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5 i Vi x as 5 rs fi il Z ge H E 3 CCPA DE DRC FILLMORE UNION HIC H SC HOOL I'9'3'6 FOREWORD , TO all who may be inlereslecl in The ac- +ivi'ries and clevelopmenlr of Fillmore Union l-ligh School, we offer The I936 Copa de Oro. As Jrhe Jrheme we have seleclecl "Early California," in lhe hope lhal il may help bring aboula reahzahon oflhe qrowlh and beauly of lhk sechon of our counhy. ln lhh vohnne we have fried lo represenl each phase of school life. Moreover, we have Tried 'ro presenf a book which gives a review of Jrhe pasfl year. Our hope is +ha+ il may please you. THE EDITOR. . bw' 1,1 , ' ,rll'X ,s J' ilfllif af :'2fL,4 ' , ' 'le V 'l M W 1 ii ' l ' ll, if N in if ' 1 4 r ' ll 5 . QW l WM ii l ' a 1, i, ' V ' We f..,. Vg Vi gf' A ill i la ff! il H DEDICATIDN , TO The pioneers ol California, whose vision, courageous spirit and lofly ideals have done so much for us. we. lhe Class ol Ninee leen Hundred Thirly-six. dedicale This edilion of Copa de Oro, confi- denl +ha+ our herilage will inspire us fro realize a more glorious vision. Thru' Contents Page Page Page Page Page VJ.. A -"- 5' Pg... .L ,4 ' , f ", Xa li i X' .,'ff,, MMA- We .Y--rw . Acknowledgement . ll is wilh lhe mosr sincere appreciafion lhal we acknowledge our indebledness lo Those who have made possible Jrhe publicalion ol our I936 Copa de Oro. Mr. Fred l-l. Smilh, of lhe Los Angeles Engrav- ing Company, has been a conslanl guide lo us. The success of lhe Copa de Oro has depended largely upon lhe unriring eiclorls of Miss Amy Smilh, our advisor. Mrs. John Allee has been a grear help To our arl deparlmenl in producing lhe division pages for our annual. Many of The business men ol Fillmore have also helped by placing adverlise- menls in our book. We who are responsible for lhis edilion of lhe Copa de Oro feel ourselves a parl ol a greal fel- lowship of service. -The Slaicl. 5 ill if if F ifve ADMINISTRATICDN . Principals Greetings . , THE principal and The TaculTy have held up To The sTudenTs The ideal of good ciTizenship. The response has been very graTiTying and almosT one hundred per cenT. We asked The sTudenTs To so conducT Themselves ThaT The Town and The parenTs would be proud oT The school: we hope ThaT This resulT has been accomplished To a large degree. The Triendship oT The sTudenTs and Their coopera- Tion wiTh The TaculTy have been a source oT greaT pleasure, as has been The supporT and aid oT all The Teachers and parenTs oT The communiTy. To The graduaTes oT This year we wish To say ThaT we appreciaTe Their Triendship, and will long remember Them wiTh pleasure. We realize, ThaT wiThouT The help oT The senior class, our school could noT have accomplished The resulTs Tor which we have sTriven. The TaculTy and The principal say To The seniors, "Goodbye and good luck." P. T-l. BENSON, Principal. Sefuen Top Row-Ross, Fremlin, Burson, Smilh, Marple. Second Row-Sfull, Conley, Thornlon, Brubaker, Mifchell, Heiges. Third Row-Sfewarf, Hulme, Case, Smifh, Main, Boffom Row-Bigger, Schibsby, Hansen, Hillix, Kershner, Kennedy. . Faculty . Harry Bigger ,... .... S ocial Science Rulh Brubaker ....... Home Economics Dororhy Burson .,,,. Physical Educafion Lillian Conley ..,...,r English, Jr. High Vera Eremlin .,.......,.,.... Spanish Alice Hansen . Malhemarics, Commercial Kennefh Heiges Mary Hulme .... Eugene Kennedy ,,.. Physical Educalion Helene Kershner .... Donovan lvlain.. Eight ...............Music French, Dramalics .Home Economics . . ..... Social Science Elma Case ..... Waller Marple. . Chrisline Milchell .,,. W. A. Ross ..,. Marie Schibsby . Amy Smilh ,.,,.. Laureile Smilh. , Waller Slewarl. . Glenn Slull ..... J. K. Thornlon. .. Enger Hillix .... Geo. W. Wrighl .......Secre+ary . .lnduslrial Ar+s English, Sr. High . ......... Science . . ..... Commercial English, Sr. High ...........Ar+ Hlndusfrial Arls .Social Science . . .lylafhemafics . . . . . . .Spanish . . .Band . Commissioners, 1935-1936 . 0 EACH commissioner fhis year has successfully fulfilled fhe dufies of his office. As a group fhey have faken acfive inferesf in sfudenf body business, and have supporfed all school acfivifies. Roberf Arfhur has fulfilled his office as Sfudenf Body Presidenf very well. f-le has proved himself a capable and efficienf leader. Jane Van Devenfer has done a very good job of edifing fhis year's Copa de Oro. She has worlced very hard in geffing fhis annual published. Dorofhy Connors, Commissioner of Finance, has kepf fhe books of fhe Sfudenf Body very well, and has been excepfionally faifhful. She has collecfed fhe money af all games. George Penrod, Commissioner of Adverfising, has done more fhan his share in keeping fhe fown painfed red and puffing up posfers fo adverfise all games and acfivifies. William Yeckley, Commissioner of Afhlefics, has willingly done his dufy in arranging games and awarding leffers during fhe pasf year. James Jones, as Commissioner of Enferfainmenf, has arranged some very infer- esfing assemblies. Marjorie Burson, chosen as clerlc, has fulfilled her dufies. Mr. Benson, Sfudenf Body Adviser, helped a greaf deal wifh valuable and help- ful suggesfions. These commissioners wish fo fhank The sfudenf body and Mr. Ben- son for fheir splendid supporf and cooperafion during fhe pasf year. MARJORIE BURSON. Nine " zrbfj. -'lu'-4 . . f, Viv- ..-. -.xiniu 's. . --. -1 4 'xsfire - , - 1 .".',-.EN 5,1 ' K jj ,. I SENT OR CLASS OTTice FirsT Year Second Year Third Year FourTh Year PresidenT Charles HasTings Roy Hays Roy Hays Roy Hays Vice presidenT Jean Roche Bob McLean DoroThy Connors Russell T-losTedler SecreTary HarrieTT Cobb DoroThy Connors James Jones Marjorie Burson Treasurer Roy Hays HarrieTT Cobb James Jones RoberT Phillips Cheer Leader Harold Boolcman Harold Boolcman Harold Boolcman Harold Boolrman Advisers Miss Duncan Mr. STull Miss Hill Miss SmiTh Miss HeinTz Mr. Ross . Senior Class History 0 UPON enTering high school as The well known "green Treshiesf' we were in- ' iTiaTed in The usual way. We soon began To Take parT in sTudenT body aTTairs. While we were sophomores we had liTTle business To TransacT, buT our class parTy in The gymnasium was a big success. Some oT our boys were on The TooTball and baskeTball Teams ThaT year. While we were juniors, we Toolc very acTive parT in all school acTiviTies. Many oT our members were in The Jamboree. On The Traclc, baslceTball courTs, TooTball Tields, and baseball diamonds, our class was well represenTed. The junior girls were winners oT The inTerclass baslceTball games. During The year we worked very hard To give The seniors a good banqueT. Our carnival was a huge success. Our banqueT was The highlighT of our Junior year. The Theme was The "Old Fashioned Garden." This was held aT The Ebell Clubhouse, aTTer which a recepTion was given Tor The seniors aT The high school, Tollowed by a dance aT The Ebell Club- house. This, our senior year, we are conTinuing our acTiviTies. Our Trip To CaTalina on "senior diTch day" was a greaT experience and a big success-one ThaT we shall long remember. Our boys on The TooTball Team helped To win The league championship Tor Fillmore. NOT only do membership lisTs oT many oT The clubs conTain seniors, buT The oTTicers oT many OT Them are seniors. We are now working on our Tinal acTiviTy, The senior play. MARJORIE BURSON. Elefwn SENIORS '36 ROBERT ARTHUR "'All fhe qreal men are dying. And I don'f feel so well myself." JANE VAN DEVENTER "So many worlds, so much fo do." RUSSELL H OSTEDLER "The besf fhings are fhe mosf difficulff' VIRGINIA I-IARDISON "The besf of life is con- versafionf' JACK RUSSELL "A friend is anolher him- self." IRIS JONES "Her shiny eyes soughf fhe wesf afar, 3 For lovers love The wesfern I sfar. ' I I l Tmcfl-'ue DOROTHY CONNORS "She has fhe divine gifl of making friends." ROBERT MCLEAN "l am very fond of lhe company of ladies," MARJORIE BURSON "To do her besf, whalever fhe odds." ROY HAYS "A man he seemed of cheerful yeslerdays a nd confldenf fomorrowsf' JEAN ROCHE "'So was her every look and rnofion fraughr wilh ouf-of-door delight" BILL YECKLEY "He seems a bashful lad lunfil you know him and fhen--I" HAROLD BOOKMAN "lf he have nor a friend he may qui? fhe slagef' OLA BURTON golden hue. Take carel' JAMES JONES "Why man' he dolh be- slride lhe narrow world like a collossusf' VIRGINIA SPRAGGINS "lf she will, she will and you can depend on'l lf she won'f she won'Y and +hal's 'rhe end of't." BOB KIRKPATRICK "My righls are inyesled in me." MARJORIE PEYTON "Rare compound of odd- ify, frolic and fun Who relished a ioke and reioiced in a pun." "And she has hair of a SENIORS '36 I HARRIETT COBB "She's always the same a iolly good fellow," WALTER TRAVERS "Ye Gods! If doth amaze me. The number of Ihings This man can do." ANITA I-IOLLINGSWORTH "Refined and sweef Prelly and meal." ALBERT COLLINS "There is no such flat- +erer as a man's self." ELIZABETH KNAPP "Grateful for The blessing lenl Of simple Tastes and mind con'renf." RICHARD FELSENTHAL "Never le? ,sluclies inferfere with your education." Thirteen SENICDRS 636 GEORGE PENROD "'A liqhl hearl lives long." NANCY DERHAM "The mildesl manner, and lhe genllesl heart" SAM LEGAN "A likely lad with feel on level ground." BARBARA MAYFIELD "Laugh and lhe world lauqhs wilh you." HARRIS DIPPLE "Life is a iesf, and all Ihings show il, I thought so once, and now I know il." INEZ I-IARMONSON "Arid I, I was a good child on lhe whole." Fourtcfn ELEANOR BALLARD "'Faifhful, genlle, good, Wearing The rose of wo- manhood." RICHARD HARDISON "Our day is 'lo come." LUCILLE MARPLE "Her ways are ways of pleasanlnessf' ROBERT LANDER "A blooming boYi fresh as a flower new-born." PAULINE MIDDLESWARTH "The very whifesl lamb in all my fold," WILLARD ALCOCK "l only speak rigl-if on. ARTHUR ING-ALLS "A happy youth wilh a happy smile." MELBA WEBB "She is a winsome wee Thing." CHARLIE HASTINGS "A good winner, a beffer loser." WILLIAM PAREDES "Life is earnest" SENICRS '36 PAULENE NEEDHAM "'Ea+, drink and be merry. For Tomorrow we die." DICK WHITELAW "Sornewha'r of a warblerf' HELEN MUMME "A box of powder and a puff Laughing eyes and ThaT's enough," ROBERT PHILLIPS "If isn'f by size Thai you win or fall- Be lhe besf whafever you are." BILL SCOTT "'I can march up Io for- fress, and summon fhe place fo surrender, buf march up To a woman wifh such a proposal, I dare noi." F i fleen . Senior Class Prophecy . , IT WAS a cold lrosly day in January, l95O. l-larriell Cobb, a missionary worker, walked inlo lhe Town Talller news office lo pu'r an ad in The paper. Whom should she see hunched over a desk, pounding a lypewriler, buf rhal gossipy newspaper reporler, Dorolhy Connors, who always knew everylhing aboul nolhing and nolhing aboul everylhing. l-larriell, anxious lo hear aboul her old classmales ol '36, lislened while lhe gossip dished il oul. ll was somelhing like lhis: "Say, lislen, lhis will kill you. I heard Roy l-lays lalking lo his wife Helen- you know, she used lo be l-lelen lvlumme--over lhe parly line. l-le was saying-" "Yes, honey, dress lhe children warm as il will probably be cold coming home lonighll. Well, all righl, iusl as you say-. We will come home early Then." lvlariorie Burson, The l-lollywood glamour gal, received The Academy Award of lhe lvlolion Piclure Arls and Sciences for her splendid performance in "The Belle of Fillmore." She replaced lvlae Wesl in lhis piclure. Bill Scoll finally gradualed from lhe F. U. l-l. S. Pauline lvliddleswarlh is The lar lady in lhe Tom Mix Circus. Sixteen Russell l-losTedler is a garbage collecTor. Too bad, aTTer all Those A's in high school. Well, aT leasT he isn'T sTarving. Paulene Needham and Barbara MayTield are prim liTTle school-ma'ams. Jean Roche scrubs corridors aT The Killem l-lospiTal. And we all ThoughT she was going To be a nurse, Too. And George Penrod s+iII gives Those bodacious shoe shines, alThough he's moved down in TronT oT Cue's shorT order ioinT, where he geTs Tree renT. Bobby Lander, The world-Tamous evangelisT, is converTing sinners This week aT The Gospel Church. Among Them are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Russell lremember Iris Jonesl and Tamily OT eighT, Lucille Marple, Ola BurTon, and Nancy Derharn. Virginia Spraggins is a sTamp liclaer in a deparTmenT sTore. l-lowever, because oT her loyalTy To The sTore Tor The pasT TourTeen years, The company in appreciaTion is Ie++ing her go so she can loolc Tor anoTher iolo. Jimmie Jones and his gang-believe iT or noT his chieT gang men are l-larris Dippel and Bill Yeclcley-are wanTed Tor The robbery oT The F. U. I-LS. caTeTeria, which was one oT The mosT sensaTional crimes oT The year. RoberT ArThur is The prosperous proprieTor oT a beauTy salon. Eye-brow arches are his specialTy. Richard FelsenThal has devoTed his liTe To raising hogs. AniTa l-lollingsworTh sells hair dye in a Traveling medicine show. You should see her raven loclcs. Eleanor Ballard is hosTess aT The "Dime a Dance." Harold Bookman is one oT The mosT popular gigolos. Pink Travers was elecTed principal oT The F. U. l-T. S. by The school board com- posed oT Sammy'L'egan, ArThur Ingalls, William Paredes, Bob KirlcpaTriclc, and Melba Webb. Good gracious, whaT's wrong wiTh The voTers? Principal Travers sTaTes ThaT sTricT order will be mainTained. Cue l-lasTings owns a shorT-order ioinT down aT SanTa Clara ST. Jane Van DevenTer, yeh she's an old maid, is The gum-snapping waiTress. Willard Alcoclc is The hard boiled Tax collecTor oT VenTura Co. The only per- son he seems To have diTTiculTy in collecTing Trom is himselT. RoberT McLean is a lingerie salesman. l-lis business rnalces his Trips home Tew and Tar beTween. So iT is no wonder ThaT every Time his children see him coming They say, "Mama, ThaT man's here again." Diclc WhiTelaw croons nighTly wiTh Richard l-lardison's hillbilly orchesTra aT The "DeaTh Valley Oasis" on Sespe ST. The name is quiTe appropriaTe as we hear iT's quiTe dead. Inez l-larmonson made her operaTic debuT Monday nighT aT The Squeak and Yell opera house in The hills oT KenTucky.Wonder if Lil' Abner was There. Virginia l-lardison is a TaTTy puller aT WoolworTh's in SanTa Paula. ElizabeTh Knapp and RoberT Phillips, The famous adagio Team, known as Eliz and KiT, are compleTing an engagemenT aT The CocoanuT Grove. Mariorie PeyTon is a snake charmer in India-and does she charm. ln her lasT leTTer To The STaTes she says she was planning To reTurn and Try her Technique on her schooldays sweeThearT, AlberT Collins. Seventeen Eighteen THOUGHTS AT GRADUATION Oh. Ihe joys of youfh are slipping, Slowly inI'o shadows dipping: We will soon Iose our mem'ries OI songs and Iaughier, Birds and Irees. I reach our, I grasp, 'Tis gone: Only a mem'ry, 'Tis nofhing Iangible- Yourh, and youI'h's achievemenls, A boy. a girl, Young, Gay, HGPPYI A joy--gone! Oh, where are 'rhey now? In my heart in yours: Locked in a chesr of infinire pureness- Spun gold- Jusf mern'ries, Ioul filling my soul. Very free verse, by JIIVIIVIIE JONES TYPICAL DAY AT SCHOOL Lessons boring, Ieil undone: Teachers boring, sIuden+s bored: Teachers angry, scolding sfudenfs, Lessons s+iII undone. Oh Lord! TYPICAL DAY OUT OF SCHIOOL ' Awake in 'Ihe morning Wirh srrange glad elafion. No school Jrodayl Hurray: i'r's vacarionl MARJORIE PEYTON and VIRGINIA HARDISON Ninclrfn 'G 'l yi lff' i f is 1.1, gy 2 il al I Ili 5. ' 1 . 'aa ,sz k , ., H X 1 Wi Eg' yi, f l, fm X .r l Y "l .7 -' 7 .ir A4111 i UNIORS Presidenl - - - Russell l-lardison Vice presidenT - - - Doris Bowclle Treasurer - - - - - f - - Dolores Buckner SSCFGJYGFY - ---------- Ina Claire Arunclell Chairmen - Dolores Buckner, RoberT ArrnsTrong, and KenneTh Maxwell , THE Junior class has been well represenTed in all phases OT school acTiviTy Many OT The Junior boys were on The TooTball Team This year. The class has also been well represenTed in baskeTball, Tennis, swimming, baseball, and Traclc. A good percenTage OT The Scholarship SocieTy is made up of Juniors. l-lowever, we are especially proud oT STanley STroud, who was elecTed PresidenT OT The SocieTy. We have been very busy raising necessary Tunds Tor The school year. SeTTing up The cusTomary Junior sTand, we sold pop and candy aT The TooTball and basl4eT- ball games. We Then gave The Junior Cruise or Carnival. The gym was gaily decoraTed wiTh serpenTines and balloons, noT To menTion The conTeTTi. All The Juniors worlced hard, buT aT The close of The evening we realized iT was worThwhile, Tor we had made quiTe an arnounT oT money To add To The sum To give The ouTgoing Seniors a bigger and beTTer banqueT beTore They leave Their Alma lvlaTer. T fwenty The Junior Class 0 Nadin Berringfon King Bell Armslrong Baker Carler Rod rig uez Young Wriglnl Ellis Bowdle Gregowslci Cozier Hardison Arundell L. Anlaul Travers Currier Ruihroulnl Ballard Fansler Maclsaac Anderson Sfroucl Dippel McClisl'1 Simpson Barron Buckner Sfeppler Davis Myers Tale Palrerson Millsap Coolc Williams Ingalls ' Faubion Osborn Maier Colouris Nunn Delano Smirln Gage Tavares Hansen Duclcell Maxwell Morgan Hiller Burke G.Anlauf Young Tfwrnly-onf rt ' us , ii TT T -i ' 4, 1 ll . 5. 