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1 5 5 1 i . i 3 F I , Z F 5 4, . , ..' I -1,,w,g,g . -. I,1.,, -1I f R . ., 1.1. .tI'1,1"'f"!,'S , - ml. 'f'r.:'w'fif'i55- 'iff' ' "1 ,Q '3 ' 4?-5-yf,:.'F"-1'-f:'f 1 ' 1 -Q' lf! Q1-' QPU- 1 -I , -114,31 'fb'-' 5 .. :fb-f 1 , 1 1 - '?".13l', '57 A- As, ar. A , x H-,.31 . -A 'J-1, 1' .,.-91.5. ,. I II.I,,II'.:.f-I I II II .I I 'I' ,, .M L. .NII , I, .J , ' ',I.,1,-fY:1- . ..fSi5f1l1 . 'P . 211- 3 . - - .. ' ' 1'::'Ag' si . N 1' g., .I , S, .1 , . ' 1- ', ? I ' .u:v,.,,,I IIIII- ffg. 2 1' , . 1 f- Qi'-,' ,1 1, . ,I, .1 ,, .v , . I 4 , . H - ' 2 ,1 w IJ, . . ,. x. . . .. , . ,, -4. n '.' .II ,,,v .,"!.' 'I ' 'Q 11"- - . . "1 'V-LP. . ,, X. I III., I IIIII I I II ,I-,I 1 ,I II ISI HI I f-I , . 41.1. , . R-1 L. . -, .1,. , 1. .. 1VII'- -' N- ,I--1 I - I I -1.1 .II IiI,II-5. 1.3, III 1 III.,. ,3Q-Igiz,-4 I.,y.If,-.,ji5fef:. ,QQII A , , A I vw-" , r., EMG? :.f-. 'L' , , " 1 V, QF' .-,1 .Z 'R T4f1L4.Kl5". T" -,:- I, ' 'ic' A' ' ',"l1f'. 1-w-f31'11gY-1 Y. ' 5 ..' if "'-f:1 ' 'A' 1' ' ""4 3 I ,, JL-'j2".i-. .12 1 - 1 ,, 4.1, "' 315' , ' 1 Q1 :qv IbQ,f',, . , . . :- ' ' ' "J4':,1' -qQJ:,mS.1,' 1 - 'i"P ' " -5'f'iffP1ffi+ ,, ' Ii. , 1- I e15.i'J?l ua ,',I,,'5'Z-'I g -' 'C' -' 1'1 1'-1,1 ' ,. ., I, in . .AI .- '. I ,,.-vgj'1-III ,I oz ' 'BQ ' 'A Ia, L1 ' Y '-If '-I+' 'Y' '- I ,III I ,I II II ,IIIII I I .I ,I I, 1 ' i 41- -, - 11113 .." , I 1 , 1 I 1 A5 I, -,1-1 .- . I . I. II , , I . I fjI,.,1 I, , xv 3 .-'51, Tix '1 ' 11 ,1 fl. Q, ,. '-..1I'V ,I 1 1-:,k".'. .I IJ 1 1- , ' ., . J '1ix'Il4', .-. , ' If--1 1- ,- 1- 'HSA . ' ' ' 4 'L. '- :gx':'4:ff'.f-F9-r1'.,1 - - , - : Q-14'-,1 . 1 , 1 1 1, 1 "fI1'-'-"' i 1 ,,:g51t::4:sf 1-1 ,1,,'-'e 1 1: .9 ' - 1' ' i"" 'Lfvfxv J' '- :WS 12.4, I L-fuf .gf .'I,fIgI'ff..:'f:1-Hf'5T'7f.x11' -u -1 - ,I , 1 ". 'HJ - 1' '15 41-9-3 t1 '1. '. Q, ' .. 1- .IA 1 -vip-, 31- . 4, ,. 1 fI stag- -- -15 ' var,-, 1 VV' ' .,,,-1-1 ' 1., f , I IH . I ,III I 1. -'1.l51I, 3 -f 11.11, - -1 II ,fig .:, 1 I,,3f'IZ'g'? .:-:I I.t..II,I, I,I ,III 5, II IA 1 L .',.,-. . -'1-1 Q "uf . ' U. ny.,-:L-11. I,I, . 1 -1.1:-np r -:L 4s.1,f1f,2,. 3 f 1 Ti? J- ' , 5eIm.5.,,?I -I , 1 , I.-sI.1,1.fg:1, - - , A I -f' - aj-.AL -Q. 1 kv- UI I .., 13" QM '. 4' 1 1 II A -- I :QI QI. II II.II.,f , , II.I , ,I 1 II xi . I .es:..- , . ,-.I,,,w,1 -1 ,,,,, ,,,, J., ,GUI -- fi, - .- 'na-"4-.','1f, :gf-1 - .-1 A 19,31 -"i'F1g-i,,1f,fmgtix:-at-11T, ,tg 11.1 -ir' Y+f:. ' J 517112 1' pHi?'1.f-f. .I ' Q "'z,Q-I I II,3g-I I." . "I 'r-.IM5 1 ' 15,1 ,cu II: .,I . '. fn ' 41292. -. - ' . ' A- M 1+ - 1 VE' ' , -,,Q ,gq:1-ff .F jI!Lf'f,f Q f1:j,r:'y -,,1,-,.g . ,. ,, I :'iIj?,.'I:,II"'IIg 'I',',L-'.,FL'Lf,?. I I I , 1 " '. k II . IIAI ,I . . 1 : . , . ,I .. ,ily-1' -1, ,IIIII I A-I-I:-IQ,-Ir I- 'If I 1I . r- ,s -.rn--,.. ,. .,, ,,..- , W., 1:.71- 1 2 gf'--' 1 1 '3 U: 'jj' , "-, ' 4-IM" f ,.,q, ,'.-u...g-.A-1 '. . ' .1. , 4 ' 1, 11-1 5.24, L 1, - 1 ' ' 1 .-1111 111: , 1.f.f,1' I - '91 ff. , . Q ..'I7'x,'f'5fn-'a2Q1f'5Ij',E wifi, 4 ' 4 , 1 - . '- .f 1:-1' mu ,Law .IMeG'f- J , , J 1 ,NWI 1 ,I I ,1 , -.." 1 11-"iz:-4' 'yfi11"f.-,r5f",i1-' ' V-' . -Q1 1. 53 ','...:, '31 ff' ,f".?, ,:- I K ' I: ,AA-' .-M' .b.'I"i' 1 . :-I . I,,.-:'-' -v,I,1.I,f , Y 1 ' .'T'f,I.f:51I1Q,, ,': '3I."I,1,'-1 ' ' - 1. -WE,-.sII, I I , NJ. I ' 1 A I,I,11,I 'I -'-1. I 1-awafilv-A ,, ,. , I ,- my ,WQ1 ' ' 1 - ' -N? .Ig 'g,fggt.I.,5S1'L'1,i-frxhg III viJ4'7?f:-- ,. ' ' 2 'll xi 1- -, - g - .-J'.:,'1 1-.,.,1'-.,'-4, dvumau. Q: -1..'-.l13.1,Tf?:,Tw?"i.1'flf,f-f " r +1359 Ll Y ,, 1 1 4 A ,- ., ,,1 . , , 1 - 'zfb -..-1-gm-' 1 ' 4 ', 1 1 " , ..,,, -,. ,,,.,. 4: -f 03110 "' S or E5 IHH Official Yearbook of FILLMORE HIGH SCHOOL iv- 5" EP "' rs... Y r, M l, mgMJt.Mw M ' rt I 5 X oauE459?f9FQW !a'Ue Row 1: Mrs. Rissler, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Craig, Mrs. Hall, Miss Brattain, Mrs. Skelton. Row 2: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Speer, Mr. Pruitt, Mr. Smith, Mr. McCleerey, Miss Molter, Mrs. Brammer, Mrs. Sutherlin, Miss Joseph. lllhif ff 1950 Maynard Miller Basketball 1,2,3,L Softball 1,2 Track 2 Wilborn Kendall Greencastle 1,2 Purdue Round-up Class officer 3 Play 3 F. F. A. 1,2 Joan Cunningham Glee Club 1 Typing contest 3 Class officer h Play 3 Audrey Walls Glee Club 1,2,3 Operetta 2 Richard Dale Newman Class officer 2 D.A.R. History Award 3 Horseshoe 2,L Norman Custis Basketball 3 Class officer L Softball 3 Cross-Country A Horseshoe L 4 Geneva Dozier Glee Club 1 Play 3 Keith Greenlee Basketball 1,2 Stanley Nichols Rose Ellen Ruark Glee Club l,2 Operetta 2 Play 3 Class officer 3 D. A. R. h Typing Contest 3 Virginia Foster Librarian A Glee Club 1 A-H Purdue Round-up John C. Sears Algebra Contest 2 Play 3 Library Asst. L 5 r,,sm sep- "Hilfi- Russell Harcourt Basketball 1,2,3,h PWS Beverly Doyne Huber Class officer l Glee Club 1,2 Operetta 2 P1sy3 Typing contest 3 Donna Bailey Class officer 1,2 Glee Club 2,3 Operetta 2 Pla! 3 Leon Arnold Basketball l,2,3,h Softball 1,2 Class officer 1,2,3 P1ay3 Roy Shoemaker Softball l,2,3,L Class officer 1 Track 3,L Horseshoe 3,k Mary Alice Nichols Glee Club 1 Opsretts 2 Play 3 6 Betty Faun Eastham Glee Club 1 Operetta 2 Algebra Contest 2 Play 3 Richard Lee Jones Basketball 2,3,a Track 3,L Cross-Country A Play 3 Noble Sutherlin Basketball 1,2,3,L Play 3 Kaye Miller Glee Club 1 Librarian A Coleen Phillips Class officer 1,2,3,L P1813 Fred Girton Basketball 1,2,3,L Track 3,L Softball 1,2,3,h 7 X CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of 1950 of Fillmore High School, who are declared sound in mind and body, as we are about to leave the school of knowledge and become memp bers of the world of mysteries, do hereby bequeath on this 25th day of Ap il, the following possessions, without bonds and permission to sell, loan or throw away into any suitable place for such treasured properties: We, the we, the Speer a class that will office practice, do hereby and forever bequeath to lr. r member to bring their typing erasers to class. seniors in We, the seniors in English, do hereby and forever bequeath to Miss Joseph the eleventh grade with hopes that they will have more ambition and stay awake. We, the seniors in Latin II, do hereby and forever bequeath to Mr. Craig our love for room A, and to next year's class an answer book. seniors in physics class, do hereby and forever bequeath to next year's chemistry class all the gadgets we haven't discovered in Ro m 8. We, the seniors in geometry class, do hereby and forever bequeath to Mr. Johnson a dust cloth for the chairs in Room A, and to next year's class our love for griping about long assignments. We, the seniors in to Mr. Speer seven more We, the seniors in in the junior class the We, the seniors in Joseph our love for civilization. We, the seniors in government class, do hereby and forever bequeath to next year's class our ability to get in jail. We, the seniors in h me ec. class, do hereby and forever bequeath to Miss Molter our ability to laugh at jokes told in class. Our individual wills are as follows: I, Leon Arnold, do hereby and forever bequeath to Dave Grimes my curly hair. I, Donna Bailey, do hereby and forever bequeath to Mary Jo Brown my abil- ity to get a man. I, Joan Cunningham, do hereby and forever bequeath to Cornelia Sears my quiet nature. commercial geography, do hereby and forever bequeath industrious boys. shop class, do hereby and forever bequeath to the boys ability to light a torch. sociology class, do hereby and forever bequeath to Miss I, Norman Custis, do hereby and forever bequeath to Herschel Smith mylove for history. I, Geneva Dozier, do hereby and forever bequeath to Caroline Bridges my love for Latin. I, Betty Eastham, do hereby and forever bequeath to Joyce Boatright my love for geometry, and to Mr. Johnson and Herb Zeiner a package of hostess cup cakes. I, Virginia Foster, do hereby and forever bequeath to Juanita Runnells my ability to pop bubble gum, and to Charles Phillips my love for making corners at 30 mph, providing that he does make them. I, Fred Girton, do hereby and forever bequeath to Roy Smith my laziness. I, Keith Greenlee, do hereby and forever bequeath my love for staying out late at night to Herschel Robinson. I, Russell Harcourt, do hereby and forever b queath to Stanley 'Doon Smith my curly hair, my manliness and my calmness at basketball games. I, Beverly Huber, do hereby and forever bequeath to Virginia Redding my natural curly hair,and to Joyce Arnold my ability to snare a supposedly bash- ful boy. 8 ..2.. I, Dick Jones, do hereby and forever bequeath to Marvin Ross my small feet. I, Nilborn Kendall, do hereby and forever bequeath to David Carrico my love for freshmen girls. I, Kay Miller, do hereby and forever bequeath my shortness to Onetia Run- nells. , I, Maynard Miller, do hereby and forever bequeath to Jerry Broadstreet my ability to weld. I, Dale Newman, do hereby and forever .bequeath to Mr. Smith all my left- over ynlitical arguments. , I, Mary Alice Nichols, do hereby and forever bequeath to Marilyn Boat- right my love for handsome boys. I, Stanley Nichols, do hereby and forever bequeath to Tommy Merritt my ability to learn, and to next year's yell leaders my pep for yelling. I, Coleen Philliys, do hereby and forever bequeath to Norris Webster my love for griping. I, Rose Ellen Ruark, do hereby and forever bequeath to Preston Webster my love for journalism, and to Rachel Cooper my sweet temper. I, John Charles Sears, do hereby and forever bequeath to Johnny Bob Zei- ner my ability to get all my geometry constructions on one sheet of paper. I, Roy Shoemaker, do hereby and forever bequeath to Edwin Jackson my love for blonds. I, Noble Sutherlin, do hereby and forever bequeath to Marvin Broadstreet my height, and to Royce Cavin my love for geometry. I, Audrey Walls, do hereby and forever bequeath to Linda Sue Shipman my long hair. We, hereunto set our hand and seal on this, the twenty-fifth day of April, nineteen hundred fifty. The Seniors of Fillmore High School 1950 ff! QM ?'L7 ZZ? We were mf We Qfffxii C- fad gfgfen dial 9 SCHOOL CALENDAR OF 1950 AUGUST 25 School opens with a bang! Such dignified seniors! Bookstore sales zoom- so say Betty B., Coleen P., Geneva D., Donna B., and Rose Ellen R. Five new teachers made their wnpearances. Not bad! SEEQEQQEQ l Campaigning is on! Officers are elected. After being elected to the office of president, Norman C. said, '!ou'll find I'm no Abe Lincoln.' Coleen PS elected treasurer for the fourth year. CExperience is the best teacher. 