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r W .V-Vg I I . IW. nhl ,L . -121 L , H :V "-Ami' F fzfaafffwfff , fc , f 7.7 f 'fag 5921 fnffifzfi JAZZ. ' 4024- QQ ,,4a40 ,fQ9Q44f4f,4Z. WMM4 Jw ff - 'Q 5146 inf ,ffwffzadliwft ' giddy? W if , 'A .5441 ,AMZ ZZ ,426 7 ' I H A, . 1,-4 ,, nb -. X 2 A ' ,f ,- , . -.21 :WL--M Pm, 1 , f , , 4' . . .. 'gy-I '14- 1 ,V Wg kv 2.33 f 'obs N ' 5? , 1 .... ,R . wx ,., , .1 w- T ll g 1 . ' fs 912 t M3 L N512 5534! 22' .ai 1: lr ' af - -I H' fm 3 Sm ,AW R haf , ,gm -W ,wc A m 4 'SL gm? V ,'S'r 56" N Yu J, w X , y 'R if A if my 1k"vAi", 'v f,,, Q. 1 E5 1 w 41 W 95 251 Bt .L 1 .LV -Q J HQ 1. QI'-if, .4.AV 1 1 M QQ ". Tk . , W 9? -, 4-, ' 1 X A K, Egymi af, W W. -USN' ' 591.5 www ,E Wa-. ,wx- '. J":k.j.-ff jf 5 ' ' qv,-41-,fy 313'-f qi. 559' ' 'X ?i'i:i21i', ,f, I , 'rw ,K 15.3 1, , 4, , ,U .mf 3- ,V my. 1 V fbi-f ,f FHA" , ' X I. . iw, H ,X aIW1b.l5r'5'.:l.L55!-44H'i9MiliW: MfI4"YA" .Q -:'lldk,. 'lk 1 - ' Chia Annual Helougs C0 4,5 775147541 5094 Z3 Welcome to our school. We hope that as you look Through this 1954 Copa de Oro it will bring back wonderful mem- ories of another year at Fillmore High. For some it is the last year, ending some of the happiest years they will ever encounter. For others it is only the beginning, and they do not realize the pleasures that are in store for them. We have attempted to make every pic- ture and every page a storehouse of special events, whether in the classroom, or lust around the campus. Although work, worry, and lots of time created this annual, nevertheless we had a good time doing it, endeavoring to make this Copa de Oro a "Treasure Book of Memories." U16 Staff OH? '1 x 'Q g 53 X X X 5 . ' ii ' , " , , In C., g1.-HS' , - r V- , ,H ,gy , tbl 3 Y X X if Q rf 4 YM A 'f g h' A X Q HY' ff ' My if If-JL' 'L-' x7'fT'.: V 1 X WMM 1 ,f 3 f Q' f- ? f' f f V, H Yr' " V, ' Q 7 ' Z ' , I X! 7 'Z f ' ,, f , ' V ' "ff fi , f f ' V V, W + iffg, Vf X 4 4 ,I ,ff - .W -, - K ,. K ' s ,W-A E-W mf ! Dedim firm We, The annual sTaff respectfully declicaTe The 1954 Copa de Oro To Mr. Marple for his sincere conTrilouTion To The Teaching profession and To The youTh of our corrk muniTy. Mr. Marple has been wiTh our school since 1927. During This Time he has spenT many hours of unsTinTing labor working wiTh Two generaTions of Fillmore ciTizens. We sincerely hope he will Treasure These years here aT F.U.H.S. and have many happy memories of our school. Persnnalifies lfrihfipdl l 5 Sum MNN DONAVAN W MR- Zwgoce fzzbfz PILL 691 3400! MORE CALIFORNIA DONOVAN W MAIN P1-incipctl The degree of unity and school spirit shown by the student body this year is a noteworthy achievement. lf you, as an individual and as a member of the group, can continue this development you will be ready and capable to assume the responsibilities of governing our democratic society. lt is necessary that each of you prepare yourself for and understand the role you are to ha ve in life. The maintenance of our freedoms depends upon you. Are you ready or will you be ready as you leave school to take your place whole-heartedly with devotion in running the affairs of state? lt is up to you to maintain and promote the ' and principles of democratic action, ln your hands rests the future of this great nation. ideals 3 9 4 -if ,. , ' I 5' - . , . M I 5 Ski' 'HE L , , ' V 'F , ,N ,WP ' 4 Ffa. 1' A: JA ' MES C - ' wi HARRY BIGGER f- aff" ' Vice Principal l6'0ard af Crusfees 1 "" . h V," ' V, ,i a ,4,, M by 'A ay Y Q, f -Q.. , is 5 45 xg n Q M . iff ,. W ,, -ff' aw f 5 1,7 f 7 f 1 ,Q X 4 4 Wx f 4 f , f f 6 f ' fjf' ,G ff X XJEUO R04 if R ' 'i f i RRRR ii i , ,R , Zi a . R Q' ALBERT HAASE fn' N fr' 'NL vi 'Q ss' ,V W n wmv, 2 I v 'wif A RQ R i ' N -Pi I 5 f ,J , N RQNNY1 J,qM6q If Mi QXKN ' W ' H54 7, w. STELLA HARTHORN Secretary ELLEN GUTHRIE Secretary HAZEL FISKE Secretary 'AFA VIRGINIA HUESTIS Secretary DON MOSBARGER Bookkeeper Bookkeeper YM it Adminisfratvrs I ff' if 7 AMY SMITH Dean of Girls LJ 4 GLADYS HACKBARTH is Twelfth Grade Counselor ,ni If fr' V i n R 1 I ELBERT GRAHAM - - ' , ,,,m if Eleventh Grade Counselor x fww' I ANDY ROSS I A "' Tenth Grade Counselor .,t,,: Q ' , 1 ,gy W 'AE WALTER TILLESON 5 I Ninth Grade Counselor ' JEAN TIERNEY Eighth Grade Counselor VERA FREMLIN Seventh Grade Counselor " V 1 . GEORGE AGUIRRE ,yfwfn 'v,.' F, aj M I , I, A , ' K ,Qf . I ' 1 , ,f X I' BEATRICE ALBRIGH1 Guidance 'C 1 , ,, if 1 A ., ,F I R13 ,A .,, .Q 54-.1,L. - . '. .1-. .,, ',. V 5 1. iv' 3v1"",yx2 a I ' I. ls, at fa, . ,'- .,4 ,Q ',,.g' , H' 'fulrsv' 'I 1'-7' -. . 3, 4 .. , 1 ' . I' -V A f , ,R M f ' Vfr, Q7 ,kr V, kr , gt? 4 . el' 8 V "" wvvmw . 9-5, .. Aux H if ', 'uri I' 1 kr Qffw. Q05 Jwffwgg Z6nM6 MQ aw , My Q! M wiv M 3 W JW' an MQ- x U-. I . 325-iiisia :L QQ'-41, ' A href-fa? -1-3123:-H, 5 , HR' 14 at fy wX.2 M4 ,H f Q 55 ggffwf mg' M, M Q, f Qi, g 5? wmv Maya ALICE HANSEN Advisor ' BARBARA SHIELLS Commissioner of Entertainment JIM ROSENLIEB Commissioner of Finance BOB ESCAMILLA Commissioner of Advertisement HARRY HARPER Ninth Grade President WALTER TILLESON ' ' Advisor JOE LEMONS Twelfth Grade President CAROLYN BLISS Secretary STU SMITHWICK A.S.B. President . , vm :"""v ,Pwr Wh .7 Q' 442. i 6 wi. ., - "lx-:fm-'INN ,TERESA ARMAS JOANNE MAIN Vice President Paper Editor MILTON SUTTLE ARTHUR PRECIADO Tenth Grade President Junior High Representative Student Kauucili ROL EMMERT - Chairman of Homeroom Chairmen ANN MOSBARGER Annual Editor JOHN WALLACE Commissioner of Athletics MARVIN ATCHLEY A " Eleventh Grade Presidem fi H F 'S V .N V4,yfW C610 8- X-f W - 1062, Boiiom vow-. NXBNI Nxaddu-1-, Nm Nxosbavger, en Nxa-1-weXX, NXcNXa5Kev, Nfxddw vow: Bavbaxa S'o'xeXXs, Pxrfxxa Casas, Ex'neX Yixddev, 6. Top town Pam Haase, Bunce BaXdv4'm, Nw. Nxo-1.Xe4, Swan 5m'x'0o I Cv avflfsov W 1 ab C,a1oX Ylobedson, Vmda E'0erX vfxck. VYNX XS and 4 Boahna Q Ga rms r on ow 1 I B lnda 62-bar be a S rfy ha? , lf H S, any gn' s ig rn. 9e, "hw ' A "Ck ny , ,V T Smefe fyh 36 A . rm as , JI '71 Me xw ef, . To D fow J e ,ry ' I - f fzfecra-Wf.. , Bottorn row: Nancy Brooks-7th grade secretary, vc.. McMaster--Comm. of Adv., Dick Palmer-Bth grade president, Barbara J-.. Wilson-Bth grade vice president, Judy Greer-7th grade president. Top row: Arthur Preciado-vice president, Kay Eichstaedt-secretary, Larry Edwards-president ot BBA, Caroline Green-president ot Safety Council, Russ Goodenough-Comm. of Entertainment, JaNeen Wilson-president, Wayne Samp- son--secretary of 8th grade. ,7 ' J-f' h Cfouncil Top row: Ruben Sanchez, Clarence Kirby, Jim Ferrier. Middle row: Joe Pulido, Phil Blodget, Margaret Kirby, Judy Arundell, Katherine Pyle, Rolly Emrnert-chairman, Don Myers. Bottom row: Virginia Moreno, t .len Maxwell, Patty Wilson, Jackie Beckman. Marilyn Wieland, Pat Whea , 1-lvmerrwm Hhairmen .3 - . : f., T' 4, Nw is! M X V A 1. J 1 ' , ' ' r, . .R - ff f ' N, , ,VL f ,Y Q' 1 ff.. V. QA, , -' 5 R- . 5 , . . . se 6, M- - M- as x l Q Q Y I-T 1 ' K 'L f ' 0 . 1 A 'Q ' U if Q I .ax f f -if f ,ff , N ' ,M S We " 9' 'J 1 1 ' . 4, ,X nr .69 ,, , 77' 'tl 1 V . s f 1 ' " fl'- , .eswgfs . L -Q - Q ' Z Q ' 1. s Q f -1 -.- s X M K fx' , Y' . ,V 3- -Q., f3.,-"jfi"w':Q'4' N.. ., ' ',,R"'f-gg-f YQ: .N 12, X ' 3 5,ff-319533:y7fti1.,flf:'rL"'-K AQ'LT','.,A' 1 mx' ' ' " , V 'e :aux wif1,,z'i4,3'5-2.,: fi:-A 4 K .- C ,M 69-.QL-,Q1,,',4 '.4..fi7' nfl- bl fs , 'I '5:.'f7'1'i1f"'-i'- Jlii-,1Fi4.3EAqi'1L.1 X Bohorn row: Elaine McMaster, Sylvia Casrorena, Madeline Carroll, Janeen Wilson, Mary Ybarra, Parry RSY'10ldS, Barbara JOHNSON, Ella Bragg, Mary Hunt, Sandra Wilde, Carolyn Green, Kaffe Romero. Top row: Becky Sosa, Susan Rogers, Kay Eichsfaedr, Paul Carrillo, Russell Goodenough, Wayne Sampson, Tom Burke, Roy Grover, Gerald Hendon, Dick Laird, Mike Legan, Doug Dorman, Lar flllffb ry Edwards. MM Safffy 60 11417 i 5 an , ,z, gl Wmwwffl WW . M ' A ff, 13,55 fig? ,,. ' , 31.37 -faamwagaafaawa mf, . V. 937- 'W ' " -P ,Vial 'iff ,yi awww., R , 'SYM' V A. my ' aw V ' -'Qs N. 4? X ff L L , , J . , f Q, . ,. N , W .V g I . . N' ii ,..Q,,g. 2 ' L ' f 3 f 'QLQQZLVX y 1 L f K W9 G, '-4 V'f P :'jf2, , Q., a X , Front row: Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Hart. Last row: Mrs. Harthorn, Mrs. McCullough, Mrs. Bergman, Mrs. Knight Mrs. Pennington. 'sbs F' 5.1 Jill I Z . gllfffffll Sfzlff 'll g Q Front row: Shirley Settlemire, Norma Dominguez, Louise Gregory, Charlene Cowans, Wanda Fletcher Last row: Jim Lee, Luther .Gregory, Maurine Pierce, Katie Romero, Rosemary Mesa, Louie Crandall Frankie Romero. JS is ax Q Pg? ?i .QP ,af r If 7 A f .i,. First row: Mary Ellen Ramirez, Helen Armas, Ethel Kidder, Norma Ramirez, Virginia Moreno, Ofelia Alvarado, Louise Gregory. Second row: Esther Gonzalez, Mary Lou Kovach, Norma Boatright, Pat Carpenter, Janet Arundell, Iona Barger, Marilyn Beck. Third row: Ramona Renteria, Lavina Aguirre, Betty DeWitt, Norma Swindle, ldamarie Costa, Lois Axtell. Offifc Assistant Gu indian Ben Ridenbaugh, Clifford Lee, Bret Blythe, Willard Foster, Earl Morris, Delfino Mendez, Wayne Jones, Harold Stevens, Aaron Myers, Bob Flagg, "Mac" DeFever, Dale Anderson. f,,f ,J WLWAWA. ' fl 211' r , 4- x, A . Elasscs . .F M55 f-Q ,1- --A 5, 51w .,A4'. 'f-L. vw J ,fx ,L 1 , 1 ,- .X 'T yu 0 5? 