3 ' T i S' JJ Tig? l 'Yili T. M SEL - TW 3 l 2 WT . fn'J'5'1,-Q 'i " 'V' T ,,, S ' gilllllllll llillli I' " ri I SCDPHCDMORES Pre-sidenT - - - Donald Mac Isaac Vice preside-nT - - Clyde Spencer SecreTary - - - - Priscilla Cobb Treasurer - - - J. C. WalTers Yell Leader - BeTTy Ann KirkpaTrick , WE HAVE Taken one more sTep up The ladder oT high school liTe and are now Sophomores. The Sophomore class oT sevenTy-Tour pupils is a very versaTile class, parTicipaTing in all phases oT school acTiviTies. This semesTer we were represenTed in The Scholarship SocieTy by Eva SchwarTz and Barbara EllsworTh. We Teel sure ThaT The school could noT geT along wiThouT us in aThleTics. Our boys are working hard To Talce The places oT The ouTgoing seniors in boTh TooTball and baslceTball. The class is planning a Big Box Social To pay Tor our picTure in The annual. AlThough we seem an inacTive class las all Sophomores musTl, we have greaT expecTaTions Tor The TuTure. JusT waTch our class spiriT and enThusiasm come To liTe nexT year. Tfwenly-I-wo Back Row-France, Couch, l-larl, Arundell, Cannon, Burson, Maylwew, Ross, Wagner, Walker. Second Row-Baker, Anderson, Spiller, Brown, Maclsaac, l-larris, Spencer, Gray, Leon, Donaldson, Miss l-lillix. Third Row-Slaclr, l-loward, Jolwnson, James, Millsap, Wilson, Wallers, Van Orsdal, Ball. Fronl Row-Everson. Beeloe, Beern, Norlon, Burson, Marine, Dominguez, Peylon. Back Row-Cervanles, Navarro, Sclwwarlz, Ellsworllm, Russell, Kirlcpalriclc, Morlord, l-lenry, Cozier, Taylor. Second Row-Bauer, Howard, Keck, Seams, Sieclwerl, Pearson, Barden, Cobb, Rullwraufl, Slull. Third Row-Willwrow, Baum, Everson, Donaldson, McLean, l.eBard, Manning, Garrison. Fronl Row--Horlon, Ward, Long, Hill, Tavares, Scoll. I W2 Tfwenty-three V. -x ml In h jf! ,f l Killa LQ FRESHMAN CLASS Presidenf - - A Howard Hueslis Vice presidenf - - Corinne Hunfer Secrefary - - - Caiherine Hiclccox Treasurer - - Donnie Wileman Yell Leader - - Merle Harfhorn Q NE of The largesl Freshman classes in 'rhe hisiory ol: Fillmore Union High School appeared on 'rhe campus in +he fall of '35, Wilh a roll call of 85, ihis group of knowledge-seeking Freshmen soon found iheir places in Jrhe ac+ivi+ies of +he Sfudeni Bodyj ln aihleiics, glee club, scholarship, and oiher school affairs, Jrhe Freshmen were well represenled. During ihe second semesier, ihe class siaged a pariy which was one of ihe besi social affairs of ihe year. ln rhe Jamboree +he class of '39 again showed iheir abil- i'ry as a Jralenied and co-operaiive class. CATHERINE HICKCOX. Back Row-Cochran. Johnson, Palierson, Massey, Blaclcsione, Maxwell, Hardison, Hiclccox, Hollingsworih, Schleirner, Schaffer, Beern, Seigler. Second Row-Burleson, Hardison, Haase, Warren, Bauvnfi Felsenihal, Souihwiclc, Harlhorn, Villasenor, Miss Hansen, Third Row-Holley, Harmonson, Anderson, Haydock, Walker, Romain, Breshears, Saunders, Michel, G-regowslci, Hunier, Baiford. Froni Row-Torres, Michel, Hardison, Harris, Jones, Fisher, Wilernan, Burson, Shegiri. Back Row-Clough, Spencer, Wilson, Shell, Hasaki, Barneif, Coleman, Haase, Goodin, Lawson. Second Row-Harvel, Legan, King, Hannah, Ridenbauqh, Heusfis, Case, Warrinq. Third Row-Sweeney, Slack, Horion, Coleman, Johnson, Peyfon, Baker, Inouye, Mr. Main. Back Row-Guevara, DeLa Torre, Anderson, lmhoof, Miller, Seigler, Le Taiie, Wallace, Young. Second Row-Chaney, Molina, Alcazor, Braniley, Mauch, Correo, Hulme, Young, Hernandez. Third Row-Johnson, Beney, Borfon, Branson, Vililliams, S+ewarl, Guevara, Acencio, Nishimura. Tfwenty-four Af' 5 Q Tfwwlly-,Hfz l 1 rilllliiill lla J ll l-af T . il. li. K' illll lilillllflwil as My IUNIGR HIGH SCHCDCDL , THE Junior High has had a very successful year. The sevenTh and eighTh grades are a viTal parT oT Fillmore's program OT secondary educaTion, Tor here The sTudenT is given an opporTuniTy To Tind The parT he is To Till as a desirable ciTizen. The sevenTh and eighTh grades are divided inTo Three secTions. The 8c's, 8g's, 8v's, 7c's, 7g's, and 7x's. The Oral English Club, oT The sevenTh and eighTh grades. meeTs every oTher Friday. CurrenT evenTs, world news, amaTeur programs, and book reporTs are given. Under The direcTion oT Miss Conley The eighTh grade dramaTized "The Knave oT HearTs." On Hallowe'en The eighTh grade gave a grand parTy in The gym. They played games and had pie, ice cream and punch Tor reTreshmenTs. The 7c's gave Their parTy aT AniTa Warring's house and inviTed a Tew 7g's To ioin Them. They had grand reTreshmenTs. AnoTher parTy, given by The 8g's, was held in honor oT Miss Tinkham, who leTT us aT ChrisTmas. Junior High discipline is under TaculTy conTrol. ResponsibiliTy charTs have been kepT in The English classes, keeping accuraTe records oT any sTudenT's Tailure To shoulder his duTies. The eighTh grade maThemaTics classes have shown keen inTeresT in Their inTro- ducTion To algebra and geomeTry. The Junior High has an approximaTe enrollmenT oT 220, 92 oT which will be graduaTed inTo Senior High in June. The Junior High has prepared promising aThleTes Tor high school nexT year. VIRGINIA VAN DEVENTER. Tfwenty-:ix Back Row-Mazon, Legan, Barlcer, Garcia, Curran, Currier, Wallcer, Guerrero, Ellis, Pallerson, Sandoval, Coulino. Middle Row-Tliornlon, Alcoclc, Kenfield, Williams, Vlfiley, Needham, Daniels, Porler, Seiqler, Willirow, Lewis, l-lorlon, Vedder. Fronl Row-Gulierrez, Leon, Seiqler, Marple, Siqueido, Finell, l-lenry, Michel, Brown, Wilmore, Riley, Spangler, Hall, Currier, Deeler, Carler, Barns, Moraga, l-losalci, Dominguez. Back Row-l-loclc, Gunler, Buclcner, McGregor, King, Conley, Elkins, Furbuslw, Olney, Barnes, Connors. Second Row-Beern, Van Orsdal, Norlon, Rice, Weaver, Zimmerman, Collins, Spiller, l-liclcey, Balcer, Spangler, Winlcler. Third Row-Plall, Cozier, Colouris, Kennedy, Crowner, Jones, Daries, Ridenbauqh, Myers, l-lill, Burroughs. Fronl' Row-Villasenor, Soullwwick, Srnillw, Guevara, Murnme, l-lill, Barden, Taylor, Maiylwew. Tfwrnly-.mven Baclc Row-G-oodin, Howard, Hueslis, Johnson, Rudlcin, Medina, Gonzales, Mendez, Sanchez, Howard Cochran, Pererson, Hill. Second Rowfliremlin, Tobias, Chavez. Ribany, Ranqelfxpodara, Schaffer, Whilelaw, Knighl, Jarrefi Ravera, Bre-shears, Sauceda. Campbell, Munoz, Magdalene, Hernandez, Chavez. Third Row!-Perkins, Eddings, McLean, Cobb, Ballord, Howard, Harvey. Olney, Snow, Harmonson Sanchez, Ramirez, Welsh, Bosalo. Fronr Row-Legan, McKendry, Ribhany, Ball, Kirschbaurn, Gazaway. Con, Ellsworfh, lnadomi, Schumaclcer, lnouye. Baclc RowAHol1z, Dillon, Walfers, Poplin, Roberlson, Sfriclcland, Dodge, Fremlin, Van Devenler Warren, Warrinq. Second Row: Kennedy, Wiley, Baum, Self, Cornelius, Gonzales, Ayala, Navarro, Johnson. Gregowslci, Maxwell, King, Kreiler, Henry, Thornron. Third Row-Hollingsworfh, Nelson, Pale-r, Paredes, Seigler, Marple, Burson, Harmonson, Huddelsfon Nelson, France, Keclc. From? Row-Van Grsdal, Frazier, Hanna, Davis, Jarreff, Neas, Marine, King. Tfwrnty-figh! Tfwenty-ninf ACTIVITIES Z I , ,, , ,, ,. ,.-, ,.-,-.,.,, .,...,,......, .-.....,, Second Row-Miss SmiTh, Burson, Cobb. Ballard, Peylon. Third Row-Hays, Burke, SchwarTz, MiddleswarTh, Harrnonson, Osborn. . The Staff . , 0 NCE again a group OT sTudenTs has been working TogeTher To give The sTuclenT body an annual which will, in The years To come, bring baclc happy memories of This school year. Each person on The sTaTT had a deTiniTe duTy, and everyone worlcecl hard To TulTill his assignmenT. AT The head oT The sTaTT were Miss SmiTh, our adviser, and Jane Van DevenTer, our ediTor. Many new ideas have been used ThroughouT The boolc. and we hope They are enjoyed by all. We wish The annual sTaTF oT nexT year good luck and success. PAULIN E M l DDLESWAR-ll-l. Thirty-one . C. S. F. Scholarship . PI'SSid9r1l ----- -4A------ S lanley Slroud Vice presidenl - - Pauline Middleswarlh Se-crelary-Treasurer ----- A--A--- M ariorie Burgon Adviser ---------------- Miss A. Smilh , THE purpose of lhe Scholarship Sociely is lo mainlain leadership in all school sludies and aclivilries. Though our membership for The year does nor consri- lule a large percenlaqe of The sluclenl body, we have successfully upheld 'rhe schol- aslic slandards. We held our "l-lonor Day" on March I8. We wenl lo Hollywood and visiied KNX, +he radio sludio, and saw The play, "The Nighl of January lb", and lhen lo dinner and ro a movie. All in all The day was a greal success. Some of our mem- bers also allended The Dislricl Convenrion. The seal-bearers 'fhis year are Dorolhy Connors, Pauline Middleswarlh, Mar- jorie Burson, James Jones, and Russell l-los+edler. MARJORIE BURSON. Thirty-tfwo . Junior High Scholarship . , THE Junior High Scholarship SocieTy was organized aT The beginning oT The second semesTer This year under The supervision oT Miss Conley. The oTTicers are as Tollows: PresidenT, RuTh HorTon: SecreTaries, Virginia Van DevenTer and Max- ine Keck. The Scholarship SocieTy is very small This year, as iT has only nine rnem- bers. The Junior Scholarship SocieTy is modeled upon The chapTer oT The CaliTor- nia Scholarship l:ederaTion in The senior high and gives The junior high sTudenT an incenTive Tor scholasTic aTTainmenTs. AlThough There has noT been an opporTuniTy Tor The Scholarship SocieTy To Tunc- Tion acTively This year, we hope To parTicipaTe in school aTTairs nexT year. The mem- bers This year are: J. D. Nease, Virginia Van DevenTer, Jean Wilson, Garland Max- well, Maxine Keck, RuTh HorTon, Klem Kennedy, Gerald Winkler, and BeTh Baker. VIRGINIA VAN DEVENTER. . Fillmore Hi-Y Club Q , THE Fillmore Hi-Y had a very successTul year during l935-36. The group sTarTed aT The beginning oT The year wiTh I2 members and ended The Term wiTh 28. The club parTicipaTed in many oT The school acTiviTies ThroughouT The year as well as having many acTiviTies oT iTs own. Among The more irnporTanT evenTs which The boys Took parT in were The Y.M.C.A. day in Hollywood and an Older Boys' comference aT San Luis Obispo. A "Ladies' NighT" was also held near The end of The school year. OTTicers oT The club were as Tollows: PresidenT, Jimmy Jones: Vice president Bob KirkpaTrick7 SecreTary, MilTon Young: Treasurer, Jack Russell: PubliciTy managers, Clyde Spencer and RoberT Phillips. There will be a large loss oT members Through graduaTion, buT anoTher successTul year is looked Torward To in The coming Term. MILTON YOUNG. Thirty-lhrfc . Girls' Cglee Club DirecTor PresidenT - SecreTa ry - Treasurer - Librarian - - - PubIiciTy Manager Efficiency Manager 6 Mr. KenneTh Heiges - Barbara MayTield EdiTh Harmonson - Rosemary Williams - Inez Harmonson - - Eva SchwarTz - Virginia Spraggins , THE Girls' Glee Club is a large and acTive organizaTion, and has been very successTul This year. lTs achievemenTs have been due To The hard worIc oT all The members, and parTicuIarly oT The oTTicers, who have been Tireless in Their eTiorTs. Above all, crecIiT is due To Their glee club direcTor, Mr. Heiges. Besides singing in several assemblies, They sang in many programs aT The High School. The Glee Club prepared an acl' Tor The Jamboree, and laTer sang here aT The Teachers' InsTiTuTe. In order To raise Tunds, They sponsored a concerT by The Russian Singers, an exceIlenT choir. ATTer This evenT They had a ChrisTmas dinner parTy, which everyone enjoyed a greaT deal. AnoTher imporTanT evenT was The concerT given ioinTIy by The Junior and Senior OrchesTras and The Glee Club, Tor which They received much well- deserved praise. In The spring They sang aT SanTa Paula High School in an exchange assembly. The Annual School ArTs FesTivaI was held aT VenTura aT which They also perTormed. The high-lighT oT The year, oT course, was The opereTTa, "ln Old Vienna," which was mosT exceIIenTIy done and a greaT success. On The whole They enioyed a successTul year, having accomplished a greaT deal. VIRGINIA HARDISON. Thirty-Afuur . . U. H. S. Band . , THE high school band has successTully compleTed anoTher year's worlc and has accomplished many achievemenTs under The able direcTion oT Mr. George WrighT. The band is TorTunaTe in being able To have compleTed iTs TourTh year oT worlc under lvlr. WrighT who is also aT The head OT The music deparTmenT in Beverly l-Tills l-ligh School. The organizaTion, being composed OT 35 members, rehearsed on Monday and Thursday evening oT each weelc having a remarkable aTTendance record ThroughouT The year. The TooTball Team was accompanied by The group aT all buT one oT Their games and was supporTed by Them ThroughouT Their successTul season. The band won recogniTion Tor The beauTiTul and eTTecTive drill which was perTormed on The Oxnard Tield in The lasT game oT The season. OTher appearances included The Annual Spring ConcerT which was held on April 3 aT The l-l. S. AudiTorium. The concerT was a greaT success and was enioyed by a large crowd. This appearance was Tollowed by The Second Annual Band FesTival aT SanTa Barbara on May I5 in which several bands combined inTo one group and Thrilled many specTaTors wiTh iTs music. A broadcasT Trorn Los Angeles and parTicipaTion in a band conTesT in The same ciTy were oTher acTiviTies which also occurred in May. Several minor appearances and acTiviTies were made ThroughouT The year. AlThough The school year i935-36 was a greaT year Tor The band, The group is loolcing Torward To sTill greaTer achievemenTs in The year i936-37. A loss oT Three members by graduaTion, Richard l-lardison, l-larris Dippel, and Jaclc Russell, will be greaTly TelT by The organizaTion Tor alThough This is noT very many in number, iT is a large loss in oTher ways. MILTON YOUNG. Thirty-fffvr' nl. . Senior Qrchestra . Q THIS organizaTion, composed oT abouT ThirTy players, has been in exisTence under The presenT direcTor Tor only a year and a halT, IouT has been pro- gressing rapidly. IT gave a concerT on March I3 in coniuncTion wiTh The glee club. The orchesTra has increased iTs varieTy oT insTrumenTs wiThin The IasT Tew monThs, now having mosT oT The insTrumenTs necessary Tor a compleTe orchesTra. The group has performed aT oTher schools in The counTy recenTIy. On lvlarch 24, a program was given aT SanTa Paula I-Iigh School by The orchesTra and Glee Club: lvlarch 3I The orchesTra, band, and girls' glee club perTormed during The FesTival oT ArTs in VenTura. The orchesTra has also played Tor assembly programs. IT is really worThwhile To be a member of This orchesTra, as The members have improved rapidly in abiliTy and have increased Their musical knowledge. RUTI-I MARIE ANDERSON. Thirty-six . rowing Pains . , N Wednesday evening, April 22, +he class of I936 successfully presenled "Growing Pains," a play by Aurania Rouverol, in lhe High School audi- forium. The play was ably direcred by Miss Mary l-lulme and played by a very elzlicienr casf. Cas'r ol Characfers George Mclnlyre Terry Mclnfyre - Mrs. Mclnfyre A Professor Mclnlyre Sophie - - - Mrs. Pallerson - Elsie Pafrerson Traffic Officer - Alberl Collins Jane Van Devenler Dorolhy Connors Russell l-losledler Mariorie Burson Virginia Spraggins Paulene Needham Roberr Phillips Dulch - - Jaclc Russell Brian - Jimmy Jones Omar Richard Felsenlhal l-lal - Charlie l-laslings Pere f Richard Whilelaw Prudence - - lris Jones Pa++y - Barbara Mayfield Miriam - Virginia l-lardison Vivian - - ---- - - - Ola Burlon Jane - - Exlra Girls - - Srage Crew A - - l-larrierl Cobb. Eleanor Ballard, Pauline Middleswarlh, Helen Mumme - - - Ernesl McClish, George Colouris, Bill Case Adveriising Managers - - - - Charlie l-lasfings, Willard Alcock Properly Manager - ----- Digk Whifelaw Prornpler ------'----N-- Q Jean Roche Thirty swzfn The Operetta On May 29. lhe Operefla, "ln Old Vienna," was presenfed by 'rhe music de- parlmenf. The scene of l'he firsf ac+ was +he alfraclive garden of Wurl'zelprae+er Inn, Vienna. A colorful gypsy camp provided +he background for The aclion in 'rhe second acl. I+ was lrhis par? of lhe opere++a which held fhe infereslr of 'rhe audience. from a musical and ar+is+ic slandpoinf. "The Romany Trail," which was sung by a lv1en's Gypsy Chorus, was especially elilecfive. The las+ acl' relurned +o 'rhe garden scene of Wurfzelpraeler Inn, where 'rhe gaielry of carnival lime held full sway. Tourisfs, Viennese maidens. burgers, and wailers comprised 'rhe large chorus. Thir'ry musicians from +he Senior High School Orcheslra accompanied This musical comedy. ll was fhrough The fine cooperafion of all 'rhe deparlmenls of lhe school Thai Jrhis operelsla mel wirh such success. Mr. Heiges was The general direclror. Casl' of Characiers HANS MAIER lProprie+or of +he Wurfzelpraefer lnnl ..... ........ R OY HAYS LOUISA lA spinsler wailressl ............. ............. .... P R ISCILLA COBB CAPTAIN KINSKI lChief of Deiecfive Bureau of Viennal .... ...... A LBERT COLLlNS BUMPSKI lKinslci'5 faifhful aidl ..... .. .. ..... ROBERT ANDERSON RUMPSKI lKinslci's righl'-hand manl ........................ .... S TOWELL BURSON J. JENNISON JONES lA fasf s+epping adverlising experfl ..... ..... J AMES JONES Jie-o leypsy Chien ................................... .QHFELTON DELANO ILONA IA haughly gypsy girll ............ ......... B ETTY PEARSON ARTHUR CREFONT lAn American arfisfl ..... ..... R ICHARD WHITELAVJ JUNE PENNINGTON lAn American heiressl .................... ,.... R OSEMARY WlLLlAlv1S JONAS H. PENNINGTON lPropriefor of "Pe+er Piper Piclclesnl ..... .....,.. M ILTON YOUNG LADY VIVIAN DELANCY lA charming English widowl ........,, ...INEZ HARMONSON Thirty-eight . Freshman Reception . , THE day lhal many sludenls wail lor and many Freshmen wish never lo see had arrived. To begin lhe receplion our esleemed sludenl body presidenl gave a welcoming speech. Then he pul lhe resl ol lhe enlerlainmenl in lhe hands ol lhe enlerlainmenl commissioner and assislanls lsome handsl. Paddles were handy lo enlorce orders. In some cases il was necessary lo use lhem on lhe soloisls who did bad performances. The boys loolced as il lhey had iusl come lrom lhe beauly parlor wilh egg shampoos. The resl ol lhe day was quiel. Each Freshman was avoiding lhe Seniors as much as possible. They were all good sporls anyway, and are doing well in cilizenship. . Qlee Club Party . , THE caleleria was lhe selling lor lhe annual Glee Club Parly. ll was dec- oraled very cleverly wilh one small silver Xmas lree, adorned wilh red candles, al each lable. The parly was given as lhe resull ol a conlesl belween lhe allos and sopranos ol lhe Girls' Glee Club over lhe sale ol liclcels lo lhe concerl given by lhe Russian- Lalvian singers. The sopranos sold more liclcels lhan lhe allos and so were honored by lhe allos wilh a dinner. Names were drawn belore lhe dinner and each girl gave a small presenl lo lhe person whose name she drew. These presenls were placed under lhe large decoraled Xmas lree. During lhe dinner lhey were enlerlained wilh lap dances and piano solos by Miss Kershner and Ellen Tavares. The evening ended wilh Sl. Nick llhe parl being played by one ol lhe girlsl handing oul lhe presenls. . Senior Ditch Day . , HIDING lheir llag securely, lhe seniors, accompanied by lheir adviser, Miss Amy Smilh, lell early on Monday morning, Oclober 7, l935, lor Avalon. On lheir relurn lhey reporled a line lime. The day was spenl boaling llhey didn'l seem lo have enough leaning over lhe rail going overl, sighlseeing, and shopping Nol much work was done lhe nexl day by lhe sleepy-eyed seniors. Thirty-nini' . Q. A. A. Panty . , THE Freshmen girls were given anoTher recepTion proving To The resT oT The G.A.A. members how They could "Take iT." To begin The menu The girls showed us whaT cuTe caTs They made licking Their milk from The saucers. Wifh Their eyes as big as saucers The Tinal course and punish- menT came. The girls said aTTerward ThaT They hadn'T realized beTore Tha+ nighT ThaT peaches Topped wiTh casTor oil were so good. ReTreshmenTs were Then served To all members and even The Freshmen were game To eaT more. Everyone enjoyed The parTy even iT some oT The Freshman did leave righT aTTer eaTing, looking kind of pale. . Carnival . , THE beneTiT This year Tor The organizaTion oT a milk Tund or bread line Tor The Seniors aT The end oT school was in The Torm oT a cruise. The gang plank was lowered Friday, lvlarch 20, aT 7:30 P. M. and The crowd swarmed The gym. Each booTl'1 represenTed a cliTFerenT counTry, and each one was gaily decoraTed wiTh The diTTerenT counTries' colors. The Juniors reporTed ThaT iT was a success and They will preside as oTTicial hosTs and hosTesses aT The end or school. . Banquet . 