6 Fillmore began softball season with success! F. H. S. ve. Roachdale. 7 First vacation--State Fair. Several students, David Grimes, Kenny Ames! Caroline Bridges, Max Zaring, Beverly Maxwell, and Joyce Sibbitt had exhibits. 8 Short vacation! Several 'Stoogie' hats appear on senior boys! Will they never grow up! First party invitations of the year received by none other than the little green freshmen! Are they proud! 9 Are they people or scarecrows? What queer sights! Initiation arrives in all its glory. Poor tortured people! All agreed it was well worth the reward-a party in honor of the freshmen. Now they are full-fledged! Seniors enjoyed hayride after party. Rather breezy! Ask Norman. Happy day for Juniors, class rings arrive! Sure proud people! 13 Hr. Johnson is driving a new Studebaker! Sure smootha lb We play Russellville in second softball game of season. Faculty members honored at dinner. Sounds nice! 16 We won from Roachdale! Keep up the good work! 17 Began Comrade subscriptions. Bang! Bang!-Fire drill of course! Every- one went down- including three pennies. Came out o. k. 20 We played Cloverdale and lost. 'The F. H. S. cross-country team placed third in meet at Howe High School, Indianapolis. Dick Jones, captain, was very proud of the Banner write-up which he displayed to everyone at sight. 23 We defeat Belle Union in fourth game of the season! 28 Seniors have pictures taken by Porter's. Everyone appeared in his best! At least-from the waist up! We won from Bainbridge. 29 Rose Ellen R. named editor of annual! We defeated Reelsville. 30 Horseshoe tourney held. Norman Custis won. Congratulations,Norman! OCTOBER 3 Proofs came. Look out, rats! Roy S. was declared Harry Tr man the 2nd. 7 Our library inspected by Miss Mc Calla. 10 Yell leaders elected. Twelve candidates tried out. Joyce A., Joyce B., and Shirley M. were elected. Seniors look at invitations. 12 Judgment day arrives! First reports cards received. 19 Basketball game at Greencastle-County coaches vs'L9 seniors. Coaches were victorious 52-50. Carpenter and Neier represent Fillmore. Mr. Craig coached the coaches. Mr. HcCleerey an outstanding player. 23 Seniors enjoyed party at Beverly Huber's home. Sixteen present. Everyone had enough cider for once. Zh Seniors elected blue and gray as class colors. They decided to wear caps and gowns for graduation. Motto chosen. 26 Qggggg Qggg was presented by the Junior class before a well pleased audience. 10 27-31 Time for teachers to go to 'school.' Turn about is fair play! 31 Back to work. NOVEMBER 1 Junior High yell leaders elected! Shirley T., Marilyn B., and llarleen Tharp elected. 2 First pep session of the season. Plenty of noise! We played Cloverdale in season opener and won AL,-35. I. Seniors selected Josten's Comet as invitation- ll F. H. S. defeated Stilesville L0-38. 16 We defeat Belle Union in a very hard fought game. Nice going. 23 We played North Salem and won. Thanksgiving vacation begins. 28 Everyone, full of turkey, returns to study again. DEEEILBER 2 We defeat the Bainbridge Pointers. 6 Seniors go to Greencastle on tour of First Citizens Bank, the courthouse, and the county jail. Virginia Foster finally got in a cell! Senior pictures come. Everyone pleased. 7 In a hard fought game we beat Roachdale. 9 The Reelsville Indians were beaten by us. We remain undefeated. 16 We defeated Quincy. 20 Fillmore wins thriller from Amo by 1 point. 23 Gift exchange at school. Dismissed for Christmas vacation. 30 Keith G. was surprised by his classmates on his birthday. JANUARY 2 Back from vacation. Everyone tired, instead of rested. Santa was nice to everyone. L We won from the Cloverdale Clovers 38-31. 5 The seniors vote secretly for D. A. R. representative. Rose Ellen R. was selected. 6 Russellville Bees are defeated by us in overtime. ll. We defeated Belle Union for 12th straight victory of the season. 19 Wabash Valley Prelim. opens at Greencastle. We defeat the Reelsvillelndians to advance one step nearer the victory mark. Seniors are measured for caps and Bo ETH We defeat Cloverdale in afternoon game by a good score. Russellville won the finale by defeating us 3 points. Cards honored with steak dinner at Wright's Cafe. 25 Work is begun on Echoes. 28 Birthday party was given for Coleen Phillips. FEBRUARY 1 We defeat the Bainbridge Pointers. 3 We were defeated by Russellville by a 9 point margin. However, David Grimes did not play. 7 Donna Bailey, Rose Ellen Ruark, and Virginia Foster compete in state scholar- ship test at Greencastle. 10 The Echoes material goes to Welch for printing. 17 Last appearance in a schedule game for Fred G., Leon A., Maynard ll., Dick J. Noble S., and Russell Harcourt against Stilesville. 20 Seniors take county examination. 23-25 Sectional held at Greencastle. 7 11 D MARCH I. Regional held at Greencastle. 16 Seniors edit the Comrade for the last time this year. Juniors have added responsibility now. APRIL 8 Annual alumni banquet held in the F. H. S. gym. 12 Seniors present class play. 21 Last day for seniors. Hurrah! Hurrah! 22 Junior-Senior Reception. My! '!'he pretty girls and handsome gentlemen?" 23 Baccalaureate held at Fillmore Christian Church. Rev. Kendall delivered the SSTBDH Q 25 Commencement held at Methodist Church. Speaker was Dr. Donald Hallett f Purdue University. s SENIOR CLASS SCNG fTune of "Save a Little Sunbeam"D We'll save a. lot of memories, For a rainy, rainy day. And though there's trouble and strife Along the pathway of life, We'll remember the days we spent Back here, and then We'll say: "F.H.S., how much we love you, We'll always be loyal to you, And so now We'll say good-bye, But we'll keep our chins up high, For we know you'll stand by, F.H.S." Class Flower: White Rose Class Colors: Blue and Gray Class Motto: We'll find a place or make one. 12 ' fi W 2 SEM' L 4 W. k ur Q, G M Y? H-M.,,g I W - HJ Q 'aw A M F Q 5,3 . 13 ., is J: . 1 "' 1' J V g. , Nuff afr S M N g in fx. 36 'AAHE fvi 1 -9' - v , --.., Q 4, k . ,, : ---wi A ' .4 'k'h 1' 7 4 MSW? Ease Ellen xi? nu!! Q ,V -' " " " , on 1 V. 4, i ab " ' X w Fred , i K Q, v 1 l-v- L- .1 E 1" ', 'H 9 z wifi M ,. JS - 6 1 - ii? 3 " Y J Sfdfwnley 0462 45 f 5 U ,M W K as 'QQ 0 P13 X BZQZQI Awiligbyfz-rn I Jim Kar 129' lv.. 44131 M- ,xg.,,, 6 ? PM i I Q . ' g ,,. T .' -'b Q 1' ', gif'-. 2 '- P97591 x"'..':' Alun. 1 1-ff 15 73515-1f.,o,,n,QY P if --znmgxg, .lf him '3-' ' -K' ll GD Y il-4 Q 9 Q5 W I J' ' .JP a --rv? Q ig-ffJZLi 2 s.tJ? LJ LQ V haw ckflaille I:i 4 J QFPY Likdufna 7 ' Q Q3 2 . 1-.4 Mr Lf Q 12 . T' -fgvtllta A Z: L. qw c.n'a an Ill W 5 I5 QQ 'Q Y' " Q .J X , 'ri Pfffli' ll 5 G Flcomrinr my' K' Q' T 5 f X Ex Y W --df Vi X Q F . 5 1. ar if f if . -. k f . Nj! V f ' Urnfl-N -vfq ,nl lk: M .ff xi K ,w,,.n. , X? Q gui f 2 'i 1 - 'f fa., Ni 'W 'QK . i' fa '5 f m . 1 " 54" R Q 115. QQ .gf x 1 Y - -1 - ' Q v 'K Y . M ,V 1 4 . 'ix is . , g. " ""f"' A xx AYP Qt X ,X . Q f'- A K I 1 3 I .. ,N . -r I fs : . 3. '. 0.x 1. . Wg x 1 I X I wx fs' ,Af , Y my ' ' ' .t A3 A+. N .' ' I 6 .QL igi: ie' LWB? . I 3 fi st ,,:Egi 'I 5, K F4 1 431, ip-in . K . gf: 'MR' .. amifi-iw faia? as: , K" A -W3 I ,W m , ,A , ..g,, Mf.- ,qw ' 5 ' 1: ,."',2 ,"1fr, 1- , - 15,311 , 51-1-9. -IEE' FL f ' ' ,. ' wwf ggi f,Qyw 3, . ' '. 7? ia: w if' i f -f - ,M WW . ,K . W ,g g Q- ' X-if". gm, ,W ' ., ' K . " w ' ffwmWXQ iQ Kfw 16 n.-if A px S MX . , , ' '1 ps. N wink- vs N Hg Cum: fy QE? Row l: Jeanne Ann Tharp, Jean Selsor, Freda Smith, Bette Chestnut, Joyce Boat- right, Mary Ann Cash, Preston Webster, Don Ruark. Row 2: Charles Phillips, Edwin Jackson, David Grhmes, Norris Webster, Gerald Carpenter, Gibby Duncan, Stanley Smith, Bob Broadstreet, Miss Holter. Junior Class History On August 26, the sixteen Juniors launched into another year of eventful activities. With the assistance of their sponsor, Miss Holter, they elected the following officers: President, Don Ruarkg Vice-President, Jeanne Ann Tharpg Treasurer, Bette Chestnut, Secretary, Jean Selsorg and Reporter, Stanley Smith. Real pleasure was evident when their long awaited class rings arrived on September 9, for the class had been eagerly awaiting their arrival since they were ordered during the sophomore year. Turning on the steam, on September 21, they began their first money making campaign--selling magazine subscriptions. The class, which was divided into two groups, set their goal at 8600. They surpassed their goal by 8216. All the members sold at least S30 worth of subscriptions. On attaining their goal they were to receive a turkey from the magazine representative. Therefore, on Dec- mber 21, they enjoyed a dinner of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cranberry salad, fruit plate, hot rolls, and milk. On October 25, the Juniors presented their class play entitled NJunior Prom,n directed by Paul Iruitt. On December 21, Mr. Pruitt and Miss Molter sup- rised the Juniors by serving them a chili supper. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing. The next financial undertaking was that of selling Christmas cards. They canvassed the town, bringing in a profit of about 365, which was quite good as they started rather late in the season. Their class party, held January 25, was a huge success. The evening began with everyone participating in relays. The crowd was called from their play for refreshments of ham sandwiches, cokes, pickles, celery, and ice cream. Canasta and dancing followed- Since the storm caused the lights to go out, the remaind- er of the party was lighted by candles and flashlights, which made it all the more interesting. f In athletics too, the Juniors have served well, since Don, David, Gerald, and Gibby have played on the first team, while Bob, Charles and Stanley have aided the B-team. This is Stanley Smith's fifth year as student manager. Joyce Boatright, ably supported by Joyce Arnold and Shirley Herritt,has led yells throughout the year. The Juniors have had charge of the Coca-Cola machine all year. This also helped, little by little, to increase their funds. They have worked diligently all year to earn their money. Now, both the Juniors and the Seniors are looking forward to the reception which will be held in April. 18 Sophomores Row 1: Johnny Bob Zeiner, Herschel Robinson, Marvin Ross, Danny Arnold, Jim y Waltoone Row 2: Gary Neuman, Onetia Runnells, Juanita Runnells, Richard Thompson, Royc e Gavin, Joe Anderson, Max Zaring. Row 3: Mr. HcCleerey, Virginia Truesdel, Virginia Redding, Cornelia Sears , Linda Shipman, Joyce Sibbitt, Betty Lawson. Bow L: Rose Ellen I-Iuller, Betty Sutherlin, Carolyn Bridges , Freda Cunningham, Sharon Miller, Shirley Merritt, Joyce Arnold, Betty Broadstreet. Freshmen Row 1: Richard Stewart, Darrell Storm, Jackie Arnold, Richard Gorham, Roy Harcourt, Russell Cash, Jackie Clifford, Larry Miller. Rev 2: Mr. Smith, Helba Zaring, Anna Bryan, Barbara Frazier, Hiddy Girton, Patty Maaten, Clifford Tincher, Kenneth Ales, Edwin Nichols. Row 3: Mary Jo Brown, Helen Sutherlin, Rachel Cooper, J. B. Helianey, Jerry Watson, Donald Buis, Jerry Broadstreet, Gail Hall. 19 Grade Eight Row l: Bill Sibbitt, Beverly Maxwell, Martha Williamson, Marjorie Underwood, Jane Zeiner, Mary Sears, Jimmy Arnold, Herschel Smith, Marvin Broadstreet. Row 2: Mrs. Brammer, June Deweese, Virgil Arnold, Norman Jones, Clarence Hen- derson, Billy Crawley, Barbara Miller, Doris Day, Marleen Tharp. Row 3: Wayne Runnells, Robert Dozier, Roland Gavin, Lawrence Merritt, Claude Thompson, Marilyn Boatright, Shirley Thompson, Wanda Miller. Grade Seven HOW 12 Charles Hall, Kenneth Pell, Donald Beaman, Annalene Singleton, June Schaefer, Shirley Clark, Letitia Nichols, Virginia Sutherlin. Row 2: Martha Bryan, Bob Sibbitt, Janette Selsor, Jimmie Cox, Tommie Row 3: Ray Runnells, Mary Miller, all, Roland Tincher, Wilma Zaring, ole Redding. Andy Nichols, Judith Nichols, Jimmy Mason, Merritt. Janice Milhon, Nancy Sutherlin, Ralph Kend- Herschel Ross, Duane Campbell. Absent: Car- 20 Grade Six Row 1: Joan Roach, Sharon Maxwell, Joyce Jarrett, Julia Arnold, Soya Sobolev, Wanda Storm, Revenna Singleton, Sue Sexton, Darlene Cash, Luella Phillips, Peggy Broadstreet. Row 2: Gail Irwin, Charlotte Miller, Joe Zeiner, Jack Underwood, Donald Tharp, Jim Clifford, Judith Cash, LaVera McCoy, Evelyn Arnold. Row 3: Mr. Alexander, DeLoss Greenlee, Herschel Smith, Jim Mundy, Fred Cox, Ronald Morphew, Robert Nichols, Larry Cox, Rosalie Robinson, Peggy Wells, Rex Harcourt. 21 Grade Five Row 1: Earl Lee Chestnut, Mary Jean Dozier, Eleanora Sutherlin, Cecelia Redding, Shelia Redding, Gerald Clark, Frank Schaefer, Paul Runnells, Roger Smith, Patricia Broadstreet. Row 2: Mrs. Hall, Archie Strong, Carolyn Ames, Judith Hammond, Rea Jo Gavin , Rita Robinson, Gloria Maxwell. Row 3: Robert Ross, James Carrico, Clark Bryan, Dennis Tincher, Jimmie Walls , Jerry Ozment, Eugene Allen, James Williamson. 21 Grade Four How 1: Kathryn Brown, Janice Beaman, Shirley Arnold, Ray Allen Nichols, Bobby Clark, Nonman Chadd, Rex Coffman, Karen Sims, Joy Morphew. Row 2: Doris Lisby, C. J. Huller, Jimmy Woods, Norma Jean Thompson, Billy Henderson, Willard Henderson, Merel Sexton, Tracy Williamson, Robin McNeil, Ronald Cavin. Row 3: Mrs. Sutherlin, Kent Newman, Vincent Kiger, Ronald Lawson, Larry McGinnis, Gary Roberts, Beulah Phillips, Donald Mundy, Patty Selsor. Absent: Janet Parker, Rosetta McNeil. '9- Grade Three Row 1: Glenda Strong, Lucy Singleton, Sonia Truesdel, Raymond Pritchard, Norma Jean McCoy, Carolyne Broadstreet, Wanda June Runnells, Wanda Kay Burnside. Row 2: Jean Anderson, Nancy Hammond, Mary Ann Hotop, Janice Giddings, Charles Storm, Darla Mhsten, Caroll Campbell, Maynard Arnold. Row 3: Timothy DeWeese, Orville Tincher, Charles Poole, Robert Frazier, Phillip Hiller, Larry Arnold, Neil Irwin, Doyle Webster, Jim Bryan. Absent: Jil Buis and Darrell Dean Toney. 22 :ff Q.. mx. Grade Two Row 1: Beverly Nichols, Ronnie Oursler, Patty Merritt, Wandaline McCoy, Ronnie Jarrett, Richard Woods , Don Stewart. Row 2: LeRoy Zeiner, Donald Sibbitt, Darla Wade, Joyce Cox, Vera. Williamson , Evelyn Nichols , Joan Giddings, Irvin Lee Huber. Row 3: Darrel Detro, Michael Sims, Jackie Campbell, Arthur Leon Evans, Jame s Pittsenbarger, Dickie Clark, Mrs. Rissler. Grade One Row 1: Suzanne Butler, Tom Cooper, Karen Cash, Janet Broadstreet, Larry Parker, Bobby Beaman, Sharon Zeiner, Herbert Sutherlin. Row 2: Donald Kendall, Henrietta Payne, Tommy Parker, Gretna Huber, Phyllis Cox, Max Morphev, Carrol Roach. Row 3: David Storm, Jimmy Campbell, Richard Ryland, Jimmy Chennai-,, Arthur Hotop, Charles Tincher, Mrs. Skelton. Absent: Roland Buis. 25 I 'ifxxxxi 'Nillm A 'iQxxxmxelsi.axixsi.oxx'ixxxxxe -Vexeawzlxxx Khqekx- x or e GamY'3f, S ' ix 5 . A xxxx vm Qvuxxgl, yixxx,-NRL k xxxxxx xx xiyxg f.,-gixnmxx cW.xxxxV-. uyxxxxxxxxed mx xxxdw mbus NNW fan K XL f ' ' . O 6 : 'A Xx xx N . vm: xxx Huang ., .-A..- V YG YT qui! Car - X Nxcxx kk S ' '- Q, YY "0 H' um SWQHQYQ-H' 4 0 3uW"K1iQiuigrzuui' ' I duogwxx gfpenter---. 0 -2, xx'-:HMI Gsqzwt Wx 6 gxxwczb' X CNW mef . .Z 0 0 C H- a Q1-'W f xxx f ' . wmok xe- Gm " 1 11 'lV-f1- 1' WW x W' Mx C. -on - 3 AL Liu GNN xx bg umm I . 0 le pl 0 xx 1 1, fe 'g o' r X xY'+E'c6 Boachdax '22 1 2121 C 'V 'fqpd ,101 .uw D. Cx e MFA XX 2 .of O11 'H fhq f a zsxxxh X qncs YG yi LI , ty O I? Iv Q: 015 'ckwvxcg YT if awk 'fvboh' Q L' X . 0 x f .,,4Xz,w xx 4 6 31:11 160,33-J. 021 "1l0Q,,"'1q W Qggxxx' 0' " 2 11 f 'im 0 , N ,QQQ6 xsqe. ,Z 9,1 11, p 1 f 4, 0 e'W"'l W QW? 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SGNOX Wwe Yoxdxg HS W ! 9, KWNY YOKNWAKA Ysgigig 'B X I .lg A I 3 ' C.Xo6ieX1cx Y owluk Y-xxseAXv'Ne 'L X5 6 "i."Q,'7Yf,, iff' '1- N X Xx Y Yx ' nfbgpnwf 101- L' Jkt? 0 xx C W "5 'WMV 'L xs Q' fm few Ji, 'fm' la I 9x5'699xG Y awww Cm ua-Ae 1, X9 H'f?""bfj'ftl0 q"' :gf 551 W I uW:gexxe.i'xXxe and xxxmoxe 'MA wmv Xxxcq. xfx egeoan W. ., ,ll Gftfe-J, qbe 21 Wil., Qlflffol 0 Mm ifscarxvgs. A e xo,-mer cmxxaea QQ vs Wx, g.,mqfW?xm3' 'at 4, -wffo, 23 aff or G, 'D 'ga lr-1. -x, fm., .,,g.,A fxpfi' TWN2 Oi 'Yevve Xkaxxke, -and Yxxkxxove gon-S A "ff no 5 '21 Q1 ' 'b fb t Q15 'Q' I' .HIL - '- xexmx 0-:cv Cxovefqxmf 0-W 443' 1,1 bn te 6 e ,lie batted xg- . V ' " Ohh 'Y' 9900- 7:9 le ba Bees A QNU56e5c5Y6SS'x0QQaQwQiX9d5 97:5 Perf 'm0s1 Xukhxxitxexsxxx Xxfkex 'QM p90 MW0'5 If-ces, 'fx fegjomx ' 0 F fcxqoqexxxov Xxcve Nas-X Sem, xo ' 0 9 Se S x out xxsx ox xxwoeaxcvxsfaxxa vom cxxgx xxxcqvx oxi. pqxo swung 'so- gmxcv xxxgxe xgx -3 ww xxxvoxxqgo Xasx vleexi- 'amd kkxexx 9040996 KNO xxxbckegxm Txxxgixove. Xt. was . QXQWGTQ Kxmxxxq Qosxea x exif! aixec a Sktxxqf I 9 dose Ms. 1xx0K'0.'0xx Ke, AX 'xo AO. 24 1- 1 X 1 1 Acrxvmns Q Q Q Ex A f, .V . fv j 5 4NW' X' Freshmen Home Bc. Pictured are: Middy Girton, Patty Masten, Melba Zaring, Rachel Cooper, Anna Bryan, Mary Jo Brown, Gail Hall, Helen Sutherlin, Barbara Frazier, Miss Molter me - 4rx""' """ ,' Shop Pictured are: Dick Jones, Maynard Miller, Russell Harcourt, Fred Girton, Roy Sho maker, Mr. Pruitt. 26 va? " 'iimzzm Library Pictured are: Kay Miller, Miss Joseph, Jean Selsor, Kenneth Ames, Janette Selsor, Shirley Merritt, June Deweese, Richard Thompson, Annalene Singleton, Marvin Broadstreet, Richard Stewart, Darrell Storm, Bob Sibbitt, Joe Anderson Gary Newman, J. B. McKamey. Physics Class Pictured: Mary Alice Nichols, Jean Selsor, Coleen Phillips, Betty Eastham, Rose Ellen Ruark, Jeanne Tharp, John Sears, David Grimes, Don Ruark. 27 THE COIRADE STAFF Editor .