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6 YTSVW Aww 'U fav we 'wwf .Aw w wsgggyyxib My of ' A 'WY M- NY NG' UW W' 'WWW FX X K, J 110 fy X5 Q! 'L W ' . , ' A 'f jmffgffabff JA U QV, aw 'ff' U Cx COPA DE ORO ' 1973 VOL: 60 N OUR GENERATION OUR GENERATI OU R GENERATION OU M-fx Dfw KN if a ww i XJ . ' M A 3 M x A rw , f U' Y N QL f 4 Sf' Sv - 'KVI Q b A I , ax Q! V NJ Egg? 'V A X 9 L U53 QV, lxvv TQ Tap JE 2 R TNS Qj, qiyfw J A U .J J ,A f ,A A my gig! Qxibgpwl dugg' Af ag, 5 'HJ , G' CY' ,Q ' aw -W A W Q nv Nix' MGX QL? X- T, .jf ,. WN x , 4, M P . Ui V My f mm XQJQJGJWQBJ D. I ' Maisy 5 l Living day by day 53 11 in A 5 X E E 2 f 9 3 5 N 2 With all its ups and downs E: 1 i Q l Qi 4 W., 2532 . 'M , . mai? L mA N ,A .. X A ,A hx.. .- ii . .R Er 1 ' , 'xx X -n , W A . ga, 'Q ' . ff, an 4 y, Doing what we like x ,s, W 8 .x K Q ,gig K X .1 3 Qjgglfmywffff W Siififgfi W right or Wrong 8 ,Lam me may try to put us down n But We're still coming on strong ! 12 Get yourself behind it M-'5"n'n 11 409 annum. an sm' if 4 max '55 J MS? 15. ?T,i'Q, 1 f.. , , K HEMEFWWS A ' Q 2 as if if2"S:,1 W gm' OUR ,gm 4, 5 ff GE ER TIO QQ, , ek 'I6 Table of contents Advertlsements 182 PERSONNEL One-third of the way through the 1970's! When the Class of 1973 started at Fillmore High it seemed so far away. Now it's here - time really does fly! Each of you should consider that approximately 25070 of your life is past. The struggles, the challenges, the joys and successes ahead will behmany and each of these experiences will have its impact on you. Your contributions to Fillmore High School have been significant and will be remembered. On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire staff, I wish each of you the very best future - and thanks for your contributions during 1972-1973. John P. Wilber Superintendent RIGHT: John Wilber, Superintendent. BELOW: BOARD OF EDUCATION: Paul Palazzi, Evans Ward, Richard Hackney, Hank Carrillo, and John Wilson. Administration Guides us aio M' if Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. This motto applies to everyone of us who want to achieve QUALITY results! It applies to anything you think of that is worth doing. Sincere effort is necessary to back up our high intentions. High intention is an attitude we must have to do any quality job. We must really want to do our very best to produce quality results. Intelligent direction is an essential ingredient in keeping our high intention and sincere effort on the "beam." Skillful execution is the fourth link of the chain that must hold together to produce a quality result. No job can be measured for QUALITY unless it is completed. It's the follow-through that counts. From the germ of an idea to the completion of the goal we want to achieve . GEORGE C. MADSEN Principal LEFT: George Madsen, Sr. High Principal. BELOW LEFT: William Putman, Sr. High Vice-Principal. BELOW RIGHT: Lawrence Sullivan, Jr. High Principal. y 5' Fl' 35 . 78' Muriel Andrews Jim Arundell John Aweeka Herbert Baehr Jerry Bailey Sheldon Ball Marilyn Barnes Stephen Baum Bert Bigham Patricia Burson Marshall Byrd Philip Catalano Mildred Clark Howard Cook Linda Crockett Deborah Cummings Bruce Dempsey Joseph Donohue Thomas Eckland Howard Ellis l l Personnel Arouse curiosity Jim Faris William Garfield Elbert Graham Byron Grubb Clair Herrill Winfred Hill Kent Jones Patricia Keneally Clara Knappen Bruce Larson A. J. Littman Betty Lucier Personnel Help determine futures Sara Menke Ruth Miller Marilyn Manako Richard Mosbarger Charles Mozley Dale Nelson James Ondersma Jean Padelford Personnel Close the gap NOT PICTURED Colleen Cosgrove Ked Creed Ruth Hale Clifford Hawkins Stephen Percy Ralph Rees Sandra Thornton Sandra Wayman Charles Wyche Richard Palmer Roger Palmer Judith Phillips Jean Redd Richard Rose Donald Skoe Stuart Smithwick Ortilie Spitler Ben Tyson Alfred Urnstead Doris Vaughan Ronald Zell Joyce Basolo Richard Dixon Willard Foster Marguerite Gregory Personnel Brighten up the hoo Faye Ables Marilyn Beck Martha Blythe NOT PICTURED Lawanda Campbell Pete Cervantez Jack Edmonds David Gurrola Ellen Guthrie Irene Horn Bill Largen Henry Ramirez Linda Roberts J. W. Scott Leon Smith Vivian Walker Ardis Wilson Tony Ybarra Jess Gunter Edythe Henderson Delfino Mendez Frank Morales Aaron Myers Joleen Stethem Friends are a marvelous part of livi Whether it's Debbie and her friends sliding d . own a slide FAR LEFT: Cherie and Darryl tuning in on the music UPPER LEFT: Daisy a . . nd 168816 moving loose and easy LOWER LEFT: or Melodie and Mark walking hand 1 D . . n hand RIGHT. friends make life worth living . Homecoming Smiles of Happiness Smiles of happiness mark this year's Homecoming Court with Queen Melodie Marden and escort Darryl Goodenough, ffar lefty, joined by her Lady in Waiting Vicki Nelson and escort Jessie Rivera, Cbelowj. Smiling along with them are Junior Princess Martha Michael and escort Keith Gurrola, Crightb, Sophomore Princess Debbie Morales and escort Greg Nunez, Cfar rightj, and Freshman Princess Kathleen Morris with escort Victor Gurrola, fbelow rightj. Keep it up 'you guys! Qing, .gal 5 W, MVK' W I f W We Christmas Formal and Pageant Let There Be Peace on Earth l I - Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus . . along with his nosey elves as they peek over Santa's shoulder as he reads his fan mail Cfar leftj. The carolers sing a Christmas song while Ginny and Chris try to hide in the background. They didn't plan their strategy too well. ftop rightj Others have a nice time hanging around the punch bowl chug-a-lugging. I wonder what everyone is smiling about? Cupper lefty As Kathy shyly fumbles with the tablecloth, other couples know what a dance is all about. fleftb Activities A Joyful cry - 1 AM A joyful cry - I AM is a person 's way of expressing their inner self, Everyone enjoys doing their own thing, as Phyllis Cervantez fabovey participates in the annual Cinco de Mayo which is enjoyed by many. Another couple looks toward their future for a brighter day Qtop ri ghtp. The New Reliables Qbottom ri ghtj came to Fill- more High to do their thing, and left a lasting impression of the feeling of harmony music can bring, S-wir. 39 ORGANIZATIONS 4 Student Council and Senate Work together for a better F.H.S TOP LEFT: Julie, Joe and Darrel listen to suggestions. TOP CENTER LEFT: Daisy listens with an open mind. BOTTOM LEFT: STUDENT COUNCIL: Rudy Guevara, Victor Gurrola, Frank Pulido, Darryl Goodenough, Vincent Martinez, Joe Tirado, Greg Nunez, Buddy I-Iouchin, Melodie Marden, Daisy Unrine, Jessie Rivera, Sally Bartels, Keith Gurrola. CENTER RIGHT: Debbie eyes the gavel while Jim soaks it all in. TOP RIGHT: Jessie looks for the answer on the ceiling while Becky concentrates. BOTTOM RIGHT: SENATE: Grey Brothers, Tim Brisby, Kerry Balden, Mary Ellen Faulds, Mary Katherine Littman, Cynthia Gonzales, Jim Stehly, Danny Ramirez, Debbie Morales, Jessie Rivera, Becky Cantrell, Debbie Butcher. Science and Commercial Club Mix business with plc-basl TOP: SCIENCE CLUB: Top row: Kevin Cross, Scott Johnson, Bob Popp, Mr. Baum and Mr. Skoe, club advisors. BOTTOM LEFT: Pam and Scott are happy with their work on their museum. TOP CENTER: Mrs. Miller joins in the fun. FAR RIGHT: Girls try their luck in games. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sally Bartels, Susan Benfield, Susan Christensen, Diane Ramirez, Mrs. Miller, club advisor, Melody Beck, Leslie Larson. Center row: Rose Mary Thompson, Debbie Butcher, Debbie Morales. Front row: Phyllis Cervantez, Barbara Mayhew, Marjie Bartels, Joy Mosbarger. LEFT: Counselor aides: Arcelia Vasquez, Martha Melgoza , Blanca Pichardo, and Enedina Vasquez, go over their work schedule. Counselor Aides: Front row: Annie Romero, Enedina Vasquez, Frank Pulido. Top row: Mr. Palmer Blanca Counselor Aides, Work Experience P,,,,,,d,, M,,,,,1,, Help Themselves and Others Enriquez, Francis Cornejo, Irene Romero, Elizabeth DeAlejandro, Ms. Crockett. ABOVE: Susan Romero checks the files at Bank of America. ABOVE RIGHT: Work Experience: Marty Garcia, Ray Morales, David Shaffer, Raymond Garcia, Rickey Sanchez, Ruben Reyes, Diana Guevarra , Francis Enriquez , Dave Taskey, Enedinz Vasquez, Amelia Sandoval, Dan Tucker, Mr. Palmer. RIGHT: Work Experience: Mary Ellen Fauldes, Anna Gurrola, Kenny Bishop, Frank Pulido, Greg Taylor, Ricky Ponce, Mark Hunter, Herman Cortez, Keith Klein, Annie Romero, Carlos Zuniga, Joe Camarillo, Isabel Gonzales, Bill Silva. P w 2 47 ,KI 48 Work Experience and F.F.A. Sain a taste of life TOP LEFT: Ray blots his career. FAR LEFT: Enedina greets students with a smile. BOTTOM LEFT: Kenny grinds his life away. TOP RIGHT: Ed Purvis, Ion Holly, Terry Davis, Juan Carrillo, Teresa Graves, Juli Maldonaldo, Bobby McClain, Evaristo Barajas, Tim Brisby, Matt Hartung, Richard Carrillo, Dan Rutledge, Richard Council, Pat Balden, John Doe, Gary Hart, Harold Olsen, Karen Ingalhart, Charles Scmit, Jeff King, Jeff Laird, Greg Reyes, Tony Espinoza, Chuck Moser, David Ospensen, Alex Mendez, Steve McKendry, Joe Doe, Sam Dogal. AQ,o.S.b.2B,w-fx I - Mmhlmwlwwmwwdwwwww MM5? th V 'd F f OWS e ar1e aceso Qgkddws Agnculture www ODA MW RWM SWJJXW Wwfwff www 9'w-Hmmm? 3wwMJgwfnSAwA in FAR LEFT: Mr. Mosbarger introduces the boys to the facts of life. ABOVE: Lum Giles and Gary Hunt unload the goods. TOP RIGHT: Bent backs are the sign of good workers. RIGHT: Freshmen wade into the rough. Pep Club, Winter Sports Club Add Enthusiasm to Our School PPER LEFT: PEP CLUB: lst row, Left to right: Angela Simpson, Dennis Wright, Angela Aguirre, Candy oel. 2nd row: Melodie Beck, Holly Noel, Betty Heilrnan, Barbara Mayhew, Ms. Crockett, 3rd row: heryle Dimmit, Debbie Roberts, Leslie Larson, Rene Kirby, Julie King, Delia Olson. 