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My ya flfffw ww Ugly? QQ ET 599535 If SW . .udp Vp' muyvjqfqw Qymfbiggv 'F ,EV gg d 6,f X53 NH PYQQWQSSQ Q9 A2 W ff sf 5' 54? Q 0' C1 3 Q 54, 'SSBCPQ v fa, 21, if inf 3' QQ 2 sip QXO 20 ag 0553 I ii? J, Q 15' bij JSQ F2 QQSQIN 'J 4 Q A xl ips-f'1fw Q ff Sfkosfwx' I c ws 55 EEK V Q3iQ39w W RRR www? QQ ., qiyq A 3259 My R52 2 ' 'T 4 1 I J KW EW WM LY fi? 5 gli L Gas. 44 GMI-5 yn.. iikn 5 N N2 0 foil YU Wx Q Y +iN1 xii-SSR ij QJKSQX ,ii E vm K-IXQXE FQ-'Y xnxx Exam 22253 XQROQS, Uqkcig 2 S . i as fig? 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H LL -, 1 , .J X 1 1 , x f , ,X fx K I , . I-Qfm XX? 3' KX Table Of Contents Introducuon Sports Actlvmes Organizations Classes Seniors ............... lr. High ............... Personnel ............ Ads .................... F QM-,W:wvwmwn-wf.QQmWw-Qms,,v.Yc1WQ1Q..m1mW..,,..,,mvMx,,,..U.mmw:m Change Comes Slowly Which Is A "Fine 41514 ?,h ' h h 4? i A To A Small Sleepy Community Place To Raise Children." .,-4r""'+"r:7,v.-A 1 X Still Remembering The Qld While Looking For The New 5 X5 M -.,. ,ating Within The School A Changing Environment Stimulates Inquiry And Encourages Each Individual To Search For His Own Identity Q1 J, is-.Q-hs Y apr NM 2 ...JU a fr 1. fd. . 1 ,3 E P ! ,I ., , Q? , 5 gg, , 01.5 . ' X " .Vg ,fkfk'?4y3.:r V, Hx ', 1 In 1 A vu V While The Relieves Q, 'I , Gutdoors The Tensions Cf The Day l.- ,?' T 1 And Promotes The Drive Towards lndividuality . .. why Q.- v 0' Ig gg uf' nv S 'Vw is? gy'-fkx, C W ,, my ,N g . Q? rv. 5 6, it . fif 1+ M-Q Fifi: f H ln., hm., 'WS 4- as 'Ji ff. ,- xggg A , wus! f , - 5 ' f 2 , 2. : , ,.4 ,, f 3 A 5 9 9 5' lv ,, , , x . r i - 6 'QS' . s A . ,'1 . li, C -Y' 1. ,v A 0 v I K ,Um - : mf -s1T?Q--+1'T a p , . I gmgnl , ri., .fs J ' ., F3 Q-if Kfkrlu K . if rr i .. gr Ei A i ,?,.x!Q fn.: ur "x . .X, 15 4. A 1 '- aff, if ,Q rw Yi 8. yn .Eav- 'Qa- 'QBJ Y 4i?a1GQL-,f .- X 1.14.1 .He I 1 I Gotta Be Me A ' D: Cy, .QSM Smfwwj 9395, 3 'f1fXf9356JNx 'Y WWQ WSMQSN O QSSykQ5jJ5LQBL3j wi w J L, Xf QEQMVJ QOM3 JM U 'X YM C QQWMD M W Gm, WX Wy 33 csv Www U 'UJBK9 a X xi-m GGQ QD Qgj Varsity Football Varsity Caps Winning Season K' M With C. l. F. Bid Football fever and expectations ran high in 1970 for the Fillmore Flashes. What turned out to be a spectacular season for the Flashes started with a tough defensive win at Rio Mesa 16-0. Following losses to Quartz Hill and Santa Paula, the Flashes blasted to such wins as 26-0 over Nordhoff, 31-6 Moorpark, 22-6 St. Bonaventure, 31-13 Carpinteria and 31-20 over Villanova before being up- ended by League champions Bishop Diego in a fine display of offensive football. Expecting a C.l.F. invitation, the Flashes waited patiently-but the Frontier League was given three berths in the play-offs- but wait l ! ! Santa Paula was guilty of illegal film exchanges and the Flashes were given a reprieve and made the C.l.F. play- offs. This timely occurrence came along at the right time and as it turned out, it took the Class "A" championship C.l.F. team, St. Genevieve to put the Flashes out of the running by a 14-8 score at Notre Dame High School. Many players were honored for an out- standing season. All-League honorable mention included Mark Vest, lohn Phillips, Bailey Glenn, Doug Main, Dana Hoover, and Gabe Sanchez. The Flashes had six players picked for the All-Conference team. They were offensive tackle and defensive end Gary Southwick, offensive halfback and defensive tackle Ralph Zermeno, offensive halfback Matt Willis and offensive guard Ken Myers. Along with these four, two fine all-league defensive backs made the first team-Ver- non Kenfield and Angel Carrera. Ralph Zermeno was awarded the league's Most Valuable Player award for his out- standing performances. Ralph carried the ball 188 times for 1108 yards and 12 touch- downs. Our sincere congratulations to Ralph, the team and the coaches at Fillmore High School for their great season. 20 83292 TEAM SITTING: Philip Rogers, john DeFever, Ver- non Kenfield, Hector Guzman, Tim Gurrola, Rigo Sanchez, Rocky Pollock, john Phillips, Paul Lopez, john Fujishiro, Mike Harbert, Doug Main, john Campbell, Pete Legan, Gino Garcia. KNEELING: Greg Page, joe Mozley, joe Real, Armando Magal- lon, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Myers, Dean Ellis, Tony Gaitan, Angel Carrera, Gabe Sanchez, john Hunter, Bailey Glenn, Matt Willis, Macario Torres, Philip Warring, Fred Ponce. STANDING: Coach Ked Creed, Coach Tom Ecklund, Ralph Zermeno, Mark Vest, Vance johnson, Scott Sundquist, Dana Hoover, Gary Southwick, Pablo Ramirez, Danny Roatcap, Richard Gonzalez, jack Morales, Raul Tarango, Tim Aguirre, jeff Ward, Head Coach Bruce Dempsey. TOP LEFT: Coaches: Ked Creed, Bruce Dempsey head Coach, Tom Ecklund. LEFT: Angel Carrera does his best to evade Santa Paula tackler. QI Varsity Football Fillmore Shows Enthusiasm On Gridiron RIGHT: Doug Main snags honorable mention in league. FAR RIGHT: Kenny Rogers runs reverse as St. Bonaven- ture pursues. BOTTOM LEFT: Vernon Kenfield defends as he gains all league honors as defensive back. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rocky Pollock fires past Quartz Hill defenders. BOTTOM FAR RIGHT: Managers Fred Ponce and Gino Garcia trv to get Ralph Zermeno back on the field as Danny Roatcap looks on. 0. Q95 3 S fl L ?L mm , +'li2?Wm X , S Demonstrate Offensive Stren th Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore B Fillmore S Scores Non-League Rio Mesa Quartz Hill Santa Paula Tri-Valley League C.l.F. Moorpark St. Bonaventure Carpenteria Villanova Bishop Diego St. Genevieve IV 84 Frosh Football Underclassmen Follow In Varsity Footsteps 1.V. football SITTING: Ray Tafoya, Greg Murray, Ed Mackey, Mario Garcia, Chris Hobson, Mark Hunter, Gene Kindle, Greg Gurrola, joe Camarillo. SECOND ROW: Keith Klein, Steve Duley, Paul Camarillo, Scott Blaylock, john Alcoser, Ron Lentz, Ricky Ponce, Frank Lugo. STANDING: Coach Grubb, Tim Grove, Mark Stevens, Dale Fildes, Les jones, Pete Ortiz, Ray Carrillo, Lum Giles, Greg Myers, Coach Fulenwider. RIGHT: Chris Hobson brings down op- ponent in Carpenteria game. Freshman football FIRST ROW: Kirk Engles, jess Rivera, Keith Gurrola, Phillip Cervantez, Mark Ep- perheimer, Eugene Goodenough, Mike Williams, Mark Shiells, Mel Bottomley, Robert Mackey, Matt Haeber, Ray Morales, Roland Ponce, Ernie Vasquez, Rick Sanchez. SECOND ROW: john Frederick, Steve Hood, Peter Munoz, Monty Houchin, jeff King, Chris Aguirre, Tod Hawley, Alex DeLaRosa, Gabriel Casas, Richard Council, Robert Owens, Mike Walsh, Robert King, Mike Pillado, Alex Mendez. STAND- ING: Coach Dann, Eric Hutchins, Mike Ortega, john Baehr, Art Lugo, Eric Grove, Val Pillado, David Foley, joe Ortiz, Armando Gurrola, Tony Espinoza, Richard Hinojosa, jeff Hackney, Coach Carter. LEFT: Mark Haeber turns corner for substantial gain. ' l i Varsity,Cj. V. Cross Country Fillmore Runs Against Stiff Competition This year's cross-country team captured the number one spot in Tri Valley and finished eighth in the C.l.F. Prelims. The Flashed competed against county teams such as Camarillo, Santa Paula, Rio Mesa, and Buena in preparation for Tri- Valley competition. Such competition proved to be very effective for the League. Although the Flashes were eliminated in the C.l.F. Prelims, we should take into con- sideration that the team was made up pri- marily of sophomores and freshmen. Four valuable assets to the team were Vin- cent Martinez, Bruce Cook, john Foy, and Rudy Guevara, Team Captain. The Varsity squad was also aided by four newcomers, Bob Hayes, Alfred Sanchez, David Gren- nier, and jesus Perez. The lV's were very strong. They obtained three shut-outs toward the closing season. Outstanding members Grey Brothers, Os- car Morales, Dave Taskey, Steve Medellin, and Matt Aguirre sparked the team. TOP: Bruce Cook displays his running form. BOTTOM: Varsity Cross-Country, FIRST ROW: Vin- cent Martinez, Alfred Sanchez, David Grennier. SECOND ROW: Matt Aguirre, Bruce Cook, john Foy, and Rudy Guevara. -r TOP CENTER: j.V. Cross Country FRONT ROW: Oscar Morales, Buddy Herrill, loe Medellin, Philip Avila, SECOND ROW: Grey Brothers, Greg Taylor, Mark Yule, Mike Travelstead, Tom Neal. TOP RIGHT: David Grennier makes his move. LEFT: Grey Brothers holds on to lead over rival. Combined Team Scores Fillmore 98 Santa Paula 72 Fillmore 79 Nordhoff 93 Fillmore 120 Buena 68 Fillmore 37 Carpinteria 90 Fillmore 4th Moorparklnvit. Fillmore 4th Cal Lutheran lnvit Fillmore 2nd Mt. SAC lnvit. Fillmore 8th C.l.F. Prelims Fillmore lst Tri Valley Finals 29 v Varsity Basketball: Kneeling Tim Currola, Tim Lovelace, Doug Main, john Perkins. Standing, Coach Fauver Dana Hoover, David Enriquez, Gary Southwick, Harold Powell, Frank Tirado, Philip Warring Varsity Basketball Flashes Grab Half Gt Tri-Valley Crown The Fillmore Flashes after a slow start rolled to a fine 20-7 season record. They tied for the league championship with a 13-2 record. In CIF action they rolled to two easy victories before bowing to Chaminade 55-53 in the quarter finals. The Flashes were led by the league's leading scorer, Gary Southwick. Gary led the team in scoring and rebounding. Frank Tirado, the league's third leading scorer, and Dana Hoover, the league's seventh leading, scorer, contributed greatly to a winning season. john Perkins, Tim Lovelace, Vernon Kenfield, and Doug Main did a very fine job 30 at the guard positions. Phil Warring, Harold Powell, and Dave Enriquez also played a great part in Fillmore having a fine season. Top victories of the season were over Lu- theran, Atascadero, and Bishop Diego. Ad- ditional honors for the year were captured by Gary Southwick, Dana Hoover, and Frank Tirado who won positions on the All Tri- Valley league team, and john Perkins who earned a spot on the second team. Gary also was honored as the Tri-Valley leaue's most valuable player, the second consecu- tive year a Flash has been so honored. v - 'vm' LEFT, john Perkins shoots outside jumper. BOTTOM LEFT, Coach Fauver organizes his team. BELOW, Frank listens to words of wisdom. -dm Varsity Basketball Individual Versatility Pays Off BELOW: Frank Tirado and john Perkins hustle back on defense. LEFT: Gary Southwick overpowers a Seraph in tip-off. BOTTOM LEFT: Doug Main goes up for an easy lay-up. BELOW: Gary's height is to his advantage in game against St. Bonaventure. Af' wor s OW: Facial expres- GT d kinsd fran Varsity Basketball Seniors Pace Successful Season Scores Fillmore 50 Nordhoff 60 Nordhoff Tournament Fillmore 49 Simi 69 Fillmore 86 Thatcher 32 Fillmore 60 Royal 61 Fillmore 67 Hart 58 Fillmore Tournament Fillmore 60 Lutheran 59 Fillmore 65 Atascadero 50 Fillmore 54 Santa Paula 74 Fillmore 70 Avalon 44 League Fillmore 69 Moorpark 40 Fillmore 82 St. Bonaventure 56 Fillmore 74 Carpinteria 59 Fillmore 88 Villanova 5 Fillmore 83 Moorpark 52 Fillmore 60 Bishop Diego 75 Fillmore 42 St. Bonaventure 39 Fillmore 68 Carpinteria 44 Fillmore 73 Villanova 55 Fillmore 53 Bishop Diego 60 Fillmore 77 Moorpark 45 Fillmore 59 St. Bonaventure 42 Fillmore 60 Carpinteria 44 Fillmore 88 Villanova 37 Fillmore 69 Bishop Diego 50 C.I.F. Fillmore 100 Cate 47 Fillmore 74 Coast Union 38 Fillmore 53 Chaminade 55 TOP RIGHT: Tension mounts at tip-off. TOP AND BOTTOM LEFT: Dana exhibits outside and inside scoring touch against Cate. j.V., Soph and Frosh Basketball l.V.'s And Sophs Capture League T f E L 3 I 2 Q C TOP: LV. FRONT ROW: Mike Burson, Rodney Shrock, Bobby Cortez, Matt Aguirre, Hector Guzman, Pete Legan. SECOND ROW: Joey Perkins, Rocky Pollack, Tommy Alvarado, lim Allred, Coach Herrill TOP ROW: Greg Page, joe Mozley, Randy Lemons, Don Tello, Burt Tello. ABOVE: SOPH BASKET BALL, FIRST ROW: Armando Arroyo, Chris Hobson, Tim Grove, Mario Garcia, Leslie jones, Harvard Haase. SECOND ROW: Dale Fildes, Daryl Goodenough, Tim Aguirre, leff Ward, Bruce Cook. TOP ROW: Paul Glanville, Harvey Gonzales, Danny Roatcap, Greg Murray, john Alcoser, Coach Zell FAR LEFT: Rocky Pol- lack fires over his defender. LEFT: Eric Grove shoots from baseline. BOTTOM LEFT: Dan Roatcap works free for an open shot. ,T "wx .it f L 1, ew: fi FROQH FIRST ROW Tom P1l177i left' Hickney Chris Aguirre, Iohn Cook, David Foley Mike Ortegw Mwtt Hwbcr lim Hinos STANDINC' Mr Larsen, Ray Carrillo, Peter Munoz Rusty Arnold Steve Dmn lc-ff King, Iohn Bit-hr, Dave Enriqucz, 37 5. Varsity Track Aims For Continued Success This year's track team scored several early season victories, topped by the highlight win over Santa Paula. The varsity team was paced by Doug Main, Ken Sundstrom and Keith Ritchey. Doug's early season ac- complishment was a 6' 5" high jump which broke the school record. We wish the team continued luck as they fight for the league title. Right: Doug Main takes a breather. VARSITY TRACK 1st ROW: Mark Vest, john Philips, Kenny Myers, Ricky League, Kenny Rogers, Macario Torres, Keith Ritchey, David Everson, Vincent Martinez, Burt Tello, Mike Harbert. 