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ECHOES 1053 IHI- SENIOR CI 51.55 II11MOR1 INDIAN X MLMORE HIGH SCHOOL We ded1cate ECHOES of 1953 to our par ents 1n grateful apprec1at1on of the help they have lven us 1n bulldlng character and es tab11s mg 1dea1s wh1ch W111 enable us to be better c1t1zens of th1s great country the Unxted States of Amer1ca The Class of 1953 .. If ADMINISTRATION mg, , IEEE' ARTHUR L JOHNSON Pr1nc1pal County Supemntendent Eugene Hutch1r1s Trustee Alfred M. I-Ieavm Advlso ry Board W1111am Cash Harold Pru1tt George Irwln Na A "' " T1 'T ff ' :'- I I' If ' '- ,N X130 ESYN P+ vhxxmoxl N-X5 7 NK X16 XA, SNK 5 NXPXSYAJ SOSEVYX was PMS Px W M4 NERGY uf D .V 54:9 W f x. PAUL PRUITT JAMES W CRAIG ELLSWORTH MCCLFEREY I cfs 'll Q LXWJA 5' 79 -1 'is ii F .qi-13-ir MISS MARCELI INE MOI TER L M .A fm 1 V. I Jr .J H Q , 1 , S? , ll. , . .Qi 2 4 3 ..'A 5 "' I fwwwg H ,Q I , Z Fi 94 ' E : V5 -an 53254. 1? ,I I QLMWW I 'A L 2 . J I V t I , H h 'I jk S' ASS" 'Qu ' . V ' H S: N' 2.f,f 7'1?4'sA.f ' if 'lf . 1 V i x W .mi , . 4 . ' Tal' I 1 . S- ' "T I. 'F , Vg N ,An W-.Wm S A ,S -A -A -1 x " August September October November Z7 Z8 December January February March Aprll May Z 8 EAU DAR F1rst day of school Enrollment only Semors busy bookstore Class elect1ons Jumors recexve r1rgs .Tumors net 1585 15 from magazmes What salesmen' Freshman 1n1t1at1on What a s1ght' Sen1or p1ctures taken by Porter s B1ology class sees observatory Barbara Anna J B and Mrs Evans attended Journahsm conference at Ind1ana State Teachers College Cross country meet w1th Pla1nf1eld Defeat them 2.4 31 Yell leaders elected Mar1lyn Boatrlght Marleen Tharp Peggy Broadstreet the lucky ones Barbara and Anna named co ed1tors of annual Echoes Senlors sponsor a paper dr1ve More fun than papers' Jumors g1ve play Hurry Henry F1FSt 1ssue of school paper H1gh School students recelve New Testaments as gxfts of the G1deons F1llmore places s1xth at Cross Country Sec tlonal at Terre Haute Chadd 8th and Jones 13th 1n meet f1rst to come 1n for F1llmore Teachers Inst1tute Oh boy a Vacat1on' Semor skat1ng party Barbara Patty Anna and Melby attend IHSPA at Franklm College Sen1ors rece1ve p1ctures Oh terr1f1c' Dw1ght E1senhower and Dav1d Grxmes wm semor elect1on Annual contract g1ven to Herff Jones Joe P1erson speaks on Commumsm Thanksg1v1ng Vacat1on Sen1ors p1ck up corn at Ames Llons Club f1sh fry Defeat Amo 55 46 Grade operetta No school teachers work on reports Sen1ors sponsor school dance G1ft exchange at school w1th sen1ors d1str1but1ng g1fts Teachers serve refreshments Vacat1on beg1ns Back to school after a long vacatlon Everyone look1ng at g1fts new clothes Jewelry compacts etc No one d1splays an engagement r1ng' Semors dec1de on caps and gowns Mr Marshall presents program FHA organ1zed Yearbook p1ctures taken Street hghts mstalled Sophomore party B1rthday party 1n honor of M1ss Joseph Scholarsh1p exams at Greencastle Darrell Barbara and J B part1c1pate Junxors and sen1ors V1S1t General Assembly S1x to e1ght mches of snow fell Honor sweaters awarded to Russell B111 J B Roy Jerry Jack1e Peggy Letters gwen to R1chard S Jack Chev rons presented to Marleen and lVlar1lyn Senlors to Pub11c Serv1ce Alumm Banquet .Tumor Semor recept1on Baccalaureate at Method1st Church Commencement at Chr1st1an Church Russell Humbert speaker Sen1or tr1p. Z7 ' . . ' in 4 . I . . .A . 12 ' as . ' . . 17 ' " ' . ' . Z4 ' ' ' . 30 ' . 4 , , t. . . ' ' 10 , . ' ' , , ll -' - ' '. . 17 ' ' ll ll. ' ' 21 1 u. D 4 I a Z3 ' . , ,' ' . Z4 ' ' . 24-25 , , , ' 31 u . s 1 . , a I . 4 . . . . , . . . 17 ' . Zo ' ll ' ll. 6 . . i . . . 16 - . 19 Z3 , . ' 24 . . p I . n in 1 1 . 5 q u ' . 1 D 8 ' ' ' . 12 . . ' . 13 ' . 16 ' ' . . 19 . . . . 30 Q I . , , 9 . . . . g I . . . c 3 . I I. I I 0 'Y 1 ! -ll ' ' ' ' . ' ll ' . 18 ' - ' ' . 26 ' . 30 ' ' . , ff ,,.o SENIURS K K x K sf! , , . - - - ' 'K g 5: 1 Z' ,' , 2 ' : 5 Q A f 1 f , X :ff V : K f!""'!NWN,,l'3 ' :I f X " ikxi .M 2 I , I SQHH V f X -, 1 '-. 1 . -T - - fy :iz I 5. : , , .X E -Q RACHEL COOPER Secretary ROY HARCOURT Pres1dent 41 -4" KENNETH AMES V1ce Presldent ANNA BRYAN Treasurer IIHIIIERS N-"" f xA?-5194 LARRY D L. . CLASS FLOWER: Carnation COLORS: Blue and white MOTTO: Well done is better than well said. DA SOLO RRELL G S 5 GENE AR TORM WGA O rfag QQ' Q ' M iv lv CART RED W0 EE SR REE T AM NALD GOVXX X19 B015 QXCYXPS X RUSSELL LY-5 7 YANG ,naman R- 7-P' I, ,lhixlnivf ss, af, 4 .Pr 'L 11 I: .W-,MW A. XOYW3 B 'U' nj I f' 1 'R ' 'f' '- , f ay .d ' -' f x I 7 A 1 CASH xx 'N alcamo Reese STN P-V5 .JP J Y df: , 'lf M YIO BRO 'Ch A3 'lic Jil: 1 w U1 M rf," 'Y'-I WIN N ICHOLS WN BA RBA QA WILL W, A, f ww: 1 IAM NEWIQRK ANN ECH A DD Y 7 'ww If f Sl NIR MASS HISTIIRY As school began 1n September 1949 twenty f1ve freshmen took thelr places 1n F1llmore Hlgh School Enrolled ln the class were Jack1e Arn old Kenneth Ames M1ldred G1rton Anna Bryan Barbara Fra1zer Jerry Watson Donald Bu1s J B McKamey R1chard Stewart Roy Har court Rachel Cooper Darrell Storm Edwm N1chols Melba Zarmg