4th row: Robin es, Janet Huchins, Susan Palmer, Susan Mitchell, Debbie Turk, Kim Gunter. 5th rowg Sherry Dann, atheleen Barrington, Pam Taylor, Gayle Ryan, Noreen Berrington. LEFT: Susan, Angela, Susan and bbie get out those spirit posters. ABOVE: WINTER SPORTS CLUB: Gary Hunt, Bruce Cook, Danny oatcap, Mike Harbert and Annie Romero, Playing Another New Tune ABOVE: Bottom row: Phyllis Lidamore, Susan Palmer, Jennifer Reed, Antonia Avila, Mr. Catalano. Second row: Candice Duley, Jessica Wren, Joe Tirado, Gary Hart, John McKendry, Bill Reed, Steve Pfister. Third row: Pam Purvis, Robbie Hasty, David Gonzalez, Lauro Racendez, Rick Shipper, Jessie Rivera, Mark Hunter, Carolyn Brady. Fourth row: Alex Mendez, Eddie Smith, Robert Reed, Ricky Grimes, Jeff Acosta, Tom Hackney. Top row: Manuel Vasquez, Mike Alvarado, Danny Ramirez, Maurice Travelstead, Tim Tyson, Mike Krska. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Catalano checks his score. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Fillmore's marching band goes through the paces. RIGHT AND FAR RIGHT: The band tunes in. . , f s e 2: jg 2, ,vw W' 1 . .75 iv 5 155mm 2m.fBwe21Ef sz E B f - f--1-NM' fv- FAR RIGHT: Sonleaadersz Melodie Marden, Ginny Morris, Jayme Barlow Vicky VanDeMheen, Jill Gunter. UPPER CENTER: Varsity Cheerleaders: Sherry Richter, Lori Barlow, Daralyn Vest, Janet Palmer, Becky Real. LOWER CENTER: Jr. Varsity: Laura Harbert, Jeanne Fredrick, Laura Flowers, Julie Bottomley. LEFT: Freshman Cheerleaders: Kathleen Marostica, Cindy Collins, Noreen Andrews, Peggy Tripp. Peg Sguad Raise Spirits Sky High qw 58 Pep Band and Banner Girls Add a Little Pep FAR LEFT: Rick VanDeMheen appears unimpressed with the efforts of the pep band. LEFT: Banner Girls From left to right: Cynthia Morales, Rose Gurrola, Patti Ryan, Melinda Elizando, Marisa Barrios, Linda Cassidy, Patty Gurrola, Debbie Morales, Carolyn Brady, Maria Casas, Cynthia Gonzales, Rosa Villalobos, and Yvonne Alvarado. BOTTOM LEFT: Ron Lentz concentrates on his clarinet. BELOW: The pep band drum section loosens up. G.A.A., Lette-rwomen, Lettermen Display Athletic Skill FAR UPPER LEFT: G.A.A.: Top row: Cathy Heilman, Carol Arnold, Jan Lottine, Linda Edwards, Debbie Turk, Susan Mitchell, Jessica Wren. Middle row: Annalee Baker, Judith MacBrine, Karen Johnson, Arcelia Vasquez, Renee Klein, Carol Brady, Carol Robinson, Gloria Kreis, Sandra Griffin. Bottom row: Miss Wayman, Amanda Walters, Pam Taylor, Jeanne Holley, Daralyn Vest, Becky Cantrell. FAR LEFT: Lettermen: Top row: Rusty Arnold, Keith Gurrola, Bob Hays. Middle row: Jessie Rivera. Jeff Ward, Leslie Jones, Scott Blaylock. Bottom row: Jeff King, Jeff Dann, Steve Duley. ABOVE: Jeanne Holley dribbles into position as Becky Cantrell comes up to help. LEFT: Letterwomen: Top row: Bev Agler, Carol Robinson, Sandra Griffin, Becky Cantrell. Bottom row: Amanda Walters, Pam Taylor, Holly Noel, Daralyn Vest, Jeanne Holley, Miss Wayman. International Club, Spanish Club, La lVl D0 Their Own Thing T: International Club: Bottom row: lmunds, Jan Lottine, Cathy , Judith MacBrine, Carla :, Kim Williams, Steve Littman. ow: Nancy Palazzi, Karen Boren, Jsbarger, Amey Percy, Beverly lizabeth Julliard, Mary Ellen Felipe Enriquez. Third row: Jeanne s, Jim Stehly, Matt Hartung, Travelstead , John McKendry , rorto, John Holley, Jim Hines. Jw: John Fredricks, Grey Brothers, ndez, Phillip Wright, Doug Jones, l, Per Neilson, and Jeff King. fi LEFT: Spanish Club: First row: Sumaran, Elizabeth DeA1ejandro , Eonzales, Carmela Ponce, Amparo l, Juana Enriquez. Second row: Cornejo, Mateo Morales, Mercedes L, Guadalupe Galvez, Efrin , Fernando Jimenez, Lino . TOP RIGHT: La Mecha: Peggy o, Lino Morales, Josie Curiel, rego, Delores Pina, Martha Paula Torres, Yolando tdo, Laura McCoy, Linda ta, Annie Enriquez, Pauline Lupe Cabral, Linda Escoto, Corina 5, and Bill Silva. LEFT: President Diana Guevara and Mr. Garfield check the La Mecha agenda. C.S.F. Newsflashes Put Their Brains to Work ABOVE: C,S,F,g First row: Luanne Garnica, Jeanne Frederick, Kimberley Creed, Mary Katherine Littman, Grey Brothers, Second row: Judy Brady, Donna Cassidy, Pam Taylor, Sally Bartels, Darryl Goodenough. Third row: Janice Pederson, Beverly Agler, Amy Percy, Kathleen Marostica, Margie Bartels, Joy Mosbarger, Scott Johnson. Fourth row: Knox Long, Tim DeLorto, Keith Degner, Phillip Hardison. ABOVE: News Flashes: Jill Gunter, Susan Benfield, Barbara Sparrow, Diane Ramirez Susan Christiansen, Chris Hobson, Buddy Houchin, Evan Shipp, Rudy Guevara, Mr. Aweeka. LEFT: Evan Shipp destroys a few more rolls of film. Em Y' E 'ii 5 Y 'myff . . li-- QR X "? 912 ef PORTS 0 67 Varsity Football Has finest season VARSITY FOOTBALL: Left bottom: Ruben Reyes, Jim Bottomley, Matt Haeber, Ron Lentz, Mark Hunter, Bud Houchin, Scott Blaylock, Mike Harbert, Lum Giles, Coach Creed. Middle row: Coach Dempsey, Greg Murray, Eric Grove, Jessie Rivera, Paul Camarillo, Ray Carrillo, Chris Aguirre, Gary Hart, John Alcoser, Rick Ferrer, Armando Gurrola, Tim Grove. Top row: Coach Ecklund, Tim Aguirre, Lesley Jones, Jeff Dann, Jeff Ward, Keith Gurrola, Eric Mynatt, Mike Ortega, Mary Garcia, Dan Roatcap, Steve Duley. TOP: The quick pursuing defense of Fillmore closes in on the Carpinreria quarterback. ABOVE: Ecklund and Dempsey get a big load off their minds. LEFT: Lester Jones zeros in on Carpinteria runner. 7 . w Xursllx lwmllnrlll Rises to new heights RIGHT: Three of the main reasons the Fillmore offense worked. Scott Blaylock who got excellent blocking when running the option, Tim Aguirre, a primer pass receiver, and "Mr. Everything," Chris Hobson. FAR RIGHT TOP: Eric Grove gains big yardage against Moorpark. FAR RIGHT BOTTOM: Chris Hobson gets fired up. 70 The Varsity Football season was the most successful in Fillmore's history. They marched Vzlrsilx Football . Takes the big one into the C.I.F. Finals as second place underdogs and went to the semi-finals, beating a tough X Santa Yanez team and No. 1 rated L.A. gfsxv NX Baptist. In the semi-finals the team Eid not sfdp-the fired-up Paso Robles Bearcats. It was a great defense-oriented team, however, with some great stars. Scott Blaylock, Tim Aguirre, Keith Gurrola, Dan Roatcap, Steve Duley, Mark Stevens, Jeff Ward and Chris Hobson made Offensive All-League. Tim Aguirre, Jeff Ward, Mike Harbert, Eric Mynatt, Keith Gurrola, Rick Ferrer, Marty Garcia, Greg Murray and Lesley Jones made Defensive All- League. This was one of those great teams which could bounce back after defeat and get tough against great opponents. A reat effort ave us a bi .X X win Ever Santa Piula, and thin.i5SixQL'3GV later in the year against Baptist. The picture tells the stuozfyi. Gang tacklesancl great ball control are the final result. Q . w I 53 i 5 Q E Ea! qv 5 l i, M 74 .l. V. and Frosh Foollzall Develop new skills FAR LEFT: J.V. FOOTBALL: Sitting: Danny Ramirez, Tim Golson, Tony Ortiz, Frank Gomez, Raymond Ponce, Troy Garcia, Jerry Real, Lonnie Ponce. 2nd row: Gary Hood, Jim Meyers, Ricky Grimes, Robert Vest, Ken Mynatt, Eddie Reyes, Javier Aguilar, Kevin Taylor, Greg Nunez, Richard Carillo. 3rd row: Coach Bob Taylor, Jeff Acosta, Fernando Gonzales, Steve Dann, Paul Real, Eddie Smith, Gilbert Beltran, Adrian Martinez, David Ortiz, Charles Moser, Phillip Stehly. BOTTOM LEFT: FROSH FOOTBALL: Sitting left: Neal Bishop, Micheal Saldino, Eddie Roberts, Gary McCall, Charles Rutledge, Vince Stehly, Greg Andrews, David Meraz, Steve Casarez, Peter Reyes. 2nd row: Albert Palacio, Manuel Elizando, Raymond Brasher, Gary Laird, George Kutback, Carlos Enriquez, Jeff Hobson, Kirk McDowell, Louis Owens, Frank Villa, Tom Hackney. 3rd row: Coach Richard Lyons, George Gonzales, Lee Verdugo, Victor Acosta, Mario Camarillo, Kerry Balden, Victor Gurrola, Russell Butler, Dennis Galvan, Coach Jerry Dann, Rick Stewart. LEFT: Rick Grimes stiff arms Bony defender. BELOW LEFT: Strong blocking wall sets up for Victor Gurrola. Sparked by record breaking Bob Hays Fillmore's 1972 Varsity won the Tri-Valley .championship for the fourth straight year. In addition to their undefeated league season, the Varsity squad showed its strength by capturing the Mt. Sac Invitational. Senior Bob Hays, who set a new course record of 9:59:5, led the Flashes for the second straight year. Fillmore Rio Mesa Fillmore Hart Fillmore Hueneme Fillmore Santa Paula Fillmore Bishop Diego Fillmore Carpinteria Moorpark Invitational - Second Cal Lutheran Invitational - Second Mt. Sac Invitational - First Fillmore Invitational - Fourth League Finals - First Varsity, ,I.V. Cross-Country Capture league finals VARSITY: First row: CLeft to rightj Rudy Guevara, Robert Hays, Lino Morales, Vincent Martinez. Second row: Coach Al Umstead, Adolfo Huerta, Scott Johnson, Eugene Walker, Bruce Cook. JUNIOR VARSITY: First row: Luis Huerta, Robert Williams, Joe Gonzalez, Evaristo Barajas, Alex Garcia. Second row: Chris McDermott, Bob Haase, Steve Littman. TOP: Bob Hays, Aldolfo Huerta, and Bruce Cook weave their way through Varsity opposition. ABOVE: Bobby Haase and Chris McDermott keep on trucking. RIGHT: Umstead watches Flashes positioning during league meet. Varsity, .I.V. Cross-Cou ntry Fight for the TOP LEFT: Raul Ponce strides out against Carpinteria. LEFT: Vince Martinez and Lino Morales round the corner. ABOVE: Robert Reid strides into the lead. TOP RIGHT Adolfo Huerta and Bob Hayes pull for position. RIGHT: Bruce Cook, Bob Hayes and Hector Sierra pull out against the Cards. lead 2 Fi 5 'E 5 F r ' . . 