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1 1 V I A 1. jf X! X N 1 X 3 , , X 'x J s 1 I K !X : 1 f ' I K ' fl A 5 n--- KA," s r 1 I Q , I ' l fl I A 1 . A 'rx w K ,' u , ' I . l I 4 I '- H X l l .. ..,, r X Rr! 'N ' V . 1 ' Y K X . k , . X-L. 'ls xk"'! ,J v I ' x A ,,zJ ' - 1 w X X .' A AX- ,X 'Yv ' fi X J V, 1 J' V C -- N'-fi 1 W .1 Y, .1 A -.V Q' ', T " L .S XJ , N , m , x - ' 'V C' 'P ' K K-. 5 -, VN 1-M .N X L , 1 I X X "' x jg w ,ik N. . 1 'Xi xbl Qxs .. - v, 6 ! f .I In 1 if E? S.. a...,.-vu-Qf 2. Q I X JI' af' 1 N - 5 35 , 1 5 E u II n P H J D R U jiffmore union Shoo! jiffmore, Cakkrnia 0 le lCCLtLOIfl Because of the splendrd advrce and co operation whrch we the annual staff of 1960 have recelved advancement of thrs student body s varlous enter pnses we gratefully dedlc te thrs volume of the 1960 Copa de Oro to our annual advrser Mr Howard Cook and for his never-ending work for the success and Ar. Q X A Elini!-J 'Fil 'APEX' A "'-I'T f. W' ,fr , . , . E V gif' '- ANGELA GRANDE Managing Editor JOHN HARDISON Editor-in-Chief DAN MAROSTICA BILLIE MAE PRICE Feature Editor Classes Editor .45 1 I fx for o A X 4-5 In I"""":r DONNA DUNGAN Copy Editor BILL DEWEY Sports Editor MW. ,........--nanlxnfw At the begInnIng of ThIS year we the annual staff were searchIng for a SUITBDIC theme for our 1960 Copa de Oro After Ioolung through many of the annuals from past years we came to the conclusIon that the most Important thrng In the school had never been used as a theme Nowhere In any of these annuals was educatlon ITSEIT gIven thIs POSITION of prImary Importance so we have decIded that the theme of our 1960 Copa de Oro Wlll be EDUCATION AND ITS EFFECT UPON US THE STUDENTS 1 Mr A I LIUITIZH s class prepares to sere nade the school wIth Spamsh Chrlstmas carols veloped In the unIt on wrestlIng In a phy sIcal educatnon class 3 Mr wllllam Kmghts Umted States hIs tory class StUdI8S the cIvII war 4 The typlng class shows us the touch typIng method under Mrs Ruth MIIlers InstructIon 5 MISS Ahce Hansen s geometry class dem onstrates theIr slull 1 1 , ' H H 2. Alertness and co-ordination'are .being de- Y ...... .,.-.. ...... .,.-.. .....- 3 VY 2. Q w--U' lnh"g 'EBTY 531 P E R S U N A l I T I E S ,. 4 vrjf. 1 15 jg, Qfmf gfvipba X f f f , I M ' if A f WJ , Hangul, J' 'F 7 'fl' f if ' an 'fifffggdfg 0'!ZQ.L ffl, If fflff A K, x ,ff ' ' A I f f A, ,ff M M I I 3 L 1 Z was 9? ix, , , , 4 If X -P I lk N 2 an '.--Lf..m,w..Mh A 4. Y R' , A X rinciloa A MR. BIGGER If ' 1, ! I 4 "How does education effect the student throughout his years in school and alter he has become an aduIt?" In answering this question I would like to consider "education" not to be iust the results of formal academic instruction, but rather as the total results of all instruction, training, and experi- ences of an individual. The ancient Greek philosophers taught that, "What you are to be you are now becoming." Amos Alonzo Stagg, dean of all football coaches, used this as the topic for a speech he gave to our student body when I was in high school. The words are just as true today as they were three thousand years ago, and I will never forget his message. These are the most important years of your lives. What you do during these formative years largely determines what you are going to do the remainder of your lives and what kind ol persons you are to become. The old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," is quite true. Once habits of thinking and doing are established it becomes difficult to change them. Employers place great confi- dence in high school records as reliable estimates of individuals because it has been found that, by and large, behavior patterns do not change very much after maturity. It becomes important then for you to take advantage of educational opportunities each day, and to remember that everyday you are practicing to be the person you are to become tomorrow, next year, or twenty years from now. lx 4 I 'V 11 fl ssj I' 'VA l w", Q 4- , r uiaerinferwlenf ?"' nn MAIN 5 it Frllmore Unlon Hugh School was establrshed hfty years ago as the result ol the desrre and fore srght of the people of this area to make rt posslble for the young people to recerve therr educatlon locally Srnce 1909 the Hugh School Drstrrct has grown steadily rn srze to the pomt where It has a separate campus for the Hugh School and lunror Hrgh School Over the years It has been the work and dedrcatron ol many larthful school board members admrmstrators and teachers supported by the people of the communrty whrch have made the school what It IS today Dunng the hfty years the Hugh School Drstrrct has been rn exrstence each burldrng program has helped to grve the school an upto date campus designed to lacrlrtate and make possible a sound educational program In fact the school plant rs an Integral part of the total educational program m and understandmg of beauty neatness and cleanlmess rs furthered by the appearance of the campus. The exrstmg burldmgs and facrlrtles should be ample for the next lrve years unless there rs an rnflux of people mto the Flllmore area When It becomes necessary to bulld addltronal bulldmgs they wrll be built rn conformity wrth a master plan lor each of the schools. The master plan shows locatron ol exrstrng and proposed burldmgs rn order to secure maxrmum utrllzatron ol the total avarlable acreage on each campus Some ot the proposed burldmgs for the future as the communrty grows are 1 Classrooms at both the rumor and senror hugh schools. 2 A multr purpose room at the rumor hrgh school 3 llddrtronal shop burldmgs at each ol the schools. 4 An audrtorrum with 3dl0Illlllg musrc rooms at the hrgh school Over the years Fillmore Unron Hlgh School has taken Its place rn the community and has con 35 .3-3'-s A ""'H ' six 'ibn' YQ' J' Q.. Q9 PL v wx. sv' 'A Q tributed much to the hte ol Its people ' " ii X gt 'lf las: ,x X l H .vi 1 f 1 l J - 2 - O - . ' . 14, - 1 - fl .-37: 'L.:-:,- w:.',-1' . . J' ' ' 1 0... in ,'- '1 ,. ine? . U, 'I 4 ' ' ' 1- - "' - Ap ' - Q X ' I fl . f ' gif! Q . l r , . . f 1' '1 S l3.TQ'1-75" ' D : ' .- -I .tl' lil. : -Q --att.. I, -' - 'T5.'i'-:- A ' .ser .Z 2 I ' . .--C ..., "" , u 1, ' . . . . . . . 'ws 'V A JJ . TQ: , 4 . . . . . . . c M' 'Q' 1-6 'W-,g v . . . . . . . . . ,, If ,' J. - -I-Q - - . . . ' ' '- 1 :--- - ' , 'X F4 'J' 4 . . . I . Q , ,I F. -r . . ' ' x4 X' Flax. Q , . ' . . . . . . . . Q, '-.H ,Q ' . . . .. . ' , : ' -' K ' A 5 - - ' -' ' .mr .1 . . , . . . . . 5: - . I . . . . . . 0 N ' if. . that the appearance and upkeep of the bulldmgs carnes over to the students. Therr apprecratlon for A G T'-. Jrs 3 . . . . ' ' . " Q I 'V . Q . A .P I A . . . . . .. - . , ' ' . L. 1 . . . . . . ' ' . , go '.. ' r . . . . . . .. . . ' ' Ph il ' 5 .'-2 . N QQ It w n l ' l I l Q A ,nga . te -' . . . . ' - -Q f', gf Q I - , ' 'oy' V .:g'.'. " .. . . 1 'O V 'Vex' ' . - - . . . . . . - ,Zo- Y.l" ' ' . . . . . ' . '1' ' I - . - , .Qu v . , . . . 'V fl -. - . ': ' . '51 , ykai ', - ' ,qs X f.,-, x.. I K I aj 2-42 ,, . ' 1' . ' ., I n it .su A- -'S-.:,,.,, . . . .ss l '-3' - M gy' 5 Ni' 5' - - " 5 ' 03... ' W . I 'A S 5 - - e I A ka ' xl u Qcfbfl' 'K ,aQ":s::QD . '.."Q.'QQ Q ."-'Wfwx -.J 31 '.- - ' -. '.' sl ' A' Lvixf nn-, l iW.........,-- M H j 5 MLM X M i 5' ' J, Lf' ' c 'max fl r fa H? W LNG 51- ,M I 'Q P 5 ' vi - '-.Ju ' ' 'f' ' -! ,ii 2 Tk !34"!T -. 25 'f V' 5 6 ., .Q . 14 , , 'CM Wsgm x f 4425, W . if K F 51 El l fair: BILL BRISBY Lite Science, C. P. Biology, Practical Biology mn BROTHERS JERRY crmmsou Wood Shop ADRIAN R. GIBBY Chemistry, Senior Science, Physics BARBARA BUNN Homemaking ALLAN COATES Mathematics ELBERT GRAHAM English, Twelfth Grade Counselor GLADYS HACKBARTH English, Eleventh Grade Counselor HOWARD COOK Mathematics, Copa de Oro adviser CONRAD CREED Metal Shop, Visual Aids ESTHER MAKE Nurse ALICE HANSEN Geometry, Trigonometry Advanced Algebra, Algebra HANK ERTMAN Applied Math, Geometry, Algebra, Basic Arithmetic IIM FARIS Orientation, Attendance H' MARLENE HARUE Mathematics CLIFFORD HAWKINS Business English, English, Typing ZELLA FLAGG Reading VERA FREMLIN Social Studies, Seventh Grade coumo, cum MERRILL Physical Education WINFRED HILL Science RITA GARFIELD English, Iournalism WILLIAM GARFIELD Social Studies, Physical Education, English Rm 'RUNS World History, Orientation WES KINGSLEY Mechanical Drawing ,fu- Yxr, 'gf' 6 . 6 Qt:-r' CLARA KNAPPEN Home Economics WILLIAM KNIGHT U. S. History, Orientation LEONARD REED Band, Orchestra RALPH REES Mechanical Drawing, Beginning Graphic Arts, Printing A. I. LITIMAN Spanish, French KONRAD McMILLAN Art, Art Service RICHARD SCHALLHORN English, Conversational Spanish GORDON STEWARD Physical Education GEORGE MADSEN Agriculture ETHEL MAUER English GLEN STULL Social Studies EFFIE THOMPSON English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Crafts SARA MENKE Physical Education RUTH MILLER Typing, Shorthand WALTER TILLESON Mathematics, Business Law, Bookkeeping, Business Training BEN TYSON Science, Physical Education CHARLES MOZLEY Civics, Oral Expression RICHARD PALMER Physical Education, Tenth Grade Counselor, Lite Science EMILY WAI-TERS Physical Education, Ninth Grade Counselor HARRIET WEAVER Mathematics, Science RUTH PERCY English, Reading JEAN REDD English, Eighth Grade Counselor EARL WIGGINS Physical Education, Driver Training PHYLLIS WIGGINS Physical Education Q N bj3,,, t f ' :J 'vhsf i...?frf':'?z It . 5. A r lk-M t as A ' i Q ,. . I K mr! Q 'JA' lr dj " i i' L I 2. -,ff vii.: LI' JR ua-ut. .""-3 ll 3' " C 107 'V 'WY 97712134 I 73? 95.1" gazes. 712. .1 ' xr- 7 , -ff' ELLEN GUTHRIE AND GLENNA BLOOMFIELD MARGUERITE GREGORY LAWANDA CAMPBELL EDYTHE HENDERSON fgredivfenf IIRT DAWSON As we approach the end of the year, I am taking this opportunity to thank you for choosing me to serve as your student body president. It was an honor to be chosen, and the experience was a wonderful one. I would also like to commend the members of the Student Council who so ably carried out their responsibilities in managing student body affairs. It is my feeling that they have done an excellent job. Looking back over a successful year, we find that our traditions of strong school spirit and sportsmanship have been upheld, and our athletic teams have been successful. We have been a valuable member of SBVISC and have upheld the tradition of being a friendly school in a friendly community. The foreign exchange student program was started this year and has proved to be a success. Probably most important of all, we have increased our pride and loyalty to our school. I know that this quality will help us in achieving new heights in the future. . i ,J MARTHA FANSLER Secretary ff'- o O 3 as So 9:1 SE 2'-5 D SFI B fb S 70 md? 22 55 31- TH om -. Z Bm Er gl' SF MARY PHILLIPS S B V I S C Vlce Presldent BILL WILSON Senior Class President '33-' V7 EDDIE YBARRA CHUCK WILEY Comm of Finance BRUCE GIBBY lunlor Class President .SQ clenf C0lfU'lCl B08 WALDEN Speaker of the House LARRY YOUNT Comm of Advertisement 5 HENRY KREISSL MISS ALICE HANSEN MARY ELLEN VICTORIA Forelgn Exchange Student Adviser Vlce Presldent BILL INALDEN ,B homore Class President X- P W JULIE BIGGER News Flashes Editor Freshman Class Presldent JOHN HARDISON Yearbook Editor I X I ' ' ffm ' - I 4 I . -5 . I u I .U nf. ' V4 in Q , 581, fx 1 . . f I I , 7 A . . gf! .4 .Q it . I1 Q ff Q 4 1 X ' eff, 0 ' " " Mr. Tilleson, Adviser ot the House of Representatives, and Bob Walden, Speaker of the House, talk over one of their meetings in advance. As in past years, the House of Representatives is again proving its importance to the Fillmore High School student body. Early in the school year, the problem of transporting rooters to out of town league games was considered by the members of the "House." Due to lack of funds, the school can no longer afford to transport students to games in school buses. A resolution to poll the student body to determine the number of students willing to pay the cost of school bus transportation to league games away from home at the rate of one cent per mile per passenger was passed. Over 75'M, of the students declared a willingness to do so. Upon this evidence, the "House" passed a motion to recommend to the School Administration and the Board of Trustees, that school buses again be used to transport rooters to league games away from home, providing, the cost be paid by rooter passengers. At its meeting on October 29, 1959, the House of Representatives learned that its recom- mendation had been acted upon favorably. This is the way the House of Representatives provides a springboard to action for student problems. Students, your ideas and criticisms rela- tive to the activities surrounding your campus life should be brought to the attention of your representative for "House" action. In this way, we can all contribute to continuing the good way of life at Fillmore High School. BOB WALDEN Speaker of the House ouzie 0 elarefienfa fiuea Sitting: Kathleen Moore, Sue Walker, Shirley Cowans, Carol Morris, Lucy Alcozar, Donna Aarasmith. Standing: Bob Walden, Dave Ward, Cecil Decker, Dan Gehman, Bill Wilson, Gerald Parris, Don lames, Mr. Tilleson, Paul Gritz, Donald Roberts, Arthur Medina, Dan Bowlin. A Lgqfl . is I g '61, 5. :Q ' 96 9 QA!!! 15,3 , ', i 9 'T-f sg' S W real .- '- -".9Q as 41-zu' 89' TQ 1 I Q , 9 x X FIRST ROW: Clyde Morton, treasurer, Linda Madsen, secretary, 7th Grade, Mickey Gibby, vice president: Anita Marshall, advertisement chairman, Kenny Bigger, president, 7th grade, Jeanne Hunt, secretary: lohn Cook, entertainment chairman, B.A.A. president. SECOND ROW: Teresa Mann, vice president, 7th grade: Barbara Thomas, G.A.A. president: Carol Strickland, vice president, 8th grade: Kathleen Iaynes, president, 8th grade: Yvonne Anderson, secretary, 8th grade, Tom Hays, president. uni0r,MgA .gzcclenf Counci l will always remember having the opportunity to be Fillmore lunior High School's Student Body President for the year 1959-1960. l would like to thank the Student Council for its excellent performance this year in planning many interesting and really enioyable activities. We have all had a real good time this year. We had a talent show. many sports activities, dances, honor society trips, movies, rallies and a variety of assemblies. This year we watched the new gym facilities being built for the junior high school boys and girls, as well as our own new shop building and two new classrooms. I have enjoyed sewing Fillmore lunior High this year and have appreciated the co-operation and the help given me. TOM HAYS President Showing the sale of Student Body Cards is Tom Hays, President ol Fillmore lunior High School. naman, 1 3 bf-.S Cf Sfuwv .ffl R TZ1 H ,-3 Cakferia g 0 aawfanfa ' K Left to Right: Gary Aardappel, Doris Hollingsworth, Steve Flint, Reagan Moore. L I"CU" alll .xgaaiafanfa Sitting: Mina Van Orsdol Pam McGaugh Linda Robbins Faye Pearce Kathy Steppler. Standing: Marla Thomason Mrs. Palmer Pat Mann Susan Lowe Pam Snyder Mrs. Arnold Ann McFarland Mrs. Wilson Lynn Davis Lupe Cervantez Paula Palmer Gerald Parris. e aaiafanfa FIRST ROW: Johnnie Benson, Donna Fanning, lane Fuller, Helen Smith, Lynda Wright, Sue Easter- wood, Faye Pearce, Ann Smith. SECOND ROW: lean Wollen, Brenda Pearson, Alta Coburn, Irene Sanchez, lrita Hiti, Dolores Gurrola, Eleanor Rod- riguez, Amelia Sanchez, Betty Reed. THIRD ROW: loan Wollen, Marlene Easley, Lupe Cervantez, Roberta Paregien. 2 2 'SJ 1 5 1' l 1 , iff: 'Zi 5: '- :Q X f. if ' ra ' z:g2zps,,isee i f i :i12f52Q,2i2sffg, i I f l -.3 '-. gt :YF . S524 ..: ' 7:52 ,gfQt'?Si.:iS,QfQ' ' l . 5 'gf ' J - 5444 f5:f."-' ' . 'H 1' ff. 1- 'A Tr . - ' . L ,il Qt.. " A -:iz :' 'Gif ."':?4 if ' I .., ' ABQ' 1,5 rg, 3 ,. ,V L .f'f,gf:25:g4w,'fi:f3'?Qg i' 4 'fe'f'1Q,24if5f':g,vE'.Qw1',nj' .1' 4 Z'fffi512gZZ'fEi1f5E3f- . ,.f 1-,gl 5:,V7,?,,1,- - :iii .zezfs we i l i 5'-afiiflflz-fiitif 1 R lla Meyers, Luceal Lewis, Mildred Bergman, Cloe Hart, Freida Knight, Nellie Harthorn, Ethel White. Cl Q QI"l6L 61, C f ' l 5115 l06bCU'l5 FIRST ROW: lames Clifford Lee, Wayne Jones, Earl Morris, Louis Garnica, Willard Foster. SECOND ROW: Benjamin Ridenbaugh, Bret Blythe, LeRoy Amrhine, Duke Clark, lr., Aaron Myers, Delphino Mendez, Harold Stevens, Robert Motto, Roy Hays. H F- M 3435-M-. A , ir Q M.- :dmw 7, mu, ,,,,,,,gg,...-N-, ' U 1 - wc' "To be or not to be," is the question up for discussion as senior class favorites, Bob Hays and Sandra McCreery, lead a debate on capital punishment in Mr. MozIey's Civics Class. 25 ,Cc ,ff DAN MAROSTICA NORA 0 BRNION Vrce Presrdent Secretary BILL WILSON President MR GRAHAM BILL DEWEY Advrser Treasurer When the class of 1960 entered Fnllmore Hugh It was to some extent a brg awkward green group of students It was the largest class ever to be enrolled In the hugh school Accordingly we set class umty as our four year goal Durrng our freshman and sophomore years we worked toward this goal by havrng many successful partres and class actnvltles such as our freshman Ice skatmg party As sophomores we mrtrated the hrghly successful method of money makrng sponsoring movies As rumors our class exempllfred Its ever growrng umty rn stagmg an outstanding lunror Semor Prom and Banquet Every member of the class had some part In achlevmg this success Durrng the past four years all the varrous actlvrtres such as clubs and sports have been greatly entered mto by the members of the class of 1960 By acceptmg the responsrbllrty offered by these actrvrtres the members of our class have developed mto more mature useful crtrzens each one capable of assuming hrs responsrbrlrtles Whlle workrng together rn these actrvrtres the class has come to mean more to the students and class splnt has run hugh as was demonstrated In the rallres The class of 1960 drsplayed good sportsmanship splrrt and enthusiasm rn everythmg rt drd These qualrtres under the gurdance and untrrmg devotron of the teachers advrsers and counselor Mr Graham developed to make the class of 1960 a very successful one Now as we the class of 1960 leave F U H S and face the future we experience a feelrng of confidence rn knowmg that we have received one of the lrnest most well rounded hrgh school educatlons possrble We now 're thus opportunrty to express our gratrtude tothe community of Frllmore and Frllmore Umon Hugh School Thank you BILL WILSON Presldent .l 668 f- 'sl ,f 7+ 'frm'- Hs! CAROL AARDAPPEL DONALD EDWARD AGUIRRE CONSUELO ALCOCER MARILYN RUTH ALLEN IUDITH LAVERRE ASKREN ROSIE ESPINOZA AVILA RAMON I. AYALA DANNY BELTRAN JULIE KAY BIGGER DAN BOWLIN ALLEN CANADA DANNY VILLA CARRILLO JOSE CASAS LUPE REYES CERVANTEZ VIRGINIA CASTORENA CHAVEZ ELDEN RAY COLLINS RICHARD PAUL COLLINS THOMAS LEE COWANS fx--A ID 'lyk fr WP? Q9 'E' 'P+-1' I-.1 fsi 'if' ? fftf rin 5t,"4.1' 'Til' 'SGI' 'vw-1' F: '21-11' 15 WALTER LEE COX DARREL ARLO CRESSWELL JAMES EDMOND DAVISON ARTHUR JAMES DAWSON DIANE LOUISE DEETER PATRICIA ANN DeIARNETTE WILLIAM ARTHUR DEWEY DONNA SUZANNE DUNGAN CHARLOTTE CLARISSA ELKINS RHODA COLLEEN FAIRFIELD DONNA SUE FANNING MARTHA LEE FANSLER RETHA F. GAINES MARY LILLIAN GAITAN RONNIE GOLSON ANDREA ALICE GONZALEZ MARIE TERESA GONZALEZ MARGARET BETH GRAHAM xfx' gf -if 'CX .J 115 1 YI' 4. N.