RussellCash Cllfford Tmcher R1chard Gorham Mary Jo Brown Jerry Broadstreet Patr1c1a Masten W1ll1am Newklrk Larry M1ller Jackle Cl1fford Ga1l Hall and Helen Sutherhn Before the year was over B111 Wllson came from Amo to Jom the class Under the gu1dance of Mr Sm1th a class elect1on named Patty as pres1dent She was ass1sted by Jackxe C as v1ce pres1dent Roy took care of the correspondence wh1le J B recelved class dues M1ddy was reporter ln the fall of 1950 the class enrollment had grown to twenty e1ght Barbara Chadd who had attended Manual 1n Ind1anapol1s rejomed her class 1n F1llmore I-hgh Fred Goodmght and Fred F1sher became new members of the class Before the year ended however Cllfford T1n cher qu1t school to get marr1ed Mr McC1eerey as class sponsor a1ded 1n the elect1on of class of f1cers Barbara was made pres1dent wh1le Fred G became v1ce presl dent Rachel was named secretary Russell served as treasurer and Patty became reporter for the school paper THE COMRADE The flrst b1g pI'fJbl6l'T1 confront1ng the class was the 1n1t1at1on of the freshmen on September 15 The sophomores had not forgotten the1r 1n 1t1at1on so they proceeded to scare the fresh1es half to death' On December 20 the class sponsored a very successful Chmstmas dance to wh1ch the ent1re h1gh school was 1nv1ted Many famous person al1t1es were present at the dance Patty Masten L1ttle Lula Don Ruark Frank Smatra Llnda Sh1pman fBetty Huttonl Roy Harcourt fEdd1e Arnold Jerry Broadstreet and Edw1n Nlchols Rudolph Dav1d Gr1mes Frank1e Carle and B111 Newk1rk Santa Claus' helper helped to make the occaslon a most memorable one Several boys 1n the class part1c1pated 1n the athlet1c program Ed w1n was a member of the softball team whlch won the county charnp1on sh1p Russell Jack1e C Fred F B111 W Roy J B and Jerry were members of the B team 1n basketball Fred G was selected to be one of the yell leaders Only twenty one answered the roll call as Jumors Helen and Ga1l had transferred to New W1nchester Fred G to Lebanon Fred F to Amo and Jackle C to Ba1nbr1dge Barbara F qu1t school and before the end of the year B1ll W re entered the Amo school MISS Molter class sponsor a1ded 1n the class organ1zat1on J B became pres1dent w1th Roy v1ce pres1dent Rachel was reelected sec retary Anna became the treasurer wh1le Patty was named reporter 'Oh what pretty class r1ngs" was an often heard statement on that day 1n early September when class r1ngs arr1ved On September 4 w1th a goal set at S1200 the class began a cam pa1gn to sell magazmes The total sales S1303 60 surpassed the goal so a turkey d1nner was enJoyed at the school bu1ld1ng on December ll 4 f, - 7 . . c , The next project also a successful one was that of sell1ngChr1st mas cards October 19 was a most 1mportant occas1on for It was then under the d1rect1on of Paul Pru1tt that the class play SEVENTEEN IS TER RIFIC was presented B111 N J B Roy Jerry and Russell Jomed the vars1ty th1s year Jackle A was student manager To clxmax a year of successful endeavors the Jumor semor prom was held on Aprll 19 at Skyland Lodge near Spencer After a de11c1ous fr1ed ch1cken d1nner and usual toasts and responses the evemng was spent danc1ng playlng cards or 1n talk1ng on the old southern plantat1on 1nto whxch the Lodge had been transferred Seven g1rls and th1rteen boys beoan the1r sen1or year on August Z7 1952 an eventful vear and a short one Roy was selected to lead th1s d1gn1f1ed group 1n meetmg the many problems confrontlng a senlor class Kenneth became v1ce pres1dent wh1le Rachel and Anna were re elected to the pos1t1ons they held as Jumors Jack1e became reporter Wlth M1ss Joseph as sponsor the class undertook many projects to help flnance thelr sprrng tr1p to Wash1ngton D C Ph1ladelph1a and At lantxc Clty On December 6 some of the class p1cked up corn g1ven them by Kenneth Ames and h1s father Another group helped complete the task from whlch the class reallzed S107 Z5 Bookstore sales of school suppl1es and candy axded the f1nanc1alcon Wh1te sweatshlrts and card1nal socks sold by the class were very pretty at the ball games Hlstory repeats 1tself' On December 23 the senlors agaln sponsored the h1gh school Chr1stmas dance wh1ch they had orlgmated as sopho mores A VlS1t to lnd1anapol1s on February 10 was an 1mportant occas1on It was then that the Jun1ors and semors vlsxted the lndmana General Assem bly where they were 1ntroduced 1n the House by Representatlve Grxmes and 1n the Senate b, Senator R1st1ne Central Busmess College the World War Memor1al and the natlonal headquarters of the Amer1can Legxon were also v1s1ted on February lO The school publ1cat1ons THE COMRADE and the yearbook ECHOES were also projects of the class Thls has been a busy year much too short for most of the senlors A real1zat1on that the tlme for graduat1on1s approachlng 1s seen 1n many ways Honor sweaters were awarded to Russell J B Jerry B111 Roy and Jack1e on March 3 A letter was awarded Rlchard S Pract1ce on the class play w1ll begm before long and from now unt1l May l the class w1ll be qu1te