2ND ROW: Coach Grubb, john Fujishiro, john Foy, Neal Carroll, Scott Sundquist, Mike Roberts, jim Unrine, Bruce Cook, Adolfo Huerta, Ron Tucker, Donny Tello, Doug Main, Coach Umstead. 3RD ROW: Richard Gonzales, Frank Lugo, Rudy Guevara, Bob Hays, David Grennier, jack Perez, Dan Roatcap, john Frederick, Tony Gaitan, Kenny Sundstrom, joe Meddelin. i'i?'.v:i5.,.21 - ' im zip: 11 ,, L, rg-sf g5es,5A,k,,. T -,k., ,f.,1,M.i.t..,., it 1V.AL: H ,. 4 Wf-'meme' , r1:i,1:givg1egrg. - . x " Al , V Q ii" , if au s .Q T 6 i Q ii 3' K , r g 5 if' if 1 I M 1 5 ' iw 6 X an 4 4 if ' oft, E a ,K fi ., , ..,, F mn 1. ' i ' gf ' M M 51. 1 at s r r,ii,,i-1 4 aw Q f' f S mf . f . X 1. wg if , X w, in r Q ,ii rv gm 2 M Y mi as or , ,, A,W,tmrr,,.,,.1t,..,K .X I V, -ggywfwgf i-,..::. iff, , , ' . ' 'L ' T ' V O' ,, E : H ,, ,,,, 'V I ' - 'wi 'X ' , Witifiiiifniiigiiw',iigff'Wf1?2:-,rf F ff' - x 5"5f"i52lJia.Q1i11ib:s2w,fi,, gf '5vf,,,j-cz, .5 gag vfff ggQg5.:x,fi s551g3gyQ:h:'f1,jgggslgfg A ,,-W 1' , W 4- L , 7 ., , ' ' HM :ze rr,-,, ffm: . M faq T LEFT: Ricky League starts sprint into the pits. BOT- TOM LEFT: Keith Ritchey grimaces before he hits tape. BELOW: Kenny Rogers and Adolfo Huerta fight for first in 880 run. RN-mf B And C Track Hard Work Leads To Track Rewards about last 220. B'S 1st ROW: David Everson, Rudy Guevara, Richard Hinojosa, Vincent Camacho, Keith Ritchey, Tom Neal, Vincent Martinez, Mike Harbert. ZND john Fujishiro, john Foy, Gene Kindle, jim Unrine, Bruce Cook, Armondo Gurrola, Don Tello, jeff Ward, Coach Grubb. 3RD ROW: jeff King, Burt Tello, Kenji Komatsu, Eddie Vargas, Nick Perez, Tony Gaitan, Ron Tucker, Coach Umstead. RIGHT: john Foy begins to think 9 T sr '1' M ' 'UW' at -ffl 'i , .. t:2ig,g1i,,ig,jgzfgw1f- f , - . l- +-QMCM, 1t-.n?"wv- X ,f .,W553t.g '--f 7' ,, ty' ,154 ., R '-wiiis J., .,...g4 'yu X - filly 'rt M, it , M awww 43? C A r . , A v in , ,' mi , K T," kmirmyhi K I "t ' V- . 4 W' 'mam 1 - as M.. . ., We . 43, A-Ar"-"A ""'W w- ,, t,f'T?.w-ar., Q T is as ttaa . 'W . , f 1 'vs '- "J5W5'...r,:::' r . , ' " F A ,W - 1 ' hm. M Y 'jjj - V f A m.1:,,WmmM N' .. A if A A """'n fs J... f.t.,.,m,T ' ,ggi .- W VL 6. QW, ,-,', -gr-4' Www aail' AM '12 'W wk LEFT: Robert Haase hits board! LEFT: Rudy Guevara starts kick to finish line. BELOW: Donny Tello "fosburys" easily over the bar. BOTTOM 1ST ROW: Mel Bottomley, Burt Tello, Robert Haase, Bud Q. .. Houchin, Russell Garcia, Rudy Guevara, Eugene Goodenough, Vincent Martinez. 2ND ROW: Grey Brothers, David Ospenson, Kenji Komatsu, Mike Tucker, Monty Houchin, Armando Arroyo, Paul Lopez, Adolfo Huerta. 3RD ROW: Mr. Umstead, Mark Shiells, David Patterson, Bob Hays, Gary Hart, Tod Hawley, David Foley, David Grennier. S. VARSITY BASEBALL: SITTING: Hector Guzman, joe Real, Rocky Pollock, Vernon Kenfield, Gabe Sanchez. SECOND ROW: Bailey Glenn, Gary Southwick, joe Aguillar, Dana Hoover, joe Mozley. THIRD ROW: Coach Dempsey, Pete Legan, Matt Willis, Randy Lemons, Rodney Schrock, Pablo Ramirez. Although getting off to a slow start, hopes are high that this year's varsity will be able to duplicate last year's third place finish. Inexperience cost the squad some early season games, but with added seasoning the squad, paced by Gabe Sanchez, Gary Southwick, and Dana Hoover, could be a threat for the Tri-Valley crown. 1 f ',, ' fl. x ,. "ay L, L' ,,p-,Q'1w:5,gq:gf5f, ii' v , mfr' - r- A," 23.-'J ' :Ev-aff., :ggi-f1.1'2Sy i. "sn, 5. ' ,ff ..""9i'f'f - 1 ..-' 'md -M 'f'- 4 '."",1W I " , , I wfaf I, L " kfshii,-In . v ' , I' Varsity Baseball Unlimbers For A Hot Race LEFT: joe Real runs out a hard grounder. BOTTOM LEFT: Gary Southwick displays his usual concentration. BELOW: Rocky Pollack pounds one. FAR RIGHT: Mike Burson unwinds. 5WW.''5r'!iia"d"J'luW5E Qifgfsgfg saggy my ?fXi1's.w.w?3i? l.V. Baseball Show Earl Season Promise BELOW: Scott Blaylock fires fast ball. RIGHT: Val sprints for first. j.V. BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Eric Grove, Ricky Ferrer, Ray Morales, Paul Palazzi, Scott Blaylock, Matt Haeber, Ray Carrillo, Philip Avila, David Gurrola. STANDING: Coach Ecklund, Val Pillado, Tim Grove, Chris Hobson, Pete Ortiz, Greg Myers, Mike Or- tega, Maria Garcia, john Al- coser, Keith Gurrola. L Tennis Squadls Small ln umbers But Large Spirit fn-"Z i s": Z f. t, :W gf- I U f7pgfiV0'Nv--- ' ', , fr-ww Mu... -wfefx. . f- am . f if f' I ' . T ,grim UAW' sgi53C5,f?E,?ft113ff " 'iw may m,wfs,f::ff1 ' ,, ,355 w,,,.5.,,u . ,X,, -.-, , Y. M 4 'A g 3 t- . , 3 i ---. -mu . .8 I "Z7""' 2 it 'Q E Hampered by inexperience, this year's tennis squad faces an uphill battle in the Tri-Valley race. Paced by the steady play of Kit Brothers and john Arnold, Coach Sandra Waymen hopes that additional seasoning will enable the squad to come on strong in the second round of league play. FRONT: Alex Mendez, Tim A De Lorto, jeff Hackney. BACK: David Hanscomb, Kit Brothers, Tom Alvarado, Rusty Arnold. TOP LEFT: Kit volleys one to oppo- nent during practice. TOP RIGHT: David Hanscomb works on his tan. 45 Left to right: Miles Kelman, Mark Du- schik, Gary Hunt, Greg Taylor, jim Hines, john Cook, Robert Hansen, Mark Haeber, Mike Turk, Chris Lee, Darryl Goodenough, David Shaffer, Philip War- ring, Manuel Marti- nez, Sam Rice, Philip Wright. LEFT: Philip and Marcus take a putt for relaxation. RIGHT: Manuel prac- tices technique. 46 Girls Track Aims For Title Repeat Early season victories over Nordhoff and Santa Clara indicate that this year's Girl's Track Team has an inside track on cap- turing their second straight Cinderbelle league crown. Led by record breaking Teresa Hays, Diana Morales, Becky Cantrell, and Patsy Tripp, Coach jill Carter has high hopes for another undefeated season. LEFT: Mary K. Littman hits the tape ahead of com- petition. BOTTOM LEFT: Darylyn Vest clears the bar easily. FRONT ROW: Dee Acosta, Becky Cantrell, julie Tafoya, Teresa Hays, Patsy Tripp, leanne Holley, Mrs. Carter. SECOND ROW: Diana Morales, jan Rogers, Laurie Robins, Mary K. Littman, Liz Sal- dino, Laurie Barlow. THIRD ROW: Maria Enriquez, Donna Cassidy, Laurie Davis, Kathy Antonsen, Dara- lyn Vest, jessica Rivera, and Malinda Lidamore. 4. fb 1 """"'1"Wf I 'Q S 15 A i L , A 4 Ii Activities Students Express Themselves With Emotion and Motion qi' V gi if N , f if' if J 7 I 4 Y 5' it fy Y fifi, . .W QM J? f9ff2i.z ,i I V+ W rg P ..-ll. . 1 fy- ,Q t if A A LV. team confidently heads for Bishop Diegop victory flags flying after Bonny's fally Linda Acosta preparing hot dogs for junior Standsp and our marching band in May parade all helped create a year of spirit and involvement. Activities Fillmore Displays Spirit Of The 70's 7 Activities New School Studies And Activities Bring New Feelings And Interests Linda Cook displays her anxiously waited for report card. FAR UPPER RIGHT: Students study in the library dur- ing S.S.T. UPPER RIGHT: Alice Segura and Tim Borrego walk to school on a rainy day. LOWER LEFT: Rocky Pollock, Kenny Rogers, and Dana Hoover imitate Coaches before student body. YS wwf X 1 ,W 1-aw 'P H 's1g'--F- f 'S' -1 Wfsaq., . Q-J" , ,, ,,, mf-Lig EM , V' Mn-H 'wb ,Q v . I K",r , i Activities "The Sky Is The Limit" For Homecoming 1970. ,gh - . - . K .,,. ,yew M, een -5:f'.2-WMS .M , ' Grand Marshal- Delfino Mendez Queen - Dawn Wileman Lady In Waiting - Bev Berdahl junior Princess - Sue Groefsema Sophomore Princess - laymee Barlow Freshman Princess - Becky Real Captains - Vernon Kenfield And Ralph Zermeno 56 WDW: gy fp! YV at 6 x . W. W f.'1 .... ., .-., I R I - K- W . , Q, s I , Wallin .avg V -,wx ' T Lu: :X V, I M , . .V - I, Vx X .L . , . i ., V FQ Activities 1970 Comes , 1 y l To An End With Christmas Activities TOP RIGHT: Susan French and Kit Brothers are in the na- tivity scene. LOWER RIGHT: Becky Villasenor and Frank Pulido have refreshments at the Christmas Formal. TOP CENTER: Participants in the pageant sing""We Wish You a Merry Christmas." LOWER CENTER: Foreign exchange stu- dent Kenji, his date, Dixie Rollo, and Tim Gurrola enjoy the Formal. LEFT: Dancing to the music is another part of the Christmas Formal. Activities Ma Festival, Talent Show, And Fashion Show Enhance Spring as-S l 'is' F its UPPER LEFT: joy Musgrave models a pants outfit. LOWER LEFT: Debbie Brockus takes aim. ABOVE: Africa USA stars Judy the chimp in the parade, by the way, ludy's on top. UPPER RIGHT: Ron Lentz sings in the talent show. LOWER LEFT: New additions to the show, three boys play the trumpet for the first time in performance as a trio. Where have you been hiding all this time boys? , M6 WJ lg! Student Councll Bridges Clap Between A more liberal dress code and student structural time brought a more relaxed atmosphere to the campus this year. Students involved in sports were now not pressed for time and it gave time to social- rze. This was the first time in many years that our school was not involved in V.C.I.S.C., Ventura County Inter- schools Student Councils. The student council thought we did not have school problems which were prev- alent in larger schools. So the student council worked together concentrating on school problems. I felt however, the student council was rather slow in getting started. There was poor communication which resulted in a lack of participation. In the sec- ond semester the student council jelled and was able to organize itself and carry out its responsibilities. I would like to thank Mr. Zell, our advisor, Kenny Rogers A.S.B. Vice President, and john Phillips, Presi- dent, of the Senate, for their help and assistance. Most of all I would like to thank the student body for allowing me to serve as A.S.B. President. A.S.B. President, john Fujishiro Administration