'fiisgmff Eg ,gg6fQge3lff i-E.:if ,ag f i f Q Q mx s Nm X NNN. mint l. n. LE 1 I 114' f I 0 , X W, 4,f I: UZ fy 4.4 lla, , ,f-,V Y' aj f JOE LEMON5 President DAVID GOQDENOUGH , Vice President PHYLLIS MCMASTER Secretary FRED CARPENTER Treasurer Look back, Seniors of 1954, and remember the finest years of your lives. Since we entered Fill- more in T949 as lowly seventh graders, we have grown in stature and maturity until now, we are ready to bid a fond but sorrowful adieu to good old F, U. H. S. lt took us several years to get the feel of Fillmore High, but once we got our bearings we presented two superb assemblies, one in our Freshman year and another in our Sophomore year. We extended our drive and class unity to our Junior year where we all worked untiringly in our Junior Stand and on our fine Junior Prom and Banquet. Our Senior year has been a time for decision, work, worries and a lot of fun. Our days have been sprinkled with class dinners and parties as well as the many important little details which go into making a Senior the ideal it typifies. Then came Baccalaureate and our final goodbye To Fillmore Union High. , OFELIA MARGARET ALVARADO Girls' League, GAA 2, Girls' Chorus i, Usher Club 3, Office Staff 4, Fashion Show l, 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly l, 4. TERESA ARMAS Girls' League, Junior Representative 3, Girls' State 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Representative 3, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2, 4, Secretary 3, Class Assembly 1, 2, 4, Student Council 4, Student Body Vice President 4, Senior Play 4, Most Bashful 4. JANET MAE ARUNDELL Girls' League, Commercial Club 3, 4, Class Assembly 1, Girls' Chorus l, Fashion Show 3, 4, Office Staff 3, 4, Maiorette 2, Christmas Pageant 1. JOE PAUL ESPINOZA AVILA Boys' Chorus 'l, Art Club l. ROGER LAURIN BAKER Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Pi Theta 3, 4, Photography 4, Annual Staff 4, News Flashes Staff 4, Band 1, Spring Concert l, CSF 4, Class As- sembly i, 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Wittiest 4. lONA LEE WILLIAMS BARGER Girls' League, Girls' League Assembly 2, GAA l, 2, Fashion Show 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Tri-Y 2, Office Staff 4, Christmas Pageant 2. JAMES D. BAUGHMAN Football 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 4, Track l, 2, 3, Art Club 3, 4. ALBERT LERoY BEARD Baseball l, 2, Community Chest 4, Christmas Pageant 2. MARILYN SUE HART BECK Girls' League, Girls' League Assembly 2, GAA l, 2, 3, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y 2, Office Staff 3, 4', Christmas Pageant 2, Band l, Spring Concert l, Chorus 2, Fashion Show 3, 4. Joi-IN DENNIS BELTRAN Football 2, Basketball 3, 4, Art Club 3, Usher Club 3, Homeroom Chairman 1, Designer of Senior Sweater Emblem 4. QW' ---ua-ay , NWI f 'SAK -v..:'fr JOHN E. BISHOP Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Boxing 3, 4: l-efiefman 3, 4: 54690 Crew 4, FFA l, 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Christmas Pageant 2, Class Assembly 4. CAROLYN IONE BLISS Girls' League, DAR Representative, GAA 'l, 2, Athletic Managef 3, President 4, Letterwoman 3, 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, Seal Bearer: Pi' Them 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Vice President 4, Commercial Club 4: Sllldem Council 4, Student Body Secretary 4, Class Secretary 3, Tri-Y l, 4, Chaplain 3, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Class Assembly lf 4: Exchange Assembly 2, Band I, Spring Concert 1, Most Friendly 4. 'Zag' DORIS LAVON BOATRIGHT Girls' League, Sophomore Representative 2, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 4, GAA 1, 2, Fashion Show 3: ,Q Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Chairman 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Class Assembly l, 2, Exchange As- ' sembly 1, 2, Christmas Pageant 2, Senior Play 4. ,W if KENNETH EDWARD BOYNTON FFA I, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Community Chest 4. THEODORE P. BRESHEARS Football 2, 3, Manager 4, Basketball 2, 3, Manager 4, Baseball Manager 3, 4, Letter- man 2, 3, 4, FFA i, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4. LOLA MAY BURSON Girls' League, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter- woman 3, 4, CSF 2, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Office Staff 3, 4, Usher Club 3, Class Assembly 4, Library Service 4. RUTH MARIE CAGLE Fashion Show 3, 4, Girls' League. FREDERICK EUGENE CARPENTER Football 1, 2, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Pi Theta 3, 4, Homeroom Chair- man 2, Chairman 3, Class Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2, 4, Vice President 3, Class Assembly 1, Most Ver- satile 4, FFA I. LESTER L. CARROLL Football l, 2, Basketball 2, Tennis i, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 4, Hi'Y 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Senior Play 4. ONY R. CERVANTEZ Football 1, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Football Manager Awww' 4, Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary-Treasurer i. Girls' League, GAA l, Commercial Club 4, Usher Club 2, Chorus l, Class Assembly l, 4, Senior Play 4. Tennis l, 2, Letterman 2, 3, 4, FFA l, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, 4, Stage Crew 4, Class Assembly 2, 4, Senior Play 4. ,ff J, if TERRY GENE CLARK Football 1, 3, 4, Co-Captain '2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Track 2, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Chairman 3, FFA i, Senior Play 4, Class Assembly I, 4. lDAMARlE LOUISE COSTA Transferred from St. Catherine 2, Girls' League, GAA 2, 3, 4, Letter- woman 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Usher Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y 2, 3, 4, Fashion Show 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Class Assembly 4, Office Staff. JOYCE DEJARNETTE r 'fm TOM DEWITT 11,236 RANDOLPH ACOSTA DIAZ, JR. News Flashes 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Class Assembly l, Senior Play 4. ROWLAND DOuOLfAs EMMERT Football l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, Track 4, Boxing 3, Letterman 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Pi Theta 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Spring Concert l, 2, 3, Homeroom Chairman 4, Student Council 4, Chairman of Homeroom Chair- men 4, Boys' State 3, Class Assembly -u""'Y Dance Band 2, 3, 4. ROBERT D. ESCAMILLA Football l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Letterman l, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Chairman 3, Christmas Pa- geant 4, Student Council 4, Comm. of Advertise- ment 4, Class Assembly I, 4, Senior Play 4. BERTRAND SCOTT ESTEP Football i, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Pi Theta 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Sergeant-at- Arms 3, Class Assembly l. OvAN DA JOY ESTEP Girls' League, Twelfth Grade Representative, GAA l, 3, Class Repre- sentative 2, 4, Letterwoman 3, 4, Tri-Y l, 2, Chaplain 3, Vice Presi- dent 4, Commercial Club 4, Usher Club 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 1, Class Assembly 1, 2, Exchange Assembly i, 2, 3. GERALD ALLEN HENNINGER FORBES Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Usher Club 3, FFA i, Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms 1, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, News Flashes 4, Senior Play 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Class Assembly 4. I, 2, 3, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, 4, ' JOANN FORD Girls' League, Girls' League Assembly l, 31 GAA l' 2' 3' 47 TNI l, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, News Flashes Staff 4: 5999 Crewbl' Maiorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Exchange Assembly l, 2, 3, 4: Class Assem Y ll, 2, 4. MARY ANN FOSTER Girls' League, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4: Ufflqel' Club 3' 47 mv I, 2, 3, 4, News Flashes Staff 3, 4, Christmas lfagean' lf 4' Office Staff 4, Band 3, Class Assembly i, Ai Fashion Show 37 Senior Play 4. RICHARD KAY FREDERIKSEN Football I, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Tfafk lf 27 Boxing 3, 4, Letterman T, 2, Vice President 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Class President 1, Class Favorite 4. VICTOR PRESTON GARNER Transferred from Santa Paula, California, Football 2, Baseball 2, Track 4, Spanish Club 4, News Flashes 4, Hi-Y 4, Boys' Chorus 3, Senior Play 4, Most Attractive 4. DAVID LEROY GOODENOUGI-I Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Pi Theta 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Class Vice President 4, Christmas Pageant 3. DONALD LLOYD GRACE Transferred from Oxnard l, Football 2, 3, 4, Boxing 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Letterman 3, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 4, Hi-Y 2, 4, Band 2, 3, Spring Concert 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 3, Osborn's Youth Benefit 4, Class Assembly 4, Senior Play 4. GAYLE DUANE GRAY Transferred from Bakersfield 2, JV Basketball 4, Stage Crew 2, Community Chest 4, CHARLES LARRY GREER Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball i, 2, 3, 4, Letter- man 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, News Flashes Staff 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class President I, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Class Assembly I, 4, Senior Play 4. DATHA LOUISE GREGORY Girls' League, News Flashes Staff 3, 4, Art Club l, 2, Annual Staff 4, Sales Manager 4, Office Staff 3, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, Class Assembly I, 4, Senior Play 4, Chorus l, 2. RICHARD GURROLA Class Assembly l. "'-fun DENNIS EDWARD HALL Football 3, Track 4, Letterman 3, 4, Pi Theta 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Spring Concert l, 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 3, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly ll, 2, 3, 4. BILLY WAYNE HARRIS Football l, 2, 3. 