busy wlth clos1ng school act1v1t1es The prom on Apr1l 18 15 eagerly awa1ted s1nce the senlors recall last year when the semors of 52 were the1r guests Baccalaureate se rv1ces wxll be held at the Method1st Church on Apr1l 26 The coveted d1plomas w1ll be rece1ved ln commencement excerc1ses at the Chr1st1an Church on Apr1l 30 The cl1max of the year and maybe of more than the one year IS the seven day semor trmp beg1nn1ng May Z dition of the class, also. Home made candy was always quickly sold. . , . S1 IIIH lZlASS Wlll We the members of the F1llmore I-hgh School Class of 1953 be1ng of sound mmd and capable of mak1ng dec1s1ons 1n t1me of need do here by make the follow1ng bequests both as a group and 1nd1v1dually To the Class of 1954 we forever bequeath the ab1l1ty to make the honor roll To the Class of 1955 we forever bequeath the sponsorshlp of the Chr1stmas dance To the Class of 1956 we bequeath the ab1l1ty to p1ck up corn regard less of the weather To the chemlstry class we w1ll our ab1l1ty to make stronger smells To the bookkeep1ng class we w1ll an add1ng machme that w1ll add long columns correctly To the Lat1n class more boys It was too lonely for R1chard Stewart To the Journahsm class we w1ll the ab1l1ty to make passable 1nter v1ews To the government class we bequeath the ab1l1ty to learn more about local government To the shop class we bequeath the ab1l1ty to run a stralght head To the muslc class we bequeath more boys to supply more harmony I Kenneth L Ames do hereby and forever bequeath to J1mm1e Ar nold my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the cops I Jack1e Arnold do forever bequeath to Jack Underwood my ab1l1ty to be a stup1d student manager I Jerry Broadstreet do bequeath to Larry Thompson my love for br1ght colors I Mary Jo Brown do bequeath to W1lma Zarmg my ab1l1ty to pay no attent1on to boys I Anna Bryan do forever bequeath to Ga1l Irw1n my ab1l1ty to type a sentence w1thout error I Don Bu1s do forever bequeath to Rex Harcourt my ab1l1ty to eat candy 1n the study hall w1thout bemg caught I Russell Lee Cash do hereby and forever bequeath to Bob QBrother I Barbara Chadd do hereby and forever bequeath to June DeWeese my qu1etness I Rachel Ann Cooper do hereby and forever bequeath my naturally curly ha1r to Nancy Sutherl1n I M1ldred Chrton do bequeath my d1mples to Martha Jane W1ll1amson I R1chard Gorham do hereby and forever bequeath to Mr McC1ee rey my ab1l1ty to see all of the Amo ball games so that Fxllmore w1ll always be able to beat them I Roy Lee Harcourt do bequeath my bookkeepmg ab1l1ty to anyone who can stand lt I Patr1c1a Lou Masten do forever bequeath to Marleen Tharrm my small hands and feet I hope she can p1ck up more corn than I d1d I John B McKamey do bequeath to Maur1ce St1erwalt my ab1l1ty to keep the St1lesv1lle gxrls from know1ng of my adventures at the "Y I Larry M1ller do bequeath to Marv1n Broadstreet my seat 1n soc1 ology class I W1l11am Newk1rk do hereby and forever bequeath to Norman Jones my ab1l1ty to be a professxonal loafer I Edwm N1cholas bequeath my hot rod car to Roy Smxth I R1chard Stewart do bequeath to Roland Cavm my ab1l1ty to keep a car runnmg I Darrell Storm do bequeath to DeLoss Greenlee my affect1on for Hendr1cks County g1rls I Melba Zar1ng do hereby and forever bequeath to Beverly Maxwell my ab1l1ty to dr1ve a car w1thout tear1ng off fender sk1rts We hereby attach our s1gnatures th1s f1fth day of March 1n the year of our Lord n1neteen hundred flfty three mn Room 4 at the F1llmore school house 1n F1llmore Ind1ana Hawk, Sibbitt my love for certain girls. - K ' ., . 9 i .-1 , Q . I 1 , n 'I' CQ-+-3 75'-'Y Flafvqw-1 0Mfu4f5uM..,a0 5,,4,4Z,,ffM7L 9mt,fHMMe.,LJ KW AWA! ww? 56fHmW1mh-Q vmwmmx f6.Lez.,3zM7 QQWEMQLWQ Qwafafjzauvf DQMMJKKMW 126-2.W7f Waagmhmw dZL OQWZTZP dbziw ffgw-M7 7?L,L1'f,J7,7 Fgmwdgffmgywbwpgglfzj G . . X M ' af bil WJLA.-ou-KJ C I ' ,f I ' K I I . . 1 , I ' I . WITNESSED BY! J' ff f , U C N a,v.f,e.a...Q,.J V A -4 .2311 . -' 5 , CARIQTION' s I V ik, 'W X 5 Ylh I fy ,H ,Q , iv viiiiiie .fy ' YY 71 I 1 ,I 3' 1 fi X W 4 ei! ww 'F 5' 5?-' mf- 5 ix' Q 'K W W ,4 , N . Mil ,sv,,,,ys n AJ f 0 iff-Q elf' YE 4' i ,ak 1 ' G f 'I 'E B RL 553 5 f 85 v fi fig i-V , S E Q3 f E M .:,. - ar N O , 5 I R QV' O I 1 3' R E ,, " --i- fn . I S X K 'Ji CLASSES 'ISI--' F0151 an-5 CONVOCATIONS !f' naman I I 4, 1 '- if , 6 All -fn "gm fv- 'N Yarra sf x ,F ,, '22 iw -Q 1 'O X.. it V . if , zij- w"'l' -21 TQ? E7 T ' f an 1 N F f f J I --Q .Z ,X If 4 4 . X, Row One: Beverly Maxwell, Marilyn Boatright, Doris Day, Larry Thompson, Marvin Broadstreet. Row Two: Virgil Arnold, Claud Thompson, June DeWeese, Norman Jones, Myrna Kelly. Row Three: William Sibbitt, Jane Jones, Wayne Runnells, Martha Williamson, Roy Smith Row Four: Marleen Tharp, Wanda Miller, Mary Sears, Lawrence Merritt, Roland Cavin, Absent: Joy Zeiner, and Jimmie Arnold ,gk , A 4 .rx V -" ' ,, 5 N 5, . nays I : 4- 5. M xv y . f ,, T Q T KL ' 1 R Y s Nb 1, , x 1 1 ' N . A ,of lx 1 '19 V21 rl if -A4 A i 5 ' : - UV T 1 .. Jil I 1, - N , ,QW W x .' 