79 VARSITY BASKETBALL Grabs Part of Tri-Valley Crowr H ips. After a slow start due to injuries and a late turnout of football players, the flashes came on hard in league play to tie for the Tri-Valley championship with a 12-3 record. Going into the C .I .F . playoffs the flashes dumped Thatcher and Lone Pine before bowing to a tough Bishop squad in the quarter finals. The key to theiteams success was tough defense and a balanced scoring attack. Seniors Eric Grove , Tim Aguirre, and Leslie Jones provided necessary experience for the first five while Juniors Felipe En- riquez and Jeff King came on strong late in the season to provide team momentum. ABOVE LEFT: VARSITY BASKETBALL: Kneeling: Mario Garcia , John Alcozar Tim Grove, Greg Murray. Standing: Coach Herrill, Armando Arroyo , Dale Fildes , Felipe Enriquez , Jeff King, Tim Aguirre, Lesley Jones, Russell Arnold, Manager Ed Purves. FAR LEFT: Greg Murray hassles Carpenteria. LEFT 1 Felipe Enriquez and Jeff King battle for the rebound. ABOVE LEFT: Felipe Enriquez looks on as Lesley Jones shoots for two. ABOVE RIGHT' Felipe Enriquez lays one up. Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore F illmore Fillmore Fillmore Fill more Fillmore Fill more F ill more Fillmore F illmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore F ill more Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore F illmore Fillmore SCORES Boulder C ity Basic High Channel Islands Villanova Nordoff Bishop Santa Paula Bishop Diego Moorpark St. Bonaventure C arpenteria Villanova Bishop Diego Moorpark St. Bonaventure C arpenteria Villanova Bishop Di ego Moorpark St. Bonaventure Carpenteria C.I.F. Thatcher Lone Pine Bishop Varsity Basketball Takes to Winning Ways ABOVE: Tim Grove drives for lay up. ABOVE RIGHT: Lesley Jones fakes out Carpenteria man. RIGHT: Tim Aguirre sneaks in for a layup. LEFT: Russell Arnold falls away for a jump shot as Jeff King and Lesley Jones look on. RIGHT: Tim Grove mirrors the excitement of victory. 83 RIGHT: J. V. Basketball: Kneeling, left to right: Keith Gurrola, Vince Martinez , Buddy Houchin, Armando Gurrola. Standing, left to right: Coach Zell, Peter Munoz, Paul Glanville, Darryl Goodenough, Jim Hines, Jeff Dann, Eric Grove. BELOW: Darryl Goodenough goes up for the rebound while Jeff Dann looks on. RIGHT: Steve Dann tries for two while Henry Lennarz waits on guard. 84 Frosh Soph , and J V Basketball Conolude Successful Seasons ABOVE LEFT: Sophomore Basketball: Kneeling: Richard Carrillo, Lonnie Ponce, Robert Vest, Philip Stehly, Ricky Grimes, Mike Johnson. Standing, left to right: Coach Arundell, Gene Walker, Pat Wolf, Paul Real Steve Dann, Henry Lennarz, Roy Culver, Chuck Moser, Salvador Enriquez, lim Percy, Lance Lassen. LEFT: Frosh Basketball: Kneeling, left to right: Juan Carrillo, Carl Rollo, David Meraz, Louis Owens, Joseph Martinez. Standing, left to right: Ronnie Mendez, Tom Hackney, Mike Torrez, Bart Taylor, George Gonzales, Kerry Balden, Victor Gurrola, Russell Butler, Manuel Elizando, Gary Laird, Tim Brisby, Coach Larson. ABOVE RIGHT: Carl Rollo goes for a layup as David Meraz lends moral support. ABOVE: VARSITY BASEBALL: 1st rowg Scott Blaylock, Chris Hobsen, Matt Haeber, Ray Morales, Ruben Reyes, Joe Ortiz, Tom Palazzi. 2nd row: Eric Grove, Andy Collins, Coach Eckhmd, Tim Grove, Ray Carrillo, Danny Ramirez, Keith Gurrola, Steve Dann, Grey Meyers, RIGHT: Matt Haeber strides for First. BELOW: Scott Blaylock looks things over, ABOVE RIGHT: Ray Morales lunges for the bag. BELOW LEFT: eyes right! Varsity Baseball Gets in the Swing of Things TOP FAR RIGHT: J.V, BASEBALL: First row: Louis Owens, David Meraz, Mike Johnson, Jeff Hobson, Manual Elizandog David Ortiz, Kevin Taylor, Greg Laird. Second row: Coach Arundell, Ivan Har- key, Gary Laird, Roy Culver, Kerry Balden, Sal Enriquez, Chuck Moser, Richard Carrillo, Robert Vest, Javier Aguilar, BOTTOM FAR RIGHT: Roy Culver hits the dirt going into third, TOP: Greg Meyers releases the ball while Steve Dann and Eric Grove gather in the hard- ball. J.V. Baseball Get Dirt on Their Feet Varsity Track Starts the Chase for Leaderslup ABOVE: VARSITY TRACK: First row: David Patterson, David Ospenson , Pat Wolf, Gene Walker, Raul Ponce, Rudy Guevara , Monte Houchin , Bob Pop , Paul Real , John Wade. Second row: Coach Grubb , Pat Balden, Bob Hayes, Steve Duley, Mark Hunter, Bobby Haase , Chris McDermott, Scott Johnson , Jessie Rivera , Mark Shiells , Coach Umstead. Third row: Gene Good- enough, John Frederick, Gary Hart , Mike Harbert, Dan Roatcap, Bruce Cook, Adolfo Huerta , Vince Martinez , Todd Hawley , Jeff King. RIGHT: Buddy Houchin clears the bar against St. Bonaventure. FAR RIGHT: Bob Haase leads the field in the low hurdles. ABOVE RIGHT: Gene Good- enough and Mike Harbert display good form in the field events. fuwwm., mfg '14 ..l.m..,,.a1 ABOVE: George Kutbach and Pat Wolf team up to take a slim lead against St. Boneventure while Dave Patterson and Chris McD ermott take a break. LEFT: Coach Grubb gives the word to Joe Gonzales and Adolpho Huerta. RIGHT: Luis Huerta breaks the tape all alone FROSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM: First row: Robert Berry, Tom Ingalls, Gene Walker, Greg Andrews , Joe Morales, Julian Arias , John Wade Second row, Coach Grubb , Robert Reid , Mark Brown, Phil Hardison Raul Ponce , John Spencer, Luis Huerta , George Kutbach, Brent Kline, Coach Umstead. Top row: Pat Wolf, Paul Real, Jeff Acosta Bill Reid, Adrian Martinez , George Gonzales , Neal Bishop, Jim Myers , Robert Williams . Frosh-Soph Track Pull Out All the Stops N ,- A I UPPER RIGHT: GIRLS TRACK TEAM: First row: Becky Cantrell, Susan Mitchell, Linda DeLaRosa , Martha Michel Annalee Baker, Frances Cornejo , Sylvia Gonzales , Ian Lottine. Second row: Chris Holmes, Rene Klein, Kath- leen Berrington, Debbie Turk, Peggy Tripp , JoAnne, Mitchell, Carolyn Brady , Joan Howarth, Elizabeth Juil- lard, Enadina Vasquez, Noreen Berrington. Third tow: Linda Edwards, Judy MacBrine, Denise Woods, Kathy Heilman, Roxanne Fencl, Linda Cassidy, Jeanne Fredrick, Debbie Wilson , Phyllis Lidamore, Peggy Wilson. FAR RIGHT: Jeanne Fredrick strides for the tape. CENTER RIGHT: Coach Cummings gives the girls some motherly advice. RIGHT: Elizabeth Juillard gets set for her jump. ABOVE: Peggy Tripp and i Mitchell blow ahead with perfect hand off. Mmm Girls' Track , umm!! Run The Clnderbelle Circuit VV , . , n , n ,,,, M, -f ' - ww f' bf L u p 4 L j- 1 7 .K h J . iz I ' p , f 7 .. 'V 'gm f , W 2 " A . 1 V: 1, .T ., .1 , 'my M - , .. H V X . V.,-W. " I ' f 42 fm, K f 'ff 4 H1 a f, if' WW - ff' 12- '. ffm Jw, fffi wn ' ' J: , 'f ,M H U- - 'w - " L " W ' - :X ' J" Nw- ' bw X '- , 2, - " K -Hai' . "" V ' -, 1 5, , 13,2 .. . f 2, ' ,,,, N ., fm- , gf, , , - - 5 V - ' W 'L ' V A A -' I ,- I ' f. - ' -1. , 224 , . ' ' ,L L ,f 2 w I 'aff . , V ' L , A ,- W ,,, ,,,,. , g , ,, V, ,, , , Q ., .0- Ei' "ff!HJ: " :'5f 7 " ' 'V , nf" f ,W ' ' , 'if--y ' , , ,. " 'V' k :.,5', 'W 1 ' 2 - mv - 2 ' . L , A 4 ,4 fefghfetk-'.: i f ZH' if M 362 1:99989 , , - ff : 'f ' i, . "i' ' ' 5' - - -f ' A . 1 'A' ' Tennis and Golf Pursue the Eluswe Ball TENNIS TEAM: BOTTOM: Steve Littman , Tim Brisby , Carl Rollo , Luis Wyche , Charles Rutledge , Matt Hating , Tom Hackney , Bart Taylor Back, Left to right: Grey Brothers, Alex Mendez , Russell Arnold , Alan Probasco , Tim DeLorto , Chris Aguir- re, Phillip Stehly , Coach Larson, Henry Lennarz. ABOVE, LEFT: Grey Brothers fires the ball cross court. ABOVE, RIGHT: J eff Hack- ney retums the ball with a forehand smash. GOLF TEAM: LEFT: Jim Percy, Rick Schipper, John Harper, John Wade, Steve Haynes. TOP: Phillip Wright, John Cook Darryl Goodenough, Coach Creed , Gary Hunt, I im Hines. BELOW LEFT: Phillip Wright drives the ball down the fairway. BELOW RIGHT: Darryl Goodenough blasts the ball out of a sand trap. JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Donna Cassidy Laura Flowers Noreen Andrews Ray Carrillo Javier Aguilar Victor Gurrola Class Favorites Smiles of 773 EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Patty Dann Tammy Chessani Mike Dann Billy Wyche Freshmen A new breed . .1 A M.,,-'ham fgtw- v-,- 24 A--NH This year' the Class of '76 has had great spirit, citizenship, and sportsmanship . The enthusiastic Freshman Class has participated in all school activities and in every sport. Our goals as Freshmen have been reached and because of our class pride and potential I'm positive our future goals will be reached and surpassed. I would like to thank my classmates for their great support and help during the year, and on behalf of our class I would like to thank Mr. Larson for contributing to the success of our Freshman Class. Victor Gurrola Freshman Class President ABOVE LEFT: Pres. Victor Gurrola and Freshman advisor Bruce Larson look over the agenda, while ABOVE AND AT LEFT: Vice-Pres. Tom Hackney, Secretary Kathleen Morris, and Treasurer Sally Ward keep on top of class business. ,, ,, , A W 5 48, 'J dl I Q" FR, r ' ' , " E EH Jen, is may vi fx ,gel ' X V f, 11. . A ' 1 Z , "2-:H lA ' 5, lv .'i'ii"' V in f 'iff - ,I 3 5: 4' v' .- .3"'2 , i lr 3556 ,Q 'MW z, 1 ' w ' :i r J Y W. ,.,,,,,,,,, ,Whiz 'fa1:!4ii,'f 1 L"-bzuxiiif P ff Ja' 4 L tr ,. rcgism- sugg' .:,.xsf' uw . I f,,, ,.:1 V, . ,sw-p a 'Y 71 i Q3 'I 3.43 ,. V '35-,y.7e,f'ff?l at iiilifffiigif' Q 1 Q . f 1 aww! w Ss ' . ,,,, - ,- -9. lr 'E 24 45 95 ne, V Ig .. an 5 L 4 i 4 , ' ' Llvk 5 I A I rl s W VV , ,g, , H B E' , " w e AV m ,f V as ,lf 4 v.-,"'1 'V ' , ' " Msn 6, Hg aw 0 3, , P if is 1 , 9 55 iz ,Z ,A I I. 11' if . V V'-' - W A,,. 4 3 , ,, , 5 ' nfl-1-fassiill p2m1.2fis?!Ai E15ff3s wf.?J .f1.,. f+:w-:'a,: QL x '. 2 +15 ,1 gm. 