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-x 9 I.-1.,, X, 1 -M. -.' , - P, Nj-SQL? ,. . -3-. ,gf K 22535, ' ' 4'1" fc 13555 2 -.nv 1 5 51 Z ,N rx I K '-.-, X fag. 'gu- ' 1793. : QW: , EF' 2, 1-ii-'. ' 3122, . f Q5-1 'fer- . L. ,Lg w. wi? 54, lnjyl, 1' if -fm jf, , 'fx 3434.15 V, W. ' Y' -' wif! ,?. ? ' 1,15 1 .9. 1- A gn. 311 -2 fn ff .- 5 Z 'W' rx, ,L-, ,. l ,- --11,2 'Q Saw 5 x fr 'wg 7 ,melbi .- -,,, , - . why .ff 2- ': 9' is, w V .1 om- n W' ' 1 5,4 ' , ' ,514-. Y, ,, .. . ,F , 3.1, x , 4, ,,,Q 52 '. .,1 1 ,Q .3 .. W. , is .Q sm S 197 .,,- f If, , hx. 5. 5 iq.: , -,Q Ii, L , ,- , f' , V- -, - ,V . pgs: '1 f "bfi f + ins -' 5 F ' '.,,:13Q'3" H E E 1 .. Q. 5 5 E I 2 1 Z 9 gi .1 556110155 SENIOR CLASS 15151 FMMQRE Hee:-4 SQHQQL To all who have contributed in any way to make the Echoes a success: We are grateful. The Class of 1951 Fillmore High School X3 Arthur L. Johnsen, principal IIARION TOWNSHIP OFFICIALS Alfred ll. Heavin, trustee Advisory Board: George Irwin Harold Pruitt William Cash A-xx, Wi ,M....aul. W - wx vxvx' G19 Miss Marcelline Molter S 'Sb eeb XXX., XKQW :X VW Ellsworth McC1eerey Paul Pruitt xx 'SW' QUQQXX Lla- 0188 J, Afq bel Mrs. Geneva Milhon Spb sw , 9 M' ia W aw S' 5 Mrs. Sutherlin M153 Brattaifl SY-01500 Grade L Grade 3 ,. 66 x ova Mrs. Rissler Mrs. Smedley Grade 2 Substitute Hrs . Hall Grade 5 Lb n A1 GPQ I, .Q 5 High School Girls'Gym Class Chemistry Lab. ' of f U ' 'gf-L 'N Qaweo , , ' wa 2 's x jllr I "if I L - ff , E 7 um 1 A '33, N. 1 f ,A 5, ,FNLJ I A N' Qhmtxg A U ' - Airplane club High School Chorus si 'I Chemistry Lab Book btore Fred uoodnight ,x 5 .4iK --p l ' xs-12? Fresnman Initiation Book Store 6 Lv., SEHIUHS Sb W ii YYY ,-457 4l f ,iiizzliii ,, Z.--zu:-"' V lv:-'-+ f-L " 2 '+ TO MR. CHESTER COAN F GREENCASTLE: The class of 1951, Fillmore High School, gratefully acknowledges the use of a Duplex 52 camera which you so graciously loaned to us. Most of the snapshots in this yearbook were tak- en on this camera. ! ,Q 'P .J L A 3 3 fwng 'WXJUI' fs Mun rf Qfonalfl . p':g9id'dv'lf dn n. Cgaoff My tuaaufldf- iw "J uv fm Aedefdmj I I vice- K J WX i W1 CH fum H prgid-anf Lnj L-.I '47, lfj 8 UO? A' M6 5445 asf 'mg 122112 Q41 5 A g'!e7ZQ1e :Zi 6362935 292,41 W I.. 12-4, 02 I 51636, cfau COIOT1 2 JW? BLUE am! WHITE EERE 091-e Q87 G3 QQQ 24044 W, Q? 12464 ZZ!-4421 ffezyf? CQA41 56 5 BX X Y clan A f Kiwi in 'lmfulwr QS Q Q Y Qlwunrun QD Aiwa ,Sinead jdndvyw 3 ll EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES CLASS OF 1951 DONALD RUARK-Class Officer 1, 2, 3, L. Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Class Play 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3, L. Softball 1, 2, 3. L. Track 2. D.A.R. History Award 3. MARY ANN CASH-Class Officer L. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, L. Operetta 1. Class Play 3. Typing Contest 3. JEAN SEISOR-Class Officer 3, L. Glee Club 1, 2. Operetta 1. Class Play 3. Ed- itor-COHRADE. L-H Purdue Round-up. Algebra Contest 2. D.A.R. Good Citizen L. DAVID GRIMES--Class Officer 1, L. Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3, L. Softball 1, 2, 3, L. Track 1, 2. L-H Purdue Round-up. NORRIS WEBSTER-Class Officer 1, 2. Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Clase Play 3. Basketball 1. PRBTON WEBSTER-Class Officer 1. Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Class Play 3. Stu- dent Librarian L. STANLEI SMITH--Student Manager 1, 2, 3. Class Play 3. Basketball 2, 3, L. Soft- ball 2, 3, L. GILBERT DUNCAN-Class Officer L. Glee Club 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3, L. Softball l, 2, 3, L. Track 2. GERALD CARPENTER--Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Basketball l, 2, 3: L. Softball 1, 2, 3, L. Class Play 3. Clase Officer l. JEANNE THARP-Class Officer 2, 3. Glee Club 1, 2. Class Play 3. Oper-etta 1. Girls' State 1950. Editor-ECHOES. FREDA SMITH-Operetta l. Class Play 3. Glee Club 1. Typing Contest 3. Algebra Contest 3. BETTE CHESTNUT-Glee Club 1, 3, L. Class Play 3. Operetta l. Class Officer 3- JOYCE BOATRIGHT--Class Play 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, L. Class Officer 1. Typing Contest 3. Iell Leader 3. BOB BHOADSTREET-Basketball 1, 2, 3, L. Softball 1, L. Cross Country 3, L. EDWIN JACKSON-Horseshoe 2, 3. DEVONA HENDERSON--Operetta 1. Glee Club 1. Art L. B.H.S. 3. CHARLES PHILLIPS--Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3, L. 3 15 CLASS WILL We the Clase of 1951 of Fillmore High School, Fillmore, Indiana, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath on this eighth day of February, the following worldly possessions: We, the seniors in Fhglish, do hereby and forever bequeath to lliss Joseph a class that has the ability to stay awake and listen to IIACBETH. le the seniors in Latin I , do hereby and forever bequeath to lr. Craig a Utraishg A class. We, the seniors in plane geometry, do hereby and forever bequeath to Hr. Johnson a class that loves to draw circles. We, the seniors in chanistry, do hereby and forever bequeath to lies Holter a class that can understand straight weight problems. le, the seniors in sociology, do hereby and forever bequeath to Kiss Joseph a class that doesn't have s cultural lag. le, the seniors in shorthand, do hereby and forever bequeath to lr. Speer a class which can remember to fill their pens before class time. We, the seniors in government, do hereby and forever bequeath to lliss Joseph a voting machine to use for class demonstration. We, the seniors in typing class, do hereby and forever bequeath to lr. Speer typelritere that don't make mistakes. We, the seniors in advanced math, do hereby and forever bequeath to Mr. Johnson a class that can do less-if possible. We, the seniors in bookkeeping, do hereby and forever bequeath to ltr. Speer a class that can add and subtract. le, the seniors :Ln welding, do hereby and forever bequeath to lr. Pruitt a class that has the ability to run a straight bead. le, the seniors in chorus, do hereby and forever bequeath to llrs. llilhon a class that can pronounce words. We, the senior ball boys, do hereby and forever bequeath to llr. Craig a team that can win the state championship. le, the senior ball boys, do hereby and forever bequeath to lr. llcCleery a bottle of nerve pills for use in keeping score. Individually we will as follows: I, DeVona Henderson, do hereby and forever bequeath to Letitia Nichols my brown eyes. I, llary Ann Cash, do hereby and forever bequeath to Martha Iilliemson my love for blonde. I, Norris lobster, do hereby and forever bequeath to J. B. llcKaney my nas- culine looks. I, Freda Smith, do hereby and forever bequeath to Joyce Arnold my freckles. I , David Grimes , do hereby and forever bequeath to lax Zaring my love for music. I, Donald Ruark, do hereby and forever bequeath to Billy Crawley sq curly hair. I, Gerald Carpenter, do hereby and forever bequeath to Anna Bryan my ability to make straight A's throughout high school. I, Fdsin Jackson, do hereby and forever bequeath to Kenneth Ames my light hair. I, Preston lebster, do hereby and forever bequeath to Donald Tharp my curly hair. I, Gilbert Duncan, do hereby and forever bequeath to Bill Sibbitt my ability to keep my shoes shined. I, Jean Selsor, do hereby and forever bequeath to Revenna Singleton IU height. Charles Phillips, do hereby and forever bequeath to Danny Arnold sq curly I. hair. I, Bob Broadstreet, do hereby and forever bequeath to Joyce Sibbitt nv coon- hunting ability. ' I, Joyce Boatright, do hereby and forever bequeath to Joe Anderson one of my nicknames, Gabby. I, Bette Chestnut, do hereby and forever bequeath to Caroline Bridges iw changeable moods. 