4, Basketball l, JV Basketball 4, Track 2, 4, Boxing 3, Letterman 2, 3, 4, FFA l, 2, 4,'Sentinel 3, Class Play T, 4, Senior Play 4. WILLIAM HENRY Football 3, 4, JV Basketball 4, Boxing 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Pi Theta 3, Secretary 4, CSF l, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Christmas Pageant 3, Community Chest 4, Senior Play 4. VELMA LEE HOWELL Girls' League, Girls' Chorus l, 4, Fashion Show i, 2, Exchange As- sembly l, Spring Concert l, Class Assembly 'l, 4, Christmas Pageant l, Senior Play 4. fbi f wa K GW! ToMMY JONES Transferred to Fillmore 4. ETHEL ALBERTA KIDDER Girls' League, GAA l, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Y l, 2, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, Band 1, Spring Concert l, Christmas Pageant T, 4, Pom-Pom Girl 4, Class Assembly l, 2, 4, Senior Play 4. MARGARET LEE KIRBY Girls' League, GAA l, 2, Homeroom Chairman 4, Commercial Club tg .I,, IA Play 4. l in 3, 4, Tri-Y 3, 4, Office Staff 3, Christmas Pageant 4, Senior Play 4. DAVE LEVELL KNUTSON f Transferred from Porterville 3, Community Chest 4. JOSEPH LEE LEMONS Football 1, 2, Basketball T, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, Letterman 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Pi Theta 3, 4, CSF 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Class President 3, 4, Class Assembly l, 2, Senior Play 4, Most Likely To Succeed 4. RUTH LORETTA LocI4I-IART Transferred from Santa Paula, California 2, Girls' League, GAA 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Tri-Y 2, 3, 4, Usher Club 3, 4, CSF 3, 4, Band 2, Spring Concert 2, Christmas Pageant 2, 4, Class Assembly 4, Senior MARY Lou LozANo Girls' League GAA 3, 4, Tri-Y 4, Chorus 2, Senior Play 4, Class Assembly 4. JOYCE ANN MCKENZIE Girls' League, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Home- room Chairman 4, News Flashes Staff 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Class As- sembly 2, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, Senior Play 4. PHYLLIS ANN MCMASTER Girls' League, GAA l, 2, 4, Secretary 3, Letterwoman 4, Class Vice President 3, Class Secretary 4, Tri-Y l, 3, Treasurer 2, 4, Pep Club 4, Art Club 3, 4, Queen of the Month 3, Stage Crew 4, Band 1, Spring Concert T, Pom-Pom Girl 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Exe change Assembly 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly T, 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Wittiest 4. CLEMENTINA MAY KOVAR MADDux Transferred from Oxnard, California 2, Girls' League, GAA 2, 3, 4, Letterwoman 4, Commercial Club 4, Usher Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Tri-Y 2, 3, Secretary 4, Pep Club 4, Office Staff 4, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly 2, 4. Fashion Show 2, 3, 4, -.-.ll JOANNE MAIN . Girls' League, GAA T, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 4, Letterwoman 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, News Flashes Editor 4, CSF 3, Vice President 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Pom-Pom Girl T, Yell Leader 4, Head Yell Leader 3, Christmas Pageant T, 2, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, Ase sembly Committee 2, Class Assembly l, 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Class Favorite 3, 4, CHARLES DONALD MARSHALL Track 'l, 2, 4, FFA 1, 2, Class Assembly 4, Christmas Pageant i, Senior Play 4. MICHEY JIM MAXWELL Football 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Stage Manager 4, Assembly Committee 4, Christmas Pa- geant 2, 3. CESAR S. MENDOZA Football l, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball lr 2, 3, 4: Letterman l, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Chairman 4, Boys' Chorus l, Class Assembly T, 4, Senior Play 4, Most Bashful 4. l'lARRlETT LA VON MICHEL Transferred from Santa Monica, California 3, Girls' League: CSF 3. Spanish Club 4, Tri-Y 4, Homeroom Chairman 3, Chor Play 4. RODNEY MERTZ MOPFETT Transferred from Ventura, California, Pi Theta Us 3, Senior 4, Spanish Club 3 4- Hi-Y 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, FFA 4, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Cllasg Assembly 4, Senior Play 4. ,P 'sa-4 S" I f v A 2 L NORMA LINDA RAMIREZ GAA 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, Fashion Show 2, 3, Girls r League 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y 4, Office Practice 4, Christ- mas Pageant 2, Fashion Show 2, 3, Senior Play 4. GEORGE ANDREW RIESGO REAL Football 2, 4, Baseball T, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 47 Letterman 4, Boys' Chorus I, FFA l, Class Assembly 'l, Christmas Pageant 4, Senior Play 4. A 4 -If . V7 DANIEL L. Rios Transferred from Mark Keppel 4. JAMES EDWARD ROSENLIEB Transferred from San Fernando 3, CSF 3, Spanish Club 4, Usher Club 3, President 4, 4, Student Council 4. VIRGINA ANN MORENO Girls' League, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Letterwoman 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Usher Club 2, 3, 4,xTri-Y 4, Homeroom Chairman 4, Office Practice 3, 4, Chorus 2, 4,1 Eashion Show 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 'l, 4. ANN LOUISE MOSBARGER Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Treasurer 2, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Letterwoman 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y l, 3, 4, President 2, Student Council 4, Annual Editor 4, News Flashes Staff 4, Stage Crew 4, Homeroom Chairman l, Pep Club 4, Fashion Show 3, Girls' League Assembly 2, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly l, 2, 4, Yell Leader 2, Pom-Pom Girl 4, Spring Concert 1, Band l, Senior Play 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Most Versatile 4. Football l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball President 2, Band l, 2. MARTYN NELSON PERRY Assembly l, Senior Play 4. geant 3. ink! Pi Theta 3, President 4, Commissioner of Finance JOE ANTHONY SILVA PEDROZA 1, 2, 3, 4: Track i, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Class Pi Theta 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Usher Club 2, 3, 4, CSF 3, News Flashes Staff 4, Band l, Spring Concert l, Christmas Pageant 3, Community Chest 4, Class TONY LEWIS PIERCE Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 1, Boxing 3, Stage Crew 4, Letterman 3, 4, Homeroom Chairman 4, Christmas Pa- MOLLIE SUAREZ PONcE Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, Office Practice 1, Fashion Show 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4. GK! Hts.-..,.. ? JOE G. SANDOVAL FFA l. VIRGINIA GERALDINE STRINGER Transferred from Hemet, California 2, Fashion Show 2, 3, 4. BARBARA LORENE SHIELLS Girls' League, GAA 'l, 2, 3, 4, Letterwoman 2, 3, 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, Seal Bearer, Student Council 4, Commissioner of Entertainment, Class Secretary 2, Spanish Club 2, 4, President 3, Tri-Y 1, 3, Class As' sembly I, 2, 4, Exchange Assembly 1, 2, 4, Christmas Pageant 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Most Likely To Succeed 4. JANET ELIZABETH STULL Transferred from Los Angeles, California 3, Girls' League, GAA 3, 4, Letterwoman 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Tri-Y 3, President 4, Commer- cial Club 4, Pi Theta 3, 4, Usher Club 3, 4, Community Chest 4, Chairman 4, Senior Play 4. MARY ELAINE SMITH Girls' League, Commercial Club 4, Tri-Y 4, Office Staff 2, 3, Class Assembly 4, Senior Play 4. NORMA JEAN SWINDLE Girls' League, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterwoman 3, 4, Girls' League As- sembly 2, CSF 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Commercial Club 3, Treasurer 4, Fashion Show 4, Office Staff 4, Christmas Pageant 2, Senior Play 4. STUART DAWSON SMITHWICK Basketball 1, 3, 4, Track 4, Letterman 3, 4, Student Council 4, Student Body President 4, Annual Staff 4, News Flashes 3, Managing Editor 4, CSF 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Homeroom Chairman I, Assembly Committee 4, Pep Club 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, Reporter 2, Class Assembly 1, 4, Exchange Assembly 3, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4. DIXIE THAYER Girls' League, GAA l, 2, 3, Class Treasurer 2, Homeroom Chairman 3, Stage Crew 4. DAVID STOLI. Football l, 2, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, News Flashes Staff 4, Class Assembly l, Stage Crew 4, Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club 4, Senior Play 4, FFA l. BETTY KAY THOMPSON Girls' League, GAA l, Commercial Club 3, 4, Fashion Show 2, Tri'Y 3, 4, Office Staff 3, Christmas Pageant l, Senior Play 4. Football I, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Basketball 1, MARILYN JOYCE WIELAND Tri-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Princess and Queen 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 2, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Yell Leader 2, Class Play 4, Most Attractive 4, Letterwoman 4, Fashion Show 3, 4, Exchange Assembly 2, 3, Feature Editor News Flashes 4, Homeroom Chairman 4. Mi' lit I l rv ' iw, :T A JOHN WAYNE WALLACE Freshman Class Assembly Letterman l, 2, 3, President 4, Art Club 3, Senior Class Assembly, Manager "A"-Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, "A"-Basketball 3, 4, "A" Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, "B" Basketball l, 2, Stage Crew 3, Christmas Pageant 4, Friendliest 4, Comm. of Athletics, Publicity Chairman for Senior Assembly 4, Pep Club 4, Hi- Y 3, 4, Sports Editor 4. 