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-wqpfw. Q59 NW Sw N Q2 ag Y mfs? :3' Ciwiffggllgf Xgfjgyivsf .gig .' J in v -J .J Lg ri? 1 w M f 0 4 Qis. fl'-V .s ,Ar I ,A v K if . ii. LJ .gsgg U ,ff ' f'.,., K J 4 u .51 1 if - ' 3 ' '24 1 , . Q La .73 'Rv si R " ' ' x . 'N ,ix 4 - 17- ,ek w by 3. 54 ' M JUL wa 1 ' ' 4 I x 5 1. , Q 'T ' R1 I A Q s X X ,2Zl?gZl66!Z ejorfgg AEC! CGPAQE f 4, X QQ fuvuunnunlvam' F ,V+ ',.- . ..f,.,..,, . J, 4-gy' .V - .-M34 ff, -f A, . ..- ' ""' ,,..fh-M-.-.-.... ..,-. 66 l9uM4Le,l L fzwfuf u 77 0l"lZ0l'l .7412 .sjfuclenffi of gijfmore joint' union 5400! june 1946 jlffmore, 6aAArniq orewolf' . . . Peace comes to us this year for the first time in four years-a peace won by sacrifice, hard work and unity which has kept Christian civilization surviving. Out of this unity of thought and action has emerged the United Nations Organization which can mean for us the continuance of a peaceful World for genera- tions to come. It is our responsibility to make certain that this peace will be maintained so that we will be founders and keepers of "A Peaceful Horizon"- the "Horizon" to which this book is dedicated. nnuaf SM!! Editor Associate Editor Business Manager Art Editor Boys' Sports Girls' Sports Organizations Feature Editor Typists Photography NEIL KENNEDY OLAIRE GRAFFER DoEoTHY MESSER PAT IONES IIM SCHLEIMEE VEDA sournwicic INEZ PHILLIPS IOANNE FORBES BILL TI-IAYER IIM SCI-ILEIMER BERTA MERRY ROY HENDERSON IAMES RIESGO gl"6l,I'lLAl'l QQKCUQO IA oodeueh "And to you, and to all Americans who dedicate themselves with us to the make ing' ol an abiding peace, l say: the only lirnit to our realization ot tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith." Franklin Delano Roosevelt .gounclafionri QClCQ az, "Ji 35.75 'S xglfl fererifing Wemoriefi ULU' CCLIWZIOIJL6 These few pleasant views of our beloved campus are reminders of the happy times spent at Fillmore high school. These views furnish memories Which will be treasured through the years. aww feefvkila Counci "The United Nations shall establish under its authority an international trusteeship system tor the administration and supervision ot such territories as may be placed thereunder by subsequent individual agreements. These territories are hereinafter referred to as trust territories." Charter of United Nations Chapter XII Article 75 ranciioa Donovan W. Main Once again the World is in process of establishing what is hoped to be a lasting and durable peace. The threshold of opportunity beckons the people to the pathways of life through cooperation, under- standing, and good will. Peaceful horizons are Within the reach of mankind. Will We as a school exert our energy toward the realization of the promising horizons of the future? Shall We here and now dedi- cate ourselves to the challenge of making our school, community, nation, and World a better place in which to Work and live? Yes, a place Where peaceful horizons exist. OUP Hoare! of 3"ll,5t8Q:f Champ Cochran, Ioe Scanlin, Clarence Burson, Albert Haase, Floyd Warring xS2Cl"2t6ll"g STELLA HAVRTHORN Top Picture, Standing: GEORGE ,Mfg rlncllaa MADSEN, RUSSELL FLINT Seated: RUTH TOPE, HENRIETTA HUYSSEN, AGNES WINKLER CHARLES NEUMAN Bottom Picture, Standing: WALTER I-IALL, I ELEANOR LOCKWOOD C Seated: BERNARD SPECTOR, ALICE SMITH, IEAN TIERNEY, RUSSELL TRIMMER, IERRY GARRISON Standing: GLENN STULL, VERA FREMLIN, Seated: ROGER CASIER, BARBARA BUNN. ROSS BUCKLE, GEORGE OELTMAN MARGARET PHARISS, PRUDENCE OLESON Seated: ALICE HANSEN, WALTER Standing: ELBERT GRAHAM 1 edfl 0 QI' ri AMY SMITH LTLTY EUGENE KENNEDY, EUGENIE SNOWHOOK HARRY BIGGER, ALDANA GLOVER, WILLIAM MCKINNEY ain enance S N n ROBERT STYLES BEN RIDENBAUGH HARLAN BARTON, CARL RUMMANS, MAC DeFEVER, HAROLD STEVENS .gzzclenf gounci Standing Iom. ot Entertainment, Neil Kennedy, Com. ot Athletics, Ed Carter Seated Iom. of Advertisement, Gwen Barker, Editor, News Flashes, Inez Phillips, Vice President, Carol Howardg President, Kenneth Rogers, Secretary, Claire Gratler, Com. of Finance, Dorothy Messer, econd Vice President, Ronald Balden unior ounci I Standing Fobby Cox, Robert Fuller, Monty Vinkler, Bobby Chaney, Clyde owe, Doyle Cowans, Eddie Navarro Seated ois LeBard, Pat Balden, Douglas lcCullough, Connie Arundell, Perry rederickson, Sue Hadley, Carroll ooper, Ioyce Finnell, Milburn Bot- ' tomley, Margaret Nelson .Slwlmf .xdclmznzdfrafzon The student council was a very active group this year The members attended student council conventions adopted the sportsmanship code and the successful exchange assembly pro gram. They also collected money for the War Chest the Red Cross, and bought a Sl U00 Victory Bond The council wishes to express their thanks tor the cooperation and help which Mr Main Miss Hansen and the student body have shown this year g af ..!4552l'l'lL!g "Membership in the United Nations is open to dll other pedce-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present charter cmd in the judgment of the organization, and are crble and willing to carry out these obli- gcxtionsf' Charter ot United Nations Charter II Article 4 C066 0 Z70,nf,-.S9 Nlziii-Qi' Advisor, Harry Bigger, Secretary, William Thayerg President, Hoyt Bro- derseng Treasurer, Iim Schleimer, Advisor, Amy Smith, Vice-president, l Buck Basolo Cfadd .Maier The class of '46 has never been shy and retiring, and consequently had a bang-up time in school. lt all started one stormy day in l943 when the seniors ot that year trightm ened the little rowdies good and proper on Initiation Day. When sophomores, the class ot '46 presented a very success- ful class assembly for the student body, and the junior prom was a spectacular success. The last year was the best with the very fine senior play, "Ever Since Eve." The backward dance on St. Patricks Day was a night to be remembered. Senior Ditch Day at the snow, the athletic banquet, baccalaureate, Rotary luncheon, the prom, and last, but not least, commencement are all times to be treasured in memories. Four wonderful and unforgettable years have been spent by the Senior Class of '46. Umm., LESLEY BURSON JG L. BARBARA MASSEY KENNETH KING CAROL HOWARD ARMOND WAHL IOANNE FORBES HOYT BRODERSEN KENNETH ROGERS VEDA VEST SOUTHWICK IACOB SEIGLER, IR. BETTY MOSBARGER MARIORY I-IANSON WILLIAM NELSON EDWARD CARTER DONNETTA PEYTON DONNA WHITMAN DE FEVER DONALD MAXWELL TOM RANGEL MARIAN HICKS BARBARA MICHEL GERTRUDE BEEBE RAYMOND PONCE VIRGINIA GAZZAWAY ADOLPI-I VELASQUEZ ROBERTA MERRY AUDREY SPANGLER WILLIAM THAYER MILDRED WILSON VADA IOHNSON IAMES SCI-ILEIMER CLAIRE GRAFFER IUN E BARDEN HARVARD HAASE IOHN PEREZ PEGGY GUTIERREZ INEZ PHILLIPS EDITH SUTTLE MARVIN SMITH BELEN LOPEZ BETTY BROWN EUGENE PETERS CARMEN ESCAMILLA NEIL KENNEDY CURTIS BELL LORYECE MAXWELL IAMES RIESGO GEORGE POTTER AURORA MORENO DONALD DOWNEY EVA SANCHEZ PATRICIA SPANGLER ROBERT