And Students ABOVE: Student Council: tleft to rightl, Aurelia Aparicio, Susan French, Dawn Wileman, Kenny Rogers, Chris Cut- komp, Mr. Zell tadv.J, Chris Hobson, john Fujishiro, Susan Le, Hector Guzman, Gary Southwick, Tony Gaitan, Becky Wilson, john Baehr. LEFT: Fuji and Hector confer while Senator Phillips looks on in disbelief. Senate, Inter-Club Council Strive For A LOWER RIGHT: Inter-Club Council: left to right, Kenny Rogers, Gary Southwick, john Olsen, Manuel Martinez, Sam Rice, Donna Ospenson, Sandra Ferrer, Becky Rangel, Bev Berdahl, Mr. Garfield fadv.J Barbara Ybarra, Holly Rogers, Verna Rollo. RIGHT: K. B. helps beautify down- town Fillmore. Setter Campus Ilan I UPPER LEFT: Senate: SEATED left to rightg Debbie Ferrer 1107, Martha Michel 197, Rudy Guevara 1107, Sue Groefsema 1117, Mr. Herrill 1advi- sor7, Doug Main 1127, john Phillips 1pres.7, Lucy Quezada 1107 1sec.7, Lee Brisby 1127, Kenneth Sundstrom 1127, David Foley 197, Debbie Flet- cher 1117, Grey Brothers 197. LEFT: john Phillips raps to students. QW WWW' News Flashes, Printing Club Combine To Produce Student News ,T ,sl ni H? wfi!11'L 925 ABOVE: News Flashes: STANDING, Mike Turk, Rudy Guevara, Pete Legan, Glenda Christiansen, Virginia Piercy, Susan French feditor, at deskl Daisy Unrine, Sandra Ivie, Linda Hyden. LOWER LEFT: Harold Powell types up an- other brilliant sports article. LEFT: Printing Club: ileft to Steve Epperheimer, Gerald Ayres, Ray Tafoya, right? Leslie jones, Manuel Martinez, Pablo Ramirez, Mr. Rees Fernando Vasquez. TOP LEFT: Mr. Rees shows ladv.l, Pablo and Manuel advanced printing techniques. Qpanish Club, International Club Expand Their Horizons RlmNQ annual w-" UPPER LEFT: Spanish Club: left to right: Becky Rangel, Maria Carrillo, Mrs. Neal tadv.J Sandra Griffin, Scott johnson, Isabel Gonzalez, Nick Perez, Tom Neal, Renee Gonzalez, Susan San- chez, Rudy Guevara, Blanca Martinez. ABOVE: President Becky Rangel calls the meeting to order. LOWER LEFT: International Club: left to right, TOP ROW: Mr. Litman tadv.J David Pat- terson, lim Stehly, David Shaffer, Kit Brothers, Grey Brothers. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ybarra, Susan Chaffin, Debbie Deeter, Cathy Hood, Karen Williams, Pam Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Brunell, Kim Williams, Glenda Christian- sen, Cathy Garnica. LEFT: Mr. Litman warms up his vocalists. Commercial, Caduceus Clubs Prepare For A Productive Future .I LOWER LEFT: Caduceus Club: left to right, QSTANDINGJ Yolanda Tarango, Maria Barragan, Christy Miller, Verna Rollo, Margaret Cagle, Mrs. Padelford ladv.D, CSITTINGJ Dolores Aguilar, Debra Owens, julia Townsend, Frances Enriquez, Debbie Ferrer. ABOVE: Commercial Club: left to right, lSTANDlNGi Susan Le, Patty Garcia, ludy Smith, Lauri Davis, Mrs. Miller fadv.J Rosa Car- rillo, Ofelia Romero, Linda Acosta, Debbie Fletcher, Anita Arroyo, CSEATEDJ Blanca Marti- nez, Maria Carrillo, Anna Enriquez, Becky Pow- ell. LEFT: Connie Gibson and Christy Miller ad- minister first aid to lohn DeFever. TOP LEFT: Maria Carrillo, Rosa Carrillo, and Susan Le pre- pare to chow down at Commercial Club dinner. il it Cooking Club, G. A. A. The Pot Boils Over With New Activities ABOVE: Cooking Club: left to right: KSTANDINGJ Susan French, Margaret Cagle, Georgia Carpenter, Mrs. Clark Cadv.J Chris Gonzalez, CSITTINGJ Suzanne Ponce, Wendy Rees, Verna Rollo. RIGHT: Margaret Cagle and Mary Arias whip up a tasty treat. LL., Ajrf . ,n ABOVE: G.A.A. left to right: FRONT ROW: Dolores Aguilar, Diane Gue- vara, Pauline Tafoya, julie Tafoya, Betty Heilman, Becky Cantrell, KSEC- OND ROWJ Becky Rangel, Daisy Unrine, Linda Ortiz, Georgia Car- penter, Lori Barlow, CTHIRD ROWJ Debbie Ferrer, Donna Ospensen, Mary Chaveste, Rene Klein, Dee Acosta, Sandra Griffen, Sandi Davis, Jeanne Holley. TOP ROW: Audrey Culver, Liz Saldino, Diana Morales, jessica Rivera, julie King, Noreen Berrington, Kim Rasey, Kathleen Ber- rington, Gloria Kreis, Anna Enriquez, Dixie Rollo. LEFT: G.A.A. creates festive air for Christmas formal. Chorus Too Notes Enjo The Sounds Cf Music ABOVE: Top Notes tune up for Christmas: Mr. Baehr, james Camp- bell, Angie Norwood, Debbie Rake- straw, Dorothy Cahoon, Phyllis Cer- vantez, and Wendy Koch. LOWER LEFT: Top Notes prepare for prac- tice. TOP LEFT: The back row loosen up their vocal cords. BELOW Chorus: TOP ROW: Sandy Sanchez, Sherilyn Mar- tin, Georgia Carpenter, Helen Bustos, Phyllis Gunn. SEC- OND ROW: Lillie Real, Laura Castro, Lupe Hernandez, Phyllis Cervantez, Emily Perez, Rosa Ponce, Kathy Mackey, Lynette Thompson, Gail Grennier, THIRD ROW: Pat Miller, Viola Pilado, Cindy Golson, Audrey Culver, S0- corro Vargas, Angie Norwood, Sandra Nichols, jane Miller, Rebecca Villasenor, Kathy Corley, FOURTH ROW, Diana Guevara, lulie Tofoya, Lorraine Valenzuela, Rosie Zavala, Wendy Koch, Diane Henson, Dorothy Cahoon, Debbie Gonzalez, Sherry Ricker, Brenda Hall, Debbie Fletcher. X. W V- xv-an --n -1 an -I PR! H01 ,E as I gf . 2' ,W Www " Q Hap - 55, ., : 3 1 v Mm.. N.. A- v'-. ,, - , . -1-wsfww saaiallxwmsw 2 , a,,Mm.mmM ,,,,,,, -1 Ll.-,. V ,, -5, A " ,v ,r xx- , ,wt ' . l ' ggmgjk --flung-yy -, L' :'ig,:,,fi,':'-rrrw " :ST W - ,,,.,. 3 GH, : -rw amtusawz-fwm-n was ' at t lwemwwwm aat, lf- W 1 ww - sM.,afp-w-,,,,..... ,, w.W.:a...,, ,, ap . ,P mg vid V, ,. ' gm 3, ,, ,,A, Lwgfm' frftil, ,, , Q T, ' , .WYVW ,,,,. L., . am., ., , , M , A 'U' AH U ,iam las is my , - , ."-Qgpz h H, sie ,HI-rfiilksisl ' R N slr, ' 1-, . 1 Q -1515 J .T wa' 'X I L - ' 'I ' if Pm: .ff,eil':3'll f , N P I , , Q , ,. ,Q ,V a . , 1 1 . ' . ' ' ab greg - 1 E ii ' ' ' . 1 , W 1 ' ,, 'fit' i Eff N ,a f , - "gms , , , , .- U ,, . - Q w Jul A ,is ' 1, - V. , 4: 1' f' ' 1 - . MST' . X 'T' , I I-'. irf- 2 ,',f 31 If f , 5' 'Q-I .L J 1 ' ' 1 H f , V ,J uf , . I uf 29 f' 1, .K A- -T-... Q14 91W it 69X XXX c . ,gf ,My ' XMv ,X if If FAR LEFT: Band members take a half-time hreak. ABOVE LEFT: Band BOTTOM ROW left to right: Chris Mckelvey, Noreen Andrews, Amanda Walters, Candy Duley, Pam Taylor, lan Lottine, Ron Lentz, Mike Alvarado, Richard Carrillo, Jay Lee, jackie Harter, Tim Delorto, 2ND ROW: Mr. Hernandez, Danny Ramirez, Mike Ortega, Chris Aguirre, Robin Rees, Pam Davis, Gary Hart, john Walden, Eddie Smith, Mark Hunter, Kay Collins, Tom Hackney, Dan lones. 3RD ROW: Lonnie Ponce, Fred Ponce, Denise Woods, Stan Vedder, Steve Hartung, Greg Page, Tom Al- varado, lessica Riveria, Phillip Wright, Eddie Vargas, Alex De La Rosa. 4TH ROW: Richard Gonzales, lohn Larsen, lim Hines, Alex Mendez, Carlos Zuniga, Mike Turk, Wendy Rees, less Riveria, Cecelia Vasquez, Debbie Leach, Flag Bearers 81 Banner Carriers LEFT. Left to right: lean Boggs, Holly Noel, Rosemary Thompson, Christine Gonzales, Renee Klein, Liz Saldino, Norma Tirado, Cheryl Dimitt, Gloria Gurrola, Mary Chaveste, Audrey Culver, Becky Real, lanet Palmer, lane Miller. ABOVE: Band Leader Chris Mc- kelvey asks Mr. Hernandez to have patience. A122235- 9 Orchestra, Pep Band Individuals Explore The Magical Realm fMusic ABOVE: Laura Harbert follows the directing of Mr. Hernandez carefully. ABOVE CENTER: Orchestra TOP ROW, Left to Right: Tony Espinoza, Mat Hartung, Cindy Gonzales, Marisa Barrios, Evon Alvarado, BOTTOM, Rosemary Thompson, Debbie Butcher, Laura Harbert, Luis Wyche, Manuel Elizoneo. RIGHT: Pep Band, TOP ROW, Left to Right. Richard Gonzales, Ron Lentz, Brian Raysinger, SECOND ROW, Pam Taylor, Benjie Romero, Candy Duley, Pam Davis, THIRD ROW, Iohn Larsen, Tim De Lorto, Mark Hunter, Jessie Rivera, BOTTOM ROW, Paul Glan- ville, lay Lee, Alex Mendez, Mike Ortega, Mike Alvarado. UPPER RIGHT: Tony Espinoza, Rosemary Thompson and Debbie Butcher, coordinate their playing skills for better music. LOWER RIGHT: Members of the Pep Band organize before playing? 80 ! A . L mi: A NWN, . A lv' I , J , A, , J, A , , f ,. n 81 X , lli H11 I 'aa Ill l 82 oqunw' Ouslmw :tis awqeki Pep Club, Cheerleaders Bring New Spirit To F. U. H. S. ABOVE LEFT: Varsity Cheerleaders: Left to right: Sue Groefsema, Kim Schiller, Bev Berdahl, Debbie Brockus, Teresa Hays. ABOVE: Song Leaders, left to right, Sherry Pyle, Dawn Wileman, Virginia Piercy, Chris Cutkomp, Dixie Rollo. LOWER LEFT: lunior Varsity Cheerleaders, left to right, Kena Asenas, Luane Mauck, Ginny Morris lkneel- ingl, layme Barlow. LOWER MIDDLE: Freshmen cheer- leaders, left to right, Martha Michel, Barbara Mayhew, Liz Cutkomp tkneelingl, Daralyn Vest. BELOW: Pep Club, BOTTOM ROW, left to right, Luanne Mauck, Barbara Mayhew, Dawn Wileman, Betty Heilman, Bev Berdahl, Sandi Davis. SECOND ROW: Holly Rogers, Kim Schiller, Sue Groefsema, Debbie Brockus, Dixie Rollo. THIRD ROW: Kena Asenas, Chris Cutkomp, Sherrie Pyle, 4TH ROW: Laurie Kluth, lamie Barlow, Vicki Van De Mheen, Liz Cutkomp, Virginia Percy. TOP ROW: Daralyn Vest, Martha Michel, Lori Barlow, Cheryl Dimitt, Patty Gurrola, Holly Noel, Donna Cassidy. LETTERMEN: ABOVE, TOP ROW, left to right, Tim Gurrola, john Fujishiro, Tom Arnold, Tony Smith, Rigo Sanchez, Pablo Ramirez, Fred Ponce, Gabe San- chez, lack Morales, SECOND ROW: Deryl McGowan, Pete Legan, Greg Page, Paul Lopez, Vincent Martinez, jeff Ward, Mike Harbert, Tim Aguirre, THIRD ROW, Dean Ellis, Kit Brothers, David Everson, Phillip Rogers, Scott Sunkd- quist, Dana Hoover, Ken Myers, Philip Warring, Vance johnson, BOTTOM ROW: Harold Powell, Richard Gonzales, john Hunter, Armando Magallon, Angel Carrera, Mark Vest, Keith Ritchey, Vernon Kenfield, Ken Rogers, Gary Southwick ipres.J. RIGHT: Ken Myers, having just put the bite on Mark Vest, shrinks away from the bright lights. 'PF vflfif Lettermen,. Letterwomen Share Athletic Interest LEFTQ Sandi Davis and Dixie Rollo listen to each other's views on upcoming happenings for the letter women's club. Letter Women's Club: LOWER RIGHT, left to rightg BOTTOM ROW. Linda Cook, Debbie Ferrar, Ma- linda Lidamore, Sandra Ferrar. TOP ROWp Christy Miller, Roberta Amrhine, Donna Ospenson, Sandi Davis, Dixie Rollo. F.F.A. Produce Winners At Fair RIGHT: Bailey Glenn lends a helping hand to his steer at the Ventura County Fair. FAR RIGHT: Hats off to ag. BELOW: john Olsen, David Enriquez and Frank Tirado, wait patiently for the outcome of the judging at the fair. F.F.A.: BOTTOM ROW Left to Right, KLOWER RIGHTJ Dennis Murphy, Tony Espinoza, jim Bottomley, Bobby King, Robert Mackey, Mark Stethem, joe La Cotts, Bobby McLain, Dan Rutledge, Mike Council, Greg Gurrola, 2ND ROW KKNEELINGJ Paul Glanville, Pat Balden, Harold Ol- sen, David Ospenson, Allan Beall, Paul Camarillo, Gary Hart, Phillip Enriquez, STANDING, Mike Ortega, joni Amey, jan Rogers, Bruce Taylor, Alex Mendez, jim Hines, Fred Nehrig, john Olsen tpres.J, Mike King, David En- riquez, james Campbell, Lum Giles, David Pettis, Karen Engelhardt, George Turk, john Corley, Gary Hutchins, Dan Roatcap, Robert Zornes, Chris Collins, joe Turk, Ray Car- rillo, Doug Amrhine, Peter Ortiz, Raul Tirango, Steve Tipps, Valerie Hunt. l W H I 4 .. , ,, ,. Q. ,MWA 4 ? 