14 I , Stanley Smith, do hereby and forever bequeath to Herschel "Percy" Snith my student manager ability. I, Jeanne Tharp, do hereby and forever bequeath to Shirley Merritt my abil- ity to cheer loud and long at ball games. To the entire student body we the seniors of the class of "Sl", do hereby and forever bequeath our love for Fillmore High School. , Daw. ' 184,122 CZMLWJ- 46 ' in WMMJ Bm 2 4 : . MM jvc Muzfw any F A Ala H2514-is-Jew The undersigned, having duJ.y witnes ed the affixing of the above signatures, do hereby affix their names on this eighth day of February, nineteen hundred and fifty one. k . i 3 K U v tg.. gm at 4 K Kxkg I ILT., R . ji, Lf"i ,IN 4. AM -fi 15 CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 191.5 twenty ecxcited youngsters entered Fillmore junior high. It was their real start on the way to the big year when they would be seniors. llenbers of the group were Preston Webster, Charles Phillips, Donald Ruark, David Grimes, Norris Webster, Earnest Kendall, Stanley Smith, Bette Chestnut, Joyce Boatright, Jeanne Tharp, Jean Selsor, Virginia DeVaney, llary Ann Cash, Amy Foley, Freda Smith, Bobby Broadstreet, Gerald Carpenter, Paul Estridge, Edwin Jackson and Gilbert Duncan. Hrs. Esther Quick, their sponsor , helped them elect their class officers who were as follows: president-Don Ruark, vice president-Stanley Smith, secretary-Gerald Carpenter, treasurer-Charles Phillips , and reporter-Joyce Boat- The following year when they entered the eighth grade Bob Broadstreet, Bette Chestnut and Paul Estridge were missing. Bob had gone to Floyd Township, while Bette had gone to Texas. Bob and Bette came back in the middle of the year along with DeVona Henderson from Floyd Township. Their sponsor, who was the new coach, llr. Craig, helped than in selecting their class officers who were as follows: president-Freda Smith, vice president, -Joyce Boatright, secretary-Virginia Devaney, treasurer-Jeanne Tharp, and reporter-Jean Selsor. llr. Craig brought this class much happiness since they won the junior high basketball tourney and were awarded a trophy. Those on the team were David Grimes, Don Ruark, Gerald Carpenter, Gibby Duncan, Norris Webster , Charles Phillips , Stanley Smith and Bob Broadstreet plus some seventh graders. They were also proud to have two manbers of their class, Joyce Boatright and Mary Ann Cash, as yell leaders. September 191.7 saw eighteen members as green freshies. They were minus Vir- ginia DeVaney and Aw Foley. In October Barbara Briggeman joined the group. lr. Smith was their sponsor and with his able assistance they elected the following class officers: president-David Grimes, vice president-Don Ruark, secretary- Gerald Carpenter, treasurer-Norris Webster, and reporter-Preston Webster. Septem- ber l9, the long awaited day, found barefoot girls, and boys clad in their noth- ere' dresses and carrying dol.l.s. The day of fun ended with a party in the gymnas- ium. This started their high school career off with a bang. On December 2 they had their first high school party. Games and refreshments were enjoyed by all, the teachers included. The class was proud of their basketball mabersg one of tha, David Grimes, played on the varsity. Gerald Carpenter, Don Ruark, Bob Broadstreet, Gibby Duncan and Charles Phillips were menbers of the B team. Norris Webster was also a member during the first of the year but was forced to discon- tinue due to an operation. Stanley Smith was student manager. Eighteen entered the class in the fall of l9I.8. Barbara Briggeman had gone to Bainbridge. The 13th of September Dorothy Everroad from lluncie entered the group but stayed only until January. It was on September 10th that they, as sophomores, got a chance to treat others as they had been treated. Initiation was climaxed by a party in the gymnasium. Their class sponsor, Hr. Davidson, aided than in electing as class officers: president-Don Ruark, vice president-Stanley Smith, secretary-Jeanne Tharp, treasurer-Norris Webster, and reporter-Joyce Boat- right. Near the first of the school year, a skating party was sponsored at Basel- wood by the sophomores. Their class party was held on January ll.. February lst was the date when they selected their class ringsg all looked forward to the fol- lowing year when they would arrive. The class was proud of the fact that three members, David Grimes , Don Ruark and Gerald Carpenter, who helped win the softball championship, also aided in winning both the Wabash Valley preliminary and the sectional. School started August 26. This would be a very active year for the sixteen juniors. DeVona Henderson left to enter Bainbridgeywhile Earnest Kendall quit school. Class officers were elected with the help of their sponsor, Miss Holter. Don Ruark, was named president, Jeanne Tharp, vice presidentg Jean Selsor, secre- taryg Bette Chestnut, treasurer and Stanley Smith, reporter. There were some ex.