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jwvfl M QQ. NUC QQ. 1 - fyjlzfx , f-a5'4k+?- 11E'S'!,5f9A' , I7 2'1"eLW!4! 'fs 1. .f Lf. Qs-t'Qiff-fi, t k f E? up , W 42 . ,,,,,,,,V,mg, V 'V VV 4, f' 3 4? cl' 2, C1 V-P Cb 46 -'fn'-:V ' ,' 'x J' N 'SP i ' Vg X . ' VV A ik K V T-' , V.. .V V V, ff ' F ' 'D 'F fi- V 1 V - fligifif V ,, ,Ei,,,g,VV ' V " , , , e ' , KV, V V :gf -' K3 C11 -V ' f'hx' . ,, V VV IVVQVWVVVEVQV V , ' ' i VV 'QV l'2Vg.,V1VgVV?" V. u, Co V V 'E V V ,VJ VVE'Vv'-'V ,Vf'f'1VVVy,iV:g ,' ' Wu -, 'IVV 1, V :fgi I - ,V - , j V , :V V +V ,V 99u:i"V'- V Q VVg5VVV',,VVVfq,,2VV ,V ' 'f V " T,,'Q,,-""1V,VV" V , E 5 -, ff -V IV V'Vq:V V, , VVVVVVVVVVW-VVm.g2VVV 'V S ' V 'VJ k LV k " ' kV 1.42 '4- " Tax-Vfilik ' 1 r Yi- VVVW2 ' V V' I'-N' '15lA1f55. . V' V ' ,V ' 'V - ' Vw' :VV:,erV V-5 WV 1 - : V ,' V f li g.VV2:V , C V , , -V , X V V! H VM V VW J, V1 , cj X V Vx V I K V V , mm V ,V,,, VV'.VVVV , A X., 4, VL I A , X, V , ,A V , V V ,, R V, 39551-Q' ,'jAQ'?eF55- ,,j5fU1, if ,w , V VV, ' ' ' V V 54 ,idryfgfl w:.V V V ' VV, V , V V Q V E V Q ' eV V ' , ' ' U61 f , K W V ' 0 A gs' ., ., ,V Q . , XXX V1 5 ,V ' V 0 , 2. -,V K K ' V V V Z U , ,.v. Y' VV V Q 6 ' V f V - V , Vp , V ' ' ' at V V , f - 5 'V 31 W 5 V , . J 5 UV, , gV- K fax- ' V., Q73 , .A KX, GX V V ,V A +.,V '- -V y J If - - L VV, ' V ' V' A V 5 VV g ' V' VV" A A fx"iE . V , ' V V V 'VVSVVV ' V VVJ' k ww 'JV-V 'VWVVV11 V, ,, Vg! f V V ,,, ,V QLVVVVV ' ,-"'25Hf,VS":,"V"VV7,MVVVWSV-' Vff,,2jf? ff ? ,f f V VV AA 58" ' QV- VV V V K 1,5 V gr 1 .,,, ' I A ' W Q , , , V .J W-.S I V , fu! ' We M 1, 6, ff, ,MV 7 ,V ,V V1 V V V , V, . ,,. V V 11-fd' PM Vw VV Vw ,- ' " ' 1 ' V, " I A ' .V'J Vllfflgli "Lf: ui " V Jw, K9 ,MV 9VVwVv-VV ig , is , V V Y, V v ' , , V ,V , . if 1 U4 V V , V 544' ,S . 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' , K - 55,3 ' ' rv-' ,' iff-YQ ,.J- ffijk l,.fTV . , V- J- ?,q-.,'gj5i1V4 ' K ' 6 . -- 'i 3 ,,.L..-3 i 37 1' ,I '.f ""' ' '-l- 'i , 5' Q Q-:,,,,,VV -V V ' " U .,V, , . - VV-' :affix ,, ' ' - V 'IV M" 'x' V -Q, 1 ""Lf--gt.'-Q' "' V- -J V fr., ,. -,Y V -f. 1 ff? W .M WW 3 9 j1f"MnJ 'N xx X , X X W Q C W u , 0 . 2 Q e ' KC Q Q L Q wwiigg X4 P fic! TLFEMSS vi Wie Xi 'ZH' wg 692 Y qi? 2651, 17M f '- we sr , " ' U ,5 A Jil Niqfzy If HM, p 1 5 LA any H, ffY"'x 4437 Ol fy A 'WV ' M Y pi 4 ! Aw ZWZY f VL? Copa De Oro 1970 Fillmore High School Fillmore, Caljornia Volume L VII ix Those Were The Days E E i E 2 E Q 1 3 5 12 f P '93 A 5 My Friend Q x - ,qw wh' :W- , M -il' , , un:- 1 1.7 'k7hk. rw' 5 A I fig xr L V , 1: Q LAA'L W' , ,, m , Ai, .gm 3,151+ - gap, in + gif' 9-f il wr u I 5 Q 2 I u I I 1 5 i v I a E Q 4 K 4 wa Q we , ' -'. , A - eb A 5312" flew X K "Y w , L- 1.. , 'J -pa: vzs.-11 ,W . - ' 4 W- Lg1zw:f..:xssxf ft A, , ' ., , W 5 f ix ssifiggf..f.1fggwf31- Q ' 1 - ,a11e,l,m'1-eff-, V, 4 '- - Q-Q 12' f'j's1S,, UC: l ' 5. - - f f W G? ,. Li-fi":f",I,:v3'jfL..f...SEg jyff k Ly. 'M s Ezzfi--wZfi2li,11'.1.eHih---,22?i111--ki? -w"v I ' x i ,, .X 1, Virgil, NV. yy e - - ' K f -'nixfzf gli ? eizy-,M M551-' ,I fe-I f . ,sax YW Qu PP Q1 1 I ' - 3 535 'ii 5ia,J!fEf,'i!L1f'f ,QSM uiig. 'IAS-nj'1Qf, 5 k ' ,IB 5' 5'j3,SQ,g5a72'f146",',,:-jg-y,L,2.,f,mgk X 4. a-rw-..1.L,.,Amnf,-3 1 i' ,ap i x1EnX:zi2'ffs.,l2f,f'31.s-':f'3.w-1 W f 5- me ,ef 4 , Y f ff 'ex',',-Nix".:1fil.'l, f gf H j k.: 1'zxsiqfriiki-swf 1 'ff7ff'Q.ifHi1L f 'MX .2 f , 1 . 'K ve P 1 5 1 h -e M did , A .. Lui K ' X que. K w .f Q if 23- ' . Af- 1 W 4? , as wg ge J ,, K , . W W n ' 325' gs? ,ilk e We Thought They'd Never End , w i N 6 We'a' Sing And Dance Forever Ana' A Day .f K' r ,HJ X, xx h 1 R .xg ,-3' , L. F, ,. xi. We'd Live The Lyfe We Choose up ,, .N., , A M , -ww 1 I . ..ff W ,,-wfw 'W' ' ',, 9 ff, Bm V1 was Qi, ,A JK ge :Q , fi X, if. b 3 Fm ' friifi Lose rf-af ,Y W , . iii f' . 'K ' A -1 exiieiilgggiggg ,vi W .., - mmA- 1 . W1 . - Q 5 For We Were Young nd Sure To Have Our Way Those Were The Days, Oh Yes Those Were The Days! ,DONO VA MAIN There are many fine educators in this country, of this we may be sure. But there could be none with finer personal qualifications than Mr. Donovan Main. . An exceptionally capable educator, Mr. Main was most extraordinary as a man and as a high per- sonal example. Donovan Main was a man of many parts. He was a dedicated and professional educator, but he was so much more. He was thoughtful, generous, and kind of heart. He was helpful, he was modest, and he was without meanness of any kind. He also gave total dedication to his labors. Indeed, in the course of his life, Donovan Main became what he wanted most to be, a true Christian gentleman. This was certainly so, and because he was such a man, his influence for good has been be- yond price. Mr. Main loved his work, and he loved the young. As teacher, father, husband, and son he was a mar- velous example. People of his stripe are not re- placed. We simply learn to get along without them. Well done, Donovan Main. We Salute Two l utstanding Educators VERA FREMLIN y Miss Vera Fremlin has retired. She has completed her lifelong work in teaching, and something very special has gone with her. Truly Miss Fremlin was one of a kind. Her understanding of the Junior High student was unique, and her dedication to the welfare of ,the young was total. Intelligent, enthusiastic, tireless, Miss Fremlin spent her life in the service of Fillmore's youth, and her contribution to the betterment of this town has been beyond measure. We want her to know that she will be missed, and that we will forever be grateful-for what she is and for what she has done. Miss Fremlin, the best of the best We wish her well and bid her the fondest of farewells. Then The Busy Years Went Rushing A C TI VI TIES Students Plunge Into Particzpalion Participation is: to David Mor- ales, Louie Garicia, and Don Crain ABOVE LEFT attending F.C.A. breakfast meetingsg to Sam Rice ABOVE RIGHT play- ing with a microscopeg to the juniors FAR LEFT out-yelling the underclassmen: to the student body CENTER LEFT watching a girls' tug-a-war: to the pep- band LEFT playing for rallies. 21 The Varied Faces Participation Participation is: to Claudia Kirby ABOVE listening to Spanish tapes in Mr. Litt- man's room: to Mark Ward ABOVE RIGHT practicing for a game: to Dawn Wileman ABOVE FAR RIGHT painting spirit posters: to Christina Asenas and Lucy Quezda RIGHT selling enchaladas for the Girls' league: to Judy Van Noy CENTER RIGHT taking her father out to dinner: to Mark Ward and Stuart Fair- banks FAR RIGHT watching a football game. X 1 4 2' H fx 3 2 1 1 24 Becky Rogers Rezgns Over H omeeommg Queen Becky Rogers was honored by the traditional parade which opened the seasonal events. The class of l970 won first place for its float entry. At the Homecoming Dance Queen Becky was crowned by Rudy Frias and David Yanez. Also presented at the dance Was the queen's court, Lady-in-Waiting Sue Murray, Junior Princess Chris Cutkomp, Sophomore Princess Susan Sheldon, and Freshman Princess Ginny Morris. Because of rain, the half-time activities were post- poned for one week at which time Grand Marshall Miss Vera Fremlin was presented. This year the Student Body presented "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" for the annual Christmas Pageant. The Dr. Seuss story, in which an untypical goat tries to destroy the spirit of Christmas, starred Mark Aguirre as the Grinch, Dorothy Cahoon as Cindy-Lou-Who, and Daisy Unrine as Max. Also participating in the pageant were the Senior girl dancers, the faculty octet, the Fillmore High School chorus and Mr. Herbert Baehr. Valli Peters portrayed the Madonna and Har- old Foy portrayed Joseph in the Nativity Scene. Mr. John Aweeka and Mr. Dale Nelson co-directed the project. Pageant H ighligh ls Christmas S easan COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: The Christmas readers sing hnale: the Grinch explains to Cindy-Lou-Who about the Christmas tree in the fireplace: senior dancers portray Christmas dolls: Max readies the sleigh for the Grinch: Mike Taber and Darla Peters, Benny Meraz and Luanne Mauck dance at G.A.A. Christmas Formal: Joseph watches over the Madonna and child. ABOVE: Kathy Grimes presents her award-winning speech at the annual Lion's Club speech contest. ABOVE RIGHT: Protest posters prepare Reba Butler for Washington. BELOW RIGHT: Mike Walker, Dale Nelson, and Charlie Mozley give it the ol' college try. 970 ublzme 0 The Goes From The S . T Ridieulou ? ABOVE: Mela and Danny Torres entertain the audience with "Walk On By". ABOVE RIGHT: Debbie Deeter, Holly Rogers, Susan Sheldon, and Paula Haynes blast out the audience. BELOW RIGHT: Ron Lentz and Kathy Wren demonstrate their musical talents. H i-Jinx Showcases S tudents' Versatility Ana' Dreamed Uf A ll The Great Things We S POR TS FIRST ROW: Louie Garcia, John Hunter, David Morales, Tim Gurrola, Benny Meraz, Ernie .Preciado, Danny Meraz, Tony Gaitan, Fred Butcher, Kenny Meyers. SECOND ROW: Coach Dempsey, Matt Willis, Rudy Frias, Armando Magallon, Angel Carrera, Vernon Keniield, Dean Ellis, Kenny Rogers, Gerald Casas, Harold Foy, Don Crain, John Campbell, Coach Ecklund. THIRD ROW: Coach Lee, Mark Vest, Ralph Zermeno, Doug Main, Charles Neal, Scott Sundquist, Gary Southwick, Frank Tirado, David Yanez, Richard Gonzales, John Phillips, Coach Creed. Entrance Requirements Into Tri- Valley League Prove Dyjiealt This was a losing season for the Flashes and their fans. Many factors contributed to this. In- juries to key players played an important part in several losses. Had the Flashes been at full strength throughout the season, the various close games we lost would surely have shown a favor- able result. The team also lacked the depth nec- essary to complete a successful season. Several times during the season the opposition was able to Wear down the Flashes in the later stages of the game. Whatever the causes for the poor sea- son, it wasn't because the players gave up. The Flashes treated the Fillmore fans to many mo- ments of good, rough-tough and sometimes great football. Because of this we were proud of our seniors-Harold Foy, Larry Merry, David Yanez, Rudy Frias, David Morales, Don Crain, Benny and Danny Meraz, Louis Garcia, and Ernie Pre- ciado. Juniors Ralph Zermeno and Vernon Ken- iield, who sparked the Flashes through the sea- son, are to be congratulated on being named to the All-League Team. They and the returning lettermen should give Fillmore an excellent nu- T cleus for the 1970 season. Dempsey ponders problems . . . ' 2 A., 3 9 sa EQ ur P 1-12 2 F a: f jig :af LEFT: Yanez unloads the bomb! Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore SCORES 7. .Rio Mesa .... 13 6. .Quartz Hill .. 7 7 0. .St. Bonaventure 36 0. .Santa Ynez . .42 38 13 7 12. .Bishop Diego .14 . .Carpinteria . . .12 . .Moorpark .... 12 . .Villanova .... 12 . .Agoura ...... 20 COACHES left to right: Mr. Lee, Mr. D e rn p s e y , M r . Creed, and Mr. Ecklund. 7' N5 er 4 ' A! . K ,X aa! in rf H A5 i F A N" X W., O Q HFS? H 1 gi. f . '45 S :S-ff-f"' -Q -4 .f 1 0 V ,K vw ff ,ag 6 V. K! .ok Varsity Shows Their S tujjf LEFT: Doug shoots past Main threat. BELOW: Flashes enjoy it while it lasts . . . BOTTOM LEFT: Zermeno on his way to All-League Team. R E l FIRST ROW: Joe Aguilar, Phillip Rogers, Joe Perkins, Ronnie Alcozar, David Everson, Mike Burson, Hector Guzman. SECOND ROW: Chris Mumme, Greg Page, Randy Lemons, Steve Abney, Pete Legan, Rocky Pollack, Joe Mozley, THIRD ROW: Coach Lee, Eddie Vargas, Greg Sharpe, John Defever, Dana Hoover, Bailey Glenn, Don Tello, Gabe Sanchez. Coach Lee psychologically prepares his team for game at Santa Ynez. RIGHT: Alcocer eludes his attacker. . IFS Small In Size But Big In Spirit! FIRST ROW: Tim Grove, Buddy Houchir, lim Ashley, Mark Hunter, Ernie Rico. SECOND ROW: Gene Kindle, Greg Murray, Johnny Alcocer, Chris Hobson, Nick Landeros, Gary Hart, THIRD ROW: Eddie Mackey, Dale Fildes, David Shaffer, Steve Duley, Ricky Ferrer, Mark Stevens. FOURTH ROW: Lesley Jones, Melvin Dubay. FIFTH ROW: Frank Lugo, Mike Harbert, Phillip Thomas, David Tripp, Greg Myers, Ronnie Lentz. SIXTH ROW: Tim Aguirre, Bill Chaney, Danny Roatcap, JeiT Ward, Lum Giles, Scott Blaylock. SEVENTH ROW: Coach Zell, Assist. Manager Gary Eaton, Coach Carter. Freshmen Explore Their Potential ABOVE: Frosh Flashes go after Santa Paula. TOP RIGHT: Alcocer prepares to stop his man. 39 TOP ROW: Varsity X-Country Bruce Cook, Mike Rob- erts, Terry Hutchins, Matt Mozley. BOTTOM ROW: John Foy, Rudy Guevara, and Vincent Martinez. RIGHT CENTER: Ray Tafoya does it again! BELOW: Varsity is off and running . . . X- Country uns Rampant This year's cross country team was primarily made up of sophomores and freshmen. We had one returning letterman, Matt Mozley who did an outstanding job all year. Not enough praise can go to many of the freshmen and sophomore boys. They worked hard all year long. Proof is shown in the meets where the boys ran in a soph-frosh race. In these meets they were undefeated dur- ing the season. Some outstanding in the soph-frosh were Rudy Gueverra, Team Captain, Bruce Cook, Terry Hutchins, Vincent Martinez, John Foy, Philip Avila, Steve Epperheimer and Ray Tafoya. Upper classmen included Wayne Ablas, Dwayne Mackey, and Mike Roberts. Fillmore-3rd place Fillmore-lst place Fillmore-23 .... Fillmore-lst place Fillmore 15 .... Fillmore 19 . . Fillmore 46 . . Fillmore 46 . . Fillmore 46 .... Fillmore-4th place Fillmore 31 .... Fillmore 23 . . SCORES . . . .Long Beach Invitational . . . . Moorpark College Invit. .....Carpinteria . . f .Cal Lutheran .....Villanova .. ....Moorpark ....Santa Paula ....Newbury Park .. .....Canyon............ . . . . Fillmore Invitational .....Agoura ....BishopDiego ABOVE: Epperheimer makes his movelr LEFT CENTER: Cook comes on strong . . . JUNIOR VARSITY TOP ROW: Mark Duschik, Mike Travel- stead, Dave Taskey, Ray Tafoya, Steve Epperheimer. BOT- TOM ROW: Matt Aguirre, Greg Taylor, and Phillip Avila. Fillmore Baskeleefs Experience Best Season Ever A 24-2 record, finest in Fillmore's history, and the Tri-Valley Championship were only several of the achievements of this year's outstanding basketball team. In addition to running up a 14-0 league record, this year's squad also captured the Fillmore Tourna- ment for the first time since 1951. Although we were eliminated in the C.I.F. quarter finals by Walnut 70- 66, this year's team will be remembered as one of the greatest in Fillmore's history. i Fillmore's success was due to the great play of an all senior starting five. Roland Rounsevell, All Tour- ney at Nordhoff and John Arnold, All Tourney at Nordhoii and Fillmore, gave the Flashes outstanding shooting and rebounding at the forwards. Mark Ward, All Tourney at Nordhoff and Fillmore, dominated his center opponents consistently. Dave Yanez, All Tour- ney at Nordhoif and Fillmore, and Matt Mozley gave the Flashes two of the greatest shooting and ball- hawking guards in Fillmore's history. Further honors were Won by the Flashes when Dave Yanez, Roland Rounsevell, and John Arnold were placed on the All-League team and Mark Ward was placed on the second team. Dave Yanez was honored as the Tri-Valley League's most valuable player. A coach's dilemma 42 4 Q V ,qu-'ww 1:-1kw: M'jii"' 95 ,WN W ., 'ww - V 0253 ww, 2 K wp gf Si Af .RN ami: -fd QV' V Yv cgnw 5' If ffwfiffdi ,1 fwwfwfxwii H3555 . :y f v My Q 'iii ff f g, :fwfr WWW? 2 X f fffff wggyefiwfwfw may 'W 2692435 12 ,AN E fdkfgxffw Q -z f- K www iff Jw QU? ww fw QM qw Qmhvggy 'D My fe ,A u Mp, wr f WA N an 46N ?'f?K 53 M Mwgffr 1wK9b eg fd ff xg Q2 52 S65 A, bl 943551 Q, W ,G I M mffsfzff, W Y' A 9 hh !,Q.'5llf-52,5715 QPTZ ff Y W .. W Ni wr W ww A M wwf wifg Q? 71 45 45 ww MW fxgwff Q? gum F' My f ,K ,. ,. ,W 115, Flashes Fina' Tri- Valley Pickings Easy SCORES Fillmore. . . ..... Nordhoff . . . . Fillmore. . . . . .Lone Pine . . . Fillmore .............. Bishop ......... NORDHOFF TOURNAMENT Fillmore ........ 85 Newbury Park . . Fillmore... .. 62 Channel Islands . Fillmore ........ 72 Nordhofl ....... FILLMORE TOURNAMENT Fillmore ........ 64 Bishop ...... . Fillmore. . . . . 68 Rio Mesa . . . Fillmore. . . . . 63 Nordhoff . . . . Fillmore. . . . . 66 Dos Pucblos . . . LEAGUE Fillmore. . . . . 60 Carpinteria . . Fillmore. . . . . 99 Villanova . . . . . Fillmore. . . . . 86 Bishop Diego . . . Fillmore. .. .. 57 St. Bonaventure . Fillmore... .. 70 Agoura ........ Fillmore. . . . .' 75 Santa Ynez . . . . . Fillmore. . . . . 70 Moorpark . . Fillmore. . . . . 98 Agoura . . . . Fillmore. . . . 76 Carpinteria . . . . . Fillmore. . . . . 49 St. Bonaventure . . Fillmore. . . . . 74 Bishop Diego . . . . Fillmore. . . . 98 Villanova . . . . . Fillmore. . . . . . 82 Moorpark . . . Fillmore. . . .... 65 Santa Ynez . . . . . C.I.F. PLAYOFFS Fillmore. . . . . . 77 San Luis Obispo. . . 66 Walnut ..... A4 Fillmore 4. A v , 1 u f ' 7 .. .1 . . .fe 72 1. twlieiy?miaaili 5 'fi' f .iw -1 , . - V. l ass. , R. W P l X f V. .. --'v- . . " " '1, :aw a.. .si1.' ,.2.1f1.'.ziis',. A ..: .J E... 'a mi' ,.,-g if f 'E e ' 5 -F811 he 7 ' vi 'Q f.f,:fe wr -li viz! .1ssg:g2lg'f.:ffz.r,iz1E 5.35 . 1529112 siege' if gagggff ff rs--vx1:'1 ' 3-vm. ,KK-qggffzxlmrxlv if ..,age:v1f.az12f12ffz.,g,,, f ..-:-ff.-wwe! -...1..m.-5,ww-.w..:,.,.m..,. TOP LEFT: IL's been a lonnnggg night.....TOP RIGHT: Big Bad John Arnold breaks Pirate de- fense. ABOVE: Southwick prepares for flight. TOP: Arnold and Rounsevell stare in disbelief as Moorpark makes il basket. BOTTOM LEFT: Mark Ward displays "picture" perfect form. RIGHT: Rounsevell launches another twenty footer. BELOW: Mr. Mozley calmly chews away the micro- phone as Coach Fauver conducts Flashes. RIGHT: Matt Mozley displays his usual concentration. BOTTOM RIGHT: Arnold jumps for two. BOTTOM LEFT: Ya- nez eyes another Flash basket. Contributions To Victory Are Many Ano' Varied SECOND ROW: John Perkihs, Hairold Powell, Steve Alcocelr, D0n'Amrhine, David En- riquez, and Tom Arnold. RIGHT: Alcocer dis- plays his "southpaw" style. TOP RIGHT: Meraz breaks Pirate press. l U A 8 V 's Set Pace For nderclassmen Ei FRONT ROW: Joe Pe s . : on SECOND ROW 1 5 E 5 sa rkins, Jin Pags Roc Hector Guzman, Bobby Cortez, Mike Bur- ello, Tim Lovelace, Dana Hoover, Randy ABOVE: Burson challenges Bishop Diego defender. TOP LEFT: Cortez tames a Wildcat. Coach Ronald Zell. FIRST ROW: Darryl Goodenough, Armando Arroyo, Leslie Jones, Herman Cortez, Tim Grove, SECOND ROW: Bruce Cook, Tim Aguirre, Mike Harbert, Dale Fildes, Chris Hobson, John Alcozar, THIRD ROW: Coach Mike Walker, Jeff Ward, Greg Meyers, Dan Roatcap, Paul Glanville, manager. LEFT: Aguirre goes for two against Pirates. OPPOSITE PAGE: Roatcap .muscles way to rebound. 49 Bczseballers Prepare For T ri- Valley Chase ABOVE: VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: lst Row-Dan Meraz, Sam Beagly, Emie Preci- ado, Allen Felsenthal, David Morales, Rudy Frias, Vemon Kenfield, Coach Dempsey. 2nd Row-Coach Bowlin, Joe Real, Art Morales, David Yanez, Gary Fildes, Gary Southwick, Frank Tirado, Matt Willis, Keith Morton. RIGHT: Coach Dempsey plans strategy with Vernon Kenfield. The 1970 Baseball team has been a better, more ex- perienced team than that of the previous year, due to the return of eleven members from last year's squad. These returning lettermen from last year have proven that they can hit. But the big questions have been on defense, which killed the team early in the season. The main factor in the team's success lies in pitching and catching. Outstanding players on this year's squad include Dave Yanez, Rudy Frias, Frank Tirado, Dan Meraz, Ernie Preciado, Keith Morton, Gary Fildes, Allen Felsenthal, Vernon Keniield, Gary Southwick, Art Mo- rales, and Dave Morales. LEFT: Allen Fel- senthal displays perfect form going into second. BE- LOW: Rudy Frias stretches for the throw. v 1 Varsity In Action l v TGP RIGHT: Frank Tirado hustles into second on a grounder. TOP LEFT: Matt Willis pulls one to left field. BELOW: Gary Southwick shows concern over a mix-up at second base. 1 7777 . Ii 's Are Bright Prospects LEFT: J.V. BASEBALL TEAM: lst Row-Joe Aguilar, Chuck Wilson, Chris Hobson, Vincent Martinez, Rodney Schrock. 2nd Row-Mike Bur- son, Kevin Cross, Ricky Ferrer, Scott Blaylock, Ma- rio Garcia. 3rd Row-Randy Lemons, Hector Guz- man, Tim Lovelace, Tim Grove, Joe Mozley, Pete Ortiz. 4th Row-Coach Ecklund, Rocky Pollock, Greg Sharpe, Don Tello, Gabe Sanchez. LOWER LEFT: J.V.'ers intently survey the scene. LOWER RIGHT: Joe Mozley warms Mike Burson up. 53 FIRST ROW: Coach Grubb, Mark Stevens, Rudy Guevara, Mark Yule, Macario Torres, Angel Carrera, Ben Meraz, David Everson, Kenny Meyers, Coach Larson. SECOND ROW: Fred Segura, Matt Mozley, Bruce Cook, Jim Unrine, Greg Page, Kenny Rogers, John Hunter, Robert Secrest, Jim Lewis, Mike Munoz. THIRD ROW: Doug Main, Kenny Sundstrom, John Perkins, Wayne Ables, Dan Roatcap, Armando Magallon, Scott Sundquist, Mike Roberts, Jack Morales, David Urrea, and Richard Gonzales. Fillmoreis winning tradition in track and field continued throughout the 1970 season. Starting with easy wins over St. Bonaventure and Moor- park, the Flashes ran into well-balanced compe- tition from the rest of the league. School records were broken and outstanding performances were turned in by Doug Main, Fred Segura, Ben Meraz, Matt Mozley, and Jim Un- r1ne. Although strong in all classes, the tracksters had an exceptionally strong B team that com- peted strongly with larger schools. ABOVE: Coach Grubb's dedication inspires all. TOP RIGHT: Doug Main displays his winning form in the high hurdles. RIGHT: Gonzales exhibits a win in the A shot put. FAR RIGHT: Sundstrom finishes fast in the 440 re- ay. S pikers Break Barriers 's And C 's Keep Pace FIRST ROW: Bruce Agler, manager, Tony Gaitian, John Phillips, Angel Car- rera, Jim Rangel, Steve Medlin, and Doug Main. SECOND ROW: John Foy, Jim Uririne, Macario Torres, Mike Munoz, Robert Secrest, Bruce Cook, Keith Ritchey. THIRD ROW: John Fujishiro, Ron Lentz, Mike Harbert, Ben Meraz, Armando Magallon, Pete Legan, Matt Mozley, and John Perkins. FIRST ROW: Terry Huscher, Ron Tucker, Leandro Gamino, Rudy Guevara, Steve Wilbanks, David Grennier, John Larsen, and Eddie Vargas. SECOND ROW: John Foy, Mark Hunter, Joe Ramirez, Pat Holley, Ray Tafoya, Paul Camarillo, Paul Lopez, and Keith Ritchey. THIRD ROW: Mark Duschik, Jesus Perez, Gary Hart, Chris Mumme, Joe Perkins, Nick Landeros, Buddy Houchin, and Lum Giles. J f -M1 ? 5. .',. Wi? ' W i . ' ,Q f +V M Q--Wm 1 4, , , k ' ' H"Wm ' .,',,,w::-M H 'K - , f v rw"4l7:'E.,: 21:11,--, 'VH ' , f r -mv ,.f,Qf figiwx,g3.fs:aw. , K , K Q, my ' xf'fWf?f?v :gsm-f.a ,. .,,..,, W 1 s 1 Q2 Q . ,LQ 'iff K I .W , Laflf . ,- :mm ' J , Q, K :fi , K 'i" " 33" Y If WMO! fm we 1 f ,A x f s Tennis S wzngers Look T0 Future 5 Jr is i E if K 3 BACK ROW: Coach Walker, Roland Rounsevell, John Amold, and Harold Powell FRONT ROW: Dennis Murphy, Tom Arnold, Don Rosenberry, Eugene Bailey, ani Phil Probasco. This year's tennis team is one of ex- perience and dedication. The competition is just as competitive as ever, but with hard work Fillmore should be league contenders. Sparked by Phil Probasco, Jim Cow- ard, and John Arnold in singles and Ro- land Rounsevell and Kit Brothers in dou- bles, Fillmoreis tennis squad should have a fine season. sa...-BSNA ,..."? TOP LEFT: John Arnold practices his "killer serve". ABOVE: Don Ros berry and John Arnold practice hard in preparation for Tri-Valley pl LEFT: Tom Arnold goes deep for a long one. Paced by the steady play of Phillip Warring, the golf team showed steady improvement in early season play. Ex- perienced returnees Waning, Tim Gur- rola, Brad Shader, Brian Challin, and Mike Turk should give the Flashes a strong nucleus when Tri-Valley play ar- rives. LEFT: Mark Vest follows the saying, "If at first you don't succeed try. try again." FAR LOWER LEFT: Brian Chaflin exhibits his form. FAR LOWER RIGHT: Chris Lee keeps his eye on the ball. GUM Team "Pulls" Around GOLFLTQEAM: Tim Gurrola, David Shaffer, I ay Lee, Bruce Devore, Miles Kelman, Sam Riceg ey , . . . . , Chris Mike ach Creed BrildCShaffer Mark Vest, Darryl Goodenough, Phillip Warring, Brian ChaiTin an 0 . G mm 55,11 . ??v?f il E pam W g " Ffiffteifn' gi Q .. -E .. age t I 9 o ..,.. N, . . if 4 ,J ,,,. Q . Ri Q 0 G M rf ,--, ' . -1 .4 it Q-Q , N,-,, , A ,', Vfxlfl 513. .. ,,4,:,, 5 , J z -"Q' ' I. iii? ' A.,, ,,4,, Mg, ' .s3i:ff'7"1f2,ff "'f "--21' sf-fff.f.?l2 "gs" I. . . iff 4 2 5" vrgfffr 4 - ' A ,J -Q s in f' A PJ: -' 1 qf..1?zv ' xi 1 I 1'wf,g7 'it',.jigt.ff vi. I ' X , I - f' . -if . f a 445 'l M .. uf--rs. vt M .' iii. sw tg V-ef . . Y y fa ,, tr 4 1? I . f . M I 1 P N t L ,w I This year's girls' tennis team had a highly successful 3-l season record. High point of the season was the exciting victory over Thousand Oaks to end the season. Thanks to the coaching leadership of Miss Wayman, Girls' Athletics got off on the right foot in 69-70. TOP LEFT: TENNIS TEAM: lst Row-Kari Os- penson, Shirley Goodenough. Roberta Amrhine. 2nd Row-Beverly Stevens. Reba Butler, Joanne Wolf.. Cathy Chandler, Coach Wayman, Patsy Ep- perheimer. TOP RIGHT: Shirley Goodenough and LOWER RIGHT: Cathy Chandler show their pow- erful return shots. 