1 ' ' i A S . ' ts ' 'R ' :K-T aff 4' 1' 3, 7 Q .f- - L X , Q .aa - - " x , Q ik. V , , , . in f , , f ' , - M' 4 T , -1 f A -W" . - x X , 'T 1 A P vi ' , X N . , I I I r N 1 if :' -4'..'x . JU IDRS 1-fn 5. 41. W W nz-. wiv qu-.nv K.. "' f ' g L , ,.E, -V bww, Q if x W w, A Q1 ,f 'Spf' I X N , . j E f ffm L A 36.12, 1 Row One Hersdmel Ross Jimmy Cox Martha Bryan Ralph Kenda11 'I Judy Mchols ff.. Row Two Annelene Smgleton Tommy im" Q. Werrltt W11ma Zarmg B111 Q Chadd Row THree Shxrley Clark Maunce Stxer wah Ioan Combs Nr., ,AQ Ah-NAD 3 fa 35' L. W x f I V ,. ' A 1 A.: Q.. - , , W, T f' f ' - ' ,,,,. . , ,- N . . 1 . . W, Q - sw M ' X Q ' A ' A I A , X I .1 ,J n 2 gf,- Y .. s A6 A , , . PWA' , . 'WX ' ' ' 'H e 1 , Q wx - A ' T , f y fg F5 f t , X - ' . . 1252 ' mmf, M N , ' ' 1 ' ,, 4' V , Ann ' ' V . 'E ,N M I "" 1 f' .5 . ,.,,:: an , , .Af 43' 2 YIIPHIINIIIRE HAY? Nancy Sutherlm Rolan Tlncher B111y Jones Patty Evans Mary M111er DOHIIIC Beaman Roy Flsher June Schafer Jimmy Mason Andy Nlchols Ian1ce M11 hon Letma Nxchols Q 4-5272 . - ao' Y A H J' x - Wx L x A bs-Hb: HERSCHEL SMITH PEGGY BROAYJS 1 RLL I JOE ZEINER adm TI MSM, 'mv 'fit I Z' wr, HWY ir-'f H6-1 ,,..f-f' mf T237 my HIESHMA Wmnbv 'E -A 'W 5. QT L... W' DON THARP ANNABELLE SEARS WANDA STORM PEGGY WELLS " CHARLOTTE MILLER JOYCE STURGEON JOAN ROACH LUELLA PHILLIPS BOB SIBBITT EVELYN ARNOLD , if' N Pk f N I 311 :fr f P 31 - 1 3 X 1 X' ' f, x , ' 9 X f X! L t Q , l R3 ' ' H ' X 3 EX K' ' X sz E T' R , 1 gl ' ' VV Q 'ij 33 I y, f 5.1 .4 'F in' ! .A 9 fi G. L. 4: 'SET' ' P ff' 4- , 'W' L- MT E,.P- A Y 'g:r. f tl. ' .v A N jill.: . n A gxka 0 . - 4 " - - ,X T ' " Q75 A L. ' 'A 11 fl' A 1, 'U nf, k Y ,VD 9 1 Y i QM . 1 . T1 , T 1 T 1 ? 354 U24 , Xl Q Til x Y W V. 'TT' Q 7 , ,wg , T xg W ff' A 4 f A 1 fi ax " 9 L iv K 1 Q, P -Ti . I L '1 ' Xi T 'M' PM s...- ROSALIE ROBINSON REVEINNA SINGLETON IULIA ARNOLD x ff! h Aim XA' 1 ,J I -A Q ' i"'5fX,. IH- mn 'ww' hs' Q' V ei' 3 is 'Lf TY HM MUNDY GAIL IRWIN JOYCE JARRETT RITA COMBS RANDY COLLINGS 15 ln. 3 4'-v' IUDITH CASH DELOSS GREENLEE JACK UNDERWOOD SHARON MAXWELL DARLENE CASH . I Xu " 9' A I' iq A QL!! , 1 4 , N I I W NN xl. x f"f - I I k 4 - , :Q 12? ' ' I V, I Q lr I , N1 . O. . . sv ' 2 g, ff' yi gf X Lu. W. . I I , L, L' if vu -va A Row I: Patricia Broadstreet, Larry Cox, Clark Bryan, Gerald Clark, Eugene Allen, James Williamson, Rosemary Jones, Doretta Harris, Patricia Lee, Mrs. Milhon. Row 2: Paul Runnells, Earl Chestnut, James Carrico, Dennis Tincher, Jerry Cox, Bobby Ross, Norman Hutcheson. Row 3: James Walls, Jerry Ozment, Frank Schafer, Carolyn Ames, Judith Ham- SEVE Ill GRADE mond, Linda Williams, Rea Cavin, Gloria Maxwell, Rita Robinson. Row Row Row Row Ray Nichols, Ronnie Davin, Hobart Buchanan, C. I. Huller, Kent Newman Darrell Thompson, Roland Henderson. Bob Clark, Greg Manis, Rex Coffman, Kathryn Brown, Caroline Robinson, Janice Beaman, Joy Morphew. Nancy Phillips, Patty Bassett, Beulah Phillips, Judy McNary, Archie Strong Vincent Kiger, Tracy Williamson, Doris Lisby. Donald Mundy, Ronald Lawson, Ronald Henderson, Larry McGinnis, Gary Roberts, Dorothy Christy, Shirley Arnold, Mrs. Evans. IJGHI GRADE CV N ,441 1 A, I' S-,L Row I Lucy Singleton Manlyn Robrnson Barbara Stone Melva Hutcheson Carolyne Broadstreet Soma Trusedale Glenda Strong James Buls Maynard Amold Phrllip Mrller Row 2 Eva Carlton Janice Grddrngs Wanda Runnells Wanda Burnside Jean Ander son Ellen Hutcheson Dorothy Willrams Robert Fraizer Timothy DeWeese Ronald O Hair Larry Arnold Row 3 Mr Alexander Charles Storm Orvtlle Ttncher Mary Ann Hotop Nancy Hammond Freddre Bowman Nell Irwrn., Jimmy Bryan B1l1y Skinner Row r Mrs. Hall, Rrchard Wood, Ronnie Jarrett, Sharon Baker, Sue Manis, Sharon Jones, Darla Wade, Don Stewart, lrvm Huber Row 2- Don Srbbrtt, Jesse Reid, Jlm Chrrsty, Vera Wrllramson, Lrllre Mae Bowman Billy Combs, LeRoy Zeiner, Joan Grddmgx, Jerry Allred, Patg' Merritt Row 3 Darrell Detro, Doyle Webster Rrchard Clark, Arthur Evans, arrell Toney, Donald Bassett Evelyn Nrchols, Beverly Nrchols 1- as 9'- ' A 40 O iv' in V ' t . : Y? ' I' S' as 19 n' 1 W., f" 'I ' -. l v i 1 K D' L , ref' n .I y ' 1 ,. 1 E . , .A H f 1 .. ' ' . . . I U I U I I I : 1 I s 1 D I 1 " I ' l I I I , . a p : ' ' . ' . . ' . ' 1 I I ' IHHHI GRADE Row I: Carrol Roach, Carolyn Stewart, Roland Buis Jr. , Bobby Bearnan, David Storm, Janet Broadstreet, Virginia Kumpf. Row 2: Max Morphew. Jimmy Chestnut, Sharon Zeiner, Shirley May. Rickey Buchanan, Herbert Sutherlin, Arthur Hotop. Row 3: Mrs. Sutherlin, Jeneene Robinson, Maureen Pugh, Donald Kendall, Charles Tincher, Barbara Puckett, Gretna Huber. Row I: Sharon Arnett, Ann Marsh, Shirley Custis, Sue Wade, Helen Cassida Stephen O'Hair, Sharon Manis, Shirleg Allred, Danny Cox, Karen Buis. Row 2: Marjorie Skelton, Eddie Lee, Bonnie nong, Mavis Runnells, 'I'wyla Greenlee, James Cash, Sallie Carrico, Karen Siddons, Joe Shipman, Phillilp Skinner. Row 3: Davi Shoemaker, Ralph Hurst, Constance McCloud, Paul Isenberg, David Williams, Tommie Bowman, Bobby