'X . and -V, 1- 3, , Victor Acosta Yvonne Alvarado Greg Andrews Noreen Andrews Chuck Arnold Ann Marie Avalos Antonia Avila Rachel Bagasao Annalee Baker, Kerry Balden Teresa Barnard Marisa Berrios Ann Bennett Neal Bishop Danny Bobletr Karen Bourne Judy Brady Raymond Brasher Lisa Breshears Tim Brisby Mark Brown Bobby Buckman David Burks Russell Butler Lupe Cabral Diana Cabral Juan Carrillo Mario Camarillo Marie Casas Steve Caserez Linda Cassidy Nancy Cole Cindy Collins Rose Collom Frances Conejo Dina Cuellar Hortensia Curiel Paul Dancel Elizabeth DeA1ejandro Bobbie DeWitt Charlene Douglass Kathy Edmonds Linda Edwards Manuel Elizondo Melinda Elizondo Carlos Enriquez Juana Enriquez Mercedes Enriquez Elvira Sescoto Mike Fanning Karen Faulkner Roxanne Fencl Michael Ferguson Mark Fisk Glenda Fisher Katie Flockton Joe Flores Dennis Galvan IO4 ,K .X ,z Q-as-,r, 'Ziff' Fresh me n With all their energy - 1 27' 6 . .5 Q, Q ln Q A Y fn 1 f L5 . s ., , I 'N FT "' 3 ' iii 7 g I., 1 A gill? my 2- Alex Garcia Debbie Garner Dan Gibson Cynthia Gonzalez David Gonzalez George Gonzalez Ruben Gonzales Silvia Gonzalez Terry Goza Miguel Guevara Victor Gurrola Tom Hackney Sue Hanson John Harper Matt Hartung Robbie Hasty Steve Haynes Arthur Hernandez Lucia Hernandez Cathy Hellman Regina Henderson Jeff Hobson Linda Hobson Jon Holley Shelley Holmes Alan Hooten Joyce Howard Joan Howarth Craig Hubbell Brenda Jackson Debbie Jackson Matt Jennings Dan Jones Doug Jones Kelly Jones Jeff Kitchens Brent Klein George Kutbach Leslie LaCotts Gary Laird Cheryl Lancaster Steve Littrnan Karen Legan Phyllis Lidamore Ian Lottine Bernardo Lugo John Luna Judith MacBrine Larry Mack Charles Mackey Rosie Magallon Yolando Maldonado Joe Martinez Kathleen Marostica Vicky Maynard Gary McCall Kirk McDowell 106 Fresh mon ew faces in the Crowd if tfgffil L M' ' ' H ' 0 V ., fill f if 1 '-,- HF 3151 V ' 4 iMl3ErrQfsf. ,E ' X iff? . f- if ,Lf A gf vi ' A 4-tis, f ffzml gr. is pb! a y xwiiii V 1, , r f . .v fx? el' W A n . . wx Y 'X E Leonard McElroy Ronnie Mendez David Merez .Tosefina Meza 35 N fgffijwifs 1 it 5 Q- 1, J X, S its Ek ,w N.. .., 3.2: , ,,,.. .r,.r , I . sw 'W f fix? L,t, aa , . .'?'7Tf'I'!"'1' 'L f '!iT1ggQff"v:'.g:"' if t issivlr-' ' -. Jose Pena Lupe Perez Brenda Pettis N... all 1 fiw 2, f 1 f' 1:7 wa' A '2 " 0 :Et fi gn, .3 gs , XJ.: 'la f V' ' A ' Q 4 ' Y f,,'," nfs, I . f' afglgai 0. , 'f i L' f ra, ' iff' 1 5 ,. ,, ,-'L ",T f in ' .. L ' Q ' ' '7,: 'Rn' .Q 5 it E via? , iw W R M if 6 "' wa 9 1 A Q . I I L, , AQ I E. M , I2 Nm a ...V - N u. x N ilgghk 54,1 l ex fi ty, 5' ,M Rosa Meza Esperanza Montanez Cynthia Morales Kathleen Morris Lino Morales Heidi Mosbarger Jill Mosbarger Jeri Ann Myers Billy Myers Dick N eece Candy Noel Julie Ortega Julia Ortiz Louis Owens Nancy Palazzi Laura Peery 107 Blanca Pichado Dolores Pina Gonzalo Ponce Sandra Ponce Alan Probasco Pam Purves David Ramirez Elena Ramirez Lauro Recendez Troy Redding Peter Reyes Eddie Roberts Terry Robison Dolores Robles Carl Rollo Irene Romero John Romero Jeanette Rosas Carles Rutledge Patti Ryan Robert Raldino Rick Schipper Tony Silva Keven Snyder Tina Spangler Vince Stehly Lisa Storey Amparo Sumaran Isabel Tarango Randy Taskey Bart Taylor Mike Torrez Harry Toyooka Peggy Tripp Robert Tucker Ron VanderHoven Efrain Vasquez Ruban Vasquez Enrique Velasco Christina Velasquez Nancy Venegas Leo Verdugo 108 Freshmen Taking part Frank Villa Sonia Villalobos Sally Ward Leah Wilkey Karla Williams Debbie Wilson Donneta Woods Debbie Wright Janine Ybarra Michele Ybarra Angela Aguirre Elena Becerra Jennifer Bishop Lavetta Conley Maria Escoto Julia Garcia Donnie Harkey NOT PICTURED Gabe Herrera Lorengo Herrera Fernando Jimenez Judy Neal Shirley Palmateer Jorge Pichado Rosie Pillado Carmela Ponce Jose Reyes Katie Stockton Arlene Tepesano Christina Velasquez James Wiser ,- This year as Sophomores, the Class of 1975 has displayed a winning spirit and drive to make our Sophomore year a successful one. We have demonstrated our enthusiasm in everything we have done throughout the year. We know that our class members will continue to participate in social and athletic activities at Fillmore High, now and during the years to come. I would like to thank my fellow classmates for their support at rallies, games, dances, and the building of our homecoming float. I also would like to thank Mr. Ball and others who guided and helped us through a great year. Greg Nunez Sop omore Class Pres. ABOVE LEFT: President Greg Nunez and Advisor Shel Ball smile in anticipation of a successful year. ABOVE: Vice-President Lonnie Ponce contemplates his many responsi ilities. BELOW LEFT: Treasurer Kim Gunter and Secretary Diane Ramirez take a shade break. vm . V .,,, f 4 ' , 45 W J it A., f f? fi in 4 f ' V 'w gzvg f.q,f, ,, vm Lv. " ""' X 5 s W15-'f931'f'-V . '2s52'?si':: , , . 'J fs. V, if . H 3 "" a , tt, ,. I ' 2 Ha. 4 . . 75:52 .ugly .5 12' rf---A 46 A' J: iff -'Q -Mr,'f .'r:1'.5. Ji f A x X msn, V. 1 x 1 4 , , A , 1 f rkhlagz. K AQ. , x J ei l "n 2 "' W K ii ev Mig? -1 Q," ,,..,. W , , Ma I 'f' is fi? I , it Hi . I - ' a fu - 91 X ,f iff , 1 . 5 3 y 4 f a g. , uni-'33 A -Wl::- ' r f. r emit. " ' Mi' t ,HL ,rail me j. C it Q . V , ft ,f ., ,. 5. l . tl 'LJ' C. si, It , A ,t r y k in K . i J I .W f 1' te-1, -4', Q -,Ny X l ,ji In l w 'v in r ' l Jeff Acosta Beverly Agler Javier Aguilar Christina Alcantar Mike Alvarado Isabel Arias Monica Arias Frank Avila Pablo Avila Yolando Avila Kathy Bales Evaristo Barajas Linda Beasley Maria Becerra Gilbert Beltran Paul Benfield Donna Bennett Lydia Benson Pam Benson Robert Berry David Betts Chris Bishop Margie Borbon Julie Bottomley Carolyn Brady Andyce Breshears Freda Brinkley Janet Brockus Debbie Butcher Carolyn Capehart nk ag, Y i K ' ffW.f1:f,'2f+:r ' Richard Carrillo Cathy Carter Susan Christensen Z Cindy Collom Neal Cook Lynda Council Roy Culver Brenda Cummings Monica Curiel o Steve Dann Richard Davis Terry Davis Keith Degner Linda DeLaRosa John Dominguez Karen Ellis Sophomorcrs Realizing hopes 5 Qi V1 45 Li? i n iffhwi g for it :FL My ,.,, s 112 r -fm-my .Q V 1+ ,. Rosie Enriquez Salvador Enriquez Tom Everson Anita Fairbanks Laura Flowers Jeanne Fredrick Perry French Carlos Garcia Luanne Garnica Teressa Garrett Tim Golson Frank Gomez Dennis Gonzales Fernando Gonzales Joe Gonzales 113 Iovita Gonzales Yolanda Gonzales Donna Griffis Ricky Grimes Kim Gunter Helen Gurrola Rosie Gurrola Yvonne Guzman Linda Haase Laura Harbert Philip Hardison Ivan Harkey Bob Harwood Don Henderson David Hernandez Kristine Holmes Gary Hood Claude Hubbel Jovita Hummell Peter Huscher H4 Sophomorcs Keep the faith Ianet Hutchins Scott Hutchins Kurt Ingalls Tom Ingalls Karen Johnson Mike Johnson Kathy Jones Rene Kirby Mike Krska Pam LaCotts Abigail Landeros Fran Landeros Leslie Larson Lance Lassen Henry Lennarz Stephen Lewis Cindy Lovelace Robin McDermott Laurencine McElroy Veron McElroy' H5 John McKendry Steve McKeown Mike McMahan Adrian Martinez Ernie Magallon Miguel Manzano Socorro Manzano Memo Martinez Frank Michel Sheryl Miller JoAnne Mitchell Susan Mitchell Debbie Morales Chuck Moser lim Myers Kenny Mynatt Greg Nunez David Ortiz Joe Owens Julie Padilla Susan Palmer C-riselda Parra Judi Parrish Janice Pedersen Amy Percy , E f' if f E2 ua 51 4 'ts , Q ki M , T' 4 V t ' r HQ V 'RQ 134 we J' 1 'fb n 'I af EV Jia L"' V , .,. ,A ' iilzff z ' ,f .9 ff Q. if 5 f . : , - if 7, , , fiom , ,,,z V, V,,l. gg ll, s uf W. "" ' www Rf 1. af' If T-- "Y.r . '- ez fi ' Jim Perc .fii1.! Y ,ff " 1 my tg 21 ,fa . f ,. . 369553185 Steve Pfister V MJ , . , Anna Piercy I 1' E, A' W . V 15,2 ff ,... , P Lonnie Ponce I I 'iff i Raul Ponce M Tim Posadas Victor Posadas 'P M Martha Pulido 'c" P Ed Purves Bill Putman Danny Ramirez R Diane Ramirez , ' j Kathy Ramirez ,. Rose Marie Rangel Jerry Real Paul Real Jennifer Reed Bill Reid - it ff " Robert Reid 9 7 , L 117 Eddle Reyes Susan Reynolds Jose Rlvas Carol Roblnson Irma Romero Raquel Sanchez Gurllermo Sanchez Lort Schnerder Rlchard Sergler Hector Slerra Edward Smlth Ph11 Steh'1y Charles Storey Barbara Struthers Crrselda Sumaran Hector Tarango Peggy Tepezano Joe Trrado Grace Torres Paula Torres Rudalfo Torrez Rosle Tovar Ralph Toyooka Maurrce Travelstead Debble Turk H8 at Wim hw Q ix it Wim F'i?5"7"'.39fg5-xvw j Nw. If Sophomorm s Get away from lt all wk Ol- hahah 2.4 wet' 4' Bl '37 L. a'P""y l ,wry 'W '5 W EL ts L qi P , . I I A , , , 27 ' na I V r , , - -',t -. - I , ' v' , ' Ah' rf: A ,, ' I 241 5 5 r 4- 4' ' ' I- ' ' 'R" ' 6 fi rf' V . ' 'ff 'U 1 ,i 14574 ' 1" Aff- Qxffik-.'ffTf. t 5. rf .. , . as Y. ,' if 3'..'..c 'v."""."ir f - ura- ' . - fi . . Q. , V ,,a., f 4 ' iss , A Q: f I :Q :iff ZH Y ' Ufgf, 5 A X ' - ?g1QE,Qv can + fm R A 5 f X of fi - -W 1 Q, , lr A "" A at . R 7 ? f"f'N I V M 'fnfz I 'Wifi ff. G if ,W 2 Q W my - J . R , J- . ' A atr' R Ni Q N A " . 2 V I I' I Q , -,ff fm A r'fwff 21 p S.. +2" ' " 6' -fs! ' - 'few V it , , ri :tif - " .A 1 ' dxf? -' ' . 51.71 ' ii .E . : , . 4 v V Z "' QA! ' . T75 Q -' ., a ' ,L.. 2 ,flg51!l.tffW 5f'H fW't,. gr, f. s is. 5, :'7l:551i33i?2 'f-if Q"'t-il-Y , .tilts-,1:: ,f:x T hz t x tw- if R- AJ., GHRF' tiff , ., , ,. ., .N,., ,ws was tg ?w 'wi f X H' ' - "Et: 3 3252-'i., SLE' +1 at-1. . , .- on mat, J - Tim Tyson Barbara Unrine Ricky Van de Mheen Randy Van Noy Manuel Vargas Arcelia Vasquez Robert Vest Virginia Villaseior Anita Villasana John Wade Gene Walker Robert Williams Pat Wolf Denise Woods Jessica Wren Denise Wright NOT PICTURED Guadalupe Arias Josefina Arias Julian Arias Ralph Babcock Alejandro Barajas Obdulia Barragan Crystal Brockus David Burson Macario Bravo Pedro Caballero Charlotte Clark Andy Collins Jennie Ellis Corina Enriquez Jose Enriquez Gloria Escoto Glenn Fisk Mariano Galvez Esteban Garcia John Gonzales Jackie Hawkins Luis Huerta Leticia Jimenez Herlinda Lozano Estela Negrete Mike Pillado Consuelo Reyes Hortencia Reyes Abe Shepherd John Spencer Katie Stockton Kevin Taylor Albert Torres Maria Tovar 119 xiififfii af ,fp fb sifflfif fi Juniors Next in line I 120 ,q,,,,.m,,,,K,,,,,,,:.1.,,,,,,,,,.r,,,,.X X... .,t.,,t..,s..,,.J,,,,fW,..l.1,,,,,,,,,-5-m.wQtt ,.,,,,. , ..,s,,r,.wW,,f-,X-,wt..,,,,. ,,X,W7X .t,.sm.g:a.wWwsf.