MUNOZ IRENE RATLIFF I-IUCKABY DOROTHY MESSER STANLEY MASSON LAURABELLE IONES RICHARD NEVE CARMEN MARTINEZ IOY LESPERANCE 01-LQ M -'wa -Q4a3W4mi4f ,fkwj D ,Ll .T ' MT .0 sau. .1 I unior gflflffff Uf icerd Top Row: President, Lewis McCool, Middle Row: Advisors, Mr. Garrison, Miss Snow- hook, Miss Tope, Mr. Tilleson. Bottom Row: Treasurer, Miriam Bunny Secretary, Billie lean McKim, Yell Leader, Pat Burrough 1, Vice President, Ruth Iohnson. Front Row: Lily Gomez, Elisa Garcia, Ruth Butler, Rosemary Billhymet, Lovelia Baughman, Betty Cooper, Dixie Fuller, Velma Boatright, Bonnie Iackson, Geraldine Bennett. Second Row: lackie Hampson, Virginia Free- man, Gwen Barker, Pat Burroughs, Shirley Elder, Lois lean Herron, Anita Elkins, Barbara Ellis, Betty Gazza- way. Third Row: Bill Cox, lim Grady, Calvin Deeter, Roy Henderson, Geo. Harding, Alvin Deeter, Peter Carrillo, Dave Clapperton, Carl Elkins. Front Row: lr. Cunningham, Everett Brady, Duane Moeschler, Ioe Armas. Second Row: Billie lean McKim, Ruth Iohnson, Georgia McHam, Betty West, Doreen Kortan, Miriam Bunn, Anita Peyton, Bobbie Kerby, Lee Wil- son, Anna Rummans. Third Row: David Wright, Ruben Ramirez, Nellie luarez, Amparo Renteria, Rachel Ramirez, Connie Mendez, Naomi Le- gan, Rosemary Metcalf, Pat lones, Fourth Row: George Phipps, Arvolle Long, Lewis McCool, Eugene Finnell, Dick Mosbarger, Manuel Moreno, Ray Hunt, Fred Keele, Bill Thomp- l son, Lynn Wilson. l I Front Row: Shirley Morris, Eleanor Riesgo, Yvonne Rihbany, Eleanor Rihbany, Bonnie Pointer, Dolores Sa- linas. Second Row: Tony Perez, Rich- ard Renteria, lack Shores, Nellie Mendez, Rita Velasquez, Margaret Ybarra, Burlin Whiteley, Willard Wyatt, lack Newman, Third Row: Geo. Moreno, Chappie Morris, Stan- ley Merry, Ierry Scott, Ples Taylor. Front Row: Pauline Gurrola, Petra Gonzalez, Anna McDonald, Ellen Iohnson, Nancy Houser, Bobbye Hunt, Bonnie McGuire. Second Row: Luis Garnica, Lowell Iones, Esther Guerrero, Eva Leon, Fortuna Limon, Delores Hood, Doris Heisler, Don Masson, George Hadley. Third Row: Iohn Guerrero, Richard McKendry, Domingo Gonzalez, Tom Hicks, Howard Inman, Luther Lemons, Don Iackson. Front Row: Mary Alcoser, Dolores Alvidrez, Pat Banks, Lois Boatright, lla Boyer, lean Briggs, Florine Camp- bell, Ioy Brockus. Second Row: Audy Dryer, Ioan Bottomley, Bonnie Fer- nandez, Peggy Battord, Hester Dool, Frances Decker, Mildred Dorman, Dorothy Dorman, Ray Baker. Third Row: Kenneth Everson, Ronald Mill- er, Keith Bentley, Ioey Estrada, Ray Fisher, Tom Dungan, Iim Fansler. .SJOIQAOMOI-e CKCLJJ Of icem Treasurer, George Hadley, President, Harold McFadden, Vice president, Keith Bentley, Secretary, Florine Campbell, Advisor, Margaret Phariss. C5165 icerd Front Row: Treasurer, Dick McCul- lough, Vice President, Robert South- wick. Back Row: President, Dick Hackney, Advisor, Miss Huyssen, Ad- visor, Mr. Casier, Advisor, Miss Tierneyg Secretary, Maxine Taylor, Front Row: Maxine Taylor Bene Tucker, Virginia Pyle, Lila Rihbany, Glendolyn Stull, Dolores Thayer, Louise Williams, Charlene Harbison, Second Row: lunior Suttle, Sarah Shiells, Barbara Rogers, Faye Rick- man, Rowena Kidder, Wanda West, Trudy Young, Nita Roberts, Dora Videgain. Third Row: Gabriel San- chez, Rhea Payne, Ronald Morey, Davy Mills, Bob Southwick, Wayne Michael, Art Puliclo, Hubert Freeman, limmy Purves. Front Row: Ruth Howe, Candelaria Gurrola, Catalina Garnica, Iessie Lo- pez, Sue Hewitt, Annette Garrison, loyce Krink, Esther Legan, Betty Her- ring, Iuanita Gilleland. Second Row: Iimmy McReynolds, Iimmy Lorbeer, Parker Hubert, Stanley Hurst, Kent Iones, Tony Iuarez, Margarita Garcia, I. C. Hewitt, lose Limon. Third Row: Dick Hackney, Iohn Grimes, Dick McCullough, Lelen Maddux, Richard Gonzalez, Richard Lozano, George Keele. Front Row: Maxine Taylor, Marlene Finnell, Emma Casner, Ioanne Calkins, Darlene Finnell, Mahoia Burch, Wanda Cunningham, Reedean Dement, Betty Downey, Lucy Banuelos. Second Row: Othel Atchley, Don Burroughs, Norma Banks, Don Arundell, Connie Davis, Iackie Agler, Fred Decker, Iewell Ellioli, Wanda Beard. Third Row: Alpha Buckner, lesus Armas, Iefl Dobbs, Gene Beard, lim Berrington, Robert Beck. jre5Amen .gnifia fion . rf gg 1 me 'fu I! sr i Q cfiglrfl. grade W lCel"5 Advisor MR. TRIMMER Advisor MR. HALL President BOBBY CHANEY Vice President IOYCE FINNELL Secretary-Treas. PATSY BALDEN Front Row: Margie Sanchez, Rachel Sandoval, Virginia Salinas, Patsy Wolf, Betsy Ross, Hallie Swearingen, Mae Swearingen, Pauline Shores LaVonne Whiteley, Eva Tucker. Sec- ond Row: Boyce Taylor, Iarnes York, Ralston Wright, Eleanor Smith, Iackie Scott, Margaret Swilling, Frank Rud- kin, Daryl Vest, Ierry Terreau. Third How: Larry Wade, Luis Zermeno, Monty Winkler, Ioe Scanlin, Eliceo Yzaguirre, Luther Rodarte, Clark Young, Roger Young. Front Row: Rachel Flores, Marjorie LeBard, Ioan Higgins, Ioyce Finnell, Sue Hadley, Marilyn Griffin, Pearline Gunter, Billie Sue Gamble, Dorothy Hooper. Second Bow: Frank Flores, Geo. Garnica, Eleanor Gomez, Louise Herring, Weedadell Hawley, Virginia LeBard, Martha Gunter, Andrew Gu- tierrez, Gerald Hamm. Third Row: Luis B. Gonzalez, Earl Lidamore, Henry Gonzalez, Wallace King, Rus- sell Horton, Iames Ford, lohn Foster, Stanley Iones, Freddy Hinkle. Front Row: Selma Ramirez, Viola Riesgo, Rachel Moreno, Beverly Rod- erick, Evelyn Love, Sharon Morris, Ioyce Ratlitf, Reita Riopelle, Ruby Voshall, Lupe Martinez. Second Row: Douglas McCullough, Eddie Navarro, Barbara Molina, Carmen Robles, Donna Michelson, lane Nolen, I. C. Meek, Clyde Lowe. Third Row: Charles Lowe, Charles Morrison, Rudy Ponce, Vincent Martinez, Dale Palmer, Ramon Reyes, Milton Moe- schler, Charles Rogers, Saylor Mil- ton, Fidel Lovato. Front Row: Vera Birnel, Gloria Estrada, Ioan Dawson, Barbara Bliss, Gloria Baughman, Virginia Davalos, Esther Alcozar, Amelia Cardona, Donna Bork, Pat Balden, Colene Atchley. Second Row: Lonnie Davis, Milburn Bottomley, Ronnie Balden, Louise Dominguez, Sylvia Dobbs, Helen Dorman, Dennis Allen, Bobby Chaney, Delbert Boatright, Third Row: Don Dobyns, Iohn Bricker, Hyle Davis, Don Arnold, Oscar Carrillo, Billy Fields, Manuel Cabral, Ir. But- ler. Henrv Carrillo, Bob Bishop. ellen QPCLJQ W icerd President BOBBY COX Vice Pres. MARGARET NELSON Sec.