Lawson, Ralph Hutcheson, Sharon Lawrence, Mrs. Riddle. FUURIH GRADE GRADE Row I Iennrfer Clark Norma Clark Sharon Broadstreet Beverly Runnells Mary Lee Lee Stewart Davrd Toney Randy Robmson Larry Hams Row 2 Bonme Crarg Bonnre Butler Marcra Burnsrde Ashton Bowman Joe McNary Anne Hunter M1ke Ozment Sherry Mxlls Rodney Srddons Suzanne Gor ham Row 3 Mrs Rrssler Darrell Nichols Gerald Scobee B1lly Kumpf Patr1c1a Lytle Russell Frarzer Steve Krger Mlke Krger Jimmy Combs Norma Allen K1tz1e L1sby Row I Judy Smrth Bobby Strong Brlly Stewart Krtty Bowman Claudra Burs Joel Thompson Davxd Heavln Jerry lV1l1l8l'TlS0ll Jumor Prxest Row 2 Io Ann Laxrmore Carolyn Lytle Danny Huber Drane Sutherlm Kay Wxllrams Ronnre Benassr Rrchard Krger Noreen Carlton Frankre Puckett Row 3 Mrs Skelton Harold Grrmes Ernest Allred Darrell Pugh Howard Mlller Kenneth Mundy Charles Mams Bobby Storm Slllll Il GRADE HHSI .au I 25' 6 4 Fm I II II 1 1 -0 E' '? W 5 I? SX .7 5 K ACTIVITIES I I, ' , V X Xillgyx f X I 'II f xx 4 X 1 , X NX Ik f AQ 49, ' Q " " L52 .. ' J J" 4 I f ' 1 M I I 'Zn' A Z' - X7 2,2 fl, If I , I-, lzg X K A W 1 . !, A x 1 I 5117? 1 exe" 5 I.': I , Q, ' . 'Tie' 'f,, X fi , VK, i X ,A X 'X - 1 -6 I 1'V- I . Z1:I..I ' -gigs SCORES F1llmore Fxllrnore F1llmore Fmllmore F1llmore Flllmore F1l1more F1llmore F1llmore F1llmore Fxllmore Flllmore lealeadeu PEGGY BROADSTREET MARLEEN THARP MARILYN BOATRIGHT YELL Red and Black FIGHTI FIGHT! 14 7mm Cloverdale St1le sv1lle New W1nche ster North Salem Ba1nbr1dge R eelsv1lle Rus sellv1lle North Salem Amo Belle Unxon Cloverdale Clayton Belle Uruon F1llmore F1llmore Flllmore Flllmore F1llmore F1llmore F1llmore Flllrnore Flllmore E C MCCLEEREY COACH CHADD MASON MCKAMEY NEWKIRK THARP ROSS GREENLEE CASH CAPTAIN SIBBITT JONES BROADSTREET ARNOLD MANAGER Rus sellvllle Belle Urnon Cloverdale Roachdale Ba1nbr1dge St1le sv1lle Waveland CTIONAL RESULTS 58 Russellv1l1e 45 42 Greencastle 46 B. L I. B. D. H. D. R, , B. N. I. I. ' 47 43 ' 62 ' 42 ' 42 ' ' 58 ' 53 ' 49 ' 44 ' 55 ' 51 44 Fillmore 41 74 Fillmore 54 Reelsville 63 ' 44 ' ' 56 ' 69 52 ' 44 ' 73 ' 55 ' ' 47 ' 59 ' 42 ' 66 ' ' 63 ' 40 50 ' 59 68 ' 55 46 ' 62 ' 53 SE ' 40 45 ' 54 50 ' ' . . 35 . C, MCCLEEREY Coach FISHER CHADD . ARNOLD SIBBITT . GREENLEE , IONLS , BEA MAN COLLINS , STIERWA LT ARNOLD Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore l SCORES C love rdale Stlle Sville New Wlnche ster North Salem Bainbr idge R eelsville Amo 7e4m Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Belle Union Cloverdale Clayton Rus sellville Reachdale Bainbridge Stilesville Waveland PEP SESSION 'ld V1 I WW x. 'M ig CROSS COUNTR Y N. JONES J. MCKAMEY R. CAVIN B. CHADD L. THOMPSON R. STEWART R. KENDA LL E. C. MCCLEEREY Coach I. ARNOLD Student Manager S1bb1tt Chadd B McKamey Tharp Mason ZUUDU'-'I C-4 F1 ZOO '1 O SL. r- O- E In C cn'-O t.',P"'P-4 :QQ Q-l"1fD m "1 5 ro 1-+Uj'4 FD Edo WED Doo mfg' UQ 0 Q I-T' "1 Ross Broadstreet Cash Beaman Greenlee Jones Sofdall 36 N A L E T R A C K 4 -s X .4 uv ? Row One: Jack Arnold, Manager, Norman Jones, Bill Chadd, Iimmie Mason, Her- schelRoss, I. B. McKamey, E. C. McCleerey, Coach Row Two: Roy Fisher, Don Beaman, Jim Cox, Richard Stewart, Larry Thompson. Seventeen boys answered the call for track on March 5, 1953. Mr. McCleerey, Coach, believes that more will report March 9. Possible dash men are Russell Cash, Jim Mason, Norman Jones, and Donald Tharp. Ralph Kendall, Larry Thompson, Bill Chadd, and Bill Sibbitt are candidates in the distance contests. In the high jump, Mason, Roy Fisher and Herschel Ross have reported, while in the broad jump are Donald Beaman, Fisher, Roy Harcourt, Mason and Herschel Smith. In the middle distance runs are J. B. Mc Kamey, Jones, De- Loss Greenlee and Maurice Stierwalt. Rf' R S U N I O R B A L L SAFETY PATROL S. Alexander Leader R. Miller R. Fraizer I. Carrico J. Cox J. Ozment R. Nichols L. Arnold T. DeWeese I. Skinner J. Buis D. Thompson R. Clark V. Kiger Larry McGir1nis, Gary Roberts, Jimmy Williamson, Dennis Tincher, Clark Bryan, Archie Strong, C. I. Huller, Kent Newman, Gerald Clark, Don Mundy. X5 Coach S. Alexander Qi Student Manager, Jerry Ozment Yell Leaders Rita Robinson, Beulah Phillips 1 HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Mrs. Milhon, Director ,... HW.. Z 'Iv Mlss Molter Teacher 1 556 V 1 HR- I ...- f-IOSL' 'JZOZCIF' 'W O O F tn Iv rs Robert Watson BD Mrs Mason P T A COUNCIL Arthur Johnson Prrncrpal Mrs Stanley Sears Mrs Harry Tharp Mrs George Irwrn Presldent Mrs MBUYICC Bryan Mrs Gene Grrron Mrs Russell Sutherhn Absent Mrs Harold Sxbbm and Mrs Malcolm Wade Tar QL' nf ,EVM ox I' , 'g 'Y i , , U VA' 'M ra . ,f V' , -- M 3 , -Q A ' 'T ' i ,5 ft . ...,. 'W 'Aa'-""' " V f ,M . , ., ' M ff all X K 4 E , , by 4 Yi ' 'Q . V1 f ,, ,f Q , , . V , 1. -L f M -- f I I JV' . y 11,1 f I , I I 1 ' 4 k x I ', . 1 . if " R ff A 1 1: Q d -Ms ? : ' F I 2 I R ,nlslnandl HBMON lllllllllll! v.lW . , ga, na The King Christmas ..' ,fy '4n1'-avwgmmo THE FIRST GRADE VISITS THE LIBRARY Carol MEA. '4D2lO'-l!bSUOUJ2Pl" 3 X H A lx -.Ig22,L,. ,:-,,::5 i PJ E x . as 12 - ,Il , f If-E V F , ' I ' 3 .. 