-tf.amn During my year as president of the Junior Class, I have seen more and more involvement of my fellow classmates. The Class of '74 has again shown the spirit and enthusiasm of our Homecoming float, our fund raising activities and especially, the success of the lunior-Senior Prom. The year was an active one and I was truly confident of the organization and participation with which the class worked. I would like to thank Mr. Cook for his advice and support and look ahead to our Senior year. Keith Gurrola Class President ABOVE: Vice-President Cheryl Dimitt reflects happy thoughts. ABOVE LEFT: Advisor Howard Cook and Pres. Keith Gurrola consider plans for the Junior-Senior Prom. LEFT: Treasurer Pat Balden and Secretary Donna Cassidy demonstrate their enthusiasm. it 5 QW! Y' is C ' f ' - f B 14 I .af Y mira? 5 A 5, x if ig! A -at .A sa? Delena Acosta Chris Aguirre Doug Amrhine Cathy Antonsen Russell Arnold Rosemary Avila John Baehr Pat Balden Bev Ballard Lori Barlow Marjie Barrels Alan Beall Melodie Beck Kathleen Berrington Noreen Berrington Jim Bottomley Grey Brothers Jose Camarillo Becky Cantrell Georgia Carpenter Ray Carrillo Gabriel Casas Donna Cassidy Lupe Cervantez Phillip Cervantez Cedric Chatterley Mary Ann Chaveste Teresa Cole Andy Collins Kay Collins John Cook Richard Council Debbie Crawford Josephine Curiel Jeff Dann Jim Davis Alex DeLaRosa Tim DeLorto Ramiro Diaz Cheryl Dimitt 122 Look to the future 24:55 ,. . 1 , rg? V X i ' .... 1 0 - - 'r Q :vi ix .. ,fx ' ' ' siR'ii, Q l , - v ali H1 , mv GP 3 ij ,Mm M, 5 af .X O .x not ,,.W only . X M B. 4, 4'5"??3 Q QSM' 7 .' if 'Mir YH' i wi 132 fi" VM i"v ?. fMfl r,.,w'z1rf-"f:',:f if 1. , H V 4, gr ,, ,,-N Q, . ' 'L Nw s , .FNS l, 2, if., , - ,u,1f . jg 6 , 1. 3 fn 'mg ,wma r af, 'was ,w" lif, "'f""-ww . W! ,T?,, Q. M, . . 1 1' k 1 - xx 4 I . ff , v "" ll :: 2 1- W' Q ' X J Y? 1, -F-P "mf a.i'Ai ' Wk je ngrygrggf ,. i . '1"i?f2ff 'ei 315. ff ,, liwlfw' gist Sim! .., wp' .L Delena Dominguez Joe Diaz Karen Engelhardt Felipe Enriquez Mark Epperheimer Tony Espinoza Paul Foiles David Foley John Fredrick Denise Freeman Eugene Garcia Russell Garcia Cathy Garnica Debbie Gonzales Isabel Gonzalez Rita Gonzales Gene Goodenough Sandra Griffin Eric Grove Diana Guevara Armando Gurrola Gloria Gurrola Keith Gurrola Patty Gurrola Richard Guzman Bob Haase Jeff Hackney Matt Haeber Buddy Harrold Todd Hawley Betty Heilman John Hernandez Juniors Give their suppoi is H 'M 2. G ,- mm M 1,15 WGN J' ff in - f W 1 , 7 W' . . V . 'V I ' . -" , ' . ' -V L , W WW ,K-ff " , .f f? 5gf5o 'mem Q Aw- .fag ,Fi-1-,1 12- --,.2,f ,fx md- V ' , Eff for ff,,:fxft'ff?E?,.Ef"'i??'2f" M- ,A ':gf1?q,sgs-. '11, 'F 42' .. W . "W, iw - 'C r " '.Zm"'- " whit 'jiix f V -1: he 391' - N ', ' ' Ag.: fi xijgiygfmg r ,f in 3.1 , K 'ifittrffagg ,,,, 1 ' X 'if :fa ,ET Zi 2.5 W 5. , 3231 Ii : ' ,r e, any Ja ,Fiji -.,, A-,af Elda Herrera Jim Hines Dana Hinkle Richard Hinojosa Jeanne Holley Steve Hood Monty Houchin Eric Hutchins Dean Jackson Kevin Jones Jeff King Bob King Rene Klein Gloria Kreis Nadra Legan Isabel Lopez Arthur Lugo Knox Long Chris McDermott Bobby McLain Robert Mackey Sherilyn Martin Barbara Mayhew 5 V V , mg ,111 s in Mai a V ' ' 5 A 4 Juniors Are individuals 1n then' own 1 3 ef! 4 My aiy by ,g-gnnnnll' ,--nsuulnv :"i'H. "'f2 A ,, H , VU 1 "' if . ,L,r.,,,, , ,V I ar .,..g.- V l 1. 5. . 1' , i . 4 - V, - : ',,- Q.. ,Q- ' . . - ' , . at. if 1 , ' 7. ,-e W" 'qv V Y S :Wax t li? e 3 'mmm ., , Q - 4. e ,L t '55 " " :af . - ' .1 gf V- '-.ez ,- ,Same-, 1' x"'f :isa f , . 5- a w r: - H- tw : are-131-' .f I-3, Alex Mendez Martha Michel Carol Miller Ray Morales Joy Mosbarger Peter Munoz Susan Munoz Holly Noel Mike Ortega Joe Ortiz David Ospenson Richard Owens Robert Owens Tom Palazzi Jim Perkins David Pettis Arthur Ponce Roland Ponce Becky Real Robin Rees J u n i ors Being themselves Ruben Reyes Sherry Richter Jessica Rivera Jessie Rivera Vicki Robbins Debbie Roberts Laurie Robison Annie Romero Ben Romero Dan Rutledge Gayle Ryan Liz Saldino Richard Sanchez Sam Sanchez Sandra Sanchez Ampelia Sandoval Mark Shiells i 5? 'Ar t 'sf as jp.. jj M 9. 'L,'iLLW, Q , 4 ,."-- 1- f -2-, :T pit 1: Ef k -f21f75?E Qt , ,, .,,V i iz E ji 4 f W9 if? :., -if ,.1, ,' I if? M Ez Z - ,iz i ,,,5 il ' 5 . Q v? Y " J 9 1 J' i 5 4 .. ff ,.., J, ., , ,ft ., ,A , , , . 33. , l h . , ,, ,, V , , , my E A,0-,,,.-1-Q. ,ez T ,Q at Y' " P -,fa 1 , ' ,W 5'g5ij'wr ,fffflggsfiwzin , 'v X 'E ar, 4 at it - AH, isa at . 1 f , '35 it i H ff if i , ' 1 119 I iff is ,E L 83 m153"w'EQfa: It are if was-ru il, A W A Y' si 4 A 'A -gre., 1, n :fr f it V I K ' , L 4 " NOT PICTURED Genevieve Alcozar Rocky Ellis Eric Mynatt Joni Amey Rose Marie Garcia Robert Otis Cathy Antonsen Adolfo Huerta Robert Popp Rock Bradbury Hank Ilhareguy Cathy Stuthers Irma Bravo Sandra Ortega Henry Taft Karen Carrell Martha Melgoza Angela Simpson Barbara Sparrow Jim Stehly Mark Stethem Bill Silva Bruce Taylor Natalie Taylor Pam Taylor Sylvia Tello Terrie Tipps Mike Tucker Ernie Vasquez Macario Vasquez Daralyn Vest Rosa Villalobos Mike Walsh Amanda Walters Mike Williams Peggy Wilson Phillip Wright Ishmael Vasquez Seniors Watch the Year Go by We, the class of '73, are at the end of four years of work, fun, and hardships. But the hardest part of our lives is still before us, and we hope that these past four years will be of use as we progress forward into the life ahead. Fillmore High will not be easily forgotten, and the memories it holds for us will long be remembered. Farewell from the class of "73. Darryl Goodenough Senior Class President ABOVE: Vice-President Ginny Morris gets ready to go to work. ABOVE LEFT: President Darryl Goodenough and Advisor Charlie Mozley turn away from the bulletin board, inspired. LEFT: Secretary Iaymee Barlow and Treasurer Vicki Van de Mheen try to pick out the senior movie. Tim Aguirre Maria Alday Hilda Alverdi David Arias Carol Arnold Armando Arroyo Christina Asenas Phillip Avila Jaymee Barlow David Barragan Melinda Barrow Sally Bartels Seniors Get the Rowdies Susan Genfield Kenny Bishop Scott Blaylock Tim Borrego 132 Marie Bowersox Kathy Brisby Sandy Brockus Frank Cabral Pablo Camarillo Barbara Cardona Phyllis Cervantez Jack Chaveste Bruce Cook Herman Cortez Mike Council Kimberly Creed Audrey Culver Cherie Dann Jennifer Davis Pam Davis Dan DeLo1'to Juanita Diaz Seniors Breaking Through Melvin Dubay Annie Enriquez Joe Escoto Linda ESCOIO Candy Duley Steve Duley Seniors Leave the Bounds of Home . I ' "Qi 1 Y f5".'f5:.. f , ,W . .fegfifefjw 1, -,A 5 ff f , .f,,gwWW I2 1 - N ,. f e B me Aff -L" if -ee , 9 U V Mary Ellen Faulds Sandra Fencl Dale Fildes Mario Garcia Ray Garcia Mike Garner Lum Giles Paul Glanville 136 Harvey Gonzales Darryl Goodenough Gail Grennier Tim Grove Robert Guevara Rudy Guevara 137 Becky Guinn Jill Gunter Anna Gurrola Greg Gurrola Robert Hansen Seniors Individuals in Time Mike Harbert Gary Hart Iacky Harte: Steve Hartung Chris Hobson . 'H V ,?7C?iEQiE?w.aQ ' '--- . J, - Buddy Gary Hunt Mark Hunter Lesley Jones Scott Johnson Seniors Through a Elisabeth Iuliard Hank Ilhareguy Keith Klein Julie King Gina Koch Mary Lara Ronn Lentz Mary Katherine Littman Frank Lugo 141 Joe Lydick Donna Mackey Eddie Mackey Melodie Marden Vincent Martinez Seniors Strive to Be Free Rosalia Meza Tim Moore Ginny Morris Greg Myers Richard Myers Per Neilson Vicki Nelson Delia Olsen Harold Olsen Felipe Ortiz Linda Ortiz Peter Ortiz Kenny Ospenson Janet Palmer Darla Peters Richard Ponce Alice Powell Frank Pulido Lucy Quezada Rosie Real Ian Reeder Seniors Think It Over Dan Roatcap Susan Romero Alan Satterfield David Shaffer Evan Shipp Seniors Take It Easy Eileen Singer Mark Stevens Ray Tafoya David Taskey Greg Taylor Janie Taylor Lynette Thompson Rosemary Thompson Jill Topping Margaret Torres David Tripp Daisy Unrine 148 Seniors Jam for It Carol Urrea Vicki Van de Mheen Lynn Van Noy Enedina Vasquez Fernando Vasquez Stanley Vedder Stella Villasana Becky Villasenor Jeff Ward Steve Wilbanks Seniors Rah, Rah! Kim Williams Carlos Zuniga NOT PICTURED Maria Alcantara John Alcoser Kevin Cross Frances Enriquez Ricky Ferrer Robert Hayes Jose Jimenez Greg Murray Gary Smith FRIENDLIEST Dalsy Unnne Frank Pulldo ROWDIEST Kena Asenas T1m Moore MOST TALKATIVE Kenny Ospenson Julie King Senior Personalities Blow Their Minds CRAZIEST Tim Aguirre Gail Grennier BIGGEST FLIRTS Jill Topping Scott Blaylock MOST BASHFUL Audrey Culver Greg Murray Senier Personalities D0 Their Own Thing MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC ' Ginny Morris Danny DeLorto l....