-Treas. PERRY FREDRICKSEN Front Row: Ofelia Sandoval, Esther Salazar, Betty Rickman, Imogene Suttle, Lupe Villanueva, Caroline Rummans, Alice Unruh, Peggy Engle- dow, Virginia Somers, Sally Turk. Second Row: Elias Vasquez, Richard Weiland, Elma Real, Ramona Torres, Virginia Real, Belen Sanchez, Henry Ramirez, David Swarts. Third Row: Adolph Seedig, Iimmy Yzaguirre, Rupert Ellis, Lupe Ybarra, Roy Wooley, Santos Garcia. Front Row: Evelyn Martinez, Lucy Medina, Lupe Mendez, Margaret Nelson, Eva lo Michael, Patsy Mois- ling, Catherine Percy, Ruth Moesch- ler, Barbara Roberts. Second Row: David Mazon, Eddie Perez, Frank Mendoza, Geo. Miller, Arnold Oliver, Dick Peters, David Perez, Pete Lopez, Norman Meigide, Richard Purves. Third Row: Billy Reynolds, Kenneth Korver, Henry Laird, Vancel McHam, Ierry Myers, Lawrence Pulido, Tony Moreno, Robert Mendez, Ruben Lopez. Front Row: Pauline Magdaleno, Kate Martinez, Corwyn Love, Leon Mac- key, lean Mayhew, Luella Long. Sec- ond Row: Ramona Lawrence, Raquel Gonzalez, Geraldine Dodd, Barbara Blythe, Patsy Heilman, Anne Howard, Lois LeBard, Maxine Heis- ler, Nona Gilleland, Dixie Kerby, Barbara Lemons. Third Row: Victor Gonzalez, Pablo Avila, Iohn Espi- noza, Wayne Boatright, Don Hender- son, I. L. Dodd, Robert Avila, Ster- ling Campbell, Mac Kidder, Don Canada, Robert Fuller, Robert Gib- bons, Bob Hubert. First Row: Dorothy Fields, Audrey Freeman, Norma Harper, Dora Es- trada. Second Row: Doris Carr, Sally Carrillo, Peggy lo Blythe, Dorothy Canada, loetta Beck, Mary Atkinson, Margaret De larnette, Rebecca Bent- ley, Connie Arundell, Evelyn Brown. Third Row: Carroll Cooper, Bobby Cox, Stephen Clark, Bill Brockus, Charles Cox, Ronnie Bartels, Bobby Gene Cantrell, W. L. Barksdale, Doyle Cowans, Ralph Adams. Fourth Row: Lloyd Elkins, Fred Bragg, Nor- man Dutra, Bill Allen, Cornie Bricker, Iim Dulaney, Perry Fredricksen, Iuan Gonzalez. conomic an ,Sadat ounci "The Economic and Social Council may make or initiate studies and reports with re- spect to international economic, social, cul- tural, educational, health, and related matters and may make recommendations to . . . the specialized agencies concerned." Charter of United Nations Chapter X Article 61 NEIL KENNEDY, CLAIRE GRAFFER BERTA MERRY ROY HENDERSON Photography IAMES RIESGO Under the supervision of Mr, Elbert Graham, the Annual staff dug in early this year to avoid the usual last minute deluge of copy and pictures which has, in -past times, caused many headaches, They got by with reasonably few this year, due largely to the patient kindness and hard work of Mr. Graham. I-le deserves much credit for putting out a yearbook with a rather inexperienced group of students to work with. Most of the copy was Written out of school, and many a staff member burned the midnight oil to get the copy in on the set date. The staff also sponsored a successful 'lWinter Wonderland" dance in Ianuary. olaa cle Um ,46 MULPAOOL Seated: lim Schleimer, Ioanne Forbes, Pat Iones, Claire KGraffer, Neil Kennedy, Veda Southwick, Dorothy Messer, William Thayer. Standing: Katie Elkins, Inez Phillips, M Graham, Berta Merry, Roy Henderson. A' ' gckforiaf SM!! Editor NEIL KENNEDY Associate Editor CLAIRE GRAEFER Business Manager DOROTHY MESSER Art Editor Boys' Sports IIM SCHLEIMER Girls' Sports VEDA SOUTHWICK Organizations INEZ PHILLIPS IOANNE FORBES Feature Editor BILL THAYER IIM SCI-ILEIMER Typists KATIE ELKINS ewd jfadhed gcbfora Editor Associate Editor Feature Editor Girls' Sports Boys' Sports Reporters Illustrator Exchange Editor INEZ PHILLIPS VEDA SOUTHWICK PEGGY GUTIERREZ BERTA MERRY NEIL KENNEDY IUNE BARDEN IAMES RIESGO CLAIRE GRAFFER PAT IONES SHIRLEY ELDER INEZ PHILLIPS, VEDA SOUTHWICK The News Flashes' staff Wasn't organe ized until the end of the tirst semester oi this year, which also marked the return ot Mr. Elbert Graham, the advisor, from the armed services. Although the staff got ott to a late start, they had a very success- tul semester printing the News Flashes. ell!!! QKJZIAQ6 .gilcoof pdldelf' Standing: Iames Riesgo, Berta Merry, Neil Kennedy. Seated: Claire Gratfer, Peggy Gutierrez, Vecla Southwick, Inez Phillips, Pat Iones, Shirley Elder, Iune Barclen. C5!2ffQI"lfU0l'l'L8I'l3 ' l W lCel"5 Vice President, lune Barden President, Veda Southwick Secretary, Berta Merry Treasurer, lackie Harnpson These girls, leaders ot girls' ath- letics, outstanding in sportsman- ship, ability and cooperation, belong to the LetterWon'1en's Club. Alter each girl receives l000 points in participations in sports, she is awarded her letter at the annual athletic banquet held in May. Front Row: Berta Merry, Peggy Gutierrez, Veda Southwick, Iune Barden. Second Row: Carol Howard, Anita Elkins, Anita Peyton, lackie Hampson, Billie Ieanne McKinf1, Gwen Bark r E S ' 9 , va anchez, Belen Lopez. Stcmdmg: Betty Cooper, Velma Boatright, Betty West, Barbara Ellis, Aurora Moreno, Dixie Fuller. oleffermenii ffl! The Lettermen of Fillmore high are the boys who really earned the privilege of membership by participation in various sports. The members enjoyed a barbecue after football season, and after basketball season they had a din- ner in the social room in honor of Coach E. V. Kennedy who is leav ing our school this year. W icerri President, Ed Carter Vice President, Hoyt Brodersen Treasurer, Neil Kennedy -we-0----Me.Qw,.,...e....,,.. Kneeling: Buck Basolo, Ed Carter, Tom Rangel, Bill Thompson, Kenneth King, Tom Nelson, Neil Kennedy, Hoyt Brodersen, Kenny Rogers. Seated: George Potter, lack Neuman, Tommy Hicks, Dick Mosbarger, Ierry Scott, Don Maxwell, Iim Schleimer, Iohn Perez, Curt Bell, Armond Wahl. Standing: Carl Elkins, George Moreno, Burlin Whiteley, Adolph Velorsquez, Roy Henderson, Peter Carrillo, Manuel Moreno, Chappy Morris, Stanley Merry, Dale Murphy, Bill Cox. CZ 0I"M,5 F ller Veda Southwick Barbara Ellis. Back Row: Miriam Bunn, Lee Wilson, Christine u , , Second Row: Wanda Beard, Mary Alcoser, Hester Dool, Mary Bice, Esther Guerrero, Third Row: Rosemary Billhymer, Pauline Gurrola, Margaret Ybarra, Donnetta Peyton, Bobby ' L'l Gomez, Belen Lopez, Kerby, Catalina Garnica. Front Row: Sarah Chavez, Nellie Iuarez, IY ' G tierrez. Seated: Miss Lockwood. Basima Simmons, Peggy Bafford, Peggy u OPCA25 fI"6l, ufiic not Front Row: Ruth Howe, Ioanne Calkins, Pat Spangler, Miss Lockwood. Back Row: Ioey k , Ierry Scott, Dick Hackney, Tony Iuarez, Iim Purvis. Estrada, Alpha Buc ner r The girls' chorus is a very popu- lar group which has entertained several times during the year at school and at various clubs. The high school orchestra is a regularly organized class where the students receive credits. The orchestra played at all thepep assemblies which made the school spirit soar. v .AL Claire Gratter was chosen by the mem- bers ot the senior class as the outstanding citizen. Claire will receive a certificate from the National Society of the Daugh- ters ot the American Revolution tor good citizenship and will have a chance to com- pete with other Winners in several con- tests tor War bond prizes. ir A y eague The Girls' League, which is composed ot all the girls in school and controlled by an Executive Board, was especially active this year. The group sponsored an "Autumn Festival" Dance, several assemblies and attended a Girls' League Convention in March at Hoover High School, in Glendale. xecufiue ounci Florine Campbell, Inez Phillips, Pat Banks, s, Claire Graffer, Ioanne Forbes Shirley Elder, and Barbara Rogers. 