONE 470 18 South Vine, Greencastle, Indiana JONES RESTAURANT and STANDARD SERVICE Corner U.S. 40 and 43 Phone 70I3M Greencastle Compliments of VAN BUSKlRK'S GROCERY 24 N. Jackson Street, Greencastle, Ind.- KIMBALL LARKIN INSURANCE AGENCY Auto Farm Fire Life Bonds Casualty Phone 826W 1622 W. Washington St., Greencastle PUTNAM MOTOR SALES 118 N. Indiana Street-Phone 648 Greencastle, Indiana SALES AND SERVICE Plymouth Dodge Trucks Dodge Compliments of HEADLEY'S HARDWARE Greencastle, Indiana Otto Rivers C. D. Rivers RIVERS ELECTRIC SHOP Hot Point and Philco Appliances 26 N. Jackson Street Box 167 Greencastle, Ind. Russellville, Indiana Phone 1135 Phone 7 Compliments of BROWNING RADIATOR SERVICE Greencastle, Indiana Phone 211W BOWL AT THE NEW VARSITY LANES JOE AND ARETTA DOMASCO South on Manhattan Road Phone 9134 Greencastle, Ind. Morris Hunter Simpson Stoner Rex Haines SIMPSON STONER INSURANCE When you need it bad, you want it good GREENCASTLE, INDIANA SHERM'S IMPLEME NT SALES Phone 6 10M SAL ES SERVICE PARTS Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery 209 N. Jackson Street, Greencastle, Ind JOHNNY MASTEN Agent, C. S. Oil Company FUEL OIL, GASOLINE, OIL Greencastle, Indiana Phone 1342 Old Reliable WHITE CLEANERS FEATURING 2-HOUR SERVICE Gre encastle, Indiana PORTER'S STUDIO 312 Illinois Building Indianapolis, Indiana Your Photographer for All Occasions Candid Wedding flade Any Place, Anytimeb Birthday Valentine Day Mother's Day Father's Day Christmas Family Reunions Pleasingly Posed, Popular Priced Photos Please Particular People COMPLIMENTSOF MILLER-PARROTT BAKING CO., INC. 4 Compliments of a Friend PUTNAM COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSOCIATION, INC. Feed Seed Petroleum Products Implements Hatchery Building Supplies Complete Farm Products Line Greencastle Fillmore Phone 743 Phone 40 R 1 Putnam County farmers have paid for many businesses--this one they really own! John Sexton 81 Co NATIONAL WHOLESALE GROCERS P. O. Box I53I Indianapolis 6, Indiana The D. H. Goble Printing Co. Greenfield, Indiana 630 HERFF -JONES CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Ss STATIONERS 1407-1419 NORTH CAPITOL AVE. INDIANAPOLIS 7, IND. L Compliments of DIX WHOLESALE GROC ERS JASONVILLE, INDIANA Ray Saunders Coatesville, R. 2 9,1 ei' EI' . I E S URW una GIFT SHOP 109 E. Seminary Street, Greencastle FOR ALL YOU JEWELRY NEEDS HAROLD BROADSTREE T BARBER Fillmore, Indiana 8. Compliments of G WELDING AND MACHINE REPAIR Rod Godfrey, Owner and Operator R. R. 3, Greencastle, Indiana Phone 332 M WE SPECIAL IZE IN WELDING MONON GRILL CHOICE CAREFULLY PREPARED FOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES Open 24 Hours Greencastle, Indiana G 8. H SKE LGAS PLUMBING AND HEATING GAS 8L ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Phone 57 N, Cloverdale, Indiana FRANK L. GOBLE .IIM HARRIS CHEVROLET - BUICK SALES AND SERVICE 115 North Jackson, Greencastle, Ind. SMITH FARM MACHINERY CLOVERDALE, INDIANA Allis-Chalmers and New Idea Farm Implements RECTOR FUNERAL HOME Greencastle