-.annne rmsfi ' BEST DRESSED Carol Urrea Greg Gurrola Senior Personalities Hang in There MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kimberley Creed Jeff Ward MOST SPIRITED Janet Palmer Mark Hunter MOST ATHLETIC Chris Hobson Marie Bowersox Elisabeth and Per Add a foreign flair When I applied for AFS, I expected a year abroad would be an enriching experience and it is great. First, I had to get used to this hot weather - I come from the Alps in France with high mountains - so to discover golden California was quite a change. Another enjoyable adjustment was meeting, and getting used to, all of you welcoming people of Fillmore. Fillmore High School means a lot to me. I think the system is very good because it allows the students to participate in making decisions. I enjoyed very much all the activities, such as working on the Homecoming float, the Christmas pageant and going to all the football and basketball games. Although many people say Fillmore has no school spirit, I think the athletics create real school spirit, at least compared to my school in France. I was very happy to share new family relationships and new friendships. I know it will be very difficult to leave all of you - I'll miss you very much. My name is Per Nielsen and I was one of the AFS students for '72-'73, from Denmark, in this school. I do not get credit for this year when I go home, but I do not think I have lost anything because this has been a very big experience for me. When I go home, I will continue in the eleventh grade, and after three years, I can go to the university, so I still have a long way to go. I have had a very good year here, where I met a lot of people. Many asked me if I would prefer Denmark or the United States to live in. The answer is: I am a Dane and will always be. It was very interesting to see the difference between Denmark and the USA. It was not what I had expected. I have, of course, seen only a very small piece of the USA, but I liked it here. I will never forget this year. sl . N , f 5 1:5122 if w.f391H:Q,,: ' 521 + f ' 5 t R J f 1 gf fr, ft ff M' f sm-www: -wma 1-rag 4 dr -filmlimi,Hwnliilfuwfsfsl u,f,:,w-Limmyfi-mfmiaigvvfhzgs xitVx??nLwrT'I"'AH:935l, 4LfU'Ta'+Elf55HFHMM-iJi1fHJd?!fL' tydafrhufgzfbeaflbmw 113 aninwwm. to :tw wrwvmnwt -1.-.wfcyq L , ffmepma fa mm ,mg--mira. im?,,,,,-wn'.i1?,.:,qwWwsv::mwn-fwfganriw14wt,"vUaqf'21:g4f1fry1lv? temp M -WfmwfftssMmgqfmzvw wvmwnsaam v - - fl? Jfffif-932:91ZMWEWI ww fm-H Q1 ll ff rw-miwfif' new-'31 W2'Adampswg'm,awMsDt14rwlcwnwvknrfwwv-ifvpHGLQ1Fwg:L1:HWGt'2HivW2,iabwDf1e5?aa'W' WHBWEQ5 ,f 'UM M +f4g1:vnav,a ,ff it W, M., K N, H nm . U . 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GQ' to SEO.-1 Idfiiilill tty,cd rttv .,,a , r v r ' fun fin hersenior T 4 1 a .,.yy-h f VJ,', t'tf mLQf.fw r y y r year. r 11 .o,f E become tath I' Hf?Im1e'h'e1W?ed.?F ?mqVY0?e??tf1r4'ia eetct 1 t -thtd y n ot dy't: I,eM1chae1iCounc11, leave wlth what I't1eamgdry5ynl fyytyy Q Apypf J pyyq nothing t tta ey tv dt tetve t et hte'v t It,t Kimber1ey4yCreed:,cleavefillfmoyreetHighff1jf yvdtt tfp i p t'f,5gi153t,1 1 dytd l htyyey ASchool-rwonderingywhyrl ever rrrt w enttherey inthe I2 tggioyeiqaibevffi eyrta I 'W tert f Y yaryy ' t'rd edea y - Q triht he eteyd A edte iv ernya' t M L, E11'!ilg 'zawSH2:vGmvg'vLf?lTwf",3'VQ fin -gffmqmrciiw, , fliwvfiwggxrepfeixqifiillfll K ,,,w:,wA my-w.u2:w.fmwem :fafwiy:w'h'1Mh "V Mx "Yw - ',4Q J W W ' f--fN gA N SA 1 J M 5213? f,QUS'2f2ifC!iH1 iQ'1s1EiH?+IE EW 'aw' 1h', Q ,!,. !-'- wwsuswif-12 "", El 1'WW?-ff'fW"f'J'f' WWW rwwffwhw' 2 ""'P+E3fQ wif 'wq,sQw?f-yqswikkw 534'WEQ,a'iJf'5F'353EiW'iirnkiiwvrfVikg-W!'? 11lglwmimwyg,n,m,v1gAm1,,v-Awww' walfMwwwuGLi:sftm,z mfngeq Y V 2 J J.'ww,5fv1i,mxg,avE.,lim',fwf,Lv,a,-9953,,mvwcf4:5w'g ,,,,,,,!,,,,..y ,w,.g,1,f,,N, ,Cm Vw., .W,,, ,. 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V Qzflfvg:avQchx9aaamSH1f and 1fa,nr2fSr1Q.w a1hlwC ablllfy mmerf+ 'J , , . V. V ' f1,' Q :" ' ' 3 f' --" 'f',, M . 1 f giffijgii , . 1ff Ki1ff1i William?I W' 1e'3Yi'm31e121236in 'fI0H1i fiif,li1:ii l ' J fqeterqggi135,5951?i1 1i1fiore1,:HighjwifliTfig' room 12151 1gQ3 gaI I rh6 poor'suckgfQpg!513af1fQ1 16w g Q, 1?5, ' Will ??f11?111bef Wgcflie Qf '19 Willf 16-f1v 2'ZfhiSLS ChQ0l l Wiiff 2 H1 13 V MelviH1 Dvb2urQ 1eave'41,big CwQ1 fQ1f5 C A lA, 9 HdHC11iP 4 lem. in f Hm'fYW f f ' , ,, -,f, gf, iq: I VLVMFA, hw fx ,Z In JJ' ,V 1 f ,Ev nf, 1 H, Q PM 4' f Student Council and Cheerleaders lnsures performance through diligence M5 it Ea! ,,r,, , t f-, I ' E ' , -, ,155E,EE:5i,3g:i'-i s . e t ay -Emi:.:,f 1,5 . FZRFF ..,5bzk if E Q -fer -Q I ,,,, ff? f:- 151 1 5 , .. . k Rf-' 5. ' ff' ,, , . I A , , rere 1 . " ' I ' - 1 ' K I ,,,. g 3 3 ,. ,,,. 'Q - - TOP FAR LEFT: SEVENTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES: Annette Arroyo, Tami Chessani, Kim Laird. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Donna Gregory, Nelson Rollo, Kelly Turk, Andy Arias, Donna Palacio, Jeanie Collins. BOTTOM LEFT: STUDENT COUNCIL: Leigh Grofsema, President: Patty Haase, Vice- Presidentg Ricky Stewart, Secretary: Chad Jones, Treasurer: Bill Hayes, Entertainment Chairman: Mike Kitchens, Advertisement Chairman. TOP RIGHT: CHEERLEADERS: Debbie Allen, Lola Amey, Patty Dann, Susie Heilman. CENTER RIGHT: Patty Dann and Debbie Allen warm up while Susie Heilman RIGHT: "does her thing! v Orchestra and Band Catalyze sound and Sens C TOP LEFT: Rosa Aparicio, Diane Barrow, Janet Le Bard, Rick Hurt, Melissa Beck, Miguel Martinez, Mike Jones, Annette Arroyo, David Romero, Rick Stewart. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Catalano, Band and Orchestra instructor, gets the troops in line TOP RIGHT: FLUTES: Joy Herrill, Lisa Hansen, Lynn Yule, Laurie Foster, Kathy Haase, Barbara Wilber. CLARINETS: Lani Kay Ybarra, Cecilia Deskins, Cathy Putman, Jim Swanson, Dennis Schipper, Mary Ann Seigler, Frieda Garcia, Joyce Ponce, Cheryl Zornes, Christine Yzaguirre. BASS CLARINET: Mike Tello. ALTO SAX: John DeLaRosa, Steve Acosta, Ernest Gonzales, Kelly Turk, Billy Wright. TRUMPETS: Steve Roberts, Don Brady, Billy Yount, Jeff Lowe, Mike Ybarra, Karen Avila. FRENCH HORN: Nancy Hill. TROMBONE: Brian Stetham, Chuck Hackney, Dan Hines, Jeff Betts, Jim Arias. TUBA: Andy Arias. PERCUSSION: Greg Ramirez, Ray Ponce, Lonnie Thompson, Vince Fisk, Sherrie Brantley, Karen Wilbanks, Carl Johnson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Orchestra members prepare for an important concert. E r l Honor Society: RIGHT: Thea Altman, Rosa Aparicio, Kim Barden, Diane Barrow, Christine Berrington, Donna Chaney, Terri Carpenter, Karen Faulds, Randy Franks, Donna Gregory, Kathy Gregory, Patty Haase, Lisa Hansen, Joan Harper, Nancy Hill, Janice Hummel, Rick Hunt, Chad Jones, David Lassen, Janet LeBard, Alphonse Lennaz, Helen Littman, Peter Meyers, Cynthia Murphy, Catherine Percy, Greg Ramires, Leslie Robertson, Nelson Rollo, Paul Schiller, Mary Ann Seigler, Rick Stewart, James Swanson, Elsa Vasquez, Elissa Victoria, Barbara Wilber, Janice Wilkey, Billy Wyche, Cheryl Zornes.Chorus: BOTTOM: Myra Vedder, Karen Kreis, Susie Heilman, Lora Ann Halter, Lori Smith. Starla Norwood, Ann Woods, Holly Michel, Nancy Gongolas, Chris Berrington, Tody Singerland, Karen Christiansen, Cheryl Zornes, Jana Stepp, Barbara Wilber, Carolyn Self, Annette Burgett, Windy Faulkner, Alana Kay Ybarra, Lori Foster, Valerie Freeman, Janice Humble, Melissa Ramirez, Laura Gonzales, Patricia Urrea, Rose Gonzales, Bobby Hodge, Alan Storey, Robert Cervantes, Janette Hayton, Jan Ilhareguy. 166 Junior High Chorus, Honor Society Keep on Smiling S i 6 I Once upon a time in the village of Fillmore there was a prison by the name of Fillmore Junior High. Warden Sullivan was always having trouble with fights in the parking lot. Ctopj Hey, is Patty picking a fight with Joey? Maybe these boys did benefit from all those trips to the library. Obviously they read The Great Escape. Good luck guys! Cbelowj Officer Bigham was constantly complaining about the extracurricular activities on "okie hill." C'mon guys give him a break. Ccenterj Through the tears and years Warden Sullivan has managed to keep everything under control. We salute you! 167 7th Grade Takes a breath Q I would like to think that the class of '78 is exceptional. Exceptional in what, I don't know yet. Hopefully we will be remembered for something great like our amount of enthusiasm, goodwill, humor and spirit. Donna Gregory Class President ABOVE LEFT: Pres. Donna Gregory discusses the year's plans with Mr. Sullivan. ABOVE: Vice-President Nelson Rollo looks handsome. LEFT: Kelly Turk keeps busy on the phone. .V diffs. 5 I 5-"ffl t f 1 , a if rl X flu' at fr fi me ' 'f ' t, A tynrt ' 1 Iv yntn 5.. , gf' ,,. ' A 'Q ' -f, P 1 rf ' . , - if f 4 Hr' ' :tg,,aaf r ,gr nits, A y ,. , X, r g ' A , , rf W e W '77 N' 1 re f , ef rl, 'C . .C .W t,".,f: ffffsisjrlq 'W' rj K MF? ul .ilvv ' 'Ulf' ' VNV , , , ,. , J . .vs w s, 3' L' W . 'if' K 4 q ii' r Y' Afiivf MP W ,ggi ti! N vs - Wig, ,, v - : A K l N: in X -sv A26 ew f, v r ' wir X fa 1 . 4,- ' wif'- qt t fa " 0:fI"'.' 