5 Top Row: Eugene Finnell, Carl Elkins, Art Sallee, Manuel Moreno, Stanley Masson. Bottom Row: Mr. Ross Buckle, Roy Henderson, Tommy Nelson, Lewis McCool, Iirnrny Riesgo. enior i- M Although the boys got ott to a late start, the Senior I-li-Y carried on as usual. Their activities have been based on the theme "Service" and include such things as sponsoring a horseshoe pitching contest, going to church in a group, and several parties. unior i- M The lunior l-Ii-Y, under the presidency ol I-larold Mc Fadden, has developed into an active group. The theme for the year was "Tolerance" which has been emphasized in the discussion groups and by speak- ers. The club, which started with six members this year, now has seventeen. Standing: Tom Dungan, George Moreno, Dick Hackney, Mr. Casier Chappy Morris, Iimmy Fansler, Tommy Hicks. Seated: Ronald Morey Harold McFadden, Kent Iones, Ierry Scott, Luis Garnica, Howard Inman Davy Mills. Front Row: Dorothy Messer, Barbara Michel, Carol Howard, Lois lean Herron, lune Barden, Claire Gratier, Billie Iean McKim. Second Row: Laurabelle Iones, Eleanor Fisher, Anita Peyton, Anita Elkins, Pat Iones, Marjory Hanson, Ioy Lesperance, loanne Forbes. Third row: Audrey Spangler, Barbara Ellis, Ruth Iohnson, Mrs. Bunn, Inez Phillips, Donna DeFever, Shirley Elder, Veda Southwick, Pat Spangler, Peggy Gutierrez. enior ri- The girls enjoyed a very full year which included a food sale, the adoption of an orphan, a formal induction in the Presbyterian church, and many other social parties, all under the direction ot Mrs. Bunn. lfU'lLOI" l"L' .f46aAa jai- ,Wi give jai- First Row: Basirna Simmons, Annette Garrison, Lila Rihbany, Darlene Finnell, Ioan Calkins, Yvonne Rihbany. Second Row: Peggy Batlord, Hester Dool, Maxine Taylor, Mary Lynn Bice, Iewell Elliott, Nancy l-louser. Third Row: loan Bottomley, Florine Camp- bell, Ellen lohnson, loy Brockus, Anna McDonald. First Row: luanita Gilleland, Bon- nie Fernandez, Bonnie McGuire. Second Row: Eleanor Rihbany, Nellie Mendez. ju fare armerd 0 merica Front Row: Audy Dryer, David Alcozar, I. C. Hewitt, Wayne Michael, Hubert Freeman, Second Row: Don Spurlock, Iefi Dobbs, Robert Beck, Flay Hunt, Dick Mosbarger, Richard McKendry, Lesley Burson, Marvin Smith. Standing: Mr. Sankoff, Gene Beard, Carl Elkins, Stanley Merry, lohn Grimes, Othel Atchley, Don Maxwell, Nathan Breshears, lim Berrington. These boys were very busy sponsoring the noon movies during the year as Well as a Very successful barn dance. They also gave a Fathers' and Sons' banquet, and all of the mem- bers oi the group worked on individual proj- ects during the year. cz i ornia ,gzlzofarfilz Front Row: Yvon ga .gevlera fion ne Hihbany, Shirley Elder Inez Philli s C l , p , aro Howard, Lois lean Herron, Ioy Lesperance, Anita Peyton. Back Row: Dorothy Messer, Audrey Spangler, Miriam Bunn, Claire Graffer, William Thayer, Patti Iones, Nancy Houser, Eva Sanchez. The scholarship society enjoyed a very suc- cessful year which included an induction of new members, the sponsoring ot a very suc- cessful Valentine dance, and an Honor Day in Los Angeles. Seal bearers this year are Carol Howard, Eva Sa nchez, Dorothy Messer and lnez Phillips. ,4ff CM 2 5242133 The art club is organized for the purpose of furthering the artistic tal- ent of the students. The members rnet once a month and made ink and crayon sketches. At other meetings they made three-minute sketches which were on display in the halls during the year. Seated: Maxine Taylor, Gwen Barker, Anne Howard, Virginia Pyle. Standing: Ioe Scanlin, Patsy Wolf, loanne Calkins. C w,.,.,., Secretary, Virginia Pyle President, Gwen Barker Vice president, Maxine Taylor laanidk Buenas dias, arnigos! The Spanish club member- ship consists of the students of the second year Span- ish class. The club spent a very enjoyable day dur- ing the year in Los Angeles visiting Olvera Street. Standing: Iirn Fansler, Torn Nelson, Iackie Hampson, Dorothy Dorman, Anita Elkins, George Harding, Richard Renteria, George Hadley. Seated: Yvonne Rihbany, Dolores Alvidrez, Eva Leon, Fortuna Limon, Aurora Raminez, Petra Gonzales, Lily Gomez. ramaficd Although the influenza epidemic made it impossible for the Christmas pageant, "Day Has Begun," to be shown to the community this year, the student body attended a matinee performance and were impressed by the spirit of the performance. "Ever Since Eve," the senior play which was presented in March, was a very successful comedy which kept the audience entertained from beginning to end. There were three productions, a matinee and two evening perform- ances, which went smoothly. CC . 97 Uel' U'lCe U2 H jkefa Qmfm Fillmore High's one cmd only math club was very active this year begin- ning With their traditional induction of new members. Membership in Pi Theta is open to the advanced math students and is organized to encourage the study of mathematics. HOYT BRODERSEN Vice President 3LOlS IEAN HERRCDN Secy.-Treasurer 1MISS ALICE HANSEN Advisor NEIL KENNEDY President -,. Top Row: Kenny Rogers, Iimmy Schleimer, Calvin Deeter, Alvin Deeter, Gene Finnell, Bill Nelson, Stanley Masson, Bill Thayer. Middle Row: Veda Southwick, Iune Barden, Ed Carter, Barbara Massey, Ioy Lesperance, Kenny King, Dorothy Messer, Anita Peyton. Bottom Row: Hoyt Brodersen, Lois lean Herron, Neil Kennedy. 6L,85fg 6U'l UI" lfieelfl When the votes were all counted, it was discovered that Berta Merry and Ed Carter were chosen to be the favorite senior couple. The couple was crowned at the G. A. A. Easter formal. The four closest runners-up, Veda South- wick, George Potter, Edith Suttle, and Hoyt Brodersen acted as assistants to the royal couple. olivia of jun .Sanford Lbifck may conomicf an .gzcia oolaera fion "The various specialized agencies, estab- lished by intergovernmental agreement and having wide international responsibilities, as defined in their basic instruments, in economic, social, cultural, educational, health, and re- lated fields, shall be brought into relationship with the United Nations in accordance with the provisions of Article 63." Charter of United Nations Chapter IX . Article 57 . s l Clfiflig i C0l"05 Fillmore 28 Lancaster U Fillmore 27 Santa Paula 6 Fillmore 14 Ventura 13 Fillmore 19 Oxnard 7 Fillmore 26 Lancaster O Fillmore 13 Santa Barbara 31 Fillmore 14 Santa Paula U Seated, First Bow: Tony Moreno, Peter Carrillo, Neil Kennedy, Ed Carter, lames Hiesgo, Bill Thompson, Tommy Nelson, Wayne Michael. Second Row: Harry Bigger, Manuel Moreno Hoyt Brodersen, Tom Rangel, Ray Hunt, Adolph Velasquez, lim Schleimer, Harold McFadden lames Fuller, DeWayne Basolo, Eugene Kennedy. Third Row: Stanley Merry, lack Newman Don Maxwell, Armond Wahl, Kenneth Rogers, Curt Bell, George Potter, Bill Cox, Dale Murphy 1 amifg goofgaf Fillmore Flashes brought home the bacon this year by cop- ping the County