- cited juniors September 9 when class rings arrived. September 21 they began their magazine campaign. Their goal was 8600. They surpassed their goal by 8216. Dec- 16 anber 21 found them enjoying a turkey supper prepared by llissltolter. The turkey was a prize for reaching their goal in selling magazines. On October 25 they gave their class play 'Junior Prom' under the direction of llr. Pruitt. On December 21 they were surprised by llr. Pruitt and Kiss Holter with a chili supper. Another financial undertaking was that of the coke machine. The sale of Christmas cards brought a profit of 860. The class party which was held January 25 was a great success. A storm put the lights out, but the use of candles made the party more interesting! In basketball Don Baark, David Grimes, Gerald Carpenter and Gibby Duncan played on the A team, while Bob Broadstreet, Charles Phillips and Stanley Smith aided the B team. Joyce Boatright represented the class as a yell leader. On Saturday, April 22, the junior and senior prom was held at Slcyland Lodge near Spencer. This being the big event of the junior year, it had been eagerly await- ed. After a delicious fried chicken dinner, the evening was spent in dancing, playing cards and admiring the decorations , for the juniors had transformed the lodge into an old fashioned garden. Seventeen seniors started the long-awaited year. DeVona Henderson returned from Baingridge. With lliss Josedm as their sponsor, they elected the following officers: president-Don Ruark, vice president-David Grimes, secretary-Jean Selson and treasurer-llary Ann Cash. As soon as school opened., they began their first money maldng activity by selling books, school supplies, candy and ice cream. The juniors and seniors sponsored a Halloween carnival on October 2l.. A cake walk, a variety show, a basketball throw, a masquerade and refreshments kept the large crowd interested. A turkey, a lamp and a basketball were given sway. On lovuber 18 the seniors held a paper drive and it netted them 331.25 to add to their funds. This was a busy year for the seniors 3 the class play and the class party are now being planned. A high school dance will be sponsored by the seniors sometime in larch. A visit with the juniors on February 13 to Indianapolis to observe the General Assembly was educational. The baccalaureate services will be held on Ap- ril 22 at the llethodist Church, the commencement will be held April 26 at the Christian Church. Their junior and senior prom will be held April 21, and last, but not least, the senior trip for which they have worked so enthusiastically, will start April 28. A trip through the Snow llountains, to Washington D. C. , on to Philadelphia and Pittsburg will climax the year's activities. J L.'1"t 5- ".:S'1': l-4 4 SENIOR CLASS PROPERTY We had a carnival in our town recently, and just for curiosity's sake, a friend and I went to visit the fortune teller. We were quite concerned about the seniors of "Sl" and wished to know how they were thriving in the wide open spaces, "Well", she said, 'first let's see what occurred that was important during the first and second year upon graduating. As I look into my crystal ball, the first thing I see is a happy sight. There are Norman and Joyce and let's see--Yes, there are the darling twins sitting between them at the breakfast table 3 they look so happy. Now the scene is changing and in its place I see a young couple stepping up to an altar. lliss Jeanne Tharp and Gerald Carpenter are being married by Rev. Norris Webster. Rev. Webster has made a bright future for himself in the church. Lois has been a loving wife, full of understanding. Now Gerald is slipping the ring on Jeanne's finger, and they're off on a wonderful adventure! Now let's move to the third year after graduating. There he goes down the floor, and it's a good one! Dave Grimes scores again for Purdue! Great boy that Grimes! He'll be a wonderful coach if he doesn't decide to enter politics like his dad. My! What's that coming down the road? Why it's Charles Phillips in his old ford hurrying to see Middy! He's an hour late again. Why doesn't he propose and get it over with? She can't wait forever. Goodness! This is about the quietest scene I have seen yet. There goes Bette Chestnut up to the platform to receive her digloma from the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing. She looks so gretty in her starched white uniform. I'm sure they will welcome her to the Putngm County Hospital, Why, it's Sergeant Robert Broadstreet of the l0lst Airborne Division checking to see that everything is ready for the take offf No women for Bob. He's come a long way in his climb up the ladder of success. While we are in the arm' scene, isn't that Mary Ann Cash going down the street? Yes, it's she, all right! She is dressed in a brown uniform. She's a- bout the prettiest WAC I have ever seen, and she looks as if she likes her work. Still, Bob Gray is stored up in the back of her pretty head, but she'll have that career first. Gross we had better move on a year or two. What's that I see? Edwin Jackson is coming into town in his jeep station wagon. Due to taking bookkeeping in his senior year, Edwin has no trouble with the revenue man taking all his yearly prof- its! He now owns a too hundred acre farm and is prospering well. Another year goes by, and into my crystal ball tramp more readin' writin' and rithmetic' . Preston Webster is standing in front of his English class. Whydoes he keep looking at the third seat in the second row? Why it's a cute little blond! We ought to look back on Press a year or two from now! Whistle! Whistle! What a pretty little red head! This must be Miss Jean Selsor. She has been away three years in nurse's training and has come to Putnam County Hospital for her duties. Doctors, beware both Bette and Jean! I had better watch out here or my crystal ball is likely to disappear as Stanley Blackstone Smith steps into view. Stanley is on the stage making his de- but as a magician. He can make a spoon jump in a can by uttering a single, magic word I A glad reunion. DeVona Henderson is meeting her soldier boy at the railroad station. Better say Henderson now, because it won't be that very 1098- Devon has been ,orldng at Blocks: fer the 15st, few years and has saved quite a sum for 18 this important occasion. Another year has elapsed. Gib, after giving up the idea of coaching high school athletics, is a foreman at Plant 5 at Allison's. He's doing quite well, too. Still a bachelor, but not for long! A class wouldn't be complete without an office girl or two. Freda Smith is the representative, and a red head tool For a class so small, they certainly have enough bright headsl Freda has just received a promotion at the Mutual Life In- surance Company. Eight years have passed by before the big event came for this student. Don Ruark is now a doctor! There he goes prepared for his first tOHSi1lectomy.'He looks confident enough. Golly, think I'll have mine removed again. Well, folks, the crystal ball says that's all we see.U S ' v ig Jean Selsor, DAR Good citizen l Alfred Heavig trustee . , , David Q Mrs. Heavin 1 ' 1 I M. ig 2 I Pa e g bf 'H 5 i A f Sophs K Juniors Mary Ann Cash Christmas play Gerald C., Jeanne T. 19 Mrs. Smedley, Hrs. Johnson SCHOOL CALENDAR G 1951 AUGUST 25 School enrollment 313. One new teacher. Bookstore sales go boom---with help of Jean Selsor, Jeanne Tharp, Joyce Boatright, and Freda Smith. 28 Classes begin, little work. 29 Seniors first visitor concerning pictures: Miss Hopkins from Porter's Studio, Indianapolis. EEZZEEEEB 5 Softball season opens with Bainbridge--We win. 8 Fillmore beats Roachdale. 12 Fillmore beats Russellville. 13 Freshman initiation. Boy, are they cute! Some sight!!! 15 Fillmore beats Cloverdale. 