- V . Q S 'if 'QS "UH ANGELA MAE GRANDE SUSAN LOUISE HAFFORD CAROLYN SUE HALE IOHN RICHARD HARDISON NANCY MARIE HASTINGS ROBERT STEVEN HAYS RODNEY GILBERT HELSEL JACK L. HOWTON MARYE KATHLEEN HUNGATE GENE HUNT LARRY JACKSON DANIEL CID IACOBE ANTONIA IUAREZ KENTON LOUIS KNIGHT STEVEN KNUTSON HEINRICH KREISSL MILDRED REBECCA LEGAN CHARLOTTE FRIEND LEMLEY I, 'ZF-N' 3 fd' '3 4,4- 495 1 'YN - GQ, an-ff l 415 'K GARLAN E. LEMONS ROY PAUL LITTLE SANDRA MCCREERY MARJORIE ANGLIN MAIDR DANIEL ALBINO MAROSTICA ROBERT C. MARSTON FRANCES MARTINEZ CHARLES BARRETT MERRILL DANIEL GORDON MILLER BARBARA KAY MORALES DONALD WAYNE MYERS NORA NADINE 0'BANIDN PAULA ELAINE PALMER GERALD GLENN PARRIS PATRICIA E. PATTERSON ALICE FAYE PEARCE BRENDA ANNETTE PEARSDN MARY GRACE PENNINGTDN icq ig, A Q95 04 fb' , -1.1 ' 1 'U' -4 I XI V. 'Ds 1 --f fi 1-ev '6- is in 'AT' sf MARY AMANDA PHILLIPS CHUY PDNCE MARY JULIA PRECIADO JOYCE DECKER PRITCHARD FELIPE L. V. QUEZADA LINDA VASQUEZ RAMIREZ JAMES BILLY REED JOHN G. RENOLLIND STEVEN MICHEAL REYES JOYCE ANN REYNOLDS RODNEY LEE ROBINSON RAUL ROMO REGINALD PETER RUIZ SHARON KAY RYCROFT IRENE SOSA SANCHEZ JOHN ROY SCANTLIN DOLORES FAYE SCHIEFERLE MICHAEL LOYD SCHIELD if "Ui .nug- ft. 3,15 Q--1 4'1" -'AF' I 4 5. I dl' '7 J Q-J rf 'Ds GEORGE EDWIN SEARCY CHARLES SESSIONS SANDRA ALICE SHIELLS STANLEY EUGENE STAFFORD KATHRYN LEE STEPPLER LAWRENCE EDWARD STOCKER SUSAN LYNNE SUTTON WILLIAM MICHEAL SUVIA BILL TEST I0 ANN TOWNSEND MARTA VASQUEZ MARY ELLEN VICTORIA RUSSELL S. WADE ROBERT G. WALDEN CAROLYN SUE WALKER TERRY WEST JOYCE LURETTA WILBANKS VESTER CHARLES WILEY ff' 4-ss 'UN 4-5 71 -. M 3 'C' 'IJ' ,, -up .. .wx I fc .Qi K' Y N is 'in QC" x?""' '27 i DONNA FAYE WILLIAMS WILLIAM WALTER WILSON EUGENE JOSEPH WILSON SANDRA LOUISE WILSON JEAN WOLLEN JOAN WOLLEN LYNDA JEANETTE WRIGHT LOUIS SANCHEZ YBARRA LARRY D. YOUNT VICTOR GUADELUPE YZAGUIRRE bf? RONALD ARDELL ZIMMERMAN SUSAN ELAYNE ZIMMERMAN NA -" JOHN ANTHONY LOZANO ZERMENO tj- A .X4Ll !0g IYIIJA if J U N I U R S . L ' 1 0-s rx- V a' A 7 6 2, if-73 rr 'IIN' "' "' "' A' .J ,-yn. ?4'ffs1 A ' VC'-u wtf lf?-.. A-.uf-gig h 1 A A rf' f r in ,L sang, fi Junior class favorites, Bruce Gibby and Kris Schmittou, look for frontiers on our new 49th state. Go north, young man, go north. 1' ' Karen Baldwin, Secretary: Terry McGuire, Treasurerg Mrs. Hackbarth, Adviser: Bruce Gibby, President: and Ann McFarland, Vice-President. GARY AARDAPPEL KENNETH AKERS ELEANOR ALLISON ARMIDA ALVARADO 3' We were confronted with many new problems in our junior year which has now drawn to a close, but along with these problems we also found the solution: class unity and spirit. Our one main project was the Junior-Senior Banquet followed by the annual Prom. This requires not only a great deal of money, but time and effort as well. Working toward this event were various committees and money- making projects. We had the Junior Stand at football games, the movies sponsored by the class, and for the first time, plastic school book covers, designed and sold by members of the class of '61. Under the supervision of our able adviser, Mrs. Gladys Hackbarth, we feel that our aims were the highest and our goal reached. Of course, work was not our only objective. Fun played a great part in our school life. We have had two parties for our class, one in March and one in lune, which were heartily enjoyed by all. We feel that our class is of the highest quality, our athletes are numerous and outstanding, our scholastic record high, and this year we hope to be the first class to send an exchange student abroad. Thus we rightly feel that we are well prepared to enter the last year of our high school education. Our year as juniors has been good. We only hope the year 1961 will be as fulfilling. BRUCE GIBBY President ...ff 1,4 LYNDEL ANDERSON ADOLFO ARRIZOLA CAROL BAKER KAREN BALDWIN 14 - SUE BALLINGER MARILYN BARNES BOB BEALL GARY BECKMAN 1.3 LEONARD BOYNTON RUTH BRAGG BARBARA BRANSON MARLA BREWER RICKY CADENA DELIVEN CAPPEL RUBEN CARRILLO FANNY CASON xv r Y"- ia ,. ,- M91 CALVIN BEEGHLY SAM BENNETT IOHNNIE BENSON CONNIE BLACK PAUL BRICKER DONNA BROWN KATHRYN BURKS SHIRLEY BUTLER L AVI I IOE COOK DWAYNE COX CARLOS DAVIS LYNNE DAVIS I . T. -! - av . 4 3. 5+ I L' "-1? Yi LUPE CERVANTEZ ARTHUR CHESSANI ALTA COBURN CHARLES COLE LOUIE DELGADO VERNA DOBBS MARLENE EASLEY SHARON EASTER SUE EASTERWOOD JACK EDMONDS KATHY EDWARDS ION EICHSTAEDT 3 "' 33 1 JERRY FISK STEVE FLINT BETTY FRIAS IANIE FULLER JOSE GAITAN Av- YGNACIO GARCIA 5, BRUCE GIBBY CAROLINA GONZALEZ "' LINDA GRANDE A GERALD sRAvEs , 3 X w A DOLORES cuRRoLA I A 1 ,. , , . . Boasv HILL . ."sL. ' , , Q' 'I' f '. ' . . I , 1 0 4 . .I . . ' ' ' f J' v v nt., ' ' L ' IRITA HITI A HARVEY HOPKINS i ' JAMES HUNTER --Y 4 DONALD JAMES ,L 45: GARY JAMESDN JEROME JENNINGS VIRGINIA JUAREZ X. he ' DON LAYMAN JOHN LEMLEY JESS LEON MIKE LOPEZ A lIL,L A If? f Q Y. fb . L gr 'A' .Lf HARVEY LAMBERSON ROY MARTIN PATRICIA MAULE TOM MATLOCK PAUL MEZA I A 1 r-' y I V .I I ii FLOYD MURRELL THOMAS MYERS MANUEL NUNEZ MARK OLIVARES jfs .4 2 ' f 4-. it 5 Y I 1 I In 2 NI a I 5 X ,. , fd LET. , -af 5' ,. ' I ,I A I ff 47 I JI V ,. II A M IR, L V F' 5 C I JANE MCCARY ANN MCFARLAND TERRY MCGUIRE NICK MADSEN vt ,,.x , .J 1 N. III'Ii OLA MIDDLEBROOKS RICHARD MILLER KATHLEEN MOORE CAROL MORRIS ROBERTA PAREGIEN MARIETTA PARRISH OLEN PATTERSON KEN PERKINS WESLEY PETERS CHARLES POOL BILLIE MAE PRICE CYNTHIA RAINEY ' 4 I T' I' 'F' A r MJT ROSE RODRIGUEZ JUDY ROGERS ARLENE ROZZELL AMELIA SANCHEZ . ,l mmf f Q- 'Q DON SMITH DONNA SMITH HELEN SMITH PAMELA SNYDER IAMES RANGEL BETTY ANN REED JUDY RICHARDSON ELEANOR RODRIGUEZ 5 I Qffliih .QW REUBEN SAUCEDA KRYSTEN SCHMITTOU IOAN SCOTT ANN SMITH BILLIE TAYLOR ROBERT TAYLOR MARY RUTH THOMAS SHIRREL THOMPSON IANIS WADE CURTIS WANDS SUE WILDE GEORGE WILLIAMS 3 49 4 U A 1 . 1- uh '4- 'X it 1 VIOLET WILLIAMS MARY ANN WILSON IOE ZAVALA DICK SOUTHWICK BRENDA STEVENSON LOIS STOUT HARLAN SWIFT T Q 1. LARRY TITTSWORTH ANGIE TORRES RUBEN TOVAR LINDA VOSSLER , xx A " , .2411 IACIIJA if Q 55 J.. Nl WIIGHI SHOP l l'llTlil'-'l .f,f ,J 4? f"5 I 'I-Wir 1 1 vq,,lr7 rr -. ., rmxtlyf. 'f'iV7?Iimi -...Mai . 'Vzv,1f5U::!i,i,X2 'L'-Jlf,,","!'fg,yQ' 4- O Sophomore class favorites, Sandra Dodd and Dave Ward, discuss the advantages of organizing a Mau-Mau Tribe in Mrs. Iron's world history class fx, N4 r .r The class ol 1962, still being the largest class in the history of Fillmore Union High School, has prospered a great deal this year. Sophomore scholastic ability has been shown by our four straight "A" students and the number ot sophomores in C.S.F. Participation inother clubs was active also. Attendance and participation are important things in high school. They show spirit for the school. In the way of sports the sophomores have contributed greatly. The champion LV. football team was mainly com- posed ot sophomores. In basketball there were sopho- mores on the A, B, and C teams. Baseball and track teams were made up ot many sophomores. Now with another year of high school behind us the as -.P-at we class ot '62 is looking forward to an even better and more successful year as iuniors. EDDIE YBARRA X- s President ,llc I SITTING: Dave Ward, Vice President: Linda Robbins, Secretary: Eddie Ybarra, President. STANDING: Mr. Palmer, Adviser: Ron Godfrey, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: lim Beaty, Jesse Broughton, Maria Belloumini, Bill Aulich, Dennie Bartels. SECOND ROW: Don Berrington, Bob Bigham, Barbara Brooks, Wyone Ball, Roberta Andrino, Bill Brewer. BACK ROW: Vernon Crowe, Larry Bailey, John Arundell, Bill Alcoser, lim Burson, Gerald Ballard, Leon Banta. f'T ,44 X, gs OV! u'9 p-'X be '10 ' 0'40 OQQ '44 I f- 3 FIRST ROW: Robert Armstrong, Sandra Dodd, Carlos Gonzalez, Eva Coburn, Shirley Cowans. SECOND ROW: Bob Ellsworth, Donna DeFever, Donna Crockett, Wayne Fore, Karen Dunst, Gwen Dudley. BACK ROW: Steve DeSoto, Ellen Drew, Caron Case, Cecil Decker, Bob Deeter, Cheryl Dungan, Vernon Croflord. FIRST ROW: Natalie Gaitan,losie Hernandez, Evelyn Gonzalez, Veronica Grande, Ed Edison. SECOND 'ROW: Mary Gregory, Paula Hollingsworth, Pat Hol- lingsworth, Cheryl Felsenthal, Nancy Hunt, Pat Everson. BACK ROW: Donna Hanna, Mary Graham, Judy Goodenough, layne Hight, Dan Gehman, Larry Car- rol, Ron Godfrey. g ,f V22 36 ':: C? I 9 J if pl., .I Q' , Q7 f 'qi .flsi, ' Q Ah!! FIRST ROW: Danny Molina, Norma laconetti, lan Moehl, Paula Miller, Art Munoz. SECOND ROW: Robert Miller, Robert Meyers, Alex Munoz, Gary Major, Terri Myers, Connie Nichols. BACK ROW: Harold McDowell, Ruben Orneles, Gilbert Lewis, Pam McGaugh, Nadean Morton, lanice McElroy, Coleman Mayo. FIRST ROW: lane 0'Banion, Connie Ortiz, Josephine Romero, Chaille Massey, Linda Robbins. SECOND ROW: Sherry Lowe, Susan Lowe, Grace Reynolds, Mary Ryerson, Leonard Morris. BACK ROW: Gilbert Ramirez, Dick Perez, Walter Packwood, Cecelia Roatcap, Roy Myers, Nancy Richardson. Ax fs x sexi l Margaret King, Virgil Sanders, 4 FIRST ROW: Becky Robinson, Tom Robertson, Roger Westerburg, Sherry Simmons, Nelson Somers, Joe Viramontez, H. R. Sayre. SECOND ROW: Sharon Stewart, Kathy Sloan, Randy Wade, Kathy Wagner, Don Main, Marla Thomason, lack Lake, Howard Wands FIRST ROW: Eddie Yharra, Tobie Brown, Robert Wiley, Maria Diaz, Braulio Quezada. SECOND ROW: Shirley Martin, Willard Harper, Frances Lozano, Nor- man Stafford, Lydia Lovato, lrene Garcia. BACK ROW: Claudia Harbison, Ron Wilson, Phil Young, Dave Ward, Nancy Patterson, Hugh Godard, Larry Shiells. C9 IDA 44 I' 8, Y 5 ', 45,132 A osx, I,f..6s 1' 4 FIRST ROW: Jimmy Torres, Gloria Rivera, Art Sanchez, Carol Segler, Don Southwick, Norbert Riesgo. SECOND ROW: Bill Simmons, Larry Antonson, Billy Hill, Cecelia Roatcap, John Yount, Jimmie Tripp, Sandi Vaughn, Kip Graves. Llf0C PCL J If ,. -4, 1-rua -.f , '31, ' ' - 1 !. . 1 f 1 , ry 2 ' 'F V' ,, F Ax H ' V' I .1 ' ,.4,1 ' I X lA,v ' Q ' f ' . .W ' ' U 1 A 7 if 1,1 ff' 1 ' I l V, fx 6 7 l iizft 'Nl rg . 1 1 - 'A - ' K F- ' ' . , . ' , f V "' .J A N l X - - 1. ', , . 4 ' , , 59 V '. - .I , f F R E S H M E N - 1 '25 1 0 A as , 1 11 ,- 'B it i , I f , X ',f 1 Nzvisiz' " r 1 5 We t X nf, 1- f 11? .. 'f M, t . f lu- Wi " L ' A A,,V - , A i I' Aft I ,H V , 'Anya My , "We know what an 'Ameba' is," says Freshman Class Favorites Bill Walden and Lucy Alcozar, "but now to get it through those thick skulls at the desks in Toolie's Freshman Orientation cIass." W . " SITTING: Carol Preciado, Vice-President, Suzie Wilson, Secretary: Bill Walden, President. STANDING: Denise Knight, Historian: Lucy Alcozar, Treasurer: and Miss Walters, Adviser. With the capable guidance of Miss Emily Walters, counselor for the Freshman Class of 1963, we started the ball rolling with an invitation to our parents for coffee in the cafeteria on January 20, where the policies of the school and the problems of the students were discussed, and the teachers were introduced. The big job of any freshman class is to acquaint each member with one another and get the feel of being in high school. We accomplished this with some of the ac- tivities which included two dances in the spring and the annual cleaning of the "F". The spirit of cooperation that has prevailed this year has been most heartwarming and helpful to me and l would like to thank the officers who have helped me greatly throughout the year. As our enthusiasm grows our class will leave its indelible mark in the history of Fill- more Union High School. BILL WALDEN President FIRST ROW: Donna Arrasmith, Rita Carrillo, Dural Been, Steve Beall, Toni Alvarado, Lucy Alcozar. SECOND ROW: Cecilia Corl, Linda Bryant, Shirley Broughton, Bill Bowersox, Robert Been, Charles Anderson, Virginia Alcantara. BACK ROW: Sandra Bragg, Jess Bustos, limmy Avance, Pat Askren, Raymond Alverdi, Curtis Adams, Connie Ayala, Karen Allen. TT Yx.,? 1 Q 5 ar- 1 A gi wage N.. 1,6 l FIRST ROW: David Dollar, lannet Finnerty, Harley Cowans, Sally Gaitan, Ester Garcia, Carolina Ybarra. SECOND ROW: lohn Cabral, Bob Campbell, Bob Cox, Connie Douglas, Richard Campbell, Ruby Carpenter, Elydia Golson. BACK ROW: Guy Clements, Doug Fisher, Martha Edwards, Jean Fuller, Sheryl Charles, Neila Elkins, Patsy Fuller, lenny Esquivel. FIRST ROW: Dixie Kaufman, Ron Johnson, lohn liminez, lohn Gritz, Paul Gritz, Adah Gregory. SECOND ROW: Denise Knight, Gary Kortan, Susan Knappen, lohn Hackler, Bob Hunt, lan Johnson, Peggy Hall. BACK ROW: Carol King, Francisco lbarra, Jim Hanna, Phil Hawkins, Curtis Goodenough, Russell Hans- com, Roger lpswitch, Eileen Grover. xv C' S O1 qu ""i' fa sf - J1 ,Q,- 'TP .cg -f .D ,. gk . , .f-G. zfk K - X Q HG 1 XJ 'X ntl 47 l v-1 .,,U -' l '-ll! qw" R flluu U n "'vmrr4 ""L,,,,,'r' me nl.."""' lg, - 'un 'll I'-'us' Q1 FIRST ROW: Marina Lopez, Patricia Mann, Harry McKitchens, Keith McDuffee, Jennifer Myers, Ronnie Galyan. SECOND ROW: Karen Madsen, Danny Myers, James Anderson, Dolores Preciado, Carol Preciado, Reagan Moore, John Luna. BACK ROW: Eileen Lechler, Jim Hibbard, Richard Ballard, Gloria McKitchens, Mike Maxwell, Bobby Palmer, Dwight Moore, Arthur Medina. FIRST ROW: Emma Montero, Paul Menke, Elfreda Renfro, Lera Cole, Bill Lamey, Bill McGregor. SECOND ROW: Ellis Brooks, Hope Reyes, Ruby Riesgo Jan Lamberson, Rosie Coronado, Roy Townsend, Eldon Stevenson. BACK ROW: Doris Griffin, Stan Pearce, Dewey Pool, Christina Jackson, Nancy Kozar Bill Ragonton, Jack Lee, John Maddux. ,cfs vi gl V f 1 'Z FIRST ROW: Gary Robertson, Donald Roberts, Jessie Vega, Olelia Sanchez, Kennie Voorhies John Van Horn SECOND ROW Herbert Sauceda lan Wallace Phillip Tovar, Edith Sanders, Linda Sutton, Frank Vasquez, Susie Steppler. BACK ROW lohn Soto Mina Van Drsdol Elame Swindle Raymond Rozzell Edward Lozano, Shannon Thompson, loan Salsbury, Lindsey Stansell. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Wade, Suzi Wilson, Rosie Coronado, Dorothy Hodge. Margaret Yzaguirre, Linda Wilson. BACK ROW if , A ,gf any iw- A 412 f"'kvv'a,g,-5,41 Q if wi- fm -Q4'5x,.f . I H , w fm -if mfr .wh .ff JR 3,--.If ,M i M.-arf-. , ,-an , A .wg .fw1-1-fm-4-Iver.. ,,, .,,. . . -, . '.1'.x.,vf.,' 1 .M-f .1 . x ,V Y - , , , , , , ,, , ., ,, , , ,, x Q-'fy ww . f..- -. ,- -away 1' , ig - cv- 14, -:mf ' , -,,-Q k 'M -'wi .., M 2' N, .2 . .Am -, . L .- ffm. . '14, ,.,', f,,,1.41..H '- -W . A ' .M Hg- ' , nf:-' ,. . , n- f X gy ,,, , .f A ..-fi. 9: ,. '- f- ,. I .. ff. . ,- zffr. , -1f"57'!'?: W . , M w A A 1 'M HP 44, ,f H,-,v-lrk . - ..,--M gf-... - -, "HA x 41. -71 Lw-:ky--, - V W, - ' - - QS Q 'v gg. 'Sm Eighth grade class favorites, Kathleen laynes and Mickey Gibby, are viewed here as they try to demonstrate their superior Gi knowledge of mathe matics to seventh grade class favorites, Kenny Bigger and Mary Blodget. We if ei-4 1-na Mrs. Redd, Adviser: Kathleen laynes, President: Yvonne Anderson, Secretary: and Carol Strickland, Vice-President. igA td grade We the class of 1964 have just completed our eighth year of formal education and at this time, should be prepared for our advancement into high school The terminating year has been marked along the way by various dances assemblies and a talent show We have been active in Boys Athletic Association, Girls Athletic Association and the junior high honor society And those who are proficient in music have participated in band chorus and orchestra Thanks to our ever helpful teachers and counselors our eighth year has been rewarding and fulfilling We hope that next year will be the same or better KATHLEEN JAYNES President FIRST ROW: Irene Hernandez, Cecelia Herrera, Bill Bigham, Mickey Gibby, Austin Burson. SECOND ROW: Donna Felsenthal, Billy Hall, Sandra Chisholm, Gabriel Asenas, Susan Case, David Gunter. THIRD ROW: Kathleen laynes, Steve Hutchins, Pat Gilmore, lim Baker, Larry Carpenter, Becky Hanna, loan Drew. BACK ROW: Katherine Davis, Don Hart, Linda Fuller, left Hansen, Tom Hayes, Nancie DeFever, Pat Casas, lohn Cook l FIRST ROW: Fred Viramontez, Allen Vaughn, Harold Langston, Roddy Rector, Steve Curnett, Richard Martinez. SECOND ROW: Gustavo Zermeno, Cecil Krieger, Kenneth Hodges, Terry Timmons, Olga Merida, David Beeghly, Frank Lozano, Timmy Long. THIRD ROW: George Scheller, Donald Sorenson, Gale Crockett, Melinda Munoz, Allan Wilson, Mary Glenn, lunior Perez, lerry Wands. FOURTH ROW: Larry Murrell, Linda Currier, Reynaldo Rivera, Gerald Dunehew, Cherie Witherwax, Kay Farrell, Jessie Fanning, lim Hight, Burel Townsend. Linda Madsen, Secretary, Miss Fremlin, Adviser, Teresa Mann, Vice-President: and Kenny Bigger, President, .SZUQI1 QPCLCIQ The morning ol September 8, 1959, Mr. Lawrence Sulli- van, principal of the Fillmore Union High School, and all the teachers welcomed the members of the new seventh grade class. Most of us have found junior high quite a change from elementary school, we like having more activities. We have an Honor Society in which fourteen seventh graders made membership the first quarter by earning the required ten points. Our junior high band, under the fine direction ol Mr. Leonard Reed, was very good this year. Miss Vera Fremlin, our friendly and able counsellor has guided and directed our social activities. Our dances have been well attended and enjoyed by everyone. The Girls' Athletic Association has different sports such as ping pong, shuffleboard, badminton, speedball, basket- ball, and soccer. The Boys' Athletic Association plays football, basketball, and track. Both organizations meet for sports activities before school. Now, with our first year of Junior High School behind us, we are anticipating making our next year even better. KENNY BIGGER President FIRST ROW: Linda Jackson, Patty Burson, David Hardison, Phyllis Krska, Betty Pardenbery. SECOND ROW: Nancy Avey, Carlene Gilleland, Glenn Morton, Johnny Tyson, Valerie Davis, Mary Ann Casas. THIRD ROW: Harold Smith, Kenneth Clinton, Richard Monday, Royetta Hungate, Susan Southwick, Don Deeter, Bob Everett. BACK ROW: Bobby Cole, Allen Yeargen, Diane Southwick, Allan Bliss, Diana Nichols, Valerie Pinckley, Frank Aguero, Mary Blodget. I 5 , fuwauu-.s Q I neun'-urenii mammary, 1 .'6' fs., If-uh., t I I 6 , . Q P 1 I r v A 4 1 o S "1,eviQf nm iifilllll 355-F an 'W la hlgwg , - inn-ofa Nl nv -wa-N E .,, I V- bf 'il' TK. any-M, 4 pumps:-rf fix 'Y A 3: A-ng? 