611155 Prvphecy 1974 Turning the calendar ahead 20 years we see that several people from the Class of '54 have be- come famous. JOE AVILA and OFELIA ALVARADO are co-starring in "The Great Wetback Invasion," produced by RANDY DIAZ and directed by RICH- ARD GURROLA. Critics, DAVID STOLL and BARBARA SHIELLS, acclaim it to be the greatest picture yet to come out of Mexico. MARTYN PERRY, notorious gangster, was ar- rested by Sheriff DON MARSHALL and his deputies, TERRY CLARK, ROD MOFFETT, and DAVE GOOD- ENOUGH. While the Black Jacket Gang composed of DICK FREDERIKSEN, VIC GARNER, ROL EMMERT, and DON CCHASOJ GRACE remain unapprehended. ROG BAKER was arrested last night on the PIERCE RANCH by Police Chief JOHN BISHOP. The hired hand, JIM ROSENLIEB, and the cook, CAROLYN BLISS, assisted in the capture. The maintenence crew of the Fillmore sewer system consisting of JOE LEMONS, GEORGE REAL, DAN RIOS, STU SMITHWICK, JERRY FORBES, BUD BAUGHMAN, and JIM MAXWELL held their annual bean feed. Exotic dancers ELAINE SMITH, BETTY THOMPSON, and MARGARET KIRBY provided the entertainment. LOLA BURSON spoke on "The Evils of Drink." In the women's service we find that Gen. DIXIE THAYER, Major ETHEL KIDDER, Lt. MAY MADDUX, Col. MARY ANN FOSTER, and P.F.C. JOYCE DE JARNETTE were in town on furlough. Also home on leave were career officers LES CARROLL, CESAR MENDOZA, LEROY BEARD, TOM DE WITT, and ONY CERVANTEZ. GAYLE GRAY and NORMA SWINDLE have estab- lished a home for retired goldfish. A few of the members are LORETTA LOCKHART, KENNETH BOYNTON, DAVE KNUTSON, and VIRGINIA STRINGER. The workers at the Fillmore Shirt Factory are on strike. Among the strikers are CONNIE WAHL, ELIZABETH STULL, MARY LOZANO, and TERESA ARMAS. Manager PHYLLIS MCMASTER says that she hopes for a settlement soon. On the political scene, Senator BILL HARRIS is proposing a bill to legalize mulitple marriages. He is being violently opposed by Representative HAR- RIET MICHEL. Secretary of State BILL HENRY and Attorney General FRED CARPENTER are leaving on an im- portant mission to Puerto Rico. They will be ac- companied by Miss Piru, MARILYN WIELAND, Miss Foothill Drive, JOANNE MAIN, and Miss "B" Street, ANN MOSBARGER. JOHN WALLACE, CHUCK GREER, BOB ESCAM- ILLA, and JOE SANDOVAL are exploring east Ni- geria in hopes of finding uranium. Acting as guide will be TOM JONES. They are being sponsored by the famous JOANN FORD and her steel guitar. JOE PEDROZA, NORMA RAMIREZ, JOHN BEL- TRAN, and MOLLIE PONCE are entering the finals for the world's tiddilly winks championship. BERT and OVANDA ESTEP, famous dancing duo, entertained at the ladies' aid meeting. Some of the more prominent members present were JANET ARUNDELL, DORIS BOATRIGHT, IONA BARGER, MARILYN BECK, LOUISE GREGORY, and VELMA HOWELL. Eminent juvenile authority, TED BRESHEARS will speak at the P.T.A. meeting tonight. The newly elected officers are President, IDAMARIE COSTA, Secretary, VIRGINIA MORENO, Treasurer, JOYCE MCKENZIE. DEN HALL has iust been released from prison after serving a 20 year sentence for making slander- ous statements about the Class of '5-4. SENIOR PLA Y CAST Abigail Abborr 5,1761 kfdde, Professor Mfclyels Chuck Greer Dean Gfllfnglvafn Martyn Perry S0550 Abboff Barbara Slziells Bobo Stu Sl71l'fl7VIrl'Ck Bunny fl4ar1'lyn Vweland r 47 Howie Bill Hdfflk fha Heier' BSN? Thompson f 0 f I JSO? Gayle Gray H Sylvia Carolyn 81,38 H Clam Loretta lo Shm Bill po rg Carrie g Marge Mrs. Miller I clvlvafl ger Baker Elaine Smifly Joyce DeJa e Teresa Arhyas rfleff , IQ ,,. X JW' '1"W J, 'Q ,J 3 fl so , we Q22 ,ff-' 4 fe' N, , 5? 12 ii K T2 3 km , wwf, J 'fffil 1 last Will and Cestamrnf Ofelia Margaret Alvarado, leave to join the National Guard. Teresa Armas, leave my quiet ways to Jennie Lopez. Janet Mae Arundell, leave to marry Roscoe. Joe Paul Espinoza Avila, leave for K.P. College at Ft. Ord. Roger Laurin Baker, leave my slow alarm clock to Rog Palmer. Iona Williams Barger, leave my shy ways to my sister, Donna. James D. Baughman, leave my noon taxi for anyone who wants it. Albert Leroy Beard, have left for the service. Marilyn Sue Hart Beck, leave to keep house for Lee. John Dennis Beltran, leave my poster paints to Bev Gilmore. John E. Bishop, leave my physique to Paul Haase. Carolyn lone Bliss, leave heading for the moon. Want a ride? Doris Lavon Boatright, leave chemistry to anyone bright enough to understand it. Kenneth Edward Boynton, leave. I came with nothing and am going the same way. Theodore P. Breshears, leave this school hoping that it will miss all my years that I have been here. Lola May Burson, leave my study gripes to some unfortunate bookworm. .Ruth Marie Cagle, leave Filmore High to go to better places. Frederick Eugene Carpenter, leave for up north, Foothill. Lester Carroll, leave to become a squad leader in the Marines. Ony R. Cervantez, leave without my "Groucho," Terry Gene Clark, leave my model airplane kit to Craig Howard. ldamarie Costa, leave this school hoping that Mr. Bigger will find someone else to talk to. Joyce DeJarnette, leave "not for real" to Elaine McMaster. Tom DeWitt, leave with Lester for the Marines. Randoph Acosta Diaz, Jr., leave the mass production of turtle plates to Ronald Haase. Rowland Douglas Emmert, leave my homeroom chairman iob to some other handsome, beautifully built male. Robert Escamilla, leave all my art work to some other goof. Bertrand Scott Estep, leave my knack for riding tractors to anybody equipped to handle it. Ovanda Joy Estep, leave my parking place roadmap to Carolyn Green. Gerald Allen Henninger Forbes, leave F.U.H.S. without shifting into high gear. JoAnn Ford, leave my long wavy hair to Janet Burson. Mary Ann Foster, leave to take Marilyn Monroe's place. Richard Kay Frederiksen leave my little head to Roger Palmer. Victor Preston Garner, leave my yellow fingers to Dean Jackson. David LeRoy Goodenough, leave my handsome face to anyone who has the stomach to take it. Donald Lloyd Grace, leave soon for Milwaukee. Gayle D. Gray, leave my cowboy boots to no one. Charles Larry Greer, leave, taking Margaret with me. Datha Louise Gregory, leave, taking the Annual fund with me. Richard Gurrola, leave with no regrets. Dennis Edward Hall, leave with girls flailing the walls and tearing out their hair, crying, "Lover Come Back to Me." Billy Wayne Harris, leave Coach Simmons without worrying where to get me football shoes. William Henry, leave to become president of the Professional Gravediggers As- sociation. Velma Lee Howell, leave happily. Tommy Jones, leave Lester as the only Jones in school. Ethel Alberta Kidder, leave wagging my ruffled bloomers and pom-poms be- hind me. Margaret Lee Kirby, leave to be with Chuck forever. Dave Levell Knutson, leave Myrna Fiske to no one. Joseph Lee Lemons, leave to let some worthy Junior take over in Mrs. Hack- barth's English Class. Ruth Loretta Lockhart, leave my temper and stubborness to anyone who'll take it. Mary Lou Lozano, leave to ioin the Mexican Foreign Legion. Joyce Ann McKenzie, leave to get my M.R.S. Phyllis Ann McMaster, leave my profession of house breaking to Carol and Jen. Clementina May Kovar Maddux, leave my great personality to Anita Banks. Joanne Main, leavy my roly poly figure to Jen Maxwell. Charles Donald Marshall, leave my place in Mr. Bigger's office to Dopey. Mickey Jim Maxwell, leave my first base coaching box to any bench warmer. Cesar S. Mendoza, leave my athletic ability to my brother, Ruben. Harriett La Von Michel, leave Mr. Ross with all the sulfur that first period can burn!! "PU"! Rodney Mertz Moffett, leave Dr. Ross feeding my dog Skippys. Virginia Ann Moreno, leave my happy and crazy moods to some sadsack who needs it. Ann Louise Mosbarger, leave the iob of Annual Editor to next year's dumb, stupid, unsuspecting fool. Joe Anthony Silva Pedroza, leave my "eagle eye" to Calaboose. Martyn Nelson Perry, leave my cultured ways to Jerry Mack. Tony Lewis Pierce, leave a spot on the behch to anybody who wants it. Mollie Suarez Ponce, leave to keep house. Norma Linda Ramirez, leave my scrapbook to the annual staff. George Andrew Riesgo Real, leave some of my little wave to Mr. Main. Daniel L. Rios, leave to attend Keppel. James Edward Rosenlieb, leave Mr. Ross with one less genius? Joe G. Sandoval, leave to become president of the Union Oil Company. Barbara Lorene Shiells, leave, looking for a man. Mary Elaine Smith, leave my reforming talks from Mr. Bigger to Dopey. Stuart Dawson Smithwick, leave my iob as A.S.B. prexy to some unlucky fool. David Elliot Stoll, leave my dad, Dr. Ross, to the mercy of the "Sunken City." Virginia Stringer, leave F.U.H.S. because it's time to go. Elizabeth Stull, leave my ability to look innocent to Anita Banks. Norma Jean Swindle, leave my good grades in shorthand to future classes. Dixie Thayer, leave F.U.H.S. with one less Socialist. Betty Kay Thompson, leave my garter to my sister, Helen. Connie Sue Wahl, leave to write Johnny everyday. John Wayne Wallace, leave Coach Palmer and his wise cracks. Marilyn Joyce Wieland, leave my place in C.S.F. to Debbie Bliss. 3-Lgemq -mics mcg-K bmw-UZCD EO tom Bta Eiw 4 LD'-UU 2:5 M E gg-3-MW EET-E -OE3 ,gm Lo BOCE- -UEE -U-O CU Um EOE--E +0 Z6 UE -6+ 'dia 0:3201 :Em E92 mop-m U6 4-A -UE our -:QU -EOUUM 0:2 fu-Log 2: V-gi Y-CD-UCL Cm Em-UCB? OWDOLP-mg mgg .43 5+ ig--DL EOC-FEI .EE E29-Umm 6-E gg XECEW mv-UCD mga-OI C2553 -UEEUQUCD 0tg3D0I .qwj amgm usen- WLU-OCD3 .QE 3-JOI EEE 2: E Cmgozjp-Um Osymj SEO EE? EE +0 EQOQSW UUESBDOI ETSOWDOI OVESUSOI .elim Low ho-E +8-I -Sum UD-m EE wo 5550 w-U-oggm QE my-DZ CE mr-SMI Zo-FSHSUUO NMSP?- mcg-NF WEE-5 mC:-gm V-L25 2 mgsmwmmm UCME 50 mr-Em -225 E35 8- gig 535 -Bgmu OEF Co EEZ imzg I-0+ 204 EE wmv-mm mmgtor-W Er-QEI K-Ummmm 'LE Oh mgv--ml-I aru- Us-EE V-Lmr-W E' mm: ,E mr-NOD mg--Daw mgtmxs 5251 mr-Em 2-O EO rf-U5 - 96-OOU xfznm-UCDQUD Cm-E25 WT-6 F-ES mg!-O1 mgzaw mCOm US EDEC? 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Q., f . an .Ji 1X s.-Nt. Marvin Atchiey, Presidenfg Joe Pulido, Vice Presi- denfg Lucy Vasquez, Treasurerg Phil Blodgef, Sec reta ry. Raymond Avila Lois Axfell Bud Baker Bruce Baldwin Lavina Aguirre Pauline Alamillo YVHX fI1li?Y1 vu-nrv, juniars Mike Alcoser Helen Armas Marvin Afchley , , wts I , ' iw 3 ww' M-sa, . ' nr .M M SHARPSHOO Q , . ' Vanxx. .ff X. ,W ,, cpq eng 'ff .Y Cx : ' if Q ,X ln, . -4" ' ' Q..