Championship under the leadership of Coach Kennedy. Only one out of seven games, and that was to the powerful Santa Barbara Dons, was lost all season. Fillmore also had a majority on the All-County Honor Team by placing tive members. They were George Potter, Buck Basolo, Kenny Rogers, lim Schleimer and Armond Wahl. Also two were placed on Second All-County Honor Team. These were Ed Carter and Hoyt Brodersen. Eugene Kennedy, Russell Flint, Harry Bigger William McKinney wfozzmfm Naomi Legcrn, Berta Merry Iune Burden, Pcrt Burroughs Front Row: Tony Perez, Dick McCullough, Howard lnman, Keith Bentley, lose Lirnon, David Alcozar, Donald Burroughs, Tony luarez, Second Row: Bob Southwick, Iohn Grimes, Bill Patterson, Luis Garnica, Kent Iones, Richard Gonzales, Torn Dungan, Tom Hicks, Dick Hackney, Steve Cochran, Third Row: Alpha Buckner, Fred Decker, Chappy Morris, George Moreno, Burlin Whiteley, Dick Mcliendry, Nathan Breshears, Salvador Martinez, Davy Mills, Gabriel Sanchez. unior lljamify Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore Fillmore COI"e5 l3 Ojai 6 7 Santa Paula l5 O Ojai l8 O Santa Paula 14 I 144 ' ,MN-4 Standing: lim Schleimer, Bill Cox, George Potter, lack Neuman, Kenneth Rogers, Hoyt Brodersen. Kneeling: Coach Kennedy, lim Riesgo, Marvin Smith, lohn Guerrero, Manuel Moreno tManagerl. gaffefgaf Fillmore High's cagers once again came through with a league title. The team lacked sufficient height but because ot the aggressiveness of the guards and the basket-drilling abil- ity ot the forwards, they Were Well able to down the opposition. The team showed tight and spirit and de- served every game they won. This year was the tirst time in the history ot Fillmore that basketball and foot- ball championships have been Won 7 'illmore 'illmore 'illmore 'illmore Standing: Pete Carrillo, Harold MacFadden, Arvolle Long, Stanley Merry, Coach Bigger, Raymond Baker, Carl Elkins, Tony Perez, George Moreno. Front Row: Gabriel Sanchez, Dick Mosbarger, lack Agler, Roy Henderson tmanagerl, Richard Gonzales, loe Armas. E6 77 K Z 3 affefga sgfofeff l5 Ventura Ir. High 27 Fillmore 25 Santa Barbara l7 Santa Paula 29 Fillmore 26 Ventura 31 Lancaster 23 Fillmore 4l Santa Paula 33 Oxnard 25 Fillmore 30 Lancaster Fillvv1A..A UC fN..--....1 00 in one year. vardifg Scored Fillmore 44 South Pasadena Fillmore 2l Ventura High Fillmore 24 Santa Paula Fillmore 42 Lancaster Fillmore 50 Gxnard Fillmore 29 Santa Barbara Fillmore 36 Ventura High Fillmore 22 Santa Paula Fillmore 35 Lancaster Fillmore 52 Oxnard Fillmore 30 Santa Barbara 1 Tom Hicks, Stanley Merry, Mcmuel Moreno, Ray Fisher oxing Ckam :S . . . 118 . . . JERRY "TIGER" SCOTT . . . 127 . . . RAY FISHER KNO Suckerl . . . 135 . . . ROY HENDERSON CPride oi North Fillrnorel . . . 155 . . . ED "TARZAN" CARTER . . . 165 . . . BUCK BASOLO fAdonis of Foothill Drivel ...Heavy... ADOLPH "BAMBlNO" VELASQUEZ med Gtlflflldri ...100 Lbs.... Don Arundell ...12U Lbs.... Manuel Moreno ...130 Lbs.... Roy Fisher ...140 Lbs.... Tom Hicks ...155Lbs.... Stanley Merry ...170 Lbs.... Dole Murphy . . . Heavy . . . Dole Murphy Standing: Adolph Velosquez, Roy Henderson, Raymond Fisher, lerry Scott. Kneeling: Buck Bczsolo, Ed Carter. jfac At this writing, the Flashes' rack team has participated n two track meets only. Be- :ause ot lack ot manpower he A's are tar below normal vvhile the B's and C's show Jromise of being rated the nest in the county. The team rs a unit is not particularly atrong, but there is hope that ndividuals will do well in he county meet. Front Row: lose Ltmon D1ck Mosbarger B111 Thompson Roy Henderson Tom Nelson Kent Iones. Second Row George Moreno Dick Hackney Manuel Moreno Ierry Scott Luis Garnica Donald Arundell limmy Fansler Standmg Alpha Buckner Tom Hicks Fred Decker Stanley Merry, Dick McCullough Bob Southwick Kelth Bentley 4 Bagels! The Flashes got oil to a bad start by losing to Santa Paula. So far the Flashes have just gone up and down, Winning one game and losing one. At this present Writing, We are unable to predict our final league standing. Back Row: Dick McKendry fmanagerl, Iohn Guerrero, Tommy Rarigel, Tony Perez, Adolph Velasquez, George Potter, Buck Basolo, Iohn Perez, Ierry Scott, Don Maxwell Cmanagerl. Front Row: lose Limon, Pete Carrillo, David Wright, Robert Munoz, George Harding, lack Agler, Luis Garnica, Dick Hackney, Ed Carter. George Potter, picked as this year's outstanding athlete is not a one-sport man. George excelled in basketball, football, track, baseball and swim- ming from the time he entered the 9th grade until the last sport in his last year had passed. . He was picked as a unanimous choice for the all-county football team and also Was the choice for the captain of this team. ln his senior year he was chosen as end on the third all-southern California high school team. In basketball, George, or "Gooner," as he is called, led the county in scoring and Was one of the best team players in the league. Pot- ter pitched for the baseball team and was an exceptionally good high jumper in track. Besides being an all-round ath- lete in a physical sense of the word, George was also an all-round ath- lete as far as spirit, clean play and cooperation were concerned. ur Ea! Jn Sanrio Veda Southwick, GAA. President, has served four successful years as an officer on the Board, and excelled in all sports each of her four years. With this outstanding record she was placed high- est in the eyes of her fellow club members in the following: leadership, ability, participation, and sportsmanship, and was unanimously voted out- l Back Row: Anita Elkins, Ellen Iohnson, Eva Sanchez. Front Row: lackie Hampson, Veda Southwick, lune Borden, Berta Merry. wicerzi Bottom: Petra Gonzales, Pat Iones, Carol Howard, Berta Merry, Peggy Gutierrez, Veda South- wick, Iune Barden, Eva Sanchez, u Zeck. Second Row: For- tuna Limon, ita Velasquez, Mar- ian Hicks, Irene Huckaby, Dixie Puller, Ioy Brockus, Florine Camp- bell, Claire Grafler, Aurora Mo- reno, Mildred Dorman, Dorothy Dorman. Third Row: Eleanor Riesgo, Dolores Alvidrez, Do- lores Salinas, Lois lean Herron, Anita Elkins, Iackie Hampson, Anita Peyton, Billie McKim, Gwen Barker, Pat Burroughs, Elisa Gar- cia, Belen Lopez, Carmen Esca- milla. Top Row: Eva Leon, Betty Cooper, Velma Boatright, Georgia McHam, Betty West, Barbara El- lis, Mrs. Glover, lean Briggs, Nancy Houser, Anna McDonald, Pat Banks, Ellen Iohnson. . 9 U06 For the first time in four years girls' sports were unhampered by transportation. Play day was re- sumed in the fall with the first meet- ing in Santa Barbara. ln the spring another All-County play day was held here on our own front. At a gen- eral meeting of representatives from each school, the point systems were revised. Although the original plan for a Christmas dance was canceled be- cause of an influenza epidemic, a very successful Easter formal was given. Other activities for the year included the Fathers' and Daughters' banquet, initiation of new members, senior breakfast and the Athletic banquet. 