3 5 G E Q E F.F.A. Work Experience Get Down To Business RIGHT P bl C II dg in. BELOW: Mr. Mosbarger pl th techniques of rose pruning. BELOW RIGHT: R dy A m . . . LEFT: Now you're cooking BELOW: Next time put the battery some place where I won't trip over it. BELOW: Why did I decide to work here? Theta Alpha, Science Club and C.S.T. Work Hard To Excel "TP" .i,. Q 'JW It ABOVE: CSF: FIRST ROW: Grey Brothers, Chris Lee, Lucy Quezada, Mary K. Littman, Kathy Garnica, SECOND ROW: Mr. Knight, john Phillips, Kena Asenas, Karen Williams, Kim Creed, loy Mosbarger, Wendy Rees, THIRD ROW: Kit Brothers, Tim Gur- rola, Sally Bartels, Pam Taylor, Marjorie Bartels. LEFT: SCIENCE CLUB: FIRST ROW, left to right, Scott lohnson, Sam Rice, Mark Haeber, Lee Brisby, SECOND ROW, Su'san French, Mr. Skoe, Gayle Ryan, Karen Williams, Vance johnson, Richard Gonzales, Miles Kelman, ABOVE LEFT: Another rat gets the needle. FAR LEFT: THETA ALPHA: left to right: Suzanne Ponce, Pete Legan, Mr. Nelson, Bar- bara Ybarra, Pam Holts, Susan Chaffin, Verna Rollo, Susan Sanchez. Classes Favorites Of 71 Are Selected w. ff "?l!3"f ' Left to right: BOTTOM: 1 7th Grade: Freshman: Sophomores: 8th grade: luniors: Kerry Balden Kathleen Morris Tony Espinoza Dee Acosta Dale Hadley laymee Barlow Pat Wolf julie Bottomley Rocky Pollack Virginia Piercy juniors Have Enthusiastic And Successful Year The 1972 class enthusiasm, spirit, and fine talent has made this junior year a successful one. Because of the unity and great participa- tion of our class, vve have managed to spon- sor a very fine Prom for the Seniors. Our class worked very hard at the junior stands to help raise money for the Prom. The planning for this Prom and our class parties took a great deal of work and participation. The enthusiastic junior Class has participated in all school activities and in every varsity sport. Our goals as juniors have been reached and because of our class pride and potential l'm positive our future goals will be reached and surpassed. On behalf of our class I would like to thank Mr. Cook and our other advisors for contrib- uting to the success of our junior Class. Hector Guzman junior Class President RIGHT: Hector Guzman, Class President. BOTTOM, left to right: Nancy Moreno Secretary, Debbie Fletcher Treasurer, Teresa Hays, Vice-President. OV uf-3, lf -v L A . fl Tom Boggs Mike Burson ,seam eg, 'al . K Q- irefe , K N L W 66,9 A .Y r if Qi 2 f 'fr 'l' all 'ek i ,af if in "W e - ' f 1' ,mi 'ss 4 I ' ' 'iifizqa I Kathy Brunell Linda Butcher M xx-vs I l Nix avg, L s 1 ff fri. ,Q Q2 y 7 N Jr. , J AYQXD " Steve Abney Linda Acosta Bruce Agler Dolores Aguilar joe Aguilar Matt Aguirre Sonia Alcocar Ron Alcosar jenny Alcoser lim Allred Tom Alvarado Grai Andrews Terri Arias Anita Arroyo Lola Asenas Gerald Ayres Pam Baskins Debbie Brockus Margaret Cagle Vincent Camacho Neal Carrell Rosa Carrillo Suzanne Chaflin Frank Chavaste Glenda Christiansen james Cole Chris Collins left Collins Kathy Corley Robert Cortez Mario Cuellar Philip Cutkomp Laurie Davis Manuela DeAleianclro Debbie Deeter Iohn DeFever Bill DeLaRosa Dawn Drummond 98 ' nw 1 'K K v fi 5 lil' :mm rf, wx at ian. 7, fl K... , il' i E, l A. f -ir, l , r 4' 'Q i 1,- . ' . 4 A?" .C juniors Cro Where The Smiles ' i t e r r ' 'FH - A.. pf -z .im Q.. I 1, t-', rrt 'itil V .eng uv' . 1 3 .K it Q, f 5 ...Q I I, sg , f""'5' - .r S 'lov S Y .5 ii.,-is Aa 3, t I .iz L. R Are , V- A A -. Q za 1 50 5- sf tw ' ' 1,7 l A f V' , ,ti V.. if N , bd vt 'V , ..- a X F , mes, 4 at . EB ...W 7 , ' F 4 is l ' 'ii' X i A . N ' - is v":v S K f ' V l x g . LS's,.f t. ,,L, 4,6 rfb S' 5 5 - get ,t E . Qs 4' ,- li-V V R i' "tr '75 ff - " S " 1 N. ...qv 1, , is . . . I ' lg 41" N Q v " ,F We N 1 ll Q . S L . sv i '17 x41 , s F I 'sl l ll ' f a 3 A Q -LQ! M' x . A Y fl' 3 aw f-,J . - . - Anita Echols Patrick Ellis layne Engelhardt Steve Epperheimer Gracie Espinoza David Everson Darrell Fails Carolyn Fernandez Larry Fisk Regina Fisk Debbie Fletcher Susan Flores lohn Foy Delia Garcia Patty Garcia Bailey Glenn David Grennier Cindy Golson Christina Gonzalez Renee Gonzalez Sue Groefsema ' Hector Guzman Mark Haeber Paula Haynes 99 Teresa Hays Lupe Hernandez Pam Holts Kathy Hood Dana Hoover Earl Horner Carl Hubbell Laurie Hunt Ron Hunt Linda Hyden Phillip john Carol jones Dale King Mike King John Larsen Ricky League lay Lee Pete Legan Randy Lemons David Littman lesus Lopez Paul Lopez Ti1:- ' Tim ' Loyelace Chris McKelvey lOO juniors Do Their Own Thing . ri . at 2 IR. 0 l l j, lflm 5 I . wikis' , l t 'L K 1 -li mifili-1 . h . .,, ,.f . b 'M 5 ',a' Il fzi- -'iii I 2 M T l ZTI' af- N 5 5 ye My 5 b , i 'ESQ 'z l Y K 4, 3 A 5Azf,M.,- Rjgaifujf X ,L VM ! ' 4 . ,951 " Eli? f Z -K 9 Q U -Q 4 xzlikklvl xg sx 1 si M li s .'A, ,ff ,T . ,, V VV6 4 Q. 4 CA , -.949 5 fog-si MQ W N 3"0'O'O'O'5 QW 5555? ,QOOO4 aoooo poooq roooo +ooo4 foooo cocoa 3333 ooo' '5.4,-9,04 YZ l . x 57" lm 'll A q aw X Q -qi , A l ,Jie . 'V i, Li. I -- K iHd:5EE1I' 9 ,.. fa we it K- "Kr,,::g4-Z l ffl?-so , f X ,,2 l, Q' 'fcfff 'tr' 'ir f ' 1 f 5 u-:.-:- . gg. g urjs 4 J M ii? . I ' if C ia- . , rf ' ww g i M43 Wm 'e ' 3 2 I' a i if l 'Fw' C Q .Ji N 3' T' f' K , I ,' 4' f 'll , - i ,412 A I I i Gayle McKendry Keith McLain Pat Macias Conchita Martinez Frances Martinez Garland Maynard Christy Miller jane Miller Pat Miller joe Morales Diana Morales Nancy Moreno loel Mozley Chris Mumme joy Musgrave Charles Neal Sandra Nichols Angie Norwood Debra Owens Mike Padilla Greg Page Mike Patterson Annette Peery lack Perez lOl Nick Perez loe Perkins Tom Perryman Virginia Piercy Viola Pillado Rocky Pollack Fred Ponce Rosa Ponce Suzanne Ponce Sherry Pyle Debbie Rakestraw Paul Ramirez Kim Rasey Lillie Real Wendy Rees Lorrie Robinson Holly Rogers Philip Rogers Verna Rollo Grace Romero lerri Root Gabe Sanchez Rigo Sanchez Susan Sanchez Kim Schiller Rodney Schrock Greg Sharpe Susan Sheldon lO2 l. juniors Find That Tomorrow S o p s yi .lll ' iv y- l M i 3 Y , 4- kk 'fr if-U F. Ball ' ' K iw ge- ls Gnly Tomorrow 12251 i Jw' .'1'1ff,f t f ' V .-"V si w-nfs .Z - ' W , T , 1 s f' l A21 5 l if it 'N -..' ll. ,L in 'ii " 2 sr ? jig as f' ,Q R. 4 r T 5 ag' itat -1--.X 1, J -9 ' Q li "Tm, 'mit " if-Q 1 Mr. X1?f7"f u ':i,H'V,f-iigig ,:'tW?"7445W "LL A K .V llgffgfg.,fl55.J1':fT5Sl' .,L. L :s,,i'lf5t'frl5':J't , ' ' H V. Lllllllfllnzf 4' llllllffiiikfl lwuil all f l '.if'l5:lW Yft1llUiS,1l5fl5'7w ' N55 ' lillffigvfz 2 5- T 541122: ' vp n A kffltqlffllli' tiff' it i 1 T M4,lmvfS'0 A fel oo A T 1 ,VE W M ' ff . fe' . v Wifi. A f C -4 S ' num f 'film A ' ' 1' , Jxngfaafn - ,fifiriilw ' M A ,. Y , r3ri.j'5:I 2 ll- ufw- . "- ' fx' ' A tlgxfiirf " 55, 3, l get i. V1.' Pl " Q., Q s K T El: E JH' 1 Ncrvsmziikf ww ' s l 1 ' , A V l lie? K 1 ali lm Wlfit ffl ff' rl i l- i, l 1 mfr,:,,lef4S'l?liSf,,,l,Q 4 uf 'lifsfiiwllfil' llllifaigflslfll .wffifflt q,l.,4,.f.. lg, .,,,g,l.tK Me eizfszetlfilitiza. f:5:g5a5,:fg'f' 1 'wg J-gl 5, lfrmrf r 5, falziv, fr, swf-. ' ,, ' i :jg si f" I yt yn ,q,:iif55,5f ,qs ' Millly A . .TWV i "1r,,,'m'zlfl si lsgllitlflf. zisfi -L, ., Nfii.-1, t, .g MH' , , ,,f..b is 17 W KW JA. '55 lslfggllmg will :wQ4ifli55'l:,,'l: ir.f,mlMlg5ii rrp, ' if llflllfl' 53 . Q wllyft 1,1 yi ls W l piggy 1 i f . g f T tt Q-fffn,-1f?5m2al,!:l:,.m 2 glen' 1 .- glial ffl ti ., V. . Ruben Camacho Audel Dominguez Bill lones Raquel Lopez Alicia Martinez - 521,225 Ss 0 s .iaflfrlgi f ,SFR , Q l l gt sf, , , ml- . F K A Six Mimi ll ' 1 Hi, , ' l 41 xl' ' 1 s fe tw X 5 If' .yi rfglfm r N l i4 r :gg ,,f,. ,yi r Q Q'- isl' lf l Q 'Q lg . E ls . an ' 1 ' l il v .mg x Q 1 1 ye - 95,2 , , R " Q ,,f:.sff" f l 7 2? N Wag. lgggfisyi Vell fr sfjizffjwlll ' 1 - l 1 31 ilk P it . , . if we i K, if 2 E Q I iv f I 1+ li, 5 " NOT PICTURED Dennis Murphy Steve Rose Cheryl Myers Alice Segura Donna Mynatt Humberto Tello lesus Perez Felix Zuniga Melvin Qualls ludy Smith Tony Smith Kathy Snyder Ray Swearingen Raul Tarango Don Tello Norma Tirado Cindy Toedtemeier lulia Townsend Patsy Tripp Mike Turk Ben Tyson ludy Van Noy Carole Van Orsdol Eddie Vargas Cecilia Vasquez David Vasquez Kathy Walsh Karen Williams Gail Worden Barbara Ybarra Rosie Zavala lO3 Sophomores . .. Continue To Contribute The class of 1973 has displayed its capabilities and enthusiasm on many occasions through- out the year. We feel that our class members will continue to make a contribution in ath- letics as we predict big things for Fillmore in our remaining two years. Class members have been active in projects and committees and have accomplished much. I would like to thank my classmates for their support and help during the year, Mr. Ball and others who have guided and helped us reach our goals. Chris Hobson Sophomore Class President RIGHT: Chris Hobson, Class President. BOTTOM, left to right: laymee Barlow-Secretary, Ginny Morris- Treasurer, Luanne Mauck-Vice President ii 'af 33' 5, 4 1 A .r ,. ,am , . Y 2 'Q , , 1 pb.. Y, W . 'Liga 9 1 6 if 3 xr 4 a fx 4 w v- A. . " ff 'SNS X . , 2 We 172 NNW. J 7 A My A IT 7 r 1 'Y ' f 1 A A xiirl' , L . 1, , J l ' , x.T.. 2 '71 -rx' B f- ,Q my A A Jw . I ,ix ' V I lk ,HL if ' ,, ii' Q s . ' w.. ' i 'vlan in isa llvjrg .N A fb sk iw- I - X ay C , Tim Aguirre Maria Alcantara john Alcoser Maria Alday Hilda Alverdi David Arias Carol Arnold Armando Arroyo Christina Asenas lim Ashley Phillip Avila Bev Ballard Mike Barkley laymee Barlow David Barragan Melinda Barrow Sally Bartels Vhon Bell Scott Blaylock lean Boggs Tim Borrego Marie Bowersox Fern Brinkley Kathy Brisby Sandy Brockus Frank Cabral Paul Camarillo Barbara Cardona Angel Carrillo Laura Castro Ephomores Straight Lines Are Sometimes MW A 'V 1- . 1 , , .Hifi-'i ,, l 1- W 4 1 ., I . ,.., . . . .. K in 'L l t time fifr F to , S Q 1 .. n 'S 1. 1 Q Q . , t., rv. ' 1 Q f 5 NA uf Q .X . 4- ,.,.,. Q 2. l ff T ' gr' V y Phyllis Cervantez lack Chaveste Herman Cortez Mike Council Audrey Culver Cherie Dann Danny De Lorto Luiz Diaz Candy Duley Steve Duley f Bruce Cook Kim Creed Pam Davis Melvin Dubay Mark Dushick Frances Enriquez lose Escoto Linda Escoto Mary Ellen Faulds Debbie Ferrer Ricky Ferrer Dale Fildes Bill Floyd Paula Gahito Mario Garcia Raymond Garcia Mike Garner lO7 lill Gunter Anna Gurrola Greg Gurrola Dale Hadley Robc-rt Hansen Miko Harbor! Gary Hart lacky Hnrtcr Stove Hnrtung Robert Hayes Debby Helbling Donna Henderson loc Herrera David Hill Mary Hill Sherry Hinklo Chris Hobson Brad Holmes , .,,. - zh, Qgphomores Are Caught In The Quiet 4 -:e1:1f1gf'.:--ii p .. g b 1 Y ' .1 fillhiii J' ,JS hr wa A QE I. iq YL 4' iw 59 73,3 ffl- ' Sf NN-1.-.M ' QQ 9 ' . will -is : ' e - SC , ng., Q - 'z - ily-i. 'Q w'a.,.,5:- x ' x K. - Q-. .X sim.-s ,,,. . ,L Ll,- X l ,.-. A , hi 2. xi ' V' i . Q -iz . ' if Qi .22 .125 , ,,,, H ' 'kx' Buddy Houchin Y Gary H unt We 1. 4 59' 3 . wil? L S Mark Hunter Terry Huscher f S351 W b :fi S I ' ,ur it., it 1' .195 , Dean jackson - Herman jackson .mail 'ST Lesley lones Ron Lentz 'NW joe Jimenez Scott johnson A. , , Xt 42 , 4 is P I i t ' b 15 , 1 Q, , , V Y Q35 K A. 2' N sy W K x Q.. ., 5 5 Q 4 ,,. rv Mwlv' .i L f EUQCDC Kindle Iulie King Keith Klein loe La Cotts Nick Landeros Mary Lara Mary K. Littman Frank Lugo Joe Lydick lohn Lyons Kirk McCracken Annette McDaniel iO9 Sandy McKendry Edward Mackey Melodie Marden Vincent Martinez Luanne Mauck joe Medellin Steve Medellin Cecil Merritt Ginny Morris Greg Murray Greg Myers Richard Myers Carlos Navarette Miguel Navarette Tom Neal Vicki Nelson Harold Olsen Brenda Ortega lohn Ortega Victor Ortega Linda Ortiz Kenny Ospenson Peter Oriz lanct Palmer ilO Qgphomores Show Varied Interest . is A, ' I "Awe .' ' mr" f , P 4. l I. 'A l . i W is W . .a 1-, X. c an 1 , , , 1 'l l 4 M l QF' as g l L 14' 56 k - 0 1 W-f i A ,M f --. . 