2 2 f 'Q A- 54 3 E ly Q ' J:-2-QQ ' ,fff f M 2 ' . f I .V - LA :L ' ' H , 14" ' , ' ' J' L 4 - 5.5 , . M. 1 5 1 - .Ls V. Ag, Www? offfmudca O D. A. R. UO 4., A K' 114. -, BARBARA CHADD ANNA BRYAN History Award 1952 Good Citizen 1953 Cotton Dress Senior Division District First State Second JUNIOR AND SENIOR RECEPTION SHIRLEY MERRITT Queen of the F1llmore Centenmal and Lt Governor Watkms The Queen's Court M1ldred G1rton Marleen Tharp Let1t1a N1chols Sh1rley Clark Betty Broadstreet Balrbara C-hadd Beverly Maxwell X X x X X Xie ADVERTISING X X .X ,Xx.X X fri- Xxx.--x N ffzg-ik iflxsx X X512 x XX X X.-xX x X x ,-ajk S f- X X - w , ll, N I X.r X . I V Thank You 0 of m 1mpo nt w ds 1n o language a 1ng thank you expresses ordlnary courtesy en Sald and eant m kes the rec1 ent stener w pleasure to extend e 0 s he beha W re lO0k1Hg forward e day when n cheerfully say to ou Thank you CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK Greencastle Ind1ana The JUHIOF Play of The Class of 1953 SEVENTEEN IS TEHBIFIC DIFCCCOF Mr. Prultt --tw the ost ' rta or ' ur . S y' ' ' Wh ' m , it a 'pi feel better. When you say 'thank you', you tell your li it as a ff rt on hi or r lf. le' ' to th we ca y -- PUTNAM COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO OP ASSOC INC eed Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Products Implements Hatchery Building Supplies Complete Farm Products Line Greencastle F1llm0 JOHN S SHOE SHOP 204 South College Phone 858 mr. Greencastle CEDAR CREST MOTEL on U BROADSTREET 5 BARBER SHOP Fillmore Indiana I COAN PHARMACY Putnam County's Largest Drug Store Quality Accuracy Service Greencastle Indiana F I f l I I William H. Day, Mgr. David L. Grimes, Pres. ' re I Q . S. 40 . CHLCK 'B NIARRILI' Store I'11lIIIO e Kldl S ccess to ou II XHOLD PHL I T'I lmo n ana 'up fha j NIACIx 5 'IALP Hom an elen L drum rop Your Complete Une- op Quallty o r1f-s Host uran a Emerson Tele S10 Phone- S 1Ie 9 8 O lilfld Gil IIA CJIIILI c 1 1 w 1 IP I Short Orde 1 L Idl Iro FIPCOI' COX AND NIATTHEWS n rance A PI I Greencastle u , Y Class of1953 Fil re I di A Iiegzal , 2 I 1 1 . . L W N 1 'As Q 's Y , Xi, .M if St, 'I U r InI"1a 5" Z . f Lf I gb A I' J' I " ' I, 'I er ' d II NI' C' wick, P s. ' l . 1 ,-SL Service' ' Gr ce ',.' a L G s and Oil I , vi- n .: ft' svillc- .812 U. S. 4U Sf T5 H. U. N . 2 C0 te:sviI1ex Ind' ' O' III ' , Jun:L'or 36-13 I lv ' I Coup ,Les Ijilners I su Q gency .V ' rs -i er O,l.'I., A IJ -4 xonf-134 ' , F JONES RESTAURANT AND STANDARD SERVICE 43 Junct1on Roads 40 8 Greencastle n 1ana R SHOEMAKER S ST 405 N Jack Greenc Atlas Tlres ANDARD SERVICE son Street astle BSCCSTICS Accessor1es Wa do S hoemaker Prop Everybody Reads THE DAILY BANNER It Waves for all PREVO S Leader of Flne Serving Putn 50 Greencastle Wearxng Apparel am County Over Years Indiana DH DONALD BHATTAIN WRIGHT 5 CAFE ngratulates the Class 1 F111-more F llrrore Hlgh School Indlafla T Pl NINPIFLD Ull COMP NY POOH AND COMPANY 'Vlarathon .Servlce yne and Master MIX Fee S 'Vlerldlan Indlana Greencastle Cloverdale S AND S GARAGE 4:-3:31 Merldlan Indlana in 5 J P QANXOIN AND Greencastle Ind1ana of 953 l i 1 ' l HE ,f 1" , , ,. All l . L X ' Wa ' d Wit. . ' ' ' ' QE' 's.' 1" U.. Q'.0, Mn. A ' ' ' . 0 ,, ':o.o ' A 5 .' 4 ,xx L, s 'VX .l-,-, . D. 'il ' Q CU. DEEM SHONKWILER JEWELERS Dlamonds Watche Sllver G1ftS l3 South lnd1ana Str Greencastle Ind1ana JEWELER ll East Washlngton Street Greencastle Indlana 0 WEESNER IMPLEMENT COMPANY 124 North Jackson Street Greencastle Indlana larmall Tractors Mc Cormlck Deerlng Implements Sales and Genulne IHG Parts Internat1onal Hefrlgeratlon al! 3- HORACE LINK AND COMPANY H 'lil Furnlture 5' f Phone l27 El Gy, South Indlana Street Greencastle ' s ' eet -. Wtvf C. B. HAMMOND S., Y ,MN I fl ' I en 1 , 'lux Q Ml . ' I - 1 NX 5 . ' f ' A X! ARTHLR LISBY umm- 'C' I P1 b wg 31 Q-1.45 Flllmore Ind1ana ff 4 ,vw- 'S METZGER LLMBER COMPANY Greencastle Indlana ngratulatlons to the Class f l Flllmore H1gh School BROADSTREET S CITY SERVICE F1llmore Indlan Maurlce Broadstreet Prop FARMER S POULTRY MARKET sh Buyers of Poultry E s H1 es P one 1179 M Greencastle Ind1ana CRAVER WELDING L1HCOlD Welders Agrlcultural Repa1r SCFVICC Lawnmowers Plpe Structural Steel 208 North Jackson Greencastle E WEESE GARAGE AND BODY SHOP F1llmore Indlana I ' , V C if s g .--f 1. V, -1' . . fi l fa We . Z C0 ' o 953 ' Ca , - . ' ld a h . D V v Congratulations and Best w1Sh6S FILLMORE HIGH SCHOOL FLINT S MARKET Home Kllled Beef Greencastle nd1a Automot1ve Parts Mach1ne Shop Greencastle Indlana ALBERT M THOMPSON Barber Shop Phone 142 8 Maln Street Greencast e To I ' na M 8 R AUTO PARTS 802 ' , 1 GHLEWCASTIE HOME QLPPLX CO Maytag Greenea INC Norge Stl lndlana Deep Freeze TZOUNAKIS AND FLINT V1ne Street Greencastle Ind1ana STOP AND Greencastle SPKJP lndxana ,rid OWI DHUG CO For Ov rugs Greencastl g Putnam County e Y and Sundrl e Indlana ALFRED HEAVIN Grocelle Coal lllmore Indlana S Mt Merl JOHN SEXTON AND COMPANY ON S LUNCH M8HUf8CtUF1Hg Wholesale Grocers Box dl Ind1ana Ch1C8g0 90 Ill1no1s f 18 S. ' .. ,' e ' 3 . ' X x f .. 