60 9' 3 Girls H it And Run Wm, Several early season victories got the Girls' Track Team off to a fast Spring start. Under the direction of Coaches Umstead and Carter, 1970 proved successful for our girls. TOP LEFT: TRACK TEAM: lst Row-Patsy Tripp, Gayle McKendry, Joanne Nunez, Teresa Hays, Jill Gunter, Donna Henderson, Marie Bowersox, Debbie Fletcher, Delia Garcia. 2nd Row-Patty Garcia, Diana Morales, Katie Walden, Van Schiller, Shirley Goodenough, Virginia Piercy, Becky Rogers, Valli Peters, Alice Segura. Mrs. Carter, Donna Mynatt. LOWER LEFT: Katie Walden pushes for a hard win. RIGHT: Becky Rogers comes in to win over Diana Morales as the girls score against Nordhoff. 6l Lonely Fellow Was T hal Really M e? URGANIZA TIONS Student Counczl Practzce TOP FAR RIGHT: Sam Mayhew studies Student Council problem. TOP: STUDENT COUNCIL: Macrina Mayanja CEX. Stu.l, Janine Rees fNews Flashes Ed.J, Robert Zornes fFrosh Class Pres.J, John Fujishiro Ur. Class Pres.l, Ver Maclang CEX. Stu.j, Reba Butler CCopa de Oro Ed.D, Tim Gur- rola fV.P.7, Sam Mayhew CPres.l, Becky Rogers fEntertainmentD, Mr. Zell fAdv.J, Bill Vest fParliamentarianl, Debbie Crain fFinanceD, Faith Ferrer CSenate Pres.J, Roland Rounsevell fAthleticsJ, Katie Walden CSr. Class Pres.J, Linda Smith CSec.l, Jim Rangel lAdvertisementJ, Hector Guzman CSoph Class Pres.D. RIGHT: Linda Smith records proceedings of a regular meeting. OVQF 117716111 s l The goal of the Student Council this year has been to get more students involved in student government, to stir up more interest, and to do a better job than last year's council. The Council has been very successful with the spon- sored activities. The first dance of the year started us out on the right foot. The activities with the dress-up days were new and different for the students. We at Fillmore High have much to be proud of. The Accreditation committee commended many things in our school. We had a fine football team, although not so suc- cessful, the best basketball team in live years, and a rac- ing-hot track team. The reality of this year could not have been possible had it not been for members of the Student Body and the Administrators. Mr. Ron Zell was the new Student Council Advisor. He did a magnificent job in guiding the council. In true sincerity, I would like to thank you, the stu- dents, Mr. Zell, the Senate, Mr. Putnam, and Mr. Madsen for this year in which I have had the pleasure to serve as A.S.B. President. Sam Mayhew FH Has Many Leaders TOP: SENATE: Alice Segura fRep.- IOD, Kim Schiller CRep.-105, Doug Main fRep.-11 84 Sgt. of armsj, Greg McCracken fRep.-117, Mr. Herrill CAdv.J, Faith Ferrer CPres.J, Mona Enriquez fRep.-127, Irene Padilla CRep.-125, Frances Enriquez fRep.-95, Vicky Van DeMheen fRep.-95, Iaymee Barlow CRep.9J, Joanne Wolf fRep.-12 8: Sec.J, Patsy Tripp fRep.-101. RIGHT: Faith Fer- rer improves her typing through practice. 'l,,....unwnl LEFT: Lee Brisby helps decorate the halls at Christmas time. BELOW: INTER-CLUB COUNCIL CPresidents of clubsjz Tim Gurrola fPres. I.C.C.J, Reba Butler CCopa de Orol, Bev Stevens KLetterWomenJ, Kathy Starnes QCookingJ, Marcia Sharpe fCadu- ceusj, Renee Gonzalez, fTheta Alphaj, Roland Rounsevell CLet- termenl Sue Schleimer fPepJ, Chuck Naas CF.F.A.J, Peggy Ep- perheimer CCommercialJ, Joanne Nunez fGirls' Leaguel, Janine Rees QNews Flashesj. NOT PICTURED: Faith Ferrer CSenateJ, John Escoto fPrintingJ, Van Schiller Clnternationalj, Don Tello fSpanishJ, Dian Enriquez CChorusD,' Jim Lewis CBandJ, Susan Lewis COrchestraJ, Lee Brisby CScienceJ. TOP LEFT: Susan French, Verna Rollo, Manda Hunter, 8a Sharon Steel listen closely to instructions. TOP RIGHT: Sharon Steel, Mrs. Clark 8a Kathy Starnes pour up cooked food. LOWER RIGHT: COOKING CLUB: Top Row-Susan French CHist,J, Diane Van Noy, Manda Hunter fTreas.j, Kathy Starnes CPres.J, Sharon Steel fV.P.J, Bottom Row Marcia Sharpe CSec.D, Mrs. Clark.QAdv.j, Su- zanne Ponce. NOT PICTURED: Verna Rollo QRec.J, Debbie Ferrer, Sherry Hinkle, Julia Townsend, Debra Owens, Barbara Legan, Carolyn Fernandez, Judy Fanning, Margaret Tuccillo, Kathy Mackey, Jacky Harter, Marie Bowersox, Wendy Rees. Girls Cook U Newflctivities LEFT: Sandy Ferrer ponders question ABOVE: GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD: Top Row-Dawn Wileman filth Rep.J, Patsy Tripp Cl0th Rep.J, A Macrina Mayanja CHon.J, Sandra Ferrer CTreas.J, Christina Asenas f9th Rep.J, Judy Piercy CV.P.J, Mrs. Shaffer CAdv.J, Bottom Row-Joanne Nunez QPres.j, Sonia Alcocer QSec.J,'Linda Smith CEX-OID, Sue Schleimer CAdver.J. - s TOP FAR RIGHT: Steve Barnard 8a Janine Rees discuss newspaper while Jeanne Helsel checks bulletin board. TOP CENTER: John Escoto sets up ma- chine to print News Flashes. TOP LEFT: PRINTING CLUB: Manuel Martinez CSec.-Treas.J, Mr. Rees CAdv.J, Brad Shaffer CI-Iist.D, Paul Ramirez, Tony Gaitan CV.P.J, John Escoto QPres.J, Jack Morales CPublic.J, Robert Villalobos, Alfonso Arroyo, Roland Rounsevell. NOT PICTURED: Harold Powell. RIGHT: NEWS FLASHES STAFF: Janine Rees CEd.J, Norma Tirado, Brian Chaffin fAsso. Ed.J, Jeanne Helsel, Stuart Fairbanks, Steve Barnard fSpts. Ed.J, Mark Aguirre, Mr. Aweeka fAdv.J, Doug Main, Steve Alcocer, Harold Foy. NOT PICTURED: Kenneth Sundstrom. Printers And Journalists Co- Operate For News Flas h 11" a I l t E 2 Fillmore Has Wide Interests LEFT: INTERNATIONAL CLUB: Top Row-Mr. Littman CAdv.J, Keith Morton, Mark Ward CV.P.J, Wendy Macrina Mayanja. Middle Row-Donna Ospenson, Van Schiller fPres.D, Susan Sheldon QSec.J, Debbie Deeter Kathy Hood. Bottom Row-Kim Creed, Mary Katherine Littman, Cherie Dann, Janet Palmer. NOT PICTURED: Maclang, Janine Rees, Virginia Piercy, Gayle McKendry, Mark Hunter, Janet Harris, Holly Rogers, Kit Brothers Jay Lee, Shirley Clinton, Katie Walden, Mary Van Orsdol, Kathy Grimes. TOP RIGHT: Spanish club mascot headj sits in front of Mexican poster. LOWER LEFT: SPANISH CLUB: Maria Carrillo, Lydia Ibarra CSec.J, Martinez, Don'Tello fPres.J, Mike Turk, Mrs. Neal CAdv.D, Rudy Guevara CTreas.J, Kim' Rasey, Frank Pulido J. NOT PICTURED: Sam Huestis, Scott Johnson, Lola Asenas, Christine Miller. LOWER RIGHT: International members wonder what Mr. Littman is planning to do. ,,,,,,.-v-" Lelterworrzen Ano' Lettermen Work Together In Sports TOP: LETTERWOMEN: Shirley Faulkner, Dixie Rollo, Linda Cook, Donna Ospenson, Reba Butler CV.P.J, Faith Ferrer, Bev Stevens CPres.J, Susan Umstead, Sandra Ferrer fTreas.J, Anna Enriquez. NOT PICTURED - Kathy Munoz iSec.J, Shirley Goodenough, Roberta Amrhine, Linda Smith, Sue Schleimer. RIGHT: Roland Rounsevell SL Bev Stevens have jump ball in Lettermen vs Letterwomen basketball game. ,Q-,.---"""""'.M LEFT: Brad Shaffer 8L Steve Barnard sell cokes at after-game dance. BELOW: LETTERMEN: Top Row- David Morales, Rudy Frias, Tim Gurrola, Gary South- wick, Matt Mozley tV.P.J. Bottom Row-Richard Gon- zalez, Mark Vest, Dave Yanez fSec.-Treas.J, Mark Ward CSgt.-at-Armsj, Keith Morton. Standing-Roland Roun- Sevell fPres,J. NOT PICTURED-John Arnold, Dean Ellis, Mark Aguirre, Brad Shaffer, Steve Barnard, Bob Thompson, Sam Mayhew, Pete Cervantes, Fred Segura, Larry Merry. npnnnumnwiv- Girls Enhance Pep And Sports RIGHT: Pep squad rides in Ventura parade. BELOW: PEP CLUB: lst Row-- Ginny Morris CRep-95, Annette Peery, Becky Wilson, Linda Smith, Luanne Mauck, Sue Schleimer CPres.J. 2nd Row - Jerri Root, Chris Cutkomp, Debbie Brockus, Shirley Ewing, Sue McConnell, Sue Murray, Valli Peters fV.P.J. 3rd Row-Judy Smith CSec.J, Dawn Wileman, Sonia Alcocer, Becky Rogers, Nancy Moreno, Sue Groef- sema, Bev Berdahl. 4th Row-Teresa Hays, Judy Piercy, Sandra McKendry, Kathy Snyder, Kim Schiller. 5th Row- Linda Foster, Linda Acosta, Debbie Fletcher, Dorothy Ca- hoon. NOT PICTURED: Van Schiller QTreas.j, Katie Walden, Becky Guinn, Darla Peters, Gayle McKendry. 3 J 'il' Af' ABOVE: G.A.A.: Gayle McKendry, Debbie Rakestraw, Virginia Piercy, Christy Miller CRep.-101, Melinda Lida- more fSec.J, Daisy Unrine, Frances Enriquez, Melinda Barrow, Sandra Ferrer CTreas.J, Lola Asenas, Janet Palmer, Kim Creed, Lola Aquilar, Christina Asenas, Lucy Quezada, Donna Ospenson fSpts. Mgnr.J, Linda Cook, Anna Enriquez, Reba Butler, Miss Wayman fAdv.J, Dixie Rollo tRec. Sec.l, Bev Stevens, Faith Ferrer fPres.J. NOT PICTURED: Diana Morales, San- dra McKendry, Shirley Goodenough CV.P.j, Rita Lopez CRep.-11J,'Debbie Ferrer CRep.-91, Lois Hill fRep.-121, Debbie Crain, Becky Vega, Jane Taylor, Sandra Rob- bins, Dorothy Cahoon, Jan Reeder, Jean Boggs, Kathy Munoz, Linda Foster, Van Schiller, Jill Gunter, Sue Murray, Sue McConnell, Jaymee Barlow, Cherie Dann, Carol Urrea, Becky Guinn, Rosie Rangel, Roberta Am- rhine, Luanne Mauck, Sandra Davis, Kathy Mackey. LEFT: Jean Boggs helps decorate for the annual G.A.A. Christmas formal. TOP: Mr. Baehr instructs Lois Hill in some liners points in music. BELOW: TOP NOTES: Rosalie Escoto, Kathy Grimes, Jim Lewis, Mrs. Thompson QAccom.J, Mr. Baehr fAdv.J, Ron Lentz, Janine Rees 1Coord.J, Phyllis Cervantez. NOT PICTURED: Wendy Koch, Kari Ospenson, Brian Chaflin, Delores Aguilar. I , I Singers H i k , .,. .5J,g,, in Lg, Those Top ores TOP LEFT: Janine Rees, Kathy Grimes, Mr. Baehr, Ron Lentz, Jim Lewis, 8: Phyllis Cervantez are served refreshments by Mrs. Baehr after a long practice. TOP RIGHT: Kathy Grimes entertains the chorus with a song. LOWER LEFT: CHORUS: lst Row-Lois Hill, Mary Morales CS-gt. at Arms.J, Dian Enriquez fCoord.J, Pat Lynn, Geneva Sams, Diana Redding, Ofelia Romero, Shirley Ewing, Phyllis Gunn, Rosie Rangel, Mr. Baehr fAdv.J. 2nd Row-Irene Padilla CSgt. at Armsj, Wendy Koch, Dolores Aguilar, Brenda Byrd, Mary Hill, Eilleen Singer, Gracie Lugo, Kathy Mackey, Barbara Rodriquez, Cecelia Vasquez. 3rd Row-Anita Meza, Maria Barragan, Rosemary Vasquez, Rachel Lopez, Maria Pina, Dorothy Valencia, Debbie Fletcher, Corinne Gonzales. 4th Row-Sandra Ivie. NOT PICTURED: Lorrie Cantrell, Charlotte Ross, Becky Merritt, Teresa Ramirez, Annie Enriquez, Norma Castro, Maria Enriquez, Anna Ruiz, Lorraine Yanez, Helen Valencia, Gail Grennier, Lucinda Dominquez, Rachel Casarez, Laura Castro, Linda Ortiz, Delia Razo, Lupe Hernandez, Debbie Helb- ling, Maria Sierra, Margaret Torres, Rosalie Escoto, Lorrie Beall, Cindy Golson. TOP LEFT: Fillmore High School Band, Flag Bearers, 84 Banner Carriers march in annual parade. TOP RIGHT: Band prepares to march. LOWER LEFT: FLAG BEARERS 84 BANNER CARRIERS: Rosemary Thompson, Manda Hunter, Jean Boggs, Dorothy Cahoon, Debbie Rakestraw, Jan Reeder, Laura Castro, Norma Tirado, Melodie Marden, Jane Miller, Rosie Zavala, Chris Gonzalez, Loma Grennier, Daisy Unrine, Rosie Real, Gail Grennier, Cynthia Golson. LOWER CENTER: BAND: Jim Lewis QPres.J, Sam Huestis QV.P. 8L D.M.j, Susan Umstead fSec.-Treas.J, Mark Hunter CRep.-91, Tom Alvarado QRep.-101, Kenny Myers fRep.-115, Sam Mayhew QRep.-121, Bob Thompson QSg1. at Arrnsl, Janine Rees QPub. Rel.J, Norma Tirado CRep-Flag Bearersj, Chris'Gonzalez QRep.-Banner Carriersb, Wayne Ables, Joe Aguilar, Tim Aguirre, Steve Alcocer, Kenneth Bishop, Bobby Cortez, Eddy Coward, Pam Davis, Candy Duley, Mike Garner, Paul Glan- ville, Richard Gonzales, Darryl Goodenough, Gary Hart, Jacky Harter, Steve Hartung, Mike Leach, Jay Lee, Ron Lentz, David Littman, Tim Lovelace, Pat Macias, Chris McKelvey, Johnny Ortega, Kenny Ospenson, Greg Page, Fred Ponce, Gabe Sanchez, Gary Southwick, Bruce Taylor, Don Tello, David Tovar, Mike Turk, Eddy Vargas, Cecelia Vasquez, Stan- ley Vedder, Tony Villanueva, Jeff Ward, Carlos Zuniga. LOWER RIGHT: Band members relax before hard march. Band Members Make M usie In New UnU'0rms """:fu- TOP: ORCHESTRA: Mr. Hernandez Ldirec.D, Susan Lewis lPres.3, Lowel Noel, Danny Roatcap, Mike Harbert fSgt. at Armsj Rosemary Thompson lV.P.J, Debbie Butcher, Gloria Gurrola,-Tony Espinoza, Laura Harbert CSec.-Treas.J. LOWER LEFT Susan Lewis Sr Lowel Noel represent the violin section of the orchestra. LOWER RIGHT: Kenny Myers prepares to play 82 f , v li 4 T59-31' J C T, V is strffit +C rrrr Fillm0re's Music Hath Charms T0 Saoth The Savage Beast TOP: PEP BAND: lst Row-Sam Huestis QDirec.J, Candy Duley, Pam Davis, Jacky Harter, Janine Rees. 2nd Row-Susan Um- stead. 3rd Row- Steve Hartung, Ron Lentz, Jay Lee, Mike Turk, Eddy Coward, Chris McKelvey, Fred Ponce. 4th Row-David Tovar, David Littman, Richard Gonzales. Sth Row-Mike Leach, Tony Villanueva, Gary Hart, Stan Vedder. NOT PICTURED: Jim Lewis, Mark Hunter, Kenny Ospenson. BOTTOM: Mike Harbert shows his talents through music. 