Indiana Ph 341 1142 TROYERS f f' F h' J. F. Cannon and Company or 'M' 'S 'on' I GI'eeI1C3. tl I di a Ladies' and Children's EENCASTLE, INDIAN FIRST-CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY G tl Id Compliments of BLACK Lums ER COMPANY 501 North Indiana, Greencastle, Ind. Phone 1122 KlRCHER'S HATCHERY Chicks Supplies Purina Feeds 106 North Jackson, Greencastle, Ind. PHONE 5 1 HEAVIN'S GROCERY 81 COAL YARD FILLMORE, INDIAN A DR. J. F. CONRAD OPTOMETRJST Eyes Examined and Glasses 301 E. Washington Street, Greencastle DR. DONALD BRATTAIN VETERINARY SERVICE 8z SUPPLIES Greencastle, Indiana SHONKWILER .IEWELERS Diamonds Watches Silver Gifts 13 South Indiana Street, Greencastle INGLE'S SUBWAY GRILL PIZZA PIE 216 S. College, Greencastle, Indiana Phone 9106 PREVO'S SERVING PUTNAM COUNTY 57 YEARS GREENCASTLE, INDIANA You will soon find, if you haven't already, that your diploma is but a key to greater edu- Cational opportunities which will continue throughout your life. No intelligent person ever considers himself fully educatedg rather, he looks on each day as a new opportunity to use what he knows in order to learn more. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES GHEENCASTLE, 1Nu1,xN..x RGLAND RUARK Well Drilling 4" and 6" ---,-,1-, Call Coatesville 8123 Coatesville Indiana Greencastle Indiana Phone 585R Landscaping Lisby Specialty Company We Carry a Full Line of Nursery Stock Welding Perennials House Plants Far AMach.ner Re a. Garden Supplies Cut Flowers m 1 y p lr Terrace View Gardens U , Greencastle Coatesville Indiana Indianapolis Rd. sa? . "1 107116 N. FENTRESS MOTORS Inc. Amo Milling Company Grain-Molasses-Coal-Feed Grinding Telephone 297 119 N. Indiana Feedqvertilizer Greencastle, Indiana Amo Indiana Prescriptions A Powell Furniture Exchange Specialty LL NS QM 1:12416 srona: PHONE 19 GREENCASTLEJNDIANA Phone 26 Coatesville Indiana We welcome your patronage A. B. DICK WEST'S Custom Butchering and Processing DUPLICATING PRODUCTS, INC Phone Crawford 3780 Phone 1920 - Amo, Indiana or call residence 4540 2116 Wabash Ave., Terre Haute WEESNER IMPLEMENT CO. 121 N. Jackson St., Greencastle, Ind. FARMALL TRACTORS FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Genuine IHC Parts Whirlpool Automatic Washers and Dryers RCA Estate Electric and Gas Ranges DON MASTEN'S CITIES SERVICE 711 N. Jackson St., Greencastle, Ind. Phone 1350 RALPH TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Greencastle, Indiana SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL PICTURES, WEDDINGS, AND GROUP PICTURES. K . - ' fri Tir I' an . gx. 1 f I E 1 GREENCASTLE TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE 17 E. Walnut St., Greencastle, Indiana Phone 1034 SMITH'CORON A PORTABLES ROYAL PORTABLES LEORN J. DAVIS PERSONALIZED INSURANCE SERVICE Amo, Indiana Office Phone 3011 Res. Phone 3020 FUNERAL HOME OXYGEN EQUIPPED AMBUL ANCE SERVICE GREENCASTLE 222 E. WASHINGTON LINCOLN A EAST SIDE MOTOR SALES LIN COLN 'MERCU RY SALES AND SERVICE Engine Overhaul and Fine Tune-Up Our Specialty Expert