------------ Leon Arnold Associate Editor - - - - ' ' Maynard Miller Business Manager ------ Joan Cunningham Editorial Writers - - - lary Alice Nichols - - Russell Harcourt Advertising Managers - - - Rose Ellen Ruark - - Dick Jones Art Editors --------- Donna Bailey - - - Betty Eastham Athletics --------- Coleen Phillips - - John Sears Features --------- Virginia Foster Exchange Editor ------- Geneva Dozier Departmental Editor ----- Beverly Huber Circulation -------- lilborn Kendall llimeograph Operators ------ Fred Girton - - - Norman Custis Typists - - Roy Shoemaker, Keith Greenlee - Noble Suthex-lin, Stanley Nichols --Audrey '53-19: IBIS Hiller, Dale Newman 28 THE EHOB STAFF Editor in chief ------ Rose Ellen Ruark Associate Editor ------- Richard Jones Business Manager ------ Joan Cunningham Production Manager ------ Norman Custis Sports Editors - - Softball ---- Maynard Miller Basketball ----- Leon Arnold Cross-country - Russell Harcourt Track ------- Fred Girton ---------Nob1eSuther1in - - Mary Alice Nichols - - Geneva Dozier Department Editors - ----- Audrey Walla -- Kayelliller --------- DonnaBailey - - - Betty Eastham Sales Managers --------- Dale Neuman - - Stanley Nichols - - Keith Greenlee Photographers ------- Coleen Phillip s - - Virginia Foster - - - - - - John Charles Sears - - lilborn Kendall - - Roy Shoemaker - - Beverly Huber 29 if fi 1' x Varsity How l: Gib Duncan, David Grimes, Leon Arnold, Dick Jones. How 2: Stanley Sndth, Don Ruark, Gerald Caryenter, Noble Sutherlin, Marvin Ross, Maynard Miller, Russell Harcourt, Fred Girton, Mr. Craig. Varsity Yell Leaders Joyce Arnold, Joyce Boatright, Shirley Merritt. 50 Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Russellville Fillmore Fillmore Russellville Reelsville Fillmore bl b9 3h L5 51 55 60 Al Ll-F? 38 A04 52 Sl L2 36 L7 A5 LL 39 30 A-TEAM SUM ARY Cloverdale 35 Stilesville 38 Belle Union 29 North Salem 39 Bainbridge 30 Roachdale A6 Reelsville 30 Quincy 35 Amo A0 Cloverdale 31 Russellville 39 Belle Union 37 Wabash Valley Prelims Reelsville 3h Semi-final Cloverdale 23 Final Fillmore 33 Bainbridge 31 Roachdale 30 Fillmore 35 Fillmore 36 Stilesville 27 SCHOOL SONG We're loyal to you, F.H.S. We'l1 always be true, F.H.S. We'll back you to stand Against the best in the land For we know that you can Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! So, go get the ball, F.H.S. We're backing you all, F.H.S. Our team is our fame protector On, boys, for we expect A victory from you, F.H.S. FAVORITE YELLS Rickety rackety shanty town, Who's gon'na keep us CARDINALS down, Nobody--nobody-NOBODY! 4 Overtime games Two, four, six, eight-- Whom do we appreciate Team, team, the whole darned team! 51 1' '?""Yl , M 3, i 1. c V 'Y NE, B-Team Joe Anderson, Bob Broadstreet, Gib Duncan, Charles Phillips, Marvin Ross, Gary Newman, Max Zaring, Stanley Smith, Dick Jones, Mr. Craig. Uv g,7"iiQ5d C+ iQxf x Q ll.. 'id Softball Team Row 1: Joe Anderson, Fred Girton, Gibby Duncan, Gary Newman, Max Zaring. Row 2: Stanley Saith, David Grimes, Gerald Carpenter, Donnie Ruark, Roy Shoemaker, Hr. Craig. 52 Junior-Hi Team Row 1: Marvin Broadstreet, Donald Beaman, Jimmie Arnold, Kenneth Ames. Row 2: Richard Stewart, Russell Cash, Roy Harcourt, J. B. Mcliamey, Jackie Clifford, Jerry Broadstreet. fFreshmenJ How 3: Norman Jones, Herschel Ross, Roland Cavin, Robert Dozier, Billy Crawley, lr. McClee1-ey, Virgil Arnold, Lawrence Merritt , Dewayne Campbell Bill Sibbitt, Bob Sibbitt. Junior-Hi Yell Leaders llarleen Tharp, Marilyn Boat:-ight, Shirley Thompson. 55 X ,Q ft., 1 ! Q Cross-country Team Richard Stewart, Dick Jones, Joe Anderson, Mr. McCleerey, Nonnan Custis, Roy Harcourt, J. B. McKamey. History of Cross-country Cross-country was introduced into Fillmore High School in l9L9, by the assistant coach, Mr. E. McCleerey. The term cross-country is aptly applied since the course is usually a two mile track across country. Although in most sports, the winner is the one with the highest score, in cross-country the winner has the lowest score. On September 23, F. H. S. lost in a three way contest won by Howe High School of Indianapolis. Crispus Attucks placed second. Dick Jones placed 7th which was only 50 seconds behind the winner, Wellman, who is probably the top man in the state. Manual of Indianapolis won on October 21, by a close score of 26-29. Twelve schools participated in the sectional at Terre Haute on October 25 when Bloomington was the winner. Jones who placed first for Fillmore, ran the course in 1O:L2. Of eighty-four runners entered, Dick was the sixteenth man to complete the race. Eleven boys turned out for practice last fall. Of these, six completed the season. Although Jones and Custis will be lost by graduation, the outlook for the future is promising. Anderson is a sophomore this year while Harcourt, McKamey and Stewart are freshmen. 54 L U M N 1915 -1949 To the Alumni The Class of 1950 has had pleasure in com- piling information concerning F. H. S. alumni. We have learned facts about you which have given us a greater appreciation of what has been done by those who have graduated from Fillmore High School. Although we realize that there are errors and that records are incomplete, we take pride in presenting the material we collected. We shall appreciate any additional information which you wish to give us. The Class of 1950 BallTea.m Paul Jackson, Teacher, Hurt Wade, Chauncey Hubbard, Glen Purcell, Hobart Rob- inson, Melvin Ruark. A fuulf X., Gir1's Team 1912 Row 1: llarie Ransom CLawsonJ, Mable Ruark Cbavidsonj, he Jackson U1-noldl. B.ow2: Jessie 0'Nea1 QBastinJ, Gwendolyn Raines U-Iu.ffmanD, Bertha Elliott, Teacher. 56 'wr P'-hT'1 El!! L22 Row 1: Mae Jackson, lable Ruark, Ckendolyn Raines, Anna Hammond, Rachel Albin, Jessie Buis. Row 2: Hobart Robinson, Fred Robinson, Frank Wallace, Qteacherl , Joe Davidson, Cteacherl , Melvin Ruark, Chauncey Hubbard. 127. Row 1: Winona Cowgill, Thelma Bastin, llarie Ransom. Row 2: Ernest Rader, Clayton Cash, Cecil Buis, Absent. 57 ALUMNI OF FILLMORE HIGH SCHOOL , 1212 Mae Jackson Arnold,fMrs. Carll, R. R. A, Greencastle. 3 d. Jessie Buis Arnold,fMrs. Robertl, R. R. 3, Greencastle. ld. Gwendolyn Raines Huffman,KMrs. Walterl, Fillmore. 3sg ld. Chancy Hubbard, A330 Broadway, Indianapolis. Mable Ruark Davidson,CMrs. Joe H.l, Coatesville. Teacher. Rachel Albin Buis,fMrs. Eddiel, lOlL South Indiana, Greencastle. 2sg 2d. Anna Hammond Cash,CMrs. Clydel, R. R. 3, Greencastle- LSE ld- Melvin Ruark, R. R. 3, Greencastle. ls, ld. Hobart Robinson, 929 N. Gray St., Indianapolis. ls, ld. Fred Robinson. Deceased. hsg 2d. 1216 Inez Oliver Pruitt,QMrs. H. R.J, Fillmore. ldg ls. Kate Ghamness Hammond,fMrs. Hughl, 2878 Carson Ave., Indianapolis. Reese Buis, 621 No. Olney, Indianapolis. Jennie Hicks Morrison,KMrs. Kennethl, Cloverdale. Albert Heavin, Greenfield. Teacher. ls. Lora Phillips Pickett,fMrs. Joel, Fillmore. 2s. Eulalia Jackson Robinson,KMrs. Hobartj, 929 N. Gray St., Indianapolis. ls, ld Eddie Buis, 101A S. Indiana St., Greencastle. Plumber. 2sg 2d. 2921 Thelma Bastin Wright,CMrs. Olynb Fillmore. Marie Ransom Lawson,fMrs. Herberts, L38 N. Gladstone Avenue, Indianapolis. Ernest Rader, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Post office mployee. Cecil Buis, Coatesville. Farmer. Cleo McCoy O' Connor,CMrs. Johnl, Cloverdale. Cyrus Rader, R. R. 2, Greencastle. Clayton Cash, Cloverdale. Fanmer. 2sg ld. Winona Cowgill, Deceased. 1218 Paul Pruitt, Greencastle. Teacher. Esther Smith Lambert, Eminence. Icey Bunten Bridges, R. R. 2, Coatesville. ld. Maynard Purdy, Columbus, Ohio. Teacher. 2sg ld. Stella Lisby Cash,CMrs. Claytonl, Cloverdale. 2sg ld. Bernice Ha mond Strain,CMrs. Williaml, 2s3 2d. Noble Stonm, Indianapolis. Ethel Ogle Jackson,CMrs Henryl, Coatesville. 3s. Harold McNary, Vevay. Agriculture Agent. Lili Gladys Hubbard, Indianapolis. Mary Shuck Lawson,CMrs. Claudl, Indianapolis. Earl Cash, Fillmore. Fenner. 3sg Bd. Nellie Hubbard Drake, Indianapolis. Ethel Iddings Doughitt, Highland. Mildred Couch Lydick,lMrs. Ottl, Fillmore. ls. Mary Oliver. Deceased. Mildred Chamness Amy,fMrs. Ruell. Deceased. Luna Hope Perkins,CMrs. Chaunceyj, Bainbridge. 2d5 ls. Henry Jackson, Coatesville. 3s. Helen McNary,CMrs. Haroldj, Vevay. 1220 Neva Phillips Hunter,CMrs. Amosj, Fillmore. Amos Hunter, Fillmore. Merchant. School Bus Driver. Mary Wright Lisby, Mrs. Arthurl, Fillmore. ld. Arthur Lisby, Fillmore. Plumber. ld. 58 3220 Continued Effie McKamey Kennedy,CMrs. Mauricej, 371 llth Street, Noblesville. 2s. Wendell Smith, Fillmore. Teacher. 2s5 ld. Frank Shoemaker, 337 South Lynn Avenue, Indianapolis. lsg ld. 1221 Wilbur Day, South Bend. Minister. lsg ld. Paul Brown, 3936 Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona. Merchant. Ralph Beck, Goshen. Teacher. Oscar Day, Hinsdale, Illinois. Statistician. 2s. Merle Wright, Postal Clerk. Jewel Campbell, Terre Haute. Zella Masten Ha.nks,CMrs. Fredj, Bainbridge. 2sg I-pd. Grace Morgan Morehart,fMrs. Glennl, Fillmore. 2d. Marjorie Ogles Rhea, Oakland, Michigan. ld. Lloyd Evans, Indianapolis. West Bread Co. lsg ld. Donnie McCoy Smith, fMrs. Maxl, Putnamville. 353 ld. Olive Smith Duncan,fMrs. Archiel, Muncie. Teacher. ld. 1222 William Oliver, Fillmore. Fanmer. Zinc Mill. Lucille Hicks, 1615 North Temple Ave., Indianapolis. Ruthyvn Dunlavy Morgan, CMrs. F1oydJ, Boswell. ls, 2d. Louie Reeves. Eugene Campbell, Indianapolis. Oscar McKamey, Fillmore. Mail Carrier. ls. Ruth Zeiner Whitaker,KMrs. Elbertl, 1918 S. High School Road, Indianapolis. Bdg 2s 1222 Maynard Hunter, Amo. Merchant. Lois Arnold, Greencastle, R. R. 3. Banker. 3d5 ls. Ruth Masten Gorham,CMrs. HaroldD, Creencastle. lsg ld. Harold Storm, R. R. 2, Coatesville. 2s. Gladys Morgan Coffin, Pittsboro. ld. Virgil Sharp, l8L7 Allison Street, Indianapolis. ls. Thelma Lobdell Wiegand, 1616 Orange St., Jackson, Michigan. Marvin Weldon, Kentland. Farmer. Banker. ls, ld. Duward Phillips, L18 S. Jackson, Greencastle. 