83 Girls Plan For Varied Careers TOP LEFT: COMMERCIAL CLUB: Table 1-Mrs. Miller fAdv.J, Patsy Epper- heimer, Sue Allman, Carolyn Kirby, Joanne Nunez, Nancy Brown, Blanca Martinez, Lydia Ibarra, Marcia Sharpe, Shirley Goodenough, Eleanore Glenn. Table 2 - Virginia Gomez CV.P.J, Dian Enriquez, Anna Enriquez, Maria Carrillo, Sue Murray, Lorna Grennier, Carolyn Gilbreath, Becky Powell, Maria Enriquez, Sharon Prewitt, Karen Foiles fTreas.J, Mary Morales, Irene Padilla fSec.J. Standing-Kenna Hickman, Andrea Reid, Bobby Van Noy, Peggy Epperheimer CPres.J. NOT PICTURED: Mona Enriquez, Toni Walsh, Kathy Munoz. TOP RIGHT: Joanne Nunez eats with her knife at the Initiation Pot-Luck Dinner Party. LOWER LEFT: Candy Stripers, Kathy Starnes 84 Marcia Sharpe practice nursing on patient, Sharon Steel. LOWER RIGHT: CADUCEUS CLUB: Mrs. Padelford CAdv.J, Frances Enriquez, Julia Townsend, Sharon Steel, Debbie Ferrer, Glenda King, Chris Miller, Marcia Sharpe CPres.J. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Starnes QV.P.J, Kim Schiller fTreas.J, Linda Hyden QSec.J, Rosalie Escoto, Candy Duley, Sharon Prewitt, Sally West, Patsy Epperheimer, Malinda Lidamore. X X L. l r- - ri,,z,,,i ,J P ..,,-,x""----f --,. ,, 86 You ame It, They D0 It TOP LEFT: SCIENCE CLUB: lst Row-Kim' Schiller, Vance Johnson, Richard Gonzales CHistJ, Mark Vest, Sam Rice CNews Ed.j, Miles Kelman fTreas.J. 2nd Row -John Fujishiro, Evan Shipp, Malinda Lidamore fAssis. Lib.j, Susan French fAssis. Sec.J, Van Schiller CLib.J, Mr. Skoe CAdv.J, Brian Patterson, Joanne Wolf CSec.J, Mr. Bauhm fAdv.J, Bruce DeVore, Tim Gurrola, Lee Brisby QPres.J. NOT PICTURED: Gary Southwick, John Hunter, Mark Haeber, John Phillips, Scott Johnson, Kathy Brisby, Greg McCracken lV.P.J. TOP RIGHT: THETA ALPHA: Francis Martines, Renee Gonzales CPres.J, Gail Worden, Pam Holts, Susan Sanchez, Barbara Ybarra, Gracie Romero, Pam Davis, Verna Rollo QSec.J, Mr. Nelson QAdv.J, Sandy Nichols, Carol Arnold, Suzanne Ponce f'l'reas.J, Socorro Vargas, Kathy Walsh, Jackie Harter, Lola Asenas CV.P.7, Julie Townsend. NOT PIC- TURED: Susan Chafhn, Christy Miller, Becky Villasenor, Phil Probasco, Gail Grennier, Lynnette Thompson, Terry Arias. BELOW: C.S.F.: Kathy Hood, Sally Bartels, Janine Rees Cgold sealj, Keith Morton Cgold sealj, Mark Ward Cgold sealj, Holly Rogers, Sam Huestis, Susan Shel- don, Becky Rogers, Tim Gurrola, Joy Musgrave, Kim Creed, Mary Katherine Littman. NOT PIC- TURED: Bruce Agler, Reba But- ler, Dawn Drummond, Gary Eaton, Kathy Grimes, Scott Johnson, John Phillips, Wendy Rees, Van Schiller, Mary Van Orsdol, Katie Walden. RIGHT: Mr. Mosbarger demonstrates to ag class the process of castration. BELOW: F.F.A.: Standing-Haw old Olsen, Fred Nehrig, Mike King, Paul Glanville, David Enriquez QTreas.j, Lum Giles, John Olsen CSec.J, Joe Turk, Melvin Dubay, Jim Ashley, Bruce Taylor, Dan Roatcap, Gary Hart, Uhon Bell, Paul Camarillo, Greg Gurrola, Keith Klein, Joe LaCotts, Jan Rogers, Cecil Merrit. In Truck-John Corley, Steve Tipps, Chris Collins, Jim Campbell, John Campbell, Raul Tarango, Lynn Van Noy, Chuck Naas QPres.J, Richard Ortega, Martin Dominguez, Peter Ortiz, Dennis Murphy CRep.J. NOT PICTURED: Bailey Glenn, Larry Henderson fV,P.J, Chris Mumme, Mike Taber CSent.J, Jeff Thomp- san, Jim Unrine, Kathy Wren, Ed Mackey, Phil Rogers, Gary Ross, David Morales, John Alcoser. WWWAV 1 -,fr,.,,gw7,,, , J. N J 1 x X. x, , . ,. ,,.. ,, , , , ' 1' X,-. ,K ' iyii it r V v,,,. Q r , yrwyy L U i , , , 7? 3, --...., ,ff Cl? Organizations Are Many Ana' V ' a' P P ,. P f r - 1' X L: X' Z 1 is ABOVE: PEP SQUAD: In Front-Mascot-Bev Berdahl. Var. Cheer.-Linda Smith, Becky Wilson, Becky Rogers, Katie Walden. Behind-LV. Cheer.-Sonia Alcocer, Teresa Hays, Kim Schiller, Debbie Brockus. Song Leaders-Judy Piercy, Sue Murray, Dawn Wllernan, Chris Cutkornp, Sue Schleimer. Frosh Cheer.-Becky Guinn, Darla Peters, Luanne Mauck. 89 Nothing Seemed The Way I1 Used To Be I PERSONNEL .am-,,,..,,,, S 5 iiei .snn S r egj i S Qt' f WL. it 5- , -it M 'JA H lisa ' Board of Education Gene Warring, Evans Ward, John Wilson, Richard Hackney, Leonard Harper. Glen Phillips, Frank Hurt, Director of Director of Business Educational Services Services Being new to the community I welcome the opportunity to be included in the Copa de Oro. Participation is the "first cousinn to involvement -a part of the action! Knowledge in youth is wisdom in age. Each of you have great opportunities ahead of you. I hope that each of you will make the kind of plans and have the kind of dreams that will fashion a gratifying future for you-that you may influence the Fillmore High School and the com- munity to continue to be responsive to human needs. Plans and dreams do materialize, but hard Work is always part of the recipe. Also, involve- ment is so important-in an individual-in a school-in a community. How about it! Congratulations to the Copa de Oro staif, the Class of 1970, and to each of you-success in the future. John P. Wilbur District Superintendent John Wilbur, Superintendent Administration Looks Forward As we move through this game called LIFE there are things we should try and do. We should: Take time to THINK- It is the source of power Take time to PLAY- It is the secret of perpetual youth Take time to READ- It is the fountain of wisdom Take time to PRAY- It is the greatest power on earth Take time to LOVE and be LOVED- It is a God given privilege. Take time to be FRIENDLY- It is the road to happiness Take time to LAUGH- It is music of the soul Take time to GIVE- It is too short a day to be selfish Take time to WORK- It is the price of success We can say, "we have accomplished what we set out to do" if we work on accomplish- ing all of the above. In doing this each of us should have a more successful and satis- fying life. George Madsen, Principal George Madsen, Principal Putman, Vice-Principal Lawrence Sullivan, Jr. Hi. Principal Muriel Andrews Dulcie Arnold John Aweeka Herbert Baehr Sheldon Ball Stephen Baum Bert Bigham John Brothers Marshall Byrd Jill Carter 94 Teachmg Excellence Is Many Faceted Mildred Clark Howard Cook Ked Creed Bruce Dempsey Joe Donohue Tom Ecklund Howard Ellis James Faris Jim Fauver Bill Garfield 95 Elbert Graham Byron Grubb Ruben Hernandez Clair Herrill Winfred Hill Kent Jones Patricia Keneally Clara Knappen William Knight Bruce Larson 96 Is More Than The Classroom 'S...4-n-""" '1 I H ll-C'-if di' l Q ill i er Monako len orris Mosbarger A J Litman Mill M Charles Mozley Patricia Neal Dale Nelson Jean Padelford Richard Palmer 97 Roger Palmer Stephen Percy Ralph Rees Jean Redd Richard Rose Lois Shaffer Don Skoe Stuart Smithwick Ottilie Spitler Sandra Thornton Ben Tyson Al Umstead Mike Walker Sandra Wayman Charles Wyche Ron Zell sirwrd :ZAMN :wr vxuw15uw :iii if 2 Lawanda Campbell Pete Cervantez Robert Flagg Willard Foster Faye Ables Joyce Basolo Martha Blythe NOT PICTURED: Colleen Cosgrove Jack Edmonds Ellen Guthrie Ruth Hale Cliff Hawkins Sara Menke Carol Morton Joleen Stethem Harold Stevens Vivian Walker Tony Ybarra Marguerite Gregory I ess Gunter David Gu rrola Edythe Henderson Irene Horn Bill Largen Clifford Lee Deliino Mendez Frank Morales Aaron Myers Evelyn Paregien Henry Ramirez Linda Roberts J. W. Scott Leon Smith lOl Our S larry N otions Along 2 3. Q 5 7 S i W 1 w We Lost The Way SENIORS Seniors Say Good-Bye Each individual member of the class of "7O,' has finally achieved one important goal in life-to obtain a high school diploma. This diploma means a number of things. To some it means a job, to others it is the "key" to the door of higher education. It means that as a class, as well as individually, we have experi- enced the joy of winning and the agony of de- feat, We have experienced the enlightenment of learning and understanding people, we have ex- perienced a love for each other which rests in the loyalty we feel towards one another. This diploma for which we have worked so hard is an introduction to the outside world. You, Fillmore High, have done what you can to pre- pare us for that world. I am quite positive that the class of "7O" Won't let you or themselves down! Sincerely, Katie Walden Senior Class President ,f si Vice President Secretary Treasurer. AdVl50l Steve Alcocer Sue Murray Peggy Eppefhelmef MF MOZICY ABLES, RALPH WAYN E AGUIRRE, MARK ALLEN ALCOCER, STEVEN MICHAEL ALCOSER, JOSEPH SANCH EZ ALDAY, EUTIMIO SANCHEZ ALLMAN. DONNA SUZANNA AYRES, WAYNE BAILEY, EUGENE KELTON BARNARD, STEPHEN JAMES BECERRA, FRANCISCO ALBA BEEGHLY, SAM WAYNE BISHOP, JULIE LEE IO5 BLAYLOCK, JOE DON BROTHERS, MARK BROWN, NANCY LOUISE BUTLER, REBA FAYE CANTRELL, JAN ET ELAINE CASTRO, NORMA CARDONA 106 RIGHT: Judy Piercy and David Morales join in the fun at the senior pany. Y. 1 T137 .sf-1 xt , 4"""'S an -4-"""? CERVANTES, PETE CI-IAFFIN, BRIAN DOUGLAS CLINTON, SHIRLEY WANDA COLLINS, PAM COWARD, JAMES ELBERT CRAIN, DEBRA LYNN CRAIN, DON RAY DE VORE, BRUCE PIERRE ENRIQUEZ, DIAN ENRIQUEZ, MARIA SOCORRO EPPERHEIMER, MARGARET ANN ESCOTO, JOHN MANUEL IO7 EWIN G. SHIRLEY ANN FAILS, MICHAEL A. FAIRBAN KS. STUART ROMAIN FAULKN ER. SHIRLEY LA VERNE FELSENTHAL, ALLEN KEITH FERRER, FAITH LESLIE FILDES, GARY BENNETT FOILES, KAREN SUE FOY, HAROLD R. F RIAS. RUDY GILBREATH, CAROLYN LUCILLE GLENN, ELEANORE LOUISE IO8 LEFT: The senior girls "lean-to" to Win the tug-a-war between the classes. GOMEZ, VIRGINIA GONZALEZ, CORINNE JEANN ET GOODENOUG H. SHIRLEY LA RUE GRENNIER, LORNA GRIMES, KATHY LEE GUZMAN, VIRGINIA AMELIA- IO9 HARPER, ROBERT WAYNE HELSEL. JEANNE LYNN HICKMAN. KENNA KIMBERLY HILL. Tl-IELMA LOIS HOLLEY, PATRICK TAYLOR 'HOWARD. JANICE LEIGH HUNTER. MANDA MICHELE IBARRA, LYDIA RIOS KING, LARRY KING, SAN DRA KIRBY, CAROLYN ANN LE BARD, JAMES FRANK HO LEGAN. BARBARA ANNE LEWIS, JAMES RUSSEL MACBRINE, JANET ELIZABETH MACKEY, JUDY KAYE MCCONN ELL, SUSAN MARIE MCKENDRY, STEVEN BURK MACLANG, VIRGILIO VASQUEZ MARDEN, MICHAEL MCCLUNG MARTINEZ, ALFONSO MARTINEZ, RAUL MAYANIA, MACRINA MARY MAYI-IEW, SAMUEL GLEN III MERAZ. BENNY JOE MERAZ. DANNY E. MERRITT, REBECCA LEE MERRY. LARRY STEVEN MILLER, DENNIS YULAN MORALES, ARTHUR I AMES MORALES, DAVID MORALES, MARY E. MORTON, DANA KEITH MOZLEY, MATTHEW BRYAN M UNOZ, MARY KATH ERIN E MUNOZ, MICHAEL SALAZAR I LUHILI LEFT: Sqniors do their part to pro- mote sp1r1t at the pep rally. H3 MURRAY, SUE NAAS, CHARLES AN DREW NUNEZ, JOANNE ELAINE ORN ELAS, SALVADOR ORTEGA, RICHARD ANGEL OSPEN SON, KARI LUCILLE PADILLA, MARIA IRENE PETERS, VALLI PIERCY, JUDITH KAYE PONCE, ERNEST MARTIN EZ PREWITT, SHARON ANN PROBASCO, PHILLIP VERNON H4 V 3 ,,, ff Vg 'H JUN fav QUALLS, OBIE RAINEY, GUY ALAN RAMIREZ, TERESA LOUISE RANG EL, SANTIAGO E. RANGEL, ROSAURA REES, JANINE BETH REID, ANDREA LYNN REYES, BRUCE RODRIGUEZ, EMMA RACHEL ROGERS, REBECCA LYNN ROUNSEVELL, ROLAND K. SATTERFIELD, DENNIS DEAN H5 RIGHT: Kari Ospenson and Macrina Mayanja enjoy the refreshments at the Christmas party. SECREST, ROBERT E. SCHLEIMER, SUSAN ELIZABETH SEGURA, FRED SHAFFER, BRADFORD WILLIAM SHARPE, MARCIA KATHLEEN SMITH, LINDA SUE 116 STARNES, KATHERINE DENICE STEEL, SHARON ANN STEVENS, BEVERLY KAY SUTTLE, VICKY LYNN TABER, MICHAEL LEE THOMPSON, JEFF LEFT: Linda Smith, Sam Mayhew, and Jimmy Rangel help celebrate Vir Mac1ang's birthday. H7 THOMPSON, ROBERT EDWARD TORRES, AMELIA RAMIREZ UMSTEAD, SUSAN ELAINE URREA, DAVID MICHAEL VAN NOY, BARBARA JOANNE VAN ORSDOL, MARY FLORENCE RIGHT: Vickie Suttle supervises the decoration of the Senior's Christmas tree. 118 ARNOLD, JOHN CARDONA, SAM ENRIQUEZ, RAMONA GARCIA, LOUIE NOEL, LOWELL OTIS, DONNA OTIS, DONNA PRECIADO, ERNIE ROSEBERRY, DON VELA, ANITA VENSQN, LEE WILLIAMS, BILL ZAVALA, TOMMY VEST, WILLIAM EUGENE VILLA JR., EDDIE WALDEN, KATHRYN LOUISE WALSH, TONI RAYE WARD, MARK CHARLES WEST, SALLY EVELYN WOLF, JOANNE WREN, KATHRYN ANN YANEZ, DAVID FEDERICO 119 Fillmore Has Vzsztor x VER MACLANG Fillmore High School has had the pleasure of hosting two fine American Field Service Students. The boy was Virgilio Maclang. "Vern, as he wanted to be called, spent his year with the Wilbur Mayhew family. Sam May- hew was his brother for the year. Activities at Fillmore included the Interna- tional Club the Student Council Chonorary mem- berl, and the Christmas Pageant. Because Ver made friends easily, this year, with the formal and prom, was a pleasant one. Although Virgilio has already graduated from high school in the Philippines, he was still a graduate of Fillmore High School. After the customary tour of the U.S.A. by the A.F.S., Ver will return to his home in Malo- los, Balacan, where he will be greeted by his parents, and seven brothers and sisters. Ver plans to attend a University in Manila where he will study Chemistry. rom Abroad MACRINA MAYANJ A The tiny African country of Uganda is the native land to this year's A.F.S. girl, Macrina Mayanja. Her home town, Kampala, is the coun- try's capital, and 100 miles from Christ the King Boarding School where Macrina was a student. School life at Fillmore was an active one for her. Student Council, Girlis League Board and International Club, occupied most of her time but she enjoyed