4 THE moTiT Tor This year's Junior-Senior banqueT was a music shop. DecoraTing The walls were noTes on musical bars. . On The program-menu cards were picTures oT drums. The Tavors were Tiny musical insTrumenTs. Sophomore girls dressed as drum maiors served as waiTresses. The program also carried ouT The musical idea. ATTer The dinner and program The remainder of The evening was spenT in dancing To The music oT Hank Walker's orchesTra. LOIS BURKE. Forly Forty-nm' '- TERARY y-two ' My Imaginary Visit To Tahiti . Being fired of ordinary summer resorfs and yachfing, I decided fo spend fhe summer on fhe fropical isle of Tahifi. I booked passage on a sfeamer and was off for This "Garden of Eden." On fhe boaf I mel' fhe mosf charming young man. Much fo my pleasure, he foo was going fo Tahifi. The frip over was very colorful, wifh dances, games on deck, and moonlighf walks. Finally we arrived af my dreamland. I could hardly waif fo explore lhaf wonderful place. Affer going fo fhe hofel and changing my clofhes, I wenr exploring wifh my new friend. We discovered sorf of a jungle wifh hurs here and There. In and our of fhe hufs wenl' beaufiful nafive girls. Affer seeing fhem, my one ambifion was fo look like one of fhem. I obfained a nafive cosfume and Ief my hair down. As I had a nice fan you could hardly fell me from a Tahifian maiden. My friend and I spenf lofs of our fime in The wafer, which, in my esfimafion, was perfecf. I fried my hand af surf ricling, buf if wasn'f very successful. When we firsf came on fhe boar fhe nafives all jumped in fheir Iiffle boafs fo come our and geef us. We fhoughf fhis would be fun, so every 'lime a boaf came fo fhe island we lmy new boy friend and Il would lump in a liffle boaf and ride ouf fo greef fhe passengers on deck. We always were cheered and greefed enfhusiasfically. One fime, however, we fried fhis, and somefhing wenf wrong. Abouf half way ouf our boaf sprang a leak and we were sorf of puf on fhe spof. Before any lengfh of fime fhe boal was under fhe wafer and fhere we were. The only fhing we could do was fo swim fo shore. Tired and ouf of breafh we reached fhe shore affer whaf seemed ages. We lay down on 'rhe sand before we were hardly ouf of fhe wafer. Evenfually we recuperafed. During my sfay af fhe island we had very many pleasanf experiences. When summer was over and if was fime 'ro go home, I had gone complefely fropical. If was pracfically forfure for me fo gef all dressed up and go back fo whaf is called modern civilizafion. Even yef I have a fainf frace of fropicalism in me. Affer being in fhaf 'rropical heaven, 'rhe Unifed Sfafes is iusf foo ordinary for words. BAR BARA ELLSWORTI-I. Forty-three s My Pet Afuersion , THERE are many peT aversions which are of greaf concern To me, buf The one ThaT seems To sTand ouT and Top The IisT aT This momenT is being a wallflower aT school dances. Being a wallflower is noT a laughing maTTer, buT of greaT imporTance in my young life, especially afTer I have spenT years Taking lessons and learning To execuTe The sTeps wiTh The greaTesT of ease. I always Thrill when I learn ThaT There is To be a dance soon, and I Ioolc forward To The wonderful Time ThaT I am To have. I press my besT parTy dress, visiT The hairdresser, and prepare for a grand occasion. I go To The dance: The boys come and go engaging my friends in a dance on eiTher side of me. I don'T mind missing The firsT dance very much as I am always hopeful of having a parTner for The nexT one. The evening goes on and I manage To be my own besT company, Trying To Iceep up my spiriT, buT all The Time when I am siTTing by myself, I wonder why I am a wallflower. My rnind is filled wiTh quesTions. Do The boys noT appreciaTe my dancing? Are The oTher girls more inferesfing? Have I no friends? I-Iowever, I have one consolafion, if The boys didn'T have The privilege of aslcing for The dances, some of Them, Too, would be wallflowers. ANONYMOUS. Forty-four Diary Of A Sophomore February 26-Wenl lo school wilh only parl ol my lessons prepared as usual. I did each one lhe period belore il was due and gol lhrough all righl. In lhe evening I wenl lo choir praclice, being only a hall hour Iale. Didn'l prepare any ol lomorrow's lessons. February 27-I-Iappy days are here again! The leachers had lo go lo leachers' inslilule, so school was dismissed al I2:3O. No noon hour, lhough, and all l could lhink ol during geomelry was square apples, lhe cenler ol a pie, and how lo bisecl a dish ol ice cream. February 28-I sang in a lrio al a club rneeling. Firsl lime I ever sang and was I scared! We had lols ol lun lhough. l'm slill aboul lwo days behind in my sludying. Such assignmenlsl March I-Wenl lo church ancl C. E. as usual. I always have a good lime al C. E. and church allerwards. Some ol molher's lriends came and I had lo slay home. Aller lislening lo lhem lor a while I decided sludying was beller lhan lhal so I worked on my school work lhe resl ol lhe allernoon. Had lo wrile a com- posilion, bul il wasn'l such a bad laslc because while I was doing il I Iislened lo Jaclc Benny and One Man's Family. March 2-I wenl up lo our dear neighbor's orange orchard lor some oranges lo pul in my lunch. I mel a cow, lwo cals and some pigs on lhe way. Wenl lo school bul wilh a dillerenl oulloolc. I had all my lessons excepl a Iillle Spanish. I made lhe lirsl leam in hockey and lherelore lell very iubilanl. ANONYMOUS. F orty- fifvc ATHLETICS . A Word From the Coach . , THIS year has been an oulslanding one in lhe hislory ol Fillmore alhlelics. A number ol laclors have conlribuled lo make il so: lhe new alhlelic lield, lhe loolball championship. lhe spiril ol lhe leams, lhe number ol aclive compelilors, and lhe varied compelilion. Due lo lhe apprecialion ol lhe value ol alhlelics by lhe communily and a greal deal ol hard work by board members, we are now lhe proud possessors ol one ol lhe besl high school alhlelic lields in Calilornia. The dedicalion ol lhis lield in lime lor lhe loolball season was a miles+one in lhe hislory ol Fillmore High School. To show lheir apprecialion lor lhe new lield, lhe loolball leam "galhered in" lhe league championship. A gallanl bunch ol boys imbued wilh a spiril ol "never say die" marched lhrough lhe league schedule wilhoul a loss unlil such lime as lhey had insured lhemselves ol lhe lille. The spiril ol lhis leam was one lhal lypilies lhe alhlelic lile al Fillmore. ll is lhe spiril ol playing lhe game lair and square according lo lhe rules. The leam is proud lo win eller a hard encounler well played, bul would ralher lose lairly lhan win unlairly. ll is lhe spiril ol playing lhe game lor lhe ulmosl lhal is in il and having done lhal be able lo walk oll lhe lield wilh head held high, winning or losing. The number ol boys aclively compeling in inlerscholaslic sporls has sel a new high. Filly-one boys compeled in varsily and sophomore loolball while lilly-six boys earned leller poinls in varsily, lighlweighl, sophomore and "D" baskelball. Forly- seven boys compeled on lhe lhree lrack leams while lwelve lennis players were rep- resenling Fillmore in league malches, and lwenly-lhree baseball boys and lilleen swimmers were gelling ready lor aclion. A lolal ol ninely-one ol lhe boys enioyed alhlelic compelilion wilh olher schools. This lakes in a very large parl ol lhe boys enrolled. This large parlicipalion, our new alhlelic lield, and our "league champs" all in one year leave us wilh dislinclive landmarks. To lail lo allempl lo improve or surpass lhese marks would be lolly. Those lhal lollow cannol bul accepl lhe challenge and lry lo carry lhe alhlelics ol Fillmore lo even higher achievemenls. COACH KENNEDY. Forty-:wen l s Varsity Football . Fillmore 20, San Fernando 6 , THE Flashes sTarTed OTT Their season wiTh a bang, by deTeaTing The Tigers on Their own Tield. l-lays and Arlrhur scored The TirsT Two Touchdowns on passes Trom Russell. Russell reTurne'd a punT sevenTy-Three yards Tor The Third Touchdown wiTh ScoTT converTing Twice. CapTain BarTon and l-lansen were ouTsTanding in The line wiTh ScoTT predominaTing in The backfield. Every man played excepTionally well. Flashes Down VenTura I3-6 in FirsT League Game The league opener was played on our new home Tield and dedicaTed appro- priaTely, by our win, I3-6. A Ten-yard run around The leTT end