'lk sb ' ll ' A iff' X. , '14 M -'P' 'L ' ll E l ll fy George Perez Darla Peters Richard Ponce Alice Powell Frank Pulido Lucy Quezada Cindy Ramirez Becky Rangel Delia Razo Rosie Real Helen ReCi0 Ian Reeder Mark Ritchey Danny Roatcap lan Rogers Susan Romero Anna Ruiz Alan Satterfield Rommie Sauceda Marilyn Schell David Shaffer Evan Shipp V ' Eileen Singerl Mark Stevens Cathy Stuthers Terry Suttle Ray Tafoya David Taskey Bruce Taylor Greg Taylor Janie Taylor Rosemary Thompson Lynnette Thompson jill Topping Margaret Torres Albert Torrez ii? -sa -lf Z Q-Qphomores Go From Toys To The --..... f 'wi , X is ? t, N fu an ' 'E' J" Mike Travelstead David Tripp Ron Tucker Daisy Unrine Carol Urrca Vicki Van De Mhecn 112 ' . - Q 227 - " gi . fy xg: i 5-5 -: Y , N1 f i V Y ,' . zggp -- 1 ' , - , , .- rl: ,R , . V. s ' A , I , i 1 I' 3 ' in T Real Thing ,gwwgvq etiy NOT PICTURED Annie Enriquez loe Hernandez Richard McElroy Robert Kozar Kenneth Legan Brian Raysinger ff :T , ii -' R' 3 3' ' fi 'K ' ' wa. , M Qfltik ea -. " Y 1 'Wire ff: A , X K . 'Q ' s Tarif f V ' u t A ." -' sw V: Lynn Van Noy Manuel Vargas Socorro Vargas Fernando Vasquez Stanley Vedder Becky Vega Tony Villanueva Stella Villasana Robert Villasana Becky Villasenor Tim Wade jeff Ward Bobby Wells Steve Wilbanks Kim Williams Robert Zornes Carlos Zuniga ll3 Freshmen Ciet Gff To A Fast Start This has been a great year for the class of "74". We have showed skill and spirit in athletic events and other activities. Our hard work in the planning and building of the Homecoming float paid off vvhen our float placed first. Class members participated enthusiastically in various school activities and a great percentage of the boys were mem- bers of the football and basketball teams. l would like to thank the Freshmen for their participation during the past year and on be- half of the class of "74" I would like to thank our advisors forttheir great help. john Baehr Freshman Class President RIGHT: Class President john Baehr. BELOW, left to right: Keith Gurrola Treasurer, Holly Noel Vice-Presi- dent, Cheryl Dimitt Secretary. -f W f 1 K sg, ', 'M l 2 my ' 'lk 'X rv A . ,f , tea . ' M3 'YY Nm-ww, A 4. an .. 'Z ' ' 1 if V 33 6 . Wt ,559 'Yi A at i 5 1 -3. ,2 f A J. , gl M - W t 5 Sl A ' as-aff .s Y fyhl ' . Q . A . K L. l x QQ If , t X x t kk .pt ip if ,. , , Z 'N 5' t 'if 2 p. - 5 -tif t --5 sux 5 rf , qi .3 infix ..., if j x - fr j g A A at .. r f P 1. is ,gf gtg Afl -' V .J , K s i n as-WT' . X .,,, il ' ' f t v t,,.,dw trst lf Y r ' , Hamm .J - ' Mummy' aw" ,e f v - .3 ' re' 1 - Q M, A - 4 L A3 ,tt ,, , . tix . 5 t L' - t it 'Y-'- Tt'1 'f K 7-Xh K n J , . P " M- or gg Y , A : . 3' Q ' ,- t w4... 24,1 X 1 , , 3 A K , ' 1, ., l' 11 ' fit my i ff' 1 mzzfl' Qs. 1 l. 2 ll R lillm tr 4 T gmggg ,,w3mgL7Zf,, fu l ,, ' I e 0 lx A y Q , f f t Aw ff ' if ' ' .try S rr , il fI6552429.l:1tsil'i1rlQ5s1f2zs , l Y A tilt Delena Acosta Chris Aguirre Genevieve Alcozar Evelyn Alvarez Robert Alvary ioni Amey Doug Amrhine Cathy Antonsen Mary Arias Russell Arnold Rosemary Avila john Baehr Patrick Balden Lorie Barlow Mariie Bartels Alan Beall Kathy Berrington Noreen Berrington Glenn Boblett james Bottomley Irma Bravo I Grey Brothers lose Camarillo Becky Cantrell Georgia Carpenter Karen Carrell Ray Carrillo Gabriel Casas Donna Cassidy Lupe Cervantez Phillip Cervantez joe Chaney Mary Ann Chaveste Teresa Cole Tony Collins Kay Collins ll5 Freshmen Get The F. H. s. spirit E-5 'N .Zi lt V - ,f ef . Alex De La Rosa Tim De Lorto Romero Diaz Cheryl Dimitt Karen Engelhardt Corina Enriquez Felipe Enriquez Frank Enriquez ll6 v Ml gm 5 :W V N , Ulf ' A New if iw, xx. 'ffsa-D is . ,E 'sf .gg A .Sv in Q l ., . KRW: X i L f i, 2 M Q 'if john Cook Richard Council Deborah Crawford Josephine Curiel Liz Cutkomp leff Dann Delena Dominguez Hortencia Mark Epperheimer Tony Espinoza sf 57 S ll, Q l " f 1 5 Q l1 , nf lf f i. iff M, ,fc ,-Ma-w ,, 1 11351 t I 'M IP1 -,, ""' if I-A-S25 G, avail W! lv u , sr, , ...F Q -gwl 1 ' fur-mix. u :.L as :A .szsrzsi , 1 ' 7,,ggi'i1g32' - f Xl, ggi V Glenn Fisk Tim Flores Paul Foiles David Foley john Fredrick Denise Freeman Eugene Garcia Rose Marie Garcia Russell Garcia Cathy Garnica Debrah Gonzales Isabel Gonzales I john Gonzales Rita Gonzales ll7 Eugene Goodenough Aiejandria Granados Sandra Griffin Erie Grove Diana Guevara Armando Gurroia Keith Gurrola Gloria Gurrola ,Patricia Gurrola Richard Guzman Robert Haase jeffrey Hackney Matthew Haeber Buddy Harrold Todd Hawley Betty Hellman john Hernandez Elda Herrera Terrie Hibbard lim Hines Dana Hinkie Richard Hinojosa leanne Holley Steven Hood U8 L fr tt, ... a 'U' .t ,t-1 ff X t t sv 5 H :iii '35 R "W ,gt 1 .. 1 l t Q. iv! 3 . ll. . rl. l i . kg J I , Q aw! 'SES' fl- 1 ff 'r O' . gh . , -- rf , 6,, -. r- in El lk M , x L ll ... 4,5 n L Y? .ga R' , Ar , L L' rr V fm' X y A .L syltl if 1 ., . 2. 0 QQ? 3 iff' 5 .r-sr .' " .1 Ill K Fw 40 Q 1 SQ . Vg F , ' no 2 V ,T .. .Nlnf ' "' if 1' wif ' . 5. if limb Ply ll llaiffy.. A A ' U Q 't a r iff ' - if rf , , .. it ef 5 .. K it I te? ,i J.. , if 1 ' fl v. J . it ty 0' 'fi 159' ".n...., ay., ' il , I ?"' . L. 1 . , . 12 'z f Q? y f ' f. 5 ...M , 1: :" A , . 'P ' 7 lil' - ff. . ' J -'laura I 1 5 Q,',i:J, Q.,.,::es5 1 .5 , , 19 "W f ' - """'-' til X.. t itil Monty Houchin Ed Hoyle Adolfo Huerta Valerie Hunt Eric Hutchins Hank llhareguy Kurt Ingalls Kevin lones David King David King Robert King Rene Klein Laurie Kluth Gloria Kreis Deborah Leach Nadra Legan Isabel Lopez Arthur Lugo Robert Mackey Andy Mann Sherilyn Martin Barbara Mayhew Chris McDermott Robby McLain Martha Melgoza Alexander Mendez Martha Michel Carol Miller ll9 Oscar Morales Raymond Morales loy Mosbarger Peter Munoz Susan Munoz Eric Mynatt Holly Noel Micheal Ortega loe Ortiz David Ospenson Robert Otis Richard Owens Robert Owens Thomas Palazzi David Patterson Emily Perez jesus Perez lames Perkins lag? z F l .N .i.r E gy., -Irs.. " I Q. A lm XV: 4 . HM Mi! Freshmen Learn To Get "Tuff" ,Q TW a 'B l ia J , it l .flu x 3' e. , i wt .aff 'mr 'i l 'N . . 7 r . uf, r --,af L .. i LK - ,V P ww 'lat . Fl I A I ,O . A-. lv-X , 1. . ,ig .Q t M wi .. Fa' ., W K ,Q 'H ,X H-1 ek L M - M as - i 1 - ' " . -' I 17, 7 7 9 L. , 41 1, Q 'L V at X' " 5 Q M 4 . " t s or cg, as w as it R M 5 R P A , N .f , lr Maw . , ygiqlivfanv 'sammy l2O .,:.... M 0 .un 5 ,nl we r, . is ri: ' 1 4.1331 f V .,- --- V, ,':-miie. .,,, Nm N fsck R S - " , David Pettis J, ,y V ii, i 3 .159 3. . . 1 r r-,big ' +ve, ' ' N , i . Q . ll use 5 3 Q fi ,,,. V f ...X r. ' wig, f .. 2 W s Jw 'f 'gli' 1t:s.f.f . t i -KH 'Q .fr if . .9-X. , , . -.N N Mike Pillado Val Pillado Arthur Ponce Roland Ponce Rebecca Real Robin Rees Juana Reyes Ruben Reyes Sherry Richter lessica Rivera lessie Rivera Viki Robbins Deborah Roberts Laurie Robinson Aurelio Rodriguez Anita Romeo Ben Romero 121 Dan Rutledge Gayle Ryan Elizabeth Saldino Teresa Samaniego Alfred Sanchez Richard Sanchez Sam Sanchez Sandra Sanchez Ampelia Sandoval Mark Shiells Angela Simpson Kenneth Small Barbara Sparrow james Stehly Mark Stethem julie Tafoya Henry Taft Natalie Taylor Pamela Taylor Sylvia Tello l22 a f lx ij s L t f T f -F is .' yi Avrt K 7 if X ww . c .. N,,,,,,z 1. 1 , ata X ' nu i L , .,,z, ff if K , , f""'k 1 . . . i l ll H ' i s Wg? 2 2' 1 l 'fir i W 'ef if S922 4: ,fy 1 RHI: gras.- : :V . if , , to www 5 N 1 f ' f f' my s A " 3. A 1 .ff:f2.""'zc',..a: . tm un Freshmen Get Their First f,'6v4 L. W. 2 t is x t 'w gi w l xt I wflfuwisfii- lr i iw. , if K W. A 1 X Ng'-rzxw , . ff: F i 2' t"- S fe "ff, ff ' 1' tt fx. MIL .,. fill 1 y aff ,Jw xt- 4 . lk, I Wadi, '95 :S-: .I , 'wa 'Y s X.. f lg ck ' 't'rr A- P . I wt fy .j h 1' z. , , i fs. t fi - 5 .dk ie, Big Thrill . ,ea 1 K 3 , W DY O IQ 5 5 . 'gs "ill:- I A' Q aifwllf . .H f ., ,rem i x L . x 1 Q , , k Tv l - 7, I ', 9 bg . .. Y K 'i' ' w:.11f:eiff. 75? I A f A ' .S 4' jf ,. 'VZ' I' ike Tucker nesto Vasquez aralyn Vest Obert Villegas willip Wright , li 1 :5 5 , iw Fla, if if .W H 5 ! ,- I George Turk Ishmael Vasquez Rosa Villalobos Amanda Walters , af we. Q35 'fggllffftgr 1' 1 ww .Wa f W! 6 LY li f ' 9? WT? ,ai , Q 'ip ' .-we f fl! if lisa ,,,,- - "li ifwlfi ui' 'll' 1.95. , A - Sf' 3 rl .i ' ' irfw le V -'Q W L Vicki Vayda Macario Vasquez Anthony Villegas Micheal Williams NOT PICTURED: jerry lones Ieff King Pauline Tafoya Teresa Velazquez Benny Villareal Michael Walsh Seniors Enjoy Last Year Together v Seniors Reminisce And Aspire The end has come of what will probably be the happiest four years of our lives. Before june 18, 1971, we were mighty seniors, full of confidence and security, but now we must take the steps which will finally put us on our own. We will begin a new life as young v ,e,,t adults with new challenges and exciting ex- periences. Yet these last four years will re- maxi main with us always. When the class of 1971 entered Fillmore High, we were, to some extent, a large, far- out, freaky group of students. We weren't the largest class ever to enter Fillmore High, but, it will probably be hard to forget us. Accordingly, we set our class activities. Dur- ing our freshmen year we chalked the "F", as sophomores we had car washes, as juniors we put on the most righteous lr.-Sr. prom ever put on by a junior class, and as seniors we have won back Fillmore's old reputation in sports. Now, we leave Fillmore High. Some can hardly wait, while others would rather wait another year. But, for most of us, these past four years have gone by too fast. Senior Class President Tony Gaitan RIGHT: Tony Gaitan, President. BELOW, left to right: Angel Carrera, Vice-President, Sandra Ferrer, Secretary, Sandi Davis, Treasurer Donald Lester Amrhine You Bet You Roberta jean Am rhine BERTA Hey, Linda-What's for lunch? Aurelia Martina Aparicio GUICHA Did you really? Thomas Michael Arnold ARNIE "Get a Harley! 