94,4 -ii' Q it if .. -f 5 au " H , D. 5' .asf J! 1 R ,S in ,, is ' V 1? ,I E' ff' ll U ia: Mhx 0 fam 4 A ibm wg may ? Q Q R 'Vx I , R 7 .Q vt Q 2 K 7 at X K S if nj! iff' 3 x E 1 Q Ei . . y , a,g5 ,W Q H wx , 02 fm 3, , QWKVQ ' 1 gy ,M- iz f I Z Qu, ,M-1 N533 Y E 6 it QM f Qfw ff .4 A lflflelflillflflelfl iff , if "Amendments to the present Charter shall come into force for all Members of the United Nations When they have been adopted by a vote of two thirds of the members of the Gen- eral Assembly and ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional processes by two thirds of the Members of the United Nations, including all the permanent members of the Se- curity Council." Charter of United Nations Chapter XVlll Article lO8 C.,LnJa,. SEPTEMBER 1945 First day of school 4. Faculty barbecue 5. Student Council dance l2. Football game with Lancaster-28-0 l7. 22. 24. 27. 30. IANUARY 1946 Basketball game at Ventura-2l-23 l. Basketball game with Santa Paula-24-22 8. 27. "Winter Wonderland Dance," sponsored by Copa de Oro staff Basketball game at Lancaster-42-23 National School Assemblies Program- The Valleaus End of semester Basketball game with Oxnard-50-38 Opening of second semester Grade Reports MAY 1946 l. Holiday-First day of fishing 4. G. A. A. Play Day OCTOBER 1945 F. F. A. initiation Football game with Santa Paula-27-6 Football game at Ventura-14-14 Football game with Oxnard-19-7 Football game at Lancaster-26-0 Freshman initiation F. F. A. Barn Dance - Iunior Varsity game at Ojai FEBRUARY 1946 Basketball game With Santa Barbara -29-46 Basketball game with Ventura-36-26 Basketball game with Oxnard--52-28 Ventura County League track meet here 6. National School Assemblies "River of No Return" Programe- l0. G. A. A. Fathers-Daughters Banquet Baseball game with Santa Paula l l Meet Freshman "Spring" Dance l7. Athletic banquet 25. Iunior Prom 30. Memorial Day . Track meet--Southern Section Divisional Cadmlaf NOVEMBER 1945 Football game with Santa Barbara-13-O 5 End of first quarter 7 Armistice Day Game at Santa Paula 19 Grade Reports, Football Barbecue 21 Thanksgiving Vacation Girls' League Dance MARCH 1946 Conservation Week l Finals ot boxing tournament 2 Spanish Club trip Matinee ot Senior play 4 Senior Play 5 Senior Play 8 F. F. A. Fathers-Sons Banquet 12 Baseball game at Santa Paula Exchange assembly from Lancaster 15 Senior "Backwards" Dance 24 Exchange assembly at Lancaster 26 Senior Ditch Day Iunior Hi-Y induction 27 End ot third quarter Track meet with Lancaster and Lompoc Girls' League Spring Convention Baseball game at Oxnard TUNE 1946 2. Baccalaureate 6. Commencement exercises 7. Last day of school Grade reports DECEMBER 1945 Hi-Y Induction Pearl Harbor Memorial Assembly School out-flu epidemic Christmas vacation APRIL 1946 Opening of fourth quarter National Schools Assembly Program- Galen Harvey Grade reports Baseball game with Ventura Track meet with Oxnard and Lancaster Public schools Week G. A. A. Easter formal dance Easter Vacation Santa .Paula here tor exchange assembly Track meet-Fillmore and Santa Paula at Oxnard Baseball game with Oxnard IQ igreed IUNE BARDEN Tri-Y 2, 3, 4. Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Letterwomen's Club 3, Treas. 4. Pi Theta 4. News Flashes 4. Iamboree 3. Christmas Pageant l, 2. Play Staff 4. Yell Leader 4. GERTRUDE BEEBE Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. CURT BELL Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball l, 4 tln- tramurall. Hi-Y 2. Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. F. F. A. I. Baseball l flntra- murall. HOYT BRODERSEN Basketball 2, 3, 4. Football 3, 4. Class Pres. 4. Vice Pres. Pi Theta 4. Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4. Senior Play 4. Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres. Letter- men's Club. Lions' Club Speaking Contest 4. BETTY ANN BROWN Chorus 3. Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. LESLEY BURSON F. F. A. I. Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4. Christmas Pageant 2. Intramural Bas- ketball l. Intramural baseball l. ED CARTER Football 2, 3, 4. Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, Pres 4. Hi-Y I, 2, 3. Iamboree 3. Senior Play 4. Class Pres. l, 2, 3. Stu- dent Council 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Sophomore Assembly 2. Pi Theta Sliixb 3, 4. Basketball Clntramurall 1 DONNA DeFEVER Trans. from Lompoc Union High gcglool 3 fMarcl'1 '45l. Chorus 3. Tri-Y DON DOWNEY F. F. A. I. C1 S KATIE ELKINS ass e - 5 J ' Sec. 4. 2 - anish ,m i a . am- b ice Pres. 4. AMILLA G. A. A. 4. Girls' League, l, 2, 3, 4. IOANNE FORBES Dramatics 3, 4. Christmas Pageant 3, 4. Spanish Club 2. Tri-Y 2, 3, 4. officer 2, 4. Girls' League Officer l, 2 4. Annual Staff 4. Lions' Club Speech contest 4. VIRGINIA GAZZAWAY Chgisgmirs Pageant 2. Girls' League CLAIRE GRAI-TER G. A. A. 2, 3. Girls' League l, 2, Rep. 3, Pres. 4. C. S. F. 4. Christmas Pag- eant 2, 4, Tri-Y 2, 3, 4. Senior Play 4. Annual Asso. Editor 4. News Flashes Staff 4. Student Body Sec. 4. Dra- matics 4. D. A. R. contest winner. PEGGY GUTIERREZ Tri-Y 2, 3, Historian 4. G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4. Letterwomen's Club 2, 3, 4. Christmas Play l, 2. Sr. Play Staff 4. Chorus 4. New Flashes 4. Scholar- ship l. Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. HARVARD HAASE Stagecraft 4. MARIIE HANSON Tri-Y 2, 3, 4. Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. MARIAN HICKS G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Girls' League l, Z, 3, 4. Christmas Pageant 2. CAROL HOWARD Student Body Vice Pres. 4. Senior Play 4. Christmas Pageant l', 2, 3, 4. Copa de Oro Editor 3. Asso. Editor of News Flashes 2, 3. Tri-Y 2, 3, Pres. 4. Spanish Club 2. C. S. F. l, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 1, 2. Letterwomen's Club 2. IRENE HUCKABY Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 3, 4. VADA MAE IOHNSON Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. Trans. from New Mexico in Oct. '43. LAURABELLE IONES Christmas Pageant 3, 4. Tri-Y 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4. Girls' League Rep. I, Z, 3, 4. NEIL KENNEDY Trans. from Virgil Ir. High, Los An- geles, Sept. '43. Football 3, 4. Basket- ball 2. Hi-Y Pres. 2. Hi-Y 3. Pi Theta 3, Pres. 4. Editor Annual 4. Commis- sioner of Entertainment 4. C. S. F. 2. News Flashes 4. Senior Play 4. Iam- boree 3. Lettermen's Club 2, 3, Treas- urer 4. IOY LESPERANCE C. S. F. 2, 4. Spanish Club 2. Tri-Y 4. Pi Theta 4. Christmas Pageant 3. BELEN LOPEZ G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. Letterwomen's Club 4. CARMEN MARTINEZ Girls' League l, Z, 3, 4. STANLEY MASSON Trans. from EI Dorado High School. Intramural Basketball 4. Hi-Y 4. Pi Theta 3, 4. DON MAXWELL F. F. A. l, 2, 3, Treas. 