by l-lays scored The TirsT Touchdown in The TirsT quarTer. The Flashes showed superioriTy buT couldn'T score again unTil The Third quarTer when ScolT plunged from The six-inch line To make The score IZ. Russell Then booTed a perTecT lciclc Trom placemenT and Thus The game ended. OuTsTanding players were BarTon and l-lays. Fillmore 6, SanTa Paula 0 Fillmore scored iTs Third consecuTive vicTory and second league vicTory by oufclassing The Cardinals on The Blue and WhiTe gridiron. The Flashes ouTplayed Their rivals in every quarTer excepT The Third, which was even. ln The TourTh quarTer Roy l-lays inTercepTed a pass and ran TiTTy yards To a Touchdown behind wonderful inTerTerence. ScoTT did some good punTing and ball carrying. l-lays shane in baclc- Tield wiTh BarTon, Penrod, ArThur and McClish ouTsTanding in The line. On To Oxnardl Forly-right Forty-nine FLASHES VICTORIOUS AGAIN Fillmore 6, Oxnard 0 The Flashes, playing Their TirsT game Tor Fushius Ulysses Hiram Scrimmage Flash. deTeaTed Oxnard Tor Their Third consecuTive league vicTory. The Flashes ouTplayed The-ir opponenTs by iusT enough margin Tor The Touchdown. Everyone on The Team played a good game wiTh ScoTT scoring our only Touchdown in The TourTh quarTer. Russell aTTempTed a conversion, buT iT was blocked. Flashes I2, PiraTes 6 The Flashes helped maTTers along Towards The league championship by deTeaTing VenTura in a nighT game beTore a large crowd. The Flashes' TirsT score came when The combinaTion oT Russell To Hays compleTed Two successive passes, The TirsT pass good Tor TiTTy yards and The laTTer good Tor Ten yards. The second score came when Russell inTercepTed a laTeral pass and ran sixTy-Three yards To a Touchdown. VenTura scored when They blocked a punT and recovered on The Flashes' one yard line. IT Took Tour plays over STanley STroud beTore They scored. STroud played excepTionally well in ThaT game as did Russell and CapTain BarTon. FILLMORE WINS AGAIN Flashes 39, LancasTer 0 Myl My! lvlyl The Flashes Tripped The LancasTer 6ianTs and iusT abouT cinched The league championship by deTeaTing Them 39 To O. Fillmore scored in every quarTer. ScoTT scored Twice on line plunges. Russell scored Three Times, once on a pass. Hayes ran The ends all aTTernoon3 Russell ran back punTs, and ScoTT bucked The line. Landers did some nice passing. McClish, Yeckley, BarTon, and Penrod played well in The line. On To SanTa Paula and The TirsT league championshipl Flashes 3, Cards 0 VenTura CounTy League Champions! ThaT was The +i+le besTowed on our Flashes aTTer The SanTa Paula game. Wie won by a field goal wiTh Russell's educaTed Toe doing The work. OuTsTanding players were Penrod, Bookman, BarTon, and Russell. Hays's punTing was very good, while Harris's deTensive work was also good. Oxnard 26, Fillmore 7 Ouchl ATTer winning The championship, our boys lay down, parTly because oT a dose oT over-coniidence and Took iT on The chin 26-7 by The Yellow JackeTs. No one Trom Fillmore played good TooTball, and every one Trom Oxnard did. Fillmore's lone score came when Hays picked up a punT ThaT was downed by Oxnard and ran iT back sixTy-Tive yards Tor a Touchdown. Russell converTed. On To The play-oTTl Tigers 27, Flashes I2 Our TirsT big chance in The play oTT, and we losT! The Flashes journeyed To San Luis Obispo and losT 27 To l2. The Tigers scored all Their poinTs in The TirsT halT, buT in The second halT Fillmore was by Tar The besT, scoring 6 To San Luis's O. Fillmore's TirsT Touchdown came Tollowing Yeckley's recovery oT The Tiger's Tumble on Their Tour-yard line. On The TirsT play Hays Iareralled To Russell Tor a Touchdown. The second Touchdown came in The second halT when Russell ran back a punT TorTy-Tive yards. Fifty . Sophomore Team . Q THE VenTura CounTy League adopTed a new plan This year. lnsTead oT The regular B league oT pasT years a Sophomore league was subsTiTuTed. The Team was composed oT boys from The Treshmen and sophomore classes exclusively. The squad was on a par wiTh The oTher Teams oT The counTy. OuTsTanding members of The Team were Don lvlaclsaac, Bill Case, and Clyde Spencer. These boys, along wiTh oThers, are expecTed To capably replace This year's varsiTy. Scores SanTa Paula . .. l2 Fillmore ..., . O Oxnard ...,..... .. O Fillmore ..,. ... I4 VenTura Junior l-li. ,. .. 32 Fillmore. . ,. . 6 SanTa Paula ...,. . A I2 Fillmore ,... . 2 Fifty-one A-Class Basketball , ARSITY baslcetball this season was not so successtul as it has been n past seasons. The A team won three games and lost eight. The only league game they won was against Santa Paula. The scores ot all the games were as tollows: Simi .,....,. I8 Fillmore . Moorparlc .... I9 Fillmore . Oxnard ...... ... 34 Fillmore Santa Barbara ... 4I Fillmore Santa Paula ,, ... 2l Fillmore Ventura .... ... 29 Fillmore . Lancaster .. ... 26 Fillmore . Oxnard ,. . ... 33 Fillmore . Ventura .... ... 38 Fillmore . Santa Paula ,. 35 Fillmore . Lancaster ., ,....... ... 32 . Class B Basketball . , THE lightweight team started out with a bang and continued that way with the exception ot one slump in which they lost two games land the cham pionshipl. They received second honors their only deteat ot the season. The boys ran up some high scores. The team members ter, Spencer: Forwards, Hostedler and Legang in the league and gave Lancaster played Coach Main's system well and all seniors except Spencer-were Cen Guards, Hays and Arthur. F. u. i-i. s. ..........,....... zo simz .,........,..... F. U. H. S. 33 Moorparlc .......... F. U. H. S.... ...28 Oxnard ............ F. U. H. S. ll Santa Barbara Varsity Reserves F.U.l-l.S. ...2l Santa Paula ...... . F. U. H. S.... ...2l Ventura ....., F. U. H. S. 20 Oxnard . F. U. H. S. 22 Lancaster . . F. U. H. S. I5 Ventura . F. U. H. S. l7 Santa Paula . F. U. H. S. 36 Lancaster . . . Sophomore Basketball , THE sophomore team, composed ot boys trom the ninth and tenth grades showed plenty ot class this year. They won 4 games and lost 3 being de teated by Ventura Junior High twice and Lancaster once. The boys worked well and learned a lot ot basketball. There is plenty ot material coming up, so watch tor it! Let's hope they can bring the championship back to Fillmore in the next year or two. Fillmore ....... 23 F. U.H.S. ...4O F.U.l-l.S. ...37 F. U. H. S.... ...Ib F.U.H.S. ...2l F. U. l-l. S.... ...I9 F. U.l-l.S. I8 F. U. H. S.... ...ZO Fifly-tfwo Ventura Lancaster . Oxnard . Oxnard . Ventura Lancaster . Ventura Fifly-fhrrz' Track , AS has oTTen occurred in Fillmore in The pasT, our B class Team was The besT oT our Three Track Teams This year. We won all oT our dual meeTs and were especially happy over winning The biggesT meeT oT The year which was The Russell Cup lnviTaTional lv1eeT aT CarpenTeria. This is The second consecuTive season ThaT we have won The class B Russell Cup, and if we win iT again, we can keep iT as a permanenT Trophy. Records were broken in The B class by Russell in The IOO yard dash and The low hurdles, by FelsenThal in The I32O, and by The relay Team composed oT Hays, Paredes, Baker, and Russell. The A and C Teams did noT Tare so well This year and did noT win a meeT. In The A class Team, HasTings, McClish, and Bookman were ouTsTanding, and in The C Class Johnson was The besT. Tennis , TENNIS is considered a minor sporT, buT iT is very popular in VenTura CounTy. Fillmore High sTudenTs are enThusiasTic parTicipanTs in The league games, buT because oT The inexperience oT our players, we won Tew maTches This year. Our Team was composed as Tollows: FirsT singles, Nicol Cook: second singles, Eugene Baker: Third singles, Russel HosTedlerg TourTh singles, Jim Walker: TirsT doubles, RoberT Wallace and Erwin Seigler: second doubles, Gerald Howard and Merlin Young. O'Neil Osborn and Richard Mayhew subsTiTuTed in singles maTches. AlberT Collins and RoberT ArThur played in one doubles maTch. Nicol Cook, Eugene Baker, and Jim Walker enTered The Oiai Tennis maTches April 24. Baseball , THIS year, aT lasT, The VenTura CounTy League subsTiTuTed indoor baseball Tor hard baseball. The change has proved To be quiTe popular wiTh The sTudenTs as a larger number oT players have Turned ouT Tor The Team. As The annual goes To press we have noT parTicipaTed in scheduled games. On May l5Th, SanTa Paula has inviTed The schools oT The counTy To Take parT in an indoor TournamenT, The winner To be proclaimed The baseball champions oT The Season. Fifty-four TRACK TENNIS BASEBALL On May 2, lhe l-ligh School 'ream is lo meel l-lol:nson's leam in an exhibifion game as parf of Jrhe Fillmore May Day Fesiival. Wilh such velerans as Penrod, l-lasfings, l-losfedler, Legan, Slewarl, Alcoclc, and Wilson as a nucleus and supporied by Hansen, Johnson, Pelerson, l-lays, P Paredes, lv1cClish, Young, Marine, Cook, Case, Ellis, Ball, Ridenbaugh, and Beekman, we hope +he Flashes will be The +eam +o beat ROY HAYS Fiffy-fifw .A.A. PRESIDENT .,....,... ...... J EAN ROCHE VICE-PRESTDENT ...., .,.,.. H ARRIETT COBB SECRETARY ....,.... .,., M ARJORIE BURSON TREASURER ............. ,,.. B ARBARA MAYFIELD ATHLETIC MANAGER .... . ...,.. JESSIE DIPPEL The girls have parTicipaTed in many sporTs This year. InTerclass major sporTs, Tor