4One that runsl Alfonso Reyes Arroyo O.D. Let's go Larry G. Aulich OSTRICH I guess so Maria Ramirez Barragan MARILLITA Sweetheart Betty Lorraine Beall LORRIE That wasn't even nice, you guys! Beverly Yvonne Berdahl BEV Heavens! l27 Harvey Monroe Black BEAR Andrew loseph Brand ANDY Whatever Christopher Anthony Brothers KIT ' Don't let your meat loaf Fred Alvin Butcher FREDDIE Nice Dorothy Robena Cahoon DEE DEE Homework!! What home- work?? james Martin Campbell IAMIE Really? john Allen Campbell Don't l28 Seniors After Topping Four Years 0 It ,mlm Nw .dd A 0 ccompllshment ,5,,...w-Lv .I L I A f if-,aa I f X Angel Michael Carrera WHITE MEXICAN Brown Power? Tony, say it now! Maria Martinez Carrillo FRIEND Andale! Catherine Lee Chandler CATHY Out of sight! Corinna Lou Chandler CHANDLER One never knows! Maria Olimpia Chavarria OLIM Follow directions and you'll never go wrong! Linda Lee Cook LINDA I doubt it! john Otis Corley I. OTIS Let's go Christine Daphne Cutkomp CHRIS How are you? Sandra Marie Davis SAND! OOh, Lord! 129 Paul De Alejandro Dean Milton Ellis DINO DEAN Maria Del Rosario Enriquez MARIE You don't say! Sandra Gail Ferrer SANDY No really? Georgette Carlee Floyd GEORGE Oh, that's beside the point Cheryl Dene Spencer Foster SPENCE Oh bull! Susan Mary Judith French SUSY lt is a problem, isn't it? l3O Seniors We Look Back On This Dur QW!" ..f"' Q ix,- fer'-"" l . I x john Fujishiro FUII Wow! Far out! That's cool! lose Tony Gaitan lUDCE I'm brown and l'm proud Connie Sue Gibson CON Oh, Wow! Richard C. Gonzalez PONCIANO I'll be the judge of that! Phyllis lean Gunn PHYL Hey, Helen did you get any mail today? David Ray Gunter DRUNK Let's get drunk Timothy Samuel Gurrola CO CO When do we eat? l3l Paula Ilene Hail PAULA If you really want to get to know a guy, ask him if he wears stretch socks. Brenda jean Hall HOT DOG Linda Ann Hall OCTOPUS David Marsland Hanscom Obviously, you have a problem Ricky Lynn Harrold RIVER RAT l've got to work on my bike tomorrow l32 Seniors We Recall The Excitemen 1 mf Larry Wayne Henderson BONES Shotties Diane Neoma Henson DUGY Let's go cruising, jugy. a dollar! Christye Lee Hill The SPEEDER Race, race! Joanne Marie Holmes JO Terry . . . !? Christina Marie Herrera CHRIS Guess what? I got a letter from Roy. Lynda lean Hooten LEEENDA You bugerlll lohn Harold Hunter LIPS CHETASl You're worthless! Vance Kenton johnson VAAANCE!!l Leave the coil wire alone, you klutzl Miles Nelson Kelman MOUSE That's the way the Mercedes bends! Vernon Keith Kenfield TWIGGS Lez go, boys! You too, Scott! l34 Wendy Irene Koch I can give it, can you take it? Kenji Komatsu LITTLE PINE Talk together. Lieng Ngor Le SUZANNE Christopher Mark Lee KWIS WEE Woopie, we're all going to die' Bradley Robert Lewis BIG BAD BRAD Good-bye, good luck, and good riddance! Susu M. Lewis TOAD How shocking! Malinda Katherine Lidamore MANDI Don't be stupid, stupid. Rita Maria Lopez SHORT! You half-wit! Graciela Robles Lugo GRACIE Leave me alone, A.D. 135 Armando Magallon MANDO Dwayne Mackey RUC RAT You want to ditch with me, Chris? Nathan Deryl McGowan DUST Later Baby Douglas Michael Main lose A. Mariscal IR. What's happening? Blanca Olga Martinez BLANQUITA Keep it clean . . . friend lose D. Martinez JOE Chicano power Manuel john Martinez WIMPEY What's for lunch? lack L. Morales WACO Aahh, shut up! l36 Seniors The Agon wa' 3 vig., jeffrey Brian Morris SCOW Trust your car to the m wear's the star! Kenneth Michael Myers MARS LAMB Oh oh, it's coming Billie Christine Mynatt CHRIS Are you kidding me? Frederick Gage Nehrig SEDERICK lt's O.K. john Edward Olsen TOTTER I don't know Alfred Oseguera AL Don't believe it, I'm only kidding! Felix Hurtado Oseguera WINO All I need is a V2 pint! Donna Ann Ospenson Someday when I'm rich and famous . . . Debbie K. Owen BUCK You're . . . 138 Seniors And The jo Gi Becoming An Wig e. "LEW Martha Palacio MARTY is that Sheriff? Wow! james Brian Patterson BYRON But I was at church!! 'f:.Wg,g! Harold Warren Powell SLIM Where are we going to hitch hike today? Rebecca Sue Powell BUEGEY Oh, my God! luegey we ran out of gas!! lohn Roy Perkins FUZZ BRAIN Shoties lohn Raymond Phillips JOHN Anyone who may try to evalu- ate my intelligence or orig- inality by what l decided to write as my "Favorite Say- ing" can . . . Manuel lunior Pillado WERO You-bet-chie! Maria Guadalupe Pina LUPE Fijate, Anita que EJ .... ll! l39 james Lawrence Rains COTTON HEAD Sexy, man! joseph Stephen' Ramirez IOE Digit! Joseph Richard Real BOBBYJOE Vernon, let's go see Uncle Adolf. Samuel Rice SAM Sure you will, Fuji. Keith Bernard Ritchey BOB WIRE Freak power. Shoties, Vernie. Michael E. Roberts SKINNY Hey, kid! l4O Seniors Inspired B Our Facult Raymond Obiols Robles RAY Hey, let's ditch! Kenneth Bernard Rogers K. B. Come on, you guys! Dixie June Rollo LITTLE RED HEN Did I forget anything? Ofelia Perez Romero ROMEO Control your emotions! Marisela Rodriquez Sanchez LA CHAPARRA DE ORO Can you dig it? Evangelyn Lee Schiller VAN lcan't explain what I mean. Gary Leland Southwick BO BO Hey, that's nice! Michael Thomas Stevens Melinda Lou Stocker MELINDA Really? Okay, l'll believe yo l4l Scott L. Sundquist LUKE You'd like to! Kenneth Earl Sundstorm SUNNY Man, I know my rights. Linda Louise Tallent LYN You've gotta be kidding. Debra Kay Hutchins Thompson DEBBIE Stephanie Ann Thrower SAM What can I say? Steven Don Tipps OKIE What ever's fair!!! Macario Real Torres ROCHE CON Vernon, shoties time. Michael Edward Torres MANIACO Angel, Iet's go find some girls. David Villa Tovar SKOVAR Cheese puffs! or can you smell it! I42 Seniors We Aimed For Excellence -Q., y,,,,,,.., 'lfrzfj' gl loseph Eugene Turk TURKEY Dorothy Valencia Yeah, I believe it. Lorraine Valenzuela SUPER CHICKEN I'm hungry again. Linda Diane Van Noy LITTLE BULLDOZER Oh, nothing Carlos Nicholas Vargas SANTANA I love you Lucrecia Valencia Vazquez LUCY Sergio . . . ! 143 Mark Allan Vest FIREBALL It's getting deep. Robert M. Villalobos ROBERT Myself! Philip Carter Warring WALLING CWARINGD BLENDER i4 Why? Charles jesse Wheeler TUNA B. S. William Whitesel BlLL Dawn Wendy Wileman DAWN Harry, they're at it again!! Becky Rene Wilson GREEN-EYED LADY You guys are crazy! Kimberly Ann Wright DUMBO I'm hungry. Mark Douglas Yule MULE Have fun. 4 Seniors And, Through Diligent YNY Studying Came Achievement NOT PICTURED Lee Brisby Anna Enriquez David Enriquez Yolanda Gonzalez Barbara Rodriquez lannie Rushing ilR Danny Shiells Karen Storey Yolanda Tarango Frank Tirado jim Unrine Matt Willis MOST INTELLIGENT John Phill p Van S h ll FRIENDLIEST T yG t S d F Qenjq Personalities Reflect The Best in v fi" 'Q 37' , 1 ' v - ,,A 4-4 ,, 1245? x ' X 'Nm --4+....,..,.-, ,K H , , ,, ...N-WM.. LS ! wi 1,4 Q 1 5w,v-.. .- . '- . Swqvtz 'V fwlw .4 R"..",,f,- A6245 ,xg ff P , mf ' ,., 'X' V, l"Nff , . "Zv+-"IJ . 1. , M: 1 .3f,',w,,.: . ,f . :g.w,f 5,,1fGg-S , . "U n. V2 Elf' ww: , W S W MOST SPIRITED Scott Sundquist Bev Berdahl CRAZIEST Vernon Kenfield Sandi Davis 8 ' Y 9 ,qu G 5 fi' ' Y in H Ji I f sv if Q K f4U'1'Qf1Qf. ,. .a W' 'f' Q '- , -- My 1 - , ' f 2. K . ' , S f Q " fi - ' fi qxlff . 'A tj- , Q ,Q-'if3.,., " ' - ' . I. , , X , , ,,, 21, , fL.m,.-.,,,Q1,w - ,v ,V ,wh , ,.,,,,1, Y. M, ,,,, wp . v E yfgzrfgg W Jfpggafii -,,,L-.fg, My V11 f ft 'gWuLsm,+-wzsgfswf fmrfQ,!f3tiiw:f:5ufnl , A Senior Personalities Portray Beauty, Brains, and Brawn MOST VERSATILE K S d trom Ch C k p MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED T G I D O p MOST ATHLETIC Rogers Gary Southwick Malinda Lidamore VTRACTIVE 7 pencer Le ngoc Lieng As is the custom in oriental countries, the first name is the family name: Le means "King from 800 years Before", the second, ngoc is "diamond", and the third means "Great Power of God", but to us Le ngoc Lieng is Suzanne Le. With only two years of English, Suzanne ar- rived in Fillmore only a little over a week before the fall semester began. Two years may seem long but if you'Il recall your first year or so of a foreign language, it consisted of counting to ten and arbitrary identifications ti.e. "This is a table." "This a penciI"J. But for a person like Suzanne, who one day hopes to be the first woman president of Viet Nam, this was only one of the many obstacles to be surpassed. When you pass this petite girl, with a quick smile, it's hard to think of her as a Honda en- thusiast. As it turns out a Honda motorbike was her main means of transportation in South Vietnam. She guesses that there are at least one million motorcycles in Saigon alone. Aside from riding a motorcycle, she enjoys waterskiing, which she does with her U. S. family, the Calvin Deeters. When asked if she was ever homesick, she answered "I don't get homesick. I get food- sick." An obstacle that, though not com- pletely surpassed, is pleasantly tolerated by our oriental visitor. Exchange Students The Grient Comes West Hhs: . T . ,,,,j.i,jw 1- "1" M ty, HQ Kenji Komatsu A "healthy little pine tree" has come from japan this year to visit Fillmore. Actually, Kenji looks very little like a pine tree, but that's what his name means translated di- rectly from japanese. Kenji comes to Fillmore from a large city, Tokyo, and finds many things different. For instance, in his japanese school, there were about 450 people per grade, as compared to the 130+ of Fillmore. Also, there were many festivals in Japan, each celebrated with lots of fireworks. The japanese do not celebrate Christmas, as we do, but instead have a two- week celebration for New Year's. Kenji took English for six years before coming to Fillmore, but his classes were only in writ- ing and reading. To be able to speak it' as well, he joined an English speaking club where he and other students spoke only Eng- lish. Kenji, who has spent his year with Tim Gur- rola and his family, likes Fillmore and was very impressed with many of the sights he has seen, especially Disneyland. But he was rather disillusioned to pick a souvenir at Dis- neyland and see "Made in japan" on the bottom. junior High Display Excellence Z' I STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT: Laura Harbert VICE-PRESIDENT: lim Percy SECRETARY: Amy Percy TREASURER: Debbie Butcher ADVERTISEMENT CHAIRMAN: Ioe Tirado ENTERTAINMENT CHAIRMAN: Robert Berry EIGHTH GRADE PRESIDENT: Steve Dann EIGHTH GRADE VICE PRESIDENT: julie Bottomley EIGHTH GRADE SECRETARY: Carolyn Capehart SEVENTH GRADE PRESIDENT: Tom Cutkomp SEVENTH GRADE VICE PRESIDENT: Kerry Balden SEVENTH GRADE SECRETARY: Kathleen Morris ADVISOR: Mr. Sullivan RIGHT: President Laura Harbert takes charge at an assembly. 3, HONOR SOCIETY PRES: Pat Wolf VICE PRES: Jeanne Fredrick SEC.: Amy Percy ADVISOR: Mrs. Redd Beverly Agler Annalee Baker Tim Brisby Monica Duschick Linda Edwards john Harper Leigh Hunt jill Kluth Lance Lassen Judith Mac Brine Kathleen Marostica Holley Mumme lim Percy Phil Stehly Luis Wyche im, A mit Aff" . ' . ff . Gifted class discusses vital issues Mrs. Redd stimulates john Harper's studies. l53 junior High Band Explores The World f Music BELOW: junior High Band gets on the move. BOTTOM, LEFT: Drum major jennifer Reed leads band to new heights. BOTTOM, RIGHT: Steve Pfister stores up musical energy for next performance. iq A wr Y V xg ' 1 M . cf Y... H, .vii , . ij? rtzlxsv- iixvgi tu W. , S Z,"'y. iw. sd. 'IX ami' y X 1 A ' Ygclll s ' . ix ,EW S., W , 6 ,X 1 Lyn? J.. 111- f. 4 - -xii ' f ,ti . E' 'rh . if l' l " 'vfi lf: Al. tl is Ati ii if - ' A t'i' 'O 'i?s1?3 f1L.Zgg . " V E :an 3, ' x. - , V 1. . f K -s t lx 5 4' 5--5'-22 E All My k k K A K K kk.. - K V. K V, nv L,-,,, VA , . . -Q. tw tio' ..yV T54 Lflf sv Z1 if irx, -rtr E . f,.:, -5 5 , , ff - W' it ,- f ,iw jr it P ff lf: ilcigii. ,fa jeff Acosta Angela Aguirre Greg Andrews Antonia Avila Evaristo Barajas Cathy Carter Neal Cook Richard Davis Terry Davis Linda DeLaRosa jeannette Edwards Teresa Garrett David Gonzalez George Gonzalez Ruben Gonzalez Ricky Grimes Linda Haase Philip Hardison Steven Haynes jonathan Holley Peter Husher ...Q janet Hutchins Doug jones Paul Kern Mike Krska Steve Lewis Steve Littman Phyliss Lidamore Cindy Lovelace Kirk McDowell john McKendry Ronnie Mendez Frank Michel Dick Neece Ana Ortega Steve Ortega Sue Palmer janice Pederson Steve Pfister Alan Probasco Pamela Purves Elena Ramirez jerry Real Lauro Recendez jennifer Reed Robert Reid William Reid janette Rosas Charles Ruthledge Rick Schipper Lori Schneider Bart Taylor joe Tirado Maurice Travelstead Debbie Turk Ricky VanDeMheen Manuel Vargas Collen Walker Pat Wolf jessica Wren Michelle Ybarra Rx. Sal wg, i mt,-ga , junior High Chorus, Cheerleaders Voice Their Enthusiasm arg, A C , l, Angela Aguirre Rachel Bagasao Marisa Barrios Robert Berry Margie Borben Russell Butler Carolyn Capehart Valerie Carney Kathy Carter Linda Cassidy Frances Cornejo Monica Dushick Linda Edwards Cynthia Elledge Ora Belle Fout Debra Garner Teresa lo Garret Cindy Giles Cynthia Gonzalez Robbie Hasty Karen johnson BELOW Mr Baehr gets in the groove' Kelly jones Sheryl Miller Holley Mumme Linda Naase Anna Piercy Martha Pulido Susan Reynolds Carol Robinson Dolores Robles Kevin Synder Grace Torres Leah Wilkey Annalee Baker Mark Brown Debbie Garner Laura Harbert lill Kluth ludith MacBrine Heidi Mosbarger CHEERLEADERS: Deborah Turk Barbara Unrine julie Bottomley LEFT: Chverleaders add Homecoming festivities. Eighth Grade Prepares To Move Ahead Each year the eighth grade students look for- ward tothe privileges of high school. The class of "75" also recognizes its respon- sibilities to itself, the school, and the com- munity. We wish to thank Mr. Sullivan and the faculty of the junior High for helping us recognize these responsibilities. Steve Dann Eighth Grade President RIGHT: Steve Dann, President. BELOW: KSTANDINGD julie Bottomley Vice-President, CSITTINGD Carolyn Capehart Secretary. :Hill , 'W N99 .,,. 