Body Work - All Over Paint Jobs INDIANAPOLIS ROAD GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Phone 749 All Work Guaranteed PLAINFIELD OIL CO., INC. GASOLINE AND OIL Phone 18 F' 20 Mt. Meridian, Ind. S. 8. S. GARAGE HEAVY DUTY WRECKER '24 HOUR SERVICE Phone 23 F 21, Mt. Meridian, Indiana Jim Skinner, Proprietor CASH CONCRETE PRODUCTS orrcspome Hoevos lvoazn Rcafdf Miz eoacacfc AIoaakIvN CEMENT BLOCKS In BUILDING MATERIALS 'THIMNEY BLOCKTI Q I- STEEL sAsH -'I PRECAST LINTELS DRAIN 'me I-seprsc TANKS-J l- THOROSEAL -I ADAMS 8z RYAN, INC. Wholesale Grocers 819-823 South Jackson Street Greencastle Indiana I Compliments of TRIPLE J DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT U. S. 231, SOUTHSIDE, GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Your Patronage Appreciated Collier's Lumber Company Prompt Service Compliments of SKELTON-SKINNER Building Materials LUMBER CO., INC. Hardware Phone 29 Fillmore Indiana Coatesville, Indiana Compliments to A Wonderful School Jones Trading Post CGenera1 Storel Mt. Meridian Indiana Coatesville Elevator Coatesville Indiana KING MORRISON FOSTER COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Place .LEQIBDT M Phone 268 Since 1910 Greencastle Indiana Paul Sinclair Fillmore, Indiana Trucking Everybody Reodsrhe DAILY BANNER ItWavesforAII AUDRID FLEENOR DRUGS Serving Putnam County forover50 Yearsin Drugs, First-Aid and Sunddes PUTNAM IMPLEMENT SALES AND SERVICE Massey Harris and New' Idea Phone 332J, Greencastle, Indiana Q15 fo 0 xi' vq' cf' 0' +9 AX o Q- 'gzs "-:kv 'DQ' ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES Two Locations in Greencastle 405 N. Jackson 403 Maple UK.: Safzat fpfaaa Un, foutnam, Uounty cssfcving ffziz clfsazf of chlooaiszliczncf :Since 1883 , I . X I 1 , I I I NATIONAL BANK Grlonaasllo, Indiana "Anything and everything to 3. IIOHIGH HARDWARE AND LUMBER CO. GENERAL HARDWARE Cloverdale, Indiana MILTON'S POSEY PATCH EXPERT FLORAL DESIGNING PLANTS AND CUT FLOWERS 212 Shadowlawn Ave., Greencastle YAN DE RS GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Gas and Oil Wrecking Service PHONE-Day 88 N--Night 14N CLOVERDALE, INDIANA Phone 247 9 cfsv Wx 0,329 TRACTOR SALES YOUR FORD TRACTOR DEALER Greencastle Phone 1434 AHGWELL CURTAIN COMPANY, Inc. Manvmcrvnsns AND convsnrsns or CURTAINS AND CURTAIN PIECE GOODS dnanufactuuu of gms Uuztaina fox Oven .94 .Quaztaz of G4 fmtuzy soon Lucx, ser-uorzsl as 10" 49? PHILLIPS REGAL STCRE vo Q- Oo GROCERIES AND Mens +X15'f 139 Qv Ph 71 F Il Id Compliments of Coca Cola Bottlin Co. Inc. , Greencastle g , Indiana FFLElZ,E.,.E!.L LU ML? 1,419 'U PPHNUQX 'W1 ' in-niii ALUMNI DIRECTORY .continued Class of 1956 Evelyn Arnold, Giro. Bill Strothersl At Home Julia Arnold, International Harvester, Indianapolis Annabelle Sears, Oirs. Don Austinl Secretary, Ball State Peggy Broadstreet, Public Service, Plainfield Darlene Cash, Central Business College, Indianapolis Judith Cash, Nurses' Training, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis Randall Collins, Central Business