7 . Servin , ' S r 50 ears in , D , First-aid ' I 'es F, . WIL' " Y' P.O. JS . A 'an ' THE MEN'S SHOP Style, Service and Satisfaction VAN BUSKIBK'S GBOCEHY The Store for Young Men and Men With Young Ideas. Meats and Fresh Vegetables 18 W. Washington St. arry S Livengoo st S de of Square Greencastle Indiana Phone 57 RIVERS ELECTRIC SHOP N Jackson t B x l67 Greencastle Russellville Phone 1135 Phone 7 CLINES BAHBFI1 AND RBAUTY SHOP Hotpoint 8 Ph1ICO Appliances Amo Indiana kD WAMIITON Wh' 'N Sc ool Supplies Stationary 1 all Occasion Car ' Greencastle Indiana GN Z 'l H . d We Ni 26 . S . o 5: ' A A A P 1 ,X f , ' I5 I iflfg . , 00.2 3L,f ':,V anl ' ds - -'- I-ze-a - - .jwfy I I if yu -x::- HLSS SALES AND SERVICE Telephone or 1 7 East Frankl1n Greencastle Ind1 MONON GRILL 24 Hour SBFVICC Greencastle Indlana HAMPTON S GARAGE Auto Repa1r Route 40 Phone 43 St1lesv1lle d1an KERSEY MUSIC STORE Muslcal Mus1c Store TEICVISIOH Records Radlos Greencastle Indlana GILLEN AND LYON Greencastle Indlana HOOSIER PETE N Jackson Ezra Craft Manager Greencastle Indlana ,Q ij Q27 ,JJ P ' 'Z 11 020 2: D- 1,-'G 'ana . . In . . . 710 . st. . S MIITON S POSFY PATCH PLOHIST Phone 247 Green astle dldna 9 411313 -4 pn., 4 UQ, Me' 'x BLACK LUMBEH COMPANY Iumbe Woodwork Illlldl g Suppl1 4 Blocke Nort of u 501 o Ind1 eencast e Indlan Compl1ments o LEOHN J DAVIS AGVVCY Amo Ind1 ana General Insurdnc I fc Phone 30 ADAMS gl RYAN WHOLESALE GPOCFHY Greeneaetle Indlan Hearty Congratulat1on to t e s l O T Candy Sale-sm 81 C WFLD NG and MACHINE REPAIR We Spec 8l1ZC 1n Weld1ng P one 332 M Greencastle n 1ana . r- ' V' c In " 1 'nf 'es , - Z ' ' h Sq ar e ,14 V....,,Z ,.,. V E Gal I Lia N rth ana , YI! it 'X'?'a,.,,,. 5-, J Gr l , A a ' f . Q Il .4 ' e P. 0. So 154 I ' H -ll P , 1. , I ' s h C1 as of 953 I ' l 1 1 W. . ATE h ' " .' an ' , , I d' , R.Px. 3 Q I --c N 9 IROORSHIRE SERVICE SIATION Phllllps Produc Greencastle Indlana R AIRPORT SERVICE STATION Spnrlock Phone 903 asollne O1 LUbF1C8f10H South Bloom1ngton Street Greencastle Indlana Creencastle Indlana BROWN S MARKET C atesvllle s Mos: Complete Market General Merchand1se Grocerles Brown one 12 HOOD S BARBER SHOP O1C6 of the MBJOFI East Wash1ngton Sc Greencastle Indl Compllment of A FRIEND Greencastle Indlana YS- QEP 4 Q 3 , . . , 5 I wi If 1 1 , , , bg, ' ' '66' ts ASV .N .I Lx. EA" :O --A 1 me lways H sf s BOOT snop G ' -- '1-- ' ' , . o ' ' " V . Ch . . .ty I5 ' reet H. L. 'ana Ph -20 ' S fa.. IDEAL CLEANERS Cleanlng Dyexng Press1ng Alteratlons Moth prooflng PUTNAM COUNTY FOOD LOCKEB 24 Hour Serv1ce reencastle Phone 470 Ind1ana G00d Luck T0 The In Bottles Greencastle Ind1ana COCA COLA BOTTLING CO INC Greencastle Ind1ana A FAMILIAR BOOKSTORE SCENE TRACTOR SPECIALTIES CORPORATION Post Off1ce Box 56 West Walnut Street Road Greencastle Indlana KIRCHER S HATCHERY HOWARD WEST Baby Ch1CkS Custom Butcher1ng and PFOCeSS1ng Pur1na Feeds Crosley Home Freezers 106 North Jackson Freezer Supplles Greencastle Ind1ana Aust1n and JOCIC Klrcher FARM SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 67 Internatlonal Harvester Tractors Implements and Refr1gerat1on Hardware Parts Serv1ce Coatesv111e Indlana ROBINSON REGAL STORE COATESVILLE uallty Meats and Grocer1es ELEVATOR Phone 6620 Coatesv11le Indlana Coatesv111e Indlana Amo Phone 1920 Res. 4540 Q . . Est 1909 Pl 9114 PORTER'S STVDIO 312 Illinois Bldg A Indianapolis. Indiana Your Photographer For All Occasions Pictures Made Any Place Candid Wedding Birthdavs Valenflne Day Mother'5 Daw Father Q Dav ChT1Stm39 Family Reunione Home Portraits Pleasingly Posed Popular Priced Photos Please Particular People S , . , . N f 7- , 9 ,.., , f ,.- - , - - N VOLIVA HAT SHOP Greencastle Ind1ana WELLMAN S SERVICE STATION BECSVIIIC Ind1 n WILLIAMS GROCEBY Greencastle Indxana KNIGHT S STORE S1ck Room Supp11es Ba y Needs SUHdF1CS TOIISCTICS Candles and Tob acco one 51 COSCBSVIIIC In 1ana 11-.4 , -i SKELTON AND SKINNEH A11 K1HdS of BU11d1Dg Mater1a1s M Mer1d1an Road 40 Eas SIMPSON STONER Greencastle Indlana r . 3, Co ' 'a a 1 1.3.---fe? b v . , . . Ph -11 ' , d' t- ' ' t Complxments f the POWELL FUNERAL HOME and FURNITURE STORE Phone 26 Coatesv1Ile Ind1 WHITE CLEANERS Best 1n CIean1ng 24 Hour Serv1ce Greencastle Ind1ana STAFFORD S TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE VICEOF Addlng MHCRIHCS and 0ff1Ce Supplles Phone 1034 Across From Post Off1 Greencastle Indlana Eat and Enjoy Chesty Potato Ch1pS Ruffles and Nutmeats CHESTY FOODS INC Terre Haute Ind1ana IQQ Xl- 1 Il' J T CHRIS IE Real Estate 21 South Indlana Greencastle Indlana DRAKE S JEWELRY STORE Elg1n Ham11ton Long1nes For all Your Jewelry Needs One Block East of Bus St8t10D Greencastle Indlana ' o 9 , 4 ' 'ana . . Y . l 1 ' l ' f I I4.:1 X v f l . 53 , I ' X ,' ce l A Hmix . Y Y , I q F I 14" " L , . 