-I 1 + Nr ia' inks 11" 7 R . 'M E-:rc .wg- ' Q. K I. 'S IN ! far -B' Al I, A L -6' xii? y. K i 45 1 375' em, . -ns .eK,', 31 -f' ,Nh t, E x M ' 31 , at " ' if - ? -an 4 Y V , 4 I Q t . .M in , . 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Kirby Mary Lou Kovach George Lechler Julia Limon Jennie Lopez Peggy McGaugh Jean McGregor Ofelia Martinez Jen Maxwell Claude Mendez Carmen Mendoza Bill Mitchell Jim Morris Robert Molina Sonia Morales a , J '7 -,eg l Y 5 J ','i at ff I' 1.4 .AV Mmm W f 1' Z, yf fu, an ff 1 4 fi- ? fl on f I i. A ' X Kg yf,,a ,, an-M , ,uh 3, ' f Q 5 n Y , ' f If Lf I 1 St m rw Z -v if-A 1'1" im, WZ o 5 ,W MX Q, f " if Qifzfru 4 , F. L , 5 Q V, ,bf " Q 'W' Ii ,, f ""' . . P? ' Q uv 'Q ' ' " f Argo l in I.. if If My l A9- 7 W ,,,,,,N f Xu Huw- , Jw, MQ' -, V i' -,A I ' ' dy? ' i , ia J 7 K2 "r-wma ' if HZ X, Norma Miller W ,,t my Z , ,.,J,,...,t ,' Iva, v X I If X A ! Roger Pal-mer A, , ,qty ,G y o"R 'A J Alberta Pennington fW'W5 Q W - CI qi J Wm Ed Perdue em, 3 i Q ' Y , Q Ezekiel Perez " fyyy 'J I 1 2, M, Aii'fV,f,ff'f , X Ru 'war 4. E aux a A .A wg..w- g rw .1 Q 5 an 3, K IDN- eu . M it fm C ,-, X,-,. A r ' M Q QW , . 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Qll i , NH L i eifsiazasei X 3 F First row: Doris Myers, Carol Madden, Adena McDowell, Exine' Hill, Suzie Hall, Charlene Howard, Lillian Mayhew, Judith Main, Marilyn Halsey, Myrna Fiske. Second row: Lester Jones, Gary Haley, Carmen Magdeleno, Mary Ann Harbison, Nancy Hodges, Shirley Henderson, Mary Johnson, David Merrill, Bill Hinckley. Third row: David Martinez, Ron lpswitch, Jerry Mack, Paul Lydick, Dennis Goodenough, Luther Gregory, Dean Jackson, Frank Horn. Fourth row: Don Myers, Orval McElroy, Bill Largen, Ed Gathright. Front row: Susy Sanchez, Mary Lou Torres, Carolyn Swindle, Shirley Wilson, Patty Wilson Pat Wheat Barbara Smith, Joan Weber Patty Young Evel W , , yn elchhance. Second row- Gilbert Ruiz D' b Anna Mae Siler Naomi O'B ' . , ig y Rowe, , anion, Ruth Snyder, Joyce Stoner, Shirley Somers, Elizabeth Preciado, David Wileman, Ruben Sanchez. Third row- William W att J M . y , oe Pyle, ilton Suttle, Ron White, Albert Ragonton, Junior Martin, Bouncy Welch, Frank Rodarte. .,,y- ?rc5h144r:14 'fm 0 Q1 Ulu! N g rl : TE lim kyry ' A fl "' Judy Arun- L Godfrey, Secretary-Treasurer, U i di-:llinVice President: l'laf"Y Harper' Presldenl X First row: Charlene Cowans, Oma June Crockett, Ramona Beeler, Francis Cox, Barbara Brosh, Edna Elledge, Geneva Beard, Dorothy Brown, Judy Arundell, Roseann Black. Second row: Johnie Evans, Shirley Corl, Jean Aardappel, Sharon DeArmond, Jalaine Dewey, Cecelia Ayala, Joyce Dominguez, Josie Cabral, Glenda Cole. Third row: Robert Cruz, Gilbert Brummitt, Bob DeJarnette, Monte Carpenter, Billy DeJarnette, Lawrence De Moss, Jim Cook, Pete Cervantez, David Ballinger, Joe Alcozar. Fourth row: Sammy Alvarado, Jim Alamillo, David Delano, Gilbert Banuelos, Lawrence Espinoza. .Z LGL'1,!1H"'4f4'7ff.X"lY'XKJYLlI.Li15Y!'2NL1-"fal'44f wifi,-inf sn TZQEHRHYKZN .Z ' ' , " - X Hreslzmelr V' -rf 4 5 Fl . , . , IC ey J I . ' :.::E2raGLf'z Rita iaifan, LuPe Leon, Rosemary veefa Jlreioisthloghtl .Eeceha Flores, Amelia Madrid' . n SVSOD, ue Luther Veda M 0 W: 'mmY KGHCY Marv' K J h . ' I cKean, Wa d M C l f In ruse, HClor:3n,L:o:1i21U::,n. Third row: Bob Jones, Mann Fydici a:IrL:'ryBe,t:Z1 Martin, Vada Meyers, Linda Jacksonl 0 rey' M'ke Hope, Don Kitchens, Clarence Kirb B'Ilper' RUben.Mendoza' Ronnie Y, I Hunt, Craig Howard, David rst row: Gail Garrison, Frances Norwood M. k ' I d, rim row: Lisa Thomas, Elaine Rihbanyi Nina -Storm Ewsngjvgoxisg'3e'3ZCJD:"1'gij':"J3:aQ'gU 3l"C':ai2I d Francis Rodriguez, Rachel Torres' Un a enmng on' , ' . L V ld-via ' d Ron Whiteley, Robert Ramirez, upe 6 I 1 I , G P arson, Henry Perez, Alan Stubblefiel , l 4 - Ezxyile Sigforg. Third row: Harold Tifft, Norris Pennington, Robin Rycrofif G-'bert S0531 Tojlmz Ramirez, Frank Riesgo, Ted Yzaguirre, Albert Palacio, Tom Sandoval. Fourth row: Dale Ro erts, ac Phillips, Bob Taylor, William Preciado, Eugene Reyes. if ,f Xl 's. 'Malia 'NLS 43uNI1 QYRSPYH- 15-V 'LIP-'ii!? 'i'nP41.ll.R'?'t'..lI i77i '...!nr KL'EHUl.W1KH?7' Ci7F3'l3LK'L YWma B E t4""iLs M 915 " Z Q Q 2' , My www R , HKTOV-N' ' lghfh Gr de g , Dlck P I x ,Q J amer, P -d u immy Wilson Secretary-Treasurxf' ent, Wayne Sampso n' Vlce Presidenf, Front row- Mary Ybarra Carolyn Raby Barbara John n S R , , , so , usan ogers, Carolyn Green, Debbie Bliss, Stephanie Goddard, Anita Casanova, Deanne Osborn, Barbara Suttle, Veda Merrell. Second row: Lowell Boynton, Wayne Sampson, Mike Legan, Francis Medina, Shirley Collins, Dorothy Laird, Ursula Rowe, Patsy Reynolds, Roy Grover, Lewis Hill, Albert Ball. Third row: Alvin Benson, Jon Balden, Larry Edwards, Rodney Brummitt, Bobbie Tallent, Jack Baughman, Robert Horn, Michael Donley, Art Preciado, Ronnie Beckham. Fourth row: Caroll Beard, Ray Nolen, Felix Medina, Bob Pierce, Leroy Lasky. 4 2.0! .JZABIIGWK 45' cl J d Karens BettY Jones' Ruth Beard' First row: sandra WN elh :ony MarY Ann Hand, Rosemarie Solo' Joanne Cagle' Donn?-1 Jovi? .lil'n Horn Glenda Fullerton, Ramgna L n, Secon ro : . v I 5 al Bar ara BettY age .ne Pierce, Connie Jimenez, Becl4Y os. Charles Rome, BW' W1 On, Third FOW- aneert 'S Wallace, Teresa Lechler' J First row: Katie Romero, Sylvia Castorena, Delfina Rangel, Marie Gregory, Ann Lancaster, Peggy Padelford, Linda Wileman, Kay Eichstaedt, Carol McReynolds, Linda Stevenson, Patty White- hurst, Janice Ballinger. Second row: Johnnie Myers, Ella Bragg, Barbara Gregory, Dolores Encinas, Soila Ramirez, Linda Morales, Mary Ann Hunt, Elaine McMaster, Sharon Hughes, Anita Ballard, Madeline Carroll. Third row: Wayne Foster, Bob McGregor, Allen - ' Warring, Denny Flinn, Keith B b Beyrd, Larry Beaman' , E erett Madden' O l C illo Gilbert Lovato, Gerald HendOn vdcl Alvin Antry, Pau arr , h Sammy Gunn, Fre Y Diaz. Fourth row: Russell Gooderfoug V l L atc, Mailer, Jack DUd'eY' Tom Burke, Dale Thompson' ov John Chessani, Paul Casas, Nla"'Ue Taylor, Tommy Alamillo, Richard Morales, Frank Romero Junior Cardona, Tom Weber, James Hudson, Gene Brown,,Robert Stewart, Tommy Swift. Fourth row: Eddie Garner, Dickie Laird Jim Wilson, Richard Palmer, Don Tilcock Marshall Jacobe B bb' , , o y Villanueva, Lynn Freed, Lewis Crandall, Robert Arona. Fifth row: Jim Chapin, Ora Bragg, Bill Britt, John Ferri er, Jim Lee, Larry Cotton, Joe Torres, Adrian Sanchez. H 5' ,, KaTiE lm 'm,,w,i,..,V,Q ', W mgwmwzi , i,mh,,,5,,',,,,, s sa:.,,.Wf L, yawn :W,m.svz.m ,Mn.uCm,vWy,e, g'.,ggmhq.,,,,-gn, ,. , if 4 ,- N ,wr , 'rfm4e..,a,-1,..:f',ff+AsQ, 1 SX 5 Seventh grade G odenough, Vice Judy Greer, President, Don O President, Nancy Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer. F' t : L e Ve a, Mary Miller, Susan Knight, Bennie Tores, Susan Warring, Glenda Gregory, Linda urs row up g Burke Sue Vest, Carolyn Weber, Patsy Wilson. Second row: Rachael Torres, Anna Mae Steel, Margie B kman, Carolyn Norwood, Sandra Shiells, Martha White., Judy Greer, Nancy Brooks, Joanne Moffett, ee Shirley Settlemire, Geraldine French. Third,row: Bennie Wilford, Billy Winterstem, Kenneth Coates, Bully Ma field Clinton Anderson, Billy Gilkinson, Eddie Elkins, John Scoles, Jimmy Arundell, Duane Beard, Y 1 Charles Crandall, Frank Lenore. Fourth row: Burl Wummox, Philip Garcia, Raymond Ponce, Jim Kelley, Charles Blagg, Raymond Ayala, Lee Hammond, Don Armstrong, Dennis Charles. Fifth row: Earl Arm- strong, Dick Penrod, Donnie Wahl, Orval Neil, John Mesa, Ranaldo Chessani, Tommy Eaton, Bob Stringer, David Philips, Jimmy Kirby. Y' Wy.-3'4" 'YL-sf lg It by K L is Thorn Eloise Cortez, Heler. First row: Dorothy Morales, Patty French, Beverly Peters, Pat Lawrence, o , Preciado, Trinidad Ramirez, Mary Ann Steppler, Elaine Campbell, Yvonne Gucher, Pamela Wahl. Second row: Carol Antonsen, Madeline Jacobe, Beverly Chaney, Llavone Goins, Eleanor McKitchens, Betty Barber, Ann Salsbury, Janet McDowel, Francis Mendez, Mary Gonzalez, lnez Armas. Third row: Lorenzo Madrid, Salvador Vasquez, Roger France, Kenneth Ford, Dale Snyder, James Jackson, Robert Morris, Roger Shaw, Jimmy Horn, John Ford, Don Goodenough. Fourth row: Kenneth Schrader, Ramon Perez, Ralph Ramirez, Margarito Avila, Travis Maynard, Warren Ferrier, Larry Townsend, Paul Gurrola, Kenny Philips. Fifth row: Ralph Alcoser, Joe Cervantez, Andy Madrid, Billy Bailey, Jose Zermanio, Larry Dunst, Michael Amey. First row: Helen Tovar, Rita Flores, Linda Teis, Rachael Cortez, Barbara Kinchaloe, Mary Shipley, Diane Thompson, Linda Knight, Mary Lou -Arthalao, Judy Gregory, Brenda Pearson, Patsy Campbell, Second row: Greta Goins, Gail Brown, Irene Alcoser, Soledad Arteleio, Rita Hernandez, Shirley Hooper, Mary Ann Renteria, Laura Cruz, Diane Hunter, Marlene Easterwood, Emily Real, Esther Espinoza, Reva Renfro. Third row: Arneilia Cardenas, Maria Flores, Jim Ragsdale, Charlen DeVol, Charles Murrel, Denny Beltran, Kenneth Stout, Ronald Powell, James Edwards, Theodore Cqndron, Gerald McKitchens. Fourth row: Carlos Kusta, Gardner Pool, Jerry French, Almador Gonzalez, Glenn Wooley, Frederick Young, Garry Everson, Wally Cravens. Fifth row: Roy Diaz, Herbert Pierce, Ferrell Williams, Raymond Ramirez, Jack Green, Franky Tarver, L. D. Falner, Leroy McGinnley, Robert Southwick. f ki f t -mr.. J ,-Y fflbig LW .Q J... ,llcfzlfzfzcfs Q ,,. l if G X, NX N5 j x Q Q Cxxxxx 1 N' x I 'l ,gy X l I, I 1 Q X f- X f' J in if Alva H. A id X J 3 K I Y , 2 r -43 -..., NM-,,, ,-- f 'A -1 fa-we . A ns Main Vice President ' i Jean McGre 0 . Blodger President, Leticia Vela Treas 9 r, Secretary, Phil Fhsforian ' Ufeff Jenme l-0Pez, 6111! orrzia clmlar hip Qedcrufiorz Bottom row: Johnefte Kelly, Loretta Kaufman Deanna Price Loretta Lockhart Carol n BI' A , , , y iss, nn Mosbarger, JoAnn,a Crawford. Middle row: Lucy Vasquez, Jennie Lopez, Lola Burson, Jean McGregor, Barb Shiells, JoAnne Main, Leticia Vela, Mary Jane Scanflin, Miss Duke. 