which They receive one hundred and TiTTy poinTs Tor TirsT and second Teams respecTively, are baslceTball, baseball, volley ball, hoclcey, and soccer. The minor sporTs, TiTTy poinTs per Team, are Tennis, swimming and ping pong. The Junior girls won all major sporTs excepT baslceTball, which was won by The Seniors. The girls receive a leTTer when They have oloTained seven hundred poinTs and a sTar Tor every one hundred poinTs aTTer ThaT. Besides inTerclass games The O. A. A. provides play days Tor girls To comjoeTe beTween schools. Oxnard play day held in OcTober adopTed l-lallowe'en ideas Tor The Tags and cards. Oxnard won The cup. A play day Tor The Seniors was held in SanTa Barbara in March. The girls were mixed up so ThaT They would play wiTh someone They did noT lcnow, geTTing everyone acquainTed. Miclcey Mouse was The Theme. For Those inTeresTed in Tennis, a Tennis Tea was held in Ojai in March. Tale- ing The circus as Their Theme, Fillmore had a play day in May. Fifty-.fix -x IVNAS-all-Q . -null' -9 v kiv EGU Fifty-Jwvrn GPF MCDMENTS U-V1 . Calendar . Monday, SepTember 3. FirsT day oT school and back To The old grind. In The assembly TirsT period Mr, Benson inTroduced all The new Teachers who were noT Too bashTul To sTand up. Mr. l-leiges is laid up wiTh an aTTack oT appendiciTis, buT he'll be back in a couple oT weeks. Thursday, SepTember 6. AT a senior class meeTing Roy Hays was elecTed class presidenT Tor The Third Time. CongraTulaTions, Roy. Friday, SepTember 20.-The Freshmen were welcomed inTo our midsT Today in assembly. Eggs and green painT Tigured largely in The enTerTainmenT. A Tew oT The newcomers also enjoyed a reTreshing plunge in The Tish pond. In a pracTice game aT San Fernando This aTTernoon, we cleaned up. NOT bad Tor a sTarTer. SaTurday, SepTember 28. We celebraTed The opening oT our new TooTball Tield by deTeaTing VenTura I3-6. The dedicaTion was made by Mr. Fairbanks. The VenTura sTudenTs were inviTed To The school dance aT The Ebell Club l-louse, so SanTa Paula aTTended. SaTurday, OcTober 5.. .Three Cheers, we have beaTen SanTa Paula! lT was a perTecTly swellelleganT game wiTh a score OT 6-O. The aTTernoon was Tinished wiTh The usual parade on Main STreeT. SaTurday, OcTober I2. And now we's beaTen Oxnard 6-O. STill keeping up our "shaky lead." Three league games won and none losT. NOT bad Tor a Team wiTh The lowesT league sTanding. Friday, OcTober I8. Jimmy Jones gave a Talk abouT his Trip To Mexico in assembly This morning. AT a nighT game in VenTura we won I2-6. Thursday, OcTober 24. A mosT splendiTerous assembly Today, wiTh a mosT enTer- Taining speaker, represenTing The AuTo Club. The Topic was The proposed highway Trom Alaska To ArgenTina. MoTion picTures illusTraTed The lecTure. SaTurday, OcTober 26.-A game here wiTh LancasTer was a walk-over wiTh Jack Russell and Roy doing a loT oT The walking. The score was 39-O. Hallowe'en. The school board musT noT TrusT us Tor we have been ordered To sTay away Trom The school TonighT. SaTurday, November 2. A dance aT The Ebell Club l-louse wiTh a loT Turning ouT Tor The sTruggle. They seemed To enjoy Themselves. Friday, November 8.--Worked hard To bear SanTa Paula aT a game on Their Tield. Needless To say, There were a Tew scraps over pom-poms. SaTurday, November I6. We losT The game aT Oxnard 26-7. IT seems The boys' helmeTs were Too small. Well, we won The league championship anyway. Friday, November 22. The Jamboree came oTT wiTh a bang! is cerTainly proud of The performers. SaTurday, November 20. Too bad-San Luis beaT us-ThaT means we're ouT oT The running. NeverTheless The boys puT up a good TighT. Tuesday, November 26. Yum! Yum! The caTeTeria sTaged a pre-Thanksgiving dinner which proved very popular. Thursday, December 5. The RoTary Club enTerTained The TooTball Team, who were Thrilled To discover ThaT Bill Ackerman, Babe l-lorrell, and Chuck Cheshire oT U.C. L.A. were guesTs also. Fifty-nine Wednesday, December Il. Did you ever hear Russian-Lalvian singers sing? Neilher did we belore lonighl when lhey were sponsored by lhe Girls' Glee Club. Friday, December I3. Jusl walch lhe leam slrulling around wilh lhe gold loolballs lhey received lasl nighl. We don'l blame lhem lor lhey are somelhing lo be proud ol. Wednesday, December I8. Everyone is bringing gills lor lhe While Chrislmas plan. ' Friday, December 20. School Chrislmas Parly. Wasn'l Sanla disguised as Jack Russell? Wednesday, December 25. Merry Chrislmas! January I, I936. And a very Happy New Year. Salurday, January ll. A mosl exceedingly nice school dance. Quile a crowd. allended. Thursday, January I8. We are sorry lo find lhal Miss Tinlcham won'l be wilh us nexl semesler. A lillle bird land il wasn'l a lyre bird, eilherl lold us lhal she is lo be married. We all wish her much happiness. Salurday, January 20. The annual Spanish lrip came ell wilh a number ol hilches-mainly lhe long delay in San Fernando when lhe bus brolce down. l-lowever, a malrimonial agency did rushing business during lhe delay so lhe lime was nol losl. Friday, January 24. ln assembly loday lhe American Legion Posl presenled lhe silver loolball lrophy lo lhe Fillmore leam. The Posl awards lhe lrophy each year lo lhe besl loolball leam in Venlura counly. Tuesday, February II. No school unlil Monday-an influenza epidemic. Wednesday, March 4. Elliol James presenled a liquid air demonslralion in assembly loday. ll was exlremely inleresling. Friday, March I3. The Glee Club and Orcheslra pul on a musical program lhis evening. Salurday, March I4. A "Prinl and Cord" dance al lhe Ebell Club l-louse. A sensible idea, and an enioyable one. Friday, March 20. Whal a dayl An excellenl assembly, lraclc meel wilh Sanla paula and Carpenleria, and lo lop il all, lhe Junior Carnival! Boy, are we dead! Salurday, March 2I. Senior Play Day al Sanla Barbara. Fourleen ol lhe senior girls enjoyed lhe evenl. Tuesday, April I. Were we looled when we received our reporl cards. Some leachers have lhe oddesl ideas ol iolces. Friday, April 3. The annual Band Concerl which was excellenl. Monday, April 6. Easler Vacalionl Salurday, April ll. The Alumni held lheir annual dance on lhe lennis courls. Wednesday, April I5. The Troian band enlerlained us wilh a swell program. Tuesday, April 28. Dress-up day. Whal a riol. ll was colossal, speclacular, slupendous. In lacl, il was prelly good. Wednesday, April 22. Senior play, "Growing Pains." A large audience, and an exlraordinarily line program. Thursday, May 28. Rolary luncheon lor lhe Seniors. Salurday, May 30. Junior-Senior banquel and receplion. Sunday, May 3l. Baccalaureale. Thursday, June 4. Gradualion. Friday, June 5. Goodbye, dear old F. U. l-l. S. Sixfy Sixfy-om' . The Class Will . To Whom ll May Concern: Being aboul lo deparl lrom lhis glorious yel slrenuous high school lile, and desirous ol disposing ol our mosl prized possessions lo lhose who are mosl appre- cialive ol lheir value and who will employ lhem lo lhe besl advanlage lor lhe common good, we, lhe Senior Class ol I936, in lhe Cily ol Fillmore, Counly ol Venlura, and Slale ol Calilornia, being ol sound minds and memories, and acling under our own lree wills, do hereby make, publish, and declare lhis, our lasl will and leslamenl. Willard Alcock wills his knowledge ol law lo lvlr. Benson. Roberl Arlhur bequealhs his posilion as sludenl body presidenl lo lhe lavorile conlender. Eleanor Ballard leaves her quiel personalily lo Thelma Tale. Harold Bookman leaves his knack ol gelling along wilh lvliss lvlilchell lo Nicol Cook. Marjorie Burson leaves her slraighl A reporl card lo anyone who aspires lo il. Ola Burlon leaves her dignily lo Helen Cochran. Harriel Cobb leaves her winning personalily lo any Junior girl lo whom lale has been unkind. Alberl Collins leaves his dramalic abilily lo Dorus Ball. Dorolhy Connors wills her C raling in law 'from Mr. Benson, lo Slanley Slroud. Nancy Derham leaves her shyness lo Belly Fansler. Harris Dippel leaves Barbara Hall lo no one. Richard Felsenlhal leaves his raling wilh lhe new girls lo lvlillon Young. Richard Hardison leaves his bashlulness lo Roberl Armslrong. Virginia Hardison leaves her gill ol gab lo Daryl Hansen. Inez Harmonson leaves her voice lo anyone who needs il lor nexl year's operella. Charlie Haslings leaves lhe school lo ioin II Duce's army. Roy Hays leaves his head posilion on lhe sucker lisl lo Merlin Young. Anila Hollingsworlh leaves her blondness lo Josephine Schleimer. Russell Hosledler wills his good looks lo Ernesl McClish. Arlhur Ingalls leaves his ever-presenl grin lo "Speed" Slewarl. lris Jones leaves her pelileness lo Susan Millsap. Jimmie Jones leaves his vocabulary lo Arley Beem. Bob Kirkpalrick leaves his cheery smile lo any grouchy Junior. Elizabelh Knapp leaves her dimples lo Eva Schwarlz, nol lhal she needs lhem. Roberl Lander leaves his pep lo R. D. Sell. Sixty-tfwo Sam Legan leaves his long eye lashes lo any envious Junior girl. Lucille Marple leaves her quielness 'ro Corinne Hunler. Barbara Maylield leaves her assurance 'ro Rulh Marie Anderson. Roberl, keg-'ro-keg, McLean leaves his Sanla Paula girls 'ro anyone who will have Them. Pauline Middleswarlh leaves her gale of giggles lo lhe