'fain 'WIRE' jeff Acosta Beverly Agler Cristina Alcantar Michael Alvarado Guadalupe Arias josefina Arias Monica Arias Chuck Arnold Darrell Ashley David Avila Frank Avila javier Avila Yolanda Avila Evaristo Barajas Obdulia Barragan Danny Bell Gilbert Beltran Donna Bennett Pam Benson Robert Berry Roberta Berry Chris Bishop Charles Bland Margie Borbon julie Bottomly jimmy Bragg Andyce Breshears Freda Brinkley Crystal Brockus janet Brockus 159 David Burson Deborah Butcher Brenda Byrd Carolyn Capehart Elizabeth Carrillo Richard Carrillo Cathy Carter Neal Cook Lynda Council Roy Culver Brenda Cummings Monica Curiel Keith Degner Steve Dann Richard Davis Terry Davis Scott DeLano Hermelinda De La Rosa Monica Duschik Jennie Ellis Karen Ellis Rosie Enriquez Salvador Enriquez Gloria Escoto Anita Fairbanks Orabell Fout leannie Fredrick Carlos Garcia Luanne Garnica Teresa Garrett l6O " W, '53 4' rx I' . M Cindy Giles leff Gilemore David Gomez Frank Gomez Dennis Gonzalez Fernando Gonzalez lovita Gonzalez Terry Goza Ricky Grimes Eugenia Guevara Kim Gunter Helen Gurrola Rosie Gurrola Yvonne Guzman Linda Haase Laura Harbert Philip Hardison jackie Hawkins Donald Henderson David Hernandez David Hernandez Paul Hickman Kristine Holmes Cecilia Holt Gary Hood Claude Hubbell Craig Hubbell lovita Hummel Leigh Hunt Peter Husher lol ls lanet Hutchins Scott Hutchins Vicki Hyde Thomas lngalls Leticia Jimenez Karen johnson Elizabeth lones Kathy Jones Rene Kirby leff Krska Pam LaCotts Abigail Landeros Francisco Landeros Lance Lassen Henry Lennarz Stephen Lewis lohn Lopez Cynthia Lovelace Richard Lyons Ernesto Magallon Miguel Manzano Adrian Martinez Memo Martinez Robin McDermott Vernon McElroy lohn McKendry Steve McKeown Franklin Michel Sheryl Miller loAnne Mitchell Susan Mitchell Debra Morales Mateo Morales Ronald Mann james Myers Kenneth Mynatt Linda Naas Estela Negrete Nancy Nelson Greg Nunez Steve Ortega David Ortiz 162 Qghth Grade Prepared To Weather The Storm is 'HJ is -.., 334' "4 ' L. AQ, ,Z , - ,Ni 4 f X l ' 1 ' I A ff.. , mlm. U Y UF- E ""A T nn. Fred Ortiz loe Owens lulie Padilla Susan Palmer Ianice Pedersen Amy Percy lames Percy Angela Phillips Anna Piercy Dolores Pina Lonnie Ponce Raul Ponce Tim Posadas Victor Posadas Martha Pulido Edward Purves Bill Putman Daniel Ramirez Diane Ramirez Kathy Ramirez Rosalina Rangel Rose Marie Rangel lerald Real Paul Real jennifer Reed Bill Reid Robert Reid Edward Reyes Mary Lou Reyes Susan Reynolds Kay Robinson Kelley Rogers lrma Romero Ricky Ruiz Roberta Salazar Roberta Saldino Graciela Santa Rosa Lori Schneider Hector Sierra Bill Silva Edward Smith johnny Spencer Philip Stehly Charles Storey Barbara Stuthers Griselda Sumaran Hector Tarango Lewis Teixeira loe Tirado Albert Torres Grace Torres Paula Torres Rudy Torres Rosalia Tovar 164 Qghth Grade Gets In The Swim a law. "f - , Q ,QQ .uf Q b O N ff f' mwah' J V' I gfat Gary Willis Pat Wolf Denise Woods lessica Wren Denise Wright john Wade Collen Walker Denny Wells Ralph Toyooka Margaret Travelstead Maurice Travelstead Deborah Turk Barbara Unrine Richard Van De Mheen Randy Van Noy Manuel Vargas Robert Vest Anita Villasana Virginia Villasenor Susanna Williamson NOT PICTURED lavier Aguilar Tony Arriola Alex Arriola Pablo Avila Linda Byrd Sheri Clayton Cindie Collom Keith Degner lohn Dominguez Herberto Garcia David Garza Timothy Colson Ivan Harkey Randy Leach Steven Pfister Kathleen Toyooka Rudy Villarreal Peter Williamson 165 Seventh Grade ln Step With Time Every year our Principal, Mr. Sullivan, pre- dicts each seventh grade class to be among the best. In this respect we agree with him 100 per cent. Our class will try to be the best, but with the great change from elementary school we first have to meet the great re- sponsibilities of the junior High. This means that each and every one of us must have the ability to meet the obligations of the teachers and also work on his own. We must' be able to take care of ourselves. In these ways I think that every 7th grader can be a success in school and also in their life ahead. The Class of "76" expresses great thanks to the seventh grade faculty and especially to Bert Bigham, our student counselor. Tom Cutkomp Seventh Grade President RIGHT: Tom Cutkomp President. BELOW: fleft to rightl Kathleen Morris Secretary, Kerry Balden Vice- President. P. .is -'i ru. 5 ft 1 ' ' is hw P... ' "W t iis.i S T T N ixlxb rt fwfr at f T Q- W it I w 5 as W Y vi ig is ... it '1 .5 if get 'W' '21 . , iz' fi Pi , ,, V If wc :-.H I --:v m i if t i - . 1550. it 'X -rm it ii' w wlx Q. L-fs . All Qmmpixk V L YM' 1 T ,. f I i W "z: I get rw mr" tw A at ff me F . -I M ws f if ,lt swf , A 1. . ,,49,, , an - - ri' , My Ve 'Ha lf 1 f 1 1. r ' 4' ii 0 tl i 'f viii?-'iif H. sg-I QM , ,W Q, f , f -iii , .M v 'Z 6 .E , L. .t NW X Victor Acosta Angela Aguirre Yvonne Alvarado Greg Andrews Noreen Andrews Debbie Ashley AnnaMarie Avalos Anna Avila Antonia Avila Pablo Avila Rachel Bagasao Annalee Baker Kerry Balden Teresa Barnard Marisa Barrios jennifer Bishop Danny Boblett Karen Bourne loAnn Bouvet Macario Bravo Melissa Breshears Wayne Brinkley Timothy Brisby Mark Brown Paul Brunnell Bobby Buckaman David Burks Russell Butler Lupe Cabral Pauline Cabral Mario Camarillo Duane Campbell luan Carrillo Steven Casarez Maria Casas Linda Cassidy Nancy Cole Cindy Collins Rose Ann Collom Lavetta Conley Frances Cornejo Dina Cuellar Donna Cummings Hortensia Curiel Tom Cutkomp l67 Paul Dancel Elizabeth De Alejandro Bobbie DeWitt john Dominquez Kathyrn Edmonds jeannett Edwards Linda Edwards Manuel Elizondo Melinda Elizondo Cindy Elledge juana Enriquez Mercedes Enriquez Rosario Enriquez Elvira Escoto Maria Escoto Mike Fanning Karen Faulkner Mark Fisk joe Flores Yolanda Flores Alejandro Garcia Debbie Garner Danny Gibson Cynthia Gonzalez David Gonzalez George Gonzalez Nancy Gonzales Ruben Gonzales Herminia Guevara Miguel Guevara Victor Gurrola Tom Hackney jeff Hall Susan Hansen john Harper Donnie Harkey Matthew Hartung Robbie Hasty Steven Haynes Cathy Heilman 168 Seventh Grade Experience The Agony Cf The il? QQ? ' L :..- Qu if First Few Days ar rj .W x at lst? ik' , ,.. ...N t s N w 5 H: . 3 wi R , :gig xr. t 'fizii ' ,iii ? it vu J i s .e Q.: Regina Henderson Lourdes Hernandez Lucia Hernandez Salvador Hernandez Richard Hobbs jeffrey Hobson Linda Hobson Shelley Holmes jon Holley Willie Holt Alan Hooten joyce Howard joan Howarth Brenda jackson Debbie jackson Matthew jennings Daniel jones Doug jones Paul Kern jeff Kitchens Brent Klein jill Kluth George Kutbach Leslie LaCotts Gary Laird Cheryl Lancaster Karen Legan Phyllis Lidamore Steve Littman jan Lottine john Luna Larry Mack Charlie Mackey judy MacBrine Rosie Magallon Yolanda Maldonado Kathy Marostica joseph Martinez Vicky Maynard 169 Kirk McDowell Ronnie Mendez David Meraz Cynthia Morales Lino Morales Kathy Morris jill Mosbarger Heidi Mosbarger Holley Mumme Ieri Myers lose Navarrete Judy Neal Dick Neece Candace Noel julie Ortega julia Ortiz Pat Owens Albert Palacio Nancy Palazzi Shirley Palmateer Criseldo Parra Laura Peery lohnny Perez Lupe Perez Rose Marie Pillado Carmela Ponce Gonzalo Ponce Sandra Ponce Alan Probasco Pam Purves Yolanda Quintero David Ramirez Elena Ramirez Roland Rangel Laurie Recendez Troy Redding l7O 'QQ' Seventh Grade Today's Youth 41' iw!! 2 . --ra: f B z Q W gg, .Q 4 uw SQ M 4 'P .t,, .... l ff f Llf . Tomorrow s Leaders NW- ,. mi M ln? X ll fi 'F Yr , Q if ami. I 'I in all, NOT PICTURED Arthur Hernandez lonathan Holley Randy Holman Robert Huscher Michael Krska Teresa Leach Cary McCall Billy Myers Gustavo Navarrete Ana Ortega louis Owi-ns. Brenda Pettis Tim Posadas Robert Reyna Francisco Rojo Ricky Ruiz Patty Ryaneh Vincent Stly Anita Yanez Michele Ybarra Peter Reyes Edward Roberts Terry Robison Dolores Robles Carl Rollo Irene Romero leannette Rosas Charlie Rutledge Michael Saldino Rick Schipper Tina Spangler Lynn Smith Kevin Snyder Lise Storey Amparo Sumaran Tony Slva Isabel Tarango Randy Taskey Bart Taylor Mike Torrez Harry Toyooka Peggy Tripp Robert Tucker Ronald Vanderhoeven Gary VanNoy Christine Vasquez Efrain Vasquez Ruben Vasquez Carmen Velasco Leo Verdugo Nancy Venegas Frank Villa Sonia Villalobos lohn Walden Sally Ward Leah Wiley Karla Williams Donneta Woods Debbie Wright Luis Wyche lanine Ybarra l7l Congratulations! Fillmore High School is a really great school. I feel so very fortunate to be associated with the fine students, the staff and the administration. The spirit, sportsmanship and participation in the day-to-day activities of the "Flashes" makes for a better school and community. As each of you look into the future, hopefully you will find the "spot" you want - the "life" that will give you the opportunity to "serve". To the class of '71 -good luck-as you take your biggest step into the future. john P. Wilber District Superintendent ABOVE: john Wilber, Superintendent. BELOW: Board of Education, john Wilber, Paul Palazzi, 'Elvans Ward, john Wilson, Richard Hackey, Leonard arper. bg, Et f.,...,.,, .i.. .. 3' fy ..... "FRI ,J -' Personnel Adapt To Changes We are living in a world that has shrunk in space and time and which is changing at an accelerated pace. No longer is it possible to teach in school all that a student should know in life. Edu- cation continues to be a lifelong endeavor for those of you who plan to get ahead. It will be up to each of you to re-educate yourself to change, as it occurs. The RESPONSIBILITY is yours. What will you do with it? George Madsen Principal ABOVE: George Madsen, Principal. BELOW, LEFT: William Putman, Vice-Principal. BELOW, RIGHT: Lawrence Sullivan, Ir. Hi. Principal. ' I ffiif OL zirtiiioria JUIIIUI' WW J" J Muriel Andrews Dulcie Arnold john Aweeka Herbert Baehr Sheldon Ball Stephen Baum Bert Bigham john Brothers Marshall Byrd jill Carter Mildred Clark Howard Cook Ked Creed Bruce Dempsey joe Donohue Tom Ecklund Howard Ellis jim Faris 176 Personnel Looks For Different Things , 'Nu-I 'XW4 wr r rm ,. .L QSM? nv' ' aw, 'Basal 1 l?'1l2WS'u53T .-fzaslggpn gel' is gh. i gl Q55 1. lgfsfgv-'ya ,W . , rnrcxrf f lim Fauver Mary Fry Bill Garfield Elbert Graham Linda Grimes Byron Grubb Ruben Hernandez Clair Herrill Winfred Hill Kent lones Patricia Keneally Clara Knappen William Knight Bruce Larson A. 1. Littman Sarah Menke Ruth Miller Marilyn Monako Helen Morris Richard Mosbarger Charles Mozley Dale Nelson Olga Nunes lim Ondersma Roger Palmer Richard Palmer Stephen Percy ludith Phillips lean Redd Richard Rose 178 '6".,1,!Q Sl K., -'QHQQ-vii: i iw' I 1' Don Skoe Stuart Smithwick Ottilie Spitler Sandra Thornton Ann Tilly Ben Tyson Al Umstead Charles Wyche Ron Zell . vm .gt , R' .. 