dances the most of all. Although Macrinals American family, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rees and their tive children, may seem crowded, they proved no challenge to the Ugandan who has 15 brothers and sisters of her own! Macrina has a year more of high school be- fore she goes on to a higher education. She has hopes of perhaps becoming a lawyer. Best Dancers Virginia Guzman di Eddie Villa F riendliesz Joanne Nunez di Richard Ortega M ost Bash ful Macrina Mayanja di J ahn A rnold 122 Peppiest Linda Smith di Jimmy Range! Most A bsent- Minded Judy Piercy di Larry Merry 123 Most A thletie Beverly Stevens David Yanez 124 Best Smile Debbie Crain Ernest Preeiado Biggest Flirt 6 Peggy Epperheirrz Don C rai C rczziest Valli Peters Most Attractive Harold Foy Becky Rogers Rudy F rias M ost Likely T0 Succeed Reba Butler 'fs Keith M orton Brainiest Janine Rees Mark Ward M ost Versatile Katie Walden Sam Mayhew SENIOR PEDIGREES ABLES, WAYNE: Track 10,ll,12, Cross Country 11,12, Baseball 9, Science Club 9, Honor Band 9,10,l1,12 AGUIRRE, MARK: Football 9,10, Basketball 9,10, 11,12, Lettermens Club 12, Honor Band 9,10, Christmas Pageant 9 ALCOCER, STEVE: Basketball 9,10,11,12, Spanish Club 9, Band 9,10,11,12, Senate 10, Class Vice- Pres. 12 LCOSER, JOE: Football 9. Tennis 9,10,11,l2 LDAY, EUTIMIO: Football 9,10 LLMAN, SUE: Chorus ll AILEY, EUGENE: Football 9,10, Track 9, Bas- ketball mgr. 10, Tennis 11,12 ARNARD, STEPHEN: Football 9,10, Basketball 9,l0,11,12, Tennis 10, Golf 9,11, Letterman 12, Newspaper Stall 11,12, Archbearer 11 EEGHLY, SAM: Baseball 9,l0,l1,l2 ISHOP, JULIE: G.A.A. 9,10,11, Commercial Club 12, Christmas Pageant 12, Hi Jinx 11,12, Fashion Show 10 , LAYLOCK, JOE: Football 9,10, Baseball 9 ROWN, NANCY: Volleyball 9 ,G.A.A. 9,10, Com- mercial Club l2, Theta Alpha 9, Vice-Pres. 10, Christmas Pageant 9,10, Fashion Show 12, Class Sec. 9, Homecoming Princess 9, Class Favorite 10 UTLER, REBA: Volleyball 9, Softball 9, Basketball 9, Tennis 11,12, G.A.A. 9, Athletic mgr. 10, Pres. 11,12, Letterwomens Club 9, Vice-Pres. 10,11,12, Inter-Club Council 11,12, Annual Editor 12, C.S.F. 9,l0,l2, Grad. Usherette 11, Senior Play 12, Girls' State Alternate ll, Student Council 12, Most Likely to Succeed 12 ANTRELL, JANET: Chorus 9,10,l1, Art Club 9,10,11, Caduceus Club 9, Christmas Pageant 9,10, Fashion Show 11,12 HAFFIN, BRIAN: Golf 10,1l,12, Newspaper Staff 11,12 Spanish Club Treas. 10, Top Notes 11,12, Christmas Pageant 9 CERVANTES, PETE: Football 9,10,11, Track 9,10, ll, Lettermens Club 12 CLINTON, SHIRLEY: International Club 12, Chorus 9,11, Christmas Pageant 9, Fashion Show 10, Arch- bearer 11 COWARD, JAMES: Tennis 9,l0,l1,12, Variety Show 9 COX, JAMES: Football 10 CRAIN, DEBRA: G.A.A. 10,11, Commercial Club 11, Christmas Pageant 11, Student Council 12, Best Smile 12 CRAIN, DON: Football 11,12, Track 11,12, Class Vice-Pres. 11, Biggest Flirt 12 DEVORE, BRUCE: Golf 9, Science Club 11,12, Tal- ent Show 11 ENRIQUEZ, DIAN: Commercial Club 12, Christmas Pageant 12, Fashion Show 9,l0,11 ENRIQUEZ, RAMONA: Softball 9, Basketball 9, G.A.A. 10, Sec. 11,12, Commercial Club 12, Theta Alpha 10, Caduceus Club 12, Drill Team 9, Christ- mas Pageant 12, Archbearer 11 EPPERHEIMER, PEGGY: G.A.A. 9, Commercial Club ll, Pres. 12, Theta Alpha 9,10, Girl's League Senior Rep., Interclub Council 12, Christmas Pag- eant 9, Archbearer 11, Senate 10,11, Class Treas. 12, Biggest Flirt 12 ESCOTO, JOHN: Cross Country 9,10, Printing Club 12 EWING, SHIRLEY: Baseball 9, G.A.A. 9,10, Cadu- ceus Club 9,10, Pep Club 12, Fashion Show 10,12, Archbearer 11 FAILS, MIKE: Football 9, Basketball mgr. 9, Base- ball FANNING, JUDY: G.A.A. 12, Quill and Scroll 11, Newspaper 11 FAULKNER, SHIRLEY: G.A.A. l0,11,12, Christ- mas Pageant 10, Fashion Show 10,11 FELSENTHAL, ALLEN: Basketball 9,l0,11, Base- ball 9,l0,11,12, French Club, 9,10,11, Senate 9 FERRER, FAITH: G.A.A. 10, Jr. Rep. ll, Pres. 12, LetterWomen's Club 11,12, Spanish Club 9, Theta Alpha 10, Drill Team 9, Archbearer 11, Senate 10, Pres. 12, Student Council 12, D.A.R. 12 FILDES, GARY: Football 9, Basketball 9,l0,ll, Baseball 9,10,1l,12, Letterman 11,12 FOILES, KAREN: Commercial Club ll, Treas. 12, Fashion Show 11,12 FOY, HAROLD: Football 9,10,1l,12, Craziest 12 FRIAS, RUDY: Football 9,10,1l,12, Baseball 9, 10,11,12, Most Attractive 12 GARCIA, LOUIE: Football 9,10,1l,12, Track 9,10, 11, F.F.A. 9,10,1l,12, Lettermen's Club 12 GILBREATH, CAROLYN: Transfer GLENN, ELEANORE: G.A.A. 9, Theta Alpha 10, Caduceus Club 10, Orchestra 9, Christmas Pageant 10 GONZALES, CORINNE: Art Club 9,10,1l,12, Christmas Pageant 12 GOODENOUGH, SHIRLEY: Track ll, Tennis 11, 12, G.A.A. 9,11, V.P. 12, Letterwomen's Club 12, Commercial Club 10, Theta Alpha 10 GRENNIER, LORNA: Banner Bearer 12 GRIMES, KATHY: Volleyball 9, G.A.A. 9,10, In- ternational Club 11,12, .French Club 10, Spanish Club 9, V.P. 10, Chorus 9,10, Top Notes 10,11,12, Variety Show 9,10,1l,12, Talent Assembly 10, Christmas Pageant 9,10,12, Arch Bearer ll GUZMAN, VIRGINIA: G.A.A. 9,10, Commercial Club 10,1l,12, Art Club 9,10,11, Drill Team 9, Hi Jinx 10,11,12, Christmas Pageant 9,10,12, Fashion Show 10, F.A.A. Princess 11, Archbearer 11, Best Dancer 12 HARPER, BOB: Football 9, Baseball 12, Christmas Pageant 10 HELSEL, JEANNE: G.A.A. 9, 10, Pep Club 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Chorus 9,11, Banner Carrier 10, Christmas Pageant 9, Archbearer 11 HICKMAN, KENNA: Track 9, G.A.A. 9,10, Com- mercial Club 12, Theta Alpha 9,10 HILL, LOIS: G.A.A. Sr. Rep. 12, Chorus l0,l2, Drill Team9 HOWARD, JANICE: Baseball 9, Fashion Show 11,'12 HUNTER, MANDA: G.A.A. 9, Drill Team 10,11, Leader of Flag Bearers 12 IBARRA, LYDIA: Spanish Club 9,10, Sec. 12, Or- chestra 9,10,11, Christmas Pageant 10 KIRBY, CAROLYN: Softball 9, Basketball 9, G.A.A. 9,10, Commercial Club 12, Theta Alpha 9, Sec. 10, Christmas Pageant 9, Class Treas. 10, Archbearer 11 LE BARD, JIM: Golf 9,11, Hi Jinx 9 LEGAN, BARBARA: Volleyball 9, G.A.A. 9,10,11, International Club 11, Spanish Club 10, Variety Show 11, Christmas Pageant 9, Fashion Show 11 LEWIS, JIM: Track 9, 10, 12, Honor Band 11,12 i MacBRINE, JANET: Christmas Pageant 9,10, Fash- ion Show 10,11,12 MACLANG, VIR: Exchange Student, Christmas Pageant 12 MARDEN, MIKE: Basketball 9,10,11,12 MAYANJA, MACRINA: Exchange Student, Most Bashful 12, Christmas Pageant 12 MAYHEW, SAM: Football Mgr. 9,10, Basketball Mgr. 9,11,l2, Baseball Mgr. 9, International Club 12, Spanish Club 9, Lettermens Club 12, Annual Stall 12, Honor Band 9,10,l1,12, Senior Play 12, Class Pres. 11, Student Council 12, A.S.B. Pres. 12, Most Versatile 12 IMCCONNELL, SUSAN: G.A.A. 9,10,12 Pep Club 12, Christmas Pageant 12, Fashion Show 11, Homecoming Princess 10 MERAZ, BENNY: Football 9,10,12, Basketball 9, 10,11,12, Baseball 10, Track 9,l1,12 IMERAZ, DAN: Football 9,10,l1,12, Basketball 9, 11,12, Baseball 9,10,l1,12, F.F.A. 9,10,l1,12 QVIERRITT, BECKY: Chorus 10,l1,12, Christmas l Pageant l0,11,12 ERRY, LARRY: Football l0,1l,l2, Basketball 9,10, Lettermen 11,12 ORALES, ART: Football 9, Baseball 9,10,l1,12 ORALES, DAVID: Football 9,10,l1,12, Basket- ball 10,11,12, Baseball 9,10,l1,12, Lettermens Club 11,12, F.F.A. 9,10,l1,12, Archbearer 11 ORALES, MARY: Commercial Club 12, Chorus 9, 10,12, Christmas Pageant 9,10,12, Fashion Show 10,11,12 ORTON, KEITH: Baseball 9,10,l1,12, Interna- tional Club l2, Science Club 9,10, Lettermens Club 12, Pep Band 9,10, C.S.F. 9,10,l1,12, Most Likely To Succeed 12 OZLEY, MATT: Basketball 9,10,l1,12, Track 9, 10,11,12, Cross Country 9,10,l1,12, Lettermens Club 10, Vice-Pres. 11-12 UNOZ, KATHY: Softball 9, Basketball 9, Track 9,10, G.A.A. 9,10,l1,12, Spanish Club 9, Art Club 9, Christmas Pageant 10,12 UNOZ, MIKE: Track 9,11, Cross Country 9,10, Lettermens Club 11, Band 9 AAS, CHUCK: Tennis 9, F.F.A. 9,10,l1,12 OEL, LOWELL: Honor Orchestra 10,11,12, Christ- mas Pageant 9,10,12 NUNEZ, JO ANN: Volleyball 9, Softball 9, G.A.A. 9, Commercial Club 12, Girlls League Rep. 10, Pres. 12, Christmas Pageant 9, Class Vice-Pres. 10, Archbearer 11, Friendliest 12 ORNELAS, SALVADOR: Football 12, Track 9,11 ORTEGA, RICHARD: Football 10,11, F.F.A. 9,lO, 11,12, Letterman 11, Class Favorite 9,10, Arch- bearer 11, Friendliest 12 OSPENSON, KARI: Tennis 11,12, Annual Stall 12, Oral Expression 12, Chorus 9, Top Notes 11,12, Christmas Pageant 10,12, Fashion Show 10,11, Archebearer 11 OTIS, DONNA: Fashion Show 11 PADILLA, IRENE: Commercial Club 11, Sec. 12, Art Club 9,10,12, Chorus 11,12, Christmas Pageant 12, Senate Rep. 12 PETERS, VALLI: Track 11, G.A.A. 9,10,l1,12, Pep Club Vice-Pres. 12, Rep. 12, Oral Expression 11, Christmas Pageant 9,10,11, Senior Play, Talent Show 10,11, Fashion Show 11,12, Craziest 12 PIERCY, JUDY: G.A.A. 9,10, Girls' League Vice- Pres. 12, Banner Carrier 9,lO, Song Leader 11,12, Fashion Show 10,11,l2, Class Treas. 11 PONCE, ERNEST: Band 9,10,11 PREWITT, SHARON: Commercial Club 12, Cadu- ceus Club 12 PROBASCO, PHILLIP: Cross Country ll,12, Ten- nis 10,11,12, Science Club 9,10, Letterman's Club 12 RAMIREZ, TERESA: Softball 9, Basketball 9, G.A.A. 9,10, Commercial Club 10, Art Club 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Hi Jinx l0,ll, Christmas Pageant 10,12, Archbearer ll ROSEBERRY, DON: Baseball 12, Tennis 12 ROUNSEVELL, ROLAND: Football 9, Basketbal 9,l0,1 1,12, Lettermens Club 11, Pres. 12, Printin Club 12, Annual Staff 12, Inter-Club Council 12 Christmas Pageant 12, Commissioner of Athletic 12, Student Council 12 RANGEL, JIMMY: Track 9,11,12, C.S.F. 10, An- nual Staif 12, Oral Expression 12, Senior Play, Parliamentarian 11, Class Vice-Pres. 9, Class Pres. 10, Advertisement Chr. 12, Friendliest 12 RANGEL, ROSIE: Volleyball 9, Softball 9, Basket- ball 9, Track 9,10,1l,12, G.A.A. 9,1O,11,12, Commercial Club 9,l0,l1, French Club 9, Ca- duceus Club 10,1 1, Pep Club 12, Art Club 9,10,11, Drill Team 9, Christmas Pageant 9,1O,11,12, Va- riety Show l0,l2, Fashion Show 9, Archbearer 11 REES, JANINE: International Club 12, Science Club 9, Quill 8: Scroll 11,12, C.S.F. 9, Sec. 10-11,12, News Flashes Editor 12, Honor Band 10, Christ- mas Pageant 9,10,12, Senior Play, Student Coun- cil 12, Brainiest 12 REID, ANDREA: Softball 9, G.A.A. 9,10, Commer- cial Club 12, Quill Sc Scroll Sec. 11, Newspaper 11, C.S.F. 10, Christmas Pageant 9,11 ROGERS, BECKY: Softball 9, Track 9,11,12, G.A.A. 9, Quill 8: Scroll 11, Newspaper 11, C.S.F. 11,l2, Pep Club l0,12, Oral Expression 12, Cheer- Homecoming Queen 12, Entertainment Chr. 12, leader 10,12, Senior Play, Christmas Pageant 9,l2, Student Council 12, Archbearer 11, Most Attrac- tive 12 SATTERFIELD, DENNIS: Football l0,ll, Track S l0,ll, F.F.A. 9,10 A SCHLEIMER, SUSAN: Track 11, G.A.A. 9,11 Girls League Rep. 9, Adver. Chr. 10-12, Pep Clu Pres. 12, Songleader ll,12, Christmas Pageant 11 Variety Show 9,10,11,12, Class Sec. 11. SHAFFER, BRAD: Football 9, Golf 9,l0,1l,12, Iii ternational Club 11, French Club l0,ll, Lette mens Club 9,10,11,12, Boy's State Alternate 1 Honor Band 9, A.F.S. Host Brother 11, Christm: Pageant 10,12, Senator 9 SHARPE, MARCIA: G.A.A. 9,10, Commerci Club 1O,12, Caduceus Club 9, Pres. 10, Vice-Pr 11, Pres. 12, Cooking Club 12, Fashion Flings 1 Drill Team 9, Banner Carrier 11 SMITH, LINDA: Track 11, G.A.A. 9, Recordi Sec. 10, Sports Mgr. 11, Quill 8a Scroll Vice-Pr 11, Girls League 12, Newspaper 11, Pep Club 1 Sec. 11-12, Cheerleader 11,l2, Christmas Pagea 10,l2, Variety Show l0,11,12, A.S.B. Sec. 1 Archbearer 11, Peppiest 12 STARNES, KATHY: Volleyball 9, G.A.A. 9, Cadu- ceus Club 9, Sec. 10,11, Vice-Pres. 12, Cooking Club pres. 12, Christmas Pageant 9,10, Fashion Show 10,11 STEEL, SHARON: G.A.A. 9, Caduceus Club 12, Foods Club Vice-Pres. 12, Fashion Show 10,11,12 STEVENS, BEVERLY: Volleyball 9, Softball 9, Basketball 9, Tennis 11,12, G.A.A. 9,10, Vice Pres. 11,l2, Letterwomens Club 9, Pres. 10-11-12, nter- club Council 10,11,12, Annual Staff 11,12, Gradu- ation Usherette 11, Senior Play 12, Most Athletic 12 SUTTLE, VICKIE: G.A.A. 10, Pep Club 12, Banner Girl 10, Fashion Show 10,l1, Archbearer 11 TABER, MIKE: Football 9,10,l1,l2, Basketball 9, 10,11, Baseball 10, Track 9, F.F.A. 9,10,11, Sen- tinal 12 THOMPSON, ROBERT: Football 9,10,l1,l2, Track Mgr. 9, Lettermens Club 11,12, Honor Band 9, 10,11,12 A TORRES, AMELIA: Commercial Club 12, Chorus 9, Pep Club 9 TOVAR, DAVID: Football 9,10, Band 9,1O,11,12 UMSTEAD, SUSAN: Track 9, G.A.A. 10,11,12, Pep Band 9,10,l1,l2, Christmas Pageant 10 URREA, DAVID: Football 9,10,11,12 VAN NOY, BOBBY JO: G.A.A. 9,10,l1,l2, Com- mercial Club l2, Theta Alpha 9,10 VAN ORSDOL, MARY: Volleyball 9, G.A.A. 9,10, International Club 12, C.S.F. 10,11,12, Annual Staif 12, Archbearer 11 VELA, ANITA: French Club 10,11, Spanish Club 9, International Club 1O,11,12. Theta Alpha Club 10, Christmas Pageant 9,10,12 VEST, BILL: Track 11,l2, Cross Country 9, F.F.A. 9,10,l1,l2, Parliamentarian 12 VILLA, EDDIE: Football 9,10,l1,l2, Track 9,10, 11,12, Best Dancer 12 WALDEN, KATIE: Track 11,l2, Tennis 11,12, G.A.A. 9, French Club 9,10,l1,l2, Girls League Treas. 