18 First P. T. A. meeting. Nice crowd. 19 Fillmore beats Reelsville. 22 Gross Country at Manual. Belle Union defeats Fillmore. 26 Senior pictures taken. Good looking group! 28 Proofs arrive. Oh ------- A hl 29 Cross Country with Edinburg here. 30 Preston Webster attends conference at DePauw. OCTOBER 6 7th grade party. What a time! 7 Miss Joseph, Mr. Speer, Jean Selsor, Jeanne Tharp, Joyce Boatright, and Bette Chestnut attend Press Conference at Indiana State Teachers College. 13 Softball banquet at Old Trail Inn. 8th grade party. 16 Yell leaders elected from fifteen candidates. Lucky ones were Fred Goodnight, Betty Broadstreet, and Marilyn Boatright. 18 Hr. Hutchins visits school and awards softball trophy to county champs: Fill- more!!! 20 Junior play, QUIT YOUR KIDDING, is presented. Cross country with Manual. 21+ School carnival. What a crowd, and what a time!! 26-27 School for teachers! We have a vacation. 30 Back to school again. NOVHBH 1 Cards beat Cloverdale in first basketball game of current year. 6 Individual pictures taken for annual. 8 Waveland defeats the Cards. Good game. 9 Seniors vote to have a yearbook. 10 Seniors receive their pictures. Were they proud! 13 Seniors have paper drive. Brought in a nice sum of money. 20 P. T. A. open-house at school building. Seniors in charge of registering the fifty two visitors. 27-28-29 Out of school because of snow storms. DECDEER 13 Juniors have turkey dinner as reward for magazine sales. 18 P. T. A. has Christmas party with glee club singing carols. 20 Sophomore dance. Those present: Rudolf, Santa Claus, Little Lulu, Frank S1- natra, Frankie Carle, Eddie Arnold, and a trio consisting of Hr. Alexander, lr. Hccleerey, and Mr. Speer. 20 Grade operetta, 'The Christmas Theives." 21 Out of school. Teachers had a good work-out! 21 Teachers' farewell party for Mr. Harold Pruitt, the retiring trustee of Marion Township. 22 Out for Christmas vacation until January 1. Santa Claus dumped his sleigh on the stage. 20 JANUARY 1 Back to school after long vacation. Santa was good to everyone. Happy New Ye 1 aging school received individual pictures that were taken during first semester. Results were good. 3 Cards beat Cloverdale 1.2 to 15. l. Jr. High game here with Reelsville. Cardg came out ahead: 60 to 25. 8 Teacher! party for Hr. Alfred Heavin, our new trustee. A good time by alll 10 Cards tangle with Russellville Bees, an old rival. Score 55 to 35, our favor. ll Jr. High victorious over Roachdale, but freshmen lose. 12 Ladoga game at Greencastle. Our first game with the Montgomery County teen. Cards win 1.0 to 30. 18 Wabash Valley tourney starts at Greencastle. Fillmore wins over Charlton:38 to 30. 20 Cards take over Bainbridge Pointers by score of 50 to 26. 20 Cards meet Roachdale Hawks in final game of Wabash Valley. Hawks w:l.n:l.2 to 1.1, 21. First day of annual sale. 29-30 Out of school because of bad roads. 200 below zero. FEBRUARY 1-2 Out of school because of snow and bad roads. 3 Cards battle Russellville Bees for second time this year. Victorious by score of 1.8 to IJ.. 5 Fillmore tangles with Bainbridge Pointers 3 win 52 to 39. Cpostponed game., 7 Basketball pictures taken for annual. 7 Cards plq Belle Union at Greencastle. Cards win 67 to 29. 9 Roachdale beats Fillmore 1.5 to L2 in an overtime. 13 Juniors and seniors visit General Assemblyin Indianapolis. ll. Don Ruark and David Grimes take scholarship exams. 15 John Ztintl' Places third in American Legion Oratorical Contest at Greencastle. 16 High school students and basketball boys have X.I-ays at Greencastle gm. 16 Last scheduled basketball game for Don Ruark, Gerald Carpenter, David Grimes, Gibby Duncan, Charles Phillips and Stanley Smith. Stilesville 58-Fillmore 1.8. 20 Invitations ordered by Seniors. 21 Putnam County seniors take exam as directed by county superintendent. 22 A TOUU3'-118 PGP 39351013 35 sectional opens tonight. Fillmore 1.83 Greencastle 1.7 23 Everyone at school happy over vlctory of night before. Roachdale Hawks our op: ponent Saturday afternoon. fe gm ti me. 'K ' ' -1- 21 X1 1' gk K Wa I N I f ' ,Jr PM XX nl, af ! WOVK X l S 1 I I '01 QW! if ll X M is ki X 5 ' xifdy R -:N X,,-149 Q . X 5 X" E5 U Joyce .X- ,, Caroline Arnold Bridges Q U T N, N ju on , hir N e AA. r ' nk! Y A x , :.Q,'S 'R v r 7 Herschel jog Robinson e r e n "so" if ,- A r r Rose Ellen Joyce e W 11 sibbim 2e e, .Q . Q Hu 'P Sharon ' ,A Q L ' N N Hillel' ' it A A Shirley - 'ss- "'b ss n H li 5 A J E45 Linda S 3 5 1 ue T -7 Hunnelle " """ PQ ' fr: 7' it ' L 35" , , ,, YLL, Q ' 4 X Q .,ff5g.gE'gf 5 of h 'Ai L AJR, 12,12-f W A Betty W , Q - LY ' 15 Lawson 4 N f Q I v , .K Freda zn' John "1 Cunningham . Zeiner GBPY A Betty Newman T 7 Broadstreet Royce H81 Shirley Gavin If A Zarine Merritt Miss Molter Harvin V Vw Betty L Ross 7 Sutherlin f ' . My n , 4 if r e ff e - I ' . fy" h 3' I I' lneee , ' QM ? 'Ft I 5811117 m Arnold A "K, Cornelia Onetia. X Aj Sears f Runnells A 24 :rv .. 'Q ffm X ,, 5 A .,, 1 4 . L d Q X 'Q r .r i f l e Xa-wfiif Z, :E Y J, A X Mr . Barbara Fred Rachel Russell McCleerey Chadd Goodnight Cooper Cash d " o ld f William Barbarg Richard Melba J. B. Wilson Frazier Gorham Zaring McKamey i VVV V 5 ' K se .Q ,. W if V Ji W I - VE , .. ! K ,: FQI .QI Q P V , ..,, A I t f ,r,, . A,,.. . ' V , A f I -I Q d , Mary Jackie Anna R1 chard Patty BI'0W1'1 Clifford Bryan Stewart Masten " Ea ' Ty 7 . o do Bi-1? Gail LGPPY Mildred Darrell Newk1rk Hall Miller Glrton Stgrm lar M ,, J ,QQ 3 , '15-. golf: in ' .L Q L ' K 1 ZH - ' Y'L' A 1 i ' ,f l W l 1 Q ' J ex-ry Helen Fred Donald Broadstreet Sutherlln Fisher Buis Edwin ' l 5 Nichols e -e . EN l d QYKOQ-Y' W' d o 2 ' ' CFASS Roy o r' QA, , 0 Harcourt 'M' X A 6' " r f Q o . 25 .N 'A ld' 1 ,ak w- Barbara Miller f as ' a ti- 'E fn, ,, ,I V ., ,- - Y a,.,,, Roland Mari lyn Gavin Bo atri ght -rv 4, J f X 5, rw, lk an :fx ,x r do we , if Q , , WM' iwkikif Larry Thompson s .i .,' f S ,,, Joy Jane Zeiner Lawrence Dori s J immy Mary Roy Merritt Day Arnold Sears Smith C i . 5 K Q , S I I ' if Y -Y of A 1 June Virgil Marleen Marvin Marjorie Deweese Arnold Tharp Broads treet Underwood X, LQ! 'f ma f ' M y d i n at 55 f V., Alll Q L fy , I Q Bm? 'f.' , My any f I ., , M, ,. ...fa M giiy rlfiiqa if X William Beverly Bob Wanda Claude Crawley Maxwell Dozier Miller Thompson I., xt! K SA ix 'fsw I ' R ' gg., --- M N F , CLASS B111 Martha Sibbitt Williamson Jones Wayne Runnells 1 u' ff AE A Clarence Henderson o-',. , 3 Mr. smith . , -Q iii D.: M 26 J' 4' an 1 L . ni I X Lkf 7 we Martha Bryan xff' ,, ,Q 2 Roland Tincher if A, ,. Letitia Nichols gr Wilma Zaring Mr. Williamson :mf ff fa' , Zyl' ws 3 we . Sgfsiifw zf U f A.,X 1 7- . V.