4. Lettermen's Club 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball 4. Baseball 3, 4. News Flashes 2. 4 if R igreezi LORYECE -MAXWELL Chorus l, 3, 4. Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4. Iamboree 3. BERTA MERRY G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Letterwomen's Club 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. Athletic Man- ager 3, Vice Pres. 4. Christmas Pag- eant 1, 2, 4. Girls' League 1, Z, 3, 4. Senior Play Staff 4. Iarnboree 3. Yell Leader 3, 4. Tri-Y 4. Annual Staff 4. News Flashes 4. Dramatics 4. DOROTHY MESSER C. S. F. l, Z, Sec. 3, 4. Girls' League l, 2, Sec. 3, 4. Tri-Y 3, Treas. 4. Pi Theta 4. Christmas Pageant 3. Commissioner of Finance 4. Annual Staff 4. BARBARA MICHEL Christmas Pageant 3, 4. Tri-Y 3, 4. Dramatics 3. Ushers' Club 4. Chorus 1, 2. AURORA MORENO Ushers' Club 3, 4. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Letterwornen's Club 4. BETTY MOSBARGER G. A. A. 1. Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT MUNOZ Iamboree 3. Intramural Basketball 4. Baseball 4. F. F. A. 2. BILL NELSON Pi Theta 4. Christmas Pageant 4. Se- nior Play 4. Lions' Club Speaking Contest 4. Football 1. RICHARD NEVE Christmas Pageant Z. Dramatics 2 IOHN PEREZ F. F. A. 1. Boxing Champ 2. Basket- ball 1, 2. Baseball 3, 4. Lettermen's Club 3, 4. EUGENE PETERS Transferred from Toledo, Ohio, '43. Football 2. Sr. Hi-Y Vice Pres. 4. ln- tramural Basketball 4. DONNETTA PEYTON Chorus 1, 2, 4. Orchestra l, 2. Ushers' Club 4. Tri-Y 4. Senior Play 4. Christ- mas Play 1, 2, 4. INEZ PHILLIPS Student Council 4. Orchestra 1, Z. Chorus 2, 3. Girls' League Rep. 4. C. S. F. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. Tri-Y Pres. Z, 3, 4. Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, 4. lamboree 3. Oral Expression Play 3. Lions' Club Speech Contest' Winner 3. Senior Play 4. News Flashes Editor 4. Annual Staff 4. Class Vice Pres. 3. Spanish Club 2. RAYMOND PONCE Intramural Basketball 4. F. F. A. 1. GEORGE POTTER Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. TOMMY RANGEL F. F. A. l. Basketball l, 3, 4. Football 4. Baseball l, 3, 4. Lettermen's Club 3, 4. IAMES RIESGO Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Z, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3. Annual Staff 4. News Flashes Staff 4. KENNETH ROGERS Student Body Pres. 4. 1-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3. Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4. Pi Theta 4. EVA SANCHEZ G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. C. S. F. 2, 3, Sec. 4. Ushers' Club 4. Spanish Club 2, 3. Letterwomen's Club 3, 4. IIM SCHLEIMER Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball Z, 3, 4. Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Ol- ticer 4. Senior Play 4. Pi Theta 4. Spgnzgsh Club 2. Annual Staff 4. Hi-Y IUNIOR SEIGLER Iamboree 3. Band 1. Orchestra 1, 2, 3. MARVIN SMITH F. F. A. l, 2, 3, Pres. 4. Hi-Y 3. Basket- ball l, 3, 4. Christmas Pageant 4. Dramatics 4. VEDA SOUTHWICK G. A. A. Rep. 1, Z, Sec. 3, Pres 4. Class Sec. 1. Tri-Y Vice Pres. 2, 3, 4. Letterwomen's Club 2, 3. Chorus 4. Assoc. Editor of News Flashes 4. Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 4. Pi Theta 3, 4. Spanish Club 2. C. S. F. 1. AUDREY SPANGLER News Flashes Staff 2. Editor 3. Christ- mas Pageant 2. Student Council 3. C. S. F. 3, 4. Tri-Y 3, 4. Annual Staff 3. Dramatics 3. PATRICIA SPANGLER G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Iamboree 3. Tri-Y 3, 4. EDITH SUTTLE Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM THAYER Hi-Y 2, 3. C. S. F. 2, 3, 4. Pi Theta 3, 4. Senior Class Sec. 4. ADOLPH VELASQUEZ Football 2, 4. Baseball 3, 4. Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Manager 4. ARMOND WAHL Basketball flntramurall 1. Letter- men's Club Z, 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Baseball 4. Hi-Y 2, 3. MILDRED WILSON Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 1, 2. Ushers' Club 4. Dramatics 3. enior gfadfi IUNE BARDEN, leave my creamy complexion to Ruth Iohnson. GERTRUDE BEEBE, leave Miss Tope without a dependable helper. CURTIS BELL, leave my avoirdupois to Wallace King. HOYT BRODERSEN, leave my red hair to "Cotton" Taylor. BETTY BROWN, leave my temper to sister Connie. LESLEY BURSON, leave my reputation as host at beach parties to Anita Elkins. ED CARTER, leave school with a song, a dance, and a blonde wife-to-be. 'J DONNA DE FEVER, leave to settle down with Barney. ' . DQN DOWNEY, leave F.U.H.S. minus one more reckless driver. M , ' n the piano ' ll. CARMENESCAMILLA, leave my shyness to Chappy Morris. IOANNE FORBES, leave my ability at making eyes to lackie Scott. U VIRGINIA GAZZAWAY, leave my stature to Rebecca Bentley. ' CLAIRE GRAFFER, leave my natural blonde hair to Pat Iones. PEGGY GUTIERREZ, leave my fancy writing to Wayne Michael. HARVARD HAASE. leave to become chairman of the Democratic Party. MARIORY HANSON, leave Fillmore for greater things. MARIAN HICKS, leave my quiet ways to Ioy Brockus. CAROL HOWARD, leave my place on the scholarship society to next year's brains. IRENE HUCKABY, leave my love for arguing to Ioan Bottomley. VADA IOHNSON, leave my dimples to Ruth Butler. LAURABELLE IONES, leave to be an accompanist to Nelson Eddy. NEIL KENNEDY, leave my wisecracks to Donnie Arundell. KENNETH KING, leave my love to those who want it. Step up, girls. IOY LESPERANCE, leave my walk to Iackie Scott. BELEN LOPEZ, leave the "chatterbug" I possess to Iimmy Fansler. STANLEY MASSON, leave the County Fire Department to Art Sallee. CARMEN MARTINEZ, leave Miss Smith looking tor a new artist. DON MAXWELL. land my sistert, leave school without a Maxwell for a few years. LORYECE MAXWELL, leave 'all my muscles to Donnie Burroughs. BERTA MERRY, leave F.U.H. S. with one less perfect lady. DOROTHY MESSER, leave my studious ways to Dale Murphy. BARBARA MICHEL. leave mv habit of taking all the ribbons at local horse shows to Barbara Bliss. AURORA MORENO, leave my homemaking classes to put them to practical use. BETTY MOSBARGER, leave my love for "hot" music to Shirley Elder. ROBERT MUNOZ, leave my motorcycle-riding ability to George Hadley. WILLIAM NELSON, leave my janitoring job to some other ambitious student. RICHARD NEVE. leave to become a traveling salesman. IOHN PEREZ, leave my interest in planes to Bob Southwick. EUGENE PETERS, leave my straight "A" card to Steve Cochran. DONNETTA PEYTON, leave my initiative to Kent Iones. INEZ PHILLIPS, leave my Lily Pons voice to limmy Grady. RAYMOND PONCE, leave my quiet ways to George Harding. GEORGE POTTER, leave my athletic ability to Dick Hackney. TOM RANGEL, leave school with sadness in my heart. IAMES RIESGO, leave my knack tor excuses to Keith Bentley. KENNETH ROGERS, leave school with the