10, Rep. 11, C.S.F. 9,10,l1,l2, Pep Club 9,10, Pres. 11,12, Chorus 9, Interclub Council 11, Annual Staff 12, Oral Expression 11, Cheerleader 10,11,12, Christmas Pageant 9,10,12, Girls State Rep. ll, Lions Club Speech Contest ll, Student Council 12, Class Sec. 10, Pres. 12, Most Versatile 12 WALSH, TONI: Commercial Club 12, Top Notes 12, Archbearer 11 WARD, MARK: Football 9,lO,1l, Basketball 9,10, 11,12, Tennis 1O,11,12, International Club Vice- Pres. 12, C.S.F. 9,10,l1,l2, Boys State Rep. 11, Senate 9, Brainiest 12 WEST, SALLY: Caduceus Club 10, Christmas Pag- eant 9,10, Graduation Usherette 11 WILLIAMS, BILL: Basketball 9,10,l1, Baseball 9, 10,1 1,12 WOLF, JOANNE: Volleyball 9, G.A.A. 9, Tennis 12, International Club 10,1l,12, Science Club 9, Sec. 10,11,12, Annual Staff 12, Christmas Pageant 9,10, Senate 12 WREN, KATHY: Track 9,l1,12, F.F.A. 12, Science Club Sec. 9, Pres. 10,1l, Variety Show 9 YANEZ, DAVID: Football 9,10,l1,l2, Basketball 9,10,l1,l2, Baseball 9,10,l1,l2, Lettermen 10,11, 12 'l3l Oh, M J We're Ulder But N c Friend Wiser CLASSES Classes Choose Their 5 3 i Favorites My ' "f aw " Dawn Vernon 11th grade Juli Pat Juniors Next In Line The class of "7l" has finally begun to realize and use the great potential it possesses. The class has taken an active interest in school activities. Money acquired from the Junior stands was used to sponsor a Prom for the Seniors. The work the Juniors invested in working for the Prom, we found Was not wasted. Class spirit and talent has combined to make we-M our Junior year a success. We look forward to an even better Senior year. I would like to thank our advisor, Mr. Cook, for his ideas and contributions to our class. Junior Class President John Fujishiro Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Tony Galtan Dene Spencer Dawn Wileman ' If me - C , 'Seri ,fs 5 revs, if , J 5 s 'l Z i Q 1 " warg' 1 'E UW X w . A Vs ,, iii' y i 4 ,Q 5 5 3 5 Vague-9 R315 K Erlfif gr : v, A lx!! fa 'Nj 9 , f -1 -V ,gat -5 15 L is 73 fe :vu -, gf 1 ,iz if A I , w r: ' if -55' 1' W " , 11 K 1 ' E W 515534 5 "His, i. 2 3 5 ' Mffjf L X .... ,. , fs -sau., ., -. 1 Q--,f Q . Don Amrhine Roberta Amrhine Aurelia Aparicio Tom Arnold Alfonso Arroyo Larry Aulich Beverly Berdahl Harvey Black Richard Bradley Lee Brisby Diane Brooks Kit Brothers Fred Butcher Dorothy Cahoon Ruben Camacho John Campbell Angel Carrera Maria Carrillo Pauline Cervantez Cathy Chandler Corinna Chandler r Cynthia Chaney Maria Chavarria Linda Cook John Corley Chris Cutkomp Sandra Davis Paul De Alejandro Audel Dominquez Dean Ellis Anna Enriquez David Enriquez Marie Enriquez 137 Patsy Epperheimer Sandra Ferrer Georgette Floyd Susan French John Fujishiro Tony Gaitan Connie Gibson Linda Gomez Richard Gonzalez Yolanda Gonzalez Phyllis Gunn David Gunter Tim Gurrola Cindy Haeber Paula Hail David Hanscom Ricky Harrold Larry Henderson 138 eg 5 I fr his l 'K E 4 'Z ' ' -. if .mf feng? ,. 5 sufiiw ' 3. Y we , ,L . , wi l, is i 5 4 4 jim 3 . ,... . N ,i-M E fe W: if H Egg re l Z P irq K i J", Z ke we vii' Blanca oe Manuel MMISCH1 Martinez Martinez Martinez fr' . . "' fx 2 3'!:.f"l ,fy , t , ,.Qg 5 if ALLg 1 f .gal Christine Herrera Christye Hill Debbie Hinkle John Hunter Debbie Hutchins Vance Johnson Miles Kelman Vernon Keniield Wendy Koch Chris Lee Susan Lewis Malinda Lidamore Rita Lopez Gracie Lugo Greg McCracken Deryl McGowan Dwayne Mackey Doug Main Jack Morales Jeff Morris Kenny Myers Chris Mynatt Charles Neal Fred Nehrig John Olsen Alfred Oseguera Felix Oseguera Donna Ospenson Debbie Owen Martha Palacio Steve Palazzi Brian Patterson John Perkins John Phillips Maria. Pina Becky Powell Harold Powell James Rains Joe Ramirez Joe Real l if 1,1 r.:J ..,i.t A REF' 1 Q 5 'X ""' --Q. L4 i , LW, I 'P' M.. . . . , . 5Q5f9 r is "ali Q i wif, gg, X if 4 Q 4'i"" 9 at T s' PQ? ff? ll' K my id , x A sg I as 1'-N ' , 2 I 5 e i r ,, 1 Sam Rice is were J 'gr' Dan Keith Sandra 1 Rico Ritchey Robbins hx U X fi S Q vo. 1 l aw, , f Q. N- '- I an , WK K' Q 2 Q 5. ai I M S ttr gg -1 ' ,. -EE .f .. l 1 at , Q or f J , Q EM 1 3 ff ., ' at .,gE7f , L ' 'i Mike Roberts Ray Robles Barbara Rodriquez Kenneth Rogers Dixie Rollo Ofelia Romero Gary Ross A Jannie Rushing Van Schiller Linda Shannon Danny Shiells Gary Southwick Dene Spencer Melinda Stocker Steve Tipps MaCaf1O Scott Kenny Torres Sundquist Sundstrom Yolanda Stephanie Tarango Thrower Mike David Torres Tovar l4l J oe Turk I im Unrine Dorthy Valencia Lorraine Valenzuela Diane Van Noy Carlos Vargas Lucy Vasquez Mark Vest 142 , Q 1, ' , Q92 R :E f 5 Xu Q Q I K Q if .T it is K X Q.. Q12 K . T 43 . r , .. ,iq ,. s by Qs- 23- K Q if ,El i x , Q- Q? 1, 1 , 0 15' V -.fs -bw H J., V 1.f s. , Nw I 7 : Nzdfl' Mft. ' My 5, .. , .a .X lm lf ' 'ji il X """m, fl il Us i gl l Robert Villalobos Phil Warring Charles Wheeler Bill Whitesel Dawn Wileman Matt Willis Becky Wilson Bonnie Wilson Kim Wright Mark Yule Ralph Zermeno I im Zuniga NOT PICTURED: John Acosta Maria Barragan James Campbell Terry Campbell Norma Castro Penny Kozar Bradley Lewis Steve McKendry Armando Magallon David Rico Robert Secrest Frank Tirado Sophomores Look Back Un Busy Year This year as sophomores the class of "72" has displayed a winning spirit. We have demon- strated our enthusiasm in everything we have done throughout the year. We sincerely believe that our class has contributed to the growth of social and athletic activities of Fillmore High. Our class has participated in rallies, games, the building of our homecoming float, our car wash, clubs and wher- ever our class or school was represented. We express our thanks for the fine guidance of our class advisor, Mr. Umstead, thus making our sophomore year a memorable one. Hector Guzman Sophomore Class President Vice-President Secretary TrCaSl1r6r Sonia Alcocer Paula Haynes Teresa HWS 7' f A F ,f f V li ,. . , i ,,..,Q! .owl VV A" , V"1 5 - 1 4, Q E. ,A P' gg? 2 5' 25 2, . A 'ff , smilie. ' xx A I V :fi ,: xvv 3 In , a .Ag ,, ' , f, . J if 'if ' , 3vil'!ft'?"f A :YIM 'f it ""'-x Steve Abney Linda Acosta Bruce Agler Dolores Aguilar Joe Aguilar Matt Aguirre Sonia Alcocer Jenny Alcoser Ron Alcozar Jim Allred Tom Alvarado Christina Alvary Grai Andrews Theresa Arias Lola Asenas Gerald Ayers Lorrie Beall Tom Boggs Mary Bradley Debbie Brockus Kathleen Brunell Mike Burson Linda Butcher Margaret Cagle Vincent Camacho Lorena Cantrell Neal Carrell Angel Carrillo Rosa Carrillo Susanne Chaflin Frank Chaveste A James Cole Jeff Collins K ,H lib is.: if we 4 Aww 2 1 koi' 4 Mc fl Rf .asifmi-iz4"f' an- :3 i an i eh ,-g. n 4 ,A ,yrx .V 'sr 4 , -gp: 4 i . Zi lr" fl X Cathy Corley Eddie Coward Dennis Cox Mario Cuellar Laurie Davis Manuela DeAlejandro Debbie Deeter John DeFever Bill DeLaRosa Dawn Drummond Jayne Engelhardt Steve Epperheimer Gracie Espinoza Rosie Escoto David Everson Darrell Fails Larry Fisk Regina Fisk Debbie Fletcher Susan Flores Linda Foster John Foy Delia Garcia Bailey Glenn David Grennier Lee Golson Christina Gonzalez Renee Gonzalez Sue Groefsema Hector Guzman Mark Haeber Janet Harris Paula Haynes Teresa Hays Lupe Hernandez 48 X ui , X .x ,mf . ,y ,, ligzgmggazig K :.,.,x K4 3 , w il' W 5'f w i ,fi -159225 N 511 2' 'S' F' , I 115, . 'QW I we ...: qw i ii :nf 1 1 2 gawk if W 1, ,M M335-'xv ,X QM 'mg l ife? H a -V A W VXQf7.124lf"i' sv f Qlfi, 4 ' i?2if:F "' Q i 'w'W"f53fQlf . 1 '.asaz'ief 1 my if' w- , 1 ,.e, ,X , . L, ,f,N,.,, 4, ?,,g::1Q2?wf, gg5f an f i ,Q f:ff1,wf5:Q?-- new-5 Z., , -.m. 1,1 ,R ,, fix V. in 'N f' W ,ug v 91 at 1 ev P az-sf Y , ip H12- aai L -3,5 1sgfafii5g:g'zaZg1zywE Hidpl i .A . H ' al , , 1sQ1,Qg5.1i-'kiwi A2:,gQL,5,ii lf QQ W - ,-I gg, fx W X aa" iw Wi 'R Q f N-fliaf ff ' m sl M . ,r K Vigil ,gin ii ws f . a Sta ki. if ,p,,,1-wg! .. 5 is Q i, . i . 1 ,- -, ax, qi 11 '.,, ,I 1.-W.-,M A I -V,.1f,.,. EA . ., Am' :lv Ui kiwi , all ,N 1, lg lf f ,4 -zf :1w'1:Xa3M1a ' ' 'Vik ,Qggiifzisilfisglmfz ,P ' ' . sms!-eilv 1,51Q1y?tiss5eE!'f2K4f5? ' 1. '--:lem , La M-X" , .fl nw E will 'SS an mea. E+ I H . N J David Pam Kathy oi-ierre ra Hill Holts Hood as ?'0"T' Dana Hoover oe Lopez "iw 'Q Paul Raquel Lopez Lopez 'Yay' P V4 W ,Q ,,. 3:2 Tim Lovelace E' f "EW H -lx E, ' xi 19" x A ' 2 2 I 85 K 4 WW i 'I " A h. ... .. Norman McDaniel Sam Huestis Linda Hyden Bobby Hunt Larry Hunt Herman Jackson Carol Jones Dale King Glenda King Mike King Claudia Kirby Ricky League I ay Lee Pete Legan Randy Lemons David Littman Chris McKelvey Gayle McKendry Keith McLain Pat Macias Kathy Mackey Pat Maloof Alicia Martinez Carmela Martinez Conchita Martinez Frances Martinez Garland Maynard Anita Meza Christy Miller Jane Miller Jim Moore Diana Morales Nancy Moreno Joe Mozley Chris Mumme Dennis Murphy Joy Musgrave Donna Mynatt Sandra Nichols ., In 1 fr! 't 2' if 3, IU' In I r 2 f x 2" z, f' - ' F 3 H .f vi' , .JI Z., wx A -1 f 1 - :mf ' : DS, vt N i Q ' Qgigx .3 Q.: :,, ww 'fi' .I xx K -Q. e X N' W A 'Y' 't r ff, 1 .. ff- Q N 'wr ff r . 4 4 up X ka IP' 1 'H' 'Q JY ' ' If 0 -. f., ' ," me 1 .Q tiff :Ea wx.. I' -4111 Mi 4 asr'3" Wd f it 1 fy H-s l 1 , .W . f W. V I V rr : 4 Lf my-:sg --' - an-,L iff? "e'i"?1f,'i . .gf 1 . ,, 1: L 1' , ,t s t 1 1 al.. , Pk, 'P 551- me I-r 3, ' l 5 'W 1 WW' , 35 f Q ij? Wg wx i ici? Q if -- QI: ,F ,fa 1 - " . Q 5 X s ir , 4 . A x l 4 we KW , f JN, , :- ... :, v . E 1 me . W X353 ff xi im? 'A' ,ij .-if L l f mv Q, .X , las- 5, X X li T' 5 Ai 4' S 2.9 E 'i X Q 5 79 1 . .-i QM. . vw.. ff L Q Wi- ,- Q l Y' . 4 lb? i- if-fl? 1 Ev Wx! is , f 4 , y ,mdfb , ,,,e..,g ,, is ., K 3 ' 1 'i' fr , z 6 24513 1 1 "' m 4 up -aziygfi , 'figs'-A '1 ' n. . W ' 4... ,, .- --2 3 A-i. iii i 4 5. 'Fiat , rar-fi-ag at V, 1:.i'f,,s55i.5,fyg,. VW' 5i3J?f.lf'f'5 . .C ' if ,. S alibi . g ..,! P , BM? R Angie Norwood Debbie Owens Mike Padilla Greg Page Mike Page Carol Parker Mike Patterson Annette Peery Joe Perkins Virginia Piercy Viola Pillado Rocky Pollock Fred Ponce Rosa Ponce Suzanne Ponce Sherry Pyle Debra Rakestraw Paul Ramirez Rosie Rangel Kim Rasey Wendy Rees Salvador Rico Marlynn Robens Helen Robinson Holly Rogers Phillip Rogers 151 Verna Rollo Gracie Romero Jerri Root Steve Rose Charlotte Ross Geneva Sams Gabe Sanchez Marisela Sanchez Rigo Sanchez Susan Sanchez Kim Schiller Rodney Schrock Alice Segura Greg Sharpe Susan Sheldon Maria Sierra Jesus Silva Tony Smith Kathy Snyder Ray Swearingen Raul Tarango Bert Tello Margaret Thomas Norma Tirado Cindy Toedtemeier Julia Townsend Patsy Tripp Mike Turk Ben Tyson Judy Van Noy :mx Q J N sl A L X in .3 4 ' 'R . flea ' few K at Q, . . aa. , 4 3 I :L wiv ak . .il ,, Yank ,ea Ewa? ,rwt Lf' K ,pa Ki W' ,J fx! i J p 1, ' I ix. F 4 I WAY . .. 'IR ,N xt S I W 1 A I, X f' 37' K . 'HA sa rl WW: is 'ig .M ,... ,gif-:girl l'i' Q, 'Sli ., lt ite 'iii r 3, , ,,, ,mi , v Q" . in-I , it Q li Q! f is XA . ,,X i"z -ea R tlifi ewg 'a T st a V: : S ff 135' 152 , wie- ?,,,5M -. E , ,ff r U.. kat, -R A I5 fi it . X as M +.-i 4 zy 'X l jfs? 3 iq, . . E M itra Y Felix Zuniga Anita Arroyo Fern Brinkley Chris Collins Bob Cortez -V gil, ex: ','f It HJ' fvf. E Lucinda Dominguez Deborah Durham Pat Ellis Elaine Epley Carolyn Fernandez NOT PICTURED Pat Garcia Cynthia Golson Robert Gurrola Brad Holmes Ron Hunt Terry Hutchins Sandra Ivie Robert Kozar Jesus Lopez Patty Lynn Pat Miller Jesus Perez Tom Perryman Melvin Oualls Lillie Real Diana Redding Brenda Smith Judy Smith Don Tello Cecilia Vasquez Lucille Yanez Carole Van Orsdol Eddie Vargas David Vasquez Julio Villasana Robert Villasana Kathy Walsh Melvin Warnock Karen Williams Gail Worden Chuck Wilson Barbara Ybarra Rosie Zavala Freshmen Enter In The year 1969-70 was a very productive and beneficial one for the freshmen class. We have learned about and participated in many of the extra curricular activities. Many of the students of our class have been active in athletics. Our football team is large for a freshmen team. The highly skilled coaching staff headed by Mr. Zell has molded our team into a very eihcient and strong spirited one. The cross-country team headed by Mr. Umstead has a large number of individuals from the freshmen class. Quite a few of these people have placed in cross-country events. We have had very well-organized committees to help with the designing and building of the freshmen float and to help make the freshmen class parties a success. I would like to thank the freshmen class ad- visor, Mr. Walker, and the faculty of Fillmore High for lending their assistance and time in help- ing the class of "73". I am looking forward to bigger and better years to come. Robert Zornes Freshman Class President i in rs 3 4 I Vice-President Treasurer Ginny Morris Darla Peters al ' '5 9 X A'.r 5 Q 1 S US Tim Aguirre John Alcoser Maria Alday Hilda Alverdi David Arias Carol Arnold Armando Arroyo Christina Asenas Jim Ashley Phillip Avila Larry Ayala Jaymee Barlow David Barragan Ignacio Barragan Melinda Barrow Sally Bartels Vhon Bell Scott Blaylock Jean Boggs Tim Borrego Marie Bowersox Kathy Brisby Sandra Brockus Brenda Byrd Kenneth Bishop Frank Cabral Paul Camarillo Barbara Cardona Rachel Casarez Laura Castro Phyllis Cervantez Bill Chaney Bruce Cook Herman Cortez Mike Council Kim Creed Audrey Culver I ack Chaveste Cheri Dann Pam Davis Dan Delforto Martin Dominguez i "" ' I, ll - '5 la 91 li! ts 4, M f 1 'asf -el :effz1,s.f' 'Q W-ww '19, hd ,M T ny KV' me am, K , ...Q . fr? U . 