-:S A.. l w Y ff 'N'-2 g 5,15 Ralph Kendall ll -A -. J ku W Q, ,vw 2 4 Judith Nichols ignite , L,., 'Q -9 - m Jim Mason P x he .Zi X 'i ' fmw Andy Nichols golf? 1- fi I 'Nwfs Nancy Tommy Sutherlin Merritt Fw - 9 '11 YL L 3 giv- i'1,,Q X I S .ii fe. Herschel Janette Ross Selsor f' 1 .. avg. ws " N , f Q I.. sf ff ' F . 1-ffl it 'M - 051 L, c c 1 s M223 4 , Annalene Don Singleton Beaman li ' rf, we -' VW if eg yr ' i s wil. i W QM' ' ny y f fn it nbi gaggf tlt - i r E SE Q ' w fs, V ' 3 ... 'i if" 4 If June Schafer Nh Eli: .W v' fren LQ 9, Jimmy Cox ff .W K is Shirley Clark if Virginia Kenneth Janice Sutherlin Pell Milhon . ,FP 2 5' ,. Q ev W K ww .F 2 X Hz li, ,qg .. IZ. at sv ,y E i .Y It ,Ni Mary Bill Miller Chadd S5 Q , fu. , F' Mikal 27 Mrs. Milhon rode Eight RMI ONE: Jack Underwood, Charlotte Miller, DeLoes Greenlee BOW TAO: Judith Cash, Fred Com, Revenue Singleton, Robert liehole BOW THREE: Bay hmnelle, Peggy lelle, Bob Sibbitt, Peggy Broadetreet, Charles Hall RCW FOUR: Sharon llnxlell, Larry Cox, Joyce Jarrett, Rex Harcourt, Darlene Cash ROW FIVE: Ronald llorginel, Julia Arnold, Donald Thorp, Luellz Phillips, Jimmie Clifford ROI SIX: Jin lundy, Gail Irwin, Jo- an Roach, Korman Hutcheson, Rosalie Robinson BOW SEVHI: Hr. Speer, lands Storm, Herschel Smith, Erehn Arnold, Joe ZOUIQ' 'ah ix QQ, QC SEVENIH GRADE A , b M ' Q A XY1' . no M w"v 5' W ' .. an ' . Qi V - -- -21' -f , , .. eq J Q? me 'S " V , X, " Y f 9' N. 51 1 .,, ' :.i EA an , 1 ,J ,' K , Q. - ' 3- " 1, df w F' , X L4 ' - ' If 0 7' E , I 1 , fit? C f Q Args - . ,L fa ' -, , x 4' ,S X A fi. -f ' . 2- Mi Q '..y ,A 2, Q , of :Q eg' he A wig, 'fs 1 . M . A C C 1 I , T 1 W 5 C fn ' 'dw Q, ' I . X I 5 A .,, 5 ,. 1 l - 'gn E V M 1- Q X 3 ' , K .7 . . gf C l lowly, i N. , 28 ., M. -,N -Q in . ML i -,, .M Wg. k JW K, f - v : V, rw , Le k not I H 'fe Y Q 45 ., M f , JH, . I 5 .:., -of 1.-1 ' Linda Lou Frank Williams Schafer -vw , W E .lm iv? . - ' K 2' . 7" 1 E-?1il"'T"'l"' , g .- ig 5 V 5 Y' 4 .. ' James Carrico Mary Jean Dozier James Williamson Lee Patricia R X .X Roger Smith Gloria Maxwell N 0+ Richard Earl Lee Kriner Chestnut 3 J XTR GRADE i 1 i .,:-4 ' An. x, , e in Q 'ff . 9 I , w s xi 5 3 1 iveig ii , es , Carolyn Ames 43932, ' 5. . wr E Vx ' Clark Bryan ,. JL Nm. , W 14 5 Hg 'Q -?q4 Hai yn? 5 Q Q an nik wflgg 1 - m 1 K .,., , K 1' rwewmh r s -agp ,n,- f Fir 1 UT i' f " : ' --" ' 5 ,151 Jerry Ozment Rea Jo Cavin J. ?5y?5a sgwmif' U fQ fA?i3Nyi? Q., zi. t I 3 753.,A. lle V, h Egg Vfw ,ge,QE . QQ ', f'Q A f',33 sfo gffigfb f tif' fi-fik A ..f ' gene uid Eleanora Sutherlin Eugene Allen . 5 jf" J f Je - s, 1 Gerald Clark Patricia Broadstreet gbh Q25 i H, .Q ,pw-' is 2 Nas LV 'ff H .5 , , ,- i ffy -iw, J I: w Qi W if Q, W Q My 1 'V K :ii k - n ew , Jimmie Paul Hunnelle Walls K 1 :R ur. my Alexander rrsa lf' , arel 29 1 ,sgHfFEi9ng' --ss Judy Ha mond Fi.. R B 101 . " 'f Q: W' if, T l A Q.,wKa Robert Ross M 'ff in - K 51.4 'if' K Q e Lf, eq, an Q K 3, ix Lorita Robinson qi 0. ' ,Ei M-, 4, fe w' px Dennis Tincher , oy 1 ff f , N 0 V A. l .. W I. V QQ 5 ,gin , rk'x. X Av :N 1' ww 5 X j ' 5 ,P f .. W-4' ,Ivo - 'IVJ K K wg I 'Z Q O ,cg E 15, ,,, ggi? 1- gy' V 'gr , My .Nw 5: 1 , ' f'P""5 ' . N N l - N , ,. J ' 4 ar I 'Yo K A nfl T5 2 3 is-Q22 QA:,.V' 2 N in 7 h MA. , ! A, ,, ,, w ' N at 1 S S , ' if J I I 2 N f 1 ff I T -,, ...Q . , .Y 1, M K jaws W R K i ., , ' - - 5 .. . "' Y O A ' 'I ' rr-.,,l . I.. n Q A -,rw f I 5 1 ur' S, g Q P +I L, E' -V - I 'nf n 1 .. A . A 'X M' fa. I of f s sl , Lf -wr 0' - awk .. 'fp "" i f' 1, . fi A A 6 QXQWN X4 v QQBW oo no no -9c?.nX9o'1JX9ci:r9 , yh O sa- Sa' A 1 K N Q ' ' I ROW ONE: Joy Morphew, Gregory Mania, Judy Hcllary, Robert Clark, Beulah Phillips ROW TWO: Larry McGinnis, Dorie Lieby, Ronnie Cav:Ln, Patricia Selsor, ry Karen Sims, C. J. Huller, Patric- ia Bassett, Donald Mundy, Nancy Phillips ROW FOUR: Tracy Williamson, Janice Bea- :L HOW FIVE' Carolyn Robinson, Robin man, Kent Navman, Kathryn Brown, Vincent K ger . tta McNeil Darrell Thompson, Shirley Arnold ROW SIX: Ronald Lawson, Roland Hen I . Ga Roberts ROW THREE: McNeil, Rose , ' . Ray Nichols ROW SEVEN: Ronald Henderson, - Archie Strong, Rex Coffman derson, Mrs. Smedley. ABSENT llrs. Hall 50 e ,,1 Lucy Jim Singleton Buis 1 im in X ff? J . .,., 3 I.. vf--'- 2 jg: 1.: Uf:Q.Qi..,, Charles Glenda Storm Strong W , ' ' ' Z Pfw fi Wanda Robert Burnside Fraizer SQ QQEEWQ 4 V Rocky Nancy Miller Hammond W. . . 'K ,, M , : N Jean Anderson ' 3 . M W 1. :I 5, x-: ff Tim Deweese Marilyn Robinson , d , M Larry Arnold 1, SS.-an t M wit ..- ., .. J .M Q . +55 mid i f ' ' 3 be ibwwb 3- ll- gf5ra5 like -'irkx :-r G ' me pw me mph Maynard Janice Arnold Giddings a M A rAr J J r l A tt J '.,. ' Janet Jim Parker BITS!! 3ggQkSgf " gn? 41?L mg Ira Sonia Stout Jr. Truesdale ,Ji ii 5: - I Vkr, -A W., . -' ' if A J' Darla Doyle Masten Webster A bf' mr: a 1 5545522 t" V ., ibn . K , 4 4' 'ff A K, .- M 7kk,, ,WV Ellen HutchesonF0rvil1e Tincher-Dorothy Williams-Neil Irwin-Carolyn Broadstreet UU C523 UU DOJ Mary Ann Hotop-Mrs. Suther1in4Wanda Runnells I ig 23x fn 1 51 PUUIUH GRHUE noun' wJ w f fl. ., , 3 NP- at H, R QT' 'W me , s W K 4 H . if C gl :ff fi t Don Joan Michael Stewart Giddings Sims 1 sr I . Qu t j .' -: 'I' bk: ,392 Ir. Y 5' JK , l'?pg , ' W, M ,v N In ::5 i L: I tfarf Beverly Darrell Sue Nichols Toney Mania .. C .A QL. Y' Q 4 W 135.5 l- . .A so fig -" I 5 , W f .. g ,----"" ' H3 ggggsg ,, Irvin Donald Evelyn Huber Sibbitt Nichols Y 'Q' ": Q :" 'fg"'u Q H- H C , ,3 . ' 1 .,..-, f" : - .. I - n V' Donald Ronnie Arthur Bassett Oursler Evans E W ' ,kat tl ?'?SQ?Wk " " N ',e Wh, Richard Mies Clark Brattain .4 . 14 Darla Wade X we 1- 1- :Fifi LeRoy Zeiner M L fr f?g- pnyx eww Sym D 1 iv ea. Charles Patty Poole Merritt fi.. . . - lf'-5 n'rqV,aQ?f Darrell Vera Detro Williamson Qjfwwnqc x VA C 6 Richard ' Ronnie Woods Jarrett THIRD "" C GRADE Raymond Pritchard Absent: Ji my Christy, Janes Good ight, and Joyce v U? xNl' 52 Cox F ygrywwk i W. .0 sw K L u ffm X -xv ':Trsf'e '+- . f' ' Mk ,.,. - 'luv' ,QR 2 S 15? fi A , 1 ,Q il 3 " hi s if wx ,- Q T ,. , no W, no James Carolyn Herbert Sharon David Chestnut Stewart Sutherlin Zeiner Storm , . U C S U rgr , or . Phyllis Bob Virginia Charles Karen Cox Beaman Kumpf Tincher Cash tol 'C 'W is I ' ag:',,5:f,'J1g,,i Roland Sharon Thomas Suzanne Richard Buis Mania Cooper Butler Ryland C S ana C . ' an ' f?' i 5f ex rlwfliiiieq C' 'C I . rw ,. . ,,,Q, M. EIE H Q, kkkr, ltirv , ozr, no Janet James Carrol Tommy Gretna Broadstreet Marshall Roach Parker Huber ' -1:: . l i K VLL ' gk ,, , . f JL. . Q it I K 3 .. ' 7 V.::.::'a ' o ' .f l n Q Max llorphew-Jeniene Robinson-Donald Kendall , Arthur Hotop-Mrs. Ri'ssler-Larry Parker . , ws: Q A. Z it ---- 5 , S . f 0 sss ' - gi 1 Q Q 1,,,i,1wauQ, eff? Q f 1 I Z ' 7 . 4 1 , 'xg 55 Q5 H, 'v kv- ASK ,, if ' , . 4' .--,ef E S' . 