'lfop row: Mary Aichley, David Merrill, Bill Hinkley, Ernie Case, STU Smlthwick, Sal Tesoro, Phil Blodger, Jack Crandall. . ,. A ll.,-,nfl g ... i. 40 0. Z Z Z . -,We Z at W9 -g-:Xfi- '- 44-N xXx 522:-SY Sal Tesoro, vice president, Jim Rosenleib, president, Willie Henry, secretary-treasurer. Pi Zfllefzz B ttom row: Jack Crandall, Willie Henry, Jim Rosenleib, Bert Estep, Rol Ernmert, Martyn Perry. Middle o P MG h Jean McGregor, Anita Banks, row: Connie Wahl, Loretta Kaufman, Deanna Price, eggy c aug , I T Ro er Baker, Doug Shaw, Lester Wilkin, Joe Lemons, Roger Elizabeth Stull, Carolyn Biss. op row: g Palmer, Dave Goodenough, Den Hall, Rod Moffett, Sal Tesoro. l ANN MOSBARGER-Editor Room BAKER-Aggfsf anr Editor Left to right: Ovanda Estep, Business Editorg Roger Baker, Assistant and Photography Editorg Ann Mosbarger, Editor, Rol Emmert, Feature Editor, Joanna Crawford, Copy Editor, Stu Smithwick, Sports Editor. 'NWI K5 'Q to ji' Xt nn- ' . ix . x A ' :fra A 52 if ,fix 7 M w fre? g SEV 7 , Wd! I, W -My 4f 7 , J, f V K4 "9 ' Q, , ' f YV 1 fy. 'x lefiermen Left To right: John Wallace, Presi- dent, Dick Fredericksen, Vice Presi- dent, Sal Tesoro, Secretary-Treas urerg Don Grace, Sergeant-atfArms. l l 4 KX. I ,.., V' 9 ii From row: Joe Sandoval, Dick Fredericksen, Terry Clark, Chuck Greer, Don Grace, Dave Goodenough, Dave Stoll, Joe Lemons, Bill Harris, Bill Henry, Joe Pedroza. Second row: Bob Escamilla, Roger Palmer, Phil Blodgetr, John Keefe, Joe Casas, Dean Thomas, John Bishop, Tony Pierce, Rol Emmerf. Third row: Sal Te O ' soro, ny Cervantez, Jim Maxwell, Ted Breshears, John, Wallace, Coach Ed Simmons, Stu Smiihwick. L' cffcrwameu 'li-g Left to right: Joanne Main, Vice Presidenty Norma Swindle, Secrea tary-Treasurerg Elizabeth Stull, Presi- dent. i' 45391 5 Bo11om row: Norma Swindle, Virginia Moreno, Carolyn Bliss, Anita Banks. Middle row: Lola Burson, Elizabeth Stull, Ann Mosbarger, Barbara Shiells, Ovanda Estep. Top row: Jennie Lopez, May Maddux, Phyllis McMaster, Marilyn Wieland, Joanne Main. 3 5 1,1 N., .- f . Q, many- aa.. Bottom row: David Merrill, Jean McGregor, Doug Shaw, Loretta Lockhart, Byron Ellsworth. Second row: Bill Hinckley, Janet Burson, Lucy Vasquez, Teresa Armas, Helen Armas, Jennie Lopez, Barbara Shiells, Paul Lydick, Marilyn Wieland, Joanne Main, Shirley Bishop, Anita Banks, Marcia Boyd, Peggy McGaugh. Third row: Glenda Bishop, Sue Evans, Nancy Hodges, Alberta Pennington, Deanna Price, Stephanie Rowe, ldamarie Costa, Elizabeth Stull, Carolyn Bliss, Ann Mosbarger, May Macldux, Doris Boatright, Harriet Michel, Pat Carpenter, Katherine Pyle, Martyn Perry. Fourth row: Johnette Kelly, Lola Burson, Lois Axtell, Geneva Cole, Nancy Andren, Carolyn Swindle, Judith Elkins, Pat Wheat, Charlene Howard, Dennis Goodenough, Connie Wahl, Judith Main, Gary Haley, Bruce Baldwin. Fifth row: Jim Eberly, Den Hall, Don Marshall, Vic Garner, Patty Young, Lillian Mayhew, Evelyn Welchance, Leticia Vela, Linda Eberly, Jack Crandall, Digby Rowe, Paul Haase, Doug Elkins, Jim Rosenlieb. Sixth row: Robert Flores, Joel Dunn, Ernie Case, Eric Padelford, Roger Baker, Rod Moffett, Stu Smithwick, Jerry Mack, Joanna Crawford, Joyce Bartles, Shirley Somers, Barbara Smith, Lester Wilkin, Jerry Forbes, Jim Easley, Bud Baker. ,mmf I1 Klub Crandall, treasurer. 1564-Til Left to right: Bruce Baldwin, president Carolyn Bliss, vice president, Miss Duke advisor, Jennie Lopez, secretary Jack fi 715 . Q .IJ 'ij fl"-In A i A W ,h ,ei 24: v.7 ' 1-9 ,.. Linda Johnson-Ninth Grade Rep., Joanne Main-Vice President, Marcia Boyd-Eleventh Grade Rep., Linda Eberly-Secretary, Miss Smith-Advisor, Doris Boatright-President, Evelyn Welchhance-Treasurer, Anna Mae Siler-Tenth Grade Rep., Ovanda Estep-Twelfth Grade R . T Student Council. girls' league l5'ru1rd QAROLYN Buss N Huw. R fn i J 1. Bottom row: Shirly Bishop, Norma Miller, May Maddux, Elizabeth Stull, Ovanda Estep, Mary Ann Foster, Joyce DeJarnette, Loretta Lockhart, Betty Thompson. Second row: Anita Banks, Susan Harper, Stephanie Rowe, Phyllis McMaster, Arn Mosbarger, Marilyn Wieland, JoAnn Ford, Carolyn Bliss, Joyce McKenzie. Third row: Carol Robertson, Beverly Gilmore, Mary Lou Blythe, Deanna Price, Linda Eberly, Virginia Moreno, Joanne Main, Margaret Kirby. Top row: Peggy McGaugh, Sonia Morales, Alice Carroll, Jen Maxwell, Ofelia Alvarado, Mary Lozano, Norma Rameriz, Leticia Vela. Uri- y ,-ff:-'- secrei aw l l'l'NaddUil Presldenx I Nxaxi H5199 ' 4 a reawlell . Ovand K , ni, eel. Side mite Nxcgxjxi. we ple th Qlklabe -- 'UN ...U 5 Ei . ' 'kL. 1. A A .L ' 4... Bottom row: Charlene Howard, Doris Boatright, Connie Wahl, Marilyn Beck, Iona Barger, Janet Arundell Elaine Smith, Betty Williams, Margaret Kirby, May Maddox. Middle row: Sara Britt, Barbara Smith Joyce Bartels, Pat Carpenter, Katherine Pyle, Lola Burson, Stephanie Rowe, Elizabeth Stull, ldamarie Costa, Norma Swindle. Top row: Wanda Fletcher, Johnette Kelly, Lois Axtell, Mary Ramirez, Mary Kovack, Ramona Renteria, Lucy Vasquez, Ethel Kidder, Joyce DeJarnette. Eommcrrial 61116 Con , 7716 Lofs Wahl AX, ' Dr . elf esfd , secre,-arjnr, Norm 'Q Mari a SW' I 'nd V77 Beck ie, Vice D I reasul, reside Sf- nf,- 1 f ll her 61116 Jea M . n cGre90r, vice presidem, peggy McGaUgh , sec "ela"Y' Jim RO - ' senl b - treasurer. ie, President: Johneffe Kelly J , 1' , J McGaugh Anita Banks, Shirley Bottom row: Stephanie Rowe, Nancy Hodges, Elizabeth Preciado, Peggy , Bishop, Helen Armas, Mary Ellen Ramirez, Sally Perez, Jennie Lopez, Second row: Loretta Kaufman, Cleola Brown, Loretta Lockhart, Ovanda Estep, Mary Ann Foster, May Maddux, Myrna Fiske, Virginia Moreno, Johnette Kelly, Romona Renteria, Esther Gonzalez, Lucy Vasquez. Third row: Linda Johnson, Eric Padelford, Elizabeth Stull, Jean McGregor, Doug Shaw, Lois Axtell, Norma Miller, Byron Ellsworth, Jim Rosenlieb, Ernie Case, Joel Dunn, David Merrill. Fourth row: Charlene Howard, Shirley Wilson, ' B rson, Deanna Price, Mr, Littrnan, Patty Young, Sarah Britt. Lillian Mayhew, Jan u ,Q ss: X! MA ,V ., :M A Z ZA. , Bisl1OPf I. John hears, senflnef t Bottom row: Ted llgcih Haase treasurer: ROY Salim' . w: ' ec ef, resident. LBS? V0 ecrS1'5fYi George ace president: Ken Boynton, s reporier. X 'I- an M, ,, -... r-iarris, John Bishop, Ony Cervanrez, Ken ,, ...o.ierr. second row: Eugene Reyes, Clarence Kirby, Bob DeJarnet1e, Mike nieoser, Dean Thomas, Ed Collins, Ray Tallenf, Ron Haase. Third row: Harold Palmer, Ron Whifely, Don Haase, George Lechler, Ed Garhrighf, Frankie Rodarte, Jim Ferrier, Bouncy Welsh, Paul Conaway. Fourth row: Mr. Madsen, Don Kitchens, Mike Hope, Bill Hunt, Billy DeJarne-rr ' e, Marvin Kruse. mga' Krew Front row: Jerry Garrison, Advisor, Carol Robertson, Beverly Gilmore, JoAnn Ford, Joyce McKenzie, Ann Mosbarger, Phyllis McMaster. Back row: Lester Carroll, Joe Casas, Tony Pierce, Dave Stoll, John Bishop, Tom DeWitt, Jim Maxwell. Fhnfogruphy Left to right: Byron Ellsworth, Kath- erine Pyle, Roger Baker. fs ff W 1 2 , V Front row: Mr. Knight, Director, Helen Thompson, JoAnn Ford, Maiorette, Dean Jackson, Warner Choate, Drum Major. Second row: Lawrence DeMoss, Frances Dominguez, Sonia Morales, Tommy lfamirez, Ernest Breshears, Ted Yzaguirre, Albert Palacio, David Ballinger, Lupe Valdivia. Third row: Gilbert Sosa, Loren Godfrey, Sammy Alvarado, Lawrence Espinoza, Bob Foster, Marvin Atchley, Monte Carpenter, Craig Howard. Fourth row: Charlene Cowans, Frances Cox, Mary Torres, Barbara Snyder, Glenda Bishop, Ed Perdue, Bill Hinckley, Joe Pulido. Top row: Robert Ferrier, Milton Suttle, James 'Morris. Kam! WILLIAM KNIGHT CONNIE WAHL and JOANN FORD Di,ecf0,- Maiorettes 9 4? V. , 1 X ,,, 1 491 ,nm L. 3 1 f rc f A -wr x Uri f . if , -EMBL ' wi f 44 'Q if A a y 1 - M. 2 1 ,. , , M 9 A' 'f ij ? I 5 A V,'!k i ,ly 5 . M 1 ,W 'G V34-1 ln Q X5 .M Mi ?rf0flml! 1953 Zhamps Fillmore High can well be proud of their mighty 1953 football team-our varsity captured seven of nine games and won the league championship for the first time in nine years. Led by co-captains Cesar Mendoza and Dick Fredericksen our eleven rolled over seven straight foes after they lost their season's opener to Cantwell 14-6. Included in this victory string were non-league triumphs over Burbank 13-0, Paramount 19-6, and league wins over Hart 26-0, Santa Paula 12-7, Oxnard 25-7, Lancaster 13-12 and Ventura 33-13. Closing out their highly successful season the Flashes dropped a tough 27-14 decision to St. Anthony, Catholic League champs, in the C.l.F. playoffs. Fillmore's superiority in league play was shown by the placing of six men on the all-county team. They were-Rog Palmer tackle, Dave Goodenough end, Phil Blodgett guard, Dick Fredericksen fullback, Chuck Greer quarterback, and Cesar Mendoza halfback. Congratulations to you-Varsity of "53"-you will long be remembered by Fillmore fans as the finest pigskin team in our history. ,411-lfcaguc PHlL BLODGETT DICK FREDERICKSEN CHUCK GREER CESAR MENDOZA ya. it X ir QV: "K 1 2 ,sl ... ' an ,inf "am ,,,- if v DAVE GOODENOUGH ROGER PALMER 41515 a"""" Nw 1 L 5 "'4G" Vue? Q-M'-f'-, DICK FREDRICKSEN and CESAR MENDOZA HUIICIIL' SIMMONS-Head Coach RICHARD PALMER-Assistant Coach V K I K! 62 r ,Ab 9 'g M, " 1 , ,v 1 , -v . , 1 V e. , V 4 . J fff g 4 u 9 7122- Q ' .,C ' ' . L , , ' fag ' , . FF. Iva l 5' I l 1 I A JAN WVR l I I' 15? FRED CARPENTER WARNER CHOATE BOB ESCAMILLA BOB FOSTER DON GRACE CHUCK GREER KARL HUGHES JOHN KEEFE 41 11 is l i LC, ,.,- 'Z J. E. KIRBY TONY PIERCE DAVE STOLL JOHN WALLACE Zigi ul!!-I JIM MAXWELL ROBERT RAMIREZ 0 J' mv X -:X qt 6 K A, , ,, CESAR MENDOZA ROGER PALMER GEORGE REAL JACK SHUFORD Var ity SALVADOR TESORO TED BRESHEARS .ff , .