'S ef. ad" f' 4 1-aff Here one of our typical club groups talks over the educational U1 value of making popcorn balls. 44+ 4 lib I Nfuhv' if 5,4 jf fu f L ,,,, L ZSQY - yv P The purpose of Pi Theta, as an organization, is to ,-1-G , foster interest in higher mathematics. The most worth- "1 I " while function of the club is the giving of a fifty dollar award to the most outstanding mathematics student. As the Pi Theta enrollment is limited to college pre- paratory students who are taking or have taken trigo- nometry, advanced algebra, or solid geometry, activities in the club are limited by the busy schedule of the mem- bers. Each year, however, we try to have one social meet- ing for initiating purposes, and several other meetings tor worthwhile subiects pertaining to mathematics. Also, each year, Pi Theta plans one field trip to a place of sci- entific interest. LARRY YOU NT President Miss Hansen, Adviser, Angela Grande, Vice President, Larry Yount, President, Pat Patterson, Secretary-Treasurer, lohn Lemley, Sergeant-at-Arms. i efa EIRST ROW: Sandi Shiells, loe Cook, Lynne Davis, Charlotte Elkins, Martha Fansler, Mary Phillips. SECOND ROW: Carol Morris, Scott Wade, Dan Maros- tica, Felipe Quezada, Bill Wilson, Pat Patterson. THIRD ROW: Larry Yount, Terry McGuire, Don Layman, Art Dawson, Kenton Knight. FOURTH ROW: Dave Ward, John Lemley, Chuck Wiley, John Hardison. 43 C9 hr if el 17 O E T I i 1 N f f f I I g I Q 't " T51 P 2si,,.f'+ 'Y ' 7','I'LnH,' ' . 1 'T ' r",. 1, 'f"' ' SITTING: Judy Rogers, President. STANDING: Charlotte Elkins, Treasurer: Marilyn Barnes, Vice President: Mr. Schallhorn, Adviser: Pat Patterson, Secretary: Sue Sutton, Sergeant-at-Arms. jlwra JJZJM. Theta Alpha is a club to assist those students planning to enter into the teaching profession. All activities are planned to give as much information as possible in this field by going into different phases of teaching and giv- ing the students an idea of what it is like. This year conferences concerning teaching as a career were attended at various universities. At many of our club meetings various teachers related some of their experi- ences and problems while teaching. This year Theta Alpha also held its annual banquet. It is our hope that through Theta Alpha students will be able to extend their knowledge and understanding of teaching. JUDY ROGERS President FIRST ROW: Judy Rogers, Donna DeFever, Mina Van Orsdol, Dixie Kaufman, Caron Case, Jayne Hight, Lynne Davis, Susan Hafford, Sandi Shiells, Mar- jorie Maior, Mr. Schallhorn. LAST ROW: Sue Sutton, Pamela Rowe, Cecelia Roatcap, Nadean Morton, Carol King, Ruby Carpenter, Linda Sutton, Roberta Andrino, Mason Powell, Mary Phillips, Pat Patterson, Nancy Hunt, Charlotte Elkins. r I 'G ,nail --.., x rlr lf ,fl 5:39 FIRST ROW: Sue Easterwood, Julie Bigger, Pat Patterson, Billie Mae Price, Carol Baker, Dan Gehman, Henry Kreissl, Mr. Knight, Adviser SECOND ROW Josephine Romero, Martha Fansler, Robert Miller, Nick Madsen, Bill Wilson, Bruce Gibby, John Lemiey, Jan Moehl. The main purpose of the California Scholarship Fed- eration is implied in the motto of the club, "Scholar- ship For Service." Our Chapter, 1383, was chartered in 1926 and is open to tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students who have met the requirements set by the Federation. A member of C. S. F. has many advantages given him. After being a member of C. S. F. for four semes- ters, one of which has to be in his senior year, he becomes a Life Member or Seal Bearer. The Life Mem- ber has a gold seal affixed to his diploma and on all transcripts of his school record. Many scholarships are given to C. S. F. members. The C. S. F. is the only club in the school which is allowed to have a trip during school hours. The C. S. F. Honor Day Trip takes place in the Spring. This trip is partly of an educa- tional nature, such as our trip to the Huntington Memorial Library last year. JOHN LEM LEY President C . John Lemley, President: Bruce Gibby, Vice President: Carol Baker Treasurer Pat Pat terson, Secretary, Nick Madsen, Historian, Mr. Knight, Adviser J SITTING: Sandra McCreery, President: Miss Smith, Adviser. STANDING: Sue Easterwood, Vice President: Lucy Alcozar, Freshman Representativep Mary Ellen Victoria, Student Body Vice President, Krysten Schmittou, Junior Representative, Ann McFarland, Secretary, lane McCary, Treasurer: Pam McGaugh, Sophomore Representative. Sandra McCreery Winner of the D.A.R. Award 'sf 'EY QI' 15 , olgaglfle kj H.. Girls' League is an organization composed of all the girls in high school. As each girl becomes a student of Fillmore High School, she automatically becomes a member of Girls' League. The purpose of this organization is to promote better relations between the girls and to help solve problems which affect the girls at Fillmore High. Girls' League also strives to develop leadership and to set standards for girls in keeping with Fillmore High's ideals and traditions. The annual Mother-Daughter Tea, one of the most successful events of the school year, is put on by Girls' League. The Girls' League sponsors a food drive for needy families at Christmas time. The whole student body and faculty co-operate in this proiect. In essence, the Girls' League is a democratic organi- zation of all the girls. SANDRA McCREERY President A If XJ 1 SITTING: lulie Bigger, Secretary: Charlotte Lemley, President: Margie Major, Vice President: KNEELING: Diane Deeter, Chaplain: Margaret Graham, Historian: Carol Aardappel, Treasurer. The Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian organization dedicated to the purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards ol Christian character. This organization is composed of twenty junior girls and twenty senior girls who wish to be ol service to the community. Some of the major projects ofthe year are: attendance at Y-Day in Hollywood, an induction ceremony, deco- rating the halls at Christmas time, a Christmas carol' ing party, an alter game dance, a co-ed snow trip, attendance in Youth in Government in Sacramento, and a scavenger hunt for food and clothing for the needy. Our Club has, throughout the year, gained respect and sustained its goals, proving to be an outstanding spiritual and service organization. CHARLOTTE LEMLEY President FIRST ROW: Carol Aardappel. SECOND ROW: Brenda Stevenson, Pam Snyder, Ola Middlebrooks. THIRD ROW: Mary Phillips, Mary Ann Wilson, Iudy Rogers, Janis Wade. FOURTH ROW: Karen Baldwin, Ann McFarland, Martha Fansler, Sue Sutton, Marla Brewer, Roberta Paregien. FIFTH ROW: Lynne Davis, Mary Ruth Thomas, Sue Wilde, Carol Baker, Marilyn Allen, Susan Haftord, Margaret Graham, Sue Walker. SIXTH ROW: Sandra McCreery, Mrs. Shaffer, Adviser, Susan Zimmerman, Connie Black, Charlotte Elkins, Charlotte Lemley, Becky Legan, Sandi Shiells, Marjorie Major, Kathleen Moore, Carol Morris, Julie Bigger. 4 nj-cf? 17 During the year the Hi-Y Club received its charter and is now an affiliate of the National Organization. All present members achieved the status of Charter Mem- bers ot the Fillmore Chapter Hi-Y. The Fillmore Hi-Y Club fosters the spirit of co- operation and good fellowship among its members while ever remaining mindful of the high Christian ideals for which it was founded. Through the medium of their various activities, the club members receive valuable training in the proper methods of conducting business meetings. Projects sponsored by the club during the school year included the sale of booster hats, popcorn balls, and, on occasion, operating the stands for basketball games. These projects provided working knowledge of busi- ness procedures by giving members the opportunity to contact the personnel ot various business concerns. 'L While the club was busy with serious problems, the social life was not entirely forgotten, as evidenced by several enjoyable fun ventures which included the an- nual Y-Day at Hollywood Bowl, ham and waffles party, annual snow camp at Lone Pine, and the Japanese Treasurer, Mr. Hawkins, Adviser. lantern party in the spring. The members of the Hi-Y look back on the fruitful year of useful activities, pleasant associations, with a feeling ot accomplishment in a job well done. ELDEN COLLINS President xjvf- L .J SITTING: Bob Hays, Vice Presidentg Elden Collins, President: Art Dawson, Secretary STANDING: Scott Wade, Sergeant-at-Arms, Kenton Knight, Chaplain: Charles Merrill FIRST ROW: George Searcy, Bruce Gibby, Bob Hays, Scott Wade, Nick Madsen, Dan Marostica. SECOND ROW: Don Smith, Charles Merrill, Elden Collins Don Myers, Garlan Lemons, Dan Bowlin. THIRD ROW: John Lemley, loe Cook, Kenton Knight, Mike Schield. 39 an g 'xf 5 , 05 -:Q ,-1 1 I 1 N f --I I 55 FIRST ROW: Sue Sutton, Sandi Shiells, Pat Maule, Ann McFarland Caron Case Jayne Hlght Robert Wiley Billy Brewer SECOND ROW Linda Grande Connie Nichols Nanc Richardson Veronica Grande, Charlotte Lemley Rhoda Fairfield Susan Halford Carol Morris THlRD ROW Bill Wilson Chuck i lf V Wiley, Henry Kriessl, Richard Collins. The main purpose of the Science Club is to further interest in the scientific fields. In our present technical era an increased knowledge of science by everyone is necessary. lls in recent years, this past year the Science Club has been one of the most active clubs in school. For the first time the club turned down offers of assistance from the Ventura County School System. To pay our way we decided to sponsor a Lecture Series which financed the year's activities. Besides the lectures our activities included various field trips and the annual Science Month which con- sists of the Science Fair, Awards Banquet and the Science Career Day. One of our field trips was to Vandenberg Air Force Base, a follow-up to last year's Norton Sound visit. l feel that all of our activities promoted interest besides being fun. The amount of work soon weeded out those that thought this another social club, but those remaining were the ones that had the desire to work hard and reap the profits. Bill Banta, a 1959 graduate, received the Golden Key award for being the most outstanding student during his membership in the club. This award consists of the Golden Key plus laboratory fees for his freshman year in college. With much credit due our adviser, Mr. Brisby, l feel we have had an excellent year and demonstrated that work and pleasure can easily go together. l0N EICHSTAEDT President FIRST ROW: Kathleen Moore, Dolores Schieterle, Amelia Sanchez, Mary Ellen Victoria, Mary Phillips, Janis Wade, Martha Fansler, lrita Hiti. SECOND ROW: Linda Grande, Billie Mae Price, Mary Ann Wilson, Charlotte Elkins, Nora 0'Banion, Carol Baker, Marilyn Barnes, Betty Ann Reed, lulie Bigger. THIRD ROW: Carol Morris, lohn Hardison, Bob Hays, Gary Beckman, Bruce Gibby, lon Eichstaedt. FOURTH ROW: Larry Yount, Mike Schield, Art Dawson, John Lemley, Felipe Quezada. LAST ROW: Kenton Knight, Don Myers, loe Cook, Nick Madsen, Don Layman. IJCUQIJA ug D Cf Quezada, President: Charlotte Elkins, Vice President. 11 'L'L lglg-, U I ell L 1.1. I '11 Z G 2 -I I C F .- o :r 3 r- ru 3 5 F -4 -. ru na in I: 1 ru I 2 o -. m Q W m E. o F KD ro o -. ru .- m -Q 'F T X fi 3 I C F 'H 2 6, m QF?-I I gr.. . 1 .-1-if-. Juli If-E This year the Spanish Club made its traditional trip to Olvera Street in Los Angeles. ln past years it has been the custom lor the Spanish Club to have a Spanish Dinner. However, last year the dinner and the trip were combined. This year, because of the increasing amount of activities in and out of school, the dinner and trip were again combined. This year our activities have included an initiation and our fund raising after game dance. The latter enabled us to pay for part of our trip and for a S25 award given at the end of the year to the outstanding fourth year Spanish student. FELIPE QUEZADA President 85 The purpose of the Letterwomen's Club is to further girls' interest in athletics. By earning one thousand points in G.A.A., a girl receives her block "F" and be- comes a member ol the Letterwomen's Club. For every three hundred points after one thousand, a stripe is added to her sweater. Instead ot having our meetings before school, as in the past, the club meets at one ol the members' houses for a potluck supper, after which we participate in some form ol recreation. The agenda for this year included a money-making movie, and a weekend trip to the beach. The main event of the year was the athletic banquet which was put on for the Letterwomen and Lettermen. MARGARET GRAHAM President Q Ql'bUOI'I'lelfl 55 LL In ' CH nie Alcozar, Carol Monis. THIRD ROW: Lynne Davis, Andrea Gonzalez, Rhoda Fairlield, Irene Sanchez. Margaret Graham, President: lulia Preciado, Historian, Diane Deeter Treasurer and FRONT ROW: Lupe Cervantez, Mary Phillips, Julia Preciado, Frances Martinez, Margaret Graham. SECOND ROW: Diane Deeter, Charlotte Lemley Con S- Wei I '36 g 5 ,V ff 5 "I .-l ' -41 36- cot QQ as FIRST ROW: Bill Dewey, Secretary-Treasurerg Charles Merrill, President. SECOND ROW: Mr. Herrill, Adviser: Bob Walden, Sergeant-at-Arms: Elden Collins, Vice-Presi- dent. oaffermen 3 The Fillmore Lettermen's club began the year by sponsoring the first after-game dance which had an ex- cellent turnout. The next affair was the initiation of new Lettermen, which was enjoyed by the whole student body. All those who were initiated were required to wear an outlandish costume consisting of articles such as the top of a girl's two-piece bathing suit and one tennis shoe with no socks. That night the initiates were also required to pass certain rigorous tests before they were admitted to the club. ln order to raise money the club sponsored the movie, "The Silver ChaIice," at the Fillmore Theater. The movie was enjoyed by all who attended. Another project which the Lettermen under- took was the Twilight Track Meet with Ventura which was held for the purpose of tuning-up the track team for the finals. Every Tuesday, the Lettermen's Club helps keep the school clean by picking up papers on the school grounds. Each year the Lettermen hold a barbecue after the last initiation. This year, the barbecue was held at the beach and was a complete success. CHARLES MERRILL President C714 FIRST ROW: Mr. Herrill, Joe Cook, Bob Hays, Elden Collins, Don Myers, Floyd Murrell, Garlan Lemons, Dan Marostica. SECOND ROW: John Lemley, Gary Beckman, lack Howton, Bob Hill, Rick Cadena, Manuel Munez, Dan Miller, Bob Charles Merrill, Sam Bennett, less Leon, Robert Miller, Don Smith, Larry Tittsworth. Walden. THIRD ROW: Bill Dewey, Art Dawson, John Renollino, 'F' Y -3 FRONT ROW: Cecelia Corl, Adah Gregory, Kathy Wagner, Shirley Martin, Jayne Hight, Sally Gaitan, Jesse Vega, Paula Hollingsworth, Arlene Rozzell. SECOND ROW: Sue Easterwood, Donna Williams, Sue Ballinger, Shirley Cow- ans, Donna Boyett, Doris Hollingsworth, Joyce Reynolds, Jo Ann Townsend , Alta Colburn.THlRD ROW: Eva Coburn, Antonia Juarez, Connie Alcozar, Rosie Alvarado, Cheryl Dungan, Lupe Cervantez, Armida Alvarado, Pamela Rowe. BACK ROW: Don Brown, Steve DeSoto, Gerald Parris, Victor Yzaguirre, Larry Tittsworth, Harley Cowans, Virgil Sanders, Don James. CENTER: Mr. Reed. FIRST CIRCLE: Ann Smith, Carol Segler, Dennis Bartels, Richard Campbell, Sandra McCreery, Tom Cowans, Dwight Moore. SECOND CIRCLE: Donna DeFever, Sandra Bragg, Shirley Butler, Joyce Pritchard, Kip Graves, Toni Alvarado, Del Cap- pel, Frank Vasquez. Curtis Goodenough, Gilbert Lewis, Lyndel Anderson, Pat Everson, Luis Ybarra. THIRD CIRCLE: Janet Finnerty, John Jiminez, Joan Salsbury, Reagan Moore, John Soto, Eddie Ybarra, Leonard Morris, Mary Ryerson, Denise Knight, Doug Fisher, Eleanor Allison, Philip Tovar, Robert Miller, Richard Miller. FOURTH CIRCLE: Charles Sessions, Steve Flint, Larry Stocker, John Van Horn, Robert Meyers, Kenny Shull, Ruben Tovar, Danny Carrillo, Ellis Brooks, David Dollar, Harry McKitchens, Rodney Robinson, Don Layman, Richard Oakley, George Williams, Jerry Fisk, Jimmie Burson, Danny Miller, Bill Walden, Don Southwick, Donovan Main. FIFTH CIRCLE: Connie Douglas, Grace Pennington, Gwendolyn Dudley, Roger Ipswitch, John Maddux, Stanley Pearce, Ronnie Godfrey, Floyd Murrell, Vernon Crowe, Danny Jacobe, Edward Lozano. "" "ir 'fu W- - 'L .1-:-T---f - s I ff I AAL 0 -an , . ,, 7 4 'V I A -2: 4. -sg la pq -, Cf 5-J V ,e,,-g-- J - ' ....