College, Indianapolis Audrey Everts, At Home Deloss Greenlee, State Highway, Indianapolis Rex Harcourt, Marines, California Gail Irwin, Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute Joyce Jarrett, Ayres', Indianapolis Sharon Maxwell, Nh. H. Block Co., Indianapolis Charlotte Miller, Herff Jones, Indianapolis James Mundy, Central Business College, Indianapolis Luella Phillips, 0-irs. Richard Jacksonl Triple J, Greencastle Joan Roach, CMrs. Roland Tincherl, At Hom Rosalie Robinson, Central Business College, Indianapolis Ravenna Sizglston, Franklin College, Franklin Larry Skinner, Prether's Garage, Clayton Herschel Smith, Marines, California Wanda Storm, Public Service, Plainfield Donald Tharp, Butler University, Ixrliampolis Jack Underwood, Radio School, Indianapolis Peggy wells, fMrs. Larry Torrl, Public Service, Plainfield Joe Zeiner, Purdue University, Lafayette ALUMNI IN SERVICE 1927 Ivan Lisby Army Germny 1930 Lawrence Smith Army Iran 1938 Joe Pickett Army okinava l9l,0 Kenneth Snqth Arnv Maryland Domld Meek Amy Texas 1941 Chester Wells Air Force England 1946 Delmus Ross Air Force Alabama 1950 John Charles Sears Army South Carolina 1951 Stanley Smith Air Force California Donald Ruark Air Farce South Carolina 1953 Donald Bula uw Japan Russell Cash Army Fort Riley, Kansas J. B. McKamey Air Force Texas 1954 liorun Jones Army Fort Riley, Kansas Roland Gavin Navy Maryland larry Thompson Arm' Germany 1955 Bill Jones Air Force Alaska Bill Ghadd Air Force South Pacific Donnie Beaman Air Force Japan Roy Fisher Navy 1956 Rex Harcourt Marines San Diego Hershel Smith Marines San Diego FAREWELL We, the members of the Class of 1957, sincerely thank our parents and our teachers for their guidance and inspiration. To the underclassmen we express our gatitude for their support and loyalty. We wish them well as they continue their studies in Fillmore High. To our advertisers we are also grateful. We ask the support of the community for all business firms who have ads in our yearbook. As we leave Fillmore High. we take many pleasant memories with us. We shall continue, as alumni members, to support our school in an effort to make it even better than when we left it. . Y , . V-.-.M-e V-M A -- 4, . ., Q. Q- if L, L- 1 ' Q." 2 . L ' I 'W.f1..'Q'-Q il "fu jvifzij ig ,l 3 Lv x.- - D... - .57-ik 1 -V . ... -, n 1 , .Q , ' Q px' s., . 5- 'al 1. ' 1' .- ,M . .A I . -Y-n k 1 W 1 w ,u ,,: I 1 A.. 51 .ri r- V N . - f ,lf fy RL., ,.. .. ,. . .-..f .uf1T'. .P ,., .. .. .NH-., 5. ..?f4::q. W -r..1- 'Af . .,, 4. v-wx' '-ff? 1.,, ,g.1 -wr . , , N. . - 1 " 52 ' ' Q A . P v-.N,N U .. .7:-I-f" -5-. "1 .7l'.!."+j..F.M I 5 'JT --5' V K 9 . ' ' v ' f 2.113.m22- 1f,,":55.f' ' 1 I 1 .: I .? Q Y K. MA. 1 yy.. ff: - ' 4 41 'tiiwl' ',g ji: gi-5,1 , . .. ans. '- i' '!n ' in. LMT f Lu.. 'a.!w.. L..1,u..nm .idx . ' U' 1, in 1 v .' .Niki v "' U :T 5--lf .-r ." . 6' fi 'P -QL ' u '. :raw-', ' ml 1 -'QQ -w I 4. F. M... ' 1 I --, 9 ! J ,-1 E" , H cu -1 Y A-1 pw. if ,,K '.! 'sq f I 4 lr' ,, I ,

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