Sophomores. Helen Mumme wills her abilily lo make suckers oul ol 'rhe boys l'o Laura Davis. Paulene Needham leaves her slimness lo Audrey Morgan. William Paredes leaves lhe school lo beal Joe Louis. George Penrod leaves his bodacious curls l'o Johnnie Harris, so lhal' he won'+ have 'ro lake such pains wilh his own. Mariorie Peylon leaves her originalily lo Barbara McLean. Roberl Phillips leaves his booming voice lo Wilma Donaldson. Jean Roche leaves her auburn curls lo Edilh Harmonson. Jack Russell leaves his speed 'ro Harry Peylon. Bill Scoll wills lhe Tarzan in him lo Henry Hiller. Virginia Spraggins leaves some ol her boy 'Friends lo Bealrice Porler. Pink Travers leaves his blushes lo lhe mosl bashlul Freshie. Jane Van Deven+er leaves her famous laugh 'ro Lois Burke. Dick Whilelaw wills his lille "Dance Hall Dick" lo O'Neill Osborn. Bill Yeckley leaves his plus ral'ing wirh The Freshmen girls 'ro Bill Case. Melba Webb leaves her demure manner and her Cheslerfields lo any giddy sophomore. We, lhe Senior Class ol I936, do appoinl L'l Abner as sole execulor ol 'lhis, our lasl will and leslamenl on which we sel our hand and seal on lhis lenlh day of April, l936, in lhe presence ol Fuchius Ulysses Hiram Scrimmage Flash, our mascol, and Principal Benson. Sixty-flzfff . Jokes . Ill: your grandlalher has already 'fold you lhese, iusl skip 'rhem.I Mr. Benson: Mr. Main is angry. I-le said you spoke 'ro him insullingly over The lelephone. Mrs. Benson: Oh, I Ihoughl I was lalking lo you. Why are you dressed up like an Indian? The holels were so crowded I had lo dress up like an Indian 'ro gel' a reservalion. Virginia Spraggins: I don"r enioy playing lennis wilh a bad loser. Laura Davis: l'd ralher play lennis wilh a bad loser lhan any kind ol a winner. Mr. Marple: I-low many boys are 'rhere over in Thai corner of The room? I-Iarris Dippelz Three. Mr. Marple: Well, hall of you come over here. Mr. Ross: Slanley, can you read a baromeler? Sianley: I don"r 'rhink so. Mr. Ross: I-larriel, can you read il? I-Iarriel' Cobb: Do you mean 'rhal Ihing Jrhal I was reading in Physics yeslerday? Mr. Ross: I don'+ know whal you were reading in Physics yeslerday. If mighl have been a True Slory magazine for all I know. Bobby Lander: Whal do you +hink ol Ihal new boy? Bill Yeckley: Oh, he's all righl in his place. Bobby Lander: Yeah, bu+ he's golla die lo gel lhere. The only lhing Ihal saves you from being a barelaced liar is your mouslache. One alle-rnoon Roberl Arlhur was lardy l'o 'rhe Physics class. Mr. Ross: You are Iale again: wha'r's 'rhe mailer? Roberl: I didn'+ hear Jrhe bell. Mr. Ross: No, ol course noi, lhey haven"r pul a bell in Ihe pool hall yel. Elhel Barden: This paper advises one lo eal fish 'lor brain food. I wonder whal' kind I oughl 'ro eal? Willard Alcock: Try a whale. Charlie I-laslingsz Will Ihal anaeslhelic make me sick? Doc Whillow: Noi a bil. Charlie I-laslingsz I-low long will il be before I know anylhing? Doc Whillowz See here, isn'+ lhal asking a good deal of an anaeslhelic? Mr. Benson: Time surely separales 'rhe besl of friends. An old friend: Quile Irue. Thirly-Tour years ago we were bolh IS: now you are 36 and I am 52. Sixty-four W nfs, Sixty-ffuf Salesman: These shirTs simply laugh aT The laundry. CusTomer: l know, l've had some come back wiTh Their sides spIiT. Virginia RuThrauTT liusT inTroducedl: Somehow you seem Tamiliar. Roy I-lays: Heavens, and I haven'T sTarTed yeT. I-lalT oT The pedesTrians walk as if They owned The sTreeTs. Yeah, and haIT The drivers drive as iT They owned The cars. Mr. STull ldramaTically in U. S. I-lisTory Classl: "There sTood Lee in Tull uniform, while all GranT had on was a ragged old Union suiT." "You can always counT on me," said The adding machine. I-Tere's where I rise." said The man as he aTe a cake oT yeasT. "This is my lasT holdup," said The iack as iT gave way under The sTrain. "ThaT's The man l'm laying Tor," said The hen as The Tarmer crossed The road. "You can'T laugh ThaT oTT," said The warden as he adiusTed The sTraighT-iackeT. "WhaT a splendid TiT," said The Tailor as he carried The epilecTic ouT oT his shop. lv For crying ouT loud," said The iraTe TaTher as he Threw The TreTTul baby ouT OT The window. Miss Schibsby: Why don'T you answer me? RoberT James: I did: I shook my head. Miss Schibsby: You didn'T expecT me To hear iT raTTle clear up here, did you? "Ride and The girls ride wiTh you. Walk and you walk alone." lDedicaTed To The boys oi F. U. I-I. S.l "I-low abouT a daTe?" "l492 is The only one l can remember." Ralph BarTon is so ScoTch ThaT he won'T wear suspenders, because he doesn'T wanT To supporT his panTs. Ola BurTon: WhaT do you mean by saying ThaT all ol: our daTes have been like a sTring oT pearls? Pink Travers: Neckless, dearie, neckless. When a heavy seT bald-headed man reTires will The "bed spring" or will The "pillow slip?" Mr. Ross lon Telephonel: I-lellol ls This The weaTher bureau? I-Tow abouT ThaT shower TonighT? WeaTher Bureau: Don'T ask us. IT you need one, Take iT. S ixty-six Spiliire - - The Singing Kid - Tough Guy - - Silly Billies - Riff Rall - Collegiale - - Curly Top - - Babes in Toyland - Lilrle Lord Faunlleroy Small Town Girl - Lillle Caesar - - Here Comes Trouble Muliny on lhe Bounly Pelrilied Foresr - Kid Millions - - Romeo and Juliel - Lady for a Day - Daddy Long Legs - The Walking Dead Eighling Youlh - - I Live My Life - - She Couldn'l Take H' Black Fury - - Tarzan of lhe Apes - Love Me Forever - Going Highbrow - No More Ladies - Escape Me Never The Scoundrel - Here's +o Romance Alibi Ike - - - Daring Young Man - Black Sheep - - She Done Him Wrong The Thin Man - - Les Miserables - Doubling Thomas Going +o Town - The People's Enemy The Informer - - Freckles - - - Eealher in Her Hal - Baby Face Harringlon The Lilrlle Big Shol - Dan+e's Inferno - Challerbox - - The Nil Wils - Movies . lT'S ALL IN FUN - - - - - Eleanor Ballard - - - - Dick Whilelaw - - - - - - - Ralph Barron - Bill Case, Bill Warring and Bill Yeckley - - - - - - Virgina Rulhraulil - - Henry Hiller - Jean Roche - - Freshmen - Kennerh Slewarl - Rosemary Williams - - - Roy Hays - Bobby Landers - - - Seniors - - - - Sophomores - - - Mariorie Burson - Jack Russell and Iris Jones - - Jane Van Devenler - - - Mr. Slull - - - Juniors - Harry Peylon - Virginia Spraggins - - - Laura Davis - Anila Hollingsworlh - - - Bill Scolr - Helen Mumme - Alberl Collins - George Penrocl - - Mr. Benson - - Mr. Heiges - Bealrice Porler - - Charlie Haslings - - - Daryl Hansen - Pink Travers, Bob McLean - - - - - Dick Felsenlhal - - - - - - Omar Myers - Miss Schibsby's Bookkeeping Class - - - - - Tommy Nadin - - - Josephine Schleimer - - Bobby James - Marjorie Peylon - Harriel Cobb - Miss Schibsby - Harold Bookman - Roberl Arlhur - The High School - - Erhel Barden - The Facully Sixly-.refven y-eight OUR BOOSTERS R O T A R Y C L U B Congratulations UNITED MERCANTILE CO. General Merchandise CHAMP C. COCI-IRAN lVIen's and Boys' Wear EILLMORE DRUG STORE Phone No. 2-334 Central COI.EMAN'S MARKET Compliments to Class of 1936 RAMONA BUILDING-LOAN ASSOCIATION Safe for Savings C . B . S M I T I-I Dry Goods-Ready to Wear' WI-IITEY'S STEAK I-IOUSE Serving You Is Our Pleasure J. C. DUNN Har'dwa1'e-Plumbing-Sheet Metal-Heating Congratulations from FILLMORE LUMBER COMPANY OUR BOOSTERS MOORE ELECTRIC COMPANY "Every House Needs Westinghouse" A. E. LAMBERC5, JEWELER Diamonds-Ufatches-Jefwelry Compliments of JACK RAY'S NUNN'S OROCERY Phone345 I-IICKEY BROTHERS COMPANY Hardware CLOUGI-I'S PHARMACY The Prescription Store WILLIAM MORRIS Chevrolet W. E. MCCAMPBELL Real Estate and Insurance I-IU-ICI-IINS BROS. Cleaners-Dyersw-Tailors PEOPLES LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Sixty AUTGGRAPHS I E ! i I 3. A614 'ff I I 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ., , - - , .., - sf -- .V ,. A .fx . v , - .A - , . .. A " ' -- S--Y - ' ,um x . , - V . nf :m.- v.. -1 ,.., ,,,,,-1, :W AMG, .V Q, , A 1 ' , ' .V ' f-' ,,. ,' -ga: ,gf Y-V, ws ,, . . PV ' ... -. , gr F U!- :-z ., 'S' -ra Q ff ' 9 'f , if - ! . vc-. ,rr ,li lv:- ,' ' ggi. , f wg: qt' , 5.2, ff: Q l 16 f :za ' ff f if , . f a np. Q Q A . 2.5 , f ,ef ' jr, .. gf ,Zi 'E 1 'I ff"' -Q !. . G'9 ' . . 1 ,, V . , ' Yr., -. Y. . 11. L. '- ,K .V- , . Yi . . LO 4- 4. . Lf, .4- nru' F 'l 535. Jn , . ,. . 45 1 . ,gut- .gr v na. 'YU . - , . . ls.. . , ' ,, 1 Q ff . 1 u ,., . 'if 9 Q P -f...... ...N...- .W , 1, f Q", lst 'iv . A , N fig Vi. , qi., 9 . wry -'r' Fu' 1 Si' T' E ' -- ,i.. 1. Q l , H pla- oi.. 2,15 ,g ,, !"x Aw.. I QR- Yi' .1-. Q .V- 1' - u. Q E311 555' , 'RJ T ,lg ,rr ' , 'tv va, I... .ln . ig". ,E . v ,r.' gy- 543, ,,.- .,,,. ffm 1 I T r'- . . -. gy' uv - tvlb fx. fr 5' L . !,' Q,-, g n F. A ,fl ,vw s I .- " E. '51, r ,lv.x : 70: I K 1. no 5 .,.. 4. VM .5-.. .,. +, . V L.: b M-'2 1 'W923'VF?-7'l"'F"-'I":"f"l-"" 'f51I0'1:9-'i:f:vE'f':'-:-r-we-:-r-'iw-'-fs 9 Q ' r 1 - U r- 1 'N-1.1 ' f 1 -"- '--H -f u r - 1 ef v1"f r r-1 r'r1--ner r ' -m e "7r'6ffii'a,?' Q 9'--.

Suggestions in the Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) collection:

Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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