3d. Eugene Raines, 1002 E. Taber Ave., Indianapolis. Curtis Higgins, Bainbridge. lsg ld. Mary Bryan Mcliamey, fMrs. Oscarl, Fillmore. ls. Everett Mason, 1807 S. Indiana Ave., Kokomo. Teacher. Dorothy wright Crosby, fMrs. Claudel, Roachdale. 2d. Margaret Bryan Pool, fMrs. Georgel, L33 South St., New Castle. 2d. Harold Gorhan, Greencastle. lsgld. Marion McNary, Deceased. Roy Ikamire, Greencastle. R. R. 2. 3dg ls. Louise Brown Smith,QMrs. Wendelll, Fillmore. 2sg ld. Dorotha Sutherlin Miller, Odrs. Fred, 2351. N. Illinois, Indianapolis. Marjorie Bastin Oliver, CMrs. Williaml, Fillmore. Helen Chadwick Warbritten, Olrs. Noell, 2959 Cedar Lane, Beulah, Michigan. Robert Buis Gladys Lisby Lester Storm, Deceased. 192.1 Emerson Baker, 383 Prospect, Indianapolis. Wendell O'de11, Sunnyside Sanitori m, Indianapolis, 3s,1d. Arthur Heavins, Coatesville. Maynard Wright, ll S. Fifth Avenue, Yakima, Washington. 2s3 ld. Orvis Skinner,Columbus 2s. Lillian Smith Darnall,fMrs. Wbodsonl, Coatesville. ld. Wilbur Lobdell, 1136 North Meridian, Indianapolis. Illa Hansel Fitzwater. 59 .L929 Coleen A. Clift Sharp,CMrs. Virgill, Deceased. ls. Kenneth Bryan, 811 May St. Fort Worth, Texas. Ruth Higgins Jones, Danville. Ruby Fallis Kenneth Hicks, 3310 E. 36th St.,Indianapolis. 2s. Mary Belle Junkins. Deceased. L22 Herman Day, Fillmore- Factory Worker. 2d. Lena Jacobs, Danville. Herbert Arnold, Fillmore, R. R. Famer 2s. Hazel Skinner Wallace,CMrs. Johnj, R. R. 3, Greencastle. ld. Thelma Day Eastham,QMrs. Roscoel, Fillmore, 2d. Frank Jacobs, Danville. Leota Zeiner, Oirs. Dennis Bowenl, Fillmore. Restaurant Operator, 2s. William Eader, South Bend. Teacher. Reba Masten Shoemaker,fMrs. Jamesl, Greencastle- 2d. Herschell Lisby, Rushville. Railroad Ehployee. Dallas Ruark, Dana. Texaco Dealer, 2s. Helen Sinclair Campbell, CM:-s. Glennl, Greencastle. 2dg ls. Glen Dicks, Indianapolis. Manufacturer. 3d. Maynard 0'dell. Deceased. Howard Davis. Deceased. Thelma McFarland---California 1226 Lela Alter Wright,CMrs. Maynardl . Deceased. lag ld. Cleo Arnold, Fillmore. Farmer. ld, 2s. Harold Bunten, Greencastle. Mechanic. 3s. Beryl Buis, Marion. Manager of Locker Pl.ant. 2d. Dorothy Baldwin Dicks,KMrs. Glenl, Indianapolis. 3d. Glenn Campbell, Greencastle. Farmer. lag 2d. Esther Curry l4oore,CMrs. Thomasb, Bloomington. ldg 2s. Mary Louise Clark Huber, Mrs. Genej, Coatesville. 3d. Paul Evans, Greencastle. Postal kployee. Gene Girton, Fillnore. Factory Worker. 2sg ld. Pauline Goodwin Sehaeter,0Irs. Thamasl, Fillmore. lsg ld. Donald Purnell. Deceased. 2s5 2d. Hazel Mchney Davis,KMrs1. Geraldl, Winchester. 3e. Mabel Smith Spratt, Indianapolis. Albert Truesdel, Fillmore. Factory Worker. 2d. Ola Reese Ruark,04rs. Dallasl, Dana. 2s. Homer Higgins, Pittsboro. Telephone Linesman. ld. 1221 Madelyn 0'dell Kel1ey,KMrs. Byronl, Fillmore. Bookkeeper. Stella Phillips Hunter,0lrs. Maynardl, Amo. Ruth Morgan Sutherlin, Clirs. Herbertl, Fillmore. leg ld. Pauline Zeiner Storms,KHrs. Lesterl, Coatesville. 2s5 ld. Olive Liaby Meek,CMrs. Jamesl, E. St. Clair, Indianapolis. 3sg ld. Helen Hunter McCanack, fMrs HXBPJ, Stilesville. Ze, 2d. Mildred llaman McGi.nnis,0lrs. Rayl, Fillmore. Bearing 3 Maxwell girls. Mary Heavin lhsten, Olrs. Walterl. Deceased. Pun Rahman, w1.ncn..f..r, ohio. uumm-. leg 14. llellie West Dice, Olrs. Donl, Crawfordsville. leg ld. Christine Buis Johnston,0!rs. Bosal, luneie. ls. Leona Wright Greenlee,0!rs. Lloydl. 2dg ls. Harrison McGinnis, Indianapolis. lore McCoy. Sadie Hollingsworth. Indianapolis. levo Covgill Wax-ne,04rs. no-mal. 658 or-mf. An., El cages, culromi.. ug ld, Andrew Jnnkins, Indianapolis. Ivan Lisby. Army. Oklahoma. 40 x 1228 Lois Ader Coffman,fMrs. Robertj, Greencastle. lsg ld. Naomi Carpenter Bock,CMrs. Russelll, R. R. L, Greencastle. Kenneth Bunten, 62h E. Walnut St. Greencastle. Ford Sales. Kenneth Byrd, Reelsville. State Highway. ld. 2sg 2d. Evalene Clark Frank,QMTs. Georgel 716 E. Leavitt St., Brazil. ls. Esther Dunlgvy Quick,fMrs. Donalds, Fillmore. Teacher. Leo Downey Cassidy,lM s. Johnl, Coatesville. 2s. Elbert Huber, Oblong, Illinois. Stock Yard Owner. 2s. Norman Clark, R. R. 2, Coatesville. ls, ld. Elizabeth McNary Steinger,CMrs. Haroldl, 63h5 Rockville Rd, Ella Sutherlin Evans,fMrs. Paull, Greencastle. Louise Pickett Wolfenbarger, Danville. Indianapolis ls , ld Ruth Sublett Bordner,CMrs. Walterl, 1095 Logan St.,Noblesville. Nurse ld Lois Zeiner, Fillmore. Farmer. 2sg ld. 1222 Mary Cunningham Jolly, fMrs. Perryj, 91 N. hth St., Beech Grove, Indiana ld Dorothy Williamson Nichols, R. R. 2, Coatesville. ld. Grace Wells Cunningham,fMrs. Carltonl, Greencastle. hd. Helen Dicks De Borde,fMrs. Ralphl, 1917 Houston St., Indianapolis. ls, ld Raymond Lisby, R. R. 2, Coatesville. Fanmer. Roger Phillips, Stilesville. ld. Lena Miller Bryan,QMrs. Mauricel, Fillmore. 2sg 2d. Avaril Smith Huller,CMrs. Cecill, Fillmore. lsg ld. Hansel Nichols, R. R. 2, Greencastle. Farmer. ls. Helen McKamey Phillips,fMrs. Cliffordj, Fillmore, ld. Carl Kersey, Plainfield. Employed by Boys School. Clifford Phillips, Fillmore. Bank Employee. ld. Lloyd Stonm, Coatesville. Fanmer. 2sg ld. Helen Bryan McNary,CMrs. Artiel, R. R. 2, Box 580, Indianapolis. ls, ld L22 Mildred Storm Cooper,CMrs. Bobl, Dupont. lsg ld. Pearl Snapp . Deceased. Ruth Poynter Stanger,CMrs. Haroldl, R. H. Greencastle. 2d. Marjorie Robinson Ganbold,KMrs. Robertj, Lafayette. ls, ld Edna Kivett White. Deceased. Dorothy Odell Baker,fMrs. Charlesl, Akron, Ohio. ld. Cletas Huber Stewart,CMrs. Harveyl, Coatesville. 2s3 Joseph Watson. Deceased. Wayne Pursell. Deceased. Coatesville Tornado. Dorotha Beck Purse1l,fMrs. Carll, Greencastle. 3s3 2d. Raymond Kersey, Amo, Herbert Zeiner, Fillmore. School Janitor. Harold Lisby, Coatesville. Fanner. 2d. Harold Hunter. Deceased. World War II. Muriel Goodman Pursell,CMrs. Waynel, Deceased. Coatesville Marion Sechman, Amo. Lawrence Smith, Army. LYZL Martha Byrd 13b7 N. Pennsylvania, Indianapolis. Firestone. J. D. Higgins, Princeton. Herschel Campbell, Greencastle. Farmer. Maynard Robinson, Stilesville. ls, ld. Frances Hu ter Stewart,KMrs. Richardj, Greencastle. lsg ld. Mildred Lydick VonTress,CMrs. Lesterl, Coatesville. 3sg 2d Forrest Williamson, R. R. 2, Coatesville. 3s5 2d. Morris Hunter, 8 E. Hanna St., Greencastle. Insurance. Frances Shaughnessy, Danville. Maxine Jackson Ruark,fMrs. Dorrisj, Lucas, Ohio. 2d. L22 Henry Arnold, lLO7 Lindley, Indianapolis. 23. 41 Tornado 1222 Continued Nellie Chadd, 212k Bradley, Chicago. Helen Dimmitt Komjenick. Deceased. Clifford Fitzsimmons. Greencastle. Mary Jane Glore Black,CMrs. Giffordl, 532 Anderson, Greencastle. ls, ld Eloise Hicks Todd, CMrs. Merlel, 711 E. L9th, Indianapolis. Melba Lisby Gorham, Ulrs. Robertl, Fillmore. ld. Vivian Minter Stewart, Coatesville. Madonna Owen, Fillmore. Teacher in Indianapolis. Robert Hagan, Oak Park, Illinois. Chemist. ls, ld. Dorris Ruark, Lucas, Ohio. 2d. Mary Ruark Hayth,fMrs. Jamesl, Indianapolis. ld, ls. Woodrow Watson, Greencastle. ls. Nancy Glore Brown, CMrs. Theodorel, Greencastle. ls, ld. Christine Wright Miller, CMrs. Harryl, Coatesville. lsg 2d. Q32 Mae Louise Alter Ader, Olrs. Raymondf, Bainbridge. 2s. Lucille Bastin, Fillmore. Secretary at DePauw University. Vera Clark Tate, Uirs. Donl, 3785 Caroline, Indianapolis. Bertha Cline Cooper, KM:-s. Rendyll, Morgantown. hs. Hazel Cline Scroggin,fMrs. Philj, 13 Highland, Greencastle. hs. Ardella Downey Rising, 511 Anderson, Greencastle. Russell Duncan, Greencastle. Betty Glore Bloomer, Rockville. 3sg ld. Harold Lisby, Coatesville. Farmer. 2d. Gerald Hope, Coatesville. R. R. 2. ld. Ennis Masten, Fillmore. Filling Station. 2d. Russell Siddons, Coatesville. 5s5 hd. Woodrow Tharp, Amo. Theodore Brown, 109 S. College Greencastle. Bank Employee. ls, ld. Amy Zeiner Richards,fMrs. Johns, R. R. 3, Greencastle. 3d3 ls. Ruth Wright Oglea,0lrs. Frankl, Otterbein. Marvin Robinson, Coatesville. Barber. ld. Lucille Clark A1b:Ln,OIrs. Clairl, Greencastle. 2s3 ld. Harry Varvel. Deceased. World War II 'ua Hillis Bastin, New York City, New York. Insurance. Virginia Bryan Graves, fNrs. Richardl, 5807 E. Lowell, Indianapolis. 2d. winm charm, Lnaianaponn. Mau Clerk. ls, ld. Eugene Clark, R. H. 3, Greencastle. Farmer. Geraldine Clark Runion,CMrs. Lloydj, 60a S. Walnut, Cravfordsville. lag Bertha Dicks Wiles, 2058 Houston, Indianapolis. ld. Virginia Elliot Johnson, CM:-s. G1enD, Coatesville. ls. Howard Heavin, Coatesville. Faner's Supply. Hubert Higgins, Danville. Kathleen Hunter Stanley, lMrs. Bryonj, Stilesville. 2dg ls. Edith Inman Lanham,CMrs. Piusl, Greencastle. ld. Basil Kersey, 37lL Graceland Avenue, Indianapolis. Blind Factory. 2s. Helen Kersey Beanan, CM:-s. Ralphl, Fillmore. 2s5 ld. Margaret Masten Yeager, Clrs. Roycel, Amo. 2sg ld. Virgil Phillips, Amo. Merchant. wubur Phillips, xniymwwn. Bank kployee in lndmmpoua. Helen Poynter Finefltrs. Amosj, B. B.. 3, Greencastle. ldg ls. Dorothy Ruark Toney,KMrs. Frankl. Fillmore. Nurse. 2s. Gladys Wynkoop Roberts, Uh-s. Elvisl, Muncie. 2s3 ld. Harry Miller, R. R. Coatesville. County Higxway. ls, 2d. Raymond Lieby, R. R. 2, Coatesville. Farmer. Homer Si th. Deceased. B22 Edna Smiley Cash,CMrs. Hillianl, B., R. 3, Greencastle. ld, ls. Pauline Goss l!erritt,CMrs. Waynel, Coatesville. Roscoe Zeiner, Fillmore. Farmer. Jean Bagan Kress,KMrs. Cliffordl, B.. R, 2, chigggq, Illini., 42 l232 Continued Maynard Arnold, Danville. Shoe Repair. 