- QI' "tr" JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS-FIRST ROW: Barbara Green, Charlotte Barksdale, Kathleen Baker, Sandra Chisholm, Carol Marston, Sheila Spangler, Tonya Massey, Ruth Ellen Miller, Linda Madsen. SECOND ROW: Cecelia Herrera, Tommy Long, Jimmy Bullock, Phillip Morales, Dennis Allred, Kathleen laynes, Susan Case, Donna Felsenthal, lean Powell, Sharon Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Anita Marshall, Marilyn Southwick, Nanice DeFever, Valorie Pinkley, Mary Blodget, Diane Southwick, Deborah Stewart, Linda Cox. FOURTH ROW: Mary Sampson, Sylvia Salsbury, Nancy Roatcap, Carol Campbell, Linda Amrhine, Teresa Mann, Benita Esparza, Mr. Baehr, adviser. Drum Major, Rodney Robinson. Maiorette, Ola Middlebrooks. .....,.---....-f -We--at -1 -. A 4 X. cr 1+'..1 Im vkx-T.- 2 i--- 'S ll, an we- FRONT ROW: Caron Case, Judy Goodenough, Antonia Juarez, Lupe Cervantez, Lillian Gaitan, Frances Martinez, Linda Wright, Carol Aardappel, Josephine Romero. SECOND ROW: Donna Fanning, Roberta Andrino, Billie Mae Price, Marta Vasquez, Irene Sanchez, Carolyn Gonzalez, Chaille Massey, Nora 0'Banion, Miss Hake. LAST ROW: Cheryl Dungan, Marie Gonzalez, Sandi Shiells, Joyce Pritchard, Shirley Butler, Joyce Reynolds, Mason Powell. CCLCJUCQUJ SITTING: Miss Hake, Adviser, Sandi Shiells, Presidentp Marta Vasquez, Secretary. STANDlNG:.Lupe Cervantez, Corresponding Secretary, Irene Sanchez, Vice-President, Nora 0'Banlon, Treasurer: Chaille Massey, Historian. C716 The Caduceus Club was reorganized this past year to include all students interested in medical, nursing, and health professions. Its purpose is to interest stu- dents in personal and community health, as well as a career in medical service. The club featured special speakers and films at bi- monthly meetings throughout the year. At a Christmas dinner the club donated gifts for needy families. The sponsoring of a movie provided funds for membership pins and a field trip. The Caduceus club is anticipating continued success under the guidance of Esther R. Hake, school nurse and club founder. SANDRA SHIELLS President ,Aa FIRST ROW: Mr. Rees, John Renollino, lim Torres, Calvin Beeghly Gary Aardappel Wesley Peters Bob Ellsworth Manuel Nunez Mr Kingsley BACK ROW: Joe Zavala, Lee Cox, Larry Carrell, Hugh Godard Leonard Boynton Bob Taylor Jerome Jennings .gnclualmaf J4 fa The Industrial Arts Club is composed ot boys who have had at least one year of any of the Industrial Arts courses given here at Fillmore High School. The purposes of our club are to become more fully aware of the importance of industry in modern life, to provide opportunities for the students to grow in de- velopment ot leadership abilities, and to provide op- portunities for students to serve their school and com- munity. This year the members ol the club had an open house display that better acquainted the community with their projects, which each member made, and our work in the Industrial Arts courses. Some of the more out- standing club projects are entered in the Ventura Coun- ty Fair and the Ford Motor Company Industrial Arts Awards contest. The club has broadened the minds of the members by going on various field trips. We have visited the Los Angeles Examiner and also the Fontana Steel Mill. GARY AARDAPPEL President -dh., t-xr CID' XXX MRS. MENKE Adviser ROW: Cynthia Rainey, Cheryl Dungan, Ellen Drew, layne Hight, Caron Case. Modern Dance offers unlimited educational values which are pri- marily creative. The participant develops her own patterns which she organizes into measures and phrases with a resulting dance composi- tion or choreography. Her dance may then be performed as a solo or with a group. In this way, she learns to work by herself and with others and learns to express her feelings in movements of her own origin. There is much from the fine arts and from music to be learned: de- sign, balance, light and color: rhythmical patterns, accompaniment and feeling: all are an integral part of the dance. The main purpose of the class is to develop flexibility and movement experiences. The activities of the modern dance group are presented to the pub- lic several times each year. One of these presentations-and the most elaborate-is the annual Christmas Pageant where an entire story is told through the medium of modern dance. A second program is one in which group and solo dances, having no relation to each other, are presented for Her Majesty's pleasure at the annual Coronation rites ol the Fillmore Festival. Programs of lesser scope are often given for assemblies and clubs. MRS. SARA MENKE Adviser 0JQI"l'l 6U'lCQ FRONT ROW: Mary Graham, Sandra Dodd, Judy Goodenough, Carol Segler, Lydia Lovato, Barbara Brooks, Terri Myers, Roberta Andrino. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Menke, Linda Sutton, Kathy Sloan, Frances Lozano, Veronica Grande, Evelyn Green, Sherry Simmons, Maria Diaz, Paula Miller, Linda Bryant. THIRD Pamela Rowe, Donna DeFever, Constance Douglas, Wyonne Ball, lanet Ford, Sharon Stewart, Marla Thomason, cs 7 ,,x.N The Future Farmers of America is the national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in the public secondary schools. At the present time it has an active membership of 381,621 in 8,993 chap- ters of 49 states and Puerto Rico. The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America organization is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, citizenship, and patriotism. Other purposes include: more intelligent choice of occupations, encouraging cooperative effort, encouraging thrift, im- proving scholarship, and providing organized recreational activity. Fillmore Future Farmers takes an active place in the total program. Again this year we have continued to support in a small way an orphan in Kyungsang Puk Do, Korea. Many of our members showed at the Ventura County Fair. Also a part of our program is the annual Ferndale Field Day which we as a chapter won again last year. Our chapter has won this field day more times than any other chapter in the county. As our creed states: We believe in the future of farming, with a faith born not of words but oi deeds-achievements won by the present and past generations ot farmers, in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come up to us from the struggles oi former years. ELDEN COLLINS President i S CL O O FIRST ROW: Paul Gritz, limmy Avance, Bill Chaney, Mike Maxwell, John Gritz lack Howton Darrell Cresswell SECOND ROW Edwin Best Mike Hast ings, H. R. Sayre, Harvey Hopkins, Tom Robertson, Edward Edison. THIRD ROW Ronald Wilson Willard Harper Randy Wade Ramon Ayala Dickie Perez Alfred Moreno, Nelson Somers. BACK ROW: Mr. Madsen, Elden Collins, Ronnie Golson Carlos Davis Bob Deeter ,.,a- as ae V , at "' '11 X., 'Z' JC is CH., : ' K 15 SITTING: Mrs. Garfield, Adviser, lon Eichstaedt, Associate Editor, Julie Bigger, Editor, Dan Bowlin, Sports Editor, Margie Maior, Features Editor. STAND ING: Carol Baker, Public Relations, Linda Grande, Exchange Editor, Rodney Robinson, Photographer, Mary Ann Wilson, Reporter, Janis Wade, Reporter The NEWS FLASHES has tried to present a pic- ture ot all phases of school life-social, cultural, and athletic. lt has tried to inspire the best efforts in all students by giving recognition to any out- standing accomplishment, whether in music or mathematics, art or athletics. lt has attempted to foster school spirit by giving recognition to ath- letic achievements and other events in which the school may take pride. It has tried to foster good citizenship by various means, such as publicizing the Safe Driver Contest, which encourages stu- dents to be more observant ot the traftic rules and regulations. These have been some of the primary aims ot this year's NEWS FLASHES. JULIE BIGGER Editor ewd j!d6Ae6 Iulie Bigger, Editor, and Ion Eichstaedt, Associate Editor R, 5 fri vi' si ' Av Sam Bennett Bob Ellsworth Kenneth Yount Mr Rees Charles Pool lim Beaty. Phil Hawkins, Ray Dukes, lames Davison Gerald ,W .,,... The Fillmore High School printers serve the school by doing many printing jobs. During the past year they have completed approximately one hundred different printing iobs. Many students have taken printing for two, three, and four years. This year there are four sec- ond year students: Bob Ellsworth, Jim Beaty, Phil Hawkins, Ken Yount: three third year students: Sam Bennett, Charles Pool, and Ken Perkins: and only one fourth year student: James Davison. In addition to these one hundred different printing jobs, the printing staff also prints the NEWS FLASHES every other Friday and prints programs for such activities as the Christmas Pageant, Band Concerts, Senior Play, Career Day, and the Com- mencement Exercises. Mn. ness Adviser rojecfionidfd 95 'X V9 ng,g" SITTING: Karen Maxwell, President: Faye Pearce, Vice-President. STANDING: Donna Dun- gan, Treasurer: Sandi Wilson, Secretary: Mrs. Miller, Adviser. The purpose of the Commercial Club is to encourage achievement in business and to broaden one's acquaint- ance with the business world. Senior and junior girls having above average grades in commercial or business classes are eligible to join. At our Christmas party each year, members of the club give food, clothing, and toys to needy families of the community, instead of giving gitts to each other. Each year the club takes a field trip to a well- known place of business to familiarize the girls with the newest business methods and machines. The Commercial Club banquet, held near the end of May, leatures a guest speaker from the business world. Awards are received by the outstanding students in bookkeeping, shorthand, and typing. Pins are presented at that time to the officers for the next year. At graduation, an award of twenty-five dollars is given to the senior girl who shows outstanding achieve- ment and promise in the field ol business. KAREN MAXWELL President ommerciaf FRONT ROW: Irita Hiti, Roberta Paregien, Marla Brewer, Donna Dungan, Eleanor Rodriquez, Connie Alcozar, Carolyn Gonzalez. SECOND ROW: Karen Maxwell, Judy Richardson, Mrs. Miller, Sharon Rycrott, Sue Hale. THIRD ROW: Kathy Steppler, Nancy Hastings, Sandi Wilson, Charlotte Elkins, Judy Askern, Kathy Hungate, Donna Williams. LAST ROW: Ann Smith, Faye Pierce, Susan Zimmerman, Retha Gaines, Ruth Bragg. n D6 ra -I 5' ' rx fs. Q-in Q-v Qs x ,val ? ii: , The purpose of the Art Club is to foster a greater interest in art and to provide a means of working on special art projects which otherwise could not be done. This year, after a late start, the club has been ex- ceptionally active. lt started out its moneymaking activi- ties by selling Christmas cards and decorations, a stand during basketball season also helped out. Our first trip was an excursion to a group of famed art galleries in Los Angeles. Later the club visited Fillmore's own Artists' Barn where we were aptly entertained by the owner, Mr. Hinckley. The Art Club has been and will be of great value to all members because it gives students a chance to work together and also a chance to earn a deep sense of achievement. LARRY YOUNT President Mr. McMillan, Adviser: Nancy Hastings, Treasurer: Don Myers, Sergeant-at-Arms, Louis Ybarra, Vice-President, Pat Everson, Secretary, Larry Yount, President. Aff CM FRONT ROW: Charlotte Elkins, Connie Ortiz, Sandi Wilson, Paula Palmer, Nancy Hastings, Patricia Mann, Dixie Kaufman. SECOND ROW: Connie Ayala, Lupe Cervantez, Terri Myers, Joe Cook, Jayne Hight, Doris Griffin. THIRD ROW: Maria Belloumini, Pat Everson, Kathy Sloan, Cecilia Roatcap, Marlene Easle lud Ro ers Sall Gaitan, Miriam Gehman Mr. McMillan. FOURTH ROW: Don Myers, Bob Hays, Gary Beckman, Manuel Munez, Roy Molina, Y. Y E T Y , lohn Lemley, Reuben Sauceda, lim Rangel, Larry Yount. Q3 f-v -38. 'Z' v-1 vi' 4 NNY 'I -uf' -ng 1 . I 1,1 X CENTER: Mr. Reed, conductor. FIRST CIRCLE: Mary Ann Wilson, Lucy Alcozar, Kathleen Moore, Nancy Mcllitchens, Susan Knappen, Mike Maxwell, Eleanor Allison. SECOND CIRCLE: Eileen Lechler, Martha Headley, Mary Blodget, Eleanor Beach, Tom Cowans, Patty Burson, Penny French, Sandra Bragg. THIRD CIRCLE: Mickey Gibby, lim Ballard, Ian Moehl, Dan Miller. FOURTH CIRCLE: Tom Hays, Iohn Cook, Ioe Reyes, Rodney Robinson. UPC!! 0:5 find FIRST ROW: Rodney Robinson, Ar! Dawson, Larry Stocker, Charles Sessions. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wiggins, Adviser, Shirley Cowans, Shirley Martin, Karen Baldwin, Linda Vossler, Mary Ellen Victoria, Kryslen Schmittou. THIRD ROW: Connie Black, Becky Legan, Mary Thomas, Ann McFarland, Ioan Salsbury, Sue Sutton. 0,3 r"'l A Y' ' HF N- "7 "QV FIRST ROW: lane 0'Banion, Armida Alvarado, Elfreda Renfro Glorra Rrverra SECOND ROW Angie Torres Shannon Thompson Kathy Edwards lennre Esquival, Susan Knappen. THIRD ROW: Billie Mae Price Frances Lozano Grace Reynolds Wyonne Ball Dolores Gurrola Mrs Irons The Usher Club is a senrice club. Members serve the school and community by acting as hostesses at school functions. During the year, club members showed capacity crowds to seats in the grandstand at home football games, handed out programs at the Christmas Pageant and Variety Show, served as wait- resses at the Science Club Banquet, and also ushered at Spring Concert, Senior Play, and Graduation. MRS. RITA IRONS Adviser Angela Grande, science fair chairman Sue Hafford, study of waves vi, O 4 al of vp, ill!! llllfll L- lil x a 4 7, - . 'H v , . , , V, M- ,og I 'ff' U -J? " 4 .7 1 -Ei 'L v' :ff f Q. tv r J? .M N, sr 'FCWQ , 4 .. . 4 . ... . ,.h. e. - : ' "-efbj .','4-,. - ,"1 . I FLEA .1 ,- f ,- SE DON 'T TOUCH Q Mike McKelvey, Tanning Mary Phillips, study of molds Terry Timmins, photography Clyde Morton, chemical l. Q. The above people are a few of the winners in the Science Fair. 1... ' fb' ,yff-,' . Jw' ,-L ...ll., .u . i " -1 ,Tz'," f' - JZ," 1. , U I ' hm '- - llvlln' 'IH " I 'wwf "-...U -4 "' '. ' r ,. .., si I- ,a Q. i...,,uu lm. ' lu- 1-:nl 'lu' ,. ff . ,',l.....Q79',4 . r ' lql 'ff' ' . J. . ' ' T. flafvf '. Jin., ., ,,1"'.'.'.' -.. I t ' ' 0.0 v 4 "" 1. -' ,N ' ,.,.g.,..:1ggf-.h,gg,..- v M' i..-Nfl. inf:-1' ph. .nv ..,, ,. u n -. .-..' . ' ' ' n' 0 'l"" Cul I I ',.... . 4-,:.,: ..4-...4.'.'-H" --1,1 I 4, --.n-un ','1'l 1 .. 1 ,v 1, , . ia' s-. 1-!'.'. -ans --1 nn lOl a--5 fi .- r , Y 'Y avi' Wm! .xgffra cfiue Karen Maxwell shows Dan Marostica the weapons she has used to fight off boys who keep pestering her for dates. Wadi fy 5 0 uccee Here we find Bill Wilson and Martha Fansler in future years after they have suc- ceeded in reaching the ulti- mate heights in social stand- ings. R O O FIQIQJAQJ! Slow down boy! It looks as if Kathy Steppler thinks lerry Parris is getting a lit- tle too friendly. W' 1 1 raziezif This candid shot shows Scott Wade and Charlotte Elkins hard at their studies. Wea! erriafik What's this? Skin divers breaking into a safe? 0h well, it looks as if Bill Dewey and Charlotte Lemley are more people who think for them- selves. roclucll 0,16 One o me 'N 532223 m e 'Paved S9 'A Same Ame '01 We he sow, Uv XX on xx s K0 'N Nasv x nw 'fx wgighk QNX Q M G sv' 1 he Nxaimgl W Cntko 016 OPRY 'Wse In th Semme Wh sc Yatg ange m3f2Wade2maPau?S hed dr, 3 na a 'fs vjlteam Show ht 0? go hi wggma me and 6521225 nas GSQW4 Wu Xxx e as was WW 'O Q 2 e awdx Gx s KM as mn Xxovl N5 'WS nw -A 9 X ok We 20 mon Smut m Mm my KXKYQ Y e naked QA vauek mow mv, 399 W 106 Mode an ein Dane 3 8 damngmple Oitusdents Sh ymmetrlgm X i's"v'1wf---f'-- 'f --- 1"f"' 'rr W1 H- rv 3 ' h ' v v , f 1 V1 V . I Mr. Phillips, guest speaker, delivering his address to the student body. LUGPCLS .fdzidelfrlgfg This year for the first time in Fillmore Union High SchooI's history an assembly was put on to give recognition to those freshman, sophomore, iunior, and senior students who had shown outstanding scholastic ability. The entertainment was provided by Donovan Main and Patricia Patterson. The awards, presented by Mr. Main and Mr. Bigger, were the C.S.F. Life Memberships and certificates to those who had ranked among the upper percentiles in the National Merit Exams. The C.S.F. members were also given recognition by Mr. Knight. The guest speaker, Mr. Phillips, gave a very interesting and inspiring address. T. Mr. Main is present- ing an award for life membership in C.S.F. to Martha Fansler. The entertainment at the Awards Assembly was a trombone solo played by Donovan Main with piano ac- companiment played by Pat Patterson. .gnifiafiond Get along, little dogie! We'll head 'em oll at the pass! Looks as if the Spanish Club shipped in some livestock lor their initia- tion. , Af, . k ! J Charlotte Elkins and Ruth Bragg are showing off the latest lash- ions at the Commercial Club ini- tiation. Q I O ZSZSQMQAAQ5 On Armed Forces Day the band from Fort MacArthur gave us a very line The cheerleaders, pom pom girls, and majorettes stand at attention as the musical assembly. pep band plays the Alma Mater. .EWS Cupid? No, it's archer Bob Dill, whose marksmanship with the bow was Violinist, lan Rubini, accompanied by Michel, his son, gave an outstanding enjoyed by the whole student body. assembly in which he played everything from "hillbilly" to "longhair" music. 108 Like crazy! Dig the lineup ol cos- tumes on Crazy Cat Day. .- ....., '--gl ..., M, Hilde r 1,124 , Q Q Q 5 gillwffrflglt ily? A 'rl ilu. ., "Hail, your maiesties!" Harley Cowans and Jane Hight reign over the rally un Paiamarino Day. F855-' Mo LW iff' G .Vi i....IL-I 1 Q may --QW .