4 af t frrgflzgt 2. ,wp vhs,-1 .,-,-1 M t, ., Ig, 1 we f Hg re. ,,,, K " M M K A A Q' J 'ik 1 7 N f ilffv' A apr Qt V V X' I, W V , A T '4 L-A , 10' 'W is. 2 -- -0 1 's'Q Y 1 ii' if' 5. W-L' A 'Y ,, is' L 4 C 1 H Ok w QU S. , 1 fa fir: - 1 K! " - -:,',. rw--:1., -4 W ,. as q 22b1 in Q' 3 rl an U hy' 4' ti it ,K at 1Z. ,, as M , Richard Aguirre Greg Alcozar Tina Allen Israel Almazan James Arias Annette Arroyo Esmeralda Avila Mary Avila Mary Lou Avila Jeff Bales Joe Barajas Lupe Barajas Keith Barrow Richard Beall Melissa Beck Shirley Bennet Mike Berdahl Jeff Betts Kathy Bishop Norman Bispo Donald Brady Sherri Brantley Antonio Bravo Carmen Bravo Annette Burgett Nancy Caldwell Mary Jo Campos Jo Ann Cardona Teri Carpenter Adrian Carter Victor Casas Larry Cassidy Charles Castro Greg Cervantez Robert Cervantez Donna Chaney Alfred Chaveste Carolyn Chaveste Adrian Chavez Tami Chessani Karen Christiansen Mary Cole Pam Coleman David Conaway John Conroy Debbie Cosper Eleanor Curtis Tom Dann Tony De Alejandro Bret Dempsey Mike Deramo Rainie Douglas Duane Durham Gina Erickson Brenda Feeny Lori Ferguson 169 Robert Flores Gary Fisher Glen Foster Lori Foster Randy Pranks Kenneth French Darin Galarza Richard Garcia Vickie Garner Debbie Garnica Angela Gilaspy Clinton Gilmer Valerie Golson Ernie Gonzales Rosa Gonzalez Danny Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Rudy Gonzalez Jackie Grant Donna Gregory 7th Grade Takes time out t 'i"'i i A Q iqx Mary Grimes Julie Guevara Amando Gutierrez Sylvia Guzman Cathy Haase Mike Haase Chuck Hackney Robert Halcon Stella Halcon Perry Hall Lisa Hansen Lori Hansen Sherry Harkey Lee Harrold Kathy Hathaway Jill Hawley Jeanette Hayton Frank Hernandez Richard Hernandez Sylvia Hernandez Milton Hill Dan Hines Bobby Hodge Joyce Holt Beatrice Huerta Janice Hummel Rick Hunt Jan Ilhareguy Javier Jimenez Kelly Johnson Bobby Jones Michael Jones 171 Mike King Keith Kinsey Ricky Kutback Sabina LaCotts Kim Laird Leith Leach Ronald Lee Mike Legan Francis Leanarz Joe Lyarrago Lang Langoria Martha Lopez Benny Lavato Jeff Lowe Ben Lyons Kenneth Mackey Ozzie Martinez Cathy Maynard Kari McDermott Pamela Medina Ann M ers Jeff Mitchell Cameron Mitchell Enrique Morales Becky Morales Kenneth Moser Scott Murphy John Nelson influences Mein Starla Norwood Judy Ortiz Mike Owens Joseph Palacio Noel Palacio Martie Palmateer Ann Pennington Bryan Pierce Lizzy Pillado Shirley Pinion Hope Ponce John Ponce Joyce Ponce Ruben Pool 173 Ralph Pulido Melisa Ramirez Robert Ramirez Tommy Real Esther Recendez John Reeder Eleanor Reyes Olga Reyes Lisa Robertson Roberta Robinson Francis Robles Nelson Rollo David Romero David Rosas Arnoldo Salazar Gino Salinas Maria Serna Henry Silva Lori Smith Sherry Snyder Mike Standridge Juana Stepp Alan Storey Ted Swearingin Cindy Tello Raul Tello 7th Grade Han S W W fi sf fre' 4 n R aw 4 My vials 1 'ig 'KE 5:77 f ! .VM M U! Q ' ' P i' ' w 'f' at y L a NOT PICTURED Steve Acosta Silvia Arias Mary Alice Barrios Karen Bennett James Edward Brewer Paul Conley David DeWitt Gina Downs Jose Elizondo Esther Escoto Vince Fisk Maria Flores Luis Galvez Leticia Gonzalez Vanessa Graham Karl Hughes George Jimenez Tracy Kluth Naomi Kruger Raymond Lynch Miguel Martinez Peter Paul Ponce Pablo Reyes Cheryl Schneider Daniel Schreffler Carolyn Self Virgil Shackelford Sarah Swandon Adrian Velasco Donna Sue Viscioni Martin Zuniga Lonnie Thompson David Torres Sheryl Torres Silvia Torres Betty Tucker Kelly Turk Pat Urrea Martha Vasquez Sally Vasquez Elisa Victoria Debbie Villalobos Karen Wilbanks Barbara Wilks Janis Wilkey Peggy Wooten Steve Wright Billy Wright Billy Wyche Mike Y arra Christina Yzoguire Richard Zavala Cheryl Zornes Ioe Zuniga 175 8th Grade Gefs down. to basi CS y , ,,.. N s ? These last years I feel that the class of '77 has learned the responsibilities that there are to be met as we grow up in this world. We've prepared to meet the problems that we are going to have to face. We would like to thank Mr. Bigham, Mr. Sullivan, and teachers for their help in our work. Eighth Grade President Andy Arias TOP LEFT: Work stacks up on Vice- Pres. Donna Palacio. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Bigham commands as Pres. Arias dutifully obeys. BOTTOM LEFT: Sec. Jeanne Collins types her way to happiness. Carol Aguilar Tami Akers Debbie Allen Thea Altman George Alvary Lola Amey Rosa Aparicio Andy Arias Toney Avila Danny Avila Karin Avila Margie Avila Denna Bama Donna Bama Maria Barajas Kim Barden Diane Barrow Lisa Benfield Lynn Benson Christine Berrington Rosana Binger Starla Binger Gail Brazeal Debra Burson Francis Bustos Maria Camarillo Maria Cervantes Bill Cardona Cecilia Chaveste Janeen Collins Casey Cook Gabriel Corral Isabel Corral Robert Cox Gino Cuellar Freda Culver Mike Dann Patty Dann Alicia DeLaRose Juan DeLaRose Frances Delgadillo Byne DeLorto Cecilia Deskins Rafael Diaz Alan Dorward Bill Edwards Terri Elkins Jackie Ellis Josephine Enriquez Doreen Escoto Lorenzo Escoto Louis Farrar Karen Faulds Wendy Faulkener Valarie Freeman Barbara Galvan 177 Freda Garcia Jeri Garcia Mark Garcia Noemi Garcia Tony Garcia Troy Garcia Victor Garcia Jim Garison Fred Gonzales Osar Gonzales Kathleen Gregory Kerry Grove Leigh Groefsema Craig Gummo Rachel Gutierrez Rudy Gutierrez Patty Haase Gary Hadley Lora Halter Joan Harper Brian Harter Bill Hayes Susan Heilman Liz Hernendez Raul Henandez 178 8th Grade Keep on , -K , N, was-2 r '55 8 J. LJJJ m f A , ., ? x v .Q L ., 5 1 1 I mm,' X 2 Q f 5 ,Q ,J 'yfff fiat l ' ,Lt 'QQ . 'ui f- grfh-Mizz r' L"L J ' - 6 'Lh' Joy Herrill Nancy Hill Mike Holley Kristie Howard Alejandra Jimenez Raquel Jimenez Alma Jones Chad Jones Carl Johnson Jeff Kelty Mary Kern Eddie Kingl Mike Kitc ens Karen Kreis August Kutback Greg Laird Chris Landeros David Lassen Mark League Sheri Leach Janet LeBard Alphose Lennarz Helen Littman John Lizarraja Ray Mel Lloyd Francisco Lopez Juana Lozano Stephanie Lyons Tammara Mackey Elisa Magallon Evelia Marzano Oralia Martinez Raul Medina Peter Meyers Holly Michael Cathy Miller David Moore Irene Morales Doug Moreno John Marin 179 Richard Movin Vicki Moser Teresa Munoz Cynthia Murphy Daniel Meece Oren Nelson David Ortega Fernando Ortiz Tony Ortiz Pat Owens Allen Padelford Donna Palacio Pat Palmateer Pat Parrish Catherine Percy Johnny Perez Stuart Pfester Raymond Ponce Cindy Prince David Prince Carlos Pulido Cathy Putman Rose Ann Qualls David Ramirez Greg Ramirez Maria Raya David Reeder Kirk Richter Frank Rivera Philip Roberts Steven Roberts Leslie Robertson Frank Rodriquez Liz Romero Lonnie Ruiz Aurora Salazar Daniel Saldino Lucy Santa Rosa Mike Saunders Paul Sgfqhiller Danny Sc ip er Donald Schietlier Scott Schrock Eric Schultz Sth Grade Breaks the rules 1 r y , ' my v Lv a 6 ? .. W .:. H' 1 iLV If 1? J V N af E4 J ,.V A ' Q " as .aa V 1 fri fn ,yl 5 Y fi J Q We X J Q , 42 J ,A, Sis W 6, ,ig Q Nh il I NOT PICTURED Maria Chavez Constance Clark Patricia Deramo Natalia Elizalde Felix Gonzalo Antio Garcia Jim Garison Junna Gonzalez Nancy Gonzalez Michael Mackey Maria Manzano Mark Maxwell Daniel Neece Joey Praeter Fred Redding Jovita Robles Romero Sanchez Swandon Jones Francisco Tovar Michael Woolley Cynthia Wooten Mary Ann Seigler Jody Slingerland Frank Silva Michael Sitton Mary Sparrow Marie Stehly Brian Stethem Richard Stewart Rhoda Mae Stockton Cynthia Stone Beatriz Tarango Jorge Tarango Olivia Ratango Michael Tello Mike Tinker Toledo Sebeston Wayne Torres Susan Turk Jerry Unrine Gary Van Noy Elsa Vasquez Miguel Vasquez Myra Vedder Patty Veramo Andres Villasenor William Walker Patrick Williams Patricia Wilson Ann Woods Lani Ray Ybarra David York Russell Young Billy Yount Lynn Yule Jesus Zuniga Advertlsements Named es hm IAN, up-ipanaherulmu 'Ki'Brotlag5,"l" Hymor 6' fury U11 l sm f0.QdllV6.S7'0Zi jormefy- 5, He a M s I, yas 'lifflf-as F Irnper the al Pu fhorerfvhe os l re "fn.ff4'I11lI, I 'e QI PP em u 'hi of p - 8 " 'WJ "' li? WW 'ss-l. W uPRO In S J Ib yn? en., ll G 'D a 7E th' RG ohh 50: Sup,M'C Wu IBO the as 1.,qf'sls ' owes B 'P .3,,j 'M uf," vwwi i1 fr I 5 o Una, U' M sq, -Vhe Ove ag L d Que a 11 otfleh gpfllld Ulbe ' "' 'nf' 1-Lf hen 7"' ' 'lf"b lf r 19 aol.-.,,. laelbuugrlgexlehffoe hazmat 09 lah, 8 es ,um bn ll lglggnf 11 A Canal.-ll P96151 Y lalldbme jI'lcll,l,,I,IQIj'-lelll ,, ,III :I ex lbs' me H Pageant pmemlll Nude Umlll-a h fllzd DU and lgh sc boyg gym lamhy in Md I' if lnn""""' B180 'L' I gfllltgkmluegifgcntgay, nngknmu 1 naal. ',?,,," bgdmlolm' gmmll Drum huopm If 7 hm' Ind ml' Yen I been inml-pw 'Numa narmnlo me one Fm' see 'fd by xa,.",Q'j pm... 'NYEHBER 1 1939 E, hange f 'lslruclorlgalgfd lF0rexgn XC im I wil Candldates Are 0 I I s , fs Nfw H X ' h"""'-in "'-2-If sq, V o H..,y.I I ,ba f S allslaedl Bl-llee Glmly an ouvgdmpgslnulfiv win uffound 0 and Nlalc Madsen ny and lntuBi- C O O Ind, mg Conn I I as posslnle pespollslhllltles G , lug " rein f llmales lrs lolledlnule Amend' o ,,, 'Or llllla, ' Inn, ' slll elll sol- Semee program- and: ielof Ce , I ull, ,we 'allqfh 5-'h.,, ' A ,ul ulnrnel- sll-e lo partlupste ,algal I . reman' . 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I , I .., Q 5 d . ' QI 0 lr A h, I li - I 5 , 5 - ' ' U, ' ' 'l , . , ' 'N . 'A ' r ,l -C ed I ' B e' v I ' ll. ,II nfl .,, .I' l,,,I ' ' . . , .I ll " f' 'X-lem I' ' l ' sl 'Fl 5 I . ' I fi ' . j ' " 1- lll,.,, ' I ll ,MI ' ll ' D. I. v - G . . ML I - . - ' "lv 4, I- ly, Ill.. l, I I I ' I I , . ' ' ' l 'I -' ' - Vllllll' l, I lle' - ,I ' ""fl' I 'C' ' ' P ' m ' ' - . Th de- . ' ' Bednhl. ' Il . ' 'A ' '. h"' --I ' MH" lf "'- 'rl' 'I' ' cl' ' ' A ' I ' if ll W ' l., I ' " I I ' -' ' ll- " ll-in " h - . 'ch '- I ' ' I ' . I ' - 'l 1' . " 'Hu ,,, Ill - ""llI I """ ' , d s - - l . ' ' ' -1 in - . ,f- ' ' "" llli A ' W. ' ....Z. fl -- """'if'-- 1 i s""" """"" " , I' ' ..l D...-. I- ' ' ls' ' I., .. . l..,. l ll-as - I 'I U - Q I ' K , . I , he . A I . I . I AI uw . . g I f-- ' ll - . I l .la - II- f I , , - . . ' ' 'Ial allowance. 'nl AFS , ' ' , . --l g'1'lll..I f" vlll,fQiT'I' l III "ml I' 3' Il.,I 'f . I l - - nm I l . -- ,- e A A Y--. ,I KIA' -- 'I' ls ll hz' lllllll.-.l.l..' ...ll.l,,, H' H' ' l I ' nd R ' ' V . I I A I ka' - 'll hrllp ill lllo fs 'ull lll::"'fI""'llll.4i"""""':l. h ' -. ' I I e- 1- a. ll I. Im. 1-el, ,II III-l ,IIIIII lll- .. l '-l.s... - .. . IIII Sf I ' -lv ' BI . ll - 'ue Bm . - ' ' E ' E ' l - , . 1 ll I- J Wm - -alll ' I d ' . -M., - . ll ' I " I , - I vs . s-."f2,LJr 43: . ' - Su ' K. ' A I ,I 1 - H A Q I' ' - -' ' lllal . 'I . ' l ' ' 'ef'-"I Gil- Ash: , UF - V I- -- l . - y t ,ll-l , - . US." A - l -N h I , V "'-4' -. l . l a ' 4-1-ll y l ll l ' I I ' I - ' . d I I , D . I . ""-Y - .. I -- ' "- In H ' ' 0 I I I .V . ' - ,, ' ' . V -- , ' . l , l W . I . .,n 'A l. ll. e I d l lll 'E P I -' I 2 I lf: I F 3- --. ' lla - ' F f-e-ll. -' l I ll , ' I 1 . I T ' , T , I l . . . . t . 