5' 2, ' f 1' 0 fa Jr J 4, glf 91 ll A aaa? pix 1 ' A'AA i Melvin Dubay Candy Duley Steve Duley Mark Dushick Gary Eaton Annie Enriquez Frances Enriquez Joe Escoto Linda Escoto Mary Ellen Faulds Debbie Ferrer Ricky Ferrer Dale Fildes Bill Floyd Paula Gahito Leandro Gamino Esther Garcia Juana Garcia Mario Garcia Raymond Garcia Mike Garner Lum Giles Paul Glanville Robert Gomez Harvey Gonzalez Darryl Goodenough Gail Grennier Tim Grove Robert Guevara Rudy Guevara 157 Becky Guinn Jill Gunter Anna Gurrola Greg Gurrola Dale Hadley Robert Hansen Mike Ha rbert Phyllis Hardester Gary Hart Jacky Harte r Debora Helbling 1: ri. 1 E im Q Steve Hartung , Z,,,,wf Wg, Donna Henderson Rachel Hernandez Mary Hill Sherry Hinkle Chris Hobson Buddy Houchin Ron Hunt Mark Hunter Terry Huscher Debra Hutchins Hank Ilhareguy Lorrie Jewel Joe Jimenez we KN nn ali' 5 is-.. .mg fl A ,, M rxzi A sg ,., fy 5 I W ,Y X 14 I J Fw 'E' - il H lsiiiifl it . W ea WX? Scott Johnson ,N-A,- S515 - -- ge-as E -nw fa? ll ,X ! J if Q, A l 55534 4 4? sm s f Q at Leslie Jones ' ira- e f H fs 571 - 4 156' 158 ,WS K W . rf .ffm , , 4. 'Q we , vii sixfg' is Rosie Jones Cosme I uarez Eugene Kindle Keith Klein Joe LaCotts Nick Landeros Mary Lara Mike Leach Ruth Leinart Ron Lentz Antonia Lemus Mary Katherine Littman Domingo Lopez Maria Lopez Frank Lugo Joe Lydick Kirk McCracken Annette McDaniel Sandra McKendry Edward Mackey Melodie Marden Vincent Martinez Luanne Mauck Joe Medellin 159 Steve Medellin Cecil Merritt Alan Merry Ginny Morris Greg Murray Greg Myers Carlos Navaretto Mike Navaretto Vicki Nelson Harold Olsen John Ortega Victor Ortega Linda Ortiz Peter Ortiz Kenny Ospenson Janet Palmer George Perez Darla Peters Richard Ponce Alice Powell 0 2 ,, Y f Y' if N , 'TT' fi P? f 1-mfr 1 V' N Y , 1 3 2 A.,gs.'., Q? af 5, " i 5 wa , wx' Q' as 5 , M eww :M fm. 5- i g My f W 9 ii i as 5. , 3 -fa I A? ! ' ' s 3, A "f , a M X ' f QR iii wif 1 af- 'Xa .,, V- 24 ,,,, faegfzifiig, N , , ' , ws., U2 f H 'if -.W y ,f ,f f A , ' fi . ,..,, ,Q 72-xi, - , '-- , w w m ifrgww 512- -Y 'f"'k, N' "5 ' f 2 Q Qi? ji K , gs M W. is W. , fr' gp 1' T . y Q, iff if Y is M ,K ,p f W3 i Q ,j f I 4 fin' ' 1' - V . I Q Frank Pulido Lucy Quezada Cindy Ramirez Jessie Ramirez Rebecca Rangel Rosie Real J an Reeder Lino Reyna Ernest Rico David Rios Katie Rios Danny Roatcap Luiz Rodriquez Eloy Rodriquez Jan Rogers Susan Romero Ruben Romero Anna Ruiz Roberta Ruiz Alan Satterfield Rommie Sauceda David Shaffer Evan Shipp Rodney Sides Eileen Singer Mark Stevens Catherine Stuthers Z. f gy Terry Suttle ' :Ll , Ray Tafoya ' e'AA David Taskey 1 kg sf' Q if ,jf , , sf, ' Bruce Taylor 5 5 - I W 1 Q .wi il Greg Taylor ga Y Jane Taylor t o f Philip Thomas l 'Q Y w , x A Q M5 Lynette Thompson Rosemary Thompson Albert Torrez Mike Travelstead David Tripp John Troop Margaret Tuccillo Ron Tucker Daisy Unrine Carol Urrea , ' a a : si r f fig, , ff , 15, 21 . V iffy i i' V, NOT PICTURED: Maria Alcantara Lonnie Benson Kenneth Legan Delia Razo Margaret Torres Bobby Wells Helen Valencia Vicki Van De Mheen Lynn VanNoy Manuel Vargas Socoreo Vargas Fernando Vasquez Rosemary Vasquez Stan Vedder Becky Vega Tony Villanueva Estella Villasana Rebecca Villasenor Tim Wade Jeff Ward Steve Wilbanks Kim Williams Lorraine Yanez Robert Zornes Carlos Zuniga I 63 Junior Highers Orgcmzze Themselvef HONOR SOCIETY: FLASH REPORTERS Pres. ........ . V. Pres. ..... . Sec. ......... . Beverly Agler Marjie Bartels Jim Bottomley Donna Cassidy Josephine Curiel Monica Duschik Jeanne Fredrick Cathy Garnica Jeanne Holley Alice Huestis Laurie Kluth Lance Lassen , Grey Brothers Keith Gurrola Cheryl Dimitt Barbara Mayhew Michelle McBrearty Martha Michel Joy Mosbarger David Ospenson Amy Percy Robin Rees Phillip Stehly Pam Taylor Daralyn Vest Alison West James Stehly Laura Harbert STUDENT COUNCIL: Pres ....... John Baehr V Pres. Grey Brothers ec .... Cheryl Dimitt Treas ..... Keith Gurrola Ad Chair .... Mike Kirby Ent Chair Barbara Mayhew 7th Grade Pres ..... Ricky Grimes V Pres. ..... Rene Kirby Secy .. Carolyn Capehart 8th Grade Pres. ....... James Stehly V. Pres. ...... Pat Balden Secy. ...... Martha Michel CHEERLEADERS: Barbara Mayhew Julie Bottemley Holley Noel A Prexy's job is never done-here John checks up on those paper picker-uppers. 165 . . . Ana' The Music ame CHORUS: Monica Arias Pablo Avila Kathleen Berrington Noreen Berrington Robert Berry Margie Borbon Janet Brockus Becky Cantrell Carolyn Capehart Karen Carrell Cathy Carter Scott DeLano Monica Duschik Leah Eaton Rosie Enriquez Jeannie Fredrick Tim Golson Bobby Haase Linda Haase Terrie Hibbard Randy Hutchins Kathy Jones Rene Kirby Rene Klein Pam La Cotts Sherilyn Martin Michelle McBrearty Sheryl Miller Susan Palmer Diane Ramirez Robin Rees Sherry Richter Gayle Ryan Pam Taylor Paula Torres Debbie Turk Barbara Unrine Mary Helen Vega Colleen Walker .v-w, BAND: Jeff Acosta Beverly Agler Chris Aguirre Mike Alvarado Darrell Ashley Evaristo Barajas Paul Blount Richard Carrillo Cathy Carter Lupe Cervantes Kay Collins Neal Cook Richard Davis Terry Davis Alejandro DeLaRosa Hermalinda DeLaRosa Tim De Lorto Corina Enriquez Felipe Enriquez Luanne Garnica Teressa Garrett ., ,. a, ?'U9, , Www YW' s . A Ns 'ww' . pf, , Q , at L, 1 . it ' Gene Goodenough Ricky Grimes Patty Gurrola Linda Haase Jeff Hackney Philip Hardison Peter Huscher Eric Hutchins Janet Hutchins Kurt Inglalls David Jimenez David King Bobby King Mike Krska Debbie Leach Randy Leach Steve Lewis Cindy Lovelace Barbara Mayhew John McKend'ry Alex Mendez Frank Michel Mike Ortega Steve Ortega David Ospenson Tom Palazzi Janet Pederson Steve Pfister Lonnie Ponce Danny Ramirez Jerry Real Jennifer Reed Robin Rees Robert Reid Bill Reid Jess Rivera Jessica Rivera Carol Robinson Benjamin Romero Danny Rutledge Lori Schneider Eddie Smith Pam Taylor Fred Th rower Joe Tirado Maurice Travelstead Debbie Turk Ricky VanDeMheen Manuel Vargas Amanda Walters Denny Wells Pat Wolf Denise Woods Jessica Wren Phillip Wright lass of ' 4 Looks Forward To High School During these past two years at the Junior High, under the supervision and good example of Mr. Sullivan, the faculty, and fellow students, we have been preparing for the new rules, respon- sibilities, experiences, and privileges we will re- ceive as students of the High School. I know we will try harder during these four most important years of our formal education, and see the class of "74" go on to bigger and better things. Jim Stehly Eighth Grade President Pat Balden Martha Michel Vice President Secretary 333 .Au gin-ng , '51 , N - ., -rv ffl' . V Uhqoudk' if -X 9 -.W N . ff 'ffl K' . 'fu 325 A A ,Q , I 4 Q4 x 'K HU UQ 1 TI? k W YT..7w l x ' ' . . . 9 JSI' ,A , Sz, ' in " SF. sl 'F' t 'ii w if Q 1 , ,L 3 I 'sh J '-lf .: 3 , -, 4. , x f .if sf 3 we I JH . .A lj is 35" it it : q Q A i ,J ,Y ,f . V Q I. 'H' N Q, fy - 'A ,apt , V H ' t V J mt R X f 21 Z' lil 4 A Q., L:1.Q.ii-f I f M. -M-, 4,,A we . ffl, f, -,L Q f f, 8 -W ' it "' J me .' MIP' s f . , c , E... ' t 't 9 .,,,..'f S3 f -lf - 5 at A V Delena Acosta Chris Aguirre Genevieve Alcozar Evelyn Alvarez Robert Alvary J onie Amey Doug Amrhine Cathy Antonsen Mary Arias Russell Arnold Rosemary Avila John Baehr Pat Balden Lori Barlow Marjie Bartels Alan Beall Kathleen Berrington Noreen Berrington Paul Blount Glenn Boblett Patsy Boblett Jim Bottomley Robert Bradley Becky Brooks Grey Brothers Jose Camarillo Becky Cantrell Gorgia Carpenter Karen Carrell Ray Carrillo Gabriel Casas Donna Cassidy Maria Cervantez Phillip Cervantez Joe Chaney Mary Chaveste Andy Collins Kay Collins John Cook Richard Council Saundra Countryman Debbie Crawford Josephine Curriel Elizabeth Cutkomp Jeff Dann Alejandro De La Rosa Tim De Lorto Ramero Diaz Cheryl Dimitt Delena Dominguez Leah Eaton Karen Englehardt Corina Enriquez Felipe Enriquez Frank Enriquez Mark Epperheimer Tony Espinoza Danny Ewing Guy Faulkner Glenn Fisk Arturo Flores Tim Flores Paul Foiles Dave Foley John Frederick Denise Freeman Maria Galindo Eugene Garcia Rose Marie Garcia Russell Garcia Cathy Garncia Debbie Gonzalez Isabel Gonzalez John Gonzales Rita Gonzalez Eugene Goodenough Sandra Griffin Eric Grove Diana Guevara Armando Gurrola Gloria Gurrola Keith Gurrola Patty Gurrola Richard Guzman Bob Haase Jeff Hackney Matt Haeber Buddy Harrold Todd Hawley Betty Hellman Eddie Hernandez John Hernandez Elda Herrera ,M K., ' f is , l Q in zz, Q 47 v fa if I I 2 xv r X 1 QK r if A T !j I A 3' 3 1 L Q V yi Y, 5 Q if W, gf, . 1 ff . i K 2165 5261 4 il ,Q wi , 'Its X li fe : Q 4 ff at 5- Q 3? If f . J ii, ff V We J git? , ,J ' tl si, W r , ,,,. . ve a rf - ,, . . fi l 1 , -. ,f 'b' ffl J 1 if f" l ,E ' , f Q 51 . t qw .K . K f ,A , 5, ,, . J K . y J at , P, .MA W ., 5 R, :'f,,W,,,f 4 ,..i 'Q Terrie Hibbard Dana Hinkle Richard Hinojosa Jeanne Holley Steve Hood Monty Houchin Aldofo Huerta Alice Huestis Valerie Hunt Eric Hutchins Ku rt Ingalls Dean Jackson Debbie Kelin Bobby King David King Mike Kirby Rene Klein Laurie Kluth Gloria Kreis Robert Larios Debbie Leach Q , ,va .. 1 -v f , J ' rg .sf 1 4 J 32' , fa , . ' 35 i Q 1 . , g- ,v J I are , 1, Q Q' 'lil ' , if 'l " it X tr ., 'Q-. 5 f s ,gi ,sl 'V A 1 I A, fp, A 1 - , r- ,,. .aw ' ..t 'ni' GSR' ' if , .,,......,, . ,....--i..--Q. Roger Lee Nadra Legan Charles Leinart Isabel Lopeza Art Lugo Jim Lynch Robert Mackey Andy Mann Sherilyn Martin Barbara Mayhew Sherry McDaniel Chris McDermott Bob McLain Alex Mendez Martha Michel Carol Miller Melody Miller Raymond Morales Joy Mosbarger Peter Munoz Susan Munoz Eric Mynatt Holly Noel Mike Ortega Joe Ortiz Luis Ortiz David Ospenson Robert Otis Richard Owens Robert Owens Tom Pallazzi David Patterson Emily Perez Jesse Perez Jim Perkins David Pettis Mike Pillado Val Pillado Arthur Ponce . Roland Ponce Becky Real Robin Rees Mary Reyes Ruben Reyes Sherry Richter Jessica Rivera Jessie Rivera Vicki Robbins Debbie Roberts Jolene Roberts Annie Romero Benjie Romero .N -yn.-M 1 if. t ,msn Q15 8 R+ if-5 ., .M K - es X , 1 A1 A Hi K5 if 'fi ,K islam ,bfi-A like C P- 1-1 is 1-.-5 -M,-i. W' ini. . iii E f .. I ,Q Q 2 15 5 -1 - 4 : wiv V g ush K V,,l.V s t h-fs" I :Artis , A i 'fi' V 1 - Na X in Hb 5' fl . ,,.,,. ik tra 2 is g 1--wi rv' n 4 ju? .rt L if 'rr x ' fl. St if X 'sf gr W,,i, ..1:n-3-.gfv Q, ,..:xN. "fill ., 1111215 . agigiiiffr 11553351- ' W I 4 fa J , 7 1 l Q , , U 4i a n ga fa 4. Q, . s 36,1253 i ag all as 1 1 Qi rs., 'V 'KM' The all A 1 4 Z a n ' ,Zn . xg, , .,,,,, ,, ,.. , .r af- , an ' 55 Q .Www if it 5 in A im I 35,255 xr, Ha. ' I . , .. ig if-has , ' 1' ,f All ,IL f XA! , Y M551 h ,V George Turk Ernest Vasquez Ismael Vasquez Marcario Vasquez Daralyn Vest Rosa Villalobos Robert Villegas Tony Villegas Mike Walsh Amanda Walters Mike Williams Peggy Wilson Phillip Wrighf 'ff 'if .:f1? J S S Dan Rutledge Liz Saldino Richard Sanchez Sam Sanchez Sandy Sanchez Ampelia Sandoval Maria Sandoval Martha Sandoval Mark Shiells Bill Silva Ken Small Fred Sparkman Jim Stehly Mark Stethem Henry Taft Natalie Taylor Pam Taylor Sylvia Tello Fred Thrower Kathleen Toyooka Mike Tucker ,NOT PICTURED Teresa Cole Alejandro Granados Bill Holeman Mark Ritchey Laurie Robinson Graciela Rodriquez Gayle Ryan Elizabeth Saldino Barbara Sparrow 'I7 Class f'75 "Digs" Junior High School It has been a great change from elementary school to the seventh grade. We have had several new and diiferent experiences and we have learned how to accept responsibilities. With the help we are getting from the faculty of the Fillmore Junior High School, we are now ready for the school years ahead. We, the class of "75" are looking forward to great scholastic and athletic achievement at Fill- more High School. Ricky Grimes Seventh Grade President Rene Kirby Carolyn Capehart Vice-President Secretary will 'V K - K rw: f , ax K Y 4 M E Q it , ll" lQ,3.i? iil A jj , K T fl W 91 is-fe K a n S f I it f'N 's Ds L., ,. 