1 'll S P . . T LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY 21 South Fourth Street Terre Haute Indlana For That Speclal OCCHSIOD Cake PAUL S PASTRY SHOP 102 North Jackson Greencastle Phone 170 R CURRIE S A1r Cond1t1on1ng Warm A1r Furnaces Sheet Metal Work Phone 17 Greencastle PUTNAM MOTOR SALES Dodge Plymouth Sales Se rv1ce Parts 0 118 North Indlana Street Greencastle Ind1ana Phone 648 McMILLAN'S O tf1tt8fS to Champ1ons r Over Q arter f Century McM1llan Athlet1c oods C nc Terre Haute Indlana HOME LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Nationally Advertised Sanitone Dry Cleaning C othes Washed and Irone P6Ff6CE10D reencastle In 1 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Depos1 Insurance Corporat1 M8X1mUm Insurance for Each e os1tor S10 Coatesvllle Ind1ana BOB DEAN GFOCCTICS Greencastle Ind1ana KING MORRISON FOSTER COMPANY Your Fr1endly Ford Place Slnce 1910 Phone 268 ll4 W Washlngton Street Greencastle Ind1an See HAROLD SIBBITT For Funk s G Seed Corn And All Analysls of Fert1l1zers Regular and Granular Form i bl Ho so -9' u ' ' l ' d to Fo a G ' ', d ana u o a 'L .'on ' ' G o.,I . . D p ' , ,000 ' I .i 1g"""""""' . -V Qu L . W ,KX BQ W1 . E 4 2 Q 7 a Q i gs e thlrd g ade proud of new desks Wh1Ch we placed 1n the room dur1ng the ChF1Stm8S vacatlon FIRST CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Greencastle IHd18H8 x A W W A ' 1 F s 'ix Th ' r is ' re MOORE S SHOE STORE THE PUTNAM Shoes for Everyone Greencastle Greencastle COUNTY GRAPHIC Ind1ana s Outstandlng Plcture Weekly nd1ana Greencastle Ind1ana DEEM S STEAK HOUSE r 11 R Deem Pro an 's Wu 4 n lana I I d gags THE HATHAWAY PRINTERY Pr1nt1ng of Every Descr1pt1on atesv1lle Ind1ana IRVINE A BENNETT General Insurance P one 28 or Coatesvllle Ind1ana WAYNE KIVETT Plumblng and Heat1ng Wall Paper and PRIHCS Pumps and P1p1ng Coatesv1lle, Ind1ana Convenlent Schedules to any 1nt 1n U Canada and MCXICO Chartered Coach Serv1ce Anywhere Anyt1me UNION BUS STATION Greencastle Ind1ana L C Brown Mana er Phone 1024 I . . Y P l Ailizzx . .mJQjf?3ig Vi g ' . , p . ff 'gf . V XM .Q if f Y . . . . h 37 Co ' , ' l ' U ' PO' ' .S., . . . . , , g RIGHTSELL 21 South Ind1ana Greencastle Ind1ana Coal and Insurance F1ne Class R1DgS Announcements Yearbook Awards Ken Es11nger Representatlve 2019 Crawford Terre Haute Ind1ana KIMBALL R LARKIN Dependable Insurance Serv1 Greencastle Ind1ana X 1 FARMERS SUPPLY INC Skelgas 1 107 East Frankl1n Street Phone 291 Greencastle Ind1ana J O S T E N ' S I 'cel Phone 826'w Goodyear Tires '-' ' 4 at '-' S , 'Q 03- Xl ' Ns I 1852 1952 'T'-wa fl g GLM' ,MW gqmw in 7 iff, ' X E 1 ' W 'lv , f 1 A S. O MX I X X in A X .QV Q? if A R I S ,E Alumn1 D1rectory Cont1nued Joe Anderson Danny Arnold Joyce Arnold Carolme Br1dges Betty Broadstreet Royce Cavm Freda Cunmngham Rose Ellen Huller Betty Jones Betty Lawson Shlrley Matt1ngly Sharon Mlller Gary Newman Herschel Robmson Marvm Ross Juamta Runnells Onet1a Runnells Cornel1a Sears Joyce S1bb1tt Betty Sutherl1n Max Yarlng John Ze1ner Class of 1952 Coca Cola truck drmver Central Bus1ness Colle e Secretary for S1mpson toner Central Bus1ness College Mrs Charles Col11ns Housewxfe At home Nurse's Trammg Methodlst Hosp1tal Fxle Clerk Ind1anapo11s Fzle Clerk Ind1anapo11s All1son's Ind1anapo11s Murphy's 1nd1ana ol1s Mrs Ted Jarrett Publlc Serv1ce A1r Force Farmer Franklm College Publlc Se rv1ce Pla1nf1eld Home Central Bus1ness College Publlc SCTVICC Pla1nf1eld Publlc Serv1ce Pla1nf1eld fMrs B111y Cole I-Iousew1fe A1r Force Purdue A1umn1 In Se rv1c e 1927 1930 1938 1940 1941 1946 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 lvan L1sby Lawrence Sm1th Joe P1ckett Kenneth Smyth Donald Meek Chester Wells Delmus Ross Curt1s Sm1th Lowe Snapp Robert Cox James Osborne Jack Anderson Wayne T1ncher Ronald Tharp Noble Alexander Kenneth Carpenter Harry Cust1s Gene DeWeese Don Thompson Thomas McNe11 Roy Shoemaker Wmlborn Kendall Russell Harcourt Fred Glrton Noble Sutherlm Rlchard Jones Bob Broadstreet G1lbert Duncan Gary Newman Max Zarlng Army Army Army A1r Force Army A1r Force A1r Force A1r Force A1r Force A1r Force A1r Force Navy Army A1r Force Army A1r Force A1r Force A1r Force A1r Force Army Army A1r Force Army Army Army Army Army Coach Guards A1r Force A1r Force Germany Indlana Tennessee England Texas Unlted States 1ll1no1s England South Dakota Texas lll1no1s Cahforma Italy Texas Korea Tr1pol1 Japan Japan Georg1a Un1ted States Korea Oklahoma Kentucky Kentucky Texas Texas Kansas New Jersey M1ss1ss1pp1 Texas J . 1 ' 5 Linda Shipman , . . l . . , , . FAREWELI. Row One Anna Bryan Melba ZBIISP Patrrcra Masten Russell Cash Barbara Chadd Jerry Broadstreet Larry 111er Row Two Mrss Joseph Donald Buis Mary Jo Brown Rachel Cooper Mrldred Girton Row Three Edw1nN1cho1s Darrell Storm I B McKamey Kenneth Ames Roy Har court Rrchard Stewart Richard Gorham To our advert1sers, we the class of 1953, wrsh to express our apprecratron for the co operat1on we have recewed rn the edrtmg of thrs yearbook Thank ou Y We wrsh to thank the Banner and the Graphrc for the centenmal prctures used ' Wi11'iam.Neyvkirk, Jack Arnold, Mr. Johnson. ' '

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