- L WIT! DEAN THOMAS ONY CERVANTEZ ...Q ,k J? X .X 3 'IP' X L K I X 5 Ces rambles for six Where-'5 the Pigskin? Fillmore, , ,.. 6 Cantwell a----l4 Fillmore ....A. ---l3 Burbank .,.. O Fillmore l,l,l ,, l.,. 'l4 Paramount -- 6 Fillmore ,.,.... o,oa.,. l 2 Santa Paula o,... ooooa 7 WATCH OUT! Locomotive in action. Look Omg """i Chaney rambles. Pig pile ff 4, 4- ,,,,, yn, J . ' W A ' . ' t 1, , , ' I . zM.,..S MP--w,. ' 1 az."-vw :ap 'Mmm K 'l f f fi 72 ff fa 5 1--1 FVOFTI left P fo fighf: Br au' Haase' uce Baldwin, A Khecrlmdcr nifa Casas, U nda Ebefly Dick , Evans Joanna C , rawford Jen Max ' well, ll' MC h A Mosbarger, Carol Robenson, PhY 'S Left io rig 9: nn A SEK 32 .,,, X 4 -.-5 A-,,Q.,,.1 ,.f 'lx N 'P' ' ,if .K y.+qL:,'.:, , .A3,2',i--,:.LY, . , - 5 ,. . , 1.15, .:,.4 -' 7 gihlixl. 5-I-LA ' f ' ' - U ' :S 41 ,X . x ff' -5 '75,-.L ,A M fx Xigxj 1 '3-vN'11'- 5' J 'K 3 ah iiwfr Martin Alan Lydick, First row: Gene Reyes, Frank Rodarte, Gilbert Brummitt, Norris Pennington, Junior , Clarence Kirby, Lester Jones, Loren Godfrey. Second row: Tommy Ramirez, David Ballinger, Harry Harper, Mike Hope, Ron Hooper, Bob Taylor, Pete Cervantez, Theodore Yzaguirre, Donnie Kitchens, Milton Suttle, Don Myers. Third row: Coach James Hunt, Bill Hunt, Gilbert Sosa, Billy Ray Davis, Joe Pyle, Ron White, Den Goodenough, Gary Haley, Jerry Mack, Coach Ked Creed. Fourth row: David l Preciado, Albert Ragonton, Bob Flores, Ron lpswitch, Doug Elkins. Martinez, Paul Conaway, Pau ,7. V. oo tba! I ly ' - Ill! or fllglz Elzeerlcfzdgf Leff fo ri ghf: Becky S056 Debb. ' le Bliss Doro ' HWY Moral es. J M 4 I Front row Fred Carpenter Phil Blodget Dick Frederiksen Coach Toolie Palmer N 34 C , , , o. , esar Men- doza Robert Flores Joe Casas, Karl Hughes. Top row: Ted Breshears, Manager Joe Pyle, Dave Stoll, Terry Clark Chuck Greer Joe Lemons, Roger Palmer, Stu Smithwick, Joh lN ll n a ace, Manager. Fourth place finishers in the C.l.F.-that was the proud title our Fillmore basketball squad brought home to Fillmore after a highly successful season in which they captured 25 out of 31 games. Our varsity also captured second place in both the Fillmore and Beverly Hills Tournaments and second place in the Ventura County League with a fine 8 and 2 record. Sparked by Captain Chuck Greer the Flashes gave their supporters thrill atfer thrill as they roared to one of their finest seasons. Although we came out on the short end of a few games we were never outfought. Congratulations, squad of '53-may all our future teams be as great as you. 5 Toolie PALMER Coach 5'irs! gilfc' DICK FREDERIKSEN JOE LEMONS CHUCK GREER STU SMITHWICK FRED CARPENTER Fillmore ...... ..... 5 3 Fillmore ...... ..... 4 7 Fillmore .............. 6l Fillmore .............. 77 Burbank ................ Santa Barbara -- ..... Glendale .............. Notre Dame - Cdouble overtime? Fillmore .............. 60 Taft ............ FILLMORE TOURNAMENT Fillmore .............. 59 Fillmore ...... ---- 57 Fillmore ...... ..... 4 9 Fillmore ..... ....- 5 9 Fillmore ...... .---- 5 2 Fillmore ...... -..-- 3 3 Fillmore ...... ..--- 5 4 Fillmore ---- 61 Fillmore ...... ----- 4 3 Fillmore ...... ----- 5 l Fillmore .....- ----- 5 3 Burroughs ..... Santa Barbara ...... Ventura ................ Santa Paula .......... Santa Barbara Ventura ................ Santa Maria ........ Oxnard ......... Taft ............ Lancaster .... Hart .,...... C'l7I'6'5 40 if Fillmore 79 Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore 24 Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore 45 Fillmore 40 Fillmore 52 Fillmore 50 4l gg Fillmore 49 Fillmore 42 Fillmore 46 Fillmore 42 Fillmore i i +I' ,Ji BEVERLY l-llLLS TOURNAMENT ----- 44 59 46 53 4l 42 57 ----- 67 ------ 6l C.I.F. 50 49 56 ----- 40 ------ 48 Mira Costa Loyola .......... Santa Monica Ventura ........ Santa Paula - Ventura ........ Santa Maria Oxnard ....... Lancaster .... Hart .......... PLAYOFFS Glendale Hoover Long Beach Wilson San Diego .... Mt. Carmel Ventura ....... Gimme That Ball A Score for Fillmore Waldo Fiohts for Position Twisting the Cougar's Tail Flashes Hit against Santa Barbara F 7 x + M... ,., iv w -.2 if 1 M .MK Q , A-Q 1 1 I V 1 fx 5, N ,, , ff n 'V 4 E, A KN 2 eff fi! , O 9 W, Bohom row: Don Myers, Milton Suftle, Ed Collins, Doug Elkins, Ruben Sanchez. Middle Row: Bill Mitchell, Norris Pennington, Junior Martin, Bob Fostq, Frank Rodarte, Arthur Ramirez. Top row: Coach Hunt, Gilbert Banuelos, J. E. Kirby, Paul Lydick, Warner Choate, Jack Crandall, Joel Dunn, Manager. " " l5'11 kcfball . IA H11 kcflrall Bottom row: Jr. Cardona, Ramon Ramirez, Bud Baughman, John Bishop, Jim Alamillo, Manager, Top row: John Beltran, Jerry Forbes, Coach Creed, Jim Easley, Marvin Atchley, Frank Flores. 3 l xg . in f if 7f 7 Z ,f , 3 I 5 Z -e 5 , , all X 2 l ,, , ' V' , X , ow. - 19, ' ,1, ' Z Q f , , lp ' ' ik 7, ' J' A ..r. Q ,,, ,, ,aff , . f. r rf, I 'A"', 7 ll if " 5 , 1 "" Q , . ,Q sr if ik . .,AA ,l..l L " L 5552, iii 5 fi " . Q J ,, , f" 5 ' ,M,,, ' , . X "riff f L 'f" " A K ,f , K, J , V ,, J 4 L, ,rl.V , ,, 5 Z, 2 C Ja - L sel. Q J t 1.4, L .C LV , ,Q W, . X fl, 1 4, ,,, ,E f j s A L V Q E f A gf , ,,., f uf, 1, pg, M V- . V 2, Vlfv w V' V X ,X !.,rV , lwm r f, . .ai .slr J , Boffgm row: Tad Yzaguirre, David Ballinger, Don Kifchens, Ramirez, Pete Cervantez, Gilbert Brummitt, Harold Palmer. Third Harry Harper, David Jackson, Loren Godfrey, Lupe Valdivia, row: Ron Whitely, William Preciado, Bob Taylor, Jimmy Alamillo, Second row: Monte Carpenter, Joe Yount, Ruben Mendoza, Tom Gllbefl 5056, Mike 'l'l0Pe, Robert CVUZ- ' ' " Kdskvfbdll Robert Tallent, Larry Cotton, Carroll Beard, Gilbert Lovato, Max A Cardona, Jim Kelly, Leroy Lasky, Russell Goodenough, Den Flinn, 4 0 0 Rgger France, Mike Amey. Fourth row: Paul Carrillo, Earl Arm- strong, Robert Morris, John Ford, Tom Alamillo, Richard Morales, Ron Beckham, John Ferrier, Bill Britt, Mike Legan, Gerald Hendon, Front row: Renaldo Chessanni, Charles Murrill, Walley Cravens, ' DOUQ Dorman, Bill Mayfield, Dennis Charles, Jack Green. Fifth D. k P d Bm Gnkemon Ramon pe,eZ Don Goodenoughl Qr. row: Jim Edwards, Bob Southwick, Bob Villanueva, Paul Gurrola, 'uc enljo ,D A Y , Clinton Agderson Gary Evemon, Roger Shaw, Fred Young, Ramon Ramirez, Charles Blagg, Raul :Ile DhJele,D ond vcmslrogggond row Mr Brisgy Dick Palme, Ramirez, Jay Malter, Ron Powell, Duane Beard, Don Tilcock, Glen oy iaz, ona a . I - 1 f . . . . . Wooley, Top row: Ramon Ponce, Jack Dudley, Tommy Eaton, Rodney Brummrtt, Bob McGregor, Dick Laird, Jim Wilson, Larry ' . W F t T Edwards, Wayne Sampson, Jon Balden, Arthur Preciado, George Ray Nolan, Bob Pierce, John Chesslannli, ayneL os ir, :rin Evans Mike Donley John scolesl Jim Awndenl Eddie Elkins. Burke, Paul Casas, Dale Thompson, Kent Tompson, arry eam , Thirdlrow: Adrian lSanchez, Marshall Jacobe, GGVY l:Ullel'l0nf Loren Curtis' M mflwfg , . , xv-, s,2f'fruf.,....f.Lm."'::mA.:-mme-Jah-f. .....,, J ,, aw, le ' ,, I T, tw I L , g,,,,, We rr 'g ,G y I Bottom row: Coach Hunt, J. E. Kirby, Joe Yount, David Martinez, Bill Largen, Don Haase, Bud Baugh man Ja k C ' ' , c owans, Robert Ferrier, Ron White. Second row: David Jackson, Jim Eberly, Bill Harris, Ted Yzaguirre, Dave Goodenough Jim Morris, Bob Escam'll D h , I a, ean T omas, Rol Emmert, Richard Morales. Third row: Ken Ballard, Harold Palmer, David Ballinger, Paul Haase, John Keefe, George Leachler, Lester Wilkins, Byron Ellsworth, Jerry Forbes, Jack Shuford, Gilbert Banuelos, Fourth row: Don Yount, Eubene Taylor, William Preciado, Ed Collins, Ron Haase, Marvin Atchley. Top row: Harry Harper, Bill Mitchell, Milton Suttle, Frank Rodarte, Bob Foster. Crack Back row: Jim Ferrier, Ronald Haase, George Lechler, Jerry Forbes, Donald H . . aase, Coach Hunt. Front row: David Martinez, Billy Largen, Bob Escamilla. Grass wmlry 1. , K uw-.,.,: s l ,sf Si ' "1 X l -nw 49534, i .gf ,,,, il, K 1 Joe Pedroza Chuck Greer li I X xl Fred Carpenter Jim Maxwell Robert Ramirez Ramon Ramirez af' 524: - Q Q ,A ' 1 it 7 4 wwwwmqk fx f ,H y ,i,ri n WNNQ.. 2:5- .4""'A ,f""""""1vZ,:i ik, 4 , , , 5. C' 5. PV X Joe Lemons Bud Baughman Sal Tesoro Marcos Cardona fy 7 .3 fggb Zi i,:."':: '-NN J, ws 1 C , . 4 3 fi ' -aie V, no A , ,vim Q, , an MV. 1 . V0 xvr, 9 Q4 ll ji' 'i K ' ' A Y in .2 l H I 1. W 5 w Joe Joe Casas Sandoval George Tony Real Pierce Jack John Crandall Sandoval Billy Buddy Mitchell Baker gd5'6'b ll is f -'I pn 1 , A -Qs. ,,,,,,,c ,s F N. 