fond hope that someday my protege, Lloyd ' Elkins, will follow my pattern. EVA SANCHEZ, leave-school in the hopes that everyone will miss me. IIMMY SCHLEIMER, leave the little red school house in my little red AV. 8. IUNIOR SEIGLER, leave my physique to Fred Decker. A MARVIN SMITH, leave my personality to Ierry Myers. AUDREY SPANGLER, leave my quiet ways and sunny disposition to lackie Hampson. PATRICIA SPANGLER, leave my dancing ability to Billie McKim. EDITH SUTTLE, leave my height to lack Agler. WILLIAM THAYER, leave my knack for soft-soaping teachers to someone who needs it. ADOLPH VELASQUEZ, leave my appetite to Iim Purves. VEDA VEST SOUTHWICK. leave school having realized my fondest ambition by becoming Mrs. Leland Southwick. ARMOND WAHL, leave my brains to some well-deserving student. MILDRED WILSON, leave my good disposition to my twin, Lynn. NAME IUNE BARDEN GERTRUDE BEEBE CURTIS BELL HOYT BRODERSEN BETTY BROWN LESLEY BURSON ED CARTER DONNA DeFEVER DON DOWNEY CARMEN ESCAMILLA IOANNE FORBES VIRGINIA GAZZAWAY CLAIRE GRAFFER PEGGY GUTIERREZ HARVARD HAASE MARIORY HANSON MARIAN HICKS CAROL HOWARD IRENE HUCKABY LAURABELLE IONES NEIL KENNEDY KENNETH KING IOY LESPERANCE BELEN LOPEZ STANLEY MASSON CARMEN MARTINEZ DON MAXWELL LORYECE MAXWELL ROBERTA MERRY DOROTHY MESSER BARBARA MICHEL AURORA MORENO BETTY MOSBARGER ROBERT MUNOZ WILLIAM NELSON RICHARD NEVE IOHN PEREZ EUGENE PETERS DONNETTA PEYTON INEZ PHILLIPS RAYMOND PONCE GEORGE POTTER TOM RANGEL IAMES RIESGO KENNETH ROGERS EVA SANCHEZ IAMES SCHLEIMER IUNIOR SIEGLER MARVIN SMITH AUDREY SPANGLER PATRICIA SPANGLER VEDA SOUTHWICK EDITH SUTTLE WILLIAM THAYER ADOLPH VELASQUEZ ARMOND WAHI. MILDRED WILSON enior NICKNAME VIRTUE Iune Complexion Gertie Easy Going Curt Dimples Brodie Being President Betty Perseverance Les Trombone Unc Acting Dumb Donna Blue Eyes :, Don Promptness' Carmen Height Snookie Pronunciation Ginna Shortness Blondie Natural-Blonde Hair Peg Handwriting Harvard Republican Marjie Poise Marian Always in a Hurry Carol Friendliness Irene Seeing in the Dark Lollie Quiet Ways Knob Red Hair Kenny Arguing Ioy Friendly Smile Belen Silence Stan Running Out of Class Carmen Quiet Don Talking with Girls Loryece Muscles Berta Gift ol Gab Dorothy Dependability Barbara Curls Aurora Reticence Betty Cooking Roberto Whistle Bill Scribbling Richie Glamor Boy Iohnny Hair Red Good Nature Donnetta Ambitious Inie Verbosity Ray Quietness Gooner Athlete Tommy Grin Iimmy Teeth Kenny Smile Eva Efficiency Iimmy Going Steady lake Trumpet Elmer Personality Audrey Giggling Pat Legs Veda Physique Edythe Height Iohnny Brains Bambino Agreeability Armond Hard Head Mildred Good Disposition 0l"05C0l00 PASTIME Flirting Day-Dreaming Doing Nothing Sarah Kenny F. F. A. Pool Barney , Model Dean" Collecting Slips Waiting for Letters Blue Car Primping Wishing Puttering Around Navy Harry Two Men Working in Show Reading Wise Cracking Ditching Typing Chattering Fighting Fires Piano Freshmen Girls Writing Letters Unc C. S. F. Horseback Riding Sewing Waiting Motorcycles Ianitor Cooking Flying Mad Driving Chattering Playing Records Shop Midge Hitch-hiking Wasting Gas Ruthie Studying IOY Cars Cutting Corners News Flashes Bill Leland Being Busy Poolhall Eating Borrowing Money Talking J FUTURE OCCUPATION Harold A Librarian Electrician Good-Humor Man Matrimony Rancher Cowpuncher 4 ld Maid Z I Secretary of Navy Housewife Baby Snooks Il Typist Bubble Dancer Fashion Designer Butler Actress Census Taker Fortune Teller Tea-Room Hostess Librarian Sword Swallower Dishwashing Firebug Traveler Fireman Nurse Agriculture Lady Wrestler Rhumba Teacher Vice-President of U. S. FFA Teacher ' Seamstress Typist Counting Orange Trees Scientist Shoe Salesman Train Conductor Fire-eater Music Teacher Singer Machinist College Athlete Truck Driver Cement Contractor Millionaire Teacher Used-Car Salesman Mechanic "Dear" Hunter Woman Reporter Bookkeeper Trapeze Artist Beautician Engineer Usher at Carthay Circle Oil Worker Test Pilot M010 QC? On the national scene CAROL HOWARD reports that the President of the United States, HOYT BRODERSEN, is holding a cabinet meeting. During this meeting the Secretary of State, IIIVI SCHLEIIVIER, is expected to oppose the nomination of LESLEY BURSON to succeed DON MAXWELL as ambassador to Iapan. The Vice President, DOROTHY MESSER, announced that the Democratic chairman, HARVARD HAASE, has resigned. VADA IOHNSON will replace him. She also announced that she will not run in the next election. DONNA DE FEVER will run in her place with either CARMEN ESCAMILLA or running on the other ticket. The Senate Snoop Committee headed by IAMES RIESGO said they could not find anything wrong with IUNIOR SEIGLER's new industry. The industry has to do with the manufacturing ot dope. The process involved was discovered by three research scientists, ADOLPH VELASQUEZ, MILDRED WILSON. and BARBARA MICHEL. They are authorities on dopes of all kinds. AUDREY SPANGLER reports in Paris that the famous bubble dancer, BERTA MERRY, and the millionaire playboy, RICHARD NEVE, were joined in wedlock, Russia announced her new dictator, PEGGY GUTIERREZ, has appointed IOANNE FORBES to relieve ROBERT MUNOZ as ambassador to England and STANLEY MASSON to relieve DONNETTA PEYTON as ambassador to France. In Chungking the world's strongest man, UNC CARTER, declared he could lift a 500 lb. weight with one hand. Back home again the world's richest man, KENNETH ROGERS, bought a factory from NEIL KENNEDY to manufacture the cars designed by GEORGE POTTER and VEDA SOUTHWICK. BETTY ANN BROWN, President of Cal Tech, said that their prize students, ARMOND WAHL. CARMEN MARTINEZ, CLAIRE GRAFFER, AURORA MORENO. AND EUGENE PETERS will stay to teach at Institute. GERTRUDE BEEBE reports from the National Library of Congress that she is gathering material on Wild Lite of Sespe. World-renowned sculptor, BUCK BASOLO, and his assistant, IOHN PEREZ, and his assistant, PATRICIA SPANGLER, revealed their latest work oi art, "Gorda" INEZ PHILLIPS made her opera debut, with the supporting cast of IUNE BARDEN. VIRGINIA GAZZAWAY, MARIORY HANSON and MARIAN HICKS. Her manager, BETTY MOSBARGER, said it was a great success. KENNETH KING announced that he is planning a cruise in South American waters with eight guests. The guests are IRENE HUCKABY, LAURABELLE IONES, IOY LESPERANCE. BELEN LOPEZ, LORYECE MAXWELL, TOM RANGEL, EVA SANCHEZ and EDITH SUTTLE. l'l6Ll05 511 61,106 4 Q ,r V Z .1 .7 xx, i, ,, INF .rf T53 ' .fax EJ, , 3, , N Q1 4 E Y . ,v, nw , . ', , 1, , r ' 41, it Q: 5? U VH! r ,, I, S , V rr . -Q 1 1 r , ' x - x 4 1 Q 'rf 1, 1 x A 4 - me X, . ,,-Y 4- ,. ' " 1 1. W 1, ' A , Q- ,. Q N . t ,, , ,A l . V, ., '-KH: 1 4 . qw., , My M, ,. sf'Mwjf?jSNjmw?fj5gM My WVfQffm'Lg1w,,W"yY vw fifiwvw Q ff N K W f5Q22ZZrifffXE QfYfQ:55?gwW KJ? ,N 'X- Qwafw ffw

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