0 . . Congralulaflons +o Class of 73 VEST ELECTRIC GENE WARRING Ollfleld es' en Conljmj+Io:.s Repair N ou. DISTRIBUTER I CommeFCIa F"'m0fe. Callf F P O Box zol lllmore,Callf 930I5 Offlce Phone Day Call l805l 524 3335 526 l222 Daly: veal O Nighl Call a wner 5 19 3 I , Y I 1 Home Phone l805I 524 2829 If Q Carl E, Myers B ll ro er 736 Ven'Iura Slree-I Fillmore, Calif. 9305 184 Like a good neighbor, S'Ia'I'e Farm is +here. JURL D. IJERRYI CAMP Agenf A 'I' - L'f - F' - H . U O I e Ire omeowners Member American Socie+y of Appraisers 5lI Sespe Ave. Fillmore, Calif. 930I5 Real Es+a+e lnves+men+s and Appraisers Bus. 524-0l9l Res. 525-5959 mn mu 533 Sespe Ave. 524-3622 Fillmore, Calif. Area Code 805 INSURANCS Larry Duns? Frank Duns'I CLOUGHS PHARMACY WAYNE FENCL Agen'r Au+o ' Fire ' 327 Cen+ral Ave. Fillmore, California 930I5 Phone 524-088 I 524-0426 BRIGGS HARDWARE Pain+ - Hardware - Appliances 445 Sespe Avenue Fillmore, California 930 I E Phone 524-0650 Life ' Truck ' Commercial Sherre E. Ballard 340 Cen+ral Ave. Fillmore, Calif. ABE'S HI-WAY MARKET BALLARD FURNITURE STORE Fresh Meafs - Produce - Beer - Hardware K. C. Sfewarf Fillmore, California l5I Venfura Sf. 524-I535 Fillmore, Calif. 93015 RGS- 500 Hume' D'- Phone 524- I 506 348 Cenfral Ave. Phone 524-0233 COAST SPORTS, INC. COAST ATHLETIC SUPPLY - complefe feam ouffifs - 7I0 Soufh A'Sfree'I' Oxnard California 93030 Ph. - 483-2I I I 'CHEF'S VENDORS, INC. Resfauranf and Insfifufional Supplies BANK OF AMERICA P. O. Box 42 I8 - 26 S. Salsipuedes S+. Sanfa Barbara, Calif. 93I03 Ph. l805I 965-4567 6r 966-3961 532 Sespe S+- 524-37" 6 Fillmore Branch Chris A. Lassen - Manager VARSITY DRIVE-IN Food +o Go Burgers - Tacos - MaI+s - Sundaes 7I8 Ven+ura S+. Fillmore, Calif. 930I5 Ph. - 524- I 752 Congra'I'uIa+ions'+o 'Ihe Class of '73' Good Iuclc 'Io 'I'he Seniors of l73l FILLMORE COFFEE SHOP Venfura S+. Fillmore, Calif. SCHERZINGER -fwemwu FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA Ph. 524-I I4I CompIe+e Home Furnishings AII fypes of Floor Covering CRAWFORD'S FU RNITU RE STORE Admiral Color Television and App. G.E. Re'Frigera'I'ors Washers RCA Color Televisions C. J. Crawford I805I 524-I 793 Res. 524-2543 345 Cenlral Ave. Fillmore, Calif. K. FILLMORE AMUSEMENT B. Rogers 524- I 060 ..,,m.....................M.. , SANITARY DAIRY Serving Fillmore - Sanla Paula Early Morning Delivery Milk and Milk Proclucls Old Telegraph Road Fillmore, California l E l COASTAL AG CHEM FILLMORE DRUG CO. Telephone 524-0 l 33 Orin Eberly Fillmore, Calif. 334 Cenfral Ave I54 E. Telegraph Rd. 524-2460 SPROUSE REITZ Open 7 Days 524-2844 VARIETY a Week C + lales Class L 81 K ongnlfu-73' AUTOMOTWE PARTS 363 Cen+ral Ave. Comple+e Aufomoiive Machine Shop Cus'I'om Engine Rebuilding Towing Welding Ken Can+well SIS Ven'I'ura Chuck Lewis Fillmore Tony Hernandez Calif. Fillmore, 'California L l 2 FILLMORE MOTORS, INC. 502 Ven+ura Sireel' Fillmore, California E. "Coco" Corral Phone: 524-O5I I Owner From Ven+ura: 647-7770 CAM PBELL'S AUTO REPAIR General Aulo Repair Business: 524-3683 Residence: 524-3242 409 Cen+ral Ave. Fillmore, Calif. Phone 524-0l65 930I5 Residence 524-3680 FILLMORE Gy--1" rf.. LUMBER CO. Briggs and S+ra'Hon 3 .mum 1 Specialis+s Engines If E Igni+ion . M69f16+0S 3 5 Carbure+ion Paml Ik Glass It Sales and Service 0 Brakes Aulo Glass "" W Tune-Ups FILLMORE AUTO ELECTRIC 4l5 Sar1+a Clara Sfreef 224 Cen+ral Avenue , phone 524-'obo W. A. Slepplel' . Charles E. Allred Wm. T. Walsh Fillmore. Calif- 524-0348 524-3798 l ARCO ATLANTIC RICHFIELD CO. Roberl' R. Kreis 707 Ven+ura Fillmore, Calif. 930I5 DEWEY THOMPSON AUTO SUPPLY 40I Ven+ura S+. Ph. - 524-08I I HER MAJESTY'S HOUSE OF STYLE 560 Sanfa Clara S+. 524-l724 Smdtd 4 Dfzeu Sdop 326 CENTRAL AVENUE f IX Fu.1.MoRE cAl.nFoRNlA 93015 MCCAMPBELL 8: COBB IR Pe+e McCampbell Au'l'o Lrfe Flre and Casualfy Phone 524 l424 Res 524 I749 444 Sespe S+ree+ Fillmore Calif VENTURA COUNTY FRUIT GROWERS INC Fillmore Calrfornla rWi 1'v In 'VUE P J S? f 4 fo f'--fl-' I- . .A'R G LAURA SMITH 18057 524-1231 . Il ll , . I I ELKINS RANCH GOLF COU RSE I836 Chambersburg Road Barsdale Office 524- I 78I Golf Course 524- I 440 525-3714 ' Na2"0'i?SIZ5Z AMYS HAIR sTYLisTs ' Ng D'L,1C,'22Q2 Thom McAn I30 Wes+. Main Tseigifgoigi San+a Paula GQ Minneiofgfi CIil1iC Your Nex'i Appoinimenf 33gH?ni2?fgIC9.Ve- W'ZIlffZEE1f5E?2 805-524-0555 HOSIW Day Da+e Time Fashion -k Fit -k Fair Prices Member: Nafional Ins+i+u'Ie of V Dry Cleaning "Le+'s Be CIo+I'1es Friends" HUTCHINS CLEANERS QuaIi+y Dry Cleaning Call For Free Pickup and Delivery 404 Cen'I'raI 524-07 I I I I ss I I I gs if RAMONASAWNGSAND LOAN 52 Currenl' Annual Savings Accounls Roberl E Lmvill Execuhve Vice Presldenl Ph 524 399l Fillmore Calif ...,... K, - ' il wir- 'mi 'Thai P. O. Box 635 196 Ss -'Fe' ' f'i' Q , , ...inuuiiiil an FILLMORE PIRU CITRUS ASSOCIATION FiIImore, Calif. 930I5 FILLMORE REALTY FILLMORE FLOWER 55B Ven+ura S'rree1' SHOP 524-2022 630 Sara+oga S+. Broke' Broker Fillmore' Calif. Imogene Ves+ Mary Nell Rice Res. 524-I876 Res. 524-27I0 Harold and Lois Robinson Phone 524-2747 I020 "B" S+ree'I Fillmore, CaIi'F. AMERON Ph. 524-0223 FORTIN PLASTICS INC. 28687 Golden SIa+e Hwy. Saugus, California Phone: 529- I 078 fi' 1 Congrafulahons 'Io Class of 73 WHITE S AUTO WRECKING 24 Hour Towing Bull Whlle Day Phone 524 2822 JONES BROS 8: SONS 534 Sanla Clara FILLMORE CAI.IF J POHIIEIC ,f '75fffw7 STANLEY O JONES Serwce Manager Phone 524-2121 RUDKIN MOTOR SERVICE 234 Mam S+ sos SANTA CLARA STREET Fillmore Calif FILLMORE CALIFORNIA 93015 FILLMORE 524 3311 W H RUDKIN SA TA PAuLA 525 9990 HOME 524 1628 A 81 W DRIVE IN Jerry Bra Veniura Fillmore Ca If Phone. 524 3577 W ' . If . I I l l gg Nighl PI1orIe: 524-2974 1 OWNER V 1 el' 605 I' . I Aufo Glass Window Glass Shower Doors Tub Enclosures FILLMORE GLASS 524-050l 4I0 Cenfral Ave., Fillmore, Calif. New Screens Mirrors, Pic+ures Rescreening Picfure Frames AGR XSERV Comple+e Growers Service I 349 Main S+ree+ P.O. Box I004 San+a Paula Homeli+e Trac+ors Chain Saws Equipmen+ Valley Forcl Trac+or 449 Ven+ura S+ree+ ' Fillmore, California Don Crawford Bus: 524-20I I Res: 525-7955 app: dfeaufg Salon 457 SESPE AVENUE FILLMORE, CALIF. 93015 TELEPHONE 524-3583 Congra+ula+ions +o 'rhe Seniors of '73 from bolh branches of Franlc's Cleaners CHAMP C. San+a Paula Fillmore Cochran's Mens Slore FILLMORE Chevrole: 'XQXHVI Oldsmoie i . . L,-,li 0 sANrA.PAuLA vzN1uRA ?u:vr:I'sCLAgazs: cgzlnogsr DEALER Chevrogef Champ C' Cochran C MOORPARK 328 Cenlral Ave. 504 Santa Clara St. 0 Fillmore, Calif. 524-0333 Fillmore SIMI TIP-TOP DRIVE-IN 466 Venlura S+. Fillmore Calif. SHIRLEY'S 344 Cen+ral Ave. 524-2277 Fillmore, Calif. B A ' B E R NEXT PLE E POPULAR BARBER SHOP 357 CENTRAL AVE.. FILLMORE. CALIF. OPEN TUESDAY THRU SATURDAYS 8 A.M. TO 6 P,M. APPOINTMENTS ACCEPTED LOUlS LOVELACE B A.M. TO 9 A,M, OWNER PHONE 524-2221 I FABRICS O YARNS I O PATTERNS I NOTIONS O ns' . 406 CENTRAL AVENUE F1LLMoRE. CALIF, 93015 PHONE 805 0 524-0656 JUDY HOPE . . . SALLY MASON PROFESSIONAL PERSON'S REGISTRY DR. ROBERT BROOKS Chiroprac+or 334lf2 Cen+ral Ave. Telephone 524-2044 Fillmore, Calif. FRED G. BRYCE Congra+ula+ions 4- Public Accoun+an+ Class of I73 540 Sespe Ave. Telephone 524-0445 ARTHUR TAYLOR of A++orney ai' Law Luck +o 540 Sespe Ave. Telephone 524-I934 , you In +he JOSEPH D. D. KERN Fu.l.ure A++orney ai' Law 533 A Sespe Ave. Telephone 524-I9I9 Fillmore, Calif. Copa de Oro Staff Bugs out Works on it Gets tied up And cracks the whip Lawrence Sullivan To set the Cause above renown, To love the game beyond prize, To honour , while you strike him down , The foe that comes with fearless eyesg To count the life of battle good , And dear the land that gave you birth: And dearer yet the brotherhood That binds the brave of all the earth. Henry J . Newbolt - The Island Race 206 In Appreciation We Bid Farewell Glen Phillips Wisdom does not show itself so much in precept as in life - in a firmness of mind and mastery of appetite. It teaches us to do , as well as to talkg and to make our actions and words all of a color. Seneca - Epistles XX Sara Menke Hers was the subtlest spell by far Of all that sets young hearts romancing: She was our queen, our rose, our starg And when she danced - oh, heaven , her dancing! Praed - The Belle of the Ball Jean Redd The sense of honour is of so fine and elicate a nature, that it is only to be et with in minds which are naturally oble , or in such as have been culti- ated by good examples or a refined ducatlon. Addison - The Guardian, No. Clara Knappen Knowledge is the hill which few may wish to climb Duty is the path that all may tread. Lewis Morris Each Dawn is a New Beginnin Donna Cummings Cecelia Holt Willie Holt l Stevie Ortega l 5 5 Wx O gb our Cc A55 00 .xi K ,gg NK -'X Qs . 5053 ON O JNQ db' . X2 Q A I- N A 'X 4 X O-,J I , r 0,054 Qty kx dx XS if 54 X , X . Lv-5 U9 Sw - W 5 X0 L xg SW ,X X3 OL? KST NN iyjigj ,, C5006 - Yxffbx QA fs-gjjgg 499965 Lvfjlx Qi Q WA in X ,X X. - K ,V ,4 ', 'jj O J .v4,gf,'lLy 5Qfz.f'1-f'-1 vloxikd 2-P'1'u'LCf-,fd4L. L WL!! ,BX fwwln! i61,L,5i' in py1fLZ'1Q 666141 i bfi , - GENERATION OUR GENERATION OUR GENERATION OUR GENER , ...,. q- .-... s-...f'-29' ".., r ..,,, -,. .- . COPA DE GRO 1973 , ROL 60 ! i DN OUR GETEQXUOX OUR GEIN XTI DIR OUR . ., ,. , ,, - - - ..1..... Y .. .. ::.11: .:.....,,::::1''ZL.L. ....:.Y1 ",.:::.:'i"'1' 43--if-'3'1?'l Fi 1'f ' H: H ,Y U V H 3 M V53-i........ ... .. ,. - ,--U-.. 3:3743 -5-- -4- .,....? . , , ,-7'.: ' ' -- ., ,gg -A ,if ,. -V . -A .. . , "" '.,Z " Q17 . ' jj-1 5 1,151-,,....,., .. .:5.".,1 ' A---' ---' , ,

Suggestions in the Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) collection:

Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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