5 I ll A 1 3 Q 4 ,f ilk .M ,,E. 1 ROW l Mrs. Skelton, Paul Isenburg, Karen , .. Siddons David Shoemaker, Sallie Carrico 4 , Row 2 bavid Williams, Shirley cusuls, . , b Jimmy Cash, Karen Buis, Robert Lawson w' ROW 3 Sharon Arnett, Marvin Wells A 1 M ., We 'ill ..,,1... 8 f t ,f Z. l g : iv ga., ,T Q gg ,.,..h' , S ' ' ' - i l. " iff fy Q . , X- -- M 5 4, " ' a l ROW I+ Joe Dan Shipman, Joan Stout, Ralph A 4-' f S W S, X Hurst, Twyla Greenlee, Marjorie Skelton .- ff' Row 5 Mavis Runnells, Keith Poole, sue ln' y S Kay Wade, Ralph Hutcheson, Phyllis Wells 'ff M A fi eele f ROW 6 Charles Lee, Bonnie Strong Q ROW 7 Helen Cassida, Sharon Lawrence , ' 8.9 U, U 1, DRIVERS Amos Hunter Bill Kiger I ,- Billy Woods CJR. .FXD L Nathan Curtis Ollie Sutherlin r, Earl Cash ON f If- Nichols S, M- M. ...... " nenaell Lydick v , qyiiisfi M 8 9""T' W rbifim ffjph vai- 55 ff" f if C z , ,L fs N .VX eoyjjzjfmy 395- f 19511 W Don Tharp Bat boy gvfl in vw Kr. Craig '.., H .,W, U YXXLWQR H16 N SOFTBALL SUMIIARY PLAY OFF COUNT! CHAMPIONS IIEIBHSOFTHETEAH Fillmore 8 Fillmore 27 Fillmore 2 Fillmore 19 Fillmore 13 Fillmore 3 Fillmore 10 Dave Grimes-------p. Gary Holman-----L. F. Gib Duncan----1 b. Bob Broedstreet--C. F. Don Runrk-------3 b. Joe Anderson-...---e. Rlck Herritt---R. F. 56 Bainbridge Hoachdalo has ellville Cloverdale Belle Union Reelsville Belle Union Herschel Robinson---p.-R lla.: Zaring--------R. F 2 b Stanley Smlth------ Gerald Carpenter---2 b -c Edwin llieho1.s-------- larvin Ross Conch Craig - 3 A 1 X L X Ron 1 Gib Duncan, David Grimes, Gary Newman. Row 2 Mr. Craig, Max Zaring, Joe Anderson, Bob Broadstreet, Buck Merritt, Edwin Nichols. Row 3 Stanley Smith, Gerald Carpenter, llarvin Ross, Herschel Robinson, Don Huark. Dave Grimes, Gerald Carpenter, and Mr. Hutchins 0-'nil'--' gi gi ga vs mg 1 'ff ,lf if 5 5 A 57 time JUNIOR HI SOFTBALL SUMMARY Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore 8 Hoachdale 16 Roachdale 15 Stilesville 9 Stilesville f V7 ' 4 Row 1 Jackie Arnold, Student Manager. Row 2 Don Beaman, De Loss Greenlee, Tom Merritt, Fred Cox, Rex Harcourt. Row 3 Bill Chadd, Herschel Ross, Donald Tharp, Jimmie Cox, Jimmy Mason, Bob Sib- bitt, Mr. McC1eerey. JUNIOR HI BASKETBALL SUMMARY Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore 50 62 50 L0 L0 3h 16 Greencastle A3 Russellville 25 Cloverdale 37 Roachdale LL Bainbridge 65 Reelsville hh Roachdale Bainbridge Russellville Amo New Winchester Belle Union Greencastle Cloverdale 29 2A Clayton 30 New Winchester Darlene Cash, Luella Phillips, Peggy Broadstreet. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Row l Marvin B oadstreet, Richard Stewart, J. B. lcKamoy, Bill Sibbit. Row 2 Jackie Clifford, Bob Broad- street, Bill Wilson, John Zeiner, Billy Crawley, lr. lcCleerey. 53 FRIBHMAN BASKETBALL SWM ARY Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Greencastle Cloverdale Roachdale Bainbridge Roachdale Bainbridge Belle Union Greencastle Cloverdale Clayton L. to R. Russell Cash, Jack Clifford, Joe Anderson, Fred Fisher, Bill Wilson, Max Zaring, Roy Harcourt, J.B.McKamey,Jerry Broadstreet. Coach Craig and Student Manager Herschel Smith B TEAM Fillmore 29 Fillmore 19 Fillmore 31 Fillmore 29 Fillmore 35 Fillmore 36 Fillmore 30 Fillmore 25 Fillmore L6 Fillmore 18 Fillmore 26 Fillmore 36 Fillmore 21 Fillmore 31 Fillmore lh Fillmore 22 Fillmore lb 28 Fillmore SUMMARY Cloverdale Whveland Stilesville New Winchester North Salam Bainbridge Roachdale Reelsville Quincy A o Cloverdale Russellville Ladogs Russellville Bainbridge Belle Union Roachdale Stilesville OW 1. Marvin Broadstreet, Jimmy Arnold, Norman Jones, Bill Sibb- itt, Manager-Jack Arnold. BDW 2. Roland Garvin, Virgil Ar- nold, Bob Dozier. Lawrence Mer- ritt, Coach McCleerey. 59 , ,A,j0lFillmore Squeezes Our' 4- Smfgueggwin pver Reelsville x8gA56Stl5igzllng 59-55 Fashlqnf3"o,e'g E e 'f 0 F' Qld 22, 4 Q e'b7"x+.Q:X Fillmore Rouls "kb 4' "Q as Cloverdale, Bl-2 0 0 , 0 'gr-Csdfef 3 f . A., cu. 0,1 ba Craigmen Go Inn Cards Turn in ' Win in Opener . 1 , v ticilligzflzigiiffrqs 9' Urlwnenls QZQSJO iiqllle g 5""74 Xwnshi? BOYS gusge okcoq I V 'lqht Ag. qkdim :S cox , 'I 65CxLf 1 we we 1 1 If ,,w-"',Qe .ew 4smn. . W0 50 Oi: le' . on squew cord. lb, 'Q ' e' U me 38 elm? QW k fa , 4 TQTUII1 Bojweeze pm ca'-ag Dbleil Xkqfse hi., Q ,ming on me, Fillmore held "fail 5 4 D 4 We New ,ww ,,, ' e 'irq 4 ' . , N , 2:58 glecislog' as :ZW-'e on me Tw- Fillmore Iggjqlglmiixwaw PgffZLIh"'7e3:"L-1, fbtogs 1 cguft- XXJAYQZQEQCA Fung 4Q1,, N X ,eC., Fillmore mug Oven-Ou! .mu 5- Fmmokoachdale 02 Ruark leads Cards 5 129 P0llllS 'NWT' 3 'if -- e 5 5 -- HoWkSl G ffl pil i Fm-imre'a Cardinals continual' and one defeat.. ' X . ml ...fl 0 'zlol to roll semi-any night as Uf4vnl!..B0ibgckk sufgereggjif . flumot .Nl 2 V ""- N , ,um-f ,,..- ,I awk " A 1 as Three of ehehBPPleSlPe0Ple In - C 'ds piiillws . . - - - ' ' " i l A Greencastle last night were Mar- .xxmofe 9 , X R055 h i X Oilyn Boatright, Betty Broalmreet Fl , to will swim 2 X 'Band Fned Goodnight Fillmore nwlld . ' 4 CAYPBBWT ,.l 7' high school yell leaders- The Ku Unwnv 1 4 Nevmifx f .- Q0 X youngsters workelilililffjlgfxfg oval' . f ' C X ' t 1. oc , Avff' all-llademreu - , .....,,. 'I 71 1:E1fi:2'::'1":1:nft0 ai opening i F , Games alle ww- Y f- r Cubs, lun O 1, 5 51 2 ie 0 .- ' ' '," ' , I 'flfltflaly ,-,'iill'oOre2i- Nleel clibfla , 1 ,-ix", 5 Lllfoackltl-:viii 'W e ' -Ong wiiibe evade . ew Q L we . , Don Bfllafk J,-"jx - ,.4"Ylm' villi me Wmchsifil agymfslgils Wm ncs ' C", , W' , gilflnov 1951 Yu all bet! Quxl ' Clo ,-f .Yu . i me ew . no A S. gon timer - - Levi 1 ' mei The Wm oval i bask -gm, and V gxollow .. Kd H-,C-'1' - - '. , Iawkst Y sectlovrahuredhi nivaxs' drarlilasbpflf Gere' X ',,f"'n .' 'G-""T"' , ounameni flext thtli Ola Y '. ' li Nea ' -ff' 15 D ' Q'i'eg'b!9'5"l'0l'wn if: agamstpninfefi. . will 7? ..'9R19C'E. oil? we Gfimbs "' 45 hu?'0TSl5I5"' lFeb'esmb'm'eing' f1C'lV'tf,el:.fe-Bri' T,efvMW'lM1-' DM wma':F..22'fl'3affe fi ' , lmi,fl3'55iOPX4na?Slived-6 'f 8' irbeewi Ro.gidBl'7 ao' l-Etflgle Eymnijevflowlllg' ' 40 FRONT ROW: Gib Duncan, Gary Newman, Percy Smith, Dave Grimes, llax Zaring BACK ROW: Stan Smith, Gerald Carpen- ter, Marvin Ross, Charles Phillips , Don Ruark, Coach Bill Craig. Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore ATHIISJINARY Wabash Valley Prelims Semi-final Final OVHITIHE 41 Fred Goodnight, Marilyn Boatright, Betty Broadstreet Cloverdale Waveland Stilesville Her Winchester North Salem Bainbridge Roachdale Reelsville Quincy Amo Cloverdale Russellville Ladago Charlton Bainbridge Roachdale Russellville Bainbridge Belle Union Roachdale Stilesville Row 1 lr. Craig, Dave Grimes, Don Rusrk, Gib Duncan, Marvin Ross, Gerald Carpenter. new 2 Stanley smith, Gary Neuman, Joe Anderson, Charles Phillips, lax Zaring, Herschel Smith SECTIONAI. CHAMPS Roachdale 67 Bainbridge 52 Fillmore L8 Greencastle L7 Russellville Ll Reelsville 35 Belle Union 53 Cloverdale 35 Fillmore 145 Roachdsle A1 Belle Union L6 Russellville LL Fillmore 1,7 Belle Union 1.1 SCHOOL SONG We're loyal to you, F. H. S. 30, 80 Set the ball, F- H- 3- We'll always be true, F. H. S. Wyre 53015118 You 811, F- H- 3 We'll back you to stand Against the best in the land For we know that you can Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Our team is our fame protector On, boys, for we expect A victory from you, F. H. S. Rah! Rah! 42 rillm Extrql A ore in D . Q If I- oflvervs S at Fillmore, Roochclole ve' cub . I Cardinal 'liclori Win Opening Tuss es , , Slraires Jmxilelri l Local Sechonol 3 Hawkuuattet he other two-po nter i r th l G e The Fillmore Cards broke the Roachdale iinx this afternoon and S' ce early last fall, when the t in kids were iust thinking about hit- losers. ting hoops with a basketball,?11t- Fillmore i48l FG FT PY nam county iam have been tam- Ruam ....A-.. 9 2 deieated the Hawks, 45'--ii, in nd- ing about the time "when Green- Ross .... --... 1 2 4 Vance lo 116 llmlls Ol 1112 Plll' castle and Fillmore get-together." 911111195 ----- 4---- 0 1 1 iam county Secllollal basketball Last night they got-together, Carpenter -,--- 6 2 4 Olimelf' . ana mace putting it fnuaiy. 'rite Duncan .... ..... 2 0 5 C 'dwls Q Neel "1C101Y 101 We final decision vvasn't decided until Neuman ..... 0 0 2 M2262 .WRT I1 ad been get 1291 the last l5 seconds, and then it Grimes .. ..... A 'L 3 tbelnlgm if Els: lwo Ollmlgs Wml tool! a sensational finish to wind 0 ll mlm Cages' up the battle oi the year. 'rotate ......... ie is zi U P11151 OUP-MBR ' Young Dave Grimes, who lilies --4320419915110 U73 YG FT PF 1111111012 look 1116 092111112 11? to play the piano and raise high , , grade stock on the side, showed F C d I his versatility by stealing the old I S ball game from the Tiger Cubs when it looked like the affair was d I U ' i, ge e e mon or AYTEB THE LE-AD had chang- ed :ands and the count had been N e H tie a dozen times, Greencastle 't I 1' appeared the winner a sthe final gun was 9laFe"l ln me all and Fillmore Cardinals today held ln the semifinals. lt marked t lgigxeiolgnlglgglgg ilxazllligggsgzi the title oi l95l basltetbeil eham- Second sg,-ating, year- for W, ,ma .aa eau from the 'rigar Plfrnfxegi :xllfStc'f:jY'SamdaY Cvvvermen 10 18142 Part 111 ' Q ' X night when they cogped the an- llllale' artiixn sio Sallie owing on at rornmg, 131-393 tfxidfiznxgfs 53 Q ' ufinnin the al 9 1 Xa 2 ,Nei Bene umm, night. Although the Cards A-1,41 ed in seven points beio 2' f1YSi- QNXBYTBT. 9115 I Belle Union machine co r-'mrnnrew Geruinais won the slim, 21-20, edge Filixnore advanced to the iinais signed, me numbers may P15111 V' 0011111612 111 1111 1051011111 the hard WvJf11C1'-i112 512911931 to tie the count at 9-a at Clinton this weekend by de- back. and strong, tle Tiger Cubs Thursday night and Gibson, 53551195 iowqaf aging at fighting Belle Union arter to cop the then coming in item behind to the gh-sg mga 901,15 im- ggugd, 41 to Al, Seturdw 1111111 ncastle closed up eliminate their old rivals irom in the final game oi We GW011' wen ind. Rbachaale in Saturday after-rworfs ,me high ,ami sectional net te. 'B '1"11e Cards lost wurnawent. The cards V151 :cant - S 9 Quan with oovuigwn. winner 01 ss. 1 as erases eam tional winners at Clinton will D0 pm-4 Don Rusk ck -- forward wavorwo and oayuv' 15 1 Did: Bobbin '-,, M' iorward -- .... Belle Union Fillmore went tn me finals by rx Alben Moms ----- fqrward -"""'f- Fiumgre eiiinuiattng their previous nam- W I,-rank P1 unkilmi -, fm-ward ""-- R-uSSellVi1re ala. me rwwnwa news, af. M Gerald gtk an center -'---- Greencastle to 41. in the first tilt ol the am D Cgipdlliu. - cente ------,--4 -Roschd le ,emi-tingle Saturday nlternoon. A avid Grimes ' an: --..-,,--n Fu a nan. 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James Speer J eanne J 98-fl Tharp Selsor EEHOES STAFF Editor-Jeanne Tharp Associate Editor-Don Ruark Business llanager-Norris Webster Sports sornbsn d Basketball gifnugxes Cross Country Track Gerald Carpenter Features-Joyce Boat:-ight Jean Selsor llary Ann Cash Art Editors-DeVona Henderson Bette Chestnut Advertising-Stanley Smith Freda Smith Charles Phillips Photography-Preston Webster Bob Broadstreet Edwin Jackson 44 ..... ,-,, ..,--g,-"'-s',:f-- ...- - 1, 7 gk- g .Q- -1,-, -1 L-in-f lf ...... ' H Q' Q2 TISIH6 1,5 1-:umm 7 init AND. mtinrml PH I - L IPS " k 1881! Quality Groceries and Meats Mhmber of Poultry and Eggs Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Maximum Insurance for each Depositor AMO, INDIANA 810,000 COATESVILLE, INDIANA Q9 e 00' ti ifacisey McMILLAN'S c' o c3g'?vxe X e ,awszeee OUTFITTERS TO CHAMPIONS For over a QUARTER OF A CENTURY McMillan Athletic Goods Co., Inc. Terre Haute, Indiana Ehnrnk Linn --two of the most important words in our language. Saying Nthank youu ex- presses ordinary courtesy. When said and meant, it makes the recipient feel better. When you say nthank youu you tell your listener, it was a pleasure to expend effort on his or her behalf. We're looking forward to the day when we can cheerfully say to you-- Thank you. CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK Greencastle, Indiana The Oldest and Largest Bank in Putnam County 46 l1Nl6HT'S DRUG STDIQE ALL STYLES FOR GIRLS and OYS ALWAYS THE BEST MO.J1e L S Srlur- ' f' U f Quality Drugs S .r QA fn Sick Room Supplies Baby Needs-Sundaes Kodaks at Films GREENCASTI-E Fountain Service INDIANA Coatesville, Indiana '41-' um Q1 Zwiisnn sums Musical Instruments Television-Radios Records '- 11 Compliments of the Towel! 3unerc1l 7-lome A ND fflurniture Store Phone 26 Coatesville, Indiana DOC TOR T H RO OP Dentist Greencastle, Indi 8118 pun LLIIP lintlymuag Ilrintsrg Coatesville, Indiana Printing of Every Description 1 -A f 47 , I E2 IELS E119 I . Elfdg . coawisviiee 01 EIUIIIIT i yuniiifi eouiiwfs ELEVQTOQ faziiiin-LY NEWSPAPER C"a'5eS'me Phone:Operator,Mt. Meridian SIKELTON AMID SIKINNEIQ Lumber k Building Material l Mi. E. Of Mt. Meridian On U. S. AO Fillmore, Indiana Sayers Insurance Greencastle, Indiana Newman S' Cities Service Maybe!! 'S Beauty Shop RLS .BOOT SHOP I, MJLT QNJ3 ?D33Y QUAL! TY FOOD MARKEJ' F L OWERS ?AT BH Expert Floral Designing Elants And Cut Flowers 212 Higgert Street Phone ZL7 HURHCE .Handy 'S H ni-an K flai ry Prv'rNAM cow ICE CREAM compnni THE STORE OF FURNITURE OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 127 South Indiana St- Greencastle, Indiana 48 Simpsnn l3l2lEliNCASTI.E mu: ron Emnpl' SALES we Beatrice Foods Company ME AD OW G OL D MI LK A ND LCE CRE AM Crawfordlvillo , Indiana and Greencastle , Indiana COX AND MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE C. INS. MASTEN'S SERVICE STATION MARVIN ROBINSON Coatesville , Indiana J 'gl 4 J' ,B ,X I f W' J 1 X j l 1 4 I 1 A Eff 56110035 21 South hth Str Terre Haute, Indi QIOA wecsweq WW QJQULENENJ mmm? Www' 0 i?f'i,,i:Z,iW SNACK SI-IGP McCormick Implements a ' nal Refri rat e C. H. and C. HAIQIDNA l2li EQJMQMJDQE 5UUUIM HUNIEIQ Illrighfs. 