-i .M- Q W, 'L- H . f-N, 1.." -fu- Yawnnn! It looks as il some people woke up too late to dress for school. Actually they are contestants who are trying for the honor ol King and Queen of Pajamarino Day. 109 gxckange .S?U6!Qlflf When you ask me to compare Fillmore Union High School with the "Gymnasium" of Horn, Austria, I have fo ask you to realize that the pur- pose and the idea of both schools are different, and therefore, differences exist which might make you think that education is much better there than here. The purpose of the "Gymnasium" is to prepare students for university or college. That means that these students choose an academic career, and we can only compare these students with those taking the college prepara- tion classes in Fillmore. Therefore, we can study regardless of the students with less ability who do not want to go to college because they can attend other schools, like trade schools or become craftsmen. With this idea of educating youngsters only for their later advancement to the university, one big mistake happens. We do not get experience in leadership because there is little opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities in school. ln fact, we have no social activities in our schools com- pared with the American schools. There are no clubs, or student administra- tion, or athletic games with other schools. Although this gives us more time to study, again, l believe that these social activities are as important as some of the subjects we have. So I will conclude, that both schools have advantages and 6 HElNRlCH KREISSL 4545 'X 3. S 1 disadvantages, and both must be improved. Ours must me be modernized in many ways, and the American 3, melts' schools should give students a better chance for me cunt'-2, me WWF' an academic career. mme, wwe og HOW 'S Q85 . Q4 ot Hotnrfiittxcigv and me A vie . me sckwox m r This is one of the churches of Horn This is He with me high school adioining ir. house ,,eh."'Y posing ,n H Ind th , with h- om' Austria. em 'S the sgflefatggf The use i .li cience air warolzi The guest speaker, Dr. George Beadle, delivers his talk, "The Language of the Gene and Man's Future," as the audience listens attentively. Senior Division Sweepstakes winner, Larry Also receiving recognition is Doug Fisher lun Yount receives his award from Dr. Beadle. ior Division Sweepstakes winner On March 2nd a capacity crowd attended the Second Annual Science Fair Awards Banquet which was the official opening of the Fillmore Science Month. The speaker of the evening was the distinguished scientist, Dr. George Beadle, 1958 Nobel Prize Winner. According to Dr. Beadle this was his last speaking engagement due to a time-demanding project. The program included the presentation of the judges and the guest by lon Eichstaedt, Science Club President. Mr. Bris- by introduced Dr. Beadle who spoke on "The Language of the Gene and Man's Future." After his address Dr. Beadle personally presented the awards to the winners of the Science Fair. Dr. Beadle's address consisted mainly of the explanation of the human egg and the environmental and cultural inher- itance in the gene makeup. To simplify his explanation he used a cake recipe as an illustration of what an egg is and the ingredients from which it is made. The Awards Banquet prefaced the opening of the Science Fair which again was held in the Memorial Building because of the quantity of exhibits and also the large crowds. The fair, which consisted of approximately fifty-eight projects, was open during the week to the public. . The fair consisted of three divisions. Students who were eligible for the senior or junior division entered their exhibits under either the physical or biological categories. The elementary- division was not eligible for competition. All of the entrants received certificates of placement. The senior division entrants who placed first received trophies, the second through fifth places received medals. The junior division entrants who placed first, second, and third all received medals. The entrants who received the highest number of points in the judging in the junior division and the senior division were awarded sweepstakes trophies. The junior division sweepstakes winner was Doug Fisher who entered an exhibit which illustrated the effects of tran- quilizers on rats. Larry Yount, winner of the senior division trophy, displayed a frictionless disk which glided on a film of carbon dioxide produced by evaporating dry ice. The junior division winners are: D biological category-first, Doug Fisher, second, Mike McKelvey, third, Eleanor Beach. 21 physical category-first, Clyde Morton, second, Terry Timmons, third, Alan King. Senior Division winners are: ll biological category-first, Henry Kreissl, second, Mary Phillips, third, Linda Grande, fourth, Caron Case, fifth, Dan Gehman. 21 physical category-first, Larry Yount, second, Susan Halford, third, layne Hight, fourth, Linda Grande, fifth, Bill Wilson. in, ,E Semi asf will 2111 sffrmmf Carol Aardappel leave my C P BI0l0gy notebook to my llttle brother Donald Agulrre leave C P Blology to other crazy students Connle Alcozar leave my quletness to Betty Frlas Marllyn Allen leave my flgure to my freshman slster Karen ludy Askren leave glvlng F U H S lfS greatest loss Rosle AVII3 stop leavlng my plnk thunderblrd for the Ramon Ayala leave the school as soon as posslble Dan Bowlln leave wlshlng for more Allen Canada leave nothlng because I got nothlng Danny Carrlllo leave Flllmore my co ordlnatlon Lupe Reyes Arevalo Cervantez leave to add another name to the llst I already have Vlrglnla Chavez leave F U H S as the llrst of the Chavez clan wlth two to go Peter Coert leave sclence to Mr BlISby 112 Elden Colllns leave my kangaroo legs to Bruce Glbby Rlchard Colllns leave desplte everyone s efforts to keep me here Tom Cowans leave Flllmore Hlgh leavlng all my muslc ablllty to my brother Bobble Lee Cox leave thls school wlth the smoke of splnnlng tlres Darrel Cresswell leave an empty locker ln the Arts Bulldlng Jerry Crockett leave my lgnorance to Roy and George the Mlller brothers Art Dawson belng ol sound mlnd Ol and body do hereby wlll and bequeath my red halr to Manuel Nunez Dlane Deeter leave F U H S to the mercy ol my short brother Bob Pat Delarnette leave my nlckname Mlce to Lera Cole Blll Dewey leave F U H S to Ellen s llttle brothers Lots of luck school' Ray Dukes wlll my Bblllfy to be ln the parklng lot durlng school hours to Evelyn Green Donna Dungan leave to my SlSf8l Cheryl my place on the Annual Staff N I, . 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Walden leave to become better acquarnted wrth the rest of the world Sue Walker leave Charles Merrrlls seat on the trash can to anyone who wants rt Terry West leave nothrng behrnd that I am sorry for Luretta Wrlbanks leave as the frrst and last Wrlbanks to hrt FU H S Chuck Wrley leave my abrlrty to talk teachers out of tests and homework to my brother Stub Donna Wrllrams leave F U H S to the mercy of my brother and srster Look out F U H S Brll Wrlson am too sellrsh to leave anythrng Eugene Wrlson leave Sandra Wrlson leave my love for school to my lrttle srster Lrnda lean Wollen leave the teachers to the mercy of my brother loan Wollen leave my brarns to my brother Ed He needs them' LyndalWrrght leave my abrlrty to chew gum and not get caught to Carol Seg er Lurs Ybarra leave Frllmore wrth one Ybarra to go land Patnj Larry Yount leave my co ordrnatron to lohnny lohn Zermeno urge everybody to take Mr Brrsby at least once Ronald Zrmmerman leave Mr Schallhorn to Gary Maror Susan Zrmmerman 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Concertl 2 3 Varuety Showl Band 1 2 3 Stage Crew 4 HENRY KRIESSL Cross Country 4 Tennus 4 CSF 4 Lettermen 4 Scuence Club 4 Student Councul 4 Senuor Play 4 Exchange Student 4 BECKY LEGAN PENNINGTON Tennus Team 2 GAA 1 2 3 Swum Team Z Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Pep CIub4 TruY 4 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 4 Ex change Assembly 1 2 3 4 Fashuon Show 2 Festuval Coronatuon 1 3 Luons Speech Contest 4 Senuor Play 4 Varuety Show 1 2 3 4 Amerucan Leguon Essay 3 Sophomore Pruncess Z Class Offucer 3 Song Leader 4 CHARLOTTE LEMLEY GAA 1 Sophomore Representatuve 2 Socual Chaurman 3 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Let terwomen 2 Secretary 3 4 Scuence Club 2 3 4 Spanush Club 3 Theta Alpha 2 Tru Y 3 Presudent 4 Ushers Club 2 French Club 4 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 3 4 Ex change Assembly Z 4 Fashuon Show 1 Fes tuval Coronatuon 2 3 Varuety Show 2 4 Band Malorette 2 Modern Dance Club 1 Presudent 2 3 GARLAN LEMONS Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 Track 1 2 HuY 3 4 Lettermen 3 4 Archbearer3 Sen uor Play 4 ROY LITTLE Boxung 1 Track 1 Exchange Assembly 4 Luons Speech Contest 3 4 Varuety Show 4 MARJORIE MAJOR 1 gue 1 2 Pep Club 2 3 Theta Alpha 2 3 4 TruY 3 4 Ushers Club 2 Assembly 2 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 4 Exchange As sembly 2 4 Fashuon Show 2 Festuval Coro natuon 1 2 Musuc Festuval 1 Varuety Show 2 4 Speech Class Plays 4 News Flashes Staff 3 4 Cheer Leader 2 3 Senuor Play 4 DANNY MAROSTICA alIl234Track1234 Hu Publucuty Chaurman 4 Lettermen 4 Pu Theta 4 Archbearer3 Chrustmas Pageant3 4 Ex change Assembly 3 4 Senuor Play 4 Varuety Show 3 Copa de Oro Staff 4 Features Edu tor Photography 4 Announcement Comm 4 BOB MARSTON Hu Y 4 Track 4 Transferred from Ventura 4 FRANCES MARTINEZ GAA 2 3 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Letter women 3 Fashuon Show 1 2 3 Offuce Staff 3 Nurses Club3 4 KAREN MAXWELL Commercual Club 3 Presudent 4 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 4 Theta Alpha 3 Ushers Club 2 Homecomung Parade Comm 4 Assembly 2 3 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Ex change Assembly Z 4 Fashuon Show 1 2 Festuval Coronatuon 1 Luons 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' ' ' ' ' . : 'I - 9 ' I , , 9 1 ' ' : , I : '- 1,5 . : ,clb I' Q '-.Q Y.: 1 , I' rv. vu 1 ' Ten ' 5 ... , , , 5 .S.F. 33 - , - , , g Q, 5 ' ,Q . 1- 1 1 1 1 31 I . Y l . ' , ' 2 , , 1 ' 3 - ' ' ' ' 2 ' 1 - c.uu.uu. ,zg c.s.F. 2, cms' Lea , ,.3,4g : ' l : . U 'Z' - ,1 1 . l'l 1 ' 1 ' uuluau' 1, 2, 3, 4, resuuviu Coronatlon 1, 2, 3, . 1 j .' . 1, f ' G.A.A.g...i'l' ,,,g-Pi 9 , 'E Q ,, " ,' ' ,:':' 2 : ' ' 2 ' : . F00th..".'? "'5."Y3' SANDRA McCREERY Gurls State 3 Amerucan Leguon Essay 3 DA R 4 Tennus TeamZ GAA 12 3 CSF 2 3 4 Gurls Leaguel Sophomore Representatuve Z Vuce presudent 3 Presudent 4 Pu Theta Secretary 3 4 Spanush Club 3 TruY 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Fashuon Show 2 Musuc Festuval Z 4 Sprung Concert 4 Band 2 4 S nuor Play 4 STEVEN REYES Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 Art Club 4 Letter men 4 Assemblyl Z Archbearer 3 Chrust mas Pageant 1 2 Exchange Assembly 4 Musuc Festuval 1 2 Sprung Concert 1 2 Varuety Show 4 Chorus 1 2 Prouectuonust 1 Senuor Play 4 IOYCE REYNOLDS Commercual Club 4 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Future Nurses 2 3 Chrustmas Pageant 2 4 Musuc Festuval 2 Sprung Concert 2 Chorus 2 4 Otfuce StaIf3 4 RODNEY ROBINSON Basketball 1 Z 3 Cross Country 2 Trackl 2 3 4 HuY3 Assembly 2 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant Z 3 4 FestuvaICoronatuon1 2 3 1 Z 3 4 Exchange Assembly 4 Varuety Showl 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Photography 3 4 News Flashes Staff 4 Stage Crew 4 Pep Club3 4 Drum Mauor4 REGGIE RUIZ Baseball 1 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 2 Let termen 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant 2 Festuval Coronatuon 1 Z 3 Musuc Festuval 1 Z 3 Sprung Concertl 2 3 Band 1 2 3 SHARON RYCROFT GAA Z Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Ushers Club 2 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Fashuon Show 2 3 4 IRENE SANCHEZ Nurses Club 2 3 4 GAA 3 4 Letterwomen 4 Chrustmas Pageant 3 Fashuon Show 3 DOLORES SCHIEFERLE GA 2 Art Club 4 Gurls League 2 3 4 Spanush Club 3 4 MIKE SCHIELD HuY 3 4 Pu Theta 4 Spanush Club 3 4 Arch bearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 3 Exchange As sembly 4 Varuety Show 4 Stage Crew 4 GEORGE SEIIRCY Baseball 1 Z 3 4 Basketball 1 Z 3 4 Foot ball Manager 2 3 4 HuY 3 4 Exchange Assembly 4 Varuety Show 4 CHUCK SESSIONS Pep Band 4 H1 Y 3 Pu Theta 3 Assembly Z 3 ll6 en! Ol' QCAQPQQ 4 Chrustmas Pageant 2 3 4 Exchange As sembly 4 Festuval Coronatuon 2 3 Musuc Festuval 2 3 4 Sprung Concert 2 3 Varuety Show 4 Band 2 3 4 SANDRA SHIELLS Te nus 2 GAA 12 3 4 Art Club2 urls League 1 2 3 4 Pu Theta 3 4 Scuence Club 4 Spanush Club 3 4 Theta Alpha 2 3 4 TruY 3 4 Ushers Club 1 2 3 Nurses Club presudent 4 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Festuval Coronatuon 1 2 Musuc Festuval Z Senuor Play 4 Sprung Concert 1 2 Bandl 2 News Flashes Statf3 STANLEY STAFFORD Art Club 4 Assembly 1 2 Archbearer 3 Fes tuval Coronatuon Z Musuc Festuval 1 2 3 Sprung Concert 1 2 Varuety Show 4 Art Servuce 2 4 Chorusl 2 3 Stage Crew 4 KATHY STEPPLER Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 TruY 3 4 Ushers Club 1 Z Archbearer 3 Exchange Assembly 3 4 Fash uon Show 2 Varuety Show 2 3 4 Speech Class Plays 3 Otluce Staff 2 Senuor Play 4 House ot Representatuves 1 Song Leader 2 3 LARRY STOCKER Track 1 4 Hu Y 3 4 Pep Club 4 Assembly 1 2 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 4 Festuval Coronatuon 1 2 3 Musuc Festuval 1 3 Sprung Concert 1 Z 3 Varuety Show 4 Band 1 Z 3 4 Stage Crew4 SUE SUTTON Cheer Leader 4 Gurls League 3 4 Pep Club 4 Scuence Club 4 Theta Alpha 4 TruY 4 French Club 4 Exchange Assembly 4 Varuety Show 4 Senuor Play 4 BILL SUVIA Cross Country 2 3 Track 1 2 3 4 Letter men 2 3 4 lndustrual Arts Club 3 WILLIAM TEST Baseball 1 2 3 Basketball 1 Prouectuonust Z IO ANN TOWNSEND Nurses Club 3 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Com mercual Club 4 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Sprung Concert 3 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Olluce Statt 3 MARTHA VASQUEZ Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Commercual Club 3 4 Spanush Club 3 4 Theta Alpha 2 Treasurer 3 Ushers Clubl 2 Nurses Club 4 Chrust mas Pageant 4 Fashuon Show 2 Oltuce Staff MARY ELLEN VICTORIA Senuor Play 4 Class 0fflC9T 1 Student Councul 4 House ol Representatuves 3 Song Leader 4 Gurl of the Quarter 3 Class Favorute 3 Spanush Club 3 4 GAA 1 2 Assembly Commuttee 4 CSF 2 Gurls League 1 2 3 Ex Ollucuo 4 Pep Club 4 Pu Theta 3 Scuence Club 2 Treasurer 3 4 Theta Alpha 2 Sec retary3 Ushers Club 1 2 Assembly 2 3 4 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 3 4 Exchange Assemblyl 2 4 Fashuon Show 2 FestuvalCoronatuon1 2 3 Varuety Show SCOTT WADE House ol Representatuves 3 Student Councul 4 Basketball 2 4 Boxung2 Football 1 Z 3 4 Track 1 2 3 Assembly Commuttee4 HuY 2 3 Lettermen 3 Sergeant at Arms 4 Pu Theta 3 4 Scuence Club 2 Assembly Z 3 4 Archbearer 3 Exchange Assembly 2 3 4 Varuety Show 2 3 4 Senuor Play 4 CHARLES MERRILL Football 2 3 Trackl 2 3 4 HuY Treasurer 3 4 Lettermen 2 3 Presudent 4 Pep Club 3 Ushers Club 2 Assembly 3 Archbearer 3 Exchange Rally 3 News Flashes Staff 4 Class Offucer 1 Student Councul 1 4 House ot Representatuves Z Football Manager 4 Tennus Team 3 4 Hu Y 4 Lettermen 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant 3 4 Festuval Coronatuon 3 4 Musuc Festuval 3 4 Sprung Concert 3 4 Band 3 4 Pep Band BARBARA MORALES GAA 3 Commercual Club 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Assembly 1 Chrustmas Pageant 1 4 Fashuon Show 3 Musuc Festuval 1 Sprung Concert 1 Art Servuce 4 Chorus 1 4 Of luce Staff 3 lunuor Pruncess for Homecom ung DON MYERS Class Offucer 2 Student Councul 2 Baseball 1 Z 3 4 Basketball 1 Z 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Art Club 4 HuY 3 4 Lettermen 2 3 4 Scuence Club 1 Spanush Club 4 Ushers Club 2 Assembly 4 Archbearer 3 Exchange As sembly 4 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Varuety Show 4 Band 4 StalfPr1nter 1 NORA O BANION Class Ollucer 4 Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Spanush Club 3 Secre tary 4 Ushers Club 1 Future Nurses 2 3 Treasurer 4 Assembly 3 Fashuon Show 1 PAULA PALMER Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Pep Club3 TruY3 4 Ushers Clubl 2 As sembly 4 Archbearer 3 Exchange Assembly : ' ,,: - :' : ' 2 -1 . 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' 1' 111l I 1111 ' Q ' ' ' 111 ' 11 3- 2 - - .