5- fw' Q-'P' pw, , .gi eyztrv Joyce Basolo Lawanda Campbell Pete Cervantez Personnel Display Talents Y- I- 80 jack Edmunds Robert Flagg Marguerite Gregory Willard Foster less Gunter loleen Stethem Ardrs Wilson Harold Stevens Tony Yloarra NOT Faye Ables Martha Blythe Colleen Cosgrove Ellen Guthrie Ruth Hale Cliff Hawkins Irene Horn PICTURED lean Padelford Evelyn Paregien Ralph Rees Linda Roberts Vivian Walker Sandra Wayman David Gurrola Edythe Henderson Bill Largeon Clifford Lee Delfino Mendez Frank Morales Aaron Myers Henry Ramirez 1. W. Scott Leon Smith I 4 ,,,.a.v-v' '. ft K l x fx 4 N rx X 'I CURITY NATIOIN ..g..,,.2,,...-,M-f-'-m--- 1 2 Q at x 1 1 Q 9 3 f Fillmore Ford 502 Venluro Sfreef Fillmore, Colifornicl E. "Coco" Corral Phone: 524-0511 Owner From Ventura: 644-4204 I "' BRIGGS AND STRATTON Engines Specialists Magnetos Ignition Sales and Service Carburetion Brakes Fillmore Auto Electric TUne'UpS Charles Allred Wm. T. Walsh 524-0348 524-3798 FILLMORE SHELL SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories 805-524-2129 423 Ventura Street Fillmore, California . -I 4 5 - , k,f'Tg 'I , l felt? , . ' . ,.wZ3iVs?l2-I , I H swim iii 1, ,i Q iii., , k , E f f:fi.i.,,,,,f ' - ww f , iw. f . , L, ,im . if f,- W " , - ,i , Watches - Diamonds -- Birthstone Rings HOWARD'S JEWELERS Watch and Jewelry Repairs Dial 524-0195 F-H - 336 Central Ave. l mme' Callf' 6 THE CENTRAL MARKET Phone 524-1231 SMITH'S DRESS SHOP 351 Central Avenue "HighesT Qualitlf at Lowes? Prices" 326 Cenlml Avenue 524-1892 Fillmore, California 93015 Fillmore California ll if EIKINS RANCH GOLF COURSE Tom E. Davis, P.G.A. Professional FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Wayne Fencl 555 Ventura ST. lHiway 1261 1 Fillmore, Calif. Phone 524-0650 -' PAULSON'S AUTO SERVICE 665 Ventura ST. Fillmore ' California - Phone 524-1727 1836 Chambersburg Road Bardsdale HER MAJESTY'S HOUSE OF STYLE 560 Santa Clara ST. 524-1724 ' ' My K Phone 524-2086 f., if L : I ' 11 i ' TIP-TOP gi'--4... Q A 5 f 5 4' DRIVE IN 446 Ventura Sf. Fillmore, Calif. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1971 From USI Corporation, Fillmore Facility . ...p,.,.,,,,w:5 wr'?f" W: I all ,L l W ff, 1792.5 l 3 1- 3 1 .ARY AIRY v Sanitary Dairy Serving Fillmore - Santa Paula Early Morning Delivery Milk and Milk Products Old Telegraph Road Fillmore ARCO Atlantic Richfield Co. Robert R. Kreis 707 Ventura Fillmore, Calif. 93015 VEST ELECTRIC Fillmore, Calif. 553-A Ventura Phones: Day 524-1222 Nite 524-1876 1 ve-in WWW" ,. .,H.',-,iv-Qi ll RUDKIN MOTOR SERVICE 505 Santa Clara St. Fillmore, California W. H. Ruclkin - Owner l q State Farm Insurance Co. JURL D. CAMP Agent Bus. 524-0191 511 Sespe Res. 525-5959 Fillmore, Ca. Awww gi 4--113-154 . -W eizsfii, f'2fs?g11 ,214 Wiitsiiffii-111511-1 :fV'q,.i- . a-gs ' 'A 1 if f av A " ' IW relief Jim fgri'-i:1v:1115.13.f,,, - .41 'xii as fi:-:J-::.:4e,,,12 f .4 1- ,risszgilg-1:41. 1 f E'Zffiia',2'1i'2g1'-fu' 1 1i1':1-2Z1a2a?ze:1--ffe i 'i1i'iw.,5?'344 - g,,..,.4. . ,gg RAMONA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 51, current annual rate on savings accounts R. E- Linvill 1 Phone 524-3991 Executive Vice President Fillmore, California FILLMORE REALTY MARIE WREN 553 Ventura Street 524-2022 INSURANCE k B 408 Central Ave. Fillmore, Ca. Fnzcggegne Vest Mary Nellrggfgg Phone 524-2096 Res. 524-1876 Res. 524-2710 I Q Open 7 Days A Week 524-2844 L 8. K AUTOMOTIVE PARTS I Complete Automotive Machine Shop 1 Custom Engine Rebuilding ' Ron Hunt Ken Cantwell 513 Ventura St. Chuck Lewis I Fillmore, Ca. Campbell'4 aluto Repair GENERAL AUTO REPAIR BUSINESS: 524-3683 409 CENTRAL AVE. RESIDENCE: 524-3242 FILLMORE. CALIF. 93015 Q PHONE 524-Ol65 RESIDENCE 524-3680 'Fillmore .-feumber Go. PAINT if GLASS 'k AUTO GLASS 415 SANTA CLARA STREET W.A. IBILLI STEPPLER FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA -rnAc-runs GENWNE Enuupmsnr 4'7" I' i Jarfl i ' PARIS Valley Ford Tractor 449 VENTURA sfnzsr - ru.m.MnRz, DUN Dmxwrono sua.: 524-2011 ..Q,Xi:l.'-11? SCWRZINGER FILLMORE. CALIFORNIA WHITES AUTO WRECKING 24 Hour Towing Bill White 234 Moin St. Day Phone 524-2822 Fillmore Night Phone 524-2974 Calif. WM. L. MORRIS CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Four Convenient Locations To Serve You Fillmore 504 Santo Clara Santo Paulo Ph. 524-0333 II8 N, Mill Ph. 525-2127 Moorpork 480 Moorpork Rd. ' I Ph. 529-I I44 Sim' 1560 Los Angeles Ave. BALLARD FURNITURE STORE L D, HUTCHINS . K- C- Slevlfclrl . 404 Central Avenue Fillmore, California Phone: 524-O7ll Res 500 l-lunfer Dr. 348 Cenfrgl Phone 524-0233 Phone: 524-1506 Fillmore, Cvlifomiv POPULAR BARBER SHOP Colglg-f2QTgL5l,'f?N5 357 Central Avenue SPROUSE REITZ VARIETY 363 Cenfral Avenue Fillmore, California QT Fillmore, California Open Tuesday Thru Safurday 9 a.m. To 6 p.m. Cpen MARTHA'S Shirley J. Spirler Ladies 81 Children' Apparel 344 Cenfral Ave. Fillmore,.Calif. 93015 Phone: 524-2277 ,F fi FILLMORE AMUSEMENT K. B. Rogers 355 Centrol Ave. Complete Teom Outfitter COAST ATHLETIC SUPPLY 710 South A Street Oxnord, Colif. 93030 '1Pool HoII" : FRANK CLEANERS 8. LAUNDRY 518 E. Moin Street 515 Segpe Ave, Sonto Poulc1,Colit. Fillmore' Cglif, Phone 525-2716 Phone: 524-2716 CONDOR MOTORS lnterncitionol Trucks Soles 84 Service 1313 Ventura ST. Sonto Poulo Phone: 525-6691 "Compliments of o FRIENDLY SUPPLIER" F CLOUGH'S PHARMACY 327 Centro! Avenue Fillmore, Colitornio 93015 Phone: 524-0881 ronk Dunst fo" i ' 4 FILLMORE CITRUS ASSOCIATION PO- BOX 635 Fillmore, California 93015 Congratulations Class of '7l' FILLMORE STUDIO Robert R. Hansen, Photographer Office Phone Home Phone 805-524-3335 805-524-2829 CARL E. MYERS REALTY Carl E. Myers 736 Ventura St. Broker Fillmore, Calif. MCCAMPBELI. 8- COBB l. R. "Pete" McCampbell Auto - Life - Fire 81 Casualty Phone 524-1424 Res. 524-1749 444 Sespe St. Fillmore, Calif 93Ol5 - 'i"' Q,s - , iM..! , A . 31:22 lg . '53, l ,t , .. , , , '-Q J , S, 'i , I, , A'- , -Q 1, .I BA i . , O AME' 'i 'g -ii ' . 1 ,....,.... - . -l i :upon -w e 1 s . f -ff if 1-.f I Q' 535 ii- , yy.-4 4 1 , Z 3, 1:2 5 V, I 5 1. 2? J 1511 5 'f 1 2 4 I. -,f gi 7 , ,I I if ca n if 1? Eli a : f fl Z l , l E ,l I i .1 -1 3 . . . - E, . L r jg 15" if ,, .... Q . ,. . awk- nf iiffsff. -. 5' -"1 ,fi If 31-egg -'gg-,g-,:,fL',5' :Sir-3,-r f.i . , izzifmg.1'yf':5.Tg, N FILLMORE FLOWER SHOP 630 Saratoga St. Fillmore, Calif. Lois E. Robinson Phone 523-2747 I BANK OF AMERICA Fillmore Branch 552 Sespe Street Fillmore, Calif. Chris A. Lassen - Manager 524-3711 524-0385 Complete Home Furnishings CHAMP C. COCHRAN All types of floor covering COCHRAN'S MEN'S STORE CRAWFORD'S FURNITURE STORE Champ C. Cochran 328 Central Ave. C. J. Crawford 345 Cenfml Ave Fillmore, Calif. 805-524-1793 Fillmore, Calif FILLMORENEWSSTAND FILLMORE DRUG Co. 341 Central Ave. Telephone 524-0133 ORIN EBERLY FILLMORE, CALIF Fillmore, California 334 CSIWTYOI AVG- FILLMORE SHOE STORE 337 Central Avenue Fillmore, California 93015 Business 805-524-0555 524-0426 BRIGGS HARDWARE Paint - Hardware - Appliances Sherre E. Ballard Fillmore, Calif Home 805-524-1253 Steve Topping ' I 340 Central Ave VARSITY DRIVE-IN Food To Go Burgers - Tacos - Malts - Sunclaes 718 Ventura Street 524-1752 Hey Kids! Come to Your Sweet Shop for A Hamburger 84 Coke or An Ice Cream Soda and Candy See ya soon! PATTERSON HARDWARE 362 Central Ave. 524-0476 AGRI-SERV Complete Growers Service Santa Paula 1349 Main Street P.O. Box 1004 DELANO 8. ARIAS Texaco Service 81 Liquor Store Fillmore, California Phone 521-1594 Hiway 126 - Piru, Calif. 93040 DON'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 8: TOWING 218 Central Ave. Fillmore, California 93015 Phone 524-0687 W ,5 QQ I fir Professional Person's Registry Kenneth D. Baldwin, D.D.S. 567 Sespe Street - Telephone 524-2077 Fillmore, California Joseph P. D. Kern Attorney at Law 533-A Sespe Avenue - Telephone 524-1919 Fillmore, California . Edwin Nutt Real Estate Investments and Appraisals 533 Sespe Ave. - Telephone 524-3622 Fillmore, California Leonard W. Harper, D.D.S. 512 Kensington Drive - Telephone 524-3966 Fillmore, California Lloyd W. Balden Licensed Broker, Real Estate 421 Central Avenue - Telephone 524-O91 1 Fillmore, California Dr. Robert E. Brooks Chiropractor 334V2 Central Avenue - Telephone 524-2044 Fillmore, California Louis R. Gabrielsen Public Accountant 533-C Sespe Avenue - Telephone 524-1040 Fillmore, California Robert W. Spitler Public Accountant 423 Central Avenue - Telephone 524-1551 Fillmore, California Dr. G. W. Evans, D.D.S. 567 Sespe Avenue - Telephone 524-1313 Fillmore, California Fred G. Bryce Public Accountant 540 Sespe Avenue - Telephone Fillmore, California 524-0445 Donald P. Musgrave, M.D. 543 Sespe Avenue - Telephone Fillmore, California 524-1555 Congratulations Class of 71, Best Wishes for the Future. 197 Clap de Oro Exhibits Versatilit And 's ,' .V 'f X ,.-4' SEATED: Ioanne Holmes, Business, Dawn Wile man, Advertising, Activities, Paula Hail, Pho tographer, Classes, Beckv Wilson, Personnel, Ad vertising, Chris Cutlomp, Editor, Holly Rogers, Seniors. STANDING: john Fujishero, Sports Miles Kelman, Organizations, Chris Lee, Photogi rapher, Sam Rice, Organizations, loy Musgrave Photographer, Activities, jay Lee, Photographer, li. High, Sue Groefsema, Photographer, Classes, 5, we VM, ,f-',,-:H ,fi '-wiv? , ,g , . . .. , r " fs "S ez. 1 iff, I ' -1 if as .CHI i .., 5 3,6 - 2 ,1,A:', V- ' ' -' . . N "4 ' Kfafx ' ,Ulf .ii'3fgf1,55wrf+:, a J 1 A' f 1 V z, Ma g ' .. ,tix , Annual Looking El Z' W"'t-M, , 3 -ns'-'M' 'Q 55 ' Af' if A I L, Q ge?- wa A Imagination in Q53 E? . Staff taking a break. . Working hard . .. for new and creative ideas . . . Moving up to higher places. 199 ln Appreciation F.H.S. Bids Farewell To Bill Knight When a man has been a part of an edu- cational institution for more than thirty years, he has inevitably made a special kind of contribution to his community that cannot be measured truly. But when that same man is possessed of a keen mind and great versatility of tal- ent, his contribution has certainly been beyond price. Such a man, ofcourse, is Mr. Bill Knight, who is retiring after thirty-four years as an educator at Fillmore High. Multiple talented but unpretentious, high prin- cipled, perceptive, and understanding of schools and young people, he has gone his remarkably poised and balanced way. He has set a personal example of high standards. Make no mistake about it, Mr. Bill Knight has that indefinable something called "class". All of us have freely acknowledged our indebtedness to Mr. Kni'ght. We thank him for what he is and what he has done for us. We only hope that some of his class has rubbed off on us, and that we can in some ways be more like the peo- ple he would want us to be. Gratefully, The Students and Faculty of F.H.S. IABOVE, LEFTJ Mr. Knight as an enthusiastic bandleader in 1953. CABOVE, RIGHTJ Mr. Knight takes a break in 1968. CLEFTJ Mr. Knight looks forward to the easy life in 1971. Jo M3 ffifm Q wjm 7 Q4 lmriw-0, L Q mmm IEYCOJA, Q P4467 . 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