2dg ls. Francis DeBorde Nichols, Oirs. Cecill, R. R. 3, Greencastle. 2d. Wayne Detro, Fillmore. ls, ld. Haxiene Robinson McGinnis, CMrs. Harrisonl, Indianapolis. Beauty Operator. Harry Alter, Richmond. 3s. Loren Dudley, R. R. 2, Greencastle. Famer. Cecil Nichols, R. R. Greencastle. lsg 2d. Farmer. Madeline Huber Hatthews,fMrs. Robertl, 212 S. College, Greencastle. Noble Hurst, 608 E. Walnut St..Greencastle. Madonna Tincher Balay, CMrs. Cassellj, 21. Berry, Greencastle. Teacher. 2d Woodrow Stanley, Indianapolis. Floy Lisby, R. R. , Coatesville. Restaurant Eaployee. Lee Shoenaker, Fillmore. ls. Mary Shaughnessy, R. R. 2, Danville. Howard Fredrick, Fillmore. Famer. ld. Imogene Ader Kiger, Ofrs. Williaml, Fillmore. Ls. Russell Bryan, Indianapolis. Allison's. Margaret Evans Prichett, Oirs. Charlesj, Lizton. 2s5 2d. Charles Huffman, 11.20 College Ave. Indianapolis. l2lQ Wanda Bailey Hammond,fMrs. Ellerl, Greencastle. ls, ld. Lucille Cline EYans,CMrs. Philipl, Fillmore. leg ld. Vera Maxine Cox, Detroit, Michigan. 2s. Onetia Hicks Scobee,fMrs. Robertl, Indianapolis. Lela Hiller Brown, CHrs. Wendellj, 31.20 N. Gale, Indianapolis. 2s. Elsie Siddons Goodman, Ulrs. Harveyl, 11.8 N. High, Danville. Freda Mae Tincher Rogers,CHrs. Russelll, Greencastle. lsg 3d. Margaret Morgan Reeves,0!rs. Richardl, Greencastle. 3s. Hugh Kersey, 1039 E. J., Martinsville. Insurance. lsg ld. Lucille Ruark Barnes,CHrs. Glennl, Indianapolis. lsg ld. Margaret Ruark Martin, Otrs. Frankl 213 N. Cross, Danv'llle. 3d. Flossie Smiley Zeiner, Olrs. Roscoes, Fillmore. Bums Ruth Perkins Johnson,KMrs. Herve J, Danville. Helvina White Partridge, Oirs. Wsllaceg, Orange, Cal:Lfornia. 2sg ld. Edna Mae Wynkoop Friar, Qlirs. Haroldj, Greencastle. Norris Clark, Fillmore. Factory Worker. ls. Noble Pursell, Indianapolis. Alvora Robinson. Deceased. World War II. Herschel Snyth, Coatesville. Atkins. 3s. Hurvyn Varvel, Elmhurst, Illinois. Marines. ld. l2lZ Glenn Barnes, Indianapolis. lsg ld. Mary Combs Ralph Deweese, 1211. Rosner Drive, Speedway. Bette Dobbs Quinlan, Olrs. Dowl, Indianapolis. Rex Girton Gladys Robinson Custis,0Irs. Leel, Coatesville. ld. Dennis Hope, Coatesville. Frank Hunter, Fillmore. Farmer. ls. Fern Poynter Proctor, Qltrs. LoiQ, Greencastle. 2d. Madeline Ruark 0'Hair, Cllrs. Omondl Bainbridge. ls, ld. Thelma Frederick Junkins,Cllrs. Alvas, 3219 ll. Kessler, Indianapolis. 2s. Phillip Evans, Coatesville. Farmer. ls 3 ld. Donovan Lobdell, Indianapolis. Dorothy Stone, Greencastle. Alberta Wright Hiller, CHN . Herdisl, Indianapolis. ls 3 ld. Herdis Hiller, Indianapolis. Office Worker. leg ld. Glenn Nichols. Army . Florida. James Fred Shuck. Deceased. World War II. Jesse Stanley, Flllmore. Accountant. 1228 Pauline Alexander 4 5 2213. Marion Detro, Greencastle. Imogene Arnold Scobee,CMrs. Herschell, Fillmore. Beautician. lsg ld John V. English, Bainbridge. Canterbury College Freshman. Charlotte Clark Matthews,fMrs. Genel, Greencastle. Ward Girton Madge Clark Smith,CMrs. Ralphl, Crawfordsville. 2d. Joe Pickett. Army Lt., Waco, Texas. ls, ld. Dorothy Robinson Goodwin,CMrs. Thomasj, Indianapolis. ls. Pauline Masten Ruark,CMrs. Timj, Greencastle. ls. Kenneth Smyth. Army Captain. Montgomery, Alabama. ld. Roscoe Jenkins, Danville. Morris Woods Wallace. Merchant. Zdg ls. Jean Arnold Giddings,KMrs. Jamesl Fillmore. 3d. Helen Hope Johnston,KMrs. Williams, Greencastle. Kenneth Nichols, Stilesville. Waunieta Harvey Neeley,KMrs. Ralphl, Lexington, Kentucky. ls, ld. Martha Knetzer Davis,lMrs. EarlJ,,Rushyille. lp: ld. Lola Ellen Lisby Woods,CMrs. Waldol, Kingman. ls, ld. Lola Nichols Richardson,CMrs. Clarencel, BOAL Carson, Indianapolis. Lucille Tincher Grimes,fMrs. Frankl, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. 3s. James Albert Ruark, Indianapolis.ld. Beatrice Runyan Virginia Ruark Clark,CMrs. Norrisj, Fillmore. ls. Freda Siddons Hill, Plainfield. William Wells, Fillmore. ls. H22 Marjorie Arnold Siddons,fMrs. Sanfordl, Fillmore. leg ld. Max Cooprider, R. R. Fillmore. Fanmer. Betty Bryan Becker,CMrs. Darrell, Indianapolis. ld. Esther Williamson Ridgeway,fMrs. Tedl, Peoria, Illinois. ld. Floyd Dudley, Whiteland. 2dg ls. Mary Lou Shoemaker Alsop, CMrs. Williaml, Evansville. ld. Dennis Buis, Fillmore. 3s3 ld. Ruth Buis Woods, CMrs. Morrisj, Wallace. 2d, ls. Evelyn Fredrick Miller. Deceased. ld. Margaret Bunten Nelson. Greencastle. 3d. William Franklin Shuck, Greencastle. Factory Worker. Charles Wells, Fillmore. New York Central R. R. Ze, 2d. Wendell Lydick, Coatesville. Fanner. School Bus Driver. Mildred Miller Vincent,CMrs. Walterl, Indianapolis. ls, ld. Vernie Zeiner, Fillmore. Farmer. ls, ld. Betty Roynter Zeiner,fMrs. Verniel, Fillmore. lsg ld. Catherine Robinson, Fillmore. Teacher at Greencastle. James F. Miller, 5101-35 St. Indianapolis. Fireman. 2s. Malcolm Wade, Fillmore. Postmaster. 2d. Dorothy Northern, Indianapolis. Office Worker. Mary Frances Shaw Alexander, Brownsburg. 2d. Betty Kersey Magner,QMrs. Lelandj, Paoli. ls. Richard Cowgill, Greencastle. Plumber. DEQ Doris Arnold Frazier,CMrs. Donj, Cloverdale. 2d. Robert Cash, Greencastle. Farmer. Zdg ls. Freda Cash Nelson,CMrs. Waynej, Greencastle. ls, 3d. Rosemary Evans Lones,CMrs. Jamesl, R. R. 3, Danville. 15. 2d. Mary Ellen Farrow, Bainbridge. R. R. Teacher. , Kenneth Jenkins, Coatesville. Bank Employee, 133 ld. Ramona Kersey, Greencastle. Registered Nurse. Jean Masten Cooprider,fMrs. Mhxl, Fillmore. Weyburn McMains Dud1ey,CMre. Floydj, Whiteland. 2d3 ls, Donald Meek, Anmy Air Force. Texas. 13, Imogene Nichols, Stileeville. Madonna Robinson English,fMrs. Frankl, Advance. ld, Wilmer Rose, Fairbury, Illinois. Dry Cleaning. leg ld. 44 H52 Geraldine Ruark Fanmer, 3723 Creston Drive, Indianapolis. ld. Roland Ruark, Fillmore. Farmer. Lela Mae Smith Lewis,fMrs. Venisj, Indianapolis. 2s. Ann Thomas Nelson, Greencastle. lsg ld. Jean Tincher Coffman,fMrs. Haroldl, Greencastle. ld. Bernice Wright Arnett, Fillmore. ld. Gordon Cooper. Deceased. World War II. Wilma Woods Cash,QMrs. Bobb, Fillmore. 2dg ls. Charles Buis. Deceased. World War II. Robert Owen. Deceased. World War II. L95 Josephine Ader Deweese,KMrs. Ralphl, l2lh Rosner Drive, Speedway. James Arnold, Fillmore. Shoe Repair. Raymond Baker, Bainbridge. James Bruner, Greencastle. Lloyd Buis, Greencastle. Roland Buis, Belle Union. Farmer. 3dg ls. Irene Custis Ross,fMrs. Wilmerl, Fairbury, Illinois. ls, ld. Edith English, Bainbridge. Andrey Eastham Raines, Logansport. Mary Garrett Higgins, Lawrence. ls. Donald Higgins, Danville. Teacher. Alfred Heaven, Fillmore. Merchant. ls. Maxine Horner Lawson,CMrs. Bobl, Coatesville. ls, ld. Marvin Jackson, Greencastle. Office Worker. ls. Vera Kersey Rossack,fMrs. Wilbertl, Greencastle. hs. Erenstine Kersey Ellett,CMrs. Claytonl, R. R. Coatesville. ld. Kathleen Lewis Davis,KMrs. Theronl, Crawfordsville. Wayne Lydick, R. R. Coatesville. Trucker. ls. Harold Martin, Fillmore. Saw Mill Employee. Elmer Northern, Bainbridge. Laura Wynkoop Jones,fMrs. Leroyl, Indianapolis. ls. Cletas Sechman, R. R. 2, Coatesville. Walter Sechman, Indianapolis. Charles Shaw, Fillmore. Elevator. Charles Clark, Greencastle, R. R. 3 Farmer. ls, ld. Letha Petro Cunningham,CMrs. Andrews, Coatesville. Ethel Robinson Waltman, Coatesville. ls. Jane Salmon Nichols,KMrs. Herschellj, Bainbridge. ld, ls. Mildred Smyth Harvey,fM s. Charlesl, R. R. 1, Coatesville. ls. Royal Tharp, Fillmore. Factory Worker. Kenneth Sutherlin, Fillmore. Teacher at Amo. ld, ls. Virginia Masten Hutcheson, lOll E. Lower Azusa, E1 Mbnte, California. Chester Wells, Army. Wright Field. 1.92 Farmer. Robert L. Smiley, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Waneta Arnold HcMains,fHrs. Ivorl, R. R. 2, Greencastle. 2s. Roy E. Bassett, Pittsboro. Fanmer. ls. Ruth Eloise Siddons Hampton,KMrs. Royl, Plainfield. Robert Wendell Smith, Seattle, Washington, ls. Vera Jean Campbell,CH s. Baird Vennillionl, 311 W. Columbia, Greencastle. Lawrence Northern, Bainbridge. Allisons. Herschell C. Knetzer, R. R. 2, Coatesville. Farmer. Betty Jean Wilbur Clark,CHrs. L. J.D, R. R. 2, Greencastle. ls, ld. Buell Ross, 109 W. Walnut Greencastle. Service Station Operator. Wilma Poynter PP00teF. CHrs. Leol, Elizabeth St., Greencastle. ls. Donus E. Mastsn, L02 S. Jackson,Greencastle. Farm Bureau at Danville. Richard Pruitt, Beech Grove. New York Central R. R. Robert E. Buis, Chicago, Illinois. Blanche Buis Stubblefield,fHrs. Iral, R. R. 2, Coatesville. ld. Robert Wayne Buis, Crawsfordsville. Radio Announcer. L. J. Clark, R. R. 2, Greencastle. Fanmer. ls, ld, Monice Jeanette Clerk Heavin,KMrs. Alfredl, FilJ.more. ls. 45 Nurse. 133 2d 29113 John W. Cash, R. R. l, Fillmore. Farmer. 3d. Imogene Detro Ferrand, LU? Elm, Ck-eencastle. ls. Kay Tincher Sutherlin, CMrs. Maynardl, 605 Main, Greencastle. lsg ld. Donald Cash, R. R. l, Fillmore. Farmer. Charles Ray Hunter, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Omar Bread Co. ls. Annie Smith Wright, CMrs. Genel, Coatesville. ld. lawrence Acton, Fillmore. Student Undertaker in Indianapolis. Ivor M. Mcllains, R. R. 2, Greencastle. Weesner Implement. 