13:20 Il-115:25 auf, Fil1m0!'6, Illdiaila Fillmgre, ndj-ana PHUVIE 57 R GX INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 6 G TRACTORS, mPLmExv'rs, MQW WSZSTHQN Q0 Xie CUHTESVIHE IUDIHIW 5 X A DA ms 4 AND gba' X UW "S 1 X J K j J- V QHEETY , 1 ZF D castle, Indiana E 1 Zieauinh J. ll. CANNON AND Girnrerg CQMIDANV diana i Indiana 51 E R Z2ZiiZZZofiZlfet1flfZZI '-"' BRGTHERS I NE . MANUIZACTUIQEIQS 'D I: ICE CREAM CHEESE I3 UTI' El? FINE CLASS RIN gh mms ' if K ,, A 7 0 l 7 V N , A MODERN SELF-SERVE MARKET c X FEATURING Od l NATIONALLY ADVERTISED 'P l MERCHANDISE EVERYDAY QZIEIZEN l Hfzimy SMQJJ1 o2cg,4L MAQQJQCJ 9' Q Coatesville Slndicma C31'2vnm5tle Jfnhiurm DIQUIT Vs C' 5' HAMMOND HAIQIDWAIQE lf-Wim lziffmo-re lnafianoz em 6, Indiana D- ?ilnm?iiUiPP nov Monson - , M EN 'S W E A I2 !fugne'5 Uure Oil X Greencastle t ' pox - , , ,eww Qi", lirghtsellinnllnn 9 V Y T I 1 55 C090 TJ!-IQIQVYTTQCEJ -l PUTNAM CUUNTY'S LARGEST DRUG STORE BUTLT UN QUALI TY ACCURACY SEIQVI CE Metzger Iumhex' ifnmpmng Glnnmemrlzmtinns in Ehe Glass Of 5 1 sm EN AND R LYON AT TORNEYS GREENCASTLE IND ANA CLOATI GOLIA FQSHEIQ and CU!-EA 'T,1,1QrQ1 F Q yzoceziu eyyj ,oouftzy momnfwg PHONE 3-19 Ecunbridge Slnclicmcz ---everybody CEDAR M CR E ST DMU b2::tz::f:o:t':izs:::d. 'NNN U2 S- H0 rr WAVES FOR ALL D jx Ex COMPLIMENTS OF BOB BEANS fyin flamiffon :win w az f C fl 2 A eoncastle, Indiana 1-- 3003 JVZAUUSEJ Q l MLMOKE QV I LEVATO51 ore Indiana tw' f i NP J lahivs nearing C agrpnrel 5 SMX ZTEQOWH DEPENDABLE INSURANCE ---comPUmCf1fS Of ICE 1- 0' ' ' -' SE RV 3K,1lb4E3R muh N Lflgsjillv g QQ Axmdoggggz-2gS:g:lg::tAig iggiglnent I igexzzztvfffgigffogziareet ELIC HA KD 15, 1 C K' K1 G E K9 .RCN CUTS BABY CHICKS PURINA FEEDS Prescriptions e Specialty Bastian Kodak Agency Phone 19. 8 N. Jackson Greencastle, Indiana Greencastle, Indiana IN and JOCIE KIRCPHE-'R y I X ,X hh FAMILY STYLE SERVING SPECIALTIES STEAKS CHICKEN f-' ' Qxml f X9 14 '6- M ILLEIQS COATESVIllli IMDLIACIENT conmnv OZJVUQYAZES .S'L'4V.9C'Z Coatesville Qncliana BEST IN CLEANING LUHJTE ELEAQPJER3 2b Hour Service a e s e diana 'X' X J fl! Qu A Doom -ihnnluuilvr Bexuvlvrs Diamonds Watches Eligin Bulova Hamilton Gruen Wyler Silver Gifts 13 South Indiana Street Greencastle, Indiana 5 E .QLQZ1 In TK ,W n ' '14 ? , jig ky V Yi. ' ,I x Kgff' . W ' , Q V if if - ' A if 58 EST. 1909 lQl.9II4 COMPLIMEN TS OF llnrtnfs Nmtiurml Stuhiu 312 ILLINOIS BLDG. INDIANAIDULIS, IND. 'Zfiuth Jjurtvr. lllgr. 59 ALUMNI DIRECTORY Continued from Echoes 1950 CLASS OF 1950 Maynard Miller, Fillmore. Coal Docks. New York Central Railroad. Wilborn Kendall, Fillmore. International Harvester, Indianapolis. Joan Cunningham Cash, Otrs. Genel, Coatesville, H.. R. 2 Audrey Walls, Indianapolis. R.C.A. Richard Dale Neuman, Fillmore. Allison's, Indianapolis. Norman Custis, Fillmore, Allison's, Indianapolis. Geneva Dozier, Fillmore. At home. Keith Greenlee, Coatesville. Ayres, Iniianapolis. Married Juanita Morgan. Stanley Nichols, Fillmore. Working with father. Rose Ellen Ruark, Fillmore. Indiana University, Bloomington. Virginia Foster, R. R.. 1, Greencastle. Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute John Charles Sears, Fillmore. Farming. Russell Harcourt, Coatesville. Diamond Chain, Indianapolis. Beverly Huber Arnold, Olrs. Leonl, Fillmore. Housewife. Donna Bailey, Greencastle R. R. Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute. Leon Arnold, Fillmore. Fanning. ' Roy Shoemaker, Fillmore. International Harvester, Indianapolis. Mary Alice Nichols, Fillmore. Kersey's Music Shop, Greencastle. Betty Faun Eastham, Fillmore. At home. Richard Lee Jones, Greencastle R. R. Allison's, Indianapolis. Noble Sutherlin, Fillmore. A1lison's, Indianapolis. Kaye Hiller, Fillmore. At home. Coleen Phillips Nichols, Oirs. Doylej, Fillmore. Housewife, Fred Girton, Fillmore. Bridgeport Brass, Indianapolis. IN THE SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY 1927 Ivan Lisby. Arm. Germany 1930 Lawrence Smith. Army. Korea. 1938 Joe Pickett. Army. Kentucky. Kenneth Smyth. Air Force. England. 1939 James Miller. Army. Japan. 191.0 Ramona Kersey. Anny Nurse. Donald Meek. Army. Texas. 191.1 Chester Wells. Air Force. 19113 Harry Martin. Army. Korea. 191.5 Robert Pell. Army. Gennany. 191.6 Gene Cash. Amy. Kentucky. Don Estridge. Army. Texas. Delmus Ross. Air Force. Texas. Curtis Smith. Air Force. England. Dow SUPP- Air Force. South Dakota Don Williamson. Anny. 191.7 Betty Northern WAC 191.8 Richard Girton. Marines. North Carolina. Marion Miller. Air Force. Colorado. 191.9 Noble Alexander. Armr. Illinois. Kenneth Carpenter. Air Force. Massachusetts. Harry Custis. Air Force. Texas. Gene Deweese. Air Force. Texas. Thomas McNeil. Ann. Michigan. Don Thompson. Air Force. Ohio. 60 V5fQQfWiQQ gil Miy Vip 5 Y, L W Wm S Q Q2,?W9lV 2 ff M ww 3, mi,-fait 75 bfft Q 5 wif WW S R Mywi MM wfd gp W W 35 Mm W' W WV F7391 0,300 Gm 6 1, 55 SENIORS Ambition Saying Favorite food Nickname as -Q 3 om Coon hunter Farmer I don't know! Ah foods uts All Pean as Tian. 23 C9 l-e +30 813 S-10 +39- -DWF-e CHUM S450 O as .0 88 'U 'Q V-4 Office worker Confirmed old maid My cow! Did'ja? Cream 0 r-4 Ice I-I 0 'D Chessie 0 'rl .C W ai O Chestnut ,II CD KU O ette E EI!! ball Professional base E s E 0 -ri Q1 E' S-1 0 .Ci CJ 2 C5 S'-1 GU O 5 Q +7 5-4 .3 r-I -H O Millionaire Buggered! 8 unda eapple s Pin Dave 0 E 'r-. cb 'cs Q cd Q La 0 'U 1-4 O O 0 S-4 S-QS-a EEE Olllld Ohufh 70 70 sus was asa If-IUDO 0 .2 dl O 07 -I-7 has was I-I-HO 0.2.2 UDL? 2 i g s .IS asa C In O Q1 Ui -rl se: 'Uh-rl sas BIG!! was BCH can Q S aaa 62 F-1 ID E UD Cl 0 'Ri 0 -rl S4 +7 0 CD r-I F11 50 O 'U ai F I-'I 'E CD -P U1 S3 O Q E as 3 ai C O Q ce worker 0 In-H S-sfo-1 Dfw-1 Z0 0 w is wa E, G10 hall! no 0 -5 Ori 'isa it 2 Pl!-Hifi 5 0 -ph D 5' S-4 In o O l-I 3 .U'u Q2 Dila I-1.5 SE r-'I CDU! rn S C! 0 .31 0 -fl .CI O 'UM 0 115 -rl 1-o Fla 0 +7 cn CD .gi +70 UJ'1 .S 2? he 25 -P0 CfJ"D Minister Qi .C IU 0 SH 5 0 I'-4 O 0 O I-I 'S :s A m +2 CD 43 I3 Ui -A A n o is acher ! Te U! 0 UI 'B CJ rn OD b Oli ESS Pr eston Webster Pr . A D217 I Joyce Gerald Jean Charles Jeanne Ann Boatright Carpenter Selsor Phillips Tharp David Grimes Don Ruark Mary A. Norris Freda Bob DeVona Cash Webster Smith Broadstreet Henderson Edwin Jackson Preston Webster Bette Chestnut Gibby Duncan Stanley Smith 65 J ,, .. 14" UWT -A QQ' 'QE' ' 'fi , -L! 1 ,wid .gr 33, LJ 1-f-V. 4 . 5,1 . . V 1,41 v- -' 44,51- ii L. , :.2f54' rw :.v -zrfmw pf

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