-1 , I I I I11 I 1111 I, I, I I Y I1 1' 11 11' I-I 1 11 1 Q I 3 4 Fashuon Show 2 Luons Speech Con test 4 Senuor Play 4 Varuety Show 2 3 4 Speech Class Plays 3 4 Art Servucf 4 Ol tuce Stall 3 Song Leader 3 GERALD PARRIS Baseball 1 2 3 Basketball 1 Z 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Lettermen 3 4 Assemblyl Z 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 3 4 Exchange Assembly 3 4 Musuc Festuval 1 Z 3 4 Sprung Concert 1 Z 3 Varuety Show 3 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Pro1ectuonust3 4 House of Representatuves 2 4 Dud Not Graduate PAT PATTERSON GAA 1 CSF 2 Secretary 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Pu Theta 3 Secretary Treasurer 4 Theta Alpha 2 Vuce presudent 3 Secretary 4 Assembly 1 4 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pag eant 3 4 Exchange Assembly 4 Fashuon Show 1 2 3 4 Sprung Concert 1 Varuety Show 1 Amencan Leguon Essay 3 Betty Crocker Homemaker 4 Senuor Play 4 FAYE PEARCE Commercual Club 3 Vuce presudent 4 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Theta Alpha 3 Ushers Club 2 3 Nurses Club 3 Exchange As sembly 3 4 Fashuon Show 1 Z Luons Speech Contest 3 Varuety Show 2 3 4 Of fuce Stall 3 4 Senuor Play 4 BRENDA PEARSON Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Assembly 2 Chrust mas Pageant 2 Fashuon Show 1 Sprung Con cert 2 Chorus 2 Offuce Staff 3 4 GRACE PENNINGTON GAA 1 Commercual Club 3 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Ushers Club 2 3 Assembly 1 Chrustmas Pageant 1 Fashuon Show 3 Musuc Festuval 1 Sprung Concert 1 Chorus 1 Of Iuce Staff Z 3 MARY PHILLIPS Student Councul 4 Cheer Leader2 3 2nd Vuce presudent for SBVISC 4 Track 3 GAA 1 2 Secretary3 4 CSF 2 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Letterwomen 3 Secretary 4 Pep Club Z 3 Pu Theta 3 4 Spanush Club 3 4 Theta Alpha 2 3 4 TruY 3 4 Assembly 2 3 Chnstmas Pageant 1 Fashuon Show 1 3 Exchange Assembly 4 Festuval Coronatuon 1 2 Varuety Show 4 Senuor Play 4 CHUY PONCE Baseball Manager 3 4 Football Manager 3 Art Club 4 lndustrual Arts Club 3 4 Art Servuce 4 JULIA PRECIADO Track 3 4 GAA 1 2 3 Vuce presudent 4 Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 Letterwomen 3 4 Fashuon Showl 3 Ol Iuce Staff 3 Senuor Fulm Comm 4 QIQLOI' Q6LgI"e0 FELIPE QUEZADA Baseball 1 2 Basketball 1 2 4 Football Z 4 Lettermen 4 Pu Theta 3 4 Spanush Club 3 Presudent4 Archbearer3 Chrustmas Pag eant 4 Exchange Assembly 3 4 Varuety Show3 4 Senuor Play4 LINDA RAMIREZ Sr Week Comm 4 GAA 2 Treasurer 3 4 Gurls Leaguel Z 3 4 Commercual Club 4 Letterwomen 3 4 Ushers Club 3 Arch bearer 3 Fashuon Show 3 Sprung Concert 1 Chorusl Olluce Staff 3 BILL REED Track Manager 3 4 Varuety Show I Caleterua Helperl 2 3 JOHN RENOLLINO Sr All Nught Party Comm 4 Basketball 1 Foo aIl2 3 4 Track12 3 HuY3 Let termen 4 lndustrual Arts Club Vuce presudent 3 4 Stage Crew4 BOB WALDEN Class Ottucer 1 2 Student Councul 4 House of Representatuves 3 Speaker 4 Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Z 3 4 Football 1 Z 4 Track 3 Tennus 2 3 4 CSF Z 3 Lettermen 3 4 Pu Theta 3 4 Scuence Club 2 4 Presu dent 3 Spanush Club 3 Vuce presudent 4 Archbearer 3 SUE WALKER GAA 4 Gurls League 4 TruY4 Exchange As sembly 4 Varuety Show 4 Olluce Staff 4 House ot Representatuves 4 Homecomung Queen 4 Senuor Play 4 TERRY WEST Archbearer3 Prolectuonustl 2 3 LURETTA WILBANKS Gurls League 2 3 4 Olluce Staff 2 3 4 CHUCK WILEY Student Councul 4 CS F 3 Pu Theta 4 Scuence Club 4 Chrustmas Pageant 4 Best Bookkeep er of the Year 3 DONNA WILLIAMS Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls League 1 2 3 4 Ushers Club 2 Assembly 1 2 Archbearer 3 Chrustmas Pageant 1 2 4 Fashuon Show 1 2 Musuc Festuval 1 2 Sprung Concert 1 2 Chorusl 2 4 Olfuce StatI3 BILL WILSON Senuor Play4 Class Oflucer2 4 Student Coun cul 3 4 House ol Representatuves 4 Bas ketball Manager 2 Football Manager 1 Te nus3 4 CSF 2 3 4 Pep Club3 Pu Theta 3 4 Scuence Club 2 3 4 Spanush Club 3 4 Assembly 3 Archbearer 3 Chrust mas Pageant 4 Exchange Assembly 3 4 Varuety Show 4 EUGENE WILSON Basketball Manager 1 Track 2 3 FFA1 2 3 4 Archbearer 3 Exchange Assembly 4 Va ruety Show 4 Stage Crew 4 SANDI WILSON Art Club 4 Commercual Club 3 Secretary 4 Gurls League 1 Z Secretary 3 Sr Repre sentatuve 4 Ushers Club Z 3 Nurses Club 3 Archbearer 3 Exchange AssembIy4 Fash uon Show 1 Varuety Show 4 Art Servuce 4 Olfuce Stall 3 4 News Flashes Stall 4 JEAN WOLLEN Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls League 1 Z 3 4 Fashuon Show 1 3 JOAN WOLLEN Commercual Club 3 4 Fashuon Show 2 3 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 LYNDA WRIGHT Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls League 1 Z 3 4 Ushers Club 2 Nurses Club 4 Chrustmas Pageant 2 Fashuon Show 1 Musuc Festuval 2 Sprung Concert 2 Chorus Z Oltuce Statl LUIS YBARRA Boxung 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 Let termen 3 4 Chrustmas Pageant 2 Exchange Assembly 3 Festuval Coronatuon 1 2 3 4 Musuc Festuval 1 2 3 4 Sprung Concert 1 Z 3 4 Varuety Show 1 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Stall Prunterl 2 LARRY YOUNT Student Councul 4 Basketball Z 4 Football 1 Z 3 4 Track 1 2 Art Club Presudent 4 Assembly Commuttee 4 CSF 2 3 4 HuY 3 Lettermen 3 4 Pu Theta 3 Presudent 4 Scuence Club 2 3 4 Spanush Club 3 4 FFA 1 Assembly 4 Archbearer 3 Exchange Assembly 3 4 Varuety Show 3 Art Servuce 4 Senuor Play 4 VICTOR YZAGUIRRE Cross Country 1 2 3 4 Trackl 2 3 Letter men 1 2 3 4 Ushers Club 2 Assembly 2 Archbearer 3 Exchange Assembly 4 Chorus 4 Dud Not Graduate RON ZIMMERMAN Basketball 1 2 Cross Country 2 Track 1 Tennus 3 Pu Theta 4 lndustrual Arts Club 3 Secretary 4 Archbearer 3 SUSAN ZIMMERMAN GAA 1 2 3 Art Club 4 Commercual Club 3 4 Gurls Leaguel 2 3 4 TruY4 Ushers Club 2 3 Modern Dance 3 Chrustmas Pag eant 2 3 4 Fashuon Show 1 3 Festuval Coronatuon 2 3 Olluce Staff 3 II7 ' p ' I . I., , . ,, , I 1 ll I. I. I I ' I 1 1 111 ll 111I 1 ' . '- . .' . ll 1' 1 1 Il Q . 1 I I ' 1 11 111 1 YY 1 1 1' . . 11 - 1 ' 111 Ill . . 1111 YY Ill I 1 I11I11 . .Q..., ,Q II' ' ' - - '1 . ' . , - I ll I1111 ,,,, , I 'I 'I . . I 1 I ' ' 11I1II 1 ,, ,' ' 7' I 1111 11 I Q I I' 'I 'I ,, . ' I 1 1 1 1 . I , 11 ' . .'1 I , ...,..., , , . . I- I II 1 ' .'1 . ,,, , ' , 71 1111 . . I ,,. . 1' 1 1 Y' YI 1 ' I . . I, II I . I . I " . ' . I I-I 11 ll . . . . ., 111 111 1 1I11I1 I 1I I I I I III, 1 1 1 -' 1 1 - ll ' . I., I ll 1111 1 . 1 .' ' ' ' .'1 . . I ' 1' 1 ' ' - ' ' ' I I I I11 1 I, , I 1111 1 ' ' - ' ' I I I 1 1 1 , , , J' . ' .I 1111 111 " , J' 1 111"'11 1 . . . . . , ', "' 1 ll ll ' '. . . . . . . . , - , - 1 1111 YY Tl I I I I. I ll 1 -1 . .' 1 1111 1111 1 ' ' ' .' I ' nl YYY' 1 1 1 .'1 .'I. I .' . - . .' "'1 1 1 111 11 1111 1 1 1- .' .' . ' 1 1 1 1- . ' .'1 . ' ..., , , - . , . . . 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Ia. .I eeper S O a A Cox Cresxw Lee Da rra 13 -ui for the rackets OII H F C usew te he IIIII 'B B Sa Shy Unf ng go taster III I1 sh Y W D F e lambor mb lo T Ants D D Mlo P D .: 'E EE-g 31 25 I' lah I -s :Lu .I I : AE' 03 bud Powertu r ght you guys A Three B nd M ce Pat Delamette ed head TTI II Fld CQ an 8 E W 1 T eak W y ng cob You P ace If Illlll Su Theme Irom Buck .: B0 nPru a k sweeper S nch ng II Nancy hng hyness 4. I O ID In Pe B S Char es Merr ght va q.: T C A th 0 L UYIIQ .lo u Choate Yo t menta Um 'ac DDD SC he :LM 'B E L ES 5 I S D F7 L I I. .l: a.g9 S R Y W T R A W T F dodendron shop Pr wed k I de espano p cker ed Brp IITOI' a H prolesora IV D B W H U S C H M I ence U Le Eu D Qu no ,... .-3 E B P S H C pa B n Pony Bash Sw Ab G John S M ... : Y! Ye g H go La Wh s Y C V W thout a Gun Get nt DD o here :I SVG T of e fth Tw he CIT I3 Sv 9: :.IC So-I: g..I :Po U ea: .I nnada ug.: Eg : :E 5 U.ocEgfJL R 0 F C L R H T M A Gonza el And Gonza el Mar e Teresa Ga tan TY nMa dG Fann n F Margaret Grah c l Q50 W I. I U : -5 g 0"i o DE: : -IS VI a torn U : u Q- I .- not agr cu ture Ov- G S A G C Bashtu ness ett Ia I Lover Ia. IIE th odo no t 0 'U In .Ji ust 30 seconds coach E 8 U B00 nv 0 0 IJULI S W at e Moo gh! Gamb er You D n t Know e 0 T gu- 2 E.: R C Nan V rg Butc SOII ard Ia- ugln Z 515:-Q -5 II oo -1222 th : a L I Q LD Ui I-I 5 Fu bash very YY Ve Q- Z y there S et Co eo andG vBv -I .: in ,I -IZ IIZITQ S is .I Qi In EE: pst ck to Atr can UQ can BI : on I Aw y Bgt Shy Bas there r you S :ri-'G B P' -E I 0 A - Ve Coon : -I thi E: gg EK UU!-D N IIE 'ao .S nl. "': F8 -'-Es KZ qI -ID ui! 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II n n anary Willie and the Hand Iiv ata u say. ryin i 1' y rillo g rous Willi a d the Hand .liv " s oc " tr i I . rva rty n omm ndments of Love I st it!! ui aul or i ., i ini avez i i e anse e o I !! star I !!! an .I r rt u c I so immie Ii ever on ima I I I n ollins I weltth ot Never I I I in .? i a Collins hub eme tr I v le een-age Idol irls lik ou - I Oh, Sta I y! What are you doing? Constantly reading olo ia I or he ew ork Philharmonic I aa nic I t i ' b I odder UIGI ml B II ll rlo n op I I w run the 100 yard dash in 10 ucate n I o one oot alt e ime . Crocke rip r Barrel ie u Lost i 0 I avi r. n the Caribbean on't this i ? ta Driver Y I III aw arson i o 't be a din ness MDG i eat e i riendly Ievat r operator at the m ire St te Building Mice li i ll i ! I il a sho utter in Olympi in D I I i I eac in a i - irl ow to drive mon Dukes ukia-Pie ome Along Little Dogie ke a walk, Dad nny- i i idew I i i a Du e en i I y arle !!! 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We '3 WI TE Iqbreoqgmtxon of, and and overall pageantry of known that your effort and unsg iniiiaeaxumbl tothe hi hes: standards of Q I' 7 2 and helped foster continued peoples of all natiom...our smce Prmklent Organizing' Cammzktee III GL -.J MPI GAMPS may Edt, wg gjwerl' 6 20' I Wage 'A' 'Qs EW ardcd to I your worthy contrubuutucm to the Il Wuruter Olympuc Games I1 parrucuputuon have contrubtuted ympuc Cu mms ccremoruual tradutuon ortsunansluup and guudxuull muong . CUALTEIS g Chau 1111111 I age 111111 1 fowwzffee 1 Larry Tuttsworth and Bob Beal had the hugh honor of partucupatung un the carryung of the Olympuc Torch to Squaw Valley un the VIII Wunter Olympucs They were chosen from among our cross country team members to help other outstandung runners un the C I F relay the Torch to Squaw Valley trom the Los Angeles Coluseum Larry and Bob were chosen for one of the most dullucult stretches along the enture route Each boy had to run a mule leg ol the run up through the Gorman Pass un forty degree weather wuth snow lyung on the ground The Torch was Iut un a small cabun hugh un the Swuss Alps and then relayed down out ol the mountaun by skuers After beung flown across the Atlantuc Ocean the Torch arruved by plane at the Los Angeles Aurport From there ut was transported by runners to the Coluseum where the huge torch on top of the Parastule was ht From thus pount ut went by runners all the way up to Squaw Valley where the Torch was used to lught the Olympic Flame that blazed nught and day over the events and Iestuvutues of the Eughth Wunter Olympuc Games Congratulatuons Larry and Bob lor th great honor bestowed upon you Fullmore Hugh wull ever be proud ol the part you played un thus event of events I2I 'OF 7 ffl l' I ' I' 1 - g 51.1. I' 5 ,,,, ., I P . W u ' A F I A I I .ffl --' 'K ' Q it an ' I ,, , X ,1 A r - 1-'sl 4 X .,,, I , , ,, . V 'f5ff'I'?, 'Z I I A of , ' 3 V3 3' '-, - gf' V, '..f, -' 'jim 'L ,,e,4r,,g .ff-3 M-1' . Y " "g.,3gAc?w'J,ff' , ,f,, VV fv, A A 543 J fu L L c,i":'fv,fwf.ff..",.g,.: ' :Jiffy Q 'il' TQ I YJ 5371" .- 'ffu' , f-121' +Sf'7-,I 0.f...! V I H ISE! ,spin , My . .f I, :A e. , V ' . 2 1 A W fre " - fu ,- gf, Q 'rt ,c I 15149 ' , 1: is as ,Y - , ' ,'.fg,ta,gQi+ga rf I ' ,f7,,fg,f I fu, 'V eg f, l l 1 I 1 , I I MQ gym ',c',s' f I, ,Q'guu?'I:'Z1a:iy,ufg, - . Y V ffl I 0 l I V, l Q. .,, . 9 P' . ' . ' . . , ' .' L ' . y s - I I l ' , Y Q . . ' I t ' 1 n 1 o K- 1 x- l 1 1' 1 v . I ' 1 S 'U . V - . . . . is NE - 5 x . , - - yo , , H . . . . . D - ' . ' . r ,, - I Y X' 'Q Sue Sutton, Karen Baldwin, Linda Vossler. Uardify gkeer ea em ang aaa em Ann McFarland, Becky Legan Pennington, Mary Ellen Victoria, Krysten Schmittou. xk' .A .., f : M .1.,i'f?"'34'U 4 ,Q I , b . ' ' 55? ' A ga: ja Q' 3 , ,' " f' ' M Kb Q 'M-1 , f"',.N.-,1:rvm!,':i,f5g32g1 1 -mmlaw x , . Coach Clair Herrill coach Hank Ertman Don Myers Co captaIn Reggle RUIZ Co captam Elden Collrns Co captaIn In the lIrst game ol the season FIllmore s old rIval Santa Paula came over here lookIng for revenge after last years spme tmgler After gaInIng a half tIme lead ot 6 0 Flllmores Injury rIddled eleven couldnt contam the vIctory starved Cards They went on to wIn 196 over the Flashes Frllmore went up to Palmdale expectmg a tough game whIch IS exactly what they got After a scoreless fIrst half the Flashes came back to wIn 19 7 Elden Collms hampered wIth an Injured leg came off the bench twlce to take long passes from less Leon to set up two of the FIllmore scores Scott Wade guard Intercepted a pass and ran for thIrtylIve yards the longest run made by a lIneman In our league all year Sam Bennett and Don Myers both played an outstandIng game on defense FIllmore came back lor ITS second wIn of the season by deleatlng Arroyo Grande 33 6 The Flashes dId an outstanding rob of contaInIng the Arroyo Grande forwards and especIally theIr All Cl F end The team as a whole played an outstandIng game and less Leon was defInItely a stand out at quar terback After gIvIng Ventura two touchdowns on a SIIVET platter so to speak FIllmore came back after the half to score one ol theIr own They were some what hampered on defense by the loss of two of the front lIne stalwarts Larry Yount and Elden Collms due to In1urIes and the Cougars went on to score two more touchdowns before the fInal gun The old Hart IINX prevaIled agam thIs year Mr HerrIll termed the turnlng POINT of the game as the long pass that hIt for a touchdown Iust as the gun went oft and ended the TITST hall Flllmore came back and played Hart to a standstlll In the second hall but they had already scored two touch downs on us and we wound up on the short end of a 19 8 score Hart s All CIF taIlback lohn Sheeler dId most of the damage lor the lndrans through out the whole game llueneme-After playIng a mIserabIe flfSt half In whIch the VIkIngs held the Flashmen to a scoreless tIe FIIlmore went In and talked thmgs over an hslll tIme came out all lIred up and promptly rolled up a 33 6 wIn The Leon to Collms combInatIon clIcked for three touchdowns and broke t e I Ings back San Marcos The Homecomlng game of the year After another slow llfst half the Flashmen demolrshed the Royals 286 ThIs was defInItely the outstandIng defenslve game of the year lor the Flashes CamarIllo-Plagued by the heat FIllmore took a lrttle whsle to get rolIIng less Leon was somewhat hampered by a strong wInd but was stIll able to turn In a very commendable performance Larry Yount tackle pIcked up one Scorplon lumble and sprInted for a touchdown The fInaI score 250 Nordhoff The afternoon was peppered wrth vIcIous blockmg and tackIIng as Flllm0TB ran roughshod over the Rangers After the score was 28 0 Mr HerrIll sent In hIs shock troops of retIrIng senIors Don Myers-end at quarterback Reggre RuIz-center at fullback Elden Collms-end at half back and Larry Yount tackle at halfback Startlng on theIr own thIrty yard lIne It took thIs combInatIon behInd some good blockmg to make a touchdown only frve plays after they galned possesslon of the ball COIIIHS went over from the Ranger thIrty yard lIne after some lIne runmng by the other three members of thlS unIque backfleld thus wIndIng up the season T24 f-, . A , X , 1 ' I I - I - y . . . , . . , . . .. I I I - -. . ,.. . , . . . , ' . ' - - I -l , , I I I ' I - 'ana 1 , I - I I I ' ' ' I I , - . . . . . , , I . . . U .,, . . . I I ' - - 1 l .. n w ' , . ' I I ' ' " .. . .y . . . .. . . - . . I . - ' - I I . .... . . . . . . I - ' I , . GEORGE SEARCY Manager GARY BECKMAN Guard BILL DEWEY Tackle f ...,,,f'?....X rt 'aihiq ,Q W-N. fig-1e'5' - 4' 3 t - lf -rx 'V " ' ' 7 'Q 'l , - 4 L . Q I B - E E., 4- I .. Nl FQ M ' I ELDEN COLLINS IESS LEON REGGIE RUIZ End Quarterback Center ,afzozzague llt the end of football season, the league coaches have a meeting at which they vote upon those who, in their estimation, were the best players of the six teams. This year three of our players attained this great honor. Reggie Ruiz was an outstanding player at center on offense, and did a rugged job as tackle on defense. less Leon was our star backfield man at quarterback, and he played tremendously at defensive halfback. Elden Collins was a brilliant pass catcher. With his powerful spring, he was the worry of every defensive coach in the league. We believe that three words sum up our feeling towards these fine athletes, "Well done, boys!" MJ" e6U'l'l SAM BENNETT JOE COOK DWAYNE COX ART DAWSON Halfback Halfback End Guard ION EICHSTAEDT ALFONSO GAITAN YGNACIO GARCllt BOB HAYS Tackle Halfback Halfback Halfback is 9-Q, Q ' A, O G? 1 . ' J 0 i g, .X , fb Y' A f ' s K r s . I ,-. ...L - A-t.--M.4,--4 0 Q 'H I 'l qi if 'I 0 5 I 0. he Q n D e Q-fm x"""5. 3 K a 2 1' '5 E' , IA L. ,A x .A , 'Q' Y " 'mn' BOB HILL JACK HOWTON DAN IACOBE Haliback Halfback Halfback qfvysdu ' ,,, , '11,-w 4 . L . ' A 4.4-.St fn. 9 lik Y 4 . ' l 'v ,' 'QM va I 1 f 1 . IOHN LEMLEY DAN MAROSTICA End Tackle MANUEL NUNEZ Tackle and Guard 86 "N CHARLES MERRILL FLOYD MURRELL DON MYERS Halfback Guard End 'S N ,ix A A L 1 S' - . , QR. ..'1,,0 ies-Q f 2. I ie, '-453251 A, N 1 EL ' ' K 4' s 1r""' 1 A9 K ik' ' In V I f 3739 g MEI Q It er J fa H 3 Q S .I M , f . I+, , L . I, ,X fa-Q Hr" H: .gr 1 I, 'v ll. .....5I-l-----x r"""'q f""Xf NI I5 .all KEN PERKINS FELIPE QUEZADA IOHN RENOLLINO STEVEN REYES DON SMITH End Center Guard Guard End fu .99 1 ll A 13. A . If-i A ' . '4-HZ SCOTT WADE Guard I C 3 C- ,. ' ,fr x! ' -4555: C A 'Q I BOB WALDEN Quarterback . Kira! Ei Q 4 Q- 5 Q0 I 'r I LUIS YBARRA LARRY YOUNT JOE ZAVALA Halfback 81 Fullback Tackle Guard as ass? jan, S' ly .-fx, I -' -11.-fb 4' '25 4' I I ' I ld' ' 2 A, The 1.V. coaches, feeling that the practice games should be used as such, gave everyone a chance to play during this period and thus were badly beaten. However, this was not indicative of the whole season's outcome, for the boys were used in positions unfamiliar to many of them. At the start of league play, the 5 team jelled as a unit and later brought Fillmore its second 1.V. Championship in three years. Fillmore beat long-time rival Hart 13-0. The team played a basically solid game and were victorious for the third straight time in the present series. Already thinking that they were champions, the l.V.s let down and were on the short end of a 12-0 score at halftime in the Hueneme game. The 1.V.'s had racked up nine first downs to Hueneme's zero and yet were being beaten. After a halftime talk, the team came out and barely escaped defeat with a 13-12 victory. A kick-otf to the two yard line by Roy Molina and a Assistant Coach Howard Cook looks on as Head Coach Bill Brisby dia- Sensational 0Ut'0f'b0Und5 punt on the thfQ9'Y3fd line by TUIW grams the winning play used in the Camarillo game to co-captains Bob Aguirre gave the l.V.'S Ihelr two 0pp0r1UllItl8S to SCOIC. Dem' and Edfhe Vbfffa- Mr. Brisby and Mr. Cook termed the San Marcos game as the outstanding defensive game by any two teams all season. It wasn't until the second quarter that Fillmore was able to push over the lone tally of the game. However, the last quarter the Flashes had the situation well in hand and threatened to score on other occasions but were unable to do so due to untimely penalties. Camarillo managed to go through the 1.V.'s defense as if it wasn't there the first time they got possession of the ball. The outcome at this point looked very dim. However, Fillmore came back with a touchdown as soon as they got possession, and the oo a game settled down to a defensive battle until the middle ol the ' ' third quarter. At this point, a sensational fake-run pass, from Phillip Tovar to Art Munoz, gave Fillmore their second touch- down and broke the game open. Final score-19-6. Nordhoff had the scrappiest teams the .l.V.'s faced all season but were badly outmannedg this proved to be the deciding factor in the game. After the half, at which time the score was 6-6, Fill- more came out and powered over two more touchdowns and as the final gun was sounded realized their season's ambition. They were the league champs! FIRST ROW: Danny Beltran, manager: Gilbert Lewis, David Dollar, Bruce Wilcox, Pat Askren, lim Avance, Bill McGregor, lohn Maddux, Paul Menke, Phil Hawkins, John Cabral, Eddie Lozano. SECOND ROW: Harold McDowell, John Yount, Tony Aguirre, Vernon Crowe, Don Southwick, Larry Bailey, H. R. Sayre, Roy Molina, Nelson Somers, Bob Bigham, Randy Wade, loe Viramontez, Phil Young, Leonard Morris. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Yount, Cecil Decker, Ron Godfrey, Ron Wilson, Bob Deeter, Dave Ward, lohn Arundell, Art Munoz, Eddie Ybarra, Phillip Tovar, John Rios, lim Hanna, Mason Powell, Carlos Gonzales, Alfred Moreno, Danny Myers, manager. W , M, ,hh 4 - ' 1- ' 'Q f .., - -1 W L, N 'r ,V . ..,N " 'il 1 ' K it -1-sri' --, , N ' A-'ta " ' sl -, , . ,s it " . 'Wt-we ,, ,.,,,,: -"' . f - ,. , 535 tttc as . , 5 f'ss s"f5-H F , L' 'D jf., - --.'- f 4 inf' -ssfgtsi.-v ,L f '-', 5 'Wg Y - .1 " ' K my H K M I M . - ay g I H W V' ' ,, . .- P' " .. Q VL I ,VK I . - . , n ,ag in tigyex K 1 A as . H - , 9119 6 ,WIIA g L.-4 K Coach Steward did a very commendable job with the cross-country team this year. ln his first year at Fillmore High he coached the boys to the Frontier League l.V. Champion- ship and came very close to copping the var- sity crown. All boys who like to run should go out tor cross-country. It the school can keep the in- terest in cross-country on the up-swing, we will be able to have many winning teams in the years to come. We can be proud ol these boys this year and let's try to get more boys out and running next tall! FIRST ROW: Don Woodward, Paul Gritz, Harley Cowans, Keith Macbultee Stephen Beal Mr Steward SECOND ROW Curtis Goodenough Willard Harper Bill Hill Charlie Sanchez, lohn Soto, lunior Gurrola, Manuel Romero THIRD ROW Richard Collins manager Larry Trttsworth Henry Kreissl Norbert Rresgo Oel Cappel, Bob Beal, Victor Yzaguirre. X Here is Coach Toolie Palmer explaining to Captains Dan Bowlin and Elden Collins the rudiments of the game Playing one of the hardest strings of practice games in the history of the school Fill- more had rough going in the early part of the basketball season. After suffering several defeats and being ousted from their own tournament in the first round Toolies quintet settled down and decided to p'ay some basketball. The team won every league game except the league final against San Marcos in which the first string did not participate. Nonetheless our reserves played the Royals to a standstill the first half. The Flashes advanced to the second round in the C.l.F. playoffs defeating Mater Dei 46-47 and then losing by almost the same score to Burroughs ot China Lake 46-48. The team played such an outstanding brand of ball the whole season that they won a unique distinction. The league coaches voted three members of the starting five to the first team all-league Garlan Lemons Elden Collins and Dan Bowlin while the other two starters less Leon and Bruce Gibby received honorable-mention honors. To wind up this great season, Elden Collins received All-C.I.F. 2nd team honors in the AA Division. ary gariefgdf 1 F 'fl The starting live: Bruce Gibby, Guard: Dan Bowlin, Forward: Elden Collins, Center: less Leon, Forward: Garlan Lemons, Guard. .fdfkolzague Here's our distinctive five giving out with that good old winner's smile. These young men worked hard to have a winning season, and we at Fillmore High think that they truly deserved to be All-League. With Elden Collins, Dan Bowlin, and Garlan Lemons getting All-League and less Leon and Bruce Gibby taking Honorable Mention honors, we came close to the impossible task ol placing all five on the honorary lirst team. These players worked well as a unit and came through in the clinches. Congratulations to you, Mr. Palmer, as coach ol this line unit, and to you boys that were each an important cog in this fine machine. Our erstwhile varsity manager, lon Eichstaedt. ji ,- NX. K f X xi Li 'XXJA' -15 X if E Ev DAN BOWLIN, F ELDEN COLLINS, BOB DEETER, C BRUCE GIBBY, G BOB HAYS, G GARLAN LEMONS JESS LEON, F :msg 4 - P- 4 A x PAUL MEzA, E A ART Munoz, E ' 5 X MAsoN POWELL, c "- 'I l ' A X 0 Tsfe-if 'W- GEORGE SEARCY c Bos wALnEN G DAVE WARD c 5 j if Xena 7 ' s. W Y A+ 4' X 'M 52 9,1 1 'M V' sg. qi' 5 AP! W -WT 'hm' 4, Q X 'U zffrif-X 34 X y, - g ek.-fl , -N,-Eg: vb .i bi Al' J 0 Ns 'M t-.Aff t ' ski 31 . in 'is sv . A A 1 Q A Q' 'Z Q ' ' , ' x '. -- ' 'x ' If Wm Q? 'fVfEuxff'g !4 Nia - ' 15: Rx ,X :L , 1 3 was W2 if Qi Bill Walden, Captain: Mr. William Brisby, Coach, and lesse Bustos, Captain. CC 77 C The 1960 "C" team made up in desire and com- petitive drive what it lacked in size and experience. All games were played with a tremendous show of team spirit. Their last two league games were against the co-champions, which they lost by a combined total of six points. This "C" team was not the greatest Fillmore ever had, but there will always be a warm spot in the heart of Fillmore High for this rugged little team. FIRST ROW: Bob Cox, Toby Gritz, Bill Walden, Dwight Moore, Iunior Gurrola. SECOND ROW: Curtis Adams, Curtis Goodenough, Wayne Fore, Jesse Bustos. mxifb' 30 'W 'Wm I' f X W W zzo vo 22 oo fe 45,0 039 r 474 V fa mx 440 YD -490 Z 1 5 2.'2'-'-....... 'Nt' sv Here are Coach Cook and Coach Steward dorng a Irttle wrshful thlnkrng I"6lC At the begrnnrng of the season most coaches plan and dream ot what therr team wrll do rn the future Above you see the coaches thrnkmg about marks whrch at the time seemed far beyond the reach of our team As the season progressed two of these marks were bettered and the others drdnt seem so unrealrstuc after all In all the team broke seven school records and erght league records The team clrmaxed the most successful track season rn Frllmores hrstory by wrnnmg both the Varsity and B class champronshrps and also placrng second rn the C class The tune record ot this years squad can be attrrbuted to the desrre to wrn the wrll to work and frnally the fact that the squad contained an exceptional amount ot talent Our team can be proud not only of therr track accomplrshments but of therr hugh team sprnt good sportsmanshrp and the tune manner rn whrch they represented Frllmore oft the held as well as on og, .fs o .3 .X X -- , '6' 0 1-U0 to "9 X-fa Qt- fx 4 'lt "2 ss ,. . , '0 119 gb fam Q i 1, s ' 4 . e,f.,g.'r'f - . ,.,' --4 -f -we. zx- FIRST ROW: Larry Stocker, Art Dawson, Bob llill, lack Howton, Gary Beckman, Bob Hays, Charles Merrill, Ioe Cook, Darrell Cresswell, Bill Reed, mana- ger. SECOND ROW: Don Smith, Elden Collins, Mike Schield, Mason Powell, Bill Simmons, Kenneth Kerkins, Lyndel Anderson, Larry Carrell, Louis Delgado, Dan Marostica. ardify jean' - eague Cjlramloiona Team captains and league record breakers, Elden Collins and Charles Merrill. for For the second successive year Fillmore has captured the Varsity League Championship. The team came through with a sensational effort, shattering six league records, tying one, and overwhelming their nearest rival by a score of 82.7 to 37.9. Out of twenty-four places, the team qualified fifteen for the C.l.F. preliminaries. Throughout the season the team showed good over-all strength by winning all league meets and by defeating Santa Paula and Ventura. They also made a very good showing against Santa Barbara, the win- ner of the Channel League. ln the "20-30" Invitational Meet the team set a new record in the shuttle hurdle relay 156.83 and a new record in the 440 relay. The team's hard work and desire to win resulted in the best track team ever produced at Fillmore High School. FIRST ROW: Stanley Pearce, Jesse Bustos, lohn Soto, Alfonso Gaitan, lohn Gritz Don Main lim Hubbard SECOND ROW James Hanna Larry Trtts worth, John Lemley, Bob Marston, Rodney Robinson, George Penrod, Allan Horn Carlos Gonzales Dwayne Cox C6 77 306' 1 Hague Lani LOIQJ This year's "B" squad can boast of two maior accomplishments. One is that five members of the "B" squad were loaned to the varsity to make their sensational victory possible. In spite of this, in the league finals the "B"s were able to overpower the expected winner and closest opponent by a score of 52 to 40.5. llt the end of the qualifying meet, Fillmore was destined, it seemed, to place second, but the Fillmore rooters witnessed the team rise to the occasion and far surpass all expectations to easily gain their second Frontier victory in three years. During the season the "B" squad set a new 660 Relay record l1:09.8l and a "B" Distance Medley record 16:24.61 at the Hart lnvi- tationals, as well as a 440 Relay record 444.25 in the Easter Relays against 59 competitive schools. This team also set three records in the league finals. i il 3 'v no , - K Q 'A O0 . .- " 5,, g 'M X , -.J rg.--v if if FIRST ROW: David Dollar, Bruce Wilcox, Dick Miller, Curtis Adams, lohn Yount, Toby Gritz, lunior Gurrola, Danny Myers, Roy Townsend, Frank Vasquez. SECOND ROW: Harvey Hopkins, Wayne Fore, Bill Hill, limmie Avance, Larry Perkins, Curtis Goodenough, Bill McGregor, Bill Aulich, Bob Campbell. Dick Miller: outstanding point-getter and team captain. 1 f, we B-:fer 0. -i, A F - 'V l n nr' Fffltiyf V in-uh..L... 5.1 Apahaww 'F 4, , A 4 '.,., ,.. .. N L la- n "--in t -' fig' ' ---.--.Car-:r"' . aj' I-'v. - nz:-.."., 66 77 j FUEL Although the "C" squad did not fare quite as well as did the varsity and "B" squads, they performed far beyond expectation, in the league finals, winning second place. One member ol the "C" squad was moved up to the "B"s and con- tributed twelve points toward the B-Championship but in doing this his strength was lost to the "C" squad. Also, other "C"s participated as "B"s in distance events and because of the valuable experience gained will figure prominently in future Fillmore championships. Xecor M80 em E. Collins-High Hurdles-14.9 secff D. Smith-Mile-4:44.3 sec. 1 C. Merrill-440-50.3 secif Low Hurdles-19.8 sec.C1' 220-21.3 secff 1. Howton-Pole Vault-11'6"T D. Cresswell-220-22.1 secff L. Tittsworth-660-1129.1 secft 'gin'-.v.4K' ..,, .ity ' ,QYV :JJ ,1 A 'UM 'A., ' ""vs 3-School Record: 1-League Record Collins, Cook, Hays, Merrill-A-Relay-1:3Z.2 secfgf Cresswell, Lemley, Marston, Tittsworth-B-Relay-1:09.8 sec. T I E Captain Dan Bowlin Captain Don Myers Uardifg gafiegaf The Varsity batted an even .500 this year. After starting out the baseball season at a hot pace, the Fillmore Varsity seemed to cool off. The team played good, consistent ball until they played Hart for the first time. Riding a 3-game league winning streak going into this game, the Flashes went down to defeat and also down went their hopes of winning the league championship. Individually they had some outstanding players: Dan Bowlin, Don Myers, and Sopho- more Dave Ward being the workhorses ol the team. After losing to Hart, the team just didn't seem able to put together their fielding and hitting to get a winning combination. We wish to commend the team for their excellent show of sports- manship and team play. FIRST ROW lohn Hackler manager Sam Bennett George Searcy, Floyd Murrell, Ruben Carrillo, Ruben Tovar. Eddie Ybarra, Roy Meyers, manager SECOND ROW Dick Southwick William Test Carlos Davis Dave Ward, Dan Bowlin, Don Myers, Art Chessani, Manuel Nunez, Terry McGuire Mr 3 4. ., 51 D 00.0 .. 'g+fe'9ec .g. CfL0l'l .SJAOL4 301' 6106! 505860, 3 5 4-ul-as--Q Bob Hays Flres through the arr with the greatest ol ease Darrell Cresswell powers towards the tape for a wrn rn 100 yd das George Searcy beats the throw to get a sale slngle -1- -1 In ln m Dan Bowlrn strokes a fastball lor a double against Hart Don Mann sarls up and over to wm the hugh lump I tv? Brll Suvla rs way ahead In B 660 Eddie Ybarra scores as Frllmore beats Nordholl 'fl :g Art Chessanl stretch -qguuuv 4... es for the throw to tag the runner out at hrst 14 Y a 1 A I X ' '. ' I , 'A A A x , t g , ' g ff' 5 . ' ,K v .V - 1 V f ' Z J 1 ' X 'Au ' 1 ll' QQ. .Q " ' wf ' fri N . 55: A I -K ' " ' 7 W 1 f 'A F' .V f f 7:51 ' v , 1 if , I L L, -N - E X-0 K' J Y. gf- 1 ' Jj 3" 1- egg ' f 1 A, ,in "' - i,-A ,- - I ..- A ' V - L- Q D ' - - 0 K, , h. ' ' ' r 1 so e - I , F-w , ,yn l , ' L oz ' 5 Q e f 7 A . J g , , H, l . -,er t. ' 4 Mg. f jk , ' R- 1 .. mfg . Vx 'Ig ,IC 1-fzgrgi 'J Q .' I A - V W .. L A ' . y. ,M gCL.'5QA6l.f x lk ,ur 'un !I,i-,il Coach Creed and Captains Phillip Tovar and Norbert Riesgo talk over strategy lor their next big game. The l.V. baseball team started off the year by beating the Santa Paula l.V.'s, 3-2. Mr. Creed stated that the team was well balanced, with good pitching, and had a very successful season. The team was young, starting five to six freshmen all the time. The l.V.'s came out second in the league, having a 7-3 record. They played good, sound ball, and were only beaten because of their lack of experience. Many times they won their games anyway by substituting desire and spirit for know-how. However, Mr. Creed feels that Mr. Ertman will be able to look forward to having two or three of the boys on the Varsity Team next year. The l.V.'s played good baseball and represented our school well. Congratulations, team, on a job well done. FIRST ROW: Mr. Creed, Don Southwick, Phillip Tovar, Paul Menke, Eddie Lozano, Arthur Sanchez, Frank Ibarra, Richard Ballard. SECOND ROW: Vernon Crowe, Bob Bigham, Steve Kirby, lohn Rios, Norbert Riesgo, Art Medina, Ron Godfrey, Gary Maior, lim Torres. i' SLN fe' , 5 -44. . 'pe 3 .,-, ..., , 1 t+""'t if .-.44-Q-Q-P Tennis at Fillmore High in 1960 showed a vast improvement over the previous year's achievement. Wins over Moorpark, Camarillo and close matches with San Marcos, Santa Paula and Ventura attest to the progress made by our racket men. Much ol the team's success must be accredited to Bob Walden, our number one singles player, and the doubles play of Nicky Madsen and Dan Miller. Further progress is expected next year upon the return of Bruce Gibby, Bob Miller, Nicky Madsen, Ricky Cadena, Bill Walden and Denny Bartels, One ol the real privileges enioyed by the team was the presence on the squad of Henry Kreissl. Henry's sense ot fair play, his enjoyment ol competition and will to win was an inspiration to all of us. We wish him well as he returns to his native land to continue his studies. We hope that during his busy schedule he will from time to time be able to get in a set or two. enniri l ifi,.. QA, 'VL ,.L,,,:,,, .lx ' 'E f it W , X , M. A A ' 9 fzf iff? ? WAT, . i Here is Coach Palmer giving tennis team cap tain, Bob Walden a few pointers on his serve FIRST ROW: Ricky Cadena, Dennis Bartels, Bill Walden, Henry Kreissl, Nick Madsen, Tom Cowans. SECOND ROW Bruce Gibby Bill Wilson Dan Miller, Coach Palmer, Robert Miller, Bob Walden. , I J 3 I 2 4 f- WA 5 ' Q ' Mins izgif' "W 4 ,i M ies.----2-1-+:.e' l. .,-J-..:-Q2'f?"' . -M- ,- W3 v,f A- ,K fig:-I a as-w - iff ,i 4 "'Z s'l' yin? i TWV' ' -E i . 