2s. Kenneth E. Williamson, R. R. 2, Greencastle. Marjorie Cox Cash, Cllrs. Johnl, R. R. 1, Fillmore, 3d. Waldo Shoemaker, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Raymond Robinson, Fillmore. Farmer. ls. L22 Mary Lou Arnold, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Burl W. Clark, Fillmore. Canterbury College Freshman. leg ld. Connie Cooprider, R. R. 2, Coatesville. Eugene Cox, Crawfordsville. Helen Dozier Ogles, Urs. Morrisl, R. R. Coatesville. ld. Louis Garrett, Fillmore. New York Central Railroad. Lucille Grimes Bunten, Cllrs. Fredl, R. R., Fillmore. ls, ld. Wayne Harvey, Greencastle. Farmer. ls. Robert Huffman, Indianapolis. L. S. Ayres. Ellen Jane Hunter, R. R. 2, Coatesville. First Citizens Bank, Greencastle. Leona Jenkins, Iuiianapolis. Bell Telephone. Lee Diward Lydick, Roachdale. Teacher. Harry Martin, Fillmore. Far-mer. Vera Miller Hanlon, Cllrs. Cliffordj, Greencastle. ls, ld. John Moore, Greencastle. Farmer. louis Northern, Bainbridge. Ina Robinson Porter, fllrs. Franklinl, Lizton. ld. Wilma Smith Beckner, Olrs. Joel, Indianapolis. leg ld. June Smith Coffin, KMrs. Edwinl, H. R. l, Fillmore. 2s. Katherine Sutherlin Cheatham, Olrs. Robertl , West Lafayette. Imogme Tincher Curtis, Cllrs. Nathanl, Cloverdale. 2d3 ls. Junior Sechnan, California. Navy. James Alexander, Deceased. World War II Richard Thomas, Greencastle. Kingan's. Wilma Shoemaker Young, Cllrs. Samuelj, Indianapolis. 2935 Geraldine Morehart Barcus, Clrs. Ralphl, Ladoga. ld. Shirley Nichols Ruark, CMrs. Glenl, Fillmore. Bobby Arnold, Coatesville. Farmer. Adalene Ross Alexa.nder,0lrs. Bobertl, Fillmore. ld. Vera Jean Buis, Fillmore. Secretary. Harold Jackson, Fillmore. Office Worker in Indianapolis. Veteran's Bureau Patty Ruark Zeis,CMrs. Jamesj, Greencastle. ld. Glen Ruark, Fi1J.more. Farmer. Marion Jenkins, Fillmore. Mechanic. Robert Bowen, Greencastle. Hurst's Dairy. B32 May Lou Alexander Wallace,CMrs. Williaml, Fillmore. ls. Emma Kay Buis Gorham,KMrs. James KJ, R. R. 1, Fillmore. Verlin Cash, Fillmore. Farmer. ld. James Estridge, 31.59 Crittenden Ave., Indianapolis. Meat Cutter. Bob Pell. Army. Kenneth Petro, Fillmore. Trucker. ld. Crystal Phillips Woods,KMrs. Williaml, Fillmore. ls. De Loss Sharp, Fillmore. ls. Eugene Sqthe, Pillpgra, Zinc Mill. ld. Wendell Clark, Greencastle, R. R. 3, Farmer. 46 DAQ Joan Arnold Cox, CHrs. Robertl, Fillmore. Secretary. Robert Cox, Fillmore. Factory Worker. Maurice Broadstreet, Fillmore. Lillian Buis Jackson,fMrs. HaroldJ, Fillmore. Madonna Buis 1-lead,fMrs. All, Acton. ld. Gene Cash, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Cement Block Manufacturer. Virginia Clifford, South College, Greencastle. Nurses Aid. Sylvia Crowe Johnson,CHrs. Haroldl, Indianapolis. Cecil Dawes, Indianapolis. Factory Worker. Don Estridge, 1.1.59 Crittendon Indianapolis. Grocery Enployee. Marvel Foley Hoore,CHrs. Johns, Greencastle. Gene Frederick, R. R., Ladoga. Farmer. Nina Kendall Nicely, Oirs. Harryl, Danville. ls. Merribeth Knetzer, Coatesville. Eitelfs Florist. Vivian McCarty, LaPorte, Texas. Marilyn Hiller Arbuckle, CMrs. Carlj, Coatesville. Secretary. Mary Jane Horehart Horris,KMrs. Jamesl, Indianapolis. James Osborn, Fillmore. Electrical Employee. Sarah Tharp Osborn, CMrs. Jamesl, Secretary for Hibben-Holloway. Hazel Perkins Hamilton, Oirs. Donniel, Clayton. 2sg ld. Frances Robinson Major, Ofrs. Jackf, Bainbridge. Warren Ray Robinson, R. R., Coatesville. Farmer. ls. Lee Curtis Smith, s.fsgr.., Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, Illinois. Elmer Tharp, Fillmore. Donald Williamson, Greencastle. Delmus Ross, 700 B. Jackson, Belleville, Illinois. Army. Robert Sechman, R. R., Mooresville. Farmer. Lowe Snapp, Bainbridge. Farmer. Charles DeVaney, 15 Parkland, Kirkwood, Missouri. Rose Shaw Stone, Ofrs. Williaml, Greencastle. H51 Betty J. Northern, Wac Stationed in Virginia. William R. Alexander, Bainbridge. ls. Helba smith, Fillmore. Employed by Aa. Invesfmenf- C0-, Indianapolis. Raymond Phillips, Fillmore. National Guard. Farmer. Hertis Hansell, Fillmore. Farmer. Clifford Wayne Hodlin, Greencastle. Elsie Robinson Ellett,fHrs. Brycel, Coatesville. Beautician. Joyce C. Miller, Fillmore. Welfare Office, Indianapolis. Lou Ella Smith Zenor, Qlrs. Russelll, Bainbridge. Crystal C. Day Barker, CMrs. Car-lj, Danville. ls. DAQ Betty Jean Cash, Fillmore. Telephone Operator at Greencastle. Noble Lee Bowen, Fillmore. Just out of navy. Wanda Collene Buis, Fillmore. Secretary at Ohio Finance Co., Indianapolis Richard E. Girton, Fillmore. Bridgeport Brass. Robert W. Jones, Greencastle. In partnership with father as contractor. Wanda lou Eastham Hurst,CMrs. Horrisl, Cloverdale. Robert G. Henderson, Fillmore. Recently discharged from amy. Norma Jean Gorham Dorsett,CMrs. Robertl, R. R., Cloverdale. Ronald T. Tharp, Fillmore. Indiana State Teachers College, a sophomore. Wayne Tincher, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Farmer. Mary Jane Nichols , Fillmore. Fletcher Trust Building, Indianapolis. Doyle C. Pickett, Fillmore. Wabash College, a sophomore. Phyllis Ann Huber, Coatesville. Indiana Central College, a sophomore. Marion HillerCCorporalJ , Long Air Force Base, Denver, Colorado. Evelyn June Newman Kendall, Olrs. Willardj, Greencastle. Jack A Anderson, R. R. 3, Greencastle. Motor-Roller Distributors. 47 D12 Kenneth Carpenter, Fillmore. Bridgeport Brass. Noble Alexander, Fillmore. Hatchery Employee. Peggy Arnold, Fillmore. Beauty College. Noble Tharp, Fillmore. Wood's Electric Shop at Greencastle Judith Pruitt, Fillmore. Bookkeeper at First Citizens Bank, Greencastle Florence Pell, Indianapolis. Secretary. Rachel Lisby, Fillmore. Secretary at Ely Lil1y's. Vera Jean Ross, Fillmore. Larkin Q Poynter Harry Custis, Fillmore. Kingan Employee. Insurance, Greencastle Gene DeWeese, Fillmore. Restaurant Employee. Donald Thompson, Fillmore. Carpenter. Ethel Thompson, Fillmore. State Teachers College, a Freshman Thomas McNeil, R. R., Greencastle. DePauw University, a Freshman Roland Neier Cloverdale, R. R. -Farmer. Kathleen Kendall Sullivan,CMrs. Charlesl, Fi lhnore. Wilma Wilson, Coatesville. Employed in Indianapolis Madonna Goss, Greencastle. Secretary to lawyer. Anita Selsor, Fillmore. Art Furniture Store at Greencastle Patty Henderson, Fillmore. Real Silk of Indianapolis Wilma Arnold Wallace,fHrs. Irvinl, Coatesville, R. 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Q N 'Na .- ul S r ll 4-1- , 33 XJ 0 V1 I Dhone I 1 5 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1950 Jhe Coatesville .Herald Compliments of D-X SERVICE 'CDATESVI llli IND. I L. M. Creech, Mgr, SG' 42 Od' 'D- Q' 0 A MODERN SELF-SERVE MARKET FEATURING NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE AT EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Visit .Harlan 's .Regal Market Coatesville , 9flCli0flC1 A 9,5 4 'Z-J, ,fy 'lv we 52 WO! Phone 67 FARM SUWLY C O. C 0ATE.SVlLl. E , IND. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER TRACTORS, IMPLEMENTS, and REFRIGERATION Hardware Parts Service Knight Drug Store QUALITY DRUGS Sick Room Supplies-Baby Needs Kodak-Toiletries-Candies Tobacco-Ice Cream Fountain Service Coatesville, Indiana Have your Suit Tailored to Measure Smartly Styled, Moderate Cost KAHN MADE TO MEASURE CLOTHES The Kind Of Clothes Gentlemen Wear ,uozzffoq 121114 ue caqvrswfff , .wa Dl2EVO"S L '5o'f ANNlvEl2S.u2v 1000 1060 F F t F All O i R"-LS BOOT SHOP ED. HAM! LTON'S BOOK STORE Mlllll N'S DIQUG S TOIPE N. L. DONELSON Greencastle Indiana PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY EASTMAN KODAK AGENCY Phone 19 8 N. Jackson Greencastle, Indiana E ll- Els COMPLIMENTS of P3 fx N LJ sv F LOWEIQS D DEA N33 17 South Vine St. Greencastle, Indi na G astle Indiana O WE N KE GAL MARKET Full line of groceries and meats. illiltnnfa lung lakh EXPERT FLORAL DESIGNING PLANTS AND CUT FLOWERS 212 Higgert Street Phone ZL7 55 014 fH"xlVS H, FUNERAL HOME DON! IJON DINFP AND Ba br dg Idln f-XYHK5 JNBJR I r Coatesville Indiana FURNITURE STORE MIJON STON-H. jg E KNQLL INSULATION KIGHIXHL CAA' MIS emicmocm APPLIANCES Greencastle Indiana Q ' VANCF FAVF Bainbrid e Indlana ADAMS NHFN IIN GREENCASTLE STOP IN Afofefes mm Style Shop samacnsm Helen Zies Ngr 'ND'ANA J.lXAC.JCl"N.EC PUVNTEI2 mmm: General Insurance 'NIHANA phone 826W I. 4 r ' J A N D BEAUTY SHOP x - - rn g '- C f - , Ns. Pj ' I .. X in i e n 'a 3 -' u -' r fi S ' 5 l Aiwa 1 REAL ESTATE RENTALS all f H lt 'ln O I ' "f I ' it ii i , Y J T 11 A D W I 1 1 - ' -0 16-L W. wash. St. Greencastle :YS 54 UUULIIU Q3 QA NS' ssnvm CQCDAN PHARMACY COUNTY'S L A RG EST PRESCRIPTION D RUG- STORE 0 G RE ENCA STLE Every prescription with this label has been filled by a registered pharmacist with the finest of drugs. 317211111 Umm --two of the most important words in our language. Saying Nthank youu ex- presses ordinary courtesy, when said and meant, it makes the recipient feel better. When you say nthank youu you tell your listener, it was a pleasure to expend effort on his or her behalf. We're looking forward to the day when we can cheerfully say to you-- Thank you. CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK Greencastle, Indiana The Oldest and Largest Bank in Putnam County 55 wfzew sm gizeayvefmsazc MIJIQDI-lY'S 5 AND ID Q, fi 'IA1II,fIIU,N'l .UfEUJ!E!-C153 cone-RAruLArnoNs sermons CUNISIZATIMATIDNS SENI DRS H. l2. PRUITI' THE CLASS OF 50 METIGEIQ lUM BED COMPANY SHOP AT 12-IM E. Washington St, E STORE OF "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" I I I I CQ I A P Q, ,, s Q 9 I . washington Street Gr-ee I CONGRATULATIONS TO K A Greencastle Indian 14690728 S SHOE QYUALQ JU 39:93 S 30726 .MAYUQCJ L9.N.K and G92 g 3 QANNQN 62,498 awyfmc and G0 COCA eau J-1069319 Beanrsmg ee BARBER swam O GO D FOOD ALWAYS THE BUST F H O I Greencastle, Indiana HH South Vine Greencastle Street Indian JMNDUS many .7-IQRAGC PUTNAM GOLD ICE CREAM and THE STORE OF FURNITURE - I 7 Greencastle 0 I O BRING THE erving Putnam Co. ' for ' 59 . O Green North Jackson street 1 - Elgin -1 Bulova Hamilton Gruen Wyler DEEM-'SHONISWILER .IE WELE S 24 HQUR SERUSIGE I2 13 South Indiana Street Qeewmszce Marana Gr 4 LEE SCHCJOL SUPPLY CO. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 21 souTH 4TH smear venus HAUTE INDIANA FILLMOIZIE '1JMf"M NTQ lil.EVATOl2 U f' H f' H XRDWA NFWMAN 4 FLOYD SliElTON " S S RVIC. JOHNNY MASTEN CAFE HUNTER BROTHERS M1655 lf an n QOJHUA 11 1. 5 r'N r I' x., -A 5 -J f' F 1' I5 f' FILLMORE x.. if- x.. f' ' IN-.5 Bainbridge Indiana I 1 ,,, J " r' ml I lf. MBER r' l" 5 5 mile west - ' Meridian Indiana Fillmore, Indiana llmore In ana 4 nl cv - l- L F p E, LLMORE SCHOOL SJPPLIES IANA 2-58 West New York Street Indianapolis Indiana UI. HI. UJELCH IHHHUFHUURIHG EU. SCHOOL ANNUAL DEPT. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ALBERT SMEDLEY, AGT. HANKS BROS. IZOATESVILLE REGAL STORE c, lil-EVATOR LGCRER PLANT wma Hrs HEAVINIS GROCERY T, CA Hi COAL CO. Fillmore Fillmore, Indiana Indiana CLASS HISTORY At last the day had arrived! Twenty-five happy, smiling faces entered the school building to start their life in high school. Some of the students were strangers, but a little time soon changed that. In a few years they were to know each other almost as sisters and brothers. Time will never erase the memories of that mysterious day which all fresh- men must endure. Lonnie Allee, Leon Arnold, Donna Bailey, Joan Cunningham, Norman Custis, Geneva Dozier, Betty Eastham, Virginia Foster, Fred Girton, Keith Greenlee, Russell Harcourt, Beverly Huber, Dick Jones, Charles Lemon,Kay Miller, Maynard Miller, Marlene Newkirk, Dale Newman, Mary Alice Nichols, Stanley Nichols, Coleen Phillips, Rose Ellen Ruark, John Charles Sears, Roy Shoemaker, and June Thomas appeared on September 27, l9L6, in the queerest garb. Jhat we remember most about the initiation is the ballgame we were compelled to attend in the afternoon. However, we all lived through the day as Mr. Smith predicted we would. With Mr. Smith as sponsor, class officers were elected in September. The results were as follows: President-Beverly Huber, Vice President-Leon Arnold, Secretary-Roy Shoemaker, Treasure-Coleen Phillips, and Reporter-Donna Bailey. During the first year Noble Sutherlin, Audrey Nalls, Dorothy Kelly, Barbara Kelly, and Maxine Nicely moved to Fillmore, making a total of thirty freshmen. Later on Alice Riddell left the class to move to New Winchester. The class felt honored by the fact that seven boys-Fred Girton,Leon Arnold, Maynard Miller, Lonnie Allee, Noble Sutherlin, Russell Harcourt, and Keith Greenlee-were members of the basketball team. The NGreeniesH were off to a good start with the help of Mr. Smith, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Craig, Mr. Pruitt, Miss Thomas, Miss Joseph, Mrs. Davidsgn, and Miss Ferris. On September 19, l9L7, as sophomores,we took over with long awaited joy and initiated the freshmen into the right ways of F. H. S. With the assistance of Mr. Davidson, the class syonsor, the following officers were elected: President-Donna Bailey, Vice President-Leon Arnold, Secretary-June Thomas, Treasurer-Coleen Phillips, and Reporter-Dale Newman. The class party was held on January 16. There were approximately forty sophomores and guests present. Everyone had a good time and we began looking for opportunities to have more parties. During the year, the class lost two members. Maxine Nicely moved to New Winchester and Lonnie Allee moved to New Market. Everyone was thrilled when January came and class rings were ordered. Now all we could do was wait until next year to receive them. When the summer came to a close it found the class, now the UJolly Juniors! minus one member. June Thomas had moved to Greencastle. However, there was one new member, Wilborn Kendall. Lloyd Nichols was also placed on the class roll. By Christmas the class had lost two members, Dorothy, who quit, and Lloyd, who left for the army. Why was everyone holding hands on September 17? Of course, class rings had arrived. With the help of Mrs. Goodman the following officers were elected: President-Wilborn Kendall, Vice President-Norman Custis, Secretary-Dick Jones, Treasurer-Coleen Phillips, and Reporter-Rose Ellen Ruark. The class had their magazine drive well under way by the last week in September. The goal of 3700 was reached and passed. The "Sad Sacks" sold the most subscriptions and were entertained by the UHepcatsn at an ice cream party. 61 -2- On March 10, the class play, WThe Boarding House Reaehn, after being post- pon d twice due to illness of members of the cast, was finally lresented. Those taking part were: Mary Alice Nichols, Joan Cunningham, Donna Bailey, Russell Harcourt, Coleen Phillips, Beverly Huber, Marlene Newkirk, John Charles Sears, Geneva Dozier, Wilborn Kendall, Leon Arnold, Dick Jones, Noble Sutherlin, Betty Eastham, and Rose Ellen Ruark. Noble Tharp, a senior, took the part of a detective since Bill Long was not present. Mr. Paul Pruitt directed the play. January 22, the Fillmore Cardinals made all of their friends quite happy by winning the Wabash Valley preliminary from Roachdale. At the Terre Haute semi- finals they won their first game but lost the second. On February ZA, 25, and 26, the Cards played in the sectional tourney. They won the tourney and the first game in the regional, but lost the second. The junior boys, who were members of the Cardinal team were: Leon Arnold, Russell Harcqurt, Fred Girton, Dick Jones, Norman Custis, Noble Sutherlin, and Maynard Miller. The Junior class was also proud that one of its members, Marlene Newkirk had been slected yell leader in October. On March 18, the Comrade staff was chosen. Members of the staff were Leon Arnold, editor, Maynard Miller, associate editor, Joan Cunningham, business manager, Mary Alice Nichols and Bill Long, ditorial writers, Dick Jones a d Rose Ellen Ruark, advertising managers, Donna Bailey and Betty Eastham, art editors, Coleen Phillips and John Sears, sports ditors, Marlene Newkirk, feature writer, Geneva Dozier, exchange editor, Beverly Huber, departmental editor, Wilborn Kendall, circulation manager, Fred Girton and Norman Custis mimeograph operators. On March 21, three girls from the class won individual and team honors in the county typing contest held in Greencastle. Beverly Huber won first, Rose Ellen Ruark, second, and Joan Cunningham, third as individuals. They won first as a team. The final event of the year was the junior-senior reception which was held at the Deming Hotel in Terre Haute on Saturday, April 23. The theme of the evening was the nForty-Niners' to commemorate the lOOth anniversary of the UGold Rushn of l8L9. Twenty-four seniors entered the HHouse of Knowledgen to start their journey on the last year of school. During the summer, Marlene Newkirk became Mrs. Raymond Gibson and Barbara Kelly became Mrs. Eddie Robinson. One of the first tasks was being sales lady or salesman in the bookstore. Later on in the year candy was added to the supily of books, pencils, paper, and etc. Under the direction of Miss Joseph the following class officers were chosen for the last and most important year: President-Norman Custis, Vice President- Joan Cunningham, Secretary-Dick Jones, and Treasurer-Coleen Phillips. September 28 found the seniors in their best clothes ready to watch the Nbirdieu. Yes, the senior pictures were taken. Later on in the year the Echoes staff was chosen with Rose Ellen Ruark, editor, Dick Jones, assistant editor, Joan Cunningham, business manager, Norman Custis, associate editor, Maynard Miller, Leon Arnold, Russell Harcourt, Fred Girton, sports editors, Geneva Dozier, Mary Alice Nichols, and Noble Sutherlin, feature editors, Audrey Walls, and Kay Miller, department editors, DOIIIIB Bailey, and Betty Eastham, art editors, Coleen Phillips and Virginia Foster,photo- graphers, and John Sears, Wilborn Ke dall, Roy Shoemaker, and Beverly Huber, advertising editors. Long before Christmas the class decided to wear caps and gowns at commence- m nt and baccalaureate services. 62 AUTOGRAPHS " LZEIU7 3535 SENIORS Row 1: Stanley Nichols, Fred Girton, Geneva Dozier, Betty Eastham, Keith Green- lee, Maynard Miller, Leon Arnold, Dick Jones. Row 2: Miss Joseph, Rose Ellen Ruark, Donna Bailey, Virginia Foster, Audrey walls, Joan Cunningham, Kay Miller, Dale Newman, Mr. Johnson. Row 3: John Charles Sears, Coleen Phillips, Beverly Huber, Mary Alice Nichols, Russell Harcourt, Norman Custis, Roy Shoemaker, Wilborn Kendall. Absent: Noble Sutherlin. THE CLASS OF 1950 64 1 y v 1 ' W 1 ' 4. . . ...X 3, A, ' J I. .. ln., 4 ,J-A i , . 1 , . . ,hw - f Q, vi f I Q sc. 'ss ,R n X , . f-.N 'HA' Y' ..., ? '.-r, ,, r 1 Q. ,I X. v .. .'i,u.,:,1L, A , . 'F Q 'Y , qi ilk I ' .' w . fs, Q" 'N R' 3 K- 4 Q. A 7 ' r 4' H 1 I ., un: ' wk' A L at - ark A' ' . H 'J - . x , m , ,K 1' : M ,4 ' w, . , 4 - " l . ' :Q 'fir'-1. . 1 . q 3 , - J k iff, ,' 1 . Q at 1 Q V rf' Q-, .1 . 5 ' ' ,s-, . ' 1 f .- . , ,,. , h 1-N H ' X 'ir' Q U , f ,155 , s .4 Q N . ' , ' X " " A ,. ig . 15, A. . , I 1 J ' , 'fi E . , , . X ' '. s ,I , I ,M , ,xp v g .,"X Y. ,+. ln - w fps , 1, 41 I-5-.4 1 W 5. 'fs v v-le .- -Ffh-r J xy: X .- 560135 if V .r' ..- 9,- E F E s 4 E was-mana: ,a.1m- ,, gxfv N s 4:51-mQA4.z.Xza. v., zn-'Y -4- ,A

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