'sf , nw.: 3: 'QL J elf Acosta Beverly Agler Javier Aguilar Christina Alcantar Mike Alvarado J im Anzelde Guadalupe Arias J osefina Arias Monica Arias Darrell Ashley Frankie Avila Pablo Avila Yolanda Avila Pam Benson Evaristo Barajas Obdulica Barragan Danny Bell Qilbert Beltran Dionna Bennett Robert Berry J im Bragg Roberta Berry Christina Bishop Charles Bland Margie Borbon Julie Bottomley Andyce Breshears Freda Brinkley Christal Brockus Janet Brockus Jim Brooks Bobby Buckman David Burks David Burson Linda Byrd Carolyn Capehart Elizabeth Carrillo Richard Carrillo Cathy Carter Cindie Collom Neal Cook Donald Cooper Linda Council Roy Culver Brenda Cummings Monica Curiel Steve Dann Richard Davis Terry Davis Scott De Lano Hermelinda De La Rosa Cecelia Dominguez John Dominguez Monica Duschik Jenni Ellis Karen Ellis Rose Enriquez Salvador Enriquez Gloria Escoto Ruben Escoto Anita Fairbanks Bill Faulkner Ora Belle Fout Jeanne Fredrick Carlos Garcia Heriberto Garcia Luanne Gamica Teressa Garrett Cindy Giles Tim Golson David Gomez Frank Gomez Dennis Gonzales Fernando Gonzales Jovita Gonzalez Terry Goza Janet Grabner Rick Grimes Eugenia Guevara Kim Gunter Helen Gurrola Rose Gurrola Yvonne Guzman Linda Haase Laura Harbert Philip Hardison Ivan Harkey Jackie Hawkins Don Henderson Andy Hernandez 1 iii L2 I A14 124' -sr? wif. X me v,. C ,.--Zin vit F r . J,itt,e, ' - .- .x s we , -' .R -,,,, N Q . SWE , y 2 ,,,. X ' ' F , Q. vtvi , : F ' ref --ee- t Z 1 l ii -' .gt .ew N gttt, C , X will' . is ,F - sk. W ai wi HK xg .v ' ' Z liiy i J K ,HQ it Q 5, I nv,s y i : ff I 1 ggi' 7-ll: .1 ' 5 ' :mx - ff? ui e if '-:glass Y. -L a, " if .. 'fff-255, ,V S F "', lmxz i N L. . 5 if if 1 M' : ,A J '24 u M ia Qi . ,115 ,L 3 1' V PJ M M y all a ,rivi era . .ax , . ,g 4 J vf' i 1' QL: ir. , ' - W ' Q ' " 2, Qi.. xl J Y WCW Q J l 5 i i ,Wa W 3? it 'M 'iff' I " I X Y if JKA :I v it ., .- , i. S 6 I Xi a:-, f l :N if i , L J ,A , C: y . f it i L 4 , .5 ff ' f ., ' K V f " Us. Y Vw, '24, V . I is , it . 'si Al ' lzrbtr A 1247 5 tif i 44- ' 'W 'f,'ig23i'i2l ' "--- it I iffi w il ,L Wg' .. v .fa w ,, S 3 1' '52 ' ii . ,, Vg. s n -2311, 951 l F' -e .m--Q ,-as W A, ,V 4:3 my L L it ri Y .Y .5., . aug .. W , .a A ir. Q ' as H if 'L L 'PGV' - X f ,,5,,,., K x Ji, J .. ,, Q. t ,R S 1 Nif- '? . lim. ,lf i. 2 J, ' 1 ni , 5 , if W 'Xi x 4? 14 David Hernandez Paul Hickman Cecelia Holt Gary Hood Claude Hubbell Pete Huscher Janet Hutchins Randy Hutchins Scott Hutchins Tom Ingalls Fernando Jiminez Leticia Jiminez Karen Johnson Elizabeth Jones Kathy Jones Rene Kirby Michael Krska Jeff Kymla Pamela La Cotts Phillip Lacetield Abigail Landeros Francisco Landeros Lance Lassen Randy Leach Henry Lennarz Stephen Lewis John Lopez Cindy Lovelace Ernesto Magallon Ronnie Mann, Adrian Martinez Filemeno Martinez Michelle McBrearty Robin McDermott John McKendry Shiela McKinnie Frank Michel Sheryl Miller Joanne Mitchell Susan Mitchell Debra Morales Jim Myers Kenneth Mynatt Linda Naas Estelle Negrete Nancy Nelson Greg Nunez Steve Ortega David Ortiz Fred Ortiz Joseph Owens Julie Padilla Susan Palmer Janice Pederson Amy Percy Jim Percy Steve Pfister Angela Phillips Anna Piercy Rosemarie Pillado Dolores Pina Lonnie Ponce Raul Ponce Timothy Posadas Victor Posadas Martha Pulido Eddie Purves Bill Putnam Daniel Ramirez Diane Ramirez Kathy Ramirez Rosalinda Rangel RoseMarie Rangel Jerry Real Paul Real Jennifer Reed Bill Reid Robert Reid Edward Reyes Delfina Reyna Susan Reynolds Gail Rico Eddie Rios Carol Robinson Kelly Rogers Irma Rome ro Ricky Ruiz Roberta Salazar Roberta Saldino Lori Schneider Sidney Sides Hector Sierra Edward Smith John Soto 5 X t 1 f ,,.. 3 T' fwe..w.ff2'.--552 .f v ' A -,ff I "'i V-wa Mi ta -an ' 5 af ,ta 6 Jw : A. we ' , ' U '.t it V -f g..:".,. f- vz' ' K ap: ii J 11 2 273245. f . - N ,I -.., Mt.,-, . - . ttf!-t Q, t , I ,Q . I .Ki 1, 15, L .al-1 ,. lgfg, 4 4,2 .. ff' - if- 1:11 1 -, pq wsazmwxkg fl . 'gig ... , if N 'tex -xii! sig? , w e - '- ff f 7 J ' .U ,,E, Qt.. Sh -- as 283221 Wi . -1 -1 -2 W- J, i Sl arlf, 3 -SAK me I' I kg i ht - in ' E 3111, , ,,,,.,51 "" ff' ,. Q s kk , ,gtmsfgl t ,,,. tu 2 tl. lmstani- tts.. fl 'i ,. .- N.-..S'l,"J . cs.. s X .wif N. 'Y a t m.QQv-t- 25: 1' x X.. 4, -.5njyji3wfqiY' : vllhssg J -1 we , Q r V , as L . , itjg, ww ri I Q t ., ts, rg 't A 1 is Q Q5 ix sllss asf. r ts 4 - 1 J S. 4855 x x . s , 'N r . L55 "s P. .. ,,. Q if L, M! " ' -.J . , A 4 'f' '. ff- :Il . gay., kj Q' W' A t. :T J 'Y R F' is Q f ' ' 2 J i l Jw X s F F lit, 32 -A W' J , x Q x X ' A , ..: -.sf J 1. f A - 1.4, ..+ QVJT1 J v , . X-Ak., My rar:-f? , li E M l A A A I .. .. . , .- .-,, , ,, at-1 ' ,mga " W . a -i Knxfflizlmfig 2 ' ,4 v N" is 'gl W, , 8 , S 1 f W , tigmif .fu 4 . ' '-V115 ie me 5 , ia NW Y .. W aw rl. fd,- J N l l "5 I I .A ,ff K . L 4 A awww aa , f , ,. t..',- Q J'?Zslt',Z,' 'Size' - 'Q ,, f ,a , wi .1115 . .I 'ff' 'Ae '11 a on are alia 3 lk- ?"'i',., - ' J Wg 'J Ref' ' if M ,J , QQ 1 l Y ll V "ft, 1',,2'vf' l?w,f UGA, , John Spencer Philip Stehly Barbara Stuthers Hector Tarango ra K 1 d ,xYvS.L1 A e orres Grace Torres Paula Torres Rudy Torrez Rosalia Tovar Ralph Toyooka Margaret Travelstead Maurice Travelstead Dorothy Tuccillo Deborah Turk Barbara Unrine Ricky Van De Mheen Randy Van Noy Manuel Vargas Mary Helen Vega Robert Vest UQ lf K J we Anita Villasalia X Virginia Villasenor John Wade- Colleen Walker Eugene Walker Denny Wells Allison West Gary Willis Patrick Wolf Denise Woods Jessica Wren Denise Wright NOT PICTURED Deborah Butcher David Jimenez Charles Paylor Graciela Santa Rosa Anita Yanez Q Once Upon There Was A Time cz VEFI1 f' AD VER TISEMEN TS mug, V.:55,:5 . .fi 1 W .3 1 wk nw.. wwf wb ii JUG! lf S I Kg , Q Lil 1 W " f En 'Q' A f M252 ,J 'e, .Mn Q , ' 4 f . 'kv N -, W. ., N 35' gg ' N' V, 'ff L, m ' -- V . Iffj fgac, Q. "'--my " W ,,,. ffh 1 n we" A .gm FILLMDRE FORD 502 VENTURA STREET FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA E. "COCO" CORRAI. PHONE 524-0511 OWNER FROM VENTURA: 644-4204 15? TIPP'S BEAUTY SALON 457 Sespe Ave., Fillmore, Calif. 93015 Tel. 524-3583 HENRY'S Coffee Shop - Dining Room 847 Ventura St. Fillmore, Calif. POIIUICU' Eafbel' 357 CENTRAL AVE., FILLMORE, CALIF. OPEN TUESDAYS THRU SATURDAYS 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. APPOINTMENTS ONLY LOUIS LOVELACE B A.M. TO 9 A.M. OWNER PHONE 524-2221 WHITE'S AUTO WRECKING 24 HOUR TOWING Bill White Day Phone 524-2822 234 Main Street Night Phone 524-2974 Fillmore, California Manager BANK OF AMERICA I Trust and Savings Association CHRIS A. LASSEN MARTHA'S SHIRLEY J. SPITLER Ladies 84 ChilcIren's Apparel 344 Central Ave. Fillmore, Calif, 93015 Phone: 524-2277 Fillmore Branch 552 Sespe Street Fillmore, California 524-3711 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1970 SPROUSE REITZ VARIETY 363 Central Avenue Fillmore, Calif. 93015 L. D. HUTCHINS 8. SON 404 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 524-O711 FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA Courfesy of PROSSER'S BREAD Ventura, Calif. E 45 Undgn Trams N RUDKIN MOTOR SERVICE sos SANTA CLARA STREET FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA 93015 7 F LLMOREI 524.3311 W. H. RUDKIN SANTA PAULA: 525-9990 OWNER Ho Ez 524-162B ow MIN so A W I LLOYD WALLER, JR. Creators of fine class rings, awards, announcemenfs yearboolcs, and diplomas CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1970 CONDOR MOTORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales 81 Service 1313 Ventura ST. Santa Paula Phone 525-6691 FILLMORE CITRUS ASSOCIATION Baflaul g'4,uU1if1,4,'z5 56015 P-Q BOX 635 K. c. STEWART Fillmore, California FILLMORE- CALIFORNIA RES. 500 HUNTER DR 348 CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 524-0233 PHONE 524-1506 CONGRATULATIONS DON 'S TEXACO SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS IEMERGENCY TOWING - 24 HOUR SERVICE! 461 VENTURA STREET FILLMORE. CALIF. PH. 524-0686 CLASS OF 1970 JONES BROS. 81 SONS Pontiac - GMC Trucks 534 SanTa Clara ST. Fillmore, Calif. :xjxilf-Q? SCH ERZI NG If R -fweaebza FILLMORE. CALIFORNIA FILLMORE DRUG CO. ORIN EBERLY 334 Cenfral Ave. Fillmore, Calif. 93015 Phone: 524-0133 FRANK CLEANERS 8. LAUNDRY Firsf with The latest in fashions SMITH'S DRESS SHOP 18 E. Main STreeT 515 Sespe Ave. anfa Paula, Calif. Fillmore, Calif. PIF26 CeEIIF1I'A5gi515 Phone 525-2715 Phone 524-2716 ' 'We' C' ' ' FILLMORE FLOWER SHOP HAROLD L. ROBINSON 630 Sarafoga Sfreef Fillmore, Calif. 93015 WM. L. MORRIS CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Three Conveniehf Locations To Serve You ELKINS RANCH GOLF Tom E. Dovis, P.G.A. Professional Fillmore Sonfo Poulo Moorpork 1836 Cggmiggslzurg Rd' 504 Santo Clciro 118 Norfh Mill 480 Moorpcurk Rol. Ph. 524-0333 Ph. 525-2127 Ph. 529-1144 AGRI-SERV Complere Growers Service FILLMORE AMUSEMENT K. B. Rogers "Poor HALL" 355 cemmi Sonfci Paulo 1349 Moira STreeT PO. Box 1004 W 2 ,331 'ww ..- 9' , ui 1 V s hlllk, ,i wwwigwww lutt SANlTARY ,,..,.....DAinv A Sanitary Dairy Serving Fillmore - Sonia Paula Early Morning Delivery Milk and Milk Products Old Telegraph Roasd Fillmore 1 E Best Wishes Class ot 1970 DlCK'S MARKET 317 Central Ave. Fillmore, Calif. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ALL TYPES OF FLOOR COVERlNGS 5 BRANDS CONDOR TOPAZ oRANeEs.eRAPEFnu CONDORETTE AC-ATE CRAWFORD'S FURNITURE STORE AoM1RAL CoLoR TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES SID JOIINSON G.E, REFRIGERATORS - WAsHEns . DRVERE MANAGER C: J. CRAWFORD 345 CENTRAL AVE VENTURA COUNTY FRUIT GROWERS, lNC. RESIDE CE 4305, 5244793 pil-LMOREV CAI-IF P. 0 sox 307 4404 WOOSTER STREET FlLLMORE CALIF. 93015 VENTURA, CA1.1F 93003 P 0 524 0411 PHONE 642 1901 Frank Dunst Complete Team Outfitter COAST ATHLETIC SUPPLY 710 South A Street Oxnard, Calif. 93030 Adidas - Riddell 483-2111 Rawlings - Voit 483-6511 CLOUGH'S PHARMACY 327 Central Avenue Fillmore, Calit. 93015 Phone: 524-0881 PAULSON'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 665 Ventura Street Fillmore Ph. 524-1727 "Compliments of o Friendly Supplier' Best Wishes Class of 1970 FILLMORE NEWS STAND 341 Central Ave. Fillmore BOB POWELL: Owner BRIGGS HARDWARE s. E. BALLARD Paint - Home Appliances - Gift Ware Sporting Goods - Cameras Tel. Fillmore, 340 524-0426 Calit. Central 11521121 if P FSF' :ii -fl-5 1 2.635131 i Romono Savings and Loon Association 5 OA, CURRENT ANNUAL RATE ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS R. E. LINVILL Phone 524-3991 Executive Vice President Fillmore, California x. 190 vvv . . qv vwnvvuvvv vv1,v. vsvvi vv . Luv 1 Copa De Um S tajjf Portrays Ljeflt F. H. . TOP LEFT: Jim Rangel, Seniors, Bev Stevens, Seniors. TOP CENTER: Sam Mayhew, Adveitisements, Roland Rounsevell. Personnel, Maiy Van Orsdol, Activi- ties. TOP RIGHT: Kari Ospenson, Jr. Hi., Donna Ospen- son, Classes. Miles Kelman. Classes, Joanne Wolf, Jr. Hi. LOWER LEFT: Jim Lewis, Photography, Paula Hail, Photography, John Fujishiro, Photography. LOWER CENTER: Chris Lee, Photography, Katie Walden, Sports. LOWER RIGHT: Reba Butler, Editor, Stuart Smithwick, Advisor. In Memoriam Emery Godard 1910 - 1969 E f z 1 l E 5 E s A cknowledgemerz is The 1970 Copa de Oro Staff recognizes that: the production of this annual would not have been possible Without the cooperation and assistance of: Mr. Robert Hansen .............. Photography Mr. John Brothers .... ..... L ayouts' Mrs. Joyce Basolo .... .... R esearch Mrs. Jean Redd ..... ........... R esearc Mr. Bert Bigham .................. Researc Mr. John Stephenson ..... Taylor Publishing Co. And many others who also contributed unselfishly for the asking. Thanks!! 0 W?U?l5N Hp ,L mf JQQKA uw- . Q Q-SJW 2 Q22 fbaia YW DMV W SCD QQQEQJ YJ C Xi W is Eg? is 3 If Eiga? 1 3 WWW ofkfffftbrff' 5 WDW W A wwf fe X yjjfyfgjikfyf, QMMM4 W fy N QW MW WQMQWW Mxbgw N . Wysyfggy We O ww aww M N 0 Q WWQMQ2 WSJ U, NQTQTW Jxgxkf Qxx W Wpyvgywfm CJDWJLQX1 'ab X . o X, Zigi? C' ji Dm '54, xasu 9927 manga' .P X y ' 4 v C20 X499 tbggwgim, I-Lui C542 -5-fml' Q5-QQ ,maui QuyG"wci ADAMA5 up - wwk U ' A7 14 N MGC 'WTR M 0 own W1 Gd -gm p I 'v 'J-5-QD. LW. O W fme' QV MWQQQ QQQCWT f Lu ' Q K7 s' QNMD 70 7 R WS?-W Qtgfbm, jd pf!!! 0 A xgi? Vvg nl W J my A660146 JA !4,40g!ffvK Jfffj M K W ffl? XQAM fff Mdjuwhj , f AAA 766 D Z , W MM 142, IZMU if ft' 1 fgw bf M ff pa. .WWI 9- .sa Q QQ, Rjxijsqii WW a QQ 'iff xi,f9,,0'0 ' UW W ff'WQ9 pf? X4 Q3 MM 0-Ph , ' i"O:Z'f4 Q40 W , fwuzql ,X 3 " QQQWQYQ S ga as b lx 5 xvli O L ill M . 1 4 if I U1 J K . 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Suggestions in the Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) collection:

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