41-:f: . A xx . V Q' a fr i L4 'V ,fp 4 i The Senior High G.A.A. has been very busy this - year. They started off the year with play days at Hart and Ventura in which they rated very high. Alter these activities they put on the Christmas Formal, Silver Bells, which was a very impressive event with beautiful decorations and a superb band. After this event was Fillmore's own playday, which was a big hit with the girls ol the schools that participated. The G.A.A. has activities every Monday and Tuesday Q after school, their sports including softball, basket- ball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and speedball. The idea of G.A.A. is to create sportsmanship and companionship among the girls. Miss Emily Wal- ters, the adviser, has done a wonderful job. She is to be complimented on her work in G.A.A. G.A.A. Board Members: FIRST ROW: Diane Deeter, President: Martha Fansler, Senior Representative: Linda Grande, Treasurer: Julia Preciado, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Connie Nichols, Sophomore Representative: Karen Madsen, Freshman Representative: Carol Morris, Sports Manager: Margaret Graham, Social Chairman. enior FIRST ROW: Suzie Wilson, Olelia Sanchez, Nancy Kozar, Evelyn Gonzalez, Carol Gonzalez, Lupe Cervantez, Rosie Coronado, Eleanor Rodriguez, Lucy Alcozar. SECOND ROW: Carol Preciado, Linda Grande, Connie Nichols, Karen Dunst, Karen Madsen, Diane Deeter, Dolores Preciado, Irene Sanchez, Connie Alcozar, Marie Gonzalez, Violet Williams, Billie Taylor. THIRD ROW: Miss Walters, Advisor: Andrea Gonzalez, lulia Preciado, Martha Fansler, Carol Morris, Charlotte Lemley, Sue Walker, Jayne Hight, Ronda Fairfield, Kathy Wagner, Donna DeFever, Cecilia Roatcap, Nancy Richardson. erm 00 when f X F5 a Q 'J The B.A.A. had a very busy time this year. The boys par- ticipated in intramural games of basketball, football, base- ball, and track. They also had interscholastic competition in football and basketball with Hart and Briggs, posting a sea- son record of five wins and five losses. There were three track meets in which the B.A.A. competed, the Santa Paula Lions' Club Invitational, the Fillmore Lions' Club Invitational and the Hart Junior High Invitational. Our boys walked away with the Varsity crown in all three meets. Mr. Allan Coates, adviser, stated that there are some eighty to ninety boys in B.A.A. at the present time. The outlook has been good tor B.A.A., with more boys partici- pating in the future as the keynote of success. Mr. Coates is to be congratulated on the wonderful work he has done to help better these boys physically and to teach them good sportsmanship at school in all that they do. LEFT TO RIGHT: Victor Westerberg, 7th Grade Representative: Bill Bigham, Secretary: Jeff Walden, Znd Vice President: John Cook, President: Clyde Morton, 1st Vice President: Mike Mize, 8th Grade Representative: and Mr. Allan Coates, Adviser. unior My FIRST ROW: Mr. Coates, Clyde Morton, Mike Mize, John Cook, Bill Bigham,Jeff Walden, Ken Hunter, Tom Hays, Cary Matthews, Fred Chisholm, Danny Mackey, Vernon Lemons, John Mayhew, Larry Suttle, Dennis Allred. SECOND ROW: Larry Beaty, Allen Vaughn, Kenneth Foster, Allen King, Timmy Long, Mike Lynch, Glenn Miller, Gerold Scantlin, Jerry Taylor, Clarence Ballinger, Sam Parris, Don Deeter, Larry Murrell, Ross Wileman, David Bergen. THIRD ROW: Merle Reynolds, Paul Butler, David Hardison, Bob Everett, Larry Stewart, Mike LaRoche, Kenny Bigger, Ronny Meza, Jim Baker, John Schleimer, Phillip Fairbanks, Mickey Gibby, Reynaldo Rivera, Jackie Blagg, David Gunter. FOURTH ROW: Richard Macias, Larry Carpenter, Jim Ballard, Robert Ortega, Cecil Krieger, Bill Lander, Auston Burson, George Styles, George Reid, Ronny Strawn, Larry Tepezano, Don Hart, Harold Kays, John Lamey. FIFTH ROW: Danny Esquivel, John Munoz, Martin Munoz, Gabriel Asenas, Bruce Ward, Larry Stevens, Robert Linville, Guy Orr, Frank Carrillo, Joe Reyes, Robert Macias, Jeff Hansen, Pat Casas, Jim Data, Nicky Tague, Bill Arrasmith. l - - - 1 l The G.II.A. had a very successful year, being topped by the annual Sciteltha, the largest yet to date. The mothers and fathers joined in the ban- quet by serving refreshments and then the awards were given to the girls. Many activities were participated in this year, including line soccer, basketball, tumbling, mod- ern dance, and softball. These girls have their meetings in the morning before school, proving that they really have a great interest in G.II.II. FIRST ROW: Carlene Gilleland, 7th Grade Representative: Barbara Thomas, President: Charlotte Barksdale, Secretary: Denise Day, Vice President. SEC- OND ROW: ludy Wiley, 8th Grade Representative: Barbara Greeng8th Grade Representative: Virginia Lash, Sports Manager: Eleanor Beach, Bulletin Board Manager: Mrs. Sarah Menke, Adviser. unior igg FIRST ROW: Barbara Green, Charlotte Barksdale, Marlys De Vore, Betty Pardenbery, Carlene Gilleland, Virginia Lash, ludy Wiley, Eleanor Beach, Bar- bara Thomas, Denise Day, Sherry Sullivan, Cathleen Baker, Cecelia Alvarado. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Menke, Linda Cantrell, Linda Aulich, Vivian Town- send, Tana Meiser, Maria Casas, Benita Esparza, Shirley Lash, Nancy Mcltitchens, Linda Jackson, Susan Amey, Louise McDowell, Valerie Finckley, Sandy Warring, Linda Madsen, Phyllis Krska. THIRD ROW: Katy Carrillo, Barby Wade, lean Hunt, Mary Root, Candy Michel, Sandy Michel, Patty Burson, Royetta Hungate, Sandra Avance, Nancy Avey, Teresa Mann, Martha Headley, Susan Southwick, Diane Southwick. ,A ,fb omecoming The Homecoming Queen and her court are chosen by the varsity and junior varsity football teams to preside over the homecoming game of the year. These beautiful girls reigned over the halftime ceremonies of the game and also after the game at the dance, where the queen is officially crowned. Miss Sue Walker, the queen, came to this town just this year and rapidly gained popularity, as noted by her being chosen as the queen of homecoming. This wonderful event topped off by the teams winning over our opponent San Marcos will long be remembered as one of the most colorful and memorable homecomings in the history of Fillmore High. Here are the Best Boy and Girl Athletes Elden Collins and Julia Preclado sneaking in a little extra practice on their favorite UT sport between classes get N C Cl Her malesty Sue Walker Shirley Martin Sophomore Princess loan Salsbury Freshman Princess and Sue Easterwood lumor Princess Edgy Q MZQQM fe The Best Girl Athlete award is given to the girl voted upon by the GAA as the outstanding senior girl athlete The Best Boy Athlete honor is given to the boy voted upon by the coaches of all sports as the outstanding senior boy athlete You will have to travel a long long way to find two ath letes that deserve this award more than our own lulia Preciado and Elden Collins lulla is very adept at all sports especially in basketball and track She is currently taking a business course in school and will go on to higher and better things we are sure when she graduates in lune with the class of 60 Elden is practically Mr All everythrng,you name it in sports and there he is He made All league in football and basketball and is currently working to better his times in the high and low hurdles in which he holds the school records His great desire to make good has made him a tremendous competitor We wish to express our sincere gratitude to these two fine athletes for the examples that they have set to the Fillmore High School students in both spirit and sportsmanship , 'l Q fx: lX"3 'la JJ ., I ll. Zi I 0 l X" a ' cr e M: Mr. Palmer. Adviser, Miss Emily Walters. .fgfALfic ganqluef Every year the young men and women athletes look forward to the athletic banquet. After a most enjoyable dinner, the athletes receive their varsity letters. Mr. Fagan, the Commissioner of the C.l.F., was the after-dinner speaker. He paid Fillmore High School the highest compliments by stating that we have one of the best schools, both in sportsmanship and athletics- He also commented that this type of feeling in sportsmanship helps to turn out better young men and women who will go into the business world alter graduating from high school. Congratulations on a fine athletic season, and may we have many more like it. Here the athletes enjoy their meal at the banquet. To the right ot Charles Merrill at the head table is Mr. Ken Fagan, Commissioner of C I F ri A fl EXll 5 ' 1' e Q gi li, ,4v" Q1 I--LL 1 5 r l L l A .. fr., 4: I I ' K Q Elden Collins receives an outstanding athlete award from Director ot Athletics, lulia Preciado receives an outstanding girl athlete award from GAA ll' 5 8Cll'Vl QU u 35 " ' S. gravy? Pi These luve gurls compose one ol Fullmore Hugh Schools newest athletuc sensatuons the Gurls Relay Team They are trom left to rught Euleen Lechler Barbara Wulluams lulua Precuado Karen Dunst and substutute loan Salsbury Furst competutuon entered un by the Gurls Relay Team was at the Russell Cup meet Saturday Aprul 23 1960 Thus was the lurst year gurls were unvuted to enter the Russell Cup meet Fullmore sent one relay team composed of the gurls puctured above In the 440 relay event nune teams entered Out of these nune our team placed furst Interest un track and held was spurred on by thus vuctory These luve gurls then applued lor and receuved theur Amateur Athletuc Unuon Card whuch entutled them to enter meets preparung forthe 1960 Olympucs The followung AAU meets sponsored by the Southern Pacufuc Assocuatuon were entered Sunday May lst Bellflower Hugh School Relay Team Furst place Euleen Lechler Thurd un 100 yard dash Sunday May 22 Woodrow Wulson Hugh School Los Angeles Relay Team Thurd place lulua Precuado-Furst un baseball throw Sunday May 29 Carpunterua Hugh School Relay team Fourth place Euleen Lechler Thurd un runnung broad rump Saturday lune 11th Woodrow Wulson Hugh School Relay team Fourth place lulua Precuado-Thurd un the baseball throw At these meets the gurls had an opportunuty to meet some of the women and gurls who wull be representung the Unuted States un the 1960 Olympucs at ome O P L5 7 i 7 ,. . , . , - aw T 1 '- , ' N 'Q ' - , T , ,gb A . - ' 4 5 .1 'S f, 5 ,v ,L , KO' A h 1 n A ' E 1' . Q 5 ' 5 1 g S K ' 7 ,,. ,N .QL - er' " , .V ,- Y -5.1 514154. L'-'ei'!f,.--" 1 'iii We A' Ls Q:"4"5:' ,. ,. ffgggujl-if if . . . . . , . . . , . . . . . - ' - ' Y Y 1 1 Y Y . . . . . , u r u ' - u I 1 u 1 u 1 1 , 1 E, Vl i J .as an -1 as-ii 4' ,,.. tw I! 1 gg! fn 11 X ,N , nw N I 1 i is Si-1 his ll I This is the line-up of contestants for the 1960-61 Student Council. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Barnes, Linda Grande, Karen Baldwin, Dave Ward, Nick Madsen, Eleanor Rodriguez, Mary Ann Wilson, Lynn Davis. SECOND ROW: Sue Easterwood, Ann McFarland, Bruce Gibby, lohn Lemley, Gary Beckman, Joe Cook, Cecilia Roatcap, and ludy Rogers. .ggcwfenf Conrad! Lcfion Here are a lew examples of the posters the candidates made for this year's election. The students put in a lot of time on these posters and turned out some ol the best ones ever made. LL F , V .-,.'.- , - ,nf.,, En non r HDDH G. 1. " IJFCJBW ' C,Olllllll5hlUlKfl ltgmmlhl GIVT' films vw' : L5 vm ffm", X AH'M'wi- ',.EfARlp ffl' fxAf'1f.7V , 1 ' ' v, 'W' T' gf--M.. lffllllmvill- A .firm ,P ,. g, N 'yn is 06 'C 'ce f- fw,vrww,fN svrmav -fU..dkJllSI X TE-:1,f3P?'PtS .YH A gn. y was l!yl?Ml lb 'O' Winners ot the Student Council Election are as follows: Eleanor Rodriguez, Commissioner ot Finance, Mary Ann Wilson, Commissioner of Entertainment, Ann McFarland, Vice President, Joe Cook, Commissioner of Athletics, Dave Ward, Speaker of the House, Judy Rogers, Com- missioner ol Advertisement, Bruce Gibby, Student Body President, and Linda Grande, Secretary. Pictured above from left to right are Eleanor Rodriguez, Mary Ann Wilson, Linda Grande, Bruce Gibby, Ann McFarland, loe Cook, and Dave Ward. C7 .7 ga ' m..i .4 -s - . 'Q-Usa' The boys wait impatiently for their basketball championship charms as "TooIie" gives them recognition. BELOW: Art Dawson presents Ben with a gift for his eighteen years of trusted service. l MTYT ' in rg W , ' ' - ,l W 1' I l U V v 1 r , Yyv Mr. Brishy presents certificates to the top Science Fair winners. I v 4 I ' yr V' I :V Jr! Ig' ry 'rr 'll yv :rv ,', Y, , rr w r " " rv EI !'! I gp v T s,.5 7 Und Cllfl Here are Sandra McCreery, '59 representative, and Billie Mae Price, '60 representative, thinking of all the fun at Girls' State. Ogfi , ,Sid ig Every year about the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter, two junior students, a boy and a girl, are chosen to represent our school at Girls' and Boys' State. To be worthy of this honor they must display characteristics of high moral standards and scholastic achievement. The choice of these students is made by a group of faculty members. This program, sponsored by the American Legion, tries to instill in the minds of these representatives a sense of good citizenship and a better understanding of the function of our state and national governments. During the summer these students spend an all-expense-paid week at the Fair Grounds in Sacramento. They live in converted cowbarns which they divide into various cities. These "cities" are governed by the students themselves, who set up their own laws and enforce them. During the week they also hold mock party conventions and presidential elections. The value received from this experience is immeasurable, since the students themselves have participated in governmental procedure. Our representatives will relay some of these experiences next fall to the rest of the students when they give a full report of Girls' and Boys' State. Here's Art Dawson, '59 representative, "stinging a little bull," trying to persuade Bruce Gibby, '60 representative, that they don't really live in cowbarns but that they were named after a man named "Barnes." Won't Bruce be surprised? f Lnior puffy. 1 All-night Party chair- man, Mr. Walden, is presented a gift from the seniors for his fine work in organiz- ing this affair. Newton Perry brought along with his band two girls to entertain throughout the show. They sang and did various dance routines. IP!! 1-vt li' -l 1 To break the monotony of just dancing, prizes were given which ranged from wallets to portable radios. The All-night Party was brought to a close by breakfast. As the "alumni" left the hall they took with them mem- ories of their high school career. 156 Look out! Let me at 'em! This is what was heard as the seniors fought for balloons filled with money. To conclude Senior Week, the lunior- Senior Prom is held. Here we see the entrance which has been nicely dec- orated by the lunior Class. enior uen fri At Baccalaureate the seniors stand in readiness as they wait for the Reverend Ord Gehman to give the invocation. .Y One ol the highlights of Senior Week is the Rotary luncheon. Here the sen- iors listen to John Morley, guest Slleaker, talk on Russian problems. ' 4 -L -u.. f Inside students and friends dance to the music of "The Melo- deers." For many seniors this is their last prom at Fillmore High. Here we have the seniors receiving their caps and gowns. This is when they first realize THE day is near. .- rv. YN f:a:fc1"uesa.:+..- t 157 99' 55 Q- sf Qs?" 5 .Q 'ef' 9.5 Q 0-. 40 .I 'f 1 f Sf fx V Asp ,N hz 2 Q'a, 2QQ' 351322 392-.fg 'f.s,i?9f'22.a ata we fi 3 2 P. 2 3 if ,G afgagss .Q 32,5 5 Hia Pi 'i A5 sais Sas!! 5,133 0 VUulYEWw'l999usQ 'QQ ska 4 Wifi i980 -V . ' - -I' 7 , ',-- fl-,l-:tl 'JE . -" ' 'J 41 . " X- j - 4 7 rg' ' ' A.:'i:1.' 1 'L F' .1 B Y 'I J' f. , -E A. ,p'Tqu. ,N-vxs ',-if ,I .,:,'. JM' ,H .u V .3 ma . A ' I1 1 I J h 'qt . 4 X I - if ,: 7 9 'ff W idd em. .f,v Mr. Glen Stull ' .. Mr. Glen Stull, who has been teaching history at Fillmore for thirty-seven years, will retire this year. He began his teaching career at Fillmore in 1923 as a temporary job and has been here ever since. No other teacher in our school's fifty-one year history has equaled his length of senrice. His first, and only, teaching post has been at Fillmore. Mr. Stull has been head of Fillmore's adult education set-up for the past nineteen years. He served as vice-principal from 1928 to 1932 and now is head of the Social Studies Department. He was born in New York and grew up with his three brothers and a sister in a small town called Little Genessee. The family moved to Oregon in 1908 and then to California in 1915. While studying at the University of Southern California, Mr. Stull entered the army. His service record is outstanding. Among his honors he was awarded the second highest honor the United States can give a man in the service-the Silver Star. He received this award as a result of offensive tactics in the Battle of Argonne during World War I. After the war Mr. Stull resumed his studies at U.S.C., where he received his teaching credentials. Mr. Stull taught children of his first students and says that now he has started teaching their grandchildren. Among his many students over the years were his own two children. Mr. Stull has taught ap- proximately two thousand ofthe school's 2,531 graduates. Mr. Stull's kindness and friendliness will be remembered by his many students at Fillmore High. We hope that he will enjoy to the utmost the years ahead when he has more leisure time. We wish him great happiness as he travels about in his new trailer, but we hope he keeps Fillmore as his home base. We still want to meet him and call out, "Hello, Mr. Stull!" Mr. Ben Ridenbaugh Ben Ridenbaugh, head custodian at Fillmore High School since 1949, is retiring this year after eighteen years and four months of service. During the years Ben has served Fillmore High he has seen the beginning and completion of every one of our campus' building improvements with the exception of the Girls' Gym. Ben, who plans to make his home in San Luis Obispo to be "closer to the fishing spots," has been a resident of this community since his discharge after twenty-three months of senrice in World War I. A native of Rushvill, Indiana, he attended military school and then came to the West Coast in 1911. He was employed at the Texas Company refinery here for ten years before coming to our school as custodian. When Bobby Stiles retired on June 16, 1949, he was promoted to the job he is vacating this year. Ben's two sons, Bill and Ben, lr., were both born and brought up here in Fillmore. Bill is now employed by the government at San Pedro, and Ben, lr., is a member of the loan department staff of the First National Bank at Santa Cruz. Ben says he has enjoyed seeing the school plant grow and that he hasn't regretted a day working for Fillmore High School. He added he has appreciated the way the students have treated him and he will miss each and every one of them next year. During the past eighteen years the faculty and students alike have become fond of Ben. His cheery smile and friendly attitude are truly going to be missed in the years to come. On behalf of the whole student body, the annual staff would like to take this opportunity to thank Ben for the many years of service he has given to our school. 1-If' 6 OUQI' We wlsh to express our thanks to Mr Conrad McMrIIan for hrs artrstrc contrr button In desrgmng our cover It rs orrgrnal and drstrnctrve and It grves the tronal theme .AC I7 0lfULJ9I'l'lQlfl fri The 1960 Copa de Oro statt expresses Its thanks for the cooperation and assrstance which made thrs edlhon of our annual possible to MR HOWARD COOK ADVISER AND PHOTO PRINTER MISS ALICE HANSEN PROOFREADING MRS RITA GARFIELD IOURNALISM GUIDANCE MR CONRAD McMILLAN COVER DESIGN AND ART WORK MRS HOWARD COOK HOMECOMING DANCE VENTURA MUSICIANS UNION 581 MUSIC FOR HOMECOMING DANCE Th many others who have unselflshly contributed to the success of our annual Lil' impact which leads us into our educa-

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