'Hx' . v' -ig i The Homecoming Queen for the i954 football season was Marilyn W i e l a n d. Marilyn was officially crowned atdhe Santa Paula-Fillmore game on October the 4th, Princesses were Leticia Vela, llth grade repre- sentative, Shirley Somers, lOth grade representativeg and Francis Norwood, 9th grade representative. X I Hwfww' AMER CAROLYN BLISS KMLMW AMMM CHUCK GREER at X I 'il I fri: 5 S ' .af H+ ., . V 4. ffl ff ? . J ykfpfifx ,V fb ' Qfilfg ' L 't 11 V fy QM if ' Jxi J If ff wx W vw Girls ' Sprfrfs ZEQZEIYFB rv ri' Front row : Loretta Lockhart M Teresa Arrnas , ay Maddux , Marilyn Wiela Mosbarge , Virginia Moreno, nd, Joanne Main, Carolyn Bliss, Ann r, Phyllis McMaster, ldamarie Costa, Lola Burson, Norma Swindle. Second row: Carmen Mendoza, Julia Limon, Loretta Kauf- man, Jennie Lopez, Ramona Renteria, Helen Arma Lois Axtell, Anita Banks Sh' ' Jane Scantl , irley in, Susan Harper, Linda Bishop Mary Lou Torres, Sail Wilson, Pe s, Stephanie Rowe. Bishop, Sonia Mo l ra es, Mary Eberly Th' . :rd row: Gl y Castorena QQY McGaugh, Evelyn Wel enda , Myrna Fiske, Shirley chance, Lillia n Mayhew, Sara Sm br Hryh Q94 fl O O Britt, Rachel Torres, Ramona Beeler, Francis Cox. Fourth row: Elizabeth Preciado, Nancy Hodges, Naomi O'Banion, Gail Garri- son, Jalaine Dewey, Shirley Corl, Linda Johnson, Janet Burson, Joan Weber, Shirley Somers, Suzie Hall, Anita Casas, Patty Wilson, Judith Main, Pat Wheat. Fifth row: Lisa Thomas, Frances Rodriguez, Jean Aardappel, Sharon DeArmond, Helen Thompson, Betty Martin, Sharon Strickland, Judy Arundell, Frances Norwood, L Roseann Black, Cecelia Flores, Om upe Leon, a June Crockett. . QV, , f ff Iiss, Pfesl' . C OIYH B d'th Main Sophomore Sept' mil- Jennie Lopfz' , I ' . . op ' . J lor Bottom row' JUMair1, Vice Presldent urer: ShirleY Blshop' un dent: Joanne Teresa Afmas' Treas . er: AthletlC Manag Freshman Rep' ' da Johnson' Rep'i Lin Miss JOHNSON junior High ,G.,4.,4 v A First row: Elaine McMaster, Bev Chaney, Linda Knight, Kay Eichstaedt, Jeanie Wilson, Betty Largen, Judy Greer, lnez Arrnas. S lvia Castorena, Diana Second row: Ella Bragg, Mary Ybarra, y C ol n Raby, Anita Casanova, Ruth Thomason, Glenda Gregory, ar y ' Debby Bliss, Jennie Beard, Ann Lancaster, Linda Stevenson, ' ' Rita Hernandez. Third row: Bennie Hernandez, Soledad Artilero, Torres, Gail Brown, Mary Ann Renteria, Peggy Padelford, Linda Morales, Susan Rogers, Linda Wileman, Barbara Johnson, Glenda Barbara Wallace, Doro- Fullerton, Carolyn Green, Barbara Suttle, 9 l First row: Betty Larger., geqeyaryl Kay Eih , rc steadt Presid ' enf- Elaine McMaster, Treasurer, Second row B I everly Chane , ' Y, Linda N Knight, Judy Greer, Inez Am-,as Eighth G d 1 FB 9 Rep' 56,5565 Q I J'ii"s.,,y F th r w Patsy Lawrence, Carol McReynolds, Sandra thy Laird. our o : Shiells, Madeline Carroll, Janice Ballinger, Stephanie Goddard, Pat Whitehurst, Anita Ballard, Judy Gregory, Ann Salsbury, Becky Sosa, Rosemary Soto, Connie Jimenez. Fifth row: Linda Burke, Carolyn Weber, Ursula Rowe, Barbara Gregory, Therese Lechler, Joanne Moffett, Martha White, Sue Vest, Diane Hunter, Reba Ren- fro, Mary Ann Steppler, Joyce Decker, lrene Alcozar, Dorothy Morales. Q 3 ,Q 'CSP l 5 Mi 55 ANDERSON J . N 1 wi rr- 1 1 M ' '?f"Uf?' N!E5'?'A'?:gif'l'.., -gsm ,. V ,L -' 1214, , , -"Fm "if," W ' Q1 A M f' K 'K is? M , mm W 5 -'ffrnw , . , W, . i .v ,,J Q x NR! f , L ,z...,A-.ZA ,wg Vg, M1 24- by 1 v ,- N, 1 1 L,--Hg . M.. R., 4 1-ug, 45, .1 . r ug rw 1 L mf! aturw 11. x ,,,.g " ' '. W' Y- . fxwlsffJ."-"'fAj5'..' 1 V ,- , 'M 5 9 ra-w . ' .Jr 1.11-1-. ,. . ,zu Hn. 124- f,fww'w -5- 1 -' . 1- - L AL ., 1 , - x- ,, 'E V ,M .,,. w . - , , . ,Q , , Y ,ff ,W : .LVM 1 "uw, , w, W-'nk , nf -.vw-1 :iw :fp 1, - A, +V-H. -f f , V , + 1 - ,N - , 2 ,, .. ,mx b J 14. ,L ., . .N .N ,, yu., Vg, ,gg-' .LM '- f ' - f'-LLL? fl , :g g-N5 4' vfmv t V V- W 3154 3, v,-.W , M Y.-12-M V19 ,,9.,,!"L5w,,4 Fw- , M- -4,1v1 , ig : rim vw- , -fi f V ,wwf ' -31. , Yi W 1 ,Y ,a ,,:,f:.E5,, x .,,F, v 'f,5. Hi p? ,. N, Apu- H . , " ' g . , -- W. , , , h V M X A iiifrf vm 1' MK 'UM 1 W 3 1 ? 94: ,W 41 41' 45' QW? Q fy 'ff 1 4 , ,, 1 gf f 'Mg 4 1 V , , g, ,W X E fa A . f 8 ff f 'a W A if Z sv rm. 7 '14 3 , W Mfrs! fikfly C0 Succcwl BARBARA SHIELLS JOE LEMONS 'af Sr 5 Q 'Y' " i . hi 7' " A ' ink? E Ri 24" 4' 'big f r ' Anwar ' , pq ' ' - 5 1.51: fi 3, Q, , pi ni Wh' Wiifiesf ROGER BAKER Mas! lihlshful TERESA ARMAS CESAR MENDOZA O xv 3-7 ff Mas! 5'ric14dly CAROLYN BLISS JOHN WALLACE If H X' ' v, ,Z ,:Q.,?W?f:5,: V 1: , - - -Mu -.-, Q., L. .. . . 4 My 'x ul W.-av 4 ' I A gff f LX I Q w an 4 f' X , N11 ' 5 Y 'n QA 1 f A fp ,,., if 115. fx f Mfrs! ,4 ffrucfizfe MARILYN WIELAND VIC GARNER i Eleventh Grade Dil Twelfth Grade JOANNE MAIN AND DICK FREDERIKSEN Tenth Grade 511155 LINDA EBERLY and DON YOUNT JOYCE BARTELS and DOUG ELKINS rg ,"',-Q ..-I x. -,, '- - X V! i--inf, an v'.,f.r"' . ' gg Q ,- " ,.ai'?f-:why ,J f YK? If ' "X . --vggixtlixg W Niuv, x ,r tmnfdv :Iggy -f ' '-. '. '-- ' . A ,:,,x.RiffMtg K- . . N-Www an .. at KI, ., ,ugh ' .,. '. fs '3"'nf'55'T'f 2'-'uf' ' 'W' l1'i"v1 9 4- Q X- - - - X aff G. K" G- 'ul ffxaetr in-VB K Q- ve-W-4 tw 2 571 orifc Ninth Grade FRANCES NORWOOD and HARRY HARPER Eighfh Grade Seventh Grade JANEEN WILSON and MIKE LEGAN SUE VEST and CHARLES BLAGG E C E Xa i A-nl. Pu 'amariw and Krazy Kat Da H ? 7 A , " 1 1' , f f y M f afg I .M m ,L W, 'Q 'Nz o K fe 5 K s 5 e i 5 5 I t Q ? f ? . , 'S - i 5 Q 4 Z Q f. -s Y! xy. flggflflbly G55 Hlassrzwm x QQ , QE ff. ..., ' ' Scenes Y' V El ai ' f S5 Dam Our Kallies ' ..-'ri' ,,,. ,Mm .iw f gf'-.Q ' f may 'ff .1 'Sf .1'f7',? i xx 1' A4 5 ni, N! rmfw. IH A 652 4 , . '75 V' V, 4 1.4 ff WA, r' ' ii' 3 N, fe 1 rl.. . R 54 if -L 5, .,. - 1. A '50, fx-x ' ., . Q : dl NV our 4-nr ' 31, X X f?'. " l 4 gh .iff i 'Q H fx. T? if , Q a 1 1 5 11 'fn Q5 Q? N i 1-A W AQ?- N-4 3 aff! A ,f4"?f '- 'With wif w 2,7 Aa ,M .4 M, 0 'K 5. Q- Q, x , V ,f X' on , 5'- fk W ,,,n W nv-ge' '92 , 5, X 0 gg: Q -wah 1 s V "Q ' . Z?" K 1 , 0 5 v Q? 1 5, " H ,qv I g me Kaya, 1- Wh , :mf ...A W T -5. .-" 0 fa 99 1' 4 3 k' OW-f I "I if . L I 1 'W 1 4 'WW 6.139 ,U. -loc ,' 0 0 , Q:o L 'Dia .csgi Win-ur' J HMM 'lu-mv' fbi: Mg X Q -94555 Jx 11 4 ,g , Y V 1 2 "1 J 6, Q N SEPTEMBER T4-School Begins T8-Football-Cantwell at Fillmore T9-Senior High Sports night 21-Teacher's Institute-Holiday 24-Junior High Sports Night 25-Football-Burbank at Fillmore 29-Assembly-The DeVries Trio OCTOBER 2-Football-Paramount at Fillmore 7-Ventura County Fair-Holiday 9-Football-Santa Paula at Fillmore T5-J.V. Football-Hart at Fillmore I6-Football-Hart at Fillmore 20-Assembly-Robert T. Edgar-"Out ot This World" 22-Assembly-Payton Jordan inservice Institute at Ventura Football-Fillmore at Oxnard G.A.A. Playday at Fillmore 23-Football-Oxnard at Fillmore 30-Football-Fillmore at Lancaster 31-Girls' League Regional Conference at Oxnard NOVEMBER 2-Assembly-Mike Pecarovich 7-Basketball-Fillmore at Ventura Senior High G.A.A. Playday at Santa Barbara T8-Senior Class Party -23-Chamber of Commerce Dinner tor the Foot- ball Team 24-S.B.V.l.S.C. meeting at Hart 25-Senior Class Assembly 26-29-Thanksgiving Vacation DECEMBER 1-Football Dinner 3-Tea for Juniors' Parents 4-Basketball-Burbank at Fillmore Assembly-Football awards and rally 5-Basketball-Fillmore at Santa Barbara Junior High Christmas Party 12-G.A.A. Christmas Formal 14-Commercial Club Christmas Party 16-Christmas Pageant Matinee Basketball-Fillmore at Notre Dame 17-Christmas Pageant T8-Basketball-Taft at Fillmore T8-3-Christmas Vacation 28-30-Third Annual Fillmore Basketball Tourna- ment. Halcudar a .' 'A 512 Ax 5 9-icuii ' N .I OJ 8 3i"'i'l W Ax. . Rl lily 1 'alia , 5 . 513 JANUARY l-Holiday 3-Back to School 8-Basketball-Fillmore at Santa Paula 9-Basketball-Santa Barbara at Fillmore T4-Career Day T5-Basketball-Fillmore at Ventura 16-Basketball-Santa Maria at Fillmore -S.B.V.l.S.C at Fillmore -Basketball-Oxnard at Fillmore 21 22 23-Basketball-Fillmore at Taft 26-Basketball-Fillmore at A.V. 29-Close of Second Quarter Basketball-Fillmore at Hart 30-Basketball-Santa Paula at Fillmore vf Svmfs ,Zi i - WN D ,9 T S t T 5 Q ' MAY l-Track-Fillmore at A.V. 3-Baseball-Fillmore at Canog 4-Track Meet with Oxnard 6-Seniors at Rotary 7-Spring Concert Junior High Dance Baseball-Fillmore at Oxnard 8-Track-League Finals 'I I--Baseball-A.V. at Fillmore 13-Commercial Club Dinner 14-Baseball-Hart at Fillmore 15-C.I.F. Quarter Finals S.B.V.l.S.C. Dance 18-C.I.F. Track Semi-Finals 19-Baseball with Canoga Park 21-Baseball-Fillmore at Santa 22-Junior-Senior Prom C.l.F. Track Finals 25-Girls' League Dinner 27-Student Council Dinner 30-Memorial Day 31-Holiday JUNE 13-Baccalaureate 17-COrT1rT16I'lCemenT 18-School Year Ends 19-Alumni Banquet a Park Paula FEBRUARY 3-5-Beverly Hills Basketball Tournament 9-Basketball-Santa Paula at Fillmore T0-Basketball-Fillmore at Villanova il-G.A.A. Senior Breakfast 12-Basketball-Ventura at Fillmore-Holiday I3-Basketball-Fillmore at Santa Maria 16-Junior Class Assembly V 18-Assembly-Harmonaires Fashion Show i9-Basketball-Fillmore at Oxnard 22-Holiday 23-Basketball-Fillmore at A.V. 24-Modern Dance Assembly Senior Class Party 26-Basketball-Hart at Fillmore 27-Junior High G.A.A. Hike MARCH 9-Inservice Institute All County Music Festival 16-Exchange Assembly-Santa Paula at Fillmore l7-Spanish Club Trip 18-Track Meet at Fillmore 19-F.F.A. Barn Dance Senior Class Barbecue 22-Exchange Assembly-Fillmore at Santa ,Paula 23-Senior Day at Ventura College Baseball-Fillmore at Ventura 24-B.P.W. Dinner for Senior Girls 26-Track-20-30 relays at Ventura Baseball-Oxnard at Fillmore 27-Girls' League Convention at Banning APRIL I-Freshman Assembly Track at Hart 2-Baseball-Fillmore at A.V. 3-Girls' League Spring Dance 8-Senior Play 9-Baseball with Hart Senior Play IO-Senior Play ll-l 8-Spring Vacation Puente Baseball Tournament 19-Assembly-Bob Richards Baseball-Moorpark at Fillmore 20-Spanish Club Trip Baseball-Fillmore at Santa Maria 22-Campaign Assembly Track-Santa Paula at Fillmore 23-Election Baseball-Santa Paula at Fillmore 24-Fillmore Festival 26-Commercial Club Trip 29-Assembly-Kurt Singer 30-Journalism Trip Baseball-Ventura at Fillmore There were times we thought we wouIdn't, But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. Here it is . . . we hope you like if!!! U15 Staff flcklfzouflcdgemm is We, the staff of the 1954 Copa de Oro express our Thanks for the C0-operation and assistance which made this annual possible, to: ANDY ROSS and PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS H.B. STONE PHOTOGRAPHY CHARLES MOZLEY-Advisor TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY, DALLAS, TEXAS mm- n l 1? . , Y--Q. " "-" F ua, 1' x ,1 5. W1--' , 5'fQ.g' ' A? 'A 1: . : wif -fr' :' . A 731+ , Iv. HL , -.1 -4- - T S . , Kr . W , , N1 P. u. f." -,,, N.:- I.. r ' 1 A LITHOGRAPHED , YEARBOOK DALLAS 0 TEXAS ,X 'gf -7 1 . :N i TN U Al , Q ' X 'X 3, ,, :, Y " ' M ,I M, 'Pvc' - , nga. ' ww ' 2,11-5, Jn ,. 1 ,, , 1 . 1 J , f f , " f ,, mi W . A .,'.' ' .HF ' il- QL 1,2 f - . If 1 4 'WEEK

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